2011_03_01 practice of meditation. Victoria Begunova.

Today, March 1, 2011. We are located in the cultural center “Awakening” near Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow. My name is Victoria. This case activity for everyone.

Continuing the theme: “Attention.”


Victoria: Do you have any questions on this subject? Galina, you practiced?

Galina, Group 4: I focus on the burning candle, the truth is hard.

Victoria: I would say the contrary, that the concentration on the flame of a candle is much easier than, for example, the concentration of the spine. Because the fire, the water and the working person can watch endlessly. Elements – the nature, fire and water – our attention naturally. And the first impulse – we are interested, we want to look at the fire. Of course, maybe for a long time, hard for us to sit and watch, because it will start to hurt your eyes, streaming with tears. Initially, it is quite interesting and should not be difficult.

Galina: I experimented – I have to focus on the candle while reading a mantra. Perhaps due to this was difficult.

Victoria: Who else is that practiced? Maybe one of those exercises that we did with you in the classroom?

Anna, Group 4: I tried to read the two mantras at the same time and at the same time controlled to the spine was straight. And, perhaps, the first time in my life I got it.

Victoria: Very good. Who else tried it?

Natalia, group 3: I concentrated on ideas.

Victoria: What ideas? On the Absolute?

Natalia: I tried to Absolute, but did not succeed.

Victoria: It was possible to keep the concentration?

Natalia: Yes, but if the condition is not very good, not very good at it.

Victoria: That’s understandable. If we have enough prana, we have no concentration will not. And our task – even in those moments, not very happy for us, after all, pull yourself together and keep their focus on what is necessary with the help of Will tool. Even if we do not so easily given. Those. Our task – no matter how bad we did not have much to prana, we did not, we should be all the same to this source of inner strength – our will. Can you imagine the astronaut, or the driver of the train, or the doctor responsible for the lives of others. They come in different life situations. I think that happens to them and so that they do not get enough sleep, they are ill, they have no power and no prana. Can you imagine a doctor. He complicated operation. He has not slept, he was ill, he had problems at home or somewhere else. And such a person must pull yourself together, gather into a fist and direct their attention to the task that it faces, and to cope with this task. Because it affects the lives of others.

People just different in that anyone can do it, and some can not. When all is well, when we are on the rise, when we all wonderful and great – we are good, and kind, and all the love and all of us so well, and it turns out great, and we are effective. And how bad remain the same at zero level of prana. And yet there are people who, in spite of this, keep the situation under control hold their manifestations, their mind and energy, do not give in to what they are bad, they are weak, and it all falls apart.

There are people who are still on the fact that they have no power. And they begin to justify ourselves. For example: “Do not go to class, I feel bad. I do not prana. I will not be there is something to do – I have no strength. ” In fact – this is a good excuse – I have no strength. But imagine the doctor, who said: “I will not operate today, I have no strength.” Brought patient who lives depend on 2-3 minutes, and the doctor would say, “No, I have a bad mood and everything bad.” Or yoga teacher: “I have a bad mood – I will not hold classes” or something of that kind. After all, the teaching of yoga requires a lot of resources.And all the teachers are not the inhabitants of heaven, enlightened, who are constantly in a state of enlightenment and have omnipotence. But you still need to draw, you need to have a connection to this source, no matter what. And the more of these situations, the better he knows how to come to this source, the more he controls his attention, his energy. If we give in to their negative karma, maya on the game (when it seems that everything is bad), it closes us from the power source. And if we learn how to break through this layer, then we all will be great for all of life. Those. as if we were not bad, we will still achieve their goals, we will not turn sour, we will not complain. We will carry out its tasks.

And if we face a layer of maya, we Tamas us bad, and we say: “we are bad, why should overcome” every time we give in to their negative karma, we get used to it and it is very difficult to get emergency kakoy-to to the power supply. Therefore, Natalia, no matter how bad, if you set a goal to focus on the idea (reason sleep veiled bad, I want to do nothing but think that attention was scattered, because there is no force to collect it), in such moments, we must remember that now it is once, then a second, then a third, fourth, fifth, and then it becomes a habit, and so it is in life.

When I do have wave lifting – we can do everything. When there is no recovery of this – we do nothing we can not do. But from this we should not be affected. We have to learn in any situation to take control of their symptoms with the help of a magic tool – Will. The more we use them, the more power we have, the nearer we are to the power source. And this source is called our higher self


Galina: After all, a man who goes to the goals, all the time something overcomes overcomes overcomes, could it eventually happen to him hysterical, some breakdown?

Victoria: I’m not talking about violence. I’m talking about methods of mind when you need to overcome Tamas and have the will. In Hatha Yoga, Yoga or Kriya or other yogas, we apply this method. We are making an effort, but do not cross the line, we do not raping you. If we get a face and will constantly force yourself – in the first case, the second, etc. – Then, of course, there will be very strong tension. And then you say – tantrums, depression, and diseases like, on a physical level and mental. Those. I’m talking about methods of mind when you need to express their will, to show its character, did not cross the line into violence. Well, since we are all human beings live and are different situations we are very often faced with such situations. Energy Method – when we allow ourselves – we somehow understandable with the methods of consciousness – we have a heavier, harder to have these methods are. But there is no imbalance in our country, of course, should not be. Yoga against distortions. It is an axiom.



Exercise 1.


We are talking about is where our attention goes, and as far as we can track the flow of our attention.

How you can keep track of everything that is happening within you? How do you manage to keep track of thoughts and emotions? As far as possible to keep track of the motivation of behavior? Here you are in any situation. You have something to say. What is behind your words? Can you grasp what is going on inside of you in your inner world? Those. when you are doing something, you do it unconsciously or realize, “Yeah, that’s a thought ran. That there was such a feeling. It touched here hooked up, but here I said, not what I wanted. And here I lied to myself. And here I deceived myself. And here … “- well, etc. etc. Those. I can not keep track of how these moments.

Once we track everything that happens within us, begins embodiment of the principle of honesty with yourself. Those. as long as we are where we go back and go, thoughts come to mind, we do not even keep track of what kind of thoughts. As a leaf in the wind. Wind in the same direction – and a piece of paper in the wrong direction, the wind in the opposite direction – and a leaflet flew to the other side. And he does not think about the trajectory of its flight. Here, of course, also requires concentration, focus on your inner world. What are the little things, the nuances, but what percentage still escapes your attention. You went into a room and forget why you went there. Well, you forgot. But if analyzed, whether remembered his train of thought? Those. as far as the mind clear, to see the whole picture of your inner world as a whole?

You do Hatha Yoga – thoughts went. Did you catch all the thoughts that pass? Or pass a thousand thoughts, and you can catch only 1-2? This also applies to emotions. Very often we have something catchy, some emotions are, for example, jealousy, greed, and we do not even want to notice them. For example, you share something, and certainly you have a sense of greed, but you do not want to admit that you have that feeling and you just reject it. And it may be worth it to see the emotion and say, yes, it turns out I have now ran greed or anger, jealousy – different emotions. Inside of us, of course, there is a lot of work, a lot of waves arise at every moment, but often we do not recognize because they do not have enough prana, not enough clarity to see it. In another case, we do not want to see it, we ignore, we hide from it. It is very important – this is called the yoga of awareness in the process – to realize that’s happening to you. And as soon as we get it, we turn to the principle of honesty with yourself. We say to ourselves, “Yes, I have that something so-and-so. Yes, I have now such thoughts. ” And it is not very much and Yogic thought, huh? Or thoughts of some other nature.

Make exercise. Of course, here it is difficult to do, because it is a vital exercise. And these need to own a 24 hour a day. For example, you go home – that runs through you? What thoughts run through you when you are traveling in the subway, when you deal with people when you are listening to a lecture? You have the attention is directed, of course, to the lecturer on the information you get from the outside, but part – it’s some other thoughts. So whether you’re tracking the flow or not?

So now, we sit up straight and will simply observe: “Such a feeling there, here are some emotions there, there are some thoughts. But I ran for this idea. Yes, and so it happened that I got distracted. Distracted by the sound of some kind, distracted by the thought on some memory. ” Those. still all these internal processes, we need to track, should be aware of. We just sit and watch what is happening in our inner world and we try to keep track of all the nuances.


Practice exercises number 1 – 10 minutes.


Now, of course, it is much easier than in real-life situations. What’s the point, once again, that the stream of consciousness we have dissipated to some thoughts on some emotion. And now we had to keep track of where it goes this stream, where it is dissipated. And now, in this situation, I think that there were not many distractions, and even on the contrary, wanted to something to focus – on your breathing or on a vacuum inside. What are your impressions, questions?

Anna, Group 4: When I focus on something special, then come some thoughts, distract. And now, when I began to think what to me now get into my head, I did not have anything interesting. Recalls the work – not interesting, etc. And all the time there was a concentration on the breath.

Victoria: And it was not necessary to remember, had just watched. So you drew herself thought. Good. More who want to share experiences or ask a question?

Elena, Group 4: And I was, that I did not think of anything, but someone seemed to give me a job, “You go ahead, keep track of!”. And why did not attend.

Victoria: But maybe there were some sensations, for which you can follow. Then again, maybe we focused more on the mental level. Perhaps we have now passed some of their feelings and we would then be tracked.

Svetlana: I noticed that when you react to external factors, to sounds, to some action, and internal – what is happening in my body. My brain monitors breathing, some internal processes, such as heat – all react.

Victoria: Look, even now, when Light said, who noted that you have listened to the Light, but part of the consciousness has been in some other thoughts, or you distracted by feelings? It was so? So you tracked. Good.

We are here with you playing with toys. And really, all these practices, you will work in your life. For example, when you have something to say – again, in the background: “Yes I brag!” Or “I want myself to elevate to the other!” Or a manifestation of pride, but in a bad way, that I am the morning of the nose – what I’m smart. When you are doing something, anyway, in the background is something going on. This is human nature. All the same, there are motives of behavior. You do one thing, and the motives are quite different. To work on yourself, get rid of unnecessary clichés of thinking, we need to understand what they are. We should see them first, we have to admit that they have in you. And everything, everything, everything points to track. You read the book – how much attention takes you to a completely extraneous thoughts! And it must be fair to trace it. “Yes, it happens.” You read, run through his eyes, but in fact 90% of your attention to think about the young man, for example, or about any problems.

So this exercise is more for home practice. To you is always present clarity. To help you realize that there is going on inside that for what it cost. And then we will automatically pass to the principle of honesty with yourself. If we have the principle of honesty with ourselves, we have the first principle and we did not make a mistake where the goodness and kindness which is not where the debt, and where there is no debt. And then we’ll deal with the second principle of yoga – the principle of efficiency – that we need to really, but that is not necessary. Those. it gradually draws more fundamental principles. Focus on what is within us going and keeping track of all of these things leads to the fact that we have a better start to understand the 1st and 2nd principles of yoga, and as a consequence – yoga as a whole, and the following result – we go through the Dharma to Enlightenment . And it all starts with the little things that we really see what’s going on inside us, tracked it all. Those. concentrated – and their attention, consciousness rays highlighted what happens in our inner world. This applies to all general practices yoga. You practice hatha yoga and keep track of what is happening in these moments – aha, here are some ideas, here are some feelings.

Who else wants to share or ask a question?

Galina: I want to say that this idea originated in the performance practice that is some inner anrita. I relaxed and gave vent to all the thoughts in my head may not be befitting for the location. And I was even frightened. Because really we are really focusing on, and everything is somehow unusual.

Victoria: An unusually. Well, it may be even more difficult.

Michael, group 3: I once experimented during home practice and saw a thing like that when you’re talking about and talking about with a mental image, it is very easy to reach the person. I experimented with this. I went and talked to the man, and at that time held a certain idea in my head. And I realized that till the person has reached this idea, although I told him it did not. And then I realized that the idea would be transmitted as from the head to the head.

Victoria: Yes, I agree. Indeed, when we communicate with another person and at the same time we head to present an image that our interlocutor will perceive this image. But if we do not understand what we say that people can grasp the words and come up with your image. Then there will be no coincidence. A person can say one thing, and keep in mind the image that he wants, and then his interlocutor will perceive this image. But so many manipulators work and it is very dangerous. It is a violation of the 1st yoga principle. Some people use these methods of consciousness. This is different suggestion, hypnosis. You can talk about anything and be with their images and the source will be taken in the first place those images.

Julia, Group 4: But what if you get on one side track when no one is or when practicing in class, but when you go out into society, it pulls you out of this state. We must always remember about it?

Victoria: Yes, it should be our habit. And, of course, does not end the practice of yoga room and a room where you do yoga. Yoga – this is life. Here you get some skills in some simple, playful way, and then, of course, you have to transfer them to life. Life – is the actual practice, it is a real yogi. Those. if you are so full of himself a yogi in the classroom or at home at – 6 hours in meditation, 6:00 all the love and I’m so effective all 6 hours, but came out of the house or from the Centre, where you practice yoga, you stumble on any something very simple situation, there is no you or a yogi raschudesny. Yes, life is exciting – and you’re caught, and you do not even realize that you were caught. It is a question of habit, including the question of our will. As far as we voleizyavlyaem live as we want, or live as we are told? Are we slaves or leading in your universe?

Anna, a group of 4: My question is practical, for life. For example, I go on the subway, in a hurry, running late. I run, overtake someone, I try, of course, no one to push, but still clearly bothering others. I understand, “I anrite forgive me. I do so I will not, but I’m in a hurry! “I realize that I am not at all in harmony with everyone, but I’m late. And what should I do – go to the rhythm, try “?

Victoria: It’s a little bit of a different series. That you broke Rita somewhere before. Maybe you broke the evening Rita, harmony, missed the flow of the universe. Maybe it was necessary to go to bed early to wake up in time. And then you would have got literally 5 minutes before, at the same time the flow of the universe, and everything would be harmonious. And you would not be late, and you would not be in a hurry, and all the people have dispersed, and everything would be fine. And maybe this anrita started two days ago, because you did not do so-and-so, put down the next day, and so on and that’s all lumpy. And that led to what anrita you clearly manifested in your life. There is a practice that we give to our school and once Vadim spoke about her and repeatedly. This is the practice of walking on trails. Just the same, this practice allows to feel the rhythm of the universe and enter into resonance with the universe in which we live. And if we caught this thread and we will follow it, then we will live in Rita, in harmony. And walking along the paths need to just feel the flow and go according to this thread. He stood in one place, just one day, you feel that all the flow goes on, going and you go wherever you lead flow. Those. you must turn off the mind. Not so, to a certain point, this village is a mountain Kailash. No, you have to feel the rhythm and go with this wave. It is very difficult. This is the highest level of sensitivity, intuition, your understanding it or not is yours, yours is the rhythm of when to leave. We must feel now it is or after 5 minutes. But, basically, we have a practice every day. And we can track whether we caught this thread when you live according to the harmony of the universe and just found this thread. We are all in harmony in life. I think all of you have lived during these periods in life when nothing even to do and all is well. And you just got up, you just met with your friends. And there you have money and there you have success, and there you have the love and all that. Everything is so harmoniously. And then broads and something broke. Broken in little things, and then it’s like a snowball – stronger and stronger. And then it is very unpleasant, as in a meat grinder of some kind. With every step – and that’s bad luck. Both in one and in the other, and in the third and in the fourth – all in all. And all because of one detail. We missed the stream, and this led to anrite. Those. you have lost touch with the universe.

Anna: What to do about it?

Victoria: It is necessary to catch up. Well, firstly, you need to keep track of all these points. If you do not keep track of your thoughts, your state, your feelings – what we are doing – you will not feel this flow where it is when it goes away when out of the house, what to do when. Therefore, it is in Kriya Yoga. You did, lost their rhythm – sit back, relax, come in myself and feel when will the next thread to catch him.

Paul, Group 3: This is the seminar, when we went locomotive. We go astray, and then adjusts.

Victoria: Yes, go astray, then you have some time to tune in again on a harmonious way.

Andrew, Group 4: Train much easier.

Victoria: Well, life is always much harder than any game in trains.

Anna: A walk along the paths of this single practice?

Victoria: Yes, single. Otherwise, you will bring down. When you someone is nearby, you are distracted.

Elena, Group 4: I had such a situation, I talked with a man during the day, and I realized that I’m starting to fall in love with him and that I should not fall in love with him. And I began to keep track of your thoughts, emotions, their manifestations. And there was a feeling of duality, as though part of me is involved, and the other part of the controls and take some action in order not to fall in love.

Victoria: No, if you fall in love, you do not stop this feeling, this state. But then again, what we mean by love. Either you become attached to this person and want to be with him and that it was only with you. Either this is true love and if in any case you can not stop this feeling, this state. We, on the contrary, to this aim, and in yoga. The only thing we should not become attached to the love object. Those. our state should not depend on a number of us on this property or nearby. Those. object – this is the key. Opened – well, everything now – communication with the higher. Next to you this place – great, is not it – well, okay. In this sense, that you are not tied to the form. Those. you opened higher – thanks to this project. And all tune into this channel with higher and enlightens. How many minutes something will stay in this state – and all. But, unfortunately, we have too many negative experiences, and we think that love – is attached, it is a pain, it’s frustrating. This person will not be with us because he had a wife, children, etc. And anyway, why fall in love with him. Although this is not a limitation. You can fall in love, to reveal this state, and everything, and forget this man. You could say thank you.

Galina: But what if you’re in control?

Victoria: This is not a control. You contemplate the thought, what is happening inside you. This contemplation.

Galina: I do not understand, we communicate in everyday life – work, study, but when we communicate personally, it can be difficult to keep track of its state.

Victoria: Of course, it is difficult, because we are not used to doing it. We are accustomed to, or be in the tamas and not understand what is going on. This is going to work, because it is accepted to go do something, because I used to do it. But there is no clarity of what is happening, we do not track. Or again, we hide from some moments. And we are not accustomed to look into all corners of our soul or our mind, what is happening there. Of course, there is terrible when a person begins to look deep into yourself deeper and deeper, as if in a well where the whole universe. And so sometimes there is that man is terrible that he has such a selfish thought. He thought that he almost enlightened, and his little thoughts are that my God! And man does get really scared that he has such a motivation, such desire, such thoughts arise. Therefore, it is a question again of our courage. As far as we are willing to tread the spiritual path of development. Do we need it? Those. we must voleizyavit as though we were afraid we do not have to dive and keep track of it all.

Natalia: If we tracked at any negative thoughts, what to do next?

Victoria: Work with them. We must know. We are doing something and yeah – greed. So it is necessary to work and understand that you have some things that need work.

Anna: But when they realized that?

Victoria: you need to understand the extent appropriate. Do I need this to you? Why does it come from? Again, if you are an ordinary person, “Yes, I’m greedy.” There are people who say, “Yes, I’m jealous.” They do not even hide. It all depends on your life, on what you want out of life. And if you want to get rid of this emotion, it bothers you, it eats your prana and totally inappropriate. Once greed was relevant, but now in this situation, in this period of your life has misplaced greed, because it prevents you. And you start, it’s a course 112 “Our self.” And there just the same emotions – greed, jealousy, fear, and so on. The nature of these phenomena and how to deal with them. But this very first step, he already gives a lot. The first step – that you realize, you know what happens. This is the 50% success rate can be even 80% or 90% success rate. You know what it is and have a desire to remedy this situation, then there are plenty of methods that allow you to do this. The fact that people live and are engaged in yoga 30 years, but just does not admit. And we can say that 30 years of yoga have been wasted. This is the spiritual path, the path of yoga, when you realize that there is in your “cabinet”, which laid for so many lives – kopilos, kopilos and got out. You see this stuff and start to clean it. The apartment can be hidden in the closet all the garbage. Imagine 10 years, all the candy wrappers, all the garbage hidden in the closet – and apparently clean. And then you still have opened the cabinet, and fell all the garbage that you hoarded for 10 years. And the challenge is to take, sweep up and throw that was clean. But if you hide in the closet this garbage 10 years, 20 years, 100 years, 500 years, a million years, it will be there and lie down. But once the time has come, then you need to open it – the chest with a negative karma.


Exercise 2.

We will concentrate on the yantra.

Someone will fall Ganesha, someone will fall Gayatri Yantra.

The problem is as follows:

We stream your attention is directed only at this picture. If it is not interested in us – some circles, triangles, we still direct their attention to this figure. The challenge to focus on some object. But after visual concentration – you look, look, look, look, and then close your eyes and imagine the inner space of the object with all the details. Those. Now we come to that, to visualize more than serious stuff. And go to the visualization yoga.

Question: which way to look at the yantra?

Victoria: Gayatri – the triangle down at Ganesha neither look – all Ganesha.

That is, look, look, look. Five minutes watched, can be more – how much to whom to remember picture, close your eyes and imagine that image has with his eyes closed. If the image of sails – you open your eyes and look again. And if you have at the time of how you will look at the yantra, will arise extraneous thoughts, you half an hour is not enough to remember, and then imagine the image of this yantra. Those. the greater the concentration, the more then you imagine inside the yantra. 100% immersion – just a few seconds is enough and then you see the yantra clearly, clearly, with all the nuances.

Q. And what position we should be?

Victoria: Pose – still some, but often do not change the position and track what percentage – attention plunges and what percentage – attention is diverted.


Practice exercises number 2 – 10 minutes.

Victoria: Who tracked that was looking. Those. As always, I look in the book – see fig. You can think of a piece of paper, and thought to be a very different place. And then, I assure you, you do not remember the figure and it is very difficult then to imagine. Who looked at the book and saw a fig?

(In the hall raise their hands.)

Victoria: Why? It was difficult to concentrate?

Anna, Group 4: I periodically had all sorts of thoughts.

Victoria: You had to get yourself. This method of consciousness. This is not a method of energy – much like, there and left.

Anna: I just did not go where he wanted, but thought periodically appeared, then disappeared.

Victoria: Ie some small percentage able to concentrate?

Anna: On the contrary, a greater percentage, I was able to concentrate on the yantra, the only thing that is difficult to keep all the elements at once.

Victoria: It’s because we still have a weak concentration. When preparing scouts, once they show the code with a lot of numbers, letters, etc. They once looked – and remembered. We, of course, is far from secret service intelligence. We have a weak concentration. Or there are people who have a very good memory. They read the book and remember all the heart, and for life. They have a very strong focus. They can direct the beam of his attention, concentrate, memorize the text and all this was postponed, imprinted in my head. And we are more scattered consciousness and attention. And so we begin to sculpt in parts. But even if it is so. Who else wants to share?

Anna: I thought it was easy enough to remember, because at a seminar on Yantra Yoga Gayatri yantra we just practiced. The most difficult thing, perhaps, was to put together the whole picture and visualize the image. And at some point, even the thought slipped: “Oh, all this time, even the characters enough to remember.”

Victoria: Very good. At the last seminar was offered to visualize the perfect object. And if bad attention concentration, it appears that you can visualize yourself? It can be a partner of the fashion, that God forbid, then meet. The visualization of yoga need to be able to own this tool – a very strong concentration. Therefore it is necessary to start to try more simple things. To do this is very well suited yantra. The use of double – and concentration and yoga mantra then come in handy.

Galina: I just wanted to say that there was a mantra in your head, corresponding yantra, and somehow it was more pleasant.

Victoria: And then I managed to create an image? If someone does not succeed, then you have very poor concentration was. You do not have focused on a piece of paper and were unable to move the image inside.

Anastasia: What Do I closed my eyes and drew in part this way, and did not see a ready image.

Victoria: Here, for example, artists. They looked at nature, or any man, and again – they just imprinted image. They are in this sense, have already gained this experience and then they can play from memory, and with all the details – and the nature and the portrait of a man

Anastasia: And here it is considered to be a photographic memory, or had to be imbued with this yantra so that immediately before his eyes appeared ready image?

Victoria finished image would appear if we had concentrated a bit longer. This single image with all the little things. Those. do not you paint – is now the square, the circle is now. Oh, the box has disappeared somewhere, leaving some triangles. What happened to the circle? Now, it will re-draw. This, again, we can not concentrate to see the whole picture. Again, a weak concentration.

Anton, a group of 4 (part-time students): Is there any practical difference between playing in the yantra image memory and the creation of her mind?

Victoria: We’re just from memory, and retrieve the image.

Question: That is it is the same?

Victoria: Yes, of course. Who came out very clearly see the image?

Irina: I got.

Victoria: Great. The rest is rather weak, huh?

Galina: I’m in pieces. In fact, this yantra complex.

Victoria: What was your yantra – Gayatri?

Galina: Yes

Victoria: Well, this is, again, a matter of time and concentration.

Svetlana: I’ve always about something thought, and then I began to emerge moments when I do anything I do not think. And now, during the first and second meditation, I noticed that my thoughts are there, but they have some on their own and I even stop to keep track of and remember. That’s what? It is necessary to keep track of them.

Victoria: Yes, it is necessary to keep track of. We keep track of everything that happened to us. Here I am talking to you now, but I keep track of what thoughts come, what sensations arise at this time. Even if you’re tracking that have distracted attention – that’s good – you have tracked it, you realized it. Those. you realize where it goes your stream of consciousness, where it goes your energy flow. And if you are tracking – it’s part of the job. Worst of all when there is a blur. And where it flows away, where it is sent to your attention?

Svetlana, group 3: I saw a piece in the yantra – a triangle nested within the other. This is called the impossible triangle.

Victoria: You’re already beginning to penetrate into the very structure of the geometry of the yantra. Such a pitch such a triangle. Those. thus you are more concentrated, and then the image was easier to move inward. Here they petals – such and such and such, here they are triangles, here they are squares. You think you are thinking, you concentrate more. As a result, you have less extraneous ideas and it’s easier then to create an internal image.


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