Yoga Ananda Lahari Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva the text “Ananda Lahari” (Sri Adi Shankaracharya V-XII century AD) aphorisms 1 — 12

Yoga Ananda Lahari


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva


the text “Ananda Lahari”


(Sri Adi Shankaracharya V-XII century AD)


aphorisms 1 — 12


Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev


Short Description: Text “Ananda Lahari” is part of and is a forty-one the first stanza of the text, which is called “Saundarya Lahari”. Text “Saundarya Lahari” – is about one hundred and aphorisms about four amendments. One of the possible translations “Saundarya Lahari” – a wave of beauty and “Ananda Lahari” is translated as happiness or wave a wave of bliss.


The text written by the great master Shankaracharya, who is survived by his writings on Advaita Vedanta, non-duality of the ascetic approach. And also wrote the highly Tantric text, one of the basic Yoga Love.


The text is dedicated to Goddess Sri (Sri Yoga Vidya). Goddess Sri – it’s a great girl of sixteen, the mother of the world and Shiva spouse. In another way – it is Shakti, Maya charm. This text – a hymn to the goddess Sri or extreme energy method. This love the product, which you can write and give his girlfriend. All this work is presented as praise.




Hrim Hrim Hrim


Let there be strength to go through this path!

The greatest Goddess Sri dedicated.

In this world there is nothing higher than love. Nothing!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends! We begin to study the text “Ananda Lahari”. This text is part of the text, which is called “Saundarya Lahari”. One of the possible “Saundarya Lahari” translation – a wave of beauty. In Russian I would say – this Beloved Beauty. Sometimes “Saundarya Lahari” is translated as Stream Flood Beauty or Beauty. But a more accurate, I think, is the Wave of Beauty. A “Ananda Lahari” is translated as happiness or Wave Wave of Bliss. But Bliss in the highest sense, that is, the higher the degree of gratuitous state duha.o!


Text “Ananda Lahari” is a forty-one the first stanza of “Saundarya Lahari”. Text “Saundarya Lahari” – is about one hundred and aphorisms about four amendments. Today, open source remained about fifty texts “Saundarya Lahari”. Some of them – only “Ananda Lahari” and the other part – “Ananda Lahari” and “Saundarya Lahari”. They are slightly different, one copy from each other. Somewhere numbering somewhere added another aphorism, so the number of aphorisms in “Saundarya Lahari” ranges from ninety-eight to one hundred and two.


This text was written by Shankaracharya. Shankaracharya was a great master, who is survived by his writings on Advaita Vedanta. This is such an ascetic approach of non-duality. This is the way a man who all his life fighting with Maya, the illusion, which does not give himself the illusion to deceive the world. Shankaracharya is considered one of the pillars of this philosophical approach of the Supreme Absolute. The fact that we do not see the Absolute because that is an illusion, a lie, Maya.


And in addition to these works of Advaita Vedanta of Shankaracharya I wrote this text, which is essentially Tantric. This text is extremely interesting, and many followers even deny that he wrote Shankaracharya because it does not really hurt docks with his other works. But what taught me and in our tradition: the presence of “Ananda Lahari” and “Saundarya Lahari” – it is rather a confirmation that the Shankaracharya has written previous works than a denial, because it really shows him as an adept of the highest Yoga. And the text that some of the modern followers of Advaita Vedanta simply rejected. It is said that he is not writing, but someone else. But I just believe that it was written just Shankaracharya. So I was taught by my teachers. Likewise, you will understand when you understand the whole meaning of the fact that all approaches are divided on the approach and the approach of Consciousness Energy. Now, if elsewhere Shankaracharya gave the approach of Consciousness, in this work he gives the approach of Energy.


This text is very allegorical. To understand it, as all the texts that we are considering, on all sections of Yoga close to Tantra, you can simultaneously on several levels: the literal and, most importantly, on the allegorical. This direct instructions to perform certain exercises rather closed Yogas, which includes such Yoga is Yoga Union (Yoga sex), Tantra Yoga, and, most importantly, yoga lovers. This is in some ways one of the basic texts, in addition to a whole group of other texts, which is not only based and refers to, but that is part of this Yoga – Yoga of Being in Love.


Now we will consider only “Ananda Lahari”. We will not consider “Saundarya Lahari” for the simple reason that I have it is not fully translated. Or rather what was transferred, burned. A translation of such texts, believe me, the thing is not just difficult, but incredibly difficult. It is difficult to translate texts, such as “108 Tantra Yoga Aphorisms”, “The story of the young Raja”, “The story of Hatha Yoga”, “text on Yoga Karma.” These texts are very difficult, but they do not go, even in comparison with the text. Because this text still presupposes the existence of nonverbal knowledge, and also the fact that you begin to live in this doctrine. And only then will you understand it.


In modern India, this text is very popular. His love to comment on these comments, there are over a hundred. Every self-respecting teacher begins his comment. But that’s what the problem is. Sometimes his comments, in my opinion, is something quite different, and not having “Ananda Lahari” relationship to text.


Here is a small introduction. And another question: “When it was written,” At about the same time that date back to the years of the life of Shankaracharya. Suffice it to a wide corridor: V-XII century AD


Chapter I

I. Even Shiva himself is able to demonstrate its strength only when it is connected with you. Without you, he could not even move. So if I can not bow before you, the one who serve Hari, Hara, virinci and all the other gods.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Now a few words on this text. This text is dedicated to Goddess Sri. In the tradition is sometimes called Sri Vidya. Goddess Sri – it’s a great girl of sixteen, Mira’s mother and wife of Shiva. And in another way – it is the Shakti, is Maya, an illusion, charm. So, it is a hymn to the goddess Sri or extreme methods of energy. This love the product, which you can write and give his girlfriend. All the text is presented as praise. As Shakespeare has poems dedicated to beautiful images.


That’s the thing with one side completely alive and unsophisticated, and on the other side of each expression is here is so profound burden that at times it is even difficult to realize.


There is a saying that Shiva without Shakti – Shawa, “Shiva without Shakti – a corpse.” I suspect that this expression comes from here. Shiva – the all-powerful God of destruction that destroys anything you want, but can not do nothing, even move without his wife. The deeper philosophy is what we call the inseparability between consciousness and energy. Consciousness without energy can not act, and it is a fundamental point for the elucidation of the duality of the Supreme.


But there is still another aspect. If the Advaita Vedanta is believed that all around – a lie, an illusion, with which we must fight, here the emphasis is changing. In fact no illusions around us, and no one to fight. Around us there is an addictive game play of Maya or the Mother of the World. And we’re all like little children, are in the hands of a loving mother. On the one hand it can be called an illusion, that it overshadows the School, and on the other hand, it is a direct manifestation of the World. As a child lies in a cradle, just like you, from all sides you can see, feel, touch with the Mother of the World. But there is a different attitude to it. Not as a mother, but as a beloved woman.


Next are the names: “So if I can not bow before Thee, the One who serve Hari, Hara, Viranchi and all other gods.” Hari – is Vishnu, Hara – a Shiva Viranchi – is Brahma, and “all other gods” – is full pantheon of many Indian gods, each responsible for a particular manifestation. And they all serve the Great Goddess Shri Shiva’s wife. Shiva without it can not do anything, Shiva – pure consciousness. His wife – this energy that rules the world.


Sometimes people ask, “Where is the Absolute?” It is all around you. Now you do not see anything except the Absolute. But you see it in a female incarnation, that is, in the form of energy, in the form of Maya. But Maya is not a negative sign, not a negative thing and the energy equivalent of. All the energy – it is a product of Mother of the World. There are many other esoteric interpretations of this first aphorism.


Each of these aphorisms – is a powerful mantra. Mantras are divided into three major groups: Bija mantras, mantras names and mantras of consciousness. Bija-mantra and the mantra names are not translated. Mantra consciousness translated, so we read this text in Russian and not in Sanskrit. But BG and all the names were in Sanskrit Hari Hara, Viranchi. And in the future there will be many. So, a person who repeats the text aloud, plays one of the most powerful, one of the most potent mantra. Each of these phrases – a mighty potent mantra, consisting of parts of the consciousness (you understand the meaning of what has been said), part names and part of the energy, the Bija-mantra, that is, who are in the pronunciation. Therefore, any of these aphorisms you can use, like a mantra. Moreover, each of these has its own aphorisms yantra. And when a person is practicing this text, that is, says it out loud or mentally, and behold a particular yantra, it is endowed with the highest energy of Shakti, which allows it to achieve a great deal.


If we take the view of Sri Vidya, the way it is written in the ancient texts, Goddess Sri, Mother of the World may seem to us. And all those to whom it is shown playfully reach enlightenment. Playfully. No need for austerity, do not need yoga, if the World Mother wants you to reach enlightenment. Because what she puts obstacles in the way of your enlightenment. Do you think that you’re fighting with yourself. Do you think that you are struggling with the illusion of the world, but actually not. She is a loving mother, playing with her child. But the child ahead of time not climbed, which is not necessary, it simply limits. A child somewhere climb, she had time, and the other side will send.


And this text you can understand only when using persistent practice of Yoga will accumulate a very large internal capacity, yogic finest potential energy and consciousness. When a person is very, very long time is engaged in yoga, it is very strong, when he devotes his entire life Yoga, when it becomes for him the meaning of life, and all passed through the prism of Yoga, only then comes a deep intuitive, non-verbal comprehension of the text. And my role is to advance you explain this text, so that later, when you actually have accumulated a lot of energy, a lot of positive good karma to you then they remembered that there is a tex. And you read it again, and I assure you that everything in your life will change for the better. And “for the better” say – neither of which is not to say. Just you realize that before that, in general, and not live.


Chapter II

II. The whole world in its entirety was created virinci – Creator – from the smallest particles of dust, which he collected from your lotus feet. Sauri – Serpent of Vishnu – uses all its power to keep this world on his thousand heads, and Hara – Rudra – turns this world into ashes, which he (Rudra) smear themselves.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The basic concept of the Sri Vidya Yoga is that the whole world is invented only for one purpose: to let you know the college. Just as there is a simulator, to a person worked for a particular skill, and to get out of this simulator, it can perform some action, such as to control the aircraft. Similarly, according to the Yoga of Sri Vidya, the whole world thought up only for one purpose, and that purpose – knowledge of the Supreme. The knowledge of this beautiful terrestrial, extra-terrestrial beauty, knowledge of freedom, joy, happiness, something unspeakable. And only for this purpose and the whole world was created. Not for nothing else. If a man understands that if we understand the meaning of this world, then it passes very quickly all the stages of its evolution, and merges with the Beyond.


If you read the poets of the Silver Age, it will show through everywhere who do not explicitly have someone like Blok, Andrei Bely, more significantly, the image of mysterious femme fatale. They are very clearly felt the divine image in all its guises, we felt motivated in all the world. What Goddess, Goddess Sri, above all and in all. And this world, which was created as it is said here, of dust particles with its feet, it is – nothing compared with her.


Viranchi – is one of the names of Brahma, the Creator God. Viranchi created this whole world. This is a colossal act of creation, which modern scientists call the term “Big Bang”. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma created the world. He created him from dust particles collected from the feet of this great Goddess.


Vishnu – a God who supports, does not break down what has been created. And sometimes he, according to mythology, appears as a snake tysyacheglavogo that on their heads barely keeps this whole universe.


A Rudra burns the whole world to ashes. According to Hindu mythology, the world is cyclical. He undergoes a stage of creation, stage of existence, and, as a result, it must be destroyed. And always the question: “Why should he be killed?” And the answer is: “The whole world, the whole universe there is only one – to our souls passing through it, reached the Supreme. It is a kind of school, and when the last living being enlightened, the whole world will be burned. “


Here are tied to Hindu mythology, according to which there is Brahma – the creator of the world. More precisely it is a manifestation of Deity, but in three persons: Brahma, who created this whole world – this is the principle of creation, Vishnu – is the principle of conservation, preservation and Rudra – the principle of destruction. If you just look around you, or remember any episode of your life, you will always see this triad is something there, something is not destroyed for the time being, and then something disappears. The man who departs from the path of evolution begins to cling to this machine, cling to this world. And this is the most serious in terms of Sri Vidya, a misunderstanding: this whole world with its beauty, its variability was created only in order to make it clear to Sri principle. A common man clings to these processes incoming and outgoing.


Why is this happening? We see a lot of the world that we are very strongly attracted to: a beautiful sunset, a beautiful girl, some achievements of civilization, machinery, sometimes more abstract things, for example, the beauty of mathematics, or what comes to us from the art. You can remember all the numerous waterfalls, rainbow, all the seas, oceans, all gems, diamonds, baby smile, young shoot. That is admirable, as we can see the beauty and beautiful. In this aphorism is given to understand that no matter how it is we neither attracted nor attracted, all this is just pathetic dust collected from the Goddess Sri feet. That is the principle of the Goddess or for which it was created all this.


Our whole universe, for which we are so and so cling to it tied itself is not worth a damn. By itself, it does not mean anything. And Shiva, the Destroyer-God, it begins to break down, when in the end it has fulfilled its function. Similarly, during the life of Shiva destroys everything that is not viable, all that has ceased to serve the purpose of spiritual development. And he destroys it ruthlessly, because it becomes a nuisance. If you’ve seen the image of Shiva in one of the incarnation, when he indulges in meditation, as a rule, in the cemetery, in the places of cremation, where did you realize that everything is perishable. Today you thought about how you more money to make money, or how to do well, and when you’re in a cemetery, you can see – there is buried a respected businessman, then a second, then a third, and you realize that the line between life and death is so close, and we are so blind enough, he did not even see this face. We stand in a half-step from death. And a favorite place for meditating Shiva, is a place of burning corpses. And, as a rule, it is this white smear themselves with ashes, he burns the whole world – a world of passion, a world of delusion.


That is, it turns out that our entire world – a kind of school, a kind of tool that was created just for you and I went into it, working on himself, transformed in and out of it forever. And once again, beyond this world there is something grand that beyond our wildest thoughts and reasoning. And here it is described as the Goddess Sri – the highest manifestation of God in the feminine form. And this is connected with a very serious point. There is a notion “Shaktism” virtually all of Tantra – this is, first of all, to work with Shakti. And it turns out that this principle prevails in this approach. No principle of God the Father, and the Shakti principle.


Once again, as is beautifully written, “The whole world in its entirety …” The potential for Alpha Centauri, or somewhere else, there are some more wonderful things that we have not even seen. But what would have been the beauty, it’s just dust in comparison with the beauty of which has Goddess Sri. This sense is the very essence.


If the whole world only simulator in order to sooner or later we realize that behind all this Goddess Sri, we need a clue, which would have brought in this Beyond. The different Yogas differently is a condition when a person goes into the Beyond. Sometimes it is called Samadhi, liberation, enlightenment. There are a huge number of such terms in different schools they own. We need a long time to study philosophy in order to understand all the intricacies of these rituals, which, in the end, you fail, as in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” to the fact that there is Samadhi (Samadhi is the eighth stage of “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” – a crown , aspirations limit). But man is not able to learn so many books, and sometimes on the road are quite proud, in a bad sense of the word, “the priests of knowledge”, which is not allowed to not initiated. So easy to get lost in the many systems and is very easy to lose the vector. And so once we lost generations, entire civilizations. When beginning this or that doctrine has this knowledge of the Beyond Sri and then prevailed rituals, all kinds of conventions, and all was lost.


This aphorism is given a push to what is will be your enlightenment, or in another way: what is the taste of your Samadhi. Or: what is there, beyond the release. It is very clear vector that makes it clear what you there will come across that you do not lose to many debaters, pundits of all sorts of religions, movements, Yogi, religions or simply philosophical views are not clouding your fragile mind, because you can “uboltat “any philosophy and bring people to God knows where.


To give you an understanding of what is at the heart or a sense of the whole, in the Yoga of Sri Vidya are the sayings that convey the essence. You should first feel it with your heart, your soul, to smell like a dog. Only then everything else: understanding numerous techniques, how to breathe, on which foot to stand, what to sing mantras like hands clapping – it will be then.


But most importantly – it was originally to understand that there is, on the other side, outside the shell of the world with which you encounter every day. You are faced with it 24 hours a day. And in his sleep and waking. Moreover, you die and are born again and again fall into the same shell of the simulator, which has already changed. And you should know, what is the simulator. So, it leads to the comprehension of the Goddess Sri.


Bee flies and catch the smell of nectar in the flowers, she still does not see the flower, but already knows where to go. Likewise, Yogi and Sri Vidya, is not entirely clear in all its glory and be able to see the Goddess Sri, but he is already feeling the fragrance already knows where to go. And he has not bought on the form. The world is full of wonder, mystery, beauty, enticing. The world is full of temptations, and in a good and bad sense of the word, many different: power, power, super powers, wealth. If you are distracted on it, you do not fly so far, like the bee to nectar. If you’ll be around to see that everything is created for the knowledge of the Goddess Sri, you’ll enjoy this beautiful and is a great will not you cause further frustration.


I will explain. For example, the sunset. He is so beautiful, but it takes so long is not. Or contact with the sea. A man came to the sea, and he appreciates every second of this communication. And then depressed going home, saying: “I do not see this sea more only when I arrive in a year …”. There is always some element of loss and disappointment.

When you confess Yoga Sri Vidya, you do not care about the future of this beauty. She emerged a few minutes during the sunrise, and immediately disappeared. But it is on those few minutes here flashed Goddess Sri, Brahma, which showed in the works. In any process that occurs, it is necessary to see the sense manifestations of the Goddess Sri and not suffer when something disappears, or vice versa is something, or something there. Try to see the meaning behind all this Shri. If something remains forever, then after a while, you may no longer be visible in the Sri.


Therefore, such a person comes to the sea, admiring the sea, talking with him, and then with the same pleasure returns home and looks out the window of the train, returning to the place where he has lived. But it has opened a new way for him. Such a person is always and everywhere in any process sees a hint. And all that happens, is given only for one to take us to the Sri awareness.


Why, then, we are on some things that happen to us, we look with horror at some with joy, and on any matter of indifference? The reason is that we have somewhere to a certain extent lost. We do not focus all your mind on the Goddess Sri and are focusing it on this world. But if we do not understand what all the beauty of this world, it’s just a reflection of the Goddess Sri, we are deceived, and we begin to grasp at the form. Here is a beautiful girl, I grabbed it, and it’s mine! But the young leaves come later years, and she is not the same, and the young man is not the one. And, apparently, it is a reason for pessimism – the joy of life she is passing, did not have time to grab it and use it, you lose. And people are rushing around like hungry wolves. As a result, such a person is lost. It really takes something. For a while, this pleasure object gives him joy, and then it is destroyed, and he again left with nothing. Again, looking for anything to grab him. And so indefinitely, a succession of suffering.


A man who professes Sri Vidya, does not suffer for nothing. To him, all this is just a picture. These images are specifically designed to occur to deteriorate. And then there are new pictures. This cycle simulator. So this mechanism works, and it does not allow us to grab something, because if we are into something gripping, we do not see Sri, we no longer see the personification of Sri. We do not see the person, and see clothes on the man. We see no effect, we can see the form. And to prevent this from happening, the whole world is created. But whatever may be the bait that we should then lead to the Sri these lures only pathetic gleam in comparison with the pleasure and the happiness that a person gets when he reaches it.


But, again and again. This, above all, a poetic admiration of Goddess Sri. And thus great saint could feel it in his lifetime. And as soon as you start to feel it as soon as you knew it, you were Dedication. Her image – absolutely beautiful. In fact, all these verses – the worship of her beauty. Dedication is not sectarian in terms of dedication, there it is less likely, but in the sense that you have some kind of a key to understanding the world, and you already begin to see the world not as looked at him before. You suddenly started to feel expediency, meaningfulness, the kindness of all event. In part, this may be compared with the term “enlightenment” – all beginning to be understood.


If you read ancient books, “Karan” or “Old Testament” and “New Testament”, there is always going on – these people interacted with something higher. Make an ordinary person is now in the desert to go and talk there with something higher. Yes, not force, he will not go, because he does not believe it. Why does he not believe? Because he is not feeling well. And why did not he feel? And the ancient prophets walked and talked, and the universe was talking to them. So the word “dedication” here in the sense that after you start talking, you start to see the coming of the universal, grandiose. After all, God can speak, speak in ordinary language. And he answers. He is a very good conversationalist. Sometimes He may be silent, but even his silence eloquent. It is sometimes more eloquent than any words.


Again, I refer you to the Indian mythology, to examine in detail all of these characters: Viranchi – is God Brahma, the Creator God; Sauri – Serpent of Vishnu (according to Indian mythology Vishnu once appeared in the form of a snake, which began to hold the world on his thousand heads); Hara, Rudra, he is Shiva – the Destroyer is a hypostasis, the world turns to ashes, which he smear themselves.

Chapter III

III. You – sun, illuminating the inner darkness of ignorance. You – Waterfall streams of sweet nectar of awareness, the mind flowing with bouquets of flowers for those seeking wisdom. You – a rosary from a magic stone Chintamani, fulfilling all the desires of the poor. You – Fang Boar Muraripu who saved the land from flooding, for which the cost to dive into the ocean of birth and death.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There are three degrees of the text or, if you like, three degrees of initiation. “Dedication” – it sounds so beautiful, but in fact it is sometimes all the ordinary, and, as they say, at home. Dedication – is when something you did not know, and you said something. And then, over time, not immediately, not the next day, but your life has changed for the better. And more and more. It was then just beginning to realize that the dedication, and it is not dedication.


So there are three levels. The first – is the causal level, this is – I’m giving you. The other levels: the second – a subject, the third – in general subject. “Ananda Lahari” in the first place – is enthusiastic vector enthusiastic push us in the direction of Sri at the causal body. At the level of the senses on the level of emotions at the level of commitment of our Y. And then once he acquires a kind of details: how to construct mechanisms of our body, which centers in our mind that, where and how to circulate. Then there are more substantive, if you like down to earth, or, in other words, a specific level.


When you start to use this text, every verse, among other things, is very specific unambiguous practice to achieve one or the other. But little of this. Each Sanskrit verse is the mantra. If you practice this verse is long enough as it teaches Mantra Yoga, the man finds a particular ability, power, hit. I am taking over only the first level – the reasons. And so I do not want to, we are now immersed in the intricacies of the jungle is: how, what, why, where and what kind of facility. Moreover, the whole course is aimed precisely at this. A second and third levels you will long to learn themselves. And a lot of you will find all sorts of surprises.


I do not want you to have inherited the fate of many people who cling to the small and do not see the point. The famous “Ananda Lahari” in the first place? It is the ability to acquire supernormal abilities. And a huge number of people that is what grabs. Someone reaches to a greater, some to a lesser extent, someone smart enough to then go up to the next level, more general. And then, after some time, to climb to the level from which we with you now begin. So, I’m advocating that, in any case, you – the followers of the School of Yoga tradition Anandasvami, started out as just a senior. And then just to understand all of these cogs and bolts yogic practices. Otherwise, I will create a sad state of mind that I was not able to bring you this.


So again and again. The level of understanding of the text – threefold. The first level – it’s a push, an emotion, sense, dedication, if you will – are. The second level – a subject – this mythology, this is the meaning of what it means this or that situation, as it moves to the processes inside our body or on the scale of the universe. And the third level – this is a specific practice, mantra, yantra, rituals: through which nostril breathing, which sit in a pose of Hatha Yoga and so on.


Consider whether our inner world and our outer world in two different worlds, or is it one and the same world? The man who has long engaged in yoga, meditating for a long time, immersed in the unknown space being inside, which is so beautiful, that the external world pales in comparison with them. From a formal point of view, and the outer and inner world – still just a shell, with respect to the Goddess Sri. Goddess Sri – outside, it is a higher concept.


Why is inner peace in meditation appears to us sometimes brighter than the outside world? A typical example: a young man running on a love meeting with the girl. His mind already seems like they will be crazy to spend the night, which is given to them for pleasure, games, erotica, sex, knowledge. And often, the anticipation, the anticipation gives more pleasure than the physical realization of the fact that it seemed so tempting.


A small remark: there is Love in the Triad Yoga (Yoga sex, Tantra Yoga, the Yoga of love), and at this point there are paying a lot of attention. This is such an element of Maya, the illusion of an element. On the one hand, the external world – it is a projection of our inner world, and on the other hand, this kind of support, from which we can push off and dive into his inner world, in its more subtle plans, where these experiences, nuances are much stronger.


If we’re back to the example of the young men and a woman, then, for example, the occupation of the usual sex, love, which occurs in humans, it is certainly a very strongly on the physical level. But when a person comes to the finer levels of interaction, the degree of enjoyment and level of experience of strength increases many times. When he goes even further, the degree of pleasure still rises. Therefore, we need only external to, rebounding from him, dive into the interior. And in this sense, to achieve a deep knowledge of the world of beauty.


The whole world, like the human body, is composed of three worlds are connected to each other. This material world, then the astral world and the causal world. These are three of the world in each other. And when we dream, we dream about something, we are looking forward to it, and, roughly speaking, we begin to do so in the subtle world. And the subtle world of more sophisticated and the degree of pleasure, clarity, brightness experience there is much higher. If we go further, we are reaching the level of the causal world, where the degree of pleasure is even higher.


In terms of the previous aphorism, there is no difference between the outer and inner world. When what we call the inner world, there is a fine line of a united world. I want to remind one axiom (in our tradition of Yoga, it is such) that in relation to our I, everything is outside. What you experience in meditation and realize it is the inner world, in relation to what is outside of our body. But this inner world is still external to our Y. This is just one of the shells, one of the shells of giant treadmill. But more subtle. And, as a rule, a person is more sophisticated, initially satisfied outside, then goes on more and more subtle. We shall return to this.


So, the third verse. It just contains a link to view from the other side. What, indeed, the whole world, which was created Viranchey (assuming outside) – this dust. But on the other hand, when we look at ourselves, a long meditation really begin to experience the sweet awareness flows. This is what occurs in the Yogis in meditation, and here it is described: “You – the sun, illuminating the inner darkness of ignorance.”


There are people who are afraid to look at themselves, they say, “It’s dark, scary. It’s better with someone to talk to. As they say, from the outside – lighter. ” Such people are usually extremely difficult to survive physical loneliness. If there is no one with whom you can chat, share, then they begin to panic. They are afraid to look inside themselves because they feel that there is something dark, some horrible monster swim there. At the same time an experienced yogi who meditates for a long time, never alone. When he looks inside himself, he sees that if at first sight there is some dark corners, not illuminated by the sun of consciousness, there is always the sun of consciousness. As it says here, “highlighting the inner darkness of ignorance.”


Therefore, when you are in a long meditation, eyes closed, studying himself in, you suddenly begin to feel that inner light that does not depend on the outside, from anything whatsoever. And that, really, as the sun, surrounded by darkness. Why darkness? Sometimes we do not enough highlights all that is within us. So is the Sun completely eliminates all inner darkness. Then it happens that during meditation, a person begins to feel the flow of light, the meaningfulness of the flow, the flow of expediency, clarity, being the flow of existence. When this happens, the flow comes precisely from the Goddess Sri, and we experience it. This is not something artificial, it is – the second path, which will bring us to this level of Goddess Sri.


A few words about the fact that it is. It is a poetic expression of admiration, but this clever delight. This admiration for understanding. Sometimes admiration divorced – flattery, when we express our admiration, not supported by the actual facts behind this. There is a very deep understanding of the nature of the whole universe. Who is she, this Tripura Sundari? Who is she, this sixteen Shadashi. Shankaracharya in his response lists: “You – the sun, illuminating the inner darkness of ignorance.” Imagine you are in the dark, something you do not know something I do not know. Often this state, when general do not understand anything. Looks inside himself and inside the darkness, black. You look at yourself and see nothing, only darkness. And then comes the knowledge that, as a ray of light shines within you. Consider this simplified example, when you can not solve a mathematical problem, you do not understand, and then, like lightning – bang! And you get the idea. Here is the moment of awareness – got it!


Or relatively general anything. Look at yourself and do not see anything, do not feel anything – misunderstanding darkness of ignorance. And then there is something, and you begin to understand, realize. And this moment of change, this is a pale reflection of the Goddess – Tripura Sundari, Shadashi, Sri Sri Vidya. As the Goddess, which is, as she embroidered with precious stones all of her clothes that sparkle in the sun. And you even can not see it. But it passed, and a reflection on the multi-colored ray of you slipped. You do not see it, you see only a miserable reflection of, but it hits you.


“You – Waterfall streams of sweet nectar of awareness, the mind flowing with bouquets of flowers for those seeking wisdom.” Our consciousness – as a stream, it flows continuously. We, second by second, we perceive what we call reality. We do this with the help of reason. Our mind helps to flow this flow identification, consciousness. The stream of consciousness is manifested primarily through our minds. This light stream of consciousness through our mind is a manifestation of the Goddess Shri for man. Here, in translation, “for seeking wisdom”, as stated in the original tougher “for the mentally retarded.” But for the mentally retarded refers to the most highest sages of all times and peoples who have become skilled in all the sciences, but are not able to understand that behind all this Goddess Sri.


What makes a scientist to do what he does? This stream. And he does not understand that this is just pathetic, insignificant reflection of the Goddess Sri. And he is proud of his regalia, he was so smart, so sane, so his mind works logically, and he inwardly feels strong support and reliance on his mind, which really works well, really all clearly highlights. Quite clearly, clearly sees, no doubt, unequivocally no. In the sixties of the last century were physics and lyrics. Physicists such hard-nosed, self-satisfied, really – the atomic bomb, etc. – can be proud of. And they were proud of the power of his mind. So the power of the mind – it is only an insignificant reflection of this Goddess Sri. And in general intellectual ability – is the quality of female rather than male.


Very interesting:. ‘Awareness of the nectar flowing from the mind of bouquets of flowers » Here is a very clear distinction – the mind is the mind, the mechanism and awareness (or, in our tradition, consciousness), a clear flowing stream of consciousness, he is the personification of Sri. This clarity is the ultimate meaningfulness. In many Tantric texts it is believed that this is the female principle of Energy supports our minds working. For some reason, it was felt that the mind – it is the prerogative of men, and a woman – it’s more intuition, sensuality. Nothing like this. The thing that supports the mind – is energy.


But the interesting thing here on: “You – a rosary from a magic stone Chintamani, fulfilling all the desires of the poor.” The whole world – a simulator, created only in order to know the Goddess Sri beyond. If, however, you will know that the principle of Sri outside, everything in this world begins to obey this principle to you. And again, I refer you to the mythology – there is such a magical stone that you would not want to, he takes this desire. But you must understand that it is not a stone, not a magic wand – it is only attributes, and that if there is awareness of the Goddess Sri, the rest of the world adapt to this awareness. And in everyday life, it looks like magic. When that would not want such a Yogi, all executed.


Yoga tend to live very modestly. In general, the Yogis very difficult to find, you know the secret or not? They do not shine. There are teachers, dear teachers, who teach mankind. This is also a Yogi, with a capital letter, all of them a monument and a bow. But this is a small part of all those who truly practice. As a rule, a person who is engaged in yoga, largely free hand than that of the Masters. Teacher – this, in some ways, the actor. Because it is, to a certain extent, it adjusted to the audience. It should convey something of the beyond in plain language to the public, and will or will not, he has to somehow adjust.


Not due to the fact that teachers need the power, wealth, influence, no. But only in order to understand them. If at Yogi no such obligation on the teaching of yoga, and it is your own personal life, believe me, they tend to act very, very modest lifestyle. He can live in some hut, shack, very quietly, and, at the same time, his every wish is fulfilled. He could wish for a palace of gems, and it would be done, because he knows what this world.


And for a person who is aware of Sri principle, this world begins to turn the party that he needs. And this is called miracles. But Yoga, as a rule, do not use it. What if all this – just the dust, even the palace. Such a person spends more time directly on the contemplation and communion with the Supreme, the Goddess Sri than that it should lead to the Goddess Sri. Why waste time on those steps? Roughly the same in a very beautiful Indian love lyrics: a young man who had a hard time, step by step, climbing up to the palace, where, in the room, waiting for his girlfriend. He kisses each step, and it is perfect for him. One step, the first, of stone, the second of the semi-precious stones, the next of silver, gold, as usual in such narratives, more and more beautiful step. And now he finally has the opportunity to enter to his girlfriend, and as soon as he comes to it, it is, of course, forget about all these steps. They were his only need to go up to her.


Similarly, and Yogis who used the power, wealth and everything else that can lead us to understanding Sri after Sri comprehended all this ceases to have at least some value. What good is that you have three billion people will listen and say “Yes!” For such a person it is – nothing, because it is only a simulator, decorations, which should lead to the Highest. And if you’ve felt even the slightest glimpse of the Supreme, you are all no longer needed. Therefore, people who are not burdened with teaching, are fairly modest lifestyle. Although there are nuances – everything happens as it should be. On the one hand they simply do not need anything else, on the other hand, all their desires are fulfilled. As soon as a person begins to understand the meaning of Sri, the degree of manipulation of all the world around him grows. This is what is called magical manifestations.


“You – Fang Boar Muraripu who saved the land from flooding, for which the cost to dive into the ocean of birth and death.” A lot of people live, and, at first, they do not do yoga, they do not care. Then the life of a couple of clicks on the nose hurt, and hurt, and they begin to wonder. As soon as they begin to think they are more pessimistic, as they say, “knowledge multiply the grief.” This is the correct saying ordinary skill really multiply the grief. When you have reached a certain understanding and vision, you suddenly realize with horror: “Why all this?”. This kind of routine existence. There is no point at all, by this very tired. It’s like a suitcase without a handle – a pity to throw, and carry heavy. And so it may extend life, not a life!


As a rule, the person in the next life as a young man again, full of ambition, hope, really, very quickly reaches great heights. Karma had a positive in this sense: he is intelligent, enterprising, determined. But then again, at some moment slip, and again – the same routine. Then comes the understanding of the law of Karma, and such a person is not inclined to do bad things. He is more inclined to do good deeds, and he already understands. He does it not because it someone said, it just begins to realize that everything is closed. But the law of karma – it’s the same routine, it is the same longing, it is the same burden, the same dullness. It comes the horror of existence. We at the School of Yoga Tradition Anandasvami there is a magnificent film “Tantra Yoga and the four goals of life,” and there is partly shown. I believe that this film would be necessary to everyone to see, there is graphically represented.


And so it will continue for a long time. Then you practice yoga, life will become a little more bearable. The more you practice yoga, the more it will be bearable, if anything, will be neutral – without exaltation, but this longing and falling by the wayside. You then realize that the greatest happiness – is to help other living beings, it is impossible to feel good if you do not do it. You will understand the principle that you can not cause suffering to anyone unless absolutely necessary, realize that makes no sense to be wasted on trifles. You will be surrounded by like-minded people will be working for a common cause, to help people. Your life will be quiet, smooth, in general, the rich, in general, normal, stable. And you will continue to do, you do a lot of Yoga practice, accumulating positive karma. You can practice different practice, you can go into single journey, where not talking for months with no one living on a working, not talking, not interfering with anyone, like a wild beast. In different ways you can be all.


And then, one day, morning, evening, or maybe night, winter, summer, autumn, maybe in the spring, suddenly bang! And you realize Sri principle. And this is where you start to jump, have fun, enjoy, laugh, clap their hands, the emotions are positive beat. You will understand why all this whirlpool of birth and death was established. You will understand what needed all these sufferings. You will understand why such a long way, a routine, a very, very long. And suddenly you catch yourself thinking that you will bless all your sufferings, all your born, all of your death, all your twists, which you overcame all these karmic knots.


And you suddenly calm down, and you will go the other way. This is perhaps all that can be said here. The only emotional cry: “You – Fang Boar Maruripu who saved the land from flooding, for which the cost to dive into the ocean of birth and death.” Here again, the reference to mythology. The fact, as once was the deluge. And Maruripu, a giant boar, pulled everything when all perished, and all becomes meaningless. It is understood that under the ocean meant not a physical, and the ocean of birth and death. Because we all have gone through many births, through so many deaths. And what a miracle that we do not remember them! It’s just the greatest miracle. So, then, you and will pronounce the phrase.


You leave out of this simulator. And the Master then return to this world to tell about it. The man who lived through it, which is comprehended, and which no longer depends on nothing and no one – he understood the meaning. The world ceases to exist as such for him. The game goes, but he already knows how it works.


And they are still coming back. In what may be the paradox of these people who then return (we’ll talk more on this subject). , It is necessary to a certain extent, in the beginning to forget, then reopen to come back and teach. Imagine that you find yourself in Papua New Guinea, you want to give them teaching. I do not want to offend the Papua New Guinea – it is a beautiful country, very developed. You find yourself in Moscow or somewhere else. You – the teacher, you already know everything, and you have to teach them. But you can not even understand their fears, their hopes, their aspirations, generally can not understand. Why? Because you clean the subconscious, you do not have Karma. You begin to frighten, and you are not afraid, you will begin to tempt something, and you do not “leads”. You once again “fall out” of this world, and you need to pass something in this world. And you need to “humanize”. And many teachers, people who have no karma to a certain degree as it incur negative karma to be like everyone. Once introduced into the world again from the bottom (as a rule, they are very fond of them from the bottom up). Or, in any case, with such situations where, as in the slice, all the contradictions of this world: and emotional, and shame, and fear, and anger, and desire, and aversion.


And you want to cry about it, and, at the same time, can not anyone to share it. Teachers take on this karma, immersed in the bottom-most. And then, once already playing this game, having wordly experience, they are the second time very quickly, significant win. But they are beginning to realize that there is someone to tell anyone how to help. They are already beginning to feel and understand, and they then hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, billions of living beings derive followed him. They seem to rise again, but has left behind a clear path: yoga exercises understandable, clear principles of philosophy, meditation, and generally leave behind a “Ananda Lahari”. They show the vector: “Guys, do not get lost!”


Chapter IV

IV. All deities distribute blessings, gifts and hid fear gestures of their hands. You – the only one – who gives freedom from fear and the desire to perform through his legs. O Thou, the Keeper of the worlds! You give even more than we can wish.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is the fourth aphorism. That is, here is a little different emphasis. When they say that gives more than we are able to digest, is not it. It’s like you had fallen on something, and you think. What to do? Text “Ananda Lahari” – is a method such as meditation. That is, whether to enjoy physically necessary if you want to practice “Ananda Lahari”? Here the question is not so. You can never enjoy physically through the senses. You can enjoy through the mind. And in fact it is already a little bit from other yogas is that so arranged our being human that is the greater the pleasure we get only through the mind. This is only a rudimentary one thinks, “This is delicious, I ate, and now I feel good.” It’s just a process of digestion. But an indication of pleasant or unpleasant gives the mind. You come hungry, you have glucose in the blood dropped. You ate a piece of something, you do it has not yet had time to digest and have a feeling of fullness and the pleasure of it saturated. What does this mean? Mind included switch.


Inexperienced person tries to pass all imaginable and unimaginable pleasure through the senses. He wants to see that no matter what your own eyes. He wants to feel his hands. Try on the tongue. Hear no recording, and live. As soon as it begins to be more versed in the pleasures, he realizes that in the end, eyes water and you can not see. Come, for example, to the Bolshoi Theater, to sit on the back row and watch through binoculars. What is better than watching on TV? There is, of course, the aesthetic aspects. Live aura that no technique will not give. But note, the aura alive – this is not what we perceive by the senses, it is something nadchuvstvennoe.


There are exercises in Sri Vidya, I just can not deal with this issue, the strongest feeling of pleasure – this is when you fall through in the nectar of pleasure. This is when your physical senses can not feel anything at all. And you just imagined. This is a fantasy. That is our imagination gives us more pleasure than the embodiment of fantasies to life. It is true, a very different profile. It is very close to the Raja Yoga. That is, the yogi who practices very much, can pass their senses to comprehend? Well, why do you try to through a very narrow channel delights the senses shove three cubic meters of pleasure. Do you know how to pump through the pipe when your mind allows you to pass through itself the ocean?


In this sense, let’s touch on this issue because it is now very topical began. Who has spread Tantra Yoga in its sexual aspect. Sometimes the question is, so what do I need to implement all the things through the senses? What if you really studied Tantra Yoga seriously, I will answer this. And who told you that? Well, if you want some part to modify through the senses, modify, through the senses. But in fact, the greatest pleasure is not through the senses, and when the partner with partner sit opposite each other at a distance of three meters and not even touch each other. And meditate on each other. That is, they both have in common mental communication. And from that awakens the pleasure potency. Such a word is – tantric sex. So from this pleasure to three orders of magnitude higher than other times of the physical. Three orders of magnitude. And that no one can understand.


It is impossible to believe that Tantra is limited to the physical body. No, the body will certainly not be neglected. There are things that need to be worked out at the level of the physical body. It is beyond doubt. But the higher moments begin when you are working only with the mind. Senses can not even attend. Tantric yogi and tantric yogi in Tantric meditation together can be 20 000 km of each other. But for the reason there are no obstacles. For the senses are. I touch – I feel. I opened my eyes – I see. And for no reason such obstacles. Therefore, it is the next stage. But, the truth is a matter of method, as this approach. Sometimes the most reasonable and appropriate approach quickly from the gross to the subtle. That is, to begin through physical senses, and then thinner and thinner. But someone is not necessary. Someone has already born with a sufficiently developed intellectual abilities, and through the physical bodies they do not have feelings. This is necessary in a single lot of something, and something other than a little. That is different.


If you are experiencing pleasure, just observing azimuth to Goddess Sri, just floating, not stepping aside, and thereby passing all her pleasure, then you will very quickly start to go by Tantra. Sometimes faster than a yogi who does alcohol have never seen before women did not touch, and so on. That is, in fact, this aphorism – it is the heart, the very core of whether you can enjoy life or better to lead an ascetic life and avoid pleasures. Again and again. If you are the life-submit yoga, achieve the ultimate goal if you confess approach Sri Vidya Yoga, sometimes called Tantra, the course itself is very well kept in check. It helps. But at the same time, if you remember the ultimate goal, if you have not lost as a guiding star, all your delight turn into a powerful fuel. You know how in the rocket fuel that you start with an effort to bring closer to this cherished goal of mankind and of the individual.


Here is what is necessary to make a comment. I’m talking about ordinary pleasure that we face in everyday life. That is the enjoyment of the food, beverage, enjoyment of sex. Pleasure from everything: from the digestive process or what you yawn. It’s nice sometimes to yawn and stretch. But this aphorism suggests a somewhat larger. It involves the pleasure of super-powers of yoga. And then there is the other side until it can not be as us about the perceived supernormal in yoga. When a person engaged in one way or another tantric yoga character wakes up your energy. This energy begins to rise. This energy is called Kundalini tradition, which means coiled. And here it begins to rise through the spinal column. The man begins to feel a different kind of enjoyment. It is inexpressible in ordinary language.


This method is quite difficult, dangerous enough, according to many traditions and authors schools, which must be approached cautiously enough. But, nevertheless, it comes to you from enjoying these super-powers, who came up with the help of yoga. And so cleverly done that pleasure here in this delicate area is much higher than of pleasure in everyday life. Ordinary enjoyment we all know. They are up to the same level. But pleasure, when they begin to enjoy the subtle plans, I do not know how many times, but certainly several times stronger than the usual physical pleasure. And there, too, the question arises: “And if I should enjoy the pleasures here are those that come from yoga? Or should leave them alone? “And if you read the numerous treatises on yoga, there you will find such a remark, that you can not be tempted by the supernormal, which will start to appear you as yoga. In the treatises will strongly recommend that you move away from them.


Chapter V

V. Oh, you’re giving prosperity to those who are loyal to you. Once even Hara (Vishnu) worship you been able to take the form of a beautiful woman, has instituted the mind of Shiva, the destroyer of the three cities. As Smara (Kama), worship you for its beautiful, charming body, so pleasing to the eye Rati could arouse passion in the minds of even the great saints.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Let’s start from the end. Firstly, mythology, I leave to you. We will not spend time on it, because the myths of ancient India should know. But some things I still say. There is a god of love Kama. His wife Rati. It is such a love couple. In Indian mythology has a very beautiful story that literally permeates all ancient texts. He that was a great sage, yogi, he has achieved quite high altitudes, in the knowledge of the truth, and in the possession of another. And absolutely nothing he could withdraw from itself, moreover, thousands of disciples were around him. All, recognizing his wisdom and merit, came to him for advice, teaching. And indeed, every word of it was prophetic, as if he could see through a person, and he answered questions that have not even been asked yet. That is, the power level is sufficiently high. And then one day, morning or evening, maybe at night, winter, spring, summer or fall, in the moonlit night or moonless, the full moon or new moon, but he sees a beautiful girl, and suddenly something happens to him. He suddenly starts to behave like a madman. He wants it. He’s in love with her.


Well, imagine the guru. We in the Western consciousness, who is a guru? It’s a gray-bearded old man, you look, once you say that it is – the guru! So he probably already at an advanced age, who could dispassionately hand to crush the tiger or stop the mad elephant, that is the personification of the man who owns them. And then suddenly he begins as a young man, run and jump, seeking the girl’s location. And it is puzzling of all others. As it is, such a respected and well behaved? Usually favorite is the story in Indian legends, that sooner or later he gets the girl. Carries with it a great time, then comes someone or some future hero, a future saint, a future teacher. It is like the birth of the background. And it’s always quite scandalous story, as none of the others do not understand the students is horrified to see the behavior of their revered Master. And neither of reason can not stop it, nothing at all – a man lost his balance. Then again, before that, he did not lose the balance at nothing. No philosophical or physical, no other stratagems could not ruffle him.


And here the question arises: “Why is the power of love?” And this love, in all its aspects. Not detached, no, and including physical. At all levels, sexually erotic and intellectual. In general, the whole of what is called “light a wedge has converged.” And why does this happen? And this happens, if you read carefully enough the Indian mythology, all the time. And it is for this reason that the highest manifestation of the Goddess Sri attribute – it is love. Passionate love – is one of the attributes of the Goddess Sri. Goddess Sri is definitely higher, but the god and goddess, Kama and Rati, they are the conductors of the Supreme in the world.


Remember the image of Cupid with an arrow? This is analogous to the Kama, Kama only bow shoots arrows flower. At the time, it is thus shot in Shiva, Shiva and Parvati fell in love. Shiva was angry with Kama and burnt it with his eyes. He is the Yogi, the highest level reached and angry that Kama distracted him from the highest meditation and burnt it with his eyes, but Cam had let his arrow. This dart hit the Shiva, Shiva Parvati saw that he served for a long time, and he did not even notice – he was self-absorbed. He was immediately in love with her. And then life in the universe came into its bed. Because if Shiva and stayed to meditate, not paying attention to everything that happens, but already there is evil Asuras were ready to destroy the world, and was to be born child, which these evil Asuras somehow pacify.


So, back to our sage. This is subject to all. And stupid, and clever, and the saints, and sinners, people with high mental organization, and the most common. Why? Because it is – a message from there. Here we have the shell simulator, which we call the universe. And we admire her, which was invented only in order to know the Goddess Sri. So sometimes, from time to time when we settled in this world, we understand how this sage who knows how each gear works, he knows the laws of Karma, he is able to predict, to heal, he flies through the air passes through the walls, communicates with the supreme Being, it manages all kinds of spirits.


But before the end could not realize Sri principle. He acquires his disciples, becoming respected. And on the one hand, if the absolute point of view, he is doomed to die and, until the end and did not make it the last step in the direction of the Goddess Sri. And the Goddess Sri in his mercy, through the god Kama, sends a beautiful girl and one of her sudden appearance makes the Soul, I do sage, rouse herself. He realizes that, in comparison with the fact that there is still further, all the regalia, merit, honor, respect, absolutely irrelevant. And he behaves like a crazy boy. This, of course, do not like all the students, followers, because their guru immediately lose respect in the eyes of ordinary people. Guristost loses.


But, on the other hand, then he just thanks that the Goddess Sri has not forgotten it. Therefore, when there are such things, even with a very respectable people, we see that they are still alive, that they had not yet overgrown with this impenetrable shell. Because you can get very good in this world, but our world is created for entirely different. Therefore, the embodiment of this girl who, on the one hand, seems to be seduced from the path of true yogi: he would meditate, and women would not have to watch. On the one hand, seems to be bad, he lost power. Before that, he was flying through the air, passing through walls, but now he sports with this beauty and have forgotten how to walk through walls. But he does not think about it. It seems that he has lost, on the one hand.


No. This is not so. It’s not an attachment. Affection was before. Attachment to their status, to his understanding, to the habit of that, how do you think you know how this world. And here it is again! And frustrated. Of course, you can get carried away by this beauty and get another attachment that, as a rule, happen, but not always. In Indian mythology, there are different storylines. You can really fall into the attachment to this young lady. But the holy men and holy men, that they do not have to give twice the cuff. They are very clearly understand that this girl – this is a manifestation of the Goddess Sri, and that it is necessary to look further. It is a kind of slap in the face, if you bonk. There are a variety of storylines, but the most important thing is that by then their marriage someone was born, and he won something.


“Oh, you, giving prosperity to those who betrayed you!” What remains to us when we realized the principle and begin to Sri Sri Vidya practice Yoga? On that we can rely on in your practice? And we can rely only on the devotion to this principle. More real supports in this world we do not have. Generally longer supports real in this world does not exist. It is only the realization of the principle of Sri.


So, here is a link to ancient Indian myth. Again, all that relates to the myths, we should remember that kind of thing: in ancient India the myths that have survived, they are preserved, usually in several different ways. So, these myths with which you will learn – Life Life Shiva Vishnu – they, despite the fact that the event is in them, seems to be the same, but depending on the tradition and the narrative emphasis is completely different. Even the myth that Vishnu took the form of a beautiful girl who is seduced Shiva, is served in so many interpretations that sometimes it seems that they are different myths related to very different traditions. But this may be is the power and strength of ancient mythology. Mythology – it is some such archetypical patterns of some situations, some spiritual situations that worry Gods and Goddesses, and that, in general, are accomplished people. You know, there is a saying: “The Tale of a lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson.” That’s about the same thing here.


So, we touch this myth. Well, actually, the myth you look at the different options in academic journals, poluakademicheskih publications, presentation of certain followers, Hinduism tradition, because every religion, every school is committed in its own way to interpret all myths, including the . But here it is a little more serious appeal. An appeal to the fact that this higher principle of beauty, the highest principle of expediency, it is higher than that of the floor. All of us are born male or female. And we pronounced sexual characteristics. But the soul of each of us is sexless. And so, in one life a man can be a man, in another life a man can be a woman. Moreover, there is a point of view that there must be some balance so that the people have to live, as a series of lives in the body of a man, and a series of lives in the body of a woman, in order to experience a comprehensive experience of the world from all sides.


It is clear that we are with you, if we have a male or female body, then we are doomed to drag him to the end of his days (I’m not talking about kakie-to medical interventions – from this point of view, purely physiological principles do not decide anything, it decides what you think you are). But an even deeper level of understanding of reality, which in Yoga is considered one of the highest levels, says that at a certain stage of spiritual development of man, when the power of his mind and the power of its energy reaches such power that it can, as they wish to do Statement body. And the most interesting thing that he can do himself a body entirely different kind. Let’s say someone is dreaming of any one figure, and man it seems something unattainable look like he wants.


But Yoga is believed that at a certain stage of yoga the person has the ability to completely rebuild your body. Until that changes the color of eyes, hair, skin color, body type. Moreover, there is an opportunity for these people absolutely fantastic – to manipulate your body, as you wish. This is from the category of super-powers. Seriously hit. But even the highest stage, when you climb the stairs of the deep comprehension of the higher I, you suddenly begin to realize that, and restrictions in terms of sex for you is no longer a limitation. That is, you can do your body, both male and female. You see the logic? First, we are working as if within a particular sex all the possible options, and then even this transition. And this fundamental shift.


Why? I’ll focus on that. Do you remember that the essence of man is, in general, consciousness. Women – are, respectively, the energy. And you remember, that energy can manifest itself in its various aspects, in the same way as the mind. And, by and large, the ability of the Yogi to take a different body, it is in some ways, the ability in all its brilliance to show all aspects – both consciousness and energy. But the transition from consciousness to energy – it is a fundamental principle the transition. And therefore, turn into the same life of the creature with a pronounced masculine manifestation of consciousness in the female manifestation of energy – this is the aerobatics. It says that Yogi confirmed in his self that asexually. It is only reaching this height, you can again descend down this path of division, and to take one or another form.


And what does it say in this aphorism that Hari (Vishnu), and you must understand that Vishnu, on the one hand a manifestation of the Absolute, but in the context of this myth – it is a kind of divinity, as a manifestation of the Absolute, one of many. If anything, as one of the gods. And as you remember, at the Gods too pronounced differentiation of either a God or Goddess is. While on the other hand, it is logical to assume that once you are God, that you interfere in some way manifest itself as the Goddess, that is change sex? But once again I want to say that the transition from one sex to another – from the consciousness into the energy – it is higher than the level of certain deities. Therefore, this ability is considered to be the highest.


And in the myths, if you read a lot of myths, many Yogis possessed this ability: to become a woman, and then again becomes a man or woman again. For example, if you look about Gorokho, there is such an episode. Just I want to here it was all very clear – this is a very very serious, fundamental principle. It has little to do with both the television show, when people change sex. There was a man, one-time-time and a woman appeared. Or vice versa: the woman-man. That is, there is a deeper point. This moment is for changing its essence. Women – more energy, and to move into the consciousness, as you know, have to go through Yoga, one must go through J. In other words, it is necessary to go through a stage where there is no separation between consciousness and energy. We must pass this highest state of non-duality. Therefore, such a transition is possible only if a person goes through is the highest samadhi, the highest non-dualism.


You know, here you have the mountain on top of which Ya. On one side – the consciousness, and on the other – energy. Or, on the same side – the man’s body, on the other – a woman’s body. And now, to become a woman, in the absolute sense of the word, it is necessary to rise to the highest levels of I and then down the other side. To pass this peak.


So, this supernormal ability is said here: “Once upon a time even Hara (Vishnu) worship you been able to take the form of a beautiful woman, has instituted the mind of Shiva, the destroyer of the three cities.” That is, if you start to learn Yoga Sri Vidya, this ability to alter his own body: to change eye color, hair color, its shape, everything, absolutely everything about our existence, then this ability begins to manifest itself. But even more. The man in the true sense, if he really wants to change their sex, the only such a road, he did connect in oneself these missing qualities of the opposite sex. It is no secret that made some kind of external things, they kind of help, but only partly. But still, a deep core of our psyche, our consciousness, our being, it is one or the other sex. And here there is complete dissolution.


But in more detail all the things related to this myth, I refer you to the mythology.


Chapter VI

VI. At disembodied Kama bow made of flowers with a bowstring of black bees buzzing with five flower arrows. Spring – his charioteer, the spring breeze from the mountains of the Malay customize his war chariot. And when, O daughter of the Snowy Mountains, Kama bless amazing shine your eyes, he wins the whole world, inspiring all beings love passion without difficulty.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: First, a few words in general about what it is. Kama, as you may recall, is the god of love. He Cupid, in European terms. This is the God who gives love, love gives. We have already touched upon this. He is depicted with a bow and arrow, a complete analogy, but with the very curious peculiarities – his floral bow made from flowers, but instead it has a bow string – black buzzing bees. And the arrows themselves are made from flowers, and five of them. Five flower arrows. And Kama let the flower boom, and the one in whom they fall, fall in love, love begins.


Then a bunch of yoga lovers, of which I told you. Common subjects that currently lives people live, and suddenly – again, and someone falls. Sometimes it happens spontaneously, as they say at first sight, sometimes love comes gradually – as it blooms. In ancient mythology, it was thought that as soon as the Kama let his arrow at a person man or woman – it does not matter, the person falls. We are mindful of the passages Yoga Love, love – this is such a veesh that can not be played, it can not be created artificially. This is the thing that is offered from above, which is higher than all other emotions, above all other senses. In humans, this feeling becomes dirty shade of burning passion. In humans, cleaner and more exalted manifestation, more intangible. And finally, the highest type of love – this is the so-called divine love. When it pure joy, pure joy, without the slightest benefit of the purest suffering impurities. Just as gold is different samples. For example, it is enough dirty with an admixture of other precious metals, it is more clear, and sometimes gold.

Like this man and if it is subject to love, or love, depending on how it is clean inside, it begins to show this feeling in varying degrees of mixing with other things. And a man low, dirty love often simply mixed with suffering. Why? Because, on the one hand – the feeling of love, on the other – a burning feeling of dissatisfaction, jealousy, envy. In humans, more exalted, with the pure essence of love – is a joy, but with impurities anguish. Here there is no favorite, and all yearning. Neither the fact that some searing emotion, no, rather it is the longing of that loved not.


And finally, the love of the purest samples – this is love, where there is not even the slightest impurity negative feelings and suffering. Does the object of your love by your side, or else it does not exist, the fact that I emphasize those words, the fact that this is possible, in principle, makes a person immensely happy. And it is nothing else, and does not ask. There is completely no jealousy. That I love and want to be the object of my love was with me, as it is for ordinary people. There is no boredom. I love and I want someone I love, was again with me was at my disposal. And here it is something so, on the one hand pure and so unusual that the idea that the object of your love is in the world, in general, in principle, not close to you, but simply is, it is in person is absolutely feeling happiness. And when the object of love with him, it is happiness, and it does not change – whether with a person next to the object or not.


This is the highest level of love. It is difficult to achieve even a great saint and a great practice of yoga lovers. Once a person reaches such a state, according to the Yoga of Love, he overcame everything in this world that can only be overcome. This world is no longer a value as a school for him. That is, if you have passed all the exams and enrolled in the University, knowing all things, you do not need to go to school, because you already know all that there is. It is love without attachment, it is love without jealousy, without any admixture of something else.


It is understood that love for all ages. Moreover, obedient to all living beings, they are clean or dirty. If a miracle happens that a person falls in love, is in itself a miracle bestowed from above. The question is different: what will be his reaction to this? Will it be clean and untouched? And then the man rises, while running at full speed in Love Yoga. Either it will be overshadowed by the mud, which is in the person: envy, jealousy, mistrust, etc. etc. And if these things are, then, unfortunately, even the sense of human love leads to a negative perception. And then, when that feeling has gone, he says: “No, I do not want to since this was me.” He’s so afraid that under those warm rays of love will blossom those pesky plants his bleak nasty karma, he says: “Let the spring generally will not. Yes, there is no grass, there will be birds, flowers, but vile and poisonous plants, too, will not be! “That is such an option of refusal of all.


Why from disembodied? Why are there say, “incorporeal Kama”? The fact that, according to Indian mythology God Kama no body. No physical body. We have already considered this myth, which is based on the fact that once Siva went to practice very severe ascetic exercises, he was so absorbed in his meditation, which does not perceive anything around. And he stopped paying attention to the world around us. Immediately arose asuras, who took advantage of the absence of Shiva and began to conquer the world quietly. Some such unseemly things to do. And it was such a prediction that Shiva was born a son. And what a son of Shiva, if he did that to women or goddesses, but in general no one is watching?


And then he offered to God Kama, and he said: “I’ll help you burn” And Shiva when he was meditating thus in asceticism, in love with Parvati, a young girl still more. She at first sight fell in love with Shiva and Shiva it paid attention. She served him she cared for him, and Shiva perfectly on her was not looking. And then God took the Kama literally casual look which Shiva gave Parvati, and at this point it has started its flower arrow. And Shiva instantly saw took Parvati and madly in love with her. And so it overflowed the emotions. But at the same time he felt angry that someone interrupted his practice, his asceticism. That is, he wanted to remain fully in this samadhi the ascetic state, but God Kama him distracted. He settled into his soul love. Already it is clear that about any austerity there is out of the question, and, in general, of anything out of the question.


And Siva was born spontaneous anger, and he his magical eye three eye or third eye, incinerated Kama. That is he deprived of his body – he’s just burned it. But then came the wife of Kama Rati and began to cry, and say, “Shiva, what have you done ?!” And Siva was in love, and he, of course, realized that nothing burned Kama. But as it is, according to mythology, was the highest of the gods, lord of life and death, he said: “Nothing, Kama will not die, but will now live in non-corporeal form.” That is, it will fly in the non-corporeal form and look for all of its victims, whom he would shoot these very flowery arrows. After that people will fall in love, not realizing. And sometimes in the most inappropriate candidates.


In general, all the works of the romantic in all countries, they are often built on this fact irrelevance of love. When a young man or woman falls in love with, respectively, the girl / boy. And, no matter what obstacles are – age, social status, wealth, India is the caste, the condemnation of other people – do not care, people still fall in love. In general, Romeo and Juliet. And, apparently, they are less likely had to love each other, but nevertheless loved.


And so full of all Indian mythology here these comparisons, that these moments – how much love can be misplaced, and all life is held as a continuation of all on the seemingly totally misplaced love. The whole world, it is ready to collapse, he is ready to become some kind of cash payment the world, the world of corruption, dry reason, the calculation, the world deprived of something sublime. And sometimes it seems that everything, the whole world is easy on the eyes absorbed by these greedy people who are in pursuit of some material things just begin to destroy the entire universe. And, apparently, this must come to an end: the first did so, second, third. And when all the people are so start to arrive, the world will disappear. Because the world can not exist on such principles. Some percentage of people with such motivations may be, but if it is more critical, according to Indian mythology, the whole world starts to fall apart simply.


So, to counter this collapse, sometimes Kama, in the most inappropriate places such engenders the highest feelings. And sometimes in others, it is not susceptible to these feelings. And thereby breaking this ferocious game of this world, to the whole world has not slid into hell. God Kama their arrows floral inserts spokes in the wheel of these terrible millstones that transform our ordinary world into a hell of a system where everything just suffer, suffer and eventually die, and in great agony. And, of course, that the whole world, as a rule, opposed to love. The world begins to sizzle in love and say, “Do you think / thought, and you weigh / weigh its actions?” Why? It is natural. Because all originate from the mind, the mind of the infernal doom. It is all painted. When you need to harness in one team and then the other, well, in general, all your roles are painted. And then suddenly again, and all breaks. And it’s not to everyone’s taste. Always do not like and do not like it. So, the reason for this – God Kama.


But we go further. “Spring – his charioteer, the spring breeze from the mountains of the Malay customize his war chariot.” As soon as spring comes, it’s probably a fact that the percentage of people in love increases dramatically. There is something in the air, something in the nature revive, that is to contribute to the emergence of love. And here and because it is said that “Spring – his charioteer.” Previously, there was no car, before all the inhabitants of heaven moved chariot. These are the carts on wheels, drawn by horses.


“Spring wind with the Malay mountain customize his war chariot.” Kama appears here as a soldier – he wins, just wins everyone and everything. Sometimes it seems that here the fortress of common understanding of the material, such awareness, meaningfulness. Well, not with any party not to undermine it. But Kama in his chariot gaining any fortress – anyone, any living being can not stand before God Kama. Even the most terrible tyrant who built there such power that no one feels it to him not approach, and do not do anything, even he is subject to God’s arrows of Kama, if he has enough good karma in this sense.


Because the gift of love – a gift of a very strong chance. Which ever you pull up, or you show all your negative qualities that you have inside. This is the kind of thing that makes it all appear then.

“And when, O daughter of the Snowy Mountains, Kama bless amazing shine your eyes, he easily wins the whole world, inspiring all beings love the passion.”


Goddess Sri, she is Parvati – she was the daughter of the Snow King Mountain. And so it is, and is sometimes called the Daughter of the Snow of Gori, as well as other names associated with the snow-capped mountains, and to the fact that it belongs to this area.


Clearly, such a thing turns out that God Kama – this is one of the most powerful gods. That is the one who wins in any ordinary sense of the word – in the battle, but in such an unusual manner. But why is he endowed with such power? Why he is stronger than all the other gods in this sense. It is only because of exorbitant or prohibitive Goddess Sri Parvati, we talked about that is the image of the Supreme, and we can not understand what kind of college. This is what is karma, is the one who controls this very karma. And it is very hard to even focus your mind, because this concept is not subject to our reason. So, in our world this way, the best corresponding to this higher reality, corresponds to the image of a beautiful young girl – or Goddess Sri Parvati. And as we have already talked with you, girl, sixteen years of age. Well, age is not a concrete, that is sixteen, and what is important – the youth. And it is – an absolute lord of this world.


All the gods, all karma, everything is subject to her. It is not subject to anyone or anything. It is higher than even the most powerful manifestations of even the highest gods and manifestations of the gods. It is above them. And Cam was a tremendous gift to awaken love, just as it says here, if he blessed an amazing brilliance of her eyes. It turns out that love is not of this world. God Kama, god of love, only brings in the world due to something which is beyond and this world. According constricting views, love and love come from an area which is not subject to karma, karma that is beyond, beyond conditionality.


That is why Love Yoga – one of the most important sections of Yoga. One of the fastest sections. It can be several lifetimes consecutive practice Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Kriya Yoga, a few lives carefully, step by step closer to this ultimate goal. But the person who feels the love that shot this arrow Kama God, he gets a chance to literally no time to overcome so many obstacles karmic his own self, to which in normal circumstances it would take years and years of life. And it follows from this conclusion that if you feel a love or love, it does not matter, in relation to someone or something, then that in itself is a sense – is the ultimate feeling. And in itself – it is the greatest opportunity, a springboard.


That is such an image. Here it is our world, in the form of a ball. Moreover, everything namesheno. There are lower layers, where life is hard and grim, there are the middle classes – is the level of a person, and there are top layers – is the level of gods. But all of this inside of this ball, and this ball is subject to the laws of karma. Even celestial being who lives as alleged in this paradise that can read minds, fly through the air, tell fortunes, which can magically create all sorts of magical things, but he is still subject to the law of karma. And sooner or later, around the end comes. Even the gods, whose life – is sheer delight compared with our life, it is still in the end it is doomed to suffer.


That even now in some place are people dying of hunger. They have nothing to eat, and they suffer from it. At the same time, people living in Moscow, which has a refrigerator full of food, but it also suffers, but by something else. From some, for example, emotional problems. So, a person who is dying of hunger, can not understand the problems of human well-fed. Fed the hungry in no way understand. Similarly, we can not understand that how this way, these celestial beings in their heavens, where everything is perfect, everything is wonderful, but life – a pleasure, and what else they may suffer on earth? And we can not answer this question, we will understand only when there would get. But in this respect, everything inside the sphere, the sphere of the universe, all this is subject to the actions of the law of karma. And anyway, where there is karma, is suffering. And only the Goddess Sri outside world, outside of karma, beyond suffering. And she occasionally sends news, both in prison, we are here in this world, and in any part of the world, in the form of love. As you know, the prisoner transfer file that it Census grill and ran away.


Here is a great blessing for all of us. And this is the greatest thing, like love, comes to us from time to time. A man on his goofy animal completely clouded nature manages to turn even the state of love, both for themselves and for others in distress. He was given a file that he sawed lattice, and he started a file that everyone around over the head beat. This analogy. So very often I hear that unfortunate in love, this unfortunate in love, fifth, tenth. Or something completely decomposed terrible that he’s here because of jealousy beat someone. Or, God forbid, killed. Or he killed himself or something else. That such sacrilege hear.


And even there is a point of view that it is better not let them be in love, and there is no chance to make things worse. There is no chance of escape, but there is no chance to make things worse. Because love – is the engine that makes manifest as positive mental qualities, and negative. What a wicked monarch, if he achieves his love, it is absolutely no one is watching and ready to commit a crime just to have the object of his love. The average person turns into a jealous man, who no longer thinks about the subject of love, how much is in these thoughts, where he begins to cheat themselves, jealous. And it begins to poison the life of the man she loves. This is the greatest evil in this world, even when such a gift in this dirty, perverted world turns is not clear what.


That is why love, in this world it is so ephemeral. It is a time effect, and then dissipated. And imagine if she had not dissipated? Once a person falls in love, then it is a long time under the impression that remains, and then it somehow goes, goes and comes to naught. Question: “Why Goddess Shri not granted to us immediately in love, which is not scattered, does not disappear. Once and for all “Yes the question that imagine gets this love such a dirty man, and he will start to do all sorts of stupid inappropriate actions – jealous and stuff. And while love will continue, it will continue to do so. And as soon as the love fades, it is clear that he will stop the engine, and it will be just boring to do, because the object of his love will cease to be of any interest to him.


That’s why in this mortal world, and love is mortal. And if a man has an immortal love, and the man becomes immortal. That’s why everyone here it is given as a snowflake in snow that falls on the arm. Here it is, and suddenly disappeared, melted, vaporized, and there’s nothing left. And you ask himself: “And if it was a sense of reality, or do you come up with it myself” And another question that the feeling there was something, but we’re your hot, bad breath is destroying the subtle, subtle beyond. We instead is to cherish, protect and somehow multiply, we have, on the contrary, are trying their dirty paws to grab for it, and, as a result, demolish. And the more we want to grasp the object of love, the more quickly in our hands there is nothing left. And what is the object of love from us more than eliminated, the longest on it enough.


And one such bundle with Yoga Love, but a purely practical. How to make sure that if you are in love, save the love, as long as possible? Silly inexperienced person says, “No, this love will never disappear,” A prototype, which was already not one nor two, nor three times, he realizes that everything in this world of continuous change is changed. And it will change. And he is not so sure of himself. He starts with the finest gift very well do. Just as the archaeologist who found an ancient manuscript, which literally fall apart if to grab him. He encloses a place he does not touch his hands, but only with the help of special devices. It monitors the humidity in every way, for differential pressure and temperature. Here it raises purely practical methods of Yoga of Being in Love.


And how to behave if you covered this feeling? Teach this, of course, only in yoga ashrams, and only those people who, in the first place, and this is the first condition is that they must prove that their motivation is pure. Secondly, they have to prove their lives, that they are committed to the path of self-knowledge, the path of liberation, that they do yoga. That is what they are paying this subtle, spiritual much attention. It is only such people are taught, no longer teach anyone. Why? It is grim cases. Man out of love commits suicide. It’s a terrible blow, first of all, by the one you love, it even looks like some kind of sacrilege.


Or, say, one does not adhere to religious beliefs, he is interested in the state of love itself. But it is not yet enough experience to understand that everything material – incoming. What is not worth too much to strive for wealth, power, prosperity, to some such material manifestations. What is thereby, if you start too strive for this, you will surely begin to play. And explain that if people before himself not cleared, it is too late, if love came. That’s why, even if someone falls in love, but did not receive these instructions before it is generally such people is difficult to teach love. Love must be taught before she came.


I hope that will someday be whole institutes, where young girls (mostly women suffer from this) will not learn all sorts of rubbish, such as courses “on ohmureniya 10 days” and will examine meticulously way a science. Perhaps this was, and probably all the princesses, kings and queens of all these sciences were taught. That’s why they were happy in their marriage, as opposed to the common people. The aristocrat differed from the mob? And that soul and that soul. Both the potential and the God. But one aristocrat, and the other not. Exactly this knowledge delicate nature of life, the nature of the universe.


So God Kama – he is a carrier of the highest gift. “And when, O daughter of the Snowy Mountains, Kama bless amazing shine your eyes, he easily wins the whole world, inspiring all beings love the passion.” There allegorical moment of Yoga: The Goddess Sri, this beautiful girl of sixteen, the owner of this delightful, surprising look, it has many names, one of them Tripura Bhairavi, another Tripura Sundari. Everywhere there is such a thing as Tripura. Tripura – three of the city. In short, I recall. Once darkest demons created three cities, flying through the sky, and it was impossible to beat them. You attacked one town, the other two attacked you. And only then, due to the fact that all three are lined up in a row at one point (and there was such a magic arrow – if you shoot it, you could destroy one city, while the remaining two would remain), so here they are all lined up, and one shot had been destroyed.


From the perspective of Yoga – is a myth. This practice by spiking energy bodies of the human arrow Kundalini. You can for a long time engaged in yogic practice, you can clean one center of power, which are called chakras, after another. And there are three major obstacles in the path of the Kundalini energy to it reach the top of the head. Three main groups of the most powerful places, as stated in the same book, Maya is strongest. Or, on the other, where ignorance and dark motivations opposed to spiritual knowledge, the most powerful. And these three cities, or three groups of chakras correspond to the gross body, subtle and causal. And it turns out that we start to clean the gross body, and we dumped the dark thoughts and grim experience of the causal body, there are two other enemies start to attack us. We are starting to do their own thoughts, and suddenly feel that the physical body brings. We begin to be engaged in the causal body, and then start thinking some inappropriate to appear in our head.


This three such obstacles, three demonic obstacles in the human body. And Tripura Sundari, the very name of Tripura Sundari – the beauty of the three worlds or Tripura Bhairavi. Bhairavi – it’s terrible. This is when the Goddess is in a terrible countenance. If you see this iconography quite fierce, which is a European hard to perceive when the deity portrayed quite scary – they are there with swords, etc. It is like a reverse side of the Goddess Sri. Goddess Sri – All-Blessed, she gives, as we have read, more than you are able to ask for, or even wish. It comes to people who understand what it is, and that access to it and who live according to that knowledge. For the materialistic people, atheists, non-believers in anything stupid and hypocritical, it appears, as it were, in the form of their wrong side: in the form of suffering, frustration, some terrifying facts of life.


Why? Because a man who told her “no.” That’s why, from the perspective of Yoga, ordinary atheism, not enlightened, but ordinary, materialistic, stupid, vulgar atheism, he is doomed. Because thus runs the other side of reality. If you say that there is nothing pure, and live by these rules. If you say that there is nothing subtle, and suffer from the rough. Man lives as he wants to live. Of course, it is not clearly expressed, because otherwise it would all have been realized, but, nevertheless, it is.


It turns out that on the one hand the image of the Goddess terrifying, all these three cities demons. Because people in their demonic aspirations to wealth, power, ignorance, ignorance of such brazen with a sense that they are right, sometimes they begin to assert these thoughts around him everywhere. And then all of a sudden the situation changes. And this demonic thoughts come to blows by the gods, who begin with these negative thoughts contend. Because while the person is inside holding, it does nothing. But when he begins to distribute it, the universe begins to play by his own rules.


You know what the tragedy of an evil man? He is an evil among the good, and this is its strength. But as soon as he was very angry for a long time among the good, the kindness goes, and everyone starts to play by his rules. And then he turns evil among evils. And this evil is much stronger than the evil inside him, and it will simply be crushed. This is the negative part of life, it is what is called a whip. And it’s scary.


But in these texts speak about something else. What do these three cities, full of asuras. Here, the three cities is meant not the outer world and our inner body and our internal dirty thoughts, actions, etc. So, when there is love, God Kama wins all three of the city very easily. That is, it pierces all these three demonic town with all of our internal sins, just playfully. And it comes at a time of love. That is why Love Yoga says that if you renew your status of this love no one more than a certain fixed time – everything you have won. You won it! And you do not need or do yoga or not to practice yoga or breathing a special way by constricting or simply breathe, or do asanas, or do asanas, or meditate or not meditate. That is, everything is meaningless. You reach all and so that we should achieve.


But usually dirty man, of course, he starts to interfere with this process. He begins to rebel, and not because it is not strong – a very powerful effect, but because it has what is called free will. And if he persists and begins to speak: “No! No! I do not want, do not want “And apparently it is shown that a man falls in love, and at the same time starts the object of his love to do all kinds of evil: jealous of it, you know, as usually happens – such as love and the like, as we all sick of! this. That he thereby destroys itself is the highest phenomenon in the world. As a consequence, on the one hand, he destroys this love, it simply disappears. This is a very delicate matter, this matter is prohibitive, and it does not stand those dirty paws mercantilism. It is higher than the mind, and therefore all thoughts, they are still below – you can not think about it all. If this happens, then it should go. And if a person starts thinking, emotions, estimates there are some produce, the love begins to die. Because it is higher than the thinnest. This is what God Kama brings us to the other side of cause and effect. This is what is karma.


But, on the other hand, it is something that can accelerate, as the unfolding of karma, or just moving beyond karma. Here is a strong and very dangerous drug. Either heal, if a person uses it correctly, or become a terrible poison that poisons the very same man. Either exalts, or throws down. And that’s why, again, tend to teach this science only those who have passed the period of monasticism. That is, if you went through a period of monasticism, if you are in that time to deal with their feelings and motivations. If you cleaned the body, the mind, the causal body. If you’ve studied science all related. Only then there is a chance that when the time comes this love, then you will not turn it into poison. A vospolzueshsya power to jump beyond the cause and effect.


And another little shtrishok. He concludes that there is a level of gods, where life is paradise compared with the way we live with you. But in fact, if you are using Yoga Love, you begin to live a life above a certain real sense, than the life of paradise. And here and pops up a term on nedelenii samsara and nirvana. Nedelenii world karma and the world outside of karma. That is, people still live in the human body and still subject to, on the one hand, the action of karma, but his status is higher than that of the greatest gods, sages, saints are above it. But still, he is still in this conditioned world. That kind of thing. Goddess Sri – is a direct method of release. Straight. He was here and gone.


All other methods – a method of gradually lifting from one floor to another. First, people living with bad karma. Then – a little better. Then even better and more. It gradually rises. It takes more time. You, I repeat, whatever you was not karma, by the fact that there is this another chance, you can turn it into remission. That’s what I always said. Why, as a rule, all fairy tales end badly for us. They are there, in the East, good finishes, we have – it is bad. Romeo and Juliet died, something else, this fatal linkage between love and death. This, again, from the perspective of Yoga of Being in Love – a misunderstanding. Why? Because a pair of lovers in the rainbow dissolved the power of his love, as the ancient saints who have gone to heaven alive, as it is written in books. That seeing and understanding a person, he really understands it. A sightless man more inclined to interpret this phenomenon as death. You were, and you did not, what’s wrong? What does an ordinary person? Died. And what else? Think of something higher, it is necessary to have some degree of abstraction and already have some knowledge of the spiritual. And if they do not, that’s all.


The great Yogi Marpa disappeared with his wife in the rainbow. And now very popular a concept such as Tantra, Yoga Tantra. And in fact, all Tantra is based on this and more on anything. If Tantra is not it, throw all the books on tantra. All the exercises as they will not seem abstruse. If there is not, then this is not Tantra. Mutual pulling in the highest love – this is Tantra and sex orgies – not. But this is not so simple. Clearly, love without sex does not happen, it is impossible. And that is another question – since I have sex, and this is very good, and it is the greatest happiness, the greatest gift, the way again, to have sex so as to speed up and strengthen? Yoga Love based on such a large section, which is called Yoga Union. It is called Yoga sexual union, but simply put, it is called yoga sex. But we’re a little distracted.


So you see, here again and again, that love and love – it’s other-wordly gift. It is beyond karma. And it is from time to time, according to human karma happens to people. A person can take advantage of this gift and to carry out the entire Yoga in no time, and can only multiply their suffering. Donoso love, according to mythology, the God Kama. But it communicates only if there is this “amazing blessing shine in your eyes,” meaning the shine of the Goddess Sri eyes. Gloss her eyes – this is the blessing of being in love, on the highest level. At the very highest level, which can only conceive of a person.


Why is this not common knowledge? It is said that Tibetan yoga can fly through the air. Why, then, no one flies? I’ll tell you. Because one does not do. And why not do? Because it is not interested. They began to be interested in – they knew. And they knew – would start to do. And we started to do – to come to the teachings, instructions, more than they came. It is given only where there is a demand. Knock – and you will discover! If we aspire to something, it comes to us. I say, “This knowledge is nowhere! It’s only you here? “And I say:” Well, how do we have here? That there are people who are knocking. They come to me and say that it is important to hear about it. ” And I tell them: “Yes, you get through! Because I have a shred of knowledge. “


As you know, the root. Growing tree and its root somewhere deep penetrates into the subsoil. And if someone would call for the root reached him, then not immediately, but over time it will reach. In this sense, the teaching of Yoga, even here and now – it is neither more nor less, as a response to the Supreme to bring practical knowledge to the depths, they say. Therefore, love is given to all, a chance is given to everyone! And the operating instructions only to those who understand the meaning and even asks him!


That is, by the way, happens to all Yoga. That’s why even on the other hand, the dissemination of knowledge on Yoga – this is the greatest merit of the greatest good karma. If you have transferred the knowledge of Yoga at least one living person, and he even wondered what in heaven give you a huge fat plus. Why? You are given a chance. You do not warrant, whether it will use or not. But you, in any case, made from all the best. And if you ever helped a soul to find that it was necessary, then be sure that someone is there, and with regard to you will do the same. I always joke, but it is, by the way, it is not a joke. We have the biggest problem in the teaching of Yoga – is advertising. I do not know how to do it. Therefore, if you want to earn good karma, take a pile of printed advertising and just put it where the hand reaches. Sometimes – a shop, sometimes – something else. That’s the only thing that you can – you can give a chance!


And how else to convey? This is not your business – will reach it or not. This is Providence wills, will bring good karma if the right person to this pack of advertisement or not. Therefore, it is a curious thing that the proliferation of advertising turned a holy deed. Well, it is clear that despite what the advertising. And in the ancient yogic texts it is written that if you want to whitewash his karma, then you have to do certain actions: to build a temple, build a bridge, build a house (not a house for himself, but in general, for the needy). In India – is to dig a pond, dig a source (not for himself, not for some small group, but for all). Do something unselfish for all. If India and there: do exercises corresponding symbol (the Buddhists it – Lift stupa), printed books – multiply knowledge (there is another way – rewrite or pay to the scribe copied) recite ancient knowledge. Just sit down and read aloud an ancient book – it is a very great merit karmic. And, most importantly, to spread this knowledge further. If a person helped another person to obtain the slightest favor, then his merit greatly increases.


Do good deeds. But so that it was not for show. Here we have a professional beggar standing near the temple. He knows the habits of all, he knows how plaintive voice say, he knows how to dress, and it spikes, as they say, money. And all come and carelessly served, and it seemed like a good thing do. You must be sure that what you are doing. If you do good, you give alms, then you must work your intuition. If you feel that this rascal, then do not indulge fixers. No one will say – it’s just inside. No set of rules. So, these good deeds you can do a lot. And if you do a lot, then you correct your karma, and the likelihood that the necessary knowledge will come to you will increase. And if the knowledge will come, then, knowledge – is power, you are simply using them. How to map where the treasure is buried. And you take advantage of them. Like this.


Chapter VII

VII. Otyazhelёnnaya its large full chest as whiskey young elephant with a thin, flexible waist, belted with jingle bells, with a face like a full autumn moon, holding in his hands a bow, an arrow, the noose and goad, let it – the pride of the destroyer of three cities – seem in front of us.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Please explanations of girl image with the “big full breasts, as a young elephant whiskey.” Young elephants whiskey have a corresponding shape. And it is – a poetic comparisons to describe a form of beauty. “With thin, flexible waist, belted tinkling bells” – a way of meditation, to focus. Further in the text with “person, like a full autumn moon”, and there is an expression “Moon-faced”, “holding in his hands a bow, an arrow, the noose and goad” goad – is to drive, so stick sharp, her hunt pulled by animals. And “Let It – the pride of the destroyer of three cities”, is the destroyer of the three cities – is Shiva. We have already talked about these three demonic cities that were destroyed by just one arrow. These are three of the city – the concentration of vice and evil, and Shiva – the personification of God, who is always struggling with that. Shiva – the god of destruction. Generally Shiva – it is a grim figure in some guises. This – the destroyer. It is he who destroys and erases a powder. Such a violent manifestation of death – destruction. Why? According to these views, Shiva destroys all dirty, and all that hinders. All that the world is pulling into hell, so to speak.


And finally, the most important: “Let it seem to us.” That’s the phrase – the most important. First, given the image of “Otyazhelёnnaya its large full chest as whiskey young elephant with a thin, flexible waist, belted with jingle bells, with a face like a full autumn moon, holding in his hands a bow, an arrow, the noose and goad, let it – pride the destroyer of the three cities – will appear in front of us. ” We can not see it, or if it be the will of her. We are in the cycle of karma, conditioning. We have to get up and run to work, to do some things, and then go to bed. Then life makes us do other things. Life makes us then to go on a vacation resort or to the country. Then life forces us to go back to work, and still do something. And so in different matters we pass our whole life.


And we are again, in this image – the ball, which all concluded that due to karma, and karma it outside. That is, there is no good karma, so we saw it, but only Her Ladyship – seem to us or not. Generally, Sri Vidya Yoga – it’s one of the most fantastic Yogi. Without guarantees. Here people come and say, “I’ll do yoga and I’m losing weight by 50 kg?”. Well, there is a guarantee that lose weight. Indeed, there are methods that make so-and-so. Or a person comes to me and says, “Here I come to practice yoga, and I will fly through the air? Give me a guarantee. Otherwise, I will not go to you, if you do not learn how to fly through the air. ” Well, of course, difficult to give such a guarantee, though, as they say the ancient books, some sages and give such guarantees.


And someone comes along and says: “I want to predict the future, to see the past, and even through walls. That will do yoga. Give me a guarantee that it will attain? “Well, again, say that it is possible, engaging in certain types of yoga to achieve this and enjoy it all. What is the practice and there are teachers who bless the man, and he gets it. But there is another thing when a man comes and says, “I’ll see someday Goddess Sri?” And here, sorry, no guarantees. She’s outside. And if Her Ladyship, it seems, if it is not – it will not find it. You know, there are people who are constantly traded: “I will go to the religion, if executed my requests to God. That will begin to satisfy my wishes, I will believe. And I will not meet – I will not believe. “


And this bargaining everywhere is: “Will my work pay, I will work and will not – will not work!” In this way already introduced the law of cause and effect: so I’ll do this and that’s something to this and that. Most of the question that I’m in the plane of karma, and I see I in the plane of karma goes beyond karma? That is the very question itself contains the answer: “No, you will not see. And so it will remain. ” In the same way here.


Of great mercy given to us the image of our mind so that we can meditate, so that we can somehow become attached to this concept: Goddess Sri, the Supreme Goddess Sri. Image of ‘Otyazhelёnnaya its large full chest as whiskey young elephant with a thin, flexible waist, belted with jingle bells, with a face like a full moon, autumn, holding in his hands a bow, an arrow, the noose and the goad. ” It gives us a way, because the man at all hard to think abstractly. The meaning of the Goddess Sri beyond the mind, beyond all that, what the mind can think. It’s like falling in love. It is not that how love. Love is just a pathetic reflection of that. Could we mind think about love? No, he can not cope. But, nevertheless, we live on the level of reason, and we need to mind something to digest. For that reason, to his own – a very big problem for humans. And he begins to obstruct.


By imperial benevolence give this image. And again, no guarantees. But if you do so, thereby you zoom in the likelihood that it will happen. Again, there are no guarantees. In general, even the word “probability” is not quite appropriate. We once saw a piece of the Upanishads, and there are also about Self. Is it possible to conceive of Atman study books, reading mantras, performing meditation, etc., etc.. The answer is the same: “No, I can not comprehend this!” But, on the other hand, a person who sings the mantra, doing yoga, performing rituals, meditating, that’s the man the Self tends to appear. Atman is shown only one to whom he wants to seem. And if a person does so, the Atman seem inclined to this person. While it might seem, and the one who does not.


In the same way here. There are no guarantees. If it is Her will manifest in your life, then it will manifest. If not – does not manifest itself, no matter how much you something it did not do. But, on the other hand, if you practice this highest knowledge here Sri Yoga, you create good prerequisites to you pay attention. That’s looking at us with a level outside of karma, as the bank with fish. We swim in there and looking at us from the outside. Everything is seen. There beyond karma seen everything, and everything is clear. And therefore, as dokrichatsya? And it is not necessary in any way, just think. If you want to dokrichatsya, dokrichites to himself.


Why do we need rituals? Here you go to church, put a candle, something else to do. Do you think it should be God? Sneezing he wanted it. He reads your thoughts. He knows in advance what you will do. It is necessary for himself, so that you have realized thus that you according to his own will go to the temple and put a candle. And the more you will have this awareness, the faster may happen to the rest. That’s why the people in the temple and go. Not because God needs your candle. Not because He needs you to something muttered under his breath and looked at the picture. It is necessary for you. God did not do this. But you, you have to see it all. The same sense here.


Sri Goddess you may find it even if you do not know Sri Yoga. If it be the will of her. But, on the other hand, the very fact that you hear about it, we all have very good karma. Just by the fact of what you hear about what your karma can not tell you. It is a gift that came to you. That’s up to you came, is not to others, and may even be that never comes. The news of the Beyond before you reached. And it casts people. You know, sometimes there is a religious man, and he’s already lit the whole. The second does the same thing, but it is off. What is the difference? At first there is a sense of the Beyond, and the second is not.


That is the very fact that you have just heard about the Goddess Sri, you’ve got the dedication to Goddess Sri. One of the oldest, toughest. Sometimes people ask: “What is the dedication” This is your life when something changes. Moreover, changes in the direction unchanged. That is, changes daily, who come and go. And there is something that once came, never goes away. It is, for example, the realization of his Ya man, aware of his I remember him always. From life to life at any moment. That is, on the one hand, purely intellectual knowledge that this can be general. This is one part of the dedication – dedication of Consciousness. Congratulations, you have passed it.


Another part of the dedication – dedication Energy. This process is more time-consuming. You know, all these rites, but in churches, say something or do something, it is, in theory, the initiation of Energy. Well, of course, in the church that you are committed. As for the Goddess Sri, here too, there are different rites. So you should do a certain set of actions that are key to the lock, suitable to the human mind, soul, body. And you will not only begin to understand it, but it’s starting to realize and feel.

Next time. Keep it in your hands the bow, the arrow, the noose and the goad. There are many explanations purely symbolic, why this set of objects. I do not want to touch them, because, first of all, in different texts of several different explanations. It has, on the one hand, a purely practical point, it is necessary to visualize it this way, with this set of attributes. As the cross for Christians as a crescent for Muslims, or Buddhists stupa. Here in the same way it is given a certain set of attributes. And meditating on this image is called “meditation with attributes”. That is a manifestation of transcendental meditation in some form. Beyond, of course, it is above all forms. But our meager intellect is hard to understand. And Goddess Shri for his mercy has given a way for us to somehow cling. Otherwise, we are very difficult to think about it in the abstract. Therefore, if a person begins with this way of thinking, it then goes further. In the future, he understands more and more fantastic, other-wordly image of it all. If not, then you should start with this.


In Ramakrishna has a very beautiful words, when Vivekananda asked him: “What is God and why God draw it so, something else,” and he replied: “God is like the ocean. Giant ocean with a lot of waves. Today he is one, and tomorrow he is different. And man is very hard to understand. So God in his mercy has thrown a small stick on the surface of the ocean. And there is something to cling to the mind. ” Boundless ocean, and here a little stick, this feature, for which the mind can be hooked. And this is the image of God, or in the form of an image of the Beyond. Man practicing this yoga achieves first so-called samadhi with an object. And then he overcomes even this samadhi the object. That is, the stick is no longer needed because a person perceives the ocean.


Question purely practice: “How does it all do?” There are different approaches for how to play back the image. Sometimes the image in the blink of an eye pops up before the eyes of all the smallest details, and sometimes gradually emerges as the picture shown. We mind’s eye all the clearer, sharper and more clearly begin to see. And sometimes it’s just a feeling that the image is. We are not even that to see it. This degree of fitness of the mind. There are people, artists, any image they can imagine absolutely, in great detail. There are people whom it is hard. There – the same thing. On the other hand, if you are not able to concentrate on the long way mentally, even though it is considered one of the most powerful practices, then draw it. Sit down and draw freehand.


Our mind is very difficult to focus on the essence of the image of Goddess Sri – too it is incomprehensible. It is, on the one hand, very clear, very simple, it – the essence of our deep consciousness of our in-depth experience, the essence of our heart, our Ya But on the other hand, we can not conceive of it, it is too the highest. It’s a beauty. And even a small ray of beauty that brings a person in full samadhi.


Comrade, who has studied the Renaissance artists could spend hours to consider any landscape or a portrait of a beautiful girl. As in ancient Greece, where all the sculptures are very beautiful, and they can be seen for hours. And he kept some reproduction searched and here it is, finally, saw her and literally fell into a trance. He spent three or four hours, considering it. He forgot about the time and about everything – a man absorbed in this way, just about all forgotten. Approximately the same thing, only in a much greater extent, is happening to people who suddenly begin to see even the slightest glimpse of the Goddess Sri. They are so absorbed by this wonderful, that they forget about everything. Forget about small disorders, about the external world. Everything seems dull in comparison with the bright-shining, all seems so unworthy to spend their emotions.


We have emotions. I remember my childhood terribly annoyed by any radio or television broadcasts, and now they do not touch me, why? I do not even see. My mind and my energy is not there. And so, I was very hard on this area once hooked, I have been doing their other tasks, for example. And just as a man who sees it fine, he does not notice nothing more. But everything else – it is meaningless if you can see it here. Just when I read detective or some interesting book, and I do not care – there is advertising on TV or some boring transfer, I see nothing, I hear nothing. I do not care. And I sometimes ask: “Did you see? You’ve seen? Well, it is necessary somehow to rebel or to justify or condemn! “And I catch myself thinking that I really do not care, I do not touch them.


And the same thing, it happens with people who are beginning to see the reflection of Sri. Everything else they care very little. Why? Because it is the basic postulate that the whole world was created only in order to know Shri. But each person needs a different way to come to an understanding of this concept. And having come to an understanding of this concept and gone through this experience, this practice further. Therefore, so many different options to bring human. But if you hit upon, at least a small footpath, you will no longer need to search for new paths, you are already starting to move on this. Therefore, people who practice yoga or some kind of practices … That’s a mathematician. One saw in mathematical formulas beautiful and accomplished, he could see no more, no less, as the harmony of the universe. He saw the Lord God to these formulas. And, of course, I have no interest in more in his life was very full, full.


So, if a person feels at least a little ray of beauty Goddess Sri, he forgets everything. But this ray, usually manifests itself in a very specific form. For math – a mathematical formula for this boy, who studied the painting – a very specific pattern, and so on. But it is always a concrete form: the sound, the image, the writing of this formula. That’s the way we are organized, we need a clue. And very ancient sages, who gave us the Sri Vidya knowledge, knowledge of “Ananda Lahari”, as like these images, in general, give us these verses “Ananda Lahari”. Each of these verses can be one or another aspect, one way or another, reflecting on that, we can see this little ray – a reflection of Sri.


Once again – very hard to think about abstract things, therefore, are very specific things. And here it is just a given one of the finest images. Because the problem of translation, “Ananda Lahari”. That sometimes ask me: “Excuse me, but why is this translation, when, in Sanskrit, there are many different translations?” Of course, I leave these questions unanswered, because everyone has the right to be translated. In every tradition, there are some nuances that can be understood or not understood. But in our tradition – a three-level comprehension “Ananda Lahari”.


The first – and the second – in the form of concrete, the third – in the form of limit and specificity as those or other practices and so on. And to understand the need to first of all the soul, and then the shell body. That is roughly the same concept. First we need to understand the meaning. At this point, and so the translation should be based on this principle of beauty. Sometimes I say that we can translate differently. What is obvious here is erotic indication to full breasts, and so on? In the future there will be even more frank, sensual description. But it should always be remembered that it is a confession of admiration as the boy who admires a girl. But this image is not random, because it was the admiration felt by the young man in front of a girl – it’s the same admiration, made according to the same pattern when Sri opens.


That is something so absorbing that something so comprehensively excellent, which affects all aspects of human perception. As an intellectual, and just as beautiful in form and sensual in all its manifestations, including feelings between man and woman.


And here is the description given by:. “Otyazhelёnnaya its large full chest like a young elephant whiskey” When the elephant is young he has whiskey in form very similar to the female breast, it is considered one of the most beautiful comparisons. If you do enough studying mythology, thinking of ancient India, that there is some kind of recognized words, expressions, as we say “fair maiden”. A foreigner can not understand it that red? He drinks a lot? Or “Red Square”. Some there are moments stereotypes entrenched in the culture, and, accordingly, they are transferred to the spiritual practices. So it is given a very specific image of a young girl. Such a manifestation of something very, very beautiful. More “tinkling bells belted” – this is, again, decoration; “With a face like a full autumn moon” or otherwise say “Moon-faced”.

Comparing women with the moon quite beautiful, in the verses of love, which in that culture was. And then go to a specific attribute, “holding in his hands a bow, an arrow, the noose and the goad.” Once again I remind you that a goad – that, in Russian, drive. Not slang when you are given some kind of nickname. Goad – is a tool to make the animal move faster. You can understand that depicted four hands. Ancient Goddesses in India portrayed multiarm. And here already added aspect. Before that was the aspect of energy, such an image was given – a beautiful young girl. And, on the other hand, given the consciousness aspect, because each of these items represents, represents a very specific feature or action. And in this regard, of course, there are many different interpretations that each object represents.


How should we understand this? Here is a beautiful girl, she walks down the street, nobody touches, but his presence it makes something happen. A lot of young people drop out of everything and directs all their attention and all his interest. And priorities change in their lives. They are starting to do something, or something is not done under the influence of this force center. Someone is trying to get acquainted with the girl, and thus begins to recognize that this girl is studying in such and such a school or in a certain university. And this young man is there, goes, only one hope, somehow intersect, meet. That is, on the one hand, and the like have no effect, but on the other hand, have a very specific action is performed.


And like that, the way these attributes, it is, on the one hand, a fine, but on the other hand, it begins to move the yogi specifically to certain actions and to those or other spiritual feats and deeds. Because our mind is often an inert mechanism. And we will even all the conditions for practicing Yoga, but we will find a million of any minor cases to be urgently needed, not only to practice yoga. And when this little ray of Goddess Sri there, it is really like to drive, it makes us forget everything petty, undignified, in order to strive for this beautiful image.


But here again I want to emphasize that in our tradition, this is the conversation of the second and third level – more specifics, practice. And to me it is important that you are understood, why are those or other attributes. That is, on the one hand, this is a hint, a clue that every object has its very specific property, have on the human or that action.


And further: “Let it be – the pride of the destroyer three cities.” Destroyer of the three cities – is Shiva. Pride destroyer of the three cities – is a friend of Shiva, that is it, Goddess Sri. “Seem to us” – an appeal. Why? Because, as I was telling example of this boy and this reproduction, which he saw. You can imagine that this book with this reproduction of a plurality of leaf per day, a lot of people, but no one sees, or what she does not have such a strong impact. Here you get up tomorrow morning, you will leave at dawn and see the beauty around them. And this beauty can put you into a trance, and you can achieve samadhi of experience here that beauty of nature in the morning. And thousands of people wake up gloomy, unhappy, angry, they do not look as if you are watching, you do not notice. Be in front of them though itself a universal beauty, but if a person wants to see, he said: “I do not want to see!” And he does not see.


Therein lies the property that, on the one hand, we see what we want to see, but, on the other hand, we are not able to make manifest the Goddess Sri. Goddess Sri manifests itself, if it sees fit. And it is rather a call, please, if you will even cry. “Let it – the pride of the destroyer of three cities – will appear in front of us.” And as soon as she seems. And what, through what it seems? It may appear here in such a manner that there is written. If you will then further explore the second, the third level of “Ananda Lahari”, it will be very specific meditation. That is, you hold in your mind the image, cutting off all other thought forms interfere. And while you control the flow of prana, that this image has become stable and the center of concentration of your mind I was completely absorbed in this way.


This is the highest Yoga. And you reach such a degree of concentration of the image that it in front of you will be more clear, than all the world. He seems to manifest itself. And as soon as it will appear, as will be shown, and all the properties that this image is endowed with. All the aspects of certain forces show up. It’s no secret, if meditate on one or another way in Yoga, one begins to acquire certain abilities or even hit. This is the secret of yantras. Or images of deities. That is, if a long time to focus the mind on it, the person wakes up in the same properties, which has this image on which it focuses. And you get a lot of superpowers. But you must remember that supernormal ability and the ability to see Sri – a disparate things. The ability to reach over time, superpowers also achieved over time. But the manifestation of the Goddess Sri – it is Her grace.


You can have all the supernormal, for example, a particular practice. But the Goddess Sri would like you to escape. And because there is given the appeal that “let it – the pride of the destroyer of three cities – will appear in front of us.” And if, after it seems, you, as an artist, zarisuete this way, then later every person who looks at it will not help to fall. Therefore, there is the so-called sacred images. That is why the young man who saw the proper reproduction, fell into a trance. Why? He passed on the condition that the artist who painted this picture. This so-called non-verbal transmission of knowledge. Not through words and through language, but through some pictures. But you need to be on the same wave. Although there are images that act at all, the person knows or does not know. Just look at the image as immediately performed this action.


So, if long practice yogi continuously keeps the image, once again: “Otyazhelёnnaya its large full chest like a young elephant whiskey, with a thin, flexible waist, belted with jingle bells, with a face like a full autumn moon, holding in his hands a bow , arrow, noose and goad, let it – the pride of the destroyer of three cities – will appear in front of us. ” After this long, long practice of focusing your mind, and you will no longer think about anything, only the image will be displayed in your consciousness, you will begin to acquire many superpowers. But if Sri indeed manifest itself, and if you are an artist, and if you zarisuete this way, then it becomes a totally magical image.


It is for this reason that the East is not accepted to sign the paintings and sculptures, or to subscribe to the poems. Indeed, the fact that it was Shankaracharya wrote “Ananda Lahari”, sometimes I even hear some controversy over whether or not he and he caused just by the fact that it was not accepted your person somehow stand. It just dawned, it came — use.


Chapter VIII

VIII. In the ocean of nectar center is an island of precious stones, covered with groves of trees of heaven, to fulfill all desires. The island has a palace of stone Chintamani, which is surrounded by a garden of palm trees INPE. There, on the bed, supported by four gods – Shiva and others – is your abode. In this box you – top – by Paramashiva. Truly happy are those who worship you, O Wave Consciousness and Delight.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So remember, what we are doing here at all. We consider one of the most mysterious and mystical sections of Yoga. So, we touch with you one of the most, the opening and closing of branches in the Yogi. And what do they say here. Let me briefly remind you. The fact that there is something higher, and it is prohibitively higher. It is the law of cause and effect, it is thought, it is higher than all thoughts. It is karma, it is very big, it transcendent. We can not say anything about it, we can not say absolutely nothing, because all of our words in this world, and here it is – above, beyond this world. We are here, we are in this world of conditionality, karma. Each of us has a karma, every thought we think, act, in general, is determined by our previous thoughts or actions.


How is it manifested Higher? One of the most powerful manifestations of the Supreme as Sri Goddess. The image of a girl of sixteen. We can not imagine what it is, in principle, can not. We can not even understand what it is, we can not even figure out and make themselves at least some understanding or some kind of binding, because we are at the bottom, we are in karma. At the same time we are given a clue to our minds – if we think about these attributes, so these attributes in this Supreme, it is higher in His mercy will manifest in our lives. Or it may not appear as he pleases.


Again, there are all sorts of forms of higher deities are quite different, and here the Goddess Sri – image of a girl of sixteen. If you want to understand the essence of this approach and the general sense of it all, imagine a beautiful girl of sixteen. And that all the text is dedicated to her. It’s like the chanting of her beauty. But, in fact, like any yogic text, he made quite tricky. This is one of the fundamental treatises on Kundalini Yoga. That is, it can be understood in two or three keys. But what would you like? Now full of clever men, who treat it solely as a treatise on Kundalini Yoga and, as it seems to me, is not always correct (it is necessary to know well-Sanskrit, it is necessary to know the tradition, what it is necessary to know a lot more).


But you must understand that in the first sense – is a poem. This, for example, the young man could give a product of his girlfriend. This emotional state of communication with the transcendent, which is karma. We are all in karma, we need a very long time to do yoga every day and long hours, the white light is not visible. Your life is in theory should be hopelessly out of work, yoga, work, yoga, care for others, to do some good things, and then, without any guarantee that you will achieve something. There’s no guarantee. Yoga does not give guarantees. More precisely, you will receive with each step more and more. Yes, you will learn to read minds, fly through the air, walk through walls, predict the past, present and future, to make the magic pill, become invisible, and yet there are two dozen of all attributes. But you have been, and will remain within this sphere of our world due to karma.


Just imagine the scope of it – the field of action of karma. Other creatures are at different levels. There are what we would call hell – a very bad life, gloomy. There is human life, which is itself sometimes becomes hell. There is a world of the gods, where the superpowers are manifested in the same way as natural our abilities. It is clear that in the world of hells, there sadly, people in the world – is a balanced frontier world, the most valuable. Then there is the world of the gods, but it is too good to think about some kind of spiritual knowledge, so if in the long run. And there is knowledge, knowledge of which reached all knowledge. There is the science that takes us beyond everything, including the gods and worlds. Now we have loads and loads of people are fond of aliens that allegedly intelligent green men somehow are looking at us from space and in every way we preserve and cherish. Or conversely, do not let us live.


To the past, in the Middle Ages, they would say that it is the world of the gods – they have there hit. But they are also subject to the law of cause and effect, they are also subject to karma. I remember, we talked about it the last time. Right now in Papua New Guinea sits a local native, and he’s just jealous of our lives, because we can go on a self-propelled carriage, we do not fast, and we do not need every day to go hunting. And he sees our world as paradise. And it is due to be born in our world. And we dream of something else, we have some idea and we will find ourselves there. And at the same time there is something that is above all that beyond happiness. What would have been the greatest happiness, it is only a weak reflection of this level – this level is it outside. This level of Goddess Sri. More precisely it is the level of the Beyond, but we can not afford to say it like this, because we still have not developed brains. I say again, that in general, in theory, we should be in terms of Yoga work and work, as Carl Pope, every day. And then, again I say, without hope that we will achieve something.


And there is mercy, and a gift – it is a way out. Someone asks, “Why in such attributes have to think about the Goddess Sri, why not others?” Yes, there are many other areas, branches, where are the other attributes of the Supreme. But we are now considering what is, in general, the heart of Yoga, Tantra heart. And here we offer college that way. And note asymmetrically. Usually they say: “Well, if the men opened a Goddess Sri, albeit for women opens a little differently.” Here are a few in another aspect it goes. For men, it opens in the form of Goddess Sri, and women should feel myself Goddess Sri. This asymmetrical in this regard.


And this verse, it is multi-level. Firstly, it is a poetic description of the beauty in which the Goddess Sri, and how it is necessary to meditate. It’s a very serious meditation. Well, it is a wonderful thing, the ocean of nectar from the island of gems, fulfills all desires (note). And in the end it says: “Truly happy are those who worship you, O, Consciousness and Delight Wave”. This is such specific images for meditation. But it is very difficult topic to understand, even for any hardened yogis, philosophers. Sometimes I begin to talk to them, and just from impotence, I begin to feel that they do not understand a damn thing, what I’m saying. Just perfect.


This Higher – It prohibitive, It is attribute is quality, regardless of properties. But at the same time, we have given as the ladder of the qualities of those properties. If we meditate and practice to do according to what is said here, there is a chance that we will reach this level outside. Usually they ask: “Why is this combination of attributes, and why the skeleton of precious stones, and not the field or even something else?” We can not say, because it has been given over to us up. Why it has been given so as not otherwise why we have it in a form and not in the other? And this is how we were lucky. We – the tradition bearers. There is a tradition and is transmitted, what is going on and passed. Those who heard the good karma has enough to think about and use. And who has not heard, perhaps, that just will not let karma.


It reminded me briefly, what we do here. Now, on the other hand, such specifics. The specifics of the following: it is – a treatise on Kundalini Yoga. And under the Goddess primarily involve itself Kundalini energy enclosed in every human being, which is at the base of his body. It is a thing difficult to understand and quite prohibitive or uncomprehending. Then the following describes. After Kundalini awakens, it reaches the top of our head, which merges with Siva, with Consciousness. We remember that at the base of our body is energy, which is called in the ancient tradition of the Kundalini, coiled. And when she wakes up and rises higher and higher, it reaches the top of our head. But again, in the subtle body, and this binding is relative to the physical body. But where we feel the crown of the head, about the same yogi feels that he merge.


But it’s not in our physical world, it is – parallel space. Or I do not know, someday maybe somebody something clever to say on this subject. So here is the seat of this goddess. But, on the other hand, it is already there resides. And it built a lot of practice, imaging in Yoga, in Tantra Yoga first and foremost. That, in a sense, the energy is already there. Although it below, but it is already there. And the clearer and stronger this image is, the more it will manifest.


Now, what is this level? What is the nectar of the ocean with the island of gems? Who passed phowa remember, there was mention of the Pure Land. That is why we need phowa? In general, in the universe, and it obschetantaricheskaya tradition, there are only two places where you can engage in spiritual practices. The first – the earth, not heaven or hell, and only the Earth. In heaven too good to do something spiritual, into hell too bad. The second level is Buddhists – Pure Country. In shivaistskoy tradition called Mount Kailash, where Shiva dwells. Or that’s how it is said here that this level is still below the level of the thousand-petalled lotus, beyond which there is no duality, that is, there is no difference between I and Not I, between God and man. This is generally something wonderful. But the difficulty lies in the fact that we have about this even can not think coherently. Brains are not running, brains below. Anything above this center, there brains do not work, because there is already a level of intuition. And then it disappears and intuition, and in general there is nothing left.


And the second level, where it would be nice to do yoga. And this level, as stated above Ajna, but below the Sahasrara. It is such, if you like, an intermediate level, where the image is located. Well, sometimes they say that it is located in the pericarp of the thousand-petalled lotus, that is, on the border, and just above absolute. And there are still all these images. And the practice is quite specific. At this point you contemplate this ocean of nectar, which is higher than the level of the mind – it is extraordinary. And there you are creating, there you can see exactly what it says here: “In the ocean of nectar center is an island of precious stones, covered with groves of trees of heaven, to fulfill all desires. The island has a palace of stone Chintamani, which is surrounded by a garden of palm trees INPE. There, on the bed, supported by four gods – Shiva and others – is your abode. In this box you – top – by Paramashiva “. Even you now this process in some ways has already been made. But you have to realize it. Why is it done? Because Kundalini energy is never completely dormant. It is partly awakened, partly asleep. Small emanations are always there. All manifestations – is a manifestation of the Kundalini energy as any other we have no energy.


And given such an image. Once again I want to emphasize that many pundits are starting to cling to, with compass and straightedge: find the letters, multiply and divide by five to twenty, and find the distance from the moon to the sun. We love this thing. Aha, here coded some knowledge that is necessary to drive through the computer, and then something else, turned inside out and there is something out, some form of explosive. Well, that’s nonsense utter. Although the funny thing is that these texts, they are magical. In fact, do them over all these procedures, and, in fact, it turns out. That is the paradox. Firstly, it still was in the verses, but I want to draw your attention that you can just go open. You do not have to do mine, you can go through the door. But for this you need to understand that, first of all, your emotional state Supreme perception. It is in these attributes. A complex topic, it is hard to understand.


That such an image is given – this image of purity, holiness. That’s what I want to emphasize. You know, there are machines that sell soda, people have come up and throw a coin and he will give something. And a person who is suitable, click on any buttons, it knocked the side, and bang, and still worked the same way. That’s exactly the same here. There is a direct way, it is very fast, but this is the way, as if shaking off himself with the entire universe. Yes, why does it work? Because this is just one of the texts of yoga lovers. And in Yoga Love is such a moment, that if a person who is able to love, hold in this state of 8.5 minutes, then, in principle, it extends beyond this world. That is, this is the state closest to a state of love.


Then, of course, there is higher than the state of love. Status of love – it is like the last adjective that a person has, while he was still in the conditioned world karma. And then he dumps her and leaves. That is the most direct route, but it is a very difficult way. Eight and a half minutes, I do not know where this figure came from. Whether it is allegorical, it is so little, that if there is indeed any calculations. But, again, it is called love, and we have already said, the state when the idea of the object of love causes us pleasure and happiness, even if we do not have this object. We also all love and love – it’s a good likeness, because if the contact object of our love, we will rejoice and be happy, and if not, then we feel bad. And here, in principle, the very understanding of what it is, and if it makes you causeless joy and happiness, then you are somewhere in this has come.


Because it is the fastest method. It is natural, all natural life. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to understand. And some, to remove the most severe obstacles have to do different yoga. Strictly speaking, the different needs of Yoga where lacking. Not one hand because the other take fortress. And they serve only one purpose. Yoga is not engaged to gain good health, not for a good figure and the super-powers. Yoga engaged to prepare ourselves here to this process. Someone manages to make this process quite rude. He tries to wake up Kundalini rough, and if it did not pre-yogi, then it can be very bad. Because the human body is not able to sustain such a rush of energy. And the man just burn through. Here G. Krishna book “Kundalini. The evolutionary energy in man. ” Highly recommend. This is one of the few very influential books about how people in yourself awakened Kundalini, that it was then.


So, there are two approaches. Coarse and fine. There is an approach to beings who know and ignorant creatures. You can go ahead, you can go natural. So, as it was intended by the Lord God. Remember, one of the first verses of “Ananda Lahari” was as follows: “You – Fang Boar Muraripu who saved the land from flooding, for which the cost to dive into the ocean of birth and death” (third verse). The whole world was for something invented. We ran into this world for this purpose, and the purpose is very beautiful, very worthy. I recently heard a phrase that I really liked: “Life is too short to suffer it.” It is too short, but it is enough to enjoy a completely fulfill its role, and to go beyond this world. But we go in small steps.


Generally, the rate of passage of any? Very fast. In one life, you can do everything. If you have a human body. If it is, you can go out for a life beyond this world of cause and effect, karma, conditioning. In one lifetime, it says Yoga. But we are not quite hastily, we have it stretched to a certain number of lives. Ordinary people, they do not in a hurry, they have it stretched over a much longer period. And someone still manages to go back. Again, evolution does not start. That is for them to come up with what is called hell. Because there is momentum. But let’s not talk about sad things. We have a small amount of time, the one that is called “life”, and it is sufficient for your implementation, what would you have not been living conditions. But the question is, what to spend? We splurge on one thing – one thing we get to spend on other – get more. As soon begin to be interested in something – come necessary knowledge until we are interested in, nothing will come. As soon as they started to come, we will study them. Let’s get all the growing experience and changes in life. We will not do that – stop to the next life. And so on and so forth.


Again. This image is very beautiful. It’s like the Buddhists – Pure Country or World of Shiva, in some other religions as something different called it all very clever. And here certain points already on the device of our physical body, that this island is no somewhere outside the universe, it is within us. But this is almost a meditation. More precisely, there is a one to one between what is inside and what is outside.


Truly happy are those who worship you, O Wave Consciousness and Delight. ” Here are, again, some images and words, then this remark: “Surely they are happy.” This is a serious comment on the fact. It’s not just saying, sometimes to say something just to talk. And in this text, although it is very small, every sentence is under a very heavy burden. Now, there are just happy people, and are truly happy people. Just a happy man, he is happy today, and tomorrow is not happy because he is due. And here is the emphasis on the fact that it is – happiness, for which should not be a misfortune. There are things that we own them, we are happy, as soon as something is not our matter, then we become unhappy. And it turns out that all of these things, they are the bank. My friend one said, “I do not take money on credit. You take someone else’s, and for a time, and give their all. ” Here are some of the same series. What is the happiness of others, and not for long, and you give then, to pay for his misfortunes. Is there happiness beyond.


So that’s about the image. Here is God – omnipotent. He is what he wants, and it does, then it is God. He has no restrictions. He wants to take the shape of the cosmic mind, he wants to take the form of cosmic law Tao wants Heavenly Father will face a finger to the sky. He wants some other way to manifest. As he wants and so manifest his full right. That’s what God is, what He can do everything. And It can manifest itself in very specific attributes, and you have these attributes of grab teeth. This know you bait is lowered, and you’re in the ocean of birth and death, suffering, swim, already do not know where to go. And if you are given a specific meditation, concrete image, and you feel that, here it is, it is! And how is this determined? It is your inside I will start to resonate and ring: “It is! It! It! It is!” From the evidence enough for you, what will.

So you have to grab onto the teeth of those attributes in which it came. Came with a trident of Shiva, then grab him. Came Jesus Christ – let it be Jesus Christ. Came the cosmic law of Tao – all just for the cosmic law of Tao and cling. That is the beyond of his grace sometimes comes due in any form. It is higher than these forms. But it is out of His mercy gives us a chance, so we clung to him, and they pulled us out of this world karma, conditioning. And here you are now faced with one of the strongest traditions. Remember, the text is written Shankaracharya. This is the one who proclaimed such a science as Advaita Vedanta. And all the “ananda” – Sivananda, Devananda and so on. It was he who came up with eighteen or a certain number of religious orders. That is, he has played a huge role in his time in India. But it all works were entirely from the other side. This work did not even want to acknowledge that this is the work of Shankaracharya. They say that this is some kind Tantrikas mowed by Shankaracharya. I am more than convinced that it was written Shankaracharya.


So given your image. This is an image of this ancient tradition. And when you begin to meditate on it, you seize the step of leaving the train, and you go beyond.


Chapter IX

IX. Piercing the Earth in Mula,

                          Water – in Manipur,

                            Fire – in svadhisthana,

                               The air – in the heart,

                                 Ether – over the heart and

                                    Mind – between the eyes –

and so, going all the way Kula, Thou, O Devi, enjoying the compound with his master, Paramashiva in secret lotus Sahasrara.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here, of course, the sophisticated all yogis immediately evident that chakra, where the water principle is called Svadhisthana, but here it is called Manipur, and the fire must be in Manipur, and he’s here in svadhisthana like their changed places. But in fact there are a lot of controversial issues, I have quoted the original. It is written in the original. But analysis shows that, probably, there was such an unfortunate mistake or a typo. Here, you know, sometimes it seems that there is, in India, they thoroughly know everything literally remember everything, but that’s bullshit. They even “Rigveda” in triplicate, and different from one another. That is really creep error. But here, in this case, it may not even be an error. Because the origin of certain words (I just read a fairly serious analysis), which can be initially these centers just were called, and then someone had reversed. The principle of Manipur, he is closer to the mythology of the principle of the Water and the Svadhisthana – Fire. But here I am left as it is, but can be reversed.


And that’s what we have here. This is a direct reference to Kundalini Yoga. The energy that pierces the center of the center. And we remember that the main centers in the human body, called chakras – this is the principle of the Earth, at the base of the body, and so on, higher and higher. All of them are located along and around the central canal of the spinal column, which is approximately coincident with the spine. And here simply lists the steps by which this energy pronimaetsya up.


Once again, I want to say about this text. Who is full of all sorts of things about Tantra and about the other sciences paired practice between men and women. And, of course, when it comes in a pair, when two people begin to focus not on its own center, and on the human center, which is practiced, it is an order of magnitude faster. Here’s why Tantra Yoga, it is even in terms of the usual Yoga, faster. Here, of course, I once again want to emphasize that it is rather a poetic work that Kundalini energy is compared to the love with a girl who is at the base of your body in the area of the Muladhara. And on top of the head is her favorite boy, with whom she is madly in love. She rushes to him through the central channel, the same way as a woman runs on a date with a young man. And there, in the top of the head, they are connected. Connect to a loving union.


It says so: “Enjoy connection with his master, Paramashiva”. Here’s the other side of such a moment, why purely sexual plays such a large role in these practices an element of pair interactions? Because these are the moments that you endure beyond. If you are, again, within the tradition, if you are clean, and if you practice.


So, this girl, she was at first, as the sleeping beauty, sleeping there himself at the bottom of your body and dreams. You thus represents the most ordinary people. But it is just beginning to wake up, the whole world starts to fade. And, depending on how she starts to wake up, and the condition of your body, you start to experience certain emotions, certain vibrations. If you just wake her, she soon appears as a terrifying, consume energy more as a destroyer of Goddess Kali. Very fierce and very hard to destroy all unwanted darkening and all on the spiritual path.


That is, this energy when it wakes up and starts to rise, and, encountering on the way your karma contamination, it manifests itself as when the water runs into obstacles. That’s when she bumps into an obstacle, it is, indeed, a sixteen year old Shadashi. And if she bumps into an obstacle, it immediately transformed into a dark goddess Kali. Many of these generally gloomy incarnation of the feminine energy. It makes your life a living hell. As long as you do not give up their filth, yet not give up his evil, bad attitudes.


Once this obstacle is removed, it starts to climb higher. Each center correspond to certain human qualities. The lower center, the quality of these darker, very very close to the animal nature, greed, avarice, lust, and so on. The higher you go, the longer it goes hand in power, lust for power. Even higher manifest as jealousy. Even higher, as a hoax. Even higher is misleading. That is, as you progress through this energy, if this energy stumbles on pollution in a particular center, it turns out that beautiful girl, for instance, in Goddess Kali. That’s who this girl is? That is you (I mean women and girls), that you are in the prime of his purity, his spiritual aspirations, no matter how old you are. What is important is the principle character.


And this is the image that drives everyone crazy. Even great saints, which is the image of Goddess Sri, a reflection of, and sometimes it is manifested. And the last time we looked, the God Kama their jokes played very well. With some old sage Yogi, who won all their feelings, suddenly I fell in love. Everyone says: “Dear Guru, what is the matter? Well, how so? You are such an ascetic, nor to anyone not touched, no one else did not watch, but here are behaving like the last kid ?! “Because it is – a manifestation over. The manifestation of love above, it is transcendent, it is above reason. Brains do not work here. You can put down. But this energy is, in fact, it goes without encountering obstacles. But if we begin to associate themselves with the obstacles, we just start to tear to pieces. With terrible force. Our life turns into a living hell. It is on the verge of madness.


Once again I suggest to read a book Gopi Krishna “Kundalini. The evolutionary energy in man. ” Because now, in Moscow, I often hear: “Here, we have a seminar on Kundalini. Kundalini Rides. ” I do not want to say bad, but, in fact, I once met with some people who are seriously engaged in Yoga, is seriously doing something along the way. They’re already here and so vain that word did not use – too scary. Goddess Kali with their heads cut off, and the next head can be yours. Not fun at all. And, in principle, is the personification of your own is the energy that comes across on your own as pollution, and the process goes inside, and everything else outside. The process is internal, and it appears from the outside. He was hard to look inside, he saw outside, and there is no difference. It is very interesting mystical expression. So it is – a treatise on Kundalini Yoga.


And if you go according to the desire of Yoga Love, you do not encounter obstacles. Energy comes to the crown of your head, and you enjoy life. Just enjoy life, and your life – it is a delightful thing! Absolutely fascinating. And every day of your life in a good unpredictable. If you have dirt on one level or another, or you are other views on life, and what other opinions? You begin to tap other energy work. You know it from the straight road begins to deviate to the left or to the right, and there begins to clean it all. So if you are having a very serious discomfort. Very serious. And to deal with it in two ways. If you belong to the tradition – you spend through the central channel and leave quickly. If not, then you foolishly start to grasp at these worldly baits, and then it all starts to spin, and you begin to experience great discomfort.


Therefore, if the energy comes from the Yoga Love, then it goes smoothly, and if any other hand, even here you will have the motivation of mere intellectual knowledge of the world. All stuck. You begin what is called “kryshelomka”. If you threaten to something higher than reason, and you have to use the tools that are above reason. Otherwise, you will cut the branch on which sit.


So this verse on the one hand describes the human body device. There are different elements, and that energy as it passes, if it takes place according to the Yoga of Love, she meets obstacles. How to love a girl runs to meet his favorite, not noticing anything, and not perceiving the world in general. For her, this world to do, for it is only Paramashiva at the top of the head. And she was not tempted by any authority, to any attributes for which all the people sit down. A man in love in this respect, he does not care at all. He has his love, and the more he does not need anything. He will seek to his beloved.


If a person does not share this, it is the usual method of Yoga. A terrible and difficult way, where you have to take the fortress after fortress. One center, then another center, with famous downs, struggles and successes. If Yoga Love manifests subtlest energy Kundalini, the thinnest, from which you are crazy, you have the whole world simply faded, you are in luck. So, if you go by the usual methods, you, too, the process goes quickly, but you do it is the waves. One or the other center, when it begins to haunt, you begin these or other problems in life. That is a problem with one, then another, then you begin to roll wave of jealousy, you begin to be jealous of absolutely everyone and for all, the wave of greed. While it’s not gone. This is a common Yoga, although also very fast Yoga – Kundalini Yoga.


There is a comparison that very well describes it. You can, as they say, to master the power of a woman – rape her (for men). And you can just fall in love with her, and she give herself to you and she will be happy. But otherwise, it will resist, you will obstruct. Sometimes it seems to me that some attempts to harness the power of Kundalini, which is about the same way to seize by force the woman. With all the ensuing consequences. Accordingly, the same reaction. This is a rather scathing statement, but this is something there.


A lot of people who are flirting with it. Here, I want to psychic powers, like super-powers, want of another, fifth, tenth. Begin lightly is all done. This, too, is actually the way. Because there is another side a little – it’s your own wife and not some strange woman. That being said, the poor man hurts to not let yourself (here a sexy accent, you know). That is, it is not in terms of what you take something you do not belong there, you take something that belongs to you. It’s your wife, you are no different. But you take it by brute force. She screams, calls to the police, the neighbors come running noise and shouting. But then all the resort and asked: “Ah! There he raped you ?! Let us it now “And she says:” No, no, no! That’s my man! “That is such a duality.


I sometimes see such a scene, when a man drinks, the woman has. She calls the police, the police arrived, and she immediately begins to protect him. You see, this dual nature of women, unstable. That’s about the same situation. It is possible that his wife, a non-executable marital duties, but located in wedlock and who agree that you are her husband, to take by force. And you can spend a romantic honeymoon. That’s the difference between some crude methods and the usual methods of Yoga Yoga Love.


But, again, it is difficult to say anything. Sometimes there are such a bitch, that even the most advanced yoga do not have the patience. Moreover, sometimes very subtle, such karma that should be the first step to take by force. That previous karma was such. And that’s why in some Tibetan, say sources, there is literally everything. If you remember the Karma Kagyu as Tilopa, a very long time to break into the castle, surrounded by all kinds of obstacles. Then he saw the princess Dakinis, dressed in a beautiful dress. Ripped not her brocade these dresses, she threw on a royal bed and raped her. That’s how he attained enlightenment.


All, of course, it is always shocking. Lord, like people learn what is spiritual, and, at the same time, such inconsistencies. But for people who know what is at stake, people who understand all this allegorically. But, at the same time, when it happens within you, then consider that you are doing it physically. Because the strength of sensations and to inflame it one to one, or even more. And what other epithets Kundalini come when, for one reason or another person does not confess Love Yoga. It is very complex cause and effect, that if a person is dirty, then the energy of – bitch. “The widow with her husband alive” yet it is called. A lot of such moments. And sometimes you have to take the first step in this way. Here we have such karma. As they say, you have to take the power of his own wife, that she really was not a widow living with her husband. And some of it is this karma.


To this enormous amount calculated Yogi strong, where people do not speak too much about these highly delicate outrageous moments of causeless. And give specific exercises. Let’s you, my friend, give attention to breathing, Hatha Yoga has something to do, that is, take a minute you little wife a legitimate force. And for some, and only such works because they are unable to understand these intricacies. And, on the other hand, are interested in spiritual development.


And there are the higher forms of Yoga. Do not force anyone to take. But for this we must rise to. It’s like a Buddhist very respected Guru me, this was an expression. What if you’re chasing a woman, he would call the police. And if you arrive at the luxurious limousine, buy her gifts, will be with her courteous, gallant, it is very likely. Here about the same situation. If you have known karma, we have to take his wife by force. This is one kind karma.


That there are such people. They learn yoga because they are drawn like a magnet to all over. Supernormal, strength, power. There are such people, they learn Yoga in this regard, and they do yoga just for this. And there on such a thing. If you remember, we had a lecture on Spike six chakras. Just imagine that this energy when it wakes up, it all dissolves. And it dissolves all dirt. And if we do his own hand, took hold of a piece, I’m sorry, crap in your body, then it starts to release its first gently, like – you throw it, throw it, it’s bad, it’s a hand grenade, it explode. And if we are very good start for it to cling to, that energy starts to pull us together with your fingertips. Therefore, it is better to tear off his hand than it’s going to explode. And these people, they will sooner or later stumble upon it. Indeed their very life forces. They all reach the way. Oddly enough, many people really learn and get it.


But the question is, and whether they are happy? We here have already said that, but do you truly happy? You have everything. You are the president of the world, you walk through walls and flying through the air. Someone persists, and someone begins to understand. Think of Cagliostro in the “Formula of Love” when he said: “I have all I can, all I know, the only thing I still can not understand it as there is love.” In fact, the film is very wise, if you think about the meaning. What did Cagliostro? He was not interested neither power nor money, he still was. He was interested in only one thing. How can I simulate the feeling of manipulation, which is called “love.” Because he believed that love, love – that feeling generated, as if we have just said, the nerve impulses in the brain. Pressed on the three buttons – a man in love, he pressed on these four – vanished love. And he was looking for this combination to make this girl a love. He had everything he had reached that level, and then limit. There was even a phrase at the end: “I feel that up there still someone there, and he beat me.”


Because love is the one thing that is not based on this world. It comes as a ladder, beyond this world, beyond this karma. Or, as another explanation, in Kundalini Yoga – the central channel we lead outside. It is, on the one hand, in the world, and on the other hand takes us out of this world. And this basic feeling, feeling love, Love Yoga. And Cagliostro did not work – a magician, a wizard, was really all I wanted, and then I realized that he was unhappy. Everything is there, but there is no happiness. In this and all stops. Why do I need something, if I am unhappy? The man does not understand, the man says, “I’ll be happy if ..” And it starts “if” to perform. Then he made this “if”, three days ponaslazhdatsya said on the fourth day: “Yes, yes! But something is missing. If that’s still something … “And again long reaches” order. ” That is a constant “if.”


Similarly, with these abilities. I learned to fly through the air – I will be happy. Well, I flew, and then what? And there is no happiness. And it is at first sight a global truth simple, everyday, on the other hand – this is an extremely high level. Why do you need all this, if you are not happy? And if you will not be happy, it will go on there is something to learn. But, again, if it does not persist. Because there are people who persist, and then, as a rule, the universe starts to fight against them. It’s the age-old myth of Satan. The man who did not understand the Beyond, tops, and he is inclined to deny a college. Why? Because that is the next step. And it is within the karma inside the plane. And at the same time have supernormal abilities. This is what is called the devil’s existence – some super powers, but at the same time, the denial of the Beyond. It is clear that Satan does not rejoice. If he enjoyed life and was happy, he would not do a damn thing. And he works his wiles. This is, in fact, an allegory of man who seeks to supernormal not because of happiness.


Chapter X

X. Flows nectar flowing from your feet, watering the entire universe, through the power of pronouncing the sacred texts, which recreates the six chakras, dissolved, Thou, O Devi, was in Sahasrara by Kula; you are returning to your home and belonging in the form of a snake, coiled three and a half turns, You sleep in the cavity of Kula Kunda.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Sophisticated text for pronunciation and comprehension. Now I must say a few words about the theory of translation of ancient texts of the yogic tradition from one language to another. Whether Sanskrit, whether French, English, German or any other language. Translation theory is this: you have to bring the two parts of the text – the power of the energy and power of consciousness. Power of energy – when it is in itself a combination of certain vibrations in the pronunciation of the text works, like a mantra. And it is enough to say one time, which is equivalent to pronouncing a huge number of different mantras. This energy force.


The strength of the consciousness – is power, encased in the content of this text. With a certain stretch it can be called the information that is contained in this text. These two components. And in terms of Mantra Yoga, text translated from one language to another is as follows: you take the text and breaks it down into three components, three groups of mantras. In the consciousness of the mantra on Mantra names and Bija Mantras. Mantra of consciousness – is power, encased in the sense of the text. Bija-Mantra – is untranslatable vibration reproducing the voice that we are starting to play these or other energy spectra, and get them to manifest within us, outside of us, and in all the surrounding universe. And this aspect of energy. And finally, the name of the mantra – is one of the most complex components. Mantra names higher than the energy of the mantra and the mantra of consciousness. And take them very seriously to one group or another. Any text, by definition, is the mantra. And this mantra composite or component, which consists of three types of mantras.

What is the mantra of consciousness? Make no mistake. Remember this mantra ‘Tat tvam asi “, which translated into the Russian language with no loss of action, as” Thou art That “or” Shiva Ham “-” I am Shiva “or” I am Brahman and nothing else. ” They are translated, you can say in Russian, “I am Brahman and nothing else”, and if you understand what you are saying, that the mantra works. Can you say in English «I’m Brahman and anything other», and if you know what you’re talking about, it will also work. And you say in Sanskrit, respectively, “Aham Brahma.” This is the mantra of consciousness, and in them the most important thing for you to understand what you are saying, and what’s the point. What is the power of the mantra, Bija Mantra? It’s like the energy building blocks from which to build any building in this universe. This is similar alphabet, from which it is possible to lay down any word. And, accordingly, pronouncing the word, receive any item or any phenomenon.


There is no sense as such. In addition, that any Bija-Mantra is associated with a particular object or phenomenon. But even if you do not know it, even the mere pronunciation of it you still reproduce and understand. For example, the mantra “Ram”, the mantra of fire. Did you know that this is the mantra of fire, do not know, but if you’re going to say it and achieve success, Siddhi mantra, then you will get fire, and so guess it was a meter of fire. Finally, mantras names. With names difficult mantras as in anything else. By mantras names, but to use the word “sacred”, I even nothing comes to mind. They can not be attributed to the mantras of consciousness, nor to the mantras of energy – as if they are above them. These include components and energy consciousness. What is the mantra of the names? “Shiva”, “Sri”, because it is not just “Durga”, “Kali”, “Shadashi”, “Krishna”, “Radha”, “Ganesha”, “Narasimha”, and yet many of these names. And it is not just words. This is actually the mantra names and their effect is very strong.


Remember, in Christianity: “In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ,” and so on. Name. Worked name. No priest, no church, no merit future and past, nor knowledge, nor the sanctity and no error of – nothing worked. Name. Not because I am a great magician and owner of all energy commanded something happen there. Said in another way: “In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ” – is in Christianity, or more ancient Jewish tradition – the names of God, which can not be spoken aloud, because it was fraught with many consequences. No wonder there is a very delicate attitude toward God’s name. And in many other religions. So, this is the mantra of names. It is not just the word “Ganesha”. This is the mantra that sounds “Ganesha”. And it works, and how the mantra of consciousness, and as an energy mantra, and even higher.


Each person has a name. Here I say “Sasha”, and I call him “Sasha, let all mankind enlightened!” Sasha said, “So be it!”. And he, the owner of the name, is in itself, as a force of energy, and the power of consciousness, and it is at their discretion will be used where necessary, force of energy, where necessary, the power of consciousness. That is, he will do what is necessary to him. And therefore does not necessarily share these components, you can just say, “Sasha, well, you do, huh ?! Well, you are enlightened humanity “Or:” Do heppiyoga – center, in the end, to his rightful position and level, “and he will act as he sees fit. Somewhere consciousness, somewhere in the energy, and in some cases, maybe even its extremely high properties, which is higher than the consciousness and energy.


And we can not be divided, because we can not pull apart Sasha on the consciousness and energy – a conditional division, it is higher than the consciousness and energy, he – Beyond Ya But I have somehow to this prohibitively I seek. If I just say: “I Beyond”, and he does not understand that I spoke to him. And I say, “Sasha,” and he understands that’s his name. And here is the Beyond I associate myself with the same name, and in the name begins to show the power of the Beyond Ya This is the greatest strength of the name. This is the mantra of names, some of the most powerful mantras and one of the most misunderstood.


So, to translate any text, you have to break it down into three components: the power of the mantra, the mantra of consciousness and mantra names. And then to translate into another language. With mantras of consciousness is simple – to expound the same concept, but in other words, in another language. In Russian it sounds, “I am Bob,” and in English «I am Vasja». With regard to energy Mantras Bija Mantras, they are transferred unchanged. Written “Hrim” here “Hrim” and should appear, it is written, “Phat” that’s “Phat” and should appear. Although there are moments, that’s the difficulty, that the mantra of consciousness, as if they contain words that are at the same time are the Bija Mantras, so comes the sense, but used the Bija Mantras. This is one of the interfaces, the next stage. Finally, mantras names. They seem to be simpler, but ran with them. Here, for example, said “three-eyed”. So it is necessary and translate as “three-eyed”. And not as “Shiva”, although the meaning of Shiva.


Even Europeans understand who is Shiva. But who is the “three-eyed”, not knowing the tradition, it is not clear. But do not mention the name, we can not. Shiva – the owner of many properties, one of which is “three-eyed”. So I say, “Ira.” Ira – winner of many valuable qualities. But I say: “Beautiful il” or “beautiful” and even some epithets, and the word “il” actually includes it as well, but here I am rests on a certain aspect. Why am I on this aspect rests? Because I want him to appear. It’s like there is a cure in medicine, restorative, and there is a cure for a particular disease. Of course, if you drink a restorative medicine, you will cure your disease and certain.


But you better, if possible, to treat the disease itself, and to choose the medicine that directly gives the result as you save this time. You can tell all the word “Om”. If the mantra comes from the word “Om”, why do we need an infinite number of other mantras? Why, if we have just “ohm”. Yes repeat itself “Om” from morning till night. Moreover, in the tradition of our school and the more esoteric sects associated with Tantra, there is the word “Hrim”, which there is about the same as the “Om” for all others. On the one hand a certain spectrum of manifestations.


So, any text is divided into these three parts. And then translated into another language or translated, and left unchanged. Then compiled and then goes further lapping text. What am I to you all this preamble All told? In order that even I translated the text again, and there is little change. This is a later version, and in some cases better than this option. So you do not worry, if I then give you another option “Ananda Lahari”. You can simply collect all the necessary ingredients, this one. Can these necessary ingredients so beautiful, even in the present verse, and nothing is lost, there is no difference. But a more finished and completed, and closer to the original. Therefore, such a complex text here.


Now just about the highest text. So, Goddess Sri. Prohibitive, beautiful. Image of sixteen, young, madly in love with a girl who passionately committed to her beloved Shiva, which is in the top of the head, in the Sahasrara. And, in fact, all of the awakening of the Kundalini, it is the desire of the girls to meet their half, to meet his beloved. And it is in this impulse begins to approach his beloved, and this is what is called Kundalini awakening and uplifting. So scary, dark in their saturation power so powerful level. Awakening and the rise of Kundalini. What if this happens?


There is the next thing. You have completely dissolved the entire thin causal body structure, completely dissolves the whole structure of the subtle body, and you have a significant change occurs at the level of the physical body. It’s a red-hot, molten, magma, to escape from the bowels of the earth, and rising higher and higher on the spine. And, first of all, it dissolves the Earth itself, which it contained. You know, like a volcano, more and more flaring up, dissolves, and the mouth, and the crater and everything. And no more remains of the island, which was a volcano. No longer is the essence of the substance of the earth. With all the qualities that are inherent in this substance, and all the emotions that are inherent in this center, this chakra Muladhara.


In this chakra, the lotus flower, which, according to Tantra, the four petals, and the corresponding emotions prevail over a person, when the energy makes this chakra vibrate work. And so it dissolves, and all the qualities that a person experiences, are also beginning to be dissolved with the dissolution of the Centre. At this all look from two perspectives: it is a young girl in love, but that, you know, like a sixteen year old young woman has the potential to mature female energy. It is very strong, such as a wave that sweeps away everything in its path. Shakti, the tsunami as a powerful wave of feminine energy. He sweeps away everything in its path. So, there it begins to dissolve all the centers. Then above above above above.


First rushes up young, in love, but this young love essence of our human life. That is why yoga lovers. There are sixteen beautiful princess, around which her servants, her guards and so on. And in the future – the entire army and all the people of the country who live around it. Moreover, all the animals, in general, all-all. And if it goes, all strive for it. And it is such a powerful avalanche vserastvoryayuschaya energy.


And now she rises to the next level – the Principle of Water. And he just dissolves. And while she was there until the princess at the center, it manifests itself as much as possible, a hundred percent. Like light sometimes light – electricity is added, and the light shines brighter, brighter, brighter, and then – bang! – And burned! Roughly the same thing with our centers. As soon as there comes the Kundalini energy, the center starts to work more actively, and actively. We can even he did not feel up to, and now from the active, active, actively, to the limit. And then – bang! – Burnt, melted, there was nothing left!


And as mentioned above, above. In fact, when it merges in love ecstasy with his favorite in the Sahasrara, is about a man can not say that he is alive in the usual sense of the word. And he’s on the other side of life and death. It’s not even death. Externally, as a rule, people, falls in Samadhi, in this ecstasy, they could sit, lie down, cold as a corpse. And most likely, the doctor would have ordered the death rather than life. Because all the fine structures, all dissolved.


Question: “Why, then, the person is still alive and then returned to life?” And here is the answer to this question: “The flow of nectar flowing from your feet …”. Shiva and Shakti and Shri Shiva, that these two eternal lovers, being in the Sahasrara, on a bed, remember the previous verse, is supported by four Shivami, enamored of the union. And their union is born the nectar, elixir, which flows down from the top of the head, at the top and flows down this scorched empty shell. And thereby yogi continues to be in a state of life. Because he would have died without it, the body would fall apart. And since it is empty as cockleboat nut body, it is abundantly watered by these nectars love connection of Shiva and Shakti, the physical body, life goes on.


And here also says, “… through the power of pronouncing the sacred texts …”. There are many different interpretations of this expression, but one of them is the following: that the recitation of sacred texts is tantamount to pronouncing the powerful mantra. Saying aloud text “Ananda Lahari” will produce on-site recreation center October the greatest center of spirituality, it is said in ancient times. Scoring. Here we are now here reads, voiced and understand, but in fact there is the highest work to create a favorable place, the place of power, if you will, for the whole of Moscow. Moreover, even for the entire globe. This is indicated by the ancient sources. And for the one who says, as if he impregnates the sacred text of the organism, and the organism is not prone to collapse.


So, through the energy of the pronunciation of the sacred texts, which “recreates the six chakras, dissolved, Thou, O Devi, was in Sahasrara”, when she was up, she has dissolved all the chakras, dissolving all, but now, thanks to the fact that before this Read the text, and thus flows down the nectar, the six Chakras are beginning to recover back. Again. It can be melted something, and then poured into a new form. Just imagine, you had a gold star. But gold was a bad sample with dirt. What did you do? You took it, melted and removed impurities. And then, this new refined gold 999th or idea out there 100% of the sample, you will again pour out the exact same star, but absolutely clean. Cast again of the Kundalini energy. But this form is preserved, in that cast, thanks to “stream of nectar flowing from your feet,” and thanks to the pronunciation of the sacred texts. If it was not, it is quite possible that when the Kundalini rise would destroy all the matrices, and people would just die, but would have achieved a lot of things. That is, he would be happy to go back, but not in that – the form on which you can cast a star, lost, although gold is.


Next text: “..kotoraya recreates the six chakras, dissolved, Thou, O Devi, was in Sahasrara by Kula”. This is a very important point. Way Kula. Kula doctrine, Kula Chara – is derived from the same. “Kula” – it is a family, one of the meanings of the word. And Way Kula – it can be said, the way the family. This is a section of the highest Tantric yoga practice, which is called the path of Kula. So later, when she met with her lover, Shiva, Shri – a sixteen year old girl with her young man she met. And after they held their memorable meeting in the Sahasrara, that is merged – this is what is called Samadhi is the highest, then she returns and restores all that it is up to this solution. Recovers and restores, restores long until restores the last Chakra – Muladhara and sleeps in the Muladhara in the cavity, which is called Kula Kunda.


So she goes to sleep there in the form of a serpent, coiled three and a half turns. Many of you have seen the book that at the base of the body is the energy of the Kundalini, coiled three and a half turns. This is one of the most authoritative texts that referred to herein as a first-hand, and there is mention of three and a half turns.


Question: “Why three and a half turn? Why this character, “The answer is:” The fact is that this is not a symbol, though, it can be a symbol, too. There are a million interpretations of why three and a half. ” Well, not a million, but there are three dozen accurately. Our school does not say anything, in our school is given, as a given. Although, of course, all sorts of thoughts on the subject are. But I’m not ready to interpret why, in three and a half times, because it is taller than me, and I’m not able to say anything. And to give such an explanation a bit profane, because three of the world plus something else there, three Huns, three processes, but half of something to do with it? I, to be honest, I do not know. It may be one explanation for that half – the ego. But it is at the level of consciousness of the explanation, but on the level of energy that is meant by this?


Because when a person makes these practices, so we are now thinking, and then he does not reflect. It is like exercise, it sees, feels, experiences, I do not even know what word to choose. Therefore, it so happened that in the tradition of Kula, Kula in a branch, the Kundalini energy appears in the form of a snake, coiled three and a half turns. If you study any Taoist practices, or any variants of Chinese esoteric knowledge, then there is a way of, say, a dragon. Here are the alchemists, by the way, is also a dragon devouring its own tail. That, in general, to a certain extent, it can be interpreted as the same. In general, why the snake? It is written on this subject, too many pages, and no explanation is given only. But perhaps there is still associative and that when she wakes up, she felt like a snake crawling up. Here in this book that we have read, there too it compares it with the snake that crawls quickly.


So, with the help of nectar and through sacred texts pronouncing energy, man returns to this world. It is as if revives all their fine structures, and this energy goes to sleep. Fold into three and a half turns, picks up his tail in his mouth, and falls asleep. A man wakes up to his normal life. Man wakes up and says, “Aha! I have survived such an experience! “And before that, when all was with him, he was more like a corpse than a living person. There was a very respected saint Ramakrishna, who described it ascent of the Kundalini energy in his mystical experience. It has application, for example, “Seven Valleys meditation” is very colorful, poetic, as the whole process was. Very interesting read. This book Romain Roland “Life of Ramakrishna.”

In our school, the family tradition, the attitude is very, very sacred to the parents and children. In one sense, all of us, the children of the two parents – Shakti and Shiva. All of us, the people, as brothers and sisters, children of Shakti and Shiva. And one who understands them and relationships arise, both within the family and fraternal. It is interesting.


Sometimes the question arises: “Is it here, as a union of Consciousness and Energy refers to the union of Shiva and Shakti” Yes, well, in this sense, too. There are some things that it is very difficult to interpret. Because, you know, Yoga is in two ways: there is a hidden and private schools. If you walked into a closed, that you live there. And there are open, and they interact with each other. And, of course, I am, of course, an amateur of all, with regard to the traditions of Kula. Because it is so powerful tradition, so different exciting methods that here and so now take the liberty to make it all in one word called, all the same it would be probably a separate lecture. So here I’d like to see you have a sense of uniformity. You know, as a native and non-native. And the followers of this doctrine there is a feeling that he had met something dear, dear, close, like their parents as their family members, this is the sense of uniformity to this tradition.


Why? Because life after life it goes, comes and goes. You can have different physical parents, you do not have to bind ties of blood, but there is a higher concept of the family – a family at the level of spirituality. That’s what really connects. There are no restrictions, no race, no color, no general. In this sense, a follower of Kula, even if it is a Negro from Zanzibar, it is to me closer and dearer to many who would have to be closer to me by blood. But in fact, many some other parameters further. And here is the concept of family is family. This is a fascinating insight into the high, and it is, indeed, a sense of uniformity. Something intimate, of what you can trust.


Next, a piece of text: “… you are returning to your home owned by …”. That was before this verse about “Your place to stay in the center of nectar,” and so on and so forth, the “island of jewels.” Here still echoes a similar point in a similar. The fact that the process of raising the Kundalini, and again her descent, evolution and involution – the process is completely identical to the process of creation of the universe. And sometimes people ask me physics, knowing that I am also a physicist: “You say that Yoga is said that the world was created and tak-to tak-to, and how do you know?”, And I say that I talk with yogis. And then they say, “And they know how?” How do they really know that the world was created so-and-so, that they then were? No, they did not exist. World because there was when there was nothing. And in fact, in such like.


And to carry out this process in your body, you know how to do the whole universe emerged. What was once a long time ago, before there was this Universe, Shiva and Shakti were only a union of supreme bliss. More precisely, it was an undifferentiated Something Beyond. Then it will manifest itself as a union of Shiva and Shakti. And then the favorite began to diverge, and shared their Maya, illusion, confusion. When we consider one another. When we believe a bush that is a robber, and the rope, it’s a snake. Here is the Maya began to grow, and Shiva and Shakti diverged. And as they are dispersed, we began to arise from different elements of the illusion. Maps began shuffled in different combinations, there are certain structures of the body or the whole universe emerged, respectively. Subtle elements, then any harsh elements. But this is a huge area of Yoga – cosmogony. Everything was exactly the same reason.


And the present-day Universe, it is the same pattern that has our Heavenly Father – the principle of Consciousness, Siva, is the Mother Goddess – in fact, the whole of nature as a manifestation of the Mother Goddess. Which creates, maintains, and then kills the nature. But when we use the word “kill”, then we look at the process from a negative point of view. And it looks like the process. Kills, then again to give birth, but at a higher level. It is not possible to give birth at a higher level without killing at the lower level. And we have this fear, we do not understand, we all divide into pieces, and scared us.

So in the same way within the person has his center of consciousness, and has its center of Energy – Kundalini. And, in fact, Kundalini return to the top of the head – this is evolution, and vice versa – involution. And we, in fact, go out of this world. And as soon as they merge with us in the top of the head as soon as the lovers met, then in a mutual embrace them vanished the whole world. There’s even a direct analogy: when the lover boy hugging his girlfriend, he is that anything about hearing or seeing? No. He feels something other than the body of his girlfriend? No. He does not feel anything except the fragrance of her hair, he did not think about anything except her, he heard only her voice, he touches it, he looks into her eyes and nowhere else. The whole universe disappears. And without the support of this universe can not exist, and that the universe disappears. We win, we go out. This Yoga of Being in Love.


Yoga Love is also very, very logical, as well as all Yoga. Each Yoga is, if anything, the mathematical side. It was all very well thought out. There will not sap, there’s all very logical. But, on the other hand love Yoga well do without logic. Sneezing she wanted to this logic, because it is without logic works fine. It is higher than the logic. A logic as that carriage as the ishachok that runs slowly for the owner, the owner ran first to enjoy life, and ishachok sooner or later, come to that. Similarly, a reasonable explanation of the game of madness in love, it is, if you want to get it, it will come, it is necessary to think, but it’s not interesting. The game itself is important, process itself. So when the lovers are joined in the top of the head, everything! You won! You came out of the universe!


What is the universe? What might be the universe, you have your boy or your girl, your Goddess or your God, what more do you want? What else can you attract in this world? Nothing. And you, in fact, go out of this world. You played, you uncheck this world was to do just invented. That’s only for you to fall in love.


It’s not quite as birth and death. Birth and death – it’s cyclical. You’re dead, but you then went back, was born again. And here you go once and for all. It just interrupt this chain of birth and death. As soon as the lovers met, no longer have to be born in this world, because that is what has been coined this world holds. Therefore Love Yoga – one of the most powerful yogi. If it is made, you have nothing more to do. This gap. If not done, and we have reached a certain level, then we are dead, born again and again, starting from the level where you left off. And so it can last forever.


When Kunda energy rises, as they say yoga texts, the man in a state between life and death. His body was not destroyed only by the grace of their union. Due to the nectar, which supports life and the sacred texts of energy, which we now read with you. And then, if a person, as claimed by Ramakrishna and there are links to some of the ancient texts, if a person spends in this samadhi, dissolution, more than 21 days, the body is destroyed. And Ramakrishna even joked about it: “to play blackjack.” You know the card game “points” – 21 points should dial. That is, if you, as they say, typing, then all you get out of this world and never return. For other surrounding you die. More precisely, you do not die, you are no longer here. Just destroyed the biorobot who served you body. You know how about Princess Frog: frog skin is burned, and the like, as in the frog’s body Vasilisa the Beautiful has nowhere to go, that’s all.


If less, then, as they say, I refer to these great yogis, what was Ramakrishna, it falls, it recovers all centers. And technically the same person that died before it was born. And the man, in principle, how to read, the last living life. Again, the body is restored, the body has some kind of karma, the body must still rose like that shirt. It must itself istlet and fall, when people are generally out. And before that, the person is considered Jivanmukta that is released during his lifetime.


So this process is in this vein that goes. The energy rises, then she meets the Beloved (Consciousness), then it goes down again and sleep until the next meeting to the next meeting with her beloved. The question is: “How to wake her up?”. But we have this topic at the last lesson quite well lit, that here already the mercy of this manifestation. But more about that next time we’ll talk.


Chapter XI

XI. The intersection of the four triangles pointing upwards and called Sri Kandi and five triangles, the rotated down and called Shivayuvati, Bindu pierced and is nine main triangle Mulaprakriti; forty-three angles, together with the lotus of eight and sixteen petals around the triangles; three circles around lotus flowers and three lines form circles around your whereabouts, O Devi!



Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This Sri Yantra! Each of you have seen the Sri Yantra. And I hope that if you have not seen, look at our advertising. Each advertising – Sri Yantra. And here there is the description. Description purely verbal, if you will. How to build the Sri Yantra. Sriyantra consists of nine triangles which intersect so that the angle formed by forty-three. In fact, this is such a serious mathematical problem. Moreover, as far as I know, even in our country, not to mention the fact that it was done abroad, with the advent of computers carried out the study. Simply put such a task: to draw a certain figure, consisting of forty-three exterior angles, and which, in turn, is composed of nine triangles. And these nine triangles consist of four triangles, vertex directed upwards, and five triangles, directed top down.


What does it mean? When people talk directed top, it means directed one of the corners. That is not the base, and one of the corners. We once had a seminar on Yantra Yoga. And if you remember, a lot of all, we tried to draw yantras. And it is your homework – to redraw the Sri Yantra. In fact, this problem is not so trivial. At first glance, it would seem that this simply redraw yantra? I asked many people, some were engaged in any kind of graphics. That is, people who were close enough to the visual arts. Almost all of it is introduced into a trance when they tried to redraw it. Because it is not a trivial task indeed. Is there any triangle is interconnected with the other triangles. Draw it just hard enough, if not impossible.


I can say that it is mathematically tried to shortchange. The computer can only solve numerically a number of equations. He did get a numerical solution to this problem, which in terms of mathematics must be solved analytically. Given that the age of the Sri Yantra is very large, that is, it is more ancient than any mention of Tantra. This is quite an old thing. So here we’ll find one of the references on how the Sri Yantra should be built.


As you can imagine, this is quite an exotic description. That is, by reading this description, one can hardly imagine how it looks. However, the Sri Yantra is neither more nor less, as the seat of the Devi. If you remember, one of you was at a seminar on Yantra Yoga, it is the Goddess in the image. Each object has two forms for his sketches. One is trying to convey the power of consciousness, the other – the power of Energy. Now, if you see the Mona Lisa, or even some picture, you admire the elegance of lines, shapes, and so on. But it turns out that you look now the image of medieval artists, even those whom they considered beautiful, but now the man looks and says, “Yes, it has some rickety image of women with some hypertrophied limbs, feminine forms” That is very a sharp contrast between, say, the cover of “Playboy” and hand paintings. Who is it we wrote nudes? Publishers of all these women’s and men’s magazines that do not stop your eyes on Rembrandt. They look slightly different standards of beauty. Because they have a good enough criterion of taste – this is the magazine for sale. And what a cover, and such sale.


So completely different criteria of beauty. And again, I’m afraid that is unlikely to be the Mona Lisa was a success among today’s youth. There are certain immutable principles, but there are principles coming. That’s all for women, all that relates to energy – is in infinite impermanence. Everything related to the male, all that concerns Consciousness – is infinite in constancy. Two of determining the difference between a man and a woman. Woman – is infinite in impermanence, and the man – is infinite in constancy.


And here the other day we had a such a pun, that a woman can only be a permanent thing, is her man. Everything else: hairstyle, the way it looks, character and so must change. And the more it changes, the more fun everyone. For men, in terms of for whom or for what she does. That is, if there is no audience, it is useless and performance. The fact that the criteria of beauty change over time. If you look at the Neolithic or any later image of the Goddess mothers – Venus, for example, who was knocked out of a piece of basalt, you will see a very different form. This is certainly far from the only modern ideas, but even from the Renaissance.


Well, which one of you did not see the stone sculptures, usually. Embossed images. As a rule, they stand with arms crossed, somewhere in the abdomen, pubis. But, nevertheless, it is also a kind of standard of beauty, so if you want to speak, or the ability to master a few thousand years ago. When I talk about Venus, I do not mean the Venus de Milo and the remaining two have survived to our time, and mean the goddess of fertility. This ancient Greek and Roman respectively equivalents Sri goddess. That’s my guess, maybe I’m wrong.


If you remember, there is a museum in Sevastopol. There is an oath of a citizen. So they swore among other things, also a virgin (girl in Russian). Characters were a lot of women: Athena, Aphrodite, Venus, and so on. They were close enough to the cult of motherhood, or the cult of Energy. So what I want to say. There are expressions of feminine beauty coming, and there is expression of feminine beauty by Consciousness. And Sri Yantra – it is no more and no mene as Mona Lisa image, Beatrice, Venus, Aphrodite, Sri Kali, Miss or Mrs. Universe 2020, and so on. It is the embodiment of feminine beauty. But not through the embodiment of energy, and through consciousness. From this point of view, this is a unique work – Sri Yantra. I do not want to say that this is the formula of love, but rather a formula expression of love in the universe.


Or in another way we can say. What this chart all the universe or the card. The principal device is the whole universe. But if you look toward the microcosm, there is all the miracles begin with quite a curious sequel, that this person constructing the image of a body. Men or women, it does not matter. But this is a separate issue, how to connect the male and female body. But in this respect easily connect. Because even a man’s body – this Consciousness, wrapped in a shell of Energy. But only a man manifests in nature point of consciousness, and the woman is more pronounced shell impermanence Energy. Indeed, this is reflected in the Sri Yantra.


Because these nine Mulaprakriti triangles. A good term – Mulaprakriti. Mula – root, something original. Muladhara – root center in the human body. On the other hand, the word Prakriti. About Prakriti can give a definition or translation, that is all that you see around you is all creation. In other words, in our school, this is called energy in all its guises, starting with coarse material as this table. In the end, this table – it’s just a form of energy, and to more sophisticated form of manifestation of the supreme Goddess. Or Dakini, as our favorite tantric Buddhists. Because it is also a subtle form of illuminating Energy. It captures crazy! When you begin to live a life where you are cut off society, when you live one on one with the world, you’re falling out of it. You snatches of it in the literal sense of the word. Your life is no longer referred to as happiness! Continuous happiness every day! Every moment! You fall asleep and wake up with happiness. Do you dream of happiness.


The whole world is unusual! The whole world is changing, bright, exciting, as long as you do not buy on the society. As soon as you buy in the society, then it all starts to melt. People bought on society due to the fact that they do not know anything else anymore. Great saints are bought on society, because they want to get closer to people, and so they come back again in this universe. No matter how hard I tried, I can not tell the feeling. This feeling can not be transferred. Is it just a very drunk man – a very cheerful. A drug addict, probably also feels great. But it’s all chemistry. That is, to some extent, chemistry, and to some extent more subtle energy. And here there is a third component, which in this world is very rare. And it’s part of the causal body. This feeling of grandeur way. You go, and so it should be! It is a powerful experience!


We return to our aphorism. Mulaprakriti. Nine Mulaprakriti triangles. Nine incarnations manifestations of this world, pierced Bindu. That is, as if the ten components, so to speak. But actually, it is not ten components. This is balanced by the knowledge or balancing Bindu point, watch these nine manifestations. In Tantra Yoga, there are texts that break the nine triangles: four men and five women. Remember the well-known law, “4 and 5”. Five components of women’s and men’s four components. This is one of the most difficult and non-verbal parts of the direct transmission of knowledge about the universe.


Where advice can be only one. Try to understand this is not the only reason, but also the association. That is something beyond, is something higher than intellect. Now there is a huge number of wise men, who are literally the Sri Yantra and compass measure, and some geometric relations there trying to take, and any formula of this extract. I have met quite a number of works. Oh, that they just have not seen it. Everything that could, from the aliens, ending with Einstein’s laws. And everyone sees something different.


I urge you not to look so narrowly as the sixties of yoga, with all due respect for these people. Do not come so purely materialistic or from a mathematical point of view. It’s a girl. Can I describe the beautiful girl with the help of mathematics? Yes I can. But at the same time, it is only there will be some poor excuse. Approximately the same situation here. We have Sri Yantra. Here it is – the image of the Goddess Sri sixteen. But it has two manifestations. In the days of the Renaissance painted portraits mysterious inspiring women. In the Middle Ages in the name of the lady of the heart performed feats. In the later period, too, all looking for these fatal mystical women who inspired the exploits.


If a woman is at least partly showed the qualities that are inherent to the Goddess Sri, it enjoyed wide popularity, a huge success. Such an rock lady, femme girl. Or vice versa, Goddess sublime, breaking free from the darkness of hell. Or very, very much. But this is only a reflection. This is a reflection of the Goddess Sri. You can draw it freehand. That was: “I remember a wonderful moment you appeared in front of me! Like a fleeting vision, like pure beauty! “And you can draw a portrait. Here it is, see. But then again, he will undergo a change. Why? Because if endlessly changing at some point in time to show you one of their beautiful forms, it is logical to assume, in the next second it will show you the following from their beautiful forms. And over time it will change.


That’s why publishers are right, “Playboy” and other women’s and men’s magazines. Indeed, they are right. Because they are trying to grab that’s ever changing wonderful time. And they are right. But at the same time, the right and medieval artists. Moreover, as the ancient masters are right, that of a piece of basalt makes the image here of the beyond, what is most easily understood as the Goddess Sri. It is hard to imagine an abstract God. It is hard to imagine an omnipotent entity that created all things, and that can change anything. It is hard to imagine. Mind and so not all are, and we also do not seek to hone. So we have been given such a ladder, rescue rope. There’s no need to imagine beyond. Imagine a concrete! Imagine a girl of sixteen. Beautiful. Question: “What kind of beautiful,” So what it is you, let this be it. This question, again, endlessly changing. And it can not be the same today as yesterday. One man and another. This endless variations of beauty.


Go ahead. So Sri Yantra consists of nine intersecting triangles, which together make up forty-three outer corner. And what is the outer corners? If you look at the image of Sri Yantra, you will see, as it were, concentric triangles. A circle of triangles. Inside – a circle of smaller triangles. Inside even smaller, and so on. At the end of the last triangle. That is, one triangle. Then it is surrounded by a certain number of triangles, then still surrounded by a circle of triangles. And further. And these outer corners of all forty-three, forty-three circle here of such triangles. They intersect. Crosses are not trivial. I recommend to draw the hand of the Sri Yantra. I am more than confident that the first attempt will not work for anybody. It may even be the second.


What I want to tell you? There is a very deep inner principle ratio of male and female. In fact, it is all encrypted Love Yoga. In fact, it is all encrypted Tantra Yoga. In fact, it is all encrypted Yoga sex. From what point of view, it should be understood? From all. Moreover, it is a very curious sort of thing. On the one hand, the Goddess Sri. On the other hand, is the Goddess Shri in conjunction with Shiva. That is, it is a love union between a man and a woman, if I may say so. For the same scheme is. If you remember these provisions of Tantra Yoga that if you ever happen to have sex in a dream or in reality, it does not matter, and it is desirable, of course, in reality, then at this moment in front of you opens a direct road to enlightenment. But experience shows that sex has been a lot of people, but something very few of them enlightened. Why? Because the mind is not ready to accept the delicate components of the alliance here. He just ignores them.


I had a friend who somewhere in the dawn of the ’90s very rich. He went to one of the restaurants and ordered a bottle of wine is very expensive even by Western standards. Well, as you think of it? And nothing happened. He did not even feel its taste, because before that he drank two bottles of vodka. Can you imagine, for people who are pretty signature, does not feel the bouquet’s this subtle fragrance enjoyment.


That’s roughly in the same situation and we are with you. The only question before this degree vodka. When immersed in the bed with her beloved or with his beloved, we are in varying degrees of intoxication all sorts of surrogates. And so the more subtle components we just ignore, we do not feel them. We’ve blunted bodies feeling we have blunted mind, we did not work intuition. We have nothing at all does not work. We settle for some fairly rough cutting, as we call it, pleasures. The degree of sophistication is, again, is different in different people. But in fact, we take only some tiny fraction of what we provide the Universe by the fact that we, as they say, in loving union with a person of the opposite sex. We do not notice it. It all takes place. And so it continues, day after day, year after year, and even life after life. Nevertheless, everyone, absolutely everyone when we are with his loved ones or favorite, we offer the greatest opportunity to merge with it a favorite or favorite straight up in bed.


It’s like in the song: “People will wake up tomorrow, and we have not.” In Tibet it was known to dissolve into a rainbow. In other traditions it is somehow called. But there is a chance we all have. So Sri Yantra, from this point of view, this is a love union, interconnection, where each and every manifestation of Energy Consciousness interpenetrating and vzaimoslivayutsya with each other. The average person is satisfied by a simple physical connection. I do not want to say perverse, but the more experienced lovers, they have nuances Bring, they have the right atmosphere should be romantic and so on. And his wife was not satisfied. Give him some sophisticated femme fatale. This is a manifestation of the fact that people are “fed up” than usual, and he Give something a bit more subtle. It’s actually in a sense, progress.


Therefore, in this sense, our bohemian, fond of animals here are all sorts of ways, it is, in a sense shows that they are usually already ate eyeballs, I apologize for slang. Give them something exquisite. But again, because then pulls on even more refined. That is the eternal suffering, eternal dissatisfaction. Specifically, satisfaction just for a bit, and then another disappointment. Because what I wanted, and it was. And you might want to just what you have been able to imagine. Therefore, and I received only what was able to imagine.


A perfect union of same – this is the last union. You dissolve in each other. Flash bright rainbow. All the neighbors will say, “Oh, look!” And will point the finger. Then turn away, and five minutes later forget about what they saw. But you have not. You have gone beyond this world. And generally speaking, beyond all worlds.


So Sri Yantra in this sense – a diagram of your last yoga. When you meet your half and mutually dissolved in each other. There will be no energy, there would be no consciousness, but only some external flashes of wonders that will entertain ordinary people as long as they do not forget.


Come on. Three laps around lotus flowers and three lines around the circles. Do you remember what Sri Yantra is surrounded by three circles. And, accordingly, these three circles is surrounded by three quadrilateral, so-called in terms of Yantra Yoga, bhupur with four inputs. Or, from another perspective, a chart of the temple, which has four inputs. There can still be a million different things to say. Really exciting and really almost working. Why? Because each of these aphorisms – is a seed from which the whole tree can grow all sorts of knowledge and all sorts of practical matters. I repeat, all the basic secrets of nature you get by being here. As they say, nothing. And all the specifics, how to use it, on this you have to sweat or rediscover their own.


Farther. If you connect with your man or his woman, then you open the channel – the channel in the Enlightenment. On this channel you will be born children. They will come through this channel, and you will become for them mom and dad. These children will be coming from the higher spheres or, more precisely, from the absolutely highest spheres, above which there is nothing. They need to incarnate in this world. Because this world – very good place for some things. One of them – is to embody Love Yoga. The most superior of all yogi. And even the highest soul embodied in the rough, material, inert world to play it here. And there is no greater happiness than to be born in the family of a yogi and yogini practicing highest yoga. Many, many of the difficulties faced by ordinary mortals, for such children do not exist. They have very good karma, so there were still any obstacles. And so you can, if not dissolve in each other themselves, then clean the transcendent platform, that they may come to you in this world.


They will come to you as your children. But in fact, it is your Master, because they are higher than you can even imagine. You therefore have to love them, play with them and help them in every way to pamper them within reasonable limits, to provide them with complete freedom. But at the same time, protect them from the negative, all that he can to prevent them. If you can not for one reason or another give life to these children as their children, help them to be translated into other families. The fact is that the more you’re here to engage in such a supreme connection with his wife or her husband without having to have children were born themselves, then you can create a favorable poleokruzhenie to those children born to other worthy people who not yet know all the tricks to ensure proper conditions for those souls incarnated.


There are people who are very good, decent, wonderful, but unfortunately, as yet inexperienced in all these mysteries. There are generally cases where they can not. Why? Because it is such a very complex manifestation of the Goddess, and if the Goddess wills, then you can become, in a sense spiritual parents. See, that’s these subtle soul will never go down in this sticky, disgusting, disgusting swamp, where we’ll have the fortune or misfortune to live, if they do not advance to be able to carry out here the highest purpose, such as: work yoga lovers or yet there are different moments. And if they will not be able to do it all here, they just do not come here. What to do here? It seems like nothing.


And you can help others to ensure all components are times in order to make it all go. Because the Earth, in spite of all. Well, bad living here. I myself sometimes bad. Very bad. Although sometimes I catch myself thinking, what is actually me! Still, sometimes you forget, and you feel bad, you suffered. That’s not the money, it is still something there. You look like as an objectively bad, but then I thought, rassmeeshsya and say, “Lord, you are my God!” But still this moment captures associations. So, this is just an illusion. Life is short. Well, God bless her, let it be short. Life is sufficient to carry out Tantra Yoga above his head. Your life is enough to realize Yoga Love, again above the head. Your life is enough to carry the Kundalini Yoga the most brutal of the sample, if you so wish.


The average life expectancy is very small. We both are serious people, adults. We understand that just so happens that people sometimes die. But, nevertheless, even that is – it is sufficient if the use of these methods. Furthermore, you begin to use them, and that look – extended. Please use themselves or give to others. Or as you please. But again and again. Time, circumstances, in general, just enough for each person, if you are interested in this.


Let me once again read the verse: The intersection of the four triangles pointing upwards and the name of Sri Kandha (Sri Kandhi) and five triangles, the rotated down and called Shivayuvati, Bindu pierced and is nine main triangle Mulaprakriti; Forty-three corner, along with lotus of eight and sixteen petals around the triangles; three lines around lotus flowers and three lines form circles around your whereabouts, O Devi!


What is the whereabouts of Davy? This body Davy. It is a lovely young girl, looking at the age of sixteen. Usually ask: “Why sixteen,” I have already answered this question, but once again I want to clarify that it is rather allegorically. The thing is, how do you feel, feel your physical age. The challenge men to perceive a woman as Goddess. The issue of women – is to feel the manifestation of the Goddess through itself sixteen. Women do not age at all. It’s impossible! How can grow old ever-changing? The shell can, it says, is not very satisfying. There are methods of Yoga, which shell output to any level. How can you want to look. So you’ll look.


The question is. To implement. If the Goddess through you will manifest, the man next to you who is, will not be able to tear your eyes away from you. All cosmetic salons relax. And all the fashion shops, just forget about them. If women are the Goddess, the man is not able to turn away from it. Even if he wants to. Do you know why? Because see more than that, in principle, no matter what. I emphasize again that this is not a question of the physical component, such as: facial features, hair color or something else. This is something beyond. Energy plays eternally young, eternally young, eternally fascinating. Not age, not what you wear, not your training, nothing is irrelevant. Man your forever. And it is right. Because, and see more than that, except on the highest manifestation of the Goddess Sri. On the other hand, if there is a man who can appreciate this game Goddess through you, so he deserves your attention.


Remember, you and I the same moment regarded in the “108 aphorisms.” Here a slightly different approach, but in principle, the same. There – more down to earth, here – more detached. But in principle, it is the same. Let the Goddess manifest through you. Unfortunately, women do not allow it to manifest itself. Women are bitchy, petty. And a number of negative points, all of them know. What bitchiness? What pettiness? What is all this? This is just an attempt to give women the Goddess manifest through. The woman, in fact, being blessed. By the very fact that she had the female form, and that she herself feels a woman, she is already, by definition, a window to the side of the Goddess Sri. But there are individuals who have daubed it with dirt window, so it was not visible. And then we say, “But bitch, bastard, but ….”. Well, all the adjectives that describe the true negative woman.


But let’s be realistic. Unfortunately, women sometimes do not behave at all five points. Poor sometimes behave. And sometimes even the men in this and not blame. On the other hand, and women, too, can be understood. And to whom, in fact, Sri, if he is unable to see how to be on you to clean the window of the Goddess. That is, it is mutual. But I assure you that as soon as the window clean the Goddess Sri, this is not so different, but not necessarily someone you begin to look, without looking up. Remember, as in “108 aphorisms”: “Do you ..ostaneshsya with the same or will new ..”. If the old can not take his eyes off of his car or his bottle or from their work, or even from some things well than usual man has, then there is another who will appreciate. That is, in this sense, if you clean to Goddess Sri went through you, then this is all you can do. You have nothing more to do. You do not even need to do yoga in the long run.


Again, yoga from the standpoint of this philosophy, you’re doing just to cleanse your body. Why are you doing Hatha Yoga? Not to stand on your head, or to get involved in the three knots. No, just this way, you clean your body, clean of all dirt to Goddess Sri might shine through you most clearly. You do Hatha Yoga for this from the standpoint of this philosophy. I do not for nothing. Some say: “I want a figure like so-and-so!” But indirectly they are trying to say the same thing. Because if the Goddess Sri begins to shine through you, everything else will be so.


Accordingly, man. He’s looking for. If for a moment he would see in a woman’s window into the beyond, then as long as he will look through the window, it will be with this woman. As soon as he will look at the dirty glass, all – begin disorder. And it’s a matter of time before they would part. The window will become dirty. You know, sometimes you go by car, and the window zalyapyvaetsya. That sometimes we zalyapyvaetsya life. We met, and everything was fine. Further more. Man ceases to be. He sees only the pieces of dirt. He turns his back, because not interesting to look at the dirt. Therefore, yoga is necessary and important. Physical yoga: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, what you like yoga, meditation. And just to clean the glass. No more for what you do not need yoga, as such. You have to understand it. Useless thing. Set some stupid exercise, some breaths incomprehensible. Somehow myself squirm, pull away.


There are people who are fans of this. There are people who say: “Yes, we’re cool yoga! We are three knots to tie! “And it does not cost anything. It is necessary to nobody. It’s the same as if someone says: “I counted the number of grains of sand in the pot” And it makes you hot or cold? Yes you did. And he has spent half his life on it. This in itself has absolutely no sense. But on the other hand, if you do it will not, then you zalipnete mud, and will not be able to shine through you Goddess. And you can not feel it in myself. And I feel a Goddess woman can very easily only when it sees someone from the outside.


The woman is so arranged. And it is right. Now, if there is a spectator in the audience – the actor playing the show. If there is no audience in the hall – the game is boring. That’s exactly and the woman also. There viewer. She feels herself the Goddess, if someone sees. And if not – do not. Some say: “Vid me Goddess! Here am I, all grubby, all from head to toe in mud. And even with such aplomb say: “Vid me Goddess” In other words, this also sometimes occurs. That is to say: “I am so that’s slim, trim, I was so modern here, I read fashion magazines and lead a bohemian lifestyle. Vid of my Goddess! “I can not see anything. Because it’s just a mannequin. And in order to truly Goddess lit, you need to plow: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga. Dirt delete, delete, delete. It’s just a tool. And I recommend it to know well. But by itself it has no value.


Yes, and here it is not so simple. The fact that she can shine only if there is consciousness is ready to perceive. It is a mutual process. There can be one without the other.


That’s when I learned yoga, I met Yoginis. They were self-sufficient woman completely. In what sense? In everyday. And they wanted chhat on foreign men with a high hill. Because they could not see around him a single decent. But not, as is sometimes the woman defiantly. They are very modestly behaved. One, for example, it was incredibly beautiful, but all the “otshivala”. Why? She did not feel worthy. In terms of everyday life, it was self-sufficient. She practiced, she studied with the Masters, a lot of what it has achieved. But in absolute terms. Here are the missing aspects of consciousness that was to lighten it through the common man, it shone through the universe. Shiva himself came to her through the universe, shining her. That is, in this sense, it was harmoniously supplemented. This is one of the most serious of such moments in practice.


That is, there is no manifestation of the Goddess Shri without manifestation of Shiva, which is able to evaluate the Goddess Sri. Just does not happen at all. Therefore, if some woman you see is a manifestation of the goddess Sri, you should know that it’s likely you’ve already started to catch up with a few up to this level. But there can not be one without the other. Another question, why she did not stay and do not perceive how the second half, the manifestations of Shiva through the whole of nature? Why would she need a man? And yet, this something can be and genius of this world, that the man she needed. Because when it’s a man, Feel, of course, very much skaknet down. That is yesterday was divine life, communion with the universe, and now she sees a man. At times it will be really itself as Siva, and at times he will show himself as an ordinary man.


But in fact, in this world it is valued the most. When the highest is fulfilled not in the subtle energy level and at the level of gross. Here there is a rough man. At what plan? In the physical. Which tends to yoga that seeks to Sri, who is committed to the highest. And there is a woman who personifies and embodies this principle through. She is to them. And if they are in the ordinary everyday life in the kitchen, where she cooks dinner, and he was sitting near the TV or in some other way. It’s like a ritual manifestation in this rough world of the highest principle. This spiritually valued above all else. This is the second part of the Love.


Yogini So this here is luminous, self-sufficient, but that did not have the men, which does not tend to a man, she patiently waits until he appears. That as soon as it appears, as soon as she sees at least one of the ideal applicant, it will be with him no matter what he later threw out caper. In terms of what he too rises. So it makes sense to be born in this rough world. Work out all this rough. Born into this world to fulfill it’s subtle, it makes no sense whatsoever. But on the other hand, before the rough work, sometimes our life is marinating, so we were ready for it subtly, so that when it’s rough, we were ready for it.


Generally speaking, the practice of higher knowledge can not only our world, but even in hell. But sometimes, to be honest, I find myself thinking, it seems like I’m in hell. What am I in this world as hell. It is unpleasant to feel. But even my meager experience has shown that even when my life becomes a living hell, I managed to while practicing. Not to mention the fact that the garden can be. But again, the most appropriate two places – this is our earthly world and this so-called plan of Shiva. Remember, now I’ll set off: “In the middle of the ocean of nectar is an island of precious stones, covered with groves of trees of heaven, to fulfill all wishes of the island. There is a palace of stone chintomani, which is surrounded by a garden of palm trees INPE. There on the bed, supported by four gods: Shiva and the other is your abode. In this box you are on top of the Paramashiva. Truly happy are those who worship you, on the wave of consciousness and enjoyment! “

That is, it’s only two places where you can practice all the great sections of Yoga. So it turns out that the level is very high and even it people tend to get acquainted, to learn about it from the level of the earth. You are familiar with it, note, even while living on the earth plane, and yet understanding nothing in that plan. Passing phowa you established in the earth, and became interested in the spiritual development of their plans, learn about the subtle plane. And it is clear that if, God forbid, you suddenly die, but if not, you can practice at this level. Here is such a moment. Only two places where can any soul, not yet developed, practice.


But it turns out that before practicing on a subtle level of pure hand, it is necessary to learn about it, at least we have here. Therefore, as if you did not seem life hell, nevertheless, you can find here. This is by and large, you can stop here? Your death. More than you in this life, on this plane to prevent it is unlikely that he can. That death can prevent, disrupt your plans. If not that, by and large, nothing can stop it. You can go here to school, you can still go somewhere. You can do ten years to forget about Yoga. But these changes are irreversible. Here you are on some level rose, and on the left. Next – even higher. That is, you will not fall back.


The only thing that can stop – it is death. In Tantric Buddhism, and Tibet was a country quite fierce in this sense, there was a very high mortality rate. They understood this very well, and that’s why they always begin their presentation of the Highest Yogi Yoga with this first. What if you suddenly have enough bad karma that you will not live to the end of the exposition of yoga, then continue there. In this respect, they have a very well-constructed system. It is absolute in this regard. That’s why I always recommend it. This is a good thing.


Now, only two of these plans, allegedly, you can practice all yoga, including yoga lovers. But here you will meet with your favorite person a man or a woman in the physical body, and then the body you will be thin. They all hurry, because there is a delicate matter. Interim plans, both above and below, like a paradise, and hell, they are in this state is unstable. It is hard to do everything because it is too good in terms of the spiritual paradise to practice in hell too ill to practice.


That’s the plan, “ the middle of the ocean of nectar ..” – a plan for the above reason, but still below the Absolute, from the non-duality. One step from the non-duality. It is such an intermediate step. There are very difficult to reach. There are trampolines, and that’s the only one I recommend you to visit our spiritual friends Tantric Buddhists, because they have it worked out just to “cheer.” This pass phowa.


Remember our last movie “Tutorial on Hatha Yoga.” These aphorisms here on Hatha Yoga. As to the extent that we do, it’s just how we roll up a heavy stone up the hill. Here we drag uphill drag. If we stop and throw it again roll down. Man begins to practice yoga. all engaged and seemed fine. It takes some time, it has ceased to be engaged, and scored again begins to slide. Again he feels unwell both physically and mentally, and in general, in all respects. Again begins to engage, the stone rolls up again and again the better and better.


So, there is a limit of no return, that is the limit of irreversibility. There are pass – the top of the mountain. If you rolled in Hatha Yoga this stone to the top of this, the more it is not necessary to roll, it will roll itself, will pass. And this is called yoga “Yoga Siddhi”. Or the perfection of yoga. People practice yoga after attaining siddhis or not engaged. Here he is on a level plateau, came out – everything! He no longer will not fall off. And before that – of course. That is, as long as the person has not reached perfection in some yogic practice, there is always a risk of rolling back. Or in other words, the most frequently used aphorism: “While a clay pot is not burned in the fire, he can always be melted in the water! If at least one time to burn it in the fire of yoga, all! He no longer soak! “, You can pour water in it.


At about the same thing here. What if we do yoga anyhow, I always have ups, downs, rolling backwards when we are bombarded with yoga. But if we bite the bullet and go on and on, there is a moment of radical restructuring. All! Why do we need a Hatha Yoga? To eliminate all the deficiencies that we drag behind with a period of existence in the bodies of animals. This, like weeds. That is all they will not cut down and not destroyed, they will revive. But if once all of them completely destroyed under a zero, then all! They are no longer growing. Not anything else. It’s like a grain of negative karma. Once he destroyed them, and all – they are no more.


That is about the same situation. Until we reach this state as it is called in Yoga – roasted seed, that is, when the seed is burned, and it is no longer growing, so also here. If we do not achieve this level – slipping back. If you arrive – everything! We are engaged in yoga, or do not do. If the woman has cleared himself, his body, mind, emotions, causal body, fully became a devoted here to this Supreme, transcendental principle, which is called the Goddess Sri, if it at least once this has reached more to it dirt does not stick! You know, as a lotus. Here is a hackneyed comparison. Lotus flowers in the swamp, but he always dazzling white because dirt does not stick to it. That’s exactly the same here. And the intermediate levels? While a person does something – like all good. I stop doing – rolled to the previous level.


There is something to think about, and intellectually and emotionally, and prohibitively, and however you want. This, in fact, strong things. Unfortunately, in our world, they practically do not know. Why, in the East do not know them. But nothing we have nothing to say. But, nevertheless, here dopolzaet and quietly. I really want to believe that in our country, it all goes. Not for nothing did we first man in space was taken, perhaps, in this break through. And in fact, there is nothing more? What enriched? No, it’s not a goal. Tomorrow everything will be enriched, so what will happen? I’ll tell you what would happen if all enriched. Will the unprecedented spread of drugs, just unprecedented. There will be nonsense at every disco. Moreover, such a synthetic, which even now is not present. There is rampant wave of suicides, here God knows what will start happening. It will sadly.


History, by the way is actually repeated. Such examples were. Here there is little new. You see, all the material is good only to build the next stage – the spiritual. Of course, without the material it can not be built. But if there is a material, and then nothing is built, and then the material is falling apart. Therefore, a choice is actually not. It sounds ridiculous. Like, we would have their problems. Indeed there will be problems. There are problems, but where to go? Now build a couple of factories something else. They will start to sell currency flows into the country. Investments will all get rich. There comes a more subtle suffering. Right now suffering grave and clear: there is nothing or no Mercedes. But when will eat it, and Mercedes will stand no longer know what and hooked. It is not with fat rage. Just start wanton pain. And we remember that if the pain is unfounded, the causal body begins to work.


Chapter XII

XII. O Daughter of the Snow Mountains, greatest of the poets – virinci – and all the other gods are hardly able to express your transcendent beauty. The celestial maidens when they see a glimpse of it through a passionate desire to enjoy it (beauty), reach meditation such unity with Shiva, which does not reach any austerity.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, O daughter of the Snowy Mountains. This appeal to the Goddess, the highest Goddess. According to the story, the daughter of the Snowy Mountains called the wife of Shiva – Parvati. Do you remember that this is a story about how in love with Shiva Parvati. Siva was sitting on Mount Kailasa and indulged in severe asceticism. Nothing was seen or heard anything. And Parvati saw him once, fell in love with him on so much that has thrown everything in the world, and has become a practice near him, too ascetic practice and in every way to serve Shiva. But Shiva did not even pay attention to it. So, Parvati was daughter of the Snowy Mountains, because the father from Parvati – is the lord of the mountains. She was born in the family of the lord of the mountains here. So her and called, “O daughter of the Snowy Mountains.”


Furthermore, the greatest of poets – virinci. Who is virinci? Virinci – is Brahma. If you remember, Brahma is responsible for the creation of the whole universe. How does he do that? Here’s a very interesting strong intersection with Mantra Yoga. In fact, the whole world was created from the mantras. In fact, every manifestation of all that we see – is the vibration of the finest sound, which was pronounced by Brahma. And so Brahma puts it all, and his every word – it was a poem. And he did not set out, then immediately turned vibration into something tangible in the real world. That’s why he is the greatest of poets. It is, in fact, created this whole world.


“The greatest of poets – virinci – and all other gods are hardly able to express your transcendent beauty.” Goddess – winner of otherworldly beauty, supreme beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than a goddess. Why all the women are beautiful priori? Because they are similar to the Goddess. Beauty, from this point of view – it is just a copy of the unrivaled power of the Goddess, Goddess Sri. And a lot of names have her. Sixteen young maiden. So, this is prohibitive beauty, beauty is the highest. This beauty, which is crazy, makes you forget about everything. And the rest of the beauty with which you encounter in this world – it’s just a pathetic reflection of the beauty of the Goddess.


Why women are beautiful? Why are women are so beautiful that they literally mad reduce any man? Yes, just for the simple reason, and we talked about this with you at the last session, that a woman is, in fact, is the Goddess, this is a manifestation of the Goddess on earth. The very essence of a woman, you know, there is a basic principle that whatsoever. So, the basic principle of women – it is precisely the incarnation of the Goddess on earth. And the more a woman is identified, or whatever passes through a Goddess, the more beautiful it becomes. In this sense the concept of beauty, which takes a fair amount of a woman’s life. Women like to be beautiful.


This is a question: “How to pass through the beauty of the transcendent Devi. The Beyond the Goddess? “So, if a woman resists to Goddess passed through her, this beauty is not observed. If a woman makes to pass this beauty, that beauty begins to shine. And there is quite a paradoxical case where a woman does not give with one hand to show the Goddess through the beauty, on the other hand tries to recreate this makeup. With the help of some aids correspond to some standards that are considered beautiful. We have already considered this point – the criterion of beauty. Therefore, it is in fact untilled field for all those involved in the design, for make-up artists.


And here there are two approaches. There are a makeup artist. According to the will of a higher power. And there is a craftsman. There is a man who not only what they do but also is himself a legislator, but is blind copyists. I was once very interested in this issue. Here in particular, why there is fashion. In general, what is it? Why has the unquestioned authority? And there are other people who can even change the view of the unquestioned authority at the same time. Why are those who lead and those who are guided by? Why is this all happening? The answer is absolutely simple. Those who are truly able to perceive the beauty of Goddess Sri prohibitive, it is able to convey in their works. And so as the Goddess Sri is inexpressible in the infinity of forms of its beauty, then a good designer had no problems with ideas.


He is able to constantly perceive the ever-changing beauty of the Goddess Sri. He is a legislator. Moreover, he says: “You have to go at it, wear it, do so.” And he’s good at. And all the other stupid to begin copying. His words ascend to the rank of indisputability. Everyone starts to bang your head and pray for it. All known Couturier in France, in Italy, in Russia. It takes some time, and went to another wave, and, again, raising to the rank of indisputability. Question: “And who is changing,” I remember at the time in technical circles, techies are also humorous, true, understandable only to them. They decided to measure the height, length, width, raised to the power. Take integral expanded in a series, and to bring this beauty formula. It is easy to guess that they did not work, does not work and never will, in principle. Because this thing is prohibitive. It’s like falling in love.


The concept of beauty and beauty – this is the thing that can not be the fact that you caught it, and dissected with a scalpel or knife. All attempts to derive some relations are good. Do you remember the ratio of the golden section, on which were built the spiral and architecture. But, nevertheless, it takes several years, and in the buildings built in the style they are certainly pleasing to the eye, but is always something newer, brighter, more attractive and expressible. The old one did not write off. It still remains. It is beautiful in its own way. But for connoisseurs. But there comes something new. And these are people who are able to comprehend the beauty of Goddess Sri, they are able to express it. And if they express it, and they are these lawmakers.


Also here in these exact sciences have always tried to follow the trend to change. Now, if you look at the fashion of hairstyles or clothing, it has a kind of regularity. Type sinusoids that all repeats. But it repeated as something different. There is a moment that like something and repeats, but something new and completely. So, if a creative person is able to see the Goddess Sri and move this beauty, it is this trendsetter. It (the creative person) is the one who will have to copy others.


Why do we take liberties with the names of the Goddess, and this is one of perhaps the most difficult things to understand. The fact that the Goddess – prohibitive. And it can manifest itself in the infinity of its forms. And each of these forms is called by its own name. The ancient sages say that one and the same woman is for someone mother, for someone’s daughter to someone’s wife, for someone’s sister, but for someone just familiar. This is exactly the same one and the Goddess. All call it in different ways, and all refer to it in different ways. If drawn son, he said: “Mom.” Her lover, says: “My favorite”. If calls her father, he said: “Daughter.” That’s just as well, and the Goddess. It manifests itself with different faces, although a single.


And there are some of the most powerful mantras in yoga – the names of the Goddess. We had a drive. It was called “Aruna”. It is a thousand names transcendent Goddess manifests itself in a thousand different forms. Women love to dress up. Women will never like to be in the same suit. They seem to say: “Here in this outfit I show up, I want to appear in a different outfit.” A woman must constantly change something. This is exactly the same, and a manifestation of the Goddess. It comes in many ways. It comes with different names. She disguises. She in different guises. Sometimes it manifests itself in the form of one, sometimes two, three. In fact, no two higher Goddesses, as no two higher energies. There is one energy, and all the rest – this is just a manifestation of a single energy. In the same way here.


But there is one aspect of spectacular. This is how all of the senses, which is going through a person, there is a feeling of love. This is the basis Love Yoga. Here of all-all manifestations – a manifestation of beauty. The manifestation of transcendent beauty, a higher standard. Now, poetry is considered the most supreme art. Why? It is not difficult to guess that if you have a property of poetry, you have the ability to Mantra Yoga. And what is any thing we see in terms of Mantra Yoga? These are just vibrations, just a poem. Each object has its own sound or vibration component. And whether it’s a piece of art written or drawn, or sculpture, or something else, that is all fine works of art, which generally only have, in fact, in this sense, are reduced to poetry. That is, as it were poetry lies within any art. There are designers, artists, poets, actors, singers, composers, dancers and so on.


So, art is reduced to poetry. Why? Because it comes down to this vibration of energy, always new energy manifestation. And in terms of Mantra Yoga – certain recitatives. That’s why “Vigveda” all in verse. That is why the ancient texts of poems. Even the text which we are considering – it’s poetry. In Yoga it affirms that there is a unique relationship between the shape, whatever it was, and vibration – specific mantra. Each form has a name, and each name is a form. Uttering the name, we get a form. It is such a clear-cut a bunch. So, everything comes down to the art of poetry. “The greatest of poets virinci – Brahma, and all the other gods, hardly able to express your transcendent beauty.” That is when we see the beauty of the universe, and sometimes really beautiful picture in front of us are opened: the cosmos, such as nature, it is just a poor excuse of the beauty of the original. That is why it was sketched, or where it was played. And this beauty – this is the essence of this Goddess.


And here we are confronted with the following very powerful method. Remember the expression: “Beauty will save the world!” In fact, this expression is not as vague and trivial, incomprehensible, no matter what. At first glance, when a person hears a saying that “beauty will save the world”, it sounds like a beautiful phrase, but how would be impractical. That is, it is in one ear, and flew to the other. Well, you never know who said what. So it is absolutely not the case. This is the method. This is one of the techniques of Yoga. Beauty really is able to bring you to a very great height. This component of the Yoga of Being in Love. When you see beauty, you are in love with this beauty. Why does a man falls in love with a woman, and when he is asked, why are you in love with her, he says that because she’s beautiful. Why is there a connection between beauty and love? Why purely logical?


And we remember that above Yoga Love nothing. This is the most-the most powerful Yoga. So, here’s the same thing. But the approach is not from a position of love, and from the position of the enchanted observer of the unfolding grand breathtaking picture of beauty. And the man who is able to see beauty everywhere and always, that person is giant steps towards spiritual development. It performs yoga. And the very fact of the contemplation of beauty, he carries one of the highest in the Yoga exercises. Someone doing Hatha Yoga, someone doing Kriya Yoga, someone else is doing something, and someone sits and admires beauty.


I really like in this respect the Japanese. I really like in this respect to the Chinese. Here are the eastern countries, where there is the cult of beauty of meditation. Go to the Museum of Oriental, take a look at these images. I do not know how this style is called when portrayed by several strokes. And really, you look and captures. I remember, I was small, and I came across a few pictures painted in this style. And it struck me: on the one hand the absolute primitivism, from the point of view of European painting admissible where more richly detailed, in oil, but here again, time and everything. But I could not tear himself away from the contemplation.


If I tensed, even I can remember the names of these pictures. So contemplation of beauty – that in itself is the greatest method. By itself, the greatest meditation. Or, as it is called Patanjali, dharana, dhyana greatest Samadhi (sanyama). It is when we are absorbed in the beauty. We have something to see, and we are there and we are in it. We go and suddenly – again! Opened a picturesque meadow with waterfalls, with a clear sky, with colorful flowers, with the birds chirping, with dew on the grass, with the rising sun, with a sense of freshness. And we fell. We stopped and all! “Stop a moment, you’re beautiful!” We are absorbed. Typically, this is unexpected, and sometimes, vice versa smoothly.


We are mindful meditation. We get up early in the morning and watch the rising sun. The Yoga is the moment of sunrise, the most favorable time for practice and meditation. Because everything is so beautiful at this time, that the mind is unconsciously absorbed by this beauty. So contemplation of the beauty we carry the highest Yoga. Of course, this Yoga is more designed for delicate and subtle body, rather than the gross physical. But that can be and is her strength. What this is – a direct method of influence on the causal body. We remember that affect the causal body is the most difficult. More or less, we can affect the subtle body. On the causal body – hard. So sometimes one look at this beauty makes the change of life in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. He just realizes that he does not understand anything. And he changed the whole life, he opened all this beauty.


Further more. We begin to contemplate this beauty. Or, as the Chinese or the Japanese are beginning to organize the place. And here comes another bunch, which later became known as feng shui. Now begin all sorts of insinuations on the subject of what is Feng Shui. What are the criteria that have to do so, and not vice versa. Our Western civilization – a civilization instructions. Opened instructions: do it once, do two, do three. Should work. And begin to persist in doing. But then, it is true, no one checks whether it works or does not work. The main thing is that like how to do. And most important of Feng Shui – Feng Shui is a beauty. The main principle – the principle of beauty. If the place is beautiful, then Feng Shui is, as one would say, but from the point of view of linguistics, this clumsy expression.


In Yoga as a science were similar build all kinds of jewelry creation. As soon as you see a place, and you will discover the beauty of this place and you suddenly see that this rock here is not to the village and the city, that he prevents that it is inappropriate here, then you remove it. That is, you start to change the landscape in the direction of beauty that you opened, and then you get this beautiful place. Look at all these Japanese gardens. Quite rightly made it so exciting. And yet, you opened a beauty. You come every day and making a tea ceremony, or simply breathe, or do Pranayama or Kriya Hatha Yoga Yoga in this Mete. Occupied or just sit by turning off an endless stream of thoughts. Sit in a state of thoughtlessness. But not stupid thoughtlessness devastated and filled expediency of what you perceive.


So in this state, you are doing yoga, the highest yoga, which affects your causal bodies. And over time on the basis of similar to this one like an island of beauty will arise within you. Or a manifestation of Goddess Sri inside you. Or a manifestation of the Kundalini energy the worst in you. But only supportive, harmonious forms. After all, anything can develop in two ways. Now we will see developing countries. It’s really ugly education yesterday when a farmer gets to town. Look at the countries of Asia and Africa. It’s ugly, consumer, barbaric attitude to everything. In these cities the garbage stench. Why? Because it is a manifestation of uncontrolled energy. Yes, it gives you a lot. She pulls out a bestial state in which the person lived before. But it carries through such hell metamorphosis that, in general, is difficult.


But there is another approach. Competent approach. The approach of gradually increasing energy Kundalini within us. How? Contemplating the beauty of the outside, we are beginning to contemplate her inside. And in this sense, as you remember previous aphorisms, the eternal beauty of the Goddess Sri is within you. It is your energy, which is also known as the Kundalini energy. And it is within you. And if you see her in this beautiful form, and this form is expanded, and the rise of Kundalini energy you are harmonious, beautiful and smooth. Every day – is the day of opening of the Universe. So if you see this beauty, then you start to open it inside. You like to start walking on the same path, and this beauty in you begins to unfold. And this is a direct path to the Goddess Sri. And this is one way of Kundalini Yoga.


We have a wild west. Let us practice, we do now. To torknulo, prokolbasilo. And this is appreciated. A quiet opening of the grandeur of the universe in a quiet meditation here nobody appreciates. Sophisticated Japanese, the Chinese, who are experts in all methods of fast, they know that all these terrible shocks often come to nothing lead. From a sieve, as they say. So that “beauty will save the world” This is not just an uncouth application of some humanist clever and wimp who can not do anything in this world, except how to babble on the subject of how everything is great, love each other, help at each other . This is a very specific and very, very, very powerful technique. But understand this method, those who have just gone mad on all the thrills and realized that really need to know. I understand where to apply the thrill and where they can not be used, since there is no need. That is, it is a matter of experience, when a person begins to appreciate it. And it begins to appreciate just man sophisticated.


Therefore, young Western civilization now and grabs, “Let’s awaken the Kundalini sticks, she would do something, but we’ll see!” So look for beauty, behold the beauty. I am ashamed to admit it, but if I go on the subway and I see a beautiful woman or girl, I can not look away from her. Although, if I go to another woman, or a woman, I find it very uncomfortable at the same time. Because she thinks, “What are you staring at her, look at me!” And it’s my right. But I think this is the source of beauty just quiet contemplation of beauty. I went and saw the girl unusual today. In general, do not know where this eye shape, such growth and so on. And now, she passed on the street, and I saw all the others began to react to it. Just by the fact that the beautiful girl had been there, all there was once harmonious. Or maybe I just thought so. Beauty can be seen everywhere.


My friend is very seriously engaged in physics. He saw the beauty in the writing of formulas. He solved the problem by complex physical mathematics, these are heterogeneous formulas. Well, anyone of you seen a textbook on higher mathematics. It integrals, some crosses, delta, beta, some amount. Something bitty. And he solved some problem, which consisted of twenty-tailed such expressions. Long to decide it. Month, perhaps, or even two months. As a result, it came down to a very compact, beautiful expression. I remember that he was just delighted with how all these clumsy tails mutually destroy that purely emotionally not ashamed to even write on the fence, as a joke. What is written on the fence at us, and what they write on the fence of physics? They write E = mc2 – Einstein’s formula. So the beauty in all the beauty in a job well done. Comrade beautifully done work. That work is dull and routine, at first glance, do not deserve to pay attention to it. But, nevertheless, sometimes he did the work and made it beautiful. This kind of connection is Karma Yoga with this great Yoga, Yoga rooted in love, when you see the beautiful in everything. Beautiful flower, beautifully done.


But here we must always remember that, unfortunately, there is another feature. Sometimes the beauty begin to adapt. “It is written, it says it should be.” But you must remember that beauty is like the Goddess Sri. It is always changing. And if you come to a place and make it beautiful, it does not mean that it will remain forever. Someone will come and see it for something else, and will complement or add. Therefore, wherever you see the beauty, stop for a moment and enjoy it. And at this moment, while you enjoy this beauty, as long as there is innovation, as long as you thought not uskachut, and you do not remember that you have to run, or there is some other work, then you will make the highest Yoga.


Why does it work? Why is the expression “Beauty will save the world”, where there is not even a criterion of beauty, how it can save something, if one does not know what it is? From the point of view of logic, and I remind you that Yoga – a very logical science. From the point of view of logic, all tough. Because the manifestation of beauty – is a manifestation of the Goddess Sri. Beyond, above karma and above all else. If it is her kindness, she will do anything and everything as you like. Therefore, contemplating the beauty, you are somewhere you can see the reflection of the Goddess Sri. You, at least, begin to perceive its manifestations, and you begin to unconsciously mentally to handle it. And turning to her, you are mentally enter into your life the highest vnekarmicheskie forces, ie forces that are unaffected by karma. Not yours and nobody else. You bring the denouement to this untenable situation.


You know, it’s like two sheep faced foreheads, and no one wants to give way to no. It would seem, how to resolve this situation? But if it is the will of the Goddess Sri, or if it is mercy, it is even two-faced sheep planted in such a way that each of them will be satisfied. In other words, everyone will be happy. But for this it is necessary to invite the Goddess Sri. And so, when a person perceives beauty, even if he does not know the word yoga, and he did not know anything and do not want to know, he gets in a strike on your mind. That you know, Goddess Sri gone, the train of her dress rustled, it is a fleeting vision. And here is a glimpse of something flashed, immensely beautiful, departed and disappeared, and there is beauty in this world. If you even concentrate on that, then you certainly will think further and you indirectly get to the Goddess Sri. In your life will no longer refuel only your karma that determines your every action, and you will give a small room for maneuver to the situation on their own to unravel. And they can disentangle only thanks to the Goddess Sri.


Again and again. This text is extremely practical. Like Yoga just that. But the second part of this aphorism more supreme. “Celestial maidens when they see a glimpse of it …” Who are the celestial maidens? This is a manifestation of the female, but prohibitively female, nebozhitelnitsy. Here it is stated that in a more subtle world than our gross physical, there are these heavenly maidens. They are very loving, endowed with the highest beauty, owning all the arts. Lovely, delicious, maddening. In all of these legends says that they liked to play at that seduced the sage one, then another. That is, they are the messengers of the Goddess Sri. Sometimes they were in this world, and even the most serious-the founding fathers of every kind of ascetic religious movements suddenly, like small children, began to run after them, and look for every way of their society. This is a manifestation of a superhuman higher plane. More higher and beautiful.


So again: “When they see a glimpse of it (meaning beautiful) through a passionate desire to enjoy it (beauty) is achieved in meditation such unity with Shiva, which does not reach any austerity.” This is what is called Tantra. Who is full of all sorts of spiritual practices, for which the people beckoning. They divorced the greatest set. But they all know, so that’s a slogan: “It’s simple, and it is not necessary to strain. You just need to run, jump, have fun. That is life – enjoyment. Do not bother, do not think about anything. ” Here’s a simple way of relating to life. “There is nothing else to do. Now here is a dynamic meditation. Now we jump. Well, you feel good? “” Sure, okay, after all jumped. And had not jumped two years, although some charge. ” “A feel good, so you should know that even you will have spiritual development and spiritual progress. And, in general, the higher realms! “And said some intricate words.


In fact, such activities take place in an environment of sleepy spiritually people. Because in India, despite the fact that, apparently, there is homeland of all there is to it so far are rather skeptical. How is it that you are doing nothing, you can achieve anything? Just because nothing happens. Someone koryachilsya five lives in a row around the currently refusing, on only one leg standing and achieved something? And you come here, to have fun, peace, friendship, chewing gum, easy sex, and the same kind of hit? Something here does not add up. Something is lost.


And, indeed, it is. We lost a lot. And if those who are now promoting the method of Tantra, understand it, they will go to paradise. If they do not understand, I do not know where they go. Because it is, by and large, and in fact, it is called defilement. The person most discouraged plow every day. That is, a person must plow every day, only if at least something can be achieved. It’s very much like a scam, which serves at times: “Now here buy shares. Here today, and tomorrow in Hawaii! “Something smells so. In the East, despite the fact that Tantra was closed, and then began to open, it would seem, so someone who, as they should there is now an epidemic in India to travel such systems, to breathe each other in the head. And something special, they go there.


Why? But just because nothing happens. In this sense. At best, this is such a social program. But then why threaten to spiritual? Spiritual nothing to do with. Yes, this club. This is the place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a way to have a great time. But this is not spirituality. Why? Yes, simply because it is simply nothing happens. But then another question. They do, but they are so with someone copied, indeed, this can not be? In fact – it can be. And it begins the real Tantra.


This Tantra, if you got there, you really can not koryachitsya five years on one leg. And to achieve the same, and so that they reach. But there is one small, little difference. Very, very little. At first glance, it is absolutely incomprehensible. You have to live Tantra, not to have fun on it, you know? That is, if you do not live it, if you are not deeply imbued with this, if you are not committed to this doctrine at 100%, then it will not work. If even the slightest part of the left: “How’s turn, I may be, I’m afraid.” This can be simply self-deception. We like to sit in the shell, deep, deep in myself and say, “I will reveal here is that part of himself. But I will sit in the shell of and observe. If something goes wrong, then immediately everything is closed. I’ll try, experiment. “


And if it is, then the problems begin. Actually, yes, it’s hard. In this regard, here is the easy fast methods of Tantra, which are now promoted at every corner, and even books written on them, there is nothing. There is only discussed problems as enjoy stronger. Enjoyment itself without the correct vector can lead you to God knows where. So, these methods are. And they were given before only those who are really ready to plow every day. Now, if you’re willing to plow every day, if you are ready that you will have no rapid methods that he’ll be on all fours to crawl. Here, as a rule, such people and these are opened subtle methods prohibitive.


If you’re not ready, then you should probably be a very good karma. Maybe in a past life you have something good to do, or to be the mercy of the great Masters, that it itself has come without your participation. But why teacher should choose you and not some kind of ant that is crawling on the ground? What are you any different from him? Nothing. The question is that we have people inexperienced and they do not ask: “Do Tantrikas do not deceive us?” And in India, this is a serious topic for conversations. This new false teaching that seduces everyone. Which, instead of forcing the person to guard his morality, and to accumulate forces in every way to cultivate, on the contrary, send people straight to hell. And we are told that everything is fine. This is a very serious issue, which is in the West do not understand, because the West is even more serious things do not understand, but it is.


And here is the answer. Yoga, including Tantra, very logical, very logical. So I bring you good news: this method is the place to be, and it really does not lead to hell, and leads into the higher realms. But, again, provided that you know what you’re doing. That is the method of achieving the highest peaks of Yoga available, here’s how we read. That is here figuratively Connect with Shiva, ie the acquisition of Shiva Consciousness. It is the top plan for man. That is, a person rises to this extra-terrestrial divine plan. The ordinary man, an ordinary ascetic goes to the fact that it is constantly engaged in asceticism, he does not give himself indulgences for a second. He keeps himself in iron gloves. He has all things under control. From life to life, every day he goes, and eventually it reaches the state of Shiva, distinguishing the true from the false. It is very hard tedious work. It really is a huge spiritual endeavor. This is something that, by and large, call on all the world’s religions. And rightly so. That is work and work on yourself. And it is right.


But there is a miracle. And it’s a miracle – it is the highest knowledge, which is called the Goddess Sri. If you perceive the Goddess Sri if you perceive the highest beauty, transcendent, then you, like the heavenly virgins reach unity with Siva this that sometimes never dreamed of another yogi, have spent more than one life to Yoga. And this is serious enough confirmation that this method has a right to be. It logically proved. Although it is logical proof, who needs it? But, nevertheless, the logic here is very tough. Shiva here allegorically, as a manifestation of the highest consciousness. Each of us has a conscience. We sit and something to perceive. Our consciousness is limited. It’s within this room. As yoga, your consciousness expands. At the time of your release, your consciousness expands to the size of this entire universe. And this is called the Consciousness of Siva.


In fact, a serious question: “And where is the sex?” And that we are talking about methods. During sex you enjoy the beauty. You enjoy, and you seem to dissolve. You dissolve in the other. And if you dissolve in the beauty of the other, well, how? Yes, all images, including through sex. You are connected to those in whom or what you love. After all, at this moment for you incarnation of the beauty – it is the person with whom you are in bed.


Shiva – the Absolute. We are united with the Absolute. What is a parable? Allegory is the next thing when your energy is connected with your Consciousness to the top of your head, and when your personal consciousness expands, you reach this sverhsostoyaniya. So it does not reach, even as it says here no, asceticism. Again and again I want to tell you that, unfortunately or fortunately, are now penetrating a huge number of different techniques of yoga, all points of view on life. Our country there can be some kind of special, because we have, and so was replaced by all, one after another, that we are not particularly critical perceive.


You can see that now at the entrance to the underground newspaper sold all sorts of sexy. In this volume you are unlikely to meet it in the West, somewhere, for example, in the decorous England. There simply is not. All this is in specialized stores there, but still try, find. And we perceive everything with a bang. We say capitalism. Yes, we will build capitalism. Or something else. That is, we do not have a critical attitude. But over time, it will appear, and someday each one of you will ask: “Why does religion say one thing, but in a completely different approach Tantra? Why they say in religion: “Do not drink and so on, and it seemed as right. And Tantra says quite the opposite, and the like, too, right? Where is the logic here? “And that’s when you begin to ask this question, then this is enough.


Usually when a person begins to deal with this serious? When he deals with these very long and middle tantric practices, and realizes that something in my life discovered that something has introduced a new, wonderful. Full of new friends, new experiences. Life began to spin differently. There is no dispute, but something inside remained as it was. That is something very fundamental has changed. And then a person begins to think, maybe something was lost along the way? And this aphorism, like no other, helps us to understand such a thing. After enjoying the beauty through pleasure in love, through the acquisition of beauty, and in the understanding that all of this – just a reflection of transcendent Goddess Sri, we reach this level of expansion of consciousness, which opens very, very quickly, which sometimes do not even reach if you have practiced asceticism very fierce sense.


Enjoying the contemplation of beauty. What came first? The contemplation of beauty or pleasure from the contemplation of beauty? The image of Goddess Sri, and all the benefits that come from the Goddess Sri. Because, in this sense, she is the creator of all good things. As the smoke around the flame, and there is no smoke without fire, and like it here. Primary Goddess Sri, and everything else – it’s just a pitiful image that we call pleasure, beauty, and so on. The goddess – sverhkrasota, supreme beauty, sverhnaslazhdenie, supreme pleasure. It is higher than all of these concepts. These are all concepts more humiliated.


So, once again I urge you to think about the legitimacy of rapid methods. Because now it’s all very uncritically accepted. The reason I say this? This trend is now gone. This a la pop spirit. Here comes another some guru who says, “Hi, I’m going to have to learn life.” And he starts something different to say, what to do and how. And the questions to him there are only Russian Orthodox Church. They lead dossier for each. Somehow I came across a book, it was written, however, the man is very far from the Orthodox Church. And on the very Orthodox Church dossiers are Old Believers. All from each other under the hood. Extremes? And who is to say what is the criterion of extremes? Or maybe it is not extreme, but the only way? Who can say that the Old Believers are wrong, and the Russian Orthodox Church is right? No one can say. Because Believers truly believe that all this is from the evil one. And who can say that they are right or wrong? Where is the criterion? This is a very serious matter. And it’s good that he’s no one there, but if ever you start to think, remember this aphorism.


In general, the issue of rapid methods. For example, the practice of phowa. Why does it work? Why Tibet yogi had to persist for several years, and meditate every day, to make his hole in the head, and why Lama arrives, and this happens in just a few days? Because it is the fastest method. This is more than good will. This is a higher principles, which we even can not yet understand. Sometimes there are paradoxical cases where Lama himself can do nothing, but transmission can do. This, too, they say, happens. Anyway, I was reading a book about it. Moreover, the book wrote themselves Lama. But it works, and we just can not yet understand all of the highest logic, the highest of the mechanism of these practices.


Here we are given a cell phone. We can learn to gain a button and call it. But to climb inside, in all sorts of microprocessors. But be aware that if you just do a piece of plastic the same thing with the same keys, same screen, it can do and not to call, and it could happen. That is, the external form – this is still not necessarily a reflection of the inner content.


All these aphorisms in verse. They are multi-level. All of the comments that I have told you, it’s just part of the comments that can be given to this text. Sometimes the question arises: “Is there any approach to the Absolute criterion?” And in terms of Hatha Yoga criterion of success, as we remember – it’s a habit to engage in every day. But the criterion of proximity to the Absolute – that I can not say. Probably, it knows only the Absolute. Because sometimes we think ourselves that carries us farther and farther away from some of the conquered heights, and then it turns out that we just felt like we were going back because we looked in the mirror opposite.


And sometimes there are obstacles that are common to all. In particular, when you do, and suddenly comes a certain aversion to others who do not do. And this, incidentally, is a normal phenomenon, because a lot of problems in our lives occurred on only one reason: we are not filtered our environment. Hit And we are in another company at any time in the past, and our lives would be well developed quite differently. We just have not filtered the people. Who brought our karma, then good. And as we begin to deal with, we begin to clean, and we begin to feel here these are the laws of cause and effect. And we begin, sometimes without even being aware, to understand, that this man spoke, and that’s something I have to suffer. And if this – here suffer. And we begin to instinctively avoid someone, and someone to communicate more.


It happens. And this sometimes happens in a relationship with those people when we are passionate about something, but they are not passionate about it. And we just get bored with them. Do not talk about. They begin to talk about some of their concerns about some of their attitude or something else beginning to discuss. Here I have bought something new. And you look at all this and think, “Yes, I would like to sneeze at it all. I’m just not interested. And he has nothing in his life except for this, and so it elevates it to the level of the absolute. ” And you look at it and think: “Well, bought and bought. Yes, the cool thing. Well, the day after you throw it, what about this so much fun? “


But generally speaking, in Yoga there is a stage when you will feel sick at all from all literally. And if you do not at least for some time to spend alone, you will feel that you are just svihivaetes. Why? Because it is clean state. Here you had the dirt, and you put up with it. And then we realized that it is you the dirt, and you cleaned it. Imagine that you go on the subway, and another homeless person in a very indecent kind: and from the smell, and he was drunk swinging, and now falls on you. What will you do instinctively? Certainly depart. That’s about the same situation begins people who are very much practicing yoga. Sometimes it comes to the ridiculous. Most people close they begin to cause a feeling of detachment. This is normal. Then it passes.


It’s hard to tell from someone should get rid of, because it is ambiguous answer. Why? Because of bad company really need to get rid of. But there is a company, which is not bad, that is, on the contrary, is given to us to have it and also raised. And here it is necessary to recognize this situation. The fact is that in the more advanced yogis when you engage in, then you will not even mental and purely physical condition, you can not be with people for a long time. There is an aphorism Patanjali that “just as the eyeball becomes hypersensitive, and even the smallest grain of sand irritating, just as the body of the yogi becomes susceptible to the slightest influence.”


In fact, this whole process it is not so simple and not so clear, as we say today: “Do this and do not do that.” Where it is necessary to avoid contact where it is necessary to endure. There is no single answer. That’s life, and she does not give a prescription. The only thing, do not be surprised that it will be. It will be mandatory. Because you will be cleansed and you do differently all will appear. You will feel a new look universe. And someone is habitually old. And you will sometimes just sick of this. cleaning process takes place in the contemplation of beauty. I really like the school meditative Japanese masters such as Suzuki and so on. If you find a book to read. It is an exciting thing, just as a poem. He (Suzuki) taught meditation.


So, the causal body begins to clean. That’s the beauty of that contemplating even a spark of beauty Goddess Sri, you brush your causal body. Not subtle body and the causal body. And it’s worth it. The causal body begins to clean. Here is the adoption of such a substance like – not like, admire – I have an aversion, and so on. And then the next stage of this prohibitive – a recognition of Viveka. Viveka Jnana. That is, the recognition of knowledge.


Picture this, you look at any label. And you can look at it from several positions. That someone sat down and bother. Here are some pictures, and they are in a certain location. Yes, it looks like, like draws attention. This one step. And there is a higher level. When you no longer think that it’s someone did. That is, you do not come to mind, where he scored images, which font to use, why such colors? And you start to look at it is undifferentiated, is separation from the world. And you see the manifestation of the world. In his own distorted manifestation of the world of beauty. And if you see the beauty even in this, but the beauty of the author, and higher.


That is why artists have always doubted: “I Do I make a work of art or one that leads to my hand?” Were some nervousness, and some, on the contrary, self-confident as Aivazovsky, who came to America with a suitcase. He asked: “Why did not bring a picture?” And he answers: “What take? Now even I draw. ” Why? Because he saw the sea manifestation of Goddess Sri. Here she played. It is always different, like the sea. Today, it is so, so tomorrow. And he was able to see the manifestation of the beauty of the sea. He saw the manifestation of the beauty of the Goddess Sri prohibitively across the sea. The sea is always there, and everywhere. Goddess Sri is always and everywhere, even in the cassette. Through this tape it shines.


Why it is difficult to affect the causal body? Because that is our concept, a clear concept. They unambiguous. Execution can not be pardoned. Depending on where to put a comma, you have two different results. This is how we, a channel in the causal body of work, all further reaction as anyone, is growing. There’s somewhere inside his head in a Click. “No,” said the brains. “Of course not,” said feelings. A physical body is the beginning of it all kicking legs, because something somewhere was the answer “no.”


The question that we are not held hostage to these cliches. For example, when I say I have an accent. And it’s very hard to get rid of him, because all grew up in the Caucasus, and he stayed. But in principle, if it is very good try, you can get rid of it completely. I am aware that it is. And imagine that you focus on the level of your brain, or at the level of decision-making. And you do not even hear. And no one side you can not say, “Oh, my friend, yes you are” tainted “idea!” As the Buddha, who said that the most stinking thing – it is stinking thinking. Think “tainted” – no test.

But all that relates to the causal body, who will give you a template? A template is – that’s the beauty. As it should be leveled. To see it, stick to it. And who will say that I have an accent, and who do not focus? Only one who can compare. It must be something to compare. We have to give a criterion. You are sitting in a clearing. In the country or in a vacant lot. I remember sitting on the vacant lot where the protruding rusty reinforcing rods and concrete everywhere. But one fine morning, nettles and other vegetation sprouted so beautifully, I just gasped. Neither add nor subtract. Even this eyesore sticking valves, it is actually still a manifestation of the world. Even it is possible to see the beauty. But it is necessary that the brain was able to see her.


Sometimes the characters of any film: James Bond and the other person. Scoundrel, that he is a real rascal. It during the Red Army would simply put up against the wall and slapped without talking. A way of attracting. He draws his negativity. It kills all the right and left. And sometimes I look at this bastard and just admire the beauty of its rascaldom. The embodiment of a cockroach, which wants to crush. Here it is presented as the beauty of disgust that I want to crush him like a tomato foot. And it’s not really the Goddess Sri.


It is our distorted perception. After all, this villain did not arise just like that. He was not from the moon fell. It was formed, including our own actions. Why? Because if our participation was not, we would have never seen. We would not have karma. Have you ever seen a tribe of cannibals Tumba – Yumba? No, I do not see. Karma, you do not have to see them. You did not put his hand to the fact that they are having. But those whom you see now, you are directly or indirectly attached forces. That is, it was the beauty and the beauty you have not seen, and something else, and to receive a response. And it is such a very fine mesh to distorting our causal body.


There are so extreme. The man says, “how ugly Fu, Fu how disgusting.” And he begins to eat or sleep. And all this alter in the direction of beauty. Enjoy the thing in its ugliness, and then only to me. In terms of what is important to see what would have to be from what you see. Imagine that someone built a house out of blocks. And someone ruined these cubes. But this is disharmony. After all, there are things that do not carry the beauty. There are even pictures of the beautiful form, but they lead to some disharmony. Or you find yourself in the area of new buildings, no tree. But you should be aware of all this. And try to understand. After the bricks themselves are beautiful. We must be able to see it, at what stage failed.



Here you see the ugliness of a multi-storey house, and you think: “What would there would have to be?” Closes his eyes, you see all of this clearing, but without this malformation. And you know, here it is necessary to remove, is correct. And you will see where and at what stage failed. And if you see what stage has failed, you’ll see at what stage is this distortion of consciousness in humans. And if you understand the other, and then you will understand yourself.

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