2012.06.29 Visiting seminar. Natya Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

by Natya Yoga Workshop on June 30, 2012..


         So, friends, we have today 30 June 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a seminar dedicated to a visiting summer theater yoga or another, this yoga is called Natya Yoga. All historical data www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.

I remind you also that we have free Internet based tutorials for self-study for the different sections of yoga. Are these tutorials at kurs.openyoga.ru

Today we will have an interesting and accomplished a unique yoga, very little known in the West. I must say, and to the East, it is not fully realized in full. And we have to agree with you, the best traditions of the Open University of Yoga, learn this yoga so that we had not only theoretical basis, what kind of yoga and how it works. But most importantly, we have the practical exercises in order to apply them in their lives. At the same time, I remind you that according to our good old traditions: the most difficult topics, we try to present is very simple, with a minimum amount of certain Vedic or Sanskrit terms. With a minimal amount of hard-built phrases, and try to express all everything is accessible and understandable, even a person who has never heard the word yoga. This ideal is the only way we will preserve this ancient heritage.

I remind you also that is yoga. Come on, we’ll go with these basic concepts. You will recall that all serious spiritual knowledge in the East began with the Vedas. From antiquity to have survived some of the Vedas, which later became the basis for the most varied and diverse philosophical and religious teachings. Where did the Vedas, we do not know! The impression is that they are already there in finished form in India. Modern point of view the most, where have the Vedas, including now starting to gain more and more popular idea, that the Vedas were introduced to India from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, our Central Asia. Some even argue that in Russia once kept this knowledge. Indeed, nahodkidrevnih artifacts, excavations of ancient cities such as Arch, make this very seriously think about. The Vedas were introduced to India from somewhere in the north, we have been introduced in the finished, stacked form and passed down orally from generation to generation and it is the Vedas became the foundation upon which sprouted in India all the most numerous religious and philosophical doctrines!

Finally, the next thing I want to remind you, what in fact are the Vedas. Perfect would be a mistake to assume that the Vedic religion is. The Vedas are not a religion in the usual sense of the word in the Vedas is more than a religion. Vedas is like a pulse of life, it is the very doctrine of life, this is the doctrine itself, which is actually the essence of life! And only there is life, there are living people, there may be religious, and philosophical concepts. To was religion, living people need. If there are no people living there, no religion! And there is also philosophy. The structure of the Vedas is extremely difficult in realization, as with the same degree of reliability can be assumed that the Vedas as the basis of many Indian religions at the same time as the foundation of the atheistic world view. This proves once again how Vedysverhlogichnoe knowledge from which you can withdraw any point of view, which is in the world, both religious philosophy.

Finally, the main, if your words convey the basic essence of the Vedas, what is the mind lies in the idea of life. The basic idea of the Vedas – this basic idea of Freedom of Life – is Freedom! The ability to manifest freely and have to use this freedom as like one or another representative of the life! To develop a variety of religions or philosophies or systems atheist who wants something! The concept of freedom includes it all. If the vulgar say, the basic spirit of the Vedas, then it sounds like this: Live and let live! This phrase, by the way, I read at Jawaharlal Neruv his book “Discovery of India”. She liked me, and she is very well characterized by freedom-loving foundation of the Vedas.

Finally, what should we say the Vedas, and how to use this freedom! If all life in fact is freedom if we are living beings you – are free, how to use this freedom. The Vedas give us this recommendation: Make the most of their personal freedom, but only so as to minimally suppress the freedom of other living beings! We are, according to the ideology of the Vedas, must strive for their personal freedom, but in a way that freedom of others has not been infringed. This idea was embodied in the so-called Law of RITA. This is the main essence of the Vedas – law Rita! Act how to enjoy their freedom. The next thing is very, very important, it is, and how to take advantage of this law, Rita? How to apply this law Rita in your personal life? How to use all the good that there is this law? And then there is the concept of Yoga! Yoga is a system that allows you personally, in your personal life to embody Rita Act through a variety of types of your activities. Or in other words, yoga is the system that leads you to freedom through a variety of series of exercises through a variety of your manifestations, through a variety of your activities!

This raises the following concept: as there are human manifestations in the world, the same and different types of yoga. Therefore, the number of areas and branches of yoga enormously huge! Another very important conclusion, which you should always keep in mind is the concept of freedom, personal freedom. If you practice yoga, your personal freedom, as a material, so spiritual, I emphasize it must increase! If you start doing yoga, and your personal freedom decreases, it means you are not doing yoga, you’re doing something else! The same situation, if you find some group of people who claim that they do yoga and practice yoga offers. And you start to engage in and suddenly feel that your freedom is reduced, that you’re being enslaved, forcing you to some non-viable representation, ideas, then it should be for you a very strong signal to get, and ask yourself: What if this is the teaching of yoga or that any other doctrine, not a yoga!

Do you remember that life and freedom means that you can do anything. The concept of freedom means that you can think yourself a philosophy and teachings that will reduce your freedom, but as you are free, you are free to reduce their freedom and no one has the right to impose you anything else. But this system can not be called yoga, it is a fundamental thing.

According to these views, what you’re doing here, and you learn yoga, is the embodiment of your personal life Rita Law, or you seek to manifest their life potential as much as possible, so as to impair the capacity of other living beings is minimal. In the future, this concept has become more narrow concept, namely the concept of Dharma. Initially, the concept of the Vedas figured Rita. In ancient times, as we are taught the Vedas, people just felt that Rita, they feel like they should behave to other living beings is not suffering and were not enslaved. But, as again, the Vedas teach us, the world over time began to deteriorate, people began to grow stupid, if I may say so. And more and more difficult for each to understand what Rita stopped people feel the concept of Rita. It was introduced a simplistic notion of dharma or personal way of life: what you should to do, what to do, what not to do, what kinds of activities, to what extent and when and where to do it. If you carry it so far, then this is included: your profession, your circle of friends, the methods of spiritual self-discovery, which you apply in your life.

But in the future, and the concept of dharma has become increasingly difficult and hard to be understood, and then were put pointers to find their personal path of Dharma, namely printsipyyogi were invented. Which states that we should not hurt anyone, on the one hand, on the other hand, we must conduct a reasonable and consistent. And also, if we consider the third principle of yoga, we must remember that all the suffering that is on earth, all the inconsistencies, it is not self-existent laws of nature. This is just one wrong use of his freedom and began automatically infringe upon the freedom of others. No prerequisites for the suffering! Suffering is a misunderstanding, suffering from any misuse of freedom! But in the future, and these principles have come to understand very, very wrong, people glupeli. Then the fore was to leave such a thing as the law of karma. That is the law of cause and effect, which tells us what goes around, comes around! It is quite easy to understand for the people, and in fact is now in the East, the concept of the law of karma is the most well-being understood and almost everyone there heard of him. But if you start with the same people talk about concepts such ka Dharma, or about such a thing as Rita, you hardly anything sane in most people hear. Too abstract and powerful concept.

Now a few words that will directly touch the Natya Yoga on human degradation. In fact, a cornerstone in understanding the occurrence of Natya Yoga. According to ancient mythology, Vedic sometime in the very ancient times, our ancestors have been committed. It was so called, Satya Yuga – the golden age, when every living creature sensed the Rita Law, could live and enjoy life, to do their spiritual development, and business as usual in such a way that there is no negative impact. This century has been long enough, as the mythology says. It was then born, many knowledge, practices, techniques, including yoga, which have survived. But then, according to the Generic yoga, yoga in the generic concept, the next thing began to receive: our ancestors, and in this respect the ideals of Yoga and the ideals of the Vedas say that all races and nationalities in the world, had the same ancestors. The idea of the Vedas completely devoid of motives to divide people by race and ethnicity, but at the same time, as you will see later, the Vedas were divided people according to the degree of self-awareness. In terms of how people are responsible for their actions, whether they live on the Law of Rita. This graduation has arisen and evolved into what is called Varna. Or, more familiar to Western ears, this term is translated as castes, estates.

Such a situation occurred that, for whatever reason, our ancestors in the south completely Sathya us skomplektovat us great human bodies, full of super-powers. And then we reached the highest levels of self-discovery and gone from our world. Where did not ask me, I do not know. It is a question of some sverhgrandioznyh planes of existence, where the ancestors are gone. And their bodies are inherited and began to leave in these bodies began to be born of the soul is already less capable of spiritual development. The degree of self-awareness was lower than in the era of Satya Yuga. Thus came the next Treta Yuga. South of this era. In this era, the number of yogis and vysokoprodvinutyh Yoginis, Brahmins and priests and all those who realized the enormity of his higher self, began to decline. A number of people who, because of confusion, ignorance or mistakes are a big veil of ignorance, began to increase. The consequence of this life began to change, began here and there appear negative points, when they began to appear the negative side of the misuse of freedom. We began to emerge the first signs of degradation. After a sufficient number of years of degradation has intensified and there was next epoch: Dvapara south. When the number of advanced spiritual people become even less, and more and more began to be born in perfect bodies, souls of recent animals. Even in a large degree of degradation has come the world and started the so-called Kali Yuga or the fourth or the south is another Iron Age of Kali. Which is the shortest in duration, but which at the same time on the living conditions are observed, the most terrible. Since the number of souls with a great degree of ignorance in increasingly growing volume was born in perfect human bodies.

Indeed, we are now seeing in the modern era, which is considered a continuation of the era of Kali Yuga. We see a huge number of people who show us the actions, thinking, a course of action more specific to animals than to people. This gives rise to all the horrors of war and violence. Nepravilnonachinayut use this gift, namely, the ability to live in the bodies of people, those souls who will inherit as if these bodies.

Thus, according to the ideology of the Vedas, everything is in decline before the Kali Yuga and Kali Yuga some radical revolution must happen again when everything will return to normal. When mankind pomudreet. Let me remind you that it is believed that we live in the age of Kali Yuga, but it has one very remarkable feature. These terrible living conditions actually leads to the fact that to achieve higher states of self-knowledge can be much faster than in any previous era! Note that in previous eras the number of advanced souls had more, and if born neprodvinutye soul, then to samotransformirovatsya required more time and effort. In our era of the Kali Yuga, the number of advanced souls are very small, but if some kind soul with a high degree of ignorance suddenly voleizyavitsamotransformirovatsya and get rid of ignorance, to make it it can immeasurably faster. Every epoch has its pluses and there are minuses.

Now we come to the moment of occurrence of Natya Yoga or Yoga theater. Tradition, Mythology tells us that that was about the following situation. When Satya Yuga, the first of the south, the golden age of the beginning of the end and when all was the increasing volume observed degradation, degradation of people, according to mythology, God Indra went to Brahma and asked him to give such a tool, which would help to stop the degradation of the people. People were no longer able to engage in spiritual self-knowledge, they have not been able to work on themselves and needed some tool that this “lazy souls” would give a chance not to deteriorate further. As mythology tells us: in response to that Brahma created Natyu theater or science! Where would such a scene played out such actions, which would have raised all viewers to a new, higher level of self-knowledge. Or in other words, if in the era Satyayugi person had to study the Vedas, practicing numerous Vedic rituals and ceremonies of any kind of exercise, and thus to achieve higher states of spirituality. That is already in the next era Treta yuga, was created Natya, which was so much to attract the audience’s attention, so strong was their inspiration, to force focus on what is happening, so that the audience could not help receiving the same good spiritual merit, as well as the priests, who in the Vedic We practiced methods of Vedic times.

Thus, starting from the first paradox. Usually, when the West talking about the emergence of a science, or that kind of art, I try to present this as progress. What’s in ancient times was nothing like that, but then over time formed ostensibly culture, allegedly formed a layer of culture, and the alleged spiritual plane became higher. Here we see the opposite situation: the emergence of the theater was a desperate attempt to stop the spiritual degradation. In fact, it is not progress but rather retrogression. In ancient times, people did not need any public theater, did not need any public spectacle, as their life was filled with so much that no time left for something else. Or, if we draw a rough parallel with our days, and now a huge number of worldwide sit at TV screens and watching the numerous soap operas, and numerous TV series. These people do not live their lives, they live the life of the characters, which are shown on television. There was a substitution.

In the era of Satyayugi it was not necessary, this necessity arose later. Once again, as a desperate attempt to stop the degradation. Next time: since people were not inclined to understand all the power and all the transcendent wisdom of the ancient Vedas, then turned to Indra Brahma with a request to create an activity that would allow, not really straining, spiritual self-improvement. Or in another way: a simple, enjoyable pastime reach heights. Here are the roots of the show business, with all the ensuing consequences.

Finally, the next moment: those productions that have been screened, had unequivocally, to make people more spiritual, to make people more meaningful, conscious and freer. It was laid down originally. The concept of the theater are also designed as a tool to make people better, but at the same time enjoy the moment of fun. In future, and in the most NateShastre this will be discussed and Natyashastra is one of the primary sources for Natya Yoga. Mark also became degraded, and we got a further distortion of this instrument and when the theater people did not do better, but simply do not understand what to do. Around the same thing that is happening around the world, which make films with which the ideology, no one thinks about morality, all anybody thinks about nothing! But we will talk later.

The next moment, which is extremely important for the concept of Natya Yoga, or the yoga of theater lies in the fact that according to the old regulations in India there were four castes, four varnas: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishya and Sudra. Sudras were forbidden to study the Vedas. To understand the reason why all this was, the figure is just enough, even at that age people were not inclined to understand the full depth of the Vedas and mantras. And that power which was concluded in each mantra of the Vedas. And so in order not to give a quite powerful tool for change in themselves and the miralyudyam irresponsible, it was believed that the Sudras should not be given the knowledge of the Vedas. But not because these people were the second of some sort, no, these people were in the degree of self-awareness is much lower, lower and they could not take advantage. In a sense, they are like children, you will never be given, for example, a young child a loaded Kalashnikov rifle that he nimigral. You will not give him a hand grenade, that with it he once entertained, it can cause harm to themselves and others. It is for this reason was limited access to the Sudras ancient Vedic knowledge.

At the same time there was no such stringent caste boundaries. You could have been born in the same caste, and then for life go to another caste. In the Vedas we find mention of such precedents, a person born in the Sudra caste, and then for a life passed in the caste of Brahmins. This is likely to have been in the modern world, testing for relevance and the responsibility for their actions. If you see that a person is not completely adequate and responsible, such a powerful tool as the Vedas. But in the age of Treta Yuga, when confusion has reached such huge proportions that it has all become more and more difficult to identify whether the soul belongs to the Sudra caste or the Brahmins, or even to someone. And it was necessary to give a simplified version of the Vedic knowledge, which could be taken all at once. Therefore, when Indra went to Brahma and asked to create Natya Natya Veda, as it was called then. He asked her to do this to all castes, all caste able to contemplate it. this ideology was laid from the very beginning, which is the art of Natya for everyone! If Veda is for highly spiritual representatives of the people, the Natya is for everyone.

Farther. In fact, it was assumed that spending some Vedic practices, and get the result as it was in the era of Satya Yuga, but it was possible to achieve the same result by Natya Yoga, yoga through theater. So you have for yourself from the first minute to note that the Natya Yoga is not just an entertainment business, where all entertained. No, this is a profound spiritual practice! No less powerful than the conduct of a Vedic ritual. In the future, we’ll examine some fragments of the same Natyashastra in which it was believed that the theater is a small copy of the State in which the theater works. And the slightest mistake, which could be allowed on the stage or in the construction of the theater, inevitably led to some disruption in the entire state. One could note, theater bring to a qualitatively new level of the State in which this statement was made. And at the same time, if it is wrong to use this power Natya Yoga, it was possible to destroy the state. In fact, what we see in the modern era. If there are artists with a capital letter, which teach through some its theater reasonable, good, eternal. They get to be kinder, to be wiser, involuntarily and society begins, as if to rise. On the contrary, when you see the theater, which call for the degradation of some lasciviousness, to something such animals, as a result suffers and the whole society.

If all of these are now numerous violations easily get away with, one way or another actor or director, that in ancient times to treat this very carefully. The slightest wrong arranged the scene could lead to the fact that the epidemic began or any predatory war in the country. In some chapters Natyashastra said that even if the rope that marks the future of the theater building during the construction period, is torn, it led to a completely disastrous. Moreover, even sometimes gives interesting details, that if the rope broke into two halves, the governor dies in the territory of which the theater is built. The system marks the first time that the study can not tell whether this dark obscurantism, superstition, gloomy, whether it echoes a powerful tool. Imagine you are building a nuclear reactor, but God forbid you some cog not to tighten, you get the same Chernobyl, Fukushima put together. God forbid, there is something goes wrong, if a huge amount of energy pumped into the action.

Thus Natya Yoga, Yoga theater emerged as a response to human degradation, as an attempt to attach to the knowledge of the Vedas everything caste. It was an attempt to force through the entertainment of people to grow spiritually or closer to the ideal of the Vedas become more free, more meaningful, and to acquire this or that power to a greater extent. Therefore, if you come to the theater and watching it, finishing this setting you have left more powerful, more skilled, knowledgeable and spiritual. Here it was the original ideal theater yoga! In fact, the viewer comes from and how to participate in activities and grow spiritually.


Are there any questions on this part of the theory?

Question: Wladimir, third group, MOYU. My question is: Are you saying that in the Natya Veda says that if the rope breaks, something happens. And that in itself is written, is not some kind of knowledge, but at the same time a zombie people on any particular attitude of the people, and so it happens. Because each person he is all-powerful, and believing in something, and the rope was torn and all ….

Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends, I do not want to now we have discussed all I casually mentioned episodes of the Natya Veda. Try to unscrew all the bolts with the wheels on your car and drive at high speed. It would be self-hypnosis? It samozombirovaniem you do? No! You must remember that there are phenomena in the universe rough, clear. Indeed, to unscrew the screws at the wheel, and the wheel came off. And there are subtle effects at the level of subtle and causal bodies, which completely non-obvious linkage between cause and effect. Say the wrong word in not the right place, and as a result may start a war, epidemic, or even something more destructive. Therefore, there is no obscurantism. I cited this example, in order for you to understand how seriously the theater yoga. Not an example of how today many pseudo actors, pseudo directors.

Q: A form structures in which these productions were performed, it was what?

Zaporozhtsev: Very good question, a bit later, we touch on the topic. From the very structure Natyashastra follows that first theatrical performances were outside the theater, there was no theater. And then there have been numerous problems poprichine that many characters of the universe began to obstruct. In order to protect Natyu, further Brahma decided to create the concept of the theater, where there was literally everything is thought out, each part of the scene, each direction, located on various sides of the world. For each direction replied one time or another defender, so that no one could harm this art Nati.I which in turn served as a powerful impetus sooruzheniy.Kak architectural build, what to build, what day, what mantras, there is quite extensive literature on the subject .

Q: In fact, this theater churches were?

Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely correct, any theater, it’s really a temple is a yantra or otherwise – is a mandala. This model of the cosmos. This is an exact copy of the entire universe! What is being played out on the stage, as originally understood in Natya Yoga, it was the processes that are happening in the universe. And accordingly, if you played one or inoyu scene, you’re attracted to certain forces, certain laws of the universe in the place where she was posing. Hence, the power! This principle “Such in such” gave a real tool for environmental management of the universe. This is the part in the good sense of the original magic that is lost in the modern world, rather it is completely lost. Remember the saying that the theater begins with a hanger, I do not remember who said that if Stanislavsky. The fact that the theater begins with a hanger! This phrase is fully in the spirit of Natyashastra, completely in the spirit of theater yoga. No detail was not in the theater, and the theater was in fact a temple. Any representation, which took place in the theater, it was a ritual, it was a ritual, it was, if anything, yoga class, which allowed samotransformirovatsya, open the hidden power enclosed in each person. To the man then went in a completely different status, in a completely different state.

Question: Igor, Astra group, MOYU. Now I have a question about the people who were directly involved in the production. It had to be necessarily highly souls in the bodies of people or ordinary people could play? He exhibited, and he has already played a highly spiritually evolved?

Zaporozhtsev: Now we’ll just talk about this moment of becoming the theater. Once again, we have a unique opportunity to trace the emergence of the idea of theater as an example of how it was in ancient India. All logic and sequence of these steps. First there was the theater, then there was a theater, but in the open air, there was a special room for this. Then evolution and there was a special room, just those moments will be mentioned: it is necessary that someone was playing on stage. Initially, the logic was as follows: all the roles were played by men, then again from Natyashastra follows that men have said that there are race and bhava, and if we translate such feelings and such conditions that a man can not play for a woman. We needed an actress, not only actors, but also an actress. In response to this, Brahma created the so-called Absar or women who have played these roles.

A huge number of the most interesting details, which we will now be considered. About how the first actors belonged to the caste of Brahmins, and later, when they began to abuse the power that gives Natyashastra and how they have also become degraded over time. Up to the fact that in one particular period, they were cursed and have sunk to the level of sudras. Personally, a lot of things became clear to me. I remember at one time studied the history of medieval theater in Europe, where, as it is softer, say, actors and actresses enjoyed a very bad reputation. To the extent that the word actress understood equals sign = prostitute! It was only much-much later, in our own time, when their status began to rise. A similar situation was in India, more on that later we’ll talk.

I now would like to hear questions about the most here this logic, that’s been the Vedas, that’s beginning to happen degradation. That’s no longer understand Rita Law, that an additional institution or additional action has been created which began to suspend degradation. The fact that the theater is like a drug, like a desperate attempt. And any theater is a desperate attempt to halt the degradation of society, but no it does not encourage her!

Question: It turns out that in the theater they have sown grain like the ideal model of behavior or relationships? In the example shown, which should have guided all the other participants, so?

Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! Firstly, it is certain patterns, patterns of behavior, what is good and what is bad. In a very tough canons, that is freedom and there are some creatures that are properly enjoy freedom. Relatively speaking, they can be called gods. There are other beings who enjoy freedom wrongly, there are beings called demons. Sooner or later, in certain cases the interests of the Gods and demons face, as a rule, this is followed by attempts to balance these contradictions. Sometimes peacefully, when the gods and demons entered into various alliances, sometimes agreements. Sometimes direct confrontation, where the gods and the demons began to fight each other. The idea of including war, it is present in the Veda. But always ended with the victory of the gods, victory Rita. Why? Because Rita lack or absence of disharmony in the use of freedom, it will certainly lead to death. At the end of the happy ending. Here is a fairly accurate placement, as this takes place in the universe. Even if evil is triumphant, it can not prevail forever. If someone infringes upon the freedom of others for the sake of yourself, this can not last forever! This simple idea in the era Tretayugi had literally as nails hammered into the heads of many fragile people.

What do we see now? We see a variety of scenarios. Here I am yesterday, while you’re doing, with the kids playing and horror, ask them some script, and they let us hang a ghost or even kill someone. Model the behavior you think is they come up with, there is numerous movies, cartoons, endless crime reports on TV, it is questionable films, with a very dubious conclusions. Of course, all of this is deposited in the head and in the most critical moment, where you had to make the decision, the wrong behavior pattern emerges and you suffered, suffered, and suffered, but it all began so wonderful. This is absolutely not allowed in the Vedic era, but you must understand that it was a theatrical performance for all populations, for all castes: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and Sudras vayvshyu. Everyone had to find her. For example, such a primitive script, how not to do evil, because then he will get in return for the Brahmins was useless to say, because he already knew everything. Therefore, in the theater it was intertwined very difficult to understand the philosophical concept of being the device. As to the level of modern physics, the universe, or the device has some very interesting moments of the universe device, knowing that you have raised yourself. Brahman is seen posing, that the gods fought with the demons, it is clear that there will be a happy ending. But all the trivial, one side wins, the other, that one makes mistakes, others. But all of this as a vessel, which was filled with non-verbal axiomatic and high knowledge of the Vedas. As matryoshka, in the sense of the meaning. For example, watching some Kshatriya – a professional soldier, he found, among other things and moments that allowed him to become more aware, to succeed in what he was doing. Each caste, each of Varna is his own, that he was just right. All of this played out in such a way that it was impossible to break away. You know how sometimes you watch a movie that captures, and you can not break away.

Similarly, there has been done, what is more, it is interesting, especially for researchers of modern show business, the so-called theory of races and bhava. Race this feeling in one of the free translation. Bhava, in a free translation of this state. It was believed that in every theatrical production was supposed to be 9 races or 9 different states. And if at least one state not to be missed, then, just as food does not add salt or add seasoning, it is tasteless, so also here. Just moments Bhavas, they were not moments of stupidities, because sometimes all that is associated with India are a completely trivial stupidities for preschool children. I remember when at one time went to Indian films in the Soviet Union, first they looked with admiration, and then bored. Why? Primitive flat script. In ancient times, these scenarios were not flat, there was all that interested in any class. It would be good to our modern directors, actors and screenwriters, before you write another opera, it would use the correct pattern of behavior, those that they inspire the masses. And secondly, to make sure that all of it was interesting, from a nuclear scientist, ending with a businessman from the homeless, ending a housewife. Create a product, where the scene is played out and everyone would find something of their own. But this is not so easy and to help the Vedas came here. Because the essence of the Vedas is so exciting, that’s not even you start to study them on the crumbs that have come, I assure you that there will come a time when you forget about everything. You will literally live there, every word, you will open up a whole universe, every position. You’re in my world will fall through, although the external plot is pretty straightforward.

This is a moment to remember. More questions?

Q: So, this theater has become the prototype of the school?

Zaporozhtsev: This is a very interesting point is very interesting moment. We come to a very interesting bunch, and the relationship Nati numerous Agami and Negamami, or, more recently became known as Tantra. The parallel is very close, to the point as the Natyashastra, and the word can be translated as Shastra treatise – a source of knowledge. Just as Natyashastra called the fifth Veda, later became known as multiple practice of yoga and tantra, as the fifth Veda. Apparently, this is an attempt to retell a simple, understandable way beyond, nonverbal meaning of the Vedas, for people who could not directly from the Vedas to snatch them. Therefore, it is clear many yoga practices, especially everything about yoga visualization, especially all that relates to these sections, so-called fast methods of yoga. Where in fact, the same scenario was observed when through a simple ritual acts of human consciousness suddenly entering a qualitatively new level of cosmic wordly. It becomes clear, even a spiritual development of the branch, including the points made in the yoga. Another question, my friends?

Question: Vadim, you spoke in each theater should be about 9 races and bhava?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, in order to have a truly captured, or that statement, must be very skillfully twisting all these races and bhava. To get all these stupidities: he’s Barmaley, so he midge on a balloon, fly Tsokotukha dragged into a corner, and now the beauty of the girl you want to marry! To not flat for the kids, but at the same time and the kids could watch and admire, everyone would find something of their own. This is a very interesting point, I once came across an article, do not know is true or not, that in 30 years, when the background of terrible depression in the United States, Hollywood began to flourish. Life was quite terrifying, it was said that in the United States or the Communists come to power, or the Nazis. It was then that earned the so-called Dream Factory. What distinguishes the films 30s? Ubiquitous happy ending, in the 30th ode you find movies where all the end drowned or something else awful. This film no one would watch. At the same time began to emerge, as it were, scripting theory. I do not know much about it, the meaning lies in the fact that there are only two or three dozen major scenarios. Whatever you may wish to think of it I fall under either one, or under a different scenario. The bad guys against good guys, or something else. Especially a lot of things you can imagine. It also intersects with the theory of races and bhava. What is obvious, because we are dealing with people, problems with people.

Any other questions, please?

Question: Please tell me about catharsis say something?

Zaporozhtsev: A little context is not grasped, explain, please, the question?

Question: Catharsis, it is a moment of purification, when you empathize with the hero. The moment when someone comes to my throat, tears from his eyes, because finally all resolved.

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes. Absolutely correct, and such component in the Natya Yoga is extremely present. Moreover, sometimes the edge. For example, quite a typical situation for Indian cinema, when the leading man in this or that film, especially if the film is dedicated to a particular god or goddess, hero or heroine. The religio-historical context, many actors are then needed psychiatric help. They have so much to get used to the role that the shooting has long been over, “circus left”, and they continue to be in this role. So the degree of immersion and experience is strong, that they begin to self-identify themselves with the phenomena and processes, and sometimes the brink of transition. Initially, the Natya Yoga was assumed that first you have to, as it were absorbed in the action, to go through this action, to get a happy ending, and thus in their resolve in insoluble contradictions. We’ll talk later, according to the theory of yoga, you are watching a particular formulation or participating in a particular setting, we had to inject into it the vital force, or prana. To you was not a stranger to the other character that you are currently feel it. Your prana from your body begins to twist, stir or unravel somewhere on the outside and outside to untangle, it comes back to you. And you already feel much better, even on the physical level, because in this way, you will recall, according to the theory of yoga, what pain is? It is when you mess up their own prana. When one part of your prana begins to conflict with another part, and you can not understand why. So sometimes you need an external tool to untangle. Natya Yoga in this, including this helped, so yes there is such an effect there.

Yes, please!

Q: Two questions I have. The first – a theatrical production is essentially a tool, but some views and ideas were given from the previous Vedas, or they, too, were given to Brahma? The second question is that now it was said, the actors, it’s harmful trade. They were in the Natya sacrifice, and it was required by their own growth, self-purification, transformation?

Zaporozhtsev: An example of what is called over the edge, it is wrong to follow the canons of Nati. Like any strong medicine when used improperly can cause side effects. It is one thing to drink some analgesic sedative, when you will do the operation, and another thing to abuse it in everyday life, and to be in a drowsy state. It is a matter of correct application methods. As for the fate of the theater or theater of dharma, it is an extremely important question, my friends. During our seminar we will touch on this topic. Here I’ll turn on the TV, but even go to the cinema, and I look at these actors and grief do not even know what to call what they do. I have nothing decent does not occur. This violence against themselves and others. It has nothing to do with Nati ideal. This is an attempt to become famous, it is easy to earn some money. Or even if you do not shine anywhere, why not try it yourself in the field of acting. Many do not, especially in our series, there are all cut and kill, here and cry. So you kill, you kill, very simple indeed behaviors.

If we are talking about actors with a capital letter, it is initially in Natya Yoga, it was the status of the Brahmins, it was the status of teachers of mankind, no more, no less! This was the status of the priests who perform the action on the stage, as a result, and transform themselves and the audience, and all of the surrounding universe.

As for the first question, the Vedic tradition of knowledge in relation to the continuity of very tight in the East. No one follower of philosophy, religion, self-knowledge would never say that he came up with something new. So it is not accepted there, you even can not imagine how much. The idea is always the same, even if they have something new come up, they always say that it is not new, but simply forgotten or misunderstood until this old. Therefore, from a formal point of view, all the deep sense of theater that had to go in the future, it had to be a pure knowledge of the Vedas. And nothing else. From Natyashastra see how steel is introduced more and more new tools. For example, through Natyashastra easily keep track of when it was included in the theatrical production is such a thing as a dance. Many of you probably have seen or know that India enjoys extraordinary popularity of dance art. There was, as it were three kinds of Natya: the first is Nritya, arose the concept of spontaneous dance that conveys a sense of harmonious nonverbally law, when you show through your freedom so that the freedom of others or as not reduced. This spontaneous dance called Nritya. There was another dance – a dance story, where every movement, every gesture, it was a story about a particular event. This dance is a story called Nritya. Finally, Natya, a theater, in our understanding, the performance productions.

Miraculously, there are still questions?

Q: And the modern Indian cinema, it continues these traditions?

Zaporozhtsev: I really want to believe it, but, unfortunately, in India there was the so-called Bollywood. In America there Holywood, and they created Bollywood. Unfortunately, they have inherited from the United States a huge number of the worst traits in stamping films. Many of you have seen Indian films. How often do you hear in them the word “Yoga”, “Veda”, “Law, Rita?” How often? Almost never! At best, you’ll see some beautiful rite, which uses Vedic mantras. For example, the funeral ritual where someone is burned, or any religious persuasion, a rite of passage, for example. With regard to the philosophy of fullness, stories, to put it mildly, very flat. And in the rest mass of observations.

So I think that if in India will develop spiritual heritage, then sooner or later the question will arise: to return to the original Vedic canons of all theater, all the cinematic art and everything else. As far as now they are things, good or bad, to be honest, I try to keep an eye on everything that happens in India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Nepal, in all countries where the yoga area. Some wonder why Tajikistan? Friends, Tajikistan just as likely to qualify for storage of ancient knowledge of India. Tajiks themselves, by the way, consider themselves as Aryans, if you do not know.

This is a very interesting position. Any such attempts, as well as around the world, now that the massive wave of consumer society, where it is necessary to mount issue, issue, issue, and all eat, eat, eat. As pig slop is poured, and they eat and grow fat. Of course, if you truffles or more serious things spiritual cultural plan, they just do not pay for themselves. There is still one other thing that we will need to talk to you in conjunction with yoga instruction. It will be interesting for future yoga teachers, but as life itself earn in the current environment. This is not simple and unambiguous question.

  Question: Do I understand that the full formulation Natya should be the fundamental law of the universe, outputs, weave, conflicts?

Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely correct, any statement is an echo of the creation, development and triumph of the universe, the spiritual triumph. that the universe was created for what? According to the position of the Vedas, it is established as the highest chance for each of us, is the highest addictive game in a good way, not because it is not the present, but because here you can realize your freedom! As you please, again, in the interaction of other sentient beings! More questions and let’s go.

Question: When was the south Sathya, and I heard that the period of the south was very large at the time, almost a million years. And then consider the antiquity in Vedic times?

Zaporozhtsev: Unfortunately, our Indian brothers and sisters, as though it softer to say not very punctual in history. What do they mean by this is meant, too, it is sometimes difficult to understand. Whether it is an allegorical language, or in addition to the planet Earth there are other places where people can live, but the soul simply migrate from one planet to another, then it may gain a few billion years. Whether humanity, here in our time, that there are several thousand years old, and had longer periods before him. From them, there was nothing left, and they went into space, we do not know this.

But the question of chronology is extremely important and acute, because the mentality of the people in the East is no attempt to make sense of it. Easily you can say that one or another school of yoga 20 million years. And you’re really asking how they’re dinosaurs coexisted? In response, you say the phrase. “No comment” As you wish, and to understand. Therefore, my friends, it is quite difficult such a topic. Sometimes it seems that this is some kind of allegorical statements. But in any case, if we speak with you about the Natya yogu.Odin of the oldest texts that reached us, it Natyashastra written by sage Bharata. So here it is, is dated by modern scholars, about 5 th century BC, and somewhere in the 2nd century AD. Gap somewhere 700 years.

But then again, is there enough difficult issues in chronological order, so the spacecraft this chronology was obtained indirectly: from the analysis of words, the analysis of certain concepts. Let the analysis, whether there are any objects or ornaments, or echoes of those or other philosophical and religious ideas. If yes, then it is more young scientists, if not more.

There is one such feature, the ancient texts and knowledge in India: they are sometimes written in a considerable number of years. Assume Natyashastra first part is written in one time period, and the last chapter could already be appended after 500 or even years later. Moreover, that this view is that NatyuShastru wrote long enough, now one of the most popular, at least for the simple reason that the first chapter starts with how there Natya. And one of the last chapters on how Natya undergone degradation in itself. It seems that first created, declared this science. Then she is well, it worked well, and then saw that it was all in the degradation, but inside the theater yoga, and finally finished writing all that is connected with it. The impression that it is like a patchwork quilt, in which constantly something is appended.

It should be remembered that the eastern tradition, the Vedic tradition of highly recommended not to record texts and memorize. Memorize, so the artifacts we sometimes can not find. Therefore, we can not clearly identify the age. But this is, in fact, a secondary thing in the sense that the most important thing that remained is some practical exercises. In fact, there should not smell like dinosaurs appear, but at the same time it is quite old and a proven doctrine! From which we can a lot for myself that draw. Here I propose to treat extremely skeptical about all chronological dates that push the Indians. Especially not from the field of science, and from the area or those of other religions, or of various sects, doctrines. Critically, with humor, not so absolutely hostility. Can remember the dinosaurs, about Neanderthals. At the same time, for myself, I enjoy the most basic ideology of yoga: You do not believe in anything whatsoever, for the simple reason that it is somewhere written. You should take it as a starting point, and for himself to prove that it works, or to prove that it does not work.

Reopen yoga, it is the only way, firstly, by not turn into obscurantists, and secondly, to complete the program to use the legacy that is.

Question: Regarding the 9 races of the 9 senses. They somehow transferred?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes listed. Friends, let us start from the simple to the complex. We are now taking the first steps in Natyu and if we do make the leap into numerous details: how to build a temple or any hastas gestures in dance. It will be interesting, of course, it is only a narrow circle of professional actors or dancers. And I would like, what would you react to the Natya, primarily as a philosophical yoga, a powerful tool to make themselves more freely. In the future we will raise the relevant literature and discuss it all.

Q: That Indra went to Brahma and Brahma Natyu came up, the way it was?

Zaporozhtsev: It is logical to ask: And who is Indra, who is Brahma? This refers to the expression: “The Tale of a lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson!” This is how we are now transfer advanced knowledge of physics and chemistry? The textbook we have. What in the textbook is required to have? The formulas refer to mathematics. Any science is more or less decent, it goes from the descriptive to the side of the formulas, in the direction of common analogies. Exponent, he as an exhibitor and in Africa! Two and two are four, and it is at the North Pole twice two is four. Here you can refer to it in order to have a common starting point for understanding the knowledge that you are learning. In ancient times the same, for a total point took numerous mythological subjects, which have been known from the same Vedas. In particular myths about Indra myths about Brahma. It was generally conceptual, cultural field. Everyone knew who they were, everyone knew what they were doing at all, for that answer. And when you’re starting out, something new to bring to the explanation, you could say that’s Brahma came up, and all nodded their heads, because they all knew that Brahma is a manifestation of the root causes being responsible for the creation. As further Vishnu, for preservation and Shiva for destruction. And Indra, fairly well-known Vedic character, he devoted a great amount of hymns in the Vedas. Then arose the question: Who is this!

We need, too, with the same position on this issue. To convey some idea of using one or another mythological story. Adopted it was. What is the ratio of a real life of those times? Perhaps there has been, but in particular, I recommend that you find a job that draws a parallel between the mythological story line in Nattier and real. If interested, write, please. The work is called “king and priest in the tradition Natyashastra”, wrote this work N.R.Lidova, Institute of World Literature of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences). Accordingly, locate and pick up the job, there are enough parallels between the elegant way in the mythology of Indra Natyashastra and in more recent times, a way of Raja of a principality, which would like to see it on the territory of the principality was the theater. Interestingly enough, that’s all. More questions, more friends and we go. Yes.

Question: My first question is clarifying, and the second as a supplement. Popovodu several plans, how the formation of these plans? This framework takes a higher reality and filled with different images, real or recreated based on karmic situations, or so and so?

Zaporozhtsev: Initially it was assumed that the Vedas are taken and told to imaginative and exciting action. Initially, only the Vedas were taken. Moreover, as many researchers already in the Vedas, we have some echoes syuzhetnyhliny, which could qualify for the very first recorded in history scenarios. In particular, in the Vedas is known for such a topic as the relationship Kuruvasa and Kurvashi, couple between the earthly and the heavenly king of the goddess. Some action, not just torn some narrative, but some scenario assumed. In any case, such a view is. And later on in the script we began to bring something of their own. Firstly, it is believed that Shiva advised to include in Natyu dancing. Initially, it does not assume the presence of dance. Shiva liked the action, and he said: Why not include spontaneous dance dance narrative that made bylopotom.

In the future, the story began to change and is already on the conscience of themselves actors and directors was to write stories that in the future, as we are taught Natyashastra led to degradation. When they began to write such a scenario, the example of our modern show business figures. Who mocked sages questioned deserved honor, esteemed personages of society. Degradation among the actors went to when they became acrimonious, venomous detractors. There is a notion such as PR, is when all the forces trying to create an image of this or that in a positive light. But first, we find echoes of Antipiar in Natyashastra when the actors fell spiritually and began to distort the scenario begins to show inappropriate, unnecessary scenes, confusing. But at the same time, entertaining the audience and lead to degradation. That is very interesting, as it is paid for actors like antipiar was punished. In a nutshell, as you just heard about it from the source, and I in your own words: they are cursed sages and they did not start very good life for many, many generations on.

Therefore, those of you who are engaged in professional Antipiar, think you can …

Continuation question: How is passed through these plans are higher?

Zaporozhtsev: This is actually the most basic question. Bharata, who apparently set out Natya yoga, and all of the very first cast, and it was the priests, and they had this knowledge higher. This is precisely the hidden magic, the mystery of theatrical production. If there is in the actor, something highly spiritual, transcendental, then you will, in the first place, with great attention to follow his work, go to his representation, on the other hand, you will feel like in you something opens the beyond . After some idle story, through any normal play through any ordinary action. And here is the non-verbal, that elusive, as I understand it, you can not teach people. All the many schools where we teach the actors, can be taught anything, it is possible to give all sorts of exercises that will help you portray certain emotions, even to get used to the role. But learn to be a channel between the higher, spiritual, non-verbal knowledge and very specific actions on the stage, you can not. This unit is the teacher of mankind! I, by the way, this question always excited. I am interested in this layer of people as actors and for me personally, it always amazed the contrast. Some percentage of people with a capital letter, it is the Brahmans, this yoga and yogini, is a teacher of humanity. Man every gesture, every glance, every scene, you raise the spiritual heights. But, unfortunately, there is another layer of large actors who Sudras, in the bad sense of the word. This is some gossip, disassembly, podkoverschina as Kubla of worms that only those involved that are fighting for a place under the sun, as if someone bite as loudly to shout: I’m the highest actor at me, look at me. And you do not want to watch.

And I could not understand why such a bundle, that in one place, in the theater as the highest and the most vile. The answer is found, including in Natyashastra, just for the reason that the sages cursed those who abused the art of Nati. They were told that it will be born from generation to generation, will be professional actors, only the ratio will be to you as to the Sudras, and you yourself will lead a Sudra.

Question: Is there any explanation that the gradual degradation of the people took place? This is the first question. And the second question: Is there any binding between the occurrence of the theater and religion? Because, in my opinion, the goal was the same, the purpose of religion, too, to pull people out of bestiality.

Zaporozhtsev: If we talk about the formalism of religion, the parallel is obvious. Every temple is certain some action, it’s definitely some kind of ritual, but there is more need to say to the contrary. If we talk about the Vedic teachings, which later gave rise to religion, and I now do not want to talk about Western religions, I’m a bit tired of them. With all due respect, in the West, according to the principle: against whom are friends, not at all, and against whom. Although here, too, there is formalism. You remember that yoga is not a religion in the climbs, so now I have something to say and be sure to offend someone. I have to say anything, about the Indian religions, about the Western religions, be sure there is someone unhappy. Why? Because for them it is not only ceremonial, and maybe for them through this higher offer. Therefore, there is a good tradition: religion is a private matter of each person. Here you have opened, and the glory of God. What I am entitled to anything to say? No! I avoid these issues, do not relate to religion, I respect them. But when they begin to impose, when one group of people begins to impose his religion to another group of people, and that in its turn, is not good.

Initially, we see that the Vedas contain some practice. These practices were very thin, let’s recitation of certain mantras. They helped to concentrate the mind, they help realize the highest positions and conclusions of the human to the next level. And in an attempt to Nati make it more clearly, it is the whole process, because it would be more like formalism simulation. And then expand into more paint, everything.

As for why the advanced people less and less. Firstly, we can not say them less or more. Because only a few centuries ago, the number of the entire globe was a few million. Maybe these millions vysokoprodvinutyh as they were, and remain, but they are diluted billions inexperienced. This is a difficult question, I do not know why this is happening. We can assume, but we leave to one side.

Now I want to read you a few Victoria Heads of Natyashastra, that you have clearly understood the place Natya Yoga at all during the entire Yoga.

Following Victoria Begunova:

Nati Birth: bow to the gods and Pitamaha Mahishvaroy

Getting NatiShastry presentation, which told me Brahma. Once Bharati connoisseur Nati, in their spare time, when blyuduschie vows finish japa, he sat surrounded by his sons, respectfully approached Mooney. And they asked the Great Spirit, to restrain their feelings and thoughts. Excellent listed in order of the blessed, commensurate with the Veda: Oh, how did NatyaVeda and who intended? What parts of it, what it is that the volume and represents its performance? All of this, as it is, Blessed One, tell us. Word listened to the muni, he replied MuniBharata then speech, telling the tale of NatyaVede. Having performed a cleansing ritual, overflowing with attention, listen to the birth of the Natya Veda Brahma created!

Long ago, wise, when passed Crete yoga, self-existent and age son came Treta Yuga, the era of Manu, the son of Vivosvata. When people indulge in rustic dharma, they fell under the power of lust and greed, have lost the power of the mind, and anger, and were divided into lucky and unlucky. When dzhambudivoy captured gods danavas, Gandharva and yakshas, Rakshasa and great snake. When it approved the guardians of the world, the gods, led by Mahendra told how Ptimahi says: We would like so much fun to for vision and hearing. Since household rules associated with Veda should not indulge Sudras, who made another, the fifth Veda, for all castes. I tell them, So be it, and sent the king of the gods, to recall the four Vedas, resorting to Yoga, knowing the essence of things. Dharma, Artha and glory daruyuschuyu with instruction and a list of those seers all acts also for the future of people, full of sense of all sastra, showing all the skills, the fifth Veda called Natya! I will make with Itihasas. So deciding blessed, I recalled one by one all the Vedas, and then created the Natya Veda into four parts according to the Vedas. I took the recitation of the Rig Veda, from Samanov took singing of Yajurveda – obhinayu from AdharvaVedy took the race. Thus, associated with the Vedas and Upavedas was created NatyaVeda, great spirit, blissful, all-knowing Brahma. Having created Natya Veda, Pitamaha said Shakra, I created Itihasas, the gods entrust it should, so that intelligent and dexterous, brave and does not know tiredness, so tell the Veda, called Natey. Upon hearing those words spoken by Brahma, Shakra respectfully bowing, said Pitomahe: Do not learn, do not save, do not know it, can not fail to fulfill, blissful. Do not they are suitable for Nati affairs, but who know the secrets of the Vedas, the rulers of the difficult vows Mooney, they will be able to learn it, and also to perform and keep. After listening to the word of Shaqra, born from a lotus he said: Be sinless its performers, along with hundreds of his sons. After receiving an order, I learned from the Natya Veda Pitamaha sons and taught how to perform it without omissions. By order Pitamaha himself, wanting to succeed, I used the sons, dividing them according to the roles, each adapted to the case for which he is suited. I took for the performance-based, on the twice-born, on vritiBharate, Satvata and Arabhate and mastered it with a bow, reported this Brahma. And he said to me Guru Gods: add another Kayshiki and what a thing is necessary for her to say that, on the best of the twice-born. So he told me, and I said the Mighty: Let there be given to me the thing that will help fulfill Kayshiki full of soft movements, consisting of actions of decent races and bhavam. I saw dancing in kayshiki Mulabhandhi where own elegant attire born anarasoyshringora. Execute it well without women among men is impossible. And then, endowed with great heat, the power of thought created Apsaras. She gave me for skilled performance in jewelry and Natyamukeshe mandzhukeshe, nishrakeshe and soluchano, rhea and soshushkavu, and also gave kalaphu. To put a self-existent musical instruments of Swat with his disciples. Anaradi and other gankarmam instructed singing. And with his sons, as it should, by understanding this Natyu, born out of the Veda and Vedanta accompanied Swat Narada, I came to the ruler of the world with the idea of ispolnenii.Osvoenie Nati finished, tell me, what should I do? These words are listened to, said Pitamaha: there was a great moment of its execution, is now celebrating the wonderful holiday banner of Indra. Let it be executed for the occasion, called Natey, Veda! Then, on this holiday banner, arranged after the defeat of the asuras, the festival in honor of the happy coincidence when Mahendra immortal, I made at the beginning of the Nandi, containing the blessing, which consists of the words of eight bits, amazing, approved by the gods. After that has been played an imitation of how the gods defeated the Daityas, made of hassles and bustle, consisting of fights with the massacre, and application attacks. Then Brahma and the other gods, content performance, granted us with joy in my heart all the necessary items for the cause. First, delighted Shakra, given its excellent banner. Brahma gave kutilahu golden pitcher Varuna, Surya – umbrella, Shiva – the success, Vayu gave fan, Vishnu – the royal throne, Kubera – the crown. Good audibility representation granted goddess Saraswati. The rest of the gods, dadharvy, yakshas, Rakshasas, pannagi in the meeting, very satisfied, consistent quality gave my sons happy celestial beings. To each his speech, bhava and race, appearance and strength of action. When it started as an idea that paints danavas death and give all Give gathered there, come in anxiety. And they said, goading vikhnov headed Birupakshey, so we do not see Natyu, it is necessary to get closer to her. Then he resorted to witchcraft, vighny with the asura, it stalled and movement, as well as the memory of dancing. Part of the gods, seeing that things are not going well, with the words: why the flaw in the performance, in meditation. And seeing that the meeting place is surrounded vighnami and Sutathara as other lost understanding of and can not move. Rapidly jumping, Shaqra grabbed its excellent standard, his body shone with all precious stones, the eyes were ready to get out of his head in anger. The bodies get to the scene vighnov, as well as the Asuras ripped to pieces dzhardzharoy, king of the gods. When they disappeared vighny with Davani, happy celestials said a word: Ah, what a marvelous weapon at hand you have turned out as they ripped apart all these destructive Nati. Will it now be called dzhardzharoy and what envy does not come close vighny in order to destroy Natyu, everyone will see and dzhardzharu like these disappear. So be it, then he said to the gods Sakra. All this protection will dzhardzhara. When action resumed, on an even more magnificent festival blossomed Shaqra, envious vighny again began to frighten dancing, specifying their evil intention against me, I came to Brahma with all his sons. Vighny, Blessed, decided to destroy the Natyu, ordered, O lord of the gods, to protect it properly. Then Brahma said: Carefully Construct for Nati room with favorable traits. Erecting, as has been said, the house on the orders of the lotus-born, said with a nod Druhine, appearing in the convocation for Nati house is ready, the divine, Deign to examine him. Then, along with Mahendra and all other gods hurried Druhina look at Natyamandalu. Examine your home for Natya, said Brahma gods: You must keep the house for Natya in each of its parts. These deities are assigned to protect, they also will be, he said, the gods patrons. Meanwhile, all the gods Pitomahe said: You have yet to reassure these vighnov friendly speech. You should first use persuasion, the second presents all, followed by the sow discord, and only then resort to punishment. Hear the word of the gods, Brahma said vighnam: Why did you set out to destroy Natyu? The word Brahma heard this, said then Virupaksha Friendly words: This Natya optional gods created Blessed, we do not take into account. For the gods you made it, you’re not supposed to do that, for my grandfather, all over the world. Like the gods, and dati, all of you out. After listening to the word of Virupaksha, so Brahma said: Do not you get angry dati, do not fall into despair sinless, I created Natya Veda to the gods and you differ good and bad, to not lose sight of the consequences of the state and business. They are not alone, and your not alone the existence of gods. Natya tells of being in all the world, it gde-to Dharma gde-to game gde-to Ardha, gde-to dismissal, gde-to joke gde-to battle gde-to Kama gde-to murder. Dharma for adherence to dharma, kama for inducement to Kama, the taming of ill-bred, reared for action on self-restraint, it gives courage to cowards who imagine themselves heroes – courage. Maketh unwise, scientists grants scholarships for masters it fun, in the exhausted suffering produces endurance. Living in Ardha, acquire it Ardha who are in disarray – determination. Concludes a different state, consisting of different positions, imitating human behavior, I did this Natyu. It relies on acts best, worst and average men, which gives useful guidance, giving birth to joy, fun, easy. The source of the instructions with regard to these races and bhava, all acts and all acts that will Natya. For weary of suffering and weariness for weary sorrow for the unfortunate source of rest will be that Natya. Ball dharma longevity, fame, useful, expanding understanding of the source of the world guidance, this will Natya. There is no knowledge, there is no such ability, there is no science, there is no art, no such skill, there is no action that is not in this Nattier. All Sastra, a variety of actions are connected in the Natya. Therefore I have made it. So should not you be angry with the immortal, as an imitation of the seven MEP, concluded in this Nattier. Transformation stories from the Vedas and Itihasas similar additions sruti, smriti, rules of conduct. The source of pleasure in the world, will this Natya. When the gods and asuras, kings and householders, make imitation, is the world called Natey. When human nature involved in the happiness and suffering, and other bodily joined Abhinav is called Natey.

Zaporozhtsev: Now it is very interesting, we have this 36-chapter, in fact, already finished. A continuation of what happened to Natey and what the fate of those found actors who have used this power properly. Moreover, to draw your attention, Natya was to give all the same fruits, which gave numerous Vedic rites. Giving the courage, the determination, to whom consolation, someone wisdom, someone instructed. It was a superweapon, sverhmetodika, supertechnologies at that time. And how it ended?

Keep reading Victoria Begunova:

About the same as this Natya descended to Earth, everything has to be said. You can not hide it. These are my sons, combined NatyaVedoy, plaguing the entire svetushudrovskimiprahasanami, after some time to learn this business. VozvedyaPeretunarishi possessed by an evil force, they played in the collection of repulsive, obscene, rude and disgraceful action yielding village dharma. Learning of this, Mooney shook with a terrible anger and said the dharatam: Not good, twice born, to represent us in a way, it’s an insult. Why are we made to the contrary, because of depletion of knowledge you mad and lost modesty. It is your knowledge of evil turned into ashes. And you, for being in the community and Brahmins rishis, behaved not-Brahman, be partakers of Sudras behavior. As Sudras internalize their actions. And what is your race will be too impure. All were born in this genus will you cast, along with their wives and children, are to serve others. Learning that we are sons brought upon themselves the curse of all the gods then alarmed. And they came to the Rishis and the gods said: trouble has come to us, this Natya must perish. They said to the rishis: do not be afraid, it will not die, but the rest, what was said, it will all be. After learning about the words muni, endowed with a terrible fever, my sons depressed, and wanted to do away with them. They said to me angrily: You brought us to death, through the fault of the shastras, we are addicted to the Sudra behavior. I began to comfort them: banish sadness sinless, without a doubt, our fate was sealed committed before. The word muni is never false, but did not think of death, I will tell you as a consolation: still wield znaniemNati, proclaimed by Brahma, and pass it to others by teaching performance. Do not die Natya, with such difficulty powered endowed with great support and purity, born from the Vedas and Vedanta. Absar give Natyu as she was told, and he heard me. All then take a rayashchitu. After some time the king named Nahusa won the power over the realm of the gods for the ability to edit and courage. He ruled the kingdom and bliss enjoyed his services, but seeing performances Gandharva and Natyu came into trouble. Well done to the gods so that in my house, too, performed Natya. So judging himself, the king said immortal in order to get an idea. Let Natyaapsar as it is to be in our house. The gods responded to this: This is the connection with people not allowed to inhabitants of heaven, but since you’re the master of Svarga, will give you useful advice – let the teacher to go and what you desirable, it will do. Then the king said to me, respectfully bowed: I want this Natya established on earth, blessed. The fact that you’re my teacher, it’s only the first of the promises, but having seen you, I’m sure, for the best of the newly born. This Natyu created Pitamaha, in the house of my grandfather, among the inmates started a Antahkhura Urvashi. When Urvasi disappeared, the king prevented from burning, died, and his wife plunged into gloom. Nati does not become again, we want to on the ground it became known to all, so that was like a shining blagodeystvie to sacrifice in the lunar days. Therefore, the creation in my house Nati in different characters, playful movements of women than far will spread your fame. So be it, I said. Then to the king Nahusa called sons and I, along with the gods began coaxing them :. This king Nahusa respectfully requests us go together to the ground, in order to establish there Natyu. To establish it properly, putting an end to the curse and the Brahmans and kings will not despise you, so that having gone to the ground, to establish a representation there. After all, the word king said, it is impossible to challenge, and you can not disobey the great spirit Nahushev. Manual, reliably lead to success in Nati, were said self-existent. What is left in Kahava doskazhet Utartantre applying beggars and nerudhi. This Shastra, generating fun, was approved with the support of Svarga Absar, Swat iNarady. Then, going to the ground in the house Nahushev, twice born, we put them one after another diverse representation among women. When they brought into the world by the sons of men to women, and with them my sons have put a lot of different ideas. Sired sons, and gradually having established Natya submission, with the permission of Brahma, they returned to Svarga. So, because of the curse had descended on the earth and led race Natya Bharati and the future.

Zaporozhtsev: Here friends, and now let us again reflect on the highlights of these fragments NatiShastry. These fragments relate NatiShastry origin. But the main part is devoted to the specific, practical instructions, classifications, advice very different. The logic is as follows: mankind was to degrade, was invented by a powerful, fast way to deliver the highest knowledge of the Vedas to the ordinary people. He has justified itself, indeed it has become a powerful tool, but then, as often happens … The first actors were Brahmans, but then they saw how strong the power they have, no matter how powerful they have a resource on impact. We started to let the excess started actually nadsmehatsya, including over the rishis. Steel misused its power, with the result that it learned how it is said here, munis. Mooney is such sages, yogis, ascetics, who long, long practice acquired such powerful forces that only one curse can kill, can burn. All, no matter what they said, everything is done. Etotak called superpowers, which are quite often found in Indian mythology. It is generally considered that the muni, these ascetics accumulated potential, tapas or internal heat, and further cost such a person to face the violation Rita Law, he would say enough how to curse, then it all starts to happen as they wish.

And so it happened that the first Brahmans used the wrong power yoga Natya began to abuse and curse got. As a result, as has been said here, they even decided to commit suicide. Because aware of the consequences. This is similar to how many actors, even a very talented eventually gaining popularity, fame, a tremendous impact on their fans, enormous as pop idols. But, unfortunately, the wrong use of this popular, this glory in every possible way and start some baser motives to support and inspire. Sooner or later it leads to their personal degradation and fall, although the person may be gifted.

In drevnievedicheskie a time when the number of people looking for Rita, was as much more than in the new times, and this could not last long before the first curse. It is not in our time, when you can with TV, from newspapers to sling mud at the screen, to slander others. And these people are vulnerable, because unless thou shalt deliver to the court, until the court recognizes that you have slandered and even print a retraction, who will read it? For 20 years, will take place. Even talking one time about the fourth power, the power of the media, the power of influence through theater, cinema, books. As you can see, this problem has already been in ancient India. All this leads to a sad end. After this, the curse, the Brahmins, the first actors Nati, were reduced to the status of Sudras. A Sudra were despicable beings, in the sense that gross, cultureless. Creatures that are present in the human body harm to themselves and others. Soul is not yet up to the level of the human body, but which, because of their good karma in previous lives, received a human body, but did not use them correctly and treat them appropriate. Once you talk with some smelly homeless people, I am not referring to the philosophers, who wander with nothing, and it is immoral types. We only care which one – to fill his eyes. It is clear that once again you do not want to communicate with them. Just as it was with the Sudras.

The status of actors who had this super abilities, fell sharply, fell to the Sudras. And then it was said, such a conflict, on the one hand, that the curse of munis should not be executed, and on the other hand, if it is satisfied, then this tool would then Natya would disappear. Since then, and I went into the duality of the acting profession: it is a Brahmin with a capital letter, or are people without heart. In the future, as it is said here it was the next stage of the descent Nati. If before Natya was more like a ritual vedic to address spiritual or material goals, then gradually began to turn into a pure gaming action when certain earthly kings have desired to, and their principalities were theaters. This is the next stage of the theater earthiness. And as has been said in the last chapter, the inhabitants of heaven were on the Sudra level, among ordinary people mortals, but left a progeny of professional actors. And India is a country of many castes, castes, and there almost every profession is inherited, dostatochnouzkomu range of people. The same goes for the actors, so the classification, which include actors. It turns out a cross between Brahmins and Sudras, as anyone lucky. But more interesting allegorical idea here said about the sons of Bharata, who have been cursed. About celestial Absar said nothing. With women then received more inhumane, female actors were then Absar, nebozhitelnitsy. Remember how they have done. Effort thoughts of light have created these beautiful dancers, these beautiful actresses.

 It is interesting to trace the other line, the numerous temple dancer, the numerous temple priestess. Which socio very strange position occupied in more than late medieval India. It must be said that the attitude towards women in the orthodox community in Indian society quite ferocious. Women there are virtually no rights. She has only one function, the reproductive – offspring, her status in the family is extremely low. At the same time in the same India, we meet numerous stratum of women who are at a very high social status. None who had not occurred to treat it as a pet. These were the priestesses, they were goddesses, they were yogini with a capital letter. In particular, I recommend one of the workshops, I was a writer Efremov. At the time, he wrote a piece, “Thais”. However, there is about the Greek courtesans. Very strange they have social status. Here the same analogue. They were free women in Indian society.

In fact, numerous methods yogi rapid, numerous yoga practices which are, including the use of sexual energy, it just stored in the interlayer women. Which were very independent, very dear woman, a complete contrast to all the others. Formally, they were in the status Absar, nebozhitelnits. Such Absar born on earth in order to reap the benefits of negative karma of the society where they live. And just to teach and raise to a qualitatively new level, which persists to the present day. All these professional musicians hereditary dynasty, dancers, actors, they remain to this day in the former India! In time I was very surprised that even in Pakistan is still preserved. Although conditions are very religious in this regard strict.

It is believed that this was the opportunity of free woman yogi incarnate and lead a relatively free lifestyle. But, as you may remember, all human in the world can be distorted, including the status of these began to be perverted Absar women, dancers, actresses. As a result India has turned in the temple prostitution! It is clear that this is no relation to the original ideals of Nati, the original ideals of the art. That such friends, is a very interesting backstory in this yoga!

We have touched upon the origin or to the basic meanings. In the future, we are going to consider those practices that each of us can learn from this Natya Yoga. This will be a separate conversation, substantive enough with individual practitioners. Before zhemy again move on, are there any questions on reading the text?

Question: Igor, a group of Aster – clarifying questions in chronological order of occurrence of different types of yogas. Natya, as a separate form of yoga, but the Hatha Yoga and has been used or if the people on their level of development does not need the exercise or simply ignored?

Zaporozhtsev: The fact is that in the treatise of Bharata “Natyashastra”, there are many different chapters, I casually can enumerate about. Including, quite a serious place in the preparation of the actor held numerous exercises with the body, voice, and others. Moreover, modern scholars tend to see Nattier source as some yoga practices, and was quite surprising to me, it is the basis of some martial arts. In fact, I rarely faced with the alleged martial arts, which would have taken place in India. The more we know the traditions of China, Japan and Korea. At the same time, there are echoes of some ancient knowledge that among Kshatriyas practiced methods of self-discipline. This is typical of the orthodox Indian society, caste and privacy, in contrast to China, where is widely spread. And in India, the most zealous manner all kept secret. Some echoes, including martial arts, some scientists who analyze Natyashastra find it. Many of the exercises, but the same Indian dance narrative to carry it out it is necessary to have a good body flexibility, a sufficiently powerful one-pointedness of mind. Elements of yoga is physical, there certainly were.

Finally, there is a very interesting parallel, there is a branch of yoga that is called Yoga Mudra. These are numerous gestures of fingers, which, anyway, are used for their spiritual development. The Natya Yoga, the original Nattier, where fingers and gestures had a very great importance to carry out a particular vedic ritual. Remembering that Natya was primarily as the holding of a Vedic ritual, which can observe all, irrespective of caste and benefit. Hasta mudras or – a movement corresponding to the hands, they are sufficiently spelled out in detail in the Natya Yoga. Sign language, as opposed to the non-verbal actions of a wise, there are very specific gestures, carrying quite a specific meaning. There’s a lot that can be traced, but then again, all that concerns the ancient Indian heritage, you are starting from this seminar, and just, you get the trend, the trend of degradation. The fact that 200 years ago knew and were able to understand, even now no one knows and understands. With 2,000 years ago, it was radically different from what it was 200 years ago.

There is some kind of spiritual decline. There are new tools that simplify the entrance to the spiritual heights, but they also quickly become obsolete and forgotten. So I warn you, I myself had suffered so that every Indian is a yogi, any Indian dancer this is a goddess, dedicated to all the mysteries of yoga. In fact, everything is much more prosaic, in fact, everything is much sadder. Many of them do not even know anything, jagged, memorized some set of gestures. Moreover, training is sometimes not at all yogic methods, and hard whip, not the carrot, which is unacceptable in yoga. But the public likes, get something between acrobatics and some action. But deep philosophy and the more so, some sections of yoga, many actors do not even know what’s there. This is a paradox, some things we in the West see even better than our brothers and sisters in India.

The original essence of the theater is the bridge from the ordinary earthly, understandable to the higher, unusual, beyond. Just as any Vedic knowledge. What kept the Vedic knowledge? That it helped that it helped people to become twice-born. It was believed that the first birth we receive from his father and mother, we get a second birth, when we start samoosoznovat enormity of what we are and all the fantastic opportunities, which gives us the universe! What do we see among ordinary people? Ordinary people are not much different from the flocks of sheep: fed, was driven to the subway to work, to work on the buttons ponazhimat-ponazhimat, papers were given. For paper in the feeder, you can again come to you again and serving something mound. And you’re turning this screw, and it was yesterday and the day before. It was always, if we now have some conditions, as used to be the other. It is mentioned in this piece that people are prone to village dharma. Probably village dharma did not use a special honor.

In the future, we’ll talk about how to become an actor, good actor. The challenge will be to take advantage of the enormous potential inherent in each one of you. And, as on the part of you personally, and the viewer, who is watching you to also receive the benefit. What are the recommendations given? I would like to approach this issue is not in accordance with, the instructions that are given in Natyashastra. Firstly, I want to disappoint many of those present here, unfortunately, some of the chapters of Natyashastra the Russian language has not yet been translated! Still! Here we say: where is knowledge? So, we already know, everything is clear. Nothing is clear, I do not know anything! Secondly, there are nuances that Natyashastra was imprisoned in the medieval way of life with their attributes. So I would like to see in the practical side of the issue realization Natya, we come already with our axioms by means of the developments that are already there. In a more understandable way than parse every word of the text. For this we need a lot of time.

These sections of yoga as yoga visualization such sections of yoga where you are, one way or another, work with your imagination, since mind dissolving itself and its structures, the interaction with the opposite sex, working off some behavior scenarios. All that then has become increasingly used, and became known in such yogis as Tantra yoga, yoga lover, yoga sexual union, the triad, including. All the points that are used in Raja Yoga, where you before becoming Raja, the big boss, you would like to order a simulation work off the correct patterns of behavior, and other management. For a small model, before going out to a great life.

All this, of course, can be found in Natya Yoga. Natya Yoga in this regard as a small reactor, wherever you come, very quickly worked through and get the right skills, working out the desired quality. To the extent that you practiced this or that negative karma. Ready example yourself, if such a reversal, and if so, and if the fifth, tenth. In the future, it is extremely accelerates your spiritual development!



So, friends, today we have a June 30, 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, this workshop on Natya Yoga – yoga, theater, the second part of it. We start it with answers to your questions. If someone has matured questions, I will ask to go here and their voice loudly.

Elena, Catur group: According to the dating of the product “Natyashastra” the fifth century BC – second century AD, it turns out that this time correlates with the development of the ancient Greek theater, 3-4 century BC. We have noticed that there are many parallels between what is said “Natyashastra” and the ancient Greek theater. Can you comment on whether it is parallel or it has come to Greece through India.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question – a bunch of Indian culture with other cultures, in particular, with the Greek culture. It seems that in those glorious years of relationship between nations was much more extensive than it is now, it seems. Moreover, the availability of a greater volume was presented, it was easier for a man to make numerous trips, was more an exchange of cultures. With what was the reason, I do not know. Maybe the fact that less than robbing travelers in the mountain passes and trails, can still any reason. But, nevertheless, the mutual influence on each other cultures quite obvious. Of course, it is difficult here to say something in conjunction with the Greek culture, Egyptian culture and so on and so forth. This is a topic, which is waiting for its researcher. As you can see, it is not so simple in antiquity. What we consider today as an achievement of modern culture and civilization, suddenly it becomes clear that this is – a desperate attempt to make medicine against degradation. We think that, nakonets we have become so civilized that lived up to the theater, and of Natya Yoga should be, that on the contrary, we have become so wild and stupid, that is, we will not show and you will not tell on his fingers, we do not understand anything. How does this look to a bunch of other countries and cultures – probably, I think it was something like that. There is a common cultural and historical background, which unites the most different directions. For example, the ancient language of the Rigveda, which was attended by various knowledge Plans: Affordable, allegorical, secret language. The same thing we see in Scandinavian cultures, and across the world, in fact. Are there any other questions?

Igor, the group Astra, city of Samara, part-time students: Why do we say, on the one hand, it has become a place degradation, and began to be born of the soul of the former animals in the bodies of people, but on the other storony¸ they get a chance to develop further. Maybe this is progress?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, here we believe that regression, but Professor Kapitsa in his book analyzing the world’s population. It turns out that a couple of thousand years ago, three of the number of people was measured, almost thousands. Do not billions and not millions. And now we have several billion people who are least able to speak. It is not allowed. Therefore, there can be progress on the face, but it is vague, not clearly presented. In ancient times was a small group of people, but as the selection, highly spiritual, intellectual and developed. Now more all blurry, but again, it remains a core group of people of intellectual, spiritual and developed, and the rest of the people of ballast people who pass the school of life, take the opportunity to live in the bodies of people to evolve faster. I remember one time I had to replace his boss at a very high position. I worked for a month for the chief. This experience then me long enough, so far. Because you just put in the status of a large flow of information, decision-making responsibility. In the end, the adrenaline inside you quite differently produced, and the brain work better. That looks exactly the same chance to get to the soul is not particularly developed human body. Willy nilly, you start to develop. But, unfortunately, the reverse side is connected with this, you can, of course, abuse this power, which is in us. Here we examine the many yoga practices that reveal the potential within us – and the ability to hit. After all, it is also available and most undeveloped beings, just because they have a body of people. The body of the people according to yogic tradition, the greatest gift, the greatest chance. Are there any other questions?

Question: Sometimes it is possible to observe such a situation, the actors playing either in the theater or in the movies fall in love, man and woman, for the role they play. They play lovers, then really fall in love and it’s going on in their life. In particular, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and of many other examples. Whether it is connected with the fact that they get used to the role, or it has sverhlogichnoe explanation?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If this is not a PR move, and you know that our audience is constantly getting married, then disperse, then re-marry. Like a deck of cards that is shuffled constantly, only to once again draw attention. Do you remember the back of the actor’s life, if he forget it. While you’re in demand as of you remember, you have life abounds. Imagine: you have forgotten about. Here it is necessarily sopeshsya. You used to shine, and there was no one. There are a variety of methods to attract attention to his person. If an amicable does not work, it can be in a bad way – some trick to arrange. A drunken brawl in a bar, or something else. If we reject it, and consider that everything is fine, everything is fine, the next will Nati ideology. On the stage – this is not a game, it’s life. So what distinguishes good from bad actor actor: a bad actor on the stage something shows, and tries to issue one after another. Good actor removes his personality, pours into a body vessel and a different way of living them. He does not try to be like, it is those who are played: a lover, as a lover, the villain as the villain. And thus, as it fulfills the most complex mechanisms that are present in the universe. If there is a person of the opposite sex, that included more complex mechanisms associated with the interaction of men and women. As we’ll remember from the original source, the sons of Bharata could not fully realize Natyu without women, they had to do Absar. And, of course, if you live what – that part of his life on the stage, it may then is something of the scene remain. It turns out that the actor, by and large, is home to more than one life. The actor lives many lives, how many roles he had in life. That is, each role, each output on stage it count as life. And, of course, have any attachments that are transmitted from life to life. Why not admit that the feelings that have been on the stage in one life, transported to the feelings that remain in ordinary life, when he finished shooting the film, or production is completed. But we do touch on this issue. Are there any other questions?

Hope, a group of Aster: I would like to know how we, modern people, yoga and yogini yoga Natya can use the knowledge to change the situation for the better in our society?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: should be that, in the first of all the theory – you can change yourself completely radically. Secondly – you can change those viewers who will be watching you when you are changing themselves, and thirdly – you can win back such performances and ceremonies that will begin cranking mechanisms surrounding the entire universe and make more harmonious the life and in the wrong place where you live. In your town or somewhere else, that is the effect of a very specific and very strong. Another conversation that as in all yoga exercises there, there is a different degree of self-control and to those or other instruments. Here, of course, like everywhere have to train, do some exercise, and so on and so forth. But, in particular, in a more restricted way all the practices related to the visualization of yoga are very close to the Natya Yoga. You just will not play, as an actor on the stage, a role if you are not yourself to visualize precisely the character or hero. Another conversation that this should be done very competently. But if you start to do it, then you need to make a diagnosis, “controlled schizophrenia”. In life you have one person on the scene is different. The same from us require some practice yoga. Moreover, if we are able to switch from one image to another, we begin to grasp at least his ego. The actor, who has played many, many roles played well, live in them, mostly forgets himself, forgets about its structure, views, thoughts. Accordingly, it is less of them grabs and, accordingly, they easily can be transformed into something higher. If you grabbed the contrary some your way only, it is very hard to transform that image, because you grabbed for it. Imagine an actor on stage grabbed the a different way, and forgot himself. It is no secret that many of the good “with a capital” actors can creep up to the theater, to play a role. But once they go on stage, they forget about all of your pain, your problems, diseases. Is not you pratyahara, which is described in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” This is a very high level. Such an actor is completely unidirectional focus your mind on the fact that he plays.

Is that you do not meditation, all enhanced by a single image. So a lot of things we can learn from the Natya Yoga.

Chasovskikh Olga, the Aster Group, the city of Samara: First asuras were superhuman beings? But then, they continued their race?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you make a historical excursion into the origin and the origin of such knowledge as the Vedic knowledge, you will find out some very interesting details. Firstly: in the earlier Vedas, the word Asura do not mean any demonic and very powerful beings, but rather a very powerful manifestation. In particular, such a character “Rig Veda” as Varuna was considered the greatest asura, for the simple reason that he possessed great power. It was understood the power of the elements: wind, water, the surrounding universe. Subsequently, the term has changed its meaning, acquiring sharply negative qualities, and by the word asura began to understand already demonic beings – a very powerful and strong, which are also in relationship with the gods, but are in error with regard to its nature. Gods still realize that they have a Higher Self And in the later interpretation of the word asura means that this creature is very powerful, but for some reason feels its power. And because of this there are many problems. There is another very interesting study. It is related to the Vedic system, Avesta system, which has a similar language with drevnevediyskim similar subjects. Moreover, it is believed that drevnevediysky language in which the written language of the Rigveda is closer Avesta than modern Sanskrit. That is, in modern India is farther from the Sanskrit Vedic language than the language of Avesta from the Vedas. This is related systems. And what an interesting parallel observed: in the Avestan tradition word asura is clearly positive. Character Ahura mazda- basis around which everything revolves, that is obviously a plus sign. In the Indian tradition, all the divine word is associated with Devas. hence probably the word woman, ie divine. And perhaps, in some historical period, these two cultures at odds. Moreover, they worshiped their gods, and the gods of their enemies prinizhali.I so we have that in Indian tradition devas – are gods and demons asury- it. On the contrary, in the tradition of the Avesta are reversed. Asura is the gods and devy- consonant with the word demon. You know, the demons. This is a common situation when mutual hostility. Therefore, do not grasp at words, but if you touch the essence of the matter. Of course, in each of us there are, to put it divine allegorical language components, as well as components and demonic. We went somewhere on his bestiality, and understand that within us there is something higher, beyond, if you will, the divine. At the same time, from time to time, our bestiality, our ignorance is manifested through our giddiness, our folly and we behave no better than the asuras. So when we read in Natyashastra passage of the first performance Nati gods really enjoyed it, but the demonic forces did not like and they obstruct. But there is not referring to any group of living things completed. Of course, the era of the ancient sages of the Vedas have been wiser, they saw that the battle within man, whether it would win divine beginning, spiritual principles, or, on the contrary, the beginning of the bestial. Natya story actually shows how divine beats with bestial, but divine sometimes not quite correctly begins to fight with beastly. Somewhere bestial should be used, not to destroy. Note Natyashastra piece that we read. When the demons began to obstruct the sastra, first sent envoys to demons to explain to them that it is not directed against them action, and to show how it happens in the universe. It obscheyogovskaya practice. In each of us there is bestiality. In each of us there is something negative. Sometimes we behave uncritically, not aware. So it is necessary to identify these moments to reflect on them and different practices to eliminate, or rather transformed. There is a saying that only because of the evil can do good, to do it differently from what is no longer. Similarly, regarding each of us. It is only from our bestiality we are working on them, we can do something supremely spiritual, not to do more of that, we no longer have anything. That such is ideology.

Chasovskikh Olga, the Aster Group, Samara city: Another question. It was said that the theater – a state in miniature?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Most universe in miniature. How, for example, is the universe and the earth in miniature universe. The country is in a nutshell the whole earth and the entire universe. Man, as a country in miniature, the Earth and the Universe. The similarity of this in such. This is the basic ideology of the ancient philosophies of the Vedic times to the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, the great double, thrice greatest. You will find it in many cultures. This is the magic of this, the control panel. It’s hard to run the country, some streams. And you take a small theater, doing some scene-setting and affects the entire country, just as in the Vedic times when the need arises, whatever it was, was invited to the respective Brahmin and he was doing this or that ritual. Ritual small, limited in time, space and the number of people participating in it. But it influenced disproportionately. Like the control center of the phenomena occurring in the Universe.

Chasovskikh Olga, the Aster Group, the city of Samara: Let’s then create a theater and will establish connection with the universe.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do you think what I’m here for you all gathered for a seminar on Natya Yoga. It is a powerful tool. Especially those of you who are close to the creative community, such as a theater, you God himself commanded to engage in yoga. I want once again to show that yoga – that’s life. With any profession can be turned into a powerful instrument of spiritual self-transformation. Not to mention the fact that each of us can take part in this. Do you remember the fifth Veda, even if we are not Brahmins and Sudras – the door is not closed. For all open. Who else have any questions?

Alsu, Astra Group: Each of us is more or less often in the role of spectator. When we are in the role of the viewer to witness the theatrical action, we need to tune in to his perception, so that it was not just a pastime, but a real yoga practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You are involved in this ritual similar to like. Sometimes I turn on the TV and see a statement of contemporary directors, rather psevdorezhisserov, psevdoakterov, another dill. Vile, disgusting, a squeaky voice actors, the best they have produced scenes of violence, murder, probably because it is out of their last animal life. Such a show on TV – a crime, it is necessary to put for it. But once I had to look something like this. Now put all the screens, you go in a minibus, nehochesh want, you vparivayut any next series or something else. I go and think: “Now I’m a spectator, the food in the minibus. I can not walk. Sound there are also very cleverly turned off, because the advertisers have realized the will let the driver – he is himself immediately turn off because his very first throw up. There all inputs, outputs closed. For each display some money goes. A player I forgot at home. I could, of course, to insert in-ear earphones, take a book and see nothing, hear nothing. And then forced to contemplate. I said to myself, how can I benefit from this yogic abuse my mind to remove. And you know, I benefited. I became a psychiatrist, I began to study the brains inside of the director, who came up with the script, the actors who play. After all, in fact – they are not creative people – they are animals. The most powerful, that they can do, they are his personal experience, his personal view of the universe somewhere to bring up the grotesque, somewhere podbavit paints, swearing, blood, but nothing new. And you can see the brain’s pattern inside a layer of people. And himself notes here now such a scene, and then the next. Like Chekhov, if the first act on stage hangs a gun in the latter, it necessarily shoot. And the director is just beginning to enter a new character, and I already know – this will kill that robbed, and that it would be better all the light not to be born, according to this scenario. Why? I can see how his brain works. I internally calculates these people. And in the future if I meet live with these carriers cliché behavior, I quickly enough to recognize the same way as a computer program on the database detects another virus. And once he starts me a song to sing, and I already know – but you’re out of the show, and you can come up with it myself and. Anyway, brains one to one. It is clear that on the one hand, the fact that you watch what you do not like – it’s your negative karma. Perhaps I myself had something to do with past lives to the fact that these series are shot, and I see them. How, do not ask, do not remember. Perhaps, somehow influenced by, or under the law of karma, in this life, this shit is not encountered. Or, in any case, I would be in your pocket headphones, and I would avoid negativity. And was only one thing – to turn defeat into victory. And it is in the case of a negative scenario. In the case of a neutral or positive scenario – there will be more pleasant. So that you can work with everything, absolutely everything.

Alsu, Astra Group: I had the idea that when we look at a play or a movie, first of all we focus on the story. But, as we yoga and yogini, and know how to manage your attention, we are at any given time can choose what it is we are focusing their attention. If we do not like something is happening, we can, for example, switch to the main actress beautiful dress or hairstyle of the protagonist. And then again, on his own free will to return attention to what is happening. Those. you can somehow play a concentration of their attention, focus your attention, and then it will be a yogic practice?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, one of my friend’s girlfriend in another theater to play this crap, and he went back in the player. He would sit on the back row, votknet headphones in his ears and looks as his favorite on stage is something out there does. He did not care that she was playing, story, he looked at her, and it is likely to benefit him go.

Alexey Somov, Astra Group: First: thank you for the seminar, the theme really fantastic. Everything is clear and it is clear that “Natyashastra” was conceived as a lifeline, summed up the quintessence of the previous four Vedas, and probably at the beginning of the start of this project, this was the most powerful thing that was really as an anchor, to save humanity, not to drowning. But, you are then continued, and according to sources, we understand that there was a degradation. The degradation has occurred due to the fact that people have shifted the focus from the Superior to the lower. Generally speaking, with the divine in the squabbles of this world. What is our task – to restore?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To a certain extent rediscover all that was lost.

Alexey Somov, Astra Group: The question now. Previously Natya practiced everywhere enlightened priests, be it Greece, Egypt: tradition, knowledge, dedication. Now where to get them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good question, absolutely wonderful. See what the situation occurred. Indeed, when no longer understand the Vedas in their original sense, needed Natya – fifth Veda, to say that the same is only intelligible, understandable language through representation, through entertainment. Under each action to pump enormous power of different practices. Well, really, just a dance descriptive, narrative dance, mantra recitations, images, beautiful costumes, and so on, that captured the maximum number of senses of the audience, and thus involved a maximum amount of prana. It can be said that the attempt to make the Natya yoga – it was one of the first attempts to introduce faster methods of yoga among the maximum number of people. As Brahmins dedicated and ordinary people. As a very powerful medicine.

Unfortunately, there is a negative in any rapid method. Any rapid method of yoga, or any rapid method of spiritual transformation has at least two serious minus. The first – fast methods very quickly become obsolete. If you are now invited to a medieval setting Nati, you would hardly have been delighted. If you go now in a 3D movie theater, you, of course, will be more captured while, computer graphics and so on. The same situation applies to religion. Any religion – it is a quick method, sharpened to a small group of people to quickly transform them spiritually. Next thing, because this method is rapidly becoming obsolete, it should be constantly rasp, it must be constantly adapted to ever new cultural reality. Language changes, clothes, manners, everything. The second drawback is already flew out of my head. So this was an attempt to give the knowledge of the widest possible range of people, regardless of their degree of self-awareness, very fast, very narrowly directed to quickly everything has reached a qualitatively new level. The second negative: since the full program involved all the senses, all our prana, our emotions, it is a very strong medicine. As a consequence, a strong medicine can be abused. As long as the Gutenberg invented printing in medieval Europe, books to write by hand it was very expensive. But as soon as there was a printing press, a sharp change of ideology. As soon as there was the first motion picture as soon as the radio communication media, television, the Internet, we see a dramatic change in the situation. We are more and more involved in what is happening, but also to manipulate you easier and easier. If during the time of Gutenberg had on hand to write lampoons twenty copies, you have to write them a hand fell off, then, if you have a printing press, you can stamp the pamphlets. Now, with the proliferation of the Internet, you can dispatch a spam literally the whole world covered with a thick layer of emails. There is the same situation, much is given, but there is a temptation to use it properly. And very quickly becomes outdated.

Next time: the increasing degradation has led to the fact that in the age of Kali Yuga, according to the ideology of spiritual knowledge transfer, to the fore of tantra. In Tantra the main ideology is that in the age of Kali Yuga, the usual methods of spiritual development is not particularly succeed, for the simple reason that people are weak, stupid, more dependent on their bodies. Unable they practice or asceticism, or work on yourself, and need some new methods. And at the same time, people are mixed. Earlier in the caste Brahmins were born only Brahmans. In Sudras Sudras and were born, mostly. In the age of Kali Yuga, all mixed up. And needed a tool that no matter what you have karma. Let’s say you’re a former Brahmin, in a past life something not so made and born among the Sudras. But never mind, you still need to have access to higher knowledge. By the Vedas you would not let him. Here you arrive in India today, go to the orthodox Hindu temple dating back to the Vedic times, first you will be asked your gotra. That is your race. But generally speaking, you Brahmin, or what? Training in Yoga Open University erected you rank the Brahmins, no one disputes. And there is a man, if he is in caste Sudra, he just will not go there, its there just is not allowed. And if you say that caste – is bad, let them cancel, so Sudras do not agree. Because the worst thing is to stay out of all castes. Better to be a sudra than general, is caste. It turns out that this attempt to introduce faster methods and to somehow help the current state of affairs in our civilization. Perhaps because it would be possible to interpret it.

Where to now take it all? Where to take practice? With these and heavier and easier. Simply because at least some heritage preserved. Agree that no analogs of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, we have, in principle. We have no doctrine of equal Yoga who would remain on Egyptian lines on the European or Greek line. Here, the evil poor, at least something came. We got texts, oral tradition, that already makes life easier. We, at least, know what to look for. Why is it useful to read yoga books? You read that Yogi has found a supernormal, another hit. And we can know what it was, it was possible. The second point, we have nothing with you is not how to rediscover yoga. There is knowledge that is lost. But we also need to consider themselves Brahmans, and nothing short of and must be fully impregnated with ideology of the Vedas, Yoga ideology. The ideology of the Vedas, the ideology of yoga – it’s complete trust your Higher Ya If kto-to, kogda-to, gde-to created methods are invented with his sons Bharata Natyu, nobody and nothing prevents you unleash your inner potential to rise to the level of Bharata and rediscover the same. That’s what I wanted, the students engaged in yoga university. We do not blindly copy, all that remained, and, it is reasonable, consciously taken as a basis for those grains that have been preserved or restored and reproduced the knowledge that is lost. Many, perhaps, will take a lifetime to play at least one yogic practice. So the next time – you have to leave behind this knowledge. Why do not we open a yoga university? Because we have one of the primary ideologies – was the knowledge itself, give another. In itself not stop. Of course, it may take several lifetimes. But it is better to live several lives in the right direction than a billion in messy wrong. We must find a balance. Between the personal practice, study of ancient heritage and attempt to synthesize it all. Because there is still a normal life – we have to go to work. Or, if you are a teacher of yoga, you remember that one hour of teaching goes from 5 to 10 hours of preparation. Time and so little remains. But anything else, I personally can not offer you. Hopes that now come with the Himalayan guru and say, “Guys, Millennium filed exclusively for you, to meet you, just do not tell anyone, will you now devote”. If that happens, I’ll be happy. Just remember, as in the proverb says: “The hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” And the worst thing says that sometimes worse in India understand that they have stored there than we are here.

Tatyana Isakova, Astra Group, the city Eagle: It is believed that the theater and the other arts reflect current trends. There are some paintings and performances, they are aggressive, depressive with a bad end. You ask: “Why,” you say: “Because life is like, and we want to reflect it.” What follows from that, getting worse, or are they really trying to reflect the current reality of these productions?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I remember during the Soviet years, when there was strict censorship and ideology, there dill try to release on the TV screen – you in the best case be dismissed. And in the worst case, under Stalin, I’m even afraid to think about how it would all end. It was a bias in one direction, and people felt the falsity of what is shown. So long was this hypocrisy that then, when allowed to show all, all rushed to the dill. Conversely, the more bloody movie, a bloody scene – the better, when the Soviet government was not now let it be. Sane directors, actors quickly ate this seamy side and cooled to it. They realized that it, too, is not the whole truth. At the fore another trick, the so-called consumer society. Since the vast majority of people can catch on the base instincts, such as fear, anger, and so on, then it’s easier to remove the rating series, which will all kill each other, cheating and so on. Why? This sense of danger mobilized, and the viewer, willy-nilly looks. And if he looks the picture show, and there you can advertise. For advertising, you can get the money and you can live with this. There have intertwined economic component – a game animal instincts. It is certainly a dead end as gradually reduced threshold. If you do every day to show violence, you have to distinguish between then stop taking it. Otherwise, you’re losing your mind, as your universe becomes unbalanced. Let us now we will not take the commercial component of the show business. Let us consider a situation where all the actors, directors – a normal, sane, appropriate people. And before them the question arises – to show positive or dill.

To answer this question, we must answer the following question – what kind of world? If the world is a positive, and you show dill, then you’re inadvertently going at odds with the fact that there really is. And if the world – are continuing chernukha and you happyend on every corner is large enough, then you have to mislead the audience, which is the world really is. Therefore, do not answer the question: “And what the world really?” You can not say unequivocally that should be in your movie, and what should not. What is considered an exception out of the ordinary that it is better not to show, and what is the trend, the trend of which is necessary to warn everyone. So, according to the ideology of yoga, we learn what is the reality, not earlier than reach the state of enlightenment. Higher samadhi. That’s when we really know what kind of world. Until then, each of us raving. And a director who takes dill, and a director who takes happyend. This layering of his personal experience, his personal karma, his previous history of interpretation of life. And, in fact, we should not focus on how to correctly display the world, we do not know what kind of world we’re all delirious. Speech in the yogic knowledge is most likely on the following: a greater state of delirium go into a smaller state. Imagine you’re delusional, you’re shooting a movie crazy, but looking at him, the man who in his delirium, begins to rave a bit smaller. Fight fire with fire. And if you go this way, and through your script, your movie, whether it is or is chernukha happyend, a person close to understanding what is the root cause of being, you can shoot any film. Although horror, where all cut each other, though the love melodrama. If he brings you to realize what is the world really is.

According to the ideology of yoga we are given a hint, what is the world really is. We already have the answer in advance. This answer we got ourselves, we gave him the ancient sages, teachers and yoga teacher. You know what they told us at the expense of what the world? They told us the next thing. “World – free” And the concept of freedom is extremely strange and abstract. Or in another way: if you want to create your personal universe in a seamy side – it around you will be. And you will be absolutely right, making films, where chernukha. And the other person voleizyavit form his personal universe where Chernukho and does not smell, where continuous happyend. And he will shoot movies with happyendom and live in this universe. And everyone at the same time is right, you know? That is the essence of the Vedas? Each have enough space. And finally, what is the most fantastic – that these two personal universes can coexist together. That’s the way our world. That is, in the same two persons can live in the neighborhood community, one staircase in neighboring apartments. One voleizyavil build a personal hell and suffering there, the other side, voleizyavil build personal paradise and enjoy. They each morning in the stairwell near the elevator there. You know how fabulous our world. So that leaves us. We just have the following point: if you are making your work of art degree of ignorance of people to contract and bringing them to realize how the world is made to the fact that is leading them to freedom, then it is an art – with a capital letter. Positive there, negative, chernukha, it does not matter. If on the contrary, your actions even more confusing, more to enter the illusion, then this is unacceptable, and even the best happyend actually lead to a seamy side. When is wishful thinking.

Therefore, my friends, this is a very controversial issue. Natya Yoga does not limit the directors, the writers in your life, yoga does not limit freedom. Do you remember this axiom. Therefore, one can not say. But sometimes you see that someone is quite explicitly biased drive people into slavery through intimidation of some seamy side, to knowingly make money, or some of its stupidity, because of ideological or religious doctrines. Here they said that the end of the world and he needs to shoot a film about the end of the world, otherwise he will go against their ideology. It’s another conversation, this is scary enough, this is not a zombie because of the lust for money, but because of the public – the non-obvious influences. This is such a moment. The transforming history.


Alexey Somov, Astra group: These two universes exist, they do each other no effect on the same landing, or interference is still there?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s further narrow down when the two universes is not on the staircase, and in the same family: a husband and wife. Sometimes there are the most extreme cases. The question of influence – it is one of the most difficult questions of axiomatic in yoga. How can we interfere in someone else’s universe and change it. For example, a neighbor in the stairwell living in hell. We – in paradise. We began dimly guess at his unshaven face and the smell from the mouth, that he was in a terrible depression. And we, as people, enjoy life, decides to help him. And the question is: do we have the right to do so? If we have, then, to what extent? Should we do this type of persuasion, man, do not worry, it’s not so bad, it’s much worse to be happy, that is. Or should we call an ambulance and say that a person is depressed, let him in a straightjacket and antidepressants will stab him until he would be happy not. Or how else to act. And where is the boundary, which is subject to us.

This is an extremely difficult question. Let’s start with the fact that you are, in principle, you can not help others if he you into their universe is not empty. Nothing, nothing. If you have the illusion that some means of exposure is, then you should know that sometime in the past, he has delegated authority to you, any questions to decide for themselves. And only in the framework of these powers you can get involved. For example, if he lives with you in one society in one country, in one stairwell, that before being born in this place according to the law of karma, he has delegated authority to other members of society, to a certain extent the influence. If you were born in a particular family, you are his parents, by default, we have delegated certain number of powers, such as to affect you: you bring up a child. But, again, on a certain area. If for some reason you’re out of line, and cut off the ends of all of you, in principle, not be able to help. On the other hand, if you have the tools, at least some entry into another universe – it also does not mean anything. This person may say, “Fuck you!”. Therefore, we, in principle, in very rare cases, can anyone help. Just in case, if we are allowed.

Remember aphorisms teaching yoga? There’s all this built. To you come to yoga class. And you can help just one thing – to remove the obstacles to the man himself voleizyavil change something. And, in fact, he himself had changed. All, nothing else. And here is the same situation. The newly same time, our world is very fantastic. Between us what it is called Maya, which enables us to co-exist together. That is a free man a universe built, another free another universe built. And, at the same time, it would seem, in principle, one should be alone. But otherwise, I have the freedom and his freedom? And suddenly we will have a common ground? And as they were to solve? I want to go there to say, and he says come here. Who goes where? And here there is such a thing as the Maya, such an operator, which allows glue universes so that no violations of the freedom you could communicate with each other. And working with maya – it’s aerobatics. Looking far ahead, Natya Yoga, the yoga of theatrical art, in this sense, can be reduced to work with Maya. After all, the scene does not take place in full what you play. It is, in fact, the Maya, the illusion that there is. Not really, as we would say. But, nevertheless, working with Maya on stage, we have an opportunity to influence the Maya offstage. This is a real yoga is not a declarative position like “oh, how good is now Natyu will do, and be everywhere all is well, all will be kissing, hugging and communism will come the triumph of humanism.” No, my friends, under this heavy philosophy, no less abstract than rocket science. That is why it is necessary to study for a long time.

Igor, the group Astra, city of Samara: I would like to supplement your words that we remove the barriers. Maybe we can say that we are opening new alternatives for people opportunities available to them, because they do not see some alternatives. You can influence exactly as much as you are able to develop a range of alternatives in front of other people.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely correct. What can a yoga instructor? By yoga teacher came a man doing yoga and says, “Help me.” And that can make a yoga teacher. Yoga Teacher says, “Here you live so-and-so. You have such a life circumstances, problems, ideas and so on. And you can do that way and that way. ” Here you see how you have, you’ve seen how it can be. Now choose. He washes his hands and does not climb in this situation. Because impose even yoga you are not eligible. You can only show what happens in another. What a tragedy Now all gears? Young children have a TV, and there is violence and murder. They grow up with full confidence that the way it should be. No it does not show an alternative, it is possible to build a world without violence and murder. And how do they know it. Mom, Dad did not say. On the TV show every dill. And thereby laid the program, and then a man wonders how he could do otherwise, if he hammered his childhood such behavior patterns. And look, even in this Natyashastra. Before you played any scene, any situation in life. Unsolvable situation. But it turns out that it is time, and resolved. And you’re thinking to yourself, “once it is resolved there, and I can be resolved. For even this point is very important. More questions?

Anna Hosoya, Astra Group: Just the conversation turned on the subject of my remarks. As a child, when I attended a theater workshop, and played different performances, I was a cat in “Cat House”. I would not let these poor kittens in the house. They ask, and I would not let me. Now I feed these poor stray cats, karma is fulfilled. Probably, I’m so worried about my childhood in these kittens, which are not allowed in the house. This is one example.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sometimes it is useful to play the villain, to be kind. The poison in small quantities – the highest drug.

Anna Hosoya, Astra Group: We’ve just been setting about the heroes of the Great Patriotic War: Molodaya, Tanya Savicheva. And this strength of spirit, stubbornness, a rod and moved to its own character. It seems to me.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, my friends. Good point. As a child, you are reading the book. Why yoga is considered, which is extremely useful to read biographies of successful yogis. Though biographies of unsuccessful yogis, as I understand it, does not happen. This is the other literature. As well as the continuation of this theme: it is very useful to read biographies of successful people successful. Those who left behind a contribution. Because, by reading them, you can not help tune in to the same way of thinking, behavior. After all, in fact you are no different from a successful person. You are all done on a single image, you all have the same potential within. But this successful man of the right to fulfill their potential and achieve success. But you can rush, or because their potential use, or that way. And even in those throws you podrastratitsya. And then think of nothing, you read a biography of a hero, you like it, and you involuntarily start to implement it. And I must say that this is one of the methods of Raja Yoga. When you need to buy this or that quality, you should meditate on them, on those or other images. Take mantra yoga.

Sometimes the effect of yoga mantra to acquire any skills, reduced to the pronunciation of the name of a person or living creature that possessed these abilities. You say the mantra of Ganesha, which is able to eliminate or obstruct, and thus awaken within ourselves the same qualities. And so on and so forth. Copying images with all its consequences. If we talk about the fast imaging techniques, as in the Indian Yogis, Tantric Buddhism, where you have to visualize yourself in some deity, there are obtained entirely paradoxical results. You begin to visualize yourself one way or another being with these or other qualities, like, all of a sudden your life begins to change the way if you really had them. Even the detailed rituals, like himself and who need to visualize, with some attributes to the smallest detail. It would seem that for them there – to do nothing? They have a house full of problems there, and they begin to visualize yourself some abstract beings, but who are able to solve these problems. Experienced fact – the problems begin to be solved. I want to stress your attention is not on the abstract nature of these methods, and quite specific. The fact that you can apply right now, right here, right your case personally. Not in the case of the ancient yogis and iogin not in the case of Bharata and his hundred sons, but in your case. Not in the Middle Ages or in ancient times and in our times. Here this precious Yoga.

Wonderful. More questions?

Sergey, Astra Group I by the example and the words which sounded today, I’m here to see an example of another. No antidote and can be poison. She played a cat that bad things dealt with kittens. And the example of Tanya Savicheva. This is a good example, in fact, positive visualization. But there are bad guys, and they, too, the actors play. What they are impregnated and how it affects. There must be some kind of safety?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends. There is no danger, do not worry. Even Patanjali says that sanyama on the positive qualities you get a positive effect. Sanyama on the negative qualities you do not get anything. Let’s agree that we have at hand has always been the primary sources. I feel how big our mistake. Always useful to refer the person to the appropriate chapter and line.

Sergei, a group of Aster: Did it sanyama? How correct analogy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. Theatrical action lies precisely in the fact that you have to fully concentrate on the character being played. You must fully identify with it. You must be so one-way stream of consciousness, to keep the inside of your buddhi only the image of who you are playing, and, if possible, as much as possible to forget about their own image, so it does not interfere or disguises. Therefore, what we have on the stage, in fact meditation. It can be classified as meditation or category sanyama. When we focus on a particular object or phenomenon and try to keep him. If I’m on the stage of Pushkin, then, of course, I want to keep the image of Pushkin. If climb, suddenly, what – what other thoughts about myself, about my problems, I have refrained smaller image of Pushkin. And, as Stanislavski said, the audience will shout: “do not believe”. So here, in fact, the method of theatrical art, as well as methods of Patanjali – concentration. Meaning that what is? From where we started our seminar? A brief digression. What are the Vedas? Our world is a world of freedom. In this world there is no absolute evil. It’s just not here. The whole world – is a variant of freedom. Whenever we are faced with the fact that call evil what – something negative, we can trace how it originated. And every time you will find the following situation: any negative arose from misuse positive. Another reason there is no negativity.

Now see if you, by yogic meditation sanyama, concentrate on the positive qualities, then you will sooner or later come to the root cause of all, to a higher positive, from which the world is created. If you, on the contrary, concentrate and do sanyama on something negative, according to the ideas of “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” if you are focused and hold your mind on an object or phenomenon, the object or phenomenon is fully reveals its essence meditator. That is, it turns itself inside out. So, what happens when you ponder this negativity? You will sooner or later reach the point where the film came from. You see, where two positive clashed heads together, and there was a negative. All. The more you there are no underlying causes of universal evil will not find, because they are not Just as darkness – this is not the essence, it is the absence of light. The same ideology, if you play a negative role. You will sooner or later begin to feel as this character, with all the motivations, all habits, and with all prerequisites why this character behaves negatively. You start to see yourself suddenly in there at some subtle level, due to an internal stupidity faced two streams of prana.

That Asura, demonic creature, is no different from the divine. Only it is an illusion. It feels not what it actually is. And here, by playing this role, you will sooner or later understand the whole situation. And as a consequence, ill with the disease, you will be able to help other living beings. This is a very far-reaching moments. Moreover, there are yoga and visualization where you will be encouraged to visualize yourself not only as a positive character, but also negative. Like the actor playing the negative scenes. For what? To help you understand, and where it came from negative in the universe that he has created. To help you understand the delicacy of the situation. Yoga teaches you the following: before something radically change in your life, you are faced with negativity, and want to destroy it, before you destroy the negative, understand where it came from. And find another film that spawned this film. And only after you see the situation as a whole, only then interfere. From this is born the third principle of yoga, which is, first of all, encourages us to abandon the suffering. The third principle of yoga says that the universe was not created for the suffering, the root cause of suffering is not here. There is a misuse of enjoyment. This is the first part of the third principle of yoga. Finally, the second part of the third principle of yoga: if you yourself stood on the path of non-suffering, help all other sentient beings from suffering and to give, if they voleizyavlyayut do it. Without prejudice to their freedom. It was all very clear and very logical.

Vladimir Sevostyanov: Many times have you said that when the concentration of a certain degree of peace turns itself inside out. Is not one of the self at the concentration we take all the knowledge about the subject or the object passes this knowledge?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This question is meaningless. In our “Higher Self” is all the knowledge that exists in the universe. On the other hand, it is a huge file cabinet, where each case opened. The question is: in what business to grasp? This level of operating with consciousness. Consciousness is general in that sense at all. Can you say as what do you get information from their “Higher Self”, and of the Absolute.

Nikita Fedorischev, the preparatory group of the student: Natya yoga refers to the quickest method. On it applies the same rule that rapid methods become outdated over time. Triad also relates to a rapid method. Can it be said that some practices that are used in it, such as visualization, eventually become obsolete?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. We spend some practices of the triad. Do you think that 20 years ago it was the same practice? Nothing like this. You know, that remains the same? The highest, ineffable essence of the Vedas, the core of any practice. Here in Vedic times, in times of Natyashastra, in our times, it is something ineffable – the same thing. And the embodiment constantly transformed. Like this.



The third part of the workshop on Natya Yoga

So, we have today 30 June 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, this is our workshop on Natya Yoga, Yoga theater. Now, my friends, we need a little bit on the other side to come to the Natya Yoga, so you could carry out practical exercises. More precisely, some of the basics of practical exercises. And here it was a question – what level of protection against these wrong images of meditation, if we present ourselves or play one or the other way. The most radical and the most significant protection – is to know who you are really aware of it your higher self if you are aware of your higher self, any way – it’s just that the clothes you put on themselves. And it has nothing to do with you. Anyway, it does not control you, and you control it. And now we have with you from the position of the axioms another look at all the processes at Natya Yoga, so then you understand the logic of why to perform certain exercises. I demand from you in the first place is not cramming the crumbs of knowledge that have reached us, and understanding how they work, how they work. To continue, you can reopen them.

So what we have with you under the axioms of yoga. We have the following thing – each of you have your Higher Self Your Higher Self – the thing is absolutely grand, fantastic, it is beyond space and time. It can not be killed, it is not born and does not die. No adjective to it does not apply – it is higher than all the adjectives. It is truly great. Your higher self has the ability to manifest itself in our usual physical universe. As usual our world through our bodies. That is, on the one hand – your I – prohibitively abstract, is in the highest spiritual heights. On the other hand – it is somehow related to the Higher Self with your bodies. And here you are sitting in your body and every one of you alive. What does it mean? That is the next thing – you have your Higher Self, which is everywhere and nowhere. But at the same time you have your body through which your Higher Self is manifested in our world. Feel yourself for arms and legs. Here they are – are.

So, it turns out the next thing that the person is in fact a bridge between the higher self, the grandiose and all-powerful and very specific physical body. One – one body, another – another body, the third – the third. Some man who is a woman, and so on and so forth. But this is not enough. With our bodies change over time. When we are young, when we are at a mature age, once we age. Moreover, our understanding of our changing themselves. Once we feel stupid once – clever. Once respected people who once feel the contrary, that we have no respect. That is, we have a wad of representations of themselves, which has something to do with our physical body. If we close you eyes and think about yourself – then we primarily recognize lump itself representations. Each of us has of himself some idea, some image. This image is a conglomerate of the image of our physical body, we know, as we look around, as from time to time look in the mirror. But just as there is some emotional components.

For example, I am sitting in front of you, and I am a professor of philosophy, a homeless person, or someone else. It inadvertently puts prints. That is, it turns out that on the one hand, our higher self is connected with the physical body, on the other hand – this conglomerate of ideas about ourselves. These ideas about themselves most clearly manifested in the moment when we are asleep. We sleep, have dreams and these dreams we participate in this fine structure. As a rule, all this according to the teachings of yoga is related to the so-called thin body. And, say, in a dream, we see ourselves in the subtle body. In the waking state the next thing happens – our gross body somehow operates in the universe, and through the rough – our subtle body. And in fact, it is very difficult to say what we ourselves believe in fact – the physical body, or the subtle body self-image. Exact situation following – if our physical body hurts – then we are more inclined to consider himself the physical body. If the physical body does not bring inconvenience, we are more likely to consider themselves to these subtle body. Body representation of himself. There is also a third body, which is called the causal body, but now while I’m about it, I will not say anything. Thus, it turns out that we have our Higher Self, beyond. On the other hand, we have a group of bodies – the gross body, the subtle body and the causal body. After that our Higher Self once manifested in this universe. And we can walk, we can do something, we can experience some emotions and feelings, and so on and so forth. That eats two poles there – our I quite abstract and concrete -Our body. And they have something to do. Our Higher Self is beyond time and space, and our bodies in time and space. What connects our Higher Self with our bodies, called in yoga – prana.

Or in another way – by our Higher Self stretches thread of prana, which animates our bodies and if there is this thread, we are with you – real people. If for some reason this thread is torn – we say that someone died. Note that when this is said, that someone had died – meant that it has not gone higher self, his higher self as it was, and remains. It means quite the other thing – the thread that connects the body and the Higher Self is torn. This is called death. Now on, the problem is that we are not aware of your higher self We just do not know about his power, we do not know about his abilities. We are aware of themselves with the manifestation of your higher self, or with your prana. That is the one thread that connects us and which circulates prana, we begin to consider themselves prana. My favorite image similar to the following: consider yourself prana – that’s about the same way as if the sun came out on the illuminated area, saw his shadow and began to consider himself his shadow. Of course, the shadow is somehow connected with the physical body on this site, sunlit. But these are two big differences – your body and your shadow. Similarly, the same way – you have your Higher Self is your prana. Of course, these two things are connected – the source of your prana – it is your higher self, but your Higher Self is higher than the prana. But you consider yourself at Prana error.

And here begins the root of all our problems. We consider ourselves not what they think of ourselves in reality. As a result of this arises in the future, fear, anger, desire, sympathy, antipathy, and the whole complex of many different emotions. It begins precisely with the fact that we consider ourselves to be not what we really are. Now then – the next step, friends. But as our prana that flows from our higher self and connect our self with the bodies, as well permeates our bodies. That is, as water permeates the sponge wet and we start from this error to consider themselves not even prana, and bodies that are absorbed prana. That is even more coarse level of delusion – that is not enough that we do not know about your Higher Self Not only that, we have decided that we are first – prana, but then, when the prana is infused into our bodies – we even forgot about the prana, we began to consider themselves bodies. And it turns out the next thing – if we think of ourselves as bodies, there is the following result: if they begin to threaten our bodies, we are experiencing the negative. If on the contrary something promotes and protects our bodies, we are positive. That is, we become hostages of misconceptions about themselves. This situation – not only in humans.

This situation in all living beings, animals and so on and so forth. But primitive animals increasingly see themselves as the gross physical body. The more highly developed animals, the less it feels gross body, to a greater extent already beginning to throw on some ideas about themselves. If we are born in the bodies of people, the more less we start to consider themselves the bodies of men, and increasingly consider themselves some ideas about themselves. Although it also depends on the extent to which self-awareness is a person. If the soul of man is like a beast, it is like the beast feels the body, and we’ll have a rabid, vulgar materialism. When asserted that the whole of life – it is the physical body and nothing else.

This rabid, vulgar, vulgar materialism, which is the development of science the same time began to acquire a dominant position, but then it became clear that more and more difficult. However – it is one pole. And if you stick to the materialistic views, you can not withdraw any humanitarian rules of conduct. When it all began with the birth of your body if it ends with the death of your body – you should by all means, at any cost to take care of their bodies, even if there will suffer all the rest of the universe. And this fact is precisely the causes that have seen a huge amount of evil in this world of men. People see themselves as physical objects, cling to them and begin to properly use this opportunity. Just because of the stupidity, that they consider themselves to be the body. But in the future as you gain experience, and the experience you get from life to life, getting those or other suffering, without suffering in any way here. So, after you’ve got a certain, fairly large portion of suffering, you begin to slowly but surely develop intelligence. Suffering very well develop intelligence.

And now comes a certain critical amount of suffering that generates intelligence. And, as a rule, the most polished and perfect intelligence we have in the human body. So, once you get the human body with sharpened intelligence immediately takes another law of nature. Before that, in order to develop the intellect, you need only be suffering, or else, you were reluctant to develop. And, accordingly, the struggle for existence, the evolutionary race, primarily due to fear. Fear of death, destruction, fear. And dominate most intelligent species, the more clever it is, the greater chance to survive it.

So, starting with the human body – as claimed by yoga, in addition to suffering, you can use the intelligence and reach a level of life that you do not need in your life suffering for its further evolutionary spiritual growth. That is, I want to draw your attention to this very unobvious bunch. While we are in the bestial state – must have the sufferings, needs, and they must lead to the formation of the intellect (mind). As soon gained a certain amount of suffering – honed his mind – everything, in principle, can build a system of personal evolutionary development, where there is no suffering. It is very important to the purely theoretical observation.

But back to us on this picture. We are living with you in the bodies of humans and that you and I have? Your Higher Self, which is omnipotent and beyond, begins to consider himself prana. Prana first impregnates your subtle body, or self-image. You begin to grasp at these fine performances, and as a result it is very tightly grasping determines your every step. And under the influence of grasping you do wrong things, generate negative karma. And then she comes back to you in the form of suffering. That is, we have enough for their own self-image, we very much cherish and Holim this view of themselves, but by the same token we firmly gripping the Repose of themselves – condemn themselves as themselves for future suffering. And we must learn to gradually razotozhdestvlyatsya with their ideas about themselves.

Example, I am a student, I came to the university with Solved problems, went to the professor showed the problem is solved. The professor said: “Young man, you are so stupid written here, you’re wrong.” I respectfully listened to, and I especially for this occasion is not worried. Why? Because inside I had the picture itself – a student. Yes, I have a right to something I do not know. And offering experienced Nobel laureate may I point out my mistakes. And I accept it. Another situation – I professor of philosophy, he went to the store, and the saleswoman obmaterila me when I asked her to show some goods.

And here the situation is different – I have an idea that I – a professor of philosophy. And who are you? Saleswoman. No one calls you in any way. As you had the right to raise his voice at me, why did not return to me, Your Excellency, and not a speck of dust is blown off with me. Why? Because it has been wounded, affected by the scheme of my ideas about himself. Again, in a different situation, even shouting at you, you do not even perceive. That is not impunity for some way to grasp, so as not to fall into the field of action of certain laws. In the ancient yogic texts say something like the following phrase – “what think you are, the fate and assumes.” Consider yourself the physical body, that’s the proper destiny with relevant generates suffering.

You think yourself thin body – the appropriate fate with relevant and suffering caused, that is grasped for something stranglehold consider yourself be what you are not. Accordingly, because of this foolishness will come those or other problems. That is, it turns out the next thing – that our Higher Self grabs the image that it has and feels this way, and all that that image begins to threaten – makes our Vysschee I somehow behave. As a rule, behave poorly, with a lot of nonsense. More precisely, there are likes and dislikes. The basic method of Natya Yoga for actors – if you’re an actor and you know that you have your Higher Self on the one hand, on the other hand – the way you think about yourself. But you decided to play a particular scene, you have decided to transform into a particular character.

As you remember from the last part of the seminar, it was originally a scene associated with the Vedas, some mythological setting and that’s you, let’s start playing, or to depict the god Indra. What do you thus have to do to play well? You should as much as possible to forget about their way of an ordinary person, and as much as possible at the same time focus on the image of Indra. With all its qualities. Or in another way – you have to turn into an empty vessel into which you need to “fill in” the essence of Indra. And in order to turn into an empty vessel, it is necessary at least for the time to learn how to forget about yourself. That is, the factor of mindfulness, as well as in the factor of forgetfulness there are plenty of useful applications. So, it is sometimes very helpful to forget about yourself. It helps in some cases. And it turns out that if you start to play a role – the more you forget about yourself – the less you grab for their internal structures. And so in a more pure form it begins to manifest this prana, which until then permeated these structures.

That is, you sort of forgetting about himself pull his prana from their bodies, and it kind of comes in a pure form, which in itself is extremely valuable. Next, you begin to visualize and play the image of the god Indra, or of this or that character and you like to mentally create his image, his body, his idea of it himself, as if he thinks of himself, and start your free prana pumped into this image. And it turns out, the more prana you pulled out of your habitual way of an ordinary person, and the more you uploaded it to the image of the character you play, the First – you become more flexible in itself. You understand that for anything in itself can not grasp that idea of yourself – it’s just an idea.

And your grip for his ignorance begins to decompress. And, accordingly, you are in the approach to the realization of their Higher Self And the closer you approach to the realization of your Higher Self, the more volume you can take advantage of the power that lies in the Self On the one hand. On the other hand – the more you have visualized, or embodied in the image of the hero, who played – for example, Indra. The more you have reproduced those internal structures that are responsible for the manifestation of excess capacity, which is endowed with Indra. Because in this sense – as you have a higher self, like Indra’s Higher Self – is of equal. The difference – only how it manifests itself. And here you are acting game copying the structures that are responsible for the demonstration of super-powers of Indra.

And here arises the following provision – you start to take the same hit. That is enough to you to visualize yourself in some character, you start to be able to use the same skills that the character possesses. Or in another way – as an actor, which is tuned to a particular role, it starts to behave as it seems that sometimes you can not tell the actor from the man he plays. This is the second time, it is extremely important. Finally, the third point – no less important. You play, and you see the audience. And viewers are already beginning to see not you, they begin to have the image that you are playing, and contemplation of the image, ie, Indra, makes already viewers set your mind on this image and the same – forget about themselves and withdraw completely into the experience what they see on stage. That is a serious statement makes people forget about themselves, all their misconceptions about themselves and thereby reduce their ego. And just to help them reach a new level of spiritual self-awareness. That’s why when you look really grandiose theatrical productions, then you get out of them at a qualitatively new spiritual level. And as you remember, on this and Natya Yoga was created. Thus, it turns out that the theater – it’s quite elegant work. First – with views of themselves, and secondly – in order to forget about their ignorance. That is, we feel the body as long as we in ordinary life.

And, accordingly, look at all from the position, “and whether it is beneficial to my body or not profitable?” And then we go to some abstract world, being a spectator, where nothing depends on our body. We are watching, we have the audience in the hall, we are not on the stage. And at this time we would like to forget about ourselves. Our grasp of their misconceptions – slightly weakened. And if we contemplate some correct script behavior on stage, we unconsciously copy the qualities which we look. This action. Thus, my friends, all the logic quite axiomatic and therefore any practice which involved Natya Yoga, she primarily works with your Higher Self, is firstly, and secondly – to your presentation about themselves. Finally, in the third – it is so that one way to vent the other way. Your way in which you are now themselves represent it in fact the case hallucination. The image that you play – it is also a hallucination. But this correct displacement of one another hallucination hallucination, you can get closer to a decrease in hallucinations, or approximation to its Ya that’s it built. Are there any questions?

Question. Zaichenko Nikita. And whether there is any material, films, encounters something like that, on the Natya Yoga?

Zaporozhtsev. You know, there is no film to me, oddly enough, is not met, neither we nor the West. You know, we even Natya Yoga in Russian is still not yet been translated in full, only a few chapters. And about the movie, I did not hear. I’ve seen some indirect movies drama about a theater of ancient India. But, unfortunately, there is a confluence of the emphasis on ritualism years, there really do nobody understands – where everything came from. Therefore, in such a way that all the yoga positions to set out, I honestly have not seen. But I do not rule out that maybe somewhere it is.

Question. Constantine, a free listener. So, if we razotozhdestvlyaemsya with its image, we razotozhdestvlyaemsya and with his Dharma, Dharma or our increased or changed?

Zaporozhtsev: Good point, but the concept of Dharma more abstract, is “to change the Dharma Dharma”. That is, any time you’re the janitor, some – somebody else. In the actor, of course, it’s more compressed. On stage, he has to play Dharma. Remember, there was a statement – Lenin in October. Then he went out, went drinking beer at a local cafe, it’s a different dharma. Home came – you know? The game switches. But you remember that Dharma is a derivative of Rita. Over the main law. So here – Dharma Dharma reassignment.

Question. Cyril Lyric Kiev. Is there a parallel with austerity – when we take out the Prana of the usual associative links?

Zaporozhtsev. The fact is that what is the difficulty in search of a good actor. Firstly, it is very difficult to forget about their perceptions of themselves and concentrate fully or revive the presentation of the character that you play. Someone is obtained from childhood with ease. To some it is extremely difficult. I remember, I came to us as it is to shoot yoga an episode of yoga and I said, “you have to play this scene to a modern audience was satisfied.” Friends, as I tried, I could not. And when then began to simply “Okay, guys, let me just be like we planned, to teach how it all went.” He began to teach – and the voice ceased to be false, and everything else fell into place. Why? Because of this, I just forgot to filming.

That is, before I strained my head was a billion ideas about yourself. Here I am, here’s my idea, here it is an idea that I have to play. Here are filmmakers who shoot me – I too hold in the mind, and the way I look, I did not just start to play another way, and another, and – what I look like. Mixing images – showed me that the artist out of me no. At the same time I forgotten them all, focused on its natural role – everything is fine and then they went where I tried out myself what is the draw – neatly povyrezali, for which they thank you. And where I was naturally – remain. Somewhere, say, Ukraine is now shown my face. I’d like to see it all, because sometimes it turns out is not what you think. Nevermind. And the situation is – someone is easy and simple to get, someone – hard. In any case, as the Natyashastra, even if you were born a born actor, you have to work, work, plow and plow on himself. And that is why I am very interested in this parallel – work with the work of the artist yoga teacher. I have already voiced at the seminar – there is such an empirically derived formula. One hour yoga class in the hall goes from 5 to 10 hours of preparatory work. That is, it is not what you have, just came and had a yoga class, come and read a lecture. This never happens. You have to face it a lot of work. You have to deal with, learn a lot of things. So, here – the same situation. Even if you have a talent, a gift.

As practice shows, again and as evidenced Natyashastra – still a man must constantly work on yourself, because it is transformed into a yogic practice. With experience comes the skill and perfection. Like any work – it is given to fight. Not so easy to make yourself, because, firstly, bestial aspects of the mind manifest. You want to focus on the image of this or that actor, and your head idiotic different thoughts crawl, and you paid the rent, or tomorrow – you’ve got to do something and start thinking in a parasitic head. And, of course, as in any rehearsal – it’s immediately obvious. And the director immediately starts wagging her finger and to call to order the artists: “you let us give all the best for the full program.” Even if it is not a representation before the auditorium, but only some rehearsal. And, as you know, this austerity, it is work, hard work, as far as I can imagine. Then – then you’re playing on stage. Playing on stage – that’s about how I am now a workshop. After all, in fact, what I’m doing now? I play the role of a yoga instructor. Do you think I am a teacher of humanity? No. You think I’m the highest yogi? No. You think I’m an expert on all the Natya Yogi? No. I’m quite a normal person like you. A little earlier I started it all interested, but noblesse oblige, and I’m starting to get used to their status. And it must be pumped prana.

You’re loading up it, and it’s hard given. Of course, at first it appears like any actors – euphoria. You prepodaёsh, everything is fine, everything is going. Those students who began teaching, they know it. The rise first. And then – a terrible exhaustion. Are you squeezed like a lemon. The deal, to be honest, most actors, especially today? Doping accept, or in Russian – drink to relieve stress, etc. do you think that they are stupid people? You think they do not understand what is wrong doping abuse? They are all well aware, but the question should be somewhere like that to compensate for mental stress, it is very hard austerity actually. Therefore, the work of the actor, who watch on television – I sometimes watch some movies – I can not break away – attracts. Or in the theater. Although honestly tell you – I have some bad karma, the theaters I have no luck. How not to come – that ever a theater of the absurd. That cesspool. So, if you want to be just such an actor, you have to work on ourselves, it is asceticism. If you want just to durnyak, for free, you know, how many people in yoga come – we have the same in the Oyu preparing yoga teachers and fairly stable percentage come, “Oh, I schA quickly become a teacher of yoga, is a new profession.” Nothing else to do, come the evening, hobby averted hour and a half and is free. They are in full confidence that they will live like this. Friends, this is a profound error. Such teachers of statistics taught in Moscow from 3 months to 0.5 years. Then they are burned. Why? Because they do not want to work, can not, is not it. And on a freebie – it does not work. A similar situation – with Natey. Like any yogic practice is very useful sometimes asceticism. Himself make just cause, then to the skill it.

Question: MOYU, Esaulenko Anne, c. Catur. I have a question about the audience. Viewers can both get used to the image, and it turns out, can destroy it, in the sense that such actors can play all the time alcoholic and spectators have an idea of him as an alcoholic. Then he plays a major role, and they cry – I do not believe, because they can not consider it to others. Or it interferes with play, because they interfere with him to change his mind.

Zaporozhtsev. From my perspective, this is a very controversial issue. I at one time, once started studying Natya Yoga, became interested in the fate of the actors that I like. Especially I watched a television program guide. Here, there is a wonderful actress, here it is a wonderful actor. But you know, we are now talking chernukha and any transfer, “which he was remarkable, but in life – his wife left him, he is drinking, heavy drinking was.” And it is not the main roles have been and really stuck to it that one way or the other, supposedly all his life could not come off of it. I have created a very wrong idea – first, I caught myself thinking that I wish I had not seen these broadcasts. Why? because if we start from the ideology of Natya Yoga – a real life he was on stage. And this is an unfortunate misunderstanding. More is not clear – whether it was really all bad, and we also like to squeeze out a tear where necessary and where it is not necessary.

Finally, the second question – if he was so bad, well, he went on to star and work, then there is not so simple. And so again, especially as it seems to me, about the life of the actor should be judged by the work that he does. Of those films, the productions of the theater, where he showed himself. That is – his real life that it is out there after that kvass with drinking buddies, there he was a womanizer, or anything else, it really has no bearing on the merits. Why? Because, in the end, also some role. And it is not clear what role – primary, and what – minor. So I starting from a certain point, he began to read – for example, if for some actor write – only verified journalists. There are journalists – they know how to Natya Yoga – properly fed information. Without tearfulness without whining. Objectively. But you’re on the contrary, you learn about his fate and vice versa understand – yes, indeed there was a man with a capital letter. Drank? Duck clear, who then would not have drunk, then in such conditions. You know, on the contrary even enhances. There the women ran – well, of course, a strong personality, how can it be something without a harem. And as if on the contrary it is – it strengthened. And so I began to filter these journalists who “write right” biography. Also a kind of Natya Yoga from the pen. Let’s you and I’ll get to the understanding of future practices, which we will do.

So, in the Natya yoga you need the next thing – the first thing started Natya Yoga – she was declared the Brahmans. And you have to start by saying that all become Brahmins. You will have time to become a sudra. That is, that is to become a Brahmin? Become a Brahmin – means to become twice born. That is, when you apart, your physical birth is your spiritual birth, when you are attached to this transcendental knowledge that you have your Higher Self. What do you have your Higher Self Which is omnipotent, indestructible, and is prohibitively completely identical to the Absolute, or the root cause that created the universe. But with this Natya Yoga begins. That is, begins with the canvas, which will then be drawn the rest of your movements, all your other images of life, the fate of all that you will play.

Therefore, meditation on the realization that you ultraboundary Brahmin and nothing else, or ultraboundary Absolute and nothing else – it is the first step that will allow you to easily razotozhdestvitsya misconceptions about themselves and learn how to cast themselves in the new images, that is, you must understand that you are beyond, that all what you think you are – it’s just a habit. Each of you – man or woman – consider themselves to be smart or stupid. Friends, this is a habit. In this life, you – a man, in the next – a woman. As a young man you have some habits in old age – the other. Will work on yourself – others will be – good, I hope. And we need to let go of their inner significance. It should be easier to become. All the most powerful, famous people, with whom I had the honor to be acquainted, were very easy to talk to. They did not try to portray herself of some gods. They behave naturally, and at the same time, this once again emphasized the naturalness of their greatness. And the thing is that they are very well aware of the source of their power – their Higher Self So how to begin the practice of all – it begins with the practice of dissolution of his ideas about himself.

There are a lot of different exercises and techniques, how to speed up this process. Let’s say you believe that you are an intelligent man. And you’re grasping at this representation of himself that you are a smart man. Now begin to visualize yourself that you are stupid creatures on earth. That is, start to balance one extreme of the other. Do you think that you are of small stature – start to imagine that you are Gulliver in Lilliput. That is, you can play on the contradictions of the return. It can be even more abstract forms of meditation.

You’ve learned that you have a body, hands, and so on. You sit down and you begin to imagine that you have no body, and you – the wind. You’ve seen the wind? No, I did not see – you feel it. Why, you could not imagine being blown? That is, the more you concentrate on something else, the more you will erode your inveterate ideas about themselves. That is, the first can be a little podrasshatat representations of themselves. And then implement the abstract notions of itself with the position of your higher self you suddenly start to imagine that you are this or that deity endowed with superhuman or sverhmoguschestvom. Imagine that you have become a Brahma, the creator of this world – all that neither want to – create. Etc. etc. In the future, these images can be more specific. That is the main thing – to jump from one image to another, you have to loosen hardened ideas about himself. Therefore, it is being implemented? As you wish. This can be done in the form of exercise controlled schizophrenia. Let each of you – man, Now I get up and say – “I am Napoleon.” Just 200 years of the War of 1812 – imagine you are standing with the three-cornered hat in the profile and begin to visualize yourself in this way. Or for girls – imagine that you are Catherine the Great. Or Queen Victoria. Or do you – Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, Now will suppress the strike miners. Or who now have it – Angela Merkel.

Question: Why do we cling to the floor?

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, yes, in fact, aerobatics, when you begin to loosen their ideas even about his field, why? Because your Higher Self, your Atman – above the floor of the concept. In one life, you – man, another – a woman. But so constituted the fundamental laws of the universe that, for example, the notion of belonging to the floor – it is a deeper layer and must begin with a simple exercise to increasingly-more complex. That is, first learn to see yourself in different spectra of images of the same sex, and when it starts to turn out better, you can aim a blow to the concept of gender. And then you can wipe the usual concept. For example, imagine being an abstract entity. For example, in this form of yoga as the Nada Yoga – you should visualize yourself sound. Imagine that you have a sound – you have your sound, and it’s your body. You no longer have a body, you have only the sound. But as you know, everything is very demanding workout. So unprepared person to compel the submission – the result will be.

Q: This is the single practice or group can perform?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course, another question – how to technically implement and through that. You can, of course, give you a quest – for two hours to walk to our center to go to the kitchen as Napoleon – “Done”, or is there – “My faithful guard, I’ll take you!”. And so – to communicate with each other. Or is there a cleaner approach – ask, “How are my instructions are carried out,” “As in my Egyptian campaign? Where I found the Rosetta stone. ” That is, I say it again – the game is controlled in schizophrenia. Managed. I stress – controlled. Uncontrolled schizophrenia reduces your freedom, controlled – expands. So go crazy on the basis of theatrical art – is wrong, this is bad. This is not yoga. But skillfully varied images – it’s a different story. But Natya Yoga, as you remember, there are some components that are associated with dance. This spontaneous dance, as well as dance, mime – dance narrative. And sometimes it is much easier to engage all their emotions and ideas about themselves, when it takes place under a particular rhythmic effect, dance. Therefore, as part of our seminar is much easier to play it all through the dance practice yoga Rita. Although, again I say, in real life, if you agree, only warn their roommates and tell me – playing the role of someone and that they guessed. And secondly – with the appropriate etiquette were: “Yes, your Majesty,” “How to tell your Majesty,” “Do not you want to go, your Majesty,” “Dinner is served, Your Majesty.”

And, here it is highly desirable at a time – if it is the role of the king, the one who orders – a very useful role to play consistently slave, servant and move from one to another – you know, a theater actor is where one person himself manages to show the dialog. “A !!” and then “dadadada”. “My loyal soldiers!” – “What would you like?”. That is, it has rapid transitions. What is more useful for this identification – identify itself. Your task – to have a picture in it to pump the prana, then pull out the prana. Learn how to do it quickly, and here in particular is more an exercise of Raja Yoga – extremely supportive. You should have 3 or 4 books that you are interested in reading. With enough interesting plot. And you are doing this exercise – you do not carry with them a book, and all four. And on the clock – 5 minutes reading this interesting book. Time ran out – stopped, closed the book, another book was opened. The next 5 minutes reading the second book again 5 minutes passed – 3.4 reading a book. Can 2 can be 3, 4 can be – depending on what you want. What if this happens?

To happen to be quite an interesting process. Here you opened the book – you do not remember the first time at all about anything. What is the time needed to your mind that your prana redistributed, earned memory – and, yes – there is the most interesting place everything stopped. You begin to read, read, absorb scenario – your prana is all gone, and the time has come to an end. You want to continue to read, come what may. You willpower asceticism close the book and open another.

Opens another – again, stupor, because you do not remember anything in the next book, you have more experience of the previous one. But again, you start to read at will, deepens, delve – again becomes interesting-interesting. The most interesting place – 5 minutes gone – closed. It turns out that you start to manage their interest, their attention. For interest goes prana. That is, the ability to manipulate prana – to carry it back and forth – making more flexible your internal structure. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to play a theater actor, where you play several roles at once simultaneously.

But then again, if it turns out. What you and I can do here, we will be able to make these mining methods Rita yoga. When you dance, respectively, in his gestures, his whole appearance to give to understand – that you are no longer an ordinary person, and you say, Napoleon, or someone else will try and completely absorbed in this way. And then – a sharp change of image. Another image, a third image that is going to knead his ideas about himself, our internal representations – like the frozen clay – a tight-tight. The more we mnёm, so it is softer, smoother, softer, and then we can of yourself that you want to sculpt. Here’s a ideology. This is the first such exercise involving. In order of magnitude more strongly, when you start to interact with the other person. When you play a role, he plays a different role, but in the overall context of the action. Why, my friends? The answer is – we are social creatures, according to many of our Vedic conception, childbirth Yoga – a lot of our supernormal wake up no earlier than known stimuli we receive from the outside by other people – our own society. That is, roughly speaking, the key to our abilities and super powers – in the hands of other people. And so, in the first place – a factor other actors who play with you, very strongly mobilize domestic capacity. And finally, the most important factor of friends, this is the audience. That audience – literally electrifies actors act for actor empty hall – punishment. No, a good actor can act and empty hall. He is so forgotten and will play, but very different, if you’re playing for the audience, and many actors – with a capital letter. They are in this sense – sit down, they can not live for themselves, they need someone to benefit – the audience. The audience – extremely activate these abilities.

My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a workshop of the International Open University of Yoga. Theme of the seminar: Natya Yoga, Yoga theater.

This is our 4th part of the seminar.

 There was a question about mantra yoga. In mantra yoga is sometimes considered to be more precise, this issue was not even on mantra yoga, but rather a ritual to attract wealth and prosperity. So, according to some such approaches, before pronouncing the mantra of wealth and prosperity, it is necessary to focus on the dark side or the back side of the world. You will recall that in our world, you can face the wealth, prosperity, getting on, love and all-all positive. But also, we are faced with you in this world with the negative side: hostility, hatred, competition, old age, death. The logic of all practices to attract wealth and prosperity lies in the fact that you need to understand how this world.

According to the axioms or yoga theory, it turns out such a thing, that the whole world was created for joy, happiness, spiritual development, self-fulfillment for a great purpose. In order to carry out this self-realization, this world has been built on the principles of liberty! We are all free, this world is free. We can live in it as we wish nuzhnym.My can build this world to some good laws, good laws. And we will live by them and all around in our universe will live by these laws. But, at the same time, taking advantage of their freedom, we can build a universe full of misery and suffering. And this is also possible, because you can build whatever the world, as the universe has given us freedom. And now it turns out that you and I have lived millions and millions of lives in the bodies of animals are now in the bodies of humans and voleizyavlyali some laws. After we voleizyavlyali them, we ourselves fall under them and they started to live by the laws that govern this universe. If in the past you voleizyavlyali laws that were suffering, pain, illness.

  In particular, in a previous life someone of you said the following sentence: “Let all my friends be well, and all of my enemies will be bad, even if they get sick and suffer!” It would seem fair and logical, all share, one to paradise , the other to hell. But the trouble, sometimes smoothly friends turn into enemies and enemies turn into very smoothly friends. But the interesting thing is that if we voleizyavlyaem something, then we are subject to these laws. If in our world can be friends and enemies, we ourselves may fall under the category of friends, or enemies. Thus, we will use our universe is not quite right and not quite correct voleizyavlyaem laws. As a result, sooner or later, for some kind of life, we are faced with negative consequences such as poverty, disease, and death. Improper death, you should note that in yoga death is not seen as something negative. Negatively considered inappropriate death. Dying too, need time. At the time he died, all right, died at the wrong time, that’s when the problem.

  Of course, there are tools that can quickly return back to these imbalances. In particular, if you suddenly find yourself in poverty, misery, lack of resources for life. Suddenly, one fine morning in the Russian privatization occurred and all became poor, while others are very rich. And you really feel that you have no money, there is no way to live, so how would you like to live with dignity. What do you start, when yogis and yoginis? You begin to use methods which are in yoga. In particular, in the mantra yoga. Mantras, which are devoted to wealth. What can you do? You can get anywhere mantra prosperity and according to all the canons, to start practicing this mantra. And indeed, the mantra mantra as any acts, but there is such a wise warning, before you change anything in this universe, try to understand why it should be changed. If you are experiencing some negative, for its own poverty, then before frantically to get rich, try to find out why you have not.

 This is an important position. First grope of negativity that eating right now, and only then removes this film. Otherwise, do not understand the situation, you will attract wealth mantras resource, and it is stolen on the non-obvious reasons that make you poor. It will turn out that you will be financing on the rise, as their own problems. In India, of course, did not like it so difficult to explain to people who do not receive adequate education. I mean those who were not a Brahmin. How long all this is necessary to explain all the results should be faster. As a result, at times, there was such a thing, a person takes practice for prosperity, it begins to practice, instead of prosperity gets even greater poverty. And very surprised, thinking: maybe the wrong practice. And the situation just as a friend, is the practice of the right, it gives wealth. Just put it bluntly, he brings money home, and at night the thief comes and steals all. Moreover, the more money you bring into the house, the more likely a thief comes to you! If you have nothing to take, it to you, and especially does not go.

 It is the iron logic. You have to rebuild his personal universe. How to explain this narrow-minded followers? Very simple. With rites system. In particular, it is believed that before doing this or that rite, or read mantras Goddess of prosperity. You had to remember all the mythology, and in fact, the goddess of fortune where this came from. And if you are familiar with the mythology, then you know some history. And according to this history, the Goddess of prosperity was the youngest daughter in the family. And the older sister was the Goddess Dhumavati. Goddess of poverty, sickness, suffering, and poverty. And the next step, a very elegant, according to the mental field in Eastern countries can not issue a younger daughter in marriage before the elder. It is impossible with less honor and respect for the younger daughter, when before that you’re not treated with such respect and honor to the eldest daughter. There is a rigid chain of command, there is a strict hierarchy, the hierarchy of subordination. At first sight, you never know what myths you never know what the rituals under these myths are made. But, once again, the tale a lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson! Such as non-verbal messages that would be and how to do.

 And he concluded that if you want to attract a lot of money and wealth, not whether this will lead to even greater wealth of problems. Thus the problems of which you are now not even think. Unfortunately, I remember in the early 90’s when everyone started fabulously richer, including me in this situation a little grip. When my friend, who suddenly began to prosper fabulous, fabulous. I remember they all had one reaction: a little money, a little trouble, and a lot of money, a lot of problems. Because it started to emerge such reversals, which you did not expect. Here he lived with his wife, they loved each other, dreamed of getting rich. Then, he suddenly began to suspect his wife that she does not love him, and his money. And to change this. His wife felt that something was wrong, too, and lurking. It begins to grow and grow until the divorce. Here are examples of such non-obvious, very much. So, before you ask for something before you do something, you insure that it does not matter to you in harm. Let se come on time and in an amicable way.

 That kind of logic, and not only in the application of those mantras for prosperity, but also in the rites. If you want to do any ritual. For example, with the help of yoga Natya, as it was in ancient Vedic times, to put such a statement, which would create a favorable aura in the place where you live, and changed the world for the better. Indeed, the beauty will save the world, save the world art. The question arises: do you have such an opportunity? But before you use this power Natya Yoga, you have to be very wise. You must first understand why the place where you want to make a ritual, it generally needs to be done? And only after that it is necessary to take some steps to take. Before you give alms to a beggar, find out who is this beggar. Before you succumb to the tearful advertising, ask the prehistory of this. Do not be naive. The world, it is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes inappropriate invasion we will do even worse. Friends, do you have any questions about someone Natya Yoga?

Igor, the group Astra, city of Samara, MOYU. I’m closer to the relationship in the Natya Yoga. It turns out that many of our relationships are due to the fact that we can not pull myself together and play a role that we need in this situation.

Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. See what the application part is Natya Yoga, Yoga theater. What a thing it turns out, whether we like it or not, our whole life is a game on stage. Here we were born and what does it mean? We got a body, embodied in the body of the earth. Our higher self-terrestrial and it is unclear where, everywhere and nowhere. And we are beginning to play the role of a small child, then we are growing up and starting to play the role of an adult. We arranged for a particular work, and in fact we are playing the role of a specialist. Or in another way: we do all the rituals. Here we were born and we are doing the child a ritual we perform the role of a child, we do a ritual child. Why? Because in fact, our higher self, it is the concept of it is old or young, you are a child or someone else. It turns out that any of our state, our every experience, all our emotions is part of the game. Sometimes it turns out that we play well, sometimes it turns out that we are playing badly.

But in any case, our world, is a theater of freedom, and you can play any role in it! Any what you want, right down to the practical aspects of application. Yes, when you are with family and friends begin to quarrel, quarrel, you simply choose your own such a role, according to the Natya Yoga. Another thing is that this role so you capture what you can get rid of it is not. At the same time, when the captures you and the emotions and feelings crushed, and you feel that you bear. And you with the actor, and you start to play a different role. That’s just force yourself to play a different role. I want to play one and the other play. This, oddly enough, you will unravel the most difficult moments of the relationship! This is particularly important in the generic application of yoga in your family life. It’s no secret that the biggest problems at the yoga teachers, like all mankind, they are not in yoga and in interpersonal relationships with my husband, with his wife. There’s a war going on constantly, even if you are very committed people. Why? And since the world is made!

  The question is how beautiful a way to neutralize this negative? It turns out that some of the rituals, you will first work off in a theatrical setting. Thus, in your mind worked through a pattern of behavior. Then, when you live a normal life and a wrong some action did your husband or your wife. You have a choice, either on his wrong action to respond to their wrong act, spontaneously born under the influence of your karmic heritage. Or recall the role that you have played before in this or that ritual, and repeated the role in his kitchen at home. But with a different outcome. If you develop the habit, no matter what the provocation of your loved ones you are not driving. Suppose your husband really done wrong, objectively bad. Of course, you are to blame, it is your karma that you live a husband who goes bad. But you do that does not help, he had done wrong. The question is, what do you do in response to this situation?

  And then, oddly enough, it pops up a very specific solution, if you’ve worked for this or that ritual, under the occupation of one or another kind of yoga. So, you can not help from a variety of tracks select the template not to fight back, not to respond to provocation provocation. This time you win, because you had to respond adequately, to succumb to any disassembly, and you have not done so and won the time. And the time in terms of the unfolding karma key question. Even the worst karma is, figuratively speaking, the Achilles’ heel, it’s time. She can not turn forever! Moreover certain karma can be deployed only in a specific time period. To help you understand what I mean, imagine that around us a million weeds growing, they germinate. But they can grow only in summer. In winter, they grow, they can not. If you have some time, do not let them grow over the summer, you can relax in the winter, they do not crawl. That’s just as well, and in our lives, if we are faced with some negative and we have a method. Not just a method, but at least wait for the time to freeze the situation and not to succumb to it. So strangely enough, it becomes a powerful tool for us to neutralize their negative karma.

  But on the other hand, when you are provoked, you will be tempted to engage in another adventure. Someone you wrong acts, word, or deed, and you are tempted to kick back. And the one with his hand even more and starts growing into the dressing to go this whole situation. And then it turns out, once you have provoked, and you went into the Natya Yoga. You played the role of the great ascetics who vowed no one else to react, and to engage in self-knowledge, and vice versa all the knowledge from the outside to convert into a rage and fury in tapas and tapas in the higher self knowledge actually is a very good method sometimes. It irritates you, and you do not give this irritation escape. You on the contrary, his irritation use for your self.

So I tell myself an example: I sat down once on the edge of the forest and sat down to meditate, perhaps, in the bestial state, by no means kleilos me. Just concentrate, and any thoughts silly me aside gone. Although all the wonderful nature around. He had to be that on the same edge of the forest came a drunken company, fry kebabs. And I settled down, I palatochka, mat, all the cases, and even in spite of his desire, I can not leave. Yes, even if and when I leave, I have to finish the practice, he charted – did. That’s the situation. I continue to meditate, and they have life abounds there. Already tape yelling, barbecue fried, pour vodka. In general, the full program and the guys come off clear, it hinders me. In me there is anger, they are more than fun, so me more angry. But suddenly, I began to notice that if I have this anger is not released, then from my Tamas, from my inability to focus on the practice nothing left. In my rage, to stand up and say what I think about them. I feel that my brain is very clear, I feel that I have my Bubble emotion, is already on bestiality nothing left. And oddly enough, if I continue to hold back the piece of mind still seek to quarrel, but the other part is better focused on the subject of meditation.

Therefore, sometimes, those who provoke us, they are our best teachers. This is our best cuffs. And so, if they had not come, I would have sat there all day, as if in meditation. And in fact it would have been a dream of reason. And then I woke up. So here is the same situation. Sometimes these moments that come to us in the form of negativity, is the energy that can be used in their own order for his spiritual development. Worst of all, when there is no energy at all, but here at least the energy of rage there. But there is another question, and how to use this energy. By the use of the time we would have to work out any pattern. And, really, I’m sitting there and I represent that I am the god Shiva, who has renounced all earthly things, and it does not touch anything. You start to play that role, and that role helps you keep the inner emotions, inner states. And, indeed, it is very, very helpful, but should be dosed. Then, when the time came, and the meditation was over, I packed up and went and thanked them, “teacher”, bowed and went to rest in the quiet place. If they have not let me sleep, I do not know how it would have ended.

That’s just as well here, friends, Natya Yoga in this regard. You must do so, if you have some problem: greedy you’re jealous you are shy or some other. You are doing a ritual where you play the role, you have successfully overcome all this. If you’re sneaky, you play the role of a hero who is not afraid of anything. If you are stupid, you play smart. If jealous – open, envious, play the role of generous. Inside you start two programs to compete. First, have you got a karmic, which was before that, in itself, second, you want to have. And the more you vzhivetes in the role that you want to have, the more you weaken the tendencies which were negative. You will not directly destroy their negative qualities, and you will cherish the other quality that you need. And as prana you limited, you just do not have enough on that and the other. So your negative trends begin to slowly wither and fade, and positive trends intensified.

It is very, very important! Sometimes you will have the effect of spontaneous Nati yoga. When you are very good to practice, and you will have a surplus of prana, or sometimes those images themselves will have to pick up. This is a very interesting state. More questions?

Q: Ivan, part-time students, the city of Kemerovo. With regard to fingerprints. It turns out, work with the prints is reduced to a concentration of? If we concentrate for a long time on some object, it is turned inside out and it turns out so, that if we direct our concentration on our impressions, they turned inside out, and it turns out that we know everything about them?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes. In a nutshell, it is so. This, incidentally, explains the very interesting superpowers yogis. That seems to us Westerners, strange. Let’s take a yogi or yogini, some object, it sends a consciousness, he falls into a state of deep meditation sanyama passing into samadhi with an object. And as an object can be any object. And in the state of samadhi with an object, a yogi or yogini receives full information about this object. Any what they want. That is where this object. It does sometimes seem strange, how is this so? Clairvoyance or what? From the highest point of yoga is all explained, it does not contradict logic. Most goes to sverhlogiki, but logic does not suffer. This is a very important and fundamental question for me. Unfortunately, a huge number of yoga fringe insane, idiots, I’m sorry for the slang. But you must remember that yoga is not less logical, not less intelligent system than rocket science! And in some of its sections and more than modern science. And modern science is a young thing, she’s only a 300 years. In our understanding of what science is. A system of self-called yoga for thousands of years. Even on this basis, many of which can be solved.

Q: Ivan, Kemerovo. Once again on the Natya Yoga. It turns out our I played the role of our manifestations. And when we are considering themselves their manifestations, are beginning to play different roles, then we come to the realization that playing these roles our I. Thus we leave on our awareness of Ya

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, see a situation where we are more delirious, we choose such crazy methods to using each method next delusional, we raved about less and less. This is precisely the spiritual method of knowing their highest Ya Now, if you consider yourself an ordinary person, it is an illusion. But here, you start to play the role of another person who is more spiritual, more self-conscious. On the one hand, how would you approach your true self, on the other hand, you are very far away from their higher self Finally, you come to such an abstract concept that you’re out of shape! Outside of names and forms, but again, just your idea. As it is, in fact, you will know only when the state will experience its highest self-Ya

Once again, we are one hallucination, change to another. Darker and more intricate, a less grim and less confusing. But the new, by and large, it is not much different from the old. The fundamental point is when you really will know your Self, the Absolute. The equal sign can be put. Then you can put an equal sign. Then we say that a person attained enlightenment, one has attained samadhi, a man reached implementation. In different systems and cultures, it is called differently. This qualitative change, when they go to another level.

Question: Alexander. One can imagine that within us is the source of energy and are around these images caused by the karmic aspects, education and others. And the light that is within us, it is seen through the prism of these images and is manifested in the surrounding reality in the events and actions of the people who surround us. When it comes to replacing these images in our soul. How not to replace one by one and replaced as it comprehensively to the whole sphere of relationships and finances leveled, not partial points. Question replace these images, cleaning our images?

Zaporozhtsev: Actually, not quite correct example that you brought. There’s much more difficult, not to say that we are light, surrounded by a translucent sphere on which something is drawn. Everything is much more complicated. It may be, if such a picture in a certain approximation to draw. But any analogy, this is just an analogy. The question, as I understand it, in the other – how to get everything at once? How have all and it was nothing? To qualified to answer this question, one must know a lot of factors. If you are in a past life just doing that killing Brahmins, then you are, respectively, a karma, with all its consequences. If you last only millions of lives and doing yoga. In sanyama cleaned out all unconscious impressions, karmic, negative, it’s a completely different situation. So, before you give any recommendations, it is necessary to know the background. As you can imagine, we are limited enough to penetrate into the background of the other person. We can only indirectly assess that this man may be, there was a prehistory. In particular, a small child with childhood attracted to the piano, nothing else is not interested. This can be an impetus for us to think that he was a musician in a past life. And can not mean anything. Likewise here.

In our world today, we want everything at once, but in order to have everything at once, it is necessary to analyze not what we have in our lives. And that was in a series of our lives, past lives. If we highlight once, a sufficiently long period of time, then we can forecast some do. First, if possible, and secondly, if it is possible that at least it is necessary to do what is necessary to sing the mantra that no longer do. Sang mantra and all enlightenment, all is remarkable. That this is precisely the problem, a big problem. Moreover, it may happen that we are sitting here and study yoga, and this may be the only positive factor of our karma. And everything else in general and the issue of negative acute. That we now have a few hours, a few minutes or days to get hold of such practices in order to prevent the unfolding of negative karma. The question can be put in a more gloomy plane, not all at once to get and keep what is? In fact, yoga recommends that you start with the fact that there is. You do not know your karma, you do not know those actions that do, you do not know what can be in general. Therefore, we should cherish very yoga, the opportunity to study this or that practice. Therefore, if we succeed in this period of quiet, to prepare for the meeting of negative karma, if you do not have time to be a different scenario.

As you can imagine, no one no guarantees can not give. That to me sometimes people come and say, that I want to do yoga, but you did not overload any ezoterschinoy anything not want to know, what exactly do I get through the week, I’ll get in a month, I’ll get a year? Unfortunately, in such times hard to answer. If I were, like the ancient munis, which we read in Natyashastra, every word that comes to pass, regardless of anything. There is the ability to yogis when they practiced yoga for a long time, if he says it all. If he says, that’s all man, enlightened in this life. That’s all in this life you can relax. Because such superpowers. But, the truth, and if you send, then go. And you think, whether once again to approach such yogis can, bless, and may send. It is a different matter, but once again, we have to rely on themselves and be in all senses of the word free. From all free, free from the predictions from the blessings of free, free from everything. This is the ideal of yoga – Freedom!

Therefore, in the first place as it now seems to me, all of you need to analyze your life from the position Generic yoga, remember their ancestors. The fact that you are now living in the human body in this land, it can not be your merit. And only the mercy of your great-grandparents, who denied themselves all over, but nevertheless, gave you a chance to be born. They have the right to expect that you will give the opportunity to someone else to be born. Ask yourself how you feel about the children how you feel about the future? Do you have any children themselves, or if you believe your life tells what you personally can not have children. So if you care at all about the children? Do you have any brothers and sisters who have children? The Generic yoga, there is a saying: “If the ancestors are dissatisfied, you can not see enlightenment, no!” Because you live in debt. You threaten to do more rather than given as if a minor one. So analyze your life for Generic yoga. Do you have a husband, do you have a wife, do you have any children? Or do you have other members of society, who have children. I emphasize again, it is not necessary that you should have children himself.

If you are okay with the position Generic yoga, then the next step you can do is to engage directly. Because in today’s environment, yoga circles, I meet a rabid selfishness which allegedly concealed yoga. “But I have no time to deal with all these things connected with Generic yoga. I already without five Enlightened minutes. That cave sit a couple of days and generally go out beyond birth and death, why do I need something to think about. I’ll be in samadhi, I will be fine, but here, could not care less! “And that rabid selfishness, the universe does not forgive him! So, if you have the positions Generic yoga is all right, you can then apply fairly strong methods of yoga to achieve a particular purpose. Here, perhaps, such an approach. Of course, if you will fall more powerful, it makes sense to use it. Well, friends, questions?

Basim, MOYU, postgraduate study. I would like to complement the methodology or application logic device. Let me remind him that if there is a lack of logic, it is necessary to send him the logic and illogic of it all this chop off. If there sverhlogichnost and should be sent to her logic, and we do not get a clear answer. Obtain and so and so. But there are often situations, especially in the practice of yoga, when there is no time to use the apparatus of logic on the one hand and, on the other hand there is no data. We’re not so honed mind and yet not so perfected the mechanism of logic. Or else there is no data to apply, as now is the fire ritual, and I have not heard all of it, it is logical to see that it works. Logically, I can refute the work of fire ritual and the ritual of fire to prove the work, because this is another mechanism – that trust. Confidence in practice, trust authoritative testimony, and then, as we remember, that if it is illogical, then no results will not be. And if it sverhlogichnost, the results will be. And the result, has, at least, can be determined.

Zaporozhtsev: Well, my friends! Now questions exclusively Natya Yoga.

I have, perhaps, not quite a question, but somewhere in a comment to the question. Today, it sounded a lot of questions and discussions about how to use the changed one way or another mantra to achieve a particular purpose. How I play some way, to be so wonderful, better than I have in fact, more and more better. And maybe a yoga point of view, to begin with in order to learn how to be who you are now. Work with their endless desires, which never ends. Who better, then another and another, and in fact, to be who you are. To work, to live in the present moment and to work with the same principle of contentment – Santoshi, and learn to be content with what we have now, in the present moment. The sun, the birds are singing, just enjoy life!

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, look, there is such a thing again in Natya Yoga. You have a dream, it makes you live in the future. You are not live and think, I’m doing yoga, learn yoga, for what? In order to get through a certain number of years, my dream has come true, and that’s when I’m really alive! Someone says: I really do not heal sooner than I will lock with a helipad, a tidy sum of money in my account, I will become wealthy and respected. Strictly speaking, it is quite legitimate desire, but you remember that Natya Yoga was given as the most powerful instrument of spiritual self-transformation. And you remember that Natya yoga refers to the quickest method of yoga. Rapid methods yoga are characterized in that they eliminate the time. Why rapid methods? And because there is the time factor does not mean anything. How to eliminate the time factor in the Natya Yoga? Quite simply, take the stage and act out what you already have and the lock with a helipad and a tidy sum of money to your bank account in a bank, etc. etc. Imagine that you already have. It is understood that the first reason is not so easy to put up with this idea, it will habitually return to the state it was in. But you by Natya yoga, more and more will get used to the image, and then, indeed, you will catch yourself in the same condition as if you all have. And oddly enough, you will receive those benefits as if you already had it. Accordingly, you speed up the ripening of their karma. All this will lead you to ensure speedy your spiritual development, so it is sometimes useful to visualize yourself, or play yourself, what would like to see in the future. Do not wait for the future to now, a little bit of the future to live life.

  If you learn to do it, you get a powerful tool of the fastest methods of yoga. Immediately I warn you, while you will find a lot of surprises and discoveries. Until you kakaya-to dream seems distant, you see everything in one light, but as soon as you even for a moment in the theater, a game situation that the life you want, all of a sudden you start to adjust their desires, you suddenly realize, this is not exactly what you wanted. You know perfectly well the effect on their lives, many of you have the desire, you long for it sought. Then these desires fulfilled, you two or three days were happy, and then suddenly it turned out that in fact you wanted something else. But just could not articulate before. It is clear that in this way you will have new desires have to stand again for a long time to wait for them to perform, and then they executed again. And again the same situation. Wishes were fulfilled, and you find yourself in such a feeling: Well, yes, turned, everything is good, but something is not elusive. This running in a circle with all-new new desires, very, very squandering time of our lives!

And sometimes even to work in a visualization practice Natya Yoga, you oddly enough on the surface of his buddhi counterbalance some unconscious impression one desires fulfillment, at least at the level of visualization of these desires. And in your mind your negative karma and how to calm down a little bit Patanjali wrote in his “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, you get close to a state of dispassion. When you have not generated the passionate desire. And what is a passionate generation of desire? That which you do not control. A desire by themselves generated, and some part of you from watching them. And if it work out, we will be able to enjoy the passionate methods, where you will consciously allegedly involved in a passionate action, generating passionate desire. But in fact, part of the inside of you will remain untouched, in a state of dispassion. This disproportionately as the texts say, speed up your personal journey of self-realization of spiritual development. So, really, to do this exercise when you start to be very clear what you want, and for this it is highly desirable to take a leaf of paper and a pen.

We all have a piece of paper and a leaf? No one! You have to sit down and write what you want as you can with great detail. Do not share with anyone what you write, moreover, provide it with drawings. Want helicopter, draw it or a brand new car, then at least it should look like a beautiful wife, too, something to draw! No, no, you get what you think. Here you see the effect yantry.Yantry, which is sometimes very abstract image, but it somehow merges with concrete. It would be good for you to write what you want. Then, my friends, after all you do is write, and aware of, it is necessary to know exactly what you want. The problem of our supernormal abilities, not because they are set in motion, the issue of our super-powers is that they do not really know what we want. You know, like the genie who takes any desires, but once you articulate those desires, what you want. Because we have in mind is usually some vague images, and these images are sometimes mutually exclusive. We want the same time one of something and at the same time, something directly opposite. And our superpowers sit and do not know where to go, forward, back.

So, if we have a very clear concept, a very clear concentration of what we want, our subconscious sverhlogichnye forces begin to implement it whether you want it or not. You should be aware of yoga following provision: All of our desires is one very nasty property, all executed! All, whatever you wanted. Others, when they are executed, we suddenly realize that like anything else. Therefore, strictly speaking, the whole of our spiritual evolution is from life to life a series of desires that we formulate without thinking. We get their performance, and then begin to correct them, without thinking, and so on indefinitely. But on the other hand, if there is a succession of desires – desires execution – desire, we do animals develop. Without the desires of such a passionate and violent, it is very difficult to develop. Here at this tree have desires? Perhaps it is, but some of his.

Once you have formulated very clearly, what you want in the future. Let me give you an example: to have in the future was, I do not know that, tell me? I too am afraid of something to desire, I have several times the desire fulfilled, then begin to fear. By the way, the question someone asked about Sri Vidya, about the mantra of Sri Vidya, I remember. There is a very powerful mantra, there is a direct effect of the mantra, but they tend not to go. You are unlikely to get them, because all the mantras, usually with a foolproof, and there is direct action as a Kalashnikov rifle, he did not understand, he shoots. Once you begin your desires fulfilled, it is scary, not fun, and scary. Because everything has to be on time. Yes, well, wishes, can be any number in the future, but they must be very clearly defined, specifically, what you want. And desire should not contradict each other. It is desirable that the desire to be from simple to complex. If you want, for example: I wish two years to achieve immortality. Perhaps it or not? Axiomatic perhaps only this once wipe the hoo, and to accomplish this it is necessary to cancel all previous layers of our lives, but which everything is built. It’s all interconnected.

Therefore, start with what you most excited about right now. Once you have formulated your desires, do so, as we would say in modern terms – mental reactor or stage theater. What is theater that is the scene? It’s complete analogy of the universe! The universe is big and you go there, wander, can somewhere a rocket fly. And you do like the map of the universe in a nutshell, is the stage of the theater. You are preparing accordingly the scene with the help of mantras, yantras. We will try to do it. It turns out a kind of a mental reactor, a small place in the universe where all the forces are concentrated and you do not have to fulfill the desires to go somewhere, or something else. Everything is on the scene. Then you, as in all these rituals, remember that it is highly desirable, as in all methods of fast as we are taught in yoga teaching that there are three types of participants: master, slave and spectators. Leading, they send a common scenario fulfillment of your desires, you actually take a leaf, where you write what you want and start to play a role, as if it all happened. As you wish. Let’s say you want a Mercedes, and visualize that open the door, get in and drive. You start to play the scenario. Here I am already rich wealthy mole, I have a bank account. As if you all have. And try to immerse themselves in this way.

There are complications practice is when you start to deal with the position that you already have everything they wanted. Two people who were visualized. What is it? When you visualize yourself, it is a strong impetus for the awakening of latent abilities within you. But how fast methods taught in yoga, the key of the awakening of your abilities, hiding in the society in which you live. If the society around you is favorable to you set, it can activate those latent abilities of your mind, your intuition about which you do not guess, and dramatically increase the effects of practice. And for that we need the leading, and led the audience. And you begin to act out as if you are all in this mental reactor fulfilled. Scenes from the Life. But what is, hare cry (baby crying can be heard), the mountain, but what of that? In fact, it turns out that you run the powerful mechanisms that hide in you. Then it begins to be very surprising effects. If you have worked in a miniature stage on this site, then it is a ritual begins to unfold according to the law like this in such throughout the rest of the universe and with you in life.

Here’s a method. It should be noted that a similar method is used in the so-called Raja Yoga. By the way, about the theater yoga, Stanislavsky, as far as I know, studied yoga. I think he even read “Raja yoga” Ramacharaka. Moreover, they are, in my opinion, it was studied by Alexander Green, the one who wrote “Running on the waves” and other works. Even some argue that some of his situation “In the Stanislavsky System” was inspired by, including the study of Raja Yoga. Unfortunately, Stanislavsky had not fully explain his system. But, my friends, do not ask me about the modern theater, I know about him less than you all. I can tell you only the part of Natya Yoga say something. How is it linked to the modern systems of training actors, etc. and so, of course, I do not know much. Questions and friends? Yes please!

Question: Svetlana Erokhin, Astra Group. We are now told that practicing some script through practice, we thus involve the same scenario from his own life. But what about practices such as the Chod? Where are we on the contrary we want to work out of practice, so you never run into this life.

Zaporozhtsev: No, it’s not a contradiction. You like provernuli in this practice, just imagine, there were some moments, what you would not want to face. Let’s say you do not want to wait 10 years to have obtained this result, and you have it on the theatrical work off site on an expedited basis. Similarly, with these practices bleak. You do not want to be, in fact, some monster ate. You want at the end of practice to get the result as if you have already eaten. You understand? So the logic here is quite clear. More questions? Once again, my friends, can be reduced to the Natya Yoga “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” Working with our unconscious impressions on the surface of our mind. You do not have to wait until this impression awakened in real life and will attract a particular condition in life, and you will suffer, not enjoy in this life. And it is possible at least to a certain extent that is part of the practice, to work out some moments in a more favorable conditions. What if then begin to develop negative karma, of an event, the first, it will be weakened by the fact that part of you that’s played. Second, you already know which scenario will conduct during the unfolding of a karma. You quite painlessly go around. Third, there are plenty of such, it is not obvious tools to work with your karma, turn defeat into victory. Indeed, when the company came drunk and starts yelling, it’s the other way around, turns into strengthening your practice. No interference in your practice, and strengthening!

Question: I have a question. When we start to use Natyu yoga, should there be a beginning and an end? Or we can play throughout their everyday life and how we should be in this case with our loved ones? Because we can play perfect, successful people and our loved ones may begin to feel that we are with them insincere, not open, we do not trust, and to suffer from it. Because for a lot of great value here is trust, openness, intimacy, when people come and share their concerns, experiences. And when you always say that you are fine, you are perfect, everything is perfect, it turns out some false, insincere. Do I need to restrict this game some time frame?

Zaporozhtsev: There are actually two questions, not one, but two. If we use the Natya yoga as a quick method of yoga, then, of course, according to the theory of fast techniques in yoga, each practice should be: the beginning, the actual practice, the end of practice. Indeed, it looked very strange to an actor in the theater, who came to the theater and started to play the role of Hamlet – To be or not to be! The circus has left, and the clowns were. Everything is already gone, and he can not get out of this role. He comes home and says, Poor Yorick Poor Yorick. How it will look at relatives and friends. All good and appropriate at the time and in the right place, if this practice, then yes.

Now, as for the other issue, unrelated to the Natya Yoga. It is the relationship with our family and friends, it’s another story. There are two extremes, of course it is very bad when we are closed from their loved ones. But the reverse situation, when we ship them with some minor problems, but they are in no way to blame. This is also a mockery of blameless people. There must be some reasonable approach, because I know people who are always whining. You better not Noah, you’re better quickly fix things and have fun. I remember there was such a case: the girl came to the workshop and all workshop she made a phone call to her friends, told them how she had quarreled with her boyfriend. A whole universe must know the alleged openness, supposedly does not hide anything, but it is necessary for someone? Can this energy to spend on something to make it up with this boyfriend, you know? There are many such moments. Then there are those in every person’s life such moments, when he said to a loved one can not, simply can not find the right words.

Therefore, in yoga, yoga, for example in the triad, is very clearly prescribes such a thing for a while you have to be alone, to communicate one on one with the Absolute. Because sometimes, and I know for myself, sometimes you want to complain to the vest, and the only thing that you can afford, it’s just a cry, without specifics. Why? Because you start to talk specifics, not just begin to understand. Because you words can not say what is wrong, not commercials, moreover, all begin to strain. You understand that you can not pick, you want something big hoo, large and light, and as the words say. It is impossible, I want to cry, begins to cry, and all say: why are you weeping? So here it is better this way: I Orientation meeting, I cry, 5 minutes is all bad, and you make me calm, and then I wept, and everything is fine. Some you remember, the game element, but you remember that you can overload the emotions of others. Imagine when someone else is always whining, always bad, he always challenges, it is strained.

Now, as that’s the practice, it is also, my friends, sometimes just one is not thrown word, it only worsen the situation. This is wisdom, this conventional wisdom on how to behave. And generally speaking, over time, if it’s yours, do your loved ones without asking, so they feel you are. Do not say anything, they already understand.

Continuation of the question: So, we will still play a role in life, anyway. And we just choose what kind? In Raja Yoga, Raja can never show weakness. Here he plays the role of a lifetime Raja. And we, just as all his life play a role, but do not cry. No regulations, no beginning?

Zaporozhtsev: You know, even when you cry, you play the role of mourner. I do not know what to say here. Life is different! What do you want from me: All the open notepad and write down how you should live – Do time, do two, do … The world is our life, what is? Do you remember where we started our workshop. What is life, in the long run? Life is freedom! You are free to all, you are free to do silly things, you are free to conduct illogical logical sverhlogichno. You are free to someone talk or free stand alone. Who can tell how you live? What game to play or not to play? According to the yoga concept, you all did the Absolute. How did you all Absolut? Very simply, in his own image and likeness, FREE! Which doctrine, for, religion, philosophical trend can claim your freedom and impose on you any role? Nothing. Even the Absolute you any role does not impose. What yoga, even Natya Yoga you can impose. This is all that you personally want to be so you want to be that way. Grip Please, if you want anything to understand yoga, grab the concept of freedom. Many problems will be solved, ranging from household to your husband or wife, and you will be able to live with another person, if you realize that your freedom together, more than freedom alone! All, nothing else you do not hold together. The concept of freedom, friends, it is not as simple as it seems.

Someone was still a question. Right here, so we do not lose time.

Clarification on the previous question, I think there was a misunderstanding. We do not play the role of another person, we do not pretend to be someone else. We’re just living in different roles, as we said yesterday. At work, we play the role of a professional home we play the role of wife and mother, the keeper of the hearth, someone else. And if something, somewhere is a failure, is not going well, it seems to me that we should just, as a method, where the beginning and end of the game where we need to switch. On the one activity, roughly speaking, on the other. Here for example, houses a conflict of some sort, it did not work out, and we can not resolve the conflict, or to pretend that nothing happened. But life forces us to go from one state to another. Suppose we had a falling out, and we have to go to work and we instead drag the plume house quarrel and bad, we did not understand, growing resentment, our partner does not behave as it should, and we are experiencing, experiencing, and these snot are taking over a job. Instead, we simply come and are actively involved in this activity, in which we must engage in the 8-10 hours of our work. And we play a role here is that of a professional, help people with something, if we are a doctor, it does not matter, the teacher or someone else. We do stop the snot chew and at this moment me and home, we still have the other. We will not go back in the same condition in which we left. And we start with a different mark, not the one that broke. And as in any activity, had a falling out, go to a friend who once asked you to visit and asked for your help and you have not come to the role of the victim, but on the contrary, a person, which are waiting for help. And you’re involved in it, you play the role of a good friend or girlfriend. Help someone. With an effort should switch itself to a different role.

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, you win time. One, you have the role of some kind of went in the wrong direction, and you froze it, timeout. Louder, please.

Participant: About the Raja. In family life, many of them even Bedelia can even henpecked, some of them compensate. I’ve wanted to ask to explain the other thing, I hope you understand me, the difference between our common dreams, in which we follow some images, engaging more and more, continuing internal chatter and visualization, which is essentially a theater, if I understand, and between Natey yoga. Because Natya Yoga Yoga is the same, only with the physical aspect.

Zaporozhtsev: You know, you can practice visualization of one-on-one with the universe, you have only one viewer, this universe. Sometimes it is possible, as I remember, I was forced to do the visualization practice yoga and I had to live alone, live alone long enough. And when I got tired of the loneliness, I had to visualize himself interlocutors. Controlled schizophrenia, yes. And not just companions, visualizing and now, that to you Patanjali came very specific. And how did he look like? This then I began to wonder what Patanjali could not be with a gray beard, because according to the concept of yoga, if you do yoga, you should look like a 16-year-old boy. This is after I came to mind. The visualization of yoga, in fact, everything is, as you say, not so fast. But when you have worked through the same ritual, but on the stage in a triple force: master, slave, the audience, it is your time, got caught in a vise. You begin to see that around the other human beings, you can not help just adrenalinchik you already zinger. As in this case by a drunken, but on the other side. Here you go out on stage -adrenalin, and the head is somehow different things went. If this was to muddy the picture, now all the clearer and clearer. So, of course, they vzaimnoperesekayuschiesya yoga, complementary to each other, but each has its own specifics.

I have a small question about the desires. Can I cancel my desires? If you know that your old longing, it is I no longer like. Or we do it by substitution on the exact opposite?

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, we all my life and just do that supersedes all previous desires. That is 99% of the energy that you spend in your daily life, is not for the purchase of new, and the old, that he wished not accomplished. This is a common situation. We are first to something unconsciously strive to attract something, then it begins to approach, we closely consider and then with horror start from yourself … This is very much what is lost. And of course, our whole life, in fact this is. For something we reach, but something we have to banish. But what we have to banish, as follows from the theory of yoga, when the previous steps, we will attract. Directly or indirectly, it was not obvious. That’s the way. I replied to the question whether or not, or the specifics? Good!

Update on: The desire was, then it was closer and not frightening. I just realized that it is not necessary to me. How to reset?

Zaporozhtsev: Voleizyavite just the opposite, with equal intensity force.

Question: If we use logic. You would, for example, 3-room apartment in the center of Moscow. Would have wanted to save money then realized that she does not need you. Bought something else, opened a yoga center, not a 3-bedroom apartment.

Zaporozhtsev: A five-room in New York City!

Continued: Or bought a candle factory, not an apartment. Dali is one, get another one. Why not, you can! Or, you have not bought any one nor the other, threw money.

Zaporozhtsev: I do not understand what the problem is? You are in your personal universe voleizyavlyali some laws, and your universe for them to live quietly starts. Then you realize that there is, some stupid laws come on, I will express exactly the opposite. Voleizyavlyat another begins, it is clear that they are somewhere begin to come into conflict with each other. You get a situation of uncertainty in some moments, neither yes nor no, neither there nor here. Then, if antivoleizyavlenie wins, it completely demolishes what it was before. Friends, you are free! You are free to build your personal universe as you want. All that you see is the result of your past desires. Nobody prevents you have other desires, and build something new. Then go.

Supplement to the question: Are you saying that we can visualize the desire, as if it were turned to his closer. And it can flee the same.

Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely correct, partially flee it. This is a very difficult topic, I did not want to touch it in our workshop, because it is usually very poorly understood. This is all kinds of rituals to neutralize any kind of negativity. For example, the Vedas, AdharvaVeda, full of spells and rituals. If you had a bad dream, you must do this and that, and the fifth, tenth. If the enemies are ready to attack, he must do it, this, the fifth, tenth. The process of working with these negative trends, but only in such a way that they properly fulfilled, not harm, but in favor.

Question: Alexey Somov, Astra Group. Natya Yoga, is, in my opinion, such a thing, which in principle allows us to use our desires in two ways. On the one hand, it seems like we use our energy outward, and thus immediately get the results directly into Maya. And second, by these desires, seeing as they are executed, to be able to adjust with the help of rituals and something else, and get this one a reflection of our higher self, try to catch with these desires.

Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely.

Somov: And, accordingly, it turns out that we do not need to be afraid of their desires. Natya Yoga helps to work with desires. Simulate and manipulate them accordingly.

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes, yes! Friends, here we had a question about the lack of logic, consistency and sverhlogichnost. But the second topic that I am very concerned, it is your attitude to the wishes. Why is that in the West the impression emerged that a yogi or yogini must be so, I am sorry, frostbitten. What will that slavery still such – no! But excuse me, in the same state it is the cow, and the oak in the same condition. You have to understand that kind of thing. In your desires is nothing wrong! This is the first thing. In your desires There is nothing wrong if you did not have desires, you would not have formed as people. You would not have formed his mind. You remember that, according to the ideology of yoga, we are all in three stages. First, we are in a cattle state of tamas, the state of the animal. The animal is a little desire. Once again, find somewhere a cow or a horse and ask how much she wants and what. But, as life after life, the animal begins to suffer, formed the first wish: to avoid this suffering. This whip. Then, as the intellect begins to develop, there are other desires is to get something nice, gingerbread. Only if there is a carrot and stick, during the evolution of the bestial state you will sooner or later rise up to the individual level.

If you did not have desires, you would never have become a man, my friends! You would have been in this Pasha bhava, the state of livestock. Or in other words, in the state of tamas. Now you are all big and great desire, activity, performance, desire to move into a state of Rajas, activity. In this way you are getting stronger and stronger hone your intellect. Thus, you get to the human condition. In the human condition you have, of course, the desire. If you’re in the right way to use their desires in the human body, then you climb up to the third stage or condition the Satva, or in Tantra state divya, divine state. When you have in life, in principle, there will be neither whip nor carrot, you climb this stage. But to achieve this state, it is necessary to go through a series of desires, through the implementation of desires. When somebody comes to me and says, I want to practice yoga, I want to higher states of enlightenment. And I see it in life – neither fish nor fowl, in such a state of sheer bestiality. I told him that we must somehow make a fuss, to do something, to work on yourself, even if it is in the direction of fuss. And it opens up some book and begins to me, all is perishable, it is necessary to reject everything. I realize that these books here, they instead pick a state Satva and Divya, they cause people to slip into a state of Pasha, Tamas and bestiality.

Therefore, my friends, is nothing wrong with your desires is not. If you are in the Open Yoga University will speak, and I did not aspire to anything, and I do not need to seek it is not necessary, and the desire I have, and it all has to happen by itself. I will classify you as either the greatest teachers of humanity, and then drop you in the legs and ask you to teach me yoga. Or, sorry, I’ll treat you as human beings, first of all, as the hypocrites, and secondly to the people in a state of stupidity and animal Tamas. You see? This is exactly the case when sverhlogika and illogicality are very similar. The great saint sits, he does not do anything, really, it is enough to think about desire, it runs itself. Similarly, a great parasite, sits and does nothing, only he does not work. We’re with you, in between these two extremes. And we have to use their activity, their desires, desires to achieve, fulfillment of desires to rise to that level of spirituality, when we simply do not wish to formulate. Why? Because at the time of formulation of desire, it will be executed. This is the ideal of yoga. Why did the great saints and yogis give up the desire, as it is written in many books. It is not because of the great saints torn irrepressible desire, as you remember, Pussycat Vorobyaninov, desires demons. And he said: uh, have to force myself, I’m still a great saint. Nothing like the great saints have no desire for one reason: they have no differences between the wording of desire and its fulfillment. All what they want, and so there. If so is there, what more could you want?

From you, I also demand, do not tell me that you do not desire. Once again, if you do this you will say that you have no desire, either you great saints, or you have somewhere you have so much bestiality sneaked that you start to deceive themselves and others. It’s quite another matter that you do not become slaves to their desires. When you become the slaves of their fundamentals desires, you become not free, and yogi6 ideal is to be free. Therefore, you should take every wish that comes to you, it’s a different desire, but to use it in such a way that as far as its execution, you become more and more free. Any desire it as a fuel, as used in the engine of his spiritual machine. Do not flood the gasoline desires, do not go in the direction of spiritual development. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, misunderstanding, interpretation of some yogic texts. It must be confessed, a huge influx from the East, lived there in his village of the Good Samaritan. Let’s not deal with religion. Good Brahmin, he decided to earn some money in the West, arrived and began something to wear, something he does not understand. Sometimes there is religion, and our same pick. I have seen so much, that these pseudo yoga shoals go: we have given up desires. And you turned into beasts. Once again I say that we should not indulge their desires, no, you should use them. This wisdom. Okay, friends.


So, my friends, this is our workshop on Natya Yoga, 5th part of it.

Now we are with you will make the practice of “fire ritual” one way or another related to the Vedic tradition. First and foremost, I would like us to contact you done this ritual in a tight binding to generic yoga.

Let me briefly remind you of the basic ideology of the question. Each of you have now your human body. For this reason, now you can sit on the seminar and study yoga. It is the physical body you gave your mom and dad. Your mom and dad are not fallen from the moon, and they had their mom and dad, etc., etc. That is, your whole life for you today invisible threads to the past, to the side of your ancestors. Your ancestors have shown kindness and, in fact, saved the human race. And it may be that each of us the extent of our negative karma and the extent of our ignorance is much more than we think. And perhaps, if not kindness of our ancestors, now would we have not lived in the bodies of people, and lived in a much more primitive bodies.

According to the generic concept of yoga, our ancestors gave us our perfect body somewhere, even in debt! Advances. And, of course, it turns out that we are now somewhere even live on credit. It is clear that as long as you are living in a loan and someone should be, you are somewhat limited in their actions. Because sometimes you have such dire lenders in the form of your ancestors.

According to the Generic yoga you have two types of ancestors.

The first type of ancestors – is a teacher and a teacher of yoga. They do not need anything from you! They need you to be happy. The second type of your ancestors – the ones your ancestors, which, unfortunately, has not reached a very high degree of self-awareness. But, at the same time, someone somewhere in the past, living in deprivation and hurting themselves, maybe even spiritual development, in yoga, spending their time and energy on something to bring up children. That is, there were so noble. But if, God forbid, Now it turns out that one of your ancestors did not get the human body, and you live in the human body and does not want to have children, it turns out that you are now living in debt! On credit! Moreover, your lender can now seriously suffer! As you know, there has come into play quite specific mechanisms, causes and consequences. And it is not surprising that sometimes the universe mends us such mystical insurmountable obstacles in the way of some of our hopes and desires. Roughly speaking, you threaten to something more, and the debts are not paid. Therefore it is necessary with the utmost reverence, care to treat their ancestors. The best thing you can do to pay the debts of their ancestors – is to give birth to their child or children to support their relatives, friends or society. It does not matter that it’s even your children to be in person. Actually, your ancestors does not matter – to be born in your family or in a family of your brother or sister. The other conversation – it turns out that you are living now, rejoice life, applying for a better life and that not realize that actually this is for your happiness, you have to those whom do not even think. Remember how during all these revolutions, wars of all our ancestors lived.

So, where to begin the Vedas? Where to start yoga? Generic yoga? You have to at least win the support of the ancestors to the ancestors, in any case, been satisfied. If this happens, a large number of insurmountable as it seems to you, the obstacles in your life suddenly, the most magically disappear. What you ordered, according to the Vedic rituals? First – you should at least remember that you were the ancestors! Unfortunately, modern man thinks he’s on his own. That’s the fact that he was born that he is so good, as if he had fallen from the moon. And it was not these generations, who lived in poverty, in the cold, in epidemics and diseases only to some arrogant here was. Therefore, the first thing that starts with – you have to remember the ancestors!

In order to focus your mind in the best way, prescribed certain rites and rituals. In particular, ancestors offering some food and so on and so forth. This ritual. The main thing, of course, is not that something you’re doing, and what you remember about them. What, in any case, how would you tune into this wave. Then you start to feel the communion to his roots, and you begin to better understand their problems. Well, in the future, these rituals were more sharpened by some action.

Now we are with you. I want each one of you, at least to a first approximation, made this ceremony ancestors. You look, and you will feel better when you think about them. In the future, remember Generic yoga. Do you remember that the ideal of yoga, any generic Yoga – Learn Yoga childbirth, study Triad (how to live with men and women), to bear children, practice yoga themselves. And then you will be pleased with the ancestors. Then you pay the debts and will be completely free, you do have anything you want! And many of your desires will be fulfilled, really, faster and faster, if you do not owe anything to anyone.


Question Svetlana, Astra Group: We are talking about what we should remember about their ancestors. But most of us. We can remember the mother, father, deceased grandparents, but the more we do not know these people. We must visualize these people in some abstract images, or what? How to move forward on this thread?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you do not know what to remember, gives spontaneity. These are the images that come spontaneously, that they let, and will be, you know? Here the question is not for you to know exactly how someone looked at whom what was height, weight, facial features. It is important that you are on the pulse of life is sent back his surge of prana. That is, you just voleizyavlyaete what you think about the ancestors. And, according to all these intricacies, associative, karmic, where it is necessary – come!

Question Dmitry group Astra: We have a tradition in Russia. We, Russian, very much like to go to the cemetery on holidays. My ancestors long dead. I do not like to go to the cemetery. It is necessary to go or not?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I also do not like. Good question. I’ve told a story. I went once to the bath. Public bath, not “Sanduny” usual bath in the suburbs, to the extent of a decent, moderately scary, shovels. And now it all began in religion bump.

 And my men in the sauna: “And you have some faith”? Now all religion go.

At first I stiffened, and then gracefully walked out. I say: “I have the faith of ancestors.”

They are: “What does it mean?”

I say, “My mom and dad Communists.”

And then, imagine, then one faith, a certain number of still another faith, another, ie, religions and here these ceremonies for centuries, so many of our varied that even all, no one remembers. And in general, if we talk about Russia, so do not feed bread in Russia, said: “That’s it! Here today – a new life! All that before – it was bad! And now it is finally something good. ” That’s why everything about rituals, visiting cemeteries – is also questionable. Because if you read historical studies, up to a certain time it was believed that burying anyone not necessary – full of forests. Brushwood. And all burned one time. In general, this has changed. Most were different traditions and customs. Something emerged, left, something began to change. I remember my father died, so in general all came running, all are experts! And let me say how that should be done. All such wise elder! And I see – on the move coming up! Literally, on the go!

I would, of course, say, his father chose to burn and dispel his ashes over the Ganges. But as soon as the mother’s hint that I wanted to burn it, she said: “Vadya, and so all look askance at you! If you still arrange it. ” Although his father, during his lifetime he asked me to burn. I’ll think about this, what I would like, when the time comes I die, and I’m not going to live forever, friends. I once studied explosives. I think if I put a box of explosives, and it would have undermined, it would just mine. Such would be the funeral, I would like to imagine. With fireworks, all in a rainbow.

Therefore, if you feel that there is some kind of a tradition. Of course, you can say, “I have everything in a different way! You go to the cemetery, and I’m not going! ” Of course, you can put yourself in such a counterposition. Although I understand that I have nothing to do at the cemetery. Well, that’s my hair, I’m a haircut a year ago, where are they now? What they have to do with me? Yes, no! What to me has to do with my body, which was formed out of that food that I ate to me? Yes, no! Higher Self of man, it has been born in a different body.

Therefore the question. If the cemetery – a place for meditation, where you came from, where you nobody touches, quietly remembered ancestors. They came there, ryumashku someone missed one meal, as there is usually brings. If you feel that it helps you to remember the ancestors – for God’s sake, keep this tradition! But I, for example, when I come to the cemetery and see that each grave is fenced by a fence like this, you know, when life is lived behind barbed wire after death so as not escaped their enclosed. I, for one, it oppresses. So, the situation is – if you grew up in a different cultural environment, among the various customs and you like them, they inspire you, they help you to remember the ancestors, I do not have to do the next revolution!

If you feel that you are neither cold nor hot. Here, I am told: “We have to live by some religious laws”! And I do not remember my family these religious canons, my mom and dad were communists. For me it is as if Martians arrived, and let something of their own. Someone, on the contrary, it inspires. Inspires Rus, God knows what centuries. Vedic Rus. Everyone has their favorite topics. Here’s how they are, so they are.

But the most important thing here is some flexibility. Versatility is what you should think about the ancestors. Just think about it. It is extremely useful when you think about the ancestors, to focus on this.

In order to obtain a degree of concentration, very good use of fire rituals. When we look at the fire, we can not help focusing. Remember this anecdote? What you can watch endlessly on fire, how people work and how water flows. There are some factors that help our meditation. Pacifies us. All Vedic rituals in this regard were very basic, not very elaborate. They have become complicated in the later centuries. Back in ancient times, they simply carried out. But do not remember ancestors in terms of what they have just lived – had died, and that they told it to us the impulse of life, and we promise them to continue their way of life.

That this question is very important. Here you do not have yet a husband or wife, no you have not yet, you give birth to children, but nothing! But you, at least, mentally say the ancestors: “As soon as both at once!” They suffer, and so will not tolerate a single life, still suffer. Or, say, if you think that you should not have a family, you are a monk or a nun, going somewhere in a cave. Very well, but you have relatives. If you somehow attend to their families, to the children. You have no family – live in society. Those people who live around you. You should always be around. Life must go on. Your ancestors need to life continued. They need the body to life, to incarnate. body not animals, and people.


Question of Mary, a group of Aster: I wanted to ask, but where are the ancestors? That after death the soul of 49 days, the maximum out of the body. Handle should be to the ancestors that had already merged with the Absolute, or they may be in the bodies, too?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I will say it again – you have two types of ancestors. First – it’s your teacher. Refer to each yogic practice, especially if you do not know how to do it. This criterion Generic yoga. You with that will we encounter frequently. From these, only help. Only the right thoughts and suggestions.

But there have also other ancestors, which, unfortunately, were very kind to you, that have kept life and gave you a body, but, unfortunately, have not yet reached the degree. Moreover, the ancestors of you might be very different. Someone is created, which God forbid! And, accordingly, it is now able to receive not only the human body, and the body of an animal, according to his karma. But he still is holy for you! It would not be him, and you would not be. So you have to pull it. In which the body and where it can be – according to karma.


Question: On the question arose about the impact of the sacred duty. For example, we have one child or two. How to understand that given the sacred duty? And, maybe, we should have three or four? That’s when we’ll be all right in life?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ie the number of children to pay off? Specifically, is it? See – intuitively there are two extremes, the two poles. The first pole of the darkest, when you have no children themselves, and you do not support other children. This is one extreme. At the other extreme – it is you live in a third world country, somewhere in Africa, and you already have 19 siblings, on the twentieth approach, but in general they should have been thirty, but those previous ones, did not survive. Because of hunger, disease and epidemics. Just you and they give birth – on the street. Survive – survive. Not survive – will die. This is the other extreme. When you give a sacred duty and have children, it does not mean that you have to produce the biomass. You have to give birth, nurture, educate, give love and care. Not that you give birth and do not even know how to name your children. This, too, there are precedents. I’ve read in the Guinness Book of Records. Some uncle went and had 98 children, went to the local, such as the registrar, and then forgotten their names. Well-lived life. Only if it is the sacred duty recoil in full? Those. do not just give birth, bring up, give the formation!

These two boundaries are narrowed by many factors. From your desires, of your, after all, material resources. Do not forget that too. Here, a corridor and you should feel themselves as. Each different karmic situation.

All friends are moving!


Rituals to some action to do meditation. Pointedness of mind so you can focus on a particular idea. And as soon as the degree of your concentration reaches a certain size, you are, in this sense do awaken his superpowers. Therefore, those supernormal abilities work in any ritual, which are enclosed in each of you. To do this, there are support points, to relieve you of this concentration. And in order to remember them better, they were decorated in the rituals. Ritual – is any action, even at first sight is not entirely clear, but they contribute to the fulfillment of your concentration and all that you have planned.

Vedic ritual for the ancestors, as a rule, everything revolves around the fire. For the simple reason that the fire sufficiently versatile tool for meditation. Continuing his men fanned at a time when Aria wandered Vedic times, of course, no one did not build temples. But out of the woods, we made a fire – that’s you and the temple! All fast enough.

Next time. It is a kind of ritual logic. We believed we live on the earth on the earth plane, and, say, our higher self is at some high spiritual plane, and some of our ancestors, teachers are on a high spiritual plane. We need a bridge connecting us to them. In our particular life is our Prana. It connects our physical body with our Ya But if we look at it from the outside, in the Vedic ritual use fire or Agni, God called him. He was like a mediator between the earthly world and highly spiritual. That is, to make it easier to reach out to their ancestors, which can, anywhere in the universe to be, we use as the Internet as a telephone fire.

Then. Ritual prescribes add or melted butter, or some grain cereal, so was a characteristic odor. Suffice pleasant smell when burned it all. It is believed that the ancestors take an offering with a smell. That’s how we eat normal food, they perceive the smell. Such an explanation is given, do not know how it will satisfy you.

And, in the future, the next thing – a special mantras are used for the ancestors, but special mantras, we will learn a very long time. Therefore, we will use the versatile enough Gayatri mantra. It is suitable in this respect. And each of you will come and at least three times recite the Gayatri mantra, mindful of the ancestors, by the fire, pouring oil and throwing rice. Here, most importantly, the degree of your concentration and focus your mind. The rest, my friends, it’s just an amplifier! The biggest mystery within each of you! Any ritual evokes that inherent in you. It’s not that primitive magic is tricky passkey for your super-powers.

So, let’s start with this ritual that straighten your back, neck, head, tip of the tongue up and start to mumble: “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”.

Now low “Aaaaaaaaaaa”

Now “O”

Now, the “u”

Now over his head he presented his mom and dad. So, as they remember. So how do they know. And if you do not remember and do not know – as they imagine. Now even higher over his head – and grandparents. Even higher over his head – great-grandparents. Even higher over his head – great-great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers. Higher and higher luminous images represent. We present them as they are to us. Optionally old, they can be young. Mentally welcome them and mentally appeal to them to respect the internal. And ask them to help us, enlighten us, to instill the right thing to do. A priori assume that all our ancestors – the teacher and the teacher of mankind. Even if it does not, we still believe that they are teachers and teachers of mankind. And finally, all of them on seeing the glowing root cause – the Absolute in the form of the divine mothers and fathers, that is, divine ancestors. And over our divine mothers and fathers we see, imagine a giant Absolut. Luminous. That is higher than the concept of “man”, “form”. Who literally flooded with light above us all. And, at the same time as the light streams from all objects, events, trees, and animals. From all sides.

Here are building a chain from our ancestors through to yoga teachers, yoga teachers from the Absolute.

Yoga teachers and our ancestors – the same people! There is no difference between them! That is, yoga teachers do not necessarily think of the Hindus. It can be any images that are born spontaneously in front of you. These are your ancestors. Great!


For our purposes, perhaps it would be better not to Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya mantra – mantra, conquering death. All the same, you know, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. And, let’s better we enlist the support of the ancestors if, suddenly, we have been running a karmic effects.

Thus, we find Mahamrityunjaya mantra, and now beginning to repeat it aloud, repeat, repeat. It’s a good mantra. Mantra – protection against accidents. To suddenly turned your karma negative. In turn, each fits and starts chanting. Let us do so, one mantra, but if there is time, the second, the third circle pass.

What is most important for you? Imbued with this action. It is quite logical. That then, in the future, you are able to repeat this ritual whenever you see fit, that it should be done.

If you are married or married and want to get own children, then, before you do that, it would be good to remember the ancestors. Not bad! Sometimes the questions I get asked, “Now, what would be the mantra for conception ritual”? answer the following: conception – this is the biggest mystery is there better not to go as it goes, and the glory of God. The main thing is to observe safety measures for personal hygiene and so on. But no special dances in the moonlight under a deal it is better not to do, and to forestall all this session rituals of their ancestors. To ancestors inspired, oberegli, bothered where it is necessary that you have brought you to do the trick.


Now repeat after me Mahamrityunjaya mantra:






Sauce, remember the ancestors! Overhead represent ancestors! Hold the! More emotions mantra!






So, my friends, this is our 6th part of Natya Yoga. Theatre Yoga.

My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. It is a retreat. All archive sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.

Questions about the practice of yoga Natya


If you experience these or other questions Natya Yoga, perhaps now is the time to discuss them. It makes no sense to give any details of the construction of a temple or some art if you do not understand the database. Otherwise it is very easy to leave in particular, not knowing the original.


Question Marina, Astra Group: If we make this model of theater, whether it is possible in practice to involve people who do not practice yoga? For example, their loved ones, to help the problem?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Depending on what kind of practice, how, why, how we qualified, etc. Once you can practice, why other people can not?


Q: Will there be the effect on them?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Hard to say what effect. The effect of that?


Clarification: If, say, a person is a problem, if we play with him in the theater of this problem, it is possible that the result will be?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It may be. And it may be not. Depending on what is the problem, how you play the practice and a lot of “buts”. You know, I can not answer so abstract. But on the other hand, I remind you that yoga is not necessary for the gods, but for ordinary people. Celestials do not need yoga. And so it is all they know how to know everything.


Question: Regarding yesterday’s practice. It seemed to me that very few people really delving into practice. Those. were some clips. Trying to plunge, and then someone “Um!” It seemed to me that this could be due to the presence of the viewer. After all, in the theater like? In today, at least. The actor with the director rehearsing, thinking, trying, and then go to a result on the viewer. And if you go out not with the result, but this process, which still can not dive properly. I had such an idea, a vision – that if people, we, who were sitting on either side were as antique choir and would create some kind of rhythm or mantra, or the voices of these manifestations. To all involved, we have been shipped. To no one was looking at hand, I do not laugh. I do not know, that is not quite the audience.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Everyone would sing “terrible happened!”

Yes, this is the next time to involve in action already and spectators. You understand that the audience for this type of practice are present, as a rule, only your consciousness, ie, watching. In fact, consciousness is extremely strong factor. He makes up straight at attention. And, in fact, without the presence of spectators, laughter would be an order of magnitude greater, this is a common situation. Or less, because we sometimes work on the viewer, sometimes we seem to want any other. But there is a factor that more active involvement of the audience in the process. Well, it is observed in the conventional theater, where the completion of a particular setting, the entire audience applauds and asks everyone for the encore. This is the feedback factor. Do not they just silently watched quietly, and still somehow back and responded. As far as I know, they were very different in theater art attempts to involve the audience in a part of a scene. Yes, of course, this can be played.

Generally, it is a huge scope for creativity. Because, in fact – it’s freedom of space, the reactor psychic! Here they are – constitute factors that eliminate the obstacles. Here it is, in a nutshell, the universe with all the factors of freedom occurred. And you can, of course in more detail certain to sharpen tools. Not to mention the attraction of such subsidiary issues, such as scenery, sound, and it we did. Or some kind of emotional support.

Once we have done the practice when a person was to speak, this vaccination, and all the audience began to hiss, scream: “Ugh, how bad and well ka get away from the scene! Clean! ” Specially causing our fear, our desire to please our pinching. You know, in the Natya Yoga giant space for creativity. But, you see, must start from the simple to the complex. From something that we can at least execute in a minimal amount. For more complex steps. Because I would have just worn out yesterday to explain what to do to spectators, performers, etc. In general, a very good point.


Question: Also at yesterday’s practice. Now, if we do the practice of Natya Yoga, roughly as yesterday. Very deep this action. And people do not get involved, do not live the action of some love, death. And just getting involved. And they just fool around. Theatrical play is indicative, but not really living. Will they have some effect or just?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The effect will surely be. The effect is very large, regardless. There are such practices. You know – you do not know, you know – you do not understand, is involved – get your.

Pay attention to how to construct any army in the world? Any army of the world suggests that the soldiers in the drill will be carried out in the days and nights of training. Moreover, the drill-drill-drill. One and the same scenario. For example, deployment of infantry in a chain or something else to automatism. First, everyone is laughing, there’s some novelty, then all bored, then it becomes a routine. Then it all goes to the level of the subconscious, the autopilot. Those. already soldier does not think, and the program wakes up and he is not thinking, doing everything as it is necessary within it. But then, when it gets to a real fight, it saves his life. Why? Because when you get into a situation where you do not know what to do, you have two choices: either to come up with a certain scenario or work out the pattern, which is already before you turn out. Since we are all with you in this sense, rational beings, to come up with a new template on the fly is very expensive, and as prana, and as a novelty.

Therefore, we tend to repeat to you what we’ve done something, even if we did this, just fooling around. It is known, by the way, the sellers – once is enough to lure in human shop. Or you, the future teachers of yoga – once is enough to entice the person to your yoga class, and the second time he had come specifically to you and not to someone else. Why? You he was, at least knows something. He knows that you do not bite, try not to swear obscenities. And if you go to some new place where nobody knows what will be. Of course, there is a stratum of people who, on the contrary try something new, new, new find. But, as practice shows – it’s interest. And people who are prone to conservatism – the main part. All it balanced.

So, what is the power of this ritual? Here you are now doing the ritual ancestors. Well, apparently, someone did with feeling, with the arrangement, someone so looked – well, fun and interesting. But! You have already stayed in the template. There will be, perhaps, years, a situation arises where you do not know what to do, but you will emerge this template, you have it again and go out a winner. In the same way as the template of the soldier, who drilled a long time, come up, and he will be the winner. That is, that is the importance of a professional army? The fact that it is constantly trained and it is more battle-worthy, less bears defeats.


Question Olga Astra group: Does the Natya yoga practice, so to speak, one-man show? Or always need a theater, acting, people? Or it is possible to somehow practice?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, in fact, of course, if each of you would not know about Natya Yoga is nothing but, say, would be engaged in the usual, pranayama yoga, hatha yoga and, sooner or later, would have scored a known amount of free prana. This prana, which would be enough to maintain as your presentation of yourself, and in the free form, any idea, any visualization instantly filled to this prana and you will naturally come to this concept – that you can create more, like their counterparts on the proposal itself. And it is there for all those who seriously engaged in yoga. Sooner or later, this effect is playing with himself observed.

But only under one condition – if you have an excess of Prana. Excess prana not – you hardly habitual way of support. After that, processes are accelerated. But wait until you have typed an excess of Prana, very hard. It is better to make the reactor where your prana is expended very effectively and is not lost.

And even better, each to each other in this sense has helped to be realized. Need some special mechanism. We called it here reactor mental reactor. It allows even a minimum amount of any of prana to get the same effect that you would get in alone.

Do you remember this concept – we have made with you, that many supernormal abilities are very easy and simple to open when there is a demand from the people around us in their opening. The people around us and inspire us, indeed, tend to demonstrate hit. Here it is even determined by purely technological processes. The more people at the seminar, the greater the effect of each. Why? But the way it once done. Bhava all little by little, but with all of this – a huge bonfire. Therefore, if there is an opportunity for you to practice with like-minded people in the first place to do it. The single practice, you always still have time to try everything, but they are in this respect is very slow.

And, here, by the way, is still one of the fastest methods of shortcomings, such as Natya Yoga, or other yoga – we need supporters. A like-minded you are only at a certain stock character, well, or at a certain stock of your positive karma. If you’re a misanthrope unsociable, of course, to you no one gets on. And if you no one gets on, you will not be able to practice together. And if you can not practice together, and you will not go fast processes. As if the universe is directed to ensure that we have tried to get rid of the animal ego. Each step in the direction of getting rid of the animal ego, in fact, bring additional opportunities for personal practice. So we’re done.


VoprosNatali: What role is probably important, playing in the Natya Yoga suits? Maybe preserved some knowledge of the Vedas, that certain suits in certain scenes?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Where Natyashastra book? Friends, we are, in fact, did not touch the core content of this treatise! In this treatise, a lot of all sorts of details. In general, science Natyashastra, as well as in the commentary to Natyashastra have enough great recommendations on costumes, theater devices typecasting actors, and so on. D. Extremely might be interesting for people involved in the theater arts. But you have to overload, these numerous details, it makes no sense! This is actually something that was formed in the years to facilitate the carrying out of all these rituals. Some of the comments are extremely useful. Some will be virtually useless to you. Some of you do not even understand.

Of course, the time of the suit allows you to transform legche.Eto such auxiliary elements, such as: music, dance and TD course, what more you want to match a particular character, so it is desirable that you should be, at least superficially similar.

I know that some film actors before to play in a particular role in the movie, they are just a month before getting used to the clothes of the actor who will play. Because if you are put on over some medieval costume, camisole, you will yourself in it uncomfortable feel. We must get used to it. We must feel in the status of the suit that you wear. And it takes time – to get used to get used to hold it properly. Of course, all this is reflected in the recommendations. But, as you know, it’s all already specifically, an auxiliary point.

Of course, the same thing you can do with the help of visualization yoga. You can represent yourself wearing a particular costume. It will all depend on your level of concentration, the opportunity to hold this image of himself in that suit. No details are extremely large number. Some relevant, understandable, useful, some – not really. Lest you think that there is a well of wisdom, opened, copied, and all of it will be. Unfortunately, not so!


Question of Anna: We know that the MPP is very sensitive to the cultural environment. Natya Yoga can not affect MPP?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: She was his and touching! All the love scenes, everything that is connected with one or other works of love. And I must say, in the same India that revolved around almost all subjects. The same Mahabharata, Ramayana, all other myths, there is nearly always some aspect of love is present.

What is the aspect of love? This same ritual dance, a ritual setting. In fact, even in ordinary life, when a young man looking for a woman, it is, in a sense, it plays such a formulation, and it is necessary to take from somewhere. Again, this pattern of behavior, it is taken from the fact that a man sees what he sees in the theater. I must say that for this reason that modern people take these stereotypes of what they see on television. But even there, and there is an attempt to work with MPP, attempt to reduce the opposite sex, so it was so nice. If you find the most interesting way, it is interesting to look at. Some trivial, it is not very interesting. Therefore, even in romantic melodramas huge potential for Natya Yoga.

I recall in this regard the statement by Mark Twain: “The great talent, when you just know how to tell the usual things as if it were something new.” What could be more common than love, the love between a man and a woman? Centuries and millennia according to the same scenario! But how to present it so that it is fun to watch? The thing is quite trivial.


The practice of wish fulfillment. Explanation theory


Let us now come to the next practice, which would be nice today we do.

 Do you have your ideas about who you want to be in the future, say, 5 years, 10 years, it does not matter. Do you have a list of things you would like to receive, or, conversely, those from whom you would like to get rid of. It would be nice if you took a leaf of paper, a pen and drew the first, recorded their dreams of the future can be a more specific and detailed. The more detail you fix that aspect, or that desire that you want to get, the easier it is executed.

In the future, we’ll try, by Natya Yoga, make a mental reactor or a site outside of time, or, in other words, a time machine, as if it took all the time needed to get all of these desires. And you try to play himself, but already in the status of a fully executed desires.

Since we have a lot to with feeling, with the arrangement, each would play again, use the method Rita yoga. You will try, through dance, through spontaneous dance or through mime to tell its condition, its outlook, its status, all the things that you will feel when all these desires will be fulfilled. How would you play yourself from the future themselves.

It’s very, very important step towards the next stage. The next stage – it you will be playing themselves as self after enlightenment. Imagine – you have reached the ultimate goal of yoga, you become completely free, you are living in the status of Gods and Goddesses and yoga requires you to dream, mentally pokonstruirovat: how it will be when you reach enlightenment?

But this is too abstract a step to your right throw. We are with you first try to make an intermediate step. As if you realize all your desires that you just have. To do this, all of you remember their problems today – how would you like them to resolved, your intentions, what they brought. Try their flesh, as much as possible in detail, the details you currently sit and think. Take a piece of paper and a pen.

Well, I see here all melted in the sun, all are well, all my dreams have come true.


Questions for the practice


Question: What if everything has already been written?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good! Then sit down and draw everything that is written, make Yantra.


Question: If one does not desire, but a few, I have them in turn must win back?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What’s that, conflicting desires?


UPDATE: Well, for example, young people want to get plenty of rest and some interesting work.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Is it mutually exclusive? Will shoot a series about a resting person, and this is his work, and recreation.


Question: What if some other situation where I do not know how to combine? This in turn represent or still combine together?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a position that is well known in science, some fine things, “Well-defined goal – this is a solved problem.” So you do not have to think how it could be combined. You have very well articulate what you would like. And here they are combined, it let your superpowers, your sverhintuitsiya thinks. This is not your problem. Your problem – the desire and the will to make this wish come true. And how it will be implemented, it is not your problem. Let the universe to think about it or your superpowers. The division of labor: the desire to enjoy, and someone is working to realize this desire. And do not substitute one for the other. Anyway, now, at the moment.


Q: So, you can both, right?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Come on, come on! Well, enlightened and live in poverty begging? As in India – wandering homeless. Or maybe they were enlightened? How would you like to appear in the future?

Draw! Draw! From hand write, articulate focusing. And then this piece of paper is not going away. Even if you want to conflicting desires, configure them. Well, that is, at first glance mutually exclusive. Sometimes what it seems to be mutually exclusive, the only way to exercise, both one and the other.


Question: If, for example, now voleizyavit that now sitting on one of the concrete ways to influence? And he does not know about this?


Note: Suitcase of money to give?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You are free.


Question: I want to affect his freedom, to influence him?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As chip will fall. If it will take you. In fact of the matter is that you’re all free. Go seriously. The question is not even that it might be fulfilled, or not fulfilled, and to now then submitted that it has already come true.


Question: Can the desire for yourself, or for someone else? For their children?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For the entire universe! For his own personal universe that surrounds you.


Question: I understand correctly that in the dance, we will show the state as if it all came to pass, instead of specifics?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who wants to play the pantomime. You know how the story: “Here it is – my mansion! Here it is – helicopter ploschadochka. But I’m going by car! I learned to fly! “, Etc.

Here the issue is to get the image of the wish-fulfillment of the future. What is your desire, whether you like it or do not want, and so will come true, it is a law of nature. Another conversation that they are executed when you do not really want to. And always it is useful, as it were, in advance to play. Try as much as possible specificity. If you want gold, write exactly how many kilograms or tonnes, some samples. Our world, friends are more fantastic than you think. Seriously consider this, my friends! Even the most serious practices and rituals sometimes look like child’s play. Do not forget about it. Write, draw, do some abstract sketches. Narrow! Extremely Narrow all!


Question: samadhi put the first or last?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look who wants to live a glorious life first, enjoy everything, be realized as a creative person, and at the end of life in samadhi. Someone on the contrary – first in samadhi, and finally realized, and enjoy life. Freedom, my friends! None of you did not come up.


So let’s take a few words on the theory of this question, I will tell you. At one leaf you wrote what you wanted. On another leaf or anywhere else you have written what I have now. Then you have to remember very clearly the philosophy of yoga, or ideology. Each of you only lives in the universe, which he built himself. Those. what you have now – is the embodiment of those desires, you formulated voleizyavili or maybe even in this life, and they have led you to this point, which is now. Now you are for any reason unhappy with the fact that there is now, like, change in the future, and you drew another point. With yoga perspective, these two points of equal area, they initially do not differ. Why? Because you are free! What you want is what will be. But, at the same time you never in life will be nothing to you, roughly speaking, would not have come up with themselves.

So, now the situation is very abstract. It is, perhaps, not immediately before you come. It is axiomatic of the highest yoga. Try to get used to it. As the ancient texts of yoga, as the whole ideology of the Vedas, it is necessary to first voleizyavit that is enlightenment, and only after that you can get into it. Or even more vulgar – first you have to think of enlightenment and only, then you will fall into it. In fact, if you use your original freedom, you can bring anything you want. Forces for this you have enough. You are missing only one thing – inspiration! And in order to awaken your inspiration, you must believe in yourself. It turns out that we are all in a sense of Baron Munchausen – take out themselves for their own hair.

Farther. Here you have two points. The fact that there are now and what you want. You use this element Nati. You will make a time machine, a mental reactor, then the force fields: master, slave and spectators. Then go to the field, it is the status, which is now. Then you will represent, as you slowly, slowly, slowly or quickly, quickly, quickly go into the status of where you want to be. And here we must rely on spontaneity. To do this, we will be doing yoga Rita. Those. you imagine – here, I went to the same status, and then, gradually or immediately jumping-jumping-jumping – in a different status. Inside, you have enough tools and power to do this transformation. And in the future you will be at this site in the status in which you want to see yourself in the future and it will be like to argue.

Or in another way – if you want to become God, behave as God! You like to start to pull himself from the future. But before this we will do, let us, at least in the minimum volume pumped up all the action of Prana. So now all sit down. At the same time back, neck and head should be in a straight line. We take our leaves or something where we all wrote down, the finger of either hand have a point between the eyebrows, to breathe through two nostrils, then one of your nostrils shut and breathe out through the free. Then again breathe through two nostrils, cover loose, exhale through the other. And so alternately continue to breathe, and the other hand to have our records and visualize how the prana through the hand permeates ideas that are written, fixed and painted. Inflate prana these abstract ideas.

Q: And the fact that in the present, it is not necessary to pump prana?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All pump up. And, the present and the future.


Q: And you can breathe through one, not two?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is possible through one.


Q: We will all this action or take turns?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We will be divided into two parts – the audience and just … otherwise we pandemonium.

And now, when we went out on the respiratory rhythm to yourself begin chanting Om Namah GANAPATAI GAM. The mantra that removes obstacles. If the arm is tired, changing hands.

Now we do, as usual, a series of vigorous exhalations. Then a full breath, close the nostrils and leans forward. After that we go to a little rest. Wonderful. We come to life. And quietly moved into the room.


Practice in the hall


And now they all sat down. Create a protective field. We focus on a point in the center of his chest. For myself chant Hrim HRIMHRIM. We see, how did the triple sphere from the center of our chest. Hrim HRIMHRIM. It is growing. Hrim HRIMHRIM. She grew up outside of our body. Hrim HRIMHRIM. All sectors are intertwined together in a single sphere. Hrim HRIMHRIM. She stopped at the boundaries of the scope of this hall. We get a step forward to do the left foot.

We start the practice.

Now it is necessary that you are divided into two groups. At about the same. Now the most important thing is to enter into mental reactor in miniature. It is now a map of the whole universe, the universe in miniature. Magical place. You need to enter here in the status of Gods and Goddesses. This group of people. Facing each other become the corridor as in a stream was. Becomes. And now one man begins to enter. And remember the blessing mantra: “Hrim you will do it. Hrim you Goddess, to fulfill all your desires. Hrim HRIMHRIMHRIMHRIMHRIM “. Nyasa. Go. All others are singing “mmmmmmmmm”. Go.

And those who go out, just sit in the center of the room in the status of the future. It’s a time machine. From this state, which is now at the entrance itself will receive in the future. Bless! You – the Gods!

Visualize yourself at the entrance, we are, at the output – what we will!

Thus, the participants are able to stand the future. It is clearly understood that all their wishes fulfilled and start dancing Rita-Anritu. Spectators begin the mantra Om Namah GANAPATAE GAM. Aloud.

And now an important part of Natya Yoga. Each of the standing in the center, is that all his dreams have come true, and he lives in that status, which he dreamed. And now you go around in a circle of each environment and each looking into the eyes say: “My dream has come true!” In turn each convinced of this.

And still surrounding the mantra Om Namah GANAPATAE GAM.

Now turned to the audience and chorus: “My dream has come true” !!!

Now the second half of the same. Form the time machine, corridor. Do not skimp on the praise! Their task is just at the entrance to remember that you are, at the exit – you will. Your task – to carry out the moment of passing.

Along the perimeter. Close all eight points of the compass. Those who sit, begin repeating the mantra of Ganesha. Now we go and share the joy and believe that everything is executed.


I caught myself “moment, you’re fine!” We must engage in full all the keys. Now we sit quietly all along the perimeter.



Little mental reactor multiplies. And we help each other to move from one role to another role. Do you have everything except inspiration. Bhava you do not. You have super powers to change the world, as you wish. And myself, and everything else. Of course, there is a factor of your karma, previous wills. But that does not mean anything. All that has been done, you can redo it. And if the right way to use this Bhava concentration on a small platform, we can, indeed, do wonders.

Very interesting is the response of the structures. You have to show emotions. Let’s imagine that all this has come to pass, and some inconspicuous area of your mind you are not allowed. They do not want to come true. They are happy with what we have now, they parasitize. Or vice versa – you have to convince the other that all is well, all come true, but where something pops up even some parasitic program. And on these parasitic programs we highlight their Bhava, their inspiration. And only here and so, having collected a lot of you, that you are not alone. When you stay alone with their parasitic programs of thinking, they have around your finger as sharps encircle. But when you have a lot, your program is already difficult to manage. They are starting to go crazy. This can be used.

But there are also all these things, of course, the rules of the game. Before the construction of the theater yoga Natya or before the beginning of the statement, as it is written in Natyashastra need that today we have made – the ancestors of the tribute given, meditated, all the checkboxes complied, demantrirovali space impregnated his prana, defended its protective field, entered it at help each other. Similarly, you are helping the other, your blessing. Some blocking software superpowers that the person will never take away, until someone from the outside will not help. We are so done being social. The key to our superpowers is through society. No society is very difficult to reach them. So, we went into the field, we turned around, we all danced, and now it is necessary to remove all of them.

Thus, we begin to remove the traces of our activities with hands mantra PHAT PHATPHAT.

Now sit down. Remove the protective field. Remembering about it the protective field. Aloud or silently utter PHAT and snaps his fingers. Triple field shrinks. Hrim HRIMHRIM. It came up to us. Hrim HRIMHRIM. It has become the inside of us. Hrim HRIMHRIM. It shrinks in the heart center. Hrim HRIMHRIM. Dissolved in our heart. We get up, take a step left foot back, and now we have to leave this place, where was this psychic reaction to some time.



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