2012_05_27 Workshop. Six Yogas of Naropa. Yoga illusory body.

May 27, 2012. Seminar dedicated to “6 Yogas of Naropa. Yoga illusory body.”


Text printed Svetlana Zubarev Kirill Shevchenko, Andrey Nefedov.

Edited Andrei Nefedov.


So, friends, we have today 27 May 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a workshop on Yoga illusory body. All historical data on sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyyoga.narod.ru, as we have kurs.openyoga.ru courses which can be studied remotely theory and practice of yoga.


As usual, the most difficult thing will be to explain in the simplest language. To the simplest man who has never heard the word “yoga”, the more illusory body yoga, could gain a fairly complete picture of this yoga, and perhaps later to practice some elements of this yoga.

In previous workshops regarding the Tibetan yogi, in particular Yoga Tumo, warned you that we will consider Tibetan yoga in terms of the axiomatics of yoga, that is, with the general teachings of yoga point of view. Otherwise, you will very quickly get confused in terms that relate to Tantric Buddhism, or to the dominant ideology, which has developed over the centuries in Tibet and on the field that formed these wonderful yoga.

The principal difference between the Tibetan yogis and Indian yogis as follows: The Tibetan Yoga – is a single teaching of yoga, which has grown on the basis of Tantric Buddhism, or Lamaism, while as Indian yogis were distributed in India on the foundation, which is the foundation of all the exercises and namely, based on the Vedas. That is, the Indian yoga recognize the authority of the Vedas, and, in fact, the Indian yoga – is embodied in real life the principles that are enclosed in the ancient Vedas. Tibetan yoga do not say anything about the Vedas, although no different from Indian yogi. But they refer to mythology, cultural images, characteristic of Buddhism, in particular for the Tantric Buddhism, as a rule, it is a variety of Buddha. A fundamental contradiction between the teachings there, but technical terms, some words and teachings, you can easily confuse, and thus can be completely confused. Therefore, I recommend you to study Tibetan yoga as follows: 1. To study the axioms common yoga positions 2. Define the terms, if you met in Buddhism terms such as emptiness and sunyata as samsara and nirvana, then you have to relate these concepts to the Indian traditions yogi, and to understand what is meant, then you will have no problems.

So, yoga illusory body – is one of the 6 Yogas of Naropa, who was brought to Tibet by disciplic succession, from Vajradhara to Tilopa, from Tilopa to Naropa, from Naropa to Marpa, from Marpa to Milarepa. Later this tradition was beginning to branch out and now we meet a large number of representatives of different schools of Tantric Buddhism, the most famous, perhaps, school Gilupa, headed by the Dalai – Lama, is also a school of Karma – Kagyu, which is headed by the Karmapa, as there are other less known branch. If we talk about Tibetan yogis, then, we must remember that these yoga were introduced from India. Naropa came from a very noble family of Brahmins, he was distinguished by a very great scientist. At that time, when he taught Marpa, it was a transfer of knowledge to the knowledge got in another country, in particular in Tibet. In a nutshell, this Yoga on the attitude to yourself, and attitude to the world, as well as of the ability that lies within each of us, the ability to influence or alter our body and the universe around us.

Let’s start in order, each of you have your body here this morning you woke up, walked to the mirror, look at yourself and someone was pleased with his body, if before long practiced yoga, someone was dissatisfied with his body, if we neglect them, or for some other reason. In any case, there is a unique relationship, when we think or say the word I – that we have a certain image, self-image. For example, here I am – a man, I’m only so many years, I did something I look, I’m such a degree of learning, or vice versa, ignorance, I have such and such positive qualities, such a negative. That is a tangle of ideas about itself formed. Moreover, in the course of life, these perceptions are changing. Think of yourself as a child, when you think you are young, someone would quickly become an adult, someone did not think about anything, just jumping, running, frolicking, fun.

But over time, self-image began to change, you went to school, universities, received some degree, become respected members of society. You came to be called by name – patronymic, steel add nice additions, for example such as: doctor, professor, academician, or some unpleasant … and already we are starting to take it personally. If society praises – that we are pleased if the company abuses – that we hate. Moreover, over time, we tend to get old, self-image is changing again, and we begin to say, “… oh, there were years when …, it is now not the years …” because the body has changed and self-image is also changed. Similarly, the world around us.

Yoga illusory body begins to radically change your attitude to yourself. And the first thing with which begins this statement, that your self-image, it is a big illusion, hallucination, you simply accustomed themselves someone to believe you are used to some relation to himself, and, oddly enough, your habit It makes you a slave to life. That is, on the one hand, your body – a product of illusion, on the other hand you one way or another tied to his body, as a result you become a slave to the illusion.

The next step, which is given in the illusory body yoga – it is a practical tool, how to work with your body, which we do not know. With the help of our imagination, with the help of our mindfulness, we can weaken the chain that binds us to our body. But most interesting is that we can also affect our body visualization factor, factor representations of themselves, and in this way offers fantastic horizons for self-knowledge, self-transformation, as well as to address the huge number of different problems and suffering, that somehow there in our lives because of binding to our body.

But this is not enough, in the illusory body yoga as there are methods of how to relate to the world around them. We look at the world, we have ideas about other people, about other countries, cities, objects, and so, what we perceive is at most – is an illusion, but we cling to this illusion, we become slaves of this illusion, we go on about this illusion and get a solid cuffs life. We are afraid to break the link with this illusion, we are afraid, we are accustomed to the fact that we perceive, and even the idea that everything can not be so, as we used to, we are scared. It enjoys it, our negative karma, and pushes us to even greater depths of misery.

In yoga, illusory body also provides methods of how to use the giant instrument, embedded in each of us, to change the universe around us. We have the ability of imagination, we have the ability to visualize, to remember about anything, mentally construct, and if we competently use these tools, at first glance, the most magical and mysterious way, the surrounding universe is beginning to change.

Of course, if I go down the street, and some I do not like the building, then I can go to the uncle on the excavator, and ask it to demolish the building, and more, and this building will not be. But this is the usual course of action is usually a western man. From the perspective of the illusory body yoga and its continuation – yoga visualization, you can in your inner mental world to change their perception of the object, in particular, of the same building, and another to see it already. If you have a fairly long practice sessions in yoga, and have a certain ability, it takes some time, and the building suddenly starts to change.

Suddenly for some reason ran workers, all painted, tweaked, and you begin to track the cause – consequence, voleizyavil I see it in a different way, with a conventional point of view, I do not lift a finger to change it, and it changed itself. You, being a sensible man, start to investigate this matter, and actually why come to work, and the building painted … It turns out that in general terms the reconstruction of Moscow, some architect said: “… well what kind of misery … “and it’s all over, and this is the law for all other services of the city, have received a new document and began to carry it out.

This does not mean that you have inspired those who paint, his strong-willed team. You come to this architect, and ask: “Why did you changed it?” And he answers: “Yes, that thought came to me that we ought to do better.” What inspired these thoughts architect, can be any sequence of events, maybe he went abroad, it looked like everything nice and remembered how we …

That is, some events are inspired by him thought to fix what was not to be fixed. If you start on figuring out why he went abroad, you did not find the tail, it becomes thinner and thinner, and it turns out that this happens as if by itself. But in reality, in the universe this does not happen, in that part of the universe in which we live, there is a very tight linkage between cause and effect. If something happened, then this event has a unique reason. At the same time, there is some hallway freedom from all causes.

On the third, there you are with your expression of will, which caused the event to pass through this corridor of freedom in such a way that it is one thing for another clinging thus lined up, that your will visualize an object or phenomenon in a different way, forced to spin some gear the universe, and to do what you want. In a philosophical sense, this situation can be explained so that each of you lives only to the universe, which he built. That is, all that you have seen or can see, you have this attitude. Here today to get here, you got up, ate, and some have gone way here, so that’s all that you have seen when riding here, this room, the people around them – a chain of some of your earlier wills. And it took and gathered, and keep track of the gear between when you voleizyavili visualize a particular situation, and until the moment when it is embodied, it is very difficult.

Because, according to the teachings of yoga, we live in a huge number of lives, and, in fact, we have formed our world countless lives, but each only sees only what he himself did in his life. And it’s a very important lesson that you have within you a very clear grasp. All objects or phenomena that you like or do not like – you have created for yourself, your body, your way – you have created yourself, not someone else, but yourself.

Imagine that the whole world – a gigantic ocean, and you – a refrigerator floating in the ocean, and you can force the will of this formless ocean to freeze objects such forms that you want to see. And the stronger your freezer is working, the faster you get what you want to see. If for some reason you do not like something, you’re from this place unplug your freezer, and it eventually melted itself and dissolves in the ocean, as if he was not. And so we live from life to life.

That is, everything that you see now, we namorozili in the previous life. And nothing prevents us to remove those things that we have created, or create them in another way. This applies to both your personal body and the surrounding universe. The most primitive objection is that your body has got you on the combination of your mom and dad, in fact, scientists say that everything is programmed in the DNA code. But, on the other hand, we know that during the evolution of the DNA code has changed, and in the Paleontological Museum can trace the shapes change. On closer inspection it turns out that we are related to the formation of our DNA at a time when we were in previous lives.

We have lived them, they themselves have left the body, they have inherited by our descendants, and then – their descendants, and then we ourselves were born to their own offspring, that is, in fact, we got what we once themselves and laid. This primitive explanation, actually visualize yoga is much more fantastic.

Yoga illusory body and its conjugate, Yoga visualization, answers the question, why the universe exists evolution of bodies and shapes? Scientists say in this regard that it is a confluence of random mutations, is formed when suddenly some successful mutation, which is then inherited. Yoga says that such a mechanism can be observed, and this one does not argue, but it is much more difficult, as there is a reasonable start to the changes in the right direction. If you go through all the possible chaotic changes in the genome, then it would take billions of years, this is the section of mathematics.

At the same time, when we see that some species appear suddenly, within a few thousand years. Yoga illusory body responds to this question is that we ourselves are the creators of evolution, without realizing it. Our higher selves – the creators of evolution. The entire universe, which we have created – it is the visualization, which we wanted to see. From this it follows that if now we have some form of do not like it, we can visualize a different shape, and in fact, the time will make this form completely rebuilt, and take the other form. But, as you know, that his current form, you have formed a very long time, so do not expect that if you sit down and begin to visualize yourself big elephant with big ears and a trunk, then you have it right there and grows back. The duration of evolution is very long.

Unfortunately, even our science has not escaped such a vulgar understanding of the variability of forms. In the USSR, there was such a tragedy biologists, when he became a popular figure, named Trofim Lysenko. That said, it is enough that a body placed in a new environment, how the organism will begin to modify themselves and adapt to new conditions. That is, he completely ignored the concept of heredity, the notion that information is encrypted, including at the DNA level. It was a vulgar, stupid desire to give a new result. As a result, a great number of worthy biologists were behind bars, in particular Academician Vavilov, who died as a result. Now in Russia there is a wave ezoterschiny completely insane, which sometimes sounded such a fantastic thing, supposedly coming from the Yogis that automatically start it is compared with the times of obscurantism Lysenko.

If you buy in the store book on visualization Yoga, and you start to assert that if you stand in front of the mirror and visualize yourself so-so, then after 5 days already will change, that is, of course, it is not at all required time. It is necessary to carefully treat constricting knowledge to themselves do not become obscurantists. Especially because in yoga visualization there are very powerful tools that, of course, you will not change at the level of genetics, but at the level of the more subtle components using these methods, you can do wonders.

Our physical body – it’s just a container in which a ball splashing of our thoughts, fears, intentions, desires, ideas. It is not clear what it is made, when you see yourself in a dream in some way. It is clear that your physical body is asleep, and this is your way – it is like a living. In yoga this is introduced concepts such as the subtle body and the causal body. In a dream you see yourself in the subtle body. Or else, the physical body – it is a vessel into which is poured your subtle body. If visualization Yoga can change your genotype, but it will take a very long time, working with internal fine structure is obtained faster. And since we are basically living in my thoughts, fears, emotions, perceptions, even more important for us to change it is the subtle body, but not rude. If you have a physical body, more or less in order, then it really is a great tool to not know of anything problems.

That part of the visualization yoga or yoga of illusory body, which will work with your ideas about yourself – really very fast methods. If you are starting to use visualization, you also affect the genetic code, is not yet known how. These mechanisms have, and this is a question for scientists. In fact, in the illusory body yoga there are more powerful points related to the fact that we are still mortal. Our body once born, they live a glorious life, yoga recommends to live happily ever after, that is, do not rush to die, but sooner or later our body still wears out, and we die.

Those tools, which are in yoga, visualization, very helpful to us in such moments as the time of death or the time immediately after we are dead, they are helping us to avoid many of the negative effects, and more successfully choose his next birth. Of course, it is desirable to be born into a spiritual place where you could engage in self-knowledge. It is very much will depend on whether you are able to enjoy the illusory body yoga, yoga or visualization to transform itself.

Remember, this is a double-edged sword, and you can not clearly determine where your body ends and the surrounding universe begins. In this sense, the whole external world – in relation to your Ya In the books of Western psychology and philosophy, you can find statements such that there is an external world, and it is a rough and imperfect, and the inner, spiritual world, and an attempt is made to contrast with the inner world the outside world. This is a completely hopeless task. If we consider your Higher Self, you and your inner self and your outer world, they are equally external to your higher self, or otherwise, in relation to your freezer – all external.

And another analogy: what kind of cold that freezes? In yoga, there is a concept of prana, which forms our bodies, our self-image, and all that is around. Prana Source – our higher self, which is indestructible, ineffable, nothing about it is impossible to say, it is beyond our concepts and ideas, it has never been born, it never dies, it is omnipotent, it is full of strength, but there is one problem – we We are not aware of.

Our higher self has the ability to generate prana, that is, the ability to change, create, learn, or otherwise, may appear as prana energy that changes the world, or consciousness, by which we perceive the world. Prana Source – this is our higher self, if you have a lot of prana, you can shape the world rather quickly, and leave enough bright light of your life, if prana little – you do it the hard way.

Indeed, the history of you know that there are individuals who left behind a very noticeable trace, it is great scientists, military leaders, rulers. At a time when other people do not leave any trace. In yoga it is explained very simply, outstanding people have a greater supply of prana and the ability to change the world. And one of the hardest things to understand Tibetan yoga, and link them with the Indian yogis – it is a question of terminology.

In Buddhism in the Tibetan yogis you will not find the concept of the higher self, the concept of the Absolute. And it has played a very bad service to Tantric Buddhism, it was seen as atheism, this has led to much confusion. On the question of the higher self, the part of the follower of Buddhism followed by a long chain of reasoning about the emptiness, and emptiness, etc. If you ask the question about the reincarnation of the Dalai – Lama, if the higher self is not, then what is passed on from one to another Lama, and how can you say about the succession if there is nothing to be passed?

It is a difficult question for the unprepared person. If a person is prepared, it is easy to tell that there is no contradiction, just the concept of our higher self – is so abstract and mysterious that you can not come up with some adjectives, and then there are the strange concept of “emptiness”, “luminous emptiness,” etc. .d. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are engaged in Tibetan Yogis do not understand. Tibetan yoga is actually quite adequate, it’s just the followers who have them are not yet fully to understand.

So, the basic idea: if you if your body, these are the bodies that you’ve visualized, this illusory body. If you start using visualization to create other bodies, it, in fact, there is no difference, and there is an illusion, and the illusion here. But for self-knowledge is always more pleasant to create yourself right illusory body, and using it to solve their errors, and to come to self-realization, that is, to move to a new spiritual level. In addition, as a result of their actions, we sometimes generates a karmic tangle of contradictions, which is at the level of everyday life very difficult and painful to untie. And with the illusory body it can be done quickly and easily.

Q: What happens if the visualization of different people in relation to the same object different?

Answer: Before this, we were told that each of us lives only in the world, who built himself. And here it turns out that we live together with other beings who also have this ability to build your personal universe in such a way that they also live in a world in which they want. How is it that we are free and we live in a world that is built themselves. Moreover, we build according to his will, and at the same time, there is common ground between us. And what would happen if a conflict arises, is how to build on the world. This is a very serious matter. Everyone interested in a more detailed study, I refer to a course of lectures on yoga visualization.

If you explain briefly, the situation is as follows: yes, indeed, you built the entire surrounding universe itself, and the people, which can also build their own universes, and you yourself invited. Just as you can for yourself to sit down and figure out how you build a country house, and can invite an architect, and he thinks, and to build, and it is usually more advantageous in terms of your personal freedom, and from the point of view architect. You get what you want – a new home, the architect gets what he wants – the ability to be realized.

And this is one of the most mysterious concepts in this universe, namely, the concept of maya. There is a concept of maya, is the one thing by which our entire universe was created, this item allows you without violating free will free two different beings coexist with each other and build a common world at the intersection, while remaining free. Or else, if you currently have a conflict with another living being, then, first of all, we must remember that it is a living creature and you yourself invited in their personal universe. The fact that you know about the existence of someone or something, and says that you have invited them into his universe. Or you are invited ushlogo journalist who begins to inflate the events to earn money.

Let’s say you do not like the one you are invited, if you voleizyavite, then over time he steps out of your universe, and you basically do not know what it is, parallel universes do not intersect, but it will take time. If you do not want them to drive, but you want to correct all that they voleizyavlyayut, here begins the war visualization closer to each of you to realize your higher self, that is the source of power, the greater will be your visualization and your visualization starts winning.

In the ancient Vedas have this comparison: Imagine that you encounter two stones, one ordinary stone, and the other loose, out of the earth, what will happen in a collision? The loose stone collapse, and the usual stone will be left like this when faced visualization of two people, and one of them is close to your higher self, and the other on, winning visualization closer. At some point in time, we have seen war, fight political parties competing. This is where the two begin imaging face, contradicting each other, and win the one who is stronger and stronger one that is closer to your Higher Self Otherwise, one freezer stronger, in fact, and visualization stronger.

But, according to thermodynamics, the reverse side of any of the refrigerator – it generate heat, if it is warm you will be directed to someone else’s visualization of what it would have melted it, and then another creature will need to include your freezer full capacity to resist. That is, there is a war visualizations, I want the universe was a kind, humane, open, and in it all the people engaged in self-knowledge. But any businessman sees the world full of corruption, fake food fraud in the elections, because it is comfortable to live in such a universe, he came up, that was better. And, for example, renders his gangster universe on concepts, both the zone and it is so comfortable. And at some point they begin to contradict the visualization, and then all parties have to make an effort to stand up and hold their universe.

The output is as follows: either we part of the universe, and will be born where even close will not be anything like that in the next life. Either one or the other side should admit defeat. It is a heavy topic in ancient Vedic times held debates when in one place came a few Brahmins and began to hold debates on how to construct the universe. By analogy with our talk shows, to defend their opinions. Now it ends in nothing, and in ancient times, if you are lost in the debate, then you either have to admit himself as a student, or to commit suicide. Either before the disputation stronger party uttered so powerful mantra, similar to the following, that if you’re lying if you’re wrong, so leave your vitality, so you fall down dead, and fell …

Our current policy would not survive … During the Satya – Yuga, the age of truthfulness, it was impossible to lie, if there was the Brahman – he incriminate falsely, that was tantamount to the destruction of the visualization of the man, and in fact, his death. But times have changed, now everything is more impunity.

There is a rigid linkage between the illusory body yoga or visualization and mantra yoga – yoga. If you learn in this life do not lie (but this does not mean that you should always speak the truth, the truth can bring a lot of suffering), then, as they say in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, you will sooner or later open superpowers, and in the future to you It did not say – it will automatically be executed, even if you say something without thinking. Therefore, before and I thought that you can not annoy yogis who have reached certain heights because all he will announce – tends to be embodied. In fact, war is visualization at any moment, nothing wrong with that, is the process of rebuilding your personal universe, when you invite someone, or delete.

We live in that corner of the universe where enough is strictly observed the law of cause and effect, or it is the law of karma, we have developed a linear time, that is, yesterday was yesterday, today, only today, but tomorrow will be tomorrow – no other way. But in general, the universe is much more complex, and there are levels of existence where there is no concept of time. Higher Self of each of you – higher than the concept of time and space, it is you only manifested through their bodies in time and space, and higher self – beyond time and space. And, of course, the ancient yogis have given us techniques on how to use the fact that your Higher Self is beyond time and space, to help you cope with all the difficulties that occur within time and space.

In yoga, there is a concept, fast methods of yoga, these are the methods that exclude the time factor is when the ultimate goal and the means to achieve the ultimate goal – the same. Absolutely correctly observed that the illusory body yoga in Tibetan yogis and yoga visualization Indian Yogis – a quick yoga techniques. All our visualization – karmic, all have their own reasons and consequences.

Now imagine that you take a visualization of nowhere, not by the action of cause and effect, or otherwise, come up with illumination, or samadhi. You have the right, as your Higher Self is absolutely free. And if you start to use visualization on – the principle of “why not” and simply voleizyavlyaete, then you can move forward very strongly in the direction of spiritual development, but without abolishing the law of karma. And there may be such a thing: karma itself, and you alone, built on it a lot of practice.

Therefore, and given such imaging, which to some extent vnekarmichny, and that dramatically accelerate your spiritual development. Or, to put it more axiomatic, you built your world in some rules and laws, which themselves voleizyavili and all around and you yourself come under these laws, because you think you are inside the body cause and effect.

But the laws we have come up with and voleizyavili not too literate, we have come up with suffering, came up with crime, violence, and now they themselves are forced to deal with this. And it would be good now to you and me to come up with a qualitatively new laws to our next life fell within the scope of these new laws, to our new visualization, our new illusory body fell within the scope of these new laws, good and thoughtful to avoid suffering and negativity . Yoga claims that it can and should do, and the sooner the better.

In yoga, this is considered a key evolutionary moment when one suddenly realizes that in order to develop further, he no longer needed pain, and enough joy and happiness. While we were allowed, it could not be done, but when we are, thanks to the positive karma got the body of people, we now have the opportunity to build a qualitatively different universe in which we live, where there is no pain and nothing negative.

Yoga gives us guidance on how to approach this. These guidelines poured in – first of all, in the three principles of yoga, and many practices that have accelerated the destruction of the old imaging or old illusory world and the creation of a new, albeit illusory, but created on the basis of new laws. This new world that you can create, it is also illusory, not illusory only your Higher Self and the root cause that gave rise to the universe, everything else is imagination, the game voleizvleniya.

Voleiyavlenie – this is important, without emphasis on any – or turns of speech. In general it is easier to concentrate on the affirmative rather than negative, because the negative is double the expenditure of mental energy. It is better to first build in the affirmative, but it is not a question of principle, a matter of principle – this in itself will.

Question: If the visualization of the real tool in our hands, is there any chance that this visualization can cause harm to someone?

Answer: Yes, idiotic visualization can bring tremendous harm. For example, show the series for teenagers, and there crime and corruption and the evil eye, all this visualization filmmaker – a writer, he decided that he would have been so, and it was certain propaganda or public relations – technology for teenagers, and they adopt the visualization and this world, and begin to support it. Or caught your astrological forecast, too chya-to visualization, and there all bad, though forecasters actually was very far from the source of this knowledge, we read this visualization, uncritically embraced her, and began to “freeze” his universe according to this instruction, the program that someone came up with.

If things are called by their names, then there is a zombie. Therefore, be extremely careful with your visualizations, especially under the influence of fear. For example, the wife, under the influence of fear of her husband, can such navizualizirovat, which in actual fact is not even close. Yoga gives a definite method to visualize what and what is not. Before something to visualize, analyze will not be violated if the first, second and third principles of yoga as it relates to your duty, and, most importantly, how does this relate to your freedom. Remember, this yoga system of self-knowledge, which should make you free. If someone gives you a visualization, as a result of which your freedom is reduced, yoga recommends throw this visualization. Or else, practicing yoga visualization you have to be good, do not hurt anyone, must abide by common sense, and to visualize the way that the suffering of the world decreased, not increased.

How to correctly use the visualization to be literate implications of this visualization? Visualization as well as any actions fall under the section of karma yoga. Under the terms of karma yoga, you must do all its best if it is your duty to help the person, but it is not your duty to think out how to help then this will turn, it is not your universe. You have to do their duty, according to the first, second and third principle of yoga. But, remember that the other person with respect to whom you think through it all, really free.

You only think you know everything about it, or can predict its future path, and in fact the most magical way he can change everything, and then you will absolutely not and he can simply change all voleizyavit. And to think it is necessary, first of all about yourself, so that you have a clear conscience, not that you start someone re, for which you have no authority. Only if the person he has delegated authority you think about it, but in this case you should accordingly evaluate all the consequences.

For example, if you are a parent, and you come to the children, the very fact that they have been born, they give you the authority to bring them up and think, what is good for them is bad. And if you approached a stranger, or a friend, and you have a point of contact, but only kakoy-to specific area, and for the rest of his life, he did not give you the authority to dispose of their freedom, then you have no right to climb on his territory of freedom. If a husband and wife live together, it does not mean that a wife has the right to be a slave-owner husband, or the husband can completely subjugate his wife. There are only some of the really common, and there is some personal freedom, because in previous lives they had other husbands and wives. And there is some thing that we did not have the right to claim, or in family life, either at work or in the street. But it’s more a section of karma yoga, that is, the consequences of actions.

So, this is our second part of the workshop “Yoga illusory body.” Today, May 27, 2012 my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

So friends, if someone has any questions – feel free to ask them – everything is clear? Then another small piece of quite heavy theory, and then proceed directly to the analysis of texts and the practical exercises that would be very good, we started to practice. There is still the only one that’s a very serious thing – in explaining visualization yoga – again, if you have something does not understand my explanation – a more detailed version is on kurs.openyoga.ru site.

The fact that each of our birth – it is on the steps that we go through – equivalent to the birth of the universe. According to the yogic teachings of the very first principle, which was created in this universe, and this is one of the first principles – the principle of reason, then – was created a space, and then – all following the principles of which was built the universe – up to the rough, which is called yoga “principle of the Earth” and in fact, our material world – it is made of chemical elements, it is – the embodiment of “the principle of land.”

I allow myself to this analogy, that you are not as strict, it may be more vividly realized the importance of this information here. So, in the creation of the universe is one of the first there was the cosmic mind, the principle of reason, then the principle of the space and all the other principles, and then – within the universe went rediscovery of these principles, and begin to build such bodies, which were used sequentially one and then another, three principles, and that is our ability to be intelligent is a not some accident, according to yoga, and it is only the rediscovery of the fundamental principle of our universe, the device, which is called the “principle of reason”. That is our mind, it is roughly a priborchik that uses the “principle of reason”. Our mind does not cause this is the very “miracle of intelligence,” or the miracle of intelligent life, but only uses it. Well, if anything, can be such a comparison – as the radio, it does not broadcast, he just catches it. That is, to a certain extent, that’s the analogy.

So, when we have already been born in our universe, the birth of each of our – it is in this sense – is equivalent to the birth of the universe. That is, as if we would like a “small universe” was born in the grand universe and during entry into this universe we are a kind of “integrated” into the general universe. Our little “principle of reason” integrated into a large “principle of reason” our little “principle of space” integrated into a large “space concept” and so on until the earth principle. And so our little body, is part of all other material bodies of this universe. And so, let’s say, all that we see is just the tip of the iceberg, it is a manifestation of the principle of land at the level of the more basic principles, which we can not see. And one of the most difficult principle of reason.

And now it turns out that if you control occurs at a deeper level, then automatically you can subdue all secondary principles. So if you, for example, control a level as “level space”, then you control has everything that uses this level of space and all that is in this space, and if you control the level of your mind, you thereby , and the level of control of the space, because the principle of reason – higher than the level of the space. And this, incidentally, is also one of the most interesting comments in yoga that can be considered the reasonableness of which is space friends.

This is even difficult to imagine our life. As it is, there is a reason, and there is no space? Question – where is the mind? And the answer is the following, the reason more fundamental thing than space.

And so if we begin to deal with illusory body yoga, visualization, yoga, we first start to work with his principle of reason. We begin to imagine something to present, we begin to hold the images that we imagine in the memory, to work with all kinds of such mental constructs. We begin some things “play” is not just an object begin to represent themselves, but also to see its dynamics and, of course, this is all we have passed on the level of reason, in fact, the deepest level.

And all the other principles, including principles on which to build our physical body is already – they are subject. And here it is already no longer appears true in another way it will not be called magical ability to transform themselves due to the fact that you quietly, smoothly change their, say, the genetic code and evolve from generation to generation, and it is literally at the level where you are force of will begin to materialize itself their bodies completely new, it is already right in this life.

But, as you know, to the extent of ownership is very necessary to climb more. But in the texts of yoga as a Tibetan, and Indian, even though that’s on some kind of difference in approaches, you can read the same statement that to the extent that you will master the yoga of illusory body, you can visualize the power to change their appearance. Right, what is called for now. Second, you can create other bodies of other objects, or other living creatures. Moreover, these bodies will be visible to the remaining people. Moreover, these bodies could act as if they were endowed with its own energy, its own consciousness, its own J. In other words, is such a magical ability to visualize the power to create himself or just a large number of bodies.

Just next thing is the visualization power of, say, create large objects, you can create in imaging, for example, the palace of the Maharajah, for some time to use it, then go out and dissolve it. That is how you would start with our usual, familiar reality to “wedge” the objects that you begin to visualize the power of yoga, and they are the most elegant way to integrate without violating the law of cause and effect, which is very important. And then in the same way you can eliminate them. This is true for Western man, to Western ears it sounds as absolutely fantastic. Just so you can not think of higher fiction.

But in terms of explaining our world of logic devices are all very honest, everything is very clear and no logical disorders not. For the simple reason that if you start at the level of the mind to change the substrate being automatically begin to adjust to all the other principle, the space and all the other elements down to earth principle. And here arises the ability to materialize and dematerialize objects and phenomena. Absolutely fantastic, right?

And this can happen only if you establish yourself in your Higher Self, and start from the position of his higher self to act on the intelligence level. Or, you know, that is, I allow myself enough freestyle graphic, but that you have at least something left in my head. Just imagine, you are – an artist, you have decided to paint a beautiful picture. What you to do this? Let’s say you are there by Leonardo Da Vinci, I do not know who it was … Michelangelo. To do this you need a foundation, you go, pick up the board. Such large boards, such as where they were knocked together to get the basics for future paintings. And like this, and there is the mind principle. As the foundation for all that follows.

Then, what do you do then? Then you take the boards and apply primer to them. I’m not an artist, I’m so very willingly use these comparisons, professionals forgive me. So you struck the primer, because you need to cover the surface of the tree with something more even. And it’s as if you’re on the principle of reason caused the principle of space, the next. Then you this primer, for example, should be painted in a single color of smooth, white, and thereby you create the following principle here is that the classification of the east, following the principle of the air goes, that is a rougher element in comparison with the space principle. Then there is the principle means, respectively, there is still fire you something covered. Then, the principle of water more than a covered, there do not know, anointed with oil. And only then reached the land of the principle, you started here on this canvas to paint already finished some where objects or events, for example the palace of the Maharajah. And of course, if you painted it in the same style, and then you do not like, then you can delete it, or what has been painted and re-draw. Or redraw, or on top of the old, new paint.

Just as in real life. Want to Maharaja Palace, let’s go, knead the clay, producing bricks, build it on the banks of the Ganges. Build. I looked, did not like, let’s part disassemble and re-build. That is, keep only act in one plane normal of the material world, as we would say. Just imagine, now you have this magical ability to influence the deeper layers, for example, on a substrate. Let’s say you have the opportunity to saw a piece of this framework, remove and insert into another location. For example, in one section of the painting was the palace of Maharaja, did you like more, you his “have cut” and pasted to another location, where appropriate, you have cut the hole. For those uninitiated it seems magic. There was nothing, and then, bam, and materialized.

You made their affairs in the palace of the Maharajah, practice yoga, breathe through the left – through the right nostril, and then you are tired of the palace of the Maharajah, and you return everything as it was in its place. That is, to the casual observer magic, magic. And for the person who knows the structure of the universe principle is very simple, well, or even know the more modern model – this is probably the computer where you start editing in Photoshop for some images, tweet-tweet, highlight it, he suffered, copied it there and all of it by itself automatically.

But if you are from the hand of every flyspecked painted there – to the extent it was longer? So how would this internal philosophy of how these superpowers. It is truly exciting that is, there is no violation. Yes, it seems fantastic, but logically there is no violation, another matter is that if we in ordinary life with such magical displays you almost never encounter. Well, you see, there is little you know, that could materialize and dematerialize objects, or create their own illusory body, or anything else. Anyway, if you have such friends, they appear, it is not really advertise, hide.

And the question is, well, just in yoga texts is described, that is why we do not see on every corner, is it? Well, firstly, because to the extent necessary to master a more oh-oh-oh, how to rise, and few practitioners of yogis capable of here so fast to this approach. Secondly, there are plenty of factors that do not allow such a supernormal abilities manifest in our world, the fact is that in our world, people do not like super powers, awfully do not like – and they are right.

Why? Because here with ordinary abilities so much trouble, so much confusion, so many conflicts, so many illusions, so much suffering, that if you start in your life intrudes more superpowers, your life, most likely, will become generally insoluble in hell. Moreover, it can scare many people, and they will voleizyavlyat not see it, that is, they will push you out of your universe. And here, by the way, the problem with many people who are trying to abuse the little sversposobnostyami, they’re trying to shout to the whole universe, that here we have it, we have those. And, as a rule, commercial exit from this fact, zero. Why? Because the average person first kind of interest, and then fear, and after fear of a desire to wrest it from his personal universe. That is, two Visualization is the case when the encounter each other and trying to throw a visualization of my personal universe, which she does not understand and fear.

Therefore, in yoga and says – if you have some or supernormal abilities out there, you do not have to show them to the people who may be scare, confuse, which can give rise to superstition, obscurantism and stuff, stuff. But this is what is called the subject. Although I must say that in those places where the audience is, roughly speaking, more prepared to accept this kind in quotes “miracles” – you may run easier and faster than in other places with these wonders where people do not accept it. That is you have to understand, too. That is one group of people how to put it bluntly, some laws of the universe, and in the other group of people very different and, therefore, do not try to force anyone.

If you are interested in supernormal abilities, find the first people who possess them or the number of people who understand what’s what – and where – please. They will be shown how to say yoga is easy. And if you try to impose any there miraculous manifestations among the unprepared, you will generate negative karma for themselves, and have society throw, so if you want to supernormal abilities have been extended to every corner, the first thing we must do the formation of people. We must still stop all these obscurantist transmission series. It is necessary, first of physics, mathematics issue to mind was perfected, the mind principle was perfected.

Then it is necessary to implement the principles of humanism, so that no one was causing harm to each other. Not that superpowers and mean in everyday life. And so on-on. And when mankind voleizyavit live on here is just such new principles, the superpowers wallow at such a rate to everyone, even you do not expect. Mankind will change completely, allegedly in many yoga texts. I sometimes ask: that’s where yoga, the yogi in the Himalayas, in the same Tibet same Tilopa, Naropa, there Marpa, Milarepa, well, they’re students, they are all of these have, what would they now do not fly here, and at low level flight in lotus position over Red square not fly? You understand, right? Or visualize there any super object. Or even some miracle did not show. Why they do not interfere in our lives? But in that time and again, my friends, that this is the principle of freedom. Nobody ever will from teachers to intervene in the lives of ordinary people and bring supernormal (show them) as long as these people themselves told to do so and will not be ready to accept it.

Here now we see, so that’s the situation in Russia was hungry to live, and many people who have the ability, they can not find themselves and try to earn some money on this. All very bad at, friends. I like that one time was interested in this subject, they are poor, still they do not have money like that eludes them all out of hand. They are at least as it trying to attract attention, it is not the most sensible approach, it is better to do a little business to do kakoy-nibud and easy to earn a living in the usual occupation, and the superpowers have used only for such spiritual help to humanity, that it will more reasonable. So, now we’ll go to the consideration of the text, I will ask someone to read. Let us take turns going to read that all gradually learned to articulate.

We are going to read the text on yoga illusory body.

“Second teaching. The doctrine of the illusory body consists of three parts. The realization that the impure illusory body is Maya, and the consciousness that pure illusory body is maya, knowing that all things are Maya. “


So here is the first, and how to begin the Tibetan yoga illusory body, you need to understand that everything is in fact a good sense of the word impossible. In a good way? The fact that the basis of how surrounding your world and yourself, is real. You are real, and the world is real. But you perceive the world and himself not from the standpoint of reality, and with the illusion of position. That is, you are deluded. Do you have an idea of themselves, and you think that’s it really. But it is just not realistic. Your higher self is real. But this picture of yourself, how you look and what you imagine about it, first of all, change. Secondly, it can quickly change. And thirdly, if you start to dig, dig, dig deeper, you suddenly see that there is nothing left, it’s just a habit yourself, take something. And from this point of view, your present condition, is figuratively speaking, a hallucination.

But the next position, my friends, is very unusual. It would seem, that yoga and yogini, they have methods of yoga are there to change their bodies and the world around us. And what will be the nature of the modified here to the best of the world and ourselves? And the answer is the following, the same, is just as unrealistic in a good way. So you’re from the ocean froze one form, it is very wrong frozen, she will not like you it was dissolved, froze another form, but in fact, neither are the water has not changed, nor are the forms or essence of the method by which you all it is frozen.

Here, finally, the third, it was still with us. Here, such a contrast is monitored, that you are the body and the world around us. That is essentially the same. Then go.

“Part one. Knowing that the impure illusory body is Maya

On the first part – the knowledge that impure illusory body is Maya says:

From the ripe karma is born illusory body.

Look at her reflection in a mirror attached to a post or some other support.

Since the assignment to the reflected in the mirror of the body such pleasant enclosed as honor, glory and praise, is fun, and the taking away what some of its advantages and use relative to its belittling and unpleasant epithets for him, has the opposite effect, used in relation to him that he is nice and pleasant, visualizing it located between you and the mirror. “

That, and the following has given more specific recommendations and methods, namely, work with a mirror. That is, of course, you can come to realize the illusory nature of both himself and the rest without any auxiliary methods. But yoga, she even yoga that makes recommendations to accelerate this process. And, in particular, that this is one of the methods in the “Six Yogas of Naropa”. When you just look at yourself in the mirror. And I think, here I am standing here and there, in the mirror my reflection. But my reflection, I or am I? Immediately, of course, you know, the reaction of our mind, “No, I’m here, and there, on the other side of the glass, someone else.” And the next thought, well, here I stand, and if someone begins to criticize or praise me, I either like or do not like.

But if they praise or blame yonder, on the other side of the glass, which can be like me, but actually I do not, what I’m feeling? Yes, most likely, I will not feel anything. And the next, as it says here, you can focus as praise and abuse, are gradually slipping away. Do not tie it to his body, the representation of himself, but to something suspended. Accent you like to shift the focus. Because when we are praised or criticized, there we are all beginning to be so pretty, immediately begin to smile or blush when we are scolded, that is, we would like once again, and the reaction spreads to his physical body.

And then we both would receive a “whipping boy” or “girl whipping” that all the praise and all curses, we do not refer to themselves, but to him. Here it is next to, the image of our illusory and we are talking to him – “In, hear you praise?” “Hey, how you scolded?”. That is, we thereby begin to shift this one here is a vector representation of themselves, we begin to grasp at least myself, we start already as himself in space to smear. If a person is usually very hard, and clearly identify themselves, “Here I am sitting in the place of this room, but I could not sit, say, out in the opposite corner,” then later, he begins to feel himself still wider, wider and wider. Yes, my carcass, to which I am accustomed to – sitting right here. But even where I – is not clear. That is a tough grip on our egoism of ignorance, which leads to the conclusion themselves by what we, in general, it is not, which makes us consider, themselves its manifestations – it begins to fade quietly.

Once again, I remind you here that the analogy is connected your higher self, which is everywhere and nowhere, which is beyond this world with your bodies? And it is connected as follows. Here you are all sitting, you think that you are sitting in their bodies. And in fact it is not, you now, at this very moment and on the Red Square, and Alpha Centauri, everywhere. Why? Because your Higher Self does not apply the concept of space. You are higher than the concept of space. The principle of space, friends, arose after the mind principle. We just talked about it, but at the same time you can not say that that’s your body to you has nothing to do themselves. No, it does. So what connects your body with your Higher Self? Your body inside space and time in this room, you can feel, measure, weigh. Your higher self can neither touch nor measured or weighed, but they are somehow connected.

What’s that for rope that binds you? The answer is: you connects the flow of prana, that is, energy flow, stream of consciousness. And why did you send this prana flow, energy flow and stream of consciousness to your body? The answer is paradoxical: the habit, you just got used to send it to his body, although, in principle, can be sent to any part of the universe. And in the future we will consider another of Naropa yoga called Yoga transference of consciousness, is when a person can go out of his body and to enter into the bodies of other people, in fact, may be included in other animals, plants, anyone’s body. But it is done this way. You just got used to his body. If you have the habit a little to wean, you learn to pull yourself out of your body and be inserted into any other objects and phenomena, but it is a topic for another seminar. So, it turns out that you, your body associated with your Higher Self flow of prana, and prana flow flowing “out of habit.”

And you make the next move, a logical “and let’s come up with myself any more imaging of the body and will direct the prana of this body imaging” and what if this happens? And at the same time get two conflicting to some extent flow. And the more you leave in your body imaging, the more you weaken the grip of his usual body. And so you are more get rid of misconceptions about yourself that you have a body and will become, respectively, freely. That kind of logic, but I want to repeat once again: really only just your higher self your body – it’s the kind of thing that animates your prana. In fact your body is the shadow cast by your self, but you consider yourself a shadow. And you do not care what’s going on with this shade.

Although as you know if you are at the level of the Self, you can manage your shadow as you wish. And you do not know about this, and you are grasping at shadows. You make some movement, and your shadow has become a little more. You say – “Ooooh! I grow, I am brahman, are beginning to have a significant everywhere “, or vice versa – you somehow turned differently, your shadow fell -” Oh, how I still squeeze. ” But in fact you are considering himself his shadow, you fall under the action of all the factors that occur with this shadow, and you become, not free. And our task, the task of yoga, you remember what? The objective of yoga make you free. Then go.

“Then, believing themselves to be quite different from its reflection, applying to it the sixteen analogies, accustoming, so your mind to consider your body as the Maya, that is unreal.”


Yes, and you know, if you have a different kind of support for the habits that have spaces for your maneuver expand, you can treat all the positive and negative factors on their imaging the body, or vice versa, I do like to visualize the position of watch all that happens, knowing about everything that’s going on. Farther.


“6. The second part, the realization that the pure illusory body is maya, is

divided into two sections – the Mayan and the Mayan state imaging perfect state.

7. On the first, Maya renderer state, said:

It should be like a reflection in a mirror image of the shape of skillfully written Vajrasattva, we see a clean mirror surface. During the mystical power transmission.

8. Therefore, even if the external form reflects the written image of Vajrasattva or some other deity guardian.

9. When fixing eye and focusing on this reflected image and meditation

on it the image will appear to animate.

10. Visualize it located between the mirror and you.

11. Next, visualize your own body as a kind of reflection in the mirror

deity and, if the visualized image materializes so that

it will be possible to feel, visualize any other body that happens to you

see again how the deity’s body and, if the display object

will also be like a living creature, then visualize all visible forms

as the body of the god guardian.

12. During this practice, all phenomena are objects you will be perceived as a game [ie diverse manifestation] deity.

13. It is called Suchness Comprehension deity, also illusory

Visualization of Transubstantiation, or all objects in the God and the Goddess. “


Well, if in fact our body now, it’s just the one visualization, which we have done before, generated by some kind of karmic influences. On the other hand, we are beginning to understand that we have it, we have the ratio of no more than a man has to do with its shadow, then why do not immediately create another visualization, which are imposed and will either close, or as anything else with our usual body. And here, in particular given here, this method using a mirror, when you begin to guide your imagination, so that’s a game here with this shift in emphasis. But in particular, sooner or later, it still leads to the fact that you begin to have himself as if in the visualization that you have to impose.

As it says here – pure visualization. Can you imagine that you are already committed yogi or yogini is said here – the Buddha. Or in the Indian Yogis would say that you are the very manifestation of the Absolute in the form, so that you consider himself omnipotent Absolute, no more and no less. But with some certain qualities. For example, a girl – is the Absolute, manifested in the beautiful feminine forms. Or a young man – to the brave men forms. But you are the Absolute, in this shell perfection you imagine the perfect image. Can you imagine that you are this perfect image, and you start it on yourself and actually start at the same time feel themselves out of habit who you were before, but in parallel you have a picture – that in the same moment you perfect yogi or yogini. That is, without the slightest trace of negative karma. The very epitome of spirituality, strength, hit. In this way, these two images come into conflict with each other.

Here you are old, dirty and sick usual, but you are a new young, handsome as a god, in fact, God and are committed to all abilities. And that’s what this thing is in fact a level of intelligence of these two positions of the image are equally real or equally unreal, like someone like that. And a bigger and more powerful than you concentrate on a new image, the more you inflate it with his prana, and prana source, even from your higher self, which is beyond this world. And the more realistic the image will begin to appear. In reality, within the world of space and time, friends.

And what is the criterion of reality in the world of space and time? The criterion of reality is only one – according to the results. on apple Apple determined. There is a cause and a consequence of, and this gives a very interesting such yogic magic effect, you visualize yourself endowed with these or other qualities, abilities or superhuman and suddenly you start to work on the surrounding universe as if you had them for a long time actually possessed. As if you had and some qualities and some warehouse character and somehow, and so on and so forth.

And that is, again I want to stress, sharpen your mind. At first glance, yes, that we just present there visualization itself a new god or goddess, herself endowed with the qualities and the following error which is starting to make a man, he begins to think, and the consequences of this will be imaginary. And here is the greatest magic of yoga, the image of the visualization, and the consequences of the environmental universe, as if you were real. So it is actually a measure of success of the practice. That is the illusory body yoga and yoga visualization – this is not a self-deception. When we fall into such a state of irresponsible, you are delusional reality, there are some plans to come up with a pie and then come up with how they are embodied, and the outside world cold nor hot, as if nothing happened.

No, my friends, that’s just the trick, and this feature is likely that at first glance, an unusual impact. And the echo of this extraordinary influence on quite ordinary objects and phenomena of the ordinary world. Here, I want you to is highlighted, sharpened, you remember, yes, yoga you first encourages hone common sense, not to fall into a, you know, space-mystical state of delirium in reality, though outwardly yoga visualization really reminds controlled schizophrenia .

Remember it? Schizophrenia is split personality. That is within you as if two people. First, your habitual way, the second – you’re in the image of God. And you skillful practice shift from one image to another, from one to another. In ordinary life, you forget everything and you are in the usual way, to decide the case. But then you start practicing yoga, you just took another status and you have yoga in another went, faster and more powerful. Then again, you have completed the practice, go back to your normal life, to his usual conception of himself and kind of forget.

Do you really such a schizophrenia – splitting at first glance, but controlled, as opposed to people patients who are treated in hospitals, they have it all its own way, out of control and there is little that can be said really. Why? Because until now, even the diagnosis of schizophrenia is not settled. None of the criteria set when you could definitely say that a person with schizophrenia or not. There is more, you know, the experience of the physician, rather than an objective view of some.

And then, you have everything under control, so the difference between hallucination and reality dreams Illusory Body Yoga yoga and visualization – in principle. You are such methods increase their freedom, and sick people are reducing their freedom. You see the difference? The difference in principle and therefore means here – in the yogas of Naropa, and given these approaches.

So, at first – understand that your self-image – it is just a habit that has little relevance to you – you’re just so himself invented. Then – the Council – the next step – invent yourself pure, think themselves perfect, think yourself as you want to be. Once I invented – the power of imagination – create himself as such and hold yourself in this form as long as possible. Then these two competing ideas about themselves face, and your previous dirty picture of yourself will begin to weaken your new clear vision of myself, accordingly, you will be easier to untie the knots of their negative karma, or work out their negative karma.

Why? Because karma regard to the image to which you are accustomed to, and it has to be worked out. But you realize that you’re higher than that image, you move in a different way and see how your previous image is ground in the mill of cause and effect here in the karmic consequences of your past as some actions. That is, you know, there is such even in this sense, the situation in the Tibetan yogis that suffering remained, and there is no suffering.

And it’s very effective, friends, way to deal with your negative karma. If you do chto-to negative, it will come back to you, the other that discussion from the perspective of their new spiritual position, when you comprehended the folly Delaney negative actions, you have a capacity of as quickly as possible all this work and how to productively, painless if you will .

It is very important that moment, friends. I am on this subject, when read visualization yoga, in an example cited was a Academician Landau, a Nobel Prize winner, has left behind a course of theoretical physics, still the most cited and published books throughout the world, in almost all laboratories translated it is, very thoroughly physics course was made. In 1938, whether that Landau was arrested and imprisoned. In Stalin’s time, and, as it turns out, put him to work, he wrote the anti-Stalinist anti-Soviet leaflets, indeed, even they managed to distribute some copies before them all arrested. That is not to say that in less in those years – were shot.

And they put him in prison, and Russian tradition, and you remember that for 300 years, but still – the letter … that’s Basim responsible for our area – this is yoga in prisons. And people write letters, guys, if you have access to our of Putin – Medvedev, well, you say to them that the prison should be as kidney that cleanse the blood, and the modern prison – it’s the other way around, place the spread of infection, because the person gets , where he was finally doing a habitual felon. Here are themselves prisoners understand how we all badly in the country, well, just awful really.

So, Landau was in such a situation. Do you know or do not know, it’s crowding on each prisoner should be according to statistics, something like three meters square, but in fact that is there – I’ve seen the statistics – whether 0.5 and 0.7 square meters per person – there all sleep in turns (this is if you do not know) so far. Here we are, we are now sitting in the Butyrka somewhere well in pre-trial detention – in a barrel.

And so, Landau falls into the same camera, literally, all on each other. And that the average person has to do in such circumstances? Fug, around the most different audiences. There’s not only political criminals there. Horror, beatings. A nightmare, that is you can go mad. And it through the year asking when his efforts Kapitsa freed from prison, well, how are you, suffering out there? You know, I said, I do not remember about suffering. When we packed into the camera, I mentally began to solve physical problems, a new branch of physics. And I am so mentally immersed in the formula, solve problems. And he was a great intellect, he could no pieces of paper with a pen to solve problems. And I said, I did not see the others, I did not take it. And they say that this is a time when he was in prison, he wrote three works that are included in the lists of the world’s scientists to achieve.

And look what happened, wrote anti-Soviet leaflet has generated negative karma, but with Stalin’s point of view? For this he paid. It is not that just the way it was put in a vacuum. But using visualization yoga, fully gone into physics – math, forgetting about my body, about the world, he lived in it, moreover, not just a living, and worked. And as a result of karma to work, ie were suffering – was not suffering.

More precisely, the suffering, as it was written in the biography of the other, they fed it some porridge, which he did not eat from it and basically refused. From this began to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight and could die. And all treated it as a whim, well, hunger, could bring himself to. And no one knew that he owns so much his intellect, he could simply allowed his instincts to turn off. That did not like it there’s something I do not remember, he did not like peas. With the hunger people dying off from hunger instinct of self-preservation and not eating and losing weight – and worse and worse, worse and worse.

That is, even the example of our famous people. In fact, it is the teacher of teachers, I’m a physicist in his field first, and here we see that this is the real thing, absolutely real. And just who you prevent each of you, in family matters, in the kitchen, you can not live with each other. Sometimes, you know, a couple that has everything all the dishes interrupted, even before the massacre came. But who’s stopping you to use the methods of the illusory body, imaging technique and co-exist even in those conditions, which you seem to be unbearable. Believe me, it’s much easier to like than, perhaps, in the Butyrka sit like herring in a barrel.

And we just do not know how to do it. By the way, we now have the project “Yoga triad”, a study of male and female with yoga positions, so the illusory body techniques, yoga techniques Visualization, this workhorse to harmonize their relations with the husband and wife. You can be such a mutual negative karma, that the only way you can survive this one’s period of your insanity. Then it all goes, you go into yourself – and you know that you were wrong, and your wife was not right, but you’ve had already this “plague” and start living in the “Renaissance” after the Dark Ages. But it’s necessary to survive. And now you can experience the film in the status of the illusory body.

This is very serious, Friend tool, it is not just talk, if any little yogi, it is for some of you will be a vital tool. I wonder why this issue has not attracted attention. Probably because people do not know about it, because if people knew what a tool here would be the room was packed to capacity, would be the apple did not fall where. People just do not know. Come on us. Now, a second, so you have to displace their habitual way of another way, you apply either the usual way, or aerobatics, do it somewhere next to him, too, can be, that’s what it says here – working with a mirror image.

Or you suddenly start to meditate, that you are a perfect reflection of what is said here, Buddha. In the Indian yogis, most likely, would have been the image of Shiva. Shiva is considered the first yogi osnovopolagatel yoga. And it is the embodiment of man’s consciousness in men, well, or the goddess Sri, shakti, is on the contrary, the principle of femininity and beauty. In Tibetan yogis – in fact, too, that image is hidden – Shiva and Shakti, the male and female. And in particular, here even mentioned, so I set off myself even:

“This is called comprehension thusness deity as illusory rendering or pre-existence of all objects in the god and goddess.” And here “in god or goddess,” and sometimes in Tibetan tantra, the Buddha – a man in connection with a Buddha – a woman. And sometimes, that the most piquant – the word “connection” refers to sexual union, so too such a moment. Then go.


7. On the first, Maya renderer state, said:

It should be like a reflection in a mirror image of the shape of skillfully written Vajrasattva, visible on a clean mirror surface during the mystical power transmission.

8. Therefore, even if the external form reflects the written image of Vajrasattva or some other deity guardian.

9. When fixing eye and focusing on this reflected image and meditation

on it the image will appear to animate.

10. Visualize it located between the mirror and you.

11. Next, visualize your own body as a kind of reflection in the mirror

deity and, if the visualized image materializes so that

it will be possible to feel, visualize any other body that happens to you

see again how the deity’s body and, if the display object

will also be like a living creature, then visualize all visible forms

as the body of the god guardian.

12. During this practice, all phenomena are objects you will be perceived as a game [ie diverse manifestation] deity.

13. It is called Suchness Comprehension deity, also illusory imaging Transubstantiation or all objects in the God and the Goddess.


[MAYA perfect condition]

14. On the second, a perfect state of maya says:

It is the foundation of omniscience.

When entering into his goal is getting closer.

15. Therefore accept seven postures associated with Vairochana, by which

come to an understanding of all mental and physical processes.

16. Do not let your mind engaged in the analysis of the last trace of the way, does not prejudge

the future is not formed now and focus gaze at one point in the void

heavenly space.

17. Then the mental energy and life force are part of the median nerve, and the thought process is calm.

18. In this state, see the five characters that are smoke and other phenomena.

19. Among other things, the yogi must have a vision of the Buddha on a background of the cloudless sky,

like the reflection of the moon in the water.

20. Alternatively, he sees the radiant Nirmanakaya like a clear reflection in the mirror [ie pure illusory body, in which the Buddha incarnate on Earth], endowed with perfect marks of beauty and grace.

21. Then occurs Sambhogakaya [invisible HYPERPHYSICAL perfect body

spiritual qualities of the Buddha], perceived as sound.

22. This Aryadeva said:

All phenomena are like dreams and magical illusions, According to all the followers of the Buddha.

But those followers [South School], which attract anti-telepathic waves. They can not recognize the illusory illusory nature of things. “


Remarkably, and now look further, the logic of the Illusory Body Yoga. So, we have our body, it is in fact what we have generated and visualized and then, what we are accustomed. But what, in fact, we have not, and our bodies are animated by the flow of prana, which is part of our Higher Self Our Higher Self has a habit of looking at the body, which it formed. Our Higher Self habitually looks and feels by this body, it is our Higher Self says that it is the body, it just is. And, accordingly, for this conjunction of the self before the body goes the power of our Higher Self, or prana from our higher self and this Prana animates the body, so that it looks at.

Once again, I saw, attached, he sent a stream of power that animates the object is bound to, and this place comes alive. And this, we are with you. Moreover, we’ll consider ourselves self-sufficient, and we do not know anything about our Higher Self, because it is, as we consider ourselves the body. But now, the first step, that is, to understand that it is a habit, consider themselves body. The second step, to develop a body of another currently committed to have the flow of prana began to compete between the two bodies.

And now comes the third step, and this is extremely important – over time you will be so much absorbed in your body imaging that can almost completely pull out of his physical prana, normal body. And this grip your ego is relaxed and you can easily move the prana flow – from one body to another.

As discussed a little above, it is possible to create a few more bodies, and so here the flow of prana flip from one to another, and the third. You know, sometimes that’s the bartender pours champagne in the bar, put a few glasses, or champagne, and some liquor. And from the height of some trickle manages – just – one filled, the second, third, fourth, fifth – from a height. That is the source – a single, in the bottle. Body – glasses – a lot, and he – a virtuoso, so directs. So this, then this can even so intricately to fill them all. There is the same we have the ability to switch the flow of prana from one body to another, from one to another. As a result, comes an intuitive sense of prana in its pure form, that is not absorbed by any bodies, any visualizations, nothing.

A pure prana that flows from our higher self and then begins all absolutely wonderful. The fact that from the general theory of yoga known that when a single prana comes into our body, it seems to be inside our body appears as two poles. The first pole is a pole of Kundalini energy at the base of the body, the second pole, is the so-called point of consciousness, or the point bindu in the middle of our heads.

That is, a single flow of prana from our transcendental I, reviving our body, however, manifests his power in the party of our crotch, and consciousness – stronger in our head. But, at the same time is one prana. And so, if there is the kundalini energy at the base of the body, it must necessarily be offset by a factor of consciousness in the crown of our head.

And there is the following concept in the device of our bodies, whether our usual body, or whether it is a body imaging, it does not matter friends, because in the first and in the second case we are dealing with prana. So, there is the concept of “central channel”, or that connects the energy and consciousness. Kundalini energy at the base body, the consciousness in the crown of the head. Connected, it is alleged in the ancient yogic texts, such as if a channel or tube, which is called Sushumna channel in yoga.

Meditation is usually given to him as a sky-blue tube, empty inside, which extends from the base of the body to the top of the head. Now imagine such a thing, you have your usual body where your prana flows, then you have created yourself illusory body, imaging, where you started to direct the prana. And here and there like to be the center channel. You learned how to flip the flow of prana from one to another, from one to another. Sooner or later, you become aware of prana in its purest form. You are beginning to realize that she rezinochka, or the thread that connects the bodies, he is very kind, the source of its very high somewhere in spirituality, and in its pure form, it begins to appear as a pure bliss, joy and happiness.

Why? Because when suffering pain and frustration occurs only when the flow of prana is absorbed by our body, and in some places – faced foreheads. That is, a single stream is divided and faced foreheads. That is – the feeling of suffering, unhappiness, depression. And here, we have learned to flip the flow of prana from one body to another body and we relax all trends, where our prana foreheads had to face and this is how to really condition occurs when suffering as it were. That is the undecidability of some conflicts and suffering – not.

Why? Because before suffering can be reached only by the flow of prana, and he throws the flow of prana, to and fro, to and fro. And what’s more, he releases prana pure and experiences sverhsostoyanie, sverheyforiyu, sverhperezhivanie and it’s really very interesting experience, and as an illustration, I will give another example, is also associated with our compatriot, also associated with the Gulag and is also associated with Stalin’s prison system, propisok, registrations.

Nothing has changed, so I’m looking, three hundred years have passed, even if something has changed. The faces are different – the essence is, lack of freedom. Fear, of course, the horror. Now, an example of this is associated with Gumilev. It Was Takai scientist Gumilev. My running joke about this, this is the Gumilyov, who served for ten years, but not the Gumilyov, whose shot. He Gumilev, who was shot – it was another dad Gumilyov, who spent ten years and who created the theory of drive. It is absolutely, I believe, a unique breakthrough in the understanding of historical events, for some reason, an underrated and misunderstood people around them, as well, by the way, as well as much more.

So, in one memory he also shared how the idea came to him of drive. Again, it was in prison, my friends, like everything else in Russia, where else, if not in prison, here. And then, as though he, of course, a lot of thinking about this, and here’s some of the cameras, he saw a stream of light breaks through the boarded whether there through the iron window. This is so that you are aware, there is no glass in the prisons there, especially here in Moscow. Comrade here I was sitting alone at dobrosti got, drunk, we learned with him. Here, I’m talking about there – winter. He said – well, what there is winter, there zadohnёshsya otherwise. So, there is no glass, iron and hammer.

And whether there was a hole, and then he saw the light flows that are drawn right here, just fall out of nowhere pours a stream, it is generally well see in the dark, because it is usually a little bit of dust flying. And then it dawned, but in its pure form, he opened the passionary shocks, because he believed, could a higher spiritual sphere as such a flow of prana is passed through the land, and where he walked, born precisely with drive, which can then make history . Incidentally, he is being very responsible scientist, always wrote – I do not know, do not understand the nature of passionate energy.

Now, knowing the teachings of yoga, all very docks, meaning there is one in one go. There is a situation, such as in a pure form such passionarnost passes and people are already beginning to forget about themselves, they begin to live the idea, they begin to live some achievements, they just rushing out of life. They forget about themselves, they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of a great goal of his life, but they live with something completely different, with it their tune. Here, pure prana, pure vitality. Of course, yoga, more accurately attributed to enjoy the pure prana’s impulses, which can really turn into a push of drive.

But here’s personal life when you’re throwing a method of imaging the flow of prana from one body to another approach to its pure state. You have a state of euphoria, omnipotence, and you really demonstrate his charisma, that is, you become a power factor. Yoga, of course, it is recommended to make the next step in their spiritual development: namely, prana not spend outside as there it flows, change something in the world and expand it back to the source of prana, to our Higher Self

And in fact it all comes down to the fact that you clean prana again to drive into the central channel of your body, both physical and illusory, that there actually imploded consciousness and energy, and you have risen to the source of all streams of prana, namely – to his Supreme I. and that’s all that was read, read to the end, it’s just that the subjective person can experience when he pulled prana in its pure form, and it begins to expand, to enter into the central channel, and throw in some exorbitant height of outside space and time, where are our Higher Self once again, let us read this piece. And try to understand yourself.

“[MAYA perfect condition]

14. On the second, a perfect state of maya says:

It is the foundation of omniscience. When entering into his goal is getting closer.

15. Therefore accept seven postures associated with Vairochana, by which

come to an understanding of all mental and physical processes. “


These are some, as you say, the physical counterparts maybe even exercises that oddly enough, my friends, in a very bad form preserved in Tibet. That’s right, even strange. So it is not only physical, there is still the whole mass. For example, in Tibet was, apparently, and the analogy and Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga and yoga stretch, and others. But for some reason, the emphasis on this is not as strong as in the Indian Yogis. And here we are more read in the yogas of Naropa about aerobatics, what about some basic exercises, of which there remains only the physical Stretch.

“16. Do not allow the mind to deal with the following analysis of the previous path, does not prejudge

the future is not formed now and focus gaze at one point in the void

heavenly space. “


So that the next time such a very important lesson. So, more or less free state you have the flow of prana. But prana, my friends, is the very thing, as you say, is easily absorbed by all objects and phenomena. I always compare it with money, yes. Here you have free money, I did not have time to blink as it spent it on this. Once, the entire salary over. And while it is all not spent in a state of – you look at it, so happy – oh, I can not afford anything. That’s exactly the same here, when you have more prana in that – at least free state, you should make every effort to limit its expenditure on memories of the past, any soul-searching or designing the future, but what will happen tomorrow, next year or kakie-to hopes, fears.

Any such thought instantly like a leech suck so your free prana. Yes, as a result you may be much that will understand, do, perosmyslite but prana will be spent. And this, in general, on the thing can and important, but secondary. And you need a pure prana, to drive it into the central channel. So just here recommended is here the state, not to think, not to dream, not to visualize, not to remember, but just to be out of some fear, is some hope, that is just some form of stay, not to leak this prana.

In fact, this friend is very important note, which is not described in detail, but I remember the example of many students. It should give the student enough serious techniques that he unleashed prana, and here it is in free form, so at this student is tempted her immediately spend, someone to go away policy, the party any there, you know the old – good against the new – destructive, someone on the contrary, against the old obscurantist for new – progressive. Someone – to protect the homeless, someone – against the homeless.

That is very different – one which has the slightest uncontrolled, passionate desire, that is, in a bad sense of longing. This is when the bears. So, this passionate impulse to immediately drink the whole prana. That is, that’s just you on TV there’s such a politician badly behaved – well … you bastard, so – again, and we are already seeing himself on the barricades, we’re going to overthrow the then tsarist government, or communism, or anyone that, or vice versa stimulate , that one is the slightest clue passionate – fear, jealousy, suspicion.

Prana is released, there is a negative trend, this trend – drinks like a leech here this prana in free form, and you have suffered. Only heels you already missed. It is very often, it’s a typical situation. I myself had such friends, what do you think, to climb the barricades there, too. Lord, I know, biography – not God forbid you. Did I ever write, and do not believe, honestly, I do not believe Me, myself do not believe, where I managed to revile. Yes, so that’s the most important thing to keep. Molotov cocktails, too, did the brain do not. Do you know how exciting, but everything is very, very exciting.

Oh, God forbid, actually a very dangerous thing, because the heightened yogis and Yoginis – heightened sense of injustice, plus a huge amount of prana, plus still not quite adequate to work with associative and this is a suggestion, you will say, to blame – these. Nationalist become at times. This is generally a scourge. I remember, just like that pulls these students. I remember almost himself became a horror really. It’s really terrible.

One thought – yes, of course, there is, in all Papuans are to blame, they captured the country from her suck juices. All these Papuans to kill, and you already start to really think so, as the main Papuan zapapuasit so that … And, you know – it is on the rise – it becomes an obsession, manic idea, you begin to live with, you have anger every day, and you have this hatred you start to live. And, thank God, there are teachers, thank God, there are first and second, third, yoga principle – then to “restore”, laughing heartily. Well, how would you do in this leech hole and all the prana – tydyk. You know, like a balloon – bursting, everything flowed again in the free form and think, My God, yet little used and accurately to the barricade would be unleashed another war exactly.

That, and it is waiting for, and this temptation, my friends, why do you think some yoga kept secret because they are dangerous. Because that’s a lot of prana free, and in the brains of nonsense, and here you start to wear. And this, of course, you are very far back throws in spiritual development. But if you keep the prana in its pure form, do not give it absorbed any political parties or movements, dismantling with his wife and in the free form hold, hold and hold in a state of thoughtlessness, besprivyazannosti, cutting of hope and fear. That’s how it is said here – in meditation – it finds its way into the central channel. And then what happens?


“Then – the mental energy and life force are included in the center channel and the thought process is calm.”

Yes, but after that, my friends, you know, again – and you start to see the extreme. You see that if some Papuans grew, then these Papuans, it turns out, were hidden antipapuasy and found everything is balanced, and you wanted to destroy the balance of the universe. And then there begins the internal aloof analysis of all the negative, positive with which you face. Why? Because you, as it were suspended state, you are more intact. Yes, you are no longer inclined to the barricades to run, nowhere at all. Because you know that if someone somewhere hoarse, it means that someone, somewhere, deaf and other, other aspects of the balance here. But the main thing is not that the main thing – that’s when the slightest signs of use …. When it’s the center channel – you are already beginning to forget about the world. He will no longer worry too much.

“18. In this condition, they see the five characters that are smoke and other phenomena.

19. Among other things, the yogi must have a vision of the Buddha on a background of the cloudless sky,

like the moon reflected in the water. “


Well, go then you know there is a lot of subjective and objective signs on the way, they figuratively, a little bit hazy twilight know this language. But some moments, you know, really perceived. That is, you have different, and sometimes begin to vision, hearing work. You’re like a little bit in a new way in your body start to perceive the universe. And of course more and more and more deep-deep-deep, because, generally speaking, it is a very strong level. Then go.

“Or he sees the radiant Mirman Kaiju like a clear reflection in the mirror … can not recognize the illusory illusory nature of things.”

Well, this last remark, as they say, no comment, they have there their Buddhist disassembly, we will not go. Once again I want to remind you, here we are studying Tibetan Yoga, aerobatics, the highest spirituality, but you should always remember that the country, Tibet – is, in general, is a feudal country with all its consequences. And you know, that’s one of the highly spiritual and podkovёrschina can be friends, we did not dream. In any former Soviet republics come – south. That’s how things are done there – Tibetan version. Plus or minus a bit, that is, do not expect there democracy samples freedom there is something.

Sometimes there is the matter to joke came when, say there is one school of yoga, in particular, in my opinion, even the kind of was. Gelug banned yoga Karmapa school, decided that more Karmapa is not reborn. That’s up to these moments sometimes. That is, everything is gone, do not allow to degenerate. Sometimes, of course, is, well, how to say, do not even know how to treat. Here you will even be enthusiastic attitude – Tibetan yoga, everything is cool, everything Lama, everything is highly spiritual. Met with representatives of, well, not quite understand and you will know this frustration, my God, let these assholes could such knowledge …

And when they start there a song, it would delay – a song about his sins – virtues about bad karma, about 28 species of paradise, about 28 kinds of hell. You listen to it and think – whom he considers me here. So, no, my friends, everything is fine, but you need to understand the culture. They nod, they are at least in this form saved, but also a little bit, you have to filter everything that happens. Otherwise, turn into themselves, you know, like all Tibetan clothes are starting to dress up. Do not need a small Tibet in Europe, you know.



“1. The second doctrine, the doctrine of the illusory body, consists of three parts: understanding

that the impure illusory body is Maya, the realization that the pure illusory body is maya, the realization that all things are Maya.

[Part I. The realization that the impure illusory body is Maya]

2. The first part – the knowledge that impure illusory body is Maya,

It said: From the ripe karma is born illusory body.

3. Look at your reflection in a mirror attached to a pole or some

other support.

4. Since the assignment to the reflected in the mirror of the body such pleasant enclosed,

as the honor, glory and praise, it is fun, and taking away from him ANY KIND some of its advantages and its use relatively diminishes unpleasant

his epithets, has the opposite effect, is used against

to him that he is nice and pleasant, visualizing it, located between

you and a mirror.

5. Then, believing themselves to be quite different from its reflection, applied to it sixteen analogies, accustoming, so your mind to consider his body as maya, that is unreal.

[PART P. realization that pure illusory body is Maya]

6. The second part, the realization that the pure illusory body is maya, is

divided into two sections – the Mayan and the Mayan state imaging perfect state.


7. On the first, Maya renderer state, said:

It should be like a reflection in a mirror image of the shape of skillfully written Vajrasattva, visible on a clean mirror surface during the mystical power transmission.

8. Therefore, even if the external form reflects the written image of Vajrasattva or some other deity guardian.

9. When fixing eye and focusing on this reflected image and meditation

on it the image will appear to animate.

10. Visualize it located between the mirror and you.

11. Next, visualize your own body as a kind of reflection in the mirror

deity and, if the visualized image materializes so that

it will be possible to feel, visualize any other body that happens to you

see again how the deity’s body and, if the display object

will also be like a living creature, then visualize all visible forms

as the body of the god guardian.

12. During this practice, all phenomena are objects you will be perceived as a game [ie diverse manifestation] deity.

13. It is called Suchness Comprehension deity, also illusory imaging Transubstantiation or all objects in the God and the Goddess.

[MAYA perfect condition]

14. On the second, a perfect state of maya says:

It is the foundation of omniscience.

When entering into his goal is getting closer.

15. Therefore accept seven postures associated with Vairochana, by which

come to an understanding of all mental and physical processes.

16. Do not let your mind engaged in the analysis of the last trace of the way, does not prejudge

the future is not formed now and focus gaze at one point in the void

heavenly space.

17. Then the mental energy and life force are part of the median nerve, and the thought process is calm.

18. In this state, see the five characters that are smoke and other phenomena.

19. Among other things, the yogi must have a vision of the Buddha on a background of the cloudless sky,

like the reflection of the moon in the water.

20. Alternatively, he sees the radiant Nirmanakaya like a clear reflection in the mirror

[That is, the pure illusory body, in which the Buddha incarnate on Earth], endowed with perfect marks of beauty and grace.

21. Then occurs Sambhogakaya [invisible HYPERPHYSICAL perfect body

spiritual qualities of the Buddha], perceived as sound.

22. This Aryadeva said:

All phenomena are like dreams and magical illusions, According to all the followers of the Buddha.

But those followers [South School], which attract anti-telepathic waves can not recognize the illusory illusory nature of things, and the apparent truths are seen as the illusion of samadhi.

25. When the mind is focused on this knowledge and in a state of perfect tranquility

saved achieved in this way is illuminated Wisdom Clear Light full

knowledge [ultimate] truth. “

Here, well, as you know, in the future, when you really come and experience with experiments, both in its body imaging, visualization, and with all the others. When you really come to the level of the center channel or island untouched, where you realize that your I, it simply exists, that there is no concept of birth and death for him. For him, there is no concept of something clean or dirty, but rather the concept of appropriate or inappropriate. Yes, even the concept of appropriate or pertinent begins to be balanced, it is some higher state, which showed the highest lamas in Tibet, and literally around them such kindness spread, that is, understand clarity.

You get into his field of action within the field of speech. Just close you are to him as you all well, as if everything is fine becomes. And that’s the same position of the doctrine of non-duality of all, suddenly there is this here is the well-known status of the indivisibility of samsara and nirvana. What is meant? Under samsara means our usual karmic life, when we are doing some nonsense or any good deeds. Then we get the result of these good or bad things, these results encourage us to do some following the case and as a result of starting such a “race,” as it seems to us, we’re running somewhere ahead, but in fact at deep consideration, we run around, nothing has changed. As a certain number of problems, so it remained.

It is know, just as the first computer bought – oh, a miracle of technology. I remember I had a text editor, not to publish, I was so happy, he was so good, worked quickly, then slowly began to work. I bought a brand new computer, bought, paid a lot of money. And they wrote a new program that is eating more means of computer resources. As a result, I am now writing a new write can not permanently change the interface has a button here, I became here. They all their improvements, enhancements, and understand how the dry residue as if something could be done, and now, as if there was something, everything goes to a new level.

That is, he lived under a tree, ate berries, suffered and enjoyed, began to live in a hut, eat something else. Now you live in Moscow, the scenery changed, but something intangible – it is as it was, and still is. So it seems that running in the direction of progress, that is, did not exist before the computer, the computer is now appeared. But he may appear, but in terms of deep happiness as it was, so it remains. And this is called a run around the circle of samsara. That is, the faces change, circumstances change, it seems that there is a progress, but in fact nothing has changed. As it was, the way it remained.

And here, in contrast to the state of samsara has a concept of nirvana. In one of the possible values of that word, one of the translations, it means silence damping sedation. And in this portable, this is when you have reached some new state of being, where there is this suffering, this race, where you start to be a qualitatively new level, the state is usually the Buddha.

There is opposition – the state of an ordinary person who usually cares, in the bustle and the state of the Buddha, which is calm and happy and have nowhere seeks because already achieved everything. And the next moment, it is quite strange expression of the inseparability or unity of samsara and nirvana. To understand this is hard enough. This reference to the so-called fast methods in yoga when your most ordinary life of some series, fuss, fears, hopes, suddenly turns into Buddhahood, when the most ordinary life, it is only in appearance it seems normal, but in reality, it is It turns into a life of enlightened beings in the life of an enlightened Buddha.

And then allegedly reached the highest lama of the highest state and when asked, llama or that – you’ve it, the enlightened, then go away in the land of Buddha. Lama answers, and I do not need to go anywhere, I have, and so the Buddha in the country, and so I live in a state of nirvana. And indeed this is now more plus to all this here is the practice of visualizing, when you can pull your visualization, firstly, on anything and how to live, if you like in a parallel universe.

But this is not even in this case, there is the case even in the deep – you simply do not have to visualize anything. You suddenly saw the real meaning of the universe and the only thing that remains, as a rule, it is still a desire to help other living beings. Why, in fact, Lama so much time and effort spent on the dissemination of knowledge and teaching. But God forbid you consider that the expression of the identity of samsara and nirvana in the first place, the hypocrisy of the principle – that is, the Count of Monte Cristo I could not, it’s time to retrain in the superintendent. What is well fed, no. And that, you know, the ears drawn by the concept that there is, you know, have to force myself to fall as if in some kind of hallucination. No, there are no hallucinations not. There’s even the illusory body yoga or visualization of yoga, where it is not needed. But it’s certainly aerobatics. And if anyone of you happen to be in a society such Lama, of course, it is a very major impact on your spiritual path further. Questions and friends.

In time students – question:

Anna Hosoya, Japan:

Can I create myself illusory body of different sexes, and what would happen if they meet?

In – the first, not only possible, but imperative, is an integral part of this yoga. You must learn to visualize yourself as was said. There really is very casual, it was said, in the form of a perfect and in any form that gets in the eyes, and in general in the male form, that is, man, and in the female form, with all the tiniest physiological details of this moment, and in the form of some objects phenomena. That is, you really should not care. You have to learn the same easily do yourself imaging any body, any absolutely.

Now – on. What happens if you suddenly visualize yourself at the same time male or female body, and what happens? This is one of the closed and very powerful part of the Tibetan yogi. And just now, after the break we zaymёmsya’s consideration of these issues related still here with this sexual differentiation, yes. Yes, but if we now respond, then essentially you will begin to realize their aspect as if the male and female through different visualization of the body, and then you both require practice, doing sexual union, that is, can you imagine how your visualization of the body merged in sexual union roughly speaking – have sex. Why? Because it is believed that this is the close interaction and contact, which can only be between a man and a woman. Yes, and at the same time it offers plenty of skills and abilities.

First, because your soul is sexless, in one life you can be a man, the other a woman. Therefore, for a cliché you drag and reporting implicit or explicit – both of those lives, you were a man, and with those lives, you were a woman. Wait for the next incarnation, to work out some clues in another body – this madness from the standpoint of yoga, because it is still unknown whether or not you will be born in the next life person, or you are so bad karma that zverёm be born, will certainly not to yoga. Therefore, there is such a moment, if you have time in the life of an island where you can engage in spirituality, his teeth.

At any time, your bad karma can still be stopped. And if you’re using it, you can develop such tools, which then themselves defeat the bad karma and you will not then nothing threatening. If you owe someone money, and while this one does not come to demand money from you during that whatever the cost, to get a high-paying job, a rich and accumulate because then when comes the lender and says – you give me the money should and you say to him – and here they are, the money. And if we do not have with him … your bad karma will take the money and leave.

But otherwise will start well, how would you prevent, so wait until you are born again man or woman again – at least short-sighted. And it makes no sense, because from a position I, with prana flow position – your self, a woman, is as much an illusion as that of other living beings – an idea of himself as a man. And create visualization, you can play like a woman or a man in the same life.

That I somehow got the transfer, there is such a thing, people there I imagine the floor. Go some dreadful operation do, someone is there something cut someone out there – something to sew. Moreover, krovischa and somehow it all really, I looked at all the photos, as everything is done, I’m just as much at ease was. Maybe, maybe, it is necessary. But, probably, it would be much easier to play it with a yoga position Visualization, much simpler. I must have these issues so casually sometimes interested, because I’m curious manifestation of sexuality, I do not know, but as far as I competent in these matters, but a yoga point of view – in particular, with yoga illusory body point of view, it would be possible everything was much cheaper to play, that is, through visualization.

Moreover, in the Tibetan yogis to it directly you make, you will have to see yourself in the male form and the female form and the objects and phenomena, sometimes you’ll have yourself to visualize a tree or a river, or the planet, or the sun by the degree of abstraction . But, of course, the most powerful clues you from interacting with the opposite sex that you drag from previous lives. When you were a man when the woman, and everything is in one package, you start to play inside this union. And here, we mentioned this in passing, meditation, she called in Tantric Buddhism the Buddha in the Union, that is the male form of a Buddha and female Buddha form, sorry, in sexual union.

As a rule, they sit well on each other in meditation. It is believed that this balanced the strongest karmic ego hooks, and you easily release the prana and easily can run it through the central channel. But there is even more interesting interpretation, which oddly enough, in kundalini yoga, here is a yoga section is called kundalini yoga, where you start to visualize – whether you are a man or a woman, you start yourself to visualize a woman, you start yourself to visualize kundalini . At the base of the body, more than that, you start itself vizuailizirovat man, you begin to visualize yourself out there, if we talk about the Indian tradition there by the god Shiva, which is in the top of the head.

And then there are lots of many different exercises, sometimes, when you impose on yourself and realize that you are in fact the sexual union of Shiva and Kundalini, consciousness and energy. And this is true from a formal point of view. And there are more clever exercises in Kundalini yoga, where you visualize, and this, by the way, Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of love in passing, there is a very aerobatics all yogas, which relates to men and women, is the yoga of love. Working with falling in love when you visualize you inside the girl, start walking through the central channel up, as if you were on the way to his beloved young man who you have in the top of the head, and in fact you that provoke awakening and raising the kundalini. But this individual threads actually very closed.

Friends, here in the seminars on the Tibetan yogis – I like that, you know, casual touch so that even 20 years ago were under the strict taboo, because it’s all related to sex, with mantras, with an oath of nondisclosure and other, other. You have to understand that the topic of sexuality is ambiguous understood in the West, and anything you say something misunderstood. A methods is very strong. And so now, perhaps the time has come to say this, and I try to casually mention to you for Tibetan yoga is not turned into some kind of formal reading. And there were already something, what would you think of it, experimenting and could do at least some exercise, so here visualize such visualization that have been made on the issue, it is one of the most serious components, some very, very powerful yogi. Any questions?

Yes, Anton Porhun, Samara. What happens to the illusory body created after the death of a man who was practicing this yoga.

Answer: As with any body, it breaks down into primary elements. Imagine you have frozen your fridge from the ocean some form, then turned off the refrigerator, and this form began to melt. You are at home when you defrost the refrigerator, where we have a freezer, where the most cold, sometimes it accumulates ice. Why? Because you open the door, the air moist air gets, the moisture freezes instantly and so accumulates, so from time to time to defrost the refrigerator should be. So you pull out from the socket, for example, old refrigerators, new in my opinion no longer necessary. And you slowly begins to melt, go-go, drain, as they say. Approximately the same situation and with all your bodies, not necessarily at the same die. Can you stay alive, but just stop supporting visualization. You remember, the basis of all the forces of any of the illusory body, it is your Higher Self and the flow of prana. They shut off the flow of prana – everything in due course – will melt. Farther.

Ekaterina Bogdanova, Moscow: Here’s a question – whether we need to know the device from the position of modern science and medicine of the human body to do yoga Visualization?

Answer: most likely, no, do not, because I know a lot of yoga and yogini or ear or snout in some there is a medieval Tibet did not understand in the body the device among the nomads. More precisely, there were, of course, highly advanced Lama, was a famous Tibetan medicine, which knew the body device, but as far as I can imagine, often, yoga and yogini very distant view had about the structure of his body, and yoga practiced already at that time. Farther.

If you create an image of the other person, and visualize it, constantly enhancing those qualities that we want, whether it is a violation of the principle of freedom of yoga and whether to bring results?


Oh, this is a complex issue, in fact it is again because of love Yoga topics in the Triad, that is Tantra Yoga, the yoga of sexual union. This harmonization of your relationships, for example, in the family. Here Well you bitch wife or husband there, I’m sorry, you moron. That’s all good, well, all is well, that’s a little bit more would. Typically, this bit is usually not enough, so life is arranged, and attempts to get him to change directly, that is, hand-wringing, threats, or to no good result.

Here in this small imperfections grows, then a huge problem and people get divorced. Here, and at the same time in the same Triad yogis always considered ideal Generic yoga, not to divorce as long as possible, and if you get divorced, you do it correctly, but this is an extreme option. So, there is some mention of what can be done and what can be done. I will not go into details, I’m from the general theoretical positions you outline the situation. Imagine you and the person you invited in their personal universe. He came to you, but it is free. He came to you, not because you have been forced to, but because your freedom with greater freedom than individually. No other forces that hold us together there. And let’s say, he began to demonstrate such qualities would you not like in some aspect. And, of course, it can not impose your universe what you want.

But on the other hand, you can compensate for this negative manifestation is visualization techniques, to ignore them, to display in the “dead zone” of space, yes, your perception. And actually sometimes we get a very interesting effect, which I now do not want to speak and his voice: it makes the king suite. Sometimes literate attitude to the man, or whatever we call it, raising his skillful way, does wonders. And people realize that something, say they are wrong, or something, they manifest themselves not the most sensible way to further themselves voleizyavlyayut change. After that, a question of technique, it is Resolved Question, it is now starting to work on this change. Now, but there is a very, very delicate detail, make you basically can not do either one. You can inspire.

But to inspire, sometimes very different methods are used. Remember, there was a very famous educator Makarenko, sometimes methods out there – suddenly the thief commit to collect and preserve all of the money that is put it in the opposite state, in contrast to that which he used to exhibit. And suddenly he starts to look at the situation in a different way, he realizes, and he realizes the absurdity of his previous conduct himself voleizyavlyaet change. But this is such a, you know, aerobatics, it’s you know, a monument to all those who work with children, all those who are engaged in education. Because education, friends, this thing is like teaching yoga, teaching is very difficult – how, without violating freedom to convey to the other universe is not enslaving, here is some inspiration to people has changed. After all, it is free. If he says no, nothing you do not. That’s why the theme is quite interesting. Then go – yes?

Question – MOYU, Basim, I have a question similar to the question of the relationship Katya visualization specifics. I want to recall the example about the construction of the palace. Construction of hotel Moscow. If we have a certain visualization, it can very much be detailed, is to be very beautiful, but if we have our employees, who will have to do it all – they are absolutely nothing they can do and are doing everything anyhow, then everything will turn out anyhow. The same, I bear is now on our – I visualize some body, but if I is not doing Hatha yoga, I eat anything at any time, and so on, it turns out, this is my rendering remains only at the level of the subtle body, in the rough it happens as happening. That is yoga Visualization – it really does not exist, because it does not affect the different … or rather it is necessary to connect with all kinds of yoga.

Very good point, excellent observation, that for this reason Oyu we always insist, friends, whatever yoga you are doing: yoga visualization, yoga of love, it does not matter, you must have a solid base of other yogas, very specific, strong and tangible, namely, Hatha yoga, the physical body, Kriya yoga – movement, yes, pranayama yoga – breathing, yoga Matra – vibration there thoughts. Meals should be balanced in your work, that is, you must have a favorite thing that you do not tuneyadstvovali friends associates with whom you communicate.

It really should be considered and integrated then it will give quite wonderful results. Unless, of course, you’re not doing anything just sit and visualize yourself then it turns out that you visualize in one direction, and ate food from the visualization in the other direction. Visualize yourself thin, and while some fatty foods you eat. Yes, there certainly is, mate. Therefore, of course, my friends, if you have one yoga will support the other, the other – the third, you will achieve faster results. If you are in this sense is not consistent, slobs from yoga, then what, then, a result of the fast can be said?

But would not it be the other extreme and then the contradiction in the fact that if we are at the time of hatha yoga are going to do this visualization, we would like, we will not perform Hatha Yoga, we will not displace feelings thoughts. Clear?

Yes, this is the next question, how to combine different types of yoga. I usually answer this question as follows: first it is necessary to something to learn individually, and only then mix. Separately possess the Hatha yoga, practice, apart – other yoga separately – third yoga, and only then – start neatly it all the way. Because imagine a combination of these different dishes can be on the one hand as a fine French cuisine, and on the other hand, it may be some kind of a dump, where also all mixed up, but a few in different proportions. Essentially there is no difference, and there is a mixture and then the mixture. But only one we eat and enjoy, and the other can not look. In the same way – and with different yogas.

That is, the development of harmony and inner wisdom. Clear?

Are there any other questions? Yes!

Anna, Catur group: You said that the visualization can work out the karma, and we did even such visualization when we gave ourselves to the wolves, we ate and the question – is the same visualization and can not we on the contrary draw to itself the situation ?


Or it should be the attitude, you have to realize that now I – I give, and now – I take, or what?

Well, friends, see what the situation is. If you are afraid of something, these seeds of negativity and so begin to pull matter how your mind mismatch action, that is, would you calm focus, something to consider, and fear paralyzes thought, paralyzing the will. As a result, you start to make more mistakes, and if you make more mistakes, even where it was not possible to give a karmic tendencies develop, you unleash their hands. That is the fear, jealousy, zavis, stupid – and so on and so forth.

They than bad? In the first place that attract a part of your prana. Roughly speaking, your intelligence and your senses begin to work with the flaws and you miss a bug where in real life you would have been just past and not noticed. Therefore, to say that there is some kind of visualization there is something attracts – it is possible only in one way, as well, as it would deprive you of the mind. Remember how the Greeks – when the gods want to punish someone, they deprive him of reason. That is, man himself becomes, as it were itself a punishment and an enemy.

At the same time there is such a strong and refined practices relating to the point that we could in a past life to generate a lot of negative karma, we have a lot of karmic creditors, which we sometimes panic and fear, this fear even worse than these lenders. In general, there is nothing worse than fear, remember, if there is fear – hence, there is no freedom. So, there is no yoga. Therefore, as soon as the fear – then suffering. Suffering – stop machine analyzed. And sometimes a very good means of struggle with fear, you start to work in the imaging performance is everything. First, the fear goes, then – you start to think more sensibly and soberly think – you begin to see the cause and effect.

If you see reason and that soon this or that consequence, so far it does not come, you start in the opposite direction to do actions that directly confronted two consequences – from the negative and positive of. If on the positive is greater, then the bad karma does not unfold, it will be absorbed by the positive. And so, here is the psychological aspect of the know to a greater extent – our attitude to life. And there is a practice, when you start to visualize. There are special practices, for example, in the practice of Chod, when a person was removed and began to mentally bring his body in sacrifice all karmic creditors. He said, come all, who I should eat my flesh, drink my blood and otherwise torment me there, come to the feast. Moreover, there is even a very specific visualization are, and sometimes to enhance the practice of all – a yogi or yogini removed in really in a deserted place, where the terrible, to feel all this in detail. Helps a lot.

Practitioners sometimes still are – his funeral, that is, the practice – you’re dead. You go, dig graves, lie down there, then ask you the one who helps you dig. You feel that everything that’s life, it is a thing, of course, wonderful, but what will happen – suddenly I’m so left this world, and you feel like you so buried. And there is even such a feature – make a small tube, breathe there must somehow underground, completely buried there, everything is stamped.

You know, sometimes very stabilize consciousness. Is there a problem everyday – oh, how differently they start to look, you know from the grave, the way something more constructive. And it is on the one hand, the psychological aspect, but there are more subtle points, but they have to speak in detail, and we have now is simply no time. That is, friends, you know what’s the matter here, you know that you yourselves are creating this world and if you have fear, you are under the influence of fear begin to freeze what is not necessary and these can thugs around him namorozit. Moreover, no one forced you, you are under the influence of fear, under the influence of jealousy, she starts acting inappropriately, the young man begins to pall, to live with her together, he throws it.

Question – why did you ruin a marriage? You know, the most offensive that the young man if he – not my God. More Used okay – a womanizer was gone. And how many cases I know a man there work-home, work, home, and the woman there he arranges to his secretary looked wrong, you’re out there on the street for someone to look bad look. The man suffered, suffered, suffered, suffered. Then – it simply has had enough, quietly disappeared. In fact, the girls, you know, the worst thing – is not when a man swears and shouts that he will leave. The worst thing is when a man is closed, and then quietly disappear – this is the most terrible, not to return.

It’s a face. And then you begin to ask, what are you fool brought to such a state – out of fear. And the fear is from? But I have a girlfriend, this situation was, in fact, such a situation was, in this world, such a situation was. And what you suffered this situation on his life and began to live as if the situation was? For more psychologists know that whatever they said – if people believe some situation … How did they put it there? What if one considers some real situation, it behaves as if it was indeed real, and the consequences of this situation as if it was a real situation.

Here we sometimes their fears, their stupidity, are starting correctly use their will and begin his own power to do the same situation as if it were real, and obtain instant reaction of the universe. Difficult friends, you’re all sleeping gods and the most important thing, as it were – to understand this, be careful. There are such things – they are not desired. That is somehow more accurate!


So, my friends, this is our third part of the “illusory body Yoga” workshop in a series of Tibetan yogi. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. Today we have 27 May 2012.


Maybe someone has any questions for the previous part of the seminar. I do not have any. There were. Then here.

Q. And you said that if a person creates an illusory body, it may also be seen by others.

Answer: Yes, there is an interesting continuation of this theme, that in practice, the creation of the illusory body can reach the point that you can see and even touch, moreover, that his friend can see and touch. But the degree of prosperity in this yoga must be enormous, and in fact, it is one-way meditation. When you hold this image, despite everything. Indeed, we read in the lives of the Tibetan teacher: student came and Guru sat surrounded by a variety of Buddhas and all of them look like the real thing. And many of these moments of encounter.

Question: So I transferred to higher?

Answer: No, the situation is that just as this body, we support your higher self, like that we are creating another body imaging. It is the most inexplicably materialized. Do not ask me how, I do not know. But it is supported by prana one who created it. Roughly speaking, one is the flow of prana in the body is one, another thread to another, and the third to the third, and so on. This philosophy there.

Q: So it is not present, if not the higher self, or what?

Answer: many-body single higher self there in the puppet theater actors, who dress the doll in his arms and starting to show performance for children. And, Parsley, hello, and second hand – hello. For the kids it seems that this two characters and they look with an open mouth, and in fact for these two characters, one uncle sitting, puppeteers and speaks for both of them. Approximately the same situation.

Q: Michael, a group of three: If we create the illusory body, it turns out, we can not create a body, we create a universe at this moment. It turns out, it will operate in parallel to our universe in his universe. Correctly?

Answer: Probably not parallel, and matching with our universe. Yes, we generate on the principle of the level of Mind some impetus, which is then clothed in all subsequent levels, as it were acquiring. In a sense, it creates a small structure or the mandala, they are very fond of the word mandala, in Tantric Buddhism. In fact, a similar structure throughout the universe.

Question: And if we send him to America to study, this illusory body. It turns out there is a whole universe will expand, some new people to meet, to communicate.

A: Will you have one. If you created this image, it will only use your will and mind, and no one’s else. Think of it as you did! Karma on you. And otherwise, he himself something heaped up, and put him in prison. And would you say that you do with it, he did everything. No, actually, if you had made himself.

Come on. I have this topic, yoga illusory body, is a kind of a sequel, which is manifested less in Tibetan yogis, but remained more in the Indian Yogis. Despite the fact that it is extremely rare references, but, nevertheless, for the sake of completeness, I should announce it. So that our friends from Tantric Buddhism idea how grand they have yoga, because it is sometimes smeared. So, we talked about the illusory body, but only in relation to ourselves. Here we have our higher self, and this higher self begins to play, first with your body, then he begins to create their new body – one or more, according to their different causes interact. But the source of all these bodies imaging alone, our higher self! There are a few different and strange continuation of this theme, it is a subject when you ask you created in the imaging body, illusory body, not walked more, no less, the Absolute, or the root cause of the entire universe.

Once again I want to remind you that, unfortunately, in Buddhism, in Tantric Buddhism, called Lamaism, somehow it’s all gibberish to the uninitiated person sounds. There’s more discussion about some emptiness, at best, about the suchness of being a personification of a Buddha, the primordial Buddha or another. Where is our usual Gautama Buddha in the intermediate host of other Buddhas, but not clearly stated on the principles of the origin of the universe. If the Indian Yogis there is such a thing as being the root cause of the Absolute, the one who created the whole universe. He who created us with you in his own image and likeness, so to speak, endowing us with the utmost freedom. In Buddhism, it is not quite as clear as it sounds. It sounds through terms such as Buddha-state, or the state of mahamudra or state dzongchen. Always have in mind some factor external universe. This confuses many followers of yoga, Tibetan yoga. Well, who created this universe? And the answer is not quite clear, like she was born and has always been such a response can hear. Or something like that It is clear that through these answers are trying to give a boost to the normal mind to something very high, but sometimes, these shocks are driving people into something far away, people in general are no longer understand what they mean.

So I this section illusory body yoga will be explained from the standpoint of the usual classical yoga, our tradition, to avoid confusion! Thus, it is believed that the root cause is the Absolute Being, who created you and me. Very strange kind of thing: He is the person for whom it is, and it is not so, for whom it is not! It can manifest in personal form, as we are – human beings as impersonal form – in the form of a universal law of Tao, the law of harmony, law Rita. So in a very elusive concept, which operate like the Buddhists, in particular, they like the term: a great emptiness, or luminous emptiness, but they mean the root cause of being. Quite often they say: the nature of the universe around us emptiness than to baffle all the polls, who read their books. But it is understood that in the ordinary yoga is called the Absolute. And Absolute can occur, as in the supra-form, as well as in personal, like you and me. Roughly speaking, as an ordinary person, at least in form, but endowed with an infinite or absolute knowledge, power and so on.

There is a very private branch Visualization Yoga, the yoga of illusory body, when you do the following thing: you start to create the illusory body is not for himself, not for his flow of prana, and to him came and revived Absolut !!! No more, no less. When you create your own body, you support him with his own prana, and here you are your own prana spend on to his body imaging, through which you would like to communicate with you and talked with you Absolute! In fact, if you analyze the many Indian religions, and I remind you, yoga is distancing itself from religion and gets accomplished remarkable results. Yoga is based on the Vedas, and the Vedas are not a system of religious beliefs, they are higher than religion. The Vedas, in fact, life pervoimpuls life! To profess a particular religion, should at least be alive. If you do not live, then you have no religion. It turns out such a thing, that all of the many religions of India, in numerous cases, use visualization elements of yoga, the yoga of illusory body, for its successful existence.

It happened like this: an adept of a cult, began to visualize their deity, and push for this in any church there are sculptures, images of the original to give a clue to the reason. Adept began to visualize the deity, he began to sing the mantra started to do all sorts of offerings, all sorts of rituals. It was thought that this deity lives in the temple, sometimes it makes the body of any material. Dress him garlands made puja (worship), they clapped their hands and sang songs, danced, I wash, dressed and fed deity. About as well as small children playing in the sandbox, take the doll and portray that she put in her mouth food. Think of yourself as a small children play.

It accumulates in a strict ritual in so many have to stand up, so it is necessary to feed the divinity in him as a mantra to sing, then the ablution to do, then that something else. From time to time this deity on major holidays of the temple in a palanquin endure and make him sacred rounds. All who behold the he, delighted, and then put him in his place. Moreover, the number of these deities images tremendously. They said that in India the three hundred millions of gods, because there were three hundred million people, but now we have a billion, and the gods, perhaps a billion.

It would seem primitive beliefs, at the level I am sorry, wild people. Not to say that the Indians were just too stupid. Still, it is quite stable and powerful civilization. It would seem that if it’s not working, what is all this to continue. If you make certain puja celebrations in the temples, and it does not work, it would have died out, as unnecessary. Because it is very expensive, you have to go to church instead of going on the rice plant. You have to have something to do offerings to the priests, and all the money was never enough, and there are costs. You can make an indirect conclusion that after all this work. And, indeed, if we are studying the visualization yoga or yoga of illusory body, we find a very specific explanation of how it all worked. Moreover, we find an explanation even more fantastic things.

There are such bikes in India as we have the latest news spread, the State Duma someone to someone’s face filled. And they have in India, revived or that the Deity, or a particular image in the temple. There pilgrims instantly streams are sent, not only gray downtrodden Indians, but also the people who have received a European education, working in decent companies and receiving a decent European salary. They are greedy, yes, there is something, there is something alive, God and there are followers who say yes, we have seen, when praying statue, and she suddenly came to life and even some miracles happen, some things materialize, and the like . And normally it reacts to it, moreover, some suits temple in your home and can pray, pray and pray. And then with them, something happens and their whole life changes. They say that yes, I had darshan or contemplation, I worshiped the image of Shiva and Shiva came to life and started to communicate with me, and, after that communication in human life changes radically, it becomes more spiritual, less aggressive, more wise.

This quietly smoldering in India, it is not converted into a single religion, which then began to be disseminated and to impose the point of view of others, and once in fragments. It’s like a tongue of flame, then it polyhnet, and then it can not be said that it is a single fire, but it slowly decays. In fact, it is an internal, invisible core of India, which makes the country still be alive. Once this core goes out of India will be left one stone upon another. Until there is this invisible practice these visualizations many Indians indusok, yogis and Yoginis conventional religious figures, it does not matter, India will stand! And now, under the influence of Western civilization, it will fade, fade, fade, and soon, is likely to be broken when all fall apart.

The question arises: What they have going on there? People come from the West, a professor from Oxford, garvordov and try to study their religion, but can not understand anything. Done various cults that do not agree, the mother believes in the one father to another, and the third son, and all that is called Hinduism. And they do not want anything else, they are satisfied. And here, oddly enough, traced some things that we can accurately keep track of the visualization of yoga. The fact is that if you do so, do the visualization and invite higher, sometimes higher may be manifested in their favor. It depends on you but only to maintain the image, in which you would like to see higher. But the source of consciousness, energy and action, not yours.

This is a very mysterious mechanism, is very mysterious! It is nothing to do with stupid religion does not, it’s just a complicated structure of our world. Which, in some religions, some on knowledge of someone unknowingly use, and it works and works for thousands of years. Therefore, they are not going to do something to change it, and in its own right. It helps and everyone is happy. However, on this basis, a lot of abuse, religious intolerance, all of which distances itself from the yoga. You can not jump into this murky swamp and rather dubious religions, it is not necessary. Or vice versa, to plunge, if necessary, the religion has attracted, why not. But in any case, in both cases, work is quite specific laws of our universe device specific laws.

For example, yoga visualization we are try to understand them. It turns out the next thing: the Absolute and the quality of the Absolute, or the essence of the Absolute, nothing of any distinguishable from the essence of your Ya That power, that each of you is endowed with, and that can create a visualization pictures, create your own personal universe, was donated to the Absolute, which possesses these abilities as well as we do. I draw your attention, no more and no less, as well as we do! The difference between our higher self and following the Absolute, we are not aware of the nature and at best only guess about it. And the Absolute, and is aware of the nature and not fully covered by the illusion, eclipsing. He is endowed with full knowledge, and we do not have this knowledge. That’s the difference! If you start to apply to the Absolute, and to do that you can only one case: if you are in your personal universe voleizyavite to Absolut was. As long as you do not voleizyavite to Absolut was, he never comes to you. It is very unobtrusive, it will set you free, free from all, including myself.

And suddenly, you voleizyavite use your freedom as to build its universe without the Absolute. Absolut says: good, very good, I will not climb. But, if you volezyavite that the Absolute is not influenced by any religious or philosophical doctrines, but just out of nowhere, just because you like the idea. You came up with her, and she liked you, in person.

This is the most difficult moment in all spiritual knowledge. We must first think of enlightenment, before it comes to us, even if we have someone to talk about enlightenment, and we can take it in only one case before, in previous lives we voleizyavili to us someone I came in and said that there is enlightenment, not before. In order to take advantage of the higher Yogis, it is necessary in previous lives voleizvit to this yoga merely my universe were. No reason, I just took advantage of his freedom and decided to let it be so! This is one of the most exciting and neumeschayuschihsya concepts of communication with higher! It is as abstract a thing as to imagine the infinite universe.

The practical application of all this quite powerfully and mightily. If you voleizyavili to in your universe was Absolute, on the one hand, on the other hand, you have used your prana, your imagination you to visualize the body through which you would like to see the Absolute come to you. That Absolute his grace, may come into the body and revive it. And no longer will you keep this picture to a visualization, and Absolute. This built all the many religions, which is rich in India. If there was a pair of triple sincere people who are not religious scoundrels who want to cut some money or someone to enslave, or some sort of misanthropic ideas to introduce the masses to implement the masses. If, indeed, there were sincere people, of course, it was hard to talk about these abstractions, but the image of some goddess, but I want to get through it was revealed to me, and begins to revive.

If you do not like religion in general, but a lot of people, I have many friends of the sixties, they do not like religion, and I greatly understand their point of view. Because what we have now created, God forbid. On obscurantism it is very similar for the Middle Ages. You can totally relate to religious themes, but use all that built into the powerful practice of communicating with the root cause of the universe. If the concept that is the root cause that created the universe, does not cause you to vomit and disgust, if you like the idea, in principle, you can try this visualization section.

This is when you begin to visualize the Absolute in the form in which you would like to see it come to you. To the highest wisdom come to you in one form or another, and you would have talked to her. The more you maintain body imaging, and the more you invite the Absolute manifested through this body, and inviting, it is usually done through mantras. Pranayama is a growing and other things that can happen is a very interesting thing, your inner spiritual life suddenly change drastically! You will have the inner Guru, inner guide, an inner one that is constantly with you, in the way that you want to see. That you will always help, prompt, whisper in your ear. And it’s exciting, really exciting yoga section which fully applies to the visualization yoga or yoga of illusory body! In this case, you are inviting the root cause of the universe!

Question: Why are we talking about the illusory body in the Indian religions, although there is a body of something done?

Answer: Imagine the average resident of India in ancient times, from morning to night rice plant is necessary, to feed everyone. Do you think they were all sitting in abstract reflections on higher mathematics, even the Brahmins were engaged in agriculture in order to survive. And imagine, you come hungry and tired, and you say, imagine, and you do not have it. You much easier when someone is something molded, painted and made sculptures. I remember, he studied drawing, where he studied at the physics, there is a very complex construct had to be done. For example, two second-order figures intersect and their intersection some difficult line of the fourth order of complexity. Something intricate. And the figure it had to draw. Clearly, all wrong, no one had any internal representation of volume. Imagine you cross a ball and cone on the side, and you need to find the line where they overlap. It is necessary to dodge the head strongly. Visual aids were made of wood, and you them Werth, playing and you have some kind of model more clearly have in mind. You play and then you have the ability to develop the mind and you’re in my head, something Werth. That’s the same in these temples, the images need to at least some impetus to mind: how something might look like.

It’s hard to think abstractly, it is better to start somewhere. For this reason, these images are so important. Incidentally, in the continuation of this theme, in the West, more icons and all sacred. Indeed, the sacred, and in India, not only icons but also sculptures, statues and everything is sacred. Imagine there was a man, which renders higher, through the sculpture, or an icon, and the Absolute him through this form has opened! So for him, this form becomes sacred, for it is a channel to higher spiritual realms. Accordingly, for such a person will be very painful, if someone comes to the temple and begin to break down or break the statues of the icon. Are assholes: and all this obscurantism, all smash, chop all the idols. But no one can understand, the case is not an idol, that is not the icons, it is not a matter, and the matter of enlightenment in the channel, which from this rough material goes God knows where, into the spiritual.

So I ask you, if you do not like the topic of religion, then do not touch it. Please do not humiliate never, never break anything religious, stay away. If you like a topic, then for God’s sake, keep it. But remember that you have one sacred and you are on it can tremble, for the other person, can be made more. The main thing not to step on your favorite corn, not to disturb. If you do not understand anything in religion, then stay away. You see? With feeling, really continue to perform. Questions?

Now further. Let’s go back to the yogis of Tibet, we, in our first workshop on Yoga Tumo. I dealt with this subject, that the driving force and the foundation of all subsequent practices in the 6 yogas of Naropa, just lies in Yoga Tumo. If you do not Yoga Tumo will be executed, in one degree or another, all subsequent yoga you will not go well. What is it? The fact that you first need to develop a source that animates many yoga: Yoga illusory body, yoga, visualization, yoga of dreams, the same Phowa – the transference of consciousness and others. All of them are good, but you must have intrinsic qualities that you would help revive the yoga or to succeed in them. In this workshop I have touched on this issue, the first thing a potential that is associated with the recovery of all the yogas, is sexuality of every person. This is said not very clear, in all that regards the Tibetan yogi, but it is understood everywhere.

So, first you have these or other yogis bring your body, mind and senses in fairly good physical condition. You must be in good enough physical shape. As soon as your body comes in good physical shape, so we are done, it begins to manifest itself through sexuality. Our goal to leave behind offspring and nature, if he sees that you have everything in order, begins to manifest itself through sexuality through sexual desires. To the person you are looking for the opposite sex and having sex for the birth of offspring. When we are talking about the source of power that can revive all subsequent yoga, including the illusory body yoga. It again draws the basis of this power of chaste proper use of sexual energy. It is only by redirecting, chaste sexual energy to these practices, including the illusory body, you will get results quickly. If you have sex, as well as animals, or as a large number of uncultured, uneducated people, as a result of sex you have loss of life potential, which goes to the continuation of the species, but that you are not born children, you it will be very difficult to revive all these practices!

Conversely, if you have sex in the right way, so that the maximum receive pleasure from sex. But it is the part that goes to the continuation of life, to keep within yourself, sooner or later you are all the more powerful the potential of the inner prana begins to accumulate, which you will create a fairly easy visualization images of his illusory body, the surrounding universe. Imaging of the body to the Absolute manifested as anything.

Higher spirituality directly, clearly and very firmly linked to issues of sex! This is not to say, this casual mention in the texts. In the West, the topic of sex taboos, or all of Petty giggle laugh, or even say that we do not have sex, or in some orgy of go, so that everyone becomes ill from their sexual manifestations. Then they emptied themselves, and it becomes ugly and disgusting, and they again go towards Puritanism. Sex again becomes a taboo for them. And so all progressive mankind, mankind psevdoprogressivnoe shakes, the orgy, then, no, no, no sex. Then the capacity is dialed, starts to inflate again in an orgy of all go, all rasterivayut again, again a long abstinence. This mechanism is typical behavior of large animals. In animals, it is justified, because it is directly proportional to how much you have sex, the more likely the birth of life.

A person engaged in sex is now more for pleasure and does not think sometimes the birth of life. In his stupidity a little wasted. Therefore, by and large, it is considered that there is no internal resources for spirituality, but to the proper use of sexuality. This is a separate big topic that is very casual and Undetailed is concerned, unfortunately, in the Tibetan yogis. Although I absolutely know, and now you know that it is there! Unfortunately it is very tabuizirovannaya topic, even in Tantric Buddhism. Till now, lama who possess this knowledge are in no hurry to share these techniques and practices, even with the closest of his followers from the West. I try to keep track of. What is sad, llamas grow old and die, and the knowledge is lost.

I can not help it, it’s still a region of Tibetan yoga, and we have the Indian yoga, I can only express my regret.

You need to know the next thing, your job in the first place: to clean themselves, and secondly, to wait until your level of sexuality begin to rise. As soon as it starts to rise, you will have an erotic elation, you have the right attitude to this elation. Known mantras known exercise, breathing, as well as highly desirable, if you have a partner or a partner, for the right way to have sex. It turns out that you have from each sex, the accumulated potential.

Roughly speaking, your potential will only grow, but to grow in a mode that you can keep. If you simply accumulate and do not have sex, you will start to inflate, and then you will climb the wall, and you want sex. You can not keep it and you either suffer at the first opportunity to have sex with anyone not necessary, or will the process of implicit some uncontrolled ejaculation, through the night ejaculation in men, through some uncontrollable orgasms in women. This is a known loss of energy, and it’s not very helpful practices. But if engaged properly, then your potential begins to grow, grow and grow and is burning out of an intolerant state in treated channels and your centers of pleasure turns into a tolerable fire. Namely, in this first practice enjoyment fire it was built, which was called the Tumo yoga! Direct conversion of burning sexuality in your body heat.

If you have accumulated this potential, it is easy enough to go any visualization. Indeed, every one of you, who remembers himself erotically elated enough to look at a person of the opposite sex, such as the phantasmagoric associated with this opportunity to have sex fantasy, pop up spontaneously. Why? Because sex is both energy factor, the factor of sensation and consciousness, visualization. You quite easily using erotic fantasies for spiritual purposes, it is easy enough to visualize the images themselves are born. It is of the dynamo, the driving force 6 Yogas of Naropa practices, including yoga illusory body. If you will be very good if you lead a chaste life – lose their sexual energy roofing only then to have children. And the rest have sex, so as to choose the maximum enjoyment and minimize the waste that goes to procreation, then you spontaneously themselves, intuitive approaches, including yoga and this illusory body. You can learn something, but under certain conditions of life, it is much easier to rediscover what has already been opened up to you. The more that you have read the instructions and heard the comments.

Therefore, all ahead, if you want to reopen the yoga, no one will interfere. Remember, in our school of yoga, Yoga at the Open University, on the contrary, they say that a huge number of yogic knowledge is lost and requires quite a serious effort to rediscover them. In this connection, sometimes as visualization, apply very specific visualization of erotic character, frankly nowhere. In particular, the question was raised at the workshop, you can visualize yourself at the same time and in the form of male and female form, what is most interesting in the form of sexual union of man and woman. Or, for example, the following points are of yoga and other yogas imaging are well known, it’s all issues related to the interaction of male and female.

Harmonization of relationship with your husband or wife, we have it is called tantra yoga, the yoga of love and sexual union of yoga. There are certain visualizations, the workhorses, you yourself, how would you see in the body that you want to see. You see your partner or a partner, husband or wife in the imaging image that you would be most comfortable. Moreover, its image, assuming you reactivate the power of his own self, but through the image of his wife, you are asking to manifest the Absolute. And then there are plenty of very interesting effects, which were built, including those of Yoga: Tantra Yoga, the Yoga of Being in Love. Sometimes, these visualizations quite frank. Suppose you visualize what you have sex, you visualize what you are experiencing what you are experiencing, or that feeling sexy.

Make it simple, only in one case, if you have the potential of sexual elation! If you have sex, I’m sorry, but I’m going to call a spade a spade, in cattle, due to the many, it is not appropriate, it is not clear as it is not clear to anyone, and it is not clear when. That, of course, realize the visualization becomes much more difficult to like. Questions?

The answer: Yes, absolutely correct, all the dreams, dreams of youth human, and your dreams will become prophetic. In fact, we have these visualizations are creating their own future. In youth we visualize what we would like to visualize these articles are for us a program of action, which we then realize in his life. It is important that youth itself visualized in some romantic direction, to the young man wanted to visualize how he met his wife, how he would love her as they all will be well. Or the girl her prince. Immediately it is necessary to lay out the directions, as if she visualizes himself the rich oligarch ohmurit and marries on itself, and will live happily ever after.

Yes, she will, but she ohmurit, yes, will live happily ever after, but then want to strangle her with longing. Because everything will be as something elusive will not. Or a young man who, instead of dreaming of love, will be dreaming about something extraneous left and that he was a new car make. With this brand of car, he did not go to bed. While many, and me it’s a bit annoying when they are going to men and their cars are like women: what is it at me! I say, what kind it is, it’s a jeep, this is it. No, it still is. Because he sees the female aspect of energy through the horse power that the engine of the jeep. Not a great goddess that one moment will carry all the jeeps on the ground, or will create all the cars. Namely this piece of iron, it irritates me, especially in my youth it is necessary to dream of something high. Remember in Yoga Triad: boys, love yoga study, girls learn yoga alliance.

So, there are still questions? Can extramural anything? Silent! Well, let them keep silent. Now let’s practice about it. Let’s all be all and remove. And the question came. From Anna Hosoya, Japan (inaudible).

Answer: Nothing further, because I am here not much said, it has its own sequence. There is a very intensive sublimation of sexual energy in the highest spiritual. And very gently, smoothly, beautifully, resulting in purified channels and centers. And much easier to have questions about sexuality are. And in the center accumulates known prana, which makes a person more charismatic. So, remove all, remove the mats.

Running Practice.

So, this is our fourth part of the seminar Tibetan yoga, visualization, yoga. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, today, May 27, 2012.

Chudesnenko! What would you like? I would like us to contact you practice visualization, imaging practice yoga. Usually it has done very stable mistake to believe that practicing yoga illusory body, it is necessary to sit still for a long time in any one position. Yes, sometimes it is very helpful to anything we are not distracted, and we, without stirring, went into these experiences. But, there are other practices, where on the contrary, the movement of hands and feet, in dance, in some pantomime action much stronger strengthens certain visualization, since we are working on a complex vision of the world. Because sometimes when we do not get for some channels the information that it leads us into a drowsy state. Therefore, we are with you will make some dynamic meditation of a yogi illusory body. We’ll start with some visualizations relating to classical Tibetan images.

One of the most commonly occurring images in 6 Yogas of Naropa, a way of Vadzhradakini. Image Vadzhradakini quite common, is it that should visualize yourself beautiful, buxom, graceful woman in the prime of life and youth, 16-year-old, the red, three-eyed (the third eye between the eyebrows), with some decorations that are purely Tibetan character, women. And most importantly, inside the empty, sometimes given such a comparison, a blank like a tent. Imagine tent, big, big and empty inside, and with the central channel of the body base to the top of the head, the central channel of sky-blue color. It is believed that just as the tent is kept on a single pole, so does your entire body Vadzhradakini, rests on the center channel. Inside it is empty.

What is empty? Very good, in fact visualization. Close your eyes and look into your bowels, and it may be that you will feel about this picture: oh, stiff leg, the second handle, the second back kak-to feel, oh head chto-to not, oh abdominal any distracting sensations. Now imagine that you have no internal organs, there is nothing to distract, so empty there, see, and it’s empty, be glad to be distracted by this or that emotion and there.

So let’s start it with a center channel imaging and image Vadzhradakini. But, as I said at our first seminar, apparently, the image of a pronounced Vadzhradakini, it is a way for men. Man had first to learn to visualize themselves in the female form, in other Tibetan texts, implicitly stated that when women visualize themselves, on the contrary, in man’s image. Just the opposite sex! For what? There is a point of view, to keep not escape sexuality and that it is not a thing of the losses, you start to visualize in the inside aspect of consciousness, the energy aspect, or vice versa, within the energy aspect of the consciousness aspect.

Then you are balanced, you are like a closed world, and is much easier to keep chastity. It is not obvious to the reservation practices of the Tibetan yogi, because otherwise, if you’re a man, your erotic potential will escape to the outside in the direction of the woman, and if a woman, then out toward the man. And then, as it were, and have nowhere to escape, you are already visualizing myself a woman. So he must remain in place. Friends, this factor visualizing yourself the opposite sex, this is not a factor of some erotic fantasies, absolutely not. This factor is not to give your sexual potential to escape.

On the contrary, oddly enough, chastity factor. Therefore, we are going to visualize the girls will visualize yourself Vadzhradakinyami dancing, red, three-eyed, in the prime of life and forms, empty inside. Intoxicated dance, intoxicated feeling of happiness and freedom. And the young men themselves will visualize themselves Buddhas Tathagata Buddhas winners. Come up with a decent form of a Buddha to me now to look for an appropriate description for a long time.

The very first thing you have is your self-image, now that you have done within yourself to a visualization form a picture and start to look at each other. Then, on my signal, you begin to visualize yourself the opposite sex, and that was the reason for a clue as to visualize yourself, you will remember the image that have seen before.

I understand the logic? Well, even now, if something is not clear, you start, and everything will be clear. Now we turn on some music more fun to you warmed up, will be dancing thoughtlessness, as it turns out. Jump, run, fun, imagine that you are in a state of being intoxicated with joy – finally, you realize how everything is done, you finally dissolved his usual body and created the body, which would like to be. And revel of freedom and the joy of life in the body that would be. Limiting the euphoria, the ultimate joy, the maximum openness. Disco yogic. Prepare the music and wait for me. I question some appeared.

Question: When we then changing images and repetitive manner, which is seen. It is easier to happen again? Or what?

Answer: Hook your mind. Men clue, but as a general looks like a woman, a clue for the woman, but looks like a man? It is, in fact, is not an obvious thing. Attitude of men and women are very different from each other. Woman – the eternal principle of modification, the man – the principle of eternal constancy. It is necessary to turn the head inside out, brains to imagine, but it will be different. Now it will play now will do. You must understand that I am giving you all these moments in the trial procedure. If you want to do this or that practice, it should be quite different. But some basics you need to understand, you have to implement them in order to then everything went.

So, become straight, close your eyes, mind’s eye see the central channel of the body base to the top of the head. Blank, glowing, sky blue channel from the base body to the top of the head and any thought directed at him back a sense of joy and happiness. All thoughts, emotions, sensations everything revolves around a central channel. Great, now we are beginning to slowly dissolve the body, like sugar in hot tea. We see, gradually dissolves soluble and dissolves our body and slide flows at our feet. All our ideas about ourselves, our thoughts about yourself, all the images that we have in our head all-all-all, let dissolves and flows. Now we begin to visualize their new body – the girl: beautiful Vadzhradakiney. Furious, emotionally intoxicated with joy, red, three-eyed, empty inside, which captures the feeling. Boys: masculine Tathagatas – Buddha winners. Imagine the idea of the perfect male beauty, valor, factors that make you admire. That’s all you are now such.

Now, visualization someone slowly draws every line of his body, as the artist draws slowly and all the sharper and sharper draws. Someone suddenly sees his image is already fully in all detail. As stated in the texts, as a fisherman, suddenly pulls the fish out of the water, there was nothing, and hop, you’re done! And now you realize the joy and happiness of life, you have no problems. Everything you do not have bad karma, you are gods and goddesses, Dhaka and Dakini. And little by little from our overflowing joy and happiness, begin to dance. Go! Spontaneously, as it turns out.


Freeze. I forgot one detail, the girls see themselves naked in the buff. As for the boys, I do not remember, think out any outfit fitting. Go. Practice.

Freeze. He returned to his remembrance to the image. You remember, the imagination plus mindfulness. Memory wants to escape, but remember: the central channel, the emptiness inside, bright joy, she is literally splashes of you. It can be a little more movement, involve your body.

Freeze. All a smile on his face. Squeezed out a smile, the joy, the happiness of being. Force yourself to smile, even if it’s even a Hollywood smile. Smiling. Once again, a center channel, your new body, you are perfect, you have no problems. At the same time I look at the opposite sex, and how they behave in joy and happiness. It would be nice to see. Going etnodiskoteki you do, here is a place to practice yoga to do illusory body. And now we need to learn. So the joy of friends. All your problems are solved. All come home, everything has been decided. Go.

The joy and happiness of life! Movements more, more. You bursting with joy!

So, smile, stand still, remembered his image empty inside, joyful and happy. All you Goddesses and Gods, Buddha and Dakini, or Dhaka and Dakini. Great! Continue!

Joy sees outside.

Performing practice.

Freeze. We went all on the floor. Visualization deduct, withhold! From time to time bursts its normal state, and we are back to their visualization image smoothly, safely, and keeping in mind the image that did. Hold it. No Mind, there is no past, no future, no fear, no hope, only the present. The inseparability of samsara and nirvana. And your whole life, it’s a matter of fact, you are playing the fool, you are now enlightened gods and goddesses, the Buddhas and buddini, Dacians and Dakini. And then, finally, it is realized! It’s time to have fun, because everything that came before it, so, hallucination. And now is the time to heal for real!

Great! Now gently all stood up and the next part of the practice. Remembering how the gods looked lovely and beautiful goddess. Continue in the same dance outwardly masculine or feminine dance, but visualize that within us, body imaging feminine within us, dancing women dance. Outside the usual body of men’s dance dance and at the same time we feel within us that imaging the female body, the female dance dance.

Or rather, dancing women dancing outside and inside visualize that within us is the male dance. This intersection. Clear? Inside the void, two imaging your body, superimposed on each other. About your ordinary body, you are forgotten, or do not remember, but now, in the male body, perfect, superimposed female body ideal. They dance in each other! Just two imaging simultaneously, so that even on the level of visualization to prana channel hopping from one to another.

All rose and went.


Freeze. I remind you again if you are a man, a male dance dance in imaging the body perfect and at the same time see how the inside of us dancing female body imaging. The center channel, all empty, only joy and happiness, balance of masculine and feminine. The entire universe is balanced. No thoughts, only joy, no expectations. Images of these visualization can be bright and clear, can be vague and not entirely clear. The main thing for them to return permanently mind by remembering. Blurred, collected and returned to the place, or kept and well, let them hold. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you are somehow on the side that your visualization images of the side or the front, back, somehow. In this respect, the sheer spontaneity. Go.

Freeze, now presented as if you were at your reflection in the mirror looked. You do not understand where. You like to see from all this phantasmagoria of bodies, dancing and simply displayed them. Go.

Freeze, and now all lay down to rest on his back. Two image deduct, withhold two images. This, of course, harder to just two, but sometimes it is easier. This is similar to how the two mantras at the same time easier to repeat than one, less knocks more concentration. We pay attention to your heart and hear it with joy knocks – Hrim, Hrim, Hrim, Hrim. Mantra “Hrim” heart beat with joy, enlightenment awareness !!!

Great! Gently sit down. The third little practice we will do you. This yoga of illusory body, relating, directly imaging the body to the Absolute! So, what we are now going to do. Now all sat down and presented as the male and female form of imaging, merged into a single form. And if you’re a girl, the girl left the form, if you are a young man, there was a form of youth. Awaken your inner boy awakened your inner girl and again merged with them. There were, as they were as accustomed to thinking of themselves. Not like himself accustomed to perceive, and the original image of the girl or boy who has an empty center channel. I smiled all smiled! Buddha smile. Everyone thinks, why he’s smiling?

Remarkably, get up. Once again, we resumed meditation, where we see ourselves goddesses and gods, Buddhas. Now we begin to dance with joy and happiness, and then on my team think about the infinite universe, which surrounds us. Then, any image, for boys girls, take, and copy all the immensity of the universe, mentally collect in this way. So I imagine this, dance, cute Buddha, Tathagata. He saw the girl, as if mentally took her exact replica, as it were, and it was bang two girls.

And the girl, which was created by a mental copy, I’m thinking about the vastness of the universe that surrounds me, I visualize and see how the whole universe just joined in the imaging image. I invite you to the Absolute. Clear? For girls, the same situation. I saw the young man again and his image, copied one to one. Clone. Again the thought of the infinite universe of the Absolute, and invited him to imaging the image of youth. In dance the future, but is already looking at the image of imaging, on the other do not look anymore. Clear?

If it turns out at all, it’s great, if not, then the first available, this Tathagata Buddha and time it was copied, duplicated the inside. What is this for? If you can not spontaneously, then take the first available that turned up under the arm. We are doing it with my eyes open, and can be closed. It does not matter, visualization, it is your mental process. He can go with open and closed eyes, absolutely wonderful flow. To whom as convenient. Go. First, just dance.

Freeze, think about the infinite universe, remembered any image, visualized it near a mentally invited to the Absolute, the whole universe, the root cause of being. And now we begin to dance with this visualization a way, looking at him. We dance and he dances, just look at him, the rest of us are not interested. Go.

Freeze, and now we see two images themselves perfect and the whole universe, in the form of visualization. Buddha, as one would say, in Tantric Buddhism, the Buddha in male or female form. Imagine that your dance partner. And now we imagine that our Buddhahood in the male and female forms, and our partners are beginning to move in a circle. And we have them in a dance move, one forward, one back, Brownian motion. Go.

Give spontaneous will of the visualization. Those who fast and we move quickly, someone slowly. Release brains look like this form the very beginning of his life influence your perception. Go.

Freeze. Once again we saw herself, a partner imaging. Homework will be, that will go to discos Novoslobodskaya, come back with vizualitsionnym partner and spent it all. Now, on the contrary, you are now starting to dance and move with any speed as you want and you can see the corner of your eyes, your imaging partner is behind you. Go.

We stopped. We remember where yours imaging partner, mentally, in space, turned him, and came barely touching, touched her cheek. And today we read in the book, the degree of your practice, as soon as you feel the touch, from what you touch it, it’s quite a serious point of your success. Feel the palms of the hands, you feel anything? Remarkably, lie down.

Great sipping, yawn. Pivoted to the side, bend your knees, sit down. Questions? Very good, no problems. We digest, reflect, remember. This is serious stuff, despite the fact that everything is done so simply. It’s the practice of yoga visualization. In the initial stages fall under obscheyogovsky mechanism, I have you to tell of the fastest methods of yoga. The Tibetan version, I do not remember, have this option or not. Each practice should be the beginning, the actual practice and completion. So now neatly dissolved his perfect image, and returned to the familiar. Familiar returned? Wonderful, now returned after the usual way, we can complete our seminar. I dragged you many minutes of time, but I could not finish this task. The seminar had, earlier end, but I can not help it, you really forgive me. Any questions?

Q: And about the homework. What it is?

Answer: Approximately repeat what was here and this will be enough.

All friends, for today, cheers!


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