2010_06_08 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 16th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture

Today, June 8, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural Center of the “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on the websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today, we are waiting for the continuation of Yoga Visualization. So, my friends, in the previous lecture, I tried to you in your own words to describe these or other living situations in which Yoga Visualization is used, and in our today’s lesson, we might even consider any such example.

Once again I want to repeat that, unfortunately, particularly the principle of privacy and the principle of freedom of each edinosvyaschenen. And so is the principle of the mysteries in the names of the participants, as it was with whom. This applies not only to the modern days, and all yoga traditions for thousands of years.

That’s why, by the way, so little practice, some survived, and we know very little about the creators of certain practices. Because, on the one hand, they were very humble people, had his identity did not put in the first place, as we see in the media, where everyone is trying to steam themselves in order to attract attention.

In addition, the principle of the mystery: as long as the practice is not finished, it is not necessary to devote one in nuances. And since These people, of which I mention in passing (thank God) alive and well, and are going to dissolve into a rainbow is not soon, I am limited to a certain extent in some more detailed details.

Therefore, I once again repeat that all those names mentioned here, as in the movies “completely fictional, any resemblance to real characters by chance.” On the other hand, are such things as it might be, or how it was, or some eclectic prefabricated images. This episodes from the life of different people collected, so to speak, into one picture.

I know a great many such stories. Moreover, it is the fastest way to transmit intelligible and yoga people. Which, on the one hand, and examined the theory, on the other hand, are going to start practice. That there is such a gap between a good knowledge of the theory, but also a lack of practice. During this period, if you are just embarking on the path of yoga practice is more useful to know something of the life of the people it is real and concrete, which were before you.

Moreover, it is useful to know not only such monumental bright side of life. Typically, all of the Teachers and teacher of yoga icons do. Those. It can be (called) cast pedestals and on the streets to stand in bronze. You know, as soon as the pedestals were Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

The most interesting is that these stories are described not only (what is called) ups these people, but also the fact that it was preceded by ups ie fall. And for modern man even more interesting to know, they’ve been through. In particular, for me it was very interesting to learn the history of what was the background of my teachers in yoga. Not in the sense that I like in the tabloid sense, interested: “And who is this man? And where does he live? And with whom he engaged in sex there? What a dish, he prefers to eat? “. Those. not in terms of the life that now conduct such bohemian artists, singers, performers, and purely theoretical in another plane.

So, I was curious to know whether the yoga and engaged in sex? And how they do it? And if they have children? And if they have a family? Do they work at work? To those, such hypothetical moments, as if it might have been like to be in ancient times, and have episodes closely related in time to the present day, say, 50-100 years ago. So, I was very interested to know certain things without knowing the specifics of certain teachers if they are to myself, do not tell, that is the atmosphere.

And, oddly enough, then when I did in my life faced with some difficult situations that you will not read in any treatise on yoga. Why? Because they are all very concise and basically present the theory. So, when he then faced with a particular situation in life, and you do not know what to do, ie, in reality, you do not know what to do, not theoretically, hypothetically, namely, how to take the next step. That these stories even greater help in many ways, than a reflection of dry theory.

yoga Value Visualization

and drugs

And today I have maybe one or two stories to tell. But before we deal with that analysis of the stories, we are waiting for another reminder of a very serious, and very clear, and very severe, which is necessarily informed by sound exposition of yoga Visualization. We are concerned about it, I about it (anyway) mentioned in different keys. But experience shows that if a thing is not to repeat continuously, be sure someone will listen to a lecture or the first or last lecture, and commit follies.

So, this thing is related to the ratio of Yoga Visualization with psychotropic substances, narcotic substances, contact Yoga Visualization with mental disorders such as schizophrenia. Those. Feedback may be some manifestations of man, which is also observed effect is somewhat like certain yoga postures Visualizations, and in fact, are not Visualization Yoga, and did not have any relation to yoga Visualizations, but sometimes similar.

So, I’ll start again from the very sad and very terrible. This psychotropic drugs, all kinds of hallucinogens, that any kind of chemical exposure, electromagnetic effects, God knows what effect that somehow brings man in this altered state of consciousness, and as a result, a person may experience a phenomenon similar to that prescribed experience Visualization yoga. For example, a person takes a substance and can easily imagine some things there, things, circumstances which are not present.

Moreover, in the spectrum we find a different effect various chemicals. Of course, the worst – are those that are addictive, it’s drugs. A list of them very large. Following are those, you know, just borderline substances that are not addictive, but a person is introduced to some completely different state, where his thoughts, images, dreams or visualizations can emerge with more vivid force.

Finally, the third section of such things the other way around cause it’s not that addictive or not, to a neutral action, but on the contrary, in serious discomfort as a byproduct. Let’s say someone has been poisoned in some chemical and thus experiencing terrible pain, vomiting, dizziness, etc., etc.. But the plus to it come some other broadcast some experience. Moreover, the ability to think about something and thus cause a series of some hallucination.

So, friends, whatever kind it may be psychotropic drugs, yoga strongly against its use as itself, and (God forbid) in conjunction with yoga Visualization.

Therefore, if in any book or any you hit adept secret sciences, coming from somewhere in India or the Himalayas and say that there at every corner sit the so-called yoga, and (roughly) marijuana smoke, not to mention the fact that taking something stronger, and supposedly they practice yoga, you know – it is not. Those. Yoga Visualization completely eliminates the use of certain psychotropic substances. If you someone says that this or that school of Yoga Yoga Visualization allegedly used these or other chemical means in order to facilitate and enhance the visualization, do not believe these people. Those. they do not speak of yoga schools, and groups of friends with the same interests, they talk about some maybe sectarian lines or those of other religions or anything else, but never about yoga.

And for you to understand why, I’ll try it very quickly you argue. Firstly, this argument is not given to such conduct is ethical preaching about how bad drugs are used and other things mind-altering. No, my friends, the question theoretical question of principle.

The goal of yoga – it will sooner or later reveal your inner potential. Largest your inner potential – is a state of freedom, which is in each of you, but which you are not aware. Those. the potential each of us is a living being completely free, but we are not aware of this freedom. It is safe to equate freedom and omnipotence. Those. if you want something to carry the power of thought, the power of action, strength wishes, and do not meet on the way are no restrictions, we say that you are free in that its manifestation.

So, yoga is to lead us eventually to this higher state of freedom in no way limited. Therefore, on the way to this state of freedom Yoga deliberately throws absolutely all the things that can make you one way or another non-free.

Indeed, if only by a psychedelic or narcotic drugs you are able to achieve this or that experience, you automatically become a slave to this chemical. Once again, whether it’s a drug, whether it is a neutral substance or a substance that causes you disgust.

Those. Yoga concept itself calls us to what we as possible from fewer things depended. First and foremost, of course, from all that comes from the outside in the form of a chemical. But more than that, at long yoga lessons, a person in a natural way without violence reduces the need for food, in water, in some other things, which we have called “the blessings of civilization.” Those. Yogi feels equally comfortable in a variety of conditions without the involvement of external support.

It is for this reason that not one self-respecting yogi is not wishful thinking, you never know which one you weed stoned, you never know what you’re mental preparation will eat and whether you little experience there, it is all artificial, it does not depend on you, not on the your will, and from chemistry. You should be able to without chemistry just their expression of will receive any state (including prescribed in Yoga Visualization).

Therefore, once again, the fundamental difference, no chemicals. You should be able to get yoga Visualization state just his natural desire. What’s wrong with hallucinogens? What’s wrong with all kinds of such substances? First of all the fact that people start with psychological tests, what a hook, by crook to take out yourself a small dose, or a dose of more of any one fool, and then in the process of so-called experimental drugs reach.

Unfortunately, this is not a path overgrown with several years (some years, decades). Therefore, any flirting, absolutely anyone, friends, with psychotropic substances. Right now a lot of books they write, what a wonderful substance LSD, supposedly you are taking a low dose, and your perception of the world changes.

Friends, if you knew how many people are consigned to the grave of LSD. Not by itself, no. It is relatively harmless. The fact that a person never stops on LSD, he then looks for something new, something more powerful. And the eye does not have time to blink as sits on some harsh thing and the result is in the grave.

And you should know that all the flirtation with the chemistry end in the grave. And welcome to this life all limited. But you will remember that this mark is transferred to the next life. And how nevrostenikom you will be born in the next life, only God knows. This is the first time.

Therefore, again and again, Visualization Yoga completely and totally eliminates all substances that are somehow introduce you to some unusual condition.

You need only their imagination, their will only be able to play any state in Yoga Visualization. All those who have, one way or another, will call for another in books, in movies, in India. Will travel to India in any ashram, which are now bred a great many, and you will see there a picture quite well (as said) countries in terms of Western man, but there is a natural. At every step there you can find so-called yoga, which there puffing a pipe or sniffing something, something takes. So, do not buy into it, it’s a matter of principle, my friends. You go to the freedom of all, you have willed to call in yourself (if you like) samadhi, and not using any chemicals.

Flirting with schizophrenia

Lastly, the second thing, from which also stands to distance hard way. It all flirting with madness, schizophrenia first. Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of people with schizophrenia in the past decade is increasing, especially in large metropolitan areas. This is probably a consequence of the changed lifestyle, overcrowding of people, some may be imbalance of the psyche. Indeed, when a person is clamped in a vise of a multistory house, you know, like a tiger in a cage, it will perforce even the architecture of our buildings, our cities, even the narrowness leads to some mental shifts, and probably to this surge in schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, this is a very difficult disease really is not even, more precisely, there are internationally accepted signs that by agreement of physicians, called schizophrenia. But more (that you know) of such a narrow instrument that would clearly said “here is a man with schizophrenia or not a patient,” it is not. Therefore, it is difficult enough to interpret the behavior of people on the subject of whether they are normal or not normal mentally.

We in our practice Yoga at the Open University met people who were with obvious signs of multiple personality, what is, by definition, the word “schizophrenia”. But it had to help the hands of the Mental Health Mental most respected institutions in Moscow. Moreover, not purchased reference.

Why? Because it is a very strange disease that is largely unexplored, largely changing, somehow adapt to the flow of life, to the way of life of modern people. But, one way or another, people in such a neglected severe schizophrenia may experience or feel certain conditions which are also similar to yoga Visualization.

They can accurately visualize, or see some images that no one sees, to deal with these images as if they were real people. Moreover, to live in this fantasy world. And sometimes it is in different degrees of social danger or danger to himself that the sick person is observed. All attempts to treat schizophrenia are still questionable. More precisely, there are some more or less isolated areas, to diagnose, respectively, some correction tools, but there are symptoms, which absolutely nothing to do.

But, anyway, I want to emphasize again that people with schizophrenia do not fall under the category Yoga Visualization. Again, for the same reason. In yoga Visualization all depends on you. Sick people – they are not free men. They have these images visualization, as a rule, are not related to their desire or reluctance to appear or disappear.

Linked to this is a lot of other things. Sometimes these people are not quite sane read one or another treatise on yoga, visualization, and begin to consider themselves already fully owning these methods. Although, in fact, in need of urgent psychiatric care.

Those. if you will meet on the path of life of people who claim that they do yoga Visualizations, but act of insanity, then know well that these people do not do yoga Visualization and just read clever books, and try to somehow give their condition for the existence of some yogic breakthroughs.

Therefore, you should immediately cut off the audience. Generally speaking, people who practice yoga Visualization, are not inclined to tell anyone about it whatsoever. Someone who is too much shouting at each corner, which makes it the visualization, it’s just, you know, these people are just and are at risk. Whether they are somewhere quietly take some chemical stuff. And now it has spread to every corner. From here a ton rod Afghanistan heroin, moved by all progressive community that they build democracy there.

Same with the synthetics. Every year a huge number of new synthesized chemical stuff. The young third-year, fourth-chemical universities also have mastered the basic chemical processes and podnachitavshis relevant literature from the narrow circles. Those. trying to synthesize more and more mental substance. Somewhere out there in the scientific community glide across any scientific article about belodonnu (this plant is), then the next day the nerd a chemical already in the kitchen cooking this potion to his companions (I do not know what to call them).

Do not have time to get out a book on one or the other direction of yoga, the next day come novoshtampovannye Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, now popret Visualization Yoga, ie, people with mental health problems clearly.

Once again, my friends, yoga – is freedom. If freedom and does not smell, if a person is addicted to some chemical stuff, or if he is unable to control the activities of his mind, it is not yoga, it is something else.

Therefore, if you are going to encounter again with such yogis, first of all, not to indulge in the illusion of themselves, and secondly, try to, and others do not erred in this regard.

Vitality Yoga Visualization

Now we move on. Yoga Visualization is actually very vital yogi. Why? Because in fact, according to the theory, whether we like it or not, we live in a fictional world, even if we consider our ordinary world.

And I came across a very interesting article with very interesting figures of modern scientists that makes you think and really once again to reflect on all the highlights Visualization yoga. Although, again, I remind you that yoga is not a substitute for science, but science uses only as an illustration of some things which, like yoga, science has come. Those. honor and respect scholar bow, but God forbid, if we start to impose something science.

So, I was struck by the most perfect figure concerning our visual perception of the world. Indeed, we all have eyes. This is one of our senses, or one of the information channels through which we form an idea or a picture of our external world, and, as a result of our inner world.

Now with the development of information science, computer science, can be one way or another, weigh or measure the amount of information, say that a person acquires by means of the organs of vision. I will bring these numbers, I do not know how accurate they are, are authentic. Perhaps, in the future, they will change.

Thus, the retina of our eyes to perceive a neighborhood of ten billion bits of information per second, or something near it. Indeed, the retina of our eyes is presented in the form of nerve endings. Each of these endings, as you may recall, is able to capture one or another photon of light. Again, there are three variants of these nerve endings or miniature priborchik that are able to differentiate one color from another. In fact, the whole palette of diverse, which we perceive is made up of three colors.

Indeed, if some of you have a home inkjet printer, it is usually in the inkjet printer you should always fill in three colors. Yet sometimes a separate cartridge is the fourth black.

But in general, strictly speaking, any color can be represented by these three. Similarly, our eye perceives these three colors. And all, if you count the amount of information every second perceived by the retina of our eyes, it will be about ten billion bits per second.

But on this information, as you know, in some way to these nerve endings of our eyes to the brain. So, the capacity of the nerve that connects our eyes and our brain, is the following – it is something like six million bits. What is a “bit”? Bit – is the simplest piece of information. It usually takes two values. Or (to use the language of mathematics or computer engineering) zero or one. Those. It is the unit cell of information.

Now further. It called such a figure, that in the area of the brain that is associated with visual perception, already comes just ten thousand bits per second.

Friends, this is a stream that you have presented, it is comparable, perhaps, with a very old modem with which you connect your computer to the Internet when needed via a telephone line to dial kuda-to there, and at the same phone published characteristic hissing sound that -That there cheep, growling. That, my friends, has reduced the flow of information. And the strange thing is that in the future in the brain of the department, which directly creates or somehow associated with the formation of a picture that we perceive, comes only 100 bits per second.

Friends, it is monstrously small amount of information. Well, I do not even know what to measure it. 100 bits of information is here except that radio operator Kat in “17 Moments of Spring” repulsed Morse code. Although not, it would be turned into minute. No, radio operator Kat was slower. All the same, very little, very little, my friends. And how to explain such a small amount of information coming from our organ of vision that a diverse picture that you see now.

It turns out that our brains have some filling-system. Those. He obviously enjoys a sufficiently small amount of information, and the rest, as it were, being completed from previous experience or from what you’ve seen before, or that you have seen in the past, etc., etc.

And this concept extremely well consistent with what we talked about with you. That this ancient yoga concept of the presence of Manas, which cuts off the redundant information, and flows into the buddhi or intelligence only a very limited amount of information is vital, so as not to distract us.



I do not know how these figures I have cited, valid or not, in terms of a final correctness. But, anyway, objective tests, which are conducted by scientists, give us reflect that fact, and (relatively speaking) as we have done.

Therefore, we are living with you, my friends, is really in many ways, even now in the world that we visualize. Even now, being in this room, and based on the fact that every second you are able to get only 100 bits of information, or in other words, 100 data points. If so black-and-white picture, you know, edinichka – dark point, toe – a bright point. Those. How to make any picture, especially in the newspapers, if under magnification to see a set of points and no points. If more tightly, the darker the color, if rarefied, then any gray color, if no, then white.

So, very little work. But everything else we finish building. So we live with you even now, probably to a greater extent in their own world, which we visualize what we are accustomed to even think.

Now the next thing that we need to consider in yoga Visualization. This involvement of emotions. So, the very first mistake that people make, which became the path of Visualization, they start to relate to visualize just how to dry such abstract constructions.

But yoga Visualization insists that if we want to get the full effect of this yoga, we need to attract more and also an emotional component.

And if the picture is that we somehow visualize, merges with the emotional state, the effect is much stronger.

Finally, the next thing that should be remembered. Visualization may not always be clearly traced you. Sometimes visualization can be such a background, blurry, as if (you know) had such a situation. Let’s say you are short-sighted and you forgot to put on the glasses. You communicate with the person, but do not see it clearly, but vaguely. But you have no doubt that you perceive the image of man. Maybe without the slightest details. But most importantly, that there is this emotional channel, news channel.

Indeed, in different periods of life and in different states, we can sometimes get from yoga Visualization clear pictures, and sometimes there is no sense in clear pictures. But sometimes Yoga Visualization clear picture is not so necessary.

What does Yoga Visualization? Most importantly, my friends, what is absolutely necessary for any yoga Visualization, if we talk about yoga, visualization, and not just about the psychological experiments, which also apply these or other visualization or mental constructions. You need neither more nor less, as the sensation of the presence of the Absolute. Those. Absolute breath for all, for any visualization that you are doing. Or the breath of the universe, the breath of a living universe of the image that you are trying to build.

And most importantly – this is the essence of the universe. A form through which it manifests itself may be different. And clearly verified, and vague. For example, a professional fashion designer, artist, architect, and (know) who were there we still have in law enforcement. There are people with absolute memory: once looked at the man, and may the image inside the smallest detail to the inner screen of his mind to keep.

There are people, on the contrary, are not able to keep this a clear unambiguous picture. Even if they think of some way, this way manages to transform their visualization. Those. they think about the image, and the image at the time of this visualization begins to transform or to live their own life, or appeared as something so obscure, as in a fog, or as if you’re on the corner of my eye someone watching.

You know, sometimes this condition occurs during sleep, when we (say) see a man in a dream, know exactly who this person is, but somehow it did not see clearly and do not try to look at him. Those. and so we are happy, we already know that in a dream the one who should be, and that’s enough.

So, visualization may be this: be clear, one can replace the other. There are exercises where the contrary is allowed to utter fantasy game. Those. when one moves to another. Those. this phantasmagoria of these experiences. But most importantly, my friends, if we are talking about yoga Visualization, then for all this phantasmagoria of you should feel the presence of the root causes of existence of the Universe, the Absolute, whatever it may be called.

Will this animated image, or is it an inanimate image, it does not matter. Again, you should monitor your condition for the fact that if you (say) sleep, then you are one or the other better visualization. If, on the contrary, in a drowsy state, some of his metamorphosis undergo.

There is a transitional yoga, it now stands alone, and it is rather difficult to classify. Whether it is as a kind of yoga Visualization, whether it is as a kind of dream yoga, whether it is a separate yoga. In the West, it has received a separate name – Yoga Nidra.

Or yoga is a state where you are (say) do not sleep, but still not completely awake. Or you go to sleep, but sleep is not even captured you whole, this intermediate borderline, very strange. Sometimes a person in this state is enough to think to myself, “How is the voice of such a man?”, As a man’s voice begins to sound clearly in his ears, which he thought. Or, say, a person thinks “And it looks like this or that object or phenomenon?”, As immediately appears before the eyes of the object or phenomenon.

That is, on the one hand, it is like yoga dreams, where we are called to manage their own dreams, but it’s still a state closer to the waking state. And, of course, yoga Visualization it goes, again, under the yoga section Visualization a greater extent. And you can also practice yoga or keep track of Visualization in the moments when you wake up, when you are not fully awake or at times when you do not yet fully asleep.

Sometimes it is possible to achieve considerable progress precisely in such moments. But the ideal of yoga Visualization – this is when you are in sober mind, a simple expression of will begin to create the conscious visualization. Those. without the involvement of any kind has been supporting points nuances.

Well, and, finally, all those exercises that are prescribed to do in Yoga Visualization, concrete and real, they are definitely in various forms of yoga have their own characteristics. For example, if you are doing yoga and Raja your work, anyway, is connected with the implementation of a project. You are a manager, you instructed to build a new plant, and, accordingly, gave carte blanche to implement this. Of course, you must have in mind the concept of what you want to do.

And, of course, in this case, this one rendering. Or vice versa, you decide to do Hatha yoga for the purpose of obtaining a beautiful slim figure. Why not? Yoga respects any motivation that leads a person to a yogi. After all, very many yogis and Yoginis all started with the fact that they wanted to adjust its shape. And then, having plunged into the diversity of practices, we realized that this pathetic tip of the iceberg compared to those horizons, which is fraught with yoga.

So, you begin to practice those or other visualization of your own body. But even more attached to some features of your physical structure.

Well, and, finally, the most commonly driven me an example of the Triad, where it is very strongly recommended to use moments of yoga visualizations in order to harmonize our lives and our relationships with family and friends. There certainly has been underway for some of his visualization.

It is clear that, for example, if the visualization in Raja Yoga, which is trying to implement a new project to build a plant. Our country is now all in ruins, ruins, when it will be built, who will build it? Sooner or later it will have to do everything on the West not to leave, there is no place for us. Oh, and then there is boring.

Yes, already I went to the countdown. Statistics already suggests that many people are returning. However, coming back, I must say, on a white horse, with quite other demands of life. For us to make a run, you jump on the subway, no. They have a completely different salary at all other positions, at all other positions, too, there is something in this.

So, what visualization? Well, visualization such that your company (as if) the continuation of thought, as they say, the thought of the Universe, the Absolute on how to make life better. Those. and easy to build a plant or factory turns (no more, no less), both in the spiritual struggle. Those. everywhere should attend college. Perhaps in some different their refractions.

Or the programmer sits and writes the program. And two relationships, yes, he already sees what a program is. But the two attitudes, or he does it only to earn a piece of bread – is one thing. And another – a visualization that now he wrote this wonderful program, and make life easier for thousands of people.

Here we are, when faced with the fact that you need over the internet yoga as something to promote, what we use? We use only those products (try as far as possible) that people have written for free. Those. they created something, and put in order all the life became better and brighter. Those. this motivation for the Absolute in every step. And incomparably more satisfaction from the work done.

To see all of the Graduate

In each of these imaging yoga definitely different. If during this visualization will attend college or your prana, what would you have not visualized, becomes a channel, or a bridge connecting you with the Absolute. Say you are a programmer, you will through this program, it may be the meaning of some of the laws of life, and through this factory, which you have built. Those. Absolut will start talking to you in your language, sometimes it using the analogy of your daily life. There are no uninteresting professions, there are no uninteresting some specialties. There are people who do not see everything happening breath of the Absolute. And there are people who see.

If you see the breath of the Absolute for any thing, I do not know, though (you know) as Cinderella instructed to sort peas and beans. But if you see it for college, then this work is a joy for you.

I do not know, evil tongues say that was a test for the bride to royal persons in Russia. The bride was given a ball of tangled thread and asked her to unravel. And they themselves have seen through the crack, as it will do. And immediately determined character. Someone quietly unravels and pulls the ball. Someone starts to vomit, throw, even more delayed.

Also in the family life in the future, as soon as you are confronted with the contradictions between man and woman (and they will always, we talked about in yoga Triad), then any woman will find a patience, tact somewhere, maybe concede but their behavior to keep strings. That, of course, the more chances it has to survive marriage.

We at the Open University of Yoga, from time to time the mess starts when all computer cords intertwined. All who have a computer at home and a lot of instruments, knows that sooner or later it’s all intertwined in a completely some braid or the Gordian knot that Alexander the Great slashed.

And one of his yogini sitting quietly and unravel. Even I was amazed that so (in the good sense of the word) man keeps himself. And she visualization: “But I imagine that this is my karma confusing. And I calmly unravel. ” Every nodule that I rasplela, I believe that in a past life I made some controversial action because of which now do not know what to do next. ” And as in the node? Sometimes you need to step back, sometimes you need to come. Those. it is a rather difficult task. Even in the section of mathematics there is a theory of knots. However, there are several other sites.

So, this visualization is turned daily activity or the work to restore order in some meaningful spiritual work. And, indeed, you are confronted with a kind of contradiction, of course, you protest, you have a flash of anger: “How so, no, every second counts, and here the knot to untie, to spend on his watch?”.

But, on the other hand, the wise yogini tracked that hop – she woke up in a surge of irritation. Of course, there is irritation at the level of the causal body. But the track, where the level of the causal body, it goes to the level of the subtle body, and with the subtle body level to the gross body – it is very difficult, you need patience.

And here it is (as it were) enjoyed. Her chto-to provokes inside, and she does not escape this provoking impulse, and does the opposite: gently untie these knots, and the inside track, that’s where these impulses are generated that guide our behavior in different situations.

And if you keep track of them and learn how to locate something, then later, when you encounter some unexpected situation, you are already prepared, you do not already carry a fever, you do not chop the head right and left. And you already know the taste of that feeling of internal stimulation, and (as it were) enjoy it. It annoys you, and you will enjoy the fact that it does not release. Those. such angelic patience.

As a result, what comes? It comes victory over self. You have become free from this impulse. But how to turn unleashing a node in this practice? But visualize that you visualize that just like in your life there is a problem and in this site. Those. you can see through a local college, one thing through something else, ie, you build an association.

Those. you yourself (if you like) ourselves this programming. If you read the horoscope, if you go to the fortune-tellers, or even coffee grounds guess you know what you are risking. You bet your freedom, your ignorance, even for the sake of something. You become a slave to someone or something. And today you have a good map lay. How is it, “a long road, a government house, and full of contentment.” And tomorrow, well, I do not remember where the classics.

Those. Yoga concept, the concept of freedom: all that you limit, you have to drop, the smart thing to drop. Everything that occurs in your way, you need to use to expand their freedom.

Now I again turn to some cases of life, in fact, I already announced. How Yoga Visualization can you in a particular case to help. And now yet another example of the Triad yoga. One of the strong and harsh methods to work with the mechanism of procreation. And this example is more concern, of course, to yoga Triad – or rather, to work with sexual energy.

So, do you remember the concept that each of us is our sexual energy, which brings together in one package are two things: pleasure and the potential to prolong life. Yoga strongly recommends that you refer to this potential is reasonable, and there is nothing wrong with what you enjoy sexual energy, but also not wise to waste another component that goes to procreation.

As a result, very often it happens that a person begins to practice yoga, much better he go some metabolic processes, physically he feels better. And, as a consequence, there is a surplus of energy, prana, which is felt in the form of erotic health, elation and desire for sex.

And this is a very good indicator, on the one hand. But, on the other hand, continuation of the protection mechanism of sorts – something original enough to communicate with him, and the need to communicate competently. There are conflicts.

An example of a pair of yoga and yogini

I will explain one example. A pair of very well-established couple yogi and yogini, they are long enough to live with each other, their children. And so there were circumstances that the girl yogini start very strongly engaged in Pranayama yoga.

And as a result, which is not calculated the force, this process has gone through a kind that resulted in bright erotic desires. Those. women are more secretive in its eroticism, men are active. But when a huge amount of prana, wakes continuing protection mechanism kind, and very hard to do anything with him, especially when he wakes up at the woman. Those. just a woman, this yogini roof tore, she just wanted sex. But here is the coincidence that her husband could not have sex with her for a number of reasons. Those. He was in a very poor physical condition.

And when procreation protection mechanism wakes up, he is (they say) forces to go into the dressing. It is clear that they have immediately intensified relations, though, of course, that lived a long time before that one soul, children, everything.

And then something happened that (such a slang term) is called yoga “causes of schizophrenia.” This is when a person starts to behave poorly. But unlike schizophrenia (as you say) a medical condition, this phenomenon is the incoming and outgoing. Its roots are very unclear at this phenomenon. But, in any case, it is a violation of the principle of harmony in yoga.

In yoga we call as the primary method to adhere harmony. But we’re still trying to run forward at whatever cost, than even in a state of our body. And sometimes not noticing for yourself, in this frenzy to break the harmony and provoke that our negative karma in the form of a seed begins to float to the surface. And the person temporarily becomes inadequate. Then it also goes to nowhere, as it is. Therefore, this state even from a medical point of view (I do not know how to describe it) a temporary clouding of reason, perhaps, or the heat of passion.

But, you know, the heat of passion caused by some obvious life circumstances or causes. And there’s no reason. That is why the slang name called “causes of schizophrenia” because it unjustly, for no reason. Those. no it’s not schizophrenia, from a medical point of view, it’s just (want to say again) Slang. And now I went aggravation between husband and wife, getting stronger and stronger.

But at some point, the girl who was familiar with yoga visualizations, such as self diagnosed that she causes of schizophrenia. And property of the causes of schizophrenia: a person who is experiencing it, believes that it is absolutely sane. He will cry, apologize face to beat, there ware, plates. This will say: “Yes, I am calm, I am responsible for all my actions, I only now his eyes were opened.”

Those. People in such outbreaks or gratuitous bad temper, ie he has nothing, he just quietly do not want to live. So, in this state, the person himself can not adequately recognized. More precisely, can only after long sessions of yoga to understand: Yes, now carries me. But, once more, even awareness of the fact that “I shall,” does not make the next step – to stop.

Once again, my friends, the causal body level of the most insidious. He realizes that it’s going on, but nothing can be done about it. So, everything has already gone into the dressing, the trigger was: lack of adequate sexual interaction between men and women, as well as overdone it with Pranayama yoga.

But at some point I thought about yoga Visualization and realized that it is in a state of the causes of schizophrenia only one fact – it is the third principle of yoga. She realized that she was ill. State, on the one hand, it understands that it carries – it hits the dishes, proves his innocence, absolute clarity of consciousness, can not do anything with it. But, on the other hand, a sudden feeling: and to me as bad. And this idea that the third principle of yoga is broken, so stops and makes you wonder why bad? “And because I am in a strange state. Maybe it is precisely the causes of schizophrenia “- the girl thought, and privacy. You see, almost all the stories coming sooner or later, when a person retires.

It is for this reason that so much of yoga and yogini led a solitary life. Indeed, in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali it says that the person is starting to get annoying. And here she is diagnosed that she causes of schizophrenia, according to the third principle of yoga, I have decided to retire. And, as you know, when the erotic energy and wakes up inside a bubble, people can not do anything to her about it. And actually, it’s time to sort things out with his legal spouse, why he does not fulfill his conjugal duty.

As a result, she decided to be alone, alone. And besides yoga Visualization, she passed Nyasa yoga. A Nyasa yoga (you know or do not know, you know, if you have passed the relevant course) – the thing that works with sexual energy in a way that can really pull off a very tough erotic desire. In terms of what help sublimate this energy and help distribute the other centers of the body, ie, this is one of the few tools.

I sometimes see ads “erotic massage”. No, my friends, massage acts quite differently, it is not erotic. He channels the disclosure side, which can circulate energy. Indeed, if it starts to circulate, it is possible to achieve relaxation, and increase eroticism. But it also applies to a greater extent used in yoga in the diametrically opposite means when eroticism too much and need to sublimate the finest in the other kind of energy to gain some mental strength for the development of the mind, for some other things.

So, Nyasa yoga – is actually the basis for this. But here’s the rub, for Nyasa yoga need at least two. It would not be the same man himself nyasa do. do not have to rely on her husband, he was during that period of time had the karmic situation that he did than his wife can not help. Other yogis and Yoginis no one who could help make nyasa.

And it is the combination of the two practices is very interesting, when she visualized the image of the Absolute, as the image of her as a husband, and the husband she loved. But, in fact, not so important, what kind of image, the image may change. The main thing – is higher. It might be a way of anyone. And she began to do yoga Visualizations that her husband makes her nyasa. As if he was beginning to make her a well-known exercise. Those who remember nyasa, first and foremost, is to work with the central channel with all other channels.

And it turns out that she currently felt the touch of the Absolute in human form. And is connected by it all other sensations, such as tactile. Here is an image visualization plus tactile sensations.

As a result, a huge amount, of course, these efforts succeeded in this erotic sharp blow to reallocate to other centers. And thus this period of time would be between them could turn negative karma, we are already there almost divorce was.

Although friends, once again I want to emphasize, the yogi and yogini, ie they are people of silicon, in comparison with which all the rest – it’s kindergarten, which have passed the most severe practice before that, they say, and ankle-deep in the water meditating and solitary retreats went, and God knows that it is not done, but that’s about this yoga Triad and says that the most powerful – is the interaction of male and female.

And thus Yoga Visualization allowed on some short period of time to take a timeout, until he regained consciousness. And after a certain period of time, she returned to her husband. Do you remember that the first and second principle must also be observed. First, it did not spoil the life of her husband. Second – it openly and honestly told him everything that she feels what her problem is to somehow solve this inconsistency in the future.

Well, and the continuation of the story, although there could be put a full stop. But it is, in terms of yoga Triad, I want to tell him, it’s not even from yoga Visualization. This young man went to the wife of his friend and fellow yoga too, and asked permission from his wife to her husband (respectively) did nyasa his wife. Those. all principles of decency (in terms of the protection mechanism of procreation) have been complied with. In fact, it all came down to a pair indirectly practices Yoga Union.

Again, the main ideology: do not respond blow for blow, immediately convey their point of view to the other, who do you think one way or another involved in the discomfort. And take time out from the perspective of Yoga Visualization. And during this time-out is determined by the third principle of yoga. Once you have started to suffer, you have to tell yourself “Stop”, something goes wrong.

Friends, on today.

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