Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.43-5.101).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.43-5.101).

Title of the lecture:

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 5. Sadhana.

(5.43 af -. 5.101).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: the different types of Dharana, the six chakras, Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, visuddha, Ajna.

Date and place of the lecture read:

December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.


Text: 5.43. Let the Yogi sitting in Padmasana and fixes attention on the mouth by placing the tongue at the base of the palate – this he will extinguish hunger and thirst.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There is such a practice, it is still sometimes called khechari-wise. Its meaning is as follows, that the Yogi raises the tongue tip of the tongue as high as possible, trying to swallow, so the language is curved. Over time, the practice of language becomes more flexible, longer, more mobile, and it is possible to raise higher and higher, almost to swallow. This is a very powerful practice.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because it gives a very large number of useful properties. Firstly, as already mentioned, hunger and thirst are eliminated by this exercise. That is, if we begin, thus raising the language, even a person who is not very experienced in yoga, hunger and thirst sensation is reduced. These negative impulses of hunger and thirst blunted, decay and allow them well enough to move. But there is a more serious effect, based on the small unit of the human body. When we raise the tip of the tongue, we kind of way internal channels, associative channels, sensations, suspending, and internal energy, the inner workings of the body changes. Not only do we no longer feel hungry and thirsty, but we also, more effectively causes the body to work.

Generally, it is an important practice. It has always been quite close. And now, when it has begin to publicly speak, it is believed that yogis using khechari-wise, able to fly through the air, people overcame hunger, overcome drowsiness overcame fainting, any discomfort associated with food, external adverse factors .

The explanation for this exercise rather complex, rather unobvious. We have already said that you can get full effect of a practice of a yogic exercise only if a person, respectively, honed his body, cleaned the channels and make the body work differently. In the case of an ordinary person, of course, the effect is not as significant and not so obvious. But if you, by pranayama, before this, cleared all his body, brushed associative links, unwanted, like cobweb swept away and needs to be strengthened and purified, that is, they have to function well and felt, here is, at first glance, , intricate, exercise leads to an absolutely incredible results. This is how such a switch which the internal energy flows and consciousness switches on new paths. It is important this exercise.

It is recommended to do it at any free time. That is, when we are going somewhere, either at work, in general, when you want. Gaining time of this exercise, to eventually take full advantage of all the effect which it laid. But again and again, we can do this exercise, even if your body is not prepared preliminary yoga practices, and we are just starting to do this exercise, however, we also get a huge effect. But if we are prepared to practice yoga, if we live according to that style of yoga, which is above, including, in this text, the effect of this exercise, is incomparably better.

Different texts have different approaches to this exercise. In some texts, offer to massage and stretch the language in other crop bridle under the tongue, so that he became the plasticity and longer. But this issue has certainly personal experience, personal sadhana, how you can go one way or another. The most important thing – to observe the common sense.

I came across people who were trying to cut off the bridle. She then was knitting and effect, if there was, it is not so wonderful. So it’s best to start with natural methods, without surgery. The effect of this exercise very interesting. First, physically, it affects the whole area of the throat. Very well it helps in diseases associated with the throat, for example, flu, colds. If we lose consciousness, we are in a swoon, affecting the tongue, our mind gets an additional impulse clarity, and we keep ourselves under control. Therefore, this exercise should be worked out to perfection as soon as we feel any discomfort, the language itself has to climb up that we even did not think about it. Also, when we perceive any negative impact from the outside, sometimes it happens that when faced with a particular circumstance, with certain people, we feel some discomfort, and in order to pull themselves out of the world, we raise the tip of the tongue and creates the effect of as if we were in the shell. We alone, the world itself, which is also sometimes important happens when there is no physical way to avoid a bad company, which is unpleasant to us, but we, in any case, we can resort to this exercise.

By its action, the exercise affects the deep structures of the human body. And we remember that at the base of our body is energy, the basic energy of our existence, our life – the kundalini energy. In different traditions it is called differently. At the top of our heads – the center of our consciousness. All human activity takes place, if the energy and consciousness interact and, at least up to a certain point, agreed. It is believed that the greater coordination between energy and consciousness, the more prana because prana, in its essence, manifests itself as energy and consciousness. More mysterious narrative in yoga say that we have somewhere in mind, there is a source of so-called droplet of consciousness or Bindu, or Windu, that is, roughly speaking, the window through which shines our consciousness and animates highlights everything that’s going on inside our minds.

The mind can be compared to a lake, it is made from the finest material, sometimes they say sattvic, and the lake of our mind are the waves – it is our thoughts, vritti. The surface of the highlights of our mind consciousness, and consciousness is the source of our body our I. The device is such that there is the point through which our consciousness takes place and highlights all that is happening on the surface of our mind. This is a small window, the size of a point. This little-studied aspects. Consciousness is clothed in subtle energy, and together it creates a small droplet. Glowing dots of consciousness is surrounded by a luminous energy. So-called Bindu point they begin to drain from the head and penetrating into our body. This is another way to connect the energy and consciousness, because, moving down, we support all our body consciousness. Suffice it difficult subject. It is alleged that, in this way produces the male seed, that the basis of the male seed, just these points, which are accumulated, and the physical substance – is a carrier. Now, these points of consciousness (a point of consciousness, one – in the center of the head, and from it flow down the other and go down) are a powerful energy structure, which is usually a person spends on your sex life, but also in parallel, it maintains in good shape the entire body.

So, when we do khechari-wise, we suspend some of these points Bindu runoff into the base of the body, roughly speaking, raising the language, and they start to go on a different trajectory. Thus, we have at your disposal is a powerful tool – the subtlest energy and powerful consciousness that alter our body as a unit, and operation. Apparently, on this principle and built khechari-wise. By its action, it is quite complicated, although the performance is no big deal, I picked up the language and continue to hold it.

Disciple: A point of Bindu can enter your mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, as a rule, meditation leads to the fact that a person feels, feels that the back of his head suddenly starts something to glow brightly. So bright that one forgets about everything else the body, to the point that it seems to him that he does not have a body anymore. We know that we have a body, because we are aware of our consciousness highlights the sense of the body. Now, if we move them to the little window where it shines, that is, roughly speaking, do not look to where shines a flashlight, and in the spotlight himself, it is clear that we do not see anything around. Just look at a bright light, it dazzles, just here. Just look at the source of consciousness, as you forget about all your body, and that in general, the state of samadhi. This is a very powerful state, when a person is dissolved in this light, the inner light, somewhere in my head. Refine it’s complicated. Firstly, it’s all subjective, and secondly, we remember, and tie them to the gross physical body is quite difficult that the fine imposed on the structure of rough structure. However, this is the first step on the way to realize that we have the light of our consciousness and look at the point of Bindu. But this will be the theme of a couple of other stories, but now we will focus on khechari mudra.

So the fact that we raise the tip of the tongue, just makes manage these points Bindu, and they in turn lead to a range of the most incredible, at first glance, the consequences. But we should remember that this is a kind of switch that switches the internal energy of our mechanisms in the other mode. Therefore khechari-wise it is very much appreciated. Prescribed by pulling tongue to push it, to clean it. In general, the language of yoga with all sorts of exercises. Here is one of them.

Text: 5.44. Below the cavity of the throat is a beautiful Kurma Nadi. When the yogi fixes attention on it, he reaches the great concentration on the Chitta (the nature of the consciousness).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: About the same as what we talked about that for operating consciousness need a structure. Consciousness, before the highlight everything that is happening on the surface of the mind, the buddhi, it is like a ray of it. And just when we concentrate, we know that it is the consciousness enlivens our mind, that the mind, in its essence, lifeless. Mind, in its essence – is manual, although very fine and elegant structure. But if we compare the mind to a term such as consciousness, intelligence – a lifeless piece of iron or a lifeless piece of karma. And it is understood only when it is understood as consciousness, that is the light that illuminates what is happening in the mind, and, moreover, leads the mind to spin. Once again we come to the Bindu point, through which shines the light of consciousness.

Text: 5.45. When the Yogi constantly thinks that he is given the third eye (Siva’s eye), then he sees the fire as bright as lightning. Contemplation of this bright light destroys all sins and even the weakest sadhaka reaches the highest goal (Yoga).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The image of many gods, many creatures depicted third eye between the eyebrows, in the forehead. In different traditions, different schools, although linked to ancient sources, the third eye is portrayed differently.

Student: Where did this third eye?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Expected to be in the center between the eyebrows entered our minds that we can identify with the eye of wisdom. If viewed from the perspective of the chakras, it is just the level of Ajna chakra, a certain center between the eyebrows. If you concentrate, we, thus, force the structure of our mind to concentrate. The result is, firstly, a powerful force mind, and secondly, the ability of the mind achieved quite unobvious. Here are all the wonderful abilities as clairvoyance, clairgnosis.

By focusing their attention on this point, after a certain amount of time performing this practice, there is beginning to be felt light, that is, bright, bright light at the point between the eyebrows. It is on the rise, growing, evolving and very, very powerful yoga practice accelerates. If this center is developed, the yogi begins to suppress all other centers. That is, the center of the third eye, if it begins to dominate and work, it starts on the action to suppress all the remaining centers.

Thus, we can fully bring under control, as the physical body and emotional experiences, sensations, etc., from which we suffer. Usually we – easy plaything in the hands of our emotions. If the lights came on the third eye, then all the other centers are subject, and the yogi overcomes fear, emotions, all the manifestations of which he could suffer. body fatigue, lack of concentration, mental agility, a vital activity, that is, those tamasticheskie manifestations that impede yoga, the yogi once generated power of the third eye, the negative accretions to a lower centers are overcome.

In general, this is a serious practice, focusing on the third eye, and the development of this center. Once again I remind you – is the center of the mind, he is the most delicate, and he can subdue all the other centers. Therefore, there is yoga such areas where the yogi concentrates on the point between the eyebrows until until fully develops this center. Once again, there is a whole range of very different abilities of the person who developed this center. Up to that, if you read the myths about Shiva, Shiva is the third eye could incinerate, destroy all ignorance, to destroy the whole veil of maya.

There is a beautiful myth that one day Kali, his wife, decided to play a trick on him. Behind crept up and closed his eyes, Shiva did not expect this, really scared and stopped seeing. It gave a powerful impulse, he opened the third eye, and before it opened, literally, from the horror he was thrown into the pot, and each of the sweat came hideous creatures who then fled. To paraphrase, the sleep of reason produces monsters, when we do not see, but then, when the eye of wisdom opens, it burns all ignorance as fire incinerates all. Any obstacle on the way, any obstacle, be it emotional, physical, sensation, mental, what you want, it just is burned this view. Powerful practice.

The sages in ancient India was very proud of this practice, many practice it. Force of their wisdom they overcame all put under the control of absolutely everything, because it made our body, in that sense, the overriding principle is the mind. If we remember how our world, the stages of creation, the first reason arose was arranged, and only then all the gross elements. Therefore, if the principle of the mind awakens, he instantly puts control of all the other elements. That is why yoga is said that the mind needs to be developed, that the center must be developed. A person must be intellectually developed, should have the intellectual force. Another thing is that there is a structure even more higher, in particular, the light of consciousness, our self, which is higher than that of the mind. But, if we do not touch upon these concepts at the level of everyday life, the mind must be sharpened.

Returning to the Shiva Samhita. So, it is suggested, and such a practice on the development of the mind – a meditation on light, which the yogi perceives the point between the eyebrows. Feeling the pressure, the feeling that there are any processes – this is very much the mind develops. Moreover, it leads to such practices, which we did not even have assumed that we possess them.

Student: How does this compare with the concept that consciousness and energy are harmonized in the heart center, and if there is any bias to one side, it is one-sided development?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, if we live in this world, where all spectra of manifestations, we should harmonize their external behavior to a greater extent with the heart center. We must understand that many creatures that live alongside us, err, under the influence of emotions, their is something here and there. Therefore, you should not communicate with them only from the standpoint of naked reason, they do not understand and we can hurt them.

The girl, whose hysteria, or the young man who has a strong desire, they dominate the other centers, more lower. Therefore, if we are faced with a particular situation, you should understand that people do not understand, and out of a particular situation is balanced. On the one hand, the feeling that he feels the other hand, from the standpoint of a higher centers, see out of this situation. This is the heart center. And if we start to analyze the position of the heart center, not feeling what others feel, we are prone to violence. This, unfortunately, psychology Beach.

Psychologists usually try to analyze the internal state of the human mind with the position, and the mind – a detached, cold and cruel. And so all of their recommendations often are very cruel. They thus generate negative karma for themselves. There is an anecdote that professional analysts disease – alcoholism. I do not know whether this is true or not true. But, in the sense that, if we try to analyze the living beings around us, or some of his impulses, we must analyze them in a balanced, understand and degree of ignorance, and the degree of involvement in the emotion, and at the same time to see the whole picture as a whole and help to overcome.

An entirely different question is, when the sage-Yogi tries to understand this device in the world. He did not hurt anyone, but to highlight and recognize the device, the laws of this world, he will definitely have to turn off all the emotions, to put them under control, to make sure that nothing prevented to a clear, pure mind all highlighted. And in this sense, when a yogi sitting in his cave or engaged itself and analyzes all around, of course, it shifts the emphasis towards the mind, but that it makes for self-knowledge. There should not confuse these two things.

Yoga encourages all be good, not to harm any living being. This we can do only if, on the one hand, we understand how these living beings are mistaken, and that tells us our mind, and on the other hand, feel what they feel their skin. On the one hand, we see that a person under the influence of emotions does silly things, on the other hand, we feel the emotions that he feels, and we understand why it is so themselves. It is only when we see the two sides of the situation, we decide how to behave – it is the heart center, balanced center.

Sometimes, however, we begin to ruthlessly analyze yourself or other motivation. Again, people can mislead us with their emotions, they start to cry and become miserable. But tears of sorrow will not help, it is necessary to find a solution, a cure, and it does just the mind, but in order to find it, it is necessary to remove all disturbing feelings. This is where something ascetic approach. And, in this sense, it is necessary to develop the intelligence to accurately and keep yourself under control, to keep under control all your emotions, thoughts and feelings. There are, however, a very serious bias, that person becomes a cracker. This, incidentally, is a professional disease of many yogis. They become insensitive they themselves hold and treat all others just like yourself. Here you need to charity, you have to understand that people still do not like you, they hurt, they are afraid.

Student: Who speaks of the mind function or consciousness? Reason – a mechanism and, by and large, his options are limited. Or is it, after all, a manifestation of consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now we are talking about the structure of the mind. The structure of the mind is extremely powerful. It gives it the structure of the mind. The structure of consciousness even higher. Just the fact that, as the person will open, embedded in his mind mechanisms, it just surprised. There’s so many of them (mechanisms), science fiction, which he did not even suspected, and they will be thinner and thinner, more and more powerfully and more powerful. There are issues on which the mind does not answer at all. This is a very serious spiritual questions. For example, as the infinite became finite questions singular and plural. Questions as finite becomes infinite, all the issues outside of time and space, life and death. In their mind slips.

But, nevertheless, they float very acute in human life. We are confronted with some negative phenomena, in which the mind slips, can not say anything. It was only the following structure, the next step, the victory over the mind and reaching the higher spheres gives us, really, in the full sense, spiritual answers: what and why. The succession of birth and death, victory over the fear of death can only be achieved after the victory over the mind.

Sometimes it’s more everyday moments, sometimes openly household. Men like women a lot, and he can not choose which like most. Or he wants to be with all of them together, and each of them wants to be alone with him. This question of a love triangle. At first glance, the net bytovuha, net throwing. In fact, it is very deep, fundamental question, by the way, it Tantra Yoga considers how one became multiple. That is, the man who reaches out to a variety of women, in fact, reaches for one, but this one was manifested in various capacities over many. This is very serious, almost insurmountable for a reason, question. And such moments very much.

But, at the same time, the mind gives such power, such power that never dreamed of. For the structure of the mind, when it is perfected, and all sorts of clairvoyance clairgnosis just sophomoric in comparison with what has reason. All the wonderful qualities that can show people – that too sophomoric, it laid still, immensely, the whole lot. But there are questions to which he does not answer. Therefore, this practice is extremely important. It just brings us to a certain line, through which the mind has not crosses.

It is a question of teacher and student. The teacher may take the student’s hand and lead him on yoga. But there is a feature for which a teacher can not transfer student, basically. This step is to make the student himself. And, strictly speaking, when he makes the move, he turns to the teacher. Mind in the spiritual realm can lead us indefinitely, but there are some moments in which it stops, there is no longer any concept of the teacher or the student concepts. If the training is held correctly, the student he goes forward, he rediscovers yoga, because, in principle, can not be taken by the hand and move through this line.

There are many spectra of reason, which are not obvious enough, but about them we will talk later. Now, again, practice, focus on the point of the third eye, the eye of wisdom opens a very powerful practice.

But who that practice? Nobody did not practice!

Disciple: A purely practical question. At this point fix attention with their eyes closed or open? Tactile feel or visualize it somehow?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are many approaches that lead to a concentration on the third eye. In the image at the Hindu women, in place of the third eye red circle. In many schools they paint his forehead horizontal lines or vertical, which also attracts. There are more specific points, the physical impact on this point anything. Then, it is mental concentration. And the effect is as follows, that as you take the first steps, of course, it makes sense to close your eyes and concentrate on that point, but then again, there is a danger of falling into drowsiness.

Therefore, I use other another way. This is when we fix our eyes and look at the point between the eyebrows, looks up as high as possible. On the one hand, it gives us to sleep, because it is a serious effort, on the other hand, as soon as your eyes start to jump, then we lose our concentration, which is very easy to keep returning sight to the point between the eyebrows, and we’re back to the implementation of this exercise. But later, after some time has passed certain time concentrating on this point, these structures are cleansed, roughly speaking, from the dirt, we begin to feel a purely psychological effect. We can concentrate on this point with his eyes open, eyes closed, but the strength is the dominant feeling is a feeling, that is. E. All other feelings are more faded, less perceptibility.

Therefore, it is a matter the approach, the question of how long you practice. Subsequently, the center itself becomes dominant.

Suffice it difficult to teach yoga, hard enough anything to make real in this world for the benefit of all sentient beings, if the center is not developed. There are people who are very sincere, people are very good, very open, very pleasant in all respects people who live among them one happiness, they are very loyal companions, associates, assistants. But, unfortunately, there is another side – they are very susceptible to emotions, emotions can overwhelm such a person, and it begins to bear without control. Young beautiful girl – like a gust of wind springs, open, joyful, beautiful. But at the same time, it is very susceptible to the actions of their emotions. Similarly, many yoga teachers do not feel whole. They give life to all, but at the same time, they can not cope with intellectual tasks, and as a result, they are very little that can be done.

Therefore, I insist, insist, and I will insist that if we want to do anything real, we must have the same open, such as unsophisticated, and at the same time, have the most powerful, the most highly refined mind. Only in this way we will be able to do something. Otherwise, we will again be lost in the emotions, we do not sort out the situation, we do not sort out the philosophy, we do not understand what to do, what not to do, we were overwhelmed by emotion, and we “God only knows how to behave in this emotion! “. Moment serious enough.

Text: 5.46. If the yogi reflects on this light day and night, he sees Siddha, and can talk to them.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation of the same practices – concentration on the point between the eyebrows. When we open all the hidden abilities, then a huge amount again the opportunities that we are now not even dreamed of, begin to appear.

You can talk with a teacher of yoga, which is to be God knows where, as naturally as if you talk with the other person. You can meet him in the mental field, just to actually see, feel, communicate with it, like a normal person. Space and time – they start to obey. While, there too there are difficult moments. Nevertheless, the principle reason is better than the principle of the space, the space ceases to play important role. Huge range, so these abilities have opened a yogi who is really working on his center of reason, the third eye center and practice of the meditation.

Text: 5.47. Anyone who contemplates Shunya (emptiness) is always, is he or is asleep or awake, he becomes like the Akasha (empty space) and is absorbed in Chidakash (space of consciousness).

Comment Zaporozhtseva Vadim: Well, the next meditation. Shunya – emptiness, some unqualified. We have our I. We remember that I, though manifests itself through the consciousness and energy in this world, but what it is in its essence, we can not say anything. We can say that it is not, as our friends Buddhists, it is emptiness in the sense that it does not understand. It manages all the game, but the level – both out of the game. And, if you meditate on this property of the self (which is our I, kind of like, is present in the universe, and on the other hand, it seems like here and there), we sometimes, in fact, closer to the true realization of what we we are in fact, that this is only our habit to believe that we are in this universe.

In fact, within this universe – the body, the thoughts, the feelings, not our I. That is, it turns out that, as if we were inside were empty, as if we were in their inner feelings, which we denote themselves, suddenly saw that these sensations, like as not. There is a shell of the body, feelings, thoughts, and what’s inside really – inside, kind of like a void. Or, in another way, that’s the way closer to feeling, to the knowledge of the properties of the self – it is, but it as not.

That, incidentally, is one of such serious problems with which to handle difficult intelligence. And if we are constantly in any state: sleep, waking other things, constantly remember about it, focus on it, then, accordingly, we are more claimed in the property of the self: as if we were all, or if we were nowhere. This feature is very similar to a property of space. That is, all objects within a space, and the space itself.

But more – more. Then, once we have established themselves in this, they begin to come to any kind of siddhis, or supernormal abilities. In particular, the move in any point in space immediately because we eventually can make manifest our I is not here in this point, and in any other because we are, strictly speaking, generally beyond time and space or, in general everywhere.

Here, just a meditation on this emptiness of the self leads to the fact that we understand, as they say, once again, our friends Buddhists (although what there is to be honest, the concept of Buddhism is very poorly understood even by some serious followers of Buddhism), that we have . This is very similar to the rough form of materialism. What we call a person, it is just a byproduct of some chemical reactions in his brain that gives him a subjective feeling of what it is. And on the one hand, it’s kind of like, just, because really what we think we are, to a greater extent due to some internal processes, and these processes can be changed, and the inner subjective sense of themselves change. Only the question is that this will for all is not the absence of the self as such, but on the contrary, the presence. But the presence of such that I am about this, we have nothing we can not say it, like as not, it is empty, there is no concept that would define it.

This is a serious meditation, which are very fond of Buddhists. Buddhists like to reflect on the emptiness of the self, though sometimes in different schools under two different accents are supplied, different techniques, different interpretation. But the essence remains the same: our I – our self, or it is outside it is everywhere. So, what’s the use to cling to some internal sensations coming – they are illusory, in terms of our position Y.

As they say in some texts, odnovkusovost (same taste) of all states. That is, if we observe from the standpoint of the self that does not have the qualities, in the usual sense of the word, all that he reveals our world, in a sense, the same. It’s just as if we were not looking at the TV, not on what they show on TV, and the screen itself: we see the dust on the screen, something else. We can peer into the picture, the picture is constantly changing, the detective show is nonsense some, the news, and you can not look at the picture that there is, in the TV show, but the very substance of the TV. Here it is a screen of what he’s done, and that is not shown in there, it is the screen the same. That’s exactly the same position and with the emptiness of our self that whatever showed – the feeling, the mind – all to taste the same, all the same, if you look it from the perspective of our Ya

Student: That is, everything is made from one and the same?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, all made from one and the same, but in different forms.

Text: 5.48. The yogi who wants to succeed, must always acquire this knowledge. Daily practice in this he becomes one with me. Force of this knowledge, he became the favorite of all.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Let me explain: the “power of knowledge”, “it becomes one with me.” Do you remember that in the Shiva Samhita, Shiva presents the inner teachings of his beloved friend, Parvati. And, again, if we see the emptiness of the self, or, as they like in other schools expressed, the transcendence of the self (ineffability) – this means that it is, but it is impossible to express.

It is often used term in mathematics. In mathematics, there are numbers and the solutions that have, but which we can not express. For example, the number of PI. You can write billions of marks, approach arbitrarily close to the true value, but until the end of this value to be found. But it (the number of the PI), certainly is. A strange kind of game between the infinite and the finite, definite and certain. When something out of this game was born differential integral calculus. It was still the time of Newton, Leibniz, many philosophers before. We just, again define expressible inexpressible. The concept of infinity – is inexpressible. The concept of zero – is inexpressible. It’s just a symbol, we can not become attached to this picture, we can not imagine infinity, we can not imagine a zero. But, if not strange, logic manipulation of these concepts, the use of a certain mathematical operations, led to the fact that suddenly opened in mathematics completely unimaginable tools of knowledge itself and the world. Once again, let me remind you all here these here, the basics of mathematics were obtained from an infinite game-course, of course – endless. In mathematics, we play things, they did not understand, but to complete a specific formulas, theorems, conclusions. And, until now, science is in this way, science, mathematics method, feels, so to speak, the device of our world.

But, back to the Shiva Samhita. So, the transcendence of the self – inexpressibility our self, as we approach the long meditation, it is quite abstract meditation, we are aware that I am every man – is, roughly speaking, a part of the universal self, and in terms of the Shiva Samhita – top Absolute – is Shiva. That is, here we are talking, a single supreme Absolute, who created this universe, in terms of the Shiva Samhita – the name Shiva, or Paramashiva – Supreme Siva.

Therefore, if we perceive that I have our – we realize how it is connected with the universal I. And when we perceive, we see that we are always with higher Ya That is, there is no difference between our higher self and I Edge illusory , the distinction – the Mayan.

And then very interesting. Yogi doing this practice, becoming a favorite of all his love, all he have honor and respect. All it simply love. Why? Because if you know what I’m yours and I am Shiva in fact one, and I am the one person in the same connected with Shiva, you’re kind of like, I become another person. And what could be more valuable to man than his own self? That is, this practice becomes the soul of each person. And it is clear that both selfish and altruistic – all kind to yourself. Another thing is that they are sometimes wrong, but still, at the heart of even the source of their errors, it is their I and I connected them Shiva and practices, which are constantly meditated so – merged with Siva.

That is why it is so valuable and wise. Any sage any yoga teacher, he is like a mirror of our soul. He is, in fact, our soul, but that came to us from the outside. That is, the full circle.

So I did ask, “Who is a yoga teacher?”. Yoga Teacher – is a mirror of your soul. You just see what you have inside, but only see the outside, and it helps you understand what you have inside. Cases and times when it is sometimes said that the power of the teacher, bad teacher. It is difficult to say something. If this is your light I and it powerfully, it really takes you to the realization itself. And if it’s just a stranger, which for some reason you think your teacher, then it is necessary to understand and say “Yes, this teacher is not a teacher to me!”. Therefore the problem of teacher and student, this problem is very internal and intimate, if your own I opened somewhere in someone else. And do not save any insignia or any diplomas, certificates.

Text: 5.49. When the yogi, by defeating all the cells and eliminate all hopes and worldly attachments, sitting in padmasana, fixes eyes on the tip of his nose, his mind is calmed, and it takes effect, called Khechari.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There is mentioned that the yogi won all 5 elements and no longer respond to external stimuli. We remember that the device is due to human associative links that extend from his Higher Self to his body. The body consists of five elements, as well as everything is made up of five elements, ie energy in 5 different states. And while each of these elements, we have no control over, and we have not understood the associative link, that is a way to keep the body of this element is not known, the element is not controlled, then the person is dependent on him. As a result of long practice element is placed under the control of, the person ceases to suffer from manifestations of this element, and gets out of the body power. In addition, there are external influences, affection, outside interests, their relationship to the body is also associative, external communication. The nature of these relations, that is, internal and external, is the same. The man is in bondage with one hand, his body, on the other – our aspirations, thoughts, desires. Slavery body more ancient and well-established slavery external elements come only arises. This is the slavery takes the human time, prana, energy. Once these elements are put under control, the yogi attains freedom, his mind is directed to new and powerful associativity.

Text: 5.50. The great Yogi beholds light, pure as holy mountain of Kailas, and through the power of his own experience, he became the ruler of the world.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Thus, the yogi is no longer sprayed onto the exterior attractive moments. It’s all focused on one or another form of meditation, and understands that the essence of any meditation is “flashing” light of the consciousness of an object. Yogi gradually turns to the very essence of the world and the fundamental nature of the manifestations. It is the light of consciousness. Consciousness is an element of the self, consciousness is the vector, as well as a light beam having its direction. Mount Kailash – the seat of Shiva – in this case in the form of Absolute Yogi (the principle of consciousness) and Shakti is the energy (energy principle). In meditation, which we just talked about, perceived the light of consciousness, the essence of Shiva, Shiva’s essence (consciousness) – is a powerful principle of purity, “untouched”, which highlights all, but in no way involved.

Text: 5.51. Stretched out on the ground, let him behold the light. His weakness will be destroyed. Through contemplation of the back of his head, he is the winner of death.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: When there are no longer obstacles when everything is under control and does not distract anything, no associative connections there, as soon as the perceived internal source of light streaming from the top of the head, in a very powerful meditation there is a feeling that the light shines in the area of the nape . It is a manifestation of consciousness, when it comes to our mind, highlighting it. If you are constantly held in the light of the mind, weaken the fetters of karma, and of ropes become only webs that are easy to break, and nothing can catch a yogi. Therefore, such a state of “stay in your mind” so valuable. Feeling light of consciousness becomes so dominant that all other feelings and emotions disappear.

This has a certain logic. First placed under the control of elements of the body and some external factors, associative connections are weakened or even disappear, that is, the consciousness is no longer dependent on them. Then it is realized the source of consciousness, and affirms the yogi to the source of this consciousness, and then tear the rest of associative links, as we remember, that in this world are all associative connections. We can talk about karma, if any associative links, that is, karma also associative, like everything else. If we are able to feel a very strong light of consciousness, which completely absorb us, karmic tendencies which manifest themselves through the feelings, desires, intentions, simply weaken, and they should not be anything to break.

Karma operates on the principle of hunting wolves. Hunters obkladyvayut territory wolf red flags, which he, in general, it costs nothing to jump, but the karma still leads him to the right place for hunters. But imagine that the wolf sees something that he was strongly attracted to, so much that he is no longer afraid of these flags, and breaks the associative links, pounding him into a trap. Similarly, a yogi, comprehended by the light of the Self, your consciousness is freed from the rest of the fears, hopes and desires. They are powerless in front of him, because he feels within himself as a powerful source of strength is so powerful stream of light that everything else pales. This applies to both external factors and internal associative connections.

Text: 5.52. The food undergoes changes in the organism. The best part of it, a thin extract, is used to power the subtle body (Lingashariry). Another part of the feeds gross body composed of seven dhatus.

5.53. The third part, the worst, out of the body in the feces and urine.

5.54. When Vayu moves in the body through Nadi, then through Vayu body fluid obtained extraordinary power.

5.55. The most important Nadi 14. These flows Prana.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In this passage briefly describes human device, such strokes, pushing for reflection. Consciousness and the energy of the self manages the energy that flows through our body. We absorb the food we take from it the energy building material. We need a third force, to send in the right direction, and properly recycle this energy. So, this energy comes from our Ya All that is needed for the body, we get from food. There coarse and fine constituents of food. The finest components are powered thin structures, coarser – coarse, and the rest comes out of the human body. This process directs the prana which flows through channels, nadis, and makes all of this “factory” to work.

Here are the 14 major nadi. Further in the text there is a transfer of 6 chakras. The Shiva Samhita describes everything quickly and briefly, enough to start practicing soon. In this text you will find a detailed description of the structure of the human body, it is only the main points, which are given so that we have an idea how to do this or that practice. A few words about food and about the main channels. Followed by a description of the chakras – the main nerve centers with characteristic. Such treatises very practical, given only what you need to practice. Perhaps there were other sources that were considered in greater detail these issues, but they are either not survived or are still waiting for his interpreter.

The sixth chakra



Text: 5.56. Two fingers above the anus with two fingers below the linga (penis), four fingers in width is a region similar to the bulb.

5.57. Inside it has a yoni, with the face turned back. This space – root. There dwells the goddess Kundalini. It embraces all Nadi and has three and a half turns. Holding the tail in its own mouth, it rests in the hole of the Sushumna.

5.58. She sleeps there like a serpent, and glows with its own light. This – the goddess of speech, and it is called the seed (Bija).

5.59. Know this Kundalini, full of energy and like flaming gold, having the power (shakti) of Vishnu. This is – the mother of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

5.60. It is located Kama-bija (the seed of love) as the perfect flower Bandhuka. His style – CLIMATE. It shines like polished gold and yogis considered eternal.

5.61. Sushumna also embraces it. Excellent seed rests here, shining like bright autumn moon in the splendor of a million suns, and in the cold a million moons. The goddess Tripura Bhairavi has these three – the fire, the sun and the moon. She Primal Force, also known as Bija.

5.62. It is endowed with powers of movement and senses and circulates throughout the body. She is thin and has a view of the flames. Sometimes it rises and sometimes omitted. This is the Primal Force resting in the yoni, and called Swayambhu-linga, “self-born” (not made by anyone).

5.63. All this is called Adhar Padma (lotus supports) and 4 petals designated by the letters schA Va, Sha, Ca.

5.64. Not far from the Swayambhu-linga is a golden region of Kula. Her lord – Dviranda and goddess – Dakini. In the center of the lotus – Yoni where resides the Kundalini. It circulates the bright energy of the Kama-bija (the seed of love). The wise yogi, constantly concentrating on the Mula acquires Darduri-Siddhi ( “the power of the frog jump”). Gradually, he will be able to leave the ground (and rise into the air).

5.65. The body becomes radiant, powerful flame, comes freedom from disease, cleverness and omnipresence.

5.66. Yogi know his past, present and future and their causes. He mastered the unknown sciences and their secrets.

5.67. Its language dances the goddess of learning and he gets success in mantras.

5.68. Thus says the Guru. It destroys old age and death. Practicing Pranayama should always be thinking about it. This true contemplation, the yogi is freed from sin.

5.69. When the yogi meditates on Muladhara, his sins are destroyed.

5.70. The mind gets all whatever he wished. He sees the one who gives liberation, the one who is the best both inside and outside, and who should be read with the utmost diligence. It is better to him, I do not know anyone.

5.71. The one who worships idols outside and left Shiva, existing within him – he is like the one who had food in his hands, threw it and went in search of food.

5.72. Every day, we must meditate on the Swayambhu-linga. You can not neglect it. All forces will come this way.

5.73. With daily practice, success will come in six months and Vayu enters the Sushumna.

5.74. Yogi take possession of your mind, breath and seed. It will be successful in this and in other world.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: quality are described in sufficient detail that occur during meditation on Muladhara. The bottom center of the body – the muladhara, the principle of land. When the entire universe, all the principles, the most recent was created the principle of land was created. First it was created the principle of reason, then the space, the air principle, fire, water and earth principle principle.

Student: What is the principle?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Principle – is an entity, some such. Prior to that, there were no more such thing as the principle of land that would be characteristic of solids. After the creation of the earth principle kundalini energy to sleep, that is, she did the last step in the creation and fall asleep, or in another way, curled up in 3.5 turns, put his tail in his mouth, that is, in the form of a snake, and in this state it He keeps coming. The energy of this principle is represented in the most rude manner, the light of consciousness shines the least.

We look at the things around us, and we believe that they are eternal and immovable, such as cobblestone, walls, etc. If we removed these items fast shooting, he would have seen that they also undergo changes. The same thing happens with the earth principle. That seems to us still, still only temporary and depends on the intensity of consciousness that shines and alters. In this sense, the principle of land is no different from the principle of reason, the light of reason illuminates only the finest material and the principle of land – this is a very tough matter. The light of consciousness shines poorly, but here and there there are energy and consciousness.

Student: That is, the more intense the consciousness, the faster the movement, in principle, that is the principle reason is the agile and changes in it occur the fastest?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. We are mindful of the relationship between consciousness and energy, the two phenomena are not related, but are subject to each other through our I. If the mind consciousness has been modified in some way and that the mind substance, the finest energy, immediately gave rise to a surge of this substance that is what we call thought. We will still discuss the thought process when’ll get to the corresponding chakra. We are made of the earth principle, and as it dominates us, we are solid. After all, there are liquid crystals, the principle that no one can understand, as there is water substance, where the connection between the particles randomly change. In this sense, we more clearly understood. We are on the limit the level of the universe, the principle of land.

So, creating this last principle, the kundalini asleep. She began to absorb its own same creative energy. Allegorically depicted as a snake coiled in 3.5 turns and bit its own tail, that is, it generates energy and absorbs it immediately. The difference between absorbed and generated energy is small, and that is that no matter how a person demonstrates, the difference is our activity. Thus, the Kundalini asleep at this center, which is depicted a cave, or the volcano, the mountain, in the depths of which lies dormant completely destructive force. So in the human body energy principle is present in the element earth. The average person will not even comprehend, since the principle of inert, where the energy expressed weakly.

The center is characterized by a 4-petal lotus with the corresponding letters. In the description of chakras used language that you should be able to understand the language of energy and consciousness. That is, if we meditate for a long time at this place, and go on the path of yoga, it will open inside certain structures perceived by the inner eye, the perceived inner feelings. Experience the opening of these centers is very difficult to describe, and if they try, the use allegorical terms, the images, which, however, have their own logic of the relationship.

When meditating on this center within us awakens the energy is really similar to the lotus, but as the experience of each meditator still individually, the auxiliary image of a lotus. That is, the specifics-that is, but a man can not express it and uses allegory to describe their feelings and sensations. A description of all the chakras – the energy and the intersection of consciousness, that is, on the one hand, given the logic of (consciousness), and on the other – the energy, that is, feelings, images, feelings. Therefore, there is always the description of shapes, colors, for example, “looks like a red-hot gold” – a description of the energy, the energy through the senses.

At the same time there is a limit logic specific description: “is there something passes through such a nadi.” Description of the center is the intersection of these two points, and the man meditates on this center is really starting to feel the one hand the logic described, on the other hand, experiences, and only understands what is meant, that is, solves a riddle, secret.

With specific images you have to be cautious. At the same time, caution is required logical constructions, as in this matter they relate to the fundamental things that our mind is not able to reach, as long as we have not experienced them. Often credited with specific chakras colors and in different treatises different. This is not entirely correct. Since the disclosure of the chakras is that the meditator experiencing is incomparable with anything that he is familiar in everyday life, and still have to use some kind of allegorical comparisons. Some of them may be better than others, but the main thing that experience has been passed, and, most importantly, is recognizable.

So, the principle is a very ancient land. In it lies dormant kundalini energy, and the yogi is prescribed to pay enough attention to this chakra, meditate, and to determine the internal structure. We feel this area is quite vague due to the “remoteness from the mind.” We begin to practice, we have opened a certain regularity, cause and effect, internal images. Knowledge generates a certain feeling described in the passage.

It is very difficult to describe the location of the muladhara, as all of these centers are in other dimensions, worlds, thinner, and they both are superimposed on the projection of our physical body. It makes no sense to look at our physical body, all these lotuses. They are in other areas, they overlap each other. Moreover it is believed that more than the gross body is merely a projection of our finer body. Yoni, Lingam, Dakini, lotus and its petals have a very specific meaning. Yoni – a female sexual organ, the lingam – the male sexual organ. These structures interact with each other, and this has its own logic. This can be quite a long talk, but it is not the purpose of the Shiva Samhita, and several other texts about the chakras.

Student: Maybe in a few words will tell?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In a nutshell difficult. As we have in mind very specific practices. Once the principle is known by the muladhara, the yogi is more can use Kundalini with all the consequences, which are mentioned above.

Text: 5.60. It is located Kama-bija (the seed of love) as the perfect flower Bandhuka. His style – CLIMATE. It shines like polished gold and yogis considered eternal.

5.61. Sushumna also embraces it. Excellent seed rests here, shining like bright autumn moon in the splendor of a million suns, and in the cold a million moons. The goddess Tripura Bhairavi has these three – the fire, the sun and the moon. She Primal Force, also known as Bija.

Student: Is it possible to elaborate on the description of allegories? If you can, tell us more about the seed and the Goddess Tripura Bhairavi.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: About seed can talk for a long time, and it takes a lot of time. As for the Goddess, if you remember, when the centers were created, and the kundalini energy goes down, the way in which it was, called sushumna. Reaching the bottom, she fell asleep. Formed two other channels – ida and pingala, respectively, the left and right channels, which again is connected consciousness and energy. They run parallel to the body, but are made of coarser matter is secondary channels, associative. The Muladhara are joined these three channels, this is the place where three roads diverge, like a fairy tale, you will go to the left, to the right you will go, you will go straight.

An ordinary person working Ida and Pingala, as energy and consciousness must somehow support in conjunction, they connect them like detours, indirectly. When it wakes up the central channel, the energy and consciousness are connected in the central channel. And then, and begin to occur so-called miracles. Since it erased the boundary between energy and consciousness, and the yogi begins in a different way to work the mind, the senses, the sense organs. The place whence come these three channels, and there is a seat of the Goddess, which it controls.

This explains a lot of yoga practices that you first need to work out the right channel, then left, and then “knock their heads together,” and even so that the prana entered into the central channel. Mooladhara – this is the area where you can carry out this practice. Many feelings are personified. The energy that wakes up at the practice, and is a manifestation of the Goddess. Name Tripura Bhairavi has a value of the following items: “Tripura” – a three-city, “Bhairavi” – a terrifying, meaning “queen of the three cities.” This is the energy that is able to control. Sometimes this means the three levels: the level of the physical body, subtle and causal bodies. This energy controls all these levels.

Student: Then I recall the yoni, which is svayamkulinga, COOLING, that is also the place where this goddess, that is, the repetition?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is some duplication of description. It is difficult to answer this question. It is believed that Shiva Samhita – a text that has been assembled from pieces of other different texts, it may be that two similar pieces combined in one text. In general, with respect to these texts it is difficult to say why it is written that way, or why repeated several times.

Disciple: For meditation is better to use the whole passage or in part?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The meditation is generally better to use the entire text of the Shiva Samhita, and not try to highlight a particular technique, and catch all the teachings from the beginning to the end. Only then there is a guarantee that the practice works. If we pull out some parts, like for example, separate khechari Mudra (the practice, when the tongue is pressed, as much as possible to the roof of the mouth), then this will not be enough. Yes, this practice is very strong in itself, but it is necessary to realize all the teachings in general, the approach ,. Then all these little things get in the second place, as is the main vector of motion: what to do and how to do.

And the most important point – is to practice, practice and practice again. If there is a practice that all uncertainties are perceived on his personal experiences and become quite clear. In this case, it makes sense to read everything and make yourself at least some idea of the text. And, of course, to practice, to all these points we began to appear that there was a personal interpretation of the written material. This is the power of yoga, but that’s the difficulty, as a personal experience of each colored by personal experiences.

That is why language is so streamlined, reason given impetus to action, rather than the management of “do time, do two, and so on.” Scientists need to rediscover within ourselves. Perhaps that is why in the preparation of the Shiva Samhita used several sources, that is, and he took this option and, to a fuller experience of the key opened, resulting in the practice of yoga. There is an esoteric meaning, if we have the keys, you can open more than one sense to write, but I would not want to do it, because you will need to describe the extra practice.

Student: That is meant multilevel understanding of one level of the literal, allegorical another level, the esoteric.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and the other esoteric, but practical. Now published a lot of books about the chakras, nadi. Often write complete nonsense. Western man is trying to figure it out in a straight line: here the Muladhara chakra, lotus flower, so many petals of a certain color, to see everything should be so-and-so, step to the right, a step seen to the left, as an attempt to escape, shot at a place that is perceived as the ultimate truth. The later comments, so they nahrapestee, more specifically, the older – they are softer, more poetic, allusive.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We had no experience. Ancient to the description of added more and feelings. I told the story about how to cook soup. Some sources say that it is necessary as a cook, add something, and the other – so much, and add more. Our smart people all mixed and divided by three. How?! It’s completely different dishes! Accents in fact different. If it was an experience that would be more accurate to describe that in this case such a taste, in another such. Also, in the case of practices, it is necessary to pass the preparatory stage, and then all at once Give kundalini, chasing her, all she had awakened, stands at attention. Ask, and you’re doing yoga something? What for? I kundalini chasing! This conversation is not about anything. As long as there is no physical practice, as one is not familiar with the pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, as he does not lead an appropriate lifestyle, teeter on the parties, and in a break kundalini rides, it reaches the ultimate goal of yoga.

First you have to prepare yourself karmically, we have to work on yourself. The ancient adepts whole life was built on a constant work on himself, tapas, taming himself. And I suppose that the whole past life was built on it, and in this life so – plucking fruit. If I say that the modern “rider” kundalini opened the third eye, and something else, I believe, but it is unlikely I will rip his experience, since it is not certain that it will work in my case. It is therefore necessary to understand the meaning of texts such as Shiva Samhita entirely.

The same can be said about Tantra. Many who are interested in this yoga, sex, interesting, but Tantra should be perceived as a whole, not taken out of context. The “Kama Sutra”, are 28 poses, man and woman curled up in 8 knots. It’s outer form. If this form of meditation is correct, the correct sense of the channel, and if it was preceded by more austerity, which has exacerbated the feelings to the limit, then it is really at the practice of tantric sex can open up new associative connection can open up new horizons. That is why it is necessary to accept the teaching of the whole and not in pieces. When everything is connected together, then the practice of “triggers.”


Text is 5.75. This chakra is located at the base of the lingam (genital mutilation). It has 6 petals: Ba Bha, Ma Ya, Ra, La. The color of her blood-red. Lord it – Bala and goddess – Rakini.

5.76. Those who daily meditates on svadhisthana becomes lord of love and adoration of all the beautiful goddesses.

5.77. He knows by heart the various Shastras, and there is no science, unknown to him. He is freed from all diseases and boldly moves through the world.

5.78. Death is swallowed up to them, he is not obsessed with anything. He gets Siddhi force, Vayu harmoniously moving through his body, and the body are increased opportunities. The amount of nectar flowing from the Soma-chakra increases.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There should again remember that the chakras are located at the intersection of energy and consciousness. Consciousness – is a masculine energy – female. Each chakra has its own God and Goddess. If we talk about the muladhara chakra, its lord is the lord and Goddess – his girlfriend, his Samari Daikin. Svadhisthana – this is the center of the water principle. Again, given the location of its very roughly, as this center should be a grope.

The center was created before the muladhara, is the principle of taste (muladhara is the principle of smell). When meditation is sometimes the center appears in the form of a lotus flower with six petals. The letters (syllables), corresponding to each lobe are mantras. Sometimes, it is believed that this auxiliary channel diverging in different directions, and once they begin to vibrate, the corresponding letter is heard, the sound, the yogi experiences a particular emotion. The word “chakra” means wheel, this concept is more vague than the image of a lotus. This center has a specific quality.

It is believed that swadhisthana – is the sex center, as to give birth to the next life, a firm must be dissolved in a liquid, and then again turn into a solid. With this chakra is associated a lot of secrets. There is a beautiful description of this center in the ancient texts, there is a deity of the center, there is his girlfriend, the Goddess, is a description of the appearance of the Deity. Descriptions are given for the understanding of the center, the essence of sensations, manifestations and at the same time the essence of logic. Yogi gets many wonderful abilities. All this logically prescribed, it provides a link to the soma-chakra, when a drop of consciousness must get down to form a seed. If the chakra is recognized, the process of forming the seed is faster.

Disciple: The process of awareness of the chakras and the chakras is a revelation, that is, it leads to the control of the chakras?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a difficult question. At present we have always control structures, but we often do not notice their action. There is emotion, and we perceive it as a given. If we practice yoga, we know the laws of the body, then it is obvious that before there is any emotion it inspires action, begins to vibrate, vibrate makes energy, and our mind is experiencing a particular feeling. If, however, we are quite aware of the fact that for a certain emotion is the action center, chakra, we begin to see the inside of a causal link, the internal mechanism of awakening emotions.

That is, first starts to vibrate chakra energy manifests itself in one or another color. The feeling may be either negative or positive. The longer we meditate on the chakras, the better we realize it, the thinner the emotion, the feeling that it generates. The next step – a feeling not so much of a sense of how much of its generating center. It is likely that this is what is meant by opening the chakras. Again, chakra begins to vibrate only when it comes to energy, it painted a certain color. Energy comes in a single stream, and it set off the spectrum, that is, there is energy in a specific “coloration”.

It is believed that when the kundalini really wakes up, it goes up and dissolves the chakras. The feelings contained in them, reach their maximum sensations reach the limit. Even if the kundalini does not dissolve centers, lotus petals of each chakra begin to vibrate. What feels like the maximum expression of feelings, which is not caused by external factors. Over time, people become more discerning in the manifestation of certain feelings, emotions, feelings become dominant of this center.

In this case the negative aspects of this, we can control, and positive – use. There is no right or wrong emotions, there are emotions or inappropriate demonstration of their use. Therefore, we learn to use the right emotion.

Student: You can tell more about Daikin?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Consciousness – is Shiva, the energy – Shakti. Each center they are in a certain aspect, may have different names, for example, Daikin. In different sources, describing the chakras, it manifests itself in different ways. It equates to Shakti, Kali, the energy of the entire universe. In Tantric Buddhism Daikin presented in frightening, in a friendly way. That is on the spiritual path Yoga Shakti begins to manifest itself in various forms, to teach him to raise to a higher level of development. In Tantric Buddhism again more attention is paid to practice, it is a kind of factory for enlightenment, conveyor. Entanglement in terms of the present, because due to the abundance of practices they have acquired a slightly different meaning.

As such basic texts as the Shiva Samhita, it is possible to apply the invention compared with the copier. Many there are now companies that produce copy machines, but was the first company XEROX. I am more than confident that in the beginning in the same Tantric Buddhism was fairly developed a philosophical system was originally Daikin, and then all manifestations of energy got the name of Daikin.


Text: 5.79. Lotus Manipur is located near the navel. The color of his golden ten petals: Yes, Dha, On, that tha, da, dha, to, pa, pha.

5.80. Her lord – Rudra, the giver of all good things, and the goddess – Lakini.

5.81. When the yogi reflects on Manipur, he gets Potala-Siddhi (permanent happiness). He becomes lord of desires, destroys sorrows and diseases, cheats death, and can enter the body of another.

5.82. He can create gold, see dedicated, open means of diseases and find hidden treasures.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The teaching of yoga – very mystical, and to understand some of the texts, you need to first understand the entire structure. We are surrounded by the Universe. Universe – quite a strange thing, it adapts to our energy, by our consciousness, and at the same time it adjusts our consciousness and energy. Universe adapts to our perception, and simultaneously adjusts our perception. According to jnana yoga, the whole universe – is a game of maya (illusion). Which One is divided, infinite – finite, and finite – infinite.

If we live in a society, one individual sets its own laws, common to all, but they are common only for the large group of people, who have come under mass hypnosis. All the people on the globe, or the inhabitants of one country, all at the same time are under mass hypnosis, they make the universe a constant, stable and repeatable. When a person begins to practice yoga, he gets out of hypnosis and sees a different universe.

Appears border area where the yogi feels good. On the one hand – the endless universe with all its wonders, and with another – a rigid system of society, prison mechanism. Yoga maximum benefit to the society, and the other foot they are uncertain universe where miracles happen every step. People tend to seek the society, and he ceases to believe in other laws. Doing yoga center and opening of the center, the Yogi gets rid of the veil of maya. No matter where he remains. The world turns into fantosmogoricheskuyu game close to reality. Before yogi opens.

Text is 5.81. When the yogi reflects on Manipur, he gets Potala-Siddhi (permanent happiness). He becomes lord of desires, destroys sorrows and diseases, cheats death, and can enter the body of another.

5.82. He can create gold, see dedicated, open means of diseases and find hidden treasures.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Life yogi turns into a journey. Unfold abilities. It appears freedom, which gives a completely different perception of the world. Man is less dependent on maya. What once was a problem, it ceases to be. This is a completely new state of existence.

Above I mentioned this alchemical moment – the ability to create gold. Alchemy – a very complex spiritual science dedicated to actually transmutation of the scientist. Many dreamed of gold, as a symbol of freedom. But leading the way of life of the alchemist, they understand what is important to uncover their own potential, to transmute, to internal changes have moved in the “external” power. For example, from base metals to create noble. Alchemy was very popular in India, Arab countries, and from there penetrated into Spain, in Europe.

Alchemy – a strange science that combines the spiritual and material. Carrying out experiments on those or other substances, a person could change himself. By the force of tension of consciousness, in fact, it was yoga as alchemical treatises included with yourself visualization, meditation. Now alchemists seem to us almost assholes, obscurantist.

For example, Newton was an ardent and zealous follower of alchemy. His opus “Magnum” has become a cornerstone of modern science. As well as his subsequent work related to the integrated mathematics, the principles of which were applied in physics, chemistry, biology, anywhere. That is, almost all modern science is based on Newton. Of course, there were other worthy men such as Leibniz, Lomonosov, D’Alembert, Kashi, Descartes. But Newton paid more attention to the alchemical experiments. His law of gravity has not undergone over the centuries unchanged. Even quantum attempts to amend the law, “the force of attraction between two masses is directly proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance” with no success.

You can not call alchemists insane. Working on a person close to the border, erasing the influence of maya. And the universe appears in very different forms, with different potentialities, capabilities, experiences. In yogic treatises, all this is quite sparingly described. From the standpoint of logic, yoga, move to another body as naturally as to remove his shirt and put someone else’s. What makes our bodies from our shirts?

Student: When entering into another body consciousness of the person in whose body moves yogi becomes conscious yoga, or still, they are separated?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In ancient Greece, one of the sources was an anecdote about the yogi who had a favorite disciple and wife. Deciding to go into seclusion, the yogi instructed his wife to his disciple. God Indra, a great lover of female beauty, has decided to take advantage of the absence of her husband and seduce the girl. The student, having learned about it, moved to his wife’s body yoga, and when Indra appeared before her, so to speak, to seduce her, he was extremely discouraged by her coldness. Not having their own, Indra withdrew.

Man, the consciousness which consists of, is in a state of sleep, hypnosis. Consciousness is one. Practice moving, probably to this day has not been preserved since then move to another consciousness was considered dubious pleasure. In our time even more so. We often try to cast demons out of a man.

But! Not to be confused with the karmic imprints of human essence, I will dwell in it! Each person had a lot of lives, and the lives of those he was the saint, the deceiver, the poor. Samskaara, fingerprints on the surface of the mind are, and for life, they can begin to dominate, to appear. The religions have the rite of exorcism, in fact expelled bestial inclinations of man that he himself has created in past lives. To this must be treated calmly, even our president suddenly can publish such a law, which will lead the state to the brink of the abyss, and say that he has such a special character.

Movement – this is just a term. A deep sense of it is that consciousness is one. There is a single mind, a single globe and man draws its borders, which is actually for nature, for example, does not exist. Similarly, the mind, consciousness, associative connections. Our I simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. Our consciousness is connected with the body of an associative connection. It is enough to throw the associative link, and you’re in another body (compare with the telephone, during a conversation a person has moved to different locations, talk with people who are sometimes in different continents, but in fact, their position has not changed).

All scary stories associated with the ability to move are not his strength. Since yoga is totally against everything that takes power in a human mind makes it weaker. For it is not the truth. Our I’m above that. And mind you need to hone it to distinguish between true and not true.

Student: Is Yogi Feels moved to another body, in another consciousness, the difference, the difference?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Only in the last stage of samadhi non-dual, non-objective samadhi, the yogi realizes that his ego is inseparable from the Absolute nothing. And this means that I am the other – it is the same part of the Absolute, like himself. This is a very high state, which is a billion orders above described in the passage. Awareness of the unity of all I have comes only at a very high level of yoga.

Returning to the chakras, I would like to note that in other texts, such as “Ananda Lahari” first goes manipura, and then swadhisthana. From the point of view of the etymology of the two words, such a procedure is more logical. Therefore, it is possible that in this aspect of a mistake in the text of the Shiva Samhita.

Student: Why is largely dominated by this order – first svadhiskhana and then manipura chakra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The question is, who shouted louder. All contemporary authors writing about the chakras, been reading a billion books, which have been a source of 2-3 ancient source. Sami these sources, few people read, so that the first appeared, and it became popular more common. But this question names, and the meaning of the chakras and descriptions are correct.

Thus, the principle of fire. The entire universe is the essence of energy and consciousness game, different levels of manifestation of energy and consciousness, that is rough, thin, thinnest. After earth consciousness principle shines less, more water, in principle, in principle even more fire. Principle – is the foundation, of which six. And all the rest is the diversity of life. Only in this case, the principles personalized.

What is good yoga, tantra yoga? That is to say in simple language tells about complicated philosophical concepts, using the analogies that have continued their development cooperation. The principle of consciousness – male hypostasis of Shiva and Shakti, his girlfriend, a different energy, female principle. The first principle – is the center of power and energy. This center should be developed yogi, Yogi weak without him. But we must remember about the other negative side of this principle – suppression, imposing their views. The center is not good or bad, there is a wrong use of it.

When the center is too developed, the yogi goes through the temptation to have sex, then the temptation of power. We fall under the illusion of maya. At the same time we feel that when we enjoy the power, everything is under control, has its own procedure when not using, then everything collapses. This face, like a razor blade. This center should be developed, just as the yogi will be able to cope with themselves, only subordinating himself, come strength to subdue the world.

Again, do not get too zealous in samopodchinenii, otherwise you can turn into a dry fanatic whose anger burning in his eyes. In “Ananda Lahari” says Rudra was sitting with burning eyes only Shakti calms him with his wet eyes. From this comes the ability of yogis allegedly burning eyes. As soon wake up this center, it begins to manifest itself in an effort to subordinate, but subordinate only be close to the society, being a slave society under the influence of maya. When her veil begins to subside, the yogi realizes that the fight is not with whom, it opened an entirely different form of life, a feeling of being happy, and society seems a jar of cockroaches. The farther the yogi moves from society to the Absolute, the less there is need to subject.

Student: That is it turns out that the energy that previously was spent on the submission, is now directed to something else?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: On this speech. While this male energy is not developed, we live under the illusion of the power of maya, under hypnosis. But the energy is starting to wake up, open mind, there is awareness of hypnosis. Man starts to fight with this hypnosis. If he remains in the society, he begins to fight ignorance, to deal with this hypnosis. But it is necessary to enter the border of society, this border section, there is a question: “And who guide? With whom to fight? “. The man begins to see, what’s the point of hypnosis. If it was not, people would kill each other for a long time.

God or the Absolute has created this world as a bad which balances the good and vice versa, and everything in it is natural and logical. When the yogi comes out of this game, he begins to realize that it was not his game. The practice of yoga is very much tempted, and at each stage, ie at each center, there are more and more, and the new much more difficult earlier.

For example, the sexual aspect, tantra yoga. Under tantra yoga group now realize unrestrained sex and in fact it is very high, pure doctrine. About Tantra Yoga have to say, because the first problem that faces a practicing yogi. This is the problem of sexual plan. The obvious and non-obvious, indirect. So many yogis and Yoginis hit the “trap” of relations. They began to seriously practice yoga practice, but then fell in love. Love-carrot, society, allow themselves to be dissolved in your favorite / favorite, and very soon found themselves dependent on each other. And it all began with sexuality.

There is a group of yogis, those with burning eyes, which, although very respectful to women, but do not allow themselves to even touch them. It would seem that they have bypassed these errors, they were never specifies what to do, but mows thirst for power.

Text: 5.79. Lotus Manipur is located near the navel. The color of his golden ten petals: Yes, Dha, On, that tha, da, dha, to, pa, pha.

5.80. Her lord – Rudra, the giver of all good things, and the goddess – Lakini.

5.81. When the yogi reflects on Manipur, he gets Potala-Siddhi (permanent happiness). He becomes lord of desires, destroys sorrows and diseases, cheats death, and can enter the body of another.

5.82. He can create gold, see dedicated, open means of diseases and find hidden treasures.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Topic hidden treasures we omit. Once it starts spinning wheel of karma, and the gears are threatening to crush the yogi is very important at this moment to know where this “gears” weak link. While we live in a society, to talk about it useless.

Student: Yoga – a very powerful teaching. Why not give it to the society?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Society is not ready yet to take yoga. He sees very different dreams in society their karmic game. In other desires of society. He wants to get sick and die, or rather, he did not want to get sick and die, but the consequences of his desires are. We want something one, but do not think about what the consequences could be dire. Why say that people herd animal? Because he lives in a society, then he comes out of it, is undergoing a period of loneliness, then returns to it in a new way, a different person, a new state of mind, mind.

Now formally talk about manipura chakra.

It is again represented in the form of a lotus, but the way it looks in reality – is unknown. In meditation, the chakras are very beautiful and attractive, they capture, but they look like, really hard to say. Chakra – is the kind of place “crosslinking”, where a stapler three sheets of paper stapled. The physical body is connected with the subtle and causal body, the causal body with emotional moments of the subtle body, the subtle body – the gross body with hormonal reactions, forming a kind of a bridge over the three parallel space. And so each chakra.

The colors in the description of chakras – this impetus for reflection, not sit and wait for a call, and when this will manifest lotus. This is a road to nowhere. We need to understand this principle, you have to feel this principle, and as soon as it has manifested itself, once everything will fall into place, and petals, and letters, and everything in the world. It should be understood that the language of tantra, yoga allegorical language, it is allegorical. On the one hand – very specific, on the other – and misty-brainer.

Disciple: Some sources say the digestive fire, power and so on. And there are terms such as dzhadhara-Agni, by which is meant physical fire protection fire from external manifestations, immunity. And Phut-Agni, the spiritual fire. If a fire is enhanced, the other weakens. Is this true?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Information that a fire diminishes and the other increases, I do not. Take, for example, physical fire. What is the physical fire? Physical fire – is a kind of self-sustaining chemical reaction, oxidation-reduction. Provided energy, and this energy is itself supported, but it is only the physical sense. You light a fire, the wood burns so much time, say, two hours. Some logic in this is: at first it was solid, gaseous, then again solid – ash, that is a kind of enduring structures. Again, the wood can be burned for 2 seconds, and they burn for 2 hours, there is a certain process. If we consider the same process on a subtle level, it is nothing else, as the interaction of energy and consciousness. Which at the physical level, we see a self-sustaining fire.

If the yogi develops this principle, all the other principles developed by themselves. That is, if put under the control of the subtle manifestations, then gradually becoming and physical well-controlled. By controlling the subtle, you control the rough. In yoga, the following approach. If you set the control center of the lamp, the entire fire, both physical and inner you is subject in all its manifestations and forms: physical, mental, vital.

Student: And is this fire to manifest itself in two ways: as a physical fire, and the fire of consciousness, which performs the same function as the physical, only in a more subtle level?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, hard to say … We can in fact consume the same allegory in relation to man, burning some idea. His eyes burning, energy and splashing, but then need to enter the new entity. Rather, it is an allegory of the state of energy and consciousness. At this level, the person is more inert, floppy, like a tree, like oak, a principle embodied land. Man water principle more agile, wriggling. Consciousness, too, can also be characterized, it will always find a hole to get around the obstacle. There is a man-fire principle, which burns everything in its path.

Sometimes on the site of a chakra draw animal – the most prominent representative of a property. For example, in the center of the manipura chakra draw a sheep, an animal that comes through. Perhaps the symbol of the faithful, but to introduce a new entity, ie fire, which supports this character, it makes no sense.

Student: Why is the ability to be transferred to another body is compared to a lotus manipura?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact that all these superpowers have not acquired the essence of a thing, but the essence of the thing opens. They have laid down, we simply disclose how the treasure, which is hidden in us. Man with all his lotus and chakras, like a giant, which is tied to the land, to something that makes it not free. There is even an opinion that, as at the lotus petals, so many qualities manifested in its disclosure. By controlling the some quality, can be subjected to man. Fear, envy, hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, delusion, etc.

Sometimes, even the petals of the lotus are in the form verёvochek, the channels through which vibrates the energy, we feel a particular emotion, this emotion makes us free. Moreover, if the energy is starting to wake up, we feel a particular emotion, and we can be manipulated. Consequently, about any manifestations and latent possibilities of speech and can not be.

Imagine a balloon which thousands verёvochek tied to the land, it is clear that he will not fly. We begin to cut the strings quietly, it becomes possible to move the ball left and right, the degree of freedom increases with each cut thread, and finally, the ball can fly through the air. Everything can be reduced to an associative relations, any emotion, any manifestation of energy and consciousness, any channel, petal lotus.

The most fundamental associative relationship is the relationship of the self with our bodies. The most serious relationship – this is our central channel, then the left and right channel, then multiple channels that extend from the center. This subtle energy structure, built of thin material, according to the “construction plan” in which they “built”, involving associative links. The association – a very fine thing, it is a line that drew the architect and the builders build on her wall. That is small at the beginning of the effort leads to enormous fouling. Any of our emotions start to run when the associative relationship starts to vibrate, associative connection in this case and have the rope.

When we get to the center of the manipura chakra, freed from very coarse associative links which bind us to our body, there is another rope, which allows us to get all this conglomeration of the gross physical body and drag it to another gross body. Only in this conglomerate remains still a lot of other associative ties that bind us to our thin and our physical body. In any case, at the level of being and sense of touch. We like Gulliver, who Lilliputians our human passions, momentary sensations tied to ground thousands verёvochek and jerk something we can not.

Therefore, yoga and offers to get rid of these verёvochek gradually. Otorvesh – enough already and body some movement can do. Same thing with the chakras. To control the first three lotus – get the power to tear these associative links, pulling his subtle and causal body and from the rough.

Student: How does this relate to the manipura chakra and fire? Can be more?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For example, I am sitting. While I do not put the center of the earth, I was in this land and I am basically. Not yet put the principle of land pointless to take up water and so on principle. This classification is not given for it to convince the person that if you do some other practice, you too can buy this quality. With regard to the principle of fire, it is difficult to say. Perhaps the meaning is that when the yogi “pulls” from his body itself, the body is not collapsed completely, supported by something. It’s a matter of fine structure of the human body. And this knowledge, unfortunately, is lost, and it is necessary to rediscover each yoga independently.

Student: Maybe it has something to do on a physical level with the umbilical cord?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Perhaps, as the umbilical cord is an important organ of our physical body. Our material and physical body needs to grow and develop, not to break down. The umbilical cord is helping us in this, thanks to the energy that protects against negative factors. If we leave his body, and these above factors are not developed, it can be easy to lose this body. Again, this is only one of the hypotheses. How is it actually possible, yoga followers will realize in the future.


Text is 5.83. Anahata – Lotus is located in the heart. Its color – a deep blood red. Seed – Vayu. Twelve Petals: Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, on, Cha, Cha, Jha Jha, hemoglobin, Ta, Tha.

5.84. This lotus situated flame called Bana Lingam. Meditation it acquired objects visible and invisible world.

5.85. Lord of the lotus – Pinax goddess – Kakini. The one who always meditates on this lotus of the heart, desire celestial maidens.

5.86. He gets immeasurable knowledge, knows the past, present and future, having the ability of clairvoyance and clairaudience, and can travel through the air.

5.87. He sees the dedicated and goddesses known as Yogini. It takes effect Khechari and wins everything that moves in the air.

5.88. He who daily contemplates on the hidden-Bana Lingam reaches Khechari and Bhuchari (withdrawal from the world at will).

5.89. Words can not describe the importance of meditation on this lotus. Even the gods like Brahma, kept secret this method of contemplation.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We have come to the heart chakra. It is located in the center of our breast inside closer to the back. According to metaphysics, yoga, lotus flowers belong to the fine structure of our body. We have three bodies: gross (physical), subtle, causal. Places lotus – a place of transition, where the gross body is connected to a thin, subtle with the causal. Three parallel world stitched together. Lotus – is a kind of channels plexus or yourself lotus flower, each petal – is the channel itself.

In meditation there is a kind of spatial construction, which can be called a lotus flower, chakra, wheel, and the wheel has spokes with teeth pointing in different directions.

This particular lotus has 12 petals and each petal corresponds to one or another letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. If you add up all the petals, except sahasrara Lotus, each petal will correspond to the letter. Each letter – is an integral part of the vibration. However, all the vibrations engendered all aspects of the universe, including our reactions, our thoughts, our feelings. If vibration occurs, the person experiences a particular emotion. The petals can be compared with metal plates which start to sound when touched. The corresponding vibration reaches us, and the person begins to experience a particular emotion.

In this sense, the human body is programmed device enough, enough is determined by the emotions we can understand what petal vibrates. Once our energy is painted in one or the other emotion we experience a particular state.

Lotus Heart – a place where there was air principle.

The air is extremely rarefied, with all the ensuing consequences. According to the axioms of Yoga, any element arose from a combination of the appropriate energy and corresponding consciousness. That is, as soon as consciousness and energy intersect, there is a particular principle. The principle of air – this is the principle through which consciousness shines more than the water principle. At the same time, it consists of more subtle energy vibration. At the subtle level, this is the ideal structure of the air, and over the rough – a delicate matter in the rough shell. The shell starts to behave according to this thin. Everything in the universe is created by a combination of energy (feminine) and consciousness (masculine), and therefore the description of any Lotus mentions the names of God and the Goddess. God – is the highest manifestation of the Absolute consciousness in one form or another. God and Goddess have the appropriate quality. A close examination of these qualities, we can see the properties of the image.

For example, a given color description, also described this structure as banalinga.

Interesting structure, to understand that it is very difficult, because it is given different texts in different ways. When meditating yogi begins to feel some such qualitative leaps. The heart center is balanced, it is still removed as the energy at the base of the body, the muladhara chakra, and from the center of consciousness, the sahasrara chakra. During the evolution of living beings, his reaction was reflex, that is, it is more to be influenced by one or another emotion. Until dominate corresponding lower energy centers, one is in the grip of passion (pain, fear, desire for power, lust, etc.).

Starting with the heart center, Anahata Chakra, begin to prevail finer feelings, symptoms, behavior motivation, begin to show elements of intellect, aesthetics. These elements are less clear than, say, fear, pain, etc. All the centers above that belong to the realm of consciousness. If you take a person from the field of culture, poet, painter, esthete, then this person to a lesser extent, animal exhibits such emotions as fear, lust for power, etc. His capture higher ideas, often grab his head, a person can become a slave to any ideas. As in the days of the revolution was the idea of liberty, equality and fraternity. Remarkable were the ideas, the future of mankind! If the “pull” the idea of the lower centers, not to feel the mood of the masses of people, and a lot of people live on very different principles, the idea of breaks away from the roots, and hangs in the air.

All attempts to introduce dramatic changes in a person’s life, such as: “Tomorrow I’m starting to live a new life!”.

Well, and the body you asked about it? It is something for a few lives are accustomed to live in a completely different way. For example, a person drinking, smoking, swearing, and inspired by the sublime book, he begins to lead another life Monday. Yes, he willed himself trying to change, some achieve this success, some do not. Yoga says that we should not make any sudden movements, should be different, slower.

The heart center is balanced, equidistant from abstract ideas, but he rose above all the primitive passions. When the idea off the ground or from consciousness, they do not stay long, leading to suffering and dissatisfaction. anahata Center helps balance these two opposing trends. On the one hand the trend of passion, the real, and the other – the lofty ideas that only the center can be balanced. Prior to this man behaves more like an animal, after – a person becomes abstract dreamer, a reformer whose ideas can not possibly be applied in real life. We are seeing it in politics, economy, daily life, any unbalanced solution requires unreasonably large effort to implement. Decisions are often evil.

Ordinary people think, “Why should I think about high when you have a piece of bread to earn, to live where it is necessary!”. They are irresponsible to a higher plane. On the other hand there are those clever men, who day and night thinking about how to change the world, it does not think about the motivation first. Therefore, if we really want to do something, we need to really understand what we want to do. With the introduction of yoga in life, for example, explain that it is good for health, yoga gives flexibility, fit, etc. At the same time we must understand that man is lazy by nature, he would not be himself every day to practice yoga, therefore, it is necessary to come up with a neat development of methods to understand the motivation, the nature of an incentive to lower transformed into higher and higher did not come off from the lower.

This center is responsible for the sense of touch. It is believed that modern humanity has to develop this particular area. There is an opinion that the scientists save the world. Nothing like this! They will generate ideas that can be immoral. Pure intelligence does not solve the problem. On the other hand, indulging his baser instincts – this is the path of degradation. In other words, we have two options: either to degrade, to do nothing immoral or clever, not thinking about the consequences. To save the modern mankind, we must massively open this center, which in ancient treatises called the center of wisdom. In “Ananda Lahari” Deity of this center is a perfect match Paramahamsa swans floating on the lake of the mind. If a person has opened this center, it is believed that he became well versed in all the sciences.

This is exactly the development of the heart center! A man can be separated in these sciences, and the right thing from the rest. Swan Paramahamsa – the sacred bird, the ability to separate milk from water, that is the main highlight and discard all unnecessary. When the center is developed, one can immediately see the flaws, even the highest ideas of where milk and water where empty. So, oddly enough, in many cultures the mind center is in the heart.

human role in our era – to develop the heart center. If a person will develop a center of this, any solution will be balanced. Balanced use of any scientific law only leads to positive results. If mankind will not develop in itself this principle, it is more likely to be destroyed, as the baser inclinations and cut off from the life of the intellect begin to “chatter” universe. Civilization – a very fragile thing, glass. In the history of mankind civilization disappeared and more than once were the empire, which collapsed like a house of cards.

Anahata chakra is the center of touch, that is, a person must learn to feel all of its own skin. Nyasa yoga (Nyasa yoga – is to work with tactile sensations) just develops the heart center, and, as a catalyst, accelerating the processes of yoga many times. If a person begins to feel the pain of another as his own, to feel the universe around them, while having developed consciousness, he realizes that he can do that, then the balance of these two extremes allows us to make a quantum leap in its development.

Nyasa yoga activates the process. Yoga helps to speed up the process. Yogi live several lives in one year. Average humanity comes to its unhurried way, he gets a slap on the universe, it beckons like candy, some charms. Yoga accelerates the evolution, helping to open the heart principle. The narrow neck of the future passes through the heart center, in which we safely pass a new stage of human evolution. If this is not done, humanity will destroy itself.

Yoga – is the acceleration of evolution, and Nyasa yoga – is the acceleration of the acceleration of evolution.

If the heart center opens, also revealed lower and higher centers.

At the heart center, as well as any other, has its own ambush. To deal with them is very difficult. Negative emotions – is a doubt, jealousy. In doubt a person spends an enormous amount of energy. Jealousy poisons love.

It makes sense to make decisions using the heart center, then the decision will be the most correct.

In yoga, always preferred the good people who have disclosed Anahata Center. Man gets a lot of abilities, opening the center. It becomes attractive to Yoginis. Goddess shows him. He takes possession of all the earth sciences. If there are unsolvable problems, you should meditate on this center.


Text: 5.90. Vishuddha lotus is located at the throat. Its color – a shining gold, the petals 16 A, Aa, And Ii, Y, Vy, Ri, Ria, Lee, Lee, E, Au, O, Au, Am, Oh.

5.91. He who always contemplates it – truly a lord of yogis, and deserves to be called wise. Meditation on visuddha yogis immediately comprehend all four of yoga with their secrets. Lord of the Chakras – Chhagalanda and goddess – Shakin.

5.92. When the yogi, concentrating on this secret spot, feels angry, all three worlds begin to tremble.

5.93. Even if the mind of the yogi accidentally focus on this point, it ceases to perceive the outside world and focuses on the inner world.

5.94. His body was never weakens and is full of energy for thousands of years. It becomes hard as a diamond.

5.95. When a Yogi enters into such contemplation, a thousand years for him – both minute.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Vishuddha – is the center of the space, but in a deeper sense. This space at all. We are accustomed to our three-dimensional space. Modern physics has turned this idea of space. It turns out that space is curved. Moreover, the attempt to explain the force of gravity, ie. E. The attractive forces us to land is explained by the fact that a large body mass (Earth is composed of matter). mass property – bend to bend space and time. From the opposite: very attractive property comes from the property of curved space. Strange, is rather difficult to imagine the scheme. In physics, we have long crossed the line of ordinary perception of the world, but present it is extremely difficult to imagine. It is hard to imagine that in a room near the floor space is curved more than the space near the ceiling. Of course, this distortion is negligibly small. Even modern devices are unlikely to put it on hold.

Space – this is one of the fundamental properties of the world. We remember the axiom of yoga that everything is consciousness and energy. Question: What is space? The space is a form of energy. This conclusion came to yoga philosophy for a long time, we do not know exactly when, because we already have information from sources, which themselves referred to some sources, treatises. The same is now coming to modern science. In the future, science is likely to go even further.

But the fact remains: the space – it is a form of energy. What is space? We’re sitting in the room. The room crammed to the eyeballs air molecules, they are full of them. We simply do not see. And if you pump out the air? Then it turns out that we have nothing. There is nothing, but it seems that something is. Some volume it occupies, but nothing it does not. Here I put two fingers, I, too, there is nothing between two fingers. I took a flask with a vacuum, too, there is nothing there. But my fingers close, and the bulb has some geometry. And this essence – the essence of space rather abstract – is where all fits. It is, in fact, is a form of energy, as taught by yoga, a form of Shakti, but in a very strange, subtle forms.

Moreover, we speak of time can only when space. Without the concept of space, we can not talk about time, because there is no basis to say whether the seconds passed, or a thousand million years. How do we measure time? Time we measure relative. The second hand is running, and we are with respect to this second hand compare the processes that are within us.

Regarding the internal time, that is a separate issue. When we are interested in – time flies unnoticed when we are bored – time stretches. But in any case, the time can only speak when something changes relative to the other. And if there is no place where something can be changed? Therefore, to talk about the time we can only if there is space.

Vishuddha – a center space (more precisely, the ether center, all kinds of spaces). In physics – a three-dimensional space. Although physicists are now claiming that supposedly has some hidden dimensions that we can not see. A lot of what they say, but say it is a hard enough.

In yoga, getting closer to our world, to our feelings, experiences, our experience. Here, space is understood as our physical space (three-dimensional), and the space of dreams, the space of the imagination. We see a dream. Where is he going? We can say that this is a hallucination of the mind. Similarly, we can say that our three-dimensional space – the same hallucination. Interestingly, the higher mathematics introduced the concept of space and give certain axioms. Space is called something, something, something. In higher mathematics can be quite exotic space, for example, a space refrigerators.

The principle of space is also important from the point of view of physical practices. When you’re a long time to chant, meditate on a particular manifestation of the Supreme, sometimes higher spiritual space wedged into our physical space, and the person receives a religious experience. Opens the door, as it were, and we see it is real. In ancient times, the yogic experience is usually attributed to the category of hallucinations. Man long he fasted, prayed, denied himself all over, and that he supposedly went to the roof. Perhaps there were such cases. But yoga is all very tough. The very first thing which there are paying more attention – is the concept of maya (illusion). And there hallucinations are very experienced people are not allowed. So hard to believe that the yogi who fully keeps his mind under control, which demonstrates the absolute clarity and sobriety of consciousness begins to fall in such states.

The concept of space also includes the notion of the higher realms, higher dimensions, where the degree of spirituality in a much greater extent than we have. Our world is rough enough, quite barbaric, savage. It is a matter of evolution, when it rises to the level above, or be destroyed. Great sages, great yogis are in this universe, but in other dimensions, a higher and more subtle. And when we begin to practice any mantra or visualization of the Divinity, sometimes it appears to us very clearly. Our physical space – it’s just one of many possible spaces. As one space is superimposed on the other, it is difficult to say. Knowledge has been preserved, this should be a personal experience. Spaces are many, they intersect. Our physical space is superimposed on our mental space, space dreams, memories. In yoga states that our physical space – it is only one facet of the public space.

Vishuddha – is the center of origin of the space principle. Space – it is a form of energy, but in the form of light consciousness. Consciousness is shining through visuddha much stronger than all previous venues.

Space has such a feature. We can be with the people that we are extremely unpleasant. There is a very stable association is hostility. And when they are close to us it starts to be bad. All the impressions that we receive from the outside world, they are distorted, they are karmic, misleading. All the people who do not do yoga, not as safe, not so neutral. They’re all asleep. And each of them dreams of a nightmare. Each of them is consciousness and energy (albeit to a small degree, but there), so they seem to distort the world in the direction of what they want to see. Getting under the power of the crowd, we fall under mass hypnosis. Yogi does not cost anything to cope with this mental influence of the masses. The hypnotic power of the masses terrible. It can have a positive side and a negative.

To practice requires a clean place. Therefore, before the serious yogic practices creates a protective field, as if the space in a space that displaces unnecessary associative links. If the yogi is practicing in the same place (and this is highly desirable), while man creates the effect of holiness. That had the effect of earlier temples. Temple – a space free of unnecessary associative links. Moreover, the desired associative links present there. Getting into pure space, a person drops out of associative connections rough world and can easily practice yoga. Nobody and nothing it does not interfere. And all of these fall under the category of space Vishuddhi. Vishuddha – a place where controlled three of the world (the world of the gods, humans, and the infernal worlds). If the yogi controls the center, it controls the space of the three worlds, he has power over the space.

What great space monitoring tool? The problems are problems only if space is limited. The more space you have, the easier you solve a problem (physical, mental, spiritual). Figuratively speaking, there is room for maneuver. If you stared at the closed door, no need to beat her forehead. You can work around the wall. And you’ll go wherever you want, does not overcome terrible obstacles.

Vishuddha – this is a very important center for the solution of any problem. Suffice it to expand, and the problems that have been yesterday, today disappeared. For example, I live in a small town, and I have only two places where I can go to work. Moving to the city a little more – there I had ten seats. I’m an even bigger city – has one hundred places, respectively. I’m going abroad, studying foreign languages, and I have thousands of jobs. The extent of my freedom is growing incredibly. When we control the space, we are not tied to the country with her situation. We are free. Yes, no one has repealed the karma. But if you need to burn the hair, it does not mean that they have to burn on your head. You can them cut off and thrown away. In ancient times, Yogi left the principality, ruled by unworthy of kings, and this principality was falling apart sooner or later. This is a question only time a negative situation will be destroyed, but there is no need for us to wait until the situation improves. We can just get out of this dirty space. The more space we have, the freer we become.

Vishuddha – a center of speech. Sometimes a symbol vishuddhi depicted peacock. Words can be built as a space in a space with its own laws, components. In fact – this is the Maya Maya. All around – Maya Maya is not only the Absolute. Yogi means words can lift people out of maya its precepts, mantras teachings. The cunning politician, on the other hand, by the word can be misleading. The power of words can be very dangerous. Full of talkers who, after the hundredth repetition of themselves begin to believe in the nonsense that they say. On the other hand, if you repeat some of the truth, but do not fully understand it, you come to understand this truth. Even psychologists say that people first perceive what he says his own language, and only then all the things that he hears ears. Therefore Vishuddha (speech center) can be a great help in understanding how to construct the Mayan.

Each center has its own advantages, and has its own pitfalls. So with visuddha. This center should be developed. Developing this facility, we develop the mind. Historically, the mind starts to work only after it begins to develop. To develop this center to help mantra yoga, the study of foreign languages. Even the driver of the tram may declare a halt, and his every word will bring blessing as himself, and every passenger. We should not neglect the opportunity to develop this center.

Vishuddha center responsible for falling asleep as well as for the separation of the soul from the body at death. In this sense, the process of dying and the process of falling asleep – in fact one and the same.

If we want to know yoga, we need to know axioms of yoga. Then we do not get lost in the numerous practices. We have consciousness. Consciousness has such a property as a vector. In this case, the vector is directed in the direction of the physical space. We are awake, but then we need to move this vector in the space of dreams. The human body is made so that it begins to function or that the vibration energy, and we are experiencing a particular state. In this case starts vibration corresponding to this center. Roughly speaking, you begin certain petals ring, ie, energy begins to manifest itself in a particular incarnation, and you suddenly start to feel sleepy. And drowsiness leads to the fact that the vector of your consciousness from the area of real consciousness is directed into the region of dreams. And in the space of dreams your mind begins to function. Therefore, many aspects of yoga dreams based on these mechanisms on these factors.

Disciple: Nidra Yoga is also based on this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: On switch is likely. Nidra Yoga – Yoga sufficiently specific. At the moment of falling asleep, when this is borderline consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, sleep can be superimposed on reality. And at the same time it achieved the same effect, when after a long serious meditation. Higher consciousness opens and you see the teacher or the teacher of our school as real as if you saw them physically. Moreover, you will not really be the difference if it was physically or not physically, because in contrast to hallucinations, there is a very serious factor: effects on checked whether it was a hallucination or not. Therefore it is always very interesting to such communication with teachers, for whom there is no concept of space.


Text is 5.96. Lotus Ajna is located between the eyebrows. Lord him – Shukla Mahakala, and the goddess – Hakini. Two lobe: Ha and CSA.

5.97. Inside it is eternal Bija, shining like the autumn moon. Wise, knowing it would never seeks down.

5.98. There is the clearest (sparkling) light, stored in secret in all the Tantras. Contemplation achieved his greatest success.

5.99. I – gives liberation. I – the third linga in Turie (Turiya – ecstasy, as well as – a symbol of the thousand-petalled lotus Sahasrara). Contemplating it, the yogi becomes like I (Shiva).

5.100. Two channels – Ida and Pingala – a Varan and Asi. The space between them – Varanasi (Benares, the holy city of Siva). It is said that the Vishwanatha (the lord of the world) has here.

5.101. Wise who perfectly know the truth, not just talking about the greatness of this holy place.

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The next center, which we are considering, is the Ajna chakra. It is situated in the center between the eyebrows, where there is a third eye. It’s hard to tell where it is from the description, as the ancient texts often differing in their descriptions. We will adhere to the description given in the text of the Shiva Samhita. It is the center of the mind, there arose the principle of our mind. This principle – interesting category.

The word ajna, according to one version, derived from the word “jnana,” where “jnana” – this knowledge, the prefix “a” – it is denial, denial of knowledge. That is, it is the center that appears fully our ignorance.

Mind – twofold thing for yoga philosophy. We modern people consider mind the principle of the most interesting. Vector modern civilizations aimed at honing mental abilities. That’s right, the development and strengthening of intelligence is necessary, but on the other hand, yoga says that from a certain moment the mind of our assistant turns into a harsh enemy, which prevents the element. It is necessary to remember.

The whole evolution of living beings is aimed at the development of the mind. Life is reasonable is not accidental, and natural. It is a law of the universe. This is not the exception but the rule. The fact that we have not yet found the brothers in mind from other planets, it is, according to yoga, is only a matter of time. Question form in which this life is presented.

The principle reason is to be developed, it is the dominant vector of development. If a living creature goes on the way of development of the mind, it is on the right track. If not, then it disappears. Perhaps this is due to the numerous stories of human appearance, why some forms have survived, while others – no, this is a topic for another discussion. Now we must remember that the important thing in evolution – the development of the mind. Therefore, the conclusion – if we want to practice yoga, the mind must be developed, moreover, honed as a good tool. Whoever neglects it, he is mistaken.

Further, a person reaches the level of the mind, hone it to perfection. There is a serious risk – the mind begins to dictate their conditions and prevent further development. Therefore, from time to time you will be faced with statements like, “kill your mind,” which is extremely negatively perceived progressive mankind. This is a wrong interpretation. The concept of yoga intelligence should be perfected, since when it fulfills its function, but life is more complicated than the functions in the implementation of which helps the mind to further a person is faced with the tasks that the mind can not solve. At this point, the mind should be ruthlessly discarded. It’s hard to do.


Why? We have so many lives he cherished so much brought to the altar of the mind, and then it must be disabled. It’s even hard to do out of habit. In addition, the mind, this is not such a simple mechanism that is so easy to give up. He is endowed with automatic functions. All attempts to turn off the mind, he perceives as a threat to humans.

He begins to compress. This is a period of spiritual development, the period of agonizing depression. “Knowledge multiplies sorrow.” Philosopher with a highly developed mind sees all the imperfection of this world and suffers, while a successful businessman who has a clear mind works, he does not see. The thinner the mind becomes, the more it highlights the inconsistencies in the world. In its full beauty he sees the horror of reality, human stupidity, any animal displays, and finally, he realizes that there is a death. Man with a less developed mind also understands that there is death, but he did a great feeling, until he sees death, it does not concern him. If he is faced with her, he begins to act on the level of stress and adrenaline. Man with a sharpened mind and without this understands that, as a string does not curl, it is all we are waiting for the sad demise. No matter who you are. We are going to die, and it does not betray optimism.

For example, the story of the Buddha. His whole philosophy of this impregnated. In life, he was not a poor man, the sole heir to the king, he did not face the other side of life, but he met with death, suffering, he could not have any more to think about anything else.

Homo sapiens. This harsh evolutionary step. Evolution forces us to develop the mind, but from a certain moment, we are particularly acute begin to perceive imperfections of this world. By the very fact of the existence of suffering, the mind begins to poison our lives.

This is the next step on the path of development – pessimism. The man who is faced with the suffering, the negative in our lives, whether starting late early to wonder what about this talk of different religions and philosophical currents. Such a person is studying various treatises. Here there is a new obstacle. The man begins to perceive these treatises with intelligence position. For him, it is an abstract game ideas, which is likely to suffer even more forces. One religion says one thing, other – other. Begin inconsistencies in religion, philosophy, spiritual teachings, these do not answer questions for him. The death of both was, and remains, suffering as they were, and still are. Man rushes. And the more it sharpens the mind, the greater the suffering.

It lasts as long as the person does not understand intuitively in one fine morning that the mind – it’s just a tool. and all his judgments known to cut and obviously give only part of the picture of the world. When a man overthrows the tyranny of reason, he begins to use another tool. Let us call it intuition. As axioms yoga, he begins to enjoy more fully their consciousness. He sees more clearly what this consciousness is directed. Passing mind. In any case, the mind is only the interpreter. Intuition receives this information and intelligence just as a translator, which sets out this information in understandable terms.

By definition, it comes something higher, and the mind begins to present it as forms, images. Thus are born the philosophy, religion, yoga. Yoga – is higher than intellect. Yoga encourages sharpen the mind, to neglect it – madness. But once it is perfected, it is necessary to learn how to disable.

Otherwise, the mind, as the minister seize the kingdom, and although the mind is a very good minister, he can help, but the decision is made by the king. This is exactly what we wanted to say the phrase “kill your mind.” Put it under control. Apply it where it is needed. Tasks of religions, philosophy, spiritual yoga higher tasks are not subject to reason.

Student: And you can say that it is part of our ohamkara I set some qualities that present themselves for our I?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can say so, but in fact it is a complex concept. It rises higher than the mind. This is the “separateness” that separates the Absolute from our I. It is sometimes translated as ego.

Student: That is, it is not a thing, and the quality?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that is what is manifested through our quality. If reason prevails, then ohamkara seized power. These people know everything, but they are in doubt. They are torn. They will find the teachings of any logical explanation. Reason – the servant of two masters. First to speak one and three seconds to prove more. This trouble is a reasonable person, they achieve a lot of things in life, but in his soul rest there, until they begin to control the mind, otherwise he eats them. Mind turns into a dark sadistic overseer, he will devour all the energy. A man looks at everything from the position of the mind, but the mind does not respond to the questions of spirituality. This is a dead end, it is useless to beat in this direction.

This step traps all who follow the path of yoga. Many people come to yoga at the behest of the mind, “a good system”, health, the development of the mind, superpowers, what are ordinary people, many have skills, but they come from the mind. The answer to the main question is not allowed.

That is why religious people for a long time a negative attitude towards science. Among the clergy were very wise men who understood that the mind can not comprehend everything, there is something more subtle, but they call it faith. Then it is transmitted to humans more stupid, and they wondered, and heretics were burned at the stake. Happiness science man does not acquire, science science, but there is also a moral and ethical principles. Then everything is forgotten. For this reason, badly treated to all sorts of witches, sorcerers. Yes, the man has a superhuman, could kill at a distance of, for example, but this is a product of karma on a subtle level.

Each situation must be analyzed in two ways. It is very easy to fall into the extreme. Throwing a reasonable person afraid. In the Middle Ages, as soon as the development has gone mind went pessimism, religious figures simply tried to impose a taboo, it is they do not work. The direction of evolution says, “ahead”, therefore, the religious leaders and crashed. It is now religion is on the rise, and a hundred years ago, all this was perceived as a good ethical rules, not more. All subsequent wars and revolutions.

Student: But those same clerics too much degraded?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh that’s just it! They tried to stop the development, but do not be. They stopped, and all the other people were pulled out from under their care, and to neglect the moral and ethical principles.

Our topic of reason. The history of mankind – is the story of the development of the mind. Yoga is known 2000 years ago. “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali, in essence, about it. The ultimate goal – a stopping of thought-forms, the process of thinking, thoughts under control – under control and the mind, this is samadhi. But before that, it would be good to learn to control the mind.

Student: Patanjali says, you need to take control of mysleobrazovanie. In Buddhist texts, for example, in the “Maha Mudra,” says that the student first tries to control the thoughts in my head, then realizes that it is not, and can do, and is in a state of contemplation thoughts. How do we reconcile this?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is generally a separate topic. This is a continuation of the same. If we use the axioms of our school Anandasvami, in yoga there are two approaches. Method of consciousness and energy method. The method can suppress the formation of consciousness thought forms, and can be controlled. Remember the Soviet slogan: “If you can not suppress the over, then manage it!”. Lead it. energy method is, just, looking in spontaneity – tracking and allow these thoughts, as it were damped by. The method offers the same consciousness to face with an army of thought-forms, and how to push the enemies one by one. This path is hard for different people have different methods.

Student: Do you think that the energy method is higher than the method of consciousness, that is, control the thoughts more complicated than just suppress them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can not say that. This is a serious question. In our school, these two methods are equivalent. Let’s talk about this at the end of this lecture. Now we are talking about evolution in general.

Mind gives pessimism, and yet people will not overcome it, not to see him happy. Here’s a prediction. First you have to make a robot – Assistant, and then the time to learn how to disable it. The whole world and Russian literature about this, in essence, says – how to combine the material with the spiritual, with the aspirations of ordinary life to the Supreme connections issues this reason questions. The reason they are not responsible. Most people go into religion, cast the mind, and all are happy. Yoga does not neglect the mind, it is just a tool, first you need it, then it must be clean.

The principle of reason is in the Ajna Chakra. All yogic practices described in the text “Shiva Samhita” just how to work on this lotus, at the center. How to put your mind under control. This can be done in different ways. Can energy method can be a method of consciousness. You can go on the forehead of the enemy, persistent meditation reduce the number of thoughts in my head, it’s hard, but there are those who like this approach. This is a serious process. In these meditations man then pours. It seems to be sitting, not doing anything, but it is clear that there is a tremendous amount of work on a subtle level. This man deliberately, consistently reduces the number of thoughts. This process is known as the concentration.

There is another way, is not so severe. Generally, each method has its positive and negative sides. There is a method of spontaneous meditation, when the yogi observes spontaneous essence of the mind, it can be practiced anywhere. practices distancing himself from what he sees, from the reactions. These Tantric practices. It’s like a game of imagination. If it goes in the right way, then the person starts to observe the mind. At the same time it shows the power of reason. The strength of the mind itself begins to affect the energy. Any thought form in the mind – it vritti energy manifestation. Consciousness, honed in the meditation itself without effort begins to manage these thought forms.

Do you remember the basic concept – a combination of consciousness and energy that any phenomenon is a combination of consciousness and energy. The principle of reason and reason alone. Our brain – is the tool through which our mind appears, it is the essence of the process, where the light of consciousness shines most, and the most subtle energy vibration. Here, the transfer of energy and consciousness is very close. Changing consciousness entails a change of energy, energy change – change of consciousness. They are interrelated. The only way to understand how the mind works. Thought forms of energy make highlight their consciousness, to give impetus to interpretation. Here is a game in which to understand, what is more important is difficult.

Student: The source of thought-forms – it is our consciousness, the energy of consciousness, which is the result of maya, illusion, creates such thought-forms. This is true?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, this is Jnana Yoga. Of course, the game – is the finest energy of thought-forms, all this under the hood at the Maya. The mind is maya space. Consciousness and energy are independent of the mind, they are manifestations of the self, they are self-subsisting.

A man sits and watches TV, no one makes you do it, and he sits and stares. Also, our energy and consciousness are in the mind field. Start your game in the field of reason, although they can escape into the open. Historically, the energy and the mind focused on this screen of the mind. The fact that the principle of reason has its limitation, puts our mind and energy to these restrictions. So we believe that anything else, except the mind and “watch something” can not be, it is already the Maya. Man begins to identify with the mind. This is the essence of “Yoga-Sutras.” Man begins to identify with the mind, that is, deliberately I took a piece of a limited and clearly limited in this piece directed his energy and consciousness. All the variety of the universe is much larger than the mind.

The principle of pessimism comes when a person comes to these limits. On the question of spiritual development, birth and death, karma and reincarnation mind does not respond. He can turn as he wants. Our I identify themselves primarily with the mind. In the mind there is a power game and thought forms. And give up on what you think yourself very hard. This is the biggest difficulty. Attempts Baron Munchausen pull itself out of the swamp hair, nothing compared to the overcoming of maya.

We consider ourselves already at the subconscious mind, we are so used to it that we can not even imagine what might be different. Mayan. Thoughts obviously under the influence of maya. The game of energy and consciousness – a very interesting thing. What would consciousness itself is not sent, we see everything effortlessly. Our consciousness is directed to clear the screen of the mind, where there are pictures. We believe that this screen with pictures and there we are. We got used to this. Samadhi without an object – this is when we rip itself out of mind, take out the energy and consciousness of the mind. The mind becomes very thin structure of our universe, but it is lifeless. We considered ourselves the mind, directing their energy and consciousness is there, it manifested itself in the form of thought-forms, which immediately highlights consciousness. Consciousness begins to influence the thought-form. The very thought form attracted consciousness to themselves as advertising. This adds more emotion from them, we’re going down to the physical manifestations. On the physical level they appear as adrenaline. Adrenaline acts on other levels, we get the momentum on the other side. This section is engaged in yoga on how we are organized. The mechanism of our “I”, through energy and consciousness to the physical manifestations and vice versa. It came, and it was reflected in the other way. entangled mechanism. During the evolution of those we develop associative links that help development, others are discarded. Whatever you do in life, whether even an ant, if you develop the mind, you go through the evolution, if not, then you go to the other side, and followed by a series of pain receptors. A conglomeration of such feedbacks. It’s possible to paint in the form of diagrams.

At the level of Ajna chakra manifests intelligence, the dominant principle. While he was not perfected, we are like animals when it is perfected – we are slaves. And only when we learn to disable it and monitor, then we are free people.

Returning to the Shiva Samhita. It lists the methods of how to do it painlessly. Read it again.

Text is 5.96. Lotus Ajna is located between the eyebrows. Lord him – Shukla Mahakala, and the goddess – Hakini. Two lobe: Ha and CSA.

5.97. Inside it is eternal Bija, shining like the autumn moon. Wise, knowing it would never seeks down.

5.98. There is the clearest (sparkling) light, stored in secret in all the Tantras. Contemplation achieved his greatest success.

5.99. I – gives liberation. I – the third linga in Turie (Turiya – ecstasy, as well as – a symbol of the thousand-petalled lotus Sahasrara). Contemplating it, the yogi becomes like I (Shiva).

5.100. Two channels – Ida and Pingala – a Varan and Asi. The space between them – Varanasi (Benares, the holy city of Siva). It is said that the Vishwanatha (the lord of the world) has here.

5.101. Wise who perfectly know the truth, not just talking about the greatness of this holy place.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: specific text, aimed at direct impact. If you hang out with someone who is poor or bad closer to this state of mind control, this knowledge is transmitted to you non-verbally. In ancient India, it was customary to seek a society of sages and absorb knowledge from them. If you can communicate with these saints, do not despise it, even being next to you you absorb this state, it is the principle of dedication. People who control the mind, they control everything is above the level of the mind, and they are able to get another at this level, those practices that they give you, will be very valuable. Carriers should be honored tradition, they should look for.

Nevertheless, and did not make a mistake. There are meditation practices that help achieve this level. Every chakra is represented by energy and consciousness, in the Ajna Chakra they are presented in the form of the goddess, seated in the lotus. The man who has reached this level, do not pay attention to the other chakras, as other lower chakras transmit the information on the screen of our mind. Roughly speaking, you’re sitting at home and watching the monitor. The stores have a hidden camera, and somewhere in a remote room sitting guard and monitors on your screen for everything that happens. The operating principle is the same. To receive information about what is happening everywhere.

A lot of allegorical comparison of the similarity of our internal body to the city of Varanasi. There are sacred places, for example, in India, where the river divides into two streams, or vice versa. There is a transfer of this property to the inner body of the device. While traveling to the holy places, you are approaching the center, on which is superimposed an associative link with the geographical location in the world. That is the journey to the holy places, is a journey through the inner world.

Mentioned Ida and Pingala, the left and right channels, sushumna – central channel. At the point of the third eye, between the eyebrows, the channels are connected, and this is the point through which our prana can enter the central channel Sushumna. You can then know his subtle body. Prana is washed away dirt from the body, and man is able to survive the numerous visions, ecstatic state, a person is able to know what’s inside this world, the inner world. Here it is written allegorically – at the confluence of Shiva resides. Mentioned lingam, symbol of the unit. Some chakras difficult overcome.

Student: Lingam – it prevents the cell or help?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All characters that are listed here, they are given as a non-verbal learning principles. And if you meditate on them, it will point you the way. internal tool that helps to overcome ignorance.

Student: That is rather an internal tool?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, in general, all these texts with the blessing given to teachers in order to help achieve knowledge. To the practitioner has developed within itself the right associative links with the correct manipulation of the internal energy of feelings and consciousness. In fact, even the reading of the text makes the inside to draw a picture. The painting itself is somehow begins to overcome obstacles. These texts have surpassed the level of the mind, they are written skillfully, so that the person using them could rise to the level of the mind and overcome it. These yoga defeated mind. Sacred attitude should be to these texts. Reading these texts – is itself Yoga.

There are certain moments in these texts, they are written in many tantras, twilight language. any domestic association While reading the text, if it is imposed on persistent classes and practice, then immediately intuitively these practices are becoming apparent. And not just understandable, but they start to work! If you receive this text from the mouth of the teacher, it works instantly. That’s the beauty of direct transmission.

These texts must be read from the standpoint of consciousness and energy positions. From the standpoint of consciousness – all is clear. There is still a problem of translation. The texts were written in Sanskrit. This text was first translated into English and then in Russian, which is slightly complicates the understanding. The funny thing is that after repeated translation still works.

Once again, any text must be considered from the point of view of consciousness and energy. On the one hand to understand that from the point of view of intelligence, everything is clean. The people who wrote this text, surpassed mind, and write that converges even in mathematical logic, for them is not difficult. But this is just a skeleton. Gives images that need to be taken, to feel, to feel, to experience, and they should not perceive critically. You go out into nature, you see the forest, river, sunrise, the birds are singing, spring range, you perceive it not logic, and joy, experience, ownership. You also need to read these texts. Two of these approaches, if you practice, intersect, as a target in a target. You will start to understand. You start to put under the control of the mind principle. Without reading the text, you would have spent so much more time. Reading the text and doing, you realize this is very fast. And still talking and c people from tradition, it would have worked even faster. So, we conceptualize what reason, read the text, we do not understand, look for a different interpretation and practice, practice.

There are a number of translations, with different center describing the details, with mantras, Bija, petals.

The principle reason is manifested through a group of bodies. On the physical level – the usual our minds, on a subtle level – emotional components, on the causal level. That is, this principle embraces all groups and bodies at their intersection and there. There are transitions from rough thin. Drink a sleeping pill – the mind works in a different way, that is, acting on a gross level, we have the result we get on fine. Is there a tool exposure – medical methods. But we must remember one axiom – is impossible in principle to obtain higher status using drugs.

Were in the forties hippies who ate all sorts of LSD, any chemistry, crap, even the theory subsume under it, wrote books, many died from it. It seems, at first everything is interesting, but the man quickly comes to a bestial state. Any knowledge, getting into groups of untrained people can cause harm.

Yoga against any chemistry. In general, against all that is harmful, and against getting samadhi state with the help of chemistry. You can act on the brain of any grass, but there is an unwritten rule – you do not get with the help of chemistry samadhi. Often I meet people who tell me that they were under the influence of a drug that has opened – not be revealed. May be. From the perspective of yoga – this is maya.

The student: chemistry does not act on the thin structure of mind, I understand correctly? In her fall feedbacks chemical receptors.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because words can not erase songs that have yoga in India, which with the same success can drink all sorts of rubbish, acid chemistry, and it will be nothing. But before that they were engaged in yoga for ten years. He so controls his physical body, that subtle when exposed to rough, is not affected. This is the extent of his work on yourself, but not an example to follow.

Student: And technically, if this process is to describe?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This mechanism is not so simple – the transition from gross to subtle patterns. On it was built all the yoga tree. Influencing and gross (physical), you can get the effect. This is the “finger”, which presses the button on the rough, and will reflect on the fine. Thin on the thinnest. All the experiences that a person receives, on a physical level, can be strong, to thin a thousand times more, to the subtlest a million times stronger. The transmission mechanism associative. Associative relations are stable. Internal channels, Nadis, influence on the chakras, when we get a different effect, with the help of mantras concentrating on the point between the eyebrows, we get a variety of effects that will be experienced at the gross physical. If you do a headstand, concentrate on the point between the eyebrows, that is, to perform physical activities, over time will begin to appear on the reaction of the subtle level. These are two sides. With regard to the impact of medicines, it is engaged in pharmacology, there are substances with the same effect on humans, their brain, and there are – individually.


Student: Are you saying that the area of the brain associated with slimmer bodies. The impressions in the mind penetrate through the senses. If the impact on the brain, whether it is the influence of the mind?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. What we call the mind, in the metaphysics of yoga is represented by three entities – Manas, Buddhi and read. Manas – Border function of the mind. All the sensations of the senses come in Manas, he either passes them or not. What misses, he gets into Buddhi, makes a copy of that missed Manas. I see a thing, my eyes saw the object transferred in Manas, Buddhi is copied, and the reader perceives what is in the Buddhi. I take the subject for his copy. Chita is the tool by which the mind displays what is in the Buddhi.

There are more nuances that need to know. There is no difference where a person is, there is no clear its borders. Now he breathed the air before the air was not them, then started, then stopped. Same with the food. The physical body can shield outline. There is something that comes in and goes out something. Inside there is some structure. No rigid distinction. The same can be said about the mind. There is no strict separation between the mind of one man and another. The reason – a single ocean, and each takes a lot of it myself, take in rent and use according to their karma. The reason – the total thing. Now people do not use telepathy, but maybe start, why not. There is a wave on the ocean, vritti went, I reached the other. This supernormal abilities that appear when working with the principle of reason. But this is only a limited part of nature. Our task – to disconnect from the mind, rise above it.

Student: More a moment. And the other chakras also united different people?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Unity Principle – is a fundamental principle of the universe. “Share” – the ability of maya. We see multiple single, is a function of our mind and intellect. Intelligence common shares on the details, the details of these studies, synthesizes visible. This is obviously bad practice. Share indivisible using Maya.


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