Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.188-5.212).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 5. Sadhana (aphorisms 5.188-5.212).

Title of the lecture:

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 5. Sadhana.

(Af 5.188 -. 5.212).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

  Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: the mantra.

Date and place of the lecture read:

December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

16. The main text of the lecture.


Text 5.188. Japa Mantra acquired luck in this, and in the world.

5.189. Knowing this highest of the mantras, the Yogi attains Siddhi.

5.190. In Mula shines like lightning, Bija (seed syllable) speech (PAM).

5.191. In the heart – love Bija (KLIM), beautiful as a flower Bandhuka. The Ajna shines like 10 million moons Bija Shakti (STREAM). These three Bigi (syllables) to be kept secret, they are granted freedom and pleasure. Let the Yogi repeat these three mantras and tries to achieve success. All the same mantra – OM AIM KLIM STREAM.

5.192. Let him learn this mantra from his Guru, let him repeat it is not too fast and not too slow, keeping the mind free from all doubts and understanding the mystic relation between the letters Mantras.

5.193. Wise Yogi, fixing his attention on this mantra, performing all the duties inherent in his position should carry 100,000 Hom (fire sacrifices), and then repeat this mantra 300,000 times in the presence of the Goddess Tripura.

5.194. At the end of this sacred repetition (Japa), let the wise Yogi again make Homa in the triangular cave with sugar, milk, butter and oleander flowers.

5.195. Then the Goddess Tripura Bhairavi mercy and fulfill all.

5.196. Almost Guru, concentrating the mind and repeating the mantra lying, he will succeed, even if it is burdened by past karma.

5.197. Yogi, concentrating their feelings and chant this mantra 100,000 times, becomes effective attracting people to himself.

5.198. If he repeats the mantra 200,000 times (2 varnish), people will always do his will and obey him.

5.199. 3 varnish – all the deities that rule the worlds as well as worlds themselves, fall under its power.

5.200. 6 varnishes – he becomes the ruler of the world, surrounded by servants.

5.201. 12 varnishes – Yakshas, Rakshasas and Nagas come under his control and obey his orders.

5.202. 15 varnish – it subjugates Siddha, Vidyadhara, Gandharvas, Apsaras, and gets all their knowledge.

5.203. 18 varnish – it comes off the ground and reach the spiritual body. It may be in this world wherever the wish and sees through the earth.

5.204. 28 varnishes – wise yogi becomes master of Vidyadhara and can take any form, any wish. 30 varnishes – he becomes one with Brahma and Vishnu. 60 varnishes – he becomes Rudra. 80 varnish – it becomes all-blessed. 100 varnish – the great Yogi is absorbed in the Param Brahman.

5.205. Oh, Goddess! Shiva, the destroyer of Tripura, is the root cause and the highest goal. Wise has reached it, unchanged, indestructible, immeasurable and free from evil.

5.206. Oh, Great Goddess! This knowledge of Shiva – the greatest knowledge (Maha-vidya), it should always be kept secret.

5.207. Hatha Yoga fruitful while kept secret. Open, it loses its power.

5.208. Wise, who reads it daily from beginning to end, is gradually acquiring success in yoga. He attains liberation.

5.209. This knowledge must be set out holy men, eager to release. The success achieved by the practice.

5.210. Content that has timeless feelings, even as a householder, but not absorbed by his obligations, the yogi achieves liberation …

5.211. Suppose he does Japa prescribed manner. The property and the conditions of life of a householder is not an obstacle for the success.

5.212. If he is not bound to his wife and children and practicing Yoga in secrecy, following my teachings, then he is already happy.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is the section dealing with the mantra, one of the most interesting and mysterious chapters in yoga in general, and the most difficult to understand. We’ll start from the beginning.

So, we start with the theory of mantra-yoga. On the theory that such mantras, how they operate, and so on and so forth. In order to explain the effect of the mantra, it is required to involve fully all the knowledge possessed by Jnana Yoga – Yoga of knowledge. As well as still other sections. Mantra Yoga is one of the most difficult to justify, one of the most difficult to explain it. Because yoga mantra is the same bonding moment, the corridor of the region of space and time, logic leads us to nadprostranstvennuyu, OVERTIME. There, where in addition to the logic of the law, there is a higher law, that consistency with our position we seem illogical. But in fact, they sverhlogichny, but we do not understand. For this reason, justify the action of the mantra, the mantra to justify the action of yoga, it is extremely difficult, both jnana-yoga positions, and from all other positions. But at the same time, mantra-yoga simply practice. Just a person to teach some skills to use as a mantra to himself already practiced.

Here is a very interesting science. Mantra Yoga is urgently needed in all complex and difficult yogis, the mantra-yoga is a kind of life-saving rope, rope or lifeline for all complex yogi, we practice. Many yoga partitions that use those or other manifestations of our body, such as: intelligence, sexuality, relationships with others myrrh. And it is very easy to perform a particular practice, to get lost, especially if the yogi is not tempted. And in any case, mantra yoga advocates a kind of protection. She redundant link that displays always of complicated, difficult situation.

For this reason, many schools of yoga, where the practice of yoga, such as Tantra yoga is sexy yoga, yoga, even those that are associated with breathing, pranayama, yoga is considered to be an absolute madness to begin to deal with these yogis, if a person is not familiar with mantra- yoga. This is especially true of sexual yogas. It’s just extreme arrogance and extreme easy to do with practice.

Let me remind you of the practices relating to Sanskar or the prints, those moments that laid very deep in us. This is some karmic imprints. We tried to fix them, clean their remake. It is clear that this is fraught with a lot of our reactions, sometimes quite controversial and unpredictable. This is similar to how to disassemble the munitions that remained after the old war. Once upon a time there was a war. The remaining part of unexploded shells and bombs, they are inside us. And we are trying to eliminate them, this deliberate danger. And the person who eliminates a sapper, must be careful, be careful. Here as well, and we approach to the study of its Sanskar, their karma, must also be extremely careful and cautious in the analysis of shells and unexploded bombs. And the mantra-yoga is, on the one hand, protection, and on the other hand, such a powerful tool. Mantra-yoga, it is in itself. It may be practiced in isolation from all other yogas and bring their results in full. But to practice it more efficiently and with other methods. Then it will act as a tool, and as a defense. Therefore, once again, and once again, there are some sections of yoga, in which it makes sense to dip his head no before the yogi meet with mantra-yoga.

Why mantra acts, and what is it? And then proceed directly to what is said in the Shiva Samhita. Here, of course, this theory is not considered a mantra. It is given once a practice and given the direct application of the mantra or mantras, because first of all, it is text. Unfortunately, this is caused by one of the most difficult aspects of the use of mantra-yoga theory. The fact that the human mind, which is quite well developed, especially in the modern human, intellectual development, he begins to play the first violin in a person’s life, and assumes the function of sort of censor: “This is a logical and to do so, so and so” He tells us the mind. “Therefore, it is not logical, and there is nothing to pay attention to this!”.

So, as the theory of mantra-yoga is extremely difficult, once again, it is a bridge between the world of logic and sverhlogichnosti. A world sverhlogichnosti above intuition. Mind, even as though he was not brilliantly honed, in general, do not understand this world. And our minds are inclined to deny the science of mantra-yoga. As a result, modern man very much losing, it just does not use these tools mantra-yoga, because it seems that it is something illogical, something not serious. Well, how is it? Repeat and repeat to myself some words or spell strange. Moreover, the claim that saying the words, you get exactly the impact in other areas, planes, starting with the physical body, ending with the external environment. And our mind think it is extremely illogical. Well, if you have an impact on his own body, it can somehow still cited as justification, the argument that any word – this vibration. And in the end, when one utters it, his body under the influence of sound waves somehow shaking like a vibrating, and this kind of a micro-massage and healing effect of mantras at the physical layer still can be explained as the effect of the sound wave. Or when we mentally repeat the mantra, here’s a routine that we do so purely therapeutic effect, hypnotizing themselves themselves themselves assure your mind, we fall into, in a kind of a trance state (such as, as well as some act such anesthetics, antidipressivnye medicines).

That such attempts, though they are still somewhere, somehow will slip in explaining the actions of the mantras. But then, mind and this casts doubt on these explanations. But with regard to things more subtle and more obscure, such as the impact on the world around us through the mantras, where at first glance, this logic is lost, the yogi pronounces the mantra, the recitative, as a result of receiving the action in the world. And it seems to have a strange way for a reason, and so the mind is inclined to be skeptical of the mantra.

And as a result, there is a state of disbelief skepticism. And if there is a state of disbelief, people tend to not use this tool. Instead of applying it, it is on the one hand, receives the result, on the other hand, he misses a chance to see that it works. Here is a paradoxical thing, and it is present.

Therefore one wild, less intelligent, but who is familiar with the science of mantra-yoga and practice it, oddly enough, in this sense, it is in a more advantageous position than the person intellectually developed, which has the illusion of omniscience illusion of such an attitude of apparent superiority. He says, “No, it is not logical, it’s not possible!”. As a result, not involved, does not practice the mantra, and the mantra does not get any fruit, nor the ability to make sure that the mantra works.

The fact that such a person of intellectual development, to explain the action of hidden mantras have to dribble the depths of yoga. And for this we need to have not just a sharp mind, a mind that is already aware of that can in some moments wrong. That is, do you remember that our self is higher than intellect. What our I associate themselves with our minds, and we consider ourselves subconsciously our minds. And this face is so close to us in that we intuitively do not see the difference between our minds and our Y. But the man who perfected his intellect to the very highest degree, sooner or later stumbles on some issues, the situations that make it clear that life is higher than intellect. Intelligence is definitely a very powerful tool, but the diversity of the universe, the diversity of the world, it is higher than ever. And it does not fall within these limits explanation.

And then there is the intellectual human feeling that somewhere he did not dopoluchaet information about the world. In this case, the most interesting is that in principle it is impossible to gain this experience through reason. This so-called, the next step in the evolution of mankind. Yoga in the ratio given some predictions for the future, as well as analysis gave us that it was before, previous events. So, Yoga tells us that the whole thrust of the evolutionary development of man is the following scenario. First man sharpens the mind, intellect, his own, and it is the dominant occupation from life to life. But there comes a time when, to hone the mind to perfection, it is necessary to rise above the mind.

Well, imagine the situation that you were asked to clean the floor in a large hall, where there are no windows or doors. You start to wash. Everything is already shining purity, but sooner or later, you’re washed out himself into a corner. You’re standing in the corner, everything is washed, but you can not wash under your feet? And that such a deadlock, when the mind, say, sharpened up to 99%, I literally say that you understand the analogy of reality, and the latter percentage you can not hone in principle.

Why? Because you identify yourself with this percentage, you’re standing on it. And to reach the final version, in order to hone your mind, you can only just rising over the mind. Or in the case of our analogy, if you suddenly take off, then you domoesh the part on which he stood. Only then the mind will finally be perfected. But as you know, at first, to hone, it is necessary to rise above the mind, and secondly, there is the problem that, in principle, hover over the mind. And even if you do it on 100% honed, he will not be able to solve them, he can at least understand what they are. It is in this position is the next stage of human evolution. When we need to sharpen your mind by 99%. And the next stage, when the mind is not yet perfected, but we are already beginning to go to the next area, a higher intuition, which is closer to our Ya Sooner or later, the whole of humanity, just as the evolution of forced us to sharpen our minds, evolution will we were forced to climb over the mind. Actually such issues as birth and death, fate, as the combination of circumstances, and many others, for which reason gives a purely chaotic answers, they will sooner or later make people think. And they will push a person in this direction. In other words, pessimism, dissatisfaction with life, not understanding the meaning of life, these issues will push humanity to reach above the level of the mind on the level of intuition. So, Mantra Yoga is understood only in their entirety, only when a person:

A) rose over in your mind;

B) domyl, clean, fully dosovershenstvoval something on which he was standing in front of this.

Only in this case the person sees the meaning from the perspective of the self, your intuition, from the perspective of irrationality, but sverhlogichnosti. And sometimes, I emphasize once again that sometimes seems sverhlogichnost frank delirium. That’s it from this level people can fully understand the science of mantra yoga. Therefore, a yogi, who owns a mantra-yoga, who understands it, there’s what, in itself deserves a lot of respect. And those who we once gave this science, the one who gave us these ancient mantras, they are above all praise. We can not even understand the grandness of these people. But for this reason it is very difficult to explain the principle of action until the end of the mantras. Therefore, in this sense, even all the explanations, which we will deal with here today, they are as you know, cut. Though they are true, but they are not as detailed as it would be necessary to explain the mantra-yoga. Once again, this is a very difficult yoga section!

Now we will touch upon this brief study, why the mantra works, why should give serious concern to this science? It begins, paradoxically, since the creation of the world, since the creation of the universe. The roots of the mantra-yoga is so deep, so ancient, so fundamental, that they really are in the area of creation throughout the universe.

And Jnana Yoga gives us approximately the following scenario for this event. The scenario is. Higher reality, the Absolute, something sverhgrandioznoe, and at the same time is so big, so in such an incomprehensible for us to state that there are no adjectives we can not say about it. Even the word that he sverhgrandiozny, it is an adjective. A Absolute condition at this time was greater than words can express. So, this state is called the Absolute Law of “0”. Very good use of mathematical analogies with philosophical laws directly.

What is mathematics? Mathematics is the law of a world. Do you remember saying that mathematics – the language in which God is the Lord speaks to humanity. Therefore, the character “0” very well describes the state of the Absolute. It is, like as was in our understanding of space and time, and on the other hand, such as it was not. Because it is so much higher, so the outside world that we can not compare with this. This is the same property is a mathematical “0”. It like is, and at the same time and it is not.

While in this state, the Absolute voleizyavil, he applied the will, the desire he applied. We all feel desires: the desire to eat, desire to drink, and so on. Here is a very interesting bunch – will and desire. But the fact is that all our desires are due to a previous life, the existence of previous experience. The desire of the Absolute was not dictated by any necessity, it was a pure creation, a pure act of free expression. That is, no one forced the Absolute create peace, no conclusions made. Issues such as what was the point of creation of the world? Or what was the reason? These questions themselves disappear. So, we see the motivating factor, but the Absolute is higher than some driving factors. Nothing acts on it. Therefore, the meaning of the whole creation of the world, it slips away from us. All attempts to explain why the Absolute created the world, they slip away from us. And they are, in fact, eggs are not worth a damn.

Someone thinks that the Absolute so amused, others – that the Absolute decided to get a sensual experience. But there is always a contradiction. Well, what kind of experience can get the Absolute, if it is so, and knowing what he has the experience needed? Everything is in it, all that was, is and will be. It is very difficult to justify our position of this action. What is important is that the Absolute has shown it will appear!

And here is the mantra-yoga begins. I again emphasize that all my explanations are simplified to a certain extent, how to explain the first-grader at a first approximation, as the atom is arranged – it revolves around a proton. And already gray-haired professor said: “No guys, no there is not rotating. The nature of this phenomenon is much more complex, but as a first approximation, we can say so. ” So, this gave birth to the will of the vibration. When we speak of vibration, we mean that something shakes. For example, a car passed and the earth shakes. The man said a word – it is the vibration of air. When we say that something is vibrating, we mean that there is some amount of, the environment. And we remember that the state of the Absolute was “0”, like it was nothing. So, here we are confronted with the notion that it was the vibration of the Absolute in the Absolute. It is this first vibration spawned the whole world.

After this vibration Absolute manifested. Prior to that, he was unrevealed. After this, he manifested. Now, we can speak of a single infinite. And there are two other mathematical concepts, beautiful and elegant, come into this game. This concept of “1” and “infinity”. Prior to that, he was in such a state of transpersonal, we could not say that he is single, or multiple, or whatever. But after he voleizyavil, and it will set up the vibration of the Absolute in the Absolute, this vibration has created what it appeared. It became the basis for all further development of the evolutionary spiral.

And as the claim and it is very important note, the first vibration of the word OM. But then again, we were just talking about the Absolute vibration in the Absolute, and the word Om – this is what we say out loud. What’s the ligament between our human language? This relative understanding. Well, for example, in a vacuum you can not utter a word, and if you inhale any gas with a specific gravity greater than or less than, the tone of your voice will change dramatically. And something frivolous such as our words, even the word is Om, and suddenly comes down to this fact the great creations. It seems that all this is not serious. But in fact, too, there is an explanation. The concept of vibration, it implies a certain law, and even the sound of the word Om itself is oscillating air law. It plays the most important role, the law under which these variations are built. That is, a different substance, and a law of the same. A little later we will talk about it more.

Then begins another difficult stage of creation of the universe. Next step. Absolute, after it appeared, this law “1”. The law of “1” in its purest form. It comprises all in itself, and at the same time does not contain anywhere. And then there was this thing called consciousness and there was something called Energy. We’ll talk about it. But now back to the step before. Absolut has decided to manifest and create in Absolute Absolute vibration or the vibration that is considered to be the vibration of Om. This vibration allowed him to appear as a single.

But here we encounter for the first time, with a term such as Maya. The vibration of the Absolute in the Absolute is nothing but as an act of creation of maya.

Student: It’s not the Mayans. Maya – the result of the vibration, or vibration itself is maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Difficult question you ask. It is difficult to answer it. That is, whether the vibration of the original than the Maya, or not. I’m not ready to answer this question, tough question. But in any case there is a such a parallel bundle, which will continue to apply the mantra yoga. In fact, the whole world – is the Absolute frame on which the canvas tightly maya. So, the mantra and created this maya. Accordingly, with the help of mantras can tailor this maya, remodel it. This is the explanation of what practicing mantra-yoga, one has an impact on something outside of it. Because all of the world, in fact – it is a reality on which stretched the Maya. So, with the help of mantras, some adept begins to change this maya.

But we will come back again to the moment of creation. I want to draw your attention that the concept of time, as such, did not exist. It seems that there is some kind of chronology, like, there’s some consistency, but on the other hand, no such thing as time, yet was not. What is time? At its core – this change something one relative to something else. And there is still nothing. So he is one. There is neither space nor time. In order for us to measure the time it took a second or if a billion years, we use the clock. Clock – this thing that tells us how some processes take place in relation to others. To stem processes, you need space, but the space did not yet exist. These factors are very interesting, they complicate the whole process of mantra-yoga.

Student: Mantras if they did maya and appeared as a result of imposition of illusion to a higher mantra. That is, there is a supreme mantra, and there are lower. There are some basic, but there is, which appeared under the influence of these fundamental?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You’re in the right manner led the conversation. The mantra OM is a fundamental mantra. All other mantras appeared when OM mantra fragmented, and fragments of any of the other mantras. It turns out that all other mantras are secondary in this sense.

Student: And she fragmented under the influence of maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is the next stage of this complex, and we are even more difficult stage to consider. I can give a simplified explanation of mantra-yoga, but I do not want to regret your intellect, and add one more little detail, though it is great then you will save time. This transition emergence of Consciousness and Energy. So, the One Absolute manifested itself through the consciousness and through energy.

At its core, it is Consciousness? Consciousness is immutable, that displays and monitors, but is not itself subject to change. On the other hand, there is such a thing as energy. This diversity of a changing world. This is what we are used to in everyday life. From yoga, we already know that anyone can demonstrate consciousness and energy that some perceive through the senses and the mind. But how could such a thing as consciousness, it shines through the mind, it shines through the senses and displays this or that object or phenomenon in the universe. The carrier of this consciousness can be very different. But the very fact that there is something that makes sense. Just a person has such a thing as energy. It might have something to do, something to do, to change one way or another. This everyday understanding of consciousness and energy. But they are rooted in a more fundamental principles of the universe.

One Absolute manifested through two of its ability, through consciousness and energy. The question arises, what is consciousness and energy? And here is the answer given by the following. Manifested vibration is converted into energy, and hidden vibration in consciousness. Once again, we are now in a very difficult topic hit. The root cause, the vibration of the Absolute in the Absolute, is what we call it vibration, and there was some action (at the level of vibration – a vibration at something else – is another), which gave rise to consciousness and energy. It is essentially a manifestation of something in common, but that the total was divided into two opposing factors in the consciousness and energy. By their nature, these things are secondary. This is a manifestation of the Supreme Absolute. It manifested itself through the consciousness and energy. Sometimes it leads to explain complex phrases that manifested part of the Absolute, which influenced the Maya, later became manifest itself as energy and the hidden part of the Absolute, as absorbed in Maya began to behave as Consciousness. Or in another way. With the ability to perpetual modifications of the Absolute manifested as energy, in Sanskrit, Shakti. Another part of the manifestation of the Absolute, associated with the ability of the eternal immutability, it led to the emergence of Consciousness or Chit in Sanskrit. There are different in explanation, they are, rather, the same, but are different from the position of images on different and seem to us.

Student: From the unmanifested, as nothing can be said, there was manifested, infinitely infinite. That’s because it is already evident energy and consciousness. That is about energy and consciousness can be said as a boundless infinite functions, but the manifest?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I realized what my mistake here. I have twice used the word manifested and unmanifested. There is confusion. The law of “0” is already moved, we did not touch. All the talk about consciousness and energy – it has already begun at the level of the Law “1” level or manifestation of the Absolute. It is shown in relation to that of the unmanifested. Then, the Absolute manifested in the “1” Law proved. That part of the Om vibration, which then became known to us through the law of “eternal modification itself” became Energy. That part of the initial shock, vibration, too ohms, but as if a hidden part of it, it has become a consciousness. Here we catch ourselves word vibration. In Sanskrit they say Firebolt. When this occurs, the law of “0”, the Absolute has given an indication of the strong-willed to create. This gave rise to a Firebolt, which is on the level of language sounds like Om. From Ohm it took all the energy. At the level of awareness of this gave rise to consciousness. Our consciousness – it was as if a vibration but so pridelnyh purity, it seems the same. In essence, the vibration and the nature of energy and consciousness is one. These are two manifestations of a certain primordial phenomenon gave rise to them. This phenomenon is called Prana. At this point, we can talk about Prana occurs. Which in its essence a single mixture of Consciousness and Energy.

Student: At the time of a single manifestation of the infinite, and at the time of manifestation of energy and consciousness, there is a moment of manifestation of “1” of the Law?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: One Infinite, it is higher than that however, including it is higher than Prana. But the next step is that it is manifested in the form of Prana. And this Prana is manifested in the form of explicit and hidden vibration vibration. Explicit vibration become energy latent vibration became Consciousness. But then again, everything is spoiling the floor vibration. Here the difficulty is that we do not have the appropriate language concepts. We use the concepts that give very different associations. Word-the Shakti can hardly be translated as the word energy. It is a fundamental principle. Yet, it turns out the next thing that initial push, the original vibration spawned something called Energy and Consciousness. From this point on, when any energy and consciousness, we can talk about mantras mantras Energy and Consciousness. Mantra Energy – these are mantras that we use the energy of the first impulse that gave birth to the universe. And in the same Consciousness mantras we use another part of this push, gave rise to the universe. In practice, it’s understandable that you need to Energy mantras chanting closest to its sound, but in the most important mantras of Consciousness – to realize what it means. This is the first diametrical separation of these groups of mantras.

Student: They are in that and in other operating vibration energy and consciousness. In one vibration energy is, as change. In the other – the vibration of awareness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In one aspect of the present permanent modification, in another aspect of the present continuous unchanged. In one there is a force of energy, the other is the power of Consciousness. In one there is exposure through Shakti, I am referring to the outside world and the Maya, there is another effect through Consciousness on maya. Next thing is very interesting that, as energy is absorbed repeatedly maya, and maya consciousness then absorbed repeatedly. How would the Maya created these two entities. It was a common manifestation of Prana, which Maya shattered into two halves. And then at the beginning of each half again to work. What can crush exerted. She began to split up further. And that unmanifested, terrestrial highlights, consciousness, she began to build illusions, distortions for him. At that vibrates to the principle of change itself, can affect several times maya, it can be split up. But Consciousness – it can not be split up. It is in this sense that such an elusive thing, but it can distort. In the future, we can deal with the two manifestations of maya maya Energy and Consciousness. I’ll remind you of Tantra Yoga, a woman is, in essence, Shakti. The energy of the universe, wrapped in maya. The man – a consciousness of the universe, but distorted his mind maya.

Student: Maya she turns one? Maya energy and consciousness? Either there are concrete Maya Maya Consciousness and Energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Difficult question you asked. I do not think that there are two of Maya or five. Because by its nature the Mayan thing that seems to be there. And if it, like as not, we can not say that it should somehow be considered. This distortion of the principle itself, which is superimposed on different displays. Maya, in fact, single. But again, I want to add, such as Maya, as well as not. It is a strange thing.

Student: It turns out that Maya can be distorted and the principle of immutability? Property immutability, Consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. It will always, I jokingly. Energy is constantly being tempted all new Maya and Consciousness in this sense shows us the immutability. Maya in the case of Energy turns itself inside out and it seems that they are different maya. But in the case of consciousness, she shines as one distortion. The complex, in general, the theme. The conclusion is the following. This primary Firebolt, primary act of creation has created what is called the energy and consciousness. And in fact, it can be reduced to the concept of vibration. But in terms of energy vibration we understand, but the vibration in the plane of consciousness – a very difficult subject, and eludes our perception.

What follows is that the Maya had two, or two effects of maya. The impact on the Maya Consciousness and Energy. Consciousness and Energy began to create the world in different combinations. But since each of them in turn exposed to maya, you will get a perfect mess, and the imposition of inconsistencies. In the future, energy is manifested as the sound of the mantra Om, fragmented into fragments. Separate vibration energy. Having all of the letters. Just as the letters of the word can be formed, as well fragments of these vibrations can make any phenomenon of the universe. That is the principle of consciousness harder. But this primordial vibration, the initial Om, it is in itself had as energy components, and components of consciousness.

Then there is the next section of mantra yoga. All vowels in its essence, is a manifestation of energy, and all the consonants – is a manifestation of consciousness. Here look. Energy is something that can occur, and all that we see around this is energy. But this energy is valid for some guide Consciousness. Consciousness, we can not see, but all energy flows through this guide Consciousness. That’s exactly the same here the analogy with the vowels and consonants. I also remember from school, the differences between the vowels from consonants? We were taught that you can sing the vowels and consonants you can not even pronounce without vowels. Must be present consonants and vowels. I remember when I appeared on the computer, one that’s old program of the synthetic speech output. These were the first attempts to reproduce synthetic speech. Stuffed something of consonants and you computer starts to chirp, chirp, sing, even though you have amassed a concrete “k”, but to say it “to” no further “and” impossible. I get first vector manifestations of sound, then the sound itself. It is the same analogy as the interaction energy and consciousness in this world. Consciousness gives a vector, and this vector Energy flows. Just as “a”, “e”, “t”, is per se no consonants, as if they do not collapse to zero, but are heard when they were added vowels.

Student: Alphabet emerged from the properties eternal variability Energy? Or is he still emerged from both?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it appeared from both. Takers – is a manifestation of consciousness, and the vowels – a manifestation of energy.

Student: That is it is not that energy split into two parts?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You correctly noted, broke something more supreme, what has been and Consciousness and Energy. Therefore, when we say the mantra Om, pay attention, this is purely vowels, but the U of M, and the consonants are meant. The voice says AOUM and consonant sounds, muffled, as if they meant. This combination provides the entire alphabet. But since we can not express them yet remains OM. The fact that we can prove, and all consonants as if we conceptualize.

Therefore, it is very interesting name of OM – Pranava. Do you remember what Prana – that is what has given rise to, and consciousness and energy. A mantra Om – Pranava. It is alleged that this mantra has spawned all of the letters as vowels and consonants. This is the difficulty that was the original OM, in which not only vowels but OM in which were hidden vowels and consonants. OM, which has been hidden and Energy and Consciousness.

Energy sang AOUM and Consciousness highlights all consonants. Very difficult subject. So, OM mantra, Pranava, split into two manifestations, one has generated energy, other breeds of Consciousness. Or in other words, the Pranava, which contains energy and consciousness, broke into letters into vowels and consonants. If we analyze the Sanskrit alphabet is Sanskrit, it contains vowels and consonants. And it is presented in the form of a triangle. Imagine a triangle, and in three of its faces are written letters. Triangle A, Ka, Tha. At each vertex is A, Ka, Tha. Prohibitive symbols.

There is the next thing: the Uniform shown Absolute, which is manifested by means of OM. And OM mantra was sverhmantroy containing within itself all the vowels and all consonants. Vowels – is that you can sing, and consonants are pronounced with only vowels. Then the mantra OM was divided into its two manifestations of energy and consciousness. It is sometimes said that this separating, the new Maya was Hrim syllable. But it is very difficult for us to analyze. The fact is that there was a division in the energy and consciousness. In the future, all of the objects in the universe began to be created from the combination of these two manifestations. Energy and Consciousness in different proportions, combinations, began to create the whole body of this world. And all of the objects in this world are essentially composed of energy and consciousness. And the energy and consciousness – is a vibration displayed or hidden, or consonants or vowels, or that makes or that specifies how to do. This is the reality, which is spanned by the web of maya. Maya is like two types, Mayan and Mayan Energy Consciousness. This is an important point, we have discussed.

There are schools enough serious, intelligent, which swings at the moment of creation of the universe. They believe that there is only Consciousness and Energy is not as such. They reduce energy to the Maya, and say that there is only Consciousness and Maya. But we say that there is Consciousness, Energy and Maya. It is only in this way converge to make ends meet.

Student: We disassembled it all now from the point of view of mantra-yoga. It is clear that the mantra has created the alphabet, vowels and consonants. And how it all stacks up with the law, “4 and 5”, where energy was divided into five aspects, and aspects of consciousness in the 4?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very easy: 5 groups of vowels and consonants 4 groups. I have one idea that does not give me 30 years, live in peace. It is the task of reopening Russian language. The fact is that our Russian language in its phonetic structure does not correspond to the alphabet, which we have. Zayats, Hare, it all depends on the stress in the sound. There are a lot of inconsistencies, which traced the artificiality of our alphabet. I remind you that the alphabet was not really ours, we had the Cyrillic alphabet. Before that, though, they say, was the alphabet that looks more like a runic script. But it now no one knows, remembers. The fact is that when the State Duma asked to write something by hand, without a computer, the percentage of illiteracy overwhelming. Evil tongues say that we in the State Duma are sheep sit, if that did not go to school. I do not believe it, because I had the opportunity at school to make sure that even scientists, businessmen and other entrepreneurs are not much different from their literacy. It says only one thing that is probably the harmonious laws of the Russian language violated. Our ignorance – not the fault of the people, and this wine is artificially dragged in by the system’s ears. Perhaps sometime in the future, will have to revise the alphabet.

Student: Five groups of vowels and four consonants group, do you mean the Sanskrit alphabet?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here it’s hard. I do not know Sanskrit at that level to analyze. And here there is a small nuance that was the so-called Vedic Sanskrit. In general, with all the languages should be handled with care and languages – it is a living thing. And when something is drawn from one system to another, it is very difficult to analyze. For example, in Sanskrit, the letter “l” is a vowel that our perception is unclear. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people and the suppression of long tradition, especially in the Russian language, has led to the fact that the vast majority do not because they are stupid or dumb, but because the system is obviously more complicated than it should be. How to bring it back to the original version, I have 30 years of thinking about it and I can not understand. We so easily rearranged language, for example, the letter “e” almost in the 17th or 18th century invented, it was not until then.

Now once again a quick rundown, and summarize, to which we have reached in this chapter. So, there is Energy and Consciousness mantra mantra. The original Firebolt spawned explicitly sounding letters implicitly nezvuchaschego letters explicitly vowels, consonants implicitly, explicitly Energy, implicitly Consciousness. But the original vibration of the Absolute in the Absolute, Om, which he has shown on the one hand, on the other hand, after development, he became the first to have their quality of Prana, which is divided into two opposing sides – Consciousness and Energy. Accordingly, there is a hidden mantra, the mantra of Consciousness, where the main thing to comprehend, no matter what language you have said, the main thing that you caught on. And there’s the mantra of Energy, where we can do something to show.

So, we began to discuss in detail the most complicated section of yoga, mantra yoga. From the standpoint of mantra-yoga, so the key moment was the mantra in the creation of the world, the mantra – vibrations. Once again, that was first Outland ineffable Absolute, the so-called law of “0”. Then Absolute voleizyavil. It will manifested itself as a Firebolt in Absolute Absolute (if there was no space, no time, so all similar enough conditional). And this Firebolt displayed on one side of maya, and on the other hand, in terms of mantra-yoga, he has created a vibration that created this whole world.

Firebolt Absolute Absolute manifested in two aspects of vibration. The first part of the vibration, if I may say so, has created what is called grain or anything of what happened then consciousness, and the other part has generated the vibration energy. Firebolt, which contains within itself all the vowels and consonants, contained a hidden aspects of vibration and obvious aspects of vibration. Implicit aspects of vibration transformed into consciousness, obvious aspects are transformed into energy. Accordingly, the original mantra OM, contains a combination of vowels AOUM, where M – is not the letter, is to stop the sound of vowels. But it also contains in itself all the consonants. In its first manifestation is that of which later turned out all the letters and vowels and consonants. OM – from which it later emerged Energy and Consciousness. OM This manifested itself, and it is Prana. Some substance from which later occurred and Energy and Consciousness. Thus, the Absolute Law of “0” by going to the law “1” at the time of the declaration of will gave rise to the mantra Om, the Pranava, the reason some of which later manifested energy and consciousness. At the level of the law “1” Energy and Consciousness are still in a state of indivisibility, they are able to unity. If viewed from the perspective of all of creation, all that served as the basis of Prana. Then any of Prana Energy and Consciousness, and combinations thereof having all of the objects in the universe.

Student: Brahman – is Prana or Prana is above?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: By definition, Brahman is beyond any definition. When there is a law of “0”, nothing we can not say. It is a condition of the Absolute, and when we can not say anything, he existed or did not exist. From our position, it is so far above the concept of logic, we can not say anything that is higher. Even when we use the term the Absolute Outland, we are already talking about the Absolute manifested. Prana is sometimes regarded as an instrument of the Absolute. But even in the Absolute Law “1” is higher than that of the Prana. Because the Absolute Act “1” is the will, which is higher than the prana. Prana we can consider, as all kinds of manifestations of the Absolute, which gave rise to the whole world, but not as the Absolute.



This is a very difficult topic, we are now argue about the moment when there was no time and space. Sometimes it is as follows. Absolut has created Maya, and Maya made it manifest. Maya has two types of perpetual modification and Mayan eternal immutability. Maya modification itself merged with the Absolute, and this was a manifestation of the Absolute through the principle of Energy, Shakti. Maya eternal immutability merged with the Absolute, and gave birth to the male principle, the principle of consciousness, the principle of decay, but not involvement. It turns out that the body of the Absolute in the form of energy, we have a female principle, Shakti. Ate Absolute manifested in the form of consciousness, we are talking about the masculine principle, Shiva. When we say that the body in the form of energy, it is all more or less clear. Because, as we are in the body of energy. But when the conversation begins, which is consciousness, Shiva? It seems like it has no substance. Absolute operates through it as well as through the body, through the mind. This is like the next stage, the Law “2” or also known as the Law of “3”.



Thus, the Law “0” can not say anything, voleizyavlenie, Maya, Firebolt, ohms, all vowels and consonants, later obtained the Law “1” when the Absolute is Prana. Prana is a manifestation of the Absolute.



Disciple: How much is due to the manifestation of those exhibits is a manifestation?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Stealing sense here. But formally, the next stage of creation, when the primordial vibration of OM, the Pranava, later under the power of maya divided into energy and consciousness, into vowels and consonants. And if before the Absolute manifested only through the Prana, through one quality, that after the secondary action Prana is divided into two manifestations, we have the same absolute, but manifested in the opposite qualities: the eternal impermanence and eternal immutability. When the Absolute manifested through Maya manifest vibrations of vowels, it is energy, Shakti. When the same One Absolute manifested through implicit vibration consonants, the apparent consciousness. It is a formal process of division of Maya, who made manifest the Absolute. He later acted on the manifested Absolute, and he shared in two parts. From this point we can speak of the Absolute Consciousness in the form and in the form of Energy. From this point we can talk about the methods of consciousness and energy of men and women. The principle of our sex, it is very deep. The level of the self – even higher.



And so it turned out that the original vibration, consisting of parts of the manifested and unmanifested, it is fragmented on all letters or all possible variations of vibrations. Vowels, they displayed vibration, we understand them, but disagree – they are undeveloped.



In Sanskrit there is a word Chit, Consciousness. It is difficult to translate into Western languages the word. This is something that is a kind of expression that always remains the same in any act of perception. Consciousness, that it is not displayed, it consistently. Energy modifies itself. Absolute, manifested through Maya eternal immutability is Consciousness. Absolute, manifested through the maya of eternal modification, it is energy. Absolute quality and above all of everything.



Maya – a very strange thing. It is manifested as an eternal and everlasting immutability of impermanence. This is the same Maya. Or Maya acted on itself and of itself as divided. We are hard to make sense. Maya, it seems to be there, and there seems to be here and it still takes himself divides itself. It is a difficult topic to understand. She managed to apply the law to the illusion itself, and with the aid of this secondary use of it split into two different aspects of the illusion. Forced manifested Absolute appear on two different channels. Absolute, starting with “1” law has all the knowledge, omnipotence, and extreme pleasure. This is sometimes called a triad Sat Chit Aanandy. “Sat” – translated as absolute existence, as it were, the equivalent of Energy. “Cheat” – all types of Consciousness. “Ananda” – bliss, happiness.



It turns out that the Absolute in the “1” level, it is above all, all, all, as manifested through the maya of eternal impermanence of omniscience, this ability translates into the ability of consciousness, and the ability of absolute existence is transformed into energy. Consciousness and energy is extremely abstract concepts. They are still high, but lower than the Absolute, which uses them as two tools for the further creation of the universe. There are two tools: Consciousness and Energy.



And therefore, returning to the mantra, they are mantras mantras Consciousness and Energy. The important component of the mantras Energy Shakti manifested. If somehow it is necessary to say the mantra, then you need to say more accurately. To color this manifested vibration remained accurate. in large numbers now available books on mantra yoga, but more often they confuse more people in terms of theory and practice in these books just did everything well. Practice and get the result. In theory, not everything is clear, and begin various intimidation: “God forbid, a comma somewhere miss, no, no.” And different cautionary comments: “You’ll see, scoundrels, do not distort the mantra, you will burn in hell forever.” The reason for such terrible warning was that if we use the method of energy (remember, as in the song -. Would make the storm and got the goat Changed the letter and got the result), you have to be careful with the pronunciation. That’s always wanted to say. Now it is perceived in a very paranoid state, people are afraid and mouth open.



Thus, the body of mantras Energy – a vibration developed, swing, voice. In contrast, there is consciousness of the mantra to him, there should be another aspect to be saved. This aspect is not obvious vibration, it is necessary to realize the significance. If you repeat a mantra, you’re important to know what it means. This is diametrically opposite approach to the mantras of Energy. Energy in the Mantras you can not understand anything, the main thing – to repeat. There’s a law name – form. He said the name, received the form. Created vibration, it got what it represents in the vibration of the universe. The mantras of Consciousness does not matter what language you will interpret all this with a tone. The main thing to keep awareness of what it means to this mantra. Meaning. Therefore, the mantra of consciousness can be translated into different languages easily, if maintained the essence of the meaning. Mantra Consciousness in one language can take one word to another whole page. If the meaning is transmitted, then why not. A mantra of Energy as it sounds, as in any language, we will try to convey as accurately as possible.



Since the inception of such entities as consciousness and energy, we can talk about mantras and the mantras of Consciousness Energy.


Student: Mantra Om, the original Mantra, Pranava, which in itself contains the potential of all vowels and all consonants. It is what it is, or mantra mantra Energy Consciousness?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is the mantra of the Name. Therefore, Om is the sound of om, plus the vesting of all meanings of the beyond and is the name of the Absolute. Moreover, the Absolute manifested both in personal form, in an impersonal form, as in the form of cosmic law, both in the form of a great emptiness. Well, or the absence of a general – or manifest qualities. Absolute like it is, but it is higher than all the qualities manifested. In this sense, we can become like the atheists, that they say, we can not say anything, because nothing. By the way, the Buddha at the time criticized precisely for this reason, because atheism. He said that the concept of the Absolute far above any quality, so this topic has not spread, and his followers took it as what the Buddha refuses the Supreme Absolute. These are the stories turns. For example, if you consider the Indian religion, so the mantra Om is present everywhere. OM – this is the mantra, it contains the aspect of Energy. But potentially we sing all the consonants, which are in the world. All possible names of the Absolute.


Student: OM (AOUM) – is the name of the Absolute at the time the law “1”?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. OM – is the name of the One manifestation. Manifested in the sense that from this moment, we can at least say something. Repeating the mantra Om is the name of a mantra (M – this is not a letter, it is closing the lips), pronouncing these vowels, I mean all the consonants and all combinations of vowels and consonants. This display can be anything. Mantra name contain, as an aspect of consciousness, so the Energy aspect. They are easier to handle. As would be duplicated channels. All responsible principles go when duplicated channels. The mantra of the name, if you start to distort the energy component, you can always establish itself in the consciousness aspect. If you do not understand the mantra, somewhere, to a certain extent, you generative aspect of Energy. Mantra Energy the most difficult to understand, but very simple to use.

The interesting thing in this is obtained mantra yoga. All of the most difficult to explain things very simple in practice. It is very hard to understand how it works, but in practice, it’s simple. How out our Krishnas say: “Repeat the sweet name of Krishna, and you will have happiness”. And they are right in their own way because study philosophy – it is long, it is necessary to strain your brain, practice some energy practice, too reluctant, the body does not bend, do not breathe Pranayama. And you chant the sweet name of Lord Govinda and all. And they are right! It is, in this sense, very simple mantra, the mantra name. It is simply not in their explanation, but in practice. Their entire practice is held on one nail, the nail Maha-mantra. Pull them Maha-mantra, and their whole organization to fall apart like a house of cards. They are admired in this sense. Now we can imagine how strong were the ancient philosophies, which avoided any kind of marginal manifestations, but here used this power.



The very first name mantra is the mantra Om. And it contains aspects of Consciousness and Energy.



Why can we sing OM and AOUM? This is an old children’s game, when you’re a long time pronouncing one word, and then it flows, and has become another word. Letters are merged with the rapid repetition. So it is here, if quickly and softly repeating AOUM then due, turn OM. The writing in Sanskrit written as AOUM but pronounced OM.



Then it went splitting into five groups of four groups of vowels and consonants. We have five aspects of Energy and the four aspects of consciousness. And who broke? Mayan. Why the result was nine? Why is broken into four and five?



It turns on the effect of maya maya and understanding to become more and more difficult. Thank God that we heard even these scraps of knowledge. All Mantra Vidya, the entire Mantra Shastra is the ancient teachings, it is the red thread runs through all of yoga, through the Upanishads, through the Vedas. It is there so much veiled allegory that modern man, read ancient texts, almost nothing is clear. Our modern language in comparison with the ancient language – is a slang that the original language is not understood. Everything is somehow very blurry. It seems even some hymns of praise. Science there is set out in full, but it is not clear to us. In ancient times, the sages versed in these matters much better than we do. Even the fact that we are now considering is the crumbs from their table.



There are various attempts to explain it. Maya, which for the second acted on itself and broke into two parts, was the cause of the formation of Consciousness and Energy. Then again, these manifestations of the Mayan ADVANCED into pieces in such a ratio that’s four and five. Once again, I have some explanations on this matter, but if we start to sink in this jungle, then we will go far.



So, we got the five aspects of Energy and the four aspects of consciousness. And here went creation of the world in its way, in which we understand it from the perspective of modern science. These symptoms began to mutually intersect each other. The result was a mosaic. From this intertwining of the four aspects of Consciousness and Energy of the five aspects of any objects and phenomena in the universe. How, in what amounts, public relations – it is a very hard topic. But what came out of ancient times, is the fact that the first was created by the principle of reason, where the most the most subtle energy vibration, through which light is the light of consciousness to the greatest extent. The combination of the finest Energy with the powerful light of consciousness gave rise to what is called the mind.

Disciple: The mind, as I understood it, was created from the 4 and 5. That is one of the 4 types of consciousness and one of the 5 types of energy, or all kinds participated in the creation?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a view that was attended by all.

Sometimes people ask, what is the nature of the division? According to the degree of coarseness or fineness degree? We do not know. According to the degree of abstraction or degree of clarity? We do not know. This elusive part of the theory, not reached us in full.

Student: They were divided into five groups of vowels and consonants into four groups, that is, the five groups were selected properties?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a question for the yogis-linguists, difficult question!

Student: Well, let’s say, five types of energy become manifest in different ways? Or are they the same?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If they are shared, it is definitely different. There can be a lot of things to talk about, but I do not want to bring it up, and then we leave in the jungle. Now the important framework of knowledge, the basic principles.

Sometimes people start to explain some concepts, but they do not know the axioms. You pains there, and people do not understand the principle of consciousness, he does not understand that consciousness – is not a thing generated by energy and self-existing thing. Consciousness is nothing on earth is based, it is based on consciousness. Energy is also self-existing thing. These two self-existent things somehow interact and generate objects. If a person does not know that it is useless to talk to him about aspects of energy and consciousness. A bit later.

So we went to the mantra-yoga. More time. Mantras can be a lot of names. If the Absolute manifested in her some particular aspect, we remember that the Absolute manifests itself in its aspect as the “A-O-U-M”, all the vowels and consonants are all hidden. If he appeared in any one aspect of his, weaving energy and consciousness, as a result, a new name of the Absolute. Thus, we get a new mantra name, the new name of the Absolute, with new prominent qualities: Krishna, Shiva, Kali, and so on. The names of these are inherently mantras names, as it is the highest manifestation of the Absolute in some manifestations of energy and consciousness.

Disciple: There are names of male and female names. It turns out that women’s names closer to the energy of mantras, mantras and men to consciousness?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, just need to trace, where did the name. Name Vadim came – God knows how! Ensure hard. But in general, yes.

It is a strange aspect – aspect of creation, the formation of multiple “I” of people. I – asexually. Mantra name I make manifest. If the mantra is female, then I seen a woman. What aspect of longer present, and that is manifested.

I do not mean the name that you give the parents and the law on which the soul is embodied in the world. Our real name – this is the law of vibration, consisting of vibration energy manifested and implicit vibrations of consciousness, through which we got some of the energy from the general consciousness. Man is a small part of the energy and a small part of the consciousness. By and large, this piece of energy and a piece of mind belongs to the Absolute, which we rented for the life that he borrowed.

Student: What about Spanda, there is such a term. Can I translate it as Firebolt? Spanda The concept is similar to the action of OM?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. This initial hesitation, the primary manifestation. Remember that wise long practice is so deeply immersed in himself in his I, they remembered the moment of creation.

Largely descriptive yoga. Ancient yogi experienced this experience, as if in a new way, then tried to explain it in words. The spiritual experience that he experienced was greater than words, thoughts. This experience is manifested including the words and thoughts, so many ancient treatises are as eyewitness accounts. We, as modern people, studying yoga with some admixture of academicism. There is a concept, it makes sense, logic. Even if there is no logic, we are still trying everything “to drive” in the framework of cause and effect, so that the narrative was coherent, clear that at least the primary pattern was formed.

The sages of antiquity, practicing yoga, a seriously over worked, as if sinking into his inner universe and experienced this experience. After that, according to eyewitnesses, they expounded this experience. This is the whole problem and grandeur. Many yoga did not aim prostroen whole teaching of yoga, it was not until this case. They set out their experience, the experience was the same, only they expounded it with different concepts. Therefore, in different texts different accents. It’s like a rainbow, fireworks above the town – 50 000 people watching, and each in their own senses. Ancient yogis were prone to philosophical exposition of yoga, academic, but it is more recent sources such as Western philosophy (concepts, theories). Eastern philosophy – a philosophy of personal experience. Are you practicing these or other methods, and you experience the result, and then you describe it. The beauty of this method is that you do not care about the theory, you do not care. You know what it is. Yes, you need to think about how it is still in outline terms. Many people did not try to design your experience in terms of human concepts. Many have tried. The primary was an experience.

We go on the reverse. We proceed from the theory, we study it, hoping that will survive this experience. Those who gave us this experience for them in the first place was an experience. They lived it. They felt it, it is applied, practiced. They went beyond the understanding of the world. And before you finally leave this world, they left behind some texts.

When we begin to practice yoga too overly academic, regarding certain categories and systems, we fall into such a trap of the mind. This is the second time. Primary – this is a personal experience, personal experience of yoga. But so we arranged. While we are not aware of what is behind this kind of system, we will not do it, and we do not get any experience. It is necessary to remove the blindfold, it needs to make a gesture, a gesture to do this we need to understand the meaning.

The theory of yoga on the one hand the practical interesting moments, but on the other hand, the fact that it forces our minds to think and realize that our mind that does not understand. It is a certain element of guidance to us. This is a key point – until we zainteresuemsya, we do not practice, and if we do not practice, we do not get the experience. This comes in contrast to the practitioners who love to speculate about the cause-effect relationships, but really did not practice and are not going to survive the experience. For them it is a kind of intellectual acrobatics. Let’s play in philosophy!

The theory, of course, extremely important, useful. But! By and large, the most important results from the application of this theory. The theory – it is a toy for calming our mind.

The theory of mantra-yoga higher than the level of the mind. Higher than what he is able to be conscious of. To this child, that is, our mind we do not interfere, we give it to him rattle. But the theory that all higher than our minds can understand.

Disciple: If the right to apply the theory, it is able to complement the practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. The theory fills the gaps, but we should not reduce the whole mantra-yoga to the theory, as it is a real feeling of real practice. When a person is immersed in them, somewhere in the subconscious, he is aware of the theory, but it gets it is not so interesting. Rather, it is an opportunity to take advantage of.

Let’s go back to the mantra. So, there are three types of mantra: mantras energy, consciousness and mantra mantra names. It is necessary to add the following. The division of the mantras in the mantra of consciousness, energy, and names, it is not absolute, but relative. We can not talk of consciousness without the tiniest particles of energy, we can not talk about energy without consciousness. The mantra of any important sense, not the pronunciation of words, but to express this meaning still has to pronounce the words. Any spoken word – it is itself energy. Mantra – is the consciousness, enclosed in a container tonyusenkoy energy, in particular, in this or that phrase.

For example, “I am Brahman” or “tat svam asi” – “you have something.” Your inseparable from the Absolute I, who gave birth to him as including the entire world. To say this mantra, and to realize it, I’ll use the word. This is shown by the vibration in the form of letters. I’m quiet and I think to myself. This mental vibrations, vritti – thought forms, the waves on the surface of my mind, that is what is thought.

That is, it is once again the shell of the energy. We can not use a pure mantra consciousness. Because it necessarily will present a grain of energy, are the words that will express the meaning of the mantra of consciousness.

The same thing we are talking about energy mantra. Take any Bija Mantra, Pram, yam, ham, Hrim, phat, phu, a lot of mantras, where the main vibration pronunciation and meaning of a person may know or may not know. They depend on you to be reproduced as closely as possible vibration, shaking the air. To shake the air in it should be the same vibration of thought, which is to walk up to the kundalini energy, which should generate a same vibration.

Disciple: How sound is born?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Vibration rises in a coarser substance, and finally breaks into the air, and the air – the toughest substance. To pronounce the sound “Hrim” we have to be aware of it.

Student: Understand casting process?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We must realize that the word “Hrim” rather than “phat”, to distinguish one from the other. Any energy mantra is, the content of energy in the container shell tonyusenkoy consciousness. Strictly speaking, there are no clean energy and clean mantras mantras consciousness. And there are mantras, which is dominated by a huge component of consciousness and energy concept is the outline that contains this consciousness. Also, by the power of mantra, a container of consciousness, which contains energy.

Mantra names – a more complex version, in which the energy and consciousness is already mixed, we can not separate the energy and consciousness. The mantra in this sense is homogeneous. My favorite example.

You saw in the distance a friend, called him by name:

– Va-and-a-smiling-and-a-a-!

Bob looked back:

– ABOUT! Lesha! Hello! How are you?

Your friend, like a living creature as I have shown by two faculties – mind and energy. But the center is based on his I, where these abilities begin to show. Consciousness and energy is manifested as prana, this universal force. Called each other by name, you can expect that he will show his power and consciousness and his power of energy, that is, he can go into battle with their fists, and can sit down and solve the intellectual problem for you. Just call him. Call, as a force, and it will manifest itself – it does not matter. Called – everything here will help, it will help, etc.

The same principle is valid behalf of mantra. This tour de force, prana. Prana – a strange category is power in a pure form, which can manifest itself as consciousness or as energy. Depending on where and what you need. Mantra name – clever mantra. Mantras are energy too abstract, mantras consciousness – too specific and name the mantra can be anything depending on your needs. This is – the most powerful mantras that contain the aspect of power. Aspect original prana in the most appropriate for the application form.

Under the name of the creature we mean, we mean the name of a self that somehow manifest themselves through a particular body. I am a man, tree, river, planet (the Sun), anything that is the Atman, which is a part of the Absolute, and uses the energy and consciousness of the Absolute only in a very narrow manner.

Here we come to the relevant mantras names of the Deities. The list contains the mantra of Ganesha mantras – to remove obstacles to defeat the enemies – the mantra of Durga, for wealth – Lakshmi mantra for love – Shadashi.

When Europeans began to analyze the Indian mantra, they could not understand. On the one hand monotheism – one higher, the Absolute. On the other hand, every Hindu your God, and not one, but two dozen. Head spin. A sense that the Absolute is one and has all the qualities at the same time, it is all the qualities. For its quality may appear stronger, and the rest, as it were to remain in the background, then we can talk about the Godhead, or personal deity – Ishta Iwata. In fact, all of these 300 million names – a manifestation of the Absolute in one or another of his dominant quality. If you want to win the war – in the form of Call Absolute Kertikei, great yogi – Shiva, the great lover – Sparvati. It turns out that the name of the mantra we distinguish from the full force of the Absolute is the quality that we need for that purpose, which is close to us, which we like, etc.

By its action mantras names similar to the mantra Om, Pranava. It is comprehensive, contains within itself all manifestations in equal proportions, a flat spectrum. If we need a quick result in some narrow area, then we can apply the OM mantra. But she will act simultaneously on all aspects of our being, that may take longer. For the “surgical intervention” in one narrow aspect of our karma Absolute must manifest itself in the strongest version, that is, we use the names of the mantra. Any mantra name – clever vibration that somewhere identical Spanda – original Firebolt, which gave rise to the entire universe. Mantra OM contains all the vowels – all displayed vibration hand, and all the consonants – the hidden side of the vibration. Demonstrated hand gave rise to power, the hidden hand gave rise to consciousness. Mantra name is similar, but its action Absolute demonstrates a fairly narrow corridor manifested properties of energy and related properties of consciousness. The mantra of the name, we can not tell where the consciousness, and where the energy is. This is the most mysterious of the mantra. And the smartest. Where it is necessary to manifest the energy where it is necessary – consciousness.

Mantras are energy and consciousness – a narrow, sometimes they are quite specific, we need energy – we narrow the moment working on the universe.

Student: Female and male names. Durga, for example, the force associated with the victory over the enemy, or the name of Kartik, which is also related to the war, with the victory. What is the difference? In the first case – this approach consciousness while in the second case – power approach?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We can not say so. This subtle game. Will the male Deity manifested consciousness when handling, and, conversely, the female – energy? This is a difficult topic to discuss. Durga and Kartikeya – the Absolute in different forms. This is how our ego is not sex, but in one life we can be born a man and the other woman. And when we live in the body of a man, and when we live in a woman’s body, we are demonstrating their minds and their energies that are inherent in our I. And it is asexual. It is difficult to say something unique.

Kartikeya – Person of the Absolute. When we apply these mantras, referring to the aspect of the Absolute in the form of Kartik or Durga, in the background we need to understand that this form of the Absolute.

In yogic texts say that if you see in the Godhead only Deity, then you are wrong, you will enter the world of the Godhead, but the above does not go up. You get into the world of quality and fixated on them. If you see the Deity Absolute, then ascend to the Absolute through these qualities.

For example, Lakshmi Mantra – Mantra of wealth. It is one thing to receive wealth and live in prosperity, wealth and luxury, but in this and stop. And another thing – to get wealth and at the same time, gain wealth, to know the Absolute, and get off at a different level, the level is higher than that of wealth and luxury. It sverhbogatstvo and sverhroskosh.

There are subtle and not entirely obvious points. Understanding the only female or only male aspect is to stay on the property level. Properties can be very high, but when compared with the Absolute minor. Yoga encourages threaten directly to the Absolute. If you wish – so all at once. It makes no sense to waste on petty desires. Small desires changeable, it’s all the fuss. What we now seems high, seem insignificant to us as soon as we will achieve this, so as we shall see, that is, the level is much higher. The teaching of “Advaita Vedanta” good shows these points: it is necessary to focus only on the Absolute. Only the Higher reality. Once I bought into something finer, so went astray maya. If you see the Absolute through the quality, that is, you realize that they are, they are quite strong, but remember that they are only a manifestation of the Absolute, which is quality. It can occur in any capacity, but by itself it is quality. By practicing the mantra of names, we go down this road, we find the qualities that has this Deity, and then rise above these qualities. We buy the highest quality of experience through these. Behind each name is the mantra of the Absolute. Absolut is the qualities out forms, but he showed himself through the quality and shape. Absolut is doing everything that he needs.

Another version of why the names were a mantra.

The man wanted to Absolute, which is quality, regardless of forms, proved to him personally through these qualities and these concepts. Man his desire, his practices, his aspiration, his will from this ocean of the Absolute “frozen” is the form that would like to see. Absolute in his mercy manifested itself as wanted to see this man.

Anyone who breaks the first channel in the side of the Absolute, he also proclaims the mantra.

Student: How did the mantra of Durga? Why are there not more similar to a billion mantras?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The ancient sages wanted to Absolute manifested precisely through these qualities. And as soon as he emerged through this form, he left the name of Durga, since there is a mantra, like a well from which to draw water. So there were the names of the mantra. Absolute manifested in a certain form, this form has a name, the name appeared mantra.

Student: human birth is also associated with the mantra of names, which determines its sex. They have nothing to do with a name that parents give to man. For example, Krishna. This is the name given to the Absolute descended parents. To what extent this is due to its real mantra, and how this contributed to translate?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a science. There is a connection between the mantra with which we enter into the world and get a male or female incarnation, and the name that is given to us parents. This is a karmic correlation. It is not always clear. It is sometimes wonderful moments.

For example, when a yogi is born in the country, it is called by some name (John Doe). And in some Tamil name translates as a great fighter, name yogi, who lived here for a long time. Sometimes it is incomprehensible game of names and associations. When looking for a reincarnation, in the course are a variety of associations, sometimes just weird.

There is a book called “Songs of the Sixth Dalai Lama”, publishing house “Open World”. I liked the concept of the interpreter, who was trying to interpret each song, as the period of life of the Dalai Lama. Last aphorism: “Give, crane, me wings. The strength in their cast. I know that I’ll be back soon. Only in Litan fly. ” Seventh Dalai Lama was born in Litang area. That is, here it is tricky transitions events, names, areas that have nothing to do with a glance to what is happening. Litan – the area in Tibet, the birthplace of the 7th Dalai Lama Gyatso Kilsang.

Incomprehensible polunamёkov game, but if everything is interpreted in terms of mantra-yoga, then everything becomes clear. Again revealed and hidden vibration energy vibrations of consciousness are doing everything in this world, all situations, all of the sequences. Science mantra-yoga lies in the heart not the dual perception of the world. It is the key to unlocking all the oracles: being in a state of trance, they mumble something, then recorded and analyzed carefully written for hidden signs, indications.

When we come into this world, we inherit everything that we drag from previous lives, once again put on the karmic imprints. The new body is also a manifestation of consciousness and energy that can be described as a kind of mantra.

Student: Perhaps, this mantra, this vibration affects a person’s name?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes! It certainly affects the name of all the manifestations of human life in this particular, the circumstances of life in this manifestation. But! Communication can be very elusive and allusive, ephemeral and unyielding awareness. Call the person’s name. In the translation, for example, from the Greek name means quality, which the man had in a past life, but this is optional. Plenty of room for interpretation of a wide. Our name, to a certain extent defines us.

Interesting is a tradition, when a person abandons his previous karma that changes the name. Disclaims all misconceptions times his birth was due to misconceptions past life. And in relation to the higher path name is maya. Therefore, the neophyte, the newly-born adept secret sciences, takes a new name. So there are secret names. Like Hindus, it was Sergei, and became Satananda. Take yourself a spiritual name and renounce their past take on a new name mantra, which will create a new consciousness and energy and draw a path to where they need to. There is a tradition in some schools of yoga. As the ship be called, so it will float. The name has a certain effect from the point of view of some associative memories.

Disciple: Most new name is taken like an old-sounding. What for? If we are to give on behalf of, the whole.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Perhaps not to forget the name. Like spies, it was Boris Kuznetsov, and on a mission in New York was the Bob Smith. Maybe there is something more serious theory. Perhaps some kind of liked the quality of the previous life, but I want to bring something new.

Mantra name is often a manifestation of a deity. In India, Krishna at every step, Gapaly. Once the Absolute manifested through some form of specific qualities, then the parents call their child the same name, in the hope that he will inherit these qualities. Our names of the pre-Christian period, reflect clearly manifested quality. With the advent of religion are beginning to give the names as part of the religion. Mary and Elijah, for example, seem to us typical Russian names, and that the old names of the Old Testament, and where they came from is hard to say. Our names also come from some religions. The names of saints, martyrs, etc. From the point of view of mantra-yoga so called not very good. How to be called, and will float. Calling the name of the martyr’s normal for Europeans and for the Eastern people – is nonsense.

Student: But the parents of the child called the name of the martyr, and the name of something in itself is something else meant. The association?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: true associative connection. Maybe not with the martyrs, and other moments. For example, after the boy called Volodya Revolution, but not in honor of Vladimir Monomakh, and in honor of the leader – another person with other qualities. Or Yuri Gagarin flew into space, steel Yurami boys called, again, not in honor of the biblical hero, and in honor of a specific person and a specific event. It is a matter of associative links on the one hand, on the other – of certain vibrations as the name can not come from a position name, a name of the position of consciousness. After the revolution, we began to cancel all these Old Testament names and replace them with “proletarian.” “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the revolution” – Viloria beautiful name, in principle. There have been many names – abbreviations mantra is the purest consciousness.

Student: This component of the consciousness in the name of mantra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and, if the component is strong enough, it really turns out that the ship be called, so it will float. When you hear that someone says that he knows the science of names mantra – do not believe! It is very hard science. And if you do know, the legs are falling, crawling, called great teachers, ask to learn.

Horoscopes names when called human destiny may determine, to what extent have the sense to some faces he might get lost. Here the role played not science itself, and the one who makes it. Important not astrology, astrology – bullshit. Well, there was Uranus and Pluto from the Assyrian, when astrology was born. What’s funny, sometimes it works. Why? If the astrologer intuitively traces the cause-and-effect relationship, it may, and on Uranus and Pluto to predict correctly. And if there is no will, then, even a thorough knowledge of astrology, it still does not work. All these sciences transition from something specific, to something abstract and vague. And the best in astrology does not climb, predicting the future is not the most fun activity in terms of raja yoga. Is your self, and it is outside of time and space. You – a piece of the Absolute, and your task is to redraw all the events as you want, but not as much as the stars shine. All that makes a person weaker in yoga discarded. The matter is very thin, and find out where the truth and a lie, it’s hard.

Student: In astrology, better to look for a good time for the event?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe. You have two hours of free time, and you do not know your karma, it makes sense to spend two hours on self-knowledge.

Once again on the mantras of consciousness, energy and mantras mantras names. The most powerful – name of mantra. Mantra consciousness increasingly open mind, operate with consciousness, revealing the energy. Mantra power operate on energy through the energy of open consciousness. We can not spare energy and consciousness in its pure form. If there is one, there is another piece. If one is revealed, then revealed, and more. We have something that is a red thread going through all-all of yoga.

There are energy approaches, there approaches consciousness. They ideally should merge. This fusion is yoga. Accordingly, pranayama yoga, hatha yoga, meditation, tra-la-la-la, the struggle Nanai boys, flying through the air, and so on, there is the approach of energy and consciousness. It is neither one nor the other in pure form. Often the dominant one in quality. We need absolute quality – merger, when we in terms of the creation climb a step higher level, when there was not this differentiation.

So, one more time. Energy split into 5 groups, 5 groups of vowels. Consciousness is divided into 4 groups of consonants. Where does it come from? Subject heavy. This item is higher than that of the mind. According to the mantra-yoga, mantra we were created names.

Student: What is the difference between the absolute (world soul, yet in a different way, we call it) and our self? If there are differences, then what. If not, then why is there this division?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In terms of Sanskrit and Indian tradition called the Absolute Brahman, our Self – Atman. Yoga says that there is no difference between Brahman and Atman, Atman and Brahman are one. Aham Brahma or Tat Swami Asi – you are what you are, the Self, there is Brahman. What divides them, is maya, illusion. The same illusion that made manifest the Absolute. The same Maya, which will affect the future manifested Absolute, that is, there will be two of its manifestations – the energy and consciousness. The same illusion that energy and consciousness is forced to share on the 4 and 5. I – it is also the Maya, manifested in the form of the name. Just as OM shown separated from the Absolute unmanifested, just this ultimate mantra is the name of the Absolute Sea took a small droplet, enveloped her, and Maya said. “You’re separated from him” In fact, because there is no difference between the sea and the droplet, they have the same quality. As much as a drop of the sea is salty and wet, and the sea of the Absolute – salty and wet. The properties of all the same. Although Absolute higher than properties. It can manifest itself through any property. By their nature, it is one and the same. Also, I and our higher than properties, but can occur through any of the properties.

Student: Atman also has properties?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. Atman higher than any of the properties. It can manifest itself through any property anywhere. Sometimes it is said that the Absolute is a big, big, small and Atman. Again, this is not entirely true. The mind is beginning to slip. The concepts of analogy is meaningless.

Student: We first considered that consciousness and energy have been divided into 4 and 5, and then separated another piece?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, at what point any of our Self? Apparently, everything went in parallel.

Student: It turns out that our Atman also divided into 4 and 5?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. If you remember, not the Absolute divided into 4 and 5, and the manifestation of the Absolute, that is energy and consciousness, divided by this principle. Our Atman have symptoms, like the Absolute – prana. Prana is divided into consciousness and energy, and consciousness and energy divided by 4 and 5. Self Atman is not shared. As was the Atman, and stayed. Atma is indivisible.

Student: In fact, the department I’m not associated with consciousness and energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, no way! The process of the unfolding of the universe and the formation of each I, in a sense identical. They were parallel. It is hard to imagine. But we can not say that I first created the Absolute, and then I began to show these. Time had not yet been! So hard to say at what time all of this happened. It turns out that, as it were, and at the same time.

Returning to the emergence of the Self. It turns out that our Atman – this is a piece of the Absolute. This piece is separated from the Absolute maya. Maya – a vibration of energy, substance, Firebolt, which on the one hand – the Maya, on the other hand – the basis for all further creation. According to some treatises, our I was separated from the Absolute mantras names. Names are meant deeper. OM analogy for us personally, although in other treatises say that this process is a mirror, something that made manifest the Absolute, that is the mantra Om. She separated by a small part of the Absolute. Those who gave us this knowledge, in the deepest ecstasies experienced this whole experience. They are witnesses of all that passed, and did not engage in theoretical basis. It turns out a kind of symmetrical pattern: from the unmanifested OM showed manifestation of the Absolute, who is also a manifestation of the Absolute and established himself and our Self.

Student: Is OM Created by Absolut from the manifested or unmanifested part?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Can we ask such a question at all? Does it have meaning? From the standpoint of our mind is not clear.

Once again I remind you that neprovyalenny Absolute manifested by means of OM. Everyone – the heir to the crushing of the manifested Absolute or re-drawing of the unmanifested Absolute infinite number of small displays. That is, whether the action Spanda symmetrical. She pulled one of infinitely large and at the same time, an infinite number of infinitely small.

Student: That is it turns out that there is something, without definition, infinite, and an infinite number of infinitely small? Sometimes draw an analogy with a mirror, a man looks at himself in the mirror and sees himself in such a manner. If the mirror is broken into pieces, he will see lots and lots of self-reflection is that?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, many people give different interpretations. Atman – this is a small reflection of the Brahman. Such lots of parts, and they are shifted in time. All people – a man, shifted in time. You – it’s me in a past life. Time Loop. Man alone, and he is the Absolute. Is such an approach in some schools of yoga. These approaches indicate a sense, but do not explain.

How to get this knowledge? Newton and other scientists were selected to the concepts of the infinitely small and infinitely large by approximation. They were coming to the concepts and their approximation obtained good results. Also, we will be closer to the description, but not explicitly described. About the infinite can tell aspiration. In mathematics, for example, there is any one another such that if it is less than this, it is a – is a. In the phrase “for all” has deep meaning. These seemingly streamlined phrases indicate which way to go, do not indicate that there is. It’s like show a finger on the moon. Moon we do not see, but the direction is clear.

According to our mantra yoga I was created, it is part of the Absolute shares of Maya, it is also vibration. Maya and vibration – this is essentially the same.

Student: It is the energy of the vibration!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This refers to the manifested part of the original vibration. OM shown spawned energy hidden – out. And the energy and consciousness – existence of something Supreme, which was imposed on the Firebolt, and it also is maya.

Our consciousness – a great thing, but it has its limitations. Our I is higher than the concept of consciousness. Consciousness – is the emergence of the self, and at the same time a manifestation through the prism of Maya as our I above. Interesting topic, ambiguous.

Our I was created in the image and likeness of the appearance of the Absolute, or rather, its manifestation. We are identical in this respect. The fact that we have to get rid of the original unmanifested, the same separate from the original Absolute unmanifested. The same divide us – an illusion. From the point of view of the mantras – the same vibration. In this sense, mantra yoga is a universal way to enlightenment.

Begin to control the vibration that created this world. Then you control the vibration of the Maya that separates you from the Absolute. If eliminates this barrier by using mantras, you merge with the Absolute, or rather, you expand to the size of the Absolute. At the yogi there is no difference between him and the Absolute I, it becomes identical with the Absolute. By this leads mantra yoga. This is a very powerful tool that yoga gives final liberation.

According to the mantra-yoga, all phenomena in the world, in the universe there is a mantra. Mantra in its phenomenal energy aspect or in its hidden aspects – consciousness. This is the original Firebolt, vibration, which gave birth to what the Absolute is not, but what he uses in his creation – quality.

Everything in our universe is the combination of energy and matter in different combinations. This frame of reality, covered with a veil of maya. Around us, the Absolute. But because of maya, because of the separation of energy and consciousness, we do not see. We see the world of disparate objects that interact with each other, submit to each other, but we do not see continuing. Everything around us is the essence of the mantra. Each object has a mantra, every mantra has its own object. Every phenomenon has its own mantra, every mantra has its own phenomenon. Are showing not only as objects but also as a transformation of these objects – the wind, waterfalls, rain, it processes.

We are confronted with an ancient science of magic, mantras. If you know a spell, a mantra, you can manipulate objects, you can create and destroy them. The colossal power. It is therefore considered that the Absolute created the world through mantras. Can all of the processes on the path of yoga becoming correlated with the mantra process. In particular, the Shiva Samhita was given a mantra, which was suggested to practice in order to achieve appropriate results. The process of yoga is also subject to section mantras.

Student: Mantra is the process? Yoga – is also a form of energy, the vibration, the mantra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, that’s such an interesting thing turns out. On the part of the person mantra yoga – is the mantra of the man himself, from the outside it is the part that separates it from the Absolute. We remember that the people in this sense – a piece of the Absolute, the Absolute separated from the layer of maya. This layer can also be reduced to the concept of mantra. Then this piece of the Absolute, separated by maya associates itself with the physical body, and this process is also covered by the Maya. In the study of yoga and yoga transference of consciousness transfer from one body to another, a major role will take the appropriate mantra. They define the process of formation of association, which then will have to throw something or to switch to something.

There is a mantra that separates man from the whole. There is a mantra, forcing him to look at what it is not. There is a mantra of our bodies – gross, subtle, causal.

The concept of karma – the binary. A person commits an action, creates a wave that changes the universe external to his body and leaves an imprint inside his body. At the time of the death of the prints from the physical and subtle levels are transmitted to the causal level of the body, and in the next life a person “puts on” the causal body with old prints. The body of specific samskaras, footprints, carriers of information about the previous karma, too, falls under the mantra. If a person committed certain acts which led to the fact that it carries in itself the seeds of certain karmas, that is the mantra of the state of the body with all the fingerprints. To get rid of these prints, it is necessary with the help of mantras again affect the seeds of these karmas.

To some degree everything is mechanized, but the illusion. There is a strange law. If people want everything to be like that mechanistically, then he falls under this law. If it rises above this law, then he sees that this mechanistic present, but there are other factors that help to overcome obstacles. Knowledge is power.

Mantra – is strong enough, powerful and reliable tool to remove the corresponding samskaras, impressions that we ourselves be dragged. Alternatively, a tool to address the negative karma.

Student: How is combined with the fact that karma is either passing away or redeemed?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: karma mantra we live down.

For example, you are soiled and you hang a piece of dirt. You can, like a bear rubbing side of the tree trunk, you can wait for a phenomenon that the dirt will wash away with you, and it can very specifically clear. In this and in the event that the dirt will not go anywhere until you do not cleanse it. In one case, we are waiting for a confluence of circumstances that would drive us in such conditions that we have to clean up the mud, in the other – we are purposefully without waiting for external factors, it is cleared.

It is the same man who has become the way to yoga and having some quality of which is to get rid of. It can wait until these qualities are not zavedut us to a dead end, when he will have them very actively to get rid of, and may be through yoga to eliminate these shortcomings. For example, with the help of yoga mantra. They are not waiting until his life force, he got rid of them in advance. In this and in another case, karma izzhilas. Only in the first case it izzhilas rudely and forcibly, in the second volunteer and softer.

Action mantra above actions of karma. We can handle the mantra in the plane of the causal link karma. There are mantras which, when a long and constant practice, take us out of this plane of causation. Therefore, sometimes the mantra is divided into:

– The spiritual, which is drawn from the cycle of human life and death, and to rescue a person in the area of spirituality, caring little about vnutrikarmicheskih manifestations;

– Karmic, mundane mantra. Helping to implement the needs and demands of the earth (money, wealth, power, beautiful women, elephants, sandals and so on), spiritual growth, these mantras not promise;

– Combine the spiritual and the material. They give these elephants, Mercedes cars, helicopters along with villas in the Bahamas and at the same time provide spiritual growth, acquiring all these riches. A material comprehended the higher laws. Man climbs through the implementation of material desires for spirituality. Comprehend the higher laws, man rises to spirituality. Optionally, through the richness. This can be creative. He is a great artist and hoping to write a masterpiece, and through the creation of this masterpiece you will rise higher and higher to the spiritual and transcendental. The specific path. I want to reach the Supreme through such and such attributes. I want to reach that higher qualities through the steps of these qualities.

In general, it is believed that the power of the mantra can produce anything without the realization of the Supreme. Mantra consciousness gives understanding of what is happening. Mantra names provide both. Although this division is conditional. Transitional mantra often arise through the embodiment of transcendent Absolute in the human body, which is home to some life in the body of the writer, artist, philosopher, scientist, politician, lover. And then dissolves within himself. Remains channel. Once upon a form of a man engaged in politics or the arts, and succeeded in it so much that went back to him, dissolved in the Absolute. That is, through the implementation of some of their everyday desires, we realized with every desire we reach more and more spiritual.

This latter form of mantras (mantras they are closer to the name), is most often recommended for most people. There are people purely spiritual edifice, living without a family, without a job and devote his whole life to achieving a higher state of enlightenment. They are interested in the spiritual mantra.

But we are in this universe, as the creators do what we close. We want to live a nice and happy life in full to know the world, and through this knowledge to rise above the spiritual. This path is long, but it is more natural. Intuitively, a person experiences a desire to express themselves, and desire is sacred. Transients are the most common mantra.

There is a third group of people who do not understand spirituality. For them it is an abstraction. They are hardly able to creativity: “I do not need philosophy, my money, something more tangible, like a royal elephant!”. They do not catch hold. Such people begin to use the usual mantras, and finally begin to understand the yoga mantra in a different way to treat it.

We have heard the myths that were sorcerers and magicians who operated material mantra gets magical results.

Student: You sootnёs mantra with the spiritual consciousness, and because there is an energy mantra and they are also spiritual?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: degrees ratio is very conditional. As a rule, in all intermediate mantras mantras names present. This two gradations: 1) the mantra of consciousness, power of mantra, the mantra of names; 2) material mantra, the mantra spiritual mantra smeshannye.Nelzya say that the first are related to the second. For example, do you want a purely material phenomenon, you’re a farmer and you need rain. You can use the mantra of rain. Here, the focus over the material. You can demand respect for yourself. This aspect is less material. All the magic mantra, which have reached us, deal with concrete things: money, wealth, power. All spiritual mantras give higher, transcendental, and it is difficult to name the substance of energy or consciousness.

Mantras of Goddess Sri – a manifestation of higher consciousness through love, joy and happiness, that is, the energy aspect. Mantra intermediate correlated with a particular precedent in history. There was a saint, or someone else who through any action culminates, and thereafter remained the mantra as a path in the jungle. Tool mantras is wide enough. They can provide material and spiritual, to appeal to the cause and effect, the mantra can rebuild our bodies – physical, subtle, causal. In order to develop these or other qualities, a particular ability or supernormal also apply mantras. To cleanse the body, concentration, protection.

By repeating the mantra on it focuses the mind, turns meditative, directed meditation on the chant. Repeating the mantra smoothly transforms man in a state of meditation. If you repeat the mantra long enough, it produces a certain breathing rhythm and the rhythm of thinking, which is very close to the pranayama yoga.

indivisibility Act of name and form. All the forms that we see is the manifestation of the Absolute vibration – energy, therefore, any object or phenomenon can be reproduced using the mantra. If we know the key to the construction of an object or phenomenon, we can reproduce the object or phenomenon. The mechanism is more complex, since by playing this or that object or phenomenon, we must have a “stock” of what they are made, as the supply of building clay in order to lay down the bricks. Similarly, in the mantra yoga. Knowing the scheme, it is necessary to have more and substance. In this case, the mantra-yoga is very close merges with kundalini yoga. All aspects of energy are created kundalini, repeating a mantra, we force the kundalini as it emitted. Inside we have an endless supply of energy kundalini, it actually creates these objects or phenomena. Mantra we ask future form.

Similarly, acting aspect. Repeating the mantra of consciousness we call through your consciousness to higher consciousness. Our consciousness is evident in these powerful rays. The mantras named these two aspects are inseparable.

Three aspects of our mind. There is one more thing. It is close to the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali. According to him, we can talk about the energy that surrounds us only reason the position. Reason – this is the canvas on which all painted. We can not say that our universe exists outside our mind. our body device, the process of perception as follows. Rough senses deliver information to the subtle sense organs, subtle senses deliver it to the part of the mind, which is called Manas. All that passed through Manas enters the buddhi. Substance buddhi is precisely the subtlest mind substance, which is a replica of the fact that we handed over the senses. That is, an object that we can see from the outside, appears in the Buddhi. Chita, the third aspect of the mind, illuminates the object, and thus we perceive the object. We do not see the object itself, and a copy of the created by our mind. What’s going on around us, we have no idea.

Student: Why?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For information on how to cut off the path. Roughly speaking, the senses are lying, not all passes Manas, Buddhi is not lying, that was then, and repeated.

Student: Where is flared, samskara?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a difficult moment. The substances do not pollute his mind, but give the interpretation of the object. One gets in the way of buddhi, and we begin to interpret it on the basis of previous experience. Previous experience – all those objects that had previously appeared in the substance of buddhi.

Student: Interpretation gives Manas?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Manas does the dirty work. This is a serious topic. Previous experience forces us to cut what seems an afterthought.

For example, a pilot flying in an airplane, and listens to the sound of the engine. Once the engine starts operating sound in another mode, he will hear and act accordingly. Passengers flying on a plane, do not pay attention to it, because he did not have the experience to pass this information, but this is not to miss.

To a certain extent Manas also choose what to listen for, and what not. Stirlitz calling at the office of Rice, draws attention to the smallest details. Cigarette butt from English cigarettes – you’ve been here a resident of London. Spies filtered little things, for which an ordinary person does not pay attention, and pulled out of this information. For Manas is the ordinary man butt like a cigarette butt. To Sherlock Holmes every track on the sand, like a map, which he could read, but for the average person is a trace, the trace. The picture in the Buddhi we perceive taking into account all of the pictures that have previously appeared in it. Karma, previous experience.

When we have in mind there is a particular object form, then this form has a name. Therefore, we perceive external objects for the copy that is in our Manas. And this copy has a name, that is vibration. Our consciousness generates the vibrations and have an idea about this subject. The idea essentially the same vibration.

This brings us to yet another aspect of the yoga mantra. If we begin to chant, to think about it, then we force our mind to generate the vibration. The substance of our mind there is an object corresponding to this mantra. If a person utters a long mantra Shiva or Kali, for example, by the same token it makes manifest the image of the Divine within. For us there is no difference inside or outside. Repeating a mantra, we generate around it an energy field of the Godhead or phenomenon, which we repeat the mantra.

In our Buddhi is an exact copy of our presentation of himself. Once we see ourselves. Repeating the mantra of a Deity manifestation of the Absolute in one form or another, we can not help focusing on this way and forget about their image. More precisely, we begin to copy all the qualities that are inherent in the Deity. Because we replace the illusion of himself. We close our eyes and have an idea of who or what we are. We think that yes, it’s me. It’s just an illusion. Our I is much higher than that of the subjective sensation of a lump. Get rid of it hard. We have for too long it within himself, kept from life to life. To get rid of the negative aspects and add a positive, you can chant the name of a Deity. In our minds we leveled his form, his image. As our concentration, our perception of itself begins to be displaced. The image of the Deity, which we repeated the mantra begins to grow. As a result, in our buddhi it remains only an image of the Deity, embossed memories about something else. This state is called samadhi – one-pointedness of mind, when the substance of our consciousness is only one idea. Samadhi with the object. In this state, a person can not make a difference between themselves and the Divine, on which he meditates. It is essentially impossible to distinguish.

In ancient tales, sayings India there are two types of Deity – the Deity itself and the people who worship them. Equate the very principle of Godhead and man. Immediately there was an opinion that greedy brahmins are trying to equate themselves to the deities. That is, there is Shiva, and there is a priest of Shiva, and there is no difference between them. This statement, of course, has a different meaning. Repeating the mantra of the Deity, and displacing other ideas and thoughts we generate this image. And the man himself becomes a manifestation of the Divine, or as they say, if the Deity has gotten into him.

Student: In this statement still has two concepts – the deity and man? What does it mean?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This assertion method. If you want to buy quality, which you have not, then worship a particular deity who possesses these qualities. You can apply to this as if to pray to the Divine, it is the end of the grace you give these qualities. This is a purely religious approach. Do you remember that yoga is a religion and distancing. So many things can be purchased without the involvement of religious things, but simply explaining how to operate mechanisms hidden within us. But the mechanisms are as follows. Our I is identical to the Absolute. Our conception of itself is the same hallucination as the representation of anything else. Here we are reminded that the ship be called, so it will float. How do we call ourselves in the way it manifests its power. To express it more necessary to call himself differently. That is to unleash the hidden qualities, which we have laid down.

In raja yoga everything is based on the power of Y. There is something outside, there is something on the outside, what a difference! Practice! And so over time, repeating the mantra, and we are mindful of the inseparability of name and form, her image still appears stronger, we concentrate on the image of all the mantras are strong and reach the state of samadhi. Potential mantra leads to a state of samadhi, one-pointedness of the mind on a single object. This is a very high state of yoga, which leads to even higher in the sense of – samadhi without object. This is when the substance of our buddhi is left even of this object. I reflect our primordial force I do not differentiate even the consciousness and energy. When there is this differentiation, the thoughts and can not be. This state of superconscious. Or samadhi without an object, or when in the mirror of our mind we can see himself without differentiation on the consciousness and energy. Without the concept of gender, belonging to a class, to the quality. We see ourselves in their true form. We see ourselves in the mirror of the mind.

Student: That is, we do not realize itself without this mirror?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, I do not realize. If it were not for this reason the mirror, why would we mind if needed? The whole evolution has been directed to ensure that life after life cost tools such as intelligence. Then he was to hone. Then to be able to manage it, to guide in the right direction. Then send one only object, and then out comes from consciousness and energy. All that’s pandemonium was conceived, since our life in the body of ciliates shoes, only to hone our mind to mind is reflected in our I.

Remember the old parable about lvёnke growing up in a herd of cows and consider themselves to be a cow, as long as walked to the river and saw that he was a lion. Likewise, we consider ourselves a small mouse, downtrodden and worthless, and we have at least once to look at ourselves. For this reason and need. But the mind, the ability to reflect the mind of the beholder. Mind reflects that show the senses. Looks looking looking Ya is our mind must show the beholder.

Mantra yoga leads to this. First to samadhi with an object. After the elimination of the object and exit at the samadhi without object.

In addition, there are still some nuances. Any practice of mantra is the science associative. She has jealously guarded from unnecessary associative links. Call to practice in secret mantra. The principle should be to observe the mystery here than anywhere else. Because if there is no aspect of the mystery, you’re attracted to someone else’s consciousness of his game. You do something with his game to understand, but there is also someone else’s someone else’s. The mantra should always be kept secret from friends and from enemies. Of course, there are different mantras, which, for example, people practice together. In yoga, the union men and women practice together. There are mantras that make up our personal practice. Our personal experience is to be a secret. Islet unaffected even by the closest people. Close people have to give care, joy and gladness, happiness, help, etc. But in order to help them, we should have some kind of playground in which we can relax and samotransformirovatsya. To spend money, they should earn. Likewise here. Therefore personal mantra nobody nobody says.

Mantras have come down to us from antiquity. Some of them are open, some closed, closed-open and open-closed. Many mantras at the hearing, but the principle is still the mystery persists. Man chooses the mantra, the effect of which is closest to him and begins its repeat, repeat, repeat. Meditate on it a certain number of times. All this is done in order to awaken her.

It shall enter into force another moment – the awakening of mantra. It is a complex undertaking, but real. The complex is due to associative links. For example, in order to awaken the energy aspect of the mantra, it is necessary to some extent to awaken the kundalini energy aspect. Then become a mantra in real effective weapon. Every word is an emanation of the kundalini energy, which makes a Firebolt in the bottom of the body. Then the vibration level of the fine is transferred to a coarse level, is not frustrated with our lips as the air vibration. It is necessary to go all the way in the reverse order. That is, to realize how out every word. As if the river flowed, and we would have to go up the river to find its source. And we can only rise due to associative links. Therefore, the practice of mantra-yoga so zealously observed the principle of secrecy.

And here comes into force the second aspect – the principle of bhava. This is the internal relations, the internal mood, approach to the mantra. This is a very important aspect.

Now there are many who practice mantra, bought books and began to repeat. A person is not within that state of bhava! Therefore, in the awakening of the mantra it takes so much time. If a person is in a state of bhava, the result is achieved very quickly. That is such a conglomeration of inner spirit and external factors, and the more, the more the external aspects are favorable. We need to rediscover the associative law transmission. Transmissions from coarser to finer, where real clues for us there. They intuitively clear.

I read somewhere a beautiful parable that with the greatest of mountains flowed a river, waterfalls and overcame dotekla to the desert, as the clouds vanished, crossed the desert, condensed droplets and flowed on. Try to keep track of where the source is, and where the end of this path. In the same way we are inside. Limbo substance in the form of sound, and the transitions from one substance to another. In fact it held the same water. Every word we speak, there is an emanation of the energy of kundalini. But before one comes to our lips and in our language, that such transitions can be very much. The main thing – do not get lost. And here plays the role of all: and your inner attitude, and the principle of secrets, and one-pointedness, and diligence, and way of life, and all-all-all. If you are still awakened mantra and reached the kundalini energy, the energy aspect you always wake up. This science is simple, on the one hand, but it is extremely hard to explain – why the mantra awakens.

Sometimes on TV different Aboriginal, who from morning to night, billions of times sing and sing the mantra, and the mantra “do not wake up,” as the one who sings the inside dirty. She cleans his-net-net, and sooner or later she will cleanse it, and maybe mule driver, he will remain so. This is a question many factors – the degree of inner purity, aspiration, bhava. Some sing just so loaded as plate no internal relationship.

That helps to awaken mantra. Lifestyle influences. Many secondary factors that either help focus and mantra to awaken, or stir. Very much help to visit sacred places. Communication with people who profess the same principles. Rituals, thin yoga practice with fire, for example, a libation of oil into the fire. Moments of austerity and a special lifestyle. Hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama yoga, that is, other types of yoga. Proper use of sexual practices. Yoga Union, when a man and woman in sexual union practice, can help enormously in the wake of the mantra. Sexual energy is the closest to the original energy. As soon as the mantra is awakened, it begins to operate at 100%.

The biggest success when you shone in the mantra, you gave her guru as his successor. This is the thrust that greatly helps to awaken mantra faster. It is the highest good fortune. This mantra should be immediately practice. Many people do not show the proper respect, even forget about such luck.

Student: Then it turns out that such a mantra has awakened? Man, awaken mantra, passes it to another person, and that means she and this man will wake up?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Different happens. Sometimes they give you a small piece of coal, and from it you have to stoke the fire. As in ancient times. He took two sticks and let three of their until spark did not vysechesh. You can receive the mantra in the form of coals, which should be put in the wood, which must be dry. Are you more and inflate out of this fire. No effort is nowhere. Can be initiated in the form of practice, when going to a lot of yogis, and each force and energy of consciousness awakens mantra. In this case, you get a torch. And then it does not matter, peeled or not, it will light up anyway. Refers to all joint yoga practice, when going to a lot of yogis and Yoginis chant. All the power of consciousness and energy provide a burst of energy! And if among them there are people dedicated to this science, as a result of it very much. Everything is different. In any case, the person must be willing to revive the mantra of “hand,” as the old man, rubbing the wand until the sparks. And there – as lucky, some karma. But when you give a piece of coal, it is much easier task. Then a person starts practicing mantra, it is still more pronounced and starts giving positive results.

Text 5.188. Japa Mantra acquired luck in this, and in the mire.5.189. Knowing this highest of the mantras, the Yogi attains Siddhi.

5.190. In Mula shines like lightning, Bija (seed syllable) speech (PAM).

5.191. In the heart – love Bija (KLIM), beautiful as a flower Bandhuka. The Ajna shines like 10 million moons Bija Shakti (STREAM). These three Bigi (syllables) to be kept secret, they are granted freedom and pleasure. Let the Yogi repeat these three mantras and tries to achieve success. All the same mantra – OM AIM KLIM STREAM.

5.192. Let him learn this mantra from his Guru, let him repeat it is not too fast and not too slow, keeping the mind free from all doubts and understanding the mystic relation between the letters Mantras.

5.193. Wise Yogi, fixing his attention on this mantra, performing all the duties inherent in his position should carry 100,000 Hom (fire sacrifices), and then repeat this mantra 300,000 times in the presence of the Goddess Tripura.

5.194. At the end of this sacred repetition (Japa), let the wise Yogi again make Homa in the triangular cave with sugar, milk, butter and oleander flowers.

5.195. Then the Goddess Tripura Bhairavi mercy and fulfill all.

5.196. Almost Guru, concentrating the mind and repeating the mantra lying, he will succeed, even if it is burdened by past karma.

5.197. Yogi, concentrating their feelings and chant this mantra 100,000 times, becomes effective attracting people to himself.

5.198. If he repeats the mantra 200,000 times (2 varnish), people will always do his will and obey him.

5.199. 3 varnish – all the deities that rule the worlds as well as worlds themselves, fall under its power.

5.200. 6 varnishes – he becomes the ruler of the world, surrounded by servants.

5.201. 12 varnishes – Yakshas, Rakshasas and Nagas come under his control and obey his orders.

5.202. 15 varnish – it subjugates Siddha, Vidyadhara, Gandharvas, Apsaras, and gets all their knowledge.

5.203. 18 varnish – it comes off the ground and reach the spiritual body. It may be in this world wherever the wish and sees through the earth.

5.204. 28 varnishes – wise yogi becomes master of Vidyadhara and can take any form, any wish. 30 varnishes – he becomes one with Brahma and Vishnu. 60 varnishes – he becomes Rudra. 80 varnish – it becomes all-blessed. 100 varnish – the great Yogi is absorbed in the Param Brahman.

5.205. Oh, Goddess! Shiva, the destroyer of Tripura, is the root cause and the highest goal. Wise has reached it, unchanged, indestructible, immeasurable and free from evil.

5.206. Oh, Great Goddess! This knowledge of Shiva – the greatest knowledge (Maha-vidya), it should always be kept secret.

5.207. Hatha Yoga fruitful while kept secret. Open, it loses its power.

5.208. Wise, who reads it daily from beginning to end, is gradually acquiring success in yoga. He attains liberation.

5.209. This knowledge must be set out holy men, eager to release. The success achieved by the practice.

5.210. Content that has timeless feelings, even as a householder, but not absorbed by his obligations, the yogi achieves liberation …

5.211. Suppose he does Japa prescribed manner. The property and the conditions of life of a householder is not an obstacle for the success.

5.212. If he is not bound to his wife and children and practicing Yoga in secrecy, following my teachings, then he is already happy.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, one of the most powerful mantras are shown. It is advisable to carry out an interesting visualization division mantras on different parts of the body, which also leads to increased awakening mantra. Here we read about the corresponding ritual – Tripura Bhairavi, which facilitates the execution of the awakening of mantra. There is also mention of the principle of secrecy. The mantra should be repeated. You can indefinitely create favorable conditions, but without the long and persistent repetition she will wake up. The passage shows a sign of remarkable ability, which becomes the practitioner. The number of repetitions – is many hundreds of thousands of times, the time it sometimes takes years.

And traced the impact of the mantra, which we have already said – the influence of our karma and eliminate the negative aspects, positive reinforcement, purchase beautiful properties. Then this mantra gives more spiritual aspect. From the material, it leads a person to the spiritual, and then make it like the manifestation of the supreme deity, then, as a manifestation of the Absolute. And, finally, to a state of transcendent Absolute, which we can not say anything.

Everything about how to do homa, fire sacrifice, the Tripura Bhairavi worship, worship in a triangular cave, it is the nuances, details of practices. They are like rituals. But this subtle practices that work with subtle aspects of energy and consciousness, where they play the role of a seemingly minor things – the kind of place, the smell of burnt oil, the image of Tripura Bhairavi, focusing on centers all help the awakening of mantras. All this is better to try once than a lot of talk about them. Many moments of escape.

Student: This practice do all in its entirety. Or are several practices, and each of them leads to the awakening of mantra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: in this case are very specific steps will respect the text of the Shiva Samhita. Since we are considering yoga in the broadest sense, in some texts, in some approaches, there are nuances.

The most recent. Mantra Yoga – the science is very serious. At the end it is given an indication that yoga can be engaged and ordinary householder. The Shiva Samhita and tantra yoga talk about fast methods. No matter who you are, a householder or a wandering yogi, as long as you are practicing. If you are a householder, you will not Be caught on the hooks of Maya society that lead you astray. Living a normal life is easy to get caught. We must be vigilant and not to allow thin moment make you a slave. According Anandasvami our school, it is necessary to periodically use practices outside the family circle. As if to compensate for one another, then it is the most reasonable combination. You can lead an itinerant lifestyle, but your thoughts are always about something earthly. Again, at the end of the call to ensure that the text should be read again and again. Reading this text is itself Yoga. Reading this text is a dedication.

To who did not speak to the Shiva Samhita text must be treated with respect. There are different perspective. For example the fact that the text was compiled from several other texts. It does not matter. It is important that a sacred text has come down to us from actually practicing yogis. Their purpose was – to help all living beings, and they are shared by all these intimate practices and knowledge. Honor and praise them.

This concludes our review of the text of the Shiva Samhita. These comments, I dedicate to you, Alex.

Alex: Thank you.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I hope in the future we will publish the lectures on our sites:,, So that it might help someone else. All.


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