2011.02.22. Freedom and desire. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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Freedom and desire. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Date: 2011.02.22.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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So, friends today we have 22 Feb 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are in KC “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. And that we have lectures MOYO.

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And we continue the theme of “Yoga and Freedom”. And the candidate “adrenaline button” we still recall where we left off.

Tatiana Semenova!

Tatiana here?

Tatiana, the Group Chatur MAYU: sorry I was away the last lecture, and I don’t have time to listen to it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: AI-Yai-Yai. The next candidate. Now we all know.

Alexey Tarasov!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Alex?(Silence) so, now all revealed.

Oksana Petrichenko! (Silence) Here? What is it? Shirkers! Do you have frozen?

Siora Basova? Here? All forward!

Siora Basov, the group Chatur MOJO, full-time student: sorry I’ve not been in the last lesson , but I could listen to literally half.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Nightmare! Whom we got to learn, friends? I’m all in shock, scum! The first available people.

Review: Why? The second…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Second hit, the best of the worst. The next candidate. Today, the entire lecture will be available here.

Elena Kulikova! (Silence)

So, friends! Who wish to tell? Otherwise, really, we’re an hour and a half. Please, microphone.

Anastasia Minakova, group, Catur, full-time student MAYU: I, too, was not the last lesson, but I could listen to.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh that’s good, that’s right! Yes.

Anastasia: the last lecture, you spoke about Freedom, and how it relates to the monetary condition. And how it affects the individual, is a manifestation of negative or positive. And also talked about the fact that it is not necessary to separate spiritual and material Freedom, it is the common Freedom and a common concept.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This Is Great. Who to add? Please.

Michael, group of Three, full-time student MAYU: We came to the conclusion that it is not their money is important, and the ability to earn them. Can people make money or not.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: that is, the concept of Freedom is not so much the concept of money. Money – a one-time thing. You know honey, this is a very strange thing. Seems to be there already right there. That is exactly the same and money. A very strange thing. And the question is: continuously to get them in the quantities in which they are required to meet your certain desires. Who else? What?

Hoskova Anastasia, group Three, full-time student MOJO: AT the end of the lecture, you have expressed the opinion that the degree of Freedom that we get from money, it can not exceed the degree of General Freedom of a society, the society in which we are embedded. And that gave us the money. I understand that to some the pores of our material Freedom can be expanded together with our spiritual Freedom. But at some point there comes a time when our financial freedom can give us impetus in the growth of spiritual Freedom. No separation of material and spiritual Freedom, but merely a difference of potentials.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, indeed there are issues on the expansion of your Freedom, which is the most elegant way be solved with money. Once at the time, so I did something so stupid. I screamed, “no, money is evil!” etc etc… When one of my teachers just showed me a couple of times on the example that I wishful thinking. Not exactly something to desired, and provides for his people’s thoughts, not analyzing them.

Yes, indeed, there are times when money is evil and in all spectra. But the thing is that in some situations the easiest and most reasonable of compliance with principle 2 of yoga to solve problems and to expand their freedom with money. But, always remember that the list of these problems which you can solve by money is limited. And since some levels have a problem, or is your Freedom that you cannot solve with money. It is necessary to correctly determine where the boundaries were. That is, again, friends, clean the second principle of yoga.

And once again I remind you of the anecdote about a yogi who spent many years of his life to learn to walk on water. He gained this over and above the ability to walk on water. And was very proud of his Freedom that he now does not need the boatman. But the boatman takes very little coin, for it to translate to the other side so even without the ability to walk on water. So, maybe these 40 years, that this yogi has spent on over the ability to walk on water, it can be wise to direct to overcome their fundamental ignorance?

But just as you can gain the ability, so to speak, do not eat, drink, sleep. To live under the open air, you know how those Tibetan yoga without fear of frost. But spend a huge amount of time. And in principle you will be like, free from these limiting factors are food and shelter, there is something else. But this does not guarantee that the rest of you will overcome the dark.

In the end, any cat, any dog, any wild beasts in the same way, then, from these problems of housing, food. Went himself into the woods and live there myself. It doesn’t make us human really free, so there should be an internal priority, to achieve freedom in the first place, and what can wait. Maybe fly through the air? A good thing and will enhance your freedom, you will not get in the tube, the underground, you will not have to go, and flew himself over the red square. But something else you your freedom will expand. In some more critical moments of your life. In relationships with family and friends, for example. Or some other steps, understanding of the Universe. Who else wants to say?

Sergey Belov. Group Catur, full-time student MOIU: to Be Free means to think and to meditate in any situation, in any environment. And you gave an example of what to reveal, if possible, any laws, including and not depend on the Pythagorean theorem.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I even more want to say. Here you don’t have to depend on anybody, or anything. That’s my dream – so you are not dependent on me. In principle not dependent. This is my dream. So you can do without me. And then if we stay together, we will unite something more than addiction.

So, my dream to you as quickly as possible gained knowledge of what I already know. And moreover, have learned to move on without me. So in the next life you taught me, not I you. This is the only reliable basis for yogic process. Not to mention all the other moments of your life.

That is, if you face some problem then you have to be ready to solve it themselves. If you suddenly, at some point, people will think I infringe on your Freedom that in answering certain of your yoga questions, I do something infringe on your Freedom more than they should, then you should immediately breaking up with me.

Of course, it is impossible to teach you without infringing your Freedom. You need to collect. This is natural, but not anymore. And so that’s about everything. In a relationship with someone else. You need to be on an equal footing, you need to be independent in any regard. In the spiritual or intellectual. You should join something more.

Still, who wants to add? Then the next candidate “adrenaline button” will smile to us cheerful. Mat needed.

Mikhail Kolesnik!

Now Michael will do us the most difficult posture in Hatha yoga. And thus will experience the joy of performing, or the joy of overcoming yourself. And smile so cheerful that everyone else wanted, then repeat the same thing. And smile, just be careful. Smile! ( All clap). Wonderful, wonderful!

Friends! Smile is an indirect sign that there is inner joy. Yoga is when there is the joy of doing, or the joy of overcoming yourself. Smile is an indirect sign that will help you for themselves, not for others. For themselves to determine whether there is joy.

Here, too, there is a very piquant moment. Because the acrobats in the circus, even if they are very painful, they still smile. They just are, you know, if the hare long beat, too, will learn to play the harmonica. That’s why there everything worked out absolutely fine in the other. Here is the Chinese circus view, it’s a horror really! Small children, generally, they would play in the sandbox, and they are in the head, literally, I saw footage when the boy on the head of the stairs jumped. And when I did, I turned it off. No, don’t want to watch. It was smiling, cheerful. But he tried not to smile, friends, you understand, right? What the consequences would be? Speaking to a large audience, not to smile.

That is, it is not hypocrisy to the audience. In the end, when you are doing yoga, there is none. You and the universe. And that’s all! Useless in front of her to smile, she already knows what’s inside. You smile to yourself to check out. Generally feel, not if you’re lying to themselves? And here is one of the indirect methods, not the main certainly one way to find out. Whether you do yoga or that you have acrobatics or flashy performances in the circus. Is there a joy of performance, or to overcome yourself? If no joy, it is useless to do, friends. Useless!

The jocks come to yoga and let yourself so like that… And I see rape. They did not seize slim. And if they did not seize thin, there is no link between the gross body, subtle and causal. And from it to prana, to the Higher self, So it is useless to do. Not all yoga is God knows what. So, my friends, is wonderful.

The algorithm for making yoga solutions, will be presented by us to the following student: Anna Kazachkova! (Silence) The Next. Elena Wagner. Elena, here? Elena.

Elena, the group Chatur MOJO: in order to make a decision, first we recall that we are free. Then think about your debt and karmic relationships, about the conditioning. Next, we analyse the situation…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, stop. Should immediately abort. What is the error who to fix it? Please.

Sergei Belov, a group of Catur: Probably not the right word – a karmic debt.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! You never know what my karmic debt? Maybe my karmic duty to kill them all? The word, you know, debt is not caused by the karma. The concept of debt – it is your understanding that someone showed just vacationist towards you. And was kind to you. Infringed, it may be their freedom in the name of you (your parents), the sleepless nights next to your bed. You know? When the karmic debt, it’s something else. Don’t worry for the fulfillment of a karmic debt. He will find, as they are called, header, right? Don’t worry, these guys know their stuff. You remember the debt, remember the debt, they will come when necessary. And decision-making, it should not affect. More precisely, you will not have a choice in this sense. Here the logic of kindness, the logic of overlaytest. – Making mechanism, or rather a decision-making algorithm is like to walk the razor’s edge. To one side not to make the obvious stupidity (irrationality), on the other hand, to leave the opportunity to come into your life overlaytest. But everything is done from the logic of everyday practices. So again.


Helen: First remember that we are free. And remember your duty to others. Then analyze the situation…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Stop, again have to interrupt, to stop.

Elena: …in relation to the Universe. Analyze the situation from the position 1 and 2 of the principles of yoga, and if practiced Rapid techniques, and the position of the 3 principles. Then you can refer to authoritative testimony, that is, the yoga Teacher, if there is one. Then you can ask the opinion of the majority.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, stop! More time needs to stop. Not the Teacher we ask, but simply authoritative testimony. Is say it again, trap. If a yoga Teacher says something and it’s really your Teacher, then consider that this is the first, the second and the third principle of yoga together. It’s just authority in a particular area. You know? Well, in the future public opinion.

Then here’s my question. I’m exaggerating the situation, that is, that life has put before me the question: “can I Kill somebody or not to kill?” Here’s a grim situation. Analyze means, remember your duty. Duty said to me: “no, it’s not yours, in fact, a duty to kill. That is, you’re not with a gun in his hand to defend the Motherland”. I start to ask 1 principle of yoga: “to Kill or not to kill?” But clearly, no. Begin to ask 2 the principle of yoga: “to Kill or not to kill?” He says: “well, che you. Will kill you go to jail”. Logic. You know, right? Rational. Now, let’s do the third will not. Even though there is the same situation. Ask reputable evidence, and authoritative testimony said to me: “of Course kill”. How to be in this situation?

Who’s ready to reflect? Specifically, answers, please. Answer.

Michael, group Three: As I understand it, in fact, we must weed out, if we have already sifted out about the debt. We don’t have to…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! Bravo! Friends I added a little detail. It’s authoritative testimony. The last step was called Adolf Hitler. You know? At the time 30 some year, it was quite the reputable fellow. Listened to him not only 90% of Germans, but also half the world. However, now it is silent. Try to imagine, like, out of nowhere came from. And to his parish made up almost all the politicians of the time. Listened, respected.

You know, if it was in the first step, each subsequent steps, as if less influential, or something. Less influential. Similarly, authoritative testimony, or poll the crowd. The same situation.

Or in our country. 1937. When there are demonstrations went out to shoot enemies. The more the better. Is that authority? You will do so, as they say?

That is, I want you to understand very deeply what we learn here. To this we have not turned into some kind of mechanical cramming. That, Yes, authoritative testimony said that at the end of “to kill” means “kill”. It is clear, right?

Question from the audience: Question, can you?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. please.

Kulikov Andrey, group Catur: If 1 we don’t have to kill anyone, 2 the principle us States that should. And authoritative testimony also agrees with this. That is, in principle, 2 principle was replaced by credible evidence?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, again. Each subsequent principle or all together subsequent principles, they in a sense play zero role. If I do my duty with a Kalashnikov to protect the Homeland from enemies, then, of course, it would be a violation of principle 1 of yoga. It is obvious, friends. But I can not defend the Homeland, I can’t leave those people who was kind to me, who raised me, who fed me. Gave me an education etc etc… can’t leave that there, children, relatives. That is, I can’t leave the society that has been good to me. Therefore it is necessary, having gritted teeth, to go with the Kalashnikov in his hands to defend their Homeland.

And, note, 1 the principle then says that is not causing harm, so, unless absolutely necessary. What kind of emergency? This is the case Debt. And when I have no way? When I suddenly realize that it is my duty, it is higher than, say, my life than all my aspirations, etc. But who can identify (my duty)? Only I.

Andrew: I not correctly asked a question. If the debt is quite difficult to determine? If I, for example, a scout, going through enemy territory and I noticed a shepherd. I, in theory, should be how to destroy it, and maybe I can just link? That is, I tie it and I’ll think, and if you find him before I go off this site?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, friends. In life is full of such contradictions, which from the first moment not to decide. But do you remember? Yoga is not a system of regulations that any rigid installations, and system recommendations. Recommendation system, which is today’s freedom, rather, offers to use your current Freedom, in the future, it is not diminished. Each tangled case that can appear in our life, but needs a very deep analysis.

That is, we need to know, really, what’s the situation, what is the shepherd. Maybe temporarily withdraw it from the state as something to actively oppose. Well, there are a lot of nuances. Not so here, entry, reply, and everywhere. But when you do not know how to do, it will be something, than nothing at all. I’m not saying that having this decision-making algorithm, all – tomorrow life will be simple and straightforward! No, it will not be simple and clear. But it will give you a “thread of Ariadne”, to somehow get out with minimal losses.

So, friends, let’s…we are a little toward the left. Let’s move on to the main topic. The theme was “Yoga and Money”. And who will reflect on this issue? So, “Yoga and Freedom” and how does all of this money? Who wants something to say? Yes, please.

Student: I rather wanted to give an example of a literary life from the biography of George Gurdjieff. The man who lived at the crossroads of epochs, all the revolutions, all the world war on his life occurred. And he died, I think, 50 some year after world war II. And now, but was born in the Russian Empire, spoke several languages and his whole life was in those travels. Tried to search for the truth, traveled practically all over Asia.

And here is his book, autobiography, if I am not mistaken, called “Meeting with remarkable men”. Good read, more interesting than any novel, because that would be with him no matter what, any meeting it…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Elena, let’s not PR Gurdjieff to do. Let the merits. After all we have the theme of “Yoga and Freedom”. What? More specifically. Money…

Elena: it just happened exactly the situation. He lost absolutely everything in these revolutions, the warriors. And then he out of the situation came out absolutely fantastic way, it is due to his charisma and his Outlook. Every time know, where something can be done and thus saved a large number of people. That is not only care of yourself But there are about loved ones…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, let me summarize in your answer that higher freedom can always be converted into a lower freedom or freedom of money.

Speaking of him, he has a very curious episode connected with how he left Russia. So he was then on the territory of Georgia and Georgia passed from hand to hand. Then comes white, then red, then nationalists, then still do not understand who… And the government is constantly changing. Gurdjieff is with his disciples always appeared before each successive government geological expedition, which is looking for gold in the mountains. As you know, every government is interested, so she’d have gold and therefore are all supported. Moreover, even helped, than could.

In the end, when the thing just became rubbish. When now all became clear that the Reds win. In spite of all, so to speak, the spiritual tolerance of different teachings, Gurdjieff quickly realized that there is quite bloody this wave. Although evil tongues say, that he as involved, there is a kind of red, so these ideologies. He came up with an entirely graceful move, as to leave him out of the country. The country is, of course, was already on the lock, everything is not out. It was not, no money, no nothing. Around the atmosphere of confusion and less could shoot.

Absolutely a stroke of genius invented by Gurdjieff in the style of, you know, those medieval dervishes. He came in and said that he found gold in the mountains, these… in the red commandant’s office, don’t know what it was… And asked to means to bring him in or somehow… Asked the horses asked the cart, etc… Loaded on them by their people and went far into the mountains. And then somehow got lost and ended up abroad. That is, you know, even his enemies helped him to leave.

In this respect, you know, is like a direction. It’s called Sufism. In fact it is an analogue of yoga in the Muslim world. Well, with the well-known stretch to say. And plenty of examples. If you have higher freedom, the lower the freedom you will always find. Example, about Hodja Nasrudin. Hodja Nasrudin lived on the border, and always knew that he is smuggling. But the catch could not. It is a policeman on the border, literally, searched him from head to toe. But in each bag, who drove the donkeys was straw. He and so and so… Well, Khodja Nasrudin richer. Everyone knows that smuggling and trafficking can not be found! And after a long time when old, and Hodja Nasrudin was old, and the customs officer. They met. The customs officer asked him: “Listen, Haj Nasrudin, open secret, how did you… now, what were you trading? And how did you go unnoticed, smuggled goods?” What Hajj said, “I traded horses…”.

Think about it, think about it. That is our logic, our down to earth opinion: I have all the money, everything is determined by money. All some stupid scheme like all live. They stifle our imagination. Why? And because money is only the amount of freedom that can give you the characters from the society. And you can’t go higher than those people who are in the society in which you live. In this sense, your freedom is limited to the spiritual level of the society in which you live and where you go certain money. And if your world includes much verlogenen society, will always find a way.

That is, the money is a plane. This is a plane of karma. Money is a very good tool. Money allows in the same society to live Frank cattle, and to benefit others, people doubting, that is, those who have the spiritual and the bestial, mixed, and pure spirituality. And everything must find its place. Turns out favorably. Freedom all more than separately. You know? And money is a good thing to livestock to get to work. Otherwise it will do nothing. How to unite people at different levels of development? But this, in fact, limited. If you have a higher level of bestial, then you get out of this plane of this plane of karma. Out in three-dimensional space. If you hit a barrier, you can not break through, not around, just take off and fly…

So, friends, let’s go back…

So, who else wants to say about money? No one wants to… Yes, please…

I’m sorry, let me give another example from politics. But in fact, it seems to me appropriate. Here I’m not really there, watching the world news. But something I’m tracking… That has been uncle recently. Giulio Asanzh. So there, it’s there some crazy archives of the leaked information. Friends reminded me of this situation about Hodja Nasreddin and about customs. In fact, some say: “why, in this information… And so everybody knew everybody”. Others say that there is a secret CIA operation, then through this channel to drain the misinformation… the Third has something to say.

And actually everything is clear. The fact that people expressed disagreement, his without trial, limited rights and freedoms. Some banks refused to work with him, the Internet companies declined, government showed itself perfectly with the ugly side. That is, if there were such an idea to test, crash test, democracy in the West. That very fact as he was… that he was provoked and how it treated. All, to put an end. You don’t even have to read all the documents there was written. Because the system proved to be not democratic. The revolution in Egypt.

You know, right? There’s such things as if they sverhbogatye. Again, you know, was a work… the moment of truth my uncle who spies looking for. He doesn’t know, spy or no spy, but he made such conditions that the essence of espionage broke. Similarly Asanga, all the vaunted Western democracy with this much-vaunted freedom has shown that this is not a freedom. They would themselves have issued.

Our government now, shaking a little, slightly shaking. This is a small problem with which they are faced, what did we hear? The introduction of residence with a sentence of criminal responsibility. Not there was the terrible shock, as their inadequate response showing what’s in their brains. That in the brain there is no freedom.

And you should understand it. That’s sometimes here such here a situation is not obvious, they show you who is who. We should listen to the vows, representations or to be in doubt. Analyze. And so, as they say, from this level the third dimension. On this level plane. I’m sorry to have interrupted, Yes…

Elena, passive participant: When I was in College, there was a situation when children of wealthy parents, they didn’t want to learn. They thought that they will pay the money and all will have smoothly. Created the dangerous people that for money all is possible. And it is clear that professionals of such people does not work, and in General, they restrict their freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, for some reason, none of you said that actually, money and freedom are connected is not very obvious. Sometimes the money that comes to you is the result of your negative karma and you will lose your freedom to get money.

Not even when you say something in a direct steal, but really, as in the case of, so called, of wealthy parents. Wealthy parents offspring. Dunce, not studying, not doing anything. Used to, grew up in luxury. Dad has a candle factory some big, together with the oil companies and oil fields. And he lives and is happy, he lives a completely different mentality. And he does not understand that the factor of relative freedom, who give him the money, walking in the relative society, first, can at any time disappear, and there’s nothing he can do. Moreover, his brain sharpened so that to start to do something, he first must pass a psychological breakdown, scrapped: “How so? I had everything, and now I’m poor, I have a penny in your pocket?!” Many even dread the prospect of being left without money. And when there is a really real threat of losing money, it appears that the money is for them to keep handcuffs on his hands, not to mention that factor when money turns into a drug. He uses them, he has freedom, but this freedom is such that it may at any time end.

Ie, friends, the concept of money and the concept of freedom is not very obvious. We have not exhausted as the themes of “Freedom and power”, “Freedom and sex”, “Freedom and truth”, etc. are topics on which you can meditate, meditate and you will be a lot of them out. You’re all great uncles and tetki, know the basic position in yoga. And therefore to communicate with you is not necessary, as with young children, but as reasonable people, seeking freedom, and you will priotkroyte themselves other conclusions. If you are not able to reopen, then you will continue to teach useless. It is impossible for you to do it all. You must sooner or later become free. And from me too.

From the audience: I wanted to remind you that money is pieces of paper printed on a color printer, they are the equivalent of resource. This concerns the definition. As for the impact on the stability of a society, money means freedom. There are higher concepts of freedom. That society then is stable when all freedoms are more or less distributed. No polarization: on one end of a society of maximum freedom, on the other the maximum freedom. Then the society starts to spark. Huge potential inequality of freedom occurs. It’s the same in money, because money is the aspect of freedom. If the number of poor and rich ratio greater than 1 to 10, inevitably followed by a social explosion. If we want to have on the globe, it was all quiet, have a uniform distribution of all freedoms.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a Very good idea, friends! Indeed, how to determine whether a country is free or unfree? And there are such tests, one of them is the separation of people into rich and poor. The more wild and primitive society, risking to fall apart at the first cataclysm, the more stratification. The more civilized, sustainable society, the distribution of resources or the difference between the incomes of the rich and the poor less. In a sense it is an indicator.

Freedom and desire

All desires can be divided into two large categories: the first, which can be done by money, and the second is impossible.

Anecdote from the 90-ies: the only one oligarch decided to rest somewhere on an exotic shore, and sent his assistant to prepare his stay. The assistant came to this island. See: wild beach, it’s not equipped. And said, “You know, the big boss, my boss will be here in a month, so it must be all that he wishes. What have you got here ashore on the beach then large, then small comes? Measured needs to go. Make underwater structures, to artificial wave did. Seagull you fly here, crap. All out, leave one, trained to the shore here and there went. And palm trees you ugly. All cut down! Plastic supply, all were the same color”. It takes a month, the boss is coming, tired after the war for billions. Undresses, sits in a lounger and watching for uniform waves over the Seagull, which runs along the shore here and there. And says to his assistant: “John, look! Well, unless all that money can buy?”


Freedom and desire. There is a factor of a contradiction. If I have a desire, even from a formal logical point of view I am not free. I’m not free of desire. The very notion of trying to break into the realm of what we call freedom, and somehow affects this area.

Desire desires the discord in the first place. Second, each of us is free or in other words of the Almighty. Any of our desire, falling under the category of things that we the Almighty must be fulfilled. All desires before to come to pass, stand in line, and the length and nature of this queue depends on the extent of our ignorance.

We can be free only when we wish to be free.

There are illogical and logical sverhbogatye.

The concept of desire and the concept of karma are connected. What is the concept of karma? Friends, it’s just the law of cause and effect. As you sow, so shall you reap. And in deeper terms: first, we voleizyavleniya some laws for themselves, and then are surprised that they have begin to act. This is the essence of the law of karma. We first figure out what in our Universe can steal and steal, and then when we have someone stole something, we forget that in his private Universe we have set ourselves the law, and even confirmed by its own act. Not yet confirmed his own act, he would have remained a hypothetical one. But when the intention matched with action, there were three components: will, knowledge, action, and the universe has been redrawn in such a way that in our personal Universe came stealing. They say that somewhere far away in a warmer climate live wild people, who have no concept of theft. Truth and the concept of ownership.

Ie is the concept of freedom, is the concept of cause and effect is the concept of the omnipotence of our I ( want, to come). And because of the law of cause and effect all our desires should be.

From the audience: the less human freedom, the greater the dissatisfaction, and as a consequence desires. Our desire is our future karma. Accordingly, wanting something, we create karma and thus remain in the plane of karma, which automatically limits our freedom. Getting the same from their desires: when implementing them or recognizing their senselessness, man becomes more free. Absolute freedom is the absence of all desires.


From the audience: desirelessness is the highest level of freedom. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Whether we have no desires? And will it be unfair to myself to say that we are already so spiritually advanced that we have no desires? This idea can to drive us into depression, when we are dishonest and saying, “we have no desires, then we are already very advanced”. Perhaps it would be wise to change the potential that lies in desire. We have desires, we achieve, and thereby we become more conscious, closer to their Higher self, we do it all faster, more efficient and, indeed, once achieved the level of spiritual samosoznanii when we say, “we already Have everything. What more could you want?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Interesting point of view sounded. On the one hand, formally, it turns out that abandoning desires we sort of closer to freedom. On the other hand, it’s an impossible dead-end option because of desires we can not refuse just. In fact, our whole life is a series of desires which we do. If we give up all desires, we question the very existence of our lives. I.e. not so simple that has taken, refused desires and become free. And it’s much more complicated than that.


From the audience: In axiomatics, they say, that freedom from desire is not the absence of desire, and when the moment and time of execution of this desire are the same.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, look, we came to another verhoging line. As a rule, all such sverhbogatye situation characterized by certain statements that may be interpreted simultaneously in two directions. On the one hand, it turns out that if there is no desire, we are free. But on the other hand, precisely because we are free, we have no desires. Or, as was the fragment of the axioms, when the very wording of desire and its fulfillment is drained into one point, that from a formal point of view, I have no desires. And what more could I desire, since every second as I want?

And here emerges the method, that stupid frontal attack to abandon desires is futile. It’s the same thing that put an end to his life, albeit relative, albeit still in the plane of karma, though still not at the level of the high moments in yoga, but this is all that we have – our life.

So we have some logic when we have to choose the right desires. If you desire out of the realm of nonsense, then you need to recognize them and realizing that they were stupid to refuse them. Then remain logical desire, it is something we face every day. And it is also very good to build a chain of desires, to realizing each previous desire, we have them in the future was becoming less and less for the simple reason that the time of formulating the next desires coincide with its implementation.

So, logic is very good to create a system of incentives, of carrots and sticks to one thing we are very well wanted and other things we would very much not want. (We have not even touched this side: the reluctance and freedom.)

And smoothly passed through the plane of logic as long as not get into sverdlovka or into certain desires that are difficult to justify from the point of view of logic. Because the logic is faltering.

The girl may be vaguely aware of the desire of love. And from the standpoint of logic it is necessary to say to her: “what are you, stupid? You’re going to suffer. You have something there goes wrong. Look at all around. To whom this love has benefited?” Logic would say that it is an illogical desire. And from generation to generation are born little girls are just that and delusional. This world holds. As soon as they cease to be born and delirious love, tomorrow the world will collapse because there will be nothing it binds, and negative karma all the pieces fell apart.

So, we come to the notion of a succession of desires. And this series of desires in the first place should be carried out, and secondly it should be implemented so that the implementation of each of the following desires desires became less and less. So we get everything they might want to. And sooner or later, come to such a state that, in principle, no desires. And which desires, when and the way it is. When there is no difference between expectation from the Universe and that this universe demonstrates.


From the audience: It is the desire to launch this mechanism is threefold: the will, the power of knowledge, power of action. This will force us to voleizyavleniya, to acquire knowledge and to act. This mechanism propels us on a journey from bondage to freedom.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great, friends! In the end, desires are forced to Wake up our will. You remember that desire can be different: silly, logical, sverhbogatye. At the same time, or a hybrid of all, when people do not understand what he wants. But this desire, which is caused by some karmic moments, awakens what is above all karmic moments — our will. And it forces us to apply the will. It makes us realize that our will-that is. And thereby serves to benefit our progress in the spiritual development towards learning.

So let’s see what a very interesting paradox turns out. On the one hand, the presence of desire and freedom are incompatible things. On the other hand, if desires would not exist, we would never reach this freedom, fulfilling the desire for the desire, but so that with every step desires became smaller.

Complete analogy with the notion of freedom. Take advantage of the freedom that you have now and fulfill your desire in the framework of this freedom, but this freedom in the next step, became more. And here we have the movement vector.

Therefore, any desires in this sense can be a serious helper on the path of spiritual development, but only under one condition that they are relevant.

Sometimes it comes some adepts of the secret Sciences of the East. This all gaunt, thin, pale, wearing a turban. And come on here to howl a song in India for fifteen hundred years no one hears, and the people here are not used to. That’s supposedly give up desires, it’s all transitory, all died and you will die, do nothing, go to work is not necessary. Look at such a person, and really do not want to live.

But, friends, you have to understand, this is a very dangerous trend, she desorientiert because after these statements that everything is bad and will get worse, and that desire is bad, begin to be given reasonable and practical tips from the field of self-discovery. And man mess in my head. He doesn’t understand. One side of the point there talking about enlightenment, about the fact that everything is perishable. It really is Brenna who was born, and he will die. But on the other hand beats off any hunting to move in this direction. Once all desires are bad, what do I want?

And these howls, and the installation people instead of having to build a chain of desires, which lead to reduction of desires, begin with the desires to fight. As a result of more subtle desires are replaced by archaic and bestial desires. “Money is bad, give up. Machine — bad. Wife — bad kids — bad, all bad. Complaining too bad for such a life. Just something I want to eat — too bad.” We descend to more primitive. Then at some point the brain shuts down, appear animal instincts at the level of the body. And in this state he died. And you remember that the law of karma, he is very good, the moment of death will influence where you are born.

Yes, indeed, desires enslave you, can be the reason why you lose your freedom when it’s a stupid, misplaced desires: the desire for money, desire for power, when the desire of power is understood, not as an opportunity to increase the freedom of others and thereby increase the freedom, but as a desire to enslave them. And those who disagree to concentration camps. Similarly, the desire for money.

Out, desires, wishes discord. In the desires, there is nothing to say, “that’s bad desire, but it is good.” The question is the place and time of occurrence of desires and ways to implement them.

If we have a series of appropriate desires, it leads us to freedom. And automatically implement every desire of desires is less.

But there is another aspect when you realize the desires and desires becoming more and more. Remember the tale of the fisherman and the fish? It all started very modestly, with basin.

It turns out that the question of freedom and the question of desires, though associated with each other, but not so obvious. The question is, what is desire, how we implemented, in what time, under what circumstances.

Wanted a house, a car, a beautiful wife, and I had to wish for a magic wand. And all three first wishes are in that one desire. You need to look for friends, universal desire.

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