2011.02.19 Yoga and Freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

2011.02.19 Yoga and Freedom. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

The title of the lecture :

Yoga and Freedom. Lecture 9. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.02.19.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description :Summarizes the points discussed in the previous lecture. You’ll find the answers to the following questions. If yoga is in favour of freedom, why do to work and strain yourself? Why fashion designers paid more than worker in the plant? How are the spiritual and material freedom, can they be split? Easy to be free? How are money and freedom? Does money make us freer or enslave us?

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Today 19 February 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University. We are in Cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. All archived information on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. As well as all the archival film and recordings of our lectures can be purchased in our online store at www.shop.openyoga.ru.


Yoga and Freedom is the theme of today’s lecture, another part of it. And before we go any further, click on the crank button, and the named person will tell us what we were doing in the previous lecture.

Alexander, gr.3: “unfortunately, could not attend lectures and was not able to listen to her in”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, I urge you, if you miss any lectures, download them and listen. Very good to have for this mp3 player. Believe me, I wouldn’t ask unless absolutely necessary, but the learning process is the learning process. Even if you will not be able to attend lectures for some time, it can be quite critical. We have very few resources, each lecture is competing with some other, that is, what subject to give. So if you can’t physically be in a lecture, connect using the Internet, look; if you can’t via the Internet download on your mp3 player. And the next candidate of the adrenaline button you’d tell us what we did last lecture.”

Vita, gr.2: “the last lecture, the topic was “How to find a job”. How to write a resume that this is a very important point. This is a fundamental question, because if we don’t have a good job, we won’t have resource to do yoga”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great, who wants to add?”

Svetlana, gr.4: “For me, the key points of the last lecture was the situation that we don’t just have to worry about how to increase their freedom, and to ensure that our freedom has expanded, not only in the moment, and expanded on, that is, giving us perspective. That is, the lecture was on how to expand your freedom, not only today but tomorrow, and tomorrow, and forever.”

Paul, gr.3: “an Important point that the employers, we must demonstrate that we comply with the first and second principles that we don’t cause him harm and efficiently performed their duties. The lecture was about how to become more free with having to find a job, write a CV etc”.

Larissa, gr.4: “I’m from the last lecture, was taught the following, we need to set ourselves achievable goals. That is, if we put that purpose, which have only a vague idea, it is difficult for us to achieve this. But if we put before ourselves a specific goal, say, in their professional activities, we can achieve quite some success, and thereby increase his freedom.”

Allen, gr.4: “I remember the moment on the relation of man to his work. That is, his attitude is an indicator of the degree of ignorance, there are 3 degrees of man’s relationship to his work”.

Alex, gr.3: “was still binding law of karma is that there is an inextricable link of the law of freedom and the law of Karma. And that we must learn to interact harmoniously with society, to our freedom expanded, that it was mutually advantageous cooperation, to the freedom of society also grew. And as a means to do this, we must learn to Express themselves”.

Marina, gr.3: “I want to add that every six months it was recommended to change the summary, even if we remain in the same job with the same team. This is done in order to see maybe in six months we gained something, something can qualify as yoga has expanded its freedom.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “moreover, we now consider this situation in order for students to make it mandatory. Students of our University should be free, if you’re not as free as you’ll carry on yoga? You should be able to present yourself while studying, and upon completion of studies, when the question will be, to somewhere you’ve taught yoga – you go abroad, decide to teach yoga, how you do it – is not clear. So after completing the Yoga Teaching mandatory each of you will be your resume to a teacher or yoga instructor. In fact, for these purposes, introduced this ferocious bureaucracy that forces you to write Karma-yoga reports. At the end you know what you are, say, you have a certain number of hours of training, a certain number of hours of practice, a certain amount of experience of lecturing. And then will come to the employer and it will no longer be an abstract conversation, that you no one can call you yesterday that you read Sivananda, and today began to teach Hatha yoga and philosophize on the subject of the third eye. Unfortunately, the vast majority of yoga teachers are now just like that. And you need specifics, you don’t have to lie, lying is bad is to create bad karma. You have to write honestly and objectively. To write honestly and objectively you can if you have the actual material. The actual material is your Karma yoga report. At the end you wrote, Yes, we did this, this and this, so many classes have spent so many lectures read objectively”.

Anastasia, gr. 3: “I want to try to summarize everything said. The essence of the previous lecture was that the focus of our lives should be to increase our freedom, it must be a life concept. Exactly the same as the yogis of ancient times built their lives based on this direction, and chose to leave the Ashram or stay in the society. Similarly, we are invited to follow it. But in our situation the vast majority of cases the increase of our freedom is due to the work. Therefore, the work is a tool to increase our freedom. In the previous lecture we discussed how to use this tool”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Let me again summarize. The meaning were, in fact, the theme of the lecture was the topic of Freedom. The question arises, I seek freedom, the yoga that I longed for freedom. And why should I work, why should I strain, why do I need to do something, because it makes me unfree. Maybe you should tuneyadstvovat, and it may be necessary to lead an idle life, do nothing, maybe not even have a finger to hit. The answer is, Yes, indeed, you can do nothing, lie down on your couch or under your tree work do not get, to do nothing, for God’s sake, you’re free to live that way. But at the same time ask, and if you’re going to live, whether to increase your degree of freedom or reduced. If you suddenly realize that will increase and live. And if you understand that it will decrease, then look for another way to live increased. And in fact the whole society with all its relationships, it is precisely the attempt or the option to give us the opportunity to increase their freedom by living in society. That is, the vector is just one, yoga and work are related through a chain – Freedom – Life in society (because freedom in society, with a certain structure of society more than if you live alone) – Integration into the society (to find their place under the sun). And to find their place under the sun in the society is possible only one way – to engage in joint work of the society to do some of the work, another third did something. Efficiency was a big “one with a plough, seven with a spoon” because when work is effective, you will be able to produce more ways that make life easier for others. And they, in turn, any other actions and make life easier for you. As a result, freedom is expanding, so what is working? Work is a way of increasing their freedom due to the interaction with society. So the chain is: Yoga, which is for freedom that says, want to work, want – do not work, most importantly, to your freedomincreased. If you chose to live in a society, that properly belong to the society, not bezdelniki not toadstool not parasitical on the body of society, i.e. work, bring freedom to others through the work. After all, what is money, money is an attempt to measure the amount of freedom that you give to the society, and the society appreciates your freedom. In this sense, the money thing really increases our freedom, but in the long term, the money will be to increase our freedom, if we earned it honestly. That is, we in some way increased the freedom of people, and people with the money have increased our freedom to what we want. In this sense, money is a surrogate for assessing the freedom that you give when you perform a particular work society. Of course, there are counterfeiters, parasites, embezzlers, bribe-takers who wish to take their freedom at the expense of money, but did not give back. It is clear that this imbalance could not continue, will the reaction of society. But in fact, there are more subtle mechanism, that is money, this is not the full measure of the freedom that you give. There are other invisible parallel tracking mechanisms, you live in a society very different plan. If you violate some rules of the game, you get a negative response. All this is within the law of karma. Well, we stopped on the fact that you need to work that work it is now a way for us to increase their freedom more than if we lived alone in a cave. The question of how to find this job and invented mechanisms. In our last lesson, we discussed that you must learn to apply themselves rationally to society that society has learned how it can get more freedom due to the fact that you will join in its ranks. You need to be able to introduce yourself, or PR to promote themselves. And it is a serious task, it is art, if you learn to do this, you will increase its degree of freedom. If you do it wrong, you will not choose all the freedom that you can choose from companies. That is, you will be not rational to live in society. Here’s the logic. Everything is based on Freedom. Work itself has no meaning. It makes sense only in one factor – it increases freedom. If the work does not increase your freedom, why would you even want to work. Remember all these many sayings is that “from the work horses die”, “work is not a wolf in the forest will not escape” “work is not a wolf, but the product of force into distance the cosine of the angle between them.” That is, when it is a useless job. If you’re just going to work, you don’t need to pay, if the result of your work will not be an increase in the freedom of someone. And you can a little something to do to increase someone’s freedom and you will be well paid. My favorite example is designer, fashion designer. Here he takes some cloth cheap, do any three of a Fig leaf, put it on the girl and the girl for this exclusive falling off a decent amount of money. The question arises, how is it he very little worked, and someone from morning to night at the machine discs wears away and gets three orders of magnitude less. Where is the justice? And justice is simple, your discs useless, they do not increase the freedom of society. And the girl, wearing this dress, even three Fig leaves, increases your freedom, because it will attract the attention of their favorite boys. Remember the expression ln.Tolstogo that women like money and clothes, no, that’s not true, women love children and men, and the money they need to care for children, and outfits to please men. In this and in the other, the increase of freedom. Here we come to the definition, what product or service cost more or less. What theory on this subject does not come up. By and large you will pay if you increase someone’s freedom. Engineer at the Western company coming into work, throw up your feet, sit for five minutes, think, come up with a new technology and go home. He will pay a lot of money. Because this new technology will make production more efficient and will produce more goods or services, and make other people more free. It is clear that immediately begin parasitic elements, such as, artificial demand, when you start to provoke you to be woven into a society of consumption. But that’s another conversation, though no less important. But he stops at the level of how much you need for freedom.

And the next candidate of the adrenaline button will praise myself”.

Anna, gr.3: “I this week did a good job on the work I have done. I do massage, and so many this week I was pleased with the massage.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, I want you ingrained this idea is. When we talk about freedom is not abstract statements of politicians from the podium, this is not some philosophical concept, far-fetched in our life, this is your real freedom in your life today. The logic of yoga in the following, use today’s relative freedom so that every day she was growing up. And, in the end, you will reach the border, after which, according to yoga, there will be absolute, unconditional freedom, so as the stairs have to climb to it. Here I am today-so, so-and-so have such-and-such, such a knowledge, get so much, may not spend as much. And this determines my degree of freedom, may I tomorrow to wave to the Canary Islands or to India, or I don’t have enough money to pay for an apartment. That is, yoga in the first place – the picture of the real, the everyday. Only through a real increase in your freedom today, you will feel what is the General freedom and you will know what calls you higher theory of yoga. Of course, the degree of freedom, the degree of feelings, sensations, when we are engaged in high topics of yoga, they are, of course, much higher than your subjective little freedom, but again, the higher does not contradict our ordinary and everyday. It smoothly moves from one to another. So today at my job, my life situation at least a little will expand the boundaries of freedom, squeeze a drop the slave out of yourself, then you are on the path of yoga. If not, then most likely, you just don’t understand what yoga is. I was most annoyed by people who say that spiritual freedom is one thing, but my real life is something else. Stupidity is, no two Universes, the universe is one. Freedom freedom it is everywhere and at work and in your life, and how much money you get. Although once you understand money is a factor, which partly determines your freedom, in addition to it there are many others, but it can not be neglected. Not to deify him, we cannot pray for money, but it can not be neglected. And so in everything else, and the only way we gradually realize what we are called yoga. To be free is very hard, it is easier to declare, I want to be free. But what is to be free is to recognize that for you, no one is responsible, no one to claim, no one whining, no one to blame, that’s me bad, blame that. There is no one to claim what you owe me to do this and that. That is, to be free is to fully take responsibility for my life. But no one wants to, all want a key to behave as they want, and in another moment of life to someone else for them. But this does not happen. The freedom of it to the arch that there is no overseer. It is very hard to be free. Freedom is when you have to think for yourself. Well, when we go to school, we say, twice two is four, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs, and we all eat, we are happy, we substitute in these equations their values and get the result. And we used what we already all thought out. But in doing so we on the one hand make it easy on yourself, and on the other hand we have bounces a taste of freedom. Because there is a man here, Pythagoras, but if it is, I know this theorem, if it was not, it would not be in my Universe of the Pythagorean theorem? So I depend on that uncle, no matter how wonderful he was. And your setup should be such that even if there is no uncle of Pythagoras, I sit on the Bank and on the sand itself will bring this theorem. Well, not in your Universe of Einstein, well, okay. That is a hard setting that I need in my life to depend on anything or from anyone. The fact that someone is showing me kindness and teaching me the skills that he had once discovered and learned is only the first steps. And then freedom begins when you invade the area of the unknown. And in fact, the universe is huge, and a little bit you will make even in the practice of yoga, you will be in a completely unknown to you a world where you no one will think, nobody to tell you nothing. You need freedom when you’re taking the right steps or wrong, it happens. Our goal is not to zazombirovat you not to sasobit you different kinds of bottoms that you like parrots they repeat, our task is to teach you to think independently. On some level, yoga has survived to the present day, in part we know, partly we don’t know. What we have lost, need to rediscover it. Huge stock of yoga came to us in the references which have on their skin to rediscover. That’s not what opened the book Sivananda and follow it as the ultimate truth, nothing like that, friends. The attitude of a free man is a very creative attitude to life”.

Michael, gr.3: “I Have a question about the algorithm for obtaining knowledge.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, all that relates to the decision algorithm is indeed an algorithm. That is pomace of ancient wisdom in a very compact way. And about knowing, it is a joke that goes from one book to another, from one school to another, acquiring different details, the moments. Let me remind you that the first valueshave to gain knowledge, then hear it, then Jag, then think about it, talk about it with other people, apply it in your life, teach it and then, maybe, it will reach up to you. This, of course, anecdotal, when you teach, while you do not reach. But at the same time, sverhbogatye knowledge is such that sometimes we only think we understand, and then only over the years we understand their true meaning.”

Andrew, gr.4, the absentee student: “Living among men, is it possible to be independent from them, that is free?”

Basim, gr.eka: “You, living among people to be free because we are free, absolutely everything and this too.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Basim, so I’ll take a stick and you hit, you hurt, what is freedom?”

Basim, gr.eka: “the Feelings that I have karma, according to my actions. Maybe I will be nice, all depends on my previous actions, not by your presence and actions.”

Svetlana, gr.4: “I also agree that you can be absolutely free, based on the phrases that you just said. That is, if we make decisions if we these people are not whining, if we don’t demand something from them, we can be free from them”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, good answer. But in fact, here is a trick question. Theoretically the answer is Yes. If you implement a fully yoga and attain the state of Samadhi or higher States of yoga, you will become the man in the East called Jivanmuktas or reach the state of Jivanmukti – free in life. That is, while remaining in society, living among people, you are absolutely free from society and the Universe. This is the level of the greatest teachers of yoga who have risen above the level of karma, has gone beyond karma, both positive and negative and enjoy the fact that our universe sorhagen, put my sveklovichnogo existence outside of karma on the plane of karma. And this is the greatest master and teacher of humanity, teaching us yoga. They live in society, for example, the great Ramakrishna, the great Vivekananda, Sivananda, and many other people that the West was introduced to yoga. It was the people who loose in life, they didn’t have karma. Everything they did, remaining in the bodies of people, was caused by only one reason – to pass the knowledge on. As long as they needed humanity, they stayed here. Then, when they realized that all they could do, they did, they’re gone from this world. To go can be different. For example, in Tibet very much like to dissolve my body in the rainbow below even the most stupid student to convey the idea that with death nothing ends. Someone died like an ordinary man. But in fact, what the physical body is the clothes. You can shake and throw it in the trash, and can magically her somewhere to transform into streams of light, for example. Therefore, from this point of view, Yes, once you reach a higher state of yoga, you become completely free even in this body and unable to live among society while remaining free from it. But if you have not reached this state, there is a certain degree of freedom. In this respect, life in society makes sense only in one case, when it increases your freedom. And this degree of freedom is different, and in this sense is not to say that you depend on society, not just within society, the degree of your freedom more than outside companies. Society has nothing to do with it. So how to turn a question.”

Vladimir, gr.3, part-time student: “you Can use karma to not depend on it. That is, use your shackles to liberation from the shackles”.

Anastasia, gr.3: “the Voluntary restriction of his freedom to increase his freedom in the future. There seems to be this separation is the freedom in the Tamas and rajas and sattva in freedom, that is freedom, spiritual and material freedom. That is, in order to achieve some spiritual heights, we have to limit ourselves to feelings and desires. That is, is it appropriate to separate these two freedoms. You are at the beginning of the lecture said that there cannot be two freedoms, material and spiritual, but it seems to me that there is such a division”.

Karina, gr.4: “I would not share these freedoms because they are dependent on each other, everything is harmonious, and flows smoothly”.

Nastya, gr.3: “I can for example tell example of their work. I have all one, I managed to find a job, it makes me financially free, and it gives me enormous pleasure. When I work, I do not work, do not work, and the buzz 24 hours a day, and therefore, I feel that I practice karma yoga, I evolve spiritually, I have no separation between the material and the spiritual.”

Anastasia, gr.3: “I would like to clarify your question on the example of a particular situation. When we give up their old habits, when we begin to strive for spiritual development, very often it is interpreted as restrictions of our freedom, although we feel that increasing our freedom, that is, we refuse to go with friends to drink wine, or we don’t allow ourselves to Express anger, that is suppress your feelings, but we have a goal, we save your energy, or question the spending of sexual energy. That is, I mean that the question of true values is not clear”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “We all grew up in ideology, which was formed thousands of years, it was to divide the spiritual and the material. This is the legacy of our European civilization, for some strange reason, this setup has developed. Probably, from these centuries of wars, epidemics, upheavals developed a kind of hopelessness, disbelief in the forces, the unwillingness to change anything, and as a justification of this all, the division between the spiritual and the material. Yes, I am now financially very bad, but it is very good that now we are bad, because then I will be rewarded handsomely. Or as Mark TWAIN, life is a kind of debit and credit, that is, if in this life a loss, after the death of the cons go to pros and the pros to the cons. It is likely a mental tribute to that civilization the way we have done. In the East, here I mean not only India, there are some terms, such as early Buddhism, which is almost preserved to our time, what is now called Buddhism – this is later a Buddhism, and some say the true Buddhism. This view is not completely preserved in the East, and there is no one opposes the spiritual and the material. In the end, the material is just a way to implement spiritual and finalize any shortcomings that it is difficult for us to do it at the spiritual level, excluding the material. But in the East there is no material neglect and aspirations only to the spiritual. And, indeed, the world is one, we have two Universes. We just think that we can supply the clear distinction here ends the material, and here begins the spiritual, but this face is not, you will not be able to draw. It’s like that on the map of the world, that one country ends and another begins, but it is only in the minds of the politicians have some kind of border, and in nature animals, birds, wind free, there is a single globe. Exactly the same here. But there is a different point that should not be forgotten. The fact that we have to understand the opportunities that gives each of these poles of one world. That is one pole of our world is matter, the other pole is the area sviridonovo, which is not applicable, it is possible to weigh, to cut, to destroy or to create. And a bridge between them, connecting them, and all this together is called a single universe. And we got to understand it, because if we assume that there is only the material without the spiritual, we condemn ourselves to suffering, we look for money, for power, for people, for circumstances, for some rattles. And then everything changes, everything is destroyed, we can’t keep, and we suffer. On the other hand, when we think about that higher, transcendent, elusive, we become the dreamers, no longer take care of themselves, stop doing the most ordinary things. And everything starts to deteriorate, including our bodies are in decline and we are no longer able to think about spirituality. In this respect a very revealing story of a monk. You know, in China there is a monastery called Soliti. It was established by the monk of Chan Buddhism, Bodhidharma, and the anecdote about it tell the following. Bodhidharma came from India, according to the state of a jīvan-Mukta, i.e. liberated while alive, who where wants, there and goes. And that happened to go to China, and he came across a bunch of monks, which in the long meditation was so samojedny, so their bodies were in poor condition and poor Bodhidharma was surprised that state of life, and he said, “Guys, as you can achieve the highest heights in meditation, if your sick body distracts you, because you have become so to neglect them”. And he gave them martial arts, so sometimes I think that martial arts came to China from India. This set of exercises, something between Rita-yoga, Kriya-yoga and Hatha-yoga together with Pranayama. So here it is all wrapped up, probably did the particular monks and forced them all to engage in physical body. And very they have succeeded and excelled in the study of the Supreme spiritual, anyway, to the present day preserved this Shaolin, however evil tongues say that there is not a hint of Bodhidharma, but that’s another conversation.

The question is, what if we wisely use these extremes – we are on the way up, if we ubiraem on the material and ignoring the spiritual, we lose if we think too much about the spiritual and forget about the material, we lose too. The world is one, friends.

Another issue in conjunction with Freedom. Sometimes, to make a breakthrough in the spiritual, and we have ourselves turn into the material. Take practice Triad, ecstatic to experience higher States. Before you experience pleasure from these practices, a person must go through the path of asceticism. Does it not happen that from the pleasure. First, the dead water of asceticism, and then the living water of pleasure. In fact, it is right to use the material plane and use it correctly with a spiritual plan, one does not fall off from the other, and the result is wonderful.

Basim, gr.eka: “I Have many different associations about the material and the spiritual, but I understand that we are talking about logic and sverkhnovye. Because the preload in the material plan in order to obtain the spiritual is, in fact, is to apply your mind, to sharpen it; and then will not be flirting with some potustoronnij, namely sverhbogatye phenomena”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, friends, here everything is even simpler to explain from a position of freedom. You remember, yoga encourages you to be free. To be free is quite unusual when you are responsible for yourself, not someone, but on the other hand, if you taste freedom, you never from him not refuse. This is something else no one ever refused. The question arises: “how can we increase this freedom?” Yoga says that to increase in all possible ways, that is, to step on your-freedom on all fronts, and on the material level of everyday life, you know, as infantry goes on the attack, get promising, high-paying jobs, if you believe that you have to work. Or go to the comfortable cave lair in the Himalayas, if you think that should entirely devote himself to meditation. That is to say, on the one hand, on the physical level you no one bothered, on the other hand, to all the conditions in order. How would you want to act – there are no obstacles at the same time, ie freedom.

On the other hand, the offensive on all fronts, it means more and aviation – spirituality, should also go forward. She hovers in their heights, but what’s the point if your aircraft has moved far forward over the front line and the infantry behind. If you are in their dreams, meditations hover in predskazhesh condition, and you live in a communal apartment, and a drunken neighbor you into the wall beats on the street you police can stop you anywhere in every way bullied, and Rob treat you like cattle. The saleswoman at the store is rude, a bureaucrat in a state organization certificate does not, one can cite many examples. Ie in my dreams you are already free, and the tail is stuck in the swamp of everyday life. And has already begun the hypocrisy: “Oh, Yes, I’m free in my mind”, but it can be empty imagination. For spiritual progress should be progress in the material. But sometimes in certain conditions it is easier to move the first material in the attack, and then aircraft of spirituality to invite. This is the technology your specific life. But the vector of freedom it will be everywhere and on a spiritual level and on a physical level, if there is a gap, you, friends, begin, first lie, first to ourselves and then to others, that you are a good, free, just live so that’s not like that freedom you have. This factor of hypocrisy, dishonesty with oneself is very important. Therefore, this strategy is given first, turn the material to make a breakthrough in the spiritual, then the position of this new spiritual pull of the material, and so gradually to move. But the vector one, friends, freedom.

Elena, gr.4: “If possible, a small linguistic observation about the balance of the material and the spiritual. If we look at the etymology, that in Russian language the word “wealth” is related to God, i.e., to something higher and the word “good”, it has many meanings, but I would like to mention two. The first is the First principle of yoga – kindness, but the second sense is some form of material objects which a person possesses. In English the word “God” – God and “Good” – well they are also connected”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “you Know, this is a slang saying: “Bablo triumphs over evil.”

Vladimir, gr.3, part-time student: “you Can use karma to not depend on it, you cannot use what is not. The disadvantages become the advantages, but it is not a fact, on the contrary, even in mathematics not so.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Intricately. Still have from the time students anything? No? Bad. Time students, exert yourself. Exercise their freedom, extend through the media, make a statement with friends. Assert yourself that you are on this planet. How about someone you know, if you yourself do not show? Showmanship is the ability to expand their freedom through interaction with society. This skill themselves so integrated into society, to know: “Aha, here in Zaporozhye Vladimir lives in this certain city and another student lives, Yes, very smart man, Yes will have it in mind,” etc., etc. Someone finds out you live there, will you close contacts to restore. You begin to expand your circle of contacts. In the end, note that our body consists of trillions of cells, in fact, each cell can live by itself, but no, my friends, get in single-celled multicellular community, because their freedom is integral to the spiritual and material more than individually. But each cell needs to declare that it is to her to sit down the other cage, some sort of signaling system should be. I do not know what level of biology that’s all it is, incidentally, one of the biggest mysteries in the evolution of a living organism, either unicellular thought of what you need to do complex multicellular formation. It was a leap, it was the know-how, it was a breakthrough ciliates shoes in her understanding of the world. Maybe we now evolutionary leap the same waiting, and here we sit separately and do not use the potential that will arise if we had a closer relationship. Immediately opened to some super powers – mind reading, a conversation without a mobile phone, etc. All modern Internet, friends, with its technology, as it now seems from the analysis of ancient treatises, it is a technical attempt to reproduce what was in the good old days when everyone could communicate telepathically.

And now will praise the student.”

Mila, gr.3: “Good boy I am! I started a wonderful class, I’m so happy I finally reached this point – I started teaching”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Bravo, Bravo, and now the following student will remind us yoga decision algorithm”.

Anastasia, gr.3: “the Algorithm taking yoga solution: first, we remember that we are free, then, we are reminded of our duty, then we analyze the situation from the perspective of the First principle of yoga, then positions the Second principle, if we go fast methods, with the position of the Third Principle of yoga, if we after all this analysis can’t make a decision, we ask the authoritative opinion of the Teacher, if the Teacher is not open, we interview as many people as possible, then we recall that we are free and already on this basis, make a decision”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “well Done, Bravo. And the next person will tell us whether to get a job, and if so, when and how to do it better. Will consolidate the material covered”.

Svetlana, gr.3: “depending on whether they have a job or our freedom will not expand, we are either arranged or not. Next, you yourself very well imagine to present yourself to the world and in particular the employer must be able to thoroughly summarize and reflect on your experience, all your accomplishments in numbers. Here in this way”.

Anna, gr.4: “When applying for a job need to Express themselves and to show their two sides, on the part of the First and Second Principle of Yoga, show what a good and kind that you don’t want to hurt anybody. With the second hand to show its effectiveness, you can benefit”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Competence, ability, responsibility, professional skills. Great friends, now this topic, it logically follows from the following chain of Freedom – Society – employment – Work – Money. And to reflect on the theme of “Money and Freedom” we will ask the next student.

Marina, gr.3: “I believe that money is a tool which you can use to expand their freedom. Earning money, releasing some resources to pay for something, to go somewhere, and if we are on the spiritual path, respectively, to kapitalanlage something in something. I believe that it is not the goal, but such a big, nice, modern social tool.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Who wants to add? I would like to hear different points of view, why no one will say that money is something that restricts freedom.”

Anna, gr.4: “If our spiritual freedom to compare with the amount of prana we have, the amount of magical energy that expands our freedom, and money in the material world can be compared with the same prana, and the more prana, the more we have opportunities.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Very well, friends, I liked it a bunch. See prana – freedom – money. Very interesting bunch. There is something to ponder. We remember that money, in fact, you can perform as a substitute of prana. The more prana, the potentially more money. On the other hand, prana and freedom as linked, the more prana the more freedom. And it may be that the money more and more and freedom less and less. Let’s think, friends. I don’t need robots, inflated knowledge, do time, do two, do three, do four. I need person who able to think. Let you make mistakes. Who does not”.

Michael, gr.3: “I believe that, of course, can be that a lot of money and a little freedom, but it is likely that the money that came in a dishonest way, nor due to the fact that the man had worked his way up, that is, expanding your prana, he earned the money in some fraud, at the expense of parasitism on society, due to some good karma in the past, but now he is a parasite. He came up with the money, but it also makes it proprietary, it seems to become from the money, he is afraid to lose them, he is afraid of losing his business, and he will not be able to recover it, for example. And he is, accordingly, he does not live in freedom, and in fear of killing myself.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, friends. Friends, the theme is actually apparent that you had the impression: “Yay! Yay! Money is good!” or “Hooray! Yay! Money – bad!” Absolutely non-obvious subject”.

Mark, gr.eka: “Yoga says that we can create a problem not only with this aspect of prana, like money, but if used improperly, the prana, we are able to get attached to things, to people, to the various events be it work, personal life, etc. and create a lot of problems.”

Anna, gr.4: “I want to say that money gives us freedom, but at some point we tend to forget about what we need the money and have to depend on their number. We try to earn them all the time and work to make them more and more, but don’t use them for other purposes and thereby restrict their freedom. We start confusing the issue, why do we need money as a means to something, and have to depend on them as something valuable in itself”.

Light, C.4: “there is Still such moment that there is a certain point of development, when money can interfere with, i.e., the money can not expand freedom, and to start limiting it. For example, a person had no money, he still achieved, earned. And here he had the money, and instead to develop further at some point their freedom to start to limit using that money to, for example, excessive consumption of food, there are more and more, to use them just for everyday life and immerse yourself in it, forgetting about their goals. I think this is the time to aspire to the man, as he wants to use the money”.

Nastya, gr.3: “From the observation of people, if the person was not sure of the mechanism for making money, that is, if he had no sense that I can earn at any time any amount, then the very idea of money it constrains, it limits and scares, and so it becomes proprietary. If he knows that he is a good professional of today and tomorrow, and tomorrow, he always can find a job, the idea of money as such, it generally ceases to be disturbed.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Please note, friends, very little time, very Plavnieki transition for our freedom, friends, important not so much the money as the opportunity to earn them always when necessary. This one small moment, it would seem, but the lack of understanding of his ruined so many people, you can’t imagine. And, indeed, very often such an effect, in narrow circles, sometimes called “effect of a tycoon.” Imagine she had some sort of one-time shock – revolution, privatization, or something else. And did you manage to “grab”, you have billions, but you didn’t earn, you just have used a one-off case, and the existence of those money nice. Yes, you can do a lot of things to allow yourself, and you think that will be enough for you and your children, but if there is a threat of losing everything to the last penny, then you realize that you such a chance will never get from life. And again you sink to the bottom or to the level where you were before you got this money “for free”. Very interesting, freedom at the level of those circumstances, items which can somehow be solved with money, this freedom gives man the integral of freedom in this formation the use of money he is free, and the thought that he could lose everything tomorrow, no. Will, for example, the depreciation of the dollar, and the United States do not want their trilliardy to pay debts, take, and devalue the dollar. It will cost at the level of the paper. And you will lose everything. Then suddenly starts to creep in, worm thoughts hectic, and if you their wealth save. And it turns out to keep it, you need to be always on the alert, we should be interested in the different kinds of things, and you no longer have to live your life and start living the life you save this money and begin to demand their freedom. There she was large, and remained, and here on this obvious level of nightmares or anticipation of crises begins to shrink. And you can call yourself a free man. And then more and more.

Another situation, imagine the man has made himself, as they like to say in the West. You went to work and from scratch made his career to a certain height. Let you again rich, let you have the same money, same account, but you fundamentally have no fear of such, which we just reviewed. You have an inner confidence if you were able to do this once from scratch, you will do it second and third and fourth and fifth time. It turns out that the truly free man is not even the same person, I have a lot of money, and the man that he is able to earn a lot of money, and not to use some rare moments in the form of winning the lottery or some sudden privatization or revolution or something. Friends, a similar situation in respect of power. Just imagine, your party created, there you have three people, but you gradually grew from election to election, gaining more votes and you win in any Western European country and you were nominated for a leadership position, post some of the Prime Minister, the President, may be different elsewhere. And here you have power, you feel relaxed. Because you have a sense of legitimacy of this power, this power you gave. You have suffered, you know how society behaves in certain moments, you know how to present yourself, you begin to be very effective, and inside you have no fear.

Another situation, if you stupidly took the power in any way. You’re a dictator, came with the military coup, entrenched, or is a variant in the bad sense of the word succession. You generally to power did not come, and came to power, your ancestors, and you were in this clan and will now rule. You are passed this way from top to bottom, you don’t know him and it is likely that if a revolution will happen, and you fold, you basically will not rise from top to bottom. In principle. Because this single moment. It turns out the man is the first person of the state, the dictator and can punish or pardon, to behead or to forgive, but inside is afraid, afraid of losing power. If in the first case, when a man came from top to bottom, he is afraid of nothing. He, first, knows all of its competitors, knows how to win. He knows that even if someone is against it will do something, he will always play their positions. In the second case, if you are overthrown, then the return can not be in principle. Analogue, as with money. The issue is not how much you have money or power, but the question is, how did you get them.


The next moment, extremely serious. This is the moment status. Absolutely not obvious, but it is something that grips our freedom is sometimes scarier than handcuffs or shackles for the prisoner. Pass through it all. Through it will pass you. Definitely. Each. The question is when.

Now you feel bad, you have no money. You work, run, jump, themselves are doing, but over time money is becoming more and more, comes a very different standard of living, then even more, another level of life, and then you get used to some standard of living. You get used to driving a nice car and not in metro in a compressed state, you get used to walking in these restaurants, not on the corner to have a bite during lunch, you get used to drink these drinks, and not some other, dressed in costumes from this company and not in any other. Moreover, you acquire a circle of people who are doing the same. But suddenly, for whatever reason, the question that you need to take the next step in life, which implies for any reason, reducing the amount of money in your pocket. And the worst thing psychologically to realize that you are losing status. What if you used to be able to go to this restaurant, but now can’t. Previously could in this get-together to chat, and now can’t. And this feeling of lower status, how you will look in the eyes of other members of society, sometimes makes us completely free. We climb out of the skin to produce the same impression.”

Andrew, gr.4, the absentee student: “it is Important Golden mean. Little – bad dependency. When a lot is too addictive. Pray for them. Money in his eyes overshadowed the rest of his life”.

Lada gr.3: “of Course, money gives freedom. The ability to do something in this world, to acquire or to manifest, but they can make a person less free, addicted, to engender fear in him. I think this happens in cases when a person is underdeveloped aspect of creating the essence, the creation of the nature of things. He received a lot of energy and money, but this consciousness has not yet tightens to that level, and then the money to enslave people, rather impede human development than an opportunity”.

Julia, gr.3: “I want to look at it from an axiomatic point of view. What is freedom? We spent so much time on discussing what freedom is svernaya and, if we take the issue of money, that leads us to money when viewed in the best sense of the word. This knowledge or experience. You can know theoretically how to make money, but without experience, you were talking about, do not know how to build a company from personal experience, we can get nothing. Ie, and in the quest for knowledge, whether it be making money or enlightenment, increasing their freedom”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Friends, here is a very good accent, sounded, see, I deliberately landed some yoga to your daily life that you were real yogis, not the paper. In yoga there is such a threefold power to overcome ignorance, to overcome Maya: ICHA, Crius, Gianna or strength of will, the power of action the power of knowledge. Only when these three together, and it turns out a triangular drill which will bore through any veil of ignorance. In relation to the factor of making money. Either you are able to go in hiring, ie to get a job, you know how to do their job and have someone to take in hiring, but in independence the first or second, only the presence of three components, which we mentioned, will allow you do to do it. Correctly stated, there is little theoretically to know how to make their firm, although you can read all the manuals on this, talk to a lot of people. Knowing little, we still will. But that’s not enough, we need a third component should be at least something to start to really do yourself. And when you have intentions, will, say, make your business when you have the slightest idea, some Foundation of knowledge of how to do it – the aspect of Jnana – knowledge. Plus every day you at least something in this direction do, then sooner or later you’ll do your business, and sooner or later you will make yourself, i.e. you will sooner or later get rich.

Here you need to pass this way, to this experience the hard way, so you can see that your willful intention combined with the view that knowledge of what you want to do with your willingness every day to work in this direction, so these three have something common, that is normally called the highest knowledge. And when you already possess this higher knowledge, or you are the person who has made himself or you are the person who learned how to make so money, you are not afraid of losing them. Because if you have done it once you’ll do it the second and third and fourth and fifth time. So this personal experience, personal experience or personal gestures in gaining freedom, they assume these three components. One not to be missed, everything can go wrong”.

Basim, gr.eka: “I wanted to talk about money, freedom from the position of karma-yoga. Money, like any other event or occurrence is a condition for the germination of seeds either positive karma or negative seeds. Therefore, a variety of seeds can be a variety of money can be a precondition for those and for others. Lack of money can be a good shoulder for that would be something to do.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That is good karma. Yes, sometimes the lack of money is a manifestation of your good karma, do not forget about it. It may happen. At a certain stage of life, true, but not in full term, to full enlightenment”.

Basim, gr.eka: “the Next stage is when money can serve as a carrot, i.e., they will be able to improve the quality of your work. Having a good contract can mobilize all the structures, give adrenaline, give inspiration. And last, the third stage is when a person becomes a master and releases the results, any idea about the result, and works, not focusing on the carrot or the stick. We know a lot of artists who live in luxury and who lived in poverty, misery, but it somehow did not matter. The transcendent impulse which they gave in their environment closes their life, their status, wealth or poverty.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Great friends, we already discussed this in the previous lecture, but still the money did not stay closed. Let us analyze the casual, yet I’ll throw this idea for reflection that each of you think home.

So, friends, the theme of our lectures “Yoga and Freedom” and the money we came based on the principles of freedom. And here we must very clearly understand this logical sequence. First, to increase our personal liberty, suddenly it turns out that to live in society, in this sense, more advantageous than one each, i.e. due to the increase of freedom, we live in society, we work in society, we get a measure of our recognition in society through a factor called money. In this sense, money is one factor, showing that the profitability of us to live in society than living alone. But, friends, we didn’t touch the issue, because when we say “society” who do we mean? And then the next interesting logical step, because society, this is quite a motley crowd, connected together, to living together has increased our freedom. So it turns out that there are people, members of society that are at a low level of samosoznanii or the opportunity to realize their personal freedom and they do not, in principle, can give us more freedom for us, it is able to generate on the level at which they live. Accordingly, the money in this sense received from such people, enhance our freedom, but only at this level.

For example, if you live in an agrarian country, where there are no theatres, no cinemas, no museums, no culture, no science there. And there are the peasants, from morning to night plow, and you somehow built into their society, say you, the doctor. And provide them with some services, you work and they pay you for what you’re giving them medication. But what can you buy with that money? Only that can give this society. Can beet yourself a ton of to buy potatoes – something very useful and some other foods, but not anymore. That is, we have seen that money in this sense is really a rating of your freedom, but only to that level. To the extent there is freedom, where people live from where you got that money.

Another option, if in addition to rural residents there are representatives of culture, science, respectively, their intellectual level, the degree of samosoznanii on another level, they are doing something else and can accordingly give you freedom in what they do. For example, mobile phone manufacturer, the engineer can increase your freedom on the level of your ability to buy a mobile phone and talking, ie money in this case give you the expansion of freedom only to that level – talk on your mobile phone. Someone else- even up to a certain level. There is such a bundle, if in this society the representative of the culture, Michelangelo, which makes the sculptures, you can get the money to join the it level, i.e. to rise even higher. But in any case, the degree of freedom that will be given to you from the money will never be absolute or you’ll never jump over the bar of that freedom, which is in the society that you built. All this is limited by your freedom, in this spectrum you freedom will increase, but in some spiritual breakthroughs, some yogic practices – money does not help. At best, they will make a springboard so you can implement these practices. But money alone will not do for you, say, meditation; money of you will not open the channels, the centers will not open your perception, so suddenly we bump into a factor where the freedom given by money, ends, limited.

That’s why we should always remember that up to a certain level of money, expand freedom but only to some, and above a certain level money is useless. And you can feel free to refuse them. If you understand it – you’ll abandon them, and you will not experience the syndrome when you were rich and became poor, that is a factor that you have lost status and before everyone said, “Oh, look what a respected businessman goes…” and now you say: “Oh, it’s ruined…”, and you feel uncomfortable, because if there is a possibility of this society to give you freedom, but is also an opportunity for this society to control you and take away your freedom, sometimes the most unobvious way. And it is necessary to know to what extent to exercise the freedom given by the society, and at what level to understand that the society in principle can give you the freedom you want. And it delikatesy transition. But we’ll talk about it next class”.




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