2013.05.26 Chakra Workshop: “Muladhara Chakra Part 1-I” Vadim Zaporozhtsev

So, friends, today, May 26, 2013.

My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This seminar is the International Open Yoga University, dedicated to the chakras. More precisely, it is the first of a series of seminars, which we will consider this interesting and mysterious realm of human knowledge.

All information is stored in the archive www.openyoga.ru our website.

Traditionally our university, we will try to explain the most complex things simple and understandable language, that was not just a complex theory, but also understandable things for practical exercises.

This seminar and the next will be devoted to the Muladhara chakra, or base chakra, so it can be called. Before we look at this issue and at least some words say about this chakra, you must provide enough short theory explaining the concept of chakras. This theme I have already touched on the previous workshops and so you can pick the appropriate files and listen to the recording for a more detailed explanation of this topic. So, now I will try to expand the theme of the chakra theory most short, so that later we can start to work with the specifics of a particular chakra, in particular with the Muladhara chakra.

So, my friends, here we are sitting here with you, but we remember that we have our Higher Self It is very idealistic, free, powerful, it is beyond time and space. This thing is absolutely wonderful, mysterious and not surprisingly, in all cultures and philosophies urge us to know his own Self Our Higher Self is immortal, and we do not exterminable little that can be said about it in comparison to conventional in our thoughts and all those we encounter in everyday life. But on the other hand, our higher self is connected with our body. And this conglomerate Higher Self and body connection is called a man, that is, people – is not just a soulless body, “zombie”, it is controlled by the Higher Self In fact, this complex structure of limiting the Higher Self and the body, which is within the matter needs to be explained how our gross body is connected with the Higher Self

That is, what are the mechanisms, which gives us the explanation of the ancient yoga knowledge about how it’s all done, on what principles? Starting to study this link between the physical body and the Higher Self, sooner or later, we come to the mysterious concepts, which are called chakras. In one of the translations the word chakra means wheel, sometimes instead of the word “chakra” say the word “lotus”. For example, the “principle of the lotus land” or “lotus water principle” can also say “the earth chakra principle” or to say “chakra water principle.” In Sanskrit, the word lotus sounds like “Padma” and so from here you can also learn a lot of knowledge. At least the game of words, sounds and game play of associations.

In particular, you know that the lotus different wonderful feature: the lotus can grow in the swamp. Among the mud and slime, but dirt and mud do not stick to it. He always stays clean. So, as soon as we seriously begin to study our body device with the position of the ancient yoga knowledge, here we come to the phenomenon of the chakras.

This phenomenon can be studied from several sides simultaneously. Firstly, it is possible not to have any of the ancient yogic knowledge, and engage in what is called the rediscovery of this knowledge. To do this, you need to retire to a place where no one will disturb and start thinking of their feelings, emotions, over those or other processes that are taking place within you, and how they relate to a particular posture, thought, with a certain feeling . And thus, you will sooner or later, all the chakras pereotkroete.

But there is a more preferred way: you must first study all that we are told the ancient yoga and yogini, in order to have at least some idea of what we should be open and only then deal with the rediscovery of this knowledge. Therefore, in the first seminar we will deal fairly dry theory that is the chakras, what is their nature and where they came from.

Ideology is the following: we all once were born, and, in fact, the process of birth – this is the process of connecting to your higher self with the material body. In particular, when mom and dad were making love, and the egg has been fertilized. Then, at the moment of fertilization, forming a channel which is connected to your higher self very first your body is very small, which subsequently grew, and nine months later you were born in the form of small children.

And in fact, we have to consider the time of our entry into our world. The fact is that our Higher Self is our universe, it is beyond space and time. The universe is arranged very difficult: we have a matter, our emotional, mental plane, which is very thin. But our Higher Self incomparably more grandiose and is beyond all this. It turns out that in order to fit into this universe, or to be born, we must establish some bridges to our thoughts and feelings can communicate his thoughts and feelings throughout the rest of the universe, our body with the bodies of other people. Therefore, when we are born, or incarnate, we first begin to create the principles of a certain sequence. Those. Our Higher Self is doing the principle of reason, then the principle of the space, and then the air, the principle of fire, water, earth, and the principle of principle, then it establishes a connection with the cosmic principle of the mind, the cosmic principle of air, fire, water and earth.

That is how we would connect to the universe through a lot, so to speak, plugs, but before you join, you must have the plug. Thus, we are creating a microcosm first, and then connect it to the macrocosm, embedded in it, like a plug that is included in the socket. In fact, this process is called birth. And if everything is as it should be, we are able to fully perceive the universe, and somehow in contact with it. And in turn, the other living creature, that was embodied in the same way and in the same way connected, can also communicate with us through this connection. That is our universe – is a great communicator. And every single person can be connected to the communicator and connect as the entire universe, and with the individual living beings. Here is a general philosophical basis of what is called the chakras.

Once again, the chakras – a strata in which we connect with the universe. According to the teachings of yoga, these seven layers, or rather their six, because there are only seven through very mysterious, difficult to understand the knowledge and teachings of the yoga area. There are the texts, the corresponding theory, but it has such a high aerobatics, this missing knowledge that we have a few that intelligible can say about it. But with respect to the remaining six layers we can say quite specifically.

So, what kind of formations? The most fundamental layer, or layer – this is the level of the mind, and it relates to the so-called Ajna Chakra, and is located in our head, somewhere in between the eyebrows area. In fact, the principle of reason in yoga theory a little different from the sensory organ. It is believed that the mind – a sense organ, which determines thought. Like the other senses: smell, touch, sight, which perceive information, intelligence – it’s just a sense organ that operates thoughts, ie, “Sniffing” thoughts.

The next level, where we are connected to the universe – is the level of space and in the body it is localized at the level of the throat center. We all have such a dimple at the base of the throat, and somewhere on this level there is a corresponding chakra or the lotus, through which we connect with the universe and our inner space is connected with the outside. From this it can be a very interesting conclusion, for this function of sleep corresponds to the throat chakra, because at the moment of falling asleep we leave the area of the external world and dive into the dream space.

Also, in yoga there are some interesting teachings on the fact that when we die, and we need razotozhdestvitsya with our usual space also is responsible for the throat center. Therefore, all the points that are responsible for such strange abilities and Yoginis yogis, such as: to move out of the body. At one time, these abilities were quite detailed in various esoteric sources about the different kinds of astral travel, and so on, that apparently lacked a sufficiently clear basis. Yoga Speak truly great. So all the techniques and practices that are associated with the release of the body have been associated with the throat center.

Finally, the next level or layer, on which we are connected to the universe, it is the so-called heart center. He, in turn, is responsible for the tactile sensation. We all have the ability to sense touch – it is a separate data channel through which we come to know the universe. Chakra or lotus responsible for tactile sensations – is the heart chakra. It is located in the center of our chest. Here, the word “heart” does not mean that this chakra is somehow related to our body, and that it is in the middle of our body, our chest.

Finally, we have the opportunity to know the universe through visual images. We have a vision, we can see something, to take certain pictures. It is alleged that that chakra or the lotus or the formation of the universe, that connects us and makes it possible to see anything else in the universe is connected with the navel center, which is localized in the area of our navel.

And what a strange picture is: the eyes are in our heads, and the center of – in the abdomen. At first glance, there is lack of logic, once the eyes are in his head, then the principle should be in the mind, but it is very interesting details, which show us that the ancient yoga and yogini received this knowledge not by stupid analogy, and in-depth study of their bodies, through experimentation, meditation and the like.

Finally, we have the ability to sense certain effects on taste, we have taste buds. And from the standpoint of taste yoga channel – it is also a reservoir, through which we come to know the universe, and the language – this is just the embodiment of the channel, ie, the tool that receives these flows of information and interacts with the center responsible for the perception of taste. This center is connected with the so-called Svadhisthana chakra, which is localized somewhere on the four fingers below our navel.

And on the other hand, it is very interesting that the functioning of our reproductive organs is also associated with the manifestation of this chakra. In this regard, there are some very interesting details, for example, we call sex, “sweet”, although it would seem, what attitude can have sex to the concept of taste, then appeared derivatives, a site dedicated to “strawberry”, referring to the erotic content of this site, although here and strawberries and sex? The fact that our inner perception of certain processes start to correlate with the manifestations of taste.

Finally, we have a powerful information channel, which is called the sense of smell perceives smells channel. This channel of perception, rather blunt for people and animals, on the contrary, from this channel in animals often depends on their whole life. For us, the sense of smell perceives the information channel, first of all, quite sudden changes in either “stinks” and can not be located, or smells, for example, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread. In the ancient yogic knowledge it is considered that the principle of smell or odor associated with the perception of the so-called Muladhara chakra, or the principle of land, and this chakra is located at the base of the body, somewhere in the sacral area, anus.

 It is this chakra will be dedicated today’s seminar.

We will begin a detailed analysis of all the information about the center, this lotus, which has come down to us from antiquity. Thus, as you can see, through the chakras involve all our senses, including our ability to reason. It turns out that each of our chakra on the one hand – this is a layer of the universe, on the other hand it is responsible for one or another channel of information with third – only if you use the appropriate chakra, you can communicate with the universe and to receive certain information .

In fact, the use of all our senses. Muladhara chakra, or our main chakra – the smell, Svadhisthana – taste, Manipur – vision, Anahata – touch, Vishudha – space, sound, next chakra, the Ajna chakra is responsible for intelligence. In general, as you know, an ordinary average person no longer any channel of interaction with the universe. With the exception of what is called “Higher intuition”, is when a person thinks, but knows when he realizes something is not through the principle of reason, and he suddenly, instinctively opens something. It is the responsibility just the seventh chakra, but, as you know, there is little we can say about intuition, about the revelation of the higher spheres of life. Nevertheless, we will have a corresponding workshop and we’ll talk about it, but only then.

Now I want to say a few words, quite serious warnings that I always repeat to seminars on chakras.

Friends, all the information about the chakras come down to us through yoga, through the so-called tantra – the texts that describe these or other exercises, including yoga. In fact, no other sources on this subject did not reach us, and all the ancient heritage of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the other, talking about it quite difficult, allusive language. In Tantra, as well as “okolotantricheskih” texts, ie numerous explanations, comments on the Tantras are sufficiently detailed description.

Secondly, the chakras are the formation of a thin material, and therefore, at the level of the gross physical body, you can find only certain nerve plexus, which, one way or another, are related to these delicate structures. Therefore it is useless to look for the chakra at the gross physical body. The physical body – this is only the outer shell or shell, which is made in the image and likeness of finer structures, and so, the chakras are at a very subtle level.

 Finally, the next thing, the description of the chakras, which are on a subtle level, is replete with numerous adjectives, descriptive characteristics. A particular chakra to be seen in the form of a flower with a certain number of petals, a particular color, shape. … In general, it gives a lot of details. You see it already in the analysis of descriptions of the Muladhara chakra. And many do not sort out the followers begin to argue about the look of this or that chakra is foaming at the mouth. Friends, chakra – this thing is more associative and therefore with the subtle body level everyone can perceive it in different ways, a tough plant does not make sense, we will only refer to some kind of an intermediate image from our ordinary world, which is only once It resonates with our inner world. Just as in a dream, you can see familiar buildings, familiar people, and know that this is the same building and the people, but to perceive them completely differently. It turns on the external projection of the inner world, or vice versa.

People who are just beginning to study the chakras are often very disappointed to find that in different texts describing very different. This divergence, friends, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the authors are trying to describe a very, very fine structures.

And, of course, in the modern world there are a large number of low-quality literature written by people not quite healthy mentally, who are trying to write anything about chakras. I came across books by authors who give their frank delusions of wealth civilization. So I ask you to be extremely careful and scrupulous in this matter and if possible use only ancient texts, not their interpretation of modern followers.

For this reason, in our workshops on this topic, we will rely on the text, which is called “Shat Chakra nirupana” which was cited in the book of John George Woodroffe “Serpent Power” because in this topic, I like to rely on texts related to Woodroffe. But we’ll talk about a little later. And now need even a small, but quite a difficult part of the theory.

Do not worry if not all of it will be understood, a more detailed explanation can be found on www.openyoga.ru website under “axiomatics of yoga.”

So, we are talking about the fundamental theory. Your Higher I – prohibitively freely, it does not exterminable it, on the one hand, omniscient, and on the other side is dark in the original, i.e. it has no pre-knowledge. Your Higher Self can somehow manifest itself in this universe. In fact, the existence of or all of the power can be reduced to two types of manifestations – is the principle of change and constancy principle. In other words, if your Higher Self voleizyavit that something remained the same, so it will be, and at the same time, if your Higher Self wish to make any changes, it will change. If your Higher Self wishes to change a little here, and here remains unchanged, then so be it. Why? Because your Higher Self is made in the image of the Absolute, who created this universe and you are all-powerful, though not aware of it.

And now it turns out, your single manifestation through your will, which knows no barriers and boundaries can be shown in two extremes: to change anything, or vice versa, remains unchanged. The part that manifests itself through perpetual modification, called Shakti or energy principle, the other part, responsible for the eternal constancy, called the principle of consciousness, and essentially everything else in the universe, including and all the chakras – a combination of consciousness and energy.

 In this workshop, we have said that before birth, we need to build some bridges or connection with the universe, for these layers are responsible chakras, which represent different combinations of consciousness and energy. It follows that the principle of reason – is a combination of very subtle energy vibrations to a very bright light of consciousness. What is the idea, which operates mind? It’s some combination of energy, supporting this or that information, which can only perceive consciousness. So, it turns out that the principle of reason – this is the finest energy of a powerful principle of consciousness; space for energy vibration principle coarser and consciousness light dimmer; air principle, fire, water is still more rough, well, and finally, the principle of land is the most serious vibration energy, the light of consciousness and penetrates through them most weakly.

So that you understand what it is about, take a look around. You see the walls, floor, ceiling, and other inanimate objects, in fact everything is matter, and matter as including teaches us among modern science, it is condensed or compressed energy. It is understood that through the compressed inert energy very poorly seen the light of consciousness, but when analyzed in terms of a sufficiently long period of time, you’ll notice that even the most bone matter begins to live, it begins to evolve. And likewise here: our Higher Self, which is called Prana, which in turn is a combination of energy and consciousness, begins first to create principles, and then, when they are created, our energy begins to increasingly localized at the base of our body and our mind mostly localized in the top of the head.

Everyone is a rather interesting picture: our energy base is located at the base of the body, where the principle of the earth, and our consciousness is shifted to the area of our brow to the crown of the head. Although, in fact, our energy and consciousness – it’s just two sides of our common manifestations of our I. And it turns out that these manifestations should be somehow connected, and says knowledge of yoga, they are connected through Sushumna ( Sanskrit Sushumna Nadi). This so-called central channel of the body. This is the channel that is on the one hand connects the single energy at the base of the body, the Kundalini energy (if you hear of Kundalini name of yoga, it is meant precisely this energy) with the knowledge that is in the top of the head, and all the principles, or chakras, or lotus “strung” on the central channel, just as if you take a thread with a needle and thread to string on the flowers. Under this thread is meant the central channel, piercing all the chakras and it is more important and primary in relation to the chakras. This suggests that if you put under the control of the central channel, at the same time put under the control of all the chakras.

Finally, we should say a few general words about the chakras. Apart from the fact that each is responsible for one or another information channel for our senses, just as each chakra is responsible for this or that kind of action, that is, connected not only with the ability to receive signals from the outside world, but also send the corresponding pulses in universe back.

But the most interesting in the system of chakras that each chakra is responsible for a particular emotion, or rather for the whole set close to each other emotions. It turns out that if you’re somehow working on chakra, then this or that emotion is beginning to realize you first in a sophisticated form, and then, respectively, in some subtle nuances of everyday life. By getting this or that experience, knowing it, people are not aware of the chakras, against their will and knowledge vibrates a particular chakra and at the same time experiencing a particular emotion. It turns out that the chakras – this is a direct access to a sense of emotion and direct access to the control of emotions.

In this workshop we will analyze the Muladhara chakra, which is responsible for such powerful emotions as the feeling of fear. In this regard, you can draw the circuit, which from time to time portrayed in the books: the human body, which is superimposed on the map of the chakras of emotions, sensations, channels of information specific to the chakras. Looking at this chart, there is a feeling that the man – it is a sufficiently strange musical instrument that has a central string (center channel), parallel with which are secondary string (left and right channels), they strung interesting formations in the form of lotuses with different numbers of petals and the flower are drawn from each auxiliary channels, or string. If such a structure to put in the wind, then it starts to ring. Here, like this, and the man whom the wind blows life, when faced with different situations, begins to feel different emotions, depending on the gusts of wind, it starts to sound lower or higher strings.

Most interesting is that, since we are little aware of the finest structures, our life experience as it accumulates dirt from the famous irregular associative links. Continuing our comparison, we can imagine that this tool is covered with a layer of dirt and dust that makes the dissembling tool. Everyone – a sophisticated musical instrument, which ideally can play the most beautiful melody, but as he literally clogged as no play – the music does not get it.

Also, we are in our lives sometimes meet with people and feel that these people resonate with us, it is very easy with them, they perfectly understand our humor, our hints, etc., etc., and can be very versa …. Sometimes there are people with a part of the manifestations of which we are very easy to find resonance, the other part of their manifestations remains completely deaf.

It is quite common in family life: something the couple can easily find a contact, and something else there with “impenetrable wall” and it seems that it is simply impossible to reach an understanding. In this respect, science chakras really optimistic, she says, that we are all made on a single image, only the accumulated dirt can be different and there are different techniques for cleaning, and sooner or later may be purified.

Friends, I remind you, yoga – is primarily a life. Life – it is primarily the children. So I encourage you to create a family and have children. Who would not say, for you shall be only one authority in yoga – it is the Vedas. The Vedas speak of generic yoga! If there is no continuation of life, all the knowledge of the chakras, kundalini and other things are useless!

So, it turns out that if you learn to clean up the mud with this tool, you will come to a very strange ability, the ability to feel the entire universe. You can not be fooled, you will adjust to such a resonance that will literally feel other people’s emotions they are experiencing at any given time:. Fear, jealousy, anger, joy, love … And this, in turn, first steps to reading thoughts, telepathy. And, according to the ancient teachings of yoga, where everything, even the most delicate structure of your cleaned, you are fully embedded in the universe, in this sort of ocean from the variety of experiences, emotions and thoughts.

You would like to expand outside of its body and become simultaneously by all bodies, the universe. Hence comes the mass of super-powers, the power. Then you really empowers features such as, for example, to control other people. From the point of view, as if to say, technological, these abilities should be approached through the study of the chakras through exercises that will help to realize a particular chakra, and then understand how it works, and then “clean up” its many layers and dirt. And then use it at 100.

For example, if you put under the control of fear principle (Muladhara chakra) at home, then you will be able to control the principle of fear around the world, as an aside in order to inspire all courage, and in the direction to intimidate all up ” pulp “, you know? Knowledge – the power, it works in two directions.

Tantric knowledge of the chakras is very zealously protects his followers, just because that gave a very specific power, without which it can not do in the modern world.

Catching MOYU grinding operations, and in general dissemination of knowledge of yoga, I was faced with the fact that among the yogis do not have the ability to build a well-order structure, although people who pretend to be yogis, can build around them anything. They are very kind, they do not cause harm to any living being, but are able to quickly bring order around them. These qualities can be seen in a good manager. And, we can say that even they are closer to the ideals of yoga than some of our modern followers.

When you encounter a mess in my life, the country, etc. – It must be a good reason for you to take advantage of the ancient knowledge of Yoga and restore order. To do this we have to use different methods, because despite the fact that we are made one image, that our Higher Self of equal, unfortunately, accumulated dirt and degree of “bestiality” are different. And if you gather some rabble and give him the opportunity to rule, he can destroy all the other. And there are people or souls are at such a level of development that he understood only one thing: a direct physical threat. Very un-yogic someone bully, but it can be done gracefully run your hand along the string, responsible for emotions of fear, as the field is formed around the horror.

We are now beginning a series of seminars about the chakras, and applying knowledge of the area, learn to obey the principles and the chakras within themselves, can also affect the respective levels of the surrounding universe, which is very clearly stated in the ancient texts, although until recently these tracts is very jealously preserved secret.

Miraculously, my friends, have any questions?


Maxim: Jealousy – it is, in fact, fear? So Muladhara is also responsible for the feeling of jealousy?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, you see, there is a sense of simpler, but there are those in which there are many different aspects, and yet the feeling of fear and jealousy, it’s a different feeling. Someday, we will once again hold a series of lectures and seminars, which we discuss in detail the different feelings, if interested in this topic to someone right now, I refer you to a series of lectures dedicated to just the topic of fear, jealousy, anger, etc. . www.openyoga.ru on site

I would ask to ask questions directly related to the subject that we are discussing, it is about the chakras. So, if everything is clear, or did not understand? Something clearly. Wonderful, do a little break.

Part 2

So, friends, we have today 26 May 2013. That we have a seminar on the chakras, we are considering the Muladhara chakra.

My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, all archived information on www.openyoga.ru site.

So, friends, it turns out the next thing that the knowledge of what a chakra is, in general, is quite powerful knowledge, it will allow you to know myself and to govern themselves. By learning to manage themselves, you have to manage everything.

Now the next point about the order in which the form of extant knowledge associated with the chakras of the ancient yoga source. So, the more ancient reservoir of knowledge, the more veiled and allegorical all science regarding chakras. Since the advent of text devoted to yoga and some texts of the Middle Ages, where you can all meet the more and more precise details, clear references and clear descriptions. But at the same time, despite the clarity of these descriptions, as if on both sides we are led to the fact that we understand that this chakra. Or, to speak more so in plain language, we are given, on the one hand, a push from some images of some feelings, emotions, sensations, and to push the other out of some fairly dry, analytical schemes, from which -So more even rigid structures and patterns. Those. It turns out to describe the chakras, which in fact in the text gives us the momentum, energy boost and momentum boost of consciousness through all kinds of concepts, mantras, geometry, and the like. At the intersection of these two descriptive systems it is just the easiest way to understand what the chakras.

Well, really, in modern science, in psychology, in modern industry, coupled with the spread of information, it is known that a person has shaped perception, but there is a logical perception. There are people who have a better understanding, let’s say, a particular theme through images, through some kind of color, shape. And there are people who better to give all the information in the hard, dry in this description. Therefore, if ever, does anyone of you will write a book, remember that ideally in any book should be equally represented and images, and text. Only then you skompensiruete one extreme to the other extreme of abstract thinking creative thinking. By themselves, and abstract and creative thinking, they are hopeless, operate only in conjunction.

At one time there was even a theory that says that a person has a left and right hemisphere of the brain, which, allegedly, one responsible for the imagery, the other for consistency. In fact, it was already clear: rather dubious theory in the sense that it is not so simple. Now it confirmed that, yes, there is some correlation, but just to say, the left or right hemisphere is not possible, a lot depends on the individual factors of each person.

But in fact, it is. One part of our nature sees the logic of the other part of our being better perceived images. There are people who are more receptive to figurative, but worse than the logic, but there is the other way around. So if you better perceive the logic, you have to work to compensate for their perception through imagery. Or vice versa, you are too passionate about shapes, patterns, but suffers your logical thinking. Man only perfect, and that when both are equally represented.

This is what guided the authors of the ancient texts, which describe the chakras. There you will meet and abstract propositions, and specifically shaped. But in any case, meet you there is abstract or figurative position, you have to remember, first of all, these texts pretend to give a boost to your mind and that you are analyzing one or the other of your body site, rediscovered the knowledge that owned ancient yoga and yogini. All the same, the bulk of the work expected to be done by you themselves, so you should adjust themselves sufficiently good working mood.

And now we’ll just move on to the muladhara chakra or that chakra, which is dedicated to this seminar. There is a wish to read aloud to us, the relevant text aloud, called Shat Chakra nirupana or description of the six chakras, which was taken from the book of Arthur Avalon aka John George Woodroffe? The book is called “The Serpent Power” that we read some of the provisions of this text. Let’s. Here here.


Text: “In the space outside of the spine on the right and on the left there are two channels, the moon and the sun.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now let us all sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head, preferably close your eyes. And let’s you and accordingly the mind’s eye will review its region of the spine, from the base of the body to the top of the head. And we try to realize this area. And now we will listen to the text and how to project all our imagination.


Once again: “In space there is on the left spine are two channels lunar and solar.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So begins the description by saying that the center channel where something takes place in the spine, and the right and left of the spine are like two secondary channels, which are called the lunar and solar here.


Next: “In the mid – channel Sushumna, whose essence – the three modes.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In the middle of the left and the right channel is the channel Sushumna and it is said that the essence of sushumna three Huns.


Text: “It has the shape of the sun, moon and fire.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, Sushumna, said, has the shape of the sun, fire and water, and in fact, the central channel Sushumna, it is also very complicated in your device. He seems to be composed of different inserted into each other handsets, so if you like, and these tubes smooth transition from one to the other continuously. And you can select how would three zones, but it is a bit of a series of other yoga that makes sense to study in another workshop.


Further. “Her body is like a string of white flowers blooming datura, extends from the middle of Kanda to head and lightning inside her is from the genitals to the head.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Again, here is a description of the channel Sushumna, at this seminar, we will not touch it, you have to get faster to the description of the chakras.


 Further. “Inside it – Chitrini Nadi, glowing light Pranava (OM syllable), which could be reached by yogis. She is thin, like a cobweb, and permeates all lotuses located inside it. Its nature – pure reason. It is beautiful from them (lotus), strung on it. Inside it – Brahma-nadi, which extends from the opening of the mouth Hara (Shiva name) to the point beyond which resides Adi-deva “.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look now on. Here it is, quite characteristic of the text that you see an uninitiated person does not understand what they say, what they say. And if we are not aware of the Sanskrit, it is not clear what is at stake. Therefore, some clarification is necessary here to give.

In fact, it is quite a complex topic related to the management of the center channel. And it is that the central channel, which connects the Kundalini energy at the base of the body, in the same place where the principle of land Muladhara, with top of the head, where the center of our consciousness. The central channel runs through all the chakras.

The center channel itself is not sufficiently uniform, as if he is in a degree of refinement, and it is the most central part of the channel in it, there is no space and time. It is a strange remark statement. And in fact it states that, as soon as you get to your meditation center channel, in fact, you make a connection with the energy of consciousness and get an initial power of their Higher Self And just this central part in this text called Chitrini- nadi. The peculiarity of it is that every your meditation immediately begins to come to life, ie, you just have to think about different feelings, experiences and accomplishments, but inside they Chitrini Nadi immediately converted into energy.

There is a bunch of very interesting: with the energy of consciousness. This bunch of what is primary and what is secondary. Primarily if your consciousness or your energy is primary? In fact, we can not say so. The energy tied to consciousness, the consciousness of energy. But what will be the first impulse? That’s an interesting question! Those. if your first impulse will, you will want to experience this or that experience in his microcosm, in his inner universe, for this realization immediately pulled experiences. And that in turn experience the highest yogic experience, you just have to think about it. But this will happen, if you will discover the Sushumna Nadi. Those. a center channel and reach the deepest parts of Chitrini Nadi.

Some there is even an explanation, saying that at the base of the body, where is the Muladhara Chakra, the principle of land, just the principle of the earth is at rest, so-called Kundalini energy, our energy base. And, allegedly, it is in such a hidden, dormant. And here allegorically given such descriptions that one opening of the central channel is described as mouth Hara, and elsewhere, in which resides the Adi-deva. Word Adi This means “origin”, alluded to the fact that the material is connected and sverhidealistichnoe, connected energy and consciousness, connects our lower center of our top center.


Next go: “She (Chitrini) is beautiful, as a chain of lightning flashes; thin and delicate, like a fiber of lotus, it shines in the minds of sages. She, whose true nature – pure consciousness, is extremely thin and is the embodiment of all (possible) bliss. The door to the Brahman (Brahmadvara) shines in her mouth. Here, in this place, the entrance to the area irrigated nectar, and it is called a “node”, and “mouth” Sushumna “.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We give a more descriptive explanation of what we have there is inside. In fact, the entrance to the Sushumna channel closes below the Kundalini energy. Susumna channel in this specification it closer to its center, the more fantastic possesses properties. Those. the most central part of which is flooded with light, where there is no space and time, as is sometimes said, it has a very interesting feature that every your thought-form or any of your expression of the will begins to be implemented immediately.

And this is connected with a series of practical exercises of yoga visualization when you discover quite a center channel, close to the feeling of his nature, and further, any your idea or expression of the will begins to materialize. Materialize, both in terms of inner feelings, and in a global external accomplishments.

Or another way: you just have to think about connecting with the energy of consciousness, as is the energy impulse awakening the Kundalini and mix it with the consciousness that causes extreme euphoric state, ie, a state of ecstasy, the state experiences of this cosmic experience, something that vaguely hinted numerous yoga treatises. It is beyond the bliss beyond the pleasure that having gone through that person, in the fire of pleasure, no longer respond to any one else to enjoy.

That’s a normal world, that he can give us? He can give us a set of some pleasure: the pleasure of eating, the pleasure of sex, wealth, power, possession of whatever it was, the whole list of some, quite narrow. And it is clear, when we say in this or that doctrine: “Give up the wealth.” Or: “Give up power.” Or “, go on foot Give up a new Mercedes.” That every man, if he is not a hypocrite, must ask themselves: “Aha, it’s easy to say, but you just try to do. Firstly, if I do not, then my life will be worse, harder, and secondly, why should I give up on this? ” And sometimes that’s such slogans are beautiful, “give up everything”, but they are also stupid, is not implemented in reality.

On the other hand, each of us understand that if we have the slightest dependence on wealth, power, enough to pull us over this thread as we have become not free, we can be manipulated. Why? Because we’re panicky fear of losing some pleasure associated here with these external factors.

A yoga said the next thing is that if you are doing yoga for a long time, its internal pereotkroete enjoyment through the enjoyment of the central channel, you will get such a strong experience, after which all others will be enjoying a gray, faceless and uninteresting. And only after this experience, when you have your inner pleasure that is always with you, that does not not depend on anything that depends only on the fact that enough to make these or other exercises in yoga, you get it, that’s just then you with a clear conscience, without hypocrisy, in fact, be able to give up wealth, and from the power and from everything.

What, in fact, in the history of India, met often, when some high-profile people, rich people were simple, itinerant lifestyle. They refused all, they devote all his time to exercise, yogic exercises, moreover, as a rule, in one place did not stay, so they became not needed, nor palaces, nor elephant nor gold, nothing. Why? Because they more than made up for it with pleasure through the inner yogic practice.

For this reason, you must also be very clear vector, what is your yoga. In fact, yoga, sooner or later, you should lead to such a powerful, as if put to such a powerful pleasure, having gone through that, first of all, you can not will have to manipulate, you can not somehow make you do what you do not want to because of fear of losing something. What you can take away? You and so everything inside!

Therefore, strictly speaking, as some yoga, if people knew the consequences of experience of yoga, all without exception, would like to start practicing yoga. But since we do not have pre-knowledge, otherwise it has limited our will, that in fact it turns out, if comes to you this tract because of your good karma, and you give them interested, and started in the direction to go, sooner or come late to this goal. And if not, then not.

In addition to the highest faculties of which we have already discussed at the workshop and that come after mastering these or other chakras, comes even such a fantastic pleasure. That yoga is a guarantor so that you will not abuse abilities. Because abuse supernormal possible only in the case, for example, when your enjoyment of somewhere outside and you want to achieve it, start using all ways of manipulating their own chakras, in order to influence the people around you.

And if you understand that there is no outside, neither your happiness nor your sense, the only case when you use these supernormal abilities you will only know what? Help all living beings, when they are wrong and when they should be put out of the impasse or another crisis, because there are times when people behave no better than a flock of sheep, which runs headlong into the abyss. Only in this case you will use his superpowers to manage, not because you want to manage these rams. Why do you need these sheep, if you have the whole universe? Only a pity that you can see that they are going to ruin, and they did not. The usual way to stop them, but these can be.

And so, on the one hand, in all yogic treatises constantly urge us: Never do not show excess capacity on the show. And if you are using, use the very secret and only for one purpose – for the purpose of helping people to know themselves, to overcome all suffering. But not to show them to the public, earning fame or money. If you begin to do so, then, in spite of all yogic achievements, as they say, these treatises, you get a very negative karma, and subtly negative karma, my friends.

I have a couple of times in his personal life faced a fine of negative karma. You know, what is it? The fact that you wring so much that not even rypneshsya. And most interesting is that all the circumstances so line up around your life, you even say about it no one can. The English have a saying that “the suffering, through clenched teeth,” in a free translation. You’d be happy ponyt, cry, but you know – oops, that’s how everything came together, even you can not share it, even with the closest people. The law of karma, it is in this respect is universal, what goes around, comes around.

By and large, all yoga practice associated with the chakras, they really give you a lot, they will give you a lot and pleasures and experiences and expertise, and the ability to control the universe, but only that is all that is connected with the management of the universe outside, it will go in this way is not affection. Those. you will, as the texts say, well, like, you know, to go to work and perform their duties as if it were such a regular wizard, and you just have to work should do wonders, but you yourself are not bound to them. You should just do their job, although it seems magic. This can be quite freely read many yoga books.

 But we go further.



Text: “Now we are entering the Adhar-lotus. It is attached to the mouth (entrance) Sushumna, and is located between the anus and the genitals. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now we come to the chakra or by the lotus, which we will begin dismantling in our seminar on the chakras, and continue to the next. Here he is called Adhar, but in modern literature is more common name Muladhara. In one of the possible translations, can be translated as follows, as a fundamental supporting center or something that all depends, or Root. You know, just as a tree is based on the root here like this, and the structure of our internal channels and centers based on our body located in the center of the base.


The Shat Chakra nirupana just a description of the center begins with the fact that localization is given immediately. This is the area of the sacrum, genitals, the base of the body, when, for example, we are sitting in meditation in the lotus position, that’s in there somewhere. And again, here it is said, in fact, we can assume that here is the entrance into the central channel. In the future, we know that there is Kundalini, so in this respect, the Muladhara chakra, it is quite complicated. Not only is the entrance to the center channel, moreover, that the principle of land that is responsible for the principle of smell, besides that is responsible for emotion, such as fear, also a place where napping or sleeping Kundalini energy, which will be here, too, further said.




Text: “He has four petals.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And usually all seminars related to the chakras, I ask you to immediately draw anything, as you perceive it by ear, and then always very interesting to compare your drawings. Thus, we begin to draw a lotus with four petals. Drawn? Further. Once again, re-read from the beginning.


Text: “Now we are entering the Adhar-lotus. It is attached to the mouth (entrance) Sushumna, and is located between the anus and the genitals. ” More … “on the petals of brilliant gold-colored letters from Va to Sa”.




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, we have signed that petals have crimson color, and accordingly, these four petals written corresponding letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. And let us write these letters. This letter Ba schA, Sha, Ca. Remember, Sanskrit is built on a syllabic alphabet, ie, any letter there is a syllable ending with the letter a. Therefore, when they say the letter is actually pronounced as a syllable. They draw, respectively, the letter of the syllable, and they were painted a brilliant golden color.




Next we read: “Here the ground chakra, surrounded by eight shining spears.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, was signed by the principle of land. So, this chakra surrounded by eight shining spears. Drawn eight copies to their sharp parts look outward, and accordingly, with the eight sides are surrounded by this chakra.




Next:. “It is a bright yellow color and beautiful like lightning, and Bija-Dhara (LAM syllable) in it”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Next, we come across a very interesting detail. In the principle of land has its own mantra, the mantra of the underlying land, ie, is the mantra that it gave rise to the principle of land and it sounds like the syllable “llama”. Therefore, in the center of the chakra written syllable lamas.




Re-read: “Now we are entering the Adhar-lotus. It is attached to the mouth (entrance) Sushumna, and is located between the anus and the genitals. It has 4 petals crimson, and his head hanging down. On the petals of brilliant gold-colored letters from Va to Sa. There Chakra land, surrounded by eight shining spears. It is bright yellow in color and beautiful like lightning, and Bija-Dhara (LAM syllable) in it. Decorated with 4 hands and seated on the king of the elephants, he is a child of the creator, shining like the rising sun; he has 4 arms, and four times the wealth of his lotus face. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, and then see a sharp reversal. And even Western people do not understand what is written – like, about petals, spear, about some syllables of the mantra, and suddenly such a description of the man-god, being, it is not clear whom. This is a typical description of the chakras. On the one hand, given the abstraction in the form of petals, mantras, some geometry, and then how would it also imposed some images of humanlike and turns on the one hand, you have built a number of characters, on the other hand a series of images . And if you’re from the associative and imaginative take and carry the body into the ground, and start thinking about these characters over these images, that’s just at the base of your body, then you are very easily overcoming kakie-to layers of dirt, get to the internal structures, sensations of this chakra. And so it’s easier and faster to learn a particular chakra.


Otherwise, you are in the first place, when you turn your mental gaze at the base of your body that you see there? You will see all the dirt that has accumulated during your previous life. And sometimes, you know, from the ocean floor raised some statue or some thing. And there the statues to be seen, all overgrown with barnacles, all overgrown with weeds! And it requires long work restorer archaeologist to get to this internal mechanism. And to understand how everything is done there.


You know, more than a hundred years ago, about one of the island have found a mechanism – Antitikera it is called. The mechanism, which in ancient times could count as moves the sun and the moon, to calculate an eclipse, etc. But it took a lot of time before scientists are interested in the present, nothing could be seen. And only after clearance, respectively, X-rays, and other methods, and only then we realized that there is actually under this layer of the shell, any gears, etc. And before that, a special attention is not paid.


That unfortunately is the same situation we have with you. We close our eyes and inner eye, for example, are starting to look at the foundation of our body, but what we see there? We see quite a dark, foggy area without the express, there details. Why? Because these details are covered here in this bed, some associative dirt. But, as in the future we will touch on. Once this dirt will be removed, my friends, you will just send the mind to a particular chakra, as it begins to resonate, just what you thought about it. And it will start to produce its action simply because you voleizyavili look at it, it is fully within our power, but this long period of the cleaning!


And in order to know where to clean and clean, and that there can be found, here are these images, first gave an abstract geometry, and now began to give some other images of living creatures.




Next: “Adorned with 4 hands and seated on the king of the elephants, he is a child of the creator, shining like the rising sun; he has 4 arms, and four times the wealth of his lotus face. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, then, here are some details here as soon as we were born? The figure, respectively, a god who sits in the heart of an elephant and the god four arms respectively. What else is there with us? “He has four hands and four times the wealth of his lotus face.” Those. very beautiful this god.




Further: “The goddess called Dakini lives here.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And then, my friends, is a very important observation in the description of the chakras, which after all geometry is given, are already images of the gods, and the gods always appear in pairs, ie, man – woman, as if consciousness and energy, the lord of a chakra and his queen girlfriend. Those. again, that we in their meditation balanced as if all our experience from the perception of, say, someone of the male with all our experience on the perception of someone female. Now, imagine you are sitting in meditation and perceive at the base of your body that’s a geometric pattern with these petals with these letters. But, among other things, that there has been the elephant, but an elephant is sitting four-armed god, and he was sitting there alone, his girlfriend, a wife who is called Dakini.




Text: “Her shining beauty 4 hands, and her eyes were bright red.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And have this friend, called Dakini, four hands, and that’s such an interesting detail, “and her eyes bright red.” Who has red eyes, my friends? Come on, we’ll leave this topic. Although the theme is very allegorical.




Next we go: “It shines like the light at the same time many of the rising sun, and she always supports the manifestation of pure consciousness.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, “she shines like millions of suns, and she always supports the pure consciousness.” See here, some very beautiful allegorical method of transmitting information, it is characteristic of yoga knowledge. That’s why with such a blunt directness west, is generally not understood anything.


At one time, many Americans in the 50s, became interested in tantric knowledge, knowledge of yoga, flooded, including in India, and became outright stupid to read and translate certain texts, but the meaning escaped. The point is that we should be cooked long enough in tradition to have before my eyes a certain number of images to decipher what is meant, and on that hint. It turns out that any such description – the puzzle that needs to be decoded. But if you begin to understand what it is hinted that you are given such an intuitive push on the rediscovery of certain knowledge of certain practices of those or other exercises in yoga. Anyway, in the future, all built into a single picture, where each such remark as a puzzle, adds the general perception, the overall impression.


In general, everything connected with these women’s way Dakini, in the future is reflected in a variety of texts, yoga, about yoga. And any kind of meditation. In particular, it is known for such meditation on the inner woman. What is the inner woman? And at the same time it is known for such energy principle, which responds to our consciousness. We consider the principle of land at the base of the body, and the principle of consciousness in the crown of our head. But at the same time, if we make known to practice and turn our minds to the base of the body, it easily passes and begins to awaken, even in principle, inert ground, giving us, friends, faculty and excess capacity. There is still a channel that speaks, even in this very rough and inert level.


And here is how gracefully it is written, once again the description of the Dakini.




Text: “Her shining beauty 4 hands, and her eyes were bright red. She shines like the light at the same time many of the rising sun, and she always supports the manifestation of pure consciousness. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is, roughly speaking, in our consciousness, in whatever manifestation of the weak it may be, there is always an ally in the bottom of the body that supports it and makes bestiality win.




Next go: “Near the” mouth “Nadi, called Vajra, and at the base of lotus Muladhara is always in radiant, beautiful and gentle Kama Rupa, which – Triangle Tripura. There Vayu, called “Kandarpa” more red than Bandhudzhiva flower, and it is – being lord, sparkling like 10 million suns. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Next come the more mysterious and difficult to understand the details of what would be a region of the Muladhara, is also an area where there is the sleeping Kundalini. Then again, given enough abstract image triangle, directed top down, and given its color – red. And these rather vague hints of some principles associated with life, with pleasure, the continuation of life, etc.


In the future, this puzzle is also interpreted as follows, as the triangle symbolizes the triple strength – strength of will, the power of knowledge and the power of action. In fact, if in these appeals to the inner woman to Dakin in the bottom of the body to use a triple effect – will, knowledge and action, in the future, you can easily awaken the Kundalini energy. In fact, there is a reference to Kundalini yoga.


 Let’s re-read again. These texts should be re-read several times, to at least understand what.




Text: “Near the” mouth “Nadi, called Vajra, and at the base of lotus Muladhara is always in radiant, beautiful and gentle Kama Rupa, which – Tripura triangle.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, Kama-rupa in one of the translations, so to speak, is enjoying the body, the body of Kama. Kama pleasure Rupa – form. There Vayu called and which at the same time is Tripura, or three levels of existence, and even in one of the allegorical such options – three of the city.


Generally all that is associated here with the symbols of the three cities, Tripura, it is very common in the texts and has a mythological literature of many such narratives are sometimes very beautiful, thought-provoking. In the myths of ancient India played with this theme perfectly. Here are the descriptions, they have the idea to touch up a person reading a bunch between the myths of ancient India, tells the story of how, including ignorance, was defeated, which is to overcome the three cities, three planes of being, are not allowed to beat yourself when He attacked one of the cities, the other two attacked you from the rear.


Incidentally, in the Russian tradition, I do not know where it came from, there is a counterpart – this Dragon, remember it is a three-headed, too, by the way, very interesting track, where we received this mythology.


It is understood that the means of overcoming the three cities or triple medication, which can immediately win the most diverse strata of life, it also lies in the Muladhara chakra.


Once the text was brought by Arthur Avalon, in his famous work “The Serpent Power”. “Serpent Power”, a work devoted to Kundalini yoga. It is the Kundalini Yoga in its true sense. Unfortunately, a Kundalini yoga that just do not understand, some are strange dryganya hands and feet. But you must remember that all these exercises, drygane, they should have led only to the fact, to take advantage of the launch mechanism of Kundalini energy. He indirectly described here in this text and in the same texts, as well as here. Unfortunately it’s our little western surface allows one to interpret for another. Reading.




Text: “There Vayu, called” Kandarpa “more red than Bandhudzhiva flower, and it is – the lord of life, sparkling like 10 million suns.”




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A lot of the details, they are all very important and make sense. And we’ll talk about them later.




Text: “Inside it (triangle) – in the form of Swayambhu lingam (penis), turn head down, fine, as if he were made of cast gold. You can learn contemplation, and he shape and color reminiscent of a young leaf. How cool charm, like the color of lightning, moonlight, and it is so beautiful. Deity, which resides here in the sacred place of Siva, in bliss, its shape is like a whirlpool. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Further still going layering description, in this respect, Muladhara is very difficult, a lot of it all: there is land principle, there is the Kundalini, the sleeping, rolled, there is the entrance to the Sushumna, there is a starting point for many, many, as you say practices and techniques.


I myself, “Inside it (triangle) – in the form of Swayambhu lingam (penis), turn head down the beautiful, as if he were made of cast gold. You can learn contemplation, and it shape and color reminiscent of a young leaf. How cool charm, like the color of lightning, moonlight, and it is so beautiful. Deity, which resides here in the sacred place of Siva, in bliss, its shape is like a whirlpool. “


Once, and once we were given some set of images.


In the future, when you begin to practice certain exercises and some processes you go, you will do a float line of the description of these texts. Indeed, there is a certain stage of yoga, when you suddenly feel as if this is your lotus Muladhara began to rotate, in fact, that’s why this word ‘wheel’ Chakra. Chakra translated wheel. At a certain stage of practice suddenly, something in motion, began to spin, it generates some sensation. And, you know, one thing that you just did and began to feel another thing – you’ve read this before. And it’s so soothing, it says that you are, in fact, do not go astray, that you are not the first, before you people also went in this direction. And that suffereth even become very good.




Next: “Above it (Swayambhu-Lingam) sleeping Kundalini shines, thin like a fiber of lotus stem. It introduces a confusing (the illusion of) the world, covers a mouth (mouth) Brahma-Deuteronomy. Similar to the spiral shell, it is shaped like a snake, three and a half times around the turning of Shiva, and its light – a bright flash of lightning the young. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Have you seen all the sink? Wrapped.


And given such a way that our basic energy and it is folded in three and a half turns. In the future there will be one more detail – holding his tail in his mouth, as if she had fallen asleep. On the one hand, this is such a pure feeling experienced when something starts to wake up, and you have something there to curl. On the other hand, you realize that everything revolves, and it is there for some spiral is, but is closed on itself.


And in fact, this is real, with a capital of Kundalini Yoga, as stated in the texts, begins when that’s the spirals begin to unfold when the Kundalini energy as it at first, so to speak, opens his mouth, slipping its tail out of his mouth, and then the spirals begin to spin, to spin, to spin. Here it is already out of the rotational movement has the ability to forward. And this is a very serious topic in Kundalini Yoga laya, when the channel Sushumna, Kundalini starts to rise up until the next chakra to the next center. But more about that a bit later.

Here is the whole experience, friends, read, we do not understand, when you start to practice and faced with the slightest glimpse of some processes, it is a very strange feeling, a very strange experience, spiritual, are saturated. A start in the future in such treatises appreciate every word, every letter, every hint. And for a long, long time to reflect. And then comes some intuitive knowledge of something else. You take a completely different text, you begin to read, and through another set of associations comes to you more knowledge.


You know, as a form of non-verbal learning, knowledge, and where you do not talk directly, because you do not directly explain what it is. We then, in fact, can not directly explain to the person what the taste of lemon, a man who has never tasted a lemon. But these subtle sensations is very difficult to pass. And to transmit just born series, the images, the abstract paintings, and at the intersection can not go wrong – like where to go! What more to follow!




Next text: Its pleasant hum.




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is available Kundalini.




Text: “Its a nice hum – a barely audible hum of a swarm of bees maddened by love and how quiet harmonious chord music. This one, which supports all the existing in this world by means of inspiration and expiration, and shines in the cavity of the Muladhara chain of brilliant lights. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look on here are very interesting other details that are starting to pop up when you start to practice. Here, such a beautiful way, “like a swarm of buzzing bees, intoxicated by love.” Who ever saw a swarm of bees? Raise your hand. A lot of. I, frankly, for the first time in his life he saw a swarm of bees, in my opinion, in the past year. This refers to the live, not on TV. This is indeed a very strange sight. A drop of flies buzzing – time flew, a tree caught on, and then on somewhere, but it’s hum “train train train train train”, here is a continuous hum, as if some kind of energy work, transformer buzzing.


And a similar situation when we start working with our basic principle, and at some stage we suddenly begin to feel the vibration of the base of the body, like the buzzing of bees. Before you wake up, it’s sleeping Kundalini energy can be carried out as a conscious buzzing at the base of the body and with this we will make a small box in the practical exercises, because the theory without practice, it is not enough to give.


And from this are born quite concrete practical exercises – what to do what is necessary to sound vibrations do what is necessary to do the movements, etc., etc., to come nearer to the realization of the Muladhara chakra, secondly, to the realization of the Kundalini energy, and thirdly, try to awaken here this emanation of Kundalini energy. It was a bit later.


Once again this paragraph.




Text: “Its a nice hum – a barely audible hum of a swarm of bees maddened by love and how quiet harmonious chord music. This one, which supports all the existing in this world by means of inspiration and expiration, and shines in the cavity of the Muladhara chain of brilliant lights. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The word “it” refers to the goddess Kundalini, she is feminine energy. What good Sanskrit than good Russian, and the bad English. We say it – a girl, she – energy, as in English, where the masculine, feminine, neuter, in fact, for some unknown to us laws is distributed, where the cat can be said «it» – it is not he, not she, and it.


True or not, the anecdote told to me – the Ukrainian language “dog” masculine he – dog. This is invaluable information when we are given another half. But with such a stupid translated Sanskrit into English and then from English into Russian, very often due to the loss of the kind we are losing knowledge. And so there is still a continuation of this theme associated with Kundalini yoga is the yoga of love. Note buzzing of bees and mad love, it follows that the most beautiful way to awaken the Kundalini energy is through love. When you are in love, in fact it is equivalent to soft, good, nice way Kundalini energy awakening. This is the main entrance in the field of Kundalini energy. And everything else is just auxiliary tools.


Unfortunately, the West has penetrated Kundalini Yoga in a truncated, mechanistic and a lot of it is lost.




Next we read: “Within this region (in-Swayambhu lingam) dominates prohibitive Sri Paramesvari (Higher Ms), evoking the eternal knowledge. She, with her beautiful art work – all-powerful time, and it finest of all fine, the receptacle of the continuous flow of nectar, which flows from the eternal bliss. the entire universe and the pot covered her radiation. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev If decipher every word here, it is possible to write an entire volume on the device to the human body. See this on another thing: it is considered that from the top of our field of consciousness flows like a stream of consciousness of the head all the way down and absorbed, as if typed base energy. And when you combine the energy of the base at the heart of our body and mind in the crown of our head, it opens a lot of possibilities. Once again, when you enough about something to think about how this is starting to embody both in your life and in the environment.


At the same time, such a link, which is then found wide application in practice. In particular, I came across the practice of Taoist alchemical nature which are: to achieve immortality is necessary to turn your body into a boiler in the chemical and cook here the elixir of immortality. In fact, I came across, including yoga. There is a section in yoga, one of them is connected with the so-called Race yoga. The analogy of internal alchemy, if you start a certain way to connect with the consciousness of energy at the base of your body and not let it get lost connection, then sooner or later, you begin to cultivate the basis of their body such a center of power, related directly to the Muladhara chakra. This is stated in other sources.


In fact, a great number of texts, as far as I know, as far as I come across, they are not even translated. I was invited here to the library when I saw the shelves are stacked manuscripts, and no one even knows that there is, well, so, in passing, in a series of chakra bheta. Imagine, you have come to the bookstore and you are given a book, it is called Shat Chakra nirupana, well, what’s next, you would buy a book? Hardly. And if all in Sanskrit, would do …




Further: “By meditating on it, which shines in the cavity of the Mula-lotus light 10 million suns, man becomes the master of speech and the king among men, dedicated to all exercises. He was released from all disease and its profound spirit becomes full of great joy. His graceful and persuasive speech, he serves all the principal gods. “




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And look, my favorite topic further associated with the section, which is called mantra yoga. It is believed, according to this doctrine, that every word that man says, it is in fact an emanation of the energy of the Kundalini. The Muladhara chakra is the base of our latent energy of the Kundalini. And, remember, we have read, there is on the one hand the feminine principle, responding perfectly to any consciousness. Those. any of our consciousness when we want voleizyavlyaem say some intelligible speech, and that comes from the center of consciousness, the crown of our head, momentarily captured by these feminine principles, in particular, the way the Dakini, at the base of the body and in the small an amount makes energy Kundalini rouse herself to do emanation. And then this emanation begins to pass different levels of coarsening, as long as we have not disrupted his mouth in the form of words. Therefore, strictly speaking, any word that says the man is a small amount of an awakened Kundalini energy.


You all know very well that there are people who want to listen to the greatest poets, actors, so I from time to time revise the old Soviet films. I do not even look, I listen to them anymore. He speaks a phrase: “Stirlitz, and I ask you to stay”, that instantly the whole world through the ice floats, not by how dressed Stirlitz, but it was his voice. And by and large, that’s why verse, or the ability to use his speech was considered the most important skill that’s such a creative, which goes back to the mantra yoga. It would not have been handsome actor, but if he starts talking and his voice out of tune, to look at it would not be desirable. The trouble today of all these series, modern productions.


So, the question is why someone we want to listen to, and someone we do not want to listen? The answer is false or not false voice. Not in terms of what it sounds nice or not nice, and whether there is a basic energy awakening of consciousness resonance.


Here we find such a beautiful branch of yoga to another, which is called Natya Yoga or Yoga theater. The fact that it is good to play a role, we must live it, it is necessary that your consciousness, it was the consciousness of the hero, whom you play. And then, if it is picked up by your basic energy, you and your energy begins to play correctly and it is primarily through the voice begins to manifest through it. And such a man, pleasant to listen to the speaker. It is fascinating. In fact, the mesmerizing and the ability to awaken your basic energy, the Kundalini energy that is in the Muladhara chakra. As a consequence of the reverse: if you want to go to the Kundalini energy, start to work with the voice, because it is like two sides of the road, from one to the other and back again.


This in Shat Chakra nirupana concludes the description of the Muladhara lotus.


So, my friends, I wanted to go through all the books of Avalon and, frankly, wanted to charge a series of lectures on the book by Arthur Avalon “Serpent Power”, but I was at the last moment dissuaded. Persuaded to take up another book, which is called the “Garland of letters.” series “Garland of Letters” Who started lectures. I advise you to try it out to read, but read slowly, as soon as you meet an unknown word, take a leaf of paper, take a pen, write it out and, accordingly, look for its translation. Approximately the same as if you’ve studied quite a serious scientific treatise, you will not regret.


How to read the mountains of fiction, the mountains here that turbidity, which is now being published in connection with the energy of the Kundalini chakras. I would advise, discard the latter-day authors. Here, if you progryzete at least three or four pages, it will be slow to go, it will not be read as a detective, just say, but you will forever meaning of the words, the meaning of images, it is understood in the field of yoga.

Generally speaking, Sir John George Woodruff necessary to erect a monument, we are here now, like, soon buy his book, biography, then it will be necessary to get acquainted with her.


Small break.


part 3

So, my friends, that we are concerned to describe the Muladhara chakra, but now the important thing: what to do about this? A good description on the lot, which suggests. And here is the time to go to some kind of exercise. Exercises like something physical. And what these exercises can be reduced?

Of course, there is a large group of exercises, which uses this knowledge about the chakras, and is associated exclusively with meditation. Those. you are required to direct the vector of your consciousness directed to the base of your body, and, remembering this is a description which you read, meditate, as if inwardly looking: where is there four petals, and where is it a triangle, but where is there an elephant and where there is the four-master, where is his girlfriend, etc. etc.

And, indeed, sooner or later you will start, guiding and holding their minds in the field at the bottom of the body, you start, as it were drawn, drawn, drawn, all the sharper, clearer, sharper feel any structure. It’s just like an archaeologist takes a block of stone and little by little, little by little, you know they are so small and tiny whisk such “Scratchy”. And he’s scratching, scratching, scratching, scratching. And here it is, sooner or later, it is a work of art from scratch out of everything. But it’s a long hard work. She is a very good job, and when you start to deal with it – it is so exciting for you! Here is a quiet, somewhere, even routine work, it is very soothing nerves, it helps to abstract from all the problems, objectives and becomes a hobby. I now know that women have a hobby – it is to knit, embroider. And some of those involved, not because they want to create a work of art, but because they enjoy the process, which resulted in something else turns.

And just as the methods of work with the chakras are based on calm daily meditation, where you retire, so you no one interfered, taking a stable position – asana, is when you have a straight back, neck and head in a straight line. And you ponder over this place, on these attributes, trying them as though so to express themselves.

But here’s the rub, for the modern man on this, as a rule, there is no time and there are no conditions. Because these are the most effective meditation, when we do the same meditation every day at the same time in the same location in the same condition. And the life of modern man: he is poor here and there, now it’s here, tomorrow there, he ate today, tomorrow it is too late, came home from work at the wrong time, etc.

Therefore, among the set of tools there are still others that are not as yet solid, the capital and one hundred percent, and a bit faster, but also require appropriate qualifications and sometimes require help from outside, or mentor, or someone else who you engaged in the study of the same the topic itself, ie, adherent. And sometimes you want to, and mentor and collaborator at a time to mentor associates said, and what to do in the joint exercises.

Therefore, this here is the second group of methods, it is faster, but requires these support factors. But the first group of methods, when we meditate on those centers which it has another very serious drawback? It is very difficult just to sit motionless for a long time. And so you want, do not want to, willy-nilly, you have to do other compensatory exercises of yoga, such as Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga to first create the muscle tone in the body where you can sit quietly and sit in a pleasant such fatigue, at least a little, in the stillness. If you during the day does not reach a certain number of movements or certain tension in the muscles, then sit quietly, respectively, is very difficult still. Strictly speaking, it will have to deal with some individual physical exercises, meditation and then only on certain centers.

However, there are still ways that you, say, taking a particular position in hatha yoga, then willy-nilly here in this area is based on your body draws your attention to myself. And thus it is easier to keep your mind on the muladhara chakra.

In the second case, when there are like-minded and there are those who guide the process: first, it takes less effort; Second, the processes run faster; Thirdly, no need for a rigid sequence, i.e. there are certain differences are allowed.

That’s the life of a restless, apparently in India has become evident already from the Middle Ages, and so, if you look at the many yoga texts, including tantra, there is an emphasis here is made on the second group of methods than the first. And there the following approach that can enhance awareness of the Muladhara chakra, firstly, through breathing exercises, through a visualization exercise; through the exercise, when you rhythmically repeating some movements; and through exercises, when someone else starts a particular area of massage, or do Nyasa yoga. Or, for example, through the exercise, where you partner with another body using the other partner as trainer for yourself.

So we are cleverly made that the body of another person, when you do, say, a steam room yoga or yoga in pairs, is an ideal tool to affect the human body and make him aware of certain channels, centers, clean them and awaken.

Now we’ll start doing some exercises. And just start them now with these exercises, where you help each other to realize the Muladhara chakra.

But for this we must prepare our site. And, as I now very actively promote the so-called kriya yoga with a partner, then I want to show the methods, starting with the exercises, which are in kriya yoga with a partner, and then move on to breathing, to Niassa, etc. ., etc.

Just as this topic is new, and it is now actively spreading, and it is little known, it is better to go in that order, and then all the other methods give.

I ask you all to stand up and make the center of the so-called yantra, ie mats spread out in the form of flower petals, lotus petals, honey. Bare, friends, far away, so you then do not interfere with each other, because we will have to bend over, and everything else that you do not interfere with each other. What we have here pairs? Because these exercises are paired, as we are pairs formed?


From the audience: Can I sit on the sidelines?


Vadim V.: See, my friends, this exercise is called, is not for the faint of heart, and for those who wish. Therefore, if for one reason or another can not or do not want to perform, just watch from the side, but we’ll see.

So seven pairs, and then leave seven mats. Please proassistiruyte. Superfluous, please remove.

Now, my friends, look. Becoming on the edge of the mat. Let’s so opposite each other become. Let such men are at the center of the face outwards, the women in front of them, a woman or a couple with a woman like that.

Wonderful. And now I’m going to show you some of the methods of the pair of Kriya Yoga, which allows more aware in general this whole structure and scheme, which we read with you.

So, to remind you where to start Shat Chakra nirupana. Since then, that each of you have a center channel. Therefore, most importantly where to start these exercises is you become straight, close your eyes, straighten your back, neck, head and mind’s eye viewing your entire body from the bottom to the top of the head.

And you begin to imagine that runs along the spine of the central channel, from the base of your body to the top of the head. In particular, yoga is said in our school that you can meditate on him as a sky-blue tube. And you remember the description of the center channel in Shat Chakra nirupana was such a moment that any thought directed to the center channel, the area chitrini Nadi, instantly supported energy. Does your thought, your every impulse of consciousness instantly merges with your energy, and instead of getting prana. And prana is different in that you begin to feel natural, legitimate, healthy enjoyment of life. It is experienced as pleasure of life – spring has come, I want to live, my friends! Or euphoria, success, feeling that I am!

That, my friends, let’s do this meditation for you to understand.

It is declare that you have the greatest future. What you will become rich, famous, prosperous. All your desires will be fulfilled, all of your problems in the shortest possible time will be solved in the best way. Here think of yourself is the best way, here and solved. And now imagine a state of euphoria, joy and happiness, but when it all comes. And exactly the same feeling is born once in chitrini the central channel rays penetrate your consciousness. Therefore, it is a kind of such a beacon. Search within yourself, along the spinal column, a region that any thought comes back to you euphoria echo. And start thinking about it.

Now on the second step. Imagine that a hidden power lies at the base of your body. What you are very powerful man, in every sense of the word. You are strong physically and mentally, and spiritually. And you feel like this power at the base of your body begins to buzz off this energy. And for this to better yourself is to imagine, we lift up the tip of the tongue, as if trying to swallow the language, do a deep breath and begin to pronounce the sound “M”. This low such a buzzing sound “M”.

Now the third step of this meditation. Along with everything else, to contemplation of the center channel, with a feeling of buzzing base present on top of the head region, the light-flooded clarity. Those. So, at the base of the body humming energy, a clear sky over the top of the head, a clear spiritual space. And these two are connected by the center, respectively, the center channel. And every thought is directed to the center channel, returns the joy of being successful.

Next step. That you suddenly realize that the entire force of energy, all the clarity of consciousness within you, within your microcosm, that everything in your power, that everything revolves around a central channel. Your hands, feet, mind, muscles – everything, everything, everything revolves. Do you contemplate all this in the sense of joyful clarity. And here’s a small add an element Rita Yoga, ie, when you start to make any movements with his hands, feet, head, torso, as if in a dance of joy. We feel the joy within the central channel and start dancing in a dance of joy. To make it easier, I’ll put on some music. And we are beginning to know, arms, legs, torso, head moving, feeling the buzz in the bottom of the body, clarify the crown of the head and joy around the spine.

And we begin to move randomly, to move themselves. Forward, backward, left, right. Dance of the joy of life.

And now you need to add the next such moment is to go to the thoughtless.

Since we are limited in time, we will do everything in short, to make you understand. Generally speaking, all these phases last for five minutes, at least, and some twenty. Sooner or later you start your meditation to strengthen and help each other focus.

To do this, turn our backs to each other, getting closer to each other and begin to dance as if the central channel, as if to rub against each other like in a dance. As soon feel that somewhere something is wrong, you know how cats are about a foot rub, here are just three backs against each other. Left, right, up, down.

Great. Since it is of kriya with a partner, let us in the same way, and now the girl-girl turned around 180 degrees, are reversed. Back becomes. And now the inner circle shifted clockwise by one person. Because sometimes one partner is not very good at it, with the other very well.

And look, keep everything the same, only the attention that’s just the image of the sacrum. Where’s this meditation was: lotus, petal, start it as a wake up and start doing one of the other moving up, down, left, right, ie, pelvic area.

You must have first central channel, in general, rubbing, and then, immediately, but I have already pressed for time, it is necessary to do longer, of course.

And now we do an exercise when the three names of the coccyx area, the rear area of the back. Go.

Great. And now tougher exercise. Again, the girl with the girl swapped. The inner circle cranked clockwise by one person. They turned their backs to each other.

And look, begin to collide the coccyx each other. If we are different in height, the legs can be separated apart to respectively become lower. And then begin to resonate with each other as if to awaken the blows, direct consciousness to muladhara region, recalling that the image that you are here studied. Go.

Remarkably, slow down, stop. Girl on Girl changed. The inner circle is again shifted. Now sit back to back in any comfortable position.

And now look what just happened, you know, one hand washes, just as you and mutual collisions attracted my attention in this area. And now, if you close your eyes, straighten your back, neck, head and listen to the feelings, you can hear a buzz in the area. Who has? Raise your hands. Yeah, chudesnenko.

In fact, we should long enough to do it, but for a long time we simply do not have time. It should be a long time to warm up, go for a long time. That’s all we have to do, that this six-hour workshop should have become here in the exercise, but do they make sense only if you know the theory.

Now we meditate on the base of our body, feeling the buzz is, if it’s there.

To refresh your memory of this meditation once again I set off: “Now we are entering a Athar lotus, it is attached to the mouth of Sushumna input and is located between the anus and the genitals. It has 4 petals crimson and his head hanging down. On the petals of a brilliant gold-colored letters “Va, Up, Ca.” There chakra land, surrounded by eight shining spears, it is bright yellow in color and beautiful like lightning and Bidzhathara, the syllable “llama” in it.

Adorned with four arms and seated on the king of elephants OH, carries a child of the creator, resplendent as the rising sun. He has four hands and four times the wealth of his lotus face.

Here dwells the goddess called Dakini. Her four arms shine with delight, her eyes bright red. She shines like the light at the same time many of the rising sun, and she always supports the manifestation of pure consciousness.

 Near the mouth Nadi, called Vajra, and at the base of lotus Mulathara constantly comes shining and beautiful, and gentle Kama Rupa, which triangle Tripura, here called Vayu, Kandarpa, more red, than the flower bandhudzhivy. And it is, of being ruler, shining like ten million suns. Inside the triangle is in the form of Linga Swayambhu rotated head down, fine, as if he were made of cast gold. He can be known and he is contemplating a form reminiscent of a young leaf, as the cold charm, like the color of lightning, moonlight, and it is so beautiful. Deity, which comes here in a sacred place of Siva in bliss, its shape is like a whirlpool. Above it (Svayamhu Limgamom) sleeping Kundalini shines, thin like a fiber of lotus stem. She introduces him to mislead the whole world, covers a mouth mouth of Brahma Deuteronomy, like a spiral shell. It is shaped like a snake, three and a half times around the turning of Shiva, and its light, as a bright flash of lightning the young. Its roar is barely audible buzzing swarm of bees maddened by love, and how quiet harmonious chord music. It is she who supports everything that exists in this world by means of inspiration and expiration, and shines in the cavity of the Muladhara chain of brilliant lights. Inside this area, Svayamhu Lingam, dominated prohibitive Shriparamashvari, Ms. highest awakening eternal knowledge. She with her beautiful art work – all-powerful time, she – the subtlest of all thin, the receptacle of the continuous flow of nectar, which flows from the eternal bliss. Its radiation is illuminated the entire universe and the boiler.

 By meditating on it, which shines in the cavity of Mulo-lotus light a hundred million suns, man becomes the master of speech and the king among men, dedicated to all the teaching he is freed from all disease and its profound spirit becomes full of deep joy. His graceful and persuasive speech, he serves all the major gods. “

Great now stood up and made another approach.

 So, we join hands and begin to make a circular motion pelvis, directing consciousness to muladhara area.

Slows … stops.

 The girl – a girl swapped, the inner circle has shifted to one person. We turn his back and now begin a little squat and stand up, as if to rub against each other the sacrum. We started …

Slows … stops. Girl on Girl reversed, the inner circle scroll. Now we start left – right to rub against each other the sacrum.

Slows … stops. Girl on Girl reversed, the inner circle has shifted to one. And we begin to collide, as we did before.

Slows … stops. Girl on Girl rotates 180 degrees, the inner circle is shifted by one, and sit back to back, and once again meditate on the area at the base of the body.

These were exercises of Kriya with a partner. Now the girl – she changed places again, the inner circle rotates clockwise.

 And then comes the interesting technique of the same series.

The inner circle sits in the center of the face, in any comfortable position. The outer circle sits behind them. Now, the inner circle, take the fingers of either hand, which is located at the point between the eyebrows, to breathe through one nostril, exhale through the other. And so alternately. And those who sit behind, are starting to make a rotational movement at the base of the body, drawing the attention of those who breathe.

Breathe in sequence as it goes. Exhale can be one, two if you can get tired.

 Your task is to bring them to consciousness.

Remember the image of the whirlpool. Starts chakra more and more spinning wheel to spin. Looking analogy with such rotation, like cleaning your feelings in this area.

 Those who breathe, imagine how the air flow strikes the base body and spins the chakra as the wind vane begins to turn, the flow of breaths.

Hand tired, my arm. The main thing, it follows that the back was flat, head up looking, those who breathe. For those who do, somehow sit …

 Those who breathe complete. Those who rotate, continue to rotate.

Now stop rotating.

 There must be a rest, and then you had to be swapped. But since the time we have, we are a 180-degree turn around and do the same.

 We begin to breathe.


 Now all lie down on the back rest. Remember the rule: after pranayama mandatory rest.

We sip. Yawn. We come to life. Pivoted to the side.

Bend your knees and sit down.


part 4


So, this is our next part of the seminar on the chakras, in the Muladhara chakra. Today we have May 26, 2013, I Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I would like to listen to the feeling which one?

But, however, the feeling you have to ask is useless. It’s, you know, the exercise of a series – is 108 times does not do it, do not understand what it is. Moreover, in the early stages, as in Kriya Yoga – start doing, and dizziness, and nothing is clear, that is, how to get used to these sensations. But if someone had something, I will listen. Yes?


Yulia Eka Group International Open Yoga University: So, I want to say that the exercises are not the easiest. They require some training, because the muscles involved and internal and thinner some organs and breathing well. That is a lot of what comes in this rhythm. And this, of course, takes practice. And the question immediately arises – it is only paired exercises? And if that’s the single version?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Yes Yes Yes. Right now we would like to discuss and how right now we would like to go to a single version of about the same. But honestly, you already know the answer for yourself – this is a common Kriya Yoga. Where there are relevant impacts. Do you remember, there are exercises when you lie down, and, accordingly, the sacrum area makes hitting the tailbone.

But, my friends, that’s how we are made – we are social creatures by you. And plus the fact there is the factor of the so-called Nyasa yoga. Doing Nyasa another, you are doing it yourself. Helping another person to do the exercise, you are helping to make it yourself.

It seems I’m constantly talking about it, that nature has programmed us that we were being social, so we tried to communicate with each other. Perhaps it is simply the instinct of self-preservation – if we are not together, and we will separate, perhaps we simply die out as a species. Therefore, in yoga we know these topics, that some excess capacity and the ability to easily open with the other, with the help of his friend than himself. Nature hides secrets from the people, closed on itself, selfish, misanthropes, and the like. Therefore, still in paired exercises efficiency still much stronger.

I totally agree, Yul, with you, it’s really heavy exercise is strenuous exercise, where all involved – and thoughts, and muscles, and plexus and breath and everything – everything, everything, everything, everything in the world. Therefore, as with any such serious complex yoga gradually be approached gradually. Not that soon. Unfortunately, this trend is here to Western man is very typical – he wants all at once. And fast. And then there is a certain speed. More at whom what?


Comment from the audience: I’ve got was a remark that, I said to myself, when you said that: meditate, clear light, the buzz, the joy of the center channel, and that when paired with a man, I think, the visualization, they some natural and simple are, and you can concentrate on this buzz. And paired with the girl have to still make an effort to hold this visualization.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, friends, there’s also a well-known fact that the nature of the “sharpened” their secrets to a woman on a man, and the man on the woman. Again, you know, I have the impression that all the forces of nature, they hide their secrets, if we assume the opposite sex. Of course, this here is the situation now is caused by only one – we have an insufficient number of pairs man – woman. And it is necessary, at least to a first approximation to show you. Otherwise, if we did “man – woman”, we have a lot of time it’s taken in several times more. Therefore, if there is a possibility with her husband, with his wife to do the exercises in pairs, it is extremely it would be great. Extremely.

That is all here in this topic, as it were, so sacred. I’m recently a lot of attention to it spend. Again, the universe, as it were, “sharpened” their instruments in such a way that through the woman revealed much more than men. To through the man’s wife opened the whole universe. And vice versa. For example, the idea of the sacredness of marriage in the same away as India and flows – it is easier to get something from your husband or wife than alone. So, still have someone there anything to say? Great.

So, friends, I have shown you the method of Kriya Yoga with a partner only for the simple reason that we are now actively move this topic, and it’s as if this “fresh”. But, as you know, a single Kriya also has exercises that have the same effect. In fact, all the kriyas, which involved the area of the body base, willy – nilly attract your attention to this area.

The same situation is with the postures of hatha yoga.

Well, in particular, for example, such a posture as the pashimottanasana. Let’s quickly do it right now, that you brush up on what it is. Lie on your back, throws his hands behind his head. We stretch and yawn. Now bend at the waist and palms of hands grab his legs. Grab his legs, where it turns. It is advisable only to the knees are straight. And so we remain in this position. You can left – right poperekatyvatsya if nice.

And now see what the situation is as follows – if you stay long enough in this posture, the most natural way you will be farther and farther to sag. Even without making themselves – over time the muscles themselves are stretched. Therefore, it is not necessary to force yourself to Hatha yoga, remember that time is on our side. Enough about to take a pose, as time works for us.

And after a while you will have a strange feeling – that your head between the hands, face looking at his feet. And naturally the consciousness begins to shift in your body’s foundation, just to Muladhara. And there emerges a very interesting area – the area of the anus, genitals, at the very bottom. She seemed to be surrounded on all sides, the feeling that this area as it is under the ground. In addition, you do not see and do not hear anything, as if you were in a cave.

And yet this is born following a method of meditation on Muladhara chakra is the principle of visualization – you do one or the other position and imagine that you are now deep in the earth. Here are those of you who have been in a cave, you know that it’s dark, quiet, and there could not help feeling transferred to any other channels of information.

And it’s a feeling that all sides inert principle of the Earth, and in the center, such as if a camera or a cavity, which was described in “Shad nirupana Chakra” – Kama Rupa, or enjoying the cavity. And as it were molten magma – red-hot dormant Kundalini energy. You know, just like the volcano is hidden inside a red-hot magma, and inside you, at the base of your body hidden Kundalini.

And here it turns out, as it were a double meditation. The first – on the principle of the earth, such an inert, immobile. On the other hand, in the sense that something hot there wakes up.

Indeed, it is believed, for example, that pose Pashimottanasana when to perform it for quite a long time, the methods of Hatha yoga, by itself awakens the Kundalini energy, friends. That is, you start to feel that the potential at the base of your body all the stronger, more and more friends. As long as it does not turn into some kind of psychic phenomena within you.

Well, come out of the pose, lie down.

Therefore, my friends, chakra study method can be timed to coincide with the implementation of a posture of Hatha yoga. That is enough to perform a pose and focus your mind on a certain center.

So great. Now, let us a little rest. And now we can come around and sit down slowly. Well, I remind you – it is best to turn to the side, bend your knees, and then just sit. You know, this rule for pregnant women always.

So, chudesnenko. Who has any questions, comments, remarks, please.


From the audience: You can question? If you practice Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga yourself, and focus your mind, you need to visualize the chakra system or all channels?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, I understand, yes. So, see, my friends, there is such a thing. The case of life: I opened the newspaper and there was an article in a certain area in a certain country there was some kind of an interesting festival that I was terribly interested. And there was a map of the country. And I, to my shame, I do not remember where this country was located on the globe. It’s, you know, this syndrome, an American, who begins to speak “Poland”, and he – “Yes, yes, there are still a number of Mexico ‘That is a certain geographical cretinism, I do not know how to say And now,.. indeed, you read an article, see a thumbnail picture is there, but it is “tied” to the world – that there is no On the other hand, I’ve recently read a western one magazine, and now it is very well done -. it made the picture this area, and at the top in the corner of a small-small map of the world and is indicated by a red dot, which just means this area.

Here a similar situation. Chakras are many – seven of them … And so it is here. Chakras are many and it is desirable to highlight, in general, in the big picture. So is such a meditation, as a base body, on top of the head, in the center channel to the left and right channels, they must be designated for himself. And then most of the time to focus on the contemplation of the chakras.

Note that even in the text of “Shad nirupana Chakra” and they just received three first aphorisms describe the overall system there – left, right, in the middle there. And then there is all dedicated to the chakras. Here from this in the future, and we must proceed. Because, if you do in the future the practice of the central channel, they have automatically will evolve into chakra practice. Here’s a logic. Further? There is somebody some thoughts, ideas? Yes please


Comment from the audience: I know that some instructors in certain asanas emphasize certain centers. And when you are doing here and send your mind back, inside you feel different things are starting to go. And feeling completely changed.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes. See, my friends. That there is such a mystery – I touched it already at this seminar. It lies in the fact that if you are involved with like-minded people under the guidance of the master and the master during exercise you voiced some information, then, oddly enough, your feelings in response to his words very much the opposite effect.

That is, if a qualified teacher teaches classes on hatha yoga, it can not do any one position. He can verbally tell people what to do, and then say: “And now concentrate on the Muladhara Chakra”, for example, “and feel it, it’s …”, when inside you start to feel, literally, the influx of these new vibrations. In fact, the roots of this mystery goes back to the fact that the nature of social loves people. If you came to practice, with someone talking to, you at least someone at least something to say, you can have a deal. Therefore, in response to the nature of this awakens the latent powers.

By the way, this is based on some of these amazing ability to heal other people – a man can be the patient himself, painfully, and the word can be treated. Well, you know this saying: “start talking” teeth or numerous conspiracies against disease. It is still in the old days when medicine was not the same and cope. And here there is a paradox – how is it? A person can force another word treat, and himself can not, himself a patient walks ?! But this something is the secret of his in the same way can cure another. You understand, right?

And here is the entrance to the very structure of our secret super-powers. In each of us lies the secret super powers, but they can awaken another person. And so, even ordinary word can be extremely help a person to speed up its internal spiritual development, that is, to do literally break. And I must say that competent, qualified yoga teachers use it. That is, you can greatly speed up the effect of a particular exercise or posture, if you voice – “And now that’s focused on these feelings or processes.” And his word you launch this process. You make his rushing thoughts calm down, focus on what you say and run this process.

So really, there is such an effect, it is very important, very necessary, and yoga teachers Yoga Open University, remember, two years, you learn just to teach yoga. The remaining two years, you go through the so-called methods of consciousness – is that, including these very methods of consciousness to enhance the teaching of yoga. Do not miss a class, I’m useless. But now the trend has gone – senior students, “Oh, yes, we already know everything all know!”. No. You do not know and do not know how.

But there is a more fundamental explanation, we also his touch in today’s seminar. Here we are with you considered this one triangle facing the top down, a red triangle, remember, was – Kama Rupa – it symbolizes a triple effect – Ichhu, Jnana, Kriya. Or willpower, strength, knowledge, and power of action. So if you are in your life, friends, whatever you do, do not necessarily yoga, not necessarily with the knowledge of the chakras, want to concentrate at one point of willpower, strength, knowledge, and power of action, then, literally, you overcome any Maya, any ignorance of this world. Now look what happens when … Yes, but it’s hard to do – but we willpower strained and already forgot about the power of knowledge, but thought of the power of knowledge, and do not do anything, kriya there is no strength. And so sometimes effectively as if the division of labor – people doing exercises, ie how to take on the power of kriya, and the master takes on the power of knowledge (Jnana), he voiced it, and of master and slave are making more willpower. And then it turns faster, better, more fun. That is the fundamental law of the hidden abilities of super-powers. It, by the way, much of what was built in yoga. Yes, more, more, more, more. I beg.


Question from the audience: Here in the theory is not entirely understood. That is Muladhara – the center of the Earth, when the energy in the gross manifestation and consciousness quite thin his property. On the other hand – this Kundalini energy, that is energy in its purest form. That is why in one chakra? How does all this relate?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is a good a time. That you know, I once made a film, it is called “Kundalini Yoga Mantra”. I ask you – Find it, watch it. There are computer animations such occurrence chakras. And the meaning is that this is our initial manifestation – Prana, it is common. It can be referenced either as energy or consciousness. This is something indivisible. And then there was the next thing: thanks to Maya single Prana divided into energy and consciousness, and then, after the split, mix and start to do something individually. And it so happened that the top of the head – again, split energy and consciousness, began to diverge from each other. I send out for some distance and some other combinations of joined – and so there was the principle of the Mind. More on sold out -, respectively, the principle of Space and so, so, so, but the last principle – the principle of the Earth emerged.

And, actually, the question arises – where it then, Kundalini, Shakti our go? For storage it needed one more, a new principle – keeping the Kundalini energy. But look how cleverly nature ordered – she hid the Kundalini energy in the last principle. Really, that’s so, you know, the image as red-hot magma in the earth – it can create a mountain, but it is somewhere inside the mountain and stored.

Here. And so you should treat them as if individually. Separately. That is the power factor of awakening the Kundalini and the awakening factor of the Earth’s chakras – these are two different factors. But, here it turns out that the most convenient approach to energy awareness factor of the Earth, when you’re well aware of the fact that there are Kundalini.

The fact that we have the principle of two seminars devoted to the Earth, like these, 6 hours. And at the next workshop is just planned to talk in more detail here about some of the nuances associated with the principle of the Earth as an embodiment of the qualities of smell, as the embodiment of the qualities of fear, and so on and so forth. Just under one of the seminar is almost impossible to do, and as practice shows – is not absorbed.

But note, the situation in some way symmetrical. If you divide a single Prana energy and consciousness, the consciousness begins to be localized somewhere in the area of the sixth chakra. And generally speaking, this area is vague and mystical. It is sometimes called the seventh chakra, Sahasrara (thousand-petalled lotus). It is believed that there is Chit, what there is Consciousness. But let’s say that at a deeper description, there is about the same situation – there are presented, in fact, all of the principles, so that in itself just keep the center of consciousness, as the principle of Mooladhara – Energy. And there arises a very mysterious topic, it is very difficult to understand how the so-called Bindu point, that is, this is the point through which actually shines the light of consciousness. But this we touch, when we get, respectively, in the series of our seminars to Sahasrara Chakra. Here. That is, somewhere, to a certain extent, the situation is symmetrical. Although there are also not so easy, with this thousand-petalled lotus, but we’ll talk about in this workshop.

But here’s what I want to draw your attention, please, that the Muladhara chakra, the Earth principle. There are at least a factor of Consciousness, Energy Factor. Divinity is masculine, feminine deity. Only two of them manage this principle. And how would Kundalini energy, as if by itself it simply lives.

Also at the next workshop we touch another source, I like it very much to explain the chakra system. This source is called “Anandalahari”. This text is dedicated to the goddess Shri.

In general, the whole subject is extremely close and is related to all that we have called the yoga of love. And, you know, how it is presented beautifully? Kundalini energy is represented in the form of a sleeping beauty. Remember, we have been Alexander Pushkin’s work? Or in many nations of the world have different tales of sleeping beauty – that is it does not kiss, do not wake up for anything. And, you know, related to the Kundalini energy is exactly the same – not as some abstract force, but as a girl, which is necessary to know, to awaken. And the more elegant and softer you awaken it, the better. And the more it will be roughly “bother” the more you will have problems from this.

So, ladnenko, another one what? The time we, my friends, have a few left. All Yes? Great. Now let’s go further.

It turns out, is much easier to focus your attention, if we start at the same time make certain kriyas, or motion, is a leading, directing our consciousness, that is, as it were, Jnana factor.

But again I say, strictly speaking, no one bothers you know Muladhara chakra meditation. That is, when you are with a certain periodicity, stationary start to focus your mind on the field and begin to analyze all the feelings that are associated with this region. And, sooner or later, you will like to rediscover that, indeed, some aspects related to the sense of smell, a sense of fear, with some other factors, they are offset in the base of your body. And the more you meditate, and focus their minds on the field, to have clearer and clearer to reach, as this area generally works. You, like the observer will see what sort of spinning gears, under any circumstances.

And also will analyze the reverse – that is, when you have in the life of certain episodes or certain emotions, you will determine for themselves what, in fact, chakra is activated.

Here is one of such methods, in particular, is of such beautiful, I love him to repeat the workshops associated with the chakras – it’s like in appearance, in outward appearance, you can determine how much the consciousness of man attracted to a particular chakra.

That note – if a man loves a rough and brute force, it is such a go – bang, bang – like a bear rolls over, so I do not even know, not like a bear, but as anyone. And, as a rule, he has a fixed center around which all this mass here bestiality, it is just related to the principle of the Earth. That is the principle, which is closest to that person, with all its consequences. Such a person, you know, of reason to it, as a rule, very little reach. But the physical destruction – it’s the conversation that speech, which he understands.

Or, let’s imagine you turn on the TV, the announcer speaks. And all attempts to charm the elegance of its style, any there, program schedule, “Live from the forum policy …” and yet there is something. And this speaker snake squirms, trying to his speech flowed, and now pay attention – it has a fixed point at the base of the throat. That is, here it is just fully concentrated on this sound principle and trying to squeeze out of the full program.

Accordingly, the reverse situation – that’s what he focused on, or factor, on which he is more “obsessed”, if you will. On the contrary, there will meet some wise scientist and theorist, it’s all here such goes, it’s this one center, between the eyebrows is stationary, so he focused on it, and it shows.

Well, my most favorite example. There is a girl, that’s such a beautiful wavy, zig-zag motion, but usually, you know, friends, top of the head is stationary, though pitchers wear, like here in India. Yes, my friends, but if her head is so hung – trains do not exercise … Now, if that’s it, “bychara” who reloaded – there on the head of anything becoming, and though his Train – still will not denounce. Why? Because for a girl, of course, because it is – the embodiment of Energy, and the same grace she can prove that she is focused on being the highest level – on the level of consciousness. And pay attention to the gait of a beautiful girl. That sometimes, you know, such indirect …

This, of course, I joke as you bring all of these examples, but, nevertheless, they are well characterized human behavior. But, again – no need to build it to the rank of religion. Because we know how? We have tomorrow will be somewhere a determinant of human. We have the same Western civilization, it is in this respect, stupid, naive.

So, chudesnenko friends. Do you have anyone else thoughts, comments, remarks? Yes, please.


Question from the audience: Not everyone can immediately concentrate on their specific … And for the Muladhara chakra given us Mulabandha. It is also possible?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, let me at the next seminar to talk about it, in fact, there are more different sections of yoga-related exercises quite complex.

Firstly, there is a very specific exercise, when you or another perineal muscles begin to compress. But, my friends, here is an interesting, and kind, you know, this juicy details, if you will. The fact is that when a husband and wife have sex, then willy-nilly, there is an automatic and automatic awakening Mulabandha Muladhara chakra. And based on this practice, which uses sexual energy for some knowledge.

And it is, in fact, my friends, is a very interesting topic. Very interesting topic. Let’s see how it works Mulabandha sometimes easier with his wife having sex without a loss, rather than trying to save something there to strain, and it is unclear what are you tense up – whether the perineum, or the stomach, or already … And, you know, at the same time have some people still face tense, already not clear that there is no longer stressful – or face the crotch.


Comment from the audience: As given in the description – here you begin to draw, and the retractable top, and that’s all trying to portray, and it is difficult to stop once.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. See, there is now also a series of how to say that the nature keeps its secrets from the single. What, then, if you have a husband or a wife, you have faster access to behold this sacred exercise to reduce these muscles here. But if not, then we have to make these Mulabandha, Udiyanabandhi, and so on and so forth. Compensation. Well, really, in many ways the same. Not every day. Actually speaking, we all can be very different Karma. But we will, let us at the next seminar talk, because there is still a lot of things to say about the area Mulabandha.

Finally, my friends, I beg all of you to take the leaves of paper, pen, and write a review about this workshop – that was pleasant, was not pleasant, it is important that secondary. And then I will ask the same responses to duplicate online www.kurs.openyoga.ru -there has forum. Forum reviews. Reviews for seminars and classes. I ask you – do not be lazy, do. Firstly, I need to know how the whole educational process. On the other hand, if someone will read your review, it will be advertising on our next workshop. People interested, come, bring your money, and I can finally pay for all of this lease.

You can spread your social networks, Twitter, to contact these reviews. Why? Because they read other people and be interested. And if they are interested, they will come to yoga. And if they come to yoga, they will attend workshops, classes and lectures, to pay for them, and from this money will grow yoga. Otherwise, well, here we will develop yoga.

Here, literally, and now we work together to find a book about the biography of Arthur in Avalon. But it is a very rare book – in a single copy was found in the United States in one of the online stores. We have to buy it and bring need somewhere to 6,500 rubles. Well, there is no money for it. No money. But if there is interest, we can find and money, and there are translators and publishers there. And this thing will move, because I’m here myself, for example, do not read this book, because there was no interest.

So I ask you, do not take the trouble, and think for a good cause for the development of yoga. It is yours, we can say, the contribution to the development of yoga, which later will bring money yoga. That is, you can not pay yourself, do so, to pay the other. And the same way, I strongly ask all those who have been connected to us via the internet – please write a review on Twitter, in his page “VKontakte” on its website. As well as duplicate this in our forum. We will then create a wave of interest in the information, and for stretches Energy Consciousness. If a compound is formed of Consciousness and Energy Prana, but if there is Prana, the money is always there, because money is a substitute Prana.


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