2010_05_25 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 12th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture

Today, May 25, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we will continue with you interesting enough to consider refractive practical application of yoga Visualization. And before we go any further, let us briefly recall the previous lecture.

We have come to you for such a very interesting conclusion. So the whole world that we see on the outside, and all of our inner world, according to yoga, visualization, was formed by the same contact. Moreover, we can change it in the future as we wish to do so. And Yoga Visualization gives us a very specific mechanism and tools, how to influence their inner world and our outer world around us in order to change it.

But then there is a very controversial issue. If you come to us such strength and such a power (to change the outside world), the question arises whether it would not conflict with, say, the will of other people who can visualize something different.

Indeed, we perceive the world as perceived. For example, we have not, and perceive our world from the perspective of poverty and wish to change it to one side. Next to us can be an oligarch who perceives the world differently and sees the future of the world somewhat differently.

The question is: whose visualization of the result will come true or for whom the last word? Or, as we saw in the previous chapter, whose visualization, firstly, execute faster, and secondly, neutralize or adjust other imaging and how long it will last?

Approaching the original

the laws of the universe

Those. these are very serious issues that lead us to understanding issues of power. That is the concept of “power” when one person something that can solve the other. And it would be good to understand how these questions are the most competent authorities and harmonious way to resolve when our personal practice.

In the previous lecture, I remind you that we have as a result of working with the concept, whose visualization is executed, we came close (oddly enough) to the law, or to the type of human activity, which regulates the actions of the authorities. Those. all woven.

And let me remind you logic that we managed to track down. So, Visualization Yoga gives you the power or the ability to influence people and the surrounding nature. For simplicity we divide the whole world around us people like us in many respects and the rest of nature. Those. All inanimate matter and other living beings, but is not yet found in the human body. Those. two such groups of objects for our impact.

Looking far ahead, I will say that it is not no two groups, it is a unity. But our mind grasps better idea if (say) to explain it on an example of the people, to bring the idea of the impact on any other living creature, or what we call “non-living matter.”

Thus, the power gives us the ability to influence people and the surrounding nature. And these people around us can be very much. If we look at people, they may have some preferences or its visualization.

For example, there were two yoga to visualize different things. Rather, they see a different picture to a visualization with the participation of the same people, things or objects in the universe. The question arises: whose visualization win or whose visualization is closer to perform?

We came with you to the conclusion that the man who increasingly understand the basic, fundamental, prohibitive laws of the universe, has more chances to be true in spite of rendering other people visualize.

Those. The closer a person to recognize the fundamental laws of the universe, the more he has the power. We are with you, remind you sketched this picture closer to these higher powerful laws of the universe. And I remind you, we have come to the conclusion that the laws of the universe are inexpressible, there are no words or thoughts to them as something to express. But there are other concepts that most closely describe separate the higher laws of the universe.

Those. there are certain concepts, certain words in a very good degree characterize or give us an opportunity to get closer to understanding these higher spiritual laws of existence.

And one of these notions sounds like the word “freedom.” Or in more detail “unconditional freedom” or “absolute freedom.” Those. the concept of “freedom” is very close to the concept of the most fundamental laws on which the universe is built.

And if a person comes to an understanding of these laws and these fundamental concepts, they are (as it were) is impregnated his whole life, his whole way of thinking and his entire modus operandi. As a result, whatever he was engaged, he has more chances to dominate.

So, the notion of “absolute freedom” or “unconditional freedom.”

Then we looked at with you another application or breaking of the concept of “freedom” or of understanding the fundamental laws of the universe. Then they brought out a first approximation, this law podchineniya- subordination. Those. who can subdue or who voluntarily submits. Or, on the other hand, we have come close to Raja Yoga concept in one of its refraction – controlled science.

The art of managing others

Let me remind you that the concept in this regard is as follows. What can you conquer any long-term living beings (if we are talking about living beings). So, you can bend only in one case, if you give more than take. Those. if you are other living beings ultimately give much more than the need of them, in this case, we are only seeing a steady subordination hierarchy of law.

But what you give as a result you have the opportunity to subordinate? Give you, by and large, free. So, if you learn to make other living beings freedom, paradoxically, only in this case there you have the ability to manage these people, so that they will obey.

Those. you create an environment where each person that you manage, can dramatically realize their inner potential, which still rests on the concept of freedom. After all, the concept of building one way or another, can be reduced to the concept of creativity and self-realization, or the concept of freedom. Those. only he can subjugate who gives freedom. Therefore, in Raja Yoga has numerous aphorisms about the management, which read as follows: if you learn how to give someone freedom, thus themselves become more available.

In fact, if you give freedom to other living beings, the living beings, taking it may (as they say) you submit to. Those. you get what is called the “power”. A “power” in other words – your freedom.

The concept of “power”

What is power? This is where you can specify something, say something to someone, and it starts to run. But, on the other hand, if we take the example of people, you give them something to indicate that some say, and they do, they should voluntarily take on the mission to fulfill what you tell them. And they take over its voleizyavyat only in one case, if you help them to discover their own freedom.

So, once again, the one who gives you the freedom of others, he becomes free.

And the reverse situation, the one who takes away the freedom of others, in this sense, he will sooner or later becomes a captive. Therefore, it turns out this is a very interesting picture. If you are aware of the meaning of freedom and builds all its activities on the implementation of this principle both for themselves and for those around you, thus you are in a life closer approach to the fundamental laws of the universe. And, as a consequence, any your practice (eg, yoga Visualization) is becoming more powerful and more successful.

And here comes this yogic formula that we should maximize the fight for their liberty with minimal infringement of the freedom of others.

Those. if we want to power, if we want to influence, power, even if we want to mean something in this life. Most easier to explain it in the example with the management of people. Although, once again, strictly speaking, to manage with all the rest of the universe, living or non-living matter is the same.

So, we should not let anything take away from us the freedom that we have the most free. But, at the same time, this freedom was not at the expense of others.

In the world you will find a huge number of people with such a selfish attitude. Here they were born into this world, and they think that everything should revolve around their person. They can stand up for their rights, they are there as something to fight for them, or in other words to live somehow. But it is often these people behave (as if to say it mildly) not very gentlemanly. Those. their freedom at the expense of the freedom of other living beings. And this is (in fact) are contrary to the line of conduct.

Those. if you made someone non-free and on this for a moment felt more free, then tomorrow it will have to pay, as a result you will also lose their freedom. Moreover, as will the so-called karmic response, “interest on credit” (so to speak).

Therefore, if we examine with you the laws of the universe or the laws of men (or if you suddenly decide tomorrow to write the country’s constitution or the statutes of some of the organization, company or public organization, or group of friends, collecting stamps, and so on, and so on. n.), then willy-nilly, you will need to come up with some rules or any laws by which the organization or association will function.

But in order to develop these or other rules of the game very well could understand the fundamental principles in general “what and how” made in the universe, not to violate a fundamental law to build a deeper secondary laws while attempting to.

And so, if you build an organization, or some kind of union that respects the freedom of others, and any restriction of that freedom comes only with a view to further all those people who have made this limitation, got even more freedom.

So, you have a chance to succeed. If on the contrary, your strategy is due to the strategy of building the people so that you do alien to the concept of freedom of other beings, and there is only a narrow your self-interest, then such a system has a lot of chances to rapidly fall apart.

And as an example, recall the works of the classics of Marxism, which cited the laws of capitalist society, in fact, the law of the jungle: Who had time, he and ate.

In fact, any business built like a machine to extract profits. Accordingly, every person who took part in this great enterprise, was like a small cog and freedom which no one thought. The goal was – profits.

Not surprisingly, this system is not viable enough to show themselves, and as a result, our country has led to the revolution abroad (in Germany) led to fascism. In the United States means a long-long polishing somehow managed to some extent balance the freedom of each individual, and at the same time, the idea of profit at any cost.

But again, the system will constantly have bursting at the seams, and every certain amount of time a crisis, after which the system should be slightly redraw, redraw and redraw.

But, say the same of the United States of America (as we saw with you in the previous chapter), it is very good constitution was written, respectively, all other provisions. It was such a shock absorber of social upheaval.

So, it turns out that if you write some laws fundamental, or more practical, and you have the background there thinking that if you do something from someone take, you have to give in return is much more to this system It was self-sustaining.

If you will not do this, if they do not realize that all your efforts to create an organization, a political party, movement, club of collecting postage stamps has a chance to fall apart. Or is the visualization of the founding fathers of parties, movements and so on, it becomes unstable and collapses.

The elusive concept of freedom

Those. This concept of freedom is very abstract concept, an elusive concept, but it must exist, or you do not do anything. On the other hand, we live with you in the real world, and we are well aware that there will be, if you cancel all the laws of tomorrow.

From tomorrow repealed all laws: take what you want, do what you want, get a car and drive through a red light in the opposite lane. In general, there are some in our laws, the laws of life, and to take them tomorrow and cancel that start?

Friends, nothing will be, everything will go as usual. Why? Because people do not yet understand the inertia that can be everything. But the next day after the day after tomorrow or the day after, after, after in one place will be someone to violate these laws, in the other, in the third, fourth, fifth. As a result, accumulated a critical amount of initiative, when every person, regardless of the interests of other people will begin to behave as something in its own way, will happen anarchy. It is the bloody thing in the history of mankind, in comparison with which any dictatorship just seems childish prattle.

Remember, as Alexander Pushkin, “God forbid from the Russian revolt, senseless, bloody and merciless.” Those. and we see the explicit contradiction. It seems to be like every living creature strive for freedom. And if you do not respect his freedom, do nothing. But, on the other hand, if at all, to remove the laws will be even worse, will anarchy, chaos, confusion and utter collapse.

Imagine you in the body of a huge number of bodies. All of them work for some laws. From time to time are pulses that need to eat, to sleep, or some more primitive impulses, you need to digest food, in the end, the heart is somehow reduced with some frequency. Imagine that all this begins to live its own life haphazardly. Of course, you immediately die.

“Law” and “freedom”

The same situation is observed in society. And if you drop more deeply into the Visualization Yoga, the same situation is observed with the animate and inanimate nature. Those. the absence of laws leads to a very terrible crash. But the lack of understanding of the principle of freedom leads to the fact that you can not make the system of the lack of stable laws.

And then, my friends, I want to draw your attention that like all yoga, sooner or later we have to explain the logic of the approach sverhlogike that the mind can not grasp. Or we approach to the problem, the answer to which can be both one and the other side. Those. those tasks on which our mind, our work logic can not, it gives the answer to both the two sides. And be aware of these problems can only our higher intuition or our sverhlogika.

So, here in relation to the laws of power, we have also come to this (seemingly) irreconcilable contradictions. Really, think about it in the word “freedom”. The word “freedom” means that you can do anything you want. Those. the word “freedom”, friends, eliminates any remaining laws.

Those. if you are absolutely free, it means that all the remaining laws on you (like how) and do not work. That is, on the one hand, the word “freedom” concept iskolyuchaet laws. Indeed, what laws? Laws that restrict something, and you have no limitations. On the reverse side, the word “laws” excludes the word “freedom.”

Those. What is the law? In the best case, this kind of freedom is stripped down. Here you can walk, let’s say, from here to here. But step left, step right, you have gone beyond the law, what kind of freedom?

Those. we do not mix together. And if we are intuitively aware of how to combine it incongruous, of us really born a very good lawyer who can write a constitution of any country or any rules of the game for an organization, which involves other (in particular) beings .

That’s the reason, friends, it is impossible to write a perfect set of rules. Even if you write very sophisticated laws today, tomorrow they can become outdated and need to be changed. Why? Yes, because they have to co-exist with the concept of “freedom”. And freedom – is absolute freedom, unconditional freedom, this is the state in which remains our highest Ya

So sometimes ask. In ancient times yoga was so smart, reached the super-powers, that just does not know how to do. Well, do they in ancient times could not write such fair laws or rules of the game for all of humanity, to mankind once to apply them, (they say) to the rest of his life was calm, and quiet, but God’s grace, “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” , “peace, friendship, chewing gum,” ie, all in full (as they say) openwork?

Very often we hear such arguments: “Since in ancient times were so smart that they were not so smart to somehow influence our lives?”.

But, as you know now, it is impossible in principle. Yes, the ancient yogis have been really clever, and they are valid for the members of his community have written the laws that have been the most beneficial for the time, for that mentality and to the conditions of life. But after a little time, changed the mentality, changed rules of the game, changed the climate of relations, technology, epidemics, war, etc., etc., and have old laws do not work, they need to re-rewrite.

And in ancient times, the same system of ancient India was following what was originally three, then four castes: the so-called caste Brahmins, the so-called warrior caste, and of caste, directly traders zemledeyateley. And they were divided roles. To a certain extent, somewhere resembling device of any modern legal state. Those. It was the legislature, the executive and has been the judiciary.

And it turned follows that these laws, which lived (say) the ancient Indian society, created in the environment of the Brahmins, who (with one hand) with the help of long meditations, using many methods of self-knowledge, came to the understanding here these unspeakable transcendent laws, and find words adequate to the era, to write very specific directions on how to live, what to do, etc., etc.

In fact, the weight of the Vedas “Rigveda”, “Yajur Veda”, etc. it was a kind of attempt to regulate the life, or any attempt to enter the rules or laws of life, by which all others lived.

Well, and, directly, the executive largely taking on someone? Kshatriyas (warlords), they fight, they manage. Those. this attempt to solve the unsolvable, connect, on the one hand, absolute, unspeakable, unconditional freedom of anything that can not be selected in any of the living being. And, on the other hand, combine it with a set of rules, which, in spite of the freedom of each I, to some extent, restrict this freedom, this is the greatest challenge.

Therefore, once again I want to emphasize this point. All lawyers, they say, from God, the great bow. And, in fact, it turns out that they (in some sense) make history of mankind. Thought of some ideas of world order, they thereby lay the success or failure of future actions.

You know, I often quote a statement that attributed to Bismarck. It sounds it follows that “the school teacher wins on the battlefield,” ie, any war wins the schoolmaster. Why? Because if he had given a good education to the people who then went to fight, teach them proper techniques, the (respectively) the army and wins. However, evil tongues say that it is not Bismarck, as someone else said, this phrase does not matter.

Likewise here. If you decide to organize your business tomorrow, then, of course, would be the question of how to manage people, have the right to pledge? Lay the long term, so that your business does not fall apart due to the human factor. And you must remember that the most powerful factor of all activities and the weakest link – the human factor. People will do anything for you, but also the people and destroy everything. If there is no proper management policies built, everything falls apart.

And, on the one hand, you have to understand that if you let things slide, if libertines, permissiveness, if anybody for what does not answer, then you do not do anything.

On the other hand, you realize that it is connected in order to get or make some kind of incentive system so that the other person is to be responsible to do something, and thus limited their freedom. The fact that we go to work, we thus limit their freedom. We could spend that time more fun elsewhere.

Motivation system

So you need to build a system of incentives. How to build the system of motivation? And then obviously there are two factors in the system of motivation: reward and punishment. Gingerbread – it is an opportunity to open up to each member of your team to fulfill your potential, realize their creative potential, to find freedom. Only in this case, people who come to you, to a certain extent will cut their freedom to something else, but they will understand that this is just a charge for the acquisition of a greater freedom. This gingerbread.

On the other hand whip. It is no less important. Why? Well, at least because we, my friends, though all are made on a single image, and each of us Isometric I, but the degree of self-awareness, unfortunately, I have various different.

One person workaholic, lazy, and other parasite. One person will work no matter how much he is paid, simply because he likes to work. The other will not work, no matter how much you did not pay him. Third on the contrary, will pay more – more will work, will pay less – will be less work.

Those. It assumes that each person has reached such a degree of self-awareness that can only on his mind and understanding that he is given the opportunity to develop their potential and their inner freedom, will work for you. So, you can not count on it, from that, all good initiatives are falling apart.

For this reason, the French Revolution too counted on proletarian consciousness and drowned in blood, our revolutionaries of the Great October Socialist Revolution, and the peasantry, and anyone.

Man, he is a man, people are different, there were fanatics (they say) for new ideas, attitudes, there were opponents, it was gray and swamp, which does not understand and did not want to understand. Those. no stick, friends, and not to build a system.

But, again, what is this stick and how to build the whip? If the stick more or less clear – it is freedom, it raises the question of the whip or punishment. Again, if you are the owner of a big company and you do not like this or that employee, what you can whip? Obviously, you can not pay him a bonus, you can trim his wages. In the end, you can fire him. And this limited punishment.


Imagine that you are the president of a great country. And the soul, which has shown a great degree of misunderstanding their highest potential and made a lot of heinous crimes should be punished somehow. And the question is: to what extent we have the right to punish? It is very open, sensitive issue for many countries.

For example, in China often punished very simple nor uncomplicated. Display the somewhere in the stadium and publicly shot to discourage others were. In Europe, believe that they have no right to take life and have abolished the death penalty. In the United States, which were formed (relatively speaking) from all the rabble of humanity, with their wild West, were well aware that such exhortations or so much humanistic attitude is not achieved. And until now, they have an electric chair with a known frequency is switched by sending to the light of another loser.

Those. they are in no hurry to give up such a punishment. But again, the range of penalties can be quite different, but the whip everywhere. And the question is this, my friends, is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. And to deal with this issue of carrots and sticks (eg carrot), let’s you and I remember the axioms of yoga.

Repetition of the main findings

So, each of us is a living being completely free. We were created (so to speak) in the image, and have inherited this freedom. Freedom of this, I remind you, was all over, including freedom from any kind of knowledge has been preset. Those. there was a certain cause, which in yoga is called “Absolute”, it in his own image and likeness created all of us, has given us freedom, but not even left the knowledge of itself (the root cause of this).

Those. Absolute we do not say anything about what he have done if it’s viewed from the perspective of the axioms of the macrocosm. Why? For any knowledge, directly or indirectly affect all of our subsequent actions and, one way or another, infringe our freedom.

So, we are all friends, were set free, but without Preinstallation knowledge, in fact, in the original ignorance. Condition that we were free, said that for many, many years of our continued existence, we started coming up with one law after another, and as a result come up with all the laws of animate and inanimate matter that surround us.

Those. everything you see around you, or feel in his inner world, according to this position, you have made yourself. You laid the laws, and all the rest, according to these laws was layered. Because You have free will, or omnipotence, everything that you did not want to, was happening. So you nazhelali what you see today. On the one hand.

On the other hand, we remember that the Absolute, when he created us free, we have created a plural. Moreover, it made it so that we can co-exist. Or in other words, we would still be able to communicate with each other, but each would have remained free.

Again, at first sight conflict as two equally free beings can coexist with each other and the (roughly) do not kill each other. The terms of the criminal chronicle, one authority, the other authority. One runs the authority, law establishes another. Always there is a conflict.

And, no less than the world is made in such a way that each of us, while remaining free, can interact, communicate with other free being. And, as you may remember, this is just the Maya was used.

As a side effect of maya, or the price paid for that living being can communicate with another free being and freedom of each other, not to enslave, the illusion, the illusion, the price paid for this is the highest pleasure – chat (if I may say so, because I all simplistically say).

So it turns out that over time our existence, we not only did set some laws, we also voleizyavlyali to our personal universe, where we are all completely define, arrival or departure of other living creatures.

Those. All the ones we see in your life, one way or another, whenever that may be, we were invited to our universe. We invited them, they came to us, and we made a great community.

If we look at it in that truncated state, concerning only the people, but not regarding the entire remaining Universe is a community of people. We are born among the people we live among the people, we are dying among people to be born again among men.

And so we built numerous tricky relationship that we (sort of) themselves have invited other people do with them live together and help each other in our development. Thus It was formed rational humanity. I refer you to the axioms of yoga, to issues related to evolution. I remind you that unlike normal evolution, evolution of yoga are two parallel roads: the evolution of the physical and spiritual evolution, they are interrelated.

The most severe punishment – a

expulsion from the Universe

So, it turns out, my friends, that all those whom we see, like as were invited by us ourselves. And when we invited them for one reason or another, they have staged. But, let’s say, they have ceased to hold and we decide to punish them.

The question arises: what is the most severe degree of punishment? And the answer from the axioms of Yoga quite obvious: the most severe degree of punishment – is the expulsion from their universe. Those. you voleizyavlyaete to greater spirit was not that bad things other free living being.

Those. just as in the enterprise the employer may be limited (in the legal community, of course) only the dismissal of an employee, just as well here. By and large, the most severe penalty, which only can be in a society – it is the expulsion from the society. And from then on it begins the intermediate degree of punishment or method of implementation of this penalty.

Again, if life is harsh and you once nursed, to arrange any more subtle methods of expulsion as (say) it was in the Middle Ages or in some of our modern world. And they cast out very simply: the executioner, scaffold, the ax, clap – head no, then banished from his world. But, as you may recall, the human soul can be born in the same society, from here so it quite rudely expelled. At the same time, this soul may think: “Is it worth it at all to be born there, if you so badly?”.

Let’s say you are a great yogi born among cannibals, so here you have karma has developed, launched itself as a lead. Local shaman-eater does not like the fact that you are there for vegetarianism steel and so on. And he decided, so you do not embarrass immature minds of the remaining tribesmen, “that you” dinner. And, of course, ate you. And now you are dead, but not yet born. You are there in the higher spheres fly and think, “Is it worth it for the second time there is born to you a second time ate?”. As Mark Twain said: “It is becoming more uniform.” We need to find another place.

And, of course, that you are leaving this society. In any case, it is a matter of choice. And you can ask politely, but can roughly kick. Similarly, you yourself, if you have done so bad, is it any longer a personal universe to match with the universe of the society in which you are going to be born?

As you can imagine, if we analyze all these facts emerges quite intricate and ambiguous picture is not so simple. Why? Because if with a certain frequency, for example, in your society are born freaks, then we have to somehow discourage them.

It is clear that a maniac is born, it is not formed in one lifetime, he was born largely preloaded with the line of conduct, which he formed in previous lives, for example, in another society, I was born in this society. And it all depends on many factors.

In a society, people are willing to spend on it time, money, effort, in order to re-educate, it will hire an army of analysts why he loves to torment cats begin to clarify this. Sooner or later (as our modern psychologists) unleash the reasons for its unwarranted aggression and try to help, thus get good karma.

But there are societies that do not have such great resources. If, say, in a society blunt dies of hunger a lot of people to do something hothouse conditions for each of the maniac and understand all of his insinuations, they have no life, it is easier to hack to death his.

And say, “right or wrong”, we can only, if you analyze what kind of society. It is clear that if a society is born a maniac, then this society there are traces of negative karma. If there were no negative karma, this maniac would not have been born. So, the members of this society, to some extent, too, had a hand in the formation of this maniac.

And, of course, that any problem should be solved. Then begins a variety of factors. Is this war is being waged society, or vice versa, it is dying. Or full of life, ie, for each person on the psychoanalyst. Those. if society is more humane, if more than sated if richer, the company can afford it, if not, then not.

But, in any case, as you know, the situation is such that the degree of punishment is the largest that can be – it’s expulsion. Those. each member of the society says, “have no place in my universe to another member of society.” Or reach us quite archaic, fantastic stories about the ancient Brahmans, priests, know the truth and freedom.

As stated in many texts, the Upanishads, this Brahmin was enough to tell when he was faced with one or another illegal act of one of the members of society, it was enough to say, “Yes, this should not have happened in my universe”, and it was sufficient, to the offender could even die on the spot. Or as it is said in these texts: “prana deserted him, the dog gnawed the meat and bones of thieves pilfered.” This has a very interesting “saying” in these ancient texts.

Those. visualization of the ruler of the Brahmin was so strong that he did not even have to cut the head, he just knew that in his universe there is no place it. And since He knew that his visualization was much stronger than the visualization of this maniac, sneaked into a society (they are called differently in Indian myths: Rakshasa and other horrible creatures, eaters of flesh and blood), it happened by itself. But, clearly, this is an extreme degree.

If the degree is less, a different sort of punishment for a time, so that the other person, being free of the universe too, had time to think, and whether to accept his rules of the game or leave the society. Those. this whip.

As you can imagine, and carrots and sticks perfectly correlated (so-called) the first, second and third principles of yoga and this provision that freedom of every member of society should not be at the expense of the other members of society. If we see it, the system: a) falls apart, b) are explicitly or implicitly, such trends to differ.

Therefore, yoga is said that you can punish the most powerful image of the person, if you have offended someone? You can become indifferent to it, is the highest degree of punishment. You free the universe, it is the free universe. It behaves in some laws that are unacceptable to you, remodel (by and large) you have it you can not, you can just make sure that your universes are separated and do not overlap.

But things are much more complicated in real life. Often, the intermediate level of the whip. You understand that man, it behaves badly, frankly sometimes bad. But you can see that he is mistaken, even in their own concepts that, in principle, any part of his outlook, behavior, motivation is very good, good, clean, and the other is caused by some kind of negative karma.

And you know what the punishment should be only one that will give a person a chance to improve and realize their some flaws and return. And, in fact, the entire penal code of any country should be considered from this point of view. Anyway, in all the articles, in addition to the death penalty. Capital punishment, you say, “Everything is incorrigible. His universe – it is his universe. A universe of society – it is the universe of society. ” And all the intervening five years with confiscation, etc., or some other punishment – it is an opportunity to realize these human moments where he exercised his freedom at the expense of the freedom of others and improve.

The concept of “crime”

Those. that is (by and large) the offense in this sense? In this sense, the crime – this is when you start to realize their own freedom that you and so there is an absolute and unconditional, but with everything (sorry) clumsy way or short-sighted way at the expense of the freedom of other people that you are invited in their universe. This is called a “crime.”

It comes a huge amount of psychological nuances. Sometimes even a hardened criminal yells: “Who will judge me? Who are the judges? “.

Remember the classic statement? “I judge a judge who takes a bribe?”, Etc. And does such a person can not understand the two things without which the punishment does not work, the judge here there is nothing, not a crime against the judge, but against other members of society, who invited him into their world.

In the end, each offender’s mother gave birth to this criminal in this society. And, according to yoga laws just like any one society, you can not enter, you are given a chance to advance to enter. Have you used this bad in advance.

Therefore, by and large, and punishes society. But it does not punish for what you have done something wrong, not because you broke the law. In the end, the law – a relative thing, today some laws, other laws tomorrow. And for the fact that your actions infringed the freedom of other members of the community where they were born and which you are invited. This idea should be to inform.

If you do not denounce it before the criminal and put him on the 10 years, it will be bitter, he zamatereet, coarse; and come back even greater felon. Because he does not understand the source of punishment, he will think that he has punished some group of people, police, law enforcement agencies, judges, the president, I do not know who. And he can not understand that he actually broke the law.

And the law – this thing is not absolute but relative, expressing that he had violated the freedom of others. And for the infringement of the freedom of others is immediately sanction in the society. But, at the same time, indeed, any criminal in his potency, his higher self is also free, as free Absolute. Many of these criminals understand.

That is why a large number of strong personalities, oddly enough, one way or another, connected with the crime. They are to a certain extent feel the freedom of the self, and comes to them this power. Accordingly, they start, anyway, to dominate. They show some charisma, strength, perseverance, courage, courage, courage, etc., etc., that is admirable. But they sent it all to the detriment of the freedom of other living beings, and it’s sad.

I recommend that you who have not read, “Sea Wolf” work of Jack London read, this is the description of a person of strong, charismatic. That is, on the one hand, the admirable, but, on the other hand, does not respect the freedom of others.

So, really to punish such a person can only be letting him know where he is mistaken, or he will perceive as if someone infringes on his freedom that he is punished. To punish him for quite another, not punish him for what he showed his freedom, even if it so clumsily, but for the fact that it infringed the freedom of others.

Giving freedom to others

The same applies to such other features of “charity”. Sometimes you hear a classic expression that when you do something good, “one hand should not know what the other is doing.” This is not just a good recommendation for all of life, but also a means of security. Unfortunately, I have not written to you today the next quote Fyodor Dostoyevsky in this regard, but it sounds like this. This man made me something good, so I must take revenge on him.

Here you find a homeless person, and let him wash, strongly courted. And you give him to feel at least for a moment their inferiority, you are at risk. Why? Because inside the feeling that it is free higher Who can ya him any instructions given? And your actions can indirectly make it clear that he is being second-class citizens. And while there is an urgent need, he would agree with that. But as soon as the first opportunity presented itself that he is a free and independent, he would do it.

As a rule, the most arrogant, nasty people who inflated his ego to the entire universe, if you drop them back story, it gde-to were downtrodden people, and kogda-to they thought kto-to shows them to their handicap, and then they start compensate, they are trying to prove to the world that no, they’re cool, they are free Ya

Friends, it is very dangerous to infringe upon freedom, on the one hand. On the other hand, do not build rigid rules of the game is also dangerous. In the middle is what we would call “real life” in each episode of your life. And you before to know how to behave further need to keep the two extremes in the head.

On the one hand, if you communicate with another person, in the end, you are invited him into his universe, like it or you do not like. And it will remain in your universe (say, if you like it) only in one case, if you do not infringe on his freedom.

On the other hand, you have to very quickly understand the degree of consciousness of the person, or the extent to how this man has mistaken about himself or maya illusion. Or conversely, how deep he knew his ultimate essence and build strategy.

There are people who are (roughly) in the good do not understand. Not because it is any less than human, and because maybe they are the bodies of people a few more lives. They have largely inherited behavioral traits in animals, they simply still unfamiliar responsibility for his actions, etc., etc.

And in this case it is necessary to think of a system of laws of co-existence in your world, to their behavior (again), first, reduced the freedom of yourself or other members of your society community.

On the other hand, once again, you have to give them the opportunity to grow spiritually. In Raja Yoga thus determined why we are made up of many cells. Every cell in the human body seems to be as complete living being. It is within us to live and work for us, and maybe in a test tube scientist in the nutrient solution. And the question arises: how is it possible, it is an independent entity or is a part of us? And the answer is quite obvious. What is an independent being who you are thus invited, it is you, that is, it reduced their freedom so that somewhere you have some kind of function is performed. But, on the other hand, it is subject to you if you give it a chance to grow spiritually.

Indeed, for each cell, if it is a living creature, have higher self Yes, this supreme self-aware I am a very bad himself. But working in a single center, more chance I’m self-aware of every cell itself.

Therefore, it is acceptable, it is beneficial to all. This is advantageous to you because every cell is to you, you are free to walk, jump, breathe, eat, drink. This is advantageous because the cell that it is you, and thus some other processes are its spiritual identity. In any case, it is fed. Do not think like ciliates shoe. She swims and thinking, who would devour, otherwise he will die. It strongly guard our entire immune system. In general, a lot of useful can be gleaned that cell and it is released, probably a resource that this cell sits and ponders the unspeakable nature of their higher self

Of course, all this figuratively, but you have to grasp the idea.

Recently invented,

then quickly change

As for friends, from the perspective of yoga visualization surrounding inanimate nature, in this sense, following the concept that all living things. Those. in fact, each structure is also likely to have higher self present some of this structure, which we consider inanimate. In this sense, yoga does not make a sharp boundary between the living and the nonliving. What we now seem lifeless, it is in the body potential, which then develop, make then something in the form of a crystal, then in the form of the bacteria, and then some more complex organism, and so on to the human body.

Those. In this sense, sometimes the concept of Indian philosophy, which sometimes claims that everything is alive, it is strange to Westerners perceived as a declaration. But if the drop axioms, it all turns out quite connected.

The only thing that (say) on the planet Earth, apparently, there is no intermediate stage between this very very coarse cloth, and even the most primitive living. Hence (by the way) and is born the hypothesis that our land was inhabited by life, that somewhere in the depths of the galaxy have such forms of all that there can be traced a smooth transition from non-living to living. And to us on the ground threw only seed in the form of some of the elementary structure with a degree of self-awareness I’m a big enough so that it did not die in the inanimate world, and she survived. And we, like as heirs of it all.

So, my friends, with yoga positions Visualization is the same. It turns out that the more gross matter, then the coarser range of laws that we once voleizyavili as living beings. For example, once we were in the body of the atom. I immediately apologize to the people who study science, it will be very far-fetched example only, in order to convey the concept, but unrelated to the real situation.

So, imagine that you are an atom or a subatomic particle flying in a vacuum. And you, being free, voleizyavli: “And I want to see myself like an atom or yourself like particles, or imagine such a quantum of energy.” And thus I want it to come to me. And thus it all started to come to me and expressed in the (so called) the law of gravity when in fact all matter, energy, has the property of attraction to each other.

Maybe it was the first fundamental law that our free I voleizyavilo. Accordingly, all other laws are beginning to stratify this more ancient law. Therefore, to cancel it, as you know, you need a very deep drop. But the laws that we are already more recently invented in their universe, their, respectively, and cancel easier. And those laws that we write on the paper, which we write as the country’s constitution or the charter of the enterprise to write, it’s what we have recently come up. Accordingly, it can and will change.

Those. that recently invented, and then quickly change. The fact that for a long time came up, the harder change.

I recall the question: how is it good, I came up with the law of gravity, but as it turned out that other people have come up with the law of gravity? Or maybe they have come up with a law of universal repulsion? Can you imagine?

Friends, it may well be that in our universe there are living beings who have come up with a law of universal repulsion, and live in their own world of repulsion plane. And there were gathered together only those who came up with the law of gravity. You know, like gold, when washed, it is hard to gather in one place. Similarly, we, all of us are free, we will come up with different laws, but it so happens that the different living beings come up with roughly the same laws. Why? They are about the same. So they get together and have the opportunity to co-exist in these formations. One came up with some kind of law, the other. The total field of interaction. So we are all with you and ourselves. Those. judge on the case, the mechanism of inventing laws and the fact that we live on it, it is precisely the law of Karma.

And now in use for yoga Visualization actually turns out that if all our external universe, our outer and inner world, we have come up with themselves, and at the same time, we have a completely natural ability of creative imagination or creative visualization, then, accordingly, we can and adjust all that we have invented. And now we do not like it, that is, a little heated. Invented country with criminals, are now living in it, and realize that a little heated, it was necessary to come up with more competently conditions.

The fundamental laws of the Universe

And what are these conditions? The following terms, that the closer we mean untold fundamental, prohibitive laws of the universe, the stronger all the things that we do and the faster turns our whole visualization.

In order not to wander in the darkness of ignorance and not to experiment with lots of different visualizations, yoga recommends (friends, and I emphasize the word “recommends” is not binding, does not impose, does not establish, does not prohibit doing anything different, but simply recommended). As you know, the word “encourages” out of the original freedom of each Ya How can we make, or anything else to do other free beings? We can only recommend.

Recommend to realize the original freedom of all of us, and act in their lives according to the principle that all measures seek to expand their freedom, by all means stop being a slave. Repeated his favorite expression of Anton Chekhov: “dropwise to squeeze out of a slave.”

But just to be free is not at the expense of the freedom of others. Or a more detailed and specific, perhaps from a different angle position. This is the first principle of yoga: try to avoid harm to all living beings unless absolutely necessary. The second yoga principle: not to waste their strength, lifetime, energy, does not direct his mind to something minor, indecent, and to appoint the purpose and fulfill it. Those. appointed – performed, and not specify what the purpose of what you want the goal, the main thing-appointed performed.

And finally, the third principle of yoga – a vow of renunciation of suffering and help all other living beings to overcome suffering, if they voleizyavlyayut. Again, every living being is free. And if someone voleizyavlyaet suffer, what can you do? We remember that our universe allows everyone to be free.

A further more detailed begins this lapping or implementation of these principles. The principles of sound remarkable, is harder to implement them.

Yoga Visualization Moments

from the perspective of yoga Triad

If you are, respectively, are calling in their universe some other creature and are trying to establish long-term relationship with him, you should not apply for his freedom. I will make here a small step to the side, in the direction of so-called yoga Triad, the relationship between men and women.

If you want to build a long-term relationship with another person, you should not infringe on his freedom. But, on the other hand, you should not do so, and your freedom is curtailed at a higher level than you are willing to do it.

Those. Freedom in this sense – a universal law. After all, in this life you have one wife or husband in another life another husband or wife, according to your karma. But freedom – something absolute. And no one should encroach upon your freedom, even your best friends. But the reverse side, friends, medals.

You also do not have to behave so that I am free, and all other start up under me adapt. Your freedom does not infringe the freedom of your wife or your husband.

And then it begins the moment of truth. Can you in your personal life is to realize or not, or to what extent you can. Or in other words, there is a litmus test of your karma. If this happens you easily and naturally, you have good karma, and you are at a high spiritual level. If you do this is with a terrible creaking, and you can not implement it accordingly, your karma.

Those. You once invited to a universe of people on such rules that these principles are more basic principles of the universe, they are (as it were) become not so clearly drawn.

Therefore, if you are a girl and your boy says, “I’m free, I want to, do what I want to do it. And you have no right to claim my freedom. ” A poor girl pinch and think, and how to behave. And she begins to suffer. It is clear that it becomes not free from the freedom of the other person.

But the reverse situation, when a girl says to his youth: “All at attention, why not panama fell, overcome. You have no right to do anything at all. ” Those. a clear infringement of the freedom of another. That, and also it is good for nothing.

Moreover, the word “good for nothing”, in fact, more tightly. Again, I will make a small excursion into the side of yoga Triad. I remind you of the concept of the protection mechanism of procreation. In fact, the defense mechanism of procreation – an advanced law of self-preservation. But not only in the framework of a single person, but in the framework of the community where he was born, die and be born again. And to protect the mechanism of procreation is the main thing that this community has always existed, sometimes even at the cost of a single member.

Why? Because if you left the community, in whose name you are dead, you are always there to be born. Or the example of our body device. We have around 50 trillion cells in our body, friends. Moreover, each cell is very interesting to do. There is a signal that can work out the entire body, which sounds “Die!” To the cell, and the cell dies.

Moreover, it is a very specific mechanism for all levels of biological processes. What is so special, is responsible for life and death. Each cell has a specific section. And if there is a specific chemical process, the command is given to self-destruct.

And, it would seem at first glance, if it’s a free cell inside us, like, under this contract free, it serves us and spiritually grows by itself, and then we order her “Die!”, And she dies without a murmur. Moreover, all the problems start, when a cell ceases to listen to the orders of “Die!” All diseases begin.

Why? Because, as a rule, this order is, if something went wrong, and the body is suspected. For example, the cell once it consumes a lot of food, there are many factors. I do not want to seem like a dilettante because you remember that yoga is never a substitute for science. But the example is very beautiful.

Well, if you are a cell, and died in the body, you immediately can this body be born again as a new cell. Because there is also a decree on the division.

This is also the mechanism of procreation protection. For him, the main thing that a certain population, species, or a certain number of individual Universes free, but that voleizyavili to their universes are other universes. Friends, ashamed to admit, I have shown today for the first time that such a site “VKontakte”. Those. Do not think that I came down from the mountains. Those. If you invite someone, you can invite someone, and someone from there and ask.

So, continuing kind of defense mechanism operates so that if there is a community where all each other more or less pretty, more or less behave within the standards, ie not really infringe on the freedom of others for freedom for themselves, there is a mechanism of self-preservation. But not only on an individual level, but at the level of the community. And, as you know, he literally runs through the device of each member of this community. Thus (we talked about this many times) arranged all his systems, his reactions, etc., etc. And at the same time, any society, any system, if it feels that something threatens her, she tries to somehow counteract this. And in particular to develop laws to counter. And these laws, the closer they are to the fundamental laws, the more viable it is society or the body.

I remind you of how the defense mechanism of procreation in men in our community. Because in another community, he will be a little biased, according to the life of another community. The man is terrified that his “zahomutat” or dragged down the aisle. Why? Because the program had, as in the male, to impregnate as many females as possible. And here some separately taken the female claims entirely on him.

At the same time, the female another program, as you know. If the male is called “pomatrosil and threw” the children who will grow up? And this desire to keep all the forces.

The contradiction, but seemingly a violation of freedom. But within the community, on the contrary, a chance not to lose the freedom that this community has not died out and did not have these souls to be born in the bodies of the more primitive members of our flora and fauna.

This concludes today’s lecture.


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