2010_06_05 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 15th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, June 5, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural Center of the “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on the websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.Segodnya we’ll continue the theme of yoga Visualization. And let us recall a brief distillation of the previous lecture. So, Yoga Visualization is very powerful tool to comply with the third principle of yoga.

I remind you that every little bit serious work with the involvement of powerful techniques in yoga, with the involvement of powerful streams of sensations, energies, with a sharp increase in consciousness, taking advantage of all, perhaps, the structures and the nuances of our body is possible only if we keep third yoga principle.

Why? Because otherwise, we may unwittingly reinforce all the negative, which is in us. More specifically, the seeds of negative karma or the trends we can (so to speak) imbue a very strong energy. As a result, our own negative karma will begin to unfold faster than we are able to control this process. This is not optimal. Those. better communicate with a particular problem or challenge only after a person is prepared to meet these challenges, or the problem.

So, the third principle of yoga, which is always in communication with the first and the second principle of yoga, it is necessary for us to approach the process of accelerated progress in yoga. Those. Yoga in the third principle, we (as it were) declare those basic rules that are starting to build a new universe. Those. we begin to build a new universe with a lack in this new universe of suffering like us personally, and all other living beings, which are also voleizyavyat live in a universe where there is no suffering.

I recall that every living being, in essence, free, totally free. And if it voleizyavlyaet live in suffering, you will not be able to help him to live somehow in another way.

So, in fact, the third principle of yoga is essential for rapid methods. The third principle of yoga is in tight conjunction with the first and second principles of yoga. The third principle of yoga is necessary not only declared, but also to implement into your life. Make it can be very difficult.

And Visualization Yoga has a very interesting feature. It is, on the one hand, is also based on the third principle of yoga, because It is the (so-called) rapid method of yoga. But, at the same time, and it allows you to carry out this third principle of yoga.

We are on the last lecture gave an example as certain anesthetic that can be used at the time of the meeting with the negative karma that we have created once and sent out into the universe, and now they’re out there somewhere reflect back to ourselves.

Skillful use of yoga Visualization will allow us to cut any of our suffering by the fact that we are (as it were), we have a way to turn its consciousness or release their energy flow from the situation that is unfolding not as we would like.

Accordingly, there is still one thing you need to understand this. Yoga Visualization is not confined only to the method of anesthesia. Everything is much more serious and complicated. The fact that the most correct visualization we can not only do to avoid the negative consequences of their negative karma, but also to actively resist (whether) these waves. Those. actively using visualization to change the world. Do not just hide in their dreams, in their fantasies. And the fact that you have in your head is present or that the thought-form your visualization, you (as it were) become an active force that comes into conflict with this or that situation you have in life, and is, the war begins these trends.

Let’s say you have faced in your life with some one negative trend, a negative factor in their lives (as it seems to you, it is an objective). And you somewhere inside do not recognize the right of existence of this factor. Those. to you it is suffering, and you do not acknowledge the suffering, you think that this is a misunderstanding, misconception, that suffering is no real basis for existence. And any suffering – this is just a consequence of your behavior is wrong. And a matter of time, when you start to behave properly, and disappear such episodes in your life.

So, this mental attitude, oddly enough, you are much faster and less painfully experiencing the wave of negative karma. I remind you that, according to Karma Yoga is very little that we can do with his own karma. We can get rid of it. Those. I went negative, and that it is necessary (as they say) to digest as long as we do not run out of this negative trend. And after it is exhausted, this film disappears. Nothing can last forever, even negative.

Another situation – is when we are aware of the presence of negative karma, waiting for us, we do pre-emptive actions that would lead to the opposite direction of events. For example, poverty you pursue in life, and how to deal with it? I do not take here some exotic cases when you are a teacher of humanity, and in certain periods of life you have to try the taste of what poverty is, or how you will teach others, not knowing what it is. And we consider a typical case of all living beings.

Balancing the negative positive

Yes, indeed, poverty – a reflection of some of our negative karma. Sometime in the past, we are poorly studied, worked badly, badly oriented in our lives. Once we were inclined to show the stupidity and greed. All this gives rise to some such tendencies, which then come as a negative wave. You want to have something, but to you it does not come. And you feel that this goes on day after day, year after year.

It is clear that you need to generate some actions, which led to its results the opposite thing. Namely, it leads to wealth.

That is what it could be doing? Again, the same. If you are guided poorly in the world, so start it to navigate if you have a good education, so get a good education. Those. if you were a passive lifestyle, so start to lead him actively. If you have been greedy, avaricious, that you rotten leaves in the fall do not ask, you do not give, so be generous. If you were previously vorovity, on the contrary, give up on someone else’s assignment. This is one of the aphorisms of the ancient treatises on yoga that not all appropriation of the wealth of the world will come to you by itself.

Those. there are things such completely unobvious. Typically, the beggar said: “I’m going to steal something, I’m a beggar.” And thus it creates the preconditions for its future poverty.

In Soviet times, all the enterprises working there nesuny with these enterprises are stolen. Someone at the plant for the production of nails enterprise worked, stealing nails. Who’s something else, another steal. With this mentality, that “I have not, I will compensate for this poverty.”

And willy nilly produced psychology in life that if you are behaving in this way, then lays the rules of the game, that even with all the favorable conditions, there will be someone else who will steal from you, and again you will stay poor.

Or rather, a monstrous event, often observed when the alms are asking these professional beggars. And begin to fight for a place in “plum” with each other. Because in Moscow in every place where you stand, you will be served. But there are places where you will be, and you definitely will be served. Elsewhere though prostoyte all day, nothing will be served. It turns out that there is a map of the Moscow beggars, you do not know about it, and thank God, it’s not your universe, and God forbid that you ever knew about it. But, on the other hand, from prison and from scrip does not renounce.

Here in Moscow there are points such bands, and there is very stiff competition among beggars. I mean professional. For those who really caught by surprise or that circumstance to be somewhere, it just goes into the first place.

And how to talk to the person who is engaged in begging, he has a tendency to wealth. Yes, he has no tendencies to wealth. Therefore, we are (as it were), balance the negatives.

Failure suffering

And we go back to yoga Visualization. So, we have a possibility to get rid of, or redeem, ie trends do exactly the opposite. But in any case, karma – a karma, and negativity comes from it. And any negativity begins to conflict with the third principle of yoga. You (as it were) declined from suffering, and life brings you suffering. You have decided that there is no place of your suffering, and certain events bring this suffering. And what should you do? Either wait for the wave of negative karma will take place. But more reasonable to make active movements to neutralize it all. But in any case, it makes sense to reduce suffering. We use yoga visualizations to take painkillers.

But once again I want to say that this is not just obezbolivayusche means it can take the form of active redemption of karma. Those. when you are visualizing, you are making an active yogic job – creating a positive trend. Of course, only at the level of your mentality. But, oddly enough, to create an imprint on the mental level is several times more powerful sometimes, you even get some help in the matter.

One person turn their millions, but he has a sense of poverty, the feeling that it is not always enough for a piece of bread. Another gets his penny and always happy. Who is the greatest of these yogas? Clearly, the second. Which one reason the trend will lead to wealth? The second. The first reason the trend will lead to the fact that he will lose wealth.

Those. once again I want to draw your attention to the visualization. When the world you something different (say) negative brings as a reflection of your best deeds, and you are from a position of strength is not taking. And why? And no reason, the third principle of yoga, I just gave up suffering, that’s all.

Ponder, hearken to the third principle of yoga: I renounce suffering. All they have come, and I believe that this is a misunderstanding. And from a position of power impose their world, as they say, the line of conduct and rules of the game.

Of course, unlike the degree of entanglement Karma, make it easier or harder. But every step of the way leading to a very severe constricting results.

In India, which is entirely obsessed with religion (we talked about this many times), there are some forms of deity worship. Indeed, in this or that temple, one or another way known rituals were instructed to do. For example, bring a garland of flowers, sprinkle with water, well, there are a variety of such rituals or actions that are necessary.

The most interesting thing to do prescribe them with the most scrupulous accuracy. That said, “Buy this brown rice for a particular practice”, then buy it is this brown rice, and sprinkle go where you’re told. It is said, do such and such an exercise is done. Or it says, “Grab a plant or leaf of a certain tree,” then carefully do.

And a huge part of the life of the religious Hindu goes to the numerous rules. And these religious treatises explain what benefits you will get from that, if you do this or that ritual. Or in another way, it is also called “pudzhra” is a Sanskrit word there.

But, at the same time, in these treatises say that if you do this ritual pudzhru or mentally or mentally, it increases the effectiveness of the ritual sometimes ten times. And as you know, when you do this or that mentally ritual, it’s no different from yoga Visualization when you visualize a particular action, or any process.

Life Stories

As you can see, yoga Visualization literally permeates everything. Well, in the previous lecture we are concerned very specific some, perhaps, practices of life, with which you may encounter. And I’m on this lecture I would like to draw your attention in any kind of situations. Traditionally all of our yoga school and the Open University of yoga, we revere the principle of privacy and at the same time hold sacred the principle of openness. The principle of the mystery lies in the fact that (unfortunately) I can not mention the names of people, the circumstances of particular cases their lives, so as not to disturb the detail of their lives, in order not to disclose their biography.

On the other hand, the principle of openness encourages me as you can tell in great detail about particular episodes very real life and Yoginis yogis, I encountered myself and which I was told the other teachers or followers. Therefore, it is necessary to go on the famous Russian scenario that “a fairy tale – a lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson.” In that sense the lie that real names will not tell you that you could not even figure out what and when and where it was. Still, the principle of sacred mysteries.

But, at the same time, all that relates to the essence, I will try to pass it as close to life.

So, here’s one of those stories. Unlike history, which we saw in the previous lesson, touching it (say) a girl. Now let’s consider a symmetrical situation towards boys. Accordingly, quite interesting life story, I’ll tell you.

There was one student in our school of yoga, and he gave quite good expectations in terms of yoga. But, unfortunately, it has been sufficiently rested. Why? Because indioobraznyh had read a huge number of books. All books, even in regard to yoga, which come to us from India, imbued with religious activities, such their lives. And these books were given such harsh rules, ways of life were given. And this young man, having read this literature yogic which (can be) perfectly suited for the average Indian, perhaps the twenties of the twentieth century, but it did not fit in more recent times, especially in the West.

And this young man decided to acquire supernormal in yoga, no more, no less. Indeed, in many books were ordered to do certain exercises to lead a particular way of life, so that sooner or later get this or that sverhsposobnrost (or in Sanskrit “Siddhi” means perfection). It is believed that we have laid a potential that is waiting in the wings to unfold. And if to this or that way of life, or to practice certain exercises, then this potential offers.

And the young man was (as I know it was still a very good friend of the background, linking us together), he very zealously took up yoga. Immediately became a vegetarian, it has become very actively work on yourself, long hours worked by different types of yoga. Then, of course, it’s the young, hormones play, it woke sexuality, because actively engaged in yoga, a lot of energy.

But many of these books, there is written, sex – is something on which all lost hit. And therefore, if a man observes chastity, abstinence, it is thereby accumulating potential, that these superpowers opened. And our hero, of course, stopped paying attention to the female half of humanity, in a very rigid practice of asceticism, which (as you now understand, having axiomatics of yoga and yoga Triad) is a very dangerous path.

So month after month passed, year after year passed, but no super abilities and did not smell. Moreover, the young man began to acquire these traits, you can often meet the followers of yoga. This is an extreme intolerance, fanaticism, where a sense of superiority over others. Why? Because the building is too much, he scored yoga, abstinence from sex. And, indeed, he began to feel stronger, smarter, more powerful than others. Those. pride gave their first shoots.

But, again, negative karma and this young man has not been canceled. And so rather strange way of life, and zero results. This, by the way, that the path of yoga is very thorny.

And later, when rubbish really is a matter of cost, in terms of the fact that, despite some potential on the one hand, he slips. Here he was in our school of yoga, such as teachers who taught me, pay attention to it. Maybe because (as I have already seems now) some childish. Those. the person was not in the back your mind any negative tendencies (he did not want to become a teacher of life, he did not want to teach anyone).

You know, it is now found in every corner of the Master’s life, all teach each other to live. Wherever you go now, everyone will be a lecture to tell us how to live, how not to. And he was just the children’s perception of the world. He had read in one of the yoga books, that if a long time to do yoga, in particular, you can fly through the air with the force of thought. And so it is captured (the idea) that actually was a powerful incentive.

But it is clear that he is not even a centimeter flew over the years practices. And later it turned out that he gave yoga Visualization, these guidelines, and gave yoga Triad (and so lucky).

Those. Yoga Triad took off a tense attitude towards women. In the sense that before this he simply shied away from the opposite sex, but now looked calm enough to the females. And in conjunction with this yoga Visualization I needed him to practice.

He took leave from work. By the way, for the honor to say, in this respect, in contrast to many other seekers of what is called yoga adventure. Now, a huge number of divorced (even term this has a «play-yoga”), walk, wander, tear the flowers of life. He has worked very seriously.

And there was such an order: to take a vacation and retire in order to practice yoga Visualization. Moreover, the exercises were in a tight bunch with Triad. He took stock of food at some time, lived in a place where there were not many people to be disturbed. Those. close enough, but not so close, isolated, to no one touched. And he began to engage in visualization.

Of course, under the influence of yoga Triad he began to visualize the surrounding universe, as the girl of his dreams. Though before that, I want to draw your attention, it is not that (by the way, history is silent, it may be, to this virgin was, I do not know of juicy details, whether he had a woman before, ie he studied the theory of the Triad in theory, not in practice).

And I decided, according to yoga lovers to meet the girl of your dreams. Again, do you remember that yoga Love calls us to, to take a Woman, no more, no less, as the Absolute. Or when the Absolute comes to you as a girl, then you will be with her happy, you’re in love with her, and she will be your wife, with whom you will live a long and happy life, give birth to many children, die in one day, or more precisely, enter the samadhi in one day, dissolved in each other. Those. good happy ending.

What I personally like yoga Triad that as early movies – perfect happy ending. Those. people have done everything they could wish for in this life. And passing through the test, the adventure, the practice, the ups, the difficulties to overcome difficulties. But in the end, it is still dissolved in the rainbow, and out of this world.

So, he began to meditate on the universe as his future wife. And I must say that the important role played by the practice, which it previously did. I mentioned before that he was such an ascetic life for many years, and practiced (including) and Pranayama yoga to attract prana.

He was, you know, prana is pumped to the eyeballs. He was like a little walking bomb, it literally bursting of the inner prana. By the way, it really paid attention to all the girls. Boys, if you do not pay attention to the girl, get asceticism. You just eyes will shine, will feel something, charisma, head, consciousness – that women appreciate.

And if you’re so, you know, a dandy in the latest fashion dressed, lead an idle life, yes, to a certain extent you attract attention, but not so much that the girl behind you went to the desert, or with a sweet in a tent paradise.

So, what happened, the cumulative long ascetic practice prana from Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama yoga, pumped his podzavyazku prana charisma such activities. And, I must say that maybe in the opposite direction. Such people can be quick-tempered, categorical, this trend appears.

And the visualization of the universe, as the girl of his dreams went very easy. In fact, if you have that amount of prana, you can simply visualize and method of Consciousness (clearly draws what you want to see), and the method of Energy (when you spontaneously give your visualization experience in all colors, nuances and details).

That such a situation happened that yoga Visualizations he went very quickly. Those. he, no more, no less, became in his solitude to ask this Absolute to come to him in the form of the girl of his dreams. Once again, it was a lot of prana, therefore, a way to easily arose. This is one of the distinguishing features, if you practice austerity, it’s easier and some methods to implement.

And, accordingly, you realize that began with him to perform miracles, which he did not expect. Those. he is somewhere felt that language to communicate one on one with the universe. Those. When he asks, say, question, and instantly (well, not immediately), the answer comes. Sometimes it was easy enough to think of the Absolute and ask him to come in the form of this girl. He visualized, as if he were a real girl asked the question: “Tell me this, this, the fifth to tenth.”

And the paradox, which seems odd when the image is actually a manifestation of the Absolute, answering questions, and, given the knowledge that he could not be, in principle, and, moreover, this knowledge appeared more working. Again, there were some moments, as the story says on Pranayama yoga, he does not quite understand these points. And so, he received an answer to the question that tormented for several years, in any book nor Indian nor American, nor our he could not find the answer. And the answer he received quite quickly and clearly.

And when, respectively, took leave, he came back, we did not recognize him. It has become a completely different person, very soft. Those. as the left one man, and another man came, very soft, very understanding, tolerant, very tolerant of other people’s shortcomings. Those. all positive qualities to add other positive qualities.

It is clear that teachers were satisfied. But this was only the first part of this story. And now he could in the future (the practice has gone so well that he could at any moment, as soon retreated), he could at any moment to visualize the communication with the Absolute and completely forgot about the world around us.

If any problems at work or even in life even if there were, it would immediately go to the alternate airport. But, I must say that the problems he had little. Because a man with so much prana, as a rule, does not admit to his problem.

The man who has long been engaged in a long asceticism and yoga, surrounded by such an aura of fire just burn all the problems in the approximation, as if, you know, poplar fluff flies through the city of Moscow. Imagine that you went to the city in the form of a torch, no one would be down to you in the nose, eyes. Today I went and sneezed, cursed, coughed, I do not know how to fight back from all of this down. And imagine that the person is such a torch. It is understood that all burns on approach. Also in this regard.

But this is, of course, the Master knew something, that all the problems – this is not a problem as long as man does not communicate with the woman. It all children’s games, children’s garden, a pleasant pastime time. And teacher, in fact, that he taught and axioms of the Yoga Union, is constantly talking about it, that “all you have to start when you receive a real girl.” And so it turns out that on the one hand, he compensated for the lack of communication with the woman that is constantly visualized image of the Absolute in the form of the girl of his dreams.

But again, teachers are strongly repeated the thing that we are with you in our course yoga Visualization also repeatedly drawn attention. If you do not tie your mental visualization least to some mental activity, ie something in the real world you under this visualization do not, you can become a dreamer. Those. you will live in their own world, you’ll be fine, comfortable and cozy. But you will be, firstly, are insensitive to the outer world. Accordingly, to the outside world, you will be shown how a complete egoist all the negative aspects of the word. And secondly, it will not continue for a long time, and sooner or later, more severe piece of negative karma will pop up and destroy this idyll.

To help visualize incarnate

Those. any Yoga Visualization should be based on real some action in the world. If you visualize something, if you have the opportunity to own hands to help this visualization incarnate in the world, then you should do it. You, for example, visualize that your house is painted in beautiful new colors or plastered with new wallpaper. Of course, this visualization will lead to the fact that sooner or later it will happen. But if there is a roll of wallpaper and paint, and if there is time and opportunity to at least make a little piece of yourself, then it is, oddly enough, largely accelerates yoga Visualization. Otherwise, it will always work if you turn into a dreamer.

Returning we, so it happened that the Master warned him: “Well you see, is not conceited.” You’re good and comfortable because you are young and strong. But, firstly, there is what is called a continuation of the protection mechanism of sorts, and in this regard, there is one serious problem – the physical body of a man requires a woman’s physical body. And the need is somehow solved with physical women, not to go into any (as you say) postoroeniya mental as it is now online on the internet sex. With hardly imagine what it is. But perhaps if it is, then people like.

Those. This factor necessarily emerges. Teachers and Teachers called for him to be ready for the meeting with the right with his girlfriend. And, again, a very good a person karma, once it has passed through the Union of yoga. Those. he met Yoginis-minded, that they exercise all of these in the joint practice is doing.

Those. In this respect, it is also a second factor, greatly facilitating his life. As a result, then still it happened, and it still met the girl of his dreams (also, incidentally, yogini), then the first thing that was amazing – is that it was so similar to the image that he visualized without even realizing that it is in the world.

Those. the impression that he invented it, it is such a condensed idea came to him in a human body. Of course, they began to live together. Thank God, and this girl was involved in sexual yoga. Those. at the level of the lowest levels of sexual yogas there everything was fine. Because if no girl has not worked, nor the young man did not work, this would be the story ended differently, then it would not tell you now.

Here they began to live together, as in the fairy tales “to live happily ever after”, practiced together, worked. Well, the beginning of what should always begin when a man and woman live together. After the honeymoon started coming first implicitly, then more confusion, some inconsistencies, a variety of some misunderstanding, in some cases even cooling sexually to each other. But, once again, the cooling in sexual terms – it is relatively easy to solve, because and she and the other, were dedicated to the Triad.

But more so (as we would say) the household level, on the rise, these lapping were on the rise. Why? Because one has negative karma, others have negative karma, Kotra slumbers, perhaps, since the days of the life in the bodies of animals. While one worked and the other engaged in Yoga, this karma was in a potential form or in the form of seeds. But as soon as the consciousness with the energy began to interact in common life, which by definition gives rise to the prana, in fact, from here and enjoy all that a man gets a woman to kakih-to levels, these seeds start to sprout because there is a possibility germinate.

And the friction began to increase incrementally, on the rise. And sometimes to a complete misunderstanding of each other, though, people. However, another factor which is positive, total spiritual striving towards yoga they rallied, whatever were there disassembly, whatever were there scandals in the kitchen, no matter how many there ware no would be slaughtered, still some factor constraining She remained.

And then, of course, I have to remember all those teachings on yoga Visualization. Those. as soon as that is called (I apologize for the slang), the girl overrun karmic, the young man started to go in the visualization, as soon as the young men overrun – the girl started to go in the visualization.

Those. they know how bad the weather man waits in some warm room, also here. As a result, the situation is (as it were) has stabilized in terms of negativity. Do you remember, even modern psychologists say that there are some such cycles relations when this antagonism and intransigence of men and women is increasing.

So, using only yoga Visualization managed at least to some extent alleviate the contradiction between men and women, even if they do yoga and yogini, in living together. And the continuation of this very remarkable life stories is that their supply could rediscover a very powerful practice.

Why? Because there is such joint practices the same yoga Triad, that one man never pereotkroet, and one woman never pereotkroet. Only there is a couple in the presence of partners and partners, this couple can rediscover, as it cleverly done. And one of the most intricate sections of yoga they rediscovered.

And the continuation of the story, which in the arsenal and our school of yoga she added. Myself and I myself know about the practice of the same rediscovered working practices with their submission. Imagine that there would be no Yoga Visualization, imagine that in common life they would not have coped with the overrun each other, and could not find the rhythm of harmonious life together, harmonious practice. Imagine that overrun one or the other would lead to a breakdown in the relationship between this young man and the girl. That we would be with you for a long time would not have had the opportunity to use (in particular) to this practice, which I have mentioned.

Those. In this sense, do you remember that all knowledge of yoga came to us in a very abbreviated form, and a huge part must either rethink, save that part which miraculously survived. But the huge reservoir will have to rediscover, with, some of the critical practices.

And so it happened that yoga Visualization itself contributes to this rise of the other yogic practices. What it gives you the opportunity to practice the men and women and put up with each other kinks. As a result, when both the man and woman are in such harmony in yoga, they are able to open any practice, any mantra enliven any ritual or some more sophisticated work with the internal energy, feelings, all this to revive.

That’s the situation. Although, I must say that they are quite modest lifestyle, a normal family life with the outer side (kids). I am more than sure that the neighbors do not even know who lives with them in the most of their own village.

That’s, like, so illustration of the life that you understand. The whole theory is certainly very necessary, but also need the practice, and attempt to implement this practice in his personal life.

Other story

Now another story. I will try to tell a few stories. It is more down to earth. One friend also interested in yoga, has worked in a very reputable company. Then for some reason, this company has gone from the scene, and the customers were. Imagine running any large construction company, which has earned a great reputation that does not deceive, builds fast, high quality specialized construction facilities. I want to say straight away that this is not the many fixers that are stuffed pocket, scraping the poor.

And then, the organization has gone, and the customers were. You’re name remained reputation, and the company is not, and there are orders. You remember that in business the most important thing – is the presence of customers. If you have a client, then consider that your business is booming. If the client does not have, even if you are able to fly through the air, you still do not do anything. Do you remember what the demand is primarily creates supply.

And this friend decided to move the business of yoga, to earn a living and thus promote yoga. By the way, earn in one place, and put in another. Earn business and invest in yoga. But this is another story, another story, very sad, someday, maybe talk about it. It did not work because yoga money does not develop, it turned out, even quite serious.

So, come the customers, and bought, for example, to build something or other structure, and everything is going great. This fellow has his own firm organized, he got the staff, all the fun. And all this went on until the day that is one of the old customers came and asked him to build an exotic structure, something that no one before this is not worth it.

You know, we little people, if we make a mistake, then this error can be easily fixed or removed, or it can be no one to notice. But when you stand for a building, it requires huge capital investments. And then, when you built it, God forbid, it collapses. It’s not funny mistakes. Error designer, builder error, it can be very expensive to do.

And what is there to be honest, at this gentleman’s qualifications this was not because firm that left the original, which makes it all. And it is the experience that managed to get it implemented. But now faced with the task, the lack of a clearly his qualifications, and time is running out. you can not refuse. But do not know how. Learn late.

You know, it’s like yoga in our Yoga Open University people learn for so long. Some say: “Why do I need to study the theory? I then study the theory, when there will be a need to apply it. ” So, my friends, when there will be a need to study it, you will not learn it for sure, time will not, and brains you will be working in the opposite direction. Those. All you should have in advance and gradually.

But would still like such force majeure, where will he go, he said, according to the elders in yoga, there ancient treatises on the subject say. Honestly, elders scolded, he swung at a case in which does not think anything. Still need some limits of decency have, not inflating bubbles.

But it would still have given such a visualization practice. The gist of it was that the young man said: “You had a boss who this around very well versed in that firm, who worked before?”. “Yes, there was.” “That let’s you throw everything in the world to retire for a few days and meditate on the Absolute, and ask him to come to you in the way of your ex-chief.”

And that really is for this old tradition has collected the backpack, he went to the nearby woods away, where there is no such drunken holidaymakers. Of course, I’m in a simplified version, of course, there was still a lot of different details of how to configure themselves on the wave, as this breath, repeating some mantra. But it’s a side dish and the main course – a visualization. Visualization on a boss who knows how to solve this problem.

And whether because time was running out, so the adrenaline, or for some other reason, he really realized that this practice there for three or four days. Those. Yes, he really came to such a level that, in its visualization, as if he had seen the chief, and as if in contact with him. And he (as if) he inspired those moments, which will need to adhere to. And he honorably fulfilled his project.

And here I must, like any honest man in this very TV, a remark: “Friends, do not try to repeat themselves.” Because if you are the architect of the building, and so on a abum decide skyscraper build, deciding that in three days you reanimiruete this practice, then later it grohnet building, but (God forbid) someone there to pin down the yoga will be guilty. And since these idiots is full of esotericism, which they do not do (of all diseases treated with aliens contact a mental set, ancestral spirits cause).

Those. you must understand that it has nothing to do with this obscurantism, and it has nothing to adventurism (that I now do not know, but now visualize, and tomorrow I will pull money with a shovel). But he coped with this project, sold the business, and put the money into yoga. And it is burned immediately. I do not know whether it is impossible in such a way to earn money, ie, not quite adequate. Those. he had to warn his client that he does not know how to do it. Whether for some other reason, we have already mocked in private.

But it would still, in terms of the practice worked. You know, a very curious law of karma. Friends, do not try to cheat and repeat themselves. But sometimes it happens that life puts you in a situation where there is no escape, then yes.

Another story. Okay, all for today, folks.

1 thought on “2010_06_05 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 15th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.”

  1. Shri Kirti

    It was not a simple year for me in my private life and in my karmic situation, but thanks my Will, my Bhava, the Cloud of School and my teachers that I overcame all difficulties and didn’t give up studying.
    I’m happy to study here, to have an opportunity to speak to like minded people, to open new sides of yoga.
    I believe that next year I will study according to basic principles of yoga and change my Universe to make more people around me happy.



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