Yantra Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar. 2009.06.28

So, today we have 28 June 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we at the Cultural Center “Awakening” in the city of Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. And that we have a seminar on Yantra Yoga. All the information on our websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru. Everything is archived moments.


Today, we have to consider this great science of yantra yoga in the tradition of the Open University of Yoga, ie, very clearly, clearly, unambiguously, and that we can at least something to have a real draw of this section of yoga for his personal practice.


But we begin as usual with the start distance. Recall that yoga – a system of self-knowledge. And in fact the same as the human body there are manifestations of the same number have different kinds of yoga areas. Also I remind you that yoga can be called only the doctrine which adheres in particular on two principles:

1) Do not harm any living being unless absolutely necessary.


2) The principle of consistency in their lives, ie, not spreading over trifles.



Yantra Yoga is built on our ability – to see.

And here we are with you today will consider a section of yoga, which uses our ability to see. We have our eyes through which we are able to perceive the whole visual world around us. Moreover, there are some characteristics of the world around us as a kind of colors. But as shown, including the current studies in the field of study of the human brain, even more does not respond to a color gamut, and contrast. Ie, to some circuits that we perceive. It is the primary source of information for us. Sometimes, even more important than the color scheme, but including the color scheme plays a role. Thus, we perceive our world so we kind of exist in our world. We get a huge amount of information, such as interacting with the world. And just this ability built science Yantra Yoga, on our ability – to see.


The impact of visual images per person immensely.

And here, before we begin to consider in more detail, it is necessary to remember that all the same impact on the human visual images tremendously. If you encounter something beautiful, you admire any work of art, a sculpture, a work of art. You unintentionally switch your mind in a totally unusual for him a plane activity. Those. effect of visual images, it is not confined merely to the transmission of any information. Those. I saw something – to identify – to understand.

But apart from this information that’s “dry”, we are also perceive the whole complex or the entire range of sensations. Some pictures of our disgust, some pictures of admiration, some cause such a reaction that we are drawn to something, on the contrary, some other – we are trying to push off from it and do not see it. Those. effect of visual images on our whole life falls under the section of our cooperation, which could be called non-verbal. Looking at a particular picture or perceiving a particular landscape, we gain information, but this information comes to us in some such interesting and sometimes even difficult to form the expression of words.

We are so done with you. The goal of yoga – it is self-knowledge. And to understand themselves, to understand their some actions, you can understand only in some of its activities motivation, if we take into account every factor, which, anyway, has an impact on us. In this sense, Yantra Yoga is as integral yoga, like the rest of yoga. Why? Because visual images sometimes are even more eloquent than any there the expression in words or any other information channels, in particular tactile, or we feel the smell or the taste we feel.

So that tells us about this yoga? Yoga says that the whole of our life, it is implicitly exposed to the forms that surround us. For example, the situation in your home or, let’s say you live in a city, what’s inside the city: wide streets or narrow? What is the shape of the building? And it all together unconsciously influences the person.

It’s no secret that right now these modern studies show that much of human behavior is really up to, say, the city’s architecture. There is an urban landscape, which can be in the picture, from a distance it looks very attractive and good, but when a person begins to live in it, he suddenly arise phobia, ie fears. Well, really, when you come, say, to the high-rise building in the forty floors, you feel a little bug, feeling the wall, which is fraught with more danger. Imagine if you were somewhere in the mountains on the edge or outside of some high mountains there, which might have something to fall on you, etc. etc.

Unwittingly, not even paying attention, we react to the surrounding landscape with the help of. And, once again, any one image cause us a sense of calm, of peace, a sense of security. Some other pictures or what surrounds us, on the contrary, cause depression, hidden fear, hide some of the reaction, the tension.

Moreover, even now, that’s the last time there is a theory that people’s behavior is largely due to the fact that a person sees. For example, such things as vandalism in the city. You’ll probably come across themselves when such unmotivated behavior tend to demonstrate his teens, because older people are more, they are in this sense more squeezed in the framework of some grip customs, etc. A smaller children, they have not yet understood what was happening. So, we are seeing with your teenage aggression, which appears only here in these urban or urban environments. The same people, when they live in a more close to natural or natural conditions in the environment, they do not tend to show, say, that these unmotivated rush of emotions.

And Yantra Yoga teaches us that the impact of what we do not see such a weak and harmless. Those. Indeed, some images may undermine our psyche due to the constant voltage. At the same time, some other images can help restore emotional balance, and more to perceive the world around us and as a result be more successful. Well, of course, if you do so with a clear ability to control himself confronted with a particular problem, you solve it much more successful than you are a hunted animal in the maze or how else they are sometimes called concrete jungle. And so you most afraid of, and if you are faced with some life problem, to solve it imposed this one’s invisible subliminal pressure of the images that surround you.

Remember, you go into some underground passage: a small, narrow, dark. You will remember that there is even such a disease – fear of enclosed small spaces. After all, in fact, if a person closes his eyes, he does not understand, he is in a large room or small. But as soon as he opened his eyes, and he saw that he was in a small room, and as soon as he begins to feel scared is not cozy. If you study history, you would know that the medieval Inquisition applied horrible torture when a prisoner confined in the chamber, and there was such an arrangement is made that the ceiling started to fall lower and lower, lower, lower, with a feeling that the poor prisoner is now crushed. In fact there is not one prisoner pressed, but the psychological fear that crushed me now, he sometimes has more impact than the torture of red-hot iron.

And here we are with you every day are exposed to here is this invisible background. Of course, in many respects the conditions in which we live, are caused by some economic reasons. No money from the state to ensure that design over any open spacious streets. Or the living conditions of their citizens to provide such a person to not feel tired out a rat. But you see, here at some point there is a chicken and egg paradox. If the generation of, say, one or two lived here surrounded by these aggressive forms, it is involuntarily taken for granted. And this negative style of behavior starts to continue copied from generation to generation, it’s terrible.

Probably for the first time faced with this effect, again, in the medieval towns with terrible overcrowding, with narrow streets. It is now, when you are somewhere in Europe hang on some narrow streets of the medieval city, this is even a certain kind of charm can be a charm. But you must remember that this is the best that was in the Middle Ages. And the rest of it were quite a hole: stinking, narrow, unsafe. And on the human psyche, it turns out to be less of an impact than a direct threat.

This so-called small second order effects, they are not apparent, they are obvious. Those. like when you go on a new estate, which has only recently rebuilt, where no trees there, and you wander in the canyon. Those. seems to be in immediate danger, you do not feel, but your subconscious mind perceives danger. And it starts to pressure from delayed you, and then begins to break sometimes nightmares, in some unmotivated fears. The reverse side of other people – it contributes to the emergence of unmotivated aggression.

Those. just as we keep hygiene in the food, clean his body, we’ll also have to comply with the hygiene and the images that we perceive. Therefore, the Yantra Yoga has a very interesting statement that the images that we’ll see – it’s actually our food for the view. Just as we take physical food to our physical body could exist, just those pictures that shows us life or are we looking at, it is the same food and it is also necessary for our continued existence.

Bole being taught such a higher sections of yoga, each visual image that we see leaves a mark, allegedly on the surface of our mind. Those. a stamp flared. And all that we see after that, we start somewhere to perceive through this stamp. If we see a child with only one deformity which is clearly not harmonious distortions of some figures. That, of course, over time, we get used to it. The negative impact is, of course, but we are getting used to this negative impact. But sometimes scary else that when we are faced with something really harmonious, our perception of this harmony is through the prism of those ugly forms here, which we’ve seen before.


Why shapes affect us?

To approach this issue so to speak from both sides. First, use your common sense and try to really analyze the way it is done by modern scientists, psychologists, find some regularity between the mold and of the potential threat or potential good that can cause a form. On the other hand we heard nuggets of knowledge of yoga that several other positions are beginning to explain to us why those or other geometric shapes affect us. But yoga does not refute the conclusions that can do modern psychologists and scientists. Once again, I remind you, yoga never contradicts science, but never it is not a substitute.

So, many of the animals in the course of evolution produce a particular color. One or the other awesome sight to another animal was not eaten. Or on the contrary, certain species of animals somehow acquire a distinct color, like the tail of a peacock. For what? To a female peacock him noticed. Those. there are very specific explanation as to why this or that form affects us.

Once again, if you go past the modern skyscrapers of forty floors, of course, you will instinctively feel the fear, as if you were walking in the gorge and were afraid that you will fall on the head of a stone. So when you are faced with a steep or straight wall, leaving the sky, and come close to it, quite naturally, there is no mystery that you are somewhere inside the shrink. This can be explained by some reflexes acquired or inherited. And on the one hand you can not underestimate them. Therefore, for example, even if the multi-storey building built pyramid-shaped, more preferable to form the box going into the heaven. Although the height and one and the other can be the same, but that’s purely a psychological impact is another.

At first glance, a trifle. The same applies, for example, the volume or space of the room, where we live. Sometimes a small room, where you live, can cause a sense of security as mink, in which you hid there and you will not be disturbed. But on the other hand sometimes a small room can make you a feeling of depression. What do you want to turn around, to show all its nature, potential, which have been laid, and you put in some sort of prison. And these factors, they play a fairly significant role.

Feng Shui.

Now in the modern era began to bloom riotous color of every kind of science, that’s like the Chinese science of Feng Shui: how to have one form or another? What should be the form of the thing and the other? On which side of the entrance, on which side of the exit? There is thus a very obscurantist, as one would say classic, fashion. Begin to one or another factor attributing to some mystic influence. As a result of today’s breeds huge number of people some superstitious afraid. All they have done according to Feng Shui, as they say. They are always afraid of something. They begin to talk about some mysterious energy where the positive energy, where the negative, ie, that’s the dream of mind of these people. And as a result he creates monsters, as always, that some people who always afraid of something, they are a result of minor things have a maximum value, and the primary things generally do not pay attention. And, as a rule, they lose.

Whatever weakens your reason, everything that makes you superstitious, dependent, it should be discarded. In any case, yoga insists on this. Therefore, a dual attitude to such systems. On the one hand it seems to be a pure obscurantism, yes. But on the other hand, indeed, the power of forms which a person perceives, it is real.


Using the strengths and weaknesses of the forms.

And this is another small branch here this science, which is called Yantra Yoga. Working with visual images. Working with Forms. Using the strengths of the forms and the use of forms of weaknesses. But, as you know, strong or weak hand forms, they are sometimes not the law per se, but merely a reflection of the living conditions in which people lived.

If you lived your whole evolution took place in zero gravity, and maybe you would not be afraid of here rectilinear forms. Why? Because of weightlessness clear no bricks you will not fall on your head. And maybe you did not have that inner unconscious reaction to the perception of these forms here. But we live very specific conditions, and we have a very specific reaction. Therefore, some form of impact on depressing us, while others pooscheryayusche, so to speak. Therefore, the Yantra Yoga we first call to understand the reason for action. And if we understand the reason for the impact we can have to neutralize the negative side of this influence.


What does this word – the Yantra?

Now directly on the name of Yantra Yoga. The word yantra is a huge amount of value. How, in general, almost all the words in yoga, who came from Sanskrit. And one of the commonplaces of ways to translate the word yantra – the word tool. In order to better understand, and here the tool is a tool for working with visual images.

So, we can take some beautiful pictures of the landscape, for example. Or we can go to the museum, to contemplate the works of art masters. Or just any picture that we like. It can be a picture, it can be a sculpture, looking at that, suddenly can suddenly wake up some hidden chord in our, as one would say, of the soul. We look at a beautiful sculpture, and we can not look away from her, she draws us, as it were. She likes us. Moreover, we are complacent. On the other hand, if we contemplate some other painting or sculpture, it may have cause, say, the feeling of reflection, sadness, or, on the contrary, the feeling of boredom or a sense of reverie. Those. Now there is this linkage between our emotional states and those pictures that we see. Of course, this bunch is not as such a stiff. It is the background, but it is.

So the ancient sages, it is incomprehensible to us, the brought some very strange laws. That if the paint or other geometric shape, consisting usually of lines, squares, triangles, at least some label. That the impact of this figure, for example, will be completely equivalent to your contemplation of a landscape or of a picture, which in a milder version would be made, where something more than usual was for us, and in turn, that would have aroused we have a particular emotion. Those. Yantra – is a kind of such a diagram, which is used as a tool, like a skeleton or backbone of the form, which responds to our minds.

Those. within us in some hidden areas of our mind is, as it is sometimes said to have some form of archetypes. And as soon as we begin to perceive in it is something like what we have inside. Those. These internal forms awake, in turn, begin to somehow influence, and it appears all that in us there is one or the other emotion. Or, in another way it can be said that yantra – it’s like a key that fits the lock and opens the inner lock our device.


Yantra – the key to our inner world.

We are all with you once made. Yoga claims that we made with you there is no one single template, for there is no one single scenario. In each of us there are some basic principles that are all the same. There are many other things that each has its own color. Each of us has their own backstory, his life experience. And in this respect we are different from each other. But on a deeper level, there is a certain skeleton of our device, which is the same in all of us. So the ancient sages in yoga find such diagrams that contemplating these diagrams, these triangles, squares, some petals there, well, in general, this kind of picture. All of us there is one and the same reaction. Those. affected by the most common of all these elements of our devices. So from antiquity to have survived quite a number of these diagrams, contemplating that, we saw the outside of a certain image, call it in the inside life. Those. as soon as we see here is the chart’s internal shaped our device, it is how to do something, if we see it from the outside, they are somehow a part of the response, and we get a particular response.

Thus, according to yoga, we get a very powerful corridor to our inner world. Usually we can not get into their inner world. Our subconscious mind does not let us go there. We ourselves feel perfectly awake, when it seems to us, all of us under control. Significantly, as a rule, weak and not confident we feel in the dream state. Some dreams can scare us, some delight, some weary, some report something completely new and exciting. But dreams once they are closer in some ways to those that’s hidden within us, the process proceeds. In the waking state, as a rule, we can not get into those areas of our memory, our mind, they are closed to us.

Yoga claims that there is nothing wrong with what they are closed. Yes, indeed, if we have direct access to your subconscious mind, we could have something to do, is not some sort of operation within themselves and realize, maybe it would even hurt us. So that we ourselves are not harmed, as a rule, our subconscious will not let us in himself.

But sometimes there are problems. Those or other diseases or those or other some of our inexplicable reaction to this or that from which we, for example, want to get rid of. And we have to get into your subconscious and make the necessary amendments to make the necessary steps, and we were not allowed there. We need some kind of a key to unlock the door. And yantra, it is in this sense, is the key that opens the door to our subconscious, with the help of visual images.

If, as taught Yantra Yoga, we contemplate or meditate on a particular yantra special way, as prescribed in the various exercises yantra yoga, we have access to one or another part of our inner world. Moreover, we have the opportunity to access something there to fix it. Therefore, many yantra stored, including, and in great secrecy. Since it was quite a powerful tool or weapon to work with your subconscious.


Yantra – a powerful tool for understanding how our universe is made.

But yoga asserts even more fantastic thing, yoga asserts that our internal structure and the forms that we perceive are so cosmic cause. Yantra Yoga asserts that the possibility that we can see something, it is not accidental. Out of the total yoga theory it is known that the whole universe had been created in stages, when formed the so-called principle by principle. And in yoga states that was first created by the principle that we can see. That’s for a moment imagine, we can perceive shapes: triangles, circles, some pictures, other pictures, it does not matter. But the very fact that we can see. This is not a special case that here we have inadvertently suddenly appeared eyes. No, says yoga. First, if you will, was invented, which in principle can be anything to see that there are forms.

It sounds somewhat strange to us. And the question immediately arises: “And really can be the universe or world without form?” Just imagine a world without forms. Now, the most interesting is that yoga does not exclude such a possibility, it is possible the existence of the universe, where there is no concept of forms, for example, as is the concept of a sound, well, vibration or any other principles are.

Now, with the emergence of the concept of form, a section in mathematics, in my opinion, called topology is some correlation between the lengths, angles, this is a certain concept of something that might be inside the space. So, all our usual form it as a special case of some universal forms that arose in the creation of the universe. It sounds very elusive because of the mind and it seemed even unusual, but it’s true. Therefore, the Yantra Yoga there are even more profound application of this science. This is not the only solution to their some of these or other problems, the penetration into the subconscious mind, the elimination of certain phobias, etc. etc. But yantra is also a powerful tool for the general knowledge of how the universe is made. Those. it helps us to understand how in general there was our whole world. But yoga is also stated that there is a link between the identity of the universe and the human body device. In yoga states that our body is with you, it is the same universe in miniature. Those. we are an exact copy of the universe. Just imagine the unimaginable universe: the solar system, the galaxy – it’s all very nice, exciting and great. And at the same time our body with you. Or rather, to be more correct, our bodies. Yoga claims that there is a direct link between these. Comprehending the body, we involuntarily begin to understand how to construct the universe. And the reverse side – comprehending the universe, comes to us as our body is made, how to make this our microcosm.

So, yantra has just helps us first through the contemplation of the yantra to understand how we are all made inside, and then comes to us an understanding of how to teach yoga, as is done in general, all as is done in general the whole Universe, friend. That this section or is this use or this action yantra already very hard to explain if you do not know such a heavy theory of yoga, or the so-called axioms of yoga, the fundamental axioms of yoga.

Therefore, the whole yantra yoga can in this sense be divided into two parts:

1) First – it is such a yantra yoga in daily life. To solve these or those of our everyday tasks, problems, etc. etc.

2) On the other hand, the second part of this science – allows us to get in touch closely with these great mysteries of the devices ourselves. Or as it is said in ancient times: “Every man must know himself.”

Yantra this helps us. It helps at such a deep level, which is really the concept of all pictures, images, as if it is secondary.

What I’m talking about? Here we live on the planet Earth, and we are accustomed to any one geometry to any one pictures. Imagine that on Alpha Centauri, somewhere out there in the depths of the ocean of ammonia live any translucent beings, endowed with reason, but, say, a very unusual shape, and unlike us, for example, are not made of carbon, and of kakogo- some silicon. Well, dream a little, you know, like in science fiction. It is understood that these beings will see very different forms. And here at this home use, some form may be them as something different will work. But there is some part of their internal structure, which is caused by the structure of the universe and it is the same that we have with you, that these hypothetical aliens. Those. by Yantra Yoga we begin to comprehend the universal laws of life so that the same work not only for all people, but in general, if so, strictly speaking, for all forms of life that have been, are, or will be.

We’re with you, of course, is now touch in the first place a more practical side, or the use of yantras for in the first place, the decision of some of its vital tasks. Well, first of all, because in the Open Yoga University is believed that yoga should work, and that the theory should be enough to be able to do the practice and, on the other hand, if you make on your own example or experience, that this science that operates in a small the example of solving your personal problems. So you will have more confidence to study the application of the fundamental science of yoga has yantra. Since it requires more time, more effort. And sometimes you have to wait for the result. And if you make sure that it worked in small, then you will have at least something to do with confidence that it will work in a large. Therefore, there is nothing shameful or wrong, to try to use the science of yantra yoga here in such a utilitarian, everyday purposes.


Sverhlogika never contrary to logic and common sense.

Once again, here is this famous science everywhere now sadly known as feng shui. To a certain extent there is an analog, I began to penetrate, the science of Vastu. Those. Bole is the Indian version. For example, little known to us the legacy of the Arab world, where its architecture has a very clear and good canons built. Those. we do not know – was lost. Not what was lost, no one is interested in this, no one is advertising. But, really, some principles by which, for example, in Egypt the pyramids were built. Or in South America were built certain buildings, pyramids, too. There are analogues of this science. As for feng shui, it just so happened that he became very popular. But, probably, everywhere and all over the world as only the highest teachings of falls in people’s heads superstitious, stupid, narrow-minded, this teaching begins to grow all sorts of tall tales. In the hands of speculators it turns into a source of income.

Well, really, this is a very good source of income. You say you open a construction company and say, “I will build a house, supposedly, by the principles of feng shui.” And with a ceiling you take any principles, you begin to invent some certain laws. And then to justify to the client why you have a house or a curve like this, some strange, and the gate on the other hand made. You can always inflate the cheeks and sagely say that this is all according to Feng Shui, what we did here some otherworldly research. Those. We see such an absolute lack of logic. We see the lack of theory, let’s say feng shui.

In feng shui theory, there is no common roots. No one knows why this input is favorable and the unfavorable. And whether this input favorable only in China, but, say, at the North Pole it is not favorable? Nobody explains. Or, say, may be in the Southern Hemisphere it is, and in the North in a different way. You will not find this study science, it does not exist. Indeed, doshil some small fragments of this knowledge, but very narrowly sharpened under the Chinese lifestyle of medieval China. And the attempt, for example, to transfer these same rules to European life, it’s just crazy. But, you remember, that if a person into something wants to believe, he then begins to revive their beliefs. It’s the effect of the horoscope. As long as one does not read the horoscope for the current day, he lives as a one. It is worth it just to read, like what he read, begins to unconsciously influence it. We would like samozombiruem themselves. That’s just as well, and these are numerous feng shui, vastu, etc., etc.. Very often in the hands of people narrow-minded and stupid simply degraded. It does not relate at all to life.

But at the same time it should be remembered that after all the real principles, why, indeed, with its entrance on that side or this or that, we can get the other one or another effect. It takes place in ancient times this knowledge was. So if you are interested in here is this aspect of practical application, then you have no choice but to rediscover this knowledge. Do not blindly trust it’s books, which are now published in numerous quantities. And the person who read it, samozombiruet himself, then he begins to believe in the nonsense that read. And he draws his own energy the positive or negative aspects, which he read in the book. Such samozombirovanie.

Everyone inside has great potential. This potential is sometimes truly fabulous. We are like magicians. We can do everything. But there is someone who inspires us, that should be all so, so, and commercials. And we begin to strangers here these recommendations to revive its own power. Once again, this effect horoscopes, here are those of all the sciences. Unfortunately that’s so, I do not hesitate, “mental molds” penetrated into yoga. Now who does not ask, everyone starts to say, “Oh, this chakra is open, oh, this chakra is closed, oh, this chakra work, oh, this chakra is not working.” At best, it is an attempt so to speak, to bring domestic human body unit, in the worst case, it’s a conversation about anything. Those. to talk about the chakras, it is necessary, in principle, to know what it is. To talk about feng Shuya, you must know the principles on which it operates. Or to give certain recommendations, it is necessary to know how something works. Otherwise, we become a myth-makers, which introduce themselves misleading and around you sow a lot of myths and superstitions.

Why do I say all this? The fact that the same situation exists in respect of Yantra Yoga, not only do we have here, and there they have in the East. A huge number of yantras, nobody understands how it works is the yantra, yantra other. But this, you know, priklonennoe such slavish worship of something. And in this regard, I would also like once again here to make a very strong emphasis that it is not in a hurry to believe in all sorts of stories about the yantra. Remember that yes, indeed, the action may be sverhlogichnym yantra, ie to use these laws in our life that we are now is not yet available, we do not yet understand. But you should also keep in mind that sverhlogika never contradicts logic and common sense. And if you encounter some absolutely illogical nonsense, always check it with logic. Sverhlogika always stand this test. The illogicality like garbage drop off. Once again, the use of yantras yantra themselves have acquired this kind of detail, sometimes unrelated to any yoga, sometimes you catch yourself thinking that this is just a figment of someone’s sick imagination. But once again, my friends, for every action there is quite specific mechanisms. We have them now can not understand, but that does not mean that they are not. Or that they are not logical.


This artist draws beauty from within yourself.

Now we go on. Even on the one hand, we look at the very science of yantra yoga. has always been in history, people who knew how to create beauty. Such a person would sit down, take, say, a piece of paper, paint and painted works of art, looking at that all the other people become better, kinder, more intelligent, more restrained. Those. It was always some masters, who raised the creativity of people to a new level.

There were other people, there are many more who do not give rest laurels here first of these brilliant artists, and there were numerous attempts at forgery. Those. if the artist-master works without thinking, or rather a different course may be born his work: sometimes with anguish, sometimes in the same breath. But it is born, and holistic living. And starting in the future to live their lives. The price of some paintings at auction reaches astronomical figures. Of course, there is such a temptation, and if I can draw the same? Of course immediately begins to draw people something of the same sort. Draws some picture, everything seems to be the same. And the proportion of it all became extinct, and the projection of all traced, seized, and all the secrets of mixing colors, styles, studied thoroughly, it spent 40 years of his life in the study, sat down to draw, and nothing happens. Or rather his picture does not inspire anyone. The funny thing, is not encouraging even when it is a direct copy of the original.

Why is this happening? Well, evil tongues begin to speak: “That someone was lucky someone raspiarili, and someone was unlucky, it do not pay attention.” This is too simplistic an explanation, and it does not stand up to scrutiny and the test of life. Everything is much more complicated, and friends. The fact that a true artist, a true master, he draws beauty from within yourself. He first sees it in, and then carries it out, and then it turns out that something alive. It is as if her rubbings of his inner world. And we say: “Yes, it’s a great artist.” While a person who is just starting out trying to do something, it is the result of a mannequin. Not something alive and mannequin. Outwardly similar, but there is no soul.

That’s exactly the same situation as friends, with yantra yoga. Yantra – this chart. It is quite simple diagrams. Triangles, circles. A lot of them. Different their intersection. Typically, a square, wherein any drawn or that figure. And it might even draw a computer. You can program a computer, and he will draw on any yantra known mortgaged program. Only it will be something not alive. But if you have your own hand by tuning into your inner harmony wave, you start by hand, you know how kids draw pictures, that’s just as well draw a yantra. It you get inaccurate, irregular angles may converge or not to converge, but if you’re just so draw yantra, it becomes alive, it will start to work.

So here is a first look at the psychological factor in Yantra Yoga is very important. Important not only the geometry of the yantra, you can be there to see somewhere in the book, and it is important that you have reproduced the yantra of themselves or used the same yantra, which is reproduced from itself this or that artist, master, and so on. d. etc. Therefore, the same picture can geometric how to operate and not operate. Just as a single work of art is an inspiration to all and makes better, kinder, cleaner, and others are trying to copy, do, and as a result no response. Therefore, here is a personal aspect in science yantra yoga, is the cornerstone of the fact that you really were able to take advantage of the potential of this science.

Those. some not very distant followers of yoga. Here they saw somewhere yantra and the printer it printed, pasted in all the rooms and thought: “The more printed as a wallpaper, the better.” But this is only a line on the paper. It’s just a body without a soul, a corpse. And it is clear, it will not work. And this yantra would not work. So that’s the magic of this geometry, perceived by our visual organs, worked in Yantra Yoga yantra is prescribed revive. That is what he said. But you know that in all these texts on Yantra Yoga, a medieval language of the East. And sometimes there are such comparisons. It is said that: “Yantra – it’s just a house, and you dozhzhen back to the house to invite the tenant.” Those. you drew or that yantra, which, for example, is responsible for the decision of one or another of your problems: wealth, prosperity, removing obstacles, etc. etc. But this is an empty house. After that, it is said in these treatises: “And then you have to be invited to the appropriate deity.” Those. as if we were in the house invited the Divine, and it began to live there, and began to perform the functions for which the yantra was created. Clearly, this is largely a tribute to tradition or attempt to explain in simple language is very, very complicated laws of the universe, or why this or that science works. But in fact, the same emphasis that to yantra must work to make it alive. And we in the future you will return to this.

How architecture affects humans.

Now further. Of course, virtually all that we perceive (here we sit somewhere, and we’re looking at some kind of a landscape or a picture) we see it in the plane, but in the woods can be trees, located once in the space, but as we contemplate them with some one point, we see only one plane. Therefore, as a rule, all yantra they are depicted on a plane. But there is a continuation of this theme, here’s a direct sequel, again, of this science, which really tells us how architecture influences the person. It’s a sort of three-dimensional version of yantras. And in fact a three-dimensional version of the yantras – those or other geometric structures.

For example, the Buddhists, we know they like to build so-called stupas. In ancient India were built such a very intricate temples. In the West, again, under the influence of Eastern traditions in the various religions, we are what we meet? With Temple. Those. Come on in, say, St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, you sort of get into a three-dimensional yantra. This yantra like, but only in the volume. It is clear that to create this yantra harder and endure all proportion: distance, length, height. It is know, is the art of building. In the West, it is, if you studied history, many of these secret societies, which allegedly knew the force of impact forms. Remember Masons. Masons or one of the meanings of the word, it masons. This was a mysterious organization, all her fear, where supposedly they built such a temple. Or so it was the organization, subject to the common cause of building the temple. Myths go back to the ancient religious legends, etc. etc. And go a step further to the East. But it stuck to the western environment and impact on, say, medieval architecture and a later period, it tremendously.

So, it is very interesting that the geometry of many yantras is a projection of a three-dimensional, for example, the Temple, when viewed from the top. Those. Now imagine you turn on the computer, went online on any site Google earth and satellite altitude start to look at yet surviving in Moscow Temples. And if the angle quite well will fall, then in fact, you will see the yantra. It is clear that a large number of churches in Moscow, blew up in the thirties. Now somehow not very well stand on ceremony, but once you look down and you tend to see a very familiar picture. Here we are today regarded as an example of one of yantras for practice, and you, again, to see all the same square. As a rule, the right to the cardinal expanded, you will see that, as a rule, the square when viewed from above, goes into a particular circle or octagon, say, or a hexagon. And it is usually reduced to a point. Those. like this here topic, the topic of yoga yantra or exposure to visual images, it permeated the ancient virtually all aspects of life. Because the ancient sages understood in order to make the person better, purer, wiser, does not need Feng Shui. Need may be older and more fundamental principles of any device being. It is clear that for the earthlings, they have the one. Once again, in space, they can be two, three, but the wise know to Alpha Centauri is some form of impact on our perception of the world. And according to this built dwellings. According to this, again, we built Hama. Well, what Temples? It is a place where people are supposed had become better, purer, kinder. In any case, as stated in virtually all the world’s religions. Although yoga is very tough distancing itself from religion, but actually it does not mean that yoga is against religion, God forbid, yoga complements religion, but is not it.

So, this is one of the most powerful tools were in different religions. Here are just a hundred meters away, behind the guise of a reputable company, facade rebuilt, and go inside, and you will see absolutely stunning, that miraculously did not explode, Temple. Notice how it is made. It is not far from here. Here, after the workshop, well, later today will, walk, look, just around the corner. And notice, it was built on what the canons. Which side entrances. As one form to another. Why is it such a height, and not some other. So of course very much like to, once again, the people who are now engaged in creative professions or architecture is not just trying to squeeze out of myself any cry of the soul, or outrageous scream to the whole world what I am unique, how clever I am. Because then the same in his projects start to build something. Now imagine this here unrealized energy of the architect, his sense of inferiority, oppression, the desire to break the bank, more money, envy, jealousy, inadvertently be transferred here on these geometric shapes. And then it will be embodied in the stone, and then it will not help, again, perceived by all people who will witness it all and somehow influence them, including the psyche. Those. the stone will be an intermediary between the interior here this unbalanced state of the architect’s grief and then multiple people.

It is know, sometimes you turn on the TV or that transfer, watch this or that film, especially here all these contemporary films, that from which I personally just bad. And I realize I do not look the film, I look at the underside of the brain twisted it there, director, screenwriter, I do not know anyone. Pay attention to what the scene is now derived from our best of the modern mountain actors? Scenes of violence. Where someone is shouting, someone cut, someone raped. Why? Yes, because they have within it, and they show nothing more can not. Show some love scene inspiring, like Romeo and Juliet, they will not work, in principle, you know, right?

That’s the same analogy with architecture. You look at these strange house, not the house, ghetto, some, especially here in these neighborhoods faceless. And you realize that this is now the architect kutsest inner spiritual world. I understand that there is, of course, all the blame can not be an architect, there is, of course, such things as the budget or where in Soviet times, it was a tough standardization. But now that, thank God, is not this rigid standardization. Budget – Yes, there is. But, you know, again, if we return to this profession as a designer, it is the ability for a penny to make a masterpiece. Those. Who is the designer? This is when you have too little power, ie, money, but you have too much consciousness, ie, vision. And you can even three derevyashechki put together so that it will inspire someone who will look at them. And you can make a column of gold, but all this will cause a rather disgusted. Those. this is a very fine line, so the art of, say, the same architect – is not a profession, it is a gift.

Why am I saying this? In order that the Yantra Yoga is a direct analogy. Those. Now all that you put yourself out in the yantra, and you will receive. Here with some thoughts you drew it in any respect. You, for example, draw a yantra in a peaceful world outlook, with the hope to understand the world and then it is these same emotions, mental fields will shine on you and influence you. If you drew it in the hope that now draw quickly yantra to fabulously rich. But at the same time you have thoughts rushing around, and you do not know what you want out of life. The funny thing is that you can draw a yantra and truly become rich, but you know, this wealth will also be colored by these very vain thoughts and everything will turn out like that joke: acquired by stroke, lived ashes.

So, of course, to do three-dimensional yantra, which in fact are our homes and define our mentality, determine our behavior, shape our view of the world, in the end, our mode of consciousness. In the three-dimensional version is heavier. If we do it all on the plane, then we do a simplified version of the complex. Well, it is hard to build a temple. Let’s say you come to the country and decided on their six acres to build a Temple to come, you come in here and goodness so you opened up the universe. But there is no money, then something else is not, then no. You can take in the good sense of the word, squeeze and move it all on the plane. And, as a rule, a plane which depict certain figures and referred yantra.

But I want to stress this once again, my friends, that we ourselves carry a huge number of prints produced in past lives. Moreover, some prints, some are their instinctive motivations, actions we take from the time of lives in the bodies of animals. It is clear that we are born and die, are born and die, but our “I” brings this experience that we got back in the bodies of animals. Therefore, within us can be a huge menagerie. And if we put in some specific conditions of life, we begin a terror to yourself to discover and see that we awake animals. What we are not seasoned that we become angry, etc. etc. With horror for yourself. Why? Because we find ourselves in some conditions, and under these conditions the negative seeds germinate. On the contrary, if we find ourselves in other conditions that tend to wake up most of our bright side: patience, forgiveness, openness.

How Yoga teaches us, we, as a huge field, but the field is buried weed seeds and, for example, wheat seeds. And now it all depends only on what will be, for example, weather conditions or how we will handle this field. Either weed rise or ascend something useful. And yoga, maybe, with this beginning, that a man who has become the path of yoga, understand: “Yes, in me is still very serious flaws, but I aspire to something more than good light.” But this does not mean that if I seek, these defects have disappeared. No, they are as a seed in me somewhere and my present task is to create the conditions that these seeds have sprouted.

Here the same applies to all human beings. If you take it, by the way, such historical examples, somewhere in Africa, take a tribe of people who live in the jungle. This is usually a very good strong people. Very quiet, fun, musical. Living in harmony with the life of nature. Once again, very open-minded, nice people. So take these same people, and it recently began to happen with the increase of catastrophic, and move into the city ghetto. Those. it’s shack, it’s boring. It seems to be on one side civilization, they all have, and televisions and mobile phones, and like as well as electricity and everything in the world, but they are out of touch with life. They are here in this dirt, it’s in these conditions. And what do we see? These lovely people who were in the jungle very beautiful tribe begin to stray into some kind of criminal gangs, where the leaders of these thugs run the show. Those. we see a crime, and their intellectual level still falls short of some of its self-awareness. And pay attention to the question, under what conditions? The same people can be both good and bad.

Note that in our country, this juvenile delinquency in these districts, there they do not know where to go, do not know how to express themselves already. Why? Because they are in the very architecture of this terrible living in this crowded, this lack of freedom in this detachment from nature, from the natural habitat. But I assure you that if they are placed somewhere in more favorable conditions, they would not tend to be some negative aspects, but mostly positive side. Those. this is a very important tool, a very important tool. Do you live in some beautiful place, and you start something beautiful to appear, and if you get into some kind of adverse conditions, and in you all this begins to manifest. But, unfortunately, sometimes our karma does not allow us to live in those conditions, which would be most favorable for us. But we are already beginning to practice yoga, we realize that we must somehow compensate. And here with the yantra yoga it as it is a logical continuation. Or sometimes it is a separate yoga, so-called yoga visualization.

Yoga visualization.

Those. when we start to visualize or to the inner eye to see what we want to see. And sometimes we are starting to build these internal visual images, and they seemed to take out all that we see with our normal eyes. Those. it turns out that we are living in the conditions that we would not want to see, and we understand that willingly or not willingly to us these images continue to influence. Go on some smelly underpass there, narrow, low, you know, like the trail to hell, Cave hell misleading you. Or you have come into the elevator of a modern house, all the inscriptions, smelly as well. It seems that on this elevator to hell just to send people, sinners skilful. And willy-nilly, it makes an imprint on you and it should be somehow compensated, not to delve into the depths of your subconscious mind and imprinted there.

And then a person begins to use such practices, for example, if he wants to see what he wants to see, he begins the inner eye to see what he wants to see. And in this sense it is possible, of course, represent a beautiful landscape. You go to a smelly elevator and represent a beautiful landscape or anything else. But it is difficult enough these exercises. It is much easier to vent the contemplation of a yantra. Those. you go somewhere, but you do before the mind’s eye, in front of the eyes, for instance, very specific geometry of a yantra, and everything you are blocking the channel of perception is such a visual and non-verbal information oppressor. You do not see anything. More precisely eyes see, well, what would you will not fall, should also see the road, somewhere you come there on any button press, something else. But at the same time they do not see. They miss only the part that is responsible for the information they need, well, there is, for movement, for orientation in space. But the other part that unconsciously imprinted on the surface of your mind in the future begins to hurt you, you lock it so that the inner eye before his eyes have a picture of, say, of a yantra.

But in the future, or before such a way that would be very good at first the same yantra contemplate in favorable conditions, for example, select a piece of space, space, decorate themselves on all sides pots, if you do not, say, on a beautiful nature capabilities behold. And some time in peace, in silence, in favorable conditions, contemplate this or that yantra. And then, when you find yourself in adverse conditions, you remember about this yantra and it begins to block all external. So, how would you protect yourself from this negative impact, or rather you do not give your negative karma seeds bark under the influence here of these external visual images.


Yantra as a map of the world.

There are more sophisticated and subtle way to use the yantra. It is even more so global. This is when you start to create yantra as a world map. Those. there are yantra, which represent a projection of the entire universe. By the way, our friends Tantric Buddhists, as a rule, it is called a mandala. If you can ever see it (know it, pour out of colored sand). So they remained in the tradition of a very beautiful colored sand, a very beautiful sight. Essentially it’s the same Yantra Yoga. But the sense of a slightly different, how would you visualize the entire universe in miniature.

Those. Here you live in the city, everything around you seems inappropriate gaze. Kind of insulting glance, as if, perhaps, in ancient times, said. And you begin, however, create your own inner universe, drawing a particular chart and visualize that this – this part of the world, this is – this. You know how the country’s map. Or, let’s say you live in a very terrible living conditions, and this is the curse of our country, the largest in the territory, but for some reason the housing space is very very small. Probably payback for our any sins or bad our karma. So, you live in a fall crowded conditions, but sit down, take a leaf of paper and start to dream about what you will have a vacation home, for instance. You begin to paint, here I will have a swimming pool, where I will have a meditation room, where a helipad etc. etc. And how would you go, if you will, in these dreams. But what can we learn yoga? That is not just an escape from reality, it is, firstly, the establishment here of the inner world, which consciously or unconsciously will block your experience of the conditions in which you live.

Those. you live in, say, kamunalke, Khrushchev on the fifth floor, the door cardboard, wall paper, and even there only forty-seven people live in the remaining two rooms, ie haven. Yoga can be said perfect. But you begin, however, draw a plan for its future hacienda, villa, do not know what to call it. And, oddly enough, you first will be blocked by the negative factors surrounding you. Here you have, so to speak, the surface of your mind, where you can make prints. Outside the reality that you deserve karma. You have to understand that everything that you have, you have made yourself. In fact, nobody is to blame. This is your payment for any improper actions of the former.

But what to do with the negative karma? All you have to do is get the fruits, have nowhere to go. But you can stop this series. Because, if you’ll pick up right now negative again somewhere again make a negative and negativity get back, and you have to break this vicious chain. And you are the most important to external environmental factors are not etched on the surface of your mind in the form of unconscious memories. And you block them between the first and second. You visualize the artificial image: yantra, the device of your future home, when you get rich, anything – and everything. And this film will not pass through your inner eye.

Evil tongues say that when the Chinese took over Tibet in the fifties and a huge number of monks from monasteries posazhali in prison. Terms gloomy, even in the East, we must understand that everything is very, very grim, many of the monks, they did not see the prison. Because the prison is that the senses show. But if you see the inside of your picture that you want to see, then you’re in it and live. In fact, the same yantra yoga, but with his accent.

They could visualize a particular mandala. Mandala – it’s actually the same yantra, just a little on the other principles it is built. Exactly the same, but the imprint is Tibetan culture. That is until you no longer comes, you’re secure. And you thus break the vicious chain of its own negative karma. And, coming, say, from prison, a man was not angry. And he just did not see this prison. As in a dream, everything else is background. He lived in his own world. And he did not see her, he considers it a misunderstanding and, accordingly, such people are not recruited, well, you know that if a person in our country goes to prison, he is there usually comes already hardened criminal. Such a school, criminal subculture. Here we have now turn on that radio station is not, here is a folklore: “I came out of the area …” See this here atmosphere, of course, in the 30’s, 40’s, when all the repressed, there were all sitting. But, in fact, it is now starting a PR such crime. Friends, crime has a crime. As Zheglov said: “A thief should sit in jail.” Those. it is very clear. You know, when you personally encounter a crime in his animalistic snarl, then you absolutely do not want to hear about any of these things are absolutely prison. Those. As a rule, this flirting those who are not faced with this. And those who came across really understand that it must be destroyed as soon as possible. And the sooner, the better. These are the features.

So, you can get into this environment, and willy-nilly, you start to think like all these criminal authorities, all these maniacs, killers, this here is the whole layer of people. This is very dangerous, because you remember that with Who lead on and rack up. So that’s sometimes the same situation when you come in contact with that with which you do not need to be in touch. What if you, too, in a previous life was a bandit with a big road. Sami does not have time to blink an eye, as the seeds of your negative karma gang begin to sprout. After all, this is a very common situation. I got a man in bad company and, as they say on an inclined plane. We must remember that we still may be the seeds of our negative karma. Of course, long yoga classes, figuratively speaking, a yogi or yogini calcined those seeds on the fire of yoga. You know that if the grain of fry, it will not germinate? That’s just as well, and we also need to engage in all types of yoga, so even if we had been negative in some seeds of karma, so they do not sprout. But it will not soon be. And we must now protect themselves from negative karma. So here’s one way of squeezing out of consciousness – visualization.

Obviously, if some lasciviousness you on TV, you can step up and pull it out of the socket and all, and this conversation is over. But imagine the situation, here you are traveling in the subway, well, where do you turn away? Near you is some kind of drunk ugly mug and fumes you breathe. Well, here’s where to go? Crush, and you have to hurry. You would be happy to be on the next train to go, but that’s all, karma is squeezed and crushed it here in this ugly mug, showing what we can be, themselves were in a past life. In a past life we were just forgotten about it, and now reminds us, but, of course, as it is necessary to abstract from it, insure. And the method of inner contemplation yantra or mandala, well, a lot of things there. Who is particularly good this art visual memory. Well, or think really about what you will be home soon chic. Draw, here I will then, behold. Well, in general, as soon as you think about one thing, your mind off everything else. And we are at the end of the seminar a little bit, maybe even touch it.

Those. you can not think or contemplate simultaneously two images, you can have them very quickly, one or the other in turn. Either one or the other. But at the same time two heavy. Not exactly difficult, but impossible. Therefore, if you will direct your mind, and when we see the inner eye that’s the picture, visualize, we direct your consciousness on one thing, we do not automatically direct it to something else. And we have to choose the right things, which guide and so we will not see is not desired. Why? Because sometimes we are not able to alter unnecessary. Sometimes it is our bounden duty and we must do it, but sometimes it does not.



Question: “Drawing” house of your dreams “, too, the practice of yoga yantra will be?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, of course. Well, as it were, as the auxiliary practice. “

Question: “What if I yantra rubbings, but invest it in your soul?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here, that’s just it meant that it needs to be copying a, to put the soul.”

Question: “Can be used as an element of yoga yantra meditation together with a partner, using it as a yantra?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, that actually we touch on another of this same theme. In fact, that’s still such a great thing, that man is the image of a girl yantra. Just as the image of men and women for a yantra. It is very interesting. In fact, here it is not clear whether the image of interesting for us, because the girl, whether she has the image, because it is interesting. It is difficult to say what is primary and what is not. But this is true, there are such moments. “

Question: “Touch uses the principle of?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, the sense of touch is a separate yoga, Nyasa yoga.”

Question: “And the form has nothing to do?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Of course, it would seem reasonable that the shape and touch should correlate with each other, but if you think about it, it’s just a habit that one or another of touch we are associated with one or another form. And it is quite possible to imagine a person who felt his touch on one thing, I thought one thing, and then I saw something that turned out to be quite different. “

Associative relations.

So, then, it turns out that all the images that you and I perceive visually, they are some keys to our reactions. And then we add a little bit more challenging yoga theory dating back to the associative links the so-called. If, say, you have this or that period of life was associated somehow with this or that character or geometrical pattern. Well, just imagine the army and the army flag, coat of arms painted on the banner of this army. It is clear that every soldier who sees the coat of arms has a very specific emotions, which he received in battle. Those. He as always seen that if the banner on the fortress defeated, it is the feeling of battle, victory, etc. etc. There is a conditioned reflex, well, or in yoga is called a depth such regularity – is associative connection.

Those. if we take for a long time, say, a particular visual image, and thus feel certain emotions or are experiencing any state, involuntarily we begin to combine the image with a certain emotion. According to this principle, as you know, is built all sorts of logos, trademarks, which in modern commerce apply. Suffice it to develop in experimental buyer such an unambiguous response to a particular character in the future only need to show a symbol, so that the buyer was one or the other reaction. Those. businessmen and politicians for a long time been using this connection, moreover, it is believed that this is a whole science, how to choose the right company logo. Or how to represent a particular commodity. They do everything to protect the copyright symbol. For any competitor in its production did not draw the same sign.

Moreover, these unscrupulous dealers are trying to create a logo design is very similar to, say, a brand well-known companies. For example, do some electronics, and call it consonant with or very similar to the name or the way the well-known firm. The human mind, it is within the boundaries of any or some of the corridor is very easily mistaken for one image with another. But you have to understand that here, when you see a particular logo, and you experience one or the other association, it is not a law of nature, it is only the action of the previous experience and memory. Here you had a previous experience that buying this car brand, she always broke. And you already have somewhere in the subconscious mind has this bunch, if you see this sign, it means the car for a long time will not pass. Or, on the contrary, is very reliable, very high quality. On the one hand, it makes life easier, but on the other hand creates the basis for all kinds of speculation.

On this same path has gone from writing mankind. You know that there is such a letter a letter, there is a hieroglyphic, where one or the other character icon, he immediately figurative works and communicates the same information. Or in the computer, opening one or the other program note that very often, to do this or that operation of the program, there is a word, but there is little such kartinochka, the image of this. That was supposed to mean the same thing. But since man is made, the first thing he sees the image, and only then read the word, if the word is not the image itself.

Those. sometimes some of the words, they are no longer words, and they turn again in a holistic way such that the human eye and brain perceive a single entity, rather than reading the letters.

Now, this here is the relationship between the image and what the image represents, in most cases, associative, ie, it is a matter of habit or previous experience. And for some people it may be a reaction from other different reaction. Here’s my favorite example. During our soldier sees fascist cross, it is clear what his reaction to the war – the enemy stole. Conversely, if a German soldier sees his Nazi cross, he, on the contrary, rejoice that here they say, everything on your own. Conversely, if he sees a red star, he was terribly frightened. It is clear that this is not a law of nature, which causes certain sense of association with certain images. This question adscititious. But on the other hand, teaches us yantra yoga, there are some basic geometric shapes, for example, a triangle, circle, square, intersection, crossing more difficult. And the effect of these images have more depth. And it is no longer determined by the scope of a particular culture or social stratum. And it was somewhere once registered, if not at the genetic level, on some very much deep structures of our device. And it works.

Well, finally, as the Yantra Yoga says there is a combination of these images, which is even more deeply and fundamentally comes, as we have it with you said, to the contemplation of such like these archetypal forms of the universe. Those. our universe, its structure, it is characterized by a certain geometry, but we live in a three-dimensional space, so we somehow there relate angles to each other. The fact that we live in a three-dimensional space, it is some phase of creation of the universe. Accordingly, we see such figures. They are possible only in three dimensions, and can be in five would have been some of his.

So, in these cases, the relationship between the form and the response to it from the person even more profound. So here it should be very clearly understood that here it is possible to form an association itself in some cases. When you are this or that figure drawing and you are always doing the same action or are experiencing the same emotion. That in the future will just see this picture, do you like it pulls out of memory due to this association an emotional state in which you are. And this, of course, uses Yantra Yoga. And these connections can arrange themselves. Those. Now the question was, if we draw, for example, a drawing of your future home and still experience some positive emotions, then later, when we were bad, we begin to look at him, and we ignore, and we soon arrive in a good mood . By the way, say, Hitler during the war, who, incidentally, was an architect, painter, architect. Evil tongues say that he spent time in the contemplation of the future buildings cards almost comparable (in some years, certainly not at the end of the war and the beginning) with the time he spent on the discussion with the military ordinary of conquest plans. He seemed to be leaving the world of his dreams. It would be nice there and stayed. No, but he then went out and unleashed a war. But left to their contemplation.

Well, of course, Hitler had a very negative left a memory and a trace. Indeed, the architect did not take place. But he arose, this link between the contemplation of a miniature of the complex, which he wanted to build his blissful state of mind. It is artificial, but it works. That’s just as well you can to a certain extent to program certain images. In the future, it will start to work, certainly for you personally. It will be like your personal yantra. What it is also extremely helpful. But according to the theory of yoga, because in fact, if I give a very simplistic way of working with our fingerprints on the surface of our mind, it comes down to the fact that one can attain the state of Samadhi is very easy, if it vented itself from all negative. If you are on the surface of the mind will not be here these scars, prints from the negatives experienced in yoga it is believed that you will be very easy to focus on just one thought-form and to achieve the so-called state of Samadhi or the highest state of yoga.

But since we are behind a trail of our karmic actions, we would be happy not to see negativity, but as it is we mixed: positive and negative. Those. negative as a result of our previous negative actions. Therefore, our task in every way removed from his inner world negative. Those. Here we were in the life of some unpleasant events or some unpleasant impression, it is not passed in vain, it left an imprint within us. And the most disgusting in this print, he is inclined to generate a chain of events that reproduce themselves. Those. the fact that we got this film, said that we had a negative karma. If we did not have negative karma, contact would be no negatives would not have happened. And if we have negative karma, so we have something done before unseemly and are now paying the price for it. Therefore, to vent negative of itself and replace it with a positive, you can not just before you here so that’s not completely neutralize these negative imprints here.

And how to neutralize them? Well, including here such indirect subsidiary techniques when you feel that you are rushing negative, and you would like to deny it, do not let it grab you. And in this case, really works, as it were, as your personal yantra. Those. you feel that you have a bad mood that you are depressed, you are tired and it is clear that if you give it, you can next step is to do the wrong thing, and to continue this series of wrong actions that generate in the end the poor living conditions. But you say, remember that when you’re flipping through the album art some what some masters or are considering a work of art, then you forget about all your troubles. Just forget trouble clearly not going away. You about them at least for a moment forget, and that’s this pause as a saving vacation gives our mind the possibility kak-to redistribute forces gde-to relax gde-to even rest and then go back to solving problems kakih-to fully armed, full of energy .

That’s the strategy that we have met your film prepared, a guarantee that we will successfully overcome any negative and, as they say in yoga, to pay the defeat in victory. Therefore, people have different hobbies. Someone collects stamps, someone figures something out there, some models of which a car, well, a variety of classes. But the person has a stable relationship. If he does it, he at some time relaxing, resting. He seemed to take a little time out. And it is clear that this association is here, it is artificial, but on the action this time out a very positive influence.

That’s just as well against yantras that actually some yantra, that’s the fact that we are engaged in yogic practice and at the same time they visualize or meditate on them, ie, here we are, doing yogic practice, we are in very good condition, and the sight of this constantly yantra. But we are somewhere inside associate the image of this yantra with its good condition. And in the future, when kakie-to problems piled on us, we mind’s eye visualize the yantra and how to internally reproduce good condition that we had before when we just do yoga and it is in front of us stood. Accordingly, we, again, do not allow that on the surface of our mind, new prints of the negative. Those. fight or yogini yoga, it is a struggle for the purity. You know, in this world there is nothing pure, nothing is dirty, there are things relevant, is inappropriate things. Therefore, one might paraphrase – the relevance of perception. Those. sometimes, in certain circumstances and the mess it is very appropriate, but rather licked cleanliness in some circumstances – is totally inappropriate.

So, in any case, a yogi or yogini starts here completely get rid of these negative flared prints. Some simpler can be eliminated, some very seriously. Some deepest you can eliminate only if you deeply know the device of this world. There are issues of life and death, where a person only if Smer with them and calm down when he begins to understand how it all develops not only within a single lifetime, and within several lives in a row. Those. take, for example, death, well, here we turn on the TV, and every day someone dies, someone kills someone. It is really terrible situation. It would seem that we will never get rid of the negativity in your mind, because so much of violence, blood. But as soon as we begin to understand that in fact it is very difficult karmic action game. As soon as we begin to realize that the dying man does not die, but only passes into another body, he is born again. This allows us some more really horrible marks on the surface of our mind smooth.

And only in this way sooner or later in their lives completely eliminate this one all the negative inside and outside. But sometimes it is the other way around. Here as in the architecture. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is easier to build a beautiful building that is positively influenced by their visual images on contemplating his people, and that’s to try to understand in some depth for your device.

Again, in a religious environment, note, in many religions temple atmosphere, she had perfected over the centuries. For example, in Western Europe it is some kind of sculpture there is, for example, such an invention was as stained-glass windows (such painted glass). And when the light shines through them, the picture is absolutely fantastic. Those. for the usual medieval peasant, which is very difficult to understand the philosophy of the same religion, it was much easier to get in and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Temple and raise it from this bestial state, at least one step up. Bestial – ordinary, everyday conditions.

That’s just as well, and we should make every effort to try to eliminate the negative in their inner universe and in its external universe. We must do everything so that no dirt (well, once again, I put in quotation marks, the concept of dirt – is a relative term) to have not penetrated. Well, now, do you see any improper conduct, well, nothing to look at them. That we now have on television, they are, in my opinion, in the struggle for the audience too Leather climb out, no matter how disgusting for a report to show, so that the gate with a soul. Very easy everything is solved – you pull out the plug from the socket of the TV, and it turns off. But it is much more difficult with some more global scale around us.

And if in your power to make something beautiful … here comes the path. Scenic hiking trails. But then someone took a piece of paper and threw it, and that’s out of tune, eyes cut – remove it. And removing debris from the outside, how would you start to clean it inside. I understand that in Moscow is very difficult to say, there is some reason musorok nowhere. All the trash somewhere Delhi. Here you can walk all day with these all the empty cans, wrapper. Well, actually it’s a very simple explanation, just a very narrow-minded government, they decided that if there is trash, so there will be terrorists to hide bombs. And here so we decided to fight the terrorists. Just take all the trash on the cleaned. This is in the tradition of bungling, of course. What kind if there is no trash, no terrorist. Strange logic course. As a result, there willy-nilly, sometimes going around the city do not know where to throw a piece of paper ice cream. But on the other hand, if you have somewhere to put things in order, if you are outside doing something harmonious … Again, harmony is not so, as there is a neighbor appreciate or whatever in a fashion magazine is written and how it seems to you more beautiful . Here you have an inner sense of beauty. These are the things the way you think. And not as it is written in the book on Feng Shui, or in any fashion magazine, any design.

And there is a very interesting such feedback that doing something outside, you are as if some of his long-standing prints from negatives, too, was removed. A kind of such a bond that remove surface traces of the mind of our experienced negative memories hard, we can not get there. But doing something outside, as if we thus remove the inside. That’s the same thing applies to the yantra. When we, for example, draw a yantra, harmonious. Again, as it turns out we have. We thus how it draws within himself. We arise in such feelings, which affect certain of our internal any structures, and we facilitate that or other kind of energy and consciousness somehow function better within our body. Those. Now it’s all on the level of some such as primitive magic or something.

I remember at school, and there in the book, in my opinion, whether in history, there is about the ancient tribes spoke. That is what they are stupid, they are before the hunt to go on the ground and draw a mammoth let him throw the spear, in the hope that then they do this on a hunt mammoth kill to eat. And we can say: “Yes, silly.” You can laugh. Friends, just imagine the life of prehistoric man. There was not to fat. And there generation after generation would not have kept the art that would not work, that would not have been effective. Those. this we can now afford to philosophize on certain points. For ancient man, this is the main point – not to starve. And there most of the time he spent, it is spent not on philosophical questions to be or not to be, and then to get a piece of bread. Those. if it did not work, it would be, my friends, and it was not. And if it was, then it worked.

And of course, you can laugh about it primitivism. And you can see all, say, from the perspective of Yantra Yoga. Here it looks as though win back some ritual inside him so all is quiet ustakanivaetsya that in the future, when really this mammoth caught his arm, already this hand will not tremble. You know, just one javelin. On the first attempt is not nailed mammoth, then he nailed you. Those. it is also a means, as it is now said, such a psychological calming or something. Well, of course I do not want to make just this primitive factor, that there simply hand them stuffed. Everything is probably much more difficult. And I just do not want to deal with this right now is really fantastic things. Why? Because the “I” of each person, it is truly powerful. And sometimes there is a way to indirectly involve certain hidden powerful forces within us, which we did not even guess. Sometimes ancient tribes, put on the brink of extinction, oddly enough, to involve mechanisms such human supernormal abilities that are already in a more well-fed age they are atrophied as unnecessary. It is clear that if you put in a state of stress. And it is that either you are going to survive, or the tiger will eat you now. It’s in these moments the state of your concentration could reach such heights one-pointedness, and we know of yoga that if the concentration of the state comes to a certain extent, it is a direct path to our inner power, inherent in us.

Now imagine in these difficult conditions, the ancient people in contact here with these mechanisms, which we now do not even know. Which we can rediscover, in particular, doing yoga, but as if it will be the front door entrance to the palace. And as if they came from the back door. Therefore, it is clear that if you, again, reading all sorts of tales about all sorts of sorcerers, magicians, wizards out there who were drawing diagrams. That, of course, you can either laugh about it, well as over the tales, do not laugh, just read. Or how many stupid people begin to tremble, to fear or to flirt with it. Now divorced all witches as the dogs do not cut it. You just can not imagine how much. It would be okay sorcerers, and even so it is not clear who. It is only where the bucks to make. Those. scare the customer and then some tales to tell him and ask all to gilded handle. And with a third party, you can understand that because sometimes it’s just the echoes of such colossal science that here, perhaps even ancient people felt more clearly due to the fact that I had to do to survive every day.


Where did these yantra? How many of them? And how do they look? The Yantra painted?

Well, actually, where they came from? – We do not know friends with you. They came to us historically. Who drew their first opened? – History is silent about this for several reasons. One reason for that is simple in antiquity anything that does not come, thought: “And this is a higher power, the Absolute presented, sent, and we are only drawn, recorded, written down.” It was considered not modest role in the history of bulging at the cutting edge. For this reason, we do not even know where they came from, what was the background. The same applies to the number of them. Their number is huge. Those. it is measured not in tens. They look the same in very different ways. Then it may be a yantra, for example, painted on dry leaf of some trees there. This can be on the bark of a tree yantra be scratched. On the plaque at some painted. It can be scratched on the metal plate. It can be made of iron, gold, silver. Well, there are examples in history. Sometimes painted on the dice. Sometimes they are drawing on some rocks. Well, in general, the materials on which they have done a very large number of yantra. Moreover there is an indication that’s better than some of the yantra to draw on these materials. Some yantra draw on other materials.

The Yantra painted? Again, it could be anything. It could be a firebrand from the fire, ember. Or some other mineral that can be drawn. Sometimes she has to scratch, you know, like a modern engraver does exactly as its scratch out on the surface. Sometimes it could be, that know how to Tantric Buddhism, it can be emptied out of the sand. Those. take a geometric shape and spill out of the sand or grain. In fact, that if so from a theoretical point of view, in any important yantra – the image, and the image you can make out anything. And here, by the way, too, including in Tibet practiced, for example, yantra made of bread. Those. pechenyushki such small baked, delicious, but according to a certain size, the canons. Those. it was not just a cookie, and it was a magical instrument of self-knowledge. The main thing – it is a form. Those. a visual image of the archetype, much of what you do it is, in general, of course, such as a secondary thing, but a small but there. Still extant in the ancient treatises indicate that certain yantra is better to do one of those or other materials. What if these alleged yantra work better.

Well, actually, you know what, at first, at a different way of life, if you are a wandering monk, or are you a wandering yogi or yogini, carry with them all the paint, canvas, pieces of iron, to etch the yantra, it made no sense. So you could actually stay on the river bank of sand and pour the desired yantra for practice. In practice, in practice, then we blew it and went on. On the contrary, if you are somewhere in the atmosphere of a temple, then maybe it made sense to do it in stone, carved in stone image. Here we have a place with such associative links that would help people to better practitioner to focus on the form. And the material in certain cases, help to do it.

Draw yantra would most improvised means. Could his own blood draw. Paints were no finger pierced with a needle and everything, I scribbled something there and satisfied. Again, this is usually wandering yoga and yogini who bring nothing dragged. Though here again, other preserved tracts where given a very complicated recipes, bordering alchemical recipes, create this or that paint of a yantra. “There needs to be present is a plant that, lo, the fifth, the tenth.” Reads, my friends, as an alchemical treatise of one to one. These ingredients could be a huge amount.

But how to treat this? Of course, this heritage, which requires study, analysis. Of course, maybe there were such hidden vspomogayuschie factors facilitating the practice, but in the long run anyway. Important in Yantra Yoga – is a way. With that where the image should be? This way, my friends, to be inside you, before your mind’s eye. How do you achieve that he was there? This is up to you. Indeed, if you take two weeks to get this unusual paint and then on some of the bones of the animal to paint paint, ie you have spent so much energy on the production of all the necessary ingredients, you willy-nilly and then focus on what you drew. You have spent so much effort. But this, of course, such as a joke explanation. But why not. Sometimes we’re just not serious about their inner mental visual field. And you want to, say, a wizard to sit and scratch out a difficult two months yantra that it imprinted in front of our inner eye. And the fact that it is necessary to scratch out her two months, not because of it depends on something, but only to ensure that you remember it and you have it imprinted. But you see, this we can speak only knowing axiomatic theory or yoga.

There is also another indication of when it is best to make certain yantra. At what time of the year. At what time of the day or night. Those. when you read such literature, it created a very ambiguous impression. On the one hand you feel that this is really some, apparently valuable advice, but all the other very smacks of any such quack, magical ways. “Take litter bat at midnight to add anything to stir …” That is, Now as we read in these fairy-tale books. “Or some find flower, squeeze the juice …” In general, once it’s mysterious, even frightening somewhere.

But it is not necessary to be surprised, because, again, remained primarily the part of Yantra Yoga, which was practical. And it is from generation to generation was passed, in general, in an environment of people quite far from yoga. It seems to work, work, and they are afraid of change. From generation to generation, passed the recipe for how to make this or that yantra and how to meditate on it, and why it works, where it came from, no one in this business was not interested.

That’s why now in this science concerning yantra yoga, by the way, like a mantra yoga. The mantra and yantra in this respect they are the same. There’s a lot of obscurantism, in the bad sense of the word. Those. someone from the misunderstanding begins something of their own to come up with someone is something misunderstood what was delivered. In the books, and now published a book, in the same India began to be published book, which shows the yantra, mantra, a great number of errors allowed. Sometimes yantra can upside down to draw. Modern publisher to publish faster and faster to get the coin, in general, and everyone is happy. Sometimes it takes some ancient original, where it jammed or that line, draw, new, already without these lines, give a copy of the old one.

Here, unfortunately, the fact that yoga disappears, it turns out that serious people to Yantra Yoga is not particularly seriously. Too much around this theme, you know, imagine it’s the mental level, such as the Roma ours, something that’s at the level of some kind of sorcery, witchcraft, but one that repels rather than forcing them to be interested. That note gypsies go, “Oh, let’s you guess what the family, the fifth, the tenth.” And you somewhere intuitively feel that they want only one thing – money, the more they do not want anything. Try here in such a way to direct shadow of the fence in order to get their money. But again, note, people tend to shy away from them. That’s just as well, unfortunately, it happened in India with a large number of ancient knowledge, particularly concerning and Yantra Yoga. What are some adepts who, in general, anything, any remains preserved rather cause sometimes disgust than the desire to learn from them. But with this there is a certain, of course, difficult.


You and I do not see the outside world, in the sense in which it is, and we come to know only for the copy that we have formed in our mind.

So, we go to the third part of our seminar. A little theory, such a serious theory, practice and then we will. So serious theory is that according to the teachings of yoga, all, whatever we see and all that we have our senses does not bring with you. Let’s say my eyes see anything. So, according to the teachings of yoga that’s the information about what my eyes see, passed in my mind, and it is an exact replica of what my eyes saw in my mind. I Ie, let’s contemplate this or that yantra, my eyes see it. The eyes may have transmitted pulses there, they go to my mind. My mind filters this information: to pass it in depth or miss. And if you miss, then in my mind it creates an exact copy of an object that is visible to the eye. Those. I see the yantra outside, but really I do not see it, I have an exact copy of the yantra is formed in my mind, it is called Buddhi, this part of our mind. And then the third part of our mind, which is called Chitta, begins to look at the exact copy.

It turns out that we have not seen the outside world, in the sense in which it is, and we know Him only for the copy that we have formed in our mind. It follows that there is absolutely no difference whether he sees the real object, or it renders it to mind for a person level. And in the first and in the second case we see only the copy that occurs inside our mind. But our mind, which is formed by a replica of this, in ancient tests it is sometimes allegorically described as a lake, on which the running waves. And if you run a shuttle, it is equivalent to the inside of his mind, we saw some one object. For instance, my eyes have seen the yantra, passed my mind, on the surface of the mind has gone a certain color wave. And to my mind, it is equivalent to or an exact copy of what I see on the outside, ie, this yantra. Wave This is sometimes called Vrittis.

Thus, this creates an exact copy on the surface of my mind. It turns out that I perceive the world is not the one who is the real and only that part of it that I as that’s just such waves on the surface of the mind or thoughts on the mind surface, inside my brain, well, not the brain, my mind. The brain is not being, meaning the mind. The brain – it’s just the physical part of our mind, teaches yoga, but there is still a hidden part. But on the other hand, each this wave that runs along the surface of my mind, it is the name of the object, which in my mind.

Thus, as the ancient Yoga teaches us a very difficult time understanding this section of the inseparability of name and form. Those. each name is a form, each form has a name. In Mantra Yoga is the name of an object is called a mantra. And it is believed that each object has a kind of mantra or the vibration, which is later converted into words, the names of the object. So we object to somehow call it, we are talking – a circle. We recite some vibration, we lips flies. According to the teachings of yoga mantra, this vibration – mug, well, that if you put there the sensor and recorded as the air varies, ie, some have vibration arose. So this vibration – circle – was generated by the more subtle vibration, that is even more subtle and that in turn has quite the finest vibration. But the very first vibration, which then led to the fact that the lip flied word mug, this is the vibration on the surface of the mind, which is just to create an exact copy of the mug.

This is a very interesting, again, very difficult to understand and hard to explained by yoga section when name and form are inseparable. Those. reproducing name – Mug – I immediately reproduce its form in his mind. Or, on the contrary, perceiving shape – a circle – I immediately reproduce her name. And then here’s this vibration form name, which, in fact, is not breaking, then it passes all of my patterns, distorted, transformed, transformed, transformed and we get the word. In Russian – a mug; English – a “cup”. At the other language in some other way. The last part of the vibration, it has been transformed and distorted with the passage of time. But part of the original vibration, the so-called real name of things.

And it is believed that if you know the true name of things, you can fully manage this thing. That’s what you do not have the magic? Especially you know, in the Scandinavian countries, where the Finns, etc. Here they have this theme was a favorite at the time. Again, the Kabbalah, of course. But in fact it’s everywhere. In fact, we do not have the same two realities. Therefore, any little bit imputed system, sooner or later it comes to a rediscovery of the same law of the universe.

So, well, I am not going to touch the mantra yoga, we have seminars on yoga, mantra go separately, otherwise all messed up right now. But it turns out very interesting thing that contemplating this or that object, you are, in fact, contemplate a copy of it in his mind. Similarly, just visualizing this or that object, you are exactly as you see it in your mind. And there is no difference, my friends, do you visualize it, or it was real. So due to this effect, just as possible and to protect themselves from the bad impressions that come to you (well, now it’s real any effect, and you get it and blocked by visualizing something else). Go on a dirty smelly transition and inner eye remember you at the Sea lay on the beach, tanning in the sun and you would as well. Those. and some images will begin to beat, displace others. And thus you will be able to protect themselves.

But it is interesting the next thing, so there is no difference between the name and form, then it comes to the conclusion that each Yantra has its own mantra and each mantra has a yantra. Therefore, the mantra of yoga science, in theory, should be fully equivalent Yantra Yoga. But I want to immediately disappoint many. To date, it did not survive the unique connection between the yantras and mantras, such that it’s yantra, mantra here it is. But it is certainly somewhere there. So saying this or that mantra is considered in yoga, you play a particular yantra, yantra and this kind of blocks the negative effects, unnecessary. Here the toolkit mantra-yantra, it is as if in a pair. And sometimes it is easier to chant, and sometimes it is easier to contemplate the yantra. But, as you know, the biggest effect is that you and the mantra and yantra simultaneously apply. Here is a very interesting theory. But at the Open University of Yoga theory I can still 20 hours to present, and the end of the edge is not her, it would be good in any way to learn how to apply it in life. Now we are going to do the practice, but before we have the practice you do, I’ll explain how to do it.



Q: “I understand the true mantra is, or rather we do not know. We know – circle, all secondary mantra or yantra. And our task is to approach this true mantra? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I have voiced the question to be heard by all. So, where do you find these true mantra and yantra these true? Of course, it seems that somewhere they are hidden, are lost, they should look for. But you have to understand that what I have just explained – the action of the mantra and yantra – this is just one part, one face, necessary for practice. From the point of view of the theory, it is even more complicated theory to explain, I just did not touch her. This, in the future, if there is such a desire, it will be possible to study the true sound … “

Question: “There are mixed almost all yoga, to get to this truth?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Absolutely right. There is no separate certain types of yoga, yoga is all one, but we are coming from different directions. “

Practice 1.

Gayatri Yantra.

And we will begin to practice. For this option, we will take yantra, which was published in his book “Tantra Mahanirvana” John Woodroffe. In the preface he wrote that she had come to him. It was made of silver. He bought it somewhere in India. It is quite old. The book, which was first published in Europe depicting this yantra, if I am not mistaken, the fourteenth year. Those. it is not a modern fabrication.

And let us immediately define, as you know, is not sophisticated or yogi yogi is very difficult to determine where the upper hand here, where is the bottom, where is the left, which is right. But here you see a triangle, and to determine how to place this yantra – the top of the triangle should be facing down.

What do you see? You see the square, made of three lines. Each side of the square you see a kind of four such protrusions. Inside the square you see two circles, then you see here are complex figures – a lotus petals. Imagine that it is a lotus of eight petals with him. Then you see two more circles. Then you see three such oval, another circle and a triangle inside. In addition, you can see a large number of different kinds of icons – the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, where some syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet. Well, in the center – the inscription as Woodroffe’s claims, rather than as claims, it says: “Sri Sri grant us success.” It was believed, and believed that this Gayatri yantra.

Well, here and now remember why we started our workshop, now imagine that you have a bird’s eye look at the building and see a picture. And try to imagine a three-dimensional figure, which could look like in the top of the projection, like this yantra. This binding to the architecture.

And now the next. Every yantra can contemplate from the center outwards, and can be on the edge to the center. Depending on what state is your mind, you can first or the whole thing to embrace, and then proceed to detail, and can, on the contrary, to consider the details, and then grab the whole picture.

Now, how to communicate and relate to this yantra? Of course, the very first thing you will need to do during practice – it is quietly redrawn, and then not blinking eyes to look at it, close your eyes and see your mind’s eye the same picture. And so you have to repeat as long as the image in its full glory will not be present in front of your inner eye.



Question: “Draw in the same way or from the inside outward or from outside inward? Or, you can take some of the middle and move in different directions from her? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Since this is our initial workshop on Yantra Yoga, now it is for us absolutely does not matter, do so, as someone more convenient. There are people who are more comfortable in the middle, and then everything else. And someone on the contrary, all the shields first, and then begins to move from the edge to the center. Sometimes, on the contrary, from the center to the edge. “

Question: “In the center of the circle is not present here?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, perhaps it’s just a copy of this. You understand that this is not the original. This is a series that, when reprinting, scan and even reprinting. Although this copy was taken of me with the publication of the original. So I do not remember whether the thirteenth year of 1913, or fourteenth year. What it is called a first-hand. “

Question: “And should always be sure to point”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev “. Well, why would she not be there”

Question: “And bukovki need to draw?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev “bukovki do not.”

Question: “Is it possible to put the point?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, yes, of course.”

Q: “I understand that this here inside, it also Hrim, that this very large, which is framed by Sri Sri Gayatri, that is, it is also not necessary to draw?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, my friends, of course. I did not just delete them. Why? I just wish that you had the opportunity to really see how it looks more or less such a good yantra. Because now in the modern Internet a huge number of remakes. I apologize, especially in the West, now it has become fashionable. What a fool psychedelic overeat, then they have something with the head bad happens there, some images begin to flicker, they immediately publish the book immediately draw yantra as the ultimate truth. And begin to walk these pictures on the Internet, looking in one edition or the other edition. So I did not clean bukovki you to see that it happens. “

Question: “Here’s the square framing it in three lines. They belong to three groups of bodies? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here I am conscious, my friends, is not dealt with this interpretation. Our friends, particularly in India, are very fond of something like that to explain. There, for example, three lines – three of the world. Or is it a group of three bodies. This – is this, this – does this. Indeed, in some of the ancient treatises on such a manner to give explanations. But this is only one of many explanations. Those. you need to understand that the action and the sacred force, concluded in this tool is much more extensive than a simple listing here that this is only an analogy of something, it is an analogy of something. We can assume, of course, and so. “

Question: “What if, for example, I do not know Sanskrit, then I should be replaced by the corresponding Russian word”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This has been the mantra of yoga section. Here, as it were mixed with mantra yantra. But depending on what kind of mantra. There is a mantra of consciousness where everything is equal in what language you write them in Sanskrit or Russian. There is a mantra of energy, there are also all the same, you have them write a Latin or Devanagari, the main thing that kept phonetics. The same applies to the names of mantras. There is first of all, of course, phonetics. In general, even the whole Sanskrit – a language in the pursuit of the preservation of phonetics. A writing or even inside the Devanagari alphabet, which you select combinations of letters to convey this phonetic sound can be very different. Here we have, if you instead of one letter, write another – you put a bad mark at school. A medieval Sanskrit, you can write whatever you like. Why? Because all knowledge was originally transmitted orally, verbally, and only then were written alphabet. Therefore, if the sound is stored, and how you want, and write. Though Russian letters, even Latin. Well, we are not going to do it until it’s more out of yoga mantra. “

Question: “When a person writes to himself in his mind the picture there, too, sounds …”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “What do you mean, records images in the mind?”


Q: “Well, here I watch and try to remember it, and I sound design also together with this picture is?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, here again, it is the form name. On the surface of your mind, vritti are the name of the form and then, in the future, if you want something that you can somehow be called, then this is now the momentum of that name in the future will produce the sound that goes wrong in your lips . Although until it comes to our lips, it undergoes transformations mass caused by, inter alia, our Karma, etc. etc. It is very difficult to separate yoga mantra. “

Question: “That where the name should be the same? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “That’s about it, and it, that thought-form level, we are all talking at the same language. In yoga, there is even such a stage, as stated in ancient texts that if a person is doing yoga, reached this stage, he begins to understand the language of all people, animals, birds, in general, all those who somehow can talk. Why? Because the level of name and form of the mind, ie, the name and the content is not despicable at all. And languages arise much later under the influence of all the factors. But, again, this has more to mantra yoga. And we are now, let’s focus more on form than on the name. “

Question: “When I will then visualize the yantra, I have to remember all these Sanskrit letters here?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, my friends, I want to repeat once again, we do not pay now attention to Sanskrit. Bukovki can not write at all, just lines, circles, lotus petals, triangles, ovals draw. The letters do not write. “


Practice 2.

So, my friends, all painted. And now let us quietly practice. Figure that you are drawn – reserve, the original, from which rubbings – aside postpone. And now the best start first such exercise. Sit right – back, neck, head straighten. And here is the very first exercise. The tip of the tongue rises. We strive language, as if to swallow. We make a full breath and begin to sing the mantra “M”. And not blinking eyes looking at the yantra. Then, when we do a breath, close your eyes and see the mind’s eye yantra. On the exhale eyes look for inspiration close your eyes, mind’s eye look. Those. This image should be before my eyes. So, once again, raise the tongue up, sing the mantra “M”. On the exhale, we look at the yantra, visualize it, remember, as it were impregnated with her, and she impregnates us. On the inhale – close your eyes and see it in front of your inner eye. It is highly desirable that the back, neck and head are straight. Remember that all processes are along the spine in yoga. It is desirable that nothing hurt.



Question: “What if it seems that the circles inside, they begin to spin?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, there are very many good effects occur when rendering. That’s when we meditate on the yantra, the responses of the mind can be the most-sometimes unusual. So there is nothing in it is not so surprising that all sorts here such picture can sometimes emerge. “

That such practices, ie First falls somewhere to get used to the yantra, somewhere to get used to it, feel it, and then it easily in our mind’s eye pops up, here in the picture inner eye pops up. And sometimes it can emerge so strongly that completely block all of the visual information, which you can see just with the eyes. More precisely, if some kind of visual information will be up to you, only that which is absolutely necessary, what would you say, walked or sat, or to do anything. For this reason, the practice of Yantra Yoga leads here also to the ability – to turn off his vision. Those. When the yogi looks but does not see. And does it in his own will. Sometimes a person falls into such a state that it is in some of his thoughts about something thought, looking at something, but thoughts in a completely different part. Here it is more explicitly this way manifests itself in our desire. So we just switch to the inner contemplation of Sri yantra and all, do not see anything. Around pandemonium can any be there, and we just do not see it.

Question: “Could be that the food at the wheel, and yantra arose and the accident, whether it is dangerous?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, of course you are. In fact of the matter is that these practices here higher, they lull the mind and mobilize it. You can fall asleep, when your mind is not tense. Those. one thing flickers, flicker, flicker, and you lose vigilance and go to sleep. In the case of visualization yantra, as soon as you lose vigilance, yantra times and disappeared. And in order to maintain it, it is necessary to mobilize the activity of his mind. And it is absolutely not compatible with sleep. So, you know, as an experienced driver who can drive a car, and the corner of his eye still to watch here. Or, as a pilot, he’s got all these devices billion. That’s just as well, and here is the state achieved at this concentration and at one-pointedness. And if at the same time to add any vocal exercises, in particular, here we are with you singing the mantra “M”, and then the mantra “AOUM” that is even more reason to mobilize. And you can be in a state of trance, when the main part of your fully absorbed in contemplation, and the other part of you very quickly and efficiently perform the work you had to do. Why? Because it is not for the parasitic energy of thought and the person becomes very effective. So there is no danger. Well, really, unless of course the only person on the very large fatigue will not fall asleep, and he did not dream of yantra. It’s another conversation. But this is how it is necessary to commensurate, of course, if we do something to one, that requires from us an enormous concentration, we should not be engaged at the same time something else. Those. There is some reasonableness to be. “

Question: “The value of geometric shapes and the location?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, that is a very big secret so that no one knows. Why this location? Why such a figure? Why, for instance, a triangle within a circle, not a circle within a triangle, etc. etc. We do not know. It came to us, they say, inherited. That it worked for quite receding into the distance of centuries and thus proving its effectiveness. Otherwise, it would simply not survive. “

Question: “Is it possible to carry out some parallel with the purely technical point of view between the utterance of the mantra and visualizing the yantra, and the reading of prayers with visualization of icons?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, of course, of course, it is. Just, you know, I specifically did not mention the parallels between the icons and prayers, mantras and yantras, for the simple reason that yoga very rigidly distanced from religion. For the reason that many religions, so many points of view. In one religion it is considered necessary to contemplate the face of it, and repeat this prayer. The other says, “No, are you? This heresy is a dangerous deception. ” They begin to say that there have changed in this prayer the most important or the most important letter of the word, and not in the icon to finish some the most important symbol. Ie there is a war. The war between the numerous sects within religions. And it is no desire, first, to understand who it is right or wrong. Well, the man opened, well, well. But this does not mean that everyone else is wrong. Therefore, yoga, she does not consider this issue. But on the other hand, it is quite obvious thing is the same. What kind of image, a face, a kind of recitative is for the same bundle: Mantra – yantra. Well, religions should also be your tools. Because religion’m not always a bad thing. Religion is not always obscurantism, religion is not always what’s out there these negative sect. At the same religions is still a lot of things very good and, of course, there is a tool that’s the good grain to the people, they somehow awaken when building beautiful temples relevant. Moreover, if so, for example, we look at some religions where it is forbidden, for example, the image of people. What do we find there? We find here a very interesting form of Art, where line, they get an interesting pattern that you catch yourself thinking that this is not quite the inscription, and some geometric figure, an image, ie, ligature of this here, etc. etc. Of course, it is, in religions, it is used in many religions. “

Question: “In order to revitalize the yantra for themselves, we first have to draw it yourself?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Strictly speaking, of course, you can ask someone for you painted it. Or, say, if you want to use the Yantra, made of metal, ask someone who used it to you to cut metal. It also requires a certain skill. But still, the second part in Yantra Yoga, we have it natural, so to speak. How would soak his energy, his consciousness, his prana, that it was not just a sheet of paper, so it was not just a metal plate, which is a lot, but something with what we feel some personal connection. And then, when we continue to work, only then responds yantra. But if not, then we would not have a connection with the yantra. And if we draw, we are not free to come through. If not, you have to spend some extra effort. “

Question: “With regard to the invitation of the Deities or some qualities in the yantra, a separate process”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Sometimes in the ancient treatises that’s the process of revival yantra or prirodneniya, described as a fact that we welcome as would occur through a yantra or that deity. Here’s an analogy in the icons again, here we are talking just about icons. You know that the icons are, as they say, namolennye, and there are – no. Why ancient icons are considered so valuable? Because of all these past centuries many people beheld them, so permeated them with his energy, which inadvertently through them, apparently, established kakoy-to channel or kakaya-to kakie-to link in a higher sphere, kakie-to more subtle spiritual realms. It’s kind of like a window into something higher. And so on the face of the holy icon, he ceases to be just an image, it already acquires some quality, as if it were itself a particular saint. In Yantra Yoga is the same, but describes several so allegorically, that there is absolute, universal energy, consciousness, through the manifestation of the Absolute can be. But if we want this or that aspect of the Absolute manifested as preservation, protection, or, on the contrary, the destruction of something negative. So we would ask how to manifest the Absolute through here this geometric pattern. As if we invited him to come to her. But, again, it’s as you like. We remember that there are two systems of axioms, there are people who say: “Yes, I primarily rely on the Absolute.” There are other people who say, “Yes, I will rely on the Absolute, but as they say, God helps those who help themselves. First and foremost, I will rely on itself. ” Both are well respected approach. Those. how can you believe in a higher, if you do not believe in themselves, in their own strength, in their abilities? On the other hand, again, relying on higher education, we are giving him the opportunity to manifest through our lives and thus help, including us. In general, it is a question of terminology, how to call. It is sometimes said that yantra reflects our own “I”. Sometimes we, on the contrary, say that the Absolute is reflected in the yantra. This question of terminology, who is right and who is wrong. Both views are right, because, as the axiomatic yoga, the reality is more complex. “

Question: “Here are many different mantras, and I thought that the same is not the mantra of this yantra? Maybe each mantra has invited some aspect of this yantra? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I would not want to touch the yoga mantra in general now. Now we go into the jungle, and we do not have much time. But, in fact, any mantra – it is an invitation, in a sense. “

Q: “It turns out in Yantra Yoga we, again, use the system and the macrocosm and the microcosm?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev “. Yes”

Question: “With regard to quantity. You can train a lot of time to sit until you learn almost to automatism? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, it is, poemu not.”

Question: “What to do then with yantras?”


Question: “Yes, that’s a good question you ask. What to do then with yantras? Let’s say you are practiced by practiced, yantra revived, revived, and then what to do with it? Different is on this account behavioral strategies, one of them – to allow exit of yantra force. Typically, in the Eastern tradition says that if the yantra is no longer needed, it should be placed in the water of the sacred Ganges. Those. in no case did not break, do not throw away, and the best placed in the water of the sacred Ganges. Or drip into the place where we would like to see the aura or vibration from our previous practice spread.

Sometimes, a certain kind of yantra buried under the new building. For example, decided to build a house, we have decided that it is completely saturated with here that’s energy. You know, like that’s a ritual, even now it is preserved, stone laying, the first stone. Typically, builders are going, come big bellied chiefs, all helmets are white, take one brick, taking the trowel mortar and something to do there, supposedly the first stone of the future building. All while being photographed, clap, happy, and very long-standing roots of this tradition. How would we build the future of the building protects it strength. What then all the rest of the building, as it were impregnated with this first brick, and usually it any suggestions, charts painted in ancient times, etc. It’s a, you know, like magic or something.

Well, actually, you know, that there are forces rough, there are forces thin. Initially it was just a subtle force. You know, people get a new apartment, drank a hole in the floor, there yantra planted and closed. Everything new is also gaining strength supposedly apartment. Those. you understand that if you are a long time with some object of work, it’s impregnated with that vibration, that this aura. You know, like a magnet magnetizes all that with which it comes into contact, and also the person who does this or that practice, as if magnetized. No matter this yantra made of paper, metal, from whatever. Why dissolved in water is considered in India? With all this good vibration will spread to all the water and all the little creatures out there that splash, drink this water will be happy. Those. it is this ideology. While on the other hand, if you have even thrown in the trash, well, here, homeless people who live in the garbage, too, partake of these powerful vibrations.

Those. Of course, the question here is associative. You must have some inner right attitude to what needs to be done. The personal. You suddenly realize that’s the yantra would be good to drip under this oak tree, where I walk every night at bedtime. Or other some embodiments. So do not rush so thoughtlessly refer to those things through which you have practiced, they can become for you a very serious source of support. Or simply store, so keep it in your records, it may take several years, will have a bad mood, this pull out a yantra, look at it, think, “Oh, was at a seminar.” All and tune to this wave. “

Question: “How exactly is fundamentally reproduce the form or attitude is important as a child?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It is important to do with how a child. Precision mold, that’s what you get, and, thank God. Someone is a professional artist, tweet-tweet and painted. Someone like a child draws, how it happened. Here, my friends, here you understand the most important thing is, as one would say in yoga, inner bhava or inner attitude to the process in which you are involved. If it is present, as it were, this here is the internal harmony extends to the exterior, as if you did not draw it. “

Question: “That it can be said that the criterion that it liked? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Absolutely correct criterion – is you. This is your harmonious in relation to what you are doing. If there is a harmonious relationship, then everything is OK. “



So, we are here to experience this tremendous science Yantra Yoga. And I urge you not to neglect this tool in life. Those. we need to use all of yoga help us moments, in order to strengthen their practice. Those. yantra draw, hang it yourself, say, on the wall, before going to bed will come look at it, and willy-nilly, to tune in to this wave, do practice. Or draw it as a small amuletika, bracelets or some trinkets out there, you know, hang on keys. There is even a continuation of this very serious topic, it is the production of all kinds of amulets. If you look at it, how it is impregnated. You need to understand what is not working is that you have drawn, and not a leaf of paper, works hidden in you is itself a potential that you can not free up, but with this geometric figure, you find the way to your inner power, and that the internal power is released and as it permeates including this yantra.

You must first use common sense, but really there are things that are common sense, as in the yantra and mantra yoga not understand, there sverhlogika but sverhlogika never contradicts normal logic and common sense. At the same time, as a whole, any illogicality, obscurantism, will be there on Feng Shui next book to read, very, very critical, see that there is someone invented. Very, very critical, because there is a layer of people, they do not sleep, do not eat, let alone anything ponapridumat and publish a book. These scribblers, I would say, even. That’s where there is water on the seventh jelly, they are something somewhere heard, seen, time management, how to set a table there as it put a chair. As a result, the life of the poor yogi turns into a nightmare. It is only because someone does not sit still, and then he began to produce mythmaking. Always use common sense. All over – stand the onslaught of common sense and will become even stronger. All nonsense, all nonsense, all nonsense, all obscurantism – fall off the dirt. That is, I suggest you apply in Yantra Yoga, but at the same time not forget that still some aspects there are in Yantra Yoga, that our minds are not yet able to grasp the end. It can only be revealed through practice. Therefore, a matter of practice, will practice – will, will not practice – well, that and stay without it.

Question: “Speaking of common sense. Here we are calling you to be guided by common sense, and I recently from my colleagues here is an interesting opinion heard, that not all people, unfortunately, have common sense, ie, they possess them in varying degrees. And a man drew a parallel between common sense and rationality. And I am trying to explain to me that not all people are rational. And even on the contrary most people is not very rational. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Of course, we ourselves bear the fingerprints with time, life in the bodies of animals. We used to come to a greater extent as some desires, some instincts in our work. We just mindlessly … here works and effects of the crowd, all go and I go, everyone likes and I should like to. We are, if you take 100% of each of our steps, we have obtained that a significant part of it is, you know, from the time of unconscious behavior lives in animal bodies. We eat unconsciously we unconsciously accept the decision. Still, most of the man it is still common sense, both human and different from animals in that he is able to control his instincts and knows how to use his mind. Finally, there are glimpses of sverhlogiki. They are very similar to the sometimes illogical. Those. sverhlogichnost and illogic equally similar to the field of logic. But our evolutionary task, as we are taught yoga in the first place – to work out your mind on the full program. No way, never bought the illogic. Irrationality – it’s just a way to suffering, for future suffering. Evolutionary forces of life forms in the form of increased intelligence. Who dominates the planet Earth? People. Why? Because they have a developed mind. Why did they have developed? Because this is the direction of evolution. But, unfortunately, even in the area of life in human bodies, we still bear a lot of things out of habit of lives in the bodies of animals. So that surprising that many people still follow this habit. But the price paid for it is always harsh. In some circumstances, it works. That herd instinct is triggered. In some circumstances, it may lead a person to death, as in the case of any hustles and stuff, stuff. Our goal is still to climb, and finally the whole menagerie of himself to drive. Therefore, the fact that not all follow, that’s their problem. “

Question: “But can follow?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Not only can, but with yoga point of view, have to follow if you do not want suffering.”

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