Responses to the seminar “chakras” for 2010


The seminar was held in one breath. All very interesting, informative and necessary to life. Work 24 hours.

Thank you so much!!!


Paul S.

Thank you so much. Everything is very good.


Question chakras very interested after reading workshop on yoga Dying, and from the structure of our body macrocosm.

It was interesting to learn more about the chakras at today’s seminar. I do not cease to marvel at the device we have selected as a whole.

For some reason, this seminar even more clearly come to understand that a woman and man together – it is one whole, and each in itself is not particularly significant.

From today, more consciously take for meditation pronunciation Bija Mantras.

Thank you very much!!!


Wit Ya

Thank you very much for the seminar. To be honest, it was a bit complicated to perceive, especially the treatise. But I understand that perhaps it is the way it should be, it’s not from the newspaper clippings.

Like that carried Mantra Yoga, as well it adjusts to the desired fashion at the start of the seminar.

The feeling that the further into yoga, the more understanding that has so much to comprehend that the traversed path – it’s all dust.

Very glad to be here, I hear this! SpasiboJ

Good “recharge” during the holidays.



Tanya K.

Thank you very much, Vadim V. and Vic!

Very much new learned. From listening to the beautiful voices of Vika and meditation on the images of “Shat Chakra nirupana” visited a huge inspiration.

Thank you very much for such a jerk!

I somehow had not occurred to monitor for the emergence of emotions in the chakras, sensations linked with the reaction classes Kriya Hatha, Pranayama or after seminars or Nyassa.

Wow, that Vadim V. explained everything as close as possible to daily life, as axiomatically, we have already studied in special classes in part.

I’d like to practice in a circle of associates and in the Masters field, very interested in the idea of alternating caves, waterfalls, etc.

Let’s practice on these visualization retreat workshop.

Thanks again and I look forward to the start of classes.

Yours faithfully,

Tanya K.


Michael E.

The main characteristic of all seminars is that they give a clear understanding of what yoga is – not an artificial “product” of a person, and what is inherently in us, or in this case is directly related to the true nature of the world, and life itself. Yoga – this is the most real, the most truly free life. The workshop provides tools for action, to work on yourself.


Lily S.

Seminar very much, it was a lot for me new, despite the fact that I read before about the chakras.

For example, the work on the chakras begins with oneself; Visualization connection with yoga and yoga lovers.

Thank you so much for the seminar!


Lena, an auditor

I am a first time at the seminar. In the first half of the seminar it was very clear, and the second – any great difficulty with the visualization of images of all the chakras.

I liked the seminar!

Thank you very much!!!


Probably, at seminars on such topics need more practice …

I wonder whether it is possible to modernize this ancient text: remove the cultural and religious stratification, understandable to modern man, replaced by images of modern culture …


Andrew K.

The topic was very difficult, but extremely interesting. Apparently it takes a long time to comprehend the material. It is especially difficult for understanding seemed sensible understanding of the chakras. I do not know how to approach this issue.

Will be working!!! J

Thank you!!!


The information received was useful and interesting. I liked that used primary sources – the ancient yogic texts (by V.Begunovoy). This creates a state preobscheniya to ancient knowledge and allows a better understanding of the many facets of yoga.

From the workshop expecting to get more information. I would like to gain a deeper understanding of the chakras, the methods of work with the chakras.

It is necessary to continue the course of lectures (seminars) on the chakras.


Thank you very much for the seminar!

A lot of new useful information! Because Now a lot of books on the chakras, it is difficult to understand in this whole topic.

Of course, the text description of the chakras is very difficult to read and understand, because must be able to submit as many images at the same time! ..

I would like more uzant about how to influence the emotions arising from the standpoint of the chakras.

Get plenty of specific examples: emotion – rendering – the result.

Also, details on how to evaluate their practice – that is a success or a mistake in practice.

Thanks again!


The cam / Zverev SE

With great pleasure to comprehend yoga through your school. My sincere thanks to Vadim Zaporozhtseva his sincere desire to convey to tie the mystery of yoga.

Each your lecture for me a priceless gift, and your sincerity at least priceless.

Thanks to your school, my life was truly a gift.

Thank you so much for today’s seminar. I listen to it with great pleasure.

Yours faithfully,


A lot of new information that is likely to be dotekat for some time. At the same time, there was a clarity that is the chakras, how to work with them to develop.

Most importantly, there was an understanding of why they are there, where did and why this knowledge is needed in practice. Those. I became aware of how I can use it in your life, every day. But it is very important, because knowledge is not passed through the body, just a rumor.

sources and practices, how to work with the chakras, and then you need to practice and achieve results were given !!!

Thank you!!!


link to a seminar 2010.08.01 Seminar. Chakras. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev):

see also lecture 2009.05.30. Findings from the axioms of yoga. Mind. Space. Chakras. Kundalini. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)


Shat Chakra nirupana (Description of the six chakras), Victoria Begunova reads:



The nearest workshop soon:






Free lectures on yoga on Saturdays at KC Enlightenment in the hall near the m. Novoslobodskaya at 16:00


next lecture topic: book Arthur Avalon “Garland of letters”

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