Yantra Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Seminar. 2008.06.29

1 part of the seminar.


So, friends, we have today 29 June 2008. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are located in the cultural center of the “Awakening” in the city of Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. And that we have a seminar on “Yantra Yoga.” Interesting topic. All historical data on our sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

our seminar will as follows:

1) The first part, of course, will be devoted to the theory of this question. The theory is quite complicated, but I’ll try to explain it simply.

2) The second part – we will try to make some practical recommendations and is already out of the yoga exercises in order to in the future you can use it already in his personal practice.

3) Well, in the end, when we have time, it will probably have a discussion. Questions have any, we will discuss on what has been clear that it is not clear.



And now we start to consider this issue from the outset.

So, friends, we all have the ability to see, sight. You and I have eyes and we are able to perceive some objects or phenomena occurring around us. It is this ability of our – vision – it is considered to be the most informative. Somehow, everyone says that a lot of information in our lives, we get through the canal view. In fact, yoga disagrees. We are at least large flows of information we receive, and also through other senses. But, nevertheless, at the present stage of human development, the organ of sight is the dominant organ. And, indeed, all, all, all tied in first place in the vision.

So, there is a yoga, which largely uses our ability to see our ability to detect any objects, images. And it’s very powerful yoga. It actually has later turned into what became known as the science of how to do all sorts of charms to draw, such as a section of the iconography. For example, there are some images that in certain traditions are sacred images. In all of these things somewhere there are reflections of or otglasy of this great science, called Yantra Yoga.


The origin of the word “Yantra”.


Now a few words about the origin of the name – Yantra Yoga. One of the meanings of the word yantra, or rather the Sanskrit word yantra can have a sufficiently large number of values. One of them – is a tool, an auxiliary tool. We will use the word yantra in the narrower sense of the word – it is a kind of diagram or a drawing, built according to certain laws, which should meditate, to be behold. Those. in the narrower sense of the word. Well, there is still one meaning of the word and then at the end of the workshop you will understand why it has the same value. Sometimes the word yantra means our physical body. Here we have a body, and sometimes in a particular context, when you will read texts on yoga, will be referred to the word yantra, but will bear in mind your physical body.

So again, we have the organ of vision. We are able to perceive with the help of the body of objects, phenomena and objects. And there is a science called Yantra Yoga, which uses that our ability on the one hand and, on the other hand it gives such objects or diagrams for contemplation that dramatically accelerate our internal processes, processes of our self-knowledge. These diagrams, sometimes called force diagrams or charts Shakti and so on, although it is in general, can not be entirely clear. They are called yantra.


Number of yantras, extant.


Number of yantras or diagrams extant large enough. Here in particular, behind me is depicted on the wall of one of the most popular yantras come down to us from antiquity, the so-called Sri Yantra. We will certainly touch on today that kind of yantra and how to work with it. But in addition to this yantra has dozens, hundreds, thousands, no one knows how many other yantras. And some are shown on the opposite wall. If you look now at the opposite wall, there it is another example of the yantra. Some yantras are significantly different from those archetypes. They represent a some complex charts, which also inserted another inscription, any phrase in Sanskrit, some mantras and so on.


Well, finally, there is a subject very close to the subject of yoga yantra. This so-called theme of mandalas. This is largely a tool in Tantric Buddhism, that of the Tibetan sense – a mandala. It also has some graphics, with whom they work. And the principles of their construction and their use is partly overlap with the principles of construction and use Yantra Yoga. Still, some features, there are differences.




So we all have a vision. Someone sees well, someone sees the bad. Some people need glasses to see far away the object, someone quite magnificent sight. Immediately there is a perfectly natural logical assumption is that here the function of view, it occurs at all, and there is the principle of the appearance of the person in the eye. Imagine some infusoria shoe or any other living creature, is currently living somewhere in some pit, and he simply does not have the organ of vision. Here you can imagine that there is no body of this creature? Well, actually, if we close our eyes, we cease to see, and it seemed all ends here. Yoga in this regard provides several more complex interpretation of what we call impaired. Yoga says the following, that the principle of view, it is much more profound and fundamental than our bodies of view. That there is such a fundamental principle – the principle of view. And our bodies of view – it is just a brute matter some mechanism that can use this subtle vision. This is immediately followed by the conclusion that a person can not use your physical eyes, but see.

Well, actually, we can, each of us has an inner eye. If we, for example, is now imagine what’s going on in Red Square, we gde-to occur inside this picture, the one that we have seen kogda-libo that here it is the Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and so on. Those. times, and a picture emerged. And there was this picture, as you know, not with our physical eyes, but with the help of some inner vision.

At first glance, yes, indeed, it is an internal image, inner vision. Someone might say: “Well, it’s just a memory.” But then, to be remembered as something to be realized, we need here is this delicate component. Or let’s say when we dream. We are seeing things, phenomena themselves, and so on, but our physical eyes because not used. And yoga gives a more detailed account of this theory of the existence of the so-called subtle sense organs, subtle view. But the time of the coarse view – it is a question of evolution, when one or another living being exercised here is that the ability to view and make fine device that uses it.

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         Do you know what an analogy that radio waves have always been. In the sky, any thunderstorm when a bolt of lightning, always electromagnetic waves propagate. But the old man of them knew nothing and did not use them, but they were. And only then, with the invention of radio, he began to use this principle. That’s just as well, and the principle of integrated within every living being by the fact that it is a living creature.

The principle of laid in the deepest structures.


Well, finally, further, that said yogi on this? And what is the structure? A structure of this neither more nor less than the structure with the help of who created our universe.

Thus, according to the teachings of yoga when she started going on our universe, or deploy one of the various principles began to appear to others. The first principle – this was the principle reason. It really is such a big canvas on which the artist is drawing all his paintings.

Then on top of that principle of reason or the next principle, which has been created – the principle of SPACE was created. This is our usual three-dimensional space – a special case of a more versatile space. Just as our physical mind or the fact that we use – it’s just a special case of a more global reason, it is sometimes called the cosmic mind.

Further, according to the teachings of yoga was created, after the principle of SPACE, was created by the principle of the air, and then the principle of fire.

But it must be understood in the following way, which created more and more coarse and rough guidelines. And at the time of the creation of the principle of fire, it teaches yoga, and it appeared here, this is the principle of view – to see. Further details are very interesting, they are really from another section of yoga come to us that at the level of the human microcosm, the principle of fire, corresponding to the navel center. And there is the principle of vision. And this, in the future, when we will start with you have to practice, to work, you will understand why such an important focus of the practices Yantra yoga is paid to the navel center. Why? Because the navel center is directly linked to the deep principle of so-called thin or the very principle of what might be something visible. Well, our physical eyes or our ability to see, she had already appeared later. So here this has a bunch, which I encourage you to remember between the navel and center of our vision.

Well, later went on to create the universe follows the following principles, as long as it did not create the principle of land. And in this process of creation was completed.


The principle of the ability to see more profound than our eyes.


But, following the conclusion here that this one basic fundamental principle of the ability to see or ability to perceive form, it is more profound than our eyes, than the ability of our eyes to see something. Here Yoga gives us quite a wonderful bridge to all these secret practices of vision without eyes. Those. You can see perfectly without using his eyes. And if you like, directly taking advantage of the deep fundamental so by this property of our world, that is the principle of view, there are so-called fine vision.

I must say that some people have this ability from birth. Some people acquire this ability as a result of the yoga classes. And they do very different yoga exercises. And suddenly it turns out that they offer this capability. Someone is trying to targeted training to develop this ability is called to see without eyes. This is a very exciting, very interesting, but I’m just warning you, do not buy into superpowers. Even such a great prospect, how to see without eyes, it really attractive, mysterious and attractive at first glance, but trust me, even if you learn it, it will not make you happier. So I want to from the beginning all you had relationships here are all super-powers that now opens you and, thank God, will not open – no need to worry. Superpowers never had nobody do happy. This is the same sense organ, as well as the other, but only …


The range of perception of inner vision – universal.


What else follows from this conclusion? Our ability to physical sight, it is limited by the device of our eyes. You remember, we see only a narrow emission spectrum ranging from infrared, ultraviolet finishing. That is all that is outside this range, our eye does not see. But there are animals in which the range more widely than we do. For example, cats see in the dark well. Well, there are many such examples. The range of our perception of the eye is limited, but the range of perception of inner vision, it is universal. E. That’s as much as we do on the earth or in the universe in general, on Alpha Centauri has a wide variety of eye. Someone’s eyes, like dragonflies, these dots, mesh. Does anyone else have anything. It does not matter. But the ability of inner vision opens before us the horizon, the range of perceived forms. The same applies to color. Therefore, here is one such feature, and it will help to further the study of yoga.

Sometimes you’ll be in the ancient treatises read: “You have to see this or that center or a particular channel within a person, and it will look like on a certain color.” So, when talking about color, it’s so rough analogy to our physical color that just does not even make sense to intrude into the discussion. The reason I say this? I constantly hear. Two adept secret sciences argue with each other. One says: “This chakra should be yellow.” Another says: “No, this chakra should be a red speckled.” Yet someone else says something. E. It is talking about. When the inner eye you really comprehend the fine structures and see not with the eyes, but this inner perception, there is only an analogy, that the color of red, green, yellow. In fact, this broader range. Similarly, here are what can be ultraviolet or infrared color for the cats, we’re not aware. This is some kind of its name, his sense of perception of this. But somewhere it with something close can be. Therefore, here too special not get caught on such specifics.

Our eye is limited, our eye sees only a small gap. The inner principle of seeing the whole period, the entire spectrum. Why? Because it appeals to the very principle of view, to the fact that in general can be. As a result, all the pictures you experienced during meditation, when you something opened, was, and so on. I must say that everyone sane, which is engaged in yoga, it happens fast enough. We are in our Open Yoga University always warn people: I apologize for Slang, well, flooded you, well, you already see something over there, well, calm down and shut up quietly. Because the average person begins to ring, “I see, I discovered.” Do not behave this way. We have a very conservative approach, as in English, no matter what happens, never showed surprise.

Why such a reaction occur? And there it is for the simple reason that those colors that one sees the inner vision, they are an order of magnitude brighter, juicier, more beautiful, they are so attractive that even the most beautiful paint our physical world then appear dull. Also so that’s one of the characteristics of view.


The principle of permeates our bodies.


Well, at the end, the most important thing. That’s what this one basic principle or of the ability to see, it is so deeply entered our body structure. More precisely, if according to the teachings of yoga, it is the body group. According to the teachings of yoga, we have a gross physical body, there is a subtle body and there is a so-called causal subtle body. So, here is this principle see view, it permeates all these three bodies. And so the reaction we get when we see something with the eyes, the eyes of our ordinary material, it gives a very strong reaction to some our subtle body or causal body. And this reaction can be very different. We can, for example, to see a beautiful picture, landscape, and fall into a trance of pleasure from the beauty. We all will change, and will change to the extent that we have inside our bodies metabolism will change, in other words there is some chemical reactions go. Concluding that we psycho-emotional state in an instant change. Moreover, we will change the mode of our perception of the universe. We are shocked that opens the picture. Or on the contrary, we will see something horrible, repulsive, disgusting – the situation is different. Or on the contrary, some moments we will see, that will attract our eyes.

This is all kinds there are, you know, is now a very modern beautiful screensavers on computers. As long at the computer is not working, bat with, saver and there begin to happen all sorts of doomsday. And then you look at it, and it introduces you to some state. Similarly, when you look at the fire when the flame is played, you can not help really falls into some kind of trance state. When a person looks at the water, or when a person looks at the clouds, there actually is not any form. But if a long look, then falls into some kind of even an intermediate state, it is not a normal state.

And with that yoga works in Yantra Yoga directly. Why? Because this is a very serious key to such deep layers of our subconscious. And if we want to do just to get into these layers – we will not fall back. The very same body, the very body of our device, we will not let go. We are very cleverly done, and our body is also very cleverly done, there is always foolproof. Little did we have now reached into the owl subconscious and something they do not do yourself harm. So, that was not so easy to get into, the body has developed protective mechanisms that we have there is simply not allowed.

I had one student – a computer technician. He has a very good analogy was born that says: “That’s when the computer is running, any program is running, you can not delete it, nothing to do with it, because it works, it does not allow itself off and it is right that we there, where you do not have to got into the computer, and there is something messed up. ” E. Foolproof. But on the other hand, if something goes wrong and you have the computer hangs. Well I have to somehow withdraw it from this state.

With yoga point of view, we are all stuck. We are all with you stuck at the level of the material world. Yoga says that within us enormous potential latent abilities. Straight entire universe. And we stuck to the usual way of life. We go to work, to study. Life is gray, not interesting. And the prospect of live it just as well, and then you also will be buried. But this is just an illusion says yoga. This we do not just want to take advantage of the wealth, which we have laid down. We are stuck in this sense. But it’s not our fault, it’s just payback for evolution.

But on the other hand, it seems like not very hungry and suffering, for example, as a wild animal. But all the same, sooner or later, because it is necessary to move forward on, and had to overcome here, these here are safety issues that we are not allowed to correct the situation. E. To bring this hovering computer and make it work. And in order to get inside, you need the keys to these locks here that we are not allowed.

And most interesting is that the yantra, are precisely those keys if you have them will contemplate that the key to the castle to take shape through your ability, will introduce you to a border state, and so there will do everything that some layers preventing the penetration depth – open. And you get access to their abilities.

Therefore Yantra Yoga is considered, in general, is quite one of the most powerful science of yoga. Not so simple. It is already considered aerobatics, this is the highest squeak used Yantra in the practice of yoga, the practice of self-improvement. And depending on what the chart as it forms, how it should be, respectively, to meditate, contemplate it, work with it, you can get very different results, depending on the kind of goal you are pursuing. In this respect, the science of yoga, too, we left quite a large library of different kinds of yantras for different purposes for different needs.

As a form affect us.


Well, and now just a few words, in general, why are all the same kind of flourish or a line of some sort. Well, let’s say, that this yantra, it consists of a set of triangles. Well, the triangle and the triangle, Lord, what is this complex, then? Three lines, once painted. Well, as it can in a special way to somehow act on me, on my subconscious. Why not, say, some other figure? It is also very difficult section of yoga, very poorly preserved, poorly understood. Scraps of knowledge reached us as one or the other line, or some form or another is the so-called associative link. This is for those who have studied or is studying axiomatics of yoga, you remember, one of the most fundamental laws, it is the law of associative links, a product of maya, illusion. This is the cornerstone for the concept of yoga in general.

So, the fact is that these associative links, which also accumulated within us, they were formed in a long, long, first, years of evolution of our physical body, and secondly, many, many of our lives, our previous experience. You will recall that according to the teachings of yoga, we live more than one life, and are living their billions. E. Person dies, and then comes back the next body, then again the die body in the next and so on.

So, evolution proceeds in parallel. On the one hand, at the level of the material transferred some experience through our physical body – that is what is transferred through our genes, that we have inherited from our parents, and so on. This is one part of the experience and therefore some associative links, which, roughly speaking, already sewn into our physical body. Another part of the experience that we have brought together with the birth of a previous life. A previous life we too once lived and we have a very specific association with one way or another, with one or another by some figures and the response to them.

Well, as an example. That is not far from there is one building multistory very curious, there carriageway, the road to the left and right of footpaths and building is very high, and in Moscow, you know, land is very expensive, and builders, to as much as to take place as possible, they have made building, which is expanding in such a triangle. When you look at it, it seemed to be looming. The other building is also there, but there is the exact opposite, it is the opposite – away. So, if you walk down the street, unconsciously, you can even imagine will not give the report, the very first stop on what you think it will stop on the line, which differs from the vertical and horizontal. Why? Because any inclination – it is a potential danger here that this machine to you now as a fall and crush you and it’s so laid on a deep level that we did not even think. We just feel a certain mental reaction to this form. And this is only a rough component, this is just one of the toughest parts. Indeed, if there is something inclined, and still know, too interesting, Leaning Tower, all falls, falls, and does not fall, we here in the country also has some tower, also tilted. There is a slope that we perceive, and he did not cause us much fear, but there is a critical slope, after which with the greatest force the reaction manifests itself.

That’s what led me to this example? Not for you to prove how the yantra. Yantra operates fifty thousand times more difficult than this one is my example. But in order for you to understand that some unconscious reactions arise from a completely simple geometry. It does not matter what kind of geometry. Landscape Is this, or is the picture to which you look drawn. Either it is an abstract kind of painting, it does not matter. In the instant that’s triggered the mechanism of recognition of images within us. In an instant association is involved, the instantaneous reaction to this, and we have one or another condition of the mind.

So here there are some creative professions like sculptors, painters, designers are now well. After all, in fact it is a great gift or talent to create something that would cause a response in the viewer. At first glance, it can be there to teach a person to two to three examples of how to draw a picture or something, behold, fifth, tenth. But you can not get that response from the viewer. At the same time, there are works of art, looking at that, people become kinder, better, cleaner. Or, on the contrary, they appear some very powerful brand experiences. And it is a gift from God already. But any sculpture, any work, it is because if it is abstract, as was done in ancient times, yogis, they recovered some basic lines that affect us. And so, to draw a complicated picture, to a certain extent left to dry residue, which can be quickly reproduced.

Therefore, strictly speaking, yantra, they are everywhere. Yantra in sculpture. Go to the Pushkin Museum and see fine works. They are painting. They are open to you in the lap of nature. They open in the mountains, in the desert, anywhere. But there, among many, many lines there are baselines that, indeed, the key to the lock, hop, and make you a particular reaction.

Clearly, what to write, so it is very difficult to reproduce. And for some very specific practices should be able to play it all quickly. This is all reproduced in this operation. So here is the chart were given mysterious, yantra or mandala else is the same, which reached approximately the same result, but only with a minimum number of painted figures.

How, how, why a yantra is a particular response, we will not know. This does not even know the people who are very deeply studying yoga. It really is the legacy of the gigantic civilization that left behind yoga. We do not know the principles of why this or that yantra is a particular response. Because we do not know the basic principles of the structure of our body. They were known in ancient times, we do not know. But on the other hand, I will tell you honestly, and, thank God, we do not know. If you knew the first thing that would have occurred, it is now there is this here is science, how to draw all kinds of logos, all kinds of advertising, in order to sell the notoriously bad, cheap goods at a very great price man. E. Now this, unfortunately, is mired our civilization, and many manufacturers, for example, of certain products or services, they are now less concerned about the quality of products, and to a greater degree of care and public relations, on promotion of beautiful package. On these points, which would be the buyer’s zombie and forced to buy it. And imagine if these dealers opened this greatest science of yantra yoga. Whatever orgy would begin? They used to do of course have all become the yantra in the form of logos, in the form of this, the fifth, tenth. Of course, the response to their activities would be a greater degree. Because ordinary people would have been caught. These people would have filled their pockets of money, and under the guise of a package to sell something else. E. This is really a crisis of our civilization. And I suspect that as long as we do not change here is the balance of power, this is the attitude to life, which is now the most important God – this is money that we do not get this knowledge in full, otherwise we ourselves destroy this knowledge .


Yantra Yoga – exotic enough private yoga.


That is why these yoga quite closed, friends. That is why they are sometimes called exotic even yogis. Their few places who teaches. Because there is always a risk that this knowledge gets into the hands of these unscrupulous people. After all, now goto any company and say, “Here it is possible to increase your sales tripled.” That is the moral of this bar most people have no inside, they do not care, he is deceiving people, not cheating, it is, of course, take advantage of it. And there is no set of rules that would restrict.

It is the same applies to science. A scientist’s like his invention will be applied. Made another gas chamber to burn people or do something quite miraculous that everything will live well. A scientist does not care about it. Therefore, in the world and there are, in any case, among the yogis talk about it, that there are certain laws that do not allow certain knowledge ahead of time to penetrate. To humanity itself is not destroyed. But on the other hand, even more so given that knowledge – is to stop the development of mankind. Because, well, of course, among the masses of villains, there are people for whom it is vitally important yantra yoga science. And that’s why, you know, being such a policy is the penumbra. All teachers who have this knowledge, they themselves keep here in this area of borderline between light and darkness. But the dark, in what sense? E. Between the public and fully closed. They are somewhere on the verge. They will be performing somewhere in the Red Square with speeches that my friends, now I have oschastlivlyu, now I’ll give you a yantra and all will be well. They will not do that. Because immediately take advantage of dealers from advertising, from show business. On the other hand, they will be somewhere always next. And at a time when people will need this knowledge, they will get it.

That’s why sometimes it is so important to attend all kinds of yoga such parties, all kinds of temples and so on and so forth. I mean in India and we are also in some places. Because only there you can get this knowledge. You did not read his books. More precisely if you read, it will be abstract knowledge. The risk is very big. Imagine if Hitler had the atom bomb, what would have ended the war? And nothing prevented him to do it. Imagine, if you now have any of our politicians, who instead of a head I do not know that now give them some super weapon or some way to indoctrinate. Where it leads? That’s why you need to understand what kind of innuendo in these sciences, in the same science as Yantra Yoga, it was, is and will all appear. Until such time as this is the basis of our civilization will not change as long as people are not all the moral way to change for the better, before we get nothing. So in order to open.

So, those of yantra, which we use, they are, in general, largely come down to us from antiquity. A large number of yantras came out called prayoga. This largely has such specific instructions. There, draw such a yantra, read such a mantra, do it so that’s it, then, and then, and get the result. But, you know, again, it’s all in the shade. And, say, for the average person there is no difference between here and the recommendations of such collections plots. Now it’s so full of devilry that’s divorced, that’s all these conspiracies, dream, etc., etc.. Where this here hodgepodge rushing. There are other authors simply sit scratching your head and come up with the next recipe. Vottakennuyu write a book, will publish, and people use these all Horoscopes, horoscopes, and other moments.

So, apparently, sometimes when we are faced with some yogic practices, it is not much different in shape from a low-grade literature. And very good. It does not stand out. It does not attract attention, it seems to be in the shade. But on the other hand, if you start practicing yoga, you will soon feel the need for some of these points here.

Each form has a name, and each name is a form.



Thus, according to the teachings of yoga, there is a basic connection, which on the one hand connects the name and form. This is a such a law, that each form has a name, and each name is a form. Well, in fact, those of you who have studied yoga axiomatic in our Open Yoga University, you will remember that in the end, it all comes down to those vritti thought forms on the surface of our mind, so the name and form, in fact, one and the same principle to the mind level. At the level of the mind principle there is no difference, there is a unified whole. And the name of the concept, and the concept of form there merges into a single whole.

This implies following a very interesting conclusion, that each have their own yantra mantra, yantra appropriate. That is, yantra, which reproduces and provides an action, provides a person a particular result. But at the same time, there is a corresponding action of this mantra, which, strictly speaking, lead to the same. So, you know, there is such a device – pliers (nail pull, you take it, that’s enough). So, there are two sides: the mantra and yantra. And when they are used together, the result is much better than in isolation you use a mantra or yantra than you use separately. That you should have to remember this moment.


Yantra Yoga – a method of non-verbal learning yoga.


Science itself yantra yoga, it belongs to the so-called non-verbal methods of learning yoga. I am sitting in front of you and say something, and you try to me to hear and understand what I’m telling you. And the learning process, in theory, should be verbal. Those. you hear the word, you have it with this association arose, some logic, the logic you have taken from these words, opened a certain pattern, and this method is verbal in front of you. The same thing happens when you read a book. You read the book, but in fact, you repeat the words that the author wanted to say. But in addition to these methods of training in yoga, there are so-called non-verbal ways of learning. Non-verbal ways of learning, where you comprehend or comes to you the knowledge of yoga in addition to words. Moreover, it is believed that you do not have an integrated and harmonious knowledge of yoga, if you draw exclusively from his words.

Here we train yoga teachers. From time to time people come to me who also want to take a course of yoga teachers, I am very happy, I really need people. But applicants tell me the following phrase: “You know, we do so much to know, so much to know, we this book read and the read and now and compared, and re-read in the original source, and from Sanskrit and English and has We are ready to write a book. E. Can be as a learning process for us to go a little faster? “I always have to these people, who certainly did a solid job, a little frustrating. Unfortunately, the yoga do not learn from books. This is just one information channel. An important, I do not argue, but it is not enough of one. It is necessary that you come to yoga, learning through other methods. It is primarily here these non-verbal methods of teaching. Through what? Through the vision. Are you contemplating yantra, even if you do not know what the subject of this yantra, nevertheless, that’s the way it affects you, that the flow of certain knowledge, some information, some of yoga is such a fact before you begin to reach.

Or another example, it is said, for example, in a particular treatise in ancient India that go walking on this path, and three days before reaching such a temple, well, I say for example, the different options. Let’s undress naked, come to the temple bare, and the look there, do this, do that. At first glance, the holy pilgrimage. Well, Lord, somewhere naked undress, even to walk. You can drive the train or at the worst by car, at the very least, there, on a camel or an elephant. But not walk, then I will go on foot in the modern age of civilization? Or what am I there has to undress? There is also cold and in general what is it? And there is where I should look? And modern man somehow a little disparagingly refer to these points and not fulfilling them. And then I hear: “The next pilgrimage to the holy places in a jeep. Today here for three hours, tomorrow, five hundred kilometers away in another holy place for another three hours, and then another flight, the transition to the third holy place, and so two weeks the whole of India in your pocket. ” Well, on the one hand, yes, indeed, such as the marked everywhere, everywhere like such as visited. But on the other hand, my friends, because it is necessary to soak worked, it is necessary to obtain this information as it was prescribed and ordered to walk, so walk on foot a little bit, not a jeep trips.

And so it would seem a trifle, making it easier, here at this a yoga and lost. Because nonverbal lost the flow of information, which teaches us. Said foot, then on foot, barefoot said means barefoot, it is said naked undress, then take off your clothes. Why? And we do not know how it operates. The channel information is, you have come to this temple, you see there is what some image of Gods, Goddesses, there is little if anything, ornament on the wall. You briefly looked at him, it takes three days, you sit down to meditate, and he was in front of your eyes. You do not know why, but it was so intended. This is a very fine science, you never know where it operates. Therefore, an attempt to formalize yoga, keep it in a little book, here’s to organize these tours to holy places. These lead to the fact that it is obtained profanity, rather than learning. The same is said you undress naked – undressed. Why? We have a tactile, say, the wind blows cold you, have you got some energy processes in another have to go, you’re somehow there pursing whole must, otherwise you are. As a result, the next day, a week, you have a different reaction. Who can keep track? How can I track? Nothing. In this well-known problem is, that how hard to transfer knowledge of yoga. Because it is here that a powerful nonverbal channel. So I always disappoint people who say that we already know everything. It is an illusion that you all know. Here let’s go through all poryadochku. Indeed, at the output of people totally different sensations. Another understanding of yoga, everything, everything, everything is different.

So, Yantra Yoga is just one of those that’s non-verbal learning channels. Again, just as there are all the sculptures in the temples, all the patterns, ornament on the walls, which there is depicted in various temples. This is the effect of the temple. And if he is, you know, not like a modern remake. Why? Because I told people that the Indians do not especially care about the preservation of the ancient. And, something it has failed once, tsementikom plaster, everything seems as good as new. I do not know, it’s all over India or not, but there is no such, that, according to the people who are there all the time, such a reverent attitude, rather than as we have. But we have even worse, we have the church some blow, and Th? then concrete Spill will be no different. And if you have a guarantee that something will not be broken elusive? After all, in the end, it’s not dogs do, it’s something prohibitively high. There each nail can depend so it will work or not. That this is a very serious complication of ancient knowledge, which partly accounts for blind copy, because I do not understand how to act. And once understood as the act, our task, as you remember, how we teach yoga, yoga and rediscover already set out in plain language to modern people, because, well, not everyone has the opportunity to make the pilgrimage there naked on kuda-nibud peaks of the Himalayas. Neither the physical condition, nor on financial, there is still not enough for some. Here in this very complexity of such well-known.


Action on human architecture in terms of Yantra Yoga.


Well, finally, another very interesting section concerning the yantras and mandalas. They are very different and perform a variety of functions. And here are some protective function. Most, very different. And this is very closely linked to the other a section of yoga, which I even now I am afraid to say, if I start out loud about it to say, here we are now stultification hairdryer shui has gone on the planet, in a row just all mowing, I am afraid that now will be a New yogic stultification of this knowledge. This is, incidentally, one of the most frustrating things for me. Who has not at some office’ll go, “Oh, we are all on Feng Shui.” No ear or snout, not understanding at all in anything, developed a set of some of the rules, that’s really out of the nose nakovyryat. And the whole world make for them to adjust. Only a horoscope in his time surpassed feng shui. But already now there is coming, hopefully soon, and Feng Shui. It really is a serious science of Feng Shui, but the only serious for those who knew her. And there you will not find, even if you are very much looking for. And when this money trying to make, you know it’s commerce. It is not always even, and sometimes I want to open your mouth on this subject. But, nevertheless, something you should know that there are still some very serious aspect of this that so many churches and many places of meditation in which sharply increases the achievement of results. Here they are also built on the principles of yantras and mandalas principles.

Well, here, I had one student, he lived his whole life in the bosom of nature, and then just made his life, he came to Moscow and settled in the Khrushchev, in the five-storey building, on some floor there. The walls of cardboard, a neighbor sneezed, you can tell whether it is healthy. And it is by nature very sensitive, well, long yoga class. And he somehow I shares. He told me such a thing, I do not know, this is very serious this topic. You know, I said I feel very clearly that if I’m in the apartment during the day – I’m weak. If I am the night – I’m strong. And he said: “I have a suspicion that the whole of our architecture, it is made so that the people here do not heal for a long time in the world. That is until you’re young and strong, you run a job. In the morning ran, I ran in the evening. At night, I have gained strength in the morning ran away again. And as soon as you came out of retirement or sick or she started to be lazy and stopped going to work. You’re sitting in the afternoon, sitting in his apartment – you worse and worse and the legs ache and tail falls off. ” E. As if it was such a pump that would be pumped out of your power. Well, really, it’s crowding the space. Well, it’s really hard to be in this. And he told me a hunch that in the age of Kali Yuga, where all processes Speeding up a specially made here these typical apartments, so long lived. Nothing, and everything worked, transparent.

The same situation for our buildings, where overcrowding results in life impact. It’s a teenage gangsterism. Why? Because blockheads, nowhere to go, boring, nothing to do. That means they nazhrutsya of a cocktail of alcohol and on an adventure. E. The architecture itself generates social phenomena. For example, the same phenomena with the same people in a village, if they lived in every yard and so on, they scattered – would never have been. Once their boring, in particular the geometry of their driven, hop, and the worst of them are gone. Turned out to be in the country – would be a great guy. Once in the city, I came to live here in the ghetto – any leader of the mafia.

Why do I bring this example? Observe, by the way, is very instructive such observations. E. Our modern civilization with all its defects and ulcers, it’s a product of misunderstanding in this geometry. And in ancient times to understand the geometry. When creating a particular temple or a house or a place where you will live, and so on, it is clear that if there is such a strong impact, why not send it, on the contrary, to improve some internal potentials.

So, this is how many temples were built on such a geometry that, if you come to it, there some more best of your condition flows are enhanced and negative, on the contrary, do not have to go. And this effect is really old temples. We visit the old churches that have not detonated and not reconstructed, there is a felt. In different ways, of course a lot more other factors. The same effect in the temples of India.

If you look at other times on the construction plan from the top, when you look at the architect’s building plan, how it will look in the future building, then often you see that this yantra with four inputs. You see here these things here. Well, today we even touch. There’s on the inside: the first floor, second floor, third floor. And when viewed from above, it turns out that’s just kind of a very complex picture. As if you were looking at the top three-dimensional image. So, too, it is a very serious thing that has something to do, including architecture. But, again, God forbid, tomorrow will begin a mansion on the ruble to build on this. We the people are wrong. Make a fool to pray to God – himself hurt his forehead. Just as with these astrologers, these shuistami hairdryer. So I am afraid that is not the matter and with the yantra yoga is the same nonsense.

But you must at the same time realize that the geometry of the device is where we are, it affects us. Oddly enough this there is an interesting explanation in terms of axiomatic yoga. And we touch it, when we consider the relationship between the yantra and our physical body. Contact this too. Evil tongues say that Hitler, all komarilnya Nazi Third Reich was very greedy for all sorts of esoteric. Well, again, it’s myths, legends, tales, but nevertheless, evil tongues say that the Wolf’s Lair was built on the basis of some kind of protective mandala, they slyamzili from Tibetan monks. What is supposedly the whole geometry was just such a guarding and indeed, a single bomb of the war did not fall on them. They say his first Germans blew up, then we blew up, then blew again to these pilgrims were not the holy places.

There is a very serious relationship. And we, as people learn yoga, our goal is included to help as many as possible to get rid of living beings from suffering, should not be neglected, including this powerful tool. Especially the word yantra itself, as you remember, and translated – tool.


Q: “And what is different from the yantra mandala?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is actually a very difficult question. There are different points of view on this topic. Some say that because, historically, that this science has remained single longer, say, within the Tantric Buddhism, well, or Tibetan Buddhism Lamaism. And there’s more they mandala. They are just that – a mandala. And in the tradition no longer preserved in India, to Nepal, to the mountains, there remained a tradition at the same time and yantras, mandalas and tradition. But as yantra, too, are different, some have yantra, which neither more nor less than the world charts. Ie. A map or a sketch of the Universe. Similarly, the mandala, the mandala has to represent a map of the world. In this sense – is equivalent. We equate yantra and mandala. But there is a yantra more narrowly focused, to more narrowly focused goals. At the same time, mandala, well, in general, there is a small difference, but I think it is more of the historical nature than fundamental. Because sources, including yoga, Tantra to sources, they both are mentioned. “


Q: “I heard somewhere that the mandala – a figure in a circle. What should be sure the circle. “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, actually there are several other philosophy or something out there as well as in the yantra, there are four points of the compass. E. It is quadrangular, in this sense. Once again, my friends, this subject is very difficult. I find it difficult to say anything, the more we draw an analogy between different cultures, there’s nothing I can. “


The relationship between the yantra and our physical body.


You and I have our physical body. One of the biggest jewels that only we have. At birth, we have got this body. Very hard to get a man’s body is considered. Very good a person must be karma. One has to live, millions, millions, billions of lives in the bodies of animals before getting a human body. Especially insulting me now to watch people who are so contemptuous of their bodies. The body should be in good shape, you should take care of it. And it is absolutely horrible, when I hear that people commit suicide and destroy the body. In some religions it is considered a sin. Some religions say that after death, oh you there will be torment. I do not know, maybe will be tortured. But the greatest emphasis that evinces yoga against suicide – this is nonsense. This is the ultimate stupidity, which only can be. No, I agree that sometimes the guerrillas, who are beginning to torment, in order not to betray his comrades, indeed, pokanchivaet suicide. But this is not even committed suicide. Because, who cares who killed him, he himself or was shot there, as long as he did not betray anyone. This is really the heroes of the people who were silent. This is one side.

The other side, when quite some funny, crazy reason people start to end suicide. Sometimes I hear, because of the great love someone committed suicide. Friends, remember, love never brings misery. Suffering brings your bad karma, which prevents this love. It faces his brow forehead and all, and that it starts here. When I hear that one of the great love committed suicide, I realized that this man is very selfish-subtle negative karma. He lived and died selfish, blame it on love and love.

When people commit suicide because of boredom. Well, it’s really scary – it is the causal body level. Yoga refers to this as the greatest folly. I had one student who on this occasion said: “Well, okay, you do not want to live – Give your body for experiments, let you on new vaccines give, at least something useful to do for mankind.”

So, our body is a one of the best values, which only has. Why? Not because it is valuable in itself, no. And because it allows us to obtain the necessary spiritual experience to realize itself and sooner or later reach such a level of existence, when you can already exist in principle without bodies. E. Yoga, well, it’s the highest sections of yoga, they say that with the passage of time a person has the ability to appear in the first place, to create a body. E. If it is necessary to the body, he, bang, it did. How? Do not ask me, I do not know, but in all texts is written all. But I trust. You see why I believe it? At first glance, the tale. Not because it is yoga. Here you open a math textbook. It is said that something, something, fifth, tenth, you proreshali first five goals and got the result. In the remaining nine tasks you do not have time, but you have known a feeling of trust and confidence is, that everything is correct, since it was all in a single. Moreover, you begin to further decide to further converge and no. That’s just as well and I can say that some things I did, and I matched one to one as the ancient texts. And, of course, I have faith and confidence in everything else. Firstly, because yoga does not lie. And, secondly, because it matched the former. E. Now that’s faith and trust. Although, really, sooner or later we will have everything with you all this again. Because yoga encourages us not to believe in the word, and check. But when it comes to this and, in the end, will I have the same body, or five, I do not know if I will be from this fun. I and one is fun, so do not even know. And so it will be up to five times more fun. One somehow try to feed here and represent the five bodies to feed. Well, it’s a joke.

So, there is the ability to create the body, and then there is the ability of our “I”, samoosoznavat itself without a body. What we need now is the body? The fact that our “I”, our higher ‘I’ itself is not aware of himself. It is not samootozhdestvlyaet themselves, it is so transcendent, so subtle, that we ourselves are not aware of. So we need some piece of cloth, which we somehow attach and said, here I am. This, some rough, the rougher the better. The rougher, the better I realize, though, you know that our body to our “I” has no relations. Our “I” uses the body. But our body allows sooner or later, from life to life, as it were, through the body to understand what is our higher ‘I’. And in that moment, when we understand what it is, how can we live with the body or without the body. We did receive the ability to generate any number of bodies. Here are all the wonderful ability: his hand cut off, and he raised it. In fairy tales, read, think, Lord, what is it. And I’m willing to believe that there may be some snake dragon, who were engaged in yoga, they might have it. Dragon, somewhere in the mountains because, I suppose, become skilled in yoga.

Our body, we need to self-discovery of our “I”. This is the mirror in which the “I” itself can see. Therefore, the body is a very important tool for us. And in this sense it is identical yantra. This is the tool with which we can discover their inner, deep, deep levels of self-knowledge. Therefore it is sometimes very curious kind of thing, hatha yoga, where we accept that, then another position in some schools of yoga called Yoga yantra. Well, it’s in terms of terminology confusion. And we can not understand, and here Yantra Yoga. Well, logically, it is clear that if I took any one posture, as if I painted a yantra and I started some processes to go alone, I took a different position – other processes. Just like if you draw a yantra – a result, the other – the other result. And in this sense, our body is also a yantra. Only if the yantra we can draw on a piece of bumazhechki, on the sand, anywhere, that is where we like to draw your body. Remember, Conan Doyle was the story of “Dancing Men”. We are all with you dancing men on yoga. This is one such party. Therefore, our body itself is a powerful yantra, for it reveals the potential of our “I” over-limit potential of our “I”.

Yantra – the body of the Deity.


But there is another aspect, except the magic at first glance, nothing comes to mind. There is a section in Yantra Yoga, which is used Yantra Yantra and translate the word has other terms and translate the body of the Deity. Here is a chart pattern that is translated as the body of the Deity. And according to these practices if you want to get a particular ability or supernormal, then you can give this power or that deity. But to make it apparent to you, you have to create his body. Or, roughly speaking, a house, through which the deity would appear. And here is absolutely stunning yoga section. But, you know, that all the explanations, they touched medieval India, t. E. With its own culture, with its some figurative expressions. But if you express in a different way what I have just said, that there are higher levels of the universe, the more subtle plans. And what if a person communicates with these fine plans, he draws out a huge amount of knowledge, a lot of energy, but we need to somehow connect, and when you connect to this higher, then it begins to emerge. And it is clear that in the medieval belief system, what can I say about some energy connections about some knowledge, everything is very simple. You took it and invited the Divine. E., The word Godhead, so they, in general, imply that you would like to connect to this higher.

And depending on how you want to connect to what level or what formation, there is Divinity, Divinity another third Deity. It is sometimes confusing to some beginners to learn yoga. They say: “What is yoga a religion? What do you do such and such a deity, another deity, the third deity? “No, my friends, this is just a fairy tale lie, yes in it a hint, good fellows a lesson. To better realized using the most acceptable in medieval India media terminology. To quickly realized in the form of some kind of allegory, as some kind of parable. However, to accurately realized. And so it is especially a man not yet versed in the highest levels of jnana yoga, there are levels where the principle of the cosmic mind. Or some other things are very abstract. It is much easier to say, here manifested Deity. Manifested and began to act.

So, this is science, which later received very widespread, oddly enough in religion, it is the most interesting. Once again, my friends, yoga and religion – two different things. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge. Religion – a religion a private matter of each person.

It turns out that if a known practice to do this or that yantra. And the well-known practice, again, I use the terminology of medieval India, to invite the Divine. Or do it in the form of a channel in a higher kakie-to sphere, normal geometric pattern ceases to be a regular geometric pattern, and turns into chto-to quite powerful, in chto-to is quite demanding to their reverence and respect as if it was a powerful thermonuclear engine. E. It can empty box of bananas under foot kick. Similarly, yantra, you can draw a yantra, here it is a yantra, a sacred figure, well, throw it, will lie somewhere or break and forget about it. But if, after some practice this sacred diagram or yantra that joined to something very, very high it ceases to be an empty box from under the bananas. A really becomes a very powerful fusion reactor that can provide all of its energy, which only pleases you, but as you know, the attitude to this should be appropriate. E. Very well need to relate to it.

The same situation occurs in the many religions of the so-called icons, images, there is even the notion that the icon namolennaya. There’s just an icon, but is an icon namolennaya. That is, if you pray this icon namolennye -. Will be one result, but if it is just there and then someone painted – will be a different result. Again, if it typeset, but someone so prayed to her that she had some kind of became an unusual, though it will be printed on toilet paper – it starts working.

And this thing people somehow do not understand. Everywhere I see, everywhere, anywhere now these saints, these drivers, wherever there is, only in the toilet there. But this, too, as something bad. Because if that character is working, it is not good here and so to communicate anywhere. And if you do not work, especially what to hang it where it is not necessary. Therefore, I immediately want you to have the right attitude to himself Yantra. As long as you exercise or books them somewhere you can see for yourself, or paint – it’s just a line. Beautiful, intricate, but this line. But if you’re using very specific draw or tear from the book, or I do not know where you take it, diagrams, for a long time start to work with it, it will turn to be just an image. It will be a very powerful tool, and to treat it is necessary to be suitable. And if for some reason you need to be after the time somehow stop this deal, you should likewise enable this power to get out of this diagram, and only then with the leaf to do anything if he’s you have drawn. That is, you should keep in mind from the outset that there is a piece of paper and then a piece of paper, there is something scratched, then something scratched, but the difference is quite different. There’s just an image, but here in this image is connected to all the forces of the universe.

So, here comes another kind of this analogy in respect of the body and yantra. Roughly speaking, this is the highest, to manifest, must be some kind of rough skin, some body, so that we can interact with it. Just like our “I” should be our body that we could talk to their peers. Therefore it is said in some texts that yantra – the body of the Deity. Once you have done the practice, as if the Deity dwelt there. Or if you do not like the term Deity, here’s the top layers of energy and some higher consciousness began rays, as if through a window, light from the higher planes through this image. Here is another aspect of Yantra Yoga.


Question: “What does it mean to give the power to go out after you finish communicating with yantra?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Firstly, my friends, do not worry, you are not threatened. E. You have not yet risen to such heights, to be able to make manifest consciousness and energy through this image. And as soon as these become the study points out there will certainly be, and an explanation of what to do next. You know, very interesting in some Tibetan practices in general in Tibet, people are practical. They sometimes made yantra, invited the Divine, take vottakenny nail again and pinned, so as not to run away. And making practice. It is sitting there, all, practice makes. Then the practice is over, pulled out a nail, well now all fly away. They solve these problems. In various different traditions. Occasionally, in some texts it is said that after you took it, put this yantra in the holy waters of the Ganges, and she’s drift away. What will become of her? Holy water with you bribes are smooth, not your problem. It concerns the way many of these things. Do not know what to do – in the water of the Ganges, all will be as it is necessary there. “


Question: “Is there any difference between the yantra, which he painted or finished?”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Of course, there is. Usually ready yantra painted by professional artist and has all of the lines clearly reconciled. If you for some particularly magical or special purposes such important yantra is required, which in particular material, say, rock crystal or gold plate. Of course, you yourself will not scratch, you do not have the skill to scratch engraving yantra, you refer to the master, which is all you do. And it will make it more beautiful, more professional. Therefore, the difference at this point only as it will look like. You draw somewhere with flaws. A professional artist will draw less flaws. But on the potential that you have drawn that the artist made – they are one and the same. What you buy yantra somewhere in the store, sometimes sell from time to time. Now all the Indians put on the conveyor. They bought this copper foil, a rolling mill and they have come to stamp it. Stamp, cut, punched, cut. In the flow set, well done indeed. Only some principles little break, but what a difference in FIG Western Sahib, he still does not understand anything. So, there is no difference. The difference appears only after you start working with this yantra. So you can buy the first available. You can repaint, you can cut out of the book. Well, the book is not good to spoil. We will not spoil the book. Or remove a photocopy or scan and then print on a color printer, why not? All the same work, if you work with it. This is approximately the same as the situation with the mantra. The mantra should be to awaken before it will start to work to its fullest. Similarly, a yantra, it is necessary to work a little bit before it starts. “


Question: “Do I understand correctly that all yantra were created in ancient times and now the new one did not come up?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here is a mystery to me not knowing. Because it is quite a closed issue. Well, let us think logically. There is a yoga master who is well versed in the axiomatics of yoga, which is well versed in jnana yoga, mantra yoga, generally around disassembled. He knows the principles according to which this or that yantra works. And now, suddenly, he sees that contemporary humanity there is any need to combat cockroaches. Well, I do not know, well, think of what you want. Or with genetically modified corn, bred everywhere, we must somehow stop this phenomenon. I’m just making this up on the fly right now, you got me so do not take seriously, and think it is really. And he knows what to do to get a particular effect. Therefore, it is based on their experience of his knowledge may seem, I think logically, to make such a yantra, sharpened by a specific problem. Just as a craftsman who repairs water. Here he has a set of keys. Following this, for this it. And this wrench here for this toilet. So he chooses, and if the desired key is not present, he or his orders, or somewhere takes such a thing, too. But since everything is more or less necessary keys already invented, so I think that especially nobody comes up. But on the other hand to exclude the possibility that, for example, in the eighteenth, nineteenth, maybe even in the twentieth century, some of the yoga teachers and gave some yantra, which may have not been observed, I do not rule. Another thing is how to use it wisely. “


Question: “Is there some difference between these yantras what draw many do, the computer came up with some set of triangles and they say that’s yantra.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is a modern scourge. Now we have every second of Guru Yoga. Well, you know, there is such an option, which is still tolerable for me, say, a man long practiced yoga, heavily involved in yoga and so it, I’m sorry, getting through that is really something to him there opened. He is remembered and then is drawn again. That may be the fact that it opened and have some connection with the higher, and there are some further benefits from the fact that he painted. And if he just sat there, I sat there thinking how to surprise humanity? To do this wrong? And come on, so that was unusual was to Ogogo.

By the way, one of these is the fact that today we have already mentioned Hitler. He at one time, when came to power, the smart people said to him: “You have to somehow stand out.” And then he made this one a symbol of National Socialism. Do you remember that red background, a white circle and a black swastika. Moreover, rotated counterclockwise, if I’m not mistaken. True, there is a smart esoteric said: “If he sent in a clockwise direction, it would be white and fluffy and would not have been Hitler.” It’s such a frontier theme that is always a manger, a kitchen garden for all kinds of insane people. They have their vision, they already own all these esoteric. It is always unpleasant to communicate with them because you never know whether a person has schizophrenia, the last stage, and it should be treated for a long time, then there really revelation.

So, from a formal point of view, because he created the image, and that image has become one of the most recognizable in the world. I at one time became interested in the memories of veterans, not our grandfathers, and the Germans, who fought on the side. Some of them were fanatical devotees there, when they saw the banner, they are for our homeland of Stalin, no less moved forward. Well, in fact, picked the right, immediately recognizable logo. By the way, on the same principle and all logos are trying to do something. And here we fought, fought, fought with the logo and nothing was ever done. “


Question: “And how to define what a mantra suited to a specific yantra?”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is also one of the most slippery in yoga. Why? Because somehow I took quite a specific mantra and decided to find a quite specific yantra appropriate. And already after the second ten yantras, I realized that there is also some confusion rushing. In one school say here this yantra with this mantra, in other schools say that’s the mantra of this yantra, and they do not like each other. Whether there are some common elements and to the yantra and to the yantra, and they are decorated in different ways. Whether something else, I do not know. But also such utter confusion rushing, it makes it difficult. “


Question: “What, then, yantra mantra work together very powerful?”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, usually as a practitioner? Know practices, because he is a man so straightforward: Guru said – go ahead. E. Guru said here, take yantra, mantra here, take and play. And practice, as a rule, never asks a question, and that there is published another book, and how it is taught at another school. Why? They said – do. The problems begin, as a rule, people who have called at your own risk and decide to do something to practice and can not choose whether to practice according to this text, whether this, or this. Here begins the problem already, and there are no problems within the schools of yoga. There in general, to be honest, so this is one of the distinguishing features of our Open Yoga University. Still, the best of everything I’m trying to keep the tradition of Western education. This is the spirit of the democracy, the spirit of respect for the opinion, and so on. Friends, in India there is a grim hazing in any yoga school. There, people just do not ask questions. Therefore there is here is: “In the tradition of our school take this yantra, take this mantra – forward. Oh, you’ve got questions? – So go to another school. ” You know how it is a dangerous thing. Because on the one hand, yes, it does not get lost knowledge. But on the other hand, it suppresses the sheer attempt first to understand, and it is still operating all. So if you really want some really serious topic and touch the mantra yantra, the first thing would be good to get in the practice of yoga teachers. As for us, we are going to practice, that we now have to the case will not come, and more in the early stages of yoga tend to this matter does not reach, it is then higher, well then it will be otherwise. “


Question: “Regarding the work of the yantra and consciousness. Then it turns out the author himself makes his an association, or somehow they work overall, as well as with the mantra? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “This is a complex subject, Mark you touched. You know, because we are all made on a single image as you remember, but mud all of us is different. We all had a different life before, different background and different dirt on us. A yantra – a tool that, roughly speaking, cleans the dirt. And so it may happen that there is a universal tool that cleans any dirt is universal yantra. And it can happen to me my personal dig dirt I need the wire but with such a flourish that I bear her. And then, sometimes, there is a human personal yantra. Some geometric or any drawings that he uniquely associated with a particular process occurring inside it. And this chistilka, brush. You know, before the cleaned bottles of milk. Before bottles were out of milk, now there are none. But before were bottles of milk they give up, but do not take dirty, they should be cleaned. And sell such brushes. And her with the brush again, again, again. Similarly, we all have different pollution, and we currently do different brushes to clean the dirt and it works. So there may well be.

This scourge is the most painful issue. There is a large stratum of people, they usually do not do yoga, but they have something opened. These sorts clairvoyant, clairaudient, yasnoznayuschie, contactees. That’s the danger that if they were sorcerers, witches, navorotchitsy, privorotchitsy – this bratvy now divorced a lot. They have a very dangerous type of disease. They do happen from time to time some insight, and the rest mass hallucinations time. They are here and so is all kink. They believe in it themselves, and they impose on others. In this respect, it is a very difficult moment. At what level of what we are experiencing, it is the truth? And at what level it is simply our delusion. In fact, all people who practice yoga, have to go through this cleansing.

We have a strong school of yoga, our people are beginning to practice yoga. You look through some time in one of something opened, another opened. Well, actually, some real experience. In what sense is the real experience? They really got the experience. Only a person does not know whether it was a real experience, whether it was pure hallucination. Or was it a mix of real-world experience with hallucination. And the third case, when a mixture of real-world experience with the hallucination – it is the typical level.

Therefore, usually, when they come to India to the gray-haired teacher, student and begins to talk: “Oh, I had a feeling I had a feeling.” As a rule, the teacher sits frostbitten and does not react. Because this is the first wave, which is really a great revelation it is utter nonsense. This cleansing, karmic cleansing differently. It is only then after the time a person has for himself begins to understand: Yeah, that’s what I did in my right opened, and here it is I really was cleaning, I took it as some kind of revelation. And he begins to get rid of it. This is the same situation and with personal, so to speak, yantras. E. Those some figures, drawings, which act purely human. Maybe they are intermediate. Here he will cleanse the dirt, and then he does not need to be this Nose Picker. “


Question: “The color of the yantra has any meaning?”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “We will touch on this topic. There is a hierarchy of priorities for action. The first priority – this form. This wide priority. Color it a secondary or even third-rate. In the first place – it is a form, and only then color. Accordingly yantra usually at their largest common colorless engraved on metal, on the plates. Much less is the palm-leaf manuscript or banana leaf, where the four basic colors are used. In medieval painting of a separate principality often there was a small number of canonical colors. Well, let’s say, two kinds of blue, red and even some, all. Why am I saying this? Now sometimes zealous pundits include your computer, and there they have 256 million shades of these colors. And so they begin to think, and what kind of shade yantra. Yes, even those colored pictures that have reached us, they were carried out, in general, of gross paints. What else pounded turmeric, ocher any pounded. This is a fairly narrow range of color. So when I hear that someone out there beating your head in hysterics, that here such color must be either a color, it’s a little more than modern than ancient.

Still, this aspect is. Because colors, they also have a response to the sensing. You yourself know everything, have warm colors, cool colors have. If you are a sniper and seeks out his next victim, for example, you are a sniper in the war, I do not know as of now, but before that, as a rule, the eyepiece was around the green, so as not to irritate the eyes. Green is the most common. And as a sniper twenty-four hours a day watching, it seeks purpose. If the border was a red, black, blue, green. Then on the other hand, school bus yellow America. Why is it yellow, not green spotted? Because yellow is the color that we react more strongly than red. It stands out immediately. Yellow car immediately stands out on the track. Not red, friends, yellow. Well, although the red too. And these aspects are also present in the impact. But this science, or did not reach us, or at some other moments passed or something there with paints in ancient times it was different, but she remained much weaker. But in any case, even according to the axioms of yoga is primarily a form, and then color. In the end, there are people color-blind. How are they poor? They are tough. “

2 part of the seminar.

Yantra Yoga and charms.


Here is one such aspect that you, too, it would be nice to know. From ancient times until we reach quite some unique stories. Ostensibly weapons, sword kladenets. A person who possesses it, no one can resist him. What a magical shields, if you have a shield, then all wonderful. Then a very strange some stories heard from the wild west that some Indians had shields, almost from the web are made, they defended themselves, claiming to be from the bullets of the first settlers. Can you imagine that a man hiding from the bullets of firearms shield. Well, you know that such a shield? It is some such thing, which you close. So, instead of a shield there any cobwebs stretched and you hide behind.

Then all sorts of tales that have rings, and who possesses them, nothing happens to them. All sorts of charms, which dragged it around his neck, then somewhere else. Full of evidence that there were any such subjects wearing that protects a person from certain effects, sometimes very real dangers of a physical nature. All sorts of pendants, rings, all sorts of marks on breast, and so on and so forth. And oddly enough, it also has the kind of thing related to yantra yoga. We have heard from antiquity such charms. And in ancient times were whole science about how these amulets were made. It was a science. It’s not just us, he fell from the sky. And oddly enough, some of these tails go into what is called Yantra Yoga.

Sometimes it is really a magical image that was painted, scrawled on a scrap piece of paper, a piece of skin, it suddenly endowed the owner of the subject of some ability. Different tried to explain this phenomenon. Now I try to explain it by the fact that a person somewhere itself programs. What’s it say that this amulet is valid, and it somehow has wound itself and everything works. The nature of these forces is very complicated, but the only thing to which we are called yoga, there are laws that rough, there are subtle laws. Even subtle laws – the laws. E. No obscurantism, no potustoronschiny in this universe is not in principle. Just like to say is, of course, the laws that seem to us the miracles that seem totally illogical and fantastic, but it is not a violation of our ordinary laws, and that the use of thinner, more of the higher laws.

So once again I want to remind you that in yoga there is a very remarkable rule. Higher laws, they are not contrary to the ordinary laws. So if you meet some deranged man who begins to speak: “I opened it, I discovered, lo, I opened the fifth, I opened the tenth.” And it somehow finds a very clear contradiction with some other moments in his life, it is a very real reason to doubt that he is something higher and opened. Although actually it varies when it is a hodgepodge. What part of some transcendent knowledge is revealed to man, some kind of – karma, some of its obscurantism. And so it is all messed up, confused. Well, it will say it again, with time passes. And people really understand that, in this sense, all are subject to the laws, but there are laws rough and there are subtle laws. And these laws are thin, which can create Now these amulets, these diagrams that with a person wears, and they protect them.

Clearly, immediately followed by the industry meets its strongest – Yes, and all esoteric shops just at the seams already cracking of any kind of these medallions. They are really well made, some antique, some evoke the feeling of something meaningful, significant. But you must remember, my friends, that any amulet is just a shell, is the body and if the right way is not connected this here is the energy, the higher this amulet, it’s just a trinket, which the Chinese are now learn how to punch, in fact what they are doing now. Souvenirs typically anywhere in the world are doing in China. Now here come from over the esoteric. At first purely Chinese, all of them were Taoists. Now even these Indian Goddess. Goddess Lakshmi (prosperity), turn over, where do you think has been done? In China. I do not know how to yantras have not reached yet.

So, it’s all on the one hand bad smells always, that all of these charms. But on the other hand, it is still part of the reality. It’s really real instruments, which in ancient times, roughly speaking, and took endowed or connect more subtle laws of our universe and they really began to act. I do not know how they operate. This is a very controversial issue. Whether they are the person acted, and the man with his mind and wit avoided fatalities and all sorts of dangers, or some other deep laws were affected. That we do not understand, but these moments diagrams, they gradually moved into amulets.




Well, finally, this is another topic, as we have already discussed the connection of yoga yantra architecture. And it is also a related point – this maze. Do you remember this terrible Greek myth of the Minotaur. On the island of Crete has been a terrible labyrinth, where the man-bull lived and he constantly fed the poor fellows. While not a brave young man enlisted the love of a girl named Ariadne I did not kill this miserable creature. So, the young man wandered through the maze. And in fact, this is a topic so very close. The fact that the maze, including a maze of the Minotaur, if you remember, in their geometric dimensions, is not enough to say that a complex maze, but not easy. There was a quite natural to him to get lost and die of hunger and thirst. Because the total length of these routes, especially if you are out there makes a mistake, I rolled over several hundred kilometers. Although labyrinthitis he could borrow, say, five hundred to six hundred meters. But by cutting these circles …

E. It is also a theme very close to Yantra Yoga, because to us to penetrate into the depths of his “I” that we would come through here these here does not let us psychophysical structure, emotional reactions. Nature, too, uses a maze. We are trying to get into meditation itself, but at some certain level begin to wander around. The maze is really done very subtly. Because you very quickly lose your orientation. You do not know at the time you turned left, and do you think that now you left to turn, and you turn to the right. Ie. A maze cleverly done. And when they do the size of large buildings, could easily hide in the heart of the treasures, and you knew that there no one comes, and if it comes, it will not work.

In our country, from time to time there are mazes, well, they have smaller stones are laid out, too old, Solovki I think somewhere it. Somewhere here we have in the Far North. In England and so on. It is also close enough to the science related to the yantra yoga, but has been completely lost the semantic load value or what were these yantra-mazes. Whether wandering through this maze, you understand how your own patterns you make a fool inside you. E. Why can not you go through the layers of impressions, thoughts, previous experience. And physically passing the maze, you would like to transfer this scheme to some internal processes and applying these internal processes, you reached a certain output, that is really to some extraordinary powers laid down in the human body. We do not know. But it is also very close subject.


Q: “It turns out you can even use the image of the labyrinth as a yantra?”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, you know, a couple of times I caught some kind of yantra, I have looked and looked, I think of something familiar, just very familiar. So turned, syak turned, and then it dawned on me. I see a maze, but only in a distorted form. Especially when the right angles, usually in labyrinths round corners. And then I looked at the diagram of the labyrinth, and then it dawned on me, so it did I see the yantra. E. Apparently it somewhere, something the same. This is also one more tail to the understanding of how these visual images are. As a child, probably every one of you have seen, that I remember was small, in children’s magazines were labirintiki small, but they were unpretentious, there had to draw a carrot for the rabbit of the center of the labyrinth had to get it. Now some books are very good, by the way, are sold through the maze, it is more difficult to find. But when you’re trying to solve a maze, where are you something intuitively begin to develop a certain strategy of behavior: here turn right, turn left here. Moreover, each of the labyrinth is the key. For example, to get to the center, go through the maze and turn right three times, and three times to the left as one enters and go out. Make two times to the right and to the left three times – get lost in it completely.

And when a person decides these labyrinths, or on paper, but in such a global scale, he has produced a kind of strategy of behavior where you have to turn in such a way where it is so. And if you still do a comparison, that in other parts of yoga, very clearly differentiated one from the other direction, where one direction attributed to the action of the energy, and the other direction of the action of consciousness, loomed certain this strategy will override obstacles. What you have here is, roughly speaking, to apply the method of consciousness, be decisive and to move forward, but here the energy method. You know, can these same methods to analyze any battle where a military chief used the method of consciousness, and where the energy method. But if you’re in front of this took place here this pattern, polygon, then you have deposited somewhere in the head. And if you are doing meditation, I ran inside his meditation with some kind of problem: an obsessive thought or some feeling. That somewhere you once this pattern to solve this problem, as it has worked for you, he’s somewhere, just pops up and you hop, hop, hop and tested. Maybe this. This issue is very complex. It is entirely go to associative links. A associative links – is the strongest tool of maya, illusion. “

Now over to the practical side we come. Although the theory, I still can get you on the three workshops is to tell. Will we still yantra yoga workshops, and I will add more necessary theory, and now that would be at least something you can do in practice.


Question: “Regarding the yantras, the principle of vision. We see at the level of the navel center … “



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, no, not friends wait. Navel center is effectively connected with vision, but rather it is connected in this case, in the case of our body, it’s visual acuity is how well we can see. But it is not necessary to associate it with the fact that we see the navel. we do not see the navel. “


Question: “I mean the principles of creation: first space, then air, fire … I wonder just a mantra, it creates in buddhi corresponding waves that we contemplate at the level of the mind principle, which is higher than the principle of fire, Yantra, we also must create in buddhi something corresponding yantra. But this is in fact the principle of reason, because we are already there can not see, if the vision is the principle of fire? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, you know, there’s still such a moment. We have all the same it is not the topic of a seminar on yoga axioms. Do you remember that every higher principle, it is superior to all the following principles and to let the mind level, ie. E., This principle, which is good, we can replace all the other principles. Remember this statement, very beautiful expression, it’s true in a somewhat different way, that great sage, one drop of water is to understand and calculate the presence of large rivers, seas, oceans, tides, monsters that are found there on the ocean floor. The principle of reason, it is superior, and when we talk about the principle reason the navel, as it were unfolding, but because everything is painted on the canvas of the mind. In this sense, the mind, it is, of course, much superior to all others, we can not see, not hear, do not touch, do not smell, but the reason we can deduce some things. By the way, what makes modern science. We see or hear in the nuclear process is the decay of the atom and the synthesis? Yes, we have this notion of not, but our mind knows it. Moreover, there are processes which let any piece, it is smaller than the wave of light, we can not see it, in principle, I mean eyes. Well, it’s axiomatic, then touch it. “

Types of Yantra.


So, what are the Yantra? Once again, yantras is a huge number of different. There yantra such capital and are comprehensive. Which is a whole universe. Here in particular, it is the Sri Yantra, that behind me – it is neither more nor less than a map of the whole of the macrocosm and the microcosm the same time card. E. On the one hand the logic of this chart, which shows behind me, are constructed as stated in yoga, all objects and phenomena in the universe. On the other hand, bearing in mind the principle of the identity of large and small, that on top, then the bottom. According to the same principles and arranged our body, our manifestation. And that such global yantra.

There yantra narrower character. This is how they are sometimes called, yantra of various deities. Well, again, you do not have to buy into the terminology. Once again, in medieval India to explain complex things enjoyed the vocal apparatus or associative phrases that were clear to all. When something higher, transcendent manifests itself in some form, it is usually called by some divinity. E. The energy manifested in a certain form. For example, the Goddess of fortune, Lakshmi, if it occurs, is all in all prosperity, a lot of money, Mercedes, cars, houses on the Canary Islands, dollars or is there something in the banks. E. This wave of good luck or energy awareness and wealth, it is associated with the manifestation of the highest across the Lakshmi principle.

If, on the contrary, there is a higher through illness, failure, unhappiness, through epidemics, war, some there is absolutely terrible phenomenon. So, for example, there is such a manifestation, again according to Hindu mythology, the elder sister Lakshmi – Dhumovati. It is such an old woman very dark, very image of a rather negative. That old hag, old witch. But here, again, is now a lot of clever divorced. They come to worship Goddess Lakshmi, was more to Mercedes, was more cottages in Rublevskoye highway. Only the sheep they forget that according to the practice, the first bow was to be the Goddess Dhumovati, and only then to the Goddess Lakshmi. Otherwise, Lakshmi and will not respond and will Dhumovati not happy. You can get the opposite result.

This is very well explained from the perspective of characters here. Do you really imagine a beautiful goddess of wealth and at the same time a terrible goddess of misfortune. But, again, do you remember the Indian tradition, according to the Indian tradition can not be married to the youngest daughter, is not issued to the eldest. And of these some of mythological moments, using such words tried to convey the practice and how to do this practice. Our own modern man, nor the ear or snout does not know of any way of life of medieval India, anything he does not understand. But he is somewhere found something and let’s implement it.

For example, in order to attract a particular energy, the energy of wealth. Usually, they say, that the card has gone. The players avid to lose status in the casino, they all believe that yesterday they had a bad day, and today a good day today, fortune will not turn away from them. And they begin to personalize it’s a coincidence even more with something so alive. With some such manifestation. In India, we went even further, there is every such manifestation was the personification of a Goddess or of a God who supposedly possesses these properties and can give their man. That is, you want wealth -. Here’s Lakshmi. Want eloquence – here’s another goddess. Do you want to order something – here. Here let us bow down, do practice. What is worship? Here by the word abstract worship, meant in fact neither more nor less than a yogic meditation. You should contemplate not tear her gaze corresponding yantra. This resulted in a one-pointedness of your mind. Pointedness of mind strengthened some mental processes. As a result of these mental processes inherent in you disclose same potential, and you are starting to have that energy, as if it came from. But at the moment, when it comes to actually clear, it is from the outside or from the outside.

And in India, especially in the old general on this issue is not worried. There is a microcosm of the macrocosm and the same thing. What difference does it come from outside or inside, if it is identical to the two systems. This is a Western man, he wants more and more to the inside, this is inherent in me the ability to have to occur, and I’ll be rich. And especially do not share in the eastern mentality of people, where it ends and begins the universe. The main thing that was wrong.

So, it does call upon the relevant practice, some of them are called Puja. And if not armed sight to look at it, it seems that this kind of religious system. What’s here is some Bozhko responsible for behold, fifth, tenth. Let’s have you been doing idolatry, and you will have happiness. But this is a very superficial judgment. In fact, under the guise of idolatry there were very specific practice yoga. E. There you must first go without food for a week, cleanse the body. Then you had to get some special way, ie. E. You pranayama yoga had to work out. Then you should have certain posture to take, ostensibly bow, but in fact you are in this position taken or that such a position that you have the blood flow to the head increased. Then you had to stare unblinking at one time or another image, creating a concentration of your mind and enhances your mental abilities. Then you had to close your eyes and inner eye to see what you have seen before that the eyes, and it is even more concentration. And so that gradually, the person gradually carried from one to the other mental exercises, very powerful, very powerful meditation. And apparently it was like a religious cult.

Why is this? Because in India very often religious cults. There was not just another language in which to explain. We have a language of science. Our man is more inclined to listen, if I were you going to explain this practice in terms of what some thought forms, thought processes, energy flow, stream of consciousness. It is closer to you, you will understand it better. In India, people with a different mentality, they better understood when it was the Goddess. That Goddess of all. It is not necessary about any energy to talk to me, and so on.

So, this is a large group of yantras, sharpened by a concrete manifestation: wealth, power, eloquence, victory over enemies – what you want, complete, for all occasions. There yantra narrowly-specific, they do not chart the universe, not narrow the Godhead, and they are for a specific purpose, that’s to be, how I want, no matter how, so it was. E. There like any god is not present and chart the universe there is no smell. And just kind of geometry that you want to you your boss promotion gave before to go to him to ask for a promotion – meditate here on this chart. There even is not clear at all what.

A huge group of yantras, they are of an astrological nature. In general, I must say that it is quite zombiruyuschaya system in India, it is like a caste system there just because people make the living dead. It is in this respect of course, my friends, that we are born in the West, of course, for all the shortcomings of the west, west vse-taki have one positive karma – there’s no here here these invisible webs that person due to fear grab, zombie, immobilize and turned into a slave. But in India it often. Firstly, the cast – who you were born. Secondly, there is the horoscope for all occasions. Horoscopes there up on other principles than those of us in the west. There are very different highlights, I will not even deal with this right now, but the danger lies in the fact that there are all blindly believe. And it turns out the effect samozombirovaniya. Because people believe in it, and it really attracts those phenomena that are read. And here they are mired in these superstitions. And the most insulting, that even very advanced yogis sometimes, but they grew up in this tradition. This is how I spent his childhood in the middle of nowhere, obscenities learned to swear and swear until now, that is. E. Does not have to get rid of it. That’s just as well I understand, if you grew up in this environment, with the diapers you have to sprout, so many Indians were sent before their children abroad to study, so they did not touch it all. But this is also skewed, they broke away and as a result of the roots.

So, a large number of yantras allegedly promoting that if you are poor fellow was born under these signs, so you’re out of luck and you left to live … Well, let’s at least draw a yantra, maybe it neutralizes the effect of light. And this here is Kotovasiya rushing. Well, once again, they have their own system of astrology. But it is very well used. So sometimes you will come across the yantra and between them, roughly speaking, the gulf. Starting from just any astrological, it is unclear whether the yantra, or anything at all really and ending revelation, the most supreme revelation of the spiritual insights of ancient Indian sages. Therefore, we will not be with you now deal with something so insignificant, petty and zamahnemsya in full. Oh threaten in Yantra Yoga, so threaten. And zamahnemsya we are on the Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra – Yantra is the one that is displayed behind me, that Sergei has earned a good karma, he opened the different options in colors of the same yantra. And I’ll give away to you, that you meet. Look and pass each other. To help you understand that there are a variety of options narisovanna yantras. Therefore, we will start with you with this yantra. But before we begin, some purely technical issues.


What does the ancient tradition of how to use the Yantra.


The very first thing you must understand for themselves – this is the most important thing is the form. Do not color, not the size, not paper or other medium on which is drawn or painted yantra. The most important thing – it is the form itself. It is an abstract concept. E. Once again, the body of the Deity in this sense is the form. It does not matter, it is drawn with ink, finger on the sand, you can put gems of one form or another. Like anything, the main form. From sticks to lay out. That’s the most important thing.

Minor role – it is something on which you draw it. There is also preserved some instructions and you should be aware of something. What is the most common material in addition to the paper, so I do not mean our paper with you, and you still remember that our paper appeared quite recently. These were some palm leaves or sheets of bananas, well, in general, something that natural materials. For example, elm. Here fleeced birch, elm turns out, m. E. The bark of trees. They were readily available some materials.

The draw? Here, too, such a very curious situation. Extant texts are very complicated, which make up the ink formulation had to mix these ingredients together, mix them up and stick these special ink drawing. But in all the complexity of a simple thing, it was believed that you can draw your own blood. Why? Well, I’m not going to have to devote all of these here. Because according to this teaching in human blood contains all the elements that are necessary for the preparation of paints. Some see in this, of course, are more archaic vestiges of ancient times. Some see some echoes of alchemy. Where, indeed, before the paint to do, where he picked up here such a substance, according to some other teachings, it is in order, it is for the other, it is the third. Who loves to do such a science is very strange, it is called Ayurveda. Unfortunately, from this Ayurveda is now little left. Here in the modern Ayurveda a lot of vague mysterious ingredients, too, no one knows why.

Well, it was believed that blood contains all the elements, so it is not a mistake to draw blood. And so the poor followers of the secret sciences here do not know how they imagine it poked fingers to paint. But, once again, in some texts this topic has acquired so many horrific details. This is really like an alchemical treatise some, no more, no less.

The second most common, if I may say, the material for the yantra, it was a metal plate. The most popular were copper and silver. Gold and all other metals – less. A copper – almost everywhere. Well, copper is soft, scratch out the corresponding yantra diagrams. Less unturned. Well, because it is heavier on the rock was probably knock. I dont know. But even more exotic methods were. This is when the cut, for example, crystals of rock crystal. Or any other precious or semi-precious minerals. But most interesting is that such higher adepts of the secret sciences, the same wandering wandering yogis, whose possessions and something other than begging bowl was nothing, of course, they bring all this painting will not carry. They could create a yantra wherever and however you want. Indeed, he could sit down on the ground, what is called a finger to draw what he needs to practice. Then to complete the practice and also to erase.

. That is the very first thing you have to remember how future adepts of secret sciences that form – the most important thing. All other things are highly desirable, and sometimes they do have a great importance, ie. E. Will work or not work. But you know, the more narrowly focused some practice, the more typically nuances. The more common practice, the less nuanced. Moreover, if you are already adept secret sciences, sophisticated, has a yogi or yogini with the experience, you can draw a yantra, I do not like the expression, but I still say it, in the higher plane. Here you take in the air and draw what you want to draw and work with it. Others do not see, and others, and it is not necessary, the main thing that you have seen. And then when it’s time, is eliminated. E. Now this aspect of eye, do you see the eyes, inner eye, how you want. That it is the body of the Deity. But, of course, when there is an associative link, for example, with a piece of paper, which is drawn, then the appropriate attitude should be to it.

Now further. There yantra, which is quite difficult to draw. In particular is the Yantra, Sri Yantra, which is displayed behind me, it is very difficult. I’m not even sure you’re it now from the first draw. We are now going to draw the yantra, as you know. So now you will be doing a number of approaches. We’ll get a lot of paper here, and you will begin to draw yantra. Well, whatever I recommended size? And what you want. But as yantra complicated enough, then select a size, that’s about how I show here a square sheet of paper with maximum size.

Yantra too, are different, but the section yantras which we will draw, they have some common elements are recurring on a yantra yantra. Well, firstly, it is a quadrangular part, the so-called base or sometimes bhupur yantra, this one here chetyrehugolnichek. With four inputs and four gates. It also has some meaning. Why? Because if in the future you begin to meditate on the yantra, in some texts place it is prescribed according to the cardinal points. Assume that the upper entrance looked, say, to the north. Once again, there is a yantra whose bhupura not. But then again, it’s a difficult time, this astrological yantra and so on.

Now the next time. You start to draw her play. You very quickly realize that it’s not easy to do. Moreover, to play it necessary to adhere to certain internal logic, if you observe it, you can play, if not, then not. How valuable is that you draw it yourself? What’s the time when you are beginning to draw it and you have just drawn, it is really very much need to focus, then you are beginning to impregnate it with their energy. In this sense, you are much more in the future will be able to revive it quickly as we would say in ancient India, the Divine, you want it to manifest.

Purification of the material on which the paint yantra.

After a few words of another purely on the material on which the paint yantra. This material, as a rule, in compliance with all the canons and traditions had to be cleared. Cleared of what? From all the layers of something of this pollutant. Well, t. E. The material had to be physically clean and pure fine. And here are the bells and whistles begins again.

Many of these experts are now divorced, who see the fine dirt, that they see se. No, friends, yoga in the first place – it is common sense. You there, for example, this piece of copper should not be associated with the retailer from whom you bought it. Here we all have such a thing, but if we got something good out of hand, we associate this or that thing with a good man, we do not claim arises in the mud. And if we have received from someone or in a way that causes us inner protest or rejection, we involuntarily begin to tolerate this and for that we got. Therefore, if he has got you in some way is not the most suitable for you, you were so serious canons cleaning. Ie. You must have to destroy all the associative links between the subject and those hands, in which he was before. You never know where there was this thing.

Therefore, in this regard, any such natural things, such as bark or leaf pieces of the palm, they are preferable to them something like no one touched. A huge number of different schools of yoga traditions, different methods of cleaning material before creating yantra, came to us. And some of them are extremely complex and ornate. Others are very simple. But once again, my friends, do not get caught in this complexity, but at the same time and do not discount the need for these actions. Therefore, any treatment should take acceptable and reasonable period of time. Cleaning is using the first mantra. There are specific mantras, which supposedly if they repeat, they eliminate the pollution here these here. One of the most widely spread of the mantra, which I recommend you, it is such as heavy artillery – is the mantra PHAT. With it. Well, let me give you a few pieces of offset.


For making yantras used gold, silver, copper, paper, wood, bark, rhinestone, iron, bones, skins and more. Before you make yantra, yantra material to be cleaned. This is done with the help of mantras, physical purification, water, fire, incense space. Take a copper plate, clean it from dirt, wash with water, put in a burning fire, as long as she does not start to shine red.


Well, actually, if you start a piece of copper is heated, it quickly starts very bright, bright red be.


After extracting from the fire, cleaned of scale, wash with water and start to repeat the mantra PHAT over it for three measures of time. Then, for one-time measures to chant the mantra Om. Then leave it in an open space for a while, so as not to see someone else’s eyes.


As you can see is the maximum actions that primarily as it eliminates all associative ties that once could have arisen with the previous owner of the copper plate. Or with where you took it. Suddenly it was stolen, torn from the roof of a stranger. It was covered with a copper roof. It has become very fashionable lately covered with copper roof, especially in such wealthy friends.

So that you did not have then relations between the Divinity that yantra you draw on this piece of copper roof of the rich Pinocchio and the fat belly of the rich Pinocchio, which was stolen from the roof of this piece of copper. That’s the danger of associative connections sometimes emerges. Remember, as in Chekhov, a man with a horse’s name. Remember, what was the name of this person? Oats. These are sometimes the most intricate associative links. But, my friends, we invade in the area of the psychism, where sometimes thrown askew look more swipes than human baton physically beats. There is a very subtle moments when we enter here in these structures. Strong practices must be taken seriously. But, of course, we are not going to do it. That is, if you really at home in his spare time for yourself decide for themselves to create a personal yantra, that’s when you follow these guidelines. As for the paper. Well, let’s before you right now start to draw it, three times you tell PHAT OM and once over the paper leaf to clear. Let us assume that the three measures and one measure.


Question: “Handles going to draw?”


A voice from the audience: “Blood!”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, the blood will not, let’s just not marginalschiny. And that then crawl vague rumors that there are followers. No, well, on the other hand this is understandable. Just imagine, the wandering yogi got somewhere in the jungle than he draw? And here, by the way, I also did not mention the juice of some plants. Here it is some kind of palm tree found tore a leaf. Juice stood out, they scrawled. And if in the desert, what will draw? Well, he’s always with you? All I carry with myself. Finger holes and let the yantra to do. “


There are other more sophisticated techniques also for pre-cleaning. That’s the copper plate has to lay there in itself, as it were, so engorged. You know it’s all the things associative. But what horrified when people silly, stupid, superstitious, obscurantist, ponachitavshis these texts begin to lighten up, to tell some stories about the subtle energies that are here now and they feel about the demons that fly like flies. It is always in any sane follower of yoga is in the best smile.

Sri Yantra – This Yantra Goddess Sri. She is the Goddess of love. Do you remember, we used to be referred to the yoga of love, that love – is the one thing that can not be synthesized, it is a gift, a gift from above, a gift from the Goddess Sri. E. It is the highest, most beautiful principle of our entire universe. So Sri Yantra, it is on the one hand diagram the entire universe, and according to the concept of the Sri Vidya, the entire universe was created only one, so that we can understand here this whole beautiful creation. E. The whole universe has been made to ensure that we are passing through it, I learned to see this wonderful, extra-terrestrial excellent, we could merge with this beautiful terrestrial. E. Only in the sense of the whole universe. But more than anything it makes no sense.

Understand wordly sense of beauty throughout the universe and carry out the purpose for which the universe was created and understand this, see the image of Goddess Sri. This is in a sense the same. And so the picture on the other hand, it is sometimes called the house of the Goddess Sri. Or the image of the Goddess or the Goddess Sri Sri.

I remember was a wonderful film, it was called “The Adventures of Prince Florizel”. And there was one artist, he painted abstraction. It was necessary to draw a portrait of the chairman. And he painted as he saw it. There’s some cubes, squares, clock hit 12, some whiskers. Some are pieces that really looks abstract, but to whom he showed the portrait, the film said: “Oh, as a living.” This is known as a point of abstraction. The whole universe is conceived in order that we understand the principle of Goddess Sri, according to Sri Vidya concept. And by the way just to Sri Vidya concept is one of the most sane explanation Sri mantra preserved, and the image itself so we came. In this sense, once again, my friends, all yoga, come down to us, at one time held a large piece of the way through tantra. And Sri Vidya is considered the mother of all tantra.

So, it is a home or place of residence of the Goddess Sri. And there are very specific elements. Again, in different schools of yoga, they are treated differently. Furthermore, their study is in different directions. But the meaning is reduced to that yantra that can be drawn from the center to the outside, and you can draw from the outskirts to the center. This is a very serious philosophical question. From the particular to the general, or from the general to the particular. In the center of the yantra is often at the center of any yantra has flyspeck, it is called bindu. Or, a point from which the universe began to unfold – it’s one interpretation. A different interpretation – it is a symbol of consciousness. In general, a lot of all sorts of interpretations. Some say that this is one law for the creation of the universe.

There is an axiomatic in yoga so-called law is one from which all later unfolded. In particular the law of the four and the five immediately turned around. And if you now begin to draw this yantra is the first thing you come across, you will find, strangely enough with the law four and five. Because there are four triangles pointing upwards and towards the five triangles, directed top down. So it’s a very serious such moments. There is encrypted and the emergence of the universe, and the unfolding of the universe, and what we have now. Accordingly, you can also draw from the center to the edge of the edge to the center. Likewise, further meditating this image can be in the center of the edge and from the edge to the center.

Then the group some shapes to form certain groups, they also sometimes have their own symbols, the so-called so-called worlds or some life plans. I will not overload you with this information. Because it is a very complicated subject. Now I occasionally meet people, they say: “This is the inner chakra of the Sri Yantra is responsible for something, something, the fifth, the tenth.” Well, it’s as a pioneer in about asking: “How does a nuclear reactor?” And he at attention: “The nuclear reactor works on the principle of nuclear fission of uranium.” Everything here has reported it, and he does not understand, nuclear physics, he does not know, he did not study. There, scientists do not understand everything that’s going on, that this deal, and he knows everything. That’s just as well, and in yoga, I sometimes meet people who so confidently: “I know Sri Yantra, I know, I know everything.” If I was sure I would have fell at his feet, he touched his right hand to the left foot, respectively, and would ask me to take in students from a teacher who knows all about the Sri Yantra. But something tells me that it is too early in the legs fall.

So, therefore, I am not going to overload this information. Moreover, it just refers to the area of non-verbal learning yoga, where, in general, sometimes word-and it is not necessary.

What should be your attitude to yantra and what you should do with it?

Now a few more moments. Once you have created this yantra. Not now, not here. Now we just hand fills. At home. You have decided to still know Sri principle. And we have got the Sri Yantra. In the future, you have created this yantra and began to practice in accordance with all instructions. What should be your attitude to yantra and generally what you should do with it? These are important points. Because I’m also here meet a variety of opinions on this subject. If indeed you began to practice this yantra, seriously, for a long time, your attitude should be as if it was a living Goddess Sri. It is not so that the leg kicked, and why she is lying, is not there anywhere. The most reverential attitude. Well, I imagine little idea that any church of any priest takes the icon of the Mother of God, and somewhere in a corner, have to whitewash the wall. He breathlessly. Moreover it’s akin to a science – creation of mandalas. There’s even the monks of the Buddhist, from time to time them on TV, by the way, show, look, it’s interesting. They do not draw the mandala, they tend to pour their sand, colored sand. But in fact, the same thing they do form. So, they all dressing like a surgeon who does the operation. So these Buddhist monks, too, all dressings. And not to breath not carry sand, and that God forbid breath is not defiled. E. The ultimate purity. Attitude is extremely devout.

Should anyone show yantra image with which you practice?

 Also very a spicy, delicate question. I had a student who has such a comparison, the comparison a little rough, I’m sorry, it’s even a little bit can be inappropriate, but it captures the essence of the issue. Just imagine that you have a girlfriend. And you’re with this girl have sex. And you manage to take a picture as you do it with her. Will you then everyone you meet to show these pictures? E. This is very intimate thing. So how? Not that there is, but not everyone will show. This is a very crude way of a vulgar, but it conveys all the subtlety. Will you show a picture of his girlfriend naked someone not getting? There are fans – yes. Vaughn, the entire internet is now packed it all. But usually five times you think. Because, well, if it is like the girl? Question serious. Accordingly, your attitude should be to practice that way – reverent.

What to do with the completion of the practice of yantra?

If you decide to complete the practice of all, it must be something to do with this yantra. And here the following advice that as yantra – a house in which lived the Divine or manifested. So before you demolish a house, first put out of the house occupants, and then only to raze the house. So before this leaf of paper and then throw in the trash, make sure that this energy channel is switched off. And, figuratively speaking, the Divine has left his house. If the Deity left his house – all very good. Feel free to house break.

Again, the parallels between the practice of creating mandalas. As you remember, it may be remember, and maybe do not remember, maybe you know, and maybe do not know, for example, in the commission of a ritual, for example, the Kalachakra. Tibetan monks pour this mandala. For a long time, painstakingly, and sometimes it may be six months to pour. At the end of practice on any day, they destroy it yourself. They take the sand and the whole is mixed. But it is clear, before this they deduce from this picture the energies that worked at the time of practice. Because if, God forbid, you will begin to destroy the mandala together with those energies that are out there, then you put it mildly, not big trouble. Strong tool requires a serious attitude to this powerful tool. But, once again, my friends, I doubt, of course, that you will become such adepts of secret sciences and begin to really make such a serious moments. You have all probably be limited to just a manifestation of a deity, or rather well, even Deity, and the energy and consciousness for some purposes. And now you get, and then release it back to Godhead, respectively, and with the support you do anything. And now such a common tradition of the Ganges river in Russia is not flowing. Flowing glorious Volga River, Moscow river flows. Many other rivers. Therefore, if there is no hand of the Ganges …


A voice from the audience: “Moscow River.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, Moscow river really quite dirty. Though God knows, maybe after this Moscow River will be cleaner. Ie. You then this chart you have drawn neatly into the water. The ends of the water and you have the responsibility. Usually it is considered that in any waters you leave it all. But it is difficult to practice. Once again, I have to say that if any of you manage somewhere to climb a little. Now we know people are overconfident: read in the book how to do the practice of mantra and began somewhere at the balcony to do. Well, if nothing happens, but if God forbid something happens, then it is with this then it will be done? For our purposes, of course, we’re not going that far, you’re not currently in invite Goddess Sri Yantra. You’ll simply comprehend this diagram, the device of the universe, or a device of our microcosm. We will discuss this, invite one will not. “

And now here we begin the practice. Everyone needs to give a leaf of paper. Draw will be conventional ball point pens


Question: “Yantra necessarily need to destroy after practice?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Today?”


Question: “No, actually?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “No, of course she can you be kept as many long time. This analogue know this: here you have a mobile phone to the Lord God, at any time, you can call to ask, how is there at the top, everything is OK? The joke of course. And so if you do not need a cell phone … “


Question: “Sometimes Deities determined figurine is another moment or the same?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “We touch on that again. This is also an option if you like Yantra Yoga. Not necessarily in the form of figurines image, it may be an image in the figure. Depicted many-armed Shiva, or something else. This also falls under the section with yantra. “


Question: “But words such as OM symbol, this is also a kind of yantra?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, yes. But the very narisovanna Ohm … “


Question: “That meditation on this image can lead to … “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Of course, of course. Even more than that, I say, even the inscription of certain mantras in Sanskrit, Sanskrit here you have written this or that mantra, but who knows how to read Sanskrit? In my written Om Namaha Shivaya. So, here’s the very image of Om Namaha Shivaya, it is itself already fits somewhere in the definition of the yantra. Although, it is in general, letters of Sanskrit.

So, my friends here I will now set off a piece, like Sri Yantra is defined in the text “Anandalahari”. Do you imagine that you have never seen a picture that is painted for me. Here, try this description of her draw.


Your abode is the intersection of the four triangles, rotated tops up and five triangles turned down tops, pierced point bindu, and is ten main triangles Mulaprakriti forming forty-three outer corner, surrounded by a lotus of eight and sixteen petals, three circles around lotus flowers and three lines around the circles.


Here, try this description to draw the Sri Yantra. So do not be surprised that from time to time you will reach a variety of drawings titled Sri Yantra.

So, once again, you are trying to … you are now three times pronounce the mantra PHAT, once the mantra OM, then we assume that the leaf paper is cleared, on which you will draw. Then you are at its discretion choose any style: from outside to inside, from the inside out. Once realized, that did not work, take the next leaf and paint. So, you all about all given to forty-five, fifty minutes.

So there you go.


3 part of the seminar.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “What do you think, how you feel?”


A voice from the audience: “Good, good.”


As you can imagine this figure is not easy, in fact, this figure is difficult, moreover if to make the computer draw or solve this problem by the construction of the nine triangles, overlapping so that having respectively here are the figures of forty-three small triangles, then this problem It has no analytical solution. Those. There is no formula, such a good formula, in which you substitute currently numbers and get the result. Modern computer can solve this problem only by numerical simulation and numerical approximation. What does this mean? The fact that the computer will gradually zoom border is a single line, then another, shorter brute force. In fact there is a very profound logic in how to match these basic nine triangles. Four upwardly directed vertex five downward. There is a very deep logic. Some very strange logic of interaction, the interaction of consciousness and energy, the interaction of how, for example, one being a plan supports a different plan of life, and how they match with each other. These are very serious mystery, which we do not understand anything actually, but on the knowledge of which are based, in general, all, all, all yoga practice. From yoga poses and ending with some meditation.


Question: “What is the mantra corresponds Sri Yantra?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “According to one of the concepts in the first place, if we take the school of yoga Sri Vidya, the so-called 16-syllable mantra. It is given in the text Anandalahari. If you’re interested, we have to www.openyoga.ru text Anandalahari posted online today with comments of yours truly see Love Yoga. Although the text has to be in Love Yoga and Yoga of Sri Vidya, ie parallel here and there. So, there is given the mantra. We give 15 syllables. 16th style has always been a great mystery, no one ever gave, did not say. Those. is a hexadecimal, 16-syllable mantra of Sri Vidya. In general, one of the most closed, one of the most mysterious in the yoga. There she is given too, not like a mantra, but as a rebus. Those. there is given an allegorical verse listing the names of each of these names corresponds to a syllable. Once again, the topic is closed. One of the most closed, perhaps in yoga. This is the mantra of Sri Vidya. “


Sri Yantra and the concept of the Sri Vidya.


Q: “I’ve listened to your lecture this, and you were told that we must be wary of this mantra.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “A few words about the Sri Yantra must be said in general about the whole concept of the Sri Vidya. It is a closed issue, really. At all. I picked up at the time and nerve to give a comment on Anandalahari only one reason that I took the keys of the translation of the Yoga tradition Anandasvami love. Otherwise, you would not get even that. Just in the present era, I believe to be a very powerful tool in the hands of the people. You’re all helpless indeed. Here’s what you can do against politicians, bandits, against intimidation, against some everyday things? Here’s what you can do? Nothing you can do about it. More precisely, you can do everything, if you have a Kalashnikov at hand. And that’s just the trouble is that good people do not have a Kalashnikov at hand.

So, this topic is very serious mantra of Sri Vidya. And around this paradigm before you take up the mantra of Sri Vidya, you have to be great to practice in other yogas, to create a necessary cushion. The fact that the danger of Sri Vidya practice mantra is that your desire to begin quickly executed, and you become incredibly scary. It’s just seems like something we want, and how to really start some processes such serious, not for the faint of heart, in general, feel. Therefore, a good tradition of first dial a gentlemen’s set: this is the first mantra, eliminating obstacles, as a rule, this Ganesha mantra long enough to practice, then this is the mantra Mahamrityunjaya, eliminating death, too long, then the Gayatri Mantra too long. And after you’ve become a little bit at least something to be understood in the mantra yoga, and any way to use the mantra yoga, it was then only the recommended approach to Sri Vidya. So I urge you once again that a strong tool requires a serious relationship. “


C How to start the practice of Yantra Yoga?


Question: “Why then begin, if all it takes very seriously. The same Sri Sri Yantra and Mantra. That’s why then begin to practice Yantra Yoga? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Start with that, with what we have started here: first draw, meditate on this image, szhivaetsya. The analogy is similar to the following. You are like children now to build houses out of blocks. The time will come and you will start to build a house of bricks. And what do you do now, it does not go in vain, because you will develop the appropriate skills. You must understand that in Yantra Yoga, as in Mantra Yoga, it is not necessarily on the basis of either all or nothing. There’s a very interesting principle. For example, doing this or that practice, you first level, second level, third level, fourth preparation, ie, those abilities, or those moments that gives you the practice, but you can not connect at full power this reactor.

A lot of what gives the practice. And you can not really fear for the consequences of a practice, but do not connect to the fullest. Because there is little benefit from the practice is not large, so well, with which you can handle that does not frighten you, which will carry out all harmoniously. Strictly speaking, when you turn on the full program, there will also be all harmony, only to find this very unpleasant thing for you that is not the most harmonious yourself yourself. And you will come across the face with his own not harmony and not all are ready for it. This is a very serious shock. Why untrained ahead of time to get involved in it. Therefore, you simply master the yantra, you get used, you meditate, you understand the inner meaning, but you did not reactivate the full program, as provided, for example, in the practice of Sri Vidya, if we consider the Sri Yantra. Those. if so to speak, you do not invite the Goddess Sri go to the yantra you created. Because after she went there, it is quite another matter. You know, before the Queen arrives in her palace, the people removed, sweep, prepare. That is also precisely and you are ready. Little did come in your spiritual life the moment when you understand clearly, that now is the time Sri Vidya. But when he comes? God knows it. And it would be good for the time to be ready. “


Question: “Can I practice with Sri Yantra some other mantra?”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “In addition to Sri Vidya?”


Question: “Yes.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Strictly speaking, the OM mantra can Hrim mantra as possible. Yes, generally speaking, a lot of things possible. Actually, really, let’s, friends, I will not, it is adjacent to this issue is very important between mantra and yantra. This is a topic for another conversation. I’m more interested on at the yantra, the image of what questions? “


Question: “And about the lotus petals. After all, they are not only in Sri Yantra, ie, 16 and 8? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, that’s all turn around 180 degrees and look at another yantra. Here is another yantra note. There, too, there is a lotus, but only an 8-petalled, and, say, or this one bhupur quadrangle with four inputs, it is virtually the same as here, but some internal points are different. “


Question: “Is there a connection between the number of mantras and the petals of a lotus?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “It’s complicated. Here Sergei somewhere unsealed. That version of the Sri Yantra with a huge number of mantras, explanations, etc., etc., relating to the practice, drawn up by, for example, according to one school of yoga. But I’m just warning you that the general area of Sri Vidya is very private and there is a completely different not digesting each other followers. Some say that it is necessary to do so-and-so, others so-and-so. There is the case even comes to jokes. Some say that the yantra should be drawn so that others say that it is necessary to draw upside down. Apparently, we are dealing with the fact that when something went either split, or a misunderstanding, or something else and began to branch school of yoga on including Sri Vidya. This once again proves to us, and shows that it is only where they have in our representation in India doing well. Institutes, universities such as our Moscow State University, where they all sit followers and they all clearly, accurately, consistently and clearly. In fact, everything is absolutely not true.

Tradition dies. And tradition, as it closed the tradition, it is a very powerful tradition, it is a powerful tradition and so it naturally closed. For what reasons? Someone says that due to bad did not take advantage. Someone says that the knowledge of clever Brahmins to hold themselves. Still others say that they are afraid to break the force of the tradition. That’s the way it already lasted many millennia or centuries, I do not know. And the fear to take responsibility to do something new. It’s also a very serious step to make. Imagine you have been taught in the same tradition: do so, so and so. And suddenly, again, life has changed, and you must take courage and determination to present yoga quite differently, which in general, contrary to even the concept. Even here the fact that I’ll sit here and so and so reluctantly generally discuss the topic of Sri Vidya, there are still two hundred years ago it would have been a sacrilege to say the least.

Now, the details of these are many different schools of yoga. The different schools of yoga are some descriptions of what’s circle, there is one, two, three. The other school of yoga say: “No, you have not understood correctly, in fact it is – it is – the fifth, it is – the tenth.” There is also irritation, terror. But the funny thing is that it works and works here. Because here and there somewhere in the depths of there’s the engine, this foundation is good, this inspiration, this dedication is something over which animates this way and that, and even if one mistake did not care working. Why? Because the inside is really some very powerful driving force it is that animates what not to stick to. But then again, too, probably to some certain extent, a complex issue.

I just do what it all? You will begin to do yoga, practice yoga intensively, and then will go. Here are all the crowd insane schizophrenic obscurantists who go to Moscow and all over the world and they say that they opened it, they there is, behold them there. They are actually in Kashchenko. Because, once again, they are very often really glimpses over, karmic cleansing, plus hallucinations. All this in a compote, and they are for themselves as the ultimate truth. So, they start anything can not say, in general, are always unpleasant but with a brother to talk.

But, nevertheless, song words can not erase, you start yoga to engage in serious, serious will drop themselves, more precisely reach their internal structures happen to you the same thing. You, too, will the revelation, you will also be hallucinations, you too will be cleaned, and it’s all here in this tangle. And, for example, when people come to me here to study at our University on Outdoor Yoga teachers, this is the first where I start, my friends get ready for this. Get ready, you will have to learn to share, where hallucination, where the revelation where it is not clear what. But you know, at the moment when it begins to open up, you will have to bear because you really touch the so their depths, to such a powerful way to its point, it will exceed all of your experience before. And where there is much you understand where your hallucination, and where the opening of the top.

And that’s why you suddenly start to feel that you have a need to draw and meditate on the yantra. Not from necessity. Not as many people are now adherents of the secret sciences, that he had read in the booklet: “Yeah, this yantra gives wealth, so that in my purse? Oh, yes there remained only five billion, will be small, it would be necessary to multiply wealth. ” And let some yogic practices do. But he was from the mind does. He read in the book, it is such a good greed woke up and he does it. This is one conversation. And another conversation, you simply draw into yoga, and this is a completely different world, fantastic. It’s like a fairy tale, this is something quite exciting and you just suffer. You have the hand itself will stretch to take a pencil and draw unconsciously yantra. Those. you even give yourself a report will not be, because all the process has begun. And it is desirable that by the time when it started, and it begins, as a rule, very quickly, in any case, in our school of yoga is very quickly begins. Strong yet yoga, not lost yet in all these obscurantist still some margin of safety is. And in that moment, when you suffer, in a good way, not in a bad sense of the word, everything will be on the desired track, as it is necessary. You make less mistakes and get results quickly, and everyone will benefit.


Question: “If a man has got yantra not even knowing what it could mean. It is the meaning for himself determines from what he sees? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, I’m afraid, not the person determines the meaning, and it is a form of non-verbal learning. What comes to him suddenly. Just reach any moments like that again. You know what else the beauty of non-verbal learning? What reach any such insights that you, and then the words with difficulty can be formalized. And this poor adept of secret science, was revealed to him, and he can not pick up the words. Well, in ancient times, of course, the yoga, the poems they wrote. In fact, even the same text Anandalahari – it’s poetry. Boy girl wrote poetry. Here, again, go to the Silver Age poets, gold, well, our all these classics. You begin to read, sometimes a work in which there is no logical sense at all. A read and sort something once, and it worked on you somehow. And you realize that you are hit by a wave of kakuyu-to that words can not express, you can survive, then it is an experience in kakoy-to rambling, but the poetic text and the other person who is reading this text, seems to be, as it were, also attached to the this state. Very strange this media training. Similarly, the yantra. Some of the ancient sages, probably fell into a state of trance and it is all opened, and then got out of this state, tweet, tweet – nacherikal this yantra. He left her. It takes a hundred years, someone opens the secret book, see the yantra, broads, like lightning, all opened, it is already configured on the same wave. It’s a secret. In general, we are very few that know, my friends, there is little we know about our world. “


Question: “If some people have a predisposition to certain Yantra? Those. someone one goes, the other is not? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Why not? Of course.”


Yet there is one section dealing yantra yoga, but it is quite closed. Will you study yoga, somehow get in the indoor section for the study of Yantra Yoga, I am there still something to say. But now is, the more we write, it is useless to talk about it, if you have not had personal experience before.


Summarizing the seminar.


So what do we have? We are with you today another channel of non-verbal learning yoga through visual images. What I call you? Starting today, walking along the old Moscow, you see the house – a look at the bas-relief. Look, what’s drawing. And you know, you are very much open for themselves, very much. Sometimes different currents, traditions, teachings, they somehow left its mark. Leaves its mark in geometry, they left their mark in some signs, symbols, ornaments, etc., etc.. I am not going to say anything, but I can tell you a lot of interesting things, including about Moscow. Generally old Moscow hides itself. Thank God, yet not all of it was demolished. I assure you, that if even then will drop the story, who, where, in what house he lived and so on, will have plenty prilyubopytneyshih revelations for you.

Therefore, all that is now concerns all ornaments that catch, whether it be a carpet pattern. You have a carpet at home, but come and look at it with a different position. Or some chocolate decoration on the label or still on something. And very soon you will realize that there are archetypal figures that pass through the centuries. The museum go look any harness of the 12th century. Pay attention to the drawings, they will start a lot of that talk. Especially if you have had experience in yoga, if you have had experience of yantra yoga classes. And at least you know at least the basics at all what was going on, and much practice yoga, then I will want to say again that the visit of a museum of the exhausting pastime when the feet ache, back ache. There is one piece, how it differs from the other? And then the old one, and it’s junk. That this dump otkapali, then this otkapali. But when you begin to not just look, but also to see, I assure you, you do things differently and be open so much that what you will say. The whole opening. Once again, remember that in addition to the verbal source, there is still a source of non-verbal learning. Therefore refers to the form with the analysis.

Well, let’s once again I shall read to you the main points about yoga yantra. We now have a concept to present yoga as follows: take the ancient text, it is clear that to express it to you it will be difficult, and some main points, abstracts, afarizmy.


There is a form of the name, while the name of the form. If there is a name, then there is a form. If there is a form, there is a name. Name and form mutually unique. One name, one form. In one form of the same name. Using the name you vosproizvedesh form. Using the form, you will receive a name. You got five senses, one of them the vision. Do you comprehend the universe by means of. Either through a rough body – the eyes, or bypassing the rough body directly through the thin body, or meditation method. Yantra – a tool for the practice of yoga, working with vision. Yoga is considered not complete if not used Yantra.


In some Tantras, in particular, that, in my opinion, Kularnava Tantra, which we recently published on our website translation. I do not remember verbatim, but the roughly goes like this: “If you practice yoga worship a particular deity with mantra, but it does not use the Yantra, The Divine is not pretty.”


Yantra is the body of the deity, the mantra – the Deity itself. When the body and the soul are present together, the Deity lives in the yantra, as we are in the body. Your body is your yantra. In order to appear in this world, you need a body.


Well, that’s the same analogy. Just here to these higher forces occur, they need a body, just like our “I” to emerge, we need our gross physical body.


Just as you can not act without a body in the universe, so also it is difficult to manifest the Divine in the universe.


Here we are, my friends, we live in a world quite rough, material. What is called the world of lucre. Who pays for the music, that its orders and, as the proverb says. Here, in general, the basic laws of crudely mechanistic. Will you go to work – you will get paid. You will not go to work – will become homeless. Here are the conditions of our lives, they are on the one hand very hard, but on the other hand, there is the possibility of our world’s most easy to manifest something beyond. Those. our level – the rudest in the universe, the level of matter. It is bad in the sense that everything is very tough in terms of rules of the game. Well, really, look, people are running for a place under the sun, fighting for a piece of bread, for power, for honor, for respect, for which they do not fight. Indeed, experience shows, people start to fight – something up. Stops legs to move – it eats rival neighbor. On the one hand the terrible living conditions. On the other hand – the most favorable for the practice and cultivation.

Because it is believed that all you had not embodied in the gross world, if you have an idea of the subtle world and you have it embodied in a rough world, then you have reached in the instant result of the subtle world. Therefore, there is still an expression of yoga that the gods are jealous of the mortal. But it is not only the way in yoga, it is general widespread. What can you live in a more subtle worlds where life is supposedly more spiritual, and everything is fine, everything wonderful. But there there is one very significant drawback – it is very difficult to achieve self-knowledge. But on our gross level, teaches yoga to achieve self very easily. Embodied in the rough, the rough was connected to the most subtle. Well, that is rough? Here you have scratched yantra, yantra drawing on a piece of paper or on a copper plate. Well, what could be more blatant? A piece of plate, although copper, drawing on it. But in this world there is a possibility, how to join this very rough drawing, a plate with an extremely thin here these principles of self-knowledge that even the inhabitants of heaven there never dreamed of. It is in our world.

And so, making the practice of yoga is a yantra on a gross level, we get the result faster, better and more global than a celestial being who lives in a small plane, where everything is wonderful, wonderful, where they are spiritual, preduhovnye. But for some reason there is not practice. Here it must always be remembered. This is one of the components that at first glance it’s so rough, well, a piece of paper painted. On the other hand, this property of our coarse world that is manifested through the gross subtle.

You know, to fall into such a state that you opened fine, I really met many people, “Oh, I see,” they are like balloons fly, one vision, then another, then the third, then a fourth. That these people would stop and begin to translate their vision into matter. And if that was revealed to him that he should do so is so-and-so, and if it is then embodied in his life, at least in part, at least one action. That he spiritually receives the result is greater than the small plane he would have received a hundred million years to one-pointedness meditation on his “I”. The downside is that many people do not quite understand it, they think it’s some rough action.


Yantra – a window into the higher realms of energy, which inhabits us right Deity. To become a yantra that window, it should be open.


Complete analogy with mantras that you draw a picture, this is just a drawing. Roughly speaking, it is necessary to breathe life into it. Or carry the possibility to fine entered into this form. Once it has entered into this form, all. This built this whole magic amulets.


After Deity invitations yantra, treat her as a living deity.


This refers to the yantra relate.


If you think that the yantra you no longer need, bring forth the Godhead, before destroying yantra. The remains of this yantra have many miraculous powers, so have them near the places that want to illuminate.


I really could not understand why, after the death of some great saints, not to bury it or burn the poor fellow, and it is made imperishable power. And look, you come to this or that monastery, and it is a common practice is widespread. Even the communists Lenin did not escape the same fate. Those. in fact, it is at the level of archaic sensations just felt that if this is what it is and protection, there is some balance of power. Although it is clear already in the body there is no soul. This is just a shell, but even this shell, strangely enough, become magnetized, so I do not know what there is vibration, and even after the owner of the shell has left her, she has many wonderful properties. Therefore it is not surprising that after the death of a saint in India, though it must be said in all of India have always burned, ie, there somehow not particularly fond of the mummies do. All this took away the ashes or remains of the bones at all sorts of charms, all kinds of things that protect, sanctify and protect.


Yantra should be made as taught by the master, a teacher in accordance with the text of his school.

Well, that’s what we dealt with today. You may find that in the next school of yoga, adjacent master or teacher, the same, but teaches quite differently. And he’s got a yantra corresponds to a completely different mantra. In general, the confusion can begin, so in all the yogic texts, there is always a phrase, that, well, here you understand this practice, and do the little things as you teach your teacher. Why? Because it was assumed that one teacher focuses on one, the other on the other, the third in the third.


For making yantras used gold, silver, copper, paper, wood, bark, rhinestone, iron, bones, skins and more.


Well, we have already discussed with you that sometimes creates a moment that if you do not just yantra, yantra and a known material, here kakie-to associative links already we do not understand are reinforcing way and faster and easier, for example, invite to here these energies, it is the highest window. Or maybe it helps to ensure that a person is better focus on the yantra.


Before you make yantra, yantra material to be cleaned. This is done with the help of mantras, physical purification, water, fire, incense space.


This we have already dealt with.


Take a copper plate, clean it from dirt, wash with water, put into a burning fire up until it starts to glow red. After extracting from the fire, cleaned of scale, wash with water. And begins to repeat the mantra PHAT over it for three measures of time, then for the one-time measures the mantra OM. Then leave it in an open space for a while, so as not to see someone else’s eyes.


There are specific mantras for purification yantras material. It is to be found in the respective treatises. They are, in general, to separate from one tract to another.

That’s more interesting. It’s hello to our Hindu followers Yantra Yoga, which started rolling mill, and began churning out these yantras just as sausages on a stream. I think they even just use a copper roof. She is thin, normal roof. Well, and what they, how? rich Sahib came here with a purse of dollars Taken, yantra he should, but now will do now is what you want right now is. You see, the plate should create a sense of reliability. And imagine, I sit in front of you, though not fat, but not skinny. But I’m not a piece of cardboard, not durilka cardboard. You know, today’s advertising, this flat piece of cardboard, a person depicted on it, and so on the outside you look like a man, and with a side look, it’s cardboard. I’m some kind of volume and you have the impression that you are talking with me and not with cardboard. And imagine if carton sitting here. That’s just as well when yantra too shaky, I mean the metal is too flimsy. The same copper, take, and then five hundred microns, they are saved to twice at its yantras nasabachit mill. That you do not create a sense of the Divine body, have created what a flimsy, now its broken or bend, or something else. A yantra should be quite massive. Not so five centimeters thick, but still, that you have taken. Yantra – This Yantra. Here it is the law of associative links.


The plate should give the impression of reliability. It should be fairly thick. Its size should be suitable for the practice, not too big, not too small. But in order to clearly see her at arm’s length.


Again, that’s nuances. Sometimes, sometimes doing temple and yantra make gigantic proportions. But still, you know, yantra mainly personal tool. And so it is made easier to use. If you make it really quite small, malyusku centimeter per centimeter, you are there do not make out. Try to meditate on such a small klochochek. If you do too much, imagine how far you have to move away from it, so that you have it fell entirely in your field of vision. So here are doing such a size that it’s in front of you, you are in meditation and everything you absorb. Not too big, not too small. But then again, someone’s vision keener – yantra smaller, someone worse – yantra more. But in any case, if you truly begin to revive the yantra, you should have the feeling that the body of the Deity. Once again, it’s not something shaky, but uh.


If you do it for the church, it can be great if you do it for the amulet, it can be a miniature. The process of creating and tracing the yantra – a practice in itself.


A very interesting point that in the moment when you yourself painted yantra, in fact this point is equal to meditation. That can house as meditation draw yantra. Get yourself here Taken thick notebook and draw every day. Draw, the next day a second. And so, until completely izrisuete whole notebook. And it will be equated with meditation.


Just as there are two approaches to meditation, from effect to cause and from cause to effect, just as there are two methods of contemplation yantra from the periphery to the center and from the center to the periphery. From bhupura to bindu from bindu to bhupuru.


Here you have drawn your yantra and houses somewhere in his set. And you have the opportunity to meditate in the same way as to draw it, from the center to the edge, and you can, on the contrary, from the edge to the center. The symbolism here is as follows: the center – it’s the reason all that later – is a consequence. But it is possible to go on the reverse. What first analyze the result, and then move closer to the cause. And, again, people have different stock character. Someone first has some particular studies, and then they had folded in the big picture. And someone on the contrary, trying to understand the essence of the right, and then like this one are converted into any particular details. Well, you can choose any of them.


When creating (meaning yantra) observe personal practice. Those. created in a secluded location. Observe the physical, mental purity. Do not let any foreign processes in place to create and during creation. Any extraneous activities, the presence of uninvolved people in the way. Interfering factors such as the stench, dampness, cold – anything that can distract.


To you there were no outsiders, no right of associative links. All you have plunged into drawing the yantra, or meditation on the yantra.


After creating yantra, keep it in a place where you do. Without the need not endure it and not show to others, it must become a personal tool.


I sometimes come to the adepts of secret science, they invited me back home: “Come, I’ll show you, look what drew.” Show off. Why me? Once again, remember that comparison, it’s like showing pictures of your favorite naked girl. Those. still it is necessary to consider whether or not to show or do not show.


Using the yantra. Place it in the field of vision, focus your attention. If you know the mantra, repeat it. Begin to contemplate it from the edges toward the center or from the center to the edge, it’s nice. Fixed on her his unblinking gaze, absorb yantra. If your eyes are tired, let them rest.


Here, too, a very good method, unblinking eyes to meditate on this yantra. Those. here again, and look.


Look at the yantra, yantra contemplate, then close your eyes and play it in its internal space. Do this again and again.


Those. looked, looked, looked, then closed his eyes, well, it is clear that what the long watched the eye of the picture remains. Continue to watch the mind’s eye, and over time the inner image begins to blur, blur. Gone again opened their eyes. Again, look, look, look at the yantra. Again, close your eyes, again the inner eye can see, see, see, again blurred. And here are a cyclical process repeatedly do.


Keep it again and again as long as you will not see the yantra inner vision clearer and clearer.


Then one fine morning … you know, the artists have this ability, they have their mind’s eye can see the first picture, and only then paint. Here it is one of the techniques that you also came to possess such ability, visual memory. A very useful thing in life. Those. sometimes in order to focus on the yantra, you can play it in your mind’s eye. But it is always difficult. Again, if you have somewhere to draw even on the sand, it gives much better results. Remember, any action to translate into higher gross – the greatest sadhana greatest practice yoga, your greatest achievement, whatever call. This is something that accelerates your spiritual development.


When you are able to reproduce it without any effort in the inner space of his vision, at any time and in all circumstances, the external medium becomes unnecessary.


This is already starting the first glimpses beyond. When you are at the right time it will be necessary to solve a problem, and you feel that the situation is getting out of your control, your thoughts rushing around, you’re nervous. Well, you never know, for example, hand over the exam. Here I’ll take exams on yoga. Begin rushing, nervous. And there are, of course, methods to take control of yourself. This is, firstly, a mantra. Inside the start repeating to myself the mantra. This greatly stabilizes. But even if and when this inner eye, open your eyes closed, in front of your inner eye is yantra, mantra of whether, if the other mantras here, oddly enough, there are also nuances, then you become impenetrable. All you have already become impenetrable, and your karma is bad nothing against you bounce like clumps of dirt from the tank. This is a very good thing if you need to collect. Before the eyes of the eye of the yantra, mntra in mind. I see the goal, go ahead. As soon as the chatter inside, throwing, everything you fear, adrenaline, adrenaline shakes you, shakes you even thought some stupid. Another stupid idea, any more than anything else hormones, and you have everything. With this we must fight. This excellent tools to fight it. Well, I’m telling you these things, if you begin to engage seriously in yoga, serious yoga, people do not seriously yoga are engaged, they have a million all cases, but if it is serious yoga do if absorbed in this world, that these things will you do emerge, they will rediscover themselves.


Code yantra not use, store it in a rag.


It is understood that it is not so easy to wallow. So that no one saw her, there was intact, not open some place.


Take a sheet of paper square shape.


Well, the paper, you know, this is a modern interpretation.


Draw yantra ink on it.


Next comes the topic of manufacturing amulets. But actually I do not think that you are such a vital necessity topic. Here is another theme that you will be very useful. This use of prana to strengthen the yantra.

Applying prana, to enhance the action of yoga yantra. Friends, pranayama yoga thing of course is very strong, it will be many times faster you learn and Yantra Yoga. First, we get the impression that you’re just as if pumped yantra prana. As if it was the battery or the battery, and you have charged. Well, here’s where to store Prana? The yantras store. Load oranges flanks.


By creating the vibration energy of a long repetition of mantra, chant out loud or mentally barely audible when the energy vibrations created to strengthen this energy pranayama practice, use this as a strong and gentle methods of accumulation of prana.


Here is another more serious such curl. This is when not enough that the prana, even the mantra, yantra and more.


Use the exercises in Pranayama, which intuitively think is most appropriate for a specific mantra. Once the rack stock pranayama energy can perceive yantra completely effortless.


Here is our ability, the inner eye to see the picture that we want, it is in fact not so much the ability of our memory and so on, as presence or absence of prana. When a lot of prana, he does a person without effort. A little prana have to strain.


Question: “But there are people who generally can not visually see anything imaginable. They generally do not have the prana? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Once again, what kind of people?”


Question: “They closed eyes can not imagine.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Well, they’re in a dream see anything?”

Question: “Probably.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “What do you mean, can not? They see something. So, thank God. Vague and wonderful. It is actually a very close connection between the physical body and the inner eye. Usually, if your eyes are sore, tired or poor vision, then how would it be transported to the rough starts and subtle. And such a person is really hard inner eye to see something. Because this vagueness, vagueness is not subtle, but it is the transfer of tired eyes at the thin structure. You see vague, and, thank God, let it be vague. The Yoga good? Yoga is not mechanical. It’s not like robots. Only in this way, in the micron step to the side, all the shooting. No, yoga is so smooth, it is like a child. With a child’s play, he is all smoothly, it can be put on the red-hot, to nurse. He’s not so hard on the robot joints. He is myagonky, cute. That’s about the same myagonkaya yoga, pretty. She is so vital. Therefore, there should be no way that I see, I see, all the shooting. No, well, everything comes with time. “


If you use the euphoric practice pranayama (excess prana) at the time of the release of energy and directs it to strengthen mantras and yantra.


Well, actually a continuation of the same theme.


Strengthening Prana possible and after practicing yoga mantra. Thus, you do first yantra yoga, then the practice of pranayama, mantra you efforts.


Those. Practice and Practice vibrate vibration amplification are separated in time.


Choose any of the methods that suits you.


Well, that is, Here is what I read recently, it has such moments of different yogas how to use yoga to enhance one another yoga. But it is assumed that these other yoga you know. Therefore, the concept of the study of yoga is as follows. Separately, a first study yoga, another yoga, yoga third, fourth yoga, fifth, sixth, tenth, and only then to interfere in the shake. Bartender standing behind the bar Uncle or Auntie bottles and juggling. Here I have seen one. They do cocktails. To make the cocktail, it is necessary to know what what way. And there are recipes for cocktails and they are not so, that would be a lot. Why? If you mix one thing not with something else, you have a visitor tomorrow a headache and stomach. And it is necessary to stir a drink with the other third. That’s just as yoga, it is necessary to mix them properly, then to the head does not hurt. Those. to reinforce each one yoga, but not vice versa absorbed.

So as soon as you learn individually, then you can enhance each other’s expense, at the expense of the third, fourth and fifth.


Best yantra – this is when you fall in love.


Before your mind’s eye the image of a loved one. You see it with your eyes open and eyes closed in sleep and waking and generally 24 hours a day. Those. It is the strongest one-way practice, you see an image, the image is quite specific. Therefore, love yoga, if you manage ever fall in love, there is usually photograph the same yantra. The same channel is over. Because if you fall in love with someone through this someone you discover something higher. And if you discover something higher, it means that this channel with the highest and yantra is doing the same.


Question: “Sometimes yantra make out the different landscapes, images of animals. For what it’s doing? “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I sometimes saw yantra, where the background of the yantra depicts a particular Deity, which corresponds to the alleged yantra. Those. the image of Shiva, and on top of Shiva yantra. Well, as you can imagine, this is a product of modern printing. In ancient times, this did not. There is a canonical image – the image Yantra – Yantra. But as to impose on one another, it is a recent notion. Then a huge number of yantras, which is really, well, then there must be confessed, nazhretsya some adept secret sciences LSD some, trample it simply is not a child, and it seems to him that he opened the universe. Here is a series of hallucinations. And then he’s published tome Taken my spiritual opening for a good dose of dope. And he calls all the same believe in their hallucinations.

I have seen enough of this stuff like that, through the roof. But once you understand that the value of his hallucinations zero. Yoga, when they actually went into a state of Samadhi, ecstasy, trance, they discover the truth, the reality. And these gentlemen, and they were so bad with his head, and after this the dope became even worse. And began to emerge some karmic association, some muddy compote. But as the action euphoric action here is all this stuff, they have such enthusiastic and upbeat condition, then one begins to overlap the other. And they begin to streak an association between the time of action of the drug and, accordingly, the shit that from all slots they have got at this moment. And you understand that in this human experience zero. Just zero or perhaps even negative. And when call all see this as some kind of revelation, I would not be there to watch the testimony. “


Question: “What is now on the computer to draw a yantra that exactly was that?”



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Take any vector editor, which draws no bitmap graphics and vector. In words: you take a triangle, grab his arm and stretched, every line is not drawn, but the stretch. Naplodili 9 triangles and drags the mouse. Only even this lesson takes you somewhere around … I once had this experience, I am a girl who considered herself a designer, may be likely to them and was asked to draw the Sri Yantra, well, just like that, she is killed five hours here this stripping triangles. Why? They converge, then has spread, there came together there has spread. In ancient times, it is clear no computers was not, but in that time and again, that it had in mind to have this image to reproduce it. A further especially metal, on something that is not even on the same paper. “


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