2010_05_29 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 13th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

The approach of microcosm and macrocosm

Today, May 29, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we will continue to look at yoga Visualization, one of the workhorses of many other practices. And we will continue with you with the fact that once again draw our scheme characterizing visualization.

So I remind, that according to the concept of yoga, each of us is our higher self For all surrounding objects or phenomena of the universe lies the Absolute. All that is between our higher self and the Absolute, it can be called virtually all of the universe. A universe that has been generated by means of what is called “Maya”, the thing is very strange.

As you remember axiomatic yoga, yoga and any any complex system can be expanded in two basic systems of axioms. Or axioms of axiomatic system Microcosm and macrocosm axioms of the system.

Thus, Microcosmos axiom system is based on the postulation of our higher self, the macrocosm axiom system is based on, respectively, the postulation of the presence of the Absolute. Those. are two mutually exclusive positions with our usual formal logic point of view on all the objects, phenomena, processes. Well, if you and I do yoga, yoga for all, to all the principles of yogic exercises. Well, if you and I do yoga Visualization, then the two points of view on yoga Visualization.

In all the previous lectures we jumped it from one point of view, from a different point of view in an attempt to explain how this or that practice works. Because, you know, just as it is the most favorable view of some building or some kind in nature, exactly the same for the different exercises of yoga have favorable view to understanding how a particular exercise works.

And sometimes more profitable it becomes clearer if we look from the perspective of Microcosmos axioms, sometimes with position macrocosm axioms. But at the same time, I will once again remind the axiomatics of yoga, this is splitting into Microcosm and macrocosm – a thing quite conventional. Why? Because the world is one.

Or in another way. Yes, if you will, over a single universal point of view, combining sight from the Microcosm and macrocosm. But the trouble is that this view is extraordinary. And as long as we will not reach the highest state of yoga, we have this view is not available and we can not work with it.

However, strictly speaking, in the course of our practice, from time to time will slip such intuitive insights when suddenly becomes clear. When suddenly the most contradictory things merge into a single kind of harmony, but it is very hard, even the closest people around us to express that (relatively speaking), we have experienced. Because of this there are no words and concepts.

But for the axioms, respectively, in terms of the Microcosm and macrocosm, and the words and concepts in general can be found. Here it turns out that our world, which was created with the help of maya, from the perspective of Microcosmos, or our higher axioms I, like as was created by ourselves. Those. all our external and our internal world – is actually a product of our higher self and on this we have repeatedly in the preceding chapters, quite rightly, is absolutely wonderful.

But, at the same time, our entire world outside and inside, you can try to treat with the macrocosm position or the position of the Absolute, and to say that the external world was created by the Absolute, just as our inner world came under the influence of the Absolute, which will also absolutely true, absolutely wonderful view to explain the many processes. But, as you know, is diametrically opposite to the original.

Once again I repeat that these two points of view – is a tribute to the fact that we live in karma plane, the plane of logic, and we can not from a position of sverhlogiki understand how these two points of view the Microcosm and macrocosm together, and understand that a single force that really forms the common foreign and inner universe the universe.

Thus, it turns out that any object or phenomenon in this world of maya (I draw a tree), seems to be, on the one hand, we have created with the help of the forces of our higher self and on the other hand, it seems to be as the same object It was created by the will of the Absolute.

And it turns out can flow simultaneously and consistently. You know what a contradictory thing. So is born, at first glance, the system of recommendations in yoga, which sounds mutually exclusive. On the one hand, we are called to do their best to achieve a particular result. But, at the same time we are called to trust the universe around us, and hope that she will take care of us.

Or in other words. You have a problem in your life, at work or somewhere else. Say you’re looking for a new job. And what do you do? Actively look for her, sending multiple resumes, pass an interview, read the ads in the newspapers, on the internet or God knows where, doing their best to find this job.

Or another point of view – to trust in a higher power, they will take care of you and you do not need to put any effort, and the work itself you will find. Ie sit back and wait for the result. And, as you know, these are two opposite concepts in life.

Similarly, in yoga Visualization. If you want with the help of yoga Visualization change your inner and outer world, you have an alternative. Either from the perspective of your higher self ready to change the world, or watch as Absolut will make a corresponding desired visualization in order to change the world in the direction in which it should be changed.

Two cases of behavior

Until we reach India the echoes of this debate very different. In particular, in certain philosophical schools of thought, that a man should behave like a kitten. Those. as soon as he begins the problem, it should plaintive meowing, but no active steps are not taken, sit yourself and wait until the cat comes, mom, take this kitten for ogrivok, and carry him to safety, or feed, etc. ., etc.

For example, another concept was that of a young, neophyte adept secret sciences, yoga encouraged to behave like a little monkey. A monkey on the contrary, suitable for the young, which also evinces some discontent, and substitutes him his fur, so young he moved to her behind her back. And only after that it kills a monkey to a safe place, etc., etc.

Those. In the first case, you do not depend at all. In the second case, you have to take quite specific action. And, again, we see a clear contradiction in the behavior of the strategy.

In fact, from the perspective of the axioms of the highest, there is no contradiction, but there are two descriptions of the same system from the perspective of the axioms of the macrocosm and the Microcosm. Specifically, on the contrary.

Or in another way. There is a saying, turned to a higher power, when a man asks a higher power, so they gave him the strength to do all that he is able to do, give him humility, so as to take all the things that make the (respectively) of a person is not able to. Finally, it gave wisdom to distinguish one from another.

And in saying this, in fact, just observed this system, that at different moments of time, conditions, circumstances, it makes sense in many ways to look at one and the same universe. And finally mustered the wisdom to know when to use a strategy of behavior, and when to use a different strategy of behavior.

That’s the same analogy with yoga Visualization. This is a real tool to change the world. And whether or not fully concentrate on the personal efforts or be fully concentrate on the perceptions that will visualize the Absolute in order to understand that the same thing was done.

The scope of a man and the Absolute

In fact, all goes to the issue of recognition, where your powers run out and start (they say) the powers of the Absolute. Or what part of its rights or delegate its power Absolute you, that you may do his work for him (with the macrocosm axioms position). Or conversely, do my utmost and then with a clear conscience released it go (from the perspective of Microcosmos axioms).

Well, again, any quick techniques, which we talked about and mentioned both in pranayama, yoga, love, etc., etc., they can be realized only if the two axioms of the system are included in the action practice. Or do you just know the moment where you have to do something yourself, no matter what it takes.

Because Absolute instructed you to do some kind of plot, and the rest rely on the Absolute. And how to distinguish this line? Say you are looking for a job, you write a resume and sent it. Made part of their best work, and then you have to completely rely on the Absolute, which will finish its part of the work that you have actually available.

If you are in the course of life begin to realize for themselves the limits of their powers, then you start to dramatically succeed. Conversely, if you go into irrelevance and begin to indulge in excessive activity, the excessive passivity, then you start or try to do something for the Absolute, and that you do not under force, and thus you will disturb him. Or vice versa, you sit and do nothing, like the little monkey, while my mother monkeys immediately gives you every opportunity to change the situation for the better.

Those. I want to once again draw your attention that any method of yoga can be analyzed from two diametrically opposed points of view, in this case, respectively, to focus on a completely different views, approaches, concepts, thinking, reasoning. But as a result, a different point of view, will allow you to eventually reach the intuitive understanding of non-verbal, and how to behave in this life.

Therefore, when one or the other person comes to yoga and says I need to do so-and-so, or commercials, commercials? Reply to this question is extremely difficult. It is as if you approached the driver of the truck and said, “I have to travel from Moscow to Paris. I always turn to the right or all the time to turn left? “. Reply extremely difficult. It depends on what way he chooses.

Somewhere you have to turn to the right, somewhere to the left. Somewhere you have to exert maximum effort in yoga visualizations in order to achieve a particular effect, and where on the contrary, it is necessary to let go of the situation, that all happened by itself.

How to practice yoga Visualization?

And here we come to the two ways of implementing visualization. Indeed, you are going to practice yoga Visualization. And how to practice it?

This is what we have already mentioned. There are two opposing methods: creative imagination to reshape the entire outer and inner universe that we perceive through the senses. The first way is when we will start with an effort meticulously drawn that we want to see, piece by piece, just as the architect draws the drawing of the new building.

Those. You apply the maximum effort, you are focused, you are tense. The second method is diametrically opposite. You simply allow ready visualization arise spontaneously, as if out of nowhere. We even brought this example, that just as the fisherman pulls a fish out of water. That was nothing, for example, smooth surface of the river, and suddenly time – and you pulled the fish entirely without drawing.

So, in different periods of life, in different circumstances, in different practices you need to learn how to act and under the first approach and the second approach, and most importantly, you have to learn to feel the ineffable line where one method should be changed to another . And that’s all stumble, because it just comes from personal experience, without personal experience, you do not comprehend.

If you constantly push yourself, then your mind is tired, and visualization will not be effective. If on the contrary, always be expected when rendering itself there, this visualization can occur immediately, but immediately broke into a formless.

Therefore, it is necessary to combine these two approaches to the same imaging. Those. point where myself and make a moment where afford. The moment of spontaneity and at the moment a clear intention. And submit it for all of its other activities: yoga classes, or any of your other, say, everyday duties.

So, for example, you do yoga lovers, and you want to render the image of, say, the girl, which is the personification of the whole of the universe and, in fact, the manifestation of the Absolute, seeing that you instantly fall in love. Provided that, if you want to visualize the boy and girl, it is useful to retire, ie not see the first no girls at all. In order to help you to come to the fact that you’re a young man.

I remind you axiomatics of yoga, if you have the body of a young man, this means that when entering our universe, you accepted it, rather, as the feminine aspect of energy and therefore very existence in the body of the young man you are (as it were) causes the universe to concentrate in the form of a girl .

The image visualization

And indeed, if you retire for personal practice, you will much easier to visualize the perfect image of the girl. And you can visualize it prorisovuya or spontaneously. But regardless of whether you will it or spontaneously drawn to wait for its occurrence. I remind you the concept of yoga lovers, you want to get through this visualization image manifested no more, no less, as the Absolute (for less Yoga Love does not agree, only the Absolute). Or in other words, the entire universe as a whole.

But the features of the image can take what you want. For example, those other girls you’ve ever seen. And alternating method where you want to make yourself, and where you want to afford, you are trying to communicate with the Absolute through the image that is visualized. And sooner or later, unless all the conditions are met, this practice will start to work because we remember you axiomatic yoga. In this way you will direct the prana towards the Absolute. A Absolute answers us in plain language or in the form most suitable for us, for us, a nice, not scary and appropriate.

Although, as you know, the highest manifestation of the Absolute in our world, in other circumstances, it may be completely different. After something frightening, intimidating, and vice versa, forcing us to be afraid. But if you do what is called yoga Visualization learned to comprehend the essence of the form and thus comprehend the source, you will eventually (as taught by Yogi) begin to comprehend the Absolute. And for all the things that you are afraid, afraid of, and vice versa, all the things that you avoid. For the simple reason that the universe is one.

And if you do it all the appropriate and wise, therefore, to be a situation that the image visualization, on the one hand, you will generate through its own prana. On the other hand, will allow that image to appear on prana Absolute.

Because it will be a single image, your prana will find a common point of contact, as is the case with yoga lovers enter into resonance, and your spiritual process will go up incrementally.

Here is another such excursion in support of yoga Visualization. Now we have a few back to the previous topic, which is called the “power”. Or consider again the fact that (say) your imaging picture will begin to enter into conflict or accord with the same patterns of any other species that you invite into your universe.

Submission in exchange for freedom

I recall this fundamental point, saying that before with someone to talk over someone to dominate, or to someone to obey, we have this to invite someone in this universe. If we do someone not invited, then (like as) not on whom to exercise power or there is no one to obey because we are free beings from the beginning. And from the perspective of the axioms Microcosmos, everything we see around and within ourselves, have created themselves.

And I remind you that kind of thing, that there is an effect of power. When either we accept someone else’s authority, or themselves to exercise power over others. And in fact, and in another case, this power over those whom we invited. And extend that power can stably only in one case, if we follow the basic principles of the universe.

Those. people will give you the ability to manage their lives only if in return will be able to expand or extend their freedom. Generally well-known fallacy of the bulk of mankind, that all want to rule. It is in words everyone wants to rule, in words everyone wants power.

In fact, rather a person wants no power, a person wishes to the contrary, that the thought of everything for him. Because the power to instantly creates responsibility, and no one wants responsibility. And power is not without responsibility. More precisely, it’s very fleeting power. Why? Because if you are so use power over others that you have provided, and using it is not plausible for these living beings to, sooner or later, all of you are gone, they get tired of this despotism, and they will find a different universe with which to communicate.

About saying with Yuriev day

Likewise, you, if you will experience the oppression of any power, but this power is, in turn, will not give you an opportunity to something else to reach their potential freedom, you also long to endure this power will not be, it you get bored and you’ll walk away from it.

There is a Russian saying: “Take that, Grandma, and St. George’s Day.” It is alleged that she was born, one way or another, with the abolition of St. George’s Day. Serfdom did not come out at once in Russia and gradually, tightening and tightening their onerous conditions.

Up to a certain point it was such relief in serfdom, where peasants could use up to St. George’s Day and the period after the St. George’s Day in order to change the owner or the master himself.

Those. the whole year working on it, and now can change. Those. It was at least some relief serfdom. But, as you know, is vlastederzhaschim quickly tired, and they canceled the St. George’s Day. Therefore, they say that this is connected with the saying: “Take that, Grandma, and St. George’s Day.”

As you remember, all this has led to what? To serfdom, to the aristocracy, to decadence, decadence before the 1917 revolution. And then to the bloodbath. Those. We paid for this curtailment of freedom itself is called, terrible coin.

That’s why any government, at first glance, it is possible to abuse it, but not for long. Unfortunately, there is another side to this coin. Those. sometimes in a very disadvantaged people is run, and the man who runs. Because all the bumps on it fall down.

And it is still dependent largely on the fact that those who controlled this man may be at different degree of self-awareness of his Ya

And now I want to draw another picture, in order to illustrate the complexity of the provisions relating to the authority. So, for that I use this analogy. From the standpoint of the axioms of the macrocosm. We remember that he was the Absolute. And I will portray it in such a boundless sky in this picture. This is sometimes a good clear day you go out and look, the blue of the sky-blue color, leaving at some distance. Here I will compare all the space with the Absolute.

But Absolut decided to “May I be many!”, And made each of us in his own image and likeness. To do this, he needed a tool that is called “Maya”.

And in this our image I portray Maya as the ocean that laps under this blue sky of the Absolute. Those. Absolut over this ocean of maya, he is not affected by maya, he sees and controls the ocean. He created it, but at the same time, it is not subject to the action of maya. Those. this picture preceding or accompanying our creation. And finally, he has created in his own image and likeness of many living beings. An infinite number of the same blue sky.

But, at the same time, it limited their action of maya. And to illustrate this in our picture, I draw numerous air bubbles that float in this ocean of maya. The nature of each bubble is the same as the nature of the air over the ocean. But only here over the ocean Absolute fully turned, and Maya to a certain extent limited. We were so that I all of us swim in the ocean of maya created by the Absolute.

Example with Tibetan yogis

Every individual I am a living being is free, like the Absolute. But at the same time, it is under the influence of Maya. And so sometimes bunch of poorly understood by yogis. In particular, the yogis who had grown up in an environment of Tantric Buddhism. Or in other words, the Tibetan yogis.

Unfortunately, I meet very often followers of Tibetan yogi, who sometimes poryat such nonsense particular with regard to more in-depth interpretation of the same Buddhism that I feel sorry even Buddhism. Although, once again remind you, yoga does not belong to any religion, yoga itself. But this concept of emptiness in Buddhism, it is not an abstract-nihilistic atheist concept of nothing, and that (most) in our example, the analogy of the inexpressible. And then, if you meet in Tibetan yogis (the most well-known, as the Six Yogas of Naropa). Those or other concepts associated with emptiness, then you do not have to repeat all of that nonsense, which are not quite understand it’s followers, which reduce all this to atheism. And you must understand that there is a void meant untold, ie what we here call the Absolute and essence I am a living being.

This, on the one hand, and that both unitary nature and we can no object or this phenomenon is put in correspondence. Unfortunately, the term “void” in the Tibetan yogis began to live my life. This was the original analogy, and then turned into something self-existent.

And since all of yoga came from a single source, and Tibetan yoga, and yoga, where Hindu gods and goddesses, very disappointing, when they begin to flog every perfect nonsense that people seem to be there, and like it or not. You know, one pair. And trying to say that if there is rebirth, reincarnation, this reincarnation of what or whom? Begin the most abstract reasoning that lead to the side.

So, my friends, if you are found irresponsible Tibetan yoga, this is not to say that Tibetan yoga insane. This suggests that many followers, unfortunately podnachitavshis “third-rate” literature, see themselves as already understands this yoga, and yoga, this is a very admirable.

Example of the water with bubbles

Let us return to our analogy we. So many I in the form of bubbles of the same air or words of Tibetan yoga, this emptiness swim in this ocean of maya. And now it turns out that from time to time, one or the other bubble rises to the surface of the ocean, in the form of the bubble pops. You know, sometimes after rain puddles are floating bubbles on the surface of the stream.

And it turns out that, on the one hand, it is I or the person I am that we are so drawn, realizes that here it is, The Absolute at him next. On the other hand, clearly sees the numerous other living beings who are immersed in this ocean of maya and do not even realize that the sky is shining on them.

And, as you know, I’m on the surface – this is the greatest teacher of mankind, the greatest saints, yoga and yogini. And in fact, all those who gave us all the knowledge that we are now studying. Here they are, on the one hand, while remaining within our world, on the other hand, knowing the nature, leaving behind the knowledge.

But, and then after having done everything we wanted to do, we do the next thing. What happens to the bubbles that float after a rain? It floats, floats, floats, floats, and then bam – and busted, like as he was gone. And in fact, it can be interpreted in this our picture.

Here I draw it now. That bang – droplets scattered, but it is I, the boundary between the self and the Absolute merged. And it can be interpreted in different ways, as someone more like it. Someone said that I was so squeezed into this bottle, and then, when it burst, it immediately turned to a volume the size of the entire sky, ie, I am a man unfolded or increased to the volume of the entire sky. Some like this explanation.

There are followers of other philosophical systems, they like another explanation that I merged with the Absolute. Those. just as a young man hugs girl, with whom he is in love, merges with it, and it makes no difference where the young man ends where the girl begins. Those. question of borders or the concept is meaningless.

But, at the same time, there are people who, say, a frightening concept, and attracts a different concept. One says: “Well, how am I doing? I’m sitting here a little, and take me now deployed. And, maybe, I do not want to turn around. Maybe I want to be alone kompaktnenkim, small, cozy and I like that. ” Or rather people say, “I am a living man, as I will be dissolved?”. You know, once the analogy “in the sulfuric acid.” “Well stay with me?”.

If you feel adscititious discord or fear, then you know that this is just an analogy. If you do not like it, throw analogy. In yoga, everything is very simply defined. If you do not like something in the sense that the lack of logic abandoned, the logic is fulfilled, and sverhlogika not yet been reached, then, of course, there are certain associative links, which still has some illogical, frightening us introduce the concept in our minds, we often frightening than making it clear that there will be the same in reality.

In this respect, yoga and yogini in ancient times said: “Guys, if analogy in respect of the Supreme you do not like it, throw analogy. Throw it should not scare you. ” Those. all those who have reached this state, (what is called) do not regret, we wish the same. Those. bad they did not advise.

Anyway, it turns out that the process of liberation I or going beyond the world.

Let us return to the little bubbles in the ocean of maya, who were swimming. Some of them seek as much as possible to get out of maya, to as much as possible to overcome the illusion, and strive to climb as high as possible to the surface of the ocean of maya. Or in other words, spiritual knowledge. In particular, the spiritual knowledge of yoga, and swimming already in those areas through which the Absolute is seen.

And, as I hope every one of those present at today’s lecture, ie you aspire to something reasonable, good, eternal, and try to get close to this border. And someone on the contrary, plunges to the darkest ocean maya lowlands, where nothing is seen or heard. What a wicked man who lives all causes evil and says, and how it should be. “What is the Absolute? Nothing I can not see. ” That’s right, some Absolute, if in the depths of swollen? You know, like a fish, which sank to the depths, no ray of light does not pass, what sort of heaven.

And since I every living being free in the image of the Absolute, it turns out that someone on one side floats, floats, someone on the contrary, to the bottom of what is called lies, someone in the intermediate state, someone is up and down. And if a man in the depths, to tell him about the spiritual laws, about the higher self, about the Absolute useless. He sees nothing in his universe, he lives in a society where the same people, like him, people are angry, and he says: “Let the whole world evil!”.

Conversely, people who are closer to the light, they say, “No, the world is good!”, Because the people around them as such. But this is not enough friends. There is another factor.

Exceptional cases of a bubble

And it happens when the bubble in the water (this is the boundary between two media) starts to grow all sorts of dirt. This sometimes occurs. Even I saw the vial in the puddles, and around such mud begins to envelop, envelop, envelop. Enough so strong. Like as in I, and outside of some mud, some seaweed shell.

And this, of course, all that (if spending our analogy) that the person would like to see around him and built his inner and surrounding outer world. It is clear that to break through a very hard shell. And even if such a structure will emerge at the very surface of the ocean, that for this shell can not see anything.

Those. this shell can therefore be classified as our egoism. Or in another way, as a kind of structure that we made around the Self and from which are not going to get rid of the belief that these structures is precisely the essence of our Ya

And it turns out that someone has a thicker shell, someone very thick, do not break, someone thinner, someone do not. The great saints, like a bubble floated to the surface, all pobudet, pobudet and disappear.

Again, sometimes they ask: “Here were the ancient Teachers and Teachers of yoga that gave us this knowledge. And where did they go? “. They say, “Well, the solution is in the rainbow, in samadhi.” “Well, in the rainbow disappeared, and something happened where?”.

But this concept does not make sense. They seemed to have become the Absolute, have become the root cause, if I may say so, if you can bring this analogy.

But we are interested in the question of power. It is clear that each of these I am, no matter how much it is not overgrown with this web, it is still free. And it may invite to its range of action other Ya

Take intermediate I, painted in our picture. A layer of mud relatively small in relation to other living beings, but still quite substantial in comparison with some other spiritual teachers of mankind.

Those. we see varying degrees of contamination or in our analogy, different degrees of selfishness, or varying degrees of samoosoznannsti of the self with itself. And it turns out that this intermediate I, on the one hand, closer to the truth of what it actually is, or closer to free enclosed in each of us than many cruder I shell. And naturally arises, as we know from previous lectures, this ability to rule.

Those. if you invite these creatures, and they agree to come, because the you are at a higher level of self-awareness, you have a natural ability there to manage them. And if you so competently manage that enable each of these with a thick shell I is gradually overcome their ignorance or reduce the skin, all happy to perceive such power over him.

At the same time, you realize that you have over the higher I, which further understand the root cause. And if you listen to their instructions, then eventually you’ll come too close to the disclosure of its creative potential and unleash the freedom that and so you have.

Thus, we get a kind of a hierarchical pyramid. But in any case, it remains free will. Those. you can invite someone into your world, and he can either agree to come in, or do not agree. If you come, then you have the opportunity to exercise their authority or contrary to obey those whom you have invited into their world.

Furthermore, this design is “subordinate and obey” will be stable only in one case, if you adhere to, respectively, of the principle: as much as possible to strive for personal freedom with minimal infringement of the freedom of others.

The coexistence of different I

Well, now, let it carry over into our everyday lives. Here we have a state, there are different people (philosophers, scientists, businessmen, poets, writers, farmers, peasants, workers). And these people are at varying degrees of self-awareness.

Yes, indeed, to a certain extent can be traced back some correlation that, as a rule, if a person is doing something more intelligent, that he no longer understands the potential inherent in his higher self A person who is engaged in a tough job, seems to be the least. But this is not the fact. Secondly, it can be produced in a human environment, then the other. The most important thing is that all these people are united together. You are all more or less agreeable to each other.

Anyway, from your symbiosis or coexistence benefits all at the same time. You use, you do not need a builder to work on themselves to carry bricks or concrete way.

At the same time, the benefits and the person who maybe does not understand the heights and the whole philosophy of yoga, but be happy for you to build a stone house.

Those. there is a mutually beneficial exchange, or the coexistence of different I with varying degrees of self-awareness. And you are profitable, even if you are superior to others I, and is profitable for them in the highest degree of self-awareness.

At the same time, you realize that for all will not follow. If you’re responsible for everything, then it will turn into a nightmare for you. Therefore, you are taking on a volunteer some guiding, directing guidance of those whom you trust. Thus, the built hierarchy of power. Once again I want to say, it is entirely on the principles of voluntariness.

It is clear that there are different periods of life is difficult, and sometimes you have someone to subdue or to obey for the sake of the general interest. And if you feel that everything is true, you are taking that power. Problems begin when starting this or that group of people to abuse its position. The rulers are starting to abuse over those who, perhaps, to a lesser extent its self-aware I. And those who suffer, suffer, and then realize that something is coming, and explode into a revolution.

Or vice versa, you provide all the features of other living beings evolve, and they do not appreciate it. Here you have hired a team of builders to build them a summer residence, pay, pay them money, and they do not build and do not build. That is, again, the situation is critical. And only, recall our previous lecture, combined carrot and stick approach will allow these universal laws, when everything to gain.

And, accordingly, I remind you the basic idea. If a winner, then you released resource for spiritual development, and for those whom you lead, frees up resources for their spiritual development, and who supervises you, frees up resources for their spiritual development. Or are you starting to flock mates (they say) to float along on the surface of the ocean. Those. many years of evolution have shown that when free I combined the principles of freedom with each other and produce the rules permissible or impermissible in these communities, it is a community more quickly begins to approach the spiritual heights of self-knowledge.

In fact, my friends, if that’s all projected on us humans, and to consider any country, any country (by and large) brings only one thing – a joint commitment to the realization of the mortgaged building in every living being.

Those. if the country is made in such a way that they think about all the members of society, on the one hand. On the other hand, the rules of the game, that would rule out that one person would have realized his excessive freedom at the expense of excessive infringement of other creatures, such a system is stable, powerful, and very stable.

Therefore, for this reason, in ancient times, and it was believed that only the only stable country that no war will not destroy the epidemic. Where there is, firstly, it is a common aspiration to these spiritual goals, and, secondly, literate laws. Accordingly, that would minimally would infringe the freedom to maximize the freedom to disclose.

As you can see, once again I want to draw your attention that in yoga are explained in the form of process. You can not give all the freedom because the degree of self-awareness I each is different, they are simply unable to take advantage of the freedom of more than a certain level of self-awareness.

If you arrive at the cannibalistic tribe and start unnecessarily introduce laws that are characteristic of people with a severe degree of self-awareness, you will beget a completely monstrous result.

Example of Papuans

Many times you can keep track of such things. For example, lives a tribe of Papuans somewhere in Papua New Guinea. Lovely people in the jungle, kind, sympathetic in his own way, quite lovely, but in the jungle, where you need to go every day to hunt, take care of other members of society. Again, life is hard.

But you come to them from civilization, you relocated them from the jungle in apartment buildings. They do not need to run on a hunt, you provide them medical care. Do you think that education is easily accessible food. And it would seem as wonderful. Before that they were dying of hunger, before they suffered from malnutrition, from epidemics, of disease.



And now they have a spiritual breakthrough must come, because the resource is. But life shows the opposite. Living in this apartment anthills, cut off from nature, they immediately begin to degrade. In the sense that there is immediately formed gangs with its complex system of subordination. They hold no spiritual development. The population continues to grow, unfettered growth of epidemics, lack of food is somehow limited, and now do not have this limitation. As a result, it becomes a little hell. And not just for the people of the civilized, who allegedly gave them more freedom than they have themselves been able to digest it. So you have for these same people made hell.

Again, the example of Papua New Guinea, if you’re interested to find out through the Internet, which is now going on there. The same applies to other countries.

Therefore, there is an unwritten principle that you can not give freedom, freedom is not offered, the freedom won by every living being, otherwise, it is not freedom, otherwise it is more sophisticated and refined torture or enslavement.

You know, the paradox that freedom can not be selected, and give you its not. As long as the man himself, they say, will not overcome the limiting factors, any attempt of intervention lead to a headache of who tried to intervene. On the other hand, it will make the situation worse for those who you are trying to help in this way.

Therefore, you must understand that the world order is a very complicated thing. Filter can not be free, but you force it will not give. And born very interesting, sometimes very painful structures that gradually allow each living creature, that is called, climbing toward freedom these very small steps, which is a living being able to digest.

Therefore, God forbid, if you are the big boss somewhere on business, and you’re running a lot of subordinates. But people still apparent degree of self-awareness, which leaves much to be desired. So, God forbid, panibratstvovat with them, in the sense that they are also relevant, as you do, you deal collapsed. Those. you have to come up with the system that corresponds exactly to their degree of self-awareness.

If you give more, you also make yourself worse if, on the contrary take away, as currently do worse. If on the contrary, you will select, and make yourself worse. Those. therefore say that rule – which is the second task, then, God forbid (what is called), it is much easier to comply with. Anyway, you can always blame someone, say it’s not my fault, but someone upstairs.

So, it turns out that a community of living beings. Each is free, but with varying degrees of self-awareness, which is more or less of each other digests. If it makes a kind of symbiosis or coexist together, all benefit from this. If there is damage, infringement of freedom, then the system falls apart. And wins system if wins only in spiritual terms, and all other plans (physical, material, mental, cultural, and all sorts of call) it is called, will follow, “ask for the highest, and everything else will follow.”

And for this reason, for example, in ancient times it was the so-called school of yoga, combining sometimes people in some groups and trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. Realizing that even in an environment of yoga are all at different levels of self-awareness. At the same time, to give maximum freedom.

Ancient knowledge and modern lifestyle

And so that you better understand what it is completely insoluble problems are, I want to illustrate this on to another organization. This organization is called the Open Yoga University. Look, what turns out (sorry for the slang) parsley.

On the one hand, there is a higher knowledge of yoga, which disappears. Accordingly, there is a purpose – not to give this knowledge to disappear. Or, at least, not so fast. And to do this we need people who will carry the matter to the masses. They did this successfully can only in one case, on the one hand, they are an excellent understanding of the theory and practice of yoga antiquity. On the other hand, will lead a thoroughly modern civilized life.

Indeed, we must, of course, know what you will teach. But, on the other hand, if you somehow behave very wildly and strangely, you do not invite in my universe Universes other free, so give them the knowledge of yoga. Because those other universes will shy away from you.

And here you are, and therefore must, on the one hand, speak in plain language for all; lead a modern lifestyle; Know where you want to laugh when you are telling anecdote; know what things are clear, and what strange, what relevant, any inappropriate.

But this requires two factors. The first factor – is the presence of people who so wish to become teachers, instructors, yoga teachers in the future. To do this, just need this ancient knowledge (after all, what to teach) and resource needs in order to organize it all together.

In the end, you need somewhere to gather, somewhere to sit, there must be heat and light, need to spend electricity and other benefits, they are worth the money, for it someone has to pay. Who! Teachers humanity of antiquity? No, they have long been the Absolute.

So, we need somewhere to take the money. Where to take them? Well, a typical response: “But even if the state helps. Yoga is such a good thing in general, such a science is good, let’s state pays. “

Friends, the state of their concerns above (what is called) Roof: pensioners and the homeless, and the unemployed, and God knows who else. And then, where the criterion for the state to determine what you need to invest money here, it’s not some kind of loophole sawed budget.

This thing can be only if the company is aware of the value of knowledge of yoga and says: “Yes, yes, indeed, yoga extinct as the dinosaurs. Already in the Red Book. ” It is necessary to (know) how to build a zoo, the zoo, to a couple of left alive to them as people watched in a cage. And that costs money. But nothing, built a zoo, and something to do yoga. This I did, of course, scoff. But, you know, it’s not that way.

The second method of solution. And let the oligarchs pay, they have a lot of money. But the answer to this question is: they have a lot of money and because they do not pay anyone. You see, that is, on the contrary.

Next, a third answer: patrons and sponsors. Indeed, the people full of, not all steal someone honestly and earns his bread-profit. Here let they sponsor.

But there is a chicken and egg question. Before that, the sponsor, it is necessary to know something. And if no one knows how to sponsor something that you do not know. That is, first, you need to imagine somehow declare yoga to be understood: “valuable thing”. And for this case to pay the money.

Or, at least, the man who so became a successful businessman, he had to first go through yoga, to understand what it is to understand that it helps, including the understanding that it helps him to earn money. And then, when it (including using the yoga of knowledge), he became their millions (as they say) to earn an honest living, then, naturally, it will begin to share in this regard.

Example Open Yoga University

In fact, for this reason, Open Yoga University and there, there were people who really have been training yoga and realize that it is something of value, and the money began to sponsor. Otherwise, we would nd how long would not be sitting here.

People sometimes ask me: “And you have such a center was opened in a certain year, and where you were before? Why do you not know? “. Yes, we are on every street corner screaming, “Here we are, guys, we’re here, yoga, yoga.” You know, “go here, go here.” You know, it’s useless to cry because you can not hear.

The letter is written here, indeed, human life problems, he did not know what to do. A little bit of firewood is not mangled, that’s just, as they say, even a single step, and it would upekli years 9. And then collided with the first, the second principle of yoga, dharma, read, comprehended, realized (figuratively speaking) has decided not to kill.

It seems to be like we are good, like what we have done is a good thing. He wrote to thank us that “you are there ….” I say, “Not I, and a group of friends who did.” Someone typed a lecture, someone posted on the Internet, once it reached you.

There was a more complex situation, the pirates stole the film, have produced copies of our film and decided to be enriched. We, by the way, very good attitude to it, go ahead friends. In terms of what is still the law of karma. All we have is due to us, and so comes about that we take care of in another way. It turns out that this pirate and need to say thank you: would not steal a movie, not published, who would know?

Question: Where were you before? What (kind of) yesterday we were born. Since ancient knowledge of yoga, it is already a few thousand years. But if it is not known about, where does it take. But we digress.

So funding. Yes, sponsors, but people. Again, any sponsors? Sponsors sponsors alike. There are unclear Valais, do not want to mess with them, there are sincere people. As a rule, those who themselves went through yoga, they do not ask too many questions, they have themselves understood. Because if he helped himself with the help of yoga, you have no doubt, and will work or not, but worthwhile or not worthwhile, ie, money is not sorry. Typically, the money sorry everyone. But, on the other hand, the sponsor may or may not be.

The next step, ie, We need to build a system that would have itself fed. It is insanely difficult task in our country, insanely difficult. In the West, saying simply, maybe.

Those. On the one hand, you have yet to do, friends, funding, ancient knowledge of yoga, attracting the right people, cutting off unwanted people. And all this should begin to spin round in a community of people who must somehow organize, to at least some crumbs there financial flows arising, spinning, out, and did not let this all fall apart.

Those. to sponsor hope (they say) those who help themselves. Insanely difficult task. Why? Because you have to drive or certain rules of the game demands. And the man who is part of this system, these requirements must take over. And this, as you can imagine (the adoption of the requirements), there is a restriction of their freedom.

Those. You understand conflict. Any organization – this is certainly the game. Any rules of the game – it’s infringement of some of their freedoms. For example, we are not welcome, if you shout loudly, swear at yoga class. Such a restriction.

But, on the other hand, someone will say: “This is the infringement of my rights and freedoms.” And he will be right. Those. obviously there are restrictions on freedom and it must be something to compensate. And what it is possible to compensate? It is only one, that something else in human freedom will be added on the contrary.

Or in another way, you will need to do even this system is not just that it is self-sustaining financially, and not just that it is stupid propagate or transferred the knowledge that a miracle to have survived from antiquity. But also gave each member of the community, personal spiritual growth or to achieve personal freedom more and more, that is, creativity disclosure. Insanely difficult task, you know?



On the other hand, no other way. Those. if it somehow will be closed, if it somehow begins to exist. What, on the one hand, it does not turn into some kind of sect with rigid suppression of freedom. But do not turn into (you know) Cossack freebooters, where each “what I see, that I sing; where I look, there go “, then it is something out. And if this is not done, then turn it on any crumble, fall apart, and yoga, we do not keep.

And the question arises: how to approach this? And, again, in the continuation of our previous topics, this approximation between that initial freedom of every living being, and those minimum requirements constraints that need to impose on each of (say) the Open University Yoga student.

Indeed, to the mat not swear out loud, the beer did not drink, and other anti-social, anti-social activities are not conducted. And where did it take? In particular, we have gone in this way. Precedents. Those. Yes, we took everybody from the beginning. Came a man: “I want to become a yoga teacher!”. Great, go ahead.

He was beginning to learn, then it turns out that (to put it mildly) we misunderstand each other. That is, he knew it in any one direction, we knew it in some other way, there were conflicts. Conflicts in many ways, I must say, hand on heart.

This I say that? If we fall apart, that the Open Yoga University 2.0, version 3.0, in order not to repeat the mistakes. Some went to the scandal, some silently, some simply evaporated, some really due to objective reasons.

Indeed, there is a human life as a changed family circumstances, or anything else. Some were leaving forever. Very rare percentage back, very rarely, when a person goes away and then comes back. However, it is very valuable people because for one broken two unbeaten give. Very rarely, however, it happens.

Those. First was the original freedom. But every such case brought one, they say, the requirement, the other, the third, fourth, fifth. To date, there are more than two dozen. And this attempt to find a compromise between the freedom of every living being, the degree of their integration into something whole. And at the same time that it was clearly converted into what is called the “experience”.

Experience a completely invaluable. At least by the fact that one can no longer do all the errors that were made. But, as a matter of fact, it came down to the hierarchy of subordination. Who makes what requirements, if they are accepted, if satisfied, satisfy you? As far as the freedom of each student infringed to a greater extent than those horizons are opening their freedom within the framework of a community.

And this, my friends, the question is one of the most serious one of the most serious. At least, again, going back to our yoga Visualization, each player Open Yoga University its visualization on the whole process. And so these are not contrary to the visualization destroyed the common cause, they need rules that are as close to the basic rules of the game throughout the universe.

But with the third party. For one person it turns out that the extent of its freedom correlates the degree of his self-awareness, that the potential we are all equal, all are free. Actually, it turns out one more responsible, other less responsible.

Those. Association neobedinimogo obtained. On the one hand, like, and equality, on the other hand, there is no equality and there is no trace. On the one hand, you realize freedom, on the other hand, the constraints is really common rules and requirements, as in any organization.

Obviously, the thing is very lively, it is difficult.

Come on, we now conclude our lecture.


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