2013.06.09 Chakra Workshop: “Muladhara Chakra Part 2-I” Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Chakras – a quick way of spiritual perfection.

“Muladhara Chakra Part 2-I”

Friends, today, June 9, 2013. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I teach yoga. And that we have a workshop of the International Open University of Yoga. The theme of the seminar – “Muladhara Chakra”, the second seminar on this topic. All historical data on sites http://openyoga.ru, http://yogacenter.ru/, http://happyoga.narod.ru/.

I recall, in the previous workshop, we have begun to consider this fundamental chakra in the human body is extremely important from the point of view of Kundalini Yoga, as It considered that the dormant Kundalini energy is precisely in this chakra. Once again I outline the situation with this knowledge. Knowledge is a very ancient, very mysterious, it came to us non-obvious ways through numerous sources of yoga, through tantra. For the first time to the Western man in a large-scale version of this knowledge came through the work of John George Woodroffe. And then many researchers or just interested in the subject of chakras, kundalini energy theme independently started to go to India, searching for these or other sources of certain followers of this knowledge. I want to emphasize – the real followers find extremely difficult. This knowledge is often distributed in response to the request of the West. Come rich western people who are ready to pay money, ready to learn something, and just as the demand creates supply, offers a huge number of ashrams, universities, institutions. All of them, as a rule, “incarcerated” under the Western man. It has played a bad service to this knowledge. And so they came in the form of grains, even in difficult to understand texts. And for Westerners need gum, we needed something clear and accessible. And so went profanity and simplification of this knowledge, a huge number of books was to go on the system of the chakras. Just before our seminar decided for fun to go online and fill the word “chakra”, and to see that in this case falls. Most of these sites with the interpretation that the water on the seventh jelly, it is not clear whence undertaken without reference to the original sources, without logical thinking and reasoning. There is a myth-making, and so I have very clearly set you on the right footing. Friends, all yogic knowledge, all knowledge concerning the system of chakras and Kundalini system – is very specific sections of the spiritual self. All practices are logically derived from the knowledge of the human body the device, they are not invented on the fly. Now there will be yoga teachers – all “teachers” who come up with on the fly any exorbitant practices, explanations, interpretations. Not quite right to do so because there is a certain logic devices of the human body. For example, a car, and it has a gear that cool and have a specific purpose and a specific location, similar to – in the human body. If you seriously study the science associated with the chakras, you will sooner or later still have to face a primary source.

At a previous workshop, we started with one of the primary source “Shat Chakra nirupana”. It was first published in the West in the D.D.Vudrofa (Arthur Avalon) in the book “The Serpent Power”. Because it is a very short, concise text, consisting of concise information, I would like to remind you that part of the text that describes the human body the device and, in particular, to explain what the Muladhara chakra. I want you to tune in this way and realized how hard it really is to understand what is meant. So, Swami Purnananda “Shat Chakra nirupana” – “Description of the six chakras”:

The space outside of the spine on the right and on the left there are two channels, the lunar and solar. In the mid – channel Sushumna, whose essence – the three modes. It is shaped like the sun, moon and fire. Her body like a string of white flowers blooming datura, extends from the middle of Kanda to head and lightning inside her is from the genitals to the head.

And let’s start our workshop with practical exercises, meditations, because this text – a practical guide to practice visualization, which was supposed to do a yogi or yogini, when they begin to learn this information.


So, I ask you to sit down on the mat in any comfortable position, so that the back, neck and head were straightened along a straight line, as if you were holding on the head string, leaving space. In the future, we should like your body to relax the best you can, so that we do not hurt and there is nothing to distract our attention. To relax the face. Now that we are in a stable position, let your mind’s eye will review the spine area of the sacrum – up to the waist, from the waist to the nursing department, from the thoracic to the cervical spine. And now, from the point where the spine ends, mentally walk through the center of its head to the crown. Now, in the reverse order will go all the way. Behold the crown of the head, then mentally go through the center of the head to the point where it starts to the cervical vertebrae. Now we pass slowly through the cervical spine, falls below, come to the nursing department, then our consciousness slips below the level of the navel. Now, even lower, to the lumbar region, and, finally, pass below, to the base body, somewhere in the region of the sacrum contemplate your body. Now remember yoga instruction that somewhere in this area, to which you are meditating, is center channel – the basic core of our life, our body device. It runs along the spine from the base to the top of the head. And on the left and right of it are auxiliary channels Ida and Pingala. They also start at the base of the body and climb higher and higher, parallel to the central channel. And now once again set off a description of the “Shat Chakra nirupana”, and you try to apply it to your meditation.

The space outside of the spine on the right and on the left there are two channels, the lunar and solar. In the mid – channel Sushumna, whose essence – the three modes. It is shaped like the sun, moon and fire. Her body like a string of white flowers blooming datura, extends from the middle of Kanda to head and lightning inside her is from the genitals to the head.

Now the next meditation:

Inside it – Chitrini Nadi, glowing light Pranava (OM syllable), which could be reached by yogis. She is thin as a cobweb, and permeates all lotuses located inside it. Its nature – pure reason. It is beautiful from them (lotus), strung on it. Inside it – Brahma-nadi, which extends from the opening of the mouth Hara to the place beyond which resides Adi-deva.

In our picture with the central channel, with the left and right channels, we dorisovyvat even such details. We see both the center channel, as it were strung lotuses, or some chakras, or some rings. The central canal penetrates the lotus, from the lowest to the Muladhara chakra (sacrum) – contemplate it. Even higher we see lotus Svadhisthana, is the level of the pubis. Even higher Manipur lotus at the navel. Even higher lotus Anahata at chest level. Even higher – Lotus in the level of the throat, then the lotus at the point of the third eye – between the eyebrows. And on top of the head we see a huge lotus Sahasrara. And it turns out this design: The center channel, it strung lotuses, there is also the left and right channels, which intersect at the point where the strung lotus. Just as on the map are three roads – one high-speed line (center channel) passes through seven towns through-transit route, and the left and right of it are the road slowly. But they also come into this city (chakras). And here is a first approximation of the body device. Each of the cities, each chakra is responsible for a particular emotion, for one or the other sense organ and one or another aspect of our behavior.

Let me remind you that those chakras that belong to a lower level, they are more powerful energy, strong emotions – fear, anger, desire. And the more the higher chakras thinner components, such as love. We see with you very lower chakra, located in the area of the sacrum – Muladhara chakra.

Now we are entering in the Adhar-lotus. It is attached to the mouth (entrance) Sushumna, and is located between the anus and the genitals. It has 4 petals crimson and his head hanging down. On the petals of brilliant gold-colored letters from Va to Sa. There Chakra land, surrounded by eight shining spears. It is bright yellow in color and beautiful like lightning, and Dhara Bija (syllable LAM) in it. Decorated with 4 hands and seated on the king of the elephants, he is a child of the creator, shining like the rising sun; he has 4 arms and four times the wealth of his lotus face.

At a previous workshop, we have already tried to meditate on this picture, but now let me give you some other way of meditation, a different approach to the practice of meditation on Muladhara chakra. To do this, I will now set off another text, called “Ananda Lahari” written by Sri Sankaracharya, the famous teacher of Advaita Vedanta. And this is how he describes the chakra Muladhara in the poetic work dedicated to the beautiful image of the Goddess of the Universe.

I welcome Navatmana dancing great male dance – tandava, in which he shows nine race feelings, and his wife, Samaya absorbed lasya-female dance in your Muladhara. When they both were involved in a joint ritual and showed compassion, I was born of the world, for which they have become a mother and a father.

On one side is the image of the Earth principle, i.e. something very inert. The principle of our ordinary material universe, everything we see around us, matter – the most condensed form of energy. What could be more inert than stone? It would seem that it is lifeless and motionless. Now imagine, can be seen on TV, or were themselves in a cave – the feeling that you are in a small space, and around you a huge arch. Massive motionless body of land that does not budge it as the embodiment of reliability, steadfastness. Sometimes in some meditation, the contemplation of the Muladhara chakra is asked to present themselves, as if you were inside the cave, as if you feel the point of your body as the center of the base of the body, a point on which you rely. Indeed, the very name – Muladhara Chakra – “root”, “basic” chakra, which all rely. So if you, on the one hand, will remember about the weight of the fixed matter of which is in fact the entire world, then you’re somewhere internally to understand what properties this chakra. And later, when you’re a little get used to them, you can put the earth element under its control, and in the future will never suffer from the earth principle. All diseases, problems that may await from this principle – disappear. I will remind the previous seminar, it is believed that the sense organ of the principle of land – the smell. The texts affirms that there is an area of land of the principle, already projected to the entire human body – from the feet to the knees. When we go over the ground we touch the ground just feet. By putting control of the Muladhara chakra, you will fully protect this part of the body, so is considered in some texts. You can not do anything to harm at this level. It sounds very strange to modern people, but if we study the philosophy of yoga more deeply, the things that seem strange and magical, have quite a rational explanation. The fact that our inner principle of land is identical with the universal principle of land and controlling something in the law in such like, you control everything from the outside. On the one hand, so that you clearly understand this principle, you need to constantly meditate on this chakra, on the other hand – remember all those images that are associated with it. The image of the cave, an image of something inert, immobile, such that you can rely on. We give the image of an elephant; if you’ve seen live elephant, you know how it is inert, just try to displace it from the spot on the other hand it is believed that an essential attribute of inertia is manifested through smell. Very strange bunch.

Why this or that principle is linked with a particular sense organ? If you reflect on this issue, select a time, alone, sit in meditation and will direct their minds to the foundation of the body, holding the attention at this point, and will at the same time remember the characteristic qualities of this center, you will quickly begin its grope inside mentally. Investigate and understand intuitively how to use it. Interesting result coming superpowers, described in the ancient yogic texts, which for modern man seem miraculous. For example, such a person can not be moved from the place, if it is decided not to move anywhere. Continuing this theme we find in the epics, where one or the other warrior possessed control over Mulaharoy and he was not afraid of the dangers associated with the principle of the earth, and when he stopped it, even the army could not move from the spot.

On the other hand, we have two consecutive seminars are on the Muladhara chakra. This – a special chakra inside her is sleeping Kundalini energy – our main creative energy. Any manifestation of the human body – you are walking, talking, etc. – You are using the unified energy. She sleeps, but a little work and gives you a boost, thanks to which the mind works, feelings and everything else. It is believed that if the Kundalini energy leaves the body of the person, the person either dies or is in Samadhi. Clearly, if the dies, everything is, nothing can be done, and if in Samadhi, he will be able to return to his body. The following are prescribed meditation that you can practice in order to know the principle of land in everyday life. Here you go on the road, and if you begin to meditate on the road and on the part of your body – from the feet to the knees, then over time you come inside knowledge just Muladhara chakra. And all of the dangers associated with road and moving, you disappear. You land begins to lead. Condition is very intuitive, as any hump, pit any leg in a collision starts to give information – to tell virtually all the land.

This theme is quite difficult to understand, but very practical. The practicality of this almost never killed yoga. Because remained exercises and theoretical substantiation was not. So, imagine you go somewhere, you turned out to be a day off, and you decided to take a walk on the center of Moscow. Not a place where many tourists crowd and say a quiet corner of Moscow. And then you go and send your consciousness at the moment of contact between your feet and the road to the area of the foot to the knee.


Now all sat and massaged myself this area. Massaging the foot, shin and knee. One, then the other leg. To draw attention to this area of the body. Now all rose (better to do this practice barefoot and on the ground), and turned their attention to your feet touch the floor. The head should not be any distracting thoughts, only a sense of touch. Eyes closed, it is desirable not to be distracted by irritating factors. And now let’s do the following exercise. You are with your eyes closed will be neatly go in any direction, while holding their attention – consciousness in the area of the foot to the knee. Thus, we begin to move, you can scatter toys on the floor to you from time to time stepping on some heterogeneity. Note the time, the practice will be 5 minutes. Freely go anywhere. And now to the meditation on the area of the foot to the knee, we feel a part of their consciousness Muladhara Chakra near the base of the body, the sacrum and extends parallel between the sensations in the legs and the response in this area. Try to keep in mind there were no thoughts, only feeling the earth principle, areas of the body from the feet to the knees, and the area at the base of the body – the Muladhara chakra. Now add meditation – present the bowels of the earth, that there in the land, an array of land. Mysterious cave where quiet, dark and cool. And the sense of these qualities are now taking to the sacrum. And now let’s jump slightly. Feeling the contact with the ground. Let’s try it on strength. An important factor that we can rely on something strong, both physically and emotionally. It is very important for something to lean on, so that our thoughts and feelings are not rushed. We need support, the crystallization of the center of everything. In order to make you live in the human body and enjoy this life, the principle of land is absolutely necessary. It gives a natural joy of life and the world’s stability. There is an expression: “to stand firmly with both feet.” Now sit down and mentally correlate the area of the foot to the knee area with Muladhara chakra at the base of the body. And those of you who are engaged in Hatha yoga for a long time, at the same time can make a very interesting asana called Sidhasana, or loosely translated, “posture, the giver of superpowers.” It is executed as follows: the heel of foot as close as possible to the anus, to the perineum, so you kind of sit on the heel. At the same time men begin to put pressure on the prostate area to the area between the anus and the genitals. In women, respectively, is the area of the anus and genitals. And if possible, the heel of the other leg is located in the pubis area, ie, over the genitals. If it turns out, my friends, of course, must have a certain flexibility, all comes with time. You will train – sit. And look what a thing is impossible. Your feet as close as possible to the area of the Muladhara chakra, as if she were on all sides was surrounded by something massive, and when you start to meditate, you will have a general intuitive perception of both the soles of the feet, and from the area at the base of the body as a certain point of the basics of how a certain mass center around which everything revolves your physical body, if you will. If you focus on the qualities of inertia, immobility, steadfastness, then you begin to feel better to your body. And this is a very good meditation to calm his rushing thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are like clouds – flew, flew away. That concern, the parasitic sensations, thoughts – that drains energy. And we often feel in life devoid of solid ground under your feet, in order, for which you can catch on, and that can help to control the mind. Thoughts brisk, they try to hold on to. For example, the idea of depression, it is – time! – And it absorbs you, and you need something solid and inert, about which it can be divided, as a wave of rock. Therefore, factor Muladhara chakra brings the greatest help and benefit in learning meditation.

It is believed in part that only when we are born in a physical human body, where all the layers of the universe to the very rough, we can very quickly evolve. For all that you have done at the level of gross material body, it becomes a support for the thin, subtle processes in the field of consciousness. very difficult to achieve sustainable results in the spiritual development without this factor. There are worlds of the gods, their bodies are beautiful, they are very long-lived, and only enjoy unlike us terrestrial beings. We must feed his physical body, exercise, wash, nurture, etc. At first glance, it seems that a lot of effort, time, and other resources of their lives, we have to spend on maintenance of the physical body. And it seems that it’s kind of like us prevents perceive something spiritual, but in ancient tex say that but you are more than compensate these disadvantages by the fact that when you start to rush thought or attention to you it can easily hold. Try to keep the idea or not to allow it in your head, oh, how hard! And if there is a physical body, then you are setting in a stationary state of the physical body, not giving him a stir and move, in complete control of his rushing thoughts. Hatha Yoga with static exercises are extremely important to control thoughts. If you can not control the thoughts, control the body, on the gross physical level ground, which is responsible for the Muladhara chakra. As soon as the thought comes, it forces to rush your feelings, emotions, and makes you move your body. And if you resist this idea, then you leave the body in stillness. And if we analyze what asana in its original sense, it means a steady posture for meditation beneath it. And all other poses that are so rich in Hatha Yoga are considered ancillary to you sooner or later, were able to acquire a stable posture. If there is a steady posture – is the foundation for working with thin substances thoughts on management, senses, to bring them under control.

Oddly enough, my friends, there is a paradox. I can tell you about myself. I’m bad at school in the primary grades. There were many objective and subjective reasons. Objective – I was born left-handed, and I have long retrained on the right hand, I lost time behind. I was particularly tormented Russian language, and still hurts. Hard for me to sit, books to read, ponder. It is now with the position of the whole of life, when I have two degrees and a bunch of other degrees in different areas of human thought, it seems strange. But then it was very hard to learn, do not want to open books to read, to think, to concentrate. I wanted to run away. And then I started to practice yoga, was 14 years old, high school. I began to practice Hatha yoga, and most miraculously is stabilized mind, forced to be focused, and I felt a taste for learning! I was curious. The body has ceased to disturb and distract, but help was on the contrary. After school, do a set, every day is strictly an hour – a half was spent on yoga, and it’s different is. By controlling the physical body, the level of coarse-material Muladhara chakra, you create a base for intellectual growth. Therefore neglect of Hatha yoga, gross neglect centers – this madness, my friends! Now divorced many poluezoterikov-polupridurkov, I’m sorry, they walk, roam, conducted seminars vague about the fact that we must abandon the lower centers. Like, the lower centers – dark and dirty, and you need to go to the higher centers in general, are a frank blizzard. Shoot down all confused. Wherever you spit, in this “teacher” will enter, students left, one teacher of life.

So, friends, Muladhara Chakra – the cornerstone of all your spiritual practice. When you make a static posture, the first thing you are working on the level of the Muladhara chakra, at ground level, on the gross physical body. The level of gross matter, which seems inert, immobile. Will not you talk with cobblestones, he will soon get bored – not interested. But when you realize that the quality of inertia is the most magical property to soothe your rushing thoughts that jump like monkeys, then you will realize how much you have vitality be released. I MOYU, which as you may recall, is preparing yoga teachers, liberal, teachers have to prepare as well as I prepared at the time – harder. Because now, in this age of political correctness of such an approach, they say, you only come, as we all do, and laxity went. It is necessary to strictly prescribe to anyone who claims to be teaching yoga for some time to practice difficult postures of Hatha yoga. Serious in the sense of – inert. So, generally – as soon as your mind is torn, as soon as you began sausage, anxiety, excitement overwhelm you, you start to strain chego-to fear in chem-to unsure chego-to fear – such a conglomerate which literally eats all our life force, remember that there is a unique, beautiful and the most effective medicine – Hatha yoga method of consciousness, ie, When you force your body to obey Me. Just a 40-minute Hatha yoga – from depression no trace remains, you have zinger, the mind is already working, and stand firmly on the ground, you will not be intimidated and confused not to knock anything! This ground level principle. Does not happen in this world, nothing sublime – refined and coarse-material and soulless. Our world is made in such a way that the sometimes rough-material enables the direct and rapid access to the most exquisitely spiritual.

Furthermore, we remember that in the Muladhara chakra is the Kundalini energy – the energy of our base. Whatever you do, in fact operates Kundalini – thoughts, words, emotions – all of these are small bursts of Kundalini energy. The previous seminar I was giving you a way – in a massive cave center of the earth, and in it molten magma, from which you can pour any form. Similarly, and Kundalini, and if you get close to its realization, then, realizing the principle of land, you can completely control this level. It comes the ability to transform the ground level. In the previous lesson we did an exercise to determine the location of the source of vitality. I suggest some exercises of the pair to repeat the kriya and secure. Let’s do the practice, before we go any further; I want you all to put off non-verbal level.


I ask all to stand up and make a yantra in the form of petals at the center of our room. Mats as much as participants. Now lie down on your back, head to the center and direct attention to the area of the sacrum at the base of the body. Bend your knees and feet have on the mat, slightly raises the pelvis and hit them on the mat, making delicate tremors. Our attention was involuntarily transferred to this area. You can do in different rhythm, with varying degrees of intensity.

Now, get up and do a similar exercise of Kriya Yoga with a partner. Let’s share into two groups, the young man in the center. Couples stand backs to each other. Raise the leg (one left, one right) and adjoin their foot to foot. Making such nyasa, tunes in to another person and this is better know ourselves. These are the elements nyasa steam, steam kriyas, when the other person as a mirror allows you to feel better. Now we change the foot. Me again, and then everyone at their own pace, knowing touch “foot-foot” and “foot-to-surface floor.” Great, thank each other’s hands and shrug of the inner circle is shifted to the left by one person to work out the practice with another partner. Remember the principle of the earth, the earth beneath their feet, the same land – the feet of our partner’s feet.

Remarkably, shook hands with each other, thanked again shifted to one partner. Now a more complex exercise. We lay down and rest against the foot in the foot and start doing “bicycle”. By focusing on the area from the feet up to the knees. Remarkably, the inner circle will shift, and the same exercise with the other partner. Meditation on the area of the foot to the knee, thoughtless. Here you go around the city, on the ground both in a living person. The Earth – Live! And this exercise will help you feel that the inert earth – live!

Now, put your feet on the mat and began to make a collision on the pad area of the sacrum. Thoughts in my head no, there is a sense of the foot, sacrum. Now, let’s lie down, rest, resting his foot to foot. Movements are no do not do, just lay for a while and meditate on the area of contact and the sacrum. Stretches, yawns, gently sit down. Then get up and do this exercise again. But with his eyes open. Raise the leg and, as it were palpable, which take a step, and only then become. The Earth is alive, you have just seen this. Feeling the ground from both partners. Compare the visual image with the feeling that comes from the feet. Make a circular motion of the feet, as a mine detector try to probe what’s going on under the ground. No thought goes into the very bowels of the earth. Feel the Mooladhara chakra is activated, it begins to hum, to spin, to express themselves. Now lie down on the mat, legs, threw up his hands supporting the lumbar region, we find the most pleasant situation, desirable legs straight in the knees. Meditating on the feet, and I will do nyasa – barely touch. The slightest discomfort – we go, relax, renew. Dual Nyasa – one hand – foot, the other – the sacrum and hold 20 seconds closes the internal associative link from the feet to the sacrum. Nyasa yoga – yoga touches greatly accelerates all processes, so it is advisable to apply it. We exit the pose and relax for a while. We stretch and yawn, turn over on his side, bend your knees, sit down and take a break.

Friends, it turns out that the principle of land principle, an inert, the principle of the physical body, this immobility – it is an important stabilizing factor in our existence at all. Now remember, we are all with you are made according to the teachings of yoga. Each of you is your higher self, beyond, neuchtozhimoe, immortal, but at the same time, your higher self is omnipotent in the original state of ignorance, there is no knowledge of the higher self of himself. On the other hand, your higher self is the manifestation, or prana, which connects your higher self with your physical body, or your existence at the level of the physical body, or the principle of land at the level of the Muladhara chakra. Such a silver thread connects your higher self with your body, unless of course you can use the word “thread” as your higher self is beyond time and space, so how much there lies this thread, it’s hard to imagine. But since we do not have the initial knowledge about ourselves, we begin to consider themselves to this thread, this manifestation. Or rather not even a thread, and those where this thread is attached at the other end of our higher self, that is, to his gross physical body. Our Higher Self is not pre-defined knowledge, it does not know who it is, but at the disposal of the highest I have a body. For example, the human body, which can be controlled, allowing you to live where you can enjoy life, and that seems to be the fact that here we are. From this initial ignorance born two things: all that contributes to our body, we love and we like, and everything that harms him, we do not like, we hate. We are committed to something and from something strive to leave. And if we are confronted with something unpleasant for us, as a result we have a reaction, which is called fear. Fear of occurrence of any events. And in the rough, primitive level, is fear for the physical body. This fear is present as a person and an animal, that is actually in every living being. And this fear leads us, so to speak, to move. Under the influence of fear, we can make some actions and some do not make others. Fear largely motivates our behavior. Fear can be: fear of life, fear of losing something, or fear of being in some kind of unnecessary conditions. But in the rough, coarse level, we can say that a living being alive only in one case, if the higher self through the strings of prana is connected with the gross physical body. No rough we can not speak of the physical body, the person is alive. The presence of the gross physical body is essential. And that puts us in a situation where we can lose our physical body, or something to do with it, it causes us fear. And limit the concentration of this condition is entirely concentrated in the Muladhara chakra. This is the front bastion of our lives, and it should be the most heavily fortified, ready for possible problems. Therefore, the chakra Muladhara in this respect than any other is associated with the emotion of fear. As soon begins to act Muladhara chakra, once manifested, there is a whole set of emotions that it generates, and the most basic in terms of self-preservation, it is the emotion of fear. As a result of yoga it is believed that if you put under the control of the Muladhara chakra, placed under the control of the principle of land, then you overcome the feeling of a wild animal chilling fear. You are no longer subject to its application. If a certain vibration begins to vibrate as if Muladhara chakra or somehow behave differently to exercise in response to the threat, we feel a sense of fear. Subsequently, this mechanism is set? Generally it is not a simple chain, in very rough first approximation, you must understand that not all so simple, so that you could feel fear, we need some of the components. If at least one of them will not, and fear you will not. Firstly, you have to be a negative experience, if before you had a negative experience in relation to a particular situation you personally, or your parents, which is reflected on the device of your body, this negative experience is a kind of standard, which will be compared to any further episodes of your life. If the negative experiences you have not, then you will have no fear. If you had a negative experience, in the future when faced with a certain situation, you have to recognize this situation. Because you can be two steps away from the danger, but do not see this danger, do not recognize it, you also do not be afraid, you are in blissful ignorance and go on living. My home town of Budennovsk, and brought me back to when he was captured by terrorists. Slaughterhouse staged a terrible, people killed, pools of blood. And what is most surprising is that the battle is in the center of the city, and people are afraid of nothing. Explosions, gunfire, but they did not react. They are, they say, do not go there, they shoot, kill, and they are, so what are you, crazy, go now. And all because they had no experience on the one hand, and there is no real awareness – on the other. They begin to interpret the explosions as the popping of firecrackers, firecrackers. They are blissfully ignorant do not notice what is happening. And then came the syndrome, when several months have passed, before all realized what had happened, and all just beginning to shake each Bing. This experience comes usually with a delay. If you have not had the experience or are you some kind of a situation is not recognized as a situation, due to which the chances of suffering, you do not feel fear. Only when you perceive all this mechanism is triggered. Your consciousness recognizes the situation, and most importantly – interprets it, by interpreting too much depends. A textbook example of yogic, you go in the evening on the road and suddenly see – a snake on the road! You scared scared and ran away. Then it turned out that it was not a snake but a rope. That is, your senses actually show you a picture, but at some point at lack of information, you begin to interpret it as a danger. Here, too, a lot of features, when one word can cause panic among the huge number of people. Remember, where the revolution began in 1905, that was all, and someone spread the rumor that the bread will be no more. And angry mothers who could not feed children, were in fact the first impetus that led to rivers of blood for the revolution. As it turned out later – it was everything. And what a good man said that there is no bread, eat cake that says so at the top. Provocateurs can direct your perception on the wrong track, and that you already have a fear. This is not a funny topic, because the great mass of such information is sown by the media. Turn on the TV, watch any criminal chronicles, then afraid to go out into the street. On the contrary, a person who has broken the TV, it is not afraid of anything. Sometimes the fear factor reduces your chances of winning. These are all the warring armies, remember horrific war paint Indians. To scare the enemy, to make him fear, before he started to fight with him. These are information wars, wars of consciousness. If you can control the mind, then you can, oddly enough, to control and fear. And in order to sow fear, you need a channel of information. If the channel information is not available, then you do not sow fear. That is why in all emergency situations, any country applies strict censorship on all the information that is printed in the newspapers and the like. Because otherwise the situation becomes completely unmanageable. Here as well, and we are – we are faced with some kind of a situation, begin to interpret it as a negative, in comparison with previous experience, and once we realized that we would become aware of, regardless of whether the real situation or unreal, momentum consciousness begins to work on our basic energy at the base of the body, producing a pulse of energy. This boost of energy makes the Muladhara chakra, so to speak, its petals vibrate in a certain coloration or a certain sound. And just this sound like the petals of the string sound, instantly awakens within us a sense of fear. And on the strength of it can be very different fear, from mild to animal terror. On the one hand, as the basic elements of life for us – it is the gross physical body, and all that is connected with the principle of land is entirely responsible for its preservation, out of fear.

On the other hand, the principle of land – is the principle of reliability. The English have this saying: “My house – my fortress.” In the Middle Ages all the more confident, comfortable feel in any castle, the tower, the walls of the meter, because you have the principle of land and it inspires you the confidence and reliability. Purely intuitively. Although experience shows that sometimes it is not the best option, such reliable communication. Sometimes you can get by with a single blow. Still, intuitively and instinctively, when we see the great wall, thick fences, gates, we have a sense of security. Again, if we go through the land, and we are firmly rooted to the ground, then we had a good feel. But imagine you go for some quagmire, or for some Boards, which crunches under your feet and is about will break under you, and you somewhere down the fly. There is a feeling of uncertainty, again related to the principle of land, with the Muladhara chakra. Finally, the next there is a moment to myself to tell. Once upon a time, I was still studying at the institute and went to the subway, and very tired. And once I complained to his friend, you know, as no food in the subway, so tired. Also it was necessary to him to blurt out such a phrase in response: “Well, well, it is the underground at a depth in the subway as the grave.” The next time eating in the subway, and now you know, the idea of such an idiotic that I was buried. All the fun of course, the music is playing, people around, crush, light burns, and I imagine for a moment imagined that now the lights are out, and you are under a layer under the meter, do not dig out. This condition, claustrophobic when you’re buried alive. And the feeling of panic. Moreover, the more walls, the greater the fear. This is also a color emotions of hopelessness. Fear is also different as it colors. As for emotions, in ancient India developed a very detailed list of all the emotion with the slightest nuances. Such a table in the yoga treatises is, it is already quite a long time there, but apparently it is a list, or a casual mention of the depth of knowledge that is not extant. Because only indirect references give reason to believe that after all were extended descriptive system, and for each type or shade of fear, respectively, were given some kind of visualization, or some mantra to the yantra, or some other exercise. From modern psychology, in my opinion, it is now started to use the people associated with neuro-linguistic programming. In a series of pulses superimposed associative links to help you somehow overcome fear. But you must remember that in yoga these methods for many years. I would say it would be very interesting to some ancient treatise on the subject studied. And since a large number of products are still just not even translated, not something that would be studied, it is still yet to come, I think. So, again, these are the ingredients in the Muladhara chakra, as aspects of fear, but on the other hand – reliability. See as one flows into another. Something we fear something we trust. Both of these factors – in fact, one and the same, but with different characters. Therefore practices associated with the Muladhara chakra, can both work towards the fight against terror, and in the direction of bringing confidence.

Finally, the following is a very important moment for many Going forward, the fact that the West is now very interested in this kind of yoga, Kundalini yoga. But, unfortunately, not completely understand it correctly. It is believed that it is possible some exercises to awaken the Kundalini energy. I myself have seen in their lives, five people who come to me and say, looking into his eyes, they have already awakened Kundalini. Demonstrating this, they probably do something not fully understood. The fact that these practices can cause energy emanation of the Kundalini, but if, according to the theory, you will awaken the Kundalini energy, then comes the next thing: just as the molten magma from the depths of the planet could melt, melted through any land, and it becomes a liquid , that the same thing happens when the awakening of the Kundalini energy that lies dormant in our Muladhara chakra. When she begins to wake up, it starts to melt, roughly speaking, the principle of land. And for yogic practices it turns out that it is a universal means to put under the control of the Muladhara chakra. That is, if you can dissolve it, and then recreate, through the Kundalini energy, then you are completely in control of it. But if you foolishly began to do some practice on the energy kundalini awakening known respiratory or some other exercise at your own risk, without clear guidance from his teacher, that can happen very unpleasant thing. You start to do the exercises and go out accidentally on a combination of breathing, movement, thinking, really kind when your Kundalini awakens. But do you feel are not ready, because your Muladhara Chakra you no awareness, and a lot of ignorance in relation to the Muladhara chakra. I remind you our last seminar, it is like a musical instrument under the silt layer for which you cling. But that is starting to make Kundalini? It all starts to dissolve. A purely subjective one feels creepy ultraboundary fear of death, because his physical principle begins, roughly speaking, to disappear, as if you become aware that you are dying. And since you do not understand that you do not die, and this is just practice, you begin to cling to the principle of the earth, and he continues to dissolve more and more accruing emanations of Kundalini energy. Experience Ghastlier fear, my friends. So I sometimes marvel at the ads, such as “in a seminar on Kundalini energy awakening of Moscow.” I am only one soothes that by and large it’s just so good beautiful name, there really no one awakens. Because I imagine how raskolbas untrained people, which by various methods awakened energy base, this base energy is immediately woke up like a volcano starts to melt down the principle of the earth, and you start to feel that everything you die. I myself have several times had a similar experience, I can tell you there is nothing more terrible in the world. As I also ponachitalsya deep youthful and immediately useful to practice, and it’s really scary. This fierce, chilling, animal fear that you will now be cut to pieces. Therefore, without proper preparation practices, we have, by the way, will soon be a retreat Kundalini Yoga laya, that these practices are in particular prepared you everything to be painless. Anyway, minimally painful. Therefore, the Muladhara chakra is the principle of the earth, in this respect, one of the most interesting points. Usually, all eager to explore the higher centers, they seem to be more interested in them. Indeed, in the treatises it says that if you put under the control of one or another facility, you get sitthi, or hit. So, you have to be careful with this, it is better to start the series.

But the flip side, if you start doing meditation practices on the Muladhara chakra, then over time you realize it, how it works, how it manifests itself, and when there is fear of the outbreak, then you have at least some sort of tool of influence on it. Again I mentioned Hatha yoga is extremely stabilizes the condition at the time of fear. Come home – you are shaking with fear, do Hatha yoga, it is desirable on the street somewhere.

Now, let’s you and a second portion of the practical exercises to be done. I’ll make room. The sources said in the texts that have Muladhara chakra the bija-mantra, or the fundamental mantra that sounds like a syllable LAM. More precisely there syllable LA and M there when you close your mouth, stopping to utter the letters. And just as it is considered of the mantra Om any objects and phenomena in the universe, that the mantra OM – is a manifestation of the Absolute, or is the entire universe in all its diversity, for the same analogy it is believed that each of our body unit principle also has his mantra, which completely produces this principle. As a consequence, if you control or awaken this mantra, then you put under the control of this principle. Again from Shat Chakra nirupana we know that Bija mantra or the mantra of generating this layer, this level of reality, the principle of land sounds like LAM and should meditate on it, you should repeat it. And there is also a more sophisticated “drug” in the mantra yoga, when you’re in big, big mantra throw on those or other Bija-mantras and doing such a complex mantra, just as the pharmacist or doctor preparing a therapeutic drug, and here he adds a little bit of this ingredient, a little bit different, a little bit of the third. Accordingly, by adding the syllable LAM can act on the principle of land to work with fear. I also remind you of the previous seminar, in addition to the Bija-Mantra, gave birth to this principle, there are the so-called petals, on which were written the letter. Letters of four, and, accordingly, there is a deep continuation of the theme that there are four basic vibration that give virtually the entire spectrum of sensations associated with the Muladhara chakra. Just as if it were a musical instrument, which has four strings. Here balalaika, for example. And, accordingly, these petals are given the corresponding letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, and also there is such a strange topic, if you throw on the letters in a difficult mantra, then you, like a musical instrument, starting to play at this lower basic principle, responsible for the reliability, stability, but also for fear, and the like. There is a very interesting opportunity to configure itself through repetition of mantras. It is clear that we must do everything from simple to complex.

In these practices are based on some trance techniques awaken the Kundalini energy. Seen, probably, the Indians danced in ritual dances, priprygivayut, and so hour after hour, as long as not sink into a trance. And the meaning is that through such tapping trying to tune in to the Muladhara chakra, and then call the emanations of the Kundalini energy. So, people are very old or wild, you can often find all sorts polushamanskie dance. They differ plaintive motif and quite monotonous movements. And in a variety of cultures, nations, people are starting to stamp one’s foot, clapping, something to whine to herself, and so hour after hour, and then bang – and that’s something strange going on with them. Firstly, sometimes comes a state of clear furious state buzz at the bottom of your body, just where is the Kundalini, and the feeling that there’s something starts to vibrate, there is something starts to rotate, some activities there went . And if you continue to go on like this, all generally fall into a trance state, up to the insensitivity and some revelations from above. These techniques are known in the yoga well enough – such an impact on the basic principles of kicks when sooner or later the mind is completely absorbed in his inner world, and you begin to feel, to feel the vibration of the earth.

Vibration in the feet after practice during the holidays, here, of course, still there is a physiological point, it is clear that all the nerve impulses that go into our brain, as we are taught by modern medicine, are on foot through the legs, the lower nerve plexus and then get up. This is a natural way to impact on the purely physical level, which will capture and emotions, and sensations, and they will pass through the center of the lowest.

In particular, texts on Kundalini yoga is such a well-known energy method of awakening the Kundalini and such a strange explanation, that the impulse comes from the big toe, grabs his legs entirely these sensations, the wave reaching the sacrum and then climbing up the spine, through the central channel to the crown of the head. It is sometimes found in the tantras. These cunning methods of literacy impact on the gross body lead to the fact that these nerve impulses to somehow our fine structures. In particular, in the Muladhara chakra, and thus it is possible to manage it. I remember, we talked about the fear, the theme of so many interests. When all wild men performed these dances? As a rule, these dances preceded any events associated with danger, for example, war or hunting of large wild animals. They first poplyashut-poplyashut, fall into a fighting mood, and as a consequence dulled sense of fear. You can besides Hatha yoga work with fear. Here they are, the actual method. You begin to do this or that practice, retired, where nobody sees you, and let’s beat feet to the beat, the rhythm, yet at the same time something should be pronounced, and danced, danced, fell into a state where the pulses affect the Muladhara chakra , they in turn – to such manifestations as fear or reliability. And now you have no fear, and with those with whom you danced these dances, you are no longer a diverse team and combat brigade, a combat unit. You know that the military are taught to march, I myself, when I was little, we had military training, and sometimes giving the impression that the military people “turned” on the charts, so that the leg held to posture was that in a row. And such an impression that all of these great chiefs nothing gives such pleasure, as the ranks of marching soldiers. They go hand in hand, staring into each other’s head, measured pace, as the parade on Red Square. Where did it come from and why in our nuclear age, there is still? My specialty “nuclear weapons maintenance,” there is no place for parades, there is know to click on a button and you have a town outside the city burned in the fires of hell. Therefore, I have long wondered why it is in our century, when machines, rocket, clicked the button, the twenty megatons – and the city is nothing. And this is really the legacy of antiquity. To unite, you need a common action that involves your trust. And here were born first dance before the fight, then drill, remember Roman legionnaires. What really distinguished the Roman Empire, it is the fact that she had a standing army, which is professionally educated. And the rest of the nations were, as a rule, the militia, that is, they plowed, sown, and then the war – they were collected, and they fought. And the Roman Empire declined from that, they have a system of training was one of the most interesting. And when you go into a number of ranks, otstukivaya step by step, also rattling weapons (they had a reception – the collision of arms), hence the military bands. Here they measured pace, and the rear – to play the drums. It is, in fact, – trance techniques. Soldiers are no longer afraid, they trust. And if they have a chorus and tightened some touching hymn: “Gunners, Stalin gave the order,” or something like that – everything! All fall into a complete trance state, a sense of control over Muladhara, the absence of fear, you trust others, because you see that the other – are the same as you. And this feeling of cohesion does wonders. This close-knit team triumphed over the enemy, superior in numbers. Therefore, the modern military is still there, it’s not a whim, it is not over-run, this is a very wise policy, especially if the army is not a professional, but as we have until now – a conscript. Imagine, you have all sorts of people, and you need to somehow unite them, it’s called knocking together the team, team. I am even ashamed to say, I thought we in the University of Yoga demonstration parades to arrange, because we must somehow unite people. Because such a situation when instead of talking about the spiritual, higher, manage to gossip, make antibhavu. But we do not have the room for the parade, and that I would accept the parade with music, orchestra, all in step went. Go graduates of the International Open University of Yoga! But this is a joke, of course.

But no one bothers you personally use these practices in some difficult situations. Here you have a difficult situation in life, you do not know what to do, did not know what to do. Retire, find a place where you would not hurt anybody, no one would have bothered, and apply these techniques. I teach yoga for a long time enough, I can not possibly convey the message, including to many of his followers that yoga lies in us. What it is necessary in itself to open, it is not necessary to add anything inappropriate, start simply with common sense to analyze all your thoughts and feelings. You will begin to approach that seemed strange in some Hindus, and all have a very clear logical explanation. I find it difficult to those who are starting to engage in some kind of obscurantism, carry utter nonsense and confusing others. So, friends, we complete reopening, we do not even understand what we wanted to convey.

In the process of spiritual evolution if one has to renounce terror?

As long as your fear is not controlled by you, you are not free, you – a slave of fear. Yoga ideology – the people make you free, free from all. Therefore, if you want to grow spiritually, then sooner or later you have to find a fear of obvious or hidden, and put it under control. Fear – a good thing, my friends! It is in the background warns us about the dangers. But a different story if he captures our control, and we are beginning under the influence of fear to turn into slaves. And we can be manipulated, as it is now by the fear people manipulate the media. Whatever happens – erected in fear of God, and that I do not like in the esoteric to the public, is that they also feed on fear. What is the most interesting topic – “Black Karma” – people are starting to shake hands and feet, and then at bargain prices esoteric ready this black karma repainted in white. If there is fear, then it is necessary to fight, to kill fear, to put it under control. Friends, yoga ideal – freedom! Another conversation that is the fear of the obvious, and sometimes – not obvious. Sometimes it’s fear, in which we are afraid to admit to ourselves, we stipulated preheat it in the blind spots of our consciousness and do not analyze. In this regard, it is necessary from time to time to carry out an internal audit of their spiritual state, the inner spiritual test. Privacy and honestly and frankly myself to say – what are we afraid of? And some fears may be quite obvious. For example, a woman is afraid that her husband would leave, and the like do not throw, but the fear is. And this is a factor. Or what man fired from work, etc. etc. I have from time to time, students ask, recently sent a letter – what to do with fear. I ask you to tell the materials of today’s seminar to anyone who is interested in this. Once you’re honest to admit that you are afraid of something, thus you sort of look at the situation from the outside, and this is the first step to overcoming fear. Worst of all, when you are afraid, but do not admit even to himself. Others may and not worth talking about it, it’s your inner world, and sometimes it is better to devote no one in his inner fears. Because then you refuse them, and everyone will think that you are still afraid. In the process of spiritual evolution, we simply will be forced to give up fear. Imagine a highly spiritual yoga teacher who is afraid of cockroaches, or something else is afraid, it will be skewed.

Why are we in the previous practice of OM and uttered his name?

When you do practice, you podbavit her section of the mantra, and for that you first uttered the mantra OM, then your name, and then Bija-mantra LAM principle of land. The answer is: OM – it is a good tradition of decorating all the mantra Om. As for your name, when you pronounce it, you can not help remembering your image, including the physical image. standing before a mirror, you remember what you look like, you have the sensation of the body, being. And further, saying the Bija-mantra LAM, concentrating on the principle of land itself. Not an abstract principle of the earth, and here it is – I specifically how to do something, here I sit, I am alive, I have a ground principle, and I want to think about its principle of land. The narrower the concentration of your consciousness and associative relationship is to you, which is very much faster and helps.

Why in the pronunciation of his name arises image of the girl, but not ourselves?

Everything that is connected with our name, the thing is quite strange. We begin to say for a long time his name and at some point all of a sudden it starts to sound unfamiliar way, as if it was not our name and someone else’s, and has no relation to us. Even wonder – is it me that name? ‘ All this is for the reason that at some point you start to disengage from their perceptions of themselves as a body, as if you go up and watch from the outside, both on themselves and on their name, in their own name. This allows a little razotozhdestvitsya and disidentification allows a more objective look at all. Sometimes we look and we see ourselves as a complete stranger strange image, and his name seems strange combination of letters, to which we are accustomed.

Then go. Our workshop is dedicated to the Muladhara chakra, which is at the base of the body, and after her Svadhisthana chakra is responsible for the water principle. And her sense of basic – lust and desire, possession. Its principle is very clearly linked with the principle of our sexuality, attraction sexually. There is a very interesting point, as in the time of death, and in the moment of awakening the Kundalini energy when you really awaken her, and it dissolves the earth principle. In some texts it is said that it is perceived as if sinking into the ground water and dissolved in it. Here you sit, and the land does not fall down, and up, where the principle of water, and there disappeared. It is understood that after all the structures responsible for fear, disappear, and conventional methods to influence fear or lack of it is no longer possible. Because the tool through which you can act, dissolved. And at the same time, the dominant feeling of the next chakra previous subordinates, ie, when you feel desire, you forget about the fear. Sometimes people in the pursuit of possession than whatsoever, completely forget about the fear, it captures the greed, the thirst to get something, and nothing can stop him on the way. I already told you, there was a case when I raised this issue once and for the seminar came one uncle. And then he heard about the fact that lust is higher than fear. Sat sat grimly silent, and then roused himself and said that he had a cat at home, and in the spring, when her cats are cared for, they are afraid of nothing. They climb into his house, making their way to the kitchen, to his lady heart. He them with a broom, and they are not afraid. In any other situation, the cat immediately uderet somewhere. So the ancient Tantric knowledge was observed in the kitchen. This, of course, all the primitive, there are more serious continuation of this theme.

Each of us has what is called our sexual potential. In general, sex and sexual energy in yoga are considered to be the cleanest and most powerful potential. The spectrum of sexual manifestations – from the most primitive to the highest. Known such a thing – sexy controls fear. Oddly enough, it is a supreme manifestation, even in its rough incarnation, such as lust. Although remind you that sexy – it’s more than a rough lust. Sexuality – a whole universe, and that it turns off the fear. The logic of evolutionary next – if you have sex, there is a continuation of life, and even if you lose your physical body, but leave posterity, then you always give the new body, and you will be born. Therefore, it is competitive things that allow the cat nothing to fear if his beloved girlfriend to kiss him. This should be remembered, everything that concerns sexuality in yoga requires separate consideration and meticulous attitude. Fear is overcome by lust, and in this sense, the question of evolutionary growth, lust greater emotion than fear. It is more preferable. Roughly speaking, to be the slave of fear is worse than to be a slave of lust. And then miracles begin, but we’ll talk about them on these workshops chakras.

The next principle – it is the navel center, Manipur, fire center with the dominant feeling – anger. And if you wake up angry, it controls both lust and fear. Man in a state of anger and forget about fear and about the desire he still furious. The following Anahata feeling to Vishuddha next and further to the principle of reason, and on the principle of the mind – the principle of Sahasrara, the highest spiritual intuition. But everywhere the law is the same, if a higher base awakens emotion, it suppresses lower. In this respect, if we are talking about the highest spiritual intuition, it monitors and mind, and all that is below. If you are in the Ajna chakra control the mind, the mind controls all over the lower emotions. When you encounter any problem, it makes sense to practice, affecting more than the highest chakra, and it is easier to control the height of the lower. Of course, then still have to return to a lower, but it is good to go on the attack when you air covers aviation. You go on the attack, and on top of IL-2 on the fly and fire intermittently enemies who flee in panic. Similarly, a good fight with fear, if you put under control and made the practice more higher chakras. So it is with anger. This method is the practical application of knowledge of science of the chakras. And the principle of land is easier to approach through a higher principle.

We all began to present a seminar with the text, which describes the Muladhara. Let me remind you again:

Now we are entering in the Adhar-lotus. It is attached to the mouth (entrance) Sushumna, and is located between the anus and the genitals. It has 4 petals crimson and his head hanging down. On the petals of brilliant gold-colored letters from Va to Sa. There Chakra land, surrounded by eight shining spears. It is bright yellow in color and beautiful like lightning, and Dhara Bija (syllable LAM) in it. Decorated with 4 hands and seated on the king of the elephants, he is a child of the creator, shining like the rising sun; he has 4 arms and four times the wealth of his lotus face. Here dwells the goddess called Dakini. Her four arms shine charm, and her eyes were bright red. It shines like a light at the same time many of the rising sun, and she always supports the manifestation of pure consciousness.

If you are on the mind level, start doing meditation or renders Muladhara chakra, although this could be you did not assume that it is there, it turns out that you, with the highest level of meditating on this description, visualize this picture, and thereby realize a lot faster this chakra and put it under control. Even the reading of texts or, as it was believed in ancient times, when you heard the teaching of the Master, you can not help you adjust your mind, and he submits a lower chakras, including the earth chakra. In this respect, Visualization Yoga and meditation on certain forms the basis of your body is also very powerful method, my friends! You mentally as if going on inside themselves objects, these objects begin to grow together with your feelings, and then, if you start to mentally change the object, you get the leverage to change their feelings. Visualization – a wrench, an intermediate link between your mind and your body device. Do you do yoga, and in front of your eyes the picture with the image of the chakras, and you can not help carry it yourself in, in the base body, and then it costs you in the imagination to imagine how it rotates, and the imaginary rotation turns into a real feeling that you something earned. Here is an interesting feature of our body, which responds to the visualization, display, and it can also be used, including control over the chakras and emotions typical of these chakras.

To our mind the principle need an object to which it can focus, and as shaped object and the abstract. As energy method, sensations, and by consciousness. All the ancient texts in the intersection of sight pointed out that it is necessary to see. On the one hand it is given an abstract, geometric pattern, yantra, and on the other hand there are also quite human images of Gods and Goddesses, who live there and are responsible for those or other qualities. And in our minds begin to connect the abstract geometry with abstract mantras, with the same syllable LAM together with the images of the four-gods with some other attributes. And it’s all completely captures our minds and allows us to better focus on and strengthen the practice. Those who wrote the ancient texts were, as you know, are not idiots, they knew perfectly well the psychology of perception of people. I was told at the previous workshop, which is a theory – one hemisphere of a person responsible for the perception of abstract, figurative for another, and so knew this huge number of centuries ago.

We, subjecting each of the centers, we determine what feelings we have put them under control. So, we take out the consciousness and energy of these feelings and can somehow redirect prana free to your Higher Self?

Yes, even cruder method is sometimes given. Such visualization, when you use the energy of any emotion, or a motive in their spiritual purpose. Sometimes, we capture the bestial feelings bestial thoughts, and there is nothing better to cheer himself than the feeling of fear. Moreover, there are such people, extreme athletes, who always something somewhere will climb, the jump from somewhere, then something else will make such that the average person is fear and terror. And these people, on the contrary, seek from time to time to get such a thrill, and they do so with a certain frequency. And the question arises – what is the effect of what the phenomenon of extreme? Now I do not mean extreme sports associated with danger, but people are not at risk, but because of something else. Those climbers and cavers – the danger is more than enough, but they are not going to overcome the danger, but for the beauty, for the sake of something new, pioneering. I now have in mind a little frostbitten people who play Russian roulette. This game, when the drum revolver being charged one cartridge, and then rotates the drum chaotic way, and then it to his temple and – bam! And if you got on the cartridge – he shot himself in the head, but if not, then the feeling of adrenaline, which is well-invigorates. The effect is that of Tamas, bestiality is for the pain, and if you have the inner bestiality that you can not recognize, it will ooze into the swamp of everyday life you addictive. To form laziness, do not want to do, and aching legs, and tail falls off, and bored, and would lay there and did not move, and sick of this. And the question – why are you so feel, nobody asks, because everyone seems to be that it is a natural state. But it is not natural, it is unnatural. This contamination by toxins, channel pollution and centers, but people did not recognize this bestiality. But they know very well that if these or other actions cause a feeling of fear, you are indirectly vozdeystvuesh at Mooladhara, to the principle of land. Muladhara begins to jerk and lumps of fine mud, which causes bestiality, fly away for a while, and for some time a person let go. Physiologically, it is the adrenaline, and some other hormones influence, it does not matter. The important thing is that after that – clarity of the tide, the tide of cheerfulness and joy of life, as long as shit not again nalipnet. And such people are engaged in this, and with a certain periodicity. Strictly speaking, the same method, but is much easier everything can be done with the help of yoga, and do not need any extreme sports, do not have any fear. But sometimes these practices can be very useful, especially for thin dirt. In particular, it is known in Tibet, this practice is called Chod practice, where you have to visualize the worst pictures that you can only take place in particular that you eat the monsters, and you have fed him his body. You begin to draw all the horrors, which you are afraid, and for this practice are selected such inhospitable, remote places, haunted house, where the atmosphere of fear overtakes itself. Yes, you still throw on themselves. And not strange sometimes these practices greatly affected by the fear factor in the Muladhara chakra and accelerate the spiritual evolution. On the other hand, people who work with fear, come substitution. Fearing greatly something one, and overcoming fear into something else, they transfer it to overcome on their own. I do not like the practice in fear, my friends, have more fun practice! I do not like extreme.

And remember, the person is not the highest spiritual and material messy emotions and sensations. All our emotions, fear, anger, lust, anger, jealousy, envy – very useful things, if properly use these incentives to their advantage. Yoga Wisdom is knowing how to use all the points, including the fear to deal with his bestiality, and transfer themselves to a higher level. Fear also can competently use, not, of course, as extreme. Here you do not want to do something, draw a vivid picture of yourself that will reverse. I do not want to go to work – draw a nice picture of how you got fired, and you are together with the homeless at the station, and how electricity from such thoughts become hearty and already ran. When to use it wisely, we can achieve good results. The fact that our body, like an animal in this respect, and sometimes does not understand the good, especially if it is not trained in yoga.

We just think that we are a free people, we live among people who are free from everything. No! We are not free, we are hard rays, the grip, in a tight cage of social consciousness. It is non-verbally, indirectly, penetrates us, we are afraid of something, afraid of something. We fear that society will scold. Rigid guides to life. Good or bad? Friends, generally speaking, it is a very good thing. There are people bespredelschik, without a king in his head, they do not fear for their laws are not written, they are in a free path, and it is clear that they will find your problem sooner or later. And some of the concerns that we have in life, grounded experience of previous generations. Too many attempts to do something, which ended in failure. And at the genetic level, on the mental fear remains. For example, the most typical fear for Russia, which literally suffocates and dies from the lack of small business. Ask the person – all fear and tax authorities and auditors, as a result of all paralyzed and do nothing. Those who govern us, it would be necessary to remove the barriers to people or afraid to take risks. In fact, according to statistics, of the 10 new cases, only one survives. People at risk and so they and without that terrible, but on the other hand, where we have this fear? Since Soviet times, when vysunsya try, you just rolled-into the asphalt. It turns out that fear is well-founded, it protects them from possible trouble, but the conditions have changed, but fears remained the same. And we need to remove them. But another fear is now easily overcome – go to any bank and for 5 minutes you will be given credit for which you will pay the next 5 lives. This form of slavery is not necessary to write “Give credit” to banks and “buy into slavery.” We must call things by their proper names. How can you give a loan, knowing that you did not give that person will become your slave. This skews our financial system, which came from the West. But many do not have this immunity – the fear that you are taking a loan, really sold as a slave. And such people with ease and go across. Therefore, in the subconscious fear of society is useful, but needs to be adjusted. Do not try to overcome all fears at once in itself. I saw the advertisement psychological office, which promises all your fears away for a three-day seminar, or they return the money. Well, imagine, it turns out, they multiply bespredelschik, people without a king in his head? For such a person very quickly end up being a problem itself. Where it is necessary to overcome the fears, but where it is necessary to listen to them. You can not have anything for our lives. And if you have fear, then analyze it, how he, with which it is connected, it can often be a very good signal for you. Perhaps something from the subconscious level of the blind area of your consciousness says that something is going wrong.

But we leave aside, yet we do Muladhara chakra, the principle of land. And a few more words, more precisely, we can say a lot of words, it is very difficult to understand the theory of how to use the principle of land. Firstly, there is the concept of mantra. We have the principle of land quanta, ie, indivisible parts, furthermore, it is believed that over time perception in yoga thinned so that it can distinguish between them. Sometimes the texts are found absolutely wonderful narrative that at a certain degree of yoga one begins to see taken separately quanta There’s mantra as flashes of light. Suddenly, before his eyes flash yellow, such a small, bang and disappeared. There are flashes of red, blue, white, and each color corresponds to a principle, and this is a hint that gives us the outside world at the level of the hyperfine perception. This explains a lot of different systems, predictions – just as the weatherman can predict the weather by means of a barometer, like a system of evaluation of the situation in the world. And here we encounter another, even more difficult to understand the topic – cyclical nature of all that is happening, there are phases of life, as a microcosm and macrocosm. And there are moments when they begin to edit certain elements, just as in Europe, there are signs of the zodiac, and depending on what kind of sign it and the effect is on the human being. Similarly, there is very difficult to understand the theme of the elements change. In the eastern astronomy and astrology is involved. In addition to that, the assigned name of the animal, added to adjectives, such as “black”, “iron”. And just that there are times of the year, there is the influence of the elements. But I just want to make a reservation here, right now to us from the East is pure obscurantism, some astrological systems, divination system, which begin all zombie. I read a prediction and automatically start to adjust their lives for him. So remember, yoga – this is freedom! Freedom from everything, and if some astrological forecast or prediction you do not like it – throw it away! You have to be free, free of everything! Throw away the knowledge that enslaves you! True knowledge – Free! In India, like spiders wove invisible network, and the average Indian can not jump, he zombified from birth. His zombiruyut local astrologers, the caste system, a system of religious beliefs, and he as a bug in the web, which is a long time ago before it spun. And get out of it he can not, because breaking out of it, he generates the same punishment for snatching. Zombiruyut very cleverly breached – you will receive. And he himself is punishing itself, it is a terrible thing indeed. In India, it has been justified to a certain extent, because the only way you can save up to today’s knowledge, otherwise India would live outer life. A India still largely inside living life. Did I mention that even in economic terms China is selling all over the world, and India is mainly consumed as their own products. In this respect, it is very independent country, it is brewed in itself, as well as many thousands of years in itself was cooked and stored knowledge. There were cobwebs need these people to not jumped. It is clear that now there is no such requirement, but Web remained. The most funny thing is when this web start to drag here and there predictors of India went. Friends, you do not need it, you need freedom. All that you enslaves you do not have, so I ask you to be very careful.

In continuation of this theme, that there are certain days that correspond to a certain pattern, and if the tie certain actions with that principle, then you are like a passing wave will go where it is necessary, and if not, on the contrary will be resisted. But to treat it should be very simple – just that there is a day and night there, and if you have somewhere to go together, it is best to go light. And when you go deep – it will be more difficult, but that does not mean that if you do not need to go at night. This is exactly the same and all the predictions – above all your free will and your debt. All lovers to hang you to deceive and enslave you, directly or indirectly – you do not need. There is mention of the fact that as the seasons of the year and other circumstances are arranged in a kind of cyclical and is dominated by one or the other chakra, or this or that principle. And if you know this, you can get a lot of use, but for this I recommend first of all listen to yourself. Rediscovered yoga!


I remind you that some of your practices was made at the previous workshop, part of this seminar. A part of the border – they are here and there. In particular, everything that is connected with the breath, it was at the previous workshop.

So, get up, do yantra of rugs. Let’s do an exercise of steam kriya dedicated Muladhara chakra. I ask the men to stand in the center and back behind them – women. Back to become the back. Getting mentally view the base of the body, looking for the area in the sacrum area, and visualize where the lotus of four petals, inside the lotus, like a cave, feel the vibrant energy of Kundalini, which buzzes like a swarm of bees. To do this, we raise the tip of the tongue up and begin to sing the mantra M. Feel your feet and start to dance, feeling the pulse from the soles of the feet held to the Muladhara chakra, forcing the Kundalini energy and give a start to allocate additional prominence energy. Stuchim foot to the snake began to move in time with the music, start to dance. The pulse rises from the foot to the base of the body and then passes through the spine crawl to the top of the head, to dance to the beat. Now we come together, join hands and start pounding the sacrum neatly against each other. Go!

Slow down, stop, and now the inner circle is shifted to the left by one person, doing the same thing.

Slow down, stop, and now the pair “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted to the left by one person, doing the same thing.

We slow down, stop, now the “girl-girl” pair reversed, the inner circle is shifted to the left by one man, turn to face each other, join hands and repel.

A pair of “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted by one, continue to do the same.

We slow down, stop, the pair “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted from one to turn our backs to each other and re-collision area of the coccyx. Go!

Slow down, stop, the pair “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted by one, continue to do the same.

Slow down, stop, the pair “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted by one, the men sit down, legs stretch forward from the center, the girls sit, feet placed on top of the men’s feet. Join hands and leans back and forth as if pumping sensations from the body base in the top of the head. Go!

Slows down, the pair “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted by one, continue to do the same.

Slow down, stop, the pair “girl-girl” changing places, the inner circle is shifted from one to sit back to back, and now podbavit breathing exercises, we begin to blow his stomach. You can attach a hand to her stomach, as if helping to breathe.

We make a full breath, and now one gracefully bends to the left, the other to the right, and start to lean in one direction and then in another direction. As much as three spines and strive to buzzing at the base of the body is spread up, up, up. Exhale, calm down.

Even doing a series of breaths. Exhale, exhale! Full breath, and bend to the left or right relative to each other. Three back. Miraculously, exhale.

Once again, we do a series of breaths. Now do a full breath, and imagine the air goes down into the stomach. Belly inflate, inflate, the air is below, below, to the Muladhara. Close the nostrils, inhale tilted forward.

Great, we come to, sit straight. Now that we have all rocked relative prodyshatsya, the mind’s eye guide at the bottom of the body, in the area of the coccyx, sacrum. We feel the buzz “zhzhzhzhzhzh” swarm of bees buzzing at the base of the body. We contemplate the lotus there, four petals, and he is spinning, spinning like a whirlwind, as a weather vane in the wind. And while buzzing. Privately repeat LAM LAM LAM LAM LAM … We see a clear picture.

And now everyone lies on the mat, and some time relaxing.

Stretches, yawns, a parish. Pivoted to the side. Bend your knees, sit down. Getting to rub his body, legs, arms. The body pat. We come to life. Sit down.

Miraculously, my friends! That comes to an end of our seminar. I wish that you, I advise you – every knowledge only has value when it is possible to apply it in real life, so I tried to show you some techniques and practices that you can apply on their own. And of course, I remind you that it would be nice to coming to this seminar feet, you listened to the mother-land. To your perception of the universe, reality and life after today little has changed for the better.


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