2011.01.22 Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 4. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.01.22 Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 4. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 4. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Friends, today we will continue our series of lectures under the auspices of Yoga and Freedom. And once again I’ll remind you the basic idea of what all is in your hands as you want, so be it. You are free, and Almighty. How will valisheva, the way it will unfold. I urge you to turn around so that you can make faster, more efficient and kinder to make your Universe better, with all its living beings. And remember that all things that you zamyslivaet, you need to make since youth. I recently read a book which gives the following example. The textbooks draw Mendeleev with a solid beard, or depict old elder Galileo, Newton also portrayed an old man. But many forget that all the major discoveries these people made at a time when he was still beardless youths. But only took time to realize and recognize their merit. So be ready now to make breakthroughs. Now if you could do them, you will never do it. You are waiting for something, the universe is waiting for something from you. As a result, you the look at each other, looking at the microcosm of the macrocosm. The macrocosm is waiting for any movement from the microcosm, in the end, things are there. Time is an irreplaceable factor, this factor is very tricky. Now you can practice, the desire to do something, believe me, over the years, everything disappears. If you are interested in some exotic practice in yoga techniques or ecstatic that you have the desire, the desire, the ability to implement them, every year is less and less is the law of the Universe. Then come to the next life waiting. At the same time you are Almighty. In yoga, everything starts with the concept of freedom, you are free. Correctly take advantage of this freedom, use it without harm to others, use it rationally. If you are not going to hurt using freedom, you’re going to pinch their own freedom in the next step.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 4. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.01.15.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: How to make the surrounding Universe better? Why is it helpful to dream? How not to miss a chance to realize their freedom? How to make the right decision in a difficult situation? On what principles is based Outdoor Yoga University? What is a Reputable witness and can he be trusted? What is the debt? How to understand the phrase: “Free either all or none.” The answers to these questions you will find after reading this lecture.

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Today 22 Jan 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. All archival information on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacentr.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. All of our archival materials you can buy in our online shop on the website www.shop.openyoga.ru. Our courses for the systematic study of yoga www.kurs.openyoga.ru.

Friends, today we will continue our series of lectures under the auspices of Yoga and Freedom. And once again I’ll remind you the basic idea of what all is in your hands as you want, so be it. You are free, and Almighty. How will valisheva, the way it will unfold. I urge you to turn around so that you can make faster, more efficient and kinder to make your Universe better, with all its living beings. And remember that all things that you zamyslivaet, you need to make since youth. I recently read a book which gives the following example. The textbooks draw Mendeleev with a solid beard, or depict old elder Galileo, Newton also portrayed an old man. But many forget that all the major discoveries these people made at a time when he was still beardless youths. But only took time to realize and recognize their merit. So be ready now to make breakthroughs. Now if you could do them, you will never do it. You are waiting for something, the universe is waiting for something from you. As a result, you the look at each other, looking at the microcosm of the macrocosm. The macrocosm is waiting for any movement from the microcosm, in the end, things are there. Time is an irreplaceable factor, this factor is very tricky. Now you can practice, the desire to do something, believe me, over the years, everything disappears. If you are interested in some exotic practice in yoga techniques or ecstatic that you have the desire, the desire, the ability to implement them, every year is less and less is the law of the Universe. Then come to the next life waiting. At the same time you are Almighty. In yoga, everything starts with the concept of freedom, you are free. Correctly take advantage of this freedom, use it without harm to others, use it rationally. If you are not going to hurt using freedom, you’re going to pinch their own freedom in the next step.

Well, now let someone praise themselves. Push the adrenaline button.

Vyacheslav, group 3: “At work, passed the project on time, without delay. I think it’s good.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And the next lucky man will tell us what three of the decree, he will, if suddenly aware of their freedom and reach power equal to the presidential one.”

Svetlana, group 4: “I would reduce payroll taxes, because at the moment most of the salaries are “black”, and I’d like to pay the salaries of “white”. Then I would introduce an incentive for those who engage in a healthy lifestyle and a little hurt, because at the moment we have the support of those who have a lot of sick and disabled people. At the legislative level, I would have adopted yoga and have introduced it as part of the curriculum in educational institutions”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, concerning the last point, once that happens – it will be the beginning of the end of yoga. What is the biggest problem of us? That we don’t believe in yourself. We even hypothetically wish to apply to themselves the status that we deserve. We consider ourselves to be downtrodden and weak, respectively, voleizyavleniya to be downtrodden and weak, and become. So sometimes these dreams here, as in “Dead souls” manilow, extremely helpful, they clean hard cliche in your mind, the hard PE. They seem to loosen the grip of your negative karma. Of course, this has nothing to do with the Internet … and project-mongering, or oblomovshchina. But a downside, if you can’t even think of a hypothetical possibility that tomorrow you’ll be free, rich, happy, decision-making, if you’re not to put yourself in the position of power, then you will be at least a few problems. The first problem is that you will be subconsciously voleizyavleniya, that it was not, or as long as possible was not. Second, when it comes to you suddenly because of a combination of your positive karma, you will not be able to take advantage of it and miss the moment. Read successful stories of Western businessmen. Everywhere permeated with the idea that they whole life preparing for this moment to be realized. They knew he was coming, he short-lived that if I didn’t have time to use it, he will leave. So they prepared, and when the time came, his teeth he seizes, and, indeed, prosper in this life. Or words yoga, they realized their freedom and expanded it. Of course, this is a more primitive variant of the extension of freedom through increasing your wealth through an increase in the quantity of money, or power, or recognition by others. It’s only a partial freedom, it is conditional, but this is the path to the next step, when you realize what unconditional freedom and begin to move towards it. If you’re not already, try on what you want; if you are not going to undermine formed as a result of hard life, ambient influence, brainwash the actions of the media attitude that you are no one can call you – will open this corridor of possibilities, and you will not be able to use it.

On these winter vacations were a unique phenomenon – a solar Eclipse. I don’t know how many of you knew about it. A huge number of yoga practices including practices of the Triad built on the strengthening of all kinds of phenomena. That is, in the time of a solar or lunar Eclipse occur, we now still do not really know, they have nothing to obscurantism, that is probably the objective laws of nature, only on a more subtle level. If in these moments to practice, you can achieve many times more. But how long is this Eclipse? An hour, two, three. That is, sat down in the corridor to get there has made it a practice, even if all the prerequisites of this practice did not allow you to achieve success. As in business, even if you didn’t have enough education on various financial subjects, or you have not enough money or something else, but you were in this wave and jumped over dangerous reefs, and again into the ocean of freedom left. And missed the moment when this wave allows your ship through reefs that you’re not able to, well, remain in place. And I don’t know, did anyone practices of the Triad during a solar Eclipse, but when I looked at the sun and saw a huge halo, very rare and indirect sign that someone still used it. There is a certain correlation between atmospheric phenomena and people, who at the time practiced the specific practices first associated with the Triads. This tells us about Tibet, but there the geographical position is such that there are easier crossings. There are mostly, if the practice is managed, expect a rainbow or halo or even some of the doomsday. And here we have here in Moscow. So someone prepared, someone took the opportunity to exercise, waiting for the opportune moment and used it, and others don’t. So that’s very useful to try those powers which already you have. Finally, it’s just a stupid loosening of the jaws of death, jaws of your negative karma holding you, do not let you to move neither to the left nor right. But you are their dreams, their intentions, their visualization loosen the grip of the teeth of death. And sooner or later, you can slip out of them. Therefore, the factor of niedoceniane their strength is a factor that is very detrimental to your future development. Of course, the reverse always funny when a person overestimates their karmic position. But the underestimation is much worse. A young child first plays with bricks, building a house of them, and then grows and builds real palaces of concrete. Similarly here try on it is necessary the state of freedom in a larger volume before the moment you apply it.

Finally, the third factor, which is extremely important, is the test of copper pipes. So, you’re feeling bad, you have no money, work, housing, husband, wife, lover, mistress, new Mercedes, promotions and something or someone why you think life is unbearable. You think, well, what I think about it, I don’t have the most elementary. But, friends, in the Universe everything ends sooner or later. Ending poverty, ending dependence, all ends, all subject to the law of karma. Once your negative karma in this plan will become outdated, everything is magically resolved. And that’s the worst thing starts after this, when you won’t be able to take advantage of their freedom. Freedom is, and you do nothing. Moreover, using the freedom in the absence of negative whips, forcing you to move, you are no longer anything to do and slipping into bestiality. And thus use the moment of his freedom or when their positive karma is not in order to make a breakthrough in the direction of even greater freedom, and just turn it against itself and be even in a worse situation when this window of freedom is closing. That is, God forbid an inexperienced person too large as possible, without realizing the ideal of freedom. After all, he may use them unwisely, that would reduce his freedom. Therefore, it is important, friends, dream! Dream about freedom, dream about your next state. And as only you have the freedom to do something, then remember that the decision-making algorithm, which we studied, bison, reducing the number of errors and protect you from what you use your freedom and reduce it in the long run. And who is the next lucky man will tell us about this algorithm.

Irina, group 4: “the Algorithm of decision-making in yoga the next. First, we recall that we are free absolutely and free to take any decision. Then we remember that we have our karmic debt to other people, so we must act responsibly”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I just want to correct the word karmic debt is not quite adequate a word, just debt. Why, because the karmic debt is something that will come to you without asking. And the notion of a just debt, it’s the concept of your recognition of others who uzhali their freedom, in order to give your freedom to open up. Therefore, here we use the notion of a just debt.”

Irina: “We remember that we have a duty to other people.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Not only in front of other people, a debt. Because we have a duty to the living world, and before the animals and before plants. You use your freedom to run on the grass on a green meadow, and this is your freedom, paying the price of a bug, tarakashki, which you crushed or hurting”.

Irina: “Then we analyze the situation from the standpoint of the first and second principles of yoga and, therefore, discard those solutions that conflict with those principles.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I will Allow myself to place correct accents. We applied these principles. First, the first principle of yoga. If after the application of the first principle of yoga, the solution is not reasonable, we can stop. But if passed through a sieve of the first principle, then sift through a sieve the second principle of yoga. For example, I Wake up in the morning and think, not about whether to kill me someone. Then I remember the first principle of yoga, it would be a harm unless absolutely necessary. Then I think, no, perhaps today is not to kill anyone. Of course, I’m exaggerating”.

Irina: “That is, we first screened our solution using the first principle of yoga, screen out all illogical, contrary to this principle.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Wait, friends. No wonder we have so much time to the first and second principles of yoga. The first yoga principle is the principle of overlayclose, and about any filter of irrationality here and speech cannot be. That is, from the standpoint of logic, indeed perhaps I need to Wake up in the morning and kill someone, for example, that was not my competitor. Therefore, the first principle of yoga is the principle of kindness and overlayclose”.

Irina: “we Then sift the remaining cases using the second principle of yoga and of those options that are left, if we use quick methods in yoga that apply the third principle of yoga. After that, if we have any doubts, we can discuss the situation with their peers or with people who are more versed in this matter, to listen to them, the voice of the people. Then we remembered that we are free and we are free to take any decision in order to awaken our intuition, sverdlovka and maybe make the right decision.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Excellent. However, before to apply the decision-making strategy, we should at least know about this strategy about this algorithm. And the following lucky we now announce the way of acquiring knowledge in yoga”.

Angela: “There are authoritarian opinion.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “You want to say authoritative testimony. Authoritarian opinion, is when there is my opinion and wrong. But we have authoritative evidence. But I had in mind a few more. First, we need to valishvili to knowledge will continue.”

Angela: “Then hear this knowledge, and then memorize it.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Absolutely right, to think you can only after will remember, something to ponder. This is a very good effect student learning at the University. Semester it does nothing, then three days before the exam all of memorize, pass the test and forget. But, years pass and he gets to work and in life faced by those or other moments, and as it was once jagged all this knowledge, they clearly implicitly emerge. And he begins to ponder what it there is this on the exam said. And sometimes very good results are achieved. Sometimes it helps to rethinking the foundations of the larger Sciences. Because, as a rule, the first steps in any science are the hardest. I interrupted you, go ahead”.

Angela: “Meditate on this knowledge, talk to people, listen to their opinions, to discuss with like-minded people, to tell or teach others, then maybe this knowledge will reach to us”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “a Small note. When we talked about the algorithm of decision-making, everything was very serious. In this case, it is in the teachings of yoga as anecdote. This is not an instruction, because it can reach from the first and from the second and third. But this is a Council that facilitates the restructuring of your thought structures. Let me remind you, our minds are perfect, we have inherited from our ancestors, the ancestors of our ancestors – a teacher and a teacher of humanity. But we do not develop. And sometimes there is a need to take advantage of what is already in us. And often there are all kinds of psychological clips. I have met people who considered it beneath his dignity something to learn by heart. Because they have a process, the process of understanding took place without discussion with others, without studying, without having to try someone to say something. But it is usually the result of long preparatory work. But the same person that can show great results of mental activity in the Sciences, can get stuck like a tractor in mud in the English language. No intellectual and analytical ways of knowing the language does not help, except as a dull rote learning or trying to communicate with a native speaker. That is one hour stump deck to talk with any Englishman sometimes more effective than a month to analytically study grammar. So this is a very gentle way, all listed here are necessarily traversed the stage, sometimes, perhaps in an implicit form. So we are made. Therefore, there needs to be an element of easy relationship, life is too serious to take seriously. They say the next person”.

Olga, group 4: “I’m done, because this week I covered the negative karma, I have a horribly sore thumb, but I diligently perform the principle of contentment, I do not whine and benefit”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, the next person we have the power of our consciousness give the freedom for the publication of three decrees. To better focus before you answer, you may like a mantra, say your name, your group, the name of our University. During this time, the first wheel in your mind spins around, hook the second wheel, second or third, and then your subconscious can begin to give an answer. And so make use of this time”.

Anastasia, group 4: “the First law – the prohibition to be rude in public transport”.

From the audience: “what about freedom?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, I will explain the principles of the Open Yoga University. The fact is that with the blessings of all our teachers, we are given a carte Blanche – you have to convey yoga. Whatever you like, whatever you like. You have axioms, you have practice, you have our support, our spiritual blessing forward. Complete freedom as you want, and do it. The problem is only one, that yoga has not disappeared. And before us was the challenge to build such a place, where he studied yoga and would spread further. As a result of this task, it was necessary to build some kind of community of people. Variety of indeed, there are algorithms solving this problem. For example, to make a sect, to make everyone in her incoming to sell the apartment to get a haircut bald, dressed in rags, walking with a bowl for alms, and thus to bear the ancient humanistic teachings of yoga to the masses further. Only problem is one, there is no certainty that these first candidates and end all. Is there another way to deploy a storm of activity on the advertising company. On every corner shouting, you want to lose weight in three days – that she is a great yoga technique, you have insomnia, here we come. It’s called pop, it makes sometimes a very good breakthrough, but it stops. Therefore, the question arose, whether the organization in General. Any organization is a hierarchy of power, it will be necessary to appoint the chief of yoga, he apprentices to assign. That is, you need to invent some sort of rigid managerial structure. And honestly, people who are on the path of yoga and have tasted a little freedom, for them, personal power is not interesting, much more interesting else to spend their time and resources. As a result, we decided to let it go as is. But let’s we lay in our operations such principles, in order not to violate the laws of nature. What emerges in the future, let will be. And the first principle that we hold sacred, the principle of freedom. Now, if we are on the principle of freedom will be able to make a society of people, spreading the knowledge of yoga, we fulfilled his task. If we make a place that is an oasis of freedom in a dark world of conditionality, then, of course, to reach people. If they are to reach, they, realizing their own freedom through their creative expression in life, that is, expanding their freedom in this island of freedom, they will solve all the issues related to yoga. Moreover, will not have centralized authority in respect of matters where no one has gone before. Of course, in those areas where mistakes have already been made, will not be allowed to repeat them. But the principle of freedom. Please note, we are not interested in your previous life, we’re not interested, you was free to live her to it whatever you like, you live it like anyone right now, you’ll live as you like freely. No no on you sectarian, organization, party, political or any limitations here do not impose. If you feel that your freedom increases when you come here and there doing something, you stay here. If you come here, you will lose your freedom more than to receive, everything will fall apart. Here on the foreground there was this balance if you here more freely than anywhere else, here you come, you study yoga, you will carry it on. If, on the contrary, it will limit your freedom, as soon as the first opportunity to study yoga in that sect, you run there, because there could be freer. This is a very serious moment of Power and Freedom, the structure of subordination and freedom. They are two sides of the same coin. And, as a consequence, against you. Please note that Victoria makes, it gives you carte Blanche. It takes a man and says you are responsible for all of humanity, here’s a direction for which you are responsible. No one will be interested in what you’re doing, how you’re doing, the main thing to do. Will do, will show their creativity, expand their freedom in their own case, will do creatively, without waiting for instructions. He use their freedom and do as they see fit, given you the most freedom. It is a great responsibility. We have a responsibility for yoga, and if you lose the case, then it is not your failure, but our failure. And respond we will in front of their teachers. Very quickly starts to look like the picture, it becomes clear who is who. If a person’ve already tried pagon, General yoga, he takes up a job and without asking micromanaging, he begins to make, not for us, for yoga, expanding their freedom. This moment of freedom – the cornerstone. On these principles of freedom we’re trying to do something. But this scheme has a very serious flaw, Achilles heel that this system can negate. It consists in the fact that this scheme works only for someone who is in their degree of samosoznanii reached a certain critical point. If you collect a group of people at the level of the Pasu or brutish condition, and will delegate to them powers, they are not just the thing collapsed, they are still your factory screws will spin and non-ferrous metal will pass. That is, the system of freedom is a brilliant system, but only for people who have surpassed the bestial level or, at least, who have glimpses of higher States dominate and bestial moments are reduced. From here the next step is the hard set. That is, if we get a man clearly in Pasha God bhava, the condition of the animal, we wrap. Some people say, but by what criterion do you choose? If we get a lot of irresponsible, not ready to appreciate their freedom, people who are not ready through the implementation of their freedom, to increase the freedom of others, then nothing happens. And then, if you are going to make an organization for the dissemination of yoga to the people as the Pasha, the sect – the perfect solution to apartments and sold to escape not where it was. But it’s a completely different contingent of people who are unlikely to carry yoga further, they give God will absorb it. In Tibet one-quarter of people lived in monasteries. This was due to the fact that it was necessary to approach the process of spiritual transformation. That is, this game is the Freedom – Power. I will obey at the expense of their freedom, if I understand that system-wide, my freedom grows. In one of the last lectures I told you that you were intimidated and the result was better. What’s the paradox? No here there is no violation. If you feel that in an Open Yoga University you get more freedom than require certain rules of the game to preload it (you remember, we have very strict requirements for students), you will get a lot more freedom than preloaded on to it. And if the balance be in your favor, the organization or group of people will exist. If, on the contrary, you will compress itself, and freedom is no will, i.e. you uzhali more than freedom you have been given instead. It is only a matter of time before you run away. You run away as soon as something will actually encroach on your freedom. And we know that. To lay for the future some aspects which you go, consequently don’t study yoga and not carry this doctrine further, we will not. But, of course, much more complicated. I announced the scheme in the first approximation. The fact that in me and in you from time to time Wake up not only the higher state and Vira bhava, sometimes I get up in the bestial state plow – Eclipse come to mind. And when one of these eclipses you forget about freedom, you forget about the high principles of yoga. And you need rules of the game and some more tangible incentive. It is no secret that many come here to learn to think this way – well, now I trained as a yoga teacher, for a rainy day will be an extra penny, get fired from work, going on a piece of bread to make. How we relate to this motivation? We say, well done is a good motivation. This is your Pasu bhava or animal fear to remain without money in the right part will work on yoga. It is necessary to build such a system of incentives so that even your bestial state can not destroy the system, and kept you so far until you have become clear in my head. And what’s more, forced you to continue to move in this direction. This is a very difficult task incentive system. People come to us and say, can we do this and this and then then. And we say no. Because experience shows that if you break a system of incentives, people waking up Pasu bhava or bestial state, he breaks down and goes. Then the truth sorry, but, as always, late. And we sort of had to think through all future leap student and not thought out. Whose karma? Our karma. Do we need it? – No. Therefore, to prevent this in the future to prevent this, we introduce hard constraints. But this situation is secondary. Primary situation – freedom. If there is no freedom once you feel that it is a community of people Open Yoga University is stealing your freedom. That is, you draw in it more than you get, you run away. I’ll be the first one to call this. And generally it is a very universal rule. We have a duty – it is a different scenario. Debt determines how we should act in a given situation, but in all cases not included in the scope of duty, aspire to be free. Why we have a very positive look at something that many of you have studied teaching yoga in English. First, because it expands your horizon. English is universal in this sense, many treatises on yoga translated into English, but not Russian. But there is still one factor, but if we have here the revolution will start, you then have the chance to go to the West and currently there is a piece of bread to earn by teaching yoga. And since we know that we have yoga is very good and in some ways we are out of competition, I am sure that you will be in demand. Thus it is necessary to love their country, do our best, that we never had, you must do everything possible to maintain their homeland, even if you go. But, on the other hand, if you have no choice you will have to look for freedom everywhere, and in this sense to be a citizen of the Universe. Although again, this does not exclude that you remain a patriot of his country. This is a paradox”.

Anastasia, group 4: “I would like to continue!”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very good! Continue! Bravo! My dream is that as soon as I stopped – any of you took my place and continued. But before we listen, I wish you were on this account the internal Bhava.

Dare you to tell an old joke on this subject. The anecdote about the new Russian. Many of you heard it, but it well conveys my idea. God grant that all the “new Russians” were

– Went to “new Russian” fishing. Threw the bait and caught a goldfish. Turned it around, turned it over, to tie applied to the clock and back in the water thrown away. Fish POPs up and says: “Hey, man, what about three wishes?!” A “new Russian,” she says, “Well, ask!”

That’s your attitude in life should be that way. You are free! Not that “I am small, insignificant”, but rather “I can”. He will meet with President – ask “how may I help you?”


Anastasia, group 4: “by the Power vested in me this microphone, continue…”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very well. Creative. Well done, welcome!

“By the power vested in me this microphone…” is the method of consciousness. Friends, if you grab the media – you’ll take over!”


Anastasia, group 4: “Regarding motivation. I really thought it was just a ban or penalty, it’s not interesting. Therefore under the next item will be an indication that everyone is caught throwing garbage in the wrong place obligated to clean up their own street on which he lives. For example, during the week. And the third point is the ban on Smoking in public places. If a person was caught, he undertakes to put, for example, a number of trees, again on the street.”


The use of 1st and 2nd principles of yoga all over the

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great comments, friends. But, I wanted you to provoke such questions, you do stupid things. But then, when you come to power you this nonsense would not do.

As an illustration, I want to give you an example. I accidentally saw it on the TV channel, satellite Russia-24 don’t seem to remember. The city was whether Cherepovets, or any other, where, from my point of view, there were people truly feel yoga. I just open-mouthed with admiration listened to the story.

The situation is the following, every one of you with her is certainly familiar, it is when you get to the bus stop, and the stop is plastered with ads (rent an apartment, to sell apartment, housing, registration, registration, med. books, etc.). You know, when you go to any post or stop, and other times they’re plastered with so that work such as furry animal, this tree, with petals. And this phenomenon has fought, and are fighting for a very long time. As soon as the masses went laser printers and everyone at home can replicate these ads in all the cities went to mass ad. And, as you know, there is a natural reaction: “What to do with it?!”. And as always in the former land of the Soviets first human reaction is to punish, to shoot, to cut off the head, to be exiled without right of correspondence, to denounce, to send the seventh point. This mentality, at first – to punish, then to understand. And, of course, these tools have not worked. First, no one will be punished because you will not find something to cling to. If you call on the phone, scold, here he is, a scoundrel, pasted here all their ads, but you this person is deceitful to say that it is not, and competitors framed him! Can say that the phone is his, but used it not for him, and the evil people he was framed. And that’s all. And what can you do? In court it will be served? No, you’re not. Not prove the same that he was putting up. The hand didn’t get caught. Sticker, as a rule, or the youth jurisdiction, or General anti-social element, which also did not take it.

And there was only one remedy: to get the wipers to tear off these ads. This is a very long job. Then some innovative technology to use steel. Invented the liquid some, then treated her and the ads supposedly don’t stick. But “Kulibin” has been made on this technology its antitechnology. And everything sticky! All of which need sticks!

That is and continues this situation and in Moscow, continued.

And here I heard the decision of an elegant, simple, worth a penny. Really a cheap solution, with full respect for 1 and 2 principles of yoga, and because it inspires further reflection, it is still 3rd.

The solution to the following: you take an ordinary program avtodozvona, is placed on a computer connected to the telephone network, and that once a week there is a local official, overwrite phone with these ads, not Stripping any, and then scored in the database of the dial.

And now every minute or less avtodozvona calls on this phone and says: “You have become a victim of fraud, someone used your phone to print ads and to set you up. Please take action”.

Understand that if every 30 sec call – the phone locks. Neither the client simply does not get through, because it will be constantly “busy”. The computer he is stupid, iron rings and rings themselves. And day and night, round the clock.

On the second or third day, the customers of these posted ads are themselves removed these ads, because it puts an end to their business. If you have the telephone line is busy, that’s all.

Friends were not violated 1st principle of yoga, no one was shot, not hung, the lawsuit is not perpetrated. Moreover, colulas the presumption of humanity, they say, you are not guilty, other evil men have used your phone, i.e., even in moral terms, you have not infringed the person who broke something. And then he used 2 principle of yoga, you began to fight the most effective method to fight is not effective. Disrupted ads, the nanofluid was poured, the janitors pay extra. And here is a cheap solution. Well, 3 principle of yoga. Personally I find it inspiring.

That is what we have problems in the country?! After all the problems they usually put a clever man, and make him decide he will decide. The question is that we have very many people that position themselves that they have something to solve, but such competent managers that would work, no. All the decisions lie on the surface. No one wants to take, because, first, nobody wants to take responsibility, nobody wants to be realized, to realize his freedom to make the freedom of others more. Everyone thinks that Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev will be engaged.

I always like to read stories of successful people. When people from scratch has overcome something, realize his freedom. Here he had nothing, and he only by the power of his freedom made a difference. It’s inspiring. Gives you the inspiration to everyone in his field were taken as a challenge.

So, I specifically cite these examples because I will continue to ask you these 3 of the decree that you have thought through how you can make a tool which would sallusa 1 and 2, the principles of yoga, to me, endowed with his power, increased his power, increased his freedom in the future. Or to I, endowed with freedom, and increased it in the future.

Do you remember the concept of freedom and power is essentially the same concept.


So, let’s say the following applicant adrenaline button:


Anne, group 4: “I’m great, because I put a lot of problems, I believe, but I deal with them. I’m learning here are learning English, I have a very creative job that also requires a lot from me.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “English is very good! Bravo!

So, we move on. Let us reflect on the theme of freedom. What we did in the previous lecture”.


Part-time student, Kaliningrad, group 3: “I listened to the previous lecture and today too. And in my head spinning one thought that the most free people, I think it is so worldwide, that children under a certain age. My son is 4 years younger, I can never impose its line as long as I’m not interested in it to do something. I need to put in the effort that he made this decision himself. And I think that is the main point in the General development of society, how such a free society that people have the ability and background to decision-making and was interested in it. And then will not violate the principles of freedom of expression. That is, they will come to the conclusion to do something and to develop.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, wonderful! Really, you know, the law of freedom is the fundamental law of the Universe. It’s more deep, than any other laws. Because all life is built upon it. And, of course, your relationship with your children if they built also on respect for the freedom of their children is a guarantee that you will find with them common language.

Of course, the fact that you have the child was born, he picked up some of their freedom, it could also be born somewhere else. And thereby delegated to you the authority that you brought, sent, may be, in any obvious mistakes, where he enjoys his freedom irrational. It’s called education. But still, if you respect freedom, even the most hard upbringing – win. But if you look you will portray this kind of permissiveness, but don’t respect in the freedom of the child, then, of course, he will start to feel.

So, more questions! Time students!


Vladimir, part-time student, group 3: “I Have all the time a question arises. We’re talking about Authoritative testimony, in all the schemes of his conduct, every day, every second. How to understand what it is really authoritative testimony, or is this a half-truth, quarter, 9/10? How to understand what is really true?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, Vladimir. You have really asked a serious question, you might say, the cornerstone. After all, where are you now don’t poke, take any system of self-knowledge is not necessarily yoga, you run into what is called Authoritative testimony. Whatever philosophical system you do, no matter what religious system you are doing whatever research you are doing, you always run into what is called Authoritative testimony.

The question arises, what is it and how to distinguish whether it is Authoritative testimony generally credible, or maybe only some part of it authoritative and the other not. And how to distinguish one from the other…

Oddly enough, in yoga we also fit in everything that concerns such a fundamental points where logic goes very smoothly in sverdlovka.

I always have such a way, when the Ostankino tower in cloudy weather seen from earth, it rises, rises, and then goes into the cloud, and it is not visible already at the top. Or, for example, mount any one who has been in the mountains knows that when the low cloud comes, then tighten the mount a cloud, and you can see only the bottom, the rest is overcast and cannot be seen, like nothing.

Now the same situation with the concept of freedom, the concept of kindness, like love, is exactly the same with the concept of Authoritative testimony (AU). Here we come to a moment like faith. Do I believe in such a thing as AC or not believe.

We can say that we recognize it as, because it is recognized by other people, but this does not mean anything. And suddenly other people are also mistaken?!

I will not long dwell on the subject, we have very little time. I will come to the dry residue: Authoritative evidence is also appalonova to your verhoging abilities of intuition, which can from time to time to work, even if the level of your intelligence doesn’t allow you to work out analytically the situation. This is the moment where you essentially have to rely on glimpses of their intuition. The same moment, by the way, the choice of yoga schools, yoga teacher. As for yoga school, then there nothing more we can tell someone we learn, and someone goes to our friends who have a different system. About yoga Teachers it is difficult to say because we have no yoga Teachers we are all teachers. But still! If something forced you to listen, believe, apply, say, in a specific direction and not in another; and all further steps to confirm your intuitive knowledge (which you had before this), then here we are dealing with a concept as intuitive glimpses of overlayclose that allow you to trust the AU.

Here again there is a game when you intuitively trust one person or one book, and a group of other comrades whom you trust, says you can trust him or this book can be trusted to this, and the other is a wrong interpretation.

But anyway, first, you will not be able to identify it, and secondly, is unprovable to others. That’s why we didn’t insist that someone by the arm or hair pulling of others in yoga. Because the intuitive evidence that is revealed to you, when you try to prove them to others can cause a reaction on you as trapped in some kind of cult where you are brainwashed. And they are right. Because your sverginate is yours, and the person she is mine. At the beginning of our lecture was “required to teach yoga in school”, that is, if it happens, all in three quarters of the pupils will occur immediately fierce hatred, the remaining quarter at the beginning of the first class. I remember the classics, the Russian classics, in the school we took her, and how she didn’t like me right hated her. Works some need to write. And then, what is called, grew out of short pants, and in later years I came across Chekhov – I could not tear myself away! Caught Saltykov-Shchedrin, very, by the way, I recommend. Very interesting.

Then come, my friends. Correspondence students. Ochniki.


Marina, group 4: “when and Who needs to lay the debt in person? Who is responsible for this?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Quickly we will answer this question …”


The adrenaline button: “the applicant’s daughter drove Mila.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Who should provide the debt in person? What is the debt? Where does it come from? Why do I have a Home to love and not hate? Or the parents respect? On the contrary, like shackley was a fantastic piece of work, where the idea was “Can parents have captured my soul in the flesh and condemned me to suffer all through life in this plane of conditionality, the sooner this flesh I’ll drop, the faster I will gain spiritual freedom?! Therefore, parents should be killed!” Shackley in this respect, of course, the prophet. He many moments such notice”.


Milla, band 3: “I believe that the debt is no one should lay. Each person determines for himself what his duty in life. But there are some things that automatically come with birth, such as duty. People, of course, a free being, and if he has such a thing inside that is the duty he has to fulfil. And if he has no idea that such a thing exists, that is, that there is still the debt is there and he is automatically provided”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here, of course, we are in a time crunch, you can generalize. What is the debt? Where does it come from? We are all free, we are all absolutely free. But someone has to have tucked their freedom to give us the opportunity to realize their freedom. Our parents turn their freedom to give us the opportunity to be born on this Earth, they are constantly jimali their freedom and educating us. They played with us, they gave us education, and they spent the resources of their liberty for it. They could spend it all on something else, and, accordingly, they uzhali yourself. The situation is similar with our country, she raised us, fed and educated. In my time it gave it for free, now charge. Protected. A huge amount of work done that we don’t see and hear. Our service and dangerous and difficult, and at first glance as if invisible, etc. Well, you will reduce any health code that follows some squirrels, carriers of the plague, and tomorrow I will break out the epidemic and half of Moscow mow, in the middle ages. But our country does not allow this to happen, our country thinks of us. But these employees of a sanepidemstantion the salary to be paid, and something else to do, but the money could go to something else, say, to the amusement of all remaining living people. And that brings us to this moment, very good, sverhnovoy. Someone had clearly infringed their freedom in order to help realize the freedom we, and, of course, there is a good, natural need to repay in the same coin. To limit their freedom in order to help those first. Here it’s just called sense of duty. I actually returned what I was given in advance. Since I did no one requires how to make me to love the Motherland? Yes way. Or parents. Absolutely senseless, if the person himself doesn’t feel the need. And so in everything else. Even if you write somewhere what my duty is, and, but, anyway, these laws are created by people, and it is also not affected. The laws today one, tomorrow others, were the laws of the Domostroi… There are laws, so we need to watch who takes them.

There was someone declares a law: “You are a slave!”. As earlier said, “Whose slave are you going?”. All I want now “graphs” to return, “the Prince” to return…so let’s get to the slaves back, and let the serfs return, the King–priest, the anointed, will return. Only where the legitimacy of all this? The slave will say, he did not want them to be, it is not. And why? And any law immediately fall apart.

So here is the answer. There have also been questions?”


Gregory, passive participant: “I would Like a bit of freedom to say. It is important to arrange in his brain barriers and artificial limitations. That is, we have in his own brain put these barriers and limitations. We would like to formulate 3 of the decree. Decree number one – to allow the authorities are just honest, competent people. You can check them out on the lie detector.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And the lie detector who is soldering?”


Gregory, passive participant: “And here we have Sergey, where “adrenaline button” done”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Sergey, what party you sympathize with? May be the Monarchy? What do you think?”


Gregory, passive participant: “to Withdraw from the power of the people not passing this filter”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It reminds me a little bit the idea of Nazi Germany. There, too, all began well. Up to concentration camps they came within a few years. The first idea was to collect all non-Aryan population, and whether the Madagascar move it for you, or somewhere else. That is not to kill, but to take ships and move them all. And then, apparently, decided to associate with the second principle of yoga is that it is easier to kill them here than somewhere to carry. How will you remove people? Where? In Siberia?”


Gregory, passive participant: “First will be the decree number two and three, and then separate arrangements will be.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “And, that is, the devil is in the details”.


Gregory, passive participant: “Decree number two is regularly to fight against ignorance and help others to fight”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “How?”


Gregory, passive participant, “Well, attending lectures Vadim Zaporozhtseva”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I’m sorry again to interrupt you. I told you probably already such a thing. The real story is. I have a lot of friends, from different sections of society. I had one friend, and he is now in bloom and smells, a mediocre oligarch. That is, the oligarchs first refusal, they always Shine, and these are seen-not heard, but it is, perhaps, the majority.

There was one occasion, and all honest company tight “sliced” hot drinks. He asks, “do you want me their employees in the House of Culture will drive to study yoga? Who did not come, the prize will be deprived”. This, of course, was a semi-joke, but how do we have this attitude towards people as slaves?! Well, we still have the registration registration, the legacy of serfdom, you must explain why no Panama and why here and not there.

Where we have the attitude to people as cattle?! So, I say that tomorrow I need to study the system “Blog” or “Grundolita”, and I don’t want to!

Gregory, passive participant, “But necessary.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Who said that?”


Gregory, free the listener: “a More competent person”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Where is he?”


Gregory, free the listener: “Here it is necessary to seek out. Decree number three – act every day, seeking the will of a just world order, the indicator is the maximum number of happy people.”


Vladimir, part-time student: “end of the world”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, it’s not the end of the world. All good, all wonderful. Just let’s move on, because there’s no time.



Sergey, group 4: “Everywhere we have lectures there is a phrase “Free either all or none.” Pondering this phrase, I understand that it does not understand. This also applies to absolute freedom and relative? The question is, what does this phrase”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Someone ready to answer on his own initiative?

Then the adrenaline button”.


Lily, group 4: “I don’t know what to answer this question.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “There is an anecdote about Alexander Suvorov. He hated when he said “can’t know”. And it quickly spread to the troops. Returns Alexander to his headquarters, there is a soldier. He asked how many stars in the sky? And he has already prepared answers – 4048! And Alexander asked him: “How do you know?” – “So check out, Alexander!”.

And another anecdote, too, about A. V. Suvorov. He asked an officer what the word “receptus”. And this young officer replied “don’t know, Alexander Vasilievich”. And Alexander knew that the word means “retreat” and said that such words may not be in the army of Suvorov.


Catherine, group 4: “I guess we never know where we start and where ends the other person, we are all absolute and all is one universe. Therefore, from this perspective, I think free either all or none.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great, who else wants to add?”


Catherine, part-time student, Volgograd, group 4: “all are Free, except those who have valueshave not be free.”


Michael, group 3: “Even those who have valueshave not to be free – free because it is their freedom not to be free.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “he is guilty, let them not go where I am. Who else wants to add?”


Elena, group 4: “I would Like to add to the words of Michael, a quote from “the Master and Margarita” – “All people are good, they just forgot about it.” Here, too, “All people are free. I just don’t know about it.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “there was one comedian, forgot his name…Shenderovich, I think. He is gone now. He had a program of “All free”.


Basim, the group eka: “I Want to remember the yoga of love, it said that the meaning and purpose of creation of the Universe to experience love. I mean that this many have forgotten. This intermediate part of life, yet they didn’t think about it and not rushed, they are free to live as they want, with the study of yoga, without studying. But in the limit to achieve the state of freedom is possible only when wait, when they will remember and reach her. Otherwise I don’t understand the phrase “the Meaning of this Universe that it was created for love”, as I don’t understand the phrase “Free either all or none.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, I will summarize. Victoria otherwise I’ll get told off, and rightly so, because I already encroached on her freedom. Not in yoga we do. “Free all or nobody” is, indeed, a very serious axiomatic position. Because the positions of the axioms of the microcosm you have no information about any others. In fact, you don’t even know whether they have. And what is the hallucination that you see a lot of people around, and you actually just yesterday something peremudrili with hot drinks. This provision is axiomatic in the sense that the absolute does not intervene in your life and respect your freedom, you can not say about many of our politicians. And allows you to create that Universe that you voleizyavleniya. And if you voleizyavleniya to invite into this Universe and set this Universe with some rules, then automatically all those whom you invited begin to come under these rules if they like them, they take them, if they valishvili other rules, they come out of your Universe. And your paths no longer intersect.

On the other hand, this is again a continuation of the idea of karma. What is karma? Again, any laws that we have valishvili, and these laws all live. If we wish evil to someone, we voleizyavleniya the law to our Universe was evil. And automatically get themselves under it. And as in everything else. If we voleizyavleniya that we are the King of all Russia, the anointed of God, and return all serfdom, in some slaves, the peasants, that in the next life we can be born in one category and another. This is just to start this thing free either all or none.”


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