2010_05_18 Yoga Visualization. Part of the 10th. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture.

Today, May 18, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

Today we continue with you to consider yoga Visualizations, and we with you another lecture on the topic. In the previous lecture we are deeply dripped axiomatic that underlies all the imaging techniques of yoga. And it is extremely important to understand the axioms at least up to a certain level. For the simple reason that knowing the axioms, it is possible to navigate in the methods of quickly and easily, and do not make any of these common mistakes.

Well, what it can be a mistake? The most common mistake – this is to deny the positive experience that you get after those or other exercises. You can do exercise, get some experience and you will want to interpret it, and what it was: an accident, or a consequence of yoga Visualization? And since before that you have never experienced yoga Visualization, obliging the mind begins to speak: “It was an accident.” It begins to be interpreted as a set of facts, just randomly matched and gave a particular result.

And so axiomatic knowledge of yoga and the part that concerns Visualization Yoga, it to some extent, calms our minds. Friends, our minds are quite sharp tool. But, at the same time, he is very arrogant tool. Why? Because it is too long guided us along the path of evolution, and always worked wherever stalled our instincts and our whole illogic.

But the flip side is that the mind is something that is not understood, starts with this fight and discard. Here there are methods in yoga that seem illogical reason, baseless and it just slows down work on them. Accordingly, if it slows down work, you never get a good result and you will have no way to ensure that this method does work, or real. Our mind (so to speak) the doubting mind, on the one hand, a very good thing. Indeed, it destroys the illogical and does not allow obscurantism rule the roost. But, on the other hand, there is a dangerous thing in our mind: it closes the door to many possibilities that he did not understand.

As an illustration, I will give a typical example of mantra yoga. Science something really technically very simple. Repeat, know yourself mantra, according to relevant regulations. But it can do, and a professor of philosophy, and engineer with the scientist. And can do and uneducated peasant in India. But it turns out that a farmer in India wondered “how it works”, “why it works”, but simply a practice, and receives the result. This result assures him that the method works.

At that time, as a philosophy professor or scientist somehow doubtful, he did not practice for the simple reason that his mind thinks that it is something frivolous. How can certain vibration, spoken aloud or mentally, to influence things that do this are not connected. And the lock of the mind, which is much too clever to see the logic at some strange things, but too stupid to understand that logic – it’s just a part of what is called “sverhlogika”.

In this state, there is a lack of spirituality trap. Those. People do not believe, because the mind believes. The mind does not believe because there was no way to make sure it works. And make sure that it works – you need to try, but no one tried. Everything full circle, and this method is not necessary. Are you going on somewhere in the Amazon jungle or in some Tuvan territory where shamans beat the tambourine and say some recitatives. And they have the opportunity to use the tool. Why? Because no medicine, lifestyle, heavy, and it is necessary to survive. The scientists, who live in Moscow, do not use. Why? Because ever tried.

This is the same situation with yoga Visualization. Too much all at first glance appears like a child’s toy, and the mind immediately begins to somehow resist it and put a spoke in the wheel.

And what a way out of the poor practicing yoga? The first way – is to turn off the mind and just practice: mind something different, and you have something of their own. Unfortunately, turn off the mind, my friends, we are not able to. Think of yourself when you needed something not to think, and your helpful mind with a certain periodicity to you about something reminded. For example, if you shut down a house with a key? It would seem so, closed, everything is fine. And the mind says: “And suddenly closed and now for your apartment thieves rummage here Taken with bags full value to add up.” And you speak your mind: “No, all the stop, do not think so!”. And he paints himself frightening paint that now your favorite piano pull or something else.

Distract the mind

Therefore, switch off the mind at our level of spiritual development and formation of yoga we do not yet know how. There remains another method, no less wonderful – task is to give our minds that he bit into this problem, and gnawing, chewing, biting, chewing, and left us alone.

You know, just the way you want to go somewhere, and here the angry dog wants to bite you. And you take the dog and this evil is very difficult throws a bone. On the one hand, the dog must understand that it can bite. On the other hand, while it will bite it, you are safe.

And the same thing concerns the theoretical study, including yoga and visualization. Those. you need to give the mind such problems that the mind would be perceived as a worthy task for thought. On the other hand, could not digest them rapidly or chew. For the simple reason that the foundations of these problems go away in sverhlogiku. And sverhlogike mind stalled, he can not say “yes” or “no.”

Remember, it is like an ass Buridan, who put on the fork of two roads. On the one hand – a haystack, and on the other hand – the haystack. And in theory, the donkey must die of hunger. Why? Because he is not able to choose which haystack go.

That’s just as well, and these tasks when you start to reflect on the deep axioms of yoga, you experience such a thing. Mind that, on the one hand, he knows the other side does not understand at the same time. And, and so and so like as an equivalent option. This inability to move any way or that way, as a result leads to the fact that the mind forgets about us and gives us the opportunity to just practice.

Therefore, the study of heavy zubodrobilny axiomatic Yoga is particularly useful in order to take our minds. Because it turns a double benefit. Firstly, we are getting smarter, we really begin to understand yoga, it is the first thing. Secondly, the mind begins to know her place, he suddenly begins to understand that there are questions, the answers to which he can not give, and it knocks some pride from it. Third, it leaves us alone and give us practice what we want, and the mind is no longer creating obstacles for us in terms of what it will not always tell us: “What are you doing, visualizing? Nothing to do. Do something practical. Go and earn yourself money or somehow otherwise spend time. “

A similar (by the way) method, when given in such a direction, which is called “Zen Buddhism” or sometimes “Chan Buddhism”. The word “Zen” just as the word “Chan” just as would have sounded in Russian the word “ding”. That’s when you take two glasses – ding. As part of Zen Buddhism, Chan Buddhism or methods provide the following tasks for meditation to mind is stuck on them and that fact that he was stuck, he gave impetus to the fact that we have opened our intuition or direct apprehension. And these numerous known kaany they call such problems, in the sense that, if cotton is the action of two hands, what is the action of one hand in cotton? Etc., etc., i.e. such tasks, which at first glance it is clear, and you begin to reflect on them and you realize that you do not understand anything.

The same goal is pursued in theory. So far we have not experienced in practice, we need to take his mind, that he was thinking and did not interfere. And at this time we will practice. But we should not underestimate the intelligence. He immediately recognizes any nonsense. And if he starts to recognize this nonsense, it remains for you a choice: to force you to believe in something. And this kind of violence on themselves, it is a kind of destructive direction. It is better to initially give such a task to reason that it 100% on it stalled, and did not have to force yourself to believe in something. And the opportunity to release it to the yoke or is nadziratelstvo mind jumped from the man, and a man could take advantage of the forces which it concluded. And his strength is in his Ya But they are not recognized by us. And the forces that understood us, so cleverly divided, that block its further realization.

An example of the lamp of Aladdin

And here, in this regard, another anecdote about something called “our minds.” Our mind – very powerful thing. He has plenty of features and capabilities that truly seem to us fantastic. Science of Raja Yoga deals with these all sections. And in connection with how to explain what is the reason, given a parable on various rumors retold. Although, you know her. This version of Aladdin’s lamp.

What once poor monk found a magic item that could cause Gina (or Indian style – Virgo). Those. some kind of supernatural being. This is a supernatural being could fulfill any desire. Says the poor boy who finds Gina (as in “1001 Nights”): “Do this and then some.” It is time – and immediately made. “Do something else” – he did. The third did the fourth, fifth, sixth, tenth – all did. But as soon as this or that Gene Dev, or I do not know who, the spirit remained idle, he immediately rubbed his hands and thought: “How would I deal with his master?”. Those. constantly had to throw him the problem.

Those. If the problem does not give him, he will kill you. If you give him a task, he immediately performs all fine. Also, we are modern people with our mind. Our mind works great in life, it helps to learn and overcome many difficulties. But if the mind is not the case, if the mind is turned off at the same time, he begins to obstruct us from his idleness. Well, in many ways (again) to solve this question in different stories about how well the young man did win this Gina, Deva, spirit.

Do you remember one of the options, he again forced to climb into a bottle where the Jin sat. Another option is that this young man forced to perform Gina obviously an impossible job. In one embodiment, one of the animals, whose tail was constantly twisted, he made this tail spin. Once Jean unraveled tail, he again twists. And so that day after day, year after year, for as long as he has not prayed and said: “Come on, you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. Come on, we will no longer quarrel with you. “

Similarly, our minds. He needs to check. But as Brumby can buck can spoil our lives. And it is good to take the mind in yoga – it’s not just a tribute to increase their intellectual level. It is also an opportunity to protect themselves. In any case, your mind will not impose the same obstacles you by, and will design something for you though. In particular, the recognition sverhlogichnyh yoga axioms.

This small addition of the axioms (I repeat, zubodrobilny) she, oddly enough, in yoga promotes.

Knowledge is power

Finally, as we recall, knowledge in itself – power. And if by such meditation you will still be able to awaken intuition, ie, forcing your mind to work on issues of axiomatic and forcing your mind to slip the inability to respond to them, you implicitly give a boost to your intuition manifest.

And once you start using the axioms of intuition to comprehend or knowledge, there is included in the section a role Jnana Yoga, where it is said that knowledge – is power in the literal sense of the word.

Those. a person with some knowledge in itself is strong with this knowledge. Those. all around a person with knowledge, it begins to take place in a different way.

As for Raja yoga seminars on Jnana Yoga I always cite as an example of an option in the old Soviet times, a TV technician who came to fix the TV client. Even such old, lamp, large, heavy, color TVs were. They constantly broke. And yet master of none, junk television. Only a master on the threshold came – TV well behaved and shows.

Master takes over the threshold – all bad again. Master just know it in my head keeps every scheme, every lamp, transistor, resistor, in general, it fully possesses the knowledge of how this system works. Sometimes this effect is observed that this system begins to be afraid of the one who knows how the system works.

Again, we read about it in numerous myths of ancient India of Brahman. Brahman – is a variant of the priest or the holder of higher learning in ancient India. He had the knowledge of the entire world order. And it was enough to appear in a particular place Brahmin how everything falls into place. Or so poetic language is sometimes described as “Maya scatter in fear, just as darkness is scattered in fear when a person enters with a lighted candle. Likewise, a person with knowledge of, as if he was carrying a very bright torch and the darkness he is no longer scary.

On the contrary the same, a person who has no knowledge of this torch, and who lives in the twilight or dark shadows, which sometimes become terrifying muzzle. The man is in the dark night, and suddenly there is a monster lurking behind the curtain.

Therefore, reflecting on axiomatic itself useful because it will sooner or later lead to the understanding of how yoga works Visualization. Once you begin to understand it, you immediately begin to capture the wave of euphoria, causeless euphoria from the realization of how grand our world is arranged.

And, again, according to Jnana Yoga is a method to reach the state of Samadhi or the highest state of yoga, when thinking of how things are done in fact, you fall through into the deepest ecstasy. Those. you do not need to think about the awakening of the Kundalini energy, you do not need to think about the opening of the third eye, you just need to comprehend and understand how things are done in reality.

And the thought just a storm of emotions. This can be compared with the highest love, when a young man at the thought that in the world there is a girl with whom he is in love, just have such a miracle of nature, it is. So, the thought is enough to make him the happiest in the world.

Therefore, let us once again recall some axiomatic position yoga Visualization.

We have come up with their own universe

So, as we said Yoga Visualization. It tells us that all around us outside world, as well as our inner world have been created by ourselves. All that we do not like in our outer world, and everything that we do not like in our inner world, it is entirely our creation, we once did, anyway. Sometimes, through ignorance, in the words of a classic: “We wanted the best, but it turned out as always”, sometimes for some other reasons. But what you do not like the outside of your world and in your world, in this sense, made to your original incognizance, you do not understand what they were doing.

Thus again, everything that you face in life (people, events, objects), whatever you like, what you want, but it is up to you escapes, or vice versa, all that you do not like, what you want from yourself remove, and it comes to you, all the results of your actions or your own construction of the inner and outer universe.

You come up with anything, you come up with not only the objects or phenomena, but also come up with, and the laws by which these objects or phenomena occurring in the world. And this here is the effect that you come up with laws also leads to the concept of karma. If you do this or that act, you (as it were) saying in its internal or external universe the possibility that this could happen in your interior or exterior of the universe in relation to other living beings, and against you. If you cheat, you expect that you will cheat. If you have someone to do good – expect that you will do well. This is called the law of karma that we have created in their inner universe.

So sometimes asked why we get bad for the poor? Very simple. We ourselves have come up with these rules, and to themselves they acted. Those. no external power, which would administer some sort of karmic punishment.

So, Visualization Yoga says that all that we see inside, outside, how we live, we are (actually) have created themselves. And at what level? If friends, a more abstract study, it appears that we’ll come up with even the laws of the universe. And the fact that we are all at the same time under the influence of the same laws of the universe, only says that we are about its evolutionary path walked along the same direction. We came up with about the same thing every one of us, therefore, put in the plane of action of the same laws. And these laws we call laws worldwide.

At the same time, probably, maybe, there are some parallel worlds where there are other laws that are created by a group of other living beings on the same scenario. But this is a fantasy, will not clog the mind itself so quite interesting conclusions, let us until our world.

So, how did we do all this outside inner world. It seems to us that this world (like as) itself did or someone does it. Here people gathered around and built the city of Moscow, and we (like as) here and there is nothing. But we can not say. In some previous lives we have been doing such acts, such established laws for its internal and external universe, that they were in such a group of people who were inclined to build is the city of Moscow. You see, as it were, on the contrary.

Anyway, the last word for each one of us. And the question arises: how can this be? Why are we externally (supposedly) are weak, but in reality (says Yoga Visualization) we are so powerful? Where the source of the power that enables us to create and external, and the internal universe?

Yoga Visualization answers this question: the source of all strength – our senior Y. Our higher self-terrestrial. There is not a word, not an expression of what it represents. And the closest to what we could say about our Higher Self, is the following – our higher self (as claimed by axiomatic of yoga) in a state of freedom.

The concept of “freedom”

So, we come to you to such a concept as “freedom”. “Freedom” is a very strange and elusive word. It assumes that each of us can manifest as he pleases. Or again, the language of mathematics, the concept of “freedom” is equivalent to saying that we can do in terms of mathematics, a truly random actions.

In mathematics there is a concept “random number generator”, trying to make it anyway. But yoga says that artificially make it impossible in principle. It is only our higher self, enjoying freedom, as a result, having the sequence of actions, which could be called accidental. In the sense that somehow our ego can manifest.

So, our higher self has freedom. And the concept of freedom, on the other hand, is the notion of omnipotence. Indeed, if you are free, you are omnipotent, ie There are no restrictions on your way. Moreover, their freedom, you can be one way or commercials. And this ability to exercise their freedom, “one way or the commercials,” called “will” or the ability to exercise all of the omnipotence of which I have for each of us.

On the other hand, we remember that we have a large number of living beings and each of them has a higher self and every higher self is free, and there is a natural question: whether there is any conflict, as can be the same two beings free, and at the same time be able to each other to somehow communicate, to co-exist?

This is indeed a very serious matter. It would seem that the availability of free beings in the universe, excludes all other free beings. Otherwise, how can one say, being (say): “Let there be light!” And the other says, “Let there be darkness!”. Or creature wants to do one thing, another creature wants to do something else. There is a conflict.

Those. How can this be, that on the one hand, there is the ability to communicate two free beings. On the other hand, there is no contradiction between their free will? This really is one of the key issues of all philosophy in general, or in particular yoga.

And to answer it, axiomatic yoga teaches us that there is a Maya or whatever, whereby the Absolute or the root cause has created us with you or sebepodobnyh beings. And that’s it maya factor enables us to remain initially free, while at the same time, communicate with sebepodobnymi.

Finally, the following. According to yoga axioms, there is such a thing as “the beginning of creation,” or the notion that once we were all created in the image and likeness of the Absolute. Although, he adds, that at this moment there was neither space nor time. There was a time when there was no time. At first glance it seems an absolute ahineyey, but this is just an attempt to express a certain idea sverhlogichnuyu in the plane or in the plane of the logic of our ordinary language.

So, by the very fact that once we are there, we are all free, we can all communicate with each other, if we do voleizyavlyat. Why? Because we are free. If we voleizyavlyat communicate with another free being, then we will do it. If we voleizyavlyat not communicate with other living beings, we are not going to do it, we are free.

So, from the fact that the original creation there is the situation that we are free from all, including free of pre-knowledge. Those. we are (as it were) in a potential free, free even from the knowledge that we are free (the highest degree of freedom).

It turns out that ignorance – it is the highest degree of freedom in this case. We have no one imposes, we have no one imposes even that we are free.

As a consequence, we are all in the primordial ignorance. Potentially we are all free, respectively, are omnipotent. I want you to have thought through the equal sign between the word “freedom” and “omnipotence”.

So, we are free, we are all-powerful. But, at the same time, we do not know that we are omnipotent. We can communicate with sebepodobnymi. For this was invented by the Mayans. And at the same time, for this opportunity to communicate with sebepodobnymi or the ability to communicate through the Maya with other free beings we paid following a very serious price – the possibility of occurrence of illusion, or when something is considered to be one with something else. Profession illusionist goes back to the very foundations of the existence of the universe.

So, it turns out that we (higher I) omnipotent, free, do not know anything about his freedom, his omnipotence, floundering in the ocean of maya, where we wallow in addition also other free omnipotent J. We have the ability to communicate with these I if we voleizyavim and pull them into our lives. We have the opportunity on the contrary not to let anyone into our lives. Why? Because we are free initially.

And the question arises: Well, well, how our freedom or our omnipotence is manifested in this ocean of maya or intermediate medium between the higher beings I different? It begins to appear in the few truncated state omnipotence. Those. if our potential I am absolutely omnipotent, when we begin to operate inside of Maya, our power and our omnipotence greatly reduced the influence of maya because of the presence in the maya or illusion when we do something one believe something else.

And when our omnipotence operates in Maya, it is called “prana”. Those. prana – is the original kind of power, the power of life or force manifestation of vitality, or force of any living being I – it prana. But the trouble is that one living being is aware of itself a little more, respectively, has a little more at the disposal of his omnipotence and therefore the flow of prana from this living being a little bit more. Other I am less aware of itself and, consequently, the flow of prana less, respectively, and the manifestations in this ocean of maya less.

It turns out that there is a certain evolution. If somehow a living being lives life, and this life contributes to a fuller knowledge or at least a small degree of approximation to the knowledge of what it is, it is directly proportional to the released power, inherent in the I or increases prana, which has a living creature.

And if the living being to live a life somehow differently, then the influx of prana is not increased. If the influx of prana increases, the living entity can result in still other actions, which we shall not speak, to create a more complex body, which begins to appear in maya or what we call “The Universe.”

Our universe – it is (essentially) a kind of reality that is of the highest living creature I, plus the reality of the Absolute, but which is hidden by maya. Or in another way, it’s a big ocean of maya. What is our universe? It’s a big ocean of maya, in which I swim real top of each of us. And at the same time, over this ocean of maya stretches vast sky of the Absolute, which is (supposedly) can access the inside of Maya, but at the same time, Maya is not affected. And we, like fish, dive into this ocean of ignorance.

And the more I do this every ocean of prana can supply, the more complex the body it can get. As a consequence, the more complex picture of his life to organize around them in this ocean of maya. And that I’m starting to divide. All that it feels inside the body, which was formed within the Maya called “our inner world” and everything about what he was doing the same with the help of prana I called our external world. And if our I’m more conscious, we have, say, a person’s body. If I am less aware of itself and, consequently, less prana, we have the body of the bacteria or some ciliates shoes of our beloved.

And there is a big difference, my friends, I am a person between the higher and higher self microorganism. The question is the degree of self-awareness, and as a result, in the degree of manifestation. Or, as a consequence, the amount of prana, which can operate inside of Maya.

So once again, prana – a derivative of our original freedom that is our omnipotence, and which manifests itself not in full, but in limited quantities within Maya.

The ratio of “life” and “prana”

Then, finally, I remind you. What we can safely put an equal sign between the manifestation of life and manifestation of prana. Sometimes on TV shows such cardio. Take, for example, some nutrient solution, and throw back a single-celled living organism. And it is on the eyes begins to divide, divide, divide, and everything moves, everything breathes, somehow creeps. That was empty, and there was suddenly all happen. And from a chemical point of view of the body of any of these beings is made up of the same elements, from which the nutrient solution, but there is something elusive, there is a difference, which we call life. And we can safely equate the ability to show the prana and life.

What is life? This is a manifestation of Prana. Or a manifestation of a higher power or liberty within Maya. I ask you to note that behind this higher self, which is higher than the concept of “life.” But I am of our existence, and our displays, we can say that is the source of these manifestations or is the source of prana.

Once again, look – there was nothing. But they began to multiply, to spread, etc., etc. From this impulse, from which this push? The explanation of the phenomenon of life, my friends, is the greatest challenge for science in its entirety. If we talk about science in those terms, that modern people are investing in it (what happened in the past 150-200 years). But I think that it will take quite a bit of time, and science, too, will begin to be transformed somewhat.

So, prana – is a manifestation of the omnipotence of our higher self within Maya, to the extent in which this higher self itself self-aware. And then you remember, we touched on this theme: how can classify all this omnipotence, which is prana?

And let me remind you that all that is logically divided into what is in the constancy and all that can change. Those. the principle of continuity and the principle of perpetual modifications.

So, it turns out that our prana – is a kind of universal omnipotence, which can be expressed through the omnipotence of omnipotence or persistence of changes.

Then the axioms of Yoga, we remember that the constancy of the property has only one thing in the universe – it is Consciousness. There is nothing else in the universe that is persistent. It is the consciousness of the observer or the unchanging unchanging spectator who captures all further changes. A further change, he can track on what is called “knowledge”, ie some knowledge come. Or can be reduced to the word “information”, ie, our consciousness is only one in a position to recognize the availability of information.

Those. Consciousness and information – things are completely different. Consciousness – is information that can identify or determine whether the information is not the information or something. But the information itself, consciousness itself. Although the information is also a very interesting property (as if) the demonstration of a certain permanence.

Indeed, the mathematician thinking about a perfect circle. And there is the concept of a perfect circle. But it does not exist in nature (perfect circle). These nuances are also dealt with in other sections of the axioms of yoga is also very interesting, but we will not harp on them.

So, the only thing constant in this universe, called “consciousness.” Or just have some manifestation of our original omnipotence of perseverance, that’s just a manifestation of consciousness.

It should be the next thing, friends: The consciousness of his support is prana, prana has the support of the omnipotence of our freedom or property Ya

Therefore, the concept of consciousness and the concept of the Self different concepts. Consciousness – is a manifestation of higher self Higher Self – is something higher than consciousness.

Unfortunately, there are many schools of yoga make an unfortunate mistake, bringing the concept of the Self with the concept of consciousness, placing an equal sign. No, my friends, I ask you very much attention to this. Consciousness – it is only a property or just the ability of our higher self, or just one of the might of our higher self, the principle of the constancy of control. Because the principle of permanence is precisely our consciousness and all that (somehow) connected with the audience, which is able to perceive the knowledge or information received or observed.

On the other hand, we have the power of modifications or changes. This is the power of prana can be classified as on changes what is called yoga “Shakti” or “energy”, which manages other energies. Those. it is completely under the control of our I (the ability to change something).

So, it turns out that prana – is the flow to a certain extent limited the omnipotence of our higher self, or the flow of limited freedom of our higher self and the higher the flow of prana, the more we can realize freedom within the world of maya, or the less – the less. Man can no longer realize their freedom in the world than Paramecium caudatum. So prana a person immeasurably more, ciliates shoes modest. Although once we are with you (probably) have passed and such bodies.

So, it turns out that prana manifests as consciousness or energy, or the ability of omnipotence with the principle of the constancy or the ability of omnipotence in the modifications. Or in other words, Prana – is the power of knowledge or power of action.

But the power of knowledge, and the power of action back to a single source of prana, to a single source of our freedom. Those. As you can see, it turns out that is prana? Prana is a real tool to use our freedom. And all of that inner world, and all that the outside world, which was created by us during the birth and death until the body of man was created Prana, ie original freedom.

Even from this it follows that whatever we did, we did it ourselves. You see, it is very clear logic. If the inner and outer world was made through your prana, and prana is nothing else like your freedom, so it goes out and the inner and outer world – your idea, or your implementation, your idea or your idea to fix your project for which is only one answer you personally. No neighbor on the left, no neighbor on the right, or “the guy who always like to answer for everything,” and it is you.

Those. we are with you the law of karma (cause and effect), each has only what he did. With this prana, which in essence is freedom.

Next we go. So, all that we have done in the outer and inner world, we are done with the help of prana. “And why we did something like this and not otherwise?” – A question. And the answer is as follows. We have done something like this and not otherwise based on the fact we were in what state of awareness. And since (I recall), we are in a state of ignorance of the original, if we even slightly hit upon something, or something is realized, then based on the fact that we realize we are acting. And based on the way we worked, we continue to realize something.

Those. it is a question of chicken and egg. What comes first: consciousness or action? This question is open. Whether we acted first, and then realize that it is we twists. Whether the first to realize, “Ah, here it is possible to act and began to act.” And then we realized that we did this.

It’s a chicken and egg question, axiomatic and also very difficult. Let’s not talk about it, or rather, let us talk about it, but in a somewhat different context. We will not analyze what is primary and what is secondary. Let us remember that in essence, it is a single force.

And now it turns out that we are (as it were) overcoming initial ignorance, did some consciousness-action and the experience gained. This experience, of course, was somehow interpreted our I. And, according to this interpretation, we did the following act of awareness-action. We got back experience. The third step is made. You know, it’s like a blind, dumb, not seeing anything bacteria floating in the ocean, trying to understand at all, and what is out there. And some events taking place in her life. Here it is some kind of microorganism more small floated, Come let me eat it. Once – I ate, well, delicious. Somehow there is a complex chain of mechanisms that had formed before that worked and some reaction to this has gone.

So, it turns out, all that we have created in their inner and outer world, we have created under the influence of their previous experience. Those. we received some feedback, we realized that something further, let me remind you, we somehow interpreted. Well, as you can interpret, if you are in a state of ignorance of the original?

And after all, out of the air, who on that much, and he interpreted, demonstrating the freedom inherent in each of us. So it turns out that we are all made on a single image. But the inner and the outer world are different from each other (one person and another).

And at the same time, there are factors that unite us. Why? Because at some stages of evolution we did about the same movement, and ended up in the same conditions with the same bodies, with the same preferences to a certain extent and the same path for the next life.

Here you are all gathered here, such as to study yoga. Those. this indicates that something in common it was in your history. Or yoga language, have some common karma. Otherwise you would not be in the same place, at the same time in the same bodies. If one and the same place and time, (say) of the body could be different, etc., etc. Inconsistencies lot.

It is another such moment is born out of Karma Yoga, the action of karma threefold. This place, the time of birth. I will not attempt to disassemble, threefold or ternary. But there are factors which will be born, when born, respectively, to get some experience.

So, it turns out the next thing. What internal and external world, we have formed themselves with the help of prana under the influence of the original ignorance. We have interpreted some things in one direction or another. As a result, according to this interpretation, we created the next step-creation of knowledge. And it so happened that some living beings these interpretations are more or less in line, and we have a group of people. In some other species that could go on some other script and we, say, have a group of cats, dogs, or group, or a group of ants, or anyone else.

I, of course, everything here is simplified to impossibility, so you get the idea.

Interpretation and experience

So creeps factor: the inner and the outer world is largely determined by overcoming our initial ignorance or an opportunity to interpret the fact that we have received as a result of an act of this action awareness actions. This interpretation led to the next step, the next step – to the next. As a result, in addition to the interpretation of accumulated experience. Sometimes this experience refutes previous interpretation and corrects the following interpretation.

You go home at night in the jungles of India, and on the moonlit path and see preopasneyshuyu cobra. You interpret it as a cobra. But you continue to go on, on, and here you come, overcoming a completely animal fear, a little closer, and in no time you will see that this is not a cobra, and the rope is.

And in a moment – time, and things have changed, both in your inner world and your impulses to the outside world. And it can be called as a result of the acquisition of a more approximate to the truth of knowledge. When we adjust their interpretation. There were some one, but for the life we have more experience and have seen that any one interpretation, which were more illusory, was changed to the interpretation, which are less illusory.

How do we determine whether or not the illusory nature of the illusory nature? Indeed, on the consequences. If we are to come up with this any laws, then everything should be in accordance with these laws. And if something is observed divergent with these laws, we have to either adjust our laws, or to discover new laws. Here it is such knowledge, expansion, creation of external inner peace.

And it turns out that the whole external world is created, of course, each of us individually, but in maya, where we have a lot of living creatures, plus do not forget about the Absolute, it also can not be written off from the accounts. Even though we are free, free including from in order to know that the Absolute any. But, the no less, it does not disappear.

It turns out that all of the objects or phenomena that we see around us, as it were, the total effect of prana of all living creatures, plus to this action of the Absolute. Here lies the boxes, it can be interpreted as the cumulative effect of prana each of us, plus the action of the Absolute. And, strictly speaking, if the prana redirect to the other side, this box will not. But even if you turn away from him, he will not disappear. Even if you turn away from him, he will not disappear. Why? Because the Absolute remains. And if they turn away Absolute, then certainly disappear.

Or the opposite situation. Sometimes people in their common misconception doing some entities, objects or phenomena. About objects, let us not say it at all funny topic. About the phenomenon. From the standpoint of the Absolute, it should not be. And it’s a matter of time when it will disappear. Because all people bother to believe in this or that phenomenon, they cease to believe in it, and in it the Absolute never believed.

You understand what I’m saying here? Sometimes you read ancient tales of seafarers. So they went to the edge of the known world or anywhere else on the trip. And read a fairy tale. Those. collective hypnosis, all see the same thing.

Read the Chronicle, when Columbus discovered America. There just are not seen enough miracles before sailed to Cuba (in my opinion). Everyone who swam after them, have not seen anything yet. Why? Because they went into something new, which has not yet been representations and they started their consciousness and energy, your prana to create. And if this is what they have done, come into conflict with other people, it also disappeared.

Therefore, it is a very fine line of what modern psychologists call the “collective unconscious.” It sometimes becomes threatening real tangible phenomenon.

According to the memoirs in 1937, when our country is terrible reprisals were, every night on the funnel next victim taken away for so many memories that the country hung in panic felt by the fear that the passage of time (when our leaders to reason that we should not all intellectuals kill, because you need someone to leave), he also suddenly disappeared.

Or again, we read the story of Nazi Germany when Hitler was in power, all quite firmly believed in his idea. Note Vlasov scored Germans, almost a million people, ie people who changed sides and fought with our same. The Germans we did not see. They are prisoners of war. Well, yes, he is white and fluffy, “Mamma Mia”, but to fight against their own – no. Why? Because this idea of living as real. Hitler died in Berlin in 1945 it was gone, as if it had never existed.

I remember the movie, a very good film it is called “Nyurbergsky process.” And there is one of the characters said that the impression that the whole of fascism created Papuans. Those. nowhere came Papuans angry, did something, and then left, and the Germans (like as) to do with it. Why? Because there are things that appear out of nowhere, I start to edit, to do something, and then disappear into nowhere, as if they had never existed. And this is a very interesting phenomenon, or a phenomenon of the collective action of prana. Until then, until a group of people in something they believe they materialize it.

But we go further. It turns out that the entire universe we have created with the help of prana flows that spun inside the outer universe, based on the interpretation that we have received personally, or that the interpretation immediately capture a large group of living beings.

And we (sort of) collective Prana any objects or phenomena created, and create. In fact, the entire universe is condensed, these mats on which you are sitting here, are made of prana of all living creatures, which only relate to this section of our universe. But not only people, probably more, and organisms perceive the mat, and some other life forms, about which we do not guess.

And while all think it is, it is to a certain extent will be. It is clear that the yogis and yogis who are raised to a very high level of understanding of the nature of being, any brahmana in ancient India, understanding the nature of things, he began to show strength, which we have called the supernatural. Compared with that materialization, dematerialization, levitation, passing through walls, flying through the air – sophomoric.

Factor maya

But we go further. It turns out that we have come with you to the fact that the original factor of ignorance, maya action played a role. A Mayan revealed through what is called the associative links. When we do something one begin to consider something else. And under this action any further misinterpretations like a snowball starting to grow, grow, grow.

And Yoga Visualization gives us the very first seed or the very first associative link, which is (you know) to seed narosli all other associative links, giving rise to further our inner world and our outer world.

This is the original grain is ignorance of ourselves against ourselves, in the sense that we believe that our higher self feels its manifestation. Or in other words: our higher self, which is free, omnipotent, and which manifests itself in the form of prana (the implementation of this freedom and omnipotence) under the influence of the original ignorance begins to consider himself of Prana.

Therefore, we get a very interesting thing. What gives rise to our I prana, and at the same time, there is the very first elusive connection between our I and prana as if I consider myself to our prana. And in this regard, there is a very curious effect.

Each of us is sitting here now and, of course, we are in the original dark and unaware of his Ya So, our ego feels that his prana. And this prana somehow permeates our body structure, and we consider ourselves to a greater or lesser extent, with their bodies. The bodies are not necessarily rude, thin, the reason all mental structures also fall under the definition of bodies.

Those. we feel some conglomeration of thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories. Why? Because it is all woven of prana. And our self feels prana. And at the same time, I’m out of this cocoon-conglomerate, and can fully manage this cocoon-conglomerate.

Indeed, it turns out the scheme, as if people began to consider himself his shadow. And the result is a very curious yogic effect. When at least a fraction of a second higher self of man presents himself as the man glimpses directly, rather than through associative links, there is a strange state, as if the higher self of man was separated from the man himself. And as if a man said: “Yes, yesterday I learned your higher self, it was revealed to me.” As if it were something separate from it.

A very strange thing, very strange. Especially when you start to deal with Raja Yoga master the numerous management methods, meditations. Sometimes there are moments of insight, as a result of practice, for a split second eclipse of the misinterpretation of flies, and is the realization of his higher self, and at the same time, as if it is the highest I looked on itself and finds himself feeling this lump.

Therefore it is said in ancient texts that I know the higher a person can only in the event that it is open to him. As if it were something separate from the human. This is a very strange circuit. But we are interested in the following.

So, the first primer to form inner and outer world, was the fact that the higher self of every living being in the first place considers itself a manifestation of his or prana.

Those. as if there is crystallization center of the self, or the small flow of prana, around which later begins to build what we call our inner world and, accordingly, the outside world. Although, at this point, in terms of prana, it makes no sense to separate the inner and outer world. And it’s hard to say where it ends your inner world and the outer world begins where. Border for more than notional.

So, here is seed – prana. And the very first association is, of course, it is the link that binds our higher self with prana. But not in its natural being, as higher self is the source of prana, and so the channel was dug. And as if some artificial bypass prana. And this is the first associative link.

Prana is in its natural pure state – something exciting. Or in other words – Sat Chit Anand – absolute being, absolute consciousness, absolute bliss. Here and there is a very serious temptation of our higher I find myself here this personification of happiness.

But our higher self, friends, higher than the concept of happiness. Happiness – it’s just that our higher self can generate a natural way at any moment, in any amount, in any amount. Why? Because the source of prana – our I, and I – omnipotent, and prana – it is a manifestation of omnipotence.

Prana and the formation of the principles of

So, let’s go. So, the first association is of the self to the prana. In the future, the prana begins to somehow manifest themselves in maya. And it begins to show, first of all, as follows. Prana begins to create principles. What are the principles? These are some more complex derivatives of prana, which help in the future to create more sophisticated and intricate designs. Or in another way to say, the principle – it is like the alphabet from which you can then lay down any words. And, accordingly, in such a way to produce any object or occurrence of these words (word describing).

It turns out that our original prana, which in essence, of consciousness and energy, begins to create principles. And remember the axioms of yoga, according to recognized and common point of view, these principles seven. These stops, when there was a creation, we have six plus one more principle. Very hard about him to say anything, and now we talk about this with you.

Immediately I want to warn you. If I have something here for you so famously explaining, and you have the impression that everything is clear, believe me, that is much more complicated. Some knowledge is lost, and I just voiced the part of knowledge, which is more or less preserved. There are gaps or white pieces, which (I hope) every one of you in the future will make up through personal practice, through the study of ancient texts, through reflection and meditation. Poor those students who (they say) do not surpass their teachers. Therefore, you and I need to fill the gaps in knowledge of yoga that have not been preserved to us. Therefore, there is a certain difficulty.

But let us go back. To do this, I start to paint a picture, which we will complete in the next lecture. So, is our higher self is transcendent source of prana and have some associative link, that makes it I take prana. And this prana begins to create original principles. Or in other words, this prana, which is (in essence) manifests as energy and consciousness begins to be divided into energy and consciousness and then mixed, but in some other combinations, and not in the original prana.

And this mixture is precisely the product of this or that principle. This whole process of yoga is known as the divergence of energy and consciousness or primordial prana or the occurrence of Kundalini energy.

Its essence lies in the fact that the original prana, which is of timeless and vneprostranstva gets into a rough concept of maya. And inside there is maya central channel with many principles that constitute the essence of man. And this thing is as follows. As if consciousness and energy costs. Here it is the original prana. It is (as it were) was divided into consciousness and energy, and then again was connected together, creating the principle through which the prana within. Again prana divided into consciousness and energy, was doing another principle, this principle held by prana on, etc., etc.

And everyone this principle, as is already known from other sections of yoga to fit, has a clear localization of our human body. I’ll draw it now, that you have a binding.

But, strictly speaking, there would be not only to draw the human body, and the body of a humanoid with Alpha Centauri, or body of any other living creature. Because rudimentary principles are present in everyone, but in an undeveloped form.


And so I just paint (as if I did not miss) head. No, I missed you need more modestly. Anyway, it turned humanoid. Here he has one eye, here in his other eye. And this is the principle of Mind – this point between the eyebrows. This is his nose, so he smiles.

The second center is the basis of our relationship with the throat. Here his shoulders draw. This is the principle of Space.

The third principle in the center of the chest, I draw. Prana is divided into consciousness and energy, and has formed the principle of the air through which also passed prana. And again, I would not miss. In general, there is absolutely not in the proportions I paint. Let it prettier, but something quite humanoid, a little smaller.

And so to the earth principle. Here his legs. And the base of his body, which was formed last principle – the principle of the Earth. Consciousness and Energy was divided again, this principle has created the Earth. And (as they say) Prana did not go further, and stood in this place, shutting on itself.

But, in this case, that’s a paradox. From a formal point of view, from our Ya Let’s order. In addition to the creation of the principles turns out that the very first, where to start the division – a place where mostly the beginning of the light of consciousness and energy in the subtlest form. Because the principle of the Mind was created, where the light of consciousness is also very powerful and most subtle vibration energy – this is the principle of Reason.

Then the principle of Space, where, respectively, less bright in consciousness represented by the form and energy in a rude manner. And so on, and so on, until we reach the Earth’s principle where the consciousness in the smallest degree of light and energy in the most the most coarse form.

Those. we get this way differences of Consciousness and Energy, which is imposed on our body and can be located somewhere in the area of our spine, near the base of the body and to the top of the head. In yoga it is called the central canal. It turns out that in the top of the head consciousness is localized to a greater extent. And the base of the body, energy is localized to a greater extent. And this rough part of the energy, the least translucent Consciousness, called Kundalini.

And all the intermediate principles (Mind principle, that is located somewhere in the area of our third eye, the principle spaces near our throat, the principle of Air somewhere in the middle of our chest, the principle of Fire somewhere in front of our navel, the principle Waters somewhere there is already close to our sexual organs, and the principle of the Earth is closer to the base of the body), they are all from itself, the studio business, consciousness and energy derived from this primordial prana.

But this primordial prana firstly divided into consciousness and energy, and re-joined in some other combination, generating a particular principle. And secondly, the spectrum of the prana, which is divided, has a significant gradient in the direction of a coarsening of vibration energy and the reduction of light consciousness.

And thus was formed the principle of principle as long as the Earth formed principle.

To help you understand what I’m saying. When you take the cobblestone road to the land, least of all shines through someone’s consciousness. Here it is the principle of something inert, immobile, we think of something unchanging. But in fact, in the ideology of yoga, this is the most blatant manifestation of prana, and most (if anything) the dim light of Consciousness.

But at the same time it turns out that despite the fact that the original prana shared on different spectra of these different spectra divided into Consciousness, Energy and merged in some combinations, and spawned principles through all those principles still circulates the original prana .

And draw it in our three-dimensional mine is not possible but to show the numerous arrows of the self to the center channel, which is located those principles. Here here, but in the idea there should be more, I did not draw on the figure. It would be good to you with a piece of paper and a pencil home parsing lectures drew.

So, it turns out, that such a picture of the body of the device or how (in general) our world was formed. As for the outside world, here is this Prana that of the original of the self pervades certain principles, then uses these principles in order to somehow influence the situation, which is around our body. Or is this maya cloud surrounding our yoga, we can draw a tree, some other objects or phenomena.

But we’ll talk about this in the next lecture.

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