2010_06_01 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 14th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, June 1, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.


Today, we are waiting for the continuation of excellent Yoga Visualization. And from the beginning, let us remember our main picture. So, each of us is our higher self For all the objects or events surrounding the Absolute hidden world. Figuratively speaking, the boundary between our higher self and the Absolute, is the whole inner and outer world. I emphasize our inner world, in fact, by its nature and properties is not much different from the outside world. And he and the other were created with the help of what yoga is called “Maya”. Maya is very strange tool, a very strange statement in which I can manifest every living being, through which can manifest the Absolute. And the Maya actually appeared in all objects or phenomena of our surrounding world with the help of what is called prana. And she vyleplivaet of maya all the world that we see, hear, smell, feel or inside somehow aware.

Let me remind you that the prana – the thing is also quite strange, and it manifests itself as an energy and a consciousness. And, in fact, it forms this clay maya objects or phenomena through what we call interpretation.

Those. once as a result of its previous experience, we begin to interpret all that our consciousness perceives. And therefore immediately begin to operate our energy, as it were, changing this picture.

It turns out that in fact, the whole of our world, we have formed the way we see the action or interpretation of our ability or ability to somehow explain to myself that we (say) perceive and what we act.

In addition, we still have the opportunity, which is superimposed on the interpretation of that happens automatically when we have the perception of our surrounding universe. So, a kind of analogue of this interpretation – this is our imagination that allows us to arbitrarily adjust the interpretation of the outer and inner universe.

In fact, our creative visualization, or the ability to design in such a way objects, phenomena, experiences, in general, the whole spectrum of our interaction with the universe. So, this is the highest tool, in order to adjust our original interpretation, which originated randomly, randomly (so to speak), or as a result of our initial ignorance.

Those. the world that we see outside and perceive inside was created by us, but the cornerstone or the most basic law derives from our initial ignorance, which is manifested in the fact that we began to consider themselves its manifestations and began to build the entire inner outer universe around these manifestations . A manifestation of this, I remind you, is prana.

In this regard, I remind you, the question “Evil Universe Is good, is good or bad?”, It is impossible to answer. Universe such by what we have done. If we are long and hard to do a good universe, and the universe we live in a nice, even knowing that it can be bad.

If we did a poor universe, no one can convince us that the universe is good. Why? Because we ourselves have made it bad, and did not even suspect that it may be good.

The universe is good or bad?

But, I remind you, the question is not what the universe is, good or bad, but directly to our goal, that is, in the goal of yoga. Let me remind you that in yoga – it is self-knowledge. And, as a consequence, the disclosure of the creative potential that lies within each of us. The source of this building – it is our higher self

And in this regard, there is a very specific question. Here we live on this white light, and something we like, something we do not like. There are some suffering or come to some, perhaps, things, on the contrary, pleasing us. And after at least some understanding of the grain structure of our world there are, how to use them is almost?

Indeed, we are all subject to negative moments in life. Sometimes we suffer from loneliness, sometimes we suffer from a lack of understanding. Suffers from the fact that we do not understand the outside world, the outside world does not understand us. We do not understand the people we loved, loved ones do not understand us, etc., etc.

In this regard, the issue of Yoga Visualization of abstract theoretical instantly turns into real and practical: “What should I do?”. I remind you the basic concept of all of all yoga, not just yoga Visualization.

Yoga encourages us to stick to the first and second principles. Those. in their desire to live in their desire to create, communicate, etc., etc., yoga encourages us to do no harm to all living beings without absolutely necessary – it is the first principle of yoga. Finally, the second yoga principle (remember) not fritter away.

And if you take these two principles, and go this way yoga of self, then, of course, the universe around us does not change instantly, it continues by inertia to be what we were creating her many lives before. As a result, despite the fact that a person has become the path of spiritual development and self-awareness, despite the fact that he already knew the cause, maybe even their fundamentals suffering, maybe he even understands and partly (as you say ) techniques to overcome this suffering, but that suffering does not cease to be suffering friends. Everything develops according to the law of karma.

And then there is such a question: Well, well, well you can somehow possible to soften the pill the suffering that we understand where did we understand how they should be gradually eliminate from his life, but who still continue to cause a pain.

The analogy with a toothache

Here’s an analogy like that. You scared hurt something in his mouth, it became clear that this tooth hurts. And you realize that, yes, it’s a pain. You have realized the cause of this pain as a result of the fact that you have a tooth there once crumbled or caries ate it. You understand that you have there inflamed nerve. And there is a next time: you have to do something.

And you, as a conscious, intelligent man, looking in the directory of your nearest dentist, and writes it to an appointment. But you still need to get to this dentist, sit him in a chair. Moreover, you will find quite a wonderful treatment in a chair at the dentist. And all this does not portend a decrease in pain, but rather maybe even increase your pain.

Indeed, a dentist with his tools will start once you have there is something to find out, touches the patient place. And, it would seem, well, what can I do?

Yes, indeed, your bad karma generated in this life or a previous one, has led to the fact that you are either born with teeth already known to be prone to the disease, or indeed launched in this life, your teeth are not cleaned and ate sweets. But the fact remains that you have done foolishly, and received a negative result, you become aware of this nonsense, you realize that a negative result.

Moreover, you start trying to do something to eliminate this disease. And, say, a certain number of decades ago, you would have come to the dentist, and he would, perhaps, the most brutal of ways you first removed the nerve to the quick, and then once it is sealed hole in the tooth. But you were forced to endure the pain.

See, civilization goes on, medicine develops, for which they bow down to the ground. Yoga is never a substitute for medicine, yoga, always respectful of medicine. And doctors have developed an anesthetic. That is, you can make an injection anesthetic. And waiting for the doctor and receive the procedure on a chair at the doctor turns into a completely painless operation for you.

My friend had one, though it was some time ago, when the Soviet medicine along with the Soviet Union collapsed, and Western technology has only just penetrated. And here he first came to western clinic where literally do just about anything to numb. A variety of tricks, which then still nobody even thought in the Soviet years. So, he had not noticed visiting the dentist, and is it quite shocked. Because experience from childhood told him what kind of dentist – this association is the future pain.

Now, there are more sophisticated techniques that allow more gracefully cope with your negative karma. And here is the same parallels with yoga Visualization. In some cases, it can make a completely painless your karmic cleansing, removal of your ignorance, cleaning canals, centers, some of your relationships with your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, enemies, etc., etc.

Those. is (like) a new generation of vehicle. To be more precise, more sophisticated means. Indeed, to make an anesthetic, you should assume with respect to or know how to construct your nervous system and which substances are operating.

One block some nerve impulses, the other – the other. It’s complicated stuff. And in order to make (again) going to the dentist completely painless, usually several anesthetics may be used successively. Everyone is responsible for his area.

But it does not matter, not in this case. This is more subtle knowledge of human nature, rather than just in ancient medicine the presence of a hole in the tooth is already in itself speaks about the cause of pain.

Abuse methods

And Yoga Visualization is precisely these more subtle tool that allows, maybe tougher yoga with a minimal amount of pain.

But unfortunately, as with any strong medication or such a wonderful tool, as you know, immediately there is a downside. When a person, if we draw an analogy with medicine, pain medication begins to apply, and does not solve the problem. Just a tooth hurts, and he – just a tablet, once – let go. Day, another hike, worsened again, again – the tablet. And it lives on tablets, not solving the problem without going to the dentist.

Unfortunately, the reverse side of this is, and yoga Visualization. Unfortunately, these can also abuse means that will result in a running situation.

As you can see, not to apply the funds – it is called, to go through all the suffering that could have been (strictly speaking) to avoid. To apply, you need to also be conscious person and not abuse them.

And for this reason, in fact, many of these practices and techniques passed down only conscious and responsible people, who in three days did not change their attitude to yoga.

Imagine you give some more subtle anesthetic man, and he may be, even more rough yoga sections has not yet passed. And as it is now, when bred hugest number of yoga teachers from anywhere, just anywhere. Often I see something here and there are given out of context a strong practice, as a rule, mental, psychedelic nature ecstatic character, etc., etc., calculated to ecstatic audiences, enter it into a trancelike state, and then to spit on them. But before that you need to properly collect a fee from them, say, for visiting one or another such event.

And people, as it were, hooked on it. And the city of Moscow crowds of the so-called party-goers. They were there, and there were, they are trying to remove the cream from different schools of yoga in the hope that there is something of such things, there is something of such things. And for everyday work on themselves, they are not ready.

What happens to a person who is constantly taking pain medicine for a toothache, but does not go to the dentist? With it happens the following: tooth completely destroyed, and the remains have to be removed. And so a tooth for a tooth until it comes toothless old age, when everything, not to fun for all these get-togethers.

That’s the appropriate thing. Therefore, always very carefully tried to initiate people into these practices. Now, when, in fact, there is no escape, it is necessary to devote all in a row, there is such a danger.

So, yoga techniques Visualizations can give such tools that can sometimes eliminate negativity from the inner and outer life. But this does not mean that it does not need to change the world by conventional means and the inner world, ordinary yogis.

Moreover, here the usual yoga in its enhanced version. Let’s say you’re doing Pranayama yoga, immediately you start TV, the centers clean, you start do not understand sometimes, as you go into some ultrasensitive, sverhnervoznoe condition you for any little thing starts shaking, you start to not get along with his family , relatives, friends, acquaintances.

And one part of your mind knows that you are something else. The other part knows that part of this is connected with reinforced Pranayama practice, for example. And the third part of your mind becomes deranged. And you begin to show aggression to his family, relatives, friends, acquaintances. But if from the beginning you had Visualization techniques of yoga, you would have learned to identify the source of suffering, and not let him escape to your loved ones, friends and acquaintances. And thus you have ceased to generate a more negative karma, and would quickly digested this period. For example, in this period of cleansing pranayama, and it has indeed become a yogi, which is written in the books, so serene, calm, balanced and meaningful.

The ambiguity of the world

So, you live and perceive the world, which turns to you the positive, negative, neutral party. Again, according to your karma, in the same sequence and with the same intensity as that karma was generated.

And you have to somehow to react and respond to these external stimuli and internal processes. And here I want to tell you the most terrible secret of this world. What is the simplest, when if it was possible to communicate with all objects or phenomena that come to us in such black-and-white palette? Here is the bad thing is clear, and it must be eliminated. Or this thing is definitely good, and it should stick. Or in other words, this man definitely good, and you need him another. Or on the contrary, this man clearly bad and should be avoided.

If everything was so divided into black and white, we could without difficulty all this sort, and, as they say, to continue to live, choosing a path, avoiding some of the dark side, suffering and pain.

But, my friends, the secret lies in the fact that one and the same person, the same phenomenon can turn to us that his good side, the bad side. And you will throw, as they say, from cold to hot, and you still can not figure out what to do.

Most typically, it appears, as we have repeatedly mentioned in yoga Triad, in the relationship of man and woman. Those. all objects and phenomena in the universe are made of Consciousness and Energy. A man and a woman is precisely the most characteristic and striking creations of these two components, ie, male – Consciousness and the woman – Energy. Therefore, in the relations between men and women are most acutely and clearly you’ll see all the contradictions of other hypothetical or real situations of our lives.

An example of a girl and boy

So, the young (say) beautiful girl has a favorite boy, say, her husband, a lover, a friend, in general, the one with whom she was involved in a relationship. And it would be good if the young man was always good, joy and happiness then. Also not bad it would be if the young man was always bad. In the end, if it is always bad, then you need to stop communicating with him this girl and find another young man.

But the horror is, friends, that there are episodes of, say, the life of the young men and women when this girl doted on this young man and is ready to dissolve it, and of any other young men can not even dream of. On the contrary, the same young man takes it from him his manner of behavior, thought, speech, attitude to it that it was ready to strangle him with his own hands and hates it the most terrible (they say) hate.

And the most unpleasant in this situation that a known frequency that young man turns to the girl that one face or the other. And she can not decide whether to stay with him (say) or to look for another. As you can imagine, from the young man’s a similar situation. Again, this situation can be translated into other relationships with your family and friends, acquaintances, colleagues, drinking buddies, ie all those people who surround you in life.

“The other side” of another person

Those. Now you are all good, good, good, and you inwardly rejoice, anticipating that the way it always will be. Suddenly something changes, and becomes bad, bad, bad. Moreover, unbearably bad that not even want to think about the continuation of it. From the fire in the cold of the fire in the cold.

I remind you of the Triad concept of yoga, which is the basic idea – a practical chastity or, in other words, nerastrachivaemost building waste.

So, in these transitions is lost almost 80% of your creative energy. Those. for one quarrel or squabble with her beloved husband, wife, lover, lover, you spend most subtle vibrations of prana more than a week of intense work in the office.

Do you remember that yoga – the science is very culpable, it calls to stick the second yoga principle, and waste no forces there, where they can not spend. And I remind you, this concept of yoga Triad just so involved and the relationship of man and woman, in order to extricate himself from our scandals, misunderstanding, resentment and life-threatening poisoning potential direct spiritual development.

And here is the biggest trouble that awaits us in life, just tell us that you have to be ready at any moment, according to your karma, the closest your man can turn to you (they say) the most unpleasant his party, which even you, maybe not even aware that it has one. You can sometimes even be shocked that you do not even want to live on the understanding of what happens.

But, again, I remind you, this turns (in the positive side, the negative side) do not come from the person with whom you live, and, in fact, a reflection of your own as negative karma. Just one person, according to the universal law of karma, just turns to you one or the other party, according to the impulses that you are sent out into the universe.

And, say, you’re a girl, you have found a young man, you’re going to live with him (what is called) family life, plan to give birth to him a bunch of kids with him practicing all conceivable yoga Triad, or any other Kundalini Yoga or something else. Moreover, the young man agreed. He shares with you all the hopes, aspirations.

But the trouble is, you start to notice, he understands you at 100%, it is no longer even understand you. You, as a woman, want to have it paid attention to you, gave flowers at least from time to time, go with you to the disco, paying attention to you actively. And he was always busy, always tired, comes with no work.

And you’d expect from, say, the life of this young man yogi something one, and suddenly see that you get it stopped. And you, that begins immediately? Depression, feeling that life has failed, that you are in some kind of terrible situation there, from which you can not get out. The more friends, we should not forget that many more factors that (say) in our country is very difficult to be solved (lack of housing, the lack of it is easy of operation, etc., etc.), ie, social vices you compress.

And this poor girl in his life is experiencing the ecstasy of that with her beloved young man understands that it will practice everything in the world, together they dissolve into a rainbow before give birth to a bunch of kids and live a glorious life.

That, on the contrary, in the knowledge that this is a complete stranger, a selfish person, insensitive, ignorant one, etc., etc. What I’m telling you, my friends, is not abstract words, is that in any case is waiting for each of you, if you become a serious path of yoga. Why? Because if you did not have this karma, and at the same time was a favorite boy (if you’re a girl), then you’d have reached heights in yoga. But because we have not yet reached the heights, it says on the contrary, that there is still work to do.

And here, again, the reference to yoga Triad: forewarned is forearmed. In this case, you should know that it is waiting for all without exception. Again, if you do not come into this world under the guise of ordinary people under the guise of Teachers and teacher of humanity that simply trying to show by example how to live. If you are a teacher who is virtually no negative karma, then yes. But ask yourself one on one, “I Am the life of this teacher or until a couple of short years to learn a little need?”.

Therefore, be prepared for unexpected reversals in our spiritual practice. Moreover, the closer you will be the person, the more you’ll get hit by it. And, in fact, no part of this human impact, and just the momentum that you once sent out into the universe, and that you through your (say) the young man returns as reflected in the mirror. We remember, friends, that we reap your personal karma. By and large, this young man to do with it.

Deep layers of negative karma

But we go further. So, when this girl is very wise yogi passing the appropriate courses in the International Open Yoga University, and as a warning (and hence, armed), it is already beginning to more or less understand the situation. That Yes, all the negativity with which it is faced, it is not an abstract film, and the return of those actions, which she also used to be produced.


Moreover, the more profound the care practice, the more sensitive the returns come. Sometimes a girl just can arise depression, causeless. Suddenly, a young man whom she loved, and do good, it becomes disgusting and repulsive, even she does not know why.

It was only long, painful experience over time, it says that we should not abuse Pranayama yoga without rest after each set. Or not to do something really very strong practice in the same direction, not compensating for some of their practices in the other direction. Those. this excessive self-confidence in yoga leads to the fact that the subtle (so-called) the causal body begins to vibrate and (say) a woman happen (we will call a spade a spade) kinks.

And, so severe kinks (friends, I’ll say it again, this statistic is not isolated cases), that at least in the medical institution for disturbed people nervously hand over such a person. Why? Because sometimes you can accidentally drop for such a deep stratum of his own causal negative karma, you know, in the eyes of the turbid flood of emotion to you, or some states.

More precisely, it all comes very insidious. It comes it this way, my friends. From what we have started today’s lecture? Since then, we began to work with you with what is called the “interpretation”. So, at the level of the causal body all starts with the interpretation. Those. negative woke up at the causal body, and he begins any, say, the situation for women from the boys interpreted as the most terrible acts or the most evil plans, or some not very wonderful scenario.

For example, a young man barely pripozdal from work, and she begins to interpret to himself that he has got a mistress in addition to those partners who already had had to be (if we’re talking about yoga Triad). I was just talking figuratively. Yes, your partner partner, a lover, no, no, all tough, everything is clear.

Or on the contrary, it begins, say, the money set aside to buy the same girl a birthday present, and she believes that he is on your mind, lays maybe stash to get away from it, and be financially independent. Those. a variety of episodes in the life of a man who has raised the level of the causal body, a person begins to be interpreted in the most negative way, according to their negative karma.

That is, again, a person in this state, even when a yogi of the Soviet Union three times, becoming for a while insane. And then all (like) disappears as suddenly as it starts. So once the second time, the third time. And sometimes it turns into a kind of similarity is (as you say), some kind of cyclical, even produced.

And it turns life into a nightmare as the most of the girls and boys, who lives with her. And if we take into account that the boy karma (in general) may not be present, and he has his own rhythm of loss in such schizophrenia, causes of schizophrenia (as we call it), it generally starts business stuff.

Once again, I want to emphasize, even among the most advanced yogis or Yoginis. To you there is no suggestion that someone avoids the fate of you, maybe now at this moment pass. No, friends, you know, just as in the evolution we must go through all stages, just here. No one will escape. The question is how to most safely navigate these negatives.

Again, if your paranoia is in some rhythm, and your young men in a different rhythm, they are in opposition, it still did not go far. Those. one overrun, but the other something sane, he suffers. Then, on the contrary, the boy overrun, but the girl had already recalled, it was inadequate, she suffers. And if at the same time, and the young men overrun, overrun, and the girl, friends, trouble. One bears and other bears.

Working with negative methods

yoga Visualization

And the question is: well, well, what to do about it?

Here, just enter the scene Visualization techniques of yoga, which to a certain extent, or mitigate or completely eliminate the negative. And, as we have already mentioned, with the negative level of the causal body begins with the interpretation that such a natural chaotic arises. But we can block unnecessary interpretation in the right direction. And thus (so to speak) to correct these very difficult to track pulses with the level of the causal body.

So how is it done? As with all yoga, all very logical and consistent. So, let’s look at this situation from a girl’s perspective, not from the position of the youth. Firstly, because women are more emotional, it is sometimes difficult to control yourself. Secondly, this is the worst preserved branch of yoga. But then, if there is at least one woman, at least to some extent, the owner of this method, it will gather around him, millions of men, who also learn to master this technique. And if these millions of men learn, they will be able to help other women and girls. More precisely, these young men will be more easier to carry their kinks Yoginis-girlfriends.

So, it all starts with the first principle of yoga. If you meet with a negative (woman met with a negative), as it seems, this film comes from the young man, she should never answer blow for blow. That is, it should never be, as it were, it seemed that the young man is guilty in all its suffering caused by whatever way the boy suffering.

Sometimes it is very often pronounced such a banal phrase: “But I’m going to do my bad boy, make him feel me in my skin,” – says the girl, and began at the same time to do something. So, this is the worst thing that can only come up to make the girl. Why? Because she begins to rock the boat of his karma.

Those. and the situation resulting in karmic plan will incrementally increase. Therefore, the first principle of yoga or not to answer blow for blow. Yes, your boy did not gave you a birthday bouquet of flowers, all the decent young men. But that is no reason to hold him tantrums conscious that he himself felt like something bad. Why? Because it can sometimes even for some other reasons, this is not done not out of malice, but by accident. And you’re at it another negative, which affect him, and already comes to something else. This is the first thing you need to start with the first principle of yoga.

Then, as you may recall, the second principle of yoga. It really is logical to understand the rules of the game. And here we touch with you this principle of freedom, which some lectures in a row talking. So, the fact that a girl has a boy, does not mean that this young man is her slave and he is not free, he or she is something special must. It is absolutely free living being, and has the right to make and maintain such a lifestyle, a wish.

But, on the other hand, in its manifestations of his freedom, he must not infringe upon the freedom of women. That is, it turns out, she is free, the young man free. And it would be good to develop joint rules of the game, that was all logical, understandable sequence. What if the boy did not give her flowers, not because he is a cad and a scoundrel, and maybe he had a vow not to give flowers or any other reason. Whether that can be can be, he is allergic to pollen, but few. Or any stupid Association associated with flowers or something else that differs from the generally accepted norms of behavior.

Why do I say this? Because if a girl yogini and lives with a young man, who also practices yoga, the boy can be very different reactions to normal life situations, which he drew up, maybe even before you meet with this girl. Maybe he has some goals that he must, at all costs by all means, be carried out in life, variety of classifications. Or have there their vows. You know, the greatest artist wants to create a work of art, etc.

And sometimes there is a conflict situation, the young man spends his life that he considers it his duty to do, and she resents it, that the young man does not spend it, this resource, without assuming that thereby it claims, may be what -That to freedom in his life.

And so it would have been nice to been minimally impaired the freedom of everyone. In the West, for these purposes, you may recall, conclude marriage contracts. But, as you know, all on paper not propishesh, a piece of paper – a piece of paper, you’re a piece of paper will not, go to bed, you will be having a live person. Therefore, it is a limited tool.

And here it will save only a joint concept, understanding that everyone is free. And at the same time, if two people live together, each must to a certain extent limit the freedom of something only to even more significantly does not infringe upon the freedom of another. Those. It goes a long lapping between a man and a woman. And, friends, no recipes, each pair is unique in this respect.

Why? Well, because all the different ways of life, different interests, different history, etc., etc. It is important to remember the principle of freedom, which should not be required from a person more than he can give. But this wise woman remembers also another principle of yoga, in fact, which is the beginning Yoga Visualization.

The third principle of yoga

yoga Visualizations

Throughout our course, we are very casual touch this principle. This so-called third pillar of yoga. However, since Yoga Visualization refers to the rapid methods of yoga. And any quick techniques of yoga can not do without the third principle of yoga, we now let’s talk some more about it.

So, the girl does not respond blow for blow, the girl is trying to develop common rules of the game. In particular, how to implement the second principle of yoga? It is easy to discuss the friction. They are located next to the boy and girl, and silent. Five minutes of silence, silent ten minutes, twenty minutes of silent, silent hour of each other. Then she does not stand up and explodes: “I can no longer endure this painful silence stretched!”.

A young man makes a square eyes, is surprised: “Yes? And I thought it would have such a harmonious silence of mutual understanding. I’m afraid it does not violate that word, look. I remembered all the teachings of all the many books that if a young man can be silent with his girlfriend, and she can be silent with his boys, then it is a true indicator that they wordlessly understand each other, etc, etc . ‘.

That is, the situation is the same, but the interpretation is diametrically opposite. And that, friends, is called “Maya”. This is sometimes asked, “What is Maya?”. Here is a typical example.

Those. girl under the influence of their negative karma begins the most innocuous neutral situation interpreted in the darkest shades. She was thinking that the young man does not talk to her, he is already thinking, where would he find another girl, and it went samonakruchivanie.

A young man on the contrary: “Here we are silent, she too thinks about heaven.” Remember the cartoon was: “Honey, I’ll give you this star, and so on”, ie, Mayan.

And how can you find out? Applying the second principle of yoga, easy to communicate to the other, you feel that you plan what you want to do in life, ie, negotiate, friends, it is quite an elementary thing.

It is clear that these conversations if you engulf this impulse causes of schizophrenia, there was little he could do. But it contributes to the localization of the attack. You know, sometimes dry grass lights up, it can burn and all the fields, forests, villages burn. And so you know, “okapali this place” that stipulated the rules and his views on life. Burnt out and stopped at the place where there is nothing to burn longer.

So back. The first principle is fulfilled, the second principle of the girl realized the beginning of work. But this is not enough, my friends, we need a third principle of yoga. Why? Yes, because all spontaneously interpretation that may be born in mind, let’s say, this girl, because they may have a very different direction.

And under the influence of their very different universes can later build a girlfriend. But if this yogini read and applied in the life of the third principle of yoga, in one embodiment, it sounds like this: “I refuse to suffering, nothing and no one has the right to impose my suffering, I will always help all living beings escape from suffering when I was able to help them do that. ” This is one of the variants of this third sound principle. There are also others.

So, smart yogini, took over the third principle of yoga is very clear alarm system when she personally here begins the next overrun. Or what precedes. Those. she gets this tool to forecast that this will soon overrun may come.

A tool is as follows: if you suddenly start to feel unhappy. Again, from the perspective of yogini. That was all well and good, and then suddenly, you know, blinking red light, this alarm “vzhi, vzhi, vzhi, vzhi”, “I feel unhappy, I suffer.”

And as soon as the lamp lights, “I suffer,” Stop the car. It is necessary to immediately stop and analyze where it went wrong. And it is important not to miss the finest moment when someone or something that will compel you to accept suffering. In particular, the young man begins to impose this girl suffering her foolish behavior and that does not bestow flowers for my birthday.

She did not receive flowers and began to suffer. As soon as she realized that she was suffering, and recalling that it has undertaken the third principle of yoga, she stops and says, “I refuse to suffering. And, indeed, why should I suffer, again I do not have these colors? “.

And then there is this very useful retrospective of his impressions, expectations are extremely useful. Generally speaking, and why (relatively speaking) youth in general I have to give flowers, but why it is generally accepted to give flowers, but for some reason some recognized standards of behavior should also affect me?

Those. there is something to think about on the one hand. But this is not important, more important than others. It can be very easy, again, slide down the path of interpretation and make his prana to continue to weave the blanket of the world in the form of suffering. Those. you can not help again and break his own own energy, its own consciousness is mentally cheat, cheat, cheat suffering.

So, my friends, the world is no, not good, not bad. The fact that he comes to you the bad side, only says that you do it all at one time interpreted and thus gave rise to such pulses in the universe, they come to you the negative side.

And if you just take it, you (as it were) to legitimize it in the future. And if you say, “Stop!”, Then, in any case, you weaken this trend and will by all means try not to slide into this pessimism.

Once again, my friends, the world is neither pessimistic nor optimistic, the world such as we do. And here’s something you tempted to slide into pessimism. And you have to say “Stop! I do not want!”. And the most magical way it works.

Acts, of course, just want to say, not once, but gradually, too long we used to tumble in this negativity and you want to remind yourself constantly that you are now building a universe by different rules. This is starvation.

If you voleizyavite build its universe with the suffering, no one and nothing can help you, nor the most certified psychoanalyst, nor any antidepressants or travel around the world or the funniest comedy, anything. Why? Yes, because you are voleizyavili that everything will be different. As said, so be it.

I am constantly in connection with this recall aphorism Kuzma Prudkova: “If you want to be happy – he said – be.” And this is a fair amount of truth there.

So, the first thing – a warning system – the third principle of yoga.

It must be said that the different yogas sometimes emphasize more displaced, sometimes talking about the same, but a few other words. In particular, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, in particular, the section Niyama it is all one way or another, quite closely related to the second paragraph of Niyama, the so-called principle of Santosha or contentment.

The third principle and the pleasure principle

According to this ancient treatise, you must generate a contentment. That is, what does it mean? This means that you are satisfied. You are now at the moment (how much time is it?), So many hours, so many minutes, your situation in life is good, bad, neutral, what you want, no matter what. Here you have to be happy with it in the second. Those. in irrespective of everything else.

And that, friends, a habit. It sounds like a strange way. Those. we sometimes mind the question: “To be or not to be”, “Life is good and life is a failure?”, “Good or bad?”. And it tells us: “All of this mental exercise, if you want to move on through yoga, be happy right now.”

And, of course, the first reaction is, “Well, how can I be satisfied if about it?”. Or the girl: “How can I be happy if my boy like that is unworthy of behaving.” A young man is not being. The boy is only a reflection of your karma. But your satisfaction or your dissatisfaction, by and large, based on your Higher Self And your higher self is karma. And the sooner you start to realize it or to realize the faster it will come into your life.

Islet unaffected

So, go ahead. But how to make it even more effective implementation of the third principle of yoga or the relevant item Niyama? And this will help Yoga Visualization. Of course, it will help you in this to a greater degree if you have been practicing yoga Visualizations, and already (what is called) fully prepared to meet the next (if you’re a girl) overrun his youth.

Here are your boys began another paranoid reaction, it behaves insanity quite boorish manner. You poor, poor girl suffer. But before that you have practiced yoga visualization and developed a small island untouched in its visualization, where you can sniffing – and sit. It’s, you know, such a safe harbor in a storm or alternate aerodrome in the event of unforeseen circumstances, when you fly on a plane.

Or in other words even more powerful: it is an alternative universe. Here is the universe of your karma that you have already created, and there is an alternative that you build and that it must displace the universe karma that you have already built.

So, a wise woman, if before that practiced appropriate yoga exercises Visualization, completely painless transfer here this time, they say, darkening the mind of his boys as long as (again), this wave of negative karma (note: most women) do not will take place, and the young man again will not turn to it (they say) of its light side. She again wanted to have children by him, to dissolve in the rainbow and practice all sorts of practices.

Those. it turns out, you know, the kind of thing that this young man, by and large, like a gear, which is missing one tooth. We remember that the gear – is a round object that has the teeth of a gear which clings to another gear.

Imagine that one gear – a boy, the other gear – it’s a girl. And, if all of them in the life of harmony, every girl wishes immediately begins to resonate in the boy, and they are in harmony together crank wheel of dharma, as one would say our friends Tantric Buddhists.

But imagine that the negative karma of the girl so that the boy she got knocked out with a gear tooth. Those. at some moments the boy responds, and to some it remains (as it were) indifferent. As a stranger, like a wall. The girl to him and so, and commercials, “Well, look at me, well, I’m in a new dress today, so beautiful, raschudesnenkaya, and you do not look at me, you bastard!”.

And now, as if the boy did not have a tooth in this gear. And that’s okay. The girl, however, renders the missing tooth, as if it was. Or starts to impose an alternative universe of its visualization on the real universe that surrounds the reality of it, and all the missing pieces, as it were, dorisovuet. Those. We take from one universe, but in a different insert.

And now, friends, wonder, work! In any case, this effect is observed when a girl with such a visualization block your own negative karma within himself, not letting it escape.

Once again I remind you, that this logic. The fact that the girl is suffering from the fact that (say) the young man at her does not look it, my friends, the negative karma girls, but not boys. That is, according to her (girl) negative karma, she just went to a young man who was with a certain periodicity turns to her negative side

That, friends, the charm. That is, everything depends, again, in a very young girl. Suffering girl run into it herself. The young man, by and large, to do with it. And, indeed, as taught by the Triad, it appear in place of the young man the other boy, the situation may be, in some nuances have changed, but would be the same in essence. How long should I suffer the suffering girl, according to their negative karma, she suffer the. No matter, the boy Vasya with her boy Pete with her boy Vova, etc., etc. Karma is the fact and karma that your personally.

And the girl, knowing she had such karma begins (as it were) Yoga Visualization compensate for myself this negative karma and to finish building all to herself that she longed to get, but not received. Then very quickly the wheel is rotated, and is another situation where there is no longer need to use such a powerful visualization.

And it turns out that the yogi who was thus at first, like any decent girl, whimsical, capricious, demanding, unstable, but realized that it was useless to violate the laws of nature, they need to learn and apply, sooner or later, there is this ability. It begins thus rendering reshape the universe.

And, on the one hand, it is, as is the case with the dentist and the patient, takes a sharp pain on his negative karma and uses this time to according to the first and second principle of yoga really make a difference. Those. it can then tell the young man that she wanted to get away from it. She calmly tells him without hysterics: “My dear, the yogi husband / partner or lover (I do not know anyone else), please Dari my birthday flowers, here’s the money.” Why? “For me it’s important. Now I have such a program: I want this program. I find it easier to not pay attention to it because I believe that they should be presented. Yes, I understand that this is some kind of tribute to the society, a tribute to some prejudice, but I do so easily. “

But it is necessary to bring peace, sanity, without hysterics. And if the young man, respectively, sane, it is, of course, all will understand, and then you will get what you want.

If you on the contrary, begin to go into squabbling, into disputes, etc., etc., immediately go some minor things, you are confused. You will start with color and finish to claim the boy that “your mother does not like me, and your family do not like me, and they all see me in a coffin in white sneakers and you rejoice.” Perhaps you yourself have repeatedly seen such aspects of life together. And then there is all there.

By the way, here in yoga Visualization, God forbid, between these two gears, men and women to engage third persons. Not as a witness of his innocence or by reference: “But look, my girlfriend lives. Her husband carries her in his arms. ” Friends, every introduction into these third party relationships complicate things enormously.

Those. you first need to get it out the beam out of gear that you inserted, and then heal the broken tooth in the gear. Therefore, try to. Swear you will, of course, everything. But try to while there were no witnesses.

The first witnesses are those whom you love, you know, friends and relatives, then in descending order. Then those whom you know little. Then just bystanders. I sometimes ride on the subway and see how young people with each other find out the relationship. But it is more neutral situation. Eventually, people got out of the car, no one does not know about them.

Why? Because each pulse to attract third party greatly complicates the situation. Even if you then (woman) divorce with this young man, without a third party you will make it easier, less painful for yourself. If you stay with it, you do not need to explain why you had such a bad attitude then and now are so good that you’ve learned yoga Visualization, you know.

So, the third parties do not need any, ever. Man, woman, energy, consciousness, all that will be among them, will be Maya or illusion, which leads to the side.

Let us go back to the point. So, strictly speaking, visualization or protective airfield at the time when the universe turned us upside down. Once again, I want to say that deliberately choose an example of the relationship between men and women, as it is the most characteristic. In fact, I can explain it to you on all the remaining examples occasions since still they all boil down to the interaction of Consciousness and Energy or misunderstanding of Consciousness and Energy, incoherence, and is a special case of relations between men and women.

And a wise woman, who has listened to all the things that you have heard, is beginning to understand that these black bands in her life can not be avoided. Why? Well, karma she was and she is aware of. What’s going to the dentist is provided, it is clear, but it would be good to get a painkiller.

And this girl alone with a known frequency, and begins to recall the basic principles of the universe. And the first principle, that it should remember that, in fact, she loves the boy, it is tied to the boy, he or she likes it excites her sexually, or interesting to him, etc., etc. any factor that you can transfer.

So, it is all experience only for the simple reason that, one way or another, one aspect of the whole universe, or root causes, or the Absolute, or whatever call it focused in the lens, and appeared before her eyes in the form of this young man .

If, roughly speaking, the young man is not a particle of the Absolute, the girl to his care. Therefore, it should be understood that if she is experiencing some feelings to the boy, then only until such time as she feels the presence of the Absolute, or the root cause when her higher self starts (somehow) to interact with the whole universe, or higher self the entire universe – the Absolute.

Those. only for this reason that we have (by and large) some desire. And then she remembers yoga axiomatic that if she sends her prana to the Absolute, the Absolute comes to her in the form in which it wants to see. Therefore, she asks, being in a state of loneliness (this factor is sufficient to facilitate, especially for beginners in yoga visualization) to the Absolute (as if) manifested to her in the form of her own self-visualization. Those. she takes and visualizes the image, through which it would like to see the Absolute manifested.

And in the future begins to try to communicate with him. Well, how to communicate? Well, how do you communicate with others? You begin to visualize, as if you were talking to the Absolute in this way. Or asked him a question and themselves moved into the state, waiting for an answer.

Those. it is very strange (if you will) to work your mind, it is very strange. And, in fact, it turns out the next thing that with the help of its prana you are (as it were) to build the shape or quality of the Absolute, through which you would like it to appear. And then begin quite interesting things.

For example, suppose that the girl is not a young man, before the scandal is not reached, it is such a yogini lives (they say) one. That, oddly enough, in the future, when it comes to the young man, very surprising for a girl way some things she visualized, begin to appear in this young man.

And, my friends, probably, is fundamentally impossible to answer this question. Whether its visualization and communication with the Absolute it (as it were) asked the Absolute come through a specific man to her. Those. Absolut said to her: “Yes, I see you have a good visualization.” But in the end, any visualization, you know, such an ephemeral thing, can be reduced to a game of the mind.

“But you have fulfilled the task, go to (what is called) in flesh, wait.” And he came to embody. It is a constant, it is a phantasmagoric thing that, as a rule, for the visualization comes a person who either has the same quality, or very quickly begins to acquire them. And then there is the Absolute found just such, through which it is easier to manifest, whether she herself is quite particular young man transformed. Those. it is very difficult to say whether the girl could think of yourself young man, who later came to her. But it came to embody.

This is the first part of (what is called) Yoga Visualization. The second part begins then. Whatever is good copy, or rather, not a copy, but the embodiment of the Absolute, which came to the girl, bad karma girl has not been canceled. And sooner or later, even with this most miraculously Absolute in flesh (as boys) she will start friction. Those of friction, which we have just talked about.

And at the time of an exacerbation of these tensions for the girl is easier to go back to his original visualization and (as they say) wait out bad weather. Again, reduce the effort on its own is karma, and use the same time, so that the young man in flesh to explain what it (what is called) view of life does not correspond to the very specific behavior of young men.

And it is very important serious factor, without it, in fact, Yoga Visualization in this breaking will not work. If you’re a girl and thus visualize the boy, then you ask them to come to you no more, no less than the Absolute, the smaller do not agree.

And then when you come to the real young man, you have to remember that you do not come to a young man, and you come to the Absolute. And he himself is even in its leap that you do not like how the Absolute mirror showing you the same by your own negative karma.

Example of treatment of men in India

It is for this reason that there is such a saying in India, they were leaked to the West, that for orthodox Indian woman’s / girl’s husband – is God. Do you remember that India is obsessed with religion. There just does not look much, all religious views, etc., etc. Those. Up to the fact that the girl can not go to quite officially, no temples, no gods to pray. Why? Yes, in her house god. His need to feed, drink, appease, etc., etc., and the like.

And here is how to treat this? On the one hand, you can say, “Oh, what cunning Brahmins, as the enslaved poor women. All he’s a god that neither said – is sacred. That’s supposedly what the patriarchy. ” But, on the other hand, you know, some echoes of a deeper wisdom, which (consequently) helps women to cope with outbreaks of his eccentric, according to their negative karma and keep the family together.

Why? Because the family in this sense is a sacred thing. If there is no family, there will be children if the children will not be born in this world who need Yoga who practice it will be? Yoga implies the presence of people. If people are not, and yoga is useless, meaningless.

And, of course, these nuances, moments through all sorts of religious (particularly in India) rites, etc., etc. there is a strong influence. But we will return. So, with the help of yoga Visualization, however, the girl at the same time, a man in two ways. It is the Absolute, which may come to her in any way she wishes, regardless of its negative karma. And the same Absolute, which is (as it were) duplicate the same thing, but it came in the flesh.

And as soon as that came in flesh, starts as a mirror to show a negative, thereby causing a girl to violate the first principle of yoga and kick back, violate the second principle of yoga, ie arrange some hysteria so that the neighbors ears plugged. And finally, to break the third principle of yoga – it afford to slip into misery.

So, instead, she can switch to.

Let’s all for today.

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