2011_01_18 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, January 18, 2011. We are located in the Cultural “Enlightenment” center near Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow. My name is Victoria, and this – a thematic lesson for everyone on “The practice of meditation.”

Victoria: What are the issues for the practice of meditation? What were the successes in your concentration? Who wants to share? What exercises are given for home practice?

Answer 1: need to relax before going to bed, to lie still in a comfortable position, trying not to think about nothing. It was necessary to note for myself – turns out there to do this exercise and for how long. I have personally obtained. In Shavasana lie without moving easier. It is harder to “freeze” in a yogic posture (asana), because to work by consciousness.

Victoria: After 40 minutes, of course, it becomes difficult, and if you do 10-15 minutes, then I think it is quite normal.

Answer 2: And focus on the tip of the nose has already become much better prepared.

Victoria: Who else wants to share with us how you managed to control their symptoms with the help of the will, ie, concentrating on anything else, you run your consciousness, attention, thereby razotozhdestvlyayas with its manifestations? Those. if we control their symptoms, thus we consider ourselves to be less than these manifestations.

Above our existence is our higher self, which will, with the help of this tool manages. The instrument through which our self is manifested in this world. As far as our attention is scattered, unchecked, it does not obey us? Something fun, something attractive, and our consciousness without our knowledge as a monkey jumps then back and forth. And it is very difficult for us to keep his expression and control the flow of consciousness, attention.

Homework was just the fact that you track these moments when our consciousness is torn or when we can take control of their manifestation. Again, the more in control of our manifestation, the less we think we are not what we are, that is, its manifestations – energy and consciousness. Or, to make it easier – your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions. And to a lesser extent than we feel its manifestations, the more we are free.

Student 1: I began to notice that if you are in a society where a lot of people and there is a man who speaks loudly or a lot of gestures, the mind wants to pay attention to it, but because I have this awareness process control and would not let go his energy.

Student 2: A similar case was with me on the subway. I was riding the subway, and a woman next to push and shove, and then, seeing that I do not react to it, the beginning of the name-calling. I have everything inside the boil. But I remembered our lessons and just smiled at her. But she did not understand anything, walked away. She could not catch me.

Victoria: We are doing an exercise in concentration – these exercises were associated with gross body – we controlled its gross body, we are focused on it, we ran his gross body. We also used the exercises associated with our thoughts, with our breath and our emotions. Today we repeat the exercise in which we have tried to emotionally react to another person when that person represented our karma, provoking us. We verify, as far as we are beyond the provocations of our karma. Also, we’ll work on today’s lesson with our physical body and more subtle aspects of our structures and repeat the exercise associated with emotions. Let’s see how we can control their feelings.

Q: I began to notice that when set myself a number of tasks and some task fails, I can not concentrate and understand what it is. And if I go back to the place where I had left this task, it begins to emerge. Why? I cant answer. Perhaps some kind of association with the surrounding objects?

Victoria: Kate, what you yourself think about it?

Answer: Maybe space stores information about what tasks I put? I maybe have a little concentration and you need to concentrate more on what I should do.

Victoria: Good. So, we have considered you an arbitrary concentration and involuntary. Involuntary focus – this is when our attention wanders among the objects which we are interested. We compared the involuntary attention to the concentration of animals or children, “what I want – that is what directs his attention.” A arbitrary focus – it is an aspect of consciousness, when we do not direct their attention to where we would like and that we are interested. We direct your attention to the objects to which we pay attention voleizyavili. It should be – decided voleizyavil and sent, and hold for as long as decided. This element of consciousness we simply vital. Our ability to express their will and to focus not only on what we are interested in, sets us apart from animals.

You remember, we gave an example of the last time with a dog and a book. The dog has decided that it will concentrate on the book. Of course, it is not able to do it. But on an interesting subject for her – that’s another matter. And, note, of course, will have to rush it – it will be very difficult to monitor the sugar bone behind the glass. Because if she does not, then what is the point to look at it it in a few minutes. In this case, the animal will bring their attention to something a little more interesting for him.

The aspect of voluntary attention, an aspect of consciousness, we need, because even if we are the object of interest, then there comes a moment when our attention is slipping even on this interesting subject. And then we need an element of consciousness to keep their attention. Hold, then through this wave of consciousness (when “necessary”), we show our will, and then through the will may come a wave of interest ( “want”). In the last lesson we looked at life situations associated with yoga. We are on a wave of interest in doing yoga, all the great and wonderful, we concentrate on the practice, in their classrooms, on the theory, we all wonder. But after some time, and (gave an example with the students), we have become not so interesting, and should make an effort to continue the occupation. Those. at this point it is necessary to introduce an element of consciousness and force yourself to continue to practice, continue to force myself to focus on the subject. And then after some time the interest is renewed again and again to our attention involuntarily committed to this phenomenon or object. Wherever you look – everywhere manifest aspect of the energy and the consciousness aspect. And we need to work first and foremost aspect of consciousness, because here we have a lot of gaps. For that we did not take – at work, in relationships with each other – everywhere need this aspect.

Take Tantra yoga. First comes Love. All great, great. You are interested in each other. But after some time, and feelings start to fade away. At this point, if a person is like an animal, then it begins to diverge attention, consciousness begins to rush to the other partners, and the person is very difficult to get overcome some difficult times in life. He starts to rush. But if he had worked out this aspect of consciousness, he would have moved into the second stage of yoga lovers and have worked on the relationship. And then I went to the third stage, where again all great fun and wonderful. Therefore, in all areas of our lives we need to work out, and one and the other.

You were given homework to follow the situations in which we need to focus. And you would say, everywhere, absolutely everywhere. Whatever you do – whether you’re reading a book, whether you are playing with your child, if you watch TV, you learn a foreign language if something develops, drawing, writing – all we need to focus. As arbitrary and involuntary. The most ideal option – it is, of course, when we use both. Even if we can motivate yourself and call the aspect of “I want” and “interesting”, the then still need the element of consciousness.

The stronger in our ability to concentrate, the more we control their symptoms. A control means that we control our body, we control our thoughts, we manage our emotions. Not someone else is pulling the strings us, but we ourselves. And the more this control, the more our freedom. If the runs you have a thought and draws your attention, then you are not free. If you ran some kind of emotion, and took you, then you are not free from this emotion – emotions control you. If you have some controls, so neither of which freedom can not walk and talk.

Catching concentrating, we are directly engaged in understanding your higher self, his will. Power of attention, power of concentration you need every day to hone every day to develop. Every second. In each situation. You communicate with each other – and at this point, instead of hearing person to establish contact with him, to understand him, you have in mind a billion different ideas. You do not see a person, because you are in currently. You swarm, billion thoughts. When communication is also needed concentration.

You came to the lecture. If you concentrate on a subject, then you will understand the subject. If you have the attention of the scattered, the concentration of zero or low, then you will not come to what I wanted to tell the teacher. Those. in every situation, we must develop concentration. We manage their attention, consciousness, or someone else controls us? Who’s the boss?


Exercise 1.

During mantra yoga classes come all sorts of images – angels fly, or any thoughts about home affairs, some problems or something else that leads us, and we are no longer in these thoughts, than the vibration of the mantra. Even on something we focus – on the noise from the outside, and the like, but not on the mantra. The degree of concentration on the mantra, as a rule, frankly, leaves much to be desired. Those. we have total involvement in the mantra in the vibration of the mantra. And now we are going for a little time to practice yoga mantra – to himself. Of course, in the ears it is much easier because it is loud, because it is easier to concentrate the mind, but we complicate the task. All you want to quickly go to a higher step – a mantra to himself or quiet, but not loud. But here and check how much you will be able to concentrate on the vibration of the mantra, when you say it to yourself.

When we recite the mantra out loud, we are trying to forget everything and totally engage in the mantra. There is only the mantra. And maybe a couple of minutes we succeed. Speak in a whisper the mantra – is more complicated. In this case, too, need to go through a stage where we are saying in a whisper, no matter what else is distracted, except mantra. And the third stage – we say to himself. And in this case we are immersed only in the mantra.

Now we will check how much you saying to yourself, it is possible not to be distracted by extraneous internal and external noise. Those. Now we hear – someone slammed the door, and immediately our attention “???? Who came Who is gone Probably, someone was late or going to the toilet or even for something?” Or inner thoughts ran: “I turned off the iron?” Or: “And what about my children And what about my boss stayed on the job without me?”

These thoughts usually win. They drive us to become masters in our “home” lead us. We forget about the mantra, and about his higher self We run away somewhere not there. And if there is something even more interesting, then we forget about yoga, and in general about all. Those. We are very easy to manage, like puppets. We are not free.

Now there is a course of lectures on the theme of freedom. And today’s lecture, I think, Vadim will ask you many questions about freedom and about how we are not free. Almost every second we are not free – from her body, their thoughts, their emotions. We are not free at all. First we need to move forward step by step, at least to understand the state of freedom. And then we realize this state – not illusory psevdosvobody and real freedom and independence. And the concentration of attention allows us to manage their manifestation. And when we do manage their consciousness, attention, we learn to manage your energy. Those. He pulls one another.

We will recite the mantra Hrim.

Just repeat it. To understand the essence of the mantra – we are far from it. Therefore, we will concentrate on the mantra of this complex and can be today, concentrating totally on this mantra, you slightly open the essence of this vibration. We remember that the stronger our concentration, the more we grasp the phenomenon or object on which we concentrate. If you are totally 100% will be able to immerse themselves in this mantra, who knows, maybe you will understand it, or a little sense will begin to reach this ancient mantra of universal scale.

Question: Is it possible to move the lips or tongue when we say the mantra?

Victoria: About myself – which means that only mentally, without the lips and tongue. But if it happens spontaneously, and the only way you can concentrate, then it is possible. The most important thing – it is to note at how manages to utter the mantra – at Budhi level, on the level of reason, or still need a physical impetus that will be of great help to concentration.

We sit in any position. Once again, only the mantra. Everything else has disappeared from our universe. No thoughts. If thoughts come, the most important thing is not to get involved and do not follow them. By focusing only on the mantra. Mantra, the mantra, the mantra. We determine how we will be able to collect the pieces of our attention and beam like a laser beam to direct it to the mantra. External noise is also cut off, we try not to distract them, even if they are. At least we do not follow these noises.

If numb the back and is very difficult to sit, you can do the exercises while lying down. Moving to a minimum. If we move, it is an indication that you have a whole bunch of extraneous thoughts. And if you sit still, it means that the thoughts that you have quite a bit.

Getting to perform the exercise – 10 minutes.


Question: If an image of the mantra? We need to see something, or in front of the eyes should be just a black box?

Victoria: If the image appeared, it had appeared. This could be the rainbow glowing or fiery letter Hrim. Maybe a black box, and it Hrim mantra. Those. Here it should be of secondary importance, and each should be nepredustanovlennoe knowledge on this subject. Because if you say to yourself that there should be a golden glow, and in the book we write that we should only see one way or another, then, instead of to you spontaneously come to an image of this mantra or yantra of this mantra, it turns out that we will We impose these images. And it is not good for yoga.


Question: Visualization mantra helps concentration? It seemed to me that this is the introduction of imaging energy.

Victoria: Of course, if we knew that here hangs Hrim, our mind would say: just try to work with the image or with the letter, so it will be much easier. If we have the form, the content of a form is much easier. But if you did not have this knowledge, it might be something different and it’s no worse. Those. your inner image of this mantra. That is why so well, so well. If you have the knowledge and use, if you do not know, then you have something of their own internal revealed that there may be even better. Have someone concentrate on the mantra and how much time?

Answer 1: Not for long.

Victoria: Ie all the same thoughts were.

Answer 2: This is difficult.

Victoria: Yes, it is difficult.

Answer 3: It reminded me of a chicken trying to fly.

Victoria: Let’s not chicken. We better go.

Answer 4: By repeating the mantra Hrim it after a while he began to play in the breath. Then she somehow drifted away, and after a while again heavily involved in mind.

Victoria: Awake mantra? Awakening depends on how you manage to get involved – totally or not – in any yoga practice. Why we do not yet understand the meaning of kriya yoga, pranayama yoga? Because we are not totally involved in its manifestation of energy and consciousness, not enough concentration. Therefore, even though there were 20 years, and no good there. Or take much time without the quality and quantity.

Student 1 (Anastasia): At some point in time (as you told us) – is very strong involvement of interest. Then the interest is held, the feeling goes away and you have to force yourself. But then, these feelings come back with much greater force, like let you more. And the reward is much superior to those efforts.

Victoria: So were these periods?

Student 1: Yes, of course. Repeatedly. And it was still interesting to note that began to appear in the body of vibration, which usually occur in the practice of sound vibrations, although there was no such vibrations. There was only a mental vibration.

Student 2: When the voice utter the mantra, we repeat it, it is heard, and there is a certain repetition frequency. And when I uttered the mantra to myself, it was a feeling that the mantra itself is stretched, turned a long-long word “Hrim”. And there was little repetition. And then the mantra as if dissolved, but the concentration on something left.

Victoria: Very good. You can pronounce the mantra to yourself, but you can just see this vritti to buddhi and contemplate it “Hrim Hrim Hrim”, as it were, without saying to himself.

I want to return to the remark Anastasia. Look, if we are called who was walking past the man who was, for example, the restaurant “Snegiri”, and say to him, “Concentrate on the mantra Hrim and bear this mantra.” Do you think this person would be able to concentrate on it for a long time? We say to his attention: “Concentrate on Hrim mantra.” He will say: “Yes, I’m not, why? I do not understand the meaning. ” And you have grated yoga, and you know that saying this mantra, one can know the universe or even enlightened. Those. initially you had an interest, had some energy. And it highlights the desire. Kundalini Energy said: “I want to!” And identified some emanation. Those. It was something that caught our attention, our consciousness. And consciousness is beginning to look beyond energy. If there is no power, there would be no interest, then consciousness would be a focus, there is no need. And then there was the desire to “want” – a boost of energy. Consciousness was to seek power in order to connect. Between energy and consciousness we have Maya. “I want” – and begin to seek. It is necessary to set the first impetus to the movement quickly went to meet each other. And then something began to get in the way – it’s our bad karma. As a result, we are hard to observe this energy, and we begin to look for other energy – is another energy, another desire loomed. Consciousness seek alternative energy.

What happened during these periods, which reminded Nastia, and she got it? She says her consciousness: “You will seek that energy.” And again – they became closer. And the closer the energy and consciousness, the more prana is released, the more sense. If we are a long, long, long time will concentrate and interconnect energy and consciousness, they will sooner or later unite. We obtain prana, and we are aware of the meaning of an object or phenomenon, the same mantra. Those. if you are able to concentrate so hard and put them together, you would comprehend the meaning of this right today vibration of the mantra. Of course, it is important that the impulse was the desire was energy.

If there was a man and was saying to you some truth, but you would not have been interesting to listen to him – something unemotional drones, without a name, not a Hindu, a man with the most ordinary appearance. If there was something that, for whatever snagged your attention and would say: “Oh! From it you can get something interesting! ABOUT! His voice is so unusual! ABOUT! As he turns throat singing! “. Those. if our attention to this person is not caught, then we would not even listen to it, although it may be rare to say the truth. And if caught, then you would have released energy – the desire to “want”. And your mind would be to look for a game of this energy, and appeared to wish to observe. Just one question, how much would be enough of us. And here we are now in practice are committed to learn no matter what obstacles to overcome maya. Because if we do not learn to overcome them, we can not come to this point of yoga. Yoga is the point where our energy and mind are connected. And there is a difference between desire and fulfillment of desires, ie, energy and consciousness together. That we are separated. And our evolution is to bring the energy and consciousness. And the closer, the more prana at our disposal, freedom, omnipotence, what you want. Well, that Nastya noticed that she was.

You there is interest, then disappears – Maya, but we make ourselves, ie, we triturated some reservoir – and is even better, more interesting, great. Triad, Tantra Yoga works with the relationship. Ie went second stage of Yoga of Being in Love, where there is no longer such an interest and desire. But you grind karma each other, and after a period of renewed interest. Again, desire, inspiration from each other. And if it’s grind, grind, grind, then sooner or later – all Enlightenment! Therefore, we learn to arbitrary concentration. All enjoy the fact that it is easy to control our attention – advertisers, TV reporters, etc. For example, show us on television accidents and our focus where they want. Because we, unfortunately, do not control our attention.

Q: If I practice some kind of mantra, eventually there comes a time when it begins to feel sick.

Victoria: This is Maya. If you start to feel sick, this is Maya.

Question (continued): For example, practicing some powerful mantra, and you know that you can give it.

Victoria: That is precisely what we said when “necessary”. Here you are, for example, went to the workshop on wise and bandha. After you have been given a powerful impetus to the seminar. How amazing! Want! Now I will practice mula bandha! And now all probably already forgotten what mula bandha. impetus was given, and consciousness wanted to connect with the energy. In a few days you probably enough. A couple of days you work out, and then is no longer interesting, the momentum has already passed. And here already it is necessary to do to overcome karma and maya, or already sick – the entire workshop on this and ended. Ie you was given the momentum of bhava, a powerful impetus to energy, and you have not used. And so in all. How many seminars we do not spend – after the workshop all – pranayamlyu for 40 minutes a day at least! And in fact, a day or two – and ends with our practice on this. Although we know that tremendous benefits and power, power, wealth – everything, what we lack, we get. But not enough of us to overcome the maya. There is a lack of concentration! That’s how it all live. So no matter what we have and do not have enough.

Question: When is the image of concentrating waves. Concentrating on this wave and then it merges with another wave and start to go some images and associations. These associations, as I understand it, it’s the other pulses. Is such a situation that we do not have any other desire that humans do not have any other associations?

Victoria: Desire – it’s not bad. And association, associative links – it’s very good. If there would be no desires and associative relationships, in general it would not be of this world. The question is, who is the boss? Or you built this house and live in it, and do whatever you want in this house, or you’re just a guest.

Q: This is not a matter of weakness. This is a question that I realized that I was in there somewhere, far away, is no longer here. For example, I had a moment, there is some kind of “Hitler” were. I sat and thought: “How can it help my concentration.”

Victoria: This is just the horses, thought it away.

Question: It turns out that I am the master.

Victoria: It is an illusion – escapes the attention. We speak the horses, look, there is good grass, green. We want to eat the grass. Come with us! And it seems to us, yes, I was convinced. For you have taken a decision as if you took it. That’s how the manipulators. They do so, that as if it’s your decision. In fact, it is for you have already decided everything, and you’re on about, with full confidence that it’s your decision, believing in it. So this is just the horses that we have gone. It is not that we host. And the meaning is, to my I drove my universe, my symptoms, my will.

Question: How to do it? As I understand that at some point, I became the owner?

Victoria: The host will make you the following when you do not consider themselves its manifestations, its body, mind, thoughts, emotions. You will feel, what it stands for something more – your will. And for the will is the master – your higher self you will live with his position I. And even if they come to mind, emotions come – you will give them direction. You shall say to them: I want to get something. “

Question: How do you know where this time?

Victoria: You know, so we all crammed with everything. So we have a long time did not live freely and with your mind, it is very difficult to understand. We justify ourselves, we are confused. There is a remarkable film by Mark Zakharov “Ordinary Miracle”, “Who is in me I woke up my aunt …” “Now my grandfather woke up in me …”. And who is there in us waking up, who govern us. It is very difficult in the whole deal. Where it all begins – with this honesty with yourself. To achieve fairness: who really now – do you or do not you, or parents, or grandparents, or is it really your decision.

Question: With respect, I will be extremely hard to imagine? That is, for example, want me to, say, a beer with shrimp, and I tell myself no, I practice.

Victoria: Do you want a beer, or did you get into the mental field of our country, where everyone drinks beer?

Answer: For example, invite friends to meet. I meet with them, and they offer me a beer with shrimp.

Victoria: This has to be your decision. Again, they can for you to make a decision, and you think that it is your decision. You have to understand whether it will bring you a favor – spiritual, intellectual and physical.

Answer: They tell me: “You’re boring.”

Victoria: And you say, “Yes, I’m boring, but I have not drunk a bore.” Beer in general a separate conversation. I believe that beer is worse than a drug. If the drug uses a small number of people, beer drinking, beer drug suffered the vast majority of people. Therefore, it is even a bigger problem than drugs. People are so addicted and are not free from it. So what beer ?! Moreover, it is not you who decided to drink beer, it is decided for you so you relax.


We should not go to extremes. We must intelligently combine and one thing and another. Unfortunately, Tamas prevails in us. Therefore, we must learn to asceticism, learn to overcome Tamas and rajas to be in. More we have a tendency to inert existence, and we are more inclined to allow himself. How is Emelya on the stove and do nothing. So we need to shake things up, and earn another element. There are people, they really are not many who have gone to the other extreme – asceticism. Maybe ten percent of such people. They all have in life, and 90% – no. Therefore, we need to turn out this direction.

But, we are not forcing myself. If there is violence, we suspend himself. And at the same time, we do not have to justify their laziness. You need to be honest with yourself. Either it is really objective, or did you come up with for yourself to do nothing. I will not go to work, to me there is something I do not like, I’m sick. We are used to justify, to deceive oneself. Too often we deceive ourselves, and so used to it that it has become natural.

Exercise 2.

We are on the last class to do this exercise. All are divided into pairs, one person will be the “number 1”, another “number 2”. The problem is: we learn to concentrate and react to external provocation. Number one will sit and not respond to provocations of maya, karma (number two), as the Buddha. A second person performs just as karma, maya and trying on everyone: grimaces, laughter, what some manipulation to bring closer to the number one person out of balance. Number one, you need to clearly follow the emotions. You do not just do not respond emotionally, you have no emotion at all. You just watch the Universe. Whatever it may be, it is for you at this point neutral.

Question: Is it possible to touch the man?

Victoria: But it does not hurt. We are not yet at a level that does not respond to pain. Clear? Those. number one – the Buddha. And number two – karma, Maya, trying to bring the number one off balance.

Begin. His eyes were open.

Practice exercises № 2 for 20 minutes.


Number one neutral watches partner. For him, everything – all the same. Looking to be calm. There should be no laughter or tears. A second strongly provoked.

In the first room there should be no smile, no other manifestations of emotion. Here it is our karma – that he is a villain neighbor, here are our relatives, that’s our boss. Someone else. And we are unperturbed and watch the game of maya, the game of his karma. Very large concentration needed to really control himself. We observe quietly, calmly. You Buddha.

After 10 minutes, we change places.

You control yourself or your karma, Maya? And we immediately react. We were told to smile – we smile. We were told to cry – and we cry. And so we pulled serialschiki, TV reporters. Do not we ourselves decide, but for us someone decides what to do.

Can we pull himself together? Coming internally? Number two – have the will in a fist. We look at the provocateur, to watch him, do not avoid the sight. Here Karma wants us to bring up emotion, anger, and we give. Recalls the case of life when they want to get you to anger.

That’s because in real life we suffer, we suffer, and then we have breaks. Here now I have shown how you are doing in life. Enduring, patient and then all suffered, and not stop. It was possible to someone?

Answer: Yes, we were able to. It’s hard without words provoke.

Victoria: You have to do without words. It is difficult, but possible. Who questions? Impression? Remarks?

Q: Once I smiled, but then he began to say to myself the mantra Hrim. This is very helpful, came complete equanimity.

Victoria: So, if in life you will have a provocateur, you can use the mantra Hrim.

Q: In general, I was distracted from the process. My partner is waving his hands in front of me, and I look and do not see the person.

Victoria: This is one of the methods. You turned their attention to something else, but it is much more difficult in life. Therefore, we must work, we see the situation, but we control it and not react.

Question: I wanted to see what was happening. Everything down to the smallest details. And not respond assisted breathing.

Victoria: Ie this you have already attained. Very good. In this life you are likely to help. It has already established practice. Time – and the attention shifted. This transfer method. One of the methods of raja yoga, when we are not to follow the associative relationship, to build another an association, and about previous and forget it less pay prana. This is one method. You have built up an associative link to that on which you are concentrating. Therefore easier for you, so you do not react. To disassemble an association, it is necessary to pull or energy or consciousness. You pulled energy stimulation and redirected it to another association with the breathing. It turned out that your mind perceives affectation, and the energy – not because energy at that point is in a different location. It is working with associative links.

Question: We attach emotion to your thoughts of indifference or even disconnect any emotion?

Victoria: This is just the control of any emotion. What an emotion – it is the energy that can take any vibration – irritation, etc. And we pull this element, so it is no longer touch us.

On such small things and start understanding yourself and your will, understanding that I was anything I can against thoughts and emotions. And then – more. The more we manage, control, the more we become aware that we do not have these symptoms. And there is someone or something that is the host, ie, our higher self Animals can not control their emotions – they have less degree of awareness of your Self have serious human level of consciousness higher than the animal, but it is also very easy to take on the “weak”, on some emotion, for some feelings, since it is difficult to control them. And our evolution is that we have more and more begin to manage these processes. And if we manage something, we are independent from it. It displays depend on us. And who controls it? Sometimes it’s unconscious awareness of his Ya comes gradually, gradually, not immediately, but it comes. And the greater the degree of awareness of the Self, the greater degree of freedom, the more we can do in this world.

Our yoga should be 24 hours a day. And you should be grateful, if next to you there are people who you can provoke. You have the opportunity to learn, really go through yoga, rather than words to be a yogi. You can, of course, remove all of his life and provoke people to believe that you are a saint and yogi do not study and do not work on themselves. And you need to be able to keep away these people and at the same time be unaffected. Strive to such situations, test yourself.

Question: What should I do if provoked by strangers?

Victoria: It should be a lot of yoga – the first, the second principle, common sense – all that we do here helps to ensure that we deal with karma. It takes practice – Will, Jnana and Kriya.

Question: 15 minutes I can concentrate, but not sure if one hour is for me to do something, I do not know.

Victoria: You are traveling in the subway, the person in front of you is very annoying – drinking beer, smells – try not to react. Those. Use every opportunity in his life. Every second of the universe gives us gifts for our spiritual growth. We just do not see them. All should be used. We must apply the principle of contentment – any trouble – it is an opportunity, and we should be happy that we have these opportunities for our growth. If they are, then they are not accidental, because the neighbor is not. He had other opportunities, and we are. Not by chance, we are attracted by them.

Q: The last time I was able to keep the concentration, so I do not feel this point, but this time I have several times clearly lost concentration, and my partner in the reverse situation lost. And I felt that at the moment when you start to respond, there is a very strong outflow forces, prana, and vice versa, when your partner begins to respond, you feel inflow of forces.

Victoria: Of course, the greater awareness of what you do, the more you exercise the will – “mapped-made”, the more faith in themselves, in their I. And the more you allow to beat someone else, the less faith that you have a higher self, the more you begin to identify yourself with your manifestations. From this, of course, it is sad and prana less.

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