Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 3. The practice of yoga (aphorisms 3.53-3.97).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 3. The practice of yoga (aphorisms 3.53-3.97).

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Title of the lecture:

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 3. The practice of yoga.

(Af 3.53 -. 3.97).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.


In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: Siddhi or perfection ghat avastha, parichayya, nishpatti, asanas, siddhasana, padmasana, Ugrasal, svastikasana.

Date and place of the lecture read:

December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.

Siddhi or perfection

 Text: 3.53. He (the yogi) to practice holding your breath for three Ghar (1.5 hours). In this way he will reach Siddhi.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This is very hard peg to the quick method. Many – many texts are increasingly placed emphasis on the respiratory practice, including in medieval India, where they are always reputed wizards. Why India is always considered a country of miracles where yogis show miracles and lying on nails, and God knows what else they are doing? The reason is probably that there they feel good enough, they survived there, as opposed to medieval Europe, where, just that – all burned at the stake. In medieval India to this tolerant attitude, to any spiritual manifestations is very patient attitude. It is believed that India – a country of spiritual democracy, the religion of any sort, no one cares. Moreover, people in the same family can pray to different gods, in general, is full of diversity, tolerance and sheer utter tolerance. So, these awards, like a fish in the water, splashing it practiced, and, of course, reached the super-powers. Of course, it seeped into the masses, and the image was created. Of course, then we started to forge, to copy, but was the source from which you copied.



Student: I suppose, who achieved something rarely show it?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Different. History mentions different cases, but if it had not shown that we talked about this, of course, and did not know. I understand that demonstrated sufficiently prepared the public for which it was accelerated spiritual process rather than the full involvement. Because when pandemonium is about to begin with these supernormal abilities, or rather it has quietly started, but the universe is all quietly presses on the vine, because the consequences are very gloomy. People tuned in our materialistic, and when such a hell pret, or rather something inexplicable, it’s starting to paralyze the will of man, he begins to believe in nonsense, and gets a little zombies.



Any manifestation of supernormal abilities, it is proof that there are things that scientists do not understand. But the human mind is not prepared at the European. He recalls the superstitions, and the fact that he saw at least one manifestation of super-powers, where is the guarantee that everything else does not work. Man, instead, to become strong, independent, realize their divine potential, turns into a downtrodden, gray, miserable, superstitious, fearful of all being. That has nothing to yoga. For this reason, there is not particularly taken show hit. And in medieval Indian tradition itself say “yes.” If you read the text on Indian legends, there is very often, there are yogis were not shy in the media manifestations of supernormal abilities. We had to look for someone to wither, hop and incinerated. Pretty often.

But you must remember, I always say: “superpowers – a side effect of the practice.” They help you, pamper you confidence, in part to help solve the karmic things that you must do, but show them all considered bad form, because it is more, and knock confuse or be awed by the people. And you, respectively, breed negative karma, and what it is you need. This theme is quite delicate. But it should come from another that yoga needs to be addressed not to gain supernormal abilities, they will be – wonderful, will not – and should not be, and to gain happiness. In fact, happiness is higher than any hit. State that you are in the right place and in harmony, do your thing, and you grow spiritually. In this lesson fast practitioners to quickly open the manifestation of supernormal abilities in humans, and it is necessary to refer to them easily.



Text: 3.54. Vakya-siddha – the gift of prophecy, Kamachari – the ability to move to any area of space Duradrishthi – clairvoyance.

 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: First supernormal: Vakya-siddha – the gift of prophecy. That being said, it is better not to ask anything from yoga because it says, and, God forbid, all true. The less you know the better you sleep. From the point of view of the theory of mantra-yoga, or prophecy, or choose from numerous options for the future of the universe. On the one hand, if you are blessed yogi is the highest happiness, because he already sees the situation this way, and so it tends to become. And someone refers to this prophecy that he allegedly saw the will. A complex topic. Chances are fifty-fifty. There is the ability, like Sherlock Holmes, to predict, based on an analysis of what is, and in the prediction of what will be, quite accurately, because the yogi and the brain and perception work well. And, on the other hand, it is somewhere in part, the formation of the future reality, because it is clear that pronouncing the word, it creates a kind of karma or a push, and the situation tends to develop in this direction.


Student: And we thought, too, do a push?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. In our mind we go through a huge amount of thought, but they did not manage to capture the energy. And when you speak, you speak slower than sweeps thought, and you put in a word, as if thinking with a very high degree of concentration is the mantra yoga. Therefore it is always in all traditions feared accidentally mention something, because the concentration occurs.

Second supernormal: Kamachari – the ability to move in any region of space. There superpowers associated with teleportation. This is when the yogi gains control of a particular element, as a source of energy and a source of power lies in every person. Therefore, if we can in itself produce any one force that can counteract the resistance of the other forces, there appears absolutely stunning effect. You awaken their inner potential, inner source of strength, and he begins to compensate for external forces, such as gravity. Moreover, there are a number of capabilities for managing it all, and are claimed in ancient yogis used this all the time, move where they wish.


Third supernormal: Duradrishthi – clairvoyance. The perception at a distance of something invisible, which is explained by the laws of thin yoga. There are organs of perception rough and thin, and has the ability to highlight all the consciousness that on which it is concentrated. Our consciousness is very serious capacity: what it wants to know the universe shows him instantly, but it is necessary to focus on this. We are not able to focus, so it does not possess.



Text: 3.54. Prakayyapravesana – entry capacity in any body, turning base metals into gold, the conversion to the invisibility and the ability of movement through the air.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Did you read the whole list. In other texts are other lists over, somewhere they intersect somewhere in part, but it does not matter. Important, that? In – First, a moving body other. Knowing the law of association, who hinders you not to associate themselves with this piece of meat, as with any other. Once you learn to do it, the thread of prana will be pulled into another body. Thy will lay lifeless, and you begin to work through a different body. In principle, this is not much of a miracle, though it sounds a bit terrifying.



Here, incidentally, is a very interesting reference to the metals. This craze in medieval Europe, alchemy, it is not as superficial as it seems at first glance. It’s the effect of the east, where the science of transmutation, primarily understood as a spiritual science. But the funny thing is that when a person is transmuted his own body, your own consciousness, and so, he has a number of amazing abilities to the point where one is not very good man said, he takes a piece of non-noble metal, I’m sorry, your shit rubs, and it turns to gold. This myth of the bike, and most likely, the real superpowers, which was. How does it work? It is necessary to understand why not.


If the guidelines are clear elements of the device on a subtle level, on a gross level it is just the personification of thin, to change something on a thin and this is reflected in the rough. I want to say. Once again you will fall book on alchemy, know that it is an echo of this theme, figuratively they said about spiritual practices similar to those that you read about in the Shiva Samhita. Moreover, some of the things in alchemy can be understood at the level at which it is now come down to us, only after studying the relevant rare treatises on yoga, and then a lot of things fall into place. Perhaps this is the penetration of the fast of yoga techniques in Europe, because it is always chistoganu only trust what sort of spiritual practices, moolah to be, because concentrated on the outside of the case: the Philosopher’s Stone, immortality, turning into gold. The second point, the inner, left unaddressed.


I’ll tell you an interesting bike, not even the bike, it’s a true story. A very interesting and dear uncle, do you even know his name and came across it in the school laws – Isaac Newton, who made a great contribution to the revolutionary in his time in the development of physics and mathematics, integrated-of the differential calculus. His law of universal gravitation is still considered immutable. He had a secret side of his life, which was known only to family and friends, and which was made public only recently after the nth number of years after his death. It turns out that he is a huge amount of time spent in alchemical experiments, he was a fan of alchemy. The founder of rational thinking in science without Newton’s nothing to talk about in classical physics. And you see, this artful nod. It is well aware of his relatives, this incompatibility. In those years, alchemy has already passed its decline and disrepute. But people with a very sharp mind, however, she engaged. Newton is known for having written a treatise, which assumed all of the visible presence of an intelligent creator, for which, of course, during the communist years, said he was a cool guy, but apparently old age something happened to him. If only they knew more about alchemy, this would be the verdict.



Student: Refers to brahmacharya and having sex without a loss. If there were losses, because a person learns, is there a fast recovery techniques. And in general, as in the aphorism of turning defeat into victory, ie, how such effects can be turned into a victory? I also heard that in tantra says that loss, on the contrary, needed.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. There are a number of issues that should be considered. First, what is meant by Brahmachari? In a very narrow sense of the word by Brahmachari means ignorance of sexual life in general, ie, ascetic man restricts himself in all sexual encounters. We can not say it is right or wrong. Because the meaning of brahmacharya deeper, and it can not be reduced to a problem or issue of sex. Brahmacharya – it nerazmenivanie himself with trifles, it is the second basic principle in yoga: do not waste your energy on trivia. And where our energy is spent on trifles? It is spent in dealing not with those with whom it is necessary, in carrying cases are not those in which there is a need. And including in energy spending, including sex, is also on the little things – itching, scratching. It is considered to be non-optimal for the simple reason that we are, as yet, can not in its imperfect perception take advantage of all the wealth, which gives this energy.


It turns out that we have to keep warm, as if burn bundles of money, instead of one piece of paper to buy three trucks of firewood or coal. This inefficient use of energy. The energy loss is not terrible. This is not yoga. Here the question of efficiency of use. Here there are moments that are well covered in tanra. As a rule, people who, for whatever reasons, do not have sex, sometimes lose more energy than people who allegedly have sex with losses. Just this process goes unnoticed. Imagine you have a water tank. You can throw it again, but you can make a small hole, like nothing is happening to, the clock is ticking and you have the energy goes.

Everything connected with sex, the thing she really have stored, it is an interesting thing, and the only thing that must be dealt with, so it is a proper use of it all. The second point: you can burn gasoline and get fireworks, beautiful at times, but you can fill the rocket and fly away into space. And here and there the combustion process, and the process of losing. So, to answer the second part of your question, regarding the texts of tantra and yogi, which is called the contrary, in some rituals is a loss, it really is, and this is a big component of practices. But it is from this series, you must first fill the rocket, to fulfill all the necessary conditions. Now, if you are doing all this in the framework of the rituals, if you have lost in this energy or not, it does not matter. Because this is the same fuel that you filled the tank. In this regard, there is no point to worry.


But if you accidentally lost the energy, ie not as part of a ritual or practice, and during the night of dreams, or even once, it is considered to be not quite optimal. But again – no crime in this, because we have given this energy in abundance.

What are some other ways to communicate with energy? There two ways. Imagine, you have a certain amount of money, you can put the money in the bank, they have you work there and run over percentages. You take interest and are using them, and the principal amount of not wasting. And it’s all practice unscathed. In your safety is your main capital, but since it is involved in the practice, it gives some profit, and you have the capital itself is growing, all you need to have enough. There is another way to use sexual energy. You have the same amount of money, but you’re living in a prison. You spend all that you have, but spend wisely to escape from this prison to become a new level. Yes, you have to spend, but you went to a new level. That is precisely the losses, but the losses can not be called. It is there where it is necessary and right.



Following. If in the course of the ritual you are in the arms no more, no less, both the Goddess, then what about the losses in general can be a speech? You embrace the universe itself. This is the highest sacrifice is the greatest trust of the universe, when viewed from the position of engagement or of not having boundaries. Or, in the end, it’s your other half, so no matter where this energy is stored, outside or inside. Most importantly, it’s your other half. Sex can practice what you want: lossy or lossless, using any scripts, but only on one condition, that you have the correct vector. And he is correct in using the helper methods, as the beginning of practice, the actual practice, the end of the practice, and most importantly, your girlfriend while performing the ritual no more, no less, as the Goddess Shakti. And if you realize it, you remember, you asked about the defeat and victory, defeat is not even here, it is a clear victory. Another thing, if you’re going to do a practice and get another one. Again, if it’s all happening within the ritual, it’s okay.



There is another approach to Tantra Yoga, there is a completely different attitude towards brahmacharya. Why do differentiated: sex and sex with losses lossless. There’s absolutely elegant answer. Why bad loss? Not because you lost power, well, lost, I will come again, but because you’re on for a while after the loss loses interest in his girlfriend. It is not important, what are you lost, not lost, and that a certain elevation in this matter you have decreased. Only in this way it is considered, and the rest – do as you wish.


Next question. Well, if sex with losses. Restores forces – a serious topic. We have a triad: love Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Yoga Union, it is yoga sex, this section examines the yoga alliance, there are all clearly linked to physiology. Firstly: a) good food. If there was a loss, it is good food; b) pranayama. It restores strength very quickly. The source of energy – prana. If you have it in abundance, with the surplus, then, to a certain extent, you have to recover quickly. There are methods that are more in the spirit of Tantra, until the glass of good wine. Another – this mantra, it is transformed into a meditation. You retire and practicing as breathing exercises, mantras and meditation.


Doing this triad, recover very quickly. Do you remember about the organic connection of sexual energy, the energy of thought and breath energy. And what if you want to influence one of them, you can influence the remaining two. Therefore, if you want to raise it, then you’re acting on mental imagery and breathing, respectively, to recover quickly. If this is not possible, it is important for some time to be alone with a partner, with whom you were involved in practice. It stipulated the practice itself, it is necessary to cool down a little bit after practice. But by and large, if we consider the philosophy of the closure, it turns out, as stated in the Tantra, you do not have two wives, no two energies, you have only one wife – Space wife. It is manifested in your life, when you yourself are in the human body, in the form of your friends.

Student: It can manifest as different people?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But this is another story, scandalous, to a certain extent, and difficult to understand the question. Generally, as different people. But now I want to speak about something else. It’s your only wife, it emerged during the ritual as your friend. And then there is your energy is gone, but as your friend – this is the whole universe, and then, when you are left alone with the universe, you remember that there is a prescribed period, around you – it’s your girlfriend is. The same. But only in a form of nature, in the form of other shapes. To a certain extent, if your wife is manifested in the personality, there is – in superpersonal. In this state, if you are worshiped, and did so, though all losses taken together as his second half, then, as if the energy has gone into a deity in human form, and then you came back from the contact with nature. Once the circle is complete, your own energy is abundantly come. Because every step of returning confidence in the universe.



Because, especially worry about the loss is not necessary. Even if you yourself appointed one practice, and broke into another practice, but so what. In sexual yogas it is assumed that you will have a certain amount of a sufficiently long time before you learn to manage. And, of course, there will be losses, but where do without them to get to, because you have to gradually approach this question, without violence. And when you think how not to lose at any cost, it blocks the sensation, and, in general, the practice of blocking. Therefore, your attitude should be simple. A simple it can be only in one case, if you did all anticipating moments: do you think your friend no more, no less, as the Goddess, and then you come to the desired result.



Trainee: is preceded by moments are different. Can you briefly do something, but you can make a full ritual?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. And then it already is on autopilot, because otherwise you can not. You already know how it says, every word – is the mantra, every gesture – it is wise, every thought – dhyana, and every breath – pranayama. Of course, this person is suitable. This is an interesting point that if one of the partners, at least one practice, he drags and second. He knows he does not know or does not matter. Therefore, no experience in this regard, it is not something about which to worry. Because the loss – it’s not loss, but an attempt to birth a new universe, because the channel is opened, and children are born. Why did he offer? Because open higher.



Another time, it does not matter if you feel physically, then it is better to refrain from loss because the body immediately starts to recover, and you’re in this state you can feel the discomfort known. As soon as a person practicing yoga, he becomes very sensitive to losses. Rude people who are not engaged in yoga, it is still a loss not a loss, they do not feel. With the thinning of your body, you will feel the emotional moments that after the loss of the emotional mood is greatly reduced at times, though not always.



If we take this fundamental question, it is – a game of energy and consciousness. You can arbitrarily lose energy, but on the condition that you have a growing consciousness. If you’re with the right bhava, the right attitude, with the right mantras, with the correct ritual vector sent to the Supreme Consciousness, the energy that is spent of energy power goes into the power of consciousness. Risk of loss in sex with yogis is that the person becomes irritable then. Already girlfriend girlfriend is not already a friend is not a friend, and, as a rule, begin emotional grater.



In general, sex kills love and love, so the yoga alliance yoga of love, tantra yoga states that relate to these points should be right. And it should be understood that as soon as you lose power, then some of your karmic flaws emerge: irritability, emotional friction, and this is the greatest danger is greater than the energy loss. Because the spent energy begins to intensify these negative trends.



It’s quite another thing when you see his girlfriend in neither more nor less than the Goddess. You go spirited out of this state, whether with or without loss. Yes, in terms of physical energy, processes have been known, but they have raised you to such a force of consciousness. One spilled over into another. It should be remembered. Therefore, the risk of losing? They are dangerous, if you have very weakened body, if you are after the loss emotionally fall down, because it destroys the mental, that you have built the power of consciousness. Do you remember the axiom, the danger is that if you are involved in yogic sexual practices, then you’ve got a number of very hard duties. This obligation towards women: first: never speak ill of her, and the second – no abortions.


As long as you are not involved in the practice of yoga – live as you wish, not abortion abortion as ordinary people live. Nobody cares. But if we go into the tantric practice, which uses sexual energy all. Therefore, if you have a loss has occurred, and this has led to the emergence of a new life, the life of this saint. In this sense, there is a serious limitation. If pregnancy occurs during lovemaking Tantric practice, of any abortion even there can be no. Because, most likely, it became a great saint soul. Once again, I emphasize that I am not a moralist, and I do not care about all progressive mankind, they live there, and they say that it is necessary to prohibit abortion. I do not know, I do not understand these matters, because billions of arguments, both for and against. I do not care, I do not want to interfere with it. It relates to, but not in the sense that I can teach someone to live. But if we engage in tantric practice of using sex, there is a basic principle. Harmlessness anything living. One hundred percent. Here, in this known danger.


And by and large, there is no danger, it’s natural, it’s normal, and another thing, as far as it is rational. Is not it better to use the same loss, but that you will raise even higher. During the maximum connection points with his partner, strictly speaking, opened the gates of enlightenment, and this time – it’s yoga. But since our mind is not able to use it, it is not sufficiently clear, in order to concentrate on it, we are only partly or not at all notice. We seem to be shooting through this condition, although it can instantly give enlightenment, samadhi. But we are not ready. When it comes to the loss, no loss, the longer this status will be extended, the more chance we have absorbed them and reach the state of samadhi. That is why such a valuable sex without loss, he gave us during this sensation extends much stronger. There, too, his art and practice: the increases, the force sensations to a certain level, above which the orgasm starts. But we are in a hurry.

We seem to be shooting through this state. Although this condition – it can instantly give enlightenment instantly give samadhi. But we are not ready. When it comes to the losses and lossless – it occurs quickly enough, especially when the loss. We have not so trained in meditation, that during this short time to enter the state of samadhi. Therefore, the longer this status will be extended, the more chance we have really absorbed it and reach the state of samadhi. That is why sex without a loss (as we speak) and so valuable. He gives us this period of feeling extends much stronger. There, too, his art, his practice. Those. where we increase the power of sensation to a certain level, above which the orgasm begins, but we are not in a hurry; we keep on this level – a long, long, long, long time – and quantity turns into quality. The longer you have been in such a state, the more your body is transformed. Therefore, the more cleansed your mind, the more you become receptive. Once again I say that this is the same thing occurs when you and the loss of – within a very short period of time, and when you’re doing for a long time – the process is the same. But we are different. So here’s a thing I have to say.


Student: That is a state of, say, a must-have for me. A friend at the same time can also be in the same condition?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.



Student: Or woman it takes a little bit different?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.



Student: That is, the loss is not particularly play a role there?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For girlfriend do everything – it’s like she wants. What she wants is what will be. You see, the thing is, I talked about it and say it again, that the part of these practices that affect women – they, unfortunately, are preserved in a very poor and small volume. They have come to a lesser extent. Why did this happen? For some reason (generally speaking, this science passed a woman. In the first place, it was being passed to men, because men in general, is blunt in this respect). And so were all of these treatises, and more. It was believed that a woman – she is by nature (female yogini) – she feels everything that needs to be done. It is more intuitive, more natural at it, it happens.



Student: This is inherent in them, as it were?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In a way – yes. Therefore, when the time when the women – enlightened yogini – stopped or started to be produced is limited in this world – when this moment arrived (and he, in fact, only now comes to an end), it is clear that it turned out that a woman in travail not particularly involved in these practices (so they did not need to). And now according to the predictions must be born a woman that will revive this science. Therefore, even I know, to a lesser extent the practice for women than for men. The only thing I know is that, firstly, the need to be born such women who reproduce this practice (revived or pereotkroyut), and secondly, the processes in women occur quite differently (there the some nuances), some What do you know, something – is unknown. Therefore, there is little that can be said. The only thing is that the woman, of course, should be involved as much as possible. And it should not be for it to be very much a burden. This is – one of the most serious limiting factors. For what could be honest – not all women are ready to practice. Not even because they are not ready, and they just do not know, it was not possible to get involved in it.



It is therefore necessary, first of all, at least the presence of male practitioner (who certainly feels a woman). And practice, as claimed by many texts that can be very, very great options. That is a woman, she is involved in the practice or not involved, these options are so many, and they all work fine. Therefore, especially in this regard do not worry: a friend is involved or not involved. How could she be involved if it is not already tried? As soon as she starts to really feel the taste of the beyond that is behind it, it is clear that it will be involved. It’s, you know, like in yoga that many people do not do yoga, simply because they do not know what it is. So then the question of time and patience. Again – nonviolence. Because if violence – it will be immediately rejected. In general, how it goes – and go.



As many mates. For people who have taken the time sanyasa fully and completely renounced the world – they have a different type of lifestyle, so to speak. And there could be more of a man or a woman mates multiple partners, and it was considered normal. Of course, in the usual the world is not quite common. Although, to be honest – I’m trying to keep track of the situation – to about the same and goes. As I see it, for example, in America (or other countries – where the good life, where it is not necessary for a piece of bread to work from morning to night, and where there is a roof over your head). We have the same in the country is largely compressed together some unresolved domestic issues, and they are often dominate much stronger. That’s good on the one hand – makes you wonder. But on the other hand – and especially not razvernёshsya in the pleasures of life. And where people have decided to have all these problems, come just such psycho-emotional components to the fore. There are already people are more relaxed and even relate to matters of sex, rather than, say, from us.



But it is a separate, again, the theme. I will not say that I am a supporter of the special, but also not to say that a particular opponent. I know people who really are a way of life. They – the practice and they practice where a girl can be several partners, and a man – a few mates. But they are adults, they choose the path of his spiritual development. And as far as it is acceptable to others – it is an open question. Why? Because it is possible to achieve the same with his own wife, who both involved and not involved. That no one cares and no one’s business.

This is a difficult question, an open question, the question is again preferences because yoga does not say – how to live. This may be the greatest paradox, because yoga does not give us, such as in “Domostroi” hard setting “F let the wife fear her husband,” and so on. Because the world is more difficult to be put into one book, and all the scripts to drive. Moreover, a topic such as spiritual development.



This is probably waiting for humanity – the awareness on the role of sex in their lives. This is not to say that people will no longer love each other, and are each other throw – absolutely not. Again – experience; I will say it again, that monitor trends, which are now held, as I was just wondering is always compared to that predicted in the ancient texts.



Student: Predictions?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is a very clear prediction. And why are they just predictions for us? It is for us the life of civilization – a mystery. But if you know the nature of man, the nature of his mental processes, the nature of his cleansing, then you know that sooner or later it will come to anything.



That is how come? That nobody knows. Will nuclear war or peace in the world. No one knows. This is karma, personal karma – the people and the planet. But what is to come if we stay alive, it is, in principle, it is understandable. Just as evolution, sooner or later would lead to the appearance of «homo sapiens» – Homo sapiens.



So it laid down that all laws (sooner or later) – they grind-grind and led to the emergence of mind. It is laid. It originally laid. Similarly, in the relationship. This shows and practice. What, for example, the relationship I now see, for example, in the west? The relationship where the partner with a partner (husband and wife) with each other practice – and all.



Student: You mean it is the practice?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, definitely, I’m do not mean the people “from the street”, and those who are involved (in the know).



This is one scenario. The most widespread. Although it is difficult to say – more or less – I do not have statistics. This is another scenario where the husband and wife is very stable with each other live, their kids and everything else. But beyond that, they have a partner or the Lady is to practice some of these things that is perceived absolutely normal without hypocrisy and vulgarity. And what’s more, there’s even speech can not go on to the couple broke up. On the contrary, they are very loyal to each other. Why? Because it is a complete trust in each other. And even in these matters, you can imagine.



Finally, a third option, I call it hippy. This is when a person has no permanent partner, but there is a series of partners, with whom he practices. Probably, too, it is justified.



Sometimes I think it’s different periods of life, and sometimes it seems to me that this is different karma. But three of these scenarios occur among those who are involved in sexual practices. Because you can practice yoga and not be at all involved in sexual practices, lead a normal life, it is also allowed. That is a lot of ways. But those who are involved, as a rule, there are three of these scenarios. All of them are good in their own way. There are, for example, single people – they can not get along with anyone, but nonetheless practice. This is just the third type. There are people who have a family, children.



By the way, this is a very serious value as the most considered positive for posterity occupies a very important role in yoga. Why? Who knows, what if you do not have time to reach Samadhi, to dissolve in the rainbow in this life, and you will be born again. And where? You have to be born in a range of energy and consciousness closest to you. And, as a rule, you are born in his own family well – one that goes further. Therefore, the future need to think in this sense. Therefore, yoga – for children. Sometimes I hear outright nonsense – they say: “Yoga – is asceticism! Until a woman not to touch, to lead a life for yourself! “. It is not right.



Student: But these people may be, have students among whom they are born?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I hope so. I’m counting on it, because otherwise – end of the world just come, the Apocalypse. Otherwise, where will be born among cannibals or something? In fact, this question is not funny. Tibetan yoga, by the way, are built on it. Here you died. And where you born? We need the right conditions for your future development. And they are not. Why? Because you’re working on yourself, you were not to children.



That’s why the family ideal of yoga seriously encouraged and supported. And at the same time, the ratio of free enough in terms of practice. Again, to do this is likely to grow. In general, the way it is.



Enough difficult subject of sex. This topic is heavy. In general, the theme of sexual practices is very exciting, very interesting, but we come to the human factor. We are not ready. Moreover, not physically, not mentally, but we are not ready for the highlights, for example, do not hurt anyone, and without it anywhere, do not be selfish. And as a consequence of here – have jealousy. You just can not imagine how many practitioners who were involved in tantra yoga, I watched. And yet they went absolutely wonderful, until they began stupidly jealous. It’s like laughing! They have almost flew through the air and practically glowed, and they simply cut off jealousy. They say, jealousy – is somewhere far away, in Brazil, where Pedro Dona and so on. No, she was there, she was with us! What is jealousy? Jealousy – a lack of confidence in themselves.



Disciple: With the fear has something to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. And where the fear? Because this is the ultimate fallacy – you do not believe in yourself. You think that’s someone out there is, and you love someone and you’re jealous that he will go to the side. It is a priori not see a God or Goddess! What then tantra? When tantra suggests to feel as a manifestation of the Absolute, and to his girlfriend – manifestation of the Absolute. And when you’re afraid of something – it means that you are no longer the Absolute. You have some small lump, and are afraid to lose something. What then tantra, a flight here? There restraint and fear. It is clear that this all stumble. That is the main problem, which is, in general, and does not allow people to jump. It is an emotion. Purely on the domestic level, these moments familiar to us. Here they turn around and do not give the full program of all this teaching. A doctrine great! Powerful! It transforms simply on time whatever you want. That kind of thing.



Student: I would like more with the kriya yoga clarified. It speaks of Kriya mantra. Firstly, at least about what is it? And secondly, I do not understand how these are considered Kriya mantra. That is to say that either twenty-seven repetitions Kriya mantra or so many movements there. It is clear that you can count the rosary, but also prevent the beads?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no, what a rosary. In fact, when you do yoga for a long time, you have the ability there to myself while reading a mantra, and to know how many times you read it. This is the mantra of yoga. That is, it is assumed that you are in a mantra-yoga has succeeded. Undoubtedly, there are no beads. You think to yourself, for example, – Hrim – time Hrim – two Hrim – three. And so on.



Disciple: The numbers also speak?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: They pop up, pop up inside of you, of course.



Student: Up to ten quite easily spend, but from then on can be difficult.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Nothing of the sort! Absolutely not! I assure you – it is a matter of time. Work out a little bit, and very quickly you will learn to do it. One hundred and eight will count just on time, trust my word. It is a matter of practice, only practice – nothing more.



Student: And what kind of Kriya mantra?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here with Kriya mantra a little more complicated matter. It is a kind of mantra, kriyas that counts. We somehow separate talk on this subject. But, in principle, it is possible to use any mantra. That is, is there moments that allow you to do this.





Ghat Avastha



Text: 3.55. When using Pranayama the yogi reaches the Ghats state, then there is nothing in the universe, which he could not have committed.

3.56. Ghat – is the state in which the Prana and Apana, Nada and Bindu, Jivatma and Paramatma are connected.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: There is more interesting. Well, firstly, it does state the following in the yoga. Yoga all over the world so well known? It is a system of maintaining themselves in shape. In the west it is mainly utilitarian solves the problem: the body in good condition to keep as calm, how to achieve a certain balance of thoughts, sensations. But we remember that the purpose of yoga, in general, it is not the case. And all of these moments, such as: the acquisition of good health, and so on, they are very strong, we just need to reach the heights of self-knowledge. Because, really, if there is no health or any disturbances there, it’s like bad karma that we will not allow the higher spiritual realms as long as we have this bad karma does not eliminate.

In a sense, yoga – it is a quick way to eliminate bad karma, that is, all those flaws, which we did. Indeed, for modern humanity yoga interesting it is these aspects. Because, I repeat again, giving a figure, tone, strength, endurance, improves mental abilities, creativity reveals some aspects of human life, ie, on all sides improves the situation. Like any system, it has its own set of exercises, but it’s just, so to speak, the first step. And in the future, when the yogi has already established itself in these stages, when it’s all worked out, there truly miracles begin. That is, those things to which we are not used to, but that is the same reality, like everything else. We have read and understand with you that there are supernormal abilities, really, really strange abilities, although nothing strange they do not – they are just as uninteresting as our normal ability.

In general, there are some things that we are in this world, but we do not appreciate. For example, – the ability to fall in love, the ability to love. The ability to be kind and open opportunity to help others. The ability to change for the better the world around them. It seems at first glance, simple things and do not even attract our minds. About them an ordinary person and do not want to think. But in reality – that they are a real hit.

Do you remember the yoga of love that if you fall in love, if you are in a state of being in love – that’s where miracles. Why? Because you rise to a state of higher reality, you begin to perceive reality as it is. Reality begins to appear as it is, with all its absolutely breathtaking moments.

And that is with regards to the usual super-powers? Well, yes, it’s all wonderful: to fly through the air, pass through walls, or to read minds. But once again I want to emphasize, in the end, you can fly through the air and with the help of the plane, pass through walls (if there is this need for some time) – well, in the end, it is possible and dynamite to blow up the wall, if it really wants. Thoughts from a distance – can be reached by phone. It has the human race more than happy with the appearance of the phone? I would not say. On the contrary, somewhere more headaches increased, because you can tёplenkim from any bed, they say, raise the most inopportune moment. That is, in some cases even made a great amount of stress and state of nervous trembling, whether that – at any time you would like is available.

That’s about the same situation with supernormal, and we talked about it. Imagine that you are hypersensitive, you feel all the pain of the world! Of course, the very feel and all the joy of the world, but first of all, you feel the pain. Therefore, in our world, the ability to have a tendency to fade, do not occur. And not because they do not exist, not because they have a good or bad – it just complicates the problem to a certain extent.

But what is really in our hands, and that we do not appreciate what is about to, literally – we just do not think about it. And so in yoga prescribes especially do not look at the hit. Supernormal – a kind of a moment, showing that everything goes according to plan, as a sign on the road exhilarating. And then comes a really deep state of yoga as it is said here that the yogi became Paratman and Atma, in other words, when there is no resistance between the Absolute and man – the intention and will of man and the Absolute are the same. And everything that happens or is happening so perfectly natural that people catch myself thinking that the only way it should be, and how it goes. There are terms of tantric yoga more elaborate description of the condition. This state, which is achieved through yoga. This is the next serious step. This is the stage when your life changes.

We are used to some sense of their lives. We get up, go to work in a certain mode of consciousness. Sometimes it is, when we come to yoga, meditate, do some practice. Sometimes he again falls to a certain level of domestic.

And here is something fundamental happens, a certain change threshold, after which – everything. And we no longer go back to the previous functioning of consciousness. We remember how we thought and behaved at that level. But now we all look absolutely on the other, higher, more ambitious, more exciting heights. When we have harmony. When the inner happiness, joy and meaning to every action fills our every move, what would we do not engage. Externally, the person continues to behave like the same life, nothing has changed. No one does not know that he practices yoga. The same person goes, he has two arms, two legs, one head.

But at heart he is quite another thing. The real life starts here with this moment – this is the life! But everything else, you know it’s such a long preparation for life.

Text: 3.56. Ghat – is the state in which the Prana and Apana, Nada and Bindu, Jivatma and Paramatma are connected.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: Here are some basting, hints. Do you remember that yoga is the same state can be described from the viewpoint of different yogas and different positions of the observed symptoms. Again, someone will say that the summer has come when there were green leaves on the trees. It’s true. Some would say that the summer – this is when the birds are chirping. And it is true. Someone might say that summer – when the sun rises to a certain elevation angle (planet turned). This is also true. Some would say that the summer – when I leave. And this will also be true. That is, there are many indirect indicators of a state, but it is different in this case. They indicate the different sides is the same.

So, here it is curious enough to explain the position of the Shiva Samhita, when prana and apana are connected. Do you remember that we have a flow of energy, called prana, and figuratively speaking, it flows into us and supports all of our shell in the living condition of the body. It is as if revives us. Without this support, we would have crumbled like a house of cards. Strictly speaking, that occurs at the time of death. Once this support is cut thread Prana – we fall apart. The gross body is immediately eliminated from the conglomerate of subtle bodies. Man (the human body) is, and then even more starts. Thin body also start to fall apart at a time (which is associated with a large their feelings). In general, as soon as there is strings of prana, everything falls apart. Our Prana, penetrates us, performs a completely different function. She seemed to be divided into different streams.

In tantric yogis describe five major Pranas and five subsidiary. And of the five major pranas, there are two overriding – Prana Prana is responsible for the breath and prana, apana, is responsible for the output. By their action, they are different. And it built a huge number of very specific practices to work on yourself. This is just the heritage that we have transferred the ancient teacher and a teacher of yoga completely disinterested. And the meaning of these practices is to make the work of these two prana – Prana Prana Prana and Apana specific conjugate, in particular, to get absorbed one another.

They are inherently different directions. We have different methods make them absorbed. And as soon as it comes, then there is a sufficient series of transformations within the body, and in fact, we reach this condition, which I mentioned just before. And at this very moment there is a different situation. When all this has happened, then, as it says, personal soul and the world soul and the Absolute, they seem to blend into one. Anyway, they start to represent a single unbroken conglomerate that has a person feels really part of the Absolute, and not as a separate little creature that looks at the Absolute, as God. Usually we expect from life any dirty tricks, not realizing that it is only our own bad karma. Here in this state – the feeling of the Absolute.

The boundaries of the Absolute and their personal little I (it is not small, it is I, of course – it is Atman – ambitious, but still – limited), are beginning to fade. And most interesting is it about nada and bindu. Read it again.

Text: 3.56. Ghat – is the state in which the Prana and Apana, Nada and Bindu, Jivatma and Paramatma are connected.

Comment Zaporozhtseva Vadim: Yes, then nada and bindu. It is generally aerobatics in tantric yogis, it is difficult to understand it is difficult to interpret. Typically, such a description is given, although it is more multifaceted. Bindu – is a kind of point of consciousness. To understand this word, we compare. In English, the word «window» – a window. It is probably somewhere very conformable, and perhaps even has the same meaning with the word bindu. It’s like a small point, through which the light of consciousness. That is, of the self are those streams of energy and those streams of consciousness that already then refracted and begin to spread through our body. But they somehow come in our body, then to shine through it. And that’s just some of these points of consciousness, the point bindu or Windows, they are precisely the ones, if you will, those holes or windows through which the light of consciousness. They support the light of consciousness our body. Force of consciousness as if they are connected. In addition, there is a force of energy that connects too, because our body – smart. Not only have the building material, we need more workers who will be able to place it in the right place. Similarly, our body: not only have all the nutrients, all the original elements still need some presence of mind, which would comply with all this work. And partly it’s going through these points of consciousness. This is a rather complicated subject to explain.


Student: In a few points? A lot of them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, listen further. You can proceed as follows. You can analyze texts and to say that it appears from the texts, it is possible some other teachings given. At the same time you remember that yoga disappears, and we have the crumbs of knowledge that on good account, we do not really even available.


So, nada – one of the meanings of the word – a “sound”, “vibration”. This refers to the more subtle aspect. Do you remember the mantra of yoga serious situation that the essence of energy – vibration act. Or, as stated more bluntly, the kundalini energy the body – is the mantra.


So, nada – a vibration, sound. This is actually a manifestation of the primordial energy. And when the energy and consciousness of the newly merged – this is called yoga. One of the descriptions of this state – and this is where jivatma paramatma merge as Apana and Prana. Another attempt to describe – it is more a description of the physiological processes that occur in the body of yoga that has reached this stage. This is when the mind, in terms of consciousness, which support the body, merge with vibrations, and made yoga throughout the body, causing an absolutely fantastic feeling inside. In the future will be more and about nada and bindu about, and of course we’ll talk about it. And now let’s continue.


Text: 3.57. When the yogi acquires the ability to hold your breath for three hours, then it achieved a miraculous state of Pratyahara.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Pratyahara or twitching or Unplugging or pulling out of feelings of the senses – a complex sentence. I have eyes, I have ears, I have the sense of touch – and that, in general, the senses. Rough. And she is my ability to see, hear, touch. This is some information channels. Or if you prefer, the same authorities, but only on a more subtle level. In any case, the state pratyahara occurs only in the case where no external us not distracting. The eyes see, but do not see, ears to hear but do not hear, etc. etc.

Condition is precisely called Pratyahara. And it is preceded by a certain state of meditation, and how it is written again in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali sanyama practice (meditation is on the rise, ending with what is called samadhi). So, pratyahara is achieved at a time when we exercise the method prescribed in the text of the Shiva Samhita, learn to control your breathing and to delay it for a very long period for 3 hours. It sounds like science fiction in the literal sense of the word.

But, nevertheless, a person engaged in yoga, is able to enter themselves into such a state. Externally it as a corpse: he saw nothing and heard nothing. There are even cases in which yogis while buried in the ground, and then, after some time, torn back – and they turned out to be alive and healthy (although it is quite risky, as you know, the experiment). There are certified evidence that we talk about these cases.

This state of pratyahara, when we – hop – and extend beyond the senses. We like to take out the subtle sense organs of gross. Externally – we sort of died. And in many ways this is achieved by the state. Again, if described in terms of meditation, it is necessary to achieve a certain degree of concentration. And if we describe the same process with the breathing point of view, at this very same time we have observed respiratory element.

Student: And technically this is carried out? With the breath of clear, but that said – pulling out of the senses?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact is that as soon as we have a long practice with the breath reach some knowledge of how our internal gears work, and this knowledge becomes as clear as anything else for us. It is simply necessary to survive and feel. That is, we kind of self-knowledge check, like a knife out of the sheath can be removed. That is, the sword, and God knows whether it can pull out of the sheath, or can not pull it out, then you should try. And long practice we experiment method will sooner or later reach the realization that yes, indeed, you can pull it off. So here about the same situation. As soon as we put under the control of breathing and able to control it for so long – this ability comes. All our interior becomes absolutely obvious to us, and we naturally learn to manage it all.

Student: This is associated with emotions? With emotional attitude? For example, you see something, and you there is a certain emotional attitude. If you emotions get out, then pulled out a way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course! Regarding pratyahara there is a comment that pratyahara (pulling out of the sense organs) is still carried out in such a way as the redirection of consciousness. As long as the mind shines through a particular sense organ – it highlights that shows this sensory organ. (My mind is directed to the ears and the sound object).

How to learn it all over? If I forwarded your consciousness – physical consciousness without my ears become inactive. I like to pull your consciousness. Where is directed mind, senses and go back. Here’s a simple example. Do you remember how in the age of 12 you were sitting on the beach and admiring the surf. At this point, you are totally absorbed in this experience, in the memory. Moreover, you even like to hear the noise of the surf, you see this picture, and you can be so much absorbed in this vision, that memory, that if there is something going on, it will not be interested in you. And you do not pay attention to it, as a man absorbed in reading a book. So the story of a regular detective captures a person rides, such as the metro stops and five passes in a row, although it is clearly said that such a station, the other station, the third, fourth, fifth, tenth. But the man suffered so much attention to the other side, it senses behind it heed one-time-time – and fled. They came from the outside, and people stopped to take it outside. That is, it is a question, in general, the art, the question of the force with which you can get them.

And it is clear that when you control the breath for nearly three hours, the degree of this technique and power becomes absolute. If you’re in the subway more vaguely hear what drove his station, in this state, you nothing can distract and interfere with your meditation.

Text: 3.58. It can contemplate and study any object, but his spirit remains pure and unruffled. When the nature of the action of various senses is known, then they can be monitored.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The next time that there is – it is the ability to detach from emotion. Or speaking terms closer to our school, this is when you already begin to control the causal body, and you can objectively look at certain objects or phenomena. Usually, if we observe something, we engage. We involve our emotions, our energy. And then achieved the ability, when you can study any phenomenon, without getting involved in it. Accordingly, you are most clearly and without distortion meaning you can see, the essence of this phenomenon. You’re not involved in it, you’re like suspended.



Any emotion tends somewhat obscures vision. They say, for example: “He sees everything in the light of the rainbow! He sees everything in black light! He sees all biased in this trend! “. This, in general, the game of maya, when emotions distort the objective picture that gives the senses. And as soon as we learn how to turn off the emotions, all the things, objects and phenomena appear to us in its true light, and therefore, we are not mistaken. We do not make mistakes against one or the other.



In the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali is given a list of such great supernormal abilities that occur in a person when he is able to focus unemotional. Absolutely wonderful ability. Here they are described from this side.


Text: 3.59. When the yogi learns to perform one Kumbhaka (breath retention) for eight Dand (danda – 24 minutes, only 3 hours 12 minutes), it can be at this time to bury, and it will remain intact.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: That is what we have already discussed with you. And the precedents in history have been.

Student: And by the way, what is the ghat? This translates to something?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. There are a large inventory. The fact that the Sanskrit terms is very difficult to clearly interpret, so I personally recommend leaving them in their true light. Why? Because there is one word can be fifty different shades and values. But that’s how Sanskrit, that each of them carries a certain meaning, which allows to understand the phenomenon. Therefore, it remains a trend – to keep the original names in Sanskrit.

I highly recommend you, to go to any decent book market and buy a dictionary Russian-Sanskrit, Sanskrit-Russian very thick, very good, and all these words simply check for a variety of values. They’ll come across many things. Let this be your homework. Dictionary Kochergina, in my opinion.

Here in the Russian language as the? The sound often or all odds or implicitly expressed. In Sanskrit, the sound is paramount. Therefore, in a certain sense in Sanskrit as heard and written. However, there is one difficulty: the same word is written in a different transliteration or different letters (as in Sanskrit different letters, and accordingly, in the transliteration in Latin letters). From this there is an incredible confusion. Moreover, some of the letters begin to distort the sound. For example, when jnana is written, it is sometimes translated into Russian as Gnana. So here it is best to stick to the original Sanskrit, and the value to check for dictionary.


Text: 3.60. After that, the yogi achieves Parichayya-avastha when prana leaves the sun and the moon (Ida and Pingala), remaining motionless and unmoved in the Sushumna. Then the yogi enters a state Parichayya.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This state is analogous to the state of samadhi, if we remember the classification, which gave Patanjali. However there are two approaches, more precisely, these approaches can be more. All of these phenomena with the position described by Patanjali the same language about the attainment of samadhi (samadhi with an object, samadhi without object). In tantric schools legacy allegorical language of the same condition is described differently.

Do you remember that we have a central channel Sushumna absolutely straight and empty inside, which connects the base of the body with the top of the head. Located it is definitely in a more subtle level, it is made of a thin material, so it is useless to look for it in the physical body – it is a delicate matter. Again, I emphasize – matter. This keyword.

But inside it is completely empty. And this is not “empty” words, is an attempt to point out what’s inside the channel sushumna matter is something just not. And there is no power. Generally there is no space and no time.

Can you imagine being in his right mind, the receiver (here, imagine a glass tube), inside which there is space and time? I agree that it is quite abstract theme for meditation. But it is a reality on which we are made. This is the main channel of the body. It connects the mind and energy. But as a rule, he is not involved in the human body. It is activated only when the creation and destruction.

When we are born in a time when we are just trying to get into this world – he is involved – the principles of the future form of the body, and then the actual body. Or the reverse process. When we die, when everything is falling apart. Here the average person, usually in the two states and operates just the central channel. This, incidentally, is another example of why yoga Conscious Dying so powerful. Because, whether you want or not want, but you doberёshsya to the center channel. And it’s a time when you can make a breakthrough in the spiritual sense, even if you did not do this for a living.

So, we have a center channel, which is in the lives of ordinary people almost did not work. But consciousness and energy must somehow be connected, so the other two channels are observed, which are called ida and pingala, respectively, on the one and the other. Again, several different sources differ in the description of what they look like. Some say that they are strictly positioned one on one side and the other – on the other hand. Some say they are curled, as if in a spiral wrap around a central channel. Some say that they intersect, ie have their points of intersection and the center channel, just as the streets intersect in the city. Whatever it was, but in real life people use these left and right channels, ida and pingala for their livelihoods. If running one channel – the person active, if the other, it is passive. The man goes inside day and night, or how it is said here, the sun and moon. Under the channels meant the Sun and Moon, the allegorical title. Why? Because they describe the effect of these channels. Clearly, the Moon – this night, we sleep, we are calm, we are susceptible. And when the sun – it is the day, and we are active, we do something, we run somewhere, something we are doing.

So, as long as the work left and right channel, the mind works in its natural mode of – it’s a normal person. As soon begins to wake up the central channel, the man falls to the state, which is called samadhi. This super-consciousness. More say, the cosmic consciousness, the consciousness of yoga or universal consciousness, or the consciousness of the Absolute or all of the experience that experienced religious mysticism of antiquity, when opened the abyss, and God himself manifested. Enough to read our Bible, the Koran and other narrative of personal experiences people to understand – it is quite a grand event that leaves a mark on the rest of his life. Moreover, a consequence of this, as a rule, is the production of the next new religion. In general, the act – act, and can not be explained. Hard to explain.

But however, it was not, when a person begins to wake up the central channel, he is completely absorbed in the state of samadhi, in this ecstasy, in this immensity. The man begins to see everything in its true light, with him becomes intuitively understand everything. This is the state of enlightenment.

So, it comes at a time when the flows that connect the mind and the energy that went in two ways, absorb and began to go through the central channel. Do you remember on the axioms that the central channel is no space and time, there is carried out yoga, there is no difference between consciousness and energy. All the energy that manifests itself in the human consciousness and all that there is, through the center channel are connected, and that the connection state is yoga. There is an explanation, that at this point in the human mind opens and begins to work very differently. He begins to see these cosmic horizons. But Samadhi is not only an intellectual understanding, but still in all aspects of sensory comprehension.

This is quite a big state. Once again I remind you that in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali is called samadhi, and here, as the next step or step on the path of yogic transformation.

Student: It’s the same when kundalini enters the central channel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely correct, yes.

Student: But there is a different way how something happens?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. This is a complex topic for us. Let me remind you that all the knowledge of yoga in a very weak form reached us, and quite a few people who suffered on his personal experience. And personal experience is also different degrees of depth. Here, what is still a problem that some people have experienced some experience, but there are even more profound experience. Therefore it is considered from a formal point of view, even if a small part of the energy went into the center channel – everything! The man fell into samadhi.

But when he begins to awaken kundalini energy base, that is, totally all the energy, stress – everything, and begin to absorb and go into the central channel, the process is akin to death. That’s why I mentioned at the beginning and that the average person the central channel is just at birth and at death. At the yogi, he works at the time of yogic achievements. A higher stage is when there is the next process. The energy of the kundalini rises, dissolving structure. This process is the same as in death, but it has little feature that it is reversible. And man, when is this experience, remains alive and returned. Although you can not go back. Remember, we discussed the time that the yogi is constantly at risk. It’s dangerous enough yoga in the sense that the most serious are the processes inside. And, as a rule, this path only take people who are aware of where they are going.

Student: That is, if the process is reversible, so the energy can turn around without reaching?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Including. It rises to a particular center, and then falls back. lowering process is said to be quite depressing. After exaltation and lift – a completely depressed when the energy is returned to its original position. As a rule, for the average person does not prepare yourself many years of yoga practice is associated with depression. In general, there are very different effects: either sverhseksualnost when energy rising, but do not go any further (it has already freed), transformed into the most intimate form of energy. Do you remember that the closest kind of energy to the energy of the kundalini – is sexual energy. Therefore, there are sometimes insane erotic flash that on the one hand – an indicator of success, on the other hand – imagine a person who has not studied all of these yoga (I mean, how to deal with their sexual energy), can not sublimate, moreover, to avoid sex. You know, you can also to some extent, do not pay attention to sex, as we say, to apply austerity. And then (accidentally or not accidentally) to awaken energy, and it will stand out in such a powerful form of sexual energy, which blows all restrictions on the level of the brain.

That’s why when sometimes ask about Tantra Yoga, that where there is so much sex, you can only answer that there is no place to go, then, as we arranged. That’s the way life is. The next thing that occurs after a person begins to deal with you – it is the question of sex. Why? Because it is a question of life and death. With these points we were in our body on this earth. And sex questions, respectively, immediately pop up as soon as we begin more or less seriously engage themselves in self-knowledge. Who we are, what we are, and so on.

Sometimes the kundalini energy is transformed into other forms of strong emotions. This can greatly hinder, sidetrack. But tell us about all of this is very difficult. We can here only for the most part refer to the experience of those who have passed. But again, this experience quite different. In our modern time, in my opinion, it is rather longer the game went on, almost everyone tells how his Kundalini awakened quite a fantastic way.

Text: 3.61. When the practice of yoga, he attains power of action (kriya shakti) and passes through the chakras, achieving true state Parichayya, then he sees the triple effect of Karma.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Triple effect of karma, again refer to Patanjali, this is quite a philosophical point that it regulates karma. It is understood that karma determines who we are, where and when you were born, how many have lived and what life was. From a formal point of view, this is called the threefold effect of karma.

In general, all of yoga emerged would not that out of nowhere, and there was a powerful yogi around philosophical apparatus with the basic axioms (in ancient India). Well-known six orthodox systems of India, one of which includes yoga. These orthodox systems of more or less the same philosophy devices explanation of the truth – some dogma, the original promises, some moments, saying that everything is understood (those who are interested in philosophy).

Once again – the six orthodox systems of India. And so, as the texts of tantric direction, in fact, the same thing, but only formulated in another language and written at a later time, and they refer to these concepts (the triple effect of karma, etc., etc.).

Allusive in other words, a person finally begins to rise above the level of karma. On the other hand, going through all the chakras (meaning that each chakra is responsible for the different aspects of our being, for the different manifestations of us in this world), and fulfilling all the energy a person to a certain extent becomes the master of these energies. Or, to be more clear. We have emotions, there is our manifestation of fear, hate, anger, joy – the entire spectrum of what makes us human. And each chakra is responsible for the expression of a particular emotion. Once aspect of chakra starts working, we are experiencing a particular emotion. This is how we are built. Emotion as you remember, is to some extent a manifestation of energy, when the energy is vibrating, we experience an emotion. Or when certain external circumstances are, we do this or that excite emotion and become subject to it.

So, the yogi fulfills all these points. The process is also quite serious. Here we are talking about sex. There, too, there are great, if I may say so, is skilled – is power, etc. etc. That is, each chakra has its “ambush” – qualities that we can slow down or turn off the yogic path. And not in the sense that, say, the same power – this is bad, the authorities – is very good. Moreover, you’ll never be any yogi, if you do not have power. First of all, at himself, and as a consequence, above all else. I have a very little idea yogi without will and without power.

Another thing is that this power is manifested not in our primitive sense of the word, that enslave all (and myself too), no, of course. But in a sense, the yogi achieves everything he wants. Just as in the sexual moment, it’s madness to oppose their sexual energy, we are using this energy, we have the opportunity to incarnate in this world and to implement its transformation: to climb the spiritual evolution. Without this energy, then all talk about anything it would not be. But another thing, when we seem to find ourselves at the mercy of this energy. Do not enjoy (if we are talking about a question of pleasure) and find ourselves in a relationship, we become slaves of this energy. And how not to become a slave of energy? It is necessary to know how that we have, what and why.

So that, the yogi learns to use the center channel and begins to understand the fine structures. According to the descriptions, all the chakras as if strung on a central channel, and enter the energy of the central channel, according to some schools of yoga can be through any chakra, or otherwise, any manifestation of our nature can lead us to the Samadhi.

Again, we return to Sexual Yoga. Through sexuality and directions with the appropriate rituals of sexual energy in the center channel, can achieve super-conscious state. The same situation – and in the navel center, that is, each chakra as input.

You can fall into samadhi through the heart center. For example, through the awareness of universal love, or openness. Energy will turn this emotion, and we are sending it to the central channel and experience again the divine ecstasy, just as in all other chakras.

That’s what kind of meaning.

Student: This is the energy of our body, or kundalini energy in some way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see – this is a complex question. First, from a formal point of view, we have two energies. Any energy – is a manifestation of our unified energy that’s different, and we call kundalini. Therefore, here as if from a single energy source energy (in the universal and comprehensive sense of the word) begins to transform into other aspects that occur, including through the senses, feelings, and other manifestations. But in fact, originally it was a single energy. How, for example, white color – all colors. If you put the prism, the white beam of light splits into seven colors: red, orange, etc. This is like that and our basic energy kundalini – is universal, but any emotion, any activity, any chakra manifests this same energy, only in its aspect. But in fact, if you dig deeper, it is a single energy.

Text: 3.62. Then let it destroys all the Karma with the help of OM, then let commits Kaya-vyuha (a mystical process of organizing various body aggregates), to suffer and enjoy in one body without rebirth.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a very interesting point and a very high level. Remember where we started? We began to consider what people are interested in yoga in the west. They are interested in well-being, health, etc. And there is still so much fantastic steps that explain even hard to find the words to explain what goes on there. But back to our position.

So, we still have karma. We realized threefold effect of karma, we realized the central channel, we have learned to write and, respectively, to control any energy in any of its manifestations at any chakra. Monitor all the sensations that we can only experience. After each chakra collects a certain feeling. And all together, these are the symptoms that a person can do: anger, jealousy, greed, love, hate, stupidity, etc. etc.

And people learned a long practice of yoga to initiate a particular energy. It shall come into force next thing that remained karma. Prints from previous lives to this life, all us. If the answer to the question, where it is stored karma, the answer – in our stores, there is not somewhere above. The seeds of karma – it is, in fact, we are. Suppose blinded man from seeds and launched into space to see how, for example, to the seed radiation. Strictly speaking, we just have a little man from the seeds, but the seeds of positive and negative karma. And like any seed, the seeds of karma are waiting for the right moment to emerge, grow. Therefore, as soon as the right moment comes, one or the other tendency is. It captures the man and the man becomes what he becomes in accordance with its karma. The man, of course, there is free will, to a certain point it can somehow be controlled with karma, and if he does good, good deeds, this free will is greater and, therefore, it is easier to manage, even with some negatives that he has in the trunk. But, nevertheless, karma is karma, it has not been canceled, even if we achieve a very high status in yoga.

According to karma, there is no need to wait for the lives in which I have to be greedy, jealous, to be born in a new body. And here begins the mystical process, the so-called Kaya-vyuha. I have energy, are subject to me completely, I have a mind that is aware of, including the effects of karma. I have a set of karmic seeds that must germinate, and then I let them germinate at a time. It is clear that the physical body does not have time to adjust to the changes. If I was destined in the next life to be a monster, and Come, I now it germinated inside, and thus work out the karma. Hop, stayed a monster state, worked, and there is no karma, it changes. But I feel all the relevant sensation, which were supposed to be. Or in the next life I have to be holy and to walk with a halo, dressed in white, smiling, and so on. And I have no desire to spend the whole life trying to be a holy-roller. I make myself a body corresponding hypocrites give the opportunity to grow the trend, and thus I do not need them to be born in the next life. Because of all this grain that’s I was able to work out in this life. But it is necessary to work out the full program. Here it is necessary to understand that everything is no nonsense. Since you are subject to all the feelings you have to go through all of them, whether it’s a monster, or a hypocrite, for example, in the body of the cow you have to live.

The only thing that there is no need to live in this matter, you can live through all the senses. You can play in a subtle matter. We create our own different bodies, suffer and enjoy in them. Inside the physical. There is a feature that attempts to physically under this tune, but since these processes are within faster, it does not have time to finish building sometimes. This is a definite load on the body, so yoga encourages to pay their physical health. But it is not necessary to be born in the next life.

Text: 3.63. Then let the yogi practice five hours of Dharana (concentration) to Vishnu, which is achieved by the five elements of management. They can no longer hurt him, and he must perform eight Kumbhak in each of the chakras.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Carmen and future incarnations are all now clear. With our future bodies, too, everything is clear, which consists of five elements.

What the five elements?



It is the energy of its five different states: solid, liquid, gaseous, in the form of plasma flame and the next space – essential, the most difficult to understand. The next stage, even when these components from which the assembled body, must also be put under control. And this is achieved by meditation, concentration. It is equivalent to a state of extreme concentration, is described not by the mental aspects, and with the breath, to keep track of. As an indirect indication, given the moments associated with the breath, accordingly, how much are you taken Kumbhak, breathing delays at the time of meditation on a particular item. Once the concentration reaches its ultimate strength, then that it is not directed, all the things, objects and phenomena of consciousness show focusing on its essence, and as a result, they begin to be totally dependent on him.



At this stage precisely prescribed to subdue all the five elements. Meditation prescribed specific, taking into account that each element (a mixture of energy and consciousness), has manifested consciousness. It is given that Vishnu in his various guises, in different chakras, respectively, with different attributes and controls the different elements. When we study the chakras, there will be more clear, and here the Godhead. Each element has its own deity. Meditation on the Divine over the elements, lead to control. That kind of logic is based.



Text: 3.64. Let the Yogi practice dharana thus: five ghatik (ghatika – the same as Dundee, 24 minutes, only 2 hours) in Mula, in svadhisthana, in Manipur, in Anahata, Vishuddha in, in the Ajna.

Comment Zaporozhtseva Vadim: Well, you see, here given dharana, extreme focus on all of these elements that make up the body. The only thing that is added to another element other than five. This is the sixth element – the Ajna Chakra. It is not strange, the mind is regarded here as a kind of feature, like air or something else, as an element through which the light of knowledge to the fullest extent of subtle vibrations. Can it be attributed to the elements like water, fire. And the most interesting that the manifestation of the mind in some Tantric schools of interpreting, as a feeling, that is, touch, smell. And we have one ability that is in the same chain, this paradoxical reversal in the direction of the mind, the senses.



Text: 3.65. The wise yogi, who constantly practices this Dharana, not dying for hundreds of cycles of the great Brahma.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Accordingly, if you control certain elements that you do not give them to give up the slack, and that they broke your existence here oddly enough, even in the physical body. Therefore, control over the elements, it is a guarantee that the rough and will remain, and accordingly does not fall apart your body, and will not be what is called death. And you can support your body for a long time. It is sometimes said that yogis have the secret of immortality. I’m willing to believe it. In any case, from the point of view of theoretical, there are no restrictions here. No violations of the logic here is not observed.


Text: 3.66. Constantly practicing yogi achieves Nishpatti avastha (perfect condition). Yogi Having burnt all the seeds of karma which existed originally, drinking water immortality.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: And now the next step. Imagine the step of people who come to yoga class for the first time, a figure fix, at best, stretching or meditation. And these are crumbs compared to what is inside of yoga, which even somehow unworthy of mention. On the other hand, does not go further without physical foundation. Further, on the rise. This is a very high level, when the yogi rose above the plane of action of karma, cause and effect, and it becomes free. Because there poses on it karma. We are not free because it operates karma positive or negative to us. Enjoy where enjoyment is due to our positive karma or suffering when the suffering caused by negative karma. And then the man rises, and do not prevail over him, neither positive nor negative karma. He’s free! This is something to aspire to all yoga.



In our life there are no free men. They say that we are a free country! Yes, it can be more free than the tribe of Papuans, who eat each other. But in terms of dependence on external and internal factors, but in the end, the state of his own mind, we are not free, we are – slaves. And behind us is the owner who drives a whip us back to somewhere we drives. Sometimes we are not even aware of this slavery. Sometimes it seems that how successful my career was, I’m lucky, so much money earned, I have power, I’m famous. And man is not free! Firstly, all of which can fail at one point, and it is fear. And secondly, this is the golden shackles. The man begins to play along with this dependence. The most terrible prison – is the one that you see. You’re out of it does not even try to escape. That’s when the lattice on the windows, it is somehow bad, makes a fuss and so on. But when everything looks good, then this condition difficult to leave.



Sometimes it is hard enough to get people to enjoy it, get to practice yoga. And vice versa. People who have passed a series of depressions, unanswered questions, they can easily and quickly achieve results in yoga, because they understand the value of this world. Understand that not all that fun. On the other hand, it is their positive karma, because they have come to understand. And it would be still so much fun, then man would, and so remained in the bestial state. So, a higher power showed him mercy, and decided it fit. Sometimes certain life events force us to move to our own good, so that we understand and realize that we are not free, cast off these shackles and become free. And so, you can survive long enough in the illusory notion of freedom.



Text: 3.67. When Jivan-Mukta (liberated while living) achieved perfect Samadhi and can cause it to request, then let the Yogi connect Chetana (consciousness from) with air (Prana) and, together with the power of Kriya-Shakti (with awakened Kundalini Shakti) possess six chakras and dissolve them in force, which – Jnana shakti, the power of knowledge.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There was a question from you, at what level the rise of kundalini? As you can see, even if we rely on the text of the Shiva Samhita, and I must say that the Shiva Samhita with two, three other texts is the core of all other books on yoga. Everything we read in various magazines, tabloids, which are beginning to think about the kundalini, the chakras, it all came from these sources. And before the kundalini is awakened, you are going through so many stages is absolutely stunning. And the man who said to me that he was at a seminar that he had reached the kundalini there somewhere, and this is the thing that is steeper nowhere! But where she had reached something? There was no smell of kundalini. Because the principle of the dissolution of the chakras it comes, you can understand at what level. We are on this level even think now is not able to.

It follows a warning: Filter all books with author’s personal experience, which is now a great variety. He’s itching in the nose, he immediately wrote a book, shared experience. He combed back, and he believes that he has risen kundalini. Very much it is necessary to filter it. There is such a pandemonium in the presentation. Even sometimes use words correctly, some of the descriptions, but the question of who wrote it-all, whose is the experience? It is the same now take on the dirtiest street bum, put him in the chair the prime minister, and with his mouth open waiting for instructions from him. But the difference is only one that is a good imitation.



The primary source is very small. Here you are now reading one of them. People write books, then they read other people, blaming them in his own way, and so was born the myth-making. He begins to live their lives, in fact, trying to influence the masses.



So, when the rising kundalini energy, it begins to dissolve chakra for chakra, this is precisely the condition completely comparable to the state of death. Neither of which the pleasant, if the body was not prepared for this and was not prepared psychic perception, and speech can not be. Imagine what we? Our I identify themselves with a piece of meat, roughly speaking, our little hand said – it is I. And clings to those or other emotions, sensations. And now imagine that these feelings began to forcibly dissolve, that as the child began to pull out a favorite toy, it is a very uncomfortable activity, if you is not ready. When ready, then calmly with this break up. The kundalini energy dissolves chakra for chakra dissolves principle by principle, reveals to you more and more high status.



That’s imagine, for example, the kundalini energy or energy emanation kundalini awakened, and she stressed the emotion of your favorite or not favorite to epic proportions. And we cling to for it, we grabbed for her death grip, and the energy of its pumps. Emotion is trying to get out of us, and we are stronger for it lacking. We experience a strong discomfort. Therefore, before disappearing feeling Kundalini dissolves all the elements, all the feelings are exacerbated to the limit before you fall off from us. If there is selfishness, self-love, limited consciousness, not something that I want to help all, to support, to inspire joy and optimism, if not, a person believes that he’s so small, yoga workout now, some money to earn extra money or anything else and these small little thoughts are motivated. But some people start because of this motivation to study yoga. And well done! But if a person is properly engaged in yoga, selfishness quickly go away.



But on the other hand, if yoga will start to really work, it will forcibly make to part with it. Otherwise, it’s quite unpleasant, and it is an understatement. It turns out that we have on the one hand trying to dissolve your ignorance, attachment, on the other hand have enough for this attachment. This clash of the same energy and the same consciousness, taking himself and split the self with itself faced. From this comes the pain. Actually, the pain and born. Concepts pain exists. There is a natural state of pleasure, it is given to each person. But man, pervert, learned to his natural feeling of pleasure, divided into two parts and bang their heads. From this discomfort and pain. This is just from the point of view of tantric yoga, the description of the pain.



And as you can see, this is a serious step – the dissolution, it is equivalent to death, and this is really a real liberation. And so, not much have to believe all this ton of books! I am sometimes asked to comment on the text of an author. Yes, never I will not comment on this, because an insane amount of things that are hung in the air. Once again, I remind you, yoga – the science sverhlogichnaya.



Text: 3.68. Knowing Vayu-sadhana, he sees the futility of all the pains and pleasures of this world.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Yoga multistage. And whatever it is that ordinary people, this is the beginning, no, not so much in front of the threshold of yoga, and the street in front of the building. Within Yoga are many interesting conditions, higher and higher, all the grandiose and grandiose us open. Moreover, described such moments, such as the ecstatic states. We give this gradation that ecstatic state, too, are controlled and monitored. As you exercise a person reaches the point where he can control the ecstatic experience. In the early stages of yoga, it is usually from a man little depends: coincidence, karma, and he is going through. But as more and more he delves into yoga, this ability to become subservient to him. And as soon as this ability to become subservient, there are already more conscious steps to transform your body. In samadhi, too, it should be understood that the fall in an ecstatic state is possible and by accident. Many are experiencing this, many do not even know what it is. But Yogi keeps everything under control, and even such states. His after he deliberately can cause samadhi at how to use this energy to carry out the transformation of conscious, so this is really freedom.



The whole world, according to yoga, have reached this state, it is just a shell, shell, and we, as the chicks to hatch. And all the events that we go through, through which must pass, it’s just evolutionary terms. There is first of all have in mind. So sometimes there is a phrase that the whole world is meaningless. Is it correct? Yes, he really become so when you achieve everything in this world. But as long as you do not hit it oh, how real. You see, even in the duality duality.



The practical implication of this is the following: it is necessary to practice yoga, work on yourself, you must know that there is still oh how many things. On the other hand, this device opens curtain world. The real world – it’s an unreal world. It is necessary to grasp at it and try to change. Chock-full of secret sciences adherents who believe that it is not necessary to redo anything. You say, because there are people are suffering, suffer, and they do not care, the world is unreal. Whether stupidity or selfishness, or a combination of both, or indeed a great truth. I say that yoga disappears teacher disappear, India collapsed, mice ate treatises, and they are philosophers – well disappeared and vanished. It reminds me very much of a historical episode with the fall of the Roman Empire. When the empire was halfway around the world, and then won it, pieces fall off, and then you just like a fast process has begun, and already people are used somehow, all falls off, and behaved quietly, calmly. Later came the barbarians, and it was no laughing matter.



That’s the same thing with yoga. She disappears. And these are some adherents – so faded yoga, so what? Once revived, and new teacher will come. Nothing wrong. And if the teacher is no longer come? They will say that this is why we will give you back, even if you keep what we have given you, we could not. There is a certain karmic logic, very tough.



On the other hand, in the long run, this too is true. The whole world – it’s just a scene that every soul has attained the highest state and left.



The conclusion here is. As long as you have not reached this state until you have learned not to cause Samadhi through a variety of practices and break down all the centers, then you really have not seen all of the couple in all the world that yes, indeed, the whole world incubator large, up to this point, if you’re talking about it, at least to take on the increased obligations. Therefore, be frostbitten and calm of the moment until you have established in these yogis, it is arrogant.



Text: 3.69. When an experienced yogi, placing language in the root of the palate, can drink the prana vayu, then comes the complete dissolution of all Yogas, and he no longer needs more (even) in Yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There is already a description peculiar practices. Such secret and mysterious signs on the way, again, they need to, when you are watching and the right way to touch up your practice. Yes, indeed, there is the ability to feed on this nectar. On the other hand, if we look at this process, it is when the power of the self is sufficient to maintain the body. When not enough, we use mercenaries, we eat food that someone else do it and attract outside use. But once reached the height of yoga, the yogi becomes fully independent in every sense, including food. Sometimes here in India say uncle 40 years, did not eat and lives currently. I certainly do not know, every year there are such messages from different parts of the world. There are new saints, and in every village there must be a saint, or interest in the village is not, and if the rich tourist comes and does not help, the people are beginning to do some public relations, according to evil tongues. And yet, the man who is actually engaged in yoga, not to become addicted to food.



Here, of course, referred to serious practice with the language, with these energy channels that run through the language, with these delicate structures. Very interesting, when the physical body and the subtle body in such harmony that we affect the delicate, and this practice is carried out through the physical body. Although, it in itself is carried out. It bridges that link the rough with a thin body, a certain sequence of actions that we do with the gross body and go to the subtle body. I just do not want now to discuss the physiology.



The theory is the following: we have an internal device, you know that we have the energy and consciousness, our body can not exist without makeup by our self, our prana, and as soon as the thread Prana is cut, the body dies, but it is more rational and use this powerful prana.



Text: 3.70. When an experienced Yogi, knowing the laws of action of Prana and Apana, can cold air through the mouth folded into the shape of a crow’s beak, then he becomes eligible for release.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This exercise is already gone.

Student: What is the nostrils should begin an exercise in pranayama: the right or the left? I mean alternate breathing?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I would recommend is to use the exercises in our school. The entire catch is that the same exercise is called by different names, sometimes by the same name referred to different exercises, and to avoid confusion to better understand the amount of exercise that we have. In particular, the one that you mentioned, alternate breathing. In the initial stages, when only just studied pranayama, in general, there is no difference. Later, when the body is already thinned to produce different effects by using symmetry. We left and the right side are not symmetrical. They are responsible for different processes. And accordingly, if we begin to breathe with some nostril can provoke a particular reaction. If we are in a state of sleep or inactivity, to neutralize this activity, it is necessary to start with one nostril, and if on the contrary – we are in a state of super, then we should start with the other nostril. At this level difference is. Generally there is a real science, which tracks what nostril breathing, and doing the appropriate conclusions, what do you want to do and what to do does not make sense. This all comes later, intuitively all lined up, most importantly, it is a sense of inner harmony.



If a sense of inner harmony will be, not as it is in principle – left or right. Anyway, in the early stages of a person can not understand even what he does. In the future, the study of yoga, these factors are already used, so you will clearly feel that you just do not want to breathe through the other nostril. When we touch the index finger space between the eyes, the stronger focus on this point. It becomes easier to control thought. But we can not do this. That is Pranayama – is primarily a control prana, not thoughts. And most importantly, learn how to catch the tail of Prana. If we do that, then we learn how to control his thoughts. But sometimes it is useful to a large number of thoughts just stop.



Student: If, during pranayama bore down a huge amount of thought, it is a sign of what?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a sign that there was a surplus of energy, which, like hungry wolves on sheep snapped thoughts. Thoughts on the structure, these are leeches. If you have a life energy, accordingly, they would feed her how. If it is not, and there is no thought. When we are doing pranayama, then generated a surplus of prana, and it goes primarily to the fact that thoughts begin to spin faster. By this way it is not necessary to treat. Just watch out, do not drive and do not allow the emergence of emotions. Any thought, as soon as there can cause a particular emotion. As soon as there is one or another emotion, a feeling, we begin to feed this idea, but if we look at it without emotion. … It’s like a stray dog that walks around us, see, we do not give anything, she went on. But it is worth it to lure it away from us is not going anywhere. Also thought – appeared and disappeared. Some – attractive, some – scary, very different, a zoo.



The most important thing is not to give an emotion, if given emotion, became involved with, began to experience emotional, they start to spin around you. And if you do not involve, no emotions, then recharge their prana either, and they are rapidly changing to one another, or fade.



Student: What is the teaching of yoga?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: even this aspect in our school as teaching yoga is an independent yoga. The man who teaches, want it or not, yoga goes away. And it’s quite an interesting thing from the point of view of the fact that the internal processes of a person who teaches yoga, go much faster, this is a serious positive thing. That partly offset the costs of teaching. Because teaching – it seems from the outside everything is easy and simple. Actually teaching requires enormous energy and the cost of internal forces emotional forces. Many, many things. And it quickly becomes clear.



There is a statistic that is conducted in Moscow yoga a few months and then stopped, because the teacher feels squeezed like a lemon. This is a serious problem. Many take up teaching, but little by pulling the strap, throw it – it is too heavy. Many problems of the financial, administrative and load directly to the teacher himself, because he has to be in shape. A load is very serious, though outwardly it is sometimes not visible. Enough people for a short time, they throw all this. As a compensation for these difficulties is the fact that the man who teaches yoga, he goes fast. It is considered so that if you help people, the Absolute help you. Solving some problems for other people, someone decides to higher spheres, even unsolvable for you, with the karmic point of view. We are not prepared to solve some situations, a lot of the time we leave. And they are the most magically resolved. Do you help others, you help those who can solve it. This is quite a serious factor, which makes the teaching of just teaching in yoga, including those for teachers. There are certain aphorisms in our school, you should be aware.



One of them is the following: if you can not teach yoga, not to teach. Man rushing, he can not teach, he realizes that it’s his. Once that occurs, everything! You can be safely assured that it is yours. In order to understand that this is so, take a little skin in this stay. First, consider this as an aid to all living beings, that is, first to get involved in teaching, first in the wings at somebody. Then, as you feel more confident in certain techniques, issues on the philosophy of yoga, you start to teach himself everything in greater and greater extent. Finally, you practiced for some time. A variety of terms are called, but I now realize that it is necessary to work to feel yours or not for about a year. We have to work honestly, and after you see all the positive and negative aspects of this process, and if at that moment you feel that you do not teach you can not, then you can safely move on.



Some are considering teaching yoga as a kind of craft. As an additional profession, occupation, source of income, one more pleasant or not pleasant pastime. Everything is good, everything is normal and natural. Only man will not last long in this mode to work. On the other hand understand the “yes” or “no” can be tasted only. Therefore, it prescribed, if you can help people, to help them to the extent in which you can do this, and do not wait until you know everything in the world. If you can do something useful, do it now, rather than wait, when you become a professional expert in all areas. Make useful, and during this action you will understand very clearly that if you know a certain amount of yoga and your teachers say to you, go ahead, go, to teach, to go to do good to people. During this time you will understand what’s what, and for themselves to make a very clear conclusion is yours or not. If yours – you will go on, if not yours – you will be engaged for himself. This is the second time. You can not teach – not to teach, but on the other hand, if you can do something useful, do it now. This is the path of dharma, or teaching.



Student: What is the intensity of the teaching should take place during this period of time (about a year)?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The most optimal, as practice shows, it is twice a week. Three times a week – this is a serious load, a very serious load. This takes into account the number of classes, ie, made field conducted activity, put the field. And how many days you can in one day, you can on different days. For beginners to conduct twice a week – a very serious load. It seems two hours to conduct activity that complicated. But if you begin to do things honestly, you know, how fast is completely de-energized, without energy, without anything. And how long does it take to recover. But there is not only the process of recovery, but also your personal yoga. Because the same process begins, and you pass through a very subtle energy, it rebuilds all the internal structure of the body. This makes the game standing candle.



Student: Energy coarser to finer changes?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Processes taking place with the man who teaches, is very obvious. These processes will be felt later.



Text: 3.71. That wise yogi who drinks the nectar every morning air in accordance with its rules, destroys fatigue, old age and disease.

3.72. When the yogi, by turning up the language, can drink the nectar flowing from the moon, located in between the eyebrows, then a month later he conquer death.

3.73. When closing the tongue and throat contemplating the goddess Kundalini, he drinks the nectar flowing from the moon, even before the lapse of six months, he becomes wise.

3.74. In the morning and in the evening he drinks the air through the mouth, folded in the form of a crow’s beak, while contemplating moving the goddess Kundalini, he was cured of tuberculosis.

3.75. When the wise Yogi drinks the fluid day and night through the crow’s beak, his diseases are destroyed and he becomes power of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

3.76. When tightly closed their teeth, and lifting up the language, the wise Yogi drinks the nectar is very slow, it in the shortest time wins death.

3.77. Anyone who does this exercise daily for six months, is freed from all sins and diseases.

3.78. During the year it will be like Bhairava (Shiva), gain strength and win all the elements.

3.79. If the Yogi can remain for half a second language, turned back, he is freed from disease, old age and death.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We are already at the last session considered khechari mudra. They said that doing it, we use language, raised up. And if all the channels are prepared, if we are in a state of inner universe, such actions we make latent abilities in us to start work. This leads to a fairly interesting results. We all like to do something, have a circuit device of our bodies. And if you use this device, our bodies give quite interesting surprises.

The analogy is this. Here you have a dirty engine with a plurality of gears, which for a long time lying in the sand and mud. Gears will not rotate because full of sand and dirt. Therefore, first you need to clean the dirt, then clean the rust, then it’s all grease, so it all started to rotate. And after rotated every detail, and it is already more or less in working condition, knowing which button to push, or a lever to turn, it turns out the action, which you did not expect. While the mechanism is dirty, turn the lever, do not turn, this will affect if it is not so much.

But when we practice yoga we have already achieved a certain degree of internal channels of purity, and if we begin to use these internal channels, in particular through language, it is quite curious ability to come to us. While it is true both. If we just do khechari-wise, over time it begins to peel from reverse this whole mechanism, and if we begin to practice, the effect is still coming, but in the longer term. While khechari-wise very clear all channels, when this energy flow, and then, when it all starts.

Text: 3.80. Never die one who is connected with Prana and is engaged in the contemplation of turning language.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Do you remember that we have our I, we have the energy and consciousness, we have the flow of prana, which supports our body’s existence. All of our body is made up of the gross and subtle elements. This, in general, the material elements. But in our body supports the safe flow of prana. He’s like a cross-linking, which makes this whole mechanism to work. If there is no prana – the mechanism falls apart, even though there is no shortage of any air or in food, it is still not working. But if we have an excess of Prana, we all, to a lesser and lesser extent, become dependent on the elements of his physical body, and all the functions that the idea was to perform it, begins to perform Prana.

And prana, do you remember a very interesting thing. It appears in the form of consciousness in the form of energy. Prana – life itself, here I may say so. If the yogi achieved what he has huge reserves of prana, the death, in our understanding, it is not terrible. Because he starts using a different source for life support. It can use its own prana is one hundred percent, then we can use it only in part. Everything else perform biochemical processes in the body. That is, we depend on them more as part of the prana we have less. And the yogi, on the contrary – on the biochemical processes depends less and of prana more. It is clear that if a person becomes the master of Prana, if he can, in fact, anything to replace the flow of prana, he becomes immortal, because the foundation of his prana – Ya He did not have anything to eat or drink; it does not suffer any degradation or aging. This is how we should understand it. Because this is one interpretation, because all these texts are numerous interpretations of the different planes.

Text: 3.81. He becomes like Kamadeve (beautiful god of love), he does not feel any more hunger, no thirst, no need for sleep.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation of the phenomenon, when the number of human inner prana is so great that he no longer need anything. I remind you that we are using the services of mercenaries. Our body, all the processes occurring in it, it’s like an army of mercenaries. But even good mercenary army without leading and guiding force to disperse the slopes and crawl. Therefore, you need an additional source of power that would keep them together. This is our prana. That is our prana, primarily governs this army. A mercenary is necessary to water, food, clothing, etc. But if you start to gradually remove the mercenaries and their functions transferred to the prana, it is not necessary to feed the mercenaries, and people are less in need of food, in drink and other functions necessary for the life of the organism.

And then it begins very interesting thing. Yogi usually looks very young. Having achieved success in practice, it looks like a sixteen year old boy. In India, there is a narrative that is sitting under a tree and teaches the youth of sixteen gray-bearded old men. It is always seen as something strange. As it is, because they are old men, wise, and they teach the youth. But this is the next step. The aging process depends on mercenaries. This mercenary age, so a person ages. And if you have its own prana, you are not getting old, because there is those elements that wear out. And if you replace all of these processes on the prana process, nothing will wear out at you, and you accept the image of a man in the dawn of years. This is a rather curious fact, but quite a lot of yogis look much younger than his years. And it fits perfectly with the Shiva Samhita. All honest, as predicted.

Text: 3.82. He becomes completely indifferent to the world. Obstacles do not exist for him, and it can be transported anywhere.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We all are due primarily to our body. The body must be fed, to create the conditions that it does not give us the inconvenience. And this aphorism should be understood as follows. For yogis who have reached success in practice, there are no restrictions, any restrictions psychological, cultural. Different countries, border. For such yogis there are no borders. They are free and can be anywhere. There was one country, got into another. There are no restrictions for them. And it must be understood, both in physical terms (reached on foot), and in terms of manifestations of supernormal abilities (use ways unknown to us move).

All doors opened for such a person. It is a state of freedom, even in a literal sense, the freedom of physical movement.

Text: 3.83. He is freed from rebirth and from the influence of virtue and vice, enjoying an eternal blessing.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We have already said that the goal of the yogi not to overcome some negative trends, the negative effects of its karma, but also in overcoming karma positive trends. The goal of the yogi not to acquire some positive merit, not in the destruction of some negative aspects, and to get out of this plane of duality at all, get out of the plane of karma, to rise above this law of cause and effect.

When a person reaches this state – it comes out of the cycle of birth and death. Each birth was due to the previous life and the conditions in which we die to be born in a new body, a new place in very different circumstances. And so we go from life to life. This is called the cycle of life, the ocean of birth and death because of birth and death we have experienced a huge amount. The fact that we are afraid of death, says that in our history such situations were very many. You can not be afraid of what you do not know. And since we have this experience, somewhere in the depths stored, and why we are afraid. So, in this state the yogi overcomes the wheel of birth and death, and rises above itself.

Student: And where all these yogis, to rise above the law of birth and death if they did not die?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We landed a few thinking about it. The fact that yoga have attained success in practice, are immortal and can travel wherever they want, does not mean that they have to stay on Earth. This does not mean that they have to stay here in this manifestation of the universe. They simply have nothing to do here. Such loose soul go. Where to go – a mystery. As the ant can not understand why we go to the supermarket – it is nothing to compare and there is nothing to compare. Similarly, hard for us to understand where to go the free soul.

Therefore, the yogi who has attained the status of the victory over the cause and effect of the positive and negative karma of birth and death, for some time continued to live in this world, but his whole life devoted to work for the benefit of all other sentient beings. He’s somewhere transmit knowledge transmits yoga.

The fact that we’re now talking about yoga, we must here such beings who have gone all the way, and before going further, beyond the boundaries of the universe, or wander through this universe, I do not know, it’s hard to talk about it, they They left us with this knowledge that we might have been easier. They left some amount of knowledge to the next generation to use it. It is such a kind of continuity. Themselves as the eternally free soul, where they are as they are, we can not even think about it – too they reach the highest states.

You can analyze the same myths, the same tale. It emerges about this situation. The man opened quite strange and powerful abilities: fly through the air, walk through walls, move in an instant at any point in space. And all the legends say that many of them, once they have achieved this, a little adventure in this universe, other worlds mysterious. But here, oddly enough, the understanding of the universe and our physical worlds purely at the same time, a description of the worlds more subtle plan. Our world – a world of coarse plan, but in yoga states that like this there are worlds of subtle matter, in which the yogi can get. We hardly understand as this is where these worlds. And the most fabulous is that in the future they do go beyond the universe. That is, after them there is nothing left. Not because they do not, they’re gone, but they have reached such a state that we can not conceive. They have nothing to do here. They all did, they left most knowledge behind for mankind.

There is a such a law: as long as people did not turn to this knowledge, no he will not impose. Therefore, the first step is to make mankind, it must recognize the need for such knowledge, in particular knowledge of yoga, only then will come to that knowledge, and not before. Sometimes people say: “Here they are so selfish! Themselves enlightened and ran away! And here we are, the poor and the unfortunate run, jump, and just can not reach enlightenment! “. The answer is very simple. Yes, they did everything for our rapid development, absolutely everything, but we are not susceptible to this. We just do not see it. Not able to understand. We must take the first step.

As soon as we make the first step, we are right there on every corner we find the traces of those who have gone before, who won the birth and death. Otherwise, we die and are born, die and are born – cool.


Text: 3.84. Of the 84 Asanas I mention Siddhasana, Padmasana, Ugrasanu and Svastikasanu.


Text: 3.85. Carefully pressing the heel of the Yoni (perineum), the yogi must put the other heel on the lingam (sexual organ), fixing the gaze between the eyebrows. Feelings have been refreshed, the body completely straight.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Now the next great chapter in the Shiva Samhita, devoted hatha yoga asanas or rather in this yoga. 84 basic postures have been mentioned here. But the emphasis is either on a cobra, or to some other position, and the emphasis is on posture for meditation. It is believed that all the postures that we do develop harmoniously body. As a result, we can be long enough to pose for meditation. And if we can stay long enough to pose for meditation, therefore, we will succeed in the higher yogis who work with the management of intelligence. We will achieve a certain degree of concentration, and all the subtle practice of yoga we will open, but it does, at least, spend some amount of time still.

That is why the Shiva Samhita and in general in the yoga tradition primarily extol these postures for meditation, and only then all the rest. Because everyone else should lead to the fact that you are able to sit still long enough to smooth back. Now here is a very curious item or feature. Usually when we talk about Yoga, then immediately we think the man in the lotus position. For us, the yogi – a man sitting in the lotus position and gave meditation.

Student: And why in the Shiva Samhita longer extolled not pose lotus and Siddhasana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’ll explain why. This asana is when we, as it says, sit on the yoni, that is, in place of the perineum (the place somewhere between the anus and genitals). We sit down so that we were sitting on the heel and the other leg to cover the outside of the genitals. That is, as you can see, there are several options how to sit in this position. And this pose extolled even higher than Padmasana – the lotus posture, and for this reason. Do you remember what the first thing what you will face when you begin to honestly perform yoga – this is sexual energy. Increased sexuality, increased capacity, it indirectly is a good indicator that you’re going in the right direction. When you’re doing that’s still quite hard these practices, especially pranayama, the amount of sexual energy increases significantly.

And there should be a fairly open form to explain it is that if you’re a certain way of life, and seriously work on yourself, it may be that your body erection can be to 12 hours, because there is a surplus of energy. And it is clear that very subtle energy naturally through sex tends to get lost, to leave. But other than that, it’s quite a distraction from meditation, totally distracted from anything.

There are two extremes. If there is this energy that lies within us, there will not be such a powerful source of such a powerful stimulus for our internal development. It is like a fire that causes all the mechanisms of spin, including our spiritual achievements. On the other hand, the feeling here is that burning sensation, feeling of increased pressure of this energy is extremely prevents it distracting. So did the man.

Do you remember that human evolution suggests that in the first place, is procreation, and if the body suspects that you try it inflate in this sense, then, believe me, our bodies have a reliable way to get a person to change their patterns of behavior. The common people say – blown away. Engaged Brahmachari few years, and then drank a glass of beer: blown away, and began to do lewdness. A typical situation is not only in our country but also in ancient India, very often these stories here. Twenty or twelve years yogi women did not look himself in every possible way and kept in a black body, in this sense, and then a great beauty in the nude gde-to of the pool or even gde-to so casually all.

This is not because the yogi is weak, it is not because this woman’s temptress. No, everything is much more prosaic. We are so made. Because if it were not for this mechanism, we would have long ago become extinct as a species. Life above all. Therefore, any attempt to control the sexual energy, and fraught with danger. If the organism will understand what you’re trying to somehow get around this issue, he’ll arrange life so that sugar will not find it.

And it’s going through a yogi who, on the one hand, has to save this energy, it must be a reason. This is all due to what is spiritual work. We have two energies, we have the same energy. If it is not enough, and there is no desire to have a special person. He is tired, under stress, problems and so on. His potency may not be very good. Because energy is not enough just to survive to him, and only an excess of it and there is no question. But only a little – or less appears surplus of energy, it is first starting to wake up as sexy. Again and again, this is on the one hand the foundation that it makes spiritual work. On the other hand, to keep it a long time in this state – is austerity.

So, we return to the Siddhasana. In siddhasana able to place very interesting processes. First of all, as you remember, this posture is addressed to men. The fact is that if you learn to do it, you get so that you begin to pinch the heel of the prostate. And it turns out that the sexual energy in you still, as they say to boil and to be in a very strong state, but the erection disappears because you peredavlivaesh blood vessels, nerve endings. And so cunningly made your body, that the part of our body are certain signals in the center of our heads. In yogic metaphysics is explained with the help of subtle energy channels, ie, we thus reimplemented subtle energy channel. If you did not overlap, you have a body clock would be in erection. And if you blocked it – your mind at least for some time given respite, no longer pressing of this desire to push. This is a very interesting state it can qualify (state of sexual frustration), the pain without feeling pain.

It turns out the next thing. You have these two processes at the same time are the same: you have a very strong sexual tension, ie, a lot of energy, and at the same time you do not give her a break and get lost. So here’s to save this energy purposes Siddhasana – unmatched position. And if you still meditate, it protects you from distracting sensations in the area of sex. So you can convert this rough sexual energy into the small sexual energy or any other energy, which will then accumulate. That is, the energy, having no outlet, develops, speaking figuratively, to go up and collect all the centers, and especially in the head. Ojas – so sometimes called the convertible’s sexual energy in some texts. And the power of the individual, human strength is enhanced if he practices in this way. You know perfectly well that if we sit in Padmasana, the prostate region is not pinched, and you have a sense of tension continues in this place to be.

Again and again, I stress that the yogi should retire under suitable conditions, it is worth it correctly, competently practice yoga, to focus on such as the yoga pranayama, mantra yoga, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, as here there is excess energy. This excess energy is primarily manifested as sexual energy, and this should be ready. Because the main problem of all converts yogis that they, as children, small are not ready to do anything about these problems. They begin to run, jump, fuss, look for girlfriends, ie begin to produce karmic thing, as they say, they have blown away. Or vice versa, in the binge go. This is a very dangerous trend. Although she has a right to life, because nature says: “First of all, procreation, and only then all the rest.”

Therefore, the yogi must be skilled, and he must use these methods. And this is one of the methods that we presses the prostate region, allowing for a long time to be in meditation or practice the exercises, on the other hand, this unbearably sweet pain, without feeling the pain just crazy driving, if it has no outlet. So in this position just removed this symptom. Desire is not going anywhere, but removed a sense of unbearable desire. This is a very easy way of sublimation of sexual energy. But once you get out of this position, all is restored again, and again there is sexual concerns.

The most serious is necessary to treat these problems. If we are not prepared to meet with these issues, it is dangerous enough to engage in this sense practices sublimation. Because unrealized energy causes a person to be very tough, very demanding, unpleasant person; produced is not very good notes in the behavior. A yogi must be soft, smooth, adequate.

As a consequence, when a yogi for a long time in such a state is, the sexual energy is redistributed and the yogi becomes very attractive to women, t. To. This energy is accumulated. It is sublimated into the consciousness and the consciousness of the yogi glows and becomes irresistible to women. In the female, he enjoys extreme attention, although it is not part of his plans.

Accordingly, and for women – if a lot of energy, they are very attractive to men. The explanation is simple, explain its potential. The potential for large – the natural state of man when he is handsome, young, happy, full of energy and strength. But since we use mercenaries, in the form of our physical body, which is aging, for which you need to take care of, that’s why we age. We did not give the impression of sex – symbols. But the accumulation of prana, we will change this situation.

Now further against siddhasana posture. This position should be carefully examine the most serious way to learn it and practice it to be at the level of the working material. Because our life is such that sometimes you do not feel much excess energy, and not about sex, but how do you think would do to stay alive – healthy. Modern civilization is sucking energy, life is hard. But the yogi is to retire to the mountains and valleys, where he begins to practice how nature recovers quickly things. And the yogi himself was surprised to discover that the potency had increased enormously. And at this point you need to exercise it was in the arsenal. So, this posture helps to observe brahmacharya, relieves unbearable sexual tension.

Student: And is there any other way to remove the sexual tension?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is another way to remove it supernapryazhenie. So-called interaction between a man and a woman without a loss when the female feels the male energy potential and the feminine energy feels masculine potential, then we all calmed down. So prescribed in the yoga section of sex, or so-called yoga Union lovemaking. But without energy loss. It also suggests a kind of code of conduct.

So Siddhasana Union in yoga is used when the yoga alliance becomes Tantra – yoga. When a man and woman in sexual union are starting to see the canals meditation centers, imaging experience. In meditation, when a man sits, and sits on top of it a woman, and they are sexual union to sit long enough and is used Siddhasana. And if there are fears that a man can hornier and energy spent (which is not bad, a negative point only one -. After that all, what then practice Practice only practice when there is a potential, and this potential is realized in the visualization And if that. It sees potential, it is necessary to wait until it is restored again before continuing the practice). And to control all of these processes, and Siddhasana applied during joint meditation. The fact is that if a man feels that the voltage falls, it relieves a little heel feet, as well as the energy he has a lot, he does not need any other stimulation, then it increases the excitement, he continues to meditate. If he feels that now, even when at rest, he can not cope, it barely moves the body weight on the heel and thereby somewhere controls this energy.

Therefore, this position is absolutely indispensable. If you ever saw the Tantric images of gods and goddesses in the arms of love, they are like this and sit.

Student: They did not sit in Padmasana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, in fact, hard to say. There are options in the Padmasana posture. If you are strong enough in control, then you can do all these practices in Padmasana or in some other position. But we are now talking about a position for the purposes that we are just beginning the practice. Because it needs some experience to learn how to manage sexual energy, not all at once. So with the help of siddhasana do sometimes easier. That is why it begins with the Shiva Samhita, ie selected postures for meditation, and is chosen from Siddhasana poses for meditation – posture, giving Siddhi or perfection. Basis of Siddha – a self-energy, and if it sublimates from the sexual energy, it gives a lot of interesting abilities.

Text: 3.86. This position – a quick way to achieve perfection in Yoga.

3.87. With this posture, the Yogi leaves the world and reaches the highest goal. In the world there is no posture more secret than this. Contemplation, committed in this posture, the Yogi is freed from sin.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This aphorism is in continuation of the previous threads. Siddhasana – very serious pose, posture to control our sexual energy, it is the most relevant for men. I remind you that all these texts, including the Shiva Samhita, mainly targeted at women, because, as I explained at the time, this is a common a tradition. It is believed that women – teachers must be born in this world, or to wake up and rediscover the part of knowledge associated with women’s ways, so the stake on the men, that the man helped the woman awakened. Therefore Siddhasana – a very important position for the men, with which he can control their sexual energy.

Do you remember that the ideal of yoga, when you have a lot of vitality. And if you have a lot of vitality, the first in than it appears, because it is in your sexual energy. And if properly use sexual energy, that is, if the sexual energy is for procreation – is the holy part; if for other purposes, this is for the purposes of self. Sexual energy is manifested in two ways, and it is necessary to get the most enjoyment of sexual energy, and at the same time not to lose it. It makes it difficult. No loss of sexual energy – it is the part that is called brahmacharya. But Brahmacharya exercise hard enough, because it is necessary to separate the two components.

And Siddhasana just allows you to separate these components. Thin pleasure potency begins to transform itself, it begins to rise through the spinal column, saturate all internal centers of human and spiritual evolution goes very, very quickly. And in order to support this process, on the one hand, sexual energy should be much, on the other hand, it must not be lost. And Siddhasana pose just allows it to control the heel that we pinch the prostate region, and thus control all the nerve endings. We can pinch blood vessels or release, and thus control all the channels through which our sexual energy can go. And it turns out that it very much, and the output is shut down – remains a top course. It’s a long process, in which the yogi is typed this finest energy throughout the body, it accelerates its development. Therefore, it is so praised, since all processes in yoga, all abilities that prescribes achieved quickly enough.




Text: 3.88. Arms crossed, feet put on the hips, look at the tip of the nose, the tongue pressed against the roots of the teeth. Chin raised, chest expanded. Slowly breathing in the air, fill the chest, and exhale slowly and continuous flow.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is another pose, it is just as remarkable. Padmasana – the lotus posture. There are many different options for performing this pose. How many different schools, trends, practices – so many nuances. But what they all have in common is the fact that Padmasana is very good posture for meditation, it is very stable. If you sit in it, the whole body rests on the spinal column, and all the rest is relaxed to the maximum. You can go deep into meditation and stay in it for very long. Legs are not used to numb first. I remind you to get out of the situation when the numb legs, you have to squat, some time to sit and unpleasant feelings pass quickly. Padmasana is two-sided. It is important for meditation, a very comfortable position for breathing exercises – it is not necessary to think about the legs.

There is another aspect, which was mentioned. In some exercises, energetic enough, for example, in our buildup, we are making serious movement to the body and the legs do not throw around, here they are woven into a knot. Because sometimes you can do with the intensity of the pose, the body can jump, and your feet just hang out. And that legs are not dangling and were in business, they are the easiest to thus weave. Moreover, at yoga class, when doing pranayama sometimes have effects the nervous tremor in the body, causes the body to almost jump, and again, it throws our feet, and they are twisted in a knot, they are under control.

Also there are other nuances. There are postures when we Padmasana begin hitting your body on the floor. There is quite a serious blow to the crotch area on the prostate – there itself shrinks the perineum, automatically mula bandha – clip of these organs, and the energy flow begins to rise upwards. Roughly speaking, squeezing the apana upwards. It is clear that the pick up and throw his body into another position, as in Padmasana, quite problematic. But then again, you have to be very careful with this exercise as it is a blow to the spine.

Disciple: A lot of these practices?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a private practice, I have mentioned about it in the framework of that when the legs are intertwined in Padmasana, you can do something. But if not, it is not the same effect. While part of the same, but not so hard. But again and again, of course, this position is ideal for meditation.

Student: And this pose somehow acts on the navel center?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see, kind of all acts on each other, all connected to each other.

Student: When I started to do it (if it sit for a long time), then there is a feeling in the navel center, and at first, when you do a certain amount of effort, then you start to clean very much.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact that it may be a number of effects. Sometimes they are all in different ways manifest. Something can all equally manifest. A variety of effects can be.

Student: That is such information that Padmasana is acting on the navel center, no?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The texts do not focus on it, in any case, I can not now recall. We must reflect on this question, but it may well be because it is clear – it begins to be stimulated by everything, and as an extension, there is a cleaning.

Text: 3.89. Not everyone, but only the wise attains success in it.

3.90. It balances the vital forces, who are now harmoniously flowing through his body.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation describing Padmasana is a closed position, when your legs are intertwined, all streams feelings under control. You start to feel some new configuration, thus your mind is attracted, that contributes to the harmonization and the achievement of sustainable, calm state of mind.

Student: And this time, it is written here, where to keep your mouth. It is necessary to accomplish?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see, in other texts such details there. But why this focuses? Because you can sit in this position exactly, and can be bent, his head may be so, but maybe somehow on one side, the position of the language is clear. That is, given certain moments, to avoid misunderstandings. On the other hand, in other texts, no such detailed descriptions. There just described position of the feet and may be back.

Text: 3.91. Pranayama in Padmasana leads the yogi who knows the action of Prana, to liberation.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Wonderful posture for pranayama.


Text: 3.92. Stretching your legs and keep them apart, take the head in his hands and put it on his knees.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Description clear.

Text: 3.93. Those who practice it, reaches all Siddhi.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: That’s all the description of the exercise, the two lines, try to understand. That is when they start talking, here, they say, in the yoga so much any nuances, features – all this nonsense. On palm leaves two proposals – all no longer have anything. Can you imagine now tolmuty write in each pose. Here are two suggestions. That’s the whole answer.

Student: And anything that is not written, it turns out, do as you want?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: gates in general, yes, do it in the continuation of harmony .If you grabbed harmony, yes. If you do any of the pose, you automatically do another pose. For some reason, people think that there are any yoga posture discrete and step left, step right – it is not yoga, but something else. And all poses pass continuously into one another. You basically can not do not pose, in half if you only someone does not disunite, because then it really does not fit the description of any posture. While we are in the human body, so far so good inside of us, any posture – a yoga pose.

Another question is what impact it has. There is another point – the principle of the crater or valley. If we are practicing for a long time, the internal energy, which awakened, she, like a ball rolled into the funnel. And when we practice, some of the many options, it all comes down to one embodiment, the most appropriate for us. E. All that diversity as a result of the implementation, as it is erased. As the ball rolls down deeper and deeper and into the neck, as we do, sooner or later, we come to what is prescribed. On the other hand, everything that is said, do as you wish. Anyway yoga lies within us, there is no yoga outside. Yoga in us lies, like the seed in the tree, is yoga is defined by the structure of our body. And since we are all made on a single image, accordingly, we will complete reopening of yoga in itself, come all to a single result. If we take a long, honest, long-lasting, we still come to these poses, want or do not want.

These poses are incorporated in us, we are just in a different way can not do. If there are first some differences, then to the extent that the energy of the internal wake up, we will not want to do this option, and we come to the close of a particular position. Therefore, we remember that at our school of yoga the word “wrong” to perform yoga pose – a disqualification. What is wrong? Not performing a pose, you are doing a different pose.

Text: 3.93. Those who practice it, reaches all Siddhi. This Asana banishes all sorrow and gives achievement Vayu-Siddhi. Keep it a secret and not open to anyone.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Vayu-Siddhi – it control over breathing. One of the meanings of the word wai – wind.

Student: That is exactly this position, although it is written feet apart?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When you analyze these texts, it is a thankless task, because it is necessary to check the Sanskrit. This text, as far as I know, he was transferred first from Sanskrit into English and then into Russian. You can imagine, when you double-translation could be added or taken God knows what. Second, the description is so laconic that just try to understand at times this posture. And sometimes one and the same name is called opposite postures. Just who has read and understood the way and someone commercials. In fact, yoga these things all the time.

Yoga disappears, we use grains of, and these grains disappear. Made desperate attempts to organize it all, but then again, organize on the basis of what? Based on grains, it is the same as that to recover a picture of several fragments. To some extent it is possible mentally to finish, but as far as everything will be as it was in ancient times, is a serious matter. Similarly, in the exercise description. That is why the more important is when you learn to live at someone directly than when you read the text.

Though again and again, all the descriptions given explicitly, in monosyllables and within the tradition is clear, but when translated into another language, another tradition something of course lost.


Text: 3.95. Place the soles on the hips, sit up straight and free. This is called Svastikasana.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, too, there is such a nuance that meant. Sometimes Svastikasana option involves half lotus posture, in other schools, some offer other options. Descriptions are extremely scarce, uniquely difficult to conclude, it is necessary only to communicate with those who carry the tradition. But the meaning is clear. Soles on hips, as if polupadmasana. There is vast section associated with the postures of Hatha Yoga. It is of course very important, but in other texts is given a more detailed description. The Shiva Samhita focuses primarily on postures for the practice of Pranayama, meditation.

Text: 3.96. The wise Yogi practice this breathing control and to achieve the Vayu-Siddhi.

3.97. This is also called sukhasana.


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