2010_06_ 08 Yoga Vizualizatsii.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part of the 17th.

Knowing and living together yogis

Today, June 12, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural Center of the “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on the websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today, we are waiting for the continuation of Yoga Visualization. In previous lessons we have examined again hypothetical and real situations, when Yoga Visualization can be used.

In the good old tradition of Yoga International University all examples and all the explanations of certain practices we try to do in view of the life of men and women. Why? Because this is a very serious issue, intractable.

Secondly, there is the self-interest, it is that the biggest problems of the students, who study at the yoga teachers, historically, it is connected with interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex.

What’s the use to teach the teacher of yoga that sense to spend on his energy, time that confused hope that he later suffer yoga if it will no longer deal with his personal life, and as a result all he would go awry, he spit on yoga, and generally leave the University.

Those. the question of interpersonal relations it is the most sensitive issue in this life for all young people. And it is a matter of sufficient risk to the whole affair. Indeed, you can stand at the bench and sharpen details in the factory, no matter what your situation at home with your husband / wife. You can engage in some other activity where you do not need some higher, subtle, psychic energy, in order to help people who come to you to practice, to make a breakthrough in self-knowledge.

I remind you that the yoga instructor actually gives people the opportunity to learn by yoga, or yoga rediscover themselves. So, the teacher must be in the appropriate intellectual or mental state, so-called, the state of bhava. There is no teacher of yoga without bhava. Those. it is upbeat attitude, worldview or miroperezhivanie.

If there is a teacher in the bhava, the yoga school does not disappear and does not die, it does not turn into a commercial enterprise. Not turning into some semblance of either sect, or clubs. But bhava is very easy to lose a person, when he (they say), “the weather in the house” is not important when there is no agreement with their family and friends. And first of all, for a man – with his wife, his mistress, his girlfriend, and by anyone. Accordingly, and for the woman. So we made that this is the most painful issue, the most intractable topic, the most difficult issue.

For this reason, different types of yoga, we somehow try to sharpen the fact that these interpersonal conflicts within the family every teacher of yoga to soften and smooth, completely eliminate the maximum they can not, based on this life, Overcoming, the ointment.

And it is impossible to completely eliminate them. Exit only one: either to go (as they say) to a monastery or be a loner. Indeed, we see a lot of yoga teachers who do not burden themselves a family. Or, using all the achievements that are only there in yoga, try to overcome these tensions, disagreements, remove everything, on what is lost bhava. And thus also be a yoga teacher.

Of course, there are different people with different destinies, different preferences, different from the dharma, or way of life. And for some suitable monastic way of life, for others it is absolutely not appropriate.

The Open University of Yoga we believe that the percentage of the Masters, leading a monastic life, and the percentage of the Masters, leading quite a modern, normal life (in the sense that they have a family, children) should be distributed to the side of the latter. Or, again, in the direction of people who live an ordinary normal life. At least for the simple reason that if everyone will lead a monastic way of life, children will no longer be produced. And if children cease to be born, then who will need yoga?

Or even more terrible option. People will be born in less developed countries. Why? Because there are no normal contraception. And in the more civilized and cultured countries, on the contrary, the birth rate begins to fall. And in the next life you have to be born in Africa or elsewhere. If you are, of course, in the course of his life that did not go out on such a level that they themselves will be able to choose their place of birth.

Therefore, the focus is sharpened focus exclusively in all practices for the preparation of the yoga teachers at the normal, sane, normal (in the good sense of the word) people. And it gives a more stable, balanced result for the maintenance and preservation of the knowledge of yoga.

Monastic options in certain periods of time (say) during wars, upheavals, cataclysms, also taking on the save function. But they end up losing anyway. Why? Because all you need to fulfill in this life before moving to the next level. If we do something is worked out and ran away from life, it is something to become a hindrance to your future spiritual development.

That is why I once again explain to you, we pay much attention to the relationship of male and female, life forces. Of course, I would like to a greater extent to explain some more subtle nuances of certain practices, where people can really clear your channels, to initiate a particular energy to go through a particular yogic state, after which the bandage from his eyes will fall, and he begins to live on a different level.

But until then, until you solved the problem, which could redistribute this energy, there is always a risk that this practice you on the contrary, will strengthen the contradictions in your family, with your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances.

The shell of selfishness

And in the previous lesson, we looked at one example. In this lesson, I once again want to emphasize this idea lies in the fact that the mere fact that a young man – a boy and a girl – a girl, the two men carry a huge potential of enlightenment, enormous resources to accelerate their spiritual development.

But, at the same time, any girl, any young man was some sort of pre-history, some karma. There remains a huge reservoir of ignorance, which in general leads to the fact that a structure is formed, which is called selfishness.

Those. This structure is surrounded by a shell, and a man and a woman. And selfishness shell was extremely necessary for us when we were in the bodies of animals, this has contributed to our rapid development and honing our intelligence. But since life in the human body, it’s the thing that starts to go in the opposite direction of spiritual evolution.

So, you know, selfishness – it’s such a big, heavy planet spaceship way. The planet, which is called “mind”. As we approached the reason, gravity, or the approach of the planet accelerated our spaceship. But we have reached a state of sharpness of mind, born in talas people, and now you need to dramatically change the policy. It is necessary that this planet is no longer attract us.

And the result is a paradox that young man and woman during their lives reached the level of people in part because they developed their selfishness. But now, being a people, and feeling an attraction to each other, knowing about this potential merger of male and female, egoism begins to interfere.

Indeed, she is historically accustomed only to think only about yourself (first). And here is a young man. Yes, she may be showing interest in him. But sooner or later, their interests collide, ie their preferences face.

Similarly, from the young man. He was self-sufficient, he has developed his ego, and now, to merge with the girl, you need to give up their selfishness.


It turns out, such a structure that here we have a beautiful young man, he is drawn to a beautiful girl. We have a beautiful girl, she is also attracted to the beautiful young man. While they were at a distance until the shell of selfishness that surrounds every one of them, have not yet come into contact, they think the world of the rainbow. This shell can be made of many layers. Those. I can pretend that this is not a cocoon, and a series of cocoons, made in one another.

And from the merger of male and female giant is born, untold potential for knowledge of the universe. I remind you, yoga (in the first place) – is a system of self-knowledge. But if they came too close, these shells are facing, you know, deform each other, and begin to push more apart of our youth and our girl.

Those. here in the first case, when they were at some distance, they just met, where they have a honeymoon, all interesting, wonderful. For example, it is a yogi and yogini with common aspirations, with the common desire to teach yoga, give birth to a lot of kids and live a happy life.

But here begins the gray days, a misunderstanding. And suddenly these shells selfishness start them in different directions to repel. And the question is whether they will show strength of will, determination, tolerance to each other, and whether to continue to go to meet each other, while another, this shell will not crack and will not fall off around the boys and girls around.

Or, on the contrary, they will provide these forces of selfishness push them in different directions. Here the situation is similar to that, if you take two balloons inflated and start to squeeze together. You can squeeze more and more, these balls are deformed. If you are overcome, then, of course, the balls burst, and there is nothing left from the shell of selfishness. And if you do not put these efforts, the balls push each other and scatter in different directions.

Similarly, men and women go through life and are looking for new partners and partners in the hope that the next time will be something else, what has not been in previous times. But as long as you have a shell-ego, and your partner or your partner has a shell-ego, it will be repeated.

And so we have to overcome, we have to bite the bullet and put up with the lack or imperfection of the person who will be our close friend, who is our loved one.

And this situation, you need to endure some point, this compression. If you go to meet each other, sooner or later the force striving to meet each other, overcome the repulsive force of your selfishness, and you realize where was your selfishness, and your partner or a partner is aware of where he was their selfishness. And then it all burst awareness. But we must bear some critical time together. A stand it is so hard? Why? Because pop up the most unexpected, the most unpleasant side of the character or personality of another person.

Endure the shell of selfishness

Friends, I am here telling you not constantly about people from the street, there are changing their husbands or partners, such as gloves, nor about some (sorry) jerks or not quite sane people. In this case I’m talking about people who have gone asceticism, self-restraint which held in solitary practices, which (can be) enjoyed the victory over them when they do yoga alone.

But they were totally unprepared when they were in real life with a real woman or a real man. So, you need to wait some time until the joint force of gravity overcomes the shell of selfishness, and this shell will crack and fall off. It makes it very difficult, because people (again) will be showcasing the most unexpected traits.

I have witnessed many different layouts in the relationship of many pupils and students who are so walked together on the path of life. Disinterested people who were ready to take off the shirt itself suddenly in an instant transformed into avaricious of Elijah.

The girl who dreamed of a magic love, a prince on a white horse, begins to demand a marriage contract for the division of property. That’s all yoga lovers.

The young man, who was just the personification of altruism, turned into some kind of insensitive, thick-skinned behemoth, which does not smell out, and no surprise. Why? Because we all carry in himself the ego-shell. And we do not even always know what it is in us. Sometimes it starts to wake up with a paranoid obsession of some attack, to the surprise of even the people themselves, in which it wakes up.

The girl madly in love with a young man, but loved to hate the mother of this young man, and wants his children. You see, the typical jokes about mother in law, mother in law about, etc., etc. The boy loves his girlfriend, but hates the wife’s mother. And these examples of the layouts of all here are countless. This is just a typical situation, when we are faced with overcoming the ego-shell. We will not see any enlightenment, there is no raising of the Kundalini energy, no flights in the air, no ecstatic states, until we overcome selfishness to a small degree.

And here it is necessary anyway to meet another person. This other person starts as from a cornucopia, pour us a negative, which we did not even know where got acquainted with him. You can imagine it? Dreams were a girl about a young man alone, but he could show something completely different. And on convergence time when everything starts to crack at the seams, or rather, this ego-shell, like an empty walnut starts pressurized joint rapprochement, however, to resist. That one gift, the other throws. And since this is due to very close friends, it takes as its most active.

And, yes, it must be said honestly and frankly, not all have the speed and strength to resist. But if you overcome a critical threshold and still break through the shell of the ego, it becomes dramatically easier. Moreover, one becomes aware of, (as they say) why were all these sufferings before.

So, at the time of this compression is applied once and Visualization Yoga, when you can actively choose what to take and what not to take. For example, for women or for the young men in the behavior of the other. Even the wild, inappropriate antics simply unimaginable, maybe in other circumstances your partner or partners, you (as it were) to temporarily close eyes on them and wait time. Time in this regard, such a factor conquering.

And in the future (again, going back to the Triad yoga), you will not be never to lose. As it is said: “Will you stay with this or another will come.” Those. it’s like a win-win situation in terms of yoga.

Yoga Visualization neutralizes


So, it turns out that yoga cures Visualization (sort of) rejection of these two balls of selfishness for some time. It requires a tremendous amount of inner psychic energy, it requires tremendous exposure, it requires a very serious austerity. Why? Because I want to solve all the usual way toward settling their selfishness.

But if you overcome this selfishness, it becomes dramatically easier. But this does not mean that breaking one shell each other, you are not waiting for the next, the next, or even next.

But experience shows that if you are able to break through the shell of the first-ego of each other, the second, third, etc. It becomes easier. In the sense that you begin to intuitively understand how the universe is made. This does not mean that you will be more easier and easier to work with a deeper level of acceptance or rejection of your partner, husband, wife. It says that you have already had experience. Friends, experience – this is the greatest thing. If you have experience, you are armed.

Promotion of knowledge of yoga

Now we move on to another part of Yoga Visualization related to a greater extent our visualization of the internal structures or our inner world with you. And I’ll start from the beginning. Once the West began to penetrate the teachings of yoga, even more the teaching of yoga in a tantric light. Those. as increasingly began to penetrate the West teachings of Tantra yoga, so the more people began to learn and familiarize themselves with concepts such as chakras, the energy of Kundalini, as the central channel as many additional channels as coarse, fine and finest body, and so on .d., etc.

Those. If you hear that someone says the word “chakra”, know that this man is that he did not have a view of it, actually uses the yoga section. It so happens that in the West a main stream of knowledge about the chakras of Kundalini flooded in the early 20th century, before the First World War.

One of the most prominent popularizers of the pillars of this knowledge was Sir John Woodroffe, better known under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon. It is unique, wonderful person. He was well received and had access to such circles yoga, and got acquainted with the literature, which we with you (probably) never get there.

And, of course, that the very first, in any case, one of the first major works on our body’s internal device, which were given to explanations multiple channels, chakras, the centers were given exactly Woodroffe.

And in order to illustrate this, Woodruff asked the artist to paint the picture of these centers, lotuses as they presented an analysis of ancient treatises. Thus, they represent the words of the Masters, which he had been taught.

As one of the basic texts Woodroffe text was selected, which is called “Shat Chakra nirupana”, published them along with his very famous book called “Serpent Power”.

“Serpent Power” – is one of the names of the Kundalini energy. Those. she allegedly perceived as a kind of energy in his waking state. Some analogy of a snake crawling occurred many yogis practicing.

Once these images have been published Woodroffe, they have lain for some time not very popular. But then, especially after the Second World War, when there was a sudden sharp interest to all yogic, tantric knowledge, these images began to be replicated and disseminated.

And now, if you open any tabloid esoteric, any sane or deranged book on yoga, any serious or not serious treatise on the device of the human body, 9 out of 10 you will see the version of these images Woodruff. Those. these are not the images that come to us from ancient times, those who have already been painted at a later time.

But where the poor (what is called) esoteric contemporary understand these subtleties. To us the most important thing – it is to shock the audience. It turns out that the run-roam these pictures, as something taken for granted, or the ultimate truth. While Woodroffe himself made it clear that this is one of the possible illustrations.

What I am saying is that all? I say this to the next, that now there is a huge number of people around the globe from the esoteric, from yoga, on tantra, who took the Woodruff system, and said that the internal body device should be exactly the way we see the images of these books Woodroffe. What is the chakra system of the seven chakras, there is the Central Canal. With each chakra has a certain number of petals. And all of our subtle and causal body is penetrated by some certain amount of thin channels.

And a huge number of people (again) take it uncritically. The problems start when one or another yogi or yogini have access to other sources describing the same chakras or channel system.

And now it turns out that in one treatise states that the number of one of the chakras, they look like something one by one. In another treatise (or at least respected) said that the number of different chakras, and they look a little different.

For example, a particular chakra prescribed one or another color (yellow, green, blue, red, whatever). In another treatise these colors may differ. In one treatise states that at the center or in this chakra, you should find one or the other structure is sometimes depicted as a small yantrochki or geometric shapes. In another treatise somehow different.

Even more confusion in the minds of yogis and Yoginis leads familiarity with the more distant yogis. In particular, the Tibetan yogis. Those. Tibetan yoga, as well as all the Indian yogis, came from the same source. But once on the other stage, acquired some its original color.

The Tibetan Yogis you can meet in various texts in general assertion that the chakras much less that they were not seven, but four. And their location will move. Those. not, as we read in the Indian treatises but as something in its own way.

But only thank God that they are also located along the Central Canal. The Indian sources in certain schools of yoga, we read that on each petal chakra or that the letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, or this or that mantra, causing the vibration of a particular chakra. The other things are different Indian sources. In general, all Tibetan sources in the third.

Different views of the chakras system

And, to put it mildly, this inexperienced yogi or yogini it enters into utter confusion. Indeed, we can not just be all made differently. It can not be such that (for example) for the Indian chakra system, one for the other Tibetans, for some other cultures – the third.

We remember this basic paradigm of yoga that we are all made on a single image. That dirt at all different, yes, but the basic structure is the same at all.

And there is immediately a question: how to appease all opposing belief systems (in particular, on the structure of our inner body, the unit, which includes the chakras and channel system)? And, oddly enough, friends, yoga Visualization gives a completely graceful response to these contradictions.

You, of course, you can do as many adherents of the secret science of today come. They, you know, take and averaged. For example, if in a treatise written that this chakra is white, and the other treatise written that it is black, they are averaged and say it somewhere gray.

Or somewhere it is said that one should see the blue chakra, and in another treatise, it is said that it is necessary to see the red, they are (again, Solomonic decision), “consider it a red-blue.” You see, that is, gray-brown-blue striped.

Those. get some secondary mythmaking when taken based on the teachings of the different schools, summed and divided by an equal number of parts. It turns out, as in that joke, “the average temperature in the hospital.” Those. someone has a fever of 40, but someone already in another world departs, the body barely lukewarm. But on average, 36.6 turns, ie, all healthy.

That did not turn out to be so in your study of yoga, always be careful where you kind of information do you get from a school of yoga. That’s one of the reasons why we do not like, when at the same time learn, for example, in our yoga school and somewhere in Tantric Buddhism or that yoga comprehend, some Tumo. Why? Because even the system itself to describe the chakras, channels and centers, it is different. There’s something one is given, there is something given another. And the average – it is certainly getting a bad result.

What is the difference of approaches?

So, we do not go on the way of averaging, and we will try to understand why this can in principle be? If every school of yoga, whether it is three Tibetan, or Japanese, or Chinese, is engaged in the device of the human body, why should all come to different results?

Yes, well, we will try to figure it out. It will help us in this Yoga Visualization. And the answer is quite on the surface. The entire system of the body device, it is really quite complex and intricate. Moreover, even the inner experiences that receives a yogi or yogini directly through the practice, having gone through the feeling of a center, lotus, channel, or this or that practice, they go beyond some of our ordinary language. In our language simply there are no words to express these nuances.

Moreover, even the colors are perceived in meditation so that the yogi or yogini, they (so to speak) just remind our colors (red, yellow, etc.). As if it was a single some its center, it’s very scary sounds that color that is not yellow, but it is similar to yellow in the inner perception.

Or, in another way it is sometimes in these books is called “astral colors.” So, firstly, it is very difficult using language to convey their personal experiences. Therefore, any yogi or yogini, which are described in a particular treatise described the chakra system, faced with these difficulties and tried to draw images of their daily lives.

It is understood that the Tibetan took images of their daily life, Hindu – of their daily lives. This is the first. Second, you will remember that in Yoga the most important thing – the result. This is not some abstract theory, but a very concrete achievements.

Although, I will remind you that the purpose of yoga – it is self-knowledge, should lead us to freedom. And it is clear that you can do this or that practice, and get the result, not even to the end of realizing some more subtle nuances of your body devices. Those. you are in ourselves, let’s say, for example, aroused a particular energy. This energy is brought your state to some very interesting. And flashed a series of experiences, showing you certain your device structures.

But you were inclined to focus on one and something to lose sight of in relation to others. This is roughly the same way as if you’ve never been to New York. And now you’re in New York and decided to walk, stroll down Wall Street, to see where are the financial movers and shakers live.

It is clear that everyone will start to pay attention to some nuances that are associated with perception. Someone will pay attention to a frightening growth of US debt, that there is every second of this figure is added. Someone at some signs of banks, someone just to people who have either just idle there stagger like you, or clerks of some financial institutions to run errands wealthy moles, which determine the financial policy of peace.

Those. Each draws attention to something different. With this also is connected a certain subjectivity in the description. But the fact remains that even if you are here in Moscow on the street Dolgorukovskaya pass, and will tell you how to find the center of “Enlightenment.” And you will explain to your friend that there never went, you give any one such reference points. For example, there is a number such and such a restaurant, a little further the building of a certain color.

But the other person may be, will point to other points or markings. It does not matter who gave a description of what it is important that they have at least some relevance to Dolgorukovskaya Street, Building 29, and the man brought to the right place. And if you are already logged in here, all of you know the way, and you’ll pass another just as well as you have been given.

Also in the practice of yoga, you are given a descriptive concept of chakras, channels as it was perceived by certain teachers, and it worked in practice. And, strictly speaking, that you may also be enough to get the results. That is why in the Tibetan yogis out there in some schools four chakras. Such minimalism limit. And what more if with the help of this result can be achieved? Moreover, Tibet – the country of weird, is in our view there is every second Lama flies through the air. And in general, there is feudalism. Those. in fact, the form of government, which is already 500 years old as there is in Europe, or something like that (when we’ve got feudalism disappeared?).

Therefore, the ultimate minimalism in explaining, for example, the human body the device, ie, minimum information that will give you, on the one hand, to get the result, but does not burden your mind with unnecessary details, and you do not remember. Here it has also explained the difference in the different schools of yoga. Why is yoga a number one system of chakras, the petals, the other – the other, the third – the third.

Visualization, giving results

Well, and, finally, it is the most serious explanation from the standpoint of yoga Visualization. Friends, any system of chakras or channels that are in a particular yogic treatise, this is, first and foremost, and a system of internal visualization. Do you remember that, according to yoga, visualization is like to visualize. You can visualize yourself if you (say) a man lean, you can visualize yourself fat, or vice versa. You can visualize those features that you would like to see in themselves, ID, etc.

Actually, strictly speaking, internal visualization you can come up with a great variety. The question is what is not only to enumerate its inner internal visualization practice.

Those. it makes sense to stick to only those visualizations that will produce results. Therefore, from the variety of hypothetical devices your inner human body, but you need to really choose the visualization of those channels and centers that will directly all have lead to internal harnessing real channels and centers that are actually there, and so use these real channels and centers so they began to work, and you will get results.

That is, of course, you could come up with a system of chakras and channels that you have there behind the left ear, one chakra, behind the right ear different chakra and forehead star is lit (remember how Pushkin), or something else something. Or come up with some unbalanced chakra system. For example, the heart chakra is slightly to the left, chakra some other body slightly to the right. Chakra liver, spleen chakra, etc., etc. You can come up with all sorts of visualization would be a good judge of them and proc.

And if they are not conducive to rapid approach using yoga Visualization to the internal restructuring of your structures, what good catch for them?

And so, as you know, this question is essentially solved. Just does not make sense to compare the chakra system, for instance, different yoga systems. This visualization system. If you are in one school of yoga will do everything, as they say, you get a result. This result will still be ineffable.

If another school with another system of chakras, you will also get a result, and once again, it is ineffable. Moreover, your imagination will confirm the original concept. Why? Because the first impression is the most powerful.

And finally, from the point of view of Yoga Visualization you can alter your body the way you want. In the end, everything is made of associative links, everything is made of the fact that we are the same and come up. But the only difference is that we do the same and come up. But the only difference is that there is some stable associative links that generate just structure, we all are the same.

Why? Because we’ve all been through the same history. The background is not in terms of evolution, and background is not in the plan, you know, freedom of choice, “Here I want to visualize that I have horns on their heads were, let it grow.”

Remember, I was telling anecdote: “Doctor, my wife is cheating, and do not grow horns. Calcium eat a little? “.

So, you can come up with any sort of internal structure of the system, but there is a structure (as if) pledged by the logic of the universe. Well, actually, the single prana, whether you want it or do not want to create all of the objects or phenomena should appear in its poles: Pole Pole Energy and Consciousness, and then start again after the interaction, as this division.

Those. no matter what you come up with the basic principle of separation of energy and consciousness must be, otherwise the universe would not, ie, there is something that connects them. It’s just called the central canal, it is his original definition. Those. It is something that connects not separated in one of the first acts of creation.

Those. have any, you know, conceptual untold our body device, and there is an attempt to draw using ordinary words, images, picture, approaching this unspeakable structure. And any system of chakras, or channels, or centers, which you can read in various Tantras or yoga schools is precisely an attempt to give a boost to your mind in the right direction to your inner visualization. Or all the same to start with a visualization in relation to the internal structure of the body.

And the most prudent, as they say, these numerous yoga, Tantra and other narrative, to start with this, to having this picture and visualizing it, this visualization of the beginning (as it were) superimposed on the conglomerate of internal sensations that historically in this life, previous lives. And thus you could easily identify where you have a karmic dirt, and where structure is more ancient and fundamental.

Because this structure is an ancient and fundamental plastered with mud sometimes so convoluted and bizarre, sometimes you can not see where there’s. And this visualization gives a first approximation, push, so you do not waste time on your personal karmic dirt, Does anyone have an ear for how little itching. And you can spend the rest of his life on meditation, that behind his left ear is the source of your strength, your primary energy (aka – Kundalini).

And, of course, this meditation will lead to the fact that you will know all the structure of your left ear, and sooner or later will find the secondary channels. From these minor you go to a primary. And sooner or later you get to the center channel, and there too, and walk to your basic energy which is more pronounced at the base of your body.

But again, my friends, is shown. She could also appear behind the left ear. But at the bottom of your body, it is more pronounced, because the structure is more ancient and more fundamental. And you can spend a life, if you start to think that, yes, the center of your mystical powers behind the left ear. Can you just do not waste this life, and look at the area where you will come to the desired result.

Field Example goldmine

I always give the example next. Imagine that you have a box. Here you bought somewhere there is a huge plot of land, and you said, there is a gold mine. A portion of, say, 200 km to 200 km. And that’s what you drop, say, in every place of this gigantic space? Say pokapal in one place – did not find anything else pokapal – did not find anything in the third.

Clearly, if you stock up on patience and a huge number of lives, sooner or later, digging up one section after another you stumble upon this goldmine.

But imagine that the well-wisher (that we constantly gossips, and now well-wisher) sent to you in an envelope card ancient map of the area that you bought with the drawn perhaps from the hand of the scheme as it runs a gold mine. And with some more or less real objects of your site that you are tied to your site map.

And then you take this card and apply to your site, and you say, “Yes, there is a region of +/- 40 meters, here it is necessary to drip. On the map it is written, there lies a gold vein. “

And you are not wasting time, wasting your life, you begin to drip exactly where pointed this map, and find the vein. That’s just as well that the entire system of chakras, channels, nadi, which is given in yoga.

Yes, indeed, there is a chakra system, but they are tied to the fundamental principles of our body device. But it is given to you, as a kind of rough map that you did not search every inch of its interior space, and knew exactly where to drip into his inner visualization.

Those. it turns out that any system of narrative devices of our internal body (subtle and causal), it is, on the one hand, is given as internal visualization. But only such a visualization, which sooner or later leads us to rethink our understanding of the internal or device. And fight for it, to one yoga school was severely as in the other, and in the other, just as in the third, it makes no sense.

But there are a few different situation. Let’s say that self-respecting different schools of yoga, you will find the central channel of your body with approximately the same description, it is an indication that the tradition of a more or less well preserved. But sometimes, for some or other effects not need such a massive and powerful technique, as, say, central channel of the body with all the consequences of the practice, when we vizualziruem, and a more subtle effect.

For example, you need to conquer that fear, or just jealousy, or greed is, or anything else. Or do you have a problem with it any particular manifestation of your body and you want to hone their practices in order to address this problem, but not to fully get the results of this total.

And it is possible to compare, imagine that there is indeed a gold mine on your large plot. But based on this conductor, for example, deposits of emeralds. In some other distance along this vein deposits of rubies. A little further – the diamond. Still a little further away – platinum. In general, anything you want valuable, imagine.

And then you need a diamond, you want to give his girlfriend a diamond. You do not need gold, you need a diamond, the particular diamond. And it turns out that this degree of detail already beginning to play a role. Why? Because the gold vein is localized once. But it is also significant, can be sized.

You need a more specific point where you mine diamonds or rubies. And then it gives a more specific description and Yoga Visualization for a particular chakra, at one time or another center, meditating on that, you get a more narrow effect. And to ensure that you have carried out this visualization and describes a particular chakra.

Images of visualization

Well, for example, at the same Woodruff shows (for example) the muladhara chakra. She is depicted as a lotus flower with four petals. Moreover, given some other additional objects for meditation, it is not just the petals, and each petal one or another letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. And further more starts in the center of the lotus meditate should be (say) an elephant power. And in a certain chakra, you can see what’s inside it depicts an elephant, for example, with multiple trunks.

Moreover, given some chakra mantra, again, the muladhara chakra at Woodroffe is the syllable “llama”. And all this is applied to the image. And this picture, of course, if you are doing yoga Visualization, will render it yourself, willy-nilly these images (the image of an elephant, or the principle of the Earth – is the image of the cave is sometimes given), you start willy-nilly remember all my feelings when you were in a cave, or when you have seen the elephant, or something else.

And visualization with reference to a specific location with a series of images as a set of keys to the castle, one discovers that, to the second, the third, the fourth, the sixth. And bam – you realize where this center, what thoughts lead him to work, what practices can make him wake up and prove themselves. And this is already more detailed yogic tantric practices on the excitation of a center for the acquisition of a state, or to obtain a particular effect.

And, as you know, it all starts with the picture, which depicts these or other attributes, or text in which they are described. Those. this map (internal body device) must be treated appropriately, as something that you come across on the thinking and practice, rather than on how to (know) a direct indication that you have (for example) in the Muladhara sitting elephant or you there is a cave of some sort, or something else.

Unfortunately, we very often confronted with such a lack of understanding of the ancient treatises, when they begin to understand just some allegorical thing or some things that had to be the right way you push on a particular wave in meditation.

And, as you know, this is a more accurate detail. Firstly, it makes sense to talk to the person who practices yoga for a long time, which is already acquainted with the concept of consciousness, with the concept of Energy, with the concept of the central channel, with the concept of freedom, with the first and the second principle of yoga, etc. etc. It is only the man who did some real exercises in yoga, or at least did something good for the benefit of all sentient beings, it makes sense to somehow work with it all.

If there is a situation that we see in today’s world, when taken out of context practice. You know, as if a few pages of thick books pulled out, and then published in some weekly newspaper devoted to the occult sciences. And half of the country begins to try to (for example) to open the third eye. We give some methods, indeed, taken out of context, indeed, torn from ancient texts, you so-and-so there has to meditate. At the same time you can do it is. Can you help, say, one or another practice.

In yoga, the third eye is sometimes recommended that a thin stream of such oil, if it flows into your brow point, it leads to a concentration of consciousness on this point, and the internal visualization easier way rebuilds your structure. And you better to a certain extent can evoke a particular center.

But what’s the use you in this pseudo-open eyes if you do not know anything else. I always compare this with the following example. Here there is a beautiful car, you have (say) ‘Mercedes’ new, you honestly worked and earned it myself. And this “Mercedes” makes sense only as a whole, so you sat on it and go somewhere to relax. But what’s the point if you take and break down the, let us say, of this “Mercedes” gearbox or engine, or any valve remove, or at least a chair pull out of this “Mercedes”. Okay, the chair still all right, you can sit on it. A gasoline pump why you if you do not have it all entirely?

That’s just as well, and the subtleties of these yogas Visualization with a portrayal of each chakra, where a tab, just as she is working on, etc., etc., makes sense only if there’s anything else. If it does not, then it’s useless. In the best case, this second exaltation. You know, today in India Indians are poor people, they do not know what about this white man to lure him to where the money paid.

Indeed, the country is a serious price to pay for that knowledge is retained, so too do not need to scold them for us. But at every corner there opens the third eye. That poor guy take on a massage table, and buckets of it to the point between the eyebrows oil poured. It lays down a man, and he poured a thin stream between the eyebrows. He yesterday (you can tell) came from Moscow, today it has opened a third eye.

Indeed, it is a strong impression, a strong sense of, well, what results? In addition, that person then can not sleep half the night, that is, impact. And why this insomnia? This flirtation with the occult, flirting with a mysterious flirting with the awakening of certain things, you know, and then what? And then nothing: money paid and left. He opened the third eye? No, it is not opened. This brought him to some spiritual level? It is doubtful.

Similarly, with respect to all of these practices. Taken out of context on the impact of the practice on a particular chakra to a particular area with the help of (again) of the same Yoga Visualization, it certainly will work. But be that as it did not work torn gasoline pump out of the car “Mercedes”. And petrol pumps to you, generally speaking, is not needed, and the car will not go without him. So is there a way to intrude rudely ugly so barbaric in a thin, well-adjusted system of our body mechanism? No, it is not necessary.

Therefore, in yoga Visualization and call us: less extremism, more common sense, gradual and smooth operation of these internal channels, centers and chakras. From the simple to the complex.

Although, to say goodbye? The concept of energy and consciousness, the Central channel concept friends, do not know how many orders of magnitude more exalted thing than all the petals on all the chakras and there is some benefit from the wake of a capacity. Those. ability or a particular quality, as if it might be wonderful, it’s the second time compared to your basic energy and your underlying Consciousness.

So, there you have to treat without this mad pursuit of all large (how to say) details of how to do this or that chakra, one or another facility. I do not need you now this information. When the time comes, she will come to you, the knowledge itself will come to you. But you should start with basic things.

Visualization on the central channel,

centers, channels, chakras

So, for our inner visualization, when we are using our inner visualization reconstruct their inner world, now from the level of any specifics, always makes sense to start with the central channel.

Generally speaking, the fact that we all know about the Central channel – is the highest gift of Teachers and teacher. We would take several lifetimes just to get closer to the realization of what they wanted to say. We are not only what they say, we save time. We are told: “Dig here, or visualize exactly what it is here.”

Thus, the center channel – it is actually a kind of visualization of such a framework. Then, following these points, one way or another, involved in the Center channel, having a sense of who says it is, indeed, the area of our consciousness, or crown of our head, and our area of Energy or the base of the body.

Also very useful is even more information about the so-called left channel and right channel, sometimes called “ida” and “pingala”. This information is useful in practical exercises Pranayama yoga, which includes the alternate breathing through one nostril, then through the other nostril.

And then to come into play any draw other channels, chakras, or centers, such as the navel center. But most, perhaps even more important center – the center one way or another associated with our sexuality, it is just between the navel center and thus lower our center. It is also the center of the heart. Why? Because if you start working with the help of certain practices with the heart center, you dramatically speed up some yoga. In particular, the Nyasa yoga becomes possible and makes sense to talk with well-known portrayal in the heart center.

Similarly, the throat center, just as the center between the eyebrows. So, there is a chakra system, which is currently the most widespread in the world. This she began to feed him after John Woodroffe published a treatise after the First World War.

And this chakra system consists of the seven chakras, permeated central channel in the presence of the left and right channel. In some systems, yoga or yoga schools talk about some additional chakras located in the space in us from the brow chakra to chakra that is located in the crown of our head. That there is still supposedly two auxiliary chakras.

Even the highest chakra in the crown of our heads all also sometimes given a more severe specifics. It is said that the foundation of the crown chakra or sahasrara (the thousand-petalled chakra), and so, the base is a kind of twelve-chakra.

Those. in different works, in different schools of yoga is given either as a first approximation, a more detailed drawing of one or another system of chakras. And in fact, if you at least know the system of chakras of the seven, without these, sometimes called, minor chakras, this is already more than enough for a variety of yoga practices.

But, once again, my friends, the most important thing – it’s not even the chakras, and the Central Canal. Together with the energy at the bottom of your body, and consciousness in the crown of your head.

Now I watch from time to time (as if to call it) hits Czeslaw. I do not even know what word to describe it all. When suddenly pops up some “yoga teacher” and starts to give Woodruff a system of chakras. Suddenly it pops up (as they say) a rival teacher and says: “Do not listen to him, he’s a charlatan. In fact, there are chakras (say), not seven, and nine. He just does not know, he read it in the books. But I’ll tell you how it really is. “

You begin to wonder how well he knows it, too, is from books, but from other books, Bole detailed. There comes a third and says: “Yes, your chakra system is useless. That’s where the system is more than minor what some centers, it is the basis of everything. “

And one begins to inflate the cheeks, one begins to stomp her foot and screaming, as it should be. Come any healer, and says: “This chakra should be red. How do you have it in blue? Yes, you’re wrong. ” On the question: “What makes you think that it should be (say) red?”. Sometimes completely impenetrable argument: “And I’m clairvoyant, I see” – meets this healer with obvious signs of the splitting of the psyche. There are now many divorced. Even in medieval witch some do not pull, just as some kind of misunderstanding here goes mental wandering.

And people who recently began studying yoga, they’re like children pliable and gullible. They do not understand that if you have someone trying to intimidate with the help of yoga, then you can safely do not care about the man in the face, turn around and leave. And you can not even do not care, just do not pay attention.

People who are recently beginning to explore these moments tantric, they feel that this is something there. But be sure to have some mold, some ugly (sorry) there. And so it begins there some of his tales to tell about the damage, the evil eye, about the dark forces, and that is all overgrown with some details, details. Sometimes Read the book, sometimes he “opened the astral vision” and he sees everything and so.

Communicate with that person and you feel like some dark forces start your braid. That is, on the one hand, seems to be good teaching of yoga, bright, clear, calling for freedom. And here, you know, some witches, spiders you begin to braid some utter detail in a cocoon, you’re not derneshsya.

Friends, as soon as you meet the feeling that with the help of the chakra system or through this whole esoteric you are trying to weaken, intimidate, confuse, somehow prevail over you, do not take this knowledge. Better to be without knowledge, like a clean sheet in their ignorance, than to fall into the clutches of these esoteric spiders.

In an extreme case, even if you do not have a teacher in life, you pereotkroete yoga themselves, than to fall into the dark web. But, in fact, everything is very easily explained. This was justified by financial activity. Naplesti poor man some tall tales about yoga, to tell you about all his problems, to say that he had this chakra is closed, and this chakra is open. To say that his energy is not the color, or anything else, a lot of obscurantism.

A, directly or indirectly, for this coin somehow fuck, ie implicitly. There are all virtuosos such that you will still be yourself (what is called) give money, they will still refuse. You know, like three times, to the fourth, you have already taken, but the amount is more.

Those. Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic in the field of yoga huge amount. But Ostap Ibrahimovic, as you remember, honored the Criminal Code. And in some ways was quite a harmless person. Have you read “by Ilf and Petrov?” Here he also occasionally moonlighting that pretended to be a priest. Always in my suitcase was a turban and ad “PRIEST CAME” inscription.

So, it was painless. But when you fall, for example, into the clutches of these fellows. Some outright schizophrenia, some are trying to mislead you with the purpose of personal enrichment. And they will begin to strictly visualization. Here he looks at you and says: “I am clairvoyant in the twentieth generation, you have such a chakra is buried.” Man begins to tremble and ask, and for how many evergreen dollars you can open it. And converge at some reasonable price.

You know what happens? Willy-nilly, you get a visualization. Here willy-nilly, you just give the unconscious visualization of what you have there is something, something, fifth or tenth. Do you believe this man, and start (as it were) to tighten their feelings by what you give.

Those. You have a very simple zombie. You may be very simple zombie through a variety of tricks.

For this reason, … Time, friends, time. That is all.


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