2011.02.05 Yoga and Freedom. Lecture No. 7. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

2011.02.05 Yoga and Freedom. Lecture No. 7. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture No. 7. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.02.05.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : In this lecture deals with the question of when such concepts as Freedom and Truth, Freedom and the Law. Why is it so important to make every effort for Freedom. The consequences of unrealized Freedom? How can we increase our Freedom? Can we be completely honest with others, with ourselves? Is it always appropriate to speak the truth? Is there a white lie?

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Today is the 5th of February 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University. The topic of the lecture “Yoga and Freedom”. We are located in the city of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya in Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacentr.ru, www.happyyoga.narod.ru. All the files you can buy in our online store, which is located at www.shop.openyoga.ru.

Today we continue the topic of Freedom. In this lecture we will try to beat a very important point, such as Freedom and Truth – how are these concepts linked, if at all.

The Concept Of Freedom

But first let’s summarize all we have studied in previous lectures. We managed to meet a serious view of the ancient yogis and Yogini, with the basic idea of all Vedic knowledge, the core of the Vedas, which consists in the following. Knowledge about the Universe and washed away the entire creation is not expressible words, sorhagen, but there are words, thinking over that, we can slowly come to know the grandeur of the entire structure of our world. And one such word is the word Freedom. And the main idea is in this sense that the Vedic knowledge is the following, therefore, are relative to the moment of freedom, so with every step our freedom is increased, and sooner or later we’d reach the absolute, unconditional freedom. Let me remind you, this was given more detailed recommendations, exercises, which in fact constitute the core teachings of yoga. That is how to take advantage of the freedom that currently you have to not only do not reduce it, and zoom in to sooner or later come to a state when your freedom becomes absolute. As a detail introduced more secondary concepts, based on such factors as first, second, third principles of yoga. These principles come from the idea of Rita – a world of harmony, or the concept of Dharma – a kind of analogue way and is a kind of tool and algorithm how to use their freedom that it grew, and grew, not within a single life, and in all possible future lives. Indeed, in this life you can Rob someone and dramatically increase their relative freedom, and to die in honor, and will be buried in the most honorable cemetery, and the whole country will cry. But for the man himself with his death the matter ends, starts his next life. And in the next life may be that his previous life he lived in credit, and there will be time to return this loan. So we are given an algorithm involving the concept of Rita, the concept of Dharma, concepts of first, second, third principles of yoga that we were not like such short-sighted people who for the sake of momentary freedom, the little freedom enslave themselves in the future. In fact, all the crime, all negative, what we are facing, and what we don’t like, it is also an attempt to increase their freedom, but short-sighted way. In this sense, the stupidity of all crime is not that any bandit, any embezzler, any corrupt judge wants to be free, no, desire for freedom, it is a very good motivation for corrupt judges. He has a family, children, he wants to increase his freedom, for a rainy day to leave for their children, descendants. There is nothing wrong, to ensure their freedom and the freedom of their loved ones. The question of how, and by whom. Even if in this life something failed in the next life, people fall under the same laws that have valueshave such behavior. And he will have to appeal to the judge and to stumble on his own venality, that is, the situation will change. In this vein, the concept of freedom is something you have to Wake up every day and you have to stay awake every day. To Wake up and think, today I will increase my freedom, or to fall asleep thinking what have I done today to increase your freedom, and what will I do tomorrow, in order in this way to continue the movement. And on the subject of the analysis of freedom you will analyze his every action, every gesture, every word. From any social relationships, ending relationships with your family and friends. And at the same time remember that this is a rather difficult time, and need to remember such concepts as duty and other circumstances for decision-making. But, anyway, the desire for Freedom is the principle for which was created this whole world. You, as individual Universes were created in the image and likeness of the absolute, which is endowed with the initial freedom. It is your inalienable right. All those who infringe this right, are ignorant, are those people or circumstances, what you need to work seriously against this factor to perform.

How to increase your Freedom

Friends, sometimes in our daily routine life it is very hard to understand how you can increase your freedom, don’t even know what side to go on. In this respect, yoga is extremely practical. Yoga tells us, don’t know how to increase their freedom in a strange and subtle level, in relations with society, with others, with family and friends, start with yourself, start with your body. After all, what is Hatha yoga, work with a coarse physical body is when you have given, your body, and it is limited. It is limited to diseases, weakness, laziness, inability where it is necessary to strain or, conversely, where it is necessary to relax. And provides specific physical exercises – asanas, you begin to practice day by day, day by day. You don’t know about the laws of the universe, but you have your muscles, your hands, your feet, your body, and yoga provides a very specific technique, doing yoga, physical yoga, you are at the level of the physical body begin to expand their freedom. You become healthier, you become more flexible, agile, resilient. That is purely on a physical level. Moreover, as evidenced by the numerous ancient treatises, testimonies of people who are not interested in promoting yoga. I in this sense, it is always interesting to read the memoirs of the officers of the Kingdom, after all, India has long been a colony of this country. In India got pretty intelligent people who are not inclined to flirt with some mysticism, they were in awe of those abilities, and supernatural abilities possessed by yoga on a purely physical level. And testified to all sorts of people, sometimes they were travellers, we have left your memories of mark TWAIN. It’s always extremely interesting to perceive the testimony of people who are faced with the phenomenon of yoga to expand their freedom on a purely physical level and were delighted with it. Indeed, the known facts, when the yogi or Yogini could hold his breath, he could manage his physical appearance to the extent that they were buried for a few days in the ground, then dug up, and those were alive and well. This is a manifestation of some purely physical abilities, that this is not the desire for Freedom. Here you were limited and that, at least on the physical level, you opened up this opportunity to exercise their freedom. And then the fun begins, as soon as on a physical level you have extended your freedom, you better start working your mental structure, ability. You are already starting with more sense to do some steps in the area of relationships, aspirations, etc., etc. And here you stand on another stage of yoga – the level of Raja yoga, control of thought, control of some physical processes. And you become subject to something that was previously not subject, you have further expanded their freedom. In this sense, each new stage of yoga is an extension of your freedom of what is yoga. You consider yoga Triad, the interaction of male and female, how many broken lives, how many divorces, how many misunderstandings, frictions, how many claims, how many of the missing years of his life spent on the things that enslave us in it. So cleverly did a nature, that without each other we cannot live together and hard. And than in this onoshenie is the yoga Triad, is nothing more than increasing your freedom in sexual matters and in questions of relationship of men and women that you avoid all those things which enslave you, which makes you to suffer, suffer, or force you to make any actions against their will. Very often a woman for the sake of the man starts to live his own life and the life of her husband. Or, on the contrary, the man starts to live his own life, and is adjusted for the vagaries of his wife. And so that you have not considered any yoga in this sense is a way of increasing your freedom. But again, not at any price, and the only way to increase your freedom has not come at the expense of someone else’s freedom, or at least that it was some kind of balance. That is, if it turns out that you clamp the freedom of others, then you compensate it by increasing the freedom in something else. I remind you of a typical example, when you get a job. You purse your freedom the fact that every morning I Wake up and go to work and could stay in bed as being free, but for infringement of your freedom in one is providing more freedom in something else. You are paid a salary, and you have the money to go wherever you want. And if you were lazy, left to themselves, would lie under a tree and did nothing, you would have had to go there on foot, it would have lasted for years and it is still unknown what would have ended. That is, you can go to one thing to infringe on someone’s freedom, but only when something else it grows. Only on this game arise in the relationship or what is called laws.

Freedom and the Law

The law is what you accept and what others accept. This is the General rules of the game. And any law, this is a bargain, it’s a balance between the amount of freedom that you are willing to voluntarily shrink within itself, but for it to receive more, or at least the same in something else, but nothing less. If this balance is respected, the laws are called fair, and everyone is happy and system, where there are those laws not subject to destruction. If there is a bias, whatever it was, when something is freedom shrinks and compensation it is not something else, the system collapses, no matter how wonderful they may be. In this respect, the concept of law is key, but sometimes it is very hard to understand where what laws apply. Moreover, the situation is complicated by the fact that at this stage some laws, for example, the laws of war. And, indeed, the danger that you will destroy the enemy, curfews, registration, universal conscription, in order to prevent an even greater loss of freedom when you capture the enemy army will drive into the camp and forced the marble to get somewhere in the quarry. But the war ended and the country is in no hurry to move to a professional army, and remains the recruitment of young and stupid teenagers. Immediately bloom related to this phenomenon of bullying, then there is misalignment – what was good during the war, the country in peacetime. Laws must adapt to changes in life circumstances. Personally, I resent the fact that still in our country is not reversed, all of these residence. Our rulers decided to build an innovative model of development, built SKOLKOVO, now, to fill that “SKOLKOVO” M. V. Lomonosova, and where to get them, if they are afraid to move. I have some facts, when a very respected educational institutions people do not take the job because they have no permanent registration. The question arises, before sinking money into a piece of metal, in the purchase of some technology, we need to think about who will use them. And nature in this respect, the strange thing is, genius can be born in the place where you did not expect, in any antisocial family. And if not this social lift to the offspring of any alcoholic, but an outstanding mathematician, found their way into the SKOLKOVO innovation centre, “SKOLKOVO” can put a cross. I don’t understand why do not realize it upstairs for me it is a mystery. But this mystery would not have happened if the leaders of each step were analyzed from the position of Freedom, why would infringe on the where can you not infringe? And I urge you all, I don’t know how you will fare, one bear yoga on, someone will not suffer, but in any case, whether you do your company, your political party, a candle factory open, will earn a living, remember that Freedom is a thing of absolute. You need all this to enlarge their freedom, so to build rules to draw someone else’s freedom does not infringe, and if you infringe, then compensate it in abundance, then your business will remain, otherwise it will fall apart. Friends, no draconian methods don’t work, or rather, they can freeze a situation, but then it all will melt and collapse, and you’re account will with the higher spiritual realms because you used violence, and you yourself will fall into bondage.

Therefore, the idea of Freedom is not an abstract babbling. We usually, if someone says something about freedom, the impression that he did not understand, about what he says, some abstract theory of the Declaration. But Freedom is not an abstraction, it krovotoka a living thing. So again, you should by all means strive for freedom, you need to think through every step to be free. You need to get the education you need to deal with the work, which in the future will make you free. If something enslaves you and does not free – this is a very serious factor to stop and evaluate our lives in order that maybe somewhere you admit a critical mistake.

Unrealized Freedom a terrible poison

The reverse side of this, and what will happen if you don’t pursue your freedom? In this case, the most terrible thing, unrealized freedom is your unrealized internal potential, that is, it is your unclaimed creative potential. If it will accumulate, it will become a terrible poison. It will turn into all kinds of pain, all disappointments, all the depression, all kinds of oppression, in all kinds of unmotivated depression. Here is a man wakes up in the morning, and he did not want to live. Like all good, like him even think that he is free and he like people and he’s right, just do not want to live. This is the worst prison bondage, prison, where you think you are free. But somewhere you quietly alone in a room with mirrored walls where you don’t see anything there on the other side. But sooner or later you begin to stifle the absence of Prana, the inability to be realized, even, perhaps, on those levels where your nerve endings don’t know how to behave with these structures, at the level of some of your higher intuition. And with those areas comes a depression, a bleak black depression, when nothing pleases, at least in the loop. In fact, there are so many suicides is probably for this reason happen. Or the back, not suicide, and abuse of all performance enhancing drugs ranging from alcoholic beverages to any other additives. What is this if not an attempt to escape from this prison, where it seems that there is no prison. And all these attempts to flirt with drugs, dope, alcohol, cigarettes is a thing which is obviously in the future it will only reduce your freedom, not increase. And these numerous alcoholics who run away from reality. On the one hand got rid of melancholy, not hanged, and on the other side actually alive decomposes. That is, all the jokes with the notion of Freedom is very bad, they are never up to no good arguments, nor you, who agrees to be a slave, you are lying to yourself. You so so much lied that he was in prison, which, as you think, and jail is not something, you get really bad, you have to start conflicts with family and friends, with friends and acquaintances. And all because at some step you stumbled and went down a path that reduces your freedom.

Is Open Yoga University commercial structure

Very often we ask the question whether Open Yoga University and business structure. Friends, I don’t know what his structure is, my brain is not rotated with the definition. But I know only one thing, this structure, which will increase freedom of all. If this can be realized only through commercial structures, as we see often in the West, it will be a commercial structure. If this can be done in India, where it exists solely on voluntary donations, or when you’re walking around with an alms bowl to you to feed threw the coin, if this will lead to increased freedom, then all go out with alms bowls. But in any case, the factor of freedom must increase, and I don’t care, it will be called the factor of increasing your personal freedom when you increase their freedom without infringing on the others. If it will be called the market economy, let them say so, if it will be called Communist planning, so be it, whatever it may be called. The question is that I want to see you free. Free in financial terms, to let you choose the place of work, and not tossed between the three smokehouses, where the situation is worse in one than in another. So you chose a way of manifestation, and you have not pressed on all sides. This is a very important factor that you constantly thought of the steps that expand your freedom. I urge you all, learn English, see how the other half lives, do not turn. You have to love their Homeland, but not to dwell on it. Sometimes you are more committed to their Homeland, went abroad than here you press start to complete the program that you yourself do not live, and Home is not helping. That is, in this respect, the whole universe shall be your home. Indeed, today you died here, and tomorrow you can be born in any country.

It was a passionate reminder that you have to fight for their freedom, will to fight, will start to lie to yourself, once lied, another time and you put in some mechanism and found that you’re pleased. And you start to suffer, but the mechanism to rotate. And then your depression reaches maximum level and you roll whether on antisocial behavior, the more destructive manifest themselves. In any case, you suffer, already that enough reason not to do it. Therefore, we need algorithm how to use their freedom to in the future, it was not reduced, but increased. That is, we need an algorithm for making decisions when we are faced with a particular life situation. And now we press the adrenaline button and the algorithm will remind us the next student.

Anastasia, gr.3: “in order to make a decision, first, we remember that we are free, then analyzed the situation from the perspective of the first principle of yoga, then the second principle of yoga”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I must immediately interrupt that we have forgotten? Friends, do not forget your duty. If you take any person, give him the first, second and third principle of yoga, but nothing to tell him about his debt, you may very much to hurt him. When I hear the numerous issues I have with my parents problems, my kids problems, my work problems, I ask whether the first and second principles of yoga. He says, Yes, perform. But it is necessary not only to fulfill two of these principles, but also to find the starting point from which to move. It’s like when you have a map, which shows the place of buried treasure and written, take five steps forward and three steps right, and there dig up the treasure. But in order to find this treasure, you need to know from what point you need to start counting those steps. Therefore, once we realize that we are free, we remember his duty or his karmic situation or the point from which it is necessary to consider five steps ahead of the first principle and the three steps in the direction of the second principle, if figuratively speaking. Again let’s start again”.

Anastasia, gr.3: “We remember that we are free to realize this. Then we are reminded of his karmic situation, about the debt that we have in front of people who infringe than your freedom that we now had the opportunity to be implemented. Next, we analyse the situation from the perspective of the first principle of yoga, then the position of the second principle of yoga. And if we go quick methods, that from the position of the third principle of yoga. After that, we already have some solutions but if he does not satisfy us, we still have the opportunity to ask the opinion of the Teacher or more knowledgeable person whom we trust. If this is not possible, we turn to the voice of the people to be polled about this as many people as possible. And then in order to make a final decision, we are reminded that we are free and come already, on this basis”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very well. Just a small note, if you have the opportunity to ask the Teacher at the beginning, sometimes it can be done. But assuming that is the real Teacher. But this Teacher is very difficult to find, perhaps, Bigfoot is easier to find than a yoga Teacher. Will remind you that our Open Yoga University Teachers no, we have teachers of yoga. Yoga teacher high in the mountains, in the Himalayas, not in our area. And again, let’s position our liberty let us examine this question. We remember that we are free. Then we remember that some part of our freedom was realized due to the fact that someone once pursed their freedom. Our parents turn themselves and allowed us to be born, our country, with her himself, and gave the opportunity to us a peaceful life, education, etc, we have the realization that someone pursed their freedom for the sake of our freedom. And it’s called a sense of duty. But it is not a feeling of karmic causation, namely the sense of duty, is voluntary. Position of debt, is what you yourself feel, not when a man comes and tells you, and you know, you have such and such debt. You ask why I have such debts, but not others. And he says, and that I read in this book. There is a desire that man to the same book and to send, let alone on this book and lives. Debt is a principle of kindness is that you take on yourself, and not what someone behind you came up with. And you know, fans think of you debts tomorrow there is the amount that you pay will not keep pace. This is the principle of freedom. Next, the principle of kindness, this is how to take advantage of their freedom, not to suppress the freedom of others. Indeed, when we’re bad, we’re suppressing the freedom of others. But this is not enough, you also need to enjoy what has given us absolute – your intellectual abilities. We still have it all to perform, so it is reasonable to do. As an example, the British during the second world war were subjected to brutal bombing of German civilians deliberately bombed deliberately peaceful home. The result was the opposite reaction of the Germans. If this is for them Hitler, not Hitler, great value had no. But now began to kill innocent people, it all pulled together, consolidated and made more resistant to resistance. Thus, the British unwittingly played up the Hitler that killed civilians. But the funny thing was, when after the war began to analyze the situation. Yes, war is war. Planes have to fly and bombs to drop, the question is where. It turned out quite funny fact, in Germany there were two or three plants are very small and poorly protected in the production of bearings. If at least one hundredth of those bombs that were thrown on Germany, we would be throwing at these factories, the war would have ceased much earlier – without bearings you won’t do, no tanks, no aircraft. All the army there, and no weapons. Civilians the whole, it is clear that the bombing of factories has also killed people, but it is not the women and children defenseless, agree that it is more acceptable than to burn innocent children. And secondly, it is more efficient. And many such examples. Even is you are fighting, even if it so happened that it is your duty to defend the Homeland with a gun in hand, that you protect her mind with minimal violation of the first principle of yoga and with the largest possible analysis of the situation that you can win the war quite differently. Again, this principle of freedom, you limit freedom, you didn’t kill many, but you have dramatically expanded their freedom. You little thought, bombed a few factories, and the entire German army began to move, have you sold your freedom you won. What about the third principle of yoga, is a separate issue. It is the very laying in the fundamentals of the nature of this substrate of freedom, as if it didn’t turn, still is the principle of happiness, the principle of non-maleficence. The principle of consistency in Verhovina level. Finally, if after all these three levels you are still in doubt, although in reality, it’s more hypothetical than practical, even the first two principles is usually enough to make a decision. Again, you start to analyze the situation from the perspective of freedom of people who know more about this, authoritative evidence of some unworldly people, or those people in the community where you live. What this means, if you live in human society, the laws that freedom for all was the highest. And that’s interviewing them, you will understand how the first perceives freedom as the second as third as the fourth. Have no some blind spots in your inner Universe. And then you remember that you are free and decide which one you think is right.

Now we will click on the crank button, and the next student will tell us three things that he would have done if I were Vadim Valerievich by Zaporozhtsev”.

Natalie, gr.3: “to be Honest, a very difficult question”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, really happy with everything in life Open Yoga University? Is there no moments that I would like some other way to do this? In General, the President himself is easier to feel than Vadim Valerievich by Zaporozhtseva. Let’s go ahead, and the next person will reflect on the relaElena, gr.4: “I think the people closer to the truth, so he has more freedom, i.e. he is more close to the truth.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “the greater the truth, the more truth and that, consequently, freer. Who else wants this topic to speculate?”

Irina, gr.4: “I believe that the freer people are, the easier it is to speak the truth.”

Nastya, gr.3: “I speculate on the basis of personal example. When I forget that I’m free and begin to consider themselves his manifestations, and these manifestations if something is threatened, then I become false, that is, I start to lie. If I remember that I am not his manifestations, and in fact are absolute, that I no longer fear that my manifestations may be at risk, because I am not my symptoms and then I am completely free to speak the truth.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That is the mindfulness of nature allows us to have the courage to Express the unfair boss all that we think, without fear that he will cut our salary.”

Julia, passive participant: “If we go through the Dharma, that is, keep the first and the second principle, it is sometimes a white lie. That is not to say something unpleasant, we may not be the whole truth, or go to a purpose and can’t tell the chief everything that we think about it. It turns a kind of relative truthfulness.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “so, friends, added factor is that even though freedom and truth are closely linked, but the facts emerge under the action of the first and second principles of yoga”.

Marina, gr.3: “I think freedom, truth, relevance or otherwise to say something out loud or appear also have some points of intersection. And even if you want to tell your superiors what you think about, there’s something appropriate to say at the moment, and maybe after six months you will be able to say the same thing, and you will hear and not get fired.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “the Relevance or otherwise in fact can be reduced to the second principle of yoga. If I know that my speech will not perceive, and I have to be effective, I need to find a time when my speech will be perceived”.

Michael, gr.3, full-time student: “we Have a decision algorithm. And using this algorithm we can decide whether to tell the truth or not. For example, we resolve to speak the truth, remembering that we are free, so you can say what you want. Then analyze whether we should tell the truth, should we in front of these people to tell the truth. For example, it does not matter, to speak or not. Next, we recall the principle of kindness. Will there be someone good from what we say or we hurt someone with this. Let’s be a good. Then we apply the second principle of yoga is how effective it will be in this case to say it. What words to Express. Using the third principle, whether people perceive it as a doctrine. If we can help him to get rid of suffering, to overcome it so that it will speak, or will it be just a statement of fact. Next, you can ask the expert in these matters. And then make the decision whether to tell it or not.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “There is still one item was public opinion. On the Internet to make a questionnaire. Bravo, Michael. Really very glad that you are already starting to apply it practically. That is, when we applied the decision algorithm, it doesn’t matter what you do, drive a nail or a speech act, someone to blame, or praise, or silently something there to do, without saying a word. That is, in this sense, the active manifestation of the truth, when we have something to say, write, do, it, like any other manifestation in yoga should also lead to the infringement of freedom, and increasing freedom. That is what is very interesting fact we came that while on the one hand the notion of truth and the concept of freedom is very tightly linked, but on the other hand the question arises, how to approach him. We are not at the moment absolutely free. Hence the fact that we are not at the moment absolutely honest. At least for the simple reason that we still do not know what is truth and what is lies. And sometimes we think we have to cut the truth-womb in my eyes, but it may be an illusion, what are we going to tell the truth. Maybe all that we say is a lie, since we are still in such a degree of ignorance that you perceive the truth of some provisions that are controversial or are not true. And these are the people who love his vest to rant and scream, I’m honestly starting to not vpopad something to wear, sometimes completely inappropriate. It’s like the joke that it is not necessary in the house of the hanged man lots of rope. Sometimes we begin to carry totally not on purpose. And we think, well, how is it that I’m right, I’m telling the truth. But it can be truth is relative, and in these cases, it may be totally inappropriate, so before using this truth, which we believe is true, you need a decision-making algorithm, as well as if we use their freedom to say anything in particular is true. The same situation applies to the factor lies. Yes, sometimes there are situations when a person goes on a deliberate lie. And it entirely falls under the steps that actually increase freedom and increase the truth, not reduce it. An example of life, a mother waiting for her son, came to funerals, I try to tell her about the funerals, she’s going to die tomorrow. And relatives, knowing their duty, begin to invent, to lie. On the one hand had to act and say everything is dead, but whether it’s good. After all, what is kindness, it is actually the same thing, and that freedom is something sverdlovini, built on what our whole universe. And here we have to choose every word. Far more often another way to behave, not to tell deliberate lies, but also not to say what you believe to be true at one time or another. This brilliantly own diplomats. Because the art of a diplomat, the art of the real. Sometimes the diplomat knows something but pretends he doesn’t know from a variety of reasons. And here we come to the very difficult issues the same situation, which is called good manners. There are times when you need a very sharply cut man, as he talking rubbish or something, and you diplomatically get away from it and thereby complicate the situation. And sometimes Vice versa, where you have very well lead the path of your reaction. A little boy stands for the first time, sings a song, well, bad he sings. And of course, you can honestly say, no hearing, no rhythm, and all that is you then began to sing. But whether it’s good, because we ourselves were once in the same position, even if we a singer great. It’s like the joke where the wife berates her husband, who came to the party, and the hostess was the singer. She tells him, well, when you fell asleep during the singing mistress, it’s forgivable, but when you woke up and said let the dog in, she’s cold, you put us in an awkward position. That is, every word we should consider. The concept of how to show their truthfulness in this sense is reduced to the notion of how we generally operate. But this would be a step in some way, let’s get back to our original question. Thus, freedom and truth.”tionship between freedom and truth”.

Anastasia, gr.4: “the workshop according to the Vedas, You said that when a person tells the truth, he has this ability, super-ability, what he says becomes the truth, it is embodied in life. I think it has something to do with the Kundalini energy, with the energy of the sound. I think this is the mechanism of correlation with freedom, the embodiment of the will”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Indeed, from the ancient Vedic knowledge and all other teachings are built on this knowledge, such as yoga, there are many abilities that a person gains when he embarked on the path of realization of this knowledge that we would now be safely would call superhuman abilities. And in particular, is known for such sverhsposobnostyami. If a person acquires the ability not to lie and to tell the truth, he has super-powers, whatever he said would come to pass. This superpowers are based are numerous as we would say, the miracles that you can read not only in yoga, but in the other philosophical, and often religious, and sometimes even more sectarian forms of human activity. When, say, Holy to a particular religion blessed and endowed suddenly some event that he is blessing in some amazing way to come true, even if all the objective factors had to lead to that result had to be negative. It is known from yoga. From the more ancient Vedic knowledge knows that sooner or later, using their freedom, we approach the higher levels this does unconditioned freedom. When our simple expression, expressed in words, turns into a powerful mantra, can change the world as wished speaking. In more recent and, shall we say, friends, in a more primitive yogas such as Kundalini yoga, hand on heart, Kundalini yoga is the yoga of the primitive, in comparison with, say, Vedic knowledge. In the sense of the primitive that it details the mechanism. Given to more specific moments of the implementation of the superpowers, when each word is considered as an emanation of Kundalini energy, the greatest creative energy which is in resonance with the whole energy of the Universe, and in fact if this energy is to a certain extent awakened by the repetition of a particular mantra, it begins to create. And you can try for people for whom it is very difficult to manipulate such concepts as freedom, truth, kindness, can be manipulated such concepts as the energy of Kundalini, certain practices of awakening, chakras, etc., etc. The great Ramakrishna gave the comparison that just as every Palace has a Grand entrance with steps, carpeted walkways, with the servants, illuminating, and welcoming the Lord; in the same Palace there’s always the back door, through which comes the maid, after which come numerous guests, who want to remain anonymous. So, in this sense, the main entrance from the Vedic knowledge this is what is called freedom, this is what is called kindness.

If we take our yoga school, we have shifted somewhat the emphasis when the same sverdlovini is expressed by the word love. But in the same Palace, we can get through the back entrance of the awakening of Kundalini energy, this is for people who, unfortunately, is not interesting to examine the underlying concepts. But they are interesting to fiddle with the device of our body, with some channels, centers, chakras, nagami, etc., which is also very valuable, but can sometimes take away from the main.

Sergey, gr.3, part-time student: “Man is free to say whatever you want, truth or lie, but not all think about what impact can these statements”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, we already discussed that before you open your mouth – think. From the ancient Greek philosopher was such a statement that before to say something, think three times: is this true, is pleasant and will do someone some good. In principle, to a certain extent, it is possible to attract to our decision algorithm”.

Marianna, C.eka: “I believe that the whole spiritual evolution is built on the fact that gradually we don’t have to lie, we can reduce this number, and ideally we will always tell the truth, because, I think, in every living being there is a desire to tell the truth. But if we now still have to lie, or we do not have the ability to tell the truth, as in the example of this lady – relatives have to lie to her not to harm it, in my opinion, our own karmic situation. That is, as we become more free, we even have cases where we are forced to lie, will be reduced to zero, and in the limit we will always tell the truth. But to start only with himself to speak only the truth.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, very good point. So, friends, the fact that we have to lie, it is an indirect indicator of our karmic situation. We very long did, did, have reached a state of unfreedom, to tell you the truth, it becomes difficult, inappropriate, etc. Already on the basis of the analysis of the situation in which we find ourselves, we remember our duty, because our karmic situation, in this sense, the imprint of our debt. Although the debt and karmic situation are two different things, but indirectly it is also possible to perform”.

Vladimir, gr.3, part-time student: “I would like to look at this issue from an axiomatic point of view. Remember the axioms: first, the Law was Zero, then the absolute valueshave, and what did he do? He said the mantra. In the human sense is the word. And the mantra was of two types: manifest and unmanifest, and it turns out that we, uttering lies initially create and karmic situation and nakamichis; and step into those paws, network its locked prisons, etc. and then make laws that limit us to share … then went branching. And from the point of view of what was said at seminars on Rita-yoga according to the Vedas, “Brahman possessed the true word, the mantra, the true” of course, he could change anything, all the people could kink, and it is one of its true word just corrected this situation.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “brahmin as the priest, because in Indian mythology, the word Brahman and understand the analogue of the absolute, and the caste people.”

Vladimir, gr.3, part-time student: “Here is the approach to truth and to freedom, to the freedom I failed. The will is only a manifestation of freedom, i.e. the opportunity to exercise freedom is the will. And it turned out that freedom of expression and the true word”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Excellent. Friends, see what there is a paradox. This is for people who are so mired in lies that they think that they can not live a day without having to not to cheat. I say to myself. I told you that I have a vow of yoga: to not lie more than fifty times a day. I ask: “How are you?” I answer: “Good” and things are worse than ever or “How are you feeling?”, tell you, “Oh! Great!” with a Hollywood smile and feel like the undertaker should be treated. And I try this list to be reduced. If I had managed to not lie fifty times and forty-nine times, I believe that I’m so close to freedom. So, for people like me, a very interesting thing turns out, even axiomatically soothing the nerves, that to achieve the highest level of yoga when all you say is running, then there is a higher plan for Mantra-yoga, will disappear very notion of lies. And no matter what I said, being on this high level, even a deliberate lie, she has a chance to come true, accordingly incarnate.

We then approach the tricky transition from logic in sverdlovka. Inside it evokes a feeling of either frustration, that’s when the lectures were printed in which you are, then you understand the atmosphere you read, read, and as a result I can not understand anything. Why? Because some emotions, jokes are perceived quite differently. And when in live communication, you know this vector, this vector is joy, happiness, a sense of taste of new freedom. That’s why yoga is very difficult to pass so alienated from books.

Now, friends, let’s do this focus. Well, with the axioms it’s all very complicated and not very trivial, but it’s great. But in terms of our personal tomorrow I go to work or the day after tomorrow, I have something to say and how to relate my freedom with the truth of what I say.”

Anna, gr.4: “I still don’t agree that is a lie, because there are such complex issues in medicine, where needless to say the person who dies, that he dies if he is terminally ill. On the one hand, if you don’t tell him, he will be able to happily live out their days and die, without even thinking, and on the other hand, he has a right to know to write a will, to commit some of his recent steps to call someone, he has a right to know and to do something. The same is true if you do something or don’t understand something, and people are afraid to tell you. Then, when you know that they won’t say, although from the saw, no longer trust them, you know that you could change something in the other direction to steer my life, and if you somehow didn’t hurt, well, now you’re getting three times harder”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here is a point of view that we should be careful with lies. Several let’s draw a line under this situation. Friends, it all falls under the decision-making algorithm. In each case it is necessary to analyze the situation. Not to say that you should always lie or always to speak the truth. Our task: on the one hand, not to hurt, on the other hand, not to confuse, ie the razor blade remains”.

Andrew, gr.4: “I would like to reply to what is suggested. Take Stirlitz – he somehow had to lie, but he does it for good. Here we must face to find. To act according to the algorithm we have chosen.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “to complicate the situation, take not a spy, Richard Sorge, who was of German origin, and despite the coming to power of Hitler and other Germans was not abstract for him, you know, not cogs in the system, but real people. He was a staunch Communist and knew that if the Soviet Union will be defeated, it is unlikely that the democratic countries to stop Hitler, in this respect, Hitler was very quick. And these his throwing. And if we remember these are the factors that he knew that he was summoned to the Lubyanka to be shot. And a very ugly episode in our history, when it turns out that his wife and child Sorge we have at the Lubyanka and shot. And can you imagine your game that on the one hand you feel sorry for the Germans, on the other hand you know that the Soviet Union should not lose, as the third party in power of the Soviet Union sitting characters such that though stand, though fall is our favorite Lavrentiy with his companions, although Lavrenty Pavlovich was a great organizer. And worst of all, the friends in your life? The worst thing is when your closest people that you love, start to behave very badly, and you have in mind all the faces. On the one hand, say, your parents, your children, your relatives behave like outright criminals; in other situations you would have their hands strangled, and on the other hand you love them very much, because you recollect the childhood as they are to you was kind. And here is a man caught in this situation. He was summoned for questioning: “And where there was such a relative, a hardened recidivist in the night with so-and-so on this, when there was a horrible crime?” and you can imagine the state of man, that he should speak? It is always very difficult moments, the same complex as in the moments of life.”

Julia, gr.3: “about consciously speaking falsehood. She probably also has a place to be in our lives. Here is my personal example: sometimes a person leads such as at work. We people spend a lot of time, and sometimes people behave in a frankly audacious, hamovity, not always decent, and we need to react. And when I consciously treat such a person obviously differently than he would have done it, i.e. this area of psychology when you to treat a person as if he is the best, the kindest, nicest, most lovely, then after some time he will be forced to become one. And my experience shows that I find common language with people very difficult, with that porcellacchia swear, but I thus find a common language with them, and they change really”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “that is, it is a factor of the second principle, as to impose its own rules”.

Julia, gr.3: “No, why, did he do stuff, I act as if he did not, telling him other things and he changes.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, but in the same you create such force fields, which expand man. It is possible to catch not only the abuse, but praise where praise is necessary. This is also a delicate moment. In the direction we are going, it’s a matter of flattery.

After all, there have been cases in history when a weak monarch, absolutely infirm. Monarchs they all in the end degenerate. This is the law of nature, there is, unfortunately, nothing helped. And here there is need to start a war, and he hesitates. Or, on the contrary, it is necessary to stop the war, and he, too, hesitates. And is the Minister who accompanies his possibly non-existent character traits in order to Wake them up: “Oh, Your Majesty, you are so brave, so brave, so if You declare war now, all the enemies will flee”. And his Majesty starts to believe it.

Now went so cynical interlayer psychologists very nasty, bad, they just all spit and they kind of go to hell, where they belong. When it starts soulless manipulation as, for example, to get a girl in bed in three minutes, but make it so that she would not have guessed, or something. The law of karma it is, as you know, universal, what you sow, so shall you reap. You also drag to where you want to go. Another question. On the one hand, it’s the time of such active evil, evil on the level of twisted analytical mind. Really very unpleasant characters, sometimes these look and think, I wish he was a dog, less harm to themselves and others did. On the other hand, such an appeal to his Higher self in its potential, first, a very bright, kind, omnipotent, you would hint him, as if he could have his freedom to Express. This is the key. You, on the contrary, help. And here we meet with another group of psychologists really psychologists from God. Psychologists, who can adjust the behavior, which can a small word, sentence, exercise on the track to put a man stumbled. Or, you know, sometimes people louts, not because they are louts, but he grew up in a ham environment, it just doesn’t know what else happens.”

Julia, gr.3: “I just want to add that to communicate with a pleasant, intelligent, educated man is always just, and make some downtrodden person something to understand and something to grow is not so simple.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, there is an English proverb: “Love us black, white we all will love.” In this respect, harder to communicate in a difficult situation. But, if you are in a difficult situation came out the winner, it very much improves the whole situation.”

Allen, gr.4: “I’d like this view to look at – we talked about lies, about truth, there is such a time as the concealment of the truth, i.e. I think it’s more dangerous because when people was a lie, even if he’s an outright villain, still the man inside, something is triggered: “I’m lying. I’m lying”. And when a person hides, he takes responsibility, “I didn’t lie, I told a lie”. And I think that this moment is very dangerous, though no less creating a negative karmic situation.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Again, you can bet. I remember Chernomyrdin, recently deceased, with his winged phrases, one of them I remember, on the question of how the health of Boris Yeltsin, he said this unforgettable phrase: “All is going according to plan”. So I think after this, what to prepare”.

Student: “I would like to comment on this statement: the state of unrighteousness and parallel with a long and generally interesting, real case: my grandfather worked all my life in the KGB, and his work was in Arzamas-16 to ensure that the academician Sakharov did not do anything unlawful. There was such a case, it is already described in the memoirs, it is already possible to tell. One member of the family of academician Sakharov was seen for unauthorized literature, this was drawn on paper and this paper all my life and the fate of Sakharov and his family threatened, and his work in Arzamas – 16. My grandfather the paper destroyed. It is also a question about concealing the truth about yoga and the truth about the debt. He felt a greater duty to the country and science than before the Department, accordingly, made such a contribution.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very good point. My friend was. In the Soviet years there were several such cities of Arzamas-16, Chelyabinsk-70, other. They are even on the map never happened. Empty space. And the address was: post office box number so and so, if you’re a letter I wanted to write. In this group of comrades, if after the release of the Institute they came there to work, it was called to play in the box, i.e. if you got there – all in the grave got played into the box.

And, indeed, was a paranoid secrecy, so secrecy is terrible that now, the latter may be a few years, through memoirs, through some other things, you find out how it really was. Because even fifteen years ago at the very top, just didn’t know. Total privacy, but all this needed to look real danger in the eye. It is only in propaganda America are white and fluffy, but if there are other classifications, it is likely they would have started the war. And if it were not for the threat of an adequate counter attack, it would still unclear how the planet Earth evolved.

Very interesting details about how it developed nuclear weapons. And very often there were moments when there was such a forgery. Even in his time, academician Kurchatov, which was actually the dad here we have the party – rolled-terrible reprimand for what they are, realizing the futility of one development related to the production of nuclear weapons, on the sly, went for a different line that really gave a real parity of forces. Very often had something to hide, to keep back, etc. etc. and as we understand it, if you look globally at all of this, for humanity in General, the situation has become better.

Or another example, I was very shocked, this is the spy who stole the atomic bomb from the Americans. They had one physicist who secretly passed on information to us. The first bomb that we blew up – it was an exact replica, copied from the American plutonium bomb “fat man”. And this man consciously, unselfishly tried to pass this information from considerations that must be parity of forces. If there is no parity of forces, the Americans will take advantage and attack. And he also lied, he went against his closest companions that he put in a good word and turned it into the Manhattan project. In the end, he was denounced, but not executed, a long time given. I always find myself thinking: this man had to give hero of the Soviet Union. That’s who actually stopped a nuclear war. On the one hand, he did not agree and even openly lied, and his closest people. Then, when it turned out, was terribly embarrassing and frustrating. But if you look at the whole of life – not a nuclear war broke out because he was a saved parity of forces. Very difficult, friends, questions. Go on.”

Elena, gr.4: “In the Russian language once you can see such a contrast, we have the word “truth” and “freedom”. The word “truth” in the old Slavonic language sounded like “istina”, that is, it is what it is, so we already intuitively understand, that the truth of it over the other some truths, but the truth is each has its own Komsomol, pioneer, and other truth. And, bringing this to yoga, we can say that the truth it just correlates with the absolute, the absolute freedom and all verlogenen things, but the truth is that is in the plane of karma, and therefore, while we are in the plane of karma, the truth is inaccessible to us. And everyone has their own truth. And our whole life is to some extent related to the lie, in childhood we are told that there is a Santa Claus, and this is also a lie, continuing the theme of what is impossible in our country to do business, being truthful and honest. Business is the first thing that comes to mind. To the fact that a dying man his family and friends don’t say that he didn’t have long”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very good opposition, although there may be more details to analyze the origin of these words “truth” and “truth”. Here, indeed, there is a major caveat. In Tibet, in ancient times, was the Supreme yogi, his name was, Jetsun Milarepa – the good, the sublime, and his life started as a black mage. Often in the distance someone there were killed, the castle was let loose. One is the enumeration of all these actions causes the condition; we know this because the book was written, firstly, from his own words about his youth and adolescence, and, secondly, from the words of all others students. Extremely interesting biography and he achieved such powers, which are extremely difficult to understand. In particular, the well-known case from history, when he was a student who went to India and came back so well-read, knowledgeable. The apprentice in pride he imagines himself standing above a lot of Milarepa, began with neglect to demonstrate the kind of coldness when the Teacher with open arms met him. So, Milarepa showed him such an interesting thing as soon as it started to rain with hail, the poor student has become wet and Jetsun he saw the empty mutton or Yak horn, and climbed into it. And, as stated, no he did not become smaller nor horn did not become more. Ie principles sverkhnovye – condensed space. Now, he sat in this horn, and laughed at his clever young student, who puffed out her cheeks, but got caught in the rain and hail and cowered from the cold. At the end of the life of Milarepa Jetsun all predicted, it was time to leave, and as always, in the good tradition of Tibetan yogis, even his own death, he decided to turn in such a lesson for his disciples, a hundred there is no death. Indeed, his passing was accompanied by the most fantastic miracles: suddenly the flowers began to fall from the sky, and rainbows all over the sky colorful and the list of svetopredstavlenie long can be listed. And, in the end, Jetsun he took off, surrounded by Makinami is such an analogue of Yogini in tantric Buddhism. And flew away, gone from the world. And very interestingly ends his biography, which is then written by the students. In this care there was a large gathering of people, but over time it became clear that some have to see it, be filled with Bhava, faith, understanding, a sense of freedom, and it was a step towards the completion of their training. The other group watching, indeed, noted some light show, some unusual phenomena, but not beyond any ordinary phenomena. But there were people who actually saw nothing, heard nothing, experienced nothing, nothing opened, nothing they are not inspired. This here is the gradation in ourselves to perceive reality. For some, it opened, and he believes that it’s the truth, and the truth, and they share something with one; the other part – well, whatever it was; others – felt nothing.

In this regard, I am such a parallel, Open Yoga University adheres to two principles: the Principle of Secrecy and the Principle of Openness. While anything depends upon practice – practice should be kept secret, but as soon as the result or practice took place, or that is a direct indication of the parent – everything should be made public. Everything, absolutely everything. Anyway, to the next generation, who will go for us, did not make the same mistakes. It is clear that our students, they are usually perceived. Seminar people got into it and came out to them. But I remember absolutely anecdotal cases. When people accidentally come to us for training and went through all the same exercises, heard the same teachings, and when we asked them to write a review, I had the impression that the whole workshop on their head was a bucket, ears plugged. Can’t see anything, nobody will say anything. And not because they lied, they told the truth, so what they were able to perceive their degree of elegance of mind, their degree of elegance of feeling, interest, involvement. Even if the channel itself in the Enlightenment in front of their noses opened, they would also have not noticed, they just weren’t ready to see him. And here is a very fine line when we believe that we have to tell the truth, and the second thought should be what I’m going to say, as the truth might be my personal delusion. And here comes in the role of another factor: the ratio of real experience and personal hallucinations. Sometimes it turns out that we are saying something or silence something, or hide, or something to behave differently, but this is just a reflection, by and large, our personal hallucinations. And it greatly complicates life, friends.

Now let’s think on the topic: so if we are free – we don’t need to lie, in the sense that karmic situation such that there is already motivation lies or assistance. On the other hand, if we start from all possible life cases to adhere to the principle of truth, sooner or later, we increase our freedom because, really, even axiomatically as has been said, every word in this meaning of the mantra, and if we lied – we curl illusion told. In the end they themselves and begin to fall under the illusion, like the spider, who himself has woven a cobweb and he starts to get confused.

Let us take another aspect to take. The concept of freedom and the concept of honesty with yourself. Here I am alone. I’m not afraid to lie to some people, because I am with myself. How do these two factors? Svetlana, a passive participant: “I Want to focus on what is important in life to be yourself. Once we begin to lie to ourselves, then there is duality, there is a lot of thoughts that plague us and every thought pulls our energy, respectively, energy becomes less and our freedom is getting less. I have before in my life had such cases when I went to some places where I didn’t want to go, but I went for the company, because that’s where my lover went, and then began internal development”.

Julia, gr.3: “Even if we lie in life, whether it be for good, not for good – we should celebrate about themselves. Yes, I lied. Because if it is not being honest with himself about what to say next. This is the base”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great observation, friends. You remember in yoga: yoga is not a system of regulations or prohibitions. Yoga is a system of recommendations or the use of previous experience, in particular the ancient yogis and Yogini. If you develop a rule to note, Yes, I’m lying, blatantly lying, to challenge, honestly looking into the eyes. You are somewhere inside, if you develop a habit to relate: now, I lied. And why not. I am a free man, then I want to do. Want to lie. I have the right? Have. But then you start the advent of time to track the results of rabid lies. Or as in my case, if I lied a day not fifty times, and fifty-one times, here’s how this fifty-first time positively or negatively affected my whole life. Ie, I start producing a bunch of cause and effect. To realize for yourself how does all this creation. Then it turns out, if I deliberately lied, and deliberately realized that bad lied – not believe, need a better lie, that I derive a benefit in terms of expanding freedom.

After all, none of you, my friends, did not remember such a beautiful profession as an actor. Who is the actor is not a liar, which to the amusement of the audience, relevance to the audience portrays what he is, who he is not. And note – more beautiful than he played, the more he has deceived us – the better. Remember how Stanislavsky was saying: “No way!”, when someone began to sing flat. Even in the art of deception occurs, using the words of Stanislavsky, another level of deception of deception. That’s why now, I don’t know about you, but personally I can’t watch these serials, not because of bad script – the script is good, not because of the little money they spent – spent a lot of money, but when its squeaky voice, with its wrinkled in a pipe muzzles begin to represent the highest impulses of passion, it turns out, like drunk homeless people screaming at the station or as a drunken brawl in a dysfunctional family is their love scene. I do not believe! Here lie, but lying is bad! Added a lot of nuances.

Mila, gr.3: “to be honest, I don’t really understand what it means to be honest with yourself, for me it’s all a big mystery”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is honestly. Here you have already shown the freedom and honestly, we answered.”

Anastasia, gr.3: “For me-always a very big question of the concept of honesty with himself and me in this really helps to look at it from the standpoint of “Macrocosm”, because then it adds an extra witness to the absolute. And I know that my every act, he still testified, well, if you perceive the whole world as an absolute, for me personally this will stimulate a more sober perception of their own actions, words, thoughts.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That is a question of honesty with himself, with the added factor of some observer. How Americans have such a nightmare – “Big Brother is watching you”. I remember one time, email was sent to spam, even to us in the mail a few came, so mysterious: “you are being followed. See there, go there for the details.” It reminds of immortal works of Ilf and Petrov about Ostap Ibrahimovic Bender when he started to “pressurize” the citizen Koreiko and started sending him the famous telegram: “Load oranges barrels”, etc., etc. in the hope that something mysterious is showing some interest in his person, and that person should be intimidated.

So here from the axiomatic point of view, friends, are not so obvious. Who told you that the absolute is watching you 24 hours a day. After all, he has made you free, including you can your life to build so that no absolute is watching 24 hours a day. This, of course, may not be due to the fact that the absolute cannot know what you do, but first, you must valishvili: “I Want absolute learned what I do”, and only then begin to look at your life. Otherwise, it would be bound to happen, friends. In General it is axiomatic in the yoga world is very complex, it is not so trivial. So count on “Big Brother” who is watching my actions, and I stand still stretched out, what’s the use to lie to yourself, if it and so all my thoughts is reading – this is somewhat wishful thinking. It can help only in one case: “Polishable, absolute, whatever you had followed my every thought, my every wish that I knew you were watching, because I asked you, so I hide from myself absolutely nothing makes sense, because, you know.” This is a more sophisticated layering.

So, friends, we come to you to factor that honesty with yourself and honesty on the outside, things are different. We came to the conclusion that no matter how we behave, lied to or told the truth, it is highly desirable to be aware what we doing. If we consciously do something, it is a guarantee the most rational attitude. If it turns out that lie – this is the most wonderful thing in the world, maybe it will turn out that our world is so constituted, we must come to it consciously. But if we deliberately get this situation, when we lie bad not even the fact that we’re hiding something, and bad because we voleizyavleniya to lay some flawed laws where they can’t lay where you can live well breathing chest and with my head held high. Why do we have to drive themselves to the prison of bondage, which we weave your lies. That is the principle of awareness, “do and understand”. And finally, a very complex factor, which we probably the next time you talk, indeed, a factor of internal lies, friends. It is very gratifying to me to hear that there is a view that there is no internal lies. And I, maybe, would be delighted and reassured if I had not been so long in this thread. Sometimes, my friends, is a tricky, subtle lies, which is known psychologists have called “unconscious lie”. We themselves are not even aware that we were lying. We do not even admit the thought that we were lying. Remember that the worst prison is the prison in which you sit, and think you’re free, but more on that next time, friends.



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