2012_02_26 Seminar. Six Yogas of Naropa. Tummo Yoga (Yoga of internal heat)

Today, February 26, 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I teach yoga. This is our workshop. The theme of the seminar – “Tibetan Yoga”. All our information is archived on the site openyoga.ru, happyyoga.narod.ru. As we have courses on site kurs.openyoga.ru to yourself over the Internet to learn the theory and practice of yoga.


So, my friends, now we are waiting for quite an interesting journey into the world of Tibetan yoga.

Before we consider any specific recommendations that have survived, I need to outline and what is Tibetan yoga? How do they differ from the Indian yogi? What are the similarities? What is the difference? And why is this division? Why not just call “yoga”. In the end, the territory of ancient India once extended to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and even to our Central Asian republics such as Tajikistan.

However, there is no such thing as an Afghan or Tajik yoga yoga, but for some reason is the concept of Tibetan yoga. And let’s start with you in order to excursion into history. So what constitutes Tibet? What it represented in ancient times? What it represented in the Middle Ages?

What he represents himself in the modern era?

Mention of that was in the territory of Tibet, which were there in the manners of antiquity, to us, of course, reach of the many historical sources. The picture emerges about the following, that the people who lived there were quite fierce and warlike. Suffice sharpened on aggression and militarism. Tibetans were only a one of the most combat-ready parts of the world.

Indeed, all the neighbors, literally shook from their conquests. Then suddenly there was a very interesting metamorphosis. Tibet a demilitarized modern language. During the historical periods is very well monitored, when suddenly from a very threatening forces of Tibet began to transform itself into something quite unusual and has become, in the end, in a very spiritual place on earth.

I allow myself a certain analogy for you to understand the extent of the miraculous transformation that took place with Tibet on the example of the recent history of our days. It was once the Soviet Union, who had one of the most powerful military capabilities – nuclear, thermonuclear bombs, rockets, a huge army, which was calculated from the fact that all the rest of the West at the same time attack on the Soviet Union. It is clear that it worked the whole industry, the whole economy, all politics, all ideology has been sharpened to ensure that does not prevent war.

But then, a miracle happened: Suddenly the Soviet Union from the country, which held half of the world in awe, suddenly began to softly-softly transformed and turned into what is now. However, with very large losses for the country. Now Russia is unlikely to threaten anyone. That’s the demilitarization took place. As you can imagine, it’s not just like that, it’s quite a serious scrapped in psychology, culture scrapped, scrapped in worldview. With all the consequences, including the painful moments it is connected.

So, in the history of Tibet, we just witnessing a time when Tibet is demilitarized. Moreover, the people of Tibet has been actively searching for some humanistic, progressive knowledge. Prior to this, mainly some pockets of religion or some kind of self-knowledge systems were quite strange system of rituals and beliefs. In particular, some of them have survived to the present day, which assign a name as Gompo. But, at that time the list of spiritual knowledge that could only be provided at the same time began to show interest in the most advanced. And first of all eyes were turned towards India, as the cradle of almost all philosophical systems.

And at that time in India, in the territory of all these countries enjoyed enough popularity of Buddhism. But this is a very interesting thing – it was already late Buddhism, a humanistic, then it is referred to as Buddhism Naragadzhuny. In contrast to early Buddhism, which focuses mostly on the back of what is called in the dark side of life, at such moments as diseases, famine, death, and later Buddhism contained a life-affirming character. And by that time, when Tibetans are interested in spiritual knowledge, especially Buddhism, in their field of vision got late in life-affirming Buddhism.

I’m going to really summarize the history of Tibet. In fact, this is a very exciting activity, if you have the desire, raise the relevant literature.

The very first name that is somehow related to the penetration of Buddhism, was the name of Guru Padmasambhava. More precisely, the situation was as follows – Buddhism by that time began to take shape as a religion to some set of laws. But on the basis of Buddhism began to actively develop various kinds of yoga schools, which is very harmoniously intertwined in Buddhism.

These are the schools of yoga first became somehow penetrate into Tibet along with Buddhism. We will talk a little later about some delicate features – connection of Buddhism with yoga. This relationship is quite obvious and completely veiled.

The very first mention and most revered name in the history of which we can find associated with Tibet, the spread of spiritual knowledge, was the name of Guru Rimpache. Or in one of the possible translations – Precious Guru. It is also known as Guru Padmasambhava. Sometimes it is called “Lotus-born.” That is, in fact, when Tibet Buddhism began to come, he got enough Awesome resistance from local religions such as Gompo. And, according to all the narrative chronicles, the representatives of these religions began to obstruct using all sorts of magical powers.

History is replete with examples when trying to build what one church or the other temple, but suddenly during the night, some kind of demonic forces is destroyed, and no one there is nothing he could do. And then, there was an offer – to invite to Tibet such a person, who could on the one hand to appease these negative forces, and thus to spread it later to Buddhism, which later came to be called, at least in terms of Soviet Oriental schools like Lamaism .

Guru Padmasambhava was invited, characterized in that it has a huge number of super-powers. And so he was able to cope with the negative forces, with the negative mystical beings who put obstacles in the way of penetration of Buddhism. With some of these creatures, he allegedly managed to negotiate or who is alleged in the later story, put them to Buddhism. He took vows with them, on the contrary to become defenders of the spiritual knowledge, and thus began to confer the status of “Dharma-pal” or “Dharma protectors.”

The word dharma is generally understood the teachings of Buddhism. With some ferocious way he made short work using her magical powers. And in fact, one way or another, provided the springboard to penetrate into Tibet Buddhism, ensure the safety of the state. Then Padmasambhava said that it will soon be time to leave Tibet, that he should return to the country from which he came.

Interesting arguments that kind of country. Sometimes it is referred to as Odia, sometimes as Udiyana, and many researchers agree that this country is geographically located on the territory of modern Afghanistan. Therefore, every time something is restless around Afghanistan, I have always thought there that the history of mankind around Afghanistan is not easy, not a place.

In Padmasambhava had two wives who were his pupils, they had to impart knowledge on the one hand Buddhist views, but on the other hand, all those practices and techniques that have very clearly be identified as yoga.

Strictly speaking, we can say that the first such a yogi, who entered the territory of Tibet, Padmasambhava was. But, nevertheless, Padmasambhava said that he would have to leave Tibet, and predicted that after his departure for some time, take revenge those previous evil forces and almost completely destroy all the knowledge, all practices will very mistreat representatives of Buddhism , with Buddhist monks.

I want to draw your attention that Padmasambhava was not a Buddhist monk. What he monk, if he has two wives. And he predicted that in the region of seventy years back into chaos again, the victory of darkness reign, when all knowledge will be lost. And so he ordered all the knowledge written in the form of various manuscripts, hidden in different places of Tibet, that at the end of this period, the rollback, at least some knowledge remained.

The very first school of Tibetan Yoga, with which we have to meet (tradition), called Nigama. Or in another way, it is also called “old school” or as those practices and yoga techniques that have been introduced during the time of Padmasambhava. The first of these schools differ in that in their environment there is such a concept as “terms” or as a “disclosed treasures” hidden handwritten yogic teachings that must be discovered in the future. They are a huge number.

And indeed, in the future activities of the school Nigama was built on to discover these hidden teachings. It was believed that only a certain kind of people can know where to look for these or other management. They allegedly possess such supernormal know that here in this rock, or are in the ruins of a temple to dig, search, and there are certain leadership for some yogis.

And I must say that Nigama school to date there. There are its representatives, come to Moscow, you may even meet them and learn something.

Let’s go back to the chronology of the story. Came the failure of the decade, after which the same should have been again to restore the knowledge that has been lost. And in this regard, has already come up other schools, other traditions, other sections already later, when we can find in the territory of Tibet as a Buddhist interpretation, because of various yogic practices.

First and foremost, you should know these names, which are associated with the history of Tibet, when there was a new wave of introducing yoga in Tibet. Like the first time it came with the territory of India. In this respect, India – a giant spiritual supermarket where you stored it. In any case, it stored in those years. So, first of all you need to know the following name – the name of Marpa. Marpa history is very instructive. I also recommend that you find relevant literature on his biography, you will gather from it a lot of interesting things related to yoga.

The situation was such that in his youth, Marpa decided to make a trip to India to buy unknown texts related to teaching, dharma, yoga in general. And then profitably sell them to Tibet. He had quite understandable motivation. When he came to Tibet, then, of course, with him there was a lot of different things, which eventually led him to the main teacher by the name of Naropa. Just make a note of this name. There textbook names in yoga, and they are very much in the future will be for you to talk. Naropa, in turn, learned from his guru, the master, who was called Tilopa. Tilopa different chrezvyychno eccentric character. His life was full of very unusual episodes. He behaved peculiarly with his disciple Naropa.

But, nevertheless, he gave the branch of knowledge of Naropa, and Naropa Marpa gave it, which, as we recall, arrived in India in order to gather the necessary knowledge and resell them to Tibet for a good price. Location Tilopa received knowledge is not entirely clear, but if we use the approach of modern scientists believed that Tilopa just learned from his teacher, who was neither more nor less, as the Buddha, and his name was Vadzha-dhara.

One gets the feeling that Tilopa directly communicated with some higher areas, like the ancient Rishis in Vedic tradition and drew the teachings and knowledge there. Anyway, the other explanation I have not seen in the literature. And now it turns out that Marpa actually completing a training course in India, and I must say that he has traveled there three times, each time getting more and more in-depth knowledge in the future come back to Tibet and has spread this knowledge directly in the territory of Tibet.

As you can imagine, has no desire to sell the knowledge that he was in India, he has not arisen. And he became one of the highest teachers of Tibet. In Marpa had many disciples, but perhaps one of the most outstanding, which at the hearing to the present day, the name of the student you should also know Milorepa.

At this seminar, we will contact you to consider Tibetan yoga. First and foremost, we will consider those yogis who belong to the second wave of bringing this knowledge to Tibet, associated with such names as Marpa, and accordingly, Tilopa and Naropa. In particular, at this seminar, we will contact you to consider the so-called “6 Yogas of Naropa”. As for the more ancient yogic knowledge related to Guru Padmasambhava, and now with this early school, we will try to refer to it, but I immediately want to make an announcement that it is, we have one of several workshops on Tibetan yogis.

During a seminar for all his desire, I can not even introduce you to the diversity of ideas, methods and practices that have come to us from Tibet. In the future, there was a great thing – and Naropa students directly Milorepy left as his pupils. And they began to be observed phenomena such as the emergence of all kinds of schools budding branches. As a result, the most well-known today, hello receivers yogis Naropa Milorepy and a school, which is called in Tibet as “Gilupa”. School virtues, where the head is the Dalai Lama. Probably all of you have heard this name. But an earlier budding and there gave birth to another branch, which is now referred to as the “Karma Kai”, and at the head of this branch located Lam Institute, called the Karmapa. In fairness it should be noted that some branches were still quite a lot. Me listed probably better known in the West, in any case, and representatives of the school ‘Karma Kai “and representatives of the school’ Gilupa” are available in the Western world, you can meet them and even learn something.

Now a few words more common. We should clarify one very fine detail. When you are faced with the tradition, which is headed by the Dalai Lama and representatives of the Karmapa, and with representatives of older schools Nigam, you will be confronted with the fact that these representatives will call themselves Buddhists, and will first of all to say that they are representatives of the world religion. Many of you probably already know from my previous workshops that there is a very clear distinction that yoga is not a religion. And then suddenly it turns out that Tibetan yoga is stored in the depths of religion.

How could this happen? And anyway, what does it all mean? This requires a separate explanation. Let’s start from the beginning, where do come from yoga. As we remember all the knowledge that was brought to India, and then became widespread, including on Tibet was to the ancient Vedas.

This knowledge is very high, which is higher than that of religion, or higher, than the concept of atheism. It is the impulse of life itself. This impulse to freedom, it is the momentum of something ineffable, which can manifest itself as anything. Indeed, to say that people can be religious or atheist only in one case, if the person is alive. But if he is not alive, then all these classifications are meaningless. So Veda first claimed that they contain life knowledge.

And in the future this knowledge could serve as the basis for the emergence of various religions, as well as all those philosophical systems which can not be called religions. Thus, Vedic knowledge is not a religion or atheism, is something higher. What is Yoga? This is an attempt to realize the highest knowledge of the Vedas in his personal life. That is, it is the set of mental, physical, spiritual exercises, techniques and so on and so forth, which allows a person to sooner or later go through, understand and translate the ancient Vedic knowledge in their lives.

And since this knowledge thrives within any religion, tradition or atheistic beliefs or philosophical beliefs, that yoga has always felt just fine everywhere. My favorite example – it is our yoga sixties who thrive in the Soviet Union in the medium atheistic from the beginning to the end, at the same time managed to not lose the excess pulses. This is a similar situation has occurred with this mix of Buddhism and yoga.

If we look at what Buddhism – a religion whose founder was Gautama Buddha, who lived 2500 years ago. By the time the Vedic knowledge has long ceased to understand the broad masses. Very negative, corrupting role played by numerous priests, the Brahmins. And in general, the people backed away from them, and in contrast, the decomposition of Gautama Buddha proclaimed his system of philosophical ideas, which are not denied the Vedas, but also did not refer to them. That is not to say that Buddha opposed the Vedas. No, this we can not say. But we also can not say that he was somehow directly referred to the Vedas and cited as an authority in the proof of certain provisions.

Buddha just decided to present the same ancient Vedic knowledge in other words, other images in the first place with a serious focus on the development of personal intelligence. Before him, largely rests on sverhlogiku. In these or other unspeakable things that can happen to a man who have taken the path of spiritual. But the Buddha realized that the majority of people do not understand anything, the majority of people mired in superstition and obscurantism, and therefore something must begin to clear the “stable” of spirituality. But he did not say anything about the previous tradition. I must say that it turned out he had a very wonderful.

Up until that time, it was that virtually all of India was under the influence of Buddhism. Moreover, Buddhism began to spread to other regions and penetrated into the territory of Pakistan, Afghanistan, in Central Asia – Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, which still can be found during archaeological excavations statue of Buddha. As Buddhism began to spread to the sides of Ceylon, in the direction of south-east Asia, to China, came in time to Japan and Korea.

And then there was a very interesting thing, at some point, Buddhism served as a very progressive role, and then began a very serious distortions arising from the fact that basically as one of the practices was the monastic solitude for personal enlightenment, personal salvation, personal acquisition some higher states for themselves.

And there was a terrible thing – all the most capable of all the most intelligent, the most sane all representatives of the people have gone to numerous monasteries. What does it mean? This means that in their place began to come a mediocrity. Indeed, if the power is not the best, it is the best of the worst, and if there are none, then generally the first available.

And here I was such a thing, because of the desire for personal liberation was bare all the key positions in the state, science and culture. All have left to achieve personal enlightenment. As you know, not a single country for a long time it could not sustain.

I started the collapse, but now from the other side. When the Buddha came the collapse was caused by the corruption of the priests, the Brahmins, and now the collapse began to attack due to the fact that most sane left the power of science, politics, out of business. And such a thing happened, that Buddhism was rapidly losing popularity in India. This led to the fact that, until recently, in the territory of India itself, the birthplace of Buddhism hardly could meet Buddhists. There were very few.

But I must say that in the Buddhist circles, this imbalance has been conceptualized, understood and then just did this more optimistic wave or interpretation of Buddhism, which is associated with Nagaradzhunoy. It has been presented in such a way that the followers of Buddha understood not completely correct words of the Buddha and as a result it has led to distortions.

In fact, the Buddha did not speak about the other methods, but at the time of his life he had no one to talk about these methods. So he told about these methods so-called mystical beings, called “Nagi”. And supposedly Nagi all the time kept this knowledge a secret, it’s time to publish them and thus correct this distortion, which has been observed.

Once again, one of those people, who proclaimed policy to correct distortions, was Nagaradzhuna.

But it is very interesting, my friends, noting that the most miraculous emergence of a new life-affirming Buddhism Nagaradzhuny time coincides with the triumphant development of Tantrism. Therefore, some researchers are inclined to say that in fact Buddhism Nagaradzhuny – is actually in Buddhist Tantrism soil. Where the basis of Buddhism took, but allowed to develop ideas, thoughts and methods of Tantrism.

Just as a gardener takes one tree and plant another tree sprouts. I do not presume to judge as far as a fair or a controversial statement, because from my point of view all the Tantric practices – this is essentially yoga techniques. And yoga, as you remember, feels great in any tradition and system. Therefore, to say that it is something quite foreign to Buddhism, we can not.

But, nevertheless, there was such a situation that the old one is still Buddhism began to disappear, and it is almost gone. Currently, the old Buddhism you can except that somewhere in Ceylon, somewhere in Southeast Asia and even then not everywhere.

And the fact that all over the world called Buddhism – strictly speaking, or Tantric Buddhism later Buddhism. This is actually a conglomerate or an alloy of the methods of tantra, yoga techniques and, indeed, some very good humanistic teachings of the Buddha. And, most importantly, with a pronounced emphasis on the use of intelligence in his private practice.

What played a good role is invaluable. In particular for this reason that Western scientists much closer to Buddhism than say, more ancient teaching of the Vedas. Simply modern scientists do not understand sverhlogiku these Vedas and tend to think it’s all nonsense. Although of course it’s not. So, in Tibet it was introduced in fact (as Guru Podmasabhavoy and later waves associated with Marpa and Milorepoy and other teachers) Tantric Buddhism.

And in the Soviet school of Oriental Studies, he was called “Lamaism” competently enough to really emphasize the difference between Buddhism and Tantric Buddhism, between the old quite narrow and rigid concepts of the ancient followers of the Buddha and a death-defying concepts later influence.

It turned out that at the time of transfer of Tantric Buddhism into Tibet in India, Buddhism began to fade and almost disappeared to this day. And the territory of Tibet, not only did not disappear, but more entrenched and began to give very good results, my friends. So good results, that at one time the territory of Tibet in this sense has been the stronghold of Spirituality, probably, the world. This situation was until the mid 20th century, and this situation has led to the fact that Tibet was an extremely isolated country. He ignored all possible external relations: cultural, spiritual, all sorts.

True conducted any trade, any exchange is still going. But let’s say, a man from the west to get to Tibet was virtually impossible. Learn somewhere in Tibet, including yogic practices, it was almost impossible. On the border of the people we stopped and just do not let on.

Those. Tibet, as it were “encapsulated” and long enough cooked in its own juice, up until the middle of the 20th century did not appear quite a serious conflict with Communist China, which proclaimed Tibet one of its provinces and actually sent troops, which led to that numerous Lama, numerous yoga, representatives of the spiritual heritage were forced to emigrate.

In particular then emigrated to the Dalai Lama, but then emigrated to the Karmapa and his men, but then began to emigrate and the representatives of the old school “Nigama” numerous other branches of other schools that will not enumerate, but a lot of them and it does not mean that they some minor, they are just a few, so to speak.

Moreover, it is interesting that some members preserved in Tibet Bonpo tradition, despite the fact that there was all this time, Buddhism, Bon-po branches still preserved, and they also have emigrated to the West. And I from time to time in bookstores meet modern management Bonpos for Western readers.

However, when I start to read, I can not shake the feeling that it actually Tantric Buddhism. The only other names inserted, and storylines, practice one to one.

But of this we might be let’s talk later. This situation is very complicated, around the world, as you know, were protests for Tibet’s liberation and granting him his independence. Friends, when I became interested in this issue, and I had the opportunity to ask the views of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the then Soviet Union, and now Russia, and I would like to say that the situation related to Tibet, very ambiguous. You can not in black and white colors to depict all. There was a time when the Dalai Lama met with Mao Zedong, and he somehow recognized the supremacy of the Chinese. Those. all very confusing.

It is therefore very unfortunate that this culture is lost, so this really is a pity. With the advent of the communist ideology immediately comes repressive apparatus. This means that they will crumble monasteries, tradition, all are driving in all kinds of farms, all kinds of party and Komsomol organizations. In general, such a conventional chopper West, leading to the loss of spiritual knowledge.

Honestly, I do not know in what condition these or other spiritual lineage is now in the territory of Tibet. Apparently, still persist, but in a very closed. Because every year from China to India, run by representatives of the Tibetan diaspora influenced by the fact that they can not engage in spiritual practices.

But this is another story, my friends, I’ll leave all policies beyond. I least want to understand who it is right and who is dirty vinovat- policy is ambiguous, all mixed up. The only thing for the sake of curiosity can bring a little curious example. Before the Russian-Japanese war in 1905 in a serious way in the higher echelons of the Tibetan Government consider acceding to the Tibet Russia. On it were allocated large sums of money. There is even a view that for some time the imperial government funded by the Government of the Dalai Lama. And everything is going on the thumb, but the outbreak of the Russian-Japanese war and was no longer up to the big geopolitics, not to this great game, and everything went on as usual – Tibet again for some time became an independent and then was captured by the Chinese.

But imagine for a moment at least, that part of the Soviet Union as some kind would have been Tibetan Soviet Socialist Republic on account of the Republic. What I’m telling you, these are not empty stories. Just in 2005, 100 years have passed since the time of the Russian-Japanese war. Do you remember that there is a “tradition” that many archival documents are stored under the secrecy stamp, usually either 50 or 100 years, depending on their value. Just recently, I got a collection of documents relating precisely to these times. The first thing to mention such names as Peter Badmayev. He is very well-known figure. Two brothers Badmaeva played a big role in the history, in the culture of Russia.

To begin with, that the treatises were first translated into Tibetan medicine. And as the elder brother directly engaged in espionage, political affairs of Tibet to join Russia. I recommend, lift all the literature related to Badmaeva activities, both older and younger brother. Very interesting story, like an older brother to stay in Baikal spread terrible epidemic, for which he was granted the rank and close to the royal family. A younger brother, opened a pharmacy and datsan, then still in St. Petersburg, which still exists, now it is restored or not, I do not know.

Well, we go back to where we started to address this issue. Yoga on Tibet was brought together with a tantric Buddhism in two waves. The first wave is known as a tradition Nigam. The second was preserved in an environment of various schools of Tantric Buddhism, the most well-known as a school of virtue or GIOP school Karma Kagyu. And there is a branch, not to mention their will.

What is nice is that the representatives of these schools, according to the present day have preserved the tradition of the transfer of some yogi. That in itself is a miracle. Over the period of a thousand years or more, when it comes to school Nigama, we have a branch of the disciplic succession.

Now I have to start the story about what is it like to Tibetan schools of yoga, what is the difference between them from surviving to the present day Indian yoga schools that general, is there a point of intersection. Finally, there should be an explanation of how to operate certain yoga practitioners from the arsenal of Tibet.

Therefore, I must immediately make a reservation, that there is no misunderstanding. The fact that the factor of interpretation of Tibetan yogi in a particular school within the Tibetan diaspora representatives or those who are historically the tradition, different.

Those. they are in can not agree with each other. Those. such a thing as the number of chakras, channels, names of various substances, not to mention such minor but painful perceived in the west of the little things, such as the color of one or the other chakra, the color of a particular channel within Tantric Buddhism, in Tibetan yoga here is a “salad” mixed.

Nothing is clear inexperienced person committed. And the question arises: how do you interpret this to me numerous schools of yoga, how to explain that operates them and what does not work. I do not have any choice but to do the following: I would interpret all Tibetan yogis solely from the perspective of our yoga school. I will be based on our axioms, our knowledge, which, I hope each of you will have more or less mastered in order to explain how the acts or that exercise, on which is built or that the practice of yoga.

With this, we, firstly, will avoid confusion, unnecessary, and secondly, we will save a lot of time, and third, you can easily be interpreted, in general, any tradition, both regarding school Nigama, so the more recent schools – GIOP, the Karma Kagyu. Alternatively, other exercises, such as the practice of Chod, these highest spiritual flight, as the practice of Mahamudra, etc. etc.

So I’ll try to explain, they say, from the standpoint of our yoga school. Now the next very important point that you should note for yourself. The fact that Tibet Tibetan yoga penetrated with tantric Buddhism a long time, led to the fact that many of the knowledge and teachings in Tibetan Yogi moments frozen at this time.

And oddly enough, we can get through the Tibetan counterparts sometimes a fuller explanation and an explanation of certain practices than what we encounter in India. Those. In this sense, Tibet is like a giant refrigerator – they got some knowledge and very clearly passed them on from teacher to student, without breaking or, in any case, being careful not to break the tradition.

While in India during the same period of time the mass was replaced very different trends: the Muslims and influence (gain), and the influence of numerous other schools of philosophy, ie, India raged in this regard. And in Tibet also had different thoughts, different interpretations, different shifts of emphasis, but not as fast as in India. As a result, we have an opportunity to get some knowledge no longer distorted.

But in particular as regards the Buddhist canons, they are entirely preserved intact only in Tibet, while India remained the sources that gave rise to the texts in Tibet kanji Cheongju …

Now further. I will try to give you some images that you made does not an academic understanding of the yogis, the work for us well done scholars of Oriental studies. I take off his hat, bowed to the ground. Russian Soviet Oriental School is one of the most brilliant, the most remarkable. I recommend that you keep buying all the literature they produce. Thank God, there is still the very least they live.

Here in particular, even the addresses of shops in Moscow near Tsvetnoy Boulevard store splendid, then near metro Academic store “AcademKniga”, there is plenty of very good, sane, a proven, valuable literature relating to, inter alia, and issues related to Tibetan yogis. But, my friends, because the part of science everything is OK, I turn my attention primarily on the very essence of yoga that you understand that there is in general and how it works.

Well, in the future, who knows, maybe some of you will take advantage of these or other practices of Tibetan yogi. Why not? Anyway, in our yoga school tradition it is believed that all that was once known, you can in any case to bring to your life.

So, let us start from the beginning. Well, firstly, you have to give yourself in this report the fact that although Tibet support and fount of spirituality, in fact, this medieval feudal country with all its consequences. And I remember my state of shock when I started doing yoga and then somehow went on a get-together where the alleged representatives of various schools of yoga began foaming at the mouth to curse, who are the main yogi or sling mud at each other, directly or indirectly.

I could not understand, how the higher teachings of yoga and then this completely Mercantile fight for the people, for who is the principal, who is the most influential … The shock I had cultivated. I did not expect this from yoga. But on the other hand, you know, yoga for ordinary people. And if in real life you can see how the representatives of various firms fight, fight each other for power and influence, what wonder that even those people who have been practicing yoga is not yet rid of these habits.

So you just have to themselves and to myself very clearly understood that the fact that you meet Tibetan, even if it is a tantric Buddhist monk, it does not mean that he was the heir and the owner of the ancient Tibetan yogi. Moreover, as more recent research has shown, it is not very common among Tibetans, both modern and medieval, Tibetan yoga.

There’s more rests on some pan-Buddhist religious aspects associated with morality, with some humanist moments. But with great difficulty, you will find a person who would have the practice of Tumo or ability to endure extreme cold, or dream yoga, or yoga of illusory light and dr.yogami. Very little. Although in general, Buddhist monks throughout the world enough, and a lot of the Tibetans themselves.

Next time. Still, whether we like it or not, but you can not jump history. Tibet was a feudal medieval country with the corresponding relationship structure. Of course, vysokoprodvinutye Lama – people with a capital letter, it is people great integrity, spirituality, ultimate purity and integrity, etc. etc.

But still, let’s call a spade a spade, the majority of people – carriers of the lifestyle that they had, even those who emigrated from the territory of Tibet and now lives in the West. Therefore, as soon as you start digging deeper towards the Tibetan yogi, you suddenly also will meet with a very ugly phenomena.

It turns out that Gilupa school is not very fond of the Karma Kagyu school, and the school Karma Kagiya dubiously looks at Gilupa school. Nigama also seems in itself and at the same time, they would like all together at the same time separately. The situation is about, both in the West and Christianity. Like the savior of mankind was one, and now look, but how much of any branches, denominations, sects of the recognized and unrecognized. And like all of the same, but try them seated at the same table – eyes povytsarapyvayut each other.

Unfortunately, the same situation is observed with the Tibetans, to the natives of Tibet. But to their credit, did humanistic influence of Buddhism does not allow them very much part of the transition, as we see in the west. In this respect, there is apparently, in any case, very decorously. But as soon as you start a little deeper, it turns out suddenly: “Yes, there is one or another tradition of the Six Yogas of Naropa, but they, you know, not the first freshness … Here we have – is another matter! And the more ancient and more powerful. “

And recriminations that here the pier, who is Karmapa? Karmapa – this is the first lama, who began to degenerate. Once in sight there was no Dalai Lamas when he was the Karmapa. On that side of the Dalai Lama, from Gilupa say: “Yes, but we just threw the husk of the most valuable, but do not get in the old schools that have difficult to explain anything.”

Those. is “podkoverschina” friends. Why? The answer is clear: because the religion of the world, and if there is religion – always someone unhappy. If we are in yoga, which is like a religion, and the like for the freedom of all, and then some “podkoverschina” constantly. In the west, all the time: “Who’s the most important yogi?”.

That too in religion, as they say, God himself commanded. I am in this respect, constantly quoting Mark Twain, was asked whether he wished to around the globe had a common religion. To which he replied: “No, I wish the world was 40 irreconcilable conflicting sects. So they are constantly at war with each other for the best that is in them, they gave the people and the worst thing that they have that they poured on top of each other. “

Therefore, to have had no culture shock, I say to those who are more deeply kopnet. For example, you start to be interested, the next will come Lama will arrive next yoga school, you get there, nice people, everything is fine, you just zaiknetsya about something else, and you cold give to understand that you do not got there. Unfortunately, there is.

Still, from the song words can not erase from the back side. This tradition carriers, carriers of direct transmission from teacher to student, allegedly from the Vadzhrathary through Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milorepu, Gampopa, etc. to the present day. That is a very important point, because it is more powerful analogue school clouds. Imagine Schools cloud, and not just a cloud of school, and that came to you in the flesh. And this has major features of the implementation of certain practices of Tibetan yogi, who can not be underestimated, friends. Moreover, if you miss them, you can lose a lot of things.

But we will talk later. Now, in fact. What constitutes Tibet (which I have with my personal position), what are the strengths of Tibetan yoga, what are the weaknesses, what is the difference from the Indian yoga Tibetan yoga?

I’ll give you an example of shape. Imagine that you have a Research Institute with pilot production, ie, building, housing, laboratories, scientists go. Today they have an idea, they go and embody it, there is a test tube, flask, synchrotrons, the Large Hadron Collider – all buzzing, everything revolves, everything works. And scientists are constantly illuminates the one idea, then another idea. They immediately on the basis of these ideas, “sculpt” any instrument, make experiment obtained excellent results, then it seems to them, no instrument can better build. Make a better instrument.

In general, there is some very hard work – the work piece, highly intelligent, very hard, constantly changing, and all spectra. Now imagine a car factory. What is the car factory? This pipeline is a line, it is quite limited range of items, a limited number of workers and the operations that they do. Each operation is documented very tough, ie, You came to my shift as a worker, you have to drill so many holes to screw so many screws, there is something to paint, something podremontirovat something to attach, detach something, etc. Everyone has a very precise amount of work is strictly regulated. Each operating instruction is very clear, from which he has no right to withdraw. Once it starts to deviate from the instructions, the marriage begins, and the conveyor is stopped, and find out where the marriage went.

Just imagine these two pictures. That’s about as figuratively divided India and Tibet. India – a giant laboratory of a variety of ideas based on the ancient Vedic knowledge of life, which is inexpressible. You can do any philosophical system, some exercises, some philosophical doctrines, immediately they start in life, receive a “piece goods”, both individual rocket launch into space or separately taken vimaana – a mechanism that air could fly as the story says. That it did, and it just disappears somewhere, because this piece goods. Tibet – a conveyor for enlightenment, where the input is triggered, usually uneducated mass of peasants and nomads on the Tibetan lamas receive output that can fly through the air, in the rainbow dissolved, etc., etc…

Those. the number of “operations” is limited, but is designed for mass. Therefore, in this respect, if we consider the strengths and weaknesses, strength of India, that under each person you will find his practice, his teaching, for personally by you.

This is how you come to the studio designer, and he sewed a costume for you. A Tibet – it’s like in the Soviet Union, come to the store, and there hang uniform costumes, and you choose the size. Come – I put two variants of color differences, five sizes, etc. The strength of India that the person under your karmic situation of ignorance, you can dial a cure for ignorance. But it will never be a mass. And so the priests, the Brahmins used operating time yoga, and the bulk of the same in India – it’s actually the people are uneducated and they are far from spirituality.

A completely different situation with Tibet. At one time, it said that in Tibet ¼ of the people lived in monasteries. What are the monasteries – it is precisely the spirituality of conveyors, where you gave in 3-5 years, and all your life was regulated by the articles of association of a monastery where you were taught, educated. Viewed at you – showed responsibility, given the teachings of the next stage, etc. etc.

But regardless of all, it is still allowed such medicines, which allowed to increase the chance to reach the final goal, if not in this life then in the moment of death. And in this second great feature differences from Indian yogi Tibetan yogi. In India, still rests on the fact that when you reach the life of immortality status, and technology in Tibet has been built to take advantage of this powerful impulse, which occurs when the body is destroyed, ie, at the moment of death, so he strengthened your spiritual aspirations.

And then you could take a very uneducated peasant, to teach him a few exercises to the most important thing at the moment of death did not forget to make them. That’s not forget all he will be fine, and even if they forgot something special came up with a different method, which was then continued in the so-called “Tibetan Book of the Dead.”

Even if slobs was during his lifetime, died forgotten what to do – come Lama and telepathic way trying to get in touch with the person who has died and is still in the subtle body in a state of so-called Bordeaux and let it warn, saying look, you there you will see that this and that, and you will not be afraid, but this fear, “go here, do not go there.”

Remember how there in the film: “… the snow will fall in the noggin, just be hurt.” Those. Tibet big emphasis at the time of death. Why? Because it comes uneducated peasant, well, where is it, it is necessary to deal with a few lives, dial prana to jerk up. And where can I get it? Take nowhere. Well, he somehow released a huge amount of prana in the moment of death.

What if the right to direct the released amount of prana in the moment of death? Do not see what the farmer immediately jump to the Lama level. And if we successfully reborn. That return is not just a farmer, and Lama. Those. have their own strengths – a mass, it was a factory for enlightenment. Each family is honored to give at least one child in the monastery. Monasteries were everywhere. The device itself is a theocratic state, the cornerstone in contrast to other countries, in general, becoming enlightened citizens.

Can you imagine that in Russia, the most important thing – not the doubling of GDP, is not that in the fear to keep these bourgeois-capitalist, not to join the WTO, but the fact that citizens have reached enlightenment?

It sounds like science fiction. But nevertheless it is a fact. Therefore, the country was closed. Let’s take a little break, so that you have learned a little bit and have digested this information, and then we will continue on.

Part two.

We stayed with you on the fact that Tibet was a big factory for enlightenment, and so we can only guess at how many souls have passed through the conveyor for enlightenment. And in this respect, given the benefit of which was brought to mankind, there is definitely merit a giant Tibet.

No matter in what karmic condition you are born, but even the fact that you are born in Tibet have a good enough good karma, which says that the chances of quickly accelerate your spiritual development were much more than anywhere else by- else.

I also want to remind you that Tibet is for this same reason, was very isolated country, indeed, where the head of state policy is put enlightenment, such a state hard to communicate, I’m not afraid of the word, with the barbarians, who have one goal – to fill their bellies or kill anyone enslave anyone.

Therefore, it has been isolated this country, although the connection is certainly supported both with India and with directly with China. Known in his memoirs, by -moemu Marco Polo, representatives from Tibet at the court of Emperor ..

Also interesting moments of the spread of Tantric Buddhism. After Genghis Khan was, so to speak, the culture of “chingizitov” or heirs of Genghis Khan and numerous branches, childbirth.

Many of them later took Tantric Buddhism is Tibetan wing and kept it until today. In particular, in Russia – is of Buryatia, Tuva.

The most interesting thing that has survived to the present day, a branch of Tantric Buddhism, perhaps, is our Kalmykiya- only European Buddhist republic.

Kalmyks kept the entire culture associated with Tantric Buddhism. I find it difficult to say, but there prevails -moemu karmakagi tradition, although I’m no expert, it’s hard to say.

-So When I was at the museum – in my opinion in Stavropol, I was very struck by their iconography.


Before that, I had the good fortune to see the primary sources of Tibet, there were the same images, scenes from the life of later times. In fact, the same rougher strokes, but in fact survived.

Now, in this era of Tantric Buddhism became widespread in the West, for two reasons.

The first reason is, oddly enough, quite paradoxical. The fact that on the one hand, Tibet was a highly spiritual country, on the other hand is highly isolated, has led to the fact that all people on the globe, including scientists had no idea about what is happening there.

Great attention to all the secrets related to Tibet udelala so-called Theosophical Society, headed by Madame Blavatsky, together with other founders.

Very interesting information about what was happening inside, left a very kind woman, with a bright, truly exciting destiny – Alexandra David Neel. The French-born, who suddenly felt a deep karmic connection with Tibet, he went to travel at your own risk on the territory of neighboring countries, and finally penetrated into Tibet, dressed in local costumes.

Interesting her memories. books. I recommend that you become familiar with them.

The first contact of a scientific nature that took place with Tibet’s culture, connected with the name of Evans Wentz, American researcher, who made an invaluable contribution to the introduction of the Western reader with the Tibetan culture and its heritage.

In particular, it is perhaps the first time he published “The Tibetan Book of the Dead,” “The Life of Milarepa”, “Biography of Padmasambhava,” Well, a book that will be of interest to us as part of the “Six Yogas of Naropa” book workshop.

It was quite a serious penetration into the culture of Tibet and the Tibetan yogi practice. Of course, as were many other travelers, seekers.

First, we should mention the Roerich family, who in every way tried to approach the mysteries of Tibet, so that mysterious country called Shambhala. I want to emphasize that our notion of Shambhala-not esoteric, sometimes represent polumarginalnye followers, but rather deep and strong tradition.

Overall, it was only a drop in the sea. The main wealth of Tibet carried within itself and not let strangers. But there was a kind of thing that can be interpreted in different ways.

This thing – the Chinese invasion. On the one hand, this is the greatest tragedy that has put on the brink of survival of this great culture for centuries varivshuyusya in its own juice, but on the other hand, oddly enough, is exactly what the Chinese invaded and forced many Tibetan lamas to leave Tibet, thereby we can talk about Tibetan yogis as well.


Would not this happen, everything still would be closed and no foreigners would not be admitted there. They say that in this situation the school Nigama supposedly predicted the guru Padmasambhava. Allegedly, he was predicting that up to a point “dharma” is stored in Tibet.

The term “dharma” refers to a set of these exercises .Because supposedly it should move to the “red” people .Po about it in esoteric circles been taken lightly with disputes about what kind of country “red” people.

The Americans argued that this is America, pointing out that the Indians “red”, and then go to the Dharma from Tibet him. Our esoteric thought it was the Soviet Union, pointing to the red flag .Well, and the Chinese would say anything if they were allowed ..

Ostensibly this situation predicted Padmasambhava. Anyway, this is a very controversial issue. What more pluses or minuses from the Chinese invasion.

In particular, if we consider those superpowers possessed by Tibetan lamas. I must say that this is enough for the powerful, on the ability to go out of his body and become implanted in the bodies of other people and manage them directly. Immediately comes to mind. Well, where are they gone Lama? Instill to Mao Zedong and the other would direct his thoughts.

I do not know how serious the need to treat such super-abilities, whether they remained in the territory of Tibet, but beyond that there is still a lot of protective rituals and practices.

It would seem that someone who really, but certainly Tibet -That could protect themselves. But as always, on a spiritual power is always higher spiritual power, which looks to be there is the benefit or harm.

In any case, would not the Chinese invaded Tibet, we would hardly today you had the opportunity to discuss the Tibetan yoga or would speak at Evans Wentz.

So, after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, many lamas, the teachers left Tibet. This explains the many tragic episodes, many people died in the snowy passes.

Certainly, they were forced to migrate to nearby India ..Nikto they did not know, no one was interested in knowing.

Tibetan Lama, the carrier of all knowledge, all the yogi comes to India and there barely make ends meet can be reduced, its people have.

But fortunately or unfortunately, can indeed it was some other fish of the universe, that it is at this time came the Cultural Revolution in the West, the sexual revolution .What was at that time? Grass, rock n roll, best kiss and love to do, than to fight.

All this led to that huge crowd rushed to India and Nepal in the conjugate, and was a close acquaintance, began to form cultural relations, research communication, knowledge has gradually spread.


There were two waves, one wave forced lamas to leave their homes already, another wave of young people forced to leave the European countries and to be in Asia.

Perhaps this also has some karmic predisposition.

Now let’s get back to the essence of what we want izuchat.Itak if we utter the phrase Tibetan yoga, the very first thing we encounter is the so-called six yogas of Naropa.

Six Yogas of Naropa is the most well-known, respected yogi system.

However, it should make a reservation, which is also known in addition to the six yogas of Naropa six so-called yogi sister Niguma. At a broader familiarity with those and others can be found similarities in structure, yet there are some differences in the practices that are described .but there.

If the six yogas of Naropa goes by transmitting directly from Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, and so on. E., The Six Niguma and the narration of them are attributed to the Second Dalai Lama that he allegedly received a transmission from Niguma that either the wife of Naropa, that is here The situation is not entirely clear. Hypotheses of every kind there can be many, but the fact remains that it is very similar in structure and yoga on the methods laid down in practice.

As consideration in our seminars, I will choose the Six Yogas of Naropa, as they are more common and can be a tribute to Evans Wentz, who first introduced Western audiences to the storehouse of knowledge of Tibet by publishing the book “Six Yogas of Naropa”.

I specifically brought to show one of the publication of books of 2001. I do not know it is the original or not, in a tribute to tradition and respect for the Crown of Evans, will refer to his book.

Although I should mention that at a later time, when all the lamas were forced to emigrate from the country, there are more detailed translations of “Six Yogas of Naropa,” there are all sorts of other comments, more complete, some of its features and nuances. It is also sometimes argued that Evans Wentz made some peculiar interpretation of certain moments, but the foundation, the essence, of course, he passed very well.

We will use the book, which is called “Tibetan yoga and secret doctrines” .If you hit this book or other works of Evans Wentz, I recommend the purchase.

Now I will introduce you to the structure of “the Six Yogas of Naropa,” so that they look like. From the name itself it is clear that this is some kind of six sections, although this division is rather arbitrary. Some believe that more true to speak of ten chapters, which are summarized in six. Some speak of the four sections, which are extended to six. In particular, they say that this or that yoga must be separated, though Naropa they were joined into one, there are some nuances.

I will not say anything anything about this, but I will stick to the six yogas of Naropa. So, what they are made that involve?

Six Yogas of Naropa begin with the very first yoga called Yoga tummo or Dummo, the question is how to transliterate.


Tummo Yoga – the yoga of inner heat, the basic practice, that is the basis for all practices, all of the remaining five.

Next Yoga is called the Yoga of the Clear Light, followed by yoga of dreams, yoga, illusory body, intermediate state of yoga, yoga transference of consciousness.

At Evans Wentz classification is in a somewhat modified manner:

-first – Yoga generate heat or mental yoga tummo the same;

-The second – the illusory body yoga;

-Third – yoga dreaming;

-chetvertaya- yoga of clear light;

-Five – Yoga on the postmortem states;

-Six yoga of transference of consciousness.

As you can see, we are here we find confusion in the order of the yogi.

I want to psychologically you configure that in Tantric Buddhism such confusions you will meet virtually on every corner, where seemingly the same yoga, but some places are changing the different items or any channels and centers in different ways are called, or something differently should be visualized.

Despite the fact that Tibet is a country on enlightenment with a fairly rigid instructions how to organize the assembly line. But apparently conveyors were quite a lot, but the documentation was all different, just that the documentation for the pipeline folsvagena one, and one for the Mercedes, the other for another brand, while all machines are running on a combustion engine.

Similarly, the six yogas of Naropa work on the “engine” of the internal heat tummo, but sometimes there are more important points.

We are going to stick to yoga as presented by Evans Wentz.

Now I have to start explaining what these yoga and how they work, I will explain to the axioms of yoga position with our school position, that there was no unnecessary confusion in your brain.

If any of my words when referring to the axioms will sound unfamiliar to you, I refer you all to our web – Yoga courses at http://openyogaclass.com/kurs/, where there is a section “axiomatics of yoga” -osnova all exercises , which are arranged and various meditation practices.


So, where do you begin the yoga?

Since then, that each of us has a higher self, which is prohibitively surrounding Absolute, which is around us. Do you remember the axioms of yoga, the nature of our Higher Self and the nature of the Absolute is identical, that is indistinguishable from one another. Shares of the Maya – a very strange magical operator, with which the whole world has arisen.

If we touch on metaphysics and philosophy of Tantric Buddhism, the main points he inherited from early Buddhism and Buddhism, you will not find the concept of individual Higher Self You also will not find the concept of the Absolute, but you will encounter a very strange notion Nether. Very strange phrase like Emptiness Emptiness human nature or the surrounding universe.

Now a little about the sad I have to say. Unfortunately, a huge number of Tantric Buddhists, especially in the West, especially new converts, I’m sorry, but no ear or snout do not understand in theory what they practice.

Confusion complete. I myself have often witnessed many conversations, discussions, people often get confused in all, what you can get confused. Even starting with a situation that allegedly in Buddhism refers to the concept of reincarnation, but if I do not have an individual, what then is reborn?

In this kind of the stumbles followers had read some babbling, here’s some karmic impression transmitted. The question arises if it is transferred to a chaotic manner, unattached to the Higher Self, it turns out that all this is happening randomly.

In the minds of utter confusion. Thank God, in the scientific circles of academics this confusion is less, in any case, they do not think Buddhism is atheism.

A few decades ago there was a dominant view that Buddhism is an outspoken atheism, which does not recognize the man as a creature, and recognizes the illusory nature of what is man.

This is the stumbling block. If we draw the right bridge, you will be well versed in all Tibetan yogis and generally in Tantric Buddhism together.

So, you must remember that all the things that you encounter in the universe are nonsense, logic and sverhlogikoy.

All that we call our Higher Self or Atman is called in Sanskrit, or all of what is called the Absolute or the root cause of the universe is the only word, my friends, not express the transcendent omnipotence of these concepts, just like the infinity symbol in mathematics. Draw the icon is very easy, but understand that it is not even, I apologize modern Einstein.

This is the same situation in Tantric Buddhism. Certainly, llamas were well aware that the concept of the Higher Self of man is the same as the concept of being the root cause of the ambient or the Absolute is ineffable, and that you did not say, will not to.Poetomu to indicate, but not explaining what you want to say and have historically been implemented these terms as void.

Friends, Emptiness is not in our sense of emptiness, let’s empty room, but in the sense that it is something beyond, something that on the one hand seems to be there, on the other hand seems to be no.

For those of you who have studied the axioms, all is very well suited for the principle of the law of “0”. You remember, 0 is a very good thing, it is on the one hand, seems to be there, and on the other hand, it seems not.

So when you will encounter numerous narratives about Tibetan yogis or philosophical reflections on the hollow core of all, it does not mean that these people raved about, I mean, Tibetan yoga. It just means that they have experienced unspeakable conditions not described by the language, but gave a boost to the next generation, what they meant.

Therefore, the situation is as follows. The contradictions between the Tibetan yogis, Indian yogis and yoga is no axiomatic in principle. Unfortunately there is a great mass of people who do not understand these transcendent things, among tantric Buddhists as well as in academic circles and among ordinary yogis and Yoginis belonging to any of the Indian tradition.

There is no contradiction, because even when we speak of my higher self, is by and large just hot air, we do not know what my Higher Self Moreover, asserting that the nature of our Higher Self is identical, identical to the nature of the Absolute, virtually identical to the expression in tantric Buddhism, that human nature and the nature of the universe hollow core. This is the same idea passed in other words.

But this is only the words that show the finger at something sverhlogichnoe, but do not explain it. It is necessary to bear in mind everyone, otherwise you get stuck immediately.

Otherwise, I do not understand, if Buddhism is not the Higher Self, what the posthumous yoga? He Died, divided into primary elements, and you as there was, and there was a void, emptiness remained.

So here is the first trap. As you remember the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism was not pointed at the fact that every farmer or practice to explain the intricacies of metaphysics, or what is happening. they do not spend time on it. God grant that the peasant had the time to practice to hone your mind, clear channels, the centers, which reach the heights of spiritual, based on the fact that if the reach, so all will understand.

And if you explain what the law of “0”, the Higher Self, Brahman, and so on. D. It was a waste of time .Indeed, you do not explain the operating principles of the plant, which made Mercedes, just say do this work and all well does -chudesno, another thing to explain how it’s done.

So the point is this, that indirectly, of course, in the Tibetan yogis also recognized is the fact that the nature of each person beyond, his higher self, if you will, which they call the Void and the nature surrounding the root causes of the universe and beyond, they are also called Void.

And all that separates them, all the phenomenal world of objects and phenomena, it is also, as in yoga axioms, a product of maya, they are more likely to be interpreted as an illusion, because it’s easier to explain illiterate people.

It is easier to explain how the illusion of Maya, though, if you remember from the axioms, the Maya is a more complex concept than an illusion.

Illusion – a creation of Maya, but Maya is something else.

So, it turns out that there are people, there is something higher that surrounds it, and here is the second complication in which people stumble studying Tibetan Yoga, in this interpretation of the Supreme.

On the one hand it proclaims that circle seems to be void and nothing like as not, on the other hand claimed that the nature of the surrounding nature is a Buddha here and there is confusion. Buddha lived 2500 years ago, lived 60 years, has left behind a teaching, left his followers, and then argued that the nature of the universe surrounding hollow core and it is the nature of Buddha. It turns out that the Buddha is a small God, who was born in human form and was everywhere?

In fact, we mean something quite different, a Buddha-nature is meant the nature of the Absolute, unaffected, the root cause of the world, the basis of all creation.

When Tibetan yogis you will read that this or that Adept approached and realized Buddhahood, indirectly stating that he realized the state of the Absolute. But here too there are nuances, everywhere there is an ambush. Once again I say that to binge can bring researchers of Tibetan culture, to be more precise, you begin to understand only when you start to practice on their skin. Academics is generally not inclined to practice but before you to explain something you need to experience the hard way.

So, the very great difficulty in the fact that the ultimate goal in Buddhism, on the one hand, the so-called Nirvana (in one of the possible translations of “fading”), as if you are out of the world. Here before you are born and die, like it or not, was born -umer died -genus.

The goal of Buddhism – is to break this cycle of birth and death, and the break is only one sposobom- attain Buddhahood, when you broke the wheel of samsara or the cycle of birth and death. To break the wheel of samsara can only reach the state of Buddha and the Buddha’s condition as stated in the Tantric Buddhism hollow core. That poor adept opens the book, read, read and do not understand anything.

What it has the usual Buddha to what – else. The case is still burdened by the following circumstance .On actually in Tantric Buddhism is not a Buddha, a lot of them out there, in fact there is not only a man of the Buddha, and the Buddha, women and the most piquant, has the Buddha in the union, and refers to sexual union under union.

When Western scholars even Victorian era began with the same face, they generally agreed that this depravity of some, but the truth is then sorted.

Question – and what these various Buddha are related to Buddha Shakyamuni and how to relate to each other – a heavy question for the neophyte.

I will not torment you, to throw a bridge of understanding, it is clearly possible to interpret the fact of reincarnation or the Absolute avatars. Absolute one, they were not five or six,

But in its favor, it can take all sorts of forms, body, form or manifestation.

In this case, the nature of the Absolute manifested in the form of an ordinary person who realized (meaning Buddha Shakyamuni), the identity of their inner nature of the Higher Self with the nature of the surrounding universe reached the state, now called Buddhahood, broke the cycle of birth and death, reached the state of Nirvana, left us world religion.

It is believed that before the Buddha there were many Buddhas, and after the last expected still many other Buddhas.

In connection with the expectations of the next Buddha, sometimes referred to as Martreya, it’s like the second coming of western religions, it is also built on some practices, not to relax, and waited.

In fact, the same as in classical yoga, yoga in India, Axioms in yoga, but only in other words.

Sometimes this is a vague and not very intelligible word Void or Emptiness is described in other words more appropriate, in particular, we will meet in the analysis of “Six Yogas of Naropa” E. Wentz. It is a phrase that is being suchness there being, and it is, this is what we would call in the axiomatic root cause of being, that is. e being used is such a very elegant phrase, which explains a lot.

This is the basis of yoga dreams and indeed all yoga practice Maha Mudra, etc.

Sometimes, in some schools or traditions of yoga, there is a concept not just of the Void, a Radiant Emptiness. Imagine an empty room, where there is nothing and there is no light, then dark and nothing can be seen.

And to somehow play on perception, not scare all the followers, added “luminous emptiness”, sometimes introduced some other expression, but in essence, the same.

Do you have your nature as a human being, your higher self, there is the natural surroundings of the Absolute, she Luminous Emptiness or those of Genesis, or Buddhahood.

And as you manifest through maya through a series of bodies and the surrounding universe by maya appears as a variety of phenomena and objects.

The next moment-is a side effect of Maya, which arose as a result of ignorance, created the confusion of the world, from which were born and all the suffering that people experience.

Now Victoria reckoned a very short explanation of the history of the world.

It is taken from the “wise and good wishes and teachings of Adi Buddha Samantabhadra”:

“The base of all that exists is not composed of parts – self-existent. It can not be apprehended by the mind and expressed in words. The terms “Nirvana” and “Samsara” can not be applied to it. He who knows it reaches the state of Buddha, the one who does not know, wandering in samsara.

Not knowing about the foundation, being wrong, they were enveloped in the darkness of the unconscious, generating ignorance and delusion. Vegetating in error and ignorance, knowing he was thrown into confusion and fear gripped him.

Then came along with the idea of the hatred I, and others. When they are deeply rooted, there was uninterrupted stream of evolution in samsara. Then spread the five poisons, which are obscuring the mind of passion – lust, anger, selfishness, ignorance and envy, and formed an endless chain of bad karma. The source of the confusion, sentient beings is therefore unconscious ignorance.

And may the power of good wishes coming from me Adi Buddha, each one of them knows the radiant immemorial mind presence in every being. “

That’s short enough, succinctly described the thoughts that you will face if you start to learn yoga axioms, all essentially one and the same.

It also refers to the evolution of concepts such as fear, anger, envy, etc. the intricacies of a living being, which ultimately led to the suffering, to the chain of birth and death Wheels of samsara.

It also explains what to do to get out of this cycle and achieve nirvana. The emphasis here is on the acquisition of knowledge, or rather the triple medicine -dzhnana, iccha, kriya (knowledge, will and action.)

In essence, this is the basis of all the Tibetan yogi.

There is a certain initial state, which is identical to our natural state. Is Maya and ignorance generated by it, because of ignorance arise fear, anger, envy, many throwing karmic consequences that lead to a series of birth and death, suffering, and it lasts forever.

Thank God, there is a cure, methods, knowledge that will break this cycle.

As you can see, on the one hand, the four noble truths of Buddhism ancient fully complied with, they are totally talking about the same knowledge that is in the Vedas are the original interpretation of the Vedic knowledge.

The same text, attributed to Adi Buddha Samantabhadra. A part of the Adi means the initial or original, Absolut, manifest as Samantabhadra.

A similar situation as we have in the Indian tradition, where the founder of all is Shiva Paramashiva that in His mercy shared knowledge with the remaining humanity.

Remember meets both beautiful verse “Ananda Lahari” which says that the omnipotence concluded in six of ten four tantras, each of which is a part of your Swatantra, followed by your insistence Siva threw the Swatantra on the ground and thus shared knowledge.

In fact, if you know the axioms of yoga, if you know the translation keys as that interpretation, then everything becomes clear.

Accordingly, the next step is the methods to achieve all this.

“Six Yogas of Naropa” pretend to give a very specific method to reach the state of knowledge of his higher self, knowledge of the nature of the Absolute, merge your higher self with the Absolute.

To do this, use ichhu-kriya, jnana (the will, action, knowledge) .T e. you need to gain knowledge, then this knowledge to practice, embody knowledge. Yoga is the incarnation to incarnation of knowledge, you first need the will.


It is necessary to note one feature that distinguishes Tibetan yoga from the Hindu.

The Hindu yogis, such as the concept of dedication from teacher to student -vesch prohibitively sacred.

You remember, the Vedas were studied from generation to generation as a dedication from teacher to student through oral tradition.

All the same, in the background and in the Vedas and other Indian yogis betrayed a thought that all that was opened when -That rishami can be rediscovered in any living being, it is no matter in what condition, taking into account its situation determining karmic the time to reach this state.

Indeed, it is a very vital point in yoga, in fact. This moment reassured and encouraged me to organize the International Open Yoga University. A huge part of yoga is lost and we will never get the Master die, without having to transfer knowledge and so we have to rediscover lost a significant part of the yogi.

In ancient traditions, in the Vedas themselves, in the teachings of the teachers said about such an approach to yoga, like cheerful aspiration “Forward into battle!”.

If you touch the Tibetan yogi, where the actual conveyor belt, where it is not supposed to deep knowledge of the axioms, but now intended to sufficiently precise and scrupulous adherence to the instructions that were given, then there is no one called to open anything, because there was a conveyor.

Imagine that you have come to the factory, which employs the pipeline and ask the worker to reopen any operation until he pereotkroet it, the whole plant goes bankrupt.

That’s why this time of direct transmission or transmission of knowledge from teacher to student in the Tibetan yogis critical.

If you come kakoy-to uneducated peasant who, in principle, could not understand basic things, but who had a devotion to and faith in the Guru in teacher Lama, who had direct contact with a live lama, blessings of the lamas, the first thing it worked supernormal arising from all the people involved in yoga. It was enough for the blessing of the lama or teacher to even the most lackadaisical student, everything starts to get, and very quickly.

It turns out that a clever student who thinks longer, largely disassembled, without direct transmission of blessings, spend disproportionately more time for the implementation of a particular practice or yoga than a farmer or nomad -skotovod who completely trusted Guru.

We have already said that a large part among the Tibetan yogi make yoga associated with death. Now as far as I know, again, the most popular is yoga, associated with death or post-mortem transfer of consciousness, sometimes also called Bhova -perenos consciousness.

Of the six yogas of Naropa, we are voiced, yoga tummo illusory body yoga, the yoga of dreams, yoga of clear light, and so on. D. By far the most popular general only one of the six yogas of Naropa, which is called Bhova.

As far as I know, it is transmitted in a variety of traditions and Nigam and Karmakavyu Gelupa and, in particular, said that the Dalai Lama holds these practices for the initiation of their followers.

Already initially it laid that one lifetime is unlikely to reach that, but reserve parachute on the subject of when would catch his death should already be if it somehow joined the Six Yogas of Naropa.

So, oddly enough, even in the modern era, held Bhovy practices of a school, where made exercises with visualization practices, but where is the absolute condition for direct transfer. You must own directly learn from the Dalai Lama, if it gives the Dalai Lama. I learn from him directly, even if there’s not done, there is such a system, like OTC (Technical Control Division), which on any assembly line is, these yogas the same situation.

If we’re talking about practice Bhova, that is, there are several signs vneschnih and internal. In particular Bhova – a unique practice in the sense that when a successful practice on top of the head should stand out a drop of blood.

It is believed that the central channel has punched a hole in the top of the head, and as the personification of a small drop of blood. Although in ancient treatises stating that the long practice, lasting for years, in Lam there is a real hole in the head.

Of course, I can hardly imagine what it looked like, but as far as just these little droplets of blood, then I myself was a witness, and was very surprised man meditated, and the head is not even touched her not washed for several days running this transfer

I did an opinion poll, which showed that one knows very well Buddhism, philosophizes, but it does not work, but at the same time, one old woman accidentally end up in Tibet, you know there is a category of people from the Soviet era, are interested in the esoteric, and is here, but see a person good karma, I look at it really stood out 4-5 millimeters blood. Because faith was in great teachers in Lamu.

So the emphasis was primarily on the practice of death, that is, each first was handed a spare parachute, for the fact that if you suddenly sit in a jet plane, but did not reach the bottom, for some reason, but nothing has died so died. Die in different ways as possible, it is necessary to die beautifully, preferably with a personal spiritual benefit.

So here we go further, in fact everything else in the ordinary yoga, except that personal devotion to Lama, his Guru, there is the so-called Guru Yoga.

So that’s what I want to say, my friends, here are the feints ears I see a lot. When someone comes and asks him to teach some practice. It is very important how devoted you are to someone who want to learn something.

Often it turns out that the human attitude west, as in the market – came to pay their honestly earned in the privatization that bad lay the money, and now let’s feast arrange to Lamas danced, gave the dedication – the dream of the oligarch that all revolved around him .

People can not understand, that no money, nothing will not work if the person who comes to learn not to be personal loyalty to him from whom he learns.

If there is a personal devotion to Lama, even if you have no ear or snout do not understand, you Lama on the conveyor insert .and I beg your pardon, chips with your negative karma where necessary, the conveyor lift and in the best shape at the exit you to the enlightened able to release.

But only on one condition, if you trust Lama and he trusts you. If Lame do not trust, all, at any price, punditry, special to this tend to Westerners, and our country is very large number of wise men.

Here they delved into all the literature on Tantric Buddhism and Tibetan language learned, wise guy on Egghead.

Clearly no one knew anything. My question is what happens to our higher self after death gave only vague reflections.

And then they begin to philosophize Lamas, something clear, I must say that sometimes even Lama unqualified answer, they know how the technology section of his shop.

Ask them about something else useless, they may not know, but the pipeline works for them, just as the flame of the torch, here is a man lit his initiation from him others may ignite, this is very often in Tibetan yogis.

Sometimes you can carry the tradition, moreover, through you, the tradition goes on, and you yourself do not understand this tradition at all.

But probably, my friends, it was technology, but how else could be in the medieval feudal country? How else to transfer knowledge? We have a higher education no one understands anything.

Imagine nomads. That was the transfer of the “Club kinoputeshestvy” if looked showing how people live in different places.

Now let’s consider the very first yoga yoga mental tepla- tummo or Dummo. How does it translate?

In one of the possible translations of this passionate woman .Here I want to emphasize the aspect of the nose you try not to drive too much, and to express these yoga positions with the axioms, with the position that I know myself and been through.

If I now also begin imposing shadow on the fence, we will lose another 20 years, and these twenty years there.

The meaning of the passionate, if you like is used in the sense of a sexually passionate. Imagine a woman who wants to actively and passionately. This focus paid to the translation of the word Dummo.

Let me briefly outline in what is seen outside this yoga, I will not engage in long descriptive, and I will talk like this approach.

So, yoga is that one learns with the help of some visualization practice, breathing practices, meditation practices, and that the most juicy, sexual practices, generate internal heat, which manifests itself as a physical heat and leads to the fact that people even the most bitter cold can walk without clothes, without the use of fire for heating or some kind of fur garments.

Known description in the books of Alexandra David Neel, when freezing windy night adept yoga Dummo sat naked on some litter covered with a wet cloth. He had his heat to dry it.

Imagine frosty moonlit night in the suburbs, with a breeze hardball. And you’re sitting in the buff, in addition, you wrapped a wet sheet, too hot to you was not. Your challenge is that currently it is dry.

Even such competitions were organized, who is more than a sheet of dry overnight.

This is an external manifestation Dummo yoga. It’s very exciting for Western man, because it has some miracles for them.

But the interesting thing is that the heat generated by the inner mental, leading to a series of very interesting states quite ecstatic nature when a person feels a different kind of happiness within yourself, or a different sort of pleasure in itself.

And the interesting thing is that at a certain stage, these feelings are very close to those feelings when a person experiences having sex.

Even there the interpretation of a blend of the weak pleasure of sex, from the middle of pleasure from sex and from the powerful pleasure from sex.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, first of all, a serious paranoid secrecy, which were surrounded by including the six Yogas of Naropa, these yoga were given in a general manner, allusive language, without a description of the details.

Specifically, for example, it says that you practice with Karma wise, there is not clear Western man, or a wise karma, or karma mudra.

But it is quite simple notion in some schools of yoga, ie. You must practice sexual practices with real physical woman at some stage.

You understand that in times before Evans Wentz, in the Victorian era, the West sex is not specifically complain of perceiving something dirty, trying to talk less about it, and then woven into the practice.

Gets a sort of scissors with one hand is an interesting practice, the person develops a mental warmth, on the other hand, figuratively, try to understand that they are trying to say.

On the third hand, the Victorian era or Western morality, some two-faced, in the sense that anything related to sex, everything is bad.

As you can understand the details and no one spoke until now, reading in the books, you will find that there are few, especially the details.

But without these details all visualization, meditation, breathing exercises do not mean anything.

You can practice until you’re blue, just as they say that men do not freeze, sailors become blue .or is an expression that without dedication you will achieve greater success, if you squeeze the oil out of the sand, than attain success in practice.

There was a view that you varishsya in tradition, you have a Guru, whom you trust, so much so that you can discuss issues related to including sex.

As you can imagine this is not a thing it is not the easiest to Western man.

And so it is interrupted channel of information to our days and all the desperate attempts of all adherents.


So, purely external manifestation of Yoga Tumo – is the fact that a person can carry a completely unrealistic cold without clothes, thin some manifestations – is some kind of processes within it. Here we sit with you all, and we all have an inner metabolism, we feel like we have it all happens. We sometimes satisfied with their condition, sometimes not satisfied.

And then, when you clean the channels and centers awaken certain energies, you are approaching closer and closer to its natural state. Again, I remind you axiomatic yoga is your natural state – a state of joy and happiness, pleasure from the simple fact that you are.

That is, it is very pleasant and fascinating pastime, which later transformed into an even deeper work on oneself, arising from the fact that you learn to introduce well-established terms prana into the central channel. If you are after a particular chakra gain the ability to enter the prana into the central channel, and in this sense, the prana itself enters, and together – multiprana consciousness and energy, then you will definitely start to implement some higher sverhsostoyaniya, which further It manifested in the fact that you like to start directly perceived by being.

Or, here sometimes, remember, we are with you from time to time to practice yoga dreams, and I have used the term: the “support life, in which all painted.” And once you reach this state of direct perception of its nature and the nature of the surrounding universe, as such being, you start it in different ways to perceive, including the further it goes as the basis for the yoga of dreams, as the basis for yoga illusory body, well, as the basis for the yoga of clear light.

Indirectly, a bit later, yoga transfer of consciousness. This is when you can yourself, roughly speaking, to pull out of his body and put into another body, living or nonliving. That is, you can pull out and put themselves in the body of the animal, and then come back. Or another person’s body. Or a corpse. They went out of his body, entered the corpse and revived him, and then went out and came back again to himself. It is such a yoga, one of the six yogas of Naropa.

Finally, the background is the realization of suchness being also used in Yoga posthumous transference of consciousness, Bhova. This is when you have died and too late something to do, and we should as much as possible clever use of his own death. It slips version of things that need to catch, identify, focus on them, meditate on them, and then automatically there is a certain yoga, which, as the lift pulls you to a higher level of existence, where you can quietly live, to wait as long as It appears appropriate body to be born again, say, on the Earth plane.

This is very actively used, as a rule, yoga. If you practice this too is very strong, you can, of course, is more consciously direct all their state after death. But if you are not yet possess these processes, it is better to enjoy the streams, which arise naturally, and to find safe haven, yet will not be able to be born in the right place at the right time. But we’ll talk about it later.

Now, friends, let’s start looking at the essence of a yogi, how they work, how they are, generally speaking, are made. And, above all, from a practical standpoint. As you know, yoga are the same everywhere, all yoga – is the embodiment of the ancient Vedic knowledge into practice. In this respect, the concept of “life” and the concept of “This is life”, the notion of “luminous emptiness”, the concept of “first impulse of freedom” – it’s actually the same thing. And it turns out that in the Tibetan yogis have some way of technology.

Question. Condition clear light and love.

Answer. An interesting bunch. Need to think.

Question. Time of concentration on the clear light during Tumo, the time of death, while dreaming can also be compared with a 9 and a half minutes?

Answer. Where to dig. Then I will say a little bit.

The text read. Obeisance at the feet of the saints illustrious guru. The contents of this guide on the use of a remarkable method that makes it completely understandable disclosure of spontaneous wisdom born simultaneously using mind control and breathing, which helps to perfect the human body.

Of the two, the first corresponds to the hierarchy of prayer, the second part of the teachings transmitted by this hierarchy consists of 2 parts: teaching system and the teachings of tantra corresponding transmitted whisper owned guru telepathically transmit to each other their instructions.

It explains the teachings reported by a whisper, spoken Order guru conveying his instructions telepathically. These exercises consist of 2 parts: the preparatory exercises and exercises that make up this treatise. The first, preparatory, found in other sources. In this treatise contains exercises that make up Section 2 – on the development of mental heat of the illusory body of dreams, and of the clear light of the postponement of consciousness. The doctrine of the mental development of heat consists of 3 parts: a preliminary exercise, the main exercises and practical application.

The first part describes the preliminary exercises exercise 5: Visualization of the external physical body like an empty, mental visualization of the inside of the nervous system as an empty, rendering protective fencing, training of mental nerve pathways and the impact on the mental nerve centers bestowed psychic waves.

Look, friends, it all started. It began, as always, to mention the guru of the lineage and of the chain, according to which this doctrine has reached us. A distinctive feature of the 6 Yogas of Naropa that if you are lucky enough to receive the transmission of this yogi, it would be absolutely gorgeous.

Since other things to herein as a default, and they were not disclosed. And if there is a guru, the teacher, the mentor who has this knowledge and lead you on, you will do no more than the global error, and at the same time dramatically speed up understanding and achieving the conditions that are required.

All exercises that are here are constantly begin with the bow guru – we are constantly asking the blessing of the guru, etc. What analogy – analogy is like in our school of yoga – what would you have decided not to engage in, always a good idea to enlist the support of the school clouds. Only in this case, a cloud-school thing is freer in this regard, and in these yogas it is already more concrete, we must already look for a person’s physical, it’s to something you said there, somehow brought you on some level.

Although immediately recognized in this treatise, that some of the teachings, just as in our school of yoga, passed just such a strange way. The biggest danger in the concept of 6 Yogas of Naropa – it is about the same as in the Buddhist concept.

In our school of yoga is the foundation of all generic Yoga, that is considered to be the most important thing – life. Any yoga is good or bad only in one case, if the person is alive. If the person is not alive, and nothing to talk about. It explicitly you will not find mention of this.

First, perhaps this is due to the demographic situation. Remember, India is the same, the same Tibet, the Middle Ages, the family is very large – 10-12 people, a huge mortality. 1-2 And if a person went to a monastery, or practice any spiritual practice, it is the demographic situation had no effect.

He remained siblings, who remained in the world and they also – for 10-12 children. So you are here will not find such a rigid and direct focus, which we find in the Vedas for the offspring. Here, it is clearly not, indirectly, on the third plane.

Remember, we have already talked about this at the seminar, while Buddhism has played a very bad service, when young people began to ignore the strong offspring, go somewhere to meditate in a cave for personal liberation.

They are, first, did not leave behind offspring, secondly, they went out of their seats, in their place come a mediocrity. As a result, India supercivilization at the time, collapsed, and still can not recover. Then there are references to the fact that, as it were, and any teaching from a formal point of view, there are some moments of descriptive exercise that should be done, respiratory, mental visualization, but also constantly hinted that there is some secret teachings that shepchatsya ear.

Read the text.

“The first preliminary exercise is visualization of the physical body as the blank consists of the following:” First, a prayer that leads to communion with the divine guru. Then imagine that you are the divine ascetic Vajra Yogini red, sparkling like a ruby. She has one face, two arms and three eyes.

The raised right hand she holds a shining crescent knife and waved it high above his head, completely suppressing all mind disturbing thoughts. In her left hand she holds at her breast filled with the blood of a human skull and generously shares his inexhaustible bliss.

On her head Tiara five dried human skulls in the form of necklaces she wears fifty bleeding heads, symbolic decorations on it five, an absence of six – an ointment from the ashes of the cemetery. Bent at the elbow hand she holds a long staff – a symbol of the divine Heruka father.

It is without clothing, in full bloom maiden youth of sixteen. She dances, lifting his right leg bent and the left breast trampling prostrate human body. Around her, the flames of wisdom. Presenting itself it having an outer shape of the deity inside is completely hollow as an empty sheath, transparent and does not obscure the radiant light.

It is all empty, to the tips of fingers, like an empty tent made of red silk, a tubular film is inflated. Rendered image should be approximately the same size as your body. Then become a house, and then as a mountain and eventually reach the size of the universe. Then focus the mind on it, and then gradually reduce it to the size of a sesame seed, and then to greatly reduced sesame seed, but with all members and clearly distinguishable. On it also focuses your mind. “

This is a formal statement of 6 yogas of Naropa, it’s already later, already with some comments, with some visualizations, because if you trace those poetic narrative, which so to speak, more ancient times, the time of Tilopa, Naropa, they were literally one – two proposals. And here we read whole pages.

There is such a small thing, of course. In Tibet, later passed detail of these images on which to meditate. You can meet other schools, which will also set out the 6 Yogas of Naropa, but visualization images are quite different.

As here this way, it is quite versatile and is often found in many of the practices of Tantric Buddhism – namely, visualize yourself (note, this is not said – man or woman) in the form of 16-year-old yogini, and, I’m sorry, in buff, and with some of these attributes. Some quite frightening.

Parallel with the tantric yogis straight. Moreover, some of these are sharper point for visualization. That is to say, okay, I’m a 16 year old yogini, dancing, knife in one hand a knife, cutting off all the obstacles. On the other hand I keep the skull with something. Such is the picture. And inside I’m what? It provides clear shaped peg to visualize – empty inside, like a tent or tent, that is, without any internal organs, which can hurt or not hurt. Blank inside there is nothing, only one visible form.

Reads the text “second preliminary exercise of visualization of mental nervous system as an empty inside is as follows – visualizing your body as the body of the divine yogini, imagine what takes place in the middle of it from the crotch to the hole of Brahma at the crown of the median nerve of the same red as shelaka solution such as bright as a lamp flame, seasoned with sesame oil, the same line as the inner stem bezanga, such as hollow as hollow tube of paper.

Visualized the nerve to be approximately similar to the arrow-cane is medium in size. Then Increase visualized nerve to staff size. Next to the column size, houses, mountains and finally make it accommodating the entire universe. Meditate on the median nerve as penetrating all parts of the body rendered to your fingertips. When the body has rendered the size of sesame seed, meditate on the median nerve is transmitted through it and having a size of 1/100 in hair thickness and empty inside.

It is said to create or visualize the void where there is no definition of the very small quantities. Create a void in the object, which can not be seen because it is invisible. Create a void in the object that is left and is transient. “

Look, begins the description of the internal structure of the body. Do you remember, according to the axioms of yoga, in the center of our body – the central channel. Here it is translated as a central nerve. Of course, this is not matchmaking. But we must pay tribute to the Crown of Evensen, in some years, it is translated, just at least some knowledge penetrated. By this is meant the central nerve of the central channel Sushumna, which is calling visualized as red. In other schools of Tantric Buddhism is sometimes a variety of colors give to visualize. In our school of yoga prescribed meditate on him as a sky-blue tube. A similar situation with the size, large, small, and so on, in order to give flight to the imagination, it is necessary to play with these images.

Reads text

“The third preparatory exercise – meditation, visualization or protective barriers consists of 3 actions – the adoption of postures, breathing and direction of thought or image created by thought.

The first is the adoption of postures, including seven ways to display all the psychophysical processes or things. Breathing exercise consists of a triple exhalation dead air, a deep breath when the air penetrates to the very bottom of the lungs, then you need to slightly raise the diaphragm, in order to expand the chest took the form of a closed container, like a clay pot, and store it in a form can be longer.

Line of thought or image created by thought, is as follows: during exhalation have to imagine that each of the pores of the body are based on five-color beams bundles, covering the whole world and fills it with its five-colored light. And during inspiration to imagine that they are returned through the pores of the body and fill it with light. Each of these two exercises need to perform seven times.

Then imagine that every ray has become a multi-colored syllable Hum, the world is filled with these Hum, and while inhaling the body is filled with them. This exercise was 7 times. Then imagine that the hum turned into angry gods, each of them has one face and two hands. The raised right they keep Dorje and waving it above his head. The left hand is near the heart and expresses the threat. Right leg bent and the left strained.

These gods are angry and ferocious way, they are five colors, each of them rising no more than a sesame seed. During exhalation represent them coming out with the exhaled air and fills the worlds. During inhalation and retention of air in the lungs to represent their members with the air and filling the body. Perform these exercises 2 to 7 times each, a total of 21, together with the previous exercise should be performed.

Then imagine that every pore of your body is occupied by one of the angry gods, whose faces are turned outwards, and that together they form a chain armor you wear. “

We have chosen as an example of the option that gave Evens Wentz. In the texts of other schools are few other imaging. Further line by line consideration we assign to another seminar of certain texts. Now touch the internal mechanism, then you are unlikely to understand even if you read the text 100 times. The basis on which operates this yoga.

So, it all begins. It starts with the fact that you have decided to overcome all the suffering that you have in your life, or the language, closer to our Skoda yoga, you took the first, second and principles of yoga came to the adoption of the third principle yogi- vow failure from suffering, filled with determination to follow the spiritual path, and in this life to achieve the highest results.

Next, how to begin this approach, you are definitely looking for the man who has reached considerable heights along the way that can help you overcome these first steps. Next start such physiological characteristics, which are not explicitly mentioned, but are implied. You begin to lead an appropriate lifestyle, in which eating too much and not too little, sleeping too much and not too little, not running too much and not too little, talk to other people not too much and not too little.

That is, to have always had the opportunity to be alone, to regain strength, but at the same time and communicate. The next moment, which is meant here is that you live in a fairly clean air atmosphere – inhaled air should be as clean as possible. Finally, the next aspect. You begin to do certain yoga practices and exercises, all that corresponds in our yoga school, primary yogas, such as hatha yoga, kriya yoga, and eventually make a very strong emphasis on such yoga as pranayama yoga and mantra yoga.

You all start to practice, practice. As part of Tibet, these exercises could be called in different ways, in different ways given recommendations how to do them. All this eventually led to the next state – practicing pranayama yoga, doing other yogas, you increase the number of its manifestations, or its prana inside the body.

As you may recall from the already axiomatic our schools of yoga, of those sections that are called Yoga Triad, it all leads to the fact that you are beginning to emerge hypersexuality. You remember, the excess prana begins to emerge as a very powerful sexual elation.

But since you took the path of mastering the 6 yogas of Naropa, it is prescribed that you need to practice chastity. Then I’ll make a reservation with respect to one point in the Tibetan yogis, for which I do not understand anything. Perhaps in the future the situation will be cleared up.

Directly or indirectly, created following the impression that all instructions on the 6 Yogas of Naropa were given exclusively to men, that they sharpened it on the physiology of the male body. We are not able to somehow keep track of whether these practices symmetrical or not.

Alternatively, for women the same suits, or for women were introduced any amendments, or were introduced to them a completely different practice. To this question I can not answer. The situation is roughly similar to the situation observed in the Triad yogis of our yoga school, where all the practices generally incarcerated men, and all that relates to women – not very explicit and very fragmented.

Therefore, I will expound 6 Yogas of Naropa from the perspective of men. The more I do it easier, because in this incarnation, as you can see, I am also a man. I find it easier a few things to compare and somewhere to restore the bridge. As for the women: “Cute yogini for your future.” In fact, remember, Tibetan yoga, Tibetan yoga is not, in our yoga school say one thing – if you have ever though a woman reaches the highest state, any of you can repeat it.

Here again, please, and let us know how it is there. And this is a very serious point, because there are such moments quite tech way. So, it turns out the next thing. If you start typing a sufficiently large amount of Prana by practicing chastity, then definitely your sexual potential begins to gain, gain, gain. Depending on how your body is dirty, how your channels, the centers are dirty as you have the good or negative karma, an excess of unrealized sexual energy will lead either to the fact that you simply on a wall climb what you want sex, and you can not realize it.

More engaged, more coming prana, the prana begins to circulate from the inside starts to inflate the channels nadi that polluted within your structures, and it is perceived as an internal totally ineffable pain of unknown origin. If any of you ever felt the sexual impulse, which you can not meet, you have some idea of what’s going on. That is a very, very unpleasant actually state. And nowhere to go – you go to practice.

And now here – why I said it is very important ligament – the presence of the guru. Because if you throw guru element of Tibetan yogi, there is nothing you will not know about childbirth yoga. You of course, in the future, you can use the well-known yogis Triad and somehow work with sexuality, but the danger of working with sexuality in this regard, one very significant (for those who know about yoga Triad) – is this – if you go against Generic Yoga, you will sweep the face of the Earth.

In this respect, nature abhors encroachments. It includes the protection of procreation mechanism and there is nothing left of you. To be more precise you suffer, suffer on an adventure, or lose somehow different potential. It is assumed in Yoga Tumo that you practice practice chastity, that is, on the one hand you are typing, typing, actually go towards the attainment of higher your sexual potential scary manifests, channels and centers are dirty.

Of course, this begins to manifest as burning as dissatisfaction. Indeed, sexual dissatisfaction is the deep and personal with it can not be done. Further, if there is the potential for cumulative sexuality, unspent, or in the Tibetan interpretation is used the word “crucible” which can be translated as the male seed. In this respect – that’s why I have emphasized – that apparently these practices exclusively for men, although it is not clear.

When an excess of sexuality begins when sexuality in you very, very much, and the opportunity to realize it does not, or you consciously practice chastity, then the next question is whether and how to competently practice chastity and how this burning potential by transforming sexuality.

And in fact, the whole practice to develop both physical and mental heat in the first stage is TUMO Yoga to transform their sexuality, including prisoner energy male semen is in heat. How, by what methods is given, the principles on which is built this practice? Once again, we are not able to comment on all this row.

Do you remember the basic principle of the triple bond. Think. Breath. Sexuality. Connected indissoluble bond. If you are working on one, you are automatically working on the two remaining parts. In this case, given the practice of Tumo. This is the simultaneous combination of mental visualization practice breathing practice – working with breath, as well as work with sexual energy for its nerastrachivaniyu to use this connection from three sides.

If there is a blessing of the guru, it is all by itself, you are very easy to insert into the slots, and you can easily reach the state of Tumo. If the guru’s blessing is not, and you have decided to rediscover this practice from the ground up, you will find quite a long, long work, because in order to realize

To feel, to work out some system of internal visualization and how to use this internal imaging system so that it is similar to the tool that helps to pick open the dirt in one or the other, then the third channels and centers.

Since the mud at each different, and are very different visualization. This practice, of course, in the interpretation, which has now been given here, which was announced, Evans Wentz, still refers to another very strong principle, which is clearly not slipping, which usually few mentions in the literature.

This is what the soul is sexless, that your higher self is neither male nor female, and that your physical shell, for example, men, does not mean anything compared to the succession of lives that had been or that will be. You will remember that when we are born, we enter into the world, if the universe around us appears as a woman, we are born a man, if a man is born a woman.

Then, when you accumulate inside certain potential chastity manifested in that primordial prana, in its pure form, it turns like a layer between you – between your physical body, between your higher self and your symptoms.

Here introduced following very reinforcing factor such densely? (39.33 min) Practice meditation when, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, but here probably means that practices a man, that he must overcome the binding to their view of themselves as men and should meditate upon himself as a woman.

This is a very important factor. Why is it very important? There are many specific details, triggered a deep freeze processes that allow to keep sexuality. Roughly speaking, at the level of your own body you will neutralize the embodiment as men that visualize yourself as a woman. That is how you would be immersed in a microcosm and it balances the level of his body.

This allows greatly to reallocate capacity in the desired direction. The next time that there is given – a description of the chakras and the canal system. It is very similar to the chakras and channel system, which is known from the axioms, with one very annoying caveat. A large number of small parts thrown out there.

In particular, said only about 4 chakras, while in the tantric-yogic tradition is still more common system of 7, well, at the worst case of the 9 chakras. And then 4, period. Very interesting in some other way of imaging sources, where it ends and begins the central channel muladhara chakra.

So the place is, according to the texts, to 4 fingers below the navel. That is, according Indian metaphysics, it can not be muladhara chakra. It may be likely, Svadhisthana chakra. In general, everything is very vague. And on this subject a lot of copies was broken at the time.

Other adepts, especially touches me that converts tantric Buddhists screaming, foaming at the mouth, that Tantric Buddhism more ancient Indian yoga and more secondary. That is to say that yoga is not penetrated from India to Tibet and from Tibet to India. That such nonsense I have heard that the remaining chakras Indians themselves invented.

Such statements cause the fun, but the fact remains – many schools, many interpretations, there is interpretation, where only 4 chakras, some even have their own nuances. And it’s completely confusing modern esoteric. They absolutely can not understand. Why, if the human body is one, it should be one and a Tibetan, and Indian, and European. And then different chakra system.

The answer is quite simple. You can find it themselves. You remember – Tibet – is a factory on enlightenment. It describes only what is absolutely necessary for the process. If some of the nuances, channels, chakras and some other niceties do not need to operate the conveyor, they just do not handed down from generation to generation. And without it running.

This is similar to how people began to repair your car, disassembled, assembled, and two buckets of spare parts still. And that is not needed, and so rides. It is his very progressive time. They left only what is absolutely necessary for the job. Everything else povybrasyvali. We give inner chakra system visualization. Chakras usually given only four. And the bottom is on the 4 fingers below the navel. On the upper chakras like more or less all the same way as in the Indian Yogis.

Now further. As soon as you have accumulated sexy, and you’re trying to practice practical chastity hold of all sorts of tricks within yourself, not giving her a break, it is clear this is a very uncomfortable condition, but the more you have it hang on, the more fury that sexuality begins to sublimate and begins to eat away at your entire dirt inside, so the more stay in a sexual asceticism, the better start to clean the channels and centers.

If more literate way to add the correct visualization, it is possible that the unbearable burning sensation of sexual unrealized smoothly carry within itself in a feeling of warmth, which is then, if you start to strengthen as time and is manifested in the form of physical and mental heat.

A side effect of this – you can walk around without clothes. If you are a man, and try this whole thing, you have to practice brahmacharya. Even today, was a question-what is the difference between a man and a seasoned man who practices the practice of Tumo.

The difference in principle. Anyone can practice sex tempered losses as it will get. If you start to practice sex with losses, becoming the practice of Tumo on the development of internal heat, this practice is like death. That is, if you, a man, the seed is lost, neither of which Tumo practice can not in principle be speech, but as a consequence of any subsequent practice.

That is why, once again I want to say that Tibetan yoga, despite the fact that it contains a huge amount of sexual moments, it is in this respect very chaste. Lose seed all regards. Then the following instructions are given. I will outline the general principles, because our time is running out, unfortunately.

We give a picture imaging. According to the axioms of Yoga at the base of the body is the base of our Kundalini energy in the crown, in the top of the head, it is the principle of consciousness. In fact this practice here Yoga Tumo – is the practice of a controlled, soft and smooth awakening Kundalini Energy. Not such ekstazopodobnogo when she sees uncontrollably, and you experience a different kind of state, and controlled. That is, you little by little add on, add on.

For this purpose, appropriate meditation, which, in fact, have a pronounced erotic nature. It is assumed that in the base, at four fingers below the navel, you should meditate a fire, and a very interesting visualization – from cropped letter A.

It is quite peculiar looks. You all know about how it looks. You’ve all seen how to spell syllable Om? There’s such a little thing. That fact that thing remains. The top of the head is prescribed usually visualize a particular syllable in particular syllable Hum. In fact, he Ham syllable and pronounced Hum. That is, it is the center of your consciousness.

Further involved in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the male body device. The fact that the male seed, according to this metaphysics, is produced as follows: top of the head, which is our center of consciousness – there is such a bindu point, or a kind of window in the side of our consciousness, roughly speaking, through which shines our minds with heights of our Ya

This point bindu as it gives rise to the following activities – it is clothed in subtle sheath of energy, and then this subtlest sheath of power begins, as it were, from this point bindu drip into the light of consciousness, and with it begins to drain a drop of the finest energy, and, as it cleaves a little ray of consciousness and starts shining bindu point, it is sometimes euphemistically is called a crucible as the male seed to fall down.

These points correspond, according to a metifizike, for the formation of the male seed. In fact, if there is such a point, they are collected directly at the base of the body, and the male sperm are produced, the seed, which probably has something to do, but do not ask, it’s probably a big mystery.

No one knows. The fact is that if a man loses the seed, it indirectly lost the point bindu. There comes what is called sex with a loss, which is unacceptable in these practices. If on the contrary, you are very well, with the help of renderings begin to see how the bindu point begin to be absorbed by the fire at the base of your body, it is as if this spiritual sublimation or transformation of sexuality, which manifests itself as heat in the external form, but in the internal form as a mental warm, giving some superpowers.

Are given appropriate meditation on how to fan the fire. That is, the more drips, the more flames, and here they are already filled with the whole body, and off we go. But it’s just, friends, imaging package of the process that happens when you have an excess of the crucible, or excess seed. I do not mean sperm in men, it is something else, but it is very much connected with the loss of sperm is the loss of this.

This is one of the most serious so called sex losses. If you, being a man, it’s save, yes, indeed, you there to have sex on the roof of the climb would be desirable, at the wall, but you somehow keep, observe chastity, then gradually this potential starts to clean your ducts, centers, and already the heat is not so pungent, it begins to be distributed, and the next a pair – two points, which is a very powerful meditation – is the body’s base and center somewhere inside the head, where the point bindu formed.

If managed their grasp, if you hold the point, where does this point bindu, you can easily stop parasitism thoughts and reach one-pointedness, as in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali says, thought forms are no longer rotated, you kill all the thoughts go at this thoughtless state in predsamadhi and then samadhi, holding within itself, which automatically generates heat.

I’m here I can give an example of a well-known yoga me, Dad my friend, unfortunately, he has recently left us, I do not know all the details of the situation, the man who walked naked all year round, all the neighbors are shocked. Frost terrible, and he walks. He did not know anything about Tibetan yoga, you know, we are here to philosophize, reflect.

He was a practitioner. And I was with him once spoke, oddly enough, he told me that thought, I quickly grabbed “caught inside the head point of thoughtlessness – anyone can tolerate the cold, you will not catch – it is useless.” I say, but what about his wife there? “With women more difficult. And why is heavier? The woman first thought of the children, she can not help but think, and in this sense it harder to leave thoughtless. “

So, the fact is that if you are to grasp this point of thoughtlessness, and keep it, it means you are controlling thought, manage sexual energy, control the breathing. All those I listed actions are performed against the backdrop of a very clear pranayama breathwork. But pranayama not like doing it today, these would-be successors – that’s the one who has been away on our seminar, remember what my fad – I get to do everything to be on the clock. Breathe, rest, eat.

To 24 hours were strictly divided. Unfortunately, all the modern followers to forget about it. Clearly life, there is not too much fun in the Tibet. Some of you have seen, it looks like the Tibetan Plateau?

There’s a very, very nastraivayusche, very austere, there, I understand more something fun and there is no other than this, and the situation in that is that if you are not routine to do, if you do not rest after Pranayama, if you will breathe some -That smelly air, in particular, prescribed in the Tibetan treatises, it is not necessary to live close to where the yaks, where manure is a bundle to get the fire, and the smoke is very pungent, saying it can not breathe, because pranayama can not go . Again, the power must be balanced.

That is, you like to start with several parties. Management sexuality, mind control, breath control – all like clockwork. I always have an analogy – near our Krieg in 1944, a military operation. In minutes, all calculated. Now planes flew, bombed, and now ran the infantry, tanks here.

That’s up to seconds, all calculated, so just as well and you need to develop your inner rhythm and the rhythm of life in this long enough, it could be months, it could be years. And then the case of resonance – in the presence of the blessing of the guru, he is very fast, apparently before happened in Tibet, and the situation is that you start very actively to sublimate sexual energy, reach control physical warmth, though there are a series of side effects, you have to go through at some point will be depression, lack of energy, fatigue, unwillingness to move, to do something, and so on.

To exit these states prescribe all sorts, including physical exercises, some of which are strikingly reminiscent of kriya yoga, probably in this respect – Stretch Yoga, Kriya Yoga – Yoga is a dynamic moments. It is believed that this is the moment when the channels are cleaned and, indeed, at some point, you is simply crushed, the state – can not continue, but, really, to clean your ducts, centers actually burn your negative karma, and then, as soon as the channels are clean, on the contrary, gained sexual potential, transformable into a thinner component quickly restores you, and you start to look very well, that is, in the sense that you are younger, you are attractive.

In the sexual plan you remember, this triad of yoga that the man who practices brahmacharya, very attractive to women. Incidentally, this is one of the mysteries. But all of the above me – it is only a background, it is very important, but the other half of Yoga Tumo entirely composed of sexual practices. That is, here I listed these methods you have created a background, but if you then do not produce enough in a quick degree, all these mental, physical processes, prescribed practices to practice with a woman.

This is sometimes called karma wise, that is prescribed to practice sex without a loss with a woman, but it certainly is a suitable woman who is also dedicated to the tradition and meaning lies in the fact that there are different exercises to practice with a woman. The first is purely physical, we should carry out physical contact, to do what the motion – kriya, well analogue as in the triad, we touched on this topic in yoga triad, I refer, who are interested.

That is, in order to more properly observe chastity, and more subtle aspects of the sexual potential of the seed transformed into spiritual substance, the spiritual energy which then starts to accumulate in the different centers. A more sophisticated variant is considered to be when you also visualize your sexual contact with visualized yogini, that is, not physically, but simply visualize as if you were in league with the woman.

But in fact, at the time of sexual union, as well as all the basic ideology of the yogi triad, you have to present themselves in this case, in the Buddhist tradition, the one aspect or another, the deities of the Buddha, and their spouse or partner to practice and one way or another other female aspect of Buddhist deities.

No matter it is in physical body or in terms of imaging. It represents the next thing. What do you say as a man, the principle of consciousness, you are certain techniques that visualize yourself Vajra Dakini like this was written in the individual practice sublimated, they balance your male sexuality, but that’s not enough, need more physical woman, to even more sublime, transform, and then you have to own such odnopravlennostyu mind that could do with visualization yogini, but I suspect friends. In the narrow circles debated question is that there is actually there do not want to talk about the next thing, there is a concept in the triad as sex on the level of the subtle body, you do not need a woman Yogini, you can it to communicate not at the level of the physical body, and at the level of your subtle bodies.

Therefore, there is no difference in what you are from each other a distance, by means of certain mantras and visualizations yogi and yogini, feel as if they were in the sexual union, and with the work of the freeze continues. I said something when given this distinction, or a representation on karmamudru, dzhnanamudru, Mahamudra, that is, it is meant that one would associate with yoga triad – sex on the gross level, on a subtle level, to the causal level, but I do not know how to compare – only mahamudra.

Mahamudra is probably already over-limit level, whether it is possible to compare the level of causality. But this is a separate conversation, friends. as you know, any theory, it is not just because someone wrote something, invented, perform, you know, do not know will work, not every situation is more complicated axiomatic, profound knowledge of the human body of the device.

Adjusted exercise maximum brahmacharya, chastity is the maximum, but practical. So sexual yogas practice you’re pretty much even amplify, amplify a variety of aspects of it. For example, a contemplation of the naked body, leads to the fact that instantly opens and expands the bindu point. Girls, your appearance when you are dressed in the sky, it is actually the gateway to enlightenment for men, remember this.

Therefore, they will not have do not show, and where you have to show in all its glory. Where it is not necessary, it will cause a burning pain: Imagine, men do not have partner sex, and you’re in a miniskirt shake a leg in front of him, and he was on the wall will start to climb from desire, and if, on the contrary, you are among the practitioners-yogis who practice practice chastity, on the contrary, the more you will open the more he will be successful in practice.

Therefore, choose the environment itself – from this lot that may vary, and behave as you want. Then there is the next thing, of course, begin to clean the channels and centers begin to sublimate the crucible, the finer components of happiness, even now, I read some things that will characterize whether other bliss, bliss true word I do not like.

“Now we need to make some comments on the experience of bliss. Generally speaking, the experience of bliss can be divided into four categories. If the yogi feels that his whole body was soft and smooth, if he feels the delight and pleasure of touching anything, it points to the fact that he taught many Nadis in the body, so this kind of bliss, bliss called nadi.

If the feeling of a thin pleasure felt in a specific part of the body similar to the feeling when a person scratches the itchy place, but the feeling is fleeting and soon disappears, then we say that the yogi is experiencing the bliss of prana. If the feeling of warmth and rapture occurs simultaneously throughout the body or a certain part of it, it is bliss, caused by an increase in red cup.

Here there is a very serious ambush division cup on white and red. White cup – is the basis of the male seed. Red cup – the basis of the women’s seed. As a consequence, the key to women’s practical chastity. And if the feeling of bliss like the bliss of lustful sexual intercourse, intense and pervading the entire body, it is called the bliss dumo fire, melt the crucible, the degree of intensity it can be divided into three groups.

The first group. If bliss and lust so intense that it is very difficult to hold the cup, it is called male bliss. II. If bliss and intense desire, but not as much as in the first case and it can be kept under control, it is considered feminine bliss. If bliss and lust is not as strong as in the first two cases, and the yogi is very easy to control the crucible, it is called the bliss of mid-level “

So, you see, everything considered, all numbered, all codified. That is, it is not just abstract any statements. So, but the fun starts later, when you sublimate, tasted the full program of all the blessings that can only come and taste the most interesting.

Sooner or later, when the amount of your prana is accumulated through managing your sexuality, your breathing and your process of thinking becomes a such a critical level that completely cleans all dirt channels and centers, the next moment you can this prana to enter the central channel.

Recall that the central channel – it is education that connects our basic Kundalini energy with our consciousness beyond time and space, and any momentum prana, which is pumped back, goes backward wave to its source, that is, to our Higher Self

And if you have learned after the test all possible blessings wisely used sexual pleasure, in fact practical chastity when the full program you use to enjoy concluded in sex, and the part that goes to procreation, sublimiruete, accumulate, without letting it get lost in you will sooner or later accumulate huge potential, and you will come directly to the channels and centers where it is possible to enter the central channel and the central channel to your higher self, or, in other words, expand your consciousness towards himself.

Here you are looking at the outside world through your body to others, and now imagine – your consciousness rays are directed at you is not outside themselves, but somewhere there. This is not the inner world, because the inner world – it’s still the outside world in relation to your higher self, and then there is the most interesting, as the Buddhists would say, – knowledge of the emptiness of his Ya

Suddenly you see something that you like there, but you are so vast that no objects, phenomena were not close. You can not yourself with nothing to compare. Emptiness in the sense that nothing is impossible to put a number. You like to everywhere and nowhere. And the next stage, when you understand the nature of the identity of his higher self, and the root cause of the universe, or as we would say Buddhists – emptiness of the world, and this state of the Buddha, the state of nirvana, the exit status of the laws of cause and effect, then you have themselves become friends, in the Buddha’s status.

In the future, you can once again return to this world or not to return, but when you come back into this world, you are manifested in the form of the Buddha-shaped in the male or female form, or, as we are at the beginning of the seminar said, in an alliance. That is why the answer to the question- “How Six Yogas of Naropa appeared?” Very axiomatic and entirely in line with our axioms yoga. We have 6 Yogis of Naropa from Milarepa, Marpa, Milarepa Marpa from Naropa, Naropa was, so to speak, from Tilopa, Tilopa from chara Vadzhed, which, strictly speaking, in itself an absolute Buddha.

Sometimes in Buddhism it is given another name of Buddha – Tathargaty, remember this phrase. It can be translated as the winners of the Buddha. Friends, what are your questions.

Question from the audience. When you were talking about the sperm when the man’s consciousness is clothed in a thin shell of energy, and it seems to be dripping with it, turns into droplets as it were, then it gives rise to the seed of the male. I just thought that when I recently watched fertilization photos ovum movement and sperm, and when I looked at this picture before I suddenly realized that we say that man – the consciousness and the feminine – it is energy, and the sperm and the egg is completely opposite things, because sperm cells exhibit the energy and all the sperm after it is all the same ……

A: How does this relate to the Tibetan yogis? I said it, but I do not know what does, and the extent to which the male sperm is associated with the concept of the crucible. Absolutely, that is related, but may be related in the same way as our gross body is connected with a thin body, thin body with prana, and prana with our higher self Therefore, let us not now put the analogy smartly, as if once again attracting of modern science, thus replacing science. We do not know. No comments.

Question from the audience. International Open University. Basim. Crucible in some Buddhist sources translates to mind the white display, the mind of red passion, but I think that in our school closer to perceive greater crucible as consciousness.

Answer: My friends, we have so painstakingly built a fragile bridge between Indian yogis and Tibetan yogis, and you propose to develop the attack, his sword unsheathed, now we have all these Tibetans have learned to live. No, my friends. Tibetan yoga are very valuable to others.

Sometimes very good people know the theory, but never had never seen a real any instrument, apparatus, which is built on this theory. Sometimes you take a screwdriver to take any unit, disassemble it on the cogs, you better know the theory, than when you read it in books.

The same is true to the heritage of the Tibetan yogi. I am more than confident that the Tibetan yogis are plenty of things that will help us in a huge amount to rediscover the knowledge that we are in the Indian yogis simply do not understand or have not survived. or we start to their wear. So I do not want to have the impression that Tibetan yoga is completely subordinate, secondary and unnecessary.

There may be some small relic fragments of knowledge that can not be found in the whole of India. As for the terminology, in Tibet all very ambiguous. As you have heard today, the center channel may be translated as the central nerve. Prana can be translated as breath, and vice versa, as prana breathing and so on. That’s why so – not knowing the source, where it is called, I can not comment to say no and you do not advise.

Friends, let’s be a little closer to science. Before some hypothesis put forward, let us what, where, when, why, why.

Question from the audience. What can be specifically read where somehow in general about women’s practice of states more or less sane and more. I’m a little too familiar with the treatises, but about men. It seems to me to talk about what I thought about the connection with the abstinence from women with some sort of other phenomena completely unnecessary and totally inappropriate … ..

Answer: No, let’s, friends, agree, you go, you just do not know, you can say that the feat was accomplished today, a bridge is built between the Tibetan yogis and ordinary yogis. And you from me demand: all, and now the man to explain and that, well, how do I know I’m a humble teacher of yoga, you can say all my life worked, took all these practices, he practiced all these initiations imaginable gets to today to say a few phrases.

And you need me, so I did you a lot, a lot of things said that I have no personal experience. I can not just language talk, I can only speak about what is more or less in my competence. And just like that dream. Let’s directly related to the subject.

Question from the audience. And there are some specific terms, how a man should abstain from sex, to take up certain imaging there?

Answer: You know, some called the minimum time for which the practitioner has reached success. It was assumed that he had previously lived as he wanted. Sometimes these terms ranging from three months to six months. This is such an extreme minimum. As a maximum, the same yogi Milarepa, he was more than a year spent in his favorite cave, that is, it is very individual, according to his karma and karmic dirt.

Question from the audience. Does the Tibetan yogis requirement regarding meat.

Answer: Yes, a good question. In this respect the requirements of the following – if we are talking about Tantric Buddhism in general, as a rule, all tantric Buddhists are omnivorous. The only thing they do not like for them someone is killed. Let’s say you come, you are asked what you want, there’s a sheep runs, we come for you slaughter, do not want to eat baraninki. Of course, they will say no. But if they come, and already for the sake of someone else killed the sheep, they eat the lamb, as a rule, do not give up. In this sense, they do not pluck.



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