2012.03.18 Seminar. Six Yogas of Naropa. Clear Light Yoga

So, friends, we have today 18.03.2012g. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a seminar on Tibetan yogis. In particular, today we will consider one of the 6 Yogas of Naropa, which is called “yoga of clear light.”

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So, friends, we are now waiting for the next 6 Yogas of Naropa – Yoga of the Clear Light. I remind you that this is our series of several workshops where we will consistently treat these wonderful, wonderful Tibetan yoga. And before we can directly touch the Clear Light yoga, I want us to contact you to refresh your memory and look even more to the other side of the Tumo yoga or yoga of heat, which we have already looked at this before.

So, the meaning and essence of Tumo yoga is to practice chastity means to accumulate in itself enormous potential unspent. Unspent vitality. And this potential is, of course, first of all, to try to escape from us in the form of sexuality. But our task is to continue to gain this capability and skillful use of those, so to speak, to urge the nature of sexuality, which in this connection there. Namely, use of appropriate imaging, appropriate breathing exercises, or any other of the mantra yoga exercises so that this sexuality have, strictly speaking, not left and began to transform in such a primary source of our existence. In such a primary source of our vitality.

As a result, in our hands there is a powerful tool in the form here this here prana of sublimated sexual energy, which can be used very easy and simple to clean our channels to reconstruct the structure of our body, to disclose the hidden, implicit, obscure for us the ability to sewn or embedded in the structure of our mind, our emotions, our bodies. And, sooner or later, completely clear all channels of pollution, rebuild the internal structure of the body and get close to the most important, so-called central channel of the body, and make this potential through a sublimated sexuality enter prana into the central channel.

Once the work begins with the central channel as soon as one way or another we get the prana enters our central channel, in a particular chakra, in one or another center of our body, there is observed such a dramatic and qualitative leap forward in our spiritual development. We are, roughly speaking, rise far above all thoughts of dualism, duality of all, what else throwing our minds or our perception of the world and direct approach, first of all, to what is our basis, ie our Higher Self as well as the basis of the whole universe the device, ie, of the root cause, which gave birth to the universe.

Having learned these things, knowing the nature of the self, knowing the nature of the entire universe, we reach this level, they say, the height of which is sometimes called Nirvana in Buddhism. In one, once again I remind you of the possible translations of the word Nirvana means calm, slow, however, do not know if you can say, self-absorption. Those. we go beyond just the root cause of the phenomenal world, from which the whole world occurred. And in the future we can return back to this world, if we wish, because from this level at all there is a magical ability, if I may call it, do yourself a body sorts. We can return to this world, as has neither more nor less than the teachers of humanity and to share its experience on.

So this is a brief basis Tumo yoga. I want to emphasize once again, friends, Yoga Tumo, we were treated to one of the previous seminars. As a result of this yoga is produced by the human ability to feel cold. So, it is rather, so to speak, a sign on the road than the target. Those. free application of this yoga, but not the main goal, what we should strive.

So when modern Western disciples, having heard that the Tibetan people have a super-powers do not feel the cold and go bare, so to speak, in the open air and are aimed at achieving this. So, on the one hand, it looks a little funny with all this yoga position, and, on the other hand, too great a loop is on this ability, oddly enough, sometimes this ability can block. Here, indeed, as stated in a proverb: “Ask for a higher, lower self will follow you.” So, ask for a higher spiritual state, and the lower intermediate skills, such as: heat yoga, etc., etc. – attach themselves to the idea.

So, it turns out that the first Yoga Yoga Tumo as the engine for all other yogas, within the 6 Yogas of Naropa, included in the list of the Tibetan yogi. Such as: Illusory Body Yoga, Yoga of Dreams, Clear Light Yoga, Yoga transference of consciousness, yoga posthumously transference of consciousness. Today, we are once again recall, consider the Clear Light yoga. It is assumed that to some extent you have, as it were familiar with yoga Tumo. Those. Yoga Tumo – is the engine that will make all the rest of yoga gear to rotate. Although the reverse is also true. These yoga, such as Kriya Yoga, Yoga of the Clear Light Yoga Dream Yoga Illusory Body – in turn enhance the practice of Yoga Tumo, ie so they are connected to the 6 Yogas of Naropa. This conglomerate.

Tibetan yoga and “regular” yoga

Let’s once again we draw a very basic system of ligaments between the axioms of ordinary yogi yogi and those which are known from Tibet. This is the most critical moment. If you understand that what is called in Tibetan yoga, will have at least some way, then you do not get stuck in the numerous narratives.

Therefore, let us once again draw a picture of the world and the forces that act on the person at the time of Tumo yoga practice. So, the basis of everything in the Tibetan yogis, yogis in Tantric Buddhism, that concepts such as “emptiness,” “emptiness”, “luminous emptiness” or “This is life.” Those. some such cause, which was the basis of the whole world.

That’s our whole world around us, so we look around and see the objects and phenomena, houses, people, and the like. If we ask this analysis: “Where did all that come from?” Well, we may be, let us recall some where the course of history, archeology, physics. Scientists have told us that before this was it. The previous historical periods. The historic eras – the geological epoch. Prior geological epoch some planetary-scale phenomena origin of stars and our solar system. It’s all good, it’s great. But, if you look at it from the perspective of: “But I do not remember anything that was then; I am surrounded by the phenomenal world some forms of phenomena, people; all this in front of my eyes and floats with different emotional color: something that seemed unshakable suddenly collapsing in the blink of an eye; the fact that, on the contrary, it seemed very, very flimsy, can exist from generation to generation. “

You know, as they say in Russia – there is nothing more permanent than temporary. That is, if you lived in a temporary shelter, then most likely, you’re out there and die. If you say that time is difficult, it is likely that these temporary difficulties so even for several generations and remain. At the same time, I remember how the Soviet Union was collapsing. This too was Mahina, unshakable, it seemed, with this ideology, nuclear weapons, the KGB, everything glistened and shone … and suddenly collapsed before our eyes!

Or, let’s remember my normal life. Some of your affection. My husband loves his wife. The wife loves her husband. Sometimes, it seems that it’s forever, but extends for some time and, as they say, from love to hate – one step. Who was very close to us, it is very far. One who was, it seemed, even with us always, suddenly somewhere to go. Or vice versa. To us, our children come. We currently live quietly and think that we are self-sufficient, prosperous moles. And then – bam! Our children are born, and we understand and how we all lived without children? Even thought this, I am sorry for Slang, pereklinivaet all thinking processes. Those. some sverhlogika.

So, for this world of phenomenal things, one way or another, change, come and go must be some cause, which does not change with all these changes. First and foremost, it was the task of the representatives of any philosophy is to understand the root cause of this feeling. And, as we know, the ancient sages reached the heights in this huge and sooner or later they worried that the basis of everything, the basis of our whole life environment with all its people, with all its changes. And they tried to, anyway, think of a word that would explain this framework.

Recall that for a long time been a concept in Buddhism as “sunyata” (emptiness). But perhaps, in those times, among men it was a very successful term that prompt reflection. So, for example, in the modern era of modern man rather this term will scare when he is told that the foundation of the world – a void. You immediately make the next logical conclusion: if the whole world is empty, the whole world – an illusion, and everything that I aspire to, all that I love – the same kind of emptiness. And your child’s laughter, whom you love, and the smile of the girl, which you love, some of your achievements in work, school and other things, such as a void, an illusion, a mirage. It began to be born very bad associative series as the relationship to the world, as something corruptible, frivolous, empty in the bad sense of the word. As we say “empty man.” Those. Buddhism to be considered that: “Yes! Yes! This is the highest praise a man who realized his emptiness – prohibitive nature “.

So in today’s language, when we say “empty man”, “blank book,” it said pochemu-to negative. That’s a negative, this associative array, when we tried to point out the fundamental principle of which is unknowable, or rather she sverhlogichna, no thoughts and images to express it spawned that Buddhism began to consider nihilism. And this is very destructive, anti-human nature of this where all encouraged to think that to do nothing, all illusion, all a mirage, all your achievements – it is nothing, and so on and so forth. This was a very serious imbalance. Well, in the future, and in Buddhism this imbalance recognized and corrected. Thus, there was what is now called Tantric Buddhism or Lamaism.

But the question arises, what is meant by the concept of “emptiness”? And what we can parallel conduct of the axioms? From the axioms of yoga we can parallel conduct only one. The word “void” is not understood something terrible, empty in the bad sense of the word, but rather some sverhpotentsialnaya opportunity. So, you know, if you convert and put parallels between Tantric Buddhism as Buddhism in general and, for example, the teaching of yoga, relying on the Vedas, the word “void” better and more adequate would be to translate the word “freedom.”

And I ask you to think a little bit further on this bunch. Those. Freedom – this is some potential for some omnipotence. This is a huge scope for opportunities in all what you want. And then the picture of Buddhism pessimistic eyes that everything hollow core, and so on, and so on, is transformed into the contrary, that all is filled with the highest possibilities for your existence in this world, ie, world very interesting. With everything that you come across interesting in this life really is under a real foundation of freedom to be even more interesting. And if you start to deal with the knowledge of the world, every step you take before you open even more interesting horizons. Absolutely enchanting experiences and sensations.

Freedom and Emptiness

And there is such a feature of the household – if in your life you will meet or Buddhist Tantric Buddhists, it is very easy to distinguish those who have at least something to understand, those who do not understand anything. As a rule, those who have at least chto-to realize – very cheerful people. They are very nice, they are very easy to communicate, they are full of humor, full of wisdom. This is a very lively, very intelligent people who love and appreciate the humor of the joke, and at the same time, as a rule, supports the highest traditions. These people are very easy to communicate, they do not inflate themselves from such bubbles media traditions such gloomy. No! This is a very, very in all senses of the word nice people.

On the contrary, the less people understand chto-to the less feel the suchness of life, the more it tends to kakie-to abstract speculation, conceptual thought such a strange, confusing and more disheartening than the desire to understand. And only the difference is only one – the associative array. Because the root cause of the universe for this world of change and impermanence, is the root cause, which is sometimes called “emptiness”, sometimes called “the luminous emptiness”, sometimes called “This is life”, well, we would be in the tradition of the school of yoga Anandasvami called it “freedom” the original freedom of the universe.

Everything you want in this universe – will be! Here is a huge horizon to turn around. If you now chto-to do not like, it is a question only of what you need to realize that I do not like, you know when you gave birth to is what I do not like, and later choose another free way to do so to remove.

Those. each of you have now some vital problem. Someone needed money, someone work, someone’s wife, someone’s husband, all a huge amount could be some problems. Sometimes soluble, at first glance, sometimes even seemingly intractable. So, imagine such a state that you suddenly kto-to said: “Guys! Relax! All this is such a small thing! All is solved faster than you think. “

And one thing when you say kto-to. Well, if anyone had said a little? You can not believe it. Now imagine that it was made from a reputable certificate and you feel that this will – prana. You instantly life-changing background. And once this happens, it is called dedication.

When you are confronted with Lama, who it is it gives the initiation. From communion with him does not change the foundations of the universe. It is what has been, and has remained so. But once you understand that on the other side of the universe, and everything immediately starts to look in a different light. That is why we already have discussed this question, so important, if you practice Tantric Buddhism, or 6 Yogas of Naropa teaching very closely associated with the six yogas of Naropa. I will bring the practice of Mahamudra.

This is actually one-step enlightenment!

Someone gave you, I’m sorry, spiritual cuff, and you saw the suchness of life, the true nature of, or the emptiness of life, but not in terms of the negative, but in terms of freedom! On the one hand.

On the other hand, you will find in Buddhism is another expression of “emptiness of the man himself.” And all the words that I said in relation to the surrounding universe, we can say with regard to man. Those. our nature as hollow core, your “suchness” or, so to speak, a fundamental principle, it is also extraordinary. Or, as one would say in the tradition Anandasvami – “freedom”!

Take a look at yourself. You will see some kind of structure. Some man who is a woman. Someone with a higher education, someone – no. Someone has some moments that are like or dislike inside, feeling, feelings. Today something is not ate, poor digestion, respectively, and in a bad mood. Or vice versa: Spring on the street – joy! But in any case, whatever the here these experiences, if you are on the other side of the experience take a look, you will again see that the essence of your higher self, ie, all of what you are – freedom! It is, once again, in terms of tantric Buddhism “emptiness”, it “luminous emptiness” or “suchness.”

And, in fact, it turns out that no matter how the two sides is the whole phenomenal world, including ourselves. Inside the freedom and the freedom of the outside, inside and outside the hollow emptiness. But for more specific work here with the notion of “freedom” and “emptiness”, introduces the concept of “Clear Light”. And in today’s seminar we will just touch on with you and this is the Clear Light yoga.

Actually, strictly speaking, traditionally 6 Yogas of Naropa set out in a slightly different order. Following Yoga Tumo usually goes Illusory Body Yoga, and only then the Clear Light Yoga. But I consciously. Rather, unconsciously tore this yoga from the usual context in order to once again remind you axiomatic structure of our universe, to all our other yoga became clear. In the future, when we came very close to practical exercises for you to understand very clearly that any provision of, any meditation, any Pranayama – is not some abstract practice for some new, and practice, which is clearly derived from the structure of our world.

That is, if you think that in Tibet, Tibetan yoga, for instance, in India, or Indian yogis found brute force for a combination of actions that result in good results. Just as the ancient alchemist search of all the recipes found or that the right medicine, you are wrong. Another basis. First, understand the essence and realizing the essence, you’ll always find you always amounted to a variety of exercises that will work on the principles of this fact and give good results.

Of course, that these practices may vary. So I once again remind you that you will study including the Yoga of the Clear Light. You will find different versions of this yoga. With different visualization. With different explanations and different techniques. But this is, in fact, does not matter. It is important that the basis of everything is very clear coherent theory.

Once again I want to say, my friends. Unfortunately, the sad fact that we are seeing in the environment tantric Buddhists and Buddhists themselves – very often poorly understood theory. Many are initiated. Many people can boast that they are the direct bearers tradition from the time of Tilopa and Naropa to the present day. But on the subject to find out what kind of a matter of fact, they have for the traditions, you can hear such rubbish, such nonsense, such a lack of understanding of anything else that you have your hands start to go down, you spit and say: “I will not engage in any Tibetan yogis – all this is nonsense and folly. ” Moreover, all this is served as part of a religion, a religious movement.

The presence of the Guru

So, friends, let us return to our consideration. Sometimes, when yoga and yogini ancient Tibet experienced this state that they have seen the underlying cause or the root cause of the surrounding universe itself, they are definitely something to worry about. What a range of feelings, some range of emotions and thoughts. But since it’s so big that there are no words and some images to convey what they feel, you can not use words and images to convey this state. If you could use words and images to convey this state, you could just read the words, you would have found themselves in this state. The only thing that perhaps – perhaps to convey the chain of word-images, which, as it has prompted you to think in this direction, as if spontaneously, or randomly fall out in the same condition in which there were yoga and yogini antiquity.

You know, in the East there is such a popular thing that any book – it’s like the finger that points to the moon. Any lesson – it’s like the finger that points to the moon. Any words and images – a finger that points to the moon. But this is not the moon! But if you trace where finger shows, then maybe you will realize that he showed up at the moon, and you will see the moon. Here is the same situation.

We give some series of images is given a certain number of instructions and, if you occasionally rotating with the people who have gone through this experience, and follow these instructions, it is very big chance that you pereotkroete inside, the same state . So I once again remind you that Tibetan yoga in this regard is extremely demanding on the presence of the Guru, to the presence of the teacher.

The Indian yogis, as we have already told you, to a greater extent is focused on the rediscovery of ancient knowledge. Those. it is believed that what they did once in ancient times, people can repeat the present, if you spend lots of time, effort.

The Tibetan Yogis more emphasis still is on the blessing from teachers who wore this tradition. Best of all, if the teacher is physically close. If they are for whatever reason not around, it may be a sub-option, as setting them, if you will, this telepathic communication or thinking about them.

That’s our tradition, if you know there is such a thing as “Cloud school” – it partly coincides with this method. Only in Tibetan schools like out there on the second plan is put. What if you do not even have a teacher, then you can reflect, to ask for his blessing. And for a real teacher there are no obstacles in the form of space and time. And when he or she lives, and no matter where he lived when he was on his terms of time and space to feel from you or request a sincere impulse, he always responds. But, in fact, once again, for those of you who are familiar with our tradition Clouds School – a Tibetan analogy is complete.


Clear Light

So, if we are talking about the Clear Light yoga, there is given a kind of a chain of images. The experience here is this freedom that’s surrounding the universe, it is described as a state of the Clear Light. As something that remains constant throughout life, under any circumstances, under any coincidence of various conditions. And, moreover, and during sleep, and at the time of dreaming and during dreamless sleep. Those. the nature of the world – the Clear Light.

Farther. Again, if you begin to explore their nature, their higher self, you will also notice that no matter in what mode of consciousness you are (roughly speaking, you are in the smart state, in a stupid state, in anger, in peace, in joy, in indifference, in a bestial state, in an advanced state), it does not matter. There would be a fundamental principle, as it were, a canvas on which are painted all of these states, and it is also called, also called Clear Light.

But on many treatises given such a small descriptive difference. You will meet in the texts of yoga of clear light, such a comparison, rather, statements such as “Clear Light of the Mother” and “Clear Light Child”. Well, imagine a picture that’s mom keeps in the hands of a child. And there is the Clear Light of the Mother and Child of the Clear Light. Under the Clear Light of the Mother understood as a fundamental principle here is that once the surrounding universe. Under the Clear Light Clear Light Child refers to your, your essence, your root cause.

In fact, looking forward a lot of our seminar, we should remember that the practices are built on the recognition of the Clear Light of the Mother, ie Universe, Luminosity child, ie its nature, and at the confluence of the two lights. What, in fact, is the ultimate goal of Yoga of the Clear Light.

In another way, one could say the following: there is a system of the macrocosm, as you remember from the axioms of our school of yoga, is a system of the microcosm. The nature of the macrocosm and the microcosm the same. And, in fact, the highest state, with all the states fastest methods is to simultaneously use the system of axioms of the macrocosm and the microcosm, and get them to work at the same time. Only then it becomes possible to go beyond the time to carry out rapid techniques in yoga. Therefore, strictly speaking, yoga Luminosity refers to the rapid methods in yoga. Indeed, as with all other yogis 6 Yogas of Naropa. So you have for yourself here in this precise skill, at what point are 6 Yogas of Naropa, very clearly understand that in fact 6 Yogas of Naropa – the basis of them. This fast methods. That’s why we are there so few see the emphasis on classical methods, like Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Mantra Yoga in the usual sense, yogic.

Quick methods and classical

In Tibet, prepared as follows: all the classical methods were as if separated from the fast methods and so quietly-quietly dissolved in the so-called preparatory practices are integrated and woven into Tantric Buddhism and religious some action.

Well, in particular, the fact that the Indian yoga can be correlated with Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, Tibet received such a synthesis, which they called “Stretch.” This is such a complex movements. Once again I want to say this is how we have the School of Yoga stretch, but here it is in our long-long, and a Tibetan option means just a few movements. And, as a rule, they are more a religious justification or religious overtones, as some variant of worship.

You know, as we do in the churches, sometimes people come and give nods to beat. Here it is about the same thing. That is, as it were, veiled, hidden Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga in fact a religious act action. Sometimes this stretch is done in such a way that a person makes three steps, then do a series of exercises, literally, can sprawl. Actually, stretch and suggest that it is necessary to lay down on the road. He gets up, three more steps does. And so it may make a pilgrimage for hundreds of kilometers. Can you imagine what a well hidden Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga.

Those. you know, it is impossible to practice fast methods without creating a bridgehead of the classic methods. And here, in Tibet so cleverly hid the classical methods such as the practices of every kind of redemption. That supposedly de there where you have some there sins in this life and in the past, as a rule, it’s called bad karma. What, so if you have negative karma in this life and in past lives, you have to make so many strikes, and so on and so forth. But already directly after you here these indirect preparatory exercises at least to some extent trained your physical body, your intellect or your any moral and ethical qualities.

By the way, as one of the exercises is fairly common practice, as an offering of the mandala. And the essence of it is that takes some kind of plastic and taken cereals barley type. And if not, just taken the sand. And then a person begins to pour a handful of sand, imagining that this is some kind of valuables. Here, for example, jewelry, here are the elephant, that’s chariots. Some, you know, luxury items. And it all for him is valuable, it pours in the form of small heaps of sand, and then lifts over his head, allegedly offering to the Buddhas and Masters of Tantric Buddhism, and it’s all scatter, indicating that he renounces all his possessions for the sake of to obtain higher spiritual knowledge. This practice greatly helps to get rid of, for example, from such feelings as greed, like the feeling of possessiveness. Because every time you work off the same scheme: here you drew it …

That you know, if in the modern era to do this practice, it would have to come about in the following way – you take a plate, painted the house on the ruble, Mercedes, helicopter chto-nibud else, a beautiful wife, if you are a man … and that’s all you hold, give the universe. Involuntarily it all, when you think about it, you first receive the associative link, then the idea that you are willing to sacrifice everything in the name of great knowledge. And this ritual act when you scatter, leads to the fact that the weakening grip of your ego for these things, and you begin to more easily apply to home on the ruble, and to his bank account, and to the helicopter, and Mercedes … although, Mercedes – it’s gone, right? At Mercedes now no one goes. And so on and so forth.

So, these auxiliary practice, as if they pripletennye in certain religious canvas – actually hidden classic techniques in yoga, then to come to a more rapid methods, which are enclosed in the 6 Yogas of Naropa and, in particular, the yoga of the Clear Light, which we here you are considering.

Clear Light Yoga and Yoga of Dreams

Now, let us once again here this concept for yourself prorisuem quite clearly, so that we can move on. I am very interested in this important and Clear Light Yoga, because it borders with other yogis. With such yogis, yoga Dreams. And many of the elements of this yoga is very clearly have now applied separately. They seem to have received individual titles.

Well, it is not so long ago received in the West, and we here in the country spread the concept of yoga nidra. Namely, the intermediate state between sleeping and waking. Here, in fact, if we trace the factors that are running Yoga Nidra, we headlong fall into the Clear Light yoga. Those. This yoga was certainly very well known in ancient India, then it is, anyway, has been woven into the 6 Yogas of Naropa and emerged what is called in Tibet, which survives to this is probably a good day. But the basis of this, of course, originated a long time ago in India. In particular, the time to work with the state border between the state of sleep, the waking state and the dream state, entirely theoretically based on the Yoga of the Clear Light. That is why it is just as important today.

You remember, we at our retreats are constantly practicing Yoga Nidra. While I’m here, too, want to place what is called a point of Y. Such a thing as yoga nidra, it appeared quite recently. For example, in our tradition – it is an integral part of yoga Dreams. The Tibetan Yogis it is highlighted in a separate part, which is called the Yoga of the Clear Light. Those. there is such a mess. How do I differentiate, how to separate one from the other yoga?

Do you remember the concept of yoga in general, which reads as follows: “As much as the manifestation of a person can be so many types of yoga.” Here we are sleeping, we are awake, respectively, and the same manifestations of yoga. We are, for example, sexual attraction, that there are appropriate yoga. Here we have our breath, our thought process, that there are appropriate and yoga. But here is how to divide them? Where to draw the line where one ends and another begins? This is a rather voluntaristic process.

Each yoga school had their own, as they say, your favorite topics and favorite of the border. That is why we see such a discrepancy in the names of the external in some, maybe even practice. Although, in fact, there is no difference at all schools of yoga, including Tibetan. I, my friends, the goal of all our seminars can see that we have built a very solid bridge between the Tibetan yogis and conventional classical Indian yogis. This ensures that we only enrich our experience.

So, each of you is your higher self It is hollow core, as one would say in Tantric Buddhism. Or, as one would say in the Vedas, as one would say in our tradition, it is free. It is at the same time, self-existent. It does not need support, it is very likely to support.

In our school of yoga and generally accepted in the Indian to give such a classification or characterization as “Sat Chit Ananda.” Those. the nature of your higher self – it is extraordinary. Not that we can say here some words. But your manifestation in this world as a self-existent being, self-existent as a manifestation of your consciousness or Light of your consciousness. And as the happy state of it all. In yoga, the Clear Light of the trio’s (Sat, Chit, Ananda) probably took as a basis a single state – the state of “cheat”, ie Light of your consciousness, meaning that Sat, the Self-Subsisting, or yours, can be known through the Chit. Well, Ananda, that is, your joy of life, can again be known through Chit or through the light of your consciousness.

And the light of your consciousness, by which the higher self displays all your body’s internal structure, it is further in the Clear Light Yoga and will be referred to as “Clear Light Child” – again, the universe around us for all transient objects and phenomena. Here is the root cause that gave rise to all, say, in our school of yoga is called the Absolute. And the nature of its manifestations is the same – Sat, Chit, Ananda. But only certainly disproportionately greater extent.

And in the Clear Light Yoga also have focused on the Chit or Absolute Consciousness Light, pervades the entire universe and the environment actually makes this whole universe somehow manifest. And concepts such as self-existence of the universe, or concepts such as the joy of the universe implies that you remove during the practice in parallel with the way you will understand what the Light of Consciousness of the Universe, or the Absolute light, pervades the universe.

Thus, these two light outside to inside. Our task in the Clear Light Yoga – to realize the clear light inside, or Child of Light, the light from the outside, or the Mother Light, and merge them. And to understand that there is no difference between them, that is, in fact, one and the same. Or, you know, using a different formula in the form of Indian mantra “TAT SVAM ASI” or “Thou art That”. In this sense, the general logic of non-duality of the universe, it is the Clear Light yoga is very clearly seen.

And in fact are some recommendations. Those of you who have been on our retreats, you may remember that we are in such a big hall we sometimes practice Yoga Nidra, where in the same room as soon as a lot of people go to bed at the same time, that in the process of falling asleep while doing the same meditation. Thus turn time of transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep well in the practice of yoga.

Hands up who has been on this practice? And who would not? Good. Who has not, at all of you to come. And who was, you can imagine about the atmosphere that is happening there. If you remember, the basic idea was this: If the Clear Light as your internal and external universe, does not depend on anything, it is also unchanged at the time of transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep with dreams. And if you somehow learn to grasp something constant, as in the waking state, and is able to sleep, and in the dream state, you intuitively approach the internal direct experience of what is called clear light or “substrate being” .

Once again I say. In recent years, these have received a yoga, if you will, trade mark, as yoga nidra, which is quite a good name. In fact, if it can settle the title, I will be glad and happy, because, really, it is necessary to allocate a separate practice group.

So, our problem is that during wakefulness, during the transition, during sleep here it’s common to feel the support of the Clear Light. But best of all it is possible to get a feel for the change. Because when we are awake, some events and phenomena have a very strong grip, and we absorb them. Just as the man watching TV where they show some interesting film. He forgets about the TV. He begins to live the story, but the TV screen is still here. Just you’re at it do not pay attention. Moreover, clean the TV screen, and the plot is somewhere to go anywhere, and you’re not screening the film. When you pay attention to the TV screen, if you are absorbed in the contemplation of interesting things on TV. Or is there any scientific and informative.

I recently watched a movie. Called “Living Planet” or “Beautiful Planet” like? This movie is good. The Japanese withdrew from the French, with Canadians about the evolution of life. I could not tear myself away. Look necessarily. Very worthwhile film. Recently removed. I was surprised. In place of the Air-shno pridurochnoy -Gollivudskoy products. Where are all the horror stories. They are non-fiction movies converted to the horror stories. They are there, killer spiders, the jellyfish, which will soon devour the whole earth, ie, watch this disgusting. You know, it’s like the criminal chronicle, only the scientific community began to take off. Just look disgusting. And it is very sad that the BBC such like serious organization. About Americans are silent, their whole life. I remember when I started watching cartoons … our Cheburashka hugging, kissing, and they have there … All they beat each other, each other’s torment. What is there for the people? What generation will grow from this cartoon?

Yes, it was. Do you watch this movie, and you can pay attention to the screen. Only if the electricity is turned off – bam! And the screen is off. You looked-looked. And then – again! Black screen! Then you can remember that because the screen-it was in when you’re watching a movie. Well, then you can certainly meditate on the screen. Or, let’s consider its reflection in the black screen reflected. But this is something else. A screen is the same, i.e. basis of the perception of the same.

There is the same situation. Sometimes perceive the Clear Light is much easier during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. And if you have a very experienced practitioner, already during sleep transition from dreaming to move dreamless sleep. If you have reached the level of lucid dreaming, oddly enough, there is also a transition, and it is also very informative.

So this is a sense of inner fullness, inner clarity, inner sense of a being of light that you are. You kind of hold the waking state, and then when the sleep your body, your mind, your structure, it remains. Then you see a dream, but in the background you still feel the light of its own being. And then you sink into the state of dreamless sleep with no dreams, no usual sensations, but the light of his life remains. And if you learn to hold it all the time, it is extremely powerful meditation that allows you to get closer to the feeling of your being.

And then all the subsequent work with the channels, with the centers, with the central channel, many chakras, well and other meditative practices, which is extremely difficult to do, because our mind is torn, then, if you have learned to keep the clear light, then everything is just a bang, very quickly. That’s why in itself is an experience of the Clear Light is just as important.

And now that it is not transformed into some abstract theory … Now, friends, you are all sitting here. Sit up straight, straighten your back, neck and head. Here you are sitting here in this room. Stand up and jump to get over to his feet, his hands are not numb. Let’s sing a Tibetan mantra “Om Mani Padma Hum”, sometimes it is pronounced as “Om Mani Padme Hum.” (Sing the mantra). Now all sat pryamenko.

Awareness of the Clear Light

Clear Light of what we’re talking to you, he was straight with you now, this very second. Recognize it, and you are enlightened, in any case, very quickly you come to this state. He has been present right now, regardless of everything else. All you need is just to understand and grasp where it is. And I draw your attention – effortlessly. Friends! Keyword – “no effort”! Because it is now possible to stiffen: “Where is the Clear Light? It is he? No, that’s not it! “Before the sparks from his eyes. So, it is not necessary effort. It requires no effort, it does not need support. He is a pillar. Or again, remember – Sat, Chit, Ananda. It is the light of consciousness, Chit – relying only on your Higher Self In fact, everything else needs to support, and that – no.

Great. Practice leave for later. Back in our room. I gave you what this push. There is one feature of such a small – for you drew this Clear Light, at least one part of your mind should be in thoughtlessness.

Here we come to a very elegant method in meditation, which is extremely well known in yoga meditation visualization, yogis Triad, and so on. This is the principle of separation. Those. When you select a place – whether outside or inside himself – and is being built in the state in which you want it to be in this status. In particular, inside you can select the area of thoughtlessness. You will recall that, according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the state supreme Samadhi achieved if on the surface of your mind is left uncontrolled thought forms, and is just one powerful, filled with, if anything, the light thought-form. This state is called Samadhi with the object. And if in the future and this thought-form disappears as breaks, but remains only the clear light, it is Samadhi without object.

Here purely practical given such a recommendation in a rather implicit. It distinguish itself within some part of thoughtlessness, but another part of your mind, again, involved in the daily life. This, you know, controlled schizophrenia or split personality: part of you is in Samadhi, the other part is involved in the work. Well, it is more practical methods, we will talk about them later.

So this is one side – to recognize the Clear Light of your being. The other side – it is aware of such, or the Clear Light of the surrounding universe. It also makes recommendations. Again, the key word “No effort”! You start “umosozertsat” here so let’s call it the state of the universe. You do not attract each other, do not push down, you will come to nothing seek, neither of which did not run away, you are not afraid of anything and do not aspire to anything. Those. you do not fantasize, you do not sleep, that is, you do not see daydream, you just perceive.

Imagine such a condition sometimes say, “a man in prostration” sits. There’s someone walking, wandering, as he perceives it. But there is one small feature nuance. If it does not catch, it all turns into Tamas, into stupidity in stupidity, and it will probably end the practice than the beginning. Do you remember – for Tamas comes the pain. So, it is that here in this state of thoughtlessness and quiet perceptions of people, objects, events surrounding the things that are, you should not be in such a desolate, dull state, and in an extremely sharpened, very attentive state. Attentive, about the same as if you chased a herd of angry tigers. Imagine that you are on some kind of danger run away, you have a clear limit in the head.

Or, you know, I really like the expression of Mark Twain: “Nothing clears and cleanses the mind as the prospect of being hanged in the morning.” Imagine that you are sitting in prison, and you have the prospect that you will be hanged tomorrow. Nothing clears the clarity of consciousness, as this prospect. Just imagine that I have about the same clarity of mind, but you do not have just any emotion, you just perceive.

People came. Like them you do not like. Here they come inside and you are unaffected. And you see, you know, sometimes the magnet is brought to the iron filings and they Bryk: line up, according to the magnetic lines. You will also notice that the person is suitable, but some of your Samskaras or unconscious impressions as “Ooooh!” In sympathy or antipathy. Homeless man approached – disgusted by the fact that smells bad. Lovely girl went – on the contrary, especially men, so unconsciously trajectory tracking. And here you are in a state that does not allow itself to capture these reactions! Think of the universe naturally. And begins to stand out, and what kind of difference between these all? You begin to perceive the support of what is happening in the wake. Namely – again, this Clear Light around.

The key is to learn how to pick up the Clear Light, as in the waking state, and in the dream state, and later in a state of sleep without dreams. It is always easier to just compare it to find, ie find the crosslinking, where it ends and begins the waking state of the dream state, and vice versa, where sleep with dreams turns into a dreamless sleep.

Imagine you have a single sky-blue like mine pad, surface, and then, Basim, give me a couple of books. Imagine this rug is one surface of, say, black – the waking state. Next Green, say – the state of dreaming. Next White – sleep dreamless state, and, for example, can not see the carpet for these surfaces tricolor. But somewhere, they will dock, there is chink between them, where one section into another, and the other third. And the easiest way to peep into this crack, what is the foundation of all that is happening. But in fact, under each of these surfaces under each layer a different color, is still the basis of clear and blue.

And, by the way, sky blue color is often used in all kinds of meditations. Status of thoughtlessness as the sky on a clear day. Sky blue color. No cloud no. You look – the clarity, emptiness. And one such cloud of flies, such as thought, the whole is poured from one state to another. And here it is on the surface of the mind, again, again, again and flew away! And everything is clear again. The same analogy works with the state of thoughtlessness.

But to return. So. Our task – to grab the Clear Light inside. Our task – to grab the Clear Light outside themselves. Our task – to identify and merge the two of Clear Light. And very beautiful sometimes is given in the texts of Tibetan analogy, as there is recognition that the Light of the Mother and Child of Light has the same nature. And about the same inner experiences there, as if you met an acquaintance, who had not seen. Here you have many, many years have not seen someone even forgot about it, and then suddenly met. And this state: “Ohhh!”

Transfer of Knowledge and Traditions

Now, friends, let us go back a little further in the direction of the theory. Why? Because a very big problem with the Tibetan yogis. Well I do not understand many of the latter-day followers that kept very good reasons for the Tibetan yogis. These many now there are dedicated. This Kalachakra Initiation in this in others, this is dedicated to a school, it has such a transfer, it has another gear. It seems that this collectors stamps. They go everywhere and dedication is collected and how each other galleries show: “Look, what my grade is.” Here I have a dedication! I was on such a practice! Like, a Tibetan Lama, before dying, his last practice carried out, and I was lucky enough to get to him, I support the tradition. And you begin to communicate with him and realize that the grain sown in their head. But look at the person and realize that it does not sprout grain, either in this life or in the next life and still probably many other lives will take place until it germinates.

That is, unfortunately, a typical situation with tantric Buddhism. It’s kind of an epidemic of ignorance. Epidemic. Well, actually, Lama who understand something, they are few. They are very open, always willing to share, not satisfied with this, as you say, show them very easy to get. Conversely, the less a person knows, the more it looks like some kind of spiritual, ceremonial, to some grim religion. For some, in a bad sense of the word, a rigid religiosity. So, from all of which usually stirs. There are already hierarchy hierarchy try to get around. Moreover, it’s such a sense of medieval podkoverschina. God forbid you are there for someone hurt! All! Someone tipped the nod not all!

This is the reverse side, and will be a great pity if this difference of cultural perception, we will lose even those grains. Now, thank God, there are still Lama who passed. They are not so much in fact, as it seems. You know, the Indian yoga trouble with the disappearance of knowledge. So in Tibet. Tibet was, imagine how such a Lost Country. Here at Conan Doyle was “The Lost World.”

But a good book recently saw “Sannikov Land”. Here you are in a corner, Pluto, in my opinion, he was called, in Obrucheva writer. A small island where dinosaurs still survive. But already the tectonic shifts of the Earth, the climate will change soon, and this island will disappear, melt, these “last of the Mohicans” will die.

Actually, it happened before our very eyes. I recall from the 50s first crack gone-gone, when all Lama was forced to emigrate to the West. And all this before our eyes disappears, melts. It’s been more than 60 years, and who at the age of 20 years left Tibet, they are already under 80, under 90, well, how much they still have to exist in this body? Very little. And not much was obvious to sane successors were many.

The attempts to make religion … in fact, the trouble is the same as that of yoga. Make India a small or little Tibet. Modeled on some Tibetan monastery. Yes, it’s on every corner, but here’s the rub! Western man does not go to the monastery. More precisely, the sane, who are willing to accept these yogis are not inclined to go there. And the people there, a stock character who likes it. You know, there are role-playing games. Someone disguised in Napoleon’s soldiers, some sword fighting. This hobby soon. But let’s make a small analog of Tibet, will be dressed in Tibetan “Om Mani Padme Hum” sing little thing in the hands of the spin. All a little bit not quite seriously.

A tradition is disappearing! Lama die! If there in Tibet still somehow transferred to a Tibet all have disappeared. In the West, no one picked up. One time, I must say, the people of the hippies, they are very moved Tantric Buddhism at the time. Well done! Because it was sincere. Well, actually, they may have been what the analogy. When are you running away from the usual consumer society, and here’s your spiritual elevation. What is something you find a bunch, and the rest do not.

Our higher self and our existence

So, friends, let’s you and I once again drew a mnemonic image. Imagine that you each have higher self Although it is not correct, but imagine your higher self in the form of some dots. This flyspeck can be inside of you, you can be on the outside. Again add a degree of abstraction that the higher self is your each one of you is beyond time and space, so to speak, where it is meaningless. Those. it is your higher self, higher nature prohibitive. But you somehow manifest themselves in this world. According to yoga axioms, from your higher self as it leaves a ray of prana or very fantastic ray, which can manifest itself in the form of energy, in the form of Consciousness. He is very clear, very uncomplicated. He is not subject to external influences eclipsing. And, as one would say in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: “He is in a state of Sattva”. Clarity.

And now, your higher self is looking at this ray that from this higher self departs, and because of their ignorance begins to consider himself this ray. And here the first time we are faced with a very clear prerequisite for all future foundations of ignorance. As stated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: “Our Self feels Sattva”. Or in another way – our higher self begins to consider himself its manifestations, our higher self feels his prana.

But this ray, as well as any ray of light, a thing quite abstract, it is difficult to see. Indeed, if you take a flashlight and shine in space, you usually do not see a ray of light. But if you send it to, say, a wall or some other object, then you will see clearly that you have that ray because this ray begins to highlight a particular object or phenomenon. Imagine, you go at night through the desert area and you have a very powerful flashlight. As they called these modern lamps, such bright-bright? And you, again, and brought to light stone. Do you consider yourself a light, this ray. And the ray falls on the stone, the stone lights. And what do you consider yourself to be a beacon, and you involuntarily begin to consider himself the stone. Just imagine such a picture. Those. manifestation of your higher nature, your higher self – the ray of light, the Clear Light of prana, but by flashing your body or your body, as if your bodies absorbed or re-emitted inside your body. And now, your body begins to glow.

You know, there are some of the special material beautifully crafted form if they are to direct the beam, the entire shape of lights. In particular, if, for example, ultraviolet light to a translucent shapes with a phosphor. Sometimes underground passages are sold to any discos, I do not know why. And now, it is going, and that’s this whole figure begins to glow, as if it glowed in itself. But it does not light up. It emits a beam directed at her. And this beam, usually ultraviolet, we can not see his eyes, and it seems that the figure is lit by itself.

That’s the same analogy and we contact you. Our higher self directs the beam of prana, this one’s a beam of clear light on our body. Inside our bodies the beam as it is redistributed, pereprelomlyaetsya and makes our body glow. And we perceive ourselves, that our body is alive and we are alive. And we begin to consider themselves body. Why? Yes, simply because we initially regarded themselves as the Light. A light so krasivenko through our arms, legs, fingers are beginning to emerge, we believe, “Yes, that’s it, I! I – my gross physical body – and I have. ” This is the first mistake because of which then all have problems and go in our lives. But also more and more opportunities to work with our body.

And you must have the same analogy. Those. Clear your light from your higher self is present every second of your life. Every second of your life, he fills your body. Your gross body, your subtle body, your causal body. If you just close your eyes and imagine this morning. All closed their eyes, presented this morning. You will see this picture on the background of something light. Here, in fact, the background of something light – a glow of your Clear Light in your self or your higher self Ie you can not see in the dark.

Look, logic. I want to emphasize, friends, let’s very good to keep a high level of yogi. I’ll have to strain your mental abilities. It turns out the next thing that the Clear Light within each of you every second, but you get used to it. You just think you here it is – a living. You can reminisce that was in the morning, and you can just accept that here and now is within you. And, in fact, it’s just the next thing: that kakie-to elements that made your body, in particular, gross your body is saturated with prana this light, and this light of prana as it makes it all the lights, and moreover , keeps your body from breaking into pieces. Those. this ability in the Clear Light, as in prana – it kind of sticks together and makes our structures, our body does not fall apart. That is the moment when the ray Luminosity cease highlight your structure, your body (gross, subtle and causal), death occurs. And after his death that occurs? The collapse of the body. Well, the usual physical body after death for some time, is lying, and then begins to rot. Because there is something that would be opposed to rot, decay. Or, as one would say physics, entropy, ie, increasing chaos.

And the logic of catch. Each of you has the Clear Light. The more prana, the more of the Clear Light, and you will feel better, clearer, your body healthier. You are more charismatic, more powerful, you look nice – you light it. Those. bright people. The actor goes on stage – eyes do not tear as playing well. If on the contrary – Prana smaller Luminosity less – you dull. And they say, a man as a specialist is very dim. Indeed, something fumbling, something does, but not bright. Or we talk differently – it is gray man. It seems to say that the dead, but look not much to.

And this can happen to any of us. One day we are bright, the other day, we are gray. Sometimes it happens that the actor on the stage is very bright, and come home at all no. About Arkady Raikin said. There was a quite outstanding comedian. Until now, from time to time on the TV show. He literally burned on stage, it was impossible to tear his eyes. Even now in the record look. I can imagine how it was live. And then, in the opinion of loved ones, for example, it was no before the performance. Still worried that he is going to die, that is, he has no one else to react before the performance, no one has seen, heard, no one spoke. The impression is that he is a living corpse. But he had to go on stage, everything instantly changed.

Sometimes, on the contrary there is a situation that is very bright on the stage actor, and comes home no. This, incidentally, trouble professional actors. Because the actor on stage acts. For example, a young man or woman to fall in love with him, to marry him, and waiting to see what he and the house will be the same glowing. And come home after the wedding, and it shines on the stage, and the house – no, no, he, in trupoobraznom state. Why? Because it requires a lot of effort.

That, incidentally, MOYU for students who are learning on a yoga teacher, you know, it will be your occupational disease. You will be in teaching yoga to shine, and no home will creep up. Long enough. But it is extremely useful in terms of spiritual development. But if your wife or your husband will not be prepared, you will have problems. So warn them.

Now, look. The following logic. You need, first, to recognize this by the Clear Light. You have to realize this by the light of Consciousness, the supreme Light – Chit. This component prana component Sat, Chit, Ananda. How to recognize it within yourself? As a rule, we live, and we do not pay attention, that we have the highest light. We can feel it only on the excess. If there is an excess, we feel it.

Tibetan Yoga and sexuality

But again, you remember that you can not talk about the Tibetan yoga, not to mention sexy. Sexuality is the main working there now. You know, sometimes subjective in the moment of orgasm the person feels bursts of light. But it is, as a rule, to have sex with losses. A little splash. Little euphoria, ecstasy, which was conceived to life continued. But, of course, unpunished such a holiday can not be, and after that comes the decline. Do you remember why all religions have called to chastity, because it is very easy to podrasteryal.

Those. Now imagine living not grieve. We started to have sex – the light is stronger, stronger, stronger, reached orgasm, the flash of a supernova, and then the ash is black. And you no after sex. Usually it begins to swear, to sort things out after sex, not before. Although, in fact, nothing has changed in my life, but somehow after all swear.

Or when you practice yoga very much, say, Pranayama yoga, and you start to deal with successfully. Those. you observe discipline, eat the right food, the best of work, to the best of relaxing, reasonably communicate, relax after each pranayama necessary. And, over time, you by Pranayama have potential accumulates, accumulates, and he begins to feel an increase in your glow, roughly speaking, as strength. Next time leads to the fact that, once you have gained a little more prana or of the Clear Light, he immediately begins to be converted into your sexuality.

In general, there is a unique connection between yoga and sexuality. If you practice yoga properly, make sure you sexy to grow. There are people who say, “I can not stand to live my life! Nothing I do not need. ” It is, strictly speaking, a moment to ponder why this happens. If you constantly have a surplus, the excess prana. First and foremost you are a man or a woman, it will appear as hypersexuality. You will want sex, you will be interested in the opposite sex. And it’s very, very good, it is a very life-affirming thing. And so, if it is in your life after yoga happens – rejoice! Much worse, if you do not experience sexual attraction, it is a problem.

Returning we to 6 Yogas of Naropa. So you start to deal with, say, pranayama yoga, visualization, some exercise, and your potential begins to gain, gain, gain. And, of course, it will attempt to be converted to your sexuality. You will have your sexuality to grow, grow, grow, and you will tend to look for ways to make it come out, anyway. In this respect, the nature, of course, wanted us to spend their sexuality to the opposite sex, for the continuation of life, children.

But, at the same time sexy thing quite peculiar. This is your freedom in its purest form. Therefore, it will have to appear, with some fantasies, desires. To do, I’m sorry, have sex on the kitchen table with candles or something. This is what is called the erotic fantasies. It is no longer controlled. In general, sex is not controlled at all. Those. All attempts to somehow pinch lead to the back side. Trying to end with a bang, with a very bad explosion in a not very nice way. This is something that, as a rule, are faced with all sorts of deviations. And well, if these deviations are safe. Much worse, if because of them begin to suffer other living beings. You thereby spawn very monstrous negative karma. All the maniacs that on this basis do bad to others, they are in this sense very quickly get negative. Faster than you think. In general, everything connected with sex. Sex accelerates all. Both good and bad.

But we will return to the yogis. You to practice. Your sexuality begins to grow. And here, if you go right constricting method, you start properly collect this sexy or practical to observe chastity. If you just say to yourself, “But no sex and everything!”. That sexuality is still lost in the form of uncontrollable orgasms in women, loss of semen in men, mind completely uncontrolled. This still lost this potential. However, if you will, in terms of the Yoga of the Clear Light of the World. And then to work with nothing.

But if you are very clever and know how to practice to keep this potential, not wasting, and it is constantly converting. In particular, as in Yoga Tumo, which we considered in the previous workshop. You begin, in particular, to convert this potential into the internal heat of the internal state of a different sort of experience of bliss, then you manage this very easily lose a thing in itself, accumulate to accumulate, accumulate. Here it becomes more and more, big, big, and you do everything easier, easier, easier to recognize the Clear Light of our being. That is why, my friends, without practice brahmacharya, chastity without practical you will not achieve success in any Tumo yoga or yoga of the Clear Light.

But here, my friends, is another very juicy details in the yogas of the Clear Light, which, unfortunately, is not accepted voice in the yogas of the Clear Light. Therefore, it is a great chance that we did these yoga to lose. Practical Brahmacharya, ie retention of sexual potential, you can carry out, if you can do a number of exercises, do not expose that as a wall on the leakage path, lined up and will not let you lose this potential.

And, in particular, there are certain exercises that is precisely suggest that you will have sex, my friends, but not as common as it is done by animals or humans, like animals, not like people do sexually not prepared, and so that part of walking on burning desire to lose, was withdrawn due to the interaction with the opposite sex. And the other part of the elusive, which is just on the generation of light, Prana, has been preserved. Roughly speaking, if we speak in their own words, these exercises assume that you are their genitals should be in contact with a person of the opposite sex, that is, physical contact is, there is some movement, is the enjoyment that you get from sex, but something is not! Up to a certain level, you do not reach. You do not get to this level of orgasm. You do not reach, if you are a man, to the point where you lose the seed.

And then it turns out, if these rules are observed, it turns out that it’s easier not to give it the accumulated sexual potential, just uncontrolled escape of you a night ejaculation or nocturnal orgasm in women, and is constantly in you remain, grow-grow-grow to the point that you literally begin to glow yourself.

You, if you paid attention to the iconography in many countries, usually all the saints or all yogis, the yogi is depicted with a halo. It is alleged that at a certain stage of sublimation of sexuality you start physical light. That, at any rate, all the other people you begin to perceive the luminous. You know, usually painted halos. Sitting Buddha Gautama, a halo around it.

Moreover, sometimes there are moments associated with the way the halo appears. Sometimes in the form of smooth clear light and beautiful colors change. Sometimes in the form of a ragged flames with elements of an angry or violent manifestations. Generally speaking, the very valuable Tantric Buddhism – the iconography of Tantric Buddhism is extremely saturated with non-verbal learning. And if you look at such serious work with Tibet, traced according to the canons, how to draw these images, because the color of the aura from a particular Buddha, of a Dakini, or this or that yoga, you can pretty much say – the level at which the self, he is at what level potential. Sometimes angry, sometimes peaceful and so on and so forth. Actually, this is one of the most interesting topics.

Preparation for the 6 Yogas of Naropa

So, the logic 6 Yogas of Naropa following: if you want to know the light, first make preconditions for this, ie, make numerous preliminary practices, communicate to the guru, who already has this light, somewhere near him, Tarry, has been initiated. Then begin the practice of pranayama, yoga mantra (you have certain syllables to sing), visualization (you should visualize yourself anyway). And all this leads to the fact that your sexual potential accumulated and sublimated, transformed into such power. And then you will be much easier and has, in particular, and to know the clear light that is present in you every second and which, in fact, present in you and dreaming dreams, and dreams without dreams.

And in the future, in our series of seminars on the Tibetan yogis we also touch the dream yoga. Pure Yoga Dreams in Tibetan yoga where by you will require awareness of dreams. So, my friends, too, such a small feature – people sometimes spend years on it to get a lucid dream. I was familiar with one person. Now, based on these yogas many divorced psychological okolopsihologicheskih exercises control dreams. In the West love to snatch something from the East, to name some of its beautiful name and a new brand to promote. And so they go on all these trainings, and there is no conscious dreams.

And now, a man came up to me, and I must say that it is specifically to find me, to consult on the matter. He says: “I do not believe there is a lucid dreams, these many years I try, I know everything, do everything, nothing happens.” I’m starting to figure out neatly, and it has a potential for prana? No building prana – of any lucid dreaming can be no question, you’re just not aware of himself. And like engaged and those and others. I was very surprised, because, really, a person is seriously engaged. And, as they say, the problem was solved by a very simple – he had sex with losses. Young beautiful wife, with whom he raved constantly. It turns out that he is gaining practice prana and then spends. Well, of course, what sex with losses. There’s that Light is absolutely not enough.

I do what I want to say, my friends – all issues related to sexuality, inseparably connected with the 6 yogas of Naropa. According to an unfortunate misunderstanding, for some reason, this relationship hidden. Either because of misunderstanding or because of a reluctance to open all the knowledge preserved in Tibet, or for some other reason for the numerous followers. In particular, the tantric Buddhism. In the hope that only the power of knowledge transfer, the blessing power, initiation of force is enough.

Maybe that would be enough somewhere in Tibet, particularly where sexual pleasures of men and women do not indulge. But if you just turn on the TV or read the contemporary press, the impression that only engaged in all, I’m sorry, copulation, ie all built on this! Everywhere sex, sex, sex, sex, sex! Moreover, implied sex with losses. Even a healthy body will not sustain such loads. And if we remember that adulterated food, poor ecological environment, bad air, people do not move, sit at computers.

And now imagine, and so little, but you have to have sex with losses spend-spend-spend. Yes, you were given at the dedication of a practice some yoga, including, perhaps, one of the yogas of Naropa. A sense something! Yes, you were given a map, you have a car, but no gasoline to go on this map, that is, sexual potential. And talk about it directly somehow ashamed, somehow out of place, somehow misunderstood. And this spoiled the phone, I’m looking, and went to the West.

We must pay tribute to some of Lama, one of those that understand, really, what was happening, they are aware of this danger, and they begin to gradually promote this topic. But they immediately face … well, you know, right? Talking about sex in Western countries, is still bound … they can not quite understand correctly. On the other hand, such a tradition, the Tibetan tradition, she, like any such orthodox feudal tradition, it is also not really about sex says. As a result – a monstrous distortion, monstrous. They say some things outside. And do not talk about the internal. People wasted and, even with a dedication to Tibet, do not get anything, because the components of the sexual practices one does not give anyone. And if it gives you, it is very vague hints: “Yes, we are there, but you need to sit in retreat 20 years in a cave, and so on.” Not really. For today’s era – not really! And time is working against conservation traditions. The old lama, who at least something in this understanding, die. New, I’m sorry, obtained dropout. I do not mean Lama and followers. The tragedy, friends, a tragedy.

What is this all for?

At the seminar, I was asked why I generally took this thing? Because if we are, at least its part Anandasvami tradition, at least some interest in keys not arisen among Buddhism, then it will be very bad. Because they will weaken. And these are our brothers and sisters! This is our second front in the war against ignorance. This is a very strong tradition. If they die if relict animals, you know, die, humanity will lose! You know, as the Red Book. Each year die of some animal species and plants. There are much worse. There is dying a huge number of practices. Mighty practices that would be made happy humanity! That would just blew spiritually ignorance surrounding.

So, friends, today, March 18, 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is the second part of the Clear Light yoga. Questions, friends, please!

Q: The monks do not have the opportunity to practice sexual practices ….

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know how to live monks in Tibet, this question is not for me.

Question: You said that if you do not do sexual practices on conservation, then this energy is lost.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I am, by the way, Basim asked such a question. But you should understand that such practices as “Six Yogas of Naropa” – is, in general, aerobatics, fast methods. And I, in any case, there is an impression that even inside Tibet it was yoga is not for everyone. That is, everyone who has been involved in Tantric Buddhism, could be divided into two parts. For the majority of people were necessary preliminaries, the most basic, beginning with the philosophy and ideology of humanism, it is necessary to struggle with his stupidity, greed, anger, etc., etc. But only a small proportion of those elected were quick methods. At a previous workshop we are concerned Tibet and compared it with the factory for enlightenment, where the input is sometimes included ordinary farmer-nomad, and the output is a lama. This, of course, somewhat exaggerated comparison. Probably, it was necessary to live several lives. That is understandable: you got, once passed through the pipeline, dying, death practices used again born in Tibet. The second time has gone, but you’re already on a qualitatively different level held again. And it may well be that there were a few cycles. It is difficult for us to say anything. So, of course, you need some basic level for the practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa. Of course, this initial level, not all monks in Tibet had. In what percentage of – hard to say. On the other hand, higher llama probably somehow involved in this. In what form again? This issue is very delicate, it is a question of religion, it is a question of different schools. Some schools say that “we do not know any sexual practices, and if we know that they are there, they are imaging.” That is not at the level of the physical body, and meditation on the level where you see yourself sexually connected with a person of the opposite sex. But this is, firstly, a delicate subject, and secondly, it is justified secrecy. All this does not allow us to say with certainty what it was really. Life of Tibet – is a mystery, friends. Great-great secret. We do not know what the situation was there. Any other questions, let’s, friends?

Question: Merge the clear light of the clear light of mother and child can be called mahamudra practice. And hence the question, what is the role in the Six Yogas of Mahamudra Naropa? Because I do not understand whether it is practice, whether it is a separate kind of yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Come on, Basim, we still divide the Six Yogas of Naropa from practices like Mahamudra, zagchenu. There are other practices that have come down to us, for example, practices such as the practice of chod and so-forth. Let us not now all together, but separately. So far, no comment in this seminar. I hope that we will have an interest in the subject, and a sufficient number of people for whom it will be possible to make a separate workshop, we will hold a seminar on mahamudra. But now I do not want to blur the issue. More questions, friends, please?

Question: If such an analogy – the ocean and fish swim there. And if you look to the ocean in the mask, then the sunlight penetrates the ocean, and you can see the fish. And that is a clear light – the sunlight that penetrates the ocean, or the ocean itself, in which the fish swim?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh-oh, what an analogy! Here, they say, “do not understand without a hundred grams,” no. Hard to say … Clear Light of the universe, maybe the sun … Friends, you have to remember that any analogy – it’s just an analogy. I give the analogy only for one purpose – to make sure you have at least some representation of an island that happens. Otherwise, well, it is very difficult to understand all the intricacies of these, very hard.

Question: Then if we take the structure of the mind, cheat, buddhi and manas, it turns out this is a cheat, which highlights our facility.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The answer to this question is as follows. We have a higher self We have our manifestation. Our manifestation, or prana in Sanskrit. Prana – is generally a very strange thing. It can manifest itself or the energy, or consciousness, or something mixed when rapidly changing energy – Consciousness – Energy – Consciousness. Therefore prana can manifest itself as the dominant consciousness. And in this sense, we can put an equal sign, with certain limitations. Imagine every one of you is Consciousness. What is consciousness? This is, firstly, than you can manage with the help of attention. Right now, I hope, your attention is directed to the meaning of my words. But in the same time you can take and direct your attention to, say, somewhere on the Red Square, and reflect what is happening on the Red Square. Following your attention to your consciousness – jumping! – From our room and moved to this area of the Red Square. And thus, this is a manifestation that we, on the one hand is subject, on the other hand, this is a manifestation that displays everything that it is directed at. Clearly, if your consciousness is concentrated on the Red Square, then you will no longer take my meaning. You’ll think of something else, worry about something else. Therefore, the analogy as a ray of light: what right, then, and see. If we dig very deep into the side of the axioms of yoga, in particular, our school, you will remember that our consciousness is a very interesting property. If you send it to something else, and hold for a long time, it fully provides all the information, all the knowledge that what it seeks. In particular, this also lies one of the most powerful components of the Clear Light yoga, if you hold the awareness of consciousness, you thus can simply go back to the source of your consciousness, that is your higher self, thereby to know himself. Or, as one would say in Tantric Buddhism, the emptiness of his Ya Or another formulation – the freedom of the self, I like more. More questions have friends?

Question: It turns out that the nature of the Clear Light – it is like Prana, right? That is, I can not understand it here – the source?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev Nature Clear Light – that is the nature of manifestation of our Higher Self, the nature of prana, yes.

Question: “That is an extreme degree of consciousness?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, more close to our higher self This is certainly not our Higher Self, you know, the Clear Light – is the Clear Light, and our Higher Self is higher than any adjectives, any display, including clear Shine. But our Higher Self has a display, in particular, the prana, and the closest manifestation of when prana is presented in the form of consciousness, and, in fact, the light of consciousness is the Clear Light.

Q: By the same subject. That is, the concept of “absolute shunyata” and “last shunyata” and various “Sunyata”. And each of these shunyata is Clear Light, but here are some haziness to the Absolute. That’s interesting, shunyata absolute – it is the law of “0” or is it prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If we are talking about the manifestations, it may not be the law of “0”.

Q: We are not talking about manifestations, we are talking about the Clear Light or, as the text says, “absolute Sunyata.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Come on, Basim, in order. Firstly, some Tibetan texts other texts differ. And there still is necessary to understand what is meant in any school. Somewhere shunyata and Clear Light – equal sign, somewhere under sunyata – is “0” law, etc., etc. But, at the same time urging it to the knowledge of the emptiness of all that is, as if it is a method of transition from “1” of the Law to the “0” of the law, that is not static, so “plop” of the Law “0”, and at first, realize Clear Light, as the canvas on which are painted all the picture of the world. Clearly, this canvas one. Pictures can be a lot of drawn, and the canvas – one. Thus, we seem to come to the “1” to the Law. All sorts of objects and phenomena, but the Absolute, or the root cause that gave rise to them, is one. Accordingly, the main prana of the Absolute – is one, and the Absolute Consciousness – one. And accordingly, the mother of the light of the Absolute is one. There is a certain logic of transition from one law to another. Because, if once said: “Everything is now thrown out in the Act to” 0 “, it would be nothing. It’s like that person bring to the cliff and say, “Now – Pops!”. No, you have at least some steps, some ledges to do so he climbed. I remind you that Tibetan yoga, what they are good, they are the first practice of yoga. So I now want to just touch on this, if no more questions.

Let us further we go.

Basim: I would still like to draw a parallel between the Clear Light yoga and yoga of love.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, gentlemen, have a heart, have a heart! I worked so hard to manage at least some points you have to engender understanding, and you of me pulling aerobatics. “And now, man, is also here so the station! Now vprisyadochku! And now “Komarinskogo» More! Come again! “Have mercy, my friends, let us then we reflect on these very good things. Come on, we further so!

The sublimation of sexuality

In yoga, the Clear Light in fact we should, anyway, sublimated sexuality. I remind you, it is assumed that the basis of this sublimation is carried out during the practice of Yoga Tumo, which are very specific exercises with very specific visualizations. And I remind you that from the analysis of the six yogas of Naropa the impression that they are primarily written for men, not for women and for men. To understand the background to deal with these multiple images, sometimes daunting, for meditation, we need to understand a little of all the logic of what is happening. Clearly, it would be good if every one of you had the hard way, at least some experience in this way. Then you would intuitively aware that this is what we need. But as can be, you do not have this experience, a few words need to be said.

So, imagine that you – a man that you do not know anything about the structure of the universe that you just currently live, have reached adult age and what you encounter in this world. You will definitely see the world – something quite wonderful and beautiful and seemingly live so rejoice. Indeed, a lot of attractive and positive things that you capture and make itself manifest in his career, in life, in relationships with the opposite sex. But the trouble! Before you left, then the right start to reach any distress signals in the sense that you are faced with some injustice in this world, with some severity, with some dark manifestations of the universe. Not to mention the more momentous events as the invasion of Genghis Khan or some terrible epidemic, which takes the lives of seemingly any innocent lives. And you will definitely start, being sane young men, ask yourself: “In fact, why not? Why this whole world on one side so attractive, so much there evil and suffering, it is not clear for what. “

Let’s imagine that under the influence of various yogic teachings or their inner conviction you decide one way or another have decided to explore the question of sex, and it is generally associated with your life. In particular, it is possible to suggest such an option, which is sometimes prescribed in an exercise: this is the first to live a normal sex life, that is, to have sex with losses and podrastratitsya so that to realize that something is going wrong. What if you have sex with a loss of more than able to sustain your body, then, firstly, the world outside is not so funny it becomes, in some annoyances. That is, to understand that sexuality and further your life is somehow linked. And, let’s say, then, under the influence of a negative experience to say: “All that’s enough! I will not longer have sex, I would do freeze, I will deal with the accumulation of this potential. ” And now imagine such a yogi, a young man … I am telling you this stereotypical picture of the processes taking place, for example, in ancient times, with certain followers of yoga. And, of course, under the influence here is the attempt to understand what is sexuality, and trying to learn why so much injustice and suffering in this world, you start to reflect on the nature of things.

The logic is that in their attempt to keep the sexy, you quickly run into the impossibility of simply hold within themselves sexy, she lost you. You do not even have sex, being a man, but you have wet dreams and you are sleeping and you lose power during any erotic dream. At the same time on all sides of the universe before you reach the signs that all is not well, that he turned out to be the villain of Raja, a neighboring principality of declared war, wound up in the forests of some bloodthirsty Rakshasa that attacks on travelers. There’s an epidemic, where the floods there crop failure, so here’s a phantasmagoric picture of the perception of what is happening, which starts at a certain stage of life, if you are an honest man with himself, poison your existence. So you are under the pressure of the negative start to see everything in black light rather than white. Indeed, how to enjoy life when there is death; rejoice in the love, when there is a cooling of the senses; to enjoy the riches when it is possible to lose; enjoy your friends when they can deliver. Whatever you have, you can always come up with something that will poison your life. And, really, you see that these things happen. Of course, it begins to act are not the most positive way on the nervous system.

You will, firstly, already begin to discard the positive side of the world, because you see that behind them can come negative. Just relax like you – bam! Negative and will be covered. On the other hand, you are asking why these negative things happen, at first glance, as if by accident. On the third hand, you gain your potential, trying to save, you also do not get too much. And in that state you reside. And you start, maybe even under the weight of all that live in isolation, that is, you have to stop being so gregarious animal. He understands that people in many ways do not think about their actions. They act like everyone else. And you are not willing to do everything, you are already thinking that what results. This background, very lovely background is described in many biographies of the ancient yogis. And you begin to suffer intractable questions about the presence of pain, the presence of unhappiness. And sooner or later voleizyavit to your universe appeared at least someone, who would you have explained the essence of things, or you are trying to rediscover themselves, why is all this happening.

I must say that your life is getting worse and worse in this respect, because the more knowledge you will recall, generate a great sorrow. The more you think about the world, the more you see of his injustice. It is clear that, without answering questions, why is this happening, you can not continue to move. Any injustice that one way or another, you have seen, begins more and more to touch. That is, you only need to hear that there is someone to do wrong, how do you, as they say on their skin begin to represent a “bad” start on their skin to feel pain. Indeed, there is famine, crop failure, and you feel bad, sick, as if you are starving. Somebody beat there, and you have to back these scars appear. That is, here it is the sheer begins to show identification with the world. And it comes to most, the sometimes extreme. This is, in general, quite a sad period in the life.

But if, somehow, there are teachers, according to this tantric tradition, they start you instruct, and, of course, so subtly inspire you the laws of life, especially the law of liberty, and, as a consequence of the law of liberty, – the law of cause and effect. That, in principle, with all what you faced in life, you’re involved in this. If you did not have negative karma, you would not even know about these sufferings. On the other hand, certain detailed directions on how to, say, keep my diet, what foods to avoid. By the way, if you’re a smart man, you will at this stage is already beginning to understand that all meat diet is associated with suffering animals, and you try to avoid it intuitively, not to be the reason for the suffering of others. And if the teacher is, they will suggest a certain practice recommendations on how to comply with this or that diet, how to do some exercises, physically the most important thing – breathing exercises, finally, visualization. You start it all to do, do, do, and your potential sex begins to grow, grow, grow, and, of course, that you can once again spend it with the uncontrollable loss of semen, etc., etc., but still It comes more than leaves.

Later begins a very strange reaction of the mind. You begin to identify themselves both with the suffering and all those suffering, and then a very strange metamorphosis can occur. Suddenly you begin to see such a situation, there is no difference between the executioner and the victim chopping block. And you suddenly start szhivaetsya not only the victim, but also with the executioner and the chopping block. And this is very, very things seriously perceivable reason. Because we are accustomed to, we either one or the other, or the third. All of this is in the process of accumulation of your first building, which, though wasted through sexuality, but not so much that the excess remains. This excess begins to work much harder to force your mind, and it starts to generate a variety of phantasmagoric scenarios that you can not even then be separated. Whether you live this life, do you think you live. That is, you capture this strange world of dreams either, or reality. And you start with horror, for example, to identify with all that is happening, both with attractive things, and terrifying. You suddenly spontaneously in meditation begins to present itself all living creatures. You can imagine that you – a cow. You can also imagine that this cow is now leading to the slaughter, and now it is going to be killed. And at the same time, you can imagine that you – the same butcher who slaughters a cow here now. And at the same time, the knife that will kill the cow.

This is a very strange state in excess prana. And they are extremely loosen our grip on the form and presentation of an event. Everything turns into a phantasmagoric world where you can not tell where one ends and another begins. Then there is a very strange state of fusion with the processes taking place, somewhere in the war – and you feel the hard way that there is a war, you start to feel the wrath of the conqueror or vanquished fear, carnage. All this begins to happen to you, and then comes the response. Indeed, according to your feelings, somewhere something is happening. You suddenly begin to feel that your body is expanded and you like all that life of the universe around you, in fact, you impregnates all. And from there it is a consequence – born this game images, and that this should work.

If you fall under the care of the guru, the master, he tells you how to work with these images. In particular, how to work with those or other moments to attract the potential to save up sexy, sexy transform to work competently with all the signals from the universe, both positive and negative, which comes around to you, and not in a state of selfishness. When you do not cling for themselves, and begin to feel the process only. And then you realize the law of karma, that nothing just happens. What if there’s a war, it was very obvious prerequisite for this. If somewhere in the violence, they were very unambiguous preconditions for this violence. You know, the hard start to feel the law of karma. When only one condition – that you do not identify yourself with yourself, little is disconnected you forget about yourself. Once again you remember about yourself, then there is clearly a picture muddy – you either feel fear or anger. And when you forget about myself, you suddenly see that everything in this universe is balanced – “As you sow, so shall you reap”! A variety of all these forms: enchanting, phantasmagoric – you can overcome as Natya Yoga, as a good actor when he plays on the stage, can reach a state of schizophrenia, sometimes controlling, because sometimes it is so szhivaetsya a way that may not then get out from this image. By the way, they say that it was a very common disease in India among the actors. So the image of the entrance, that most of it did not come out.

And all this is happening to you – life is very phantasmagoric. And then, of course, you face a job with sexuality. Sexuality should somehow lose. If you have a guru, he tells you to do certain meditation. At a previous workshop on Yoga Tumo, I remind you that before you meditate and work with this inner fire, ordered the men to visualize himself as a woman, a beautiful sixteen passionate woman, in one hand a knife, she cuts off the attachment. On the other hand in the terrible vessel in the form of a skull filled with blood, the elixir of pleasure, that is quite a grim picture. I remind you that there are a variety of jewelry – tiara of dried human heads. Friends, you can imagine it – God forbid such a dream, it’s a nightmare! Or some ornaments from bones. But once again, and at the same time, in terms of what you should visualize yourself as a man, a woman. Question – why? It is clear now that the sex fairly relaxed attitude (we now have large, whole guild homosexuals, etc.) are now to this concern – but no way! All by and large do not care who does not like someone says, “Let them deal with what they do.”

Question – it has to do with sexuality? Is there a connection, as a man, visualize yourself a woman? Of course, no connection with homosexuality, nor an attempt to change the floor in such a primitive sense of the word is irrelevant. It’s just a way to sublimate sexuality. The fact that you remember your higher self or your higher manifestation has no concept of sex – you are neither man nor woman. Moreover, you do not even neuter creature. Sometimes a mistake is made, it is believed that our I neuter. No, friends, it does not neuter. It is higher than the notion of separation into male, female and neuter. Once the fact that you are in this universe came as a man, then you begin to perceive the whole surrounding universe as a woman. And in fact in any other woman who is actually causing your sexual desire, in fact, focused the entire universe. In this sense, interacting with a woman, you vzaimodeystvuesh with the universe, why is born a new universe in the form of children.

The question is that if for some reason you’re not going to have children, to communicate with a person of the opposite sex, you are bursting with sexuality in full. Because you practice the exercises, including breathing, and you, I’m sorry for the slang, all starts, slightly fad in this regard. You are going to this potential within yourself to keep, then, first of all, you start to meditate on those channels and centers that are somehow connected with the emergence of sexuality, namely, the bindu point, somewhere in the middle of the head, with the power point, somewhere at the bottom of the body, with the central channel, because it is responsible for the manifestation of sexuality, and the person of the opposite sex is not. You need to balance this shift, as it were to the side of the male. This is a very tricky course spoofing, when you start to visualize yourself of the opposite sex in order to balance their sexuality, so it does not break out of your body. Therefore, in this respect, the difference in these matters with various kinds of sexual experimentation that we see in modern civilization, in principle. And in the case of the Tibetan yogi you, being a man, a woman does not visualize himself to show sexuality, and to observe the practical chastity and hold yourself. But as far as I’m concerned (although I am not an expert in all things related to sexuality in ordinary Western people), on the contrary, show themselves through this sexuality, that is likely to lose this potential in a particular way.

I want to make a reservation as soon as rigidly. Yoga is extremely tolerant to your sexual manifestations. This is your personal freedom. If it does not suffer from other living beings, for God’s sake, do what your heart desires. Another conversation, if you spend this potential, but that no one suffers. Ask yourself if you need it? But nobody has the right to impose you any patterns of behavior. This is as you can see, strangely enough, yoga is extremely politically correct. It does not climb into someone else’s life, or someone else in whose sexuality. As you go, and thank God. Therefore, even in this question, but in another question. If you want to work with sexuality, you must first use the methods of practice chastity. And the fact that you, being a man, visualizing himself as a woman, not to say that you are trying to spend their sexuality through these visualization, but rather that these visualizations to help you keep within themselves the potential most effectively. It is necessary to pronounce the very clear things. Because everything that is connected with the visualization, all due to the fact that a man is like a woman, is very reminiscent of something out of the ordinary life. Nothing like this. It is a way of sublimation, that is, to keep that part of sexuality, which is the continuation of life. The other part, which goes to the enjoyment of it while being transformed, with the help of it, I recall the previous seminar, you can convert your energy pleasure in enjoying the feeling of his body, and, as a consequence, the ability bare to stay without feeling cold . But far more important that you begin to explore your inner structure, balanced sexuality due to the fact that you visualize yourself being the same sex, the other sex, hold inside – know how to pole equalize – lighter and direct it to the most highest structure that is, it is the highest sublimation.

So, it turns out that when you read that the yogi who aspires to self-knowledge must visualize the beautiful girl naked, with all the details of anatomy, it is – a way to practice chastity. The fact that he sometimes fierce-looking head of tiaras, it is said that, starting from a certain level, you begin to see the duality of this world, you realize that nothing just does not happen that the most terrible wars, epidemics etc. only the result of some underlying causes which are invisible. But at some point you see that there is a cause and a consequence. And when you see the stupidity of cause and effect, you begin to catch myself thinking that perhaps this tragedy and prevent? That is not to deal with the negative, and can not make themselves prerequisites to this negativity arise. This is a very serious spiritual boost, after which you begin to even understand something, so do not even understand, and feel in this world. As a result, there are prerequisites in order to keep within you to transform sexuality.

And the next step, if you have already reached a fairly high level of meaningful work with sexuality, then to strengthen this practice, you just from the perspective of the men are now saying have physical needs woman to actually practice at the level of the physical body. Level imaging in the body and in the physical device body to compensate the difference of your body. That is, when you visualize yourself as said 16-year-old red dakini, blank inside, with the central channel at the base of the body, you are, in fact, working with its subtle and causal bodies. But the natural man’s body is still there. It is necessary to compensate for its bias in favor of men, so badly needed partner or, as it says, karma-wise, we are discussing it, and hence are born numerous practices already natural between a man and a woman. But once again, my friends, is the sublimation of practice. In these practices, you do not waste, but on the contrary, these practices allow you to save, accumulate and multiply. That is, the more you do these movements kriyas, as if a man and a woman usually had sex, but if you do not bring it to some specific points, the easier it is to keep within the potential. The greater the capacity, the more you begin to feel the clear light. And that’s why so many practices to enhance the yoga of clear light, they are very tightly linked to sexual practices, because, from a formal point of view, when you start to have sex, if abstragiruetes, you will be much easier to grasp the clear light, doing with his girlfriend having sex if we consider the position of men.

But only on one condition: if it’s sex without a loss. And if, of course, prepared girlfriend. Because the willingness of women, a lot of that depends. But it’s a different story, I am not going to introduce you to the details. But you understand that the practice of physical woman in these yogas – is strengthening the practice, as long as you do not learn to fully control your physical body. In the future, when there is this inner potential unspent sublimated sexuality, it is possible to significantly increase, including yoga and clear light.

Three of the teachings of the Clear Light

And now I would like to, we just touched the text with regards to the yoga of clear light. We are credited directly Eventsa Wentz is said about the yoga of clear light, but now the words of the Tibetan teachings. All that was before – it was a bridge between our school of yoga and tantric Buddhism and Tibetan yogis. Now, as it sounds they have there, in the statement Eventsa Crown, although you know that there are many other schools, where several different aspects of practice and interpretation.

“The doctrine of the Clear Light consists of three parts: a primary clear light, RC on the way and the final RC.

The first – is the primary Clear Light. On the first part of the primary Clear Light it said: “Oh, student, know in their entirety, that is favorite doctrine of the RC is the foundation, path and result. It is said that the true state of mind, that of all things is inseparable from emptiness that is beyond the world of phenomena, while, when the mind experiencing great bliss transcendental thoughts. This is the primary clear light. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, do not have time for more detailed comments, but please note it is, as it says here, “the base, the path and the result.” You know, that is the light of your consciousness. That is, it is the base path, that is, something to work with, this way – that you comprehend it, and the result, as you approach its highest fundamental principle.

“Part two. Bright Light on the Path. The second part of the “Clear Light on the road” includes a description of the three methods: the fusion of nature Clear Light path during the day, that is, while you are awake, the merger of the Clear Light path at night, that is, during sleep, and the merger of the Clear Light Path in the after-death state, that is, in the bardo state, which is an intermediate state between death and rebirth. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here now again small zatravochka other yogas, in particular, yoga posthumous transfer of consciousness, or bhova. In fact, sometimes in some classifications considered that bhova – it is not self yoga, and only exercise that has been generated, in particular, on the basis of clear light yoga. The point is that, of course, at your death, your prana going disidentification with your first physical structures. This ray of a sudden starts to get out of the form that it highlights. At some point, it is in a free state. Therefore, if you are in the moment of dying through meditation recognize the RC, that is, at the moment when you are separated from their bodies, you absorb this clear light, you get to the source of clear light, and culminates in a yoga strap. This is the basis of yoga such as yoga dying and indirect transfer of consciousness that comes after that. But there are some physiological details that enable to channel all processes taking place in the moment of death, and, looking ahead, yoga bhova – transference of consciousness is aimed at ensuring that all processes associated with the decay of the body, passed along the central channel in the following way: the heart center level and then leaving the conglomerate of sensations through the crown of the head. If this happens, then there is a very interesting phenomenon – an opportunity not immediately reborn, and a little later to regenerate or even to enter the “net rate”.

In the future it will be possible to make a “leap” in the Enlightenment with this level of pure, without returning to the Earth, as claimed in some treatises. And it is possible on the contrary, to be born again in the right place at the right time. Because, if you do not use this method, it is given 49 days for rebirth. But here in the bardo yoga RC, or in a transitional state between birth and death, it is used for its intended purpose or in direct action. If you during the life of a lot of meditating on the RC and able to recognize it at the time of death, you can easily implement these highest yoga, and you reach sverhsostoyaniya infinite liberation at death.

“Part Three. Ultimate Clear Light. On the third part – the final clear light, it said: “The pure illusory body, having knowledge of the Clear Light, arising from the state of the Clear Light, like a fish jumping out of the water or in the form of Vajradhara, appearing during waking from sleep. It symbolizes the merger of Clear Lights mother and son as a result of training, the base of which is the teaching and the student and their learning. This achievement marked degree of spiritual perfection, one of 12 degrees, which is called great joy, which states: “When the illusory forms come in contact with what has shaped the emerging knowledge and the knowledge of penetrating and reality, there is mastery of a very bright and indestructible, siddhi and transformation, and they are called the eight higher faculties. That is a perfect state of Buddha, the great dodzhidchanga born of ineffable wisdom, marking the birth of the teaching and learning process that led to the goal. This is stated as follows: “Full mastery of the principles of the divine body, the divine speech and of the divine mind, and Siddhi, change shape as they all appear equally in the moving and stationary, fulfilling every wish and possessing all perfections, including eight all-powerful forces that are yoga fruit.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here the next moment. In our study, after Yoga Tumo moved to the Clear Light yoga, but in a more classical version, we would have to consider even the illusory body yoga. And one of our next seminar we just dedicate this yoga. The idea is that if you’re using the Clear Light Yoga practice to see the support of its manifestations and manifestations of the universe, then such powers as to materialize your body or form, come to you naturally. If you are established in recognition of the Clear Light, that all forms in the first place your body completely you are subject. And you can, roughly speaking, how to dissolve these forms, and they materialize in any form. So how is the foundation – a factor that can learn and form in this sense – the known – are in a subordinate position. And, say, illusory body yoga (yogi separate species, where with the help of renderings learn to create multiple bodies or strongly transformed, then it can move to your physical body) becomes a simple and real. Moreover, being established in the original its manifestation, you can create or revive any form. And actually all around you – it’s clay, from which you can fashion anything you want. And not just his perfect physical shape, but also their perfect forms at the level of subtle and causal bodies.

Although now in the earliest meditations, which, I remind, for the young men were instructed to visualize yourself 16-year-old red dakini, blank inside to the tips of his fingers and the center channel. There is an extremely simplified body of the device in order for us to maintain our lives, should be a huge conglomeration of proteins, internal organs, which somehow interact to circulate, that here there is the ability to create a truly magical body itself, which is actually made of pure prana. All these bodies do not grow old, get sick, they are basically indestructible. They possess such supernormal how to navigate over long distances. In fact – fantastic, fantastic. The power of thought or visualization power of relying on their root cause of the Clear Light created a any illusory form (and in this sense, all forms of illusory reality from the perspective of the Clear Light) and it can be shown, that is, live like normal people. It’s very interesting that that’s such a comparison, although it is in a somewhat different terms translated. “Sometimes with the help of visualization can create your body, like a fisherman pulls a fish out of water.” Surface of the lake surface, there was nothing, and suddenly time – whole traced to the smallest detail and the detail is pulled the fish. As a fisherman – catch-catch, and again! He pulled out entirely. Also spontaneously, suddenly there is this wonderful ability to form these bodies as dodzhidchanga, Vajradhara or other Buddhas: male, female, etc. Questions and friends?

Question: “Can more that in the female body?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The Tantric Buddhism it is believed that the Buddhas were not only in the bodies of men, but in women’s bodies. In this respect, it is very democratic tradition, women are paid a lot of attention. By analogy with the Indian Tantrism where each chakra, if you visualize a particular creature, always beside his girlfriend, that is a goddess. We’re talking about Shiva and Shakti, we can visualize as the root cause of being Siva consciousness, but in fact no different from his Shakti, his wife. Here, of course, on the basis of Buddhism, the same thing, only Buddhism Buddhism there – they come up with something of their own, female. And there are transient, universal deity, are equally applied or used in practice as an Indian yogi and tantric Buddhism. In particular, the image of Tara. Remember this mantra: “Tara, Tuttare, Toure, Matchmaker.” There are some images that were originally obscheyogicheskie and then received Buddhist more coloring. And I must say, there are many such images. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes in terrible shape. Indeed, Tibetan iconography in this regard terrifying. Is there a terrible female deities, horrible-looking, with the attributes of death, surrounded by flames. A pantheon of them. More questions have friends? If no questions, then a break!


So, my friends, this is the third part of our seminar “Yoga clear light,” my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. All information is archived on our sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacentr.ru. It would be nice to those of our seminars would be made movies with covers and they are somewhere would have appeared for sale to anyone who is not visited them, they could hear in the recording. Of course, we will post them for free on the internet, come who wants to take it, who wants to, but there is such a feature: some people do not want to free some want to fly, and I perfectly understand them: to sit and rock – and downloaded without a cover, and without cover lost. And then – a box, cover, everything is beautiful, and do not mind to pay a money. It would be nice to run it all.


So, first of all, perhaps, for a break from someone questions arose on the understanding of what we are studying?

Question: Practically’s clear light, shine a clear light, clear light of his son, the clear light of the mother. Whether it is possible in practice an analogy with his mother and her son?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev (OT): this is a difficult question for me, as far as we can in practice carry our real life and our normal family relationships. Do you remember, at this seminar, I did not look like, but said the previous, and should repeat. Unfortunately, the Tibetan yogi and rapid methods of Tibetan yogi has one significant danger. It lies in the fact that all the fast methods in our school of yoga or Indian schools of yoga, one way or another, based on the generic yoga.

It is believed that you can experiment with their sexuality only to the extent in which it is not infringing the continuation of life and the birth of children. The Tibetan Yogis you will not find anything like this in public materials. This is explained by various factors, primarily the factor that the image of medieval Tibetan life in the same way as the life of medieval India, suggested that there were many families, more than a dozen children were in families, these children are my children too large quantities. But because it was a high mortality, famine, crop failures and other negative factors, then, of course, not all survived, but was always a surplus of offspring. That is, the civilization was built by order to compensate for all the unsettled life of a surplus of offspring. Obviously many children were born, it was assumed that some of them will not survive. In this regard, in terms of the birth of children, it was great. No one had not occurred to call into question the fact that children should be born. Because, as you remember generic yoga, if the children will not be born, if there is no living people who need yoga. Yoga needs living people. You see, if there is no living people, most rasprekrasnye razbystryh most yoga practices most clearest of clear lights are not wanted. Therefore, as at the time of the problems with the demographics did not exist, it does not talk about it. Now, this ideology is transferred to the Western mentality. Did you know that Europe is dying, dying America, Russia is dying. In what sense are dying? The population growth rate falls. We are dying, just stupid to die out. If it goes, it soon will not be the bodies to be born in them. At the same time, in developing countries, on the contrary, we have seen explosive growth in population, which threatens the entire ecological environment. In India – a billion, but China is historically considered a large country, and there is, in general, has become more decent than India. Soon India will become a big headache for all mankind, friends. Because all the necessary food, clothing, shoe, educating. It’s very hard to make a billion, who has taken a sudden out of nowhere. After 20 years, there is the number will increase by another 200-300 million.

Take Nigeria, where, too, will soon be a very, very many people. What will we see? We will see that, unfortunately, those countries that have actually come up with drugs, come up with technology, have come up with some things that, in general, then, allowed to struggle with hunger, disease, they begin to disappear. And while other countries who use these products are beginning to rise sharply. And all would be good if in the countries that are starting to grow, due attention would be paid to education, education and so on. After all, what’s the difference: sexless soul, died here, was born there. But we see the opposite. You slavnenko lived life in Europe and died, there was not a free body, but there is plenty of bodies out there somewhere, in Nigeria, and that you are born one of ten siblings, dirty, hungry. You know how there spiritual development. He is not. What is there an extension of your thoughts. God grant that you, like Michael Vasilyevich Lomonosov, from this, I am sorry, Ethiopia on foot to reach the Sorbonne, and there you will be, you are recognizing the reincarnation of the professor, who had died. You are lucky. And if you do not recognize? And if you do not overcome the Schengen zone? And remains rot at home, there, in that village. And then it will be time to think about that when he lived in the body of professors, it would be necessary to think about posterity. Do you remember, and this is a very serious problem.

In our school of yoga is such a tough iron rule – to give sexual practices of young men and women not before they realize generic yoga. If they value family and children if they understand their responsibilities if they know that, in fact, until the debt is not given, do not give birth to children, you live in debt. And yet sexual practices can be only in one case, if you accept these truths. Maybe you now have no family and children, but do you plan. That’s when a small portion of their sexual manifestations you can spend on any experiments, including Tumo yoga – the snow will melt your body – yoga of clear light, and even some yoga. Because these quick yoga, yoga, these are wonderful, but no one knows your karma – what if you do not reach the final result, and so die. And the offspring have left, it is a very big risk.

Once again, we explicitly these warnings do not have in Tantric Buddhism. The Indian yogis all these warnings are not background. Why? Because all yoga refer to the Vedas, where the basic idea – the offspring. Friends, the time may be that you have not themselves be children in the family, do not worry, there are different options according to your intentions or your karma. Indeed, you are some ardent revolutionary who is not sure he would live to old age or not, runs the risk of not to have offspring themselves, because he knows that will condemn them to suffering. Or some other reasons that do not allow you in person, but at the same time you have to understand, you need to be convinced that your brothers and sisters, all right. Or do you know it’s all right. Or friends know all right. Anyway, in the country where you live, all right, so you can be born again. Never mind. In this regard, my friends, even the kinship terms of DNA analysis, it does not mean much. We are all clones so that what you receive a physical body, it is, strictly speaking, are minor compared to the spiritual, intellectual and moral atmosphere in which you will be brought up. Although genetically, of course, some very strong factor is present. But it is not 100 percent. And this is some amount of impact forces. So, if rapid methods of our school or even the Indian yogi, in the so-called Tantra or Kaula doctrine, which translates as “family doctrine,” there all the practices built on the fact that your relationship with your children or with their parents, they are the same as your relationship with the universe. That is your relationship with the Absolute can be the same as your relationship with your father or mother. In this sense, we have the option of bhakti yoga. Here is my answer to your question. And there, indeed, for the purpose of accelerating the practice you want to see the clear light – see it in your child, in their home and loved ones. This is the practice of the nuances that are naturally derived from the provision itself, that the doctrine of the family above all else.

All your sexual experiments are good only in one case – if you are at least a few used their sexuality as intended, that is give birth to children. They give birth to children, the rest of the waste sexuality as anything. If only from this no one suffered, well, it is desirable for you, so that you are not confused by the little things. Now, friends, this is not an obvious problem, but every day in the West, it is becoming more and more evident in the medium tantric Buddhists. Even now I am faced with these numerous events, when including in our country, many followers of the schools, branches of state that they will not marry, do not have children, they will be entirely achieve personal enlightenment and themselves go into samadhi or in bright light or somewhere else. And the question:

– Do you have a brother or sister who have children?

They answer:

– No.

– A familiar, perhaps your kind …?

You know, there is. The whole race – someone no children, but another at all enough – 12 offspring. I began to figure out – none. I ask:

– Do you know what country you live in, where the demographics, where the birth rate is less than the death rate?

– I know.

– Are you sure that you will attain enlightenment methods of Tantric Buddhism?

– I’m sure.

– Well, are you sure that you are enlightened, and your mom and dad where born, if you do not give the body?

And now I feel that begin some abstract conversations, and all is vanity, all illusion, nothing real, all the emptiness, the birth of children – not important – nirvana, and that some such nonsense begins to bear. It is very serious. On our demographic situation, if still podbavit such impractical thought that type of family do not, children do not need, it’s enlightenment, we finally disappear as the dinosaurs, are born in Africa, and we have a few more generations will be either before yoga, none at all to something. We in Africa several generations of science first raise, then raise production, and then to raise the culture, and then, you see, after 500 years will be able to already think about the spiritual, because the standard of living and rules of the game there is, unfortunately, very harsh. Ladnenko still have questions?

Q: The example you quoted Mark Twain, that the best way for the Clean-Out consciousness – is to be sentenced to death in the morning, and I remembered the example of Dostoevsky. He was sentenced to death in the case Petrashevists, they were taken for execution of the judgment, read out the sentence and gave a pardon, and that he then work changed it for him this was the existential experience that all his subsequent psychological research connected with it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know, I do not know, I really like Dostoevsky, only a few of his works are very popular and some are not. So, incidentally. And I kind of agree, in a bad sense of the word, there is little dostoevschiny there. Although some had – unique works. What I do not like Dostoyevsky – I do not like the monument in front of the Lenin Library. And you know why? Because he sits here and so hunched over, and I understand that this position is not pranayama. But this is, you know, as in Tantric Buddhism, there is every image is not just an image, you unconsciously start to copy the body position, the position of the hands, feet. And then in practice you just some processes began to stir, and you just pose as a Buddha Vayrachana, accepted or Samantha Bhadra, or something else, and before you know it, you’ve got it somehow perky chip went and sublimated. Imagine, you are sitting here in this position, so it is not clear that there is, and you’re still in that position. I do not know who was the architect. I’m sorry, it was a joke. You know, Fyodor Dostoevsky, as Alexander Pushkin, our everything. So, there are still questions? Then go.


So, friends, we have examined the classical scheme for the man. If you are an honest person, you have to start somewhere to ask why the world is evil. You start to work with your sexuality, you begin to keep track of if you are a sophisticated person that the waste on sex leaked something very subtle, some spirituality. That, incidentally, is why it is so wary of sex in many religions? Before an outright ban, of course, it does not reach, because otherwise these religions have become extinct. Do you know what afraid of sin – not to have children. Have questions?

Q: Do I need to when practicing with a partner to visualize himself as a woman, if you’re a man? We are, it turns out, visualize himself as a woman to balance himself. And when you’re practicing with a partner?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You should understand that there are many different practices and practice practice strife. You know, I just casually ran through this visualization. In the future, we will study these very interesting yoga as “transference of consciousness into another body.” This is one of the six yogas of Naropa, when you have the ability, without dying, to pull itself out of one body and place to another. And, as you know, the practical application of yoga in this very much. In particular, to change his girlfriend bodies. So you pull yourself out of yourself, girlfriend pulls out of yourself, and you have changed. That is, it is not at the level of visualization, and to see how it all looks feminine or masculine eyes. Most have different practices and refraction of it all. With regard to imaging, we’ll mention that in the text, which is published Evans Wentz, should present themselves Dakin 16-year-old, but there are other practices, again, from the arsenal of the Tibetan yogi, where, say, you have to submit yourself a pair.

Q: How about the last workshop?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right. Imagine that you are not one person, but two of you. Moreover, according to yoga visualization, you must be able to visualize yourself in different bodies: animals, plants, the universe, the sun, moon, mountains, rivers. Can you imagine? According to the degree of abstraction is very powerful exercises that help you stop the habit of clinging to its form. We will have another workshop, I hope, if someone comes, yoga illusory body. There we will talk more about it, until now, I will leave unanswered. Still have questions? No. Go ahead. So let’s you and I once again take Evans Wentz, I asked Alain set off another piece of the visualization yoga exercise as it is said Evans Wentz.

Alain reads: “This refers to the second part – the clear light of the path of practice. The first kind of practice – the fusion of nature and the clear light the way during the day. The first kind of practice – the fusion of nature and the way of clear light during the day is known as the five exercises. For any level of cognition is the power of well-purified three wisdoms gives a correct assessment step closer to perfection. What should I do first? Become a disciple of the guru. A newborn baby is the next analogy in explaining the method of yoga. What sets the limits? The light flash and acquisitions, they are installed. Bright light is seen in the interval between the cessation of the thought and the birth of another. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, enough. So, my friends, now look what a thing. As always, the Tibetan yogis compensation all warnings about the dangers in connection with the generic yoga, the dangers due to the misunderstanding of one or the other position is compensated by the presence of the guru. Once again, I will focus here. Unlike our Western civilization, politically correct, tolerant, that will not go into your personal life, as well as does not interfere in other cases, the Eastern mentality in this respect is more severe, you have a guru – all of it the law for you. Guru said, means it is necessary to do so then. Try to disobey, disobey – guru you will drive. You will look for another guru. And the other is not particularly taken, once you drove once, then a second time, and you probably have to drive. Everywhere the emphasis is very serious, on the one hand, the error compensation – is the presence of the guru, as the Tibetan practice – a sort of conveyor belt. On the other hand, the guru – a nonverbal state media sensation of the same clear light acts as a torch, from which you can light another torch. Suffice it to only the presence, just enough to be there all the most magically happens. I really, I can confirm, as I was a witness to a Tibetan practice.

It was such a situation, in a large hall on the same floor as the wife of practicing yoga is very serious, and her husband, who did not share any Tibetan beliefs, sat on the ground floor in the restaurant and drink beer all practice. A few days has been the practice, and in the morning he would come as a “flood Zenko”, and so on until the evening, while his wife is busy. Specifically, it was engaged. But some times it happened that he was able to exchange a word with a Lama. Whether his wife introduced, but he did not want absolutely. He had other plans. And at the end of this practice, which is very typical of the Tibetan practices, is a system of signs of success. As a rule, these signs are divided into external and internal. The main signs of success are considered internal. But no less important, and external. It is usually some kind of physical phenomena, the mass of all that I am not even going to describe. Sometimes a universal scale, sometimes a personal scale. So, what happened next surprised at this uncle, when he discovered quite by accident all the outward signs of good practice, and after a while began to show signs and internal practices. His life changed, he suddenly rethought his life, he suddenly began to dream phantasmagoric dreams, prophetic, that whole life changed. After all, he was “not any ear snout”, but probably very good karma was probably in a past life, where you have a beer and with whom it is necessary to drink it in this life has got under distribution. A man came by accident, a person is not going to buy anything. But the fact that he was close, load.

In Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, there really so many factors that sverhlogichny it as a blessing of the school, as a direct transfer and so on, from the standpoint of ordinary logic you can not explain. So, strongly recommend, if you have the opportunity to attend live side by side, even if you do not want to. We must start with this. And later there was a list of some of the specific practices, some preparation and preliminary practice, we have our school classification position would relate to classical yogis. That is, there are some classic exercises, including a physical nature. But for them, we will not stop now, as from one school to another, they are changing, changing accents, names that you are not confused, do not knock down. Well, then. Very interesting comparison is another – how can you see the light, which is the basis on which painted being. And it provides a good example of yogic. When the thought is gone, and the other is not yet come, but in the keyhole you just can see the clear light of being a substrate.

Once again I want to focus your attention – mysleobrazovaniya process in our head thing is twofold: on the one hand, it helps the development of our intellectual abilities, on the other hand, it can have an extremely confusing and steal. And most importantly, that he was under control. When it is necessary to solve the problem once and included thoughts, they time and again solved the problem. When it is necessary to comprehend the higher states, we should be able to disable the uncontrolled process mysleobrazovaniya. Otherwise, these thoughts are stolen all of your prana. Roughly speaking, every little thought she, like a leech, sucking on the clear light, and we do not see a clear light, and see such squirming like worms, mass parasitic thoughts in our minds, concerns, or anything else, and that we devours. And here we just call seize the moment when the thought is gone, and the other did not come. Go ahead.

Alain reads: “Clear Light is an assistant in compliance with the rules of the six Tilopa expressed thus: not fantasize, do not think, do not analyze, do not meditate, do not meditate, continue in their natural state. Mino Misam, Michat, Ching, Instantly, Mesem, Rank, Babdzhat “.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, the original source of the foundations – is “Instructions Tilopa” about the perception of non-duality of the world. Once again they set off.

Alain reads: “Do not fantasize, do not think, do not analyze, do not meditate, do not meditate, is in a state of nature.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s what I recommend you to think about this recommendation, when you once again sit gde-nibud on a bench in the park, and your head full of thoughts will cover the role, you try to enter the state, not to dream, not to speculate, not to think do not meditate, no effort, but simply to perceive. As we spoke today at the beginning of our seminar. Just perceive with clarity. Again, with such clarity, as if your mind has been purged threat hanging in the morning, that is, to perceive, without fear, without hope, without any other coloring process of consciousness. Allow your mind to manifest in a pure, uncomplicated form. Here. Then go.

Alain reads: “When meditating on them is that there is a void, and the phenomenal world, two antinomic aspect of representing nature in its true unity, there is a” clear light – a child. ” Unobscured primordial state of mind, occurring in the interval between the disappearance of the thought and the birth of the next, there is a “clear light – the mother.” The realization of this merger has “clear light mother” and his son, and this is called the fusion of nature and the clear light the way to the One. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again given us an indication of the two poles of our words, the microcosm and the macrocosm, and that we are aware of the identity of the “tat svam asi”, these two poles or, as is beautifully told to mother the lights and light a child merge . Then go.

Alain reads: “The second type of practice – the fusion of nature and the way of clear light during the night. On the second form of the practice of “Merging nature clear light and the path for the night,” it stated the following: when the lotus of the heart will be revealed, visualize its four petals and pericarp syllables Ah, well, Ta Ra, Hum. It is also said in the units in the structure and capabilities of the senses, focus is now all abilities bilateral knowing. Anyone who transmuted their great void is through breathing exercises to see dreams during sleep. At the beginning of the dream the dream firm, this sleep state is compared with a calm ocean surface. Its boundary is defined by light, flash and acquisition. Bright light can be seen in the transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep, that is in between. A clear light are on the way due to the use of selected teachings about the state Thyany merger, that is deep meditation or sleep state. At this time, that is, during the merger of state and Thyany sleep state, you need to pray gurus are going to help you see the clear light. And we must firmly believe that you will see him. Going to bed, lie on your right side in the lion posture, then submits your body God’s body – the keeper, visualize heart chetyrehlepestny lotus with clear syllables. In the center, on top of the pericarp – syllable Hum. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, enough. Here, as you see, we read quite specific guidance on how to come to the realization of the clear light of sleep time. Indeed, it is said that the best way to change the state: the state of wakefulness and sleep states – also peep into the keyhole on the fundamental principle of existence, just when one thought goes, and another comes, also formed this well, where you can see it. Further, there are links to different states during sleep. You will recall that we have a sleep with dreaming, dreamless sleep. But, as follows from the theory, no matter how we may have been a dream, if we are in a meditation on clear light, hold it, how to meditation penetrates all the states, because it is something to do for the whole of our existence as a state of wakefulness as a sleep state, and the state of sleep without dreams. But in the future are such very good support for images in order to help our reason not to rush and grab yourself within certain centers, which are somehow involved with our sleep. Well, in particular, meditation, where it is necessary to visualize a lotus inside, with some detail and where a syllable and visualize. It is considered as if these letters were written on the petals or in the center of the flower. And if you hold a picture to a visualization within itself, then it’s easier to make that transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep and catch something immutable, that here and there.

And finally, once again, there is mentioned a guru. It is believed that if we are not able to stop throwing your mind, so you can sort of try to enlist the support of his teacher, mentally tune in to him, and thus, as it were to adopt his quality as if we copied its quality. You know, like if you have a computer with his teacher and to your computer to copy a file quickly, very clearly. But if your teacher has filled the keyboard great work, you are not necessarily the same stuff. You can quickly copy. This is another very important component of the fast of yoga techniques. You can like all the states and all the preconditions for this state to copy from the person who has them already. Not to do something, and once, just copy it – you have the same thing – which is very nice. Therefore, if you can not practice, if it is with some difficulty, that is a constant reminder – you really Direct your mind to the one who turns out to one who has everything is in order, and your body and your structure because they as illusory, what’s the difference, what to do, do the same as that of the teacher. And if it works, then everything goes very quickly, smoothly and accurately. Then go.

Alain reads: “Then, representing the body guardian god body, visualizing heart chetyrehlepestny lotus with clear syllables: in the center of the upper part of the pericarp syllable Hum, on the upper surface of the anterior lobe of the syllable Ah, on the upper surface of the right lobe of the syllable Well, on the upper surface That rear petal style, on the upper surface of the left lobe of the syllable Ra. Then the transition to the sleep state even if all visible and audible enter into you. Then you yourself presuschestvis in chetyrehlepestnoy lotus. When you attack a dream, let all these states will go in front Ah, who then go right Well, Well in the back there, there in the left Ra Ra in Hume, located in the center. Then sign vowel Hum even become a part relating to the X in the word Hum, and the last – in being the top mark in the form of a crescent. A circle is then – as a sign similar to a tongue of flame, who is on-point circle. When this visualization begins to fade, think of the time that you sleep soundly, deep in the clear light. With this practice of yoga reach the state of the retrospective analysis, meditation. Or Give full attention to all the syllables: Ah, well, Ta Ra, Hum, called “full knowledge”. During this meditation in the interval between waking and sleeping light appears. Status for sleep onset called “Flash.” Condition during sleep is called “acquisition”. “Clear Light” appearing during deep sleep is the “clear light – Mother”. When the process of gradual transition to a state of sleep is the basis of this practice, while maintaining the mind free of thoughts when it appears as a gradual transition void, there is a “clear light – Child”. Meeting with the prime “the Mother Clear Light”, crowning this practice, like a meeting with a familiar person, and is called “The merger of two of Clear Light – Mother and Son.” And the third kind of practice – the fusion of nature “Clear Light” and the Way to the after-death state. The third type of practice – the fusion of nature “Clear Light” and the Way to the after-death state is described in the after-death state of the teachings below. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are a lot of links to other yoga. Look, friends. Immediately, of course, a lot of very valuable visualization of images with various lotuses, with certain letters. I must say that all the letters were originally in Sanskrit, Sanskrit alphabet served as the basis for the Tibetan alphabet, and there is some semblance of such, though there are serious differences in the spelling of certain syllables. There is a sort of ritual of falling asleep: I saw it, it turned into this, it is, it is then all dissolved, nothing, and you do that you realize that there is nothing, then – know you are in such a deep state , say, dreamless sleep. Whatever is given it is always the same technique that was there, and became there. For this to become a habit, and this habit has helped to rise to this condition. Well, in the future, as we have said, as the only observed or recognized by the Light of the Absolute, the macrocosm Light, “Light of the Mother,” is observed and recognized by Light Microcosmos or light of our Higher Self, “The Light of the Son”, and in this state of non-duality, they merge ; it is in fact aerobatics or higher status. Also, in the end, we heard about the reference to “Yoga Bordeaux”, that is, the yoga of dying, where virtually all of the same processes take place, but not under sleep influence, and under the influence of death, which, of course, provides much more a springboard for implementation practice.



Are there any questions?

Q: When they say “do not meditate,” then by meditation refers to what meditation is here in this statement: “Do not think, do not meditate, do not fantasize?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Just do not meditate.

Q: Why, then, meditation, if any way?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who interferes?

Question: The practice of yoga, meditation, if this prevents perceive the “Clear Light”?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is a trick question. I’ve been reminded of my favorite sentence in the “Upanishads”: “Is it possible to know his Atma through prayer, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, mantras, yantras,” I do not remember that there is still transferred. And the answer is no, you can not. Only he knows the “Higher Self”, who “Higher Self,” a show. But then, adding: “But if you practice the yoga, this yoga, meditate it, behold, the fifth, the tenth, to” higher self “tends to show itself. But if you do not meditate, you will not do such a practice – then just do not show. ” Here, as they say, on the contrary. To opt out of some level, my friends, we must rise to this level.

I am most touches people who say – not in money happiness, all this is perishable, all is ashes: career, job, everything is bad. You begin to find out, well, well, my dear, and ever money-they were with you? It turns out – no. You’re in his career though a step up? It turns out – no. Have you ever had something? It turns out – no. Duck … what did you teach others to give up what he never had? How do you know that this would have to give up? Another thing, if you went through all of this, would be tasted and really found something higher, and said that in comparison with the supreme state is mortal, then yes. And this is when we start to teach the monk, who had never had sex, begins to tell us that sex – it’s bad. How do you know you’re doing it yourself sometime this sex to teach us? No. And why are you telling us a fairy tale. Here the analogy is the same, that at first it is necessary to raise themselves to a very great height with the auxiliary practice, and only then give up these auxiliary practices. First you have to hone the power of his intellect, his feelings, emotions, senses to a certain height before you discard them. That is, we must first develop your mind to a certain height, and only then, to learn to disable it. If he has not yet developed, and you say to such a man, that “mind you cheating, mind – it is bad”, then you throw it into bestiality, the state tree. And here is the same situation, which, of course, to practice here this state, I have once again it will read: “Do not fantasize, do not think, do not analyze, do not meditate, do not meditate, continue in their natural state” – should have make a huge preliminary work, great, you have to break out of bestiality, it is necessary to sharpen the feelings, emotions and physical body in good condition and have only thereafter. But to achieve this, we have to meditate and not only what to do. More questions?

Question: Is it possible to consider the “do not meditate,” as in a state of “Bordeaux meditation”? And thus complement ….

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Basim, you’re scaring me, I do not understand you.

Basim: But in the Tibetan tradition, there is the concept of “Bordeaux meditation”, that is the state of meditation, is the “Bordeaux of Dreams”, it is possible to add to the list.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Basim, wait. You know what I do not like all these clever expression. If you call them in simple language, all at once understood and nodded, and now everyone in the room you do not understand, because even though I hardly knew you. What are the Bardo? This is an intermediate state. The word “bardo” refers to an intermediate state. Now, if you say in Russian, all would become immediately clear, but the word “bardo” everyone associated with something else. Well, what was your question?

Basim: Can I add to the list in the following words: “Do not fall asleep, do not act, do not die …” etc.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Do not eat, do not drink, do not live …”

Basim: No, I was tied to a concept of “Bardo”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, what are you doing so difficult, that a snap ?!

Basim: Well, it’s Tibetan yoga, we focus on the Tibetan tradition.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here it is written: “The six rules of Tilopa.” Basim, let’s you headlong to Tilopa and asked him, “Tilopa, and why all this much …?” Maybe he’ll answer ?! Sit in meditation, turn into the higher realms! Hard for me to answer such questions!

Question from the audience: I’ve just wanted to see if I understood correctly six rules Tilopa? Well, almost. It seems to me that, observing them, we reduce their intellectual activity. We do not meditate, we do not meditate, etc., following these six “do not …”.

And yet, you said that, as in the morning before the execution, we maintain high mental activity. And thanks to these two points, we can be here and now, merging with the object is no longer in meditation. It has some other time, well, not intelligent …?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Most sverhintellektualny! I would also add that indirectly of all these six suggestions can derive a rule – without effort.

Question: What is meant by the words “take all in a state of nature?” This consciousness in its pure form?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Remember the song: “What I see, that I sing.” In the Upanishads, in my opinion, it is said: “No matter what your eyes have seen, no matter what your ears hear … – is the Atma!” Understand what you like! In the sense that this is a manifestation of “Suchness” of Genesis. That is the concept of Drop, Drop pre-knowledge, perceive!

Question: Sensing – which means to take so what is?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: See, here is an ambush there. We are your perceptions, your pre-expectation, so that we can perceive, oddly enough, the perceived distorting and working on the universe. What is the universe, we do not know, but we have preset the knowledge and magic of their freedom, we begin to bend the universe around, and see what we want to see. If we are magnetized to the evil and ready to take in all evil, even if good comes to us, we are bent: “I want to see evil, and I will!” We like to give ourselves a preset and start themselves distort the information that comes to us. And we are here as if asking: “Turn off the magnet bends.”

Question: Is this a trick of consciousness, or what? All of these methods are listed, in my mind, such as consciousness, which begins to create something, its exposure creates itself …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, this is the aerobatics! If you understand this now, you are now in a rainbow dissolve! What do you need from me here ?!

Basim: In the “Yoga Sutras” are three tools to achieve higher knowledge, and the first of them – a direct perception. Can it be attributed to it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev God knows ?! Difficult to answer, and I somehow associate it with the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.”

There are, of course, the difficulty in interpreting the traditions of Indian yogi with tantric Buddhism. The fact that I have here so dashing, like a bird Govorun … Remember, the Humpty Dumpty was famous in “Alice in Wonderland”? He could interpret all! All poems, including those yet to be written. When Alice came to him …:


Varkala. Hlivkie shorki

Pyryalis for Nave,

And hryukotali zelyuki,

As outgrabe.


Oh, fear the Jabberwock, son!

He svirlep and wild,

And in the wilderness rymit giant –

Zlopastny Bandersnatch!


But he took a sword, and he took the shield,

High is full of doom.

In his way is gluschobu

Under the Tumtum tree.


He stood under a tree and waits

And suddenly graahnul thunder –

Flies terrible Jabberwocky

And pylkaet fire!


One-two, one-two! Burning grass

Vzy-vzy – Strizhalo sword

Uva! Uva! And the head

Barabardaet shoulders!


About Radiant my boy!

You won the battle!

About hrabroslavlenny hero.

Praise to you sing!


Varkala. Hlivkie shorki

Pyryalis by Nave.

And hryukotali zelyuki.

As outgrabe.


Laughter and applause.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And you remember that only Humpty Dumpty was able to explain who the “zelyuki”, “myumziki” what “Varkala.” There was a remarkable Soviet cartoon “Kievnauchfilm” “Alice in Wonderland”, “Through the Looking-Glass.” Find it, put your children, and see for yourself. Not here, these modern “Alice …”, especially abroad, that the horror just some sickening, namely “Kievnauchfilm” 88 or 86 years, can not remember exactly. It’s a cartoon! You know, it’s hard, like Humpty Dumpty interpret these things. If the Tibetan language to quote all these things Tilopa, it would sound something like this, as I said to you now! And how it is linked to other verses:


Lupite his son

Because he sneezes

He teases you for sure

Deliberately annoying!


Sonny any Lupita mother

Because he sneezes.

He could adore pepper,

Yes, but does not want to.

Here is how to reconcile one with the other? Too heavy! Therefore, have a heart, guys!

Q: How do these border states are linked to the state of wakefulness and sleep. When we try to drag the awareness of the state of wakefulness to sleep, for it is given and nidra meditation? To go in this border state, and somehow conscious of itself and in our familiar reality?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But that’s about to realize themselves, as in the usual reality – is, of course, it is difficult and it is not. And in that regard, to maintain the continuity of consciousness when changing conditions – is yes. Yoga Nidra – yes.

Question: If this is done, the increased attention and lead it is the fact that you can not sleep? When a person is considerate, he’s active …?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s the fact of the matter is that there is no brain activity. There’s more glimpses of Higher intuition! Because brain activity depletes, and really you can not sleep and hornier. Here you can sleep and see the fantastic as a “OM-M-M-M-M ‘dreams, where everything shines! Moreover, this “O-M-M-M-M-M” will be held, as well as through the waking state, the state of dreaming, dreamless sleep state. And you wake up in the morning, straight from the tin as a cucumber, but filled cosmism what is happening in your life, OGOGO! More questions are available? No! Well, a little pereryvchik and something practical about it. Let us not sleep, they all stood up, jumped, because then you have to sleep.

Text printed Natalia Sim.


Friends, it is with us today, 4th part of the workshop on Yoga of the Clear Light. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. All historical data on sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru, we also have kurs.openyoga.ru courses which can be studied remotely theory and practice of yoga.

Question: How can we remain in a state of nature, if we are not aware of the state of nature?

Answer: Friends, it is very simple. The natural state for it and it is natural that it just is natural. No need to invent anything. The only thing that is required of us – to remove unnatural, came to a natural state. I, at one time, in connection with yoga Visualization searched criteria for schizophrenia, there is such a disease. It was found that the established criteria for schizophrenia does not exist in the world. In some cases, it can be said that a person – schizophrenia, and in some others – men under the influence of passion. There is also an analogy. It is axiomatic question of what our natural state? Condition of happiness and joy. And if you dig a little deeper – a state of absolute freedom.

Let’s you and I will do the practice. Our task will be to try to make the practice of “Clear Light” in the transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep. This is about the same as we do on-site seminars, but we approach it with the methodology that is contained in the Tibetan yoga in the “Six Yogas of Naropa”. To begin with a brief walk through the practice of Yoga Tumo as to imitate a build internal capacity, and then move on to the practice of “Clear Light”.

But before we come directly to the practitioners, a small part of the theory, I still have to announce. From the context it follows that the first of these practices were for men. The question is: “Can we practice this visualization transferred to women?”. In particular, if a man is prescribed to meditate on both the Vajra Dakini, sixteen-year girl in red, in the buff, beautiful, fierce, with all the ornaments, the women as the meditation? Same as girls or as a person of the opposite sex? Based on the logic of constructing practical chastity practices, it is likely that a woman should meditate on yourself as a person of the opposite sex. Indirect indications we find in some other Tibetan practices. In particular, there is a concept “Khatvanga” – a kind of staff that allegorically prescribed meditation immediately imprisoned women. But a clear answer, you will not find in the well-known difficulty. So, ladies, the whole practice has been going on from the perspective of the common axioms of Yoga, the common basic principles, which you can find in the Tibetan and Indian yogis. This should be considered. As for the various schools of yoga in Tibet, they are reluctant to say anything. As far as I know, both men and women meditate yourself Vajra Dakini, regardless of gender. This is a delicate issue, and, perhaps, a minor, because where there is a direct transfer as yourself or meditate, you still get the result.


Sit up straight. Straighten your back, neck and head. Close your eyes and look through the eye of itself. The index finger of either hand is located in the center between the eyebrows. Breathe in through both nostrils, close one nostril, exhale through the free. Again, breathe through both nostrils, exhale through the other. So breathe quietly in thoughtlessness. Inhale through both nostrils, exhale alternately, then through one, then in another. If you get tired arm, change it.

We turn to meditation. Internal eyes look through you. Getting mentally dissolve the surrounding world, the entire universe. All melts, it spreads. There is nothing else. You are in the luminous emptiness. Now dissolve the body: arms, legs, trunk, face. All solutions. Now visualize yourself the opposite sex. Either gently, gradually or suddenly, “how to pull the fish out of the water.” The whole body with the smallest details. Create empty inside their bodies. In the center of his body we see the central channel of sky-blue color from the body base to the top of the head, thick as a finger (thumb or). As the pole, which holds all your empty body. We perceive the center channel as the axis around which revolve all our thoughts, emotions, sensations. The center channel is empty inside and filled with brightly glowing light. Glimpses of bright glowing light pulled up from the top of the head, as separate beams. Now remember the state of sexual arousal, remember its taste and filled their hollow core body. Once again, visualization symmetrical bodies, we see ourselves beautiful girl of sixteen or courageous young men with all anatomical details. Someone meditation fuzzy, blurry, and someone extremely precise, clear. Someone gently drawn, and someone has just finished. But you are filled with the power of being cheerful! And at the same time we feel the power of sexual desire. In all of its spectrum: violent, burning, spodvigaet which to act; soft, which allows you to relax; intermediate. We feel a surplus of vitality, sexuality, Prana. In his mind’s eye groping two points that are important for meditation: red – at the base of the body, white – on top of the head. They are connected by a central channel filled with a clear light. We see the fire at the base of the body. And we continue to alternate breathing, imagining how each inhalation and exhalation, the fire flares up stronger at the same time feel sexual arousal. Feel how the flames rise higher and higher, envelop the central channel, reach the umbilical center. In just a few breaths rise above, to the heart center. Sexuality, plus breathing, plus meditation merge into a triple effect, which is the absolute acid, eating away all the karmic dirt, all the brutality, all the stupidity and brings clarity to the mind and the power to feel. flames rise higher reaches of the throat center. Rises higher, up to a point between the eyebrows, inside the head. Rises even higher and pulled out through the crown of the head. All stand up. Continue to breathe and visualize. Sexual feeling, strength, joy of life. We started to paint in different emotions. We, as in yoga Rita, seeing the folly and injustice, the All Blacks of the world, begin to dance in a spontaneous dance, experiencing anger. And seeing as we begin to envelop the violent clubs of fire and smoke. Mentally dance dance furious destroyers of ignorance. Destroys all ignorance. All dark and scary scattered in fear, because your appearance shows that nothing good from a meeting with you is not expected for the whole dark and terrible. The intensity increases and smoky clouds turn into steady light. Aura glowing pouted and turned into a steady light. And your anger gradually becomes calm, in wisdom, in Sattva. Now you have a relaxing dance, are subject to the power of the dark forces of his goodness. Deploy them to the service of higher goals.

Now we sit down, keep meditation. Meditate sexual union. We are connected with a person of the opposite sex. Picking up sexual feelings. Visualize yourself in the body of a man, the woman’s body. We see ourselves, on the one hand sexual union, then the other. We feel physical touch and feel an emotional connection. Now we imagine that we look into the eyes of our partner. It appears that the sexual contact has moved to the heart center. Inner eye can see this beautiful couple, flooded with light. At the head of clarity, a sense of sexuality, and all that is within you.

Carefully lay down, holding his head in meditation on this pair. Without thinking, we see it in ourselves. We see clarity coming from the center of our hearts. In their pointless contemplate within themselves. The pair was flooded with light. We feel like space around us begins to dissolve all the objects and phenomena. Through all forms of their way rays of light, dissolving all the forms, objects, events, people. All is absorbed by the surrounding light. There is no inhalation or exhalation, no thoughts, no lack of ideas. There is the perception of light. In his mind’s eye embrace your feet. We see as they dissolve in the light. We see how the hands are dissolved in the light. Face, head dissolves into light. We see how the body is dissolved in the light, there is only this couple in sexual union. The feeling of clarity, thoughtlessness, power, grandeur and meaningfulness of what is happening. We see how the pair merged with a light source, and this source begins to glow brightly our nature, our suchness. There is no inhalation or exhalation. Some thoughts are gone, others do not come. Now we feel how light falls down and dissolves in the ambient light. The unity of the whole.

Slowly begin to materialize their usual body ordinary world in the form which we dissolved before. Now, let come back. Gradually, or just suddenly, as if “the fish was pulled out of the water”, in all its details. We remember that we have our legs, arms, torso, face, but try not to lose the feeling that it was before, only now it is starting to shine through our normal body. We stretch and yawn. The feeling of light and unity, the world of mother and child remains. Foot Socks pull over, from myself, sweet-sweet yawn. Foot Socks for yourself, from yourself, turn to the side. Visualize yourself in the natural body, the natural clothing. Materializing it all back. Bend your knees and sit down. Let the taste of the “canvas of the world”, the “Clear Light” on the freedom that light from the outside, inside, everywhere echo remains. We begin to pat himself on the arms, legs, torso, massaging the ears.

Q: Why could be a feeling of nausea?

Answer: It is difficult to answer such questions. The reasons may be very different, maybe eating something wrong. Sometimes we ourselves do not feel very well, especially when the change of season, weather. Let’s hope that nothing bad, because the practice, though powerful, but they are forgiving. It’s just a visualization images that work is directly proportional to your accumulated Prana. A Prana operates primarily on the recovery of the body, then on sexuality, then it is possible to sublimate and use techniques of “Clear Light” and others. Therefore, in this sense, the practice of “Six Yogas of Naropa” absolutely safe. According to the principle: first invent the elixir of youth, and then, if it does not turn into a sexy, use it for their spiritual development. If it could not be used for other purposes, our Prana primarily animates our body and then manifests itself as sexuality. What is the use of sexuality to appear, if not today, tomorrow do you want to live long? This is the logic of our expressions. Our manifestations enliven our body and then manifest themselves as sexy, and only then appear as a ladder to the side of spirituality. Therefore, the side effects of these practices can not be, well, except that overdone with Pranayama. But, in any case, if something is wrong, then immediately to the doctor. Do you remember the basic rule: “Yoga and abuse are incompatible. Where there is yoga – no violence, and where there is violence – there is no yoga “in any practice or meditation – the slightest discomfort, stop immediately. Everything must be harmonious.

Question: Do I understand correctly that this practice can be done, as the freeze in the moment of sexual arousal?

Answer: In principle, yes. All the practice, I expounded on the theory of our yoga school, so if you are interested in the deeper moments, then you should go to kurs.penyoga.ru site. Find axioms, study it and then find what is called “Yoga Triad”: sexual union yoga, tantra yoga and the yoga of love. Of course, before the Triad should examine childbirth yoga, and it will guarantee that you do not make mistakes in dealing with sexuality. Because sublimation sublimation discord, you can dosublimirovatsya that turn into some maniac. Sometimes in certain religious and philosophical doctrines – they’re so gagging sexuality that starts throwing poles. But if everything is done from the position Generic yoga and yoga Triad, really, these practices can be applied at the time of your erotic uncontrolled outbreaks, to sublimate. But if it does not suffer from the family, the continuation of life, another living being such as a husband or wife. Maybe the wife wants sex from you, and you are left in the sublimation. Or vice versa, the husband wants sex and the wife – no, I sublimation. Remember these points are very important, otherwise nothing good from your experiments with sexuality will not work. Happy are either all or none. In general, it is absolutely right – it is the sublimation of practice.

Question: Is it possible to do during practice Mula Bandha?

A: I just do not want to develop the theme of sexual yogas within Tibetan yogi. If you are interested in the use of sexuality in their personal spiritual purposes – all are welcome in yoga Triad. Where have all with feeling, with really, emphatically, consistently, and without any side effects. Indeed, such a practice Mula Bandha very much facilitate the practice. It is necessary to use them carefully, with all regulations, precautions, which teaches yoga Triad. For the simple reason that you can, as a male or female, practicing Mula Bandha, so can greatly compress the perineum and genitals, that starts an uncontrollable orgasm. It is possible so to compress the internal muscles of the perineum, which itself begins orgasm in both men and women. Which leads to the so-called sex losses. And the visible part of the world, the basis on which everything is built, will be lost. Yes, there is plenty of good feeling, an indescribable expression of their sexuality. If by this one does not suffer, it’s all very well. But this can be podrasteryal. And so there is a lot of support points, in particular, Sidhasanoy practice, when you, as a man, in a certain way exert pressure on certain places of your body to these cuts did not lead to orgasm. Women are about the same, but there are nuances. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully use reinforcing moments. If you get an orgasm with a loss, then further progress impossible.

Q: What about people aged who have no sexual potential?


A: Yoga, any, has no upper age limit, even if you are sacred tantric 108 years, what you all want, it does not matter that you do not have sexuality. No, there’s sexuality. This means that it is absorbed by your body to maintain viability. In disease, the flaws, inconsistencies, internal medicine, wasted potential vitality that is otherwise spent on sexuality. Differences between the young man and the old principle no. A young man – a bucket full of water, an old man – a bucket with a lot of holes in which water is above a certain level is not maintained, leaking. These holes – pollution and disease. Sometimes with age, people cease to engage in a physically and intellectually. The issue of sexuality – is a matter of an intellectual! A person who is engaged in intellectual work, longer retains the sexual potential than a person who is not engaged in his mind. Because there is a triple bond between thinking, sexuality and breathing. Therefore, they must understand the people in old age for myself. The first – nothing is lost for them, and may, on the contrary, life is just beginning. Because in the old age of procreation protection mechanism loosens his grip, and you will be easier to keep sexuality and accumulate it. It is necessary to gradually engage in their health, very gently practice yoga, to conduct a correct lifestyle, eat right, to perform breathing exercises, mantra yoga. And no matter what your age, sexual potential is obliged to return, if you patch up every hole in which he falls away. Indeed, the karmic situation may be different, but if everything is in order, then everything should go back. But there is an ambush. If you thus gain sexuality and begin to spend again, as it was in his youth, the downside of these losses will be much stronger than in the young. Therefore, we must be careful with the expression of normal sex. At the age of sex for the body has a heavy load.


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