2012_04_29 Workshop. Six Yogas of Naropa. Yoga dying.

So, friends, today 29 April 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a workshop of the International Open Yoga University, dedicated to Tibetan yogis and in particular yogis dying yogis overcome death. All historical data about previous seminars or other activities on the websites: openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyyoga.narod.ru

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This is our first part of the seminar, dedicated to, one way or another to the death, so to call it, in general, yoga can overcome death, similar to the Indian yogis, some of which we have already discussed. Now we are waiting for the situation when we need to explore this magnificent legacy in the field of yoga, which is maintained and transmitted in Tibet. For more information about the history of yoga in Tibet, and the ways of its development, I refer to our previous seminars, which have already been. In particular, we had a seminar on inner heat yoga: Yoga Tumo, as we had clear light yoga. And now we will consider the transfer of yoga of consciousness at the moment of death.

Tibet Heritage

We’ll start with a quick analysis of what has kept Tibet in this area. The oldest and most authoritative book dedicated to the yoga of dying, the yoga of overcoming death, was introduced and written by Guru Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche, and it was called Bardo Thedol. Sometimes it is transferred to the European and Russian as the “Tibetan Book of the Dead.” Typically, these traditions of Tibetan yoga as Nigam, using these texts as manuals, guides for practices that a person can do or when he dies, or when someone close dies. Then, as you remember from previous seminars, there was a second return or recovery of knowledge in Tibet, on both the Tantric Buddhism, and woven into the tantric Buddhism, tantric yoga. From this point on, there is another group of scientists, if you will, which is part of the 6 Yogas of Naropa and yoga referred to as post-mortem transfer of consciousness. These yogas also find a variety of leadership and explain how you can prepare yourself to death, what to do if you are prepared and are entering into a state of death. Finally, co-teaching how to help other living beings who die. In essence, the Tibetan Book of the Dead and yoga 6 Yogas of Naropa, this common teaching, based on the logic of a single, unified view on what happens to a person at the time of death and the process of dying and death. But Tibetan yoga already belong to a new tradition.


The objective of the seminar

Reaching into one seminar dying yoga and Tibetan yoga of overcoming death very hard. You can talk a lot and for a long time if the details consider all the numerous details. So I will leave in our seminar only a basic understanding of the Tibetan yogi of the process of death and the process of overcoming death. Then, I will certainly, as in previous workshops, try to explain all these yoga from our yoga school, and position our axiomatics of yoga. Fortunately it gives a unique instrument made to understand a variety of exercises. Axioms of our yoga school is mathematics, which can be used to study and chemistry, physics and other sciences is not descriptive, but directly with the formulas and conclusions, the possibility of self-understanding of the phenomena. I was most interested in the possibility that you have tried some of the practices of yoga arsenal to overcome death and have an idea what kind of practices and how they work. To that you have an idea internally and inner feelings and experiences in relation to all of the processes that occur at the time of death. What can and should be done at the same time.


What you need to practice first?

But I want to make a reservation at once, I do not like the position of many modern yogis and Yoginis, research issues of death and dying. Why then, to yogis dying more interest than a quick method of yoga that can achieve higher states long before you die. In particular, such as the Triad yogis, yoga lovers. I was a little scary, the impression that everyone has to die together. That explanation sounds from the audience that the time is. No, my friends, while we still have relatively nothing, but in ancient Tibet, was really bad. The average life expectancy was 40 years, and people were dying, I’m sorry, just like flies. We are in this respect, we can not say that especially suffer. Anyway, we do not have hunger, while in ancient Tibet, and still, in my opinion, this problem. I understand why in Tibet, these yoga apply, there really was a hard life, and there are at any time, you can die. But in our modern civilization, I would like to yogis enjoyed during his lifetime, which can be used. A yoga of dying used only as a reserve parachute, in case you have too negative karma and you will not be able to carry out the triad of yoga in their lives. Suddenly, people just died, so karma. Or, say, if you do that you use this yoga to all other living beings. But not prepare yourself that your basic yoga, yoga is dying! I remember once read a story by Mark Twain, about the good and bad boy. The boy is a very good all waited, when he will die, he will say at this point we are sentimental, and to all the tears and recognized his genius, and that then they were all in mourning, that such a person has died. This is a hidden form of selfishness in the end.

In life, everything must be done, especially if we explain all these yoga positions with our school, our traditions, our axiomatic, then we must start from the most basic products of the Vedas: Rita Law. And if in your own words to describe the emotional words, the philosophy of the Vedas: it is the ultimate joy of life, it is the excitement of life. In the sense of live and let live. By the way, there is less detail on some moments of dying practices, although they are there too. In larger scale there is an emphasis on ancestors.


The theory or the conclusions of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

We begin by considering the order of yoga to overcome death with the Tibetan Book of the Dead. If we analyze the Tibetan book of the dead, it creates a picture of the process of dying, then, depending on what kind of karma has been accumulated by you in this life or in previous lives, you, respectively, will live a certain number of years under certain conditions. But sooner or later the time comes when a person dies. Sometimes people die in old age, surrounded by relatives, sometimes death catches up suddenly, sometimes death is unpredictable, sometimes it’s death in battle. All kinds of moments are, but either way, when a person has been damaged incompatible with life, as we would say today, doctors observed the death process. Do doctors have such a thing as clinical death, there is such a thing as death. Any period of time when a person, such as dead and then can come back to life. At the same time, if a certain facet passed, the person does not come back to life, and his body begins to decompose.

Typically, to prevent this problem, act differently in different traditions with a corpse, in India, is usually burned, somewhere buried in Tibet are often fed predators, birds of prey and to the beasts, because there is not particularly bury , also will not be able to burn the body – a plateau and there is no amount of firewood. On the third hand, the tradition and culture of the limit of compassion for all living beings, that if the body no one no longer needed, then let them serve as a good work: food for other living beings. It is a rational attitude to the body. There are different cultures, say, Egypt or certain philosophical tradition, where from time to time been made to mummify the body and store them in such a long incorruptible. This tradition spread throughout the world, and you remember that even Lenin now lying embalmed in Red Square, as well as the attitude of the body after death. A related set of specific moments and things that are likely to have played a major role in helping a person overcome death at the moment of death, it is to overcome the clinging to the body and lighter incarnation in the next birth.

It’s been considered an absolute axiom in India, Tibet and in the East, that the birth is death, and the death of birth. In the West, many people argue about this, some kind of philosophical and religious doctrines permit the birth after death, some not. In this regard, a lot of discussion. And in the East, it is an axiom for each clear as day. It is clear as the fact that there is the sun, as is the world, it is not subject to any doubt! Therefore, it is believed that if a person dies, it is nothing special to worry about what to do with his body, and it is better to worry about making it sleeker incarnation in the next life to the conditions of the next life are more favorable, and most importantly, a process of examining the or other sciences of self-knowledge. Therefore, in some cases, the body burns to a man who was separated from him after death, not frantically continued to cling to him. Sometimes it buries, sometimes fed the beasts of prey, in different ways.

Appointment of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is given to a man long before his death, I read it and realized what a sensation it will survive after he dies. If in general terms to characterize the sequence of these sensations, to the deceased person, are very different vision, which he perceives as reality. Please come to him any good creatures, good people friendly to his mood. This suggests that the break all his good samskaras or impressions of his good karma. After that, begin to disintegrate prints negative karma, and they are a man of vision of something terrible, terrifying, which he tries to escape, but can not. There is a kind of such events unfolding logic that we axiomatic yoga positions could include: expansion of the subtle and causal bodies. After the death of our physical body is separated from our subtle and causal body and the person for some time at the level of the body and the physical body, I have nothing to do. Then it begins, as if peeling off thin body, slowly disintegrate. Then, the causal body, and so it continues until all these impressions, samskaras disintegrating, not a living creature will drive in the next birth.


Impressions in the process of dying

This process, especially when the horrific visions come, very frightening and higher self of a living being, human or animal, regardless if it is shrouded incognizance, trying to find a new place for the birth. And if you really had a lot of negativity, then it grabs the first available birth, whether a worm or some animal. If karma is better, the more highly the animal: dog, cat, or primate some, but if a great karma, it is considered that the ultimate dream is to be born a man to get a human body. But, again, being born in the human body, if karma is bad, then you get into the proper family, the country concerned, the relevant conditions, according to your karma, positive or negative. If good karma, then you get into a good, noble family, where everything is good, where everything is studied spirituality, engaged in self-knowledge, and it will be easier to continue their journey of self-discovery. If not, you have to overcome a lot of things.


Possible Worlds births

There are exotic, as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead the possibility of birth, in the so-called worlds of gods and demons worlds. These are, like, superhuman. Demons are always fighting, they are angry, hungry, in conflict with each other, which is constantly trying to find out. They are strong, powerful, but in the spiritual sense is absolutely impenetrable, and there is a bad life. There is a world of gods, reverse contrast, life there made a wonderful, everyone there is wonderful, you are no sufferings, deprivations. You can be born there and live in the body of a god. The bodies of these are immaterial in our usual sense of the word, there is no physical body. But in the same Tibetan book of the dead, urging that there be born stupid, because you will suffer in the world of demons, or to enjoy the world of the gods, as long as you let go of your karma, and then suddenly die. But as in the world of demons and all too bad you’re too busy conducting a war to engage in self-knowledge, it is pointless to be born there, just spend time in the sufferings. As for the birth of the world of the gods, and there, too, it makes no sense, because you rejoiced, and all was well, and then you suddenly died. And life there was too good to be engaged in self-realization.

So, oddly enough, it appears a large range of places to be born. Firstly, it is quite gloomy hells, where, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, you can be born hungry ghost or disembodied absolutely terrifying creatures as in myths. You can be born into the world of animals and become this or that animal, you can be born in the human world, or the world’s more sophisticated, the world of the gods. From all of this scale is called upon to choose the human world! Despite his rudeness, in spite of its isolation from the material, in this world you can most quickly spiritually self-aware self and reach the ultimate goal in Buddhism is the state of liberation, the state of nirvana. From the standpoint of our axioms of this state when you realize that you are the root cause of the universe and the Absolute one. After this state you do not need to come back again to this world and to be born in any of these worlds. In Buddhism, this is called termination or discontinuance of a succession of births rotation of a wheel of samsara, and in the Indian Yogis, is a state of moksha, liberation, final level.


Recommendations for the birth of the human body

In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, first described this whole theory in detail, then stepwise all the states that will suffer when he died, and then, when all these things were unfolding in his life with relevant practical advice: if you’re already dead and you see kakoy- the dim light, you do not move there. I must say that after the death of the small body of the person has the ability to instantly travel to move to any place in the universe, the power of thought. And if you see something dull, then there will not have to go, because you are born some dumb creature. And other features described, then there is also no need to go, there will be born evil demon. Or signs of those visions, that if you go to them, be sure to get into the country of gods and goddesses, and be born a god or goddess. The recommendations to be born in the human body and in the future give more detailed recommendations on how to choose the womb of the mother. Because among the people is also very many places where you can be born. How to close your way through the birth of unwanted and unnecessary space, and vice versa rush to the mother the right to be born just at her. All it described in detail and it is believed that after the person has died, he has only seven times seven days, when he can be in this intermediate state. One can not stay in an intermediate state more than 49 days!

There is such advice or recommendation is that if you are not a great adept of yoga or a great yogi, and you are not versed in the practices of internal meditation, the sooner you will be born, incarnate, the better for you! The very first thing in the moment when you just die, there is a condition which is called the state of the natural clear light. I refer you to our previous seminar, where you engaged in the clear light yoga, and tried to work with this condition. At the moment of death, when you broke his connection with the physical body, in an automatic manner before you light appears the son and the mother light. This is according to Tibetan yoga terminology, or in other words, the light of your higher self and the light of the Absolute at this point is naturally manifest. If you recognize it, will merge and how to dissolve it, you will automatically reach the highest state, the highest state of Samadhi. Togo state, after which you do not need to be born again on this earth. At death, you would like implement all-all-all practices that you do not have time, anyway to make throughout life. To recognize the clear light at the time of death, we must very seriously and for a long time to practice for life, to engage in a variety of yogas physical, mental, and much more is needed for this. Therefore, it is the lot of units! If you have not used it or did not recognize the clear light, and I must say that it appears to all living beings, who die as to the people and to animals as to good people, and to the evil. But evil people, he was terribly afraid of this clear light, he was terribly afraid of animals. People it is more it does not recognize, only if you had practice, and you will be able to recognize this light, the root cause, the original light of your higher self, the light of the Absolute and to reach the state of Samadhi. Samadhi without the object from which you can no longer go out.


The difficulties at the time of dying

But again, that is the lot of units, as a rule, this point is passed, and then a moment comes the point where the deceased person again sees itself in the subtle body, and about how we see ourselves in a dream. And he sees the situation, where he died, he sees the environment, family, and all that is associated with a history of his death. As a rule, a person tries to speak with others, but no one hears. It is believed that the time of death, it is a state of shock and the person may not even realize that he had died after death. Recommendations are given even recognize that you’re dead, try to exercise: walk barefoot on the sand. If you go and see that you do not leave traces, it is a sure sign that you’re already dead! As a rule, here comes the next very serious obstacle, it is a state of shock when a person realizes that and in fact I’m dead! If a person is not ready for such a decision of death, he starts to rush and do not use all the unfolding vision for his spiritual transformation in the search for a higher level of birth, and he was confused and did not know what to do. Mess going on, which is extremely negative impact on the next birth.

That is why in many religions and traditions, you can find a quite frequent situation that the state in which you have met his death in this and will be your next birth. For this reason, in many religions, people start before dying confession or read some texts or sacred meditation, depending on the crop, according to tradition. This is a very well-established phenomenon that now death comes and you have to be for it to be ready. In the sense that you are aware and prepared for it, it is believed that a lot of problems that you have solved. This is described in the Tibetan Book of the Bardo Thedol.

It is believed that this condition lasts for three days, in fact, I’m getting ahead of myself, all the sources are extremely inconsistent. One school says one thing, another another, the third third. General outline about the same, but everything to do with timing, it can be moved. In some schools, it is believed that at death you clarity and a clear mind, clear light, and if you did not use it, you fall into a semiconscious state somewhere in the 3 and a half days. Then, as it were, come in myself, realize that you are dead and you start to rush, or to meditate, if you were prepared. Then, regardless of whether or not you are meditating, your subtle structures begin to disintegrate and before you begin to come to a peaceful and wrathful deities deity. If you have previously practiced and recognized the peaceful deities, when broke your impressions of your positive karma only, the game of your mind, just your karma prints. You recognize that this illusory perception, you can very sharply in his consciousness to jump sharply and achieve a very high status, right up to the final – release. Make it very difficult, we too cling to form, we too cling to the circumstances of life. If we in ordinary life can not abstract away some pleasant events and see the other side of these phenomena Absolute, that is 10 times more difficult to do so after death.

Then, if you do not use this chance, when they come, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the good deity, begin to disintegrate your negative seeds of karma and all that is dark and scary, so you were the cause of their misdeeds, it begins to appear in front of you. Again, if at this point you recognize that this is just, disintegrating impressions of your mind and they can not hurt you, but you have very little that can hurt you died. If you are recognized, you even at this stage of recognition coming to you negative impressions, can achieve a higher state of samadhi! But, my friends, with this, as well, you can make it a lot easier when you’re alive. When you are confronted with the negative in this life that scares you or makes you shudder, then you can see, and for this a reflection of your negative karma and standing on the side of the Absolute karma. If you are in real life be able to see it, then you have a chance to work in the after-death state with negative impressions. But we do not train in everyday life and do not think about it, it is much worse and more terrible than death.


The process of dying and recommendations for its use

We begin to rush. Also it is given in the Tibetan Book of the Dead a sufficiently detailed description of the process of dying. For example, if you do not die a sudden death, but slowly, for example, old age, and you can track how your body break down the internal structure. They are described in sufficient detail that one feels at first a terrible roar, as if it was a terrible earthquake – it breaks ground at the base principle of the body. Then it is absorbed by the water principle and with the number of impressions associated pivot element, is some floods, tsunamis, floods, rains. Then the corresponding images, sounds and visions caused by this. Then it splits the water is absorbed and the element of fire, when in front of you the terrible picture fiery flames raging. Then, respectively, the air space of the principles and spirit. This is also described there is enough detail to a person during his lifetime, who was reading the Tibetan book of the dead, knew roughly what to expect. And when death comes, especially do not worry, all these doomsday planned and it breaks my body. If you approach with the understanding that you stop rushing, you have one-pointedness of mind is developed. And in this state, all the fears are much stronger and the ability to concentrate much more. Death in this sense amplifier giant. Therefore, even a small capacity for meditation, one-pointedness of mind at the dying is greatly enhanced!

If before that you have the proper guidance, you remember them, you will be free to look at all these doomsday as your internal structures are falling apart. Later on, again you may be granted to the bosom where you are born. Of course, the best to the womb appear in the moment when you come to the good deity or your positive impressions of the mind begin to unfold and you attracts, according to your karma, according to your previous life, to the place where the future mom and dad having sex . So that, when Mom and Dad will make the appropriate house, you are in the house came in and started to upset him, to do more and more complex. So you begin to form themselves body and after some time, you have to be born.

Conditions favorable for birth

If you have good karma, if you do have children, they raised them, cared for them, if you respected their elders and remember ancestors, a lot on the ground you are left with those pairs that can give birth to you. If on the contrary, you were selfish, misanthropic, misanthrope, if you’re called on everyone not to have children, if you are called to be selfish. For various reasons, it may be either bestiality or because of a complex error, the location and the number of pairs, where you could be born, shrinking! There is, however, another aspect, if there is any pair, but they are too faint light, and you do not see them, but it is its own characteristics, later we may be, let’s talk about this. Seats to be born people is limited, not born, you can not in 49 days! If this deadline has passed, you will be forced to be born or the world of gods, demons, or the world, or animals in the world or in the world of some hells, respectively, of their karma.

In this respect, the Tibetan Book of the Dead shakes people while they are still alive. Here are living their lives in cattle, and then come the terrible moments, cheer up, nothing to live in bestiality, work on yourself! Although, once again, we are at the previous seminar talked about this and that, but I stress again: unfortunately, there is one very typical danger thoughtless copying Tibetan yogi. They somehow vaguely represented Generic yoga, while in the Indian yogis, yoga ancestors or ancestral yoga, presented in full and there with it all begins. What causes this is not entirely clear, perhaps the influence of Buddhism and the state of the population, which was observed. The families were very many children, sometimes even to the detriment of the quality of life of these children. Therefore, the question was not to a greater extent if the human body is or not, and more suitable one or the other couple to be born. This is the flip side of the medieval Tibet, where a large family and life was very harsh, they do not focus, you must leave after life after itself descendants to have been born. Since most of twenty brothers and sisters, in these twenty brothers and sisters even twenty children, and so the people could afford to go to the monks, to lead celibate lives. Question in the number of children was not, they were redundant, you know why? Mortality was terrible! Therefore, to get the chance to be born was more accessible, but to live to age more or less decent, it was hard for the human body. And you must understand, this is the reality of medieval and ancient times in Tibet when these provisions were formed.

But they are absolutely intolerable to the western soil, where every 1-2 child and afford such luck, not to leave offspring, that you then provide the human body, it is very, very brazen for a Western man. Because otherwise, he will have to be born in India, which is now a billion or anywhere in Nigeria, in Africa somewhere. It is not particularly burdened by this, but just to be fruitful and multiply children. Survived, then you will live and die, the less you spend on food. This subtlety, which I always draw your attention. Otherwise, I see a negative trend, when they begin to be carried Tibetan yoga on Western soil, and are not always balanced. For Tibet, it was acceptable, but we must remember giving birth yoga to the West. But in fact there is no difference in the teachings of Tibetan yoga and Indian yoga.

Within 49 days, you had to find yourself, or rather, according to the inexorable law of karma, you’re bound to fall out of the state of Bardo in birth. The worse you have karma, the worse your body gets. You can be born, and a worm, if you really really bad. Then the worm dies, and before you know, born with the increase, a fish of some slippery. Then the fish and eat someone. The soul can, in principle, to wander around the bodies, the worlds oh-oh-oh how long, and is considered very lucky to be born in the human body. Friends, this is not so in an automatic manner, it may take a number of lives and incarnations in different bodies, before you get a human body again! The human body in this respect, the most perfect, because there is the easiest way to implement a stage of self-knowledge and earn good karma to do to go beyond the law of karma and defeat of birth and death!


Application Technology of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Usually, the lama, who knew this book, went to the dying man, a man who is not dead yet, because of illness, old age, or even for some other reasons, is going to die. And Lama read this book aloud to the dying, that he remembers anything, if he had previously not studied it. The best option when a person long before reading and at least acquainted with the text. After the man died, Lama is usually used for its ability to intuitively engage in telepathic communication with the person who died and continue to teach after his death. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and probably has been formed, that in ancient times in any given day, read certain chapters. On a certain day, Lama sat or near the dead body, or in a place that was related to the deceased, during his lifetime, and instructed him, Behold now, you’ll see some phenomena of the gods, do not be afraid of, it’s just a reflection of your mind, try to know the fruits of their good karma and see the root cause behind all this. So lama read to the person who is in the Bardo, telepathy could get in touch with the Lama and follow his instructions. To the man who listens to the lama, not rushed, or rather, his mind not to rush, and it lasted 49 days. After that, it was believed that further reading is useless. The body is unlikely, kept 49 days, its for some time stored, and then either burned or fed predators differently. As a rule, the family invited the lamas to those reading the Tibetan book of the dead, and thus instructing and directing the deceased person at the right thing. There were some good signs, if some day the deceased found a favorable environment for the birth and born. I will not touch them, but I still think we should read this book 49 days, according to tradition. After that, all. Lama for it gave rich offerings, imagine Lama summoned him to 49 days telepathically instructed the deceased. Not everyone is able to afford, not everyone in Tibet.


Phowa Practice

Then, in the later schools of Tantric Buddhism, which is already practiced 6 Yogas of Naropa, in a more explicit form of the methods that we could read in the Bardo Thedol, more explicitly add more compression methods. In particular, one such method is called Phowa, posthumous transfer of consciousness. This method takes a sufficiently small amount of time and it can be practiced by himself dying, if he had previously trained and can help him Lama. To Phowa practice requires a one-time presence of the llama, and sometimes he may be physically far away, he just let know that he’s dead, he and Lama at a distance did the rite. And for the person who died, the question of the space is not our question. The only thing that needs to be at least some association between Lama and the man who died, would have been nice if they had met during his life or the one who died, knew of the existence of the Lama. Continuation of the story is very interesting in the modern era. Most followers of the Tibetan yogi type Phowa, transfer of consciousness, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, they often send photos lamas with the name of the deceased. Take and send by mail. And now, perhaps, by e-mail. And earlier in the mail sent, and now have a picture with the name of the deceased, and Lama enters a known state, which establishes a telepathic link with the dead and helps him.


History of Life

I was really concerned personally. It so happened that the very sudden death of my father, and I had to do a practice similar to the transfer of consciousness, similar to 6 Yogas of Naropa for him. I remember this state, and his father had a stroke, the hospital was taken to the resuscitation machine, artificially ventilated lung. In consciousness, he does not come. I have been with a rosary and put them under his head, and they are very experienced at me, which just did practice with them. He began to talk with the doctor, and it was in Budennovsk, a doctor resuscitator and told him that I wanted to make yoga dying. He was very surprised, but I must say, very skilled people and very versatile, said, yes, I was reading something. I believe that this is a topic for doctors, especially for intensive care, it is their theme! And my sister is also a doctor, and I called my sister and said, anything can be done. She says she can not do nothing, it is the internal damage that you does not restore to the modern level of medicine. Imagine that you have a hand chopped off, it grows back, no. This is roughly the same damage, just not visible. She tuned me that all my father died and I flew on a plane quickly, and she could not fast, she had for some time to come. I asked the doctor resuscitator, who will be on duty, and they in shifts, I ask only one thing: as soon as he dies, just call me and left my phone. For a long time, I think, three days lying in this state, tried to do everything, but it was clear that would not survive. He apparently waited for my sister came and pobyla with him. A sister at the moment in anything she did not believe she was a doctor, a pragmatist. Never, not interested in yoga, absolutely nothing, and thought that all this obscurantism. But he waited until her sister came and visited the hospital on the same day he died. At night, I called the doctor resuscitator, at 4 o’clock in the morning, middle of the night. Well done, others would be there, and what to call. I called and all with one hand all ruffled mother, sister, and on the other hand tsyts, not all the way.

I went into the room and said not to let anyone and does not produce, while I do the practice. And he began to do the practice, to establish telepathic contact with my father, I remember a very strange situation and feeling I was doing-doing-doing these practices. And today, I hope I’ll show you some of these practices. And then I realized, once and for all, understood it dawned on me, I open my eyes, and my mother and sister ruffled, every day his father dies, you should understand that such a moment. They do not know how to behave, and then see, I’m out a blessed, calm, calm, like the pope sent to the resort. Everything is normal and nothing to worry not, it so hard to convey this state, literally, my sister asked, addressed to all these spiritual practices. She is now a very serious follower of tantric Buddhism. She went to the side of Tantric Buddhism, which I of it never expected. Medic pragmatist, I remember when vegetarianstvoval, she read me a whole lecture: Vadya, you will not have protein in your legs fall off, the brain will not work, and all this from the perspective of medicine, heavy artillery. Is there a practice of internal and external, and somewhere you know what happened. By the time short enough.

There had to be some kind of external sign and some mystic coincidence, exactly 7 days was a terrible storm over the city. Povyvorachivalo trees with roots and in the hospital, where it was the intensive care unit, the roof blew off, I do not know why. For myself, I decided that it was a secret sign that the way it should be. In fact, a tornado, a whirlwind and blew off the roof, and a new hospital was a hospital, which at the time Basayev seized. It is then burned to the ground, then a new build. Why this was Budennovsk equipment, my sister said that his father’s good karma, because Basayev seized a hospital and burned it. To build a new hospital with ultramodern equipment. That just was not there, and this new hospital a piece of the roof pulled out.

If by watching, how a mystic coincidence, coincidence, but for me personally, when you do the practice, but there is cause and effect, it is no longer a series of events, it is something which links together. But God forbid you to think that if somewhere there blew off the roof, and there is some great practice. It can be carelessness and everything. It was as a response to the universe, I do not know, it’s hard to say.

But still, did the practice, and then a terrible longing, that’s the mind you realize all is well, all done, there is a wonderful person, all wonderfully done everything right. And then the realization that there is no father, the horror, the horror! Why do I call upon you all, why the hell you all the practice of dying, use the practices of life. For a long time for a long time, I could not even dream to understand how this I have no father, what happened. As they say, when someone died: he died, where he died, why he died, who are allowed? Condition, although the mind understand and yoga, and much practiced everything, but when your personal life is happening, something bad. Once again, the friends agree, 108 years, Tantric, and then dying of practice, if you need them, so let’s agree.

Dying is best, it’s like my favorite Mark Twain: that when a man is born, he cries, and all the fun, and when he dies, he smiles, and all cry. Why? When a child is born, the answer is simple: well where I was born, and all the other fun – it’s not that we were born, it was he, not we in this world. Then when a person dies, he smiles, well, everything, thank God, I’m here, and all the others cry that it is not they leave.

Use of dying for their own purposes

Let us return to those we practice. Now we mostly talk about the new school practices 6 Yogas of Naropa and the practice of transferring consciousness, namely Bhovy. Ideology of consciousness transfer is as follows: count the fact that you’re in the moment of death to recognize the clear light and soleshsya, strictly speaking, not necessary. Units can boast, and count on the fact that you survive Bardo state and not be afraid and do not start to rush, too, is not necessary. If we in ordinary life to seek something, and something of the Parties. Basim, right now I said, there are people who avoid human life, and someone seek. We can not in everyday life, living it to overcome, and it is going to do in the state after death! Presumptuous. Even if we have gone through all this, where is the guarantee that we recognize the right womb, where it is necessary to be born. Find the right mom and dad. On this count is not necessary. But there is a very serious factor, which can be for their own use for spiritual purposes. I am on this subject always joke: what is yoga such fixers, they even their personal death for profit use. The limit of cynicism.

I remember when something was supposed to be a graduate, if you say in Russian, with the possibility of significant accountant to sign audit reports, according to the standards of the international company, which is in the west of th-th magnitude. There had to be 14 exams, I remember, stopped at the 10th or 11th, and I got tired of something. We had one of the exams: it is taxation in the UK. We were prepared for this exam, as in the UK case law. There, if 1600 any year on some ulozheniju, it was decided that the old people need more warmth and their tax break, so they buy more firewood. Until today, in my opinion, it is acting, relief to the old British basked longer. Therefore, immediately I began to question, as they called beautiful, everything that is connected with the planning of taxes. If his words to call, how to pay less taxes. As an example, an example, I do not remember the name of a very rich man who, knowing that he was dying, he went either to Spain, or somewhere else. Where issues relating to inheritance were cheaper, he was a shrewd man, even his death has counted to at least pay taxes to the state.

There is a very powerful factor that we can use your personal death for their own purposes. The fact is that when we die, and from that moment, I will explain more based on the axioms of yoga, our axioms, as intelligent, sane explanations of the Tibetan Book of the Dead is extremely small, and they are written in a very allegorical language and you are unlikely to You realize that there. Therefore, to save time, and then we could read the source material and to understand something, I immediately set out from the position of the axioms. And it is necessary to read all the sources I recommend to meet Bardot Thedo and 6, respectively, with Yogis of Naropa. This yoga transfer of consciousness, but if you happen to get the llama, which you will dedicate to all this, it is your good karma. But here, what trouble, chicken and egg question: you are not interested in this because they do not know and do not know, because everything is written is confused and confusing for several reasons. And here we must first explain, to justify to you, it’s not nonsense, and then to transfer keys. And you can take the keys only in our traditions, in our axiomatic, then understand what is meant in a particular treatise. Already read directly tract and delve into all this culture and tradition. Not all that easy. The trouble yoga actually if people knew what yoga is, I assure you, at today’s seminar people have crammed that no room would fall. You can certainly say that this is their good or bad karma, but I like a little more prosaically to this attitude. Poor we work poorly advertise yoga.

The fact is that when you die, what’s going on. There next thing you remember that each of you have your higher self from your higher self stretches thread of prana, and let’s make a break, I want to eat.

So, friends, we have today 29 April 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, this is our seminar on Tibetan yogis at 6 Yogas of Naropa, including, in particular yoga dying yoga transference of consciousness. Generally all the yogis of overcoming death. I told you the story of my father, that’s continued. So everything after some time, it is clear there is still the father of lying. I Zatar all possible alcohol, chocolates, cognac, etc., etc., came to the hospital to give resuscitator and left to right to distribute all of this. They at me like that look! Here is your change, so that a change – a lot of changes. They are not understood, it was probably with me the first time, may be in them at all in practice, when you know, usually grateful when the man pulled out from the world, put on his feet, and then thanked the death, well done, a call. And I would, of course, wanted to burn his father, my father, yet little has been ten years was, he told me – Vadya, I want you to burn me. I do not know what is it then – if I suddenly said to die, do not want to be buried, I want to have me burned. And of course the only hint burn – mom – so what are you, crazy, and then it all look at us askance, even you start to burn, says general sect some grim! Well, where to burn? Crematorium no, it’s somewhere in the open field, firewood. Rumors crawling gloomy. I can imagine what they would say. Interestingly, you can right now to dig up and burn off over time? It’s like you know, have a Samurai – promised. Of course, I did everything – when traveling in the cemetery of his mind burned, visualized, all rank by rank. Mentally, of course thin, they say the structure, everything. I’m what some say – it is necessary to bury someone says – it is necessary to burn. Friends well as anyone would have the right. Or they say – it is impossible to embalm Lenin – why not? In the end, the embalmed pharaohs. Another conversation that Lenin himself did not particularly wanted.


What happens at death?

Let’s go back to the theory. What happens at death? From our higher self to our structures stretches thread of prana. As long as our structures are supported by this prana, we are actually alive and well here and show themselves like that. What is the point of death, when, in one way or another, there is this gap in the future everything starts to collapse like a house of cards. That is, it turns out such a thing, that the moment of death, it is when the thread from your higher self to the body is retained, but if you do it is cut off, in fact, both forcibly (perish), and in a natural way (of old age), it turns out that for some time, your prana is in a free state. And she rezinochka which broke rapidly directed to the source, your higher self is why this one clear light, which is described in Tibetan books, teachings, it is in fact the light of your higher self, but since you’re not used to it, and all the rest of it does not have to, you probably scared him, than use this moment that here at some point, you are not connected associatively with any bodies that here is your prana begins to comprehend your higher self is going on from a formal point of view, at the time of the highest samadhi. The highest state of yoga, mind, yoga is the last stage, which together are called sanyama. So is the so-called Samadhi without an object, and is capable to learn to know yourself, or looking to see themselves. And again, if you were ready for this moment, you can use it and achieve the highest state of samadhi. But then, most likely, this thread again restored, but still this is an interrupt was critical, and it began to run the self-destruct mechanism. This mechanism begins to separate the gross physical body of subtle and causal, just as we go to sleep, a similar process. And it turns out that we both like and returned back into the subtle and causal body, after the break, but little by little things are starting to fall apart. And we have the habit, we consider ourselves associative, for example, the gross body, but see that the body itself, and we are on their own. We try to manage it, and it is not controlled. Then comes the moment when they begin to gradually melt the causal body and all relevant state associated with it, and of what is described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

But this effect when torn thread of prana, and when launched self-destruct mechanism, it is characterized by some that all of your internal energy, all of your consciousness suddenly released. This is a very powerful source of energy and consciousness. It is not stable, you do not know how to use it, but in fact it is equivalent as if you have awakened kundalini energy, or to realize the light of your consciousness, and releases a huge amount of prana can be very well used. To send this prana certain, very specific way. And then this prana cast your mind on a very high spiritual plane. And you will be born immediately on this high spiritual plane. In fact, at the time of death, if you do Phowa practice, transfer of consciousness, you are using the potential that comes loose at the destruction of your structures, and made him the potential to throw you high on the spiritual level. In normal life you would have taken years to achieve the same. And then all at once.

Preparation for practice

And I allow myself here is a comparison of – I really like it – so that you grasped the idea. Imagine that you need to fly into space. To fly in space, you need a rocket. To build a rocket, it is necessary to build many factories and plants, it is necessary to develop the industry, the production of culture, science and a lot of everything to do. Then sooner or later you are doing this rocket, P7. You Sergei Korolev and Yuri Gagarin in one person. You climb into the missile, saying, “Let’s go” and fly into space. But for this one flight it took place, before it had to be oh, how much to do and do it. But, nevertheless, you left in space. Imagine another situation – suddenly say – will soon end. Our earth will explode, not a stone was left. And what can you do? You can make small enough capsule to get into it, and wait for the explosion of the earth will throw up and throw you into space. I do not know what there is at the same time accelerating – will survive or not survive if it really happened, but the analogy is the same. What has suddenly unplanned allocation factor prana energy. And if it competently to build – you can not build any factories or plants or develop science, only that there is a small capsule where the astronauts fly to do, just get into it, close the door and wait. Now both me and came shooting vyuyuyuyuyuhh! Without any missiles issued. Here is an idea Phowa practice – post-mortem transfer of consciousness. Regardless of how much or how little you have done in his previous life, if you have enough good karma that you somehow collided with the teaching Phowa (posthumous transfer of consciousness), and face you with it can only in one case – to be in such a clear and strictly follow the Tibetan tradition, is that you have been betrayed Lama, his teaching, and so on. No matter what level you have reached, they tell you how to quickly make the capsule when it is necessary to jump and what to do. And now, you die, your body is like the earth shatters into small pieces, all of your internal structures, and once you throw at a very high spiritual level. That is, according to our classification Yogi, Phowa practice refers to swift Yoga techniques. This is the method that ignores the time, which allows you to whatever you were not level up to the high spiritual level. And of you do not need any high intellectual abilities, from you is not required nor any excessively large practices, and these practices relatively short time. But of you need one – loyalty. Why – because without it you can not do anything else.


The path of prana when dying

In previous workshops we are regarded Tibet and remember, came to the conclusion that Tibet is a large factory for enlightenment. So, highly advanced Lama, in order to help the greatest number of living beings, and imagine it is the most common peasants. The illiterate, downtrodden, not prone to any meditation or self-knowledge. But still they have enough good karma, they listen to the lamas. Here Lama came up with a way to even the most illiterate peasant to bring a very high spiritual level, taking advantage of the moment of his death. In terms of explaining what is happening in there, the situation is the following – after your death, your basic Kundalini energy begins to dissolve all the principles of the device body, absorb them one by one, and in this sense, if so to speak, it begins to rise upwards. This same principle of Consciousness from the top of your head starts to fall down. The principle of power is always in the texts in Tibetan designated as feminine in the bottom of the body red, the male principle as masculine, white. And then they begin to gradually come closer, closer, to connect to the heart center, and then the heart center to leave. Roughly speaking, in the heart center is your prana is formed, as it were, in pure form, and then must leave your body. And depending on which way will leave your body, this prana, will largely conditional on the form in which you will go through a process Bardo, and you will be born into what kind of world. It is believed that if prana leaves through the lower centers, natural orifices, that you are born in a very gloomy, terrible worlds. If through the upper hole, then you are born in the higher worlds, in the best worlds. That is, this one’s a factor, which will be sent to your prana.

And now, most importantly, friends. If you are highly advanced Lama, and you know there is axiomatic yoga, you know the human body the device, you know about the presence of the central channel, then you can bring the prana or conglomerate of feelings and consciousness through the crown of the head. Through the so-called Brahma Randhu. The hole on the head of Brahma. And if you during the life of a teacher’s blessing mastered the method for practicing it, in the moment of death, when you recognize that you are dead, you can begin to do this practice to bring roughly through the upper central passage opening their prana, your consciousness and energy, and to send to the higher spiritual levels, to be born there instantly. And here, too, there is a small problem, you have to know everything.


“Clean Country”

We are with you before that said that you can be born on the plane of Earth’s people – it is considered a very good plan, in the animal world there spirits in some hells in which the celestial spheres, where the gods live. But you have not said anything about the spiritual plane. And here there’s another very important detail in the apparatus of our universe. So in general, yoga, Tibetan yoga and in particular it is believed that there is a level of existence that is similar in all the positive qualities in existence at the level of the human body, but on the other hand deprived of all the shortcomings of the human body level. There’s also this very clear ligament between the material and the spiritual.

But this is the highest level, which respectively reside the highest yoga and yogini, or as we would say in generic yoga – where the ancestors dwell. Do you remember what our ancestors according to the generic yoga are divided into 2 classes of ancestors. The first ancestors is a teacher and a teacher of yoga, the second is just the ancestors with all their karmic positives or shortcomings that constantly are born and die, but still some of our prapraprapredki already a teacher and a teacher. This plan is usually in the spiritual traditions of Tantric Buddhism is called a clean country. You will often meet this term, if you or another text read. The country is characterized by clean – a great place for a quick improvement. They say there formulation and execution of the same desires. And, too, depending on your previous karmic situation, you have the opportunity at the highest level of this pure country quickly and painlessly to work any trace of karma. And in the future, with the level of the spiritual plane, and with the level of the cleanest countries, you can make the last leap in ultimate enlightenment, and you can go back again to earth and be born an ordinary person, if you wish. That is, roughly speaking, from this level you are free to dispose of their spiritual next step. And it is believed that very often the highest lamas just come to us with this level of teachers. It turns out this technology. If the life you are lucky and you meet precept Phowa, we passed the relevant practice, work out and at the time of death, successfully took advantage of this practice, even if you missed the point of clear light, you would still like to instantly jumped out and embodied at this pure country where you can rest as you please, to engage in spiritual self-knowledge in the most favorable conditions and in the future either completely enlightened and generally get out of the universe, or all the same to return to the ordinary world, and you’ve come back here a teacher or a teacher of humanity.

So for this breakthrough is necessary to correctly use the energy that is released upon death. As you can imagine, to the ordinary man on the street at least come up with a method to come up with an accelerated this process, it would take a very, very many lives. First you have a long self-knowledge would have to learn how you generally constructed, and then determine that you have a rough, thin body, and then determine that you have multiple channels, chakras, that you have a center channel that you have a basic Kundalini energy at the base body, your consciousness in the crown of the head. Then you would have to thoroughly examine the process that takes place during the time of death, you would have to pick up these exercises to properly use the time of death, etc. That is it’s all about all you have left millions and millions of lives.


Tantric Buddhism and fast methods

And then it turns out that someone takes and gives you immediately the practice and says how to do. And thus, you will not have these millions and millions of lives in which you’ll probably live in misery, deprivation, in something else. And as you know, it all falls under the category of fast methods of yoga. Do you remember, according to our axioms to use rapid method of yoga is guaranteed, it is necessary to strictly follow the 1.2 and 3 rd of yoga principles. And in particular, and in Tantric Buddhism and Tibetan yogis have to a certain extent analogous materials 1, 2 and 3rd yoga principle. Well, with regard to 1 and 2 of the principles of yoga, it is usually common humanistic views, they are for quite a large number of cultures and common characteristic. Of particular interest is the third principle of yoga as it is implemented in Tantric Buddhism. And I realized he was very nice. This so-called Bodhisattva vow. Again, there are quite different formulations of the vow of the Bodhisattva, but if we talk in general about this dinner, it boils down to this. You stand on the path of rapid methods in the first place in order to effectively as possible to help all other sentient beings. That is your motivation – in the first place to help others. And not in a selfish grip grab some secret technique, the secret practice of personal salvation, personal liberation and a quick time of this universe and escape. And then the deluge. And this is also evident in the vow of the Bodhisattva is that the person who takes it undertakes not to enter into the final enlightenment as long as there is at least one living being that needs it and that he can help. That is, in fact it is the third principle of yoga, but differently expressed. This limit antiegoizm. This is the ultimate desire to help all living beings. And even if you offer an opportunity to go into the final enlightenment, you first obyazueshsya know – and suddenly it left at least one living being with whom you have at least some karmic connection and suddenly it is a living creature needs your help to you helped this living creature. And it is believed that a Bodhisattva Lama constantly are born in the lower world, in order to help and teach others. That is, do not take the opportunity to go to the final liberation for themselves. It know it can be a way to compare – you sit in jail, and many more with you all the people sitting and you, propylene grill and ran away. Run, ran on the outside and suddenly remembered – a pancake, and yet there is still much as the guys left. Yes, they may not be the most cultured and educated, but do you remember – they are living beings, they need help, and you go back to them one by one and release. Once again – very nice.



And understand here is, following the logic of these practices, it is that to get these practices should be a blessing guru, teacher, Lama. And he will pay attention to you, only if you’re very kind, selfless and unselfish. For this reason, if you are, say, going to practice or that practice, practice Phowa, then it all starts with what you offer praise to all those teachers who brought us this knowledge. In particular, with regard to 6 Yogas of Naropa, the whole lineage goes back respectively to Marpa, Milorepe, Naropa Tilopa then, well, the guru Tilopa is Vajradhara. It they have there, in Tantric Buddhism the highest Buddha winner. And so, as a rule, before using the practice, first opened to remember the names of all the lamas, from Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milorepy to the present day, on the line where you got this practice. I must say that until today this practice is preserved in different branches at different schools of Tantric Buddhism. Quite often, here come Lama, and I understand that given all these practices. I know that the Dalai Lama holds the practice of initiation. Then really, totally unique, direct all the magic teacher Ole Nydahl. He himself, though the Dane, but received the dedication, also holds these practices. Namkhai Morbach, too – it is the representative of the Dzogchen Nigampa. But you must remember that the branches in Tibetan schools / p ah Yoga is very, very much. And if you are thinking of practicing this or that practice, it is considered that a mandatory you should, as it were, so to speak as Europeans, to show respect for the entire chain of succession, on which to have reached this practice. Once again, in different schools in different passes, sometimes in some there, they just start to repeat the names of the teachers for the teacher, the teacher for the teacher. And there is Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milorepa etc etc. to the present day. Sometimes, such as in a different form, but one way or another, if we are dealing with a fast method of Yoga here is this factor devotion to teaching, the factor of devotion to the teacher, the factor of loyalty to associates, the factor of devotion to teaching in general philosophy, he is Ironically plays more than your ability. Once again, I want to remind you that in this respect Tibet – was a big factory for enlightenment and especially to expect that all of the shepherds there, all farmers will have the highest capacity, it was not necessary.

And this, as you know, the power of this practice, and in this its weakness. The strength of the practices that matter, in which you’re able to, if you are devoted to the Lame, if you are devoted to the guru, if you are devoted to teaching, if you are committed to do this very humanistic idea, you pull out. A weakness is that, unfortunately, such an approach is absolutely unacceptable in the West. In the west, this one individualism, he was elevated to such a, you know, the religion of that type so I can learn something, but what that devotion to show it always deserved, I must say, the Western man, is associated with some sort of obscurantism, with what is totalitarianism. Because of all, do you remember a memory that there was in Nazi Germany that we had with Joseph Stalin. Too fresh in the memory of the totalitarian habits, where do those or other people, quite concrete began to idolize. And then it turned out that – a sea of blood. And this is a serious obstacle, because then you have to have no loyalty to compensate personal rediscovery of practices that strictly speaking, too bad. After all, if someone had once done something, I opened the one who prevents you reopen? And here I again insist already entirely on the axioms of our school of yoga, to the Vedic tradition, on this classical yoga that you should be prepared, including for such an eventuality. But be prepared that you will not pereotkroete this practice for so many lives then. Friends, let’s take some questions.

Questions and answers

Q: Alex, Astra Group. Question about the moment of dying, when we fully razotozhdestvlyaemsya with their bodies and prana, when there is nothing but our self that someone at this point may be afraid, because fear is associated with the experience, and I have had no experience?

Answer. Firstly, who can I be frightened? The answer is obvious – himself. Remember, little raccoon went for a delicious sweet sedge, I went to the lake, looked, and there was someone sitting! He was scared and he ran away. That’s about the same situation we have with you. We also see our own reflection in a panic run away, because our self-image does not correspond to the power and the power that we have with you. Now with the experience. How? That’s a good question, actually axiomatic. How can we, something scared if we did not have the experience? So friends, in fact of the matter is that this experience, we have more than enough. Because we are born many times, many times life lived and died many times, let alone something which, as the experience of death, oh, we like a lot! And each time the experience has been associated with something unpleasant. That is why, for the life we so afraid of death. We really had a lot of very unpleasant experience. If we had only positive experiences from death, we would from one generation to the contrary have developed a habit – Oh, come smertushka! Oh, how wonderful! Here. This, of course, happens only when you know the nature of death, and as stated in the text – will face death as a dear friend, if you know that in fact the death – it is an opportunity to meet with yourself. But we still live to see such a level of self-knowledge .. Therefore, with regard to the experience we have everything in order. It was the experience. A lot of experience.

Question: Marina, artist Catur. Question – when there is only our higher self and my family for example Lama was not invited to 49 days to read it (I) determines the time, as he left (after all, is outside of space and time). Maybe I’m in a positive position and do not know when it is time to leave the body. How to determine the time?

Answer. You know, there is such a situation – that you have a dream, you also have an idea during sleep time and space – is. It may be different than in the waking state, but also there is present. The same about the analogy with the state, when you die.

Marina – the second question – Children. Many adults read, but children do not have a clue. Followers Are Lama all children when they die?

The answer is – you know, with regard to the Lamas there is not that simple, of course. I’ll lay out the most, may be the main points. Of course, there are a million all the subtleties, nuances. But if there is someone who is capable of telepathic communication, roughly speaking, mentally take you by the hand and carry wherever necessary, then what’s the difference? Another conversation, of course, my friends – you know – we are talking, people are dying. And how many abortions done? And how many abortions done in the same Russia? Of course, the mother is able to choose – or not to give birth to give birth. It does not have enough brains to use contraceptives? Abortion is the same. It’s like the death of all these processes. Some say – and, behold, the man allegedly lived, it is easy to die. This is the worst thing that can be. In pure form, you drive off. How can there be karma? Girls, please! It concerns girls – guys assholes! The men are not fools only those who study Yoga, such as the Triad. Where ejaculation is completely under control. Where did you find these? Therefore, caring for you. Take care about contraception. Avoid all abortion forces. Is that the only medically in some indicators. There are, of course, various karmic situations. Why do you get involved in this? More questions.

Elena, the group Catur. In the life of a state we feel your body – causal, subtle and physical. And coming to Bardo, who believe themselves?

The answer is – about as in a dream. In the dream, we who consider ourselves? There are some image. Different about this interpretation in different schools of yoga are. A variety of interpretations. Do not think that I’ll just say something, and it’s like that everywhere. How many schools, so many nuances. Here we are today just a matter of doing it. In one school it is considered that the alleged person has to see itself in the form of who he was before. Another said that he allegedly has to see himself what he should be born. The third states that it is in the early Bardot sees himself as what he was, but in the end, as you progress through it more and more transformed into what will be. There’s a million of all the nuances, but the fact remains that, as we feel we are in a dream, that’s the same way and there. Another question.

Catherine, the group Astra. If the deceased person was deep into another tradition. Far from Buddhism and Yoga. Does it make sense to help him in this tradition? Because in other traditions, such as Christianity, there are analogues of assistance.

Answer. Friends, I have no ear, no nose do not see in any religion. I really respect them more than confident that they learn all about the same humanity. I do not exclude that there have analogues of the same practices, but I do not know about it. So nothing to say about them I can not. As for the 6 Yogas of Naropa as a yogi of those – you remember that Yoga in this sense is religion. Yoga has its roots in the Vedas. Veda is religion. Veda’s life. Therefore, the principles on which built the practice – they do not strictly have to do with what people will believe when it turns alive. The main thing is to stay alive – in a sense, was born. Therefore, in this respect – we are all the same are made, and are used quite specific structure of our body. What’s the difference where you are as you are, and why. So I think it’s a slightly different question. If you are still alive, and you close one or another tradition, it means that you have a connection. If you try to do this practice for another person, you remember – this one is free. He is free after his death – to listen to your words or your admonition, if you had an affair with him. Or completely ignore them, because he can, something not understand or can that do not like it. Therefore, there remains the possibility of a factor, and the factor of work, does not work, who knows. Questions time students.

Sergei Belov, Moscow. Do you practice and whether they will be considered for long-dead parents. If you feel a duty to them, what to do?

Answer. If a long time someone has died, it is reasonable to use more generic yoga. Roughly speaking, they either have, or help them to be born. I do not like the Tibetan pessimism, and it all just mesmerizing – oh, yoga dying mysteriously potustoronschina. And all these yoga, Tibetan yoga, even dying, they are built on extraordinary joyous, life-affirming principles on the guys, everything is fine! Even death is now inside out turn out the will to work for us! And it is clear that cram Yoga dying where they should and should not be, in my opinion, is not reasonable. Although, of course, may be a situation where one or another relative of yours has died, and was born somewhere in the wrong place or in the wrong body. He lived for some time and died again, and you have contact with him. And of course, if there is some kind of intuitive revelation, and can sense when something and make practice. But I think it is wiser to use other practices. Practices generic Yoga, practitioners Triad. Help somewhere someone is born, friends. Here I turn to Yoga Triad, by the way, we must consider the relationship with you Yoga Dying sexual Yogis, a bunch of very unique. Engage in self-improvement. Look for husbands and wives, practice. Give birth children. Help other couples who have kids. Help other couples get children. Do not clean the country where something after death, and around him. One girl came up, the conversation was about – Vadim V., and what happens if you crash into the oak? Knowledge transfer must be the same. Yes, and as you yourself? I took her as his shoulder, looked into the eyes and said – give birth to me. If I die – I rhodium. And yet. More I do not need anything. That is all very life-affirming. No need to dwell on it.

Svetlana Zubarev, Astra Group, Domodedovo. – Is it possible to carry out within MOYU practice Phowa?

Answer. There is one interesting situation. If we are talking about the practice of Phowa, about Tibetan Yoga, I have to enlist the support of those who have passed on this tradition to me. And there is a famous delicacy. What let my first teachers in this line give the practice. If, God forbid, with the Masters that something happens, I’ll stay alone, if it is a case where I can not send to the teachers, then maybe yes. Now further. As for the practice, Phowa is completely analogous, but only because of our tradition, it is quite another matter. It’s very different, but there will be up to you and a few tougher requirements. Because after all-Tibetan traditions from you will require a full respect of the whole line up Milorepy Lam, Marpa, Tilopa, Naropa, to the Vajradhara. Will you be able to overcome their Western “snobbery”, and recognize them as their teachers, can you with respect to them? Here, you know, in the Eastern despotic manner? I think not all. As our tradition, you remember, yes, we have more yoga so that’s Indian. It is not a factory for enlightenment, but rather a research laboratory, where what is there not. And based on what we have, you always pereotkroete these practices, or, in any case, be able to use them for themselves. But be that as it may, my friends, if you have the opportunity to directly get initiation into this or that yoga this or that tradition directly from the teacher, it is always better to do so. This unwritten, unvoiced, but very beautiful rules of behavior of different schools of yoga, different traditions.

Still, you will remember, yes, Tantric Buddhism are our brothers and sisters, but they have there everywhere Buddha. Try to tell them that there is no Buddha, and the Absolute – offended. Try to have someone come and say – oh, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha. We understand. Why? Because we understand that it can be. But in some other little things begin here these misunderstandings, any unwanted associative links, be sure to begin to find out who is more Pope Yoga Guru who is the greater. After all, there must be confessed, because he Tantric Buddhism is going through very difficult times. There is a desperate attempt to save the tradition. A desperate attempt. Lama is old, then rejuvenate them much. They’re dying. If India, a process know long. They have adapted to know that everything is on the downward slant and soon nothing will be left. That for the Tibetan culture is a qualitatively new state. Now while there is still a generation of the Lamb, which have, for example, were born in Tibet or are initiated directly from those who came from Tibet, and Tibet has been a new generation, which, for example, in the same Dharma Sale. They were born in India. But there is a different culture in general. It is very difficult to preserve this heritage. Therefore, there is a very delicate moment. I can not definitely say, I just want you to understand that. And they think inside, everything, thank God? There are different schools, to put it mildly, do not like each other. Moreover, the same school can split into 2 branches, and start figuring out who is right and who is wrong, with all the consequences recriminations. We are so few that we understand these sverhlogichnyh fast methods. And when you’re faced with sverhlogichnym fastest method, but there is some sort of fuss goes undercover among Lamas, find out who is the chief, who a minor, then you and do not understand anything, but on the background of all the strife, it seems that it is generally a the obscurantism. How can people learn faster methods of Phowa, when they are in everyday life can not understand. In fact of the matter is that ordinary life is the inseparability of samsara and nirvana. As above, so below. This is also reflected. So you remember, here you have to be very delicate. Because there were numerous cases, I know them, ugly cases, I have many of such incidents – come to me to study dropout. Ponahvatalsya inches, then look casually – New Flame was formed. Vasek, yes you are Well I failed axioms! And this dedication Vasek already gives the right and left, the mantra gives all these rituals are performed – well, not serious, my friends, not to say ridiculous, is not serious. And there is such a small delicacy, you know, that our yes, but there is, well, of course, if all of a sudden Lama to die. Imagine the situation all. Then Vadim V. was the only carrier of tradition. Where to go? But I am more than confident that this will not happen. And I will by all means … You know, I do not like being here these feuds are between yoga schools. Thank God, far from the Yoga and Tantric Buddhism. Inside Yoga how many of these squabbles. More questions.

Anna Hosoya, Astra Group, Japan. – If at the time of the death of a living being, keeping a hand on his top of the head, felt the vibration, does this mean that prana left through the higher centers?

The answer is – I can not answer, I do not know. We then talk about Bhovu, a system of internal and external signs, a very interesting system, we’ll talk. But to interpret some other random things can be, I do not undertake.

Question from Ivan Razheva Astra group and Margarita Lesenkovoy, Group Three, Kemerovo. – We are seeing explosive growth in all kinds of horror movies. People who shoot them, it turns out, remove your negative Sanskar, and those who watch them acquire? Why this trend is now dominated? All these themes of horror films are associated with death?

A – Of course, my friends! You’ve gone to see the movie, such as Nikita Mikhalkov. Do you think the film look? You are the brains inside his twisted see. Or Cameroon avatar removed. Do you think, see Avatar? You are the brains inside Cameroon twisted look. Here and think, who have brains. Who what was the background who read as interpreted as realized. It is clear that still claim to be the ultimate truth. Here I Marc brought the film, just yesterday looked I was literally almost vomited. The film was about the creation of the atomic bomb. I looked, and behold a spreading cranberry .. And I know a little bit about it, I was interested in, and this, in a sense, my former profession. Here is a spreading cranberry I have not seen. I agree, Lavrentiy Beria was no sugar and all-all-all .. First – all against tradition, against documents. There are also documents, memoirs, and from different countries confirmed, classified as secret, it’s not just someone already wrote, they were stored. Nothing is the same! Here are a few exceptions. Everything is distorted, and Beria, the maniac grim: Thus shoot Kurchatov today, or tomorrow? Stalin, too, jerk – well, they were not so! They were not angels, yes. I do what I want to say. With regard to the history of that for predictions for the future that has been that as the will – this is largely a degree, if the filmmakers – this is their personal perception. That person they like, they believe that the way it was or how it should be. Or the third category – a mental construction – it is more cynical and more unpleasant public. Here it is, before the film was shot, he orders a whole sociological research – and how many viewers will look at, and that attracts attention – it is clear, scenes of violence in the immature brains are very budorazhusche. For one reason only – they have never experienced this violence. They live here and so death is not seen – a ruthless, senseless, random.

I remember when the brigands took Budyonnovsk, where I was just then. This know very well watch a blockbuster, and when the bats, and humans no krovische. This is for no reason at all, it’s crazy. Personally, I can not watch the scenes of violence. They shoot people who in life, unfortunately, did not get into a situation where you realize how stupid it is for all ordinary. And that’s when you realize, you become incredibly scary, because you deprive yourself of the meaning of life. Therefore, remove all the people in the first place, not far from a karma – the country nepugannyh idiots who want to earn some money, they know that the other is the same. Or the massacre – now these series both including detective. Someone kills someone … You know, I like a weapon, like a genius of engineering thought. Yes, here I am interested in there with tanks, guns and everything, but I caught myself thinking. Once I saw the gun that killed a man, I could not look at him, I felt sick, I turned pale, I blushed, I was beginning to tear, because I imagined that just like that bang, and no man. The whole universe because of this …. And this is, thank God, the police dispersed the police now, I hope, will be different, this is opera debiloid, waving like a cowboy, he does not understand, it’s death. Out of the brain. Therefore, people are karmically, you know, maybe not particularly evil, but those crafty and trying to make money.

I advise you, do not look shit. What for? As soon as – change the channel, something really look. No, there are scenes where you have to show up and battle scenes, and the heroic death, here note, the better the film, the more moments of death, as it were simulated. The worse the movie, so they are more out of life. But in real life, God forbid you to this meet friends. God forbid. That’s all it is good to detectives. Why is this trend dominates – biomass bred friends. The perfect bodies of ancestors come soul of former animals. The general level of culture barely balances. But in fact, has always been, not the glory of God in the history of humanity, we can not say that just now. Those remember, gladiator fights, Roman Empire, too. But do you remember what it always ends. When biomass is beginning to be fruitful, it will sooner or later destroy the state. So in many ways the future of humanity will depend on what the soul will be born here. If the biomass will continue to be born and to shoot such films and produce the same biomass, and future soul, you know, look – oh, rozhus a minute I’m out there, there is a series of blood will show, it’s also, you know, the future Karma. That is to create the conditions – attracting relevant trends.

Question from Marina Poloneevoy, Astra group, Vladimir Region, Petushki. – What is the relationship between fear and methane after death? That is, if we get rid of fear, whether it means that we will not suffer after death?

Answer. No, here’s what to suffer – there are two planes – the question of suffering and the question of overcoming fear. Of course, my friends, the question of overcoming fear – it is a guarantee that sooner or later you will start to realize where you have there suffering, and begin to solve this situation is reasonable. But only one of us can boast that he has quite the fearless?

Basim – I think so, it’s not just the suffering, fear, but also desire, hatred, anger, etc.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – speaking axiomatically, speaking from the perspective of Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, there are five yadr: primordial ignorance that breeds fear, fear comes after liking and disliking, then there is a thirst for life. Here are five yadr, according to the classification of Patanjali. To someone like this classification who is not, but it is absolutely right – the fear you can win only in one case – if you win what the fear is based. And the fear is based on ignorance. When it is spoken with a capital letter, the fear disappears. Then, automatically, and everything else. Next, there are still questions?

Basim, questions asked, there is the saying of Vladimir Sevostyanova.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – if it is on the subject, let’s set off.

Vladimir Sevostyanov, Group Three, the city of Zaporozhye.

Basim – I understand that he quotes you (Vadim Zaporozhtseva)

Death – just a continuation. Home – Life continued, but a continuation of everything. All the same horrors Sanskar and the return of all whether everything.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – And so it is poetry?

Basim – Either his poems, I do not understand.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – But none of my poems.

Questions from the audience.

Salamatina Irina – artist Catur. My question is about remembering – if a person is in a life was knowledge of Yoga dying, Phowa, and he could not take advantage of them. He dies, is born in the next life, in some way, then it must be this knowledge again, getting somewhere, or they remain like that to him? Or where it can then get back to this knowledge? As knowledge is transferred from one life to the next life? Or he sends them in one life to someone, and then by the one who handed, having been born again, receives?

Answer. Firstly, I am very interested, why do you have such questions? Friends who in a past life was Phowa practice, but he did not succeeded and had to be born here, for the second time? If you have lived, left in some areas where there were knowledge, then died and were born again in the same area, of course, you have started to go to school and get the same knowledge. This is an obvious question. Now, the same knowledge that you have acquired in a past life – the following situation. All items are directly related to how you got that, then, as they certainly are erased. But there are very powerful trends that are manifested in the form of your interest in the first place. Someone out there is interested in early childhood musical instruments, someone out there in poetry, mathematics and who does what. It says that some Sanskar or some impressions were obtained in one life, and it is in this life they begin, as it were, to appear. Just all the skills. This is to master some skill, you have to spend the whole life, someone from early childhood. A part of knowledge comes to us in the form of skills, a degree of ability in the next incarnation.

Irina – I have a question arose from the fact that you said – it is necessary to rediscover life after life knowledge, for example about chakras, about the central channel.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – Of course, the case.

Irina – A level where you were? From scratch?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – No, not with a clean slate. You were born, but you have a tendency. Strictly speaking, if from this point to consider, it turns out the next thing. Why are you sitting here today at the seminar? The bar next door, friends, this disco! Everything is lit, there’s fun, there’s come off on the full! And you’re sitting here. Are you at all? Nothing to do? You look on the street as a fine, to walk, to beer. You are not. You sit here. Why? Because here you are more drawn. If drawn there anymore, then there would have sat. And why have more pull? So in a past life, or in this life, we paid more attention to this. And once you begin to choose preferences. That’s the way of life to another is transmitted, if so, to explain very very rude. Vsyo-taki, my friends, I would like to hear questions not axioms of Yoga, and the target of this seminar, I often do not spend these seminars, you understand, right? Let’s take a more narrowly focused on the theme of our seminar.

Irina – let’s say we have not received empowerment directly from lamas in this life, but there was a situation – someone needs help. Intimate, a familiar person dies. Can we open a book yourself Bordeaux and start to read it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – strictly speaking – yes. It (the book Bardot), and therefore survives to this day, you have to remember that there were times different. Here the question is how high up you are, how you intuitive, telepathic contact with those who died. There are many, of course, such factors. Then try it on a mobile phone, dial up at times, and then imagine the person died. Then, how much it will pay attention to you as you had before this in the life of a karmic connection, if there was something in common. It is clear that after death he can no longer look at someone else or listen to someone else, or something else. It is a question of associative connections – likes, dislikes, whether you have a link? Who can say unequivocally? You know, yes, these are all things, they are tough, they are vague, work – will not work, will not go. More questions.

Svetlana, Astra Group. – From the foregoing it is not clear what is the surrounding area, the world after death. Are we deeply in their personal process of dissolution, or we can ignore other creatures, which, for example, also have died, and if we notice that the physical world?

Answer. This numerous details, they are quite well described. Basim where these books? Now they just give. I know, just save my time, of course, I could start now they begin to read aloud, but you are able to read, to find, in particular, Evens Wentz, 6 Yogas of Naropa, and proper yoga, it provides plenty of comments. In some cases, it is said that man can not see the sun and the moon and the stars that he, as the gray fog enveloped, in some cases, he can see things from a spiritual level it, on the same plane to be interoperable. At any particular stage of the Bardo, one can see that here it is, his body lies, the relatives got together and cry, and this is his even more, by the way, confuses.

Again, I want to talk about my father. So everything’s father died in the night, I made him what to do, and came to the sister, sister – a doctor, immediately went well, there was a clear diagnosis, so the autopsy was not required. Usually, when a person dies, it is sure to autopsy. And here is obvious diagnosis. She immediately took him, he immediately brought home, relatives arrived. All put it. All around, I know, too, so it’s me … Suddenly, out of nowhere, some grannies with skill, some rites, something there … That this should be so, so. Fifty men of the Russian Book of the Dead connoisseurs. It must be so, it must be well covered, then, behold, the fifth to tenth. Well, Mom, it’s there as – the Soviet people, the usual Soviet tradition, it still looks askance at me. I honestly can not stand these obscurantists, and most interesting, my father did not like them. Dance around the dead man. There is, therefore, by the canons of what is in the candle teeth, I see some scuffling went unhealthy. And everyone understands – is such a day is necessary, it is there .. All such business. All contradict each other. And then, funeral needs. The man died, kind of like a table cover. Here it exploded sister, such a professional cohort of people. They once they hear that someone somewhere has died, such alkota professional, they are about to have died there, but who knows? He knew them in life, I do not know. Stuffed full apartment some drunks, still it is fine, good, would sit quietly, drinking, eating – no! Few! And so little vodka? There is already some kind of relation, it is already on them – as well go away brutes! And why – their father could not stand in his lifetime, he called it dancing around the dead. So came the relatives, the man died, wanted to cry, wail, we are with my sister – no, stop. Let’s have fun! The king is dead, long live the king, remember, huh? That is going to have fun. This, of course, the practice probably took place, has everything. And God forbid the practice has not passed. Imagine a person looks. And so all of a sudden it turns out that it sort of died by itself is unpleasant, so around the still howling like mad! Without sick, yes, but they are instead praying there in the end to read the mantra, so I do not know what there is to do, well, there is to think about higher. And they start to howl! Without sick, and yet here it all around. It’s in some tribal dancing – this is normal! But also, it is impossible to turn the other way, and that is the impression that they were just waiting, as if the person has died. Here is what type of well, finally. It is believed that all hereditary cases should be done not earlier than 49 days. And then imagine the man was greedy in life. Died – to him, to think of something higher, and now he looks – take away his property! He and so bad, and so started here.

There are some rituals, they have a deep meaning. Or you know, in the military during the war, a man was killed in battle, and usually put a hundred grams and hlebushek. All sit, drink, and he delivered. So from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, all of it is believed that a person in this state is fed smell. The only thing that comes. In fact, there is a deep axiomatic binding, because that smell is responsible muladhara, the roughest center – land. Roughly speaking, everything to the ground you are separated. The only thing that you now associate with the ground, this is the mantra, or the primary element from which the element of gossip as if the earth and for the earth element is the smell. The only thing that connects you with the world of the previous material, is the smell. Oh, I do not know, do not ask me, my friends, how it all happens. And, supposedly why, here in the Vedic tradition especially – the fire lit and ghee let go, and when it burns, it smells good, well at least not so that the smoke does. Or something, that’s what the smell. Offering either ancestors or deceased. Or a glass of vodka – also smell to see, and hlebushek know, zanyuhal. Such details of the mass. How to interpret them as far as to consider them appropriate, how to take them into consideration is a question that needs a separate study. Because Lama themselves, frankly, contradictory to these details. How many schools, so many interpretations of it all. For us, the option – it is only axiomatic status.

Once again – an optimistic attitude! We live long! Getting married, getting married, giving birth to children! All around fun! For the full program live life! We are doing all they wanted spiritual! 108 years old, that’s when we think that there is a why. Next question.

Question. Tatiana, a group Catur. I read somewhere that when a person dies, do not touch his body, it is desirable for 3 days. When there are processes of dissolution structures, better body ostaSvetlana Zubarev, Astra Group, Domodedovo. – Is it possible to carry out within MOYU phowa pvit alone, or may occur out of the lower chakras.

Answer. This is without comment, because as much as the schools of yoga, and the same number of interpretations. The only thing we are going to address this issue, the so-called internal and external signs of their success in Phowa. And even if a person died, and Lama comes and helps him do Phowa rite, it is sometimes observed that on top of the head and the hole opens out a few drops of blood appears. Incidentally, this happens, and when you learn to do the practice, it is also one of the external signs. It is clear that if you wish to completely make sure that you should not touch the body, but in general, strictly speaking, how and where will the consciousness is determined, apparently, the moment of death. Even say, so I read somewhere, in one of the Buddhist school, they told us that the Chinese Emperor was “death chair”. That is a chair where a man sits and he naturally closed eyes, mouth, ears, everything. Only the top of the head remained. It may well be that this is an echo of some Tibetan tradition or some Tibetan influence. But generally speaking, there is something that is difficult to say where the consciousness goes, if work on the body physically, it is difficult to say.

Question. Marina, artist Catur. – I want to ask how to represent yourself, when there only remains higher, when there is nothing else?

Answer. When the Higher Self, when the moment of clear light? The answer is. How do you see yourself in a dream?

Marina – hands, feet there.

Vadim – there is, and there is a hand up. Hands and feet there, all right.

Question. Natalia, a group of three. – I have a question, perhaps, Phowa and the Triad. It has been said that you can transform into our rough, the human world, the world of demons and gods.

A Vadim – this is very concise analogy, the texts for the ancient farmers. You’re not going to tell them that there is a world without forms, etc. There’s a whole hierarchy of all worlds. This is a simple explanation so simple, and there hoo what different worlds. Well, so what?

Natalia. The question is. This level of the gods, this step is not the final release? After all, when we practice yoga Triad, we enter into the status of gods and goddesses?

Answer: Vadim – no, no, it’s different. Do not confuse. Under the Gods and Goddesses that only there do not understand the East. This is a fundamentally different state. You visualize yourself in practice has no more nor less than the Absolute, in male or female form. And there, know it, you can say no to the gods, and Bozhko. That is God, just a little. Idol. And how can it compare? This is the world of demons – you are born somewhere in Africa, where pirates have captured ships. Once you will be engaged in meditation, the tanker will have to capture the ransom demand, then something else. Local war, there are constantly fire intermittently. Poor engaged there. Imagine another situation – you’re a parasite in America, or in England, and there is a huge reservoir of people who all their lives never work, they live on benefits. Why work if the benefits are so good? They are there from morning till night, chew the cud. You know, about what we should think not, feed, give to drink, even politically correct will say that you are wretched, strangulated element. Here, too, there is no time to engage in spirituality, and so life is good, you know. Therefore, it is in fact one and the same situation.

Ekaterina Bogdanova, Moscow, artist Catur. Vadim V., you said that neither any future mom and dad can see the soul preparing for incarnation. Why?

Answer. – Pale, so it is not visible. Friends, this is a very delicate moment, the greater among you the difference of the spiritual level, which will survive and that the soul, which you want to him to call upon, the greater the distance, the greater the need Lighthouse her to see where implemented, and the same way nor seen. It figuratively. Actually, this is one of the most closed. You have to understand – the fact that it is simply because, with jokes, rhymes, with anecdotes, with the memories of my life, I tell you this is very complex subject, does not mean that this issue is simple. Firstly, it is extremely difficult, and secondly, it is still closed. Parts of some public practices. Therefore, it’s not hold it against me, sometimes it is difficult here to say something like this here in the seminar. More questions.

Question Sergey Belov, he adds – it depends on us, if we are not mindful – we see less.

Question Alex, Astra Group. The purpose of the seminar – introduction to yoga dying, or have practice transfer? If it is, then why look for another transfer?

Vadim – Friends, let’s leave these questions yet. Are you going to die? Raise your hand who was going to die!

Vadim – again. Here there is a delicate area. Do not make me go to her.

Question. Anastasia Choline, a free listener. I would appreciate your confirmation or refutation of the information that exists on the subject of stay in the world of phenomena some souls called publicans, who extended the term of the boundary conditions, and they are due to their attachment to the people and to the ground, his place, they do not go anywhere. Arrive between earth and heaven. Does the place to be this or that region of mysticism?

Answer. Yes, not really smacks of mysticism, but I say the tax collectors do not particularly like it. Publicans, I remember those who collected taxes. That is, if it is a hint, which will get our ministry of taxes and fees, or what? I would not want it to be so. Yes, there are such cases, they are described in Indian texts, and many other cultures, when a long time people tied to any place, and now he can not, roughly speaking, to leave. Normally, in religious doctrines it is a very dangerous phenomenon. But as to whether if they spent more than say 49 days, it is likely, according to the logic of the Bardo, they have degenerated in such gloomy disembodied spirits. You know, a gigantic universe, a lot of nuances. Of course, may be the most-most incredible at first glance decomposed. But once again, my friends, everything about mysticism, it is, unfortunately, so it turns out, it is always weakens your mind. Now you begin to be afraid of ghosts, yes, or something else. No, all that weakens your mind – throw. That is, if there is information that can be put like that, that Ooh, God, a ghost. And it is possible and on the other hand to show that if there was some very subtle karma she must work, then it is entirely on the other side looks like, but how else? Well, if this was a subtle karma in one or another living being, if he had previously only mysticism and engaged himself voleizyavil rules of the game, then later, after the death gets there in the body, which he voleizyavil. Sam came up with themselves, they say, the world, respectively, and fell. And then he begins to deal with the subject, who has advised him to come up with such a world. And perhaps, too, he was very unhappy that he was forced to come up with such a world. It can get very sophisticated under the laws of karma, everything is transparent, clear principle – you reap what you sow, that you can imagine, and you will live. Then everything becomes clear. No fear, no potustoronschiny. If on the contrary, something mysterious, scary, it god knows the consequences. You yourself will begin to generate these monsters, well, in terms of what The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, remember, huh? You will begin to run from every shadow, and thus behave in life as if it were in fact, that is animate. Why do you need this? I think not. More questions.

Question Masha group Catur. What happens to people who have completed suicide?

Answer – This is a sad case. The most gloomy. Firstly, it is a very big folly. This nonsense pops up as soon as the man committed suicide. Prior to that, it seems that in some moments of life, and suddenly it turned out quite differently. And you suddenly realize that you have been foolish. Of course, there are moments of such complex. Let’s say you in the name of saving the motherland in the recess rushes, deliberate suicide, but it is not considered a suicide, you saved their family, their society. And to some extent it is your duty. At the beginning of the war, World War II, even a decree went through the army, prohibiting pilots perform aerial battering rams. From the very top, from Stalin, too frequent it was – guys, do you mean in general? Let’s really like something different! Why make such sacrifices? It is not always accompanied by a loss of ram. Therefore, suicide, friends, if someone is thinking of you, well, I do, after all, give yourself to experience. Suppose that you have some kind of a new vaccine against plague check. So at least die with advantage be at least some sense of your death. And just like that, just not reasonable.

Here’s what the thing. If a person commits suicide, he voleizyavlyaet in which the particular mode of consciousness to behave, I mean stupid suicide, and suicide is smart. You were captured, Malchish Kibalchish, evil burzhuiny you caught and began to torture. Come on, Malchish Kibalchish tell us some secrets, where there is what? And you realize that you can not stand and committed life samoubiystovm. Again, this is not a suicide, it is a duty. So you sacrificed their lives in the name of something. It is much worse when it’s all under the influence of some emotion. Clearly, all this is karmic. But it is the greatest folly, and it is believed that even the most difficult thing to pull lamas suicide. Can. But the worst case pull suicide, it is meant to help them make some big practice. Because people are not inclined to listen to anyone. You’re not establish communication with it. So let’s live fun. Any questions?

Question. Nikita Fidorischev, free listener. When we die, fall off the physical, then thin, then the causal body. The question then is how to karma? Is she or is associated with the causal body in the sense of how we can be born then? After all, we are born with karma, and if you fall off of the causal body of our self, then how karma come from?

Answer. We had a workshop even for yogis of overcoming death, on the site you can find there more detailed explanation of what is happening with your karma, where it is stored for as long as you are in a state of contemplation of his higher self, from where it then is taken, everything sufficiently clear, logical. You are, roughly speaking, leaving behind the seeds of karma, but then again, they put on themselves and embody already under the influence of the karma that was left in front of it. Roughly speaking, imagine if the higher self is a naked man, dressed in the sky, then you start to wear the clothes of karma. At the moment of death fold, fold, and at some point, in the buff in this top-clear light. And the clothes lying around. Here you do not recognize the clear light and start to come back, and roughly over her dress again, well, hard to have a physical body suit, although here again, zombies, say can. But that’s another conversation. More questions.

Question from the audience – Paul, it’s karmically conditioned thing, or is it a completely free choice of our higher self?

Answer. I do not know, maybe so, maybe so. I, for some reason it seems that all the misogynistic all in the next life are born women. Actually, I had a case, I have been an employee of one, and we had a project in one of the former small former Soviet republics. She, by the way, never been there, but she, for some reason hated this place. And the girl is very beautiful. She hated there at all, and the manners and customs and people, everything. And I ask, what do you do so? And she said – I probably, in a past life lived there. That is to me so it’s familiar, and disgusting. We’ll talk more about this. More questions.

Igor Ternovskiy, Samara city, Aster Group, I have a comment. I’ve a story remembered my grandfather on my block alive, and apparently he was very selfish tuned his whole life, well, that’s not enough good to bring people, and judging by his attitude – whether arguing with someone Toli still there that the he for many years, with serious health problems, and barely coming into the entrance of his wife, he begs his wife – well, kill me please, I can not longer suffer. So what is a comment – after the death of the suffering will be even stronger. Would not this be the impetus for self-realization. If we are free and not expressed their no enlightenment.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev – this is the problem of euthanasia. Should I help someone dies. The question is open, my friends, there are a million of any nuances, we are in the third part of our seminar just touch on this theory, in general, what death is, where it came from. If you understand the background of it all, you yourself have to decide in a particular case to respond to those or other things, indeed, sometimes death can, as mercy to come, but on the contrary, attempts to extend the life of it as an attempt to prolong the agony. On the other hand – well, who will take it upon myself to determine what is the case? There are a lot of nuances, in each case, as far as I can understand, it is necessary to understand. In each. They say – all is necessary – just that, and you want to die – everything! Or vice versa. That there are two extremes, and life is difficult. Let’s questions and make a break.

Question Andrew Catur group – I have a question about our friends the Indians and the children of Nigeria, if we do not leave offspring here, or relatives have left no offspring, we somehow are born in the above countries?

Answer – So still have to earn!

Andrew – I would like to ask a question, because the Hindus and the other guys own all lined up? We’re going to have to be in their place? And we do not have relationships to them.

The answer is – of course! No!

Andrew – if we do not strengthen your family, it is easier to be born to cats and dogs?

Answer. No, it can not be said. Look, yes, the majority of India’s population is living in appalling conditions, people, a third world country, actually. Poverty, hunger, poverty, lack of education, lack of culture. The same situation in Nigeria. However, despite the fact that they Nigerian or Indians, they have the body, the human body. And according to the Generic Yoga, and their bodies, and our bodies are, roughly speaking, from the same apes. That is, in a sense, we have common ancestors. Yes, we are now very different, may be cultural level, for some spiritual views, and so on with individual representatives of various nations. But the procedure is more valuable to be born in the body of every nation, race, no matter where he lived on earth, even if it is a tribe of headhunters, somewhere in the jungle, on the order of magnitude more valuable thing than to be born cats, dogs or others. There is a fundamental difference between the bodies. Here is a fundamental leap. Our bodies are given to us from our ancestors, they are perfect. Regardless, you are a Negro, the Chinese, or someone else. Another razgovoi that if in one place people congregate at a certain level of karmic ignorance, they begin to get in packs, where they are born the same people. The body is like a house. This is our home, they are actually identical. But only one love them in black paint, the other in yellow, one in red, one in white. And here is the owner, who lives there, according to their degree of ignorance, they are different, and therefore different in the interior.

And here’s the situation, it is usually a ghetto situation. If in one place the only one family lived in the house next door are the same, the same, the same, and that’s the whole quarters of the ghetto’s where a decent man, and is afraid to go. The same situation is with the people. But absolutely you can easily, for example, to be born, or are in the following we will yogas is to study, you can simply transfer your consciousness into another person’s body, such practices also exist in Tibetan yogis. And to live in it. And take advantage of all the wealth that gives the human body, because friends, the human body is too valuable gift. Passing through the evolution of cats and dogs are millions and billions of lives yet, and yet it is not clear what they will end. Even you remember how many people were twigs. There were also Neanderthals, who disappeared somewhere, there were still some sapiens. So, you know, if there is such a situation, it is to save people’s bodies, even the most backward tribe, it will remain a global cataclysm, it is a chance that through it all then born again. Well, after some time. But if they die, then all will be bad. You know, on the one hand any nationalism, but on the other hand also can not be reset from the accounts. Yes, in these countries, if you are born there or even what kind of yoga can be no question, sure.

Andrew – still remains a tendency, if the genus has stopped, we are more likely to be born to people of other nationalities in general? But the latter in their turn?

The answer is – Yes!

Andrew – If the queue is much easier in our dog, the cat?

The answer is – no! This is easier? According to their karma.

Andrew – if we are more spiritual, but they have relatives, they were the first?

A – Yes, but you see, in those countries where there is biomass, already there it came, that relatives decent left. There are already in these bodies are beginning to give birth anyone who is handy. Houses they build too much. Oh, no people, dogs and cats are beginning to live in them. Therefore, in this sense, your status as a former person is much higher than do not get someone out of the jungle. Even for them, you know? Moreover, we criticize here, and I want to say again, it is an axiom, the axiom of tough. Yoga does not recognize the division of people based on race, nationality, what you want featured. Our body, even from the genetic point of view, they are identical. All races. As it was at one time, such an attempt – well, this is China – supposedly they wanted to prove that all people as human beings, and they are some of the special apes. But then again, the latest evidence – DNA tests confirmed that it is not so. The common ancestor was. But on the other hand, the downside – if there is a human body, it does not mean that this person. This can be a soul of the animal. And, as a rule, if in one place the body of the man, the animal soul, immediately appear the same. And here we have a racial hostility. But this is not a matter of race, it is a question of those souls who are born. And it can not be discounted, yes it is. World complex structure. But in any case, even if one animal in the human body, it is in any case protects your body in case you absolutely bad will. Mankind has given a loan to dogs and cats live in the bodies of people, and it is very expensive, why, because the body is perfect and self-knowledge is faster at the same dogs and cats. This is a chance. Imagine you give everyone a chance to work on some super work. Even if you do not understand anything, after this work enormously expand your horizons, so will not be very foolishly done. Now we are waiting for the next challenge is when science invade biology, and begin serious ethical problems and others. When the monsters begin to do biological experiments, to be honest, quietly doing now. And then we must be very clearly and firmly answer the question – who is this man? And what ethical experiments, and which are not? Unfortunately, neither religion nor science to these questions are not responsible. These questions can be answered only Yoga, or rather the Vedas. But who reads them, who knows? This question is not funny.

Question from the audience. – Why talk about the bodies of dogs and cats, when a person has reached the human body is very hard to slide.

Answer – What makes you think that it is hard to slide? Friends, I have a known frequency drive through the roundabout past the railway station. I gave an example to you, that sometimes come into the store. Thresholds. On one side of the dog sleeping with other alcoholics. The bodies are different, the same soul. It is unclear whether it is the former soul of man, whether it is a dog’s future. Why do you think so? What voleizyavite is what will be.

Mark – I would like to recall that in the axioms is a factor, which many people are afraid of – a factor of karma. The axioms is such an important factor – What would be a difficult karmic situation may be, it is always a factor of free will is present. Remember this, there is a choice, or yoga would not work. Including Yoga dying.

Vadim – yes, yes, well done Mark.

Mark. The question is – in the Tibetan Book of the Dead says, and at the seminar – not really a man after use for the benefit of enlightenment moment of clear light, undergoing further moments Bardo. This is a factor that is said – If we, at any stage are able to recognize their own prana, or at the time kakih-to memories, cleanings or approximations to the new birth, we are able to go to enlightenment, if we recognize it as their potential as his prana. This is just O of yoga that Awakening is present (the potentiality of enlightenment), always and everywhere.

Vadim – At each point in space at any given time is enlightenment. If you are waiting for death, to illumine, you make a mistake. What will happen then – is not clear. All that will happen is, right now, right here. Use the right here right now. Mark, a very good point, well done.

Mark – would also like to hear the relationship between yoga sexual union and the process of dying.

Vadim – let’s take a break, and then start with the heavy theory and links between different types of yoga.


So, today, April 29, 2012. Is a seminar on Tibetan yogis, the third part of the seminar. We consider Yoga to overcome death, “6 Yogas of Naropa” Phowa practice, in particular. And now, to go to the practice and understanding of how things work and what to do if one of you decides to reopen this practice or, if you get into the field llama activities, and something you do not understand that you have enough axiomatic knowledge that we are going to consider that at least cause you concern.

Axioms and Tibetan yoga

Start at the beginning, where we all come from. We are living beings, humans, according to the axioms of yoga, our higher self was created Absolute. Absolute voleizyavil: “May I be many!”, And created in his image and likeness of the infinite number of living beings, separate Ya Absolute has created us in his image and likeness free. The concept of freedom, on the one hand, is the meaning of omnipotence. Indeed, if you are free, everything will be as you wish. This resulted in the fact that we have the original force called will power or will. Absolut made us free in every sense of the word, even free from the knowledge of what is the Absolute, and he created us because if he left it knowing that it would limit our freedom. What if we later voleizyavim not know any of the Absolute, as we are free, we have the right to do so, because of the factor of the original freedom.

We have a factor of primordial ignorance, that is, we do not have any predefined knowledge, theories, concepts, which could affect our will, and our will, in this sense, nothing is due, and is completely free. In order for this to be possible, the Absolute has not given us any predefined knowledge, and we are in the dark. Our existence in this universe is the same as the manifestation of the Absolute – namely, Sat-Chit-Ananda, that is, when we manifest in this universe, we demonstrate the ability of consciousness, that is, the ability to highlight anything, and thus receive all knowledge of what consciousness is directed. At our disposal was given to energy, that is, we can somehow influence on the phenomena which we displayed consciousness. Finally, we were given the Ananda, or our natural state of life in the manifested universe, namely, the state of supreme happiness, which does not need any support, and is itself a support for everything.

So, there were millions and millions of individual I am completely in the dark, with infinite will, power, happiness, but at the same time, these I did not suspect that they have limitless freedom, power, and happiness. And every single living being itself something comes up voleizyavlyalo, and it turned out that if the living entity is something voleizyavlyaet, the way it happens. Thus it was created the law of karma. Or we first think of something in their inner universe and, according to his notion, do we live in this universe. First of all, we come up with a variety of laws, and as soon invent themselves fall under them. Therefore, the law of karma – it is a consequence, on the one hand, the original freedom, on the other hand, the original ignorance, it is the law of cause and effect. To the extent that we use our will, and such manifestations, which we have called the Sat-Chit-Ananda or consciousness-energy bliss-or, in other words, it’s our only manifestation of our prana. So, we will use, will affect the prana, prana creates laws and our whole universe.

Next, we deal with voleizyavili like us and thus, we have the opportunity to come into contact with other living beings who voleizyavlyayut his personal universe. But every single creature in his personal universe – freely, but at the same time, the Absolute, the fact, when he said: “May I be many!”, Spawned Maya, or a layer between individual universes. This is a very interesting thing, which allows every living being, on the one hand, to be free and, on the other hand, to communicate with other living beings, as free, and allow it to influence your inner universe, to the extent in which the like, that is allowed into their inner world other living creature. As you can see, at this stage of creation there was no concept of death. You could stay indefinitely, ie voleizyavlyat laws, and to weave all the more complex structure of the world, interweaving it with the structure of the world of other living creatures. But then, like a spider who wove a very very complex and tangled web, we are entangled in the expression of the will of those that have done so. That is, due to the initial ignorance we voleizyavlyali variety of orders, our prana they worked, as those laws by which we are beginning to live. But they were chaotic and ill-considered. And, as a result, began to arise conflicting wishes, as a result of our will of steel to face their foreheads, and our prana after these conflicting expression of the will of steel to face their foreheads, and became herself to suppress themselves. From this arose a state of pain. If our original state of Ananda – a state of supreme joy and happiness, the result of this confusion, we have divided our Ananda like two halves of different expression, and forced them to face their foreheads. When the Prana began to face their foreheads, the feeling which is called pain, as well as our higher self to be no pre-knowledge, it is mistakenly considered themselves prana, and it turns out that if prana is pain, is a situation that I am beginning to suffer . I’m starting to consider myself Prana Prana is divided in half, bump heads, begin to compete in the most contradictory tendencies, which tear apart one self into two parts, that is trying to do something that can not be done, and it is perceived by us as pain.

As a result of this evolution of chaotic wills, our degree of pain began to increase and, thus, all our prana was involved in conflict situations, and the pain was growing, the greater the expression of the will – the more prana – the more conflict – the more pain. And so we are entangled until voleizyavili be able to start all over again. This fact is called – Death. This is when we actually destroy the associative links through which prana flows, so that it is not in conflict, and there was no pain. We retreated to the very first position when we have not yet voleizyavili nothing. So we came up with death, it is death – it’s only our notion. In the universe there is no death. This is in order to be able to neutralize the will, which in fact leads us to the terrible pain. It turned out, the more we voleizyavlyaem, the more overcome initial ignorance about themselves, and that a large amount of freedom we enjoy, and that we can extract more prana from it. But still we manage to direct the prana in the wrong way, as a result – we overcome internal ignorance, developing the will, increase prana but also the pain of this begins to increase sharply. And then we come up with voleizyavili death, each time to begin all over again. Therefore, the presence of death increases our freedom at this level of ignorance. Until that moment, when we came up with the death of our personal freedom it was less at the level of ignorance, than after we came up with death. Death – is a factor that increases our freedom, at our level of ignorance, that is – it is more profitable evolutionary path.

Another factor was the concept of Birthday. If there is a concept of death – that is, the notion of birth, that is, when we all start with a clean slate. Indeed, we have everything from scratch is, all except those previous trends that we previously voleizyavili in a previous life. That is, in any particular direction, we already have some experience and knowledge we drag into the next life, but without the specifics. As a result, we come to such a concept as a series of births and deaths, as evolution. And it goes two parallel paths: one part of it – is the time of life when we exercise and play with flows of prana and expression, and the other – when we overcome our original ignorance, and at least some self-awareness comes, so there is a physical evolution and a spiritual evolution.

Another absolutely brilliant notion was the idea that we helped someone born in this universe. That is, again, not to start from scratch, and a long, long way to go through this, and that once we started to the level that was most suitable for the previous life. And following our will was – to help each other to be born. This is when you, after a reset, you can inherit some level of realization, or some level bodies have reached a certain height. Thus, it is our will has given rise to what is called the ancestors, or a string that living creature helps another living being implemented after resetting a previous life. And now, we have such life forms as single-celled creatures that reproduce by dividing, and that’s a factor, when you help each other to come to life at this level of ignorance, gives you more freedom than if every time you start from scratch and adjusted to a certain level. That is, again, in terms of freedom – is a winning design. Since our very first ancestor was the Absolute, then all subsequent ancestors, help us to give birth to creatures with a certain level, play the role of the Absolute. Therefore, we have the following very important point, that, first, the role of ancestors for us – it is part of the Absolute, who created us, on the other hand, a factor that gives us more freedom, as well as the factor of death.

The next factor, over the evolution of some living things suddenly found out that if you follow the first principles of the universe, and occur in one life – in the direction of the principle of eternal modification, and in another life – emerge from a position of eternal immutability, or some creatures to show more energy position and other more with the consciousness of the position, there is the notion of male and female, or the division of living beings on the male and female gender. And if you have two living creatures that help you after the death incarnate in this world, and get the body to a higher level, your freedom from this increase. Again, the division of living beings into male and female – is more favorable in terms of design freedom than unisexual reproduction.

Finally, the next factor, if there is the concept of gender, there is a concept of mothers and fathers, ancestors already divided into men and women. But initially the concept of ancestral self – implied feature of the Absolute, it turned out that we have a mom and dad – is, in fact, the manifestation of the original Absolute, but tolkMark – I would like to recall that in the axioms is a factor, which many people are afraid of – a factor of karma. The axioms is such an important factor – What would be a difficult karmic situation may be, it is always a factor of free will is present. Remember this, there is a choice, or yoga would not work. Including Yoga dying. a male or female incarnation. And we, as born from our mothers and fathers, that is, the Absolute, we also have one or the other sex. And in order to compensate for the imbalance of the body to one side at the time of entry into this world, we begin to perceive the whole surrounding universe through the opposite sex. That is, we are more inclined to perceive the universe through the opposite sex, as long as we find ourselves partners who will embody the entire surrounding universe, and by which we will be able to become a mother or dad. Thus, this construction gives greater freedom for the same level of ignorance. That is, the structure – harder and harder, but the degree of freedom – more and more, and ignorance – as it was on some level, and on the left. And if it is reduced, it is not as hard as freedom increases.

The next moment, as soon as we are born of either sex, and we are looking for a partner of the opposite sex, we are in fact looking for the Absolute itself, we can start with someone in the relationship, to allow the new born or incarnated living beings. Thus, we come to the concept of family. What about the process of realization of a living being in this universe? So we have this living being to provide a ready-made expression, part of which is taken from his mother and a part from the pope to a living being picked up this expression, and it was developed to the level that we presented to him. And as a living being voleizyavlyalo before this all started with a clean slate, then at the time of the death of a living being it is raised to the level closest to the original Absolute, who created it. And then, it is a living creature is looking somewhere in the universe of their future mom and dad that connect the mind and the energy and experience the original Ananda. The joy and the light of consciousness, energy and Ananda indicate this fact, which to be born to him. That is, as a beacon indicates where the ship to sail, or aircraft fly at this point the connection of male and female, and when the male and female on the one hand, gives some of its manifestations, and on the other hand, feels Anand, and this interaction we call sex, from which children are born.

So, at every sexual union are two processes that are very intertwined, and, at first glance, do not differ from each other. First – this is the process of connecting the male and female, of consciousness and energy, and thus there is the original manifestation of prana, Ananda, or different sexual pleasure. From this it follows that our sexual pleasure closest to our original enjoyment, that is, to our natural state of grandeur manifestation of our freedom. This implies the following factor, that our sex – this is actually a manifestation of our original freedom expressed through the manifestation of our original energy, consciousness, Ananda, joy and happiness. But at the same time, another part of our displays, if it somehow be spent, it seems to be transferred from us to our posterity, and the loss is quite sensitive to the living being. And if there is a loss of pleasure, and a large part of the energy and consciousness on the part of the parents, it is called sex losses. If there is a delight, and the channel of interaction of consciousness and energy, but there is no loss from mum and dad – it is called sex without loss. To the new born soul – need sex with a loss, so it is justifiable activity, and we have sex, we experience the joy and happiness, and at the same time part of our potential, of course, spend money. This potential, which we are spending on the continuation of the species, it is not infinite, it is determined by the degree of our self-awareness, or the degree of our ignorance, as well as the degree of self-awareness is small, and the degree of ignorance is large, and we have quite a limited capacity to engage in sex with a loss. Of course, in the early stages of life is a living being does not yet possess the mind, every activity, connection mom and dad in the sexual union, automatically leads to sex with losses. But it turns out that some losses are souls who want to incarnate, and others not. So we advance lose more than we can give birth to living beings. And this life – the life of an animal that has not developed the mind, where every sexual encounter gives the original pleasure, forms a channel in the higher spheres, in which the soul of the future of the living entity comes to the place where Mom and Dad are having sex, and he ends up losing. That is, when mom and dad are providing the small house in which infuses the soul that came through the channel from the Absolute, the house mom and dad.

And as soon as we are reasonable people, we can voleizyavit in his universe smarter laws, namely, to be able to have sex without a loss. That is, if we are so over-spends on sex, and this is not the offspring, then why spend money only when we know exactly what it is we get offspring. That is, as a result, comes to such a thing – like chastity, namely nerazbrasyvanie this sacred potential continuation of life in vain. At the same time, to keep the part that goes to the continuation of the species, it was found out the next thing that we need to make maximum use of the pleasure which itself arises from the sexual union. That is, the more we choose the pleasure of sex, and the more jealously guarded by the loss of the other part, which is necessary for procreation, the easier it is to us, first, to preserve this potential and, oddly enough, the faster we start to overcome their own ignorance.

So here comes the next stage of evolution, is already available and only yogis Yogi who says the following: the right having sex without a loss – your spiritual evolution begins to accelerate extremely quickly. That is, your original ignorance begins to decrease rapidly, you are more self-aware yourself, you have more prana, greater power, and, accordingly, you may no longer be given to the part that can lose to the birth of children. This is the general line of evolution, which is probably waiting for all mankind in the near future – is the ability to have sex without a loss, and very well with their sexuality. According to maximum use anything that gives pleasure, spiritual growth, and minimize waste that goes to the birth of children. If you unknowingly spend the part that goes to the continuation of the species, then at a given level of your ignorance, you are closer to your personal death.

Therefore, you should be aware that all yoga birth, death and sex in fact – three faces of the same reality and, moreover, if you have succeeded in yogis who used sex, you become more prepared for death, and a more natural way can make all yoga dying. If on the contrary, you are driving unchaste lifestyle, and by his folly with pleasure spend the part that goes to the continuation of life, then you bring yourself to death. Therefore, if you succeed in sexual yogas, in our tradition, they are called the Triad Yoga, Yoga Love Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga, then you automatically pereotkroete all yoga dying, there is no one without the other. That is, the nature of the same, the same channel. So I started with a seminar appeals to you, do not rush to die – sex is better to be engaged correctly and you nicer, and all others benefit more and in the end, better prepare for death.

Next time, from a practical point of view, it all comes down to the way how to chastity, or how to prevent the loss of one or the other, which is the continuation of life. In our first workshop in a series of Tibetan yogi we touched Yoga Tumo and explanations were that the whole point of this yoga – based on work with sexuality, if you have an excess of sexuality – you will have a Yoga Tumo. The next seminar concerning the yoga of clear light, had the same theme, if using awareness of their sexuality, you are it is reserved the blackness, you will easily achieve a state of clear light in the transitional moments: the change of waking and sleeping dreams, dreaming and sleep without dreams. And at the moment of actual death, and between these states have the ability to look into the crack of reality, that is, to see the support of life, which appears automatically when you die.

It turns out that if you blyuli chastity, you can in life to practice yoga of clear light, and get used to this state of clear light, and at the moment when you will die, you will recognize the clear light that arises when you die. You are more likely to take advantage of the practice of dying associated with clear light. If you have not taken advantage of the practice of yoga of clear light, but you have a guide, by the way what processes occur within a person at the time of death, you can use the quick method of Phowa, and quickly transfer your consciousness. Phowa entirely based on a deep knowledge of the properties of our physical body, namely, that the base of the body – is the original energy and the crown – the original consciousness, they are connected to a central channel. When the central channel begins to work, energy and consciousness interact, these processes also occur and when we have sex, so recognize the clear light of the practice of Tibetan yogi can also, if you are in the right way having sex with your partner. These practices greatly increase the awareness that such a clear light. On the other hand, when you have sex, you experience sexual pleasure, you will awaken those structures that are also engaged in the moment of death, namely, the initial energy, consciousness and the center channel.

Therefore approach the dying yoga can be through sexual practices, as well as the clear light yoga, Yoga Tumo. There are a bunch of unique yogi, but to practice sexual practices you can only if you chastity. And there is a very serious issue, and how chastity? And then closed enough knowledge that still Tibetan lamas are in no hurry to publish. These practices they have, but detailed descriptions are not given, are only general guidelines. Lama recognize that they have a method Sutras, Tantras method, and sexual practices are used in the methods of tantra, but a detailed explanation is not made public. I think it raises a very serious loss of Tibetan yogi risks. In the narrow circles Lama, certainly knows it, and practice, and have very clear instructions, but it is not made public and without this knowledge – all the others in the construction of “6 Yogas of Naropa” unsustainable. If they are to live, the only hope thanks to the Guru, on the continuity of the line, on the line of blessing and highest abuse such subtle forces, so necessary for the ordinary people who wasted on sex losses, is not correct. That is why we see that quite a number of people are turning to search to the lamas of these or other practices, chat in their field of action, sometimes for several years, and moving away. In fact, of course, is the problem of Tantric Buddhism, but you remember that Tibetan yoga as well as Indian, it is the heritage of humanity, without it, we will all be very poor in spiritual terms. It is for this reason that I actively took up yoga Triad propaganda to present the knowledge I possess, so that you know what to look for, so if you do not practice, or at least know what to look for.

We return to the links between sexual yogis, yogis yogis dying and birth, they are all very tightly bound, in particular the practice of sexual yogas with yogis birth. If you are properly engaged in sexual practices, you have a possibility to help other living beings, incarnate in this world with the least difficulty. Or, otherwise, you have a capacity to help other couples, the highest invite their ancestors, who are yogis – Teachers of humanity to come to their family, as children – Teachers of humanity. It is clear that for them will come those Teachers who are connected to them by ancestral line, in the first place-but to illuminate the way for ancestors to these descendants are other couples who practice correct sexual practices. This topic is sacred, and closed, as it is very delicate. For this reason, you should understand that such practices yoga of clear light, Phowa built on a fairly detailed knowledge of the human body of the device. And you can get closer to the realization of the same through sexual practices, or in another way, you do not have to die to while still alive to feel about what will happen after death, as the nature of the phenomenon is the same.

Accordingly, through sexual practices, you will be better prepared, but usually boil down to questions of immediate exercises that are quite complex. They boil down to learn how to have sex without a loss in order to use the maximum pleasure from sex, to the maximum use of the potential interaction between men and women, but at the same time piously observe the small part that unknowingly lost during sex with losses. And here we come to the concept of point of yoga, which is in some ways equivalent to the concept of the channel between the upper-limit and our material, that is – it is a yoga class where you use the principle, where afford and where force myself, and feel for a bunch, where enjoyment is connected with that part of that is lost. If you begin to imitate the sexual practices, but at the same time they become sex with losses, then nothing good of your practice does not work, that is, if you lose, you will tend to fall back on spirituality on and on. So it makes sense if you want to learn yoga dying, analyze their lives for what the sex life you lead, or lead, and try to reasonably balance all these factors. This does not mean that you have to keep only sex without a loss, it will not work, we need many years of training, but also, on the other hand, when you realize that there is no need to spend money, you’re not going to spend money, and will accumulate the necessary capacity. Here is a rather complicated theory about it is necessary to reflect, here all depends on the concept of freedom and original creations. I recall the death of a factor – it is not a negative factor, this is an extremely positive factor! This is a factor that increases our freedom, if it is, at this level of ignorance, then your freedom is more than a factor without death.

The continuation of this topic is in the following yogas – the so-called Yoga Immortality. We know of the many treatises that there are yogis who can indefinitely prolong their existence, their lives in the human body. It is also quite closed yoga, and they are also very tightly linked to the sexual yogas. That is, you will bypass the question of sex, from any side, if you are trying to implement rapid methods of yoga, the yoga of immortality. All of them are built on to use this bundle, that death – is to increase your freedom, for a given level of ignorance, and if you start to dramatically reduce the level of ignorance, then you is less and less need to factor in the death, as it will not pain factor. Factor’s death – a continuation of the factor of suffering and death in the long run – it is freedom from suffering. If you have a smaller initial ignorance, wrong expression, when you encounter prana heads together, then there will be less pain, and less will need a factor of death. The less ignorance – the easier it is to prolong life, the less the need factor of death, and you will automatically open up the ability to extend the life. You begin to understand how the mechanism of self-destruction was done, that you have come up with many millions of lifetimes ago. And finally, if you completely overcome your ignorance, you do not need a factor of death. You can reach a state of absolute immortality, which means you can live indefinitely in this universe, in whatever form and in whatever body.

It turns out that the human body is very important for us, it allows us to reduce our ignorance and is fast approaching the status of immortality. If you were born in other worlds, there is no time to engage in self-knowledge and the elimination of ignorance, respectively, you do not approach to immortality. In the state, when you are completely overcome their ignorance, you become aware of yourself and realize that death at all, in principle, was not. It was invented by you, now that you understand that it is not needed, and you liquidate it.

It is quite possible, but all living beings who reach a state of overcoming death, or completely overcome all ignorance, they tend to go out of this universe, they have nothing to do here. But from time to time, they still come back to this universe to teach those who have stayed here. They again voleizyavlyayut take a little bit of maya, and be born as an ordinary child, and then to live exemplary lives, to become a great teacher, and show the rest of the way, and then walk away from this world. And away they can in different ways: someone died as an ordinary person, and he was cremated, someone, especially in Tibet, very fond dissolve into a rainbow when the teacher comes into the cave, closed entrance, he meditates, and then most colorful svetopredstavlenie over this cave, and the cave is empty, may be only the hair. Padmasambhava went to the lake on foot, went to the middle, and also dissolved in the rainbow. Sometimes the great Masters, who came into this life and attained within this life of heights, defiantly lived his life, and make a show of his death, to give a boost to other living beings, who are still in the dark and in need of training. Therefore dying yoga, yoga birthday, birth yoga, yoga sex, triad or love, or Union, as well as the yoga of immortality – this is in fact a single yoga is a few facets of the whole, and if you succeed in chem-to one – you will automatically You will succeed in all the others.

Questions and answers

Q: In the book “6 Yogas of Naropa” says that as the clear light can be recognized at the moment of falling asleep, or during Yoga Nidra. This is the same, the channel clear light that we can recognize when having sex, and in the dying moment, it can be practiced in the time of sleeping, and if we learn to recognize it at the time of sleep, then we will be able to recognize it and at the moment of death?

Answer: Yes, the procedure will be easier to recognize the clear light, if you do some practice during the night in the Yoga Union, and then around you a clear light in the waking state, and when thou liest down, he felt an order of magnitude stronger.

Q: And why doctors are so jealous of the time nerastrachivaniya their sexual energy, they say you can not hold back the orgasm, the doctors are convinced that it is harmful, is it possible to comment on that, of course, of course, that medicine for many looking skeptical?

Answer: Actually, for medical great future, in the future, there will be some synthesis between Yoga and medicine, and we get something completely spiritual. Medicine was formed under the influence of the industrial revolution and the victory of materialism, it has developed relevant to the person as a complex machine, and not as something spiritual. In its own way, this is a good approach, he completely denies all obscurantism, and thus honor and praise to physicians, they are very necessary to the universe. But another story that this topic is, first, has not been investigated, and secondly, this topic is quite delicate. I do not know what prejudice against doctors. Just you have the opportunity once to have sex harmoniously and, if and to have a loss, within a reasonable period of time, rather than as it is now often made when starting to brag about how many times during the night he had sex, and it is estimated than more all the better. It is a young and a little closer to old age, then in general can be a big problem, so the question should be more substantive. I do not know, which is opposed by doctors, most likely, they simply do not know the practices that have in the arsenal of yoga sex without loss. Maybe it is connected with Taoist practices, so difficult for me to comment on that, you have to remember that this is not extremism, it is not self-mutilation, all very carefully and gradually.

Q: Triad best practices voleizyavlyat that was to help everyone who wants to help children or teachers?

Answer: You know, you do not need the biomass, well, is usually the politician, and says: “… we have increased the birth rate on so much interest …!”, And I want to ask, and what came souls of those who were shot, maniacs, the killers? If such souls – that is an increase in the birth rate is questionable. If on the contrary, are born highly spiritual, advanced souls – it is quite another matter. We do not have any cost of population growth, which at all costs necessary to produce and produce, we are in biomass to develop, as a third world country. There is a nice mix between the amount and the way of life, which you can give to your children so they did not go dirty, hungry, abandoned, as in African countries. A highly spiritual soul, even though you can illuminate the road, but it is the fact, and highly spiritual that first look, but where the actual invite. When all is dark – even the look will not be when the highlight – then still look. You can not force, the soul is free, you can someone come karmically caused, according to both positive and negative karma. It’s a question of your fundamental understanding what is happening in the universe, in the realization of the Absolute, in the realization of free souls. The generic yoga, if you came to the kids, consider that they are teachers, do one of the Masters, and because teachers do not themselves have formed, they are also passed this way, therefore, relevant to each child who came to be a teacher.

Question: You said that Phowa practice, every past must vow that he would not come out of this world as long as at least some soul needs it, so you can never come out?

Answer: Yes, our Buddhist friends this question explain not as active, and it scares many. This is a complete analogue of the third principle. Absolutely right, if you say that you are not enlightened as long as not all are enlightened, this is an incorrect statement of the problem. What if some of the souls voleizyavit never enlightens the soul free, has a right not to enlighten, to Absolut gave her a kind of freedom, and now you’re waiting for, well, when did you … I was detained … It’s just not the right translation, complete the analogy: as long as at least someone needs to have. Believe beings who voleizyavlyayut enlightenment voleizyavlyayut freedom from suffering, and you are asked about it, a very limited degree of your karmic connection with him, and it’s not the whole universe. Enough or not enough of these souls, too, the question may be, it is generally only one soul. Moreover, it comes to anecdotal cases: Teacher was born and saw that he could not teach anyone anything. Here I invite all to learn, and that is not particularly come. And he thinks, and what he was born here, no use to anyone, and anyone can help, and practice can not, because you need to practice with their own kind, and where do we get their own kind? And here he lived, lived, and then, if it does not need, it dissolves and leaves. In fact, you illumines his entire personal universe, and you can not impose other personal universe nothing.

Q: Men are told that if they will not have losses, then later they all hurt, if it’s true?

Answer: Do not want to be responsible for the men, you know, they’re just people, watch out men, they also have the right to live as they want. If they voleizyavlyayut sex so or so, and you with her some theories. The question of loss and separation absolutely not obvious, it is not confined to the loss of semen in men, it would be very easy, but it is much more difficult. Some factors that approach, including the early stages of your training, including in respect of such physiological manifestations as man loses sperm or not. If your channels and centers are not prepared and you’re pumping a body of energy, and the channels are clogged, of course, you begin to inflate. Another conversation, if the channels are clean, then you are a continuous sublimation, and there is another effect. Here for example, you lose the seed by accident or even as in any way, then you have a negative, because you feel that some component of the higher spirituality, you irrevocably lost. She did not go on having children, but went nowhere, and then drained, and therefore to this man of very harmoniously comes slowly, at its own speed, without violence. And then the reverse situation, the girls begin to complex about this, here too there is quite a serious conflict if a male practitioner lives with an ordinary girl, and she did not know, she begins to suspect that he did not love her, and there are real Problems. Faced with such incidents, then follows a long explanation of the woman, that on the contrary, he loves you very much and, on the other hand, it accumulates the potential for you the same, and for future children. Yogini took up his men and very guarded in this respect, this is all very nice and natural. This physiological aspects, which we have already started to discuss, but the men are not particularly interested in this topic, especially to teach a certain, more interested in football or foreign cars, and women do not. But you can not make, as there is – and good, mature slowly, but surely, come to what we should and should not be violence.

Question: “6 Yogas of Naropa” are different practices and visualization, such as the Buddha blue, skull, blood, with rosary .. are frightening, I visualize such images unpleasant, if I could replace him at some other?

Answer: Question and simple and complex. Simple is that you realize that this is an associative tool to work with your feelings, and there can not be forced. Refer to the Indian tradition, there is not the Buddha, though what a difference. But if in a given school has come a transmission line, they fear there is any change shtrishok, any letter. Sometimes these texts become completely unintelligible to the passage of time, but they can not change, visualizing what she got from those times, but are afraid of me, and suddenly the school disappeared blessing.

Question: Channel children’s birth and death, in the sense of visualization, identical? Equally look, and as equally as visualize them?

Answer: They do not look the same. What is a channel? This is something that connects the two different levels of being, that is grossly material, and beyond, where there is no space and time. Imagine a geometric figure that would put it together, too heavy … You do not cling to the words, it is given to all to understand the meaning of, and presentation which you will, it is a different story.



Thus, the practice of Phowa. Practice Phowa given, as a rule, many followers for the fact that if they do not succeed in this life is to reach higher states to reserve parachute was at the time of death. This practice is carried out with the appropriate visualization and constructions, and at the end of practice should be some signs, which are divided into external and internal. The most interesting to you, it is, of course, external signs, which are manifested in the fact that after this practice in the crown of your head begins to form a place in the heart, which begins very much felt like a small wound, and then out of it can stand a drop of yellowish liquid, such as lymph, or a drop of blood. In ancient times, it argued that if long practice Phowa, then formed in the crown of the head is big enough hole is so big that it was possible to insert a straw. The practice consisted of two parts, it is actually, while you are still alive and well, you are under the guidance of Lama started to do some visualization exercises, and thus made them a certain amount of time. If supervised llamas, which had sent a blessing and school line, the practice lasts from one to three days, two weeks, independently if it is not its implementation leaves two – three years. Factor presence of the Master – incredibly speeds up the process, and you get the results faster. So, there is a preliminary part, when you are preparing with life, and then the practical part, when you have died and become aware of their death. You start to realize this practice, do everything exactly the same way as in training during his lifetime, but all the processes will be much stronger, more powerful, or otherwise heavily in training fight easy. There are routine and visualization exercises that you have to remember a lot of visualization practice. In various Tibetan schools are different images, different visualization, different designs, different mantras, sometimes significantly different from each other. Examples: You can read a description of transfer practices of consciousness in the book Eventa Crown “6 Yogas of Naropa”, in this practice, there is clearly a preferred direction towards the top of the head, this is one of the most important parts of this practice, it is through the crown of the head it is necessary to withdraw his consciousness, reverse this process to your entry into the world; another description of this same practice of Tilopa; or a description of the auxiliary methods of yoga of the mind transfer.

Such visualization of images can be a lot, in different traditions, different schools. In particular, a very popular and common visualization, you should visualize yourself yourself Vajra dakini. That is sixteen naked, beautiful girl, blank inside, red color, with three eyes, with certain described decorations (you can find the appropriate iconography taste of Tibetan followers on the female body, for a European somewhat differently would look beautiful sixteen year old girl). So, in one hand she holds a bowl made from a skull filled with an elixir, in the other hand holding a knife, chopping attachments, and visualize yourself a Vajra dakini. And it is not obvious for men or for men and women at the same time? Usually texts were written mostly for men.

Visualize the center channel, and then a very good agreement with the general yogic symbolism that the center channel should be visualized as an empty line cerulean tube, thick as a finger, which starts four fingers below the navel, and ends at the top of the head, where it goes open up. Curious these four fingers if you visualize yourself a girl, then four fingers below the navel is the queen, so there is a peg to the imaging device of the female body, as if visualizing himself as a man, what part of you represent? If you meditate, then men too have a uterus who are not aware of the physiological unit, every man has rudimentnaya uterus, it is small, the length of her about one centimeter, it is located in the prostate. Based on this logic, is the man the center channel must go deeper to the base body. And in other sermons, where you have to yourself to visualize not a woman, a man, it is said that the central channel of the body of the base to the top of the head, but the question is not even that these details are left only in the required minimum, which are absolutely necessary for the practice of Phowa .

All superfluous details are usually not preserved in the Tibetan tradition, was the ultimate low. Now, visualize yourself Vajra Dakini then visualize how your mind and your breath is therefore in the center of the chest, and pronounced the mantra “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim …” and note with the “Hick” mantra seems to him from the heart center It rises through the central channel, and jumps up through the crown of the head. However, different schools, different details, sometimes imagine that they dissolve and disappear in space. Sometimes are more concrete visualization, visualize your Lama, who sits on you at arm’s length, and imagine how this conglomerate of consciousness and energy jumps out at you from the top of the head and into the heart of your Lama. Lama as a repeater, the intermediate station to the Pure Land. Sometimes it does not, and you are together with the mantra “Hick” instantly find yourself in the Pure Land.

A variety of exercises are given, but in all cases Phowa there are common elements that must be explained from the perspective of the axioms of yoga, then it will be clear that combines the different meditation and what divides us. The first – a state of chastity, which means you sexually Do not waste yourself on trifles, and if you’re a man, then to neutralize or counterbalance their sexuality were instructed to visualize yourself girl, to compensate for extremes. It is logical to assume that for the girl on the contrary, even in texts about it does not say anything. At the bottom of the body to be our single energy, it is the energy of Kundalini in the head to be a manifestation of our consciousness, the light of consciousness – Chit, they connected the central canal, this sky-blue tube, empty, illuminated, direct, outside of space and time. At the moment of death is the moment of the reverse embodiment, the energy awakens and begins to absorb all the fine elements of which principles were made. And this general tradition that usually visualized awakened energy as a red ball or fire, or area. And this fire area begins to rise, and consequently consciousness is also beginning to meet. And consciousness is represented as the white point. Red dot – is the female energy principle of “Shakti”, white – it is the male principle “bindu” of consciousness, they are at the time of death are starting to go towards each other and are connected to the original prana. The original Prana, usually a center channel appears as a small ball of sky-blue color. Then the unstable ball, this is your last breath in a very unstable state, where he was a little bit to the right, there he goes. What a thought, desire, fear manifested – so he will leave your body in the area and fly away. Accordingly, where the manifestation of your will fly there and fly associative connection, there will be born.

To display your prana in the right area, you render sky blue ball (in some schools, for some reason, the green ball). It is important that you feel that your breathing, your mind, and your energy is gathered in your heart center, and are ready to jump. You begin to chant “Hrim Hrim Hrim …” visualizing that consciousness and energy (white and red ball) are connected to the heart center (in a sky-blue ball). And as soon as they are connected, you are cutting the mantra “Hick” imagine that you throw away like the central channel from the crown of the head, this ball up, and he moved in the highest realm of pure country, and you find yourself there. Sometimes, it may be a series of red ball hits the blue, blue strikes and white, and white flies. It seems that we are in one image are made, like, when we die must be the same processes, but why in different schools so different meditation, and visualization, and mantra. Apparently, these are the rules of associative links, that would be easier to focus, so it worked at all.

As for the practice, I can not give the Tibetan version of Phowa, I’ll practice, which is in the tradition of our school, and we are more free. It all starts with the practice of chastity, it is assumed that you have a very strong erotic potential, since you’re doing yoga, led the right way of life, and not wasted on sex losses. You bursting with sexual exaltation, and in the future it is necessary to keep, and you do not give her a break, as any person of the opposite sex can not help attracting your sexuality outside, but you have to sublimate it into the inner spirituality. Well, when your sexuality is pulled outward, to the partner when you are engaged in sexual practices Union, but at the moment, when you are going to die, not to the partners, and therefore there is a visualization:

1. Sit upright, straighten the back, neck, head

2. Practice rapid method begins by creating a protective field, it is highly desirable to create a triple.

3. We appeal to the Masters and to the highest ancestor, who is now at the highest stage, that is, all the highest Master, located in the cleanest countries, are no different from our ancestors. It is advisable to call upon the ancestors and ask them for help, ask for the right things, for the correction of errors.

4. Present Teachers of shining, and shining upon them the Absolute, that is our problem immediately climb to the highest spiritual level.

5. In the future, appropriate meditation Vajra Dakini, a rather ferocious appearance, bones, skull with the elixir, and a knife, is the personification of the dark side of force feedback, on the one hand, the appalling, frightening, and on the other hand, you have to understand, that the reverse side is ignorance. Similarly, most can also be different attributes can. In fact, the image of Vajra Dakini or female principle of Shakti in fierce form, it is common yogic principle of rapid methods, you can find a description of the details related to Tibetan yogis, the same beautiful sixteen year old angry woman, if you’re a man, and therefore angry subsistence men if you’re a girl, to balance your sexuality.

6. In the center – the central channel of sky-blue color, empty inside, in the thumb thick, can be a little less, a little more, which is impossible. Maybe set of attributes around, but now – the basic scheme, only the most necessary.

7. You start to myself chanting “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim, …”, presenting as a red dot, or a small ball and feel like a red ball rises from the base of your body, and the white ball, or Bindu point, descends through the central channel in the heart center. You repeat, and see how they approach each other, and connected to the heart center, and when they came together, they merge into a single blue bead

8. Once they are merged into a single blue ball, you say quite sharply, with an exhalation, the mantra “Hick” and feel as he goes up to the top of the head, and pulled up to Brahma escapes and disappears in the luminous abode of our

9. Then, after a while you suddenly realize again that the red and white balls in their places. Once again you connect them with the mantra “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim …” and Munro “Hick” throw. it is common tantric tradition. It’s just finding practice, I refer you to the Tibetan yogis, here is the practice – a variant of awakening the Kundalini energy.


Questions and answers

Question: “Hick” moment, we should dissolve a ball?

Answer: No, the ball as it is thrown from the top of the head.

Question: We need to identify with this ball, so as not to lose a body?

not hear anything … All your prana, which served the actions of your bodies will be collected into a single whole, a single principle of energy and consciousness. Your prana comes to you inexplicably, stratified, part of the consciousness – to a greater extent in the crown of the head, part of the energy – more in the bottom of the body. But then you die first, is all converge, converge, collapses, then it should be sent to your Higher Self as you begin If output of other chakras, in the center channel, and you find yourself in the corresponding worlds. It is known that sometimes yoga withdrawn his consciousness at the moment of death through the third eye, as it were gathered, and jumped. You represent that you have gathered, have been drawn, they turned to the last breath, hands and feet, as it were not, and through the top of the head sharply jumped somewhere very high. This is the technical side of the practice, of course, there are more non-verbal side, feel the Absolute, the ancestors of the top of the head, and the other side to seek, and to merge with it. You as if yanked in the right direction in this material world through a completely empty central channel. If through the left or right channel – then leave to one side.

Question: Boost does not involve any excessive force or laxity?

Answer: Yes, you have the will, that it took shape, need such a mantra, but you do not have it regarded as dedication. I give them to you in a familiarization character. If you want to get them – it should be done accordingly, otherwise I will not intrude in your area.

Now you even approximately imagine how these practices are built, but the most important thing here is, of course, directly receive empowerments from Lama, Guru. If you are going to rediscover yoga dying, part yogi still have to rediscover such a bunch as the transference of consciousness into another body, then do not find any instructions and practice which I gave you – it is universal, here you are yourself pull here it is possible to throw an association to another body.

Q: And this is another body or teachers must be represented as a kind of superior quality, which we would like to have?

Answer: Sometimes some practices not necessarily visualize yourself of the opposite sex, and you visualize yourself to be what it is, that is, male or female, in the sense that you really see yourself as a perfect manifestation of the Absolute in male or female form with the central channel. Above the top of the head, you see the Absolute in the form of his partner, that is, you visualize the image that came to you in the image of the partner of your dreams. This visualization of yoga, and you visualize how the girl or boy of your dreams, but in fact the Absolute, the Universe itself. After that, everything is the same, but it’s easier, you with the mantra “Hrim, Hrim, Hrim …” collect all the Prana in the heart center, and then with the mantra “Hick” move to the heart center of your partner, and dissolved therein. You, being a man, merge with his wife through the heart center, and vice versa. This is a particular practice, in the sense that it is easier to work with the visualization image, ie to ask the Absolute, that he may come to you in the usual manner, and pulled you in the moment of death. There is also an option, but all options are many.

If we are talking about a Tibetan yoga practice Phowa, there something like this: you arrive at a certain time and start practicing a few days, to as long as one does not happen outward sign and two internal mark. Appearance – is when the crown of the head acts as a drop of blood, or this place somehow manifested, and internal signs – you somehow life begins to change, the internal perception is changing, and it is believed that if there are three of these signs – that all went well . Only there is a recommendation: from time to time to repeat these practices, to strengthen the associative link, and when you die, you are using this practice directly, that is, first prepare and then live a normal life, and then at the time of death, use practice.

Question: Two three days is really enough?

Here you will encounter a mental wall between east and west. You do not understand what the Guru, he with his presence accelerates all processes, you can be in another room, and do nothing, it’s almost magic, it sverhlogika this momentum blessing from Master to disciple. Just be there, if a person takes possession of their own, he has a right, it takes two or three years, and everyday practice. There is a very big difference, there are a number of teacher or not. It is very important personal presence.

Question: Phowa uses death factor for achieving the ultimate goal?

A: No, to achieve a clean country, it is the intermediate level, from which you can make the last push up or down again, finding the human body.

Q. And this practice in good health, can I get your prana and consciously die from normal body?

Answer: The last six yoga of “6 Yogas of Naropa,” Yoga is the transfer of consciousness into another person’s body, it is when you use the same methods, but even increasing their respective preparatory techniques and mantras, etc. But the basic rests on the fact that I have already said, and this practice can be used to pull his prana from his body, and put into another body, or placed in the body, and you are aware of yourself in the body of a deceased person and relive it. Moreover, in the east go are numerous mystical stories about that among the Brahmins have twice born, when the aging Brahman still have to live, he can pull his prana, and put into another body, you are like one body moving to another . There are practices for the time when you can get into another body and come out, but in all the books ever tells the story that supposedly this practice gives plenty of opportunities for abuse, and she allegedly allowed to be lost. In one of the groups I talked about another application of this practice, when yogis changed bodies to practice with each other’s wives February 25

Question: And if we want to help someone you know, and in general, how can we help the dying people of this practice?

That is, if a person dies, which during the life you had an affair, then you come to him, as it were in telepathic contact and visualize the whole process. You visualize yourself Vajra Dakini his Vajra Dakini … on the principle of Nyasa yoga, when you’re doing the other – you do yourself, but here – on the contrary, when you do yourself – are you doing differently. The only warning, one who does Phowa should not pull out your mind, and should visualize the consciousness of the one who died – jumped. It is believed that if the frequent use of this practice, it is very quickly getting old, because it is very big load, you go in the mind and forget about the body, and to compensate for this imbalance to “return” the body needs a lot of strength.

Question: Those who will be the practice of Phowa, can meditate on the more familiar images, or not at all impossible to move away from the image offered by this practice?

A: Meditate so as they say, there is no difference, all united, all from the Vedas. In real life, I would like to see you engaged in sexual yogis, not preparing for death. If it dies kto-to of your loved ones, it would be if it in the Pure country or not, it is again desirable to get the body of man, and it is desirable to convert it into practice aid of birth of children, to turn our world into a clean country, it is better to concentrate on that their efforts. If you live in a state of Rita, there is no need to worry about death.

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