2011.01.18. Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 3. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 3. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.01.18.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : What is the authoritative testimony in yoga? How to make decisions? What kind of debt we are talking about in decision-making? How to understand the truth? How to combine freedom and fear, freedom and power? Giving freedom to others, whether you find it yourself? The answers to these questions you will find in this lecture.

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Friends, today is 18 January 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near metro “Novoslobodskaya”. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru. Archives all our you can buy in our store www.shop.openyoga.ru. Once again I want to announce that classes now we will have to go in Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya” and also near the metro station “Avtozavodskaya”. Ie this is somewhat diametrical direction, so someone closer may be of the”Avtozavodskaya” it makes sense to move there.

So, friends, we continue our very serious excursion into yoga, or rather not even the digression, but this immersion into yoga. I again want to remind you what our goal. My goal, personally, for all of you to become a people able to rediscover yoga. Yoga disappears. First, we must preserve what is left, and secondly to understand all of what was left. But a lot more will have to reinvent what we do not know. What is left hints at. The purpose of the Open Yoga University is not about churning out yoga teachers. Although this is extremely necessary, difficult, and worthy task. But you’re still the same people who themselves would like to understand all the theoretical depths of yoga. So my place could any of you sit down and continue the lecture where I will stop. This is a level you have friends. If such a level, we get, I will be very sad. I mean the best years of your life wasting. Wish I went to practice some exotic yoga. You know, right? So we learn to think. We learn to think is not trivial. We learn to think for themselves. Don’t need arrogance in yoga. The audacity yoga is a bad thing. When people don’t even know the basics of axiomatic, begin to question the fundamental aspects. But on the other hand is known to be the inner challenge, to rethink, to rediscover all that we got, is badly needed. You can not believe in the word. We completed our previous lecture with the point that the man sitting in front of you and show off while you listen and eat. And tomorrow another will sit, maniac from yoga and you will start something else to say. And are you likewise awake to eat? Here we come to a very fine edge. It’s called authoritative testimony. Yes, of course, at first you’ll just to eat, but if you really are our students, then in the next moment, tasted the taste, you say, “this is not edible”, if you go nonsense. To do this, you should be able for yourself to comprehend, to reopen.

You don’t have to be this obedient herd, which introduce, inspire some ideas, whatever it was, the media, politicians, some religious-sukstanskii education. You don’t have to be a redneck, friends. Ie, differently it is possible to reformulate the purpose of yoga is that you have ceased to be cattle. You of the condition of the Pasha, bestial, went into a state of Divya, the freedom to decide for themselves. So learn, learn, friends. Respect the authorities, but perekryvaet all of what these authorities say. Any authority it is only then the authority, when it stands for the truth. If there is no truth in authority, is not authority – it is frightening. Especially now, especially in our country where for years had been suppressed, all suppressed – freedom of thought, independent decisions, to think. Remember the Soviet years, Yes that there, and tsarist Russia, Yes it is and now we do not know what. Like on the one hand, democracy, on the other hand God knows what.

We must learn to think for themselves in any case, friends. In any. If you learn to live and think independently, you have more chances to survive in the physical plane. Tomorrow will start some of the next Sacred war, revolution or something sacred, you’ll shave bald and recruit under the banner of ideas which you do not understand and do not share, do you want it? Van should be under some abstract things to ruin my life? So anyway, friends, I require of you, each of you was a person. With a capital letter Person. Again, not hamovity such a character, sometimes they come to yoga, clever, he there studied there and knows and knows CE. Here, snarky, and a little shock of all, there is rot inside. No. You have to be modest, polite. But on the other hand it is necessary to have the inner core. It is necessary to have internal support, which is based only on your own Higher self Or the absolute, as anyone.

But it is very difficult to do. It is very difficult to make those first steps. And need, some, you know, lead. And actually, my role is to give this clue to you then did it all ourselves. And if I say something and you accept it, it is entirely must fall only under the authoritative testimony. But the authority not me, you understand, right? I did not invent yoga. I’m just saying that, and so for thousands of years is known, but can not to the broad masses of people to reach. May be in other terms, it can be in other words. But any authoritative evidence – it’s just like the first step on your path, then you’re all rediscovered or found error. As part of the knowledge was lost. After all, how many now obscurantism going on in yoga, because parts of knowledge are lost, it somehow recreated, well, badly recreated. Somewhere out there the flaws, logical flaws, well, anything. It is necessary to fix it. It is necessary to correct, friends. Each of you must become a person. Each of you must carry the knowledge of yoga yourself. Get ready for that tomorrow you will be on a desert island. You have to recreate yoga. From scratch.

So that’s about authoritative testimony. You’ve probably heard the joke about Vasily Ivanovich and Petka, but I’ll remind you. Went to Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev, i.e. now new, many people do not know these characters, Vasily Ivanovich and Petka. Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev – a civil war hero, red army commander, a very popular personality in his time. Millions of jokes about him were composed. Now, that is to say, he goes away from people’s memory, because growing another generation. So was Vasily Ivanovich is such a case. Went to Vasily in England. And got the club to the gentlemen that played, no matter what the game, cards for money. And one of the gentlemen announced that it has once the game is won and gathered themselves to rake in what is called a big pile of money, which by that time had formed on the table. And, of course, Vasily demanded the gentleman, so he can prove your winnings and showed the card. What this gentleman said we believe in the word. Gentleman gentleman believes in the word. Well then Vasily Ivanovich on arrival back here, Petka says: “Petya, you know, after I map like went like went. I was to win, to win.” As you can declare a win on the floor, not showing his cards. Ie is one facet of what we could call authoritative testimony. When someone says something, we perceive it in the same plane, to draw the appropriate conclusions.

I’ll give you another example on the same theme, I took it from absolutely wonderful book, it’s called “Mathematics, too, kidding.” The name itself, I look to bring a smile. It was Fedin, unfortunately, do not know the name and patronymic of the author. And I give you a very interesting and humorous episode from the history of mathematics, which was given in this book. It is connected with very well-known, distinguished, outstanding, a very serious mathematician named d’alembert. And this happened to him case. I’ll text read: “With the d’alembert relates another funny story. Once he taught mathematics one very stupid, but very noble student. After several unsuccessful attempts to explain to the ignorant the simple proof of the theorem, d’alembert in despair exclaimed: “I Give You my word of honour, Monsieur, that this theorem is true!”. A frustrated student said, “Why do You give me didn’t you say so. After all, You are a gentleman and I am a noble, so Your word is good enough for me”. Ie this is the other pole of this notion of authoritative testimony.

Ie as you know in the environment of the people who long had to communicate in the circle of the Pasha, and I must say that Vasily Ivanovich has led a sufficiently large army of different people, well, probably not a secret that most of them were in a state of Pasha. Therefore, the image of thought Vasily Ivanovich in the game with the gentlemen was in the same direction. But directly this is the disciple of d’alembert, though he may be, and did not Shine a special mathematical abilities, but, of course, belonged to the aristocracy. Apparently, even to some extent, leaving behind those famous ethical standards of conduct, which was a glorious aristocracy, actually, why she became an aristocracy. One of the meanings of aristocracy or an aristocrat is a noble man. So there honest word of a nobleman, as you know, during the “three Musketeers” of Alexander Dumas as the days of D’artagnan and cardinal Richelieu was good enough not to recheck certain provisions. Because to lose honor was much worse than to lose a life in those conditions.

And, as you know, when we talk in yoga authoritative testimony, we are closer to the second case, d’alembert and his disciple than to the first, Vasily Ivanovich and gentlemen. I.e., authoritative evidence to us is like saving a step when our intellectual abilities, our moral and ethical qualities, our senses are still not perfected and has not yet reached perfection. And we just sometimes purely objectively not able to understand some sections of yoga.

Well, indeed, as in the case of mathematics should not require first-graders to you, so to say there’s some height differentsialnogo calculus from memory expounded or understood the first time. Similarly, none of us requires this. All will come in due time. And so, in our case, it’s authoritative testimony, when we know that we are unfortunately not quite live up to some heights in yoga we believe in the word. But believe in the word, friends, is only to the minute, yet we do not sharpen the mind, feelings and will not priotkroem everything I thought before that we believe in the word. Our task is to rediscover it.

Well, now we go to our usual scheme. Adrenali-button ready?

student: Yes

adrenali-button: gas’kova Anastasia

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, to replace peasant horse coming iron tractor. Progress. I want to Express my gratitude and utter respect to all those who still have implemented this idea. A very good idea. Unbiased dry voice announcing the fate.

So, Anastasia, will remind us what we did in the previous lecture?

student: Open Yoga University. Gas’kova Anastasia. A group of three. Last lecture we continued to discuss the topic of freedom, We talked about how important it is to properly explain the concepts that we appeal. This is explained by the example of such exercises as Grungelizer and Blog.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Two conflicting doctrines. Grungelizer and Blog. Not reconcilable, I’d say.

student: Continued to disassemble the decision tree.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now we will tell the decision tree – input the adrenaline button.

adrenali-button: Wagner Elena

student: I will not say, because that was not the last lecture

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Elena, as You listened to the recording last lecture?

student: not Yet

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: what valid reason? You know the poem: “was at the apartment RAID? We came to the Hippo? Somewhere a volcano? Il exploded a volcano? No. Came Shackle, we have played with him a little bit.” Okay, next victim. No, it is not necessary. Canceled the next victim. We let Elena will ask him to praise himself. Yoga is very loud command voice. Man, the fate of which depends on, we can say, the fate of humanity, yoga in particular. Praise itself.

student: Open Yoga University. Group cetur. Wagner Elena. If you can praise yourself for something made in the past year, when there was a big snow and rain I came in and cleaned the steps to “Enlightenment”, from snow and ice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Better a year late than never to learn about it. Very good. The following will tell us the decision-making mechanism.

student: gas’kova Anastasia. Open Yoga University. A group of three. The strategy decision. First, we recall that we are free. Then we remember that we have a karmic situation and she predpolagaet the existence of the debt and the responsibility. That we analyze the situation with the help of the first principle of yoga. The next step with the second principle of yoga. If we took a vow of renunciation of suffering, the third principle of yoga. If it’s not found a satisfying solution, we asked authoritative evidence. If no one to ask, then turn to the voice of the people, ie the Respondent as a lot of people. After that, we have already formed some few options. But again, we are remembering that we are free and with that memory, choose for themselves an acceptable solution.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excellent! Great! Very excellent. But in the third we can say that if we practice fast methods, then the third. But what we remember in this technology that in the beginning that we are free, and in the end, that we are free, we will respond the next candidate.

student: Open Yoga University. A group of four. Twice we are reminded that we are free to give sverkhnovye to manifest in our lives.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. Remember, whatever program, the most optimum decision, well, we’re not robots with you, so the factor of overlayclose we always have to put the factor of intuition, another thing will occur or not. And now the next person will reflect and bring us an example, any factor of overlayclose that can sneak into our lives. That is wherever very good would have got recall first and free.

student: Sergey Belov. A group of four. Nothing but love Sverdlovenergo I do not come to mind.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo! Bravo! Already this is enough. Well you don’t clap, friends? We need to support people. It’s not trivial to actually answer. Now you ask, just an example of overlaytest. That wants to add who?

student: Basim. A Group Of Eco. Other kindness is verlogenen manifestation in our lives.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. That’s the factor called the goodness also comes in sverdlovka. You have no logical reason to be kind. You have a rather logical reason to be evil. To struggle for existence, to bump elbows nearby comrades by minds aspire to a career, to privatize everything that is good and bad, to Rob grannies, so they collected cans of beer from the trash, while you entertain the Canaries at their expense. I.e. logic doesn’t understand what kindness is. Criterion goodness no, he escapes. And here, by the way to say, friends, one more remark is important. In fact when we remember your duty here in this decision tree, i.e. we vspominaem that we are free, that we remember their duty. After all, what is this sense of duty? Debt, in this sense, we remember all those who were kind to us before. You know, right? Ie if that’s so very large, our duty is remembering those people who had no logical reason to be kind with us, and they were kind with us, so their action falls under the principle of overlayclose and so we don’t have to be discounted in the decision. You understand right? Ie as it is our duty, or the recollection of those people who were kind to us, is remembering about the first principle of yoga, which was applied against us by other people, friends. Everything is very clear. As in mathematics. Yoga is a very beautiful science, friends. This is very clear.

The same situation, friends, against reputable evidence or other opinions of other people. Ie maybe they are from a position of kindness will see something we do not see. You know, sometimes we forget about his goodness, our eyes are getting tired. We become effective managers, which send mankind to hell very effectively. You remember, right, which is very effective managers were the ones who invented the gas chambers in the concentration camps. Very effectively they were able to work. Therefore, the moment of kindness, he also sorhagen. And he permeates this side of it. This is a very cunning scheme, friends. Or rather it is not a cunning scheme. This scheme, which had cost over thousands and thousands of years the vast number of broken destinies. When people make the mistake when they bought into some false views. Where would they have come: from politics, from religion, from philosophy, from Economics, management, psychology. Where would they have come, friends. For this reason, I would not like to see you repeat the fate of those who so foolishly broke his life due to the fact that I let about such illogical moments and missed sverdlovka. Not good if it will happen to us, friends. Is not very good.

And now I ask you again to press the adrenaline button and ask the next person to voice that saying which dates back to the famous yoga treatise on how to understand the truth. Who will remember?

student: Michael. A group of three. As far as I understand, we are talking about our main tools is Iccha, Kriya and Jnana. Ie, ICHA is the Will, Jnana is Knowledge, Kriya is Action.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Mila wants something to add?

student: Nice. Group 3. In my opinion it was. Get knowledge – you hear about it, think about it, Jag, share with others, there is something else, and then maybe come to that.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. Let me remind you. It really is a very good saying, I love her so much more in a free presentation, because she is alive, well, i.e. the more severe it sounds a bit different, but the essence is this:

First valueshave to hear about Higher knowledge

Then hear about it

Then Jag it. Friends, Jag means memorize it without understanding.

Then think about it.

Then talk, discuss it with others.

Then tell others about it

And may be then it is up to you come.

Ie, on the basis of this saying, you can conclude the difference between me and all the rest of the group? The difference of only two points: you are still discussing among themselves, and I am trying to say and so to speak to bring it to you. Maybe in the future, then it will come to you and to me, friends. You know, you need such a setup to give.

Who wants to reflect on this theme?

student: Vladimir. The third group. Correspondence student. Again, the scheme is axiomatic.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

student: So, valishvili to knowledge, right? The complex is also an expression, no one knows what the will here. Well, I guess.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: do Not be distracted, Vladimir.

student: Valishvili in our concept is the desire. Some desire that we spend strength, energy and consciousness. Further – to, ie came energy. We got all this energy, something crammed in your head stuck just crammed. Then we start to use consciousness. We think and talk about it and try to connect this jagged energy with consciousness, which will connect with the energy, hopefully, someday. Then, without realizing it, we can give it. Why? Jagged. And so here we take – give, give. But when we give, we, in General, we say a mantra and develop your mind. And could be still to come someday. Although not yet a fact!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Although, not a fact. Absolutely correct. So, friends, very good position, Yes, Michael, Mila, Vladimir sounded essentially the same.

Michael gave the scheme a three-component cure ignorance. What is the dark? This lack of knowledge. Logical, right?

Mila reminded us more like this, daily life saying, describing in fact the same.

And Vladimir, as would have justified.

So, it turns out, friends to get rid of ignorance, to us at least, all of you, me, all mankind must valishvili to get rid of it. To gain knowledge, we should at least valishvili to get it. Why? Because we are free. Absolutely free, how to teach axiomatic. As you want – so be it. Voleizyavleniya to live in ignorance and thus promote the teaching of grungelizer, that’s how it was referred to today, will grunt. Voleizyavleniya to gain knowledge, make background in your personal Universe, all the events were going according to the scenario of overcoming of ignorance and knowledge. But this does not mean that after the will to the Supreme knowledge of yoga, it immediately fell on us, even despite the fact that our Higher self is absolutely free and as a consequence the Almighty and all that will, it will. Why it can not come? Yes, because for too long we have voleizyavleniya God knows what before that. Everything goes, in this sense, takes place at a time. Then, friends, comes the moment after the expression, we begin to wait, when the universe will bring into our lives the person of the teacher, the teacher of yoga, is able to tell what we want to hear. And so, sooner or later, absolutely, we think, by chance, we find such a person, these people, teachers, or teacher. They arise, as in that joke, as the piano in the bushes, suddenly. In the right place at the right time.

But again, because it is not the fact that we met people who give knowledge. We are not yet able to digest, to understand. But we are already starting to apply the energy, we begin to make any effort to memorize it, to memorize it, We begin to do immediately next, some attempts to do some certain exercises in the same Hatha yoga. Not even knowing how they work. And here we continue, we have it postponed. That we continue to say so with this knowledge we have to valishvili it came to us – to work.

We begin to think about it. But here’s the problem. The mind is still, as you say, sharp. But we also use the method that if you want to sharpen the principle of reason in the first place, sharpen the previous principle on which the mind operates. According to, again, the axiomatics of yoga, the previous principle, are responsible for it. And sometimes it is necessary to repeat the knowledge, like a parrot, friends. Do not be afraid of this comparison. After all, we are in a worse state than parrot. So as we begin a parrot to repeat, repeat, repeat, and thus indirectly triggers the internal structure of our body. Why? Because our mind is first and foremost listening to our language. And only then, that comes from the ears. About it, by the way, they say even the most contemporary research in the field of medicine. They confirm this fact. But again, yoga is not a substitute for neither science nor medicine. This fact is known already long ago. It’s a fact of training. The student was required to tell the truth, even if he didn’t understand it. Why? Because when he begins to speak, he concentrates, including their language. The degree of concentration increases, roughly speaking, the mind begins to work better and reach a greater degree of concentration and the background to understand what is this knowledge increases.

Even more so when we are talking to other people. As now here. Why? Adrenaline! A very serious factor, friends. Don’t be that adrenaline rush, some of our energy, which is still in a bestial state, fall asleep and as if to suck the energies of the highest nervous activity, as told to doctors. That is, of a thinking process of some structures of the body pull the prana. And our brain, you know, he’s like a computer where power outages, it turns on, then turns off. Then the screen goes blank, then there’s some kind of character some kind of gibberish POPs up. It is clear that we can’t understand anything. And we need to get all our body to get rid of the bestial state. The nature of the us before it made the whole hormonal system, which would allow to mobilize. Here you are mobilized, you have the adrenaline, part of the energy is redistributed. All the organs begin to work in a good mode, the prana becomes more brains think better concentration more, respectively, you hold your thought on the idea longer. Do you remember, again, the axiomatic position that should keep your mind a certain amount of time on one thought, as the thought fully turns itself inside out. And that’s before you came! Yeah! I got it! Eureka! You know? Therefore, we need a factor. Factor of their own kind. Because this factor itself like formed our bodies. And the keys to the work of our brain and mind, as well tied to the surrounding people. That’s why, incidentally, the study of yoga in the circle of friends several times increases the speed of this process. Collaborative practices in order to increase the speed. Trained in the Ashram yoga is a thousand times faster the cognition of yoga than you are sitting in a cave and stupid peck. Why? Because there is no people factor. You already harder to get in the desired state even at the level of stupid of the physical body.

So the adrenaline factor, the factor of the debate… And believe me, here I sit before you now a fool, but smart have to act. You understand that the level of adrenaline in the blood more than you. You know? On the one hand, of course, a terrible task, but on the other hand factor. The factor is that the more adrenaline, the concentration of more – I will come to that! Friends, that is why in the aphorisms of yoga teaching said: “Teaching yoga is itself a practice of yoga”. Because, teaching others, you’ll force your body, your mind work like a clock, without sleep of reason, no bestiality, no stupidity. All your inner menagerie you accelerate. The degree of concentration you will increase the likelihood that you will understand the truth will be more. And it, respectively, Iccha – the will to knowledge, Kriya – all our desperate attempts, first, to listen, memorize, discuss, teach. Immediately connects Jnana. Yeah, for some pieces, we begin to understand and weave them into some carpet. And as soon as there is a triple cure – Eck, Kriya, Jnana – Will, Action, Knowledge – it destroys any Maya. But again, it is not guaranteed.

Need some factor that goes beyond logic – sverhnovoy. After all, we’ll wipe the knowledge Sverdlovenergo. Remains to wait for the mercy from the absolute or from your Higher self will Open it or not open? And if we did all the preliminary work through the Will, Knowledge, Action, the probability that open – more. And if not – it is little, if any, it is not. That’s why it is said in this saying for a long that even if you start to teach others is the Highest knowledge, you can be friends, it will be opened to you.

Okay, it’s settled. Praise yourself…

the adrenaline button: Bogdanova Ekaterina Vladimirovna.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Program – super, I’m happy! Not looking for any kind of interfacing, just the dream.

Andriy Kulykov: It is Sergei Belov, the author of the program.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sergey Belov – Bravo! Bravo! (all clap). And praises himself Bogdanova Ekaterina.

student: Catherine. Open Yoga University. Group 4. If you take the span of several months, it so happened that my mother broke her hip, much fell to me. I can go along harmoniously.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Recovery, of course.

student: So the same can be said for the New year in my hands there were seven teenagers and also everything turned out well.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Go ahead, friends. We stayed with you on what? In the previous lecture, on the consideration of what? Freedom! Wanting to say something about freedom, is there? Who did not open his mouth today?

student: Andrei Sazonov. A group of four. The question was about absolute freedom. I’ve thought about it, I think, an interesting thought came that absolute freedom implies absolute responsibility. And in fact, when a person becomes free, he will probably become a God, you might say. Maybe it is not modest, but, in fact, it’s probably true. Any part of the absolute, between which there is nothing, no Maya, no nothing. He is aware of and understands that, in General, the maximum or absolute liability.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good. Want absolute freedom requires absolute responsibility of the Lord God. Or in other words, if the position of the axioms of the microcosm, then fully responsible for all events, events in your life. So, who else wants to say?

student: Andrew, a Group of four. I know, this is not even a question, saying. We talked so much about freedom, we are free. I thought, how can we be free while you are identifying yourself with the human body? For example, at the moment, I decided that I wanted to appear on the moon, but I’m limited by time and space, because I identify with this shell. I can’t go to the moon. Ie I obtained limited, but I free. I.e. either it is prolonged in time, i.e. the idea is that I can of course create a rocket, spend many lives on this somehow go fly. But at the moment it’s hard to do. How to explain it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants to answer this question?

student: Cyril. Catur group. Student. The fact that the concept of freedom it is integral, you might say. Ie it turns out that we are free in absolute terms, precisely because freedom comes from minus infinity, zero, the beginning of time to the end, ie what we valishvili in any case you will get, it’s only a matter of time. The same freedom is integral for all living beings, i.e. it takes into account the freedom of all. Well, I would have answered it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, a very good position. Such a turn, as freedom is correlated with the time? We are now the adrenaline button will respond. (laughs) we Have a wonderful button answers to questions.

adrenalin-button: Anastasia Minakova.

student: Open Yoga University. Anastasia Minakova. Catur Group. If we are talking about absolute freedom, as I imagine it, it is outside of time and space, so to speak. But if we’re talking about relative freedom, here, too, it is difficult to speculate because at the moment each of us is only beginning to that concept.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good. Yes, friends, let us reflect, and if the degree of human existence, when absolute freedom we have not yet reached, but the degree of relative freedom allowed us to go beyond time. Adrenaline-us button on this question will be answered.

adrenaline button: on the eve of Nikolay Nikolaevich.

student: Open Yoga University. Nicholas. A group of four. It’s hard for me to say something on this topic, the oVadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good, by the way to say the answer. There is authoritative evidence of sources of yoga that yogis and Yoginis to some extent, reached such a state, which was called Jivanmukti, i.e. liberated while alive. I.e. is a person who has gone beyond the actions of cause and effect, or action of karma, but still lives among us. Ie, thus, it is understood that this is completely free man, with one hand raised up over time, and on the other hand lives inside time. Which of this very interesting conclusion, friends? Very strange conclusion, friends. Purely practical conclusion, friends. That if you are in your meditation, turn to yoga or Yogini, yoga teacher, under this condition, the time factor does not exist. And regardless, whether they lived a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago or ten thousand years ago, you can connect with them. But here the factor a little next, Jivanmukta is one who has attained absolute freedom, but if you would rank a little bit smaller. You know? A little bit smaller.

student: Basim. A Group Of Eco. This then is the question whether within the karma enlightenment or attainment of absolute freedom or is it still just a high degree of relative freedom. Personally, I’m not ready to answer this question.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great. Let’s forget about this really difficult question. Our theme – the theme of freedom.

student: Vladimir. The third group. I was thinking, came to this interesting conclusion. Yoga is so practical thing that has managed the concept of freedom from it all you start to finish, and all practices, in principle, all yoga practice is built on this principle. Yes, limited, Yes, at some point, it is in each person. But the system is so cleverly set that fully utilizes this is every the limited capacity of freedom to expand her own. There is still the interesting point is the will, which directly connects us with freedom, which directly connects us with our self. So, what is so absolutely awesome, pardon the expression, the thing will manage to use the Will not in our concept, and the concept of happiness, well, it’s super in General! It is necessary to use the Will in the concept of Happiness for the expansion of Freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But this is You aerobatics Triad begin to catch. Let’s all in order. Great. I very much liked the idea put forward by Vladimir. Because indeed, friends, yoga for all starts with freedom and ends with freedom. After all, note what suffering is? Suffering, in fact, your lack of freedom. You can bring the concept of suffering to the concept of lack of freedom, at least for the simple reason that if you have freedom, you would choose something else, such as joy and happiness. Ie it turns out that this situation is logical that we seek in yoga to get rid of excessive suffering, we seek freedom. Finding freedom, we mean what? We get rid of suffering.

Then look at this. Some say yoga is the science to acquire the ability. Want to fly through the air or on the moon to now be suddenly, or even some wonderful properties have. The question arises, what is it can be reduced? The answer to the omnipotence. Ie, if I’m omnipotent, I can do all of the above, as much of what I said, and than not even be able to conceive. But then again, the concept of omnipotence, on the other hand, what is it? Absolutely right, the concept of omnipotence – in other words it is said the concept of freedom. So when you read that yoga helps to make a beautiful figure, to get rid of your stress, etc., etc., it really is. Because it comes as a side effect of gaining freedom and as a consequence of omnipotence, and as a consequence what you want.

Go ahead. On a more interesting combination. Freedom and fear. If we have fear, friends, we are not free. They say, a banana Republic where the President is a cannibal in Africa – a free country. Will come back and chat with people, and you’ll immediately realize it’s a free country or not. If people are fear this country is not free. Another conversation that you can talk about the degree of fear. Fear, indeed, fear the strife. Fear to remain without ice cream or fear for his life, two different fear. But in fact and that and another, if there is fear, there is no freedom. And if there is freedom, there is no fear. And here, by the way, a little bit there away this can be however indirectly, methods to determine the degree of freedom. I.e. if we’re not talking about absolute freedom, but relative freedom, the relative degree of freedom, as you know, the thing is inversely proportional to the relative degree of fear. And if you meet an American who goes to Moscow to head up, and realizes that no, sorry, the bastard didn’t touch him, but if you touch, the entire seventh fleet, the U.S. will emerge in a nearby puddle, so as not to offend, then you can understand that the degree of freedom is one. But if you see our man, cornered, staring at his feet, he is all shrunk, so I’m a nobody and my name in any way, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, but no one would be offended. Or here at the entrance and exit to Moscow traffic Cops are, the driver pulls up to this post, cringed, “I’m such a small, gray, don’t touch me, I’m the mouse sneaks, I’m white and fluffy, don’t touch me.” Let’s see how to pass that as an American by his post. Yes, he won’t even notice it if it does not break anything, if violates, will not notice. Ie, you have to understand that the degree of fear you can define degree of freedom. Until we overcome fear, we will never be free. Fear of what? And in front of anyone. Understand what a very clever Svetochka?

Then the next a bunch of very interesting friends. Freedom and power. On the one hand it turns out that if I am free, in other words, I have absolute power. But look at this same situation from the other side. It turns out that if I had omnipotence, Toya suppress someone else’s freedom? For example, I am the President and the extent of my freedom more than my subjects. So, it appears that the degree of freedom of my subjects exactly as below, how much below my freedom? This is the very first solution that comes to our mind. But this is a wrong decision. If you take away someone’s freedom for too long and in return give more freedom, then you will soon lose your own freedom. Ie, very soon you will cease to be President. The question is, of course, the karmic, the issue of all sorts of different layouts, but power and freedom are inseparably connected. If you give freedom to others, you find it yourself. If you, as President, give to people, you have chosen freedom, then you yourself have the freedom, i.e. power. And the question of legitimacy, i.e. who is worthy of power and who is not worthy of power, determined by one factor only: if you, people give other people more freedom, then automatically increases your freedom and you have power. If not, then nothing, absolutely nothing will help you to hold on to power. Even if you’re going to cut the head subordinates is a matter of time when you are not looking or asleep, and you the poison will pour, like, you know, all our kings hunted. If you’re old, you can’t relax, you’ll live in fear. Many dictators, dying in old age, they didn’t trust anyone. Their lives cannot be called freedom. They were slaves of the system they built. And as a result, by the way, in the future, the system collapsed.

nly thing comes to mind is that there are so-called liberated while alive.


So, the concept of freedom and the concept of power is very tightly linked. When you start any, I’m sorry, nonsense smack, including in our country, sometimes hear, and we let ka king-priest set, that’s what it will have, the power of the sacred, will be anointed by the heavens, is always the question of legitimacy. Why is this on the throne, and not the other? Why not here, not the fifth or tenth? How to select them? And again, all history tells us that no matter how you came to power is legitimate or not legitimate, if you then start to give more freedom than to take away – you keep afloat. If not, will sooner or later collapse your power or you will die, and your business will fall apart. And you had the child already in such a karmic situation that you can not see not only power, but freedom. In this sense, the law of karma, he is absolute. In this life get, anything, all the moves are recorded, that is, then get it. Ie, friends, therefore, the power and freedom – things are definitely connected.

Another conversation that our world is complex and sometimes there is a bargain. Sometimes it turns out that one thing you give people more freedom, and something else taken away. And the country loves you. It is no secret that many of the dictators which, they say, with one hand cut the head and the other hand to revive the country, right there, on the scales, ranged is the freedom you give the country, say, like Stalin, industrialization, literacy, friends, medical care, still a lot of things in the days of yore, excuse me, never was and never would be ever. Ie compared to the Imperial level for the average uneducated man in something more freedom. And the majority of people were happy.

However something was a monstrous crime, and suppressed freedom but system teetered on the brink of survival. But as it was originally founded that is a factor of violence, lack of freedom, such a theoretical system collapsed. In fact, the collapse of the Soviet Union is not the collapse of the ideas of communism, ideas of communism were never here. It was an authoritarian system similar to the tsarist government. You know, in our country, whatever is built will still be the tsarist government. The king-father was the tsars, the Communists came to power – the tsarist government, the Democrats came, all the same something very similar to the tsarist government. Here the anointed of God and cattle. Why? Because the history of this country, there really is nothing to do.

Well, God is with him, though such background. Let it be an enlightened monarch, well in this version. Even in this version, it can only exist only under one condition – freedom. If the monarch gives every day, every hour to his subjects more, have more freedom, then they will endure any kinks are not very good. In any case, it will be a balance of interests. But if you take away freedom or on the contrary rely on that to tighten the nuts the freedom to give less and less, you will lose whatever you have not been there the anointed one. At least there you have the genealogical line of the Rurik goes, will not hold you in. Ie friends, the concept of freedom is very, very interesting concept.

And so we can list a lot of factors. And everywhere we come across the factor of freedom. For this reason, friends, in our school of yoga you remember that we have axioms at the primary level expressed from the perspective of the axioms of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. In the very same axioms says that actually there is an infinite system of axioms of yoga. And from time to time, we simply did not touch this subject, but there is no less beautiful system of axioms, one to one with all the axioms that you already knew but built on other concepts, friends. On the concepts of freedom and as a consequence of lack of freedom and concepts of ignorance. Ie exactly the same in terms of these basic concepts, and beginning to develop them logically, you can build a system of axioms in yoga. Absolutely right, Vladimir said, will begin with freedom and liberty to an end. Where will be present the concept of ignorance created by illusion and end with a concept of knowledge, i.e., the overcoming of ignorance.

I want us now in these our classes, every one of you would have experienced this system. This system, it is permissible as there are Cartesian coordinates. More convenient to, say, operate in a closed volume, but here are the coordinates, for example spherical, they are more convenient to launch satellites, because everything rotates around the sphere. That is exactly the same and there are an infinite number of, strictly speaking, systems of axioms in yoga. And suppose the system of axioms, built on liberty, freedom, overcoming of ignorance it is no less graceful. You can explain everything using this system. In fact, all aspire to freedom.

The person who commits a crime, he commits a crime due to the fact that he wants to gain freedom. But he does not properly understand the concept of freedom and goes this way, as a result of their freedom increases and decreases. And hence we derive the concept of sin. When you use your freedom, but so that in the future, you reduce their freedom. Here you have the concept of sin. Purely religious, if someone like. On the contrary if you use your freedom and their freedom to expand, and to do you can do it only on one case the freedom of all others similarly increases, we call it a virtue. Ie a person going on the offense, by and large, trying to expand their freedom, but stupid and clumsy. In yoga, you call just to go to freedom, but only able. Today we reviewed the decision-making algorithm. What is it? This is actually the algorithm of how not to make blunders in your approach to freedom. Friends, we are going to talk about this issue for a long time.

I will now be asked to press the adrenaline button. But, some questions arose? Well.

student: Basim. A Group Of Eco. The question of when Will and free Will and Conditionality. Whether the mere presence Will already condition for the availability of anything?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, remember the question, or rather, Basim it remembers, you are all witnesses. You are all witnesses? To his adrenaline now developed and so the next lecture we will try to reflect on this same question. Was another question I saw.

passive participant: Gregory. Indoor Yoga University.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is closed?

passive participant: Open Yoga University. In the 91st year given the freedom, well, it so happened that benefited a small group of oligarchs, which of the remaining people, nearly 140 million, were deprived of this freedom. So therefore, the conclusion is obvious that you need…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: no, no, wait. You already sharply… You first, you know, where You give a position and I think I agree with him.

passive participant: Now, I thought I will Express, and then we’ll discuss it. Freedom, I believe, on the basis of all discussion, which was conducted here, it is, generally speaking, there are different types. And we have, in fact, frankly speaking…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Come On! Cut the truth-womb! (laughs) Let’s go! As it is there!

passive participant: …there is only freedom of choice in the store. Here came the set of things picked something and went right, went left, here it is the real freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Gregory, here actually You word for word say, where I immediately counter.

passive participant: now I will tell You a minute bear with me.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: come on, our time is very limited.

passive participant: I think that there is no freedom, first, from the actions of the laws of nature, for example from the action of gravity, the magnetic field, there is no freedom from the genes of parents, there is no freedom from the laws of society, there is no freedom from money, from old age, there is no freedom from death. At the end there is no freedom from desires. It is the desire of sleep, food, sex, nobody is free. Everything is now possible.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now you can? That Gregory, as a representative, he said, closed… (laughs). Friends, I have the least desire to turn yoga into a political movement. The least. Why? It is not rational. Better to let them be 5, 6, 10 political parties in the competition to find out who is right and who is wrong. And let them take all the initiatives in yoga, if they will help them how to build its political agenda or politically to deal with their counter-arguments. Therefore, to reduce yoga to some political issues, friends, yoga very wary of this attitude. There was a precedent, actually. The precedent was in the times of India, when it was a colony, and also the greatest Vivekananda, too was a very serious temptation to turn the movement, he, in particular, and yoga gave to a political party, which fought against the colonial authorities in the UK. They had even very hard to stop this activity. Why? Friends, this is minor points. Minor points which we will have political parties. Yes, what if they were not, if people are still cannibals, any idea pervert. Again an example of democracy, the examples of communism another proof. While we are in basic ignorance, all our these policy statements is to try either a new build socialism or a new tsarist Russia to build, or anything else. So I’m somehow very skeptical.

Accordingly here enumerated were the arguments well, today we have no time, we will remember. So how is freedom correlated with our body, thoughts, with the concept of choice, so that’s a very serious statement that gave us freedom. Friends, I honestly don’t know any example from human history when anyone of somebody’s freedom away. First, for the simple reason that you don’t need to give what you already got. Secondly, all the gifts of freedom, you know, is about the same as I soot you: “guys, I give you the sun, or take to the air this I give”. It’s not about what. Friends, freedom is acquired in the struggle to overcome ignorance. In very severe struggle. You know, the Communists were lovely, international: “nobody will give us deliverance…” Remember, right? But really, the sequel was very bloody: “we will achieve the liberation of his own hand…” In terms of what all the violence we razed. But this idea of freedom is a very serious idea, once the film was very good, it took mark Zakharov, it was called “Kill the dragon”. The plot is similar to the following that the hero comes to liberate people who are not free and kills the chief tyrant dragon, but suddenly finds out that nothing has changed. People are not free, and remained free. Why? Because freedom is purchased personally by each in a personal fight for their own freedom. And the answer there was very good by the end of this film that if you want to defeat the dragon, defeat it in yourself if you want to be free – fight for their freedom, fight, don’t let anyone deprive you of your freedom, because freedom gave you an absolute, Masters, God, for those who believe in religion. Who has the right to deprive me of my freedom? Who? If the absolute Creator has made me free!

I can tolerate and to some extent preloading their freedom for the sake of the country that gives me freedom in some way, she protects me, she gives me a higher education, one of the most brilliant higher education on planet Earth without paying a penny. People sometimes ask me: “Why do You Open Yoga University free?” Give duty to the Motherland. And I can preload their freedom, to the freedom of the whole country was more. But if you just say to me: “Man, come on we now introduce serfdom. Let’s say we now introduce a residence, let us now check we enter” Is the last thing that I just brought myself. And ask yourself: “who are you guys? I do not remember that the Lord was God up residence. And who exactly are you? You have me take something and give nothing. So can I you not?” And any democratic state that is based on this. As soon as someone tries to take away more freedom than it gives, people suffer, suffer and then either not reelected or overthrown, if it was a dictator. Or boss you have at work. How does he have the right to take away your freedom more than that for which pay. Or a slave, what right did he have to demand from you more than he has gained. What do we have? We have the scales of freedom.

Wherever you are, wherever you poked, everywhere, freedom, freedom and again freedom. And freedom, no one gives. Probably you will select. Why? Because you built this world of his previous karma so that they themselves once took. You, yourself, were prone to violence. You come up with a mechanism of violence. Now someone else uses your idea. That you once came up with serfdom, registration, registration, and now suffering from it. I say this because students write: “We are afraid to come to you. Once you start, God knows what. COP chaos, when the monkey all planted.” People are afraid, as you can imagine, to be afraid to come to the capital of their homeland. Check they have. All else is hearsay. And, that should I answer them? What some referent on top slipped our superiors unnecessary paper, and those are just not thinking it sounded? Friends, these are the preconditions of the revolution. You remember that if a very long time the freedom to hold, there comes a revolt, as Pushkin wrote. Bloody, senseless, and ruthless. The system comes to equilibrium. Any system comes to equilibrium.

You know, if you build a building and break the law of gravity, consider that your balcony will not fall, and he falls down. Or that’s how I in one book read the grim story about two old uncle, who at some floor sawed a round hole, and we were sitting inside this circle. This is a horrible story. Sawed some floor of a very large hole, in a circle, from the inside. It is clear that once they finished with this hole flew down. That is exactly the same if you build any system, a political party, the government, your company, anything, with a violation of the basic principles, it is a matter of time before it all collapses. You need to build a system which collapses? It is not necessary. So it’s complicated. But the questions are very good, we want to remember them.

student: With Your permission would like to quote one poem, it is only one line and is written by conceptualist poet, if my memory serves me Genrikh Sapgir, written in the 70-ies, it is clear what the situation was in our country and I think that this poem is even a mantra: “Freedom is freedom is freedom”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it is Necessary to understand friends. But still Bravo! Bravo! Need to be diluted a bit. And I the last lecture, mentioned by Ernst Neizvestny, all made square eyes. Friends, need your cultural level to expand. I understand that now dibilizatsiya is, turn on the TV, so all you’ll pump there in full. But some moments of fine arts, from moments of poetry, architecture, everything that is called culture, you have to know. Need your to raise the cultural level.

Anyway, what is culture, in this sense? After all, it too can be reduced to the concept of freedom. If something makes me feel your true nature and thus makes you a better, cleaner and more powerful – this is culture.

student: Anastasia. A group of four. I have a question, how is the freedom and transcendent love?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, the question. How is the freedom and transcendent love? Adrenaline button will answer us now.

adrenali-button: Abramova Svetlana.

student: Love is sverdlovini state and the state which takes us beyond karma, so in this moment, in a moment of love, in my opinion, we receive true freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo! Friends, don’t be afraid to think for themselves. Well, do not be afraid, do connection of cause and effect. You already know a lot. You can self-reflect on those or other questions, and make certain conclusions. Like a puzzle you will have to get a picture of the world.

But now, the curtain, let’s do another exercise in the framework of our now themes, freedom. Now we press the button and release the man, whose name will sound, at least hypothetically. Assign it, say, a President. And ask them to come up with the first three decrees.

adrenali-button: Julia

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, Julia. The degree of your freedom all of a sudden, now has expanded dramatically. You are the President. Let’s us skydock three decrees. First, it may be stupid. It does not matter.

student: I already came, only the first three of the decree, we are talking about the last few years is the order to be good. Following orders to not sit on our hands something to do, i.e. to lead an active lifestyle from a position of kindness and the third order tirelessly to help people around to get rid of suffering.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: so, friends. Here they are three orders. Now the next person will think what would happen if tomorrow morning he will receive a sheet of paper, where it says: “to do you good.” You know, I remember Babel was a series of works about Benya Krik, a very complex there is a motive, when wounded, there is one completely innocent man in the shootout. And here he his in the hospital the doctors took and gave such an advice to the medical staff, to care, is the first to perform from the heart. Otherwise, the conversation will be short. I now literally do not remember, well, that is from the same series. So, who are we?..

adrenalin-button: Trofimova Olga.

student: Olga. Catur group. When would the order in which it was written, so that everyone to be kind, here probably need to define kindness.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great! Bravo! Bravo! That it all, friends, and stumbles. Legal casuistry. Good – now! Just tell me what it is. And then what happened? The second principle. Active lifestyle on the position of kindness. Friends, you understand, right? Now is the time we’re at the end, we will continue playing these games. Each of you will be in the role of President. And you realize that if this situation is to perform from a position of freedom. From me, the President demands something, and that he have for me in return? Now, if I do his decree, the toy will play along with his freedom. He valueshave, and I do. And it would be good to think, and then I, in return will receive from this? As my freedom from this expand? But if I polishable to be evil, lazy and selfish Terry, then what?

student: In this case, the President implies that the people are closer to freedom, and if people do not follow these instructions, then people will only increase their ignorance.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, let us remember this moment of our discussion, we let’s think about it. Here we come to a very slippery time, rather we we come. Firstly, we can’t make anyone free. No you will not be able to make free, while the person himself will not do loose, even if You are the President. You will not be able to do. Why? Because to be free we must valishvili to be free. Otherwise, the very notion that you have no will and you something to bring, you get a contradiction, namely that someone is trying to infringe on your freedom. And it’s clear that you’ll sabotage it. And you will have only one output, repressive methods.

Mayakovsky, in my opinion: “the iron hand of communism, driving humanity to Paradise.” You understand that even if you possess enormously greater powers of freedom, you can’t automatically pass it on to others. And teachers and teachers have survived to us all this knowledge of which we here speak, and God grant that it will get to us of course had a tremendous amount of freedom we do not newsense. But they are not able to give us freedom. The freedom we need to gain only themselves. We can help to find it.

If the system in which we live, eager, well as to expand our freedom, we put up with this system. If our freedom to infringe upon, we will sooner or later, from this system all run away. That’s when the border opened, when the 91st was the year shaft the people fled. Why? They did not even understand who the oligarchs are, the privatization of all, the border was opened for a moment, everything should be running. The best people are gone, friends. Why? Because the atmosphere of fear, the atmosphere of disrespect for other opinions, the habit of solving violence and repression. And naturally people voted with their feet, he simply fled. And now running. And should we blame those same oligarchs, who take out billions abroad. They are afraid of. Because if I was not afraid – not exported.

And the most insulting, though you be the most wonderful President, is not in your power to give freedom. Therefore, any political party, not for what she was, she at best will provide a process that will accelerate the process of the human consciousness of freedom and will strive for freedom. In the best case. But it may not automatically give freedom. Mikhail Gorbachev gave freedom, so what’s the point? Though he is not given freedom, he destroyed the system of violence, and the freedom it has not increased. The only abroad became possible to go. But this unit slightly increased its freedom, and a lot of people who go anywhere abroad was not going to sharply reduced their freedom, not that abroad, they are in a regional center are unable, to buy food – no money. It all fell apart.

You know, it’s a game of freedom is very important. And in the following lessons, we will use these scenarios in your personal life. It’s more fun. I understand that such a global, epoch-making moments, where the country is in danger, the Motherland calls, comes with difficulty. While a wave like in a Generic yoga won’t. But when we are behind the skin, behind our own touches, to divorce or to marry, and to tolerate or not tolerate, but to do this or that? There are already more specifics, it is more for the living cling.

Friends is all for today. Yay! Yay! Yay!

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