Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.1-5.42).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.1-5.42).

Title of the lecture:

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 5. Sadhana.

(AF 5.1 -. 5.42).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: Sadhana, bhoga (enjoyment), dharma, four kinds of Yoga, four types of students, praktikopasana, Raja Yoga, a mystery.

Date and place of the lecture read:

December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

16. The main text of the lecture.


Text 5.1. Parvati said, Oh, Lord! Oh, beloved Shankar (Shiva). Tell me for the sake of those whose minds are looking for the highest goal, interference in Yoga.

5.2. Siva said: “Listen, O Goddess! I’ll tell you about all the obstacles that stand in the way of yoga. ” Bhoga (enjoyment) – the greatest of all obstacles.

Bhoga (enjoyment)

5.3. Women, soft bed, seat, wealth, delicious dishes, carriages, kingdoms, power, gold, precious stones, animals, the study of the Vedas and Shastras, dancing, singing, decoration, wives and children – all this great noise. Now listen to the obstacles arising from religious ceremonies.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The style of the following text. Or, Parvati asked Shiva to his wife about the mysteries of yoga, and he tells her. Or vice versa. When Shiva asks his wife Shakti, and she teaches him. These are two class of sacred texts. In this case, Parvati asks Shiva, and he answers it.

And now directly to the topic of the obstacles. Bhoga – sense gratification. To understand what is the meaning here, back to the description of the human body. Our Coupled with our bodies, with a group of bodies, by means of associative links. Our I find myself these bodies. Here it was decided to consider the case. Once it is decided to consider the associative link – time stretched, her prana gone. And prana is already like a rubber band. In this sense, I became a slave to the bodies. It feels these bodies. And, accordingly, if the bodies that something bad happens, then the association I am beginning to suffer.

There is a very interesting purely philosophical question. If the natural state of the self – is a delight, a state of happiness, joy, whence then takes a state of suffering, pain, sorrow? The answer is. Just as the darkness – it is not an entity in itself, but only the absence of light. The light can be measured, described, such as to define it, and the darkness can not, it is not there. And there is no quality. That’s like this is considered in yoga that the natural state of the self – is a delight, joy and happiness.

And the pain and suffering arise very interesting way. Our I’m due to ignorance identifies itself with the bodies. And this association prana, as a pure manifestation of the joy of living, happiness, life begins to flow through this association in our bodies. And within these bodies that are associated with our I’m going on a very interesting phenomenon. As a result of our error I shares this pleasure potency, energy, prana into two streams and pushes their foreheads. It is inconceivable thing: to take pleasure potency, split in half and knock heads together. It is believed that the state of pain, dissatisfaction, discomfort arises precisely this. That in itself there is no energy pain. By itself such a thing does not exist. This is a perverse pleasure to use energy, joy and happiness.

Now further. So, all the happiness, all the joy and all the pleasure that I am able to experience already with him and so it is. But I am using the association binds itself with the bodies. A body through the senses – with external objects and phenomena. Hence, a logical conclusion, which is the cornerstone of Tantra Yoga – there is no pleasure without. Moreover, it does not even exist in our bodies. All pleasure in H.

But so cleverly made associative links that connect the I with the bodies that have some sort of a contract. That’ll do it, and it’s so-and-so, select a certain hormone that affect the nerve endings, and thus free up a small amount of the energy of this association as a pleasure potency. And I’m glad.

Another situation. This energy enjoyment faces foreheads, and I suffer. Amateur drink sits and thinks pleasure in vodka: “Now I drink a glass of vodka, and is a delight to me be passed!”. The vodka is no pleasure. It’s just a mechanism, as the key to the lock, which opens in delight. And if we do not understand that all the enjoyment within our Y. Here we assume we did something and got to enjoy as a result of any activity. That is just a cunning mechanism that by associative links or gives more prana or prana bang their heads – it’s a pain.

For example, on the day set aside a certain amount of Prana, has a reservoir of prana, and we take the prana in advance, it is temporarily a lot, and we are happy, and then there is a shortage – we feel bad. We drank a glass of vodka – we rise, and then a hangover. For this reason, all drugs, psychotropic substances, alcohol is a yoga point of view is absolutely useless.

Question: “And then what happens.” And then there is one thing. What if the person does not realize that the source of pleasure in itself, and continues to this associative link, and here there is a whole list. Read more of it.

Text 5.3. Women, soft bed, seat, wealth, delicious dishes, carriages, kingdoms, power, gold, precious stones, animals, the study of the Vedas and Shastras, dancing, singing, decoration, wives and children – all this great noise.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Now, if this association is extended even further: I have a harem of thirty girlfriends with whom I’m happy. But the real happiness is not even in the harem. I prolong this associative relationship even further. That is because associative connection passes from my I’m up to my body. And associative connection – from my I’m up to my body, and then through the senses, and even further to the harem.

Student: I think this is also part of the harem itself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! It associates itself with it, this thread is, and if a harem something happens, then I will start to suffer. But if ten years pass, and the harem is outdated, and you can change it. That is changing, and I do not suffer from this. What is the difference? The difference is that this association is weakened and eventually fell off. And we have all the same that this harem.

The association is related to the emotions and as a consequence, with desires. You want it to have. Moreover, do you wish to have it always, or do you wish that it does no harm. And if it is harmful, then you start to suffer. You see, through an association thread your prana, and prana to determine the energy of pleasure, joy, happiness, vitality, but she cleverly associated with the subject, and if the subject starts to deteriorate or break, then your prana is divided in half, facing their foreheads, and the energy of pleasure it is converted to the sensation of pain.

For this reason, where the associative links are, you’re a list of read, they make us hostages. They seem to be open to us pleasure, but at the same time, we are in a sense become slaves of pleasure. If the association is there and this is something begins to happen, and this is beyond the control of us: to grow old, to break down, then we begin to suffer. Moreover, we begin to strive to prevent this. We begin to spend time, effort and energy on something to keep his stupid idea of happiness. This is a terrible handicap. Because we do not understand what the point of all our enjoyment in our Ya

Therefore bhoga is a serious obstacle. That is why and took the vows of renunciation. The monk left the house, gold, wealth, and went somewhere else to roam. It is for this reason that there is no association, which in the long run will bring him misery.

And if the person ceases to cling to, sooner or later, he begins to understand the associative law, from the source, and how to upstream reaches its Ya Good. It is a path of asceticism. It is not one-sided. He’s very good.

But at the same time in the tantric yogis contrary prescribe use good food, beautiful women, sex and other attributes of luxury to practice. The texts referred to a saying: “If there is bhoga, sensual pleasure, why should Yoga?”. Tantra Teachings says that there is no contradiction, ie, You can use the bhoga yoga. But if you know what you’re doing. If you think that the enjoyment of a glass of vodka or a harem or a golden throne in the State Duma, then that makes you a slave.

And if you show that an association, but it is just as easy and clean, if you learn to manipulate these associative and shimmer prana, then here and there, then you have a powerful tool there is. That sooner or later you will take this flow of prana legkoperelivayuscheysya with associative – and wham, back toward the source.

Student: If you get pleasure from the vodka, then, to drink it. But a string of pleasure to come to power. Concentrate not on the glass, and on the enjoyment?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. There still is a lot of different factors that make sense gratification serious accelerators on the spiritual path. This so-called fast methods of yoga. I occasionally meet people I say that tantra yoga through delight in the supreme ecstasy and other stuff. You know, I do not believe them. They were not austerity, even in the slightest his share. People who are not able to hold myself in a little austerity, are unable to achieve pleasure in the manifestation of ecstasy. Keep in mind that if we are talking about the fastest method, here in one hand austerity, in the other – to enjoy. But as obstacles, if not more this awareness, practices and methods, it is a serious obstacle.

Yes there is no secret why people do not do yoga? It is because they are absorbed by these temptations here, that’s all these pleasures. Again, there is nothing wrong with them. Poor – in the other, they enslave.

Still I would like to stop here on what. And like the Vedas and the Shastras – a celebration, because it is contrary sort. There is an interesting feature of this. Sometimes the study of the scriptures becomes a kind of refined pleasure. Like the wild man who let a leg of lamb, and he did not even eat fried, the highly educated Give oysters, delicious dishes are extremely difficult to prepare. By and large, that those that satisfy some other needs, though one – the physical, the other – a more refined taste buds. And there is an intelligent form of enjoyment. It is to talk about these topics, discuss them, poumnichat. From this, one also gets the intellectual pleasure. In humans, the development of intelligent, it even surpasses the pleasure, which is obtained from food and drink. Therefore, sometimes it is also a very serious trap. And the study itself is also a trap, instead of practicing. It’s like reading detective stories.

Interesting. Again, nothing wrong there, but you can not become a slave to it. You can not associate myself with anything. And if you associate yourself associatively though with something, then learn to quickly turn off the associative links, otherwise you will suffer. You see, these are the principles of renunciation. Let’s go further.


Text 5.4. Obstacles created by Dharma: bathing, dieting and sacred days of the moon, fire sacrifice, hankering liberation vows, fasting, silence, asceticism, and contemplation of the objects of contemplation, mantras, give alms, world fame, monasteries,

fasting, worship of the Moon (Chandra-yang) and the pilgrimage.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: If the first were sensual and intellectual pleasure, the second major obstacles to the Shiva Samhita seem to contradict the first. In the broad sense of the word dharma – a way that protects against misfortune. The Russian sense of the word, if you will, dharma – a religion or religious affiliation. And oddly enough, it is also becoming a very serious obstacle. It is listed by the way, including, and asceticism. As we become slaves of some concepts. Even somewhere leading to some correct truth, but you can get lost on the road in these concepts. All the same, the ultimate reality to be endured. And when we head full of concepts, and we are all waiting for the same ultimate reality will be through those higher concepts, we can not wait for anything.

Therefore, in this sense, yoga practitioner expects nothing. He does not wait for enlightenment in the form in which anticipates. He simply refuses to anticipation. But the reality is the highest, it is the fact and the ultimate reality. It’s either there or it is not. And the anticipation – this reproduction of a rough experience experience. And it was not. Therefore, all these religious concepts, all of these methods: “I’m going to do this, this and this, and then attain enlightenment!”. And who told you that? If it were so simple: do it, and then it will attain enlightenment. In the Upanishads, and in general in all these texts saying that someone shows Atman? Atman is shown only one to whom it is shown. I’m nedoslovno, loosely translated.

No fasting or studying the scriptures, nor almsgiving, nor good deeds or good deeds or good karma, no rituals, no spells, no mantras, no yantras, you can not use any of this to know your Higher Self Atman Atman is attained only those to whom he reveals himself.

But at the same time, if a person makes provisions performs religious practices, recite mantras, etc., the likelihood that it will appear higher. Therefore, in an absolute sense, the knowledge of reality, as claimed, it must come without concepts. Once we have these concepts, everything is tight fitting.

Student: It’s probably close to the description in the tantras Pasha-sadhak and sadhak-Viru. When a person follows some concepts, installations, or it from the heart?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here are a few in another way. Here, in the way that bhoga – this is more of an obstacle limitation of the field of energy from the field of sensual pleasures. Man thinks that he knows what he wants, a man think that he knows how the opening of the beyond will occur.

Student: That is, he is not ready to accept the result, if it is not in its conception?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. And this is a very serious obstacle.

Text 5.5. And now I will describe about Parvati, the obstacles arising from the knowledge: sitting in Gomukhasane and practicing Dhauti, Nadi discernment, study Pratyahara, the desire to awaken the Kundalini rapid movement of the abdomen, taking the path of Indra and knowledge Nadi action. All this – the obstacles.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is confusing, seemingly contradictory observation. That is, only that we were told about all the charm, as it is necessary to awaken the Kundalini energy flow control, and then claimed that it is also an obstacle. With sensual pleasures like all is clear. Concept, knowledge, asceticism, dharma, stereotypes also okay. But this is a third way to manipulate the internal structures, with the device, with all with all. And he is also an obstacle !? What then, ladies and gentlemen, this text?

But if it is to understand, the biggest challenge is to find an association that comes from our self to our bodies. Which is the result of Maya, she reached out to our bodies. And in our bodies, of course, there is also energy and nadi, they work just as well. But you can just as well get stuck in this small unit of the body. The task is surely not the case. The task – further and higher up. Find an association that connects our bodies with our I learn to disconnect it. Overcoming ignorance here is why I identify myself with these bodies.

And with a more cursory reading it turns out that everything is contrary to each other. Thus, by and large, all can be an obstacle, if we do not strive for the very highest. At the same time, things can get help on the way, if we are committed to it. That is bhoga and tantra yoga moves us very strongly to achieve Supreme, dharmic and compliance requirements, and manipulation of subtle energies. All of them can lead us to the knowledge of the Self or may not lead. It is possible to get lost, get lost, mistaken. This is a very difficult kind of thing. But at the same time, we must do something.

What should be achieved is beyond concepts, beyond reasoning. Roughly speaking, we are acting in the plane, and we have to fly up into the third dimension. And we run around in a circle plane. And our task – to fly up, up. So, on the one hand, if we are properly run, it is somewhere increase our chances to take off, but on the other hand, we are still doing everything in the plane. So this is a mystic transition mystic enlightenment, enlightenment – is the qualitative state.

Text 5.6. Now, of Parvati, on the misconceptions about diet: the view that Samadhi can be caused by taking any chemicals or special food – wrong.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is an important position. In the sixties of the last century we had hippies, at the same time spread very strong synthetic drugs: LSD and other nonsense. A lot of people try to become them, and, indeed, they fell out of the usual society.

Do you remember that society is like a body where there is associative links. All associative connections form what is called a society, a nation, a cultural layer. Such commonality of thinking, attitudes, behaviors, goals, etc. it basically keeps the country from collapse. And that, in general, good. Because once these connections are weakened, then there is a split society.

For example, when there were Slavic tribes, and then they began to break up. And we now have all the Poles, Slovaks, Yugoslavs, Ukrainians and Belarusians. Here’s to the Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russian these ties are strong enough. Because, even if they are now considered individual states, are more common than divides us. But other countries have seriously fallen off, the same poles. Because associative connections were disrupted, although there remains a lot of binding.

That’s just as well, and in society. When you live, you go to work, you are some kind of installation: it is good to make a career, to be a law-abiding citizen, and so forth. This is on one hand very well, but on the other hand, sometimes the stick is bent, and all life stops in zombiruyut program. So you’re a cog in this huge factory, stripped of his identity, you just performs some function. And sometimes so much pressure society, that it is human zombiruet. And very hard to break. It only seems that just to escape from social constraints.

Once again I say that there are moments in the social restrictions that unite, otherwise everything fell apart. But on the other hand, sometimes it gets a very strong function of the pressures, both in the same America, where the installation of such lzhepatriotizma that just occurred in the sixties, there is war in Vietnam, the CIA bad things and other stuff. And all this under the pressure of oppressive society that you could not escape mentally, not to physically resist it. You mentally was in this world. And the world turned into an uninteresting, monotonous, boring sequence of events, in some cases even programmed.

So we spread these psychotropic substances, drugs, and it is clear that in the sixties, the generation of our parents began to lean heavily on the case. Clearly, we have not, of course, there. And many of them almost created a religion dedicated to all of these psychotropic substances. Because, really, you have frustrated these associative links, and you fell out of the familiar world into something fantastic. Moreover, if the terms of the drug went there a serious addiction followed by degradation of the person who uses them. Because some associative connection though they were torn, but then there were other, even more worse and scary.

Nevertheless, such a wave has passed that psychoactive substances can lead to a qualitatively new state of consciousness. At the time of the prophets drugs summed whole theory that mankind eats normal food, so he has the mind and consciousness work in the same way, and our whole civilization – a product of what we eat cereals: bread, for example. But if we, as wild men in the jungle would eat mushrooms or special stems psychotropic substances, which can not be attributed directly to the drug, addiction is no such, the alleged human mind would work in a different way. And we would create another civilization more spiritual and aimed high.

Serious enough flow among hippies. All of these advances with enough substance ended in failure, a huge number of people have died, others have switched to more powerful drugs actions, which killed directly or indirectly. Pathetic unit, those who survived, said: “Yes, maybe it was the right step. But! More it will not be! “. Failed idea. This is serious, at first glance, but it is not a wealthy inside.

And I must say that this approach, more than one thousand years. And it was mentioned in the Shiva Samhita. It is understood that before the yogis experimented with his body, with the diet, food and, of course, they went on psychotropic substances. Which gave the illusion that you have a revealed knowledge that you climb higher and higher, and that you open serious horizons of being.

But we should here say something like axioms. Oh, I do not know how open mind, and a man otherwise perceives this reality, what a fantastic doing it open, but in yoga there is a very strict instructions: absolute liberation and enlightenment through these methods can not be achieved. That is, it is like a death sentence. Therefore, from time to time I come across in these get-togethers with experimentalists in the field of all these stimulants. They are also quite well-read people who are smart enough, they call this the fact that they are experimenting. There should be very clear right to dot the “i”.

From the point of view of philosophy, ideology and method of yoga, these methods are, at best, will show that the reality to which we are accustomed to the same illusion. Should you take psihosredstvo, and the same picture is presented to you in a completely different form, in other aspects. The benefit of all this is very, very relative. Well, the most important thing in the absolute sense of the word, the whole chemistry makes it impossible to get the higher of the results sought by yoga. If we are not talking about a direct drug addiction, then they are likely to lead away, and even more confusing practice, rather than unravel. It should be remembered.

Again and again. In our country and in all civilized countries, it is worth to you to go to a third world country and there on every corner most diverse nonsense. Just pull out a fat wallet and unbuckle. This is India and other such countries. And there is not such an obvious question. And so it is now a lot of people traveled to these countries, they remain unprepared in terms of the theory of yoga, how to treat this. And including the text of the Shiva Samhita states that using narcotic drugs can not reach a higher state of samadhi. You can reach intermediate states of consciousness. They are all different depending on the kind of stuff you will enter into itself.

But in the absolute sense of the word free or win, to reach the absolute goal of using chemistry impossible. The reason for this is quite understandable. You know, once the French patents bureau refused to consider a perpetual motion machine. Constantly there is an idea to create a perpetual motion machine. This is contrary to certain fundamental laws of our world. Do you remember what you have three bodies: gross (physical), subtle and causal. Or three groups of bodies. And now the entire chemical crap or all of these stimulants in the best act on the physical body. But! You’re not only the physical body. You also subtle and causal body. And there are already over this border, no chemicals can not penetrate. It can to a certain extent make different work the physical body, through the association to influence the subtle and causal body, but only as long as there is this associative connection.

But taking all these substances are rearranged, including associative relationships. What to some extent you could push the first time, after work ceases. Because it is all from the field of chemistry. And our task – through associative links affecting the gross physical body and bridge the gap to the subtle body, and the subtle – to the cause. So we just have a serious limitation: the subtle body to the cause, but the cause, in theory, to our I. And our task is to realize associative links, learn to install and tear, and then reverse them, seeing that he saw himself. Our I saw our Atman itself.

And this is achieved multifaceted approaches from various angles. This physical technique is meditation, and so forth. When you take some kind of mental stimulant, it is just a one-time causes your body to work in a different mode, that provokes you seeing more subtle bodies, but this result is not controlled. It is casual. At best, he will tear unnecessary associative links, and the desired associative links still have to be installed to the yogi.

And here is one more negative trend. The entire yoga system is based on habit. If we analyze the same Hatha yoga, the most important thing in it – it’s a habit to do. And as soon as you get free then, as it seems, a great result, what for to strain, when everything is so simple. Man relaxes. The habit of watching and wanes, and it is only in it we creep out. What is a habit? This is the same associative relationship, but as a rule, this association is unnecessary. Bad habits – unnecessary associative links, forcing us to do something. And here is produced entirely unnecessary association is to do nothing. What for? Duri ate it! The whole universe is opened. But the effect of all this will come to an end with the termination of these mental components. You like to become a hostage of this chemistry. Instead of free, you even more to go into debt.

Drugs – this is the group of substances similar to certain hormones cause the inner joy. Here is our body produces a number of well-known chemicals. They are no different from other chemicals, except for one. As soon as they are present in our body, we feel a sense of euphoria and joy. But they can be likened to money. Money is also made of paper. You can put the printing press and to produce unsecured money. Counterfeiters are engaged. You printed the party, everything is fine, hooray! You are more, more, more, more. And then comes the critical moment when the money starts to depreciate. You are printing large, and they can buy nothing.

That’s just as well and with all this chemistry. One-time boost they give, they are built on this and – to cause euphoria. But each time weaker and weaker, and then cease to operate altogether. As for the other less pronounced moments, such as: psychotropic substance, roots, herbs. As a medicine, they have an effect. If you use them wisely, you can solve a number of problems. We drink the medicine. Although the idea of our body must be self-sufficient. But since we do not live in the natural environment, of course, the flu epidemic occur. And we take aspirin and drink. Aspirin – it is not something that naturally occurs in every corner. But those at least we seem to neutralize one extreme to the other extreme. And this is the development of civilization. It does not do anything.

As you know, addiction to these substances is not because they are not the endorphins. But there are substances that cause this is the state of recovery. And a large number of people in ancient times created the whole lzheshkoly based on chemistry. Where’s philosophical views were supported by a fair amount of drinking, in order to enhance this effect. At the same time, if we read the Vedas, we find a mystical drink. It was used in rituals. By its action, it was probably some kind of low-alcohol drink, as some say, while others believe that it is almost a tincture to Amanita. Nobody really knows, and put forward a variety of hypotheses. Most likely, it was some kind of intoxicating drink. It seems to me, it was an analogue of our strong beer.

Disciple: Some may use psychotropic substances, in practice, in the form of additions, if you can not any element?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, from the song words can not erase. Yes, indeed, in some places there are mentions about this. But! Immediately it should be remembered the next that no strong synthetic drugs a hundred and fifty years ago it was not. And all that is mentioned in these texts, it is the best as the grass. By their action, they were not stronger, and can even be even weaker. Indeed, it can be given a boost. Because words can not erase songs. This is a dangerous thing.

Because modern people are stupid and think, “Oh! So it is necessary to heroin itself shirnutsya for enlightenment! “. It destroys people by the hundreds, by the thousands. And destroying the most sane, with a subtle psychic structure. They quickly hooked on it. This is a very terrible thing. If in the Vedas, there is mention of a mystical drink, so it was not fierce potion. It is used, but only as a boost. But then again, to the final release may not lead.

This is a fundamental principle. Due to the drugs reach the final enlightenment is not possible. These are things from different planes. By its action, it’s all chemistry. A yogi works even with thinner bodies subtle and causal bodies where the chemistry in our understanding is not there.

In addition you remember what pleasure there is not outside, it is inside. And every substance which, in our opinion, is the pleasure – it’s just a key to the lock, which only reveals the pleasure that is already inherent within us. For this reason, it relies on the chemistry just insane. Some may be tactical problems can be solved, for example, to remove a headache when you inhaled exhaust fumes outside, but finally solve the problem in terms of all these things it can not.

So sometimes it happens people start to use some substances have on this description in the texts, but then these people very quickly degraded. They are not so much meditate and use this as a trigger, as hooked on them as the most common drugs.

And now another such moment. On the longer stages of yoga, a person begins to experience all of the same range of sensations, but without chemistry, without drugs. Just person rebuilds its internal structure of the organism such that it becomes in excess, so to speak, legally purchased. Addict to get the buzz, eat chemistry, it’s the same thing as inflation. When the yogi rearranges his body, he goes in a different way. It just makes efficient production. Every movement on its domestic plant is profitable, and it also makes a lot of money. But the money has to procure. He also spends them. And it stimulates the economy. All are happy and having fun, but then after that there are no horrible hangover, ie inflation. On the contrary, time – and grows. But feeling the same.

Sometimes I run into people by philosophers who say, “This is our life! What do we want with it, then we do! Who can forbid me to take psychotropic drugs? President to me that if the decree? Do not decree it! With these our deputies, steeped in corruption, they are, whether that will teach me to live? No!”. And you know, it’s hard not to agree with them, because, really, who are the judges? And if we begin to say that it is bad, these people wanted to spit on all these admonitions, because they see all that is happening around. Good would be if the summit we were all white and fluffy. Then it would, perhaps, we listened. But the circle of hypocrisy, people say one thing and do another, and think the third. So when I come across such people, the only argument that I use to defend their point of view, this is an appeal to common sense. I suggest an alternative: “Guys! And why do not you explore yoga, not to sweat over them, not force your body to work in such a good time, since it prescribes for us yoga, to the expense of a healthy way of life, due to the healthy functioning of the internal structure without external chemistry, achieve the same level of endorphins in the bloodstream. This is reality”.

Indeed yoga techniques, yoga practice and lead to the person inside the bar increases endorphins. And the yogi who has cleansed and rebuilt the body, then it is his sense of joie de vivre and the cosmic all events, he sometimes superior. Moreover, it then no headache, and there is no depression reckoning. On the contrary, it is harder and harder. Finally, another very strong argument in favor of yoga. Yoga against drugs!

Any chemistry and remains at the level of chemistry. Because of the physical body, roughly speaking, more than a certain pleasure strips not squeeze. Chemical bonds are starting to simply not withstand such energy, such a mode of operation, the body falls apart. And yoga just all very cleverly worked. Yoga brings pleasure to the maximum, which can give a physical body, and then passes the baton to the subtle body. And the subtle body has its own mechanisms of pleasure that an order of magnitude greater than the gross body. And there, too, has its growth, which is then passed to the third part – in the causal body. That is, it turns out that the yogi is like a rocket with three stages. First, the physical – off, fulfilled life, unfastened and fell. The second step was involved. Even higher raises yogi in pleasure. And with a completely healthy lifestyle, for which it is not necessary to pay. I rise even higher and also fell off. The third step in the causal body, even higher.

And that’s it – you went into space. In total samadhi, enjoyment, enlightenment.

Student: When a person is in the process of yoga gets pleasure from the physical body, it is possible to subtle and causal also work. He just did not notice it pleasure?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When I talk about these mechanisms, I bring a rough example. Of course, there are more subtle communication. One does not exist without the other. The implication is that the degree of enjoyment of yoga thinner and thinner, sharper and sharper. There is no such chemistry. She has a one-time take-off, and then you again flopped down. Of course, everyone has the right to live life the way he wants. But first, the chemistry is irrational, and secondly, it would still not of the spectrum, and thirdly, it does not lead to the ultimate goal. This is a road to nowhere. While yoga give all three and still lead to the ultimate goal. In my opinion, it is wiser to use yoga.

Text 5.7. Be friends with the virtuous and avoid perverse – and this is a misconception. Measurement of lightness or heaviness of the inhaled or exhaled air – that’s a fool’s errand.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: I’m a little out of context. There are several different context misconceptions. I gave in more practical, but here in a more philosophical. There are some instructions: “Be friends with the good and the bad are not friends!”. Or a typical example of swara yoga: depending on which nostril breathing, do that and do not do it. These are all good things, and they sometimes help. But they do not lead to the Highest. It leads to higher something totally ineffable, not giving formal description. Once again I remind you this saying: “It is only the one to whom college itself will, and see the college!”.

You can not reach the Supreme nor by any cases, either through practices and other things. But if you do these practices and good works, then chances are that you will open higher, much higher. It comes down to this postulate, that yoga can not be taught. Yoga can only rediscover within ourselves. Therefore, all these factors help to reopen, but they are not a guarantee of success. Make a pilgrimage to the holy places. There are people who are just that and do. But something is not particularly visible, so that they come close to this goal. On the other hand, many others who have made the pilgrimage, and college was opened to him.

That is, all the conditions necessary but not sufficient. Actually so here Shiva Samhita, and they are listed. That is, it’s useful, it’s nice, but still, you have to go your own way, you have your own life to rediscover college. All other methods are to a certain extent may help, or may not help. Let’s go further.

Text 5.8. The doctrine that the Brahman is in the body, or that He – the creator of forms, or that he is in the form itself, or that he does not have it; or that He is everything – all these consoling (mind) teachings only obstacles.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The same thing. Once again, every college has to comprehend itself! Everyone has to rediscover for itself higher. All other philosophies, where there is a word, this kind of model. Higher on it and higher, because it is very difficult to describe it in words. There will always be people who will take advantage of any description, and say: “Yes, I know the Graduate! I can see it in every way! “. Here is a sentence of the Supreme around. A person can actually see higher around, but it does not mean that he knew college. Maybe this is one of the manifestations of the Supreme. This is a very interesting things, very strange and mystical.

Again and again: it is necessary to rediscover yoga. Every time she opens each in its own, as it seems, the light. And all the other concepts and methods only lead man to the fact that it eliminates the obstacles to yoga to rediscover. Let’s go further.


Text 5.9. There are four kinds of Yoga: Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The Shiva Samhita given to such criteria, such yoga. Today you could count many more yogi. How do we reconcile all this? Yes way. The fact that sometimes under one yoga refers to several. For example, sometimes a Hatha Yoga understand and hatha yoga and pranayama yoga, etc. The Shiva Samhita is given such a classification. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are in general eight steps, which include all-all yoga subsections. Therefore, worry too much about this is not necessary if there is something not mentioned. It means that everything is included.


Text: 5.10. Sadhakas are of four types: light, moderate, hot and very hot.

5.11. People are not adventurous, forgetful, weak looking for errors in the teachers, greedy, vicious, sweet loving, attached to their wives, the timid, impermanent, painful, non-free, cruel – it is weak sadhaka. With difficulty they achieve success even in 20 years. They are suitable only for the Mantra-Yoga.

5.12. Moderate sadhakas have the right to Laya iogu: thinking, compassionate, willing virtues, with a nice speech, avoiding extremes.

5.13. Hot entitled to Hatha Yoga: a permanent mind, knowing Laya-Yoga, independent, full of energy, magnanimous, full of sympathy, forgiving, just, courageous, full of faith, worship their Guru, always practicing yoga – it Adhimatry they succeed for six years.

5.14. Very hot, eligible for all types of yoga: those who have a huge amount of energy, adventurous, he knows Sastra, persevering, free from the influence of emotions, who is not easy to confuse anyone with early adolescence moderate in eating, managing their feelings, fearless, clean , skillful, compassionate, helping everyone knows, capable, stable, contented, forgiving, of good character, religious, knows how to keep a secret, with gentle speech, peaceful, having faith in Scripture, full of respect for God and Guru, who does not spend their time in the community; free from oppressive disease, familiar with the duties Adhimatry practicing all kinds of Yoga – he succeed in three years.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, people who are interested in yoga and yoga come in, they, in general, are all different. Different temperaments are different in history, different on the karmic dirt, different for passion and commitment to yoga. Big-wide range of people who are interested in yoga. And here the classification of four types of students.

First – it is interesting, but still full of all sorts of contradictory views, convictions. Love poumnichat. Everywhere seek out discrepancies, inconsistencies. The second type – a little better, and the third – even better, four – wonderful.

How are these people? They differ, in general, if viewed from the perspective of Karma, this is how long they are on the path of yoga and how they went directly to yoga and not left aside. It is clear that the person has good karma that he is interested in yoga, but the negative karma that he is only the last ten lives and doing that sought out all sorts of inconsistencies. That is, commit negative actions, then in the future, in the next birth, the portion of the positive karma leads him to yoga, but negative karma causes to do it all these negative things. That is, in a previous life, instead of going straight on the path of yoga, he was involved in some obscure cases there is not always plausible. He deceives others in a previous life – in this life looking for fraud in the words of those who he says something. Because he built these rules. And he knows that if he cheated, then he will cheat. The circle closes. And if he is afraid that he may be cheating, it will be very carefully thoroughly verify every statement, look for errors and inconsistencies. In this sense, what rules he lived and what laws established in a previous life, according to these rules is living in the next life.

But at the same time, probably, some positive karmic tendencies of man has since faced with the teachings of yoga and yet it should be. Much worse Karma when people do not even realize that the teaching of yoga there. That’s all negative karma. Here is such a vinaigrette obtained from various kinds of aspirations.

And to give a strong practice of such a person is very dangerous. He still did not able to, he tosses it around sees the trick, it does not have this life energy, life force, it is prone to lack of independence he henpecked he indecisive, is dependent, he can at any time to change their attitude. And it is clear that such a person to give a strong practice of breathing exercises is dangerous. Because he will start to deal with it, enhance energy. It will wake up with renewed vigor its negative trend, and it uses that energy to strengthen awakened negative trends. Before that he just spoke ill of others, as he had the strength, but now it will be full of energy and will to sling mud at everybody. This can occur in all negative qualities that are listed there. Moreover, roughly speaking, it can be harmful, even those with whom he studied yoga. Usually, in any organization, in any religion necessarily any there podkoverschina. Because trends begin to appear, begin to poison the life of others.

Therefore, to involve them in the highest yoga is dangerous, both for themselves and for everyone around you. And what to say about it higher tantric yogis, such as yoga sex. The man himself can not control themselves, and in a bundle to go into the mountains with a man who is torn, quite dangerous. Yoga says that in this case it is possible to sufficiently secure method – the method of mantra-yoga, which does not involve serious work with energy, with the consciousness with physical practices with breathing practices, not to mention the exotic yogas. Typically, such a person in those societies where the Shiva Samhita was extended, dedicated to mantra yoga. And people practicing yoga mantra, gradually getting rid of all the bad habits and the transition into the second category.

In the second category of people with a more pronounced positive qualities for the simple reason that in previous lives he has less scatter small things left and right and, accordingly, had not yet have screwed and create a negative karmic tendencies in a previous life. But, in general, it is not strong enough and doing yoga. Option this a little better. Such a person may be doing good deeds in a previous life, but especially to yoga do not lean. Accordingly, when in the next life, he meets with the yogic teachings, it manifests itself as a pupil of the second type, which you have read.

Finally, when a man is strong enough to last the life of doing yoga and mostly showed positive qualities, then this is the third type of student.

Text: 5.13. Hot entitled to Hatha Yoga: a permanent mind, knowing Laya-Yoga, independent, full of energy, magnanimous, full of sympathy, forgiving, just, courageous, full of faith, worship their Guru, always practicing yoga – it Adhimatry they succeed for six years.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Accordingly, this group of students, as it has these very qualities can already practice yoga more serious. Accordingly, the time is spent on achieving these yogas less. They are more involved.

And finally, those who in a past life just raved about yoga, and all threw their aspirations to achieve their highest goal in this life immediately begins to search for this doctrine. Such a person intuitively remember that this doctrine is that it is necessary to find and to follow him. But parallel to this, it has still an enormous number of such qualities.

This is usually a very strong self-sufficient people, very friendly. These are the ones of whom just rushing energy. They are active. They did not wait, they realize that what to expect something. In a past life I waited. It is the most suitable type of student. He already knows for sure: wherever he goes, why it goes. Moreover, he knows not so much intellectually and carries it straight, he feels it.

Text: 5.14. Very hot, eligible for all types of yoga: those who have a huge amount of energy, adventurous, he knows Sastra, persevering, free from the influence of emotions, who is not easy to confuse anyone with early adolescence moderate in eating, managing their feelings, fearless, clean , skillful, compassionate, helping everyone knows, capable, stable, contented, forgiving, of good character, religious, knows how to keep a secret, with gentle speech, peaceful, having faith in Scripture, full of respect for God and Guru, who does not spend their time in the community; free from oppressive disease, familiar with the duties Adhimatry practicing all kinds of Yoga – he succeed in three years.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a student. Now we have a moment to be remembered. Now, if the student is suitable for yoga, it is in all other activities and undertakings quickly manifests itself. That is, the total stock of prana within the pupil, which he demonstrates. If such a being like, the best student goes into business, then he will do everything, and this business will flourish. Will go into science – science will achieve great success in the army go – it would be a great commander. In general, such a person – it is the owner of a huge cloud of prana, which he can direct at any target. Accordingly, the third type of student that amount of prana and energy less, in the second – even less, well, at first – just a little bit. Slightly in terms of a fourth type. But, it is still very much in comparison with those people who just live for another animal laws are not yet even quite aware of the need that we should be engaged in something that we must work on themselves. Such is the scale.

As a rule, a person who is suitable for yoga, suitable for all kinds of activities. The person who succeeds in yoga, doing well in all kinds of activities. That is, the quality of the positive, with yoga point of view this is a positive karma that man has developed in a previous life, and then later on no matter what he has spent these positive qualities, he achieves results quickly. Of course, for each quality, there are described, it is possible to trace the chain of causation (why it is so peaceful, why it is so forgiving and so on). These qualities were developed by him in his previous life.

In this sense, every student, at whatever level he was not (yes, today I am stupid, stupid, fickle, yoga is interested, it is not), starting to practice yoga by a single method, just a few years, transformed in the second type of student, even stronger, the second type – the third, the third – in the fourth. That is, you can pass this way for a few lives, and you can start with this life. Strictly speaking, the sooner a person starts to do it, go on this way, the faster it rises to a higher level. Therefore, such an absolute value of this classification is not only it merely indicates that for each type of student must select appropriate yoga practice.

Student: Karma is quite complicated if a person may, according to the first type of student, be enough determination and strength to take up a strong practice and achieve success immediately in stronger practices than slowly-slowly rise?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In fact, this classification is rather describes the state of things for us to understand that everyone is different. On the other hand, the fact he and the teacher, which makes the practice of the student, no matter at what stage he is. Moreover, the teacher can give the student practice, which does not fit these descriptions, it can, in general, on the yoga did not hear anything. But if the teacher gave the student enough practice and consistency and determination to execute it, he can jump instantly to any stage. This is not an absolute law. Moreover, sometimes there are mixed, a kind of karmic mixes when a person exhibits all the qualities of a fourth type of person, and one or two as the first.

Disciple: With this, what to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once again, our karma is very messy, so particularly worry about it is not necessary. At the same time, if the teacher decides what to give and that a particular practice, he has the right to do this to anyone, anytime, anywhere. The teacher, he and the teacher to know who, what and when to give. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to remember, if there are some doubts. Very often people come to yoga master and say “we want such and such a practice”, a man came and said: “I would like Kundalini yoga!”. I do not know what he means by Kundalini yoga, but in general, if you think about it and suggest that Kundalini yoga involves energy awakening of the kundalini most, that on there, fierce and rapid method, it is necessary to five times to think, and what kind of life this man is, what his characteristics. And then you give him this powerful practice, that is, the fighter, the plane, and he manage it somehow and can not. Therefore, if there is any doubt, then, of course, should not be given a strong practice of people who are unable to cope with them.

On the other hand, if a teacher saw potential in the student, although external factors can be said to the contrary (he never practiced yoga and all its qualities disgusting), but karma, it is the fact and karma, sometimes under cover of bad may be hiding a diamond . And sometimes, on the contrary, the outside of all white and fluffy, and in – work and work. Therefore, the teacher, the fact he and the teacher to determine these points. And according to what criteria – to him it is more visible. As for us, our school, I, of course, more than confident that the people come to me of the fourth and third type. Just first and second probably before I do not get somewhere other schools diverge.


Text: 5.15. This practice allows you to see both visible and invisible objects, and these people cleared.

5.16. In the clear sky, lit by the sun, seek his divine reflection, if it becomes evident if only for a moment, you immediately see God in the sky.

5.17. He who daily sees a shadow in the sky, he prolongs his life and not die.

5.18. When the shadow is visible fully reflected in heaven, then the victory achieved: winning Vayu, he (a yogi) is omnipresent.

5.19. He who always practices this and knows the Paramatma, he becomes completely happy.

5.20. This is useful when traveling, marriage, hard work, with excitement and anxiety. It destroys the sins.

5.21. Thrust yogi practicing it constantly, it is beginning to see its shadow in his heart and so is liberated.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here. Here we have gone a strange practice, at first sight strange, but very powerful and very practical. So how to explain them. The fact is that, firstly, all these practices, these methods, as they are transmitted by teachers, they have by themselves are operating if one of them gets the master. The teacher has developed some actions that allowed the Supreme manifest, and, moreover, Higher manifest itself in certain aspects, in order to protect the practitioner and give any positive effects.

On the other hand, higher – a very strange thing, it is – the essence of all strength, it is – the essence of all manifestations. Higher – are all positive manifestations, all protection, and everything in this world is done only for the reason that this is a higher power, and it manifests itself as the world. Graduate can manifest itself as anything. But if one path to the Highest, once someone – or passed, then the next one who follows this path, can use all the same tools, and all that is left behind someone who has already passed.

Therefore, if a person begins to perform this practice, the higher for it begins to appear the same as it was shown to the teacher, who had used this method. This method is magnetized, blessed those yogis who went before him. And it works. At the same time, the description of mystical enough, but extremely practical for implementation. Higher – higher than the logic of the concept than the concept of time. Higher – higher than any concepts. If you get to this window in college, and the window, cut through by those who engaged before that long to reach this higher, can be decorated as you like, in particular, as that’s the practice. That, accordingly, each subsequent is the power of blessing. This is a very hard thing to describe. The teacher spent a lot of effort and years to achieve the goal, he reached the ultimate goal, left behind a number of practices. At first glance, the simple things: “Look there is not blinking, sit-so.”

Student: What is the difference of the action set from the set of any others?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact that a student who may be in yoga and does not understand anything, not even close to the feeling of the Supreme, but starting to do the same sequence of actions as prescribed him a teacher, he suddenly gets the result. This is what is called the mystery religions. God knows how it all works. One nice – works. Although the action is not quite logical, but logic is not broken.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because college – at the University and that can show and do all sorts of things. That is an appeal to the Supreme fills force. And if there ever anyone culminates at least one of the techniques after that his every move is impregnated by the Supreme, and the force of the Supreme begins to appear literally in all. For this reason, and there were all these cults, manner of dress, manner of speaking, to wear some attributes of a cult, religion, current. Because if you are in this tradition, if you go along the same path by which many yogis have passed before reaching the Supreme, any attribute, any trifle, it is from a simple attribute or fines magnetized higher power. It is incomprehensible, it is very powerful, clearly working. On the one hand – the mystic, on the other – all clear, logical. This is a manifestation of the Supreme.

Student: Why is the manifestation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And because the one who was and is the highest before this, he just knew college through this manifestation. Then it turned into some kind of action, and action in the ritual. But the ritual is not just some meaningless (you do something and work there), and acting.

Here pay attention, religion existed for thousands of years and very often there are signs. Millions of followers never for a moment doubted the efficacy of religion from one generation to another.

Student: Well, it’s just kind of a hoax, do you can create a system indoctrinate people to worship and maintain the cult for thousands of years? Really scratch without any force can construct a harmonious building?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, indeed, if there is a college, you can build any building. But to get it higher, and the building crumbles. High School – the only nail, on which are based any religion, practice, mystery, ritual, image worship. And as long as people worship here exactly as they worship, in fact, made the connection with the Supreme. Religion and rituals – all this works.

Is Higher and Higher – source of strength. It acquires attributes (Brahmin should shave, wearing a fur coat, and so on. D.). And it worked. It’s like magic. Usual magic wand suddenly became. Why? Because college is manifested through it. But it was in our time has come for people less conscious of college, and rely more on understanding how all religions started to fall apart.

For example, if you study the Middle Ages up to the reforms, the same Catholic Church with its rites – it worked. Several centuries of work, and then stopped working. Protestants came, and destroyed all created their own with their approaches. And work, too. That is, the higher is manifested as man opens it. And if you at least once open, for everyone who is on this track, it continues to operate. If people really enjoy it, take it and increase, it is becoming stronger and stronger and becomes a religion. And as soon as it becomes a religion, on this road are already beginning to go left people with bad karma, do not understand, solve some its problems at the expense of the Supreme, and religion is in decline. Falling apart. Some pieces of the true reserved. And here we see a series, follow each other, worship, practices of magic. And it worked! And then, with each century, it is becoming less running. They say, and now very much works, but the Brahmins, the priests. As long as you do not get in some tradition, some schools, it will be one of the many books, a collection of spells. That said, dressed in the sky, cast off their clothes, and as a sadhu, without anything, go to this temple. Go exactly as prescribed. Do not try to be clever, do not show off. People are all smart, all developed mind, all these concepts of non-duality, Advaita have read and begin to be smart, cover up their selfishness, stupidity and spiritual, emotional insensitivity to something beyond. They begin to clothe a form of mind, the rational mind, but the speaker.

Disciple: For example, if disclosed to the temple to go, strip naked, etc. And why do it? I apprehend the Absolute, and so, no matter where he was ?!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, a lot of factors, and they are just ridiculous. Such a person is very difficult to explain where he is mistaken, because such a person relies on the mind. The reason it is necessary to sharpen, the mind must be strong and do not know any problems. But at the same time, the mind – it is but a tool. And do not be so conceited mind. It must also have a spiritual sense. I got you in this tradition, there every step of the sacred. Maybe in another place the same step to any result will not, but in this mental field, in the framework of this consciousness, this energy, a very different world in this oasis. In any religion, in any line up during their associative links, otherwise there is a cause and effect works. And there’s every action leads to another action.

I read it this long, only for you to capture the spirit of all these practices here. Because you can do this practice without thinking, but simply trusting. You can completely imbued with a sense of the Shiva Samhita, and perform this practice, and it will work.

Student: I mean, look at the sky, to see the shadow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are descriptions, explanations. The idea is to make a sequence of actions and reactions to these actions, which will be manifested in the world. If you did it, and the corresponding reaction has gone, the universe aware yet replied. So you established a connection with the Higher and Higher answer you. That’s the way it is written.

Text: 5.16. In the clear sky, lit by the sun, seek his divine reflection, if it becomes evident if only for a moment, you immediately see God in the sky.

5.17. He who daily sees a shadow in the sky, he prolongs his life and not die.

5.18. When the shadow is visible fully reflected in heaven, then the victory achieved: winning Vayu, he (a yogi) is omnipresent.

5.19. He who always practices this and knows the Paramatma, he becomes completely happy.

5.20. This is useful when traveling, marriage, hard work, with excitement and anxiety. It destroys the sins.

5.21. Thrust yogi practicing it constantly, it is beginning to see its shadow in his heart and so is liberated.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a very allegorical, figurative description. As soon as you touch it, you will understand what I mean. While the explanations are useless.

Disciple: We have examined several practices. And many of them said, This gives you that and leads to the release. And this practice also leads. I understand that, in principle, all practice self-sufficient. That is, making some of them, a man comes, if not for the liberation, by the very big promotion. This is not a sequence of speed, but a self-sufficient practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, definitely. But again, you must remember to practice a hundred percent to work, you have to soak up this teaching. For example, if you choose the Shiva Samhita, you have to read it several times, I must understand that there is meant to establish the highest in touch with all those practicing this teaching, who live on it, who ever lived. That is, tune in, to connect to this stratum of reality, where they live these practices where they are practiced. And you connect to this cultural layer. There is the other extreme, as a rule, this is the magic that went triumphant step in our country: the Egyptian, Gypsy, Spanish – all in one bottle.

Student: It refers to (the practice of looking to the sky), a reflection of the mind as a mirror of the mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact that you can even put it another way: the outside world – a reflection of the internal, like – like. All processes, internal and external, under certain conditions, are merged. And as a confirmation of the fact that all internal processes are correct, you observe external phenomena. No difference between the internal and external. Under certain conditions, external factors, external phenomena of nature, manifestation or another, they will be a reflection of the internal, in carrying out this practice to verify that the inner practice is successful, the yogi sees the outward sign. In particular, an explanation for this practice. That is, you see the external manifestation of the internal practices.

Energy and consciousness – are universal. Energy and consciousness, which are associated between your I and your body, they can just as well be associated with all the objects and events around you, and accurately manage, forcing them to line up in the right structure. Our energy controls the body, and no one bothers her to start manage the entire world around you. In this sense, all the world will be a continuation of inner peace for you. If the practice is successful, then, accordingly, you will see the manifestation through these associative connections for external control – they do not sovrut. And it is for you a very serious evidence of the practice, a very serious proof that the practice worked.

Of course, it is necessary in the yogic practices from time to time, to obtain confirmation of yoga theory, confirmation that can be observed. There will be a lot of people who say that it is a coincidence that all this psychological subterfuge begin to explain it since self-hypnosis, ending self-programming and other reasonable explanation, do not violate the ordinary, familiar world have representations of the universe. But the world of ideas – it is one-sided, it is incomplete.

The laws by which the world works the universe and we are much more complicated. With yoga point of view, that’s the fundamental difference between yoga and science. The starting point for science is an objective reality, but man is secondary, and vice versa for the yogi. For the yogi it is a reality only by his ego, which he perceives. Yogi is equally serious about how to hallucinations, and to what is called common sense and perception of the universe from the position, as scientists say, the objective reality. Therefore, any result that gets yogi, he does not reject it, he explores it, anyway, analyzes. Therefore, even from this point of view, all the counter-arguments are not entirely consistent. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it is really a manifestation physically perceive the world around other people who are not really involved in this.

It is clear that all practices are kept secret, but nevertheless. And then begins such an explanation: it was an accident, it seemed, and so, in general, many, many attempts at rational explanation, but a reasonable explanation lopsided. In yoga there is a reasonable explanation, but more profound. And so it is necessary to refer to this practice, and it is necessary to understand it.


Text: 5.22. Cover your ears with your thumbs, eyes – demonstrative, nostrils – medium, lips – rest. The yogi who has concluded thus air, sees his soul in the form of light.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here are already interesting exercises such. So, what is it, when we close, in fact, the senses: eyes, ears, mouth? That is, again, will be discussed from the point of view of the theory. Do you remember that our self by means of the channel associations associate themselves with our body. This channel associative flow of prana. Prana manifests as energy or consciousness. Then our consciousness is undergoing transformation. Consciousness is primarily highlights that show the mind. Our mind in the mirror of the mind shows that give him the senses. Thus, consciousness is going on through the mind, trying to perceive through the senses the place and time in which the human body. And as long as the mind is directed through the mind in the sense organs in the world, we live without.

It also gives practice to consciously restrict and protect the activities of the senses. We Cover the entire flow of information in a simple manner on the face (close the ears, mouth, nose), and we plunge into the inner world without senses. And our consciousness, which is accustomed to go through the mind in the direction of the senses, it suddenly hits a wall. Bumping into a wall, he starts to rush, because it is not sufficiently familiar state for us, every day we are immersed into the outside world through these channels, and if we reimplemented the channel of consciousness, he is nowhere to go, and we’re not used to having to consciousness has been given to itself.

What does this give us? We are beginning to listen to their inner feelings, purely bodily sensations. But in its informativeness this channel is much smaller than the audio, visual and other. As a result, if all the right thing to do, sooner or later, we release the consciousness, which is not directed to the senses, and to a greater degree given to itself, and if this happens, we begin to comprehend the inner meaning of consciousness, highlight objects, phenomena that it is something on which it is directed. And when there are no objects and phenomena, we begin to comprehend the essence of it, luminous. But a word of light here – this is not the electromagnetic waves. This, of course, a good analogy is the word of light and highlight, but this is just an analogy.

That is why we see? Because electromagnetic waves are reflected by objects and get us in the eye, we interpret it. Bearers of this information are the photons of light in the visible range. That is, infrared and ultraviolet, we no longer see. Consciousness works in a similar light, but only the media itself photons of consciousness is not in principle. Consciousness – the thing is very strange, immaterial, in our understanding of the concept of matter, non-energy, in our view about energy.

Student: How does all this happen? In the sense that in another view it is relevant to energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact that there is a link between energy and consciousness. If the mind moves, it moves the same direction of consciousness and energy. But consciousness is not dependent on energy. This is the basis of numerous schools of Advaita Vedanta, which instructed the yogi to work not with the energy and the consciousness. But consciousness does not depend on the energy of consciousness itself. That is, the energy can not directly affect the mind. If anything, the consciousness in another dimension. The nature of consciousness is quite different. In general, the nature of consciousness – one of the most complex topics in yoga, because the nature of the energy we are more or less familiar. The wind blew – a manifestation of energy, the sun is shining. Again, light, electromagnetic radiation – is energy. And there is no consciousness. But we perceive the properties of consciousness, as the properties of luminescence.

And then, when we close all the senses, the mind will not be sent to, we begin to perceive it as a feeling of light. But light is not physical, but the ability to highlight, but will not directional. Or, in any case, in ancient times there were such practice where the rock makes the room, deep in the ground, from the air inflow, and went to a yogi. Dark retreat. So he sat there. He is known to periodically brought food, but no one spoke to him. Moreover, he did not even know who and when he brought food, no one spoke. And after many days in the dark, in the absence of sound, it has some things practiced in a much greater extent. The idea is that consciousness disappeared object of consciousness in the form of the senses. And so, the person develops control of the senses, that is, he is learning to live without the usual for us, the sense organs.

As a consequence, the consciousness that goes in the direction of the senses, goes to other internal processes. People who are engaged in this practice, tell us that, as a rule, when immersed in total darkness, begin auditory hallucinations, and visible on the second or third day. You sit in the dark, but you begin to perceive so clearly picture, images or hear sounds. Enough interesting effect. We used to be practiced, including, and this approach, but it is associated with well-known organizational difficulties, not all climb into the cave, and a special place and time to prepare is also associated with difficulties. But powerful practice. To a certain extent, when consciousness is given to itself, it manifests itself in the form of light.

Text: 5.23. Who saw this light even for a moment, free from sin.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This practice, of course, requires some action and some result. If you even for a moment felt that you have a mind unaffected, does not depend on energy. That is, it is the observer who observes, but never involved. Although, strictly speaking, indirect, depending on how he is watching which watches and what key that accepts a surrounding adjust energy begins. But it’s a different story, very serious.

But if you are established in pure consciousness, undirected no matter what, you’re established in one of the most fundamental properties of their sins Ya So what then? What karmic connection here? What were the causes and consequences? When you picked up and left in the direction of the consciousness of the world, I came out of these mechanisms, all of these gears. That is, if you had a karmic pollution (cause produces a result, consequently, generating a new reason), then in this case you have climbed over this cycle. You went into the field of consciousness, you are firmly established in the consciousness, but consciousness does not depend on the energy, respectively, you do not depend on all the manifestations of that world only you can provide. You rose above the level of cause and effect.

In the schools of Advaita Vedanta is a favorite topic: go to the realm of consciousness. Therefore, all practices have focused on the fact that everything is illusory. They believe that the whole world of energy, in this sense, illusory. Therefore it is necessary in every way to keep yourself in check, and how you can establish itself firmly in the realm of consciousness. And once you are established in the field of consciousness, you came out of the energy of the field of action. I have no energy at you can not work, if you are fully conscious. Another conversation, as practice of Advaita Vedanta and other related schools are effective. But the point is this. At the same mantra of consciousness built.

Student: But it does not work if some one-sided? Man runs in the area of consciousness, but the energy is not where you do not go?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I am constantly confronted with this. In our view, you are all grown up in the tradition of our school, it is obvious for you, because I and all the teachers, all the treatises, books talk about it all the time, that: “Guys! If there is a misalignment, you will not reach the Supreme! “. Now imagine this situation. You probably did not face with groups of people, quite serious yogi practitioners who have very different axioms really one-sided. I do not mean that they are wrong. They are correct. But they are not for everyone and not always work one hundred percent. Moreover, sometimes they lead to fanaticism, to burying their heads in the sand. They do not understand that this is the reverse side of reality. A serious topic.

But go back to the Shiva Samhita, a raja yoga. So, on the other hand, it gives the well-known power. Heading into the field of consciousness, you get out of the field of energy actions. If you, even for a second, saw the inner light, the light of your consciousness, but consciousness is not directed to any object, and being in his own form, that’s all! You won! That is what is meant here.

Text: 5.24. The yogi who practices it constantly forgets his physical, subtle and causal body and becomes one with that soul.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We have our I. Our I manifests itself through the will, but, unfortunately, our I myself do not realize because of the actions of maya, illusion. Maya – a fundamental basis of our world. Therefore, our self, rather than highlight itself, highlights our body, is associated with it. More precisely not the body, and a group of bodies: causal, subtle, rough. Our I voleizyavlyaet and hands through his will, to an association of our body, a group of bodies. For this association is flowing energy and consciousness, or prana. Prana – this is a powerful force, which has ya It can manifest itself as either force energy, or as a power of consciousness. Or in other words, it can manifest itself as energy or consciousness. That through this associative channel prana, associate themselves with our body and enters our minds, with our subtle bodies, and through them – in an increasingly coarse structure. That is, I consider myself the mind, the mind feels thin body, thin body feels gross body.

Student: That is the mind – Atman causal body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a difficult question. This issue needs thorough study and research. So you can not say on the one hand. Most likely, that the mind – it is a structure, which is activated immediately in the different manifestations of all bodies. The mind can not be attributed only to the causal body, since there are present the physical and subtle moments. But nonetheless.

So, we first of all associate myself with the mind, the mind – with his inner world, with the idea of yourself or with your body physically. Wild man, his Atman, does not think about the mind or the subtle manifestations. It is associated with the body. Body cold – it is bad, the body sated – he is well. More than modern man is less dependent on the body. That is, the more dependent on their thoughts, emotions, people spend more time in their internal thinking, comprehension, longer associates himself with the subtle body. A gross body, but also appears to him, but still civilized man and is already beginning to understand that the gross body is still something more external and distant. And not for the wild man. For the yogi who has already grasped the laws of yoga and already understands the whole conglomeration of thoughts, ideas about themselves and others that it is the same, in general, an illusion, it is, to a greater extent, themselves associated with the causal body. But still associates.

And now, when you are doing the practice of yoga as it was prescribed, and you, even for a second, saw the light of your consciousness, a ray of prana (the stream of consciousness, which is included in the gross physical, subtle and causal body, to rise above their bodies found in what form, in its pure form, not by reason of refraction, the sense organs, associations, coarse body, subtle, causal bodies, and you saw this himself ray that enters and enlivens all that), you immediately razotozhdestvlyaeshsya all bodies. You overcome this illusion. You can see for yourself that I have your energy and consciousness, completely independent of these bodies, from all karmic imprints, see the light of your soul. If you saw it – all! You are free! This is the highest degree in yoga.

In the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali as time is called a state, when the Citta vritti-nerodha when a single thought in your head there, the light of consciousness begins to highlight itself and the source of the light, that is the Self. No thoughts are gone, you came, you razotozhdestvilsya, you are enlightened, you are freed. You do not depend any more on their karma, or their representations of anything in the world. That’s just the ideal of Raja Yoga.

Student: That is it turns out samadhi?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. Samadhi without object. And you see here a very interesting thing, it is, by the way, in common with those moments in Tantric Buddhism. In Tantric Buddhism, too, there are two approaches: sutra and tantra. The approach sutras greater emphasis on the void in the tantra approach – to the light. If you recall, when we studied the six yogas of Naropa and the yoga of clear light, then there is the soul’s light, bright light – it was just the light of consciousness. Consciousness is not involved in the associative links, as represented in its form. And if we read the other treatises relating to Buddhism, there will be an appeal to the void.

Student: Why a vacuum?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because our I, in this sense, such as do not have it. But usually we associate with the emptiness of something black, terrible. And there is a slightly different emphasis. You’re, like, like everywhere else, and you’re kind of like, anywhere. In a sense, you, like as not, but in the sense that you may not depend on anything. But it is a question of terminology. Here, as in tantra, make the image larger, as the light of consciousness. If you are using the practice of Raja Yoga, even for a second to see the light of consciousness, left to itself, is not involved in anything, everything! You’re out! Here it is necessary to remember and understand.

Text is 5.25. Those who practice it in secret – is absorbed by Brahman, and sins not hinder him more.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva The secret principle. Because if there is someone else’s mind and another’s energy, they make noise in practice, distracted. Therefore, the principle is important enough secrets. And the next. To truly understand the meaning of a Brahmin, not a single soul and universal soul – only the Absolute, then again, it is possible to understand not really before we begin to understand who we are any. Usually people say, “I do not believe in God! I’m an atheist! Or am I not that an atheist, but I do not believe. ” And do not believe it. In itself, that you yourself believe. You have or you do not. First, figure it out with yourself. If you are, and you will understand and realize that you really understand who you are and what you are in reality, and then you believe in the existence of a Brahmin. And before that, it is a question of “faith – not faith.” And so – you will have direct experience of understanding the experience of this. But if you in anything you do not believe, then you need to examine yourself.

There are people with a different character warehouse. They believe, feel and know. For them, there are other practices other methods.

Disciple: How yoga refers to religion?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And has nothing to do. Religion itself, yoga itself. You want to believe in a supreme being and doing yoga – very well, Yoga is welcomed and will give millions of practices, so that you did so. Do not you believe in a supreme being – and not necessary. In itself, that you believe in? Believe it. Forward. Third Embodiment. A man comes: “In God I do not believe and do not believe in yourself, and in space law” Tao “- believe that all worthwhile. And I can not, but maybe I have. It is difficult to determine. And God, too, whether there is, or not, try, determined “. Well, the main thing – keep doing yoga, find the section of yoga, which is specifically for people like you. Yoga is universal in this, what its charm.

Religion, yoga, get a result. Believe in yourself, in God, in the “space function”, or none at all in what you do not believe – is remarkable. Everyone will find his own. Therefore, to reduce yoga to some religious groups, it makes no sense. On the other hand, be separated from religious movements, too, makes no sense. It is parallel to the whole, and everything else is a private matter. In this respect, yoga – the science of the future, it unites. To speak of Brahman can not before you really survived the experience of what is Brahman, it is possible, including through the practice. Understand what I’m yours, then the next step: you will understand what is Brahman.

Student: What is the center of your I below, it is separated from Brahman?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: identify. There is no difference between the Atman and Brahman. And this, incidentally, in the schools of Advaita Vedanta, in the schools of consciousness, very serious moment in practice. They practice the mantra of consciousness, which in translation say only one thing: there is no difference between my individual self and the Absolute. In principle, no different. It neither lower nor higher.

Sometimes provide such comparisons that our I, as a droplet from the ocean, and the ocean – it is the universe. It’s a good comparison, to a certain extent, but, on the other hand, it is worthless. Because if we’re talking about a drop, we talk about space and time, and when you have access to the level I, these concepts as space and time, are undergoing significant changes, distortions and fall off, as meaningless things. When we are in space and time, it makes sense to talk about these concepts for us as soon as we go out, I and our above all, we can not talk about the drop and the ocean. There are several other criterion of separation.

The criterion of separation – the fundamental law of the philosophy. And that is something now fighting virtually all practices, including yoga of love and tantra yoga. It is neither more nor less than the question “how infinite was the end? What separates the infinite from the finite? “. Very serious questions, it is a separate section of jnana-yoga. But, you must remember that the Shiva Samhita within Siva Samhita – a serious text. Here, briefly, including a link to jnana-yoga.

With yoga point of view, there is no difference between the individual I and the Absolute. This is the same properties.

Student: the individual realize something more higher than the set of some ideas about yourself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. The first step is just giving up on an idea. Our I associate myself with the mind. Our I think – I have a mind, and in the mind have any quality, has its own view of himself. So, accordingly, our I associate themselves with these ideas. I think I – man, I’m so many years, I have such and such a degree, I smart or dumb, etc. I have some qualities invented, but, strictly speaking, I have these qualities have nothing to do, they are illusory, they are temporary, a matter of habit, they change. Any quality that you do not possess, you can develop within himself. Incidentally, Raja Yoga – applied. You are not a great orator – you develop a rhetoric which is not a great philosopher – develop the appropriate quality.

Any quality – a thing secondary to H. If we are firmly established in his I, any quality we can develop myself. Absolutely anyone, any wish. This is the practice of Raja Yoga. Therefore, the first thing to realize the Self, it is necessary to understand that after all is what you think you are, to you is irrelevant. And thus you are an association that pererezhesh, get out from under the actions of their own self-representations of themselves. Usually, it is the bane of beautiful young girls. Maya – a beautiful girl who underestimates himself. A typical situation, the paranoia that has gone on throughout the universe. Very beautiful, interesting, young women underestimate themselves.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: At first glance, we can say that it is stupid. I’m training. Various contingents, including the young and beautiful girls. You have no idea how this is a problem for all of them. And each nods at his girlfriend, “I would be such as it,” and that, in turn, on the other.

Student: How is this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is only due to the fact that the internal representation of its qualities is wrong. But when she begins to associate themselves with his I, that’s when she’s just forget about it: “Well, I do not have this quality will be tomorrow!”. In the same way as men. This application raja yoga. First, we must abandon the false notions about himself, to find one’s self, which is above all views. And if we partially confirmed in this his I, we can pile up these ideas as you want and what you want. And then, after we have established themselves in their I, we go further, we understand, but what, in fact, our self is different from the Absolute.

Yoga already provides an answer to this question. The answer is that we are given the sages, it is clear that for this purpose we need, first, to open one’s self, and then to step aside in order to investigate what is the Absolute. So, the answer has come down to us. The fundamental difference.

Student: Is there a separation between our individual and I Brahmin (absolute)?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The answer is given, too, oddly enough. But again, all of these top answers that bring the yogis, they fly into space to other stars. They flew back and brought us knowledge, but we can not understand. They say such clear words, and they do not reach. They give us the answer. There is no difference between your and I Absolute. You are, in general, in this sense, is the Absolute, but at the same time, you – a piece of the absolute.

Student: There is a logic, the logic of our earthly, space, time. If there is a part if there is an integer, then something needs to separate them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Nothing separates them. Illusion separates them. Maya (illusion) – something very strange. She’s, like, there is, like, it’s not. And then our minds go crazy, we can not understand what it is. But we must remember that these answers came from an area where there is no space and time, where there is no law of cause and effect in our understanding. In every human being is embedded stereotype: it is logical, it is not logical. So I do not know the science of BNN (struggle Nanai boys), but I was starting to explain, and to the extent that, as I understand it, everything becomes logical. But if there’s logic is violated, for example, in Alice in Wonderland (First blood came out of the finger with the Queen, and then only the queen pricked her finger) – is illogical.

Disciple: There may be some other logic, can we just something we do not know?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly, the logic of the concept – is also a template limit. And the ultimate reality is higher than this limit, this template. There is no difference between the Atman and Brahman.

Student: Again, if there is no difference, then why there is separation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Division is not – is maya. It all comes down to the question of what the Maya. And then the mind begins to go crazy. Like all logical, and logic in this, we do not see. It seems everything is not logical, but at the same time and it is logical. That is, we are faced with those issues, which, by definition, our mind, the perfect tool, unfortunately, limited. There are problems, there are issues on which it is, in principle, can not give an answer. This is one example. Mind works fine in many situations, but there are issues where it does not work.

Student: And how then to be, if we have reached the limit of knowledge, where the mind does not work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga says that the mind – it is an intermediate, and then comes what is called a direct apprehension, direct intuitive understanding. That is, not through the comprehension, logical thinking, irrationality, and other space and time constraints, and knowledge in its pure form, without thinking processes, without templates. Direct grasp of how have all actually. Yogis who have reached these heights, they brought us the answer. But we, with your mind, on the one hand, we understand, on the other – not quite. Therefore, the following axiom – there is no difference between your individual self and the Absolute in principle.

On the other hand, as long as you are not aware of their individual and I did not do the next step, is not extended to the absolute size is an illusion that your I (and I stress – your I, the highest concept, something that all seek and seek, one of the highest manifestations of yoga) – this is what you yourself identify with.

Student: It is mentioned that I was different from the Absolute is such a thing as ohamkara. I understand that the awareness of yourself as a person?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is such a moment. Every philosophical system has its own terminology, its approaches, some construction. As long as this piece wants to consider himself a part, it will itself be considered such. I.e. While like to think of myself as a small and separate from himself, as long as there is the idea of himself as an office, and it will remain in this state. Sometimes the ohamkara realize a lower level. This is when our I mostly associate themselves with the causal body, with some properties that arise from this. Sometimes ohamkaru translate as selfishness. But, in a higher sense, it is a piece wants to consider himself a part of it and will remain such.

Text: 5.26. This is – a sure path to Nirvana. Keep it a secret. This – my favorite Yoga. With this practice, the Yogi begins to hear sounds of Nada.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is the highest yoga, raja yoga. When you fully razotozhdestvilsya with their bodies and ideas about himself as about the bodies. Do you comprehend the Self, merge with the Absolute, that is, the dividing line, because it, in fact, not. And this state of nirvana – the highest state, which is different in different systems is called. The highest state in general, is the ultimate goal.

But Shiva Samhita was not Shiva Samhita, if at the same time did not give more specific techniques. This kind of intermediate stage before you begin to realize himself. It is the emergence of internal vibration. They felt as sound vibrations as Nada. And as you do this practice, your mind gets into your mind, it is perceived as Nada is the sound vibration. As the sound absorbing your attention, as a transformer buzzing, just as when the mind is part of the mind, there is the sound of the ego entry process.

Disciple: It has one tone?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s hard to talk about it, because these things are strange. Speaking figuratively, the place where the association is part of the prana channel and manifests itself through the consciousness, called a point of Bindu. The very entry is accompanied by a mystical feeling of inner Nada sound. Just as we listen to music, all our mind is absorbed in the sound. Similarly, here, the internal process that consciousness shines.

Text: 5.27. The first sound is like the hum of bees, then the sound of the flute, harp, bells and the rumble of thunder. Fixing attention to these sounds, the yogi achieves liberation.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a more practical transition from subtle sensations that accompany the fact that our consciousness shines, illuminates our mind and through the mind, what is going on. Purely subjectively, when we shut down (eyes, ears), focused on the sound of this inner consciousness granted to itself, it begins, sooner or later, highlight itself. And the processes that occur at the same time, perceived in a single sound, similar to those sounds that we mentioned.

Student: But it is not connected with the man?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard to say. With yoga point of view, this is a subjective process, when you enter into this state that this happens, which in this case there are subjective sensations. And what causes them, how this happens – it is difficult to answer.

Text: 5.28. When the mind is absorbed in the yogi this sound, he forgets all external.

5.29. This practice yogi wins good, evil and indifference, and being free from all conditions, soluble in Chidakash – space consciousness.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Our I associate myself with the mind, the mind, through the senses, seeks to escape. The reason – a very unstable substance. In ancient treatises, it was compared with mercury, which is poured to the left and to the right, its hard to keep in place. So it is our mind. Then focus on one, then the other.

Student: How did it get to be focused, aimed at one?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Firstly, it must be stopped, otherwise it will jump from one sense to the other, respectively, the light of consciousness will jump from the eyes to the ears, in the thoughts, memories, etc. In general, the mind jumps, and the light of consciousness is also beginning to jump, and we need to stop it.

The Shiva Samhita is given such a method – a focus on the internal sounds. In yoga, it is believed that if you focus on the inner Nada sound, the mind is hypnotized by this sound, and ceases to be a mobile substance. Completely absorbed in the sound. In other texts, very beautiful comparison, that just as the honeybee, which is drinking honey, does not care about its smell, just an understanding, which is absorbed by Nada completely ceases to jump back and forth. Or else, just as a hunter of deer lures playing the flute, and then catches it like this, we can tame the substance of our mind, which jumps back and forth. And as soon as the mind is absorbed Nada, internal sound and becomes, in this sense, one-way, non-flowing, not jumping, and concentrated, then, accordingly, the light is no longer refracted through the consciousness of the mind bouncing. And Yogi finally beginning to comprehend that the mind itself. He is not the source of consciousness, but only that the substance, which is refracted through the consciousness. It – the thing that reflects consciousness.

Some yogis in mind alchemical comparisons are sometimes compared to the moon, and our self, the source of our consciousness with the sun, and reflected from the surface of the sun’s rays are forced to think that the moon shines. But it is not lit, it is lifeless. Similarly, the light of consciousness illuminates our minds, and we think that the mind is filled with its own light, as he is only reflects or refracts it.

By the way, it raises some of the practices that should be carried out in the sun or lunar eclipse. you just see the days of solar eclipses that your mind is dead. The sun and the moon, I’m yours and your mind converge, and you see that the moon is absolutely no light, and light only your Ya Similarly symbolism of the lunar eclipse. So. Once the mind is stopped by Nada, the internal sound, and we see that the mind is not the source of consciousness, but only a guide, the yogi begins to look, where is the light of consciousness and comprehends what is said in the text.

Text: 5.28. When the mind is absorbed in the yogi this sound, he forgets all external.

5.29. This practice yogi wins good, evil and indifference, and being free from all conditions, soluble in Chidakash – space consciousness.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is understood that once the mind is stopped, and you go up the association, you just came across this stream of consciousness, which is part of you, highlights the mind, what is here called Chidakash. Well Chidakasha – this space, one of the possible translations of the term, or a source that I have from our highlights what we have done in the mind. Thus, we, again, see the source of consciousness, that is, our self, and it brings us closer to the ultimate goal. All the laws of cause and effect in the past.


Text: 5.30. No Asanas, such Siddhasana; no power like kumbhaka; No wise, this Khechari; no i Laya (dissolution), like Nada.

5.31. Oh beloved, even one who is full of sin, can reach as liberation.

5.32. Worship God and perfectly performing best in yoga, staying in a calm, steady state and posture, let the wise Yogi Yoga devote themselves to this with the help of the grace of his Guru.

5.33. Having given all his possessions Guru who knows Yoga, and meet him with his great zeal, let the wise receive this initiation.

5.34. Found favor Brahmins and paying them for that good, let the wise with a pure heart will receive this yoga in my house (the temple of Shiva).

5.35. Leaving using these methods all his previous bodies (karma), and being in his spiritual body, the Yogi receive this yoga.

5.36. Leaving the society and people sitting in Padmasana, let the yogi compress two Vijnana-nadi (the coronary arteries) with two fingers.

5.37. Achieving success in this, he becomes happy and pure.

5.38. Those who practice it succeeds and gets Vayu-Siddhi.

5.39. He is freed from sin and Vayu enters the Sushumna.

5.40. Yogi who practices this with perseverance, even revered gods. He gets Siddhi and can be omnipresent in the three worlds.

5.41. As soon as he reaches the control Vayu, he gets power over his own body and wise in his own dwelling spirit, enjoys the world in this body.

5.42. This yoga should be kept secret. Open it can only be the one who has all the qualities of a yogi.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Let’s start with secrets. So, all yoga practices, which are carried out the person should be kept secret. This is a common time for a huge number of different schools.

Student: Why the mystery is needed, why did the emphasis on the mystery?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We remember that there is consciousness and energy, there is an associative relationship. Now, if the yogi sat for the practice of a particular asana, or that exercise, it begins to work inside with all these streams, energies, streams of consciousness and so on. And if there is any other consciousness, curiosity, which looks and knows it like the wind, which can blow out design, which has just set, but did not have time to fix. That is just as curious begin to look into the processes of micro smallest detail. Here it is to climb, and can go and dust, and anything pours.

There is a concept, an axiom in quantum physics. That is, there is a system that is impossible to measure without affecting them. Himself measurement system fact, we affect the system. And now modern science, quantum physics, in dense approached these stages, when there are particles in which, in principle, it is impossible to determine anything, without affecting the particle itself. Similarly, a yogi, who sat behind the subtle practice of yoga. If you are around a lot of curious, they are his consciousness, his spying, direct their associativity. And this association is flowing consciousness and energy that are totally inappropriate in certain circumstances. Therefore, keep all the prescribed practices in secret. Although here, too, should not be paranoid, because some people have such a veil of mystery and secrecy veil suggest.

The mystery is not needed only after the result has been achieved and when it is necessary to transmit this teaching further. It is clear that when you yourself reached the result and not delishsya this mystery, this doctrine disappears if not pass it on. So again and again – a mystery, but without the paranoia. As long as we are practicing their practices quiet – we get the result. We get the results – good. This is both in business as long as billions of dollars of transactions conducted and resolved, no one knows about them, and then, when it happened, one company bought another company, or something else, it is made public. But it is too late to influence. But if it was known during all these nuances, then there would be a huge amount just curious, that would prevent this transaction, there would be a lot of enemies, which would not suit, and they would stick in the wheel inserted. To avoid these numerous obstacles on the path of yoga and prescribed practice secrets. Once again, as soon as practice is made and it is transmitted to people, the principle of the mystery is not needed.

Student: To what extent is considered the observance or non-observance of the mystery?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The question ambiguous, hard. Let someone know that you know some mantra. He does not know, when you’re practicing it, and, in general, whether it practicing. Only when several factors coincide: who, where, when and what was then the principle is violated secrets. Violated it when you tell yourself about it.

And if you somehow accidentally caught in a secret practice, it runs one of the factors. They saw you, but do not understand what you’re doing and how you’re doing. You sit, stand or even perform any physical or spiritual exercise on the head, but they do not know what you’re doing. So when something accidentally opened, it is not a violation of secrets, no one does not know what you’re doing. Violation of the secrecy, it is when you run, jump and shout to the whole universe that you’re going to do the sacred practice of Yoga, which will give you so much power and so on.

This approach is somewhat funny yoga, from the point of view of implementation of the principle of secrecy. That is, if you yourself do not have to say you will not, then, by and large, no one has ever anything does not know. And if anyone sees you, it is unlikely that anything will understand. And if they will understand, it is unlikely to understand what you’re doing. Thus, paranoia superfluous.

There are additional methods. Firstly, if you are going to do the practice, it is reasonable to go to the forest or the beautiful coast of the sea, where no one. And do not go to Red Square and not to sit in front of the mausoleum of Lenin and not to seek it to do something. That is, there should be common sense from your point of view. You have to find a place where people at least, where the minimum of consciousness and energy wandering – a suitable room in which no one can penetrate, where you will not be disturbed.

Also, the protective field. There are loads and loads of fans of, say, astral projection to direct on-site in order to see what was going on. Wonderful experience – creating a protective field – creates a mirrored wall, through which nothing can be seen.

Student: Protective field – is for the more serious practices, than, for example, hatha yoga, pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, yes. In fact, it is a matter of purely personal experience. If you feel that you need to create – to create if you feel that is normal – do not create.

Student: And if the CIA decided to find out the secrets of yoga or any secrets Tibetan adepts, how would they do it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: They would, of course, “Harvard” or “Yale” dispatched to any graduate with a good education, so I understand a CIA agent, a spy. Spy bugs Lamu plastered from head to toe. The bed bug slipped under the pillow, so that if he would whisper to sleep some mysterious mantra, as he did immediately, writes in a scientific way, and reveal the secret. Here’s a spy master all knowledge, including, and yogic.

This plot is, in fact, has long been known, moreover, is well described. The different interpretations in various texts transmitted to the myth that once Shiva and his wife retired to whether the river bank, or on the beach, or on the boat they were somewhere floated, Shiva and decided to devote his wife in the greatest mysteries of the universe. At this time, his closest disciple, according to one myth, just hiding somewhere, to eavesdrop, according to other myths, has turned into a fish that swam around, according to the third, was swallowed by a fish and listened inside the fish. In general, different stories, different narration, but the fact is that Shiva was going to tell, really, serious secrets, practices his wife, and someone decided it’s eavesdrop. But the piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that, according to one myth, overheard his own pupil, who decided to run ahead of the engine, but he was not yet necessary. And Shiva began to tell all the secrets of the universe, and Parvati fell asleep. Listen, listen and fall asleep. Shiva continued to talk, and from time to time asked: “Can you hear me, my beloved?”. But first she answered “yes”, then the pupil began to answer for it. But Shiva, the fact he and Shiva, the holder of the highest consciousness, from which nothing can escape, he certainly understood. He chuckled to himself and said, “Well let’s see what happens from getting the knowledge in this way.” And then it begins another story, the story of how this student, even with the higher knowledge, acquired many superpowers, Siddhi, and, indeed, attained great results in yoga, without the blessing of Lord Shiva, the result fell like a fallen angel. He fell very much in their practice, because there was no blessing.

Of course, you can stick round all the bugs, you can eavesdrop on the most secret mantra, but if the original message was negative, then the karma and negative returns. A spiritual moment – very quickly. In normal – you whistle at someone something, until the cycle of karma will take place there. And in these areas, it is very thin, spiritual, all very quickly.

As a result, the whole story is remarkable then ended. One of the plots following that of the fallen disciple of Shiva, in turn, was a disciple. And when the student who overheard, was on the verge of death, his disciple (disciple of Shiva student) it pulled in using knowledge of Shiva. This stratagem is karmas. Shiva, of course, a little fun at the expense, in terms of how it is necessary to acquire knowledge. If one persists in trying to find out what you’re doing, and you’re trying to keep the practice in secret, doing away, in any case, all the best, and spies are not asleep. They range poke bugs, hidden cameras and so on. In this sense, even if they have something to receive, then, in general, they are not to be envied. That is, they will trample against himself. If it is possible in some ordinary things violate the principle of secrets, for example, the corporation has a secret – a secret of production of a new chewing gum, and the attacker climb, cellphone, Download file secret, then okay, but also very negative karma. Negative – input, negative – to the output. That is, a promise, this is the answer. I stole this bad way, in violation of some of the border.

So, if you violate the privacy of such hacking, do not envy the one who climbed. Once again, the story is very old, so we are required to maintain secrecy to the extent so common sense that it depends on us. Of course, you can not be careless. That is, it is necessary to make the protective field, it is necessary to retire – choose the most suitable place. Of course, the ideal places are not, or rather will seek their half of his life, half my life to get it. So here it is pertinent to ask a quick, satisfactory solution within a reasonable time. And then, when the principle of secrets kept, many practices are achieved very quickly. If the same principle is not kept secrets, as a rule, the result of the practice takes more time. And there are practices in which it’s difficult to achieve anything, if the principle of non-preservation of secrets.

Secondly, the methods are listed. There are certain Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, certain processes, which are considered the highest and best, which quickly leads to the fact that there are processes in yoga metaphysical, is introduced into the central channel Vayu. And thus begins the Vayu, true yogic, work for genuine liberation. All that consciousness and for extricating the energy from the body, for the restructuring of the body, cleaning and so on, which ultimately leads to success.

Then, there was a mention about where to obtain this knowledge. Knowledge should be obtained at the temple of Shiva or have adherents who carry on this tradition. Therefore, it is great to find followers of Shiva Samhita, and immediately they get all this knowledge. But here, again, we must be realistic. Unfortunately, the modern era and imposes its imprint here. It is very hard to find true followers, for example, this treatise Shiva Samhita. Sometimes those who declare themselves followers are in fact not true.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because India, and the entire East is going through the best of times, rapidly changing lifestyles. Old way of life disappears, the new has not yet come. The basic idea and the thought at all – it’s about making money. Previously, you could lead a life of a wandering sadhu, now these cute little deceive anyone. On the other hand, if there is a demand – there is proposal. Come numerous tourists visiting the many seekers, real and pseudo. These, indeed, something looking pseudo been reading some non-fiction or non-fiction about and come to India. They begin to look for. If there is demand, then there is a supply. Then you, like a piano in the bushes – and schools, and churches, and the guru. Therefore, to find the true followers, in this sense, it is extremely difficult, and only, your intuition will tell you whether or not these people are tradition. More criteria you have not, because you can take someone for a charlatan, and he will be really true follower or vice versa. Can you accept someone as a guru, and his work is this – to be a guru for foreigners. This is a very delicate, difficult time.

Clean hands, a very controversial point, to find followers. And if you find followers, whether they will teach you, and if they are, whether you will be able to understand. Firstly, we need prior knowledge. Of course, you can have good karma and you are, in general, can not know anything, but you will get a good eyes of some guru, and he will say: “My son, a foreigner, I see, you were my pupil in a past life, finally -So we met! “. Do you know Sanskrit – do not know, anyway, he will teach you, if this is indeed the karmic. If not, then, of course, you need to know where to look, you must know what to look for and what tradition and tradition very much. I mean, really, really a lot. And then, even if you find a true representative of a school if he starts to teach you, still a big question.

Student: And what is the solution?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: a win-win scenario: You called himself a teacher – it means that you have a teacher. This does not mean that you should immediately rush to his feet and seek initiation and learning. But maybe you have something you do not understand. Even if you think he is a charlatan, but he calls himself a teacher or others call him a teacher. The teacher and the teacher. Well, worship him with respect. If you find a true teacher – it’s OK – if not from you do not lose anything. But do not bow to the desired – it is not good. This is one aspect.

Another aspect – you should seriously ask himself, his intuition, whether this or that school, this or that guru, a teacher. You must respond. I do not mind, and senses. If it will, then yes. If it does not come, then you should take a closer look, to live there, to spin in this environment.

Because sometimes people come and say, as we do normally, “So, where is the yoga? Here you are, huh? I have two weeks of vacation that you taught me yoga, I have a plane, I go back to Moscow … “. We have the same approach as follows: “Quickly I’ll fly through the air? So, the first lesson, the second to fifth I have to fly through the air, and at the end of the week – enlightened, free! “. We the people are like, “Where is the guarantee?”. To me come to class and asked, “Where is the guarantee that I get something?”. But I’m not a bank, who we give a guarantee? I’m not an insurance agency, to give a guarantee that you will, that will not do. So many factors, first of all, that you have with the inner karma, and secondly, I do not know what you want, and thirdly, in all these things there is no guarantee.

So sometimes, even if it is a true teacher, he can at you at first glance look very cold, because you have to earn their activity, so he paid attention to you. As in aphorisms teaching: first come – no one came for the second time has come – the wrong address, the eighth time came – someone came and so on. Therefore, the true followers who live it, for them, these tourists who hurriedly come and go nowhere, they are very tiring. They are no good, no money, nothing, just a headache. So is such a defensive reaction, if you need to – go into trust, express yourself, live, to work, listen to lectures, do not show off, and so on. For a normal person it is natural behavior. The man who ran swoop, once claimed to be. When in Rome do not poke your nose with its charter. And it should be your inner voice: “Yes! Indeed, it’s a tradition! Yes, indeed, I was looking for it! Yes, indeed, the followers, and I will learn from them! “. This is a very great happiness to get the text from the representative was of the school that carries on this tradition. Now further. There was a mention about the guru.

Text: 5.32. Worship God and perfectly performing best in yoga, staying in a calm, steady state and posture, let the wise Yogi Yoga devote themselves to this with the help of the grace of his Guru.

5.33. Having given all his possessions Guru who knows Yoga, and meet him with his great zeal, let the wise receive this initiation.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, too, faces stories begin, grimaces of capitalism. Sometimes there are marginal moments: someone declares that here we have some order, some, not a sect, of course, they call themselves decently, and let’s follow this: “You have some property? Apartment? A car? So, quickly sold, all the money to the account of our organization, then you will get higher knowledge or assurance that twenty years from now you will reach enlightenment! “. Sometimes it skips such scenarios, especially in the west, because the east it has long been understood and difficult getting through. In the west people are more sincere, they really come under the inspiration of yoga, all sell. From time to time, if you keep track of the story, there are marginal organizations with leaders who require it. That is, of all refuse should only get higher knowledge.

Student: How about this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: From a formal point of view, tradition is sacred. To get a higher knowledge, you have to pay a higher price for it. Only in this way is acquired knowledge. But there is another, very serious matter. Is it really the guru need your property, you need your savings and so on. At present, the guru does not need anything from the student, in fact, the student does not need himself if in a good deal. And, for example, in ancient legends, in ancient legends and narratives cited examples that yes, indeed, the whole of the pupil refused, that he brought to his guru. But he knew that this guru. Typically, such a scenario is that the student has come upon precept – the guru gave him. He came another – a guru looks that were a student some clues. Hook, for example, material. And sometimes as a strong action guru offers: “But just give up, become homeless and then get enlightened!”.

In this respect, absolutely wonderful description Telopy and Naropa. Telopa was a teacher, and he was a disciple Naropa. Naropa ran after him, asked for a higher teaching in non-duality, the very highest realm of yoga. And the one from his first just ran away, and then allowed beside him somewhere to go, in general, chudil in full. From our point of view it chudil, but from the standpoint of an enlightened master, he just released a clue concept of Naropa’s mind from the other, as he claimed, and Naropa. A variety of subjects. “Bring me all the gold that you have,” – this is a story was, by the way, between Naropa and Marpa. Such are the nuances. The teacher, of course, may require his student anything. If he is a teacher, student, course, irrevocably submits to, but it should in no way be in commerce, it does should not be written in the statutes. This thing is so intimate, so it is a one-time, so it is specific, it is sometimes referred to more about it so that students understand the extent of their responsibility and the extent of knowledge that he receives. And not for the fact that it is necessary to strip the poor students, “So, well, this has no apartment, no car, nothing. Following!”. Distortions are everywhere.

Be aware that a teacher who is able to give you this higher knowledge of enlightenment, you know, he does not need money or honors, nor glory, he is already achieved everything. And if he did not achieve all of this, how can he pass it to you all. Can not. Then the question itself disappears.

Student: Why are you on this as many are staying?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because this is a very common scenario, especially in marginal structures. They all read the book: “Here in this text is written, let us also!”. Master himself you rather give up all his, if you need something, that you had a successful practice. And so you have to select the least necessary. But, at the same time receiving the higher knowledge, we have to pay the ultimate price.

Student: High price – it’s probably not always the money?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Money – is the most common reason for a lead internal contamination of the inner ego. And in this sense, refusing money willy-nilly, it expands the pollution and it goes away. But I assure you that there are plenty of people for whom this is not a problem. But there are other clues, such as: to renounce all – yes, but to give up jealousy – no. Can you imagine to give up the property – yes, and jealousy – not to give up any other moments of the Reducing eclipsing and practice at no – no. In this sense, there is a victim of its own for each pollution. The victim is not when you caught someone bound and going to bring a sacrifice. The victim – is when the tear off from itself, but comes off in the long run is what is attached, something from which tormented and very strong. It’s like a suitcase without a handle and drag heavily, and throw a pity. Here people and go with these suitcases are tired terribly, but what’s inside do not know whether the stones, or gold.

Student: Of the higher price for higher knowledge. Maybe what is written here, all of his possessions to give the guru, is an indirect expression of what a person can give?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. The fact that all of these traditions are very serious. There so if stood on the spiritual path, all you become conscious, no you did not pull, no one will, the blood oath is not forced to sign, you yourself have come to this. Suffice it to a huge number of people who walk, wander and collect as stamps, dedications. One master will come – they had asked dedication, another arrives – the other. And then they say: “Yes, that I was. Yes, it took! “. This is also a little selfish, very destructive, both for people and for everyone else. And then: “Yes, please, dedication is. Come on, let’s all his property! “” Oh no, why me such dedication, I and without it live! “. It is necessary to be aware of. If you want the ultimate goal, then paid the ultimate price.

But this we refer to history. In the modern world it is more important for the teacher to student abandoned his delusions, their suffering, and property, bank accounts, or honor, respect it is absolutely not necessary. The biggest victim, from which you can refuse the strongest offerings that you can do for the teacher – you can give up their suffering. This will be the highest gift that you can do to the teacher. The teacher will be happy if you give up your suffering. Everything else – the nuances.

Although, oddly enough, sometimes people who have too much money or too little money for them is location – just give up, give to all of his possessions and follow the guru – it is the most painful. But, oddly enough, most simply in this regard for the middle class. I remember a case of a real one. There was some kind of financial crisis, when all have lost millions, billions. I witnessed a very curious scene that when it all crashed, crashed thorough, there were three categories of people. Two categories of very nervous, one category was calm. Very very nervous rich people who nahalyavu hapnuli money. Money was very much over the circumstances they took from somewhere, and suddenly somewhere lost. And they understood that life is unlikely to be another such chance to steal them. Other people too painful all worried because they have, and so there was nothing, it was the last, and then taken away. The third layer – these are people who have earned themselves some, sometimes decent, and the amount of lost. Lost, so lost. How come and gone. But they were the skills they remained skills, they were due, awareness, experience, energy, they remain active, “Lost, so lost. I currently earn more, I shall not be gone. ” But people are very rich and very poor, they cling, so “give all his possessions and follow me!”, The ideal of the wandering yogi, a wandering ascetic principle, unacceptable to them. People who have a lot of money, they are afraid to lose their fear of losing dramatically in status. Those who do not, too afraid to give the latter, but to a lesser degree. And, behold, those who are very easy to earn them, those who lead an active lifestyle, they are most easily from all of this refuse, most easily reach the ultimate goal, they are on the path of yoga, the spiritual practice.

Therefore, the ideal yogi – a sane man, very active, which is able to work, but not to fixate on the job, which has many of the skills in different occupations, can always do something. Not someone who is sitting in a cave. The cave is also good, but not for everyone. If a person falls into a cave, where he achieves great results, and if in real life nothing is achieved, even in the cave, he will think about everyday life.

Text: 5.35. Leaving using these methods all his previous bodies (karma), and being in his spiritual body, the Yogi receive this yoga.

5.36. Leaving the society and people sitting in Padmasana, let the yogi compress two Vijnana-nadi (the coronary arteries) with two fingers.

5.37. Achieving success in this, he becomes happy and pure.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is another of the practices specific enough. We have the arteries supplying the brain with blood. Accordingly, the brain activity depends on the blood flow. And if the right way to press the artery, it is possible to change the components of consciousness, modify consciousness. And it is a tool for both internal self and internal practices. Moreover, this practice clears channels of perception. That is, it is a tool, like a wise, like Bandha, which is to influence the work of the brain, thought processes, and forming part and put them under control. It is clear that it is necessary enough sanity to approach this practice, do not overdo it.

Disciple: There are no specified. How to be?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You see, what’s the matter, in all of these practices, it is assumed that the yogi is already responsible for his actions, quite experienced in working with your body and be able to track the internal situation – it is one of the areas for the internal work.

Student: If you just hold, that there are any internal sensations, and with whom to work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Consider a theoretical plan. Our Coupled with our body associative bond. This association is, first of all, our links with the mind I, and then by the mind through the senses, and we perceive ourselves who we are. On the surface of the mind run the thought-forms which dissipate energy and consciousness. And there is a way, forced, stop mysleformoobrazovany. One of these techniques – it is starvation. Try to go without food for a long time, and very quickly you all thought-forms begin to fade due to the fact that the substance of the mind will not get proper food and energy, is caught in a lingering state. This applies even in medicine in the treatment of some mental disorders, physical disorders, sometimes.

By and large, it is necessary to work not on the substance of the mind, and the one who allows these thoughtforms form. But sometimes it triggered and indirect approach. That is, if we are not able to control mysleobrazovanie, let’s control the substance, which is mysleobrazovanie occurs. And now, one of these methods – is fasting. Wonder starvation – for the yogis is the first method of treatment of numerous diseases, including neurological disorders.

But there is another, more rapid and direct method – this is when the yogi himself pinched brain blood circulation, due to lack of supply, start-known processes, brain activity decreases sharply, thus you begin to control mysleobrazovaniya processes. And if you control the process mysleobrazovaniya you somewhere intuitively understand how, in general, it all starts there. And later, when you know where the idea originates, and how it goes, you intuitively understand how it should be controlled and not the clamping, but by faith.

And, as this experiment, as the push given by such a method. The impact is due not only clamping, lack of brain power, but also play with pressure. Clearly, if pinched, blood pressure is redistributed. Sometimes it may be a means for headache but far not in all cases. Again, we have full of idiots, who were forced to pray to God, and they themselves rasshibut forehead, full of publishers who reprint these practices. Always typed a couple of idiots who will bring himself up to fainting. Therefore, all this must be remembered that it is the practice for sane people, and not to publish in the newspaper: “Here it is, another secret of yoga!”. We’ve How? All these moments of self-healing taken out of context, and very odious practice. So I am afraid that a practice does not become odious, so there are no criteria do not give: how, what, and how. It is assumed that the yogi himself is able to understand. But, on the other hand, is quite active method of self-knowledge.


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