Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 3. The practice of yoga (aphorisms 3.1-3.33).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 3. The practice of yoga (aphorisms 3.1-3.33).

Title of the lecture:

Yoga Shiva Samhita

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

the text “Shiva Samhita”.

Chapter 3. The practice of yoga.

(AF 3.1 -. 3.33).

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

 Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.

 In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: the practice of yoga guru adhikari place, pranayama, things that need to go back.

Date and place of the lecture read:

December 2006 – November 2007 Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in Moscow.

  The main text of the lecture.


 Text 3.1. The heart is shining lotus with 12 petals on them – 12 letters: ka, kha, ga, Gha on, Cha, Cha, Jha Jha, n, t, tha. Here dwells Prana, decorated with different desires, followed by the past deeds (karma), which has no beginning, and joined with Ahamkara (self-awareness).


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In this part of the text of the Shiva Samhita we come to a more particular description of the organism. Prior to that, it had the introductory part: what is the Mayan, as the Absolute appeared, whence came the yoga of knowledge, that all of us waiting on a global scale, in terms of humanity. And we are waiting for happiness, we are waiting for enlightenment, progress. And a matter of time when it will come.



Here we turn to more practical points about that, and what was actually done. But in order to do something, you have to know what you are dealing. It describes the internal structure of the person, of course, is the structure of the subtle bodies. Do you remember that we have a gross body, there is a subtle astral body and we have a causal body. Three groups of bodies.


Since the physical body is clear. Here I sit in this room and occupy this place. And I can say with regard to its thin body, where is it now? It is, of course, somehow tied to the gross physical body. To a certain extent, I can say that it takes up space in the room. On the other hand, it is in the other space, the space in the other face.


Do you remember that the universe is multifaceted, that our physical space – it’s just one facet of a more general concept of space. Or sometimes cite as an example the term Akasha – the basic concept of space. There are different facets, different sections. And here is our subtle body is in a different space in the astral space. This area coincides with a certain degree of physical, but it exists in parallel. Talking about it is extremely difficult, because it’s hard to imagine it. But each of us felt in sleep, in dreams, in memories. Where we are at this time? We are just in this space. More precisely in one of the spaces of the astral or subtle space.


Even more serious is the case with the causal body, the causal space. My causal body also has something to do with my physical body, and the same is in some geometrical point here in this room. But it is in its edges. Those. there are three planes, which represent my body.

Student: And how our bodies relate to each other?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The answer is given in the following yoga. Connected by means of prana. This kind of glue which connects. Do you remember that the source of prana is our self, our strength of personality. Prana – something barely perceptible, but she instantly transformed into what we need.

What else have connecting these three bodies? Those. physical level, the level of fine and superfine level. This so-called psychic centers or chakras. My favorite example: you take three sheets of paper and a folder to punch all the leaves. You turned booklet. Here is a function of the chakras is like that. This sophisticated centers that combine the prana addition, three groups of our bodies. There are three spaces, a corridor connecting these three spaces. That this corridor, this cross-linking – this is the chakra. Prana circulates in all directions, and thus our body exists and lives.



In the excerpt, which you announced from the Shiva Samhita describes the heart center. And given such an addition, that in the center, just there is prana, colored karma, colored by previous actions that go from life to life. Generally, the heart center in a person’s life is considered to be one of the key. All our earthly plane – it is the heart center. Who runs the fastest of our school life and achieves higher levels of existence? Those who opened the heart center. You can not be sufficiently developed intellectually or physically strong enough (accordingly, it is all the centers below the heart center or above the heart center), and it helps you or hinders. But as long as you do not balance it all in the heart center, and you will wallow in this world. Those. a key center for such a creature as a person. Arbitrarily, I can introduce you to analysts, the oligarchs, the adepts of secret intelligence that intellectually, as sometimes seems to hold the whole world in his hands. They all know, for all of the following, everything seems to be under their control. Only at the last minute everything falls apart.

On the other hand, no matter how powerful was this or that power (with a huge energy potential, power), all the superpowers, they fall apart like a house of cards at the most inopportune moment. Because there is a bias toward consciousness towards energy or that does not give perfect, does not yoga. As soon as the competent Connect gives them yoga. The key is the center of the heart center. And a huge amount of meditation is given to the heart center.


The concept of prana in all such texts as “Shiva Samhita”, “Gheranda Samhita”, “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”, it is present in two forms. Prana, as the total energy, prana and how that is related to breathing. Prana, which is associated with breathing close to the original prana, but it is as a kind of prana. Those. Prana is actually – the original prana. And there Prana Prana, ie a lower rung of the original prana, which is located in the heart center. And it is primarily responsible for the inhalation and exhalation.


There are more serious details on how this center is arranged. You read about the presence of a certain number of petals. The heart center – Chakra, sometimes represent it in the form of a beautiful lotus flower. This is a figurative representation. Any flower petals have a certain amount. In the heart center of the petals 12, and each is one or another Sanskrit letter.

What is it? This will be discussed later, when we look at each of the chakras. And now, looking more forward, I would say that is a kind of vibration or mantra that makes this or that aspect of the heart center to manifest to a greater or lesser extent. Once produced the vibration corresponding to a particular letter of the alphabet, a person experiences a particular emotional state, which is responsible for a particular area. In this case, the heart center. Those. If running a certain vibration, then we experience a particular feeling. When the original energy of the vibration is painted, and as soon as the energy of the vibration is manifested in our body, we feel a particular emotion.


Disciple: A vibration just denoted by these letters?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. Those. this is the mantra these vibrations. And in order to cause some vibration, it is necessary to appropriate mantra that includes this vibration applied. This so-called basic mantra. In its pure form, each of these letters are used rarely. Just as people rarely eat some organic food. As a rule, we eat the mixture. We do not eat pure sugar, we drink sweet tea. Similarly, the use of pure mantra is not always advisable, therefore, of the mantras fragments make up more complex structures. Just as we cook soup: a pinch of a pinch of another, along came a tasty dish. There is simply salt, or potatoes, or cabbage, it is possible of course, but it will not be a delicious soup, and individual products. Similarly, mantras. The more complex a mantra here contain these elements.

Student: As I understand it, in the meditation on the heart center is the mantra read?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. If we start this or that mantra use, which include heart center function, there is, of course, there are the basic sounds. This, in any case, the metaphysics of yoga.


Text 3.2. All modifications of Prana here can not be described.

3.3-3.5. Prana. Apana, Samana, Udana, Viana, Naga, Kurma, Krikara, Devadatta, Dzhnanandzhana – ten main types of Prana.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, consistently, to observe the narrative logic. Do you remember that we have our transcendental Self, which is connected with our bodies, through associations. And as soon as these associative connections are induced, followed by associative stretches thread of prana, which in this binding is shown as either consciousness or the energy. And energy, in turn, its own energy or prana, this thread, entering into us, she has broken into other streams. Each of which is responsible for a particular function in an organism. Just as the river is divided into a bunch of small streams, so is prana from associative communication getting into our body, broken inside.


And here you have listed a dozen of these names. Those. Prana Prana is broken in on, Apana, Samana, etc. Those. prana present in the form of prana and prana apana present in the form, etc., ie such other threads that just animate those or other functions of the body. They, in fact, supported by our body, so it does not fall apart. Prana Prana is responsible for breath, prana apana for metabolism.


In any machine, whatever it was beautiful and perfect, have the engine. Each of these Pranas – it’s like the little engine that makes everything else revolve. If the engine stops – death occurs. That is, if the flow of prana is blocked – all falling apart.

Even this remark, Prana Prana in the heart center has a large number of variations. It is clear that here we have an emotional state. We are in a particular state of mind. We feel the anger, the joy, the fear, etc. From the point of view of yoga, our state or mode of our mind, it is precisely determined by the dominant of this energy. If we prana vibrates with a painting – we feel one emotion when the other – the other. In this sense, we are hostage arise within us these energy flows. Once this flow is painted in one form, we feel rage, once painted in a different form, we experience fear, love, envy, jealousy, anger. And the man is sometimes very difficult to cope with these emotions, for the simple reason that they are in terms of energy, such as real and tangible as a handful of earth. While they were there, they have to confront with a known force.



Sometimes people say: “You are so hot-tempered. Can not you control your emotions? After all, this is just an emotion? “. Here, the term “only emotion” is the concept of a huge energy wave that is bubbling inside you, and it is just as real and tangible, like all other energy. Therefore, yoga is considered to be such a good rule that is sometimes easier emotion to prevent than to deal with it. Better to crush her on the way than to give it to manifest. And if it occurs, it is best to isolate the senses of the irritants that are not made their way outside triggers. But when you’re left alone with his emotion, that’s when her and fight. The methods can be very different. There are plenty of psycho, there are methods of raja yoga, etc. But we’re talking about the fact that, depending on what color the energy within our body is painted, we are experiencing a particular emotion.


Student: Are you saying that it is better to suppress emotion, when she on the way. How can I feel that she appears?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here I only saw the fact annoys me. I know what my reaction would be: I will rant and rave, stomp your feet, and in every way to show their displeasure. It’s like a hill. I walked to the edge and balance: just about jumping. And much easier to stay on this land, than when you have suffered down, then it has to brake harder. It is much easier to stop a wave of energy is not yet broken out and not fully permeated my being so that I was losing my mind, me already seething anger or any other emotion. I understand that now something will be, so I turn around and go the other way, drink valerian or something else I do to prevent the manifestation of his displeasure. Because previous experience shows that when you captured this wave, to cope with it then very hard.


So start scandals in families. Do you remember the position of Tantra Yoga, there is a more complex science than the science of the relationship of man and woman, when the consciousness interacts with energy. Where any scandal begin? Word for word, and on the rise. You said something offensive, you answered and said something offensive – and is swinging. Then, as time goes by, people think, “Well, I could not really silent?”. And give yourself installation, the next time will torture me, but I will keep silent and did not respond. But there comes a next time, and repeated all one to one.


So for a long time. As long as all the same comes the wisdom that is a crazy waste of energy. What a man, blinded by anger, brains switched off. He starts to say some things without thinking. So, it is much easier to knock down on the approach. The science of the relationship between man and woman – is grinding to each other, is the study of the nature of the other person, it is the knowledge of the patients point of the partner and the ability to avoid exposure to them.


Each of us is karma, and it does print. And we, for example, painfully react to some points that other people do not react in any way. But we do not consider it necessary to examine these issues from their loved ones. Lapping time – it is quite a long time. And so at this time and we can not allow these emotions, and then we must try in every way to bypass the dangerous sharp threads. Over time, as the eradication of karma, a person ceases to overreact to something that he had reacted badly. But this is not necessary and to provoke.


So as soon as we feel that is about this or that inappropriate emotion begins to emerge – we press it on its way. The question is how to crush? We have already said that there are many methods. For example, the mantra that translate the energy spectrum from one state to another. Or Pranayama. In general, all of yoga. But it is not always convenient to use them. You do not like it, but you can not say, “Wait, I’m going to do Kriya Yoga, and we’ll talk.” If you are coming some difficult negotiations, and you feel out of balance, go – breathe. People are usually smoke or start to eat much.

Disciple: Those emotions, of which you are now saying, in part, they correspond to the letters on the petals?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely, but we’ll talk about, when we start to consider in detail each of the chakras.


Text 3.6. Of these, the first five – the principal, and Prana and Apana – higher.

3.7. Prana is in the heart, Apana – in the anus, Samana – near the navel, Udana – throat, Viana moves through the whole body.

3.8. The other five functions performed: burping, hunger, thirst, yawning and hiccups.

3.9. Anyone who knows the microcosm of the body, he being free from sins, reaches the highest level.



Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The Shiva Samhita mentions 10 original varieties of prana, which support the vital functions of our body. Of these 10 Prana and Apana are of major importance. And a significant number of techniques, including pranayama, associated with the two original manifestations of prana: prana and apana with. In fact, these displays are directly opposite. Or, in other words, responsible for the opposite function.


Prana is primarily responsible for breathing, and Apana – for the metabolism, the withdrawal from the body of waste products. Man eats per day a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, drink some water. But the greatest number, so to speak, “food” we eat – it’s the air. density of air a thousand times smaller than the food and water. But breaths and we do a huge amount. Oncoming hefty sum. Another thing is the amount of oxygen absorbed.



Do you remember that very important sense in yoga. Yoga does not contradict the medicine is not contrary to physics, it is not contrary to all existing sciences today. The law of conservation of energy and unshakable yoga, as well as for physics. There is a saying: a burst, and stamped. How much you eat, so you and have physical strength to carry gravity, for example. We are your energy for the gross physical body, of course, draw through food. And so the energy of our body, to a certain extent, can be calculated as the energy food, with a few minus’s this subtle energy that comes through other channels.



Science has not yet learned to operate with here other kinds of matter and energy can not even identify them and find. But this flow of energy, the source of her there. It just supports the vital functions of our body. But the bulk of the energy – it is still food energy that we use. Of course, if you are not an advanced yogi and an ordinary person. Because if you are doing yoga for a long time, you have rebuilt the body, and, according to yoga, you eat some other forms of energy. It sounds like science fiction, but the testimonies of people who I trust completely, saying that this is the case.


So, where does the energy come from? By and large, the inside of the body passes the combustion process. We take the oxygen and take foods that can burn. It is very exaggerated, approximately. We inhale oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide. The process of oxidation. Through this process, we have to run, jump, rush. But we do not eat, and we have no power to do anything.


And imagine, if there is no oxygen? It passed to the combustion process, you need the fuel and oxidizer. Breath – a kind of food. Even at the gross physical level: we breathe oxygen. This is one of the components of metabolism. Therefore, prana, in addition to the fine esoteric aspects that modern science still knows very little, and performs a purely pragmatic, very clear and doctors and physiologists function: the supply of human food, necessary for normal functioning.

But after that, some of the carbon dioxide exhaled. Displays still a lot of unnecessary from our body. The main function for the output is Apana. Of course, at Apana broader list of features, but the general tendency of this energy – this output.


While working, we sweat. The body takes sweat through some waste products, etc. It turns out that in a certain sense, prana and apana – a first, two of the most powerful kind of primordial prana that flows to us from our Y. On the other hand, they are in opposition. And in the future you have to remember that a large number of practices it is associated with the manipulation of these two energy aspects. You make them face their foreheads or sinhroniziruesh their course, etc. You reach a completely unique results on mastering a higher flow of prana, which goes directly from your Higher Self


How to get to the original flow of prana to control it, to increase it? That manipulation of these manifestations of Prana and Apana in many practices and gives the yogi this opportunity. But it will be discussed in more detail and in detail later.


Student: To move, to do something necessary meal. But I have noticed that when you get tired, is not always the best – it’s eat. As a rule, this food is simply relieves stress.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do you remember my tight fitting that we should not take away the bread of the scientists and physicians. Yoga perfectly coexists with medicine and science, in the form in which they now exist. And a huge number of experiments on the physiology of nutrition, where all sorts of experiments are set and measured the energy balance was delivered in medicine: how come, how many leaves. And get enough repeatable results.


Of course, there are variations. Someone more rational use of food entering the body, some less. It depends on many factors. But, in general, there was a more or less materialistic picture of human life. Again, much eaten, so much energy you are.



The question arises: what to do with yoga? And here there are two trends. First, it is not entirely sane followers of yoga who shout that there is only one cosmic prana and nothing else. Others say that there is no cosmic prana, but only proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The more high-calorie foods you eat, the more energy you. These are the two extremes, they are far from the truth. In reality we are dealing with a man as with a complex system, where the main flow of energy, and I emphasize, for the average person, through food. But, as the person is engaged in yoga, he rebuilds the body and begins to use more subtle components of the energy, including those that have not yet learned even to fix.


Doctors are doing their job, and they are in their own right. And scientists in their own right. But in its own right, and yoga. Because I do not consider this a small-small influx of prana – it’s crazy. This flow is the same difference as that between the fact that the person is alive or he’s dead. If there is no flow of prana that supports the flow of energy from food, water, etc., then this system is falling apart, and the man turns into a corpse. Pranayama is just working with this small missing link. At first glance – it is a trifle, but this change makes the huge colossus of energy very differently used. But at the same time we must adhere to common sense. Yes, we derive in part from energy and food.

Student: And what of these Pranas refers to sexual energy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: more and more difficult with sexual energy. Sexual energy is easier to explain in terms of other yoga. In terms of Kundalini Yoga. In mathematics, there are different systems of reference. There Cartesian coordinate system: X, Y, Z. There are so-called polar coordinate system, spherical.



For example, ask, “Where is the city of Moscow?”, And replied: “So many degrees north latitude and so many degrees east longitude.” And there is no X, Y, Z. We do not say: “So many kilometers in height from the center of the Earth, and there are right around the corner.” We use a different system, in this case, a more convenient.

This is also in yoga. Why do so many different yogas? Could not have been one, two get along? Of course you can, you can. But it is easier to handle certain requests person other terms, from other positions. Quickly solve the required tasks.

Similarly, a sexual energy. It is much easier to explain the sexual energy from the point of view of Kundalini Yoga. But this does not mean that prana and sexual energy are not related. They are very much related. In fact, to a certain extent, this is a manifestation of the same.


Disciple: The manifestation of kundalini and prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In a certain sense, yes. We have two energies. There is a certain difficulty in interfacing different yogas. But a more detailed study, it is easy to understanding. But again, sometimes very difficult to pass from the Cartesian coordinates to spherical. Here you know that a certain number of degrees latitude north and so many degrees east longitude. And you will ask: “And what is the distance from the center of the sun?”. It is very difficult to answer. Everything revolves, everything changes.


Student: I am faced with the fact that in some texts under udana understand sexual energy. This is true?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You ask a difficult question. The very sexual energy in its essence, it is multifaceted. As soon as you feel sexy lift, you first of all reconstructed breathing mode. “Uneven breathing in love.” This is an obvious fact. Accordingly, when excited sexual energy rebuilds the action of Prana Prana. The well-known function of sexual energy: continuation of the species, as the delivery of the seed and the subsequent birth of a child. It is more a function of Apana – conclusion. Further, once a person experiences a known sexual state of mind, his metabolism is undergoing dramatic changes. In particular, reconstructed the process of digestion. And it is to a greater extent the function itself.



And say unequivocally that sexual energy is the one or the other kind of prana, we can not. Still, these species prana largely directed to maintaining life. And to maintain, in particular, and the vital organs, which are responsible for sexual energy. But by itself the sexual energy is more depth.

Student: We can say that it is from another plane?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To a certain extent, you can say so. But do you remember about the inseparable connection of sexual energy, breath energy and mind energy. And strengthen the sexual energy can be due to the other two.


It’s no secret that if a person is good practice Pranayama, it is experiencing an excess of sexual energy, which in itself is remarkable. In yoga, it is believed that if a person experiences sexual elation, it is rather a positive sign. Believe me, if a person piling problems, or if the body is tired, just in this case the function of manifestation of sexual energy is secondary or not so obvious.


But what it represents in terms of the sexual energy of yoga can be very simple answer. Sexual energy is the closest to our original energy Ya In this sense, it is like the flow of prana. But prana is directed more towards the maintenance of vital functions in our body. And its manifestation through the sexual energy – by causing something new or disclosure extension.


In Tantra Yoga is further considered this issue. In Tantra Yoga evolution measured in hours that you spend in sexually high spirits. The more hours you spend in this state, the higher you went up the evolutionary ladder.


And this, incidentally, is well in line with the karma yoga. If you have enough bad karma, then you will not have time to have sex. You will no longer care about other problems. And if you have enough good karma, then you will have to have sex to be both time and power, and desire. If you have enough good karma that you possess a great potential sexual, I am sorry for the vulgarity, if you – a giant, in this sense, then, accordingly, it suggests that your inner energy potential is large enough. And if you do study this issue and in every way, the methods of tantra yoga, you put under the control of that energy, you learn to use it more efficiently, then you surpass the most famous giants in this matter. It is only because they are taking the amount you take and the quality and quantity at the same time. But this is a separate issue tantra yoga.


Sexual energy and the power of the body, in a sense, pranic force, the force of charisma, it is responsible for what prana is very rigidly connected. Those. In this sense, it is twins. As a rule, strong personality characterized by a very strong potential in this regard. It is enough to read the biographies of all the great men, and there is an impression that they are doing it only in the morning until the evening. And surprisingly, they still have time to create something. Those. prana – is part of our primordial force that through the associative binding, comes from our self and supports all-all.





Text: 3.10. Success in Yoga are making relentless practice.

3.11. Only knowledge, reported from the mouth of the Guru is powerful and useful. Alternatively

case, knowledge is fruitless, weak and can damage health.

3.12. Anyone who listens always Guru, one attains the fruit of knowledge.

3.13. Guru – father, mother. God. It should serve as a deed, words and thoughts.

3.14. Honoureth Guru reach all kinds of goods.

3.15. Guru is worthy of all worship.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: What encourages us to yoga? Yoga encourages us to earnestly and very attentive to the words of Guru, Master. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to meet a guru somewhere on the trails of the Himalayas, it is very attentive to him, whatever he said. The issue is that you have to identify it as the Guru. That is another question. Those. you have to admit it Guru. Who knows, maybe you’re wrong. But against Guru inner voice you will not fail. Very clearly understand: here it is – the Guru.


Now, regarding the warning that only the knowledge obtained from the mouth of the Guru effectively. Everything else is less effective. The fact is that yoga, in its essence – this is not a set of techniques, it is not the practice, which is so famous for yoga. It’s something higher. This is the way to freedom. This elevation above the level of karma. This finding of non-verbal experience which words and to describe it is impossible. Therefore any technique, it can confuse the person. But if you communicate with the teacher, if you hang out with the Guru, then his words would show through this one vector. Those. every practice, every word, his explanation, they are, of course, themselves have value. How to do this or that exercise in yoga, etc. But in fact, an even greater value. This nonverbal push in the area of freedom, something that words can not convey.


Therefore, in a sense, anyway, that the Guru says. It can grind all sorts of nonsense, from our point of view, from the point of view of formal logic. We are committed to what we are now will reveal the great mysteries of the universe, and the Guru told anecdote. Funny, but in general it is somehow strange. But then pass decade, and you begin to understand that nonverbal impetus has been given to you in the form of such an uncomplicated humor wherever necessary. It is impossible for books to explain the purpose of yoga. Books – too low for this purpose. But communicating with a person who somehow you can push, so this is the main value of communicating with the Guru.



Therefore, everyone, everyone who was there with us going to India, I say, “Well you see, bow to it all, all the respect of those who justify, even if in front of you one hundred percent poor, better once again bow to a beggar than once disrespectful to treat true Guru!”. And only so. It is better to worship one hundred cheaters and do not miss the Guru.


Well, if you found the Master’s life, Guru, it is necessary to appease and please him in every way to show respect for him and listen to him. The knowledge that is given to yoga, it is non-verbal. It is beyond our normal experience. Therefore, to explain this knowledge in books is very difficult, but at the same time help books. Everything helps. It is like a finger, which indicates where to go. Any book, any yoga, any experience in yoga – a pointer to the path.



For example, you are engaged in pranayama. On the eighth day of intensive practice between the center and the Prana it has made a breakthrough took place in the central channel, and you went into samadhi for fifteen minutes. Samadhi was your titanic, colorful, awesome, it presented the world in a completely different form than you comprehend. Out of this state you quite a shock. But the goal of yoga is much higher than all these sensations. These feelings have sent, they give us the power, they stimulate to go further in this direction. But the ultimate goal is even more prohibitive. To a certain extent, all these wonderful manifestations in yoga, they, of course, wonderful, and a huge number of people to seek him. And thank God. But we should always remember that the ultimate goal of yoga is the more grandiose.



Buddha after he is enlightened, was asked: “Buddha’s enlightened you, tell us something.” Buddha just smiled in response, because he simply could not find words. And it shines through the Guru.


We, of course, the idea of the guru, it is a gray-bearded old man, the image of this. But as practice shows, sometimes the highest Guru, they were so simple in life. You could come up, pat him on the shoulder, and almost go with him to drink beer. It was so sane, so available, normal people that you begin to even wonder. And at the same time, through their behavior, words, and so on through something that is displayed on a different level. Guru that he and the Guru, we do not know in what form it will come to us. We do not know whether he will speak in the language of mathematics we have the truth, or will veer jokes. We do not know this. But if we feel that this is it, we should in every way be attentive to this. Well, listening to the eastern theme, we should make every effort to please and respected Guru.


The film was, “Formula of Love” (domestic film) there was the phrase: “If the doctor is full, then the patient is easier.” That is, if the Guru pleased with that and all other processes run faster. In the east, a Guru means not only a spiritual person, but a person bringing any knowledge of science. Initially, the concept of the Teacher – a teacher of life, but now this concept is expanded to a larger stratum of people. The word Guru became international. Now we have already became Guru in politics.


Guru – a wise veteran, a man who could in one way or another area to do something. There are more serious principle the concept of Guru. In fact, the guru – is neither more nor less, your teacher in the form of the Absolute. Absolute extraordinary. Absolute everywhere, and whatever. And by his grace he begins to teach. Why is the mercy? Yes, because he has no motivation to teach us, but only the mercy of it! He wants us to happiness, good, wishes us to freedom


So, by and large, we learn from the Absolute. Taught by everything that surrounds us:

through walls, through pictures, through everything. We, however, do not always understand it. We easier when us speak our own language. Therefore, Guru is not just a man. It is the Absolute, who communicates with us and come to us in human form.


We must remember and understand that if you feel the Guru, then you have to treat it, no more, no less, as the most Absolute, who came to teach you. Birds chirp, possibly in their own language, we are tweeting Shiva Samhita. But we do not understand the language. Or this car drove by, and the message brought by the Absolute. But what message? While we have not opened their minds to understand.


And when we speak human language, it is easy to understand, it is the grace of the Absolute has reached to such an extent that he took human form and begins to talk to us. And once you have understood it, that through this man with you speaks the Absolute, and this opinion. To throw out of his sight all the remaining cases. So he went to the toilet, not that vid. Sometimes people say: “Why, he Absolut, and eat and drink like a normal person.” Cut out this from his perception. It’s all an illusion, maya. Like a dog, I felt a trace, it takes away all the other smells, is on the trail. Similarly, a person who met the Guru, should cut off the rest. Here it is, the Absolute, and nothing else! Only it works.


Rama Krishna have a very wonderful story on this subject, and I want her to tell. There was once a great teacher of life, there were many educated students around him. And so it came to a peasant (many variations of this story is, I’m telling you about now!), Too uncouth. Guru looked at it and said, well, he does not know anything, let him come after some amount of time. Time passed, and the peasant went back to the Guru. He had to cross the river, and the river began to flood the boat sailed away, but the student-farmer so rushed to the teacher that is literally on the water crossed the river. He came to the Master, and all wondered how he achieved such ability that he could go to the river water? The student went to the teacher and said that he waited so long to meet him, that he could not come. “Will you teach me now?”. The teacher, a little shocked by this act, asked him how he reached such a capacity? The student said he did not know nothing, no exercise did, mantras do not know, he just kept repeating every day the name of the Master, like a mantra, and eventually, the veil of ignorance fell from his eyes, and he found that ability. And the Master thought, “If this uncouth peasant, only repeating my name, reached such heights, what I can achieve ?!”. The teacher went to the river and began to chant his name numerous times, jumped off the boat and drowned.



Here’s a hint of the bike, which many facets of teacher-student relationship is characterized.


And once again, that the attitude of the East to the Guru is sacred! We almost do not. If there is, it often manifests itself in some marginal orgies. Often I hear, for example, as we have in some wilderness appeared teacher, gathered around a sect, students beat him bowing generally smacks marginalschinoy. We in the West there was such a picture: “This is a despot Teacher! All around him with bows, spineless creep, but he manages other people’s souls. ” In general, I can not say, perhaps, somewhere in the east and has been skewed, but this situation is far from the truth. Guru is very sane people, and the funny thing is that they do not need anything. They do not need our worship, do not need no power, no money, nothing. And the fact that they sometimes manage with offerings strange, strange behave, then we can not judge (if it’s a real Guru, and that is full of all sorts of marginal personalities). The situation of personal perception. It can not meet the commission and say that this is Guru, and Guru is not. For each person has his own perception of the channel open. If you through the man opened the knowledge of the truth, then he is the Guru for you, and for another, it may be, his words about anything, it is not a guru for him. So, if you are thinking to India, remember our lecture and do not miss his Guru.




Text: 3.16. Faith, self-control and persistent practice – that’s the key to success.

3.17. He who indulges in sensual pleasures, has no faith, deprived

reverence to his Guru, is present on the disorderly gatherings, surrenders

false and vain disputes, cruel in his speeches – he will never reach


3.18. The six conditions are necessary for the success of faith, constancy, reverence to the Guru,

general spirit of unity, restraint of feeling and moderate diet.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There are a list of a list. Here we have in mind, who are suitable for Yoga. You see it every day, hundreds of people who walk through the city. There are, for example, a very fine line where you see people, and where you see animal. But in fact, this face is very vague between man and animal. There are wild people, and they have too many habits of the animal. There are animals that exhibit intelligence to a large extent, solve complex problems, and to call them unreasonable, even do not dare. Sometimes it seems that it is intelligence that has evolved differently. So, if we look at people, we think that all the same. It really resemble each other. But the moment someone is engaged in yoga, who is interested in spiritual matters. And someone quite indifferent to them, and what’s more, all this gives them a sharp boredom, protest and other negative emotions when trying to obtain knowledge. Under the human form concealed totally different soul. And unlike karma, that is, the prehistory of man. How long will he do in the human body.


Especially in yoga, there is a line of thought that the soul passes a series of transformations, starting with the most primitive. And if the life of the task is completed, the form of existence of change, and so we come to the human form. If we look from the point of view of Consciousness and Energy, and our school is a basic yoga Anandasvami key points in their lifetime increased consciousness and energy, the subsequent incarnation is more complex. What accumulated Consciousness and Energy, as we have in the next birth. In general, we all go on ascending stairs. Primitive beings, animals, highly organized animal, primitive people, people with the beginnings of intelligence, all the formations of society, and finally, we come to the modern man.

Sometimes the question arises, as the ancient people different from modern humans? The question is not correct. Because in ancient society were people of the soul, which are far superior to their evolutionary ladder of the average person. At the same time there were people who were much more primitive. Hence arose the slave society. Where did the slaves? The slaves took it from the fact that some of the soul is very little different from the animals, the most primitive needs and the most ferocious manners. And someone else is trying to use this power. Next, the situation has changed, and in the bodies of slaves were born soul vysokoprosveschennye, but the circumstances of their suppressed. But as soon as those circumstances outweighed some facet obtained rebellion and so on. If a free soul enters the body of a slave, it is a matter of time when this slavery reset. Sometimes by excruciating pain.


And the downside is very scary when inexperienced soul, not developed to give birth in a high family, for example, among the aristocracy. Probably, therefore, the Roman Empire collapsed. Actually the rest of the empire, which literally fell apart, decompose – is the result of the fact that the soul is born in the evolutionary undeveloped rulers families.

 Student: It turns out – is exchanged by the law of karma? At first the man was a slave owner of a slave, then he became a slave?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, absolutely not. This primitivism is not a question of black or white. It is a matter of status. Today you are you, and you have a whole farm of pigs and chickens, and you take control over it, but that does not mean that you will become a chicken, and chicken to your master in the next life. This means only one thing, the more Consciousness and Energy, the more power. One thing is how this power can be used. It can be used to cause harm, and then really sometimes accumulates so much negative karma that can be obtained after the body of a pig in the next rebirth.


The main tenet of yoga – this is the principle of nonviolence. What never, under any circumstances, do no harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary. If you’re a hunter, and produce their own food on a piece of food, but if you’re just for the fun of killing innocent animals, respectively, the fruits will be quite different. The law of karma in that respect are absolute.


So, in the human body there are very different souls. Walk down the street, looks like all the same, wearing civilian clothes, but if you dig deeper, all at different stages of evolution. And it can be seen only by aspiration, by preference a person. We do not have this ability to see a person karma. It’s a mystery, and it is closed.



But to a certain extent, you can keep track of who the person in a previous life, and how high he rose through its interests in this life. If a person comes to me with burning eyes and says he wants to learn yoga, then it is almost certain that in a previous life he was involved in spiritual development. At the same time, when we start talking to people about the virtues of yoga, and they do such a sour expression on his face, it only indicates that they are still inexperienced in this matter. They had no experience with which to compare. For example, the prospect of simply have a good time, giving the sense gratification, is more preferable to them than yoga. So here it is said, who is the appropriate person.


The very first quality, this is Faith. Consider the narrow specialization of yoga. Although the same can be tracked by occupation, even somewhere on the philosophical and religious movements, and so on. I know people who have raved about since childhood, Christianity, and now they are gone fully into this world, something they have achieved. In the sense that they have reached their there. Definitely, that such a rapid jump the rapid, due to the fact that these people in the past lives of these ideas were close. When we are born, we have the memory of the previous life does not remain, the experience in this life, we have not yet been, but we believe in something higher, in fact, that we can not express in words. This is higher and makes us search for that doctrine which we close. We are told: “Surely you believe that yoga – a really strong, powerful heritage?”. And technically, logically, it is very difficult to justify their point of view, because you first need to know the whole yoga. And in order to know, it is necessary to examine all. And we have not learned it yet, and we have arguments, but we still believe. This property is like a magnet that pulls us.



Faith, it is generally a thing groundless. When we come to some logical conclusions, this one, we have the facts. With the same faith differently. We sometimes do not have any logical supports, but we still believe. This is one of the qualities that distinguishes a person suitable for yoga, which is already engaged in this life or to make a breakthrough.


Self-control. Life is full of all sorts of interesting things. And so, if the soul is tempted, she realizes that the solution is not always the closest ONE WAY. Cat throw a piece of food, and she will throw him in a straight line, not realizing that on the way there is some trap or danger. Wolf prey show, he did not throw the bait, he controls himself, knows that they can be placed traps, and they can get. He then avoids all the traps, and your ram is still zagryzet. It takes self-control. He would not give his emotional impulses move.



In yoga, not all at once quickly given, and it is necessary to work and sweat. Therefore, self-control, self-discipline – this is essential! You outlined a goal, and then think how to achieve it. All other factors distracting you, trying to somehow embarrass, but you control yourself. This quality also speaks of sophistication of the soul. All were in their early births are very impulsive, inconsistent, but then getting a negative result, we have developed a quality control is yourself. This quality, of course, goes to our new birth, and this quality is also suitable for yoga.


Stopping the practice. There is no longer describes the quality as well as the purpose or means. Here no comment. We can get all karmically produce any body whatever reason. Karma – it is a fun thing. If it is forced in the ancient heart of the great king get into the body of the slave, the slave, overcoming all obstacles, again returned to their status. So who knows what our karma? Sometimes our very evolved soul with a very big potential of Consciousness and Energy, but falls in adverse conditions. Something much we have not done so karmically. It is necessary to rectify the situation and we have to work very hard to bring the body, mind, to the point that our. We have to meet resistance, which must suppress systematic work. This quality is very important, or even a slight karma can get in the way.

Text: 3.17. He who indulges in sensual pleasures, has no faith, devoid of reverence to his Guru, is present on the disorderly gatherings betrayed false and vain disputes, cruel in his speeches – he will never succeed.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here’s how to antikachestva. We must be realistic. Yoga – a very powerful teaching. Indeed in one life can solve all the problems. But there is a caveat. When the soul is not developed, that is karmically young, it’s not so bad. But when the soul is developed, and from one life to go in a circle, this translates into the fact that such a soul accumulates negative karma. And in the next life it is manifested as here such negative manifestations.


Student: What do you mean?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are people whose position is this: eat, drink, be merry and do not bother with nonsense. Their whole life is aimed at satisfying their whims. Because other purposes have not. Every sensual desire, the more satisfied they – this is a powerful boost. But these people who give these sensual desires without knowledge leads to more rapid loss of effort and their degradation. At the same time, we recall that there is Tantra Yoga, there is sensual pleasure only reinforce the practice. But it is negotiated separately. It also describes a warehouse of human nature, which is not involved in anything, not interested in anything, and all his thoughts are focused on how to feel good in the sensual plane. Eat, sleep and so on. When these requirements are met, the born thinner layers, more subtle ways whim, such as pate from nightingale tongues, and so forth.

 Student: But the taste, feeling they did not flat out in the plan of people? Feelings become thinner when they focus? If you play on the faces of the senses and choose the best, then yes, but if you will tend to saturation of these feelings, the development would not be?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course! Here, the main point is not whether you meet their sensory needs, and in fact if you are a slave of the senses. This is where something opposed to self-control. If you are a slave of feelings, then they lead you further and further. It is sometimes compared to a ship in full sail, but without a rudder. The wind blew – the ship in the same direction shall be, in the other direction will blow – and there it shall be in full sail. At the same time, self-control – it’s the same ship that sails under the influence of the senses, but it is very clear and strictly controlled by the captain, who did not allow the crashes. Sometimes yogis are trying to present how these crackers that nothing human is not close. Machines completely devoid of emotions and preferences, and so on. This is utter nonsense! Simple yoga they control their feelings, and where they are not relevant, they simply do not show. And the exact opposite – it is when a person is a slave to his senses. When he could not hold back.



It does not faith. Another is a very serious karmic legacy or innocence. If you are past life I was a dog or some animal, and born a man, then you do not have faith in something transcendent, immaterial. Your belief in cash in specie, in a piece of meat. Faith in something tangible or how these people say, into something real. These people are sometimes mockingly refer to any kind of spiritual punishment. They say, “Oh, this is something sky-high, it is necessary to actually stand on the earth.” Yoga agree with them. Yes, really, really have to stand on the ground. But you know this, as the anecdote, about the tops and roots. In any plant should be tops and roots. If there is no inches, then your vegetation mercantile-material, it will create more problems than happiness.



Equal to all this the real world. This, is precisely such a revelation of yoga that the real world – a reflection of the Absolute creation. This is the Absolute. There Shiva, Consciousness, and there are Kali – an embodiment of this world. All that we see around us – this is a manifestation of the Absolute, but in real time.



Lack of faith in the soul there is still quite unsophisticated, who had no time even to make sure that is the highest. But this awareness comes only for a succession of events that make you think that there is something higher. It is clear that in the next life you are born with this feeling of faith, if you did not have such a possibility, it is just empty words for you. Sometimes the situation is different. When you have a bad negative karma, you are all deceived in one life, and then you just do not believe anyone in the other life, you are afraid of being cheated. Why? Yes, because you yourself came up with these rules of the game. If you are cheated, they can deceive you, and you in this life will always face this. If you’re not cheating, you will come across this not, in fact, do you even know about it will not be that this is possible. Most good karma, when you just do not know about the existence of a negative. So, if you are in a life doing negative things, then in the next life comes suspicion, lack of faith, which clipped wings in yoga. Lack of faith blocks consciousness, does not allow him to open up in full.


Deprived of reverence to his Guru. It is a sacred subject. It must be confessed, is not revered Guru. Sometimes even in India formally honored, but do not believe the soul.


Why is this happening? Because that is not relevant to the Guru as a manifestation of the Absolute, but as a real person. Hence, there is distrust and backlash. The funny thing is that faithful disciple who sees in their devotion to his guru, even a person who is not a guru and he would like primagnichivaet Absolute manifest itself through this man. And whatever the man, the Absolute begins to manifest itself.


Faithful people who believe in the Guru, even if the random type, it is my belief primagnichivaet Absolute. Absolute communicates with us wherever we are asking is communication. Talk to us in a language that we understand. And in this sense, oddly enough, it is not a Guru, the case in the pupil.



I quite often watch the situation in Moscow, where students first come to full faith in Master, this recovery last, in a spiritual sense, they grow, and then, apparently, bad karma disciples works themselves, and at some point they stop believing Teachers, who a year ago was worshiped. They begin to pick holes in it, human signs. And this educational chain is broken. There is a saying: “The King makes the suite.” That is if the student sees in man the Master, the Absolute itself climbs in his appearance and begins to talk to you. As soon as you stop to see in person the Master, the Absolute cease to communicate through it. Therefore, it is better to worship hundred crooks and do not miss one of them teachers.


Of course, everything should be common sense. Do not rush to the first comer rogue who teaches in a turban and life, do not immediately rush blindly believe him and worship. But if suddenly you are born faith, you feel that something higher comes, and even if everything they say, that he rascal, sank his teeth into the man and hold him. Otherwise, this weak thread breaks. And who knows if the Absolute mercy will be manifested more through someone else.

 Student: If it is the Guru, he is the Guru for all or for someone individually?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We are now parse character traits of individuals that are not suitable for yoga. I am paraphrasing the eastern proverb: “seeing, seeing teachers everywhere, not seeing, not to see it, even if it will meet with the nose.” It all depends on our willingness to accept and hear the higher knowledge. As far as we accept God in the soul, as far as we accept the Absolute in his own world. If we accept, believe me, he will find a way to come to us. If you do not accept, then at least the most greatest of the great Yoga adepts who from the Himalayas to you will arrive in the lotus position, you will once again say that it is David Copperfield (the famous, popular magician, illusionist) to you has arrived and shows you tricks.



Of course, there is the negative side of this policy. This is a huge number of charlatans who want to cut down the money, the theme of something rewarding. Declare yourself a great yoga teacher, and let you to come to bow disciples, and you do puja. Common sense will tell you right away that way and what is wrong, but loyalty above. And Guru – it’s not just a man, not just where the honored master of yoga, which is a manifestation of the Absolute. If you do not shine – it means not a guru, but it is possible that the Guru is not for you. Maybe it’s you caught up in his negative karma, ran nose to the teacher and did not see it. It is better to consider the case.


Sometimes I hear some Lyapkin-Tyapkin teaching, students worshiped him, and if I hear that his teaching is not dangerous to humans and is not my duty to stop its activity, then I am inclined to interpret his words as my stupidity. That is, I do not understand it the highest of words. But if it is my duty to resist and dot all the all the letters of the alphabet, then I start very well, consistently fulfill their duty. Because this person can make a thousand people on the wrong track. Now it all the time. These practices cleansing: mash tail bat, add a pinch of even some of shit, and it’s every day to eat a meal. Yes, God knows what sort of ingredients! And all this is presented as truth, and everyone should do it without fail. That’s nonsense, that is! Doctors who have worked all my life in this post, sometimes do not know what will be the consequence of even proven things, much like that in these books is written with the obligatory indication of the application, it is a danger.


I had a friend, a very famous physician. For ten years he slept and saw his own hands strangle one healer in our country for the very reason that it came to his followers, having read his books. Begins, and God knows what complications purchased. And it is only those who came to him, and who did not come! Therefore, if it is your duty to fight such false Guru, you have to fight, but if in doubt, it is best to respect his doubts to his bad karma. So safer.



Present on disorderly gatherings. This is generally a theme party people (excuse the slang). Different people: is that just knocking around without a goal, there is a more complicated version of Karma, is when people stagger from one school to another yoga. The most thankless part of those who come to practice yoga. Sense from these students is no, but they require attention to the maximum. In our school there Anandasvami yoga teaching school, and such a person comes to class once or twice, put on the ears of everyone and everything, and then just as suddenly disappear. He was tempted. Some even collect the entire list: public schools, they studied and so on. They go everywhere, roam, nowhere to stay, so to spend on such people power is simply not reasonable. They have a kind of karma that does not allow them to approach to yoga.

And why they have this karma? They have earned it, and in no hurry to get rid of it. If you see the so-called party-goers, know the use of them is not enough. And you have knowledge they can not be conveyed, and the further they did not suffer. And even for the false guru is a headache, they do not bring the money to him. They always manage to find a discount. This is a novelty for them, a good time. But, unfortunately, these people are not suitable for serious yoga, as the Shiva Samhita.



Disciple: How do we know this?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Experienced fact. Living conditions have changed, and the relationship shower at different levels have not changed. Now the rules have changed, but the essence has not changed, it is still some soul less developed, some – more developed. Therefore, people who are too often run across from school to school, too much everywhere are learning, they are suspicious.


In Soviet times there was such a term – flyers. They tend to change often work, moving from place to place. Where would not work, but would not work. That yoga is the same thing. I now remember that Anandasvami welcome in our school that you attended, and other activities, and really to teach the mind to reason that other people worthy, but that it was not to the detriment of knowledge that you can get inside the school. Moreover, I myself will extend to the other currents, other teachers of spiritual practices, because I understand that it is impossible to grasp the immensity, and somewhere will present some things in a more expanded version, than we will examine here.


It attaches false and vain disputes. This is such a stratum of people who all argue. They need an audience. They sometimes get involved in any dispute not because they want to find out something, or conversely, to defend their point of view, but simply the process gives them pleasure, adrenaline in the blood is ejected. He comes in, he starts to philosophize, argue and argue from morning till night, quite convincingly. But all this is tedious.


As a rule, these people are well developed intellectually. Here is a very interesting combination of karma, they have a lack of confidence, lack of faith and a fairly strong intelligence, and at the same time, exclusion and loneliness. Bad karma, they have no one to talk to, well developed intellect, they see all over the trick, think that they want to cheat. As a rule, if that’s so in a clean place a person has such suspicion and distrust, it is said that he was in a past life, probably something so doing negative, which is now on its all measures the yards. The fact that we know about the existence of any negative, already tells us that we have negative karma. We include criminal chronicles, and it says that bum bum stabbed or fought for a bottle of vodka. The fact that we see that we are aware of these events, even if we do not confront them physically, the fact that this tells us is that we have enough negative karma. These are echoes of the game that once we have imposed this world.


Student: That is, people are drawn to see the criminal chronicle, chanson listen?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, they can not miss a day without the news. It’s their rules of the game, it wont last life, they are drawn to it. This is a bad sign. I certainly enjoy reading “Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson,” is one thing, there is of course also a crime, but there are greater things exciting. And when I see today’s realistic figures show business, where it is important to show anyone who broke the skull, anyone who killed and so on, who do you want to watch?



Cruel in their speeches. The word gives life. Word supports, the word kill. Any word – it is distorted ancient mantra. Thank God that distorted if it has a direct effect, that every time you have sent someone to the back and walked. Because of our karma confusing, and now we can already send all anywhere without consequences. But there are people who think like them, do not do evil things, but the language they weave! Even among yogis there are people with a mind like a cute, smiling, but the poisonous tongue. Notes release or outright malicious attacks or gossip. This is a very negative karma.


If you are confronted with this, even if people who claim that they do yoga, you should know there is the effect of negative karma is very significantly inhibits spiritual development. All people who are engaged in a truly in terms of yoga, it is not that busy, it simply is not interested in discussing anyone, they do not even think.


As soon as the evil language, with comments, remarks, it means that a man devours itself, its energy dissipates. Why? Because yoga is not engaged. Ahimsa principle: a single word, and nothing else, you must not harm a living creature unless absolutely necessary. Again, someone sometimes it is necessary to send, shout, so that he listened to something. If this is your duty.


The six conditions are necessary for success: faith, persistence, respect for the Guru, the spirit of common unity, restraint of feeling and moderate diet. It lists all what we will talk. But adding another food. Power yoga are paying attention. As we remember, the bearer of our karma is our body. Tablets, which recorded our every action, they are not stored there somewhere in the heavens, they are stored in us, in our coarse, physical body, and in the subtlest. Each scar and imprint on it says a lot, and that he draws a future event. And if you want to get rid of negative karma, you have to clean, remove all inappropriate, you thus cleans even your physical body. Figuratively speaking, you have to throw away the dirty particles and clean put in their place. Where to take from, if you do not have the power, or it is not balanced and immoderately? Nutrition is very serious in yoga.


Text: 3.19. Practice should be in accordance with the method specified Guru.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a very clear story, the wise. We are all individual. And when you come to the Guru, and he sees your condition, you trust the Guru, and he tells you what to do. So you should first do what he says, and then to rely on all the books. Guru is more visible, and the roads that lead you to different targets. Sometimes an external view opposite. Most of the oral instructions should be read student in primary form. Only then what you read in books or smart vaguely heard on the radio or TV. Even in the Shiva Samhita, which is a gift of the Lord Shiva, the highest manifestation of the Absolute, even here states that all its charter. All schools of yoga came from a single source. They differ in some details, according to some practitioners, and it makes no sense to compare them. The question is, in the first place, stick to their own, only to then see something on the sides.


 Text: 3.20. Let the Yogi go to a good and pleasant secluded spot, making

bed of Kusa grass, there will Padmasana, and begin to practice Pranayama.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: place – such a thing as essential as food. It is difficult to achieve serious results if the wrong place. Especially if you start to practice. Smell unpleasant, noise, inconvenience, many factors that will distract you. Load and so when doing yoga large and foreign factors will also be annoying. In addition, there is another factor, no less important, it will be further illuminated, – the principle of secrecy.


Doing yoga, you have to build your universe with its rules of the game. Thus karma works. And not to unwittingly impose their rules of the game around, let them even the best rules, but if the environment is not ready for them, it will begin to perceive these rules in arms, so to a certain extent, you have to isolate yourself from others. And then your inner process of transformation will go much faster. Any alien presence, during practice, to a certain extent, eats. The place must be suitable. Mentioned grass Kusa, notorious, litter from Kusha grass. On the exterior, a cane-reeds. In modern conditions there is a need in this litter, I do not know. Well, zealous adherents discharged himself from India mats of grass Kush, but the reality shows, the most important thing – practice.


So it is written that he would prepare a place and be engaged in pranayama. Here, right off the bat! If, for example, even in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali we hear that the above are the well, niyama, asana, pranayama, and only then. Here it is assumed that you have accepted the asana, sitting in the proper position with your back straight, and then immediately began to practice Pranayama. In general, I would say, this approach is hard enough. That’s why all of these conditions, such as the right place, the right pupil, they are very significant.


Student: And how consistent the story in the Shiva Samhita? I’ve once read, there are repeated pieces?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Evil tongues say that the Shiva Samhita is not from the beginning to the end of a single text, and is a collection of different texts, even different styles of writing, and other parameters. Anything can happen! I admit. This can be a very simple explanation is that sometimes, one branch of yoga gave a lot of branches. And these long parallel branches there, and then someone decided to unite them again. And as a long time in the separate existence of these branches of some of the lost so that when assembled into a single school here these pieces, we got such a text. But, to make it a completely new, it take more courage to rewrite the basis of their understanding. Therefore, probably came easier. Saved pieces collected and pooled. So will these topics be repeated more than once. Do not be surprised. Thank God that even though it preserved. Even with these more ancient texts, such as, for example, the Vedas, there is this kind of mess. Although the Vedas, is much more common texts, rather than “Shiva Samhita”.



Text: 3.21. Keep the body straight, with hands joined for prayer, that he welcomes the guru and patron saints.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: In our school of yoga Anandasvami you remember, there is a ritual worship of cloud schools, it is analog. All yogis who practice yoga, no matter where they live, if they adhere to this common aspirations for the truth, they are bound by invisible ties, invisible bonds. The nature of these relations is very subtle and difficult to interpret, even, is not that in awareness. This is primarily associative links, on which is built the whole world is maya. And by the factor of what you remember about the Flame of their teachers, you can not help stretching the thinnest thread of prana, through which you get protection, support, instruction, Ward. Therefore, any yoga class begins with a mental reference to yoga teachers.


Student: What is the mercantile sense in this appeal to teachers of yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, let’s just stupid to start doing yoga, without any introductions. This was a very deep meaning, it is a very profound energy, subtle, incomprehensible. We’ve learned that here if the wind blew or something fell, something is energy. But this rough energy, but it is weak. A subtle energy force, and the wind blowing to the right place, and will strengthen the yogic process. But just in case you asked. No one in your life against your will will not break. The first step should be ours, we must turn to the teachers, to the Absolute. As the saying goes, take a step, and you will make a thousand steps forward.






Text: 3.22. Breathe alternately left and right nostrils, holding the air in the breath as long as possible.

3.23. Breathe slowly and calmly.

3.24. Do Kumbhaka (delay) to 20 times in a row.

3.25. It should be practiced four times a day: at dawn, noon, sunset and midnight.

3.26. After three months of daily sessions Nadi will be completely cleared.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a rather serious subject – practice. Prior to this, we have considered the foundation of what yoga in the tradition of Shiva Samhita. As that was happening, that both interact, and who comes to practice, and who is not. And now it has specific exercises Shiva Samhita.


A huge number of books, which are now written on pranayama, it is an attempt to interpret what we will continue to be considered. This has a positive point that even in such an indirect way to reach the people of knowledge Shiva Samhita. But there is a negative point, because everyone understands in his own way these practices. And the practice of pranayama, as we understand it, is not the simplest of yoga, so this sometimes turns out nonsense. This is also the negative karma of man, when he quickly decides to write a little book, publish it, said that he was then a master in yoga. We need to be careful for this huge number of books that come out now, especially in pranayama. Often there are inconsistencies. And in general, there is a tendency in such classics – to read the classics, read the primary sources. In this sense, the Shiva Samhita is the original source! True translators here too badly trampled, and then there are some pitfalls. The texts of all come translated from Sanskrit into English, and rarely when in other European languages, and then from English into Russian. Double translation. You know, what this means?


There is a computer program, the translation of one language into another. Wiser if these programs do not know, but a couple of years ago it was one of the most fun activities, to translate the text, here. English to Russian, Russian to English. I’ll tell you, produced masterpieces without each other any sense. The question of translation – the key issue. Translators not. Some detectives were transferred yesterday, and today took up the Shiva Samhita. This is scary! They do not know the tradition, do not know the story, do not feel the text. Moreover, there is the method of splitting the text on the energies of the mantra, the mantra of Consciousness and the name of the mantra.


Text: 3.22. Breathe alternately left and right nostrils, holding the air in the breath as long as possible.

3.23. Breathe slowly and calmly.

3.24. Do Kumbhaka (delay) to 20 times in a row.

3.25. It should be practiced four times a day: at dawn, noon, sunset and midnight.

3.26. After three months of daily sessions Nadi will be completely cleared.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here we see the description of the first exercise, the key word – a delay – kumbhaka. The rather rigid schedule.



When you live in the nature, under the open sky – it is a natural way of life, and can be performed four times without too much stress on the body. If you live in the city, it is all the negative factors, coupled together, are not allowed to fully engage in this rate. Dirty air, improper food, a huge amount of stress, the inability of our homes. In India, the better in this respect. There, under every bush and you have a table and a house where you have built a bamboo hut and live in the lap of nature. We have, unfortunately, the conditions are more severe, cold rooms are expensive to build, respectively, a large density of people, lack of forethought ventilation. Now we have all the conditions in the apartments, even some time ago – it was a rarity, that is, there should be very clearly understood that all the provisions given in the Shiva Samhita, they suggest that you lead an appropriate lifestyle.



I meet a lot of people who try to reproduce the Shiva Samhita is at your own risk in urban areas, in the conditions of modern civilization, as a rule, they are immediately faced with negative consequences, I have about it is repeatedly said that the processes at pranayama strong enough and quite unpleasant. So, people are starting to deal with, as it is written in the texts, and the lack of a short time, 2-3 months. Then begin emotional problems, not to mention karmic problems, because as soon as you start to attract more prana – the karmic processes are faster, respectively, comes the karma, which should come. But if before she came slowly, but now it’s pressed, and it is rushing a continuous succession.


This is a huge amount of negative factors negates the, at times, attempts to deal with, as it is said in these texts, but they are adjusted recommendations. Indeed, a man who devoted himself to yoga, rebuilt body, sooner or later comes to the alignment of that is to say, but it is necessary to come in view of their personal capacities. If you just try to drive yourself to this rhythm, then usually you will not get results.


Text: 3.22. Breathe alternately left and right nostrils, holding the air in the breath as long as possible.

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is understood that the delay – this is kumbhaka. What happens in this case? At the same time, we somehow made our three bodies: gross (physical), the subtlest (reason), they are all connected with glue prana. And this glue prana provides a bridge between, say, emotional state and physiological processes. It’s no secret, the person who has a good, cheerful mood – higher immunity. So svyazka- is prana. Prana in the strongest of its manifestations in the human body is present, as breathing. How does prana for oxygen, strictly speaking, the process of breathing is tuned to the vibration of prana and oxygen is not made to do breathing movements, the energy comes from this source of prana.



I mean subtle energy, oxygen does not go around for the life of the body, prana to perform a variety of functions for setting up the body, respectively, if we begin to whip these processes rhythmic breathing, alternately, we would like this force the machine to rotate with the desired speed. Here the philosophical principle of duality, where left, right nostril, alternately you breathe, you start to activate that any one process, other processes, alternately.


That is, here we meet with this notion, as a cycle, such as a kind of harmonious action, in this case, the air we breathe in and out. So if we teach himself to inhale and exhale with a known frequency, then all the gears of our body, which some years was not turned and overgrown with dirt and dust, they slowly begin to rotate. That is our body, its some channels, some functions due to the fact that we did not use them, entered a thick layer of mud, and the rhythmic actions allow this dirt to remove, only due to the fact that we are trying our best to propel . It’s just like rusty item once barely cranked, then easier and easier.


And here it is not so much in the inhaled and exhaled air, as in the concept of prana flow. And the influx of prana – this thing is associative. We are largely related to the law of association, so all the processes that take place inside of you during the occupation of this alternate breathing kakie-to images, sensations – they play a major role, because they are linked associatively with the currents and energies with those gears that support all of our body together. Therefore, the images in my head that occur when practicing pranayama, are very important, just as important to a pleasant feeling of harmony within yourself. Here in this case, given the alternate breathing exercise, and note any rigid setting yet still here, just breathe and delays. Why? Because they can not give the same, it is not possible to say how you will clean dirty engine that you have never seen. You know that there is mud, but where? Where a chink, then where is the chink?


Text: 3.23. Breathe slowly and calmly.

3.24. Do Kumbhaka (delay) to 20 times in a row.

3.25. It should be practiced four times a day: at dawn, noon, sunset and midnight.

3.26. After three months of daily sessions Nadi will be completely cleared.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And given such a figure. The first figure – the number of times it is necessary to do 20 times per set and 4 sets a day, morning, evening – day and night, at midnight – when everything stops, and in the afternoon – when on the contrary all active. That is, four key points when our body undergoes, because our body also works in cycles: the night sleeping in the daytime awake. The activity of the body decreases as we go to sleep, deeper and deeper, and conversely, increases as we wake up more and more. Here are the main points in these critical, just given pranayama to correct cornering how to work the body. That is the most favorable times. Inside our body there is a cycle, and is the most favorable point in time exposing it. It was during this time and it is necessary to practice pranayama, because less effort is achieved better results.


Text: 3.26. After three months of daily sessions Nadi will be completely cleared.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Three months – quite a long time and only a small period of time. It is no secret that a large number of diseases inside comes from the pollution of internal channels, nadi, from which a person over a lifetime can not get rid of. And then in just three months that’s a great result.

From this figure? The figure – a precedent that is, in history there have been cases. This, of course, does not mean that every yogi who begins to engage, he too will purify nadi. Why? Because depending on how much it will regularly and honestly perform the exercises, which will be on how much the conditions for implementation. Well, you see, is not too small, it is tempting enough and this thing tells us that yoga is no limit. Will seriously address – quickly reach results. You’ll slowly deal with, respectively, the result may come not so fast.


Student: Well, somewhere around two months. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A little less unlikely. Probably named the smallest period. Still, you remember, the relationship to the texts of the following: all that said, if it is not the interpreter error, and if it is the wrong interpretation because different interpretations of some moments, it is necessary to understand it properly. If told that two months, two months, but the three – then three. So, there was a precedent, when for three months the person performing honestly, prepared his nadi channels.



Text: 3.27. Then the yogi freed from its weaknesses and be able to start the first stage of the practice of Yoga called arambha.

3.28. The following features characterize those who Nadi cleaned.

3.29. Their body becomes harmoniously developed, smells good and looks good and is self love. There are four stages of Pranayama: Primary stage: arambha avastha. Phase connection with the Higher Self: Ghat avastha. Step knowledge Parichi avastha. Stage of the final perfection Nishpati avastha. This is the first stage of Pranayama, arambha avastha.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, in order to start pranayama, it is necessary to clean the Nadi channels, otherwise the process will not work. This is roughly the same as before you run into the pipe the water, you have to be sure that the pipe is clean, if the pipe is clogged with something, and you keep pumping it with water, it is clear that there is pressure there. Similarly, the same way and not cleaned in humans if the Nadi channels, and it proceeds to pranayama, the pranayama involve a huge kind of very negative feelings. For this reason, pranayama is considered serious science, in a sense, dangerous.



Student: Alternating breath delay – it is not the pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is part of pranayama, which transforms all pranayama. It can be compared with the fact that before an archaeologist from pottery shards to clean the brush, it removes the top layer of soil conventional shovel. That’s the same analogy, you first need to clear the rough dirt, clean the channels, and then finer dirt – dirt associative. What is the danger? The fact that when you pranayama classes there are a number of associative some images. You then hot, then cold can throw the thought: “And Lyapkin-Tyapkin scoundrel! He told me to pay for everything! “. This idea had a manic character, but there was no power. But there was a lot of energy, that is, you are beginning to practice Pranayama, the thought begins to take space sizes.


Student: It’s during the actual class it turns out, is not it?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: While most classes are usually rare. You are more obsessed with exercise, but then, when you got energy through pranayama, any life situation you may unsettle a zero. It happens. It’s a fine dirt, a dangerous dirt, associative, it is at the level of some experienced negative or positive, and the threat that this will be a positive crushed. That is not necessarily negative, but the risk that you will lose the positive. Much like these thin-thin threads of what constitutes human nature. Lots and lots of habits.


So before they are cleaned, it is necessary to clean the rough dirt. You rough part cleared, and then you start a long pranayama clean thinner and thinner. In this sense, our ignorance – it is in relation to itself or with respect to the universe, then there is the concept of ignorance. It is in this sense – the same dirt, there is no difference, it’s something out of place. What’s the dirt? Dirt is not present, there is not relevant, it is when you think the other one. Or when at the plate with soup you find a wrench, but it is not relevant here, although it is in itself a good thing. But we perceive a wrench in a plate of soup as dirt and wrench including tools like the right thing.


Similarly, the same way then the process further in relation to its place in the sun. Who do I think I am? I consider myself a man. This is a mistake, I am not a man, it is my soul uses the body, the human body. In past lives, my soul used the body of an animal in the next life is any more highly developed creatures. And when we begin to practice Pranayama – start all these inconsistencies, the Maya, and they can not withstand the pressure energy, they begin to crumble. And as any association is before you cause a crash, it gives a lot of unpleasant emotions. Therefore, first person is engaged in a preparatory practice, and then begins to close proceed directly to a reinforced pranayama.


You must remember that Pranayama – is primarily a harmony of all processes: breathing, inner feelings, inner experiences, the flow of energy. In order to gather them all together, they have to catch. For example, it’s like rock swing. I caught the rhythm, but after that effort, and if caught, well, I know people who say that we are one hundred and pranayama for each approach, 4 times a day do, eyes red, because it is impossible, lung problems, as great irritation. It’s like swimmers, divers, athletes. When you pass some sort of load that the body can “digest”, it starts to wear.


So, the most important secret of Pranayama: if the physical is not connected to thin, and if they do not work in harmony one after the other, it is meaningless to strengthen pranayama. As if you did not get the beat swing, pointless attempt, anyhow wave their arms, so that it rocked harder. If there is no coupling with external drives you senseless that very quickly running engine, it came to nothing lead you, in fact, you’re hot.



Therefore, to this nonsense was not first give a rough cleansing you to listen to him, I realized what sort of processes are intuitively aware of them, but after you have them intuitively realized only then begin their “rock”. We even have a school in one exercise, it is called the buildup. That is, first you need to catch the rhythm. Once again, I’m talking about what rhythm? And also about the physical, but the emotional rhythm, plus, plus any rhythm – the internal processes, harmonious. Here they just feel like these pleasant streams begin to be poured in you, for some laws. Then you see that they somehow are associated with the physical movement resumes in the lungs, and then you’re somewhere you begin to understand how they relate to each other, and only then you start to complete the program to exploit them in a good way.


Now, as listed here, there are several stages of pranayama, one of the first, when it is called, the student is ready to occupy when he is cheerful, vigorous, cheerful, optimistic. This is an indication that the person is in good vitality that all systems are working properly. There is a saying among yogis, if you see a very sad and dejected yoga too long, it means, it is clear, he went to the processes of the other area, because yoga class requires optimism, but optimism of ignorance and optimism knowledge. And, as a rule, people immediately released. Full of energy, full of energy, he is adventurous, resolute, he, however, pushing energy. Others are Smouri go: wages are not paid on the bad, “the crocodile is not caught, does not grow coconuts”, some negative, they are or who do not believe: “All around the fool, and yoga makes a fool!” That is, some previous karma, it is negative and is manifested in the fact that in this life people are in a “shell of ignorance.” Just the opposite – a person who practices yoga in the first place, Pranayama: a very adventurous, cheerful. This is a very honest, in a good, open-minded people, who, as a child of the universe goes to meet without a second thought. It is these and achieve success. Moreover, the reverse side – is bad karma, if no such qualities, then somewhere something is not cleared.


Student: You mentioned buildup. Here are the basic rhythm is captured during contraction of the diaphragm in a vertical state, and then you try to catch it, and then try to strengthen?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, the basic rhythm – the rhythm of the navel.


Student: And how long should I do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, at least half do. No severe restrictions, because all the different physical forms. Someone will make the motion and three and tired, and some half a day can breathe well, and though that.

Student: Then already gain is when you feel more or less?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once inside the harmony flowed.

There is a philosophical question which answer, if not philosophically, it is very difficult, usually say: “Dear Guru, you are talking about energy, what do you under them mean?” That’s a good question, because from the point of view, the physical, there some specific energy, there is some emotional state. The question arises: “And how much energy is related to the emotional state?”


Now, the funny thing is that prana, the very essence of prana – a binder. This is what binds together as energy – internal processes. And, as usual processes of internal energy: digestion, metabolism, and more subtle components of the energy, the energies that are still unknown to modern scholars, the so-called subtle prana. This is the same energy, it is the same matter, but only an order of magnitude thinner, so we have not yet learned neither to register, nor to fix, but it is the same matter.



And most interesting is that Prana connects these energy flows, and, moreover, it joins the emotional flow. “That’s nice!”, The man says, “Here I am pleased to do so.” Clearly, this is a complex of some processes, which really is a sense of “pleasantness”, and is prana, just all together connects. That is all that develops us, makes us stronger, everything that makes us more cheerful, healthy and powerful, it’s all nice, this property is prana. And it is necessary to grasp for a million dissimilar factors.


Prana is elusive. She is too thin. Prana is instantly transformed into one or another form of energy, in this or that kind of subjective sensations. It can strengthen the mind, it can increase the feeling of heat. It can completely restore the metabolism of, and may be involved in some kind of “emotional storms” inside us. Here we have something we think, “Oh, it’s my life now will go up!”. And we are emotionally lifted. This prana, though its component parts – some other energy, prana, as it were, the other picks up the energy, “Come on, let’s hormones stand out positive! Come tone! “.

Behind it all is the “gray cardinal”, which manages all, so he pulls the strings, it jerked, then. However – it’s a good feeling, a good mood, bright ideas, full of optimism. And for those of all the hidden flow of prana. If it is, there is optimism. And so, the yogi first trying to find where the hidden source of optimism. And as soon as it will grope, it begins to strengthen it. Therefore, the keyword for the pranayama yoga classes – it is harmony, pleasure, this optimism is the joy of life.

These are, at first glance, strange adjectives best describe prana. Most have nothing to say, too thin substance and turned into one or the other kind of energy, to “plug” the next gap in the body. This magic wand. So when we begin to make any such exercises, we do as long as it is necessary to “find” the source of prana. Quickly, so fast, slowly, so slowly. But once again, the key word harmony.


Disciple: A delay in the end what is the function of? Strengthening of the whole process work?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is possible to carry out such an analogy. One famous artist painted a portrait of a beautiful naked goddess. All I painted, and then he was distracted, and he did not last touch. Everything is perfect, but the latter is not a smear. Came another artist or the same, I saw that everything is perfect and the last stroke again – and complete perfection. That is the concept of harmony and assumes that you have one process can move to another. Here they were small breaths, again, they switched – harmoniously. How to sprout, first there was a little green defenseless, and then he grew up, became a huge mighty oak. That is, from the first to the sprouting oak is some harmonic function.


Prana causes it to grow harmoniously. First – this is a tiny escape, and then a giant. Therefore, the transition of one species into another breath and culmination. The highest point – is kumbhaka, retention. That is a harmonious continuation of prana. It follows as one from the other. This secret is that all these exercises are not synthetic. Sometimes people say: “Oh, what a cool exercise! Part of one exercise part from another part of the third, the fourth part, and collectively, “in one!”. Nothing of the sort, it is a common practice with different components. So soup – it’s not alone carrots, cabbage, and all together. And what connects them, they share the harmony. That want, that I want to do within the delay, so done. This is key.


In pranayama, many are trying to teach, but something few people that get on my data. Moreover, few people even closer to pranayama, is trying to replace the external internal. Internally, no one feels stupid and try to do the external approaches. Again external approaches – sometimes do insane. We told you that the Shiva Samhita is designed for a very different way of life. When you have plenty of food, light, living space when you have no stress when you have a lot of positive emotions


And another little bunch. The yogis, such as “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali emphasizes meditation and pranayama to begin no sooner than mastered asanas. The implication is that if a person has mastered the asanas, it is thus already cleared nadi – channels. But as the nadi channels can be cleaned in many ways, and sometimes a small amount of Pranayama – it is the best treatment. So here immediately focuses on breathing exercises. Because sometimes asking everyone: “Why Patanjali so little is said about pranayama?”. It has practically nothing about her incredibly, just a few aphorisms, and then such that the breath – this one, breath – another delay – the third. That is, several different approaches.

Text: 3.29. There are four stages of Pranayama: Primary stage: arambha avastha. Phase connection with the higher self: Ghat avastha. Step knowledge Parichi avastha. Stage of the final perfection Nishpati avastha.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: dwell on the classification. For example, in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali classification in some spiritual attainment is somewhat different, in terms of how you can focus your attention on a single thought. It also describes the process the same as in the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali, as in other yogas, but the success rate for taking several other psycho-physical processes inside the human. When a person begins to understand, and what is actually going on with himself and with the universe, how it reacts, and as uplift to the next step, it is characterized by success, including, and pranayama. That is, it is like a graduation achievements.

Text: 3.29. This is the first stage of Pranayama, arambha avastha.

3.30. It destroys all sins and sorrows.

3.31. Yogi acquires the following characteristics: appetite, goodwill to all, beauty, courage, enthusiasm and strength.

3.32. Now I will tell you the great obstacles to Yoga. Get rid of them, the yogi easily cross the ocean of Weltschmerz.


Text: 3.33. The yogi must keep the following: eating acidic, astringent, spicy, bitter, salt, mustard, food fried in butter, gluttony, idle walking, bathing before sunrise, looking at the fire, posts, empty talk, chat with women thought others besides Moksha (liberation), lies, duplicity, arrogance, cruelty to animals and killing them, a hostile attitude to someone else and embezzlement.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Well, a whole list of what should be avoided. Because all this distraction, unfolds a man with the path of yoga. Again precedents say that too often good novice yogis who become involved in one way or another practice, in particular pranayama, gaining a lot of energy, and all of a sudden they wake up the seeds of negative karma. Sometimes it just comes to the ridiculous that some of his fad, some of his complexes, some of his favorite themes, they begin to “inflate”. Because pranayama enhances all processes, including processes and karmic.


And here are just lists a list of what should be avoided. The only thing is always a controversial question: “Why is prohibited bathing before sunrise?”. That is, in other texts, related to the Shiva Samhita, a somewhat different terms, it is said that a yogi can not take a cold bath. And no one can understand why, from this instruction?

It should be very clear to understand, first, what is meant by cold baths. Water has greatly enhancing effect on pranayama. Therefore, a combination of water treatments with pranayama, it enhances the flow of prana. This is another story, about this we will talk separately to use water to achieve rapid success in pranayama. But if you are at a certain stage of pranayama, when the state of pleasantness, harmony has been achieved, sometimes, when you abruptly plunge into cold water, it is clear that it is the stress that few knocks, it violates the smooth flow of prana. And it is in this sense, inhibits progress in pranayama.

Sometimes they are trying to present some mystical sense that you can not swim to the light. In fact, you should not freeze, you must not oppress your body, you should not break the inner harmony that happens all the time.

That is why it is a serious obstacle on the path of yoga pranayama. Usually in hatha yoga certain amount of austerity only accelerates the process. Well, does not bend something from you, you will start with a force of some kind is causing discomfort itself. But pranayama is not working, Pranayama by the principle – it is something pleasant. And all of those factors, food, all those actions that destroy the internal harmony, people need to be avoided. Let us examine each of the items:

 Text: 3.33. The yogi must keep the following: eating acidic, astringent, spicy, bitter, salt, mustard, food fried in butter ..

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: That there is a strong feeling and taste including, they interrupt a sense of inner harmony. Just as the wind blows out the flame, just as interference on the same page sometimes clog the broadcast transmission to another. Why do people use mustard and other spices? Because, to some extent, their tones it gives the senses an additional impetus, and these impulses are kept in a tone the entire body. But when you do Pranayama, you do not need this tone. Conversely, any whipping, it only confuses the sense of inner harmony. There is not specified, but oddly enough, onions and garlic is the most destroying the internal sense of harmony. Listed here are all the ingredients flavor that can knock his presence a sense of harmony.


Obviously, you need to be aware of. If you forsiruesh pranayama, if you are doing it to her “severe”, then maybe it makes sense to very rigidly adhere to these rules. But if you only just approaching to practice pranayama, then, in fact, restrictions on food is not so hard.


Student: That is the concept of “severe” – meaning the maximum plunge into the harmony?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, the term “severe” means that over time you are training naturally come to this way of life, that you just become uninteresting to the rest, and you will begin to conduct itself this way of life. Without coercion. You just do not want to carry any other way of life. You’re going to do, you will open up incredible horizons of inner mysteries of the universe. You’re going to feel perfect process in itself. And outside you will cease to be interested in, because it would be boring, not because you are forced to abandon himself. And when it comes, then all of a sudden you realize that you have used a particular food, and you have this inner harmony “hop” lost, “blown out by the wind,” some other feeling that interferes. Inner purity, this “untouched”, but here again some food it began to “kill”, and it is clear, you begin to give up.


Student: And this moment. This inner harmony, it is only at the time of employment, or even when you do, you are constantly in the present?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When a person begins to engage – is only in the classroom, it may be some time after, occasionally, but then, when he had already established himself in pranayama and has been for a long time, this process is a total, universal.


Disciple: visualization, yantra or what else this sort of thing, whether it contributes to the processes of pranayama destroys or can break?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, there will be another list that excessive tension of some mental powers, excessive, I stress, it adversely affects the performance of pranayama. The man – a theoretical physicist, who neither sleeps nor eats, and ponder some its task, of course, he begins to take energy from other parts of the body to the mind works, he pumps the energy, and sometimes this imbalance is not harmonious.



Do you remember that keyword pranayama – harmony. Any distortion, even toward sverhumstvennyh effort if it enables the physical damage, it disturbs the harmony. We begin to lose the inner ligament: a sense of physical processes, intuitive bunch, here it was – as if we knew how to behave.

Well, you know, numerous stories about yogis who are with your body to create, God knows what: acid drink glasses, nails himself pierced on the coals go, mocking him, as soon as may be, and the question of how they do reach – they just know how to do it. This is what we think it gives a mental order that the body digests the poison, and resists these factors. And as it happens yogis: he does not think about it, it is intuitively itself, not that sets it in this sort of lives, and the body itself it instantly responds because of this sense of harmony


Student: That is, he found that feeling?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and he caught hold. And this feeling does wonders. The following factors.


Gluttony. This gluttony. When people eat, and then says: “Poor me!”. Over Yoga is a natural way passes. It’s a habit – overeating. Over time, the feeling is generated internally, again the keyword harmony – how much to eat.


Idle circulation. There are people who squander their energy, their strength, they are idle, which also destroys. When a person is collected – is one thing, but when a man lax – more. And this time, it means that somewhere something he left unfinished. So, somewhere in harmony disturbed.


Looking at the fire. There is a very serious option. The fact is, when you do Pranayama, and nadi only clean, you have there is the ability to be less sensitive to the cold. Status of inner harmony must be present to people at any temperature did not feel uncomfortable to resist. And when you’re forced to create for itself a comfortable environment that greesh from open flame, your inner harmony is turned off, because there is a change – an external heat source. A heat we associate with something pleasant, and thus we replaced by a state of inner peace, which is then difficult to restore. Then he walked away from this source of heat, and you have a cold, not cozy.

And if you’re a yogi engaged in pranayama, you have this sense of harmony should be 24 hours a day. Therefore, in order not to shoot down, should be avoided. But again, these restrictions only in the early stages of pranayama. When a person reaches perfection, he can do whatever he wants, because it is already entrenched power. But, nevertheless, such a factor is present, if you want to enhance the cleaning of channels, if you want to be less sensitive to the cold, you should avoid open fire heating, and work at the expense of internal energy. Because open significant, in this sense, the potentials of the hidden secrets of the body, which in itself will give you the heat as much as necessary with pranayama.

Posts. What is fasting? It is clear that for the average person, this thing can be very useful, because it is in itself nothing fails, and from time to time the body should be put in order. For much of the population is very useful posts. But the posts are not for someone who is engaged in pranayama, he and so everything is. So this post will bring negative. Man used to eat at the same time with a certain periodicity, and it all works like clockwork. If he gets off with this rhythm, it prevents him to catch internal harmony. Therefore, the posts are completely eliminated when doing yoga.


Student: It is in pranayama yoga?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In pranayama yoga, as nowhere else. There are yogic method as starvation, a wonderful method. But he is not allowed when doing pranayama. During fasting can exercise pranayama. But if you’re doing a lot of pranayama, you can not go hungry because you will not reach success in pranayama. At the same time, fasting is perfectly combined with hatha yoga, yoga – a pure body. Each method has its own nuances, peculiarities. Again, if you are starving, a small amount of breathing exercises on the contrary, better displays all slags. But at the same time, if you are heavily steeped in pranayama life, hunger will be a very negative impact. But in the future it will be told that the man who has reached a certain stage, this limitation is removed from it, too. That is, he can eat, can not eat as he pleases, but certainly in the early stages!


Student: But there will be gradual replacement of food from the food you eat at a fine meal?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is, so meals and so necessary when doing pranayama. You clean you replace dirty elements within the body. And if you starve, then dirty element left, and did not come clean. The concept of an element, it is not always clear in the higher plane, and the concept is still in the material, physical. For example, you eaten stale product or any product with preservatives, preservatives and deposited in the body. And it is clear, are they somehow built up, somehow somehow it worked. And then you decided to get rid of them, pulled out, but in their place you should use something pure. And clean is not.



Disciple: prana is not giving something pure? Suppose starving and doing pranayama, the prana does not fill this gap?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If we have a lot of prana, then of course. There are numerous stories that there are people who feed exclusively on prana. It sounds like science fiction, but I’m willing to believe it. If the flow of prana is large enough, the prana itself becomes really all that should be replaced. But we are doing pranayama is for this reason, we are still a very small stream, and so it is hardly enough. Prana is like money.


Example. Do you work the company – the old plant. Money barely enough to make it work for wages and salaries, but you decided to regroup, and you start to do it smoothly. That is, first one machine replaced with modern, then the other. Why, because the money you have is not much, but every new machine brings more money, more effective work. Now the situation is different: you have a lot of money, so you can come in, this plant from the earth to demolish and build a completely new plant. But it is quite irrational use of money, because the money would be enough to gradually reconstruct two dozen plants than the one demolished.



Here, just as our bodies and our functions. We have prana, of course, but it is not advisable to spend if you can use food. Prana is always small, prana as the money is not enough. It is easier sometimes to build a plant from scratch, rather than rebuild the old. But yoga, she even yoga, she said that the man was not in whatever state of neglect, but again with the proviso that it has at least relatively good karma that he still stretch for some amount of time in this world, there are techniques that will gradually bring it to a new level. Yes, it’s expensive. It is necessary to comply with a very clear timetable, no hunger, “no strike at the factory, so it breathes its last,” no experiments. For example, sometimes come for centuries imposed production: “And let’s replace this screw this.” Do not touch. Here he works and works, replacing one screw, generally all fall apart, do not touch, but next to put a new machine.


This is a whole this policy adjustment of the organism, so pranayama is really why it is equivalent to “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali, that it leads to the same result as the “Yoga Sutra”, but it operates with internal processes, energies.


Empty talk. Pleasant pastime. Gossip. That is, a person comes to this excitement, it is pleasing to him. But in doing so, unfortunately, at the expense of the amenities, he cuts inside pleasantness. Therefore, how to plant, yoga, are engaged in a serious, they keep quiet. In contrast, your humble servant, who is now trying yoga is about to say something. It is clear that this kind of balance is shifted. But if started practicing Pranayama, contracted idle chatter that sucks power, replace them with mantras. After these conversations you feel a certain emptiness.



Example. Arrived someone from the familiar, well, it is necessary to him about something to talk because of the decency, well, melancholy dog, even howling. Talk like nothing, and starts, about the weather, etc. And we have a look at the clock, when the party ends. And then, these uninvited guests are gone, and you’re exhausted, like due decorum had to talk. The internal energy out of harmony, disturbed balance, a feeling of pleasantness gone. In pranayama most importantly, a sense of pleasantness.



Student: And if at such a moment to read the mantra?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Methods have, but the fact is that here we have in mind that you are engaged in pranayama for the full program. Again, rebuild any enterprise can not, all the strain for this case, and can be smoothly and gradually. That is, there are methods that compensate for the negative, including, as you said, the mantra – yoga. There are plenty of other things, other exercises, for example, to learn to listen. Maybe it is the most powerful practice: learn to listen to uninteresting and try to take control of yourself. But in terms of Pranayama, it weakens. Any violation of harmony weakens pranayama. Therefore, empty talk should be avoided.


Talking to women. This point is perhaps one of the most obscure and the most obscure. That meant: sexual intercourse or communion at all? Why? Because, oddly enough, there are methods, for example, in the same Tantra Yoga, which enhance pranayama, but generally speaking, if a person is engaged in an uncontrolled sex and lose that energy, then, of course, it is largely inhibits pranayama. Here it meant probably is.



Do you remember that if you do not have sex, how to teach the relevant sections of yoga, then there is a loss of energy. As long as it is made up for, of course, about any sense of harmony can be no question. Therefore excessive having sex with a loss significantly inhibits pranayama. Well, that’s a separate issue. Therefore, if you begin to practice Pranayama strongly, should be limited to such contacts. Although once again I remind you, there are helper methods, Tantra Yoga is based on this, in which, on the contrary, the interaction with the female lossless increase pranayama.



But there are other aspects, emotional, and they need to be taken into account. So, if you are after quarreling with his girlfriend, you’re well-read to lose energy. The concept of energy, prana smoothly as multi-tiered waterfall, there are different levels, they are connected to each other, is a single stream, but some obvious and some not obvious. Therefore, sex requires a very careful attitude. Sex, like death, things somewhere close, in the sense that they open up entirely new horizons, and, like any powerful tool, requires readiness. Therefore, it sometimes lost the feeling of harmony, even at the level of some emotional misunderstandings.


Therefore, some are quite solitary life, at least for a time, mastering the practice. If this is not possible, then we must all “stones” in advance to bypass. If you assume that there would be some emotional inconsistencies, it is better to do so, to avoid it, to have inner peace will not be lost rhythm. I speak seriously about pranayama, the theme is very thin, even harder to teach. Previously, no one at all did not know, is now all the books learn to read, say, “Oh, I do every day a certain number of Kumbhak, purum, purum, tra-la-la-la.” By all canons of a yoga adept should fly through the air. So, doing something wrong, just does not fly. The topic is very difficult. It is difficult in the first place, oddly enough, in theory.

Why pranayama work? And only the knowledge of the theory to compensate for the lack of ancient knowledge, lack of experience.


In India, too, is not so much fun with yoga. There is also formally like something to eat, and kopnesh, is not enough for such a power is not enough. And often it is as matryoshka, balalaika. Who do we have now played matryoshka, balalaika, you’re in the village it will not meet. But souvenirs sold: balalaika, dolls. This is exactly the same and yoga are some entities that are exported.


Thoughts other except Moksha (liberation). It is very clear, because all other thoughts lead to some associative energy losses. For example, if you’re going to worry on account of their work or something else, it will take some of the energy in these circuits. That again will start to shoot down your rhythm, with harmony. But when you understand that, having been born on this earth, and your main goal – Moksha, a lot of problems disappear, they are not comparable.

So, oddly enough, to think of the Supreme in the very useful, not to have psychotherapeutic sense. It calms and does not disturb the internal harmony. So the monks in every monastery, who found themselves. In the monastery, to be honest, get random. They did not like anything in life, and they are: “Oh, everything, leaving the monastery!”, And go to the monastery. And start looking for all sorts of fun to make up for previous pleasure. There are people who came to the right place. And they have in mind, as they say: peace and quiet, but God’s grace! Harmony! Because they thought of the Supreme, have the lifestyle that does not disturb this harmony. Breathing becomes them, have good monks, more uniform, more calm mind, and spiritual processes begin to go much faster.



False. As the saying goes, I myself made it a rule not to lie more than 60 times a day. It is necessary to reduce this number, I even decided to 59. It is clear we are dealing with associative, very strict cause-and-effect relationships. Lies, one called the other, the mismatch, disharmony, ie lack of harmony, it is a failure. He is, as we understand the karma-yoga, it is the rules of the game. Lies in itself – it is one of the possible images of human behavior, entangled in maya. Around the illusion, he breeds further illusion, calling one another. But these same rules it supports maya games.



A person who is telling the truth, or rather tries to avoid lying – are two big differences: tell the truth and try to avoid lying. So a person who tends to avoid lies, sooner or later begins to live this way and opens all the secrets, including secrets of yoga. Again, doing pranayama have to at least know that there is such a science, you have to open the secret, if you are honest, and that you are honest. But again, here it is necessary to adhere to reasonable rules, regulations, because, as in the joke: “Make a fool to pray to God, he will turn his neck.”



God forbid, we will speak with the truth tomorrow. To the question: “How are you doing” better to lie sometimes. Well, why should shock the audience. Inside with Pranayama produces clean, crystal, a transparent state, and when you start to lie to you this state thereby spoiling. The State of falsehood is not that someone is there with a whip and starts to whip for a lie, and when you come to this gradually, gradually, you realize that you lie more. That is the feeling of pleasure, harmony inside, outside, where as it exceeds the value of any immediate moments when you have to lie. Therefore yogis try to avoid lying.



Duality. Here again, the time of transfer, what was meant. Someone thinks double standards – the continuation of the same lies.



Pride. Pride – a serious a moment, which confuses the map, especially when the first results are there. When we have achieved something in terms of yoga, we begin on a train this way. Pride prevents scary. Pride and arrogance – these are different concepts. Pride is here understood as arrogance: “Behold, I am so cool!”. That is, it is such a hidden laziness, such a stagnation. “What I’m going to bend here, but I have such a cool!”. Sometimes I am a witness to quite striking things when richer sharply yesterday’s poor people. When you repeatedly see this scenario, it surprises you, and then just starts to laugh. Yesterday was a normal guy John Doe, you approached him, he’ll do something, well, his shirt-guy. And so, John Doe got a lot of work and a fabulously rich. And something in Vasya Pupkin changed. You say, “Come on Bob to do something, lift the bag.” And John Doe is a representation of himself: “What am I going to pull!”. This condition is a certain pride, it is very funny, because John Doe invented himself a certain image, frozen, trying to hold him back. It is clear that it is necessary to spend energy. And energy will go where? From prana.


Example of yoga. Indeed, a person who has reached at least something in pranayama, and when he begins to proudly look at all the other: “Here you are there, worms, swarmed, damn do not know how to perform kumbhaka. And I like that! I’m the daddy of yoga! “. That this same kind of person dooms himself to the frozen state, and if he has not really achieved a lot, it’s a sentence.


You know, pride, such as the mask, big, big, bear her dressed as Santas, rabbits go to Moscow, such a hare’s head. Pride – this is when you take someone else’s mask, put on and go. But then, if you have a lot of energy, you start to head this fight for all sorts of obstacles, and sooner or later it breaks and falls with you. Man refuses to pride.


All the yoga teacher is very accessible in this respect: it can you fix the sewers, it can you immediately something else to do, and can, so to speak, in the air or fly very patiently answer any silly questions.


Cruelty to animals, killing them. This is the principle of ahimsa – not to harm any living being. Handle should be as tells your duty. That is in itself negative karma. I will not even be considered, it is obvious that what can be harmony around you when rivers of blood.



There is another important factor. The fact is that as pranayama, open superpowers. And hit a variety of up to mind-reading, reading conditions. You start on itself, on its “skin” feel, so when a kicked dog on itself felt the imprint of his own self-boot. The universe, in philosophical terms of yoga, closed.

Therefore, this is the thing that will destroy the harmony in pranayama. You killed somebody, and you’re actually killed himself, a part of yourself. You are tuning into this poor, unfortunate animal. In the early stages of the condition sometimes come uncontrollably, it causes a terrible depression. The man simply adjusted on a wave, one, two, three, and to be honest, around – Indifference. And each other pain due to insensitivity. And such a man suddenly felt you just can not imagine what it came down on emotional overload. And if, God forbid, he wronged someone entered. That is, here, of course, harmony is destroyed, neither of which pranayama can be no question.



Hostility to anyone whatsoever. Sometimes these thoughts become manic, always an enemy who was to blame. This feature of such people: always find the culprits. That is the chief blame, blame foreigners – ponapriehali guilty Pope – climbing is not your case, is guilty Osama Benladen, all around are guilty. It is clear that there is no understanding of what the law of karma and can be no question. But this negative turns sooner or later manic negative. And full of prana from pranayama, even if only I started. And these states are beginning to grow to dimensions of space: so if a Jew is a Jewish conspiracy, so if the fascists, so enslaved the whole world, so if the Americans, then try to turn us into a third world country and deflate all the resources.

Assign someone else. It is understood that steal and usurp someone else’s bad. Although you know that, considering our country, I think the Soviet era, when the workers were paid wages deliberately understated, a villager received a penny, it is clear that they get. How, then there utyanet here utyanet. Or who has worked at the factory: working on pipe plant – a man full of pipes, the glass factory – Glass, want to build a house: on the brick work on, then – on the other. That is, our country is interesting enough karma that deliberately were set such conditions that force to steal, man had nowhere to go.

Once upon a time, say, Peter I offered to raise the salaries of supervisory authorities, and he said: “This is a dime they own and so glean!”. Clearly, if it is assumed that they will steal it has nowhere to go. Therefore, consider our country this principle is not entirely correct, because nowhere to go, you get into more severe conditions, you are forced to steal. Who only what did not steal: and apples at farmers’ gardens, and so on.



While this in itself is confusing in karma. You stop to track feedback. You went to work, earned – got ordered. And in your mind, by example with his work you clarifies the law of the universe, the law of karma: “As you sow, so shall you reap!”. And if you’re saying the people’s language, something somewhere “whistled”, then you have dulled the inner awareness of the law. Again, as I said that here, too, should not be paranoia. That there are times when lying about something and it’s a draw, and people keenly feel the need for something: “No, no, it’s someone else’s,” although it is a draw. This paranoid kind of thing is also present. God forbid, all should be common sense.


Student: Well, maybe, if there is any doubt, it is better not to touch? 

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, very good point. If there is, it’s someone else, and that someone has to, ie Ahimsa is the principle: do no harm to any living being. Obviously, if you do it svistnesh, then someone will be upset. But if it is necessary to nobody, then nobody will be upset. This is a subtlety that is doing no harm.

Of course, stealing is bad. But, pay attention, we all steal. In our country, all stolen, now I do not know how, I can not judge. Our oligarchs, they themselves have built factories, they blood. And then, I agree, they can be great financiers, can they discovered some new law of the financial world order, and to make money. Well, that is clear, if you are a great genius, and you optimize the system, and you have become to save billions, the millions you have the right, if you are a good manager if you are a good manager if you are a good owner. Well, if you know, rented popolzovavshis, made a profit on the part of the profit you have the right. But when, excuse me, claim to all that is built more prisoners in the Soviet Union, because it was all built by slave labor. It is clear that this is falls under a section of stealing. Well, what karma here.


Student: But if a man is not said that he is stealing, but believes that he takes his?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: See, this is again a very delicate moment. If we live in this country, I am once again reminded of the Soviet era, when the default mortgage, it is a reversal.

Student: It’s probably too negative?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. Well, firstly, the very negative karma, pay attention, very negative karma that you live in a country where the laws make you degrade your karma. That is in itself your karma negative, and the fact that you are turning, you have the chance to worsen it. On the other hand, one also has to somehow live, you have got in this country.

Student: It’s a matter of dharma has obtained, is not it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely you noticed correctly. This is the way. Well, now everywhere, all the time are rules of the game are what are, well, can not escape from it. We did not come up with the rules, we have very bad karma, that we are in this country with these rules of the game. But we have the motivation. Our motivation is selfless, our motivation – all development. Or just our motivation – by honestly do yoga. Every person has got in these conditions, so it should come out of them, so that was the least negative. If you can not steal, and buy, then you have to buy.


But I can often lead many examples I used, when I read a lecture on the subject, how much sentimental examples of what does not work do not steal. To which I answer, that the guys do, as the conscience tells you to do, do that cause minimum damage, damage to a minimum. Of course, if we lived in an environment where everything is so fine and well, then this issue and it did not stand. But we live in a world that is, why it is necessary to alter for the better and to be realistic, this is the most important thing – to be realistic.

Because, again, I meet a huge number of people who say: “From tomorrow I am holy lifestyle!”. But they have enough for a week, and even if not for a week, this person does not do anything for anybody, he performs these rules, regulations, instructions, as if, God forbid, your karma is not heavier. Yes, God is with her, with Karma! If you help people, if your motivation is pure, up there, of course, see. They understand everything, everything is sane, well, I mean the higher spiritual forces, it’s just you, if your motivation is pure. But if the meaning of your existence – it is stolen, keep a “poluskotskoe” the existence, of course, this negative karma. Therefore, it is necessary in every way to avoid it as much as possible. But do not fall into the paranoia. This, by the way, with regards to all the limitations listed here.


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