2011.01.15 Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 2. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.01.15 Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 2. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 2. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.01.15.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description :

Restricts whether the First and Second principle of yoga to our freedom? What is the purpose of yoga? How to build a bridge of logic in sverdlovka to explain the purpose of yoga? What is freedom? How do we know we are free? Why do we need freedom? Given freedom just so or it need to be defended? How to defend your freedom? Who should we defend? Where responsibility starts and where it ends freedom? How to build a durable system? The principles on which it should be built? What is freedom? You this lecture, you’ll find the answers to these and many other questions.

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We have today 15 Jan 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in cultural center “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya, is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All archived information on our websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

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Let’s start with the survey of students, someone will tell what a great person he is, how wonderful he is and praise yourself.

Student 1:

Praise yourself for the fact that today I did everything that is outlined. I’m good!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Bravo! Bravo!

The next “victim” will tell us what we did in the previous lecture and what awaits us today?

Student 2:

The last lecture, we considered decision-making algorithm.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

What was the homework?

Student 2:

Homework was to tell what freedom in every sense.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

To think, to prepare, to reflect on the subject of freedom, is one of the most interesting topics. What else we did in the previous lecture? And what you need to remember today? Who’s ready? Who wants to add?

Student 3:

We started the lesson with what was considered the Third principle of yoga and how it relates to yoga teaching, then we remembered the decision-making algorithm, which offers us yoga and continued consideration of such a question as freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev

And now someone will announce a decision algorithm that has analyzed in the previous lesson.

Student 4:

The scheme is as follows: there is in our lives any situation:

1. first, we recall that we are free, our Higher self free from everything, and we can do this in any acceptable way;

2. then we remember that we have in our life is a duty, obligation and our way of life;

3. after that we begin to “filter” solution to the situation using the First principle of yoga;

4. then using the Second principle of yoga;

5. and if we adhere to the Third principle – and using the Third principle of yoga;

And now ready for decision.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

It sounded that we are free and we accept any reasonable solution. Friends, the concept of freedom implies that you can accept any unacceptable solution.

Student 5:

Then we passed through the First principle of yoga, through the Second principle of yoga, if you practice the Third principle, and using the Third principle of yoga, and then, once again, we must remember that we are free and then have the output use the fact that we did it. Of the many variants of the part is eliminated, what remains at the output, we use it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Who wants to think, then we first remember that we are free and in the end remember that we are free? Our arguments are framed by these reminders of our inner freedom. What is it?

Student 6:

We can say that these are two starting points, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm that we rely on the state of inner freedom and external freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Some on the other hand, in terms of technology, why it was necessary constantly to remember?

Student 6:

To default does not imply that we need to do something, we are not robots, so our solution is flexible, we always had in mind that if the situation changes we can always another decision to make.

Student 7:

We are reminded twice that we are free beings, in order to give a chance to show up our intuition.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Bravo! Absolutely correct, let me again explain this point: so, the world – overglorify, all thoughts, even First, Second, and Third principles – these things are expounded by words, and so they are in the plane of logic, but always in life, which sorhagen there are factors that are higher than words, higher than logic, revelations from heaven. And in order to leave the possibility sverkhnovye occur, we are reminded twice that we are free.

We in the previous lecture thinking that under the intuition can come as overlaytest and stupidity. Extreme they agree. We do not see infrared light and we do not see ultraviolet light, but in fact are two different things. Likewise, for us, sometimes some moments will sorhagen, we think, would be folly, superstition, subconscious reaction in some recurring situation, and may indeed prove to be sverkhlegkojj. And we cannot rule it out, but to rely only on sverdlovka dangerous. It turns out that all further recollection of his duty, remembering the First principle, Second principle, and if the conversation turned to about the Third principle is the screening, an attempt to divide overlaytest and stupidity. We are almost in this algorithm, trying to use all the logic and sverdlovka. That’s why it is so important and it must be remembered that we are free. We are free, friends, to do stupid things. In this sense free. We are free to do some clever things. Who else wants something to say on the decision-making algorithm?

Student 8:

If we went through all these methods, but never took action, we should consult someone more wise or discuss the problem with a large number of people.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Yes, very good point that if there is a possibility of someone to consult, then the factor of the Board should also be considered. Even after hearing all the advice in the world, we are free to do as we see fit; but the Council from the outside, as has been said, it is a factor of the Macrocosm. Or this indirect method of communication with the absolute. After all, in the end, where is the absolute? It is for all surrounding objects and phenomena of our lives, but most strongly it is manifested through man, through the people. Let me remind you that this gives birth to such sayings: “the voice of the people is the Voice of God.” But then again, there’s a very fine line here may be “the voice of the people”, and maybe the opinion of the crowd, so to take into account, of course, necessary, but also be influenced mindlessly dangerous.

I know this is a test for politicians: if a politician comes into power, and will only consider the views of those who are going to choose it, then he won’t get far. In the religious disputations of the middle ages were such questions: “should a shepherd to follow the flock?” “Should the leader only to fulfil the aspirations of those for whom he is responsible? Or have something special to impose?” So, there is also no single solution, one should not go against, and, at the same time, should not become part of the crowd, which sometimes captures this emotional outburst disables you and common sense, and emotions and you do not understand what start to do. But at the same time and to ignore public opinion as crazy. So this is an additional factors very useful in making decisions.

Who else we will repeat it from beginning to end? Anyone?

Student 9:

1. In the beginning, we remember that we are free;

2. Then we remember that we have a duty and obligation;

3. Then “run” all possible options through the First principle; the First principle eliminates part of the options;

4. Then “run” through the sieve of the Second principle, keeps out more of the options;

5. Then, the Third principle, if adopted;

6. Then again, remember that we are free and that remains free to choose anything you like.

Well, to be honest, I don’t really understand how beautiful it is to contextualize here the authoritative testimony of the “voice of the people”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Inward need. That is the first time we recall that we are free and last remember that we are free. That is, once approached the decision, remember – we are free. Original our state. As the judge who hears the case, it needs to be objective and not biased, he should not experience unnecessary emotions to the man to whom he passes sentence, so he must remember that he is free from everything. Then a series of consideration, duty, First principle, Second principle, Third principle, authoritative testimony, public opinion, and finally, again remember – “you are free”, and the output to make a decision.

Curious thing: in modern jurisprudence, the law has also been few attempts to bring the same tool using the apparatus of jurors. Who are the jury? As a rule, disinterested people, and representatives of the society, where lived accused, who must adjust the consistency of the laws worklogic factor – public opinion.

I remember in Soviet times, all admired the tsarist system, although in the Soviet years was nothing like this. When the terrorist, who killed someone, was justified. The terrorist – revolutionary, fairly well-known Vera Zasulich was acquitted by a jury, although all the laws and canons would she rot in Siberia for a long time. Because from the standpoint of emotion, from the perspective of other circumstances, all of a sudden, it became clear that she could not do otherwise.

Attempt the decision all the same, they will become the main trend of human development, similar to how people try to reinvent the wheel, beginning to use fire. Similarly, we sooner or later come to the optimal steps of understanding our lives. It is clear that if you take an animal – a cat or a cow or a dog – they will not use this algorithm, which we now speak, their minds have not yet developed. May be some vague urge they have in relation to the First principle and Second principle, what about the Third unlikely of course. Can be very much authoritative testimony in a herd of cows or an opinion leader in the pack. But at full volume they can’t do this scheme to take advantage of this scheme is only available to we the people, starting from the moment when we have the mind. And that’s a good idea to use the mind that is logical, therefore, to prevent and overlaytest in my life and at the same time to cut off all the nonsense that we drag to the lifetime in the bodies of animals. And those people, that nation, that nation that will learn to do it, will dominate, at least for the simple reason that they will make fewer mistakes. Accordingly, fewer resources will be wasted. More resources will remain for a better life and again to master the mind or in order to make the push into something beyond. Anyone want to add something?

Student 10:

Here is what I would like to add: it (the decision tree) of the ultimate axiomatic. Just goes axiomatics as such from the Microcosm. If you take the Microcosm or the Macrocosm – it does not matter. That is, get this: the absolute, creating all, was absolutely free. What we remember? That we absolutely free. Then everything goes absolutely according to the scheme of the Macrocosm or of the Microcosm, in a nutshell: the First is the pure distillation of the Macrocosm, that is, the dry residue, the residue overglorify and the notion of why we give to show sverdlovka for the simple reason that we swarswoti. Understanding and awareness of this already have the urge sverkhnovye. Then take the Second principle – this is the logic goes. The law of cause and effect – karma, then we try to work with it, remove the bad and add the good one to start with. The third principle I do not take into account now, although this combination of Micro – and Macro – Cosmos.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Victoria is constantly thinking of a way for students to quickly, clearly explain the three principles of yoga and is often born this way: the First principle is one large mountain, the Second principle of yoga – the Second big mountain, and the path between the mountains is our Dharma, that is the let, passing through which minimally violate the First principle of yoga and the most with the Second principle. And the Third principle of yoga you can imagine that you are walking along the path, and fly a plane or rocket, first along this path, and then make up sharply and go into such heights, where the First principle of yoga – mountain one, and the consistency of the mountain the other, remain far below, and in front of you space. You don’t even have restrictions. Narrow your Dharma gradually during your ascent it expands and breaks away into space and you would come out out. Therefore, the Third principle of yoga could here a “snap” as the First and Second principles.

Student 10:

It’s like a combination of the First and Second principle, pretty complicated in the explanation, even from an axiomatic point of view. Here, perhaps, more included as logic and sverdlovka. And at the end we again are reminded that we are free, because suddenly starlogic somewhere and “jump”, after all, to destroy all the karma that we are not trying to clean up, still can not. What advice, authoritative witness? This is a very big, very necessary thing – Yes, we all learn here on the authoritative testimony, again there was involved sverdlovka, we realized that we need it, we want it. Here already we can even say the Third principle begins to sparkle, we love it, we want it, we love it and there is authoritative testimony! Karmically, of course.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Friends, you must understand that the decision algorithm it is fully axiomatic. The analogy is this: there are laws of nature, is the law of universal gravitation, Newton’s Apple falls to the ground, there are other laws governing factors of our world, say air resistance, or strength, traniee, or something else. Knowing these laws you can build, say, a plane or you can build a rocket. That is what a plane or a rocket? It’s something that was known previously through other channels and embodies in a single whole. And if you learn how to successfully combine the action of different laws in a single device, then this device becomes very useful. Indeed, like a rocket where you are in space flight or the plane on which you can overcome the distance to India in a few hours, and Athanasius Nikitin beyond three seas a few years went. It turns out the efficiency factor. And here is the decision algorithm is the same efficiency factor. If we don’t even know the axioms, friends, that we did not have more time to study all this casuistry, the First principle of the Macrocosm, the Microcosm, but if we work out this technology, we are very great to help themselves.

Student 11:

These three principles are similar to the Yama and Niyama of Patanjali. Does it make sense to add some principles to the Yama and Niyama or will it be a zombie?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

And you in the last segment was?

Student 11:


Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Too bad, because I specifically addressed this issue.

One of the most respected treatises extant, on yoga called “Yoga sutras” of Patanjali, as a rule, it is in conjunction with the review (Commentary of Vyasa). This is quite a serious, very concise work, I mean yourself sutras, commentaries more voluminous. It is noteworthy that this is one of the few texts to which respected equally as modern academic science, and the circles of practicing yogis. You need to very clearly understand that it happens very rarely. There is a series of treatises that academic science does not recognize dates or a later date. Or put forward a variety of concepts and assumptions the occurrence of thoughts in a particular treatise, and for practicing yogis, those who are on the skin ignores a practice there are no doubts in respect to certain tracts in respect of which scientists may not know anything at all.

Friends, you must understand that scientists have only begun to study this subject, so I rely on their opinion impossible. Therefore, to reduce the whole of yoga to the yoga sutras of Patanjali it would be a gross error, at least for the reason that from the very nature of yoga of Patanjali darshan or loosely translated, this is the view of Patanjali in yoga. This is in essence digest. That is Patanjali studied is known for its point system of yoga, which was a lot. Different forms of yoga and different techniques, different approaches. Now, he has studied numerous treatises, many schools of yoga, and gave his personal classification or digest.

Digest, it’s when, for example, comes lots of press, but we have no time to read it, and there’s a paper which describes briefly all that was in this moment posted by others. “Yoga sutras” Patanjali is not a full-fledged textbook on yoga. There are many moments absolutely not considered.

Pranayama there is given just two or three words. Mantra yoga is given is extremely dry, simply unsatisfactory. From the point of view, if you want someone to teach this science. At the same time, some moments more or less anything associated with concentration and meditation. Therefore, the “Yoga sutras” of Patanjali, one of the most respected texts, but not the only one. Moreover, in the circles of practicing yogis he is immensely respected, but not considered Canon, on the principle that if something is not in the “Yoga sutras” of Patanjali – this is not yoga, this is not so.

Now to the point: Patanjali gave the famous classification of yoga called “Ashtanga yoga” or the “eightfold path of yoga”, which broke all the stages into eight steps and, in part, included the points associated with the First and Second principle of yoga is not to the design principles, not through the appearance as such through the system occurrence systems of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, although indirectly referred to them. Again, in his aphorisms, as the squeeze he gave at the time most appropriate recommendations for practitioners in an extremely short form, hence its first two stages of Yama and Niyama, in fact, includes all of the same recommendations that you can obtain from the First and Second principle of yoga, and partly from the Third principle of yoga, but tied very narrowly to practitioners, and in the moment, not always, these items are perceived adequately by far the modern humans and why it makes sense now not to give work to those times but to give a deeper background of that treatise “Yoga Sutra” of Patanjali, which of course is based on Vedic knowledge is actually an expression of the Vedas.

For the present era is more reasonable to consider the Vedas, and then the “bridgehead” of the Vedas to analyze and better understand volume and including “Yoga Sutra” of Patanjali. Without an understanding of the Vedas even comments you will not understand “Yoga Sutra” of Patanjali, let alone to read them is no longer possible for the modern man. That’s the reason, of course, useful to know the principles of Yama or Niyama, but they do, God knows where can you start, if you pull them out of context.

I keep repeating, there are some items that put on not just your practice. When given just the principle of Ahimsa – do not kill – this is for normal human life right that I urge you not to kill anyone, but as soon as it comes off the situation from the real life, one begins to philosophize: “don’t kill – people, animals – do not kill, and then in increasing numbers: of Worm – do not kill. Fly – do not kill. Microbe – do not kill…” and the dead-end. Logical impasse! As a result, you know that in India still have a caste of Jains who walk with the bandages on your mouth, though it is a different system in contrast to the “yoga sutras” non-canonical, that is, they do not recognize the authority of the Vedas, but what can such innuendo to lead. Again, the example of the failure of Fedorov. That is, if literally followed, something about a birthday you should all forget. When you are someone nothing some presents, you should abandon this because we understand the gifts as something of the present time, and the meaning was quite different, the meaning was the acceptance of bribes. And here go figure. So much more profitable and easier to start with the fundamentals and then to and including the position of Yama and Niyama, and we will not do the critical errors that make the other modern followers of yoga. This is the situation.

Let’s dilute a bit of adrenaline to our lecture. So, let yourself now someone will praise.

Student 12:

I’m a big boy, but I abide by the principle of secrecy and can’t tell the specifics.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

The principle of mystery is a good thing, but you remember that he must always be compensated by the Principle of openness, otherwise you will turn into seceptable education, where to any question: “How are you?” will answer: “the Principle of secrecy!” It is clear that there are things that sometimes do not articulate ahead of time, but you remember that the Principle of Openness is really essential, you should share your experiences, and you as future yoga teachers – it is your direct responsibility. As you your status will transfer to others? Only your experience. So I need extreme specifics. According to the regulations of the Principle of Secrecy – the secret you must exercise in practice until then, until will not be a direct indication of those who leads you on the path of yoga, if those who lead you on this path of yoga will give you an indication to publish – you should not hesitate to publish.

And since everything we do must be in an Open Yoga University and all the wonderful, dear Assembly has the authority to demand from you the specifics you need this specifics to give. Yoga once almost died because of this. But I suspect a slightly different point, you’re just not ready to remember; therefore let us so you before the next lecture will be prepared, knowing that it will take specifics on “what I have done!”

Friends, let’s move to our second part, but first I want to make a serious accent. After all, when we speak about algorithm of decision-making, there is an image of something lifeless, mechanistic, stupid. Need the right accent. The fact that we are reminded that we are free, we are already contributing to some kind of life. We remembered that we are free, we have to think how to behave, I remembered the second time that we are free and yet these thoughts, albeit mechanistic, are in something alive. In fact, friends, what is life? – I’m living creatures through different bodies, through different forms. And all the diversity of life through the leaves, through the birds, people, animals is actually a manifestation of the higher self of these creatures through this diverse body they transformerait they evolyutsioniruet. But the starting point is the higher self of every living being, and it’s free, so you can safely put an equal sign between the concept of life and the concept of freedom. There is no freedom without life, and life without freedom. Complex a bunch of, friends, is not obvious.

Yoga, friends, is first and foremost kindness, charity. Yoga in the first place it is open your feelings when you feel the pain and suffering other than his own. The biggest mistake that people make – he loves violence.

Violence, at first glance, gives sometimes good results. Somebody to suppress which laws to implement, inhibit and you see that everything has already pursed, ears and tails pressed down and start to run, fearing the whip. But you remember that any violence or violation of the First principle of yoga as a result of extreme need, it’s as if you borrowed money at horrendous interest. Imagine you need to solve a monstrous problem, and you have no money, you can of course borrow, similarly, solving some problem, you can sometimes use violence, but you know, it is the duty with the monstrous interest, which will have to pay every penny. So this is the bad option.

Unfortunately, throughout history, we see that all the rulers undergo this ordeal, and few overcome it. As soon as the person has at least some small real power, all tend to show violence. Indeed, it is such a temptation, especially when you managed through violence to do something. The temptation to use violence where necessary and where not necessary, and it is a moment of impasse. How many decent politicians had begun his career brilliantly, came to power, even sometimes using violence, they stabilized the situation, put in order the country, but then what? Then something changed, and they habitually continued to drive nails, to build all, to use repressive methods. And now I look at some of our rulers: why now? It is very bad to use violence where it is a mercy to decide, where not even a mercy, but just to sit down and think about it.

All attempts to take away people’s freedom, to introduce serfdom, then there was registration, now registration. The referents of these big bosses, why they are so framed, why try now clamping where clamping is impossible. It will be a blast, will be scrapping the system. More relief is necessary. This is the most difficult thing you not for a second should not forget that every action you build the Universe in which you live yourself. You will want to be subject to their own stupid laws? No! And do not invent them. Initially invent laws humane, revealing, giving freedom, but as not tightening the nut, at least for the simple reason that it is a loan. It is sometimes necessary, Yes, sometimes extreme necessity, as taught by the First principle of yoga, well, nowhere to go, we need to tighten the nut, but this happens very rarely, friends. And as soon as at least some opportunity appears nuts not spinning – they have to promote. And the whole algorithm, which we now considered, it is possible to tell humanity, humanism in the packaging of the finished product. He’s just called an algorithm, no this is no algorithm, it’s just what you’d come sooner or later.

At our last lesson, a very good idea it sounded that sooner or later, exercising their freedom, you will understand that the First and Second principles, it does not limit freedom, but rather only the ability to realize it “is not Khlopina” in the future. What would your own actions your own personal freedom in the future has not decreased and therefore a yoga or Yogini First, Second, Tritium principles of yoga, they become natural, not because it is violence against yourself, not because it somehow infringes on their freedom, but because it is the most beautiful and loving way to Express your freedom, so that in the future she is not jeopardized. And so I want to say again: please, friends! No need to offend anyone. If it is possible on-good to solve something, decide on good, if possible without violence, without tightening the screws, without intimidation, without intimidation. If there is a possibility not to use this whip – it is not necessary to use it, even if your previous experiments have shown that it is effective. Times may change, and your Dharma can make a sharp turn. Yes, there are moments where you have a fist on the table, but there are moments. But for a moment, everything can change and your fist on the table would be completely inappropriate and will lead you to something worse. So we remember when we remember the First principle of yoga, what is the urgency to break it.

Example: when you are fighting a war for their Homeland. But why this urgency? The concept of Debt. What is the Debt? Debt is a reflection of the highest goodness that someone else depends on you and you must prove yourself with good, light, good side against any one group of people can be in such circumstances that we have to break, but only until such time as you do not have the ability to change all kind.

Here we have a meditation: “may all living beings happy,” the living beings here – it’s the people, animals, and birds. If you can not kill we should not kill, if possible not torture – we should not torture. No word or thought or deed is not necessary to hurt anyone. Doing something bad to someone, you still, by and large, doing bad himself, but it will come a little later, this is called the law of karma. We live in the Universe that we created. You need to create stupid laws in this Universe, in order for them to get there? Don’t!

We turn now to the serious part, which is called freedom. Before we begin to examine it, we learn from the students what is the purpose of yoga?

Student 13:

The goal of yoga is self-knowledge, and as a result of achievement in excess of. The thing is very abstract, sometimes called overscale, sometimes immortal, sometimes the knowledge of your Higher self or the knowledge of the Universe. Sometimes called the yoga system of self-knowledge leading to this goal, sometimes yoga call this the ultimate goal.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Anyone else to add?

Student 14:

The goal of yoga in cultivation. When we comprehend the I, the depth of self, aware of itself, respectively around us is changing our universe. Our universe and the people who are close to us, they also fall under this action.

Student 15:

The goal of yoga is the desire for freedom, to realize his self and realize the freedom.

Student 16:

The main goal of yoga is the attainment of freedom.

Student 17:

The goal of yoga is the discovery of freedom, not the attainment, but the discovery of freedom.

Student 18:

Absolute freedom.

Student 19:

The ultimate goal of yoga is enlightenment, and everything else is incidental, is a way of achieving.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

And what is enlightenment? Friends, here is an interesting idea that you have to analyze thoroughly, because you are the future luminaries and all of humanity looks at you with bated breath, will you still turn this terrible situation and so will we in bestiality. You will sooner or later have to answer a variety of questions to various audiences. And now imagine a room, a man comes and says: “Hello, I am a representative system Blog. My goal to each of the people reached the state Blog. For this it is necessary to do so-and-so, so-and-so not to do, eat this, not eat this and a number of such explanations



Great system “Blog”! As you have not engaged in the system “Blog”? So it’s time to do it and achieve the state of “Blap”. “Blog” is such a sweet thing.

Imagine that in medieval India the Great Grundel. It is his name is chubby. Is it associated with any pig, pig, and Sanskrit – it can be a completely respectable word, for example, dedicated or adept of the secret path. And here’s the Great piggy has finally reached chromatone and encourages us to do the same. Hence for Grungelizer and need to find myself in this course and to reach this state of chromatine. And you realize that answering one question, you generate a lot of other issues.

When we say that we strive for Enlightenment, we must also be careful to explain what we mean by the word Enlightenment. When we say that we want to achieve the state of Samadhi, we should immediately try to explain what is the state of Samadhi. If we say that we want to achieve the state of Nirvana, we should explain what is Nirvana, otherwise it’s just hot air, believe me it sometimes sounds not less strange than the state of the great Chronides, who went to the field chromatone, disappeared into space rukamani etc, etc. It is necessary that we were not in the eyes of the people that we carry the knowledge of some Martians abstract.

So you need to very clearly choose what we say and to go in a more logical sequence. When we talk about yoga, we say the goal of yoga – self-knowledge. Why do I need it self? Maybe I don’t need it? Can I hate it? This question is what we want, what we aspire to, it is very difficult. Because the goal of yoga, Samadhi or Nirvana, it sverhdohodno. His language can not Express. And when we explain some philosophical concept or doctrine, we a lot have to say. We begin to talk, we want to go beyond karma, then we should say what is karma and where its limits at all. She has limits or none at all. This is a very complex such a thing, but fortunately there are words that are a kind of bridge. A bridge of logic in something that we may not realize it, but intuitively we understand what is meant. And here is one such word is the word freedom.

Each of us knows on the skin in a limited version, what freedom is. If you have in your pocket a pack of dollars, your freedom is somewhat wider than if it was not. And we already know that the Bank account expands our freedom. If we have a car or a house, then our freedom may appear to a greater extent. Also, there are many factors that allow us to understand what freedom is, and what is not freedom in a relative sense. Before we go any further, let us reflect on the theme of freedom. To do this, remember our homework.

Student 20. When I talked about freedom, I have a few conflicting thoughts. On the one hand we say that we are free, on the other hand we remember that we have a duty, we have karma. I have this analogy arose that we consider freedom in one plane, it may be worthwhile to look at other projections, for example, the inner freedom. We mostly talk about external freedom, what can we do, where to go, what decisions to make etc, i.e. we are talking about freedom of action, but there is still freedom of thought, freedom of perception of the situation, here we are truly free, the question of how we think, how we perceive a situation, what to think – here we are truly free. I believe that this concept of freedom also has the right to exist, and in our lives plays an important role.


Student 21. Freedom, the same freedom from ignorance. If we are free from ignorance, we have the omniscience, the intuition that will help us to make decisions that will not involve the infliction of harm and negative consequences for ourselves and others.


Student 22. Thinking about freedom, I came to an unexpected conclusion. Absolute freedom is an endless possibility of elections and the endless opportunity this election to bring to life. Ie is infinity, multiplied by infinity. If there are any conditions – it is not freedom, means absolute freedom – a concept sverdlovini. In this case sverdlovka destroys the contradictions. Next, in logic it turns out that if I want to be completely free, then the condition for this is that I am one. If I’m alone, then I can be in the plane of logic is absolutely free. This begs the question, will I be happy if I’ll be completely free?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very interesting. I really liked the comparison of options, number of options and the number of their decisions. I had one friend who lived in a certain village. He said, where I live, I only have four places I can get to work, ie I actually need to choose between them. If I come to the district center, there are already 20 places I can get to work. If I arrive at the mother see of there 200 seats. If I arrive in the US, there are already 2,000 places I can get to work, such an extrapolation. But after some time this fellow has adjusted this list, he really came all the way from the bottom, to America and then returned and now lives here. He said that it is not strange, it’s not such a growth curve, and there is a peak, and then it begins to fall. It turned out that in America subject to many factors, the number of places where you can get to work gives at least acceptable options.


Student 23. I was thinking about freedom in the plane of logic, because in the field sverkhnovye is too difficult to understand. In the plane of logic, freedom is when we are not dependent on anything and anyone and no one depends. And to achieve such freedom, we should either not enter into a relationship with anyone, or to interact on an equal footing. It is also achievable outside the plane of karma. Thus, we come to understand that absolute freedom is something sverdlovini. Considering the freedom in the plane of karma, we see that it makes sense to gain freedom, if finding it, we are happy. On the other hand, we see that often the exercise of our freedom, we gain in consequence of the misfortune. Our life is the results of our previous actions that limit our discretion in the future.


24 student (external student). Freedom is the absence of conditionalities: the conditions of life, karma, previous experience, something external. When there is no karma when karma is not valid, i.e., is the exit from the plane of karma, the plane of cause and effect.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We now organize the purchase of the TV, so you can see students in hands-on activities. To have a greater sense of adrenaline and presence for students.

You know, the whole world is connected. Here we think that we sit here that nothing depends on what we do or don’t do. I assure you, I had once a very curious hobby. At dawn, when some treatises on yoga were published, and I had to do in order to publish them in Russian. We have developed a system response. I.e., new practice, and is published. And it is the most incomprehensible images were transferred, someone just read something, someone, went, went, you know, as the ripples dispersed. And then, we get a converging wave, i.e., people under the influence of some reflection, reasoning, practices of yoga have changed my life, got some good results and a feedback, and the mentality of the country is literally bare, times have changed, times have changed.

You know, the CIA was very popular in 80-e years the concept of agents of influence, i.e. not necessarily with any system hardened to fight, you had just well-known to throw thoughts to properly inculcated in the minds of the people and a little changed the situation. And I must say that this concept works beautifully and perfectly consistent with the concept of decision-making.

Imagine our leaders we are always trying to suppress. They are so easy. Any bureaucrat convenient to have you all lined up in a row, to the first restated second down, and made as profitable for them. If you declare that you will not do this is at first a shock for them. How so? For millennia in ancient Russia, as soon as the king some scowled darkly – everything is shaking. But if this terrible sight you don’t take your gaze and ask, and actually, who are you and why should I for you to dance. It is very sobering effect. One way out. Again, either the coil repression apply. A coil of repression is not so easy to spin. Few willing executioners to work. People are inherently good. They say that the SS in the concentration camps were drunk, because could not withstand these atrocities and could not look at the suffering of others. Therefore, you should understand this, as you know, the secret of gunpowder, some invented, and since, the world has changed or something new is invented, and the world is changing. You only have to say some thought, and you will begin to notice how the world is changing, and this is the best way to pooltest animal brains. Otherwise, there will be full-full of wanting to applying for your freedom. And what You reckon, if you’re a redneck if you are a sheep if you drive you can? And in this respect is a serious question – you have to fight for their freedom! Again, as to fight? At least the fact that you should know that you are free. If you will not know if you’ll believe that I’m a nobody and my name in any way, it is very easy to manipulate you.

No wonder yoga is considered one of the most powerful practices when yogi from morning till night, used to say: “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!.. And when he has come across, when really the issue was decided, free or not, if it is constantly remembered that he was free, he had more chances to exercise their freedom. And even if he was suppressed, it was only a matter of time, when from the ashes he rose up, and still their freedom was carried out. But let’s continue. Who else wants to speak about what freedom is?


Student 25. For me freedom is the opportunity to make a choice, among many options and the choice to implement.


Student 26. For me freedom is increasingly associated with the concept of the will. As we have valishvili those laws and restrictions by which we live, so we can take them down.

Student 27. I would like to complement the theme of the question of responsibility. Since the question was about freedom and responsibility. The goal of yoga is the attainment of freedom through the elimination of ignorance and delusion. And the more we eliminate ignorance and ignorance, the more we are free, therefore the greater our responsibility in the world.


Student 28. It seems to me that the living entity manifests itself in the material world in several planes. The first is our body. As we own his body. If we are ill, respectively, the freedom of our body will be reduced if we are engaged in yoga practices, we have a healthy body that functions normally, therefore we have more freedom. Further, the freedom of our mind. We develop the freedom of their beliefs, their attitudes, and it is important to understand the limitations that we have. Further, the freedom of our energy. The freedom to carry out our intentions, to manifest itself, have the force and prana in all this. And the freedom of our spirit, the freedom Verhovina, freedom of the absolute, which is the most important, and which we get at the end.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And I have another question. Can we consider all of these freedoms individually or they derive from a common freedom?



Student 29. Yes, they derive from a common freedom.


Student 30. For me freedom is unity with the whole Universe. To feel not a separate unit, and whole. To feel like a continuation of the Universe. If we talk about karma and Dharma, for me it was a lifesaver because I very clearly saw that they protect me from the various manifestations of my ignorance. The action of karma is still very strong, and the first and second principle of yoga, which lead me on the path of Dharma allows me not to commit the mistakes that even more would limit my freedom in the future.



Student 31. I believe that absolute freedom is the absence of selection conditions. When a person lives free from desires, lives on intuition. He didn’t question where he should move, left, right, thus, he becomes free from fever.


Student 32. I – Gregory, free listener. I have a suggestion. Maybe we register as a political party and these principles will bring on our country, then our country be reborn.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Gregory, I have a counter that let’s you organize a political party, but will not associate it with yoga, because if she is to fail, I would not want people to have a negative Association with yoga.


Student 32. And we have the President we choose.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Me President – no. It’s not my Dharma. Friends, you must understand the same kind of thing, you have to find its place. Of course, if I feel that my Dharma is to occupy some place, I keep him entertained. But now I clearly understand that it is not my Dharma to become a President or in politics to go. But who’s stopping you, go into politics and build a party. Can under the tracing paper to take the principles of yoga. However, do not call, this yoga. Because, if you fail, it’s not okay to be if it is a shadow of a doubt to yoga thrown.


Student 32. Spiritual support for you we guarantee?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, how can I not ensure spiritual support in your quest to be free themselves and to make free other if the absolute wants it? I then who? If the absolute has made us free, and rejoices when all are free? If you build any system with respect to the fundamental principles of the Universe. And the most fundamental principle of the Universe is freedom, your system will be the most durable. If you start this freedom to infringe, then the life of your system will be smaller. If you want your system to be durable there will introduce the most fundamental of the immortal laws. The immortal and fundamental law of the Universe is the law of liberty. We even come up with death, using the law of liberty. Therefore, such a counter-offer. But I’m honestly doubtful look at all political parties. Too great fear among the people, people being afraid of everything. We are afraid without a piece of bread to remain. We are afraid to remain without work, without shelter, without anything. We are afraid your voice to raise because we will crush any KGB-sat methods.

I once again urge You, create a political movement, build it on the fundamental principles of freedom. No need to invent anything, everything is already invented before us. I’m interested in the principle of freedom not political parties, but because of the fact that if You don’t catch, we again construct a system of grundolita. And we will encourage everyone to go to the state of chromatine and there to dissolve. It will be a conversation about anything. I need freedom in a purely educational process. Otherwise you won’t understand what yoga is, you do not understand the methods of yoga and not be able to implement them. Who else didn’t?



Student 33. Absolute freedom is the highest degree of freedom. Now at this level it is difficult to talk about it because we don’t know what it is.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. All our arguments reflections boiled down to two things. Freedom is relative, which we understand and feel the absolute freedom that we feel but do not understand. This is a very good thing. Because it is like a bridge of conditionality in overlaytest. This is the starting point of what we do.

There is an analogy, when we considered the yoga of love. We considered the idea of bhava, as a seed, in the right direction to move. Otherwise it just all becomes abstraction. Here we have our body. Good, just not very sore. Start to improve health. Improved their health, I have a degree of freedom has expanded. And take me, secret, practice practice and learn all sorts of miracles of sorrivoli to show once and I have a degree of freedom has expanded. And give me the intelligence of your practice, cleanse, scour, and I again, became more intelligent and my freedom again expanded. And I’m starting to notice that my freedom has expanded, because if I had, like a sheep in the same gate I knocked, now I get around all the obstacles. I face some limitation in life is the challenge. What is it? I am a free being, and then some limitations. It is a challenge! Yes, there are tasks that have some lives to spend before you decide. But it will be something, if you say what you do in yoga. Again, if you say that you strive for Samadhi, you usually do not understand, and people who will listen to you, even less will understand.


Student 34. Freedom is knowing your imperfections and a sense of responsibility, and the fact that we live under the same laws that they themselves have created. We must overcome our ignorance and then we will expand the degree of their freedom.


Student 35 (student). Freedom occurs when working on yourself, doing self-knowledge, we eliminate its negative manifestations: fear, greed, jealousy, etc. Is more and more to increase the range of our freedom, leaving the level of absolute freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: well, I’m still a fly will add to Your barrel of honey. My goal is to have all of you learned to think for themselves. For all of you to become not in a copying unit, and a creative unit. And who told you that you are free? Maybe you cheated? You have the same body. And here about some higher I say. What kind of freedom? I will not eat tomorrow and die, what is the freedom?



Student 36. I want to say that freedom is your own inner understanding, and sometimes to create such conditions that all the rest will seem that you are not free you in some part, and you’re inside this complex situation, move on and realize that you’re still free.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev. So maybe it is self-deception? Self hypnosis? I’m in a concentration camp, and I urge on with a whip. Go! And I think that I’m free! Now freely take this item, and I will carry it.

Student 37. The concept of freedom – these are the conclusions from the axioms of yoga. We accept them as axioms by authoritative evidence. Further, in this way and reaching in certain States, we will see evidence of this.


Student 38. Freedom is a steady state of inspiration.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is an Interesting position, but can be reduced to hallucinations. Alcoholic, poured himself a Cup of vodka. And he also originated a steady state of inspiration.


Student 38. Unconditioned by anything.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is interesting.


Student 39. The state of freedom can be checked. For example, it means freedom and responsibility? I want to be free. I want to be free from money. I want to be financially independent. In order to become financially independent, I need to open your company and I’m responsible for those I have taken, thus I will give them freedom. I will make free those for whom I take responsibility, as they are also financially will become more free.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, look, starts to appear two factors, Freedom – what? Absolute or relative – is in the first place? Second, freedom and the delusion of freedom. And in fact, someone told us that absolute freedom is?

A voice from the audience. Vadim Zaporozhtsev said.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, not we, would then not Vadim Zaporozhtsev, and Ananthaswamy would sit some. What’s the difference? When we talk about freedom, immediately begin to exude some of the factors responsible. Immediately everything begins to intertwine and weave in is not obvious the ball. Why do I say this? This is the question about the political parties. The ideals of the French revolution was very raschudesnye. The ideals of the great October socialist revolution was also raschudesnye, but always substituting the concept. Freedom, freedom absolute or relative? Freedom and responsibility. Where responsibility starts and where it ends freedom? To these questions, these political parties could not answer. And they could not answer these questions because it is a very serious philosophical questions. The answers to these questions are harder than answers to the most difficult questions of mathematics. How many of you know the higher branches of mathematics? Which of you seek to give advice to mathematicians. But advice to politicians every second is willing to give. And not understand that attacking is very high.

This is how Einstein came people said. You are such an outstanding person, you discovered the laws of the universe, but what about in politics? And how would us the same elegant system to do in politics, as in the natural Sciences? To which Einstein replied that policy is probably more complicated physics. And it is really difficult, because it involves people, what is called human nature. But let’s we go any further.

Student 40: I would like to speculate on the capacity of a person, which urge on with a whip. The first is that if it is to be in such a position, means – it is his karma, and once he had created such conditions. And the second is that even in this situation there is freedom. If the person does not accept the position of slave, it can go to die, and not to go under the whip. It is still a choice. Even death, but it will still be his choice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a Very good addition. It turns out that freedom on a silver platter to us, no one-not give and for every step to move towards freedom, we have to sometimes pay a huge price. Not that in person. Hi, I’m free! It’s like a residence now. We have now a lot of students, it’s open yooniverse too operaplus to come here. Especially when there from high tribunes say that for lack of registration is a criminal offense. This is nonsense. Our leaders are very respected people, but who they thought these throws? You have to be really stupid woodpecker. We’re not the middle ages, it is now physically impossible. I have been writing letters that we get, and we here on Novoslobodskaya to the police station and twisted for lack of registration. What provocation is? So my friends, the freedom to have to defend. And here is the question, and to whom to advocate? One of her snatch, our own freedom?

A voice from the audience: our ignorance.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I don’t answer questions, and bring you to answer the question. We are still a few lectures will be devoted to issues of freedom. Who else had something you wanted to say?

Student 41: Based on the fact that there are two degrees of freedom: relative and absolute, I would like to ask a question about responsibility. How to implement responsibility with a relative degree of freedom more or less clear, there is a law of cause and effect, as we are conditioned. And how is the liability when the absolute degrees of freedom?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, remember the question? In the next lecture, we will respond.

Student 42: For me, freedom is first and foremost responsible for my decisions, for my actions. I.e., this implies that performing any actions, I’m against the people must adhere to the first principle, in relation to itself must adhere to the second principle. Consequently, adhering to these principles, and limiting their freedom, I begin to observe the principle of “Turn defeat into victory” and expand their freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again fly in the ointment, and we can now deal with complacency? Soul wants, like a wind walk, and we say: no, no, no, you have to force yourself. You know the anecdote?


There are two friends, long time no see. Single married.

And single friend says: “Oh, Bob, Hello, let’s have a beer!”,

But a married man replies: “No, you can not be the beer,”

– Well, come to the end of the week we would meet to talk.

– No, you can not, I have a home business.

– Well, let’s there when you can – you’ll see.

– No, not can, just I have no time.

Each blank looks and said, “Oh, brother, your life has become. Don’t you wish?”

– Not what you think you should never regret!

As if we are not turned into the same Samobranka. That the words we yoga – freedom. And then you need to shrink, limit, superfluous words do not say. Isn’t it self-deception.

42 student: I think it’s better to do and regret than not do and regret. Ie better to do and understand it will bring some results or not. If the result is not, then you’re back to it will not. If you don’t, and never will. If I defeat turned into victory, then I come to the implementation of the third principle. It turns out that freedom is identical with the rejection of suffering. And in the hands of a freed man, freedom is a kind of tool to help all other beings. It turns out that when you’re happy with yourself – happiness to share with others.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This statement requires a separate consideration. Many complex provisions. But the time to examine them there.


43 student: Perhaps here a parallel can be drawn with the situation “getting involved – come out.” We rise to a qualitatively different level of existence. A time when we increase the freedom of others, we are including a highly extensible, and their freedom.


Student 44: I wanted to say from a practical point of view. Yoga uses everything, even freedom.

Student 45: Freedom is a law of the Universe. And every living thing falls under this law. Every living being is free. The goal of yoga is the evolution of the living creature when it begins to realize – I’m alive, I’m free.


Student 46: my question to ponder for discussion at the next lecture. Often heard thesis: “Happy is either all or none. Free either all or none. It was also said that the goal of yoga is enlightenment, freedom. Is it possible to draw an analogy and say – “Enlightened all or none”.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: to answer this question you need to define the concept of Enlightenment. Otherwise it will sound: “In a state of grundyism either all or none.” We will continue this topic next lecture.

And now the dry residue. The man sitting across from you. And the head You fools. Says you’re free. Says there’s absolute freedom, that this freedom need to be implemented. In General, for full head you fools. And you all eat. How can you call it?

A voice from the audience: Zombie

A chorus of laughter.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I just do what I want to say. Let us deep in the dig. Actually, why everything is just so and not otherwise? Let us leave this question unanswered. Continue to the next lecture.

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