Comment Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.158-5.187).

Comment Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.158-5.187).

Title of the lecture:

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 5. Sadhana.

(Af 5.158 -. 5.187).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.


In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: raja yoga, yoga radzhadhiradzh.

Date and place of the lecture read:

December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

The main text of the lecture.



Text 5.158. Knowing this stops all the excitement (vritti) mind, as if they were not active. Let the Yogi untiringly and selflessly seeking to acquire this knowledge.

5.159. When the excitement of the mind stopped, then the person truly becomes a yogi; Then comes indivisible and pure knowledge.

5.160. Let the Yogi contemplates his reflection in the sky on the other side of the cosmic egg. At the same time let it constantly thinks of the Great Void (Shunya).

5.161. Beginningless and endless emptiness has a gloss of 10 million suns and moons cool 10 million. Contemplation acquired its success.

5.162. Let yogi vigorously every day practicing this meditation, less than a year as a full success will come.

5.163. Such contemplation – even for one second – makes a person a yogi, respected in all the three worlds.

5.164. All his sins will surely collapse.

5.165. He who knows it does not return to the mortal world. Let the Yogi practice this by aggressively swadhisthana.

5.166. The greatness of this contemplation is beyond description. Those who practice it, who knows.

5.167. Contemplation of emptiness purchased fruits of yoga, and Siddhi achieved. 5.168. So I described the Raja Yoga, Tantra which all kept secret. Now I will describe briefly Radzhadhiradzh yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, raja yoga. This term, raja yoga, is applicable to higher levels of yoga. We remember that yoga – it is a comprehensive all-encompassing doctrine. As much as there are manifestations of man, there are so many and different yogas. Accordingly, there are different directions, some are engaged in a physical body, mental functions, and so on. The logic is as follows. What just to live on earth, we need to have a body, if there is no body, then, in general, we do not live here. And in order to successfully operated our mind, we need to create all the necessary conditions, in the same way that if a person is hungry, scared, and the reason it tends to be sluggish and inhibited. It is enough to starve for a long time, how each of us feels himself changes in the functions of the mind.


Likewise, there is a basic yoga, they are the foundation for the future of the building, basic yoga. It is hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga. And there are add-on that base. Just this yoga is the Raja Yoga.

I emphasize again, we can not say that raja yoga divorced from hatha yoga and some other yogas, it is wrong. Without a solid foundation, the walls, and you can not build. But, at the same time, Raja Yoga – the yoga, which deals with more superior and sophisticated practices.

Now directly on the merits of what has been described in the Shiva Samhita, and, in general, what is the meaning and what the purpose of it all here. So, after the physical body is more or less brought under control, more or less normal functioning, it is possible to have a man with a yogi to practice more subtle practices that are closer to a device of his body, the entire metaphysics of human device. Now the next.

We remember that each person has his Ya His I-terrestrial. His I’m out of time and space. His I above all descriptions and adjectives. His I’m indestructible. Nobody and nothing can not do anything with it Ya I’m His absolute form such a thing, which we would call fantastic. I am a man, in this sense absolutely not material, ie, it is not made from something, it is itself the cause of everything else. It is, perhaps, the highest idealism, the supreme wonderful thing. So grand and so fantastic that words can not convey the whole picture of human experience, which is coming to realize your Self



But, at the same time we remember that our self is manipulating or working in the universe by means of two of their abilities – it is the power of consciousness and energy power. It takes such associative relationship of the self to our body or to our bodies. We remember that in addition to the gross physical body is more subtle body and also the causal body. And it is our self animates our bodies. A man feels his ignorance bodies. Man does not consider himself to his own I, he does not see his own self he feels bodies, and so attached to them and suffer or enjoy, depending on whether, under what conditions, and what the experience of going through the body. That kind of thing.

Higher Raja Yoga gives just the practice that allows to abandon their bodies and enables the yogi to look at your own self This is definitely the aerobatics, the highest level of yoga. If interpreted in terms of “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is the highest level in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, up to samadhi, super-conscious of this state. But as yoga is, in general, the practical thing, there are very specific instructions. What is and what to do.

So we just met this description, that the yogi must abandon everything to go into this area. Which, on the one hand, as a great void in the sense that there are no attributes. Here at our I have no qualities. Our I can occur through any quality, but by itself it does not have any quality. From here is born the term emptiness. Void – it is not the absence here of the entity, and the absence of any words or any points that describe it. And at the same time it stresses that this is a great shining void, like millions and millions of suns.

Why? Because of the self, we remember, there is a capacity of consciousness. All that it is directed, immediately displayed as if we were in the darkness shone a ray of light in the darkness and saw everything that was hidden. Just and our I. All that it directs your mind and hold it long enough presents for our self in this light, the light of consciousness. All information completely. But in this practice we go to this area of our Ya

Once again: our bodies, they are caused by our body from a lot of things depend. Our bodies depend on the living conditions of some environmental factors, from previous prints, and so on. Our well I do not depend on anything. Our I is the island untouched, in fact, on which everything rests. Therefore, our bodies in the first place, not only depend on some external factors identified by our karma. Because all the circumstances of life in which our bodies are, at the moment they are the result of what happened in the past. What actions, what trends we have shown in the past, and received in the present.


But this is only one side of this conditionality of our bodies: the gross physical, subtle and causal of the surrounding some kind of internal environment and the seeds of karma. The second part: our bodies in the most heavily dependent on our Y. That is, to what was not karma, whatever conditions were not around, but all the same, the strength of our I’m much stronger than all this. So if we approve in his I, we are not only to be able to counteract these circumstances around here. Well, in the end, his own, both negative and positive karma, so we’re still able to direct, to force the body to act as it pleases Y. In this sense, I, as a great president, a great power that can resist the power of any karma.


And it is clear, here are fighting two trends. If karma is quite active, it seems to be one way we make manifest. If I reveal the force, the yogi is still opened the island untouched sufficiently, it is – counterforce. That there are two forces: the force is caused and the strength of our original freedom. In this sense, if they are directed in different directions, then, of course, the strongest wins. If karma is too strong, and our self-awareness of our unaffected I weaker, then we are a victim of circumstances. If not, if we established in the Self unaffected, and the power of the self is manifested in all its freedom, then it starts to manage the entire environment.

This is the meaning of Raja Yoga – control. Driving without being conditioned. You can be a cog in the mechanism, and perform only a function that you assigned all around the world, or your previous karma. You can be the monarch can be a king, but not edit, but to be a cog, cog same as all, all, all ending with the last performer.

But there is a really powerful rulers which seem like out of nowhere making impulse of energy, strength and make something to appear out of nowhere. That’s just nowhere. All karma, it kind of had to twist to one side, and the result was to be one, but then suddenly there is a power factor, and power causeless, force some higher, strength intact, forces that are fully opposed to full strength karma. And here begins the struggle.


In ancient times, all the great rulers, great leaders, great navigators, explorers and other strong personalities, they just showed us it’s the courage, the strength, the determination. I always say that the city takes courage, or that fortune favors the bold.

And, indeed, if we analyze the first traveler, so he went to the ends of the earth, even they thought that the earth was flat, and reached the final goal. Then, much later, it became clear that the ocean on which they sailed, is extremely dangerous, and at this moment he was calm. Or some cape was terribly treacherous, but they were normal. After thousands and thousands of them unsure of themselves followers have simply disappeared, their jammed, of course, their own karma in the absolute sense of the word.


But! Confidence, strength, this is something higher, good, some so powerful impulse and the urge, he sometimes works wonders as it seems. Someone says that the lucky coincidence, someone says that, indeed, some amazing facts. And from the point of view of Raja Yoga: “No, ladies and gentlemen! There is no chance! “. Just these people showed raja yoga. They went to groundless, they departed into the region unaffected, they departed into the region of the self, they departed into the region, which neither depends on nothing, and moreover, all the rest depends on the area. It is our ego, this inner mystery not even know that. Here it is just shown and told that if at least one second yogi will go into a meditation, it already gets this tremendous opportunity.

For this reason, raja yoga – the science of freedom, is the science of the active counteraction of conditionality, it is a science to manage. But you can control only if there is this little island untouched.


Archimedes once said the following sentence: “Give me a place to stand and I will move the whole world, will raise the earth.” Do you remember what Archimedes was a great mathematician and engineer. And this leverage allowed him to raise the greatest severity of the common man. Do you remember about the ratio of the lever arm. But this requires a fulcrum. If you have to rely on, it is always possible to construct a system that will change anything or do wrong. Need a fulcrum.


That’s just as well in the life of a yogi in human life needs a fulcrum. If the fulcrum is, he can do anything. If this point there is no support, then, as in a swamp, all the efforts simply get stuck. For the scientist who opens the classical laws of the universe through science, this is the fulcrum of his mind, logic. This toolkit scientists. They really rely on logic, mathematics, to a certain pattern, and get quite amazing results. We flew in space, as we did all sorts of discoveries. For the yogi, in the first place, a foothold – it does not mind. Because we remember that yoga teaches us that the mind though the higher instrument, but still subordinate tool.

There are more reliable point of support. This more reliable point of support – our I. There are situations in which the mind can not draw, there are situations in which the mind behaves like the most terrible quagmire swamp. There are some questions that the mind gives a twofold response, there are episodes in the lives or circumstances, where the mind does not work, and moreover, gets even stronger in a deadlock. Therefore, there is more, if you will, a universal point of support – this fulcrum is the inner island untouched, our Self, our self, our higher self Here is a piece of the Absolute, which is each person. And if we rely on it, there are no barriers for us, because our I is karma, beyond any duality forces. The question remains only to realize it is I. The question remains only to understand what it represents. I’ll ask you to reread this section.


Text 5.158. Knowing this stops all the excitement (vritti) mind, as if they were not active. Let the Yogi untiringly and selflessly seeking to acquire this knowledge.

5.159. When the mad excitement stopped; then a person truly becomes a yogi.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Stop the agitation of mind or thought forms vritti. Writ, like a wave, like a twist thought forms. That is the idea, we say vritis in Sanskrit, is possible only if we rely on more secure foothold. We can not, roughly speaking, to control the mind, remaining at the level of the mind.


Tale of Baron Munchausen. There is an adventure with him, when he fell into the swamp along with his horse and began to sink. Then grabbed his hair and began to pull himself and pulled. Here. A wonderful tale. Baron Munchausen was probably adept Raja Yoga, because this way he showed that he relied on his I. And in this sense, our self – the most reliable source, and can be from any marsh pull itself.

But if we are not so adept in the Secret Sciences Raja Yoga as Baron Munchausen, and try to control your mind, then we are on a very slippery slope. We, on the one hand, take out, how in the swamp, and on the other hand plunge even more. That is, pulling out one part of the body, we have a different part of even deeper plunge.

This is, unfortunately, a generic disaster science, which is now called psychology. And all attempts to psychoanalysis, all attempts to reasonably explain the motivation of those or other actions of man, give some tips, facts that will help him to get out of those or other problems, they have a serious weakness of the purely schematic. Psychoanalysis and the whole psychology of this, it is based on reason. Unable to rely on in the mind of the mind, to the mind and to remodel. Sometimes, though, it is possible to make a serious help. Roughly speaking, when we rely on a solid island of reason and take out of a marshy ideas, views. But all that is ephemeral and unreliable.


A woman comes to the psychoanalyst and complains that her husband this, it does not pay attention, they cooled their relationship, then behold, the fifth, the tenth, so it is unfortunate. Psychoanalyst around disassembled and comes to a conclusion. Well, I, for one, say, of course, the conclusion may be very different depending on the situation: “He does not love you.” Or something else there. A reasonable conclusion is based on reasonable evidence, analyze it all. As a result, the patient decides to behave like out there in a different way and remains alone. What condition even worse. And like everything it was fair. There is a saying: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


That’s just as well, and with reason. Sometimes the mind in our affairs of life, especially in the relationship between consciousness and energy, between men and women, sometimes all reasonable desires, rational moments, sometimes they help. But there is a pure deep contradictions that can not be solved in principle. Is it better or worse to live with a man who, as it seems, not only do you pay attention to, or be the one? I just took this case, it is, of course, not a show, it is, of course, from another area. But sometimes the thoughts of the big, we do not notice what nonsense we sometimes involves.

Why? Because again and again. There are times when it is very hard, while remaining involved in the thought forms, thought forms operate. And as long as they thought forms, is a concern because they are not controlled. And to stop the thought-forms, it is necessary to put it bluntly, to rise above the mind, or to find a place to stand, independent of the mind. Only then comes the tranquility, peace and quiet, peace is peace. That being said, including in Samhtite Shiva. Prior to this, if we rely only on the mind, we will not see peace of mind as their own ears.

A huge number of people who are reasonably try to analyze the philosophical teachings of higher and religion. That he hit, say, Christianity. And it seems like, on the one hand, Christian, on the other hand his doubts gnaw: “What if the gospel mistranslated with drevnearaviyskogo language. Suddenly there is something lost? “. If the person stays on the mind level, he feels very insecure in all higher systems.


Moreover, in all systems, which are called religions. Therefore, in religions as the antidote to the mind is given such deadly pill, they say: “Believe it!”. But this is a very slippery slope – believe. There are things that can only comprehend the higher intuition, which has our I, which is above reason. And, indeed, if a person believes in them, it is like as close to goal. But there are things that have no relation to the higher intuition. And if they start to believe, and they are precisely the things that the mind has to work, and we disable reason this belief, it is very easy to fall into a very serious trap. The history of mankind demonstrates time and again, such dead-end options. What, on the one hand, once we feel bad, restless. We depart in faith, like, we get calm. But at the same time to play Russian roulette, because we can equally believe in great ideas, which still do not really understand, but that is really true, and in all this nonsense. It is born of religious fanaticism, intolerance, the assertion that only my religion is correct, all other religions are wrong, my yoga – it is yoga, and all of you are doing nonsense and yoga.

So, all this teaches raja yoga. In order not to fall into this trap and you want to go to the yogi his Ya If he had gone to his I, yes, indeed, it is there where it is necessary. I draw attention, where necessary, he turns off the mind as superfluous, so it does not create too much fuss and noise, and, where necessary, include it to the fullest. And so adept, who is familiar with the Raja Yoga, it is fine, as a rule, knows all religions, it is, indeed, able to separate everything of value from the secondary, all superstition and stupidity from the really serious practices and the great revelations. That he can control his mind. This ability, when it is necessary to include the mind to its fullest, and when it is not necessary, turn it off completely. Then comes the one hand, and peace and tranquility of mind, such as not in all religions.


Once again, why am I talking about religion. Now this trend has gone, I’ll analyze a large number of people is now beginning to bump into orthodox religion. We have four or five, each – in different. The analysis shows that people are starting to bump into a religion for two reasons: fear and wealth. If a person has something to lose, and if there is the fear of losing it. It pushes people to, to enlist the support of a higher power.

It’s, you know, such a roof, as in Russia in the nineties. It is a concept that invited thugs to guard some company to other gangsters, more gangster, it does not hurt the company. This is called the roof. And the roof, sometimes it was purely bandit, sometimes polubanditskaya. There’s kind of official government figures and partly nepoymi anyone. These thugs that simply wonder how they have survived to this age. Here. It’s called the roof. And then, when the market has become more or less civilized, when I remember how a friend of mine told me about this, that it is now no one is killed because someone wanted to kill someone, all each other has been killed, ie, all this stage has passed. That is, it is not profitable, it is troublesome. I understand why the West is afraid of us. Yes, I would have feared. I catch myself thinking that I look through the eyes of pure European quiet all this pandemonium, I would just panic fear. Gangster roof and the roof of the officers, it sometimes works and sometimes does not work. There are situations in life when the hop-hop and everything. You think you have everything under control and everything is under control, and it came from an unexpected quarter, from where no waiting.


And people who are all well aware, it is smart people, it’s not as stupid people who leave the religion in a way. They begin somewhere to feel insecure. They understand that everything is so transient, that everything is possible at any time to lose, and no roof will not save. And now they are looking for a higher spiritual roof in the form of certain orthodox religions, that, well, if you live by the rules, nothing will happen to you. Here. I must say, it brings the well-known peace in their wounded and exhausted by the fear of the soul. Indeed, this part is good analgesic. But last that long. Once the fear goes, they also forget about religion at such a rate that they like, and there was not. In this sense, the fear, perhaps, is the first impetus to the higher knowledge, to the highest points, which in the arsenal have a way to control the thought-forms.

Where the fear? Thoughts uncontrolled, they izedayut energy. Therefore, the fear – it is a continuation of the mental activity, the activity of our mind. So, they are left with faith. Then, when the fear goes away, they and faith goes. Become adept of any religion is very simple, it is much harder to keep them. As soon as life becomes more and more calm, more measured, more secure, more predictable, this fear is not so sharp, and the man again captures and carries away to the side. Yes.

But we return to the Raja Yoga. So just finding here is that the ability to plunge into this supreme, or whatever it says. Once read, that was verbatim.


Text 5.159. When the excitement of the mind stopped, then the person truly becomes a yogi; Then comes indivisible and pure knowledge.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And then, just, and higher knowledge comes. Higher knowledge, based not on the mind of chance, but in the very essence. Here is a very interesting situation: whether the knowledge attribute of mind or knowledge is higher than the mind? Just as there is any device, and there are materials with which to work. There woodworking machine, and there are wood, with which he works. Sometimes it is considered that there is a reason, and there is something with which he works. This thought-form, and such a thing as knowledge, the information as understanding. This is an integral part of the mind level. In fact, yoga do not think so. In yoga believe that the concept of knowledge is higher than that of the mind. And the reason, in general, it is capable to some degree here on what is called the capitalized knowledge. That is to say, it by cutting and taking a piece of this higher knowledge, our intelligence gives us the knowledge that, though not contrary to the best knowledge, but still it is limited.

It should be here any moment, in that – the first, yes, indeed, reason brings us to the higher knowledge. Generally, the reason the thing is very good. Sharpen it should be in every way, it is necessary to temper, in every possible way to put it under control, so that it worked very well. But, really, with the help of reason we have the knowledge. But higher knowledge we get a tool, if anything, higher than our minds. So, the higher pure knowledge is obtained when we are able to completely control the mind, when it is necessary, turn it on when you need to, turn it off.

Pure knowledge is perceived from the heights of our Y. That’s it from the heights of the self we get knowledge with a capital letter, a comprehensive knowledge of reality. At the level of the mind is the knowledge of a few profaned, some trimmed and crushed. And it sometimes confuses us. Here. Therefore, neither of which the highest yoga can be no question, if the person has not risen to the level of the mind. We have already spoken on this subject, there are two dangers in this regard.

The first danger – it’s disregard for the mind, this is just the approach of faith. The approach of faith, although he gives to a certain extent some peace to the soul. As Lenin said, “Religion – the opium of the people.” In a sense, we can agree with him, because without answering some basic principles, we get some peace. And so sometimes there is, well, I’m not talking about religion, but about yoga, sometimes I meet yogis who sincerely believe in yoga. Believe in yoga, yoga do not understand, did not survive on their own experience all what yoga says, and just believe. This greatly accelerates their development, but, unfortunately, sometimes they are in this faith are beginning to believe in some kind of nonsense from yoga. And it strongly inhibits their development, but rather hinders the development of their intelligence. So, undeveloped mind unpointed. Well, in some sense, underdeveloped? Not in terms of defects, but in the sense that a person neglects the fact that the mind needs to be addressed. This obstacle.



Another obstacle, when the mind is sharpened, but when a man can not rise above the level of the mind. Too many people in yoga are great Sanskrit can you quote perfectly in this logic throughout versed in all these exercises, but they do not feel they have not experienced it. If anything, they are like parrots. They repeat something clever, and sometimes logical, not really knowing what they are saying. This is the second very strong bias. Therefore, in yoga urge all means, firstly, to develop the mind, and secondly, to acquire the ability to go in the area is higher than the area of the mind. And once a person has got a little bit in this area is higher than the area of the mind, gradually begins to open up the ability to control the mind. Including disable it when not necessary to include, manage, thought forms on the surface of the mind and attain higher knowledge. This is the general path of raja yoga. Then let’s read.

Text 5.160. Let the Yogi contemplates his reflection in the sky on the other side of the cosmic egg.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We have already spoken on this subject, that the mere reading of these texts, it is in some sense the dedication, in a sense, the very practice of yoga. Are given purely associative tools and techniques, how to approach that, to go beyond.

KE Ziolkowski so many revelations, and such, with a capital letter, received from what he just watched the clouds in the sky. This is a separate issue, quite mysterious, I would say a little about this, who knows. It not used to be in Soviet times, and now no one is interested.


That is, there is always a method that allows us to look at this college, but to take advantage of this at first glance, such a conventional tool. Here as a method, and this method is specified, i.e. a glimpse into the beyond is beyond space-time, attempting some kind of meditation, which is already quite concrete.


Student: What do you mean – beyond the cosmic egg?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. We remember the axiom that our I is a particle of the Absolute, veiled by maya, and it is outside of space and time, it is the universe.

I have a beautiful or ugly, good or a bad comparison. Imagine that our universe is in the form of an aquarium. Large such an aquarium, fish floating in it. That’s imagine that the entire universe, all space and time – is an aquarium. Well, got attached to the terminology of the ancient Indian metaphysics, philosophy, so turned the whole universe from the cosmic egg. There are various very beautiful allegorical description: “In the dark waters of the non-existence in which the cosmic egg splashed ..” and so forth. I’m sending all those interested in the myths of ancient India and that’s all it is very beautiful poetic tales, but not obvious. As a rule, it is not clear.

So, this is an egg – it’s actually something with which turned the whole universe. Our universe, although it is infinite, it is in space and time, and our self – beyond space and time. Just as this one aquarium, I imagine that this universe, and there is space and time inside the aquarium and outside it – such as the no. And our self, it is this aquarium is this universe, beyond this cosmic egg. But do you remember that each person puts his two hands, trying to catch fish or take a stone from the bottom of the aquarium. Or two manifestations of my transcendental I in this universe. This consciousness and energy. As the two hands that I omit the aquarium. I’m starting to do something about it. In fact, my body, my behavior is really like two manifestations me within this universe.

And here, just says that now I would be trying to get your mind and your energy of this universe, ie, go to the area of the Self, which is on the other side of the universe. On the other side of the cosmic egg from which emerged the entire universe. Here it is meant here. Then we read.


Text 5.161. Beginningless and endless emptiness has a gloss of 10 million suns and moons cool 10 million. Contemplation acquired its success.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again attempt using adjectives to express any thing that does not have adjectives. How can we describe the scope of our Higher Self, the area outside of the aquarium, is this universe, beyond space and time, the area where our Self? And given some such analogy.


Again, be aware that any adjective refers to space and time, to the universe. But it’s a push to the mind when we read it. There should be more than some analogies to reason for themselves developed. And it is for this, and these are binding.



You know, there are many people, to put it mildly, not very far away, which are all taken literally. The ancient text written on the Great Void. Hence all. Here we take a vacuum, vessel, pump out the air, and there – a void, a vacuum. This is what was meant. And based on this start to build their theories. Or in other words, they say that the luminous emptiness. A light and clear. So, our self or our soul, or whatever they call it, is a form of light. Our structure is built of light quanta. In general, a lot of any nonsense about this can be said, if we understand it literally and not understand the spirit itself.

And in order to understand the spirit, it is necessary to have the keys to understanding, it is necessary to have a push. But, nevertheless, if we properly use these analogies, that they really begin our meditation natalkivat us to the area where on one side there is no adjectives, where there is no property. As if it was empty. Here at the void has no properties. Although, again, we have a void properties: the volume of the space.

This is usually when we say empty, so, for example, the volume of space in which there is nothing. Here we take the amount of space, well, here the air is. Come evacuated, will be void. But there is a space. But I put two hands that I have between your hands? Empty. But I picked up the vessel with a vacuum that between my hands? On the one hand, such as a blank, on the other hand, such as a space vacuum. Therefore, there is the concept of emptiness, it is in every sense of the word, as is the void between the palms, and that emptiness that vacuum and emptiness such as it is told by our friends – lovers of our Vedic culture, trantsidentnaya, ineffable words. On the other hand, is added – luminous void. That’s when illuminated added, we can not think of the world without the concept of space. I have between your hands no, no space, no light, and can not be – there is no place.



But once again – it is all things – an analogy that should give impetus to the mind in meditation, but not as a direct explanation of what to say. So, any comparison pretty – luminous emptiness, as bright as ten million suns above the sun. We, of course, we have a latitude closer to the North, we have the summer is not as hot and the sun is not so hot. In the south, when you remember the sun, you remember it’s not only bathed in light, but also the oppressive heat. Immediately Payment: but cool, like a hundred million moons. You immediately analogy moonlit night when all is quiet, calm, cool.


Student: That is a very bright and cold light?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You can not say about the cold. Here again and again. It is a juggling act with our associations to close the circle, gives rise to the hope that we will come to meditation in the interpretation of what was meant. In a sense, it is like a game, like a sweet bitterness or infinite zero. Some two concepts that exclude themselves.


Student: But these concepts do not exclude yourself: cool, etc.?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In this case, they do not exclude, but I mean, that the scenario in which everything is built, it suggests that we should not cling to the words. I again and again to warn against such an understanding, so too mundane. Let’s go further.

Text 5.161. Contemplation acquired its success.

5.162. Let yogi vigorously every day practicing this meditation, less than a year as a full success will come.

5.163. Such contemplation – even for one second – makes a person a yogi, respected in all the three worlds.

5.164. All his sins will surely collapse.

5.165. He who knows it does not return to the mortal world.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, what we have said. What if a person is subject to karma. Karma is present as long as the yogi associates himself with their bodies, with their manifestations. Then there’s karma. If the yogi is approved at its highest true nature, which is prohibitive, there no karma.

Therefore, more and more time. As in Raja Yoga as his assertion in his I come around this power to resist and carry out his will. That is the will. All factors indicate that this will shall not be realized, and it is implemented. It comes into force something beyond. It is understood that is directly proportional to demonstrate the power of the self, the yogi more and more neutralize the negative trends of their karma. That is, it is in this sense it redeems. Karma will not go away, but she was faced with another force stronger, more positive, more powerful. Which, in general, the trend outweighs the karma. Tear associative links connecting yogi with seeds of your karma. He pulls away from them. If he pulls away from them, you can easily neutralize. It offers at least a year to meditate and, undoubtedly, the yogi succeed. Further text.



Text 5.165. Let the Yogi practice this by aggressively swadhisthana.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here it is necessary to clarify a few. Svadhisthana – this is the term self-sustaining. That is, one that is not the product of anything but itself generates all. As much as he is a mainstay. Here, of course, it is necessary to analyze what is meant, it is necessary to view the translation. Let’s go further.

Text 5.166. The greatness of this contemplation is beyond description. Those who practice it, who knows.

5.167. Contemplation of emptiness purchased fruits of yoga, and Siddhi achieved.

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, there is a very good point in the end, he knows only one who practices. Everything else is just words that will give impetus to the mind to work in this direction. All of the words as the index finger, which will show:. “Go to the beautiful valley” However, the index finger is not a description of this valley. For this purpose it is necessary to come into this valley, enjoy the birds singing, always flowering plants and other beauties. A goal of texts – give momentum boost yogi. This should not be confused.



Again. Many wise men who literally cling to the word and begin to peck here in this area. No, certainly, it is necessary to read and understand everything that is written, but, on the other hand, we must understand what it is and all.


Well, finally, all the powers which are called supernormal abilities, they are acquired only when the yogi is stated in the power of their higher self and then all the hidden opportunities that are available in forms, they begin to appear. Superpowers – are the same capacity, but we do not see them here often. But in fact, a manifestation of the same device of the principle of the universe, just like everything else.

In this sense, there are many people who spend a huge amount of effort to master these skills. Yoga says that this is madness. It is better to spend this time in the understanding and knowledge of his own self why? Then, these abilities will come to you. Therefore, yoga encourages in particular not to dwell on this subject. If it’s – it’s, it’s not – and God be with him. Here. The main thing else.

The main thing – this is higher knowledge, higher knowledge H. If the yogi has succeeded in it all! It is a guarantee! But if he has acquired superpowers, but did not acquire higher knowledge, of course, super powers, they correlate with the degree of penetration into the region of the self, but there are nuances and it’s still about what does not speak. Yes, he is in this life popolzuyutsya supernormal, then, like everyone else, die. And it may be born without any of these abilities, and perhaps these abilities, but his life, in general, can not be happy and cheerful. That’s it. Let’s go further.







Text 5.169. Sitting in Svastikasane in a beautiful secluded area free of people and animals, almost his Guru, let the Yogi practice this contemplation.

5.170. The Vedas say that the Jiva is independent and supports itself. Let the yogi make his mind in the same self-sustaining and does not contemplate anything else.

5.171. Thus contemplation achieved Mach-Siddhi. By making the mind blank, he becomes completely full.

5.172. Those who practice it’s always – that truly fearless yogi. He never uses the word <I> and is always in the fullness of the Self.

5.173. What is the release and that such ties – he never thought about it. It really is free.

5.174. He is a true yogi, and his revered in all three worlds. Who contemplates Jivatma and Paramatma as related to each other <I> and <I am> who denies the <I> and <no I>, contemplating indivisible, one free from all attachments, finds refuge in the contemplation in which through the transfer of knowledge and denial of all dissolved.

5.175. Far from Brahman, which is manifested in the existence of consciousness and bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda), deceived roam around it (knowledge), leading a futile debate about the manifested and unmanifested.

5.176. Anyone who looks at the moving and unmanifested universe, which is really unmanifested – but distant from the highest Brahman, the direct manifested (in all around us), he absorbed this universe.

5.177. Yogi free from all attachment, constantly striving for knowledge and ignorance does not burden it.

5.178. Wise, leaving sins, objects of desire and chat with people, remains among the objects of the world, not perceiving them as in a deep sleep.

5.179. Now he does not need even in the teachings of guru and acquires knowledge on their own.

5.180. The path to knowledge is only through practice, and then burned in the knowledge of its own flame.

5.181. Hatha yoga – is nothing without Raja Yoga, and Raja Yoga is nothing without the Hatha yoga. Let the wise practice starts with Hatha Yoga, following the instructions of the Guru.

5.182. Those who do not practice yoga, who lives in vain

5.183. Skill comes with time. But let the Yogi eat moderately, otherwise no matter how he was smart, he will not succeed.

5.184. Let his words be gracious, but let him say a little bit of eating and avoid the company if it wants to achieve liberation. This is true.

5.185. Free from everything, that he practices yoga in a secluded and quiet.

5.186. It can remain in the community and do their job, but his heart must be given to God. Then he will be successful, even if a householder.

5.187. By practicing yoga, he is not involved in sin.


Comment Zaporozhtseva Vadim: Well, let’s go again. Let’s start from the beginning to disassemble.

Text 5.169. Sitting in Svastikasane in a beautiful secluded area free of people and animals, almost his Guru, let the Yogi practice this contemplation.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Here is the description that we have repeatedly met: the most appropriate place to practice where nothing we were not distracted, posture prescribed specific and, so to speak, it all begins with having to enlist the support, blessing a higher power in the face of the guru teachers, to all the knowledge it the right way. Therefore, as a rule, yoga, any meditation before you start you should think about the highest, should think about the teachers. Let’s go further.



Text 5.170. The Vedas say that the Jiva is independent and supports itself. Let the yogi make his mind in the same self-sustaining and does not contemplate anything else.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here is a next time. Well, first, the reference to the Vedas, the Jiva. Jiva sounds like live. That is, in a sense, the concept of the conditioned soul. That is, when no matter how the Self, which is over-limit, and as it were outside, and the Self in its manifestation, and where else can here not be separated this moment of his conception of himself and what he really is. That is the Self, still affected by the illusory representations of himself. In fact, this is such a conglomerate, sometimes called the ego. In fact, it is this conglomerate travels from life to life, getting in one life some qualities and tendencies of the mind. Then they are embodied in the next life. That’s the spark of life moves from body to body.



But here are a few on the other hand is called to practice – to close the mind on itself. In part, this corresponds to the state as pratyahara, when the waves of the mind is not determined by the impressions that come through the senses, and when the senses are completely disabled. That is the person off completely from the outside world, but the mind at the same time continues to run. In the state of higher samadhi, in a sense, the mind stops, it stops. And here as if the mind works, but he is in a shell as brewed within himself. Not influenced by external factors, and under the influence of his inner self. Himself as a virtual reality.



Man sits at the computer and play games, and can completely forget about all the world. In this sense, the life of the ancient yogi it was even more exciting than the modern game computer games, because our mind – this is the perfect computer. One that still no one has created, and not soon will. Here. Therefore, it is a very serious practice. This practice, which in common with the techniques of visualization and other higher mental exercises. This is extremely exciting. Once again, more interesting than playing computer and watching the detectives on television or read something there. Here. This self-sustaining state of mind, left to itself, and it starts to create a virtual reality. Come on.

Text 5.171. Thus contemplation achieved Mach-Siddhi. By making the mind blank, he becomes completely full.

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is truly one of the ways to acquire those or other abilities. And indeed if we want this or that quality show, we can perform various kinds of meditation on the different kinds of mantra, yantra, or images in a known sequence, and as a result, we provide a certain impact on the universe, which, as a supernormal, not exactly . But then the game goes on, including the game’s already our mind in an attempt to disable all functions. That is, how would we play in the thought-form, and then play the game, when there is no thought-form inside. It is as if everything happens inside. And this is just the yogi brings to the acquisition of higher knowledge, ie, not on the level of the mind, and at the highest level of intuition or, as it says here, that’s when it is completely filled. Filled with a sense of supreme, supreme knowledge. And this happens only when it is absorbed in the activities of the mind, which crushes everything and confuses. Farther.


Text 5.172. Those who practice it’s always – that truly fearless yogi. He never uses the word <I> and is always in the fullness of the Self.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: That’s when we say I, we, as a rule, do not mean our higher self and our Repose of himself: “I – man, I’m so many years, I have such and such a degree, that, behold, fifth, tenth, so here I am! “. But in fact, this is the way I am not, and this is how my conception of himself imposed on my body.

And this sense, there is such a practice. In ancient India, we were trying to dispel the illusion of false repose of his I am, and it is, including the fact that I did not use the word. We do not use the word myself. I would like to say I am, and then we remember: “Aha! That’s when I say the word, I, what do I mean? Highest Atman? No. What? The representations of himself. ” They are illusory. What can I say. Here. In part, this is also a serious practice, such a good practice, many yogis loved her. This is one side.


The other side is that when a person is very long repeats its own name, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and if he had any association between the name and a before, it then suddenly he begins to hear that name, as a completely unfamiliar word . Suddenly he heard his name, like those with no any relation to it.

The same situation occurs with the practice of yoga, when we long enough to practice yoga, sometimes inside .. Here we have a picture of yourself. We go to sleep with this view, we sleep and wake up. And so it goes, day after day. But now imagine that the practice of yoga we have tryahanulo inner folds of his soul, that is, their perceptions of themselves, there are energy and the feeling went and experiences, this activity of consciousness that suddenly we realize that we have lost this is now familiar picture of yourself. And we do not even know what word to call me.



Businessman here now running down the street in a hurry to play the stock market to increase or decrease. He has a clear idea: who runs what is running and why running. He’s running, and it will succeed today. In fact, succeed. He has a picture of himself: “I! I! I have such a powerful, intelligent, sane, adequate! All counted. Intuition tells me that today you have to play it! “. He has a picture of yourself. If he won, he said, “I won!”, If lost, “I am lost!”.

But when he was a long time engaged in yoga, he realizes that it is very hard to tie. It seems to me, but actually I do not. Like I do, and like the process goes through me. And I just like kak..Vrode hands move, thought work, ask me, I have something to say. At the same time, I am for all of this watch is for something as an outsider, as a spectator, which was theater of the absurd. Knocked down by accident. You sit, watching. There is a performance. The theater of the absurd. I got there by chance and see what you can not tie. You simply do not have the concepts and ideas. Actually, what it was about. And that’s about such a situation arises.



This is definitely one of those boundaries. But the question is that, sooner or later, this view of himself, it begins to fade. Disappears and then appears again. Sometimes it disappears for a long time. If we do yoga, it gradually disappears. Slowly, gradually, fades fluently. Sometimes this occurs when a person works for a long time, during which time he absorbed. He was asked: “Do you eat today?” He: “A”. That is, it is in your area. He forgot, forgot about everything. And about your body and forget about what you should eat, and who he is and what he is. It is as if the whole process.



That’s just as well, and the yogi. He goes into a meditation, I forget about my, it seems like there. Here. And only then it opens the true light of the Self, the Atman. Not our little presentation about himself: “Here I am, man!”. This is all about to change. Here I was – man. Tomorrow I – an important man. The day after tomorrow something else. But this still image of himself. In yoga the stage where these small presentation they disappear. They are illusory, they disappear. It is a habit just like to consider themselves. And suddenly it opens really what I am in reality. And this is a completely different layout. Let’s go further.


Text 5.173. What is the release and that such ties – he never thought about it. It really is free.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, here the matter is that a lot of perfectly echoes here of different concepts and views that were relevant at the time of writing, the Shiva Samhita or drawing Shiva Samhita. Many people argue again that there is a higher purpose, that such an exemption, that is enlightenment. Many of this sum under some base there in theory and ideological. The man who is busy practice and is at a certain level, no longer worry about it and take care of. For him, it is in the background, and so everything is clear and understandable. Moreover, these are the moments of the so-called fast methods of yoga, pay attention when the endpoint is the same as the intermediate point. When the ultimate goal is realized in the time to reach that goal, thus there is not even, like as, and the movement itself.


Our friends Buddhists favorite expression, dedicated to the highest practices of Tantric Buddhism of the indivisibility of samsara and nirvana. Or the notion of a clean country, that there is room – pure country, where sooner or later the man who professes certain knowledge is born, where all the favors to your spiritual growth, and it’s a half-step to the ultimate goal – clean country.


And the higher teachings, again in Tantric Buddhism, it is said that a yogi who is practicing, ordinary life turns into a pure land for him.

Student: That is what I am enlightened, it turns out that I need it to open?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, I do not know, I just to the fact that nothing not even need to open. Everything starts in a phantasmagoric, enlightens the action takes place, which at least on one side and resembles the logic, but on the other hand, is logic. More specifically, higher than the term “logic”. What, on the one hand, it’s kind of like in the field of karma, cause and effect, and on the other hand, is Karma is cause and effect. This is when two seemingly opposite trends merge.



We once had a film that was called “Tantra Yoga,” or simply “Yoga and the four goals of life”, tells that there are only four goals of life. The first three – Dharma, Artha, Kama – a Provriti, or involvement in the universe, and the final goal – Moksha – a neuritis or a way out of the universe. And this classic approach to yoga – is staggering when we are involved, we reach a certain degree, to a certain point, and then get out of the universe.

Rapid methods – this is when the two contradictory aspirations – involvement in life and out of the world suddenly somehow mysteriously coincide, samsara and nirvana turns. Plain country – a clean country, normal state – in an enlightened state.


There is a saying very deep indeed. If you want to be God, do as God. Combining these two opposites. Drawn into the world, and thus incomprehensible way, get out of the world. Work tirelessly, changing the universe around him – it is clear that we engage the world, deeper and deeper leaving the fore, well, like, farther and farther away from the inner meditation, thinking of his higher self


Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because we now just get involved in the entire universe, in this teeming morass of passions and actions. But if we engage in the right way, then at the same time it is the opposite trend – neuritis, a way out of the universe. That’s why I always get nervous when I see a lack of activity in people engaged in yoga. The activity must be crazy, paranoid. And it will be a quick method of yoga.



Of course, there are people who say: “We do not want a quick method, we want to go classic. We on the contrary are now going beyond society, to leave his cave, everything to settle this well, we will begin to meditate, to us no one bothered. Etc. etc. No wife, no children, no friends, no enemies. Here we are going to the higher planes, and then – we’ll see. Maybe go back to the good of all living beings, and can no longer go back. In general, as the chip will fall. We’ll see. “


Yes, indeed, this is a classic way is honest classic way. It is very good, if a person really interprets, feels a willingness to pass on it. Moreover, it is very good when people once walked this path and prepared to spend a billion lives to, so first a billion lives to achieve enlightenment. If a person has this willingness – so spend billions of lives – go ahead! In this quiet, measured movement upstairs. Only, as a rule, he is blessed to go upstairs rapid methods. However, a quick method opposite – no cave, no conditions.


Student: And what is the essence obtained just such involvement? That’s correct?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, the essence of the essence of the theoretical or practical? In theory – why is it so acts, I can explain. This, incidentally, one of the sections of karma yoga. A practical to not sleep, not a – a fuss. Bustle just hard. Run, jump, all that spun and twisted, are working at full steam. To the mind, doing one, I did have a plan that is in the game, like in flight. Do you understand?



Student: And thereby the reverse movement going on?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Theory and practice again?

Student: Well, almost.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, theoretically, you can consider this a miracle, you might consider it a blessing from above, it can be considered a gift of teachers. If we are in the long run – it is a gift. This they left behind this method is that we do not even understand. Because it is higher than that of logic. Because, logically, as you know, you can not go from point “A” to point “B”, and at the same time and point “B” to “A” item. We do not have it docked. This is our logic. This is a direct violation of our logic. But the whole world is higher than that of our logic. And those sages who went and who know the reality of this world, have developed techniques that we from the perspective of logic sometimes seem illogical. But, this is just only our problem. We are like ants, we see still at the level of the blades of grass.


Student: That is it turns out, ordinary people say is not yoga, are also involved in some of its fuss, with some very involved involved, but it does not raise them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no, no, I do not really need to confuse ordinary people who are engaged in their fuss – some out of fear, some because of their such misconceptions about the benefits. All people do anything for three reasons. But in general, if you take all, including the saints. If someone does something, he does it either out of fear or because of the possibility to get something (remuneration, profit) – but now let’s hurry up a little bit and oil hapnem campaign). Do you understand? The same gleam in his eyes in the nineties. And people, I must tell you, it worked well then. They know what they want.

Well, or more or less a viable option, so to say – now we have our firm unwind, there now will establish production oblagodetelstvuem all mankind. Will buy our products, but we will not be a loser, we also poimeem their interests. But now we’re going a little bit from the Shiva Samhita in the area of rapid methods. And finally, there is a third component – a job not because of fear, not for reward, but as a normal person would say, work for the sake of work.


Student: This is Karma Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is Karma Yoga. But if karma yoga with the proper Bhava is performed with the right mindset, the correct comprehension, with the proper preparatory moments, it is one of the components of the so-called fast methods. It’s really fast.



Text 5.174. He is a true yogi, and his revered in all three worlds. Who contemplates Jivatma and Paramatma as related to each other, and I, I am the one who rejects Me and does not I’m contemplating an indivisible, one free from all attachments, finds refuge in this contemplation, which through knowledge

transfer and denial dissolves everything.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here again an attempt to express the inexpressible words. That is, the states that occur with Yogi, when he rose in practice is much higher than the level of the mind, than the level of our logic, explanation of any process by conventional circuits. The same applies to anything that refers to the relation of our self and the higher self – Jivatma – Paramatma.


Here we have already touched on this subject – that is a our I. And within speech, within these representations, we are told that “I” – a piece of the Absolute. But the fact that our “I”, exactly the same as the Absolute, higher than the concept of time and space. Higher than concepts such we are used to in our world. Therefore, it is to some extent a bad comparison. Someone thinks that every n- is a copy of the Absolute, someone thinks that the Absolute simply manifested in the I, but in a limited way. That is, here there are certain difficulties with logical in our understanding and explanation.

Accordingly, put it into words is extremely difficult, but it can be experienced. It can survive in some senses. That sometimes we dream illogical dreams. Here they are illogical – something they do not converge – in space and time. What is called, I was in a single room, got into another. That is kind of there all the intricate geometry. But, nevertheless, we understand that in this there is some kind of a higher logic, although the relative logic is not respected.


Even here in explaining between our self and our higher self the same thing can be traced. When we are going through, it is all natural, and so it should be, but express it in words very seriously, according to yoga. Another conversation that is all you can to survive. And, they say, to “the hard way”, or on your own “I” to pass on this path, in this chain. From a relatively limited, to the infinite.

And, as always, the question arises – what is this border? And the answer is such a paradox – at first glance it seems trivial, that is not worthy of much reflection, but on the other hand, it is not. The boundary is maya, illusion. And the Maya, in turn, has a very strange properties. Maya real, if a person believes in it, and it immediately disappears if the person ceases to believe in it. Maya acts through associative connections. Maya acts through some concepts of substitution and more. And in the highest manifestation of the Maya – this is the thing that separates our self from the Absolute. On the one hand, it seems to have this limit and it is up to as long as we believe in it, and as soon as we cease to believe in it, it disappears.


These are very difficult moments and trying to make, as a rule, in these texts. Well, maybe there is a question to the translation, as always. How adequately apply those or other terms. But even here it is not a translation. The point here is the essence of the problem. All these descriptions, they are a boost to reason that shows which direction to go and try to nonverbally somehow push the man to the highest stage of yoga.



But then there are all sorts of aspects of reality or unreality me. Here are our self – it is real or unreal? If we believe in Maya that separates our self from the Absolute, then our ego becomes real. If we do not believe in Maya that separates our self from the Absolute, then our I’m kind of like, and do not. It is a strange thing. That is, in general, all Maya in person – you want to believe – is so you do not want to believe – will still somehow.


Then there is the question: “But what does it all really.” And in fact, it is still more grandiose, more mysterious and exciting. Therefore, numerous debates on this subject, they are not worth a jigger. In particular, sometimes I hear a logical thinking: “Well, you’re talking there about the higher forms I, the identity I and the Absolute, but at the same time, each person is due to karma. If karma is not transmitted, and not, as is experienced by each of us, then how can it be that if we follow according to this chain, it turns out that we have – this is part of the Absolute, and it is higher than the concept of karma. Moreover, every person, it is as part of the Absolute, and therefore, if we consider each person as a part of the Absolute, it is sort of like different people, but there is only the Absolute. That is, such a thing as karma, it also disappears. Why? Because all kind of karma belongs to the Absolute, and while no one at all !? “.



Well, the answer to all of these are, at first glance, funny questions, he again in the very formulation of the question. What we are trying to reach the supra-temporal, nadprostranstvenny level in an attempt to explain everything in terms of time and space. Indeed, as long as I did realize himself, but at the same time, I see myself separate from the Absolute, then our self, it is logical to assume, it is completely out from under the action of karma. Karma – it’s just a causal mechanism in relation to our bodies. As long as our ego identifies itself with the bodies, we can say that I have karma. If this association is torn, and Maya deluded as to what is our self, scattered, karma itself, and our self in itself.



Here is a man working on the job, he held a great position in some companies of production. He was daily headache – how to pay workers’ wages, how to ensure the markets, as the whole enterprise on the move keeping. And the enterprise a lot of debt, there is a lot of all sorts of real problems. And the man went every day to the company, and his head ached. Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, and then he took it and quit the business. Problems of this company have not disappeared, but it ceases to have access to them any sort was the attitude. Similarly, in relation to karma.



Well, then, the next such moment. Well, we have a huge number of individual I, even that came out under the action of conditionality bodies, respectively karma they have, they are free. But they – the individual I – relate to each other? That’s how I relate to one another I? And these two, I relate, for example, with the Absolute? Here, according to the logic, so to speak, the narrative, we can not recognize the existence of a separate self. It means recognizing the existence of the Maya, which separates it I from the Absolute. But in this sense, too, Maya is unreal. And it is real only as long as people believe in it. So, all’s well taken and somehow gathered.


And someone says the opposite – it is not gathered, and, if anything, has expanded to the whole size. That is to say, not that I merged with the Absolute, but I kind of grew to the size of the Absolute. In general, there is quite paradoxical theory, philosophy of what is every i. That is, that all the world there are many I do not. This same I, but is shifted in time.


Picture this, you would have been himself, say, a decade ago. And around you a lot of “you yourself”, but only from a past life. All of you together, at different levels of development, different aspirations, different motivations. Here you have one like it would be a crowd of people. But every yours I would be shifted relative to each other, let us say, at some period of time. But all together you imagine a crowd of people. And, on the one hand, it can be said – many of them, and on the other hand, because I have all the same.


In general, these questions again and again, which our mind does not respond to confusing, especially philosophers, with terrible force. Here they let this poor Buddhism – Buddhist because there deny that I somehow do it clumsily, that many philosophers, professors do not understand what is at stake, and they declare that Buddhism – is a nihilism. Or again, in Buddhism they say that there is no I, and then a lot of all sorts of moralizing about the positive or negative karma. But if I do not have, what kind of karma can be a speech? This leads to terrible confusion. By the terrible imbalance. But as a rule, very few of these wonders, even among the followers of these trends.



However, this problem is solved, and it’s only with the help of the concept of Maya. Therefore, in the narrow circles of the concept of maya – this is one of the most interesting topics for discussion. On the nature and cause of maya. Here is given here such here article by article, as if overcome description of these levels of maya, to overcome these barriers, overcome these dividing walls. To do this, selected the appropriate terms that are not always clear. And as soon as the whole process takes place, the whole process just called here it’s the yoga section. Let’s go further.



Text 5.175. Far from Brahman, which is manifested in being, consciousness and bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda), deceived roam around it (knowledge), leading a futile debate about the manifested and unmanifested.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva Higher – it is sometimes referred to by the term philosophical systems – Sat Chit Ananda. Absolute existence – existence, absolute consciousness and, consequently, absolute bliss. In fact, this triad is always somewhat distorted form is submitted.



In our school, as you know, there are several different classification, which sometimes seems to me that better explains the concept of Sat Chit Ananda. Absolute existence, absolute being – it’s all kinds of manifestations of energy and matter. Matter as a form of energy. Chit – absolute consciousness. And Ananda – bliss. Just as considered in our school, there is energy and consciousness and their merger leads to pleasure, to joy, to happiness, to experience something beyond. The more so, as it were, strangely interesting interpretation, but as if having a deeper meaning and purely practical load.



Sometimes the energy of consciousness and realize the merger. Just as a man, entering into a sexual relationship with a woman, and a woman engaging in sexual intercourse with a man, experiencing at the same time a natural blend of all this action is a manifestation of delight – Ananda.

Just in this world, which is a manifestation or creation, or by the Absolute, the Supreme, and his qualities are present. With all that we see in the universe, everything that made the Absolute, we say that it is only consciousness and energy. In this universe there is nothing but consciousness and energy.



It says the same thing. There is nothing but consciousness and energy and pleasure that consciousness is experiencing at the confluence with the energy and the energy at the confluence with the consciousness. All that we see – we see the energy that manifests itself under the rays of consciousness. That is consciousness and energy, however, that this intercourse. In sexual intercourse. And from this it is born to enjoy. And if we see all over our world here this here game copulation of consciousness and energy, the whole world turns into a completely a wave of pleasure, happiness and joy, that is, in this world there is nothing but Sat Chit Ananda. But if we really see the true manifestation of the Absolute.



If we otumaneny maya, we see all the pieces, and we see the world as we see it. He does not like us. We’re trying to remake it. That is, in this sense, oddly enough, remaking the world for the philosopher, it is more is to eliminate the illusion of his own perception. But this is a very slippery path.



Student: Why?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because many say they do not even need anything – sit yourself, meditate. Properly you look at the world, and the world will change. That is, it is such an ostrich policy. It is not so simple. The fact is that once we overcome the Maya, we overcome those laws and those energy structure – the structure of consciousness, which are held in our ignorance. So far, we have ignorance, they somehow go wrong, and then, as soon as we saw it right, they were once, and everything was in harmony. Merged one into the other, that is, it’s like a mechanism that could not crank, but here again, and everything starts to rotate.



By the way, there are some provisions such that at a certain stage in the life of a yogi is the condition that his inner will not contradict the external will of the Absolute. In Patanjali’s subject is very well developed – that getting to a certain stage, the inner will of the yogi is not contrary to the will of the Absolute. That is, the yogi rises to a highest degree, that his will can change anything. But then he finds out, he sees that his will is not contrary to the will of the Absolute – to do nothing. Everything is done so well.



That you know, sometimes spiritual path – it is a serpentine mountain. Slightly bumped into some stupid, wrong understanding of a dogma – flew into the abyss. And now, all sorts of numerous sects, spiritual teachings, sometimes even yoga exercises – constantly pushes them to turn, they fly. Instead of properly understand and make the right conclusion, they call for, or the other.



So, Sat Chit Ananda. A huge number of people in ancient India, who practice yoga, engaged in spiritual knowledge, they were arguing about the nature of Sat Chit Ananda, what is the nature of the Supreme Being. Whether it’s personal, whether it is impersonal in this moment. Here, as the law of the Tao. It’s just the law – that he is, and all. He is not a man, he’s just such an abstraction. Or is it all a manifestation of personality. In yoga, the answer to this is the next – that, again, this is a waste of power – to argue, personal or supreme principle that gave birth to the universe, impersonal. Well, roughly speaking, is there for that, I – I’m a giant, or not.



Higher – it is at the college and that it can show itself and as a personal and as impersonal. Generally, it is higher than that of personal and impersonal. By itself, the posing of the question does not make sense. Do you remember that, according to, again, the axioms of yoga, there is such a thing as our self or the Absolute. So, naturally, it is a natural state of your – a state of extreme happiness. That is, it is not something artificial, it is necessary to achieve, that is your natural state.



The fact that we wake up in the morning, and we, like the cat Matroskin “aching legs, the tail falls off,” and we feel itself is not important – it is an illusion. This is when a very clever mechanism for Maya makes our enjoyment itself choke. Here we fall into illusion, and our enjoyment is divided into two parts, and it is starting to choke. And this pain is born, is born from this discomfort, and that’s natural background of joy, happiness and pleasure, it disappears. It is a very insidious such mechanisms of pain, suffering appearance. But if consciousness and energy merge in harmony – it is Ananda, is a delight.




Do you remember that our self that extra-terrestrial who has the will, the ability to have two or two displays that each I demonstrate in this world. This energy capacity – our I might have something to do in this world, and the ability of consciousness – our I can highlight in this world, no matter what it was. And here is the natural state of the self – is a delight, Ananda. But, that’s very clever, such mechanisms are. But our ego identifies itself with their abilities and with their manifestations, that is, our self feels the energy or by various bodies, one way or another manifestation of the mind or consciousness, that is, with a pronounced direction vector. In consciousness there is such a thing as a vector. But this is an illusion! That is, consciousness, and energy begin to appear out of sync, not in resonance and suppress each other. Here at this time there is such a pain, dissatisfaction.



Remember the old anecdote that my father wanted to buy a house, but could not, as my father was able to buy a goat, but did not want to. That just goes mismatch between consciousness and energy. They are, as it were in opposition. They begin instead to carry out the union and take the form of bliss that I feel they are in such a clever way wrong, inharmonious manifestations begin to overwhelm each other. As a result, they are cunning way energy share of enjoyment. The natural energy of delight, Ananda, which is embedded within us, is divided into two parts and confronted their foreheads.



Like a husband and wife. The husband and wife who can bring each other happiness and joy. No, the energy, that is a woman, manifests itself in a some way, consciousness, man – in a different way. And they are rather than to enjoy each other in disputes, in some moments of each other begin to suppress. Though why would it?



This is the manifestation of Ananda. That is, Ananda – it is not the essence, it is a free self-Ya So to the extent that, as our I become more conditioned, more and more non-free, more begins to consider himself not what it actually is, and of habit – the mind, the body, then something else, then Anand squandered, it is blocked.



So, there is Sat Chit Ananda individual soul, and there is Sat Chit Ananda general, Major. But, since there is no difference between our I and the absolute I, then, in general, and the question is removed in the translation of these manifestations of itself. But such debates are conducted. Spores are carried out in the philosophical systems. On the nature of the Supreme. Nature of the Supreme Brahman, the Supreme Absolute Nature. Topics such philosophical, complex. Let’s go further.



Text 5.176. Anyone who looks at the moving and unmanifested universe, which is really unmanifested – but distant from the highest Brahman – directly manifested (in all around us), he absorbed this universe.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here is an attempt to convey the mechanism of maya. If we do not see coming for the eternal and aspire to glare, are drawn to something momentary, then we start to get lost in the universe. Those. Maya starts through its association to lead us farther and farther and farther. We begin to believe in the self-existent universe. As a result, we are starting to believe in it to the extent that we consider the matter, or the manifestation of matter – the energy in the universe is the starting point, the starting point.



And at this moment it is born what is called science. That ordinary human science – it says the following – that’s the starting point – matter, energy in the universe. Let’s take this a starting point to explore all begin. Including the man himself, and the universe, and the Absolute. Trying to build this building here at this step of the matter and energy without realizing that this very step of matter and energy is not independent. She is a product of something. Here, in this there is one fundamental difference between the approach and the approach of yoga science.


And in approach yoga for the reference system is taken our higher self – a separate I or I Absolute. Since our I, in general, I am a part of the Absolute. A kind of manifestation taken in science for a frame of reference that I, that in itself is secondary.



The result is a philosophical system – materialism and idealism. Two serious imbalance – some believe that the whole world, including man – is a product of matter – matter specifically mated, and is a complex mechanism, makes the illusion of human existence. That is our mind – it is not in itself, but a chemical reaction, then what takes place and there is a subjective feeling that we have consciousness. In fact, as materialists claim, there is no consciousness, and this is a manifestation of energy.



Well, or is this famous argument about the existence and consciousness. The consciousness determines being, or being determines consciousness? And if reduced to axioms of our school – that is the root cause – matter as energy, or consciousness? And here there are two schools – two very serious imbalance. None of them is true, and in its hazardous forms of these imbalances are very common. The first bias – is materialism. And sometimes a rough, “terry” materialism. What do not tell us any stories about where something was higher, there is something beyond, everything is very simple – all matter. Matter is rough, is thin.



“Ah, you say that you have there some psychic world, you have there experiences and innuendo – something that the ordinary workers and farmers are not familiar – delights, well, so this delicate matter manifests or any fine energy”. Someone goes on, someone says, “So you did not find this subtle energy and subtle matter?”. What materialists answer: “Well, did not find, so find!”. Today is not found: unit is not built. Tomorrow will be built or quantum electronic microscope and found. And they say: “Yes, all your mental processes – it is all the same energy, but more subtle.” Those. It is such materialism, or downright rude, or more subtle, but still, the foundation laid the matter. It was the mother and she gave birth to a form that is called life.



“Ah, you’re talking about the birth and death of the soul or the person moves from one body to another?”. “It may be, indeed, some of the energy when the body is destroyed, the thinner part of the energy is moved in a rough part, and it can be described as the transmigration of souls.” It’s materialism, sophisticated, not so rough, that everything is dust: the dust came from – and will become ashes. But this very philosophical trend is very serious.



There is a direct contrast. Sometimes it is called idealism. It is more abstract and subtle philosophy, because it requires a more developed intelligence and mental abilities, because it is not as obvious as materialism. Materialism like? I do not eat – died of starvation tomorrow. You clearly given your example, depending on the matter.



From the point of view of idealism it is not so obvious. Although more sophisticated people are so obvious as with the standpoint of materialism. Idealism: the world is an illusion, the world in general, there is only consciousness. And that consciousness creates the illusion. Those. everything that we call matter, is not self-existent thing. She’s just a manifestation of the illusion. And this whole philosophy boils down to the fact that the world is consciousness, and everything else is an illusion. Consciousness, misrepresentation, creates this illusion.



It’s a different approach. This approach is very much in India put in a philosophical system as Advaita Vedanta. In the most primitive form of Advaita Vedanta is the same relationship to the world: that the whole world is a game of mind, there is nothing, there is only Maya. And it is very heavily skewed. Unlike some German philosophy, there are no details of the origin, in Advaita there are details about the origin of the world. Those. is consciousness, this consciousness is influenced by Mayan, and there was what is called the world of matter – a hallucination.



Disciple: How then took herself Maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The concept of maya in the Vedanta lit very well. From that started the whole world. In fact, the whole world – is a creation of maya. Maya is a very strange thing: on the one hand like there is, on the other hand it seems not. So, Maya acted on consciousness and allegedly originated this whole world. But this is also skewed, it is also an illusion.



In our school, just as in Advaita Vedanta, but more in a balanced, precisely in the Advaita Vedanta, which is apparent in the text of Sankaracharya, “Ananda Lahari”, “Saundarya Lahari”. By the way, there is still a lot of Advaitists not acknowledge authorship of Sankara in writing “Ananda Lahari” and “Saundarya Lahari.” They believe that this or any other Shankara, or do not understand where this text. So, in our school, we read as follows: there is equal energy and consciousness. And now, and energy, and consciousness acts Maya. Those. Not that there is energy, and everything else – a manifestation of energy. Not that there is consciousness, and everything else – a manifestation of consciousness. And there is energy and consciousness, and they are equally distorted by maya. That is, at first glance, not quite understandable remark, but it puts all the points of the «i» and allows to understand many philosophical currents. Therefore, the materialist approach, which says that the whole world – the matter and let us dance on the matter, let us examine the mental processes of a man studying his brain, studying some chemical reactions – obviously flawed approach. Likewise obviously flawed approach is idealistic.



I want to emphasize that some idealists believe that the whole world is just a mind and Maya. As a rule, these people are very ascetic who know how to behave, to keep yourself in check. And they have every reason to really believe that this world – Maya. With such concepts as energy, no. And what is called energy – this is the essence of Maya, or rather not the essence, but one of the manifestations. And here, as in the sharp turn into the abyss, flies a huge number of philosophical schools. Once again, there is energy, there is consciousness and Maya, which also obscures and energy and consciousness.


Student: Consciousness is clouded by Maya through energy? As it turns out?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m not concerned with the theme of interaction of energy and consciousness, opacities maya.

Student: Consciousness itself can cloud the Maya?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. You go on the road and you see a snake. You perceive it as a snake. And in fact it is a rope. your senses see the information, but they interpret it. You see what you see, but the senses begin to interpret what you see in that which is not actually. Therefore Maya affects the mind very much.


Student: But this interpretation – it is energy action?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why energy?

Student: Well, it turns out, that the mind is the subtle energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, well you noticed that, of course, the two extremes are merged. It is impossible to express the consciousness, if there is no tool, that manifests itself through the mind. When the idealist says that I profess Advaita Vedanta, the shape of Jnana-Yoga, that all is consciousness, and there is no power, but immediately falls under the influence of energy. Well, if there is a consciousness, then why did you eat? To keep my mind that through it shone the light of consciousness? Those. it turns out that we can not speak of pure consciousness, and we can not talk about clean energy. We can talk about the predominance of consciousness, but it must operate through some energy. In our mind the light of our consciousness captures the subtle substance of our mind, just as the wind above the water captures the water and turns it into the waves. Similarly, the light of our consciousness provokes subtle energy of our mind to manifest in the form of thought-forms. The idea of interpretation: it is a snake or rope – it is thought, are you absolutely correctly noted. And the manifestation of consciousness is impossible without energy. Just to see something, it is necessary to use the eyes, and this is a manifestation of energy. Ingrian – our senses. This philosophy is not so simple.



So, if you’re leaving from the spirit and absorbed by maya, we like to move away from the source, and more and more, as in a swamp, begin to sink in the world. As a consequence, all the religious systems offer not to get involved in this world, to lead a monastic life, minimally interfere with this world, minimum wage work. But then again, we can not quite keep it not, then we will cease to exist. But when we see the energy that is distorted by maya, it leads us away. It is consciousness, which also affects the Mayans, too, takes us away, and we are more and more immersed in this world. And the main thing here is not to make a mistake, that there is only consciousness and there is no energy. No, there is consciousness and energy. And the consciousness and energy affects Maya.



There is a purely practical point of Tantra Yoga. The man spoke with a girl – bitch, the second – a bitch, with a third – bitch. And sooner or later it hits in a philosophical concept: but what I was waiting for, it’s just an illusion? (Assume that this man Adwaitee). Thus, he denies the existence of the girls, as such. They are not here. All women – fools. At the same time, each of the girls with whom he communicated, showed not the best of his qualities. They really badly poisoned his life.



Here the most important thing – do not do this mistake. We can say that women do not do – is maya (what makes Adwaitee: he says that there is no power, it is the Maya), but you can do more wisely. You can say no, the basis of any beautiful girl, ideally each Goddess Sri, but Maya makes manifest the positive qualities in their inappropriate ways. As a result, we perceive it as a negative quality. And if we say that there is nothing, no women, no energy, and there is only the mind and Maya, we knock out part of the reality of this world.


Another situation with regard to women. She was a young man – a jerk, and the second – even worse, third, fourth, fifth. As a result, she thinks there is great love in this world, all of them should be the same. Nobody cares about her beautiful soul impulses and, in general, they are not capable of something so sublime, subtle, abstract. And she cuts them all. This materialist approach, which says: “What kind of consciousness you say there? No no consciousness. It’s all chemical reactions in the head, so there are all these ideals. There are no ideals, all matter: coarse, fine, very fine, but still matter. Therefore, why should we consider this concept as consciousness, if it is not. If the mind – it’s just a product of energy! “. And it turns out other bias, rejected another part of the real universe.



As a result, the young man is becoming more and more cynical, begins to neglect to treat the girls, he loses. He would have to learn to endure all the twists her friends. Those. it should be understood that it is a reality, but this reality manifests itself in distorted form under the influence of maya.



Similarly, a girl should not say that all men are the same. We must understand that it is consciousness that is distorted by maya. And if we reject, we reject and part reality. And only the true yogi and yogini understand that there is consciousness and energy, enveloped by maya. And that consciousness and energy can interact, and when they agreed in its manifestation appear – there is Ananda.



And what is the connection of consciousness and energy? This is yoga. The meaning of Yoga – a union. Therefore, if we do this or that method (physical, mental training, kakimi-to philosophical views) come to the fact that the person in our life consciousness and energy merge harmoniously, we are reaching the level of Ananda, we are reaching the level of our natural I, we We are reaching the level of the beyond I – Absolute. And this is precisely what is called yoga. When we skillfully combine the power of this world and the consciousness of this world, so that the consciousness is certainly enveloped by maya and energy enveloped by maya blended so that the Mayan each other to neutralize, and the union of energy and consciousness gave bliss, delight, or disclose what we are in fact. This is one interpretation of the concept of yoga.



But if everything goes in the opposite direction, then we begin to sink into the energy and consciousness, enveloped by maya and go farther and farther. This is something that just says the Shiva Samhita. Let’s go further.



Text 5.177. Yogi free from all attachment, constantly striving for knowledge and ignorance does not burden it.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, the attachment refers to the action of the associative law. We remember that the Maya manifests itself in the form of so-called associative law, when we connect with one another, and do not relate to the true manifestation. As a result, there is an attachment. Affection is when we do something netsennoe feel valuable when something momentary believe eternal and everlasting – short-term. Those. This confusion leads to the fact that we are starting to cling to something in their ignorance, not realizing that everything in this world is to come – to play their part and leave.



Man, as a spectator at the theater. On stage, the action unfolds: comes another artist, he has a role to play and walk away. Comes this or that emotion or that feeling, it must play its part and to leave, then the process goes harmoniously. If the artist had to leave, and the viewer does not allow him to do so, then it violates the natural course of the unfolding events in the world – is skewed. One imbalance creates another, another – the third … And the whole world turns into inharmonious manifestation, where all suffer, and everything is very bad, because it stopped the process for a human. It was the gear, they elegantly rotate, and he took a stick and stuck there. Or he said, “I want all that is left!”. By their stupidity.



As a result, we remember the concept of the Sri Vidya, which ordered the whole world to see the beauty of a wave, a wave of pleasure, Ananda wave of happiness surge, a wave of unity, a wave of something beyond. Now, if we cease to cling, then everything starts to unfold harmoniously, everything comes in time. At the time some thing came, in time gone. We squeeze the maximum Ananda, and it is absolutely no pain, disappointment; and a state of the yogi. It came some thing that gave us pleasure by the fact that these were the rules of the game world. This wave of pleasure as Ananda Lahari. Ananda Lahari translated as enjoying a wave, it is one of the possible translations. The whole world – is seething ocean, is a game of pleasure. And if we feel this game, we are both on the crest of a wave. This state of the yogi, state of happiness, joy, nothing it does not hold to anything he has no attachments. As soon as we grabbed something, all the process stopped.



It’s like in the theater: first came the clown, entertain the audience, and the audience does not let him, saying, “Stay here! You like us! “. Clown says, “And I have already ended the joke.” No, all the same: “Stay here. Go away, it will be boring! “. A behind the scenes is a whole queue of clowns who entertain us together. But as long as we keep this, the next will not come.



This is a serious moment in all yoga systems, vows, principles, which says: do not cling. Do not cling to his beloved, do not cling to their favorite boy, do not cling to your Mercedes does not cling to his place of work, do not cling to their views, concepts. Generally would not cling. Because the concept of grasping itself slows down the process. And if you’re not attached to anything, everything will come when you have to, and when to leave.



Student: And what can you say about a particular affection for the girl or boy to the concrete?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Is not the girl. The bottom line is that she is the embodiment or manifestation of the supreme Goddess Shri in your life. That’s as long as a girl is a manifestation of the Goddess Shri in your life, it makes sense. If you cease to see it as a manifestation of the Goddess Shri in this world (and you become attached to it for some other reasons, it is convenient you: she cooks, washes, but generally you do not like it), then stop the process is blocked. Even the woman stops growing. If she let go, she would forever samotransformirovalas, she would never bothered us not. If we keep it, it stops in the development and bothers us. The opposite situation with regard to the young man, and so in respect of all.



Therefore, in all serious yogis devote only those who refused this little personal clinging. Thus, the sexual practices of Tantra Yoga designed for people who have said that our goal is to achieve enlightenment in this life, rather than wait for the next one. If a person has not taken these vows, millions of temptations will be his brakes relatives, acquaintances, friends, children, grandchildren, just some people. This will cause the attachment, and all this will slow down.



In this respect, the yogi to no bound. Neither his parents nor children, nor his wife, nor her husband, nor to casual acquaintances, friends. In general, to anyone. This does not mean that he is ill treat them. He is madly in love with them, he cares about them, but it is not attached to them. He understands that his private self that is “slipping on the crest of enjoyment of this world”, it can be only in one case: when there is no attachment. Well, imagine you slip on the board on a wave board and tied a rope to a pole: you do not take one far. You’re going to move exactly to the moment, it is not a rope pulls, and you will not fall into the water.



This principle vows considered monastic, foolishly. He was not a monk. You do not stop to enjoy life, you stop clinging to suffering.


Student: And about the quest for knowledge, what does it mean?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The whole world according to jnana-yoga concept was invented only for one purpose, that we might experience, knowledge. We can be born into this world to become a billionaire, to build factories or imperceptibly to live life. But the whole world is invented only to ensure that we have learned from it jnana – the knowledge that we have learned experience. That as soon as the necessary experience gained, all we go beyond this universe. Therefore, our way in the world is on the path of dharma, the path of our personal choice, but it goes in the direction of experience.


If we immerse ourselves in the illusion, in maya, in some illusory knowledge, which is not in fact we vyaznem as in a swamp, and we will hang indefinitely and, moreover, it will be hanging out to bring us suffering. We gave up attachments, we do not have attachments, and at the same time, we engage in this world. You can in fact say, “I live in the monastery, I do not have attachments, and I generally sit in his cell and do nothing!”, But it is skewed. But if you do not have attachments, but you’re entirely in the cycle of this world: you are a great leader, a great politician, a businessman, a scientist, or a great yoga practitioner, you are involved in this world, but to involve in order to derive Jnana. And as soon as a certain amount of Jnana is reached, you go beyond this world, or rather the world disappears. Because the most powerful medicine against maya, and the whole world is a reality, covered by maya – jnana. As soon rack up a certain dose of the drug and drink it, you will disappear, the disease of illusion, will return clarity of mind, and you will see that this world is not. And for the rest of the world it will look as if you had gone beyond the world. It’s a call not to cling to, and, at the same time, completely know this world.



Again, I remind you of Sri Vidya, the whole world was invented only for one thing: to understand the transcendent beauty of the Goddess Sri. Once we understand the transcendent beauty of the Goddess Sri, it is the supreme knowledge, which must be received in jnana-yoga. And in that moment, when the yogi has realized the beauty and grandeur of the goddess Sri, he comes out of this world. So that the whole world for this and created. And we must stop clinging to what is not a Goddess Sri, but it points to the Goddess Sri. Everything of value that there is in this world of wealth and other positive aspects, which we appreciate, they invented only for one to similar touch up our minds to an understanding that there is a supreme beauty, supreme happiness, the supreme delight or supreme Sri principle . So no need to cling to the signs.



What is wealth? This is a pointer. You feel yourself well with their billions? So you should know that it is just a pointer to you on the way. When you reach the Goddess Sri, it will be even better, and you will forget about the billions. But if you grabbed the money and hold on to them, it is the same that to go on the road and grab the pointer pointing to the final stop, pull over to him and not let go. It is nonsense. Different schools this is interpreted differently. It’s in two phrases: Do not cling and go in the direction of knowledge!


Student: Goddess Sri – this is not the energy or consciousness. Rather, it turns Ananda, is a manifestation of pleasure? Those. Goddess concept is not to say that this energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a serious concept of the Sri Vidya, there are some nuances that are worth to talk. I do not want to touch the subject, but in general, yes, it is the highest principle. This is the principle of duality on the other side, it is the principle of conditionality on the other side. But come on now this topic is not touched.


Student: That is what is called in other systems supreme Brahman?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You could say that. We have lectures Ananda Lahari, there are some comments to that effect.


Text 5.178. Wise, leaving sins, objects of desire and chat with people, remains among the objects of the world, not perceiving them as in a deep sleep.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is what we talked about: to use objects, but do not get attached to them.


Text 5.179. Now he does not need even in the teachings of guru and acquire knowledge on their own.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: When we go out completely from the influence of anything was when cease to fall under the action of external forces of this world, we will certainly begin to be absorbed by the principles of its Ya Our I has omniscience. In fact, how can I or anyone can teach a person to yoga? All the knowledge they already have laid in just a person can not pull them out of themselves, to disclose. But the yogi who reaches this stage, it is no longer in need of teachers. He knows how to take all this knowledge of himself. In yoga there are different stages, different stages. In the initial stages, we certainly need a teacher. In the final stage, we just lose the concept, where the Master: outside or inside? Where Teachers teacher who both outside and inside, and everywhere and nowhere? Here it is meant. This is a very high degree of yogic realization.

Text 5.180. The path to knowledge is only through practice, and then knowledge burns in its own fire.

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is the golden motto of all yoga. You can talk on the subject of yoga, but it is necessary to put it into a normal life. This is also a serious problem. Like all sane people, like all yoga was studied. Suddenly time – I woke karma, some imprint in the mind, and the person suffered.

– You know everything !?

– Yes I know.

– You know what you’re doing right now obscene things?

– Yes, I understand.

– And why did you do it?

– Because I can not help myself.



Man simply carries. He understands that all of these emotions – this is maya, illusion, understands that he is many times has studied yoga in that it warned that it would be so and so. And so it has come. The man thought he was ready for it, ready to resist the emotions that his rod. And in fact, he understands that he was negotov and help it can. This is a typical situation. Because it is not enough to get acquainted with this knowledge, it is necessary to drill, on the subconscious level, as it were, a type in the correct algorithm behavior. I do not just get knowledge, but also to put them into daily practice. As the soldiers before battle. Constant training, doctrine, teaching, drill and drill. Because, when it’s a fight, everything must be done on autopilot. And if the autopilot had not been worked out, and it happens such a typical situation, when a man knows everything, understands, and to do anything with them can not.

Student: It happens that the autopilot is lying? He did practice, drilled, and in this situation it works is not quite right?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it depends what kind of autopilot. If you are self taught all my life not to become attached to something, and as a result began to be attached, it is not the autopilot is lying, it means you did not sufficiently fulfilled the practice.

Student: Is not the reason that people all knows, understands, and studied it all, but in this situation can not be all that apply just the inertia of consciousness? When it is either in the past or in the future, it can not currently direct consciousness of the situation and take actions at this particular moment?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, here it is said that it is necessary to do yoga, yoga and yoga again, that was not here it. It is clear that no one is waiting for the results from us immediately, as soon as we were introduced to this concept, the next day. And it is impossible. Because the mind tendencies must be overcome as long as they are worked out. Therefore, no one expects miracles the next day. But here is some remark on another occasion. We should not just talk about these issues, but trying, at least in small things, at least in some remote situations somehow work them. Not necessarily to the full extent, not necessarily in the situation in which it is difficult. Spent a similar situation in other conditions where easy. Then to this experience, where it was easy to move to the place where it was difficult. It’s a long process, no one disputes. But in another sense: it will embody – will sooner or later get the result, but if it all remains at the level of reasoning beautiful, and it hangs in the air.

Student: That is a level of understanding?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course!

Disciple: The arguments remain on the level of reason, if they are not translated into action?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: They still remain in limbo. Here the dilemma: without reasoning intelligence such as is not clear what to do at all. It is clear to do hatha yoga, you need to know anything at all to do, ie, kind of like mind want. But there are people who are well aware of hatha yoga in theory, but do not make it practically. And it turns out that it is the same half of the knowledge and the same stale air situation as a person who does not know yoga, either theoretically or practically. So once again: practice, practice, practice. Teeth tear, not to stand still. Any situation be used for self-development. Not that now I’m waiting, and then one day I’ll start doing something. It will not be this ever. Either now or never. And the situation is different. It can be a long and nice talk, but do nothing. Therefore, we should as much theory to perform practice. When the bias in favor of the theory – practice is lost. But practice impossible if there is no theory. Come on.



Text 5.181. Hatha yoga – is nothing without Raja Yoga, and Raja Yoga – nothing without the Hatha yoga. Let the wise practice starts with Hatha Yoga, following the instructions of the Guru.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: Sometimes it explains in the same “Sutras” Patanjali with commentary that you have, for example, dirty clothes, clothes. First you have to remove the clumps of dirt, and then neatly brush smallest pollution. Here this kind of classification is given for hatha yoga and raja yoga, but the principle is clear.



Hatha yoga is more concerned with the physical body, and raja yoga more subtle moments: mental, meditation and so on. So, it is impossible to build a house in the swamp. If there is no foundation of Hatha Yoga with other yogis – all this will sink in the swamp. Working with the mind, with psychoanalysis, with the subtleties of perception of the world, they are sometimes not worth a jigger, if a person has a physical body is dirty, sluggish, untrained.



As they say, if you are unhappy with the world, ask yourself, and you can have it in poor condition and do not have remake the world? You may need to do exercises or pour cold water or run 5 km and gain vitality? This is, unfortunately, a very common situation that people in this philosophy, psychoanalysis. They are all the works of Freud and Jung know by heart, but they are physically doing nothing. Their vitality is so low, so the idea that some sort of thought – not to rely on. Therefore we can not neglect the physical body, work, work and work on themselves. Only in this way can then build some manipulation in yoga. Clever men, who know a lot, but nothing to make me frankly tell you, no longer a concern. In my youth I was always interesting to talk to people, it seemed to me, knowing. And then I realized that, if they do not practice, they are like parrots. Sometimes people do not even passed through this knowledge itself. Therefore, any kind of lofty matters we would not be talking about consciousness and the energy of the Absolute, the soul of May, it is still at the level of everyday drill core yogi needed.



Text 5.182. Those who do not practice yoga, who lives in vain.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, of course, the emotional color. We understand that all life – is yoga that if a person does not go himself, he pulls his hair universe. Therefore, wasting time, wasting power – it is short-sighted, because it still will stick. That’s the way this world. The fact that we live in this world and the fact that this world gears rotate, there are certain laws that make us, they are the most subtle place and begin to pull the rope.



You can analyze the life of rich people in this country who got rich suddenly. There were ordinary people, ran to work, and suddenly time and all – fabulous riches halt. More and not have to do anything. You can go to the Canary Islands for a vacation, you can do sports, can you some spiritual practices to do – what you want, and in doing so. And here is the lack of a whip has led to the fact that a person is sitting in his mansion, it’s all there. That’s just it every day sad and dreary. It sucks, like in the swamp. Everything sparkles, all desires can be fulfilled. But that’s something, and you do not want, and even some inactivity.



The poor man who is spinning, thinking: “I have so much money, I would have such authority, I would have that kind of power!”. A rich man thinks: “Everything is there, but do not want to!”.

And the difference is only one: at the level of the causal body nor wealth nor good conditions do not eliminate the associative links. And since there is no external whip, the person ceases to anything at all to do. Those. to the causal body level people have not realized that there are some subtle mechanisms that need to be cleaned inside. He simply does not see, does not feel. At the gross level of the whip is not, and he is left to himself. Suddenly he begins to notice that everything seems good, but it gets stuck in a swamp, and even can not understand why. This is a very thin layer, the causal body, he is above the mind level, higher than the level of some sensations. And like everything sparkles around, but nothing pleases, and the usual circle of friends is no longer interested. You can do anything you want, but do not want to do it. And the man himself said: “I guess getting older or wiser.”

In fact, nothing of the sort. Just the whole world was invented, such as the factory of enlightenment. And then we create the conditions that the person stopped. He decided that time has grown rich, and the stirring is no longer necessary. At the same time, Yoga teaches us that we must always move. That’s the way this world. We either fully enter into the movement of this world and all that’s cool in full. Either completely exit from the world and abandon all desires, we reject all pleasure. And that’s all half-hearted solutions are fraught.



When a person has the opportunity to practice yoga, but she did not engaged, ie, he has enough good karma: he is rich, influential, he did not have to run every day at work, he has a lot of time for meditation, for the practice; and he does not do – he, in fact, wasting the potential of this good karma. Then good karma comes to an end, and the rich man can die and be born in a poor family, in some more severe conditions, and this opportunity to go away, but he missed it myself.


Therefore, there is a categorical remark. If we practice yoga – there is at least some sense of our lives. If not, then what is the meaning of life yet? Staying in this changing world? In this life, you are rich, in the next – you poor; in this life you have attained power and enjoy the power, in the next life you can do to be a janitor.


It is only one makes sense – it’s yoga, is the acquisition of knowledge is to learn to live by the principles on which is built this world. And where you have – enjoy, and where necessary – the practice of asceticism; where necessary – are involved fully in the activities of the world where it is necessary – completely removed from the activity of the world, but do not stop practicing yoga. Then you take the happiness of this world and escape misery of this world. If you stop in yoga, it is in your karmic tendencies are positive, you are happy, calm. And then begins karmic things very interesting. Associative relations are not worked out (when a person rich, but nothing is moving in the causal body level – there is a swamp, it is bad) – this is a very serious problem, the worst.


There is a saying: “Go fire, water and copper pipes.” It is understood that the fire and the water – these are some very difficult trials. Copper pipes – a period of fame, success, and when it is to do nothing, but you can be happy, have fun and live happily. So, all unanimously say that the most difficult to go through copper pipes. There are non-obvious problems, there are non-obvious suffering, there is very easy to stop, to fall under the influence of illusion, maya. Therefore, we were not in whatever state – should practice yoga. And then people will pass fire and water, and copper pipes.

The usual people tend to stop at the copper pipes. Then come more subtle suffering, the suffering of non-obvious. This is a very difficult moment – the moment of pessimism, apathy moment, the moment when everything, but do not want anything. Because as soon as the thin gear stop spinning, they begin to rust. Our bodies, if present, is first big rough gears of our physical body. And until we do something, they rotate with difficulty. Rough gear is caused to rotate more delicate gears of our subtle body: it is our mind, emotions, feelings. Those, in turn, is caused to rotate most tonyusenkie, most imperceptible gear causal body. All of them are connected with prana. One spinning, other gears, and she begins to spin, etc. So it is necessary that all revolved.



Student: And not vice versa, the gear of the causal body is caused to rotate all the others?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Rotate all should. But I’m talking about good living conditions. Because, as a rule, a little harder or when bad conditions, and when conditions are good. Paradoxically, people hardly a penny is their bread, but every day practicing yoga with terrible force. So he made a fortune: he had plenty of time to complete, so now he could practice, but it does nothing. It turns out that these two gears: gross and subtle stopped rotating. Such a person does not have to run to work, respectively, rough gears do not rotate. But something remained thin, and we do not feel. And she’s trying to crank, but she was not rude gears allow to do so. And this little shesterenochka leads to the fact that man is becoming worse and worse, and he could not understand why.



As a result, it was later, and makes all the other gear to rotate: a person makes any rash acts, or die in the next life is no longer received such excellent conditions. Those. everything should be in moderation: the extent of the wealth, the extent of rest, in measure voltage, to the best of relaxation. Then there is the natural yoga.



But since we usually something very succeed, the resulting throw something else, it is skewed. This bias is eliminated, if a person has timeless goal – is yoga. Rich or poor you are, it does not mean that you should stop working on themselves. You’re just doing all physical yoga, ie body is tense. Similarly, poor or rich you are, you have to think or do not, but you practice sections of raja yoga or meditation, mantra-yoga, which causes the gears to rotate intellectual abilities. Well and, accordingly, as you go to the Supreme, the beyond, it is clear that the causal body and gears rotate in the same, regardless of your life situation.


If you do yoga – it’s a guarantee that you will not vpadesh depressed. Or, if the trend will be, then you will be saving rope that will bring you out of this state. And if you do not do yoga, it is a matter of time, when the pain comes. Pain when life makes the move, or pain when life does not make move, but you feel so bad that even when life makes you do something, you had better. This is a very subtle mechanisms, it levels the causal body. They work fine. Once again, there is such a brutal saying that if you do not want to go alone, life drag you by the hair. Let’s go further.



Text 5.183. Skill comes with time. But let the Yogi eat moderately, otherwise no matter how he was smart, he will not succeed.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is understood that the skills will come with time. This, in other words, that criterion is whether a person is a yogi or not, is not what can he do something about it or not, bends or bends, is able to hold your breath or do not know how, is able to focus your mind on one or can not – it is all the things that sometimes manifest themselves as good karma. Felon, who in a previous life and only engaged in that exposed the locks, it produces a completely unique character traits: patience and one-pointedness of mind. Those. He focuses on how to open the lock, like no other. It is clear that the ability to concentrate comes to him in the next life. So, the criterion of whether or not you are a yogi or not, is the only one – a habit to do.



Skill comes through the ability to relax, shut down. If you are able to relax, then you know how and strain. Here note the reverse: not if you can strain it and know how to relax, and it is, if you know how to relax, then you know how and strain. And if the habit – time works for you.



I’ll take classes and have my own structure, its own exercises. And my task is not to the people who came to class, squeezed the maximum out of your body – it’s short-sighted. The main thing to make a sequence of exercises that a person has learned to fall into such a state polutransovoe that whatever the physical level, it was not a body, it would display it to the level of excellence and to develop a habit to do.

Student: Why so?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Man in his youth come to practice yoga – it bends well. For several reasons, because of his bad karma, he has no way a couple – three years to deal with. And then you have to start all over again. Then again, there are factors that prevent the occupation, and it slides to the previous level. So, my task is to work out a sequence, so that man is not particularly straining, always with any level shifted smoothly to the very highest level. Those. the habit.


You have reached a certain height, but not the top, nothing, you have deposited the approach performing yoga, you always start to from the place where he was staying and go up higher. Those. the habit, just like yoga, and after a long break the habit of quietly resuming classes. And it is very valuable, very important.



When I went, it drew more attention than the fact, if you can make the position or not, whether you can stretch your muscles or not. Well, you can not now going to deal with every day, then you can, but the main thing that you were doing. Therefore, it is said that everything will come with time. The main thing to do, and to do, we need a habit, and that this formed the habit, you need to give your body a burden that he did not take it as a punishment.



You know, there are sprinters and stayers there. This two kinds of races. One of the short track must give everything, the other should run a marathon. In this sense, yoga – is running at a very great distance. The distance of a few lives. Those. It should be ready to run, run and run. But running is not particularly straining itself to run at the same time was a joy.



One last point here was about food. This is also a fairly current point in relation to food. Doing yoga, we remove the coarser particles, changing them to a bright, refined. Therefore, the functionality of our mind, our body’s functionality, oddly enough, very strongly dependent on the supply process.


And this is a serious topic: how to eat and what to eat. This is not an easy topic, it seems. There is such a thing as our personal karma. If we live in the far north, the diet of the tropics, we will not work, but in this and there is no need. It is understood personal diet, which is necessary to work out himself, based on the realities of their own karma. It is necessary to choose the best of what life gives you.



If you sit in prison, and you are fed exclusively on meat, then you have nowhere to go. Sometimes our life gives what gives. If you have a choice – to choose. But this choice has to be: something to eat and to track the reaction itself. And these reactions are very individual. The fact that one can be normal to another will lead to a weakening of the forces of reason, etc.



Sometimes there is another bias: Yogi leads an ascetic life in all areas and compensates for the lack of pleasure at the expense of food. It turns out that the one thing he was very much restricted itself, and something permitted himself no control. Here we must be especially careful, because the food problem in some Upanishads equated to being problems. Those. everyone considered if literally, as a consumer.



We live, we live because we eat. While we eat, the body lives. It is on a gross level. On a subtle level, is our mind absorbs some subtle energies, subtle information, he also lives. At the level of the causal body is exactly the same situation. A man like a whirlwind that sweeps through the universe, absorbing some particles and then throwing away. Therefore, all can be called food. We book some interesting absorb – we absorb information. And, of course, that if we eat a clean, healthy food, then, accordingly, we feel good. If we read some stupid book or an evil book, it will perforce we absorb these associative thoughts, they are around us for some time and rotate only then go.


Student: What about physical food?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In the same way, and with the physical food. Sometimes a small admixture of preservatives upsets our entire system. At the same time, sometimes absolutely unacceptable food the most favorable effect on the state of mind.



When only spiritual knowledge started in our country as a sprout, and with the food we had then not a lot of fun, the first shops began to appear, which sold the whole vegetarian food. Basically, it’s soybeans, primarily something artificial, past such processing steps that are probably nothing useful there was no more. But outwardly, such as a check mark is set, the conditions are met, all vegetarian, all that is just and necessary for yogis.



And one man was eating a purely refined food, and the other man ate everything horrible that God sends. A piece of meat, so piece of meat. And most interesting is that its negative effects, the man who adhered to the principle: eat everything, that God will send, it is much successful in yoga. And, oddly enough, the harm that he has received from the not very yogic food, it was less than that of the foods that supposedly yogic, but in fact in its effect even worse.



Therefore, the criterion in relation to food: when to eat, how much to eat, etc. yogi must develop themselves. No one else here can not say because different lifestyles, different bodies, etc. But it is necessary to pay attention to the utmost. Unsubscribe from all stereotypes.



In yoga, many texts, which describes what to eat and what is not, but this is usually for people who live in certain places and leading a certain lifestyle. But everyone has to work out for themselves their own diet according to some principles. The first principle is that the food is not harmful. The second principle, it is possible not to harm living beings. But it’s a very fine line. Sometimes a much fairer and healthier to eat a piece of meat, and wash it down with a glass of wine than there are some sublimated soya as a barbecue. Well, I want you to barbecue – eat, do not be engaged in self-deception. Followers of some tantric systems, they are omnivores. They eat all that God has sent.

Strictly speaking, even when we eat vegetarian food, we choose life not directly, indirectly so. Growing edge products, we consume so many sentient beings who poisoned with herbicides, which are killed in the processing of the soil. This is a very noble undertaking not to eat this or that food, based on the fact that we do not want to harm living beings. But here we must be realistic. Unfortunately, we can not live a second, so as not to harm living beings. Our task – to minimize this harm. But if this is not possible, the first thing is our personal spiritual growth.



The truth is, there is one very serious limitation. There are exercises, they tend to be associated with breathing practices, where the restriction in food – is an integral part of the practice. And it is necessary to eat strictly what is prescribed. But it is usually discussed separately. And, as a rule, all these last practice quite some particular time, i.e. they are not infinite. Once again, the issue of food – a serious matter. Let’s go further.



Text 5.184. Let his words be gracious, but let him say a little bit of eating and avoid the company if it wants to achieve liberation. This is true.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: I, of course, do not fall into this category, because I have to speak from morning till night, illuminating the one section, the other section of yoga – so I have bad karma. But, generally speaking, when we go into these inner worlds self-awareness, when we begin to unravel all the internal mechanisms – we fall into a kind of trance. There is no desire to talk, and, in general, a lot of talk makes no sense.



Similarly, the interaction with people. Sometimes communication knocks, pulls you out of the mood in which you are immersed. This is such a way, when we want to strengthen their personal practice. The opposite of this – it is a method of karma yoga, where we on the contrary, to get involved in a world where we communicate, where we do something to help this world. And, oddly enough, this unselfish desire to help the world, we neutralize any negative effect on us. But Shiva Samhita describes the path of the yogi, who decided to deal with their internal structures, ie, first and foremost, to plunge into himself.



Student: And that means words should be gracious?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a very fine line: for what purpose we do or say. There are people who inveigh against you, but you will not be at the same time feel any negativity, and he will not have a negative. The main thing with which this promise is made. Conversely, there are people who outwardly polite, their every word is verified, they follow each phrase, but behind all this betrays ill, something unpleasant. And here it meant that if you say something, then do it with a good promise.


What good point man on his shortcomings, he himself knows about them. You can not help him this, and maybe even obsessed him on these things. What is the use slander, gossip, if there is no need. Therefore, if we say something, we must act for reasons they may be happy all living beings. Even if we criticize someone, then the background should be good which does not drive the person to the corner, but on the contrary, removes it from the trap. The words – it is a tool. In short, you can help the person, but you can prevent it.



With people need to gently communicate. Everyone – Brahman, everyone – Absolute. If he behaves the way he behaves – he is entitled to it. What I am entitled to point to the Absolute, how he behave, or to say, “Here you have a right and wrong here.”


On the other hand, if I see that the Absolute (in my opinion) does not understand that he was the Absolute, the words I’m trying to give a boost. Not humiliating, without questioning the fact that he has the right to behave the way he leads. But I show him that there is an opportunity to be more the Absolute, from my point of view. If every word is directed precisely on this, that we are blissful, it leads to a positive result: a person gets rid of maya.



But again, sometimes you have to be very violent and ferocious. Especially if you are a responsible leader and practicing karma yoga. You got into a huge amount of people subordinated to, and if you put someone on the spot, the motivation still has to be – to help. The man took no for their cause, you see that it is not happy, he does something unprofessional and so, sometimes, it is necessary to give a clear enough to understand.



With the words of such an interesting moment. Words can do much, much more correct at the time when the situation is just beginning. Then, when it is unwound, words alone are not enough. But at some stage, there is still a choice to go left or right, can be influenced significantly. Let’s go further.



Text 5.185. Free of all, let him practicing yoga in a secluded and quiet.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In the first place meant a yogi who works on himself. And the right place for yoga and the principle of secrecy, we have already discussed. The right place and that there are no distractions, distractions associative links.



After all, from a formal point of view, yoga can be practiced in the Himalayas or in the Red Square in front of the Mausoleum and the Kremlin. But somewhere there are factors preventing, and in some cases help to enable us to concentrate.



The same applies to the principle of confidentiality. Yoga will be neither more nor less, you do not cease to be of the nature of the Absolute, in secret do you hold it or shout about it at every corner. Absolute in you will not be (in this sense), no more, no less – and so you Absolute. But for the self-realization of certain factors useful to you no one interfered. And to you no one interfered, better some things to keep secret.

There are many confounding factors. It is very cunning, sometimes karmic mechanisms. So the principle of secrets is necessary, especially in the early stages of yoga. Then, to a lesser extent. As long as a small tree, it should be protected, and when a huge oak tree grows, it can be tied elephants. While we are only just beginning to take the first steps until we feel that we are vulnerable: life unfold here now and start to go against our spiritual development, against our will, life will tend to seduce, to talk out of the way up, to build all sorts of intrigues, it has meaning of guerrilla warfare. Farther.



Text 5.186. It can remain in the community and do their job, but his heart must be given to God. Then he will be successful, even if a householder.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: When we engage in activities and conduct seemingly normal lives, occupy any position in life, here it is all expressed by the term householder – a sustainable explanation of the person’s status. Those. householder – a member of the society involved in the life, which is something binds: he has his own business or something else.



The status of the householder is in contrast to the status of a wandering yogi who like the wind, to anything not tied, which has no any obligations. He owed nothing to anybody, and it no one should. This state of the yogi. The average person is in a state of a householder, he is involved in this world, he has some things to other people, ie some connections. So, for the practice of yoga, in any case, the approach of yoga, which is described in the Shiva Samhita, it is possible to live the life of a householder simultaneously and secretly lead the life of a yogi.



In ancient times, the most popular was the way of life of a wandering yogi who or what does not tie in an effort to break the associative link. He renounced the world, withdrew from the property – from the loss of all things, even on its own behalf. As a rule, he took a pseudonym, which ended on something like Ananda, and lived on alms.



But, in fact, it is sure to live the kind of life to succeed in yoga? No. Absolute within us. It does not depend on what kind of lifestyle leads yogi. If we go in that direction, as if we did not feel himself in this world, a yogi or a householder, we still come to the ultimate goal. On the one hand, an attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable, on the other hand, is a real study of karma yoga.



Such a person may very well be active, such a person can be in society and does work. At the same time, his soul, his heart does not belong to this society. He is very honest and enthusiastically doing its job, it is entirely immersed in the everyday their duties, but inside he is practicing.



Remembering approach karma yoga. Here he worked, comes, withdraws and becomes a yogi. From time to time he makes a pilgrimage from time to time he makes a solitary practice or with like-minded people. In our School of Yoga prescribed wander along the paths. What is not a wandering yogi on vacation? As long as you are not able to live without food – take with food. In principle, the issue is to overcome the illusion of maya, to overcome misconceptions about himself. And if they are overcome, that your way of life (or yogi householder) does not matter.



Student: A person works somewhere, comes home and turns to yoga. Could he be in the process of a yogi and not attached to anything, or have to share?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, here theoretical question of karma yoga. Do not get attached to the work, it is not meant to be, as they say, “nihilists”: did – did, and did not, then did not. Those. there are such people: they do not care. Sometimes I see people in yoga as well behaved. They outwardly demonstrate their complete innocence.


When we work, we must work for the full program, with the involvement of all our forces, all our emotions, all our aspirations. But at the same time, deep down, we know that we are of all this does not depend on. That is, as soon as the working day ended, we have removed all the problems themselves, all worries. But, once again, we started again we plunge into the job.


The principle of karma yoga – the maximum involvement without waiting for the result. Maximum – emotional, physical, mental. And not that I poluotmorozhenny, poluvovlechenny. Sometimes I see such an adept of secret science, which ask about something, and he’s probably the mantra repeats himself, meditating. And he as asleep, you something responsible. It is not right. To you come to the buyer, according to the Hindu mythology, God Himself came to you. To you, God came to live, and you try to get it through meditation. Yes Show you their full attention to the person that God has come to you. If people understand that the entire universe around him is a manifestation of Shakti, the manifestation of the Absolute, and that you have the opportunity to reach the Absolute, either by meditation, going into the consciousness of the Absolute, or, on the contrary, due to the activity to plunge into this very porridge Absolute (all what we see – is the Absolute), if we understand it, we suddenly notice that are involved in the process to the fullest. At the same time, we as viewers.

If something is done, it should be done very well, and not to make half and half meditate. That is, I do not work and do not meditate. Thus impossible. When I meditate, I meditate when I meditate through work, I meditate through very well work, I work very well. So I say, closer to the face of a Western businessman middle there, toothed, which it has done so, then spun, there is his way, all the possibilities in his hands. I am a man closer, because it is in this meditative state is closer to the position of karma yogi. Maybe he and seek profits, but he had already learned to work as if one morning someone in his ear whisper that, they say, is now doing all the same, but here with such aspirations to karma yoga. It is in the evening to reach samadhi. Because the spin and to get involved, he had learned, but to unwind and watch it easily.

Once again, if we are practicing karma yoga, it should be how to fight, fight rapture. He’s like a samurai, fully involved in the battle, but he opened the horizons of poetic, meditative. This thing, she is very serious. And only such a person, he, like clothes, removes all of what he was doing during the day, he takes it all and forget. But this was not anything for him. Because in his heart, he always practiced yoga. Here he is sitting at home, with no one communicates within himself, chasing power, but in real life he is able to switch. The greater the capacity, from which it can switch, the more energy in it, he can direct at overcoming the illusory nature of maya and the knowledge of his higher self

That’s just in such transitions is all done. Extremes do not lead anywhere. Extreme – it is only when a person is bustling from morning till night, he lies in bed and thinks only about his business, he is transformed into an appendage of some external action. As a rule, he is very tired, he is constantly on the nerves, he was constantly tense. This is such a slave labor, although it is very noble. Status is much higher than when people come to work and the machine flies thinks. This general state of half-animal. But when people fuss – is the other side. He’s too fussy, it is constantly restless, and he must learn how to shut down.

At the other extreme, a la meditators. They are so comely in life, but no, like a vegetable. Well, you sit in meditation, focused, you no one there, you no one else react. 24, but if you spend hours in this state, it more closely resembles some stupor carotid instead meditation. And these two extremes, they quietly enter the yogi. Yogi quietly facing them. Anyone who tries to practice karma yoga becomes overly fussy and does not know how to relax, and he who does not know how to relax and do nothing, sinking into a lethargy.

So, to resolve this extreme, just given this transition. In one place, in one state – you are, and at work – you are quite in another state. And these two extremes cancel each other, and it turns out that you are in meditation, reaches the level of the colossal, and the work to achieve good results.

Student: Status immersion in meditation unless it gives you energy and makes you, on the contrary, to move?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, of course, if this is the correct meditation, and if it is a dream of reason?

Student: Well, a dream-it is not meditation. Mind, on the contrary, compared with the light when he falls asleep, but rather becomes clearer.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact is that this psychological effect of meditation sometimes happens, many people are faced with it. The man begins to read the book, read the sentence by sentence, and then automatically reads and thinks about something else. One, and sold this string of one-pointedness. Similarly, in meditation. The man is sitting, and he feels that he is meditating, and he was gone in some other areas. Sometimes it’s very hard to catch, so the effect of a blank wall. It’s too difficult to overcome in meditation, when nothing happens, keep the clarity of consciousness. Unidirectional clarity of consciousness. Sometimes there is such a dream, here you sit, you look at something, but in fact you are already asleep.

In our Soviet Army, it’s no secret, when you stand on a post and you can sleep with their eyes open, and you will dream that you’re awake and you see all the same. It is when you give yourself such a setup – not sleep. Of course, when something starts to change, you wake up, and here comes a tricky dream that shows you the same picture as in the public eye. And she escapes. Or the man who is, he needs to work to get up in the morning he had a dream that he had stood up and began to dress, and then realizes that he is sleeping. This is a very tricky dreams. This subterfuge illusion, maya meditation.

In meditation, similar processes occur. You dream that you meditate. Therefore, there are such moments, purely technical, as in the Buddhist monasteries, the bell ringing, then into something sounding. I guess, as it was in time Bathitharmy when all fell asleep during meditation, he grabbed the first available kettle, or whatever. He saw that everyone was asleep, and decided to shake up the whole chicken coop. And, wham, strong cotton, sound. It is clear that all of them something and pushed my head all gathered, and again! It is clear that this helps in meditation, a sudden withdrawal from this sleepy state.

Why Buddhism is the most well-preserved in the meditative practices? Yes, because there is always someone standing and has the bells and the fire spreads. Before it is necessary to wear a fire deity. It is believed that it is necessary to awaken the deity. Not buditsya deity and of the one who is asleep. Divinity does not sleep, it sees that you fall asleep. Many rituals, which at first glance seem silly to us, they have a tremendously subtle effect on the subconscious. So thin that we can not track it. So sometimes it is easier to copy than to understand.

Text 5.187. By practicing yoga, he was not involved sin.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, this is the position of karma yoga. If we are involved in its activities and fulfill it without attachment to the result, what we do not engage, the negative karma to us does not stick if we fulfill our duty. It is this state of Karma Yoga. If it is your duty to fight, fight. Although even killing is bad, but if it is your duty to fight, and you do not fight, your karma will be even worse. And if you fight, not getting involved in that plan, you honestly do your job, you’re innocent. Do not you unleashed this war, do not you responsible for it. But if you’re a warrior.

Where such provisions are mentioned in the karma yoga of how to combine private practice with these subtle energies, thin channels, and at the same time with a normal life, or with some kind of activity in everyday life. All goes well. Another thing, in each case, each individual has to work out the yogi lifestyle personality. Someone turns out someone that way. But there is such a feature, as the karmic predisposition or a situation in which you are. Therefore, in this sense, the yogi, realizing principles, builds his life because of what is at hand. Use what is at hand, and do not look yourself more! Here is wisdom.

Once my friend was an electrical engineer, he was such a profession. He knew so much principles as a substitute, for example, a combination of pieces of glass, tin, salt solution and something else, and is ready to battery power. Or something else, one-time and antenna ready. He collected the necessary things from a totally rubbish. And he knew very well how it works and know how these things effortlessly collect. From nothing he could do anything.

Why? Because he knew the principles, he knew how everything works individually, and he combined these principles in some new unit. That’s just our life. Each different conditions. Someone lives in one place, some in another. Someone one situation in life, someone others. Preferences also all different. And how to combine everything with each other, it is a private matter of each. It’s this experience it is not always tolerated. In the same way as if you could do from cans any device that does not mean that everyone else should do the same from the cans. They have to do one of those cans that they have on hand.

For example, in one of the yogic practices were instructed to eat some fruits of ripe mango, gadgets to do there. It seems that everyone is so mysterious, that, well, just because this mango. Then it was found that the same effect could be obtained from a cucumber. You take an ordinary cucumber, and all the same. Because it was so convenient, mango and cucumber easier for us. That is why life is so necessary to build. Somewhere to get involved, and somewhere to leave the world.

Here we have in the Soviet times was given to all house, six acres of land. It’s a great place to practice yoga. I even thought that maybe this is a message from above. And so you live in an apartment building, there is no prana, alcoholic neighbor, the dogs bark, the whole house shakes when the vehicle passes near. And then you have six acres of land, even though some, but you came, I came out, and you can retire. Transitions are. I do not necessarily roam the trails, go to his dacha in the village or go somewhere. In short, it is necessary to use the opportunities that are at hand, according to the regulations and principles of yoga, we learn. To all opposites clash heads together and organize for themselves an island untouched.

Do you remember that the whole world – a world of duality. There are two opposing trends that are trying to crush each other. Now, if the knock their heads together, there is an island intact. Where will he be at your cottage or in a tent where you walk on the trails, in the village or in your apartment, it does not matter. It is important to only one thing. Did you manage to arrange all the negative factors so that they compensate for each other’s negativity. And you’re sitting in the middle, at the same time you are trying to eat the crocodile, wolf, lion, and anyone else. You took, and put all in a circle, they all want to eat you, but begin to fight with each other, and you sit quietly. They will be with each other for a long time to beat.

There is a strong tendency to fall into a state of sleep during meditation. This, as Tamas. Very strong tendency overexcited during the action, get involved in the work when doing something in the greedy desire to achieve results. This is a strong trend. Man falls into it, too, does not sleep at night, everyone thinks like his business to think ahead. And you take these two trends and Collision foreheads. And one will compensate for the other. Your sleep during meditation will be compensated by your activity while working. Your hyperactivity will be offset tendencies to calm during sleep while meditating. Make heads together to face opposition. It is not necessary to prescribe their conditions of India.

A friend of mine read a book by a respected author in yoga, he ordered before starting to practice, it was necessary to build an appropriate house. There’s almost a detailed description of the preparatory work on the equipment of the house. In general, this approach is purely Indian. House, who can build the poorest people to practices of what is at hand. No, my friend began almost grass discharged from India, and the house itself has built almost the same practice for size. And there are a lot of factors, well, for example, the rainy season, the most typical direction of the wind, I’m not talking about the sacred direction of someone of the Himalayas, someone to Mount Kailash and so on. In various different traditions. My friend is something all long complied with all regulations, a couple of years, it seems.

Or else, there is such a practice, offering to the deities of treasures. In Tantric Buddhism, this is called an offering of mandalas. The point is to take the plate and it pour grain, sand, or rice shape. So, one friend decided to make this practice prepared, so that there is not just some kind of countertop and make it out of some varieties of precious wood. And instead of rice grains type were to be stones of turquoise. He started to do, in the third year, it seems to be set up, and maybe not. So what? He never started the practice.

Therefore, we are in our lives need to use what is at hand. By smashing their heads against the opposition. You can pick herbs, and it is possible and reeds. Of course, all play a role, but it is playing in those conditions where it grows. On the other hand, the most important thing is practice. So, it is useless to collect ingredients, if you are not practicing. The best practice, any practice is better than a long attempt to prepare.

Or vice versa. A typical situation is when they say: “Like, I get rich in business, then I will have the time and money, I will not do anything, and then I can meditate!”. You know how many people are now in Moscow, who hide behind this idea and work? The tremendous amount! A lot of people who want to engage in the practice of yoga, but for some reason people think that you first need to get rich. So experience shows that they are it will never do. Even if they get rich, they forget about yoga safely, or anything else. It is never the most favorable conditions for this. Those conditions, which is now, and has the most favorable. Your attitude should be that way – either now or never. But to do it right now, yes, we must have the wisdom. And all the confounding factors bump heads.

Disciple: The next chapter is about the mandala. This is referred to in some texts that the student teacher brought mandala of gold, stones and other things, and other things. I thought it was a figurative expression. But I am seen in the photographs of mandalas image really made of gold and other jewelry.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s start from the beginning. That this principle is that the teacher does not have the right to teach yoga for free, very old. In different traditions, different spiritual teachings, it is differently presented. In any case, yoga and tantric Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga, there empty-handed to the teacher could only come sannyasin, renounced the world. If you yourself are a yogi living alms, then everything is clear. But if you have not taken a vow of sannyasa and went for the knowledge of yoga, then you had to shower teachers fabulous offerings. It is clear that the tradition prescribes bring silver, gold, or anything else. The finer tradition – this mandala. What is a mandala?

Mandala – an analogue, in a sense, the map of the universe. This device is the world and the logic here is very simple. According to yoga, the only valuable thing in our lives – is that we have received from our experience or our lives. And as soon as we shall find full knowledge that had to pull out of these lives, we cease to be born. We go out of the plane of cause and effect. Accordingly, such knowledge has a yoga teacher. And to get this knowledge, it was necessary to give all that you have. Typically, in these ancient texts say that all the livestock, all the property necessary to sacrifice, all described in detail. It is only by giving everything you can to get this knowledge. If you want to know not just likely, but large enough for you a piece of knowledge, you have to bring a gift to the teacher seriously. Otherwise, he even talk to you will not. It is even considered tactless gesture. And if you really come, so offered him – so must offer it!

The nature of this is quite serious. Only a person able to give up the world, it is able to obtain higher knowledge. Otherwise, it does not accept it. So severe were the teacher’s requirements. Inside the human pupil, is the ego. Can he give up this ego or will hold on to the property for the status of the situation? Therefore, if the student is able to give everything in return for this higher knowledge, only then the teacher gave this supreme knowledge. The most interesting, as is sometimes the teacher disposes of these offerings. From the textbook stories knew that gave him a bag of gold, he immediately tipped him in the sand. Type yes, good gold! A student is outraged: “Well as a teacher! That’s all I had! “. A teacher anyway: that the sand that gold. “For me there is no difference, it’s the difference for you!” – Replied the teacher.

Then it grew in the principles of teaching. Do you remember the principle that we have no right to teach for free. The price should not be too large and too small, it must be, and be appropriate for each student. It is clear that someone has the possibility of more, and someone less. And if you have nothing at all in thee, even rotten leaves offer it, anyway, just can not come. Do anything pleasant, for example, sweep the yard.

So, what trays precious mandala, with very specific stones, and gold and silver and other valuables, and it was a ritual that had impact on the most delicate internal structures of the ego. Ritual – this is not always a ritual and it is very thin yogic practice imperceptible. Here we have discussed today all these bells, candle before the image of the deity. At first glance, the ritual, and then bang, and fires and the student achieves anything.

Student: I have here is something else that is not clear. For example, in about Padmasaphavu descriptions, a teacher with a student in a cave practicing long enough. Then go somewhere else there yet. And in a cave somewhere, it takes a lot of gold and silver, and brings the mandala. Where did a poor yogini gold and silver, etc.?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, what about the poor wife, I do not know. But, in my opinion, two wives Padmasaphavy were princesses. I find it difficult to comment on these things.

Student: Are they with him were these bags with the jewels in the event that the teacher will need to bring a mandala? Or is it a figurative description?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s hard for me to comment. To say here can not do anything. But then again, the whole thing is not in gold or silver. Remember how Tilopa taught Naropa. In one fine day he asked to bring the mandala to give initiation, and at that moment they were in the wilderness. At that, Naropa was not taken aback, urinated on the sand, painted mandala, and the teacher was very pleased. These learning processes are so mysterious, so grand, we do not understand that there had in mind? Then these descriptions come to us in full. Who knows, maybe he really had stocks, and may have had a wife Padmasaphavy such opportunities to create gold from sand and the stones – precious stones. She had requested the teaching is much higher than these simple superpowers yogis do gold or jewels. We know it’s not. Maybe it’s in medieval Tibet was believed that if you have no gold, go, recite the mantra, schelknesh fingers, and take yourself gold as you want. We do not know.


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