2012.10.25 Seminar. Nada Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Workshop: “Types of yoga”

Venue: KC Enlightenment Moscow

Moderator: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Tradition: Ananthaswamy



Nada yoga. We have a hearing we can hear sounds that cause us positive or negative emotions. Nada yoga teaches us that there is a gross organ of hearing is our ears, and is thin at the level of the subtle body, and gross hearing only realizes the function of the subtle body. With our ears we can listen to ordinary music, these vibrations are propagated in our physical world, in the air, and all that concerns the subtle and the subtlest of bodies there, too, if you will, its own environment, which is also subject to vibration, but other laws. There sound can propagate over very long distances.

It is believed that if a yogi is focused on the subtle vibrations, they are more intense, more exciting. The greatest composers have the ability to hear at this subtle level this music, sometimes called the music of the spheres. Some of them are able then to record this music and perform on traditional music instruments, which is a gross imitation of that subtle, but the audience was excited.

So, these people who are able to hear the subtle and concentrate on it, it’s very easy to fall into a trance state, they forget about everything, being completely immersed in sound, and very easy to reach the one pointedness of the mind. Describe this condition as if mind has dissolved in sound. If mind has dissolved in sound disappeared and your wrong idea of yourself, your ego, and if it disappeared, it is much easier to make the transformation within yourself, because you stopped to grab a stranglehold over their errors.



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