2011.02.01. Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 6. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 6. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.02.01.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : Freedom and the law. How are these concepts? What law of nature is the highest? In this lecture you will approach the answer to these and other important and interesting questions.

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Freedom and the law.



Today, 1 Feb 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on our sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru. Files in our shop – shop.openyoga.ru.

We continue a series of lectures on the theme “freedom”. Today we need to move forward in understanding this very basic principle, which usually scream of the policy, usually hide behind the word “freedom” those who desire this freedom to take away someone. And we recall, was considered a time of “freedom and power”, and it would be good for us to reflect on another face of freedom – “freedom and law”. How to combine these two concepts. This is an extremely important moments of your life, for the simple reason that, in fact, spiritual evolution is forcing us not to make mistakes. These errors we keep making, if you will understand how the world works, how we are, what we want, what we don’t want to. Friends even a simple thing as knowing what we want and what is not, ironically, very seriously makes life easier and solves a lot of problems. Freedom, let me remind you, the law is universal. Everything else – the only way this law can be implemented. We are all free. Our Higher self is free, it is made in the image and likeness of the absolute, which is also free. Moreover, so he made us free, even liberated about knowledge of oneself. We don’t know anything about the origin of the Universe, the Absolute, for the simple reason that any knowledge would be predetermined would be our further steps and actions, and, as a consequence, indirectly undermined the very essence of our freedom. Hence, from this factor that we are absolutely free, there is a factor of primordial ignorance. That is, we are in this state, whether to make a leap and realize all that we are, who is absolute, that the laws of our world, but just as we can use our original freedom and fixated themselves on his own ideas, some crazy expression. That is themselves put in jail, using the freedom. And then the prison build up, build up. Some manage to close all the entrances and exits of the prison of the castle. And hide the keys. Some even manage those keys to throw away, so in principle it was impossible to penetrate those walls. And all in the future begins to arise from this concept of freedom. Briefly remind you that even such concepts as birth and death a minor law than the law of liberty. Again, according to the teachings of yoga, once we have valishvili the law of death. Why? Because, oddly enough, with the law of death it became easier for us to realize our freedom because of our wrong expression. Indeed, when we in one way or another life built themselves a prison from which you cannot escape, as a result, using the original immortality, was doomed to perpetual imprisonment in this prison. Until then, until he valishvili a small correction to this law: every time start with a known frequency, with a clean slate. The law of death is subject to the law of liberty. In the end, what is death? This is not our disappearance, as it were, to attempt to live the entire evolution from the moment of our creation up to a certain level again and again, repeating many times, like in a computer game. The player can again and again to pass a certain level, although it is clear that every open level can be described as death. It turned out that even the concept of death in a broader perspective was the thing that preserves our freedom, or help us with the original act of creation with to a greater extent. In the future, we, as living beings began to develop, to build a series of what if we die, we leave behind some reserve, in order to be born there, and so from generation to generation, intact, in fact, a branch of civilization, of evolution. And, in this sense, what is evolution? Evolution is the struggle for freedom. Primitive, single-celled try to realize their freedom, and so in them in potentiality, but due to the primordial ignorance, which is not always the most optimal way. Start shaping your body, then transform them, so that the body was more sophisticated, and through them could be implemented in a larger volume of freedom. And, in fact, we reach the human body through a series of lives in the bodies of the primitive, as a consequence of the struggle for freedom, friends! Finally, here we are in the bodies of people. And there are a lot of other things part of our lives. You can live single or a very small group of people, like a pride of lions or pack of wolves. But, again, I suddenly found that living in large groups is to implement the possibility to realize their constitutional freedom to a greater extent. And here began to emerge in society – not that other, as the answer to our eternal quest for freedom. Us in common life freer than alone. There are come other problems – where to score the same number of like us that are on our same level of freedom or desire for freedom, of living beings. Very few of them. But the overall freedom is increased, even if you begin to co-exist with living beings, which is at a lower level of development. Thus was formed the society, where the aristocrats, the common people, where the people were spiritual, responsible, and were so-so, yesterday’s beasts in the bodies of animals. But still, it is much more profitable in terms of freedom than an isolated, encapsulated life, only people-gods. This law goes further, note that the coexistence of the us, the people, the animals, which, of course, at a lower level of development are. It also represents the embodiment of this law of liberty. We use animals, dogs, cats, they get food, and thus become more free in any one part of his life. The same applies to other animals that we eat, thereby ensuring to them, after a series of births and deaths as well to the human body. In this sense, those we eat, have a karmic predisposition to be born among us. In this and the strength, and weakness, is a karmic debt. Killing an animal who lives with you, which gives you the freedom not to think about food, and use his body, you expand your freedom and restricts the freedom of that animal, but at the same time, in the overall picture allows this animal to evolve faster. Although this is not optimal and very fierce, barbaric way. But, on the other hand, there are moments in history that, in General, at stake is much more worth it.

Thus, a great vortex of living beings, which, in the pursuit of freedom together live together, even while at different stages of development. And when you are inside this community, you have to remember that the idea of freedom permeates. Occurs, of course, the concept of duty. But what is duty? This duty to other living beings that once in the past infringed their freedom within a particular country, to give us the opportunity to live, to develop, to create. Therefore any debt is our understanding that someone or something gave us freedom, and we wish to return. But, at the same time, in any society there are individuals who do not understand this universal law of freedom and begin to impose their will. This is all kinds of dictators to one degree or another. We touched on this topic, we remember that, by and large, to hold on to power any structure, organization, party, sect, whatever, can only in one case – if the freedom that she gives more than she takes. Always forget it, and we see revolution. The most perverted politicians start to abuse our good attitude, our notion of debt, use of, exploit our notion of patriotism, duty to the Motherland, in order to indirectly, secretly, unbeknownst to enslave us. It is clear that they occur such substitution of concepts. But long it can not continue. Especially when these group of people possessed by some abstract ideas that we have in the country that before – some strange, strange ideas, for which it was proposed to pay with the life, that now we call for something to draw, without giving anything in return. That is, in fact, it is the rule that we must constantly fight for their freedom, constantly, every day, every day to check. This rule, which, if anything, the universe wants, it is the rule that the absolute. Absolut wants you to be free. If any politician, even the most beautiful words, slogans wants to enslave you – you have to find a way to disobey him. Sometimes it’s hard to do in open, because, if some of our actions are too zealous, they can harm others, innocent people and infringe upon their freedom. But you want to include intelligence. You want to include all his mental strength, and always remember that no living creature of our actions should not be affected, but still strive for freedom. And if you think through plans for your life, think, how, with each passing year you will become freer and freer. If it fails to do within one country (well, really, sometimes they say, our politicians and our homeland begins, turn after turn, pass those milestones that I long ago worked out), it is necessary to see himself as a citizen of the world, without ceasing to love their country, but not allowing their freedom to be infringed. In every sense of the word, first and foremost, economic. Yes, indeed, if tomorrow will come and you will kiss, from your freedom will be nothing left. You should be able to feel a man in any circumstances, in any point of the globe, or in the future, space. So it makes sense to study foreign languages, meet other cultures without forgetting their own, not forgetting your tongue. Always have the vector must be one way to expand their freedom. All who will try to infringe on your freedom – in this sense, your enemies. Enemies by their ignorance. They go against evolution, they go against the absolute. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to be freer, without violating the principle of kindness to earn more money, without compromising anyone’s freedom – you have to go this route. Of course, it is unacceptable when your freedom is in making money comes at the expense of freedom of others. But if there is a fair method, which does not infringe the freedom of someone, and expanding, you need to go this way. It is your bounden duty, friends. Because in that sense everything else. If you have the opportunity to expand your horizons, to learn some other European languages (well English, of course, because it is universal), you must do it, you immediately will expand the horizon of freedom. Very easy, friends, to lose freedom. Someone will be easier to take you somewhere, like a screw, to tighten. Any bureaucrat not want to think. Why would he think that? It is easier for him to treat you like cattle. Of course, it is very hard, sometimes, in the country to do something, but in my personal life, please think. See, we came very close to the topic as a politician. Traditionally, yoga has always distanciruemsa from politics, and I distance myself from politics. I don’t want in our Open Yoga University was at least some admixture of politics. Politics is a futile exercise. From my point of view, politics is still what to do a Quartet, and then swap musicians, when the Quartet can’t get this one. It is necessary to have the original, the basic principles of humanism, and which party is in power and what they will pop for all I care. There are things that depend on you. You have parents, children, think about their future, God is with them, with politicians. Do you have them, children, exposing criminals, bribe-takers, do you leave them in the lurch? No. So, expand your freedom, so that they could expand their freedom. How to expand your freedom? Increase your prana, to learn in the first place. And, in the end, and even axiomatically so by removing our ignorance, closer to understanding what you have and coming to the understanding that you are, you expand its power. One your appearance aroused a desire to test your strength, the desire to try to make you a slave to manner, every word, every gesture you was a person. That was not the thoughts you build in the line and shave bald and let the logging. To avoid thoughts that you have cattle that you ordered, and you went. It is necessary to demonstrate very correct, polite, not arrogant, as is sometimes the case, but very persistent, otherwise it will not work. And, first and foremost, it will hurt you and your loved ones.


Now, friends, let’s continue this topic and now will do the next bunch. Freedom is wonderful, but there is a law. How to combine freedom and law? But before we begin to consider, let us push our adrenaline button and someone will praise. What he is casual, good, wonderful person.

Olga Isaeva: I this weekend became really free. I attended the seminar on Rita-yoga. Yesterday, I saw all the people of the absolute and received joy from this.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah! See, what power? Axiomatic happened, just like the piano in the bushes. What the seminar is, friends? Any seminar is a thing you do not ever read the books, not reproduce themselves. This is something unique. This is the place where Jnana, Kriya and ichcha (knowledge, action and will) merge at one point. And if you find yourself in a place where everything merges in one point, distorting or deceptive power of Maya retreat, you gain knowledge and gaining knowledge, you become freer, friends. See what interesting thing happens? Someone says: I’ll be freer if I have a lot of money will. You wouldn’t be free because of the money, moreover, money you even more enslaved. Someone says: that I become President, I will become freer. Well, of course you are free, around you have so many haters, they will just wait as you have a knife in the back to stick that you never relax, you’ll be less free than if you were just an engineer. And I can list anything. External factors will not make you free, only the factor internal. And the internal factor comes down to one thing. What you purchased is the higher knowledge, realize, implement it. For this purpose we conduct all of our workshops. To do this it is very difficult, in all senses of the word. But it is worth it. I know well that those who went through the seminar, it is other people. And, as correctly noted, the real awareness from all practices sometimes comes through the years. Anyway, I was so. And my experience is consistent with the ancient treatises.


Now the second time we press the adrenaline button and remember that we introduced this exercise as a smile – cheerful, open, free man.


– Elena Kulikova


Elena, come here, sit down and smile a cheerful smile of a free people to looking at that smile, no one to enslave your freedom is not even a thought has arisen that you can somehow play these games.

(Elena goes to camera, takes a yoga pose and smiling)


Wonderful, Bravo!



So. We go further, press the adrenaline button and the next person will think over this hook: the law and freedom.


– Gasimov Nice.


Friends, this is a scoop when a first name and then name. This is for the secret police when they have to check you by name, then by first name, and then, preferably, by place of birth, not to mix with anyone and not to get on the namesake. I hope that these times will soon be gone, or you’ll lose them. So, let’s reprogram our fine program, and may first comes the name, then last name.


Mila: At a certain level of awareness of the law, a person is absolutely essential. If a person is to allow freedom in everything he thinks he does not have it, and there are Laws that help a person, limiting it in some way, to reclaim freedom and to give freedom in another and thereby increase his freedom. So how many people are in the dark, and the degree of ignorance at all different, someone needs tough laws. But the tougher the law, I think, the more you will be able to get freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, friends. That is an opinion. Who else wants to speculate on their own initiative?


Elena, the group Chatur: it seems to Me that the law is what is needed, when most people are in a state of ignorance, because if they were all close to enlightenment, we wouldn’t need laws, and there would be no desire to cause harm to other beings. Laws help different people, at different levels of development to realize freedom, not harming each other. Here I am reminded of what we said, Maya allows for different beings to coexist, to be realized, not to hurt each other. If everyone knew that they are free and omnipotent, then they could use their freedom properly.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, the second point of view sounded. Who wants to think?


Marina, group 4: I want about the criminal code to reflect. Child under 18 years of age are not punishable under the criminal code. It is free, no matter what he did.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Why gangs of young offenders – the worst thing is that there is in the universe. No repeat offender, a serial killer in the comparison is not with them.


Marina the more he breaks the law, the more it restricts their freedom. Goes to jail and sits there. The less he violates the law, it is more than a law-abiding, the less he is in jail and the greater the freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Right. 3rd point of view. Right or wrong? Friends, please note that you are free. Each one of you to decide right or wrong. I can only tell you what conclusions in ancient times, came the sages, yogis and Yoginis. But for you, as free people, it’s not a law, you know? See, I made 3 perspective, I hope will be heard more opinions, but there always sounded kind of thing that someone or something will determine the laws. The laws of development, laws for the less spiritual – more stringent penal code. And who are these “someone” who will make laws? If the absolute, which is the biggest giver, has left us with only one law – the law of liberty. Who has the right, if he

Absolute in this sense, withdrew, to come up with laws? And anyway, there is this sense of the contradiction?


Julia, group 3. I think holders of these laws we ourselves, because we ourselves create them. Starting with the most basic things – as you sow, so shall you reap. In the past I made the remark that when a person reaches a certain level of consciousness are concerned, those laws become meaningless, because in principle there is no desire to break them. In may of last year you quoted Dostoevsky, he had a phrase: “I don’t want to have a society where there is no evil, and I want to have a society where you can do evil, but will not want to do.” For me, the law is the issue of honesty with yourself.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a Very interesting point of view. More, please.


Alena, group 4: I want to see the concept of law from society. We all faced each other, each have laws, they are intertwined. Whose laws win? I came to the conclusion that the person is freer the more extensive laws he can make, the more its laws are winning over the laws of men, which are less free. According to this principle all interact with each other, it is the principle of justice.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah. It turns out that the laws of the one who gives more freedom, tend to work better than the laws of the one who comes up with them so that they are in their final stage, giving freedom less. Interesting point of view. Next, please.


Anastasia, group 3: I want to look at the laws from the point of view that they are called to duty were respected, and rights are not violated. Ideally, what should bring the laws to avoid any question of violation of rights, because our rights are someone’s responsibilities. And if the duties are observed, then not there are situations when rights are violated.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good phrase I liked: “our rights – it is someone’s duty.” It’s a good aphorism. This is a very deep thought. Who wants to think? Yes, please.


Svetlana, group 4. I want to add that the law is rules that do free maximum number of people.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ah, here we have what a face appeared, that the law should allow for the maximum amount involved.


Svetlana: As a rule, laws are set for the majority of the majority, or the strong side for most.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Who else wants to say? Yes?


Igor, the 3-rd group. Laws are best mutual coexistence.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, we’re coming. That is, all hotter and hotter. Someone else wants? Yes, please.


Irina, group 4. I would say that the law is a rule that defines the interaction of freedoms.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, closer, hotter. We are getting closer and closer to those thoughts, left behind by ancient sages, yogis and Yoginis.


Vyacheslav, 3rd group: In my opinion, the law is an opportunity to maximally realize the freedom of each person at the maximum non-infringement of others ‘ freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Generally hot. Friends, I want to lead this discussion? We will come to the conclusion that I could say at first. Friends, PUM-purum-tra-La-La. Yoga of antiquity said so. Memorize and be all free. But the paradigm of liberty implies your freedom including from such mindless, unconscious eating whatever you say. You never know, maybe in ancient yogic treatise at the turn of the 16-17 century, the copyist of the treatise with a bad head and it happened in one Sanskrit word of the letter is lost, after which it changed its meaning to the opposite. And so off we go to our days, and we did not notice the substitution. I know this is a serious danger in yoga. From this is born or fanaticism is stupid, when you start some kind of dogma: here it says so in some book, it has until the end of time to be. And suddenly there is a stupid error? Friends, we must be free from everything. From mistakes, even strangers. So we have to think with your head and try to rediscover and to get closer to understanding what came yogis and Yoginis of ancient times. You remember: the concept of yoga is that each of you is able to do the same. Therefore, it is extremely useful in meditation, the debates gradually to rediscover something that was known.


Vladimir, 3rd group. I would say that the law is like a contract between people, States, between society, between individuals. What’s the problem? The problem it turns out that there is lack of understanding of one person by another, of one race by another. We have a religion, those other. Out of ignorance is this lack of understanding. You have to think about people who are at a higher level of freedom, understanding of the environment there. Have to create laws that would restrict those people who have never heard.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so we come to a notion that the ability to create laws increasingly present in someone who is at a more advanced stage of development at a more advanced stage of samosoznanii, and awareness of freedom itself, including other people. A very interesting addition. Who else wants to say? Time students?


Anton, Samara: Freedom is creativity, including the creation of laws. Freedom above logical laws. Any logical law is subject to freedom. With the correct use of freedom, when the total interaction of the interacting beings increases – this is a useful, truthful law. If misused freedom, the total freedom interactive creatures decreases, then it is a useless, irrelevant, false law.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, okay. Someone else wanted to say?


Anne, group 4. I wanted to say about another law, the law of nature. Breaking the law of nature, we thereby restrict their freedom. The same laws of evolution. Killing animals, cutting down forests, we limit their freedom – nothing to eat, no air to breathe and so on.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.


Oksana, passive participant. Every person who touched Highest knowledge, he is outside the laws, but at the same time it can interact with any laws, because he intuitively begins to feel they are suited him or not. And, at the same time, this man is just not facing serious manifestations of the system in which he lives.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This point of view. All in favor? Yes?


Kulikov Andrey, group 4: I think that inappropriate laws do not exist. We accept laws on their own. We are living beings and if we accept these laws, then they are important now or in the moment. Just live with not tenacious laws we can’t. If the law does not match the era, the country one way or another will change, people will not live under those laws. If we still suffer those laws that even we don’t like, but we tolerate them, so they are relevant to us. So we deserve only this.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s rephrase the answer. Every nation deserves its ruler.

It is possible to rephrase differently: every country deserves their own laws. That is nothing to blame the mirror, since face did not.



The Supreme law is the law of liberty

Let’s summarize. So we have a logical contradiction, which tells us the smell sverkhnovye. It is a logical contradiction lies in the phrase that our world is free, and that Supreme law Is the law of Liberty. The HIGHEST Law is the LAW of LIBERTY. It’s a phrase mutually exclusive, if we analyze it from the standpoint of logic: is the concept of freedom is when there is no law, the concept of Absolute Freedom which built our universe is the notion that there are no laws. On the other hand, we say that there is a Law of Liberty. The same Law is. And thus, when we say the word LAW, We limit the law something else, and limit the following sentence, for example, the Nature of our universe is the law of freedom Is a logical conjunction, logical contradiction. We say the phrase – the Law of Freedom, it is as if we said “Bright darkness” or some other opposites are linked in one sentence? The logic there is a section where there are many examples, for example: there is a secret that nobody knows. What is it like? If there is a secret that nobody knows, how do we know that it exists? It is everything that comes in the build logic that is called by various paradoxes. In fact it is the attempt in the plane of logic to cram the whole world sorhagen. And though one facet it within the logic, and another face she Verhovina. It turns out that the notions of LAW and FREEDOM are two incompatible concepts. And it is, in fact, attempt Verhovina to convey the essence of our universe that cannot be put into words, but which you can survive then in the future. While we do not experienced, projection sverkhnovye logic, the situation turns out like the saying goes, the grandmother said to the two. Whether Freedom, or the Law. Is there a Law in the Universe, or is Freedom? We have such a thing as the concept of INFINITY as other ideas that we came up with the name, not realizing until the end what it is. And, it seemed, at first glance a useless concept. Logic is stuck, nothing can be done. BUT no, he tells us the history of mankind, she echoed to us by modern science. With such concepts as the infinity of mathematics learned

understanding what it is to play. In every possible way to manipulate this concept, without violating logic, in every way to beat these concepts, as they say, from hand to hand, and the result is a mass of particular decisions. In fact, what we call modern mathematics comes out of this. If there are mathematics, physics, chemistry, there are other natural Sciences, there is technical progress, there are changes our lives. And what could be more real than your cell phone in your hand where you call? It is not abstract concepts of games with infinity. This is real plastmassa that you can call your girlfriend. Exactly the same play with the concepts of Freedom and Law. If the concept of Freedom and Law is chosen properly, sooner or later unravel the tangle of contradictions, which we call our life. Indeed, the concept of Law and Freedom? incompatible, in terms of logic. But if we grasp this idea and try using this dual idea to analyze everything that happens to be quite beautiful insights. No less practical mathematics, is no less real as a cell phone. From this are born all the vaunted superpowers you read about in books. One time all enthusiastically read about flying yogis of Tibet, who in their practices reached such knowledge of your device, these meditations began to fly. And strange as it was very distracting their factor, where the rule took a stone and chained themselves that would be during meditation, when you begin to soar ? it’s like an anchor, kept the order landed in the same place where he started to meditate, and not somewhere in the bushes nearby. The idea that the human body can fly it seems unscientific, fantastic. The application of the right weight for practice. Stipulated, as it is more convenient to do it, and to be able to carry, she wasn’t supposed to be heavy, as all yoga was wandering. But not too easy. Such juicy details are confusing, to be honest. This is a continuation of the theme we are considering. This theme is super powers. If so, to unravel the tangle of concepts of Law and Liberty, you can approach the concept of the Law of Gravity, perfectly formulated by sir Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree. And at the same time to compensate the more universal Law of Freedom, which is more universal than the law of Gravity. If you use the part that is more universal, or else – came before the law of Gravity, it is possible to compensate for these two forces to get out from under the impact of the weaker law. Much much more realistic? Less obvious examples: the law of charisma, the law of power. One ruler comes out, starts to engage in their business. To them thousands and are elected. Another politician went all schools of oratory, all psychics, sorcerers, and magicians of what he not only uses that charisma to get, and his people did not want to listen. Why one has power over the listener, and the other has not?

Again, the combination of Law and Freedom. And so can continue indefinitely. Yoga encourages you to freedom. The more freedom you get, the terms of yoga exercises better. She encourages you to freedom as much as possible. She does not impose, does not mean that is the only way. Why?

She understood the device, she has no right to impose. Otherwise, she on your throat will attack. The concept of Law and the concept of Freedom, although at first glance the opposite, but this combination, which seems to us the opposite, built the whole world. There is a certain hierarchy, which is absolutely wonderful mentioned the hierarchy of Laws. If the highest Law is the law of Liberty, then all other laws – things quite subordinate and less weak. If you have any law: the law of nature, the law of the human community, which is closer to the original law of Freedom, respectively, all subsequent laws become secondary. Fall under its scope and at the most inopportune moment to stop work if a more universal laws will appear. There is a kind of hierarchical ladder of laws where one law takes precedence over the other, another over the third, etc. to the bottom. If we follow in his life, his politics, his activities are more fundamental law, consequently we have a better chance that what we do will not be destroyed through the fault of our ignorance. Remember? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Got another smear HIERARCHY of Laws. Next time: who is this hierarchy of laws comes up? Absolute came up with one law – the Law of Liberty. Give it to us and told me not to touch. Then we talk about the hierarchy of the secondary laws, who invented them, if the absolute did not make that up? Very interesting point, some kind of understanding… And to understand the meaning of where they came from….there was one Law of Freedom, one would have remained. And, apparently, One law – the Law of Liberty. Why else would other laws? They duplicate a single master, they obey him, the chief….they are unnecessarily redundant. No!!! The whole universe says that it’s all woven in different laws. So where is the group of laws fell, in addition to the Main Law of Liberty? Fell she, strangely enough, of the dialectical contradiction of the Law and Freedoms, due to the original ignorance. The Original Absolute

Freedom meant the absence of pre-installed knowledge. And therefore, for all participants

propolene, or all those living creatures which absolute made free, free including from the knowledge of himself, fell, period. Continue each of these actors are individually come up with their own laws. To enjoy Their original freedom as he likes, in fact in the way in which he likes, and continue to assert their own laws.

Thus, each of the living beings began to create their own laws. As a result, he created certain laws itself immediately under them got. You are absolutely free and here you come up with something. It became, and you started to stew in their laws. So running a big piece that requires time… in briefly AS there was a more fundamental laws? The law of our manifestations for example. We appear and consider ourselves not by what we are. As we began to infringe upon their happiness, or their own natural state of joy and happiness and so on? Many details in the other yogis in more detail ishanina, but we won’t get into it. In fact, we created a series of laws and themselves came under a series of laws. If to use it for our day – everyone here is Free, they for previous evolution came up with approximately the same laws that fall under their action, and so we are all gathered here. In my previous life, using their freedom, we wholesalely approximately the same laws. As a result, these about equal laws did see each other, hear each other, communicated with each other. Other living beings that have voleizyavleniya other laws, live as-that differently. And we know nothing about them. We all gathered here, once more or less came up with the same laws: the law of nature, or the law of gravity, the law of death and so on. And we continue to live under the influence of these laws and exist with other living beings that have come up about the same. And we have the opportunity to do community. It is very interesting that the community of individuals came up with before that about the same laws when they begin to interact, suddenly it turns out that their freedom together more than their freedom individually. This is the birth of society and the state. With regard to other living beings, could they not wholesaleat the law of death. How was created and hang out in this state, we don’t know what.

Sometimes say, what could be more universal than the Law of Gravity? Who knows. There might be some creatures came up with the law of repulsion and wrecking the place? Now modern astronomers analyze the expansion of galaxies. And suddenly crept absolutely monstrous factor, which was not the case before in the description of nature, the factor of dark energy and dark matter, and behaves quite strangely, not as much as we used to think. With one hand you can say: Oh, what wonders in the Universe? But on the other hand, we can say that some individuals ponapridumyvali anything of his own. And we found out about it at the level of the more consequential points which we have in common with the point from which we were formed. Turns out the thing is very interesting. Any Law is compensation of our primordial ignorance. The configuration of intent, and following these intent, which makes us more free. And so are born all the laws. We

you different points of view listened to and sounded, what for these living beings, the laws should be the same for all other sentient beings other laws. And the question arises : who laws to enter? The absolute is absent, has left us. And it turns out that virtually all the laws that we as a group of free beings, established themselves for our freedom together was more than freedom separately. But we remember that our freedom together grows even more when we do clones and twins are on the same level of spiritual development, intellectual, physical not even on the same level of telephone Proved to be advantageous that more or less these souls in different degrees of development, but interacting give us more freedom, even the fact that some of the soul still being savesonnet. For example, the people is clearly visible. People are very responsible, they do not need no laws, no stick in the form of punitive laws in the penal codes.They and so they will not violate. And there are people who tomorrow will begin

behave in such a way that will increase their freedom at the expense of others ‘ freedom. But since they live together need to come up with a more universal laws to the whole system was most free in General. Not some group of people, say, a ruler, a dictator, not a class of nobility or leaders of any political party, and the whole thing. Starting with dog and ending with the President. Hence comes the attempt to come up with laws, as was rightly said, reflecting the real situation today. And it turns out that the laws closely depend on those people for whom they are given. And we cannot say that a law is universal, the other less universal. Only one universal law – the law of Absolute Freedom. All other laws in relation to the universal.



There is a second point: how to come up to this group of living beings to explain such rules to the most stupid realized. Because as someone who understands them and so will not violate. Thus are born the procedural, administrative, and criminal codes. Always born set of laws. As a rule, the Constitution of many modern countries, with rare exception of countries with monarchical principles. More basic principles closer to Freedom, and then they detail how to realize this freedom in a more specific case. Big trouble, when a secondary law puts an end to the paramount law. For example, in our country, on the one hand freedom of movement, on the other hand check. How to understand this? It should be understood in the following way that in spite of the Declaration of good laws, it remained a Declaration, it is not executed. There are declared by law, and there are actual laws. This, as you know, the ferocity of the laws kompensiruet their failure. It is a terrible thing, it’s a ticking time bomb that sooner or later all confusing, because it undermines the very notion of law. And our country is the cross, a dead end, it’s a bomb. Now was born in Arkhangelsk, M. V. Lomonosov not he will come to Moscow

for residence, it will stay there and drink too much. Other difficulties try to break! And such examples, when one is declared, but on the other, I can bring a lot. It’s like in 90-e years the laws alone, live on the concept. The laws are not enforced is a terrible problem for the state. Even saying this was: do Not ask good or bad laws in a country, you ask, are they or not? Even the most terrible and harsh laws may not seem so harsh and monstrous, if they are carried out, as in times of war. When this is what freedom is all becoming more in such a tight grip.

Where are the Laws.




Here the reverse side of the law. Where are these laws? They need someone to come up with. Who are they to think? In fact, the one who has the power. Why? I can also write a bunch of laws. This something will change about them anyone know? Don’t know. Therefore, it is necessary to have some means to implement these laws. By what means can I implement them? Only if I have power. On the reverse side, what is Power? Power is my Freedom. When I can achieve your Freedom? Only when I respect the freedom of others, and do not make your freedom on the freedom of others.


There is a concept of law in General, not those which are written in the excellent Constitution, and those that permeate society. And they are dictated to by those who have the real power. And if we are talking about our country, then who among us has the real power? Corrupt thugs, corrupt judge, etc. The other side, in the same Ancient India, where it was the priests, the Brahmanas who had the freedom and declared these laws. They would like voleizyavleniya: let it be so. Because their degree was higher, the level of the lower members of society according to the degree of self-realization that they do not think of their laws stayed on the lower level. As the wise man lived in this society, and society to consider without sage is impossible, and the last word always remains behind it. So if in ancient India a king or someone else violated the law, that Brahman, as it is now it reads beautifully, it could just curse.


We poorly understand the sense of the word. Curse. Usually open any tabloid press, and some fortune teller in the seventh generation removes the curse for hard currency. It’s all obscurantism, the dumb have no relation to real life. The original meaning that if a person on a higher spiritual achievement, faced with the fact that someone had invented their own selfish narrow-interested in the laws that their freedom was more freedom and all the rest were smaller, higher, emphasize the simple EXPRESSION led to the fact that all life was awry all those who tried to enslave. But it was enough to leave this one sage of this society… let’s Say left sage in Samadhi, or ceased in this society to live, or went from people saying that they are incorrigible, you get what you deserve. Remember the Bible a myth? When he left the last thing, balancing everything was received in full. Do not interfere, they came up with laws that are not viable. Sage, all balanced as he came out – all received on merit.


We come to this notion that laws are needed. Without the law will always attempt to expand their freedom at the expense of the unlawful infringement of others. We need to develop rules of the game that each only voluntarily pressed their freedom in favor to the freedom of society has become more and as a consequence of his freedom became more. And that is what is called the law, which entirely falls under the concept of the law, including under the concept of Absolute Law. If you really see that you have at least some law to implement, which will require that other members of society will draw in your freedom, you must understand what you will give more people? Our government, something they did not like the residence were imposed, including criminal prosecution. They give freedom, and in return give? Eradicate terrorism? Maybe xenophobia is somehow rein? Or something else will do? Yes, do nothing. Just stupid bureaucratically cut off everybody’s head, indiscriminately. As a result, the situation will become even worse, because it will be broken

the freedom of many, and society will become more free. It is very dangerous. So when I look at the performance of our statesmen, many of the legislature, I understand that these people do not respect the Laws of Nature. It would seem, have no respect, well and God with them. Dangerous, friends! They are such a complex system as the country prepares for war, what else is there. They ruin the whole thing. I don’t know why. There are people who received no education, but he’s good by nature. Nobody would do bad, if you do not see the extreme need. As two communicating vessels, if one level more, in another less, join, and he settled, balance. Throughout history, we see the same thing, that all attempts to implement that way, when all freedom was unduly violated, sooner or later, lead to revolution, to the sometimes very bloody.


Thus, we come to the following: terms of any law which is accepted is by all means to increase freedom. At a certain level of development people or circumstances, for example, the war goes on, these laws can be more severe. But as soon as martial law lifted as soon as all the mainstream came in, the old laws no longer apply. Moreover, the faster you old laws change, the better. If you do not change – it will be very bad. And this for millennia one and the same. For example, your firm is under pressure. Survives or does not survive, you will crush or not crush. Obviously, you tighten all nuts, reduced the costs, mobilized all the people, all were pursed. Were you some kind of a dark time in their company. In fact many businessmen have a desire, and that’s what I’m going to raise wages? And so all prekrasnenko run. A businessman doesn’t understand that this is a time bomb.

People suffer, but sooner or later it will go to a competitor. And there needs to be a balance. Or, on the contrary, the Libertines. Too Libertines, no one is responsible for anything – too bad. And constantly have to monitor.


Another thing: there are no absolute laws in this sense. Even death is not an absolute law, what to say about the rest. Next time: well, if there are no absolute laws if at every point in time, if every part of the state, in every environment needs to be its own laws, who will come up with? First, they naturally develop as the sum of expressions of the will of the most spiritual people. And all will to resist will collapse quickly or long. Another question. How would it civilized to let? The answer is: the spirituality, is incorruptible, visionary people should be the backbone of those who write the laws. Or lawyers who write the laws, legislators should be the spirituality of people. In India, it was the Brahmanas. They were given sets of rules. Now, when you read these laws, they are, of course, ridiculous, archaic. But at that time it was a masterpiece of thought.

Questions. Anyone have any on this part? Comments?


Vladimir, group 3: would Like to say that the subject is actually endless.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know what it is? The theme can be endless, but for myself personally, I am not afraid of this word, selfish moment. It’s really quite practical. It translates into respect for the law. When I do any Constitution, which was written by President-eater with his assistants and say that it is almost itself a divine revelation. Of course, I can nod, but at the same time the soul does not respect and abide by it will not at the first opportunity. Because I know that the observance of this law is meaningless. On the other hand, when faced with laws, the violation of which actually infringes the rights, the freedom of the individual and of the whole country, communities are less sacred to me. I have to do each letter of these laws. Because otherwise I’m going to go against the basic law of freedom. I their actions to reduce freedom, and as a result will reduce the freedom of his. Very well it combines concepts such as the concept of law ABIDING. Still not bad would be to add

law-abiding of laws whose? This aspect of moral. Very scary strong. For people stupid criminals… they do not ask such questions. They are just such laws do not understand. They understand the laws that you know. And I understand the brute force. While it will not plant,he will not understand. But we don’t take that into account. Why? Because, in a sense, it is much easier, with them as with animals. Sooner or later you will find how to handle them. They are usually out of control in moments of crisis: war, perestroika, the revolution or something. Prison was released, they all fell out. Then all of them to jail, shoot, and all they are not.

Harder with such things as copyright. You climbed in the Internet, downloaded something there. Young people will not be burdened, downloaded Yes downloaded. But if you think about the fate of the universes, about your place in this? This is a very open question: in which case it is unacceptable, in which case, the laws were written specifically for this narrow group of people who want too much earn cannot be justified. And in this moment of pure conscience in order to avoid being caught and punished. No, it’s not even talking. We are talking about yogic paths and Dharma. How not to valishvili something harmful to himself, herself to in the future not to fall under it. Remember, in Soviet times, the hares trains were running, cars were running from supervisors. I know people who are on bread and water was interrupted. And now? The lady who is calling on a cell phone that costs so much that the train can be purchased along with the driver. I understand that it has become a habit, conditions have changed and cliché behavior remained. I understand that this might be the last money or something. Well, there are situations when you have nowhere to go. And when it’s a habit, just a habit? The Soviet Union long ago destroyed. Remember, we the case discussed whether the sour cream from the canteen to steal or not. Such moments will arise very, very often.


Elena, group 4, MOJO: IN connection with the subject of freedom, I many times recall the great dystopian novel of the 20th century. If you have not read, I highly recommend: the novel by D. Orwell’s “1984” , Aldous Huxley “brave new world”, Eugene Zamyatin “We”. All novels have a common theme of a totalitarian state where freedom is infringed citizens. Wanted to go back to the previous subject, which was conducted parallel between sexual attraction as the desire to gain freedom. In these novels there is a point when total restriction of freedom results in the protest and expressed sexual attraction, which is illegal. Because the expression of sexuality and procreation was strictly controlled in all of these situations in books. As you can see from all these works, even the threat of death does not stop people before the desire to experience the freedom through sex.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, note, anywhere, any totalitarian system clamps this topic. Don’t know what modern China is happening. For me it is a big mystery, like America. I can’t understand what there is happening. At first glance, the freedom, but on the other hand sometimes I think that Russia in some ways we are more free. There the man really is not free from a series of factors that we don’t quite understand. One comrade came from America, says that there is a conspiracy. Conspiracy of whom? Lawyers and doctors. There really is a very rigid system. Prohibited any private practice if it does not receive a medical education in a very specific place, which is very expensive. So the doctor, when it begins to provide services, to pay for his education, he also assigns huge fees. The type is all made up by lawyers. Lawyers are obliged that you only have the right to learn from that. Exaggerated words, would carry some private practice, it’s a little on the chair will not go to jail. As a result

you get the idea, God forbid you get sued or a claim by bringing in the most trifling matter: the Nude in his yard came out and insulted in the best feelings of the elderly neighbor, or something else. This puts invisible pressure of fear, fear of losing status. We get fired, well, God bless him. And they have a career, fear of being a loser. Once failed, the other failed times, you start to shy away as from plague. Some religious spirit you can gain failure.


Anastasia, group 3, MOYO: I would like to hear about the ligaments of the phenomenon of freedom and truthfulness. At the seminar on VEDAS, I was struck by your statement that the power of the Brahman was in truthfulness. I see that the bundle is, but it eludes me.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! You dug this topic, we will try the following lectures are with you to beat. FREEDOM and TRUTH, we beat this topic. This, my friends, the storehouse of mantra yoga, a storehouse of power. This is exactly what determines who can make laws for everyone else, and who can not. The power of truthful words, which had only the Brāhmaṇas. We will talk on this subject.


Anna group 4, MOJO: I, too, was off somewhere in his thoughts about freedom. Absolute gave us freedom, even freedom from knowledge of ignorance.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: preset knowledge, the continuation of the question: and now we’re trying to overcome ignorance, to get freedom. A contradiction?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends will say it again – this is not a contradiction, but the tails sverkhnovye. What do you mean tails sverkhnovye. That means NO NONSENSE, and those things with which you can work and get the result.


Natalia, group 3, MAYU: I came up with the analogy, listening to a lecture and parallel thinking that the law in some sense can be compared with Maya. Let me explain: even axiomatically I our Free. If we remember that our I is limited by Maya, that is Maya restricts freedom. If we are on the earth plane will move, then Maya becomes Law, it turns out, in a sense, Maya is the Law. But we must, at the time accustomed, under Maya, we mean something negative. If it were not for Maya ( if you remember), would not be manifested in the world. Accordingly, the Law gives us on the earthly plane manifest, to our society. Such is the analogy.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, indeed, Maya is not something negative. The concept of Maya, friends, very deep. The concept of Maya is an absence of a predefined knowledge and free will each of us. We have the ability to make these alliances. When freedom us together becoming more than freedom separately. And on the one hand, it turns out such a thing as a contact with each other. And in theory it would have been impossible, since under the concept of FREEDOM meant absolute loneliness. And yet we are not alone. This is also a very serious topic. We are with you very quickly run through all of these sections of liberty. This is a very difficult axiomatic things that you can do 40 consecutive years, and get something new and useful.



Svetlana, a passive participant: the Second principle of yoga encourages us to limit communication with people who encroach on our freedom, after communication with which we feel the loss of Bhava, etc. and what if this people are your own parents? Is it permissible to restrict them to a critical minimum? Or thereby we violate some principles of Yoga is Generic or the same first principle of yoga, because they inflict suffering?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What parents need from you? Grandchildren! This whole Birth yoga. They will not peel off while you’re on the slaughter itself is not going to give someone else. All the talk about the lost God bhava from the parents… you know – it’s doubtful talk. There would be parents, would not you, you would have no bhāva, in principle, be experienced. It is a question of secondary, tertiary. It is rather a technology every your next step. As for the parents. Parents need to love, respect, and in this regard to do whatever he prescribes the Generic Yoga. I think all the problems only.



Listener question: I think over the laws that now exist. It is still not very positive looks and I want to find a solution to this. Not enough spiritual people, they have these laws establish that prevail over low laws. I kind of remembered lectures on Prayoga, TRIAD, returning to the seminar on Rita-Yoga, there were the factors of mental reactors. They could have a mental impact on the inside and thereby change the system. Will it be a unilateral impulse, as if not asking anyone to change from within the system? Naturally meant that the yogis and Yoginis who have done this, they at a high enough level.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question! From the point of view of the axiomatic situation.

Imagine a cloud of souls of a particular country. They are all at some level of freedom. Accordingly, from the fact that they are together, their freedom is more than each individually, but they are on some level, say the level of freedom 30. They all get together and get 40( or more, I randomly take the numbers). And relevant to them such laws, rules and regulations that would govern their lives. But some part of, without asking, having the freedom, and took the sharply increased their freedom through practice.

Accordingly, if we take society as a whole, and the level of freedom once and jumped. Accordingly, this must be written already other laws, and more free. If in society there are people who do their self-knowledge, and without demand, because it is not necessary to ask permission, begin to increase their own liberty, if you take all this integrated with the freedom of a society begins to grow. At least the fact that every single person is doing his self-knowledge, opens up your abilities, superpowers. The community for this great freedom we need to rewrite the laws.

If you read the Laws of Manu, medieval India, it’s terrible compared to what you would expect from those glorious times. But they were acquitted. Because two dozen of wise men, flying through the air, and the remaining mass of peasants slaughtered, wild, prone to theft and to anything. In General, very low, very low. They had more of these laws apply.

Here, friends, all in person. All only in person. In fact, we have not touched on this subject. And penalties for violation of the law. Here I have violated the law. What is the most severe punishment waiting for me? I just kicked out of society. Kicked or good, humane, put in prison, or very rough, pink – to cut off, say, me. To before born the next time, I would have thought – and whether in this society to be born, so I once again head cut off, or to look for the same thugs, as I somewhere in Papua New Guinea?


Student: Can I assume that the laws providing for the death penalty, give freedom?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you know, it reminds me of medieval witch trials. When Joan of Arc carried to the fire, or Giordano Bruno, the founder of modern science, were all sincerely believe that through this purifying fire, it gets bigger. That is, all my sins and thereby redeem. And the question is, why is it not just stab was very elegant answer: the Church is against bloodshed. In fact, friends. This is a serious argument was. Therefore, the death penalty is a very extreme case. There are times when in life there are situations that you cannot otherwise do. But if there is the slightest possibility to replace it with life imprisonment, which is actually much scarier it would be to a greater extent observance. Although this issue is very controversial. There are a lot of factors – what kind of country, what kind of people live. A lot of factors. Europeans to hear about it. The Chinese can’t live without it, as Americans. Are there any questions?


Student: If you make a law that all relatives of suicide bombers to kill and to exterminate their race, violates this law 1st principle of yoga, will give this freedom to everyone else?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a very difficult question. Such precedents were. In the first Chechen war, in the time of Pushkin and Lermontov. No relatives, of course you didn’t, but if in some village, it was burned all in a row. To some extent it worked, but the people remain, you know, handed down from generation to generation rejection, hatred, anger. In the Soviet years, when I knew nothing about the Caucasus, I have one old woman talked, she told episode 30-ies. The Soviet Union, Stalin, world-friendship-gum, all went to the parade and the Caucasus forever stabbing. For me it was a shock. At the wedding drank too much and began to kill one another. There was always war, but in a latent form. Then she broke.

This is a dubious method, but, on the other hand, can be very difficult. This is a very slippery moments. It is necessary to consider what a time, what people, what conditions. But, by and large, it’s always stupid decisions. I know only one thing: you will forget about terrorism, when you block the flow of money that finances them. What he had not been a suicide bomber, he is not from the moon fell. His long drugged ideologically, from the cradle. This can be done only in the presence of known infrastructure – published books, preachers preach, until the procurement of explosives. This is all done for money. The situation is paradoxical. Where is the money? Money from oil from the Middle East, which are indirectly redistributed, including to prepare all this. There is a rule of the geopolitical. Where there is resource, there is a problem. If tomorrow the price of oil falls, the entire region will remain in the same condition in which it was always the 19th century. You quickly forget about extremism. It will not feed. It if to tell about such a radical decision. Now the question is – and where there money? The money is there, because a major portion of the oil they deliver to the US. It turns out that the US indirectly funded all these antics against themselves as themselves. We get for the company. Just a terrorist is a terrorist – if the roof was blown off, they have all the blame. By and large we have to work with funding sources, not to flirt with those sheikhs, and they often flirt, and to solve these problems. And imagine, they will make nuclear bomb and explode it, then what will? Is simple enough, actually, to make an atomic bomb. You can imagine what exploded not a lone bomber, and atomic bomb! Not only that, people are burnt, so also the radioactive cloud. I assure you, the price of real estate in Moscow is not just zero, but negative. It’s God forbid, friends. And we have all sort of great, wonderful… it’s Dangerous to flirt with such ideas, religious ideas. If you support one religion, you automatically embittered the other and than we are worse? Policy needs to be intelligent, a few steps forward. We see it? We can’t see her. Price we pay for lack of foresight. As for the violence… Violence is how would you go to the Bank and take a predatory interest loan. And will have to give your with interest. There are moments when there’s no other way. It very rarely happens.


You know, it is a challenge to us. Sit down and think with your head. All the heads in power are committed. They think power is everything. And you have to work there, Papa Carlo, I’m sorry.


Friends, for today.

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