2011.02.12 Yoga and Freedom. Honesty with ourselves. Lecture No. 8. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.02.12 Yoga and Freedom.Honesty with ourselves. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Yoga and Freedom.Honesty with myself. Lecture No. 8. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.


This is quite a nice prize, to be honest, truthful. The prize of gaining superpowers when every word begins to incarnate, and starting from a certain level, disappears for you and your internal Universe, the notion between right and wrong. In the sense that you will begin to reshape the Universe. Whatever the situation you do not come, do not suit you, but having these Siddhis, the supernormal, you can deploy all 180 degrees.

I will remind you of the saying of Napoleon against the army that if you all the time to give the army a reasonable orders, and she will win victory after victory, in the most difficult moment, when there is any difficult situation, you will be able to issue such an order, which will be essentially impossible, but the army will fulfill this order and you win! This explains the magical properties of the personality of Napoleon. Some say it was the same Hitler, but somehow they began to misuse these abilities and sooner or later got to Russia, where it became too much to lie, and how it ended do you remember the Story.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom.Honesty with myself. Lecture No. 8. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.02.12.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description :When you need to speak the truth and when to lie? What abilities are opened in man, speaking the truth? How to be honest with yourself? Who is this “I”, and with whom you need to be honest? What criteria determine that a person is honest with himself? Who to believe, yourself or things? How is honesty with ourselves and suffering? Lying to children, and whether to punish them for it?

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Honesty with ourselves.

Today, February 12, 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow on Novoslobodskaya. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on our sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru. Files in our shop – shop.openyoga.ru where you can buy the entire archive of our lectures, all our movies, lectures, audiobooks, mantras, music and so on. Today we will continue the theme “Yoga and Freedom”. Themes are very important, inspiring. And I ask you to recall what we did in the previous lesson, what have concluded our consideration of this topic, and I was going to do in this lesson.

Michael,group 3, MOJO:

The last lecture was devoted to Yoga and truth, specifically the truth with yourself. We had to think about this question.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yes, the last lecture, we discussed this topic, how does yoga really yoga and truthfulness, and have come to some very interesting practical points that we are brought from the theory of yoga. First let me remind you that we have touched on the fact that it really is, we learn only to achieve enlightenment. Until then we are all in various degrees of delusions. And the closer we approach the highest goal of yoga, the less we have left ignorance and delusions, associated with it, and the more realistic we perceive the world. Therefore, even were such a proposal to separate these notions of truth and truth. The truth is that there are actually. And the truth is what we perceive as the truth at one point or another in life and it is clear that this truth may change as we remove these layers of ignorance, layers, hallucinations, layers of our fantasies of our mind.

We came to the following conclusion: when you show honesty, you quickly approach the truth. The more you as children are open and naive to be upset, and say, the more it contributes to the removal of your ignorance, hallucinations, distorted view of the world. Therefore, yoga is extremely insists that, if it is possible to be truthful, truthful to be happy! In addition to yoga in addition to the moral aspect, that true to be good, there is a “carrot”: the more you acquire the status of truth, the closer you approach the truth, and if there is truth in your words, your words come true, whatever you said. That’s sverhsposobnostyami!


Truthfulness and superpowers

This is quite a nice prize, to be honest, truthful. The prize of gaining superpowers when every word begins to incarnate, and starting from a certain level, disappears for you and your internal Universe, the notion between right and wrong. In the sense that you will begin to reshape the Universe. Whatever the situation you do not come, do not suit you, but having these Siddhis, the supernormal, you can deploy all 180 degrees.

I will remind you of the saying of Napoleon against the army that if you all the time to give the army a reasonable orders, and she will win victory after victory, in the most difficult moment, when there is any difficult situation, you will be able to issue such an order, which will be essentially impossible, but the army will fulfill this order and you win! This explains the magical properties of the personality of Napoleon. Some say it was the same Hitler, but somehow they began to misuse these abilities and sooner or later got to Russia, where it became too much to lie, and how it ended do you remember the Story.

Also driven by the power of blessings, when man used to speak the truth, gives any wish, it tends to come true. This is already part of mantra yoga, when you rule the world, his Universe. Another very interesting factor is the fact that, if you are truthful, then your speech will attract the attention of the audience. You will “own the audience”. This is a very useful feature for any speaker, politician, dictator. Offer many different courses like master of rhetoric, to teach how to listen to their words, etc. But experience shows that it leads nowhere. People passing certain courses say very correctly, calibrated, don’t make mistakes, right put a pause, you say, what is called in science. But just listen to them no one wants to, even if they tell some very interesting aspect of his political program. People does not want to listen because they do not feel the truth. Any word is just a shell that encompasses the unspeakable. If it is ineffable, then this shell is alive, if not, then every word is the corpse that does not want to watch. I do not want to hear the words. That is another factor in the condition of truthfulness is the superpower of possession of the mantra Siddhas. The abilities associated with it.


Using the decision algorithm of speech

In the previous lesson we touched on the more practical aspect of how to approach this. We came to this sad conclusion that from tomorrow we can’t just start telling the truth. For too long we were lying and our lies all woven into the world around us. If we suddenly change the rules of the game, that thereby we may bring even more damage than if kept lying in the same acceptable amount that you did before. In this respect, our every spoken word is equated to a particular action that we do, and we can analyze the situation “to say something or not say” with the help of our yoga of the decision algorithm. In this respect, before saying the truth or before to lie in those moments when we doubt, we can safely apply yoga decision-making algorithm, which consists of the following steps:

First, we recall that we are free, we are absolutely free, we are free to lie, free to speak the truth, free to mix truth and lies, it is our complete right. Absolute we did so. He did not make us a pretty robot, key wound, when it lifts one handle when you have another, speaks one word…another word.

So, the algorithm is that first, we recall that we are free.

Then we remember that we have a duty. It is like the starting point for all further consideration. We have to analyze how long we lied, how they are now, do we have any karmic or other things connecting with people, which we will lie or tell the truth. We need to determine their place on the karmic map of where we are and remember that we have a duty. Debt is not something someone ascribes to us, and what we ourselves consider it our duty, aware. Essentially it is the analysis of all those people or circumstances that were kind to us, which may be to the detriment of your freedom has shown us support. It can be our parents who gave us life, our country that protects us, etc. etc. Can drill.

And as soon as you have decided on the time your debt and with your current situation, you start to apply the first principle of yoga and try to act so that your actions will not harm.

Then the second principle of yoga, try to let your words were most effective.

Finally, if you go quick methods, the third principle of yoga. About it now will not say anything.

If after all this you don’t know what to do, it makes sense to consult with someone knowledgeable. If after that you don’t know what to do, you can do some survey. Then again remember that you are free, and, further, to say this or that speech, the phrase showing its truthfulness or showing their lies.

After that, the situation will definitely change and you will come to another point and have to say the next word you must come again this algorithm. You said something, true or false, and as a result influenced the world in such a way that your situation has again changed the concept of this debt, which we mentioned at the beginning of the decision-making algorithm. Thus, we gradually begin to move away from the situation that is, in regard to our veracity or falsity in the situation that we want to. With minimal injury, the most effective and efficient manner and transforming the way in the spiritual path.

If we lie all the time, and wish to get rid of it, you also need to consider how to do it most optimally. So sooner or later we will find ourselves in a situation where we with you will not need to lie. The situation will change in our Universe. Itself will disappear, the question about your lie. Even if you were desperate liar, but built over time your world in such a way that to lie in it do not, that is the ability to lie desperately unnecessary to dry and you have to fall off, as dirt from your boots.

Or Vice versa, to turn defeat into victory and use the amount of lies that you still use the most competent manner. Strictly speaking, the art of any actor is the art of lies.

So, we came to this good starting point, before tearing his vest and to subvert public opinion, we need to think how to do it correctly. The issue is not that this shouldn’t be done, it must be done, the question is how to do it appropriate, competent, beautiful. So to untangle the situation so gracefully, that was not suffering from that all very quickly and efficiently untangles, and you then ascended on the spiritual path. After all, the word is a very dangerous tool at our disposal. In short you can give the cure of a hopeless patient, but the word you can and in the grave to drive the big guy.

I will remind you of the old joke when the inhabitants of a village conspired and began one and all to say that one of the villagers poor health that he looks bad. And when this conspiracy was at the village all he was saying how he looks bad. As a result, he came home and died.

The word is a terrible weapon. The reverse situation, when you find yourself in a field of a certain optimism, it is as if support you, mobilize you, helping you to overcome any difficulties. Now, if we touched the moment of truth, the moment associated with speech, we approached a section of the yoga, you must understand the power of words. It may happen that you are someone scold, just scold, tell the truth, only your truth you will not take into account that this was centuries, even decades of lies, and that your really only all even more confusing. You can cause a lot of harm, and burden their karmic situation. But at the same time and lying is bad, friends. If you start lying, you start to get confused, to confuse others and lose the powers of mantra yoga. And remains very narrow and delicate path, as the defeat to turn into victory, even if you lie, you lie good. Lie so that every day you less and less you had to lie because you would have solved this situation. Lie so that does not suffer other people who used that you lied and all of society lied to, and here you are, that is, begins to smack the truth, inappropriate.


Freedom and honesty with yourself

We stopped for another topic. The manifestation of our freedom associated with our truthfulness.

Vyacheslav Karandashov, group 3, MOJO:

To be honest with yourself can be challenging sometimes, although someone may be just. How to fit the freedom and honesty with yourself? The more honest we are with ourselves, the greater the degree of freedom we get, the greater the degree of freedom we get the more we have the opportunity to be honest with yourself.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yes! Good idea, summarize. The more honest we are with ourselves, the freer and the freer we are, the more honest with yourself. Please anybody wants to add? Like this topic is beat.

Irina Solomatina, 4 group, MOJO:

I would like to consider the theme of honesty with yourself from a position of harmony. I think that when a person is honest with himself, he feels more Rita, harmony, and accordingly, it is easier to find your way. If a person arrives in harmony, he can intuitively feel your Dharma, to make more correct decisions.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Let us again summarize, if we are honest with ourselves, we perceive its current position, to understand better what is our duty and therefore could more effectively use 1 and 2 the principles of yoga, to highlight the most your way. Honesty with ourselves in that sense gives a more precise location of our present state, and, as a consequence, we can more clearly draw the coordinates of our future freedom, and accordingly the path from this point to this freedom.

Who wants to reflect on this theme?

Basim al-Jawahiri, 1 group, MOJO:

By doing dishonest with themselves or by means of being honest with themselves thus we develop the habit of living illogical or live Loginovskaya in itself Pashu Bhava, Bhava Viru or Divya.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Who else wants?

Marianne Voropaeva, 1 group, MOJO:

I’ve been thinking on the topic of honesty with yourself, I think it is the cornerstone of success in yoga and in all. I think a very important point the ability to be honest with yourself in the sense that it requires very serious intellectual resources. We have 24 hours in a day to remember that we must be honest with yourself and to have as the background and ask yourself “but am I being fair now?”. Because if we will forget all about this, we will unconsciously begin to lie to yourself.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

And if we start to unconsciously lie to yourself, we, of course, immediately begin without explicitly having to lie to others. Who wants to think? Please.


Yuliya Tarabrina, 4 group, MOJO:

Reflecting on this subject, I came to the thought that we are lying to ourselves initially, because we initially have misconceptions about themselves. The truer we are, the closer we approach the truth with ourselves, the closer we will get closer to his freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yeah! Very interesting idea, sounded, friends. It’s hard to be honest with yourself, because we really do not know who we are. We begin to perceive illusory self, something, someone, a conglomerate of ideas, etc., to grasp at them, and any honesty with yourself begins to question the conglomerate, and we become afraid. Because we have this honesty with ourselves destroying ourselves, it turns out. Our Ego is terrified of this state and otherwise shrugs like annoying flies from this condition.

Sergey, group 3, MOJO:

I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, then we will be able to realize his position in the moment, to define their objectives, plans, accordingly we have formed some kind of purpose, and, accordingly, we will be able to choose the proper solution for yourself.

Alyona Vorobyova, 4 group, MOJO:

I have this opinion. To be honest with yourself is really quite hard, because every day the situation changes and the dark goes away, that covers even more difficult to understand this. But as the beacons we have 1 and 2 principle of yoga, i.e., always relying on them, we can find guidance in what direction to move. Listening and acting in accordance with these principles, understanding those principles is better, with these steps we can move towards the truth.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

It turns out that if we stick to 1 and 2 principles of yoga, then sooner or later we are becoming more and more honest with ourselves.

Another point of view. For example, I consider myself an outstanding politician, entrepreneur, thinker, singer, composer, poet and otherwise rid myself of all thoughts that could cast doubt. As soon as only comes in the factor that cast doubt on my confidence in these provisions, I begin to drive to these thoughts didn’t samodeyatelnogo me, and thus does not impede my life in the future. That is a point of view that honesty with yourself can be harmful!

Who agrees, who disagrees?


Sergey Belov, 4 group, MOJO:

I have a point of view that to be honest with a need to develop reflection or certain internal observer. And this inner observer needs to think from the perspective of her higher self.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Look how smoothly moved our discussion from the concept of honesty with yourself to the question of who am I? Who to be honest? To say just be honest with yourself, it turns out to say nothing, if you don’t mean that you have. If you mean the conglomerate of Ego and honest with him, there is one situation. The more we question this Ego, the more we will lose their confidence, the more we dematerialized, the more we lose. In the West, the syndrome of a “loser”, loser, the more he believes, he thinks to himself, thinking that he’s a loser, that’s him getting worse and worse. Another point, if we’ll get to the other side. If we are under this term “himself” we mean not a conglomerate of Ego manifestations, that we believe, and our higher “I” to this observer it was not our illusory I of habits, and it is this point of the report, the observer, which is our higher self. And look how everything changes radically. As soon as we begin to be honest with yourself and take as a reference point, your higher self, on the contrary: the more honest we are, the it makes us stronger, strengthens our position and allows us to overcome all the difficulties of life. That is, the factor, to rely on its false Ego or my higher self does this criterion “to be honest with yourself” is quite obvious. The more we’re honest with ourselves, implying a higher self, the better we will achieve results and success.

Who else wants to reflect?

Svetlana Abramova, 4 group, MOJO:

I believe that being honest with yourself is the same as the rejection of ignorance. When we voleizyavleniya to be honest with ourselves, we are thrown back extra frames and move the pivot point from external to my internal feelings that we have.


Our beliefs about ourselves and honesty with yourself

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

A remarkable observation. But the question is.

I’m going to be honest with yourself, with everyone else I ruthlessly lie or tell the truth to the extent in which I like or I do yoga and before you even open your mouth running every word through the mechanism of making yoga decision. Ie with the outside world I have everything in order, the remains of the internal world.

Here I sit all pretty and remember yoga postures that encourages us to be honest with myself and I decide that OK, I’ll try to be honest with yourself. It remains to understand who I am. Well the guy in denim some costume, some a certain age, some character, some traits that have formed, of course, during the previous years of his life, and before that probably also of previous lives, which I don’t remember. And here I close my eyes, here I am. I immediately visualize the image of me this image is intertwined from different images, this is what I see in the mirror, of sensations, of my fears and hopes, my ideas, of intellectual abilities – all of these things siplivaya, and there is a conglomerate of sensations, which, closing my eyes, I perceive as “Myself”.

And the next moment, I begin to be honest with you. Comes some information from the outside, some critical feedback on my lecture: “let the author of the poison.” From time to time such letters come to us in the mail. And here I have to be honest with myself, honest in my representation of who I consider myself? – Then the letter is written completely honestly. Do lectures are useless, words are parasites, slang… Because the truth written by a man. If I’m being honest with myself, know it to be true, and all the matches. If I feel it then I must start to break, sprinkle ashes on his head, to take a staff and go somewhere far away, not to bother with his presence the rest of the world. And it just makes me a little poison, to sow insecurity in me, and if I was giving a lecture in one breath, now you’re starting to follow every word of slang or something.

The real story is. The letter that I say all the time that yoga disappears and I am asked if I am afraid that the words materialists, yoga and then do disappear. Of course, I know where the Shoe pinches. It’s these homegrown semi-psychological semi-idiots who are conducting trainings all over the country and brainwashed people all over the country, and then those words I’m afraid to say, not to “voice of doom”. Well, nonsense. But I came to this opinion, and you, believing themselves to be a conglomerate of sensations, begin to adapt to these complaints, and reading sometimes a lecture, trying not to mention something that may cause a similar reaction. And involuntarily you begin to understand that tearing inside you, the trend is there. I want to be all pleasant and nice to everyone to love you at the same time, nobody wants to annoy, this is not possible, a complete internal break-up goes. And the more I consider myself a conglomerate of feelings, the worse I got the lecture already. I’m starting to worry.

I invite, say, to his friends. I’m starting to think, how they perceive my apartment, because I believe they will judge me by my apartment…and all life turns to hell, instantly.

The other side. I read a lot of books, you know what I currently consider myself to this conglomerate, because so familiar, so comfortable. Yes, I used to consider myself such and such a person. But then I realize that my higher self has not to this conglomerate of sensations irrelevant. This is the same dress, but woven of finer structures. And going a step deeper I get into my higher self. I’m just getting into finer conglomerate of sensations. They are like Russian nesting dolls stacked. And now, of the more delicate conglomeration of feelings, I see that being honest with yourself and adequate sensing criticism from the outside, my outer shell starts to break down. Why? Because I came out of it and, as the viewer, watching as it breaks perfectly. And I understand Yes, in yoga books that you don’t have a body, and now real there is a way to verify this. They said that you’re not thoughts and feelings, having gone to a deeper clump of sensations of our higher self. There is the ability to get away with more rude, and the element of honesty with yourself as a bulldozer demolishes it. The factor of honesty he following: if I think you are something, and being honest with myself, I’m starting to do a lot of pain. It’s as if the demolition of the house together with the tenants. You live in the house, and then came the bulldozer of honesty with himself and rushing at you, and you do not know what to do, whether to keep the roof, or wall to prop up. That is one thing.

Another situation, if I left the house this old, dilapidated, understand that it needs to be destroyed. In this situation, I grow.

If we combine honesty with yourself factor rareplane something and not pushing away something, and entering a new level, the previous level can be safely demolished. We will only easier. The effect of all seminars, workshops. First you need to withdraw your representation of who you are, who you have enslaved, oppressed. But when brought your higher of these views, it is possible these views are ruthlessly demolished. But not before you leave, otherwise it will be very painful.

This factor is very important. What happens in this case? We have all the same lecture Freedom and honesty with yourself. And the following happens. As soon as you go to finer conglomerate of sensations, which are closer to our higher self and our higher self free, then you can watch as demolition of coarser conglomerate of sensations, and after he had already demolished, you will not be re-rebuilt. You begin to live internally to a higher level of freedom, you rise into the higher realization of freedom, as a consequence of the understanding of our primordial freedom. But if you realize your freedom, then you already can use it. And you have no thought afraid. If the situation cause you to have a chill, some fear, then you begin a completely different look.

Get fired from work? – Well, I have not had the courage to leave, I was helped. There is an opportunity to work with previous fears that we are literally paralyzed. In fact, it turns out that inner honesty with oneself – is a separate page of our work. I remind you that there is honesty with the outside world, and then we would open a separate page integrity in the inner world. As you know, there is no clear boundary where the outside world, and where internal. All separation is an illusion. Here I am sitting here and my body here where it’s over is an illusion. I’m actually continuous in the entire Universe. The fact that I used to consider myself within this body is an illusion. And there is another method of applying honesty with yourself, not go inwards from the larger conglomerate of sensations, but rather in the direction of expansion. When a person suddenly feels that he is more than his body more than his manifestation, he as the observer sees – that he is the man, he gives a lecture, reads poorly or well, but he seems to be more than this man.

They say that this effect is in good actors on the stage, when they perform a role (hamlet or something), they have a very strange feeling of disidentification with the experience of yourself. They suddenly see that they play a role, and at the same time they see that they more than this man, and see yourself from different angles on this scene. This is a very interesting effect which causes africathe state actors. A real actor in the theater would never change my profession for anything, because he experience such a euphoria of disidentification with what he was not, so it falls to a different sort of restrictions. Many of them at the end of his life and wrote in his memoirs that my life was on the scene, all that was off stage – it’s like a dream, prepare for the time he spent on stage. Ie on the scene he lived, and all the while was undergoing other physiological processes, ensuring its life on the stage. When I’m looking at a particular transmission, about one or another actor about how bad his life was, in a communal apartment, the wife left, no money, he took to drink and died. When I watch these shows, I don’t want to watch movies or performances of this actor, because I saw it in one, and I here some “dill” slip. And I have an involuntary associative connections arise that the scene he was lying. But in reality it was the opposite. On stage, he was real, and lied to the program about his personal life, that his wife is gone, etc. For this reason, I prefer not to be interested in the personal life of the actors. All he can give – he gives on stage. Everything outside the stage is not related to his higher self, which creates. The same applies to composers. If I like some music, then I do not want to know who slept with the composer, otherwise I’ll start confusing the issue.


So, we talked about honesty with yourself. You kind of feel like myself and all other people, phenomena, all, all, all, you, as the doll begins to operate, and as a spectator watching what is going on here I fucked up, but we could play better. And on the contrary, this criticism does not deprive you of self-confidence, and gives reason to figure out how to play next time. Good actors are constantly working on themselves. Sometimes it seems that this actor life is this: here he has played on stage, and then the Banquet, booze, mistresses, and he again played on stage. And in fact, different actor all my life’s a work in progress. It scrolls, how it would be possible to do better.

I want to give an example of Indian Natya yoga, when the actress gave performances, as a rule, they are connected with dancing, this option Rita yoga, the audience fell into a trance. The actor fell into a state close to Samadhi, he stopped to see the audience all around, and the spectators, who looked at him, themselves unwittingly immersed in a state close to Samadhi, why fast methods of yoga need to go for a very long time. And then as if given the opportunity in advance to see what’s waiting for you. Therefore, this actor is something beyond. Just because he is taller than he is, he is honest with himself. He plays, but he is aware.


Lying to children?


Question from audience: When you lie to children, adults say that it is bad, scold them, punish, but can we say that children lie, looking at the adults? And can children chew? Whether at an early age to prevent this trend or not?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, older hard, and with children even harder. In fact, by its nature, the child is not inclined to lie. Why do we lie? Because you are afraid of something. The child is still very young to be afraid of something. In this life he has not managed to get a negative experience, and our universe is very kind to us, makes it so that at birth we forget all the episodes from a past life and it is for our good. Say, why don’t we remember past lives? And why do we remember it? This will only get worse. Being born, the baby is like a white sheet. And you can take advantage of this situation, to not let the previous negative karma to emerge. Sharply in the other direction to send, if there is some negative trend or Vice versa, it is possible to strengthen the desired trend. Anyway, the child is inclined to be honest. The other side that the child has only recently crossed the threshold of birth, where our rough, frozen world, this still. But the world is very interesting, there are aspects of the world where everything in the dream is constantly changing. Depending on what you thought on this and reflect on the world. And the child, remembering even these things, sometimes it begins to play some game and yourself is so clear that he was in certain events that for him, no doubt is this real or is his imagination. For him, there is no clear boundary. It is for us “old senile” there are very clear boundaries: there’s a world of decay, and there is our imagination, but that’s only because we would go on living. But the real world is where imagination is embodied here in matter. And the matter is embodied in another fantasy, ie the world is very moving. And now the poor kid gets into this unpleasant situation. Sometimes he’s not lying, he just tells his inner world, and mom and dad, who live in quite other views, saying: “you’re lying to me, yeah you made it all up”. This border is for a child between the visualization and the real world – it’s blurry. And it is necessary to understand, when you deal with children, not demand from them the same “insanity”, in which we are already adults. But at the same time need to very clearly track that was called a karmic predisposition to lie. But even if you saw that child lying, do not rush to say: “you lied”, because it may not lead to anything, take the time to understand what he fears. First, eliminate what he fears, and then poke his nose. Just stick is not necessary, he will stop lying. You need to work not with the investigation, and with reason. Otherwise, if the child once lay in his lies, for the second time, he will withdraw into his inner world and will be more sophisticated lie to you about anything not guessed. And you will have achieved nothing.

Question from the audience: We say here that the actor is lying. In my opinion, the actor is not lying, he lives your way. The actor will lie, if on the contrary he will not live his way, as we now see in the current series.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good point. Honesty with yourself and the moment of visualization. Because, really – this conglomerate of sensations, which we believe we are formed by your imagination, but we can adjust it to their imagination. To say, where the truth lies, very hard. What a lie today, tomorrow will become true. Or that today’s true, tomorrow will be a lie, i.e., here as in many other aspects of yoga are approaching what verlogenen the barrier behind which the reality of our world. Indeed, it is true that the actor who plays on the stage, and one side seems to be lying, if he is a real actor, in fact, extremely telling the truth, and we look at him and he like. You see, these hard templates, it’s either that or so they have a place, but not in all cases. Life it is very diverse, and there are times where it can like from the many factors to slip either in one scenario or another scenario. Anyway, if these scenarios there is something higher, there is some inner truth, it draws us, if on the contrary, for some manifestation of truthfulness do not feel that the highest truth, for us it can be worse than a lie. In particular, as in the case of actors.

Question from the audience: I don’t understand what honesty is with yourself. What are the criteria to determine whether we are honest with ourselves or not? I, for example, some emotions, and I’m kidding myself that I have other emotions. For example, I don’t want to go to work, I don’t like to work. And I keep telling myself that I love.


Response from audience: it seems to Me that the notion of fairness it is somewhat sverhdohodno. Ie, logic, mind, to understand what we should do and how we need to be honest with yourself is almost impossible. On the level of feelings and emotions, we can intuitively come to understand our duty and make decisions and do things that we need. But it seems to me that the notion of fairness as the concept of absolute freedom – sverhdohodno.


The response from the audience: I think it’s impossible to be completely honest with you, while we live in Mai. When we prosvetleniya, the only time we can be completely honest with yourself. Now, we can only reduce ignorance.


The response from the audience: I decided to clarify how to take the first steps on the path of honesty with yourself. If I don’t want to go to work, I have to admit that I don’t want to go to work and don’t fool yourself. We get caught up in some emotions, thoughts and trying to analyze why I don’t want to go to work and how I can improve this situation? Either change your job or love your existing job and make it so that it has become a favorite. If my karmic situation does not allow me currently to leave work, then I will have to endure, but to ensure that I could continue to make some steps to change this situation.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Honesty with ourselves is when we have some kind of natural reaction, and we are afraid to admit that she originated.

Look the situation we find ourselves in the public field of thought, which is formed by the media or some political message or lack thereof, is the opinion of our family and friends. And constantly going on this war, internal and external. Show me a movie that won an Oscar. And I look and think, and how can this be removed? And the critics applauded. And I look at these critics, they are a solid, gray-haired people, and I start a question. Roofing felts I the fool, and they know it. And public hypnosis begins to make me. And you, trust me! And who are you all? You no one can call you. Against whom you go? Someone swung. We inside agree with public opinion. I say that the last film is a masterpiece, and I agree, although I think this is nonsense. And if I realized that there is this pressure, some kind of wave of emotional, informational, and my reaction is the opposite, the honesty with myself is when I’m tracking these differences. No matter what I say, apparently I can lie, but inside I for myself, I like this box set, but all the same, something I don’t like it all, and latest fashion I don’t like a political party I do not like.

You can lie from the stands, and there is a very terrible effect 37-year “effect speaker”. She goes and starts accusing speech: “enemies of the people, to bring them to jail.” First, he says, because everybody says so, and then comes the inspiration, the euphoria picks up, and the man says, and he begins to believe in what he says.

The whole tops, which were around Stalin, wives jail. And Molotov, Kalinin, and Badenova – all have passed through the camp. And at the same time these people start talking, fall into a rage and begin to lie to ourselves and start saying a heartfelt speech and they believe. Another example, Goebbels with his propaganda. It was already clear that the war was lost, but he went out and started his fiery speech and began himself to believe what he said, picked up the crowd and the crowd started to believe him.

This is a very dangerous moment when we are not critical within ourselves when we don’t have their own opinion, and if it is, it sweeps someone else’s opinion. You become an easy toy in the hands of Mai. You have ourselves, and you start to consider the opinion of the crowd. So this is a very important criterion.


Ligament between the third yoga principle and honesty with yourself.

There is a very important link with the third principle of yoga, there is a play is very wonderful. Honesty with ourselves. Do you remember what the third principle of yoga encourages us to abandon our suffering and encourages us to help all other beings, if they also valishvili to abandon suffering. This factor is suffering, he is elusive. It is obvious when you hand in the fire put and it you have to smoke. This is an obvious suffering. But suffering is such elusive. For example, you live with your wife happily ever after, then you have come cooling to her and further life her suffering. Or maybe you got a good paying job. You work a lot get, and suddenly, imperceptibly it’s frustration or unwillingness to work on it. Within obvious suffering, and you are afraid themselves to admit it, you start to lie to yourself, you begin to divert the situation in a kind of blind spot within yourself, it is such a border zone. Ie what we see and are aware, but there is something that we push somewhere in the subconscious. Here we are pushed into the subconscious dissatisfaction from life with my wife, so we pushed into the subconscious dissatisfaction from his work here we are pushed into the subconscious dissatisfaction from the political situation in the country, from the dominance of incompetent people who did not do anything, so we pushed into his subconscious mind some traffic and again, again and again is suffering. If we pulled out of the half and considered, as we would consider it is a pain would become sharper, sharper and sharper, but it somewhere put. Every suffering that pushed into the subconscious – like a bleeding wound. We can’t see her, but the General background is suffering. And then we wonder: why my life is grey? It is not gray. You just have stuffed so many unsolved problems in all nooks and crannies of the subconscious, each of which requires the portion of your blood and vitality, and you want enjoy. It’s not rational, says yoga, because then you can’t even understand his actions that seem unmotivated, but in reality they are motivated, if you remember that you have all these skeletons in the closet. Conversely, if you’ve got a problem and you can tell – I suffer. Machine, stop. And you don’t give to slip this situation into the subconscious and there you are like a worm to eat from inside. You leave and it costs you in the eyes. Yes, it becomes sharper. Yes, sometimes there are two competing suffering. You choose the most relevant, and all others that you the rent isn’t paid or something pushes into the background. For example, if you have a favorite a man or woman takes, the question that you have no apartment – goes by the wayside, although it is not less painful question. And can be first related to the second, and the second with the first. Before we cram it all into the subconscious needs at least a split second to be honest with yourself, spit, stick label, here it goes into the subconscious with a sticker – suffering, to put him there. And at the slightest opportunity to get him out of there, to allow and to throw. And we’re lying to yourself. And it may not be suffering this could be such a feature. It’s like the programmers when they write software, then the user is not satisfied, something doesn’t open, something’s not working, and the programmer who writes this program, says it’s not a bug, but a feature. This is not a flaw – it’s this feature. You start to label, that’s my this feature. Yes, I have in the land of the Soviets no flats and never will be, because the government is not doing anything, but it’s not a problem – this is the life here is, she was here 300 years and still will be. Yes, there embezzlers, residence permit, you can say to yourself – Yes it is a problem, and you can say this is the peculiarity of our country, we otherwise can’t live, and shove it into the subconscious. And then long to wonder why such a gray melancholy, longing and do not want to do. The factor of suffering in the third principle of yoga is the main thing you otherwise, the third principle of yoga will never realize if you didn’t have to recognize suffering. And suffering you will be able to recognize only by being honest with yourself. When you feel bad and tell you to smile to be happy, everything is fine, the country is going toward a brighter future. Most importantly in this case not to fall on it for himself, or later, in some other situations you begin in this sacred trust. For example, firmly believed the Communists that other methods, such as the Gulag, the violence is not to build the land of the Soviets. Believed, because at some point they glued these concepts not sorted out and put into the subconscious. And that’s all. And further, all the camp collapsed. Although the Communists were very good people, they are 10 years before the war, were the way in which the West took 100 years.


I want to tell one anecdote which very well describes the situation. A man rides in a cart pulled by a horse, slowly go.

Suddenly, from behind at high speed crashes the Mercedes, lost control, crashed into a cart.

The man flew off into the bushes, the cart him in the bushes, and the poor horse broke his legs, broke the backbone.

In General, the horse lies dying, wheezing.

Out of the new Mercedes Russian to the cart, looks, suited to the horse, sees her pain, pulls out his gun and shoots it in the head, so she didn’t suffer.

Then he turns to the man and asks: “Man, well, you how are you feeling yourself?”.

To which the man replies, “now is as good as ever!”



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