2007.09.08 Yantra Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Each of us has the ability to see images. This is the principle of vision. It has to do with our ability to perceive visual information and use det in his spiritual development. To this end, used Yantra Yoga, some charts. The most famous is the Sri Yantra, which is shown above me. This certain geometric shapes consisting of triangles, squares, sheets and so on. Thus, the word written into them, sometimes whole sentences. We must look at these geometric figures in a certain way. At first glance it is generally in the shape, and then look can go from the edges to the middle. There is no spontaneous perception of detail in its entirety.

            When we look at these charts, there is a process of non-verbal learning. Most of the information we get talking, everything has some words, some names for a description. In India, more known another method of learning, a non-verbal. Image acts directly on our subconscious mind, bypassing the mind, and has an impact, which helps us to follow the path of spiritual development, spiritual self-realization, it is a delight, worship of the wise men of ancient times, who apparently knew the psychology of human perception is much better .

Now this science known to many sharks of advertising as any advertising is the impact of the images. Advertising is, in principle, is not good. But the point is that in ancient times knew this science exposure images is much better, there is even a feeling that there is really highly developed culture, have survived only small nuggets of knowledge.

Returning to the yantra yoga. When the perception of yantras us, our subconscious mind and even has a powerful momentum push. Strictly speaking, any yogic image can be used to practice. For example, if you visit any temple in India, you will see a huge number of images of all the gods, goddesses, yogis. This is also necessary for the practice of images. If you contemplate these pictures, remember them, and will meditate on these images, and then prefer to hatha yoga, for example, as soon as you clean the channels very well be able to realize what you want to say by means of rapid impact, time – and before you came. Yantra is the same images, but putting professional his abstraction by the backbone of visual perception. Yantra is a very complex, particularly the Sri Yantra. I would not say that it is easily possible to reproduce from memory.

The word “yantra” is translated from Sanskrit as “tool”, but any device for night vision or a telescope could be called in Sanskrit as well. But one of the values is a tool that helps us to see, to work with our visual perception.

What happens yantras, what are they? Most are simple yantras in the picture, there is also complex. Where did they come from, we do not know, maybe it was a revelation from on high, which was handed down to us from ancient times. The action of each yantra, according to the ancient texts, classified. Yantra in order to do so, it is possible that this science is now developed into a knowledge of the amulets. There yantra for all occasions, wealth, success, overcoming obstacles, to acquire happiness and so on. There yantra gloomy, for example, the impact on other people, what would now call black magic. But this is only an attempt to reveal the abilities inherent in each of us. God grant that advertisers have not reached this science earlier than the rest of civilized humanity will rise to a new stage of development. Images – a very strong impact on the thing.

There is provision for the identity of name and form, that is, each mantra has a yantra. Each name is a form, each form has a name. This construction principle of our universe. Yantra, their image rests on the basic geometry of our universe. Our universe is somehow arranged, it is three-dimensional, it has a height, width, length. It could be two-dimensional, five-dimensional, it does not matter. Since I have to have a space that is a purely mathematical parameters in which this space is displayed, it means that there are ways in which these laws, the parameters are displayed. Yantra is precisely these laws display in forms. Sri yatnra – it is neither more nor less than the image the entire universe. For example, you take a map of Russia, you look at it, you see, Moscow, Siberia, Kamchatka. Strictly speaking, the Sri Yantra is the map of our universe. Another thing is how to understand it. And it does take very seriously practice yoga, have some knowledge. There is another approach to the perception of the yantra. Yantra is considered to be the image of a power manifestation of power or of a goddess, the female principle of the universe. Sri Yantra is the image of the goddess Sri, the goddess of love, beauty, and prosperity. There are a series of lectures on yoga Sri Vidya, I refer you to him, we can buy CDs at the top. Comprehension of this chart displays the person beyond this world. Man attains samadhi, then release and exit from the universe. In principle, the study of how this universe is made, that is the first approach to the perception of yantras, it leads to the same. The contradictions between these two approaches is not as Sri Vidya, understanding that the universe is realization of beauty, harmony in her prisoners.

There are certain rules of “dialogue” with yantras. If you practice yoga with Yantra Yantra with time it ceases to be a geometric image. It turns into a powerful tool. The ratio should be at this special. It can be run with just a piece of iron in his hand, and it is possible with a Kalashnikov. Also the yantra with long practice of geometrical image transforms into a powerful tool, and just throw away is not advisable. But it is a subject of deeper investigation.


Now questions.


Question: how to practice yoga yantra, contemplate?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev :. Apply body of need, but because if you close your eyes, too, can play a visual image. We have, in addition to the view, there is an inner eye. That is, we have a thin body of – the inner eye, and there are more rough eyesight – our physical eyes. Once the delicate eye included in the physical, physical eyes at least something to see. Our eye is derived from the ability to see, and not vice versa. It is incorporated by the device of our body. Yantra should contemplate both by eye and by the internal view. Contemplation by the internal view is much more powerful. We begin to stabilize the mind and thoughts of the chaotic throwing come to the last stage of yoga (by Patanjali) sanyama, when the degree of concentration becomes very high. For example, in my head a bunch of thoughts, then one less, then even less, only one thought remains in the end. Condition, when the head is only one human thought SAMADHI called an object. If we focus on the yantra, we have in mind is only one way, one thought, it is the state that takes into samadhi. As we will see, externally or internally – it’s nuances.


More questions? You can ask any questions, just to practice yoga, if you are at home. Remember that there are no stupid questions, stupid answers are. T risk you do not, I venture to. Do not hesitate, the most important thing is to practice.




Q: When you just start to do, how to determine which branch of yoga is more suitable to you? What teacher?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is no secret that hatha yoga is one of the branches of yoga, but it is taught in every school in many ways. So it makes sense to look like different teachers to decide. As for the yoga branches, then ideally we all need to learn in the first approximation, all types of yoga. Get introduced to hatha yoga, kriya yoga, yoga breathing, those yogis who make our bodies healthy, stable, mentally strong. Therefore, by the way, yoga became popular, put himself in a good shape. But!

There are also more Yantra Yoga, Mantra Yoga. With these yogi can solve some other problems.

            Therefore, I see the following algorithm. First, we need to desire to practice yoga is not evaporated. That’s right you do, you’re doing wrong – no matter in due course leave all your mistakes, and everything will be good. Once you have decided to do yoga, it is good to start with the physical body. Master the hatha yoga, static exercises, kriya yoga – dynamic yoga, the first stage of yoga breathing – pranayama, I recommend more to learn and mantra yoga. All other yoga – as you move. Why? Because in life you can be faced with different situations, as in a kaleidoscope does not happen the same patterns, and there are no identical situations. So, you might be kind of a situation, and you begin to remember what tools you have for this. Then you can take one from one type of yoga, different from the other. Personally, for myself you collect this set and apply. You are practicing physical yoga, familiar with other yogis and all that apply. Next, the most important thing is not to stop. As stated in the treatise, if we practice yoga, while our protector, if not engaged, while our enemy.


Q. And could you tell us about the compliance of mantras and yantras.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question! Each mantra has a yantra, each Yantra has its own mantra. This is where the fun begins. We remember that yoga has reached us is not completely, but only a grain. Therefore, I personally met sometimes there mantra, and it still five or six yantras. Maybe it worked for all of this mantra yantra, or just a few, we do not know, or rather, we do not understand fully the yantra. If you go on the subway, you can see that there is a door between the cars, man, technology, for example, there is a key to open them, we have kchyucha hole. And there trugolnichek so that no one else has opened. Yantra is the key to our consciousness just opened, and that no one else has gone. Which in this case the geometry of the components are, no one can say. Maybe, and behold five yantras work. The Indians in this regard are not very punctual people, transmitted from mouth to mouth sacred knowledge. I personally faced with so many typos and errors! Western people in this sense refer to this knowledge more vibrantly. Therefore, it is difficult to say what the mantra refers to a yantra. Although there are texts in which everything is more clearly written. Now there is an Internet, and there is quite easy to find the yantra.


Question: Mandalas pertain to Yantra?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is different and simultaneously similar things. The operating principle of the mandala is the same, but there are features in the practices. If we take, for example, tantric mandalas in Tibetan Buddhism, then there must have seen on TV, the mandala of colored sand is poured. Can pour it months or even years. And only when the mandala is completed, when completed all appropriate ceremonies, it destroyed. Sand, from which it was made, if you remember, was colorful, and when mixed becomes white, because white is when there is a little of everything.

In yoga, it can be classified as karma yoga, when done something for the benefit of all sentient beings is absolutely disinterested, without reference to the results of labor. That is, three months monk poured it, then destroyed in one fell swoop, not to get attached. Although there is a mandala, its varnished in a New York museum for people to see how it looks. There is still time, that the destruction of the mandala is like the dissolution of the world, and many other aspects.


Question: For example, I needed to get a transfer mantra practice, as I do not run into you mentioned “business in India?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I can advise only one thing – to pray to the Lord God, nothing I can not advise. It’s very hard, it’s – mess. This, in fact, the principle of ahimsa. Well, you enter the position of these unfortunate people, they are starving, it is a third world country, to their terrible poverty. And here comes sagip from here Taken purse for knowledge came. It is clear that if there is demand, then there is an offer. You know, there is such a thing, that sometimes, a person is a carrier of a really existing mantra, and this force is the most mantras. Therefore, we have and we can only pray that will reach, will not come. Certificate of the fact that this man is a true bearer of knowledge, no one gives. But you have to understand them too, because they’re starving. Try starve month. We’ve won a lot of former academics who are now collected bottle. You can imagine the life of a man. And then there is the man with the money. I do not blame them. On the other hand, if it really is an intermediary in the transfer of knowledge, it is his business, why not. Anyone who shares the cake, has the right to the crumbs. Then the mantra, as if she did not come to you, start working. Only you have to be willing to wait with an open heart. You are on one side, the Lord God – on the other, and it will cost nothing to build a bridge to you by any means. Though the chain of succession of the homeless, if need be. The main thing that you were ready. Difficult question. I can advise to apply to all highly respectful. Even a man who looks like a bum, and that haggling skills. Better once to bow to this than to miss a true teacher. Nothing costs us so little and brings so much as a courtesy. Do not stop, keep looking for.


Question: Can an abstract question? Do Tibet sand drawing tradition not only of mandalas, but just the other pieces?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There are many different practices. The practice of mandala, the monks draw kartinochku beautiful, this is the aerobatics. In other schools, the student can take a handful of sand, wheat, rice, etc. and simply draw from the hand and give this picture associative. For example, I drew something valuable for s6ebya, and then give it to the universe. Or my new Mercedez, and I give it to the world peace. Not that I have it easy now break at the first turn, and not get attached. He is, he shall serve me, bring me joy, and then go away easily and serve to someone else. Indeed, out of the sand, you can draw whatever you please, if you give it some important sense. As in ancient times, people have drawn rhino, and then pierced him with a spear, ie, there was a whole ritual to rhino soul gets to heaven, that is, he gave us meat, and we him a happy afterlife. In this system of the ancient magic, but for this it was necessary to draw the beast. There are many branches of this science.


Question: Why do I have a question, in Georgia there is a tradition to organize the whole show, where the master painted on large glass tables fleeting images, it’s all projectors displayed on the wall ….

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Right. We, too, do the figures out of ice. Master makes the figure a month or two, and then the sun warms and melts all his work. But how much joy it brings to people. Here again there is a moment of karma yoga. We often look for work as an unpleasant necessity. In fact, the work – it’s a blessing. Any job – it is a chance to fulfill your potential. The average person thinks about a job about hard labor and a person who is engaged in yoga for a long time, and gets up in the morning thinking that today he will have a chance to fulfill your potential, a chance to do something in terms of their work, but the most important thing for this is not to cling to. If caught, how the master, who has made the figure of ice, everyone is happy, then it begins to melt, and it would be bad, because he put so much effort, so tried. If he is comfortable with the fact that the result of his work disappears, then everything is in order.


Question: Vadim, a translation of the word “mandala”?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard to say, since there are different versions of the translation. Sanskrit – is a language in which the first sound, and then writing. Therefore intrepretirovat difficult words. The same thing can be written by different letters. To read a word, highlight the root, but it can be done in different ways. Some root of “man” refers to the process of thinking. And it is possible and in another way. It is best to take in the context of translation.


Q: It happens that the first has a chance to be realized, and then it goes away …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is a matter of karma. Sometimes on this earth people are born not for personal achievement samadhi, enlightenment. They do in fact have long been reached. And in this life, in his example help others. For example, he began to practice yoga, you see, and his neighbor drunk too began to study. This is a good example of a contagious. It’s a question of whether it was a real chance, whether it is necessary to man. This is outside our questions, we do not know for what purpose we came here. Perhaps, in order to help many, many people, and then dissolve into a rainbow. In Tantric Buddhism it is considered to be a good tradition to say the yogis, Lama, and so on, that we need them, that they may see it. Without this, they will assume that they are no longer needed in this world, enlightened and leave. The first yoga teacher who came to the West got into an absolutely ridiculous situation, read the biography of Vivekananda, Egonandy. Vivekananda traveled to all the Wild West, where cowboys lived all these semi-morons who shot each other. Imagine, you have come to lecture on yoga, but there is someone shooting fun. And you think, and whether it is necessary here to someone. Therefore, a complex question.


Q: Here’s a question, I just do one asana injured his knee. Can you cure it?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What do the doctors say? Well, thank you! First of all it is necessary to contact a doctor, x-rays done. Medics can not be neglected, since the Lord God created them, then so is necessary.

For my part, may be the Council, we must be careful. The process of yoga, is not a process of twisting itself in a knot. Acting on a rough, we need to work on fine. If we overtax the body, the mind focuses on the physical, and it is necessary to go into the subtle. So, too well done asana, it still would not do asana. It can at best give you a stretch, but it is not yoga. Yoga – it’s the middle between where myself to, and where afford. If we constantly make myself, it’s a dead-end option. It is a valuable and very useful, in fact, I would recommend to go on the edge, to feel on a horse, gain self-confidence. But this extreme measure has not led anyone anywhere. We try to do poses that no let nothing hurt God. If you have health problems, you must first consult your doctor. Although they are for your money whatever you find. I bow my head in front of physicians, since most of the really good doctors are now somewhere in the outback in that light pull people. And if all is good health, it is quietly gaining time and effort. If we do something wrong, you have to analyze why. And, most importantly, it is to find a way how to do it, maybe with the help of breathing exercises.


            Now back to yoga axioms, ie to what was built on what is a big knowledge of yoga.

            Yoga – the science that has much in common with modern science, but at the same time, there is something that different yoga science. Yoga complements science, science perfectly complements yoga. These are two different perspectives on the same thing.

            Yoga is logical as mathematics, any provision of it appears, as we deduce the theorem from simple facts, yoga anytime even your most intricate elements of conclusions from a simple fundamental things. Another thing is that yoga is above the concept of logic and at a certain stage of yoga, you will go beyond the level of logic, what will happen to you on, and logic-that can not be called. Mysteriously it can not be called a mystic – a something strange. On the other hand, is a good word to express the inexpressible. Yoga is first logically will bring you to the level, and then make the “throw” logic. But logic can not be neglected if we start to ignore the logic, then, as they say, yoga, yoga and why not come down to us in full. Imagine a medieval India, war, stabbing, it is not down to a science. It went all the principle that to remember, then handed. Correctly understand, it is not correct, as long as the knowledge conveyed. But thanks to this, we have at least something to have. Unfortunately, sometimes the logic begins to be lost, and this is very bad. Therefore, sometimes there are quite delusional interpretation of yoga. We must remember that yoga is very logical, it’s good science. All that brings evil – is not yoga. All that is harmful – it is not yoga. However that is not all hitroobrazno explained.

Sometimes it happens that we know what goodness and what is sverhdobrota, we do not understand, but if you look at all this as if from above, you are horrified, though, but you realize that everything is logical and fair. Therefore, we are considering and axioms.

             We know that we have our I. Our I is not clear where. From our self to our body (we have three groups of bodies – physical, subtle and causal) runs a thread of prana. That is, of the self extends the energy and consciousness, they are refracted inside and then go outside. We are sitting, look at this hall, we are here to do something. This is our energy and consciousness, refracted through our I allows us to manipulate this space. But where is our I, we really can not say. Our I mentioned the concept of space and time.

The thread that runs from our self to our body, is called associative connection. What is the association we all have an idea, it is when we associate one thing with another. The association like there, and like it or not. If it is built, then it begins to flow prana, start walking consciousness and energy.

Today we talk about austerity. Let’s start with the case. I say, walk down the street, see the beer is sold. I’m scared like to drink beer. Or a Coke, or something else. At first, I saw this drink, then I stretched a little thread, I wanted him to drink, and my consciousness and energy prikleelis. Or another option, you go to a jewelry store and see an amazing decoration, hop, and you want to have this jewel. How did it happen?

You first saw then have formed a relationship with the subject. If someone says that he would never get it, you will immediately become bad. If someone says – “! Take”, you will begin to feel good. Why? Because of you stretched a little thread, associative. She was attached to this thing, and in the future behavior of this thing, as if you connected the gum. She stretched, the object away from you, you become ill, or vice versa. As a result, there is an associative relationship. As soon as it appeared, it flowed on consciousness and energy. What does it mean? For example, the money to buy the things you like you was not, you go home and think as if no one bought it not to me. You are constantly thinking about it. You ride on the subway and on the thread you pulled up to this brooch. Then you can do something else to happen, you call and say that you have won a million, and you forgot about this thing. The association has disappeared, but has left its imprint on the causal body. When you see this thing again or think about it, it is again line up. If you do not see her at all, she would not have lined up.

What does the energy come from? Your mindset will change internally. You will think: “What if it someone will buy?”, Appear in the soul emotions, your energy will be used.

Thus, we become like slaves to things. This is something that can bind. This is a simple example. In more complex – the same thing, only more complicated circuit. It extends the associative link, which begins to run on your consciousness and energy to this thing. It is like a thread binds you. If there are a lot of threads, then you become a Gulliver, who is lying on the ground, and the little Lilliputians tied threads of it. Remember this story? Strings of small, but a lot of them. That’s the way we get on the network. The karma network. And the network begins to drag us through life as a fisherman’s net draws the fish to the shore. It leads us to our logical continuation. Get caught – we have something to grasp. We were driven, and we are reaping the fruits of their karma, let’s say, negative. As soon as there are associative links that extend to the outside, we become attached. There is, however, another point, the thing which you are attached, you start to control. Why? For example, I have a piece of meat, I do not understand where the mine, but it is connected with my body associative bond. All it controls, I can here to dance, to sing. That is, with which there is an associative link, control you, but on the other hand, and you affect it. And, anyway, you are doing everything possible, and the thing gets to you.

There is an axiom in yoga – everything that you want to pass, all your desires will be fulfilled, the only question is when. And the third question is when they will be fulfilled if you want them. Because as soon as we get what we want is terrible, we immediately cease to want it. Moreover, we begin to push off it, no, we do not need. The association thread stretched to the desired object only when attract – a matter of time, your strength, how much you want it. Associative relations, too, are different.

Thus, we become hostage to their desires. As this is? Good. If there were no desires, we would still have remained animals. Another thing is that desire should be to come up with the correct, competent.

All that I have just said, there was not now, 1000 years ago, it was the same. Therefore, there were ascetics. The man went to remote places to asceticism, which strongly humbled himself. Yoga done through pain. The slightest desire, and he tore his force. Eat – No drink – no, scratch behind the ear – no. Hand raised, and so the whole day was. The complex mechanism of associative links made to miss and he still stood with his hand raised. That is, there is a desire and breaks. Associative relations – it is water. From our body to our Self wide pipe, a lot of consciousness and energy. There is a truth small ducts on all sorts of petty desires. Here you start these tubes deliberately vomit, preventing leak consciousness and energy. As a result, consciousness and energy is not wasted. And you begin to swell from the consciousness and energy, you get the power. Here you typed energy and consciousness, and yet decided any thing to get. In ancient India, there was a tradition that the son, who was deprived of the throne, went into the desert, ascetic exploits to gain power, then to regain his throne. His desire – is a powerful associative link, which smashes all in its path. This works asceticism.

If we want to achieve something, and we do not have the strength, we must save energy, as if we saved money to buy anything. The sexual practices we accumulate Ojas, in others – tapas, ascetic practice, translates as “burned passions.” I have accumulated a lot of something, as soon as I get a goal, I am sending this something on her performance, I immediately achieve it. Why? Because the ability to work with us from the Absolute. Forces a smaller feel, but as soon as we collect immediately able to accomplish much. This built ascetic practices.

Unfortunately, all we have brought to marginalism. Including practice asceticism has been brought to a monstrous marginalism, although initially it was very capable and very much appreciated in his time. It makes sense to use it from time to time.

It is clear that then began to practice for the sake of practice. Respect for the person who is half my life stood with hand extended upwards. Everyone starts to bow before him. Once the yogi sees before him bow, his strength gone. Here’s a tapas he is not on the public. Here is part of the stored energy is lost.

By the way, returning to the hatha yoga, I have such a fad, I’m also a tyrant, I can not stand when the posters depict intricate postures in yoga. I myself can not stand on his head, holding the legs in the lotus position. Sometimes you can show off, but God forbid advertising for people who have never experienced with yoga. It will scare them. It is rather similar to Extreme. On the other hand, if we are too hard to do yoga, then we have an inner pride. This is a very good pride, but not to the public. It’s too much. So you lose your tapas, his ascetic energy on fleeting admiration. This is a dangerous component of asceticism. We lovimsya on pride, the person becomes very dry, imperious, skrepuche-prescriptive. I myself was such, and probably still am. All ranks to build and came to yoga. These are the notes of a man beginning to emerge. The positive side of asceticism, that the stored energy can spend as they please. This is very valuable. If you meet in your life situation, you can not decide, then hold myself in check a bit, accumulate forces, lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result, the internal energy is produced. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not, depends on karma.

God forbid you, hit only asceticism. This is a road to nowhere. But reasonable austerity will solve a lot of problems that have been solved impossible.

Once again I remind you in theory the position of asceticism:

– Consciousness and energy of our self refracted, enter our body, then we go out in the form of associative links;

– As soon as the associative connection are drawn, consciousness and energy begin to flow through it, everything should be the way we want; if this thread is forcibly torn and we do not get what we want, then we still have not realized the desire

– The most dangerous unrealized wish – it is sexual desire; Sex can be used also for austerity, sex – is the concept of life and death, it is the concept of procreation, the universe does not like when someone opposes procreation, as soon as we suppress sex, the Universe accepts this as an attempt to stop the human race. From sex to be trifled with.

– If the association is realized, it will disappear if it was torn, it is forced austerity. And then not implemented any desire becomes an obsession. For example, a child may not be getting something, and then it becomes an obsession for life.

We must understand that if we consciously rvёm – is one thing, if someone breaks for us – it is different. If such things were, in any did not realize the desire lies what is called a bomb. In the Yoga Sutras Patanzhdali said that it prints, unconscious impressions. If we consciously let go of consciousness and energy, we gain potential. The most reasonable is to find a balance in his life between asceticism and pleasure. If you find that balance, you go for yoga, if she leaves towards asceticism or pure pleasure – is a dead end. Find balance – is to go on the main road, if you will roll in one direction or another, it will be bad. If you will experience the pleasure and enjoyment only, then the energy will be spent, but not replenished. It is necessary to either increase the flow of this energy, or reduce waste of energy. How to increase the flow of energy, it just teaches yoga. Even if it is small, the loss can be reduced.


Question: How to carry out the practice of asceticism, living in society? How can I suppress the desire at the very beginning of their occurrence, those who take too much energy?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sometimes it seems to us that this or that desire, we do not need, not always all that obvious. It so happens that the little things we win, and something big lose. A typical situation, the man decided to starve. Fast, fast, it is already becoming bad, he comes to work and breaks on employees. That is, like fasting and benefits, and on the other hand there is a wave of negativity. For that matter, as soon as you feel that your attention is caught on something, you know that association is formed. The day can be a billion opportunities,


Q: The main thing to maintain some sort of awareness?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Different possible. You can walk down the street and meditate on the Sri Yantra, only so as not to bump into the table. You can repeat a mantra, it is a kind of thinking that saves on associative connections. When we are immersed in some of his practice, we are not gonna get. Usually serious scientists are immersed in their thoughts, to work, they do not notice anything, forget to eat, it will save them.

            There is another way, for the adventure lovers. Let her arise, and then pull it consciously. This aerobatics. At the same time we should have a conscious experience of rejection of desires. What is it? When we kapnёm causal body when throwing gratuitous will arise, and the causal body is the bane of the entire civilized world, when we can pull out of a desire to implement it, we can, as it were, with the desire to play, the desires through time. This stall will not buy beer, and the next will buy at an even days do not drink, I drink on the odd.

            I have no luck with the way saleswomen, they do not like me, as soon as I go to the store, they immediately begin to consider me a bastard, may face such a blatant, I start lapping them, begin to argue, I’m looking for some himself. But if I manage to somehow keep himself within all bubbles first, then it calms down, and it did not break out the energy comes back to me, because I did not let her escape. Sometimes, too, it is necessary to rudeness to respond adequately.

            You can still try to switch attention to something else. For example, a small child is crying, wants a toy, it is useless to say that she did not need. My mother told me that as a child I wanted to drive by motorboat. But I could distract, to show something else, the picture of the motor swam, if only the second time I saw her. All different, some time in the book, to switch attention, someone switched to computer games, he has a problem, and he runs to the computer. His energy and consciousness distracted by desire or problems

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