2010_06_15 Yoga Vizualizatsii.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part of the 18th.

Today, on 15 June. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural Center of the “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on the websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today, we are waiting for Yoga Visualization. So, let us remember our last lecture, where we looked at the structure of the visualization. And as an example, we have a system of channels and chakras, yoga offered in numerous treatises. And the most well-described for the western gray follower John Woodroffe.

Let us once again to comprehend this fundamental thing that any system of canals, centers, chakras – it is a crude attempt to express the inexpressible, or to map the region or the country, which is called “our inner world.”

And understand, accordingly, all the provisions in the descriptive science of the chakras should be the right way. What should not seek such a detailed literal similarity. It is, rather, should be viewed as a kind of (if anything), even puzzle, or a versatile text that gives different associative connections in our mind, that we correlated their inner feelings and find those deeper structures of the body of the device.

So I remind you that according to the concept of yoga, each of us is our higher self, it is prohibitive. It is our higher self has its manifestation in our world, which is called prana. Prana manifests itself either as energy or as consciousness. And that is the prana begins to create our inner world and our outer world. The inner world (as it were) can be divided into three groups of bodies: the causal body, the subtle body and the gross body.

Sometimes these names are in Sanskrit. The causal body is called the “karana sarira”, the subtle body is called “sukshma sarira”, the gross body is called “sthula sarira.” We are in the Open Yoga University tried to the maximum to avoid the Sanskrit, so as not to mislead or frighten people and so little understanding. Those. causal, subtle and gross body were actually formed our prana. And these three bodies, of course, interconnected via associative links through which prana flows.

And any system of chakras or channels – is actually a map showing how the gross body is mated with a delicate and subtle body mates with the causal body.

These three groups are made up of bodies (like, if you will) of the three types of matter. The gross body – this is our familiar matter, energy. The subtle body – it is a more subtle version of the energy of matter. And the reason – even the finest option.

Those. in fact, it is a complete analogy. But, unfortunately or fortunately, we still have no equipment, nor the ability to track the missing body, ie, subtle and causal body.

Similarly, just as our consciousness illuminates all that is happening in our gross body, also highlighted all that is happening in our subtle body and the causal body.

But the focus or emphasis of our consciousness shifted more towards the rough world, our gross body, rather than the subtle and causal body. As the yoga, we begin to feel within yourself certain processes mental, physical, more subtle and sophisticated. And we are beginning to approach closer to understanding what was meant by subtle and causal bodies.

Those. in this respect, everything comes slowly, from the gross to the subtle (as taught by yoga). And if you are currently sitting in the room and did not feel any of his thin, nor his causal body, and feel how you feel, only the gross body, then do not worry. Everyone is just so. And then in the course of practice, you will begin to comprehend the more subtle nuances of their internal processes, or even in certain meditations are more inclined to forget the physical body is more tuned to the processes taking place in the subtle body.

Well, if you did, indeed, serious and real jumps in yoga, then you come to the causal body.

Thus, the system of channels and chakras – this is actually an attempt to describe the structure of our body, or pairing, as the gross body is mated with a rough or causal. Those. in these ancient treatises said: “Meditate on the point between the eyebrows, and at this point is localized (say) Ajna chakra, which looks like something, so that with such a number of petals, with such respectively, mantras, leading her in effect, such a symbol characterizing its activity. “

And so it turns out that we have a good enough binding to our gross body. Although themselves chakras are subtle and causal level. But even on a gross level, we can find those or other structures, for example, our brain that somehow correspond to this chakra.

And if we look at all the major chakras, at the gross level we find certain nerve plexus, one way or another related to this field. This does not mean that the chakras are precisely those nerve plexus, no. Plexus – this (as it were) a projection or a gross manifestation of the fine plan of the body unit, which is embodied with various chakras.

Therefore, it is useless, for example, for medical books somehow try to understand how the system of chakras and channels. You will find only the embodiment of all that on a gross level through a system of nerve endings, etc., etc.

“Map” centers and channels

It turns out that, on the one hand, we are told, in what place, tied to our physical body to meditate or contemplate, to thereby enter the subtle or causal level. It is this system of chakras and channels just have this card.

It is clear that the card is quite rough. Because those experiences that a person experiences during practice, they are difficult to describe.

And there is a very serious next important point. Well, we are with you in yoga Visualization postulated that the entire inner world was actually created from our associative links. And in fact, we have created a private world. And why is it that every single living creature I created about the same system of channels and chakras. For such fundamental constraints on to create other channels or chakras, no. We have our higher self, it is generally prohibitive. It can create all sorts of body by means of the associative links and prana, which will continue to circulate through these associative relations.

And so, indeed, it could be some other number of chakras and channels, such as differently arranged. But the logic is much more profound.

The fact that there are some laws of the universe. And the laws of the universe uniquely characterize the most optimal structure for manifestation. And sooner or later, I’m every living creature, that would be it (so to speak) is not to invent it sooner or later come to these extremes, or points of the optimal structures.

In mathematics there is a theory of extremes (highs and lows). It is understood as (say) to optimize the entire process. For example, in the enterprise, how to make so that the production costs of products to reduce to a minimum, and the profits that company receives from the sale of their products, be reduced to the maximum. And every kind of modernization of the production process begins. That is, if you remember, at the time, Henry Ford invented the assembly line. And before Henry Ford assembled nobody (say) cars through the pipeline.

And this idea of the conveyor is then passed to all other industries. Those. as soon as there is a big party for something of the same, it is advisable to come up with the conveyor. Although, strictly speaking, it is not a law of nature that only the conveyor and nothing else.

Similarly, we, our higher self for spiritual evolution, based on the most fundamental laws of the universe. Let me remind you, the law of liberty. And as a consequence of this fundamental law, in particular, our manifestation. These manifestations are known as consciousness and energy. Led to the fact that, yes, indeed, to most effectively operate our created universe, it makes sense (as to say) to separate these two factors of consciousness and energy, and to locate them in different (if anything) locations. Although, it is quite arbitrary concept of “place” in relation to the root causes of these creations.

Of course, immediately there is such a thing as the central channel of the body. The same thing we see, for example, in nature. Here were single-celled creatures, then they became multicellular. Then at some particular stage of evolution has become the most favorable structure with a backbone.

Those. as it were, what would we have called brute-force opportunities, we come to some optimal structures. And all of us sooner or later, they rediscover. Thus, the formed channel system or chakras.

Of course, my explanation is very superficial and rough, all much, much more thinner and intricate. But so that you have at least some clue to the reason for reflection.

A study of the inner world

through meditation

So, on the one hand it turns out that your inner external world we can do as you please. But, on the other hand, it turns out that the most appropriate way to do it, according to a certain structure that we have the most positive for the realization of their inner freedom, with a minimum of restrictions of our inner freedom.

This is due, once again, the evolution of all living beings. This is due to the internal evolution of our subtle and causal bodies. And if we say, look at those or other processes in the world around us, we are also faced with the same analogies, analogies to find optimal structures.

And so the system of channels and chakras, yes, indeed, on one hand, purely objectively shows us how we internally arranged, but at the same time, this does not mean that before we implemented these structures, realized them, we can on to know them . Those. it may be, still hidden from our understanding.

In the course of our evolution, internal when I created our increasingly complex inner world with increasingly complex structures of channels and centers it (as it were) trying to express their freedom, or the maximum trying to manifest itself in this universe.

And so, our bodies were formed. And now, to understand how we are made, we must do a retrospective. Or by reflection, meditation or yoga techniques, self-discovery, on the contrary, begin to explore their inner world with the help of various meditations, one or another of some practices of concentration of his mind on various centers.

And so we are not wasting time, we are (as it were) give the finished result to which we come. This significantly reduces our spiritual search for self-knowledge. Therefore, I once again urge you to treat all knowledge (about the channels, centers, first of all, the knowledge of the central channel, knowledge of Kundalini energy, the many chakras) just as a gift. Those. it is a gift of those that have gone ahead and far reduces us our way.

The idea is that each of us would have pereotrkryt perennial yogic practices. But as we (as they say) lucky we have this good karma that we hear about in advance is actually the path that we have to go. We are warned, and the most easily will pass the most dangerous sections of the road.

Does lzheznaniya system?

And now the next question. Those. if there is some knowledge that shortens our path to self-knowledge area, it is logical to assume that some lzheznanie can lengthen our journey to self-discovery. And indeed, if one or another belief system begins to frighten us, to confuse or lead to the fact that we are afraid to look inside ourselves, thus we (sort of) stop in their spiritual development, and in evolutionary terms we begin to play. And, in fact, in our world, in which we live, there are two factors: the carrot and stick.

And, indeed, if you find yourself in a society of people who live in some strange ideas about life, a strange idea of what they are, then you start willy-nilly adopt their way of life and way of behavior. And you, in a bad sense, contracting the poor knowledge that lead to the side.

Therefore, in this sense, yoga encourages us to recognize all the knowledge that comes to us, on the subject of whether it is for us the knowledge that leads us to spiritual heights, or the knowledge that we have on the contrary led to some stagnation in the the path of yoga, or some kind of stop, God forbid, setbacks.

The concept of materialism

Indeed, we take the concept of materialism, which states that we are, a derivative of matter. Those. we do not have, as such, there is a set of proteins, there is a set of atoms, these proteins, atoms somehow work some nerve impulses, may produce an electrical nature. And supposedly there is an effect, which is called Consciousness.

And with the death of the person it all falls apart, and the man disappears, as such, nothing to talk about. And, on the one hand, it is absolutely a great idea, a bold call to fear, the fear of nothingness.

In the 19-20 age she made a good push in the direction of common sense, and can be helped to polish the mind of many people. But, on the other hand, man has become, you know, so very nervous or panic clutch at his body. As a result, oddly enough, came the fear, the fear of death in an even larger scale than it was before the arrival of materialism.

Indeed, if (say) even scientists 18-19 centuries say that all of the material, as well as evidence that they are right, played the entire technical progress. You will recall that there arose ships, locomotives, guns. And like as if the scientists are right in one, it should be an automatic right in another, such a substitution of concepts. Many in this, of course, they believed. As a result, it was actually inhibit some spiritual level of self-knowledge.

Remember our country the Soviet Union, where he was a materialism sometimes even rude, vulgar form. In fact, he put a cross on some research related to human nature, that there is such a person.

That this knowledge to a certain extent, played a negative role. But, at the same time, friends, and played a positive role. Why? Because this is largely materialistic knowledge prompted scientists to study our physical body. As a result, doctors have created numerous medicines to combat these or other diseases. Those. a fairly sensible approach.

Indeed, many epidemic diseases, if it seemed to some mystical, it is now a materialistic foundation quickly dealt with them. Those. we see the benefits of this visualization to man as to something purely material. But at the same time, and damage.

The concept of idealism

Now look at another thing. Such a purely idealistic view of man. That Yes, I’m a human, the human soul, it is ultimately immaterial, somewhere it is concluded, once there it behaves. And our body, our rough shell – is (as they say), “the shackles of the spirit”, the idealist philosophers.

And it is absolutely monstrous distortions went on all practices of mortification, that flesh does not interfere with the spirit in its highest aspirations. And we see, say, in complete disregard of the views of his body, his physical needs. What, on the one hand, indeed, played a positive role in the fact that man is not material, it is perfect, that is, it does not destroy. And less fear death less than those nervosa, psychosis associated with the dark side of life. This (like as) a positive side.

The negative side of that (as they say) complete disregard for the material approach. Those. these two extremes. Yoga says that these two extremes have no relation to reality, both of these extremes, these visualization (as if) it is only half of the true knowledge, which just explains what we really are.

Yoga says that, yes, our higher self, it is immaterial, it does not apply to the term “materialism” or any substance of our higher self and thus, like the idealists, it can neither kill nor destroy, nothing to do with him is impossible.

But, at the same time, yoga states that the manifestation of the I in the form of prana or Consciousness and Energy, they just formed our bodies. And our physical bodies just are their guides. Therefore, what we call our everyday life and our ability to somehow appear in our world, is entirely dependent on our material body.

That is, as you can see, this is a concept quite clearly coincides with the concept of materialism. Those. as long as you do it your physical body is in good condition, then we can talk about some kind of work, including the spiritual, self-knowledge. And if you deal with health stuff, it does not have the structure through which the manifestation of your I can be realized in this world.

Those. Yoga is these extremes. Therefore, on the one hand, it turns out, that would be like, right, and materialists, who say that “yes, our physical body – this is the most valuable thing we have.” On the other hand, the rights and idealists, who say that “our higher self does not fall under the section of matter, respectively, under any of the laws. Those. you can not destroy it either, does not infringe. “

A man – a (sort of) connection between two extremes. And, accordingly, it turns out that is not rendering a materialist, without visualization of this, you know, detached from the life of an idealist, this is not an optimal visualization. In the sense that they do not facilitate your life, but on the contrary, lead away. Those. extend the path in the path of self-discovery.

Therefore, to ignore such moments materiality of our bodies – it’s crazy. Neglect moments, indeed, the nature of the highest nature, our higher nature I am also crazy. Those. only the visualization of the body or a device that combines these two extremes, will help us to quickly rediscover our inner world.

There should not be afraid of higher knowledge

Actually, this whole system of channels and chakras, which in yoga is presented, it is precisely that link between the rough material and non-material and spiritual-terrestrial. Between our gross body to our higher self, through the intermediate stages here on our gross body to ton the body, from the subtle body to the causal body. From the causal body for our prana (aka Energy and Consciousness). And from the energy and consciousness of Prana to our Higher Self

This yoga logic. And if you have the visualization, then surely you will go faster way of your spiritual development. Those. it will be your pre-knowledge that will reduce your spiritual path.

If, on the contrary, there are some people who are beginning to say to you that you are arranged in one way or another, and it begins to instill fear in you, it means that these people do something wrong realized export its vision of the world. And you do not know how it is, in fact, take their visualization is not very good, and just as prone to repeat all their mistakes.

Indeed, once again, you get to meet some person from the esoteric, which is to say something of their own. And you listen to his words, and you will understand what this man says about the area in which you do not understand. But for some reason then you get scared. So, it makes sense to stop listening to these teachings. You should not be scared of the higher knowledge you should not be afraid of knowledge that tells you about your device. On the contrary, you should feel a sense of admiration, a sense that all puzzles are added, feeling that here at last you at least something caught, and a sense of the prospects that now with this knowledge, you can rebuild a new life.

You know, a blatant example. But it is just as beznesmen sells some goods (oil lamps) at home in England, but already fully as he could, then sold. For all have these oil lamps, all have a limited market and draw in competitors. And he came somewhere on a desert island, where no one kerosene lamp.

Absolutely wonderful prospects – to sell their millions, millions, and fabulously rich. Those. inner sense of something that is not only admired in terms of building the image of elegance, but also in terms of practical implementation in their own lives with a very specific such dividends in the form of pleasant feelings or solving various problems in life.

Therefore, we asked the question in terms of what is in the various yogas (say) given one or other imaging. Imagine how your body is rotting in front of you, turning into a skeleton, and is almost completely decomposed.

It is clear that if you give a visualization for human materialist, who believes that it is – it is his body, this visualization is likely to lead it to the neuro-psychiatric disorders. Because the two trends collide. First – this is to mentally keep your body in healthy working order, and (the other) visualization of how you die. And this conflict will cause your prana will face their foreheads, and you start to feel pain or discomfort even from the thought.

And so, this yogic practice more harm to this person than help. But if the same materialist before giving this practice, you will give the true knowledge that he is not the body that it is the higher self, which is prohibitive, and that nothing can damage it. And as proof of this I (included) and will give a meditation, as a man sits and all its structures disintegrate. That, on the contrary, this practice will lead to the fact that domestic small fists that grab your body, and that all fear will slowly decompress, and you will start a little bit easier to treat and to your body, and to the world.

Accordingly, the amount of reduced stress and, as a result, you will be in a good condition. And in a good mental state, you will begin to make better decisions, make fewer mistakes, and your life will improve. Even if we consider all this on a purely material level.

Taken out of context knowledge

Those. it turns out that any knowledge or any visualization it is good only if it is appropriate, if the person who is given this visualization is ready for it.

If a person is not ready for it, then this partial knowledge can divert it to the side. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when to replace the materialistic conceptions came complete anarchy, ie full spiritual vacuum. This vacuum is immediately filled with a completely strange people from the esoteric, which were taken out of context to give the pieces (actually, including) yogic knowledge, twisting them, each according to his degree of mental disability or mental illness.

As a result, if we consider our country and all the countries of the USSR, the total raised in the jungle heads. Those. materialism – it was such a plowed field, nothing grew, clean. So now it’s a field sown with a variety of weeds. Who in that much, that in the pipe and the pipe.

But because really brought pieces of real knowledge about the chakras, kundalini, etc., etc., it makes the “jungle” poisonous and dangerous. Quite often, friends, yoga under the brand name you will find obscurantism, under the name of some of the Vedic knowledge simply schizophrenic delusions. Under the brand name of various philosophies – quite something absurd. There you will be, and aliens, and God knows what is mixed.

I do not want to say that yoga against aliens. If life on earth emerged once, why should it not occur anywhere else in the cosmos? A clue as to why she did not arrive, and not look like a zoo, what we do here. But from the lips of some people, it just sounds like paranoia.

The same goes for talking about karma. Who only on bad karma, karma is not talking black. According to yoga, visualization, it all falls within the visualization, you are actually imposed.

And if you take this visualization, you willy-nilly, you start to believe it, and his own self-prana revive. Of course, this obscurantism is not able to change the real nature of things, the real nature of happiness, the light of our universe, the principle of freedom, the principle of openness. But it can significantly lengthen your way.

When appropriate to be critical?

So very, very careful about such visualization that you take from the outside. Under this deal covers all astrological predictions that you like and you do not like. This is not to say that there are some out there may be an unknown effect of light on our lives and our actions. It tells a different story, that we are given a pre-installation knowledge, and we are inclined to revive him, regardless of what kind of knowledge. This is the flip side – the uncritical.

But, on the other hand, if you get the right knowledge, you will also begin its uncritical revive. The fact that we believe in predictions, horoscopes, palmistry, tea leaves, etc., etc.

Once again I want to emphasize that I do not want to cast doubt on, or vice versa once they advertise, another thing about here. This can be a financial forecast for us next year, which immediately begins to influence the minds of financial analysts, and which will have to plan their actions in view of the forecast, everything is interconnected. You do not keep track of how to become a victim of misinformation. This is the negative side of life, that here and so you can pick up the virus Consciousness.

But there is no just something negative or something positive. If, on the contrary, you are lucky enough to touch the true knowledge of ourselves and the universe device, then you just as it uncritically perceive, and it already starts to work for you. Even if you know nothing about yoga, even if you did not do yoga, it is pre-knowledge, true, it will start doing yoga. This is the basis a science as Jnana Yoga. Any knowledge that you get, does not pass without a trace, it begins to change your world.

Therefore, my friends, from today, you will be very critical to monitor the program guide on the TV, those books that you read, the people with whom you communicate if you do not want to pick up these parasites of consciousness. You do not have time to blink an eye, you start to believe it. And believing in it, you will begin to revive it. And our higher self, which is beyond space and time, strictly speaking, do not care what kind of image to animate. Want comedy – comedy will want a tragedy – is a tragedy.

Those. from this very important conclusion Yoga Visualization: communicate only with those whose picture you like. And do not communicate with those whose picture you do not like.

This does not mean that their picture is some absolutely does not make sense. No, it can be people, for them this is the best picture of what generally can be in their lives, according to their negative karma. But this does not mean that if a person has found a way to stay in prison is not twenty years old, and only ten, then you also need them for your company to serve ten years. Why do you need this? The ideal of yoga – is freedom.

The most carefully as you analyze the food, you need to analyze these images, you willy-nilly will visualize, to impose on your body, on the world, and, accordingly, revive.

And these are the internal visualization, which are connected with a system of channels, chakras, our body device, and that even the very fact that we know about them, accelerate our spiritual evolution, the most well preserved in numerous Tantras. And take them to a greater extent it would be possible for such a list, which is called “Kundalini Yoga”.

Although, strictly speaking, it is now more a brand than a true ancient yoga. But, in any case, this is yoga, which has been the subject of Kundalini energy. We will definitely be on the course, and we have a closer look at the centers, channels, chakras as they come down to us from ancient treatises. To have had the inner visualization that is with you and will remain. Once again I say, it is rather a part of Kundalini Yoga. Not only Kundalini Yoga, many other branches of yoga, but the most characteristic is manifested where just talking about work with Kundalini.

But the other part of our visualization of the outside world – something few other yogas. And, first of all, it is certainly knowledge of the axioms of Yoga, ie, how that is done. Knowledge Jnana yoga, how our consciousness affects us.

The knowledge – vidya

In fact, any work inspires you, you know that one way or another affect your future life, it shapes your life. Whether it is a book read, whether it’s a movie that you have watched. I had a friend one, he looked in his youth still show the Soviet about Mikhail Lomonosov, as a result, became a scientist. That’s how it has affected just an ordinary film, on television review. One tantric yogi, however, such a sense of the Tibetan, a child saw the film “open book” about microbiologists. As a result, he became a physician.

Those. as a child, you get some knowledge, some vision, and it begins to unconsciously shape your future. So, it’s in general a whole is called “vidya” or knowledge.

Hence, by the way, there is the word “Veda”. Those. Veda know. Or is it some kind of knowledge about the world, about what it is, of what it can be that in the future completely starting to recover your own self-prana, and you willingly or unwillingly begin to create the world, according to the books, the concepts, you have learned before.

And the outer part of the knowledge about the device is actually called the Vedas or Vedic knowledge. In ancient times in India, more precisely, in those tribes who brought this knowledge. And let me remind you, it was the Aryan tribes who invaded from the north, and actually brought all the Vedic knowledge to this subcontinent.

So, this knowledge was passed down orally in the form of the many mantras, hymns. This knowledge, as in all yogic knowledge, was an attempt to express the inexpressible, or to give impetus to the mind to approach to the comprehension of the highest laws of life.

And, of course, that if you were attached to this knowledge and have the correct preset, you begin to be effective, you have survived numerous wars, epidemics, crop failures, etc. Therefore, the outer imaging also fit this category, which is called “Vidya”.

“Vidya” – a Sanskrit word which can be translated as well as the understanding of knowledge, awareness. And this very thing so important. If you fall into the group of people who (strictly speaking) one vidya or knowledge of one, then surely you willingly or unwillingly also begin to think like them, and reap the corresponding benefits. If on the contrary, you feel that the knowledge of other people’s mistake in some of its points, and do not allow to slip on the same level, then you have a better chance to dominate.

The sages who wrote the Vedas were not abstract dreamers who did not know what to do. The more that life then (apparently) was very harsh. And sometimes there was no food. All that has been related to migration, was a great challenge for the tribes, was transferred this ancient knowledge.

And, it would seem that instead of chanting the mantra of the Vedas, it is better once again went on the hunt or more fields are plowed, sowed. And we see that it is precisely here exactly the opposite: no matter how difficult, it is still maintained that knowledge. Why? Because it was a guarantee not to die, or guarantee that you will not have any more visualization of losing, leaving you weaken yourself. And, accordingly, will be less able to survive in the hostile surrounding world. Those. it was a vital necessity.

Those. so I want to be here once again to sharpen your attention, or rather, the emphasis that we have given on this understanding. In the future, we will, of course, also still studying the Vedas (the course). But you know that when untrained people open the Vedas, they understand nothing, absolutely nothing in them.

So, this is more a matter of course on Vedic knowledge. But here I want to hold such a parallel, that then when you begin to study the Vedic knowledge, you have analyzed them from the perspective of Yoga Visualization. And then oh, how many will fall into place. But most importantly, that you have now understood that, depending on what device you are holding a picture of your world or device of your internal organs, you will either dominate the life or lose.

Proper knowledge and domination

Friends, in our world of lucre, when everything is measured by the amount of money in a bank account or some other moments, unfortunately, so many people buy into the outside of the power and do not tend to say, listen to any arguments to a more refined and spiritual benefits that a person receives the correct visualization of the external and internal.

Well, no one today can not make visualize our world in bright, rainbow spectrum. All the contrary very gloomy run, all some depressed, everything flying around somewhere, somewhere to run, the eternal things. And everyone seems to be that in this way they will dominate in life. Those. longer receive money for the work, somehow succeed in a career or something else another.

And that’s why I cite here the examples of the Vedas. What, in fact, if we are talking just about physical survival, the presence of some wealth to dominate, or as our pillars of capitalism cry out that all the law of the jungle, all the competition. Yoga, of course, in disgust at it looks. Why? Because the competition is good, as long as the mind is not developed. When the mind is perfected, there are other laws emerge. Even so, even with a gap competition law. Proper knowledge of the correct preset knowledge makes you competitive.

Although, again, I say this only because of the fact that in our country, I really do not know what it’s called life system is not communism, not capitalism, anarchy can not be called. Anarchy – is when all of the street, it is rather a process of transition. And sometimes it seems that in the moments of transition that all the laws upside down fly.

No, friends, sooner or later all calm down, the foam settles, and each will receive (they say) deserve. So, if you are tired of the calls for spirituality, you need to engage in self-knowledge, you need to study yourself, you need to strive for something light, then let them at least the thought of what you will become more competitive, flatters your ego to your ego is not particularly acted on about why you are doing yoga, why do you spend time on it, etc.

Those. a question on the part of your ego, and such a response must be very clear. So, it turns out that if we are working out the correct Vidya or we find the Vedic knowledge, or the knowledge of the Vedas, we are in the right light can see all the processes occurring in the universe. And they will sooner or later come to some kind of, you know, the most optimal solutions.

And if you have this vision will be before you, respectively, will become the main channel in the way. If you buy into numerous such lzhevizualizatsii, then, despite a small gain today, you will lose a very great future.

But, again, against what I want to warn you? Purely because traditionally it turned out that instead of the communist idea has come at all clear what idea. And many are run and jump and shout about the free market, the law of the jungle, “who dare, and he ate” competition everywhere, the power of money, rated power, the power of the media, etc., etc.

Friends, yoga or in any way cast doubt on the effectiveness and necessity of money, and making money. Yoga does not in any way puts the need for competition for people silly, do you still force them to work, but to whip the competition?

But, at the same time, you need to understand that life is much more beautiful than the short-term management, which at any price today earned his million, and tomorrow the deluge. As an attempt to impose the laws of animal people to no good will not. The last such attempt was in Nazi Germany, and ended it a complete collapse.

Do you remember that Adolf Hitler in his book “Mein Kampf” has put forward the idea of the competition again. But there he extended it much broader, which led to fascism, Nazism, nationalism. His main argument was that anything that is good for monkeys, and will be good for a person. Yes, indeed, for a monkey good competition, it makes the monkey to sharpen the mind, it makes the ego arise.

But once you’ve got the mind and the spiritually evolved, there were other rules of the game. The same is true of money. Money is not good, not bad. Do not believe people who say that the money – it’s evil, it’s not true. Money is not evil and not good money – is power. But if you pray for the money and believe that it is possible only with the help of money to do something, then you lose. If you assume that everything is done without money, you also lose.

Life is a lot more complicated than such unambiguous solutions. Those. life consists of carrot and stick. And by and large, dominated by just only one who stands up to the stage of evolution. In the world of higher animals I stood on the stage of the kind that had a reason. Man honed mind and became fully control all the other living beings.

Now, the correct visualization will make you competitive, if we talk about the world of lucre. If we talk about spiritual development, then, of course, you are significantly larger volume can quickly and avoid all the negatives in our lives.

Development strategy

Now the next time. Once you have the knowledge visualization, vidya (Veda), on the basis of this knowledge, the next step – is to develop a strategy. Those. what you want from life and how you want to live this life. How many people, so many opinions: someone wants to be an artist, someone – an entrepreneur, someone – a scientist, someone – a housewife.

Do you have, like some idea of your life. So try this idea to adjust your life in harmony under the awareness of how our world is arranged. And to develop a strategy for each of the next step. A strategy for Cultivate tactics. Those. everyday execution of the plan in life.

Those. First, stop and become aware of the ancient knowledge, visualize it. Then, realize what you want. Then strategize how to achieve it, and then the tactics, how to implement this strategy in everyday some lesson. This applies as yoga, both your work and your life.

This concludes our present lecture.

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