2012.07.29 Seminar. Six Yogas of Naropa. Yoga dreams.

So, today, July 29, 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This seminar MOYU. The theme of the seminar – Tibetan Yoga, “6 Yogas of Naropa”. Dreaming Yoga or Yoga of Dreams Department.

It is assumed that you are familiar with the earlier parts of the Tibetan yoga, which we have already discussed. Namely – we are already considered Tumo Yoga, Yoga of the Clear Light, Illusory Body Yoga and Yoga posthumous transference of consciousness. Today we will consider the dream yoga, and then another one will be a seminar in this series – this Yoga transference of consciousness into another body. That is, the control transfer. Today we will touch on with you dream yoga and go, we as follows – we will consider a treatise on yoga Dreams, which was published by Evans-Wentz, in his book “Six secret Tibetan teachings.” Take the translation of Evans-Wentz, we will first of all out of respect for the man, as he was probably the first European who introduced Western people with this serious teaching.

Now there are a variety of additional translation. In some ways they are better, some – in some ways worse. But in any case you will be fully guided in this yoga after today’s workshop. According to our good tradition, we will express these yoga as if none of you have never experienced with yoga to even the man in the street would, first – make yourself a complete picture of what is this Tibetan Yoga. In the second – at least to a first approximation as far as the preparation of his – to understand the mechanisms that are used in this yoga. Finally, the most important thing – to start preliminary exercises at home. Any yoga is valuable only so that you can apply it in their personal lives. In this connection, I would remind you – any yoga, Tibetan, Indian need for ordinary people. Not for the gods are not for the great saints of the Masters. Since they are no longer in need of Yoga, they have already reached perfection.

And in these yogas we need – the most ordinary people. So once again, I would like you to assimilate the theory in the first place, with a focus on how it can be applied in their practice. We begin with a tour of the order. Yoga Dream Yoga or control your dreams. And all the other yoga of the Six Yogas primarily rely on Tumo yoga, or yoga Mystic Heat. This is yoga, with which we began this series of seminars. And so I have very briefly remind you of the main provisions of this yoga. According to the provisions of this yoga, we need these or other practices, first: clean the numerous channels and centers within our body. To this end, a variety of approaches: recitation of certain mantras, the implementation of certain physical exercises. In particular, for Tibet is characterized by the implementation of the so-called “Stretch.” They are somewhat similar to yoga prostration.

As for cleaning the channels and centers – must be certain breathing exercises, uttering certain mantras. Maintaining a certain way of life, when you are wearing appropriate clothing: not too hot in the cold when you eat certain foods clean. And all this sooner or later leads to the fact that your physical body begins to be cleaned and is subject to you to manage. Then follows a very necessary part of the Six Yogas of Naropa – it is mental or physical abuse to teachers. Those who carry on this tradition. Since the Six Yogas of Naropa, can be attributed to the so-called “rapid methods”. The role of the teacher is extremely large in all Tibetan yogis. It must be said that Indian yogis once more softer than Tibetan. The Tibetan guru – is the cornerstone of any practice. Therefore, the mental treatment prescribed to the entire line of the teachers, we have survived to this yoga. And according to the history of this line goes back to Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa. Tilopa and Naropa – it was the Indians who lived in India, and Marpa and Milarepa – it had already been the Tibetans, with whom, and went to spread this yoga in Tibet.

So before you embark on this path, it was believed that it was necessary to enlist the support of teachers. Finally, the next important and absolutely not obvious the basis of all yogas, the Six Yogas of Naropa – a competent management of your sexual energy. Because, in fact, something mystical heat that is produced during practice Tibetan yoga is essentially sublimated sexual energy. From this it follows that a yogi or yogini, become on this path should be very attentive to the issues that are associated with sex. In particular, it is prescribed for men in any case not to lose the seed. That is, do all their best to seed is not lost, and the accumulated inside it. And for this – I remind you of the first workshop, a variety of methods have been given instructions from how to have sex, to have fun, but do not lose at the same seed. And the ending theme of visualization images that you have to submit yourself, in order to build the desired associative links. And your man’s potential, if you are a man – not digging out.

In a veiled form, it is not so obvious – the same present recommendations for women. Since the question of sex are still taboo, the allegorically rather casual and usually describe these practices. Even remember, in that part of the treatise, which we discussed – it is necessary to translate the keys to understand – what they wanted to say. But, unfortunately, the situation has changed in the world of yoga, these disappear. Literally, every year is a lama dies, then another, then a third – of the people who lived in Tibet. The younger generation is not inclined to maintain the way of life in Tibet. They are going to earn a piece of bread. As in China, in India and in other countries. And as a result of this secret language secret bird stops working, and we see how these secret Tibetan practices lost in his eyes. And so now it is time to call a spade a spade in order to save at least something. Once again, the lama in those times figuratively talking about it, but only to give direct teaching only his immediate disciples, but now this situation – that now these direct students less and less, and the allegorical teachings – all no longer understand.

So, the sexual component in all Tibetan Yogas – is absolutely essential. And I want you to do it very, very clearly understood. If you will understand the issues of sex, you are in Tibetan Yogas do not succeed to the extent in which they could. That is, you have to do here is some intelligent behavior. A reasonable attitude to their sexual behavior. Once again – I refer all to the very first seminar of this series, he posted on http://openyoga.ru site, as well http://www.openyogaclass.com/kurs/ on site. So, if you start wisely to accumulate your sexual potential, with your feeds, centers – are clean, and the more you do any kind of strengthening exercises – it turns out that the sublimation process goes on increasing. And there is such a powerful potential to carry out some other yoga besides Yogi heat. And, indeed, in the previous workshops, we discussed this topic, when the potential accumulated by conversion of sexuality you can use Visualization Yoga, Yoga in the clear light of Yoga transference of consciousness. And today we will focus on how to use this potential in Yoga Dreams.

And look what a thing – it turns out that if you have this potential unspent sexuality and you have it correct way of converting to internal power, then you have the opportunity to actually use all sorts of tricks to make breakthroughs in the one or the other, in the third. In particular, the Yoga of Dreams – is to achieve lucid dreaming and using these lucid dreams – first to comprehend the world. And secondly – to grow spiritually and ideally closer to the final state of samadhi, or the end of enlightenment. Or, as in Buddhism or Tantric Buddhism – the state of emptiness, nirvana. That is why I made this emphasis? I have been teaching different yoga, including yoga Dreams as Tibetan and Indian. And often come up to me, young people and say – “Do you know how many years trying to master the yoga of dreams – to anything not lead, not once themselves in life do not realize that we are asleep and can be in the conscious state to do something “. Gone are all the training, have passed some kind of newfangled doctrine-flow is now Western psychology presents all sorts of techniques – sometimes completely separated from yoga, it is not clear whence undertaken. And everything seems fine and good imaging and good recommendations are made – is really worth. Indeed, help.

Only one problem – they work only when there is an inner potential. And if there is no internal capacity – they do not work. It’s just like if you come home – that’s you there in the wall socket. If there is electricity in it, you can plug in and a TV and a computer, and a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner – will work, but if there is no electricity, but at least you all the books on Yoga Dreams read by all sorts of different tricks, visualizations, mantras, and other – the result of it will be very bad, if at all. That is, you need this potential energy – something to work with. Or in another way to get the diamond must be polished diamond. And if the diamond, but there is only a piece of glass – it grinds, not grinds, diamond will not work.

Incidentally, these methods are called by more diamond. The Six Yogas of Naropa. So, my friends, if you after today’s seminar – after all the exercises that we, anyway, touch on, nothing will turn out, in the first place, starting with their sexuality, and then – you have any channels cleaned and centers or not. And for that analyze what kind of food you eat, what company you communicate, where you live, you live in what conditions. And so on and so forth, and at some point you will find the barrier that does not allow you to carry out dream yoga. In this regard, we are made on a single sample – image. What are you sitting here that the audience – who we will have to watch or listen to the recording. What ancient yoga and yogini – our device all the same and what is achieved in the ancient yoga and yogini – you can reach you. The question that remains somewhere in your blind spot within themselves uncritically to which you belong. In this blind spot is lost virtually all of the effect of the practices. But I want to again emphasize this point, which, unfortunately, was not accepted so openly talking about sexuality – misunderstood in the West so far. And it turns out that many of these techniques seems to hang in the air without a foundation. 12345 tab Questions?

Alex, Astra Group. Question: I understand that Yoga Tumo – compulsory foundation, and our usual yoga Indian yoga, they are the same in principle – replace Yoga Tumo somehow?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, completely replaced. So I in the second part of the seminar will touch on how to interpret this yoga according to our tradition, our approach, our axiomatic. That is, first you will pass through the Tibetan version, and then – the same as I will explain from the perspective of classical yoga, that is with the yoga, which dates back to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which dates back to the Vedas. Then you will have more understanding. Because after the first part, we will consider only the Tibetan version, I am afraid a little, which one of you will understand something directly even with my explanations. Now, as to the issue of working with sexuality, I remind you that in our tradition, this issue is dealt four yoga. This is the first, Generic Yoga, Yoga of love, Tantra Yoga, the yoga of sexual union. That is the same knowledge to preserve sexual potential – scattered across these four yogas. But we have to chew it all, very frankly and discussed in detail. And in the Tibetan version – put more emphasis on the guru-teacher who, as necessary would be to explain to the student certain points related to this issue, and he studied the question in the most highest initiations Tantric Buddhism. They have appropriate Tantra circle access to that – rather narrow. That’s more or less face the Tumo yoga or six yogas of Naropa – just enough. And for the more profound teachings on what built the Six Yogas of Naropa, access to them is still limited. When I have the opportunity and time, I try to keep track of that in the West. And I am primarily interested in the West, what’s going on with Tantric Buddhism. I must say that there are timid attempts made this theme to promote, distribute.

But I think there comes a situation – a step forward, two steps back. They are afraid of this topic, they are afraid to jeopardize everything that is connected with Tibet, because you remember that all the lamas, the teachers are in the West – are refugees from Tibet. After Tibet was annexed to China, where the Communist Party has come with all the consequences related to ideology and way of life – it made many lamas, including the Dalai Lama to leave Tibet. And I must say that the life they have been quite heavy. Until now, very hard, because to be in a foreign land, devoid of roots, deprived of their traditional way of life, livelihood. That is, they have a very difficult situation. And on the one hand, we should at least keep the small center of knowledge, and on the other hand – if you do this you start with something to talk about sex – you will misunderstand. And such a stalemate. But, thank God, something as I say, in this case moved the ball rolling. In any case, now openly ask these questions lamas and they do not deny that the topic is. Already thank you for that alone. But as you know, this is not enough for the current state of humanity, when humanity to hell flying and non-spiritual knowledge – it is unclear what will end. Questions.

Question: And if we want to practice Tibetan dream practice, the importance of the guru’s blessing – whether these practices work, or they will simply run slower?

Zaporozhtsev: See, I touched on one of the seminars that enough sensitive issue. In yogic environment, there are a gentleman’s code of conduct – as long as the earth is a single lama who makes a dedication and blessing for the practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa – I’ll shut up and send people to these lamas. It is an unwritten rule. That is, if you want to practice pure Tibetan Yoga of Dreams option – you after today’s workshop should all weigh in every way and understand and try to find those teachers who teach this. Immediately I warn you – you are waiting for a big disappointment. Firstly, you will not find them practically, and those who will find – they will be difficult, almost impossible to learn. On this much the objective, subjective reasons.

So if you start practicing it purely Tibetan version of this yoga, you have, of course, this process will go – because, in the end, I’m also studied. Indirectly, all the same, some transfer goes. I want this, I do not want to – just as one flame – lit another flame, you just have to stay next. I want it or do not want – this wave is coming. But in every way I’ll always deny that it is. Why? It’s ugly to climb on someone else’s territory fellow Tibetans. But I have a very elegant way out of this situation – after I tell you all Tibetan parts – I’ll give you an analog according to, our yoga school, which has 100 per cent can be used regardless of whether there have lama-gurus, do not have Do you have a lama-guru – will practice – will get the result. Therefore, in this regard, from a formal point of view, I must say that this seminar – Orientation, that is true.

But you understand that for the sake of a formal point of view, I would not hold these seminars – too overloaded schedule, many other yoga sections that should be given. And here I would like to, in a sense helping hand to our Tibetan brothers and sisters to reach – because they really matter at this stuff. Although even on a such a surge of interest in the West – is superficial interest, not deep, not deep. And we can lose this unique culture. A culture of Tibet – is truly unique. It is unique in the first place are not garments or chants, and is unique in that there were grains of direct transmission of these ancient yogi Tilopa and Naropa. Therefore, at the moment when the last Lama dies and does not give the Yoga of Dreaming – that’s only after that I’ll say, “Guys, there was a dedication to the right and left.” But before this – it’s not pretty. Just as sometimes my students, who are taught certain sections of yoga, they avoided some of the sections, and all those interested they send me. Why? Because while I’m alive – better to me all through. Fins glued, I apologize for the slang, then hands you will be isolated. And it’s actually – the general trend in the East. It is an unspoken, beautiful. But never one student, but from the point of view of the Tibetan yogi, of course, I – the pupil of the lowest category, never run in front of the Master. It’s not beautiful. Still, some question was.

Question. Basim: If we analyze the Six Yogas of Naropa, we can distinguish them in some yoga – Auxiliary and other yoga – basic. The auxiliary can include – the transfer of consciousness that allows us, if we suddenly ill body. And I think that Dream Yoga is also a subsidiary of the Illusory Body Yoga. Is it possible to think so, or Yoga of Dreams – complete in itself and can be adjusted …

Zaporozhtsev: Very well observed that if we analyze the Six Yogas of Naropa, they can be divided into two groups – a basic yoga and support. So, the basic yoga according to this logic, is only one yoga – the first, this Yoga Tumo, this is where we started this cycle. All the others – is to conduct electricity in the house – put socket. And all the others – how to buy a vacuum cleaner, washing machine – but each of these yogas, they are self-sufficient, and they give a breakthrough in his narrow direction and can not be reduced to one another. And we have a little bit then we’ll talk, why, because after all the time Illusory body yoga exercise is different from the moment of the use of lucid dreaming – or rather, cross-linking between the waking state, the dream state and the state of sleep without dreams – that is, it is still different moments .

At least for the simple reason that in some visualization exercises have an active element of interpretation. And in the dream yoga is sometimes not only there is, but there are more passive side. Although some methods – they are, in general, are intertwined, and we’ll talk about it. In particular, when you have reached Yoga Controlled Dreams, you can within a dream visualization techniques to change their bodies and change all around – and there still is a very supple and quickly – more quickly than in the waking state, that is, in fact, you use the same tool . Conversely, in the same yoga Visualizations are some tips are more general – to treat everything that happens during waking hours as if you have slept. And it lets a little ticks of our reason, which grabs the concept.

That is, the mutual intersection is certainly there, but it is impossible to reduce them to one, otherwise it would not be two different yoga and one. So, bookmark 67891. Friends, if no questions, go on. First we ponder a little bit, just a little bit, and then proceed to the source, that is, the translation Evans-Wentz Yoga of Naropa. So, all of us with you friends sleep, whether we want it or not want. If we are not going to sleep, we are going to die. Numerous notes in newspapers, magazines, on TV about alleged living people, who can not sleep for years a deeper study, in general, are untenable. As a rule, these are people who are asleep, but, first of all, do not remember that they are sleeping, and secondly – when they sleep, they can make some motor movements, actions, they may have open eyes, that is, roughly speaking, the brain is asleep and body awake – that is, a state of a zombie.

I always give this example to illustrate this point – it’s in the Soviet army, when the sometimes hour guard put any object or banner. At a certain service life to cultivate the ability to sleep with a gun in his hand with his eyes open. That is, so be careful to every kind remarks that there are people who do not sleep – they just do not remember. The same applies to people who say that they never have dreams. At a deeper study is that it is, in general, in the memory gaps. Thank God, that position has modern science we can somehow indirectly identify the phases of sleep.

Sometimes they are very, very fast, they are almost impossible to register -Multiple seconds, but they are replaced. That is the state of waking dream state necessarily replaced. And that, in turn, – the state of dreamless sleep and everything is repeated in a circle. The only possible case where a person can live without sleep – it if it reaches the fourth state of consciousness in the Samkhya, Advaita Vedanta, yoga is a condition sometimes called Turiya or fourth, this state as it is on these three. So if you are after a long, long practice still reached the state of samadhi, or a fourth of the state. Only in this case you can live without reference to the state of waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep, and any of these conditions you can last indefinitely.

But again, only if you previously reached the state of samadhi. So the next time you’re on TV, you will hear that “High in the mountains” – remember, in the Caucasian captive was such a phrase I really like it – “High in the mountains is not in our neighborhood live some old man who for 20 years not sleeping, “that is, strictly speaking, this is a man has attained samadhi, the Master of mankind. Either the person who has learned to sleep quietly to themselves and others. That is, here, this situation presents us yoga theory. Therefore, it remains next is such a thing. We all sleep with you – some more, some less. Next insidious, sad misconception is considered in the West, especially among the parasites, a good theme to boast: they are little sleep. You listen to some parasite-politics, which does not do anything, because the country is falling apart, and he says he sleeps in the day for 3-4 hours, and everything else – work. Well so and the result turns out worthless, whether from lack of sleep, he can not do anything, whether it mimics during the working day wakefulness while he sleeps and dreams.

That is when people begin to boast that they had little sleep – it may be a PR move, but from the point of view of yoga dreaming unduly reduce the amount of sleep – madness. Just madness. And when, after the Tibetan yogi – we consider the position of our school this issue, you will understand why. That is, everything is good in moderation. Of course, the downside is bad – when you every day for 20 hours of sleep, or 12 hours of sleep or at work, rather than to work. This is also the same destructive madness. Therefore it is good to have in your life formed a kind of your personal rhythm, which in different years of life under different conditions, circumstances – can change. Namely – the amount of sleep you need daily. Sometimes it is a state where you really get along 3-4 hours of sleep a day and feel great and have time to do a lot of all. Sometimes there will be times when you will sleep at 8, 10, 12 hours and feel overwhelmed. This particularly happens when you start to deal with some yogi practices breathing in which to clean the body, that is, roughly speaking, begins to clean the body, all this stuff from your climbs and you fall into a kind of suspended animation so. Or, you know, when a person is sick, he in a dream like this. This condition helps to cope with the disease. Similarly, in some practices of yoga you will notice that the need for sleep has increased dramatically. The same goes for the food, which you eat. The air you breathe, the people around them with whom you live or the places where you live – a lot of factors.

Therefore, your task and you have to imagine it is very hard to note – this is not the eradication of sleep, and finding a reasonable balance between sleep and wakefulness. Statement by the people that they want to completely abandon the dream, as they are allegedly at that time lose years of life – that statement people have not figured out yet how the device itself, and the surrounding universe. This is similar to the application as if a small child say – want to constantly eat sweets. A soup do not want to have – it is not delicious. And then as an adult, you begin to understand that everything is good in its entirety. So, if the state – the state of sleep we have, then the question – why not use yoga practices?

Though as we sleep, though commercials we sleep. Though so must sleep, even though commercials need to sleep. And that’s just a dream yoga allows you to turn your dream into practice the highest self. Of course, in contrast to the waking state of yoga practice in the state of sleep has its own idiosyncrasies. If you try to lucid dream practice yoga, as well as you practice it in the waking state – you wake up instantly. Therefore, exercises and all other points have there own accent. Just as in the Indian yogis and Tibetan Yogas of this factor is used. Finally, I want to remind you that the Tibetan Yoga in fact is not some self-sufficient branch of yoga. This is just a variant of the Indian Yoga, or a variant of yoga emerged in Buddhism environment. Or, as we have in the Soviet Union in the medium called “Lamaism.” Sometimes Tibetan Yoga is also called “Tantric Buddhism.” And directly to the original Buddhism Tantric Buddhism itself has a lot compared to Buddhism are many differences sufficiently significant. But then again, we are not going to analyze it. now on. And if we have a state of sleep, the way you could use it wisely. And we’ll start with you with the Tibetan version. Now I’ll ask the appropriate pieces with the treatise read.



1. The third doctrine, the doctrine of the dream state, contains four parts: knowledge,

transmutation, the realization that the dream state is maya, and meditation on suchness

sleep state.


2. The first part – the knowledge of [the nature of sleep] consists of three levels: knowledge via

aspirations, knowledge with the help of breathing and cognition through visualization.

Zaporozhtsev: So, well, let us again one more time, I’ll give a small comment.

“Maya thusness sleep state”See – the logic is said here. The very first thing – you have to learn to understand and be aware of yourself in a dream. You have to reach a state where you sleep – you know that you are asleep and do not wake up. If this stage is not to talk about all the other useless. Next we have the so-called doctrine of transmutation. That is a collection of a variety of exercises to study the universe in a dream. That is the universe that you perceive in a dream, you begin to explore every possible way, in every possible way to put it in experiments receive her results, analyze them in every possible way, and thus intuitively understand how everything is done.

“The realization that the dream is maya”

Once you have established themselves in this experimentation in the dream state, and learned to know the universe in a state of sleep, you realize that this is the same kind of existence as a wake and does not differ from it. You have to understand that in this sense the world within a dream as created by Maya, like all the things that you see in the waking state. And in this sense – that in the waking state – Maya, in a state of sleep – Maya.

“Such is the state of sleep”

But then comes the next one is very powerful breakthrough stage entirely of rapid methods. He also sometimes referred to unrequited Samsara and Nirvana. Or that the nature or essence of the unfolding phenomenon of being able to sleep – in this sense it is no different from the nature of the unfolding of enlightenment or a higher state. That is, it is difficult enough to explain the position of yoga in general. A Tibetan Yogi in particular. This is when you exclude the time factor in his spiritual development, and how would you, if you want to sleep reach the ultimate goal. So much appreciated this yoga dreams – sometimes easier to make this inner transformation – to abandon wrong view, use the right, to understand the general meaning of the whole.


3. The first kind of practice – – knowledge of using aspiration, which is called

“The first stage of knowledge of the state of sleep”, is determined to maintain

uninterrupted stream of consciousness [in the waking state and the sleep state].

4. In other words, under any circumstances, in the course of the day [ie during

wakefulness] is necessary to keep in mind the idea that all things are like dreams

and that it is necessary to know their true nature.

5. Then, at night before bedtime approach a guru with the prayer that you

I could know the state of sleep, and take a firm decision to learn it.

By meditating on this decision, you are sure will acquire this knowledge.

6. And said [in this context]

All things have a cause.

They depend entirely on the aspirations [intentions]. “

Zaporozhtsev: And here are Coy any immediate recommendations in order to jump from a state of wakefulness to sleep and not to lose the thread of self-awareness. And in particular, the recommendation here is to refer to the waking state, just as if you were sleeping. Just imagine – you are all sitting, and for a moment, imagine that you are sitting right now at the workshop, and you’re lying at home in your favorite little bed, covered with a blanket on his favorite pillows favorite and you dream about it all. At least for a moment, imagine, and it is only in your mind the concept appears that everything is a dream – you will no longer so hard to cling to the presentation: what is happening and how it should have been, and how it could have been. And so on. You like to start a little bit less than cling to what is happening. And in the future – when you have then you can go to sleep – you can dream a dream, where you think you are awake, and then decided to practice as if asleep. That is, you can imagine such a sub-practice. So you used to be able to wake from time to time to treat everything as if you were asleep, and then you start dreaming, where you think you are awake, but the habit is already inside you start to consider yourself as if you were asleep and here is a double imposition of sometimes leads to the fact that the idea comes to you that you are sleeping. But then again, many exercises.

Next time – this is quite a serious intention – to realize himself in a dream. Because usually we go to sleep, relax, try to relax, to empty his entire head from unnecessary thoughts, and we do not give a very clear installation of your mind to this conscious action. If we voleizyavili contrary, they ordered his mind, the mind, regardless of your starting indirectly do everything possible so that you are aware of yourself in a dream. That is, you must first voleizyavit and constantly strive towards this. Once you fall asleep – are aiming to dream consciously. Second time. The third, fourth, tenth, twentieth – whatever in a row. And at first it did not seem especially will be triggered, but then at some point you still will force the structure of your mind that is truly all-powerful, help you with this.

“Speak to the guru with a prayer”

It is very important this piece in the sense that you have a Master’s protection, or protection of the teachers, they begin roughly for you to correct your flaws, or both in our yoga school is sometimes said – correct all that you have incorrectly done and to finish all the things that you have not completed. Teachers themselves will never interfere with your life as long as you do not invite. This is a fundamental law of liberty, no one will impose its presence will not. So if you say you do not have a lucid dream yoga, but you know perfectly well that Tilopa and Naropa perfectly owned it since well left behind the Six Yogas of Naropa, we can mentally turn to Naropa, or some other teachers continuity. Or, if you are lucky enough, and you’ve got the transfer of knowledge directly from some lamas, you can mentally turn to him directly. That is the one who carries the tradition. And then it turns out that you attract the help of a powerful factor. Even if you do flaws, they begin, as it were, only with your own invitation to help you. For Western man sounds like bullshit. This is roughly the same as if I went to somewhere in the Moscow State University in mathematics higher before the exam and gave advice that: Oh, a third-year student at MSU, tomorrow you surrender the theory of functions of complex variables. Tune in to the image of his professors, offer prayers and ask you to reason at the right time, so that you passed it and got his three and crawled away.

I told this case – in Kiev KPI (Kiev Polytechnic Institute) – they have a cult balls. Yes, get on the ball, which supposedly should be before the exam in the hostel to open a window and something, like there to shout Come Bowl three times. And supposedly means from generation to generation is passed. And they say, they are some kind of lottery play on the ball, that is, if you win, as if you did not pass the exam – at one point more than put. I think maybe in the Open Yoga University enter. But I fear – will vylazit from the windows and yell something. There Anandasvami, come! “That is, I am afraid that the neighbors do not understand. So, for us it seems strange, but in terms of the subtle world the device is not necessarily the presence of a private teacher, you have to be in the field of mental yoga. Because it is believed that the reason we have all one, that is, each piece takes its lease. And accordingly, the waves that flow along the surface of the mind, they are distributed through the fence that separated part of our personal mind. Hence effects of any telepathy, etc., etc., which are still more scientists are questionable and, thank God, because now the telepathic anything goes. I imagine that will start. And so give anything – make a bomb, a weapon. Then go.


7. At this stage, the following methods are used. Need to sleep on his right side,

as the lion sleeps. Big and ring fingers push the cervical artery. fingers

[Left hand] nostrils shut, and let the throat saliva going. “

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, at the beginning of the seminar, I said that survived different versions of the Six Yogas of Naropa sometimes they differ significantly – on exercises on accents and other-other parameters and are present there including pure natural ingredients that will certainly have meaning. If you know more profound structure of our human body – firstly, when you are lying on the right side. Indeed, my friends, if you are lying on your left side is, of course, that a large load on the heart, all the same we have the heart is shifted slightly to the left, and why spend the extra prana extra effort when you can turn on the right side? Although of course, during sleep we Werth from one side to the other, but it says only about the moment of falling asleep. What’s next?

“Big and ring fingers push the carotid artery”

Zaporozhtsev. Come on, the soul itself. You see, it does not say – with one hand – both hands. Etc. In general, you can not press -.. Because there are options.

We have a cervical artery. Medic, explain what role they perform.

Medic. The blood supply of the brain, that is, they carry oxygen, nutrients for the blood supply to the brain cells. Without this, the brain will not work.

Zaporozhtsev. That is, friends, our brain oxygen capricious factors. In my opinion, it even absorbs most of all the oxygen we breathe. And so if you are even slightly will press the carotid artery, you will begin to reduce the blood flow. And accordingly, due primarily to lack of oxygen. Although again – I’m not a doctor, it is a question for physiologists, those who engaged in it. Clearly, the brain begins to feel a lack of resources and begins to slow down his hectic job. In particular, if you have uncontrolled thoughts, thought forms – you know, the brain still torn-torn, sometimes such a simple way to manage a little time to reassure themselves.

But then again, God forbid this practice spread among people with certain diseases. Or with certain what some diseases such as epilepsy. God knows that you can get and still be to blame. Therefore, these very specific exercises in yoga are not advertised, but they can within reason to experiment a little, push down on the one hand, on the other hand. Sometimes manages to clear, for example – then you have one nostril breathing, then the other. Thus, it becomes possible to open the opposite nostril. Sometimes – to calm down. That is the effect of this force on your mind. And, of course, when you go to sleep, in order to calm down, to keep everything under control – such manipulations allowed. But then again, it is only in the initial stages. Believe me, then – when you engage in yoga dreams, you will not have to think on what side to sleep, to strangle himself or choke – everything will be in automatic mode. What was still with us?

“Nostrils fingers of his left hand”

Zaporozhtsev. The same situation, when you go on the right side and close the nostrils respectively. I cite this to you now not as an exercise, you need to copy, and the fact that it is very difficult for the descriptions is to understand – and what all of you want? And if you do not know the meaning of the dream yoga, you can kill the 20 years of the fact that to prepare for such a dream, and it turns out, and not really had. That is what is supporting points in this yoga is not basic. Moreover, they can not even do. Farther.


8. The third type of practice – knowledge through visualization – consists of the following

techniques: visualization itself, getting the most benefit from visualization and

preventing the spread of the sleep state.


9. Visualization is as follows. Presenting himself deity Vajrayogini

visualize in the throat psychic center of the syllable AH red emitting bright

Lights as being valid incarnation of the Divine Speech.

10. By focusing the mind on the light emanating from the syllable AH, and knowing that every

phenomenal thing in its essence is similar forms, reflected in a mirror, which,

although visible by themselves have no real existence, they come to an understanding

the nature of dreams. “

Zaporozhtsev: Here, now look – following such auxiliary practice – is to use the full program elements of Yoga Visualization. Let me remind you more from the first workshop that specifically instructed to practice – visualize yourself Dakin, that is quite a young girl, as if she was dancing. Blank inside, as if it was a tent – you know, empty inside with the central channel. That is, as if it were a single pole on which this tent would be stretched. You must visualize yourself inside the blank, with the central channel and without feeling that you have some bodies, thoughts and so on. That is, you have no concept of your inner world. That is the central channel of the body from the bottom to the top of the head and the surface of your body like this is usually said – given this meditation Vajra Dakini – red. That is, the color, too, has its impact. If you are a long time concentrating on this color, some parts of the brain probably it somehow react resonate. But this is a trifle.

So, you have to visualize yourself Vajra Dakini.

“Visualize the throat center in the syllable” Ah “red”

Zaporozhtsev: That is, it is all red, and imagine that the throat center – the syllable “Ah”. No, in Russian it is written here – do it all on the Tibetan alphabet. The Tibetan alphabet is based on Sanskrit. That is a Sanskrit little worked-worked – there were such here squiggles appropriate. Now I can be, Basim shout. It does not matter, there is sometimes some letters, like a hook, and this is considered to be – this letter I snagged his, and take away. But this practice. We imagine that in the middle of your throat center syllable Ah respectively. Imagine just any.

“Radiant bright lights, as being valid incarnation of the divine speech … (reads addition, Vadim interrupts)”

It’s nothing very good addition to Evans Wentz – they were written in the first part of the 20th century and then the effect of all the Theosophists, Spiritualists was very, very strong, and there is not all the appropriate comments. So, here you are going to sleep visualize yourself Dakin, you visualize the syllable “Ah” in the throat center. This is the key to really focus to transition from wakefulness to sleep he remained conscious, and you can yourself, and then to sleep recognize as sleeping. Farther.

“By focusing on the light … do not”

It’s like a justification of why Yoga Visualization works, from this point of view, all the visualization. That is not important – the actual or your body imaging – in their impact on your mind it acts as if it were real.

“So comes understanding of the nature of dreams”

That means, respectively, part of your mind focused on the throat center, and this center, generally speaking, it is known as a place that is working in the transition of consciousness from a state of wakefulness to sleep with dreams. That is because we are made here – the corresponding prana, the corresponding vibration of prana – and if we concentrate on it – that there is usually some sort of gear is rotated and – bang – we are disconnected from the waking state. In fact, in some teachings of Indian Yoga is said that this center also responsible for disconnection at the time of death. In this sense, death is like falling asleep – very quickly – hop and you tumbled into another state.

That is, it is designated a specific point in your body, the concentration at which you are in some unknown manner so influence on their internal structure, that dream realization comes better, faster, better. In general, in fact, I came across different versions – even Tibetan yogi of dreams and they are all different – and colors and letters – that’s just the place – more or less – the same thing. That is, unfortunately, the nightmare of any person, is studying the heritage of yoga civilization. One treatise read – seven chakras. Tibetan treatises read – they cost four and live quietly. In a treatise read – so many petals in the lotus, in another -Less, in the third – more, that is the impression that this confusion, vacillation, but in fact it’s not critical. Why? Because these structures are inexpressible language and the main thing that you are, in one way or another, they form an idea of them, and tied to a particular point of your body. But if you want to complete the picture – really get the syllable Ah – and visualize the Tibetan version. Getting the most out of your visualization, it is a continuation of the same practice.

“[Get the most from VISUALIZATION]

11. The second method – getting the most benefit from visualization – is


At nightfall [try to] understand the nature of sleep state using

visualization described above. At dawn, taking pot-shape made up of seven

breaths. Make eleven attempts to understand the nature of dreams. “

Zaporozhtsev: Enough, and here begins for the uninitiated quite jungle – wake up and Priyma goroshkoobraznuyu form. Look, friends, before we begin to consider pot-shape – laying 11121 and now all lie down on the mats. And let’s method Natya Yoga – simulation method – try to win back what you will do when practicing yoga dreaming. Let’s spread out mats – there they were full and the place is still missing. So, the next day you will come with his work, tired, but happy – you have changed the world for the better, you are closer to self-knowledge and the waking state comes to an end. But there comes a time of sleep.

Do you remember today’s seminar, all that has been said on it, and try to play it the way you remember. So, there was a recommendation to all of you to lie on your right side – respectively, to find the most comfortable position that does not interfere – it’s like you’re there yourself pillow under your head, or will enclose – a separate conversation, though in some treatises have enough detailed comments. And now try to find his carotid artery. As soon as you get close to it, click on it – you have to feel the pulsation. It is the blood that supplies your mind. And finally, do you remember that you can close the left nostril. So you’re a little torment, torment, lie down, lie down. Then you think about what we need to introduce ourselves Vajra dakini red, empty inside – but this is not enough. You can focus on its center at the base of your throat and imagine there syllable “Ah”, shining bright red. Now imagine such a pretty lie, represent and track the moment when you start from a waking state to fall to sleep to dream.

Great. Here you will now wake up, yawn, stretch ourselves. And now before we’ll take a break, I want to score? We are a small fragment of another book – a book written by Chang on the “Six Yogas of Naropa” – in particular, the place where he describes the dream yoga. That is, in fact – writes about the same, only with the support of other primary sources and with little other imaging pictures – in particular, to hear that’s what Chang offers to visualize the throat chakra.

// Book is located at http://www.abhidharma.ru/A/Tantra/6YiogN.htm

“Recognition of sleep is the foundation of Yoga practice Dreams. To accomplish this, you must first eliminate all factors that cloud the clear realization. The main reasons that prevent a clear awareness, as well as the “antidote” to them are listed below.

1. Anyone who violates the commandments of Tantric is not able to recognize the dreams. In this case, the yogi must repent of your sins and practice of Vajrasattva mantra, in order to be cleansed from sin and restore Samaya Precepts. It should also try to get a new dedication from his Guru or by molitvy30.

2. Anyone who has a little faith in his Guru and Tantric teachings, it will be difficult to recognize the dreams; In this case, you should try to strengthen his faith.

3. He who is greedy and prone to material acquisitions, will not be able to recognize the dreams; In this case, you should give up their accumulation of material and discard the attachment to this life.

4. Anyone who loses his Tig Le, or pollute its telo31, unable to recognize the dreams; so you should by all means try to maintain the Le Teague and avoid contact with unclean people, avoid eating unclean and impure places. “

Zaporozhtsev: while this is very abstract referring to – lose “crucible” – in the men’s event is to lose the seed, the sperm. In the women’s event – there is a little bit convoluted. How many of you can understand that this recommendation had been given tips how to adjust their sex lives? Hardly anyone of you. You see, not knowing what to do what.

“If you still have to come into contact with them, should resort to cleansing rituals.

5. He whose mind is full of distracting thoughts or who do not have a strong aspiration, can not recognize the dreams. In this case, the yogi should live alone and try to strengthen their confidence and aspiration to the Goal.

6. If you constantly during the day to think about the fact that everything a person sees, hears, touches .., is a dream, it will greatly increase the chances of detection of dreams at night.

Before you begin the practice of Yoga Sleep, you must first complete the common preliminary practices. Then devote one third of each meditation – Tumo, two-thirds – visualization bija syllables in the throat center, which is a good reception for the generation of dreams. First, refer to the Guru who is staying in the throat chakra, with a prayer to help in the recognition of dreams at night, and then visualize chetyrёhlepestkovy lotus in the throat chakra, in the center – a white OM “

Zaporozhtsev: Enough. So now we’re with you to read the description of the dream yoga. Once again, Chang. As you can see, like about the same, like the same thing. But the details a little bit different. For Western man, who regards everything from the severity of a mechanistic, who thinks that any visualization, meditation – it is like the engine with gears – God forbid you’re there, one thing to another variable – will stop working. That such freedom always brings a lot of trouble. Westerners think that it got it wrong, or something is wrong to say, or that have forgotten to say. No, my friends, at first, still describes the world of slimmer, secondly, the mentality and the east is somewhat different – he is more gradual. And in the third, despite the very different effect variations oddly enough, it turns out the same. And that means that we are now with you a little break, and then continue. During this break, I just suggest to practice in relation to everything happening as if it were in a dream, as well as to follow the recommendations – not to eat too much fat – and so on. Come on, we have our break, too, the practice of yoga will transform dreams. Break.


The second part of the seminar:

Today we have 29 July 2012. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, this is the second part of the seminar Tibetan Yoga – “Yoga lucid dreaming 6 Yogas of Naropa”. Let us begin this section with questions.

Question: You say that when people begin to engage in some kind of breathing exercises, increases the need for sleep. There is a question, if you perform this exercise as the Nadi Sodhana or alternate breathing, whether the place has this effect, and if it does then how many people who regularly performs to sleep?

Zaporozhtsev: I do not want to tie the specifics, it is actually not from the exercises that you do, but on the intensity, the number of sets and most importantly, the degree of soiling of your structures, so say something unambiguous absolutely not possible, it is very individual, but this effect is observed and with the effect you can encounter. In order not to be discouraged as it is because something is happening of course, I just give these warnings.

Question: But the dream of being established in the turns easier to realize this dream yoga is based, ie, principally during sleep is easier to hold a meditation on those and get out in the fourth condition. Correctly?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, we get to that stage yet, but once the question is asked, I answer the following. Each point of being like that dream with dreams, the waking state, and we will treat you sleep without dreams, has its strengths and its weaknesses. Forte, for example, in the waking state is that everything is stable and consistent, fell asleep on his night bed and woke up on it the same, and not somewhere else, and you have the continuity of mindfulness is, and in fact with dreams does another thing. Once you fall asleep, you dream another dream ended it something one, and once you go to sleep, you dream a completely different dream, unrelated to the first seemingly nothing. This has its own complexity, ie, on a gross level of wakefulness is very easy to consistently build each step closer to the goal, but in the dream yoga is to get us here, to here, we can not bind, we forget. But on the other visualization techniques of yoga, you can change the surrounding universe, we talked about it in an appropriate workshop of the 6 Yogas of Naropa, which related to visualization. But the world of imaging is adjusted slowly under our visualization, it is too inert. In the dream, the situation is different, you can instantly create objects, phenomena instantly creates the universe and destroy them. Therefore, for some certain purposes it is easier to go from wakefulness to some other side dreaming. There are sleep without dreams, there is a separate issue, yet its aspect. Better, of course, it teaches yoga is combined, I always bring militaristic examples. I was a physicist, however, though he worked in the academic world, but it was tied to the war entirely, it is best when you fly planes, riding tanks and runs the infantry, then hit so hit, and if alone fly planes, and tanks and infantry there. Fly and flew away. Tanks go without support, without infantry and aircraft burnt. Infantry runs helpless, beaten infantry. Here also you are fighting with your incognizance, you have three sides, you know, in a single fist gather strength, technique and attack their bestiality, attacking his folly, to win themselves. Therefore combine. Still have questions?

Q: First, we practice normal yoga, we learn that there is such a yoga dream, it seems to us, we go to work, do yoga, our last bastion, where we can relax, sleep in the morning again to work on yourself, move your life, and here we are invited to practice even in a dream. The first thought comes to me then all the forces will not even get up in the morning I can not. When I practice in a dream, it does not matter what I do, the fact that I’m in this state, already gives a rest?

Zaporozhtsev: Very good question, it’s actually the general philosophical, all Yoga is very deep and for each of you is very practical. It is a known effect, you have visited a seminar on yantra yoga on should definitely practice this yoga, then mantra yoga, and mantra of yoga, yoga nyasa then, well, where are you without nyasa, then the fifth, tenth, twentieth. And you have only 24 hours a day, and you try this, this, so the two week passes, you simply exhausted to zero, and the thought that we should make ourselves more and visualization and breathing, make you ill at the thought. So know if that is the case, do not be surprised by all this pass. It means that you take on more than they are able to carry off. Therefore, it is necessary to wisely ruthlessly cut. What would not be a good yoga, but all should be harmonious, no violence on themselves in yoga should not be, if you feel that follows the path of yoga and there is violence – stop, review your exercise program, your lifestyle, be realistic. You should experience the joy of performing yoga, joy of overcoming oneself or the joy of performing. Yes, sometimes you have to force yourself, but then again, that is not turned into a nightmare. Every day, forcing themselves, white light can not see, you have only a dream, and here Vadim V. came and said – not the guys, all the jokes ran out, and slept enough, and the night will still work hard. No, my friends, if you have an internal shudder, you know you like Pinched string, it is a very good state friends. The longer hang on to it, the faster then lift off into space, but be realistic. Quietly, interest for five to ten nagruzochki reset, not 30-50-70, sometimes people from the extremes themselves heavily loaded first, and then all the throws.

Very often students MOYU, they come to learn, the first three months, they run, jump, busybodies, and the following can not see them for three months, they disappear. Who needs it, we do not need and they probably do not. Therefore, on the one hand, if you feel the horror of what should be something else to practice, you know you do not have the right associative array, you find yourself somewhere a little overheated. You should not have discomfort when you are confronted with a new yoga teachings. What is the fundamental difference between yoga, say from any philosophical, religious or sectarian some systems. Typically, you come to some sectarian system, and you say – a man rejoiced, behave as you want, everything, from tomorrow, no, no, should do something, there it is, walk in it, in this case, women do not look, do not relax and keep yourself in every way. And such a person begins to feel that every day it seemed to be wrapped with rope, wrapped, so it is compressed, can not breathe.

What distinguishes yoga? When you practice yoga, then with each new precept, with each practice, with each new day, you should have the following situation: as if the rope cut with you, oh, feel better, oh, it feels better. Oh, it turns out, it is not necessary to sleep for three hours, and as much as you should sleep, more relieved, because before that was an internal supervisor who looked at the chronometer. You should be feeling in the study of the practice of yoga as your freedom, joy and happiness revealed. Even if you yourself are making, at the same time you feel that some part of yourself are making, and the other part is revealed. Here is a figure of speech as you have to go in yoga. Now what concerns the yoga of dreams, no, my friends, in fact of the matter is that all yoga dreaming, unlike the yogi that you do in the wake rely entirely on other principles. Try it yourself at least a little to get in sleep, you wake up instantly, this yoga dreams and over, there really such processes will go that you do not overdo the part that is already tired during waking. There’s quite other structures are involved, the other facet of life, as it were, which during waking hours was not involved, ie, you’ll wake up, if everything will be good, even more relaxed than before the time you got to know the dream yoga. Of course, sometimes there are moments associated variety of overlays, so I had one lesson, I came, ate bad food, lying, I can not sleep, yoga does not help dreaming, poisoned body, well, accidentally ate the wrong food until Clean . But it was an accident, they are not related. Therefore, there is the same situation should be. You’ll get more out of sleep and awake full experience out of this state, but if you were once such a deep dream, that you wake up refreshed so much that you do not know where you’re awake. So deep you are immersed in this other facet of life, that after returning to surprise you – I, my body, today’s job should be run, oh, yesterday I did not complete, is now full of energy going to finish, that such should be the condition.

Question: With regard to the recommendation of the amount of sleep in order to come to a realization of a dream, many sources recommend to sleep for 12 hours to the end of a long dream, we got you lucid dream.

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, I can not interpret other sources, for the simple reason, what the situation has arisen in the West, the situation is as old as the world, it was the ancient teachings more or less closed, his ill-understood, but the books were printed. In the 20th century a triumphant step went psychology of the country, the world and how there were psychologists, they certainly have studied the ancient heritage, treatises, religious, philosophical, including yoga, including yoga and dreams. Understand their own way, they worked out on the basis of its recommendations, techniques and developments, sometimes helpful, sometimes helpful, but they are actually taken out of context. Therefore, they could tell a story, it is only God knows. But on the other hand, there are some recommendations of such a plan, which can sometimes be at the expense of those or other states of wakefulness strengthen the state at the time of dreaming, on the other hand, if you perelezhite in bed more than a certain time, your body will propel you up. It’s not his natural state is long in one position, you zatekut muscles and this will go against your work. I do not know what the results they were promised there. Therefore, my friends, you need to sleep as long as necessary for you personally personally during this period of time when you ask yourself this question, no more and no less.

Question: And if we can interrupt sleep by night, and then later to fall asleep somehow contribute to the efficiency of finding sleep awareness?

Zaporozhtsev: There are very different kinds of subterfuges, tricks that really help us by sleep interruptions, or something else. But the general line is still, when you get to a level of self-knowledge, that you went to bed, and the more you do not need anything, it is desirable to soft bed, and sometimes a soft bed do not need and that you will not be disturbed. And all the other tricks of this subsidiary moments, they sometimes do wonders, sometimes well help of some more I will say, but in fact this thing is secondary. You must have the internal capacity of vitality that you forward to work with sleep. This is the general line of the dream yoga, everything else is better to take a tool to knock over some layers of ignorance, more comfortable, better, etc.

Text: “The second method – getting into the throat center the most benefit from visualization is as follows. At nightfall try to understand the nature of the sleep state. At dawn, taking pot-shape made up of seven breaths. Make eleven attempts to understand the nature of dreams. Then concentrated the mind on an imaginary point, consisting of a bone of a white, located between the eyebrows. “

Zaporozhtsev: Here again is very blurry, vague comment – on point consisting of bone white substance between the eyebrows. As in a horror film really. There are many superimposed unfortunately difficulties, difficulties. Firstly the difficulty of translation, and secondly the difficulty of allegorical explanation, in the third already fragmented themselves explanatory treatises extant, and that the original teachings. Let’s order, start with a pot-shaped. Those who have at least some idea of what it is?

The first – an embryo posture, the second – a pose yoga mudra, the third – on his heels. Take a pose half lotus with her legs crossed. So, my friends, here we are referring to the other as much a bookmark that is implied in the 6 yogas of Naropa, and are studied separately. About that, we talked at Tumo yoga workshop, namely, you remember that the basis of all this is to convert your life, which manifests itself through sexuality and inner potential. How can we strengthen and how to approach it – due to respiratory or practices that, in the ordinary yoga is called pranayama yoga.

In Pranayama yoga breaths are known several stages – puraka, rechaka and kumbhaka, also known several states – kevila or kevala is when no inspiratory or exit. If you literally translate, tell Basim as translated from Sanskrit word kumbhaka – pitcher or pot. Or, as we read in the text from Chang, he translated this vase. An average person in the West does not understand, in a treatise read, speak kumbhaka in another – a pitcher, in the third – a vase, in the fourth – the pot. What do they mean? Do not understand. And the question in proper translation, and so meant holding your breath when you fill yourself with air so that you get in the form of a pot, a jug, as if was empty inside. There is a recommendation that the first thing you need to inflate the air as if the stomach, that he have a round pitcher. So all is now boarded in any position. Breathe out, then took a breath and inflated belly, while the following to back, neck and head in a straight line, and this line went into vertically, as if over your head you had colonies that you hold in equilibrium. And this delay remain for some time, well and then exhale. Once again I will do, exhale, inhale, the abdomen is inflated delay. And the third time, let’s do that you have at least some inner experience was that you could, and then play back in single practices. Exhale, inhale, delay. When the chin pressed against the chest – this is called bandha, in particular, this exercise is called jalandhara bandha. This is a separate exercise, which can enhance kumbhaka, or may not apply. Let the fourth time, take, breath, breath, inflated belly, chin pressed to his chest, in a hole in this, pressed by force. Sometimes allows some shift feeling, experiencing, but strictly speaking, this is a bunch of two exercises. All. Exhale.

Thus, the method of pranayama yoga, you remember, we, first of all can clear the channels. Second dial vitality of prana, which immediately begins to be converted into a sexy, with a third party as soon as sexuality begins to manifest through us, we begin to experience sexual elation, only in this case it makes sense to practice in full any yoga type Tumo. Without sexual elation you do not develop mental heat, but you need to have this sexuality is not pulled away from you in the form of orgasms are not controlled, the loss of the seed, the night out there what some orgasms nocturnal pollutions, etc. And then again, breathing techniques are used, they enhance sexuality and purified channels and forced to convert sexuality. This attitude section Pranayama Yoga is absolutely necessary for all of these yogas, but in Tibetan yogis, he casually passes in Tumo yoga. It is recommended after you wake up, read it again – “At dawn, taking pot-shape made up of seven breaths. Make eleven attempts to understand the nature of dreams. “

That is why eleven, I did not ask, it is unlikely I will be able to answer this question. Behind this can be hidden cropped reference to any separate meditation practice, about which we know nothing, probably, the way it is. When that’s starting here such reduction, hints, bird language, do this, do that, hold the crucible, may well be that it’s not just the air shaking, and an indication of a deeper reservoir. But, friends, and other texts, it is not. As you can see, our Tibetan friends a huge space for work. In fact, I must tell you, unfortunately, when I once was disappointed when I realized that not every Indian yogi, not everyone here is a discovery. Then another discovery – not every Tibetan – Lama Lama, and not everyone knows the 6 Yogas of Naropa, or rather can he know them, as it were, the more theoretical level, rather than practicing in the cold or in a dream, that is, the number of teachers who know very little.

Text “then concentrated the mind on an imaginary point, consisting of a bone of a white, located between the eyebrows.”

As of this point is that? With a very odd description of who offers what. Here is the opinion that the Ajna Chakra. What else? Third Eye. Yet? The pineal gland. Where is it located? At least some. This bone marrow related to some deep structures of the brain.

Read on: “He who has a full-blooded constitution should visualize a red point. Whoever has a nervous temperament, should visualize the point of green. If using this method is not the nature of dreams shall be known to the following procedure. At nightfall meditate on this point. In the morning, taking pot-form who committed twenty-one inhale and exhale. Take twenty-one attempt to understand the nature of dreams. Then, by focusing the mind on the black spot the size of a normal pill, provided located at the base of the reproductive organ, it will be possible to know the nature of dreams. “

Thus, indirectly indicated two points. Now the question to those students who know even a little yoga axioms, nothing like you? Who has ideas? This is very similar to an indication of the point bindu, in the muladhara chakra, at the point where the kundalini energy. Apparently, there mean it. Whether it’s gone through a lot of practice, it has acquired some supporting details, whether it is once again the translation, because it could Kumbhaka Kumbhaka and leave and do not translate it. The issue is that poor Western man, not knowing the axioms of yoga without knowing Tibetan moments and moments of Tibetan, they are from school to school are very different, I assure you, very much, is almost impossible to guess what was going on. But apparently, this is the following: we have a bindu point, she Windu point as the English word vindous, turn on the computer, many of you vindous worth. What does it mean? It means a window, and so under the bindu point is understood as a window through which shines the light of your consciousness from your J. And this point is responsible for the occurrence of the crucible when it comes to rough interpretation, strictly speaking, for the formation of the male seed. Formation of the male seed begins in Bindu and then reaches the base of the body, which is formed by human sperm. As it relates do not ask, I do not know each other, but this is again an indirect method to strengthen a little vitality and redirect it, so that was the basis for the realization of dreams. Indirectly through the energy of consciousness to work in sexuality.

Next we read: “Preventing the spread of the content of dreams. Preventing the spread of the content of dreams for the four kinds of spread: spread, rolling in the waking state, the spread of fatigue, due to the spread of physical or mental illness and the spread of the disappearance. “

Zaporozhtsev: I do not know, unfortunately, the Tibetan language, and there is no interline transfer. I have little doubt questions on account of the word spread, probably there is some kind of a term, it is not clear how he was transferred, but the essence remains the same. So, it turns out the next thing is that even if you have successfully made previous practice and here you are in a lucid dream, it tends to disappear. Whether you wake up, or forget yourself, or something else is going on. Here, an attempt to systematize the main such difficulties along the way and comments, recipes, how it can be eliminated.

Read more: “The spread, turning into the waking state, occurs when examining the nature of sleep approaches to address this issue due to the fact that the thinking of the need to know the nature of sleep and then wakes up.”

Zaporozhtsev: Excessive preoccupation in practice leads to the fact that you wake up immediately. Here you realize yourself sleeping: oh, now I sleep, and at the same time and wake time.

Further: “To prevent this, you need to eat nutritious food and do physical work or exercise until there will come weariness. Then sleep becomes deeper and is not interrupted “

Zaporozhtsev: There are auxiliary factors, if during the waking you strongly enough to upload your physical body, it is in such a state of resting lazy. Your mind tries to break into the waking state, and your body in a state of relaxation as if it slows down. Therefore, if you are in good physical condition, ie, moderately load the exercise itself, and not sit back, then it helps. But the truth is there is a downside, if you’re working too hard, it will stop, but later on this. And now me this is not a great comment, and what do you do if you suddenly started to realize a dream that you are sleeping in the same moment, wake up. There is an exercise if you wake up or open your eyes, while a very high probability that you will immediately fall asleep and dream start from the same place, when it was broken.

Marina, Catur group: If a dream terrible, terrible, unpleasant. You do not want this dream lasted, I want to sleep, but that was not the dream and the other. Is it possible to switch in a dream?

Zaporozhtsev: Upon awakening you said: Do not open your eyes, and you take them open. You dream bad dream, you become aware of sleeping with this unpleasant dream, in that moment you wake up. Now if you do not open your eyes, most likely, you will fall asleep and will continue to see a bad dream. And if you do not want to see, you just open your eyes, you do not see more of it. Open your eyes, go to the kitchen, drink tea and go to bed, and it may well be another dream come. You run away from the dream, and the yogi to the contrary jumped, awake, dreamed something terrible, because then it’s in me the potential negative somewhere napping and now he got this monster and have to deal with it while it is still tepid, until he does not like to wait. In contrast to sleep with the same momentum and experiments on it put. Next will be described, what to do with monsters. It’s a bit later.

Next we go: “The spread due to fatigue occurs when a dream is often repeated without changing the content. To address this need often meditate on the dream and persistently strive to know its essential nature, combining breathing exercises with the adoption of the pot-shaped in the process and visualizing the point between the eyebrows. “

Zaporozhtsev: Everywhere it is a win-win means – breathing practice visualizing the point between the eyebrows, but another reason. Sometimes you do not have enough prana inside to break the tendency of the mind. And if you podnakachaete prana can be a different scenario every story.

Further: “The spread of sleep due to physical or mental disorder occurs when they see a lot of dreams, but woke up and could not think of any. To avoid this, it is necessary to avoid contamination and the unclean, to take initiation into samadhi and visualize a point located inside the base of the reproductive organ. Thanks to these measures a sprawling stops. “

Zaporozhtsev: There are mentioned various methods, including power point, and a very serious remark on account of pollution. Here you turn on the TV before going to bed, I turn here sometimes, I want to know when there is still economic crisis begins. But instead I say, today there is a bus that crashed, the drowned, stabbed it, and on such a central news. I do not know, they are selected news every day with someone that something is going on according to what criteria. Tomorrow, the economic crisis started, millions will die, no one cares or any criminal chronicles and you mentally tune in to this wave and you clog up our channels of perception, you accumulate dirt. Then there is the dirt begins to dream, anyway, to appear. The same situation of your regular life, if meet people rude, dirty, drunk, abused, some high-brawl, fight, some football fans, as always shout, beat all that comes to hand. Beggars, this dirt in train stations, the smelly bums, on crutches, unshaven, covered in bruises. It’s all together, you do not think that you can communicate without all those punished, no, you get prints, and then they clog up the channels of your perception of the world. Are you on something you want to mentally push this promise does not pass without a trace, so at the time of any serious spiritual practices recommended, at least temporarily, to live in a certain place, where smaller bums, politics, crime.

Next we go: “The spread of the disappearance – is the lack of dreams. To dream appeared, it is necessary at the time of meditation on pot-shaped visualize point as being at the base of the reproductive organ and the main thing – to honor propitiate offering heroes and dakinis. “

Zaporozhtsev: There is already a reference to such thin layers of the device being. Who are the heroes and dakinis? It is a whole world between the earth and the real thin, which was believed to also be a place and influence. In fact, it is the cleansing of the space on a subtle level, on the fact that not see physically. How do you say, that the homeless will not interfere with the thin plan. Because there are bums on a rough plan, but there is a thin. This I joked figuratively, but you must understand that there is a grave phenomenon, there are subtle.

Here we give a footnote that the spirits feed on odors, in particular smoking incense adopted for various ceremonies.

Zaporozhtsev: It’s actually already a comment Evans Wentz, more inspired by the Philosophical Society, just at that time they were held in high esteem, so some critical comments.

Question: The information relates to the subtle or gross perception? The subtle perception of our thoughts, feelings, and when we hear the information on the radio, it refers to the level of fine or coarse?

Zaporozhtsev: It does not matter, it’s a little bit of a different category, it is not subtle or gross, that consciousness and energy. What information is what we can perceive only with the help of consciousness. If there is no consciousness, there is no concept of information. This is more a game of consciousness and energy, rather than the gross and subtle. A gross and subtle it is already in the range of manifestations that’s this combination of energy and consciousness. Rough – this material world, he is stable, immobile. When you dream you see a moving, ephemeral, it is there you see the subtle worlds. There is a more subtle, so-called – the causal level, about it very little that can be said for us inexperienced.

Then go. The next part of the treatise is assumed that you have achieved success in awareness and now the recommendation, and now to do

“The second part is called transmutation, which is as follows. If, for example, in a dream prividitsya fire, think of this: “What is wrong can make a fire, seen in a dream?” Do not leave this thought, trampled underfoot fire. Just tramples underfoot any dream. “

Zaporozhtsev: It was a response to the fact if some do not like a dream. If you reach your lucid dreaming and dream some do not like, it’s time to dig there, with all its consequences. You have to fully plunge into this dream and deal with them so that more he will not bother. With that scary, play, learn the world

Further: “By acquiring skill in this practice, turned his thoughts to the various Buddha worlds believe that they are achievable. To do this, going to bed, visualize a red dot as being in the throat psychic center and firmly believe that with the help of the visualization you will see very clearly with all the details of any of these worlds that you wish to see. “

Zaporozhtsev: The following is an interesting continuation of this theme is all kinds of dream travel, ie, for practices of Tibetan yogi, it is a very real thing, that there are different worlds have different plans of life and how to get there? But while sleeping in the subtle body, can move enough. Unlike some Western scholars, who would rather interpret our dreams as the digestion of information. In Eastern philosophy is a separate channel of information that somehow correlates the information that we receive in the wake, but only in part, but a large percentage of directly derive directly only in this state.

Further: “By means of such concentration of mind, see the world of the Buddha, who want to see – the sky Tushita – Western Abode of Bliss, is called” the giver of happiness at the thought of it, “or some other”.

Zaporozhtsev: According to a Buddhist cosmogony, have a variety of layers of existence, in addition to our physical world at the level of the material, with all planets, galaxies, there are parallel worlds, but more subtle. How do they compare with rough hard to say, can relate, can not relate, but there are many planes of existence of worlds, where they live more highly advanced beings. There are also plans for the hells where conversely the degree of suffering and an enormous presence in the world causes a lot of suffering. It is enough to have an extensive scheme, moreover, it is a living being can be born in the same world, in the next life in hell. And hell they have not once, but over there the whole list. As the hotel has different rooms, there is an economy class, there is a luxury, that the hells are probably in a similar manner. Similarly, what we would call a paradise, but it is generally considered a yogic position, that is the good place to live, it is not strange our world, our physical plane.

Next we go: “This practice is a test of the ability to transmute the dream.”

Zaporozhtsev: So here you get access brink of universe reality, and you learn to know her by various experiments, visualizations, actions and see what comes out of it. Thus, gaining the necessary experience to realize the dream of nature. What is its essence? How to find modern scientists is just a delusion or rest, digesting the information, or it is another world, or another option. This friend is not abstract thinking, to be known in real experiments. Therefore, every time a yogi goes to bed, he was as if a new world went. I often tell this bike, which says that in the early 90’s, when there was a famine, bandits, the policy is not clear, everything is bad, everything collapses, no one knows where the top where the bottom of all these gray crushed. I remember one old lady joyful such a happy go. She was under 90 years old. She is so happy, all such unshaven, looking at his feet, it’s our people. There is a foreigner – his chest, there is an American, about, understanding power. And here she is with a straightened-feeding, happy old lady ran. “Grandma are you so happy? You should think about the soul, and you here plyashesh “. Around all that bad, all hell is flying, and she said: “No, are you my life has just begun, here I am with yoga dreams met, I every sleep waiting for me this whole journey, and then when I was in the morning I wake up and understand I’m not dead yet – the universe gave one more day. ” This is to ensure that the economic crisis is about to begin a terrible, fly all to hell and you have to awake from the world to adjust their view of life in it, remember that you have an alternate aerodrome – yoga dreaming.

Next we go: Next big part. “The realization that the dream content and essence of the Maya.”

Svetlana Erokhin: Can the issue here? If we have learned to recognize themselves in a dream, and to change the situation. Can work in those quality sleep, who would like to purchase, for example, people hesitate to speak in public, or he wanted to seize upside down, some sort of skills in life it is still afraid to do, but a dream fulfilled it will be better prepared?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, opened the incredible vastness of the work on the other, over the work of their fears, hopes, with his stupidity, his unmotivated actions, interpretations, truly enormous Universe really work can be very, very different scenarios, for example, what you are afraid of or to what you seek. And sometimes it’s up jokes. One yogini, I told her more than anything in life was afraid that her husband will change, and then she began to dream dreams that her husband has been, God knows what, but not with her, and she was in a cold sweat woke up from this, after how to learn this yoga. And when she began to dream similar dreams, it is consciously engaged, and what will happen next. From the victim’s position in the position of the observer. And it is clear such impudence dreams do not stand up, and they begin to fade, turn inside, transformed. This is a great direction to realize previous Sanskar or prints or negative karma grain. According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we carry the seeds of a future negative behavior, negative conditions. Imagine you are a bag full of different seeds. If there are suitable conditions, it drops out of you a seed, a seed falls into the ground and sprout. You get a particular state of life or a particular situation. That you brought a seed, it is not from the outside, someone threw out there, and you brought it yourself. And it is clear through dreams, you can indirectly understand, and where you have there an ambush. Someone was afraid to speak, such as express themselves in public, someone fears with an exam. I studied at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, I thank God that he was there to learn, or the Absolute, as you wish. I owe all of MEPI. I had the most terrible dreams when, and at that time was MiFi custodial institution. There is on site, first nuclear reactor is located, and secondly all of Medium Machine Building Research – bombs and everything flowing. I remember the KGB are all very strictly guarded, not let me, I forgot to pass, I see obsessive one and the same dream when something goes wrong in your life is what that one thing is transformed through some typical dreams are nightmares. Until you realize that this is a nightmare, so typical of something you do not go, then when you realize that this is just an opportunity to win back the grain, a positive or negative start eggshell. On the other hand, do not wake up, do not chase it, and to learn and to experiment a variety of ways to continue the dream, the nightmare continued, but by your rules. I remember doing the most different – passed through the walls. I was not allowed, and I’ll go through the wall, and wham, a very strange condition – I remember passing through the wall in a dream. It seems that you come, and it’s like rubber, you’re going, it does not let you, as a thin shell, which stretches, stretches, then she breaks – fraction of a second, black space flies past you, and you find yourself on the other side. So experimenting, that’s karma, something that means, probably, it is connected with the fact that science has collapsed. I remember, it was a tragedy, if the Soviet Union did not collapse, I would have stayed in the academic environment and is probably related – the country is collapsing, thugs on every corner, the oligarchs and other obscene. Or let’s say more, I remember, I learned to fly in a dream, consciously learned to fly as it turns itself. A lot of people I teach yoga, I demanded from the students when he gave yoga dreams when they went, that they fixed their experience and published. A lot of interesting work with the bindu point. I remember in the dream kakom-to this point has been the driving force, I try to fly, I understand that I can fly, but for this I have to turn over, feet up, hands up, head down, and that’s in such a state above the ground can fly and sometimes on the contrary, that you lie, probably influenced by many factors. When it is one itself spontaneously when the force will travel some. I have had some students, one decided to get into the higher realms, he began an effort of will, in the lotus position, in a dream to visualize and willpower fly, fly, raised themselves above. In reality, he represented himself as he over the planet Earth rises higher and higher, this space, and then everything can not go, I do not have enough prana. If during the day a lot involved in yoga, pranayama yoga, do it right, then the lack of sleep, and if prana little for life, and especially in the dream there rypneshsya. Prana is friends, the universal coin. Wakefulness, dream, dreamless sleep. Now, my friends, there comes a strange time in the world. People used to live out in the West live in a loan out, we ate reserves for several generations ahead of the loan. It may well be that the loan is no one else willing, it will be frustration, God knows it will. But the most offensive is not the point, hardly anyone dies, yet the science is. The worst thing is when you have false hopes. You painted yourself plans for the future, and they begin to break down and there comes a terrible depression, and even here in the sense of working with dreams could be anywhere, in any conditions. Sleep you still will not stop as long as you live, respectively, at least for some time to leave the world you uninteresting. You’ll gain more prana, you will begin to live more efficiently in this new world. I find myself thinking, yoga people are not engaged in for only one reason – they do not know what it is.

Question: If we are lucid dreaming interact with some people, meet with teachers, it is only our projection or those people can be involved and to feel the effects, too?

Zaporozhtsev: With respect, they will feel it or not, it is a separate issue. Let’s order first: if you see something in a dream, it may be, of course, on the one hand processing of the information that has not had time to go to your buddhi through your Manas. Because Manas as strict receptionist will not let anyone not getting in the buddhi, to the owner. But at night the door ajar, and everyone can go to run, because some dreams really connected with the experience that we have, for example, before going to sleep, with all the consequences. But at the same time, sleep time was called, teaches yoga independent channel of information, disregards the fact that you have seen in the waking state, it is a separate channel of information and what you see there, how do you get, this is a completely different story . Finally on, sometimes you dream about certain people, and you communicate with them, and you can not figure out whether it is overwork previous experience, or indeed a direct channel of information in some other areas or people. The first thing that occurs when I see a guru from the Himalayas, and there I saw the guru, when I see him in a dream. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you a little, you have preconceived ideas about the world, where they are space and time are fixed and linear, ie, But if we now have 12 o’clock, the Himalayas and 12 pm, and on Jupiter and Alpha Centauri 12 noon. So even on the part of physics quite complicated actually reasoning recall doing it Albert Einstein, you will very quickly come to the concept that your perception of time is illusory. You just tend to think that everywhere is the same time. So even synchronize the sleep time is not possible, each roughly the time, not to mention how kolleriruyut these messages with another person, he sees or does not see, the projection or it is directly perceives you. Here the mass of all the different nuances. There are times when two people see the same dream one and it one dream for two. It happens the other way around, a very strong dream, but one sees, the other did not see. It is a different facet of reality, it is more ephemeral vague, not clear, in contrast to the coarse of our waking state. Therefore, in the waking state, it is easier to operate, easier to sharpen the brain, everything is stable, and in the dream state, and so the brains tossing more and the atmosphere is not stable.

The next question is: Why is there no mention of a dream, I can say that there is clearly all live and sometimes wonder where, like in the memory was not like this, and you see the smallest details, leaf of the tree, you can see there veinlets . In such nuances do not pay attention in real life, you can not see them. And you think, where still in lucid dreams it is taken.

Zaporozhtsev: Why do you think that comes up, and maybe this is just the famous astral part of the universe, which is in a state of sleep is directly perceived. Incidentally, in all the yoga treatises and it is said that there are three planes of existence: coarse, fine, it is the astral, and there is a reason. So when manifested thin plan, it is perceived by our senses by several orders stronger. Why? Because according to the ideology, we have a subtle sense organs, and gross senses is just a thin body senses. And then you have your subtle sense organ directly not through the eyes, not through the ear, not through the senses interact, there is even a very interesting descriptive components become the mantra of the universe. There’s mantra, the first mention of kvantavanii world, indivisible particle, where space is a mantra, the mantra of water, fire, etc. The idea kvantavaniya not just some of the physical phenomena, but even space indirectly in yoga reached God knows when, in other words we, as they call it, is experienced personally. We in the laboratory, as it were indirectly, we understand that it is, and they are directly senses. When you send a subtle senses in the subtle world, you have it begins to interact, without going through a rough, and so you see everything more clearly. You feel stronger and smells and touch and everything several times stronger. On the one hand it makes you stronger to the perception of positive and negative acute.

Alexey Somov, correspondence student asks, bindu point on the muladhara chakra or sahasrara chakra?

Zaporozhtsev: No, bindu point is located in the center of the head, at the base of the body is another point, it is energy. The foundation of the body have the energy, the consciousness in the head. bindu point is the place through which the light of consciousness shines most strongly. The foundation of the body, usually a red dot, it can be related to the place where the dormant kundalini energy. At the base of the body of Kundalini correlates with the muladhara chakra or the principle of land for all texts. Although created by a very mixed impression, such as the location of the kundalini and the chakras it muladhara still get different things, even though it is not obvious. With regard to the point bindu, in the most widespread tradition that has gone right now triumphant step after John George Woodroffe, an Englishman, a judge issued a “Mahanirvana Tantra”, “Snake force” in the early 20th century, all went to the pictures with the chakras, everywhere they reprint. But this work on the basis of another treatise called “Spike six chakras” Shat Chakra Bheda. But there is a more detailed description of the chakra system, which are in the head and that’s where there are enough interesting things, that the principle of reason, the point between the eyebrows is the principle reason. But somewhere there is an even more delicate structures that appear and automatically include or sahasrara chakra, or some structures Ajna chakra. There is also not up to the end everything is clear and in the Indian Tantric tradition. But the fact is that somewhere in your mind there is a point of thoughtlessness – bindu point, a point of consciousness. If you realize it, you predsamadhnom state, because awareness is directly proportional to the point bindu starts to sway the kundalini energy. The more you are immersed in the bindu, the stronger your kundalini energy awakes, with all its consequences. That is, if in a nutshell. But Tibetan Yogis, everything is at its all allegorically, its allegories, not always even clear that had the mean, or Ajna Chakra, or bindu, or, a combination of both.

Question: Anna Kirsanov: If you see the event in advance, before the event will be in life. Prophetic dreams.

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it’s a very interesting phenomenon. Prophetic dreams, dreams, dreams or projections that suggest it will. It is very hard to interpret them, apparently, there is a set and we like that at the same time engaged in this issue. You understand here not only indoor and outdoor Yoga University and other other sites, but there are people who support yoga lightly. And from time to time become such, here I would like, so we are all made in the open, such debates, seminars, where each week comes a person makes a report to be discussed, argued, on the rediscovery of the knowledge of yoga. Now students can be little that the demand and the axioms do not know, but believe those who understand this, for me, a great intellectual pleasure to talk with people to discuss their thinking, experience. So that’s the attitude of dreams, in all appearances the following scenario: first, our mind is like a giant computer that remembers the background that was, knowing that there are now, or may be assumed to calculate what it all might lead, that is, It is a kind of numerical simulation of possible events. And then another memory selectivity factor, if such a forecast was made and came true, his memory remembers, if the forecast did not come true, his memory remembers. That’s because human psychology is made, unfortunately.

On the one hand, but on the other hand, we remember that, according to the axioms of Yoga, a principle of reason is higher than the time and space principle. Our Higher Self is outside of space and time, the concept of time does not exist for him, ie, our higher self can quite freely, to watch the whole panorama of the event not only as we see in space, but still in time, probably, to what the horizon. From the height of the Higher Self sees it some time section, based on the karmic preconditions, plus your free will and can see and do such a forecast. Imagine you go to the forest can not see anything, flew over the forest – to see the road, there is a trickle. Some of these dreams is because somehow wakes up, probably supernormal our Higher Self to monitor the situation from the perspective of space and time. And probably this is the reality, moreover, sometimes life happens in some moments of stress we suddenly begin to see all the events taking place slowly. In fact, I remember reading the memories of veterans of World War II, I am very interested in this topic, especially proven memories, not the yellow press and often very strange happenings. That one uncle described him sitting on a hill and saw it flying projectile, literally “the shell on my eyes shell touched the surface, in my eyes, this process of the explosion began to spread into splinters fractions”, she sees him slowly, slowly unfolding, and then blast him somewhere drifted there, shell-shocked. He came to his senses and remembers everything. And there are so many moments when time suddenly starts to behave very strangely for a man, then it slows down, then quickly flies. Maybe it also has some indirect attempts to use our higher self, which is beyond space and time, therefore, no mystery, no predetermination. You remember, you are free, you get just what they deserve, here too can not escape, every one of you there is some conditionality and share freedom. Yoga encourages you to use its share of liberty to destroy the part that is due, not so that you will reduce your free will. I remember at one time were the mystically minded and silly boys, some harried girls, who are all something feared their dreams mystical omens look at them was unpleasant, they do not give the impression of yogis and Yoginis, while shouting. Do you remember anything that makes you weaker, everything that deprives you will, everything that makes you dependent, fearful, should be discarded. You have to go in the direction of freedom, so any dreams of what would not be, should be treated with this yogic positions.

Question: Dmitry Surohov: Is it possible to approach yoga dreams through Sri Vidya, when you perceive everything around as a goddess.

Zaporozhtsev: Dmitry, I congratulate you on this royal road, keep this way, forget about everything else, all the rest for you does not matter. If you succeed by Sri Vidya, you do not need to be in general any yoga. Yes, definitely, it is possible. We have an analogue of Sri Vidya – is the yoga of love.

Q: I am on my own experience I can say that the knowledge of preliminary practices in the yoga of dreams, which should be done in the waking state, to perceive it as a dream, then some clues, trying to fly in the waking state, so practicing. For a long time began to realize that my dreams merge with reality. I even start to catch yourself as something not adequately perceive, want to have to actually conduct a line continuing in a dream.

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, well, you remember, in yoga there are exercises which resemble controlled schizophrenia. Indeed, you can interpret certain exercises – yoga dreaming, visualization, yoga, some with thought forms as controlled schizophrenia. That’s what she and controlled schizophrenia that everything is under control you. A apple for apples determine if your freedom begins to decline from some or exercise, then you are on the slippery road. Somewhere really need to stop, rethink. Your freedom is to expand and with all its consequences, ie, if such a course of action based on the results brings a good point, for example, you called the chief of the evil: you’re fired! You have several scenarios grasping at heart, drink validol, where shall I go, no housing, no work – a script. Another scenario – you look at it like a dream, look calm, there is already the chief discouraged by your calm and relaxed you feel about that and do the above steps with minimal error. You do not panic, you meditate quietly. Well, I fired – fired, you know, people in the West, he is before you get a job in the company, he asks himself – do not associate myself I obviously with rotten now, and if I lose my time there. This is our man believes that he is one, and the West knows his own worth, was fired – very well, I’m going to continue to watch a dream, as I get settled on the next job. And the next job comes calm, refers both to sleep. But others on the contrary are beginning to get nervous. As consequences, but it is technology, but it is practice. Of course, that was not such that you come to work – work to do, and you are in a dream, that the work itself is visualized and seen as doing everything in a dream, and then suddenly in the end it turns out that nothing has been done. Dream in a dream does not have to look. According consequences.

Go ahead: “With regard to the third part – the realization that the dream and the content essence of the Maya, given the following instructions: Getting to doing this realization that dreams are the Mayan Drop every fear. And if in a dream you see a fire, turning it into the water – a fire fighter. And if the little things you see in a dream, turning them into big ones. And if you see great things in his sleep, turning them into small. In this way, the knowledge of the nature of the size. And if you see one thing in a dream, turning it into many. If you see in a dream a lot of things and turn them into one. In this way, the knowledge of the nature of the set and the unit. Continue this exercise until the full mastery of these methods. Then, visualize your body as visible in the dream state, and the same body of all other creatures, presenting their bodies composed of Maya gods, you will know that they indeed are. “

Zaporozhtsev: It’s like a continuation of the theme and what actually to do with it and why do we need these experiments in a state of lucid dreaming. You need to discover a new facet of reality, which is essentially subject to the same laws as in the waking state, but in a few other conditions. And some things before you reach better through practice during sleep than in the waking state. In the waking state will be all the same, but it will take years, and then for another dream to govern. This quality accelerates your spiritual development. Finally, you start to work with such seemingly obvious to you concepts as – large or small, the concept of number, that something can be singular or plural. The fundamental and familiar to us phenomena. A variety of practices are used, for example, you are dealing with a man, you take it and do not mind a single person, and many people. Imagine you are talking to a man in a dream, once it has been disconnected, and two people, it really is one. In the waking state, your mind begins to resist such a formulation of the question: so what are you crazy or something. And in the dream state of yoga that goes really well, without any special reason disturbances, why? Because the mind jumps to the level, where the concept of number, space and time, to a lesser degree as it is defined. Mind generally very abstract thing, it can exist where there is not one of our concepts. Due to this here purely fundamental redrawing of their ideas about the world, that something can be single or multiple. You start somewhere deep understanding of how all the world is made. Even the case of this girl, I was talking about, which is terribly jealous of her man, she began to dream a dream, and a variety of experiments and then went, she took it and spawn these bodies, it was several husbands. Tell someone in the waking state, tell – schizophrenia or insanity. Yes, we perceive in the waking state, and is able to sleep is not something that is not critical, no, it is critically perceived, but with some perfectly with other items. Or vice versa when two different people, and you take and merge them into one. And one man immediately and he and the other, or even a lot, that is, This rather abstract exercises. Aerobatics, of course, the concept of the nature of other creatures. In ordinary life, we look at different people, someone we like, someone does not like it. And then we begin to see, as it were, that their nature beyond, all the sleeping gods who pulled over a variety of clothes and the fool. In the wake of this will take a lot of time. I went to his boss gloomy, how then does not quite want to see in it the manifestation of a deity, covered by maya, no, I cling to Maya, I psychologically hard and long to make. And here it is easier as a result we move closer to the knowledge already, who are the other living beings, are building a better relationship with them, fewer mistakes in the future and do win. good weight.

Anna Kirsanov Question: What if in a dream monster you see him transform into a beauty?

Zaporozhtsev: You can try, and so, he saw the monster, transmuted it turned into a beautiful woman. Immediately it was said, saw a terrible and large turned into a small and miserable. Or conversely fire in water, water in the air. In the dream, you have a laboratory for understanding the universe, experiment.

Q: And you can not turn into something, and to ask him why it came?

Zaporozhtsev: Can be and ask why not, friends, you can put what you want to experiment. Do you want to ask, and then transmute it want without demand immediately. You want to talk to him, ask him a question, that you have come? What for?

Question: Can a dream to install dangerous unnecessary associative links, for example, to drink vodka in a dream.

Zaporozhtsev: Negative associative relation we set when we say that we see some terrible dream, and it encourages us to the typical fear response. Instead of having to stop and fix the problem, we have to get away every dream and every time we are hard to stop. In this sense, the dream as in the waking state, the question is how you’ll use it all. If you will use to increase their freedom – is one thing, but if the reduction – is another. You have great uncle and aunt, you really will be from a position of increasing freedom.

Question: Marina, artist Catur. Can I work with children since very often dream of Baba Yozhka type fears, gray wolves to bite. They will understand? You can work with them so?

Zaporozhtsev: Why do you consider yourself more stupid children. I’m here as I am growing stupid, I was a little more than it seems to me to perceive the universe. On the contrary, as I grow in my plans, thoughts, hopes, fears, vested interests, to get something. And in my childhood was not like this, and here are the direct methods of dealing with reality, I think, will be up to the children better than to adults. Therefore, why not. Yes. Of course, it is necessary to properly convince a child – who he was, I remember, I was small and still asked myself, and who I am, how I arranged inside all looked at ourselves. The cartoon was about Thumbelina, which came to the mole in the cave she sits, grains eat, and there is a ceiling hanging roots, both in the cave, I closed my eyes are small, and it seemed to me that I have inside a large cave, and the edges roots which -That hang. Images of course I snapped out of that seen in my life, in cartoons. Maybe somewhere else. Hardly from past lives. If someone properly before I started then to communicate that you have higher ‘I’, that it is immortal, etc. then it would be done the correct settings, I would not pacing the nightmares, and I would, on the contrary, from the position where a force even to this attitude. I think if a competent way to write good, humanistic, life-affirming stories, cartoons shoot, paint books, songs do. Not that I’ll turn, my daughter looks, one episode after another, and the third, who is a witch who vampires. Pokémon used to be, baby talk compared to that now. Horoscopes each, each with its own horoscope, your name, special names, girly magazines. It requires that I bought. I, of course, buy, leaf through, but stuff really glamorous stuff. From little girls want to grow up a fool glamorous. But it is interesting, exciting, and there is no competition, we have to buy. It is actually a tragedy. We have thrown children, we gave children at the mercy of some unknown dealers, they’re doing the whole empire. And of course with good self-position, optimism, humanism – all this move. Childbirth Yoga Yoga at the Open University – baby yoga, yoga for seniors further, it will be two priorities. So go ahead.

The text: “Part of the fourth. Meditation on those sleep state. In the fourth part, meditating on those sleep state, prescribed, as has been said, “meditate on the true essence of Suchness”. This cleared tendencies acting during sleep, and which give rise to all the visible phenomena in a dream of the gods. When focusing the mind on the forms of the gods, seen in a dream, and preserving calm the mind free of thoughts, forms the gods are transformed in accordance with the state of mind free of thoughts. And then there is the Clear Light, the essence of which – emptiness. If this method is mastered to perfection, while in the dream state and the waking state is attained the illusory nature of both states, their content, and will be known, that all phenomena come from the Clear Light, which is the noumenal reality, generating maya, and the phenomena of the mind . Connect with each other. It ends with the presentation of the teachings of dreams. “

Zaporozhtsev: That’s actually the whole treatise on dream yoga, and a few words about the fourth part – the use of dream yoga, it is the most difficult in understanding, because there is already fast methods in full, casual here mentioned yoga of clear light. Yoga Seminar clear light within 6 Yogas of Naropa, we have already passed, so anyone interested, I just, again, sending on kurs.openyoga.ru site. It turns out the next thing, my friends, after you have experimented enough to be able to lucid dreaming, you experience the ability to look at an even more deep layers of being. Here, by the way is not mentioned being the formation, dreamless sleep, they somehow slipped that, in my view, was justified by Tibetan herders hardly explain what it is, nevertheless, there is another layer, the so-called sleep without dreams . And then even more deep stratum – is work directly with the manifestations of our higher ‘I’. What yoga it is called Prana and particularly the possibility of entry of prana into the central channel and the connection primordial energy with the original consciousness yours acquiring samadhi, when you realize that the entire phenomenal world, the world of objects, phenomena and processes, in fact has its separate reality, unlike your perception. The object, the subject and the process of merging and virtually all, even the most fantastic achievements in the dream yoga, they are actually fade in comparison with the depth of a grandeur that opens there on. And as soon as you touch here these deep layers, the state or the taste of this state you begin to be observed in the waking state. These two faces are really starting to be really not so different that there is an illusory world of hallucinations and then illusory world of hallucinations, in a state of sleep without dreams illusory world of hallucinations, and in fact really only your Higher “I” or a real Absolute, as the said to yoga.

But I remind you, in Tantric Buddhism, they are very elegantly avoided the concept of the Higher “I” and very elegantly avoided the concept of the root causes of the universe. Because of what a tremendous amount of confusion, especially in the modern followers of Tantric Buddhism. But, nevertheless, they are called “clear light” or “the root cause of the substrate being,” and read the Absolute essentially. Likewise they perceive luminous emptiness of his “I”, in fact read the Atman or Higher “I”. Everything still comes down to the same as in ordinary Indian yogis, but this state is truly grand and they have directly lead to samadhi. When you can not go into samadhi through the waking state, and a state of sleep as dreaming, and dreamless sleep. I guess I’m not even going to talk more, I’m just overwhelmed you. If I start to explain the basics of fast techniques, the essence of mahamudra, the essence of duality here is not so in terms that samsara and nirvana – the same thing. The essence of that ignorance is omniscience, and omniscience is ignorance, what is in your head can not fit. But at the same time, ignorance and omniscience, in between different things in our concept. How to achieve such a state that ignorance is automatically transformed into omniscience, without effort, without the experience once and you instantly twisted inside out. It is hard to imagine, even harder to imagine. Friends, no crashes there, there is only sverhlogichny level of comprehension. So from a position beyond logic, sometimes it seems like the words that appear folly or revelations from heaven. Let us, I will not say anything about it, I only want to say that there is the highest level, that we are the two words can not bind. But it’s there, so you know, profane, say, the same dream yoga to only some pleasant pastime or even the knowledge of the universe can be the same does not mean there is a deeper level there.

Question: What’s with regards to this fourth part meditation on such, does this mean that the meeting with the various creatures, we must remember the fact of them, that they have a Higher Self, its essence?

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, if we remember that Suchness or being the root cause of being, or the clear light of the Absolute, which is beyond all objects and phenomena. What objects and phenomena lose their meaning as a self-existing unit structures, they are emptiness in the sense not of interest, in this sense of the word is discarded. If you have experience of the highest, what would you have not encountered all of you begin to transform, transmute, to turn to the spiritual.

Let’s do a little practice. So, we go to bed, held a week after the seminar. You come home from work, tired but happy. Since you do not tuneyadstvovali, and changed the world for the better. And the time is now to plunge into a magical dream yoga and think how we could comfortably go. This will be more comfortable on the right side as the seminar was told someone on the back. We focus on the throat center. And now imagine that you are asleep and dreaming. And imagine that you see a lucid dream. You see, what you have there is something it takes place and you realize that you are dreaming. For those watching and did not wake up at the same time. But all of a sudden got out a terrible animal, you got scared and woke. But his eyes did not open. They lie down, lay there and lay down. And fell asleep again and see the same monster. Came up to him and asked him, “What is your nature of the beast, have mercy on me a monster, I’ll tell you where the treasure is buried under a stone on Pushkin Square.” Here. We went to it, it is evil, and then like a tank on it went and passed through it. It bang and disappeared. Now off to travel around the globe in a dream, that is, We see the dream, realize that sleep and think, where would fly in the lotus position or any other any position. Fly, fly myself. And now one more try an exercise to practice the mantra in a dream one direction or another. And with the help of mantras to change the dream, create objects, transform. We wake up and stretch and yawn. Neatly sit down and do three potted breath in an attempt to understand the nature of the dream, as it was said. Doing. Great. Before we make you a little break, I want us to be with you from Chang read more about yoga dreaming, but with a slightly different feeding approach.

Light further reads: “The main method is the introduction of dreams recognition prana into the central channel to demonstrate the Four voids. When this occurs, the yogi must identify them one by one, and then wait for the emergence of dreams and try to recognize them. A detailed account of these practices will be given below.

The best time of observation of dreams is the period from the beginning of dawn until the full sunrise, because at that time the food is completely digested, the body rest, sleepiness is not as strong, and the mind is relatively clear. But those whose sleep is shallow, may carry out this practice and at night.

Yogi must use a thin blanket, high pillow and lay on its side. Before falling asleep, he should strengthen his confidence in and commitment to recognize the dreams, at least seven or twenty-one times. It can be for some time to visualize the four key syllables in the throat center, and then to focus on a single syllable OM red, while stress-performing breath Vases.

Avoid prolonged and uninterrupted sleep, instead it is better to try to sleep a short period. Every time awake, the yogi should analyze – whether he was able to recognize the dreams while he slept. If not, you should resort to earnest prayer, before the coming of a new dream.

If after all this, the yogi is still unable to recognize the dreams, he should sit down and start looking at objects in the room – chairs, table, bed, pictures, clothes … thinking that all he sees in his sleep. With this feeling should go back to sleep.

Anyone who can not recognize the dreams due to excessive sleepiness, should visualize sparkling red OM in the throat center, radiating the light that fills the room and the whole body, or sparkling white Tigle between the eyebrows. Those who sleep rather weak should visualize a blue or blue HUM crucible in a secret center …

Anyone who diligently carried out all the above instructions and still not able to recognize the dreams, should retire to a secluded place and took off all my clothes, start jumping, dancing, running naked and screaming: “This is a dream Dream!” It should also go to the edge of the cliff, to look into the abyss and do the same. If, after that, he will not be able to recognize the dreams, he should be ashamed of and contact with a passionate prayer to his guru and patron of the Buddha. it should then be visualized in the throat center [of the circle] sharp blades rotating with ever increasing speed, moving around the body like a circular saw, crushed it into pieces, and the smallest particles, and offer them to the Buddhas and hungry creatures. You can then proceed to the meditation of Mahamudra, while avoiding any dualistic thought …

Those who only occasionally and only for a moment, unable to recognize the dreams, find this practice to be ineffective. This particularly applies to the sudden awakening from sleep immediately recognize. In this case, the yogi should constantly remind ourselves of this trend, strongly reinforcing their desire to remain in the dream state. Even if he woke up, he should not immediately open his eyes, but you should try to pursue a dream or to concentrate on the heart or the secret center.

The yogi should conduct a thorough analysis in order to detect the causes of the rapid awakening from a dream – if the whole thing in a higher voltage, it should no longer relax; if the cause of the noise – sleep in a quiet place; if heat or cold, it is necessary to increase or conversely to reduce the amount of clothing, and so on. Some instruction stating that the practice helps to visualize yourself sitting between red and white Tigle – positive and negative forces. It is also alleged that the useful visualization of the blue HUM to the throat center during the breath-holding vases … In short, the yogi should try to find the reasons why it fails to recognize the dreams, and then take appropriate action. For example, if you are overcome by drowsiness, visualize a red or white crucible, emitting a bright light in the throat center, or between the eyebrows; if easy to wake up or sleep is not enough strong, visualize a blue or black crucible Heart or the sacral center; when dreams fuzzy, visualize the throat center red Tig Le, emitting a bright light that fills your body … nadi

If the yogi dream a nightmare, he should take action against unreasonable fear, saying to himself: “This is a dream How can a fire or water swallow me up in a dream How can this beast or a demon, and the like to hurt me.?” Hold this awareness, it has to pass through the fire, or water, or to transform itself into a huge fireball, flying straight into the heart of a terrifying demon or beast, and burn it down …

Yogi, which is capable enough to recognize good dreams, and whose success is stable, can go to practice Transformation of Dreams. That is, in a state of dreams, he must try to turn your body into a body of the bird, a tiger, a lion, a Brahmin, the king’s house, stone, wood … or what he wants. If it has reached stabilization in this practice, he can go to the transformation of your body into the body of the Buddha patron in various forms – sitting or standing, large or small, and so on. It may also try to convert the objects he sees in dreams, in a variety of other objects: for example, the animal – human, water – in fire, earth – into space, one – in many, many – one must learn … be in a dream various supernatural powers, such as the eruption of fire from the upper part of the body or the water from the lower part of the body, walking on the sun and moon, as well as learn how to fill in the millions or billions of their bodies the whole world …

One of the main purposes of Yoga practice Dreams – to help people gain awareness Illusory Body able to Bardo and in this life. To do this, you must first recognize the four Void’s Dream, then the fourth, or the Void Aboriginal yogi instantaneously performs projection Illusory Body Buddha patron created Prana Mind, in the Mandala, and then again dissolves the Mandala and Patron of the Buddha in the great Void. Such, in brief, the process of Ascension and dissolution practiced in Yoga of Dreams,

After that, the yogi should practice the Journey to Buddha Pure Earth according to the instructions below.

Visualize yourself patron of the Buddha, and then immediately, with a speed falling star travel back to Heaven of Indra or any other samsaric Heaven; before returning back, a good look at this place. When achieved stabilization, should make a trip to one of the Pure Land of the Buddha, such as the Pure Land of Vairochana, Amitabha, etc. It also takes place within a fraction of a second. Reaching the Pure Earth Buddha, the yogi should make a bow, to make an offering to the Buddha and to listen to His preaching …

At the beginning of the practice of vision and experience still unclear, but it is hard to believe in what we see in a dream is the true Pure Land, for both Samsara and Nirvana are an ultimately just dreams; if you do the practice, so that the vision will become clearer and clearer …

If a question arises: Is there any difference between yoga practice and Illusory Body Yoga Dreams, the answer is that basically they are similar, but the Dream Yoga should be considered as a supplement to the Illusory Body Yoga. One of them is designed to generate the Illusory Body, the other develops and improves this process. Also be aware that the illusory body, which arises from the Light in the waking state, much deeper and thinner than the body of dreams. But both types of yoga should be practiced as a complement to each other, because in this way a temporary attachment, manifested in the dichotomy of Sleeping and Waking states can eventually be overcome. The combination of these two practices can contribute to the purification Yogi usual samsaric thought, comprehension of the fact that all things are the manifestation of the mind, and the mind is devoid of any kind was a substantial self like dreams; knowledge of the fact that both Samsara and Nirvana are but mirages, nothing is binding and does not free; purification from all gross and subtle, pure and impure affections, and finally, the disclosure of such magic Sambhogakaya Buddhahood. “

Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful!



Dream Yoga Part Three.

So, my friends, this is our third part of the seminar Tibetan Yoga – Yoga lucid dreaming -6 Yogas of Naropa. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, and today we have 29 July 2012.

Before we move on to consider the topic, can anyone else have any questions? Please, yes.

Basim: I would like to reflect on the pinched artery. I see this bunch pinched between the arteries and the throat lock, with what we call such Udana Vayu, which is responsible for dreaming, for death, for the separation of the soul. And so I think it may very well be useful not only pinch the carotid artery, as do the throat lock, especially during Coombe. For when we try to understand the nature of dreams, when we stifle or throws his head back, a lot easier, I think, do. Plus even necessary to do Maha bandha that all the wind to drive into the central channel.

Zaporozhtsev: To make Maha bandha, one must at least know what it is. Of course, my friends, you see, the logic that all yoga complement. The same practice of hatha yoga, the yoga mantra, pranayama yoga, they take you to the level of quality suitable for yoga dreams. The logic is this: why would I start? You must have an excess of vitality, excess prana. If an excess of Prana, no excess of vitality, not to work with. But we immediately remember that excess prana is primarily spent on our sexual expression. So arranged humanity, or the human race would have died out! Therefore, it is necessary to immediately process of saving through loss carry sex. On the one hand to bring the prana through the most different types of yoga yoga mantra, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama, yoga and other yogas. On the other hand, as we begin to accumulate this capacity, he begins to be converted into sexual energy, we need to protect it from loss. To this end, a variety of tricks, including, of which we spoke at the first seminar: on Yoga Tumo. But to protect against loss of sexual energy is almost impossible if you do not choose the part of it that goes to the enjoyment. You do not separate it from the part that goes to the continuation of life. Roughly speaking, you have to have sex, but not like animals, and consciously and to transform it, if you will, in a separate type of yoga! Of course, if you want to breed, if you want kids, then somehow engaged.

It turns out that you like to hold this potential and begin to transform it into something deep, deep, deep, which you will eventually lead to the realization of the underlying causes of existence or of the self, or of the universe.

More questions? Yes please.

Question: Continuing the theme of monsters. Always in a dream, if dream monster, talk, be friends with him? And if you allow that you ate it, this monster?

Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends. Once again, the same question I ask – what to do. And what you want, then do! You have a new planet, and that every individual. Someone is easier to beast devoured him and feeding and has died. Someone on the contrary, to devour the monster and put an end to the matter. Third, to transform it into something. Fourth something else. We do not know the reasons, karmically engendered such nightmares. Therefore, the universal medicine, what to do, apparently, is not. There are some achievements of which we read, but you need to approach this issue is certainly creatively about your some cases. More questions?

Question: When you sleep, you move in space so, then the dream begins to control your body. You, for example, get up and are moving in the space surrounding the objects you see, and think it’s a dream. Talking in his sleep, and then pulled you, and you wake up and realize that ….

Zaporozhtsev: Yes, we know, is a saying Russian folk, “Rose Rose, and forgot to wake ‘. If it’s from lack of sleep if the matter when the morning at seven o’clock in the morning, dark outside, and the snow and the rain comes, the alarm sounds. You run a job, and you get up on autopilot. The body, they say, is their own thing to do, but you’re still in a dream, such inconsistencies. If this is understood it is the transitional state between sleep and dreams. They are also very useful for the work. We are now touch upon this issue. But then again, it is necessary to approach them very well. This meant?

Continuation of the question: Do you get up, and others shy away from you. You run somewhere in a dream, you open the door and …

Zaporozhtsev: Do you remember that there are sleepwalking, there are all sorts of strange disease, when in a dream a person begins to walk, and so forth. There is no question of such as say, illnesses, as we call them. Because it is quite dangerous condition and unpleasant for others, when someone goes insane and does not react to appeals to him. If this is some kind of disease, it is one, or is it lack of sleep, or something else. If this practice and any practice, whatever it was, you remember, it must extend your freedom. If it restricts your freedom, whether in the practice of Tibetan yoga Indian yoga or somewhere else, then something is wrong. So some factor that has not yet doosmyslen and with whom to work. Like this.

Question: How can you deal with it and control it?

Zaporozhtsev: What is it? Let us specifically what it is. What happened? What was to happen when yoga has gone?

Questioner: Yes, only when there is lack of sleep.

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, once again. Yoga begins with the moment when the lack of sleep there. So, what can I say – to sleep a little more. You know, someone will look at the record and say, here lived a man normally, and become engaged in yoga, I began to walk away from it all shy people. Then it turns out that it is your lack of sleep. How does this relate to yoga dreams? No. In any case, yoga position is very clear: if there is the slightest suspicion that this is connected with a particular disorder, mental, physical, or even some of the body, of course, it is necessary to immediately seek medical attention. Because there are a variety of diseases in humans and the reasons are different. Sometimes a vitamin deficiency, sometimes the stress at work can be a huge list. Therefore, if it is related to health, it is necessary to go to the doctor. Because all the practices are for the people, as if you were told medics, healthy. It is understood that perfectly healthy people do not, in the universe. But there is some kind of corridor, the bulk of the people. If we come upon some exceptional case, this exceptional case must be evaluated very carefully wasps, with the greatest possible care and caution. Because, really, a person may be sleepwalking, as it is scientifically called, I do not know. Yes, somnambulism.

Or maybe it’s from lack of sleep, stress, sometimes on …. And you do not forget such factors as the change of time zones. I now all Americans have complained that when they arrive or depart, and it is interesting that one side is normal, and the other does not adapt can. Finally, there is another factor that you should keep in mind that all of these practices have been for people who live south of the 45th parallel. This is India, and Tibet. Imagine, if you live in the Arctic Circle? Do you day and night, the sun, the light. And I know that there are a lot of serious sleep disorders when people just can not sleep when light can not. Many in Canada, we have the Arctic Circle. This is a real problem when a person gets in these latitudes, and he begins mental problems, although this man was absolutely normal.

And here, let us so first investigate the circumstances of life. It was there, for example change of residence, work or something else. Let in the good, let’s start on the simple to the complex, from the intuitive to the incomprehensible, from the ordinary to the spiritual, not to miss. So once again, if you have the slightest disorder, the disease, you should remember that yoga does not cure the disease, yoga is a system of self-knowledge. The fact that sometimes it helps to heal something, it’s more like a free application. Questions? And correspondence students that there are silent as guerrillas? Let us make a bookmark – 91.

Question: When we had a Yoga Nidra, we concentrated in the center of attention, and in other practices in the throat center. There was a moment that this is a very unusual and attention goes somewhere. As correlate with one another? Why vibration center is biased?

Zaporozhtsev: I will answer this question. First, you will remember that in the ancient treatises indicate that it is possible to concentrate on the point between the eyebrows, Bindu point, based on the body at the base of our reproductive organs. In fact, for such clues attention concentrations may be much for various purposes. With regard to the ligaments of the practices that we have from time to time practice, namely the transition from wakefulness to sleep. We shall deal later theory of this problem and why there are differences.

Q: I do not really understand how to determine the time of sunrise at our latitudes? The treatise was told that since the beginning of sunrise and until the end. What is it like?

Zaporozhtsev: Once again, my friends, you have to understand that if the Tibetan yoga, then relative to the breadth of Tibet, the name implies. And generally speaking, it is quite serious this time, which is associated with the factor that why the most vivid dreams begin to dream about it at the time of sunrise and at the time after sunrise. Sometimes a given interval of several hours. We where on the horizon at the moment, when the appearance of the sun, and when it rises, but not more than it is at its zenith. Somewhere in this period, for some reason, there are very vivid dreams. On the influence of the sun, there’s some bunch. I can not say how this bunch will be observed or to work in the Arctic Circle. That someone from the students living here in Norilsk Nickel, then Murmansk. What we still have in the Arctic Circle? Because you see, the sun goes around and does not appear at one of the year to another. With the Sun is due very much, even from radio physics is known, that the distance adoption of sustainable signal increases sharply, and then drastically reduced. There are watches, hams know when you can set the radio at a considerable distance, and only at night or during the day this is not observed. Who knows what sort of phenomena of the atmosphere?

Question: Cyril Lyric, Kiev, asked – MPP comes in a dream?

Zaporozhtsev: Let us about it now will not. This is because the other series.

Q: clues to understand themselves in a dream. We have a dream to track them?

Zaporozhtsev: No, in general, ancillary, minor tool. You can come to lucid dreaming, never knowing nothing about the throat, or about the heart, nor about between the eyebrows. This question is somewhat different, it is a question of the control of Prana. But it turns out that our mind is torn, and then falls into a swoon, and we forget even what were going to do! We have every intention of going to bed and see the lucid dreaming, but we have forgotten. At the most inopportune moment we have forgotten, and we need some kind of binding to our flailing mind. And here we are accumulating such associative tools as the throat center, the heart center, or on the point between the eyebrows to mind from time to time, going back to him, remembering that you are going to practice lucid dreaming, and not just sleep.

So once again, these little things, and I often see that in the West people pay more attention to the little things that are sometimes critical, but not always, the essence of what is happening. As a result, they spend time, effort on the reproduction of a practice, and the more serious the teachings of, for example, exercise pranayama, the body in order to bring, they ignore, and as a result does not work. I say, how many people come to me all kinds of people, and they went through all the trainings: psychological, lucid dreaming and that just was not there. Here to tears, said: I go a few years on it all, and this uncle, he was already 40 years old I am, that says some particularly crazy, I have some defective, can I do something with the head, why all have lucid dreams, but I can not imagine that this is possible in principle? When you begin to understand, it is clear that all of these visualization, mantra, yantra, it was all right, except for one. Firstly, it is very much to spend on sex, young he has a beautiful wife, and secondly, he was not engaged in pranayama yoga. Once again, to something to work, you must have a foundation. A No, but a lot of work? And it is often a more important factor. And sometimes you can on anything other type of prana, and it will be enough to instinctively go into a state of lucid dreaming. Even without additional factors.

Q: How do I use the sleep will move to another point in space? He fell asleep in Moscow, and woke up in another place. In the dream svizualiziroval movement in space. Those. Here you fall asleep and in a dream is moved to another location. Is it possible?

A voice from the audience: Teleportation in a dream.

Zaporozhtsev: Let’s call and where miracles begin. Friends, you are putting me in a stalemate. You ask if I had seen or faced such. Honestly and openly say there is in this life that I do not remember, either at home, or at their friends. But when I began to study the ancient treatises that deserve serious attention to them and trust that there is a variety of abilities have been listed or as we call it, over ability. Somehow, moving from one point in space to another through the power of thought. Most interestingly, these miracles in great numbers in the same Tantric Buddhism. It is known as one Buddha asked his disciple to travel through the universe, and the student was able to make such a teleportation. And the disciple took quite a long time to reach any point on the edge of the galaxy, or I do not know where there, and there were always Buddha instantly. Asked the student: How can this be? Buddha said: Buddha nature – it is everywhere! it is enough to realize at any point, so at this point were manifestations of the Buddha. That is, it is not necessary to travel, you just have to understand that you’re there, and you find yourself there.

But, look, friends, I’m still a physicist, I vzroschen in the Soviet academic world, which can not stand any kind of spirituality, nor any potustoronschinu nor any flirtation with pseudoscience. Unfortunately, they also habitually refer to yoga, they think that yoga In the same series. I’m afraid once again mention these things, not to say: Well, the tales, the stories begin. But on the other hand, something tells me that the world is much more complicated than we think, and maybe what seems to modern science seems impossible, after 200 years will be daily.

Therefore, as you say, from the point of view theoretically possible variety of real use of the potential of our hidden powers. But I would like to see this fragile logical structure crushes yoga, if I were you then secretly began to speak: here know, yes, two weeks, and you can save on tickets. I fell asleep in his bed, and woke up in Moscow! As it is, especially the people who first encounter with yoga with yoga? They say that a little bit of a head at the bad lecturer. Although, in theory, even if the reason for our concepts of space and time some minor things that probably could have such purely theoretically. Any questions?

Question: Anton Porhun, Samara. How to Remember a lucid dream? It happens that the experience is, but it is forgotten.

Zaporozhtsev: all very difficult with dreams. Sometimes you wake up and remember that there was something, but do not remember. You go to work, you start to work at the most inopportune moment you your dream comes. And catch the moments when it can be to you in a few days comes. Sometimes there is such a thing, that during waking you so do not you remember, and then go to sleep and you start to see a continuation of the dream, remember that you’ve seen it, remember that you forgot it during the day. Doing the intention that the next time you wake up, be sure to remember, but then you wake up and you forget again. This is a very serious topic, the theme of remembrance. I need to write all the reviews, it is the most powerful tool of self – remembering! So you were able to track jumping his mind.

If you are able to do retrosperktivu or back track, as you moved from one thought to another, you will develop a memory! And if you develop memory, you will understand the law of karma, cause and effect. And if you understand the law of karma, you will understand why you are surrounded by these circumstances, people and events. You will understand where you made mistakes and where strong moves. If you understand this, you will begin to approach the understanding of how to construct this universe and so on-on-on. Therefore, a survey of remembering – this is one of the most powerful tools in matters of self-discovery!

Not all, of course, it happens so quickly. Therefore, from this moment of remembering dreams, it is necessary to operate as usual with his memory. Any questions? No.

I want now to make such a move, if you are doing self-knowledge, and you are working with memory, you, you must develop the habit on autopilot – once with you, at least something significant happens, it is immediately recorded. You do not have a lot of words, can be two or three keywords, but then, looking at them, you remember everything else. Generally, my friends, your prosperity in yoga, in any yoga, will not begin before work begins with memory! And the work will not begin before memory than you have forged themselves a yoga blog and be there all the time to write down everything. Because I know for myself, just go and something to come, and so lazy – get into the bag, get a pen to write something. Especially in the subway you ride, you shakes, and obtained scribbles, but, believe me, every word, even the written scribbles, it then as time goes on it becomes priceless. Just priceless, these are anchors. It’s, you know, like in a computer, play in any toy computer, and you can remember this or that condition at the time the state of the game. And then, if all of a sudden the game went in the wrong direction, you can always return to the point where everything was ok and to see how you came to such a life.

In the same way you do in your life. Once you deal with any problems in life, you will stop and write in his diary. And then for him to jump back when these problems did not exist. And keep track of what has changed in that short period of time. Believe me, it will help you is sooo! Very, very helpful. Are there any other questions?

Recommendation: If you are trying to realize a dream and still wake up, then, without opening your eyes, try to remember what you dreamed of, in particular.

Come on. Now, in this part of our workshop we will look at all the same thing, but only from the standpoint of our yoga school. From the standpoint of our axiomatic to look and realized with the positions of the two points of view, where you do not understand something on the one hand, and found these links.

Let’s start from the beginning, according to the teachings of yoga, each of you is your higher self It is out of space, out of time, it is indestructible, it is not born and does not die, does not fall asleep and not wake up. It is higher than the concept of change is higher than any of the adjectives that you can think of. It is truly fantastic, it really idealistic, wonderful, exciting and wonderful. The whole surrounding universe, as our higher self, the root cause being created or Absolute. What is Absolute? Absolut – it is life itself. That is the concept of life that virtually all spawned. Our higher self and the Absolute, does not differ from each other, nature and the other one is the same. Or in other words, we are all created for a single image. Therefore, ourselves and the entire surrounding universe created the Absolute, but on the other hand, like how it is that our higher self is the Absolute.



For all the details of this rather unobvious subject, I refer to the website – kurs.openyoga.ru. There is a course called axiomatics of yoga. There is chewed everything in detail as it can be in our conditions. Thus, your higher self, it is absolutely no need for change, the introduction or retracting. But, your higher self, there are manifestations. One manifestation of your energy is referred to as, the other is called the manifestation of your consciousness like. When energy and mind in harmony, you are experiencing a state of bliss, joy, and happiness, which is not based on anything but itself is a support for all! Yes, our higher self has been created free, free from all, including the knowledge of how it came into being. Because all before installation knowledge makes us unfree. If our superior knowledge I had, it would have been not free from this knowledge. Therefore, there is a factor of the original ignorance. Under the action of the original ignorance, our higher self in every possible way begins to manifest itself through the consciousness and energy. And that consciousness and energy begins to create what is called – the body! Our bodies are made up of three plans. Thinnest plan, the so-called, the causal level, from the most subtle manifestations of consciousness and energy. Then there is the subtle body of a coarse vibration energy and consciousness. Finally, coarse level of our physical world, of the coarse vibrations of consciousness and energy. In fact, all three of these components are similar to each other, and our body is quite complex conglomerate of the physical body, the subtle body and the causal body.

So, our ordinary gross body is in some way connected with our higher self transcendent, and a bunch of a flow of prana, or the flow of manifestations: stream of consciousness and energy flow. As this thread. Our higher self is beyond time, beyond space, and our body is rough in space and time. The flow of prana somehow manages to penetrate and connect these two areas. Since due to the initial ignorance of our higher I do not know what it really is, then mistakenly begins to consider himself its manifestations. In the first place with prana, and later, when the prana inside our body is divided into consciousness and energy, then we begin to consider themselves bodies. Because on the one hand our bodies are controlled by our original energy, on the other hand it is the light of our consciousness, as it were, inside enlivens our body. Therefore, our higher self, considers himself bodies. Rude people, inexperienced, consider themselves to physical bodies, we are civilized people, consider themselves more subtle bodies. Over something so elusive than a piece of meat, but in fact, one and the other is a mistake. Our body is only an instrument through which manifests our I. Our I’m indestructible, is the adjectives of space and time. With our same bodies can do a lot of things. It is perishable, it is born, it lives and dies. Finally, it is within space and time, in that part of the universe, where there are these laws. So it turns out that on the one hand, manifesting itself through our body, our higher self, is not aware of any itself, or the Absolute, who created all the world. Our I’m not aware of the reality of life, the reality of being the highest. But regardless of whether it comes to the ultimate reality of our higher self, or does not reach, the reality of it does not disappear. Therefore, all that we see around us through our bodies, it is in fact the root cause of the universe – or the Absolute Reality, which is hidden behind objects, phenomena, processes, etc.

It turns out this thing that the universe around us has three facets. One facet we perceive in the waking state, the other face of the Absolute or the universe in a state of dreaming. The third facet we learn to sleep without dreams. And here the dramatic and strong disagreement with yogis dreams Tibetan and Indian. In Tibetan yogis somehow just very divided on the state of dreaming and waking. In more ancient yogis – India, added another condition: the so-called dreamless sleep. But for the purposes of Tibet such details were not needed, because Tibet has always been, and I hope will continue to be a factory for enlightenment. Where the input is the soul in any degree of self-awareness, and the output is enlightened Buddhas. Therefore, like any conveyor, all minor details are discarded if the conveyor so work properly. But it should be remembered, if you want to get a bunch of dreams between Indian yogis and Tibetan yogis dreams.

Thus, according to the Indian yogis of dreams, we are living in bodies, consistently observe the universe, the one face, then another, then a third. When we see another facet, is a state of wakefulness, but a long time, we can not observe it. Because we have to accept the reality, the higher the brink of existence, and we see only one side of this higher reality. Therefore, as soon as we see the reality for a long time with the same face, it is very destructive begins on us to act. We have to go to sleep to see the second face of reality, which will compensate for the imbalance in the first. And here we see the same reality, the same universe, but on the other face. In the dream state, we also can not be long because it is a single facet of reality. Therefore, sooner or later we will have to go to sleep without dreams, where we see, like, the third facet of a single reality. Then, after the state of dreamless sleep, we can return to the waking state, and all goes to the new. To compensate for the lack of a unified perception of reality, we have to approach this reality with the three parties in turn. To sum was in all reality, but we do not recognize, and at the same time, we lived in the degree of ignorance that we have.

Thus, we should consider the state of dreaming, the waking state, the dream state and dreamless as equivalent facets of the universe. So dream no more flawed state than awake and dreamless sleep no more flawed state of life than those two previous stages. But, again, you can not stay in a single step, you die.

Now we go further. Until we have our internal ignorance, until we feel the bodies as we perceive the whole world in fragments, we’ll have to sleep and wake up. And all that relates to the state of a waking, we practice there all the known conventional method of yoga. But then he added the state of sleep with dreams, where we also offer to practice yoga, but other methods, somewhat different, somewhat different. In addition, then will advance the state of dreamless sleep, which also offer us a well-known practice of yoga. The fact that the Tibetan yogis merged into a state of sleep, in the Indian Yogis divided into two types, dreaming and dreamless sleep. As for the work and practices while dreaming, they are practically identical to the Tibetan, which we have just considered. Maybe, except that given more descriptive picture of the body of the device with multiple channels, chakras, centers and more consistent than we find in some Tibetan treatises. Tibet it was the belt, it was the technical documentation, as well as what to do, rather than descriptive as the inside. There are two big differences: read the instruction manual for the cell phone, and set of documentation, how to make this cell phone. It turns out that everything about working with dream yoga, it is almost similar theme, almost one to one. There’s little that you can add, subtract, about the same ideology and the sequence.

As a dreamless sleep, there are some features, because in a state of sleep without dreams you do not have the usual thought-forms. That’s when you’re awake, dreaming – the thought is there, but in a state of sleep without dreams – our usual thought not! But there is a very fine level of intuition. Ordinary people, this level is not developed and therefore they perceive it as forgotten as, settling into something not differentiable as a condition where there is no difference. If you start doing yoga, then sooner or later you begin to turn on intuition, which is able to perceive reality through the channel of energy and consciousness, without going through the usual channels of our mind. And then, being able to sleep without dreams, you also practice yoga, but yoga that even difficult words to express, no adjectives. And the easier it is to survive, than to explain what you have experienced.

Finally, the following is a very serious help in the Indian Yogis, in contrast to the Tibetan yogi – is actively working with the transitional state between sleep and wakefulness, from dreaming to waking from dreaming to sleep without dreaming of dreamless sleep to wakefulness, etc. That is, the conditions of crosslinking. This picture I like, mnemonic, I did from time to time give, imagine that the whole universe around us, like a pyramid. Imagine a pyramid of Cheops, only she had not four faces, and three. It should be based on and revolves around its axis, and we stand side by side and see how the universe shows us that one face, then another, then a third face. Stop it, we can not rotate, otherwise we die. It turns out very interesting thing is that when there is one facet of the state – awake, we get some information, but not all of the information to us immediately comes. In our deep mind structures, which in yoga are called “buddhi”, comes partly, stripped-down information. The main part of the information is not passed such a cordon sanitaire, which is called “Manas”. This information, for this cordon sanitaire accumulates, and then after a day when we go to bed, will take effect the next facet of the universe, then, firstly, everything that has not had time according to the queue to enter to us, but was stopped Manas begins still to us to penetrate. And so we are inspired by dreams of some events of the previous day. But, once it exhausted all of this information for processing, ie the channels are open, and we begin to comprehend the universe, with its thin side, from dreaming. And there also we may befall a flurry of experiences, experiences that are not all we end up immediately in the moment of sleep, and it so happens that after waking up, we have a few more days are under the impression of sleep. Ironically, sometimes what Manas missed in a dream, he may miss waking moment. This artful shifted design.

Finally, the same situation with dreamless sleep. That’s up to you never came in the dream state and the waking state, it may take only able to sleep without dreams. And the reverse situation, when you invade the state of dreamless sleep trained, you can be such a powerful experience that echoes then pays and the waking state and the dream state.

Here’s some very bizarre work with the flow of information. To live, whether we like it or not, we somehow have to be in tune with reality. Although we do not understand and do not accept the reality, but that it does not disappear, information flows, which are energy, consciousness, experience, etc. – They are in accordance with reality. If we have to start somewhere to cut, then we begin, as it were, to throw out of his perception of the world of the reality. As a result, we are very quick to make mistakes and ruin yourself and your body! It can not allow our bodies, and it is constantly the same information, which takes a great yogi or yogini in the state of enlightenment, brings us indirectly, but we perceive it fragmentary and out of place. So sometimes, when asked, but he knew an enlightened yogi or yogini, why would not we know? The answer is trivial: they know as much as you know now, they accept you now as much as you currently perceive. Only they correctly perceive, and you do not correct! And you, in fact, different from the enlightened being only one factor – you are wrong to perceive. This is to ensure that you do not have to, you do not need to change anything in order to achieve a higher state. By and large, cornfields themselves or in the universe. Although, sometimes, to reach such a state, it is necessary to radically change themselves and the universe. The paradox, but this is a different area, the process.

It turns out that we can work with each of these conditions separately. In each of these states to practice the appropriate type of yoga, getting something that had never made it to its previous state. But there is also another in the Indian Yogis, a very interesting continuation of the dream yoga. Namely – the work on the crosslinks, work, when one state into another, it is the moment of falling asleep, waking moment, a moment in a dream, when you go from a state of dreaming into a dreamless sleep. If you learn to concentrate on these crosslinks, you would like a crack between these three faces begin to see, what’s inside, what it is reality! Variously referred to these methods, working with cross-links. Recently began to appear in the West, I like it, so I will also try to use the so-called – Yoga Nidra. In a fairly free translation it sounds like yoga, when you sleep. But, in fact, is a yoga move, although perhaps there may be other names of this yoga, and is very often happens, because when the same yoga in different schools, in different traditions, in different times called a bit in different ways.

Most interesting is that in the approach to yoga, lucid dreams in Tibetan yogis and our school is recommended to start with self-awareness in the transitional moments. That’s when you are in the waking state, and then you fall through in a dream. If you’re any kind of meditation and samonastroem grab this crosslinking, you would like to check out for the curtain of Maya and Maya generated illusion. You like to perceive a greater degree, as they would say in Tantric Buddhism, this is the life, or the Absolute, which is beyond all objects or phenomena. So when we are traveling seminars, which take place a few days and have the opportunity to practice at night, as you may remember, in the great hall of the people lie on mats with sleeping bags together and engage in this moment of transition, a meditation, which is leading. To all set up and tried to catch this link between wakefulness, sleep with dreams. If you get close to a bunch of you will already be easier to jump on. And in the end, we can already easily move from dreaming to wakefulness, maintaining a largely clear of self-awareness that comes from our higher self

Well, finally, the next moment, like this three-sided pyramid, which revolves around us, all the facets converge into a single vertex. This single peak is called Samadhi. If you climb to the top of this, it does not matter with what face you will immediately see everything at once. This so-called fourth state or Turiya, is the state of Samadhi! It is only reaching him, it is believed that you no longer need to sleep, to dream, to sleep without dreams. Once this happens, once you comprehend these transitions, these crosslinks Absolute or the root cause, which gave birth to the universe. You will very quickly come to the realization of its own nature and also realize that your nature and the nature of the Absolute is no different. In fact, you enter into Samadhi, the highest state of Samadhi.

As a purely physiological point of view it does, give a description, in particular, I asked to read excerpts from the book of Chang 6 yogas of Naropa. He uses words such as the center channel, the entrance into the central channel, the prana. The same you can find in the Tibetan yogis, but there is usually more blurry. The bottom line is that there is no difference in the achievement of a state of Samadhi and assume such a process, as the awakening and raising the kundalini energy. Or, say, if, according to “Yogas Sutras of Patanjali” is a condition where you stop at first all thought-forms, and you are left with only one thought-form in the light of your awareness. Then you and her and then take away is pure light of your consciousness that you send directly to the opposite side and the light of your consciousness and action of your power, begin to comprehend your higher self turns out that you like to die, do not die and get out of this universe. You are no more. I want to draw your attention, if you just live, your energy and consciousness around here hanging out, for example, animate your physical body. If you die, God forbid, before 108 years, your energy and consciousness, except in a very tiny period of time again somewhere hang out in the intermediate worlds between death and the next birth. But always there are your symptoms, your energy and your consciousness. In the case of yoga or yogini, reaching the highest state of samadhi, in this world there is no more their consciousness and energy. They are in this sense are the Absolute, its useless to look at the subtle worlds, rough physical simply no, they are on the other side of life.

Therefore the question: Where is the Buddha today, where Buddha Delhi? You will recall that the Buddha attained the supreme goal of enlightenment 2,500 years ago. I am very often asked: And now he’s where? Or, let’s say, some the greatest yogi, Ramakrishna for example, at the end of the 19th century reached nirvanakalpa Samadhi. And I ask: And where Ramakrishna? Post here, where to find it? Maybe the world is there some special spiritual, he is sitting there. No, my friends, the question itself is meaningless. There is a world where he could, in principle, be. He is the Absolute, he became the root cause of being, or rather, he remembered what he had been. What is called, and what you want! Therefore, as you approach this as Yoga Does lucid dreaming, or other yogis in your life will grow Happiness, Joy, Freedom. All stronger and stronger, and then you climb up to such grandiose heights to which human language has no words, it’s over! Beyond joy, besides happiness, besides pleasure, besides the victory, besides freedom. And when you go away from this world, it is even higher – to say about it, you can not think of any. It is sometimes said – victory. Many of the Buddha called the Tathagata, the people are the winners. Remember: And we need one victory, one for all, we will pay the price! This “Belarusian Station”, the film is so good and it was a very good song.

Whatever you are doing yoga – a dream in a waking state, a state of sleep without dreams or crosslinked in Yoga Nidra. Although formally Nidra yoga, this is the yoga of dreams, of the dreams of yoga. Your freedom, joy, happiness must increase. Your power, charisma, your love of life, optimism and responsibility should grow. If you do not what kind of yoga, on the contrary demonstrate that you are becoming sirymi and miserable, intimidated and shy away from you all to believe that you are not okay with the brains. That, of course, you could, for whatever their reasons to play this role, in order to show the example of other people reflected that there is nothing to blame the mirror, if face is crooked. But more often it is a different interpretation of what you’re going the other way, that yoga has nothing to do. Questions? Yes, note – 34.

Kirill Shevchenko, Kislovodsk. That is the essence in the subtle world without showing a rough world possible?

Zaporozhtsev: Is it possible to live in a slim body with no symptoms in the rough? Friends, according to some texts of yoga, it is believed that this is possible. When you have a causal body and thin, and rough there. Like a ghost, like something is, and nothing else. In yoga, it is not considered the most good birth. If you have such a prospect, and some, I must say, occultists have sought such a body – thin. It is very powerful, in fact, it can do everything that you can do in his sleep. But it is believed that the body is very inconvenient for the spiritual development and the acquisition of higher status. Therefore require better human body, and for this study generic yoga.

Continuation of the question: What if we only have a slender body, then we are on three levels perceive reality?

Zaporozhtsev: It is very hard to tell me, because that kind of binding to the gross physical should be there. But you do not ask me such questions, the fact that I’m here all famously explained, is not to say that I fully understand. It just goes to show that I was too long ago I read these lectures. This is me you slyly from sharp corners I take away that at least some understanding of the island was. I mean, here I mentioned about the many worlds of heaven, numerous worlds of hell, here is just believed that they, for the most part, just like that. What is the subtlest components, and from the rough they are the least dependent. She probably somehow it appears, but it is likely, as the dark matter for us, that, whether there is, or not. Physicists new theme.


Another question: is there any areas of the universe where there is a fourth face or, for example, the fifth?

Zaporozhtsev: You know, that’s just the point, that elegantly fit in three. In ancient treatises, it is said that there are three radically different planes of existence. Across the Universe: Sleep dreaming, waking, dreamless sleep. Friends, you see, we have at least something in common with aliens, we can establish contact. And such horror fiction ponapridumyvali. I am now on its last legs, and that you at least some islet give clues, and you begin to mock here. In general, you follow correspondence students. There is the culture of communication on the Internet in Russian, a little reckless, with humor, not always appropriate. This is an extremely knocks, it is extremely distracting and the worst thing that gives me the suspicion that you are not quite sane. This is a topic for analysis, for reflection, for re-opening. We are only on the threshold of an entirely new heritage of humanity, we must rediscover. Therefore, I beg you, no joke, jokes, no biting, God forbid, the statements. If I allow myself such jokes, sometimes, I on it somewhere go consciously. Like a good actor, a good scene kidding, because otherwise you will be overweight, you puffed brains. But the line, where it is necessary to stop. Therefore, let us we will not be about ghosts and stuff.

Anna Hosoya. Question: Can we say that the wake – it is the predominance of energy, dream – it is the predominance of consciousness, dreamless sleep – the energy plus the consciousness?

Zaporozhtsev: None. You can not say such a thing, because the three sides, it is actually three facets of existence and the causal level with the ideological point of view does not differ from the rough material. The world of your dreams, here are this thin substance of your dreams, and I emphasize, does not fundamentally coarse material universe. Only when all the rolling stock. I still remember the cartoon about Plasticine Crow, when the uncle found a magic wand, and then said: “I am without a magic wand to turn into anything I can, I have some flexibility in the body formed.” You have a dream, flexibility, as they say, amazing in the whole body begins to form not a magic wand. But what you’re made of this clay, from which everything in the dream you can do, it is no different from ordinary matter – it is a combination of consciousness and energy. The same thing, and with regards to the causal level. There, if figuratively, very subtle vibrations of energy – matter and consciousness respectively. Farther.

Continued questions from Kirill Shevchenko: The question was misunderstood. These spirits must be tied to a rough, or they do not fully perceive the universe, not being shown on a gross level.

Zaporozhtsev: Of course, if the thin plan somehow was not attached to material fact, how could we have learned about him. And how could all contact, even where it is, and nothing is shown on a gross level. Actually, this is one of the most bizarre topics for study. Here’s how a bunch between dreamless sleep and wakefulness, and sleep with a dream and a bunch between the ordinary matter, subtle matter and causal matter. I think that is just the key point to the knowledge of the universe. But you see, I am a physicist, and I say again, I have a very pro-war profession, even in my military specialty – Maintenance of nuclear weapons any longer. And I have all the advances of science, always look: a kind of a bomb that can be done? And God forbid, we will reach the level of causal and fine matter, you know, the atomic bomb at the level of the fine or causal mechanism, it will be a new spiral of the arms race. It turns out that everything depends on our brutality and our selfishness, and out of these mysteries before we become a kinder, more spiritual or something, it’s just confusing. The same applies to excess capacity. I keep talking about it, so every time I encounter with excess capacity, I catch myself thinking: I wish I did not know about anything and never be faced with this. That’s true, maybe with a few exceptions, when they came from beyond the ability of highly spiritual people. Then yes, it is a springboard to work on themselves, inspiring. And when just over ability, accidentally opened, then feel a sense of disgust and think: what do you do, I got involved in this. Although it may be, in the future we will all reopen it, we discovered nuclear fission.

Question. Status Turia – it’s the law or the law of Zero One?

Zaporozhtsev: State Turia, this condition is likely, probably, all the same, and it’s difficult to say, whether the law of One, where one without the other, passing into law of Zero. Because this is most likely the one without the other. You do not have a subject, object and process. If there is something, it is the one where the object, the subject and the process of merging. But you energy and consciousness process is absorbed by the source, that is, you are fully contracted to a root cause, it has no process, no object, no subject. Therefore, it is rather the law of One, which goes to the law of zero, and you would like, go out on the side of the root causes of even. There is something else?

Q: When you said that the Buddha or Ramakrishna, where he is, he was the Absolute. But the Absolute comes in human form? It turns out that the Buddha and Ramakrishna and present among us?

Zaporozhtsev: Friends, it is very difficult to separate the axiomatics of yoga. I have very limited time to explain in detail these issues. Let us closer still to the Yoga of Dreams. Are there any questions, because we have at least one more practice to do. I’m sorry, I have a little bit delayed. If someone urgently needs to go, you go. Any questions just yoga dreams? The question is very much on the device of this world, but it is impossible to grasp in a single workshop. No?

Question: You talked about the imbalances, when you’re awake and you want to sleep and can not sleep, even though you know that this is necessary. Even though you know what’s interesting in a dream, but it so happens that you get a lot of information and you can not go to sleep. Like customizable, close your eyes, you begin to practice Yoga Nidra to do and still, in the waking state and visiting.

Zaporozhtsev: The question is what?

Question: How to make myself go into sleep?

Zaporozhtsev: how to bring myself to go to sleep? This select all that you had to choose from a previous state. As mentioned in some of the recommendations: it would be very good during the day to do your physical body, to work physically, that is, to gain some experience. Then sleep comes. When insomnia? When there was no such, I do not mean when people get sick, different diseases. I remember my grandmother assured all that last night for a second eye could not sleep. And I say: Grandma, how is it that snoring so that the apartment trembled – I so can not be, I have not slept all night, before the rooster got up. I remember, she constantly complained to me. These states themselves change, but only sometimes, we go after them as if they had never existed. We left feeling tired, as if it proceeds.

As if you have insomnia – how to work with it? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, consult a doctor if there are any problems. If you are practically healthy, lead a healthy lifestyle, because, unfortunately, the modern civilization condominium, pollution, counterfeiting of food, with overcrowding, kakoy-to rat running around, it makes tense kakuyu-to one part of those structures, which we should have been in a state of wakefulness to strain, and the other part did not bend. And now it turns out that you like you lie down, and like, and they do not want to sleep, and the other part of himself as something different behaves. Here, all the mass. Therefore, in each case in its own way. Therefore, the real practical advice: Keep a journal and record your state, and then as a scholar, track – that was something, and then there was this and that. Try to find patterns in food, lifestyle, in the load at work, change of weather, the season, anything. Try to find some correlation, some kind of a rhythm. And I think that the vast majority of the responses, here in this very track itself. All friends, let’s us do the practice. Who is ready to the practice of yoga nidra to spend? Students? There is a chance. Who else? No one else. Forward!


The practice of Yoga Nidra

So, all lie down on your back, close your eyes, remove the stress from your body and begin to watch your feet and say to myself, my legs are relaxed. View your hands and say to myself, my hands are relaxed. To view all his body and say to myself, my body relaxed. We look through your mind’s eye the face and tell me: my face is relaxed. Introducing as if our body spread on the floor, and say to ourselves: the head is empty, there is no thought. We transfer our attention to the center of the chest and see how it will appear beautiful, glowing, bright lotus flower and say to ourselves: May all beings be happy! We see how the light wave from the center of our chest fills all our body, beyond our body and spread throughout the universe, in all its areas. This wave of Light brings happiness to all those whom we love, someone we know who loves us, who knows us. Our friends and family, friends and acquaintances. We see their faces as they smile.

For the second time now we are taking our attention in the center of our chest and see how the lotus starts to shine even brighter. As the wave of light fills our body from the top of the head to toe, beyond our body and spread throughout the universe. This wave of light reaches all those whom we have never seen, who have not seen us, whom we do not know who does not know us, who we randomly encountered on the street and never see them anymore. We wish them all happiness and a lot of them! In this universe, other universes. We see how everyone is smiling, everyone is happy.

Again tolerated our attention in the center of the chest and say: May all beings be happy! And we see how the lotus starts to shine even brighter and a wave of light from the center of our body and fills it goes beyond the limits of our body and is distributed throughout the universe, permeating all its darkest corners. This wave of light occurs with those we do not understand, who do not understand us, with whom we can not find a common language with those whom we love, who do not like us. Our explicit and hidden enemies, they do not wish us happiness and we wish them. Be happy! We see how they smile.

We transfer our attention to the surrounding objects. We see through them begins to flow soft, beautiful light. And we understand that the light inside us and outside us – the same nature. Below us it begins to fall the floor, and we are starting to come down in a bright glowing light. We begin to gradually dissolve in it, with it becoming one.

So, we understand that on the other side of reality, on the other side of the world in a state of sleep, awake, able to sleep without dreams there are streams of light, clarity and protection. This cause, the Absolute. Within us, in the center of the chest light source. It is the light of our atman, the light of our higher self is aware that our light and the light of the Absolute merged. We can imagine how this light within our chest expands to the entire universe of light and merges with the light of the whole universe. We can imagine how we fall in this ocean of good light, as in the arms of the parents – child. We can imagine that on the contrary, we seem to take off and climb into the sky and there dissolve in the light. To some pleasant analogy, visualization, and let it be. Most importantly, the breaths slower and slower, thoughts in my head, there is only a sense of clarity, protection, grandeur, meaningless. As soon as there are other thoughts, we start to reduce the inhalation and exhalation.

Great! Slowly comes to life and stretch and yawn, and then lay down on his side. Bend your knees and sit neatly.

As long as you come to, I again remind you that if you receive this knowledge at a seminar here, or if you listen to or view it in the record. It would be nice to hear from you, it is clear that it is not clear that the help that has not helped. If you are not able to publish it on the forum, then write it on a paper leaf and leaf leave here. If you are able to better write and post it on the forum. Because the feedback is absolutely necessary.

So, this concludes our seminar. All!

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