2010_05_21 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 11th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, May 21, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we will continue with you to consider a theme that is called Yoga Visualization. And as always, at the beginning of the lecture a few common words correctly sets you on yoga Visualization. Sometimes it seems that all of the methods that work with our imagination that work with this opportunity for something to imagine and visualize, is something frivolous.

That’s some kind of actual practice, for example, Hatha Yoga, is yes. Well, actually, you are strained body, some force is applied. Or some kind of Pranayama, in the end, Mantra Yoga, you have something very hard to repeat, you are spent on this tremendous effort of his voice, and one way or another train him as a future singer. It’s like something real, tangible, felt. A visualization as something ephemeral, elusive, well, you never know who that is currently or who in any flying dreams. And sometimes related to this yoga as something secondary, tertiary, and rather more component of yoga, rather than basic.

But, of course, any sane conception of school next yoga. What and Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga and other physical yoga are essential, and perhaps, indeed very often it makes sense to start your way in yoga is a yogi with these in order to create a bridgehead or a base for further mental work.

But at its core, yoga Visualizations not less powerful than Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga and other physical yoga. In fact, if you analyze your life, you will realize that you actually live here in the mental field of their expectations, preferences, thoughts, memories, hopes. Those. in fact, we live here in this world, the scenery that stretched (yes, really) to our physical sensations, our physical body. And, in fact, they are more likely form the basis of our life. And dump them off completely wrong. Moreover, they are no less important than the (once again) the physical yoga.

Example professions

And to illustrate this idea I want to give you an example. For example, a young man chooses a profession. And, of course, he was beginning to advise: “That you do something, as they say, the real. That will allow you to earn a living, ie, do any kind of work, which will always be in demand, and you’ll always be able to earn a piece of bread. “

And, for example, if a young man says that he is going to become a poet, writer, artist, actor, well, as of late in our country has become, a scientist, it is perceived somewhat doubtful. Immediately begin on this score to let all kinds of jokes that “the poor will, as Van Gogh,” or in poverty, like many other members of these professions.

And it turns out that in the first approximation, all people are divided into two categories. Some, it seems, doing something real. Say you, say, point of sale somewhere in the market and you have some items implement, get (what is called) lucre, and firmly stand on their feet. Do you know who any bribe, someone like podmaslit, in general, you are in the reality of this world. And, apparently, you are closer to the basis of life, standing firmly on his feet.

But it can be very illusive stability. Why? Because, again, very rapidly changing living conditions, changing the rules of the game. And those who did not show proper uptake or open some mental things, some things on the level of ideas, dreams, hopes, incarnations, one can very quickly lose market conditions. And it will, indeed, continue to trade at their point of sale on the market, but its product no one will buy.

Why? Because he missed a demand, ie people’s expectations. Therefore, any successful businessman – is a person who really stands firmly on his feet. But, on the other hand, is no stranger things thin (new technologies, new ideas, new attitudes, new trends). And the only one who finds this balance (as we would say), the compound of Consciousness and Energy, ie that relates to our world Shakti and what belongs to the world of information, preferences, likes, dislikes, memories, ie, the field of consciousness, only one becomes successful, the same degree of businessman. And the main thing – to constantly find the boundary between energy and consciousness. So, too strong focus on something real can make you uncompetitive in three days.

Example with electronics

At the same time, he pulls out one another. Here, a typical example of the development of electronics. Are you currently working on personal computers. And few of you may have guessed that the new personal computer is created by using the previous PC. Those. Computers are starting to make computers.

If the first processor is constituted, plotted, thought through manually founding fathers of information technology and electronics development, then each subsequent processor is a person unable to think, and he uses what he did before that in order to get something new.

And we have a pronounced boost when the ideas begin to live their lives, to use other ideas, and they (in turn) make it possible to implement them in the matter in any real objects that you can eventually sell. And more emphasis is, again, that’s the side of these methods of visualization, working with consciousness in all modern countries. In the same United States, they do not burden themselves so as to produce electronic equipment. They work mainly with the concepts, the ideas, with new technologies. And then betray somewhere in Southeast Asia, where there is a direct process of incarnation into matter.

And, moreover, each new idea allows for a more masterly work with the material already immediately and implement it all to life.

The situation is similar to yoga. Here you are, for example, have mastered a particular visualization. And most interesting is that this visualization, one way or another, has realigned your physical perception of the world. Accordingly, all the processes that you arise, it will allow you to be more efficient, less waste their mental energy on some sort of unrest, anxiety, meaningfulness or wrong steps.

Those. you decide to go somewhere, but you have the knowledge, backed by the experience of these thin yogi (such as yoga Visualization) and you do not make such mistakes. Accordingly, on the basis that you rebuild your body and you are available more sophisticated visualization.

And no matter how it turns out that to some extent the world of energies and the world of consciousness, or the world of your normal everyday life and is an area in which you are immersed, doing yoga, she begins to live separate lives.

Moreover, one begins to pull out another, sometimes performing miracles. Sometimes, when you plan your real life things go wrong, as you would like, you may not even notice it, if you lasting peace in your practice, including yoga and visualization. And it is very easy and painless to skip certain inconsistencies or certain suffering that brings you your life around.

Those. you all have both positive and negative karma. And at a time when a wave of negative karma fit, purely objective (say) the way your life is falling apart for one reason or another. There may be a variety of reasons. Say, you got fired from work, from your wife left your favorite or something else. And if you are entirely absorbed by these processes, you could hardly cope with them. And if you find this island again unaffected in their visualization practice, then, first of all, you will suffer all this easier. And, moreover, you will be the springboard to fly and the right to decide how to minimize, for example, the suffering of his from his negative karma, or how to turn (as they say in yoga) defeat to victory, or use any situation in life for their spiritual development. This is the ideal of yoga.

The strength and the “weakness” of yoga Visualizations

Therefore, it turns out that Yoga Visualization – this is not just some kind of fantasy there is the emergence of a stratum of your life with all the strengths, isolation from any karmic situation in which you live. But, at the same time, this may be a weakness when you feel the power of these imaging techniques and begin to neglect some other yogis.

Indeed, if you are visualizing method can very quickly reach for something, what you say, do some other exercises related to the involvement of physical activities? This is a very dangerous road, it leads to collapse, it leads to the fact that people will sooner or later breaks off and goes into their dreams, not tied to the world. But why do people go to these dreams? Because until a break until the moment when this connection is being lost, it is a very powerful method, a method of Consciousness.

Life example. There is, say, the war, and you are attacked by an evil enemy, well armed, and you are unarmed. Furthermore, you suffer defeat after defeat. But understanding that your cause is just, the victory will be for you, it gives you the power, which to some extent compensates for the lack of arms, the lack of experience of the war. Those. approximately the same situation, which was in our country in 1941.

Those. This understanding of life or the idea that everything has to be so, what do you think, is transformed into a real force. And it can even withstand some opposing factors. But again, until then, you can use it as long as you did not make up for the shortcomings. On one long this enthusiasm can not fight. We must take advantage of this pause that the spiritual sense of rightness and, as was the case in our country, in the Urals quickly build plants for the production of weapons, then to reinforce their consciousness quite concrete tanks, guns, etc, etc.

I always cite examples such militaristic Yoga illustration. Firstly, because the war – this is one of the main components of human life, “from the song words can not erase.” But you have to remember that the ideal of yoga – is the lack of any war. More precisely, the war only one makes sense – it is a war with their ignorance. In this interpretation, any war, which we have seen in the history of mankind, one way or another can be reduced to an attempt of mankind to overcome their own ignorance.

Sometimes, when you know, brains are underdeveloped, in the case are the biceps, fists and physical strength. Or, as Louis said, “Guns – the last argument of kings.” Therefore, most importantly, to present and then, and then. And these subtle methods of Consciousness, working with visualization, working with some mental images, but they must immediately be supported by exercises of Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, from the fact that it would be real. Then you really become a successful businessman.

You will, on the one hand, stand firmly on their feet, on the other hand, it is very accurately track the market conditions.

Those. It should not apply to imaging yogis, as something secondary. At certain stages of your life it can be the main ridge or basic your weapon to advance further, when it stalled and Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga and Pranayama yoga, and anything you want.

Suddenly imaging method you make the breakthrough that you never dreamed of. And in this connection I would like to remind you that in such yogis as yoga Triad, are engaged in the interaction of male and female, and which involve a large number of (seemingly) are not solvable problems.

Even very fond of each other man and woman is still in a state of lapping each other. And sometimes your relationship will cease to operate all but Yoga Visualization. You know, you get to the abyss, through which you will not be able to move. And only this graceful bridge Yoga Visualization, oddly enough, will help you to overcome certain obstacles and circumvent the most pressing questions (again) in the relations between men and women. This again I do this with a bunch of Triads yogis (yoga lovers, yoga and Tantra Yoga Union).

Summary of the previous lecture


And now we continue with you to consider the picture that we have begun to consider the previous lecture. So, let me remind you that each of us is our higher self, which is prohibitive. This higher self is manifested in Maya, which is called “prana”. So I paint I am separated from some formless (I’m here portray some shapeless environment, which we will call “Maya”).

Let me remind you that for the Maya, according to the yoga concept of visualization, also hides the Absolute. And, in fact, with the help of his prana, our self that prohibitive, creates our body. In particular, I draw a human body with a minimum of detail.

I remind you that our prana, when she entered the Maya, in fact, she and forms what is called the human body. Let me remind you that the three groups of bodies (gross physical, subtle and causal). And the formation of the bodies is as follows. Our prana (as it were) on the one hand, remains within the original prana maya, but on the other hand, begins to be divided into small branches from a common source of prana and form the so-called principles.

And we remember that according to the axioms of Yoga, one of the prana remains unaffected. Another part of the prana begins divided into consciousness and energy. This energy consciousness and in various combinations starts again interact with each other, forming one principle behind another so that the top of the head is present in our increasingly localization of our consciousness, i.e. manifestation of our prana as Consciousness, and at the base of the body to a greater extent begins to manifest itself in the form of our prana (or faces) Energy. This energy is just called “Kundalini”.

But beyond that, there is still the interim guidelines that creates prana. This so-called principle of Mind, Space principle, the principle of the Air, the Fire principle, the principle of water and earth principle. I am sending you to the axioms for a more detailed explanation.

Under the principles we need to understand not water, earth, fire, or (say) the air that you meet in your everyday life. No, friends, it is more allegorical position. This kind of (if anything) the state of matter and energy, which is then in a rough form of our ordinary life is just the most lends itself well as characteristics such as fire, water, earth.

And in fact, it is the following process. Those. according to the degree of coarsening vibration energy. Those. the vibration of the earth the grossest vibration energy. Vibration respectively water thinner, and so on until Reason principle that the vibration energy is very thin.

And on the other side of the vibration energy rays penetrated by consciousness. And, again, in principle, Mind shines most clearly our original consciousness, very bad light in the Earth’s principle, ie, practically we do not tend to notice.

Our principles – a special case

Absolute principles

But I’m interested in today’s lecture some other continuation of this theme. It turns out that for our next generation of (here I refer you to the yoga of overcoming death and birth yoga as it all happens), we begin to create new principles (consciousness, mind, etc.). And these principles are embedded in the general principles in the universe, which were before we were born there after our birth, and will be after the next of our death. These fundamental principles are supported by the Absolute.

Accordingly, the principle of consciousness embedded in the principle of the Absolute Consciousness. Reason The principle is embedded in the Absolute Mind principle. Principle spaces embedded in the principle of the Absolute Space. Likewise, respectively, air, fire, earth, water. So much for the relationship individual I with the Absolute.

This suggests that we can talk about my personal principles of reason just as a small habitat, which we took from the Absolute. The same applies to the space and all the other principles. On the one hand, it seems to be both personally our invention at the next birth. On the other hand, it is an integral part of the principle, where we were born.

And I ask you to remember this moment. Why? Because you better in the future will understand the explanation of the principle of how to apply those or other exercises in Raja Yoga, where it is believed that our mind and intelligence throughout the universe or the mind of the Absolute, in fact, one and the same.

Those. if we imagine the mind the whole of the universe, like the ocean, imagine that this ocean floats a small frame that separates a small part of the ocean from the entire ocean. And it is our mind or our realization of mind. So we (sort of) all that is ours, all that we’ll use, at the same time, at the same time, this is the most used, and it belongs to the Absolute. We, however, take on lease. On the one hand.

But, on the other hand, all so cleverly done that we do not notice this lease, because our freedom is in no way prejudiced. In fact, if you take a piece of land from someone out, then (like a) you have a tenant. And in this case, you can not even guess at the presence of the tenant.

I remind the previous lecture, we are all in a state of freedom, even freedom from all preinstallation knowledge. We may even be free of knowledge of what the Absolute is. But I would still like for further explanation, we will use both axioms Microcosm and macrocosm, so this idea is up to you to find a striker.

So, embodied in the next life and creating with our pranic principles, and passing through the principles of the other part of our prana, which did not go to the creation of these principles, we are (as it were) immediately begin to interact with the Absolute or with the whole universe, which also present these principles and also present the flow of prana.

Prana flows whose? From the standpoint of the axioms of the macrocosm – Prana Absolute. From the standpoint of the axioms Microcosmos – Prana all remaining living beings. And in fact there is a large number of platforms on which our I can be myself.


But, again, there is another I. I draw it, is sitting behind the other man a little more, well, it does not matter. He, too handle. And he’s just as well it is embedded in the principle of Mind Mind Absolute principle, the principle of which is built the other person’s Mind.

So, friends, that we are sitting here, we have here a lot. And each, like, has his head on his shoulders, and everyone has a mind of its own. Someone, it seems to him, mind sharpened, someone stupid. But, in fact, my friends, at this point, we do not have individual minds, we have a common understanding at all, and everyone enjoyed their slice. And if you know the laws as, respectively, across borders from one piece to another piece, it is possible to learn to read minds completely, it is very easy just. This is not some kind of fantasy there.

And that you do not understand what it’s like in the books sometimes read, read minds – it is something that seems well so fantastic, only yoga from the Himalayas have this. No, my friends, each of you has it, only you are inclined to interpret it as a first approximation, the ability to read other people’s mood or the ability to understand their motivation.

Here you meet with another person and suddenly you realize that it is you want to say, or what he wants you to do. Here I am today, riding the subway, in front of me (probably) sat a family of India (for clothing), and they take turns taking pictures of each other, and one is replaced by another, to take pictures of everyone together. But, you know, tuning in the same case, at one and the same thing, it is clear that they all sat together in a row and simultaneously photographed.

Those. no need to call in some transcendent reading thoughts, you just need to be adjusted on the same mental wave to you immediately began to reach. Naturally, I immediately asked them, photographed, they were very surprised. But all I did not use telepathy, but simply it was quite obvious. Although they perceived as something very strange.

And with that we come across very often. Sometimes we are instead closed in its shell and do not want to accept what is happening around. And it also helps. Because sometimes bad people go with us in the same subway, drink beer and shout songs. Is there any team “Champion”, and, with such a heart-rending voice that, if there is someone to cut, does not understand, and do not know how to react.

And you want on the contrary, to withdraw into his mental shell and not communicate, do not adjust to their wave dope. Because there are still two gyrus. Those. they have all of the Absolute Ocean took only a small per unit ploschadochku and otherwise in accordance with it and live. Therefore, it is a matter of free will, to let someone in, say, your mental space, but someone did not let. And the same applies to the principle of Space and all other principles? We are, as it were, his personal embed the principle of universal principle. And in the future or let in other people with the same principle in its area of activity, or do not allow, again, according to our freedom.

I remind you that we have around only what they themselves have done. And in this regard, specifically saying Fyodor Dostoyevsky printed. In FM Dostoevsky there is a saying, or rather, aphorism:

“I do not want a society where I could not do evil,

and this is so that I can do all kinds of evil,

but I did not want to do it myself. “

Those. is other words, again, the desire, on the one hand, to be free. On the other hand, the desire to avoid harm if this freedom. In fact, FM Dostoevsky said about the world, what, and so is known in yoga. All that we have around us, we have invited themselves. And, accordingly, we are free beings around.

Yes, we can do someone good, someone we invited, but we are also free to do what could be called “break”. But the question is what to do evil with a global point of view – it is a dead-end branch of activity. And sooner or later, a person engaged in self-knowledge comes to what is called the first and the second principle of yoga. The first principle of yoga – this is just an active life in order to inflict the minimum possible suffering of all sentient beings.

I remind you that do not cause suffering, we can not, we’re too difficult to make the universe that we see around us. And like an echo of our own own actions, sometimes come such a situation where we have to do their duty. But in any case, it is important vector. For each of your next step as far as possible contain the minimum possible suffering for others.

Is there a contradiction in yoga Visualization?

And in this regard, and with yoga Visualization question arises: is not there a contradiction if there is a very serious contradiction here is that would have shaken the foundations on which (among others) and is Yoga Visualization? What if everything that we see, we have created yourself, using your prana, which in essence, is free. We have this mechanism of interpretation, which makes our prana is either under the influence of the original ignorance do in this ocean of maya. And at the same time, in this ocean of maya live other creatures. And they are available, on the one hand. On the other hand, we see in life all the time, like some living thing brings another living being obvious evil or suffering.

Or, again, we are talking about the fundamental freedom, but at the same time, we see full of oppressive regimes, where some kinglet or any dictator dictate their will to other living beings, and they obviously suffer. And apparently seen any punitive organs, which, anyway, are punished disobedient and not ready to deal with it.

Those. is not there such a fundamental contradiction, are not themselves such yoga, you know, dreamers? We invented a system and how it relates to real life, if everyday experience tells a completely different story.

But the answer to this question is as follows, that even what you have experience, you have a piece of their positive or negative karma. If you do not have negative karma, you just would not know that there are oppressive regimes, where the living creature suppresses other living creature. The fact that you know that this is possible, says that you yourself are involved in this, my friends. This is the paradox.

So bring your own personal experience as a confirmation or refutation of the laws of the same Yoga Visualization meaningless. Why? Because the laws are more fundamental. You see only what they themselves have done. And bring it as evidence that it must be so, it is meaningless. And this is one of contradictions.

Well, if we’re not talking about despotic regimes, and about the usual organization of any society, then, again, we are confronted with what is called the “power”. Some people have the power, they do not necessarily use it in a negative way, but, say, in the positive.

Indeed, the president of any country has the power to a much more significant than any homeless person in the trash in the same country. Well, I rule out options when it’s not a bum, and a practicing yogi, who decided to learn all aspects of life and went for it on a nearby landfill.

You should not laugh, I’m often confronted with this point of view that someone comes from India and begins to tell: “You know, there’s the yoga adepts of secret sciences, cemeteries sit in the ashes smeared?”. And I talk with breathy, with emotion, “Here they are real spiritual people.”

Friends, but you must understand that this is, you know, there is such an equivalent, if you tonight after our lectures sit on some vehicle, drive away to any large dumps of Moscow, threw off his clothes, will put in those rags, that there will be a lie, refuse to eat those that will fall out from the container, then (in effect), it is a sign of equality with these yogis. You see, the question is not whether you live in the cemetery and smeared in ashes, but the fact that you (as it were) in one environment physically, but mentally in a completely different environment.

And so with the same success as in India to look at the cemetery adept secret sciences, you can search for it (strictly speaking) in Moscow on some grand megasvalke tall with Egyptian pyramid, there are here, terribly smelly, horrible. But let’s not get distracted.

Manipulation of people

And here arises the question of power: the power should belong to whom, how long it can be kept in the hands? Why do some people have power and others are not entitled? Why are some other control, if we (sort of) in a potential free? Why at all possible notion of what one person can control someone else if every living being free?

This is a very difficult question, very interesting questions. To a greater extent consideration of the issues involved in Raja Yoga, which just encourages, it makes very specific recommendations for people reproof power. It’s no secret that every one of you according to his karma and dharma, can in no time become a very powerful man. But, you know, great position – a big problem. What you need to keep yourself in this? And just for the people, rebuking great power, and was given at the time of Raja Yoga (the science of Raja), which opens the secrets of power. Those. like having the power not to lose it? This is not a trivial matter entirely.

So, to understand these questions, it is necessary to know the fundamental axioms. We, from the perspective of yoga visualization are interested in these issues only for the reason that visualization – this is a very powerful tool. And it may be the next thing that your visualization will be in contradiction of another person. And since we remember that any visualization leads to a result, then the question arises: Whose imaging (vulgar words) win, or for whom the last word?

Example visualizations rulers

Again, an example from history. 1942, and the four most influential person at the time in the world: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and Hitler. Planet one small, plump, blue and beautiful, and four players. And here they sit, say, in their offices, and each personal creative visualization. Joseph Stalin sees the victory of the world proletariat and all over the globe ideas of Marxism-Leninism embodied and decaying capitalism disappeared, ie, there was a world revolution after finished with fascism.

Adolf Hitler in his bagadelne also built himself a house in the mountains with great views, quite a nice view from the large windows. Here he sits in front of the window and also dreams that now he wins Russia and then England, then America somehow agree with them. In general, National Socialism will rule over the entire globe, thoroughbred Aryans will rule and will subhuman slaves as they run errands. This is his visualization.

Sitting at Winston Churchill in London. And also his view of the world that the United Kingdom’s mistress of the seas, half the world is hers. Indeed, before the war, a great number of colonies belonged to the UK, including our beloved India. Now what is called “India” – a small part of the so-called British India. From it broke Pakistan. And before that split and Afghanistan. Those. India used to be entirely different boundaries. And when you read and understand the word “India” in medieval treatises, it is not necessarily a modern India, this area much more.

So, sitting Winston Churchill and also visualizes that after the war, he not only that win, it will retain more and all the colonies, including India, the main jewel in the crown of the English empire.

Again, Roosevelt sitting in the United States and also think how to get out of a prolonged depression in the United States, not to win any ideas of communism or fascism ideas. It must be confessed, in the 30s there were a variety of scenarios in the same America. There the Communists actively operated, and the idea of social-nationalism were also very popular. And he also plans on building a post-war world. As you can see, the four eyes at one planet. And I would not say that they are the same, each of his vision.

As a result, the war ended. As you may remember, took part in the world. Then a series of some other events. As a result, the Soviet Union fell apart, too, there is a certain number of decades.

Question: Who won? The answer is simple: the vision of Roosevelt, his visualization had more reason to come true. Indeed, the United States is now the only superpower dictating the entire remaining world the rules of the game, whether we like it or not.

Yes, we have nuclear weapons, we can blackmail the whole world. But in terms of energy. And we rest in terms of consciousness. Hollywood Blockbusters, half of all that comes to us, ie, consciousness is dictated from overseas (including us). Desperate attempts to somehow fight for their identity (God willing, everything will be fine), that less, won visualization, so to speak, in terms of the Roosevelt visualization.

And here the question arises: why? Well, you can different examples of lead, for example, that card so formed, or not so lucky to Hitler, or so lucky to Stalin, or (again) not so lucky UK that the entire colonial system after the war failed, and including India gained independence in 1946. We can say that this set of circumstances, and all would have been to go the other way.

For example, Hitler invented the atomic bomb before, would have thrown her out, or to seize the Soviet Union, Moscow would be surrendered, to skedaddle to the Urals, and would have slammed it, it does not matter. You read the memories of German generals, personally, I read them in every remembrance of only one thing: we have lost because the weather was bad, mud, “the Russian did not bother us to build highways to Moscow itself.” Those. they went (like as) to the resort expecting. This is called wave fists after the fight.

Again, memories of Churchill. It does not destined to remain a colonial empire. About Hitler generally silent as he finished. And at the same time you have to understand that each of these politicians is not an angel. Everyone, if drop deep enough, there is a skeleton in the closet. About Hitler is already well known. Stalin sometimes not particularly versed in the media. Winston Churchill, lest you think that this sheep is also the stigma of a gun. About Roosevelt is known, of course, much smaller. But evil tongues were always in his time and after his death, and in two ways, some interpreted his actions.

But you see, sometimes very kind to his fate. Still, the man was worthy, he died before the moment when the decision was made: to throw an atomic bomb on Japan or throw. Because, as Mark Twain said, “Everything should be done in time, including the need and time to die.” He died too soon. This decision was made for him, Truman, and as a result of his curses humanity until now, that’s a hawk poor Japanese. Indeed, many civilians were killed. Those. He decided to drop the bomb. And imagine that this decision would lie on the table, Roosevelt, and suddenly he made a decision. In general, such a dubious history.

That less, each of them was not an angel, each of them was quite pragmatic policy it is not always consistent with the first and second principles of yoga. And so no less, rendering one side won. And if we analyze a long time such fundamental prerequisites why it won this view, according to the axioms of yoga, we find only one thing: the fundamental laws inherent in each of these systems were in varying degrees removed from certain fundamental laws of the universe.

Indeed, in the United States with their famous constitution of the principles of freedom permeate the entire constitution. Accordingly, all of the remaining steps are the fundamental laws of the raid, where the principle of freedom is honored most strongly. United Kingdom with her, respectively, the case law is also quite elegant in a legislative sense, the system is very well-balanced, well-balanced, but still in a losing option, rather than the ideals of democracy and freedom in the same United States. Still, to this day they are still a monarchy. It is also necessary to look at what is now the country remained a monarchy, friends. With all the ensuing consequences, ie, laid down in the basic laws.

Yes, indeed, the monarchs in the UK are very nice people, very educated, pleasant in all senses of the word. Yes, indeed, they are the foundation, which to a certain extent to stabilize the political system in every sense. But still, my friends, the monarchy – that’s just an ancient form of government, so somehow it was completely justified in the Middle Ages, automatically assumes that about any freedom, as a result, equality, there is not incorporated initially. There are some special people of the royal family, and there are all the other people. Himself this situation, we, like, some depart from the laws of the universe, from the one axiomatic, which (as claimed by yoga) built the entire universe.

Again, our country with our constitution, Stalin was then. After Stalin’s death took another law in 1970. In principle, also quite progressive laws. But the trouble is that there is some totally incomprehensible thing with the role of the Communist Party was the only guiding force. Once it’s all very dull. As a result, all led to the fact that a part of other people curtailed by another group of people professing this or that ideology, in particular, the Communist.

Accordingly, this system, as you can see, too, sooner or later collapsed. About Hitler is very little that we can talk. These laws, at least one race purity law adopted in 1933 or 1934 – it is generally, as an example of the fact that the laws of the universe turned inside out, just turned inside out the laws of the universe. It is still surprising that they lasted so long (at this point).

Therefore, if groups of people have some understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe and, therefore, willy nilly, these people apply these laws in their everyday life, this system is more stable. Accordingly, visualization of these people has a greater chance for something to survive. A existed, respectively, embodied.

On the contrary, the farther away from the laws of the fundamental laws of life, the sooner the system is falling apart, and the more unreliable visualization and, as a consequence, the embodiment of this visualization in life.

I remind you, yoga Visualizations not put the war between the true vision of the universe and, say, a hallucination. It raises the question, rather, about the extent of hallucinations. We all rave, friends, with you as long as find ourselves in a state of enlightenment. But only some people rave a little smaller, but others rave a little bit more. This difference in yoga Visualization.

So visualize that – the case tenth. Therefore, visualization of Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt – that stuff is not much different. Because there is a large cloud (clay maya), and each has something to sculpt in his visualization. But just the fact that he is blind, will remain for a long time and will not fall apart if you do the blind in accordance with the ideas, closer to the original laws of the universe. And if you have something of their own come up as Hitler and his system, it quickly falls apart.

Still, Stalin rested on developments Lenin, Marx, Engels, for a long time people were sitting, and came up with, respectively, a competent something thought out. But also something not thought of. It collapsed too quickly. Same with the colonial system of England. The same idea at some stage was good, because it is still unclear what got more good or harm (the same India) from the dominion of Great Britain. In the end, any educated Indian said in English. This gives them a powerful gateway to the latest technologies, to the most advanced living standards. And it would not be there in the UK as the colonial masters, it is still unclear to us whenever yoga find a striker.

Visualization and original laws of the universe

Those. such a thing turns out that the closer your aspirations and your awareness closer to the original laws of the universe, the more is the chance your visualization come true, and a dream come longer exist. And if part of the two imaging conflict, the winner is the visualization, which is based on human views, more clear about the laws of the universe, the original laws of the universe (here, too, need to negotiate), ceteris paribus.

And what is this original laws of the universe, and realizing that while making visualization, we are starting to dominate in this sense. And here, oddly enough, we have in this sense, a very interesting branch.

Friends, how many lawyers and hate your profession, this is a very good reason. We can say this is one of the most yogic disciplines. In fact, like everything else. I remember, for accountants once led a workshop, they are there all the spit, whatever boring. Until then, until I said, “Look at the eyes yogvskimi balance. There are versatile, there are assets, there is consciousness, there is energy. And what is happening in the enterprises, is the intersection of the two. If the balance is there, then everything is fine. If there is no balance, then wait for the appropriate. “

So, there is a very serious moment – laws. Moreover, the laws, friends, in every sense of the word. We all live under the laws. This is not necessarily criminal, procedural code. Constitution – a lot of things that we think should be. Moreover, in our country, I particularly liked the expression, when the Soviet Union collapsed completely, and was wild capitalism ‘live by the rules. ” No law, there is the concept. Well, that, too, for some approximation. Well, according to the ideas of what? Fundamental pillars on which all life is based.

Therefore, for this reason, a person who can write the laws in any country should be considered as valuable as the greatest scientist and the greatest politician, hero, military leader, businessman, anyone. This is quite creative, on the other hand, it is yoga (so to speak) specialty.

And it is that you, as a lawyer, must understand the original laws of the universe. And, on the other hand, the ability to find the approximate realization of your real everyday life, with all its flaws, shortcomings and all its provisions. This is a very creative thing. For this reason, there are no laws frozen.

It changes people’s lives, and to replace the cruder forms come more refined. Accordingly, it is necessary to write the laws, so that they are taken by people. Any law write only makes sense only if it is accepted by others to perform. If it is not accepted, it is not the law, is a declaration of anything.

And then we go in that direction. What kind of laws are they? If you know them, write the country’s constitution, the president of the country is more likely to put their visualization in life than (say) the president, secretary general or a dictator any other country where there are no such laws?

Of course, in the ancient texts of yoga is referred to some laws of existence. But because As a rule, all with the word “spiritual” we associate with something religious, you should understand that there is a serious face. Religions are a lot of very different. In different religions their codes of practice that worked for the followers of various religions at different times.

In particular, India has a well-known laws of manna, which worked fine in ancient India. But God forbid you to live according to these laws manna. The reason I say this? Because now particularly zealous followers of yoga want to be more Indians than Indians in India. And they are beginning to do in the Indian style: dress and Indian style and Indian food have, to do everything, including live by the laws of the manna. Or, as we begin to try to introduce the followers domostroj. Domostroy – this is a great system for, say, medieval Russia was. It is a great and wonderful, has done much good. But today, it is already irrelevant. This is not because the people who created this system, some bad or shortsighted. No, on the one hand, realize certain ideals laws i.e. some spiritual laws. On the other hand, we understand the mentality of the society for which these laws have to be implemented and picked what worked. Therefore, in England felt absolutely wonderful monarchy system of previous years, she copes. Why the British are conservative? They are afraid to touch it, it worked too well for too long.

But let us go further. It came down to the existence of laws of certain spiritual laws. If you are aware of these laws, you can write legal laws. And those, in turn, can affect the life. And if you accept them, then your every visualization is more likely to materialize, and embodied, longer store the result. And then the question arises: what are the spiritual laws upon which the entire universe is based?

It would seem that here we are now examine all the spiritual laws, we write them in a little book, on the basis of their constitution will do. On the basis of the Constitution all other laws, all sections of the law (criminal law, procedural law, codes of all our famous until the housing) to rest against, Sunrise, like this, in fact, assumed in any legislation.

But the trouble is, my friends, these higher spiritual laws are inexpressible, there are no words or thoughts to express them. Therefore, each time have to choose the words and thoughts that are most appropriate to this unspeakable kernel of law throughout the universe, so you have at least something to work with.

It is for this reason that over the years, and legislation changes. It should be changed, because we need people who with a capital of yoga, which, on the one hand, Intuit presence of higher spiritual laws, ie We are standing with one foot in the spiritual realm, and the other foot standing in the material sphere, so that they can all put on the very specific words and write them down and give the people. Those. it is certain intermediaries. And these initial laws inexpressible if you shall know them, then you reach a higher state of samadhi or the highest state of yoga.

As you know, throughout history, very few people were in the state of samadhi, on the one hand, on the other hand, wrote a set of rules. At the same time, any ideals, including the ideals of the American Constitution, which for several years has changed several times. If you analyze who and when, and how to write the constitution of the United States of America, you will very quickly grope source of strength. This, oddly enough, France. In many ways, the ideals on which America began to live, were formed in this era of humanity, not just the French Revolution, plus or minus.

However, evil tongues say that it is all Masons figured out that it’s their project. But the Masons, horns, squash, it does not matter, it is important that the work is important, that proved to be more viable system. And it goes back and ideas of humanism. We remember with you, Voltaire, Diderot (as in one exam, “and other composers’). The student answers, lists humanists, “One person he and other composers.”

So, this humanist impulse was transferred to the United States. And they are the people in general were uncomplicated. Read Mark Twain about these persons Virginia. The good guys at all, but not weighed down, you know, this baggage of cultural accretions. Because there was nothing. There was a colony of Great Britain with their some laws. And then it’s something new, clear, obvious, straightforward, and there are some basic ideas of the French humanists. Friends, these are the ideas of the French Revolution: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” Equality and fraternity, in fact, derives from the principle of freedom, you know, yes. In fact, the key word “freedom”.

The meaning of “freedom”

Again, going back to this ineffable being laws which can not be expressed in words that can not be written, but they can be intuitively comprehend and understand. So, the question always arises: and how the same word can be described most closely these untold laws?

And here is how time and there is a key word “freedom”. And if you remember, that the most fundamental law of the universe – it is the law of freedom, all other conclusions will follow automatically, and you are very easy to understand how it works in addition to yoga visualizations, the same Raja Yoga. Why there are people who are subject to all? And other people are trying to imagine all the subordinate, but they did not work?

And, looking ahead, we will still be considered as part of this course. You will report only in the event that long-term (friends, stress) and structurally, if you provide subordinates the opportunity to realize their freedom.

Those. sometimes it happens that you are helping to realize freedom in one thing, and asking for it, that something else or that a living being their freedom (as it were) pursed, but did so voluntarily.

For example, you are the owner of a large enterprise, you have a lot of employees, you pay them, you give them money. Those. thus it is the equivalent of what the person you are giving money becomes more free. He can go to the Canary Islands to relax, can not afford to buy anything or to live happily ever after. But this is it, to a certain extent, friends, infringe upon themselves in some other freedoms. He had every morning to eight in the morning to report to work. Those. On the one hand, this man is a free soul, “I want eight”, “I want ten.” But you ask him to, he was eight o’clock. Those. you give a lot of freedom, and restrict less freedom. And then, only if necessary principles.

There are, however, companies which need creative people. It’s like when you’d come to work, just to come, as long as the work was done, though does not appear, but come with the finished result. If you are using the activity to give people something to freedom, only in this case you get or can claim authority.

You know, the paradox, the power (like as imprisonment), and on the other hand, you can get it, if you give freedom, but something more.

Unfortunately, this simple truth does not reach the dictators and the people who seized power. For the simple reason, my friends, if something is wrong, then you will sooner or later lose freedom.

Say you’re a dictator, and you decide just by measures of violence to gain power. Not using in order to give power and through violence measures. You understand that whatever the dictator, you are a yoga point of view, higher self, which is free.

In his world, you have only to those who were invited, ie others I, who are also free. So if you first invited, ie They lured and then cheated, the other because I am also free beings. They can voleizyavit not live in your universe, or that their universe does not overlap with your universe. And it’s only a matter of time and circumstances, how they do it.

Therefore, any government that is not based on freedom, doomed to fall apart. Any State which in its ideal is not able to give the freedom of its citizens, the State tends to collapse. You can to a certain extent, as temporary methods, terror, violence, but it is only a temporary method. Moreover, karmically rarely it can be justified, life is always very difficult. It turns out this chain of logic here.

So, if you comprehend the higher laws of life, then, accordingly, your visualization becomes more stable, more durable and more (if you like) progressive. And if there is a conflict with someone else’s visualization, the visualization of your win.

But, on the other hand, the conflict can be only with the visualization of a living being, you are also invited to his universe. You see, all artfully. If you do not invite him to his universe, or, returning to today’s lecture, you do not have the mental field of crossing your mental field and the mental field of another man, neither of which competition can be no question. You are one universe, and he is completely parallel universe that does not intersect.

Therefore, on the one hand, to someone visualization won or was dominant, it is necessary that someone else entered you in a single plane, and for that you should invite him, and he agrees to come.

But, on the other hand, if he has agreed to come, and you invited him, and suddenly there is a conflict, then the win is the visualization of that person, which is closer to the original laws of existence. And in the Upanishads, in the ancient Indian texts is played out in different ways. In particular, I will give one example. What if the power of one person and the other person might come into conflict, then whose power will win?

a figurative example was given. What take two stones. One stone ground and loose, the other of stone monolith rocks, And I will drive them, what stone is left? It is obvious that the one of the monolith rock, will remain, and one that was a loose piece of land is scattered. That’s just as well, and the power of the man who, as stated in these tales closer to the truth. Or in other words, the person who is “closer to the Brahmin ‘that the basis of all existence, or closer to the Absolute (as we would say in yoga), or closer to the realization of just how everything is used.

Now, it has more power, fastening pieces of his inner and outer world. Accordingly, its visualization more stable than the other person, which is less the world, or that is less knower of Brahman or the root cause of being. Accordingly, when the conflict of interest it is prone to crumble. Here also there is an effect of power. The more you comprehend, the more you know how to do or how you made the universe, then all the more power you have been given.

Or on the other hand, to understand what you need to know that the terrestrial and inexpressible need to have at least some words for clues. And here is the word, the word “freedom” is most closely approaching this concept.

So, if you know what freedom is, and, as a consequence, are trying to bring this freedom to yourself or to help others to realize that freedom, that you are approaching to the original understanding of the higher laws. And if you approach to the understanding of the higher laws, then your visualization becomes more powerful and, consequently, your visualization effect is much more powerful.

Thus (Again, we return to our lawyers), if you are a future practitioner, the first thing that you must understand in law from the point of view of yoga Visualization, you should understand the meaning of the word “freedom.”

And, accordingly, all other laws that you write or use, interpret, you need to match with this concept. And if you create a system that will make maximum use of this fundamental principle of manifestation I am of any living being, or the foundation of the universe, namely freedom, you do background of any legislation completely stable, and you build their own state, company, Open Yoga University, sustainable.

For the simple reason that if you do not give freedom to the people who come to you, then this system has little chance to survive. And in order to give this freedom, it is necessary specifically to rebuild the effect of each individual. Some obligations, some power, some responsibilities. And, you know, that these obligations can think whatever you like, with the rhyme.

Or, let’s say, as in medieval England. There aristocracy, they enjoy some privileges, but there are a commoner. But, in fact, and there, and there is a higher Y. Indeed, higher self aristocrat medieval England more aware of themselves, therefore more aware of their freedom, their power and, indeed, shone with intelligence, strength, charisma, so he He was an aristocrat.

But the same is concluded in the most illiterate miners in the same England. And if you do not have to write it legislatively. Yes, a miner can be drunk, rowdy, quitter, generally quite willing to work. But this is only the extent of his ignorance about himself. But potentially he is the same free being.

Let’s say you are in medieval England write a set of rules or laws. And it is quite natural to say that “this is the aristocracy, it is formed, it is understood, and the commoners cattle cattle.” If you put it in the system, over the years, it may be that the soul of an aristocrat born in the body of a commoner, and the soul of the common people – in the body of an aristocrat. Everything has changed, and the old laws remained. And what do you get? You will receive a revolution. In fact, as our October Revolution (as it was called) – is, in fact, echoes of obsolete laws that time has not changed. They worked in medieval Russia, but stopped working.

For this reason, let’s continue this topic in the next chapter.

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