Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.102-5.157).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.102-5.157).

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Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 5. Sadhana.

(Af 5.102 -. 5.157).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.


In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: sahasrara, Triveni secret: Prayaga, mysterious moon, mystical Mount Kailash.

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De16. The main text of the lecture.


Text 5.102. Sushumna goes along the spinal column up to where is Brahmarandhra (the hole of Brahma). From there, curving to the right goes to the Ajna chakra and then to the left nostril, and is called the Ganges (Ganga – sacred river flowing in India).

5.103. Lotus is located in Brahmarandhra called Sahasrara. At its center-moon. Nectar constantly flowing From the triangular field. Moon immortality fluid flows through the Ida, and this flow from yogis called Ganga.

5.104. From the right side of the Ajna, going to the left nostril flows the Ida. Here it is called Varana (the current in the north of the Ganges).

5.105. Let the yogi reflects on the space between Ida and Pingala, as Varanasi. Pingala flows from the left side of the right nostril to Ajna called Asi.

5.106. In the space inhabited by the “sun” among the four petals of Muladhara.

5.107. It exudes a poison that in the form of heat flows through the Pingala.

5.108. “Solar” death of the liquid goes to the right nostril, and the immortality of the lunar liquid flowing to the left.

5.109. Rising from the left side of the Ajna and goes to the right nostril, a “north” for Pingala called Asi.

5.110. The Ajna lives Mahesvara (Great Lord). yogis represent over it three more sacred stages: Bindu, Nada and Sakti – they are situated in the lotus of the forehead.

5.111. One who constantly thinks about the hidden lotus Ajna, he immediately, without resistance destroys all his past life karma.

5.112. When the yogi meditates over the place, all forms of the outside world seem to him useless.

5.113. Yakshas, Rakshasas, Gandharvas, Apsaras and Kinnaras – they protect his feet and become obedient executors of his orders.

5.114. Drawing the tongue into the groove of the palate, let the Yogi enter into contemplation, that destroys all fears. The one whose mind is fixed here at least for a moment, all sins are destroyed immediately.

5.115. All that is achieved by concentrating on the other five lotuses, achieved through knowledge alone Ajna.

5.116. Wise, constantly staying in Ajna contemplation, freed from the chains of desires and enjoys happiness.

5.117. If at the time of death, the Yogi contemplates Ajna, it is absorbed by the Paramatma.

5.118. Whoever meditates on it – the one not involved in sin, even if he had committed a crime.

5.119. So by their own efforts yogi is freed from the chains. There are no words to describe the importance of Ajna contemplation. Even the gods like Brahma, who studied at me (Shiva), proficient in this art only partially.

5.120. Thousand-petalled lotus is placed over the Ajna, at the base of the palate, there is a hole where the Sushumna.

5.121. From the base of Sushumna palate extends to the Muladhara. All Nadi channels surround it. These Nadi – seeds of mystery and the sources of all the principles that make up the human and pointing the way to Brahman.

5.122. In the center of Sahasrara – Yoni with the face turned down.

5.123. There is a root Sushumna, together with its opening, called Brahmarandhra.

5.124. In the cavity of the Sushumna Kundalini dwells inner strength. In addition, in the Sushumna there is a force, called Chitra (Chitrini).

5.125. Who remembers it, he realizes Brahman, and he no longer has any sin, nor birth, nor of human existence.

5.126. Put your thumb on the mouth. Since the air leaving the body stops.

5.127. Vayu person is on (closed) circle. Yogis do not wish to continue this circulation. Nadi tied at eight knots, and Kundalini can pierce these knots and exit Brahmarandhra, pointing the way to liberation.

5.128. When the air (Vayu) is closed in all channels, then Kundalini liberates these nodes and accelerates the output of Brahmarandhra.

5.129. Then Prana life is constantly flowing in Sushumna.

5.130. Sushumna cavity in Adhar – it Brahmarandhra. That sage who knows this, freed from the chains of karma.

5.131. Three streams are found in the mouth Brahmarandhra. Bath in this place salvation is achieved.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: allusive language, appealing to our imagination, so reading the text and presenting part of these processes, we are already experiencing them. The very reading of the text is initiation.

The processes described herein above logic, the game begins here with the mind itself. Here we begin to affect the instrument itself. Yogi practitioner is experiencing moments of truth, moments of prana, the moments of awareness of how everything is done, he realizes it is not so much reason as feel the pulsation of the universe. He sees similar to such, his world is reflected in the universe, the universe is reflected in his body. In this there is a certain complexity. Gives logical moments, but we are starting to work on own logic tool. Language so vague, can not be said more clearly. We took up the mind. All that is below the mind, we can build a logical chain. Everybody is here. Kapnul reason itself.

Be aware of this and not repeat the mistakes of commenting texts, that is, to try to drive a sense of the scope of logic and reason. The practice itself digs mind. We have already touched on this – life is higher than the mind, life is higher than logic. That is, in the first stages of reason and logic are required, but the diversity of the universe above.

When reading the text with adequate translation, the main tune in this ineffable. We need an appropriate internal state – bhava. This state is close to the religious concept of faith, but faith is depreciated under her understand anything, any inconsistencies, illogic, the person causes it to take on faith. Therefore, many systems of philosophy and religion have a bad name. Where the logic works where it can be used, these holes irrationality Lata faith. This is a gross error. Since people will sooner or later realize that faith is not universally applicable. Faith works there, where is the logic itself completely fulfilled when we went to the next level. Here there is what might be called faith, but it’s more than that, it is a kind of intuition, direct knowledge, direct feeling. This kind of involvement, where there are no doubts, it is not from the mind. In ancient religions, apparently, it had to be called faith, but then as always everything perverted. Faith began to be applied wherever possible to apply the mind. This is the tragedy of all religious systems, they make us believe that there is a product of superior knowledge.

When reading the text, we do not have to eat everything, relying entirely on faith. These texts are logical to the very last moment, and only then we rise above the mind, above the concepts of space and time, the above logic. Only then it turns on higher intuition, what is called a direct comprehension of what is called faith in religion. Faith again is notorious as causes us to believe in something that is not really. It is here that we never for a moment doubt, but logically can not explain.

This text contains a limit logic on the one hand, and on the other – hints, pushes to the transcendental state. Therefore, these texts should be read, they must feel to go out on a wave of teachers who gave us these texts. They begin to work. Leaving only logic and reason, as they say: “Let’s dissect the mind and see what the center is responsible for any nuance.” This is a road to nowhere, that is in demand. But it is likely to get bored quickly, because the result will not be.

Sahasrara – the last 1000-petalled lotus. This window into the Absolute, to a higher plane of being where consciousness shines from the higher spheres. The ajna, for example, the center of the mind, there is a description of the lake from the purest substance, in which the waves go, but the sun shines over the lake. It is the sun illuminates the lake, and it poured all reflections, sparkles in the sun, and it seems that the sun shines. And it seems that the light of reason, what reason is the foundation of life, the most high point. But this is an illusion, the mind – it is only a thin tool. Above the surface of the mind is the sun. The sun – the light of consciousness.

Then there are the physiological details. It meets the description of a mystical moon at the base of our neck, and the sun at the base of the body. Sun and Moon – is common in Tantra symbols, they are used to show the opposite. In this case, it is understood that the basis of our body is our basic Kundalini energy, and at the same time, consciousness is located in the top of the head.

It further states that our body exists, since there exist equally consciousness and energy. If something is missing, then our body is falling apart. An internal process of our life is associated with the exchange of energy and consciousness in our body. For example, the description of the point bindu. A certain point, located in the top of our head, through which light is our consciousness. It manifests itself in the form of developed or undeveloped vibration, nadi. Shakti concept is based on the concept of nadi.

When we once again appeared in this world, in a new body, there was a process of separation of consciousness and energy. The road connecting them – it is sushumna. Energy is at the base of the body, consciousness – to the top. Sushumna – this is a kind of tube, inside which there is space and time. Ordinary people, it is not enabled. Energy and consciousness are interconnected ida and pingala, the left and right channels. It turns out that if consciousness penetrate into our body, the mind causes our energy to work for the benefit of our body. If we keep this mind, and do not give it to absorb the energy, we can to a greater extent by means of rays of consciousness to control our energy, if not, it absorbs the energy consciousness. And then drop bindu burn in the sun at the base of the body.

There is another interpretation, associated with sexual energy. Drops bindu pass through our body, clothed in subtle energy, then in a more rough, and the men turn into seed. If there is no control over the seed, he lost, new portions. That is a drop of bindu go, they are lost. As a result, a person ages, that is, consciousness could be directed to the continuation of the species, which is justified, and that it should be.

In yoga, the union, as you remember, the basic axiom that the procreation and pleasure potency – they are two different energy. Similarly, these drops bindu, the seed of a future life. And if it is lost, it is too big loss, even our bodies. If it persists, then have sex as much as necessary, without loss. This is a chance to climb to a higher level.

Disciple: The energy of procreation is expressed in the seed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Come on, we will not deal with this topic now because it is very extensive, time-consuming to deal with. Mom and Dad – The birth of the two take part.


Student: Drops of bindu can be converted into the seed of men. In women, they become what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This again will require as many words. We – Sahasrara.

Disciple: With the sushumna is not very clear. Or a translation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In the texts that have come down to our times, there are certain concepts corridor. Some believe that the sushumna goes straight and ends at the top of the head, while others believe that it is more then lowered to the point between the eyebrows. Many different points of differences. This is the section of yoga, which is before us is not fully kept. The only thing that, despite the lack of definitions and information, these techniques work.

For example, you from point A to point B is laid telephone cable, you do not know how it goes, but you can always call and you will connect with those with whom it is necessary. That is, the human body to describe the nuances are different. Sometimes slightly. But! Works and in that, and in the other case. The potential inherent in the practice, it is higher than all the nuances of these explanations. I would like to trace the transformation of ideas, but do not be too focus on a particular description. It is important to understand axiomatic. That is, there is energy in the crown of the head there is a consciousness, they are connected sushumna at the base of the body. Sushumna is not inside either time or space, but the edges is like a tube embedded in the handset. This is not a qualitative leap, a gradual change. Chitrini, this facility plays a crucial role in certain practices. Properties in sushumna chitrini somewhat different from the properties in the middle of sushumna.

Farther. At the base of our body – the energy in the crown of the head – consciousness. For the existence of our body’s energy and consciousness must circulate. An ordinary human consciousness and to circulate the energy used by the left and right channel. Vayu or Prana then go to the left, then the right channel.

Or there is a more detailed explanation of the fact that there are a large number of channels within the body. And Vayu, and prana, or life force energy circulate closed, do not go beyond. The purpose of yoga is to this cycle cyclic motion to terminate, enter this life force into the central channel, which, strictly speaking, is a breakthrough in spiritual practice.

Otherwise, we are subject to cyclical influences, as one would say our friends Buddhists, samsara. As long as the vital force circulates through these multiple channels inside our body and the most important of them – Ida and Pingala, we are subject to the usual activities, are subject to ordinary life, we are in society. We see that around our mind interprets reality with a major focus, with very serious prism of ignorance. As soon as we were able to break this “vicious circle” and get the energy to enter into the central channel, here it begins the true yogic perception of the whole universe, the personal experience of the Universe and the surrounding others. This is all that characterized ecstatic, trance states. The highest level of all – a state of samadhi. Then the man pulls his energy and his consciousness of this Universe, from its body.

What is samadhi? This is when our I fully possessed energy and consciousness. Our I have two abilities, manifested in this world: the ability of consciousness and energy capacity. Energy is at the base of the body and is known as kundalini energy. Consciousness, to a greater extent, is manifested through the higher centers, that is, it is top of the head, point of Bindu. And here we take and take out the energy and consciousness of our body, and in fact, of the whole of our universe caused. We take out her from the cycle of cause and effect, just as a man, when two hands down into the water, then pulls out of the water, these two hands and is outside of the ocean, is this water. Likewise, the enlightened soul Yoga pulls himself out of the ocean of samsara.

That is to say, before we shipped, we swim here, and here he takes and pulls herself. It is outside of space and time, it outside of karma, it beyond the limits of any events. And it is no longer subject to any influence in this world. And that, in general, the state of liberation – you cease to be caused, cease to depend on anything else. This is the highest point of joy, freedom, liberation. All, nothing more of you does not prevail – neither body nor mind, neither time nor space, nor logic, nor the lack of logic. Nothing at all – this is the state of liberation. That this process is, in fact, pulling energy and consciousness, it is yoga. But to get the energy and consciousness, they are, roughly speaking, should merge with each other, turn into prana. Prana is easier to pull out.

Disciple: The energy and consciousness together – it turns prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.

Student: That comes from our self – is prana, energy and consciousness together. And prana as it pulls out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. It flows from our self, we can not even say that he is somewhere, because it implies the concept of space, and our I mentioned this concept. Our I radiates its power inside the space and time inside this universe, inside of this ocean of Samsara birth and death. And if you look in terms of physiology, the first thing that illuminates our minds – it is our mind. That is why there has been told a lot of interesting words about the fact that if the yogi controls ajna, the level of intelligence – it automatically controls everything else. If you control a giant remote control mechanism – you are certainly in control of every part of this giant mechanism.

Therefore, if a person, in these yogic practices achieved this level – the level of Ajna, accordingly, in order to bring under control ajna, it is necessary to go even higher. If a person has developed a level of intelligence, but still did not get up a little higher – his life is sad enough. In order to manage the principle of reason, the Ajna chakra, it is necessary to go even higher in the direction of intuition, and then we’ll take out your consciousness. In the first place, of the senses, our mind is going in the mind, and of mind we take out towards himself, his own self Or Patanjali: “seeing sees himself.”

Student: In the area of intelligence signals are transmitted, the information from the other chakras, from the other centers. Either the center duplicates all of these centers and their functions?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard to say. It is possible that both duplicates. Because, again, in the text states that, to control the mind principle, we automatically put under the control of all the other centers in our body, as if it was a serious backup authority. But the fact is that to control the mind principle is incredibly more difficult than to control over lower centers. Therefore, as a rule, everything is going upwards. But if by some miracle managed to control the mind, to put under the control of one or another lower center much easier.

The process of pulling out of consciousness and energy is sometimes seen in terms of the position-consciousness yoga, sometimes with a yoga position-energy. From the standpoint of yoga, energy – pulling out of consciousness, out of this world is described as the awakening of the kundalini energy that awakens and begins to rise from chakra to chakra, absorb all the energy that is redistributed in the human body through these centers. The kundalini energy dissolves these centers absorbs all the energy that circulates from the center throughout the remaining body. That is, absorbs. Accordingly, all of the consciousness that can be represented in the form of streams, dipped in a particular center, then spread over the whole of our body, it also pulled out from there. This process is also pulling out.

By and large, roughly speaking, we are launching the source, these flows that go of the self into the universe, to the world through our body. And we engage in this world. And here we are in the reverse order to absorb, absorbed in himself. And so one becomes aware within himself the higher centers such as the sahasrara. In Sahasrara center is sometimes thousand-petalled lotus, presented as twenty to fifty times.

In all the lotuses which are present inside our body, there are petals, according to our body unit, the number of petals in various lotuses in various centers in different chakras, different, but each petal differs for a particular emotion, for a particular manifestation of consciousness or energy. And all of these petals, if you count, fifty, as much as the Sanskrit letters in the alphabet. Thus, the diversity of our being reduced from fifty-fifty letters or mantras, Bija Mantras. Sahasrara lotus is present in twenty times. That is, all the functions that we have at the bottom, they are at the top, that is the highest level of intuition can fully compensate for any body senses and the mind.

Student: Why is twenty times?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is difficult to answer this question. Sometimes people say: one thousand, or as we say, the darkness, that is, a lot. Sometimes, when we read the figures in yogic treatises, they should be understood not with the arithmetic of position, and from the standpoint of emotional, that they are so many that do not count. For example: three hundred eighty-five thousand in our center channel, and in another text written – seventy-two thousand, and this is beginning to take it to compare. As a rule, meant that a lot, so much that does not count.

Disciple: The largest number that people knew and wrote down, huh?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know. Maybe some other logic. Assume seventy two main channel and auxiliary ten thousand times greater. Maybe that’s the logic there, we do not know. Not one, not two, not three, not five there are these petals, but thousands. Although, in some texts, it is believed that these centers there million petals. That is, I mean, that’s a lot. In the end, it is important to not that, but the fact that we understand the practices that we fail to realize all these lotuses centers.

So, the yogi who put under the control of all the chakras, the principle of reason, and which, to a greater extent, aware of itself at the level of the thousand-petalled lotus (as is the level of binding to the causal bodies, that is, it is the most subtle body), can manifest itself, as he wants. He can do the same things that we do through the normal senses. He does this with the help of manifestations of consciousness and energy on the thousand-petalled lotus level. And this, precisely, explains many wonderful abilities that can demonstrate yogis: to see without vision, hear at great distances, to perceive the thoughts of another person. Once placed under the control of his mind, once one understands how it works, there is the ability to see what is happening in the minds of others. Mind – is not discrete and continuous, like the ocean, and we only rent a small piece of the ocean, harbor small. But, strictly speaking, the boundaries between the mind of one man, and another man are conditional.

Therefore, if you rise to the level of sahasrara, and you know how I’m your highlights all thoughts that are in your mind, then you might as well be able to highlight what is happening in the mind of other people. While Patanjali has in this regard the description of several super-powers on the other. He approached this issue from the standpoint of reducing the concentration on thought forms. But, in fact, it is the same. If we rise to the level of consciousness to the level of the sahasrara chakra, the spectrum of abilities, which seems miraculous, manifestations of which seems not logical. But it’s logical, it’s a higher logic, or have things that are higher than the concept of logic. Because, in the end, all the superpowers – it’s just a subtle power, and all the manifestations of this world – it is just a manifestation of this world. Yoga also gives us something more. It gives us the opportunity to go beyond all this world, together with the concept of logic, the notion of cause and effect.

Disciple: sahasrara – is still standing in the world?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. The fact that such a term is present as brahmaranha – is a kind of hole, which connects the human and brahmana. That is, it is actually a door. On one side of the door begins Absolute, and on this side – even due to separate from the Absolute existence. This is the place where allegedly preserved the concept of I or J. We remember that we are – a piece of the Absolute. The concept of the self, the awareness of the self – it is higher than that of the mind. That is, we can realize the Self, and then we completely put under the control of everything, including the mind. But, after all, the concept of the Absolute – is even higher. And there is some such intermediate region on this side of the door. We are aware of themselves as being very, high, beyond time, beyond space and higher than that of the mind, but still caused. That is, there is a consideration separate from the Absolute, from Brahman. If we cross the level of sahasrara, go to the door, get out of that door, we understand that the concept of I or I – it does not make sense. We are everywhere, we have everything.

Sometimes it are going beyond the sahasrara as dissolving, sometimes as an extension of consciousness to the size of the universe. Sometimes they represent it as going beyond all of that is possible to get out. Sometimes the idea of how the final dissolution of the translucent wall of maya, which separates our self, our essence from the essence of the whole universe, from the essence of the Absolute, from the spirit of the Lord God, if you will. We are separated from the Supreme subtle veil of maya. This here is the sahasrara chakra.

Talking about it is very difficult, because it turns out some scheme. I have met many yogis. Now all we have to read and write can do. Here he took the little book, read: “chakra system”. Who books on chakras spawn. And here he is in the classroom, in the fifth grade teacher picked it up, he reported: “Chakra so and so, for so and so and so.” But human words that can be said and things, but first of all, does not understand what he says, and secondly, it can not do, in principle, express understandable language. Pay attention, the ancient texts of some intuitive implicit. Not because it is not imputed were yoga teachers in ancient times, they were more sane than we are now the most sober-minded followers of yoga, they would have a head start gave all these modern smart guy. The question is that the more people practiced, the more is involved in this yoga, the more he realized how hard he anything to say in this area. It is almost impossible to say anything. And it turns out great promise, intuitive push, which is why in ancient times yoga was all poets.

All tracts in antiquity were poetic, because poetry – is a kind of desperate attempt by the mind to express the inexpressible. Therefore, the silver age poets in our country have always been, most likely, the future of the prophets than Communist Party members, who write the development program for the next five years. The poet – he does not understand, he probably feels a sense but it can not be named because it is something more, it’s like an epiphany, an attempt to express in words. As a result, all these revelations above – they are notorious use. All forecasters when they begin to make predictions to whom this prediction is given, everyone understands what they wanted to say, but as time passes, if analytically analyze every word, it turns out gibberish.

For this reason, the highest poetic expression most similar. Or vague descriptions, although they are not obscure – they are very clear, but they betrays happiness, joy, something great, beyond, betrays them, in the best sense of the word, something otherworldly, the next step. This is the power and strength, and in particular, it is higher than the concept of power and strength. In general, a hard thing to pass untold. But on the other hand, all these texts, who are desperately trying to convey the inexpressible, especially if they are written in poetic form, they give a boost to reason. Lovers of poetry quoted quatrains favorite poet, and this gives rise to the mind something more superior grand. Similarly, the reading of texts – is a push in a higher sphere, it is a transition from logic to intuition, to the outside of logic.

Otherwise, all the poetic art would not have survived our pragmatic era: what good to write some things that have no relation to reality. Therefore, in ancient times we were very fond of writing poems. The later text, the already less verse. The more people come into contact in private practice with the transcendent, the more vague the speech, but the less a man knows, the more he understood everything. A person who is engaged in yoga, touched it, he still is not clear, precise and clear, and it is not clear. There is a feeling that he was trying to convey something really big, but the specifics escapes. But a person who has never done anything, has no personal experience, he still clearly. But the man who had experience, he can also express all logical, but his words have always softer comprehensive. The less a man knows, he still uncompromisingly such fanaticism, multiplied by the stupidity and lack of personal experience. As for the level of the mind – the mind is resting there. Therefore poetry conveys some better frame of mind than on logic.

And finally, the last moment. There the holy city of Varanasi in India Binorez. Allegedly, there dwells Shiva himself. And it is comparable to visiting the holy places. Even die out there, not to live, it is considered a big success. In general, a lot of places in India, quite strange to the Western mentality: the joining of two rivers, the holy city, a sacred rock – even if you’re going to die out there – all your yoga performed. And many people consciously that much time to pull, again – and heaven.

Student: How about this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do not act rashly. Of course, everything can be taken to the extreme, to the point of absurdity. But a person has internal practices and foreign experience, so each center within the human body may be associated with a particular location on a map of the world. Therefore, reaching of a city where a long pilgrim goes – this is equivalent to the fact that he reached in his mind before the thousand-petalled lotus. It’s a kind of magic practices, a Shamanism, certain associative relationship that is built outside. But as soon as you practiced it outward, similar associative relationship is fulfilled inside. According to the axioms of our body device – it’s just associative links: fresh and coarsened, and coarsened so that they have already passed from life to life. Just as you concrete do something, when he is crude – you can sculpt out of it, and has fallen asleep – all no longer do anything. Similarly, all our channels, Nadis, malls, even grandiose channel sushumna, the dream of all yogis – it is, after all, merely associative connection, because in this world everything is made with the help of maya, illusion. But everything else – it’s just a metamorphosis of maya. But there is a metamorphosis that unsettled, particularly the central channel. They are passed from life to life. And his new way to do if still better than you can imagine.? And on a more subtle channels – they are formed, the finest – are formed in the course of human life, but quite subtle – can be both formed and swept away. Often, it is dirt that we gain, and that we do not need. Sometimes, to break inside an association unnecessary, we do outside an association. And tearing the outer link (under the law of magic microcosm and the macrocosm are connected), you rvesh internal communication.

Student: But this external communication, let Binorez, the holy city, it is valid for all?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, only for those who believe in it.

Student: These external links can be not only India, but also from any place?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You grabbed the heart of the yoga practice. The holy place is that person for a holy man. But words can not erase from the song. In the same Binoreze for centuries or millennia, the most advanced souls practiced all these practices, and they left behind a huge potential of energy or consciousness of blessing, and come into this place all can be done much faster. You picks up this thread. So, of course, the power of the holy places there. But, on the other hand, can completely block this holy virtue. After all, in India more than a billion people, and that is not very it was evident that there was a triumphant step yoga, although they are cooked in it every day. Every day, walking down the street, go to the places where he attained the highest Nirvana, roughly the Buddha or some other saint. But something is not particularly visible to all the people who live near, a stone’s throw reached the same

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because they have their own associative connections, their own map of the universe. Or as they say in India, spoon does not feel the taste of food. Spoon can be in food literally to the very pen, but she does not feel the taste of food, because the other karmic prehistory, on the other they look. But let’s say the same representative of a country where different cultures, be in Hollywood to be a billionaire in America or to pass on Wall Street – is a dream. It can be said, a pilgrimage to the holy places. Moreover, there are completely paradoxical things. In India, for example, a large number of Christians, for whom St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square – it’s like for a yogi place of Buddha’s enlightenment. And a person a Christian, to the Descending from India, for them it’s homeland. He would go into the temple, and it coincides with the external internal, and it receives a spiritual impetus, because the associative links above concepts of the mind.

Therefore, the most important thing – very easy to implement yoga, if you varishsya in it, and very easy to implement to achieve the kundalini or a particular purpose. You can, as a tourist, to travel, and it will not work. Again, if in a previous life was not very serious due to the place. But let’s say it was not just a tourist went to look and left. And if you clearly know where you’re going unless you know precisely what kind of place are you, roughly speaking, traveling inside and outside the auxiliary stuff, you completely get what you need to get. Therefore, a huge amount in the same India purely fanatical, even maniacal followers, including yoga, and they firmly believe, because in their life it worked. They lived in their obscurantism, but it partly got some teaching of yoga, they have it made. It worked, and they became fanatics.

In Moscow, it is full of friends who know nothing about yoga, just zero. Anyway, in the founding moments when a person has to explain that the most important principle in yoga – doing no harm to any living being. And he listens to you as if you had opened it to America, or read sermons, in short, boring and even more. And you say that this is the cornerstone. You see that people do not understand, but at the same time to be very narrow fanatical prescriptions because he went to India, did work, he really realized that he chego-to not understand because it’s above chto-to, than the concept of reason. But he also does not understand all this axiomatic, and it soon pushed him over to the side of fear, toward the hard, fanatical obereganiya.

Student: Is when a person has something to work, there is no desire to find out about it all, to know fully how this all works? For example, you went and practice that you did not know, worked. And it is logical to have a desire to learn about the practice of all, and in general about the system all to have not a piece of some sort, and everything in general?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Imagine that you have received this practice with a teacher that he really did not understand, whose head is full of superstitions, that person is enough, I do not say slippery, and for all that, can carry the noble practice. This is very common. This is very shocking to our Western friends when they are looking for somewhere in the East Flame, they find a Guru. It is, on the one hand, gives a teaching, which works, but, frankly, in life, in business, the Western man with the Guru would be the case had not. He feels that he is not to say rogue, but there is something slippery. Because often of pure knowledge is mixed in the head with terrible mud. What is really the revelation of the world device with some terrible superstition, scary obsolete orthodox systems, for example, that a woman – is not a man, that it generally can not learn.

I told this situation. I have always been very moved by that one of the respected Guru said that they have a very modern center of yoga in their ashram unprecedented democratic freedoms, and recently they broke the record of democracy – they have begun to learn even women and foreigners. That is, before all the people studied – it was democratic, but here – the crown of democracy – even women and foreigners. For us it is hysterical laughter. Even fifty years ago in India, it was the degree of openness, because, on the one hand, every religious school, which was carrying part of the tradition – they were working practice – and doing work. Therefore, such a good attitude to what works, but it was all wrapped up in such obscurantist discretion that does not understand where practice begins and where it ends the practice, and suddenly vytyanesh obscurantism, and cease to work the core.

Student: This practice opens you?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It reveals the person. But you must understand that a person who is already at a high level, it opens further, and a man who, roughly speaking, yesterday was a monkey, she also reveals, but not to such an extent as to understand where obscurantism and where no. Unfortunately, that’s this Maya, illusion – it rules the ball, it is equally influences the minds of the wise, and on people’s minds quite low development. Therefore, they are often simply afraid. There are, roughly speaking, I was in one village told moonshine recipe. Well, what they were doing? Kvass from morning till night. So there must be this, that, and the fifth, tenth. Why such complexity can somehow simpler – no, but suddenly does not work. They will not experiment. It’s much more insidious than it seems. Obscurantism – is more insidious force that is the lack of power, this negative karma, it’s fear, it’s bad deeds that result in the next life lead to the birth of obscurantism environment. There has triggered associative links. If a person works associative relationship that now does not work, and the foundation, then it starts to travel to the holy places in the same way as the tourists who do not associate anything. Once a woman called – it means everything, as Catholics – just try to talk to the woman was a priest. Although the right, leave the Catholics, this lovely people, they had good reason to so do.

Another question is why women do not take the sailors at sea. Very difficult question. Because on the one hand, they were objective reasons – they started because of these ladies to fight, drink, etc. On the other hand, the question is not even that -.. Fight in any port town. The question is something else, the question of some archaic notions. A woman is really very energetically can go to the separation and capture in its area of all the others, but that line where it ends and the real action begins a dream of reason produces monsters that are very difficult to do.

Therefore, with such difficulty can separate the true yoga of all obscurantism. Sometimes, to study yoga or better from the bottom up and top down. Here you will go, for example, in some ashram in India, where the tyranny of some guru who really teach some practice, but everything else – obscurantism. And thou shalt eat it as a whole, and then it is very difficult to separate the true essence of obscurantism. This is a problem many sects. Every sect contains a powerful practice, but, at the same time introduces into the brains of all this nonsense.

Therefore, in yoga there is a situation here with regards to these things, where is the logic ceases to work. First, hone your mind, be extremely critical, do not believe a word of it, all for himself proves verify whether, in the good sense of the word cynical as antiques dealer when you bring old thing – you rub it, maybe it’s not ancient thing. Your mind has to work one hundred percent, no bullshit you should not accept. As soon as you hone the mind, the many different kinds of peels, nonsense will fall off. But then, when the mind is sharpened to the limit, it will face some moments where he will no longer operate. And you understand very clearly, because before that the mind is the touchstone tried any gold: gold is or fake. But sooner or later you will face with the moment where the mind is idle. This is the highest spiritual knowledge.

Do not be afraid, not afraid of the spiritual knowledge of the mind. Reason is, roughly speaking, about spiritual knowledge teeth yourself breaks. And in that moment you realize: yes, it’s college. Yes, this is the doctrine. Here we have reached a point outside of logic, it is more than the concept of logic, it is inexpressible. But let it not be sooner than you hone all his sarcasm against numerous obscurantism. But at the same time, as soon as you feel that it is something higher, something completely take away your sarcasm, because you have to remember the power of consciousness. Sometimes their sarcasm you’ll overshadow these subtle glimpses of the Supreme. If a person does not want to believe in something – he’s never believe. Even if someone will fly through the air, clearly violating all known laws of physics, the man who does not want to believe it will Billion explanation of the illusion, trick, deception, and confirm it. This is a very delicate moment.

On the one hand, we have reason to cut all the bullshit. But at the same time, once we have all of a sudden accident or according to our good karma run into higher spiritual teachings – immediately turn off the mind, because he makes too much noise. And for this noise we can not hear or feel the subtle, supreme, transcendental. Such well-known spiritual, emotional sensitivity must be present. The yogi achieves the highest teachings and into the most closed societies yoga, if he has this ability: first cut all this stuff, but sometimes there will be nonsense, but a manifestation – hit. Here you will meet a man who manifests supernormal abilities, and the rest is nonsense. And you start to cut, very clearly, is not questioned that the superpowers have got him from a previous life, the practice of the yogi or even from something, but everything else is nonsense. But then you go up to such matters, where the mind stops. And here it is necessary to turn off the mind, because it is their job starts to generate a lot of noise all. Just as archaeologists start to dig the ancient city. First, a bulldozer removes the dirt, but then the bulldozer clean and tidy start to work brush to keep those valuables. Similarly, a yogi. He must first bulldozer to demolish the layers of the mind obscurantism and nonsense, but as soon as he realizes that this doctrine is higher than that of the mind, he has to remove the bulldozer and very delicately, carefully examine what’s next. Thus, you will get in any yogic community. If, however, there will be one critical mind, you will definitely otseesh nonsense. But faced with the highest yogic teachings, you are your mind will start to turn off all the arguments are over. They will try you something to pass, and thou shalt be his nihilism: but it is not. As long as you are going to do so, before you do not dokrichatsya. It is a sacred right – freedom of will. If I’m in something I do not want to believe, I do not believe it.

SECRET Triveni: Prayaga

Text 5.132. Between the Ganges and Yamuna Saraswati flows. Ablutions (at the confluence of three rivers) happy is saved.

5.133. Ganga – Ida, daughter of the Sun, the Yamuna – Pingala, and in the middle – Saraswati (Sushumna). The place where three rivers join – the most impregnable.

5.134. Anyone who bathes at the junction of the white and black Ida Pingala, becomes free from sins and reaches the eternal Brahman.

5.135. Whoever commits here in Triveni, funeral rites of his ancestor, produces an exemption for him and he reaches the highest area.

5.136. He who daily performs the threefold duties meditating on this place, receives the unfading reward.

5.137. One who has bathed in this place enjoys heavenly bliss, his sins are burned, he became a yogi with a pure mind.

5.138. Whatever he may be able, clean or unclean, bathe in this place, it becomes holy.

5.139. In the hour of death let him bathe at Triveni. Reflecting on this, he will attain liberation.

5.140. In all the three worlds there is no greater mystery than this. It is necessary to store it with the greatest diligence.

5.141. If the mind is at least half a second was concentrated in Brahmarandhra, comes liberation from all sins, and achieved the highest goal.

5.142. Holy Yogi whose mind is absorbed in the contemplation Brahmarandhra, becomes one with Me and attains Siddhi.

5.143. He was a man who knew Brahmarandhra – my beloved in this world; He conquered sin and acquired the right to exemption. By spreading knowledge, he saves thousands of people.

5.144. The gods can hardly reach this knowledge. This is the most precious treasure of yogis. This mystery Brahmarandhra should hold in great secrecy.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Triveni – the word is very difficult to put the emphasis. First, in the continuation of the previous theme: we remember that in our world the main power – the power of association, so our body device – it is certain associative connections that produce and have a sustainable channels and centers. Some are sent to us at birth, certain that we form ourselves for life. In fact, everything is associative, and therefore management need tools to clean them, destroying unwanted channels, strengthen the desired attachment. That is, in this sense, it all comes down to the associative law, and to work with associative links associative tools needed.

Student: Where did they come from?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We have them, in a sense, themselves generate, or they got to us as a legacy of the tradition of the old system, which prescribed certain visualization, certain relationships, certain manipulations with these mental images that produces the man himself. Indeed, if you proanaliziruesh all the ancient Book of the Dead, Buddhist, Egyptian, then mythological cults of the ancient Scandinavians, in general, you will see a certain ritualism of life, death, birth. After the death of a soldier in different traditions, for example, clothed in armor, and put him to the sword, to the other world, after death he met with a certain situation, and have something to defend. The funeral burial vessels placed with the food, in general, all that he would need in the afterlife.

On the one hand, you can laugh and marvel at the stupidity of the ancient people, from our point of view, that a garden city for quite questionable, from our point of view, the undertaking. But in fact, it is not so simple. For the simple reason that if a person lived in any cultural environment, and some action was of this or that associative character for him, it is clear that the associative nature of helping him at the time of the death to solve certain problems. Delete unwanted impressions of the mind and strengthen the necessary, and thus use the time of death to go to a higher level. Therefore, on the one hand, all this formalism seems our pragmatic reason that had nothing to do.

For example, the pharaoh was buried, the whole pyramid built, put a lot of things. It would seem – nonsense, and people like that were not stupid. On the other hand, it worked, because the man who had associative connections in life drags them after death, and they operated. There are all sorts of beliefs, as well as the sequence of actions, in fact it is all a game of associative links, which were acquired during life and at death are destroyed. In the same “Tibetan Book of the Dead” is brought to perfection. There already is less pay attention to these images, and try to convey the idea that it’s all a mind game, is a game of unconscious impressions accumulated by man for life, that decay.

We touched on this issue, including in the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”, that there are practices to prevent unnecessary birth or vice versa, to select the desired birth. Or more than that, again, I appeal to the Tibetan yogis clear light, if we understand that it’s just a mind game, it’s just a reflection that we are entering a timeless level of the base of the canvas on which, including painted our minds . That is, we go to the root cause of the reality of life, or what was called in the clear light of the tantric-buddiskih traditions.

Triveni. Where Yamuna flows into the Ganges, flowing invisible river Saraswati. In India, a lot of all kinds of geographical locations, where indeed the geographical points confluence of one river to the other have a sacred mystical meaning. And the people who come to really achieve great spiritual uplift for themselves. Though an outsider, coming to the same place, for example, some European, say that it is not the sacred lake, and pool. That is, the question is in the associative connections that carries people.

Student: Why is this happening?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For two reasons. First, the projection of internal to external and external to internal, it is a kind of associative tool that external reached a secret place, reached in the inner secret place. That is, transfer. In this case, this is a very serious associative tool when we make the pilgrimage, then we make a pilgrimage not outside, but inside. And visiting this or that temple, we visit the inner structure of your mind, that in the normal state we are not allowed to itself. And we penetrate into the deepest layers of the causal body and eliminate all the karmic dirt again, associative way. So laugh at the beliefs of other people who faithfully perform the ceremonies or other provisions – a stupid, stupid for laughing. He simply does not understand the complexity of the human unit.

Now we touch on this topic Triveni. Again, when Sanskrit penetrates into Western languages and, of course, the accents change, so do not pay attention to the correct pronunciation. We are constantly being taught that we were able to talk right Russian language, although any justification, what is right and what is wrong, no. All this is quite blurry.

So, first, let’s start from two points of view that are sometimes present at the place where the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati flow together. The Shiva Samhita clarified that this allegorical language. Do you remember that our body is the main channel – a channel sushumna, which takes place in the area of the spine from the base of the body and ends at the top of the head. He is absolutely straight, empty inside, glowing like a flash of lightning and brings joy to the yogi who knows it. That is the central channel, connects the mind and energy. At the base of our body is energy, there is consciousness in the crown of the head, and the one road that connects them – have a center channel. But parallel to this channel are still two channels – ida and pingala – these are the channels that work in humans, is not involved in the mysteries of the deep self. While Ida and Pingala is working, there is some exchange between energy and consciousness, but bypass roads, one on the left, the other right. Left – ida, pingala on the right.

And there are places where all these three channels overlap. Again, here start small discrepancies in the different texts in different treatises, in different traditions. But I stress that they are even though they say differently about the same things, in terms of practice, it is not critical and is triggered any representation. According to one perspective, these three channels start at the base of the body. Indeed, if these channels and connect the energy consciousness, they should at the extreme points, at the point of consciousness and energy point of coming together. That is, the center channel and the left and right channels – Ida and Pingala, to be collected together. Such points, according to one treatises, two – is the foundation of our body, where the dormant kundalini energy, the second point – it is top of our head, the place of Brahma, the gates, which open in the top of the head output in our spiritual space.

According to another tradition, according to the descriptions and other texts, the scheme is somewhat more complicated. It lies in the fact that the path of the energy to the consciousness of the base body to the top of the head, these channels are still in some places intersect together, that is, they intersect at each chakra. At this point, as can the energy output from the left and right channel and its entry into the central channel. Again, in many ways it is represented according to different texts. Sometimes, as the left and right are raised and the left and right are connected to the Sushumna in each chakra, and so rises higher and higher. The left channel is on the left, right – right. In other texts differently considered. It is believed that lifting the left and right, these channels do spiral, but still meet in locations where our chakras, and reaches the top of the head, where they are joined together, the left – on the left, right – right. The Siva Samhita there are still details that reached the top of the head, the left and right channel elegant as it is written, properly fall to the left and right nostril, respectively, linking the effect of these channels with the actions of our breath. Left or right nostril dominates – so determine which channel is stronger.

In general, the most numerous descriptions of these fine structures, and for the people straight, which are used to seeing in the real, earthly analogy is an insurmountable obstacle, because it is impossible to make it all at the same time in different ways. Many “smart people” take all of the knowledge, summed, averaged, that is, divided by the number of texts – somewhere like this. The answer is again different. The first part of the theory did not reach us as unnecessary because the district was so bad in the case of yoga gear such details to pass – no palm leaves would not be enough. Because the knowledge of yoga extinguished, and the main thing – that the fire practice, practice fire and without these details. This is, unfortunately, a time when we have lost the knowledge, but, still, worked.

The second part – is the area of our fine structure, although it has some projection of our physical body, in fact, it all happens in the space of subtle matter. That is the space as if it were imposed on the space of our gross matter. Coarse matter corresponds to a kind of fine structures of matter, that is like a thin rough cast. Therefore, there has a geometry that is different from our real geometry of real space. For example, sometimes we can see a dream, a dream we see our own apartment, the house where we live, but we see in some very strange geometrical device, that is, from one corner we can get there is not an unusual path, and a door in some other way open. That is, at first glance, we know where we are, on the other hand, we perceive it very differently. This is one of the mysteries of our existence, that in fact our reality is unknown to us. In wakefulness we perceive one facet of reality, one geometry in a dream state we experience another facet of reality, the other geometry. How it actually – about the yogi can know only in enlightenment, the state of true vision. So, touching the left and right channel – is difficult to say something. I want to emphasize the fact that it works differently. So you imagine, or in another way, it is still the practice works. Well, and now directly to this part of the Shiva Samhita.

Student: What kind of place is it?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are different comments give a completely different interpretation of this practice. Some believe that it comes to a point between the eyebrows, while others believe that it comes at the top of the head. Our tradition is inclined to think that this point of the top of the head. Indeed, if we recall the analogy of other yogas, such as yoga Tantric Buddhism, even though the famous Six Yogas of Naropa, the last in a row of practice – practice of Phowa, just, in a sense, it is a theory of this same process, if at the moment death output conglomerate of consciousness and energy through the crown of the head, it is possible, not clinging to the hook of his karma for the world to reach the very high area. Phowa in all its varieties, even within Tantric Buddhism, different schools of yoga are giving their descriptions Phowa practice, but they all agree on one thing, that is the point top of the head, the gate to higher worlds – they are the key. And a lot of examples of that in the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” it is believed that if a conglomerate of consciousness and energy coming out of our body through the other centers – eyes and ears – natural orifice, then, accordingly, we are going out through these holes, cling to their negative karma for some structure, and destined to be born in a lower realms, according to his own karma. If we close a natural or meditative way all the natural orifices – eyes, ears, mouth, those loopholes through which the conglomerate of consciousness and energy can leave our body, by the same token, in Tibet carried out the practice of Phowa, that is, the transference of consciousness at the time of death , is transferred through the crown of the head.

Although once again, I have met a few comments on the other interpretation, that supposedly at death yogi deduces this conglomerate of consciousness and energy through the point between the eyebrows, the third eye. It is difficult to interpret here, because there are details that supposedly bringing through the third eye, the yogi is able to the next birth. That is, he went out and immediately entered into his body at the parents in the place where he sees his next life. It is difficult to us to interpret. Maybe it’s different techniques can, a division of one technique.

But now I comment further, according to the Shiva Samhita, I will give our position. What this refers to the point at the top of the head. Indeed, the sacred place. There is a beautiful allegorical language. If we draw parallels with other yogih such as Tibetan, the same Phowa, they talk about the same, but the veiled language. It says that at this point the washing commit himself Yogi, he immediately reached a very high level. And a small addition, if the yogi bathe for their loved ones, they also will get there. And this is seen as an echo of the same practice Phowa, when the practice of Phowa is made for someone who died. That is, the practice of Tantric Buddhism, Phowa can make for myself at the time of death, or to the person with whom you had a fairly serious relationship in the course of life.

Student: Why Feedback necessary?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For when he died, he drew attention to you. Man after death is said to have the full ability to perceive people’s reactions. If such a meditative way to help, sending a man away from the body through the point at the top of the head, thus, we are helping to make it as Phowa practice, even if it was not for the life of her sign. Strictly speaking, the Lama in Tibet as an ambulance as soon as someone, somewhere, has died, the family was invited to Lamu directly to Lama read the appropriate rituals, mantras and mentally inspired soul in the right direction out of the body, even if it was kakoy- something completely uneducated farmer. The Japanese are somehow removed quite curious film is about the “Tibetan Book of the Dead.” Japanese something – the people in this sense is quite cynical, they just attended a couple of times in this ritual, and somehow they managed to capture some external signs, which are prescribed for the successful implementation of Phowa, that, in general, is very rare, generally these are practices not really advertised.

So, here clearly traced a parallel way – all yoga, all the practices are, of course, the general logic. We somehow made. Remembering axioms, our self that the beyond, it outward. We can not say where it is. But it is connected with our body or bodies by means prana strings that result in the ability becomes two – by virtue of consciousness energy effect. We demonstrate for the life force energy and consciousness. In this thread of the self comes the energy that keeps the body in a living state, and again, in this thread there is a channel of consciousness that helps us to perceive everything that perceives the body.


At the level of internal metaphysics – the basic energy of our body, kundalini, is concentrated at the base of the body and mind – in the top of the head. At the time of death, there is a connection of consciousness and energy, the energy rises through the central channel and dissolves all the internal structure of our subtle bodies. The gross body – the corpse, and the subtle bodies are dissolved.


The question is, how should this conglomerate of consciousness and energy to get out of our body, where. As long as we have the gross body, it directs, defines and restricts all activities that are happening in the subtle body. It’s just as builders poured concrete structure: first do a timbering, and then poured into the formwork concrete. There is also reverse the law, not from the subtle to the gross and from the gross to the subtle. If the gross physical body is formed like concrete, it affects how will dissolve this “mold”, in particular at the time of death or when doing hatha yoga.



In our body, there are centers that attract the conglomerate consciousness and energy through the directions in the subtle body, which correspond to the holes in our gross body. Conglomerate that may like to go through these holes. Our task is not to allow this, although the trend for this is, according to our karma. If you do not respond to all of these holes, and reach the top of the head, and there, according to the teachings of yoga, there is a “hole”, which, roughly speaking, the spacewalk. This hole fontanel like a child who does not grow long. That is necessary, as is allegorically told to bathe at the junction of three rivers – the ida, pingala and sushumna (in the physical body – top of the head), that is, to make our energy and our minds to leave our body through the crown of the head. This theory Phowa. To do this, use different techniques, meditation, associative practices.


Here, sometimes the other “technology” was used. When a person is called upon to make a pilgrimage to a particular geographical place that the map on the inside of the human body corresponds to a point on the top of our head. If a person has reached this geographical place, it would be like, and reached the place on your body. He remembered the way there, and then in the course of life enjoyed this impression, the feeling of this channel. Since man is made that if he beat a single path, it tends to go over it again and again. It’s force of habit. Once the act is done, we tend to repeat his name. From point A to point B there are 10 roads, but the man went once on the same road, and he is inclined to go through it more than once, even if other road better.


On the one hand, it has a negative aspect, which manifests itself as a karma. Any negative trends begin to appear, as karma. Having made once some action, man is inclined to repeat it again and again. As a result, the trend is so entrenched that people can not imagine a different style of behavior. Oddly enough, it’s only association is that we had created. If we do yoga, and it is our habit, we from such a bad habit to get things like benefits, and on occasion, the habit begins to perform correct yoga. Trends negative karma cease to affect us. Yes, the yogi pilgrimage in any geographic location, the negative aspects may begin to dominate through various other centers, and how would the karma yogi draws attention to these centers, so he showed his anger, greed, jealousy. And then the path to the top of the head is well trodden.

Generally, if you have two paths well trodden, the switch from one to the other much easier. As Suvorov said: “Train hard, fight easy.” The goal of yoga – continuous teaching, so that it became a habit. If you become a habit, then all positive results we achieved. Even if there is a karmic negative trends, and if not in the habit of responding to them, that every time these trends are weakening, leaving only the seeds that will eventually also disappear.



It is clear that bathe at this point, top of the head, can be for life, and then begins to dominate our lives a higher consciousness, spiritual consciousness, the highest light.



Student: Washing means the concentration on this site or other some action?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Washing – this is a serious part of the ritual, it is believed that it is necessary to make 2 times a day in the holy river Ganges. This helps to wash away all footprints negative karma. There are various mythological explanation for all this. Allegedly, once killed a large number of people who were a way of life is not an angel, but their descendants have reached a serious level of spiritual development, realized that the ancestors are karma and to help them get into the higher spiritual realms, they asked for a means to this . Ganga descended from heaven, and to force this action does not destroy the earth, Shiva framed his head. Ganga hit in his head, then just turned into a real river in the place where supposedly the remains of their ancestors. And they, these ancestors are in heaven, or in the higher spiritual realms. Since then it is believed that if you carry in yourself some karmic pollution, the prescribed bathing in the Ganges. Ganga If not, then another river. If there is no river, in any artificial pond. This is a very useful tradition. It is natural to maintain cleanliness to prevent the disease. It’s a good emotional purification, plunging into the water, we are on a moment take out the mind of daily cares and worries of this world and sends it to the prayers, mantras.



I am often asked: “How yoga refers to water procedures?”. Yes, yoga is generally prescribed as often as possible to perform ablutions, if not in the Ganges, as in your own bath. The more, the better. At least five times a day.

Washing – is a ritual. For example, suitable Brahmin to the river. He walks, closes his eyes, dives head, as if sinking. In meditation we achieve such a state, as if we ducked into this place. That is, close your eyes, ears, plunged. We do not see the outside world. Make a pilgrimage to a particular place, then we are heading to a specific physical location in the body. This is a common tradition in the East.


Student: What is the threefold responsibilities?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Read again completely. There is quite a physical effect. It is physically come to this place and dive into it. This is a fairly common tradition in the east to perform ablutions in all sorts of places.

 Text 5.136. He who daily performs the threefold duties meditating on this place, receives the unfading reward.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is difficult to interpret anything. If we draw an analogy with the meditative practices, it is a sign for the successful practice of internal and external. Furthermore, as in the case of washing, there is some description. It is difficult to explain.


mystical Moon

 Text 5.145. In the middle there sahasrar yoni, and below the <moon>. Let the wise man contemplates it.

5.146. Such a yogi will love all the people of this world, gods and adepts.

5.147. In the middle of the forehead let him contemplate the ocean of milk, then let meditates on <moon>, which is in sahasrara.

5.148. Luna nectar source, and it has 16 Cala (Rise degrees). Let him reflect on its purity. Keep practicing because he perceives it for 3 days. Then they will be burned all his sins.

5.149. The future opens his mind cleared, and even if he commits 5 deadly sins, they are destroyed in a single moment of this contemplation.

5.150. Any position of the stars and planets will be favorable to him. Nothing he will not run, and the success will contribute to it in every way. Force Khechari and Bhuchari open his contemplation of the moon. Yogi becomes adept. He becomes like me.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Next is the following a good practice like the one we have just considered. In general, all the treatises, as we have already discussed, figuratively. And some structures, thin devices of our higher, if you like, manifestations of bodies are given to us in the form of a meditation. In particular, about this mysterious moon, which on the one hand, lower than the Sahasrara, on the other hand, is higher than the Ajna. That is, a level higher than reason, but still lower than the absolute dissolution. This is the highest level of intuition, when we understand the limitations of the mind, but not yet vanished into samadhi.


These details are written in very convoluted language, they are all very allegorical, it becomes clear if you begin to live a life of a yogi, and begin to fulfill all the requirements. Then you suddenly in the inner vision is opened, what was meant. You begin to experience some processes within yourself and you begin to understand, “Ah, that’s it for the mysterious moon, from which pours the nectar of bliss, enjoying the nectar!”. Again, there are various interpretations, including the practice of this. According to one of them, we remember that the source of our supreme pleasure – that is our Ya Light it is manifested through the bindu or through certain structures at the top of the head, and, allegedly, as nectar enjoyment of consciousness, it runs and maintains all our body, gives natural joy of life, joy and happiness of existence. And if that’s a lot of nectar, then we experience the euphoric state that generally support all our existence. Nectar makes this path throughout our body and then burned in our daily activities. Here are some figurative associative tools to work with this structure, that require your mind to see how the ocean of milk, and the moon, which is the personification of this nectar and shines over the ocean. There are so many sorts of secondary factors play a role, it is difficult to list them.


The fact is that if you’ve been on the ocean in a peaceful night atmosphere when the ocean moon, then these surrounding phenomena is your mind would be set to a certain calm way something so mystical, transcendent, distant, mysterious, this in than there is the breath of life, that life is constantly buzzing, even when everything around quietly, we are exposed to the outside influence.



On the other hand, there comes an understanding of how the external action of light on our lives, is a small intersection with astrology. Astrology is now notorious, especially after they began to celebrate Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And in general now Pluto a planet there, and it can not be considered a planet. And suddenly we are now read that the astrological charts drawn up with the participation of these planets. Less than two hundred years, we discovered these planets. From this knowledge come from? Probably, someone came up with it. The same applies to older celestial bodies: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, stars. Astrology is largely now living force zombies, due to the force of suggestion, through the installation of power, rather than due to the hidden influences that affect us objectively planet.

Student: And how they affect?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: finds you on the beach, moon night, all is quiet and calm. And the state of your mind begins to calm down. If you’re on the shore of the ocean, when the sun shines and the surf, you are in another state, ie, environment affects us, roughly speaking, in the afternoon we want to run, jump, and sleep at night. More subtle influence other factors such as the brightness and the planet, in fact here there was astrology. The nature of this effect is not well understood, probably at the level of subtle energy, which scientists have not yet discovered, because of all common types of interaction is only gravity. The distance to these planets – Mars, Venus, is so great, and their mass is small so monstrous that the real power, such as the force of attraction of the planet, it is impossible to measure properly.

I will not deal with astrology, because this topic is open, and that science is full of all sorts of obscurantism. It is basically, I stress again, now works at the expense of the forces of zombies, due to the strong personality of the astrologer. He’s just like a hypnotist, like a boa constrictor on the strength of his frogs with enticing words: “It will be so, so and so”, he actually moves the situation in the wrong way, he somehow saw there. But how do we understand the role of a giant push from the outside, so the human factor. In ancient times, probably astrologers tracked impact directly on the subtle energy level of these planets and made their identity in order to give a response: “If Jupiter is there – is there – that Jupiter went up, just as the sun rose and It was hot and we run and jump. As Jupiter ascended, and which at the same time we feel the emotion. ” Some kind of relationship there is very thin. Some associate the influence of the planets with the corresponding chakras, subtle energy structures, but it does not matter, since we now have a friend. About this practice.



So, if we are in meditation tunes in to the picture, we would rediscover how the internal fine structure of our body. Indeed, we find the source of nectar, which supports us in the living state. Directly on the nectar affect different planets and luminaries, causing it to stand out the way and that, and therefore we feel all sorts of emotions, and, as a consequence, all sorts of behavior, ie, lights in our influence. But if we are to absorb a source of nectar and do not assume that someone rejected him intercepted on the way, we will, of course, come out from under the influence of the stars. So just to be clear conclusion, which is not for a moment can not be put into question: the task of the yogi – become free from everything from social factors on physical factors, much of astrology in the first place. The task of the yogi – get out from under the influence of the stars. Do not frantically grasp the meaning of astrological predictions, do not expect the approaching horror mix of stars, and develop inner strength that these effects do not affect the yogi. Or how else here said that all the stars were favorable combination. Of course, there is a method of using combinations of eclipses and other stars to gain practice. It is clear that some things should be done under favorable external circumstances, and in this sense it is possible to use the position of the stars and luminaries. But it should be secondary, paramount – is the development of strength and independence, that in any case the stars, we were free.


Unfortunately, I see the opposite trend is now, when even the most sane yogis begin to feverishly study of Indian astrology and in every way to fear. Anything that inspires us with fear and makes us weaker and our minds must be ruthlessly discarded. We must not allow anything to make us weak. Because there is another factor: sometimes it will not impact the planets, and the impact of the man who says that allegedly have the effect of these planets. Explicit zombie, zombie directly. Why do I need it? The goal of yoga – to make all free. The goal of yoga – not some mass of people involved in the practice and at the same time all that fear, panic shaking. Therefore, in this sense, the universe favors the bold! Courage to take the city, courage overcomes all obstacles. But doubts have often played the most terrible role. Therefore, in this sense, it is necessary first of all to reject everything that makes us weaker in the second – of course, understand.

If, indeed, there are some factors that influence, they need to know and keep track of yourself. We must learn to use them, but only in order to get out of their control. That’s quite a wonderful practice, which is given to us in the Shiva Samhita and allows, in particular, to get out of control. Then there is all sorts of mystical references to Kala, or the growing phases of the moon. There is the inner loop of the internal structures of the body, including this nectar, which flows down from the top of the head, just as if it depended on the phases of the moon. There, too, there are on the rise and falling. Indirectly, there is a very veiled mentioned.

Student: Why is the number 16? This is some kind of a specific provision of the moon?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: there are many on this account a variety of explanations why sixteen. Sixteen – a good number, it is a lot to explain, including the phases of the moon. Generally, when something I recommend to everyone who studies yoga, take a tent, to retire at the bosom of nature away from the big sources of sanctification, and just live the life you have lived, including, and adherents of the ancient yoga. Electricity came and we started to use it. And before that, life stopped at sunset and began a sunset or night life. And just to keep track of such things as stars, constellations, the Milky Way, as it spin, the moon, which is every day either increases, or decreases, reaching its maximum or, on the contrary, the minimum close to the sun or removed.

And many of the provisions are not that clear, but once you start to feel them, because until then it somehow all abstract. Or, for example, sketching every day a certain phase of the moon or count (lunar day), that it is not the knowledge of the books, namely heartfelt knowledge. That’s the way these are born and allegorical tools or associative tools that use external appearance of the Universe to look inside yourself, and there’s something to do. In addition, there are a lot of details in these practices, which we can only guess, so very mystical, and they are opened only if we practice them every day.

Student: This practice, too, for meditation?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly.

Student: Why mention yoni if in practice it seems like not in use?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again and again. There are many hidden factors of all the practices of which it is difficult to say. And there they are used for some other experiences and sensations. Some internal structures begin to be perceived as some external structure. And then, if there is such an associative bind to them, and the appropriate steps for using these structures. Here it is given in the general context of the practice, though it often enough in the text description. This is a very difficult language. Any comment, including the one that I’m giving it a partial, it is not complete. There are many hidden factors that same practice, which I guess, and which I did not even guess. The strength of these practices is that they are multifaceted.

Student: If you’re going to practice, all vytyanesh, refers to that which is hidden?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: vytyanesh and what is hidden. Absolutely correct you said. I have some thoughts on this subject, but I will not risk their voice is in the text of the comments Shiva Samhita. As you know, I’ll learn something I know something I do not know about something, I guess. But try to carry it all on how he will pass it .. We must teach only what you yourself have an idea on the practical level. So I would here something else to say, but as part of an explanation Shiva Samhita, perhaps as long as enough.



Student: According to another topic. In Kriya Yoga seminar you mentioned that at some level, when you long enough doing kriya yoga, you start to manipulate the emotional state. In addition to the manipulation of the emotions that can still be used?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Already with the emotions – that’s a lot. With emotions have to work 100 percent. Honestly, if the emotions will be worked out, then all the rest will come on a silver platter. There is not even a question of emotions. Emotions – this is, after all, the color of our thoughts, and thoughts cause certain emotions. There’s a question, if you dig a little deeper in the direction of the causal body, and learn how to cause deeper state. The most profound state most natural state, given the very nature – is a state of being of happiness, joy and happiness.

But at the level of the causal body, the stream is divided into two streams and faced foreheads. We are within a class of Kriya Yoga to control thought, emotional state at nedopuskaniya incurred. We go a little further and begin to look for, where is the joy of a single stream of our being stabbed maya cut into two opposite flow. Where and how is it that our enjoyment of our encounters the same pleasure, and another one is trying to crush. And while we are experiencing a negative, which is then clothed in the causal body at the level of emotions, emotions in thought, thought in the body of the reaction, such a pyramid. Of course, aerobatics – it reached us to the state of causeless happiness, ie, learn at the level of the causal body include: “And now the happiness without cause.” You can do this for one reason, because it is our natural state.

And to find that point where our pain is generated, where formed the notion of pain and discomfort. That’s where, at what level, that there is a gear work. At the level of whether our establishment on whether our desire level, if our vision level, if the level of our habits. At what level? Where is poisoning our lives a lie, which introduces the concept of such a thing as pain? According to the theory of yoga, there is no pain, just as there is darkness, there is the absence of light. But we are faced with the pain. And it seems ridiculous: how is it, the theory says that this is not, as we have every second of this encounter. How can it be? The answer to this question gives the following theoretical Yoga: Maya. Maya makes the use of our own energy enjoying themselves against us. And now we need to find where our energy is lost enjoyment, where it is dissected into two streams, and where the mechanism that pushes their foreheads.


I can lift the veil a few out there that is waiting on. Then you go to the associative law. You understand that all this is done and going on at the level of our association. We are associative cut energy enjoyment into two streams, by themselves and by association her face. Association Act – terrible law. There is maya, illusion, ignorance, and there is a tool that uses the Maya. There are our enemy in this sense, and in this enemy has a knife or stick, which he decided to beat us. This stick or dagger is the law of association. And just to understand it, you can knock out the enemy with his weapon.

Kriya Yoga is a very serious yoga positions with the theory. Although this can all be omitted, and cut into round and round kriyas, give yourself in good physical joyful, cheerful and happy state, but sooner or later we will reach before.

Student: What is the difference, in addition to the interim period, between the blue, red and black kriya?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This degree of shift of focus from the field of energy in the field of consciousness. Area of energy – this is when we enjoy from doing the exercises, and the area of consciousness – this is where we enjoy ourselves by overcoming. It is understood that when the gaps performing kriyas more, requires more intensive efforts to implement Kriya. Accordingly, we remember that any pain and discomfort should not be, and should be only positive emotions. And emotions are directed at a vector, we feel that the body resists, but we overcome the resistance and feel joy because we are ground into dust and sand all this karma, primarily associated with our physical body. This aspect of such consciousness.



And it is clear that if you do so many movements with the power spectrum, and the body is not physically prepared, it is difficult to do this, so here the focus in the direction of consciousness. But in general, it is possible to do in any, the main thing – to do it.



Where did all these things? There are people who come to me and say they want one thing, others with another character want another warehouse. I understand that it can play a negative role, but on the other hand, if there is such a tendency to load yourself, go ahead. It is not always and not all apply. That’s the situation. This level of involvement of our consciousness in the process of experiencing and overcoming themselves with joy.



 Mystic Mountain of Kailash


Text 5.151. Above the moon is shining thousand-petalled lotus. He – is a microcosm of the body, and it is – a source of salvation.

5.152. Truly, this is – Mount Kailash. And there dwells Shiva.

5.153. Who discovered this secret place that is exempt from reincarnation. He gets the power to create and destroy.

5.154. Free from the death of the yogi whose mind is focused on this point, which is – home of the anchovy (dyad of Shiva and Shakti) and is called Kailas.

5.155. The absorption of the mind in Kula (Shiva) gives the fullness of the Samadhi, in which the yogi is a permanent shelter.

5.156. Permanent contemplation, he forgets the world and finds great strength. 5.157. Let the Yogi always drink the nectar flowing from the place where the power of Kula (Kundalini) is absorbed by the Paramatma. So he conquers death.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Wonderful experience. A few words that describe what was happening. There is a mountain of Kailash. Now, at the moment, she is in the territory of China. It is very real and a natural rock formation. It (the mountain) and white is very beautiful. If you look at one of the possible angles, then its form it resembles a triangle, the apex facing upwards. It is quite high and the harsh conditions there, as everywhere in the mountains. And in this common tradition, in this common heritage, which is a family of different schools, because many schools of yoga, and they constitute, as it were such a family, this mountain is considered the most sacred, it is believed that Shiva resides on it. And to make a pilgrimage to it is considered a great success or great feat, achievement for the yogi. It is believed that if a person even for a second to see Mount Kailash, all negative karmic tendencies of his mind, all the negative karma and all the prints get a positive push that outweighs the negative.



We have many traditions, religions and philosophical currents meet, that there are sacred places, that if someone commits a pilgrimage there, he finds a happy spiritual merit. In addition, sometimes it is accompanied by a natural acquisition of certain moments, in terms of recovery from illnesses, performance cherished desires spiritual or any further. Kailash is considered a very sacred place for all who hold common yogic tradition.



There is a common basis for all schools, which at one time was closed. Shiva is in this sense that the Absolute. That Shiva gave all the knowledge of yoga. Shiva resides on Mount Kailasa. Here, on the one hand some myths are interwoven with the real geographical places. And if you reach this place, it is – the same as if to reach high levels in yoga.

We have in the previous two lectures, addressed the issue that overlaps the external to the internal, and the internal superimposed on the outside. In this case, it was very real external factor – make a pilgrimage to Kailash mountain, around it in a circle, to make all appropriate rituals that are prescribed in the various traditions.

Pilgrims were so many, and still a large number of pilgrims go there. Now in 2007, and there are certain difficulties in order to get there, it’s close to the border of India. A lot of it all, and it is this area not to cross-border, but the zone of interests and different political forces. The result is not so simple now to get there. The difficulty is not as physical as any mountain – it’s hard, however all the obstacles at the level of permits and other things. Although, it is quite possible, but as I said, it’s worth the money. Big money. As far as I can imagine, and how much of it goes to any rumors, the money goes mainly on bribes. This curious situation is obtained, it is a holy place, and at the same time not get to it. But again and again – it was considered for the yogi top spiritual practice: to make and contemplate Kailash and practice in this place.

Student: But there have to climb?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are different options practices, different accents in all schools is something his chosen. In the treatises written, that he who sees the day in the life of Mount Kailash, he will succeed in yoga. As if it were an amulet, a sign of good luck: he saw – and you will do it. For all of tantra and yoga texts such as Shiva Samhita, for common traditions, Mount Kailash – a sacred place. But at the same time, it should be understood that when the Mount Kailash praise in all yogic treatises, it is not so much and not only a physical place, as a feature of our inner microcosm of our microcosm.



We all like to do something, and Mount Kailash is just associated with the place. As it is said here, above this mysterious moon, somewhere in the region of sahasrara, chakra is said here, that’s kind of like the outside. Indeed, what is the Sahasrara chakra? This is an area of absolute consciousness. We remember that each chakra, which is located in the human body, can be separated from one another by the degree of how much there is there is consciousness and how the energy manifests itself. So, Sahasrara Chakra – is a place of absolute consciousness. If the Ajna chakra and some structures below, the thin-thin vibration energy present there are more, the Sahasrara – is the realm of pure consciousness. This is something to aspire to all the followers of Advaita, the duality of followers-absolutist philosophers.



In the tradition of our school Anandasvami, we know about the equality of consciousness and energy, that energy and consciousness are the two pillars of which is built this world, and we can not in the world to talk about one without mentioning the other. And, on the one hand, it seems like a contradiction, when we are called to go to the region of pure consciousness, like as if we throw energy here. Not really. This is not a contradiction. Maybe you are now not really know what I’m saying. And the meaning is, that even in India there is a huge number of schools that do not recognize the equality of energy and consciousness. And that energy is considered only a maya, an illusion with which to fight. And their methods are intended to confirm the kingdom of consciousness. In fact, this is a very serious imbalances, quite dangerous imbalances in the long term. Although, of course, it is a very good and serious teaching. And there is no contradiction with the approach of equality between consciousness and energy is not here.

Why? The simple fact that when the yogi focuses on sahasrara region and reaches the maximum success, the energy rises, dissolving all the structures, and goes and merges in sahasrara. In this sense, the followers of Advaita, for the followers of non-duality, which say that the Absolute – is pure consciousness, and everything else is just an illusion and Maya. At first glance, this is a serious contradiction. For example, in our yoga school axiomatic concept Anandasvami and, like many others, it is contrary to numerous tantras, numerous approaches yoga practitioners are very active. But in fact there is no contradiction. Just when they talk about the ultimate goal in finding in sahasrara finite consciousness, and this suggests that this is possible only in one case, if the energy rose and disappeared into the realm of consciousness, ie, this is what they mean.

Though again and again: you will meet many followers, many of them even now still, some of them give the impression of insanity, as a rule, it is a very strong ascetic practices of people who keep themselves in check is very, very much in the hands. They have every day the minute painted, they have there meditating. Some of them work, some are purely yogic lifestyle, some are inclined someone to teach, some are reluctant to teach anyone. This is a fairly large group of very powerful people. These are very strong people, strong-willed, decisive, but they have such a small bias towards consciousness. And here sometimes manifests this point in terms of arrogance. But once again: it contradicts the views of our school of yoga Anandasvami and, for example, some representatives advayticheskih exercise, we’ll talk. This contradiction alleged misunderstanding of the essence of the issue.



Student: This is, in fact, it turns out. What if, for example, in Kundalini yoga is working with energy, concentration on energy, and it rises to consciousness, there is focus on consciousness, just as the energy rises up?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right.



Student: What about this moment. Do you remember the story of the Buddha, when completely the methods of consciousness reached the highest success, but it is something lacking. And other Buddha told him that it is necessary or to practice with energy, with a woman, or be reborn again. How it goes? If he means that consciousness somehow reached, the energy she had to go?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Enough to be strict, it is the third party. We are considered representatives and representatives of Advaita Tantra, but here is some other party – they are representatives of the other branch, which is sometimes called Tantric Buddhism, where they focus was in this sense, the mind. That is, first of all, they have been the focus of work with reason and knowledge, as it says, this is the spontaneous manifestation of mind and reaction. But this is not my area, everything about Tantric Buddhism, I can kind of comment, but we must very seriously understand each position. Therefore, I leave this question is not before the end of the clearing, though I can say something about this, but there have to be very careful with the terms.

The fact is that in Tantric Buddhism, unlike tantra, from the yogi, by exercise, sometimes the same concepts are called different things, sometimes – the same concepts in different. Such a failure has occurred, so there should be quite right to select words to confuse even longer. Contradictions, they certainly are.


When we reach one-pointedness of the mind, which is achieved in meditation, and use the mind, roughly speaking, it is still present subtlest form of energy. Consciousness, clothed in subtle energy, a thought, and it is somewhat unique approach to spiritual development, although this is a very serious topic of Tantric Buddhism.


Therefore, let us now consider the concept, and then move on. To be honest, we went to the side, but without that party does not explain the essence. So, it is believed that if the yogi by very specific meditations, visualizations quite specific, experiences …


Here we say these words: meditation, visualization, specific practices, it is beautiful words, they are smooth, it is possible with the Department of University students to teach that there are methods and should visualize behold, fifth, tenth. And there is a feeling of a certain artificiality of all, what we talked about. At a time when the yogi absorbed in the practice of yoga, there is no observer. For it is life, it is not experimenting on himself for it. This is how to divide themselves into two parts: one part of the practices and meditates let this supposedly Mount Kailash, which is somewhere in the top of the head, and the other part will be watching this process, including for those who meditate. Such a split personality, or even rastroennyh.



And, strictly speaking, we are all like children. When we try to plunge into the tantric practice, tantric yoga, these are very strong yoga nondual yoga, yoga is very powerful, we are out of habit, and act. There yogi as it falls into a different world, where the dividing line. Perhaps his medical condition could be characterized as delirium or hallucination reality or schizophrenia or insanity, or something else.



Why? His perception of the world goes into an area where the mind does not work. More specifically, the logic of our design, how and what needs to be erased. It’s like a computer. It works-works, and if you take out of the socket and vydernesh or proizvedesh brutal operation: while the computer is something vydernesh from it. He starts to hang. And sometimes some tsiferki begin to run on the screen, ie, there are any processes. It seems it works, but it seems to be pereklinilo, and the process is broken. Therefore, from the point of view of logic very hard all these mystical practices of meditation or mystic to explain, because there is no third observer who sits and says, “Aha, now I see what spiritual practice here.” This little man is sitting inside us and cynically all estimates. As long as there is that little cynical man who appreciates, we do not rise above the mind, and do not know what is said in this treatise. There is supposed to complete a total engagement, without a doubt. This is know as life.


Student: And this man, who is sitting, it is the mind and there?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. It is not a reason, it is also called, and best of all falls under the term ohamkary or ego in the worst of its submission.


That is, in our mind there is an idea of ourselves, and it is very stable. This, if anything, a parasitic thought. So, what the Buddhists fight, again, I come back to Tantric Buddhism, because this, too, are serious terminological difficulties when one system it is necessary to explain to the other.


When Buddhists say that we have our self, they say that we have our little ego, the little man, this is an illusion. But we have to develop ideas about himself. Yields are long, for many lives, a lump of errors. He is very thin and very robust and is betrayed from life to life, ie, it prints karma. And this little bundle of perceptions about himself just blocks further practice. Blocks, for example, the ability to climb higher than the mind, it blocks even comprehension of the text.

What is there a catch? modern scholars reference system – it is the outside world, external to the person, that is, table, chair, tree, and everything is considered there. reference system in an enlightened yogi – from his higher self, which is prohibitive, and vice versa – without. For the scientist, the large lens, for example a table, a chair and a wall than my hallucinations. For the highest yogi these things are external. They can be the same in a row to put as my hallucinations, and my idea of a wall, a chair, ie, it is all one. Two diametrically opposite points of view on the description of the universe, and this is the most serious contradiction between yoga and science.



There is a third point of view – the funniest, most disgusting, the one that gives a person the most trouble, and with which he is struggling the most. This is the third intermediate reference system. It was formed out of some strongly held beliefs about himself and lives in polurazuma, poluchuvstv, poluoschuscheny. And it is most difficult to destroy, because unlike the scientist, it is subject to all sorts of superstitions. There is an inside view and interpretation of external facts, not as a scientist but as a sign system. On the other hand, it is in the middle, and she does not believe in true Ya understand? And there it is watching, and what’s more, it calls into question all of the methods, which say that there is a higher Ya Ohamkara says: “There is only your ego. And your true Self, the Atman, no. Is your illusive I, one set of thoughts that you have about yourself, but your true self is not. It’s all nonsense, these all sorts of texts. And what sense to dive into them, if I do not believe in them. “



The vast majority of these wise men who come to yoga with a very highly refined mind, and they are just there or there. They do not have a rigid mind, as scientists, to cut off all superstition, obscurantism, all inconsistencies. In this respect, honor and praise to the modern scientist negilistam for which there is a topic for conversation only if there is evidence outside. This intermediate state is called ohamkaroy. When we practice, if it is, then it will not allow us to practice. And if you’re really practicing, then it is not, it dissolves.


Therefore, speaking from the podium for the students we can say that we do such and such a practice, a visualization, such meditation, it sounds nice, very vaguely, not carp. But it is a little soulless. For the practice, which is really dripping myself that every day on a working .. He is a schizophrenic who is completely immersed in their hallucinations, it is a form of madness. But in the words of a very wise yogi – is a conscious madness, in the sense that it is not crazy at all, it’s penetration into those areas of reality, which is higher than that of the mind. Accordingly, for the reason they are perceived as a kind of madness, a kind of non-obviousness of motivation for further actions, etc. Just as a person with a really, as we say, a sore head. His actions are not motivated, and all were afraid of him. God knows what to expect from him. The man who had gone inside, it is their external manifestations of some of their actions is very similar to the patient. But it is not just they are motivated and sverhmotivirovannym, because it’s not just logic and sverhlogika, which is above logic.



So, when we study these practices, we must understand that access to them is closed to people who have strong ohamkara this selfishness, lump of an idea, which is self-sufficient lives his life as a myth. There are a creature from a fairy tale, which has not been seen, but believe that it is.



But we shall return to Mount Kailas. If we take a look, at least one eye on the mountain Kailash claimed to everything we achieved victory. But in a deeper sense, if we just go up to that level, above the mind, above the level of the ego and see Mount Kailash, the color of consciousness, which is distributed in the top of the head in the sahasrara, that is Mount Kailash. And so the yogi does not necessarily make a pilgrimage to God knows where he can see Mount Kailash, without moving from the place itself.


Disciple: Mount Kailash is associated with a triangle pointing upwards? Means, you described that in one of the angles Mount Kailash can see / be seen as a symbol of consciousness, the symbol of Shiva. Here, too, the triangle pointing upwards, you can visualize purely practical?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When you start these practices to go, then you rise above the level of the mind, and there’s just no question. There would be a real geometry superimposed on the geometry of the spiritual, and the spiritual geometry on its association to the geometry and representations and other things. It turns on the one hand a powerful associative tool that destroys unwanted associative links, on the other hand, well, what there is, in the head mount Kailasa, it is clear that there is not no mountain Kailash.


Sometimes it literally understand what is out there in our Mount Kailash, let’s skull sawed and see. It’s like before chakra searched for: “That’s where chakra, and Come on let’s dissect, head it into five parts separated. No there are no chakras deceived. “



Very complex topics. In practical terms, once again, we are absolutely not yogis asked this question, because when you start to dive into it, there’s a little vulgar term: a person rushing. In a good sense of the word obsession. In this paper, in science, in business, in research studies, and there is treasure hunter, which is, that it simply carries end of the world is going otkapal treasure it in any such condition. It should be remembered that a yogi who is really getting on the path of yoga is about this state.



Many modern psychologists, professors began to look closely to this knowledge. And they are as people cautiously, on the one hand everything is clear, the chair, the respect of colleagues in students, on the other hand is interesting to something unknown to plunge. But – dosed crazy, extreme prudence, because it’s really scary, suddenly there you trample, and you svihneshsya.

So that does not work, if you go. You can not go into the water and stay dry. Or is there still such a beautiful analogy, it is really more on the other side. It is in a similar vein, it could be that if you are made of sugar, and you decided to go for a swim in the river, then there is nothing left of you. Similarly, our understanding of what I am cautiously professor and interested in psychology, and all of these esoteric sciences, to separate the wheat from the chaff. If not involved, ie not plunge, and nothing there, and if the plunge and get involved, you dissolve.



It dissolves the ego dissolves self-image, you realize that all your ideas about himself were nonsense, that all your neat little steps, so blagorazumnenko to ask from this trace is left, if you are already there.



Generally it is a very interesting topic about the British. In England, this was the theme, it is even more frightening, it was quite rare. So, an Englishman, India – colony, and he came there to perform their service: someone in the military, one civil, one for commercial. And somehow all of a sudden a man starts taking some, as they called it, a Hindu cult, there is interested in one way or another. And then all the horror and surprise seeing that he was an Englishman, he is well educated, he knows how to keep himself, but he is a different person. It has already become a part of this system, and faithfully – consistently – involved a hundred. And it was so amazing and terrible for many of the former, who worked or associated with him that here, they say, it is not clear what appealed to some secret knowledge. And he’s like, as sane, but who knows, maybe he just pretends to be sane. He begins to worship the cult of the Mother Goddess, placed at the statue there and begins to worship. In the usual way, there they go to church, or rather have it as an obligation to pay taxes. And it’s always scared. Because people really karmically or otherwise got involved, and suddenly dissolved all gone, he’s already there. It was here, got there.



Therefore, in the description of all the mysteries that are happening (mystery – is when something obvious is imposed on something internal When events outside life riddled with some deep mystical expedient, a certain sequence It’s all in a single such conglomerate.. where there is no observer, no appraiser, no fear). Usually, one thinks: “What if I’m there the practice of mystical Mount Kailash will do, and I will go to the roof ?! I’m afraid that will not come back. ” These people have no fear. The question itself makes them hysterical laughter.

Nikulin once told an anecdote on TV, he is in this respect very revealing: two twins in the womb has been to be born, and one says to the other: “Come on you first,” and the “No, no, I’m afraid, why do not you first “” you’re the first, “” no, you first, “” well, what are you, you feel good, you will be the second, but then I know that no one has ever returned from there. ” And also our approach to this real mystical yogic practices, practices. There does things differently. But as in real life is full of all sorts of charlatans who pretend to yoga and try this for something to do. That they have such karma. It is clear that all the fear, remembering the many gurus. That in America some uncle urged followers to finish suicide, then there is some marginalschiny. Always million pops all the negative examples of really manic insanity with absolutely terrible consequences. The blood in my veins run cold, and always remains in the background, and suddenly really will be like there. But for those who are already there, even the very posing of this question quite funny. It can not be this in principle.



I am all speak to the fact that here all these mystical practices: mystical moon, contemplation Kailash Mountain, which you have seen in the crown of your head, this is something quite fantastic, and the real and unreal, both internally and externally, unless you this live, unless you got involved in it one hundred percent. And is not it, “involving a minute I’m at 90 percent and 10 percent let them watch, everything is ok there.” But this is impossible. This is know as the abyss and the abyss two banks, ie, you’re either on one side or on the other side, but the fact that 90 per cent will be there, and 10 then it is always dangerous because you fail it into the abyss. Here likewise in these practices. When a person is involved – all natural and just when it starts to think about it or analyze or to do experiments with it. Of course, always try. And they have been and are likely to be: “Let’s we are Shiva Samhita for psycho soaked through, made his new doctrine or a new way to indoctrinate people, a lot of options you can think of.” But something is still not much anyone could.



I pray to the Lord God, so that no one and failed. Although, it is likely they will succeed. But yoga is able to protect its secrets. When a person has overcome ohamkaru not, well, at least to some extent, well, it just does not fit, and fit, then he will not be able to do, and does, get results that he did not expect.


Now, in fact this practice. But hell is this – this is an extremely mystical process, personal mystical process, which is undergoing a yogi during their lives during the practice. The most interesting thing that works inside and outside. Outside – is when we make this long pilgrimage, go to these mountains, definitely go for some conditions. And all this situation, all the way, all these numerous rituals, which is prescribed to do before you get to Kailash, Kailash itself, all the practices there. They seem to evoke implicitly looks, evoke, evoke the proper mental state.

Imagine you walk at night in the dark forest, frightening the birds are singing, and so, in the woods you feel in any particular state. And suddenly you find yourself in the same forest where there is sun on the lawn, the birds are singing, butterflies flying, buzzing bees, grasshoppers jump – you have a very different state of mind.

So, all these routes, including to Mount Kailash, they lie so that he worked on this way all our unnecessary karmic impressions and in this way to wash away the traces of karma, to remove these contaminants. Therefore, even a person who is not entirely engaged in internal yoga, does not quite understand the theory, but sincerely believes in the miraculous this act, and goes to Mount Kailash, he hits like a factory, on the conveyor. Where every day the way, every meeting, conversation, communication, etc., make the subtle, but very strong impressions. And sooner or later lead us through the outer through gross to the subtle. Eliminate all dirt. And when you litsezreesh Mount Kailash, the external connected to the internal, and you achieve all that you had to reach.


In this respect, the outer pilgrimage is also important. Sometimes it even easier for people is feasible, it is not versed in the intricacies of the human body device, metaphysics. But at the same time, a man who goes by the internal and reveals Mount Kailash in itself, achieves the same. That is, the result at the end point is the same.


And now think that sometimes is much easier to perform physically difficult, long, and in some cases even dangerous journey purely physical, and thus purify than to deal with numerous prints of their thoughts, their emotions, uncontrollable behavior, unmotivated behavior lines. Sometimes a work much more difficult, it is easier to do it at the expense of something external. And sometimes vice versa. Due to the internal. Do not you want me to pay bribes to get to Mount Kailash. It’s not even bribery, and that I have, for example, there is no money or no opportunities, no time, you never know the reasons. And for some man to spit on it. He collects all the money on the bribes and break through to the mountain Kailasa, and he believes that it is easier for him. It is a question of the plan, which is closer to everyone. But it is believed that you can see Mount Kailash, descending from the place, to see her inside.



Student: Principle / course of action of this practice, it happens how? Man as if looking for something in itself and is approximately where it is, and finds a whole range of sensations and perceptions associated with Mount Kailash. Either he has some idea of what should be, and arranges it so?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can imagine that there may be, we can represent by reason. Then we climb higher than the mind, and all your submission remain in the mind level, you climb with something else. It is difficult to answer this question. Again – this is the mystery of the level of, like, as expected, but actually, as you do not expect, such as you know, and like as not you know, like what is happening, so imagined, and such as there were that -That anew. This is how to make the journey.



Have you been to Rome? Let’s say you have an idea of Rome. And then you got there, walked around it and you realize that part of your presentation are preserved, and partly something was quite wrong. It is difficult here to say anything. Again and again. All these things are very mysterious in the sense that this is a direct transfer. Push your mind, that you worked in this direction, and not even by the very fact that you know that in this area we have to work, and you get a transfer, a transfer of consciousness.

Usually, for some reason it is believed that the initiation into yoga, this dedication primarily Shakti energy. What supposedly there bearded guru calls his disciples, and said: “Now I’ll give you shaktipad”, he extends his hand over it, As for the crown of the head and the poor student sausage for three days, after which it is dedicated. That is the idea that it will be the energy that it will be some feelings, emotions, etc. And yes, indeed, this has been and is very good. Indeed, there is such an energy component. The component of consciousness, here, by the way, today we mentioned the Advaita, where the emphasis is on the transfer of consciousness.

Before you the most important thing to convey this idea. Here you have something not imagined, and then you told this knowledge, and this knowledge itself is the transmission. And it is further transforms you all, but you would not get the energy you get out. Therefore, even a simple reading of the sacred texts, which is the, including the Shiva Samhita, that there is not spiteful critics said, some claim that the text is made up of pieces of various other texts. We already have the topic discussed, it does not matter, it is still the original links are from very ancient sources. So, the fact that you read it, you get the dedication of consciousness. Your role is now – is to add the power of his personal experience, practice, communication with teachers. And there is the other way around – you can communicate with the teacher, that you do not say anything, in terms of consciousness does not denounce any thought, but you’d like impregnated with this energy.


In general, different happens. The issue is that all of our ideas, they seem like the place to be and have, on the other hand to talk about them is meaningless. They are on the one hand are very clear, tangible and practical. That, I hope, will soon be easier to get to Mount Kailash, you may gather and you will get to Mount Kailash as prescribed, with the feeling, really, with the arrangement, reach and see it and experience it for a fortune. And then you can compare, “Yes, such a state I would expect if the house sat and meditated with him myself.” This is sometimes easier to perform Hajj sacred. And not necessarily Kailasa, there are many other great places entirely, and they are more accessible.


Let us go back to the practice itself. So as stated here, it is very much shows the influence poludoktriny very strong influence of tantra, Anandalahari, the text that was written by Shankaracharya. From the point of view of the device, of course, when you receive this transmission, even after reading this text, your mind rushes to these heights. And it really draws energy. That is, the process starts to go not from the bottom up and top down. More specifically, there can be all even steps, one pulls the other, the other helps it rise. Thus, you reach a level that is higher than the level of the mind, which is on the verge of sahasrara. A Sahasrara as stated here, all out of our body, is our world. Sahasrara – this is just the area of the Absolute, ie, these are the gates that divide our separate I, our higher self, the Absolute.



There have been numerous details, purely physiological, who, what, how, why. They, of course, refers to all the tantric texts, because meditating on this area and going into this area of consciousness, you make the energy to connect with this consciousness. Consciousness – is Shiva, the energy – it is Shakti, ie male and female merge in a union.



In this respect, Tantra is very honest, very open, although the strong language in all tantra sexuality. There through sexuality explains the most complex concepts of the world order. So it was there, in the sahasrara, Shakti merges with Shiva, or a beautiful woman, remember Anandalahari, connected with his loved ones, with his Shiva. And connects in a way that is closest to us to understand, as if the woman sexually united with a man in the sexual union. Again, there is mention in passing that from their union was born the nectar, which irrigates all our body, flowing from this area.


Student: There is such a moment: here in one place mention the word Kula, translated as Shiva, the other Kula Kundalini.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Generally speaking, here a few days ago we published, albeit in draft form “Kularnava Tantra,” Take it and read it. One of the meanings of the word kula – a family, with all the mystical ensuing consequences. It’s like this allegorical language that practitioners of yoga mom and dad – a Shiva and Shakti. That is our natural mother and father – is the embodiment of the divine life in our mothers and fathers – Shiva and Shakti.

And if you dig a little further, the Shiva – this consciousness, Shakti – the energy. The whole world is a combination of consciousness and energy, and that they gave rise to all living things. Therefore, all the followers of these movements believe that the supreme ultimate father and mother all alone. Each practice yoga or yogini who engage in yoga, mom and dad – it is Shiva and Shakti. And they are, respectively, are brother and sister, and one of the values – is Kula doctrine. Some Tantras have scandalous statement: “Have sex with your sister!”, And so on and so forth, that the uninitiated may not understand what was meant. This secret language, the keys of the secret knowledge.



This language was not invented specifically to powder brains or hide secrets, no. It is natural. It really reflects the reality. We are all brothers and sisters, it is understood that we are all bred mother and father. And our mom and dad physical – it is just a manifestation of our mothers and fathers heavenly – Shiva and Shakti. It is clear that no one understands. Therefore, tantra is very scandalous in the sense of the word, as they say, in your pocket, they do not climb. That’s the same thing here relates to these terms. It should, incidentally, to consult, to see the original text. Sometimes when transferring a piece of the words included in the one part, and sometimes a piece of speech to another part, but it turns out that Shiva and Shakti are like mom and dad. Or Shakti, the energy of kundalini, and Shiva is the consciousness that shines in sahasrara. In general, all this is the practice – a connection. Their connection.



Today, we have already mentioned. This is an important topic, and it will certainly emerge. It is already beginning to emerge in Russia. So there are the followers of different schools who are looking for a device of this world. There Advaita approach, there is an approach of pure consciousness. They say that they deny the duality, they say that there is only one without the other. Indeed this is the case. But for some reason they put emphasis on the mind and to the energy they are very dismissive, as maya, as an illusion.



Although, in fact, the Maya or illusion in a strict sense, this is precisely what separates the energy and consciousness, ie, it is not energy, but what stands between them. Sometimes this point is not understood, and so many followers, they practice these or other methods of yoga, jnana-yoga basically numerous meditation. So they fight with maya, and sometimes under the case they begin to realize all of the energy, ie, they oppose the energy and consciousness and trying to fully establish itself in the mind.

But that’s about the same situation as if the men began to fight with women. What actually happened and is happening. Listen to the conversation: “All the problems of women. All women fools. ” From time to time I hear such statements, they are all fools, hysterical, so on and so forth. Well, actually, women hysterical and sometimes behave foolishly. By the way, as well as men. So, in an attempt to escape the consciousness, it is the same thing that declare: “Everything! War women! “. And it was very often. Remember religious comparisons, which was called upon to look at the woman as a vessel or receptacle of filth, so as not to be tempted. Well, sometimes there is a bias, sometimes very strong, when they say that they are struggling with maya, illusion, and actually begin to deal with Shakti, with energy. Because everything that we see around us – this is a manifestation of Shakti. Of course, Maya Shakti is manifested through the cover. Therefore, rather than remove this veil of maya and enjoy Shakti, Shakti they wrapped in a veil of maya, are trying to destroy.



The matter is extremely hopeless, utterly. The whole point is to ensure that the Shakti begins to suffer, just as the poor wife suffers antics of her husband, who is her eyes there podobet drunk, there is still something, ie, it humbles every way. But while the wife takes care of him, prepares food, washes, she takes care of him, after drinking his opohmelku gives. And he still defends that all women are fools, all of them women, all of them need to rein in. By and large, it turns out that they are sawing off the branch on which they sit themselves.

This is sometimes a situation occurs. It is not in very Radivoje Advaitism followers. I meet people, and our people earnestly start to flog this stuff, and with all its consequences. Yes, a woman must be respected, it is necessary to talk politely, give her flowers, but she – being second-class citizens. That’s about the same situation on the primacy of consciousness energy. This is a fallacy, a serious misconception. And many yoga practices that go along this path, and every day, as they seem to gain the victory over Maya, or rather trying to drive more and more into the black body of Shakti. It’s just like a man who is totally dependent on his wife, he begins to beat her and think, how to make her life even worse, something I have it too freely. And sooner or later it reaches a certain critical point, then – all. The wife ends with patience, it ceases to feed. Suddenly he sees that all his philosophizing, his abstract theories crumble, because he wants to eat. And he can not think of the great structure of the universe, because it is dirty and some have nowhere to live. That’s the same analogy between this.



What is taught to older texts deep? They teach us the next. What energy and consciousness in this sense they are equal, equal players, just like mom and dad for giving birth. And then, what are trying to fight the followers of Advaita, maya, it really is, it exists. But sometimes it is possible to mix Maya and that through which it manifests itself. Of course, Maya is manifested through the energy. If we see around the world, but do not see the Absolute, of course, is maya. You can say, “No, it’s the whole world illusory.” A wise yogi says, “No, the world is not illusory. He, fifty-fifty. At the fifty – real at fifty – an illusion. Pieces of the real, but they poryty foam illusion. “



The world really revolves, it is. It is a reality. But at the same time, it exhibits some characteristics of their unreality. We think so-and-so, and in fact all quite different. So, one should not fight with energy, should fight with maya, illusion. And because the energy is constantly changing, it is very difficult to keep track of maya. So instead of having to fight with a woman, it is better to throw a drink, yes, that is, better themselves hold. Although, of course, just like a woman, it gives reason to be angry her hysteria, insanity, just as Maya the most easily manifested through the energy. Does Maya influence on consciousness? Of course, yes. But it can also close the mind, take him aside. Axiomatically, Maya – a thing which is, and which is not.

Student: A consciousness on how it can affect, if consciousness always. It turns right through the energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Maybe partly to create the illusion of power, which will be sent out. Consciousness will highlight the rays of the consciousness structure, which is not in fact, but that it would seem that it is. Just as the rope appears like a snake. After the foundation, that is, the rope, or this illusion had nothing to pull. That’s just as well around the world. The backbone – this is the real world, but it stretched skin or shell maya maya, the thing is very unrealistic. Therefore, the mind clings begins to interpret a piece of real energy, covered with illusion, as a matter of course, and thus falls into the trap, the trap. We’ll talk about it, this philosophical approach.

I just do what it’s all here mentioned, it’s the fact that when the Yogi consciousness by making the practice of the mountain Kailasa, or rather leaves the whole consciousness. You understand that it is impossible to go into the consciousness, not dragged behind the energy. That is in direct proportion to how he drags to energy, he is fixed in consciousness.

And Kundalini Yoga there is no discrepancy. There, on the contrary. Just in proportion as the kundalini energy, or its emanation, it is in the higher regions of consciousness, respectively, and you find yourself there too. They are two sides of the same coin. Or chasing: entering here, I got out on the other side. And you can not say that here pressed the, and there is nothing got out, because between them there is nothing between them Mayan. Here you know chasing. copper sheet is taken, pressed and obtained relief pattern. So, sheet copper in fact – is a piece of maya. And there is no difference between one and the other.


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