2011.02.15. Yoga and Freedom. How to find a job. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Yoga and Freedom. How to find a job. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.02.15.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Do you have any recommendations of ancient times, how to live the rest of your life, in addition to our yoga practice? If you do yoga, how to build a relationship with society that our freedom was growing up? how to determine what this school is worthwhile, and it’s not worthwhile? If you have already weaned, and go to work as you increase your personal freedom? how to build a relationship with society, to get the maximum possible freedom? how to establish contacts? how to look for work? What is the job? how to find your place in society? How to declare itself? how to get a job? how to present herself? how to make a CV? How to write about yourself? The answers to these and other questions you will find in this lecture.

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So, friends. Today we have a February 15 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. This is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All information on the sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru. Are we at the cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near metro “Novoslobodskaya”. All our archives, educational films you can buy in our store www.shop.openyoga.ru


Let’s continue today the study of yoga and talk about a very interesting aspect, conjunction yoga and freedom. About our personal freedom. Some words that once again we are given space to represent the state of yoga.

Thus, yoga leads to freedom. In fact, all the exercises of yoga are exercises that, somehow, expand our freedom. Reduce our dependence, conditionality. To the West, in the first place, why come from the sections of yoga that are associated with the physical aspects of the body or the sections of yoga, which primarily increase our a certain physical freedom. It’s Hatha yoga, pranayama yoga, maybe Kriya yoga. Ie doing these yogis, we feel better and physically unable to appear to a greater extent.

But, strictly speaking, as if the ultimate goal of yoga is due to nothing more than not limited freedom or even called this state of Mukti, and a person who has attained state – mukhta. Ie sooner or later we must realize the Supreme freedom of your Higher self and to manifest it. And even if such provisions on freedom to reach Western listeners, it somehow creates a kind not a correct idea about yogis and jogina of antiquity, who, in fact, developed this doctrine.

It often seems to us, in the words of certain books or some myths that yoga is any such people, cut off from life, floating in the clouds, i.e., minimal contact with society. And in General, some even maybe a bit weird, and a little thing called, not even human. While other myths that are built around that he is a yogi who lives a solitary life, isolated from society attains liberation and is in a state of freedom. And they say that here, only in this way and you can achieve freedom is strongly to break off all relations with society and conduct, say, a peripatetic lifestyle.

In fact all these myths have no relation to reality. Yes, indeed, so far, to our days, in India, in other countries of the East, you can meet many followers of various systems, certain types of yoga that are like this, like a vicious way of life, the itinerant yoga, renounce all, and in fact, eating alms. In India it is considered, in General, a good tone for such behavior. And the person who thus behaved, is, at least theoretically, honour and respect. In fact, if we analyze the real situation, which was at the time when yoga was not so lost as it is now, we see that yoga in ancient times were a way of life in the first place that expanded their freedom. And what is the external image they created was, in General, speaking is a secondary matter. If at all had at least some value.

Ie if you live in some way of life and understand that this lifestyle gives you the maximum freedom you they lived. But the problem was that people were at different levels of achievement in yoga, the different may be levels of understanding, sometimes what yoga is. And so do some part of people has attained the highest freedom and from this point could lead the life of a wandering yogin, not attached to anything. As a rule, these were people endowed with superhuman abilities. They could have a huge amount of time not sleeping, not eating, not drinking, not to mention other miraculous powers, which seem to be literally fantastic. Ie, Yes, indeed, these people were free. Much like, they went. But another part of people practicing yoga, the various kinds of considerations, conducted different lifestyle. So all these considerations was to ensure that they feel free, never wandered from one Ashram to another. And when they say, lived a sedentary life or social life. At different stages of life had different functions. Ie main thing is to have an internal increase of freedom. And so at that time many yogis were completely modern way of life.

For example, in ancient India, people practicing yoga were modern at the time, a way of life. In medieval India the same people practicing yoga, as were modern at the time, a way of life. Ie the way of life which increased their freedom and was brought to the state of mukti or the highest state of Samadhi or even the many words that point to this condition.

Most importantly, make your path through life strictly adhered to this ideal of yoga. To use this freedom in such a way that, living every day, every hour, and doing any action, any step, our freedom is increased.

And it was determined that all the other exercises, yoga, the whole philosophy of yoga, all of the recommendations, ranging from such abstract-theoretical issues: how everything is done and arranged, ending with a really practical, why this yoga position to do so and another differently. Why in these cases you have to get up in a handstand, but, say, in the other case it is necessary to perform the exercise, the alternate breathing.

So if you follow the logic, where all these recommendations came from, they ultimately boil down to one thing that by following these recommendations, exercises, you become first relatively more and more free, and then, sooner or later, like a growing snowball, the other structures are connected, other possibilities. And sooner or later this freedom becomes absolute. To avoid any, you know, just such misunderstandings. The goal of yoga is the attainment of freedom. So if you find yourself in a group where, supposedly, do yoga, only in this case about any freedom and does not smell, it’s probably not yoga, but some other doctrine, religion or philosophical system.


Recommendations from antiquity, as to live the rest of your life, in addition to yoga practice


But here we are interested in the following aspect. Well, in relation to yoga, everything is clear. Given exercises, real, concrete, how to perform certain exercises, and how in the rest of your personal life? Ie, do you have any recommendations of ancient times, and how to live the rest of life, in addition to our yoga practice? And, of course, these recommendations are. And also built on this principle of freedom.

Ie, whatever you’re doing, whatever activity, whatever lifestyle you lead, you have your way, your way of life to build so that your freedom has increased, but not decreased. What has increased in an absolute sense. No that you have made some movement and become what is called a Caliph for an hour. Or stole the money and you’ve got a bit of relatively free, and tomorrow came the payment for it, and your freedom is reduced. Namely, such a way that today you earned the money so that the money went to increase your freedom. Or are you some kind of a life were, say, wandering if the yogin, or who lives in constant somewhere that your freedom has increased. Must be very clearly understood that if the increase in your relative freedom comes due to the fact that they found a better paying job, if transferred to today this situation, you have to look for it. If you believe in something else something will bring you more freedom, you have to strive for. Ie here is a vector in the direction of freedom.

There are all sorts of sayings that sound something like this: “man seeks there where the best and the fish – where deeper,” etc. etc. There is a kind of our behavioral vector. And we don’t always understand why people sometimes seek to avoid one and sometimes the other. If you analyze their behavior, there will remain only one factor – they seek freedom. Only one aim correctly, and the other stupid. Some seek freedom, like an animal seeks, which is not very thinking about freedom. And the result is sometimes the opposite of their actions active in the future reduces their freedom. And someone is going to learn, is to work. Working on himself and in this sense increases freedom. And the difference is no more. All the people go that’s it for this pattern.

In science, there are all kinds of laws that are similar to this law, the desire for freedom. For example, heat from a hotter body to a cooler one goes. Ie, if you boil the kettle and put in the kitchen, it will gradually cool down, and the temperature in the kitchen will gradually rise due to the fact that the energy from the hot kettle will go into the surrounding space. But you will never see that suddenly the kettle itself stood-stood, and he took heat from the surrounding kitchen and began to boil, and the kitchen walls were covered with frost. Ie there are certain provisions in the science, here in particular the second law of thermodynamics tells us about it. What is a vector protekaniya processes. And he is ubiquitous. What, strictly speaking, the Law of conservation of energy when heating or cooling bodies, he is not disturbed. Ie if the kitchen you have a a little really cold and passed somehow it’s warm and the kettle, from the point of view of conservation of energy, nothing would have changed. Nevertheless, this is not happening. Sometimes different the same thing in science. Introduce some such notion, called entropy. And in fact is a measure of chaos. And to make you understand what I mean, imagine Cinderella before you get to the ball had to sort out peas from lentils, for example. Ie, if you pour a handful of peas and fill a handful of lentils, then over time all of this slowly begins to stir. Ie if you put it in a bag, as a rule, over time, begin to stir. And that is the measure of disorder is characterised exactly by the entropy. And from modern science we know that the entropy of a closed system can only increase. I.e. the degree of chaos increase. And themselves will not be split up any part of this system without any coercive external influence. Actually in our life there is such a device which makes this impact – this is our fridge. Here he is able to do very strange things, but at the expense of attracting additional some energy, by attracting some of the tweaks from the outside. In fact you will never face a situation, say, when you open the bottle of your perfume and the room, for example, begins to spread the smell. Ie small perfume molecules begin to scatter. But you’ll never see, when the smell of the entire room gathered in a single bottle and then you would have closed the cover and everything. Ie for the simple reason that the entropy thus decreases.

Many other examples from the life you know, for instance, imagine if you at the top of the mountain is a ball or Orb of some, only a small push and the ball to try to slide down. Ie if you have the opportunity to go down he slide. Or, for example, water, which is in some reservoir at the top of the mountain, if done the hole will drain down, will look for the, sometimes, intricate moves. And again, in science this is called the principle of minimum potential energy. Ie until the water at the top, on some level, it capacity has some margin of energy that can, for example, to stand out, if she suddenly drops, say, hit the floor, the ground. But all the behavior of, say, the same stone on the top of the mountain, over time leads to the fact that he seeks slide.

And that’s exactly the same analogy, the concept of freedom. We all unconsciously seek freedom. We sometimes think that we aspire to something different. No, my friends. Everything else is just a personification of liberty. I.e. as if it is in the particular case of its manifestation. But in fact, we seek freedom. And in this sense a very interesting conclusion, which gives us yoga. If you increase their freedom, thus, and felt the taste of freedom, you will never abandon her. Ie one time, increasing their freedom to a certain level, you will later in your life again and again to aspire to the same condition. Moreover, all attempts to reduce your freedom you will perceive negatively. Negatively. As if it didn’t happen. Ie it turns out that if you do yoga and have reached some heights, at least relative, it tasted like freedom, in this sense, yoga becomes irreversible. If you have reached a certain level, then in the future your life will be the most powerful incentive, anyway, to keep the same level or increase.

Yes, indeed, we sometimes can go to the reduction of their freedom in something, to increase something else. Yes, we go to school and learn, reducing their freedom, although they would like children to run, jump, have fun. But, we gain knowledge that allows us to dramatically increase, say, his freedom to the fact that after the passage of a teaching we can apply, say, a high-paying job. Or understanding things in order to use these laws and knowing those laws so as to expand their freedom.

I.e. any manifestation that you would see when a person voluntarily reduces his freedom – it’s just a very convoluted way, in order to further interest to increase their freedom.

And another thing, what if in the long term, some other people, or some situation, or even you yourself infringe your freedom, but don’t get further compensation in the form of increased freedom, then sooner or later this situation in your life will change. A system in which you live, will collapse. Your relationship will deteriorate.

Ie, unless this vector, the system is doomed to collapse. Yoga in ancient times is well understood. Therefore, whatever they do in life, they thought their behavior to increase their freedom.

Now the other aspect of freedom. We all have to work in this world. Experience shows that if we do not work, sooner or later the money runs out and it becomes bad, for the simple reason that suddenly begins to decline, our freedom. There are, of course, people who came from society, live on grazing anywhere in the forest, collecting pine cones. And they don’t need in society, they don’t need to go to work. They are some way of life, and, in fact, free from society, but not free to, say, the cedar forest.

Ie whatever the situation was sometimes a hypothetical, that somebody has cheated the law, it’s just subterfuge. Still there is some subordination.

And the next moment, which came to us from this section as Karma yoga. We’ve done a lot in her life. In the past we once enjoyed his freedom may not be the most reasonable way that at the moment because of the consequences of their own actions, made in a state of freedom, we’re not happy. For example, we have a small salary, we have no place to live, something we do not like, we can’t find husband, wife, we can’t find a worthy occupation for themselves. Ie as if we are experiencing such a discomfort. Yoga tells us that it is completely the result of our previous actions, right here, with a small caveat that some actions we could do in a previous life. And these actions in a previous life has determined the time and place where we were born has determined our parents determined our social circle, and determined the country where we live, identified the job we can get. It is still continued as if our own deeds.

Here we begin to experience discomfort from what we have now. But, at the same time, we are now able to take advantage of its small part of freedom, of personal liberty, therefore, to change the situation to alter it. To not do those old things which we did. And furthermore, do such actions that would neutralize the same old nonsense that we did before.

And here is a use of freedom is just called the law of Karma. Ie, as you sow, so shall you reap. Want to get something nicer, right use of their freedom. Because you did not properly use their freedom, you have the situation today that you perceive as negative, formally referred to as negative karma. In this sense, the Law of Karma, friends, simple and uninteresting. The concept of freedom much more interesting.

And at the same time, in yoga we say: “well, how now to use our current freedom to increase it in the future?” Or the language of Karma yoga is to accumulate positive karma, which would neutralize negative karma.

And in this sense all good, friends. And one of them is our daily work. Ie here’s what a modern man makes his living. Or what makes more such an intelligent man to feel its creative implementation. Or on the contrary that a large group of people considers a punishment. And here according to the degree of relationship to work you can make a portrait of a person in terms of his spiritual development. Or to what extent samosoznanii is. Or very rude words, what percentage of bestiality was inside man.

People who hate the job, people who are assigned to work with how to curse people who curse their work was worth, as a rule, we show the percentage of bestiality in quite a considerable extent. Ie is very much that they drag in the human body since the life in the body of the animal.

I.e. attitude to the work that is negative, like some kind of punishment tells us, quite clearly, that kind of person. What, friends, notice it doesn’t say what the job is. Work may be what you want. This may be the work of a janitor, the seller, the President, Prime Minister, military, politics, anything. And what it says, that such a negative attitude? This suggests that the man who hates his job, is still very poorly understood, that there is such freedom. He understands freedom as an unreasonable use as a chance to do nothing. And thereby throw the instrument, i.e., he begins to act as if he threw away the tool that allows you to change it to, say, the situation today is that he does not like, in a good position in the future.

You can give this analogy, the servant is sitting in prison in chains, you give him a file and say, “come on, drink chains, exempt”. And he says, “well, again, cut, but don’t want, go away and generally I don’t like it, I’d like some other way to conduct life.” Ie in every way to show an unwillingness to take up the file, but only when the regime gets tougher in prison, that, say, you are some kind of new chain did, only in this case it will be cuts, because the situation is becoming every day worse than it was and need something to do. As they say, for a man who drags bestiality, working any – punishment and make such a living being can work only with the help of a whip. If there is no whip, such being tend to not properly use their freedom, and with every step this freedom more and more to lose, lose, lose and become more due, due, due. So animals behave, so behave some people. And for such people, if they live in society, should be very strictly regulated laws and regulations. They take away the law, take their whip, they, first, nothing you will not do anything, and secondly, begin his own freedom to imagine the same harm.


There is also another group of people who make a difference to what is called work. For these people it makes sense not stick and the carrot. Ie if they have enough brains to understand that a particular activity their freedom in the future will increase – they will work. If for some reason they are not visionary, then get them to do anything. Ie if you can prove that with a file you can just cut the chain and become more free, he will be cut. If for some reason he says “no, drinking is not drunk, and will remain,” it will not cut. Ie it is, in fact, is not quite in its pure form the dominant animal component is what we could call, in the best sense of the word, human nature. When one side wants us to hurry up the whip, and with another on the horizon hangs a carrot. And if there are conditions of carrot and stick, we will be able to do something, ie if he’ll know how to increase their freedom and this will be driven by the whip and to see the prospects, it will sometimes be very active.

And indeed, we are with you, friends. We are with you all. Sometimes we are lazy, sometimes you do not want to do anything, do not want to work, do not want to use wisely their freedom to increase it in the future, and we have this freedom, how would squander. And do not use. But if I use, for some amusement or for some such actions, which, in fact, in the long term leads us to an even worse condition, but we have to pay for housing, we need to buy food, clothes, self-propelled carriage, it is desirable etc. and it is actually our nature.

Ie, for people who live in this state, important, on the one hand, sufficiently stringent conditions and rules, laws that they slipped into bestiality. And on the other hand, they have always, absolutely always, to provide a way to increase their freedom. Otherwise, they will not do anything. Ie if a man will know that he works in the firm and their millions it does, it won’t work in your company, he will have no interest. And if it is, then Yes, he will strive to earn your millions and expand their freedom.


Finally, there is a third group of living beings who work not out of fear to stay without a piece of bread, or without shelter, or without any social status. And not because of the award. Why? Because they realized that any freedom or any relative of the carrot is just a step on the way. And the path must lead to ultimate freedom. Why is it worth so worry about some intermediate stations or intermediate to some milestone on the way.

They are, however, already looking forward to absolute freedom, seek only for that. And therefore, all other cakes for them not to eat the cakes, or rather the relative gingerbread. And stick they are not afraid. Why? Because they already have a conscious attitude to life, to work. Work is not a punishment. The work allows a competent way to take advantage of his current freedom to increase it tomorrow. What to talk about this anymore? And that if, as they say, to describe people, this state, in General, yogis and Yogini. Yogis and Yoginis, when they work, they are not afraid to starve to death or be left without a roof over your head. For a variety of reasons. And not because in India the climate is warm and everywhere bananas grow. For a very different reason. There are just some things possible, some things are not possible.

If you were embedded in this system, this system as it ensures every step you take. You know, there is a saying: “the day will be food.” Only all you need is one, well on his way. Not too to step aside. On the other hand, are not special, they are attracted and stick. More precisely, the carrot is nice and these people get it from time to time. Why? Because working. But he is already in automatic mode. Ie not only do you enjoy your work, i.e. the opportunity to use their freedoms to increase it tomorrow, but from time to time stimulates the universe.

Not strange, people in various professions achieve this. Very revealing in this business. People tend, for various reasons starting a business. Someone, indeed, from the fear of being without money, someone hoping to become fabulously rich. But the funny thing is that even if the first two of these factors, there are people involved in your business, it is, in fact, soon he grasps, as a computer game young children. About fear he generally forgets. The ultimate goal, to play this game, too, forgets. Why? Because the game will end and all will end the fun.

More reveling in the very process of the game. And from time to time, be a successful businessman gets his millions, but as a rule he did not spend. Because he is so happy. They can give the money, in comparison with that inner feeling of freedom that it is moving properly to a level where you do not have the sense of no money. After all, what is money? Money is only a surrogate, a substitute for freedom. And then, in a very narrow spectrum of some of our lives. The money is needed, but on the other hand, there are things that money can’t buy. Moreover, a large amount of money, as you know, does not guarantee protection from any bad condition. In any case, there is no such correlation that all rich people are necessarily, as if in Samadhi immediately. On the contrary, many depression, Blues, melancholy. I.e., a factor some other.

Here, these successful business people, they have money, they have no fear, but starts the process, friends. And this is the true yogic trait. So when they say that all yoga should be similar to the homeless in the Moscow subway that they “smelled”, and went with outstretched hand: “Apply”, to the contrary were a strange, asocial way of life, it is, strictly speaking, a myth. Why? Because if you decide that your freedom will really increase if you become homeless, go underground, to live on charity, yoga says, “Go! Go!” But if you’ll consider that your freedom will be much more if you want to go on your routines, with 8 to 17, ie you will osemite and then but more to win. Yoga says: “So go get a job!”. If you feel that you are their freedom will increase, if you open your business, a candle factory, my shop, yoga says again: “Forward!”. Ie, vector – increasing freedom. All the other things that we are trying to impose, in some literature, ostensibly on behalf of the yogis is a misunderstanding, friends. This error of the translators. This is not the understanding of the cultural environment, when some tracts were written. It’s not even our modern understanding of life in India, where, Yes, indeed, sometimes some successful clerk goes wandering yogi. But there, friends, different culture, there is a completely different lifestyle, different mentality. And there may be, it is going to increase freedom. But also, not for everyone, but only for a very small relative percentage of people.


Building relationships with society in light of the increase of personal freedom


So here we come to a very serious problem. If you do yoga, how to build a relationship with society that our freedom was growing up? And it is clear that the first thing we need to remember that we should look for this configuration in our environment, that together we were freer than individually. Only in this case it makes sense to live in society. And if you suddenly think that living in society, your freedom becomes less than if you lived alone in the forest, and subsisting on pine nuts, then again, for God’s sake, you go ahead and dig a dugout. And there spend the rest of your life.

But, as the Laws of Nature, it is still intuitively people to reach for greater freedom. And throughout history we see that freedom is a community of people more than each alone in his dugout in the forest. Therefore, any state, any society is in fact, just such an artificial creation, that freedom of each was more than separately. And exist any society, any state, any people, country, etc., etc., will only as long as there is, as one would say, energetically favorable. But the issue here is not energy, it is a question of freedom. More advantageous from the point of view of freedom.

So, friends, any attempt to build a system, which would disrupt the natural desire for freedom of every member, dooms the system to collapse.

But, however, there are exceptions. For example, the war began. And all mobilized. Mobilized means something refused to peaceful life, somehow began to work more, went into the army or something to protect the Homeland. And, at first glance, the view, society was relatively free, and then again, and laws were strengthened. And, like, all became to a lesser extent, free. But this happens only because people understand that if they are now mobilized and will draw in their freedom, they will have the resources to defeat the enemy in the future, at least, recover their freedom. But if they lose, the enemy just squeeze their freedom.

I.e. wherever you look, you will find only one vector. Vector to freedom. And here competently to do with it. If you are a ruler, if you really require their subjects, so they mobilized, you must guarantee them that their constriction of freedom, in the very near future, they will receive an increase. And you should be if you’re the ruler, in the subconscious at this never to infringe on freedom unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you, as ruler, sawing off the branch on which you sit.

And here I must say that in this respect a very interesting thing. I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) once historically analyzed the Second World war for freedom. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Friends, came to the paradoxical conclusions, although the fact that Germany, almost to the middle of the war and has not renounced the production of consumer goods. They complete the program produced some things for entertainment. Remember, there was a movie about Stirlitz? It was the 45th year. Actually it is analogue of Moscow 41. But remember, restaurants are, some casinos. I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) does could not understand, did the writers something was wrong. No, friends, that’s the way it was, it turns out. Ie not able were the Germans to find their freedom, to fully mobilize and win the war. Not. While in Russia, indeed, people all up, pursed and in the worst conditions, this is due to the reduction of freedom during the war, then he got more freedom, when won.

And, actually, this is determined by, say, a character trait of Russian people. We hear two opinions about Russia. That live here are idiots or impenetrable, which are ruled by dictators. One replaced the other. Or else Vice versa. It’s something like in the verse: “Mind Russia not to understand”. Ie some sort of beyond logic. Yes, indeed, people are willing to tolerate a lot because they’re used throughout the story where you have to pressing, then to win. But the worst thing, either, if it’s a hodgepodge. It will, of course, quite awful.

But we went to the side. So, back. Even if you purse your freedom in some way, and will not then compensation to recover or expand, sooner or later, this lifestyle will get bored. And you leave him. And you do not keep. You will not keep any kind of intimidation, nor any promises. First, you’ll find a loophole, like water always finds a way to get out of this system. Second, you will cease to believe in any promises. As a rule, then the revolution happens and everything is fine. Comes more severe dictator that is already as something else begins to “tighten the nut”.


Where to study?


But again, we are interested in some other issue. Our personal freedom in society, which is now how we can increase it? And, of course, that here the most natural response occurs. What if you have a small child and cared for your parents, they should make every effort to ensure that you studied. So you while studying clutched his freedom, but then many times got it on the end of the exercise. And then, of course, first and foremost comes the question: where to study? I.e. how to determine that this school is worthwhile, and it’s not worthwhile? The answer is obvious, friends. If you finish this school, you have to perform, how much to increase your freedom? But if more, then how many will increase your freedom? And just buy the crust, where it is said that you, there, lawyer, bachelor of Economics, or who are now many more? So is it worth spending years of your life, is it not better to draw it? With the same success. Because if the knowledge that you get will not lead you further to the increase of freedom, then it is not valuable knowledge. And nonsense, you don’t need.

We have here in the country, yet no one understand. It is very well understood in the West. And they formed this situation is that if you end prestigious schools, big ten or big twenty, then at the end you even sometimes, in the best years, before even you were not looking for work. Employers came and asked you: “no you want to come here to work or want to go to work?”. It is clear that there are people willing to go to learn. But all the rest as it occurs.

Where to work?


If you, on the contrary, already weaned, and you go to work, then you, again, to think, and how to increase their personal freedom, friends? Ie, you have to find a job, which in aggregate would increase your personal freedom. These can be money. But for someone the opportunity to creatively realized on the job are more valuable than money. And so he searches for a job and some money paid, but also creative work. Someone on the contrary says, “No, want was extremely creative work. I’ll be scrounging to live, but to do this work was perspective”. In the West it is called such a word, unusual to our ear – Startup. Or differently, a company that’s only just created it, but it’s a big, big future. Indeed, these large companies who are now, say, in information technology, they many started with the garage. When there are 2-3 people possessed by some idea, started to implement it and as a result, clearly, money itself hardly spent, but the work was very creative, it was too much, and they increased their freedom due to the fact that rich, all successfully implemented. Ie there is an option where you can do to pay a penny, but it’ll keep the teeth for this job, because in the future it will make you more free.

There is another option. One fine morning, you Wake up asking yourself: “as a matter of fact, I’m probably in my personal situation I would feel more free, if you start your own business.” Usually people in the money loses tremendously. Because if before he was paid. It was not his problem, where these will be money, or rather it was indirectly his problem. Now, not the uncle, who would you think. Ie you would have increased their freedom, but in particular, in money or in something else, somewhere maybe it podsokratili. But in any case should be a vector of freedom. The question of whether you understand it or not understand it – not worth it. Even if you don’t understand, and you’re going against the vector of freedom, you still this matter throw. What would work are not worked, whatever the activity is not engaged, you’ll just be bored at a certain stage of life. Or differently. More will turn up something suitable, and you will totally forget the previous place of work and go for a new one.

What this says about yoga? Yoga says: “Yes, guys! Yes! Yes! Yes! Your personal freedom.” Since you live in society, if you live in society, not in a cave or in a hut in Siberia, and then you remember you live in society, only for one reason, to your liberty, together with the surrounding society, were more than separately.

Emerges next step. How do I build a relationship with society, so I could have the maximum possible freedom? I.e. how to establish contacts? And again, yoga encourages: “you have the maximum squeeze all of this beautiful stuff around you people live.” You should learn to serve themselves, their qualities, their aspirations, ambitions or its capabilities or its desires, so that they are harmoniously woven into the interests and desires of other people and to your activity freedom would only grow. Only this notion can be used to determine future strategy.


How to look for work?


Ie how do you seek work? What is the job? Work is possible with the help of the surrounding society to exercise their freedom in such a way to further increase it. But this work must be found. I.e. we have to show to other members of society their own strengths, to withdraw from consideration their weaknesses. And all that time and came down to the question, I apologize for such slang, personal PR. Or personal ads. Because if no one will recognize you anywhere for work and will not take, and will not provide a place where you feel best.

And as a consequence of this logic, what do we have? We have a worldwide system of recruitment agencies that are recruiting, we have a system of writing your resume where the applicant for a particular job begins to present itself in the best light. We have a lot of recommendations, for example, how to communicate with people, how to behave at the interview when applying for a job. How to communicate when you took the job etc.

But in fact, one of the most difficult moments is the first step. Ie how to find their place in society? Again, not based on the paradigm that work is a punishment, and on the basis of different thoughts about what work is of the highest possibility. If, of course, you think so. If you believe that in this period of your life you better live one somewhere that is more freedom, well, I have to forget about the job search and go dig yourself a what is called a dugout.

But if you lived in this dugout for some time you suddenly realize that you are, as they say, pardon the slang, drank out of the dugout all he could eat that ,as they say, to the limit you reached. You do separately with your degree of ignorance have some degree of freedom, but not anymore. The next step is to overcome ignorance and the extension of his personal liberty in the cave dug in the Himalayas, it becomes unacceptably long and hard. You start looking for a way to increase their freedom, but somehow in a roundabout way. Again through interaction with society. And you would like to return again to the society, to have it properly embedded. What, moreover, it is sometimes useful to leave the society, some time to live outside of society, then to a white horse to come back. It doesn’t have to be years. It may be, say, several months. It may be a few days. But everywhere the vector is just one, personal freedom. Not exactly personal freedom, but absolute freedom, which manifests itself in and through what we call personal freedom.

But then again, if you return to society, then you need it to be built. You will need to either invent a job or to get into a structure where all the conditions are acceptable for you, in terms of increasing their own personal freedom. But anyone you have direct contacts. And here is very big problem that nobody knows. Just no one knows that you are in the world. You may be a fine technician may be the job of your dreams just waiting for you, and you are about to say can’t. For a variety of reasons: some out of modesty, someone of stupidity, some of the stupidity. Ie must learn to assert himself. If you live in a society, that it is the best strategy to increase personal freedom.

What we see in society? In particular, in our former totalitarian. There, on the contrary, everything to fear, everything is hidden, no one says anything.

And at the same time, analyze any singer, composer, any figure of showbiz. He puffs out, to be known to as many people as possible. With it, no matter what the key. If they compliment – it’s nice. Ate will scold – PR. Ie if only he knew. Sometimes even singers, actors, who begin to feel that they are losing popularity, are known the steps to create a scandal, a massacre. As-that to act provocatively, so they were all amazed and said, “Oh-Oh-Oh! Here it is!”. And wrote about it in the Newspapers, shown on TV or said on the radio. It is for them personally, a strategy to increase their personal freedom. The more you know about them, the easier it is to find ways to integrate into the society and get what they want.

Another conversation that is, of course, not acceptable way. And sooner or later get bored when the same singer or the singer, or the same actor forever, he didn’t thank God. Once, twice, thrice, and then all is still. Lost interest.

Therefore, we will not consider such marginal manifestations, which, ultimately, will reduce your freedom. Ie spike, first increase, and then you would advance to take all that could take in the future.

We will talk with you about the yogic way. And again here, nothing new is invented, everything is the same law of nature. The laws of nature has not been canceled. The highest law of nature, you remember – it’s the law of freedom. All other laws are subject to this law.

I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) I want to demonstrate this to the example of your job search. You have the impression that the pursuit of freedom in the yoga is a kind of abstract desire. I sometimes such nonsense I had to hear what people said to me: “Yes, Yes. Freedom is a good thing. Now I’m practicing Kundalini yoga, I now will begin to awaken. I’ll Wake up, will I have to body some manipulation to manipularii. Supposedly I have superpowers opens everything and then I will be free”. And to the question: “why can’t you go then to get a job? Well, at least as a janitor for decency”. He starts all sorts of abstract things, to say that this supposedly would reduce his freedom. It is a difficult time, as they say, honesty with yourself. Wishful thinking.

Yoga says that you must increase your freedom on all fronts. Well, you still do not know how to awaken the Kundalini energy, then don’t. Find a way that you can increase their personal freedom through communication with society. First and foremost, find yourself a good job, don’t mess around, you work, and simultaneously awaken the Kundalini energy. And there, staring, and at work will succeed and the Kundalini as it should, when it wakes up.

How to declare itself?


Ie yoga for ultimate reasonableness. The ultimate reasonableness. And again starts the next step. Well, to find work must be somehow in relationship with society. How to declare itself? Or how to get a job? Friends, I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) here just dread suddenly I recently found out that a huge percentage enough young people have never written a resume. Ie summary – it is such a small piece of paper where you describe who you are, what you what you want, say what jobs you want to get, how much you want the money, what’s your education and so on. It turns out that people do not know sometimes what it is. Now, friends, if we analyze the whole theory of yoga of antiquity and transfer them to modern conditions is a manifestation of brutal stupidity. I may not even know what to compare.

Well, how about someone you know, if you’re not saying anything? Your mind people will not be read. And did not know how many. And the question is, are you willing to your thoughts read? Without his invitation in your head no one will climb. So find a way, available to every member of the society in which you live, to tell about yourself. Unobtrusive, not shocking, and in fact you maybe someone will be useful. More precise may be the situation should arise, your freedom will increase and freedom of your employer will increase. Find this situation as something to use.

And then the next moment, how to present herself? This is the most difficult moment is the first step. And the West has long had a tradition of that, of course, or you are someone may recommend is the best way of communicating. Which means it opened the possibility of some work, and someone says, “Yes, I have a friend, here he meets it.” And he recommends that you, quite quickly, find their place in society, which increases your freedom and the freedom of others, and freedom of society together.

But, friends, this may not be such a thing. And so we still have to insure through some other points. In the West, established for this staffing agencies that just deal with the fact that I try to choose people for certain positions.


How to make a CV?


But another question, how to present herself? I.e. the most effective is some to give brief information, detailed. Again, in the West it’s called a resume or CV. Is different from one another as follows, the first shorter, the second is usually longer. In fact one and the same.

The next moment, and how to make it resume? Which may have, read the other person potentially interested in you. And then, friends, remember the algorithm for making yoga solutions. We have repeatedly said, namely, we recall that we are free, second, remember our duty, we recall the first principle of yoga, then remember the second principle of yoga, you can stop here. If we have no doubt, remember again that we are free and we do all we do or write this summary as we write it. But on the other hand think, and you need to do to the society? You need the first and second principle of yoga. You were kind and smart. No one wants to deal with angry and stupid. In some respects, yet there are acceptable combinations that, say, evil, but smart, or Vice versa, kind, but stupid. Ie different corners of our society where you can stick people with a variety of layouts. Well quite a few corners where necessary evil and stupid. Although not difficult may be a vacancy to come up. I (Vadim zaporozhtsev) exaggerated – good and smart, is the first and the second principle of yoga, i.e., not harmful and very effective. So if you are trying to convey about the person to other members of society, it is most reasonable to focus here on just those two factors that you kind and that you will be pleased to work, and that you are efficient and smart, you will not collapse the case, or that you will cope with their responsibilities. On this basis, you have to imagine. But then again, you have to remember that the society he and the society that it is great that there are many members of society. And it may happen that one and the same position in this society, there will be a lot of people, and the decision must be taken quickly. And if you’ll about yourself writing novels like “War and peace” in three volumes, starting with kindergarten, ending with details of the cat health of your beloved grandmother, the person who potentially will read it all and reflect, to integrate you into his or her organization, he just can’t afford that much time. Therefore, you should be aware of this effectiveness. You have to think about yourself less information, in the sense that it must be exhaustive, for the place where you go to work, a very short, very objective, and concerning the position exactly where you are going to work. And everything else, it is advisable not to specify, so that people who read this, not to steal, not to steal their freedom. Maybe they the freedom of this time spent would be somehow different.

So, friends, it’s even on the level of art. How to teach yourself? How to write about yourself? How to write a resume? So, friends, if you are working and you like your job and you’re not going to look for another job, based on the principles of yoga, you must make it a habit once a year or six months to rewrite your resume. Even if you are not going to walk away from this job. Why? Because each time you will Polish the writing style. Ie so you do what you could immediately understand who you are, what you are, and why. But again, if, God forbid, your office is closed or you get bored to you immediately, without unnecessary disruption of the nerve, even at the time without losing their freedom, found the same place with the same level of freedom, and even better – with a greater level of freedom.

Therefore, people who never himself wrote nothing, look, at least ineffective, if they definitely live in society and woven into the work schedule of the society. It is not rational. It’s stupid not to be able to represent themselves. It’s so stupid that, here you have your freedom, and you instead to use it to write about yourself resume, you are not using it. In the long run you will lose. The job of your dreams will take some other person may not be suitable. And you will be forced to work somewhere else. That is, each is good in its place. This place should be constantly looking.

And here we come to the next point. You remember that the first and second principle of yoga, forms what is called the path of life – Dharma. In this sense, the place where you work now, your firm, your organization is part of the way of your Dharma. So you should receive, firstly, he is very respectful, secondly, to remember that the next step can be quite different, and can remain the same. Ie, you stay working or leave. But in the case of a pleasure, friends, POSTROUTING, insure their freedom. Yoga calls you, friends: “fight for your freedom!” Clearly, and in an abstract sense, through yogic meditation, through the secret practice, using some really exotic some moments. But just as in ordinary life.

For you if you are on the path of yoga is freedom for you is sacred. Even your personal freedom. Again, we remember that this freedom is necessary to use wisely, keeping in mind that we have a duty, remembering that we have the first principle of yoga, keeping in mind that there is a second principle of yoga. Again, if we are on the path of yoga. But in the future, if you are trying about yourself to convey information, you have to communicate in the most effective manner. You don’t have to steal freedom from others. You should write everything is clear, loud and clear. Should not be nothing superfluous.

So, say, if we’re talking about summary, years, decades developed a certain style. Usually it looks as follows: the desired your photo. Your face, a lot of what gives the future employer. Creates a common background. Of course, your some details: who are you, what’s your name, how old are you, etc. etc. and then begins the most important. Actually you take the job, so guess what you will be doing some action, and thereby increasing the freedom and increasing freedom of the company. Therefore, everyone is always very interesting to know, but did you have before this experience? And if you were, what? And, say, here is a rule instituted around the world that, first, written last place of work, then the penultimate and so on in descending order. I.e. do not write that you started your career, helping to unload at school, or worked as a watchman while studying at the Institute. No one is interested. This information is superfluous. Similarly, in relation to your education. Ie, nothing extra, just what you need for business. Similarly, when you sent this summary, you are invited to talk personally. You must produce an adequate impression. Again, you should in fact demonstrate first and second principle of yoga. Ie if you seem insane, strange, not talkative, some threat, then, of course, you’re wrapped immediately. Well, who wants to work with him in the same firm? Same same situation of your motivation. If you are more awake time to spend on figuring out what your salary will be and what will be your duties, instead of in parallel, to a greater extent to learn, and what your prospects in this company increase their freedom. It again will make a bad impression that you got kicked out from one place and you look as if doing nothing else to get the same money. Ie is also so small, imperceptible moments that grind the laws of life in society. These recommendations are many, ranging from what should be your handshake (it must be strong and courageous). Because some people manage to reach the handle, such a delicate woman, powerless, infirm. Immediately gives the impression that you are either on legs, not able to strain. Either somewhat overestimate his place in history. A lot of these factors, friends. They are definitely secondary. From many other things depend. These are all friends, everything recommendations: how to write a resume, how to interview, get a job, how to work on the job – they can all be derived from yoga. All, without exception. All the progressive that you will find in the West – it’s actually as if the implementation of those principles on which yoga is built. So when I hear some nonsense about the fact that there are Indians for them, the yoga, and for Westerners – it should be not yoga, but something else or something else is usually telling people not to understand yoga and the victims, unfortunately, unscrupulous authors. If you want to really make sure, always go to the source. Always dig inside the system, in its root.


Insights from the yoga call for freedom


If you understand the laws that made yoga, you will learn how to deduce the result for different eras, for different people, for different social sections. But if you begin to copy from some sort of musty centuries a way of life that was relevant then, and now it is not appropriate, you will go against yoga actually.

That’s about it, friends, it should be remembered that the appeal of yoga for freedom is also a call for freedom in your personal life. If you have the chance to increase your freedom, you need to increase it. Greatly increases your freedom future is education. Stronger. In fact, if we reduce all thought, why are we not free, we will come only to one thing. We are not free because stupid. And stupid because in ignorance, and in ignorance, because that is what we like. And that closes the circle. No other reason. Therefore training is very important for your future increase of freedom. From bacon was the expression: “Knowledge is power”.

But apart from that your other actions in life are tripled you to work or retire, how to build relationships with people in the team where you work. They entirely have to get this vector increase your freedom. Your attitude to life in General. It may happen that one fine morning will start any crisis. If the authorities, by this time, are not competent rulers who happened to be there, they will be the first immediately, the temptation is to tighten the screws. Ie you pressed. Visible some factors that are not visible. Are the most cunning politicians will appeal to your sense of duty etc. etc. Friends, don’t fall for these evasions of the people who will try to take away your freedom to increase your freedom no reason. You can preload your freedom in the name of the ruler, if you trust the ruler and if the ruler is asleep and sees how to maximize your freedom in the future. But again, in the case of our country, where simple neglect, sometimes for freedom reached comical moments. One serfdom is worth. And residence in the Soviet years, and now is worth something, friends. These people, our rulers, not in a hurry to give you freedom. For a variety of reasons. Myself (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) to understand why. Whether nedoumiyu, or very well thought-out calculation. Whether it’s, you know, the good king, the evil boyars, whether it’s playing good and bad COP. The situation is complicated. But, that is, the Homeland is not selectable. We must love his country, in the sense that it gave us freedom. She gave birth to us, protects, just like mom and dad. But it does not allow substituting concepts, we it caught.

We must give what is called to pay the same kindness, ability to do something for his country, but if the situation is rubbish, you should think about personal freedom. Well, imagine that tomorrow suddenly become unemployed, you come to the labour exchange and say: “you know, we’re a new Kingdom build. Here we have communism failed, now capitalism build. It’s your problem. Have you got nothing? Okay, great. Don’t eat it. Unemployment still try, to get. No you work here. We now took up the new theory. We Marx to build communism, now, according to Marx, capitalism is a beast to build, sample 18th century”. And you will be forced to face the fact that your freedom is reduced. That may be so happen that your country will you kick to throw abroad. Kick, literally. What is actually happening now. And so, without ceasing to love the country, you should immediately take care of your personal freedom in the next step. Yes, if now we have such rulers, if they once do ideological experiments, which are already there in the rest of the world, well, your debt this towards the rulers was over. You need to think about their freedom at all. You need a piece of bread to earn. You need to somehow creatively implemented. So you should immediately think, what will be your next step? And the logic is very clear. The system must be open. If you’re locked on something is a matter of time before you start…

So, let’s say, today, paying a certain percentage of time on learning English, you hereby, including investing in its future freedom tomorrow. Or in a guarantee that in any case any chance to survive. Imagine tomorrow the crisis, is to start nut wrap and me (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) recall the white guard at the end of the revolution, when all flee to Europe. But you see, the intelligentsia was, know languages. Who French, who English. Somehow somehow it disappeared. Still live. You’re there and that will be: “I understand.” Ie you have to calculate the strategy of the next step. Calm, very kind, but very smart. And so applies to all. Here you work at your job, but whatever miraculous work, where you work, you should sit down, say, today you just took your first day, you immediately have to sit down and write a summary in case that there will be better job. It is a law of freedom, friends. All attempts to suppress your freedom to go against the main trend.

Here’s our lecture. Today all friends

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