Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 2. Microcosm (aphorisms 2.37-2.54).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 2. Microcosm (aphorisms 2.37-2.54).

Short description: Shiva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about human essence and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: jivatma.

CHAPTER 2. Microcosm


Text: 2.37. In this body resides Jiva (soul) – the all-pervading, adorned

innumerable desires and chained to the body Karma.

2.38. Jiva has many qualities and is the cause of all the events,

testing the results of their karma accumulated in past lives.

2.39. Everything that relates to pleasure or pain, born of Karma. All

creatures enjoy or suffer according to the results of their


2.40. The desires that cause pleasure and pain, are produced in the Jiva

according to past karma.

2.41. Jiva, in which good and worthy action prevailed, receives

happy next life.

2.42. Jiva, which is dominated by evil things, will never be alone.

2.43-44. Because of the corruption of their own karma one forgets

Brahman for the material world. From all the desires arise errors.

To eliminate them is difficult, but the knowledge of the unreality of the world shall be saved, and then

desires destroyed.

2.45. The apparent objective reality of the world – is illusory.

2.46. This illusion of living as long as deny the existence of Brahman.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here let us stop. Let me quickly remind the axiom that we saw repeatedly with you. So, we remember that our self – particle of the Absolute, and is inherently free, it is free now. And tell me where it is I, we can not. I’m taller than the concept of time and space. I prohibitive, it is out of this world. But at the same time, we feel in this world. This happens for the reason that I have two of our ability, that it can be in this world. It is the ability to exercise your mind and the ability to exercise its power in this world. Those. our very transcendental I, but these two tools it manipulates in this world.



This, if figuratively say, as two streams. Although these two streams are inseparable: the consciousness flows into energy, and energy flows into the consciousness, and when they are mixed together, that has both one and the other (consciousness and energy) is called prana. It turns out this geometric diagram, although once again, that our “I” beyond space, and it’s such a tense scheme, which as if by our true self to the world stretched this thread – the thread of prana, which will then be divided into consciousness and energy. Those. we see some part of the world, and something can be done in any part of the world.



Then begins what is called our bodies. Our I-terrestrial, but we somehow identify themselves with some cloth. Yoga says that everything is much more difficult that we do not have the same body, and a group of bodies which are assembled together. On the physical level, this is what our glorious doctors: bones, blood. But there is another section of the so-called subtle body, which is also somewhere in there, and it is due to our gross body. There are more subtle, so-called causal body. It is also associated with these bodies. And this whole group of bodies connected with our true self by means of the rope of Prana.



Student: If our I-terrestrial, but in our world there is a group of bodies, with whom I associated, how it is connected, and why with this body, and not the other?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga gives the following answer, that this relation is associative. We just consider ourselves to this body, and thus enliven it. This is a very important point. We enliven our bodies so that we have this thread of prana. A thread of prana is drawn to the object with which we identify ourselves. Roughly speaking, I identify themselves with the body, respectively, pulled thread prana, which manifests itself through the body as consciousness and energy. I see through the body, what’s going on around me and inside me, is meant within the body, and I can do something. And to do, both on the outside (to hammer a nail) and inside (metabolism).



Student: Why am I tied myself with this body, and not with others. Why is the body of a human being. And not with the body of a spider?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The answer is – it’s karma. Karma is a fairly simple law, but sometimes it is so ornate, that is confusing. Karma – it is the law of cause and effect. Track the logical chain. Our I’m out of this world. Accordingly, I do not have our karma as long as it does not tie itself to the body. Once our Higher Self to tie him to the body, beginning to identify themselves, to identify themselves (this is just an illusion, maya) with the body, our I appears karma. We tied ourselves to this body – we have the karma once broke this relationship – at most I have no karma. It should be understood. In fact, our body is karma. And not just a body, namely the body, in the condition in which it is situated. If it is dirty and ill – this negative karma if it is committed and enjoys, therefore, the positive karma. We receive the body, depending on previous actions. But I is our karma. The ultimate goal of yoga – to get rid of karma, to realize that we do not have nothing to do with karma: neither good nor bad.



If we caused suffering to living beings, we are thus in the world have established the rules of the game, and we, too, fall under the rules that they themselves had set. For this reason, everything that we are not happy in this life, by and large, we have created ourselves. Accordingly, in the next life we suffer from the rules of the game, who themselves had invented.



If we have done in previous life chto-to good again established rules of the game, it is necessary to help everyone, to make the world happy, accordingly, the next step we find ourselves in a world where these laws apply, where all help each other, do everything everyone to be happy, etc.



According to this principle, and we have found a positive or negative karma. But yoga is somewhat higher. She says that negative karma is not very fun, but it can be compensated by the positive. Positive karma – that’s great, but by itself it does not carry any value.



Student: Why is it so?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because it is necessary to realize himself, and I do our karma is like a bad and good. The soul of man extraordinary. But if it attaches itself to the body by means of association, it is called Jiva, ie, conditioned soul. Soul, which is subject to pleasure or suffering. It turns out that from life to life is a cycle in accordance with this law: do something good – got a good and vice versa. This, of course, not happy with the yogis. They try to understand their transcendence and to learn at will to break this link.

As soon as we desire to learn razotozhdestvlyatsya, or vice versa, to be identified, immediately raises ability which in yoga books called “burn karma.” But up to this level it is possible only in one case: if we do spiritual practice. And it is clear that the negative karma, it will not go anywhere, but another thing is that to survive its effects can not be as painful.



Disciple: How can we realize that we are beyond, that we are out of this world?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is an approach of awareness of the world of unreality. We have to go to work to earn money. We have much that is necessary. To get it, we are working within this universe. And it is clear that we begin to consider the whole world real. Why? According to the effects of our actions. If tomorrow I’m not going to work, I was kicked out, respectively, I feel uncomfortable. There is included a psychological moment, I was left with nothing. This is a very powerful moment, sometimes it is more difficult than the physical need. And all of this makes a person believe in the reality of this world.



But there is such a thing in this universe: that, in what we believe, then we give life. If we believe in these rules – these rules are there for us. Who comes up with them? Ourselves. How? His faith. If we believe that this world is real and tangible, and our immortal and indestructible I’m not, we live as if this were the case in reality. We ourselves mesmerizing. Therefore, the proposed one such method – is the awareness of the illusory or unreal world. Ways to do this very much. All yoga part to this result.



There are other methods where there is such a tough bet to understanding the unreality of the world, but still you know how much this world is not a hard and smooth, flowing. As long as we believe that we – the piece of meat that hangs on the fate willed it back and forth, and that there is nothing beyond that, we do stifle all the abilities and opportunities that we have.



If, for example, a man – a genuine atheist is now very rare (usually a person like this: half believe or do not believe), is an honest man. And if he believes he is living in a world in which he lives, then we have no right to argue this. Yes, he is wrong. But always it will be built around such a picture that he wants to see. And here, at times, it does not help even death. He would die and be born again. The old life he had, of course, forget, and it will be a new proof that this world of lucre, and we must stand firm on this earth.



And thereby, we are even stronger tie ourselves associative links to our bodies. And it’s very hard to think of something higher, transcendent, if you, for example, every day you have to solve a purely material problems. Do you think that all this high philosophy, you need to earn some money today. This is very dangerous, because you can forget what we all live in this world.



Of course, very funny, and the reverse side. When a person declares, he declares: “All the world is unreal. Work will not. All illusion and all and so did itself! “. And cautiously he observes: do or not do? It’s like a child’s game of hide and seek: closed his eyes and spies.

Student: And he does not feel?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, he did not believe until the end, and partially blocks these processes. Because of its energy as it is divided into two parts. One part says that everything is done, and the other says that, as has been done, if nothing is done? Generally, omission – this is one of the toughest practices of yoga.



They say: “This is yoga in India – parasites. Sit from morning till night and do nothing! “. What I want to say, “Come on, gentlemen, so try to stay at least mesyatsok. Knowing that you have nothing and you have no chance! “. And, of course, stupid people can be like this, and adventurous person, active, try to get to do nothing. Yes it is a place not to find. It is, of course, begin to think of something. He will start some beads to sell, it will start to gather around him the disciples, he will begin to do something. Because force yourself to do nothing more difficult than to make yourself do the highest deed in life.

By analogy, in hatha yoga is an exercise Savasana, relaxation, relaxation, corpse pose. It is believed that this is the highest position. Do not stand on your head, not on a finger hanging upside down, and the highest position – a position that allows you to learn to relax. Similarly here – to learn to renounce.



So, from life to life, we identify ourselves with the body and see that this body is subjected to the action of the external world. And we begin to believe in the reality of this world. Why? Because this world affects our body, and we think we are this body. Accordingly, we are either good or bad, either cold or hot. And we begin to slowly realize that something must be done to have always been good. On the other hand, we have this same tie ourselves to this body.

The purpose of yoga is – it is going beyond the cycle of karma. Razotozhdestvitsya completely break or learn to switch the associative links to some other objects or phenomena. As soon as the person learns to do it, he can do many things in this universe. But this is the topic of conversation of Raja Yoga. Associative relations – this is a very powerful tool, but let’s talk about it next time.



Student: I want to clarify. So, from the point of view of our Higher Self, and good karma and bad karma, not much different?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely no different. From the point of view of our higher self, even the most positive karma – is the same punishment as negative karma. From the point of view of freedom of the highest in terms of what you do is karma. Therefore, strive for positive karma in so far as it is necessary. You just have to create a base for the destruction of negative karma. But, after the negative karma is destroyed, our goal – to get even with the positive karma too. An equally difficult problem as part with negative karma, and part with the positive karma and reach the state beyond karma.



For example, you are sitting in prison. If you have bad karma, and the living conditions are bad from you. In the west, somewhere, they say, there is absolutely wonderful prison, which can be our man, like the resort to go to rest. I do not know how true this is, but probably true. But here and there – it is a prison. And here and there – a limitation you some logical laws.



Karma – the laws of logic. What goes around comes around. But your I higher than the concept of logic or illogic itself. And cause yourself even to the laws of logic – is translated from post to post down. There was a general – became a sergeant. Those. a lot of losing. Sometimes I hear that the task of yoga – is to create good karma. Yoga says: “Yes, you will be doing yoga, create car and small truck of good karma. Moreover, even burn or neutralize the negative karma. If you did something wrong, made in the same vein, something good. Throughout his life, he killed someone, so now do the opposite: to resurrect, or let life! “. And then, what the trend will be stronger, and you will receive a karma.

I say exaggerated, but the point should be clear. So, this is – the truth, if yoga is acquired positive karma. But this is a free application, as a condition for further work. Because if you will cover a wave of negative karma, you will have no self-knowledge. You’re even more believe in the reality of the world.



Student: That is the negative karma can also contribute to development?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s right. Sometimes people ask, what is our world in general? I once saw make bricks. The conveyor goes. Here, raw brick, burnt brick there. Or conveyor for baking muffins.

Similarly, our world. He needed to pass through a huge number of human souls, so to speak, or individual self, and so they got rid of their mistakes. And the very logic of the assembly line is built on the fact that he is moving forward. If you go along with it – you have good karma. But if you stopped, you’ll still be dragged. And God forbid, some sort of brick stuck, the conveyor belt stops. But he somnet this brick boiled, it will be very unpleasant, but the force to go further.



In this sense, it acts and bad karma. She says: “Invented bad rules of the game – that’s on them and live!”. The soul asks: “And how can I live on them?”. And though live forever, until you get bored. You see, the rejection of evil, failure from causing harm – this is an internal decision of every living being. You do not want to refuse the evil, live in evil forever. Why? Because you can choose.



Sometimes people say, “How can I dock the Christian doctrine of eternal suffering with yoga theory that sooner or later all enlightened?”. They are great dock. Every soul of man – a sleeping God. When he came up with such rules of the game, he is able to support them as much as for a long time. Until then, until it’s awareness, and the soul itself does not say: “Everything! Enough! “.



Therefore karma – an insidious thing. While we do not decide that all, tomorrow is another world, nothing happens. But even thinking that the world is different, because before that we thought differently. And the echoes of previous thoughts for a long time we are pursuing.



Here and yoga helps in how to get rid of all the previous rules of the game that we came up with themselves. And so the circle. Bun speckle – she’s gone from this world. All reality is not limited to our universe, there is something much higher than what we can not conceive. But if you want that the world was eternal, and want to live in it forever – for God’s sake, live!



If you are stupid, you think in terms of negative karma and suffering. If you are more or less intelligent, and thought into positive karma categories – you enjoy.



I would not be surprised that through the n-th number of lives in the world will come what is now called to heaven. People will live for a billion years or as much as they want. Imagine life span is unlimited, there is no disease, all help each other, all together very good attitude. And if the soul is willing to support such a world, it can maintain it indefinitely. Those. utopian works – is as much a reality as well as our everyday reality.



In yoga, fortunately or unfortunately, there is one small but. In fact, there are even more supreme goal, and yoga just leads to this goal. We must really make every effort to ensure that people live long, disease-free, and that he had a lot of time and the desire to develop and improve – as a base. But in reality – it’s not the goal of yoga. The goal of yoga in a very different. The goal of yoga at all to get out of this cycle of cause and effect. Because that is what we will live in the near future for millions of years, and nothing we do not deny yourself – it’s due to the fact that we are now suffering and the suffering of those building a new tomorrow.



Our ancestors, the monkeys suffered – a man appeared. Now people suffer and die – tomorrow will be a superman. And it will be well deserved influence of karma. But the goal of yoga is not to make a wonderful life in this limited universe, and to get out of it at all.

Text: 2.45. The apparent objective reality of the world – is illusory.

2.46. This illusion of living as long as deny the existence of Brahman.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Illusion our lives as long as we want to keep this illusion there. Here we invade in a very subtle and difficult to understand yoga section, associated with maya, with the theory of the origin of duality, the law of associations, law identifications. This is a very complex topic. We identify ourselves with something else, but it is our identification can break anything. But as long as we believe in it (it’s as if we existed in the construction team, and as soon as there is a crack in the building, they just buried it), we can maintain this illusion indefinitely.



There is such a position in Yoga, is misunderstood if we do not believe in the reality of the world, the world ceases to exist. Again, this is one of the series that a person sits down and says, “That’s it! I do not believe it! “And waits for what is now the world to pieces, and he will see that there is a backdrop of cardboard hiding. A world that is not in a hurry to spread, because the unconscious man still believes that this world exists. He immediately recalled all his experience, and experience tells us that he began to turn – to earn a thousand dollars. Stopped spin – was left without money. These memories, even purely physical from their own lives, they certainly forced to continue to believe in the reality of the present world. Therefore, not enough to just sit down and say, “I do not believe in the reality of the world!”. Although this practice, and it really works.



Student: And if he analyzes the reality of these memories?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a way out. This Jnana Yoga. This greatly helps to understand the unreality of the world. It helps to understand the analytical ability, is what should, in theory, deal with psychologists. Our psychologists who need to help people, and we must pay tribute, for some it turns out to deal with any conflicts and their stuff. Although to be honest, I have an ambivalent attitude to the psychologists. On one or two standing accounts for a huge amount just to put it mildly, peculiar psychology. But there are those that really help.



In jnana-yoga is the same part. If you start to analyze and understand, that your faith in the reality of this world spreads. Those. analytical approach, something that just teaches Jnana Yoga, it just leads to the realization of the unreality of the world, but for the full program.

But just to say: “The world is unreal!”. Well, and then what? Man waiting for doomsday begins and it will not start because the previous 500 lives, he believed that this world is real. Now just one second, he believes that the world is unreal. But his previous thoughts he had already cemented this world. Yes, he made the first move, but he took the first step towards something light: to break out of this world, but still very strong remnants of the prison. Although the most important nail has come loose when a person decides for himself that the world is unreal.

Text: 2.47. Deep knowledge of these errors are scattered.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is what we talked about.



Text: 2.48. Who does not see Brahman, one only sees a lot of disparate things.

2.49. The only decent use of the body – as an instrument to achieve Nirvana.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We have already talked about the unity and duality. We all see individually. In fact, everything we see around them – we see Absolute continuously. But because of maya, we perceive it as a collection of objects: the piano, a chair, something else is necessary. While all this continuously. More will not dwell on this. This is a serious topic.



In yoga, the body is very much appreciated. The human body is very much appreciated, to the point that it sometimes caused confusion: “How are you, gentlemen, yoga, do not believe in the reality of the world and are giving your body in the first place physical, such a huge amount of time, effort and attention. At the head stand, meditate again. Neuvyazochka obtained. You have all the unreal, and the body is unreal, so why worry about it? “.



It’s a delusion. Our body – a perfect tool for learning. And our task is to realize the whole world with this body. And even in our body we have such a wonderful ability. Do you remember the axiom that all pleasure lies within us, outside there is no pleasure. And as we come to know a secret of the universe after the other, we gain the ability to experience more and more pleasure. With our fetters fall off. And we are increasingly in a joyful, powerful state arrive.



Do you remember that yoga is full of mystical experience, when the energy starts to circulate and rise from the center of the center. And a person begins to experience these feelings by its power and its positive effect, that he had never experienced in my life.



So in this sense, our body – the greatest reward is the greatest instrument for the implementation of the experiences of many states, which is very exciting, very uplifting, and at the same time, which give a powerful charge of pleasure, joy, happiness. And to the extent that as we progress in knowledge of the universe, layer by layer, these secrets begin to open. As soon as we learn to put under the control of our mental processes, physical processes to purify our body, keep it perfectly, in a nice check as a good horse, then we begin to experience a completely different facets of life, of which we could not think .



And it’s so exciting, it’s so strong that people who practice yoga at least a little, and got even the slightest experience in this area, not exchange more of it no matter what. Drink, drugs, and other other entertainment it will not attract. If a person has experienced even the slightest signs of ecstasy, of course he can go out with friends in the bar and beer to boot to complete. But he did not feel that it can not be compared with the experience that he had experienced before. In this sense, the most difficult first step, but if it is done, then you know what we should strive. Already we have an understanding. So let us return. Our body is given to us for the knowledge of this world.



Text: 2.50. Through various incarnations Jiva initial desire to accompany


2.51. If you practice yoga wants to cross the ocean of this world, he must

perform the duties of his ashram, giving the fruit of their doings.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: What is the purpose of yoga? We already talked about this. This is when we go beyond the actions of karma, and then we become free. Figuratively, this is called nirvana – liberation. Now the word nirvana is somehow associated with a group of drug addicts who obkololis some dope. Probably, the terms begin to penetrate from east to west, and begin to relate it to something that you can touch.



The only thing I want to say is that nirvana and drug intoxication – these things are completely different! At least in its consequences. Or if a physiological point of view, by its reproducibility. There is a certain dose, above which can not jump. There is addictive a drug addict, and he had to increase the dose until it is sent to another world.



You can not say about the state of yogic ecstasy, reproduced, becoming deeper and deeper. And if you maintain your physical health in due form, it is quite good for the body. Although everything has its face.



Text: 2.52. Nirvana is not for someone who is attached to sensual objects and sensual pleasures.

2.53. When a person sees directly the essence, then rituals are not necessary for him.

2.54. The goal can only be achieved through knowledge. When the lower Tattvas (quality)

eliminated, then there is my Tattva.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Another rule we have not considered. This is a reference to the fact that it is necessary to adhere to the rules of his ashram, that school where you study yoga. Sooner or later we all come to a particular style of yoga or a particular way of yoga. The text of the Shiva Samhita on many points, reference is made to the Masters. As the saying goes, in every monastery its charter. And the rules of life, behavior, practices may differ, sometimes significantly. And should follow the rules that exist in the place where you teach. And do not try to copy some unrealistic, or too easy rules, techniques, existing in some other places.



Farther. It is said that nirvana is not for those who are plunged in sensual pleasures. What’s the point? The point here, oddly enough, the principal. If you get pleasure through the senses and think outside pleasure from you, those you are enjoying the fact that you are more and more begin to believe in the reality of the universe. I pour a glass of vodka and drink it. That I was nothing, and now I was having fun. And I, of course, I start to believe in the reality of this world.



Why? Because it is capable of forming part of a mode change my thinking or my perception of the world. And of course, I thereby strengthen our faith in the reality of this illusory world, and thus, I have less of my time and attention to the knowledge of his own self, and in the knowledge of how this world works in reality.



For this reason, in all religions, in fact and in yoga schools, too, prescribes rather peculiar, sometimes ascetic life. In our school you will not find much austerity is sometimes shown on television: a yogi sitting unshaven overgrown, somehow hurts himself, torturing. That hung itself on the hook, it starts to breed around them fires – in every possible way to torture. In some schools of yoga prescribed sleeping on the bare ground, and other such things. Everywhere the rules of the game.



In our school you will meet a reasonable approach. Austerity is needed, but it should not become an end in itself. Maybe that’s why our school is more widely accepted here in the West. Because all reasonable. If you need to make a breakthrough, of course, need to get together, of course, have to do the practice, it is necessary to hold himself in check a month or two. But for the practice, and not just.



So the question in pleasures. If you believe that the pleasure there is you, you are fastened to this world. But if you know that the pleasure – the fact that you laid, and external things only reveal the fact that you laid, you go through yoga. As you can see, here and there to enjoy. It turns out that there is a subtle point in the interpretation, but, oddly enough, is essential. This is the same as that of the compass: if a compass pointing in the wrong direction, and it will enter, God knows where.



Actually what happens with ordinary people. They believe that there is a pleasure from the outside. They believe that now bought the plane and will be happy, many, many. A variety of hypotheses we exist outside of our happiness. It is clear that the homeless the more restrictive terms of his happiness. Now he is a half-liter crush, and he will be happy. Closer and more tangible. What’s wrong with that? The bad news is that we acknowledge and endorse the fact that this world is real and happiness outside of us, it must reach.



What is the difference between yoga sight? Yoga says that there is no happiness outside. Happiness – is within us. But these actions from the outside, we select the pick and reveal the happiness inherent within us. Therefore, in the enjoyment there is nothing wrong. The question is how we get it, and whether it leads us into error, or to the knowledge of himself. Either we begin to further wallow in the mire of the world, or we start to climb. And here and there the pleasure potency. The topic of pleasure – one of the most interesting. It is discussed in detail in Tantra Yoga, so we are here it will not affect. Although the text of the Shiva Samhita is close to the Tantric tradition, and share them does not make sense. All the pleasure that a person receives – is that pleasure which it is incorporated.



Student: And what if austerity is needed? Why exhaust yourself if the correct application of pleasure can make a breakthrough in its internal development?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Austerity is needed, because it allows to learn how to tear unnecessary associative connections and set the desired. We have this capacity for many years to come atrophied, more precisely in the previous life. We become slaves to their desires. I want a helicopter and all! I can not sleep or eat. Why? Handed associative connection. Very dangerous thing. Handed associative link – the prana flowed. Prana flowed, we have it less, there’s more – we are beginning to believe in the reality of the world: “If such a lovely helicopter in the real world, what kind of illusory me someone can say ?! What is Brahman what the Absolute, what Yoga? Here is my helicopter, yes! “.



Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to place the emphasis right. On the other hand, either you get up, or more and more immersed in this cycle. Austerity Maya allows us to understand when you are talking about an effort of will, there’s no helicopter. And it is clear that this relationship – the desire disappears with time. And as soon as she was gone, the whole liberated energy of this communication is poured on you. And you begin to feel happy, because you defeated yourself. Until you realized that something inside the helicopter. And the funny thing is that you can experience such happiness, as if you went to the plane. But the most paradoxical that you then gets dozens of helicopters, are you happy about it. But the most important thing is that you have won yourself, you broke another thread maya. But not necessarily to break this thread. Let it be a helicopter, but reaches it dispassionately. Generally, dispassion is considered the highest virtue. In the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali is the main topic: dispassion.



Do you realize, “This is the helicopter. I like him. But all the happiness inside me, and at breakneck speed, I will not pursue it. Come – will come, will not come – do not come “. But this is Tantra Yoga techniques, how to use the short-term at times of joy in spiritual development.



Student: When you feel the desire to have a helicopter, you experience any pleasant sensations. Would not it be pleasant sensations, you would not have thought so much about the helicopter. Maybe it is something to do with those picks to play? Those. pleasantness state it is already at the thought of the helicopter arises …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A friend of mine told Yogini very interesting thing is that when she was starving, it was enough to pass a cafe where a delicious smell of food to feel satiety. This means that one can get enough odor.



Work is not something that is possible in this direction. This is a very exciting area in self-knowledge, because at this level are generated, these associative connections. Yesterday you did not know about the plane, but you saw it vaguely, and this relationship begins to grope each other. And these first shoots you can still manage. They can play, they can give a lot of that.



There was a very famous physicist Landau. About him say (do not know the truth or not) that he associates derived a formula that determines how far you can admire a woman without seeing her flaws, but seeing that it is a wonderful thing. Not too close, not too far away. Those. This function is, obviously, of vigilance, of illumination, time of year, time of day, and so on. d. Do not know how all this is true, but it’s roughly in the same area. As part of the subtle energies, energies of interest are just beginning to emerge. Enough interesting topic.





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