2010_04_06 Yoga Visualization. Part 1-I. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, April 6, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today, we are waiting for a new series of lectures devoted to visualization, and we’ll start looking at this section of yoga. It is assumed that you are already familiar with the material, which we presented at the recent seminar on yoga. But I would still like some of the things we will be repeating again and conceptualize.


Let’s start from the beginning. Visualization Yoga – Yoga is one of the sections. This is an extremely powerful section, very widely used in various types of yoga. And it is as an independent unit, or part of the fastest methods of yoga.

We remember that all yoga techniques can be divided into classical and rapid methods of yoga. Yoga Visualization refers rather to the rapid methods of yoga.

Visualization Yoga (again) an integral part comes in a variety of areas of yoga in the most different. Moreover, in some parts of yoga exercises with visualization – this is one of the basic exercises, which are based on numerous other practices.

For this reason it is useful to know what kind of yoga, not to mention the fact that its practice. We begin, as always, from the beginning, and again outline the basic ideology of yoga Visualization, repeat basic axiomatic points on which this yoga is based. Here we refer to the axioms of yoga, but to some extent we will repeat the position of axiomatics of yoga, to somehow refresh their memory.


The approach from the perspective of macrocosm and microcosm


So, we remember that according to the axioms of yoga, there are two axioms of the system: the system of axioms Microcosm and macrocosm system of axioms, based on which you can build a logical reason or certain sections of yoga.

But there are areas of yoga and yoga exercises that are both based on both systems. Those. one part of the same exercise is getting better and easier if we parse it from the Microcosmos axioms. And another part of the same exercise, oddly, becomes clear if we consider it from the perspective of the macrocosm of axioms.

Yoga Visualization is precisely just such a yoga. But here let us once again recall the basic position in order to give our minds to bind to our normal life.

So we somehow feel ourselves as a live and see the world around us. Moreover, we tend to share all that we see and feel into two sections (two parts): our inner world and (so-called) the outside world. Or in his own words, all the things that we see on the outside of our body, we call the outside world, and the part that is inside of us, we call the inner world.

In fact, there is the following thing: that whatever we do in the waking state, we perceive these two images overlaid. Those. what comes from the outside, it is superimposed on the feelings that are already inside, and immediately go to our Higher Self, which is the observer of it all.

It is understood that the inner world is different from the outside world (for us) abroad, where cease to operate the senses. Those. yet no one touched us, or when to have someone touches, we feel where your body. And from that moment, it is a kind of transition boundary of the outside world into the inner world.

But the very serious situation in yoga in general, and in yoga Visualization in particular, that our inner world (our dreams, fantasies, memories, dreams, plans), as well as our outer world (where we live, go to work, communicate with other people) they are still external to our higher Self


Those. each of us has a higher self (called in Sanskrit “Atma”, from the word “indivisible”). All externally towards our Atma, everything external to our Y. Therefore, to contrast his inner world of dreams, experiences, memories, and our outer world of manifestation in the world, it is impossible in fact. In the sense that the one and the other – things external to our Higher Self

It is one thing to understand clearly. As much as the outside world and we can change something in it can happen just as well and the inner world we can change it and something will happen. But it will be observed from the height of our higher self, in relation to which all external.


Finally, other provisions that we must also remember from axiomatic that our inner world, the world of our inner feelings and sensations, and the outside world, they are connected with each other very curious way. With all that is happening in the outside world, in some way it affects our inner world. And everything that happens in our inner world, in some way affects our outer world. Those. there is a certain satisfaction.

Indeed, if the weather is good, the sun is shining on the job you have raised the salary and you have raised in the position, you have a good relationship with your husband or wife, you succeed in yoga, you can not help it is by some factors that make the inside you feel great . You feel a certain elation, all you think in glowing terms, and the world just opens up. And outside. If, however, a series of events that you do not like the result, you and within you start to feel bad enough.

The opposite situation. Sometimes we feel within ourselves a lift, a surge of strength. For example, it is peculiar to youth, our desire to achieve something or to change, and we feel within ourselves positive, despite the fact, how the outside world.

On the contrary, some things that we do not like, can sometimes be a good stimulus and challenge in this state, so we set to work. Let’s say we are full of strength, talent and energy, but the outside world does not give us enough money to live, or the status of respect for others. But we do not experience, we know that everything is still ahead. We undertake the work, organize your business, or something creatively manifest themselves in science, culture, assistance to other living beings, it does not matter. Indeed, and under good internal mood and the outside world begins to sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but change.


And if we are full of optimism and energy, oddly enough, we attract to itself the same people as we are full of hope, strength, those who are not used to whine and used to change the situation in a positive way. And, oddly enough, the outside world is changing.

Another situation is when we are in dismal condition inside, ie have depression or some karmic cleaning, or just some kind of gratuitous gloom (and Yoga he says there is nothing gratuitous does not happen, if something unjustly, then working our causal body), the outside of the outside world can be very sensitive and caring people (say, a husband or wife), the most remarkable, highly paid, highly respected and honorable work. But if in the negative, then we are not inclined to see the outside positive.

Moreover, its negativity, we give to the situation that we are starting to shy away from people. Why? Because everyone bothers our eternal nagging, annoying to listen to, that they are to blame for the troubles that person. Why? Because we tend to blame someone in our troubles instead of having to understand where they come from.

Ironically, directly or indirectly, around us and creating an atmosphere of gloom. Those. external and internal worlds are connected.

But not connected instantly, and sometimes there is a certain lag. We are well inside and outside becomes well after some time. Or vice versa. Those. the game goes “back and forth” in these reflections.

The next serious conclusion Yoga Visualization is that our inner and our outer world (which is still external to our higher self) connected as mirror connected with the subject, which displays them.

In fact, the external world around us – is a reflection of the inner world. And there is a delay or echo effect. We do some impulses under the influence of our inner world to the outside world, and this impulse goes to the outside world. But it takes some time, so that it is reflected from the outside world, and came to us this reflected wave that we ourselves have created. This law, when we do something, and then we get the results of our actions, and called the law of karma (the law of cause and effect).


Of course, everything is much more complicated in terms of how to contact our inner and outer world is more complicated than the example was given by me. Maybe we have within our inner world – a storm of negativity. But the worst, if this storm of negativity provokes us to do some physical impulse to the outside world. When these two factors are the same, then we have the karmic wave that goes away and comes back, carrying both a mental and a physical film.


Note two situations. You ride on the subway, you feel angry at a certain person, and push his clearly showing his displeasure with them. This is your mental or send rays of consciousness, who interpreted one way or another the situation, to impose on the real action, ie, to a boost of energy. Those. they have developed, went for a walk together on the outside world, and return to us. That somewhere someone and have also pushed in anger, it is deliberately pushed to make us sick. And we begin to suffer not just because we are unpleasant and painful, but also because it was done deliberately.


Another situation. You pushed someone accidentally. The momentum of this broke, and you pushed. But you can see that it is accidentally pushed, and the extent of your suffering is not as strong man stumbled by chance, you come on foot. And, oddly enough, the realization that negative, which come to you, was not made knowingly, to a certain extent you tend to ignore it and not have to suffer from it.

The same situation is with the thoughts. Let’s say you’re being very angry, and you did not show it, on the contrary, demonstrate his friendliness. It is clear that thoughts of anger burst forth, do not become real some things. And if they remained at the level of the burst some mental activity, this surge is also sold through the universe, and also return to you, but without the reinforcement of physical things. And when will this response, it will be much easier to cope with it.

It turns out that the external world around us from a position of axiomatics of yoga – this is a great mirror that reflects all of our past actions. For our this life, and the life that we have lived with you. Or do we wove the entire universe around us, we are also invited to our universe of all other living beings, that we might later like or dislike. But, in fact, we are in a state of primordial freedom, and nobody and nothing able us something to impose.

I again refer to the axioms of Yoga, which states that each of us has our higher self, which is in a state of freedom. The state of freedom – this is one of the most exalted state in the universe. If you long to meditate and think about the meaning of the term “freedom”, then you will come to the state (as it often happens in yoga) that you will no longer understand the meaning of the word. And the fact that you will grasp the will, as infinity.


My favorite example is when you go out on a summer night on the street and look at the stars in the Milky Way, and try to imagine where the universe ends. But knowing that the universe is infinite, you can come to the psychological thrill. Why? Because our minds are not able to digest it. It’s even somewhere to some extent beginning to frighten our minds.

The same is true with regard to freedom. The more you think of the term “freedom”, the more you will realize the enormity of the term. Not without yoga as a system of self-knowledge, should lead you to freedom. While this path is thorny.


We are all in a state of freedom, it is our inalienable heritage from the time of our inception. Moreover, the freedom implicit in our higher self – is absolute. Those. we are free even from the pre-knowledge of who we are and what we do. Thus, we are in a state of ignorance about themselves, and this state of ignorance can be interpreted figuratively, as a condition of freedom from freedom. You can try to grasp the meaning? Those. we are even free from the knowledge that we are free.

In fact, the whole path and yoga is to obtain this knowledge. And having received it, use it. Now we will talk about it, and you hear about it, not because we got ourselves, but because this is the message that was given to the ancient yogis and yogis who have reached this stage, and in advance, we provide an answer to this very difficult task to accelerate our solution to this problem.

So, we are in a state of freedom, the highest degree of freedom, ie, we are free from all knowledge that one way or another might be preset. In fact, we weave for ourselves the whole universe that surrounds us from life to life.


No living creature

It does not affect the freedom of another


I remind you also to another position yoga axiomatic that the universe – it is a grand thing. It can absolutely fantastic thing when inside the universe can communicate two free beings. And yet, none of them does not affect the freedom of the other. But, at the same time it remains and the possibility of interaction between these two freedoms. This is truly the highest idea of the formation of our universe. It also eludes our understanding. It also sverhlogichnoe position.

And it was possible to accomplish this with the help of Maya and Maya is a property, which is called the “illusion”, turning, this is a side effect of maya. And it turns out that we were from life to life gradually building a universe around him in such a way that would like to see or voleizyavlyali. For the simple reason that there is an identity between the word “freedom” and the word “omnipotence” as well as the word “omniscience”.

Those. you can be free from knowledge, and dwell in the dark, and can be free from neznaniniya, and possess all the knowledge that is only possible in principle. You can be free from the power and does not manifest itself, but can be a weakness, and have sverhmoguschestvo.

It turns out that we are with you from life to life voleizyavlyaem that whatsoever. And, thus, we will use the potential freedom, the potential omnipotence and omniscience potential enclosed in our higher self and it just spins the world in which we live.

However, just as do the other Y. With time, these I voleizyavlyayut are approximately the same, they fall approximately in the same conditions, they are attracted to each other. Those. and one voleizyavil any living chain and another.

As a result, these laws are to a certain extent the same, and it is possible to contract the two I’m about the same story. In fact, all sitting in the hall, just are the living creatures that are in a series of births and deaths voleizyavlyali same.

As a result, they invited into their world like themselves, and communicate with sebepodobnymi with all the positive and negative sides of this invitation. Someone we invited without thinking, from what we suffer.

Of course, all that I tell you, it’s on the fingers trying to convey an idea. The world is, of course, much more complicated. But the skeleton of such. From life to life we are weave the outside world, which is then visible. Just as we weave our inner world in which we feel ourselves.


The difference between the outer and inner world


Those. the difference between our outer world of our inner world? Indeed, from a formal point of view, where the end of our physical senses, there ends our inner world and the outer world begins.

But we go further. Thus, according to yoga, visualization, our internal and external world external to our Higher Self The inner and outer world are clearly related, and they were created by ourselves.

Sometimes it is said that the inner world of a person formed under the influence of the outside world. For example, it is somewhere not received a proper education, training, etc. But the fact that people born in those circumstances where there was no access to education and training, said that in previous lives he formed a factor that affected his inner world.

Those. all interconnected. Not so obvious for the simple reason that there is a kind of echo, the delay between the internal and the external. Those. we give the position of the inner impulse, he goes out into the external. As he reflected and comes back, we will have time to give external impulses, sometimes diametrically opposed. But sooner or later, we returned to the momentum of our very first send out into the universe, and we are bewildered.

There was a very good writer O. Henry. His favorite theme, which can be traced in many humorous stories as a hardened criminal or villain in any one day decided to change his life (quit drinking, smoking, stealing, etc.). And it is in this moment with him starting to happen some things as a punishment. On it dumped outside troubles. At that time, like when he drank and smoked, all he got away with it. It has beaten him in a rather humorous way. If you have the opportunity to read.

We are bewildered by this period of time. In particular, it is compounded by several factors significantly more temporary nature. In particular, the fact that there are birth and death. Sometimes a person throughout life can make any indiscretions. Moreover, die some honorary veteran or a despot.

Moreover, it seems that he gets away with it. Even they buried him in the best location of the cemetery, and a cross put this, as can be seen several kilometers away (for example, crime boss).


And it seems, well, how is it that people in the outside world is so much negativity sent and received positive and honorable to die? In this regard, following said yoga. After a person dies, and if after the death of a man does not reach the highest state of enlightenment or a higher level, then it is mandatory born again. And when he is born, he is born in the same conditions to all those promises, which he sent in a previous life, he agreed to it.

You know, sometimes you throw a pebble into the bucket, the ripples dispersed, and then converged. In the next life, a man becomes a holy yogi. And suddenly he gets a blow by blow, and can not understand why. But the answer is very simple: you get what you spawned. Of course, we take the limiting case when the person in the next life became a saint.

And there are gray and neutral events that are difficult to recognize. Sometimes it happens that a hardened criminal in the blink of an eye become the biggest righteous for the reason that it makes you stronger actions, he made a strong negative deeds and received a strong negative. But if he makes a strong negative deeds, and immediately received a strong negative, it’s faster it suggests about the law of cause and effect, which is called “karma”.

And if we do not understand how to behave in a state of unconsciousness, ie, we can be somewhere and good, but where’s the meanness to do without realizing this report. Why? And just like that. And then as a result of this series of pulses to us also returned. And we like ourselves feel that we are decent people and no one even evil thoughts do not do, but we see that we are doing evil. Moreover, those people who in a past life we have done evil. This may be your colleagues, your superiors or subordinates, or your husband / wife, the world around us. Sit down and think it over from this position: the world is like a mirror, showing yourself, only in the past. Analyze, and if these tails from the past remain.


For example, my wife somehow ugly behaved towards her husband, or the husband is somehow ugly behaved towards his wife. Of course, you can blame the husband or wife, and you can sit down and think that the universe is in this moment shows me the most: What I was unbalanced, illogical, where some negative traits exhibited. This is a very good prevention after the outside world to take a look into his inner world, and left if there is the seed of the same.


You know, if in a past life is blossoming in full bloom, and you in this life received a wave of reactions, but could have stayed seeds, and they, too, in certain conditions, can germinate and you will once again be the same most, and will give rise to the phenomenon, from which now and suffering, looking at another loved one.

This is a good reason to stop and think about (with the position of the first, second and third principle of yoga). But we are seeing a slightly different trend (this is a trend from a different yoga section “Yoga Karma”, but in yoga Visualization I have about it as a mention): The faster you go through spiritual development, the less is the delay, the time interval between generated by the reaction and response by the outside world.

Those. storm inner world creates a storm outside world for a short period of time. Those. you do not need to wait for life to get a reaction from your actions. This helps to better understand the life and to understand the law of cause and effect, and to learn quickly neutralize it.

If you have someone living by the sea we have generated a tsunami wave, and she went, smashing everything in its path, then sooner or later it somewhere impact, and come to your same side of the sea. And if you do there is a shack, and you can not assume, and what can be, what do you start? You begin to do as the Japanese in Japan. Those. you know that if all of a sudden the sea suddenly moves and exposes the bottom, then after that there is a terrible tsunami. Typically, such an effect when approaching large wave, as if she picks up the water, which is located behind this wave. It’s all because the laws of physics calculated quite clearly.


If you see something like this or know what started a major earthquake, and you are on the beach, then, as a rule, it is followed by a tsunami, and the need to flee to the mountains. Again, you do not stop the backlash of the universe. But you can minimize all the consequences.

The same is true with regard to our family and friends. If we have created a negative, it is up to us and will be back. The main thing is to realize that he will be back. And the clearer will be the law of cause and effect, the faster we will reach to all the other methods of work between us and the universe.

But back to the Yoga Visualization. So, there is inner peace, there is an external world, they are interrelated. We have a supervisor, who in those and other watches.


Who or what we think we are?


But we have such a feature: the observer to a lesser extent aware of itself, ie, to a lesser extent than our I realize that it is the higher self, and that it is not relevant even to our inner world, the more I believe our inner microcosm itself.


If a person is totally wild and feels gross physical body, if you ask who he is, he will say that he has a hand, head, torso, etc. If you ask a professor of philosophy, then, most likely, he will say that he has a physical body, but also a conglomeration of sensations, feelings, something more sophisticated. For example, what is the soul, the body, it has a higher level of self-awareness when people are divided on the gross physical body, and what is called “soul”.

But when trying to figure out what is the soul, and that very few people can say intelligible. But at the same time a person suspects that he is some kind of thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories. All this is intertwined in a tangle, and the man feels this tangle. For example, a person sits, “I am a man, me all these years, this education, I’m interested in this, one thing I like, others are annoying. If I run into any situation, I was disgusted with the soul “, – they say such people. Those. some correlation between feelings of what is called “soul”.

If we take a more sophisticated adept philosophy, where we will meet even more abstract definition, that is, his higher self He already begins to understand that he is not only the physical body. Moreover, this tangle of ideas at it today, one tomorrow another. This eternal observer, a spectator, a player always is the same and keeps track of what is happening in the outside world.

And so, sooner or later, overcoming ignorance with regard to ourselves to him, we come to realize our higher self that has nothing to do with our physical body or to mental processes, memories and is a something truly fantastic and inexpressible.


Yoga just is committed to using different techniques, exercises physical, mental lead us to realize our higher self Therefore, until such time as we realized what is is our I, we get the following picture: our external the world and our inner world. Moreover, some of the processes in our inner world somewhat apart, and some are closer to what we call “our self”. Some thoughts and feelings in our inner world take place, but, as it were, to the side, not touching us. And we have some very affecting.

One has only to think of a jealous wife, the husband she is now changing, as the very idea captures a deep tangle of ideas about the woman herself, she begins to suffer from the thought. Moreover, it does not matter to her husband does change, or she herself invented.

Those. within us there is a gradation: some things in our inner world away from us, while others are so much closer to the tangle of our Y. Furthermore, even simple thoughts that somehow disturb this inner tangle, which we feel ourselves. You know, like a cat clawed paw revels in this tangle, and we begin to suffer only one thought.

For example, certain memories of former grievances, real or hypothetical situations that affect us in this tangle of ourselves themselves, sometimes leads us to a very great discomfort.

However, the reverse situation is observed. Some other thoughts lead us into raptures. Here you are sitting, say, in your inner world. Let’s say you are a physicist, and one of these days you have to hand over the Nobel Prize. And this idea is that it will hand over to you, hovers in your inner world, and begins to cherish and nurture your self-esteem. Are you in a pleasant frame of mind, that, well, that’s appreciated.


It turns out that even dividing the inner and outer world, the inner world is not so simple in structure. And there is a certain orientation or gradient from the more remote processes to a more profound processes. If you analyze this gradient, you close face to face encounter with the fact that a group of three bodies.


Three groups of bodies



From ancient books on yoga, we know that a person has three groups of bodies: physical, subtle and causal. And the current trend has gone so that usually suggest some mystique to it all, intimidated and are asked to believe in certain things without thinking.

But you remember that unlike yoga as a system of self-knowledge that any criterion of truth – this is the practice. If you speak to any theory (even the most remarkable), but she is not satisfied, it may be, the theory is not correct, or you something is not doing it right. Thus the analysis of the inner world you close face to face encounter with the three groups of bodies. And you do not have to believe any kind of obscurantist books (sometimes even supposedly constricting), you need to believe in certain things. You can check.


Returning to Yoga Visualization. So, there is an internal gradient that brings you from the gross to the subtle body, and then to the cause. And then, from the causal body – your deepest manifestations, ie, to what is called “prana” (energy and consciousness). If you get to the prana, it is a very short step up in order to know the source of this prana. A source of prana – our higher self and purpose of yoga – will sooner or later lead us to the realization.

This object is obtained by even such an analysis of our lives. In continuation of this theme, so a bunch of Raja Yoga, which states that the more you control your inner world, the more you control the external world. And if you want to become president, the Management Company or any other position of managing people, you first have to learn to control themselves.

Perhaps it will not be sooner than you would encroach wisdom to manage your inner world. And their inner world, which is not so uniform, you will start to operate only when you begin to approach her and I in your inner world of your lump of sensations, perceptions, thoughts will be, respectively, to move away from you. They will be just as well, but it will not fix the idea, the idea that you will have to throw out the heat in the cold. As we are talking about a man who is going through jealousy. One idea he is completely uncontrolled reaction.


The inner world of yoga and Visualization


Go ahead in yoga Visualization. Let us now analyze our outer world, here we are also waiting for a very interesting surprises. If you live somewhere in the deep woods with a very limited circle of contacts, then your whole inner world just limited to those people who live with you directly, and the distance over which you can walk with a shotgun while hunting.

If you live in a big metropolis, you thus can quickly take on any more on transport and travel, and greater awareness of your habitat space begins to enter. Moreover, if you have a TV or the Internet, you can see what is happening on the other side of the world or in space.

Sometimes the pictures show, like a comet flies, or as a new galaxy discovered, or anything else. Those. it turns out that this is our outer world it is also different.


You know, there are people who live in their own little world. Morning got up, went to work in the evening came, looked at the TV, I watched the show and went to bed. And the world is small.

And there are people who are bored in this little world, and the world has widened. There are people who do think globally, say scientists, who think about the structure of the universe. They have this area even more.

But, anyway, that our outer world, which is a reflection of our own self-promises, very strange and mysterious thing. We do not know the external world is good or bad, it simply does not apply these categories. We know only the law of cause and effect that we would not have sent it to us coming back.


– And what is the nature of this mirror, from which all is reflected back to us?

Usually a person does not think about it, he just lives themselves, the world and the world. But he begins to explore the surrounding his world through the senses, the mind. And as soon as he begins to gain experience, and voleizyavlyaet understand what is the world around him or around us mirror, then the more such a person begin to happen very strange things, regardless of when and where he lives. Those. This was observed in ancient times, it is observed today.

Suddenly you start at first vague, and then more and more clearly guess that behind this mirror there is someone else who is somehow meaningful to the language that you understand trying to talk to you or to respond to your questions, somehow interact with you. Moreover, all of your outside world can change.

But all these changes quite mysteriously leave your inner sense, as a kind of puzzle and try to bring to you something meaningful to talk with you, to communicate, to convey to you some idea, or to respond to your question is aimed at a hypothetical second interlocutor.


As a result, a man sooner or later comes to the concept that is the Absolute. Those. Absolute – is a companion, which can manifest itself through leapfrog images that you face in your outer world. Those. in your outer world you encounter a reflection of yourself, ie themselves what you have created before, and now dispersed wave to you the same returns.

But beyond that, in addition to the reflection of itself, if you voleizyavlyaete, you begin to suspect that there is another interviewee, who is trying to talk to you, if you try it about something ask. And that did not in any way inclined to manifest itself if you do not ask him voleizyavite.

Those. absolutely not intrusive, the source of tolerance, or some meaningful start. Once again, for those people who voleizyavlyayut communicate in this direction, it happens to them. Other people who voleizyavlyayut that it was not, and it does not happen in their life.


Those. a very strange thing emerges, that of all the events and circumstances of our life, the scenery, which (as we begin to guess) are generated by our previous pulses, these decorations, which we ourselves once built in the past, ie, give impetus so that they are having in the present, suddenly starts to look through someone else.

And, running lots of forward and axioms referring to yoga, a man begins to realize that he who begins to communicate with him, is like himself. Those. higher self of man as one who is hidden behind all the decorations of the outside world, or the Absolute.

Finally, the next thing that needs to be clearly understood. The more a person voleizyavlyaet know someone who hides behind the scenery, the more he begins to understand that this one is more real than the scenery. Or in other words, that the Absolute can manifest itself through a series of events, people, the flow of information that comes piecemeal from different sides but built together in one sentence, one of which one person says another part – the other person, the third – the third.

First, we, of course, tend to think of people who say to us, more real. And this buddy who is behind these people (the Absolute) is less realistic and more abstract.


But the experience results in the fact that you understand that the people around you and phenomena less real than those who are behind it. In what respect less real? In the sense that they are more susceptible to change and instability than the one who hides behind this.

This situation is observed in a variety of times among all kinds of people. In principle, each of you can feel the same thing, but on one condition – if you voleizyavite feel it. Why? Because this other person will never be imposed if it is not entirely specific and ambiguous you will, that he manifested. Those. Absolute unobtrusive.


Awareness of the Self

and converting the internal and external worlds


And then a very interesting position. It turns out the next thing. If you are somewhere become aware of your higher self, you will, accordingly, it is easier to change your inner world and the outer world. Although, sometimes it is easier to change the outside world than the inside. But sometimes, changing the external world, come changes in the inner world, and very well rely on our higher self or in another way, if you are aware of your higher self, you will more easily and look to change the world. Those. vyrisovuetsya fulcrum – your higher self to relying on that make it easier to change your inner and outer world.

But if you discover that the other person or the Absolute, it becomes a fulcrum of equal area, as well as your higher self Ie if you are aware of it and see for fleeting moments of your life, it also becomes your mainstay. But the more you begin to realize it, the more mild you change your outer world and, accordingly, your inner world. And vice versa.

It turns out this picture: your higher self, imagine a line, the origin point 0; then there is a gap, your inner world, which is where something breaks; then another gap, the outside world. And behind this lies outside world is another point of support or Absolute. And regardless, whether you realize foothold your Higher Self, or other point of support, you can easily change the intermediates of your inner and outer world.


Or another way. Imagine flowing large river Volga or the Ganges. As with any water in this water is constantly changing something. They swam wave, ship, etc. Similarly, our inner world with each passing day brings us some modifications. That our inner state changes, the better we feel, the worse. Externally, something is changing: it is better to the situation around us, something worse. But it’s like a river, changeable.

But there are two banks of this river: one strand unshakable as a rock – this is your higher self Other Bank – is another interviewee, or the Absolute, and between them flows the river of life of all of your experiences, life events.


Moreover, not only during one lifetime, but from life to life. And if we remember the yoga of dying, even if you died and did not reach higher understanding of yoga, then they all state that you experience after death (and there are quite a lot, there is even a separate yoga section, which is devoted to this), it also takes place between the two shores, and, in principle, no different from your real life.


Moreover, your dreams in the dream state, or your condition during dreamless sleep just as the river with one bank – your higher self, from the other side – the Absolute. And you can manage this river of life. How can you manage this river? Well, how people manage the rivers? They build them hydroelectric. And in order to build it, you need to build a platinum corresponding body shop. But for this, at least, you need to build a bridge from one bank to another. A bridge, as you know, must be based on two points of support: from one side and from the second.

If it will be put out from one side, but do not rest on the other side, it can be far enough to last to the other side. But if the river is big enough, he simply collapse. And if the meeting (know how bridges are made) to the meeting pulled the two paintings of the bridge, so they docked in the middle, and working their bolts affixed. All reliable construction, which does not fall and which rests on two supports. You can let the train on the bridge of this design, it is possible to build a platinum under the bridge, you want to do. We need two points of support.


Similarly, in the practice of yoga Visualization, if we want to get the highest effects of this yoga, we need two points of support. If there is a single point of support, say, our higher self, or the Absolute, we are also to some extent, can do some design, which will be partially control our river of life, but not completely.

In fact, as you know, it all came down to the axioms of rapid methods, where there is an axiom built on our higher self, and axioms in reliance on the Absolute. Between them lining the practice of very specific exercises.


So, Visualization Yoga in its highest form involves (we will talk long enough with what and how) to work with images, where the better you mean fulcrum, the more reliable these practices will work. And if you have two points of support, which is very clearly understood by you, then it turns into practice, giving a very specific result. By the end result meant the ultimate goal of yoga or the achievement of the highest results in yoga.

How to “see” the Absolute?


Finally, following the addition, which is also necessary for you already know, because you are more or less familiar with the axiomatics of yoga. Well, with our higher self is somehow easier. In the end, our higher self, and we ourselves – this thing is the same. And, like as, with the Absolute heavier, ie the other side, the other side of the river. And how far it is the other shore? When we present the Volga, Yenisey, Ob, the Ganges, which we still have the great rivers? Of course, they can be very broad, but still, we can see the opposite shore.

nd what about the Absolute? Around us there are any events, phenomena, external decorations. And these external decorations, as we suspect, the Absolute lies. But if we live in a remote village, and the scenery is very close. If we look through the telescope at our neighboring galaxy, the decoration and it is very far away.

But for that, and for other hidden Absolute and lets us know. And a very interesting effect is observed. The more we spread the rays of our consciousness, the more put off our border decorations. And, apparently, one more step, and E will open the place where the Absolute lies. But is not the Absolute, he further and further away.

Or, in our example, imagine that the point 0 (when we were drawing axis and arrow), it is our higher I. And Absolute somewhere very far away. And the farther we go, it even further. And from a formal point of view, it turns out that like as Absolut at an infinite distance from us. But at the same time, it can occur at any distance away.


It turns out that the Absolute, like as, on the one hand, it is very far away from us, as if we do not deeply penetrate the secrets of the universe, it still eludes us. But, at the same time, it may appear very close to us in front of our very noses through the objects and phenomena that we see without a telescope, ie, in everyday life.

This is a very interesting thing, which gives a very interesting position. If our inner world and the outer world is still external to our higher self, our inner and outer worlds – they are internal in relation to the Absolute. Those. if so in a nutshell, a certain difference.

Those. If Absolute absorbs everything, including ourselves, and it’s everywhere. It can manifest as in the outside world through the scenery, as well as in our inner world, when we just sit and indulge in speculation. For the Absolute has no boundaries in this regard. For him and the outer world and the inner, essentially internal. And it can occur anywhere.

Therefore, to communicate with the Absolute, you can through a series of events in the outside world, which pass. You can talk to him in a dream, through a sequence of events when something happens, or in a state of sleep without dreams, where in the conventional sense is not the images to which we are accustomed. Those. for the Absolute has no boundaries.

We end today’s lecture.




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