Chakras. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar. 2010.08.01

Seminar. Chakras. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.








Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar. Part 1-I.


Today we have 1 August 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, this seminar on the Chakras.

We are located in the city of Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya, at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

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In the good old tradition of our University such a complex topic as the Chakras, we will try to explain in plain language, and, at the same time, at a very high level in order to realize some things like this in the forehead, are not understood.

Yoga, in general science interesting, kind of like everything is clear in the explanation, in the description, but you start to meditate, and the sense of slipping away. At the same time, you start to practice, when some feelings come, waves of emotions, and re-start to reach those teachings that were first understood, then the meaning escaped, and now it opens in a different light.

So, the topic of today’s seminar CHAKRA.

Of course, we talk a lot about the theory of this question, but in fact this whole theory not worth a jigger, in comparison with the slightest sense of the work of these structures, that is, the work of various chakras.


The use of the term chakra to intimidate and gain.

Let’s start from the beginning.

In modern Western civilization, you can all the time to meet a variety of terms, which came from India, the Sanskrit language. This is the term karma, maya, kundalini, and one of the terms that is gaining its place in Western society – a term Chakra. I must say that it is used the most different layers of people. Esoteric seekers, people interested in any kind of steam is a normal phenomenon, but what is unpleasant, the term is often used by people, to put it mildly, obscurantist, often quite adequate, and the communication with them is a protest and unwillingness to understand this issue. In addition, quite inexplicably crawling all sorts of terms and explanations of, say, a person’s life, or any of its states with the use of the term Chakra. Too often, in any tabloid press we read that the person is the chakra is open, this chakra is closed, this chakra he has such a fact that such a light color, it shines a different color, this chakra is necessary to work, and this is not necessary to work out. This complete scientism, and everything would be great, but if you understand the term chakra is washed, it is utter nonsense. And often people who use the term chakra, just shake the air. Moreover, misleading many other students and, saddest, sometimes intimidating.

Indeed, say, how would you personally react if someone came and told you, and you know, I see that you have a heart chakra is closed. You do not know for sure what chakra, and you have a deadly diagnosis is put. Clearly, this is a kind of reaction, it is quite natural, a person begins to adequately react to fear, to know for how much money you can reveal this chakra. As a rule, all conspire, and agree on an acceptable amount and the problem is solved for both parties.

Any kind of clairvoyant, clairaudient, yasnoznayuschie, all sorts of healers, fortune tellers, whose name is legion, walk, wander, and any inferences in respect of the Chakras voiced. Let us from the very start to define that, unfortunately, at the moment the vast majority of the words that are spoken about the chakras – this is sheer nonsense, with all its consequences, especially if you as a bully, or you feel a sense of rejection , misunderstandings and so on and so forth.

If you really start to grasp the meaning of the concept of chakras, then you, as the ancient treatises prescribe yoga should include awareness of euphoria, euphoria harmony, joy, happiness, and a sense of opening prospects for self-transformation, and self samotranformatsii. If you are confronted with the teachings of the chakras, and instead you feel something is closed, crumpled, frightening, you should know that once the correct information is not reached you.

From the outset, I want all of you to warn you that it may well be that all your previous ideas about what is a chakra, as it is opening or closing may be a game of your mind. You read somewhere, what that position is not credible literature, and based on their start to think of something.


Chakras with yoga point of view. Where, in fact, it happened this term.

Now, we start with a clean slate, as if we did not know and had never heard the word chakra. Each of us has the perfect man or the perfect female body. These are our body how to do something. If you open a medical atlas, you will see how we, accordingly, our bones are mated, tendon, muscle, nerve fibers, which the internal organs, and so on, modern medicine offers a good circuit card on how we are organized. Made we are physically on a single image, though some divergence observed. One, for example, a blood vessel passes a little to the left, to the right, another internal organ slightly shifted, the third in the other direction. There is some kind of a corridor, large enough in which these parameters can be changed, but it will still be within the normal range. Of course, doctors can show you a picture of your internal device, and you may be surprised to look, this is my tummy, here are my nerve endings, see how they look interesting. It will be for you, even something new, because since childhood you had some idea about your body. You are connected also to think about what they could not, once born, but you have already an idea of the hand, foot … It is always interesting and fun to watch, when a small mahasyuska takes his heels, brings with surprise them considering, this is my leg, Now my other leg. There is a familiarity with the human body, when he was surprised to begin to consider yourself and experience. Or at an older age the desire to take the kids all sorts of poses, stand on your head, twist to one side, the other side, and, by the way, is a spontaneous, natural desire to rediscover hatha yoga. If a child each child was given to himself, gave him the opportunity to work on themselves, each child would quickly walked over to the main postures of yoga. When you open the “smart” treatises on Hatha yoga, and there the intricate poses, and let your child ask, “Will he do it or not?” If he will not do this, then it’s probably a little yoga has a relationship. Why? For a very simple reason. There is a certain correlation between your internal feelings and external device of your body. From early childhood you have a mental representation and the complex feelings that I have is I was inside arranged that I have where, and why. Moreover, it can not completely coincide with the anatomical atlas-health, when you look at him. Oh, then I have an important organ – the liver, spleen, and inside I do not feel anything. While the man is almost healthy and does not experience any illness, it is inclined to think of your body, it works, and, thank God, does not prevent it, and it’s great. When developing the disease, then one begins to identify, here at me a kidney, liver, spine, and so on. If you are in health, it is a beautiful, natural background feeling of being. You are so slavnenko, one pen, the other, one leg, the other, tummy lyubimenky, all very, very garmonichnenko chudesnenko. Start some moments in the spectrum of internal sensations, when you start to analyze what you are and what you feel. Young children are also sometimes reflect on this, but as we have done, on the basis of Alice in Wonderland, such a study. Suddenly it turns out that if we want something to consider, the spectrum is shifted to the head of sensations. When we solve the puzzle, then more of our attention in the area where the upper part of our body, neck, head. If we bask in the sun, on the contrary, the emphasis is shifting feelings towards the body, if we want to eat delicious food, the sensations are shifted lower. There are other physiological aspects, for example, we went to the toilet, it is clear sensation moved lower, toward the base of the body. Indeed, every child grows up, reaches sexual maturity comes first glimpses of eroticism, sex feeling, and they are also very unique located, with an accent somewhere at the bottom, but not a fact.

It turns out that if our body is healthy, if we are in a good, not fatigued, there is a certain distribution of sensations. For each action, each emotion for each reaction to external stimuli to a greater or lesser extent, we begin to feel or lower torso, or intermediate, or it is shifted to the head. Indeed, the way it happens. The part that works best for her greater focus of our consciousness, respectively, this part of the longer attracts our attention, and we are less want to disturb her. Indeed, when a person thinks about a problem, it tries, what would his head not shaking. It can forward, backward across the room to pace, his hand propped on his forehead, that is, all the moves, and the region does not move his head. We see a singer who sings, and his body is shaking his head and walking back and forth, but the area of the throat, neck, he tries not to disturb her. Sometimes on TV journalist who says their report, and so emotionally, that his head and hands and feet moving, the only area in the region of the neck, remains unchanged. We sometimes meet a person who in the full sense of his physical strength, you know, used to be fashionable “pitching” the people who go to gyms and there biceps pumped, really beautiful figure. He gets out of the gym and rolls from left to right, it is clear that the head does not work there, so about it, you can not think, neck, too, but somewhere at the bottom of his trunk, there is the center of physical energy, here it is, round it all revolves . In the future, we’ll touch on this – as a glance at the gait we can determine at what level the emotional state of the person. What part of his body the most immobile, which focused attention? Clearly, it is easier to hold the attention, it is necessary that this part has been fixed, most likely, the part and dominates. Thus, you can determine the condition of the people. But not the fact that if in the same period of life a person has one thing working, it is always so. While there is some correlation. If the person is not accustomed to work his head, then, as a rule, all his movements are not around your head, and be around other centers.

Anyway, it turns out that we have a variety of experiences with the express card, then there is a certain feeling when they work within us, it turns the focus on a particular part of the body. But shifting somehow blurred, well, the stomach and abdomen, head and head, neck and neck. More detailed sensations begin when a person, for example, refines his attention and your senses. This can be caused, for example, if a person is engaged in research activities for a long time, willingly or unwillingly, he is sitting in the library or with their devices, or formulas and more focused on a particular part of your body. Then there is a more subtle sense, and the head and the thought processes that had to occur. Similarly, the singer who sings a lot, more than subtle sensations vocal organs. If you like watching fighters in the ring with each other trying to fight, of course, have more sense of the middle and the base body. Japanese famous struggle when trying bellied uncle belly to squeeze each other out of the ring, of course, they have a serious sense of their weight and importance in the literal and figurative sense. As soon as we live and something to do, drawn detailed sensations. Finally, if we are engaged in a spiritual self-knowledge, in particular yoga, we are engaged in these or other exercises of yoga, here’s what a thing occurs. We suddenly start becoming more and more clear to locate sources of certain sensations. This may manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes in the form of subjective sensations of heat in some parts of our body. Let’s say this or that emotion is a very clear sense of detail, you say, feel a sense of anger, it is a range of sensations in one place of your body, or fear – in another place, or jealousy – in the third place, greed in the other. You can cycle through all the emotions with which you have to face every time, and if the emotion is strong enough, you can more clearly locate what portion of your body begins to feel you stronger. You continue to practice yoga intensively, and your internal perception even more acute. You are more detailed begin to feel in this or that place, as the one or the other emotion, or that state leads to some feelings, and these feelings are very strange, they may show up as warm as pressure as a physical effect as if to have someone touched. But as they continue their practice sessions, the feeling turn into a psychological impact. You know, when a person has a condition where it has thrill and say that at this point the person feels? Yes, God knows what he feels! The common people, or slang, I say “sausage”, you understand that this slang, when a person tries to express his state which does not fit the familiar sensations of pain, fear. This is something nervous, with some color, a person feels but can not express, because there are no such words, very poor our language to describe the spectrum of sensations. So every now and then I heard a single yogic coterie that Lyapkin Tyapkin pranayama reborrow and Lyapkin Tyapkin razkolbasilo. There is a view that it is some of his feelings is so made to vibrate, which is not dealt with them and not happy that engaged in this practice and want to make it all faster ustakanilos, it’s more natural feeling of the body, as if we were in childhood. This refinement of the senses accompanied with the inability of our language to express what we feel, our language is poor in comparison with those feelings. These subtle sensations are pronounced spectrum – pleasant, unpleasant. Usually when they say a person “raskolbas”, have in mind that this is a bad accent. Another expression, “human torknulo,” this is clearly a focus of something positive. This is partly the youth slang, an attempt to express the inexpressible, the attempt to find a description of what’s what hard to find the words. It turns out there is a positive range, and has a negative range. You start to feel something in different parts of his body. It is localized, and sometimes comes as a positive, sometimes as a negative. This is something that goes against gross physical sensations in the neuro-psychiatric, and then, if you keep going in the same “key” – thinning sensations come feeling even stronger, but you have them even express can not, how they move in that range -That is absolutely unusual. Sometimes this characteristic result, they say that I feel a vibration in one place or another body, sometimes give a more specific starting points for the realization of this vibration, for example, as if caught in the palm of some fly or a bee and you have it buzzing. Imagine you are in a hand clamped a fly or a bee, and she’s zhzhzhzhzh, all you have to vibrate. It seems that something is buzzing in a particular place in my body, as if it was a vibration, color and buzz is different in different centers. Thus, any normal person physically and mentally healthy, if it starts to listen to the spectra of the senses, and plus will even do certain exercises that prescribes yoga, very quickly come to the fact that there are certain centers of localization of various sensations that appear in something a mentally-vibrating, which on one hand can transition into physical sensations of heat, cold, touch, etc., and on the other hand, on the contrary, that in some cases even a subtle mental. Such sensations provoked range of associative connections, memories, that is, you started working or that center, and suddenly comes to mind the image of childhood, when you are on the glade run, jump, have fun, in the sun watching. Or suddenly another center begins to work, and you remember a dream that everyone had seen two weeks ago, but completely forgotten, because, as you wake up, and here he clearly surfaced. It goes from something perceived in some mental vision, mental clarity, in the experience of some experience, very elusive, that the other person does not convey what you feel. His dream, for example, is sometimes very difficult to tell someone else. What did you dream? Talk about some of the facts – is one thing, but you were not just facts, but on the complex of sensations.

Thus, every normal person, sooner or later, will open centers of localization. If these centers concentrate or do special exercises, one way or another affecting these centers, the effect will be to grow, grow, grow, and sooner or later you have a picture emerges of internal sensations. And the picture is not just the individual centers in different senses, and the relationship of these sensations as one associated with a different center, as the vibration associated with one another. Then it begins quite an amazing thing. While you were an ordinary person, and you have the inner experiences. For example, you have small children, you are in the nature of that something might shock, and you have something experienced in such clarity. But, as you become older, the impact force from the outside, feeling overshadowed, as if we have a layer of dust covered, covered, covered, and usually people have to the middle years become insensitive as hippopotamus. Rainbow suddenly! Little kids running around, having fun, and some uncle or tёtechka look – rainbow, yes, and let’s go. That is, there is no emotional response. But, even if the uncle and tёtechki will engage and refine these or other venues, then, oddly enough, the feeling comes first as a child and then another greater and greater exacerbation of these feelings. And at some point, if you continue to practice yoga, or all sorts of exercises, these inner feelings are beginning to block your normal senses. By the force of perception, you’ll perceive these centers are more than your physical body. To have the feeling center, their localization, will be more powerful than your usual senses, both in the positive and in the negative direction. The case will be up to the fact that sooner or later will direct competition. You can chto-to hurt physically, you experience physical pain, but if at the same moment aroused a particular facility, it may be in strength to overshadow the physical pain, again, the eclipse from both positive and with negative side. Sometimes, if something goes wrong, as we would like, people shouting: “my heart hurts, you are slovens country destroyed around iniquity, embezzlement of public funds.” There is some kind of an emotional wave that destroyed the state, that the soul hurts, not eat, can not sleep! How so!? This emotional state caused to vibrate in certain centers is so strong that a man forgets all that he had not eaten, forget, for example, that he can get injured, during the war. Everything remains, but only the inner vibration it overshadows everything.

The situation is similar on the positive side. Sometimes you something to offer inspiring, forcing you to take a fresh look at the whole world! You are under the impression that the echo, this supreme delight, which is expressed as the vibration of a center, so that the whole external world for you tarnish. Neither his delectable hand, you would have noticed, whether you are in the normal state or the negative side, they cease to become dull, but inside something is very bright on you to act, the whole world! Outside dim, though the senses are working properly, you may well physically healthy people, but it is an internal feeling overshadows external. Finally, in the future, sometimes those moments happen spontaneously in humans, yoga leads to such states systematically and purposefully. Suddenly, the feeling of a center within your body are so strong that you sort of fall through to another world and completely cease to respond to external irritants.

It turns out that at some stage in our lives, if we are engaged in training, these yoga exercises, a person begins to feel the inner centers is stronger than usual sensations in his body and the world around him outside. If we analyze the localization of these centers have a variety of people in different countries, in different cultural and historical traditions, we can observe a very curious thing that people are different, but the centers of localization of these sensations are the same. What matter to which culture medium “cooked” people, there is a pronounced feeling Center, located in the center of our chest, somewhere inside. There is a pronounced center of our sensations, opposite the navel, somewhere inside. There is a pronounced feeling Center, located in the area between our eyebrows. Subsequently open centers sensations such as at the base of the body or in the top of the head. In the analysis, you can find the center of our feelings at the base of the throat. Analyzing certain its manifestations, is primarily related to sex, you may find that there is some sort of a zone, which is below the navel center, but above the place where is your sacrum, that is somewhere in the middle, too, is the center, which is also itself somehow manifests. Even without knowing the word and the word yoga chakras, but only analyzing your feelings, you will sooner or later will come to this particular point in your body, which revolve around some kind of emotion, vibration, I thought some of your reactions. So, my friends, the point is the chakra. If so define the chakras with the position of your everyday experience. Once again, even if you do not know the word yoga. Of course, yoga provides a definition of the chakras is also on the other hand, more fundamental, and more exciting or space. You should consider that this chakra from this side. But the trouble with yoga? In fact, it is very much written good books mysterious, exciting, but too few people who have at least something really feel, and this dissonance in their lives, that the theory is good, but few people feel something, there is a vacuum, who immediately filled obscurantism. What we are now witnessing, when they begin to weave God knows what way or another connected with the word chakra. You have to remember that the first thing for you chakras – this is what you carry with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can always refer to a particular point of your body and try to remember certain sensations associated with this point, and let this be a starting point for you to explore the fact that there is a chakra.

First of all, when you open a smart book on yoga, which describes what is a fantastic thing, it makes sense to immediately project it onto itself and very quickly you will begin to feel some dissonance. You never know, this book before in Russian was translated first into English Sanskrit, you never know who has lost some comma? Sometimes, there are textbook phrase: “the execution can not be pardoned.” From one point the phrase changes the meaning of diametrically opposite. The same situation with all yogic books and treatises. The most important thing is the seed of understanding, basic understanding! Do not argue that you have this chakra is open, it is closed, you live on this chakra, you’re on this. I very often hear such statements, I was disgusted, because this is nonsense, frank delirium! These phrases may have tried to convey something very deep, but only at the wrong end of the beginning, it’s all rather scary, turns away than give understanding.

The largest deficit, the deficit in the basic understanding of yoga, which does not allow to understand the higher moments, and higher moments – a truly fantastic moments. If you understand them, you will be able to strengthen the feeling, but it is necessary to know the theory. But what you’ll learn the theory, if you do not know the elementary, as you’ll learn higher mathematics, if you do not know the multiplication table? Rubbish! Likewise here. You begin to work with the chakras is not a clever books, you start to work with the chakras themselves. Forget all the clever books, alone, close your eyes, look at the eye of itself and it will be more valuable than all the treatises by heart peruse what chakra as she petals, what color it is, it is closed or open. Start with yourself, it is a guarantee that you will not make a serious mistake. It turns out that there are sensations of localization centers, and if they begin to appear, they overshadow all the other sensations centers. A man at a certain stage of development, begins to feel or see or be aware of your chakras are stronger than their physical body. Therefore, if one or another yogi or yogini say yes, I can feel or see a particular chakra, believe me, that the power of feeling is much stronger than our usual sense of our body.

The ancient science of yoga has already passed this way, we can rediscover themselves, analyzing their feelings and localization of these sensations. It turns out the effect of the following, you can spend a lot of lives out to rediscover some subtle nuances of how the one or the other chakra in this or that place. Can you simplify your work – to read, hear, or to gain knowledge from the ancient yogis and Yoginis, and thus narrow the search area, to save time and to come to the desired result. To do this, we have been given special exercises, and these exercises are entirely fall under section visualization yoga. When we begin to represent yourself anything, we need to apply these concepts to your body. It is for this reason that we heard from ancient treatises mention of certain chakras, centers, with quite specific forms of how they should be present, with very specific attributes, which should be visualized in order to facilitate the rediscovery of our attention that we have inside.

Practice and theory comprehension Chakras.

Before we proceed to consider this section, we’ll do some practical exercises.

Sit up straight and mind’s eye beginning to explore the whole range of their internal sensations that brings us our body, as if mentally running through the base of our body to the top of the head. It seems to be the wave of the total captures us and pass through our feet, through the base of the body, through the area of the navel, through the area of our chest, the throat, through the area of the head, while capturing the feeling of your hands, hands, hands. Try to find a comprehensive stream of sensations. In order to stimulate this process, so our minds were in the utmost clarity, we will strengthen it with voice exercises. Now we sing the sound “A”, which goes to the sound of “O”, which becomes “u” sound, which goes to the sound of “M”. At the same time, we feel, or feel, or represent a wave running through our body from the bottom to the top of the head. You know, sometimes on TV show radar, a ray of light rotates and peeling facilities. Likewise, the sound wave passes through your body, and in a clearer light gives the whole spectrum of your senses. Try to find a more sensitive place inside of you, and less sensitive areas, where they are located and how. The most important thing for you to trust your instincts, and only then everything that you read, or what comes to you from which everything else springs. If it is based on your feelings, it nanizhutsya all meditation, all the books, and all you will go faster. The sounds that you are singing, you sing to awaken his mind, so he did not fall asleep, meditation is not to become a dream, it is necessary to constantly ginger your mind. In the future, there is a narrower tool, how to awaken this or that facility, this or that chakra, using these or other sounds. This is one of the most powerful ways of pronouncing a particular style, a particular mantra, you make wake up one or another facility. This will continue to be established to work with the chakras, when one or the other emotion caused by a particular chakra, you have to either enhance or remove. But we’ll talk about later.

So, if you’ll always listen to your inner world, you will find localized point where the strongest feelings. There also should be sought chakras. In the future, if we want to chakra search process has been speeded up, we use certain meditations that give us even a picture. We are beginning to pose in one center or another specific figure. As a rule, this figure is shaped like a lotus flower, with different numbers of petals, with different attributes, and thus we first visualize yourself inside this image. Then, an image prirodnyaetsya to our senses, and the next step – playing this way, we are working on feelings.

Let me once again focus on these practices. You must grasp the logic here. The logic is not as simple as it may seem. The very first mistake that people make in the study of the chakras is that they think that some kind of lotus sitting inside of a man. It looks like that, it has some petals, some letters are written on them. And supposedly we should see the tab with these letters. But, at the same time, we must remember that it is only a tool for us to move to the realization that what is chakras. When we begin to comprehend what is the chakra, there is a very peculiar way, which can not be described in ordinary language, but somewhere reminiscent of a lotus flower. Generally speaking, the word chakra is one of the meanings of Sanskrit translates as wheel. In other treatises chakra called Padma. Padma is the lotus. You should understand what you have inside, the lotus or chakra, and what you see in the picture, when trying to draw chakra or in the description of the text to be spoken, how it looks, it’s two different things. They are, we need only one thing. You have a range of feelings, you are not accustomed to work, you do not know them, how to work with this range of sensations, it appears and disappears. You feel fear, it appears, you are in a normal state, it disappears. You are experiencing an emotion, it appears, disappears in the normal state, itself comes and goes by itself. We must learn to manage these feelings. We must somehow tied to the existence of some other external instruments, the lever that we have pressed the lever, once manifested, we in the other side of this lever, just disappeared. Need auxiliary tools to work with these difficult perceptible sensations within us. Just Yoga recommends the establishment of these tools by using visualization. Or in another way – read ancient treatises, where it is said that why and how to look, and create wallpapers, this is the first step. The second step – to feel what we feel in a given center. The third step – to join this associative link and then in the future, if we need to awaken to the action of a particular vibration of the chakras, we just remember the image that do come up and, as he pulls through the associative link these deep feelings. The most stupid mistake is when people think that they have inside the body there are some out there chakra. No. Open Atlas Medical, you will not find any of the chakras in your physical body. You will find certain nerve plexus, which somehow relate to a particular chakra, but directly to any of the chakras you will not see any of petals, no lotuses, no letters, channels, nothing you will not find. Sometimes people think that all these petals, channels, that they have everything, but at the level of our subtle and causal bodies. This is not entirely true, because the level of subtle and causal bodies are very abstract, we are not able to adequately convey its analogy in our rough world, where everything is different, mentally, subtly and at the same time unique. There’s a completely different category of work of this matter. Let me remind you that the subtle and causal plans, or our bodies, it is also matter. Same as our gross matter, but only with other finer qualities. Search lotus direct correspondence with a fine or causal matter in itself as you see it in a particular treatise, in one or another school of yoga, is not quite true. Lotus, a product of your visualization, you make a picture, but this picture evokes that exist in reality, but it looks like and how it works, we still do not have this experience. Any picture, in books on yoga or in the description of some of the treatise is the only meditation to visualization, which has made tools such a wrench that can capture directly to the lotus-nut and unscrew it. I always give this example, try to bare hands to unscrew well hooked bolt or nut, do not get you, the forces are not enough, but you take a wrench and time unscrewed. So it is here, we first visualize the “wrench” or that the lotus, or that center in a particular place, and then impose it on the center of your feelings that you have for yourself at awaken, and then with a single work over another. And, in the future, the more we work, the better we get. It is necessary to arouse any emotion, we recall the image of a lotus, lotus mantra chanted, and time worked, feeling awake and the lotus, this chakra is beginning to manifest itself. Conversely, it is not necessary – once in the other direction. This sensible approach. Otherwise, if you’ll believe that inside you have any chakra, it you will lead to a dead end for the simple reason that these chakras in different ways are drawn in different schools of yoga, variously described, some mantra them or anything else. Moreover, in some schools, some chakra at all missed. Eats, eg umbilical, and the other is not chakra. Because in the framework of a whole concept of self-knowledge that school yoga was based on what works, where you can get a small amount of chakra, why work with a large number. Although they are present. If possible simplistic to describe what it looks like or that chakra, why make things difficult. If you want to transfer knowledge in some Tibetan mountain shepherds why their brains to score the number of Chakras: Toli their seven, nine or omitted. Therefore, in these schools of yoga, and left four chakras. But this does not mean that it is a contradiction that Tibetan four chakras, and at seven Indian. It just goes to show that within the tradition there is a small number of well-treated chakras. But, strictly speaking, the same Tibetan school of yoga come from the Hindu. In this you should not have any doubts.

The second part – logical. Once you are more or less groped inside the centers of activity of sensations, it is necessary to make the “wrench” to make an external imaging to then impose on the sensations. How are we going to do? Very easy and simple. We use one of the most influential treatises in the field of yoga, Tantra Yoga, called Shat Chakra he nirupana or “Description of the six chakras.” This treatise was written by Swami Purnanandoy, I take it entirely from the work of John George Woodroffe “Serpent Power”. Woodroffe is also known in wider circles as Arthur Avalon. Why I chose this treatise? First of tribute Woodruff, a man who made such a valuable contribution to the popularization of yoga in particular through England, he was an Englishman, that so far all the Chakras redraw with his pictures, and he, in turn, drew pictures on this text. It was the text, with whom he worked Woodruff, and he asked for on the basis of this text draw Chakras. They came to the West and it became very popular, popular so much so that in the tabloids, in any, you can find a picture of the chakras. If Woodroffe asked to draw from another treatise, you would have seen a general common chakras, but drawn somewhat differently. You have to very seriously for yourself is noted. If you’ll meet chakras picture somewhat differently, in other esteemed schools of yoga, you need to understand that there is a basis was another treatise. But, in fact, no matter what the treatise, it is important that people reading this treatise, realized it was doing the visualization, the visualization imposed on their feelings in a particular place of the body and, in the future, this visualization prirodnyalas to these sensations or washed out all the karmic dirt, and the image was connected to feelings. And it is largely accelerates your inner knowing and feeling these centers. Such is the logic.

I am a newly-fallen snow again, at your leisure, to comprehend these words, because it does not understand these words, you will become a numerous clever, which is repeated at each corner, what Chakras are and do not know what it is.

So, I asked to read the text, at least part of it, which describes the centers or chakras. Here is given, respectively, seven centers or seven chakras, in a sequence of: muladhara chakra – in the base of the body, Svadhisthana chakra, which is located somewhere in the area of the genitals. One of the most difficult to locate the chakras from the formal point of view, but it is elementary it is localized, if you take up the practice, especially sexual, where she immediately manifests itself. Finally, the third chakra, Manipura, the navel center, one of the most important centers of our life, in particular the child in the womb is connected to the mother by the umbilical cord. Next chakra – Anahata, it is located somewhere in the vicinity of the center of our chest. Next Chakra – Vishuddha, it is located at the base of our neck, pits in the area where we have a trunk interfaces to the neck. Next Chakra – Ajna, localized at the point between the eyebrows, and finally the seventh chakra, called Sahasrara chakra is located in the top of the head. But once again I want to emphasize that in some other texts, however, and there are some more references to two additional centers, which are located between the point between the eyebrows and the sahasrara chakra. Mentioned two more intermediate chakras, one of them more than blend into the background so sahasrara and described its action as much action sahasrara, chakra or tysyachalepestkovoy. Another chakra, more than overshadowed by the center between the eyebrows, the so-called Ajna Chakra, and so little is said about it. Sometimes you can find in the description of nine chakras, sometimes seven. Once again, in some treatises yogavskih well do four. In particular, this “sin” Tibetan Yoga, there is minimalism. Tibet it was a genius factory enlightenment, where people with different karmic situations fall within the field of Lam. A lama is a shop-conveyor for enlightenment. Obviously, as with any pipeline in the production seek to reduce operations. Make a car for 2000 operations, more than 1000 operations. Therefore, all, without which you can do, cleaned. On the one hand, it seems, is not quite a complete picture, but on the other – a real win. After all, a huge number of people passing through Tibet, achieved the highest heights. At the same time, as a huge number of clever scores where there are many Chakras, but it never even came close to spiritual heights. So do not rush to criticize minimalism. You can watch different amounts of chakras. Another nuance, which should be remembered. In some older texts or narratives in a very respected, in particular the school of Sri Vidya Ananda Lahari, there is a small caveat – the juicy details, the name Svadhisthana and Manipura there is a different sequence. In the classic text which we are now considering, is as follows: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, and then goes all the subsequent. Some treatises school of Sri Vidya is different: muladhara, then note, Manipur, and only then swadhisthana. But only the words have changed, but the fact that these words describe, it remains in the same form. That is, the number of petals, color, chakra, etc., are not changed. It is not possible at the moment to find out why it happened. Whether the copying reversed, whether in transmission from teacher to student somewhere crept mistake, or for some other reason. But, there is no error. Although you can find a sequence of changes. To you it’s not shocking, you know everything there is in order! In addition to today’s followers are not shocked, at the very tradition of Sri Vidya, sometimes, followers of this tradition use a sequence of chakras familiar to Western ears: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura. Such a moment is present.


Chakras part 2

Pair work chakras and emotional state.

And so friends, continue our seminar on the chakras. Such a situation is impossible – you have something that really – our bodies: the gross physical, subtle, causal. They manifest themselves, if you engage in research itself, quite clearly. If you start to deal with these or other practices of yoga, the strength of these feelings grow. Yoga encourages us to use and expedite the work of the centers, in order to avoid the many and any difficulties and troubles. To do this, we recommend to use visualization as an external tool to guide these feelings, and actions of those mechanisms, which are already incorporated in us. These mechanisms are called – Chakras. And so, the first. Each of the chakras – a center around which are concentrated and rotate or that our emotions or feelings, thoughts and experiences. There is a certain regularity, that a certain emotion or a certain sense of belong to a certain part of our body. We can identify explicit sources controlled or not controlled by emotions, which on one hand provoke manifest the center, on the other hand, when the center is shown, it provokes manifest these emotions. All our feelings: anger, fear, joy, sadness, grief, greed, jealousy, envy somehow lead to the fact that these centers are activated, and we fully feel the effect of these emotions. Accordingly, the occurrence of any logic of emotions within us, teaches yoga, as follows. We first would like raspoznaёm situation, then compare this situation with our previous experience that we had in my life, and then there is a spontaneous reaction we rejoice or cry, laugh or grieve us. As soon as there is this spontaneous reaction, is an indication of how we relate to one or another situation. It uses one or another center inside of our body, a particular chakra, and this chakra begins to manifest itself, to vibrate more. We begin to feel a particular emotion is very, very strong. Note that logic. You met with something, then you fear, you were frightened, but at some point your fear only at the conscious level, and after some time, your fear already at the level of physiology. You have the adrenaline in the blood, you are shaking. The logic, the emergence of a trace of emotion, that at some stage connects certain chakra. Chakra vibrates and makes certain emotions, such as fear, manifested in a greater degree. The fact that these vibrations at the level of the chakras begin to appear on our plexus, which in turn involve some hormones, such as adrenaline, it is released into the blood and is the adrenaline in the blood, it is an objective factor that you are shaking. This chemical is in you, as if you injected the injection syringe. When the adrenaline in the blood, oh, how difficult to cope with them! And as long as it is not in the blood, and at the level of background, it can be controlled quite easily yourself. It opens completely, incredible prospect control your emotions! Very serious and very strong prospect for recognizing when our perception of a situation turn into a vibration of a particular chakra, and that in turn begins to interact on those or other nerve plexus responsible already for the whole physiology of the body of the device. Once again I remind you, yoga does not climb in medicine and science. I am not going to answer, how this or that emotion affects certain nerve endings and leading to some results. It is better to know and physicians, and scientists. But what doctors and scientists do not know exactly, it is deeper preconditions of origin of a particular emotion, which is included in the first place, our previous experience and the moments associated with the sensations at the level of subtle and causal bodies. There is a dizzying prospect manage all its states! Normally, we live and as a result of external influences, we feel that one emotion or the other. In this sense, we become an easy plaything in the hands of the world around us.


The ability to use the Chakras, and so emotions as the path to freedom.

The basic ideology of yoga – is freedom. Freedom from everything, freedom from all emotions. This does not mean that a yogi against emotion, not a yogi for emotions. But he reserves the right, when these emotions are not necessary, disable them, and when necessary, include. And just on the science working with the chakras, is the management of these opportunities, it is a direct realization of this freedom. All other methods, such as medical or drug, really, fool some inhaled and become your fun and good. On the one hand, you like to win a particular emotion, but on the other hand, you have become is not free from the “dope”. You traded one slavery to another slavery. You are, for example, rent an exam at the university, and obliging doctors you say that here it is – a remedy for stress. Drink a pill, drink then, behold. Man drinks and really kind of helps, and like on the one hand, he got rid of the bondage of their emotions, but slavery gained from this pill. The same applies to all those psychoanalysts. It is only by none and nothing, not due to the freedom it makes sense. If you are under the influence of some external factors, what you a free man? You slave! But one thing to say that I would not succumb to anger, fear, greed, and another thing to really learn how to control the display of the chakras. If you learn to control the expression of the chakras, and they were on the force action is much stronger than our other sensations, action chakras simply outshines all other sensations. You are a very easy and simple to learn to control the impact of the outside world. Strictly speaking, it is determined what art yogis, when it is necessary to be “insane” in the best sense of the word, does not respond to external provocation. Purely practical question, how to do it? We must somehow get to these chakras. It is necessary to cultivate this tool, this lever, which is key to the lock, would have been in one or another of our chakra and can open, close it. There comes the second part, it is the cultivation of this tool. The point is not fast, it’s a gradual and entirely falls under section Visualization yoga, so it makes sense also to familiarize with this yoga and the practical part of this process is clear enough. You just start to reflect and to think about those or other centers as having a certain shape, certain qualities. And the more you think about it, the greater your imaging picture arise in a particular place and begins to displace any remaining imaging pictures, anyway associated with this very spot.

What prevents the use of the mechanism of the chakras?

Suppose you are in the center of his chest visualize lotus “Anahata”, with a certain number of petals and images. And all your karmic background of this life, and your previous life has led to the fact that at the center, for example, you have a layering some unconscious impressions. They unconsciously interfere with, distract and lead you away, frighten or cause your not one of adequate responses. Indeed, every experience leaves fingerprints. This experience lived, or that our center, or that our chakra, as if covered with a layer of karmic dirt and dust. It all previous events of your life and the lives of many, many back, one way or another connected with the fact that the penny you woke up. See what logic are obtained. You are once again caught in a situation where one or another center you excited. Instantly you from the subconscious pops your reaction to the image of the previous experience, and the experience may not be pertinent to the present. So you float some inappropriate emotion, forcing you to do inappropriate things. As a result, you complicate your karma, doing something thoughtless, sow discord around himself and suffering, and as a result do then get the same thing. This is called a kind of karmic dirt that clogged our channels and our centers – our chakras. And we need to somehow get through this mess. How to break through? That is, the visualization of the image, which has no relation to your previous life. How to type in, as if to push the dirt, as the key to the castle came and cranked it. I always vividly explained how chakras act. The driver of the car to go from one to the other, he has such a tricky key is, he is chubby, but inside the triangle. It fits, inserts it into the door, cranks, opens, then closes. A key to the kind of simple. Or another example. often with wheels stolen cars in Russia. At night, people go left under the window a car comes, and the wheel turned. And not to steal the wheels began to come up the bolts with internal grooves tricky. Only a special key is suitable, and a special key turn away wheel. Approximately the same situation and with our centers – chakras. In order on the one hand, we do not abuse the influence of these centers – chakras, there is a kind of ornament. Just like that, the usual stud to not thrust and provernёsh. We need some way and if it is an image, like a key to the lock, gets, he is there some internal associative connections and hook again open. As a driver in the train, opened and closed the door and went on, and the hooligans will not be able to open. About you and me so I made. Now imagine that this castle More top plastered with mud. Glad to insert the correct key, the correct form, so still need to break through the dirt. All this together makes it very difficult yogic practice or yoga sadhana and it takes many, many years, in order to decontaminate the “lock” (chakras) and pick up the key.


The sequence of work with the chakras.

The logic is this: first you his virtuous life, must live so that the dirt, with the castle, clean off, so you at least saw the keyhole, where it is necessary to insert the key. There may be a range of layers. You may be feeling that there is something there, but where the keyhole? Remember, like Pinocchio and the Pope Carlo. What he saw Pinocchio? He saw a canvas on which is painted fireplace, a large keyhole, and then he went to look for the golden key. On the one hand, you have to find the keyhole from the other side to find the golden key. How to find this well-confident, how to get to the chakras? It is necessary to explore ourselves and practice yoga to gently clean off the dirt and identify those places where you have the greatest mental tension within you. As for the golden key, then of course you can, as the attacker, the master key to select, provernёtsya, no provernёtsya, no, but you will leave a huge amount of time. But, we all have friends, good karma. Perhaps, in their unrestrained misdeeds in previous lives we did something useful, and we have a karmic connection with the ancient teachings of yoga or guidelines. Not only that, we are interested in it, we still have a very specific recommendations. We do not need to pick up the master key, all have chosen, drank main key as it is necessary for us. Already have the shape, size, color, everything is thought out for us. The main thing now yoga visualize the golden key and the master key, as it were to materialize. When we removed the dirt, we hit upon the keyhole visualized key inserted into itself, cranked and have access to a particular internal capabilities inherent in us, in the management of a particular emotion. Friends, limiting mechanistic human body device. On the one hand it’s scary, on the other hand – happy. It frightens why? Tomorrow there will some №2 there Adolf Hitler or anyone else who will build the whole system, knowing the internal structure of our body, on what button to push to us to get the right response. Advertisers will be just luck, it will be probably the best day of their life, if they find a selection of images that make us, like zombies, buy washing powder, soap or anything else. And it’s scary! Such real knowledge scares! But, a few soothing that is not so simple, sometimes from time to time the system starts Codes me. As soon as a start to abuse of a technique and practice, too, some mysterious law of the universe is changing codes. For this reason, and it is a very serious warning not to advertise too much practice, so did not use the crooks, and the universe is not changed codes. But this is a different section of yoga associative links, this we will not talk and will talk about pleasant.


As the problem of working with the chakras decided sages.

And so friends, all are now Svilen to the next – to visualize the correct tool that would fit to a particular chakra. As a basis we take a Shat Chakra nirupana treatise. This tract was written as a meditation. It was assumed that the adept of secret science of yoga will read it and will not will visualize everything that is written here. In the future, constantly thinking about it, to strengthen its imaging and this visualization will acquire a very real, tangible shape, and as soon as the power of these images will be powerful enough, it is directly proportional to this and there ability to influence one or another of our emotional, mental, physical centers and get a result. At the time, I asked Victoria Begunova announce this meditation. Now our part of the seminar will be dedicated to just the fact that we all sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head and try to tune in to this meditation. But, lest we do not read it, it is now V.Begunova we will, through our stereo, voice. From time to time I’ll make a pause to some explaining to do. And so, just try to understand what is said here. Of course, will be all sorts of things with which you will encounter for the first time, some unfamiliar terms, images typical of medieval India, absolutely incomprehensible for us Europeans living here and now. Of course, you can find this individual text, and more details will begin its study. But the seed to you starting from today, fought for their true freedom will be made so that at least you will meet in the first approximation with the text.

V.Begunova text reads: “Shat Chakra nirupana” – a description of the six chakras.

This is the first germ of Brahman realization achieved according to tantra, the comprehension of the six chakras in their order.

The space outside of the spine, right and left, there are two channels – lunar and solar. In the mid – channel Sushumna, whose essence – the three modes. It is shaped like the sun, moon and fire. Her body like a string of white flowers blooming datura, extends from the middle of Kanda to head and lightning inside her is from the genitals to the head.

Inside it – Chitrini Nadi, glowing light Pranava (OM syllable), and being able to be reached by yogis. She is thin as a cobweb, and permeates all lotuses located inside it. Its nature – pure reason. It is beautiful from them (lotus), strung on it. Inside it – Brahma-nadi, which extends from the opening of the mouth Hara (Shiva name) to the point beyond which resides Adi-deva.

She (Chitrini) is beautiful, as a chain of lightning flashes; thin and delicate, like a fiber of lotus, it shines in the minds of sages. She, whose true nature – pure consciousness, is extremely thin and is the embodiment of all possible happiness. The door to the Brahman (Brahmadvara) shines in her mouth. Here, in this place, the entrance to the area irrigated nectar, and it is called a “node”, and “mouth” Sushumna.

Comments V.Zaporozhtseva. These were the first four verses – the aphorism, which generally explained that area, around which are concentrated our sensations. This area is drawn, respectively, as the channel sushumna – central channel of the body and the left and right channels. According to the concept of yoga, all of the chakras, as if strung on the central channel, which just runs along our spine, neck and reaches the top of the head. There are many different kinds of explanations, typical of medieval India. Some general use and understandable among yogis and Yoginis, say India, the term Brahma-Dwar, access to the Brahman. Some epithets, resembling the mouth Haar. Haar is one of the names of Shiva. There are some difficulties in this kind of meditation, which have reached us from the yogis and Yoginis, in which, of course, it’s all written in their own cultural environment. I’m in today’s seminar, as well, but to our cultural environment, it was clear what was going on, to use the words: sausage, torknulo. Why? To help you understand that this is something earthly, and as they say, out of your life, but that does not mean that I could not do without these words. If we lived in a culture of India, it may be, would have been here such a beautiful description. Now, starting from the fourth verse, which reads – “Now we are entering a Athar lotus.” Athar lotus – aka Muladhara lotus is the lotus in the lower base of the body. This is one of the concentrations or points around which revolves the whole spectrum of our feelings and thoughts. In order to learn how to manage it somehow, given this meditation. Generally speaking Athar Lotus or Muladhara Lotus, one of the most fundamental of lotuses, is responsible for most animals display. Most coarse vibration sense, the most powerful on the one hand, and on the other hand, less refined. All subsequent chakras just acquire properties more and more subtle, but that we will see you next.

V.Begunova continues to read the text: “Shat Chakra nirupana – description of the six chakras.”

Now we are entering in the Adhar-lotus. It is attached to the mouth (entrance) Sushumna, and is located between the anus and the genitals. It has 4 petals crimson and his head hanging down. On the petals of brilliant gold-colored letters from Va to Sa.

There Chakra land, surrounded by eight shining spears. It is bright yellow in color and beautiful like lightning, and Dhara Bija (syllable LAM) in it.

Decorated with 4 hands and seated on the king of the elephants, he is a child of the creator, shining like the rising sun; he has 4 arms and four times the wealth of his lotus face.

Here dwells the goddess called Dakini. Her four arms shine charm, and her eyes were bright red. It shines like a light at the same time many of the rising sun, and she always supports the manifestation of pure consciousness.

Near the “mouth” Nadi, called Vajra, and at the base of lotus Muladhara is always in radiant, beautiful and gentle Kamarupa that – triangle Tripura. There Vayu, called “Kandarpa” more red, than the flower and it Bandhudzhiva – being lord, sparkling like 10 million suns.

Comments V.Zaporozhtseva.

The first part of the description of the Muladhara lotus. What we find here? Firstly, we find some geometry expressed that the lotus flower with four petals. Not five, does not seek, do not eight, and four. Suffice abstract image. On the petals of the lotus, the letter written by the brilliant golden color from Ba to Ca. Here’s another small detail, which should be remembered. The fact that the binding to the syllables, as I recall, Sanskrit – a syllabary. This direct access to the science of mantra yoga, how to be the mantra those involving one or another aspect of a chakra. It says from Ba to Ca, there are actually four syllables. They are, in alphabetical order, according to the Sanskrit alphabet. This will open a textbook and look. Two syllables, which in the middle, just missed. And so it will be in all future Lotus – in these meditations. It will be called the first letter and the last letter. More precisely, the first syllable and the last syllable, and all intermediate in alphabetical order, as if I said that from A to G. The implication – A, B, C, D. Here, the same analogy. The fact that there is also a visualization of the letters, as a thing rather abstract, but it suggests, on the other hand, our minds are on other science – Mantra yoga and does definitely unambiguous association between the sound of a syllable with a particular manifestation of this chakras. Accordingly, on the contrary, if you design mantra engages these syllables, you start to make a combination of actions of this chakra. This way: you have a piano with lots of buttons and has selected four keys. Just as the combination of these four keys, you can play a different vibration or a different tune, in the same way and with the chakras. The science of the chakras is extremely difficult to understand. If you do not know how to apply associative connections, visualization, etc., you will become a parrot, who tweeted on every corner that you chakra is open, you closed. But he does not realize that by this is meant. The mechanism is extremely associative. And here an offshoot of strontium in the yoga mantra.

Go ahead. There are so-called Bidzhadhara – Lam syllable. Again, this chakra associative binding directly to the so-called principle of creation, in particular the principle of the Earth, or if you like, a certain state of aggregation of matter. In the theory of yoga as well as in modern physics, there is a substance in solid, liquid, gaseous state, as well as the state of the plasma, in fact four states of matter known to modern physics. In yoga, everything is quite peculiar. There is a condition called principle of the earth, the water, the principle of fire, air, space, and the principle of reason. We get six states of aggregation, but not our normal matter, and all manifestations of Shakti – a gross, subtle and causal matter. Unlike physics, where, as you know, and plasma, and gaseous and liquid and solid, it’s just a state of being our atoms behave. We give one more powerful associative clue – this syllable LAM. Also given an interesting geometric figure – a chakra of the earth, surrounded by eight shining spears of bright yellow, beautiful, like lightning. Friends, knowing the principle of land or earth chakra, know how enlightened mind like lightning broads! Were you ever in the woods at night? Can not see anything and then a flash of lightning, and broads, come down! It is rather allusive, very beautiful, associative language. On the one hand, it is extremely abstract. Geometry, some squares, some spear any pitch, any letter. There is something emotional.

At the same time, we read further, contains decorated with four arms and the king seated on elephants, he carries a child of the creator, shining like the rising sun. He has four hands and quadruple richness of his lotus face. In this mythology, an internal lotus or chakra Muladhara, it is responsible for Brahma – the creator, or a manifestation of the Absolute in the form creator. Accordingly, under this it pulls the mythological symbolism of medieval India. But, it is closer to the images, so anthropomorphic or humanoid. You are given another associative image of the creator or aspect of creation. In the likeness of the ancient Greek myth: was the goddess of love and fertility, Zeus, each of which represented a manifestation of the Absolute in the surrounding environmental elements. The same situation and in ancient India, and you’re already there is a very specific emotional connection that if something is going on, if involved Brahma, it is connected with the Muladhara or Adha as it says here. In one of the transfers, mule – is a Sanskrit root and dhara – is a kind of foundation. Then we read. Here dwells the goddess called Dakinis. By the way a very interesting bunch of tantric Buddhism and tantric yogis are so famous for Tibet. In general, the concept of Dakini in Tibetan yogis, is almost a basic concept. We see a bunch of straight to the source, where it all went. But, I must say that in other chakras are known by more female impersonation Shakti – Prakhin and others that we do not find in the Tibetan yogis. Tibetan Yoga – is a healthy minimalism, although the first manifestation of the feminine principle, personifying this Lotus Dakini Dakinis or she is so powerful that it is clear then, it has spread to other regions even where yoga is preserved. Next: Dakini lives here, her four arms shine with delight, and her eyes were bright red. In some other yogic texts usually give such an image, in some cases even erotic – nude young girl, in the dawn of the forces, full of passion. Then there is the allusive language that we find it difficult to understand without studying the symbolism of what this place is, firstly, the entrance to the Sushumna and will further indirect reference to Kundalini energy. We introduce one more term – Kundalini. All of it is now a lot of talk, and primary sources no one knows, no one read anything. Note what a thing is impossible. We have to visualize the image of the Muladhara. To do this, we are given a method of consciousness and energy method. abstraction – consciousness method: four petal, certain syllables – mantras, some geometric images there, some colors that thing rather abstract, but then complemented by images from the area of energy, from the realm of the senses and sensations. This is Dakini, that Brahma, etc., that you can afford to visualize how the likeness of man or some qualities inherent in man greater than some abstract symbol and note it as a key moment in the work with the chakras. At the intersection of these images are born visualization, which converges with the energy of consciousness where there is Prana, pranic there is the image or passkey that is really able to open your lock Muladhara.

V.Begunova continues to read the text: “Shat Chakra nirupana – description of the six chakras.”

Inside it (triangle) – in the form of Linga Swayambhu rotated head down the beautiful, as if he were made of cast gold. You can learn contemplation, and it shape and color reminiscent of a young leaf. How cool charm, like the color of lightning, moonlight, so beautiful and it is the Divine that dwells here in a sacred place of Siva, in bliss, its shape is like a whirlpool.

Above it (Swayambhu-linga) shining sleeping Kundalini, fine as the fiber of lotus stem. It introduces a confusing (the illusion of) the world, covers a mouth (mouth) Brahma-Deuteronomy. Similar to the spiral shell, it is shaped like a snake, three and a half times around the turning of Shiva, and its light – a bright flash of lightning the young.

Her pleasant hum – a barely audible hum of a swarm of bees maddened by love, and how quiet harmonious chord music. This one, which supports all the existing in this world by means of inspiration and expiration, and shines in the cavity of the Muladhara chain of brilliant lights.

Within this region (in-Swayambhu lingam) dominates prohibitive Sri Brameshvari (Higher Ms), evoking the eternal knowledge. She, with her beautiful art work – all-powerful time, and it finest of all fine, the receptacle of the continuous flow of nectar, which flows from the eternal bliss. the entire universe and the boiler lit her light.

Meditating on it, which shines in the cavity of the Mula-lotus light 10 million suns, man becomes the master of speech and the king among men, dedicated to all exercises. He was released from all disease and its profound spirit becomes full of great joy. His graceful and persuasive speech, he serves all the principal gods.

Comments V.Zaporozhtseva

Friends, I deliberately did not give you a picture. In general, the idea before you give this meditation, I would have had to give you a picture, the sound is superimposed on the image. But, as you can see, the picture I gave you not, for one simple reason, you will find a completely wonderful and exciting homework. You print out the text, will take paints, pencils, markers, and the text will begin to draw, and I will be very curious to see who, what happened. What I give you a job? For the simple reason that you will understand, as is sometimes the same yogic doctrine begins to branch. You have some one association, another person other associations, and closer to you one thing, the other closer to something else, it’s all drawn by a single text, the text without pictures. So when you hear an argument between two people, one says that this chakra is the same color and so it looks and foaming at the mouth begins to defend his point of view, insulting and offending others. The other says, No, you’re wrong, you’re not clairvoyant at all, and so a charlatan, everything should be there somehow differently, then, the dispute between the two fools. Neither one nor the other did not understand what they say. Why? Because, as you know, that this meditation that was given, it was given directly recorded Swami Purnanandoy those yogis and yogis who are all experienced and have left these poetic images to each constructed here this visualization tool chakra personally a. For, on the one hand, it protects him personally, from the effects of other images. To all of our advertisers, programmers who are rubbing their hands and think how, each person has the button, and how to do more set of buttons to buy all of your goods. Yoga itself protects its own images as it protects. The image of a little bit differently, and have no personal effects. You never will be taken under the zombie machine that you could implement something. Do not think that modern PR people who for the money are selling their talent – is unnecessary goods vparivanie about anything unsuspecting people. This idea a long time ago, there in the world, it existed in ancient India as well. As you know, there are different ways to deal with this. And the very good way, it’s the personal associative links, try to fake them. Each of you has his own backstory, not faked. So, your homework – you begin to draw the text. Of course, there is still a small point that I kept silent. You understand that the text is translated to English, but, however, with the English Woodruff. At Woodruff very heavy English, I must say. But, all the same, Woodruff, this is quite a respected figure in the field of yoga can not be said about many other characters who multiply their books on the chakras. Heels of the chakras which something will come up and draw. Someone thinks that it is possible to sit down and come up with some kind of chakra. The brain does not have enough friends, because it employs are associative, in-depth communication, on the one hand, on all of us, on the other hand personal, each individually that choose the combination of all at the same time, such a universal key, almost impossible. It’s extremely difficult to spread this knowledge, but on the other hand, and protects the knowledge of scoundrels. But let us return. And so, the Muladhara chakra the most complicated in the sense that it is generally in the description itself is not only the Muladhara chakra, but also the energy of the Kundalini, which, according to yogic tradition, is dormant. You have heard so many times, such narratives that coiled in three and a half times, here are just very serious about this text. A lot of stories are serious, my friends, that as the ocean deep. If I start to give you all the associative images, which napekaetsya here, we have only one Muladhara take two continuous chatter of my workshop, and we have little time. Therefore, there are many aspects and each character has a bright color and image. It is present in the form of indirect way the female sexual organ, the penis, their union. It interacts with all the energy of the Kundalini and here a million hint of the so-called sexual yoga, when a man and a woman enters into a sexual union, it is besides a pleasant pastime, you can still turn in the highest yoga of awakening of a chakra. Of course, one must know about this as it is. Here is everything that is said, in quotes, written in plain language. Yes, open, why, yes because there are allegorical images that knows yoga, must push on understanding. There are references to detect the Kundalini energy, its pleasant buzz as the barely audible hum of a swarm of bees mad with love. And finally, here’s what a lot, and now I really like it. He refers to the Yogi, free from all diseases and its profound spirit become full of great joy. That’s what, if you’re just a little opened the mysteries of the chakras, the crazy wave of euphoria and joy embraces you like an epiphany, a realization that everything is in your hands, it is the greatest gift of yogis and Yoginis worker gift you can apply in their lives.

Now go to the street, take any businessman and ask what the secret of your company, how you earn a living? He did not say why he these “fish” places to give out? What if you are a competitor! Therefore, there is a concept – a trade secret, secret. You will not find this absolutely yogis and Yoginis. They were given a working knowledge of either fear or fear of not pressing them to her. Do not just abstract, some there, meditating and working meditation. Friends, it is as if I have just said that you want two months to become millionaires? Here do it: go to such and such a market, buy such a product, putting it at a certain price, and then at a certain price and to stick such a label, under a trademark sell and make 5000% per month . And if it were a real knowledge, and you have thus taken advantage and got their billions, would be very interested to see your reaction. You would admiration, delight, joy, and at the same time have surfaced such moments, our selfishness, which we carry from the time of life in the bodies of animals. Yeah, draw kladovochku does not happen, my, will not let anyone, classified, will not tell anyone. All yoga, just as the greatest was, if you like the victim, as the greatest revelation of all the people, for the benefit of all sentient beings, not for themselves, but for all. Let’s working knowledge, even more work than making money! In the end, what money, if there is no health and do not need money. If there is no love and happiness, and the money will not help. Now let’s consider the following we chakra.


V.Begunova continues to read the text: “Shat Chakra nirupana – description of the six chakras.”

But lotus Svadhisthana beautiful scarlet, located at the base of Sushumna genitals. Its petals – letters from Ba to La dot above them glowing lightning color.

Inside swadhisthana radiantly white area of water in the form of a crescent moon, and in it – Bija YOU sitting on a crocodile, spotless and white, as the autumn moon.

Hari (Vishnu) inside (at BG YOU), in his youthful pride, with a luminous blue body beautiful appearance, four-armed and dressed in a yellow robe, carries his beloved Sri (Lakshmi), Kaustupha (Jewel cherries).

It shines here Rakini Shakti and her radiated in all directions, the charm of beauty insides blue lotus. The raised up her hands she holds a weapon, she dressed in heavenly garments and patterned her mind rises drink nectar.

Meditating on this spotless-clean lotus, called Svadhisthana, immediately released from all his enemies and disadvantages, such as selfishness, and others. He becomes the master of all yogis, like the sun, illuminating the darkness of ignorance. The richness of his words like nectar flows in a well sensible reasoning, in verse and in prose.


Comments V.Zaporozhtseva

And so, the Muladhara described long enough Svdhisthanu little smaller. Again, any allegorical million points related to how this affects respectively lotus. Firstly, given the number of petals, and then, again, these are the letters on the petals from BA to LA. We give directly Bija this chakra – YOU are very interesting images, like a crocodile, something, you know, ancient, something powerful, kusuchee living in the water. Again, Shakti, in contrast to the Dakini Mulathary we have here Rakini. What else is there to say? This center is very adjusted to our sexuality, as well as connected, strangely enough, coupled with our ability to articulate, to say anything. There are interesting bunch, when one of our chakra is associated with a different chakra, but we’ll talk about it later. Not so easy, chakras themselves are responsible for some symptoms, but there is also a sort of link between the chakras. Sometimes, in order to achieve a particular effect, little effect on one chakra, it is necessary to immediately impact on the two, but it is necessary to know in what order. Actually, strictly speaking, there is always such a picture: just as we remember, these seven chakras, according to Shat Chakra nirupana. And on each of these chakras a different number of petals, but on the last chakra Sahasrara – a thousand petals. So, in the previous six chakras, if you count the number of petals, it is the following – four, six, ten, twelve, sixteen and two. You should get fifty. It follows a very strange bind to mantra yoga. Namely, the fifty letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, and in fact everything that we have in the universe, it is a combination of consciousness and energy, and (or) is a combination of letters. Just as any word can be composed of letters, so that it did not mean exactly the same logic works with the chakras. You can any object or phenomenon as to generate, when a certain combination will begin to work on that one petal one chakra, then to another, then the third, etc. From this is born the mysterious science of mantras drawing. Just as Tchaikovsky and other great composers compose music, or great pianist sits down and begins to play, that’s like this yogi or yogini, knowing how to work on each petal of each chakra, can play any piece of this world, any phantasmagoric situation involving natural disasters, emotional displays. As a good director in the theater, which perfectly manages all its actors, and can do any action on the stage, as a yogi or yogini, knowing that is responsible for what, can “play” any work.


V.Begunova continues to read the text: “Shat Chakra nirupana – description of the six chakras.”

Above him svadhisthana, and at the base of the navel – a glowing 10-petal lotus of Manipur, the color of heavy rain clouds. Inside it – the letters from Da to Pha color blue lotus and a point above them. Here contemplate in the shape of a triangle area of the fire, radiant as the rising sun. Out of this triangle – three signs of the swastika, and inside – fire Bija (PAM).

Meditate on it (Bija PAM), seated on a ram, 4 Rook, luminous as the rising sun. There are constantly dwells Rudra, in his ancient image and the three-eyed. It is the color of cinnabar, but from the ashes, which he smeared, he appears white. His hands and handing out gifts have hidden fear. He – the destroyer of the creation.

Here dwells shakti Lakini, benefactress of all 4 rukaya with body beam. The dark, dressed in a yellow robe, decorated with all sorts of patterns, she is excited drink nectar. Meditation on this lotus is achieved the power to create and destroy. Wani (Saraswati) with all the wealth of knowledge always lives in this lotus.


Comments V.Zaporozhtseva

This description of Manipur. Once again I want to draw your attention. Description – plane – energy, consciousness. We give some abstract things, and provides some sensible things. Abstract forms – pitch, letter, color, and so on. Sensual – where there is a particular deity, such as Rudra, one of the names of Shiva. Let’s go over the earth imagery. Then, one more feature for each chakra, is the presence, of a deity or manifestation of male and female, all of the chakras are balanced. There is someone who embodies the male side, particularly in the Mula, according to the text – Rudra, and next to him his Shakti (Lakini). Before that, we remember, when we considered Svadhiskhanu, there was another couple in the Muladhara, we remember that Brahma was a Dakini. Each chakra is some kind of abstraction, but very necessary, plus some kind of sensual, emotional images, plus another aspect of the energy and the consciousness aspect. The aspect of energy – in the form of a female of some deities, for example – Dakini, Rakini, Lakini. On the part of the male – a male has some manifestations – Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, he is Shiva. The idea is that every center around which revolve all your emotions and feelings – is a kind of reference point of your being. And we remember that all events and objects in the universe, is in fact a combination of consciousness and energy. In various texts, of course, different places emphasis on sex, somewhere, in some tantric texts more in less yoga, it is the sexual aspect, where the male and female parts in the sexual union. The tantric texts quite clearly stated, for example, Sat Chakra nirupana, made allusion allusive, but strong – female friends all excited. In dry yogic treatises, so as not to confuse the minds recently embarked on the path of yoga yogis, there is a very hidden. But if you know the symbols, if you know the mythology, if you know these allegorical allusions, you immediately born a particular image of the phenomena associated with the different chakras. In particular, Muladhara – the image of the earth. Some cave, something massive and enertnoe. Svadhisthana – this is an area of water. Again – a crocodile. Clearly, the crocodile swims in the water, this is not some kind of controlled element, ever-changing. Manipura, the navel center – the center of the fire with all its qualities. What is fire? Violent, burning everything in its path. As a result, because of the associative key via visualization, you and growing abstraction, plus some images, plus some kind of emotion, plus some even passion in these emotions. If everything is awake, is the real key to it has got to the castle of your chakras, and you could well off its vklyuchat-


V.Begunova continues to read the text: “Shat Chakra nirupana – description of the six chakras

Above this, in the heart, there is a beautiful lotus shining colors such as Bandhuka flower placed on it the color of cinnabar 12 letters of the Ka to Tha. This lotus is called Anahata, and he is like a tree of heaven Kalpa (Wish Tree design), which always gives you more than you ask. Area Vayu smoky color with 6 corners.

You meditate on the sweet and excellent Pavana rukim 4-Bija, gray as a mass of smoke, seated on a black antelope. Also, meditate on the Convent of Mercy is located here, which Mr. spotless, glowing like the sun. His two hands make the gesture of bestowing the benefit, and dispels the fear of the three worlds.

There remains Kakini, yellow, like lightning. Excited and blissful, three-eyed, she benefactor of all, dressed in all kinds of decorations. In his four hands She carries the noose and the skull, making the sign of blessing, drives away fear. Her heart is softened with nectar, which she drinks.

In the pericarp of this lotus – Shakti in the form of a triangle, whose tender flesh – as the 10 million lightning. Inside the triangle – Shiva-linga called banalinga. He’s brilliant as gold, and in his head the hole is small, like a jewel. It is the abode of Lakshmi.

Meditating on this lotus of the heart becomes lord of speech; Ishvara like he is now able to protect and destroy worlds. This lotus is like the heavenly tree of desires; abode Sharvili (Jivatman), it is decorated Hamsa (Shiva), who, as a steady flame of a candle in a windless place. The fibers that surround the base of the lotus and illuminated “sunshine area” as beautiful as the sun’s rays.

First among yogis, it becomes extremely attractive to women. Wisdom and noble deeds he is superior to all. His feelings completely under control. The intense concentration of his mind is completely absorbed in the Brahman consciousness. His inspired speech flows like a stream of clean water. In its essence it is similar to Vishnu, and it is able at will to reach another body.


Comments V.Zaporozhtseva

Next Lotus, next chakra – it is the heart chakra, chakra is very interesting. All the same, what we said earlier about the chakras – it is a combination of consciousness and energy, the same approach – abstraction and some sensual specifics. However, such a situation is more interesting than the higher chakra, the clearer light of consciousness and energy vibration thinner. The heart chakra – a border point. It is well away from the base of the body – the Muladhara and the same from the top of our heads – Svadhiskhary. Energy Center at the base of the body, the center of consciousness in the crown of our head. Indeed, when we solve the problem, we are more concentrating on my head, and when we are involved in some kind of sensual activities, we are more concentrated down our bodies. There is a geometric abstraction, which is given in a particular chakra, it actually carries a very serious burden. It is not taken from the ceiling, it reflects, perhaps, some specific properties of a principle, the subtle principle. Matter, which, unfortunately, or fortunately, modern scientists has not learned to identify, weigh, such as working with her. There is some internal logic of the status quo. In particular, here we find the hexagon symbol. You probably all seen the Star of David – is two triangles, one other crosses. This is one of the most ancient symbols, the symbol of a certain balance and balance inherent in this chakra, the center of our chest, where consciousness and energy are equally present.


Chakras. part 3


So was the question?


– It is not clear from the images. Each chakra there is one male and one female image, or even additional male and female characters, or a description of the main characteristics of these images?


– As a rule, the following description of the chakras: an abstraction, geometry, any sound. Then some specifics in terms of a particular animal, say, elephant, crocodile, peacock, sheep and so on. In addition, always masculine aspect of the Absolute, if I may say so, a particular chakra deity. And the feminine aspect of the Absolute – the goddess of the chakras. It turns out that the entire chakra is a kind of puzzle. Meditation chakra image, you can draw for themselves, or keep it in mind – it is not important, but it is composed of a different number of descriptive units. One of them sets up our abstract thinking, the other on the sensual concrete thinking, and finally, the third group to merge with one another. That is – consciousness, energy, and their union. This is a general description of the canvas in meditation chakras. Somewhere over there is a bias towards abstraction. In Tibetan yogis you can find, for example, the letter “A” upside down, which is the hook someone catches and pulls. In other texts, you can meet those or other sensual images. For example, your body – it’s a big country, in this country a lot of cities. In one way or another city has its own ruler – there is the image of the ruler. From a position of covering all the depth of yoga must be present consciousness and energy, and connection of consciousness and energy. Thus we see, for example, in the Brahma mooladhara Dakin (although in other texts it can be Brahma and his wife) – a union. Plus petals letters – abstraction. Plus, let’s say, an elephant with many trunks sometimes depicted – it will be something figurative, but another range of skew.

– There was also a question?

– Question by Bija Mantras. It turns out that, by reproducing the vibration of the center, we ask him to respond to feel?


– Friends, yoga sadhana – to work with images, mantras, yantras our human body, it is not as blunt and straightforward. Some say that it was there that this yantra, there is a such a mantra, do stupid and get everything. If you Guru gives this instruction, then do it and really get it. But you have to understand that the true nature of the impact is extremely difficult to monitor. This so-called associative effects. And Guru before giving a direct recommendation to his disciple: “Do this and you’ll get”, he first understands how it works. He knows the laws of association, first builds the associative tool to convey to his pupil. But, as we heard in the main tools straight from teacher to student and below this depth the theory of how it actually works, it is extremely difficult to say. In particular, with regard to the yoga mantra, it is extremely difficult to justify. It is really on the verge of the elusive, yes, works, otherwise we would not have talked about it, but on the other hand, the mind grasps with difficulty, why the utterance of a word, of a mantra leads to such gigantic results. Therefore, it’s not so simple.

More questions.



– How should begin work with the chakras. After all, some images are very easy to come from the description. Since they need to start? Or specifically build on the emotion over which we want to work?


– For each chakra is characterized by its special emotions are characterized by their special tools. First of all – a meditation on its internal structure and the localization of those or other emotions do not matter because they say the rest of yoga treatises. Then, use the yogic treatise to create a tool for working with one or another center. Therefore, as we study and read from one another, a third source, we have formed our way of personal friends. Personally, our visualization image! How many yogis and Yoginis, the same number and colors of these images. Each individual key. We protect your inner space, we are not watching movies, we do not read books, we do not communicate with people who one way or another at the time of sadhana, to the practice, as it will contaminate the image. Imagine that you are meditating on your Ajna chakra, and then the Hollywood film show how there is a machine gun and shoot into smithereens someone shatters the skull. You see, these things do not remain unpunished and harmless. Some kind of image you have imprinted in conjunction with some part of the body. Obviously, if you do not practice, but just live a normal life, everything that you would not have shown it – as they say in one ear, flew to the other. But if you practice, you should meticulously filter their emotions. Why time practicing yoga and yogini to retire? To the desired images from the Hollywood blockbusters, from brochures, did not penetrate and contaminate them. You use only what is checked – from ancient sources, and the rest is truncated. If you have internal information observes chastity is not affected, it is very easy to do the right associative tools for working with one or another connection. And it turns out? Indeed, from the simple to the complex.

More questions.


– I do not know how to formulate the question. But I have, in recent times, there is a feeling that the activation of the chakras – this is not only the work of the human person, but also a significant other (husband or wife) allows us to develop it. How much is that?


– So. I rephrase the question. If we live with, as far as our husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, lover have an impact on us?

Yes, friends, this impact is. Why paired practice yoga between male and female, were considered so powerful. Because the joint cooperation, even at the level of your physical bodies (you have a male body, with all its advantages, and the woman’s body with all its nice round shape) influences. Himself this fact that the geometry of the male body such as a woman’s body geometry is different, if not strange, it is a very powerful tool for associative work with different chakras. This is one of the most closed, so in Tantra yoga. The matter before it comes, that the interaction between man and woman, even sexually, can be built without going through the physical body. As you can imagine, this is possible, but only in one case – when the involved structure subtle and causal bodies. And this in turn is possible only when these or other centers are working properly. Therefore, the effect of that one man a man, a woman and another person, provides an extra trump card to work with the chakras. And you can polish their intellectual abilities, you can polish your emotional displays it through work in paired practice, that is, where there is a pronounced gender aspect.


– Indirectly mentioned in the text of points that are linked to sexual practices. It is understood that sexual practice is one of the most powerful practices in the work with the centers?


– No. The simple fact is that your sexuality permeates all of your body’s mechanisms. In yoga, the triad is called the defense mechanism of procreation. Why? Because if sexuality will not permeate through you, it is likely that you go to that area, which would be contrary to procreation, and you are not the offspring will be. If you are not the offspring appears, and you will die, you will be born nowhere respectively. Phone will not be male and female, for you to incarnate, because you have left children, and these children have left their children, so that you can enter into their bodies. There is a very tough, fierce, acting as a force of self-preservation instinct, which is called the defense mechanism of procreation. And it permeates the entire apparatus of our body. It is he who causes a person to think about the topic, and largely responsible for the fact that a man has an interest in a woman, and a woman to a man. But how does this interest come from? With the involvement of a variety of emotions. After all, he saw a woman, a man does not immediately want her sexually. It is he just interested. It can be about sex at this point at all and did not think it just evokes emotions: “I see a wonderful moment, you appeared in front of me …”. Why? Because one or the other emotion has arisen as a result of vibration of a specific center (chakra). This, in turn, the device is programmed in our body. Generally, my friends, if you want to seriously look into yoga, the question of its sexuality, no one can escape. Because it is a fundamental law of nature. In the end, if the sex is not doing your mom and dad, you would not be born as good yogas and yogis and yoga to anyone at all was not necessary if there are no people. This is one of the strongest moments. Yes, there is a very strong refraction of the action of a particular chakra affects the attraction between man and woman. Indeed some of the most sublime, and can be closed in order. Tomorrow in the tabloid press will be fifty ways chakra ohmureniya partner. But on the other hand – and what to do? Yes, we have made.

Sounds an excerpt from the treatise:

“In the throat lotus is called vishutha, clean, smoky purple. All letters, shining on its sixteen petals, magenta clearly visible to whose mind Budha – enlightened.

At the base of this region lotus ether in a round shape, like a full moon. On the white elephant is sitting here Bija Barn, his white robes. Two of his four hands hold a noose and goad, and the other two make a gesture of blessing and averts fear. And it adds its charm. In his lap is always shining snow-white god – three-eyed and pyatilikoe, with ten beautiful arms, dressed in a tiger skin. His body is connected to the one that was born around the corner – Parvati. And he is known under the name of Shiva Garden – always beneficent.

Shakin Shakti, glowing in the lotus, cleaner than the ocean of nectar. Her robes are yellow. In his lotus hands she carries a bow, an arrow, the noose and the goad.

At the base of the lotus whole area spotless moon sign Hare. Here, the gate way to the great liberation for one who wants to achieve the wealth of Yoga and whose senses are purified and controlled.

Sadhaka who has attained the fullness of the knowledge of the Self with the help of a constant concentration of his mind on this lotus, becomes a great saint – eloquent, wise and enjoying not violate the peace consciousness. He observes the past, present and future. And it becomes a benefactor of all, free from ailments and suffering, long-lived and, like Hamsa, the destroyer of endless dangers. “


Comment VZV.

This description of the throat center. Many descriptions we heard, incomprehensible to the uninitiated person. In particular – the moon without the hare sign. What is the moon? It is understood that the cultural and mythological environment in which was written, including, and this treatise. You saw that the moon is not just a uniform, on it there are some dark areas, light areas. They are always compared, in certain works, such as the hare in the moon which obscures it. Moon without the mark a hare is accordingly without these blackouts. There is a full moon, look. Again, a lot of beautiful allegorical allusions. In particular – the body is connected to the one that was born around the corner, it is Parvati, Shiva’s wife. There are some nuances that are specific richness of mythology. Just as I, for example, give lectures and insert some stories, jokes from our daily life, or from some movies, jokes. And they become apparent. Not because they are relevant to the stated material, but because they are building the right associative links your understanding and guide the mind in the right way to ensure that know the effect of a particular center. However, it is a slap or push the mind, what do you think about this center in such qualities. And since there are these qualities and so present, you quickly and painlessly eliminate all dirt, you’ll understand the process and begin to manage it.

Next chakra.


Sounds an excerpt from the treatise:

“Beautiful white lotus, like the moon, is called Ajna. On its two petals of the letter “ha” and “CSA”, which are also white, which enhances the beauty of the lotus. He shines the glory thyany.

Inside shakti Shakin whose six people are like so many moons. It has six arms, one of which she is holding a book. Two others are raised up to a position that turns fear and giving a blessing. The other hand she holds a skull, a small drum and a bouquet of roses. Her mind is pure.

This lotus abode thin penetrating mind – Manas, which is well known. Inside his Yoni. And at the base in the form of a lotus Shiva lingam called Itara linga. Here he shines like a chain lightning.

First bija mantra of the Vedas “OM” – the highest abode of Shakti, which with its light illuminates and makes visible Brahma Sutra chetrinenadi, which is located in the same place. Sadhaka, whose mind is steady, even meditates on it in accordance with the regulations. An excellent Sadhaka, whose Atma is nothing else but meditating on the lotus flower, is able on their own to quickly reach other body and become the most prominent among the saints of the wise, all-knowing and all-seeing. He becomes a benefactor and an expert in all of the exercises. Comprehending his oneness with Brahman, he takes over the natural and unseen forces. Full of glory, and long-lived, it becomes the creator, preserver and destroyer of the three worlds.

combination of the letter “A”, “Y”, “M”, which forms the mantra “OM” is constantly in this chakra inside the triangle. This is an internal bar – the spirit, the essence of whose pure mind. It resembles a flame. Above him, a half moon, and above the letter “MA”. Before Kmakara manifestations in the form of points and even higher Nada, whose belezna is the same as white Bala Virgin and the moon. When the yogi closes the house was left without support, he gets so knowledge with outstanding teachers. When this practice by repeating Chita become dissolved in this place – in the Ajna chakra, when he sees in the triangle and in the space above it clearly brilliant flash of fire. He also sees the flame, like a candle flame shining like the purest glow of the morning sun, and burning between heaven and earth.

Here Bhagavan – Lord Parama Shiva manifests himself in the fullness of his all-pervading omnipresent power. He’s just a witness does not know of decline, and he arrives here, as well as in the field of the sun, moon and fire – Sahasrara. This incomparable and delightful abode of Vishnu.

Excellent yogi at death puts his prana enters here and after death is the ultimate, eternal, not born divine first principle – Purusha, who was before the three worlds, and which is known by Vedanta. When the action of the yogi good in all respects, become part of his service to the lotus feet of his revered Guru, then over the Ajna Chakra he sees the image of the great prozvuka – Mahanadi and siddha speech always be manifest in the lotus of his hands.

Above all these, in the empty space where Shankkine Nadi visarga, tysyachalepestkovy lotus. This luminous lotus whiter than the full moon, turned down. His collected bunches of petals tinted pink light of the rising sun. It shone all the letters, starting with “A” and “OM” – sheer bliss.

Inside Sahasrara full unblemished moon sign without hare, shining as pure autumn sky. It is wet and cold, like nectar, generously pours out its rays. Inside this triangle, shining like lightning, in which the great void, a secret even to the gods. Well hidden, accessible only great efforts this fine Bindo sunya – the emptiness, the main root of liberation. And it shows with clean nirvanakala amakala. Here comes the god known to all as Parama Shiva. It is the essence of the Atma – soul of all that exists. It joined the race and Veras, and it is like the sun, destroying the darkness of ignorance and delusion. Continuing the current flow of nectar, resembling a silvery moonbeams, Mr. Guru Parama Siva instructs yogi, self-controlled and possessed purified mind. These instructions are given knowledge, which provides unity and Jivatman Paratmana. This stream fills all things as their master ever-flowing and spreading the expiration of all bliss. It is known as Paramakampsah “.


Comment VZV.

Friends, as you know, it’s very hard for the uninitiated people text. But, on the other hand – the maximum working tool. I have always born the analogy, when we learn how to operate and chakras have to explain all the exercises. It seems this is the way the old hoary “safecracker” (a person who knows how to open safes without a key), teaches the younger generation: the castle with the help of the stud will open this with the help of another, and so on. Indeed, a certain analogy can be traced, some mechanistic, but at the same time, these teachings aligoricheskie. For the simple reason that we are with you not so stupid mechanisms. To open a particular lock, it is necessary to overcome the Maya, and Maya is overcome by a triple force: the power of knowledge, the power of action and will power. And when all these three things together collected, you open this lock. Similarly, in this case – given a push, so you have applied the power of knowledge, you are given an abstract description of the operating principle. The force of action – it is more pronounced when you are experiencing one or another emotion. And you generate within yourself the emotion that needs to be in this place, and it falls into a resonance, coming as the key to the lock, and you have to penetrate. And the next – will. It is clear that we must voleizyavit to do, and just build inner purity that no extraneous images do not knock you. You voleizyavlyaete that the only way, and not otherwise. Many in this description of meditation, such as it says: “When the yogi closes the house was left without support” – a very strange expression, or, roughly speaking, when he yogic practice is completely abstracted from their three groups of bodies, and therefore all these bodies remain support higher ‘I’. This is generally in fact, the highest state of samadhi. The way it is written here, he thus learns with the help of senior teachers. Do you remember this highest conception that everything that we are now reading, studying, even if it is hard, it is a gift for teachers and teachers, is a tools, which they left behind when left out of this world. And the question arises: “What about this succession is established? Who is the teacher of teachers? Like him, they say, to get? “And as part of this meditation, if we start to go into the field of consciousness, connecting it with energy, we begin to perceive the light of his own Higher” I “, it is the light of the Absolute, who is a teacher of teachers . That is why it is said, friends, that yoga can not be taught but can be learned. All this brings us to the fact that the last line we crossed themselves. Once again, my friends, that yoga is the science of ultimate freedom, that is freedom expressed in the Absolute. In yoga, you are free even from their teachers. The only thing that connects you with your teachers, it is your love for them and nothing else. In yoga, you do not need intermediaries, you do not need priests who dispense your communication with the Highest. Once it is observed, including in India, India fell into decay, and then somehow revived. And now we are passing, briefly passed through the seven chakras. I must say that there are different descriptions of these chakras in different treatises. In particular, you can find these descriptions in the text “Ananda Lahari”, “Shiva Samhita”, “Thiranda Bs” and others. This, my friends, should be regarded as a direct order, direct a working tool in order to really understand what chakra, how it works, and take the first steps in this knowledge. As you can imagine – an abstract instrument, but on the other hand, the extremely specific. There is even more aligoricheskoe description of our chakras. It is based on the fact that our body – it’s a microcosm, which is completely similar to the macrocosm. And we, as a big country. In this country there are cities connected by roads, which somehow there circulates life. In this system, the description of the chakras, each chakra – a city inhabited by certain creatures. There is a ruler, there is his wife, and so on.

We give a complete binding to a certain pattern, as if we were traveling to steam in an unknown country. Only this unknown land – our own body. Going from town to town, we will learn how and what is happening there, and that there may be. There is another description of our aligoricheskaya system internals, as tied to certain geographical points, but, say, within India. It is known that India is famous for a large number of sacred places, places of power, places of pilgrimage, where, if you’re, say, going to practice a particular meditation and practice, you will achieve success more quickly. Among Yogis and Yoginis special honor was fanned Mount Kailash. It really is an existing mountain, which is now on the territory of Tibet, on the border with China. It’s hard to get there, as well as all the high mountains. This mountain is very interesting shape. If you look at it from one side, it is a right triangle, the apex directed upwards. It is white, in good clear days it just snow-white. It is believed that if a yogi or yogini at least once a look at the mountain, they are fully secured in practice to achieve the highest success. Indeed, thousands of pilgrims over the centuries go to the mountain, to even contemplate it, to see it. Just I came, saw – I think that even if you die, you immediately reach the highest state of yoga. We can say that it is tinged with religiosity, to a greater extent in normal Indians. And not just among all yogis and Yoginis. The point is to get to Mount Kailash, poor or yoga yogi had oh, how to work hard. Not that it was easy to reach. Now, of course, it has become easier. Modern technology facilitates this process, but not much. As long as you get there, you need to spend a lot of time. You stop for the night, meditating, practicing. And if you did everything correctly, you and your campaign surroundings fell into a rhythm, which is largely led to their internal vibration centers. At the moment when you reached Mount Kailash, you woke up the highest point of our chakras, is an area of sahasrara. So when they say “to contemplate Mount Kailas”, at the same time understand two things: either that the yogi is really there on foot came and saw all the same it with your own eyes, or long yoga practice it, as it were, saw this mountain Kailash, or manifestations of the center of your consciousness -absolute in the crown of his head. Therefore, it is possible to visit Mount Kailash physical, and it is possible without moving from the place to be in the same place. In the first case someone easier to walk than to meditate and someone meditate easier than distance. But, anyway, it’s a real instrument as a meditation on the chakras, which excites certain centers, and really brings the state of the yogi in awareness of their internal structures, primarily sahasrara center. The interest in this center? We started the seminar by saying that if you analyze all the feelings within yourself, sooner or later will come to the realization that the region of sense, some real vibration at the base of your body, it is the center of your energy. On the contrary, if you meditate and go all in large and in great abstraction, you will try to forget about your body. And during deep meditation, you forget that you have the legs, arms, torso. You have one’s head in meditation, and meditation, you hold in some way. But then, if you are in a more abstract spiritual heights go, is the moment that there is only the top of the head, bathed in light, as it is said, where there is no light source. You go in the realm of consciousness. And while there is a very interesting effect: the awakening of some center, what was meant – the moon at the base of your head, from which flows the nectar, and when a person is experiencing, he is going through the awesome power of enjoyment. We are used to such pleasure in our lives, but there is even stronger pleasure that overshadow all the usual pleasures, and, having tasted the delights of this, everything else becomes secondary because there is something higher. So, when the yogi has reached and beheld Mount Kailash, and thus awakened this area, then he went to the field of consciousness, and that is called directly able to communicate with the teacher or teachers Absolute. Why and say – a place of power, the spiritual tunnel or still somehow. However, it has to bind the other. I want to draw your attention to a very serious bind to two yogis, first – to kundalini yoga, and even more serious bind to the yoga of love. The fact is that if this way you get to the center of your consciousness, then at this moment, from a formal point of view, all the emanations of your energy, which is responsible for your physical manifestations in life, speech, they are redistributed and reach the top of the head, and there is Connect consciousness and energy in the higher center. The same thing happens at the highest state of love. Therefore, there are two yoga, differing in their direction. First Yoga is when you start from the energy at the bottom of your body, meditating on one chakra, second, third, fourth, and thus passing this way from chakra to chakra, you start, as it were, to drive a wave of energy in the direction of consciousness. Example, in the kitchen spilled water valve burst as we hand her raking? Once, once, again! Here, by analogy, meditating on the chakra to chakra, chakra jump from one to another, but some impulse goes higher and higher to the top of the head. In part, this technique of yoga called laya yoga. You go this way, as it were, an emanation of energy, but not all the energy. There is another yoga, which works a bit in the other direction when the awareness of love – the third stage of yoga Triad, as it permeates from the top of your head all the chakras to the base mulathary, and merge with the energy of consciousness, but only from the top down. Either way, whether power methods, whether the methods of consciousness as soon as we will use the chakras, we get them from the effect. It makes sense, of course, equally develop all the chakras. All texts that are given to us in the yoga of love, in Shat Chakra Neupane, some more yoga, anyway, give us the key to our internal organization. And the unique key. The key that works, the key that was used by the ancient yoga and yogini. It is clear that it is not so easy to pick up and start from tomorrow to enjoy it all, it is necessary, as they say, to devote themselves to it. But in terms of what a real working tool, there are no doubts. I am constantly reminded of the verse Ananda Lahari, which reads as follows. Shiva learned how to manage the entire universe, through the knowledge of tantra 64, each of which, as stated in the Ananda Lahari, a part of your Swatantra. Then, at your insistence, he threw this tantra down to earth. This allegorical allusion to the fact, how do we know this knowledge. Where did they come from? They did not come from where they came, as a gift, it vnekarmichny. We make use of them or not, is entirely up to us. As far as we are involved, as far as we have, they say, we are honest with ourselves, as much as ours. How much we do not buy into all sorts of temptations outside. This is a very real practice. If you, as they say, has become the path and felt the taste of this practice, and if you manage to awaken a particular center, then its impact is on so much more than you can experience in the world that you have no way to seduce. You will not tempt no power, no money, no prestige, no public calling. Why do you need all this? If it is and let it be, but you begin to treat these events easily, because deep down, you have a more powerful source of pleasure. You do not become a slave to no power, no wealth, nothing in the world. This ideology of yoga. Once again, my friends, freedom.

Questions about the seminar.

Friends, have questions?


– The will to some particular chakra is?


– No, my friends, the concept of the will of the category is not related to any chakra. This property is directly our superior “I”, which is beyond space and time, which is out of this world, out of our bodies. Therefore, there is the chakra that is responsible for the will. But, there are chakras, which are responsible for our determination, our concentration, our intellectual one direction. In particular – the Ajna Chakra – the point between the eyebrows will mobilize our intellectual concentration.


– How to start practice?


– We begin the practice, I repeat, to listening for your feelings, then – with the original work, then – the adaptation of the source to our personal visual range. It is understood that an Indian could not be easier – to present the image of a peacock in Vishuddha chakra, because there are so many of these peacocks, on every corner, we have them in the afternoon with fire will not find. The same crocodile as they float on the Moscow River, and the glory to God, and if you get out? Therefore, there must be an adaptation to the images. There must be a cultural shift, soft, beautiful, painless migration. Because if you force yourself all these attributes of the Indian, the reaction you will get the opposite. You will be sick of it all, and you can not even understand what is happening? This is a very deep level. And finally, most importantly, my friends, is the practice, the actual practice! Real practice is – meditation everyday. You choose one or the other center and start working on it. You start to focus on a particular chakra and at the same time, you remember the attributes of which we read with you. Plus, you start all this support in the first place by the Bija Mantras, which we read with you. For example, you reflect on the muladhara chakra and repeat the syllable “llama”. Compound many factors leads to a good result. From time to time we conduct seminars, which are very interesting to do. I can reveal to you a certain program. Seminar is a group of people, who practices and meditates on the principle of land – muladhara chakra. To do this, we are looking for a cave, damp and dark, where all go, and are tuned to the feeling of inertia land mass. Then, according to the principle of water – they need an external water source. Then, on the principle of fire – they need an external source of heat and so on. Thus, we go through the elements, we go through the feelings and reach the consciousness principle. This is not always possible, because you need to find a suitable place, and there are places in our country, not so much. Not necessary that in one place and the cave was, and the mountain, and water, and the view from the mountain, and fire, and all sorts of other factors. But if you can do something like that, it helps a lot in practice. If we practice at home, we remember those feelings, as if we were in the cave, mountain, etc. Quietly we build associative array and tie it to a particular point of the body. In the future, the same practice is supported by breathing exercises and more complex mantras. There are other practices, which I have mentioned. In particular, the pair practice, when a man and a woman mutually adjusted to each other and this will lead to the resonance of certain centers. But it all starts from a simple and gradually moving to the complex.


– What do we in the end gives us work with the chakras? We teach them to feel and to intensify, what next?


– Once you have learned to their sense and activate, you begin to understand intuitively how you originate certain emotions, and learn how to prevent the manifestation of certain emotions at the first step of their manifestation. You come to work, you hurt the boss. Perhaps rightly offended, you have not completed some work. And your reaction – a flash of anger. Word for word, and you are quarreling, quarrel. Then you come home and realize that it is you were wrong. And on the other hand, you realize that to keep myself in that moment you can not, well, no way. Why? Yes it is a boor, I could say and softer words. Suddenly, you realize that if you control over your emotions are not worked out to automaticity, you light a toy in the hands of chance. You do not have time to think about how to start your answer, your response. If you are in control of one or another facility, you do not admit to it. And you, in the first place, you are wrapped his tangle of negative karma even stronger, and secondly, you start slowly, gradually unwinding it. Honestly, this one would have more than enough to practice these techniques. But there is, of course, even more, as they say, the mysterious and the outrageous, unspeakable moments that touch the first glimpses of the supersensible. You suddenly begin to realize that the world around you, it is actually not the world, that rag on your eyes, somewhere there is a chink, and you through it is something you can see. When you begin exercises to awaken certain chakras, and each of them in turn, is responsible for the manifestation of an organ of perception: light, sound, touch, smell, suddenly you start in other colors, on the other hand the degree of awareness of seeing the world. Moreover, more and more turning to a line that is already called over. This is the area beyond the perception that what they write yoga. And finally, the third, the most important thing. Somehow you are all done. Just like any car – he once made. From time to time accumulated damage. If you are not the master, you do not know how to fix it. In the same way here. We sometimes have a whole range of complex psycho-physical reactions to external stimuli, when multiple actions are woven into a ball, and it all falls under the section confusing karma – gross, subtle and causal. Untie not possible, but to understand how we are organized. Knowledge of yourself, it is a guarantee of our freedom. So I replied. Of course, you can say a lot more then, since the goal of yoga – this knowledge is higher ‘I’. Here you will be given a path to self-knowledge from the rough, that’s what you’re used to from childhood to something subtle and elusive thing called your higher “I”.


– Every day, you need to focus on one chakra or can be at different?


– If you start to practice, then it makes sense to go through all the chakras with a certain periodicity. Then, as needed, to choose a particular chakra, or a group of chakras and work with them separately.


– At the beginning of the lecture, you said that if you say that you are open or closed chakra, it is utter nonsense. But, at the same time you say that you need to develop the chakras. Explain this point, please.


– Complete nonsense! You see, you can not open that can not be closed. Chakra activity is different in that sysl words that, if at least one of our chakras are not working, we would not live in the world. You see? What is the chakra with the yoga position? I will now draw the picture from the simple to the complex. Now, from complex to simple. As you and I were born? Your body – is a microcosm. It is entirely identical to macrocosm. Each Chakra, when viewed from the position of creation – it is an element of the universe. Please mind the principle was established – is the level of Ajna chakra. Then the principle of space – the throat, the air principle – the heart, and so on down to the ground of the principle. According to this, there was an indirect expression of these principles. The principle reason is responsible for our mind, the principle of space – for the hearing, the principle of the air – for the sense of touch, the fire – for the vision of water – for taste, principle of land – for the sense of smell. This is the principle, my friends. These are the building blocks from which everything is made. I, somehow weakly imagine that someone has one of these principles is closed or open. What do you mean, open or closed? What is more open or less open? This is from the category – I’m a little bit pregnant … What does it mean? This question is of a category – either there or not. If possible talk to these categories, it will talk about that karmic dirt that covers a particular principle. However, nothing that the principle is open or closed. It can not be opened or closed, it is such a basis, it is the root cause. What do you mean, man closed principle? He that disappeared for a moment, or it is not there? That’s bullshit! But this is nonsense dangerous! Why is this dangerous nonsense? Because immediately it emerges associative relationship – once something is closed, so everything is very bad. Man begins to mentally lock their feelings, she begins to feel anxiety and fear. As a result, it receives nervosa and psychosis. Who is guilty? Yoga. And nothing to do with yoga. Therefore, the terms need to be careful. I do not understand what it means to open or lock the principle of land? Or some other chakra? Did anyone can explain? For example, I do not understand. Each concept or thing has its own terminology. The door is open or closed – I understand, but the principle of land is opened or closed – I do not understand.

Practice on the passed material.

Friends, in the completion of this seminar, we will do the following practices on the most our highest center – the center of consciousness. As it stated in the description of this place, bathed in light, but where there is no light source. Suffice abstract thing. If you tune to the crown of your head and see the area, flooded with light, but without the light source, ie, an area that is lit by itself, you will be closer to the realization that there is your consciousness that all displays. And, in order to provide a more specific associative array, imagine light, like ten million suns. This light pours literally everything, illuminates the top of your head and gets inside your body, pervades his light chain of all your chakras, which are strung on the central channel, and comes down to the base of your body

You must remember that all of our chakras are already formed. Nothing to add, do not we can not subtract. The issue that we are aware of them or do not recognize.

Bright as ten million suns, and cool as ten million moons, bathed in the light of clarity and understanding of the area of the principle of consciousness. If everything goes right, you should have a state of thoughtlessness. Breathing should abruptly break off, when there is no inhalation or exhalation, or delay or inspiratory or expiratory. There is a feeling of clarity and grandeur. If you manage to catch this condition, remember it and start practicing at home, starting with the higher centers, sinking lower and lower, and ending with your body’s foundation.

Now do a full breath, close the nostrils and inhale, bend forward, do breath-hold, stay in this position for as long as nice, and then lie down on your back for a vacation.


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