Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 4. Wise (aphorisms 4.1-4.58).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 4. Wise (aphorisms 4.1-4.58).

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 4. Mudra.

(AF 4.1 -. 4.58).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev


Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.


In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.


Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.


In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: wise, yoni mudra, sacred drink Kula Kundalini awakening, Maha Mudra, Maha Bandha, Maha-Vedha, khechari wise dzhalanhara mudra, mula bandha, Viparita-Karani, uddiyana bandha, mudra shakti-Chala.

Date and place of the lecture read: December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.




Yoni Mudra. Sacred drink KULLA



Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Then there is a totally different yoga section – is wise. Quite a lot of the values of this word in Sanskrit, and completely different. Mudra – sometimes a gesture, sometimes a symbol, sometimes even pose a famous pose unlike asanas. Sometimes translated words of the wise, like cereals. In some esoteric Tantric texts sometimes under the wise realize Woman – partner sexual practices. Sometimes translate the word wise, as a seal, in terms of display, print, capture.

For example, in the Tantric Buddhism, one of the highest teachings is called “Maha Mudra”, that is, they meant by this kind of teaching, which is able to arouse spontaneous enlightenment for all those who are touched by this teaching. For example, the teacher comes – Lama conveys this knowledge, and listening to it arises spontaneously enlightened state of mind without effort, like fire Fire transmitted. Himself a teacher tunes in to the wave of enlightenment, and all the other pick. And this doctrine is called “Maha Mudra” in Tantric Buddhism.

If we analyze the texts Shiva Samhita and other texts, then there is also a notion of maha mudra – this is quite an interesting psychological and physical exercise, in the future we will touch on it. But if in Tantric Buddhism – is focused on the transfer of state of mind without any physical postures or what – or control the senses, channels and so on. That in the Shiva Samhita – it is just an action, where we use the inner feelings, feelings of prana, the manipulation of internal passages, the senses. We are, as it were wrapped in a complicated process, which again gives rise to a spontaneous state of enlightenment. And Tantric Buddhist enlightenment and enlightenment here, but a different approach. Probably once was a general doctrine, which simultaneously meant both. And then in Tibet have focused on such form as the transmission from mind to mind, and in the tradition, directly related to hatha yoga. It’s more effort on yourself and work on yourself.

I will briefly repeat the first part concerning nyasa. Do you remember what Nyasa – a complex science, which is very difficult to learn. And some of the basic principles nyasa you have already learned. In particular, the first principle that making nyasa another, you are doing it yourself. Nevertheless, there are certain rules that are not absolute laws. But, at the same time, help to master quickly enough Nyasa.

The first decision is made Nyasa, it takes place in spontaneous mode. You came to the man for a split second, and you’re starting to do. And as you do, you can feel that now we have to do things differently. But the first movement – spontaneous, as a rule always. But this is not an absolute law, and this is the difficulty nyasa. It’s such a recommendation, which usually works.

The second point, since nyasa do, especially if you yourself are just beginning to learn this science, or in some other cases, it makes sense to do as follows. First, do quickly nyasa, and can be done quickly enough to barely touching the thin nyasa or fast enough good touching. And then we work through the same route is the way you feel. That is, you can slow and rude, that is strong, you can slowly and subtly, you can quickly and roughly, you can quickly and subtly. That is, in the future, how will the process.

Remember, making nyasa another, you are doing it yourself. It is always better to schedule this way. Do you remember that, if possible, Nyasa starts with the spine, and only then other parts. And it is highly desirable to first rough areas, and only then, if necessary thin. For example, the outer part of the hand – this is a rough area, and the inner – thinner. Therefore, after the spine usually is coarser part. The same applies to the back. The area along the spine, and directly next to – this is a rough area, and let the armpit – a finer range.

So first, the spine, and then the rough area, and then, if necessary – more subtle. Again, there is a recommendation that in future, when you do long enough nyasa man who has felt the effects nyasa on itself, it makes sense to work with a specific point. One of these points – sacrum area at the base of the body, where the basic energy of our body. Therefore, if you are working with the spine, the first working on this area. We start with the sacrum, coccyx even. Another area that is studied – is top of the head, where the central channel goes to the top of the head and further into space.

Other areas in which there is a need to do nyasa: an area of the nape, the fovea, where the neck passes into the base of the skull, somewhere in the middle region of the neck, again, we must feel the area at the base of the neck, the area in front of the center of our chest area where the – the in front of our navel, the area is higher than the coccyx, chut slightly higher than the pelvis, the lower part of the spine and sometimes the front. Again, so far as the pose. Because the most important thing is of course the spine, and the rest – it’s more subtle moments. If the front – this is the point between the eyebrows, is the point – the middle of the chest, navel. There is another point – it is lower abdomen, right where the abdomen ends, but above the pubic bone. But nyasa front is very hard to do, but it is extremely important when Nyasa done for pranayama. Sometimes it has done Nyasa side when you touch the front area of the navel with one hand behind – with the other hand and begins to track respiratory motion. Either you touch the chest from behind and from the front.

Student: concerning the mandatory or you can just keep your hands on a certain area?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In Niassa there are no strict guidelines. Do it as you see fit, because sometimes you can just touch your finger, you can sometimes hold his hand. That is, again, why Nyasa so hard to teach? Because very few formal laws: do it once, do two, do three. And in many respects – is the ability to manipulate their internal energies, feelings, your consciousness and energy. As well as the ability to be like a mirror, so that you could feel everything that happens around to his own body. Here the principal difficulty and this takes usually many years.

Student: Which side go during pranayama plays a role?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In fact, it plays the role of a lesser degree than is generally believed. It is clear that if a person performs pranayama, and he raised one arm, then go better with the other hand. Here, the main point to Nyasa was carried out. And aspects such as the left and right impact certainly is, it is different. But Nyasa basic principle – the spine, ie, that in the middle, and all the rest is detail.

Now Nyasa when we shavasana. Lying to the spine, of course not reach. And so it is, as a rule, legs, feet, legs sometimes, sometimes the legs and feet; hands, usually coarse, external part. Sometimes rough turning into palm. This is top of the head. In principle it is possible to work out, and other centers, but it is associated with great difficulties, so as people are accustomed to Nyasa. Because, when a person in shavasana and Niassa is on the navel center, which can be done fairly quickly, with a certain slowing of breathing can lead a person to fully sedated, which means it can get completely out of sensations. All sensations concentrate on Nyasa, and it will disconnect from the outside world.

The same applies to the point between the eyebrows. This area is very sensitive, and even when an untrained person starts to relax, and you touch this area, it can give a start and did not understand what was going on. So remember the rule that the first rough Nyasa, and then just fine. There is another option nyasa when we have all the surface of the body, as if to erase an open hand, as if we were shooting something or vice versa, distributed, redistributed. But we’ll talk about next time.

Text 4.1. Heavily breathing, fixed mind-Adhar lotus (Muladhara) and squeeze Yoni (anus).

4.2. Imagine God’s love Kamadeva dwelling in Brahma Yoni and beautiful, like a flower Bandhuka (Pentapetes Phoenicia, tropical plant), a sparkling 100 000 suns and a cool 100,000 moons. Above this (Brahma Yoni) is a small subtle flame, whose nature – pure consciousness. Then imagine yourself connected with this flame.

4.3. Imagine that the flame rises through Sushumna and through all three bodies in their order. Each of the chakras is the flame produces nectar (Kulamrita), the essence of which – the great bliss. Its color – a whitish-pink, and this immortality liquid flows downward. Let yogi drink this wine of immortality which is divine, and then let returns in Kula (to Muladhara).

4.4. Then let him (yogi) reenters the Kula Mantra yoga practice (ie Pranayama). This Yoni (Brahma-yoni in Muladhara) is described by me in accordance with tantra.

4.5. Then let him be absorbed in that Yoni, where the flame shines death nature of Shiva. It describes a method for the practice of the great Yoni Mudra. If successful, there is nothing that could not be achieved.

4.6. Even Mantras no longer in force by Yoni Mudra will release the student who has passed a rite of passage, and take a dip in the nectar 1,000 times.

4.7. Practitioner Yoni Mudra is not defiled by sin, even if he killed in 1000 Brahmins or the inhabitants of the three worlds.

4.8. Or if he killed his teacher, drink wine, commit theft or defile the bed of his mentor.

4.9. Who wants liberation, he should practice Yoni Mudra daily.

4.10. The practice of yoga is achieved higher consciousness, success wise and Pranayama, and the victory over death.

4.11. The gift of prophecy and the ability to be wherever you wish, also acquired practice.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: What distinguishes followers of Shiva Samhita, it’s more subtle practice of manipulating internal body structures. Do you remember what the logic was as follows. First ordered via pranayama clear the channels. Once channels are cleared as soon as there is an excess of Prana, there is a feeling of understanding of the internal structures of the body, it starts on the use of such techniques, which make different these structures work. The Shiva Samhita reference to the fact that the description given here, according to Tantra. That is, it refers to the earlier text. But this practice is based around the following. The first thing to remember – is that if you have the dedication to this practice, it is reached easily and quickly. Those. the power of initiation, the power of consciousness, the power of this transfer practice alive and practicing yogi easily executes it.

Now a few words about the logic of what is happening during this practice. So, do you remember that the main force that binds our self with our bodies – it is the power of association. But these associations are generated by maya, that is an illusion that causes our I (with all its manifestations) identify with our body structures. Do you remember that there are three groups of bodies: the gross physical, subtle astral and subtle reasons. Sami these bodies relate to each other very interesting link. They are connected by means of prana. Prana as a glue, gluing the whole structure, and not allowing it to fall apart. Prana rushes wherever laid association thread. And as soon as there is an association as soon as I thought I was definitely wrong, the body, then as soon as this thread Association prana begins to flow. Which, in turn, actually strengthens and supports this association. That is, the primary association is a strong rope, rope – this is prana. Prana, in turn, manifests itself through the energy or consciousness. So, when the prana passes, as consciousness, it allows for the flow of the body of information in the body, ie. E., Our I, bypassing all these bodies, reaches the object through the organs of sense objects around the outside of our body.

Thus, our internal structure has a curious feature. On the one hand, it is determined the energy flow, stream of consciousness, or the flow of prana, and on the other hand, these flows are themselves determined by the direction of the association. Therefore, in these thin practices all play a role. And when you get initiated into this practice by the teacher, you are at the same time takes over from him, and the realization that everything goes through the association. And when you realize this, you can very easily change the direction of these associations, ie, you can change your body structure and make everything flow in a different way. We all tend to copy.

Student: That is, if you communicate with the teacher, you willy-nilly start to copy the internal structure of his unit?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. And according to your inner associative links are rebuilt, that is some rough, unnecessary, inefficient destroyed, and are more efficient. Being in the presence of a person who possesses these yogis, you start to take over and alter its structure. That is why it is so important to the initiation practice.

Dedication in some way is that you have copied through the unconscious impressions of another body and the device itself and its host built. Practice a serious thing, it gives an indication of how and what you do. In this very large force of practice and a very big challenge to play it. Because it is full of people who open the book Shiva Samhita, begin to carefully perform the exercises prescribed. And they really achieve some results in any case, the impact is, but not to the extent in which it is prescribed.

Student: Why is this happening?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because there are important subtle components. Those. success in practice depends not only on the manipulation of energy, not only on how you compress the muscles and which flow is directed. But it also depends on the state of your mind, that is where your attention is directed, how you interpret its internal structure, and how you tunable these associative laws. In fact, reading the text itself Shiva Samhita, reading these practices in itself makes the yogi to destroy unwanted associative links, and should be strengthened.

When all are meditating in the first place, it is meditation on the sushumna. The very first position – a position sushumna. The average person does not feel the sushumna, he feels the other channels, because it uses other channels. The mere knowledge that there is sushumna, in a sense, is the greatest dedication, because the person begins, of course, look mentally. Among the huge number of internal associative connections, which flows prana, our I’m trying to find the sushumna. And here the desired associative links, which are responsible for understanding and approach to the Sushumna, they are strengthened, cleansed. And needless to lead away, destroyed.

We can say that the yogi meditation builds fine structures of the body. They exist in every person, but they do not manifest. Lots of layers, superfluous, unnecessary, disturbing. At the time of the practice all the unnecessary and inefficient can not withstand such a flow of energy and gradually destroyed. A deep structures related to fundamental aspects of our body unit, on the contrary, work better and better, more perfect and more perfect, and associative relationships are built stronger and stronger. There is such a position in Yoga, there is no difference between the illusory body and our body that we have.

Student: And what is the illusory body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Under the illusory body, I understand here, as in the Tibetan yogis, the body that is going on in meditation. We sit down and create your body meditation, which builds a certain associative connections, certain channels and centers. They are drawn and appropriate associative connections, and then forced to work a certain structure, according to the model that has been in meditation. On the one hand, this model is very close to our deep structure, which is already incorporated in us, but on the other hand, these models may be slightly different from each other. Did you read various texts and practice of yoni mudra meditation or other of the text in the text will be different. Sometimes slightly, sometimes significantly. If you start to read Tibetan yoga, you will find several different classification and systematization of centers and channels, different from the usual yoga.

Student: are there other colors?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, up to more serious moments. Up to the fact that some centers are omitted completely, that is about them, absolutely nothing is said, although in theory would have to say. But you know that if you take in terms of our higher self, it is the structure that we call the body, it is still attached to our I through associative connections. And illusion, Maya makes our I associate myself with these body structures. Moreover, each other different structures are also connected through associative connections. So if we create a mental practice some mental tools by thinking and meditating about what we have these channels and centers that they like so interact, we thereby reconstruct its internal structure. Here in this very serious difficulty in understanding yoga.

It is much easier when practicing yogi, not really dealing with metaphysics, left to roam the trails. He took the text and give a feeling of complete trust, constantly meditating on the teachers’ respective school, depending on whether it is text picked up, constantly trying to establish with them a mental contact (as in yoga is as easy as a phone call to us) and begins to practice, no questions asked. But the practice is fair, with bhava, with the right inner mood. It is this practice creates the framework that he needs to practice. But they, and since it would have strung on the fundamental principles of the structure of our body. Our body is the fundamental unit, there is a certain center. And we want or do not want, but they carry out their functions.

Student: That is it simply rediscovers?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, he rediscovers them, but reopens in the vein of the text read. For example, it reveals the mental focus. One tradition says that the double-lobe lotus contemplate such a letter, such and such a color and so on. In other texts mentioned, behold deity such a form, to a certain friend, with such and such attributes, but about the lotus there does not say anything. The third said, behold a certain character that shines and sparkles. Fourth, that contemplate the intersection of the plurality of channels and centers. That is, as it were all about the same, but the nuances in the description. But still, the most profound principle – a principle of reason, it is.

And here is how to approach him, in every school, in every tradition, every meditation give their mental tools, their keys. If we contemplate in the shape of a lotus – we are given a mental tool and communicate like this structure, with all its consequences. In this complexity. During practice we are using the associative law, we create within ourselves associative tools and these tools are working in the centers, which are basically all the same associative. Because our I is higher than any center, our I is any center. But, at the same time, our self, our Self, our expression of self through the center of each is different. It should be remembered, and not to be afraid of when you will meet the description of the same practice, but in other details, other color. It may vary considerably anything but and so it works.

Well, now directly about this practice. When the channels are already cleaned when there is a sense of internal structures when there is an understanding and knowledge of the central channel (again and again to the knowledge of the central channel is itself an initiation, because it is not obvious thing). It takes a lot of lives, to see that everything in my life, emotions, body – everything revolves. But there is constant -That the axis around which everything revolves is, and it is necessary to go through a lot of different experience to come to the realization – yes there is a central channel. We do not yet have lived so many lives, we do not have such experience, so we vaguely imagine that everything revolves around a central channel. But we just save time, saying: “Guys, you know, everything revolves around him.” In itself, the knowledge that you read in the text itself reading text – it’s dedication. That’s a strange thing. And you can imagine how much stronger dedication, when you set a mental link with all the teachers of the school of the text.

Pupil: Teacher of this school?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In this case – this.

Student: And how, if you do not know them, but only heard of them? In this case, it referred to by Shiva face.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, if it comes to that, then nothing prevents you to communicate with the Absolute itself. Throughout the yogic tradition it is believed that between you and the Lord God shall be no intermediaries between you and Shiva should be no intermediaries. Anyway, sooner or later you have to learn to communicate directly with the Supreme, but we do it, of course, very hard. Therefore, we first turn to those who have already passed on this way, in fact the teachers and those who have left us with these texts. Indeed, as the Shiva Samhita, this knowledge came from the Shiva. But it was transmitted from generation to generation within the school, and of course all those who practiced this knowledge, have reached a very large capacity. Believe me, they can read and thought and intention, therefore, in a plan to establish telepathic communication with them, we must at least refer to them. They themselves will not get involved in your life. Therefore, before beginning any practice always makes sense to apply to the school teachers. And believe me, for them (who have been already very, very much any kind of practice) – that’s their problem, they see it. Every thought directed to him noticed.

Student: If you make a practice of the Shiva Samhita, whether it is necessary to separate appeal to the teachers of this particular line and to school cloud?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it is not necessary. Maybe it kakim- the schools of yoga, and not like it, although I do not know of. I’m not that sincerely believe I somewhere even feel that all came from the same source, I do not see any difference. While yes, there is a difference in words, in some descriptions consistent practice, but behind it still feels the same originating force.

So I do not recommend difference between teachers, for example, our continuity and teachers and a teacher of various other schools of yoga. No difference. Sometimes, some followers of various teachings show skudomyslie, they say: “This is – our own, and it is – not ours.” But this kindergarten. If you look, all the proceeds (if we consider the tantric and yogic texts) from Shiva. Therefore, do not make a difference, we do not share. School enormous cloud. Moreover, you are even some tradition in the future begin to understand better than some of the adherents of these traditions, if you are more truly come into communication with the cloud of the school, where there are their teachers. Representatives of some other traditions sometimes begin to bear just some nonsense. I came across this very often. Normal, sane guys, loyal, engaged in spiritual development. But something happened that gave them some practice, but also imposed a completely stupid dogma. And they do not understand where it ends the practice, and where the dogma begin. And sometimes you are, as they say, with a strange bell tower, you can see it more clearly, you understand why they practice does not work, though, in general, it’s not your school. That such an understanding will come on as you prodvineshsya in yoga.

And indeed, in the ancient texts it is described that the yogi who has attained some success in practice, it is your all. He is well aware of all the traditions, he talks to any follower of his language, and every follower believes that this yogi belongs to its tradition. Such a yogi has reached a higher level than when everything starts to break up.

So let us return. Before performing this practice, if you turn to the cloud schools, the teachers, then willy-nilly, you’re tuning into their thoughts. They are always ready to help you, they are absolutely unselfish. And I urge all those who work with me, “Guys, when you can help someone – always helps!”. You know where it is? This is a general law. So behave Yoga teachers. If the teacher behaves so that it helps anyone approached him, like me, has not reached any success in yoga, how can I become conceited, lighten up and shout that this will help, but it will not. Or start talking, that’s first, something he will achieve, and then maybe I’ll help, and can not, as the chip will fall. But it’s funny, it shows that people are still inexperienced in the practice. Experienced person does not need to explain that it is necessary to help everyone. This issue is not necessary.

Student: a little distracted by the text. On the question of aid. It happens quite a lot of times when asking for help. But you can see that it is necessary to help a friend, and not in what is asked. At the same time it is necessary to give what is asked or what do you want?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a good saying: “We need to be kind, but do not be an idiot.” Sometimes asking for help – it is a subtle form of human manipulation. Sometimes, of course, a man asks his delusion that he does not need. And if you see that it really did not need, why you’re giving. He did not help or even hurt, and the responsibility is on you.

The second point. Sometimes a subtle form of self-interest – to attract attention, or something else. This, too, is common. Sometimes people come to me and ask some practice, and thus I simply engage in conversation. I do not want to talk about practice, I do not want at all to intervene in these cases. Pay attention to how journalists operate. Sometimes the show: there is a big boss and winds around the journalist fox: “But tell me so-and-so.” He: “No comment.” And then they use few moves to bring down the man with the wing, and he involuntarily begins to get involved. That is, sometimes those requests like a little kryuchochek to catch us and then manipulate us. Sorry, my friends, we do not do yoga in order to manipulate us.

Therefore, it is necessary to filter all that you do. But if there is a real opportunity to help, as you understand it, then it is necessary to act according to this view. Over time, if we have done something wrong, we realize and correct. And if you do not do anything, then to us even experience does not come.

Of course, at the request initiation into the practice of the teacher will respond. Again, you do realize that there are different practices. Sometimes we want what we do not need. For example, you experience harm or delay the development, or it would be better to do another practice, more powerful. What’s the point wasting time on some small meditation, and it is better to do Yoni – mudra, which you just pull on a high level. That is, there are nuances.

But let us return again to the Yoni – mudra. A description of the internal structure, and if it is given from the mouth of the teacher, which this structure is already there, then we can easily recreate it. All the action of associative links. Previously, we had a litter of associative connections, we now provide a good drawing and associative relationships are built to the actual drawing or a real device in our body, but also associative, but which are more stable and are more suitable for the practice. In the future, given the appropriate instructions, what to do and how to do. Known manipulation of the muscles of the anus and perineum, which makes the energies that are at the bottom of the body, in particular Apana, make her not behave the way it behaved normally. Read it again, to make it clear.

Text 4.1. Heavily breathing, fixed mind-Adhar lotus (Muladhara) and squeeze Yoni (anus).

4.2. Imagine God’s love Kamadeva inhabiting vBrahma-yoni and beautiful, like a flower Bandhuka.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here we breathe (deploy the prana) and at the same time squeeze the anus (deploy the Apana), ie, these two streams are beginning to move towards each other…

One of the meanings of the word yoni – a female sexual organ. And always the question arises, where are the female sexual organ, if the practice is given to men? Here, multi-level understanding of why such a description is given. We’ll talk later in more detail. It’s quite sacred teachings of yoga and tantra, but you should at least imagine that there is. E. The power of consciousness known structures are reproduced exactly in the form in which they should be, regardless of our physical body.

Student: And where is it located?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Somewhere in the base body in the Adhar or even spoken in Mula.

Disciple: Brahma Yoni is located in the same place?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is.

Text 4.2. Imagine God’s love Kamadeva dwelling in Brahma Yoni and beautiful, like a flower Bandhuka (Pentapetes Phoenicia, tropical plant), a sparkling 100 000 suns and a cool 100,000 moons. Above this (Brahma Yoni) is a small subtle flame, whose nature – clear

consciousness. Then imagine yourself connected with this flame.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here the language is very allegorical, non-obvious and very difficult enough to interpret some of the provisions. There are a few moments. You always have to be confident in the translated text. All texts, including this one, have come to us after passing a chain of translations from Sanskrit into English, from English into Russian. I’ll be happy when I see that the texts will be translated directly from Sanskrit into Russian. It should be treated very carefully here for such subtleties. In general, it is highly desirable to recheck all. And yet it is desirable to find the followers of this school and immediately learn from them. But with the followers of all much more complicated than all the translations. It is only in our minds of a lot of followers, and one has only to whistle, they immediately begin to teach us. It’s a delusion.

First, try to find someone who is not a charlatan. And secondly, try to find someone who will teach you. Because it can be someone and knows, but there is subordination. As long as that teacher, the pupil’s modesty never begins to teach, t. E. It is in the best case, refers to the teacher, and if for some reason, for example, based on the principle of the mysteries (and you remember that all of these practices during execution prescribed to keep secret), then the task becomes almost impossible.

Therefore, there are enough interesting moments: what is the yoni, it is for the fire? I know several interpretations, according to several schools of yoga. So, according to one interpretation, in men as in women, there is what is called the uterus. In women, it is, of course, is clearly expressed, and men – a rudimentary uterus, which is in the prostate area. In this sense, the man and the woman to some extent the same. And there is a place where the channel enters sushumna, and it is precisely the Brahma-yoni. And at the base of the sushumna, where it is the Brahma-yoni, is our primary energy – the energy of the Kundalini. And according to one interpretation, under this flame and it should be understood the Kundalini energy. In some texts it is believed that she was sleeping, in others not.

So, from the beginning. That yogi sat down, closed his eyes, took a full breath, the mind has sent down.

Student: What do you mean, sent down the mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So the power of consciousness down there. The structure is already there in the head, as well as that, there sushumna channel is Brahma-yoni, there is fire. I squeezed the crotch area, and on top there is the flow of prana. Read on.

Text 4.2. Imagine God’s love Kamadeva dwelling in Brahma Yoni and beautiful, like a flower Bandhuka, sparkling like 100 thousand suns and a cool 100,000 moons.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Then there are certain mental constructions of meditation that give very specific images. This is different every Tantric meditation. What is an image? Either way – it is an internal associative tool that you have created with this tool You come on their associative links, but they are doing and our body. Roughly speaking, we came up with his body, and then come up with a tool that can be used to perfect our bodies.

Therefore, so it is necessary to treat these meditation and visualization. They have a very real content and saturation. It is written: “God’s Love Vid, sparkling like a hundred thousand suns and cool, like a hundred thousand moons.” So you should be the appropriate image, corresponding to the feeling and you prana manifests itself in this way. When prana is manifested, she is already a tool to impact on the structure and reconstructs them, or vice versa strengthens.

That is, in the practice of yoga is not only important component of the energy, but also making consciousnesses. Because the power of consciousness or power of thought, the power of the images that we think – it’s not nonsense, but a real force. Many yoga practice takes only the physical component of yoga and mental not quite understand. But it is just as important. Only when there is a power component and a component of consciousness together, just born Union – yoga, and is born the universal mechanism in the form of prana, which carries out this action.

Pupil: Image Kamadeva I’ve seen, but with regard to flower bandhuka, it, too, must somehow represent?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, here it is necessary to analyze the adequacy of the translation. Although sometimes miracles are happening. The person starts to practice even the wrong translation, but nevertheless, it is still triggered. It is in this kind of mystical, magical power of these texts. It is evident that these texts, in turn, are associated with such a huge amount of prana and energy blessing that anyone who reads these texts, unwittingly establishes a connection with prana. And even if some do not, it is still triggered. However, it is desirable to consult with the original, at least to some extent to know the iconography, mythology. Knowing, for example, who is Kamadeva what it looks like, it looks like a flower bandhuka.

In any case, here it is given an emotional vector – something very beautiful. Sometimes we see a beautiful thing, and can not take his eyes. Here it is important this component is that with all the manipulations, there is another component that everything is insanely beautiful, and it makes a contribution of consciousness and energy that is needed for this practice.

Again, in the tradition of the schools, so I said no, but do take it. I’ll explain it in detail because I see that sometimes there is not even a basic understanding of how things work. And the lack of understanding is replaced by, at best, some myth-making, in the worst case – is are any dangerous, not quite sane teachings.

Student: All of this meditation, I read …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s not quite meditation. This is what is called mudra. We have already touched on this issue. Mudra – a print, this state, this is something to collect, install. Those. a combination of physical techniques and everything else.

Text 4.2. Above this (Brahma Yoni) is a small subtle flame, whose nature – pure consciousness.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In some schools, it is a manifestation of the Kundalini energy. If there is this fire, it just manifests the clarity of consciousness. Moreover, when you start to practice, you notice that like scales fell from your mind, and you will realize clearly. And before that I was in the animal’s condition. Those. thin component Kundalini keeps the mind in pure unclouded state to the light of consciousness was very clear. In a sense, one supports the other structure. Interestingly, in this connection, that also represent the central channel of the tube cerulean but with varying properties, but more on this later.

Text 4.2. Then imagine yourself connected with this flame.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: It is very difficult to interpret. According to one approach, it is necessary to establish associative connections of the self with the Kundalini energy t. E. Become energy. Some say, direct your consciousness completely. After all, consciousness wanders all over the body, we are aware of everything at once, and here it is necessary to concentrate on it, t. E. To feel inseparable with the flame. And it’s all done with certain physical effort. The muscles of the perineum are compressed, made a full breath. Of course, this implies to a certain extent kumbhaka.

Text 4.3. Imagine that the flame rises through Sushumna and through all three bodies in their order.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And then you would like to connect to this flame, this energy – the energy of the Kundalini. But in practice this is not expressly Kundalini energy is simply the flame, so sometimes say that it should be interpreted somewhat differently. But I find it hard to imagine how differently can be interpreted. Then we begin to build mental constructions that build associative links. And once these connections are built in the future, an emanation of awakening the Kundalini energy will go there, and not otherwise. E. It is like a soldier forced to first pass the teachings, which can be approximated or vice versa remote from reality. But all this leads to the fact that when you really touch things, the soldiers will operate on autopilot.

E. Now this doctrine, it is playing the situation, it is extremely important and useful. It prepares the consciousness of the yogi to the fact that when you really begin to wake up to something more real and powerful, it will go in this direction. On the other hand, by this exercise we will finish building the associative links, remove all unnecessary, and the desired associative ties strengthen. And the very fact that we are all constantly Rides, we provoke the beginning of the event. We have the will – our strength H. As soon as it is recognized as soon as it is applied, and only then will all the processes.

Student: We can say that present themselves connected to the flame, it means to dissolve itself, the feeling I have in this flame?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact is that it all comes down anyway associative things. You can associate themselves with anything or anyone. This is a very powerful practice, powerful influence things. Someone is associated, for example, with the series hero. And if the hero finds himself in some kind of sentimental situation, the person that is associated with him, sees the situation as if the event happened to him in real life. In meditation the same thing. But the correct use of associations. There was a corresponding control channel or exposure.

Text 4.3. Each of the chakras is the flame produces nectar (Kulamrita), the essence of which – the great bliss.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And then, when we begin to manipulate this way (this way, and energy), ie, we squeezed the muscles of the perineum, we prana, Apana mixed, turned propane corresponding sensation in the Brahma-yoni, and therefore.. somewhere begins sushumna channel. We associate ourselves with the conglomerate, it all begins to raise through the sushumna. Rising through the sushumna, we go through a particular center, respectively, each center – it is the psychic center responsible for those or other manifestations of man. The lower psychic centers – the centers are responsible for the grosser manifestations of man, coarser emotions; higher mental centers are responsible for more subtle emotions and expressions. Therefore, when the conglomerate passes through the chakra, this chakra begins to be activated to work, wake up.

Do you remember that if this or that chakra energy vibration that we feel certain emotions. And the yogi thus receives a spectrum of delights. Because when it rises a conglomerate, he feels pleasure in the navel center, in the heart center, the throat center, in the center of the mental, etc. Moreover, the work of each of these centers are generated by other energy or, as it says -.. Nectar. Maybe it is on a subtle level some fluids impregnated with an energy that felt like nectar, perhaps, on a physical level hormones are allocated.

Do you remember that each area of the physical body is responsible for the production of a hormone or endorphins – pleasure-causing substances in a natural way. Anyway, doing this practice and run a conglomerate from center to center, the yogi begins to feel any kind of bliss, inner experience, a very strong experience that heals, rebuilds all the internal structure eliminates all unnecessary associative links, leaving only the deep, powerful, the root causes of associative links.

Text 4.3. Its color – a whitish-pink, and this immortality liquid flows downward.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is one of the most sacred things, for them it’s hard to say. Reactions to the practice – that’s this generation of an elixir. In some of the more erotic or sexy (if I may say so) Tantras have shaped the terminology that is actually the connection of energy at the base of the body with consciousness at the base of our head. Energy – it is a great passionate girl, and consciousness – a young man – Shiva. Other symbols: the man – it is something white (association may be with the male seed), a woman – something red (may be an association with menstruation day for women). We do not know, but it’s always such allegorical thing. Connecting the white and red – it turns pink. The difficulty is that it is necessary to understand at several levels. That’s why I always refer to the source. Maybe the translation is only one level, but all options are not listed. So sometimes it is interpreted as a sense of awakening of a particular center, like the feeling of pleasure from male and female connections. And the corresponding product of their union – the nectar that gives life. But in this case, it is an internal connection and the inner life, which revives all the centers. We raise the energy, it forces to work each of the chakras, respectively, closer and closer to consciousness.

Some descriptions of Tantra says that in every heart there is a divine couple (a boy and a girl, god and goddess), in each of the centers they enter into sexual union, from this union there is bliss, which transforms the yogi. Those. explained in terms of sexual eroticism, and this, strangely enough, sometimes it is better comes to practice, the whole theory together. E. It begins to experience the same sensation as described in the text. And in this there is a certain charm of eroticism teachings of Tantra Yoga. On the other hand, it is very difficult to interpret. But when you start to practice long and hard, and when at least chto-to happens and you start to remember what words were written in the text, then you know that it is related to your feelings, to confirm that all things go as expected .

Text 4.3. Let yogi drink this wine of immortality which is divine, and then let returns in Kula (to Muladhara).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Going all the centers to the crown of the head, in every chakra the nectar is produced, and then comes the descent process. Some attribute this effect to the laya yoga. But this is a complicated question that where to refer. In other yoga schools in several other description. Sometimes the yogi begins to contemplate, as the fire begins to grow, the flame of higher and higher. Maybe we have in mind all the same, it is difficult to say.

Student: And the fact that he drinks the nectar, it is also some association?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When these centers of energy is released compound, there is a feeling as if you drink something healing, very pleasant in all respects, revitalizing, soothing. It is a projection of our ordinary life, ordinary sensations from the senses. All the processes that occur inside and are difficult to describe in words, so choose the closest associative concepts. Do you feel, as outlined nectar, and it is absorbed in you, as if you drank it. Sensations somewhere even taste that you take something sweet, saturating you, revitalizing, gives you strength, confidence, peace of mind.

Student: When you perform this practice, your mind as it is connected with the flame, do you feel as if passing these centers. Do you feel that this nectar looks like a flame?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is understood that after the passage as if we have entered into this area with flames forced him to work. But we go further. But the effect of his work – the nectar of the liberated. And then begins the nectar flow down and be absorbed. From this it can be concluded that this process several spaced in time. Most likely, all true. Here’s how you represent yourself, you are done holding your breath – you will sit for a long time? Apparently, the first practice is done, and then you sit and feel like absorbed the nectar. But we can be needlessly discuss such details, in some cases it is easier to do something than to talk a long time about these issues.

Text 4.4. Then let him (yogi) reenters the Kula Mantra yoga practice (ie Pranayama).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, it is very allusive language that would say, how to choose the translation of the word that meant. The aphorism says that the practice of pranayama (Pranava – a repetition of the syllable OM, if you repeat it correctly, automatically pranayama). Therefore, it is meant, we say it is very difficult. In theory, it should explain the adherents of various schools. But then again, maybe to the adherents to such matters and do not approach, because first of all it is necessary to translate from Sanskrit. You see, Shiva Samhita is not exactly the text of our school. It really is our text, but I interpret him more from the standpoint of our school. Therefore, we must find somewhere adepts who live directly on the text, and to ask them, or analyze the source.

But it may well be that the practice of visualization is complemented by a mantra-yoga practice. And it is very good agreement, because the body of Kundalini energy, according to the theory of mantra-yoga, there is a mantra that is flame that is visualized and is associated with the energy of Kundalini, built from vibration.

Student: This is obtained by the second practice, when you went through all the chakras and came back?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. But here, again, it is difficult to say something, because it is a sacred practice is long enough. As stated in some texts, practices really aware that energy – Kundalini energy in the form of vibration. It visualizes in the form of flame – fire and the inside feels a vibration of the mantra. Therefore, how it is divided, or whether it is whole, it is a complex issue. The question is probably how long we practice it.

Student: Then, in the initial stage as it is spaced in time? You first performed meditation on the delay, and then, as it is written, mantra practice or pranayama, you enter the Kula. This immediately executed or after a certain time?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, immediately.

Text 4.4. This Yoni (Brahma-yoni in Muladhara) is described by me in accordance with tantra.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, too, there is a small point. Shiva Samhita text also refers to other texts, ie It has the original source, which is triggered and that was here added.

Text 4.5. Then let him be absorbed in that Yoni, where the flame shines smertipriroda Shiva. It describes a method for the practice of the great yoni mudra. If successful, there is nothing that could not be achieved.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: As soon as this practice is made, it is clear that there is a very serious restructuring within the body – associative restructuring. Under the new associative framework come the real energy of prana, which complete the process. Our inner factory rebuilt, and it has very different properties, very different from him as possible. And here are just about to say.

Student: What do you mean: “… let him be absorbed in that Yoni …”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is very allusive language. I’ve heard different interpretations, to the point that someone pointed out the crown of the head, one at the base, it is difficult to say.

Text 4.6. Even Mantras no longer in force by Yoni Mudra will release the student who has passed a rite of passage, and take a dip in the nectar 1,000 times.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: There is a very good bunch of so-called great-yoga or some techniques that facilitate other yoga. In particular, under the mantra yoga. Mantra is a very strange thing. You never know how it starts. Moreover, if it comes to you, it comes in a dormant state and must be awakened. And it was great aspects of yoga help to answer the question, what should be done more to speed up the practice of mantra-yoga, which has to make additional efforts.

One way to wake up the mantra – is the repetition, but there are moments that accelerate this process. Let all the rituals of fire when the fire poured oil, and so on. D. This is one of the components, which speeds up the awakening of mantras. And the practice of yoni-wise, it strengthens even more. Where are the mantras? If you are someone devoted to the mantra – is very good, and if you try to wake her myself, you go on a very long time. And if you use these techniques, you’ll be able to awaken even the old, unknown mantra.

Moreover, sometimes even distorted mantra, for example, where a syllable confused work. It was the mantra of her practice. Someone overheard and began to practice himself, but missed a couple of syllables. And so it is my inner strength podsobralsya, podnapryagsya, concentrated, so he awakened in itself this internal energy, which, you remember, in fact she has a mantra that she was revived and forced to work even this distorted mantra.

And then there is quite a paradoxical thing: run parallel to two mantras. One normal, another distorted. Both works and other works. Those. This section applies to a great yoga. These are the deep things that enhance the practice, and this is one of them – yoni mudra enhances all other actions, all other practices. And in the future, as I said, even if the yogi drink wine, commit theft, or kill the Brahmins in 1000, he was not defiled by sin.

Student: What about the law of karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If the practice is made, the person is so close to the sources of life, first of all within ourselves. Do you realize that the energy with which we are working in this practice – it is the basic energy of our body. Again, the consciousness that is awakening – this is the essence of our consciousness. Those. usually the consciousness we have torn, we can not concentrate, and here we come to the depths of themselves, that is, as if we are so immersed in the depths, where life flows, everything else – it’s just a shadow. And if a man has succeeded in this practice, accordingly it has powerful abilities. It is like a doctor who uses the acquired knowledge can cure people. So the yogi, engaged in this practice. He is a lot that comes. It can help other people who are confused, who have some kind of karmic contamination.

Disciple: Please explain what karmic dirt?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In terms of associative practices Patanjali – it prints, in terms of associative laws – is the wrong associations, which we then pulled in the wrong direction, and we are doing all sorts of nonsense. And thus karma unfolds.

But when we go through this practice, all the wrong associative links, which have been generated if we drank wine, smoked, bed and defiled guru prochee- any of these actions gave rise to the wrong associative link, which further dragged us to repeat this action and secondly, it leads to the result. And this practice we are like an old broom sweep away the cobwebs, and that we like to burn karma. But you know that karma can not do anything, you can either get rid of or redeem. Here is more of redemption. This practice is washed away all negative. But to get to this practice, it is necessary to come, to rise up and overcome all the tendencies which forced us to make negative karma. And if we do this practice, we thereby overcoming clean out negative tendencies.

Text 4.7. Practitioner Yoni Mudra is not defiled by sin, even if he killed in 1000 Brahmins or the inhabitants of the three worlds.

4.8. Or if he killed his teacher, drink wine, commit theft or defile the bed of his mentor.

4.9. Who wants liberation, he should practice Yoni Mudra daily.

4.10. The practice of yoga is achieved higher consciousness, success wise and Pranayama, and the victory over death.

4.11. The gift of prophecy and the ability to be wherever you wish, also acquired practice.

Pupil: Every day, meaning once a day?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: How many times a day it is a question, as with any practice, what are you still doing.

Student: That is meant regularly?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. It makes sense to practice it longer. But I warn you that you will find the text very close family Shiva Samhita, where Yoni Mudra is described somewhat differently, sometimes significantly different. But if you proanaliziruesh, the common sense of all wise one and the same.

Disciple: How much delay is performed Yoni Mudra? On one?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: One, of course. Perform half a minute, a minute. Well, if you possess Kivelä Kumbhaka for three hours, then you can fall out and three hours, but this assumes a slightly different thing. On the one hand it is assumed that you went through all the previous steps and you are clean channels, you can perform the breath hold a very large amount of time. But at the same time, no one forbids you not perform yoni mudra has not yet reached this level.

Kundalini awakening

Text: 4.12. Here are the best means of success in Yoga, which should be kept secret, because it is – beyond the reach of all.

4.13. When the Kundalini is awakened by the grace of the Guru, it is easily and freely permeates lotuses.

4.14. Mudra should be done with the utmost diligence and in the order that can awaken the goddess Kundalini, sleeping at the entrance to Brahmarandhra.

4.15. Of all the wise better – ten: Maha Mudra, Maha Bandha, Maha Vedha, Khechari, Jalandhar, Mula Bandha, Viparita-Karani, Uddyana, Vajroli and Sakti-Chala.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: A few words about the Kundalini energy. As you can see, it all starts with the principle of secrecy. secrets principle is absolutely necessary if we are trying to do something serious. If you do not respect the principle of the mystery, the alien energy, alien consciousness penetrate into our practice. It is just as if you had made some fine work, a gust of wind can all mix – spoil. That’s the same practice is prescribed to keep secret. The principle of multi-level mystery enough. This is not to attract other people’s consciousness and energy in a strange place where you work.

secrets principle is also linked to the principle of non-violence. Each of us lives in his own universe and their own rules of the game, and if we begin to dramatically restructure their own universe in, thereby changing relationships with other universes, ie, with other people. It does not always makes them a perfect delight. It upsets the balance of forces, the interaction balance. In any case, the principle of the mysteries quite a serious principle, but it should not turn into paranoia.

While the practice is carried out – it is needed. But once the practice is completed, the result is obtained, then, of course, need to share knowledge, or knowledge will disappear and will not be passed on. And the fact that we read this text, says that was the chain of practitioners who have practiced on the one hand, achieve success, but on the other hand, after the practice of knowledge passed on the baton on. Otherwise everything is closed disappears. It is said that many powerful yoga practices have been lost because of the secrecy, but from the other side and no privacy is difficult to achieve any results.

This situation, like with our military. They are doing some kind of rocket, and no one even suspects around the world that this work is carried out. Job done, the rocket flew – all saw. But at the time the job will be spies in every way to harm, podpilennye bolts to slip and so that all fell apart. We do not know the balance of power, the balance of mind, we do not know their karma, we do not know many things. And in order to protect the practice has a special meaning not apply.

Now, as the Kundalini energy. The Shiva Samhita serious focuses on teachers. This is true in the sense that the very concept of Kundalini, the very knowledge of the central channel, the very knowledge about certain practices that lead to the awakening of this energy – this in itself is initiation. The fact that a person is reading this text, in itself yoga. Because reading this text destroyed wrong associative links his ideas about the internal structure, and, at the same time, set correct. More fundamental, underlying, more global.

Do you remember that everything in this world is based on associative connections. With our self surrounded by a veil of maya, the veil of ignorance, does not perceive itself, and reaches an association to first got speck of dust, grit, body or group of bodies. Thus, there is a living creature. So here is a link, which connects with the body I have, it is associative. Moreover, all the processes taking place in us, and associative. First, there is a kind of associative connection, we believe one something one and the other something else. For the associative relationship is prana, ie energy and consciousness channel, and supports this associative link. But there is a fundamental associative connections, and there are some that we are accumulating, they are like cobwebs, dust. Imagine building structure. There is a rope (the rope), on which everything rests, and there are a million web strands, and it is not clear where the rope, where cobwebs. The nature of any link is associative.

Student: Explain in detail what kind of fundamental connection?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are fundamental connection, which built the entire apparatus of our body such as metabolism. And there are minor, and sometimes even parasitic and disturbing us. They turn out for this life, trends of the past life, according to which they turn out. When a person begins to practice yoga, it is clear that all unnecessary associative links begin to break down. This is called purification, cleansing of the channels. There remain fundamental, and work in yoga is precisely these fundamental. Do you remember that the most important channel – it is sushumna. Next in importance are ida and pingala – the left and right, sometimes they are treated as a channel of energy and consciousness, male and female channel. After that comes a huge number of smaller channels that permeate our whole being. Sometimes we believe that our chakra centers – is the intersection of multiple channels.

And now we read this text, which states, on which we must focus on and visualize that. If we start, according to the text to visualize, are beginning to understand our internal structure, we thereby cleanse the basic channels and sweep away all the secondary and unnecessary. There may be a feeling that some important center is a little bit more to the right and slightly below, ie asymmetrically. But yoga once said: “Guys, there’s nothing to find. Even if you are there feel something – a projection of some other acts, but there is nothing to search for. ” Thus, we preserved a lifetime of internal searches. Therefore, the role of the guru, it is the role of the person who you pointed out where to dig. Before you is a vast field where the buried treasure and you need a lot of time to dig, meter by meter. And he says to you, dig here and here. And it saves a tremendous amount of effort and your time.

That’s about the same situation with the awakening of the Kundalini. To awaken the Kundalini, you should at least know what it is. The average person, even the yoga practices – quite obvious to him that she (energy) there. It is, at best, can spontaneously engage in some exercise and spontaneous feeling, and maybe feel nothing. And then he immediately says, “There is energy.” In this sense, even the very fact that you point out that there is energy, it kind of leads to its awakening, because you are, anyway, you know, there it is. Not to mention that when given any advice, instructions on how to do it better. But it is a clear side.

And there is not quite clear side, if anything, even such a mystical side. This is the power of school, transmission power. Just to be with someone who has it or close to it (what is meant by the word guru), a student involuntarily wants or does not want, copy the starting condition, the feeling starts to copy the interior. Those. It gives a very curious thing that learning is largely due to copying. You need to sit for a few weeks to fill a typewriter or text on your computer, but you then copy it can in a split second. In the same way here. In order to approach this condition requires many years of training. And when you are already on some level you go out, then, just as the flame of the flame is passed, even the mere presence near the guru, near the teacher, the very presence – you are nothing you learn, you’re just a number, it leads to what is Now the process of copying and what the man himself would have spent a lot of time. It turns literally almost instantly. That is why it is always prescribed in yoga that the greatest happiness – is to be in society vysokoprodvinutyh people, and thus a person reaches very fast, very much.

Sometimes I hear a point of view: “And what’s the point to be near a teacher, why do we need it? Better we go into the cave and going on a run. There we have some guidance. ” But it may be that these instructions did not come from the teacher at all. Now sitting on our vast country practice. In Uryupinsk, Nizhny Tagil somewhere else people practice. They took a book or somewhere heard and practice. And they are great, they do not wait for them a monument for it should be put. They retire and begin to work on himself. They do not have the physical capacity to communicate with their own kind. Do not they come, they do not have opportunities. And while I have completely touches the situation, for example, in Moscow. From nothing you need, just come at least for a lecture, if interested. And the people said, “No, why? We are going to practice. ” It shows complete lack of understanding, or rather of inexperience. When you sit one and a half years old, and you will understand that nothing comes at you with the speed at which you would like, you start to have a different attitude to the teachers. And the attitude: “We ourselves with a mustache. Now go and buy books and will practice “- this is good, this is important, but on condition that it is books like Shiva Samhita. In itself, the reading of the text – it is yoga. And if water on the seventh jelly?

But to return. Just as all the basic communication of our body, our self with our body – it is associative links, like this, if there is learning, it is due to the copy: the unconscious conscious. Those. can not teach a person can learn, it can learn from somewhere, copy and rediscover. So, if you are with someone who already is rediscovered and has at least some heights reached (not necessarily in the air to fly), you willy-nilly start to adopt it. This is what the scientific community is called school. They say that the school of a certain professor, school of such a scientist. The concept of school – this is more than a collection of people. This is a common spirit, a common aura, the atmosphere, getting in that you begin to grow very quickly. Examples of this is full. All space companies, defense companies, research schools. We must feel this aura. If you want to learn math or physics, you can study at home from books. But once you get into the company of a professor, how do you begin to understand that non-verbal way you like kopiruesh his brain, and you begin to see through his eyes. That is why it is always, even in the scientific community are calling, if you want to achieve something, it is better to go to school, which deals with these problems, and everything goes faster.

So all we can safely multiply several thousand times to get the situation in yoga. In yoga, if you come into contact with people who are in it, you just quickly get into this aura, in the cloud, in this energy field, in the field of consciousness. And all your processes willy-nilly start to go much better. And if on the part of those who teach you that there is a conscious effort, the result you can get very, very quickly.

In some schools of yoga is believed that it is impossible from the outside, that is to awaken the Kundalini energy student must himself take part. Someone says that the energy is awakened by the grace of the teacher. But this is a dispute about anything. From a formal point of view, do you remember that one rediscovers himself in yoga. But to rediscover it much easier when you’re in this environment, where appropriate aura around. But still, in the end, the work – it is only your work, but work on the other. What would once again like to emphasize the fact of knowing that there is Kundalini, without any mystical applications in itself it is dedication. The very fact that knowledge of the existence of the center channel – the dedication. And if you give more details of how and what to visualize how to meditate or do some manipulations inside – that’s all a gift.

Now a few words about the nature of Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy – it is our only energy in the body. It is identical to the total energy that created this entire world, ie, it does not separate from it. At the same time we are able to use only a small part of it. We have two energies. And now, when we’re talking, listening, watching – we use the energy of the Kundalini. Only this energy as the texts say, is in the sleep state, ie, its manifestation is quite insignificant. Enough for the maintenance of life, grabs the talk on mental operations. But this is a tiny fraction of the potential that lies.

Some people do not know what kind of feeling it is necessary to provide for the Kundalini energy. In Yoga, in Tantra yoga it is believed that the closest to Kundalini – is sexual energy. When she wakes up, the number of people experiencing some emotions, sensations. These sensations are pleasant, these exciting feelings, these feelings are immersed in themselves. So these sexual feelings, they are the closest to those sensations that occur on awakening the Kundalini energy. But the sensations that occur when energy is much more powerful Kundalini awakening, stronger and beyond. This is one of the reflections of the Kundalini energy – our sexual feelings. For this reason, there are many practices that directly come to the realization of the work with the energy of the Kundalini through sex. It is a straight road.

Another point. In terms of Mantra Yoga, Kundalini essence – it is the same entity as the essence of power is the essence – a manifestation of vibration. In yoga, it is believed that the energy – is a manifestation of vibration, or rather that part of the vibration, which gave birth to the whole world. Manifested part – is the energy of Kundalini, the latent part – is consciousness. This complex concept, difficult to understand. But it should be quite simple conclusion. What if in fact Kundalini energy – the vibration or even sometimes say Kundalini energy body – the mantra, then as a consequence, it gives us a very serious tool in energy Kundalini awakening through mantra.

Reproducing these or other vibration (first voice, then mentally, then the whole body begins to vibrate is in this rhythm) coarse vibrations pass into the thin, rather vibration is the same, but the media is becoming increasingly thin, and we thus penetrate to the Kundalini energy . When we say any word, the process goes back – from the Kundalini energy up lips. And when we repeat the mantra-yoga and try to awaken the Kundalini energy, we have the process goes in the opposite direction. And as soon as we’re on the stream, repeating the mantra, we reach the place where it all starts, we come to realize the Kundalini energy as a mantra. And accordingly, we have a tool to help her awaken mantra.

But Shiva Samhita are several other methods of awakening the Kundalini energy. These methods involve the use prana using respiratory movements using air delays and manipulative internal muscles, internal images which lead to the fact that this energy is groped. And then the flow of prana to be sent, and they awaken her, tormoshat.

In the future, everything will be more fully described in the Shiva Samhita, but you must understand that there is more physical approach. We combine physical effort with physical strain known muscle manipulation of breath, with the images – we all gather in a single tool, and direct it to where is our main energy – Kundalini energy, and where there is a series of metamorphoses. Now we have the main part of the energy is released and absorbed by itself. Kundalini energy Image – coiled three and a half times the serpent holding its tail in the mouth. Kundalini energy – enormous energy. But on the other hand, it is hidden and people do not even suggest that it has one.

Disciple: How could this happen?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This occurs as follows. The emanation of energy Kundalini like prominence, and releases energy as it consumes itself. But still a small part remains unabsorbed, and she goes to the maintenance of our life. So here we begin the part that is absorbed, reduce. And figuratively it appears in the form that the energy of the Kundalini beginning to wake up, she lets her tail, then begins to spin. Then this mass of energy in the free state does not know where to go. And at this moment, if the person is aware of the central channel (blank inside, it has no space or time), it is able to pass through itself such power supply. But if the central channel is not activated, the person feels terrible unbearable burning, because the energy is trying to go through other channels, but they are not in a position to make such a power. That is why it is very important to know where to direct the energy of the Kundalini.

Any association is make manifest the energy in a particular direction. And one side is good, but the energy was too powerful, and the connection was too weak, it will not survive such a powerful flow of energy. Therefore, emphasis is on the fact that the first clear center channel. To further if the energy is awakened, then that was just where to send it. If a person went to the awakening of the Kundalini energy without awareness of the central channel, he feels sometimes hellish torment.

So when I now see yoga schools, which for three days awaken the Kundalini energy, from the point of view of the theory there are many questions that they begin to drive there, but in terms of accountability – it is quite irresponsible thing. Even if you are prompted (not even aroused, just potormoshil) a person Kundalini, and she does not know where to go, what happens to a man such a state that slang is called human “raskolbas”, ie are some processes, but the processes rather unpleasant. And it should be remembered that before you undertake such a thing, it would be good to ensure safety.

The Shiva Samhita as manipulations are appropriate exercises. They’ve listed several of them and now we are going to do them in more detail.

Text: 4.15. Of all the wise better – ten: Maha Mudra, Maha Bandha, Maha Vedha, Khechari, Jalandhar, Mula Bandha, Viparita-Karani, Uddyana, Vajroli and Sakti-Chala.



Maha Mudra

Text: 4.16. Thanks to the success achieved Kapila and other great sages.

4.17. Yoni Press the heel of the left foot; right leg extended, holding her hands. Closing the nine gates of the body, put his chin on his chest and concentrate on the vibrations of the mind. Trap air to breath. Then change the position of the feet.

4.18. So even the most unfortunate Yogi comes to success. All Nadi awaken the body, and the life force increases. All the sins and diseases will be defeated. sadhaka body becomes perfectly beautiful, death is removed from it, and all desires are fulfilled.

4.19. With this Mudra can cross the ocean of the world.

4.20. Keep this Mudra confidential and not open to anyone.



Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Once again, I will focus on the term maha mudra. Mach – this is something great and grand. Mudra – gesture, seal, symbol, image (sometimes cereal, sometimes it is the image of a friend in tantric practices). In Tantric Buddhism under the maha-wise understand the teachings of the one-step total enlightenment. Those. this implies a certain text, and if you read it and set your mind on this wave of enlightenment, that supposedly can be one step to reach a state of enlightened mind. Those. as you know, is my accent. But all came from a single source and Tantric Buddhism and descriptions that we find here and all the practices, which including a wise mean pretty girl for sexual practices. Shiva Samhita is still plain text, and there are plenty of Tantra, where everything is so “Twilight” language says that if you are outside the tradition, you sometimes can not even understand what it meant.

But back to the Maha Mudra. Once again, read the how to perform this mudra.

Text: 4.17. Yoni Press the heel of the left foot; right leg extended, holding her hands. Closing the nine gates of the body, put his chin on his chest and concentrate on the vibrations of the mind.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Nine bodies of the goal – it is all the senses, then after that the information gets to us. Those. it is necessary to disable all the senses.

Text: 4.17. Trap air to breath. Then change the position of the feet.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is one of the postures of hatha yoga, but with certain nuances. First, we’re considered enough Siddhasana where the foot in the crotch area, affects the area where you want to contemplate the Kundalini energy. On the other hand, his chin pressed against you, ie, overlap some other channels – channels sensations, prana. The fact that you are doing this pose, you also indirectly begin to affect this area, a location of the Kundalini energy (the perineum, sacrum, genitals). So, you are physically created inside a pressure that begins to attract attention in this area. While working on the physical body through prana, you have an impact on the delicate and subtle body. And you start to provoke their energy and consciousness to focus on this point. This chin you have omitted all the nine gates of the body are closed.

Disciple: The nine gates of the body – it is something like pratyahara?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. You must disconnect from the senses, from the actions of authorities. By itself, the posture provokes the awakening of inner energy. Secondly, you make more points, so that nothing distracted, you’re watching your mind. You immediately begin to float some impressions, and you observe them, without getting involved. Then they begin to fade, and you’re still a greater and greater degree begin to focus on energy. And thus you realize it, you’re her wake, and somewhere you begin to manage it. Then my leg – you start to perform symmetrically.

In this state, you observe the nature of the mind. In the mind of thoughts go waves, each of them is a whole bunch of associative memories. All this is very much absorbs our prana, our energy. But if you become aware of the principles of action of the mind, the nature of your mind, you begin to manage it. Those. you fall into a state of “no mind.” And for this reason, in such diverse systems as Tantric Buddhism and yoga, the term maha mudra. In Buddhism, this term refers to the knowledge of the principle of operation of the mind, and therefore the rejection of all the concepts and prejudices of some prints. And then the mind starts working in enlightened mode, he begins to learn the reality of everything that comes without evaluation, without the billions of associative links. But in order to accomplish this, we need appropriate conditions to Kundalini (we have two energies) was somehow involved. On the other hand, that the mind is not distracted by the senses. And here in this position and reached a state of “no mind.” And you’re coming to realize how this will be done, how to do you own and what is the relationship between all of these.

The word is sometimes wise to understand the character of something. Therefore, it is a complex exercise, push in the enlightenment, a boost in awareness of reality. But in order to push this occurred, it is necessary to make some physical effort and mental effort must also be made. We are through the body, through the use of our total energy we understand the nature of mind. On the topic of the maha-wise, you can argue long. There are many other explanations that do not contradict each other, but are opening more new aspects in understanding. But as the concept of the essence of the mind that gives a lot, so it is called Maha (great). Understanding the essence and nature of the mind, we understand the essence and nature of associative links.

Student: Technical question. When we change the foot, it turns out this is not the symmetry. This is also a role playing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why not symmetry?

Student: First position is performed in one direction, then another. Those. this change, it is also some kind of role?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, playing. But I find it difficult to answer these questions, because all these wise involve very deep associative links that are not quite clear to us. But there are all sorts of explanations. Some say that we will use aspect of consciousness to a greater extent, then the aspect of energy (like alternate breathing), as a result still leads to the unity of the whole. But perhaps there is also a purely physical aspect. Our body symmetrically. Difficult question.


Text: 4.21. After Maha Mudra place your right foot on the left thigh, squeeze Yoni (anus) and lift up the Apana, connecting it with the Samana-Vayu. Prana-Vayu is directed downwards and in the navel unite all three.

4.22. Vayu enters the Sushumna, the body is strengthened, the heart is filled with bliss.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Let’s go sequentially. Read previous and immediately executed. In general, some interpret this text a little differently. There are some minor discrepancies and differences in the implementation of this practice. Comment on me is hard, because it is necessary to look for followers of this tradition.

Student: And how better to do then?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see what it is, the key point here is not that. The key goes on. Read it again.

Text: 4.21. Squeeze Yoni (anus) and lift up the Apana, connecting it with the Samana-Vayu. Prana-Vayu is directed downwards and in the navel unite all three.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, the main point – this bandha, and the time is, in general, in the other. The fact that you compress the muscles of the anus, and thus there is a push up. Inner feeling that all the blood and rushes up. And this is considered to be the impetus that apana, which eliminates all of the body, it tends to flow down, and then she thrust it rises.

The navel – this Samana Vayu. Do you remember that in the human body the main flow of prana is broken down into five major pranas, according to these texts, and five subsidiary. Samana – this is one of the major Pranas, its area – is the area of the navel. You’re doing the movement, squeezing the anus and you Apana rushes up and begins to mix. At the same time, you are on top you direct the prana that it was mixed.

That is, it turns out that this push comes at you from both sides and as it is said here, all three begin to mix. Read it again.

Text: 4.21. After Maha Mudra place your right foot on the left thigh, squeeze Yoni (anus) and lift up the Apana, connecting it with the Samana-Vayu. Prana-Vayu is directed downwards and in the navel unite all three.

4.22. Vayu enters the Sushumna, the body is strengthened, the heart is filled with bliss.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Do you remember that the main flow of prana, which has people split into five main and five auxiliary small flows as these texts are taught. And here some of these creeks, streams, again connected. And, make them interact a bit in the way they normally interact. You make Apana rise up prana to move downward, ie, you have some there is an area where it all starts to blend. And in the future, when it all starts right mix of these different in its manifestations of prana flows, and mixed them into a kind of universal prana, consisting of these components.

And this universal prana has a number of interesting properties, as mentioned in the texts. It quickly cleans all contaminated ducts and centers. You know, advertise on TV: “You have clogged sink? Take just such a liquid, pour, and it instantly cleared everything! “. In a sense, this is really a mixture of such liquid that cleans all the dirt in these channels and centers. Such a universal detergent, universal acid that eats away all the scum and stone.

In the future, there will still be emphasized that thereby you will learn to enter the prana into the central channel. This energy, after approaches are open, you can enter it there. In this case, there is more emphasis is on the navel center, although according to different practices, prana into the central channel can be administered through different places. It is believed that these places – a place chakras, ie those plexus, where most of the energy comes easily inside. As soon as she comes in, a person experiences a completely incredible feeling.

In sushumna there is no space and time, and the energy immediately transformed into consciousness, consciousness immediately transformed into energy. The meaning of sushumna. In sushumna there is no time. And when she wakes up, the man in a state of inner feelings, which surpasses that something may be on the level of physical sensations. As a result, the mind is absorbed by these feelings and dissolves. The mind dissolves and reached a state of thoughtlessness or samadhi. This theory tantric approaches to yoga, which brings to a halt the thoughts in my head, or ignorance of thought-forms, it is possible here are subsidiary purely physical means.

Student: Why maha bandha linked to the maha-wise? That is, after the maha-wise let him do that?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are different points of view on this matter. Here, one pulls the other. Prior to that, how would you mind draws a path that can be a process, and now, in a sense you start to provoke these processes. The previous exercise was just sent out to you, mentally concentrating on those of all the internal currents and the center channel, in itself points the way, where it will go. But when you just do bandha already provoke the energy in a more complete and gross volume done this way. Here is an explanation sometimes given.

Student: Here the description we first put the left foot under the crotch and put out his right hand, then change legs?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here this point is not entirely clear, but it is not very much and principled. Here are two things fundamentally. One: Apana rises in you, and the second: a prana goes down, and they are mixed in the navel to Samana. That is fundamental. Why? Because bandha Mula bandha can be done lying down or standing, and sitting.

Student: That is it turns out someone from the mule-bandha with a concentration on the navel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In general, yes. Let’s go further.


Text: 4.23. When the yogi, by performing the Maha Bandha, Prana with Apana joined it, filling the air with the body, slowly moves the Prana and Apana downwards.

4.24. When the yogi with the help of Vayu (air) pierce nodes (granthis), located in the Sushumna, then they must travel and the knot of Brahma.

4.25. Maha Vedha gives Vayu-Siddhi overcomes old age and death.

4.26. The gods living in the chakras tremble during Pranayama, and the great goddess Kundalini Maha Maya, is also absorbed in the (top) of Mount Kailasa. (Mount Kailash – a symbol of the top of the spinal column, Sahasrara-Padma There -. The abode of Shiva, – per Note..).

4.27. Maha Mudra and the Maha-Bandha are useless without the Maha Vedha.

4.28. In less than six months, as the practitioner is overcome death.

4.29. With persistent practice, success will undoubtedly be reached.

4.30. Keep it a secret and not open to anyone.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation of the same theme. That, roughly speaking, the first scheduled route. Then the next step: you start to connect with prana apana and samana, mix it. Maha Vedha – it’s when you start manipulating already with this lineup. In particular, as it says here, you start to direct it in a certain aspect. Read it again.

Text: 4.23. When the yogi, by performing the Maha Bandha, Prana with Apana joined it, filling the air with the body, slowly moves the Prana and Apana downwards.

4.24. When the yogi with the help of Vayu (air) pierce nodes (granthis), located in the Sushumna, then they must travel and the knot of Brahma.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: When this conglomerate is felt inside, as soon as these energy: prana, Apana and Samana are mixed, the yogi begins to feel this energy. This energy is quite easy to manage. Through consciousness through sensations, you begin to direct it to the right place.

And here is another such feature. According to metaphysics of the human body device in our body has a chakra plexus. What are they like? They look like a large number of channels or Nadis, which are woven together, and they twist around or, in other words, sushumna passes through them. But there are certain places in the chakras, where the most complex plexus as the Gordian knot – just try to unravel. And, actually, to get to the entrance to the sushumna, or to spend on sushumna some processes, energy and consciousness on inner feelings stumble upon the most powerful obstacles, the so-called granthis – nodes. These are the psychic centers, where, if in the deepest sense of the word, the most powerful force of maya, illusion where the force is strongest, where the power of association is strongest. They seem to be fundamental such pillars of our ignorance of everything that concerns our sense of our own body.

Do you remember what our Coupled with our body, oddly enough, only associative. Real ropes and cords connecting our self with our body, no. For these associative relations starts flowing energy – prana. Thus, the body is likened to a cage, in which sits a bird, and the bird – this is our I. This cell, in general, the associative channel through which prana flows. But there is a nodal point and called granthis. In the different schools and different traditions have different interpretations and differences as to where the most powerful Maya nodes that need to pierce.

And then, when you have a mixture of Prana, Apana and Samana, which is very easy to operate, then you start with the fact that it was sent down. And cuts the passage of this site, where the entrance to the sushumna.

Disciple: It has already entered into the sushumna through the navel center and sushumna sent down?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard to say, but from the point of view of the theory, probably not. Because if this mixture would have gotten into the sushumna – everything! You have already taken off in a completely different feeling. And here it is, apparently, in the first place, just making its way to the sushumna, ie she begins to quietly go into the sushumna.

What is your favorite circuit, imagine that the central channel – a high-speed road. At the basis of consciousness in the energy of the body, ie, at the bottom of the muladhara chakra, at the top – the sahasrara chakra. This expressway passes through the other cities: the city heart, the navel city, just below – the city, the point between the eyebrows – the city. That is sushumna, road, like many directly through the city. But the fact that the sushumna straight. It permeates each of these cities, but do not travel on it. As a rule, do not travel on it. Sushumna along the left and right there are secondary roads, they also go to all cities. In this city, you know that he has many, many, many roads, minor roads. But the most basic two tracks are on the left and right of the sushumna, do you remember about the ida and pingala. And they also go into the city, then in parallel are higher, higher and higher to the next town.

Again, there are different interpretations to what level ida and pingala rise. According to some schools of yoga and treatises, Ida and Pingala are raised to the level of Ajna chakra, according to others, rising to the level of the Sahasrara chakra, and then fall. You see, this is part of the knowledge that is lost, which is not obvious, and that is interpreted in different schools in different ways. But, it’s nice to practice this has little influence. Even the information that is there, it is enough that we have implemented the practice.

There are various texts with different internal description. In some texts, it focuses on some chakras, in the other – on the other. But we will return to the Granth. In some schools, it is believed that it is the nodes where the most powerful Mayan, respectively, a level of reason, the level of the heart, the base level – the mule.

I am not going to analyze all the views on this, but the meaning is similar to the following. Do you remember that there are three groups of bodies or maya manifests itself in three different forms. Our gross physical body – a product of maya, our subtle (astral) body – is also a product of maya, and our causal body – is also a product of maya. And then there are some key ligaments that connect the body. They, of course, pass through the centers, through the chakras, so depending on what level is overcome veil of maya, accordingly, that grantha and breaks.

Prana, Apana and Samana is mixed and is sent down, and begins with the first principle – from the ground. The first principle of the physical body. At this level, a first step, when the mixture is sent back, it really is hit and move to the sushumna. It is like a drill, drills a hole. Once again I remind you that in our body the nature of all channels or Nadis, associative. Even the central channel, if a good deal, it is the birth of Maya, is the duality, as a consequence of the law of association. And, as a consequence, more subtle or gross prana prana involved. Then feeds more and more rough, i.e. this other association.

First built the association, then this associative channel starts flowing prana and astral matter accumulates. What it is called, then a thin channel. It should be clean, say, a thin channel. Then from each chakra associative channels diverge again. They were originally formed as association, which flowed prana, and then the channel has acquired a fine astral matter. There are smaller, smaller associative channels. There associative channels that we build for life.

Do you remember when teaching physiology, Pavlov’s dog. Depending on a particular stimulus starts to operate one or other endocrine system. Something from one area move to another area, and there is a steady associative channel. Dog sees a stick and begins to growl at her, because she has an association with a stick, it’s something bad. Or on the contrary, she sees the owner and she is a good associative connection. All these connections are generated throughout life. Some positive, some totally cheesy, some, like cobwebs, entwine and steal energy.

By channels flow prana, it is taken from a single source, and as a basin full of holes, on all kinds of parasitic phenomena we have this energy is stolen. This small web of unnecessary associative channels we purify the practice of yoga. Unnecessary – delete, dates – are strengthening. But sooner or later we come to some fundamental plexus. At the same time it is sufficiently powerful associative channels, and they are strong enough, they support life itself. But at the same time, they are misleading.

And just by Prana, Apana and itself receives a conglomerate such explosive mixture, which was hit.

Student: This process is painful?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is difficult to say. The only thing that everyone in different ways. Depending on what sort of dirt have accumulated, how prepared people. Even the usual pain in different people differently perceived. Or any other feeling differently perceived. And nothing about such subtle is very difficult to say anything. But, of course, is a mental process, Spike is said here. Spike these granthis – bang and punched.

There is a nuance. Some schools believe too, is unclear. On the one hand it is an axiom that the central channel is completely empty, on the other hand, in some texts you can read instructions on what you need to clean the central channel, its exercise or something else.

Why such a statement? Well, first, let’s start with axioms. The center channel is by definition, empty, simply by definition. And when that’s these sorts of comments that need to be something out there to the central channel there is something about it, they are not without foundation in the sense that the central channel by definition empty. But to realize it, it is necessary to approach through the jumble of other channels. The center channel is somewhere in the middle, and you begin to approach the other channels, but these other channels are gone your mind and your energy to their associative relations left, right, in some other way. Usually when a person is engaged in yoga, sometimes the most unexpected pop associations. Suddenly time, and some kind of an episode from the childhood. Or more. Consciousness and energy went for your attention and ran into a telephone wire that connects the two different memories. In this sense, he is not clean center channel, and the net only approaches to it.

Because again and again. Do you remember that there is a central channel, there are Ida and Pingala, there are chakras – plexus, there are also a million of everything. And now, to get and realize the central channel, we must first discard all others smaller, then discard the ida and pingala, only then we will know that we happen to have a center channel. It will take a lot of lives. In yoga we immediately say: “Guys! Inside you have a center channel. But it is hidden in the environment of these chakras and other channels. But you’re on the chakras and other channels do not pay special attention. You still Dalby, Dalby, until you find the center channel! “.

Even if some portion you begin to feel its central channel, at another location it may be less. You understand that it is in this sense will pull from the bottom to the top of the head. And the place where most chain sensations central channel of direct and empty inside, but in places Granthi, ie these nodes are strongest. That is, we have to direct your mind and energy to feel out where is our central channel, we get on this interweaving a variety of associative memories, and we wake up then one emotion or the other, then the third, then some memories. And we have towards one-time cast. We can not focus.

And in order to overcome this, just given a mixture of Prana, Apana and Samana. Strong enough aggressive thing. She, like acid, breaks through, and thus pass then perfectly straight.

And in the end. When Granthi pierced when we can enter the prana into the central channel, where there is still mention of the fact that through the practice of the yogi makes tremble all the gods of the chakras, as well as the great goddess Kundalini, and forces her to climb to the top of Mount Kailash. Under Mount Kailash understand the top of the head. What once grasped the central channel, as soon as you can manipulate prana, all associative blackout times removed. The central channel, you remember, by definition, empty, it does not need to be cleaned, it is ready, we just do not use them. As soon begins to awaken the Kundalini energy. It is said about it in passing in this aphorism, whether it rises or energy emanation itself begin to rise, they make tremble chakras. That is, a person begins to experience in different centers suddenly different experiences. Depending on what kind of chakra. That is, if you start to tremble more lower chakras, is accordingly a range of feelings strong enough. If higher, then there is another range of feelings quite sophisticated.

Student: And on the physical level, it is felt?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You’re going to feel it more than you could feel through the normal senses everything else with you before this happened in my life. According to the degree and depth is the height of the nerve. Here you have the nerve to try it touch it – you will feel at once, and have the upper hand nerve. All your senses will be absorbed by this process, simply absorbed. The whole world seems gray and does not cause much interest.

And there is still no mention even of the Kundalini energy rise, but mostly they say about certain emanations of this energy. The energy begins to circulate and pass through the central channel passing through it the levels of certain chakras, making manifest itself in a very high degree. Yogi is going through at this most wonderful experiences, feelings, visions or revelations. Once again I want to say that the strength of the influence they have on the order of magnitude superior to everything with which he came across in his everyday life. But in the future there will be about the Kundalini energy, when it is the energy of the Kundalini is awakened and begins to dissolve the center of the center. This is generally a higher squeak.

Student: But this mixture also somehow contributes to the awakening of energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now we will approach this. When the energy wakes up, even a small part of it, it makes all tremble inside. It happens that this energy encounters on a purely emotional associative misleading in side channels. Here it must go through the central channel. At the level we are not aware of the central channel of the heart center, and are aware of all the auxiliary channels and centers that are around, and we focus jump starts. And it’s quite painful when it begins to jump. Because such a serious attention to the purification channel.

Student: For this support yoga and used to clean the auxiliary channels to your attention was focused precisely on the center channel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. In Laya Yoga slightly different approach. There’s the most important thing is to then to those feelings that have arisen, your mind has been dissolved. Because it is a very strong feeling. You come up, come up, come up, and then, as you said, when the process begins, the mind begins to be absorbed in these sensations. Stops, so to speak, to think. About layyu yoga – is another story. Let’s go further. Or more questions.

Student: Do I have to do as Siddhasana, maha bandha or in Padmasana can do the same without holding a heel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here again I want to emphasize that there is a natural process. You move from one exercise to another, because they probably are, and are given in the following order. Here. And because it is easier to make: just-one-more-third. Strictly speaking, in other texts, there are other approaches, where there is no such sequence, and some other sequence.

In the end, do you remember that all the exercises described in these texts, eliminate obstacles, but you’ll rediscover yoga itself in fact. That is, they’ll prompt reflection on the steps in a certain direction. But experimenting with their bodies, with their inner feelings and how and in what order to do that, of course, you’ll be myself.

Student: It turns out the same as in hatha yoga. What if you do not do a pose, then you do another?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In a certain sense, yes. Anyway, in the end, all these physical manipulations are extremely important, because they make it easier to approach. But still the decisive role played by the internal processes of the energies that flow and all-everything else. So, how do you feel you approach through the physical complex or the other. It’s not a matter of principle. The most important thing is that you came to this inner. Let’s go further.

Khecarī mudrā

Text: 4.31. Sitting in Vajrasana, look rushed between the eyebrows, and the language was placed in a recess of the throat, the mouth of the source of nectar.

4.32. Yogi, daily drinking the nectar reaches Vigraha-siddhi (power over his body) like a lion, win an elephant death.

4.33. Khechari even the impure makes clear.

4.34. In an instant he crosses the ocean of sins and experienced the bliss of the gods of the world, is born in a noble family.

4.35. For the practitioner Khechari Mudra aggressively hundreds periods of Brahma – a few minutes.

4.36. Thanks Khechari Mudra achieved the highest goal (Yoga) and overcome all sin.

4.37. Keep it a secret and not open to anyone.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The following is wise. Khechari. Once again, how it is done. Raised tip of the tongue, the tongue as if swallowed. Possible and back. In some texts are auxiliary exercises. In khechari-wise, if you look, there are very specific physical effect on the body, because our language is closely related to our mind. Even the blood supply they affect one another. So sometimes, to tidy up your mind just enough to massage his tongue.

But here we have in mind a more subtle effect is non-obvious. Although once again I want to say that the physical effect is very strong. Sometimes it is explained by the fact that you remember that I have of our existence – the energy and strength of the power of consciousness, and our consciousness is also manifested in our body, and occasionally pose as the point bindu. Area tremendous consciousness – is the area of sahasrara. The head area is such an object or a place – bindu. What it is? It’s a small point. Or here’s a good word “vindou” in English – window. And it bindu-vindou as a window through which shines our consciousness. The smallest point where our consciousness manifests. Do you understand what I use our prana flow to maintain our body. Prana really supports our body. But if you look at the process from a different perspective, our I support our body that constantly maintains its energy and consciousness. That is, as it were, the consciousness manifests. And it is believed that the light of our consciousness of the living body, it is realized, it is primarily shines from this point. Where is it? Sometimes think that at the level of the third eye a place somewhere in the center of the head.

In ancient times on this subject were very different practices. If you remember, how to draw the Zaporozhye Cossacks: they are completely bald, and a crest on the head. Oddly enough, this hairstyle was and still is in many orthodox Brahmins. The only thing, the location is different, but this is a serious intersection traditions. And a variety of legends about what it should be. With the death of use. Apparently there really is such a technique that a sharp jerk consciousness that leaves the body at death, and if the consciousness of its leaves, then leave him and the energy that it seems to shake the consciousness that it is returned back. We will not discuss that we are now.

But the fact is that according to the constricting metaphysical ideas have a point – the bindu. There is the following very interesting process, that from this point oozing droplets of consciousness. Separated and, according to certain texts begin to descend until the not sink to the level of the base of the body, where it absorbs the energy of the Kundalini. And they are the basis of consciousness in men, for example, the basis for the male seed. They clothed subtle energy and accumulate in men in the form of the male seed, ie, not of the seed, and the foundations.

Student: I understand that the point bindu fall from the level of sahasrara. I’ve heard that somewhere they are located in this area (just below the sahasrara), with a drop of burnt somewhere in the navel center. And the process is not well understood.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the process is completely vague. Firstly, these texts are written very vague language. Secondly, the same process is explained in the texts in different terms, furthermore, in different anchors within the body. We have all that we have. You must remember that we got the crumbs of knowledge. However, the general idea is as follows, that our normal consciousness window is lower than the level sahasrar. Because sahasrar level – is the level of cosmic consciousness. However, in other yoga systems above the Ajna chakra in the head two more chakras with detailed description of their interaction with these points bindu: how, what, and so on. Very interesting description, but again, very vague.

But we are not going to deal with the severity of this metaphysics, and will return to khechari-wise. If we raise the language in such a way that our inner consciousness looped. And this bindu point turns out to be some kind of impact. The strength of the consciousness begins to circulate within us under the influence of what we picked up the language. Again, do you remember, set a new associative relationship and associative relationship this new cleared from those bonds that have been and we are using that we force somehow different to circulate in the head energy and consciousness.

Student: They do not go down to the navel center?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I, unfortunately, can not say how it is connected with the lowering process, but it may well be true. The fact is that khechari-wise – it’s not just when we picked up the language. This is a very serious and delicate work and the process at the subtlest level. Too much of any positive facts he gives a lot of positive. And, of course, to explain it by the fact that the language is raised, it is clear that it is a bit wrong. Sometimes trying to explain that there is de internal channels once it looped. But then again, you can wrap around anything, and it will revive these channels? And the most serious explanation is that we are starting to work with the power of his mind. That these tiny droplets and manifestations bindu with the finest energy.

When we do khechari-wise, we disconnect from the world, cut myself out of it, because we take out consciousness. It comes out of this world, respectively, for the mind goes out and energy, and we disconnect. In addition, there are a number of objective and subjective experiences. The man begins to feel certain tastes on the tongue, which also increases its concentration. And have sounded like science fiction, the continuation of that if a person has succeeded in khechari-wise, he can fly in the sky. This ability to levitate somehow stimulated, developed, manifested in the yogi who has achieved in the mudra khechari success. It is difficult to say something about this, because in the mind should be energy, and if one controls the consciousness that his energy is also under control. That his universal energy can manifest itself in any form. For example, as the ability to levitate.

It is difficult to me to speak on this subject because many superpowers draw in yoga, but unfortunately, they attract people is not entirely suitable for yoga, it is not serious. At the same time we remember that all this is given as a free application. Well, then, the weight of even the positive properties of khechari-wise related to human physiology, with its sense of time, what you have read to the end. There is even mention that the eyes are fixed on the bridge of the nose. The only thing that I can say that there are other texts where this is not the emphasis. Probably, this facilitates concentration. When we do khechari-wise, as high as possible swallowing language relating to inland areas and focus on them. And the whole process begins to unfold. With regard to sight, this may facilitate factor.

Student: In hatha yoga asanas there, where it is expedient to do khechari-wise, and that inappropriate? And if there is such a moment, when the asana is impractical to do khechari-wise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You ask a difficult question, because by combining different practices, you get a different effect on the body. And for one person, this effect will be, as they say what the doctor ordered, and for other absolutely no role to play will not. The third will be very trudnovypolnim. Therefore, it is personal time, depending on what you want to achieve.

I recommend for its part: “Guys! Learn all first individually, and then stir the cocktail. When you approximately how it operates and how it works, then you can really mix with asanas khechari-wise and khechari mudra breathing, breathing with meditation. ” More sophisticated components such. To avoid confusion, if a person never ask to do this and this and that at the same time – confused. It is therefore desirable to explore all individually, and then make up set.

But in this respect, each is its own set, so it is difficult to say anything, anyway, the direct prohibitions I have never met a combined khechari-wise with any asana.

Student: Sometimes, it turns on the machine?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is good and a lot of yoga, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, we have such an embodiment with khechari-wise. Let’s go further.


Text: 4.38. Place the chin to the chest. The fire in the navel is drinking nectar secreted by thousand-petalled lotus. Jalandhar-wise prevents it.

4.39. Then the yogi can drink the nectar itself and enjoys immortality in the three worlds.

4.40. This Bandha should be practiced daily.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There is overlapped on the level of the throat.

Student: And it is done without delay?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can breathe. Usually, it is combined with Mula bandha, so she goes on a breath-hold. Suffice important bandha. You see, it’s all already there are manipulations with consciousness and energy. There will be times when you want to disconnect the internal processes of the processes that take place in the head. And here is one way to do it. Moreover, sometimes when you work with prana, apana, mix them to, say, the whole stream or all of these feelings have gone to his head, this correlates with the blood flow to the head, to a certain extent, to block these channels associative, jalandhara bandha absolutely wonderful thing.

That is one of the tools that if you combine with the rest of Banham wisely and then you can manipulate with your inner feelings, internal flows and channels energy and consciousness. And to eliminate all unnecessary associative connection, efforts are needed, punch dwarfing all moments that tie the human body to learn to mobilize and direct flows.

This large number of tools. In the future, when you practice, you will have it spontaneously born. Once and you feel: “Yes, now it would be good to all jalandhara bandha press!”.

Student: In fact, jalandhara bandha closes the channel in the head and separates the mind from the canals?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To a certain extent, it is. Consciousness and energy shares. Sometimes it is very good, sometimes it is very important to the consciousness that has its own power, did not interfere in something that makes energy. That is, the energy, as a stream, and the stream of consciousness that can be controlled. But sometimes his consciousness can lead in the wrong direction.

Student: Helps to dispassionately observe?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To a certain extent, yes. Disconnect razotodzhestvitsya, disconnect, cut off.

Mula Bandha

Text: 4.41. Firmly clutching ass heel lift Apana Vayu. Mula bandha beats old age and death.

4.42. If during this Mudra the Yogi connects with Apana Vayu Prana vayu, then it will be Yoni Mudra.

4.43. Why not make the one who has mastered the Yoni-wise? Sitting in Padmasana, he leaves the ground and be able to move through the air.

4.44. To cross the ocean of the world, practice this bandha in secret.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: You see, there still is a point of view that the Shiva Samhita – a synthetic text, that it was written on the basis of other texts. There is a view that many of bandhas and mudras are repeated. That is the same thing, but only come down through a different school. Because the mule-bandha is actually the same thing, and that was before this bandha. A serious difference is that the heel closes the entrance to the anus, this amplified effect. Because you balk heel and easier for you to control the compression. You sit so that the left heel was in the anus. And you start to do the anus Apana Vayu, begin to distill up. Theory all the same, that we have already considered.

Student: And how long will it hold?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All individually. Depending on the order in which you are able to, and how long have you been practicing it.

Student: It is necessary to make long delays or short?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is somewhat another exercise, when done a series of short cuts. In Mula bandha is understood that you are squeezed, and you’re holding.

Text: 4.42. If during this Mudra the Yogi connects with Apana Vayu Prana vayu, then it will be Yoni Mudra.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Do you remember that we had a yoni-mudra. The meaning is the same. Only there still images added to meditation, but here in their effect is the same.

Text: 4.43. Why not make the one who has mastered the Yoni-wise? Sitting in Padmasana, he leaves the ground and be able to move through the air.

4.44. To cross the ocean of the world, practice this bandha in secret.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here the link to the superpowers. It is believed that after the Yogi cleared channels, eliminating unnecessary associative links, strengthened desired associative links, cleared the corresponding nodes destroyed here these obstacles. In the first place, then the whole prana beginning more economical and cost-conscious splurge, because there is no one millionth the amount of these associative links, which spent our energy and consciousness. There is in a sense the excess prana. That is, first, it is supplied by practice, and secondly it is not wasted unnecessarily, as before. Do you remember that prana – is a universal energy, and it can occur in any desired property. And it is likely that it is manifested in the physical property of the energy that is somewhere compensates for the force of gravity, and a man really learns to fly through the air. It sounds like science fiction.

There is evidence that it was, but too hung up on this is not necessary. People also fly on the aircraft, but it is something not particularly to make them happy. Here mention of superpowers rather as a warning that if you start, do not worry. Everything goes according to plan. Although more and more time. This mechanism of action of these supernormal abilities it is not so obvious.


Text: 4.45. The head lay on the ground, lift your legs up and move them in a circle. It – Viparita-Karani, kept secret in all the Tantras.

4.46. The yogi who practices Viparita-karani three hours daily conquers death and is not destroyed even in Pralaya.

4.47. Practicing this Bandhu and drinking nectar becomes equal to Siddhas.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here describe themselves on Viparita-karani difficult to understand what you want from. Put your head on the ground, and the legs BOAD upstairs. There is a gradation. When we put the head, throw the body and head as high as possible, we have the chin starts to rest on our body, we pinch the neck and turns jalandhara bandha, posture candles. And if we do in a free form, ie, we do not over-tighten this area, we have a body curved arc. Hands at the same time can be on the ground, you can prop up their body, you can throw at his head. All this leads to the fact that in the opposite direction begins to drain blood. Still under the influence of the gravitational field, gravitational field, everything starts to slide down.

There are some nuances. This position of the feet. Here it is said it is not clear – cool down. To twist a twist? It is clear that each school has its own characteristics fulfill even such widely known pos. In our tradition, the following is said that the position of the feet can be very different. Legs may be slightly behind the head can look straight up. But the most interesting, when the feet start to move away for some angle from the vertical position of the head toward the back. Thus there is a nuance: so tense all the muscles in the lower abdomen and the field of vacuum occurs. Because muscles that are tense and trying to keep dragging up and legs back, and in the lower abdomen turns a kind of vacuum, ie, as if we did uddiyana bandha. This is a serious effect. Because the resulting dilution, while all blood and fluid rushing towards discharge.

There is another serious aspect in this exercise. For men with their genitals device, the channels on which the seed falls into the prostate, and then in the penis goes through a complex channel nonobvious. This channel rises up front, and then dives for bladder rear bladder and prostate included respectively in the genitals. The yogi who observes brahmacharya and seriously engaged in yoga, the very first thing facing Yogi, if he goes in the right direction – it is an excess of sexual energy is so strong which, as a rule, no one is ready. Because yoga makes the body work efficiently and exempt additional energy. As well as simply by yoga exercises, we attract a lot of energy. And so made our bodies in the first place, this energy goes to the sexual energy. And if the yogi is not ready yet appropriate exercises to somehow deal with this sexual energy, it begins quite uncomfortable for him. Sexual energy is very active, it starts a sexual elation to raise some trims. In general, the effect of the sexual energy is very insidious in the sense that sometimes what seems pleasant – it is a veiled form of pain. This form of influence on the deepest sections of the brain, the most ancient structures. And here it begins a very tough game.

It is clear that sexual energy may be lost as in sex with losses. Do you remember that there are sex techniques without loss, is that yoga prescribes. For some reason everyone thinks that yoga is against sex. Yoga is not against sex. Yoga against sex with losses. That is, if you’re going to continue the human race – is yes! It is the most sacred! Here, everything is fair. The whole universe arises from this. It is impossible to name and lossy. If you practice a serious practice with her friend, lover, wife, there is no difference, there is this energy in you, or in it, because, in this sense, you – the two halves of the same whole.

But yoga warns uncontrolled disorderly energy loss. From which there is no pleasure or procreation, or practice, and it is as simple as the mechanism is triggered and all. Yoga says that it is not rational. It is not against it. In general, yoga is not against sex in all its forms, but it mentions that there are ways to take advantage of more reasonable this sexual energy. That is, if you spend it in any particular rhythm, depending on the condition of man and many, many factors that – for God’s sake! And if we want an excess of energy, we are starting to spend less in terms of spending, and more begin to sublimate her to work with her. In order to work with it, it should be.

And when there is a constant feeling of elation sex, it harasses the person, like a toothache. And this is a serious topic. For one thing, it can take days, but sometimes it takes months and years. Such harsh brahmacharya. Clearly, if it is and begins to vibrate in us, willingly or unwillingly, it cleanses the entire body. But it is a serious austerity.

Student: Perhaps this sense may be associated with pain, problems in humans. If it is clamped and dishonest refers to itself. And if he is fully relax, maybe he is going upstairs?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. It will be such a sublimation. It is psychologically very serious moment. Therefore, the sexual energy – it is in this sense very honest energy. And the slightest dishonesty with himself actually leads to the terminal, which does not allow the energy to sublime and be redistributed to other centers and there is a burning sensation.

In an environment where yoga took vows, vows similar to those monastic, these vows are talking about a very honest within yourself attitude to sex that it is not clamped. And it creates a nice background. Generally in this environment is very open relationship between a man and a woman in a good way. There yogini yoga and practice with each other. Oddly enough, some schools require that partners should be a lot, just as a woman and partner. A lot of – it’s not the whole universe, of course. But there are people that some aspects are fulfilled.

This is a serious topic and we will ever touch it. This is a continuation of a very serious vow – a vow of fidelity. It is paradoxical thing – it assumes that you’re not going to change his girlfriend nor in words nor thoughts, nor on affairs. But the change in any sense of the word? What do you want something from her to hide or conceal.

But everyone knows how to construct human psychology. What he can as much as necessary to swear allegiance, and in his dreams sees a harem of women. And that’s fine. This is so given to our body. Generally speaking, the sexual energy to be trifled with. As much as you want and what you want to invent morality itself, but as soon as a threat is the continuation of human life, the continuation of the birth of life – everything! All of this morality is swept under the zero! And yoga is all well understood. For God’s sake, practice with anyone, but do not hide. Be honest and open. This is only for those who have taken vows. God forbid distribute it to the general population. But these are yoga and yogini, who took these vows seriously, they have a simple relationship at this point, ie, not simple, and honest.

Student: If a young man tells his girlfriend or girlfriend demands that he said that he loved only her, then surely it will be a dual attitude. As it turns out, the man cuts a slice of the universe and says that it is love, and everything else is not. Here’s how here?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it’s difficult questions. But it is necessary to refer to them easier, because in this case, the girl just wants attention, she is entitled to. In fact, deep down, it can be quite normal and sane. I often watched these situations. This theme is very honest, clear, optimistic, which makes a man and a woman truly happy; all other scenarios, as I now understand, although statistics do not keep, but I see many examples that lead sooner or later to the suffering, to the cooling of relations. Well, the worst option, when seemingly everything is fine, and the man running around the women and peasants at a woman in secret. And this is dishonesty.

We touched on this issue, because when there is this dishonesty, all – somewhere there is a clamp. Maybe not at the lowest level may be slightly higher, perhaps at the highest level, but there is a clamp. This means that the energy sublime calm manner could not because of the clip, the contradictions. It is not true – it is called when the words that which is not, or contradiction.

Let’s go back a little earlier. It can manifest itself very strongly. This energy is much. It can immediately lose, and relief will come, but it’s short. Then up again in this form. Either constantly losing – is unreasonable, constantly feel is burning – it is a serious austerity. This is considered to be the most powerful asceticism.

In yoga provides a number of techniques that allow you to redistribute these feelings, take the edge off. And just Viparita-karani gives this opportunity. When in the area has accumulated energy to the limit, and she still continues, and continues to be developed. As mentioned in the texts: “Thoughts randomly jump up until breathing erratically, the seed continues to flow.” The idea is very good, there is something to work with. In yoga, any feeling, if you feel it is good, because is the basis for the work.

But in this case it is exhausting, like a toothache. Day and night and every day. Normally, the average person does not stand up. The common people say that it blows the roof, which is very dangerous. And God forbid he has glotnet alcohol. And a person in this state are drawn to feats, reckless, and even here the background. And yet, it has suffered, and then he grabs his head. This situation is not very funny. In this sense, it is not clear what is worse: losing energy or what you will suffer for all these adventures. But if we practice yoga, we are aware that we are doing.

And Viparita-karani allows you to remove, to facilitate and to redistribute this energy. I’m talking at the level of the physical, rough, material. Now I do not touch the delicate processes associated with the subtle energies. Do you remember what it is, according to the Shiva Samhita school, Apana Vayu, which throws all. And here you are, as it were just up. You physically turning his body-time, creating a corresponding vacuum-two, and being in this for a long time (here gravity facilitates you as Apana rush toward the prana, and prana – towards the Apana), ie are you doing this mix, remember how these mudras and bandha. There’s the main game – mix two streams. And then there’s enough enabled powerful sexual energy.

And at its heals very strong action, it is a serious thing. Because this sexual energy begins to transform easily into vital energy. And she begins to literally revive the whole body, because the potential of sexual energy is very large. Because younger people in this state.

Student: It is in a pose Viparita-karani flows to the head, but in the sushumna is not included?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see, what’s the matter. There is a serious nuance. Of course, a yogi, whose entrance into the sushumna is opened, then surely this position leads him into a state of samadhi. Serious in the sense of posture. But we’re talking about a yogi who just started practicing. So even if he just started practicing, you just doing this he gets a very strong advantage.

Student: Is there a difference between: you feet slightly away from the head or doing their head taps?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here is what he says: Say what you like them, and we said: play with his feet. For a long time you will not stand and begin to maneuver the position change. This is an internal process.

Student: a role to play right leg?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, definitely. Just with bent legs it’s just uncomfortable to do. This is done in the lotus position. It depends on what effect you want to get. The lotus position you can bend his legs, and his head is between your knees. At the same time you start to work out inside a specific area. Again. Viparita-Karani – is a posture where the legs are abandoned, and rotate them or play them, as it says here. It held it for a while, a little changed. In general, you dial up time.

If you long to perform this posture, there is a feeling as a child, when all channels are clean, and the perception of the world, it is natural. But there are warnings that this posture strengthens the digestive fire. It is necessary to eat well. I do not know what kind of impact there, but if you stand like an hour, you can earn yourself a stomach ulcer. If we make it twenty minutes a day, it’s okay, it’s not time. And I know people who can spend forty minutes in this position. Then a serious caveat – it is necessary to pay serious attention to diet and nutrition, so that everything was ok.

On the other hand, this is a great position to lose weight. It is believed that the digestive fire erupted, and first of all burn through all the fat. That is, people change shape.

Student: Actually, probably, all inversions kindle digestion?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Each in different ways. For example, the peacock pose, also seriously affects the navel center. That is not necessarily this may be an inverted posture.

Student: My guess is that this position is still uddiyana bandha?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Later you begin to play with your internal muscles. We have a long time ago, a few years ago there was a seminar on “mudras and bandha.” We somehow got into serious topics. I went on the rise for the seminar workshop. Any seminar – it is always a group of people at a seminar. If there is a group of people who understand the subject, it is possible to complicate the seminar, to complicate, complicate and reach the heights of Yoga. And if this is not possible, it is clear, it is necessary to dwell on public topics. They are no less serious. That’s something we have come – again.

So, in this position, you start to play the abdominal muscles, with the anus muscles, with genitals muscles. It is in this upside-down load is somewhat different, and feelings can be easily separated from the background of all sensations within you. And, accordingly, to understand how this all be manipulated or controlled. Here’s a nuance there. Therefore, simply by the fact that you’re in this position, and the more and more you start to realize and feel this area, then, respectively, to manage it. And once again I want to say that this is a serious method for the sublimation of sexual energy. And a number of other positive qualities.

Again, it is believed that in the same way as the blood flows to the head, like this time, the inner yogi flowing backwards. That is, in the yoga concept of age – it is not the concept of the calendar, it is the concept of the inner universe. Generally, it is considered good form to that yoga teacher looks very young, as a boy of 16-17 years. In Western culture must be gray-bearded, with unblinking eyes, with hooded eyelids gurus who slowly insinuating give word for word, ie, truth. This is our stereotype. And if we turn to the texts or serious traditions, such as hatha yoga, these all branches tantric yogi, ie all that was little known, but which really was a real job. Once again, these are all followers of yoga, they are invisible. They have never had to advertise their special purpose surveys. Publicize research in the field of yoga was the last one hundred to one hundred and fifty years, because mankind has passed a certain threshold. If you read the text of these schools, the situation is different: young man sitting, surrounded by gray-haired bearded, and he taught them yoga. It is such a distinctive feature.

So, back to Viparita-Karani. It is believed that the internal time flows backwards, and thus prolongs youth. Extended lifetime. But it still depends, in which you state. Generally, in the environment of yoga is believed that the problem of immortality – problem solved in the working order. Only it is useless. Man at his naivety thinks he wants to be forever young and forever wants to live. But as his spiritual growth, he realizes that this is madness.

Student: If he sees himself as a body, then he wants the body for a long time there. And if he sees himself as a deep structure, then, well, the body is dead, but everything else is something left. So?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Approaches much. We will not deal with them now. The only thing I want to say that the general opinion among the many yoga schools, not even related to each other that this issue is solved. But only those who more or less seriously engaged in this and came to this issue, as a rule, rarely use it. For one simple reason. Horizons, which open a much more exciting and fantastic than the simple existence in this world, in the physical body, even though the young.

Again, what is meant by immortality? Well, if a man live 300-400 years, our understanding of it is virtually immortal. Five hundred years ago Columbus discovered America. Even a significant prolongation of life in itself is a serious moment. Will not we on this subject for a long time to talk. The only thing that there are exercises in yoga, which, at least, slow down the aging process, and some of the processes actually reversed. The aging process is still unclear. The secret of why the person is aging, as far as I know, in the scientific community such a serious topic. Some believe that there is some kind of cell suicide mechanism, all sorts of hypotheses. However, yoga is considered that there are exercises that this process can be, at least, slow down.

Viparita-Karani is one of these methods. But again, as with all other such wonderful practices, which we are studying. We must understand that truly, it appears, if people in other areas have already prepared. In all other practices. Because you can not arbitrarily lose energy on one, but to lose it on the other. Viparita-karani draws internal clock and younger people. This is manifested in different ways. Sometimes it manifests itself in feelings of health. Do you feel there is, as if you were very few years. We remember how we feel as a child and understand that feelings begin overwritten every year. But this posture we return life experiences sharpness.

Generally, yoga, of course, the greatest science. I just wonder. What surprises me is that it is necessary in this crazy world of yoga as a spread, and people like crazy, somewhere to run, here are the eyes. They do not see, do not understand, they do not hear anything in the pursuit of some sort of blatant nonsense. No, to stop, reflect on their lives, their place. Of course, there is a strange feeling, especially when you begin to seriously practice, you start somewhere out of the world. Here you have a time – and left the world. And you look at it is humanity that is rushing somewhere, with very mixed feelings. That together, all together, in fact, some processes are, but each separately – this is some madman who like a cog, it bears somewhere, and he does not understand much.

Disciple: Viparita-karani unprincipled stand all the time in this position? You can vary?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I talked about this and will repeat. See how here evasively said about kicking rotation. That is, accept this position, and rotate the leg BOAD. To explain the process. In other schools, it said that just plays with his position: for example, five minutes, so five minutes so, five minutes since. Remember that yoga is necessary to reopen. First and foremost, it is necessary to trust your inner feelings. And so they will prompt you when to change the situation.

Student: But knowing that in this situation stronger than stimulated consciousness and energy, we must strive to do so?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Strictly speaking, any position Viparita-Karani helps sublimation. But when we register legs back, sometimes removed most acute manifestation. That direct impact on the physical organs. And strictly speaking, as if you did not hold, you are sublimation energy. But this question is an internal game with the internal sensations.

Therefore, sometimes they say: “How to implement it?”. I meet descriptions on pages forty-performance Viparita Karani. This is the same as the difference between the picture painted on a piece of paper from the film and a half hours long. In fact, the key point here is your inner feeling. Approximately accept position and trust your instincts. Rediscovered yoga. But so that each finger somewhere staring at you – it’s crazy. Because if you suddenly turn the energy in a different direction, and you: “No! It says 25 degrees, 48 seconds, held at an angle! “. And this internal installation oak nullifies the internal processes. Of course, they are, but not with the efficiency with which it was not.

Student: Do you spend a lot of time to work it to perfection, and rediscovering get faster?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. So first of all we trust their feelings. Yoga, we must rediscover. Any description of the exercises, like this – one line. This is the modern authors write volumes on each exercise. And they do not begin to describe the psychology of emotions, philosophy, sensations, and they begin to dull, as if the man was a robot to measure how and where to look should a finger where the head is turned, where the hands, feet. They think that the more rigidly they describe, the greater the science of yoga. But they do not realize that by doing so they killed yoga. Serious this point in teaching yoga. Unfortunately, the Western rational mind wants a very hard clear guidelines: “I have to do so, so and so!”. The most favorite phrase people: “Did I do right?”. They panic are afraid to do wrong. And they can not understand that if you do not do a pose, then you do another pose.

Student: This freedom comes with time? I tried one, two, three?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe. But I know people who have spent decades grind what polish is not necessary. Let’s go further.


Text: 4.48. Retractable innards around the navel. This Uddiyana-Bandha. Like a lion, this Uddiyana-Bandha kills elephant death.

4.49. Yogi, making it five times a day, it clears your stomach and it cleanses the body of Vayu.

4.50. Gastric fire erupted, and the yogi conquers death.

4.51. This is achieved Vigraha-Siddhi.

4.52. After examining it from a Guru, the wise Yogi practice this invaluable aggressively wise in a quiet environment.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Uddiyana-bandha. How is it performed? Strictly speaking, it can be performed standing, sitting or lying down. We are beginning to draw the wall of the abdomen, it is clear that the area of the navel and massaged at the same time rises with all its consequences. Apana Vayu-rises mixed with Prana Vayu in the navel area. This mixture, as you remember, cleans all channels and centers. As a consequence, first, the associative unnecessary channels, communication nadi discarded desired begin to work effectively. Therefore, a person is in a good state of health, he has no health problems, very efficiently using its vital energy. But there is another point that uddiyana-bandha somewhere we start trying to get the energy to penetrate into the sushumna.

Student: In the navel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is an open question how it all happens. Uddiyana with Sanskrit values – offer, raise, upward. And we like to force the energy uddiyana-bandha enter the central channel in its final form. Until then clean all secondary channels to get to the entrance of the sushumna.

And I must say, there is something to clean. Because the navel center is very dirty. You eat the food, where it disappears? A scientist or physician will tell you that it is you have digested under the influence of internal enzymes. From the point of view of yoga, all the food that you eat, then by association svyazey..Esli quite yogic science, then you got a piece of food, the previous structure is broken and is embedded in the new. According to the new associative relations she is embedded in your body. You like stretching a new associative relationship to each bite of food, accordingly, you are impregnated with it his prana. You are destroying all the associative links within the food, that have been, and establish new, which take away all this by your body and make it part of your body. And it is clear that it should be a powerful inflow of brute power, which must destroy all the unnecessary associative links to the food digest. If this can not be done, then the person indigestion or poisoning. If he has an excess of prana if the umbilical system or, as it says here, the umbilical fire, it works fine, the yogi, not to eat, even if he drinks the poison, it simply breaks down the poison, but the digests.

Here there is one supernormal yogi, who has long engaged in yoga. People who just do yoga seriously, there is the ability to do what they can digest slabosedobnye things. An ordinary man would have been exactly the disorder yl any problems. A yogi is normal. Because the navel center cleared in excess energy, this energy to digest, ie It destroys the previous associative connections that went with the meal and builds new ones in the body, according to the associative law. All of this is held by prana. There are foods in which associative connections are easily broken, easily digestible, clean food. There are not very clean food. Then these fragments of unclean elements with the remaining associative, of course, embedded in the body, but they are ineffective. First of all, they clog the umbilical region. That is why the prescribed yogic diet to eventually dirty items out, net rose to the place. If everything here is pure, then eventually all the rest will be replaced by clean.

So uddiyana Bandha stimulates to ensure that the navel center with numerous clean energy channels, pump. There is still nauli. When, after uddiyana bandha we begin to shake the stomach. There in the vacuum, and we start playing muscles and shaken. It’s kind of hatha yoga for bowel, stomach, internal organs. Here we are like my bottle? Pour water and let it shake strongly. Here the same time. We are starting to use it all, all the dirt and eventually begins to go on a subtle level, however, both on the physical as well. On the physical cleaning is too. Because the intestines – a major organ, he lives by his own rules. You know that one person E. coli about three kg. In general – we are quite complex system. We eat food, this food is digested within the first bacteria useful for us. That is, the first load they take. And we eat the products of their vital activity, or by themselves. It is a complex system.

Here, for example, there are insects – termites. They have a very complex supply process. They eat the wood. But the digestive cycle is distributed in their several levels. One level of the primary eating and digesting. Excrement eat second level and bring it to a certain condition. And the third – so on. As a result of this chain of nutrients absorbed, and then somehow redistributed to the first and did not die of hunger, and the last is something battered. It is very difficult for the organization of the digestive process, which extends over a few things.

Here is a man in a certain sense the same. Belly food that is processed gastric juice and other enzymes, a serious burden on taking those bacteria that are within us. They, in turn, break the associative links. In general, a very complex system. So, when we do uddiyana bandha, then, of course, we direct a very serious procedure. Because somewhere there is stagnation, and some toxins can not get out. Even in the physical layer. Somewhere lack of blood flow and oxygen, and other substances. We are all shaken and keep in good shape.

Student: Uddiyana-bandha interacts with pranayama. It turns out that this is done on the exhale and with a delay?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. And indirectly, it is also working with prana. And here the continuation of sexual themes. This is also a very serious method for the sublimation of sexual energy, like Viparita-Karani. Again, if everything is stretched to the limit, thereby facilitates the redistribution of you, shoot it very hard clip. But in the future, directly start to control the energy of sex.

It is also a serious method, if you practice sex without a loss in yoga sex when you’re approaching this critical moment, when you are able to lose energy, you, including through such retractors movements begin to manage both physical seed , it starts to move in the opposite direction, and subtle process. Because ejaculation process itself, not only physical, it is also mental. Not to mention the flows Apana, etc., which follow the mind. If you make up uddiyana bandha, you can not help your mind for him – energy, for energy – sexual energy. Here. That is, it facilitates the sublimation of sexual energy and allows you to effectively keep Brahmacharya in terms nerastraty on trifles.

Disciple: to raise the seed in the process of sex yoga, when uddiyana bandha better perineum relax and Mula bandha do to further went retraction. Or clamping muscles of the perineum?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, it’s different options you are now called. Furthermore, in many situations it is necessary to differently manipulate these muscles. It definitely can not be said, because it is in the process. You see, some are such exercises-direction. Work in this direction, and the nuances of the fines will be opened to you.

First, you do not feel all these muscles just do not feel. And you do as you feel. Over time, you are more and more details and subtleties will open in the corresponding manipulation of muscles, and you’re there you start to play within yourself. Therefore, all of these bandhas and mudras are given as a first approximation, that the work in this direction. And then later, when you understand the processes inside, then you start to manipulate them.

Of course, there is a moment, as you said, when we raise the navel and compress the crotch area. And it happens not when we lift and crotch area is not compressed. And if we control the muscles of the anus, and are able, when necessary, to relax them, then making uddiyana bandha with relaxed muscles involuntarily turns cleaning procedure, such as an enema. So you just – and draws in water, if you’re in the water, without any auxiliary external tools. Chat now her confidence back and poured. And so a few times. For this we must learn to control the muscles of the anus, because we feel them slightly. But if you learn to relax, this helps Viparita-Karani, as in an inverted state, we begin to feel them more clearly. This lower area – a favorite theme for yoga alliance yoga sex. There is about the same, but may be a few other words, and more emphasis on sexuality. In fact, what I said to you today. Here, the emphasis at all for the purpose and practice of working with the central channel, and in yoga union all the same thing, but only with a specific sharpening sexual energy.

It is believed that if a person is cleared navel center, it is able to control the process of aging and death. How does this happen? Question serious. Firstly, a more efficient use of the body, and secondly, sooner or later begin to work the structures that the average person does not work, and a lot of interesting things.

Student: Uddiyana-bandha. Sama Bandha – a breath delay, the retraction of the abdomen wall and hold in this position. I have heard indications that can be massaged, ie lower and retract back to the delay. It turns out this game?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. Sometimes carry uddiyana bandha is sometimes easier if you sit in the lotus position or something like that, then you exhale, bend over, and then begin to climb without inspiration. And you naturally get uddiyana bandha. At the same time you can still stretch his hands on his knees. There are a lot of nuances.

Disciple: nauli doing sitting in the lotus position? And the spine should be straight?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And in the lotus position and standing. Spine let it be in any position. even need a spine, when you fall into a meditation. And when you work with your body, then you twist it the other way around as you please.

Student: During the bandh, too, can remember the central channel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, yes. Do you like trying to push the energy back. Of course, our physical backbone is related to the central channel. But only to a certain extent. Again and again. In the dream, you can up to bed, and at the same time in a dream you’re going to see yourself right. If anything, they are somewhere in the same, but these are things of the parallel spaces. If the spine is straight, then we no physical sensations do not interfere with focus on the center channel. If the spine in some other position, we have somewhere in the clips, and here we go-go and jumps to the physical sensations. There should be no such provision, the spine straight. No. The spine is straight while meditating. Live – means that you do not interfere, there is no restraint, all in equilibrium. Because, if you look from the side, it is really bent.

Sometimes I hear such nonsense dog that the yogi eventually yoga spine, allegedly rectified, that it becomes a straight line. As for this exercise are to the wall there as something to cuddle. But you know perfectly well that a person with a straight spine and passes two steps, he immediately falls from a concussion. Because the spine, as a shock absorber. These issues should be treated with common sense.

Shakti-Chalan Mudra

Text: 4.53. Let the Yogi raises the Kundalini sleeping in Adhar-lotus using Apana Vayu. It – Sakti-Chala, giver of all forces.

4.54. It prolongs life and cures all diseases.

4.55. Kundalini serpent rises practice this mudra.

4.56. He who practices the Shakti-chalani in accordance with the instructions of the Guru reaches Vigraha-siddha and overcomes the fear of death.

4.57. One who practices this Mudra only two seconds, but with diligence, he is close to success.

4.58. No equal the ten wise. Even with one of them can be Siddha (success attained).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, there is only one accent. As you can see, there are no descriptions. A specific description is not, but there is an indication: to do so, as prescribed by your guru. Here a list of how you can do this, and positive quality of execution.

Here, an interesting point, it is assumed that you have already made all the other practices. Prepared and cleanse the body, I did all the preparatory moments and poliruesh. The last such strokes. Since there is no specific description of such, we will not consider it as part of the Shiva Samhita. We will consider it in other texts. Here again I would like to make this emphasis that the same wise, the same practice, transmitted by different teachers, even schools can vary somewhat in the performance. So do not be surprised if you meet the same mudra with different performance characteristics. This, perhaps, is all I’m saying.

Section wise we passed. Once again, according to the wise. First – this is the practice of breathing exercises. Clears channels are perceived energy. And then begins the manipulation of these internal flows, pushing their heads together, redirecting, manipulating the senses, with the position of the body and so forth. Through skillful manipulation of the threads that were already awake inside these manipulations lead to such feelings and such effects on the mind, that a person falls into a different state. These experiences and feelings leads to the fact that his mind began to work in other enlightened mode. More important is that enough for two seconds and remain in a particular practice that the effect lasted and lasted.

This specific mechanisms, such as via manipulation of the internal flows and energies provoke arouse such emotions and feelings, such bursts of energy, which in turn affect the perception of the world. Purify the wrong perception of the world and give him the truth. The beauty of these is wise that you are starting to work with the physical body, with its energy, as a result you gain enlightened consciousness. With these practices veil falls, and you see the suchness of existence. Tantric yogi section is so important, because you do not have a particularly philosophize, to understand the philosophy and those or other matters, you just feel it in their lives.

Returning to the issue of sexual practices. Someone has said that there is no need to practice them a man with a woman physically, only can be achieved by a thin, mental performance, and it is not necessary to perform the gross physical body. This approach, of course, has the right to life. Of course, such an approach can be and achieve something. But just from the actual physical connection releases energy, and you do not have to exert too much effort in meditation. They simply just all dirt sweep from your mind, and the mind is very clean unit in nature. And once all the dirt swept away, you gain quite a different consciousness, as if no efforts are being made in the field of meditation. And then you are very easy to achieve success in all other meditations on what other people spend years of his life of hard work. That is an aspect of energy. This push, cleansing our body. The push toward purification of consciousness.

Word wise sometimes translated not only as a symbol, as a kind of imprinting, a collision of some energy, but as an act that leads to a qualitatively different type of work of consciousness. In other words, consciousness becomes enlightened. Or at least, it gets rid of obscuring factor that has accumulated over many lifetimes of karmic. This is the greatest charm is wise. But this is only for those who practice. Now, if one practices, if he works on himself, he gets.

And thoughts, conversations of the wise will be no result. This is great because if you start to study philosophy, you begin to meditate on some aspects of ultimate reality, to study metaphysics, which in theory, as in Jnana Yoga, should lead you to a higher knowledge and enlightenment, then you are on the road in these Talmuds you can simply drown, lost.

But here you do not get lost, because you, working on the dirt, discard the veil or veil from their eyes. And then you easily understand the philosophical aspects that you could not see before. After wise there is an influence not only on the inner wisdom and intelligent and impact. If a person practices, he receives, if not practice – to talk about it useless.


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