2010_05_11 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 8th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, May 11, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we will continue to consider the subject of Yoga Yoga Visualization interesting and very deep, it is not even obvious. And waiting for us even more “vgryzanie” in heavy yoga theory. Those. Yoga – it’s not just some (maybe) practical exercises. And first of all, understanding of all existence and all the mechanisms that form the basis of the objects or phenomena in the universe.

Let me remind you that in the previous lectures we’ll come to this interesting point, according to which all work with our lives, with those impressions (which we get, anyway, living a happy life) can be reduced to the analysis of the mechanisms or the phenomena that occur in our buddhi or in our mind. This greatly simplifies the analysis of the most incredible intricacies that can cause human reactions, ie, intricacies of the impact of his senses, or those or other situations in life.

Indeed, we have our senses by which we perceive the world. And analyze each individually a sense organ, respectively, as it affects our perception, it can be hard. However, since anyway all the impressions are transferred to the mind and directly from the mind they are perceived by our higher self, we can not analyze these nuances with a particular sense organ, and directly see the dry residue or the final version, which we see in his mind.

This is much, friends, easy yoga, greatly simplifies the understanding of yoga for us. You can not analyze how you run certain senses. Why? Because if you control Intelligence principle, it automatically starts monitoring all the other senses. Why? Because the mind takes precedence over all the senses. And if you have something does not work in your life in terms of realizing their potential through this or that feeling, you can always offer a detour from the mind.

It’s just that if (say) represent the two warring parties. For example, here are the infantry went on the attack, but certainly it can not overcome the enemy. In yoga, only one opponent – this ignorance. Infantry stuck, drove tanks. But also got stuck in swamps, impenetrable forests, minefields. But the enemy does not sleep, too, does not move. Flew the planes, but non-flying weather, nothing can be seen, where the, where other people who bomb also not clear.

And flying satellite spy in orbit in space and makes the space shot in some kind of rays that shine including cloudy, some light spectrum, and at a glance (for example) in red (or I do not know in what) light We see the position of the enemy.

Similarly, sometimes when we stalled. It is possible to reduce everything to the mind, and as a spacecraft, for all to observe all the correct land or where you want in the enemy rear. Once again, my friends, it’s incredibly easy life, it gives you an incredibly powerful trump card.

But, my friends, there is a downside. You will recall that in the universe there is nothing clearly good or clearly bad. Sometimes, too much passion in ways that are reduced only to work with the mind baffled. And sometimes just the opposite: by the action of a feeling easier to make a breakthrough in yoga than with some intelligent comprehension.

A typical example. Are you interested in yoga, you go to a bookstore and buy here Taken stack of books and start reading them. One read – interesting book, another read – a clever book, third, etc. And your life, as it was a gray, dreary and miserable with eternal depression and inner pain remained.

Those. intellectual understanding of doctrine is, and its incarnation in life. Intellectually, we are all well aware, but life does not change. This is a major trap. Very often people get into it. Especially those who are self-storms height yoga. But should such a person, for example, to visit a particular practice (as we would now call) the seminar with a dip. Or in ancient times, it was worth the student to get at some ashram, where (for example) for a few days it is fully immersed in the practice, which did not say no theory, but the methods of influence on certain organs of sense (physical, work with voice, image perception etc, etc.) suddenly result of much good at it, than from all the books read before).

Or vice versa, sometimes just getting minded field, ie, people who also do yoga, just like you and everyone did not work individually, and together they gathered, and it worked. This effect I like to call “the effect of the fire in the wood and green wood in wet weather.” Here, try cheese in the forest, when the rain comes, the fire breed of green branches. Nothing you would not get if you try to ignite the separately taken a green twig. But if there is an armful of twigs and if you properly ignite a fire or give the right seed, in the future, these raw branches will burn themselves, as if they were dry.

Why? Because of this energy and this pulse in the direction of spiritual development each of us produces too little for us. But when we get together, we not only themselves Gray, but also the surrounding comrades Gray. And it turns out that less than prana, spiritual impulse goes away, but more concentrated in this group.

That is why the group practice yoga. For a particular purpose together people start practicing Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, any yoga, sometimes resulting in a completely fantastic things. Those. It begins to reach that mind is not reached.

Therefore, once again I want to say that the intellectual comprehension or the reduction of all the work to the mind is sometimes very much helps, but sometimes the other way around becomes an obstacle in the way. Depending on the karma of each person, depending on his aspiration, depending on many factors, which we are not going to enumerate.

So, we go back to our picture. I draw the diagram, rather, I have already painted, where we see our self that is hidden as if behind a semi-transparent mirror and is (as it were) is hidden from us. And our ego feels its manifestations (as it were) abroad this mirror. Once again, grab the the idea. Our I consider myself manifestations, manifestations abroad mirrors and, accordingly, I can not see itself.

On the other hand, for all the objects and phenomena of the universe around us disappears (as claimed by yoga) some fundamental principle, the root cause being the Absolute (in other words). And the gap between our I and the Absolute, in fact, our inner and outer world. It is precisely the diversity of objects and phenomena, such as the universe around us, and our inner mental mental world, the world of sensations, experiences, dreams, hopes.

In fact, it turned out a diagram of the universe. Just as the two fingers you can hold any thing, and the whole universe is between our I and the Absolute. And I, when I draw these charts, I always come to mind a poem that wrote Pavel Kogan. You may probably have heard it, or may not have heard. Lines memorable.

“But we still get to the Ganges,

but we are still going to die in battle,

That from Japan to England

I was shining my native land. “

As you can see here from “A” to “Z”. Just as you can all the objects or events to write letters of the alphabet, just as well here. “I” in this scheme designations of our Atman, or our higher self, on the other hand – “A” (Absolute), and the diversity of objects and phenomena in between. So I suggest a cheat sheet on the exam when you take the one or the other section on yoga Visualization, as all remember.

So, what it is called “A to Z” on the contrary. And this picture, as you recall, we have reduced the image to another, where there is what is called “buddhi”, divided into two parts. One part responsible for our inner world, and the other part is responsible for the external world. And we remember that our I highlights what is buddhi in what is called “citta”. Or we usually draw it like a flashlight, flashing something inside buddhi. And buddhi, I remind you, just skip that has passed through such a guard, which is called “Manas”.

So, it turns out that our self is the one who gains experience. And this experience (primarily) is obtained through the buddhi. Those. Our Consciousness is shining through Chitta and highlights all that is in buddhi. And we know the universe as the inner and the outer, the outside world and the inner world only by a copy of buddhi. We have stayed at the previous lectures.

We – the creator of your universe

Now we are waiting for a more severe part of the theory. But, my friends, we are not only perceive the universe, we can also do something in this universe. Those. we are not only spectators but also active participants.

Indeed, I recall our example. Yogi sits on Tverskaya street and drink tea. Accordingly, an accurate picture is projected in his buddhi. But the yogi can put a cup of tea from the left side of the table, and can put on the right side of the table. Those. he is given some opportunity to influence the course of events, he will be taken with the help of his mind.

So, our self is not only the ability to perceive, but also the ability to act, and then take the results of their actions. Or in other words, I have two of our ability: the ability of consciousness and ability to Energy. Ability Consciousness highlight something, to gain knowledge, information. The ability of Energy just to influence everything that was Consciousness is highlighted.

And here I am going to ask you to make yourself a little note: we can influence only on what has been Consciousness is highlighted anyway. Why I said ‘anyway? ” because it immediately raises a lot of questions about how the subconscious mind works, etc. We do not have time to understand the intricacies of these, so I’m doing this supplement to you get the first main point.

So a cup of tea, you can put the table on the left side or the right side of the table only in one case, if you perceive with your consciousness this cup. Now each of you in the hand grip. But to write something in his notebook you can only in one case, if you accept, you see, what you have in the hands of this pen. Those. fine point connection between consciousness and the ability to manifest the energy or somehow affect the fact that it is highlighted Consciousness.

And the question is: who puts the glass of tea to the left side of the table or on the right side of the table? Undoubtedly, our higher self Ie all that momentum come from? From our higher self

Indeed, there are actions that we do reflexively, automatically, instinctively. But every instinct, or any reflex action – it is, as a rule, those actions that have been repeatedly made by us consciously. Therefore, even if you touched the cup of tea, but she was well, too hot, and you pulled back his hand without even realizing it. And, apparently, not your higher self has decided to draw back his hand, but only some kind of mechanism, sewn into the body of your device. But this mechanism is just a very long elaborated. Again, it was elaborated by the self, our I somehow manifests itself in relation to a particular situation.

So, we get the following thing: against all types of objects or phenomena that we perceive through our senses. In yoga, as a rule, it all comes down to the five senses. This information falls into the buddhi and there through the Chitta gets to our self and our self is the one who is going through this experience information. Those. that the final authority that receives this knowledge and this experience.

On the other hand, depending on which is the information on the response or other information can be different. So, the highest level, whence comes this reaction is, again, our I. And, in order to illustrate these words, I take a red pencil and draw. One arrow, that of the self through the semi-transparent mirror, behind which is hidden our higher self and through the Chitta gets inside buddhi. Another arrow is the same, but the focus is the opposite.

Get the information from the buddhi, buddhi to refer the impulse to react to this or that information. With this momentum going? This pulse, which falls in from our buddhi I also creates a chain of events that lead to the fact that we somehow manifests itself in the world through the so-called organs of action.

So, through the senses receive information, through the organs of action somehow react to this information. The different schools of yoga have different classification of these organs of action. In fact, there is an impression that this part of yoga is not quite so well-preserved. For example, sometimes as a result of action organs arms, legs, tongue, and, oddly enough, penis and anus. This is probably also the body action.

In other schools of yoga it is believed that people can lead and the eyebrow, the king could lead the eyebrow, and approximate start to operate. Those. it is also a kind of action organ. Finally, we remember that there is such a force, when a yogi or yogini, projecting this or that idea in your mind, make you think of all the others in the same vein. This is the aspect of Raja Yoga. This is also (like a) the possibility of action.

Therefore, with this classification enforcement actions the situation is more confused than the classification of the senses. Therefore, we will not analyze, sort through them. In this respect, some thoughts, but we currently do not have time (as part of our course).

Manifestation of Consciousness and Energy

The fact remains that there is something that falls from the outside world into the inner world, and then falls to our Ya Ie there is some information that enters our I and our I know what’s going on. And depending on what kind of situation of the self is also a pulse which causes the complex structure itself as a lead, depending on whether it was for the information that came before.

It turns out the picture, like a radio operator. Sometimes, at the dawn of the movies show radiodela radio operator with the transmitter. It works at the reception, at the transmission. Radistka Kate knocks first Morse code, and then listen to the answers from the center. In the movie about Stirlitz, remember? And these things they are separated in time by a reception and transmission.

And try to catch the next very serious zubodrobilny time in yoga: what are related impulses reception or transmission, or contact that comes to us from the outside in the form of information, and is responsible for what consciousness is, and the momentum that we refer outside, and what it is called energy. How they are related to each other?

Friends, they are related in the following way, and it really aerobatics in yoga. Frankly, I do it to the end do not understand. It is in fact two sides of the same coin. Or are the two functions of one and the same thing, which is called “prana”. When prana acts externally, it is known as a manifestation of our energy. When this same Prana operates in, it is known as a manifestation of consciousness. And in fact, it’s something different about what we can hardly even think about it.

Friends, we have not really understand what consciousness is, we do not really understand what energy. And what it is and Consciousness and energy – it’s aerobatics (what is called) in abstract thinking. And this, of course, we understand even less.

Therefore, if from the beginning you some thing is not to grasp, it’s okay. I myself (as they say) or one year meditated to get closer to what the Master taught.

So, of our self in our inner and outer world are come some pulses. Those impulses are coming, they are responsible for consciousness, or for ensuring that our I knew anything about a particular place in the universe, where the orientation of consciousness. But consciousness, as you recall, is directed at us with you wherever you sent our senses and attention.

At the same time, there are impulses that originate from our I somehow influence the situation that was highlighted Consciousness. And here comes the question of the chicken and the egg: what is primary and what is secondary.

And for that, the prana is responsible for everything. Those. Prana works (sort of) in this mode of reception and transmission. Push outward – Push inward or outward impulse – momentum inside. Moreover, the source of prana – Prana our higher self gets into our inner outside world. When it operates in a single mode, we know it as energy. When it operates in a different mode, it works as consciousness.

Therein lies, my friends, is some secret power of Consciousness. To help you understand what I am saying, I will give an example of modern psychology, which is quite far from yoga. But I would still like some things in terms of illustration lead.

Psychologists know this paradox that sometimes (how it is said) this or that situation, which is considered a real man behaves, in its consequences, as if it was a real situation.

You think something and the consequences of what you think (whether it was true or false), such as if it was true. Or even a rough example. At night you go on the road and suddenly see a snake on the road. And it may be a rope, and maybe a snake and maybe a rope, and maybe a snake. And if you perceived it as a snake and, accordingly, began to get her side, and spared and went on his way, then its consequences all the same whether it was a rope or a snake, you still would have taken it as a snake and did as if it was a snake.

Those. we’ll come to a barely grasps the idea of interpretation. Interpretation of what displays Consciousness. But depending on how we interpret that highlights Consciousness are the pulse energy and change the world around us, according to this Consciousness. And God knows how it really is. This difference between the reception or transmission gives some uncertainty of the universe in which we live.

The analogy with quantum mechanics

And the good comparison or illustration for this uncertainty, I personally, for example, arises from the modern quantum mechanics, where there are (respectively) of the world-famous uncertainty principle put forward by Heisenberg. Accordingly, it is a school of physics, led at the time by Niels Bohr. And why do I bring this example? Not because yoga is a substitute for this science, yoga did not substitute for science, science is its methods. Well, it was too good analogy. Before a good analogy, for those people who are familiar with quantum physics, all at once it falls into place as correlates of consciousness and energy to prana or even our life flows.

And once again I want to repeat, if we lived in medieval India, I would have to give you examples of the “Mahabharata”, “Upanishads” or some ancient Vedas, but here’s the problem – you do not know them. Therefore, if I start here are the relevant passages you read, it’s the same, I’m on the Japanese you some local anecdotes told, you would hardly understand.

And since the problem with the help of analogies to convey the idea, it seems to me that this analogy is the most elegant approach.

But perhaps, as not all of you know the basic principles of quantum mechanics. And I urge all of you to find a sane simple tutorials, good they are, and just read. In this respect, of course, the Western books better (as experience shows) than domestic. Domestic and pseudoscientifically too much math. But some non-fiction films, or any ordinary book, so you at least have an idea. In general, any cultured person must know not only the L. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, F., but also even the basics of the lines on which modern humanity is (in terms of science).

Still, for those who are not quite in the topic, I announced. In quantum physics there is such a strange notion that in certain amounts and at certain intervals of time the universe behaves quite differently, as we used to. For example, if the size, measured in appropriate units, less than the specified, or if the time interval is less certain, then you basically can not determine at the same time coordinate (say) of an object and its velocity.

For example, imagine an electron flies, as we think. But to say that it flies, we can only watch him on that track that it leaves in its wake. Here he is flying, touches one atom and another atom, they start itself as something to show. And you can take a picture, and supposedly the trajectory of the electrons. But if we take a small amount of time and space of a small gap through which supposedly should fly an electron, then we will be disappointed. The very notion that “there is something flying” on such a scale does not exist, my friends.

This is quite a strange feature of our world. Not for nothing that the founding fathers of quantum mechanics (the same Niels Bohr, Heisenberg) in its various statements emphasized that, if you meet with quantum mechanics, and it does not cause you a stormy protest his lack of logic, then you do not understand quantum mechanics. It so turns our familiar ideas about the world that they do not fit in my head. But, if you have them grasped and understood the essence of the matter, you will better understand the analogy with the prana and thus better get into yoga practices.

Once again, it is not because I want to be here to replace the science of yoga. Science – the science of yoga – yoga is, well, it was too good analogy. So, it turns out that at some distances and at any time intervals in principle we can not talk at the same time speed and coordinate.

And the same analogy with prana. It turns out that under certain conditions we like, or we can act either accept the results of their actions. Because it’s very quick, successive processes, we have the illusion that we can simultaneously act, and monitor the results of our actions. Our Yogi holding a cup of tea and, as it seems, slowly puts it to the right edge of the table. And it seems that it monitors the action, ie, he simultaneously moves the plate (ie, a pulse is sent into the universe), and perceives, as it is all there is.

But if you break it up into small, little more elementary processes, it gives a very interesting thing. Those. we perceive only what has been the result of past actions, but during this time the picture is obsolete and is replaced by another one.

Or in another way, friends. Our prana (as they would say) vibrates the appointment, then the transfer. And we can either know the picture (working as consciousness) or act. But there we are acting, in fact, as if it was a black box for us.

And in this connection there are certain yogic practices, where you have to escape or energy, or in the Consciousness. And if you both try to sit on the Energy and Consciousness, you will find yourself between two stools and everything to lose. And this practice of yoga lovers, it is the practice of Yoga Pranayama is the practice of Raja Yoga, it is all practices willed when you want to change the universe. You either change it or watch indifferently. But it is impossible to do the same thing. Anyway, in some extreme cases of life.

The same applies to certain spiritual breakthroughs. You either do something or perceive. But it is a little to the side. Then we are waiting for more serious issues that we need to have time to read at today’s lecture.

So, therefore, instead of the two arrows, which are directed back and forth of the self toward buddhi, I draw a wavy line in the form of a sine wave (up, down, up, down), which comes from our self, pervades the semitransparent mirror, behind which our I hid, and gets straight to the buddhi.

Roughly speaking, just like the sound wave from my speech is air, which accordingly varies forward or backward. Accordingly, there are some changes in pressure. Distributed by my mouth and, therefore, subject to any pressure drops. And after more increased pressure is a negative pressure. And all of this together is called a sound wave. And if you have seen how to move separately taken the air molecules with my speech, they would have moved, respectively, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Those. they gained momentum, a little forward progress, given the momentum, went back to its original position, and then further away from its previous position in the opposite direction.

That’s about it I want to portray here. Just as the sound propagates a certain analogy can be given as to what it represents prana. This is when there is a certain momentum, which we perceive as the energy that something works, and then pulse in the opposite direction, which we perceive as consciousness, which says our I what happened.

Here also there is the next point, which is also useful for all of you to understand. Now divorced a huge amount of all the charlatans from the esoteric, walk-roam is not always sane, often very unpleasant personality. My advice to you: do not mess with them. They live in their own world. You get to them, and they have a hypnotic input field. And he involuntarily start to think to believe in their nonsense. Well arranged mind: Who lead the, from, and rack up. “Sleeping Dogs, rack up lice” – there is a saying.

So, a lot of all sorts of tales goes about energy, about bioenergy, about some biovampirov, about the fact that somewhere there is a source of energy. Based on this logic, if there is somewhere in the source, somewhere, must be the source. You see, if your kitchen tap water flows, and the sink is closed, what happens? Flood. And at the bottom of the tenants who live on the floor below, resort and begin to knock on the door.

Similarly, here, friends. Nature a little more tricky. What they mean by energy, they have a view of the prana. But prana very strange thing. And explain why there is a source of energy or consciousness, but nowhere to store energy, never builds consciousness, it can be explained only by knowing the highest axioms of yoga.

Imagine if you are a source of energy (for example, bioenerii), it is clear where something needs to be accumulated, well, somewhere is she must leave. Those. transporter of your bio-energy which has to be accumulated. And they can not understand that there are processes in the wave. You know, like the sea: The energy is transmitted, and the carrier remains in place. That tsunami or just wave: it passed over to the bank, the energy is transmitted, swept the pebbles on the shore, but the water was something like under the sea, and has remained. She made a move here and there, but anywhere it does not burst its banks.

This is the same situation and with all those that are trying these pseudo-esotericism called bioenergy, etc. They have a view of the action of prana, but they can not understand what prana – it is a very subtle thing, a very elusive thing. Therefore, to grasp it or to do some rough instrument, as it is now sold at every corner (to measure the energy potential).

Friends, of course, there can be miracles, some geniuses that can really make a breakthrough. But often it is outright nonsense. And, once again, people are not quite sane. But because these are people who are not very sane, very nice can say pseudo-scientific phrases, it creates the illusion that this will have something. And for this, as a rule, in most cases, nothing.

I beg you not to be like the many fringe of esotericism, when you say, to conceptualize what you said. God forbid, you start with the scientist to conduct a conversation and start some nonsense flog there about bioenergy, etc., etc.. We immediately asked: What do you mean? And you did not say anything, you’ll look like the assholes (I am sorry).

And I do not want to yoga was associated with all this obscurantism. Why? Because the potential of yoga is much more there of its enough to deal with fables.

So, it turns out, my friends, that this source of prana or pulse energy works, how, how consciousness, it is like a wave, then here, then there. For this reason (say) after a person’s death, it is impossible to find a source of strength. While the man was alive, running, jumping. He died and remained dead. It would seem that if the source of the same bio-energy, where did he go.

You see, here again I want to warn you. It is now at the level of physical bodies. Medicine cool they took, but yoga claims that there is a subtle and causal in addition to the gross physical body. In fact, the same material (so to speak) of the structure. But the situation is repeated. Those. again escape the source of prana, but in a more subtle, then more subtlest level.

Therefore, even a science of the future is very, very unlikely to be able to help in some issues that can be solved with a few on the other hand, on the part of yoga.


But we go further. From our I’m drawing, respectively, this wave of prana, which penetrates to our associates and our buddhi buddhi our Ya When it operates in a single mode, it is known as consciousness in a different mode – like energy. These modes replace each other in a kind of harmonic response. And, accordingly, they are doing and our internal external universe (as you may recall from yoga visualizations that we ourselves have created).

If we perceive something, then Prana works as consciousness. If we make the impulse, the Prana operates as energy. And since there is a certain principle is not clear how they are interrelated, just and open, on the one hand, the chasm of misunderstanding (what there is prana) and how all living creature remains alive.

The biggest mystery for scientists: why live – live? Everyone knows absolutely all metaphysics, not metaphysics, and all chemical processes, and most importantly do not understand – how it all along supported.

So, the source of prana – Prana our Ya works directly with the buddhi and buddhi through – with our senses and organs of action. Accordingly, no one understands this subtle transition between consciousness and energy. Accordingly, do not understand or rapid methods (again) I do not understand what life is all its manifestations.

The answer to this question can only understand how to relate consciousness and energy, and where the source of Consciousness and Energy or prana. Therefore, it appears that the carrier substance or energy or Consciousness is not accumulated, and we can not register them either on a gross level, (the science of the future) or on a thin, no matter the reason (when invent the appropriate tool).

Those. This elusiveness of life, friends. What I am this long speech? Here you now live and you understand a little of what life is. Five thousand years people lived and understood little of what life is. And five thousand years people will live, and also to understand a little of what life is. Because to understand what life is to come to an understanding that there is your I, or what is the root cause of the Absolute, which is all spawned.

But then you will find a more interesting bunch, realizing that you will begin to understand Pranayama. So, in order to illustrate the effect of this wavy line prana it passes through the mirror, passes inside our buddhi. And then, as you may recall, this momentum, again, bypassing the restriction buddhi, again, gets (well, I’ll draw) through our organs of action to the object or phenomenon that is directed to our consciousness.

Thus, our consciousness is directed to that whatsoever. And, accordingly, the flow of prana it is directed. Accordingly, roughly speaking, we can this do anything.

And so, my friends, is formed by what is called our inner and our outer world with the help of prana. Those flows or the ways in which tends to flow prana, as you remember, called associative.

Pranayama yoga

And now about Pranayama. You will recall that in yoga there is a section called Pranayama, which teaches a method of increasing the amount of prana. So read treatises, and like all is clear. On the other hand, nichegosenki unclear. Whether prana comes from inside-to-person (while engaged in pranayama), or from the outside comes with Pranayama session.

Some treatises or the Upanishads, the Vedas or that should acquire this power of Brahman evenly spread throughout the surrounding universe. What allegedly at dawn and dusk this prana more, and should be dealt with in the morning and evening hours, in order to better absorb it from the universe around us.

Read the same in the same Upanishads, the Vedas and other scriptures of India – the exact opposite of what the source of all strength – this is our higher Self, prana is drawn from our higher self and that if a person is aware of his self, even more prana for him It comes in direct proportion to how he himself understands.

And, you know, was a film about Chapaev. There’s a peasant who Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev complained that whites come – plunder, red came – robbing. Where poor peasant to go? And now paraphrase of this good film that phrase, and poor practical yoga. You read some treatises – something one read other treatises – something else. And where do the poor practical yoga to go? Where is it prana: outside, inside?

And the answer to this question, my friends, it is not easy. For the simple reason that to a certain extent, you can say so, in a different way, that prana inside and outside, or prana only inside. But in fact, he and the other answer would be the same validity and the same lie.

Why? For the simple reason that the meaning of Pranayama lies precisely in the fact that in such a way to harmonize these impulses of reception and transmission (that of us coming and what we have) our personal with everyone around the world, plus our inner world .

And what kind of resonance occurs at a certain purity. And when the resonance is observed, prana increases. And it does not matter whether you are in the street and acquire prana on a great location, in some kind of force field or any else places that are relevant writings said to be the most suitable for pranayama. Or it comes from within. For the simple reason, my friends, the whole effect is precisely this harmonious sending and receiving, which comes from our higher self, and that, my friends, is not spent on numerous objects or phenomena of our inner and outer world. A headlong (I will erase here) through our senses and organs of action suited to the second semi-transparent border, behind which is hidden the Absolute, and penetrates through this border, friends.

That’s only when your impulses from your I in the slightest degree will be harmonized with those impulses that go to the Absolute, then there is a process of Pranayama: a sharp increase in the influx of prana. And in order to emphasize this here, I draw here the waves bigger. Once just a little broke there, abroad, behind which the Absolute, so grows dramatically, respectively, the momentum transfer and acceptance of your prana.

So, in fact, Pranayama – is when your higher self in harmony with the Absolute. And if you caught this harmony on anything that comes prana. And if you have not caught this harmony, it is useless to engage in exercise that requires Pranayama. Well, in what sense is useless? Of course, they may have some relative benefit or otherwise in the future whereby ye thought, how it all works. But you do not get that effect, about which so much and beautifully written book on yoga.

So, it turns out that in Pranayama we are called to do these impulses outward and such a state on the perception of those impulses that we send outside, that they enter into harmony, and they fell into resonance with those impulses which (respectively) comes from the Absolute and also impregnated with our appearance, our inner world.

As you may recall, our appearance, our inner world – it’s a game of two: I play our game and Absolute. So if these games and these impulses, or the vibrations begin to coincide, ie, you are in harmony with the universe, you are in harmony with the Absolute, then you are doing Pranayama.

Let me remind you that one of the methods of Yoga Pranayama for the harmonization – is to work with our breaths, outputs, delays. Why? Because here there is the same effect in a very accelerated version. Why? We are constantly breathing. If we stop breathing – we die. Or if we do advanced yoga, we will go into a state of samadhi. But because we are not yet advanced yoga, most the first.

And it turns out that the process of breathing to a certain extent in a very clear, clear form gives access to the “reception and transmission” or outward impulse, the impulse inside. Indeed, what is breath? If our nerve receptors perceive a lack of life-giving air, are the corresponding momenta, and we do inhale, then exhale. And, accordingly, the nerve impulses at the level of our nerve endings, they also have a kind of cyclical: outside, inside. Pulse – pulse output, the pulse – the pulse result.

It’s all tied more to the images that we have in the buddhi, those objects or phenomena. I remind you, if a girl (let’s say) in love, her breathing changed, she sees her youth and all her very different starts breathing. Those. it’s clearly interconnected.

And Pranayama yoga as called for in the following way: the basis for the work to take the respiratory movements, the most obvious fact of momentum outward and inward. But it’s all done in harmony with their inner world and feelings with their inner universe that was what we talked about in previous lectures, you are directed to the prana towards the Absolute.

Those. for this harmony, you suddenly feel a single live: inside you and outside of you, which is also to some harmony changes these pulses. Or in another way, more poetic: the breath of the universe changes. And if your breath with the breath of the universe come into resonance, you will become with it a single whole, and will begin to increase your prana.

As a consequence, if the increased prana, then increased and Consciousness and Energy. Those. you acquire the appropriate skills in the field of Energy, as become more powerful (this is exactly what is written about ancient treatises on yoga). And your consciousness expands, you better understand the universe in which you live, your inner world. And sooner or later come to this work for the realization and where is the source of these forces. Those. it contributes to the spiritual development. That is why in all religious schools extraordinary emphasis on the work of breathing. If we read the “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” Pranayama there devoted a couple of aphorisms and the casual. Indeed, the “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” – is one of the few surviving texts. But rather, it is to digest than a detailed guide.

If we read the better preserved tantric texts. I remind you that yoga and Tantra very much connected. Therefore, virtually all modern Hatha Yoga come down to us under the Tantric tradition. That in such treatises as “Shiva Samhita”, “Guérande Samhita”, “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” we see how much emphasis there is on the contrary, on Pranayama, which is not Patanjali. More precisely, Patanjali is meant, but did not consider it necessary to paint the details of it all.

So, once your prana flows in harmony with the prana of the Absolute, there is a sharp resonance and increase prana. This is called “Pranayama”. But this response is necessary to get there. It’s just as rock swing. Here there is a children’s swing. On the playground, Come, see how there kids. If you’re going to rock the beat swing, they swing. If suddenly the beat, then each next step will probably have to slow down or out of place on this swing.

Likewise, the prana, the source of which is our I should so harmoniously switch to the reception and transmission, the effects and the perception of action to get into resonance with the inner outer world and grab another source of prana from the Absolute, who is also hiding behind the inner outside world . And catch it, they say, to go head to head. Or, using the analogy of a “vpryazhetsya in harnessing together.”

Sometimes the word “yoga” is translated as yoke. Jarmo Now few people know in the era of self-propelled carts on gasoline, rather allegorical sense. But this is where harnessed, say, a horse, a bull, that he might some useful work done (or wagon carrying something else was doing).

And one word translation of the word “Yoga” – this is just vpryaganie the yoke. Those. there is an internal outside world. On the one hand – our higher self, on the other hand – the Absolute. And you along with the Absolute harnessed in joint harness, in order to control this world, and it is called “yoga” (in such a narrow allegorical translation). Very interesting Sanskrit, there are a variety of unusual meanings of words have certain meaningful and give a boost to meditation.

But to say, as well as Russian. Not without reason, the common roots – an Indo-European language, which dates back to the (so-called) Borean or Nostratic proto-language.

So, therefore, when the prana of the self through the buddhi, the senses, the organs of action somehow reaches the Absolute, one way or another is in resonance with him, therefore, this process is called “pranayama.”

Where does the prana? And from everywhere and nowhere, from the Absolute and from our higher self and how we draw seems to be from the outside world, while at the same time it is inside. Therefore, if there is a good resting place where people really start to feel better, it is because the wilderness better allows us to tune into this harmony of the universe and feel the root cause of being, ie, Absolute.

So in this way, my friends, we have come to pranayama yoga, a very unusual side, as you can see. But this flow of prana of the self through our buddhi, through the senses and organs of action, of course, immediately confronted with the objects of the senses and organs of action. Those. built some associative connection. And through it some other times. And then through it to the Absolute.

And here are born those recommendations, how to prepare, for example, a place to engage in Pranayama. Or, say, an ideal option. Ideal for the man who was on the path of yoga (especially if you are married) – this is so that you have a separate room where you do not have to let anyone. The most important thing – not to let their loved ones. Why? Because life between a man and a woman – it’s always lapping. And you just stupid not to be missed prana to withstand all the kinks of your bad karma, overrun your wife or husband. And you have to have time to replenish the stock. And you go – sniffing, closed with a key. And all the walls already associatively set to what you (say) will practice Pranayama. You have there a beautiful ficus grows splashing fountain, each in its own way. Someone yantra image some, somebody else somehow.

If the opportunity is not in a separate room. Karma is our country’s bad, good value for money we paid for the space and for a nuclear bomb, oh good, there is still no place to live. Probably a karmic point of view – this is a breakthrough, make up for all of us. So, find a place on the street where you no one could stop, but the same stable position. Those. If you have a cottage, “six hundred”, then you are lucky. Or in the nearby park. Once again, I had a yoga disciples, they took the first available vacant lot and sat there doing.

Prana from the position of the axioms of Yoga

Go ahead. Let us go back to the remembrance of the axioms of yoga. Recall that this prana (already from the axioms of Yoga). We remember you that our higher self inherited from its progenitor Absolute overriding quality, friends, if you can call it quality. Namely, we are free to you, each of you is free right now and right here. But the trouble is, you do not guess about it. Why? Because you are free even from knowing that you are free. Those. this is an absolute freedom. Paradoxically, ignorance – the flip side of absolute freedom.

What is the “freedom”? I constantly repeat, repeat and will repeat this anecdote that freedom – is not just a slogan, which covers korumpirovanye policy, all kinds of villains. Constantly talking about it, I have the freedom of association with the radio “Freedom”. Even in Soviet times it jammed, jammed, and it breaks, outright anti-Soviet. Moreover, such nasal voice that you hear: then he reads the traitors. Association with the word “freedom”, imagine this nasal voice, reading anti-Soviet text of any. I always think, maybe KGB specifically to broadcasters picked to cause such antipathy.

Friends, of course, have been, are and will be the villains who use the flag or the flame of freedom for their different purposes. Immediately not fall. Freedom – a very strange and incomprehensible concept, very funny, my friends. But even it we will not analyze. The concept of “omniscience” and omnipotence – it is a matter of fact, the concept of freedom. Those. You can put an equal sign between the omniscience and omnipotence, and the word “freedom.”

Indeed, if I am free, I can do anything you want, or do nothing. I can know anything or know – freedom. Or as one comedian said: “Freedom.”

In fact, the omniscience and omnipotence – are two faces of what is called “freedom.” But there is a primordial ignorance – Maya Maya is formed as a result of our world. And we can show our freedom, and, therefore, omniscience and omnipotence only within what is called “Maya” or in other words – our world.

So, omniscience and omnipotence within Maya comes to the concept of energy and consciousness. All knowledge are reduced to the concept of consciousness. Those. Consciousness – it is the ability, using which we obtain all knowledge or information. Omnipotence – the ability to do what we please. And as part of our world created with the help of maya, it is realized in the form of Energy.

But just as freedom – the concept of a single, and taken together omniscience, omnipotence in one bottle, which manifests itself in Maya, just called, friends, prana.

Thus, prana manifests in this world or our ability to change something in it, or as the ability to perceive something (what in the world this is happening). And in fact, it works in the same mechanism.

But because prana – is our omnipotence, omniscience within Maya, and Maya is such a property (as a side effect) that makes some some things seem to some other things, there is the following very important axiomatic concept of “interpretation” (I remind you) .

Or in other words, your mind is something flashes, but how will you interpret the fact that it displays? The answer is based on previous experience. If you have lived in India, where at each step there are snakes, you go at night on the road and see whether a rope, or a snake, then, of course, in front of your eyes pops up that you’ve seen this more clearly, and that is greater emotional response. Those. you begin to interpret it as a snake. Accordingly, and your actions are beginning to adjust to it, etc., etc. This leads to the fact that we are very serious and we get entangled in a complete illusion: we are something one begin to consider something else. As a result, we’re having different interpretations. This interpretation leads to the appearance of the illusion.

In fact, the entire inner and outer world, which we’ll see – this is a game of interpretations and responses to these interpretations. And these responses to interpretations allow even more in the direction of shift of these interpretations. And in the beginning there was ignorance when we do something one decided to consider something else.

Once again, we have the opportunity of maya, as we remember the axioms, to allow different entities to communicate, but the price paid for it – the emergence of the illusion or the interpretation of this mechanism. And all the internal outside world just woven from these interpretations, according to which the associative links lining circulates prana. In general, everything turns into quite intricate tangle.

And that we are with you right now. Each of us has our higher self, your consciousness I’m focused on this audience. Accordingly, and your energy. You are listening to the same lecture. But I put 99 to 1, that each of you will understand it very differently.

Moreover, there is a rule in yoga: “Anything that can be misunderstood will be misunderstood.” Wherever there may be errors, they will be made by you. Why? Because you did not come here all the same, and with previous experience. This experience sends Energy Consciousness and perception, the degree of ignorance, or some form of interpretation are intertwined. And every one of you inside a tangle of internal and external peace. Therefore, to reach out or move to a knowledge of you, to break through this ball, I could not even if I was a Shiva (Indian founder patron of yoga or yoga). It is for the simple reason, my friends, that each of you is free.

But would still, there is a solution – to destroy this web of interpretations of associative links. Associative relations need to tear down or to simplify, as we remember. Working with limited interpretations, as we know, to work with the prints prior experience, or the impressions which we experienced with you in this or a previous life, left us some prints. All new, we look under the prism of the old.

Girl meets boy, she in love with him, he is in love with her. Even if it is not love, he likes it, he likes it. But it is five times wondered if she should continue the relationship because her previous two young gentlemen appeared villains. And she unwittingly brings this scenario to third.

Moreover, we are expecting him to catch it and builds his consciousness and energy, which itself provokes a fall situation is in the fact that she does not like. This is the cunning of karma. The seeds of karma is not just we are, they still make us pull the situation in which to turn around. And if there is such a situation and does not smell, you create a situation in which it will be possible to turn around.

And the girl, who had two failures before that starts to some bitchiness policy, forcing the young man jump and behave inappropriately. And the young men may also be some negative karma, which is also the same is triggered. So off we go, everything goes into the dressing. Those. you may recall, is the yoga of love, we touched on this topic. And how to deal with it?

First of all, go through all the impressions that we are dragging around, analyze, and correct if we interpret this or that situation, if we are light toy maya, light toy previous experience? Or again, scalded with milk, the water when the wind blows. Or conversely, behave carelessly where one would think.

Bundle with Yoga Love

But today I want to lecture another powerful method to complete. More precisely, we will begin to consider it, and then we’ll see. Next bunch – it’s yoga lovers in one of its aspects. And some will change our scheme. That’s it I’m a young man. And here I am a girl.

There is the inner world of the young man, the inner world of women. And they swim in the ocean of the Absolute general. And if you look at the situation through the eyes of the young man who is in love with this girl, it was not a girl, is the Absolute itself. If we look through the eyes of a girl on this young man, this is not a young man, as well as the Absolute, no more, no less.

And then comes a very interesting thing. When they are in love, or at least one in one, then there is an effect similar to the effect that we have seen when considering Pranayama. Those. prana freely pass all obstacles both boys and girls, and there is a resonance, that we talked about, the resonance in Pranayama. And, immediately, and to the full extent.

This partly explains why yoga lovers – one of the most powerful and fastest methods. But the thing is that (as you remember Love Yoga), we quickly lose this gift and remains desire or interest, or, finally, sexual desire.

And the question is, again, to overcome all this web of inner or outer world youths internal external world girls, in order to establish the resonance between the boys and I’m a girl.

And if this resonance is established, there is no difference whether you have installed this resonance between the self of the Absolute or your I and I (say) the girl, in which you are in love, or that you like, or, in the end, to which you have sympathy.

But the trouble is, my friends, one person, such as the cocoon of associative connections, ideas about themselves with their inner world of cockroaches. And the other person the same cocoon of associative connections, ideas about yourself. And the result is a very interesting effect. On the one hand, the young man or woman like he loved her, or just sexual desires (and girl, respectively). And there is the desire to be together.

But, on the other hand, as soon as they barely pobyli together so stiff opposition interests, ways of life, so a mismatch in the background, education, preferences, anything that appears contrary repellent effect.

And if by some auxiliary means, at least temporarily make transparent the inner and outer world of the youth and the inner and outer world of girls, so it was only attraction and at least a fraction of a second to neutralize the repulsion, you can instantly set the resonance of prana between I boys and I am a girl.

And it will act as a merger. Or as if the young man on the rise nearer to the Absolute and the girl on the rise, too, he approached the Absolute. And, in fact, make it possible. But this requires two remaining apart Love Yoga Yoga (Yoga and Tantra Yoga Union).

Those. This artificial methods, in order to make transparent the inner and outer world of one partner and the other partner (meaning boys and girls). Here the presence of the opposite sex, as you remember from the Triad, it is extremely necessary. And the more you do it, the more transparent access from the I to the boys I’m a girl. Those. she does not think about his cockroaches, the young man does not think about his cockroaches. And one has forgotten about its history, and the other forgot their history, they begin to weigh down.

At the same time, one seek another aim. They are a time to forget about the contradictions. And this moment you can use in order to make joint practice, which they say yoga and Tantra Yoga Union.

The same effect, resonance, the pranic response, after which, even if your shell back (your ideas about yourself, fear), then it is as small webs prana that you easily as a broom, sweep away with himself. And before they practice can be submitted to you the ropes, which have tied a jerk and you could not.

And it’s such a different bunch. Finally, it is a prerequisite in order to move or do everything in the so-called second stage of Yoga of Being in Love, so if then came love, then she came to have ready (as they say) a plowed field. And there will be no danger as a deluxe version, to lose it.

And when that happens in the spiritual sense, it is a spiritual explosion that covers everything. And the analogy, again, from modern science was born. Friends, we are living with you in the West, closer to modern science. That is what is happening on the Sun? When two hydrogen atoms which are composed, respectively, of a core surrounded by a cloud, the so-called electronic cloud. And two of these electron clouds repel each other because they are the same.

How can we learn physics, two of the same charge repel each other. But if in some way to overcome the rejection of these electron clouds, and bring together the two nuclei, they will merge, and will turn the helium atom. At the same time highlighted the enormous energy. And this process, which takes place today at the sun.

And, in fact, all of the energy, which now enjoys the people (with the exception of nuclear fission energy), we somehow get from the sun. Because even the oil that we burn – it is the same energy is transformed into chemical.

And here is the same analogy. If two people with this inner world, but one is the source of prana, which operates as a source transmitter, receives and gives an impulse. For example, a young man or woman, it is also a source of prana takes the momentum-giving, takes, gives an impulse. The total vector. The young man behaves more like consciousness. She – like energy. They are attracted to each other. But only to a certain extent, it is not to face the ego.

Once the ego faced – the end of any happy marriage, any love relationship, if you do not live in a marriage. Say you have a mistress or lover, it does not matter. Once the ego faced – everything. But if somehow clever method to bypass the ego and establish the work of prana, say, you young man and the girl set work prana into resonance, it dramatically increases the interaction with each other, dramatically brings to a very high level.

But, as you know, to overcome the repulsion of the ego is very difficult for men and women, very hard. And require bypass some moments, in order to at least temporarily neutralize the ego. I will not retell you yoga sexual Union, Tantra Yoga, where it uses the whole arsenal of the axioms (Act 4 and 5, the principle of mystery, the principle of openness, etc., etc., that’s another topic). Those. on the practice can be eliminated by this repulsion, and then it ceases to play the role of repulsion.

But just the same mechanism. prana source of our self, which manifests itself either as a perception or as a pulse. The young man sees a girl. He sees it, he is with her somehow interacts. She sees a young man she had once perceived. He sees it at the moment when it gives an impulse. And she sees at the moment when it gives an impulse. And when it is in resonance when everything that makes a young man, is not contrary to the perception of the girl, and everything that makes a girl, is not contrary to the perception of boys begins resonance or joint practice. Increased significantly prana. This is evidenced by the Triad.

All of today.


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