4. How much different kinds of yoga do exist in the world?

There are as many kinds of yoga as ways a human beings can express themselves. We have the physical body, which can take static poses. This ability of our body is used by hatha yoga. We have the ability to breathe – it gives us pranayama or yoga of breathing. We have eyes, sometimes our mind produces unconscious reaction to different forms that we see –this is the section of yantra yoga. The composers have the ability to hear the music of spheres and to record it – it’s part of nada yoga. Questions of sex, relationships among men and women fall into the category of triad yoga: yoga of union, tantra yoga and yoga of amorousness. The ability to lead and to manage is a prerequisite for the occurrence of raja yoga. This list can be continued for a very long time.

                   By studying jnana yoga you get to the understanding of the modern science views about the structure of our world. Jnana yoga tells the same things but in other words. However, yoga is based neither on science or mathematics, nor on physics. This knowledge has originated in itself. Therefore it is desirable to be very serious about each section of yoga. It can be a real treasure in modern life, including your case.

Any new kind of human activity can be turned into a section of yoga, if the ancient core of the transcendent – the foundation of the knowledge of yoga – is clear to us.

It is impossible to describe the core of yoga by means of words,  it is beyond words and beyond thoughts, but if we succeed in getting the meaning, we can revive it and turn any activity into yoga.


                   Can everyone rediscover yoga? Yes, any living being with a human body can rediscover yoga – such an answer is given by the axiomatic of yoga. All that was discovered in the past can be rediscovered here and now.

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