2010_10_22 Roving seminar. Veda. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Veda. Vedic knowledge. 2 thousand. BC. e.


Today, October 23, 2010. The theme of the seminar – “Veda and yoga.” How are these two concepts, and what they look like? The theme is very ambitious and controversial, despite the fact that a huge amount of published literature and there is a huge number of experts in this field.



The reason for the suspension of the Vedas knowledge


Before we start looking at this subject, I want to classify what is meant by the word “Veda” which direction the movement and flow is, using the word “Veda”. Unfortunately, there is one very sad factor that literally decades has suspended the study of this topic. Oddly enough, this factor – the Second World War. And not because that, when the “cannon roar, the muses are silent”, but for a different reason. The fact that the Vedas or Vedic knowledge was brought to India the so-called Aryans. When Germany came to power the National Socialists, they proclaimed themselves the descendants of the Aryans and built misanthropic system of fascism, with far-fetched, supposedly “Aryan” origin story of fascism. The Second World War claimed the lives of a gigantic number of people, and it is not yet fully comprehended generations. As a consequence, in the subconscious of the huge number of people, one way or another responsible for the fate of mankind, there are serious concerns and fears: “And God knows, maybe it really has something to do?”.


Therefore, the theme associated with the origins of Vedic knowledge is not something to completely inhibited, but not explicitly supported, as it should have been. Reason one – the fear, the fear of a repetition of fascism. Although, after we touch this ancient humanistic knowledge, you will realize that nothing to do with fascism, no to extremism or xenophobia or to any division of people into races, speech nationality can not in principle – so Vedas are made, they simply do not have.


But there are things that people are simply afraid and once again try not to touch them. The same fate, unfortunately, suffered the Vedas, or more precisely, not only the Vedas, but all the Vedic knowledge, which really was born Aryan tribes in India. And all would do, but the last few decades, there is really a group of people who are promoting slogans, or way of thinking, a way of action is very “resemblance” to what had feared. Began to appear a group of people who somehow try to tie their nationalist ideas of this ancient knowledge, there’s some pseudo-philosophers who begin to speculate on that. The question arises: “How can this be?” Why can not on the one hand the Vedas, in principle, be treated as some kind of fascist ideas, and on the other hand, there are people trying to use them. The answer is very simple: the Vedas – this is a very powerful knowledge is so strong, it is very strong medicine, in the “wrong” hands of the drug can become a terrible poison, in the “right” hands of a certified physician – it could be the salvation of mankind. The real strength of Vedic knowledge is the reason, that it is possible in different ways to use it.


The danger of misunderstanding the Vedic knowledge of ancient India realized a long time ago, so much so keenly aware that certain provisions were declared, that even we, the civilized people, the ear hurts. For example, the ancient sages at a certain stage of penetration of Vedic knowledge is clearly suddenly realized that it begins to be perverted, and it was very hard it is determined that only people of a certain range of the knowledge deserve to hear it. All others (unworthy) could not fend him under any circumstances, for any money, nor for any other factors, which could corrupt the ancient priests. These priests should not under any circumstances distribute knowledge, moreover, the uninitiated should not have even occasionally hear at least some fragment of knowledge. There were quite a tough call for holders of Vedic knowledge, to the Brahmins to preserve the secrets of this knowledge, to the point that if some unworthy person tries to master the knowledge you need to almost kill him, that actually is not typical for such a humanistic country like India but the danger was too great. In turn, the mystery almost ruined again the ancient Vedic knowledge, or rather, the following happened: old Brahmans (media skills) saw that there really is a terrible danger of getting this knowledge into unworthy hands and use it to cause harm to all mankind began to protect the uninitiated and enter very tough and strict barriers to this knowledge, but since some time, it has played a bad joke with this knowledge – it began to disappear.


You must understand that if the universe that something is happening, it is not “in itself”, sometimes it acts countervailing forces. I have to constantly find the narrow path in order to pass through it in the most rational way. Therefore, it is justified that the knowledge was kept secret. The fact that knowledge is disappearing – a consequence of this secret. For thousands of years of Vedic knowledge carriers somehow managed to make some kind of balance between secrecy and openness, between the threat of extinction of knowledge, on the one hand, and to prevent this knowledge to people unworthy, on the other.


So, when this knowledge is touched people unworthy, we are very well see the example of the Second World War, which actually took place some historical miracle – suddenly out of nowhere took some strength in the face of one man, forced all countries to fight and then just as suddenly he disappeared with the death of Hitler. I always give the example: no guerrilla war, nor for a long time some resistance as soon as Berlin fell, as if fascism was not. That’s the thing you have to remember when studying the Vedic knowledge. I drew attention to this, because you start to take an interest in this topic, you start to explore the texts on the Internet, some publications and encounter two opposite tendencies in all that concerns the Vedas and Vedic knowledge.


One trend is the academic, trying to be “not interested” in the topic, but rather, for complex queries, complex language of those or other scientific works, to disguise the true meaning and sharp points that do not want to answer, that is, a sabotage, and by a certain number of people from the scientific environment. You will meet and the other extreme – is an outright xenophobia, nationalism, some quite aggressive forces, which will be “in opposition”, in contrast to these first forces to shout that we are fools hold, some evil force from us all trying to hide, including the Vedic knowledge. Behind all this is some kind of a hand, is someone’s conspiracy. As a rule, it turns out that in part they are right – yes, there is some attempt some “keep out” the subject, but it is for some other reason, not because someone is hiding something, but because they are afraid. This second force that cries out that yes, indeed, these misanthropic appeals, including nationalist, we see the oldest and supposedly Vedic knowledge. They become more familiar demonstrate their off-sanity. There is a category of aggressive and not very appropriate people, and, in some circumstances, even the most dangerous. You can stumble on such followers.


These two extremes are irrelevant to the Vedic knowledge are not. In fact one extreme begets another, because everything in the universe is balanced. And here they are each other “engaged.” God forbid you take one side or another, you do not need it, because Vedic knowledge – “above” the extremes. There are very, very slim “prosloechka” as among scientists and among ordinary people (especially those who are engaged in yoga), who balanced refers to the Vedic knowledge as it is currently presented, who are far from these excesses, who really though something understood. This “middle way” – an approach that is closest to the true meaning of the Vedic knowledge, he is not on the surface, it is very deep, so it can be hard to get to it.

So, two tendencies, two opposing forces against the Vedas are observed mostly in Europe, and in India we meet quite different branches, directions, one way or another use the Vedas or Vedic knowledge. The division of these areas takes on a different color. If we look at India, inside India, there is also a different philosophical and religious currents that claim to be called Vedic knowledge, and in fact claim that the Vedas – is an integral part of their philosophical doctrines, but in fact all of a sudden it turns out that there is also not everything is transparent and clear.


The complexity of this issue lies in the fact that all the teachings that are present: religious and philosophical, which have been preserved to this day in India, could be divided into two groups. So-called orthodox, and there is such a word, it is a little jarring – “heretical.” Generally, when people say “heresy” or “heretic”, we immediately arise association – fires of the Inquisition, where the next poor guy harness, but it’s in a different way, in the way of recognition or non-recognition. A huge part of the philosophical heritage of India can be divided into current, teachings that recognize the authority of the Vedas, that is, it accepts that the Vedas contain the highest truth, and those teachings and movements that do not recognize this. Those who admit – there are more and they are actually the basis of all the exercises and movements in India, and those who do not recognize – much less. I would like to mention two trends that, from a formal point of view, do not accept the Vedas. It is for Buddhism. But if you start to dig deeper, in the same study Buddhism, you will realize that it is not something that does not recognize, it simply tries to convey all of the same skills that are in a language other Vedas. Therefore, for the man who knows, who knows for a Buddhist, you can not even say that Buddhism is opposed to the Vedas. Buddhism at one time was in opposition to the caste of priests, who were covered by the Vedas, although probably already ceased to understand them. You will not find anything new, that would not be in the Vedas, if you begin to study Buddhism.


The rest of the system, or as they are sometimes referred to as “darshan” (the philosophical views of the world) all recognize the authority and validity of the Vedas, but many interpret the provisions of the Vedas only on his own. There is another serious problem facing European who wants to study the Vedas. Very often you will meet a representative of a particular religion or a particular sect of India, which came to the West and begins with good reason, or say with confidence, that he brought the Vedic knowledge. What is it for, or sect, or some school of thought is the only properly understand the Vedas, Vedic knowledge. All is good, but only those members of the West comes an enormous amount. The saddest thing is a tradition (teaching) sometimes directly contradict the other, and a person inexperienced immediately suspect, as it may well be so: I would like in India, seems to be the birthplace of the Vedas, like people come from the heart of this knowledge, but each begins something to talk about her. Moreover, their situation does not dock with each other – it is also a big problem.


So when we are confronted with the notion of “Veda”, whether kakie-to interpretation in the West, whether kakie-to interpretation, which came from India, we are always very strong risk that under the guise of local understandings kakih-to we try to give a more global knowledge. This makes the goal of this seminar is extremely difficult, but on the other hand, if we do not, then we seem to approximate the time when the true knowledge of the Vedas will fade. When any kind of sectarian, semi-political or even some trends begin to impose their interpretation of this ancient knowledge.

Several approaches to the study of the Vedas.

As we study this ancient heritage in the modern era? What are the Vedas?


There are several approaches to the study of the Vedas.

The first approach – purely scientific. When representatives of Western science are beginning to analyze these or other historical monuments, such as the Vedas, and draw conclusions not on the opinion of the Hindus or the myths and fables that may be present in the groups of people who supposedly have kept this knowledge, but only rigorous way by factors that used in stories. Those. modern scientist says: “If there is the Vedas, then show me the material, these sheets, where this knowledge is written.” Then a scientist using radiocarbon dating the age of the records, this manuscript or the copy of the Vedas was written then that, accordingly, there is at least some dating. Then a scientist, of course, trying to get a grasp of the meaning of the Vedas and examines some geographical, historical names, those or other household objects, and starts to compare them. For example, there is a particular place name – from other sources we know that it was there that in a while, there are some factors that can be compared, to compare. In respect of the Vedas there is a very clear boundary that someone would not say what about when the Vedas were written, in any case they were written before Buddhism. Accordingly, there is still some kind of dating. Finally, a more interesting analyzes, methods, comparison, for example, analysis of language, words, any foreign inclusions. If you meet in the Vedas, the word clearly does not belong to the Indo-European language group, then there is reason to believe that at the time of writing or generating Vedic priests Brahmins somehow come into contact with other people or any other language, ie This was reflected. Very interesting linguistic method of reconstruction, analysis of language. It is extremely interesting to compare different historical texts, manuscripts, philosophical doctrines. The Vedas are very close to the Avesta, Avesta – it drevneiranskoe heritage. So indirectly, the scientist begins to reconstruct – that arose when there was, and what’s the point. This is one approach, and it must be said – one of the most promising, sane and worthy of respect.


Another approach to the study and preservation of the Vedas – as numerous representatives of the philosophical or religious schools, which rely including the Vedas, are beginning to proclaim the myths that have been preserved in their schools. Each philosophical system wants to take credit for ages and we face the allegations sometimes that Vedas emerged over so many thousands of years, which, strictly speaking, is only a smile among scientists. But in the environment of a particular sect or that religious doctrine which ostensibly claims to understand the Vedas, it passes “on hurray”. It is said somewhere in the myths, legends, that so-and-so, then the way it is – and, as you know, it’s just room for all sorts of obscurantism. There’s one – in his own way, and then begins to invent.


In modern times there is a more balanced and sensible approach to the study of the Vedas. These are a few groups of researchers who first try to understand the essence of Vedic knowledge, and only then try to interpret the formal text of the Vedas in one direction or another. That is, if the Vedas are preserved, if it is really a big knowledge in the first place, these researchers believe that it is necessary to understand the meaning of this knowledge, and only then, as modern scientists interested in all kinds of datings or comparisons. If you know the meaning, then, in fact, you do not care what the myths and stories revolve around the Vedas. Therefore, if it is obvious nonsense, then you will drop it immediately if there is any grain of something valuable, you leave it.

Another factor that is perhaps the most mysterious. In India, we have survived the group of people who also believe that they are carriers of the Vedic knowledge, but they keep it absolutely secret. There are still priests, the Brahmins, who are the Vedas, but that is absolutely not inclined to transfer this knowledge to any of the above categories of researchers – neither scientists nor sectarians or researchers who are trying to understand the essence of this knowledge to anyone. They seem to hold the Vedas themselves, understanding, interpretation, use of instruments of the Vedas in a very narrow circle of initiates, which can not penetrate. As a rule, this mystery is inherited, and this continuity, apparently survived to the present day through the millennia. It’s kind of like emergency supplies, reference, which to some extent will keep this knowledge. You know that in any country there is a collection of seeds of various cereal plants, in case if one or the other kind of disappear, so in specially protected areas keep a small amount of seeds of certain plants. In France, there is a standard weight, the standard length, recognized all over the world, and all other units collate to these standards, to avoid discrepancies. It is clear that access to these standards is very limited, only in extreme cases can be accessed in France to the standard of one kilogram – a unit of mass.


Similarly, the following priests, the Brahmins contain, retain the knowledge of the Vedas to the present day, trying to completely overlap with the outside world, with a civilization that is now greatly affects the lifestyle of people living in India. We are interested, above all, India. As a first approximation, I described the situation that occurs. As you can see, everything is very difficult, everything is absolutely obvious. All my words have to be very good push for you to you, if at least know something about the Vedas, tried as a first approximation to rethink how we come to this knowledge, and if they have gone through one of the groups that I have mentioned, and whether they have deliberately distorted. This is a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey future, we will consider with you.

The meaning of the Vedas


Let’s start with the subject of our review and the sources on which we rely in the examination of the Vedas and Vedic knowledge. When you hear the word “Veda”, which is very clear to our ear, it is born a certain way: Veda – “Veda” or in other words, “to know”. The word “Veda” has the same meaning in the ancient Vedic language, as, say, in the Russian language, which is in itself a striking and surprising fact. In the future, these intersections will meet the greatest set. The word “Veda” many shades of meaning, one of them – the knowledge, or another word – vision. Those. when you do something completely you realize, see, know, here you have a look at some picture and knew her, saw realized. Vedas – this knowledge, vision and understanding. If we talk in a narrower sense of the word “Veda”, it refers to those texts in which the knowledge from ancient times to the present day have been transferred, we have in mind some manuscripts, books, texts.

Four Vedas


There are four Vedas. One of the oldest – Rig Veda – is fundamental. The remaining three: The Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda somehow subordinate to and are dependent on the Rig Veda, they are later in time of origin. Strictly speaking, if you hear the expression “Vedic knowledge” or “knowledge of the Vedas,” that must mean that the knowledge contained in the four Vedas. Because in the future, in the history of India began to appear other writings, treatises, manuscripts, which are said to refer to the Vedas or trying to decipher the meaning of the four Vedas, but, in fact, are more comments or explanations to the four Vedas. As you know, comments and explanations can be very different – and sane, responsible and irresponsible, irresponsible. But formally, the people who hold these comments, it is believed that they also – Vedic knowledge – this, too, involves a lot of confusion. Sometimes one or the other, “a comment on a comment on the comment” issue of the Vedic knowledge, and export to the west, sometimes it is very doubtful interpretation, and this must be very careful. Therefore, if we are talking about the Vedas, about Vedic knowledge, then we have to operate in the first place, the four Vedas. All other treatises, explaining, historical works, and so on, as if they were not well written or as if they were not quoted by various philosophical and religious figures – this thing is secondary.


The next difficult time. We have listed there: the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. But here everything is easy, everything is not easy with the fourth – Atharva Veda. Atharva apparently originated much later than the first three Vedas and, of course, is of secondary importance, but in structure, style and goals, as well as the use of applications, it stands alone. And what is most interesting, is still preserved in India or that school, or that the tradition of Vedic knowledge, which does not recognize the Atharva Veda, and believe that it is a later inclusion, not pertaining to the Vedic knowledge. There are groups of tradition bearers, which recognize four Vedas, and there are groups that recognize only three Vedas.



Usually the question – on which were written the Vedas, the answer is that in Sanskrit. No, not in Sanskrit, the Vedas were written in the Vedic language. Vedic language is quite significantly different from Sanskrit, Sanskrit originated much later Vedic language. Moreover, the researchers note that the Vedic language closer to the language of the Avesta (drevneiranskoe heritage) than to the modern Sanskrit. It adds another complicating factor – the language in which the Vedas were written.


Sanskrit is now more or less studied, in the west of a sufficiently large number of people he knows in India, and so can not be said about the Vedic language, it is very archaic – it also imposes severe restrictions on the study and understanding of the Vedas and the Vedic knowledge. Vedic language (sometimes called Vedic Sanskrit) as the language belongs to the group of Indo-European languages, which, including include: Russian, Baltic countries, languages, Germanic languages – it is quite a large group. This explains the fact that, oddly enough, many of the terms of the Vedic language, we can better understand and interpret, if we sometimes try to understand the phonetic sound of a Vedic word. Suddenly you may find that it is very in tune with a particular Russian word. Sometimes, quite inexplicably to have better starts to reach a particular point of a Vedic mantra, if you look at the position of the Slavic languages (Russian, for example) and keep track of the total root Indo-European languages.

Material carriers Vedas


In the material form of the Vedas – a text written on sheets of sufficient size. Each Veda is a sufficiently weighty or heavy work, where quite a lot of material. The different interpretations, different sources are sometimes referred to several different numbers, for example, the Rig Veda – in the area in 1028 carols (it is the most popular figure). Each hymn consists of verses – mantras. Rig Veda contains more than 10 thousand poems, mantras. There are totally unique and deserving of the highest reviews – Russian edition of the Rig Veda. The feat of the translation of the Rigveda into Russian woman made in 1987 to finish work on the translation of the Rig Veda, and called this woman – Tatyana Y. Tatyana Elizarenkova. This is the man who put virtually all of my life, to be translated into Russian, all four Vedas. Unfortunately, she died recently, but we now have the opportunity to read the translation of all the four Vedas in Russian, and this translation is made at a very high level. In a book of about 770 pages – and this is only one-third of the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and still have, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. The next thing that should be remembered: the texts of the Vedas that have survived to the present day and dated, including modern scientific methods, relatively recent written in our era.

Background spelling Vedas

Before the Vedas were written, they were transmitted exclusively orally and memorized in the memory. The basis of Vedic knowledge, of which we speak, the meaning, the structure, the main provisions of a recitative or poetry – mantra, which for thousands of years were not recorded and passed down from teacher to pupil orally. Probably when there was a danger of losing the knowledge, the first attempt to write down the Vedas to any material support have been made.


Related to this is another very complex problem. The fact is that any mantra ancient Vedas must first be correctly reproduced by voice. The most important thing was to keep the sound, and that’s how you will record the sounds – it tenth. Therefore, there was an interesting phenomenon, which later moved in Sanskrit – the same word can be written different letters. This is to some extent the opposite situation to the one we have in Western civilization, to which we are used to from school. If you are in the school wrote a dictation and, God forbid, have changed the “I” to “E”, “E” to “I”, kakoe-nibud end misspelled on an “as I hear – and I write,” that you could guarantee get a deuce and a shame you could put it “on the form.” In the Vedic language and later in Sanskrit did not have such problems. The most important thing – to convey the sound and pass it can be in many ways – it is still perplexed many researchers in the field of mantra-yoga. When they take the text of the same mantras, written in different schools, and see: there – one the number of letters, and they somehow appear one by one, the other – the other. The poor of the Western researcher is always the suspicion that someone messed up something, that somewhere some bug crept. No, it may be that no error, just the main thing was to transmit sound.


As you can imagine, when the text forgets, passed from teacher to pupil orally – that is one thing, but when it tries to write – it’s a different situation. Since the Vedas were written many, many later than created, and in fact we are increasingly forced under current conditions to use the option that has been written, and so in this regard, there is another serious problem – and correctly we read what it was written then that.

The character of the Vedas record


You’ve probably seen by viewing these or other books on yoga, which depicted ancient palm leaves and, in particular, certain phrase in Sanskrit, as a rule, it is a huge set of icons, and on top of a single trait that unites a large number of these icons. So – it’s not one big word, it is a few words, combined in such a way. As a consequence, there is another obstacle in the way researcher – and how to break the single text on the components, because matter how you break, there is the most different meaning. In modern science, there is such a thing – a palindrome. You to understand this expression: “am different, absurd.” If you write “absurd” a single word, you get a single value if you divide it by – “am different” – is a very different meaning. Enough interesting direction now books come in all sorts of online articles appear, I recommend to read to better understand one another ambush, which will stand in the way of studies of Vedic knowledge. Or the famous phrase “A rose fell on his paw Azor” – back and forth, you can read it. It turns out that before you even read this or that text in Vedic Sanskrit, it is necessary to properly break – and it is still changing the meaning.


Veda a long transmitted by word of mouth, and by the student was required to memorize them by heart, and the heart to play a huge amount of poetry – mantra. Once again, one Rigveda consists of 10 books, in other words – 10 mandalas and represents 10,600 small mantras – lyrics – Texts. This is only the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and still remained, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda, which also had to be learned by heart. As you know, in ancient times, and in modern times, it is a serious problem. Although, of course, in the mind of ancient man was cleaner – vse-taki, probably, he looked smaller advertising on TV, less junk he had in his head, probably, and the life was simpler – close to nature, less TV. But, it is still a very serious problem – not just to remember, and remember without any distortion. In order to really lose anything, a variety of ways of memorizing were invented. One of them – this is when a long sentence is divided into syllables and then stored in syllables, then remembered when, say, two syllables are reversed. For example, the word is composed of syllables A, B, C, A-B is stored, B-C, A-C. Another way: A-B, B to A, that is, changing places. Memorize a huge number of different kinds of combinations of these texts, in order to eliminate the slightest mistake, the slightest loss in the sound of the Vedas. I must say that the ancient sages, teachers and students have achieved this enormous practical results, because, despite all the millennium, the texts of the Vedas have survived with little or no distortion, but, once again, in their phonetic sound, with the writing may be possible.


Next time: in fact, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda – Veda is subordinate to the Rig Veda, and increasingly they determined how to use the Rig Veda. In the structure they have almost the same hymns, mantras, and that the Rig Veda. But with regard to the Atharva Veda, it stands out against the background of the first three Vedas, and it is more practical Veda. If you look with fresh eyes, if you do not know what is Veda, it would appear that this is a collection of plots, and many different and good and not very good. This, incidentally, greatly distinguishes among the first three Vedas, but, apparently, it was some kind of a working tool of the era.

Who is the author of the Vedas?


Here we are in for a surprise, which is significantly different from the life of ancient life of modern people. Now in the modern world, in the West it is necessary, as they say, “PR” or shouting to right and left at each corner of his personality. In this respect, our friends – Americans are well done, put on stream – sneezed, and tomorrow has written a book, “My spiritualistic experience sneezing.” It is something they saw or some minimal experience received, and has bragged to the world, and we go into a bookstore and read already translated into Russian expert opinion, including on yoga and the Vedas. And he can, in college it was nothing to do – it is a book any flipped, and he wrote, began to promote himself, screaming at every corner, it is the highest that the teacher, adept secret sciences. So, then you absolutely will not find in the Vedic knowledge, very modestly behaved people who told and preserved to us this knowledge.


Do you sometimes find very meager hints of the ancient sages, who were called “Rishi”. Rishi – it is the ancient sages, who gave us the Vedic knowledge, itself hardly leaving the slightest information, for the simple reason that they believed that the knowledge they gave higher sphere, ie they did not come up and sit. Sometimes it seems that the philosopher sits and invents a new philosophical doctrine, as it were, to bring happiness to mankind, nothing like that – like the ancient sages heard it directly from the knowledge of the higher realms, and then recorded his first in the oral transmission, and then in writing. Therefore, all the four Vedas are called Vedic language on “sruti” or heard. It’s a knowledge class – not a created by some people, heard or sensed from the higher spheres of the ancient sages Rishi.

The deep sense of the Vedas


We are faced with another big mystery, and may be a key point in understanding the Vedic knowledge, and the ability to use it.


An interesting example of how in ancient Vedic language, sounds the word “ignorant” – “durveda”.


The Vedas represent a collections of mantras, which are decorated in some hymns, when several mantras are following each other, and combined into sets connected one some thought. From a formal point of view, if you give a person uninitiated just read these mantras, hymns, they are unlikely to show him something interesting. At first glance it looks like a praise of various gods, the elements, some natural phenomena, and something else. Major themes in the same Rigveda is not too much. This hymns addressed to Agni – the element, or the god of fire, Indra – the mythical deity of roofing felts, roofing felts a manifestation of some kind of force, responsible for the whole procedure, with pronounced anthropomorphic traits. Indra protects victory: winning the war, races, or that competition, or anything that is related to the battle against the dark forces. Huge interest are hymns to the so-called Soma – it’s such a strange drink that is consumed priests during some practices, rituals. It may be hymns puzzles – some of the national anthem, where one feels that here is this secret language expounded certain hints on certain practices. Sometimes it’s hymns cosmological character – the origin of the universe, sometimes it’s hymns dialogues, which carry, on the one hand, the external sense, but, apparently, this external sense is a container for something very deep, which we can not understand can.


When Europeans first became acquainted with the Vedas, of course, was an attempt to quickly translate them into European languages. Transfers were made in French. Interestingly, the most serious work on the translation of the Vedas was made in German. In fact, the Russian language, this work has been completed practically in our 20th century. Once again I wish to mention the people with whom you are sure to encounter, if you start to be interested sane interpretation, sane texts of the Vedas. Among the Russian-language literature you will certainly come across the name of Tatiana Yakovlevna Tatyana Elizarenkova (she died recently, in 2007) and her husband, Vladimir Nikolaevich Toporov. Then, a very interesting approach, combining the rigor of modern science and at the same time a sense of the mystery that is hidden behind the external verse, you find Paul Alexandrovich Grintser.


By the way, now it is called during the collapse of science, during the domination of the garbage, we do not see that there is really some kind of storehouse of knowledge. Previously, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Eastern Division, Oriental Institute) translate, adapt, gave comments on absolutely wonderful texts, at the highest scientific level, who never dreamed of in any other, including European countries. Published quite unique philosophical works. Then, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has already become the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has these books, published over a large number of decades. In Moscow, it was once home of the academic book, highly recommend – ask, can remain pitiful remnants of the houses (in the area of Tsvetnoy boulevard in Leninsky Prospect area). There you will find, and buy these texts that you in any esoteric store you meet, and if they meet, it often will be “crap”.

What good is the Soviet approach? You will recall that after the revolution has been cleaning the brain, with all its positive and negative sides. Destroyed a lot of spiritual, suffered and religion, and philosophy, and esoteric teachings, some non-trivial view of life. This Marxist-Leninist ideology weeded like a tractor plowed field. Of course, the affected plants and worthy of this field, but, fortunately, it was a huge plowed field weeds, obscurantism, superstition, insanity, and so on, then you will not find the same in India. You will not find such a clear and meaningful look at certain things, which we have here. Some people say, “Oh, something I will study in India,” In India, you can run into obscurantism, not even knowing that this is obscurantism, exactly for the reason that there was not such a comb of the plow, which all it plowed. A lot of good has been destroyed, but really a lot of weeds consciousness has been eliminated. It is clear that then, when there was an urgent need for a study of Eastern cultures (extremely urgent need), not leisurely interest, at least for reasons of geopolitics. Let’s say you send ambassador to Nepal, you also need to know that there is a culture that for the knowledge, traditions, and India have decided to conclude any agreement or some other – Arab countries. You have to cook in this mentality. In Soviet times, it knew perfectly well, and somehow funded direction for the study of everything connected with the East, and as a result, and these historic foundations on which grow all the philosophical and religious doctrines and trends, and did so from the standpoint of common sense, from the position of the rigid logic, from the perspective of the adoption of the global nature of the decisions. This has created an unprecedented conglomeration of clarity, a fresh look at the most ancient layers of human culture. At the same time, of course, people who begin to sink into the study of these texts, these treatises, suddenly began to feel myself that the Marxist-Leninist philosophy even in something right, but other aspects of life, it absolutely does not disclose. And these people like to reopen for us the set of regulations that sometimes in countries carriers are not so well understood.


First of all, I will rely on the text of the above authors, because I am also a product of the Soviet era with all the strengths and weaknesses. I was educated and lived a life of our mentality here is dear to me as a memory, so even if I really want, I still will not Hindu. I am sometimes asked, “Why do not you take a pseudonym? What kind of “Abvgdeyzhzk-ananda.” Well, friends, what someone make a fool as I “ananda”?


Therefore, from the actual material, I really like all that has been done in our academia. Certainly, there are texts to which our academics have not reached, and then I have to go, so to speak, detours, maneuvers it with one hand. Now, on the other hand, all the scholarly editions are very beautiful and reconciled. It is known to sense the shell, although there were such a very serious attempt to understand the non-verbal. Pavel Alexandrovich Grintser completely unique article, where he analyzes the secret language of the Rigveda. A person who examines the Vedas, sooner or later begins to understand – so it could not be trivial some verses, praise, there was some hidden meaning. And it from the position of a purely scientific academic taking its first steps and, in fact, receives a confirmation, regardless of any tradition (in the Eastern sense of the word), as, say, a disciple of some yoga school or some philosophical or religious doctrine. It is, in a sense, re-opening feat! That’s what I dream that it would be in yoga in the future.


But, all the same, despite the fact that I am a product of the Soviet era, I still representative of the yoga school. And in addition to the institutions of higher education, I finished where he studied and worked in our country, I am, of course, had a chance to learn from the teachers and the teachers, media yoga tradition. And they gave me something very important, something that is usually called clues or keys to translate the momentum. If anything, it’s a beautiful word – commitment. Therefore, to study and present the Vedas we read: the basis for taking the frame, which gives us the science and the most distinguished representatives, including the philosophy of India, and to interpret the Vedic knowledge, I will as it is given in our school of yoga.


Unfortunately, at this moment there are strength and weakness. The strength is that there is non-verbal understanding. The weakness lies in the fact that there will always be another school of yoga that will tell me: “Are you sure that your yoga school understands it as it actually is, but it may be that you, too, something I do not understand ? “But here, unfortunately, I answer them nothing could, because if I found a sane yoga school that would give me more knowledge, it is likely that I would be there with them, and stayed. But since I still nothing more sane nowhere to be found, then it’s all I have to speak from the position of the school of yoga, to which I am committed. But what I did not find, can not mean that it is not, maybe I was not allowed to – that, too, can not be excluded. But there is another point: regardless – allowed, not allowed, as my teacher let me in and gave knowledge, even if it is really a grain, and in some cases are more than vast amounts. I can confidently say only one thing, even these grains to our level of understanding of the subject is more than enough for a lifetime of continuous learning. Therefore, it is in a certain sense makes my conscience is calm, in the sense that it is necessary to start somewhere, even if subsequently open more ambitious prospects than those with which we are acquainted with you here.

From the Vedas come to us?


At first glance, the answer is obvious – from India. In our view all that is associated with the Vedas, the Vedic Knowledge – is a product of India. Here we are waiting for the very first historical mystery connected with the origin of the Vedas. It consists in the fact that in India, the Vedas and the Vedic knowledge brought Aria. Aria – this was the name of some related tribes, who entered the territory of India, already having knowledge of the Vedas. This, oddly enough, the first thing we say modern scholars that the methods do not rely on any religious doctrines, myths, stories of this or that school just started, like Sherlock Holmes, for a variety of circumstantial evidence to analyze the Vedas. Vyrisovalas this situation: Aria is a very interesting, strange people infiltrated into India through the pass of the Hindu Kush, ie It was held on the territory of present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and only then went to the territory of India that we see on a modern map. Modern scholars tell us that this wave of the Aryans penetrated by our modern Central Asia, ie areas between the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. And that, apparently, there they were out of some broader area stretching from the Urals regions on the one hand almost to the South Caucasus on the other hand.


Methods of reconstruction of language, customs, mention of certain geographical features (rivers, mountains, etc.), the myths of other nations (including Slavic), ancient Iranian heritage analysis Avesta – say the following: Aryans came to India from the north . In fact, we get the following – the Vedic knowledge was not created in India, and was brought to the territory of modern India, which in itself is more emphasis unfolds, our view of what we are studying. Modern scholars point of view on this subject quite a lot, and they are strong enough hatred. Until now, fierce debate, and these discussions are burdened with a vague fear – and if we get fascism? Because Hitler called himself an Aryan. Those. many factors that are not entirely clear, but, nevertheless, more or less recognized the following points: on the territory of modern India and Pakistan before the invasion of the Aryans was some ancient civilization. The remains of this civilization have been found in the form of artifacts – the ruins of cities, and the name of this civilization got Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. By the time the Aryan invasion that civilization somehow disappeared.


At one time, the prevailing view was that it was Aria invaded and destroyed this civilization. However, archaeological excavations and other indirect evidence has shown that there is a gap of time between the death of the ancient civilization in India and the invasion of Aryans. For some reason this civilization disappeared – it is one of the greatest mysteries of history, they are still arguing about the causes. Some call the sharp change in climatic conditions, some some economic disasters associated with environmental disasters. Someone calls a variety of reasons: the epidemic and God knows what, but it obviously was not Aryan conquest. At one time tried to present the Aryan invaders, but it does not hold, from this concept, scientists are now abandoned. But what constitutes this civilization before the arrival of the Aryans, we do not know. Preserved very nice city, beautiful, with such attributes, which we in modern India does not observe here and there was a centralized water supply and sewerage and the sewage system, to my knowledge, in India is not always good, but there it was thought. But, for some reason, this civilization has come to “no” is not known.


Over time, from Afghanistan, Pakistan invaded Aryan tribes. Their distinctive feature was the extreme mobility. The basic know-how or technological breakthrough at the time were the chariots. If you read the hymns of the Vedas, the main theme around which everything revolves – a chariot, creation and management of a chariot, racing, etc., and at that time it was the high-tech chariot. So to continue to Vedic knowledge and Vedic knowledge to the carriers, as some introverts, people who are not interested in the outside world, does not hold water, this happened much later in India. The Aryan tribes, you would not find “sad philosophers.”


Aryan tribes invaded India, first through the territory of modern Pakistan and began to slowly assimilate. On the territory, where they invaded, of course, were the locals, the remains of previous civilizations – the people who lived there, but had to quarrel. It was not some over civilization, which collapsed earlier, according to the reconstruction of events it was some half-savage tribes – they were called Dasa or Dasyus. And it is not clear – whether it is a variant of the same, whether they were different tribes. These tribes differed significantly from the Aryan tribes first appearance. If you read the description of indirect Aryan tribes, that they were people close by the type of their appearance to the Europeans, blond, blue-eyed people. Native tribes, which invaded Aria, belonged to a different race and different dark skin. Here there is one of the things that causes suspicion and were not there Arias forerunners of fascism? That supposedly invaded blond beasts to the poor aborigines, but in fact nothing of the sort. Arias, though, and fought with the tribes and Dasyus Das (where they were serious war) was inevitable – they are dissolved.


If we see the modern Indian, whose skin color is different from the European, then no matter how much the Indian did not tell us that he was a pure-blooded Aryan, this factor is the mixing took place and I must say, even in fairly ancient times. From the moment of mixing the Aryans with the local tribes, we are witnessing the emergence of the caste system. In the days of the Aryans themselves when created hymns and mantras, there was no distinct castes. This caste Brahmins – the priests, the Kshatriyas – warriors and Vaishno – farmers, traders, artisans (mostly farmers). According to the reconstruction of this knowledge, one can easily move from caste to caste, more knowledge has been available to women all the rights of women and men were surprisingly equal. There were, of course, its own characteristics – a woman is not in chariots to fight her more to the face give birth to children, but in terms of access to knowledge, in terms of participation in higher knowledge, we do not see any hard constraints, which later appeared and saved up to now days in modern India.


When the Aryans invaded the tribes, they became confused. Gradually, there was a very rigid caste system is related to the fact that there is a real threat to dissolve and lose knowledge. It was then that there was a fourth caste, known as Sudras – in all senses of the word slave caste. I want to draw your attention that it was the humanist solution, which is generally at the time could be in the land. At the same time, as we know, other tribes enslaved all objectionable. India has not taken the path of bondage, slavery there is practically not observed. When trying to present the Vedic knowledge by some misanthropic, it means that people do not understand this question. Instead of paying people into slaves, they simply draw a line, so as not to be mixed and does not lose its identity, and as a consequence, higher Vedic knowledge. Prior to this, the caste system is a terrible form of which tremble all Europeans, we do not see, it was a necessary measure.

In parallel, or in some other period of time with the Aryans, had invaded the territory of India, was the same process that has involved the territory of present-day Iran. The name Iran on political maps of the world emerged only recently. Prior to this country was called Persia. Oddly enough, a considerable role in the renaming of the theme played Aryan population of present-day Iran. There were some related tribes, probably also of Aryan descent, but who then went not towards India and towards other countries, including present-day Iran. From the Life of reconstruction can be seen that in the future we are as a community, and a certain opposition of some elements of these cultures. In India, it is the Vedic culture, the culture of the territory of Iran, associated with Avesta. Language is extremely close, in fact, as experts note, sometimes it seems that it is actually the same thing. You can take the national anthem of the Avesta, translated, and you turn out the Vedas. It provides a powerful tool for comparison and explanation of the mysteries. We do not understand something in the Vedas, can be compared to a similar place with Avesta. But, on the Avesta, too, all is not well, she did not survived as a living tradition, insofar as the Vedas. Moreover, we see even hostility in some parameters between the two branches of the Aryan. Among the Aryans probably also it was not all right.


In a later epoch we see an interesting thing – in the tradition of the Avesta was the god Ahura Mazda. If, according to the lexical reconstruction convert certain letters, sounds Avestan Aryans in the Vedic letters, sounds, you get a word associated with the word Asura. In the ancient Vedic Asura – a deity of a positive nature. In later texts, especially poslevedicheskih, we have named Asura being who opposes the gods of the Hindu pantheon, which are called “devas” The most interesting, that is how the word “girl”, “girl”, something divine. Continuation of the story is very interesting: if the representatives of India Asura – is something that is not enlightened and hostility, then from Iran traditions have a concept of “devas” or otherwise – the demon. It turns out that the two cultures have their highest gods worshiped, and opponents of the gods on the contrary strongly belittled.


Vedas at the moment is the oldest, lived to this day the tradition, the most ancient philosophical doctrine. All the legends, the myths of ancient Greek, Hebrew, etc. already later. This is quite a unique case that reached us virtually intact so ancient knowledge and culture, even in the head does not fit, and they went through a huge number of changes of life, ages, people – just amazed.

How many years of the Vedas?


The question of dating the Vedas – this is one of the most pressing issues. There are various points of view. Western scientists say that the Vedas were formed and have been codified in a very wide range – 2500-1500 BC This approach of modern scientists, who based their research call this number. Some other scholars, including Scientists in India, called the older figure – 4500-5000 BC Finally, a large number of different kinds of religious movements and exercises that use the Vedas, or claim that they are the bearers of the knowledge of the Vedas is called absolutely fantastic figures, for example, 10 thousand years BC As it is, in fact, the question from the standpoint of modern science, is likely to be resolved for a long time. Many factors braked, at least what remains of the Harappan civilization or Mahendzho-daro are on the border of India and Pakistan, there is always a war going on, so the excavation is not possible, and such a plan humanities very little money is allocated (it just no one does). Surprisingly, even that we have at least the fact that now there are – this is truly a gift. From the point of view of Western science, you will find the dating more moderate. In terms of Indian scientists – the older, the numbers sometimes absolutely fantastic – 10 thousand years -. It is quite a long time, sometimes referred to as numbers 40 and 50 thousand years BC. Modern scientists it causes skepticism.


There is another mysterious thing, I want to mention about it though, because it is the testimony of scientists. Here is an example, which resulted in the preface to Rigveda T.Ya.Elizarenkova, I really liked it. Everything has a prehistory. For example, if you start to study the evolution of modern technology, you will see a modern Mercedes. You can find at the dump parts of the earlier version, the museum very first car, and so on until the most primitive self-propelled carts, ie there is a certain evolution. A similar evolution we are seeing all the time in the study of cultural and historical heritage. There are the crown of creation of a culture, but there is a long approach to this. This applies to all countries – Greece, the Roman Empire, Egypt, etc. Veda in this respect are the mysterious phenomenon – they mostly are the crown, and everything else in the background of the Vedas is more faded. All subsequent cultural works that we see in India, and which primarily refer to their Veda, not as bright as the Vedas. The analogy TY Tatyana Elizarenkova resulted in the following. Imagine that before there big cultural river, it starts with a small stream and then grows and grows. But in respect of the Vedas and the Vedic knowledge we have such a riddle: as if at first it was a giant lake from which something is poured, ie we do not have the prehistory of the Vedas, they came to us already in perfect, ready, to lay down the form, and we see no factors, how they were formed. Vedas came suddenly, it corresponds to the concept of “heard” or sruti. In fact, everything else in the Indian culture – a transcript, or to a certain degree of interpretation of the Vedas, sometimes in the form of maintaining, sometimes in the form of protest, as we see in Buddhism currents, Jainism, Sikhism. But, in fact, this is not a protest, but an attempt to express the same concept of the Vedas, but on the other hand, when it is a normal, traditional hand among the priests, the Brahmins people no longer understand anything.

It turns out that the Vedas came as the shelf, passed from mouth to mouth, and then were recorded, but also continued to be transmitted by word of mouth. Some changes may still occur, particularly connected with this mystery of the origin of the Atharva Veda, but the very first impulse is unknown to us. This tells us the modern science. In terms of the mythology of various schools, which claim that they are the bearers of Vedic knowledge, we are faced with sometimes quite paradoxical, interesting and exciting interpretations versions – whence the Vedic knowledge. Hypotheses are very different. I am faced with the hypothesis that Vedic knowledge is of extraterrestrial origin, that supposedly arrived aliens, impart knowledge and flew away. As a rule, people who do paleocontacts, like an excerpt including of the Vedas, which describe the flying chariot through the sky, the wonder-weapon, similar to a laser gun that is very much it looks like the product of some highly developed technological civilization. Still think it’s aliens arrived, a couple of carts flying left, the knowledge transferred and flew away.


There are more “terrestrial” hypothesis. There was an interesting person by the name Tilak – Hindu Brahman, received a European education, so he could fairly trivial to look at the whole picture. Having access to confidential knowledge of the Vedas, put forward in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. interesting hypothesis about the Arctic origin of the Vedas. After analyzing the text and matching different references, he concluded that the Vedas have occurred in the Arctic Circle, and that the tribes of the Aryans brought this knowledge directly from the territory, which now coincides with the territory of modern Kola peninsula and a little further to the west and to the east, which was allegedly Aryan homeland. Then, for some reason, they have to migrate to the south and reached the territory of modern India. Tilak published a book “Arctic homeland of the Aryans”, you can find it if you wish. It attracted a lot of attention to this issue, but these years were the period preceding the emergence of fascism, therefore, in part, some ideas of Aryan origin as something higher, through the Western press were leaked to the media of the future fascists. After coming to power of Hitler theme Aryan or Nordic origin superman was very relevant. Nazi Germany sent and financed the expedition to Tibet, India, and other places “in the wake of the Aryans”, spending a fantastic funding. I came across a mention of these alleged research esoteric nature of the Third Reich spent a sum comparable to the amount that Americans spent on “Manhattan” project to create a bomb. Honestly, I do not know how to deal with this information, but the fact that these ideas began to emerge before the First World War, and were developed in the future. Why do modern scientists and are afraid of the topic and knows what there, if we start digging. At McGee is the product of about Alice, where some of the war planet viruses were detected, aggression, if “dig deeper” in ancient tombs, and he will pick up any infection. It was similar to what “Aryan theme of” dangerous – division of people into “supermen” and “nedolyudey”. The fact that the modern Indian does not look like a European, said that these fears are unfounded. The Aryans were never nationalists in the sense that they ascribe evil tongues.


When out hypothesis Tilak and began to spread in India, followed by a sudden unexpected reaction from many orthodox Brahmins – they are sharp indignation and condemnation began to refute this theory. They believed that Vedic knowledge – this is entirely the prerogative of the Hindu priests, and that any attempt to shift the center of Vedic knowledge, this statement into question their sverhstatusa. Priests – they are all priests. As Landau said: “The priest comes from the word eat,” and everyone wanted to eat always. So when Landau was named priest of science, he was very offended. And until now, a large number of orthodox Hindu fanatics do not accept the point of view of Tilak. While, on the contrary, it increases the status of the ancient knowledge and leads to an earlier period of dating, but the fanatics, they are fanatics everywhere. Even the fanatics of the Vedic knowledge, such as blunt as the fanatics of any religion or any other kind of activity, so be careful, sometimes under the name of something “super” frank bigotry and stupidity. Not only Hindus, but Western scientists are very skeptical of this hypothesis and still continue to be treated.


But, you will find almost all the culture of modern India – a sacred direction of the north (northern direction is considered to be any special). Location altar or place for meditation always correlated with the parties light, first of all, on the north side. It is not clear whether there was a view of the Himalayas place or a place for the Himalayas (the territory of Central Asia, Russia and more). But as the main impetus to the Vedic knowledge of non-verbal he was born not in India, but in the territory north of the Himalayas, it makes not so categorically reject “Arctic” hypothesis. Although it is delicate moments. Many amateurs who cry: “Of course, Aria – north. We in Russia – the native land of elephants! Arias from Russia! “. How it really is a matter of future archaeological, linguistic, cultural, anthropological and other studies. I specifically about it (Tilak) mentioned to you an idea of what is happening, but not how it really is.


Another major factor in the treasury of the “northern” origin of Vedic knowledge – “Andronovo” culture, city discovery of Arkaim in Chelyabinsk region, as well as many other cities that are very well fall under the concept of the origin of Vedic knowledge in areas much further north than assumed . If the hypothesis Tilak in the late nineteenth – early last century “podvisli” in the air due to the lack of artifacts (if there was a civilization, it was chto-to leave behind), but we can not find anything, then another conversation, how to behave cultural civilization itself. Now we think that if there was a cultural civilization, it had to be built palaces, factories and left piles of garbage. And imagine that this was a super civilization that these people were able to clean up after themselves. Not as we – we arrive in the country, on a picnic, and after we have mountains of rubbish. Imagine that it was a civilization with divine relation to cosmic order. In the Vedic language it is called RITA. Something did – take away for themselves, as a joke: “eat – get out of myself.” It could be another civilization with a completely different mentality, it simply leaves no stone sculptures. All the power of this civilization manifested in Vedic knowledge, the ability to own a word, a mantra, the ability to create and tear down the structure of forces that are not clear to us now.


This is like a fantasy, but one way or another, in 1987, decided to build a large reservoir in the Chelyabinsk region. According to the law in force in the USSR then, necessarily it had to be carried out archaeological expertise, so as not to tear down the monuments of culture, if they exist. All were skeptical, what is this area, there is no one expected to find, but for the order it was necessary to put a check to comply with the letter of the law. And one of the archaeological groups, I believe under the leadership of Batalov (archaeologist), I began to explore this area and suddenly stumbled upon the artifact – the ruins of the ancient city. In fact, it was first discovered when aerial photography long before that, even after the war, but then the atmosphere of total secrecy, especially in all that is connected with the card, this topic covered. The pilot watched from the altitude and saw the “concentric” constructions, but felt that this war did something. When archaeologists arrived, everyone grabbed their heads, because they found a city that on any parameters there should not be. All historical development paradigms that have been dominant until then podvisli in the air. Fact – dug up the city, and with a highly developed level of culture, it is interesting that he is concentric. Some mention of it can be found in the Vedas, which describes the so-called “Pur” – city. It should also be made concentric and is a kind of temporary housing. The city walls were made of sand and a tree about 8 meters high – environmentally friendly construction:. rotted wood, sand razravnyalsya only with aerial sight. When the city found everything started to gather in a single logical pattern. Avesta says northern ancestral home, the Vedas speak about the northern ancestral home. One of the possible sites path that could migrate Aria, we find quite a serious city. But the academic environment – it is a kind of group of people, there is also a lot of reputations and relationships, imagine you are a thesis on what these cities there can never be, and suddenly the city dug up. 1987 – Soviet Union – a superpower, and the scientists realized with horror that it was all soon flood. The planned Soviet economy if such “sentimental” is not particularly responsive. Then a miracle happened – the Soviet Union collapsed, and it was not up to the reservoir, due to this we still have at our disposal this heritage. Of course, the big question is whether these Aryans to the city is, or may be in some other representatives of other tribes, nations and civilizations. It is an open question, and let them deal with the scientists.

Unfortunately, the archaeological excavations there is still not very well – there is no money, it is on the one hand, on the other hand, maybe the fear of those groups, who fear the revival of fascism, that can be really dig up the original homeland of the Aryans. Therefore, in no hurry to do it, especially in these troubled times, when life is bad. Indeed, under these slogans can raise a large number of marginalized sections of the population, and this can lead to what is unknown. I do not know what reason, I do not know whether these are the city to the legacy of the Aryans, or they belong to the heritage of other cultures, but the fact remains that a precedent – have found something that does not expect to find.

“Other” approach to the study of ancient heritage


Background Aryans very mysterious, is not unequivocal, and in the future may be, we are waiting for some new discoveries, new interpretations. So, what I’m saying – it is like the external side, the side of scientists who are exploring this monument. Also there is the inner side – the essence of Vedic knowledge and the essence of the Vedas. Here we come to a completely different point of view, which survives to this day and which I voiced to the position of the yoga, which we are studying.


You must immediately very clearly understand that everything that I can now talk to some extent relates, or may not correlate with the point of view of scientists on the subject of the Vedas today. Moreover, all I’ll say now could relate, and may not correspond with the points of view of certain representatives of the schools of philosophy in the same India or the West to continue their branches. This question is very slippery in the sense who better understands the Vedas, and who is worse, someone better preserved, who survived worse than knowledge. On the one hand, it imposes its own limitations, but on the other hand, I have the opportunity to try to explain in plain language the same picture with the emergence, preservation and dissemination of Vedic knowledge, the Vedas themselves, to the present day and what to expect.

Myths and stories


Let’s start with the myths and tales. In any environment of people committed to a particular activity, as a rule, have any history, myths, stories, dedicated to prehistory, some a curious or interesting moments from the past. It is a kind of mythology. Is it directly in our school of yoga traditions Anandasvami concerning precisely understanding the origin of the Vedas. Bikes do not claim any historical authenticity or truth in the last instance, it is only shocks to the mind, that you found the keys of understanding and deciphering the meaning of the Vedic knowledge.


In those or other philosophical schools decided to tell a parable or a historical anecdotes from the life of what some of the founding fathers. Some anecdote – an anecdote, but it pushes the mind in the right track, so it is necessary to refer to what I will say, with a certain degree of irony, but at the same time try to grasp the meaning, which is behind this can be traced.


The very first, how to begin the story – it is a fact that Vedic knowledge is really the legacy of some very serious civilization, which we are heirs. Once upon a time there lived people, these people reached extreme heights in the knowledge of the universe, in the knowledge of himself. Accordingly, they have opened a lot of abilities, moreover, to change the world of opportunities around. These people have reached a certain high point of its path, which is only possible on the planet Earth, and later left the planet, leaving us a legacy of the Earth. Vedic knowledge – it is a small part of the heritage that was presented to this previous civilization.


The question arises: what kind of civilization and where it was, and who were these people? Here is a very interesting statement, which fully corresponds to the so-called generic School of Yoga (Yoga Course 205. Generic yoga. Yoga ancestors). In fact – this is our ancestors with a capital letter, ie were living beings, souls which have lived a glorious life in the bodies of humans and only reached just what can be achieved in the world – and they did it with the help of the bodies of people. It is believed that the human body is fundamentally different from the bodies of animals and require enormous effort to bring the bodies of humans to perfection, take advantage of these bodies and, as a result, achieve higher states of spiritual self-knowledge and the knowledge of the universe. In ancient times there were such beings that have shaped our bodies ultimately their honed and probably went to some other state, but left behind the opportunity for other souls to the less developed, less sophistication, are in a greater degree of ignorance or less self-aware your Higher “I”, to use the gift – to live in the bodies of people who gave ancestors. If you just figuratively speaking, in a time when our ancestors lived in the bodies of humans and reaches a height of yoga, we appear to live in the bodies of animals. But our ancestors have given us the opportunity to be born in the bodies of people, and it is for each of us in the past has been the greatest chance. Life in the human body can either significantly accelerate the evolution and raise us to the level of our ancestors, or vice versa, a person can not take advantage of this opportunity and send a life in the human body degradation, actually drops even lower than it was before.


The great civilization that gave us the impetus to Vedic knowledge, actually consisted of our ancestors, no matter which race, nationality we belong. Later there were some transients that led to the fact that these bodies initially were born more or less worthy souls who were under the care of the ancestors. Ancient ancestors who made them this gift, in the Vedas are called Rishis. They have some time sizing processes which go with the bodies and with the living beings, which they presented (in some cases even slightly not deserved) good fortune to live in the bodies of people, ie, our body – this is the greatest device to engage in self-knowledge. At first everything was fine, and we read the many myths about the “Golden Age”, and then went further spread of opportunities to be born in human bodies for the souls who still do not reach the status of the person. Rishi given the opportunity to be born another of our ancestors are not such a high level – it is the second group is quite worthy of our ancestors, but they are a bit not up to the level of Rishis. Apparently, they just formed the most ancient centers of civilization.

In our school of yoga traditions Anandasvami also has a hint of northern origin of civilization, which preserved the ancient Vedic knowledge. Perhaps it was somewhere in the Arctic Circle, as described by half a day, half the night, many dawns, ie all that there is in this place, probably at the time there was a different climate, not as harsh as they are now. It is believed that civilization was living somewhere in the north, but came some tragedy or should come – we do not know, and the souls of our ancestors, who took the opportunity to be born in the bodies of people who knew about this tragedy. Moreover, the most knowledgeable scientists and among them a caste of priests or Brahmans, very clearly instructed to migrate toward modern India. Migration Momentum began to follow a north-south, but migration has been fraught with many challenges: constantly had lodges in different places, for some time there to live, then, in spite of everything to throw everything and move on – not everyone withstand such an onslaught. Some of the people began to stay on the ground because it was hard to move on, but some of the people continue to move to the south. These stories come to us from the Generic yoga in relation to the Vedas.


In these myths, fables and anecdotes explained, firstly, the origin of a large number of different languages with common roots, and secondly, a common culture, a community of some factors that we find in the ancient Scandinavian myths, in ancient Slavic myths in German and Vedic myths. The impression is that the flow has gone from a single center, which began to branch off in the number of different groups of people and dwell on those or other territories. Chipping, these large groups of felts for the reason that it was very hard to move on, or omitted for the reason that they have become a lesser degree believe Brahmans-priests, that we should move to the south would be by all means, and, according to these myths and tales, so having virtually all the peoples inhabiting Europe. The question arises: why was such an instruction to move to the south? All sorts of explanations that we can learn from these or other indirect evidence suggest that the Vedic knowledge was probably a lot more in the practical application than the one that came to India. To India probably reached much theory and practical applications, but still small, in relation to what it was before.


Probably the ancient priests to some extent, could predict the development of humanity in the next millennium. Do not ask how they could do it – I will not answer. But the point is that such a thing would be the “center of the cyclone.” There is a place around which begins to form a new humanity and a new culture. Place of relative calm, and all around is a cyclone chaos, wars and epidemics. These wise men, priests, just pointing people to find the center, and settled there in order to maintain the highest ancient knowledge, heritage is even more ambitious, the most ancient times, the times of the legendary Rishis – our legendary ancestor. This migration was caused by the need to find the “center of the cyclone,” Security Center, the center of most of the balance of spiritual forces, where it was possible to keep the knowledge. This explains that the tribes of the Aryans – is in fact the most bulk of the people, who denounced this knowledge to India. All the other nations which spun off (it may concern and the Aryans, about which we read in the Avesta, and numerous other nationalities), remained in their places, and for a while they also had this knowledge. But then it started, what the ancient sages warned: war, pestilence, destruction, mutual hatred and mutual hostility, crushing peoples into smaller groups, the hostility between them. There is a geopolitics – is where science combines politics and geography of the place where the policy is derived. Those. if you find yourself in those or other conditions, you are doomed to the fact that you will go split, that you start something to find out if you are at a certain level of technical development, or material prosperity.


Apparently, something happened what predicted by the ancient sages. A small part of the people still came to India and retained knowledge. The main splinter group of people is not reached as a result mired in wars and lost knowledge. Indeed, for several generations, wars, epidemics, destruction, and the culture does not remain anything other than some vague legends about the “Golden Age”, which was a long time ago. It turns out that in fact the Vedic knowledge, which came to India and preserved, once belonged in general to all the peoples inhabiting the rest of the country, but was lost in the future. That knowledge is probably as predicted by the ancient sages Rishi should return. Apparently, this is now happening – West suddenly became interested in yoga or some other philosophical currents, or doctrines that have been preserved in India.


It seems that the ancient sages said, “Save your knowledge, until mankind wiser.” A process of “umneniya” of humanity was due to the fact that presented the opportunity to be born in the bodies of people. The bodies of people are perfect, but the soul, which began to be born in these bodies, on the consciousness level were very different, as a result, they were unable to cope with the bulk on these issues, and to some extent become degraded in the sense that any war, strife, including ethnic. From the point of view of science – it is one of the possible hypotheses, not better, not worse than others, but this hypothesis gives us a better understanding of the actual background to this knowledge, the essence of this knowledge, and this is the point that we do not have the history of the Vedas. Veda appeared suddenly, completely.


Now, another factor that also opens our eyes to the extant four Vedas – a survival factor. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to migrate. When you sometimes come from one point on Earth to another, you at least begin acclimatization. If this is some kind of adverse conditions, then you can wait for a variety of diseases, wild animals, some half-civilized tribes or wild people who though have a perfect human body, but these bodies have long live the souls of animals, cannibals, and all this instantly creates an era of wars, hunger, poor living conditions. Of course, first of all in the Vedas it preserved the part of the knowledge, which ensured survival. For example, when the Second World War, the factories began to make tanks, guns, weapons, not umbrellas, pots, sewing machines, because it was not up to it. Apparently, the same situation occurred with the Vedas. Even the four Vedas, which have come down – this is not all the knowledge that was to be saved, but only a part, which primarily ensures the survival, well-being, prosperity, prosperity; and to a much lesser extent, issues related to the world order, cosmogony, with some things that are better than in peacetime.


Thus, even though the core of Vedic knowledge is likely to come down without distortion, but the practical application of Vedic knowledge which has found its expression in specific mantras, hymns of the Rig Veda was the same in the first place enchanted by the most pressing problems. What is the problem we have already mentioned – it is a victory of all sorts of clashes, as a rule, with those in the Vedas called the Dasa or Dasyus. One gets the impression that they were completely wild men, ie, they had no elementary culture, they were at a very low development, and it is the animal level, but again: it is very difficult to judge after so many times.


The next very important factor – the offspring. And not just the offspring, and the offspring of the male kind, as in the era of wars, pestilence, confusion, first of all men die. Women Without Men become vulnerable, so permeates call topic to the birth in the family of Aryan men. But more emphasis – not just men, and the glorious, strong offspring, ie, Even then they knew that the human body is something, but as heirs can be produced a variety of soul. First of all, called to be born in the family strong, charismatic, bold, bright, enterprising kids. The most supreme good it would be if the children were born as ancient Rishi, who gave birth to the ancient knowledge, gave rise to humanity, and which seem to have formally ancestors. If in a particular family was born not just a bright representative of the family, and those who like the ancient Rishis could compose a mantra – hymns, and these mantras – hymns to use in everyday life, it was the ultimate dream. Of course, there are more narrowly focused application of the ancient Vedic knowledge in the form of an appeal to the different deities this felts, roofing felts the elements, it seems strange, that’s something to placate, pacify, somewhere to win and dominate, etc. etc. But still, in spite of this, among the Vedic hymns are preserved, entirely responsible for the foundation and essence of Vedic knowledge, and especially for the essence of these mantras, hymns work. These are numerous hymns, riddles, carols, dialogues, etc. etc.

It turns out that the ancient knowledge of the Vedas came to us, as it were entirely without history and a pronounced emphasis towards survival. A characteristic and strong this emphasis can be seen in the Atharva Veda. With this tie even the hypothesis that the Atharva Veda enjoyed the greatest popularity in the very first early waves of migration of the Aryans, who have faced serious problems, and only after them were other waves, stronger, with more reinforcements. Also, it follows that the ineffable knowledge of the Vedas, is that invisible force, supporting all of the many power connection of the place where this knowledge is stored. It turns out that the fate of India is entirely dependent on the factor of preservation of this knowledge, and this knowledge for the sake of India preserved. Moreover, she began to significantly degrade lifestyle, attitude to life for the worse, than we see in the ancient Vedas, the Rig Veda, even echoes. Everything was at stake preservation of knowledge, as long as the rest of humanity does not win his bestiality. As long as the rest of the humanity committed in the bodies of people will not be born of the soul, able to perceive the ancient knowledge. India – a kind of repository or nest. As soon as the people in the West and elsewhere will be able to absorb this knowledge, the priests and Brahmins would have to make public knowledge for all, so that everyone can use it, ie, kept secret until a certain point, and then distribute it to all. A picture emerges of the mission in India.


India has paid a terrible price for the preservation of knowledge. Apparently, it would have to be a superpower, which we never dreamed of, but we see that even to the twentieth century there was very bad in terms of preserving this heritage. Now, apparently, the predictions of the ancient Rishis who lived God knows when, true, comes the time of our active interest, we are interested in it. Thus the circle is closed, and comes back to us what we have, and so it was. But the Millennium evolutionary process, when received as a gift from our ancient ancestors body committed people, but to a certain extent, unable to cope with it, and maybe to cope once we survived, we must take one more gift in the form of the knowledge possessed by the ancient sages .

Lifestyle ancient Rishis


Each object has its own color. If we talk about mathematics – is clarity, rigor and common sense. If we talk about the artist, it can be a person who goes to the sense of the images. Or about the artist or about someone else, there are certain characteristics. The question arises: “What is the life of the ancient Rishis, who preserved the Vedic knowledge in India, we are now reanimate? Who were these people? How did they live? What are they like? “.


Most interesting is that this picture is almost impossible to recreate in modern Indian life. Modern India was formed with one goal – to keep knowledge. I do not use it, or rather to use only up to a certain part, but mostly – save! This has left a serious mark on the mentality, on the way of thinking, a way of action. Usually, during the Victorian era of Indian thought, at best, abstract dreamer. All around everything is bad, ruin, all hungry to die, and he is sitting in samadhi, he do not care what’s going on around. Create an image of the human representative, has supreme knowledge, which does not care about that – about the illusion, Maya, tormented – the fool, you have bad karma, it seems that emanates from these philosophies such selfishness, egocentrism. That you absolutely will not find among the ancient Aryans, it is so clearly betrays through the Vedas that is not in doubt. And if you really sink into the meaning of the Vedic knowledge, as it becomes apparent. The emotional message of life of the ancient Aryans, to have survived the Vedic knowledge, was expressed in the marginal life of joy, delight, life on a hundred percent! When you admired and did everything that you want, in the sense that you had the good fortune and pleasure and sensual and intellectual, and spiritual, and all combined in one. Those. you had to live your life in full, to enjoy all that there is only in the life of this uplifting and then at the end of life to achieve sverhnaslazhdeniya or sverhvysot through the acquisition of spiritual knowledge. All with a giant plus sign.


People with the ancient Vedic knowledge, and as a consequence of enormous abilities and power that we have not even dreamed of now, were very cheerful, staring with complete optimism in the future of the people. It is full of contrasts with many of the others, including the philosophical knowledge that originated in India later. I specifically, at the time, decided to ask the opinion of the Hindu Vedas themselves and started with Jawaharlal Nehru and his book “Discovery of India”. He described the essence of this knowledge is very good phrase – the pursuit of truth. There is truth, and the pursuit of the truth, if you aspire to the truth – you are all-powerful, if not begin to stick to the truth, it becomes weaker, and you win. It is the pursuit of truth, supported by the slogan: “Live and let live.” Full of optimism, full of vitality, full of a sense of joy and strength that splashes over the edge. This is not what we see you in some modern “shaped Hindu” currents or exercises that like and adhere to the Vedas, but something, perhaps they missed.


Once the greatest teacher of Vivekananda, who was the spiritual son of grandiose transcendental Ramakrishna, was asked on the subject of the history of India, “When was the best time in the history of India,” Vivekananda said something that sounded insulting among orthodox Brahmins: “When four Brahman could eat one cow in one sitting. ” Cow in India – a sacred animal, do not kill cows and beef there is considered a terrible sin and many cows, which have ceased to be milked, wandering around India until they die a natural death. There was an expression that has become an international “sacred cows”, ie it is a taboo that should not be touched, and in India it has been brought to the limit. The very first, who adhered to this rule – have been Brahmins, the carriers of the ancient Vedic knowledge. And suddenly such a statement. Right before your eyes stand four burly Brahmin – lovers of food, which devours the cow. Again a feeling of joy, newness of life, where everything is new, everything interesting, life is full of drop-down options, and you have the knowledge to take advantage of these opportunities. In the future, we can see that the knowledge of the beginning as it shrink and that the joy of life has become smaller and smaller and smaller, but more of some layers, superstitions, beliefs, which are formed on the basis of certain provisions of the same Vedas, because the cow this is one of the sacred in all the Vedas. Moreover, sacred meaning is meant in the literal sense of the word, and allegorical, in fact, these meanings are mixed, sometimes when they say the cow – a cow, and sometimes mean something quite different, and we touch on what is meant at times that, or another hymn.


If you practice yoga intensively, then you need to eat. If you are Brahman, who studies the higher laws of the universe, you have to keep a very serious nutritional diet, in this respect the products of cow’s milk – something absolutely irreplaceable. Until now, almost all the recommendations of yoga, there is a mention that the diet should be a certain amount of ghee, especially if you are doing pranayama. The cow was a universal mill for food, and inevitably it has become sacred, then it has become, in some deification of the dead. From the analysis, including the Vedas that have survived, the ancient Aryans could eat beef and, for that matter, that is, impetus of cheerfulness, a life-affirming, it is just what it should be when a person has a higher knowledge of yoga, or higher knowledge of the Vedas. Once you realize the essence of the higher knowledge push – there is no room for pessimism, words can not express, but you can feel emotionally. It turns out that for the happiness to preserve ancient knowledge had to settle misunderstanding at times, even that you keep, but still, in the depths of India, there are still pockets of understanding, otherwise we would not be talking about it.

The essence of Vedic knowledge


The essence of Vedic knowledge – it is a kind of ineffable, sverhlogichnoe knowledge. You can safely put an equal sign between the pulse of life and the knowledge which is called the supreme Vedic knowledge. As a consequence, to equate the knowledge of its nature, the supreme Vedic knowledge and the knowledge of the living environment of the universe. If you start to analyze the text of the Rig Veda, even from the perspective of modern scholars, you will not know where he referred, since it is not a religious doctrine, but mentions kakie-to mythological characters, the names of the gods, not materialistic doctrine, although there is a particular situation and kakie-to push for a reason. This is what is sometimes called Sanatana Dharma or eternal dharma – the impulse of life which can appear in different forms, in different shells, but that’s life. At different times, he can transform into a variety of trends, teachings, philosophy. This is a push-ineffable impulse that comes from the foundations of the universe, when the universe was born, which is in each of us, and which is located in the surrounding universe. If you touch this source, at your disposal get unlimited power. This rather abstract things, can not say specifically.


The question arises: “How can practically use it?” Rig Veda and is an attempt to use this virtually untold knowledge, Sanatan Dharma. The method proposed is – primarily through control of what’s called speech. Any hymn of the Rig Veda – is not just a transfer of that information. For example, God Agni and all the epithets, which was amazing, wonderful as it can do – it’s also the sound of the mantras that make up this appeal. It’s a pun, game sound, the game intonations, certain myslesostoyanie, which leads to the fact that the person uttering this hymn, awakens the latent inner force, the life force power of the Absolute superpower. Later, much later, it all took shape in various yoga.


One of these yogas, called Mantra Yoga, the other is called Kundalini Yoga. Their many more can be listed, ie, that was hidden in a single vial of the action, and then turned into various yoga. If you know how to correctly pronounce certain hymns (with correct intonation, with the right mood state), then, just as we see it in such a direction as Mantra yoga, you vibration voice shifted to the vibration of thought and vibration thought to vibration of their internal structures and reach your unique energy, which later called Kundalini yogis. Kundalini energy is no different from all the cosmic energy that gave birth to the universe. So you, entirely suited to being able to actively manage the energy of the Kundalini, which the body – the mantra. The action, which can be described as the concept of Mahamaya (sometimes not adequately translated as a great illusion). This is not a grand illusion – this is a great potential.


If you are Brahman, aware of Sanatana Dharma – cheerful impulse of life, and in fact the essence of your own and start to properly recite or repeat certain hymns together with certain actions, you, the language of physics, begin to rock the system of their bodies. Since we have got from our ancestors body with tremendous potential, which we did not even suspect that suddenly turns on what is already in us davnym-davno been worked out by our ancestors – the ability to quickly and easily incorporate the creative impulse of the Kundalini energy, which began in the literal I mean, to cut the surrounding universe.


Second, a very interesting concept, is not any speech could govern the universe, but only certain phrases and certain verses mantra. The ancient rishis who first perceived, heard a recitation in the mantras and to what results, and they have made the scope of the text of the Rig Veda. There were some problems, for these tasks learned sages Rishi tuned to the vision of knowledge of the universe and find exactly the formula that makes it very, very quickly activate the hidden potential of the inner enclosed in each of us. If people knew how to do it, he was Brahman, the twice-born. The first time he was given birth mom and dad for the second time, when he realized through the dedication of this opportunity – the spiritual ability to manage all around. After that, if he started to use hymns more ancient Rishis, he could easily and simply to influence the world around us, on the processes that occur in the world, for the simple reason that all may be one. It is the practical application of the Supreme Vedic knowledge. Needless Vedic knowledge was also encoded in the form of certain mantras, hymns.

Some of the hymns sound like riddles, questions without answers, but if you understand – and the question and the answer is revealed to you. Finally, the most interesting – it was thought that only having the power of the living word, true, truthful words, did you have the ability to save lives, heal, multiply wealth. You spread such an invisible aura that makes everything go as it should, and provide you with the dominance and survival, especially survival, because the Aryans it was among the first tasks. But recitation or repetition of hymns – it’s just one part of the practice, which allowed to join the internal potential, the Kundalini energy, the power of the Higher Self, or the flow of Brahma, or whatever you can call it. Let’s support the action. The first was to be a place of truth, or the place of the law, or in other words – the altar, which represented the place where lit the sacrificial fire, and that is saying a certain recitatives in the sacrificial fire had anything toss. Typically, it was clarified butter, but it could also be some grains, cereals etc. etc.



It’s turned into such an action: sitting priest pronounces the recitative, anthem and thus throws something into the fire. At first glance – a children’s game, and if track, then this child’s play for thousands of years to preserve life, retained knowledge, well-being, health, etc. etc., because some invisible way, as the key to the lock, all these actions are made include internal sources of strength. And there was such a situation that in ancient times every Brahman, or every twice-born, or a representative of the Brahmin caste, not only felt the truth, not only knew how to use it, and moved on, toward reopening, rethinking. In the future, a wave of degradation, whether Brahmans bought into any bribes, whether in families really become Brahmins often born of the soul not call up the status of Brahman.


There has come the second stage, when few people that knew, but very clearly aware that, if you remember about a particular Rishi shalt also like him a hymn with such a tone, with a recitative, do such and is a libation into the fire, you’ll get results. We see the stage of degradation of the ancient Vedic knowledge, when they began to be engaged in part popugaystvom, but it worked popugaystvo. No one knew what? what? as? But popugaystvo worked. The Yajur Veda, we find allusions to the fact that man controls the deities, he is now utter the mantra, pour something, do something (this is primitive magic), and it began to deteriorate in the primitive magic.


Then, the situation has deteriorated, it has become rituals triggered by time, whether any error is made, or is not competent, venal priest caught, or anything else. As a result, the ancient Vedic knowledge was gradually losing strength, and interlayer-Brahmin priests allegedly possessing them grow. The funny thing is that it happened already after after a long exile Aryans tribes settled in India. Perhaps life has become more relaxed and these flaws went undetected until the wars progressed. If Brahman is wrong, because all the soldiers killed and with them – mistakes are not forgiven. Life has become more well-fed, and it played a bad service, it was difficult to verify – working knowledge or not. It turned out that the sacerdotal caste began to deteriorate, and that later led, firstly, to the extensive literature explaining the Vedas, that literature which began to emerge later, and secondly, to the revolution.


When at a certain stage of development of Indian society psevdobrahmanov number of these, which is something of themselves they portrayed that they read the Vedas, making libations, and no use of them, and the wealth they currently require. There was a revolution, one of the well known – it is Buddhism, which has decided to revive the Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Truth), but so as not to annoy the priests, it is on the other side, so they are kind of like something new brought. Then the same fate befell the Buddhists themselves, they went too far in the direction of pessimism. If the representatives of the original Aryans were cheerful, the Brahmins, who degraded, were not cheerful, but the wealth of love, and it certainly catches the eye. In contrast to this Buddhism went in the other direction, toward asceticism, from all it is necessary to give only college there. It was a different bias in the opposite direction, which is partly returned to Sanatana Dharma – the Eternal Truth Vedas – at some point. And then the same in the other direction went skewed when all completely forgotten about the ancient optimistic, but on the contrary, all steel balk at how bad it was yesterday, and today is even worse, and in general all die tomorrow. As long such pessimism is present, it is not only all acts on the nerves, but he is also demoralizing. Such a situation occurred with Buddhism that is too much pessimism was, and there was a counter-revolution, ie, Buddhism disappeared in India, it is almost gone, and were resuscitated the Vedas approaches, primarily through the teachings of Vedanta.


Vedanta – on the other end of the Vedas, it is like a different turn, once again return to the truth of this path. Again began imbalance in Vedanta we see Tantric surge in the opposite direction, ie, spiritual survival of the line of the ancient Vedic knowledge is actually passed through the system and through Buddhism, and through the Vedanta, and in Tantrism, and in all the others, each time to compensate for the absence of this ancient understanding – push life.

How to rediscover the ancient knowledge in itself?


Therefore, in our time there is a problem for all, we in India have not studied anything, we are sitting here, in Russia, as we would all rediscover realize this ancient knowledge of the Vedas. Here we have the support of the very knowledge of the Vedas, it tells us that if you are looking for knowledge is out there, you know that it is at this moment within yourself. It turns out that in fact the ancient knowledge is within ourselves. If we correct method of using inspiration, complete reopening, in this sense we attach to the knowledge of the ancient Rishis and become, with the official point of view, twice-born.


Here stood a practical point as well as his rediscover, revive, or support? A lot of things we do not know, do not know how, we are not brought up in the environment Brahmins, those not engaged and not engaged in this, the fifth, tenth. Then there are more specific subjects to help rediscover this knowledge in itself, one of these disciplines is called yoga. This word has a lot of values, including the team, and the chariot, and the union, and the union, and God knows what else you can find. In fact – it is a set of methods as to rediscover or maintain untold ancient Vedic knowledge. In fact, when this happens, a person reaches a higher state of equivalent status Rishi – the ancient sages. So it turns out such a thing, that all of the many yoga, which are now known, are helping to clean our body, mind, senses, speech, clear structure, which we now do not guess, you can join to this knowledge, rediscovered it in him or rediscovered his in the universe around us.

Note – cleanse your body, rather than rebuild. Because the body we got ready to to realize the ancient knowledge, and they got to us from our ancestors. I do not know at what level it all happens, genetic or other kakom-to, from generation to generation for a long time if not to use the human body for the purpose that, as with any object or machine, it accumulates dust, so so important in yoga exercise, cleansing certain channels. The same thing we see in these references respectively Vedic practices, ie, We have to do some cleaning action, and only then proceed to use that power, and so that in us lies, and the key to this ability is in the recitatives of the Vedas. Now quite an interesting thing, in fact, everyone here – students of the International Open University of Yoga, by default, long ago started the practice of resuscitation or revival of the power that lies in the Vedic knowledge of the Rig Veda. I parted a little secret. Third mandala anthem sixty-second, tenth verse – is the Gayatri Mantra. You have long since going on the path of awakening of the ancient Rishi knowledge, once you have it do not know anything, because sometimes it is easier first person to learn something, and then explain to him what he is doing – get faster. So the third mandala anthem sixty-second, tenth verse – is one of the ten thousand six hundred verses that remain. If one the most powerful Gayatri Mantra, you can only guess what there is still left. In fact, you know another mantra that just learned from the Vedas – is Mahamrityunjaya mantra. I give you your homework – find out what a mandala, a hymn and a verse.


To write a verse, you need a lot of factors. Factor sound when you say those or other letters aloud, your structure even physically starting to shudder once, if you rattle. You can voice repeating a phrase, but a pure sound vibrations begin to permeate your entire body. Recall that the famous singer Chaliapin had the ability to break up with his voice thick glasses, he raised a glass and began to sing in such vibrations, the glass was beginning to resonate stronger, stronger and stronger, and then, as they say, crumbled.

The hymns of the Vedas


The hymns of the Vedas – this is not just a set of words in some sense, not just poetry – it is something much more serious – a bridge from verbal to non-verbal, intuitive language of the secret language. It is believed that each hymn – a kind of mantra, which are intertwined explicit language and secret language and these languages may be several. First, from a formal point of view, we are faced with the polysemy of a hymn in the Rig Veda. This is facilitated by features of the Vedic language, interpretation into semantic units of a particular phrase.


The language in which the written hymns of the Rig Veda is archaic, sometimes explicitly omitted a word that must be understood by default, sometimes a word deliberately distorted in the direction of sound like another word, ie This is a full game language, full of poetic play ability to express anything. You must clearly understand: in modern times all write poetry, even computer programs have to write poetry, no shortage of rhymes. Already in the Vedas themselves were separated, a man who can write poetry in terms of rhyme and the poet-sage, prophet, have the power of speech. These were two different categories, although superficially, both, kind of like, at first glance, it seems, that is it ancient sage Rishi, repeating a particular mantra – a verse, it is just a container heard something inaudible. Moreover, even if the concept was known about the four types of speech. It is said that as a rule, used one type Brahmanas, the remaining three they employ. These hidden mechanisms inherent in the pronunciation of each word and our sense of vibration, passing one another, represent one of the most puzzling mysteries.


Apparently, all the famous contemporary poets of the Silver Age, the Golden Age of Russian poetry – had some of the ability of the prophets, seers. This is when the sound of something friendly, you get a kind of intuitive push toward the beyond, and thus pereosoznaete, including and power hidden within you. If you know how to do it, then you know how to use these forces, and accordingly can create miracles around you in a good way. If not, then it is an empty shell of words, even if the words of the Vedas, and remains lifeless. There should be something behind this seemingly simple recitative, something beyond. I must say that already the ancient Rishis themselves experienced a constant need that they are tuning in to this wave of incomprehensible. In different ways, they play up this subject, which we would call the most inspiration. Actual treatment in some hymns, and to Agni and Indra and other beings of divine origin, that it is unclear whether represent one or another element, one or the other force in the universe, sometimes it’s just a veiled attempt to call upon this inspiration, this speech power. It was believed that if a person has this power of speech, he can do everything, but if not, there is nothing he will not succeed. The first called for the inspiration to fill the shell anthem something ineffable, leading priest in a state where it will stay hidden in itself force, then it will stay hidden in the world around strength, and thus ensure the implementation or continuation of this way Sanatana Dharma, that is the truth.


If there is truth, understanding this truth, if it is present in the speech – the speech is transformed into a hymn, which is very clearly acts, acts uniquely as a Kalashnikov rifle, and not to “time to time”. If it does not, then it turns into some sort of recitation, even a parrot can be taught to recite poetry. Those. there is something elusive, and if it is something elusive awaken, it is elusive animates it, it wakes up, wake up, and some hidden strength – it is such a path to our hidden capabilities through speech. It is inherent in every human being, but our isolation from the truth does not allow us to take advantage of. For our words, as a rule, worthless, not worth a real force and so we can be repeated any number of any hymns and not get anything. But if we somehow intuitively seized upon this inner state of truth, we understand the truth of the hymn, inherent non-verbal truth of a mantra, and the mantra will awaken and immediately begin to work. Therefore, it is said, in the same hymns of the Rig Veda that if Indra refer to ordinary language, he does not come, but if you refer secret language, he will give you victory.


Hidden Language, hidden phrases hidden formulas that could hear the ancient Rishi, and they transferred to the next generation – is the cornerstone of this method to join the Vedic knowledge. Here, I can draw a parallel from the yoga mantra that if you want to develop the mind, then you need to work with the language, then comes awareness of your deeper structures. You begin to understand that this is only the illusory boundary where you end, and where the world around you begins. You like to be in resonance with the world, and from each of your words begin to change something in the world. Similarly, on the other hand, if you grab the some changes around, they begin to be reflected within you, you will again grab the connection this truth. Of course, there is another factor epst degree of self-consciousness “I” person. Someone opens it in one lifetime, someone may not be quite clear and quite open. In fact, the division in ancient India in the three castes: Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya just on the basis of happened. Typically, families Brahmins even children began to feel the mystical ineffable, they are very easily picked up this science. But what concerns the caste Kshatriya and Vaishya – then worse. But if all of a sudden these castes born children who have this gift of poetic visionary, they passed without any obstacles in the caste of Brahmins. The separation was not of the nature of the bodies, and the nature of the shower. Possess, then you are Brahman, do not possess, then doing something else.


Moreover, the tandem has been very interesting. Kshatriyas, who were engaged in the war and actually controlled, to a lesser extent engaged in some kind of spiritual things, but mostly tried something really do – really change the universe, outside what is now trying to make a Western man. But for every action was a Kshatriya, Brahmin priest, kurahito that his recitatives ensured victory in all endeavors, including Kshatriya. Kshatriya thanked for this ancient Brahman in the form of some of presents.

Victoria will be counted several hymns. These hymns are taken from the translation of the Rig Veda Tatiana Yakovlevna Tatyana Elizarenkova. You have to understand how hard it is to work with the hymns of the Rig Veda. This is not some sort of sacred character, do not think that there will be some mantras revelation. Moreover, in the translation – it’s not the original mantra, where you had to recite, we will analyze the semantic form and not vibrating.

Following Victoria Begunova:


Hymn of Mystery


1. This hoary favorite Hotaru

Middle his brother – eater.

The third brother it – zhirnospinny.

There I saw a host of tribes with seven sons.


2. Seven harness odnokolnuyu chariot.

One horse carries the family name.

Three-step wheel, ageless, irrepressible,

Where are all these creatures are.


3. While there are seven this chariot

Driven her semikolnuyu, seven horses.

Seven Sisters greet the screaming,

In the seven cows which consist of names.


4. Those who have seen the first born,

When the bony carries boneless?

Where the power of earth life, blood and breath?

Someone close to knowledgeable, so ask about this?


5. Fool, I ask, did not discern the thoughts,

About the traces left by the gods.

At the year-old calf seven strands

Pulled visionaries to textile.


6. Blind – sighted visionaries I ask about this,

The uninformed, to be in charge.

Why is this one of the unborn,

Which set apart these six spaces?


7. Let him tell here about the one who knows exactly:

On leaving traces of this sweet bird.

From its head milk cows are milked.

Put on the body, they drank water with his foot.


8. The mother to join his father in law:

After all, even before she took up with him in spirit and thought.

She, wanting to keep the fruit was pierced,

hydrated fruit.

Respectful, they came to him with praise.


9. The mother was harnessed to the yoke daksina.

The fruit is within paddocks.

Calf moaned and looked after the cow

Multicolor three distances from it.


10. Three mothers, three fathers carries one, and right standing.

They do not tire of it.

In addition, they pronounce the sky back

Omniscient word, not all distinct.


11. About twelve spokes – because it does not wear out!

Rotating the wheel in the sky of the law.

He, Agni, couples sons

Standing, seven hundred and twenty.


12. pyatinogom, dvenadtsatichastnom say that he is the father,

* About the source at the far half of the sky.

And the others say, that his is seen on the bottom side,

And He placed on the chariot semikolnuyu six spokes.


13. At the wheel spinning in a circle on the five spokes

Endureth all beings.

Cool to its axis, though it carries a big load.

From century, it does not break with the hub.


14. The wheel rim is rotated along with the ageless.

Ten driven him harnessed to the elongate shaft.

The eye of the sun moves, even shrouded in haze.

It placed all beings.


15. Seventh parnorozhdennyh of, say, one born

A six – twins, Rishi is born gods.

I wanted them night and day, distributed in order,

Changing shape, shaking in his place.


16. Though they wife, I call them men.

Sees having eyes, does not distinguish between the blind.

One son, that seer, he grasped them.

Who will solve them, he would become the father of his father.


17. Following further space, beyond this lower

Rose cow, calf foot carrier.

Where it is facing? In what direction it will go?

Where it is the hotel? After all, it is not in the herd.


18. Who, having understood his father

The following long-space beyond this bottom,

Showing himself a seer, declare here:

Divine thought, where was born?


19. approaching they call receding,

Removes they call approaching.

About Indra and Soma, those whom the two of you have done,

Driven like horses, harnessed to the shaft space.


20. Two eagle, two related to each other companion,

Circumference of the same tree.

One of them eats the sweet berry wine,

Other monitors, not eating.


21. Where the eagles on the share of immortality,

About allotments, without blinking, crying,

There – a mighty shepherd of the world,

Wise, he entered me, stupid.


22. In the tree where the eagles eat the honey

Selyatsya, multiply everything

On top of it, they say, berry sweet,

Until it does not get someone who does not know the Father.


23. What song is based Gayatri Gayatri size,

Or from trishtubh songs formed trishtubh size,

Or Jagath size is based on the song Jagath

Who knows, they achieved immortality.


24. The size of Gayatri he measures the song,

Song – melody, size trishtubh – the spoken verse,

Dvustopnoy, chetyrehstopnym uttered verse – the anthem.

It measures the syllables seven votes.


25. The size of Jagat he strengthened the flow in the sky,

The Chant rathantara he saw the sun.

The amount of Gayatri, say, three logs,

Because power, the power he has surpassed other dimensions.


26. I beckon this good doyaschuyusya cow

A skilful hand milker let beneath her!

Let Savitar arouse in us the best excitement!

Red-hot pot of milk. I proclaim it loudly.


27 went out to meet with the sound of “Hin!”

Lady good, I thought looking calf.

Let this unscathed gives milk production for Sleipnir!

Let it rise to great benefit!


28. tyanyas’s talking to the calf, open your eyes.

She published the syllable “Hin!”, Intending to measure his head.

Aiming for the hot muzzle calf

Moos lowing it, milked jets of milk.


29. He is buzzing – the one who lies in a cow.

She moos bellowing, set on rushing sparks fire

She ducked her crash death.

Turning into the zipper, she dropped the cover.


30. Breathing resting life, although it is fleeting,

Stirring, but remain solid among rivers.

Spirit of life of the deceased wanders at will.

Immortal – from one womb to death.


31. I saw a shepherd with no rest

Wandering on the roads here and there.

Hiding in water flowing along and in different directions,

He stirs in all beings.


32. Who created it, who does not know him.

Who saw it, on it immediately away.

Hidden throughout the womb,

With extensive offspring, he had come to death.


33. Sky – my father, a parent. There my navel.

My own, my mother – this great land.

Within these two outstretched bowls – my bosom.

Here the Father has put his daughter fetus.


34. I’m asking you about at the boundary of the land.

I ask where the navel of the universe.

I’m asking you about the seed breeding stallion.

I’m asking about the speech highest heaven.


35. This altar – the extreme boundary of the land.

It is a sacrifice – the navel of the universe.

This catfish – seed breeding stallion.

This Brahman – highest heaven speech.


36. Seven poluotpryskov on the order of Vishnu

Busy distribution of the seed of the universe.

They – the prayers, they are inspired by the idea

All superior in all these superior.


37. I do not understand what I am like.

Hidden, I wander, armed with the idea.

One has only to enter in my first-born of the law,

As soon as I get a share in this speech.


38. Back it goes forward, held his custom,

Immortal – one with a mortal origin.

These two divergent constantly heading in different directions.

When they see one, do not see the other.


39. Who does not know a syllable anthem

At the highest heaven, where the gods are seated,

What did he do with the anthem?

And who knows, those sitting here together.


40. May you be happy, grazing on rich pastures!

Yes, we are happy as we are!

Eat grass constantly about unharmed!

Drink clean water, coming to drink!


41. Buffalo moaned, creating a flow of water,

Becoming one-legged, two-legged, four-legged,

Octopus, devyatinogoy,

Tysyacheslozhnoy high heaven.


42. From it are derived the sea.

This live four cardinal points.

From there follows an enduring substance.

They all live.


43. From a distance I saw the smoke from the burning of manure

In the middle, on this lower space

Men grilled currently spotted bull.

These were the first customs.


44. Three hairy there at a specific time.

During the year, one of them a haircut.

A powerful all looked around.

Rush in one visible, not appearance.


45. In the four quarter size in question.

They know the Brahmins who are wise.

Three-quarters secretly folded they do not float.

people say the fourth quarter of the speech.


46. Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni His call,

And it is – the divine – a bird Garutmant.

What is referred to as one inspired in many ways.

Agni, Yama, Matarishvanoy His call.


47. By way of the black golden bird,

Disguising itself in the water, take off into the sky.

They returned from the seat of the law,

And the land sprinkled with fat.


48. Kosjakov twelve, one wheel,

Three nave – who suffer it?

It strengthened with pegs,

As if moving three hundred and sixty

And at the same time still.


49. That your chest inexhaustible, underpinning,

The more you give in abundance all the best benefits,

The one bringing treasure, finding good prekrasnodayuschaya

About Saraswati, here let me cling to it!


50. Victims sacrificed gods.

These were the first customs.

These were followed by power up at the sky,

Where are the old gods – Sandhya.


51. This is the same water

It moves up and down with the passage of days.

Earth enliven rains.

The sky enliven the lights.


52. Heavenly eagle – a large bird,

Scion water, pleasant-looking, offspring plants,

Saturating rain in plenty,

Saraswat I call for help.


For example, I want to touch upon one verse, read Victoria:


Four quarter size in question.

They know the Brahmins who are wise.

Three-quarters secretly folded they do not float.

people say the fourth quarter of the speech.

I specifically chose this verse from all the others, because many of you are already familiar with the mantra yoga, and this is one of the most eloquent illustrations. First, start with the fact that it is a translation into Russian; secondly, the possible translations and meanings in this verse, as well as the entire national anthem, can be a huge amount. In addition, when it is pronounced in the ancient Vedic language, there is added poetic, rhythmic, sudestika, the impact of a suggestion, when you read the poets-seers. In addition, it is a very tough situation, including yoga exercises. You will recall that according to the teachings of yoga mantra, the sound is divided into four parts, four kinds: Couple Pashyanti, Vaythari and Mathyama.


There is what we call a normal speech. You say the word, you may find that the word escaped your lips. I recall the concept of mantra yoga – anything like that, the process is extremely complex. Vibration before fall from your lips, passes four metamorphosis four stages. It teaches Mantra Yoga, the first stage, when the Kundalini energy, staying in your body (the body of Kundalini energy – the mantra), gives birth to the first pulse. The sound in this moment is in pair “Pair” – a Sanskrit word. Then the momentum of the Kundalini energy vibration begins to transform and move a few more changes and more rough shape Pashyanti then more crude form Mathyama and finally breaks down as the audible speech. We are with you, when we say, do not track internal processes taking place inside the body, we do not know the mantra yoga. Here, in this little rhyme, in fact the whole explanation. And if we take into account a lot of sense if the verse says in the Vedic language, and in another he interpreted, developed, you would find there a lot of concise information, responding to very specific questions and ways of working with the voice.


Four quarter size in question.

They know the Brahmins who are wise.

Three-quarters secretly folded they do not float.

people say the fourth quarter of the speech.


As to the fourth quarter added another three-quarters, you become a sage, poet, visionary, and your speech is transformed into a hymn mantra that works and alters everything. In total, 52 Victoria read these verses. Each of them – not just an abstraction, not a mystery “hanging pear – you can not eat”, or rather in another way, there are different shells, there are clear and transparent, and the answer is a mystery. Now we do not understand, because some points would be understandable if we were living the life of the ancient Aryans. We have cows and bulls were, we would have been in every way in this life, and by association we have begun to understand. One of the meanings of any of these poems may be, really – “hanging pear – you can not eat.” Do you remember what the answer was before – “light.” Now, however, there were saving, they are not very similar to a pear, so the mystery seems now as no longer relevant. But, besides the basic meaning, which is the rough container of words, there is still more delicate container of words – the secret speech. It is still more subtle, yet more secret. And it’s all intertwined.


When the priest retsitiruet, repeating one or another hymn, he can put different meanings. Using the knowledge of the speech utterance process, include internal structures, which we, ordinary mortals, do not guess, and make a common word to be not just a word, a factor that creates civilization, manages people and the most interesting – to control the elements, circumstances and other. There is a provision of the yoga mantra: All the world – is the mantra. The world around us – is vibration. If supplementing the vibration of its vibration, its word, as if you are adjusting the vibration device in the world. But it need not just a sound vibration, when you say something, and when there is another three-quarters of the hidden speech of which they know the wise Brahmins and ordinary people can not guess about it. And once again I will ask to read a little verse is 3.62.10.


Following Victoria Begunova:


We want to meet the desired gloss Savitri God

That should encourage our poetic thoughts.


Or in other words, recourse to Savitri, so it’s the inspiration, that came to the three-quarters, in order to become a poet – a visionary rather than a conventional poet rhymer. A famous verse of the fact that you know how it sounds in the ancient Vedic language.


This Gayatri Mantra.

AOUM, Bhur_Bhvah_Svaha



Dhiya yo nah Prachodayat.

(Repeated three times).


Dropped sleep of reason, stupor, sat upright, straighten your back, neck, head, shaken well, thoughts of ancient Rishah, bless them on our awareness of the heritage, which we passed. Or how to teach our generic yoga, think about their ancestors, holders of this knowledge. Bring your attention to the base of your body, in an area where there is a localized sensation of Kundalini energy. And try a soft low voice utter that phrase.


AOUM, Bhur_Bhvah_Svaha



Dhiya yo nah Prachodayat.

(Repeated several times)


Now think of a place at the bottom of your body, which is bubbling with energy. Try to understand how sound enters Couple Pashyanti, Pashyanti in Mathyama, Mathyama in Vaythari. Or imagine a boost of energy Kundalini like a red-hot magma, which rattles, which is full of strength, energy, determination, charisma begins to rise through the navel, through the center of our chest, throat and breaks up with the lips in the consciousness of every word that you say.


AOUM, Bhur_Bhvah_Svaha



Dhiya yo nah Prachodayat.

Add a reflection of the Absolute, which is called Savitar. Think of the Absolute, and do what is formally urges to do in translating this hymn mantra. Let it inspire you to this speech. Let it inspire you correct understanding, correct feeling. Let it inspire you inspiration and proper Bhava. Only one-on-one with the Absolute, you can make this connection, but it will teach you no longer teach.


AOUM, Bhur_Bhvah_Svaha



Dhiya yo nah Prachodayat.



A few more words about this ancient civilization, which gave this knowledge to us. When to send somewhere on a trip, you can not take more than a certain number of things, let’s say you go camping, you can not take with them from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia 50 volumes, it just will not fit in a backpack. The question arises, how to store the knowledge of how to store culture. Other civilizations have left us the pyramids, some ruins, temples. In this respect, the ancient Aryans entirely fall under the category of people who live in harmony with nature, ie, the greatest cultural heritage, which they have built – it is these hymns, which with great difficulty, as stated in the Vedas, carved out or trailed by these masters. So this is how you look, what legacy grander – pile of stacked stones of regular geometric shape or something inexpressible that you could carry with you that you do not lose at some wars, the danger of emigration. Knowledge, culture is something that did not disappear.

Vedas – the oldest source of knowledge


We stopped on the fact that all spiritual knowledge, which is a modern India, anyway, based on some older sources. These ancient sources – on an even more ancient sources, and so goes to the point, until everything rests against the Vedas. The Vedas do not rely, in turn, no matter what. Vedas like the shelf have been introduced, and gave rise to all the many philosophical, religious systems, systems of self-knowledge, self-regulation systems, one way or another governing the life of the Indian society. And the Vedas – the ancient heritage that has survived up to us to modern times – this is quite a unique fact. Let’s you and I once again try to understand the basic situation, realizing that you are in a more practical form will be able to apply and use this understanding of higher knowledge.


Let me remind you that civilization are different. Any civilization that build houses, some buildings that once manifested by changes in the natural environment. Vedas – this is precisely the civilization which has kept its base through the oral tradition, through the magic of words. Any anthem – it is not just any set of sounds, or sometimes beautifully combined rhyme – it is something more. Anthem, composed of the words of the Indian language – is a container, which includes knowledge of ineffable or unspeakable push force. About a miracle – to the present day reached this push, in spite of all the Millennium. The meaning of this thrust is also very remarkable – a jolt of truth, the truth, ie, the truth, and that truth which underlies the creation of the universe and that is the basis of the “I” of each one of us. It turns out this thing that, according to the ideology of the Vedas, the ancient sages so truthful word, true recitative could create an entire civilization. The basis of Aryan society, the foundation of the ancient Indian society – they were priests, sages, Rishis, having this living word of truth.


Once again I want to emphasize that there is a big difference between mere words and living words. With the help of this living word of truth Rishi could ensure victory in the various wars in various conflicts that inevitably arise in those terrible years. But also it is a living word could have a direct impact on humans and cause it to heal or to the solution of other problems. Moreover, it is a living word was a real tool to prevent the disappearance of the common people, the kind where it was. While being wise with his living word, in this kind tended to be born and the other sages to continue this tradition. If there was such a person with a true living word inside one group or another, from one kind or another, then, accordingly, these souls were not inclined to come, and this race had more chances to die. This is a very versatile tool for interaction with the universe and the use of hidden features that includes all of us.


At a time when the Vedas were born, when they were used, they did not record their memorable. Very good parallel between the poet-prophet of our times already, and the wise men, who expounded the Vedas at the time. We are, as a rule, tend to your favorite verses to memorize. Conversely, when there is one or another life situation, they begin to sound in our mind and allow you to re-think their behavior to avoid mistakes, take the next right turn. Lyrics are usually all remember to remember, as well, and the Vedas. The magic of the word – of the sacred words of truth possessed by ancient priests, was a truly cosmic scale. If we analyze the numerous mythological references, it seems that at certain stages of life is a living word was used in such a truly cosmic, planetary scale – had almost no change climate.

Practical application of the Vedas


In the future, we began to be used more utilitarian uses of the living word potential. We are certain analogs of conspiracies, prayers, and so on – the same that we can keep track of other societies and in Europe, and in some other places, which has many mages and many shamans, who are able with the help of words to treat disease. You’ve probably heard this saying in Russian – “Teeth start talking.” Normally we use this saying when someone is trying their chatter to distract us from something more important in understanding. But if you think about it, how could such a general saying, you quickly come to the original source. Several centuries ago, no medical assistance was not, and the people were left to themselves, including with dentistry was not very good. In fact, if it was, then it was reduced to a single procedure – a tooth extraction. At the same time, there were people who could recite some recitative, as a rule, this recitative they spoke in a low voice with a sort of special intonation, coming into a special state. And suddenly the most magical way after such a recitative patient ceased to hurt a tooth. There are other echoes of this science, this magic of the living word, associated with, say, Stopping blood. Man injured – blood flowing. There were some plots to stop the bleeding.

There are times when these recitatives passed in some songs. As a rule, they were widely popular among soldiers. If a soldier was wounded and suffered from pain, then everything around him tightened the song, and it seemed to anesthesia occurred, and the warrior survived, although otherwise he might die of shock. Examples of the use of the living word we can find echoes in the cultures of Europe, or in some more primitive peoples today. Of course, in ancient Vedic times this science was developed to perfection. Such a thing as a conspiracy from a toothache, or stop the blood, as we read in the later Vedas, the plot “The antidote to snakebite” was the widest it is common and this gave rise to a certain extent to the development of medicine. Therefore, along with 4 Vedas, which we talked about, are beginning to emerge as an auxiliary to the Vedas, relating to other areas of knowledge and science.


Thus, there are the Vedas or some collections of knowledge related to astronomy, astrology, medicine, with some other areas of human activity. Now therefore in the West it is very popular so-called Ayurveda – in fact the science of longevity, health. In fact, the first shoots of Ayurveda, we see more explicitly in the Atharva Veda, where more practical conspiracies, even some action with additional ingredients, for example, you will find a plot with grass or anything else like that.


So over time, science truthful living word, which was the basis, including Ayurveda, has become overgrown with numerous auxiliary actions, for example, if another while plotting a pot to make the effect will be better, and if you eat it and not to attempt another, it will be even better. So gradually I began to form some kind of a set of recommendations, and then it turned into some kind of a tool. I want to emphasize – the working tool of the Middle Ages.


Indeed, mention numerous Ayurveda recipes can certainly be very interesting and useful, but we must remember that the foundation has always been a true word. Without a word of truth everything else – it’s pitiful application. Moreover, without a word of truth, these recommendations or hangs in the air, or are inapplicable and inappropriate for modern life. I have already mentioned this in relation to recipes of toothpaste. No need for you to repeat these recipes Ayurveda times, because at that time it could have been a very good option, and the subsidiary to the point related to the power of words. Now deal with these dubious recipe for burnout some banana peels, which had to be dry, burn, mix the ashes with salt and something else, only tail bat was missing. And it had to be used. It was good at the time, but in the modern era – this is clearly inappropriate, especially since the base was quite different.


A similar situation with moments of astrology and astronomy. Now, when you study the science of Vedic allegedly involved in astrological predictions, personally I was not feeling the revelation of obscurantism, with such a blunt, mossy. Of course, some ancient science of the relationship on the stars, the stars and their influence is certainly there. I keep repeating that if there is a day – we tend to work if there is a night – we tend to sleep, the effect is there, but this influence is not enslaving nature. Unfortunately, we see that many echoes of the Vedas allegedly used to indoctrinate programming through all sorts of predictions, including astrological.


You have to remember that the foundation of the Vedas – this is the joy of being, a sense of freedom and power, which are enclosed in the “I” of each person. At the same time, the joy of life in the universe, which in fact gives us the opportunity to realize all our dreams – this is the essence of the Vedas. Very cheerful, very life-affirming attitude, there is no place where obscurantism, something gloomy, enslave, overwhelming, makes a person a dependent in the decision – that you will not find in the Vedas. Unfortunately, minor Vedas, extant, gradually began to turn into something dark and ossified. Now for some reason, it is very popular in the West, but, as you know, is a long time can not continue. Then exactly the same interest will subside, and will remain an unpleasant aftertaste that’s studied Ayurveda, and could do nothing, that is, there was all set to some nonsense. Rubbish can be modern interpreters of Ayurveda, not the original knowledge that was the basis, it should be very clearly separated.


There have been more different areas of knowledge related to the development of mathematics, with the development of some complex calculations, some first beginnings of science. Indeed, the concept of zero came to us from India. We are with you now write the so-called Arabic numerals, no they are not Arab, is the Indian figures, just then they came to the territory of the Arab countries and then to Europe. In fact, we are faced with such complex concepts, which do not cause problems today, but that are not clear, for example, with the concept of a minus. I have an apple, it is intended with a plus sign, but said: “I have a minus one apple,” What will this mean? The concept of “should” – is as a consequence of the notion that somewhere there. If somewhere was not, it would be zero concept.


I have an idea to ever touch the Vedic knowledge, yoga and mathematics. Read lectures. Everything is really so obvious, my friends! We just got used to the school that we learn something. I particularly always interesting to ask the students, plus two times the minus two – how much will it?


Students: Minus four.

Vadim: A minus two to minus two?

Students: Four.

Vadim: And why not minus four?

Students: minus by minus gives plus.

Vadim: And why minus by minus gives plus? Does anyone of you can answer me?

Students: Axioms. We are usually taught in the school.

Vadim: What is axiomatic?


You see, my friends, you will immediately preloaded feet and said: “It is axiomatic, as given.” Even if we draw parallels with the axiomatics of yoga, we remember that all the axioms – it is not just an abstract nonsense, which is thrown and said to us: “Here, use this,” and it has some provisions that sverhlogichny, but we do not we can yet grasp.

The first science pulses were generated by the influence of the Vedas, but it is ineffable knowledge of the truth is beginning to take some shell is no longer verses, hymns, and in some other recommendations, conspiracy, mathematics, the effect of light and so on and so forth. Vedas on what does not rely, they suddenly appeared. All other areas of Eastern thought, anyway, based on the Vedas. Once again, for this reason, all philosophical systems rudely divided into those teachings which recognize the authority of the Vedas, or the truth, and those who do not recognize. Here is a rough division. But even those who do not recognize, it is located on the foundations of a true knowledge of the Vedas – this is how I would stand on the ground and shouted, “No! Tronics land” But I’m standing!


This impulse is something over and above that contained, as in a container of words, and, not just words, and hymns, mantras, it is in the future could occur through anything and animate any type of activity, through the art of war, through some moments associated with the craft. Very interesting situation that needs a separate study – these are some breakthroughs, as it is now said, “know-how”. For example, horses. Many treatises, echoes of which we find in other cultures, have clearly expressed the Vedic language, they were able to use this impetus to the “super” in their daily lives, that later became known as the “Artha” or mastery, or the ability to live well.


Sometimes people ask, “we yoga decided to start doing, what we are now, begging and misery, with a bowl to go begging?” For many people, this association is that the occupation of something spiritual automatically leads to a state of a beggar wandering, eating alms ascetic . Friends, it is not so! None of the Vedic priest in a nightmare could not dream of such a disposition of things! Principle – live life to the fullest himself, let live, be very skillful in life. Enjoy life – it is the principle of the Kama. Engaged in the business – this is the principle of Dharma. And you will reach the highest heights of self-knowledge. Sometimes referred to as the principle of moksha, liberation.


Therefore, the luxury of wandering around with begging bowl could afford only highly advanced Brahman, who has lived all his life, was four ashram or four periods of life – the apprenticeship period, the period of the householder, hermit period. And only after all of this in his declining years, he really gave up everything and went with a begging bowl, and sometimes even without it – even the cup with a drag! Why bowl, if on a sheet could have? If from the creek could drink? Those. poverty was not the result of spiritual exercises, and the last springboard to enlightenment, when a man refused everything he was not. Why drag some clothes, provisions, etc., because he walked. He lived a glorious life and now had to put an exclamation point in their lives, to reach the highest state of samadhi or merge with the reality, with the force that animates these hymns. Alternatively, to move to a different level of existence, or more intuitive epithet for us to conquer death. The essence of Vedic knowledge, if we applied it in their lives, sometimes interpreted very clear language to us as a “victory of death.”


In further comments – Brahmanas, Aranyaka, Upanishad (in the Upanishads is especially beautiful – there is a constant call to the man: “What do you expect is not necessary to wait for anything Forward, forward, forward go conquers death!!!”) – It’s all beat in the poetic beautiful phrases, very dynamic, as the slogan of the soul tearing. You wait, and the universe is waiting for! Do not expect anything! Live in this world, rejoice lives, give it a sacred duty! Give birth to offspring! Living a life the way you want to live, leaving behind wealth, health, descendants! Once they do not need, go, live your life – if you want, the most exotic practice, practice. To then, at the end of life to realize and have to pay, throw away all the wealth, all of its status and everything else, and how to go to the next state – immortality. Friends, if you are immortal – you do not need no food, no clothes, no self-propelled carts, no honor and respect. You go an entirely different status. After all, in fact the Vedas were created Rishis who have reached this state of immortality. Of course, this is a state college, the word immortality – a pathetic attempt to convey what was meant. Rishi themselves have achieved this, Rishi gave it a true word in the Vedas. And it is not just given, but in the form of solutions to everyday problems at the time, the era of global change alignment of life on earth. Why then call Rishi? They call on us to ensure that we ourselves have achieved immortality, not expecting anything.


You have to understand that that’s the pleasure principle, happiness, optimism, truth, truth is an essential thing. When India had already started to turn into something sad and sad – it’s kind of like the exact opposite of the ideals that were in the Vedas, then the question arises: “And how is it going? How, then, to acquire immortality? “

The concept of “RITA”

And then we find in the Vedas with a certain philosophical understanding, there is the principle of the universe, there is the concept of “Rita”.


What is Rita? It is very hard to translate this word in modern European languages, however, like all the other terms. This is the principle of cosmic harmony, it is the principle of cosmic dance, it is the principle of cosmic cyclicity. Everything is subordinated to the expediency invisible, everything will come in time, all should show themselves and to leave at the right time. And if you understand the beauty and harmony of the logic of the universe, you start immediately adjust their lives under this logic. Your personal life is starting to be in harmony with the life of the universe. You like to fall into resonance. Then your every action, every word, every thought you think does not meet resistance. First, you open the power on self-realization, in this giant theater of harmony, that is, in this beautiful harmony you insert your personal harmony, and you yourself would like dorisovyvat, Append, become a co-creator of the universe. You start to not conflict with the universe, and realized in the universe. Ie, to fully begin to exercise their creativity. And, again, if you are to grasp what is called “Rita”, you see another concept, which is called ‘Dharma’.


Dharma – this is our true, the only way of life, living in which we just enjoy life to the maximum, we realize all your creative intentions, plans, we will make completely consistent with the universe. Thus, we get all that we want! We offer greatest power, and it leads us to the highest goal – the goal of self-knowledge, the goal of knowledge, what is the universe, and, as a consequence of the acquisition of a higher state, or in simpler words – the acquisition of immortality. If you grasped what Rita – rhythm, harmony – you already know how to build your personal trajectory – Dharma. If your Dharma in harmony with Rita, every step you take brings you closer to the ultimate goal – to immortality, to victory.


We mentioned Maha mantra Mrityunjaya – great mantra, conquering death. The question arises, how a set of some sounds can save me from the threat of death? How? Moreover, accidental death, friends. What is accidental death? This is when you start to go against Rita, when you start to go into resonance with the universe, and in spite of the universe and crushes you like a cockroach, who runs the kitchen. If you go to the level of Rita, the universe begins to warn you: “There go, do not go here” – the magic word of truth. Not that it is any mystique that ancient priests came up to us and trying to shake off. No, my friends, everything is very logical, or rather very sverhlogichno. What is required of us? We are required to begin to feel what is called Rita. If we understand his Dharma, then we have a chance to the most reasonable way to deal with what is called Karma.


All these words – drevnevedicheskogo origin. The word “karma” means what has already been done. Once upon a time in my life before that you did not feel Rita, the harmony of the universe – you were in defiance, there you brought, here and there you inattentively something done here. And the echo, or echo, or the consequences of your actions come to you in the future in the form of Karma, as some conditions that cause up to a certain extent, your next steps. You begin to be not free, because you davleyut on your previous actions. Imagine you have a shovel, we went to the edge of the forest and began to dig a hole. We dig, dig and dig depth of four meters and sit at the bottom of this hole – this hole determines your further movement. But where this hole come from? I dug itself. Here as well, and our previous acts determine that there is now. Of course, we are with you “dug” these pits in various fields. And then begin to complain that we are not talking, it is not. We are from the universe want something one but she puts in front of us the wall. Question: from this wall come from? Universe so angry? No, the universe is not evil. This wall you’ve built it myself, and now forgotten.


But what about the fact that you already have, ie, your previous actions or your karma? Karma restricts your freedom, Karma – is conditionality, and no matter it is negative or positive Karma. You could build a wall, on you forehead broke and could do something that you might even like it, but it also limits you. Perhaps the so-called positive Karma, which comes in the form of things like as positive, but still you are causing. For example, you now come to the workshop, and you say that you became the heir, a billionaire. All the billions suddenly fallen on your head, a huge wealth. And, on the one hand, you can be happy, screaming: “Oh, how wonderful, how wonderful,” but the most invisible way that wealth begins to define further your actions, ie, it starts implicitly somehow adjust your path in life, and as a result, you are no longer free.


Ideal Higher Vedic knowledge, the Vedas ideal – a state of immortality or a state of freedom from everything, including death. So, what is there to freedom, if all of us davleet – and good moments and bad moments – everything makes us unfree. The question arises, how do you go through life so that the maximum enjoy the creative life in the universe, to be a co-creator of the universe, but it does not build its own prison. After all, no matter what we do – we generate karma. How to enjoy, enjoy life, be prosperous, joyful, happy in this life, and so that does not create karma, which will impair or reduce our vault in the future. The answer is – to go down the path of Dharma. The path of Dharma allows us, if we had a negative karma, it maximally neutralize, ie, to suffer as little as possible from the negative and at the same time enjoy the most positive features of our Karma and what we have around. And sooner or later, if we go this way, brings us to the freedom of all – and from the positive and the negative, ie, is no longer the concept of positive and negative, there is no concept of death.


How did it find the path of Dharma? In fact, the path of Dharma – the sensation Rita harmony. If we feel this harmony, if we feel that we are far from the extremes, we find this path, and we are very different start to live. Of course, then there is a more detailed explanation of how to search for the Dharma, feel like Rita. In particular, it got yoga pronounced point in the first and second principles of yoga or rejection of extremes. Do you remember this motto: “live and let live”. Do not cause harm to any living creature unless absolutely necessary – it is as if one extreme. On the other hand – use every opportunity that comes to you in this life. After all, the world in which we were born – is a giant warehouse capabilities, and we need to recognize them, and we should be able to use them in their lives. If we can use the two principles as yoga teaches us, we begin to feel Rita, the harmony of the microcosm and macrocosm. If there’s Rita, every word that you say, is converted into a word of truth, for your word is a lie. And as soon as the word becomes a word of truth, he has a magical property is completely true. Truthful speech – this is the question that comes to pass. For this, the force – in this truth. If your speech is false, then it is contrary to Rita, and she did not come true, it is some time there, and then collapses, falling apart. Therefore, the principle question of truth is extremely important. It is extremely important in understanding how the ancient Vedic knowledge work. You can draw a parallel with the mantra yoga. Why is not every word mantra? Because we tend to lie, we vrёm. We say in advance that something that is not true.


You can draw a parallel with the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, which is the same as mantra yoga, based on the Vedas. One of the super-powers, described Patanjali yoga with: “If a wise man avoids telling a lie, and confirmed in his speech, in truth, the further it gets hit. Whatever he might say to the phrase – the phrase is executed. “


I met a yogi, a very wonderful person, a Russian, living in the North Caucasus. He sadhana (spiritual practice) day pass 100 km. Everyday. And once he told me the following story. He crossed the Caucasus range and into the Caucasus. (The Caucasian ridge, friends, do not just jump!) And he came to a certain village, and the locals (as it was on the celestial consider a saint) bring to it the first-born (the first grandson was born, they say, bless), and he with expertly blesses him. And then he said to me: “You know, come to me for treatment. And I have no ear or snout do not understand medicine. I have a photocopy of the points of Chinese acupuncture heels of some of the Soviet magazine. Zhmёsh on point, and this is some influence. I give this leaf, say – will help. And it really helps! I can certainly say that I will do something, but I can not say I still know what will. “


You must understand that each of you has such abilities. The plane of our usual logic of this seems nonsense, but it’s part of the reality – the invisible reality. That these same possessed by the ancient Rishis, they were all the same, what to say, if behind them – the truth. Any of the word – is performed. This is a question the truth of life. Our modern civilization makes us lie. After all, our entire life is built on lies: we do not live the way we want, we have to pretend to be what we are not because of the fear of being without money, without food, without status. And at first glance – win, but in fact – very hard losing. We win in the envelope, wrapper, but something beyond inside it escapes, and we did not even think.


By and large, as is the case about yoga, about which I spoke, people live very poorly, but, in fact, he needs very little and eats very little, sleeps little. Yes, it is nothing and it is not necessary, he is happy. Not rich lives, not because he can not make money – but he has some friends millionaires, billionaires, which he treated in his time … Somehow he suggested that we go to our website. And he says: “I have no Internet”. Me: “Well, as well ….” And he said: “Oh, do not worry. I have not got problems. If I need something, I get freely … “.

So, we lose something because our civilization makes us lie out of fear, because of some other reasons. For example, in 1937, the year (when the Communist Party) say something against it, and the powder will erase not only you, but also all your relatives. This system is built on fear, lies, lack of freedom, sooner or later fall apart. When we build something of fear, lies, lack of freedom, violence against Rita we go against the truth. Universe is a lot kinder than we can understand. It is, of course, suffers to a certain point, but then her patience runs out, and we get a very deserved. What did he – what you get.


There comes the next moment of Vedic knowledge – a reflection of what until then we did some not so good things, we lied a lot, in fact, still vrёm. Therefore, neither of which the power of words, which had Rishi, we can not even dream of – vrёm much. We say one thing, think another, and the momentum of our energy Kundalini says the third. Swan, the crayfish and pike – all mismatched, so any number of repeat a mantra, and it does not work. At the same time, all the mantras of the ancient Rishis, all the mantras of the Rig Veda did not have to repeat many times, it was enough once again to get the result. Unequivocal results such as – there’s a reason, there is a consequence. It is clear that it is necessary to do something. You can not tomorrow to speak the truth to everyone you meet because you lied to this for a long time. If you start to do that, you are wittingly or unwittingly begin to harm others. It is as if all go on the right side of the road, and you decide to go into the oncoming lane. And you yourself are not big trouble, and you deliver a lot of trouble to those around you.


Fortunately, not everything is so bad, and so there is where to start. Do not make sudden movements to the outside, but be honest with yourself. It says yoga, this says Vedic knowledge. And here we have a paradox: the division of language into ordinary language and in the secret language. Plain language – is the language in which you talk to people around you. Secret language – a language of truth, the hidden language, if you do it on something to say, it is instantly implemented. This is another paradox of the Rig Veda. Rig Veda – this interweaving profane, understandable language with a secret language. Secret language known only to the Rishis. External language accessible to all. Secret language – a language of truth. First of all any Rishi wanted to gain for himself the truth of the language of inspiration, the language of non-contradiction between the internal and external movements of aspiration, between thought, speech and action. Only if you are applying in the language of the Absolute, to the Highest principle – it is prone to answer you. If you refer to the profane, everyday language – you do not hear. Or, in other words, you do not use this principle Rita – the truth, the harmony of the universe, you’re lying.


I urge you once you become familiar with the Vedas, explore the Brahmana, Aranyaka, Upanishad. Especially the Upanishads, they are better understood than Vedas. Even sometimes Brahmana, Aranyaka, Upanishad regarded as one of the earliest commentaries on the Vedas. Quite often there occurs an episode when the two compete in Rishi speech. To help you understand what I’m saying, I will give an example. We now have some kind of political system – we have some rules, there are bosses, there are performers, have subordinates, simple people. The question always arises – how to balance the rulers and subordinates? Like, say, the king should behave in relation to the people, the people in relation to the king? After all, this is a very difficult task and a very interesting moment was power devices. Formal rules Kshatriyas – generals, actually – ruled sages, Rishis, Brahmins. If the captain went contrary to the truth, expounded Rishi, Brahman – he long remained in power do not. Moreover, in the Vedas, there are a variety of events gone too far overthrow of the monarch, one of them in common with the ancient Greek myth of the tyrant. There was some very presumptuous Kshatriya, whose Brahmans simply slaughtered. And, the slaughtered? Sheets of kusa grass. How do you explain what it is like? You saw the reeds? There is, of course, other plants, but some are similar. By the way, the grass to eat – a sacred herb.


On the other hand, the Kshatriya must also know who his true Brahman, and who put on a mask of a Brahmin, and he does not have the truth of the Word. To this end, we organized a debate. In these debates always won the Brahman, who was closer to the truth. Those who did not have the truth, he could during this debate die. Moreover, there is a strange bunch, it becomes clear to us through Pranayama yoga. We just said that there is a linkage between Rita – truth, harmony, truth, law, world order, speech – it is in Sanskrit “Vach”, but also there is another bunch that is called “Prana”, or a first approximation, it can be called “life force.” So, it was not safe to speak out against the Brahman, has the power of speech. Connection between the truth of speech and Prana is one of the most baffling and powerful, if a Brahman faced brazen deceiver uninitiated, it could kill him, not touching, just by ordering it to leave Prana body.


It all sounds quite harsh, especially in the context of the principles of humanism, principles of not causing harm to anything living, but we must always make allowances for the fact that in ancient times were very ferocious, the Middle Ages, at least remember. It was the ultimate humanism, but at the same time, when the majority of people is not the Brahmans (it was assumed that in the bodies of people born a variety of creatures, animals in human bodies) needed something to do to keep, lose knowledge.


So, we’ll have another bunch with Prana in its original sense of the word. Prana is the true lifeblood of every “I”, and at the same time, Prana, as the creator of the entire universe environment. In fact there is no difference, Prana Prana inside or outside, is a single Prana permeates everything in the world, and this Prana is linked to speech, it is linked with the truth, the truth, the truth is linked to the law of truth “Rita”. As you can imagine, all of these provisions were later more detailed elaboration, explanation and clarification, in particular, in many types of yoga. Therefore, the background of any kind of yoga does not fall from the sky.


Friends, no one comes up with yoga! Sometimes it seems like a smart man sits and thinks yoga. It’s impossible! You can not sit down and come up with the laws of nature. Rather, you can think of all sorts of laws, but whether they will be carried out? Therefore, any kind of yoga that is familiar in the West – this thing inexpressible, based on the knowledge of the Vedas. Once again, the Vedas – this is knowledge that come to us by themselves – they are not based on that, they were just given us.

Rita yoga


We touch on things, which is called Rita yoga, but in a more utilitarian application. Rita concept – the concept of world harmony law, the concept of sensation in the processes surrounding the universe within us. This sense of life here in the truth of non-contradiction. When we do something, and the universe around us does not make obstacles for us, do not put a spoke in the wheel, but rather responds to and enhances our intentions, our creative impulse, that is, It needs to grasp the rhythm. If you take a movie camera and start slowly by frame in the day to shoot the landscape, and then quickly view the captured, then the landscape that looks motionless, starts to undergo any cyclical metamorphosis. Sometimes the show, say, a tree is without leaves. That blossomed leaves. That leaves turned yellow, flushed, fell here again bare tree stands here again leaves. If the fast way to view it all, you begin to grasp the rhythm of what is hidden behind all something cyclical. From the human need to understand this is something cyclical, something harmonious, something that hides behind all others. And it is this hidden world order of law, universal law of truth, when one thing totally harmonious manner replaces another. And this is life. Life is the truth.


Such an interesting point – in ancient times on the problems of the truth, the life, the cycle of law Rita pondered very hard ancient sages Rishi. They were able to devote to this task a lot of years of life, sometimes a few lives. History tells us that many victories achieved in the realization of this great source. When the sage learned the fundamental principle of the universe – it grasped neither the incomparable feeling of ecstasy, is so strong that, compared with it, all the other sensations, thoughts, feelings faded. The man who has realized and experienced this revelation became a different person – he opened his potential became free, immortal in every sense of the word.


But then, when the revelation of the onslaught being done, who are you, what is the universe as it is interconnected subsided somewhat, remained inexpressible joy within. The joy of life, awareness of joy, joy that the world was old, but he already knows how everything is perfectly done. Such a person picks up this joy, and he began to spontaneously manifest that joy. Remember how the exhibit spontaneous joy the kids when they have something pretty prepared. They jump, rejoice, dance! That’s just sometimes started to behave ubelёnnye haired ancient Rishis. He could earn the reputation of such a solid, sane Brahman priest, a connoisseur of mysteries, but here he is a small child, begins to jump, have fun, beat her hands. Moreover, people around although they see strange behavior, but nonetheless, his every gesture, his every smile, there is something great for each of his remark that he did not just crazy – sitting meditating and quietly crazy. Nothing like this! This was felt that a “super”. Joy, happiness, understanding of life, understanding of harmony. Or joy, happiness, realization of the principle of Rita.


Once a person is really aware of the harmony of the world, it is like a fairy music, it picks up and it starts to spontaneously express the joy, happiness through dance, so any Dancing. When you capture the awareness of harmony, truth and beauty of what is happening, then you begin to express it available to you ways – some movements of the hands, feet, some gestures, clapping their hands, and you can something humming under his breath or loud, ie a person begins to manifest itself in every way emotionally. Moreover, its manifestations, he somehow tries to synchronize with the rhythm feeling of space or space law Rita. It turns out that he seems to be dancing to the music of the universe, or, as we would say medieval philosophers, to the music of the spheres.


To you people realize the immensity of what you are actually, what prospects are opened in front of you the universe, when you believe in your strength, when you realize that everything depends only on you. How do you want, and traced his path in life, and in joy, in happiness, in pleasure. And in the end, reach sverhsostoyaniya, absolute freedom. And, still can not understand how it is connected, but the dog feel that you go through some mystical way where necessary. You have no doubt in the mind, only the joy you have, that you go to the right place, that all thoughts provisions inferences as if strung on a “super”. It is a state when you possess glimpses Psychometric, and all ordinary knowledge as obliging servant, always do whatever he wants Mr. It should appear in the field of mathematics – write the formula; it is necessary in the field of art – a play or a hymn in the Rig Veda write; it is necessary in economic activity manifest themselves – it manifest itself in anything. If there is a mystical feeling of inner truth, the truth, involvement in something living if there is at the core, that is optimistic. This is what you find in the Vedas, it is felt that the ancient sages. Optimism is the limit! The joy and happiness. Live itself, let live. Seize the moment that such a game, a dance, a co-creation, the opportunity to realize that something great. And it immediately begins to manifest itself in some actions, in dance, in a spontaneous dance!


The more people involved in this dance, the more it is woven into the Rita. If you feel the rhythm, the melody of the universe, making his every gesture according to this rhythm; if you have the first glimpses of realization of this harmony, and you start at this harmony to make some movements with his hands, feet, spontaneously, without thinking something to sing under his breath, la-la-la, purum, purum, then your every word every action goes in harmony with Rita. And you hear this harmony, adjusts to this harmony and its small movement of the hand or foot traffic start in general carriage, a total yoga to strengthen what needs to be strengthened, or where a brake, that should be inhibited. Because everything has a lifting periods, periods of recession periods in something one, times in something else, then – from what and harmony is born. Those. On the one hand, the extreme – extreme each lifeless, but when these extremes follow one another in a certain coloration, it turns out that something enchanting, magical, fantastic and exciting.


Suddenly comes a completely unique opportunity that his every action you amplify this harmony. If you had some kind of negative trend, which was against that harmony (ie, once you do the hand movements that are against the laws of the universe, as it were, in antiphase), now how would you compensate their disharmony. You like to redeem his karma, done once, outweigh the positive karma that your every movement goes in agreement with Rita, with this momentum. It turns out that on the one hand, awareness of Rita leads to the manifestation of the dance, on the other – dance to the awareness and greater manifestation of Rita. From this was born a completely mystical practices, moreover, we find these practices in a variety of peoples, cultures, not only Vedic. In the Vedas Heritage Indian civilization has brought to us a lot of arts related to dance, mythology very often the image of dancing Shiva. Shiva Nataraja multi-armed, multilegged, very elegant. Dance Moment – an integral part of Vedic culture, it is a manifestation of harmony, truth, grace, and beauty. At the same time – it is a powerful tool and a powerful yoga – yoga, is not inferior to such yogis as hatha yoga, kriya yoga, yogis others made on the same principle – is harmony. In other yogas this harmony is expressed drier words: “where it is necessary to force yourself, and where you can afford.” In Rita yoga is not such a dry comments, but rather where your heart tells you where how to do, ie, Give yourself to this harmony, gives this beautiful. And in fact, if a person starts to do such a movement, a spontaneous dance in harmony with Rita, he has appeared on the Universe superpowers management, ie so people could dance to manage all everything, everything.

The same moments we meet in cultures far removed from India. Any kind of shamanistic dances among the people living in the jungle, in Siberia, dancing Dervishes – very interesting, in particular logic made, etc. etc. Moreover, the concept itself of “dance” is very interesting, on the one hand, it is the universal character of the space, but she could come in the pronounced interaction of opposites, as we see in Rita. In the future, this is reflected in the pair dance between man and woman, man and woman as two extreme manifestations of the universe. As such, the dances have survived in Europe, one time they were extremely popular, the whole ritual – an invitation, how to approach, what to do, etc.


The phenomenon is known and mysterious dance in different cultures, and it is of great interest for the study. But since we are engaged in yoga, Vedic knowledge, we would like to understand what is the essence, the logic of the dance, which is dancing in general. And in order to understand this, it is necessary to explore the deep layers of the Vedic knowledge, deep layers of yoga. But we are now interested in more practical terms.


So, if you realize the truth, it comes to you dance – beautiful, spontaneous, born from the heart. But the converse is also true: if you start to dance, then, through their actions, the movements begin to better understand themselves and the universe, you tune into the universal law of harmony and rhythm, and it’s up to you begins to better reach. As in any other yoga, it works in both directions – from dance to Rita by Rita to dance. From harmony, through the expression of this harmony in the dance, from dance to the realization of this harmony – is a single indivisible whole. This is a very serious direction of philosophical thought, serious yoga, and it has a practical expression in terms of very specific practices.


Before we touch on with you untold heights Rita yoga, I would like to outline the first steps in this direction.


What is Rita Yoga? From a formal point of view, it can not be called yoga dance, but the dance there. But this dance is not restricted in our Western sense, and dance in its first principle, is like dancing a little child who is happy, jumping, clapping, humming, etc. This is when there is no difference between miroosoznaniem, outlook, and our ability through our gross physical body is like a show. When there is no lie, when the child is happy, he is not lying. He is well, and it shows that he is well. The same thing using this yoga – is honesty element of truth that we express through dance or some recitative. We get that a formal approach Rita Yoga may also include elements of Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga elements, where we move, how to dance. But if Kriya yoga is a movement specified in a specific sequence, there is – the limit spontaneity.


Ideology Rita yoga is such that if you feel the harmony in yourself and start using this harmony somehow move, you instantly tune in harmony on the outside. Realizing harmony outside, you will build an even better harmony within, and on the rise. This yoga is performed as a spontaneous dance. To grasp, to get a seed to start the spontaneous movement of joy, very often used by external factors in the form of some musical instruments, sometimes the most primitive: clapping, banging the drum and some sticks.


If the sage realized ecstasy, as if he had heard inside the music of ecstasy, he moved as if the music was playing inside, and music sounds from inside. And then as if the auxiliary element from the outside. And here comes a line of yoga-related music, associated with an auxiliary influence from the outside in the form of games on some musical instruments that will help us to reveal the spontaneous harmony of our body movements. For Rita yoga need some music, when we begin to deal with it. As you know, earlier there was no tape or some DVD players, it comes down to very primitive tools. Found a drum of some or tune in and let her play, and sometimes themselves, sometimes with the help of someone else. Sometimes, in India the girls were the decorations in the form of bracelets with bells around the legs, around the arm. And the result is very interesting: she makes a harmonious movement, and this gives a harmonious background music – two in one work. Or someone in the drum beats and dance. Here, the continuation of the concept of Rita, harmony, outgoing, not only in dance, but also in music.


In my opinion, Robert Burns was saying that in his view there is a clear link between poetry, music, dancing. It is interesting that it is directly in the “top ten” hit, if we analyze it from the perspective of Vedic knowledge. If there is harmony, Rita, the sage who it feels may clothe truth in hymns, mantras, recitatives, may be it through spontaneous dance, can exercise it through the execution of a piece of music with a kind of musical color. Those. music, dance, poetry – these things are very serious in the way of our self-knowledge.


Now I often meet people who say, “I will deal with Yoga, Vedic philosophy will learn.” Why? “Because it’s all dry, clear, logical. And the only way I will achieve enlightenment. ” But if you dig deeper, more ancient epoch wise, it turns out that the study of dry theory is a thing necessary, important, but one-sided, if there is no disclosure of human nature perfectly with the other hand – music, poetry, dance. And in this regard, I recall the age-old dispute between physicists and lyricists. Who is more important engineer or a poet? As you know, the debate is meaningless. For the harmonious development of personality and you have to be an engineer and a poet, that is, and possess analytical thinking and sensual.


Returning to Rita yoga. So Rita Yoga encourages us to feel the spontaneous harmony of the universe fit into it and create with the universe. Each of your gesture is not just a gesture, a creation in this universe, this add-on, the decoration of this universe. Moreover, at your local level of your perception of the world, but the most interesting is that it then becomes a global level. Sometimes it persists in certain backward tribes, such as the primitive magic – Priest starts banging a tambourine and dance to perform, and, you see, some doomsday occur. We, unfortunately, there is no opportunity to fully consider this yoga today. But, back to practice. One of the first exercise is to make you feel within yourself this harmony – spontaneous song, spontaneous dance, the rhythm in spontaneous harmony with the universe, in harmony with itself. If you do this, you’ll be closer to the realization of fundamental principles, the truth of who you really are and what is the universe. Will you go the way of yoga – this is the path of yoga, but it was on the other side is not analytical, and sensual.


Of course, to make a person like this to engage Rita Yoga or allow it to creative, spontaneous manifestation of the very hard – we lied for a long time. We vrёm around. We vrёm speech we vrёm in each of his movement. Sometimes this is due to, sometimes there are situations when the dishes I want to beat him, but you have to make myself do nothing. But it is on the one hand, when we manifest restraint and patience. Much worse, when we are out of the minor points of ignorance, stupidity does not behave the way we were supposed to behave naturally as children. We behave as a cunning adult. And with that something must be done.


If we start to dance – we jammed, we think, and how we appreciate? And what will they say about us? Suddenly I look ugly? We used to lie, we are accustomed to adapt to someone else’s opinion, not a view of the universe, which you alone, not by the opinion of the Higher “I”, the essence of which you represent, and for the view of something else that might be illusion or misunderstanding. Usually they say, “good taste”, “bad taste.” Critics have said – this film is bad, but half of humanity watching him with bated breath. Or, conversely, very critics praised something, you go, you look and think, ‘God, this is on the screen at all could produce? “Or have not written a book author – and a devastating article in the newspaper. Who wrote? Critic. And this critic he wrote something in life, before criticizing others? No, I not write. We are starting to adjust to a different time under the mold. We are starting to exhaust themselves voluntarily under someone else’s opinion, and this opinion is totally extraneous, unrelated to any of the universe, nor to us, completely useless. Just a man earns money, maybe he did not read the book even wrote a review without reading. So, too, can be.


I friend of Israel brought anecdote: “There are two other, one says to another:” Look, I do not like the way Tchaikovsky “-” And you heard it “-” No, I have not, I sang Izzy? “. This is so that you do not Izzy sang …


We squeezed, we adjust every action under other people’s opinions, and not know where it is taken. But yoga yoga would not be if she did not use anything. yoga principle – pay defeat into victory. Yes, you are trapped, yes, you hesitate, yes, you kompleksuete, yes, you want verses declare feline voice, and do you think I will accept? Why not? Why feline voice to recite these verses do not? If you think that is the way it should be if you do not interfere with anyone if no one will be bad not to, why not?


Born this technique, a very specific, medical, that the poison in small amounts converted into medicine. So Rita yoga urge to do some movements deliberately ugly. They say you can not dance like that – it’s ugly, and you start to dance that way. Or do you think, if I’m so waving your arms – it will look ugly. Makhno. Or if you start such a heart-rending voice, something howling – it will be considered inharmonious, and I’m just a voice and start howling. If I start banging on his drum was this melody – this is unprofessional. And I will start it to do so. But do not forget that everything falls under the first principle of yoga – the neighbors do not act on the nerves of his experiments – select the place where you are without disturbing anyone, and you, that no one prevented.


Please do something consciously wrong. Then, lo and behold, the more you try to do badly, the more you will begin to understand what to do bad – very hard, you laid in harmony, that is, you are doing is bad, and it does not get bad! Do you want to do bad, but it turns out well! And you begin to realize that not very good only in one case, if you’re lying, if you begin to adjust to something alien. If you adjusts to something strange, in your head begins hodgepodge nor his – or someone else’s. Then – it is bad. Consciously make yourself bad is almost impossible, because you have the essence of harmony, you have the essence of Rita. And around the universe – the essence of Rita. Just do not get bad, I want to do bad, but does not work, it becomes a matter of “good”. This point is extremely important in all exercises of yoga Rita.


Exercises very different, but I’m interested in exercises that resemble spontaneous dance, when people start to spontaneously dance to the music. In our era it may be a tape recorder. Again – try to dance and ugly to herself humming hysterically. Please note that kids sometimes so rage. Some stayed at home, and let’s jump on the bed, hands, feet, waving, with something to squeal. Here is a yoga – very spontaneous, very childish, open. We tried to pinch himself, and our nature once and discards all other people’s opinions and how we look. Nature has gone, gone and Rita – inner harmony, the outer harmony. There are all sorts of strengthening these practices. For example, a change of rhythm, a rhythm was suddenly changed rhythm. It was once one – time and shifts. Or 1-1-1 rhythm goes – time stops. As such there is a children’s game “Freeze!” – And freezes in that position. Another rhythm, and you’ve got out of this situation, in which the metering enter a different rhythm. Change of rhythm allows us to tune in. Most importantly spontaneity. Wonderful experience. In fact it should be in every way to practice. For example, a dance with sound, i.e. not just a spontaneous dance, but yet you yourself provide the musical accompaniment – what I see, that I sing.

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