2011.01.25. Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 5. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 5. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.01.25.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Today, January 25, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on our websites: www.openyoga.ru , www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru. All of our movies and archives of previous lectures you can find in our store at :shop.openyoga.ru .

The theme of Freedom will again be the main in this lecture. And as always, before you go any further, I want such remarks to say and it concerns the recent events of the past, but the conclusions drawn from it can become a completely global. We began to photograph our students and curators, and this is a very distinctive feature of the Soviet man – we do not know how to smile, do not want and do not want to smile, we all show that we are gloomy, not happy, in any case can be within us and to rainbow a certain state, but this is now the mask does not transmit our inner emotions. Bringing in all the photos, which were depicted certain yoga poses (asanas) all of wolf watching. I understand the karma of our country is such that many years, decades or even centuries and millennia here has suppressed liberty. The only distinguishing feature of our country here has always been the art to suppress freedom. The sometimes bloody way. When you start to tell tales of how good it was under the tsars, in the year — it’s just stories. Never have we not been good. Thank God never had, otherwise the tsarist government would not be toppled. About the Communists say that too, it was all very wonderful. If was so wonderful, where did they all go? Now we are told that we have something new here. But that is not very visible, that would be all at once abandoned the desire to suppress. And as a consequence produced this response people, it intimidates me, it is not necessary to show that I am well. It should show that I was wrong. Because if I feel good, it is perceived to hold power as a challenge. Whether it’s at the genetic level, or do we fear bad life, whether we believe that we now have a bad life. Was a very gloomy face. It is impossible to show. This is not the essence of yoga. At the same time it is the essence of yoga even axiomatically. If you are performing a particular asana, you should feel joy. The joy of doing, or the joy of overcoming yourself. Yoga is joy. If someone is doing the asanas and he is terrible to watch., somehow it not really fit with the concept of joy in yoga. If you on the rack of the lift, or twist on some typewriter in torture in three knots to tie , then of course you could not to smile at the same time. But if you are doing yoga, it is understood that in any case you enjoy. Of course if you do do what is called one with the universe, then you don’t need to worry about how you will be perceived by others. But if you specially photographed so you could see everything, then we need to take care of this factor. If you are in the pose can’t smile, in principle, it means you are doing yoga, then you hurt, then you inhibit yourself. If you smile is not natural, it means you are fighting some inner tendencies that you can’t overcome. Really, if you hand twisting or foot, a hard smile. The conclusion is very sad and deplorable, and therefore, the adrenaline button, we will enter a new position. Another victim to perform a particular pose and a smile. A cheery smile. The situation is the following that we spent n amount of time and n number of tools to get these pictures. And it turns out that a large part can be thrown in the trash. And you know what else the problem here? Sometimes we think we look friendly., we have the half-smile, but it only seems to us. Side when you look at this, such an impression does not occur. We need to break this inner shell. I understand that for many years the genetically suppressed, we have freedom. And it is very hard to go out of phase. I understand that when we see stretched a Hollywood smile too, sometimes there is a feeling of hypocrisy. But it is much nicer to look at such hypocrisy, than this expression, “how Lenin saw the bourgeoisie” or “like a soldier at a louse that bites”. Therefore, this trend must be reversed. You should demonstrate openness, friendliness and cheerfulness. In any case, for you it is cost effective. “Hollywood smile” they smile at everything, it originated during the great depression in America, and when there was nothing to eat, and work not to get. It is only now in our modern view, America has always been all right. They had a very terrible periods. And the question went to America come to power or the equivalent of communism or the equivalent of fascism. But they have the benefit once the situation allowed. So at the time when it was all very bad, look at another person, which is just as bad is just sickening occupation. It was at this point began to spread these famous “Hollywood smile”. Why they call it Hollywood? For the simple reason that at this time Hollywood started making huge money on the comedies, cheerful movies with the positive end of the film. It is later, when America became fed they can afford to make a film script that in the end everything is drowned, poisoned, died, or something else. It is considered a kind of uncertain on philosophical depth. It’s just people snickering. The life she’s meant to be joy. If you have no joy, if you want to watch movies with a terrible, sad ending, then something is wrong with your head. Of course there are philosophical moments that make you think. Even if it’s a tragic story, she must show that this tragedy was born what is life-affirming. That makes sense. Or as one actor – ” it is necessary to Remove either as it was or as it should be.” Anyway, I understand that we have such contempt for that “Hollywood smile” , but during the great depression, you faster take the job if you smile. If you show positive, where the sea of negativity. All bad, no need to annoy everyone around you. Demonstrate constructivism. Exhibit a is a true property of life find in any most difficult situation. With sad facial expression lying in a coffin while still alive , that’s still not so bad. The skull even has a smile! Therefore, it is very important axiomatic thing! You do not like yoga, not like the axioms, you do not like the Americans with their “Hollywood smile” God is with them. Think about your pocket, if you are open, cheerful , friendly or at least friendly people will you reach and you can easily make your business. You can easily find the way to coexist if you are a man of art, culture, etc., etc., You can easily find a way to resolve any difficult situation. And as a result, it will be easier to earn a piece of bread. Now operate not from some high point in yoga, but to our bestial nature, when we are afraid to remain without money, without shelter. This fear creeps into the soul of a snake. Times the price of something went up on the metro or something, turn defeat into victory. Don’t want to smile or feel that you don’t pay attention to remember your fear of being left with nothing or do not find their place under the sun. And get your Pasu bhava or your bestial fear still moving you in the right direction. Therefore, it is very important.”

Question from Paul: “do Not say I’m an idiot if I’m going to smile.?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, rather say an idiot if we don’t smile. There is a very interesting cut. Here we say in our country there is a saying – “be quiet for thou shalt be wise”. Because throughout the history of our country was such a paradigm – “you’re the boss I’m a fool, I’m the boss you’re a fool” And in any case, if someone head and, again, you want to seem smart not to get under blow, the winning strategy was to remain silent. But if you go to the West, somewhere in Western firms and come to some sort of interview to get a job and be silent, there probably will assume you are mentally underdeveloped. Here is the same situation in terms of emotions, it is clear that emotions also need to be selective. If you come to the funeral and start to have fun and enjoy, it will not be appropriate. So here creeps this criterion is relevance, not relevance. And , of course, there are times where our joy is not relevant. If we are not starting correctly its joy to show, do we get problems. But the flip side, when you have to show some friendliness and we are not showing – here is the problem. Anyway, in yoga when people take vows, they take a name which ends with the word Ananda (Sivananda, Devananda, etc.) and there is a floor India these wandering yogis have a name alias, or second name ends with Ananda. The word Ananda means in one of these rough translations joy. Meaning that if you comprehend the essence of being, if you really reach beyond the logical elevation all done, then you understand the great kindness or beyond the logic of the world, down to ecstatic joy. First and foremost, this is what was meant. And so if you and future yoga teachers demonstrate the particular exercise, this or this, we should convey the essence, and the essence of yoga is joy. Yes, of course, in your life there may be times where you can walk around with a scowl on her face and a fist on the table pounding — it is also sometimes necessary. But again it is a question of relevance.

We proceed to our main topic— the theme of FREEDOM. And the next candidate to share how he understands the concept of “personal freedom”.

Natalia Korolkova, group 3 : “with regard to personal freedom. I understand this category as the opportunity to realize themselves in this life, with minimal harm to living beings and not limiting their freedom ie a very harmonious interaction.”

Milla, band 3 : “Personal freedom is freedom from false ideas about yourself”.

Paul: “I have reflected and decided that this can be expressed mathematically. We have two components arises what determines freedom. As long as we are aware, are consciousness and matter how a lot of energy. One energy scale, the second scale of consciousness. And there is volume of our freedom, if we have some of the components is larger, the area becomes larger. The next component is time. Then we receive a volume. Three dimensional figure. Moreover, from the axioms, our higher self has unlimited amount of time, as I understand it, outside time, outside space. And then we have an unlimited amount of freedom, stretched in time. For example: we are forced to do something, threatened with death, we can give up — please kill me , but my higher self will not kill you, I will be born in the next life and continue everything I want to do.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “If competently to die, in the next life we would be dramatically expanding their freedom, even if in this life we have something not matter , in the next life, we can dramatically to catch up.

Bravo. I really like this approach. First, what is called in my previous life I was very close to academic circles, and this imposes a kind of imprint on me. Friends, I am well aware that I’m in a good and bad sense savok. In the bad sense of the word can I have some Novo trends see and feel. I’m here now talking about the social network. And I began to realize that I’m starting to get old for this. Very scary actually feeling. But on the other side and strong side still academic science here was not to compare with. Very well taught us. And in fact, the science, what we call science began in fact with Galileo and Newton who introduced mathematics to the description of the phenomena. Before that, it was a philosophical talk about relying more on Aristotelian doctrine. As soon as began to introduce mathematical concepts, graphics, formulas, derivatives, integrals, etc. Suddenly the nature of something so incomprehensible, was more structured and allowed us to do some different adaptations that make life easier(mobile phone, light, radio). Everything that surrounds us is a product of science. And still my hope that someday, sooner or later, the same thing will happen with these very serious moments as yoga. We will purely mathematical approach to the description of certain phenomena. And I really liked the concept of Paul, because of this concept, we can draw the following conclusion that what is Prana? Because Prana can manifest themselves and how energy and consciousness. In this brilliant chart of Paul’s square. You can have a lot of energy and little consciousness you have the Prana. And another way to formulate you have a lot of consciousness , but little power and you have the same Prana. And if we add a third coordinate, it takes the concept of Dharma, as are the area which you have now and move in time so that this area grew or prana, our increased, to expand both the energy and the mind. But here’s a problem of modern civilization, such as: modern athletic training from morning to night, eating all sorts of dope is not good only in order to increase the possibility of manifestation of energy ( to run the hundred meters, throw the kernel), but in the case of consciousness there is not very good. As a joke “and the head I need, I eat it”. The other side we take some hypothetical scientist, the philosopher who’s thoughts are already in such heights that we never dreamed of, but he is physically weak. He can’t live full life and that’s a physical sensation from the weakness of his body somehow begins to dominate his mind and he is prone to pessimism. Why do so many philosophers in their thought processes lifting very high had the imprint of pessimism. They worked with the body. And the body is a factor which is manifested through energy. And it’s just yoga. Yoga says that we have to work in two ways – in energy and in consciousness. And we have to work to use this area ( prana) now, over time it has expanded.”

Paul: “In consequence of this schedule it is possible to track what harmony is. The area of this figure the maximum is obtained when we have equal energy and consciousness. If we have a lot of energy, and consciousness a little, to get such a thin line, it will be less than when it will be in harmony.

I want to show you in neutral for such a projection to draw. Here we have the energy. Here consciousness. Time here. And then we have this figure an interesting turn. Our freedom is rooted in the heavens, is expanding. Over time, we expand our consciousness, its energy and freedom goes to heaven.”

Michael, группа3 : “And I looked at this schedule and I understand that the more energy and consciousness, the less we need time to realize their freedom. I.e. the Time dependent back freedom.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : “It’s a difficult time, friends. Let me tell you once again I will remind the core strategy. Vladimir unfortunately we got sick a little bit. But he now listens via the Internet. He said in one of his lectures is a wonderful thing. In yoga, everything starts with freedom and ends with freedom. It all starts with freedom to that which you have now. You have now at least some piece of freedom. You are determined, you will have to go to work, you want or do not want. You have to go on public transport because you have to move your body , because the power of thought, you still do not know how to carry themselves. But some part of you loose and you say tonight could choose whether to come here or go to the nearby bar where Striptease shows and the beer is fresh, but you choose where to go. You use your freedom. No matter what you have it big or small, you have it. The question is that how to use that part of freedom that you have to at least at least it is not decreased with time, and as a maximum increased. And here we come to the concept of Dharma or way of life. If we are taking advantage of their freedom, which is right now develop a method to answer the call of life or to live life. Over time, our freedom is increased and sooner or later attained absolute freedom. But in terms of graphics which drew Paul is an infinite plane. We go by Dharma. In a way that protects us from harm so is sometimes translated Dharma. If you don’t reduce your freedom and increase it, of course you avoid misfortunes. It all began with freedom, all over the freedom. In independence what was the original thing. What this conclusion. The conclusion is,friends, in yogic texts so you can read it. There are people who do yoga, especially very often ascetic practices, they do a lot, gaining more freedom as a consequence of power, but at some stage of their life doing one or the other a fatal mistake and fall, such a fallen yogi. What it might be error — prone to violence, it may be we with you in the abstract talk about such categories as violence, and you imagine yourself in the place of the President and imagine some kind of situation is very inadequate, and how to respond. Here, for example, the war began. And from time to time have to use violence. And imagine you once used violence, and it worked, the second time the third. And then you think to yourself, maybe this is the basis of our life? And this is a very serious error that leads to collapse. So even if you use violence or infringe the freedom of others, then the next step you have to compensate them this freedom with interest. Here then is fine.And in the case of these yogis, who acquired the fall — it is absolutely not a funny situation, I recommend the text “Victory of Peas”. Here is one of the typical situations when a yoga teacher, reaching the enormous power of what is called stumbled and began to use violence that he has three days to death was. But one of his disciples, literally three days before death took him. And very curiously ends with this text, came to him and snatched from the clutches of the death of the master or corrected his mistake. Interesting end to this story, teacher, student, son of a teacher, at the end when the teacher realized , shaken out of that torpor. Again reached the level of freedom, as it says, they all took a pose and literally flew through the air. For us, it seems fantastic when a person takes and flies through the air, and if you read medieval Indian treatises it was all the time, as it is now planes fly.”

Michael, group 3: “So if he makes a mistake, it turns out that he’s prana decreases?!And according to time it takes more”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “There is a still a treacherous time. The time of our lives or more complex law. You remember, those of you who took triad yoga , Tantra yoga, there is a concept of death, this is what we came up for themselves , in the long term faster to gain freedom. The concept of death very difficult. Death is not have the first basic law of the universe. This, oddly enough, the secondary law. The law of freedom is more powerful than the law of death. That is why in the yogic texts it is said that in the practice of yoga you can overcome death in any sense of the word ( and in direct and indirect). The thing is, if we reduced the number of our prana, there is the factor of death . If we to his death not had time to qualitatively change the situation, we accordingly in the next life, in the worst case , even in some schools of tantric Buddhism put emphasis on this, there was considered more important to the state in which the person died. Be aware of whether the laws or didn’t realize. If he was aware of the higher laws, and died in this state, one situation from the next birth, if at the time of death he was about everything was forgotten, the situation is different.”

Basim, a group of eco: “From the axioms it follows that the time depends on the consciousness and energy. And third the scale of course is the joy or Ananda. And so the concept of freedom is only relative and expanding consciousness and energy. But if it comes to absolute freedom, Ananda, anyway to somehow get involved in this relationship.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : “the Concept of yoga. Yes, there are exercises where you have to force yourself, the body does not respond , the body is inert, but if you feel the joy of victory over the body, here it not listen and I won it win. Here’s this inner joy will make you smile, not forcing yourself . If it’s a smile overcoming violence, then you are in yoga that I did not understand something and doing something wrong. Yoga is not acrobatics. Although notice how the acrobats in the circus they all smile , the professional smile , but it is the law of genre.”

Basim, the group EKO: “I Have an important question for the decision algorithm. I’ll remind you: 1)Remember it is free 2) remember that we have a duty, 3) we have all the options that we have passed through the first principle of yoga 4) then passed through the second principle of yoga 5) if you do a quick methods, and using the third principle of yoga.6) remember again, that we are free and choose 7) there is still the authoritative testimony and the eyes of the people.

Here a very important question where to turn them on before the first or after the third principle, ie if the teacher tells me that you have such and such options, but for me they are a violation of the first and second principle. Me to fulfill them or is it authoritative evidence and I do not have the correct understanding of these principles. And what do I do? Either check the eyes of the people on the first and the second principle, or not to check.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : “Friends, what are you children ask questions Basim?Or are you specifically to provoke all the other listeners? It’s obvious thing. If you reversed the steps, you will get so awful that I can not tell you. If you reversed for example in the first, second, third principles and put on the first the third principle , then second, then first , then fascism, with its end camps seem Paradise to others. Think about it if you say I should be joyful and happy around me need to have fun ( who did not hide I is not guilty) then you start to think as though everything is done. We haven’t said anything about the first principle of not causing harm, then everyone who survived will be possible to remember and about the first principle of yoga. Similarly, the eyes of the people. If the eyes of the people standing in front of the first, second, third principle of yoga is the opinion of the crowd, and you are a cog in the crowd. The same, and authoritative testimony. If you change seats, you God knows what will get. Here is one very clever tricks flashed in the question – if my teacher says. This is a very cunning remark intended to catch all. If to be strict to the spirit of yoga and if you really recognized the teachers , if it is really the TEACHER, not the one who is the teacher, not the one you decided to call a teacher because of you today so much. But if it is your true teacher, he himself must embody both the first and second and the third principle of yoga, and the eyes of the people, and everything in one bottle and what’s more you should feel freedom from the very concept. The concept of teacher and the concept of freedom for you merges, ie everything that’s in these parentheses freedom for you doesn’t matter. Therefore, according to the ancient teachings of the word of the master is LAW. Even so, there is a saying that if even the heavens are punishing you will get angry, but the teacher will love you, you are in no danger. But if you have even the heavens will trumpet fanfare, and in every way to praise, but the teacher is not happy , then you will not save anything.

True human nature is this – to distort everything. Then there were the impostors who declared themselves teachers and started all kinds of stuff to flog, and people with such maniacal zombirovanostyu, but the teacher said banging my head against the wall — I will fight. Any teacher is freedom. Why do we say that you have a teacher in the Open Yoga University. We do not have teachers, we have teachers of yoga. Teachers there in India, high in the mountains, not in our area. Therefore, this factor is teacher is really difficult at it, but if we ignore the factor of the teacher, a very strict thing . Remember that you are free, remember your duty, the first the second the third principle of yoga, authoritative evidence and still after that remember that you are free. Again switch at least one item you will have my freedom to raise and cut, or something will happen.

The young man I have a question for you .Tomorrow you became President. Three of your decree.?”

Listener : “I would have refused such powers.!”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : “Reasonable. What interests me is the theme of Freedom in the first place. Freedom in your personal life. Who wants to say something on this subject?”

Julia, group 3 : “I’ll say some controversial thing, for me, the concept of freedom is lack of choice. I can explain why. The choice can be a path to freedom, you can bring this analogy into the ocean lost ship, he broke all the instruments, he does not understand where to go. And he at first sight choice at 360 degrees, he can go wherever he wants, but he that does not help. And when they have the beacon, he has no choice , he just knows what to take need he the feeling of his Dharma is so subtle that he had the choice does not even arise. And this can be attributed to the sense of teachers and sense of choosing a partner and towards any issue in life.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : “Let me make a comment. This question boiled down to the concept of freedom and to the notion of choice. Is it possible the concept of freedom to reduce to the concept of choice. It is only in the first approximation the concept of freedom and the concept of choice is somehow galleryroot. Indeed, you have a choice and you have the freedom of this choice , but friends, we forget that the concept of freedom more comprehensive , the concept of freedom implies it is also to create choices. You know what it is in the case of a ship, the ship can move only on the ocean surface, forward, backward, left and right, there he is the beacon of the lighthouse. But the concept of freedom implies that you can thus modify the laws that you have dramatically the choice will be expanded and added a new choice, you will to make a new choice. And let’s say in the case of this ship, imagine that it was not just a ship, but with some jet thrust and he took in the third dimension flew in or under water dive. To reduce the concept of freedom only to the concept of choice is making a serious mistake, the concept of freedom more fundamental than the notion of choice. The concept of freedom may imply the generation of choice. Or even a situation where it is not necessary a matter of choice. But on the other hand ,it is a very good point, I like it , in the sense that freedom is a state of love, in principle is not a matter of choice. This question is beyond logic and again love. When a young girl fell in love with another , the question of choice does not make sense. Not because it will disappear other boys or girls, but because it is a phenomenon of a different nature. In this sense, a very good accent , if you find yourself in life, you have no doubt. If you have freedom, Supreme freedom, absolute freedom, beyond logical freedom, there’s no doubt. See how cleverly time shift. We hear the phrase “a free man always doubts, it is only a slave” he had no doubt, because the master ordered. That is, if viewed in the plane of logic or karma. And true, beyond freedom, no doubt, it is a different plane.

Friends, and now the next person will tell us what it will be three steps if tomorrow he will take the place of his boss. Rank a little lower, and that the President is too high and abstract. Here you come to work tomorrow, and you say you have powers of your head.”


Nicholas, group 4 : “For starters you probably would gather all the people, for example from the company, and I would know their opinion on this matter as they relate to the fact that I’m going to take this position. And therefore to know the opinion of each employee about what he would like to see changes. To gather Analytics. And already the basis of the collected solutions to choose three that would fit for all.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev : “Let us on with you think on this factor of freedom. So I will say a few words about the basic positions in yoga. Yoga is like mathematics is based on very specific steps, which we call the axiomatic of yoga. We know from the axioms of yoga that these principles or axioms are presented in two groups: system of axioms of the microcosm and the system of axioms of the macrocosm. The next axiomatic position that generally speaking you can create as many many or an infinite number of axioms. You can think of any axiomatic position one way or another will still be converted at some moments of the systems of axioms of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Systems of axioms based on the principle of freedom, freedom is one of the most interesting , there is not introduced as in the system of the microcosm and the macrocosm such scrupulous notions or sophisticated provisions that require very deep reflection. And is given as a starting point it is quite usual for us things. This condition of subjective freedom. As well as the state of our knowledge and as a result of ignorance. The game of these two concepts can output a variety of yoga exercises, to justify the different recommendations , in particular this is known to our algorithm of decision-making, he very well fall into this system of axioms. With the freedom begins, freedom ends. And in between, a fight against ignorance or developing good decision-making algorithm. Analyzing the concept of freedom, which is very elusive and subtle, can be explained quite striking phenomenon. And so as an illustration I’ll give you an example of a yogi of the triad. Yoga triad differ in that there is some way uses sexual energy or the libido of men and women. So here is a very curious thing in this system of axioms as basic principles used in the concept of freedom and knowledge , for example an explanation of sexual desire. What is libido and what is its nature? Indeed, if a man sees a woman in the known circumstances, he begins to feel attracted to her. Moreover, he begins to experience known range of emotions erotic attraction. In the degree they are of different levels. Is of passing interest, is a serious passion, is passion, is the level when a man generally loses control of himself. It is very often described in ancient yogic treatises when sage does yoga, hoary with age and then loses his head at the sight of some nice girls. Or Vice versa, the girl falls madly in love and forgets about her social status that she will tell to relatives, friends, as you look society, for it is all of no significance compared with the rush, what a rush this integral , it is not just love, but also the desire to possess, passion, desire to merge in sexual Union. And that’s very interesting in this sense, the analysis of all this from a position of freedom. We remember that in yoga triad, from the perspective of axioms of the microcosm and the macrocosm to explain introduced the concept of the mechanism of protection procreation. But from the perspective of the axioms of freedom explanation, if not strange, more intuitive and even more poetic. And the meaning is that in fact the experience that passion or desire is the taste of freedom. What freedom tastes like. And not just freedom, but the first glimpses of absolute freedom. Beyond logical freedom, experiencing that each cell in the body vibrates with joy, forget the fear. In a state of erotic excitation or passion the man is not afraid of anything, even an animal is not afraid, at the moment when he’s courting his paramour, kitty is very graceful, he stops paying attention to even the obvious danger. Why is this so? The explanation is simple , say if you are a man, a woman is the gate to your freedom, in every sense of the word . And again, if you remember that sex enjoyment is very tightly linked we are with procreation, then everything falls into place. Nature specifically we opened the feeling. Because if you have attraction to the opposite sex, then it is likely that you will engage in a sexual relationship , but if you engage in a sexual relationship, it is likely that seed will be, if there is a possibility of having offspring so there is a guarantee that after your death you will be born not in the body of any worm or something, and in the human body. This is to guarantee your freedom to live at least in the human body. It is like a bridge through time. The bridge over death. Yes, you will die, Yes you will reset your body, but you will leave their offspring and they will allow you to be born again. This way you overcome death. Or otherwise you provide their freedom. And as a result you have the opportunity to live life,life,life….and use that life to expand their freedom. And here is a foretaste of what you will have a series of lives , then accordingly you will have the opportunity to expand their freedom. Was thus assembled and programmed the fact when a man and a woman are committed to each other and the feeling of sexy, Tantra yoga, yoga of sexual Union on this account a lot to say , and how to work with these sensations that we can take from them . They in fact taste is to sample the state of freedom is already unconditional, not conditioned upon your business, your life or you to be here or to be there. At the time of death you will be released from a closed prison and will be there where we want, if embody else. It turns out this very bizarre picture in space and time. Very nicely and clearly explains the attraction .

And again, you remember that from the standpoint of the mechanism of procreation we have explained why the libido sometimes disappears. A yoga of love tells us that there are so-called second stage of yoga of being in love through which must pass all. That while young, the husband and wife are attracted to each other, but then a year passes, and another, third , fifth, tenth, and blunted the erotic feeling from his wife. While were young, on the first date I went, everyone was in awe as the leaves. Lived there for ten years relationship like brother and sister than like husband and wife, even, good, wonderful, but without flutter . It is a tragedy of all mankind. Humanity has addressed this in two ways , first as the said Indian, that all marriages are not terminated — be patient! Second Western , if you are tired of your husband -leave him. Both extremes are destructive. The triad built on how to circumvent this terrible time. Because at stake is a lot of set. Why is it cooling? Everything is also very simple. A potential extension of their freedom in the future with this person in the first approximation you played, the mechanism has ceased to operate, the nature is happy and Vice versa now it expands to new horizons. This attempt to find freedom and explains the attraction. Due to the dullness or the perception of the desires or suddenly its sharp flashing in the most inappropriate moments, with the right people. Because by and large, with a very great height, and then through the life of this just frame one life. And you have eternity ahead. And of course, here the factor a primitive understanding of freedom as the factor of choice. If you are in the next life will be more chances to enter into it respectively, it will be easier to implement is the concept of freedom. Here is such a very interesting twist . I really made it out to be. Here is something to think about. Best of all, that even in this explanation. Yes, indeed, when you enter into a sexual relationship as taught in the Grand moments in yoga, offer the whole range, offers a practical way to enlightenment. Opens the road to the side is not conditioned by freedom, and this explains your condition and enjoyment , it was determined that your desire for sex. Please note, always the same situation people get burned from sex and all -no more women, no men , all-forgot everything about sex, mistakes of youth, but after some time like some past experience never happened. Called the eternal theme. Subservient to everything , notice everything, and ordinary people and presidents , oligarchs and anyone. Because it is very clearly not hidden by the liberty channel. People are not even aware, they think that they want sex. They want sex, they want absolute freedom. When you have sex there is a possibility to get closer to this freedom. At the time of your sex opens the channel to freedom, and from there these rays Shine, they cause you an effect of your hormones, reactions to your nervous system. You are in this sexual excitement, if you enter into a sexual relationship and you don’t feel that channel, then for you it is routine sex , which may even be a burden. All very cleverly defined. A very interesting thing the following is a direct algorithm of building relationships from a position of knowledge freedom. This is the algorithm how to behave with your girlfriend or with my boys , with my husband or with your wife. In fact discusses this situation and to the final decision that comes through the triad yoga of sexual Union, Tantra yoga, yoga of love, but here is another method for solving the same task. And again — it all starts with freedom. If a man is your husband or your wife, this does not mean that he is your slave, and yet forget all about it. And that stumble. If from the very first day you’ll realize that the only thing that you appreciate in your husband if you’re woman is the window to freedom. If you understand this and if you will do everything we can to help your man from you not going anywhere. The reverse situation, if you try to tighten the screws, catch the man, and he will fall for a short time , mother nature is very merciful. If not caught, there would be no offspring and it was even worse. There is a button man click on it and all of it is yours. Smart women know how to do it. Sometimes in cases of extreme need to press. But only for a short time until your husband has overrun does not take place . Men also understand the very abstract concept of freedom, and sometimes the concept of family, children for them something fantastic from another planet. They don’t think about tomorrow. They are somewhat irresponsible. In this sense, even a woman grabbing a man, by and large, ensures his freedom , at least until the next birth. In this let will suffer, but you will provide yourself with the opportunity to be born a monkey . But on the other hand, if a woman is smart, she must realize that so long to manipulate a man will not work. Sooner or later he will lash out, break out and go free . True then maybe come back for the simple reason that the same experience with the second, third, and realize that the first was better . The situation is similar in relation to the woman . We men sometimes think that women are more pragmatic, more down-to-earth. Man I want a holiday, and the woman thinks about children . But in fact it is the same situation. The woman thinks not about money, not about children, not about anything. The woman thinks about freedom. But so it is with other spectrum solves the problem , she understands that freedom without regard achieved smooth movement through the increase of the relative freedom. Therefore, she cares more now about such things she is there to feed the children and .t. . It is a very interesting point. I invite each of you to reflect on this theme. Someday when you have more time, we will discuss and see what conclusions you came. But the fact remains that in the relationship with each other if the two of you freer than individually, you will be together, if you two aren’t freer than alone,then nothing will help. Not hold you are not husband, not wife, no hold. A matter of time before you lose them. Respecting the freedom of another you begin to build your line of conduct. And, in fact, thus solving the problem where freedom is supplied as the indisputable authority of the starting point, you will come to the same variant which comes yoga triad, where basically the same but from the other side explained. The concept of freedom is a thing completely from one side torn off, on the other hand specific for you. You feel it, feel through desire . What is a desire? Desire is how do you understand freedom. Sometimes you do not properly understand and desire not quite adequate, but rather inappropriate. There are times and circumstances where it is not appropriate desire, but this desire is not just appropriate , and what is called blessed in other circumstances and in another place. And then we come to this here game — how to build relationships to the degree of joint life of the husband or wife did not decline, but expanded. The same situation with the analysis of sensations, sensations from sex. What is the feeling of the sex? I stuff not read – “This is supposedly a reflex as sneezing, vomiting” I. t,d”

Question Anna, 4 : “then how to understand when there is sexual desire, limitation of freedom, such as handcuffs . This means that something is not right in your head?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No. The first will remind you a guideline how yoga relates to the sex very well, well, well. Yoga is not a system of prohibitions and regulations, and the system of recommendations, so in your personal life yoga does not interfere . As you have been doing pastime in handcuffs or something. Online I once asked about this topic, so there’s this fantasy I have to say , but sex is a natural expression of freedom, creativity. Therefore, yoga is very good to have sex, in addition a huge number of practices built on a sexual topic. The question is sex is freedom, and the question of how you use this freedom to this freedom cannot be reduced. And so in that respect are the recommendations of what to do. In essence, all these recommendations come down to the recommendations of decision-making. Again, remember that you are free handcuffed or not you remember your home. If you have work tomorrow, and you’re home masochistic club arranged is another. Then the first principle of yoga. Someone really exciting this topic in handcuffs with a whip , but it is because if truly the first principle is not violated is one thing, but if someone is suffering God forbid this is unacceptable. Then the second principle of yoga. You understand that sex is a large capacity and reasonably necessary to use it. Within yoga of sexual Union, it is advisable to understand that sex and waste the potential for continued life are two different things, they have to be separated. Yoga for chaste sex that have sex for God’s sake, if it is possible to divide the part that goes to the continuation of life, and part of which is enjoyment to exhaust a part наслаждения9 in fact a foretaste of freedom), but the part which goes to the continuation of life it is better only in this way and to spend. In handcuffs you or not , but if you are chaste in this sense, in handcuffs having sex again, your right. You are free. The third principle of yoga. Then opinion. There are people with their Outlook on sex. They are free. Who can tell them what to do? But on the other hand if the company , say the Orthodox Hindu society so what’s homosexuality, there is less acceptance from all sides. And we must remember when we say 90 percent of people in the country against something , but 10 percent start screaming publicly in the streets, that they violate the will, the freedom of those remaining , they may not want to watch it. So do the cuffs, but to no one saw you are not prepared. Although the Internet now, everything you want, but nobody’s name was on those sites, if you do not want to not look. So everything is great is decided, I want to emphasize WITHOUT VIOLATION of LIBERTY. We have some ordinary thing – and let’s gay ban, the head will cut down , and someone there let them at each corner there will be these shy in one direction or the other, they are not a good thing .If you like it then go do it, just do it so as not to infringe upon the freedom of others, and the other may not want to see it all or Vice versa. This is a time of coexistence and we will talk on following our lesson on this topic “liberty and the law” in the broadest sense. All for today friends!

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