2011.01.11. Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 1. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture № 1. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.01.11.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description : What is freedom? As with yoga positions how to make decisions? Whether the implementation of the third principle of yoga from students MOJO? How to interact with freedom and responsibility? The answers to these questions you will find in this lecture.

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Today, 11 January 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on our sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru. Files in our shop – shop.openyoga.ru where you can buy the entire archive of our lectures, all our movies, lectures, audiobooks, mantras, music and so on.

Today we continue to consider the issues associated with yoga. I’ll ask Paul to press the magic button?

Who will tell what we did in the previous lecture?


The analysis of the previous lecture


MOJO, Evtukhovich Galina, Group 4: last lecture you talked about how important it is for You and for those who trained at yoga University, the learning rule here. Right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right…

MOJO, Evtukhovich Galina, Group 4: And also dismantled some of the questions. Yet You gave advice for the holidays. So we are not forgotten, not lost, kept the first and the second principle and the third.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Third principle you will not require. It’s not even in the requirements for students in terms of admission to MOYO. Please note the requirements to studying to be a yoga teacher is the first principle the second principle , but about a third were not even mentioned. For the simple reason that the third principle of yoga connects when…


MOJO, Svetlana, group 4: the Third principle is needed if we begin to practice fast methods of yoga. Then we have to comply with the third principle of yoga, which is the rejection of suffering.


MOYO, Michael Elkin, the group Eka: I would be corrected… the Third principle we take or voleizyavleniya when we are not just involved in fast methods, and when we decide we’re ready.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: From a formal point of view, well as an addition, Yes. Friends, I want to draw your attention. The first and the second principle, that’s why should be sick of any of you. You must hear so many times about it, that must necessarily occur the nausea. Why? Because only after when the nausea passes, you can be start to realize the importance of these two principles. So is everything in yoga.


I’m loosely paraphrase quote method of approaching yoga.

First, hear this truth, then serrated this truth, then meditate on this truth, talk with other people about this truth, speak that truth to others( for yoga teachers) teach this truth to others, and only then, maybe, she’ll open up. These questions are very difficult. The first and the second principle they are very complex principle, but they are more or less clear. As for the third principle of yoga, it is generally aerobatics.


MOJO, Basim, group Eka: the Question is. It is not clear about the third principle, because on the one hand is the refusal of suffering ,on the other hand is the active assistance to other living beings in finding happiness. That is, it actually is the yoga of teaching: renunciation of suffering and assistance to other living beings, and plus the fact that there is a claim that teaching yoga is easy methods.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: what is the Question?


Basim: Why not require the third principle from the students?


Whether compliance with the third principle of yoga students?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Question was, allegedly, the third principle and the teaching is the same. No, friends, the third principle and teaching are two different things. We can use elements from the third principle of yoga is to accelerate the training of teachers. But yoga teachers are not required neither the adoption of the third principle, no thorough comprehension. It would be too high it would be if we required it.

The analogy is this: you can manually cut stones, and it is possible with modern construction

tools. Some kind of jackhammer. And this jackhammer to do, at least, to develop science, technology and industry. So in terms of yoga teachers… Roughly speaking to do a yoga teacher need to hand chisel all of his karma to beat. In four years well does not meet. But you can use other

best practices to speed this up. But that doesn’t mean the same thing. That cutting of bricks has something to do with what the bricks are squared. Therefore, the third principle is a very high degree.

Once again, I will give an example. India runs a large number of people who refused on his behalf. And instead of taking names or aliases of the new spiritual names of some abvgd……..Ananda, or some other Sanskrit word the first and the second part – Ananda. It’s usually people who took the sannyasa or sannyasi, renounced the world. To some degree the third principle of yoga is the equivalent of the highest level. We usually do not correctly interpret how the West does not really understand. Moreover, even crafty businessmen now on the right and left shouting that he is the greatest sannyasin, takes the stage name ending in Ananda, and behaves not at bandowski. What do you mean? If you have taken sannyasa, you had to give up all material.

That is, currently lives pseudoperipteral yoga in Moscow, has a flat, Bank account, mersedesik, though not the latest model, well, so cute. Yet there he had friends, friends, position in society. To become a sannyasin should give it all up, sell everything, give all to the left and right and to live on alms. Look at this newly-born Anand, and clearly felt that he was ready to live on alms as homeless. And it is supposed to. The rejection of anything that might cause suffering within the system!!! Of course it’s the extremes, the extreme interpretation. But the meaning is still the same. Even if you are taking the vow of sannyasa, one day will be without a roof over your head, no Bank accounts, no Mercedes, no friends, no one you

respect will not, will not listen, you must remain so, and Ananda, with a smile on her face. Not a Hollywood, AS SINCERE, because you refused from suffering. Now ask yourself, do you know many people who get an apartment, a house, get rid of them, urezh them a salary, and that he remained unmoved. Of course I specifically cite such a hard example. The third principle is not as rigid as a vow, which gives the monks, taking sannyasa. But it is very close. The third principle is the first steps on this. If you can feel happy that you did not happen, then YES, YOU are a SANNYASIN.

As Ilf and Petrov Ostap Ibrahimovic Bender: we were visited By the priest – Rabindranath Tagore. When

Ostap Ibrahimovic was out of money, he gave such advertising and performed mind-reading and so on. A similar situation exists here when he comes some of Ananda and is surprised when prejudice it in money , status or even in something. And there is a double impression from this Ananda.

The third principle of yoga is certainly not as categorical, not as powerful, but this is your first steps towards that. Call yourself whatever you like, but be established in this is not so simple. It is clear that we cannot demand from yoga teachers of the third principle. This level of yoga TEACHER, not a yoga teacher. Understand the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga teacher? Remember graduation? There is a yoga instructor, there is a yoga teacher and is yoga TEACHER. It’s a big difference!!! For the most part people in the West and we have at best yoga instructors who can do the asanas and a few words to squeeze out of himself. Yoga teacher find very difficult and we have here and abroad. To find someone anything knew in theory yoga involves very hard. About yoga teacher even harder to say. Since the task of the Open Yoga University to train teachers of yoga, and not yoga teachers, the third principle, we cannot demand too much to demand. We are so people don’t get. And do not actually are teachers of yoga.


So does anyone have any questions on this topic?


Irina group 4, MOJO: it turns out we can try on the third principle of yoga? That is, we take a prestigious job, we were happy… so, take away something else – we are happy-internal Inspection?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Nothing like that. God forbid, if we are going to do it. To create the conditions to make you lose your job, then left without shelter. Moreover, as I represent the position of the student, he simply does not have time for such experiments: how I’ll feel if I get fired from work, go nasty boss. And the chief takes and fires.


Irina group 4: No .If this is not an experiment. It just happens. A thought experiment can. You’re not wanted, but something happened, and you check its internal state as you…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Third principle of yoga, no question, dark humor, that man gets used to everything, even to the loop… Tugging, tugging and adjusting. Very black, dark humor. Force yourself to put up with something or need to adjust our bad karma doing that is experimenting and looking like a frog… will Act… Alive. Tolerate? Alive.

What would you knowingly came under some terrible conditions and have learned to tolerate these appalling conditions. It’s still a lower rank. Is austerity. Asceticism is YES. If people like a flint. And exactly the same manifests itself in eve of joy grief, happiness and not happiness, and even some everyday life, that like gray swamp itself decomposes. There is nothing worse than long holidays sometimes. We have statistics – there are people, they go to yoga during the holidays. During the holidays the percentage didn’t come to yoga. Why? Internal laziness, jelly spread, the person may not even come here…the Third principle of yoga – more aerobatics…the THIRD PRINCIPLE of YOGA is the will to actively rebuild their own Universe. This has nothing to do with suffering. It is not related with this approach is that now I’ll get fired, and I will tolerate – so I’m doing the third principle of yoga. The third principle of yoga generally eliminates the concept of SUFFERING as myself and in the universe. And that’s just in this case you can actively help those around you to get rid of suffering, if you have own no. In this sense, you are engaged in cleaning his universe. Is the universe, a man is suffering. This man has valueshave come into my universe. And valueshave make in his universe. But the man suffering. I have to ask, but he likes suffering, or he wants to get rid of suffering? If this man said, I want to suffer, it should be left alone. But if he say: I want to get rid of suffering, concerning the third principle of yoga, renunciation of suffering, you must help him get rid of suffering. To further in your universe, in principle, was not

suffering. It is in this deep fundamental principle of sannyasa. You eliminate suffering as a factor in the universe. Suffering was very much needed. They are now necessary for all of us. If we didn’t have suffering, our bestial nature will Wake up tomorrow. You stop going to work, you stop is to do, you pohranice some pleasure, you will cope with these pleasures. In the end everything will start to go wrong, you stop moving, stop improve itself, you will throw yourself in evolutionary terms. And the entire animal world is essentially a world of suffering. Take away the animal’s suffering – he wakes a chance to develop. The cat will cease to run after mice. Why? Breaks. The mouse will cease to run from a cat. Everything will stop. That is the beauty of the human body, since human body, it is possible to eliminate suffering. And so now we are in the human body, there are two stages. We have a beastly nature with which we have no brains to fight. But suffering remind us how to cope with them. No money, have to go to work. But there is the opportunity to build a personal universe without the factor of suffering just this principle should be deleted.


Suffering is not a law of nature. Suffering is the wrong application of our internal

enjoyment. About this tells us the axioms of yoga. Not going to touch. Once on the path of evolution was skewed, it can be eliminated. It wasn’t even a bias, but a necessary measure of suffering. It was a necessity. But now comes the time to rebuild his universe is to avoid suffering. And the third principle of yoga and have the tools to do it.

I have just come back to that, should the yoga teacher to take the third principle of yoga? NO.

Yoga teacher may not accept it. It is not included in the rule of the game. You can bring yoga to the extent that you got those people who know less about yoga than you, so that you can live without the third principle of yoga. This might be possible. This is a fairly large area of evolutionary.


The decision algorithm in yoga


A question to the students. How does the algorithm solutions in yoga? Remember, we discussed with you

numerous questions to steal the sour cream in the kitchen or don’t need, etc. and we started kind of this algorithm, as the answer to such questions. I ask the Marina to remind what are we saying here?


Marina klimusheva, 4 group, MOJU: it is necessary to consider the first, the second principle of yoga. The first principle of yoga – a beacon, if there is any doubt. The second principle is not to waste their strength in vain and attention, because it may not have neither the strength nor the attention. And Debt, and the sequence of actions to achieve the goal. There we have the first and the second principle to consider first the problem in this light.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants to add? Who didn’t say anything?


Vyacheslav, group 3: Also if that doesn’t help screenings on the first and second principle of yoga, we turn to the teacher, the specialist, the man who knows, well versed in this matter. If that does not work, or there is no possibility to appeal to a man we are discussing with other people the topic. Maybe this will help.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who does not say and wants to say?


Julia, group 4, MOJO: we forgot about the zero step. That higher self of any person Freely. And he can do whatever he wants.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excellent!!! Will remember this moment. Higher I am free!!! This is the main part of our today’s lesson, but first I’ll ask Paul to press the button…


Marina, tell us your subjective opinion of what FREEDOM is?


Kim’s Marina group 3: there is some feeling, but the words are hard to say.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants to add?


Belov Sergey group 4, MOJO: Freedom is freedom from everything completely. So we decided not to list, whatever list we were not, on any item this list will say that we are free from it. And we are free from freedom itself initially. That is, we didn’t know about it, so it is limitless…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants something else to add, who did not open his mouth in the first place…..BUTTON. I need to make those who were silent.


Vernikova Elena: Freedom – the need to do something to aspire to.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, what is Freedom a necessity? These things are mutually exclusive.


Fedoseeva Larisa group 4, MOJO: I would say that freedom ? it is our will to do something or not to do. If subjectively speaking, not axioms…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not. In the end what is axiomatic? That’s what we have to rediscover for ourselves. You know?


Vyacheslav group 3: talk about freedom, we must also remember the responsibility. I think these are two inseparable topics. Because the big question is where does our freedom begins responsibility for our actions.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants to reflect on Freedom and Responsibility? Button!


Gasimov Milla, band 3: I want to say that freedom is freedom in the first place from the first and second principle..


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here’s a twist…Very nice twist. And what is the first, the second worse than the third? Or the law of gravity? Or Newton’s laws? Why? Phase nausea probably occurs.


Belov Sergey group 4: Responsibility may vary with our karmic situation. Making things changes our karmic situation. And freedom, in particular, needs to be above karma. We need it to collapse, having accumulated positive karma, plus negative. Thus to go beyond karma.


Julia group 3, MOJO: Freedom is the measure of our responsibility. And when the person alleged to be in the first and second principle of yoga, he impregnated to such an extent that they are not his principles, and be very existence.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Interesting point of view.


Student: Freedom is an internal state. And the responsibility is that the state was not at the expense of others, not to harm living beings.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this linkage with the first and second principle, actually.


Elena, passive participant: it seems to Me that freedom when we make decisions, we are free to choose what is guiding their decisions.


Vladimir, group 3: would Like to summarize as the responsibility and freedom among themselves mate. The thing is that if responsibility isn’t, and there is no freedom as such at all. All I’m Free. The world is connected, everything in the world interacts. If there’s one thing I will infringe on the freedom of another I automatically I it the freedom to infringe. His own freedom to infringe. It is impossible to separate responsibility from freedom.


Andrey Sazonov group 4: continue statement… about one. Of the coin without the two sides did not happen. If we select one, it will not be a second. If you remove freedom, there is no responsibility, if you remove the responsibility, not freedom. As one.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Theme of freedom is, apparently, another, and maybe more lectures, dominant in our consideration. So I ask all of you to remember all that has been said, to reflect and be ready next time deployed on this topic to answer. This is one of the most serious ,fundamental topics in yoga. Now I don’t want to touch it because I want to Polish the materials of the previous lectures. Namely, technology or algorithm of decision-making in yoga, or answers to questions in yoga. It was absolutely wonderful and made the remark that before giving an answer to a particular set life or person a question, or take any action under the pressure of the first, second or even third principle of yoga must not for a moment forget the fundamentals of our Universe, lies in the fact that we are free. The word freedom is just a word. We on the one hand can intuitively understand and feel, but it just seems to us that we understand and feel. This word, as a bridge to Infinity. One

the sides of this bridge? the usual Association, or episodes from the life, on the other hand, Verhovina the reality of being. So on the one hand, the notion of FREEDOM is extremely specific, and on the other hand is very abstract. And if you throw out the Freedom, from yoga absolutely nothing left. Sets of mental exercise as much as most diverse, most wonderful. The principles of how to live or how to live is not necessary ? was, is and will be the greatest variety. In the Soviet years was the code of builders of communism. Ask again what it is. Even there were principles governing the behavior that the true party member does not allow himself this, this, this. Why not first, second, third principle of yoga, but built differently. The question is that what would have been miraculous ? it’s just a kind of program of action. And we are not robots. Absolute made us in his image and likeness FREE. And

therefore, any decision algorithm, any attempt to answer the question from the position of the first, second, third principle of yoga is merely an attempt not to make blunders in terms of promoting spiritual evolution. But no yoga in a nightmare will not qualify for your freedom. So let’s once again we will focus our attention. Let this be the distinguishing feature of all of our students. Before you make a decision you first and foremost remember that you are FREE. Absolutely free. You so made absolute. Nothing and no one has the right to rule you or dictate any rules. This is the first thing we should always remember. Any rules that the miraculous can stop

fire. And you will be like a robot with an incorrectly laid program.


The first thing in yoga that one must remember – you are always FREE. But then the second part is the LIABILITY, as if the reverse side of Freedom. Do you remember the moment of decision, you are the moon fell, you had a previous life, the previous karma, previous relationships and your previous way of life, which forms today’s DEBT. And this is the second very important point.

So first: the absolute made me free as you want, and go. But second, I’m pretty sitting here. So cute I was sitting here, my mom and dad had to clothe and feed long before I began to figure out something. And understand that I am Free. My country taught me, fed good, bad me engaged, but engaged. I have a Duty to the country. My friends tolerated my brazen antics, my wife tolerated my obnoxious behavior. And so, turning my whole life up until now, you realize that the other people around you, they are also FREE. But they picked up their freedom in the name of you. To me, that’s so cute, here he could sit, meditate, and in particular to exercise their freedom. That is, automatically appears the notion of DEBT, with the starting point, where I am in the moment of decision. But then comes into play the first and second principle of yoga, or of the concept of DHARMA.


I have a starting point, where I am, I have a task which I should handle, or choose the path to go. I remember the first yoga principle and the second principle of yoga. Why do I remember them? Please note: Freedom, then Debt, and then the first, the second principle of yoga. Because Debt defines Dharma in the first stage. We determine your Dharma at the first, the second principle of yoga. And it further shapes it. Dharma hones, gives to understand it better. I apply the first principle of yoga and weed out, cut off the wrong part of the decisions, I apply the second principle of yoga, cut off the wrong part of the solutions. Takes a narrow path of DHARMA. It is one wide, one narrow path…. I have a certain amount of options. After that, if practiced rapid methods for yoga, but I have to remember about the third principle of yoga and to weed out decisions. Through the third sieve to miss the third principle of yoga. I get the output already much smaller number of decisions, opportunities like that to do.


I am again reminded that I’m free, and, from a position of freedom to choose from what is left.


Who did not understand my words? Who knew in part? Let me repeat, very quickly this scheme I repeat to you, this is a very important thing. Once, during the war, invented computing machine. She, in particular, allowed to open the encrypted radio messages of the warring parties, was very useful thing to count, how to detonate a nuclear bomb, to shortchange all of the reactions arising in those or other events, but it was a piece goods. Computers have occupied the size of half a decent home, consume a huge amount of energy and was worth the money unfunny. She helped to make a breakthrough, but it was a one-time jerks. And then we developed technology to clone the chip. The computer dreamed during the Second World war, now can be embedded in your cell phone. And you crap on it say, you know? And power was quite comparable to that with which the German Enigma cipher was deciphered. This is a series how we use abilities and opportunities.


But not talking about it. Humanity, as it was said in the classics of Marxism-Leninism, can make the transition from quantity to quality. So, as soon as a computer fell sharply, life has changed qualitatively. That is exactly the same and in yoga. Yoga can give us some kind of tool, and if you learn to use this tool, you’ll change your life. And yoga is big and complex and very long it is necessary to study, but something you can adopt right now. In particular, the algorithm of decision-making. That is, if you choose a habit to pass everything through this algorithm, the probability of making a catastrophic error will be dramatically reduced. This does not mean that you stop doing stupid things. But the percentage of stupidity will be less.


So, this decision algorithm is something that you can really arm yourself right now. And to do this, as we spoke today, first to hear, then memorize, then long to think, trying to apply, then teach others, and maybe after that, he comes up to you. So, let’s see it again.


So, the first thing to start any decision with the mindfulness that you are not a robot and not a computer, who need the algorithm. You are free right now. But you can’t take advantage of their freedom because of their ignorance. But initially exclude the fact that you are free is a very complicate life in the future. And then you start to voleizyavleniya that you are not free, and it is very thin, difficult to overcome Maya. We’re in the dark, and if we ourselves begin to weave, so we never vypolnim. So, this factor is the basic mantra of consciousness was in yoga. In different ways it is pronounced, for example, tat svam ASI. You are that. And that is the absolute, absolute freedom. That is the principle that gave rise to this Universe. It is all done, and can do as he pleases. So very often, you know, in India people come from the West, and say: I found the old man, long in his feet was sitting, and at parting he said the mantra – you are that. And a disgruntled American comes and can not understand, blew him? He wanted more real teachings of yoga, and he said this phrase, and he has a discontent on the inside. And gave him a squeeze. It’s such a squeeze, without which all the rest is husk, vanity and more likely to lead you into the jungle, of which you do not crawl. All these flirtations with potustoronnij.

You are that, you’re free.


And, so, again, always it is necessary to remember that you are free, you are the robots in which it is necessary to put the program on decision-making. But, on the other hand, the centuries-old experience of mankind tells us that, if we use best practices, then we will make less mistakes until the hour when we will priotkroem to your Higher self, his omniscience, omniscience, omnipotence and so on. That is, full use of the freedoms that we have. And now still do not know how. So it makes sense to heed the algorithm.


So, first of all, remember that we are free.

Second – remember that we are not fallen from the moon that someone picked up their freedom in order to give an opportunity to make us your something. Therefore, there is a notion of duty, of Dharma.

We then used the situation the first principle of yoga.

All that was left, laying in the second. Passed through the second principle of yoga.

All that was left, laying in the third. Well, can’t lay, you can stop here. Used first, used second. All that’s left at the exit – still some solutions.

The second time we are reminded that we are free and we can accept any of these solutions, and can valishvili to say that today we have a mentality such that we do not want to accept, we are free, we are free in everything, even to do silly things. It’s our nature.


And now, the second time we remember that we are free and do whatever you decide to do.


Well, or a more complex option is when we after the first and second principle of yoga apply the third principle of yoga. It is clear that the number of decisions is reduced. And, of the remaining solutions.

Again we are reminded that we are free, and anything you select or discard all and I go way back.


Now, if it is applied to life, according to yoga, the probability of disappointment to be left with nothing, the possibility of not getting what we want, the chance to drastically reduce their freedom in the future is drastically reduced.


Paul, let’s hit the adrenaline button and somebody is going to repeat it all.


Romanowicz Julia: in order to make a decision according to the yoga tradition, you need to remember that we are free, our Higher self free from everything, even from their ignorance. Then we sieve through all the options through the first and second principle of yoga, in order to exclude…Oh, about the duty I forgot.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here’s how it forget. About freedom-that’s all I remember. But about the debt, yeah, until I remind you…


Julia: Yes, we remember that around us there are people who for us from something refused at the time, parents, friends, someone else, and we must understand that we have a certain duty. And only after that you need to focus on the first and second principle of yoga. Then we are left with even fewer choices and remains the concept of our Dharma, that is, we accept the decision from the perspective of how we should act according to our Dharma. Then we remember that there is a third principle of yoga so that we do not cause suffering and, if possible, helped to get rid of suffering. And in the end again remember that we are free.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Okay. Now, let’s take the case of life. Invent a hypothetical situation. To somehow exaggerate, add some episodes difficult. Imagine some kind of watershed event, say a war, 1941-th year, the Germans near Moscow, Stalin with the government threw out the slogan “All for front, all for victory”, the Germans are attacking everyone. And virtually real case, I have a friend yogi, in 30-e years the Pope had been shot, and a mother sent, then the Germans dropped leaflets, “surrender without a fight, will you fight for a country that oppresses you?” and so on. And you sit and have a decision to make – go to defend their Homeland or to flee to the Siberian forest to hide, or, conversely, to cross the border and in the Vlasov troops to join to fight the Communists, or even some may be the solution.


Who wants to reflect on this case? This man comes to you and says: I can’t figure out what to do, help me. I see a hand of someone.


Marina, group 4. Depending on the age. If you are 15 years – to drop bombs and to dig trenches. Or go to the guerrilla group. More elders need to go to the factories.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Marina, this is understandable, but it was only later, after the decision. But, on the contrary, in the Vlasov army or saboteurs? …


Marina: Homeland


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, our space, the universal homeland, an absolute us did what? Free. Free from what?


Students From all


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: from ideology? Including.


Marina: But there is a debt.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is the second part that should never be forgotten. Who will give voice to it schematically?


Irina, group 4. First of all, we remember that we are free from everything. The second stage we are reminded of our duty. And, above all, in this case, we remember that we have a duty, a duty to his family and friends.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But then a counter-question. And what is the duty, homeland, homeland-the mom and dad shot… Friends, this example is not abstract. I can reveal the secret of this man turned professional soldier, ended his career in Berlin, and who received repeated injury. Ended in Berlin on the side of our troops, no matter what. But I’m sorry, I interrupted. Further, analysis.


Irina: We remember about our duty to the people for whom we are responsible, duty to country, duty to family and friends, which we must protect…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: we are pressed for time. Let me briefly describe the strategy of thinking of this man. This is a very honored person. And the situation is such that, Yes, indeed, the enemy near Moscow. Yes, indeed, the leadership has shown its complete inconsistency. I mean the leadership of the country, troops and so on. Well, really, when you have the prisoner take 600 people, is already something out of science fiction. Well, it was already clear then, to those who even slightly understand something. On the other hand, particularly to fight him for the power that shot his loved ones, too, as something not particularly desirable. But, on the other hand, there is a duty to the people. People and power – are two different things. Authorities come and go. The government in General in our country have a tendency of just that, they fly off the rails at the slightest provocation, and everyone is trying to solve violence. In this respect, we have, of course, the terrible karma of the country – everything is violence, violence. But here was the question that debt to those people from political circles, who are in power, they do not. He was absolutely up to the lantern, how is Stalin with all his entourage, as feel that these people who commit atrocities. But I want to say that there were a lot of Communists – decent people, which is not to say that they were all bastards. But the party leadership, she was in the blood. And fight for it reason was no. And, it would seem, had, on the contrary, at best, sabotage at worst to side with the enemy. Clearly, then, few people were aware of what fascism is. Before the war he, on the contrary, wanted to present a positive light, even signed a Pact of non-aggression. Although it was already clear that this rather gloomy phenomenon. But it remains the duty. Which is higher than the duty of some people who are in power today, and tomorrow they toppled. That is a very specific duty to the country, regardless of who is in power – the Communists or the Tsar’s government, or someone else. This is something that very well describes in a generic yoga, involvement of people, it has determined the debt. And this man had no doubt that we should volunteer and join the army. Again, not because he wanted to protect the criminal elite. Although, we are talking “criminal elite”, but also it is impossible to say that Stalin was a very very bloody at the time were all bloody, and in America.

But we go further. Of course, in the teaching of yoga says not to harm any living creature, and, therefore, that you go with a gun to war to fight the Germans, this shows that you will of the Germans to kill. So you’re going to violate the first principle of yoga, is stupid. But do you remember the principles of yoga, because they are mind made. There is a very clearly stated – unless absolutely necessary. And the urgency is determined by Dharma. If you don’t go now to fight against the Germans, the Germans slaughtered in the concentration camps all the others. You owe it to the rest of the people – whether they are Communists, not Communists – that is your kind. If you’re going to stand by them in the gas chambers destroyed.


And that’s, you know, 1-e – freedom. Can in Siberia, in Vlasov, unable to volunteer, you can just sit in the bushes. Free.


But, 2nd is duty. And my relatives were raised, fed. Now they will kill, and I will be in Siberia to sit out of sight and observe.

I was talking, I was struck by the moment one yogi writes that he in 1942 he attained Samadhi. And I understand that my grandfather could not achieve Samadhi in 1942, because he died in hospitals.


Remains after freedom, a more narrow corridor debt. It is necessary very clearly to remember who you’re supposed to. There are people, circumstances and things that you don’t have, and therefore can be discarded. But there are moments that make you remember that your freedom, with your level of ignorance is the result usausausa freedoms of others. Mom and dad your can fun, for parties to run and jump, but they are over your bed, you sang songs, fed you, clothed, and could have a very fun time. That is, there is a notion of debt. Narrowed the number of behaviors.


Next. The principle of yoga. It is clear that if the duty orders to go to battle, you have to go to fight.

1st principle of yoga restricts you in the next step. Yes, you’re going to fight fair, you run to attack, shoot, kill the Germans. The famous sculptor, was awarded a medal for something that broke into the trench and killed all the Germans. And was intelligent people. It’s one thing when killing is your duty, and you run to the attack. But the battle ended, there were German prisoners. What to do with them? It’s no secret that many prisoners were shot, well, including the Germans, however, the Germans also our shot. Here is already the first principle of yoga is very hard. He’s unarmed in front of you, and you’re armed. You have the urgency to kill him? No. Tell us 1-the first principle of yoga? And don’t touch it. And those who are prisoners, defenseless and killed, or tortured – in direct violation of the 1st principle of yoga. Friends, is not so clear.


So you ran to the attack, you’ve killed a certain number of enemies, a certain number were captured, and you have anger boils – all your companions died, some crimes were committed, including the ones you’ve captured – you have a finger and scratched to shoot them all. It itches and. And in the heat of battle and there is little uptake. But the situation has drastically changed and you should change your attitude. Yes, he is a prisoner, and no longer absolutely necessary. And those who have the Dharma to judge, let them judge, and those who have Dharma shot – let the shot. But not you. It is not necessary to burden their karma without thinking.


We imposed a filter of the first principle of yoga.


The second principle of yoga. Well, you have to go on the attack, but it is necessary a little and to think. We must try

a) to stay alive

b) as efficiently as possible to escape the attack.

That is, to use their brains to apply all the achievements, all the tactics, all while allowing more apt to fight. And now, you remember how and what you can do, and a certain number of movements is eliminated. The output remains more narrow range of your actions.

But you again remember that you do, by and large, free.

You can do as you please.

But you also remember that there is a concept in yoga, as authoritative evidence. Ancient teacher and a teacher of yoga say that it is more appropriate to act in this way and not at random, as the chip will fall.


And very difficult for us, life presents a situation. In some German when he was in the trenches sits and shoots at you, and you should kill him. And the sooner, the more effective you’ll do it with the second principle of yoga, the better. But he surrendered. Hop – and everything changed, he falls under the first principle of yoga, it is impossible for him to do anything wrong. That is, friends, that this time… We are still little understood in life. We are animals, we are still largely behave automatically, without thinking, something committed. Everything, absolutely everything, don’t think that, say, I differ special mind and ingenuity, anything like that, I’m the same as you, only a little earlier began to apply this algorithm, and now you tell him, and you are not me. More between us there is no difference. I’m not a celestial, not a yoga teacher, God forbid. But, you know, here following the logic of the universe: if you act according to this algorithm, this technology, you become more efficient. You have the resource. If you do not feel overwhelmed by negative karma, which you must implement by using a pile of prana, because of their evil deeds in the past. You have a resource that you can use as you want. Want to become a billionaire, go ahead. Enlightenment want is a reliable springboard for enlightenment, but, strictly speaking, it is a reliable foothold for your business, for politics, for your personal, family life, everywhere. And I specially is a little exaggerated, it is real, with rare exception, the story, lest you think that we here consider the abstract, divorced from life items. They are extremely vital.


Who wants to say something about this?


Irina, group 4. I have a question. Learning to apply this algorithm in his life, how does this relate to intuition? That is, it turns out that we always act logically and not listening to intuition, or the fact that 2 times we remember that we are free, still leaves the chance of intuition?


V. Z. In a sense, you’re right. Remembering that we are free, before and after, that is indeed some small chance of intuition to reconsider again the chain of our reasoning. Why? Because intuition is something sverdlovini. If something sverdlovini, at least in our previous meditation, we passed the time of “unknowable”. Can be both, and you somehow took one side. And it will allow us to revise and more clearly to come. On the other hand, intuition – something extremely dangerous. Here we are now talking about the Second World war and about Hitler near Moscow. After all, who is this Hitler friends? This is a man with extraordinary intuition and sense of smell. But this intuition as it raised early in the war, and threw him into the abyss at the end. For one simple reason, friends, that we by the word intuition in everyday life understand the mixture of animal instincts and glimpses of something beyond-. When we think poured out on us the water of intuition, it can be either animal instincts, which will not get us anywhere, but rather will drive into a trap, this can be a revelation that will save us, but, worst of all, this can be a mixture. A little of that, a little bit different. The light is terrible – it is when the intuition with some dark prejudices, and superstitions together. I always remind, if you drive a car, driving at high speed, and you have a wheel that turns, not turning. Time turned and the car turned, and then you spin the wheel left, right, and the car drives itself, how she wants. That is the danger. It is always better turn back, or never turn.


The question is that we are not able to use intuition, and, indeed, there is always the danger that you are some kind of animal instinct will begin to interpret as a revelation from heaven, or revelation from heaven comes, and we decide that it’s some kind fingerprints of life in the bodies of animals.


What is yoga, who can tell me?


Student: Logic

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Logic, absolutely correct. Logic, friends, is a very useful thing. All the illogical logic will destroy. It is very toothy, she loves to eat everything illogical like Kosh likes to catch mice. But overlaytest, or higher intuition, it is logic to not do anything. Neither there nor here. Here to connect the logic, and connect it to a decision a competent way, that the algorithm we just reviewed. It includes elements as you correctly noticed, and overlayclose when we first realize that we are free, and in the end realize that we are free. All our logical reasoning is designed only to deal illogic, but not with sverkhlegkojj. But, at the same time, runs through all the remaining steps, remembering our duty, Recalling the first principle of yoga, remembering the second principle of yoga, with a third heavier, so I will not touch the something is. But once again we are reminded that we are free, not to forget. You know, sometimes a long time is something I calculate where the mistake was, on some very first step.


It’s a complicated formula, is a formula of decision making. The algorithm or technology adoption decisions. Highly recommend, helpful.


Who else wants to speak?


Vladimir, the third group. I would like something to add to the algorithm, if possible.

Here is the first step, I’m completely free. But the choices you make, some life. Why not just say that everything is absolutely free?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No. Friends, you know, I absolutely free, and the concept of freedom is outside of time. Next comes the duty, the notion of debt – temporary.


Vladimir: No, but everyone else is also free.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, but to do that you will. Karma will be yours to enjoy or suffer from actions you will. So you need to think for themselves. And for whom else can you think of? You don’t know how the other person lives. And he may be polishable to violate all conceivable laws of nature. As you can for him to solve?


More questions?


Galina, group 4. Wish to those questions, which we will consider in subsequent lectures pertaining to freedom and responsibility. I wish we had considered this point, as the associative links.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: what?


Galina: Taking the decision in the situation, you understand that you are responsible, but some Association does not always give you to make the right decision.


VZ: As I understand from your words, you are asking to detail the algorithm. Details of the algorithm we may, and do, if we have enough time. For me it is important that at least the algorithm before you came. And the detail is usually what is given for homework. Is taken absolutely any situation and it is necessary to perform the position with this algorithm. Is brought to some point, and there is more fine detail. And this more detailed may include conscious reactions caused by various associative relationships. But this is deeper, to dig deeper into why the 1st principle, 2nd principle, so again, the notion of debt is also very strange. Imagine telling me that I need not to defend the Motherland, the party and the government. Clever marketers begin to build associative links, substituting one for the other. This is very common, and very often we catch ourselves. Advertisers still this sin, although all have been aware of this show of beautiful horses, and then say: our same delicious chocolate. A substitution of concepts. Show something from one area, and then sleight of hand and no fraud – and we are the same great. Show pyramid and say – and we are the same ancient, on NS you can rely on. Sleight of hand and no fraud, to build an Association and make you something one to consider your duty. Or Vice versa. Using associative relationships cloud your true duty. “And you do not have to. You can afford it”. The is such. And who said I can afford it, they said? “Every woman can afford it.” What the hell defines it? This is a clear attempt to force you to buy. To draw an Association and make a person a robot. But we remember: I free. Maybe worthy, maybe not worthy, who knows? They might say, decent, but I wholeshale considered not worthy. As you want, so be it. It is possible in different directions to turn.


Galina: And still such moment. Here you make a decision, then realize you made the wrong decision, and you have invested your energy and strength. But I understand that was wrong. As to karma is not covered? You realize – I was wrong about something. It’s all good. Well, for example, someone stepped on my foot, and I…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And you told him all that I think about it…


Galina: Yes, although would say. What conclusion can be drawn?


Student: You could apologize.


Galina: could You not just react, remember…


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you see, friends, once again I want to draw your attention. Why I’m wasting your time on this algorithm? What’s the difference? Imagine a person comes to you and says: I made a mistake, what should I do? Take the error and again applied this algorithm. It’s a universal thing. If you open the Yoga Sutras Patanjali, there you will meet Yama and Niyama. Two degrees, a very dear and absolutely wonderful. For the moment of writing this treatise it was a high squeak. Aerobatics thoughts. Why? There is embedded all. And the First principle of yoga, and the second principle of yoga, and the third principle there is not quite clearly. Contentment, what we require from you. This is for for those people. They do not have to overload some refined, pure Vedic things. And United in those cases, they often met in real life. In particular, there is a very interesting point, in Niyama, the acceptance of gifts. My God, how many copies broke about it! How much nonsense I’ve seen in my lifetime! Come to man, a gift to give him, and he “went out from me, I have a lack of gifts…”. Nonsense. To live with such people and communicate hard. And I understood something very simple: bribes do not take. But in those conditions in that era the concept of bribery, such a term was not. And there were gifts. When it came, you grease and you eyes something closed. Here please note. Absolutely wonderful Yama and Niyama. Absolutely wonderful work. It can be if you understand to pick up and move on today. But in some moments it requires more intelligence and cleverness than modern man is willing to show. Not everyone understands the Yoga Sutras Patanjali. And you have to chew. Or to go to the original sources is even more fundamental. It to be universal, regardless of whether you live in India, medieval or ancient, or medieval Europe you live, or the modern West. You have to throw those elements that were unique to place or time. And throw from the Yoga Sutras Patanjali nothing remains, because there are all associative and tied to those examples. And the comments… From the Yoga Sutras simpler, they are short, there is little that can be added and thrown out. A commentary of Vyasa, the most famous, there legs, two steps will not pass. He cites that the Buddhists, at some followers that are relevant at the time. As if I now began to shtirlitsa to refer to, you would understand.

Is like a very refined, so far as possible, the essence. It results in the algorithm we are studying. It first need to learn by heart. Then meditate on it. Then try to apply in my life. To talk with other people. To tell someone about it. Then, does he begin to reach you.


Who else wants to say something, to share?

Who thinks it’s all bullshit?


That is not very interesting?


What is really exciting?

Who is undecided?


Students: need It.


Marina, 4 group. I have a question. Who is responsible for the inception of the debt? And what about Nations who have no homeland, Gypsies, for example. Today they are in one country, tomorrow in another.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants to answer this question?


Mark Tomski, band Eka. The assumption is. In determining the debt, it is important to understand the circumstances and pay attention to how we engage with life and each other. How we are interdependent to each other.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: no Time, let us remember these issues in the next lecture will discuss them. But for the Gypsy trying to say. At first glance, completely useless. Hitler was happy when their camps were burned and killed. And now look: Yes, they are haggling with some heroin, it is no secret. A lot of things wrong doing. But, friends, on the other hand, they probably also needed in this game, and the mosaic of our world. Another question, in what percentage, it is an open question. Now the poor French opened the borders, from Romania so much ponapriehal Gypsies that they don’t know where to go, going to deport them. There were local, they somehow fit.


The story of the Gypsies


There is a moment of pure emotional, told me about it one very seriously practicing yogi. It was in 90-e years when there was nothing to eat, remember? And still the sword of Damocles of socialism. Under socialism could put for parasitism, if you don’t work. And here, represent, freedom, vol. Moreover, that article there, and no work. And the situation is terrible – a person has little money, no job, and he begins to intuitively remember: I’m not working, I have no employment record, seniority is not, the pension will not be paid. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable. He went to get a job. This is a real story, friends. Comes – and there is, sorry, dirty office, there are firms with the abomination of the relationship, there better not run, better run from those places. There podsizhivayut each other, doing some writing. Worked 3 days, retired, can not. Running out of money. And he at that moment went the yoga practice. And here he feels that, on the one hand, he once in this world, with his specialty he can not find a job. He can’t feed his wife and children. All he kicked out of life. Money comes to an end disastrously, the wife begins to mutter that it does nothing. That is such hard pressure. And then there is yoga, all the channels are sharpened. The vulnerability is such that word too much tell the person, he night not be. In this state, he was terrible. He goes in the train and, suddenly, he sees the merry Gypsies. Such beggars and suckers. And then suddenly it comes up. And he thinks – everything is now going to starve to death, I’m quite unable to find in this world, this society squeezes me, I must die as an honest man, with hunger, and I have to bury. And then he sees a people who for centuries lived outside of society, in litters, somehow ends reduced, moreover, these barefoot fun kids… he thought, as his own two feet to feed, and then the whole camp. Hungry, dirty, but alive. You see, friends? He didn’t know where to go, as for the light, to pay for gas, where to live, where to rent an apartment or something. And then people, well, that is absolutely not burdened by all these thoughts, they are the children of nature, and this is their strength. At least to remind us of this. He saw it and he understood it, a sign of a higher power he is given. This does not mean that everything needs to be Gypsies. This does not mean that they should be more than a certain percentage, this is really a big problem. This crime, and addiction, a lot of them do “good”. But, on the other hand, they’re kind of my role in the universe. He frankly told me: “They gave me hope, and then I shrugged and decided not to settle and to start their own business, overcome your fear of shovels, opened. You know? It’s a different story, I’m not going to touch. Now, when I say that Gypsies do not need, this person, a yogi, says, no, it’s not true. They need. In some proportion they are necessary. All you need, otherwise they have not had to. Another point is that, Yes, sometimes the balance is disturbed. From the balance of all issues. The cure, if a little peredoziruet turns into a terrible poison. Terrible poison in small doses can cure. We don’t know who of you can say who need it, and who do not need? Mark TWAIN had a good story, about a man who decided to commit suicide, and the angel said to him: let’s look at the world, if you weren’t. And here, as if pulled from history and showed how events would develop, if this man would not be on the ground. It would be terrible. Find Mark TWAIN and read, recommend.


Friends, all the issues we will discuss in the following lectures, all to prepare. Literally going to run amok. The issue of freedom. Lucid reflection on the theme of freedom.


I encourage everyone to learn. All for today.

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